Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 18, 1846, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 18, 1846 Page 3
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sfttisssAjr-* *** ***1 r> A latter rvcaiTtd by a commercial house In this city, atwl published by the Courier of laat evening says:? " Gen. Alvarez baa pronounce*! in tha South in favor of the federalists?and in tba meantime calls for a trium virate composed of General Santa Anna. Hen-era and Kincon, who are to rovem this countqy until a free elec tion can take place for a president; but we hare so many of these pronunciamentos that they do not amount to any thing. " ><a the *J0th instant, the editor and proprietor of the Monitor, in Mexico, was imprisoned and sent to San Bias" j We find in the /Mario, a letter from Canales to Ampu dia, of which we offer a few paragraphs, as precious spo cimeus of Mexican vanity. The letter is dated the 5th April, from Matamoras:? "The Hnited States Army is encamped on the left bank of the Rio Bravo. Slight fortifications have been thrown up in front, or ratber large ditches have been dug, the earth of which has been used for entrench raonts. " I have redoubled my efforts to attack the enemy morally, and flatter myself that I have succeeded, for deserters are daily swelling our ranks. 1 have 36 thus far: six were drowned, lie. " I have inspired such terror in the foe that they know not what to do, convinced aa they are that tbey cannot leave tbeir camp without heavy loss, and exposing them selves to defeat. " These few lines will enable you to appreciate the advantages of a prompt arrival, before Taylor has time to receive reinforcements, and be enabled to make a vi gorous resistance The triumph is certain to-day?to morrow it must be disputed. " Canales." Another letter, from Mctta, declares "that General Taylor is compelled to employ one-half his army in pre venting the other half from deserting !" Important Suggestion?War or no War.? The last National lnttlligencer has the following suggestion :? On the aubject of the hostilties which have actually commenced on the Rio Grande, let ua suppose a case which would show the declaration of war against Mex ico to be as premature as it has bean precipitate. In the anarchy which prevails in Mexico, where (the forms of the constitution having become as much of a farce aa they are in danger of becoming among ourselves,} tho Presidency becomes the prize of the most enterprising and successful soldiers why may not Arista, universally reputed aa an ambitious as well as accomplished General, taking advantage of his rank and bis influence over offi cers subordinate to him, have seized this occasion, with out orders from his government, to make a dash at our army, which, If he do no more than ha has already done ?but, still more, if he force it to retire from its present position, however short a distance?by the eclat which such an exploit will give him, and his popularity with the army, march to Mexleo, drive out the Preaident of the day, and seat himself in his stead ? After merely stating this problem for the reader's consideration, we will add, in seriousness, that wo really have some doubt whether the crossing of the Rio Grande by the Mexican forces haa been authorized at all by the government of Mexico, and whether it will not be promptly rebuked and disavowed by it In this hypothesis, what would be come of the solemn assertion, by law, that " by the act of the Republic of Mexico, a state of war exists between that Government and the United States r (W* We dosir? to express our thanks to Mr. Clowes, ferry-master, Jersey City, for aiding us in getting the news which we published in yester day's Extra Herald, as quickly as possible, to our officc. The Can without Medicine.?Dr. Chrla ri?'t Galvanic Ringi and Mifiitiic fluid. Thii new appli cation of the mysterious powers orgalvanism and marnMitm, ia attracting inereated atteution for its wonderful efficacy in the cur* ofall nervous diaorderi?the moat tedious of the many dUeaaet to which we are all auUject. The aimple application of the Rings and Fluid it superseding the use of the eipeusive batteries and machines, as being more preferable for their cheapness, safety and success. Only agency in New York, Its Broadway. A new work on Galvanism, by A. H. Christie, just issued, aud to be had gratis at the agency. Greet Demand for Ncwa?<-Philadelphia Agents for the Herald, O. B. Ziebar It Co., 3 Ledger Build ing, 3d street, below C heinut, where adrertieemeuls are r? ctlvad. aud whare those wishing to subscribe will plesse leaye their names, and hare the paper served regularly their stores and dwellings,immediately after the arrival of i\ cars. Terms, 75 cants per month, including the Sunday He rald; 45 cents without it. Single copies 3 cants. lm Navigation of the Ohio Hlver. flat**. Tim*. State of Rivtr. Cincinnati May 11 Deep water. Wheeling, May 8 13 foet Pittiburr, May 11 10] feet, falling. Louitvlfla, May 0 11 feet, 8 inches. UONEV MAHKET. Sunday, May 17?6 P. SI. The part week ha* been filled with excitement, and stock tjwculutora hare bean in a continual state of alarm. Quotation* for itocks have fluctuated from day to day, find there has been a desperate contest between the bull* and the beara for the control of price*. The bears have had everything thoir own way; wars and rumors of-wars have been very plenty, the money market has been steadily tightening, and the confidence of outside opera tors has been gradually giving way ; notwithstanding which prices have boen firm, and the bulls have sustain ed the market wonderfully. This can be attributed to the vory reduced point prices had previously reached, and to the ability of many to hold. The stock market wai in a great degree prepared for the pressure, and the effect was not, therefore, so great as many anticipated? quotations had been steadily settling down for several months previous, and a very slight depreciation brought them to a war standard. Many of the fancy stocks used so much In Wall street for speculation, aro much below their real value, even in the ovont of a protracted rupture in our foreign relations. Beilroad stocks would not be much depreciated in real value by a collision with Mexico, although at first the market value might be materially affected. Should tho money market become so much depressed that a suspen sion of specie payments by the banks, could not be avoid ed, and a suspension should take place, quotations for stock* would advance at once fifteen to twenty per cent, and everything else connected with finance and com merce would become inflated to as great an extent. Be fore such a point was reached, before the bank* were compelled to resort to the alternative of a tuspeniion, there weuld be a very serious depression in the market, which would result in the ruin of thousands. Fortunately, however, for the country, the commer elal classes have not extended their operations far beyond their Immediate resources?they have not yet got under greet headway, and have boen able to contract without producing any aeriou* revulsion* in commercial affair*. Had credits been much inflated, and had speculation in any of our staple products been carried to any extent, the effect of tho war accounts from the South would have been most disastrous. There would have been such a panic as we have never before experienced, and we havo no doubt an immediate impension of specie payment* would have been the only alternative. Prices for every thing were, on the contrary, very much reduced. Provisions, breadstuff*, cotton, and all our staples, ruled very low, and fancy stocks, particular ly, were held at the lowest point*. Stock* which a year ago were selling at eighty and ninety per cent, are now held at forty and fifty, and a similar contraction In all other thing* exist*. We were not, thereforo, unprepared for the blast which ha* swept through the country, and it Sa well for us that we saw the approaching storm. Its eflfcet will consequently be less injurious, and we shall be better able to meet the demand upon us, necessary to ensure a speedy and successful termination of the dif ficulties with which we are at present surrounded. The anxiety for further intelligence from the sceno of strife is most intenso. The suspense under which w e labor is worso than tho roost unfavorable reality, and un til something more definite and decided than wo have yet received comes to hand, there mnst be a partial sus pension of business. The absence of accounts leads every one into the most alarming anticipations, and the dangers and difficulties are magnified, and daily increase in strength. There are many who do not feel disposed to believe one half of what ha* been received from the ?eat of war, and continue their operations perfectly In different to the reports in circulation, and totally Inde pendent of the general opinion. If their anticipations prove correct they will reap a rich harvest, and their eonfidcnce will give them fortunes, while a reverse now will not be attended with results so disastrous as experi enced when the news from the Rio Grande first came to hand. Should the next decided accounts be favorable, or even that received be partially confirmed, the stock mm ket would be so greatly relieved that prices would i vance with the greatest rapidity j while, on the other hand,we do not anticipate any very bad effect upon prices of many stocks, npon the receipt of bad news. The mar ket is now in a position to feel the influence of favorable advices from any qnarter, without being much effected hy any thing of an unfavorable character. We annex our usual table of comparative quotations for the past week. Compared with prices current Inst Saturday, there ha* been a falling off of *eve ral per cent, but since Monday there has been very little change, end In several Instances there has been an im provement in the rat**:? JJrotaTio.ts ?oa ths Paiprcirai- Stocxi lit tnr Siw Yoax Makxet. ? , _ , t Seiy Me>. 7V?. RV*. Thy. Fry Say Jxmg Msnd... 3iJ, 33)f M KK 32*a Kl? JiarUmk?T?* H* Ti* ?? <?>< UK ?'? < an ton ?? Jl 36 37 S JJ Fanners'Loan.. 2LK n I3?J ? 23V: AVorees'r *2 1! 33 St* 41* MS Ohio Sixes M rj? ? 93 JJ " t Uliuois Sixes,? ? ? ? ? 34)f ? Indiana........ ? ? ? ~ " ,, Kentucky Sues. ? 1"? ? ? ? ? Ptuuisyl's Fives. CU W* - U ? Stniiiiigton..... ? " ~ ? ? ~ Erie Railroad... ? ? ? ? 43 ? ? yleksbutg... .. ? ? ? Vi ~ ? jgg&a a< % r* | ft. m ? A.comparison ti. jrtc?? tvrrenrt ?t th?Tl??? of the mar kat ynUrtUy, irWi ?h?N mHn? n ftuMN*? p* vioiis, ihtws adwUn* of 4J peroaolln Long Itliud) Mar, lem, 4 par centi Canton. i| Farmer*' Loan, 11; Norwich and Worcester, S]| Ohio ??| ?Ji Pennsylvania At, Sj; Reading Railroad, 3J; and Morris Canal, 3. The itock market first felt, the effect of the war news on Monday, and it will ba perceived that since that time the market hai been unsettled, but price* hare fluctuated very little either way. The receiver* of the Uniou Mutual Insurance Com pany hare declared their fifth and final dividend. Every claim against thii company h*? been settled without legal proceeding*, and including thia dividend, the atockhol der* will have received aixty-five and a half par cant? Tht* itock, ju?t previout to the determination to wind up the affaire of the company, *old at the broker*' board at forty per cent We are happy to learn that the aaid receiver*, with seventeen ether merchant* and capitalist*, procured fryn the Legislature, one year ago, a renewal, or rather a new charter, under the name and style of the " Union Mutual Insurance Company," with a cash pital of 100, 000 dollar*, for the buiine** of fire, marine, transporta tion, and navigation Insurance; the profit* to be divided between the ttockholder*, and thoie doing buiine** with the institution. The book* of *ub*cription to the capital atock will be opened in a few days, and the Commissioner* are dis posed to give the shareholder* of the old Union Insur ance Company a preference for one half of the cash cap ital. The fire and inland business only, will be commenc ed on at present The marina, probably, will be added when the Oregon and Mexican difficulties are settled. The receipts of the Reading Railroad Company for the past month have been unusually large, and the quantity of coal transported on this road from the mine* to tho ?oaboard, thi* season, is about double that for the corres ponding period last year. The business of the road for one week in May, in each of the past three year*, has been as annexed :? Philadelphia and Reading Railroad. ft'eek ending Ending May Ending May May lllfc. inst 10/A, 1841. 9(A, 1846. Travel $1,8J7 14 $1,990 49 $2,961 30 Freight on Good*. 1,179 23 1,515 84 3,29117 Freight on Cod... 7.J22 17 11,741 <1 28,187 79 Total $10,339 34 $11,394 98 $34,840 66 , Coal transp'd. tons. 7,421 11,973 23,228 The increase in 1846, compared with 1845, amount* to ' about one hundred and thirty par cent, and compared with 1844, two hundred and fifty par cant. The quantity of coal traniported thi* leaaon, to the 14th lnat, amount* to 395,585 ton* The receipt* from the Lehigh region* thi* year, to the latest dates, amount to 47,489 tons. The coal business on,the public works of Pennsylvania, this year, will, without doubt, be immense, and will add very much to the revenue of these work*. We annex a comparative itatement of the movement in the leading department* of the Banks of South Caro lina, for *everal month* paat:? Bark* or 8oi-th Carolina. Nor. '44 Jan. '46. March 31. *1pril 30. Loan* *,073.291 6.064.339 6,363.041 6,269.628 Specie 901,173 717,014 620,073 160,323 Circulation. . 2,131,986 2.289,946 2,181,717 1,971,649 Deposits 1,118,081 1,937,018 (,089,280 2,068,091 Within the past month there has been a decrease in every department?the loans have fallen off (03,413? the specie, $59,150?circulation, $910,108?and the de posits, $90,589. These variations are a vary trifling per cent of the aggregate movement, and are such as may be expected in the best regulated bank*. From the report of the Chairman of the Board of Pub lic Works, which has just come to hand, it appear* that the whole amount appropriated for the construction of the Welland Canal was ?500,000 Halifax currency?the amount expended up to the 31st March, ?673,973, and by the detailed estimate, ?178,394 is still required, of which the sum of ?131,544 is needed for tho service of 1848. The Board, it appear*, had been induced to recommend the adoption of the Lake Erie level in the enlargement of the locks, upon consideration of tho very great advantage* to be had therefrom, and from being led to believe that these improvements could be effected within the amount of the appropriation, in which they have been disap pointed by the miscalculations of the resident Engineer. A considerable enlargement of the trunk of the canal, and alteration in the curves, has been rendered necessary for the passage of a larger class of vessels. Another stoamboat lock has been constructed below 8L Catha rines, by which the advantages of a port on the lake are afforded to that town, and the portion of the Orand River navigation connected with the Welland Canal, greatly improved. The work, however, notwithstanding the large amount expended, is not executed in that substan tial manner anticipated, although it affords an uninter rupted navigation for the full sited vessels for which its enlarged dimensions were adapted. Old Stock Kxehanse. $1000 U S6?, *63 107 100 Nor It Wor RR 31W 1100 Ohio 7s 100 300 do UK 1000 Ohio 6*. s?0 92? 100 do *15 11)* !0?a do 92X 71 do 11^ 1000 do 93 110 do (30 51V, ' 1000 Ind Dol Bds s60 34 ft do IIS 1 1000 Illinois 6s, "70 34 W 100 Krading RR 63 I 30000 Peon Is s30 645* 30 do 63 { 20000 do 61 210 do >60 63 < 21000 do >60 64300 do |60 63 20000 do 60 64? 600 do 63 20000 do 64V 200 do 64 1000 Reading Bonds 71)Z 100 do >30 63 V 12000 do 7IV% 100 do >10 C3V 29 ahs Union Bank 110 100 do 63Ji 310 Farmer*' Trust 23k 100 L Island RR 3z3* 600 Morris Canal 13S 100 do 32 150 do 13), 300 do 10 do s?0 13K 47) 100 Canton Ce raw 37k 30 10 do 37? 130 100 do Tlx 100 do *00 100 Harlam RR *30 43 100 do *41 si* 300 do 43 30 do aw 3|J| 110 do 43V 100 do b30 32 ?00 do 43)2 100 do bOO 3t Second Board. $1000 Reading Bends 71\ 100 Nor li Wore 11 >10 shs Canton Co 31 10 do slO 11 11 do 10 do >10 11 10 do 38 100 Harlem opg 44 10 do 31 10 do opg 44 10 do 38M 200 do opg 44 M L Island 3IS 100 do org 44 121 dp 31)2 10 do opg 44 100 db b3 31,S New Stock Eirhange, 30 she U S Bank 4 10 Farmers' Tract a3 23 10 do e 4 21 Nor It Wor e 11 10C Moms Canal Sat 13V 26 do *3 11 71 do c 13)7 21 do Bat II 100 L Island RR *3 31), 21 do t 31 100 do Sat 31* 21 do Sat II t do Sat 31)2 25 do sT 31 do c 31)2 175 do 51 Married. On the 14th init., by the Her. Peter Gordon, Mr. Gr.o. Di-ncan, to Mil* Helen, only daughter of Mr. John Cockburn, ell of thi* city. Died. On tho 17th May, 1840, Mrs. Sarah J. Mkih, of con ?umption, in the 94th year of her age. Her relative*, and friend* of the family, are reipectfully Invited to attend her funeral thi* (Monday) afternoon, from No. a Walker itreet, without further invitation. On Sunday morning. May 17th, of croup, Emma, daugh ter of Conrad and Catharine Jordan, aged 4 year* and 3 month*. The friend* of the family are invited to attend the funeral, thi* (Monday) afternoon, at 4 o'clock, from 133 William itreet On Saturday, the lOtb inst., of a lingering illne**, Capt Andrew Smite, aged 47 year* 1 montb and 30 day*. Hi* friend* and relative*, and those of the veteran corp* of artillery,are reaueited to attend the funeral on Monday, IHth init, at 3 o'clock, from hi* lata recidence, 173 For ?ythe ttrect. WANTED, A SITUATION a* Cook, Chambermaid, or u washer arid irouer, by a young woman, in a private family. The beat of city reference* aa to capability, lie., will be given on ap plying at 1ST Weat Broadway. myl> 1t*r WANTED?By a respectable Woman, a aituatioa aa cook, and to do the waahiug and ironing of a amall family. Apply at Nil. 110 Kidxe stivrt. myll lt*rrc NOTICK^-T SITE D~ TRADE SOCIETY OF JOUR NEYMEN SAIL MAKEKS.?A meeting waa held on Haturday evening. May 16th, at Fourteenth Ward Hotel, to discuss matter* or importance relative to the welfare of the above named aociety, when on motion, it waa Resolved, unanimously. That on and after Monday, thi lltn inatant, the standing wages shall be S2 per day. , Hesolved, That the proceediuga of thia meeting he pob liahed m th? New York 8un, Herald, and True Son. # JAMKS ROBINS, Preaident. ?Nirfim.aa t. Powell, flecret.irv prn fem. mvlA tt*rrc A KK.8PKCTABLK Young Woman wants a ait nation to "J*: M eook, waaher and ironer, in a private family, or to do housework, and haa no objection to go go in the country. Oood city reference can be given. Apply at 64 Montgomery street, in the rear. my!8 h#rrc I|*OR SALE, IN LOTS TO SUIT PURCHA8EHS-A 'jrje quantity of ejeellent Oranit. Blocka, of different lengths, suitable for butldinga, window heads, and sill steps, eo|urn<is.fce.; the above will he sold at a reasonable pnre. ? or further infornia,io?. apply .t the oAee of the New York and Harlem Railroad Company. mvl8 1 wrrc CONSTIPATION, (COSTIVENESS) CT'H tD, WITHOUT PI ROATIVE MEDICINES OR INJECTIONS, BY D^ONTS ERVALENTA, (an alimentary Farina) and the ( Ochin, f hmese Melaaae. Thia discovarr waa lately made in France, and haa proved a great public benefit, Ervalenta will not only (lire constipation, hat al*e all diiea* e* arising frov, it, aa dyspepsia, ke. Sold wholeaale and re tail, in whole or half packet*, at the Depot for the United State* of Dt-MONT'* Ebvai.enta. l? Spruce street, and also bv all the driigrists and medicine dealers in the United States Sold alio in thia city at Bryant'*, 715 Broadway ; Wvatt k Ketchum, 121 Fulton street; Eaculapint Temple. Hi Broad way ; Brooklyn, Daries. comer of F ulton and Clinton atrecta. j mvHI 1m*t LARD.?2M barrels Lard, now landing, and foraale bv myll E. K. COLLINS k CO., J? South atreet. PAPER HANOINOS, WINDOW SHADES AND UP HOLSTERY GOODS.?SOLOMON k HART, ?41 Broadway, are now receiving per the various packet shipa from England and France, the largest and best aasortment oi the above goods in the city, all of which they offer in any quantity, wholeaale or retail, at lower prices than can be found | ia any other establishment. I quo fry merchants and other* wffl find a Urge aasortment of Wiadow Shades and Paper Han gin ga of all the various styles aad price*, ead whicn they are requested to call and 5i^Y"i%!&. - myll Iwii'M Importer*, KJ Broadway. AtH/I'IOd lUTlCKIi 4w, and kaithwwu*, V> Nuw md So >.ml Hand Kurmiurr tic?By H. E. WIL LARD. Tuesday, May 19th, at 10 o'clock, at the sales room No. 17 Wall street, in lota to >uit retailert, an invoice of fancy colored Oho, Pitchers, Decanters, Bowls. Tumbler*; 20 dozeu Cologne Bottlet. French and English China, Signal and Hall Lantemt, il?o. Cabinet Furniture, Holm, Chair*, Tables, Centre Tablet, Wardrobes, Bedsteads, Girandoles, and Solar Lamp*, with various other articles, to close con signments and pay advances. uiyll lt*r HO Y AL "OUHLKY, Auctioneer. VALUABLE BOOKS.?Thia evening will be sold by ROYAL GURLEY k CO.. at their Long Room, 304 Broadway, comer of Duane street, an extensive and valuable collection ol'Standard Miscellaneous Books, embracing many excellent works of good editions. The catalogue comprises a great variety of useful and interesting worn. Removed Irom Iti9 to 301 Broadway. myll It'rrc k C ARD. aitpH Car* -eping, Stocks ,. tales of Real Estate, at the Mercbanu' Exchange. Alto, soli cit from their friends and the public, consignments to their BALES ROOM, 161 BROADWAY, until May 1st, whan they will move to the spacious store, No. IT Wall street, late Adams' Expreaa Office. all lm*m VKTIL ty u WILLARD It W. W. SHIRLEY, Auctioneer*. L )l housekee LL give their personal attention to the Sales of Hoipe hold Furniture at the reaidence of families declining keeping. Stocks of Crockery, Dry Goods, Grocery, ana >1 Hull Vatate at tka M a e? Kenta' lT.vrhailif#. A Ian *411 I. m Fosses; FOR SALE CHEAP.?An elegant Rote wood Piauo, G>4 octave, with Gothic corners, and all the modem improvement*. To b* teeu at 36 White street, in the rear. myll 3f nrc WANTED?Two Rooms and Two or more Bed Rooms, with /ard privileges, lie., in a resectable location. within ten minutes' walk of the Citv Hall. Possession desired ou the lat of June. Address, (stating terms, lie..) Y B. L.. Herald Office. mltf rrc TO LET AT STATEN ISLAND, A SMALL NEAT COTTAGE and Bam, with f ground attached, at Clifton, fronting on New York .MHLAveiiue, Staten Island; rent. $123. Possession imrnedi ately. Enquire of R. M. BRANTINGHAW, myll lt*r Clifton. HORSES FOR SALE. FOR SALE, at the Stable af the Subscribers, in IJeraey City, known as the Western Hotel, fifty .Horses from tke Western part of the State of New twelve very fine Pairs and the balance tingle Horses. Among them a number ol fast ones. Persons wuhiag good harses will do well to examine for themselves. my!6 6t*r SMITH it KETCHAM. KLOST on Saturday last, a larire black Newfound land Dog, with white about the head, neck, feet, Itc. Hiihairlus been partly cut, and badly uotched in eumnjt_ 2.30 reward, at 220 Broadway. my 18 lt*m hi NO CHARLES SPAMKLB-OK THE pure breed, received by the latest arrivala from Lon . for sale by A. Grieve, 5 John street. Also, rare and valuable Bird*, only to ba found at hie establishment, No. i John street. N. B.?Letters from the curious, in distant parts, (poet paid) will be attended to, by A. GRIEVE, al7* Imrh Importer and dealer in Birds, Cages, lie. 1)0(1 LOST.?A small Spaniel Dog, answer* to the name of Fidel, with brown ears, and a brown ^ on the hip and tide, with bushy tail, on the auer.iouii of 13th instant, from No. 22 Manhattan Plaee. Whoever will return hiin, shall be suitably rewarded for their trouble, lie. myl7 3t*m Notice to masters of vessels arriving ? the Port of New York, and Pilots, after the third day or June, 1846. The following extract* from the law regulating Quarantine, paased May 13th, 1846, are published tor their in formation .Section 2. Vesieli arriving at the'Port of New York (hall be auhiect to quarantine, ai follow* 1. All Teasels direct from any place where yellow, bilious, malignant, or other pestilential or infectious fever existed at the time of their departure, or which shall have arrived at any such place, and proceeded thence to New York, or on board of which during the voyage any case of such fever shall have occurred, arriving between the thirty-first day of May and the first day of October, shall remain at Quarantine for at least thirty days after their arrival, and at least twentv days after their cargo shall have been discharged, and shall perform such further Quarantine as the Health Officer shall prescribe. 2. All ves sels embraced in the foregoing sub-division arriving between the first day of April and the first day of November, exclusive of the time in said sub-division mentioned ; all vessels from a foreign port, on board of which during the voyage or while at the port of departure, auy person shall have been sick, or from any place in the ordinary passage from which they pass south of Cape Henlopen, arriving between the 31st day of May and the 16th day ot October ; and all vessels from auy place, (including Islands,) in Asia, Africa, or the Mediterra nean, or from any of the West India, Bahama. Bermuda, or Western Islands, or from any place in America in the ordi nary passage from which they pass south of Georgia, arriv ing between the first dsy of April and the first day of Novem ber, shall be subject to such Quarantine aud other regula tions, as the Health Officer shall prescribe. Sec. 16. Every vessel having had during the voyage a case of small pox, or infectious, or contagious disease, and every vessel from a foreign port having passengers and notherein tofore declared subject to Quarantiue, shall on her arrival at the Quarantine Oround, be subject to visitation by the Health Officer, but shall not be detained beyond the time requisite for due examination, uuless she shall have had oil board du ring the voyage, some ense of small pox or infectious or con tagious disease, in which case she snail be subject to such Quarantine as the Health Officer shall prescribe ; and it shall be the duty of the Health Officer wheneverhe thinks it is ne cessary for the preservation of the public health, to cause the persons on boird of any vessel to be vaccinated. Sec. 21. Every master of a vessel hailed by a pilot who shall either, 1st Give false information to such pilot relative to the condition of his vessel, crew, passengersor cargo, or the health of the place or places whence he came, or refuse to rive such information as shall be lawfully required ; 2d, or land any person from his vessel, or permit any except a pilot to come on board his vessel, or unload or tranship any portion of his cargo, before his vessel shall have been visited aud examined by the Health Officer ; 3d, or shall approach with his vessel nearer the city of New York than the place of Quarantine to which he shall be directed, shall be guilty of the like offence and be subject to the like punishment, (a fine not exceeding two thousand dollars, or by imprisonment not exceeding twelve months, or by both fine ana imprison ment. HENRY VAN HOVENBEROH, Health Officer. Commercial Advertiser and Evening Post please copy, and send hill to Health Commissioner. City Hall. mvlB rrc LOftf. ON FRIDAY crossing the South Ferry, a Urge red leather Pocket Book, containing several papers belonging to CHKIS. LUSH, the Superintendent of Zion's Church in this city, of consequence only to the owners. Please return them to the office of the Herald, aud oblige the undersigned. Rev. JOHN SPENCE, of Zion Church. A liberal reward will be given. my!7 2t*rrc xo let. THE well known tavern stand, situated at Yorkville, for merly kept by Oeorge Hazard, de^ceaiecL ^Ajv^J^fo my 16 1 w*rc i Mile House, Third avenae. WANTED, PARTNER in a cash manufacturing business in this city, already established with a cash capital of from two to three thousand dollars. The best of reference given and re quired. Address A. B. at this Office, stating.wnere an inter view may be had. my!6 3t*r WANTED, A FEW active Young Men to go South or We*t. to act as Agents for the sale of new and popular Publications. $300 over and above their expenses will be insured to them in writing, with an opportunity of clesring $1,000 per year. Some men now in our employ will, no doubt, make over SI,000 per year clear of all expense. Each man will have hie istrict. ft will be necessary for them to have at leaat fsom ; 123 to UC to obtain a good fitting oat. Apply at FRENCH'S i Publishing Hall, 293 Broadway, up stairs, Office of the Flag ' of onr Union. All letters must be poet paid, mylt lm*rc I BOARD WANTED. TWO ROOMSjS small parlor, with a chamber adjoining, ?re wanted. The rooms must be neatly furnished. The I advertiser does not wish to reside above Franklin street, snd desires full board, iu a private family, for himself and wife. Address H. K , ?t this office, stating terms, Iu. myU 6t ec LEFT-OFF WARDROBE AND FURNITURE WANTED. THE highest price can be obtained by ladje* and gentlemen who wish to dispose of their left-off wardrobe and furni ture. By sending a line to the subscriber's residence, , through the Post Office, it will be promptly attended to. J. LEVENSTYN, 466 Broadway, upstair*. Ladies can be attended to by Mrs. J. Levenstyu. my 14 lm*rrc OAA MEN WANTED IMMEDIATELY, lor the 2nd ?vV Regiment of U. H. Dragoons, serving in Texaa. Call at the Rendexvoas, 141 Washington street. A detach ment of recruits will be forwarded to Texas in the course ol 'he week. myl3 lw? rrc wanTEd: A COPYIST who writes a quick and legible hand, having . some leisure hours during the week, is aniiou* to em ploy them in copying or writing up books. Addreu M. H. at the office of this paper. __ my 12 tfr WANTED, AN experienced manufacturer of wheat starch.One who un derstands the manufacture of " Pearl," and other qualities of starch, can hear of a desirable situation by addressing A B., box 1363, Boston, Mass. Post Office. a>8 >w * re A LADY who has recently arrived from Europe is de sirous of obtaining a situation as Oovemees in a respect able family; she teaches the usual branches of education; mu sic on an approved system. A line addressed to X., Z., at the Herald office, shall be attended to. Would have no objection to take pupils nt her own residence. *27 l?n*rc SJUUa to* UUHLIMU, of an im ' proved pattern, just received, for sale by JAB. S. ASP1NWALL. 36 William street. Also, Syrups for Soda Water, marble Duat, oil of vitriol, kc. myl6Jt*rc MONEY to loan on Bond and Mortgage. Enquire at the of fice of the Jefferson Inaaraace Company, No. 40 Wall street. ______ myl6 3trc Artificial flowers-a large assortment of Sum mer and Winter. For sale very low, bv C. ROCKNAOEL, Assignee, T mer and Winter. For sale very low, bv C. ROCKNAbtL. myl3lw*rc 73 New street. "dissolution: HE Law Partnership of WESTERN It EDWARDS was dissolved on the 1st of May laat. The unfinished business will be closed by Mr. Western, at his office,No. 233 BroaHwav. opposite tlir fountain. mvl63t*rc Thomas stakkkv, Birmingham (E?gian<i> ? Should this advertisement meet your eye, a Letter f?>m your son John is st the office of William F. Brough, 117 Ful ton street, or. in the absence of Mr. Brough, apply to Messrs Abraham Bell It Son, same building imyf Im3taw*rrc frffE CHEAPEST AND MO?T EXTENSIVE Furnishing china and glass establishment in this City, is the China Hall, Broadway, comer of Cham bers street.?A complete assortment of Cornelius 11 Co., solar j lard Lamps, Chandeliers, gas Fixtures, be., watranted and at their prices. Families, hotels, steamboat proprietor*, lie., wilt find it to their interest to apply at this house. J. KERR. I Packing particularly attended to. White French China Dining Sets, 131 pieces, for %Xt St; white China Tea Sets complete, 44 piece*, only |B. mvl2firis?rc THE CITY KIKE INSURANCE COMPANY, i Osricr No. 61 Wan. street. Citt or N?w York. CATITAL STOCK $210,000, all paid in cash, and securely ' invested according to the provision* of ita charter. This Company lis* been in bnsiness twelveyears, and in that time has paid losses by fire upwards of $430,000. The nreseut assets of the Company exceed Ita capital stock more than 03,000. i Insurance against loss or damage by Fire effected on appli cation, at reasonable term*. alt lmms'm R. A. READING, President. D. F. CURRY, Secretary. THE LONG ISLAND INSURANCE COMPANY. CAPITAL 200,000 DOLLARS. Orrict 41 Fvltois street, Dsooxlv*. CONTINUES to take risks on buildings, machinery, mer- ! handixe and property generally, on their usual favorable j terms. This company lias passed through the two grestest conflagrations that have e?tr occurred in the eoantry : they ! owe their escape from them with comparatively slight losses I to the system which they have always practised of limiting and scattering their risks. All losses which the company may ?nitatn will be adjusted and paid promptly as heretofore. The l^wnpeny take special care to notify their customer* in "?* York, of all expirations of policies. . _ B. W. uKLAMATER, President. a3tpto*r E. C. FINN, Secretary. IRISH BLACK MARBLE. A CARGO of sapnior Irish Black Marble, from the cele brated quwry of Arthw Ireland, Esq., of Oalw?/,pe* Twwr "imiVMGigvtm" Afltmsnurn* I performed the Tragejy of t ATO?Cato, Mr. O. Van denhoff ; Juba, Mr. Dyott; S>pliai, Mr. Barry; Portius, Mr. Bland; Marcia, Miss Crocker; Lucia. Mrs. Abbott. To rou? elude with the comedy ol the BELLE'S STRATAGEM? Doricuurt, Mr. G. \ audenhuff; Hardy. Mr. Bass; Letiria Hardy. Mr*. Blaud; Lady Franco Touchwood, Mrs. Abbott; Mrs. Rackett, Mrs. Vtnioo. Boies, lint tier, 7} cents; second and third tiers, M ceuts; Pit, M cents; Gallery, JJ ceuts. Doors open at 7 oclock?performance (o commence at pra cisely 7^ o'clock. BOWER Y THEATRE.?Mouday Evening,M|y* performance will couimeuce with the ol the HUNCHBACK?Master Walter. Mr. J. K. Scott; Sir Tho mas Clifford, Mr. Davenport; Master Modus, Mr. Clarke; Julia, Miss Julia Dean; Helen, Mrs. Plullipa. To conclude with the spectacle of the JEWESS? Eleaiar Meudiiabel, Mr. J. K. Scott; Prince Leopold, Mr. CLarke; John Forrester, Mr. Daveuport; Rachel Mendizsbel. Mrs. O. Jones. .ff.y Lower Boxes, M ceuts; secoud and tliird tiers, 2i eta.; Pit and Gallery, 12V* cents. Doors open at 7 o'clock?Curtain will rise at half past seven o'clock. PARK THEATRE. ~~ MR. GEORGE vandenhoff Respectfully announces (hat hit benefit will take place on MONDAY the 18th inst. On which occasion will be revived tbe Tragedy of CATO. Cato Mr. G. Vandeuhoff. Alter which, the favorite Comedy of THE BELLE'S stratagem. Doricourt Mr. G. Vaodanhoff. O" The Box Book is open. inylS4trc THE DIVERT REPEATED. FELIC1EN DAVID'S Grand Choral and Instrumental Symphony, THE DE^ERT,^wiH be produced lor the At the tabernacle, on monday EVENING. 18th INSTANT, Commencing at B o clock precisely under the direction of MK. GEORGE LODER. The solo parti and recitatious by MR. HOBT. geo. PAIGE. Tickets, 60 cents each, for sale at the usual places. aiylt it*us r H. MEIGS, 446 Broadway. TO PHILHARMONIC SOCIETY FESTIVAL CONCERT, CASTLE (GARDEN. WEDNESDAY EVENING, MAY *>th.-Bhould the weather be rainy. it will take place the first fair everting thereafter. Tlje proceed* of tint Coacert will be put into the hands of the trustees, Messrs. Shepherd Kuapp, S&iuuel Ward and U. C. Hilt, for safe keeping, towards the ri'*d lor ehe erection of a suitable edifice for musical purposes?the hmlil uif to be so managed, that all musical societies, especially, mar be iuterested. The society are gratuitously assisted by all the following professional ladies aud gentlemen, and about three hundred other performers, vocal and instrumental :? Signora PICO. Madame OTTO, Miss JULIA L. NOR. THALL, Miss kORSINSKY, Messrs. R. MUNSON.Jr., PHILIP MAYER and H. C. TiMM, piano forte solo; Mr. Timmalso will preside at the piano forte. N Directors?M. L.C.HILL, 1st part. OEO. LODER, 2d do. PROGRAM ME. raiiT riasT. Overture? Der Freischutz Weber Grand Aria?Op. Faliero?"Tutto or niorte"?first time in America?Madame Otto Donizetti Overture?Zauberflote Mozart Aria? Per questa fiamma? Miss Julia Northall Donizetti Concerto iu O minor (by request)?Mr. H. C. Timm Felix Mendelssohn Bartoldge Grand Aria?Op. I Lombardi?"Non fu Hoguo"?Sig nora Pico Verdi Overture?Jubel Weber PART Symphony in D minor?Op. 126, for grand orchestra, closing with four solo voices and full chorus, on Schiller's Ode "To Joy"?Performed first time in America?Soprano Solo, Madame Otto; Alto, Mis* Korsinsky; Tenor, Mr. Munson; Bass, Mr. Mayer; kc. kc Tickets $1 each?to be had at the usual places; of the mem bers of the Society; of the Committre, and at the doors on the evening of the Concert. To commence at B o'clock precisely. mytl Jt re TL ANTIC GARDEN IS NOW OPEN FOR THE SEASON.?Dodworth'a Cornet Band wiU perform every Tuesday aud Friday evenings, commencing Jane 2nd, at I o'clock. Admittance free. m>3 >m*rc WILLIAM ALLISON, Proprietor. TO VOCALISTS, MUSICIANS, AND THE THEATRI CAL PROFESSION. WCORBYN, Manager of the Swiss Bell Ringers, re ? spectfully informs the members of the Musical and Theatrical professions, that he wiU have fulfilled his engage ment with the above band in a few weeks, aud tenders his ser vices as travelling agent to any musical professor, band or com pany of artists ofacknowledged talent about to travel. Having completed his second tour throughout the United States, the Canadas, Texas, and the Island of Cuba, during which he has visited almost every section of thdse countries, and made himself practically acquainted with those details and statistics most necessary ana useful to professional travellers, be believes that his services will prove advantageous to any party with whom he may engage. Letters addressed to W. Corbyn, Manager of the Swiss Bell Ringers, care of Sol. Smith, Esq., theatre. St. Louis, Mo., if mailed prior to May 10th, and prepaid, will meet with prompt attention at that time. alt tfrrc HOWES & CO.'S NEW YOKK MAMMOTH CIRCUS. _ LARGEST establishment ever organized in ?je United States, comprising 110 Men and Horse*, re quiring 26 Carriages to convey the performer!, wardrobe, mu sicians, kc., will be exhibited in Patersou, h.iston (Pa.) Reading, Lancaster, Harrisburg, kc. The company lias at tacked to it Eight Female Equestrians, amoug whom is the Greatest Female Rider of the Age, recently arrived from Paria MADAME MARIE MACARTE, whose new style ol Equestrian Feats, peculiarly her own, being chaate and claaeic; her graceful and fascinating: address, ?nd the charming naivete with which she chains ner audi eenee, render thia gifted and highly-educated artitte the lead ing feature of the arena in this country. The Proprietors re fer the public to the brilliant deacription given in the respec { ave newspapers of the extraordinary and daring feats perlorm i ed bv this distinguished artitte. Among the novelties which the Proprietors offer are the celebrated Scotch GIANT AND GIANTESS. Their height ia 14 feet, and their weight over TOO lbs. Mr. Randall weighs 432 lb*. Mrs. Randall is the most enormous giantess in the world. They will appear in " Jack and the Bean Stalk." and he will perform extraordinary feats of strength and agility, and will ride in a two horse act. The entertainmenta will comprise 17 Acts of Horsemanship, Gym nastic Exercises, Claasic Displays, and humorous afterpieces. Equestrian Director, Mr. IIOVVES; Riding Master, Mr. NIXON, and the unapproachable Clown, DAN RICE. Among 0?e Performers is the celebrated tnd principal Ri der, the N?poleon of the Arena, Mr. HOBBS^ whose I'eau on Horseback are the most extraordinary ever witnessed. Juve nile Act of Horsemanship by Master Nixon. Olympic Exer cises. by the whole Company, led by the great European Tumbler, Mr. MACARTE. Wonderful Feats by Mr. Cole's Dogs, Hector aud Billy. The SWISS BROTHERS, ia their elegant Gymnastic Postures and Groupings. Mr. Sweet ! as the Charioteer of Phoebus. Posturing and Gymnastics by I Mr. Nixon and his son. Mr. Howes in his Mythological and brilliant Act of " Fancies of Proteus." Mr. C. Howes in Slack Rope Evolutions. The Negro Minstrels, with Use ini mitable Dan Emmit at their head. The Original Banjo Melo i dist. With a variety ol others. The whole comprising the I leading, most talented, and claaaic performers in the world, j my? tfrrc Grand complimentary benefit to begiven to the Old Veteran Pugilist, Mr. GEO. KENSETT, will ' take place at the Shakspeare Hotel, corner of William and Duaae streets, on MONDAY EVENING, May 18th. I when some of the most distinguished artists of this and j other cities will appear on the occasion. | The doors will be opened at half past 7 o'clock, and the en tertainment to commence at a quarter past < o'clock precisely. Tickets Fifty Cents, to be had at all the principal hotels, | and of Mr. Geo. Kensett, No 493 Pearl street, near City Hall ! Place, and at the door. myl7 2t*je. | COL MAN'S * EMPORIUM OF ART AND CLASSIC CABINET GALLERY OF OIL PAINTINOS, WHICH includes hie immense stocks of Books, Paintings, Engravings, Fancy Stationery, Drawings, Drawing Materials, Music, kc., are now to be found upon the second floor, up one flight of eaa/ stairs, (having leased the first floor,) where every thing will be sold at as low prices, and many much below the regular prices, being desirous of clos ing up as soon as possible his Book Department. A ( heap List will soon be published for thoae who will buy n quantities. Purchasers are invited to call and examine his New Rooms, No. 203 Broadway, second floor. ib eodexs tfrrc CENTREVILLE COURSE.?TROTTING. ??. Mil. A. Coaklin enter*. ' * *,1Xom Moore. Jnw will be I- Hintm. over this trsck this seMOn ,,Uer,*tu,? that has come off myle 3t?je MORNING LINK AT SEVEN O'CLOCK. FOR ALBANY, from the Steamboat Pier 'foot of Barclay street, landing at Caldwell's, ^nMHSbWnt Point, New burgh, Hampton, Pough keepsie, Hyde Park, Rhiuebeck, Upper Red Hook, Bristol, Catskill. Hudso i, Coxsarkie, and Kinderhook. The steamboat SOl'TH AMERICA, Capt. L. W. Brai nard, will leave the Steamboat Pier foot of Barclay street, every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, at 7 o'clock, A. M. Breakfast and dinner on board the boat. Passengers taking this boat will arrive in time to take the evening train of cars from Albany west to Buffalo, and north to Saaatoga, Whitehall and Lake Cliamplain. For passage or freight, apply on board the boat, or at the office on the wliarf. myltt SUMMER HaTK HB GENTLEMEN'S and Boys Panama, Leghorn and Rut JP^land braid Hats, infants'fine Leghorn and Dunstable braid Hats, boys' new style Leghorn Caps, boys new style silk and fur Hats, palm leaf and Canadian straw Ifats. Also, a general assortment of HaU and Caps of the lateat and most approved patterns. The above mentioned articles are offered for sale at the lowest cash prices. Purchaser* are respectfully rraursted to call and examine this stock before purchasing elsewhere. WM. BANTA, 94 Canal st. cor. Wooster, mylilWisrc and 130 Chatham street. MUSIC TAUGHT MDUMSDAY, No. 42J Broadway, fonr'doors above ? street, Teacher of the Guitar, Singing, Piano Forte, Accordion, and Violin, continnea to teach ladies and gentlemen of New York, at their residences if requested, without extra charge. Terms moderate. Instruments stlec. ted gratis. A Harp, in plaj ing order, for sale at *2i. Apply at 426 Broadway. myI7 3t*m TEMn champagne. AFRESH INVOICE of this delightful Champagne is in store, to which the attention of merchants, hotel keepers, ?nd private gentlemen is invited. The stranding of this Wine is now superior to that ot any in thia country, and at no higher price than that of the beet brands. C. LIVINGSTON k CO., mil istf re 10 Wall sfTeet. GIRANDOLES, SOLAR. LARD, AND HALL LAMPS. CHANDELIEKS. Arc. THE Subscriber has just opened one of the best* selected stocks of Lard. Solar Lamps, and Girandoles now in th* city, at 30 per cent less than , the fall prices. Housekeepers, hotels, church**, and those of the trade, will find it to their advantage to calf and examine the above stock hefore purchas ing elsewhere. JOHN N. MOIlGAn, *2? lm*re IM CsltM sr.. Ant door from hnsdwsv MU LIVMLMWil.-W.w Mn?-E^u7Tvfc.. M9BWof26thMay?The elegant fast sailing packet ship JWCnSHEMDAN, George B. Cornuh, muter, will sail as above, her regufcr day. For freight or pasaage, having accommodation* unequalled for splendor or comfort, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, or to E. K. COLLINS k CO., M South street. KCrjifdaam.j.H eed the SHfcRlDAN, and sail Ktli Tr**k, master, will suc ceed the SHERIDAN, and sail 26tli June, her regular day. my II >"r CANTON direct.?'1'he Bhip AONES, Wetherell. will positively sail on OMWth inst. For "?use only, having good accommodations in the ?ck cauin, apply toth* Captain, on hoard, at Pier No.) North iver.or FRED*. WIHSMANN, my 14 HiafcHoe*n> No. M South William ?t. qdrr|M mjjp rv'f ' iiTini/, BtJW >.M? (if tllf W?l*? ?|t!?ll.lllt mill tllrnlltr (tutiltfll m?ui? la u?? cvfol'ifi will t/r?n?d ?;nt?ti on i*r OiJune. Sim * th* l**t ??**ou * i>f*t)i|fn| building '??? been ?retted, fronting tine* l.uudieJ and ten feet, and very in in y alteration* and improvements have beeu made ui other reaped*. The grouuds have been much improved, hue wallu made to the hath houses,aud for those who Prefer turf bath lug, no place can present ? fiuer beach. No expense hat been spared to render thii for comfort aud pleasure, iu every respect, the firil place in the country. The beauty of the scenery, and the salubrity of the climate, together w ith the various sources of i uterest and miUMrment, in ike this the most attractive pLce in the Union. The walks in and around the fort, together with the music of its splendid band, are well worth a visit here. It is also the most accessible, situa ted on the Chesapeake Bay, un the great line of travel be tween the North and South, it offers an agreeable resting place to those going north. It is withiu Sfl hours of New York, 18 of Philadelphia, 12 of Baltimore. Washington, Ales andria and Annapolis, 7 ol Richmond and Petersburg, and within one hour of Norfolk and Portsuiouh ; thereby ena I bling persons engaged in active business, to place their fami I lies in one of the most healthy and agreeable spots in the 1 whole country, w here they can be visited at anytime within a lew hours. Throughout the summer from seven to ten of the finest class steamboats will touch here daily, moving in every direction, offering every facility for reaching here or I getting away, and from the cheapness of the fare holdiug out I great iiiduceineuts to travel. The table will be provided with every delicacy of sea and laud. The services of active and efficient ageuts have been procured, and no exertion* will be spared to render comfortable all who may favor us with their company. J AM EH 3. FRENCH, my 18 iitiUkltwy ?rrc DR. POWELL. OCULIST^ AND OPERATIVE 8UROEON, ATTENDS to Diseases of the Eye and to all Imperfec tions of Vision, from 9 to 4 o'clock, M his residence, Ml Broadway, coruer of Warren street. Opthalrtua. Stoppage of the Tear Passage, Cataract, and I Opacities, effectually removed. AMAUROSIS treated with great attention and succe**. | Inveterate cases of STRABISMUS, or Squinting, cured in j a few minutes. Just imported, ARTIFICIAL EYES, of laperior beauty and fnasli. SPECTACLES adapted to every defect. Advice to thej>oor without charge. Office and resideuce 261 Broadway?entrance IK Warren street. in 18 lt?m EK. JOHN ROAKE'S IODINE LINIMENT, FOR RHEUMATISM, SWELLED LlMBS, SPRAINS, Bruises, Contractions of the Cords an^ Muscles Scrofula, Paralysis or loss of the use of the Ltmba, Dis ease of the Spine and Hip Joint, Eruptions of the Skin, lie This Liniment is universally admitted to be the only arti cle that will perlorm all that it is represented to do. It is I a Scientific Chemical Compound of Iodine that has perform ed such astonishing cures of long standing, after every other remedy had failed, that it would stagger belief if they could not be substantiated by the inost respectable persons who have been cured. It permaneutly and effectually enres RHEUMATISM, either chronic or inflammatory. Paralysis or lo? of the use of the Limbs, Contractions of Cords ami Muscles , Gout, it mat ters not of how long standing ; Sprains, Bruises, Tumors, Hard Swellings, and Enlarge)! Joints yield to a few applica tions of this Liniment. It has been used with incredible sue cess in Scrofula or King's Evil, enlarged Glands, diseases of the Spine and Hip Joints, Tic Doloreaux, and all Nervoiui Affection*. It is invaluable and acts like a charm, stopping the bleed ing of Flesh Wounds and causing them to heal in a few da>i. It has never been known to fail in curing the most stubborn Ulcers or Fever Sores and Swelled Legs, Pains across the Kidneys, in the Chest, Side, Stiff Neck, Sore Throat, and Croup, can be instantly relieved by saturating a piece of flau nel with the IODINE LINIMENT, and bind upon the part affected. It speedily and effectually eradicates cutaneous eruptions of the skin in the form of Salt Rheum, Erysipelas, Pimples, Ringworm or Tetter, Barber's Itch, Scald Head, Sic. It in stantly relieves Toothache and Headache. It extracta the pain and cures Corns, Bunions, Chilblains, lie. A word upou the origin and cause of DISEASES. When the humau frame receives a shock, either from heat, cold, fatigue, or other causes, the weakest organ of the sys tem suffers most. One person will have a cough, the lungs being the weakest organ ; his neighbor, rheumatism, the muscular aid cellular tissue being the weakest ; another, en larged gland* and swellings, the glandular system being the w eakest, tic. When you have an organ thus suffering, the more direct your application to the part* diieased, the better the prospect of relief. DR ROAKE'S IODINE LINIMENT. produces a healthy action in the diseased part, strengthens, ?uvigorates, aud restores it to perfect health. It only want* to I be tried to satisfy the most skeptical of the restoring power of this most valuable Liniment. Physiciau* are daily recommending Dr. ROAKE'S IO DINE LINIMENT, regarding it the long sought for desidcr ?tum ; a truly scientific compound of IODINE in the form of Liniment, without color and unpleasant smell, that can be used upou the most delicate female or child with perfect safety. Not a day passes without bringing the most interesting results from the use of Dr. ROAKE'SJODINE LINIMENT. ASTONISHING CURE OK RHEUMATISM, AND DISEASES or Hir JOINT OF TWENTY TEARS' ITANDINO. Gentlemen?1 feel it a duty to state for the benefit of tin public, the astonishing cure of myself, which is as follows:? For the last tw enty rear* 1 have been troubled with rheuma tism; I could not walk without a cane or crutch : the pain was excruciating, so much so that I could not sleep nights. The disease finally settled in my hip joint: the the thigh became elongated or pushed out of its socket by the paiu aud inflam mation: the cords became contracted so as to throw my knee forward, and drew my foot backward, so the point* of my toes barely touched the ground when I walked. My health wait so much impaired, I made up my mind that the disease was so firmly seated that nothing could benefit me; 1 had tried the very best physicians and all of the sure cures, without relief. 1 was advised by a friend to try Hoake's Iodine Liniment, which I consented to without faith; but before I had used one bottle 1 found relief?it reduced the inflammation and ex tracted the pain. I continued to use it freely for six week*; the cords became relaxed, the leg resumed its former appear ance, the paiu and inflammation has all subsided, and, in fact, I am perfectly well; I walk without cane or crutch, and am attending daily to my business to the joy and comfort of my family, A. HEBARD, 74 John street. Facts are stubborn cases: every day briugs more evidence of the value of Roake's Iodine Liniment. Feelings of gratitude aud the good of my fellow creatures who muy be afflicted in the same way, induces me to state the astonishing cure of my child, which is as follows: Three years ago he wa? attacked with a swelling upon the side of his neck, which grew so large that it turned nis head to one side. It finally broke, discharging large quantities of matter, and kept on discharging until he was reduced to a mere skeleton. He suffered paiu indescribable. 1 employed the best physi cians and msde use of a great many remedies without benefit. 1 made up my mind he inust die. I was induced by a friend who knew the healing powers of Roake's Iodine Liniment to try it. I am happy to say that I had not used one bottle be fore the sores commenced healing. and the swelling and in flammation subsided, and before! had used the second buttle he was perfectly well. JOHN S. EABTON, No. 90 Niuth avenue. Principal Depot, S. INGERSOLL b CO., 90 John street. my!8 lm*r NOTICE. NOTICE is hereby riven to all persons having bought stone from Laimbeer's Quarry, at Kipp's Bay, formerly occu pied by Messrs. Mott It Knowton, that the accouiiu ol ttie Quarry will be settled by R. R. Laitnbeer. at the Office at the Quarry. . . WILLIAM LA1MBEER. Dated thi? 16th day of April, 1M. ait Im'rc CHALLENGE TO THE UNITED STATES. ! THE Subscribers hare no hesitation in saying to the people of New York, and the neighboring cities, that they can and do challenge the merchants of our country, far and near, to i compete with them in the sale of WINDOW SHADES. They have a manufactory in the State of New Jersey, about 12 miles Irom the city ofNew York, and possess every facility , for m?iulacturing their shades at the least eipense. Of their i beauty, worth and cheapness, they will convince the most in credulons by their giving them a call. DUNCKER, It BECK ER, No. 48 Chatham st.JN. Y.,one door from the corner.of Chambers St. in31 lm?rc. TASSELS, CITABLE for trimming hats, cans, blinds, shades, pic? O tures, sofas, umbrellas, parasols, cloaks, aprons, sleeves, bags, kc Also, a variety of bindings and cords, for > wholesale, by J. it F. MAYNARD mis lm*m C7 Maiden lane, cornar of William ATLANTIC WHITE LEAD. THE ATLANTIC WHITE LEADJCOMPANY having completed their Wodis/are now ready to execute orders for pure White Lead, both Dry and Oround in Oil, to almoat any extent that may be wanted. The Company hare spared no expense in the erection of the Works which would teod, in thelrsat degree, to the improvement of the Lead, having availed, hemsehes of every modern improvement for that purpose. Being well aware, from our longGunilisrity with the differ ent leads sold in our market, that by far the greater proportion sold as such hiu been, and still is greatly adulterated with Barytes, an article of mineral production, much heavier than White Lead, and in itself postessingno virtue ol any pigment whatever, it being, when mixed with oil. almost transparent, and in fact, having nothing but iu specific weight to recom mend it, the Trustees of the Atlantic White Lead Company have passed, unanimously, the following resolution, vix:? "Resolved, That in view of manufacturing only a prima article, the Atlantic White Lead Company will make but one ' quality of Whita Lead, both Dry and Uround in Oil; that to ! be a strictly pure, genuine article, and perfectly free from any i adulteration whatever, which the Company will warrant as , such to all who may purchase their Lead." Purchasers, therefore, may be well assured that every de- i pandence may be placed in the purity of every pound ol White Lead['manufactured and sold by the Company, which Iiuraness will not only tend to the greater durability of the 'auit^but will be found much more economical in its use, even in the most common description of painting^ owing to the body or covering quality it possesses, thereby giving s far better finish with two coats, than the adulterated Whi Paint would with three, of which every painter will bear wit ness. The Company also manufacture Red Lead and Litharge, and have for sale a variety of Paints Oround in Oil, viis? Verdigris, Black Paint, Yellow Ochre, Spanish Brown, Paria Oreen, Brunswick Oreen, kc., Itc. Having been anpoltneil Oeneral Agent* for the Company all orders should be directed to us. POLLEN It COLOATE, f72m*r 217 Pearl street, corner of Beekman street. SPRING GOODS. WM. Y. JENNINGS Ic CO., Drapers and Tailora. Import ers of Cloths, Cassimeres, Ventings, Fancy Dress Arti cles, lie., 231 Broadway, opposite the fountain, are prepared for the spring trade with the most extensive aaeortment of goods they have ever offered for inspection,comprising French and English cloths, rasaimers in various new styles; vesting* in great variety, which will he made uptoordar, through the aid of as rffirieut a corps of cutters as can be found in the coun try, at prices that have give.i a character to the establishment for moderate charges. In reference to pantaloons,in which so lew cottars excel, we Could observe that the attention directed to this department must continue to offer inducements to those who appreciate a fit, combining ease and elegence. in addition to the usual assortment of goods kept by the trade, we have always on hand dress and frock coats, vests, bu- . sines* coats, and fancy dress articles, including scarfs, cravats, handkerchiefs, gloves, susptudars, linen ana muslin shirts, collars, bosoms, he. a24 lm*r GREAT BARGAINS IN NEW GOODS. ] PETER ROBERTS has received by late arrivals, and offers cheap? EMBROIDER! ICS. Needle-work Capes from |l M te $ti. French work'd Collars 75 ceuts and upwards; Embroidered Lawn Hhdkfa. from (3 t* $Ji , Dressea, needle-work and Tambour, from $1 to tM. LAWNS AND CAMBRIC HANDKERCHIEFS. Tap*, hem'd stitch, Riviere, Fjttgpnuid colored borders. Book, Mull, Jaconet. Swiss, plain, striped and ch*ck'd Organ die, Tarlatan, Striped ami embroidered for Curtains. HOSIERY AND OLOVEf. Black and white Hills Hose ; do. with cotton tops ; ailk em broidered at Is. per pair , very fine Lisle thread, ojifn work, M per doten ; fine unbleached cotton, open work, fi to (3 7}, (recommended as remarkably cheap;) plain work cotton, a most excellent article at t3 per doxen, usually sold at $3 75 ? A most excelleM assortment of Lisle Thread, plain and em broidered SilkOlov*s of all sites. LACES. Canes, realand imitation, of the latest and most fkshionsble > styles; Veils, black and white, in chantilly Brussels point malines, point d'Aleneon and other varieties. Regency Meca- \ tin. Valenciennes. Ane English Thread Lares sad Mjings ; rich black Brussels and imitation Laces of every description, lor trimming, flouncing, fee., he.; Liuen bobbin t.dgingsan* Insert nigs. _ , .. A lot af Muslin trimmings, ladiea' Morning J!*/i i5f . ,iS (>rowns, Muslin Capes, received from suction, will be sold H ?tm Crist rung* thi co#t or istroataTiow. No. I7J Broadway, td April, U*. ?7 1??TT? for sale by street. TNlfi MAIl.n, TWKNTY-N1.V1H COIVUHKBS. Hw* mt fUprcMnUUTti. ~ _ WASHINOTON, MlV 18 I1U Vr" Tl delivered the following prayer f"' Ooj ? In clot in* the labors of this evoutful week 10 TU?? iV blessing. So far 4. it.htube Je"u o,1n,h'?C?rd",C- wi!h ThvTill. and the be? ?!>? Tliv f?vor^v.n^i0nVwe ^es'ech I f'*? lo sanction with rities ..t ti. * been Jone br th" constituted autho Mercifully interpose to abridge tha S tl . ?rr,luwllich we ?r?> now involved, an" inav loon health I*"0*' wlUl h?r balmy influences, ed ' Whilst thn^t<l.W,OU wl?'cb hare been thus inflict careful to exact* Elk- ^wcrful and prosperous nation i? incline ^wef^^" ?Wl?? plea^l to rmss: SSSRO! zsz Stfysj tion. Bless the President-bless th. i*n Jo-LP.?^ House of Representatives?and blest all the constituted r,!i.h.??i 7 ,he,Und ! Qualify them abundantly forth, right discharge of every incumbent duty- obliterate our sins from tho book of Thy remembrance?and meroifulir acccpt us, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Ain?o ' 4 "TANDINO BULB?A BULB THAT CAl'l STaid. Mr. Danici., of North Carolina, asked leave to submit a resolution, that the following be oh of the standing rules of the House, vii ^ W henever a question is taken in committee of the whole House, and a quorum does not vote, the chairman, belore entertaining any motion to rise, shall state tho' question and direct the clerk to call the roll of the mem bers, and the members called shall answer aye or no: and the vote thus taken shall decide the queation in con "VTw"' V r or noe* prevail. It shall be the daty or tbe chair forthwith to report a certified list of the ab sentees, upon any such call, to the Speaker, who eball deduct from the pay of each the sum of eight dollars for each time his name was not answered to ut>on such call, unless he make it appear to the satisfaction of the Speak er that he was absent from the city, or detained from bli seat by the indisposition of himself or family. Objection beiug made, a suspension of the rules was moved, for tho purpose of submitting the resolution; but the motion did not prevail?yeaa 7'J, iiavs 70?not two thirds. obeoon?beoiment or moukted bifi.bmek. Mr. Kiisu, of Georgia, desired to offer a resolution, to which he presumed there would be ao objection first1"- Habalson.?Let's disposo of the riflemen bill Mr. Kii?o.?Well. Mr. Daimel.-I wish to say that I shall persevere to bringing mv resolution before the House. ["Oh, no!"l The (. lerk read the message from the Senate, that they had disagreed to the amendment of the House to tha bill providing that all the ofllcers of the regiment shall be selected from the regular line of the army. Mr. Habalson.?As it is desirable that this bill ? should be disposed of as apeedily as possible, I move that the House recedo from their amendment, and demand the previous question. The motion was agreed to, and by a vote of yeaa W. nays 69, the House receded. To clench the nail, Mr. Haralson moved a re-consider" ation of the vote, and the question was decided in tha negative. the bevenub iebtice. Mr. Kino, of Oeorgia, submitted a resolution, whioh was adopted, calling upon the Secretary of the Treasury to furnish the House with a statement showing the num ber of ofllcers employed in tho revenue service, tha ton nage and armament of the vessels, the number of man. grade of pay, and the annual cost of this branch of ser vice. THE PRESIDENT'S WAB MESSAOR. Mr. Daniel moved that the House resolve itselfinta a Committee of the Whole. Mr. C. J. Iifoiaiou?(rising, and holding oat a print 8<" document.) ' hope the gentleman will indulge ma. The 8peabeb.?Tha gentleman from NorthCaroliaa moves Mr. C. J. Inoensoll.?I desiro to mova that tan thou, sand copies of the President's message in relation to oar afiairs with Mexico be printed. The SrEABEB.?Does the gentleman from North Care lina withdraw tho motion ? Mr. Da nil i. (with hit usual courtesy) assented: ana Mr. Iruir.aioi.L submitted his motion. There was objection expressed in sererul quarters; and this caused * Mr. Inoebsoll to ask for a suspension of the rules. 1 he motion prevailed. Yeas 93, nays 46. Mr. Inoebsoll repeated his motion, and held, high up the document in his hand The question was stated on tho printing; and The yeas and nays were aaked for, but not ordered. Mr. Kathbun.?Is it in order to amend ? The SrrABEB.?It is. Mr. KATiincri.?I move three thousand extra copies. It Ties of "yeas and nnvs," and "tellers."] Tellers wcro appointed, and they began to count Mr. Houston, of Alabama.?Is it in order to mova to layupon the table 7 The SrEABr.B?It if. Mr. Houston?I mako that motion [A voice : " Tou can t make that motion?the House is dividing."! And I ask the yeas and nays on that. The Speakeb, (turning towards, and from hi* high position looking down diagonally upon Mr. HoustonJ The House is now dividing. gative ?lCr* roportod~~in 1110 affirmative 73; in tha n? The gentleman from Alabama move* to lay tho motion on the table. lit*] ( L; J- Inhebsoll, (immediately rising,)?I should like to*know how this motion can be entertained. It was made while the House was dividing. ** -ilir?iS,,:i"ir'*?^That U true ; but it is discretionary with the chair to entertain it or not. faJ,.fciI#0,T?!lrA! a majority of the House has voted for the resolution to print ten thousand copies of the message, as a matter of course I will not press my mo Hon, and now withdraw it. ' J The a'yw have'it Th* ffenUenian witWrM" ?>ii moUou. So ten thousand copies of the President's war message were ordered to be printed. meesage Mr. Bboadiiead submitted a resolution which agreed to, calling upon tho Secretary of State to com municate to the House the sums of money paid to Benl 8. Green and Wm. Blackford, for diplomatic services kr with a view to order a settlement of their accounts On motion of Mr. Daniel, the House resolved itseli into a Committee of the Whole (Mr. Foot in tha Chair ) entebtainment to savages. aJ?!!,WL , adjust the claims of Commodore Thomas Air ne y V', ^Principles of Justice, was taken up do'?^:.LTeXp^lained the ground of the bUl. Comat dore Jones was sent to the South 8ea islands to claim IJC demnity from the islanders for injury done to our citi zens, principally engaged in the whale business The claim amounted to *fi00,000. When Commodore JomS went there he found that ho could treat with them suc cessfully on y by giving entertainments on board his his *hips. Ho completed his mission. His expenses ceeded his pay some $1M>0; he is willing, however to give up his pay. All that he asks is to refund him the mr0.?leyJ,e " a?tu,1Iy out of pockat Every Secretary of the Navy, since the transaction, had approved of the claim; the President, in an annual message, spoke of hie services in commendation, and the Committee on Foreign Affairs had rejwrted in his favor during three successive < otigresses. Mr. Rath bun submitted an amendment, to pay a spe cific amount?$1,Ml 78. ' Mr. Sawteb was satisfied that no portion of tha claim should be allowed ; there was nothing in tha report ac companying the bill which would justiirrit There wars many things connected with the history of Commodore Jones, which he did not like to express. This claim had been before Congress a number of years. Mr. Bavlv, as the gentleman seemed to contradict his statement, resd from a latter of Mr. Dlckerson fonnarlr Secretary of the Navy, urging Commodore Jo^T to prosocute his claims before C ongress. Mr. Sawteb asked the committee to produce evidence low o?Ument' ow ^at tha claim ought to be al The amendment was agreed to. wWT" n!?vcd to'ay aside the biU, to ba reported u,e' wit*1 a recommendation that it do oat aasa. The question was taken, and decided in tka aaratfTs A voice, outside tne bab : ^^^sve. Paddy keep up the dance, and never mind the pay The public pays for all, and that's the time of day {,> ?umed the0chair* ,nform*11y' ^ ^ fortification bill. ... IT.e!,a*e,YM r*??'ve?lfrom the President of the I'ni .if*.' .(th1ro?Kh J K?>ox Walker,) informing the House that he had approved and signed a bill makinr ap propriation for certain fortifications, for the retrsMlu June 30, 1847. fBIVAVB BILL*. The House again went into committee, and acted on several private bills. THE WAV TO TMB TOMB. Mr. Blacb, of South Carolina, moved that tha joint resolution from the Senate, to pay Peter Oorham for ex tra work in paving the way from the capital to tha co? gressfona] burial ground, be taken up, with a view to be reported to the House. The motion was agreed to, and the committee rose when ? The House adjourned until (as the Speaker said ) to morrow, (and we say,) when there will be preaching. Grand Holjr Catholic Movements. Tht Sixth Gtiicral Catholic Co%mcU of Baltimore Baltim&ik, Siticdat. Dear Bkxxttt Pursuant to divine appoint ment, this council met on Sunday last, to regulate the allairs of the church. The Most Reverend the Archbishop of Baltimore, as President, ex ofirio, look the chair. Then a lengthy and learned re-_ port of the present state and niture prospects oi' th*? church was read; alter which, on motion, they resolved to proceed, during the week, to the con sideration oftlie following subjects 1. The creation of new dioceses in Maine, New Tork New Jersey, and St Louis. 2. The appointing of new Bishops in Bangor, Albany, Buffalo, and Jefferson cltr. 3. 1%e resignation of Bishop Fenwlck, on account of '"j'The (DDoinUiur of the Rev. Mr. Ooodwin, Re*. Mr. Fitton, RerMr OTloilly, R?v. Mr. Spalding, to the new '"J' rhe election of the Right Rer. Dr. Barron for the new see of Jefferson city, Miesonri. 5 The withdrawal or all the Catholic children from the public schools, a* being places of proseljrtism, infidel ity and immorality. '7. The re final of the $49,000 aent annually by famish in* Ireland for the support of the Biahop. m The substitution of a Catholic rent here in It* plaee, which, at Id. per month from each Catholic, would > iel it over t'JOO.OOO a year. 0. The managing of thia fund?one half to be ffir?a for building a Cathedral in Baltimore, and the retidne to be given in equal portiona to the other Bishops. 10. The establishment of Parishes, and the giving to each Priest the right of voting for a Biahop, and of hav ing ecclesiastical courts established to carry ont the spirit of the canonical law. 11. The encouragement of religions orders in the IMn. 11 Ths peymeot of all debts at present 4hs by tfc*

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