Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 18, 1846, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 18, 1846 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. Vol. XII, No. 13 7?Whole No. 4350. NEW YORK, MONDAY MORNING, MAY 18, 1846. Pika Two C?ata* THE NEW YORK HERALD. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, PROPRIETOR. Circulation---Forty Thousand. DAILY HERALD?Every day, Price 2 cent* per copy?$7 ! si per annum?payable in atlvance. WEEKLY H fell ALL)?Every Saturday?Price 6vi eenu i per copy?$3 llk cents per sunuin?payable in advance. ADVERTISEMENTS at the usual price*?always cash ib advance. , , PRINTING of all kinds executed.with beauty and des patch. 0*"a11 letten or communications, by'mail, addressed to the establishment, muit be post paid, or the postage, will be deducted from the suhscsiption money remitted. JAMES GORDON BENNETT. Proprietor of the the New Yob* Hbb*l? Establishment, 'North-Weet corner f Fulton and Nauan'street* M ROOMS.?a anull unrate familv, without children, having more room than they wish, would let our or two gentlemen have tlie use ol? thein on reasonable tarwu. Furnished with French Besdsteads, Brussels Carpets new, and all iu complete order. Best reference required. ad dress O. C. M box 776, Post Olfice. mylC3t*r TO LET. " M a ROOM,'FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED, to itttb a gentleman, with break(a?t and tea and dinner on Sun ?Jiiiltdaya ii required, in a private family, where there are uo other Hoarders. Apply if by Bote at this office to M. A. ?iriik'N TO LET. JbA THE upper part of the House, No. 491 Washington street; also, a good Brick Stable with two stalls aad ?lai&two or three siaaJl work shops. Apply at 175 Hudson street. myl2t>t*rc foll ?>ALE OK TO LET, The Modem built three story brick house, 115 Adams ' street, Brooklyu. If not sold by private sale, it will be .disposed of at public aactioa, on the lith day of May Best, linjfuf the purchase n^.ney can remain on mortgage., for a term of yeara. Application to be made on the premises us Adamsst , Brooklyn. at lm*rc A To LET, AHOUSE AND BARN, with about aixteea lots of grouud, situated jujlie villajje of Hastinga,Westchester J^JflLcounty, State of New ViTrk, within a few minutes' Walk of the steamboat landing. Said place is divided iuto gar dens, which are well stocked with frnit. Also, a pleasant gfove, with a stream of water, and several good springs. Pos aeaaiou can be giveu immediately. For lurtlier particulars ap ly at the store of Mr. ScMosser. Hasting's Landing, or of al lm*re MR. ECKERT, 7t Murray St., New York. TO LfcT UK foft >ALE, Sa MODERN BUILT COTTAGE, Stable and (hmch Hoase attached, with about an acre of laud, the priucipai part ?f which is well stocked with fruit and anrubs, aaJ eucUtacd with a picket fence. The stages ery ten miaates within five minutes walk of the house, on?between 110'h and 111th streets. For further in ioe. apply to JOHN BATHOATE, lit Ninth street, or Dr. WOODil, Harlem. mrl< 1 in * rc PAR mtoh pacet~ jhl SITUATED oa the south side of Long Island. 1% |;';m miles west of the village of Babylon. Said Farm cou ^jd&tains sixty acrea ol LAND, a portion covered with wood and the balance under a high state of cultivation. On said farm i? a two atory double HOUSE, with kitchen attach ed. Barn, Carriage House, Oraiuery, Ice House, and several other buildings. Communication with New York by Railroad and stages three times a day. ? For further particulars enquire of W. E. ISAACS, Corner of Liberty and West street, New York. ' alg<taw4w?r or of Mr. SHEPERD, on the premises/ Hotel for sale. >?& CITY HOTEL, Washington City. D. C.?The Pro pj? pnetors ol the City Hotel with to dispose of all their XiHLiiirninire and fixtures, u well aa the ltue, which will ?ii>ire on the first of February, 1817. The Hotel ia actuated on the corner of Pennsylvania Avenue and ltth street, in the immediate vicinity of the Preaident'a home and all the public department!. It contains about 100 rooms, iticluding six parlora, all elegantly furnished. The house is in good order, and contains every requisite for the contimiaiice of business. The proprietors deein it unneces sary to go further into particulars, but invite the attention of any persons wishiug to embark in the bnaineaa. An opportu nity like the present is seldom offered. The house will not be closed uutil further notice. ^ A. FULLER It Co. The Philadelphia Ledger, Albany Journal, Boston Times, Richmond Whig. and Charleston Patriot, will please copy three times a week for two weeks, and seud their accounts to the subscribers. A. K. it Co. City Hotel, W. C., D. C. myH l?3in? r TO EMiOftANTS AM? UTliEuS GUL.MG WEST. IAI'ocOTT'S FUKWAMUliNt. LLNE. THK Subscribers ben to inform their friends and the public generally, aud emigrants p irticularly, that they arc now prepared to (orward passengers t.) all parti of the Western states and Canada, at the very lowest rates, and with a cer tainty of passengers eiperiencmg no delay at any place on the route. Being interested equally in all the modes of convey Mce into the interior, impartial advice will he given to those ??out to proceed West, as to the heel mode of travel, as well as the best routes to take for any inland towns in the United States or Canad i?the Kmigrant'i Trai rllinf (iuidt, which not ouly gives the rates of passage.hut also the distance to all parts of the West and Canada, together with the time uuially occupied in performing a journey to any given place, may be had gratis, on application at their office. From the superior manner in which this branch of their bu siness has hitherto been conducted, the BabstribersCM with a certainty guaranty that no difficulty or delay can possibly be experienced by any person going by their Line, and the numerous frauds daily committed by irres|M>usihle parties on persons going West, should deter those about securing their t >us^e from enfaging juiy where, hut at an office of estahr " n? aLr ? responsibility. The Subscribers would here slate, that their various conveyances, viz: Hailroad Cars, Boats, and Steamers.are such as canuaf be sur|>assed. if ennal led. For further particulars aj>j^y^( ir b^ I ette^jtost pa id ) to 86 South street, one door west of Burling slip. N. B.?W. & J. T. T. continue to dispatch first claas pick ets to Loudon, Liverpool, Glasgow, New Orleaus. Mobile, Saraiinah and Charleston, with punctuality. Also to make arrangements for bringiug out passengers from any part of the Old Country, and give drafts for any amount payable on de mand in any part oTQreat Uritim ur Ireland Brj lawlw jMORNINQ I.INK AT SEVEN 0<CL1 ? FOR ALB ANY and intermediate landings, .from the Steamboat Pier at the foot of Bar Clay street. breakfast and dinner on hoard the (mat. The new and splendid Steam Yacht, RIP VAN WINK LK, ( apt. L. D, Abell, will leave the Steamboat Pier foot of Barclay street, every Monday. Wednesday and Friday, at 7 o'clock, A. M. a, For passage or freigh^applyou board the_boat. ray 11 PEOPLE'S LINE OF STEAMBOATS FOR ALBANY Daily, Sundays excepted?Through Direct?at 7 o'clock, P.M. From lie pier between Court/an*.', and Liberty if. 0S\ Steamboat ROCHESTER, Ca|it. Alfred t tjfcsLj?j? Houghton, will leave on Monday, W r lines - 3C3IUC. day, and Friday evenings, at 7 o'clock V Steamooat HKNDRlK HUDSON, Capt. R O. Cruttenden, will leave on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday eveuings, at 7 o'clock. At J o'clock, P. M., Landing at Intermediate Places. From Ike Foot of Barclay iL Steamboat NORTH AMERICA. Captain R. H. Furry .will leave on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Suuday afternoons, at 5 o'clock. Steamboat SOUTH AMERICA, Captain L. W. Brainard, will leave on Tuesday, Thursday aitd Saturday afternoons, at S o'clock. The above boats will, at all times, arrive in Albany in ample time for the morning cars for the east or west. Freight taken at moderate rates, and none take* after- i>4 o'clock, P. M. /Ol persons are forbid trusting any of the boats of this liue, without a written onier from the captains or agents. For passage or freight, apply on board the boats, or to P. C. Scliultz, at the office on the wharf. myll FARE ONLV ONE DOLLAR FOR ? Deck Passengers to Providence ?The well __ .known and splendid steamer RHODE I8L A,iU, L-apum Manchester, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays ; and the MASSACHUSETTS, Captain Porter, on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Leave pier No. 1 North River, at 3 o'clock, P. M., for Boston, via Newport aad Providence. Fare to Boston, $2 cabin ; $1 GO deck. Fere to Providence, %l SO cabwi : $1 deck. Freight taken at the lowest rates, and immediately forwarded. mylO lm*rc MORNING LINE AT SEVEN O'CLOCK. jMQ yrt for ALBANY AND INTERMEDIATE gL .JeLANDlNliS?From the Steamboat Pier at 3Caaa3E3k he foot of Barclay street. Breakfast and diiiuvi im uu..iu the boat. Passengers taking this boat will ar rive in time to take the evening trains of cars from Troy west to Buffalo, and north to Saratoga, Whitehall and Lake Cliam plain. The new lew-pressuy steamboat TROY, Captain A. Gorham. Monday Morning, May 18th, at seven o'clock. The TROY leaves New York every Monday, Wed nesdiy and Friday, at 7 o'clock, A. M. Leaves Troy every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, at o'clock, A. M. Landing at Caldwell's, Westpoint, Newburah, Hamp ton, Poughkeeiwie, Hyde Park, Rhiuetieck, U. Red Hook, Bristol. Catskill, Hudson, Coxsackie, and Kiuderhook. All goods, freight, hauk bills, specie, or any other kind of property, taken, put. or shipped ou board this boat, must he at the risk of the owners of such goods, freight, baggage, lie. For passage or freight apply ou board, or at the olhce on the wharf ?"yl7 rrc NEW YORK. ALBANY AND TROY LINE. ?' FOR ALBANY AND TROY DIRECT, from the foot of Conrtlandt street. Passengers taking this Boat will arrive in time to tnke the Morning Train of "Cars from Troy west to Buffalo, and north to Saratoga, Whitehall and Lake Cham '"'^The steamer EMPIRE, Captain R. B. Macv, leaves the foot of CourtkuMk street, on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evenings, at seven o'clock, P. M. The Steamboat COLUMBIA, Capt. Wm. H. Peck, will leave the Pier foot of Courtlandt street, on Monday, Wednes day and Friday evenings, at 7 o'clock. For Passage or Freight, apply on board, or at the Office oa tha wharf. Freight must be put iu charge of the Freight Agent, or tha Company will uot l>e responsible for loss. aJ8 tf The Proprietors of Mteamboats wishing Bells hung, would do well to pay a visit ou dMMBibboitil the Steamboats Niagara, Iron Witch, Governor, iron boat Jolui Stevens, Wooster, Traveller, fee., aad eismiue H. Homer's improved style of Bell Hanging? Bit ap uett and strong, aad warranted for one year, by H. H., n. I Ann street. mr2l Im* tUliT HAMILTON AND CUNtY IsLAMJ FERRY ^MQ 0* THE steamboat PROPRIETOR. Captain Msllan, will commence running on Mon jCjHjEaUr thr ifiih iust.. (to Fort Hamilton only,) a> luiwo, . ic .???!? foot of Whitehall street. New Vork, at 7 A M- and I P. M., aud Fort Hamilton at I A. M. and 5 P. M., nanl further aot'ce. Fare I2){ cents. my 16 1 w*r THE MOST DELIGHTFUL OF ALL EXCURSIONS. A SAIL acroaathe Hudson river to Hobo ?ken, and then a walk to the Klysisn Fields, nlong the exceedingly picturesque shores of ml m If ?!, %ua inc lull l"vnru w IIII a iiiii mil. T"he walks are in excellent ordar, having baaa considarably "^SaMm tfarcfay, Caaal aad Christopher its., BIRD CAGE MANUFACTORY, NO. 1 Sc. John's Lane, corner Beach street. The Subscrib I er would inform hi* Customers and the Public, that he ha* conatanlly ou hand, a large stock ol' fancy and comma Bird Cane*, of all description*, which he will *ell cheaper ihan they can be bought e lie where. Alio, Cage* made to order. J. KELLY. P. S ?Country Merchant* would find it to their adrantag tn call aud examine hu stock. all Im*r CAMPHINE AND CHEMICAL OIL. THE Subacriber is prepared to supply dealer* with supe rior quality of Camiihiue aud Chemical Oil. at a lower price than any other establishment iu thia city, delivered free ol cartage. Alio Spirit* of Turpeuti je, at the very lowed market price. Apply perauually or by letter to ^ JONAS F. CONCKLIN, Office 155 Water itreet, above Maiden lane. al4 lm*r Distillery, l*t avenue and SSth *treet. j AT 13b NASSAU""STREET. I THE Highest Price, in Cash, i* paid for Gentlemen'* , Clothing, and aold again on the moat reaonahle term*. Al*o, Repairing, Cleaning, Dyeing and Dressing, in the most elegant and superb style. On liaud, 100 Drape d ete Coats, and 200 Linen Pants, cheap?with an assortment of seasonable I Clothing, such as Coat* %0 to 12; Pants $1 to i ; Vests 40 cents. a> lm*rc ' GEORGE WILLIAMS, DYEK. SHAWL CLEANER, RESTORER AND BLEACHER, W,'J Broadway.?G. W. returns his most sincere thanks for the very liberal support he has received for ye.irs past, and trusts that with strict attention to business his remotal from 47if>? to *37% Broadway, near Howard s'reet. will rather increase than decrease his number of Patrons; lie pledges him self that nothing shall be wanting to merit the patronage of a discerning and independent public. Silk, Cotton ftid Wolleu Goods Dyed, fcc. Real aud l> reuchCaahmere,Merino, Brochc and Thibet Shawls, cleaned iu a very superior style in three days after receiving them. Silk, Satin, Moreeu and Damask Window and Bed Curtains, cleaned, dyed and water ed on a very superior and entirely new plan. G. W. would direct the attention of the Ladle* to hi* very *uperior style of Watering Silk, ttc., having the best workmen and machinery in tbe city. Carpets, Rugs, Table Covers and Crunch Cloths clamed. Gentlemen's Wearing Apparel cleaned and dyed by an eutiie new process, and returned tn three day*. Merchant* orders attended to, also upholstereis. at <5. WILLIAMS' Establishment, mvSlm*m 4.17X Broadway. FANCY ^OAPti AND l'M<KUMKKY. NO. THREE COURTLANDT STREET, Dei>ut for the sale of the Walnut Oil Military Shaving Soap. Highly Scented Toilet Soaps, Klegant Extracts, Essences, Colognes, Hair Oils, Pomatums, together with every other article in our liue. Country Merchants, Druggiat aud Dealer* iu general are invited to examine Our extensive auortmeut, where they can be supplied at the loweat rate*. Suiierior pale and No. 1 Soap*, Patent Chrystalline Candles, alwsy* on had. *7 lin'rrc JOHNSON, VROOM fc FOWLER. TO DEALERS IN FISHING TACKLE. A LARGE assortment of China Grass Fishing Line*, and Salmou aud Trout Silk Worm Gutt, to suit city or coun try dealer*. Every article in fishing tackle will be fouud at reasonable prices,at CONROY'S Fishing and Sporting Tackle Establishment. 52 Fultou at., cornernfCliff al lm"rh PROVISIONS AND GROCERIES. FOR SALE LOW, ill lotn to accommodate purchaser*. Butter, Cheese, Lard, Hams, Beef, Shoulders: {"*"? 'J1,'" mess, rump, butt and I'lje tark^ Sugars, white aud browu Ha ran"- New Orleans, Porto III Co, and Santa trow Cofw crushed, loafaud double refined Sugar; mess, Nos. 3 Mackerel and Shad, in assorted, packages. A very large as sortment of Tobacco, of superior quality, at low 16s Ss, 5s, and |H)Uuds, in assorted packages; 100 packages But ter, for bakers; SO bbls Leaf Lard, for aale iu lots to accom "mMm*/1*1""?' ^CLARK fc F1SK. Fulton street. LANGENHE1M Ac BECKERS, DAOUERREOTYPERS, 201 Broadway, hici.ow Fut-Ton 9th/; t haying enlarged their Atelier, are now pro vidod with the best kuid of light?the style ani QJ1*]1* V tures they produce with it are like those made at the exchange in Phiidelnhia. by W. &. K. Langenheim, their partners. This new mode of deadeuing the background of pictures, by sund"y permanent colors, is now patented, and ?>?? such beauty of effect to Daguerreotyes, as to be lor the public very inviting, at least to ^BECHERB, . Agent* ?c SoWs Germ?camera., j ai lm*r Chemicals. fce | WRAPPING PAPER. , j OAAA REAMS Straw aud Rag Wrapping Pa|*r Crown 3000 and Double Crown, J^I^^^'oks, ate 1m m ??J?TN,...-^t JOHN MULLIN respectfully informs hisi friends andI the public Uiathe has REMOVED from his old stand, No. i0? Broadway, to N ? 3 BARCLAY Street, a few doorsfrom Broadway wliere he continues to import and manufacture doubl *and sTnglr barrel Fowling Pieces, Rifles Pi'wU. nf , .interior auality. Also, Omi and Pistol Locks, Oerman Silver Castings for rifles and fowling piece*, with gun mate rials in geueral. to be sold low for cash. , N.B.?Repairing done in the best manner and ot the most re anon able termw. ? ? ?? E.d.i.. ?it mi lw"je -? G B CLARKE, MERCHANT TAILOR, HAS REMOVED from 132 William street to 116 William srteet Within! doors of John .-A rich and lashionable ?.,o intent of Uoods will always be kept or^d. and will he uude to order, at such prices as must conm?and the atteu rion o? the truly Economical, while the style aud will, to the mn.i of taste, speak for themselves. A? all ffondi are bought lor cash, and, therefore, at me Tcry lowest rates, a finer article will be manufactured, at a lower price, tluui the credit tailors can possibly lumish. OKHKRAL. SCALE OK FKICM. Fine French Clotli Black Kress Coat, Iroin $15 to ?? 00 Black Doeskin Pant* ? * 2 to 5 00 ^Oftce Coaul'and all other articles usually sold' by4tlie trade, ^^ll^iTi ?'?&?>." of Broadway. ?nV 1m*rrc EDWARD FOX, DRAPER AND TAILOR, INVITES the attention of the public to the most extensive "stock af ready made clothing m the city, adapted to siiriuj? and *ummer trade. In addition to the rearfy made, the ber offers for inspection the most desirable selection ol piece 1 roods in the market, of every color anil pattern, and the su| e nor skill employed in the cutting and manuUctnrinBdepsrt meiit. is inch a. enables the subscriber with L" StfUSSa! wfth areat care, aud bought for cash alone, is a strong induce ment tor all to call who wish to purchase at least ^0 per cent less than at those houses who are obliged to do business u|K>n OtficiTs of the army and navy are particularly invi ted to call and examine a large assortment of superior blue do& Md cusimeres, whicfi will be made up at the shortest ?ntire ind in a manner not to be aurnassed. notice, sua m a mam* EI)WaRD FoX.HJt Broadway, near Fulton at., opposite to the Franklin House. CARD . THE Subscriber having become interested in the above house respect fully requests the patronage ol his customers and ^r?ekrd'n eninuttJ 10 hU cue nSittsMs^ promptness a20 lm're CLOTHING MUCH LOWER than the Oeneral Prices.?JACOB VANDEHB1LT, 3$ Maiden Lane, between William and streets?the cheapest fashionable Oeutlemeu s and Boy's Clothing Establishment m New York. N.B.?Hundred, of Garments ready made, which willI M sold wholesale or retail, very low. gr8 lm rc - SECOND HAND , , . CLOTHING and Furniture Wanted?T)i* highest cash price given for all ^^^^^fe^/treet. N B ?A line through the Post Office will he punctually at tended to. Constantly on hand, a seasonable assortment ol new and second-hand Clothing, cheap for cash. in!8 lin rc CA8T OFF CLOTHINU AND FURNITURE VVANTKD. LADIES OR OENTLEMEN having suy cast off clothing or furniture to dispose of, can obtain a fair cash price for the same, by seuding lor the sul a? h 1" . rT*1 ' if' No. 89 Duane street, or through the Poat ?mce, which wi>!? be attended toby Mr*! M ?? COHEN. ?!*> lm*r ? TO TAILORS. THOSE who wish to attain a complete knowledge or the art of cutting all the various styles ol gnrmeuta worn .t the present time would do well to obtain Stinemet a work on the subject, which is universally sUowedtobe com nUtu?tlie price of wMich it from I to 10 dollars per copy , uie aifference in price being wholly in the binding. To fc H-d Ol the author. No. IIJ Irwiwar. New VorkL *7 TO WACHiNlSTS MAN'CTACTt RES. ? ATHEH of all descriptions, from 7 to *1 feet long, furnish L< edat' hortuolice. Also, cutting engines, suitable for all ftfiiofworP S5f terms aud de^ription, direct to thm sub scriber,.Hudson, New Vovk. jAn T PF.RKINH PIANO- FORT WA K. K ROOMS, 278 BROADWAY. NO. S AND 7 LAFAHOE BUiLDINO. Ttir PUBLIC will find at the above rooms a general aasort ment\nd Square Puuo Fortes, at tile aa at my Facforv in Boston. . IMA NO FORTTO. w , PURCHASERS are invited to call at l liamberi wsre roora, No. 3U Broadway, for a superior and warranted acticle. al7lm*r ? NOTICE. . . |H VAN ZANDT'S celebrated Health Ke.torsme. Anti Dyspepsic and Anli Billious Calhartic Pills, are sold at Wyatt k K etchum's, Ul Fuluiu street Price ? <cents per bo*. mrt1 ,m m D1 CONSTIPATION (C O S T 1 V E N E S a) DESTROYED. .iTU, WITHOUT MEDICINES, INJECTIONS OR BATHS. Diicovery recently made in France, BY M. WARTON. ,, . PRICE 30 rents, Fifth English Edition, translsted from the ,2'Jd French. Sold at the National Depot of Wsrt wi, <>' Pans, No. lil William street, New York : also Hy Mr. John Milhan, No. 1S3 Broadway; Mr. C. II. Riug, comei Broad way and John street ; Messrs. Wyatt It KetcTinm, Itl I- ultou street; and in Brooklyn, by Mr. Charles Hteane, 141 Fulton st. mvl lm?r MARTELLE & HOLDERMANN, 37 Mnitlen Lane, New York, MANUFACTURERS and Importers of Ornamental Hair Work. Wigs. Toupees, Bands, Curls, Seams. Baiidesn aud Braid Hair, Danguy's celebrated Curled Hair, fifteen inches long, and a, new style of Everlasting Curls, and all kiuds of Hair Work, wholesale and retail. N P ?The trade supplied on n?wasMs li lma. niBim'm BIGELOW'S NEW ENGLAND EXPRESS, FOR Fitchburg, Keene. Oreenfirld, Brattleboro, WinJ.or, Woodsti>ck, Montpefier, and Burlington, Vt., and the Canadas. All Packages, Parejls.and busiaesa, te any of the L.., w?i or tinv part of tfie westpm portion of New Hampshire slid Vermont, Will be fauliful^ atteuded to, I directed to the car. ol # N.B ?Be rare to maik Packages to care of ' B.gelow ? Kipresa." , , ? fti ct.N i i^t'i 'n- aR r a RD F A ? H I O ? A?LEsVlsflNO^ARD A WUi't sr;.? I1*ek' A ."-Vt* ?><>? PV*T? M..? (h. A FRESH BEEF AND VEGETABLES FOR THE NAVY. S SEALED PROPOSALS?Endorsed " Proposals for Fresh ? Beefand Vegetables," will be received by ihe Nivv Aleut at hii office, No. Hi Water street, until Saturday, 30th May next, at 3 o'clock, P. M., for the supply and delivery of ire?h Beel and Vegetables for the use ol the Navy at this Station, for the fiscal year to end on the 9'th June, 1817. The Beel anil Vegetables, to be of the be.t qualities the market ailordi, must he offereil for by the tiound. Bond, with satisfactory secu rity. will he required tor the faithful performance of the con Navy Agent's Office, New York. April 23,1846. 5 fros^er m. WETMORE, a21 lawCw eFr rc Navy Agent. THE AMERICAN EXCHANGE bANK. MEETING of the Stockholders of the American Ex change Bank, for the electiou of Councillors and Direc tors, wilfbe held at the Director*' Room, on Wednesday, 3d day of June uext, from IS o'clock M. to 1 o clock P. M. ^.Messrs. JaMKs Miles, ) J. A. Edihi, > Inspector*. W.XW. Hu?liut, S Per order of Board of Directors, m2t*wto3dj*r JOHN J. FISK, Cashier. MAUiNMRJ Tfc.LEUKAi'li OWU'A.W. AT the request of many of the Stockholders of the Magnetic Telegraph Company, notice is hereby given, that a meet ing of Stockholders of said Company will he holden at Con gress Hall, in the City of Philadelphia, on Tuesday the 19th of May,?instant, at i o'clock P. _M., lor the purpose of choosing three Directors and transacting other important business Connected with their line of telegraph. The attendance of Stockholders, in person, is earnestly requested. myl63trc AMOS KENDALL, President. FOR SALE OR TO LEASE, FOR ONE OR MORE YEARS, the Premises lately oc cupied as a tannery, situated in Pieipioiit, Rockland co., within a few yards of the New York and Erie Railroad. Ou the premises is a new and commodious dwelling house ; the lot on which it stands is well stocked with fruit tress, and has a never failing stream ol water runuing within a lew feet of the door. Also, a good bark Mill ana Tannery with a water privilege attached, that might be used advantxgeously for other mechanical purposes, all situated within about 200 yards from the dwelling house. There is alio a good bam and out houses. Title good and possession given immediate ly. For further particulars enqtnre.of Philip Mabie, No. 321 Stanton street, or of the Subscriber on the premises. mylC lwTc EDWARD J. EARLE. WINDOW SHADES. HE cheapest and best assortment in the United States, lor sale wholesale or retail, bv DUNCKER ?c BECKER,58 Chatham street, my 17 lm*rrc one door from Chambers street, N. SAftAOfciiN'S lite AD, 12 DEY STREET, N. Y. JOSEPH SMITH, late of Worcester. England, begs leave to inform his friends,customers and the pablic in general, that he has recently fitted up his house in a very superior manner, and calculated to please gentlemeu of taste. He will always, as heretofore, keep his Bar and Larder supplied with the best Liquors and Provisions that the market affords. Dinners from 12 till 3 o'clock, and Cold Cuts, Chops, Stakes, Rare Bits, Ike., at all hours. His supply of English and city newspapers is excelled by no house in New York, and his Ales, Wines, Segars, Sic., are of the most superior quality and the attendance prompt. Pri vate Rooms provided for parties, and the comfort and accom modation of customers always attended to. Lodgings, tic. my 15 lm*r CHURCH'S VEGETABLE LOTION. THIS highly valuable Cosmetic will effectually cure erup tions on the face and skin, particularly pimples, blotches, tetter, tan, freckles and ringworms. The use of the Lotion for a short time, will establish a clear and brilliant complex ion. Sold iu bottles at 75 cents each, at 188 Bowery, corner of Spring street. Also by Mrs. Hays, Brooklyn. wy!6 lm?m T DH. A. C. CASTLE, 381 Broadway, comer of White St., hat been 17 years successfully engaged in the practice of Dentiatry. Study and experimenting hare enabled him to in troduce many invaluable improvements, not the least of which are his Incorruptible Teeth. These possess a vivid transparent, lite-like, natural appearance, unapproachable, for their strength and the ease with which they can be worn. Decayed Teeth filled with gold foil. <kc. Tender Teethtilled with a pure gold paste. It is put in while in a toft state", and becomes impacted with, and renders the tooth as useful as it wm when inland. mvll lm*r UAN UK $1110,UWI KUR aRKKAKAGKB TO i.ON TRACTORS AND OTHERS ON THE PUBLIC WORKS.?The Commissioners of the Canal Fund, by virtue of the net eiititled " An act supplementary to the act passed May7, 1844, entitled an act supplementary to the act entitled an act to provide for paying the debt and preserving; the credit of the State, passed March 29, 1842"? passed May 13, 1816. hereby give notice, that sealed proposals will be received until the second day of June next, at 4 o'clock in the after iioou of that day, for a loan of Tiikek Hundred Thousand Dollars, for which transferralile certificates of Slock will be issued, in the name of The People of the Stite of New Vork, hearing interest at the rate of live per cent per annum, payable quarterly, and the principal reimbursable at the plea sure uf the Commissioners of the Canal Fund alter the year Iftil. Ill addition to the faith of the State, the act above re ferred to makes a specific pledge of the tolls required to be paid during the suspension of canal navigation on freight transported on the Railroads between Schenectady and Buf falo, and of an)'surplus of canal revenues alVr the satisfac tion of the present charges upon such revenues. It it to be understood, that the Commissioners are to be at liberty to take a less sum if the offers ire not such at in their opinion are advantageous to the interests of the State. The protasis may he for the whole or any part of said loan not less than Si,0(H); all proposals to be sealed up and en dorsed, " Loan for the payment of arrearages to contractors and others on the public works," and enclosed in an envelope directed to the Comptroller at Albany. The money will be required to be paid on the third day of June next, to the credit of the Commissioners of the Caual Fund, ill such hank in the city of New Vork or Albany as shall be designated by the Commissioners. Stockholders residing in the Island 2d Senatorial District!, andithose residing out of the State, Will receive the interest on the stock held by them quarterly, at the Bank of the Man hattan Company, in the city of New York ; all other stock holders, at tne New York state Bank in the city of Albany, Dated Canal Department, Albany, 14th, May, IHlii. A. GARDINER, Lieut. Governor. A. C. FLAGG, Comptroller. THOS. FARrInGTON. Treasurer. H. HALSEY, Surveyor General. J. VAN BUREN, Attorney General. myl7 tjel rrc N. 8. BENTON, Secretary of State. JEFFERSON INSURANCE COMPANY, Office No. 50 Wall it., otposite thkJMekchanti' Exchanoe. THIS Company continuesto insure against loss or damage by Fire, on dwelling houses,warehouses, buildings iu ge neral, goods, wares aud merchandise, and every description of personal pro|>erty; also against loss or damage by inland na vigatiou and transportation. DIRECTORS. Thomai W. Thorne, ElishaRiggl, Thomas T. Woodruff, Auson Baker, R. It. Robson, M. D. Joseph Drake, Thomson Price, Joseph Allen, Moses Tucker, James E. Holmes, John R. Davison, John P. More. John H.Lee, William K. Tnorn, Caleb C. Tin**, Thomas Morrell, > Fraucii P. Sage, Eugene B?|fart, John?C. Merritt, Robert Smith. THOMAS W. THORNE, President. GEO. T. HOPE. Secretary. a24 tfrc KITCHEN RANGES. HOLMES' TWO OVEN KITCHEN RANGES. THE Proprietor* are now prepared to funiiih Holme*' ranges to the trade, or set them up for private familiet or boarding liouiei, having purchaied the right from the patentee to manufacture and sell tliem. Our experience in manufactur ing and setting Kitchen Ranges, iu thu city, forthepastl8 years, warrants us in asserting that Holmes' Range cannot be surpassed for economy, convenience, aud durability. They are warranted to perforin the purposes for which they are pure ch.ued, and il'not they will be removed free of any expense to the purchaser. Numerous references can be given to i>ersous wiiniug to purchase. The prices range from 2i to 45 dollars. The proprietor! are couatantly manufacturing, and are well supplied with parlor, office, add bed-room GRATES, of the ueweit pattern!. Alio?TINWARE, bright, plain and ja,~?ned. They have masons at ell times ready to set Ranges, gntes, and boilers? alto, to care chimneys, and warrant them not tv> sinoke. A. GILHOOLY X SON a!2 lm*yc 78 Nassau street. PRACTICAL HOOK KEEPING^ 88 CEDAR STREET, BY C. C. MARSH, Accountant, autlior of the "Science of Double Entry Bookkeeping Simplified, aud the Art of Single Entry Bookkeeping improved.' COURSE OF INSTRUCTION.?The public is respect fully informed and assured, that the plai pursued by Mr. Mirth, in reaching tint important branch, ?truly a courie of practice in keeping books, rather than an a courie of lecturei on the theory. To be practically useful, a more exact and particular know ledge of Bookkeeping ii required than can potiibly be impart ed by lecturei. The pupil ii faithfully instructed and well exercised in all the various operations connected with a set of partnership Books, iu Openiug, Conducting and Clonus the tame in mak ing out Trial balance*, Balance Sheeti, Account!, Current Account Sales, and in calculating interest, Discount, profits, Losses, Equation of Piymeuts, Exchanges, Currencies, lie. He becomes familiar from actual use, with all the books con stituting a set; md if a person of good cspacity, will by tins course become a competent Bookkeeper in about one month, tud will received a certificate to that effect. Prospectuses, with terms, obtained at the Rooms from 9 A. M. to9 P. M. a22 lm*rh J. WARWICK GOLD Ii SILVER REFINER, Aita'yir and Sweep Smel ter. Offire. 17 JOHN Street, New York. 15" Fine Gold, Rolled Silver, Rouge and Crucibles, al wsyson hand. myj lin"rrc FOR ALL, WELL AND SICK. MRS. CARROLL'S Medicated Vanorand Sulpher Bathi, 181 Fulton street, opposite St. ( hureh. These Baths are the most safe, delightful and efficacious remedy for colds, rheumatism, chills and lever, tic., and not only a cure, but a preventive to minv of . The thousand ills tliat flesh is heir to." They afford the most sggreeable mode of Bathing, and are essential to thorough cleanliness. iTy~Mrs, Carroll's Baths differ from every other " Vapor Batns," so called,and have beeu established in thii City for more than ? yean. Sulphur Baths require half an hour's notice. Portable Vapor Bath* sent to any part of the city or vicinity. alB Imfh FRENCH ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS. HENRY k KAHN, ? IMPORTERS, JJ NASSAU STREET, UF STAIRS, have received, by lite arrivali from their house in ran*, aud offer lor iile, a very large and choice telection of the NEWEST STALES OF ARTICK IAL FLOWERS, in bunches, wreaths, sprigs, garlands, lie., lie., together with h most e*feiisi?e assortment of MATERIALS FOR ARTIFICIAL FLOWER MAKERS, embracing a variety nuturpaued in lichn*** aud extent by my other importation. , Alto?Artificial flowers by the ease, imported espre**ly for the jobbing and country tradi.^ m2l Im r " FRENCH ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS, f OW1TZ fc BKCKKR, No. M John street, have jast JLi opened a ti?leiid?d assortment of french Artificial Flow ers, materials for flower makers, lie., lie., which they offer to the trade, at low prirea. ml> 1m ac ARTIFICIAL floweks. Eror.LK.NKK begs leave to acquaint hii friend* and ? customers, that his elegant stock ol Artificial Flower*, boih French and American mannl'acture, has not received the leaat injury by the late fire at 128 William itreet, as the goods were removed in time. K. V. will continue to tell wholesale rand retail, at the loweet prices, at 128 William street, and Wgi dealers to inspect his stock before buying elsewhere, al 1m*rc FRENCH ARTIFICIAL * L.UW kits. jast re ia 1st, * tha best ?. .? style*, at low price*, we take pleasure to writ* the dealers " ?17 |a*M 11? William fcmt. AN IMPORTANT LIBEL SUIT, Growing out of the Delaware Trials for Murder. Mite kill Sanford. a Cautuellor at Law, t'?. Thomas JL l)evyr, an editor of a paper at Albany. This suit came ou to be tried before the Circuit Court, the lion. Aniasa J. Parker presiding, at CatskiU, on the 11th and I'lth ofMay. Hobtrt I). Watson,of Album , wan counsel for the defendant, and tho defendant, also, himself was permitted to address theJury J. Tremaino, Mitchell Sanlord, in person, and Malbohe Walton, were counsel for the plaintiff. The charge made against counsellor Sand ford, by the editor, was, in substance, that " he was 1 an unsafe, unfit, and unreliable counsel ; and that he abandoned and sacrificed the rights and interests of hit client, John Van Steenburgh, who was tried and convict ed of murder in Delaware county." The whole of the evi dence given in the case of Van Steenburgh was introduced as part of the testimony in this case. A lawyer by the name of Stanton; was introduced, who testified that tho reputation of Air. Sanford was, that ho was an unsafe couusel. Upon being cross-examinod with regard to who had said Mr. 8. was an unsafe counsel, he testified that lawyers Trem&in, Powers, Day, Pruyn, Van Vleck, and Malbone Watson, had said so. Three or four counsel were sworn, who testified to about tho samo thing. K. S. Kdgorton, who figured so conspicuously as a witness in the trial of Van Steenburgh, was sworn on this trial. He testified, that the Hon. Mr. Sanford did not apply to have the causc of Van Steenburgh put over to another circuit, nor yet a stay of proceedings, with a view to havo the trial changed to another county; that the excitement was great against all of the prisoners at Delhi. Mr. H. D. Watson opened tho cause to the Jury, on the part of the defence ; and, in summing up the cause, pre sented twelve strong points of law. He presented the case with great clearness and ability. Ho is a young man of a high order of legal ability. Ho exhibited u perfect fami liarity with the statutes. The points of law (some of which arc lielow) ho pre sented, we have 110 doubt will be reviewed by the Su preme Court, and )>erhaps by the Court of Errors. A bill of exception*, with a view to carry the cause up to a higher court, wo understand it bei'tg made by Mr. Wat son. The question of law presented in the 2d point of law below, by Mr. Watson, It beyond all question tho true law of tlio land. Kor, as was well urged by Mr. Watson, by the language of the Hth section of tho act of 1845, called " tho disguise act," any person convicted of being disguised with offensive weapons, or, for any other misdemeanor, Khali be imprisoned in jail, or fined, or imprisoned in the State prison ; and, at in tho revised statutes, the word " felony" is defined to be an act for which a man shall be sent to the Stale prison ; therefoio being assembled in ditguise, may, or may not be a felony, according as it is punishable in the State prison or not ; and if it 1* not a lolony, then Van Steenburgh was guilty only of manslaughter. Mr. 11. D. Watson requctted tho Court to charge the jury as follows :? 1st. That whilo Counsellor Sanford might admit that a Mr. Steele was killed in Delaware, yet that in admitting that a murder had been committed, when, so far as hit clicnt was concerncd, it was manslaughter, he endanger ed the life of Van Steenburgh, when he should not have admitted any tiling more with regard to his client than manslaughter. 3d. That if by the 7th lection of the act of 1845, being assembled and in disguise, wat by the act itself made a miidemeunor and not felony, and if not felony, then Van Steenburgh wat guilty of mantlaughter, and not of mur der. 3d. At from the evidence, it docs not appear that Van Steenburgh shot or went to the place where Steele was killed, with the intent to kill, although Steele was killed by some one unknown, yet 110 " sale, reliable or fit coun sel," should have admitted that as to Van 8tecnburgh it was murder, but manslaughter. 4th. As persons assembled us Van Steenburgh, might or might not have been guilty of a felony, though a death ensued at that time, yet no murder could havo been made out against him under the law of 1843, or any other law, and 110 counsel should have admitted murder. 5th. As the excitement in Delhi was so great that no impartial trial of Van Steenburgh could be had beloie a jury, 110 man could have been a safe, fit or reliable coun sel, who did not move to have the trial of Van Steen burgh postponed, or who did not get a stay of proceed ings with a view to apply to tho Supreme Court to have the trial changed to a county where an impartial trial might be had. Oth. As the verdict of the jury, of murder, in the case of Van Steenburgh, was contrary to law, or to say the least at there was great doubt about the law, a safe coun sel should have obtained a stay of proceedings with a view to obtain a new trial when tho excitement had pass ed away, aud when an impartial trial might be had. 7th. As from tho evidence before the jury, it appears that the distress warrant under which Steolc acted was issued without the affidavit of the landlord, or her agent, or receiver, and at the law requires this, those who acted under the warrant were trespassers; anil although Steele was killed, yet to far as Van Steenburgh wat concerned, it was only manslaughter. Hth. Tho witneat, Lawyer Stanton, testifies that law yers Power*, Day, Pruy-n, Van Vleck say, that the reputa tion of Mitchel Sanford is, that he it an unsafe lawyer, and as the whole of the evidence on this point goes to show thit, and as the opposito tide have not brought for ward these men to contradict this, it it in evidence that all of theae lawyers, Powers, Day, Pruyn and Van Vleck, concur, ttiat the general reputation of Mr. Sanford, as a lawyer, is, that he is an unsafe, unfit and unreliable coun sel, and that the defence, therefore, havo made out their case. 9th. That from the evidence and the whole case, the alleged libellous matter wat nothing more than a fair cri ticism on the part of Mr. Devyr, at editor, and simply do. ing his duty with regard to tho conduct of the Hon. Mr. Sanford, ou the trial of Van Steenburgh. 10th. At those who lived upon leated land were reject ed by the triors at juror* in the case of Van Steenburgh, at appear* by the evidence of Mr. Edgerton, and a* ]>er sons were on that jury who hail stated that all of the men who were at the place where Steele fell, were guilty of murder, any safe and reliable counsel could and would havo obtained a new trial on that and other grounds. 11th. In not allowing, on the trial of Van Steenburgh, witnesses to be sworn who would testify that Steclo fired first. Mr. S. committed a great error. 13th. As on the cross-examination of Kdgerton, he tes tified ho thinks that Steele fired first, Mr. banford should have urged that Van Steenburgh wat guilty of man slaughter. The Court refused so to charge in most instances, and the jury brought in a verdict of *500. Supreme Court. During the present term of tlio Supreme Court, now in session in this city, the following gentlemen were, after due examination, admited to.practice as counseUors-at law, vii. Chailes Anthony, Charles L.Austin, George G. Mod get, Stephen B. Brophey, AlonzoG. Beardsley, William Barber, Augustus Bockos, William C. Barrett, Francis N. Lady, Henry A. Cram, Nathaniel W. Chittenden, George J. Cornell, Simeon fc. Church, Cyrus k. Corleas, John Curry, James B Crane, John o. Cole, Henry C. Door, Beujamiu F. Dunning, Robert Dodgo, Henry G. de Forest, Morris M. Davidson, Gilbert Dean, William W. De Forest, ltichard S. Emmet, James F. hitch, Henry P. Fessenden, Stephen J. Field, Stiilman Foot, James \1. Fly, George Giubs, Edward Hodman, John Hone, Wil liam T. Horn, John Graham, le Hoy Holmes, John C. Hulbert, John H. Hedley, James G. King, jr, Daniel D. Lord, Freeborn G. Luckey, J. W. C. Leveridge, James J. Lowrie, William B. Leitch, William B. Mecca, Duncan McMartin, William H. Meeks, Samuel M. Meeker, George W. Morrell, t. Bailey, Myers, Charles Oa Nun, John W. Nelson, Samuel W. Judson, William H. Under donk, James L. Phelps, jr., Lucius I'itkin, Hubert Proud lit, jr., H. J. Hnggles. James Sheldon, jr., e. 11. Sheldon, Spencer H. Stallord, William J. Sinclair, Jacob M. Settle, John Sherwood, Charles E. Shea, Raymond M. Tyson, James S. Thayer, O. T. Van Schaack, Win. H. Van Colt, Geo. Woilman, l'eter J. Woodbury, William o. Wood, Alien Wilson, William A. Wheeler, John k. White, Ed waril Wells, William H. Woodman, Elijah Ward, Henry H. Ward, Edward R. Boyle, L. P. W. Batch, senior, Geo. W. Kolph, Edward h. 1'ierpont The loliowing gentlemen were, also, at tho same time adhiitted as attorneys, viz.:? Merritt Andrus, William Allen, Richard Busteed, Le, Roy E. Bow, Henry L. Clinton; William F. Cogswell de Witt C. Cooley, John S. Croiker, James Clapp, jr., Reuben H Cudlipp, William E. Curtiss, James Calianan, jr., ii. o. Chesbro, Allied Dickinson, Charles Daniels, Anthony R. Dyett, Wm. H. Ebbetts, Frederick Frye, Dewitt C. Gratiam, Andrew Oarretnon, F. W. Geisseu hemier, Elias Hand, James Hunter, jr., John B. Higguis, John o. Halsted, Walter B. Hurlbut, Henry Wallers, Stephen J. Hibbard, John Hubhell, Norton A. Haibert, Chailes M. Hall, Benjamin M. lleernance, Lotis ingalls, Nathaniel Jarvis, jr., Gand. W. Judson, Jacob B. Jewctt, Joseph Knickerbocker, Henry q. Lansing, Henry D. Labaugh, William R. Learn, Burgess N. Laoan, Jo., 1 B. .Vlorell, Henry .Morrison, Augustus C. Mori ell, Aiidiuw C. Morris, E. S. Merrill, James McKown, Wm. Mcllav, John G|McChesney, Theodore North, Wm. B. Olds, il. O'Conner, Juo. A. Pell, James Paiker, Theo<loie M. 1'omeroy, Cephas N. Piatt, John R. Ruggles, Henry J. Richards, Frederick 8. Stolkneight, o wen S. Summers, Joseph J. Stephens, Augustus il. Sidell, Charles 11. Smitn, John D. Shea, Edward Seymour, Kdward Ten Eyek, Edward F. Tredwell, Samuel J. Taber, Henry J. Retley, William Van Wyck, Theodore C- Vernnlyea, Jeremiah Voorhees, H. Vanderlyn, John M. Watson, Charles H. Sheltield, Wm. F Winner, John A. Mitchell, Cyrus O. Pool, Henry B. Rockwell, Samuel M. Ray mond, Hezekiah Sturgess, Robert B. Storm, William G. Weid, Walter Smith. Political Movement*. Ltrrisr or no Licr.wsK.?'The people of this State vote on this subject, on Tuesday next, the 19th inst iowa convention.?The Convention to form a Consti tution for the State of Iowa, met at Iowa City on the 11th instant. The democrat* are said to have a majority of eight The Lawyers' Cosvehtio*.?There have been about 52 lawyers elected to the State Convention. The remain ing 76 are distributed through the various other callings, professions and trades?tho large* jiortion being farmers. M*tnr Gubernatorial Convention.?The next Dem ocratic State Convention of Maine to nominate a Govern or, will be at Portland. Desruction or Clare's Ferry Bmonf ?On Thurs day afternoon the bridge at Duncan's Island was discov ered to be on Are, anil in the short space of twenty min utes the eight spans left standing alter the great Ireshet in the spring, were entirely destro; ed. 1 he fire it is supposed originated from sparks from the steamboat em ployed in lowing boats across the river. Thin will be a , great losa,to the State.?Phil. Sentinel. Incendiary Abolitionist.?The Rev. George Kearn has been arrested and imprisoned in Rose well county, Kentucky, for harboring and assisting runaway slaves to escape from their master*. When will than laoaUcs Inn (? re?p?ct ti? DfUU of property l Trial of John Jolinaoii for the murder of I Bctiey Bolt* SIXTH OAT. Biigiumpi on, (Broome t 'o.J May l'i, 1S46. Benjamin Tiii'iimkm sworn.?I reside in Greene; 1 wll one of those who found Mrs. Burdick; I was in the wagon with Mr. Johnson when he was taking her to Mr. Hum- 1 monJ's; he did not drive as last as he was requested to; hejiropoted to carry her directly to his own house. The prosecution rests here. The defence was opened by Senator Dickinson, in a very clear and able manner; and, did space permit, an outline of it would he gladly given, lie adverted to the dreamy anil delusive character of the evidence which had already been received?to the improbabilities which it presented?stated the points upou which the prosecu tion relied, the proofs by which they were sustumed, and the testimony which would bo arrayed against thorn. The defendant would show that he was at his home in Greeno the night Mrs. Bolt disappeared, instead of being in Tri- j angle, and that lie could not liavo been at the house of | Mrs. Baxter at the time it had been sworn the bones were burned there. He would show, too, tlint the statement* of Mrs. Burdick were contradictory anil inconsistent with each othor. When he had done this, it being then appa rent to every one that her statement was the mere fiction of a deranged mind, ho should auk for a verdict of acquit tal. The first evidence on the part of the defendant con sisted of two affidavit*, one made before Ksquire Lewis, the other before Judge Judson. Copies of these instru ments, (obtained through the politeness of defendant's counsel,) will be given with the other testimony. Lyman D. Lkwis sworn.?1 am Justice of the Peace, and reside in CJroene. I took Mrs. Burdick's affida vit oil tho 7th October, 1845. 1 took her relation of the abduction, wrote it down, read it over carefully to her, and then she sworo to it. She appeared to be rational at tho time; l)r. Willard and her husband were each present a part of the time she was deposing. Tho affidavit pro duced is the one she swore to; she did not sign it, because she was sick and could not do so. It was made a few days after the abduction. [This witness proved tho deposition of Louisa Bolt, made at Oreen last fall. Parts of HDk will be read for the pur pose of contradicting what she has iworn in tlUs court] Mrs. Baxtk.u Bworn ?I am the mother erMn. Anne A. Burdick; live in Greene, and know the prisoner; he has i never ottered or proposed to marry me; nothing was ever I said between us about ins destroying his wife; there hus not been any conversation between us as to the manner in which Mrs. Bolt was destroyed. I saw Johnson the Sunday before the abduction; as late as ti o'cleck, P. M., in the road in front of my house; I asked him where my son Charles should go and chop me some wcod; ho told mo where; this was all the conversation I had with him that day; my sou John, living with Johnson, was in the road talking with him whenl went to tho door; after this conversation, my son went down to Mr. Johnson's, and tho latter went up towards Van Nostrand'i; I was at Hi ram JoLnson's on the following Tuesday; 1 went there between 10 and 11 o'clock A. M., to cut and make a pair of pantaloons for him; I left there not far from sunset; I rode back with tho prisoner; Anne Augusta had a lit when 1 lived iii Sniithvillc; she had them for several days; at last she said she had been to hoavcu. and had seen her brother, who had recently died, and talked with her Sa vior; that her brother wished her to come back to the earth, and she did not want to do it. He told her that she must do so; must come and finish her work and warn her friends. She prayed, and kissed tho Bible, and said a great many things; afterwards, in the same sickness, she requested her brother Charles to place a tumbler of wa ter on the steps, and in the course of a bright star which he would.sec; he did so, and then she wantod to be led to the steps to drink the water; we told her that it was damp and that it wax not prudent that she should go there; she insisted, and Charles and Goorge Kctchum led her there, and she drank the water. Cross-examinrd.?My husband has been dead seven years; he died in the street about ten o'clock in the morning, alter having oaten his breakfast as usual t I cannot say how long after breakfast was his death ; something was said about opening his stomach to learn the cause of his death, and I objected to it; when I went to live in the red house near Mr. Hammond's, which was in March, 1843, there was an Irish family in it ; they oc cupied one room, and I and my family the other : 1 lived with them in this manner two or three weeks; Mr. Johnson sent a writing to them, requiring them to removo from the house ; he took a crane from tlieir fireplace and put it up in mine ; this created a fuss with the Irish ; I had formerly lived in a house of Johnson's, and was still owing him for the rent of it; Johnson has never let me have any money, except filly cents, which I borrowed of him about a week before Augusta was married ; 1 have had some few provisions of him, and have paid him for them in sewing : I had not been in the habit of locking my house ; the lock was put ou cither on Saturday or Sunday, before the abduction, by my son Charles. John Baxtkh sworn.?1 am tho brother of Mrs. Bur dick, and live with the prisoner ; I was at my mother's tho Sunday night before the abduction ; Mr. Johnson found mo tnore ; he wanted mo to go and fix the fence, as Mr. Hammond's cows had broken into the meadow ; I took my mother's axe to drive the stakes, and started ; my younger brother went along to bring the axe back ; Mr. Johnson went to his farm above the house. Thomas Bishop sworn.?I reside in Greeno ; I recol lect the time of the abduction of Mrs. Burdick ; I saw her u few days after that at Mr. Hammond's ; my wife, Mr. Burdick, and some others, were there with me; I judged that she was deranged ; she was talking about every tiling ; she then said sho was carried off by Robert and Jeremiah Clinton, who live in Penn ; that they got to Greeno on Monday evening and went to JohnsoiPs ; she said one nf them?which 1 do not recollect?together with her mother, attempted to carry her off that night; that the next day they caino to Hammond's and succeed ed ; she said they were in Hammond's bam during the day; that Johnion wrote to them and sent them some money to come to Greene ; she said the bones of Mrs. Bolt wore taken from a field in Triangle, whero they were buried under a stump, and that if they bad looked closely they would have found them sooner; she said Johnson brought them lrom Triangle in a sack, carried them to his side hill, and burned them in a log heap ; she warned her husbuiitl to keep in, and that an attempt would bo made to destroy him ; she said her own life was limited to some four or six months ; I think the timo has already gone by ; her husband and I tried to mes merise her, ami he succeeded ; 1 prickod him with a pin and she started ; she was half an hour in giving the rela tion, and was in the mesmeric state all the while; I think she gave it in tho presence of her husband ; 1 put the questions at his request. * Cross-examined.?Sho was under my influonco, and would answer the questions of no other person ; she w*a? cra/.y, except when mesmerized. Acquittal of Jo tin son. The trial of John Johnson, for the murder of Betsey Bolt, which lms been going on for some time past in Binghampton, Broome co., and which has created so much excitement throughout the State, has resulted in a verdict of " Not Guilty." Movement* of Traveller*. The annexed arrivals. compri*e all that were register ed yesterday, at the following principal Hotels :? Ambrioan?M. K. Alvear, H. B. Petinock, (i. Stowo, rhil.; Capt. Swurtwout, Lieut. Nichols, U. 8. A.; ('has. Hervey, St. Thomas , ?. W. Rollins, Boston; Noah Spears, Kentucky. AsToa.?O. M. Thompson, Va.; 8. Nielson, M. Barney, Va.; C. Miller, Ohio: A. P0117., H. Stanly, Bristol; W. Saunders, Mass.; Lempson, Child, Reynolds, Jackson, Boston; R. C. Smith, Alexandria: It K. Danah; K. Kim ball, Boston; J. Sturges, New Bedford; Chadwell & Dean, Boston: Francis, Thomas, Mary land; J. Totter, Phila ; H. Uarr, N. O.; J-B. Canoli, Troy; I). Williams, Boston; Mr. Montague, Montreal; S. Chadwick, Portland. City?W. Ncilson, Phila.; L. Koncr, Dayton, Ohio ; Geo. Taylor, Alabama; J. Henin, Bangor; Jr Stanus, Boston; rapt. Vinton U. S. A; R. Homers, Michigan; W. H. Rockwell, Brattlcboro; P. D, Oeissi, Phila., Jumes Hall, Cinn. Frankli*?H. Beers, Georgia; A. Amy, Ohio; D. Barton, hssex Co.; B. Webster, Southpor't: J. Bradly, Boston; C. (ioodycar, N. Hatell. W. Judson, Boston; J. Shepherd, do; A. Bloodgood, Albany; Jumes Espy, Washington City, J. Preston, Bridgeport. Howard?T. Van Brunt. L. I.; C. Lincoln, Salem; M. Pratt, Boston; J. McClintock, A. J. I'cclo, Montreal; K. Power, Boston; J. Andrews, Ohio; Brigham and Ooold. Boston; R. A. Jones, Do.; W. Presscott, Do.; James Mal lett, Vermont; W, ilolway, Maine; M.Brisbane, Bostou; Js. Lee, l'hila.; H. Noyes, Steuben Co.; B. Brown, Yale College ; J. I'. Orey, Ky.; J. Hannegan, Albany ; W. Vattles, Southport; Thos. Lemon, Inda.; A. Robertson, Missi.; J. West, N.C. Police Intelligence. Stabbed, with intent to Kill ?This case reminds us of the old adage, that, " when thieves fall out, honest men get their due." An affray took place on Saturday night, about 11 o'clock, in the Ath ward, between two men who have long been known to the police as keepers of "touch" houses, or, "panel" thieves, by the names of Col. Mann and High Vannostrander It appears these beauties were disputing which was the most honest man of the two, when, from words, they got to blows, and Cal Matin, finding his opponent getting the best of him, drew a knife, and struck Vannostrander in the side, pass ing through his coat, and lodging against the rib, opposite the heart, by wlnrh his lift w an Saved, be Idecling pro fusely from "the wound. Officer Crolius, of the 6th ward, arrested the accused, who waa locked up in prison tor trial. Stealing Tea.?William 11. Lewis and John Minor were arreted, last night, on suspicion of stealing tea from fcd ward Hilkin, No. A3 Anthony street. Jlrrett on Sutpirton-?Officer McDougall arrested a man. called John Manahan, last night, on suspicion oi stealing a small carpot bag. filled with wearing apparel, supposed to tie stolen, for which an owner is wanted?ap ply to the clerk of police Tombs. The accused waa locked up for examination. Char re of Jtnon.?A black man, railed Exam Law rence, was arrested yesterday, on suspicion of setting fire to the premises No. 21 Thomas st Connoted for exami nation. w Robbery of Silver.?'The dwelling-house of the Rev. Dr. Wainwright, No. 10 Hubert st., was entered on Saturday by some thieving scoundrel, and robbed of a quantity of silver ware, oonsisting of spoons and folks, marked A. P. and W., with which the rascal escaped without detection. Ji Waiter?Officer \1ackey, of the llth ward, arrested, on Saturday, a black fellow, called Jesse Cliinn, a waiter on board the steamboat Mohegan, charg ed with stealing from the pocket-book of Benjamin Beecn er, the atewanfof the boat, two $100 bank bills. There was between 3 and $400 in the pocket-book, bat only these two $100 bills were taken therefrom ; and, the accused was the only person who had access to that psrt of the cahin, he was arrested on suspicion. Committed . for examination by Justice Taylor. Stealing Harnett.?Officer Sibell arrested a man ny I the name of Charles A. Duryea, yesterday, oa suspicion of stealing a double aet of harness, for which an .owner is wanted. Locked up by Justice Taylor* ^PP7 10 cluk of polka, Sims Market Theatrical and Musical. N'islo's Gardkx.?This delightful place of public en tertainment will opeu, as wc arc informed, about the lit of June next, when tlie ever popular Ravel Family will re-appear before a New York audience. We understand that Mr. Niblohai alio succeeded in engaging a boautiful danteuse, M'llo Dlangy, celebrated 111 Paris, Vienna and noil ill. as Q molt finished artiute. Thin lady, we hive beard, is young, pretty, and a splendid figure ; she will, no doubt, produce n sensation. At the nume time Mr. Niblo brings out a young gentleman from the opera linn so nt Paris, equal ta any male dancer that has ever been among us. With these effective acquisitions he will delight the city with the ballet in the grandest style. The garden itself lias also undergone extensive altera tion* und improvements, tending materially to increase the comfort and pleasure of the viaiters. Italian Orait.?We really hope that successful ef forts will tic made to give our citizens an opportunity ef listening to Italian opera, during the ensuing summer. The Park Theatre will soon close, and wo have no doubt the house could bo secured for that purpose. If not. thero are many other dcsirablo places in the city. Ml dames J'ico, Antognini, and Tomasi, and other Italian singers of acknowledged talent are now in the city, and the inaterials|lor producing the Italian opera, could he easily brought together, and the opera brought out in vory superior style. Wo hope our citizens will move in this mattor. Amateurs at Palmo's.?This evening a company of amateurs commence operations ut Palmo's, to continue through the week. TMieir bill is " Othello," and the "Idiot Witness." Wc have no doubt they will attract good houses, and who knows but they may turn out a number of actors who may yet be great 1 Forrest gra duated in an amateur company?and we believe these geniuses intend to outshine all previona companies of the kind, and manufacture talent enough to supply tka theatrical world for several years to com ft ia (aid* in fact, that they%ave reeo' vsd orders furthaae f"oti eaU. four Murdochs, and one Mi Mowatt. They will give * aerie* of entertah?sats through the week. Castle Oarden.?A series of musicui toirii is to he commenced at Castlo Harden this evening, composed of the best compositions of the most celebrated authors. In addition to the music, the delightful promenade must attract largo crowds. Mr Keyter, assisted by Miss Garcia and Signor Do Beguis, gave another contort at the City Hall in Portland on the lath iust. Welch it Mann's circus is now in Providence. City Intelligence. Oru Noble Packet Captains.? The cabin passenger* of the (Quebec, lately arrived in this port, invited Capt. John II. Williams, Hie commander of that vessel, to a dinner at the United States Hotel, as a mark of esteem for the gentlemanly attention paid to their comfort while on their voyage from London to New York War Meeting.?There is to be a war meeting in the Exchange at two o'clock this afternoon. Attention,? volunteers! Cricket.?The St. George's Cricket Club will play ? match this day, on their new ground, at the Red Houae, to commencc at 10 o'clock, A. M. Found Drovtnsd.?The body of an unknown man waa found floatingfin the dock at the foot of Fulton street, yee terday morning, by officer Muller. He was naked, and was a tall, stout man, and appeared to have lain in the water about a week. He was taken to the dead houie. Accident.?A sailor named Daniel Smith, fell over board from a vessel at the foot of Roosevelt street, on Saturday morning He was rescued by ofheer Melvin, and taken home. Assault and Battery.?Thomas Adams, a carman, was employed to remove some old iron from the itreet, which was an incumbrance to it, when three men inte rested in the iron foil upon him and beat him Cokonek's Office.?May 17.?Accidentally Killed.? The Coroner held an inauost yesterday at the Bellevue Hospital, on the body of Hugh Dockerty, born in Ireland, 3 ) years of age, who came to his death from the acciden tal discharge of a blast, whilo Engaged in blasting rock on the Fourth avenue, near the railroad. Verdict ac cordingly. found Drowned.?The Coroner also held an inaueat at the Dead House, in the Park, on the body of John L. Starr, born in New-York, 37 years of age. It ap pears from the testimony of his brother, that the deceas ed was a lunatic in the Asylum, on Blackwell'i Island, and on the Thursday before the last charier election he called to see his brother John on the Island, who appear ed to be much improved in his mental faculties, and re quested to be let out to vote, and further said that if he was not allowed to vote, he would certainly swim across the river. The noxt, however, he was missing from this Island, nor was ho discovered until found yesterday floating in the dock at the foot of Fulton street, l?ast Riv er. He lost his life evidently by attempting to swim across the river. The jury rendered a verdict according to the above facts. Unknown Man Drowned.?The Coroner likewise held an inquest yesterday at the Dead House, on the body of an unknown man about 35 years of age, found in tho dock at the foot of Rector street, North river. From hia dross ho was undoubtedly along-shore man. Verdict, found drowned. Statistics ok the i.atk Assembly.?Two years since, n friend of ours in the Assembly, amused himself in his leisure hours, in procuring statistics of thn age, weight, condition, tic., of hi* brother members, which were printed in the journal of that House. Since then the cuitom ha* been followed, and such statistics are now considered a* one of the necessary documents of the session. Mr. Hewlett, deputy librarian of the As sembly, has performed this work this year. From this report we have the following information :?Occupation of members?larmcr*, 61 ; mechanic*, 8 ; merchants, 18 ; lawyer*, 37, physician*, 9: manufacturers, 4 ; author, 1 ; gentlemen, 3 ! This last designation, however, is to be understood as caiting no imputations upon the remaining1 130 ! The oldest member was Col. Cost, of Ontario, 67 : the youngest, Messrr. Watson, of Albany, and Pierce, of Dutchess, each being 34. The heaviest was Mr. Hawks, of Madison, 340; the lightest, Mr. Urinnell, of Fulton ; 110. New Vork waa the birth place of 95; Massachu setts of 13 ; Connecticut of 6 ; Vermont of 8 ; Ireland of 3 ; New Jersey of 3 ; Maryland and Prussia of 1 each.? Albany Ere. Journal. Varieties. Damaom.?The owner* of the steamer Kent here re covered $13,000 damages of the owners of the steamer London, in a case before the < anndiau Court, growing out oftho collision between these boats last summer. State Loai* of $.100.000.?The Commissioners of tha Canal Fund have given notice, that proposals will be re ceived until the 3a of June next, lor a loan of threa hundrci' thousand dollars; at A per cent., redeemable af ter H64, for arrearages to contractors and others on tha public works. Wisconsin Fn.uNfj Ur.?The Plattvilo (W.T.) Ame rican says : "The influx of stranger* this spring to thia town and vicinity, is truly astonishing. Almost every day the stages are crowded, and frequently two or threa extras are required to convey strangers to our place.? This speaks volumes fur the growing prosperity of west ern Wisconsin.'' The Rochester*.?The details which rumor attached to the collision between the steamboat Roches ter and a sloop, on the North Klver, have proved to ba imaginary. The Rochester suffered considerable damage, by having a portion of her starboard guard torn away, jiist abaft the wheel. One person was slightly injured, being all the personal dai.. . ,o done. The boat proceed ed on her trip, as usual. Ttunurii at New Have The New Haven HeraUt of Saturday say* : "Wo notice that the workmen ara putting up the wires of the telegraph along Chat>el street j and we are informed that the line is completed to within a short distance of the city. ? Seduction*?At the circuit court held in Ontario lsst week, Krastu* Smith, of k.ast Illoomfleld, obtained a ver dict of $M>0 against Orren Bradley, of the same town, for the seduction of his daughter, Miss Sarah Smith. Tha verdict was unex|>eeted from the evidence; and we un derstand the defendant intends to move for a new trial. Dust, with At* Odd Wkafom.?A few days ago, two Irishmen, near Chicago, drank a quantity of whiskey on a wager. The result wus, one died on the spot, and tha other is not expected to live. Becominc] Di iii:.?A now post office has been estab lished at Lowville. Columbia county, W.T., eighteen miles south of Kort Winnebago, snd twenty miles north of Madison. A few months ago, there were only two settlers within It) miles of Lowville: there are now fifty. EMPIRES, ATTENTION. UNFURL the Banner of Liberty?the War Bugle sound* to Aran, Fellow Citir.?n>?the Proclamation has gone forth?the Rubicon is passed?the Command, r-in-Chief hsa called U|xW? us to enroll ourselves under the Star Spangled Banner?the foot of the invader is upou the soil of freedom? our brethren hare been basely, treacherously aaurdsred.? Some of the best blood of America has been spilled. This outrage upon humanity?this insult to our country?mast be avenged. Kellow Citizens, our country experts tverr friend to its institutions, its prosperity, and its liberties, promptly to respond to the call of ita Chief Magistrate. Let us not <*sat a stinma on the patriotism and courage of the l.inpire City by ? ??gloriously waiting the tardy operations of drafting, but come immediately and cheerfully forward, and volunteer ourservices, and enroll ourselves among the defenders "four country. I desire to raise a regiment of volunteers that will immediately organize and be ready to march at a moment a warning. Let our watch-word be, Ood, Liberty, and our The roll for the Empire Volnnteers will be open St the Star House, 34 Reade st.; 100 Washington St.; and at A.I;.'JJjjSa. Esq., ( .litre Market. ISAIAH RiNDe.RH. mitt 4t*rc - PACKET SHIP SARTKLLE. fro? NEW ORLSANf, is discharging at Pilr* .street wharC Couslgaeee w? I'lftut ideiid to jn receipt of their foodi immediitily. mv 1$ OHIP HONTIAC, KKOM LIVERPOOL.-Coasignees per 0 this ship Will please send their permiu on board, at Pier No 9 North Ki?er. All goods not permitted in bve dayswi |>r lislile to he sen! lo the Public Store. *Tll TTTi i nnirsiltmUAiX iroui Liverpool, la discharg nlder genersl order, at Orleans wharf'foot of Wall st. 1 nlll?, will pleaae attend to the receipt of their goods immeditelj^ , E!i SHEET BRASS. TAMES O. MOFFETT, No. 121 Prince street, between el Wooster and Oreene streets, manufacturer of Sheet Brass, has on hsnd, and is constantly receiving rroin his mill, a lat*e assortment of all sues of Sheet Braaa, which he will sell at wholesale or retail, at lower prices than any other pla e in the city, and warraats it equal to aay nude la the l-niie', J. O. M- will deliver goods sold by his* in aay part of t! ? eity or Brooklyn, or shipped oa board of aay vessel, flee ol ''pT?BiM?B?4C0WMT?k?f?f "It"* Bade to #x4sf. iMIl'l 4

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