Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 20, 1846, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 20, 1846 Page 3
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Great Demand for >mi fUMilflito B. 2l?6? fc Ce., J Le*er kuU hf, li street, below Cheseat, ?km UrtttimiMU in r*> Scs^d.^.^ whtrt thai* wishing to ?ab?eril>? will please ?? their names, snd have the paper ?ertftd ttfuliriv at u Morn sua dwellings.unmediatrl) illu the irn?l of tfi? can. Tsrtns, 75 cents par month, including tha 8au<U>- Ha iwMiceetswithoBt it Single comet 1 caau. Ira of Um Okla Mvw. PUcti. TSmr State of Riatr. Cincinnati May U Deap watar. Wheeling, May 8 13 foat Pittsburg, May 14 7] feat, falling. LouHvlfla, May 11 11 feet, 6 inchea. mmmmmrnmrn ? AXONKV HAHKBT. Tueaday, Mmy ltt?6 P. M. Blocks are up Unlay a fraction. Tha account* from the army of occupation are not generally credited, but tha market waa vary buoyant Pennsylvania ?'? advan ced J per cent; Reading Railroad Bond*, i; Farmera' Lean, jf; Morria Canal, Long Ialand, f *, Harlem, Reading, i; Norwich and Woroetier, i; Ohio Oa, Vicks burg and Canton closed firm at yesterday'! prices. An election of thirteen director* of the New York, Harlem and Albany Railroad Company, was held to-day. Most of the old board were elected. A list of the names comprising the new board will be found In our advortis ing columns. It was announced in the street to-day, that a very large house in New Orleans, the agentaof one of the most ex- | tensive houses in Wall street, had suspended payment.? It created considerable excitement, as the liabilities must be immense, and affect tha standing of many concerns in this city. The amount of business done on the Reading Railroad for the month of April, in the past three years, has been as annexed :? Philadelphia and Reaping Railroad. April, '44. .1pl, '45. Jipiyu. Travel $8,003 4 8 8,919 !3 13,340 42 Freight on goods 4 J31 *4 7,148 39 15,704 94 Do. Con) ?,5?> 05 51,225 32 125,417 05 Miscellaneous receipts... 13 55 ? 3 00 Transporting U. 8. mail... 500 00 783 33 783 34 Total *42.5*5 93 $48,176 17 $153,308 71 Awnunt of Coal Transported. Tons 30,199 53,735 100,618 The receipts for April, 1844, were at the rate of $M1, 039; for April, 1848, at the rate of $818,113 per annum, and for April, 1340, at the rate of $1,863,706. This is an im mense business, and exceeds that of any other two rail roads in the country. It will be observed that there haa been an increase in the receipis from passengers and miscellaneous freight, as well as from the eoal business. The eastern capitalists have taken in hand the con struction of the Ogdensburgh and Champlein railroad. A million and a half (being about three-quarters of the capital stock) has been taken in New England, and the balance, five hundred thousand dollars, is held upon tho line oi the road. The stock is taken by bona fide sub scribers, and work on the road will commence this sum mer. This road, with the greet northern road, from Boston to Burlington, will open to New England, by a direct communication, the great Western lakes, and give Boston a very great oommand of the Canada trade. It will command a very great local business, as it will pass through a valuable section of the State of New Tork, and through the most important sections of Massachusetts and Vermont. From a recent report made by the Little Miami Rail road Company, it appears that the road is in a flourishing condition. It Is open to Xenia, a distance of 65 miles from Cincinnati; the remainder of the route is under contract, and in such a state of forwardness as to justify the be lief that it can be open for travel and transportation to 8pringfield, the terminus under the charter, in the month of July next. The charter authorizes the directors to construct branch lines from the main track, to any point In any county through which the road passes. Under this section the directors will be enabled to connect the main line with the city of Dayton, and sevoral other im portant points in this portion of the State. In addition to the side lines already named, charters have been procured to connect Cleveland with Cincin* nati, via Columbus and Xenia; a large amount of stock is subscribed, Boards of Director* elected, and surveys and estimates made. Little Miami Railkoad. The amount expended on L. M. R Road up to December lit, 1846, for all pur poiea, was $819,763 46 The amount required to complete and eqnip the read to Springfield, in addi tion, a* per eitimate 330,69) 00 Making a total of $1,040,440 40 Or $13,457 09 per mile, for all purposes. The total receipt* for freight and paaiage fo> the year ending December, IMS, were $48,3*17 06 For the year ending Dec. 1, 1844 18,633 36 " " 1843 9,912 49 For the month of Dec. 1845 $8,008 35 " " Jan. 1846. . 8,634 03 " " Feb. " ....7,89149 " Mar. " 8,936 46 First 16 davs in April " .... 6,391 40 Making for 4} month* of the current year $88,741 63 The estimated grei* receipt of the current year, *u one hundred thousand dollar*. From preient indication*, tbi* tun will be con*lderably exceeded. Placing it, how ever, at one hundred thouiand dollar*, and deducting the . Liberal mm of fifty thouiand dollar* for repair*, fcc., and the road will pay thi* year over aiz per cent on the co*t of the part in uie. There waa not a day during the month* of December, January, and February paat, that the whole of the bu*iae*? offered could be accommo dated, for the want of car*-, and a portion of the time moro freight waa driveu and hauled pa*t the different depot*, on account of inability to carry it, than waa trans ported over the road. Tlie road ia laid in the valley of the Little Miami river, abounding with water power, and celebrated, even there, for it* fertility; nearly ninety mill* and manufactoriea must necessarily depend upon the road for tram porting their manufacture* to a market, when It *hall be comple ted to Springfield; and during tha winter month*, the in habitant* of the Lake ahore wJB be compelled to u*eit aa a medium of transportation. When it reaohe* Springfield, it will have penetrated to the centre of one of the richeit countiea in Ohie, the great wheet, corn, and pork region, and will alao inter aect the national road, one of the great linea of the aum mer land travel. Some of the largeat and fineat flour mill* la Ohie, are situated around Springfield; and the number of the*e, aa well a* of the wheat railed, will be greatly increased by the making of thi* road. There is no riik, therefore, in saying that the buaine** of the nil road will be doubled after it reachei Springfield. The railroad from Xenia to Columbus is under contract, aad we understand, progressing rapidly. The distance is a little over forty miles, of which thirty two miles run on a direct line, without a curve and without grading. j The Mad River Railroad, from Springfield to 8andusky, is proceeding rapidly to completion The distance ia one j hundred and thirty-four miles. Part of this road, at the ' northern end, is travelled?including which, the grade ia | done to Urbana, one hundred and twenty miles, and the I remaining fourteen miles if more than half done. It will [ be ready for the iron to Bellefontaine, one hundred and j fire miles from Sendusky, by the 16th of July next; and if the autumn be favorable, it hoped to have the whole ; line from Cincinnati to 8andusky open for travel next j winter. This road is very straight, and runs over a level i oeuntry. There are but three bridges in the whole line. 1 The cost of the road, with the furniture on it, will not | exceed nine thousand dollars per mile. The railroads in Ohio are principally regulated by East ern aapitaliits. Whenever any new line is anticipated, the first movement made is to despatch an agent to Boston, to fill up the stock; and so far these movements have been generally succeesful. Railroads constructed through the rich valleys of Ohio, bid fair to be so productive that the careful calculating capitalists of New England oan pro ceed freely and invest in them; under their management , they are economically conducted, and prove productive ' in an incredibly short time. There appears to be a charm ; connected with their direction of a railroad, for in seve ral instances they hare taken hold of roads in different section* of the country, which had been almost ruined by gross mismanagement, and brought them up at once tnto public favor, and given their atock a value in the market greater than ever previonaly realiied. We find in the board of directors of the railroads running through the Interior of this State, from Albany to Buffalo, the names of Eastern capitalists, and we also find In the lists of stockholders the names of Eastern capitalists. A com pany has been recently formed for the purchaie of the Central Railroad, Michigan, composed principally of the large railroad proprietors of New England; in fact, in all parts of the country where we find these works, we find New England interests. If a railroad is to be sold, there i is sure to be an agent from Massachusetts on the spot; . and several Southern railroads have, within the paat year or two, been purchased at public sales t-y Eastern capi talists. The Reading Railroad, before it came under the con trol of a Boston board of directors, was in a fair way of proving an Immeme failure. The enormou* coit and an nual exi enditures were not only absorbing all the income, but ware rapidly Involving the concern into embarraii ments, from which there appeared to be no redemption Before the work became too deeply Involved, a complete revolution took place in its management, and the road is now in a fair way of earning a respectable dividend. Wlthin*tbe rast year its stock has increased very much ^a.valua, its bonds ara.apptoaehing par, aad we hare no j oubt butthat in the oonm of a or tw, It will U m prodactlyo a wllnW ? w h>v to theecwatry. The value and destination of tha export* of cotton from Mobile, from tha I?t of Sap*. IMS, to tha lit of May, 1948, war* as annexod Commcbcc or Moan.?-gyT. 1. IUS^toMat 1, 184?.^ T?- Great Britain ... in Br.... 16,440 I 017 ,W7 $512,818 70 1 :re '? ..iin A?... 1.(74 WM.W7 58,WO 00 otal to Ot. Britain?balea... ? ???? 8.991,994 Ml.Oil 79 To Fiance Am...11,427 5,687,052 410,556 38 To otlior Foreign PorU.Br.... 1,951 963,336 64,692 77 1 ?' ?? " Am... I,r0 906,732 57,138 U0 8p... 1.2<M C01.17} 47,759 59 Total other Foreign Port* 5,025 1,471,143 169,890 % Total month April 34,868 17,160,189 1,111,465 6) RCCariTVLATlOir. Total ex. Ut qr. ending Not. 30, 184 5 15,138 7,580,606 562,654 37 Total ex. 2d qr. coding Feb. 38, 1846 81.744 40.392,509 2,78 7,079 60 Tolal month March 63,998 31.520,212 2,107,826 63 Total month April 34,8C? 17,180,189 1,181,465 53 Total sine* 1st Sept. 1845 195,716 96,653,516 <6,630,026 13 The arrival* during tha month were 30 ihipi, 10 bark*, 12 brigs, and 25 fchoonert; and tha departure* 19 ship* li bark*, 7 brig*, and 13 achoouar*. Old Stock Exchange. $10000 Ohio 6, I860 sCO 32V 250 >ha Harlem 11R 4000 Illinois Sj?l Bds 33V 300 do 1000 Ind. Dol. Bils 32 V 100 do 5000 Pann. 5a *30 64 V COO do 15000 do 64.V 100 do 20000 Heading Bond* 71V 100 Long laland RR 4000 do b3 71', 10 Erie RR 15 *h* Am Ex Bank 82 100 Nor It Wor RR 50 Meelnuica' Bank 103 250 do 150 Vicksburg Bank 6 100 do 100 Farmer* T'rutt 23V 150 do 100 Morn* Canal 13V 150 do 150 do 13X M do 50 do b30 14 250 Reading RR 25 Canton Co. 37V 100 do 50 do 37}^ 100 do ?econd Board. 100 *h* Farm* l>aaa blO 23\ 100 ahs Nor It Wei 50 Vicksburg Bank blO 6 100.. 4? 100 Canton Co. 37W 100 Harlem RR 25 Long 31V 50 Morri* Canal 50 Nor St Wor b? 53>i New Stork Eirhange. 25 ahr* Morris Canal *3 13S 25*hr* N?r St War *3 52V 25 do blO 13V 25 do tw 52V 25 do tw 13V 25 do btw 52V 50 do eaah 13V 25 do stw 52,'i 25 do ttw 13V M do *3 52,lj 100 Farmers Trnit cash 23V 25 do Wednesday 52^ - - .4 AO U 350 Long Island RR s3 3IV 25 do ?J JJ; 200 Harlem RR cash 44V 75 do cash 100 do opg 44X 25 do Wednesday 52?a F NOTICE. AT THE Annual Election for Thirteen Director* of the NEW YORK AND HARLEM RAILROAD COM PANY, held at their office this 19th day of May, the follow ing gentlemen were duly elected for the ensuing year :? John H. Dykers, Kloyd T. Ferris, Dsvid Cotheal, John Gray, John Alsmie. William C. Wetmore, Charles W. Sandford, Peter Lorillard, Jr. Edward G. Faile Gouverneur Morris, Samuel E. Lyon. Ferdinand Suydam, Edward K. Collins. my20 lt*rc . WM. 8. CARMAN, Secretary. THE AMERICAN AGRICULTURAL ASSOCIA TION will hold a regular meeting this evening, May 20th, at half past 7 o'clock, in tbr New York University. J. W. Hammeralcy, Esq., will exhibit several Mummies from Thebes, and distribute seeds from one of the specimens. A. H. Green, Esq., will read a review of Baron Vou Speck's recent work on the " Cultivation of the Hop." my20 lt?rc R. O. DORE.MU8, Recording Secretary. BILLIARDS IMPROVED. /"|T19 FIELD respectfully informs his friends and the O public, that he has returned to his old fsvorite quarter*, BASSFORD'S ROOMS, entrance IK Aun street, adjoining the Museum Building, or 149 Fulton street The Rooms and Table* have beeu put in perfect order. The Table* are Slate, Marble and Iron, with Air, India Rubber and Cloth Cuiluou*. They will no doubt *uit European and all great players, being the beat in this country. Larger balla for Botheruers? Carolina balls for Germans. N. B.?Bassford's new style Billiard Table* for aale ; Iudia and Freuch Cue Leather, beat in the city; fine Billiard Cloth, and every article in the trade, constantly on hand and for aale. my20 lm*m GENUliNE HAVANA t<E(JARi<. OR SALE?A small lot of ordinary aixed Segara, and alao a lot of Regalia* and Ladie*' Segara, which will be aold cheap to cloae shipment, by F. MANCHO.85 Fulton *rreet, my20 lw*rc Spanish Hotel. DR. POWELL, OCULIST, AND OPERATIVE SURGEON, 4 TTENDS to Diaeaaes of the Eye and to all Imperfec ta. tiooa of Viaion, from 9 to 4 o'clock, at his reaideuec, 261 Broadway, corner of Warren atreet. Optltalmia. Stoppage of the Tear Passage, Cataract, and Opacities,effectually removed. AMAUROSIS treated with great attention and success. Inveterate case* of 8TRABIBMUS, or Squinting, cured in a few minutea. Just imported, ARTIFICIAL EYES, of soperior beauty and Aitash. SPECTACLES adapted to every defect. Advice to the poor without charge. Office and reaidence 961 Broadway?entrance IV Warren atreet. m20 lt*rc M. LEVETT, DENTIST. MORE HARM results from bungling performances of in competent Dentists than the public are aware of. It ia of the greateat importance that all branchea of the Den tiat's art should be akilfully and understanding^ practised. To those who think with us, we recommend Mr. LEVETT, comer of Broadway and Warreu street, the introducer of the insertion of Artificial Incorruptible Teeth, on the principle of atmospheric pressure.?Noah's Weekly Messenger. my20 lt*rc SCOTT'S BAZAAR" 74 Prince ttreet, east of Broadway. SANDS SCOTT, late of the Bazaar in Dey atreet, begs to acquaint hia numerous friends and the public, that lie haa opened the above house in a very superior style, and hopes to merit a fair share of the public patronage. From loug expe rience in busiuess, he flatters himself to be able topleaae the most fastidioua ; the accommodations of his house for busi ness and comfort, he believes cannot be anrpeaaed by any house of the kind. His patrona will always Bud the house well supplied with the best of every thing the market affords in the wsy of Ales, Wines, Liquors, and Segara, Steaka, Chops, Cold Cuts, Rarebits, Poached Eggs, Tea, Coffee, and in fact a large assortment of refreshments at all times until twelve o'clock at night. Plenty of rooma for private partiea at all time* ready. mvl9 lm*rrc MR BENJ. OFTEN*? BOOK.?Juat published, and for sale at the Beacon Office, 3 Franklin Square, i'earl street, New York?" A Legacy to the Friends of Free Dis cussion,'1 being a review of the principle historical facts of the Old and New Testament, with remarkaou the Morality of Nature^ by 11. Offen. Price 75 cents. For ssle also, " my 19 3t*rrc OaRDINO.?A few single gentlemen, and gentlemen and their wives, can be accommodated with pleasant rooms and good board, at No. 476 Bowery, aorthweat corner of Tenth ?tr?et. on mimiibit rorm. aylt IWrrc THE ONLY GENUINE WALNUT OIL MILITARY SHAVING SOAP, MANUFACTURED by on* Mr. John(oa. the inventor, lata Johnson, Vroom k Fowler, wholaule and rcuil. K*ncy Soap*, Eaaeucea, and every article pertaining to an extenaive manufactory, for (he trade and familiea, at laaa pricei than any uther house in thi* country Can (apply. Alao, the depot ot the original and only feauiae M Pain Extractor, and Hay'* Liniment for Pile*; Kaly dor, for the complexion; Acouatic Oil for Dealneaa; Saraaparill* Syrup; Orgeu Hair Oil; On the moat favorable term* to merchant* in >11 part* of th? country. Steam Soap Work* and Laboratory of Prrfumta, Patent Medtciuea, lie. lie., II Courtlandt atreet, New York. my 19 lm*re P. MAES' HAIR CUTTING AND DRESSING ROOMS, 199 BROADWAY. FIFTY CENTS per bottle.?The Vegetable Jampoonyfor the Human Hair.?It ia with confidence recommended to all whoae hair ia becoming thin from diaeaae, tcurf and dan druff; the auraat remedy to prevent baldneaa and grey hair; the moat healthy dreaaing that can poaaibly be applied to the bead, rendering tbe hair soft and glosay, and freeing the akull from all homora and irritationa, removing every particle of acurf and dandruff, and diapoaiug the hair to curl. Ita fre queut uae will preaerve hair in health and beauty to the lateat period of life. Approved by the frcnlty of medicine in Paria, and patauted by the United Statea. Alao, P. Mara' and E. Vatet"* Wiga and Scalp*.?The com plete aueceaa that the abovenamed hava met with in the manu facture of their unrivalled beada of hair for the last ten yeara, far excreda their moat aanguin* expectation. They reanect fully aolicit a call, confident of aanafying th* moat raatidioua that they are the b?at and cheapeat maker* in the city.?189 Broadway. myl91w* rc NOTICE TO MASTERS qF VESSELS arriving at the Port of New Vork, and Filota, alter the third day of June, ISM. The following extract* from th* law regulating Quarantine, paxaed May 13th, 1M6, ax* published ior their in formation Section I. V***al* arriving at the Port of New York ahall he aubject to quarantine, aa follow* I. All veuel* direct from any place where yellow, biliou*, malignant, or other Satileutial or infrctioua lever exiated at the time of their partur*, or which ahall have arrived at any auch place, and proceeded thane* to N*w York, or ou board of which during the voyage any caae of aucb fev*r (hall have occurred, arriving between the thirty-firat day of May and the firat day of October, ahall remain at Quarantine for at leaat thirty day* after their arrival, and at leaat twenty daya after their carKo ahall hav* been diacharged, end ahall perform *uch further Quarantine aa the Health Officer ahall prescribe. 2. All Tee Mi* embraced in the foregoing aob-diviaion arriving between the firat day of April and tbe nrat day of November, excluaiv* of the time in aaid aub-diviaion mentioned ; all veaael* from a foreign port, on board of which during the voyage or while at the port of departure, any peraon ahall have been aick, or from any place in the ordinary pa**age from which they |>aaa aouth ar Cape Henlopen, arriving between the J!*t day of ?*}ay and the 16th day oi October ; and all veaaela from any place, (including lalanda,) in Aaia. Africa, or the Mediterra nean, or rrom wiy of the Waet India, Bahama. Bermuda, or weetem lalanda, or from any place in America in th* ordi nary paaaaga from which they paaa *onth of Georgia, arriv ing between the firat d?y of April and the firat day of Novem ber, ahall ba rahj*ct to inch Quarantine and other regula tion*, aa the Health Officer, I pre.cribe pre. 16. Kvrj re?r\ having had daring the toyage ? c*i? of mill PW, ? iBrtetioti, ?r ronu?ioua diituf, and e?ery veaael from a foreign port liaving paaaengeri *n<f not herein !k Jf declared aa Waet to Quarantine, ahall on her arrival at 1',?r"a!??%? to viaitatioo by the Health Officer, bat ahall not ha detained beyond the time vequiaita for due examination, unleea ahe ahall hava had on board du nng the voyage, some caae of small pox or infection* or con tagion* dia****, in which ea*e aha (hall be (ahiect to *nch Quarantine aa the Health Officer ahall prescribe - and it thill be the duty of th. Health Officer whenev.J&n"* it i. "e cesaary for the meaerratlon of the pablic health, to cauat th* paraona oa board of any vessel to be vaccinated. 8M. I1. Every?a*t*r of a vessel hilled by a pilot who ahall either, lat Give falae information to such pilot relative tn the condition of hi* vaaael, erew, pisaengers or cargo or the health of rh* place or place* whenc* he came'or refaae to give inch information aa ahall be lawfully required i 2d. or land any paraon from hia vcoel, or permit any except a pilot to come on board hi* vanel, or unload ortramhip any portion of hia cargo, before hia r?*iel ahall have bean visited and examined by the Health Offioer ; 3d, or ahall approach with hia ve>ael nearer the city of New York than the place of Quarantine to which he ahall be directed, ahall be guilty ?f the like offanee and be aubjeet to the like punishment, (a fine not exceeding two thouaand dollar*, or by imprisonment not exceeding twelve month*, or by both line and imprison ment. HENRY VAN HOVENBEROH,*Health Officer. Op" Commercial Advartiatr and Evening Poat pleaae copy, and aend bill to Health Commisaioner, City Hall. mvl> rre CALK SKINS It SLAUGHTER HIOES-^OM beat qua lity C'ity Calf Mine, (elected. Alao light, middling, Ki mn IIITH-KII H. DUCLUZEAUj_Auctioneer. A uction" notice.?lam i*s. oiron doles, c A delebSas, rich silver plated ware CAN *ik panned tea thays, fcc.?tuttle k dhOlu /EAU will tell this day at 1# o'clock, it Nn MW ilium itrret, a lum uaortmoiit of the ibori goods, comprising the entire stock of a person declining the Iiuiimii ; the whole of which will be sold without reserve, and will be found worthy the attention of the trade, housekeepers, and other*, r or particular*, tee catalogue*, which *r? now ready. ?n\20*ltrc __ J . ? JACOBS- F^A'l'T. Auctioueer.' . . . ICOB f. rLATT will sail, thi* oav, (Wednesday) May 20th, at 10 O'elock, at the auction room, Ouni and Pistol*?3 cases, lit) pair, Pocket, unit ana llar*e Pistols, ?oid* of which are v?ry fine , ol*o, Cba-nbereo Mu?ket? ; several ca*e* single and double Ouu*. some of which are very fine Pari* made, suitable Tor Sportsmen; Boy* and Cane Guar; Percunion Card*, Powder Horn* and Flaaks, Hunting Horn*, etc. AI*o, 100 cur* Plated and Bra** Spur*. Al*o, 200 doxen Wallets. Catalogues are now ready. mv20 lt*rc ROVAL GCKLEY, Auctioneer. Large sale of valuable books-this eve ning, aud continued ou Wednesday and Ihuriday, will be sold by ROVAL GURLEV k CO.. at their Loug Room, 3M Broadway, corner of Duane street, an eiteu*iT? and valuable collection of Standard Library Booka,consi*t iug of Theology, Hiatory. Biography, Voy?*e? ajid Travel*, Valuable Work* ou American History, Philosophy, Classics in the original and translations, Autiquities, Poetrv and the Drama, Agriculture; a great variety of Mathematical Work*, kc. Catalogue* arc ready. Removed from 169 to 304 Broadway. my 19 3t*rrc a Hard. H. E. WILLARD k W. W. SHIRLEY, Auctioneer*. WILL give their personal attention to the Sale* of liouan hold Furniture at the reaidence of I'amiliea declining housekeeping. Stock* of Crockery, Dry Good*, Grocery, and sales of Real Estate, at the Merchant*' Exchange. Al*o, toll cit from their friend* and the Public, consignments to their SALES ROOM, 131 BROADWAY, until May lit, when they will move to the spacious atore, No. 17 Wall street, lata Adam*' Eipreee Office. all tm*m WANTED?A Partner with $M0 or $000, iu the Furniture and Uudertaltiug Buaiuea*. Thia if a good chuift to mske money. Good relereuce giveuaud requited. Apply to J'i2 feirl street. my 10 L'" ? re WANTED?A Journeyman Watchmaker, to go to country ; a 8wi*a would be preferred. Apply at FE'LLOWS, VAN ARSDALE & COOPER, the 11 Maiden Una. WANTKD?A aituation aa Barkeeper, in mint ruaiiecta ble place, by an American Young Man, of good charac ter and steady habits ; in a public house would be preferred, or would like to hire a bar. Best of reference given, if re quired Please address my? St*re J. II. EDWARDS, at this office. WANTED?By a respectable middle aged Woman, a situition to cook, wash and iron, in a small private family. The hest ol city reference given. Apply et3i Mon roe street, in the rear. iny2ft lt*rc WANTED?By a Young Woman, a situation to cook, wash and iroa, or to do chamber work and lauudreaa. Ben of city reference will be given. Apply at H6 Mulberry street, between Spring and Prince streets. my30 2t*rc WANTED?A situation by a Young Woman, 17 or II years of age, a* Chambermaid, Nurse, or plain sewing. Please call at No. 100 Barclay street, first floor, back room. Good references given. my20 If re WANTED?A situation by a respectable Woman, as Wet Nnrse. Apply at No. 7 Thames street, back basemen^ _ my20 2t? rc_ "UTANTED?A Boy, that understands drawing and vv tracing fine linea on glaaa, and can make liimseII useful in paintiug, jtc.bc. Also, a Young Woman, that under ataada the above. Inquire at EDWARDS' Lantern Manufactory, myl9 3t*rrc 118 Na*aau street. WO RESPECTABLE GIRLS wi.h a situation?one as chambermaid and washer and ironer; the other as cham bermaid aud waiter. The best of city reference can be given from their last place. Please apply at 21} Elisabeth street, immediately. myl9 2t*rc WANTED, A FEW active Yoang Men to go South or West, to act as Agents for the sale of new and popular Publications. 9300 over and above their expenses will be insured to them in writing, with an opportunity of clearing $1,000 per year. 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A detach ment of recruits will be forwarded toTexaa in the course ot 'he week. my 13 lw?rrc T?t tlx office of the New ion and Harlem Company. mvlt Iwrrr CONSTIPATION, (COSTIVENESS) CURED, WITHOUT PURGATIVE MEDICINES OR INJECTIONS, BY DUMONT'S ERVALENTA. (an alimentary Farina) and the Cochin, Chineie .Nlelasse. Thia discovery waa lately made in Frauce, and has proved a great public benefit, Err Jrnu will not only cure constipation, but alto all diseas es arising from it, as dyspepsia, lie. Sold wholesale and re tail, in whole or halt packets, at the Depot Tor the United Slates of Dcmost's EavALEiT*. 21 Spruce street, and also bv all the druggists and medicine dealers in the United State*. 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May." beT.iof,rh.*i^C,r*t0 r? th<' ",aal P'?*?'; of the mem . To commence at 8 o'clock nreri??ltr my|?3trc A sVA'kmv Vi'\KDK^ '? NOW OPEN FOR THK TueaHav .^,i P~J odwort^ ? Conlet B?"l will perform ererr o'clock. Adm^^ti,c?7r?',',,' c0mm*uc,n? J?"? ?"<1. M ? ! "y"m*re WILLIAM ALLISON. We r"^? | State,X cL^dM? T.'iMC^d tCl.l^d""'^?' l??? United | howes a uu.-s newt yukk mammoth j. ? CIRCUS. T n!??? ??T E8TAB LI SHMENT erer orna ii.d hi nniri,? OK r" State*, comprising 140 Men and Hones re ?"??* kc wiffL CTT,'-y t}1* Performer*, wardrobe, mn ReXta^rwL H^Ubii il'c Pa4rhr!?"; (Pi.) Oresu*" Female' RVU^'f ^?u*?tri"<u. ?monf 1^Jhom is the >-MA dSk MAKI e'SaSS'tJ """*J gftSttf^.tae?t!aaL ed br thiJdf?? ?*trl,ordin?ry and darinc feaU i^rform Vro^etora'jffe'r are l?^,eeleb?t^iT}lcoten,,0Te't' TK.i, k w ? ANT AND GlAN'l ESS. Kuifcalk" .?S i Th'y will appear ,n " Jack and the entertainment* will comprise 17 Act* ofHor.emau.lffn oTm ifo^fc'^ 1th.' Aren?'Mr- HOBBS, wCX oi aa th? 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MATCH will come off over this Course on Wednesday nett. May 20th, at 4 o'clock, P. M., mile beau, to XA lb. wafons, lor SiOO. Mr. S. H. names ch. g. Jim Berry. Mr. J. K. " br. g. Peter Berry. This match will positively come off, as the whole auionst A w**j I 7i !? pnr np, p. p. c ?ntrnrilU, May 19, IM6. my If 2t*rrc DAGUERREOTYPE APPAKATUS. ! JOHN ROACH, OPTICIAN, M NASSAU Street, has 1 constantly on hand the Voightlander, French and Ameri can inartumente, and every article used in the art. Operator* 1 will And his preparation. now called Roach's Qaickatnff, to | -work with certainty and quickness, end to be cheaper for as* than mixing their own chemicals. Cash orders from the cobb I Cry promptly attended to myj Im'rve I PtAN'o FOkTKk 1 "PURCHASERS are invited to call at Chambers' ware-room, A No. MS Broadway, for ? sar>enor tad warranted actic!e. a!7 lm*r THOIIN filUMI'AiWE. 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The steam schooner Florida from Brazos, St. Jago, flth instant, arrived thero last evening. Al though she sailed previous to the departure of the New York, she brings a more full report than the one received by the New York. Col. Wharston, U. S. Army, bearer of despatches, arrived in her. Messrs. Thomas H. Jenkins, A. Baldwin, B. Wol lor, Sir Woolsley, also tan passenger. We aro in debted to a passenger fot the following semi-otti cial report. On the 1st instant, the main body of the army of occupation marched from, tho camp on the Rio Grande, leaving in tho gan ison for Held opera tions die 7th regiment of infa ntry, and die com pany of artillery commanded, by L. Lowd anil Lieutenant Briggs?the whol.-J commanded by Major Brown of the infantry. On the 2d instant, j die army encai.?ped at Point Isttbel early in tho morning. On the 3d, a heavy cannonading was heard in the direction of Matamocas, whicli continued during the day at intervals. Through the night and during the day of die 4th. Owing to the difficulty of communicating with the fort, no intelligence was received at head qaarters respecting the result of the cannonading, until die morning ef tho 5th, when a party was sent forward to ascertain the partic ulars, a brief statement of which is as follow??? At five o'clock on the morning of the 3d, u tire was opened on the fort, from one of tho Mexican batteries, and waa continued widi seven guns. The fire was immediately re turned, and the battery was eilouced by our guns in thirty minutes. Two of tho enemy's guns were supposed to be dismounted. The en emy then ceased firing. From tiie lower fort and mortar battery a brisk fire of sh ot tuad shell was kept up but without damago to die fort or garri son. A deliberate fire was kept tip by our 18 pounders upon die enemy's guns in the city of Matamoras, the considate flag being respected.? Tho fire of tho enemy was kept up without sus pension till half past seven o'clock. At ten it was temporarily suspended. It ro-commonced and continued at intervals till 12 o'clock at night, although it is believed diat from. 12 to 1500 shot were fired by the enemy durilfg the period., A casuality occurred 1 to a sergeant of compa.ny D, 7th infantry, who was killed. Not one of our guns was dismounted, though the eneinys fire was, for sometime, concentrated on the 18 pounder batteries, and the shot fre quendy struck the embrasures. At 5 o'clock on the mornin g of the 4th, the firing was commenced by the enrmy, which was con tinued lor 12 15 shots, and kept up at long in tervals during the day, but without cffect. The amount of damage done to die enemy beyond their battery, cannot be correctly knowri. Capt. Walker, and six odier of die Texas Vol unteers, brought the despatch^ s to Point Isabel. Our boys dismounted ono ol' their 18 pounders, and threw it fifty feet in the air. Gen. Taylar's troops ara in fine spirits, and good health. The above is all die news we have received as yet. Mr. WAHitmoToi* Hmrr, of New York, obtained tho floor, amid quite a scramble for it, and is now speaking. The debate closes in half-an-hour, and the bill will be sure to pass. Proceeding* Ih Congrasa Yeeterday. In the Senate, Mr. Crittenden presented a peti tion asking that Pittsburgh and Wheeling be made ports of entry. Mr. Benton, from the Military Committee, re ported a bill ropplemuntary to the act for prose cuting the existing war with Mexico, and for other purposes. Several private bills were passes. The bill for adjusting unsettled preemption land claims was passed. The Post Oflicc appropriation bill was then taken up. Mr. Speight, of Mississippi, said he would not oppose the bill, but denounced the cheap postage system as intended to keep up high taxes. He asked if the committee intended any chnnge. Mr. Nilks, of Connecticut, reported that the committee contemplated no change as being ne cessary. The bill was then laid over until to morrow. The French spoliation bill was then taken up. Mr. More head entitled to the floor. As this closes he is making a powerful spcech on behalf of the claimants. Honse of RepreseutatlTM. The House went into Committee of the whole > Mr. Cobb in the Chair, and took up the army ap propriation bill. ? Mr. Tibbktts, of Kentucky, spoke for an hour, and maintained that the war with Mexico ought to lie vigorously prosccuted t* a glorious termina tion. He is replying, in the course of his speech, to the assaults made by Mr. G. Davis and Mr. Gridder, of Kentucky, upon the Administration for bringing this war upon us. Mr. Dromgoole of Va, followed and defended the administration and tho majority in Congress for voting iu haste upon the war bill. Mr. D. ci ted as a precedent the embargo act of 1807, which was passed the same day Mr. Jefferson recom mended it to Congress. St Kntma a lot Ettranjero* d In tits. rpKK FRENCH AND SrANISfl Langiacea, Al?e I bra, Geometry, Surreym*, Navigation, and Book k?ep I inc. eiptditionaly and ?ff?<-tually caught, on yry mod>rat? term*. Private Uunm fi??n to adulta, at their own reaidM eee. or aehoola attended. Reference of the htgheat reapeet ability IAOO D. MAURICE, 171 Canal .t. mil latere ENUINt HAVANA SEOaRb" of the new brand K : Jndio Errant?," (The Wandering Jew.) For aala, br .. _ W. MANCHO, at ?i Knlton atreet. ?I lute re fcmniah Hotel. ?P atair*. NOTlCk? |%IL VAN ZANDT* celebrated Health lUytoraflre. An* boi. m/M imwm 11 LATEST INTELLIGENCE. BY THE MAILS. Washington, May 18,1846. In the Senate, to-day, the Indian appropriation bill was passed ; also, a bill repealing ao much of tui act of 1846 as limits the number of men in the navy to 7,800; also, the bill for adding one Pay matter General, and three Paymasters, to die ar my, and making their offices a life tenure, wu passed ; ul?o, the bill establishing the treasury de partment, or three of its heads, a board to Mttle suspended land claims in all the States; also, a bill for the relief of Amos Kendall; also, a revo lutionary pension bill for John Keith, of Madison county. New York. Executive session. The llouse were engagid for the most nart in the discussion of the war with Mexico, the Dill for army appropriations being up in committee. Bill for temporary mail service in Texas passed. Ar my bill still on the anvil. Lumpkin and Chip man defended the Executive in sending the array to the Rio Grande. Toombs and Grider denounc ed the ndministratioh as involving the country in an unnecessary war. Washington, May 18,1640. Items. Tho city is all in exultation at the battering down of Matainoras and tho Mexican*. Taylor is the lion of the day. Meeting on Saturday night at the Navy Yard, for Texas volunteers; Dr. Bronaugh, of Mo., president. Speeches by Mr. O'Neil, a young law yer of Baltimore; Mr. Mulloy, of this city; Capt. Dan Henrie, one of the Mier prisoners, and late from the Castle ef Perote, in Mexice; and others. Some fifteen volunteers. A meeting or two to day, at which further reinforoements were made. We have now nearly a hundred men enrolled for the Rio Grande or the city gf Mexico, aa the case may require. Great temperance meeting on one of the pub lic squares yesterday. President Savage, of the teetotallers, was confronted in debate by a young man " half seas over," and actually driven from the field. The young champion of John Barley corn came up singing? " March to the battle-field, The foe ii now before us; Each heart is freedom*! shield, And Heaven is smiling o'er us. And we'll pass over Jordan, We'll pass over Jordan, And sound the Jubilee." After a most ridiculous discussion, Mr. Savage \feft the youngster and the audience, satisfied that the effect of alcohol, as there illustrated, would have a better effect upon the minds of the assem bly than anything ho could say. Strangers are beginning to come in to the na tional fair, about to open, and to the races, whioh begin to-morrow. TWKNTY-N1HTH CONOKBIS. In fknate> Washington, May IB, IMS. Jlnafhtr Great Day upon the Ore ton Queition? other Richmond in th* Pi*ld. Morning cloudy, and hot as August Prsyer by Rev. Mr. TusUu Petitions by Messrs. Corwln, Westoott sad Btargeoa. RAILROAD ISOir. Mr. Evans reported a bill repealing the duties on nil* road iron. STAFF OF THE ARMT. Oa motion of Colonel Benton, an enquiry was ordered upon the expediency of increasing the aggregate staff officers of tho army. INDIAN TRIBES. The annual bill for the support of the Indian tribes, Was passed. INCREASE OF TIIE NAVY. The bill repealing so much of the Naral appropriation act of 1S4S, as limits the number of men in the naval service to. 7,600 men, was read a third time, and passed. SUSPENDED LAND CLAIMS. The. bill constituting the Commissioner of the Oeneral Lan<i office, the Secretary of the Treasury, and the At torney General a board to adjudicate and settle contested l?nd claims, was taken up, having been amended in com mittee, so as to refer the whole adjudication, first to the Land Office Commissioner, who is to report to the Secre* tary of the Treasury, who is, in case of necessity, to ap ply to tlio Attorney Oeneral, after whi?h the decisions are to be reported to Congress. The bill was discussed by Messrs. Johnson, of La., Huntington, Calhoun, and Johnson, of Md., upon its amended form. After which, Mr. SrcwHT said, I hope the Senator from Louisiana is now satisfied. Mr. Johnson.?Perfectly, sir; perfectly. Mr. Speioht.?Then the Senator, if 1 understand, may have all the benefit of the bill confined entirely to Louisi ana, if he chooses. [An amendment was here proposed.) Mr. Johnson, of La.?That, sir, will postpone the ae^ tlement of these claims for eight or ten years longer. Mr. SrcioHT called for the reading of the bill as amend ed -, and it was read. I Mr. SrEiaHT.?As I understand it, every suspended I claim go?s to the Commissioner of the Land Office first, | then to the Secretary of the Treasury, then to the Attor | ncy General, and then it comes to Congress. All that I wa-at to "know is, after the claim is awarded, does the in. di ridual get a patent before his cose is brought here. Mr. Johnson.?Ves, sir, he gets his patent Mr. Speight.?Then I have no objecUon. You mey send the case to the Parliament of Great Britain, after the claimant has his patent, as &r aa 1 an concerned. The bill was ordered to a third reading. ' THE ISTHMUS Or ?ANklfA. The Senate took up a till apnrepriatUg M.000 for a | moil communication across tfce Isthmus ofPanama. [ Mr. Semtle defined the Subject, and , With some preliminary conversation, Mr. Daytoa pre 1 ooeded to examine, in connection with this bill, SENATE REPORT, HO. SOS. Fr*m Ik* Committee on Pott Officii and Pott Road* fry Mr. Stmplt, on* of th* committee. EXPLANATORY. [Mr. Semple, pursuant to a license on the instructions, enters into a very specific examination of the statistics or the commerce of the world, particularly of the Pacific, of China, kc.; and of the importance to the securing of thie trade, of the acquisition and occupation of the whole of Oregon. He brings to his aid upon this branch, Mr. Wil liam Gilpin, (brother of Henry D. Gilpin, of Pa.) a young gentleman who has been all through the Oregon territo ry and is a 64 40 man, because of the importance of the bays north of 49 for shipping, fisheries, fee. The enthu siastic letter of Mr. Gilpin, introduced by Mr. 8emple into the report, was the especial subject under review.] OftCOOf?THE ENTHUSIASM or MB. ntLMfj ? Mr. Dattor, with tome general observation*, proeMd I ed to the examination of that branch of Mr Sample'* iw j port which constitute* the long letter of Mr. Gilpin on the Oregon question. He gave frequent extract*, which from the manner of the reading, a* much aa from the ; *tyle of the writing, afforded flue amuieinent to the So* I nate. i Among other extract*, Mr. Dayton extracted the fol lowing from Mr. Gilpin's high-wrought political disserta : tiou. l uge 34 of report:? " But the destiny of our nation has become now clearly revealed, and great event*, quickening in the womb it I time, reflect their cleaily defined shadow* into our very eyeball*. These event* are the imperial extension at our republic over the northern continent, and our accea ?ion to tho commercial dominion of the oriental seas ? Oh, why doe* a cold generation frigidly repel ambrosial Sift* like these, or sacrilegiously hesitate to embrace leir glowing and respleudent fate f And again, pago 4'i " I* America to yield everything, everywhere, that i* demanded with tyrannical ana exas perating threat* 1 To be gorged pitctmtal, and have her juet rifhtt and territorial poeteeeione rngulpked in tk* maw. of England .' To be cuffed and kicked down, and bullied round Ike world, and bear all meekly ? Are estab lished provision* of the law* of nations to be paramount for England, and of no account for America T* General explosion of laughter. Mr. Dayton continued from Mr. Gilpin'* dissertation on European joalousy :? " At thia moment a now plot i* under trial, the experi mental opening scene of which i* being enacted on tha La Plata. It i* the designed and not concealed intention of the European tyrannies to carve into convenient mer uit, and ditkup for thrmeelvee, tkie continent of America 1 ?to eack a trencker filled, epictd and cooked to forge eack particular appetite; J or Brasil an extended imperial tway, for France a Mexican monarchy, for Britain mora colonial poieeeeione, to be annually raked empty witk tka drag-net of ker commercial oyetem. It la necessary for western Europe to invent somewhere counterpart* to Po land, to Hungary, to Italy, and the Ukrane. " Shall the term of abject tutelage of the American people to Britons, Gaul*, Dutch, and the ontalogue of semi-barbarian* of Europe, never ceaae 7 J* old l?rn< . forever, like a malignant etep-kag, to ewing to end fro , over o9r keade, and kurl into our facte tka flagellating laek of ker malice Skall tke karpy arietocrociee. filthy and ravenoue bird? of prey, by divine right forever borer over our keade and eouie down on oter republic, and leave nothing, not even our vacant territory, tear en t, untitled, unravieked, and unpolluted by tke elime of tkeir filtky offal } The time ha* come whan thi* timid and sacrile gious awe of Europe must ceaae to disgrace America , when every American heart mu*t feel the goodness, the grandeur, and the power of hi* nation ; muit appreciate the sublime and inevitable destiny to which hi* country men are marching ; must know that our republic is im perial ; that the continent is ours ; that tyrant* shall not Kllute it* confine*, nor aristocracies chest ft of It* equal iertie*! That self-government snd self-advancement (hall stride on their untrammelled way, *nd men llv? free! " Mu*t thi* backward pull of the government never ceaae, and the nation tug forever beneath a dead weight which trips it* heel* at overy *tride " " IVkat longer bind, ?' to bang in etumid ceremony upon tke flaunting berboHeme of Kwrvftj wkere mankind, burled in eack generation round tke circle tfratMotion, return through delate of blood and heartkeinc.m. dined witk domeettc ,laugkter, to eouee again intotke oft frnAAm miff of . The portentous lerio-comico.recitation* of the passage* in italice excited repeated outburst* of laughter in the .Senate ; even Webiter and Berrien laughing as if their side* were endangered by the paroxyam* of tneireaccht nation* Mr. Dattoh continued his beautiful extract*. (Page W ) " Is It not demonstrated, then, that thi* new order in human alf.ilrs ha* already silently approached It* crisis I The thing itself and its fruits coma tranquilly and without effort to the American republic. Let not the government war against it* citizen*, nor interfere to m*r what must in some way be accomplished ! The men of these two great enterprise* of wnich we have spoken may not he thwarted. Tke ambition of tke one incarcerate* ktm in tke womb of a 'kip, to pwreue ewer tke heundleee ocean and tkreugk erneitimg daneare tka ceaturt of Ike tali oea-m+n. *torMs epailie bhMar i oil ilLmat l?y

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