Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 16, 1846, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 16, 1846 Page 4
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cord to show that this complaint of executive patronage , was periodical. Mr. Savior took hi* waL Mr. Allen and Mr. Calhoch continued tha di*cu*a?on till 4 o'clock, whan tha Senate adjourned. Houm Of R?prn?ntatlTM. Washington, May 14, 1846. The Rev. S.Tlstin, among ot^ thing*. p?y?<H>u?t the next intelligence from the South may be *uch a* to spread joy and gladness throughout the country. ? THE HIIISM** Mils'StiK. Mr. Bbodhead asked leave to submit a resolution-that five thousand extra ootna* of the President'* message, and the accompanying document*, relative to our affcirs with Mexico, be printed. , Objection was made, and a suspension of the rules was desired. THE WEST rOINT ACADEMY BILL came up on its passage. The yea* and nays wara de manded, but not ordered, and tha question wa* decided in the affirmative by teller*?aye* 90, noe* 41 MILCAOE OF MEMBER*. . Mr. Mahtik, of Kentucky, moved that the bill reguia tin* thet mileage of member* be taken up. The J"r ??n was drawing to a close, and it was therefore highly no cciiary that there should be some action on the *uDjeot. The SrEAXEB said that it would be necessary for the purpose indicated, to suspend the rules. , .. Mr. Martin, accordingly, moved a suspension of the The quettion was taken, and decided in the negative. pav or the ahmv. On motion of Mr. McDowi ll, of Oluo, the House re- j solved itself into a Committee of the Whole on the state of the Union (Mr. Cobb, ofGeoigia, in the chair), and re aumed the consideration of the bill making appropriation for the support of the army for the year ending June 30, **Mr. Thi'bmaw did not assume to speak for Ohio ; but he had a right to s|>eak for hi* constituent*. Ho paid hi* resjiect*, in passing, to Messrs. Giddings and Tilden, and bestowed attention especially to Mr. Delano, who ad dressed the committee yesterday. When the bill to carry on the war with Mexico became a law, he had hoped that the enemies of the country, who took part in the scenes of 18IS, 1813 and 1814, would have no imita tors : but he had boeu disappointed. The speech of the gentleman was com]H>sed in part of what was said by the federal party during the last war. His colleague seemed gradually to rise to a climax?tir*t, the war was " di*honeit ;"' next, a "party war," a "disgraceful and dishonorable war," an " inlamous war." a " war of ag gression and plunder and then it was an " unholy war, , an unrighteous war," a " war against Omnipotence." [A Voice?" And damnable."] If it be unholy, it i?, ot course, " damnable." Mr. Thurman read from the Hoi t?n Gazette of 1814, and the Philadelphia U. S. Gazette, and other newspapers of that period, to show that the federalists indulged in similar language, during the late | war with Grest Britain. The Merrimack Intelligencer i ?aid that any man who shook hunds with .lames Madison or Felix Grundy, was infamous ; Junius Madison was a " wretched miscreant," fctc. We tind now the 'a"10 | kind of denunciation against Mr. 1'olk ; hut ho will be able to withstand it, alter the overwhelming vote given in favor of the bill to carry on hostilities. Ohio wa* . unanimous for the lust war ; but in Massachusetts, and ether New Kngland States, there w as a large portion of the people who were not patriotic, and traitors in heart. The citizens of Ohio will be astonished to find some of their representative* (five) now standing side by side with the five of Massachusetts. There were many re siding in the State which he, in part, represented, who would tell hi* colleague (Mr. Delano) that the sentiments uttered yesterday were familiar to them?that they had heard of'thein before, a* being the view* of the anti-war party, and of those who composed tlio Hartford Convcn- ' tion. . Mr. 8im?, of Missouri, alluded to the nice distinction | which had been made between " war" and " hostilities," I but, in his opinion, there wa* just as much difference as between a negro and a black man, when a gentleman j wants to buy a slave. Even if our country wa* wrong in proclaiming this war, it wa* not patriotic to proclaim 1 it to the world; we should march up to tho Rio Grande, and drive back the invader*, and carry the war even to j the kcity of Mexico itself, there to dictate the terms of ? K?ace. He contended that our right* wore good to the | io Grande. We hail annexed Texas, and she had come ; bank to the bosom of her mother; and he was as willing j to fight for every inch of the soil to that boundary as he j would be for Rhode Island, Massachusetts, or any other i State of the Union. It w as, however, enough for him to know that war now exists, and that the honor and inter- j ests of the country required it to be carried on with vigor, with firm nets. It had been pronounced an "unholy war," , but he believed that it wa* ju*t?nations were compelled, I by necessity, to have war occasionally?and, in conclu sion, he expreised his fervent hope that long ?' The Btar-spangled banner may wave, O'ar the land of the free and the home of the brave." Mr. O. Davis laid it down as an uncontroverted and immoveable principle, that war can legitimately exist but by act of Congress, and he charged that the President of tho United States hail undertaken to wage war whilst Congress was in session, and without its authority. If Texas acquired the soil to the Rio Grande, and there was an invasion by Mexico, it was the duty of Congress to protect it. He rejoiced at the effort of the President to make peace by sending a minister, and deeply regretted that the mission failed of its object. He demen, however, that the Texans, in the revolution, conquered to the Rio Grande?to think so, was preposterous in the extreme. Before to-day, Gen. Taylor, he ventured to assert, had ?truck an effective blow; but ho made a distinction be tween him and Mr. Polk, the usurper, who had trampled on right and the majesty of the constitution?and, on his own responsibility, was waging an unnecessary war. i Mr. Polk knew that Congress would not sanction a war, ' and so he determined to provoke it on himself, to school the country for a state of war with England, growing i out of the question of Oregon. He held the President , responsible, and would continue to hold him up to con- j damnation. Mr. Hudson (one of the fourteen who voted against : the war bill) explained his position. He agreed substan tially w ith Messrs. Delano and O. Davis, in the views they had expressed. The preamble of the bill was false in every particular. It commenced by saying that war < visted, and that war was provoked by Mexico. Both assertions were untrue. War did not cxi*t at the time, nor was the collision provoked by Mexico. How, then, could he vote for the measure f Those who had opposed it had been accused of a want of patriotism, as hypocrites, cowards, and traitors to their country. So far as the j changes were intended to bo applied to him, while he i made no boast of courage, no denunciation should pre- | vent or deter him from speaking his free opinion*. With j regard to the soil, even if the Rio del Norte wa* tho true boundary between tho United State* and Mexico ; if there wa* not a *hadow of doubt that it ran up to that | rivers, even then, if reliance wa* to be placed on the ac- | count* which have reached u*. the United States was tho^ aggressor, by blockading Matamoras. and cutting off j supplies from the Mexican forces. He supposed that the | Mexicans had the same right to cross the river and rut . off General Taylor's supplies, ns General Taylor had to ^ cut off their supplies at Matamoras. This war was the first fruits of annexation ; it was long ago predicted by himself and others. Messrs Upshur and Calhoun, former Secretaries of State, put annexation, not on the ground of extending tho area of freedom, but the area of slavery. : Mr. Jones, of Georgia, did not intend to enter into the i question of slavery ; but, when gentlemen from the j North attacked the institution, let them look at home. The negro slaves in the South were placed beyond want; they would compare with lhe w hite slaves of the free l States, were as well clothed, as woll fed, and just as { happy. In the South they saw no black paupers, beg ging a miserable subsistence. He insisted on our boun- I dary to tho Rio Grande?Mes*r*. Adams, Madison, and | Monroe, regarded the province of Texas as having that l iver for iU boundary. We had a port of entry there, and ( that territory would *oon be represented in Congress. , Yet gentlemen *aid the country on thl* ride the river did not belong to u*'. He would like to know what con*ti toted a right to the soil. The President had been com- i i>ared to Casar. God grant that Mr. Polk may have | soon occasion to say with Caesar, Veni, ridi, win. He had been compared to Cromwell. Cromwell never went j into battle, but victory followed his standard. May our ] armie* be led on bv Mr. Polk! He had alio been com- ' pared to Bonaparte. So long a* Bonaparte fought for ] freedom, tho *un of Austerlit* *hone on his pathway, and , conducted him to victory. He hoped that Mr. Polk would follow his example. He said the day would come | when those who voted against the war bill, would deep ly regret it. There should be no appearance of opposi tion now?but one heart and one arm. The enemy : should have no encouragement in our dissensions, but ; the effort on the part of all, should be to defend and protect our country from insult. He believed that there wa* but sentiment in the South and Southwest, and the people of those sections were willinS to prosecute the war to the palace of the Monteiumas, and there dictate to her title terms of peace, as England did to China. i Mr, Sims ol South Carolina, obtained the floor; and, on hit motion, the bill for the pay of the army was infor mally laid aside. THE FOR TirC AT INN BILL. On motion of Mr. McKat, the committee took up the amendment* of the Senate, to the bill making appropria tion* for certain fortification*, for the year ending June 30 IS47. j The amendment! were: for Fort Monroe $76,000; for the fortification of the Florida reef frJOO.OOO. They were ordered to be reported to the House. At half past three o'clock, the committee rose, the amendment* to the fortification bill were concurred in, And the Houm adjourned. Baltimore, May 16, 18-Mi. So Southern jVwt?>( till of Fatal *4ccidenli?Lou of Six Lirri?Wer Claut' ? 7Via? Velu*ittri ? Stock Board, 4 c No new* irom the South yet. The delay i* *uppo*ed to be occasioned by the *teamer Oalveetion having been drawn oft from the (Jalve*ton line of packet* to carry troop* Yeiterday ?? a day of accident* and incident*, in Baltimore, of the mo*t serious character. At an early hour in the morning, a tremendou* explosion wa* heard on Federal Hill; and, on repairing to the ?pot, I found the large finishing shop of Mr. John Watchman a heap ruin*. The *team boiler, of -m horse power, had ex ploded, killing the engineer, Mr. John Men, and dan. gerou*Iy wounding Mr. John Bornick, one of the hand* iu the blacksmith'a ahop. The whole ol the ipaciou* building, and all the machinory in it, wu racked and broken to piecea, causing a damage of not less than VJO.flOO. Had the accident hare occurred an .hour later tnan it did, the deatruction of life would have been ira manw, a* nearly one hundred hand*, who worked iu the building, were then at breakfart. A terrible affair alto occurred yeiterday morning at the Maryland Hospital. A craiy negro, naem.l Michael Kurd, attacked and aeverely wounded hi* keeper, and then wrenching a port from a bedatead, ruihed through the passage, and on paiaing one of the patient* of the imtitutiom, Mr. J. W Higgin*. of Talbot county, Md., who was looking out an open door into the yard, atruck him over the heard with hi* club, knocking him out on the pavement below: and he immediately died from the affect of the blow and fall. Further on he met another inmate, Samuel Law, who wa* iweeping the jiesiage, and wiih a blow laid him dead at his feet. He then found hi* way into the yard, and rushed on one of the keeper*, who seized a hay fork, and caught lum by tho clothe*, inflicting a slight wound on hi* brea*t, when he wa* *ur rounded and captured. At a late hour on Wednesday night, a fatal rencontre occurred on the Point, between loha Dull, a youth of about I* year* of age, and John W Ledmun, about M, vhi \ resittedin the death of the latter. The quarrel ?e* iried about? girl named 8u*an K.lmore. with whom the deceased was taking liberties et the time, which fere offcncf to hit assailant . The inaurance companies ef Baltimore here iaMrted the war clause In their marine riaka, and the ?ailor? ob ject to ahip in the merchant aerrice ao long as there u danger from prirateera. ... Ati old lady was run over laat evening by the Phila delphia car*, at the east end of Fleet atreet, and instantly killed K map named William Allen wa? al?o crushed to death veiterday. by the cavine in of a brick kiln in i the vicinity oi the city, in which he wa* working. A roll book u to be opened to-day, at the Exchange, to raise a volunteer rifle corps for Texai. Male* of Mtocki at Haiti more. VI4f 11?7 tlx Farmers' Bulk of Maryland. 41 J 6 Union Bank, 62S i J York Ro?d. 5 ; OC Baltimore k Ohio Railroad Co" 47. Sun 6 per ceuU closed at74ji Hiked, 73 bid ; City 6 per ceuu, 1890, cloaed at 95 asked, 9l>t bid ; Baltimore k Onio Railway shares left off at 47)4 for sale, bid. Baltimore, May 14, 1846. Xo Newt from the South?Military Movementt in Balti. more?Military Virit to Philaitlphia?Raymond'I Me nagerie?Murdoch, 4"C. We are it ill without newi from Gen. Taylor's camp, | though the probability ii, wo iHall have it in abundance tliia evening, as the Galveston steamer was due at New Orleans, on the 7th instant The excitemont here it be coming intense. A meeting to raise volunteers was called laat evening, at Union Hall, but the building was soon overflowed, and an adjournment took place to Monument Square , Capt B F. Mauldin, in the chair, and Capt B. F. Owen, secre tary. The meeting soon became immense, and was ad dressed in the spirit of earnest patriotism, by Coleman Yellott, Ksq., ( apt. James Stewart, F. Oallager, and Wm. P. Preston, fcsqra.; after which a series of resolutions were adopted, resolving to form immediately, a company of heavy infantry, to be armed and equipped, ready for im mediate service. A committee was also appointed to pitch a tent at the base of the Washington monument, this morning, in which to enroll the names of volun teers. The Independent Greys of this city, Lieut Hall com manding, propose to visit Philadelphia on the 4th of July next, if they should not previously be called on to go South, or to do duty at Fort Mclienry, to prevent John Bull from bombarding our fair city, In these exciting times of war, strange things may come to pass. Raymond Sc Co.'s menagerie made a grand entrance in to the city yesterday, with their two enormous elephants drawing the music car, harnessed ill tandem. Mr. Murdoch appealed as Jatlier last night, with Miss Clara Ellis us Belvidere, to a crowded house. Philadelphia, May 15, 1846. The trial of the bark Cactus mutineers still occupies the attention of the U. 8. Circuit Court. The prosecu tion have nearly closed their testimony; the defence will not have any evidence to present, unless the charges against some of the prisoners are withdrawn by the pro secution. It is probable that this will be the case with regard to one, or perhaps two of them. Rumors have been anoat in the city, this morning, that Mr. Pakenham had protested, ou the part of his govern ment, ugaiust our troops occupying their present posi tion on the Rio Grande, and generally in relation to our hostile demonstration. As, however, it was doubted at Washington, where it originated, there is, doubtless, not much foundation for it. A steamboat left, yesterday, for Washington, loaded with specimens of the handiwork of our artizan* and manufacturers, for the national fair. A set of rosewood chamber furniture, valued at $30,000, made in this city, forms a portion of her cargo. A recruiting party is now out, enlisting seamen for the United Statos naval force. A number was soon ob tained. The brig Wm J. Watson. Capt. Eckfeldt, arrived yes terday morning from Ponce, P. R. She brought no news, however. Dr. W. S. Bache, of New York, came pas se Hirer. . The front of the Girard Bank building is to have its appearance improved, by a scrubbing with sand and wa ter, belore the transaction of banking busiuess is recom menced in it. The institution will, I think, also need some whitewashing, to improve its credit Stocks fell off to-day at the close of the sales, caused, probably, by the rumors from Washington, in relation to the protest of Mr. Pakenham. Sales of Stocks at Philadelphia. May IS? Sf.cojid Board?$8000 Reading Railroad bonds, 71 ? $200 State is, 64? ; $300 do, 64 ; 525 shs Vicksburgh Bk, 6 Railroad, 31* ; $3000 State 5a, Hiv fit?- There was a report circulatig through our streets to-day, which produced some surprise and excitement, viz. ! that Mr. Pakenham had protested against our troops crossing the Rio Grande. As this ru mor may have flown, by tnis time, half the way to New York, and may afl'ect the price of stocks, if it were not even designed to effect that object, we deem it our duty to say at once that the storv is, so far as we are advised, without any foundation?Washington Union, May 14. The War Feeling.?In obedience to a call of the Mayor of Lancaster, Pa., a large and enthu siastic assemblage of the citizens took place, which ^as addressed in an eloquent manner by a number of speak ers, and a preamble and resolutions passed, merging all party distinctions, and resolving to respond to the recent act of Congress, and to stand in readiness whenever the President may require their services. Sales of Stocks at Boston. Broxers' Board, May It.?25 .hares Norwich k Worces ter RR. s o 10 da. 52>i; 50 do do, so 10 da, 12k; 100 do do, 52V; 15 do do, 53; 25 ilo Loot Island RR 321(; 6 do Eastern Rail road. 108W; 50 do East Bo.ton Co, UH- . The sales at the Board to-day were small?Norwich and Worcester advanced 1 a IV, Long Island, IX; hast Boston C<tiKc'o!*D Board?25 shares Norwich k Worcester Railroad, so 10ds, 53. ??? COSMKKClAXi. New York, Friday, May 15. Ashes ?A steady demand for export takes off our re ceipts at $3} for Pots, and $4 0?j for Pearls. The receipts are about 6000 barrels less than same time last year. BEtswAi.-Quick, for good qualities, 29Jc. Coffee ?Prices are without change since our last; the market still continues firm, with a fair demand. Sales of 3000 bags Rio Coffee at 7} a7j;800 do Laguira do, 8a81, an advance; 400 do St Domingo do, 8} a 6}, cash; 300 do Java do, 10} all; 300 do do, green, 8j a 9; 300 do Mari caibo do, Sc. .?????? Coffer.?New sheathing continues firm at 23 cts, six months. j ?. ? Cotto?*.?The enquiry to-day was quite limited, being packet day. The sales reported amount to about 500 bales?prices without change. Hops.?sales of Kastern and Western have been made at 18 cts, for brewing. Fruit?A large quantity of bunch raisins sold, a day or two since, at $2 20; and a lot of an inferior quality went off at $2 8. A lot of soft shelled almonds, Mar seilles, 111 cents. Prunes, Bordeaux, in glass Jars, 16cts, 4 mo*.; 74 cases dried Canton preserved ginger, $6. six moi; a lot of Bar?coa cocoa nuts $28; 600 jars Spanish olives, on private time. By auction, a lot of Palermo lemons went off at $2 62 J a $2 76, cash; and oranges at $2 75 a $3. . . . . , Lead.?Since our last report changes have taken place, and prices have advanced. The stock of Missouri pig is said to be very limited. Sales in Missouri pig w ere made at $370 a $3 75, cash; yesterday holders were asking $4 2ft Sales were made also at $4 12} a $4 25. Molasses.?The market within a few days has acnuirr additional firmness, with a moderate demnn.1 Soles Trinidad at 26 a 27o; Cardenas 19} a 20c: I Rico 28c , New Orleans 30 a 31c. Rice.?Nothing done since out last the lies arc en tirely confined to home use. Price as ! ioted. Si oar ?The market since our last li. ery firm, with a fair demand from the trade for an Kinds. We quotefsales of 700 hhds New Orleans at 6 a 6j UK) do Por to Rico, 7 a 7J; 400 boxes Brown Havana. 7j a *}; 100 do White do, 9} a 10}, and closing with an upward tendency. SriRiTS.?Brandies are rather dull at present, with few sales We quote Otard Pupuy & Co at $2,20 a $2,30; Hennessey, $2,18 a $2,2.1; A. Seignette, $2,08 a $2,10. In Rum and Gin, very little doing. Sales of Domestic Whiskey at 20} a OOi. 8keds.?All kinds dull-we hear of nothing worth re 1 ?T? alcro.?The market continues firm, with a fair de mand for Kentucky Sales were made at 2} a 5 eta. All other discretions are quite dull. By auction, some hhds of unmerchantable Kentucky sold at 2} a 3J cts. Whalerone.?Large sales have been made?supposed for Kastern account-at 36 to 351 for North West; for which holders now demand 36, South Sea sells, in small lots, at 37 a 37 J ct?. Freights?More active; but noadvance has yet been obtained. .. Teas at Auction.?Imported in the ship K-liia Ann? Terms, notes at six months, payable In this city. Hyson- 10 hilf chests at m cents per lb; 20 cherts, ft*4; 54 half do 56; 25 chcsts 664; 14 half do M; 25 chests 62}; 31 do 51; 300 13lb boxes 46}. Young Hyson?4? half chests 81; 53 do 66. 144 do 66. 49 do 66 48 do 54; 38 do 52; 90 do 44, 272 do 4M ; 210 do 41 20 do 391; 53 do 39; 142 do 3?4; 350 do 38; 333 do 371; 133 do 37; 113 do 36k, 183 do 36, I03do36}; 550 do 35, 22 do 30; 1337 do withdrawn. Gunpowder?6 half cheiti # do 3*2 do 27 do 551, 54 do 54; 13 do 61; 16 do 50; 2# do 49}; 75 131b hxs 371; 175 do 37; 263 do 354; 269 5lb do 381. Imperial?19 half chests 81, 21 Jo 6*1; 6 do 67*; 96 do 57; 26 do 541; 6 do 64; 18 do 63}; 6 do 63; IS do 691; 2 do'62; 12 do ;>0; 100 131b boxes 37}; 217 do 37; 250 61b do 38; 21 hf chests withdrawn. Twankay?60 hf chcsts 26 , 430 do withdrawn. Hyson Skin?30 chests SO}; 105do 29 , 30 do 27}; 10 do 204; 152 do 20. . , Oolong?30 half 21 J; 171 do withdrawn. Congou? 60 cherts 20; 329 do withdrawn. I'owchoiur?50 hall chests 301; lo0 do 30. Niitftyong-20half Chests 22};OTdo 18; 10 do 17};285 '"souchong -45 hf chests 24; 60 do 23, 10 do 22}; 20 do 22; 87 do 01. Price* well sustained. Cotton Trade. Immediately after the departure of the steamship Cale donia. on the lit inat, an animated demand tpninr up for cotton, from the effect of the advice* received fcy the (treat Weitern. of the Uth of April, and at full price* ; on Monday afternoon, after bu*inea* hour*, the intelli gence per steamer " Cambria," with date* from Liverpool to the 19th ultimo, were rrcrirtd per expre**, the print ed account! being advi*ory of a healthy market there, and an advance of one eighth to a farthing par lb.,on Ame rican descriptions, caused a renewal of the previou* de mand the following d?y, ?nd an advance of one eighth of a cent w?* paid on purchase* generally?the lettera which w-ere received on Wednesday morning per mail, not being confirmatory, a cheek was given to the opera tion*, and the market exhibited some symptom* of heavi ne?, and sales effected were at price* rather in favor of bnyara?tM* continued through that week, ending Wh instant, closing at rate* rather easier than those existing previous to that arrival. The demand this week haa been more moderate and with the aame tendency in price*, cauied by a tight mo nay market, and a small advance in the rata* of freight, and a daclina of an eighth of a cent par lb. ha* been *ub mitted to to which we alter our .(notation* , the market I may be oonaidartd barely iteady at thi* decline, with a ??? ,,Jt>900tb?l?ciTbEM??^. MdaU,MWtMka. I jisrrei>ancv in the receipt? mre l#if. Ming now fetefes w as w?iwS? * The receipts at tlii. port, .inc. the Lt in^. ^ been ,ia iiaa ksIah k vnnrts for tho 1&016 period, 7,260 i aie, 9?Tbeb^.?.?U in thi. .taple this sea*>n, oompar.d with the lwt two, hare been a* annexed lUcirtt AT AND Exroar. or Corron fhom Po.t. or The Ukited State.. B?J?? Receipt, at port, of the United State. .inc. Sep ?X,^ iW.'Sij ,1 H ?? year before. 1,839,91J Export, from the United State. .lace September^ l'T | Judging from the?e return.,we .hould conclude that the receipt, lor the year, would not fore last, when the crop amounted to i, ?? ? receipu' after thi. date last ?tdc. wS ? bale., and the year before to 190,000 bai average of the* two amounts, .ay 1M.0W b^e.. wia aoa it to the receipu thus far, und we .h*UI havea?ggreg?? of J,053,000 bale.. Thi. i. a fair e.Umate. ^ <?? ??<??<??"? ?'?? ? LnWM. SIMM" Orltam Upland!. Florida. Mob. ? Traw? luierior, -a~ "7 S 7? 7Ka Ordinary, ?*? ' 2wJ 7>Ja 7> Middling. 7X i* ?7>. .1 Good Middling, 7Ka 7* 75{? ? Sf"'* a: is :?? Is fully Fair, ?*a *** Kine. no^t" node none none There i. a fair supply of the medium qualitiei. uJi a small supply of the finer and inferior grade. , a goou1 ue | maud for trie lower, and a .mall demand for the higher, May 6th-Wo remarked in our review of'last Saturday momng, that owing Ito character of the European advice, per .te^er^eaoma, ?i ks 'r suraeri wilh ? coiuMmW? ?>?*?? rf ThTm.rkil open" 1 on saturuay wiu? j active, and notwithstanding I *ha"t"here wJT^htn.e"int. ^ of freight, owing to the comparatively limited number of *???}? 'SiJtie. w"t ?llrtexico having'comm^nMd^the^r^sanotions daring stances holders^vvere enabled'to^^t^ntli^it^y^mproved sraJ&'ss^ ! in consequence of tho full prices whic ? * 7 500 1 wWch wiga^d"n Saturday, was maintained and we SSsrtMf- "t?s? an eighth or a com int. France and other conti ss?? iiaa-r-sr"""" Corn Trade. The receipts forthe past week have been j*'*?' in* a slight reduction in prices, although the demana tor home uu and Eastern export has been fair. Ibe^.p ping demand has also been to a fwr*xte?V^l notice Erisk as might be cxpected. Among the .ale. we aotic 2000 bbls. Genesee and Mi^gan Jor ex^rt at $ and ?ome 8 to 10,000 bbls. Ohio, Michigan and, in lots for home u?e, $4 a $4 75,<cMeflyat $ J ?, Huj jooo bbls. New Orlean. aold at $4 50, ana iome fn lot. *4 614 Southern continue, dull, and prices with iout taproveUnt ; 650 bbU. Alexandria and Howanl ,,,1,1 at <4 so- some Georgetown at tho same price, andVa 60MbIs. do. $4 62J. "ommon rye flour isl mac i ar-iVi?SAr?2 >? *>??? ?ie done. Ship stud' is scarce and wanted at 13 ? 14 (:ent?. Wheat is in but moderate request, and the market iiuW", 2000 bushels White Genesee .old 1** ?. 10L. 6000 do good Illinois, for milling, $1; and law in br^ss!USW^aS3S toss. ssTcSpz SSHSyaa common de.cripti^. ?ther_lowerAmongfte sale.,^ Y New Oa4LrT" May 6.-The market duU and stagnant, at reduced rates. The sales of the three S? s??rri%4 s&'KS S.dSSSKft'S r?&'> ?? jsss; rnto of lait week- Corn?The business of last Saturday was confined to two small lots of mixed and , sacks atcts. On Monday the demand wa. better, aad the sales embraced nearly 10,000 ??c.k*-m"e^tf?^ 46, according to it. condition and the ' sacks; and the white and yellow, at 46J a 58, ^reearny ?o quality; a portion of the latter wa. in bulk, at 39 ctt., BalEUok Mh 13.-8ale. of .ome limited lot. of Howard .t flour were made >'^aroalf4narceli were is but little animation to-day. Soma ?*?1 PM?wa were taken at $4 18j, but buyers are not disposed to ua> ore $4 IS*. The receipt price "JTe hear of no City Mill, flour is held at >4 117$, but we .ale.. The .tock i. very light Halna of 1000 bbl. Su.quenanna flour, to-day , at "enufte/cfcSK ito. A .ale of .1 lot of Fenn.ylvania red Was made to-day at 97 ct. for shipment Com is dull. We quote white at 61 a 6J ct., ana ) ei low at 63 cts. American Provision*. The weather continue! fair, with good prospect* for a large supply of all description of produce. The market fcnerally, for the past week, has been firm, and a good emand continues for beef and pork, and prices are gra dually advancing. We quote as follows : Pork, prime, at $9 a $9 13}, and 400 to 600 hblt. mess at fll 13} a $11 35. At the close $11 '2h w as refused by some holders. Sales 100 bbls. soft mess at $11 12}, and 125 do. old at $10 12}. Beef is $5 a $5 50 for prime, and $7 50 a $8 26 for mess. Sales 100 bbls. prime at 5 18}. Beel Hams are *?- to $!>. according to quality. Tierce beef is $12. In ickled .Meats we near of nothing doing. Hams are 4} a cents, ami shoulders 4 cents. Smoked hams 6} a 8 ; sides 6a6|; shoulders 4} a 5}?beef 6 a 6]. Butter?but little of this remains in market, the outlet has been great at extremely low prices?7 a 9 cts. In a few days the new crop will commence arriving in large quantities.? Some small lots are now arriving, which sell at 12 a 15 cts. Sales in grease butter have been made at 61 a 6j cts., which is probably the lowest figure it will reach this season. Cheese, old, of all kinds, is very scarce and high, commanding generally 9 eta. all} cts. New is ar riving in small loU, and sells at 7 cts. to|7} cts. Lard in barrels 61 a 6J cts.; kegs 7 cts., with a good supply. New Oslcisi, May 6.?Pork?The comparative inacti vity noticed in our last review, was succeeded on Satur day by a brisk demand, partly for the army and partly on speculation, which continued on Monday, and took off | in two days fully 4.800 bbls., prices varying at $10 62 a 11 1 for mess ; $8 80 a 9 for prime ; $8 25 a 8 75 for rumps, and $10 25 a 10 50 for M. O. Yesterday the market was more quiet, but still somewhat animated by an increasing demand for plantation orders, and the sales embraced 100 i bbls mess at $10 87, (the only round lot we noticed.) 50 do. in lots, at do.; 20 do. at do.; 38 do. at $11; 100 do. in se veral lots at do.; SO do. prime at $8 90, and some other small lot at $9. Agreeably to a statement we published yesterday, carefully made up from tho returns of thei n spectors. the whole amount at the inspections on the 1st ' inst.. wis only 25.998 bbls., of which 11,0*1 was mess, and 9,400 prime. Both the sales and receipts have since j been quite heavy. We could only ascertain the delive 1 ries for April at two of the inspections, which amounted I to 30,003 bbls, against 17,983 received. Bacon?There i has been little or ne changc in prices, the range being from 3} a 3> for shoulders, 5} (for Missouri) a 5( lor sides. { and A] for hams, of which the sales embrace only a few l casks. Bulk Pork- 40,000 lbs. sold yesterday at 4} for sides and hams, and 3c. for shoulders. Lard?The sales I of tho three days amount to 1,865 bbls. This indicates an ilKieased demand. The prices have ranged from 5} to ?}, good No. 3 to prime. The sales on Saturday comprised 300 bbla., on Monday 1116, and yestorday 160. Beef?The sale* during the last three days evince an increasing de mand, without any change in prices. Among them we notice 30 bbls. prime, on Saturday, at $6 50, 70 do, on Monday, at do. and 150 do, yesterday, at $? 26. Mess, in retail lots, has brought $9. Bu.tiMoait, May 13.?Pork meets with better enquiry to-day, and sales of some parcels havo taken place with in previous rates, via: 100 bbls Western mess at $11 60, four months, and 100 bbls prime at $9 25, cash. We quote beef at $10 2o a $10 AO for mess; at $8 26 a $8 76 tor No. 1; and at $6 26 a $6 60 for prime. Sales of some parcels of No. 1 at $8 76. The market for bacon is with out perceptible change. Sales of Western shoulders are making at 4} a 4} cents; of aides at 5| a 61; and of hams at 6 a 7} ccnts. We quote Baltimore cured shoulders at A cents; sides at 6 centa; and hams at 7^ a? cents. Sales of some choice hams at 84 cents. In lard there is not much doing. Kegs are held at 7 a 7} cents, and bbls at flj a 7 cent*. Ciwrir?i?*Ti, May 8 ?The only sale of pork heard of up to Wednesday I* 129 bbls packed, at $9 60. There has been little inquiry. Of bacon, the sales are also limited; 10 hhds sides, city cured, at $4 80 per 100 lb; 10 hhds do country, at 4! cents; 10 hhds shoulders at $3 90 per 100 lbs; and 60 c. for hhds; 600 lbs. hog rounded from river country cured, at $4 45. The demand is very limited. Shoulders are offered at 3] cents, packed, but buyer* refnse. For common hams there is little or no i enquiry. A sale of 1300 pieces Phipp'i sugar cured, can vasaed at 8} oenta. A further sale of 1000 pieces Phipps' : sugar cured hams, canvasied, at 8 cents per lb. In lard mora has been done. A sale of Ifioo Itegs, on last Thurs j day after our inquiries, at rt cents; 612 do city rendered, on Friday, at same; 300 do on Saturday, at same; .">00 kegs prior to our laat issue, for Philadelphia market, at same. | On Monday, 136 bbls good No. 2 were sold from store at 16J centa, with #0 bbls No. 1 at 6 cent*; 48 bbls No. 2 from wagons, at ?} cent*; smaller lots within the weak of ?1 bbW"ami 46 kegs No. 3 at A4 centa; 30 kegs at 6 cents, and 60 kegs No. 1 ootintry, at 6} cant*. A sale of 29 bbls fair No- 3 lard at tj cants fnUly _ Tbs alterations in Um nrioui article* enumerated ba low, and in tbt market generally, since our last report are 10 slight that it i? hardly worth pointing tham out ' Apples, brl... $1 30 a 3 ? Teal, pair. 0 J7 a 0 30 ?rr"1*! VI Beef, cn'e pes..0 | iO II Do.corued o 5 aO t Beets, buah... .0 30 a 0 0 Cucumbers, 100 0 30 a 0 90 Cabbage 0 4 a 0 3 Celery, bunch. .0 10 a 0 12 Carrots, bush.. .0 73 a0 8 Cranberr's U pk.O J7^a 0 0 Onious.bush. * " - ? Suuash 0 11 a 0 it Vreal, pound ... 0 7 a ? IS Potatoes 0 7} a 1 0 Do. sweet, bush.l 30 a 2 00 Pork, fresh 0 6>?a 0 G Parsnips, bush 0 30 a 1 0 Wild Duck,pair.O 30 a 0 73 Tame Docks,do.O 62*{a 0 o Turkeys, do... .0 73 a 1 73 Geese, do ? 30 a 1 30 Fowls, do 0 61Wa ? ?7 Chickens, do... .0 37Wa 0 61 ??a Bass 0 ? a 0 10b Striped do .0 I a o 10& Flounders. buli.O 10 a 0 12 .? Jf*a u 0 Eels, per lb .. .0 S aO I 0 30 a 0 C2>i Fresh Cod, lb. .0 3 Crabs. ....0 1! a 0 11 Lobsters .......0 ? _ . - Butter, fresh... 0 It a 0 13 Eggs, per dor. .0 12)?a 0 ? Cheese, per lb. .0 6 aO 9 Lard, do 0 9 a 0 10 Tainr Pid's.doz.l 0 a 1 23 Salsify, doieu. .0 30 a 0 V Foreign Markets. Mayauuez, P. &., May 3. [From our Correspondent 1 . Markets exceedingly dull for nearly all deacriptioni of American produce, with a fair stock on hand. Flour, $12; Codfish, $4; Mesa i'ork, 18) Lard, 13 ; Butter, 18 ; Cheese, 16; Mackerel, large 3s, 7j; Corn Meal, 28; Rice, 0; Candlea, 12s, mould 16; do sperm, 42?other articles in same proportion. Corn Meal and Rice will be wanted for some time, by reason of the severe drought since first December, which has cut off the ground pro visions. Sugars, 3c. for ordinary, to 3]c for choice fancy brands, and scarce. Molasses, $12 to 13, much sought lor. Latest Dates . received at the new roim herald office. Anj.ier Jan 2 Manilla Jan 10 Africa... Mar 8 Madras Jan 26 Aransas Bay Mar 11 Malaga Mar 18 Antigua May 1 Madeira Mar 5 AuxCayes.. Apl 26 Mauritius Jan 29 Augustine Bay May 22 Maracaibo Apl 26 ?!?IiVi ? A- ? ? V ? ? {?" 26 Mansanilla Mar 19 Bay of Islands, N Z... Nov 20 Matanzas May 3 Bermuda May S Mayaguez May 2 Bueuos Ayres J?s? 10 Mazatlan Apt 1 Belize, Hon Apl 30 Matamoras Mar 13 Barbadoes Apl 13 Monterey Dec 7 Bogota ...Julj'20 Montevideo Keb 23 Bonaire Apl 25 Merida, ( Yucatan)... .Mir 21 g?>?? Mar 14 Nassau, NP .!. Apl 23 Buinhav Mar 12 Oahu, S I Feb II Cape Town. C O H... Mar 3 Oregon .... ....'. July 30 Calcutta Feb 10 Para Mar 20 Cardenas May 1 Paris Apl II Chagres.,. July 26 Port au Prince Apl 26 Corpus Christi Mar 11 I'orto Cabello Mav 1 Cienfuegos Apl 22 Point Petre, Ouad.Apl 2 Cape Haytien Apl 28 Pernambuco Apl 9 Curacoa Apl 21 Panama Sep 17 Carthagena Mar 11 Payta Feb 6 Campeachv Mar 26 Rio Jaueiro !\! Mar 23 Coquimbo Dec 6 Rio Grande Mar 14 Callao Feb 6 San Juan Apl 8 Central America Feb 24 San Diego Jan 27 Demerara Apl 18 San Francisco Mar 13 Feb 9 St Helena Mar 21 Apl 16 St Thomas Arl 19 Gibraltar. Apl 2 StJagodeCuba Apl 3 Guayama, PR Apl 26 St Johns, PR May I Galveston May 2 Sagua la Grande May 1 8t Croix Apl 24 St Domingo Apl 21 St Ubes Mar 18 8urinam Apl 10 uaivestou May Gonaives Apl 9 Guayaquil Aug 21 Gallipugos Islands May 4 Havre Apl 17 Havana May 2 Hobart Town, V D L. .Sep 18 Jeremie.... ? Singapore Jan ... Sydney, NSW Oct 27 ...Mar 28 Trinidad de Cuba May 1 Jacuiel Apl 10 Talcahuana Jan' 20 Kingston, Jam Apl 22 Tahiti Sep 12 London.. Apl 18 Tampico Mar 8 Liverpool Apl 19 Tobasco Apl 2 La Guayra Ap 14 Turk's Island Apl 10 Laguna Apl 21 Valparaiso Jan 27 fa'"" Pct 8 Vera Crnz Apl 23 Macao Feb 1 Zanzibar Jan 30 Passengers Arrived. London?Packet ship Quebec?Chas Macdonnell, lady anil AHt I eUtre? * Thomson, lady and family. Cambridge; L?luJ". M D, and lady, London; Mrs if Wightman and family, Lnglnnd; Thos Stevens, lady and child, Oxford; jvirs rainter and children, Northampton; Miss Gilbert, Mr G Binmon, London; Rev MrGooding, lady and family, Suffolk; Jonn Williams, lady and sou, London?227 iu steerage. Two died on the paasage. D^fou!d'DA? New Orleans?R Hollis and family, Cspt MOBILK?Bark Gazelle?Mrs Owens and child. Rio Gbande?Bark Chalcedory, at Salem?Wm A Pedrick, of New York. Mob 1 le Bark Rose Standish-Mrs Dorrance. Mr Xurpee, 2 children and servant, Mjss Parker, J Bryant, U8N. Foreign Importations. London?Shin Quebec-6 cases 3 bales mdse F W Marten? ? n?i . 56 IHf? mdse Ernest Fiedler-6 S Rockwell k co?4 E Baldwin?3 cks bristles F S Fischel?3 cs mdse order?12 Wilson, Brown k co?4 do nutmeg3 Lew renee. Murray It Iugate?3 pgs C K ing It co?2 Noritz, Oppen heim It CO?4 T Reynold.-120 slabs tin order?2 hhds wine J Mntthewsfcco?t cs woven liru! wirr 1 copper wire order? 0 elephants' teeth H I IiigaIls-3 do W H Ca>y k co-27 pg, },' " Morewood k co?? J Counah?20 cases co|>i>er sheathing Baniif, Bros it co?6 cks salted aeal akins order?175 slab, bar *'.meem?3 pgi md. Wiley k Putnam?2 Vyse 8c sons? 2 (?inn k Bates?4 ( nu Kean?3 iihds 1 qr cask Madeira wine " ? uVi'n u ,,,, Mr S'oam-2 Carey k Hart-8 J K Her nck?131 G B Morewood k ro-6 G Meyer k co?3 order?4 B wb,'r.?,r?the.^l#. ?',in ? W Shields k co-39 pg. order ?3 U Allen?1 W ( roghan?I pipe port wine J Pickersgill?I jmwutone Naylor k co?I c. microscopical instruments B latliam?10 pij<es 6 hhds wine J Matthews lc co?I cs stereo t> pe Plate. J G Meek?23 cs sheet copper order?1 pipe 3 hhds " i'l't I*!1* "d" k Cf>?2 order?1 Cog fc'JI* ^PT,1 R M Hnbbs?1 W J Snyder?1 R K White-1 1 I ?iCO?1 (?:f'<!>"-> J Morton?1 Morrison k Al t' A.y,( lasou?? W Houriman It co?2 E B 8trange k Bro??' H (^>ben k co? I order?1 J Wilson?1 W A Wheel er 1 \V A Dougl&iiH Carson & Newbold?fipgs straw plat ting Stout, Swan U co?290 tons chalk Grinnell, Minturii *co. Mar aqt?eJoseph Gorham?101 hhds sugar 25 do 10 tcs molasses B Deforest k Co?29 do sugar Mason & Thomp son. Neuvitas?Brig Andrew Ring?383 tcs hooey H E Moring Till j * "f*' Mathews kCo-01 tons copper ore G Brown? 3 hhds molasses 8 tons fustic Holt (It Owen. Domestic Importation. Mm,AI''uCv IC0Lj-lPLl^i^e'>'c.c,'~7i, bales cotton Drake It j u s. n Vanarsdell k Waiiioch?25 Silas Bronsen?17 Cran dill k Davenport?33 E Richardson It Co-224Colloinbk lae hn?13 sacks ground peas J H Talmau?1 box mdse Geo Ro bert?1 ck tallow J F Tripne. Mobile?Banme Gazelle?M0 bales cotton Holbrook, Nel son fc co~*3 do Orray Taft k co?100 do Augustine Averill It co?37 do Dellinger k Ames?80 kegs butter R L Case k co? i t5?3L'W A Snyder?* bzs 3 bis 1 trunk J S Platt-1 bale 25 hides H Goldstien?68 dry hides 1 bdl deer skins. Mohile-Barque Rose Standish?M0 bis cotton Collender It Istim?147 Cahoon k King?30 Treadwell k Moore?343 Collinsi k Carhart?131 Dellinger It Ames?111 E D Hnrlbut k co?71 Fox k Livingstou?30 Holbrook k Nelson?1 box John M<Jyer?33 bdls Cox k Marshall?1 box Harper k Brothers?2 csks Phelps k Dodge?2 bxs 1 trunk T E L'llom-l case Tay lor fc Marks?1 box Walker k Wadsworth?2 boxes St John, ltaymond 8c co. MARITIME HERALD. Steanm. Movements of the Steam Ships. Contain* . L*are . Lrur?? ideate .... Jl. ' lAvcrpool. America. America. L amliria, Judkins ? ... ?? . t, May 16 Britannia,. Hewitt May 3... May 20... June 1 Great Britain, Hoskins May #...May24... June ? Mi hernia, Ryne May 19...June 3... June 16 G. Western, Matthews... May 30... June 14... June 23 Caledonia, Lott June 4... June 21... July 1 Due in Leave Packets to Arrive. LIVERPOOL. Gamck, Traak, Apl 11 Independence. Allen, Apl 24 Waterloo, Allen, Apl 26 Fidelia, Hackstaft, May I Hottinguer, Bursley, May 6 PORTSMOUTH. Victoria, Morgan, Apl 20 Wellington,Chadwick May 1 Hendrik Hudson, May 10 HAVRE. Oneida, Fnnck, Apl 16 Havre, Ainsworth, May 1 Baltimore, Johnsou, May 8 MARSEILLES. Gaston, Coulter, Apl 12 Packets to Sail. LIVERPOOL. Yorkshire, Bailey, May 16 Queen of the West, May 21 Sderidan. Cornish, May 26 Oxford: Yeaton, June 1 Henry Clay, Nye, June 7 PORTSMOUTH. Gladiator, Bunting, May 20 Toronto, Pratt, May 34 Switzerland, Knight, June 1 HAVRE. Silviede Grasse.Rich, May 16 Louia Philippe, Long, May 24 St Nicholas, Hoodies, Jnne 1 MARSEILLES. Arcole, Eveleigh, Jnne 1 PORT OF NEW YORK, MAY 16. IVRMIII 4 44 I SUH ItTI 7 09 I Cleared. Ship Yorkshire, Bailey, Liverpool, C H Marshall. Ship Silvie tie Grasse, Rich, Havre, Fo* fit Livingston. Ship Coriolanns. Harle, Marseilles, Chamberlain fit Phelps. Ship Duncan, Daggett. Glasgow, Dnnham fie Dimon. Ship Devonshire, Thompson, New Orleans, J El well fcCo. Ship Southport, Griffith. Charleston, Q Bulkley. Bark John Clark, Deshon, St Johns, NB. J E Gillespie. Bark Undine, Appleton, Para, J Bishop fit Co. Bark Zaide. Chapman, Wiscassett. Bark Isabella, MeKee, Wilmington, Alsop It Chauncr)', Bark Edward Koppish, Rogers, Boston. S W Lewis. Brif Clarissa, Watta.Nen vitas, Holt fit Owen. Brig Beiij Bigelow, Baiter. Boston. Brig Lucena, Alhecht, Stettin, via Bridgeport. Sclir Thos Ireland. Somers, City Point. Schr Emerald, Snow, Petersburg, O Wheelwright. Schr Fnuiccs, Fowler, Swedesboro, N L McCresdy. Sehr Jasper, Hamilton, Boston. Sehr Erie, Williams, Salem. Sloop Roger Williams, Sttirges, Providence. Sloop Republic, Sowle, Providence. Ilargr Dolphin. Lamb. Philadelphia. Steamer Black Diamond, Manchester, Providence. Arrived. racket ship Quebec, Williams, from London and Ports mouth, April 15, with mdse, to Orinnell, M in turn fcCo. 21st ; April, lat 46 44 N, Ion 12 4.'i W, spoke ship Vistula, of and | from New Orleans, for London. Took Mr John Mason, pi lot, from the pilot boat Sylph, 230 miles E by N of Sandy j Hook. May ton, lat 44 39 N, Ion M W, saw a large iceberg. ! Ship Arkansas, Larrabee, (of Bath) 58 days from Newport, I Wales, and 2D days from Fayal, with railroad iron, to Davis it ] Brooks, Br ship Elizabeth, Barclay, 35 days from Liverpool, with salt, and 253 steerage passengers, to McMurray fit Co. April M, 1st 4C, Ion 40, passed ship KspendoU, from Liverpool, for New York, lying to, and a bark close by; theyhadbeen in contact; the s~hip had her head and cutwater carried away, and the bark had her quarter stove in. Capt Barclay saw a b'*t pass from the bark to the ship, aa if the crew were leav ing the bark to go to the ahip. Did not learn any farther par ticulars. Br ship Victoria, Mahen, 33 days from Liverpool, in ballast, 252 passengers, to Richardson fit Co. , Bark Philena, Forbes, from Palermo, March Sth, a?d Gib raltar April Wh, with fruit, to Foster fit Nickerson. Bark Rose Standish, Spencer, 15 days from Mobile, with CMton, to E D Hurlhut lit Co. May 10, lat 31 50, Ion spoke brig Susan, from &t Jago de Cuba bound to Quebec; wished to be reported. .. ... ..v Bark Gaxelle.Treadwell, 13 days from Mobile, with cot ton, to Taylor k Merrill. _ ? ? Brig Erato. Hutchinson, 14 days fjroin Porta Cabello, with coffee and hides, to P rfarmonr, Nephews fc, Co. P??se,d Jrig Andrew Rmg^FUher, from Neuvitaa, May 4th, with ^ Br liri* 6u?een?'vicN)r'ia. Tneker, from St Vincents, and 11 d.vl frnmm Crr> iV wit h hid* and coffee, to Brower k Neil son May V Ion 71 50 W. passed a large ship with painted pott*, steering E. with loss of mainmast and miren tonesllant mast; had a jury mainmast rigged. Brig Joseph (Jovhsm, Kip|*n, from Maywuex, PR, ?d Inst, with sugar and molssses^to B Ds Forest klo. Brig'James Marshall, keasney, It days from Maunaaa, with molasses, to F O Thurston. Atn imt, off M stanzas, spoke ship Dan barton, from Charleston for N Orlssiu .... Brig New Orleans, finunhall, 6 dsys from Bermada, in bal at, to Tneker k Lifmbotara. ... frt? Weeeeea Fistisr, Appleby, 13 days from Apelschicola. th cotton, to H Post. April 1st, spoks brif Tisso, bonnd to Hawa; wished to be reported. yBng Dirigo, M days from Eastport, with plaster, M Bract It ?uh I1 Jf to* Wi^of, NS, gf k^bo,i Tiylor, Boiton, 5^|jr Lovell, Boston, rodse. ochr Spleadid, Crowell. Boston. mds?. ?ehr Aamu, Brown, New Bedford, oil. .. . _. , Below. 1 bark; * bnga. Wind blowing fresh S8E. Mw?Uwwoni Keeard. ,, Ycwlul"r?. tor Liverpool, wd Silvia de Orau*. for Havre, will uil thia day. Letter two etoee at " tb* Klch"?? Reading Room.. davtouiUlu^ tor Santa Martha, reported yester ?norr^w m W',k' U ? ?b. will .ail lo-naorrow morning. Z, J*Ch"'??oa Patriot for a .lip. Ship Rowlaivd, Bl&nchard. from Mobile f#?r pr>r?-?~r,,tfu bbl. turpentine and 30 do tar. The vea.el had been^tri^H of .par., riggwg, Ike, leaving nothing but the bow^ri!? I B?.,<1i.A'i'i70*IA' "L *"?" Kiver. report., 6th in.t lat 36 53 Ion 74 04, fell in with the wreclt of a brig, bowsprit .landing, bulwark, gone fore and aft, hou.e on d"ck in5 hou.e over the booby hatch, both .till .tending, andaai'ntSd green, two water caska. one on the quarter, and the other for ward on the larboard aide; could not make out her name, .he being full of water, and the tea breaking over her. At 2 P M .ame day, fell in with a part of a wreck of .oine large veuel' being a part of the keel, with timber, attached. It appeared Kkv West, May 5?The English bark Mandarin, from Cal cutta, via Jamaica, bound to Liverpool. I... been wrecked on the Honda Reef. She had a large and valuable cargo com prising 300 toii. saltpetre. 27ft ton. dyewood. 300 bag. War, fcc all ol w4ich except tlie wood and a few bag. of .ugar in a damaged ?tatr,]ia? been entirely lost. The tail, and rigging were saved, and brought down, and .old by the Mar?hal amounting jo 12005?and the cargo .aved will amount to about the .ame. The M.'? cargo wai valued at S50.000, and veuel about *20,000. The b.rk John Parker, bejWTeportedVhu ju.t completed her repair, and i. now taking in her cargo, tiau * m * *>sht or ten days for her port of destina Ipoken* Brig France. Ellen, Monroe, from Cardenas for Portland, 5tli inst. oil Cape Florida. Brig Peruvian, for New York, 3d in.t, lat 35 04, Ion 74 41. Bark Hualco, McCrilles, from Bostw for Cardenas Mav 7 lat 36 08. Ion 68 20. 7 1 Schr E J Muuiel, from New York for, 7th in.t, lit 34, Ion 71. ' . Hend, J day. from Boaton, for Havana, no date, lat 36 28. Ion 71 50. i A"hiP' ??PPoaed Britiah, waa aeen on the 3d inat, lat 27 33. 2 c n' under jurymaata. ?u: ? 1 Vf^ar ' ?f Portland, from Palermo for Philadel r u 'i 08?by the Elvira, at Boaton. *Jj.^reporw ^er is having lo.t bulwark., and every thing off latMjon*P M4ry to?n' from B#t4T'1 tor Boaton, no date, J.Bmr:i,h!Sun.rssWoni7"'Mr0m B*1,im0r, r"rF'lmo,"h' Whalemen, -^hrTarquin, at Boston, (Vow Aux Cave., report., .Doke ?ili Inm' j " 74.3?> ''hr.Medford, Coot, Provincetown! rv^Pk\' *o c?,t,nC 12th in.t, off ?ape Cod, wa. boarded Jih. ACn ? i >?.1 ^or .ProT',,c''owu, from whaling, 440 .? I l J. 15th nit, in Sam Bay, brig Juno, Bate., 230 ?pm; IStii, brig Maracaibn, Nickenon, Plymouth, 250 .om 30 bWk fi.h, hound to the Gulf of Megi'co; ?d nit, brigM n A i ' c)e"i.,cJ|r PBt?W. Prior, 100 spin 40 wh; 25th ult, off .brig Cadmus, Soper, 37 spm. C!tCi' Plu*?*9 ,cen ??? R?ce Poinl on th? m?r? i ? w. Ml 11 t% Seating into Provincetown: lias been ab ?ent 16 months. aite^ttr^f^cidc!011 " 40' 'hi,, Ch"Dr" ?f ,, Foreign Port*. t . nDr'"ii'j 1?port, brig Napoleon, Jordan, for Boa ton, Idg. Sid brig France., lugraham, tor Baltimore; aud oth er., a. before reported. Kino.tojc, Jam April 30?In port, bark Glaaner, Smith, from Bo.toii for Cuba. ?oon; brig. Hhenit, Watt., of and for fcalti T.0reri?i ^.?snbe& A.b^?. 8? vannah for Maii.anilla, !! ri -1 n iT! ..V ADl,ott, Trom Savannah for .Mati.anilla, Ke'mn'Vi J? J1 v' fr~n Norfolk; ?chr 8 Wainwright , V* i? Nortolk?put in in di.trc, with lou ot Thl rt li oi deck load and leaking badly. R, hJ?o Harrlft'/or Alexandria, DC,.ailed the day before; Br brig Suaannalr Irom Halifai, do. ' Mavaovei Pit Mav 2? In pc from and for Philadelphia. Idg: P Bp-ton, Idg; Alexander, (Fr) No J.Vxl ii ? OUri fm *nd for NYork, Ki^nn*vSYnJ r1 PAePCe' 'm an*UV?r Boston, Idjr; Columbia, T r Sr Oeorietown, DC. next day. Bark Sebooi. .W a?a?lt0r,Vf1ft 'o1* ,wo^?>'s ?'"? ?o fini.h load^ lug at Ponce. At Aquadilla, Spani.h line-of-battle .hip Sobe Hayau?v waiting, the frigate Cri.tinaand .teamer *1? ' "????nation unknown. v.n. Tn?!if.Vf2,yr4?orr?' barn" Victor. Claik, from Ha vana, to fini.h Idg for Hamburg; Peytona, Brown, fm do. for i.Irt v l kc i,,chr Chanon. Petrrson, fm Demarara; alj 2d, bark Naples, Crowell, for Cowes; 1st, brig Venus, Soule } Pendleton, and bark Ellen Augu.ta, Hamilton, all for Portland. In port. .hip. Forre.ter, Arker, tor Trie.?e i ?ri^ w j% rIOVvr Cowe. and St Peteraburg, 12th; Wood.ide. tor Trie.te, 12th; Mary Francea, Jiwitt W?f? EdwJ". unci hark. Jacob 8 Wain, Howland, for New York, Idg, to aail 12th: Detroit 17T tor Cowea, 6th, (previous account, from Havana re port lwr a. having .ailed Nom H. on the 30th ult. for Bo.ton); Southerner., tor St Petersburg, Idg; Eliza, Talbot do Ahb^rTnM Ru"' ?fhT Luain, Ooidrich? nnc? Abbott Lord, Blaiadell, for Cowe., to .ail 12th; Albera, Mar w!? V^?r- Pi.1 oe" Bnco"' tor New York, Idg, to .ail, Corinth, Smith, lor Cowe., 12th; Jame. Marshall, Car w . k ' Pritchard, unc; busy, smith, do, W atchmau, Clark. Irom Georgetown, nnc. i*TVCL*'" y ^ *^'P Canada, Crawlord, Green ock, bark trromanga, Ramaay, Glaagow. New Y*ork dUcAPr" 1*_lu port *ch Wf?cogn., Waaa, from Po*to Cabello, April 1?In port, brig Virginia, Cooper, of aud for Baltimore, neit day. r? <Nr*A"V' March 14?In port, bark Rosina, Doty, load mg for N?w York, in So daya; Whitmore. Bright, from do. Kauhawar'?mr!il,Vlrf'' 8m w'1 for Montevideo, with cattle; video Ramadel, diag; Hanover. Deuniton, from Monte Bnrn r, R' *M,V In ,P?" hriga Water Witch, L? 5 dav'. .ch ?fh '?0lf'jiC; M"ton, York, for New York in Tho^ f ftf ? Harding unc. Sid 12th, brig Charle. and fur > Leach, tor May.guei, to fini.h Idg M&P' ^Pr'1 i~J!SLPort' ?hip Emily, Davia, to .ail 5th llaven* th? Thomai; brig Geo toyal, dould, for N P?rt bri" J W H-ntington, Home Porta. Borrow, May 14^?Arr. .hip Aurelini. Kelley. New Or lean. ; bark. Hindoo, (Br) Hughe. Caernarvon; Elvira, (lorliam, Palermo; Cano, Nicker.on. Omoa; Aarward ,i i?k? n^ew "rlean.; David Nichol. , Noyea, Phila ?r ' u1*!1?' I1'jher. do; briga Commerce, Berry, 1 rinidad; Natahuy, R?liin?, Cardenaa ; Erie. Baker, Phi ladelphia; Emma, Baker, do; Michigan, Crowell, do; Caailda; Irowell, do; Nauyoo. fciekey do; Lucy Ann, ^lofford, do; PeniM) Ivania, Kelley. Salem. N.J.: Myra, Stndley, Bridge ' ort. Conn; bnilt expre.aly for A. C. Hersey'. line of Phfla dehihia packet.; .chr. Geo PoUok, Ca?ey. Cnracoa; Huron, I'll j 'n1?' T1* King.ton, Ja: Union, Ryder, Jacmel; John, Lldndge, Port au Prince; ( harle.. 8tera.. Mobile; Lowell Hi ",,ch.l?/10nd; ???"?, Carle, do: Wm W Wver. Adam., ffL'i 1\'do;Alre,m2"' Nickenon, Norfolk, Ro aiioke, Knight Fredenck.bntg; Star. Smalley, Port Penn, Del; SE',?""' 9le^'er' tmeline, Nichol., Phila. 11 lv?u UV Nfwark; Mariner. Kelley. and Gran i w'w^a C w' V",rl!; ?vv'*ve' ^?"dleton; Antille., V; n""'v,clf'n">2; John B, Dill; Union, Hick.; Rich^ mond, Kellar; Yankee, Spear, and Avenger, Hall, New York; ?lP.BS"?!5',Cr0^'.d??j "hr>acon, Bearce. do. Cld ahip. J Q Adam., Nichol., Ea?t Indies; BlanchaJd. Blanchard New Orlean.; bark. Brew.ter, Some.,Rio Janeiro; Hannah, Spryue, Lunt, London: L Maria. Rich, Havana; Natcher.. | Lindsey, New Orleans; brigs 8 W illiams, Thompson, Cieu "tg??j.,Tok,en' Lorenao, Mayo. Schuylkill. Pa; .chr. Cyg net, Smith, Jeremie; Diamond, Halleck, Newbern, NC. Sid. ?nip* Goodwia, Concordia. Dencalion; bark. A Maria, Mary, and tuba; brig. Hu..iau, Pearl, Delia: .chr Boaton. fltvERLT, May 13?Arr achr Rival, Brown, from Philadel phia. _!rA'T,a.5' M?y,*nArr achr John C Calhoun, Babaon, Balti more Sid schr J Murray, Devereu*. do. iikHk*Lr;V0!*' M*i '??-^rr hrig Linden, Burr, New York. Ilth, brig Clement. Ryder, Boaton. Cld bark Jupiter, Carter. York*' nToy' Humphrey, Bo.ton; brig Mote., Bulkley, N t^?^-Ha*L,:.T0M, May II?Arr brig Clement, Ryder, from Bo. Kdo a a To w-rMayl i-Arr.chr. Mane, Verril, New York . "Id 13th, the above, and all the vewel. bound nf p?^T. " j"* j .!4,hrNo "ri7al th'" morning. Brig. Ellen, ol lortland, and Lmeline, oi Boaton, Passed down sound yes "I'V-t"" h"^ are of and l'or Portland, the former Irom Richmond,and the latter from New York.l bile LL '*? brig Agenoria, KlUer, from Mo s.,|'*':LS'.vr-*tMay5?Arr .chr. Reaper, Loring, Norfolk, vlllt .ft ?. ' Baker, Baltimore; .loop Nancy Jane; N. York; 8th, Ma.aa.ojt, Philadelphia lor Taunton; 9th, aloop Eacel, N V ork: loth, achra 8 Rockhill, Virginia; Martha VV ashingto", Vi ood, Baltimore; Ilth, Wandopaaao, Charlea unV ' er, and R Borden, Beane, Baltimore; E Harknen, Pattenon, Richmond; Maria Cau.ey, Stnbba, Phi ladelphia; Canton, Baker, Baltimore tor Cighjon; Red Jack et, and Letitia, Virginia; .loop E..ext New York; 12th,.eh. Ann Elua, and 11 W Safford. Philadelphia: Engineer, Whi ting, Norfolk; Ann B Holme., Albany. Sid tth, ?cb? A Cor neliu., V|rgiuia: 9th, Wm Thomnsou, Richmond. Kkv Wk.t, May 4?Arr brig R Groning, Thomp.on, Phila delpnia; .chr Maytlower, Mobile; bark Carib, Niekeraon, in ?i-l ?' '"'(tht, and wa. to .ail 5th for Bo.ton, without it. 1 he .chr Mayflower wa. to aail in three or four day. tor New York Lewi., Del, Mar 13?A full rigged brig, .nppoaed the So phia, from Trinidad de Cuba, came in thia forenoon and alood up. The brig., Sarah Louiaa, for Portimottth, N H; Lafay ette, for Bangor: Anne Maria, Adama, Abigail; achra Cntler, and Margaret, for Bo.ton, came down and proceeded to aea early thia morning. There i. but one aehooner now at the anchorage. Nothing in light bound in. Wind from 8W. and the weather moderate. Mobile, May 7?An Br .hip Merchant, Birnie, Liverpool. Cld brig. Selma, Smith, New York; Emma, Stafford, Balti more f.chr Star, Wilaon. N Orlean.. Niw Oni.BANi.May ??Arrachra Lou, Perry, and Mobile, Cozxen., 1'en.acola- Cld .team.hip Oalve.tou, Wright Bra xoa Santiago; bark Saranac, Carlton, Charleaton; brig Hope Howea. Shaw, Havana NcwroBT, May 14?[Offleeof the Herald and Rhode l.laad er]?Arr ?chr. Democrat, Berry, from Bangor; Harritt Ful ler, Bradley, Nantucket, Providence; Earl. Hinkley, Boaton, Hartford; John, Mile., Machiaa. Norwich; Charle., Mer chant, Bangor. Weaterly, RI; Clarendon. Ingraham, Thomaa ton.New York; Maria Cauaey, 8tubb., Fall River, Philadel phia; Eonlty, fame, Boston, New Haven; Polity, Griffam, Bangor, Norwich; 8 Rockhill, Pradmaa, Fall River. Phila delphia; Denmark, Rider. New York, Boaton: Williagton, Baker, from Gardiner; Leader, Ruaaell, Naatacket, New York. New London. May 13-Arr tchr. Jane, Rogers, from Phila delphia for Norwalk: Henry Chase, Rogeri, do do: Peraeve rance, Hobroa, do; sloop Coaaolation, Greenfield, from New ? ork for Providence. NEwafBvroBT, May 13?Arr ach Oregon, Post. Philadel K-f' J.'l- r?a mil BaniWt Mobile; achs Harp, Savory, Philadelphia: Mary, Smith, Baltimore; Elvira, Knight, Nor Nr.w Haven. May l*?Arr bark New Haven, Downs, Por to Rico. Sid sells Pacific, Preseott, Albany; Stranger, Wi ley, do. i \?,sftM0,LT?/ (k?TV Harbor) May U-An .hip Row land, Blanchard, Mobile, lor Port.month; .chr. Minerva, re ires, Boston for do; Olive. Torrey, Calais for Boston; Co Mt Desert, for ooston. Providence. May 13?Arr bark John Brouwer. of NYork. Sutton, Apalachicola; bng. Ava^ Cienfaego., Alaba ma, of NYork, Allen, Apalachicola; Splendid, Shark ford, Savannah: Octavia. Doughty. Philadelphia: schs Oregon, Hill, Charlaatoa; Pokomoke, Hitchen Suffolk, Va; Imperial, Pick en.. Baltimore; TryalLOibba, do: Thos Kenner, Niekeraon. Philadelphia; Rival, Thompson, do; Emeline,; Abm Brown, Davia, do; Meteor, Perry, Rondont; Hector, Kimball, do; .loop* Active, Goldsmith, do; Emilv. Baker Albany; Olive, Lamb, do; Wm H Hawkins, Hawktaa, New; htirgh; Providence, Brown:, A.h: Franklin. Pren tiss, and Nimrod, Craadall, New York. Bid .chr. Walter Merchant, Deming. Pautego, NCj Orleans, Saaadera, Phila delphia or Bangor, according to wind: aloop. Proof Glass. Bly denlrarfh, and Native, Well., NYork; Ilth, schr Southerner, Baker, Wilmington, NC.?destination altered from Mill Stone Point. .. V\?TL#^?' M.) ??Arr harks Amerieaa, Adie. Trinidad; K Churchill, M Oilvery, Cardenae: Ellen Augusta. Hamil ton, Maunaaa, Diligence. Woodbury, do; brigs Yea as. Soale, do. Vaadalier, Pendleton, do. CM brig Ariel, Means, Pottsiiovth, May U?Art ship Rowland, Blauchard. Mo- A ter,'Derricks, Jer.ey CitjnfWarp, for Phi^lphia; Ivoca, Boyce, Wilmington, D#l; Oreeawajr, Couch. N York. Sal?:m, May 13?-An barkjLhalceooay, Toad, Rio Grande; ,clir. St Helena, Wu|itl, Philadelphia; Mt Vernon, Meaaer T*'Jic'irro**May i?Arr acha l-aurette, Brigga. New York; Harvest Amboy; l?th, Vaatic, Norfolk;,19th,J Pierce,New York; H Amea, Alabama; Hornet, I'hiladeldhia; eloop Arma da New Vork. Sid 11th, aloop Rising Sun, New York; 12th *CWuja"oir'o!?. May 12-Cld 9th, brig Echo, Smith Havana; 11th, brig Helen Mana, Sweetaer, Guarama; .chr Delaware Holbrook, Thomaston; llth, bng Wtlham, Fish, Boaton; Co lumbia, Jordan, Boaton. By Last Night's Southern HalL Home Port*. Baltimoic, May 14-Arr bng. Globe. Col burn, St Johns. PR; France., Ingraliam, Cardeuas; % irftnia, Talbot. Apala? chicola; Br achr Debonnier, Naaon. Cornwa^i^ N8; achra Harriet. Sear., Eaatport: Wm Brown, Hunt. N Bedford. Pll grim. Dodge, &*leui. Cld Brem ahip Looiae. Steenkea, Bra men; bark Amelia Mulhollaad. Uixey.Rio de Janeiro and a market; bri?Mary Jane, n,,toa;Bl!llb^!0I!!1 Vernon, Sadler. Savannah; achra Adventure, (Br) Roberts, 1 Naaaau. NP; Umpire, (Br) kowe,do. M u NonroLa, May 13?Arr schr Speudid, Terry, New Haven In Hampton Rotdi, achr Ruth Atkiua, McKennou, from May ^PhVl* dti'r m M*ay li-Arr achr Superb, Taylor, fm N?* York; Ceutanon, Cnrtia, do; Aahland, Carlisle, do; Col 8 B Davia, Smith, do; Barge. l orpoi.e, Drake; Grampus.p Neal; Comet, Coi, ami stmr Anthracite, Steward, J6 hour* fm New York; stmr Ashland, Mason, tin Albany. M._? SECRET DISEASE CURED, BY a Botanic Fhyaiciau that understands his business, has had extensive practice for teu years, has cured, arter usiug all the boasted nostrums, been salivated and in the boa* pitals, without benefit. Thoae who wish to avoid imposition and ignorance, and keep tlieir constitution. free from disease and mercury, should apply without delay to HJs Bowery, from 3 to 8 o'clock, P. M. wytt lm*r DR. EVANS. IMPORTANT MEDICAL NOTICE. ? Doctor Evans No. 12 Peck Slip, near Water street, N. Y., has been more than forty year, in the successful practise of physic and sur gen-, particularly in curing (perfectly) those desperate cases of every variety of secret disease, old obeuaate ulcer., can cers iu the throat, atricturea, fcc., caused by malpractice. It s of the greatest importance for the unfortunate to choose an experienced physician. Dr. L is the oldest and most expert euced in this city ; his practice great, hie success aatouiah ing, even after they have been expelled frem the hospitals as incurable, ill. offices are well arranged for privacy. Call at 12 Peck Slip, and be convinced. His charges are most rea sonable, and all cases guarantied. my!6 If re MEDICAL AID. DOCTOR FAWCETT on debility, nervousness and se cret diseaaes, fcc. Just published, a popular essay on the r >ncealed causes of the decline of strength sriaing from de structive consequences, of excessive indulgence and youthful imprudence, terminating in nervoua debility and constitation al weaknesa, and all thoae sinking anxieties and tremors which afflict the weak, the sedantary and the delicate, witM'tactical observationa on their treatment and cure, by H. MWttl I, member of the Royal College of Surgeon, of London aui Kdiuburgh, and graduate of the Jefferson Medical *?<>"***? Philadelphia. The Doctor is daily consulted at his office, 19? Fulton meet, on all thoae diseases, where the Book can ba obtained/or 11. myH lfrc TO PREVENT the use and abuse of Mercury, call at the Hunterian Diapenaarv, No. 3 Division street, where Dr. Hunter's Red Drop, a medicine never kuown to fail in curing the most desperate case, of secret diaeaae, can be obtained. The nature or this medicine is such that it .lrives every ves tige of the poison from the system, no matter how old the caae and is iu every manner convenient. All may use it with perfect safety, without regard to circumstances, situation, diet or hindrance from erusmess. Price $1 per vial. Phila delphia branch office, No. 22 Arcade. myU lm*r GERMAN SILVER. JAMES G. MOFFET, No. 121 Prince street, second block west of Broadway, is constantly manufacturing German Silver, of various numbers and widths, which he will warrant to be equal to any. either foreign or domestic, for quality, and which he will sell at wholesale or retail, at reduced Prices. P. 8.?All goods sold will be delivered in any part ?f the city, or Brooklyn, free of expense; a? lmm TENNIS COURT, 283 BOWERY. THE Subscriber, having taken the abov^named place would inform his friends and the Public that the Ball Alley, and the whole of the establishment, hiu undergone a thorough repairing. To the Alley has been added a gallery, 20 feet by 23, for the convenience of the spectators, lius, with an alley of 120 feet, in complete order, he trusts will be sufficient to secure tl?e patrons* e of the lovers of thai: healthy and favorite amusement. As for the quality of his Liquors. Segara, and refreshment!, he will leave to the judgment of bis customers. ^ WOOLLY Ball Alley, Directly opposite Pnnc? st. New York. May T. 1MB. my9 lm'm Se Atuena d lot Ettranjtro* tL Ingles. THE FRENCH AND SPANISH Language;, also Alge bra. Geometry. Sunreying, Navigation, and Book-keep mg expeditiously and effectually taught, on very moderate terms. Private lessons given to adults, at their own residen ce., or school, attended. References of the highest respect ability. I AGO D. MAURICE, 171 Canal st. m31 lm*rc THE AMAZON WIGS, /"VR Gentlemen's real Heads of Hair, being the latest and v/ greatest improvement iu the manufacture of Wigs ana Scalps; and the subscriber is happy in being the first to intro duce them here. They displsy the forehead and temple, to any height, a point in wig making never before attained.? Tkey are composed of ventilating or gossamer work. They fit on the head by a mechanical contrivance entirely new; Uley are put on in a moment. They immediately adapt themwlyaa to the countenance and at once become part and parcel ol the living man. Copy the address. E. PHALON, 81 Broadway, qpgoetlytfae . a2S Im*re Globe Hotel, under Jfcd.on'? Hotel. TO COUNTRY MERCHANTS, DRUGGISTS, AND BAKERS. HOPS, NEW WESTERN, BY TJIE POUND OF BALE. ... Potash, Oil Peppermint, White Wax Sal Soda, Coarse Sponge, Castor Oil, Carraway Seed, Refined Liquorice, German Cologne, Gil Lemon, Blue Vitriol. Russia Isinglas, and a full assortment of Drugs, all of thf fint.quality, Tor sal* by WEEKS It ANDERSON, Druggists, al lm*rh 30 Fulton, comer Wster, and63 Bowery. ? SHAKER * CO., TAILORS AND DRAPERS, 9411 Broadway, near Parle Place, ARE NOW RECEIVING, by the Havre Paeketa, uen tirely new aasortment of the finest Sedan Cloths and Cas simeres, adapted to the early apnng trade. Having concluded a permanent arrangement, as cutter, with Mr. P. Andriot, lata of the Rue Castiglioue, Pans, well known to moat of our fash ionables who have visited Europe, they are now prepared to execute orders in a style of unusual elegance. mr!2 lm*r ?1X Broadway. STRAW BOARDS. . , , tU\ TONB Straw Boards, just received, a good art'cle, for OU sale by PERSSE k BROOKS, .'9 lmm '??W''" Naaaau streat. HARDWARE. CUTLERY AND GUNS. AW. SPIES k CO., having removed to M Miudeu Une, ? offer a large and well assorted stock of Hardware, Cut lery, Guns and Gun Materials, by the recent importations, at extremely low prices for caah or approved paper. a> lea^fn MILITARY EQUIPMENTS?FIREMEN'S CAPS. THE SUBSCRIBER reapectfully calls"the attention of the military public to his assortment of Military Eauipmenu adapted to all companiea; Miliary Cape, Knapaacka, Boxes and Bayonet Scabbards of every variety. Country compa niea, about changing their uniform, or those about forming new companiea, A full aasortment of every variety, constantly on band, and made to order at the shortest notice. Ssm*rrc H S. ORATACAP, 382 Broadway. BILLIARDS. a . . . A RCADE BILLIARD SALOON (let* topire), IB 11l clay street, near the Astor House.--MICHAlL.L, so long known to the billiard playing portion of the city, reapectfiUly informs his friende, patrons, and billiard players in general, that he has taken the above large, airy,.and well-known estab lishment, where they will find in first rate order Nine of the best Billiard Tables in the city, with good attendance^He respectfully invites a call from his friends. Gentlemen or parties wishing to play by themaelves, can have a table ra a room to themselvea, by applying at the bar. GenUemen will 6 m^eimir.rWeU "PP"ed * mVcHaCTh^L^' QQE ruui HAVANA AND PRINCIPE 8EOAH8 OuWjUl/v and Havana Tobacco^; , 380,OOu Hi on da, all sizes, 30,000 Emulacion, 1st, 30,000 Lafayette, 130,006 Eaperanxa, 100,000 Friacipe, 30,000 Lafayette, preeaed, 10,000 Eacnlapio, do 13,000 Europe, 10,000 Regalia, | 23,000,San Romaa, 1st, '23,000 La Victoria, 1st, I 30 bales Tobacco, Tim whole entitled to bebenture, and in lou to suit purcha sers. For sale by B. M PICABIA. mifl lm*m 117 Front street, near Wall, ap stairs. NEW SPRING GOODS. ADAPTED TO GENTLEMEN'S WEAR. WM. MATTHIEB8EN, 127 Fulton street, invitee the ia spection of the public to his choice stock of French Black and colored Cloths and Cassimer*, Vestings, of all va rieties, saitable for spring trade, which are now to be sold Lew for xasit Customers desiring to have ELEGANT AND duUahLe garmf.nts at moderate prices, would do well to have their/armeats cut by the efficient cut ters of this establishment, who are capable of fiviag aa seat a fitting garment as the moat fastidious can deeire. All articles of small wear continually on hand, Shirts, eepe daily. Remember the number, 127 Fulton street. a 16 lm*r WM. MATTHIES8EN OIL PAINTINGS. HENRY BENT respectfolly informs rentlenaea and the trade, that in fature he will carry on the busiaees of Lin ing Pictures only, which will be executed (aa hitherto) ia the best possible manaer. Referencea given if raqairad 223 Broad way, New Vork. ?23 lm*re. ENGRAVERS' STEEL AMD COPPER PLATES. 1L| ADE from the best materials, and the finish equal to aay ivA ia the world. Steel from 3 to 3 rents per inch; eopper from 1W to I cents per inch; Plates from 2 to 46 inches; Card Plates lis to 16s per doten. A large stock elways on hand^ ?ady for order, at a moment's notice, and eeot by Ada* Express. Maatifactured by JOHN BRUCE, mrHlm'r end26 Piatt street. New York. WINDOW SHADE DEPOT, No. 7 SPRUCE STREET. XST.BLIDHtD ll? 16M- ? , WHOLESALE AND RETAIL, GRADES of all descriptions, kinds snd sixes. 30 Per cent U cheaper than can be bougnt at any other places. Tnm miagsjt manufacturer.' price. BARTOL, DE MAUNY k Co.. myl Im'rrc Manufacturer, k Importers 700,000 HAVANA a PRINCIPE SEGARS. 120 Bale. HAVANA TOBACCO,as follows EauUeion, Eacnlapio, Preased, Rionda Regalia, Ei Roman, Rionda do., Eaperanxa do., Victoria, Lafayette do., Wa.hingtoa do., peranxe, Rionda Cougressos, Lafayette do., Rionda, Do. Plantation, Principe Steamboat. Lafayette, Principe Justo Sanx, Vta. Jajo TobeMo. J-he whole entitled to debenture, snd in lou to suit. For e by B. M. PICABIA, my7 lm*r 117 Front at., near Wail, up stair. LAP-WELDED bUlLER FLOES. 1 f! FEET LONG, and from IX to 3 inehes ia diameter.? JLU Can be obtained only of the pateutees. _ THOMAS PROS8ER. _ 26 Piatt atreet, H. 1. a 27 lm*rc COUNTRY MERCHANTS .. , VISITING the city of New York, are invited to cell and examine the complete and extensive .toek of Account Books, Stationery, raper, Notorial, and Letter tow"* Presse.. Gold Peus, Quills, luks and Fluids, AND All OTH^H ARtlCLES sold by STATIONERS, At the Lmout Pom bit Pruta. RICH k LOUTREL, 61 Williw one dwiwheliiw r**r

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