Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 21, 1846, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 21, 1846 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. Vol. XII, Ho. 1M-WIMI* No. 4353. NEW YORK, THURSDAY MORNING, MAY 21, 1846. Prtc* Two Canta. THE NEW YORK HERALD. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, PROPRIETOR. Circulation?Forty Thousand. DAILY HERALD-^Every day. Pnee2csots per topy-#? ts Per annum?payable in advance. ... WEEKLY HERALD?Every Saturday-Price cents per copy?13 12K cenu per annum?payable in advance. ADVERTISEMENTS at the usual price*?always cash in advance. PRINTING of all kiads executed with beauty and dee patch. O* All letter* or communications, by mail, addreaead to the establishment, must be post paid, or the postage will be deducted Irom the subjcsiption money remitted; JAMES GORDON BENNETT. Proprietor ol the die Na? Yoaa Hihald Establishment, North- West comer of Fulton and Nassau alieetr BRITISH AND NORTH AMERI CAN ROYAL MAIL STEAM SHIPS, of IMS tons and 440 horie power, each un der contract with the Loras of the Admi ralty. HIBERMA Capt. A. Ryrie. BRITANNIA Capt. /.Hewitt Caledonia c*Pt. e. q. Lott. ACADIA Capt. Wm. Harrison. CAMBRIA. . ...Capt.C. H. E- Jndkina. Will tail from Liverpool and Boatoa, via Halifax, a* fol lows rion boston. raoM urtirooL. Britannia Jnne 1,184*, I Britannia May 4, 1848. Hiberaia June It, 1*40. Hibernia May 10, IMC. Caledonia July ', IS4I. | Caledonia June 4, IMC. Passage Monet. Prom Boston to Liverpool $1M. rom Boston to Halifax 10. These ships carry experienced surgeons. No bertha se cured until paid for. No freight, except specie, received on the diva of sailing. For freight, passage, or any other information, apply to S. BRIGHAM, Jr., Agent. DEN k GO 'S. ? Wall at. FOR ? HARLE?TON-The steam ship PALMETTO, Capt. Spinney, will posi tively aail Oil Saturday, the 23d May inst., at 4 o'clock, P. M., from Pier No. .3, North 'River. For passage or freight, apply at 100 Broad street, to ? R. J. Van DEWATER k CO. P. 9 ?All ptrsons are forbid trusting any one on account of of this vessel, nider any pretence whatever. my 21 3t*rc FOR FREIGHT OR CHARTER.?The fiue, sst sailing, copper fastened British bark CLA MmpvilENCE. 237 tons register, or 3300 bbls., can have iminruiate dispatch. Apply to l rnytl I w rc PERSSK * BROOKS, 85 and V Nassau at. FOR LIVERPOOL?New Line?Regular Packet ? of 21st Jnne.?The snperior, fast sailing packet ship eROCHESTER, 100 tons bnrthen, Capt. John Brit tonv will sail as above, her regular day. > or freight or pass act, having elegant and superior accom modations, apply on hoard, west side of Barling slip, or to WOODHULl. Sl MINTURN, 87 South street. The packet ship HOTTINOUEK, ION) tons, Captain Ira Burtley, will succeed the Rochester, and sail on her regular nty, 21st Inly. my21 jifit FOR NEW ORLEANS.?Louisiana and New WWVYork Line.?Positively First Regular packet?To JMHSbesail to-morrow. (Friday) 23d inst.?The elegant, faat sailing packet ahip CLIFTON, Ingeraoll, master, will poaitively aail as above, her regular day. For freight or passage, having handsome famished accom modations, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, cr to E. K. COLLINS It CO., M South st Poaitively no goods received on board after this (Thurs day) evening, 2lst instant. Passengers will pleaae be on board at 12 o'clock, to-morrow, at which time the ship will aail. Shippers will pleaae aend in their billa of lading imme diately. Agent in New Orleans. J AS.. E. WOODRUFF, who will promptly forward allgoods to his addreas. Packet ship SARTeLLE, Taylor, master, will anceeed the CLIFTON, and anil Monday, June let, her regular day. my21 ?a^ TO FOREIGN GENTLEMEN arming in the MVUnited States, or other*, desirous of purchasing a per *J^manent Country Residence in PennayIvania.?The sub scriber, desirous of changing his residence, offers for sale hie Farm and establishment, aituated in Montgomery eountr. Pa., U miles north of Philadelphia. It contaiua 308 acrea of land, , 288 of which are in the highest state of cultivation, producing wheat, rye, Indian corn and hay, equal to any upland farm in the Vniou?the remaining 2Q acre* being woodland. On the premises is a fine atone mansion, 60 feet by 43, with a veran dah attached, 13 feet wide, extending the length of the house, and a lu?e piazza ontheeaatj the whole givinj^ample ac am HMMMM commodations for a family of twenty peraons. The pleasure grounds surrouuding the house are shaded with elegant ever greens, and very beautifully laid out. There are on the farm three srene houses for farmers or teuanta. together with three large stone hams, containing atabling and conveniences for a hundred head of cattle, anil for the atorage of 260 tona of pro duce. with coach houae, wagon house, granary and com cribs attached. There are also the advantages of a fine spring house, ice house, fish pond, a garden of two acrea, orchards stocked with the finest trait, green house and grape wall, a stream of apring water in every field, a daily morning and evening mail to and from the city, by which the Philadelphia.and New Vork papera of the same day are received, and an om nibus passing the gate, rooming and evening. In the immediate vicinity are Episcopal, Lutheran and Presbyterian churches. Further description is unnecessary, a* all persons wishing to purchase are invited to call and examine the estate. It may. however, be added that for beauty, healthful situation, anil Wantage* of every kind, it is not surpassed by any in the nited States. To save trouble, it may he wall alao to men a tioa the price, which ia $222 per acre. Apply to GEORGE SHEAFF, Whitemarsh, mylT ttaw 4w?rrc Montgomery Co.. Penn. ? HOTEL DE PARIS.?ANTIONE of the late proprietors of the I'erkins House. Boatoa, respectfully informs his friends and the travelling pub it lie haa opened the house No. 290 Broadway, New entrance on Reade street, called the Hotel De Paris, where he will be happy to accommodate thoae who may wish to patrooixe him, with board and lodging, by the day, week, or month, on the most reasonable term*. my 19 2m eod* rrr DAGUERREOTYPE APPARATUS. JOHN ROACH, Optician, 8S Nassaa Street, HAS constantly on hand, French, German and American Instruments. Costing Boxes, Mercury Baths, and all the e<her material ased by operators, are manufactured under his inspection. 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A new law having passed the Legislature, admitting the im portation of foreign corn and provisions at a very low rate ol duty, an opportunity will be given to thoee who are desirous to chip to the Glasgow market, to open a good connexion with the subscriber, who hee been fifteen year* ia the Grain and Provision trade ; and a* there ha* hitherto been none of any importance, or who had any practical knowledge of that trade juCHaagew, a better opportunity could not be desired by re 3actable houses to form a onnextion in that market. Liberal vances will be given to their ahippers. From the aabsenber's long experience and knowledge of the Gmin aad Provision Trade, and alao hi* friendly intimacy with the buyers, a large and respectable trade may be calcu lated upon. The subeeriber begs to refer shippe/s to Mr. A. H. Finlay, Aster Honse. ROBERT ROBERTSON, mtM lm*r 83 Union street, Glasagow. THE 1'AVIL.IUN, iNJLW blUUlliUW. THE PAJMLION, New Brighton, having undergone con siderame rrpnin and *mbelliabmenta aiuce ill* lut mi* ?ob, ia now ia a more perfect atatr (tan it has ever been ainee it *u firat opened. Everything that eould tend to the com fort ajid accommodation of parttea who may honor it by mak iiitf it their anmmer reaidenee, has been added, and the pro prietor feela isaured that he doea not in ut way praaanae when he aaaerta thai it ia the moat elegant aad complete anm mer establishment on thia continent. Toperaona from diatant parts of the Union, and foreignera, who have uever viaited the Pavilion, it may be necessary to a tale that New Brighton ia sitaated on Slat an laland. at a die tance ofleaa than six miles from New Yortt The Pavilion commauda magnificent views ol the bar af New V'oit, the Hudson and Cut rivers, Loaf laland, and nearly down to the Narrows. Ita position ia at once beautiful and aalubnoaa, the eemr>er*ture being in anmmer aereral degreea cooler than ia ^Kaceiient at* a in boa ta are conataatly plyin* between New York and Staten ialaad, the arerage time oecapied in the pas aage being ouly from twenty-five to thirty annate* ; ao that _ peranna reaiding at New Brighton can reach the baainoM part of tlte city more speedily tl?an from the upper part of Broad way, and the deligntfal tripe across the bay are highly conda ciae to health. The Pavilion will open for the aeaaoai on the Hth mat., aad thayeoprietor will be happy to treet with partiea who may wish to engage aNrtmeata for the whole aeaeon, or for a shorter period ; and if they will pleeae to addreaa a note to the undersigned, care of Mr. C. C. Marah, U Cedar atreet, in forming him whera he may call npon them, or making an ap poiatment, it will be immediately attended to. The Steamboats far New Brighton a tart from No. 1 Pier, North Rirer. r. BLANC ABD. Pavilion. 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WHITWLLL'* ORIGINAL OPODF.LDOC, la the only effectual reaM-dv for Rheumatism, Sprains, Stiff neas of Neck and J"""*,, ??nt, tramp, lie. Recommended by Dr. S. L-Mitcmiu.,late Professor of Physic ia the N. ft. ( ollege of Phyaiciana. Price *J eenta a bottle. VW.ATTtJC AROMATIC SNUFF, For Headache and Catarrh, compoaed principally of Rnota and Aromatir Herbs. Recommended bj the celebrated D? WaTKaiiot.aE, late Professor of Medieine in Howard I'm' rirsity, l ambridge. I'rire 15 and 30 eenta per bottle. ?pwlwuSfisj By Magnetic Telegraph and THE MAILS. ARRIVAL OF THE 8TEAM 8CHOONER FLORIDA AT NEW 0RLEAN8. FURTHER PARTICULARS OF THE BATTLE. i SEMI ? OFFICIAL ACCOUNT. The Second Cannonading. HEALTH OF THE TROOPS. i THE FATE OF CAPTAIN THORNTON. Naval and Hilitary Preparations. ACTIVITY AMONG THE VOLUNTEERS. THEIR GREAT INCREASE, Ac. Ac. TKLKGRAPHIC DESPATCH-NO. I. Tlio steam schoouor Florida, from Brasos, St. Jago, 5th instant, arrived at New Orleans on the 11th instnnt. Although she sailed previous to tho departure of the New York, she brings* a more full report of the battle. Col. Whistler, U. S. Army, bearer of despatches, arrived in her. Messrs. Thomas H. Jenkins, A. Baldwin, B. Wol ler, Sir Woolsley, also ten passenger. We are in debted to n passenger for the following scmi-ofB cial report. On the 1st inst., the main body of the army of occupation marched from the camp on the Rio Grande, leaving in the garrison for field opera tions the 7th regiment of infantry, and the com pany of artillery commanded by Lt. Lowd and Lieutenant Briggs?the whole commanded by Major Brown of the infantry. On the 2d instant, the army encaMperf at Point Isabel early in the morning. On the 3d0 a heavy cannoniuling was heard in the direction of Matamoras, which continued during the day at intervals, through the night, and during the day of the 4th. Owing to the difficulty of communicating with the lbrt, no intelligence was received at head quarters respecting the result of the cannonading, until the morning of the 6th, when a party was sent forward to ascertain the particulars, a brief statement of which is as follows:? At five o'clock on the morning of the 3d, a fire was opened on the fort, from one of the Mexican batteries, and was continued with seven guns. The fire was immediately re turned, and the battery was sileuced by our guns in thirty minutes. Two of the enemy's guns were supposed to be dismounted. The en emy then ceased firing. From the lower fort and mortar battery a brisk lire of shot and shell was kept up, but without damnro to the fo? or garri son. A deli berate fir ? wa? kept up by our 18 pounders upon the enemy's guns in the city of Matamoras, the conmlate fl.ig being respected.? The fire of the enemy was kept up without sus pension till half past wven o'clock. At ten it was temporarily suspended. It ro-commenced and continued at intervals till 12 o'clock at night, although it is believed that from 12 to 1600 shot were fired by the enemy during the period. A casuality occurred | to a sergeant of com pany D, 7th infantry, who was killed. Not one of our guns was dismounted, though the enemy's fire was, for sometime, concentrated on the 18 pounder batteries, and the shot fre quently struck the embrasures. At 5 o'clock on the morning of the 4th, the Aring was commenced by the enemy, which was con tinued lor 12 or 16 shots, and kept up at long in tervals during the day, but without effect. The amount of damage done to the enemy beyond their battery, cannot be correctly known. Capt. Walker, and six other of the Texas vol unteers, brought the despatches to Point Isabel Our boys dismounted one of their 18 pounders, and threw it fifty feet in the air. Gen. TayUr's troops are in fine spirits, and good health. TBLBOIAPH1C DESPATCH-NO. II. It appears that Major Brown, and not Major Ringgold, had command of tlie American fortifi cation during the battle with the Mexicans. The safety of Captain Thornton and Lieutenant Rand is confirmed by the New Orleans Picayune, of the 12th instant. There is nothing further relative to the " heavy cannonading." That news is yet to coine. The Governor of Maryland has received a re quisition from the President for two thousand troops. Further Particulars of the Battle on the Rio Grande. Special Despatch** to the If. T. Hrrmld OOrr. Nrw Oblka** Mcy 19, 1846. Again we are ia the receipt of newa from oar army on the bank* of the Kio Orande ; and, although it aomewhat altera the complexion of affair*, i* of a hlgnly interesting character, and doubtless the neat newt that comes, will bring m the official intelligence that Metamoras ia a rain ?that the Mexican forces, this aide the Rio Orande, have been met and conquered. The newa of which I apeak, was brought direct from Point laabel by the ateam achooner l- lorida, which arrived late laat evening, having left the Point on the ufternoon of the Ath inat Hhe brought any quantity ot official deapetche* lor the department here aad at Waahington 1 he accounta publiahed in the paper* thia morning of the battle, are official, and there lore correct You will perceive that the Mexican* kept up an inceaaant fire for aeveral daya. It to the intention of Gen. Taylor to remain at Point laa bel, until that piece ia sufficiently fortified to retiat any force | and aa soon aa he receivea a large reinforcement of voiuutoer*, he will regain hia camp, and with a further reinforcemeut invade Mexico. To do thia, he inuat have an army of at leeat so,000 atrong, and leave a atrong force at Point laabel, aad at the entrenchment oppoaite Mato moraa. Aa a matter of courae, it will be aome time, *ay aix weeka or two montha, at leaat, before auch an army can be raised. Doubtleaa, however, with a 1'ar interior force, the General will take up a potition on the oppoaite aide of the river, and visit the towna along the banka of the river, and extend hit researchea some distance in the interior. There ia no porticolar harry about hi* return ing to camp with nppUea, aa, with the reduced number*, caused by the mate body going to the Point, there wax provision enough in (he camp to feat thirty day* at leaat The work of enUetiag goe* on braveljr-troop* are pour ingln fromaUquarters, and fuU three regiment.are now aSk'wjioto four regiments aakea for from thia State will be off by next Sunday- a* aoon as they can be equipped. You may aately reckon that with thefonr re giment* from here, three regiment* from Mobile aad three from Texas, together with the regulars that kave gone, the army within thirty day* will amount to 13.000 troop*, counting those now at camp, and Point Isabel. Baaine** i* pretty lively, bat money i* rather tight, aad freight* are constantly increasing. A Liverpool was engaged yeiterday at 1 l-10d, and a large offer made for another veaaeL A recent ihipment of cotton waa made at ]d in an Kngliah veaaoL >1 J 6 per bbl. ia de manded on flour from here to New York, and 36 cent* per buihel for corn. The sale* in cotton yesterday amounted to abont 9,000 balea. To-day they have reached the same amount, at yesterday'* price*, and * ill. probably, reach >,000 belore the huiiness of the ?'*) n included. The amount on hand is MO,Mi bale The new* by the ? ?'.rt>ria auirod here this morning, being put ahead of Im mail li) he telegraph. There were t ut a tow itenv it 11''rd. Several of the paper* issued slip*. Two companiea of > ct.rfttrrr?, of 100 each, arrived this morning from np the riior One of them ia commanded by a Methodiat preacher Oto rMnei has made an ad ditional requisition upon .he Governor* o( Tenoeasee and Kentucky tor four regiment* of troops from aech State, and upon the Governor* of Miiiiujppi and Missouri for two regimentt each. Your*; kc., D. , . . , Naw Oat.****, May 12. 1846. I nave barely time to tend you the encloeed slips, they containing the latest from the army and of a more official character. Cen. Gaines kaa nude ? requisition ai fol lows:? On Tennessee. . . .8,400 men. Kentucky.. . .8,400 men. k Missouri 1,800 " Arkansas 1.900 ?? Mississippi 1,800 " Alabama 1,200 " The above to be all infantry and riflemen. There are now ready and will depart thia evening 800 troops (volunteer*.) The Legion, the most effective corps in the United State*, have volunteered, a* you will perceive, and will be mustered into service ou Thursday and embark on Saturday. .?ntertaiaod for the *afety of General i y ?? He u ?o be m ? wor*e position than former ly. The next arrival wiU teU the tale. Whore i. the administration f N- t) ?" ?0A"n 8t*am P*or?LLBH Klobida, > Ohlka*?, May 7 isis. S 1 Lxcuso me for taking the liberty to drop you thi* | I hop* you will be a* much pleased to learn the newj of our section of country, a* we ar. in noticing them from your country in your valuable paper, wlffch flndi lu SB?'h" ?*" r a*dd ? Tty}V U * Po,nt with all hit troop, ex cept those (about 600 men) under Major Brown, to make h>CUITi i ll,e d#P?t tor provision*, ko. It u w *' ?oon M th? volunteer* arrive legend'ready. W"1 bl*v# of *?"' ?'way. *U1 ? *?'u"t*er company, with *ix other*. w"7" through to the fori, opposite Matamora* notwithstanding the ohaparral, wa* Kill of Mexican*' i^Kn ,tEI? back' he WM compelled to retreat; but SIi?"-i^Bd. flffhtln*. cutting, fcc., hi* way through, he amvod safely to oar camp. Point liabeL The officer* and all hand* were to present him a flne horse for hi* gallantry. There must have been not les* than .>000 Mexican* when our fort wa* attacked. The chan parral are full with them. Our folk* knockod one of the enemy'* 18 pounder* about 40 feet up in the air, the third (hot. Capt Walker had six of hi* men killed, in enmp, while he wa* out scouting, *ome day* ago. He ha* had *ome .ati.faction already. 2*n; T'y'or.1^1 we.U ?n'1.rt?wd ; so are our officer* and soldier* all in good health ; they are rifo for any thing. When I return, which will be shortly I will 'Irop you the new*. '' I left aoon after the expreia got In on the ftth, in the morning. [From the New Orlean* Bulletin, May 18.1 ?v;?" ,t?am ??h?oner Florida, Capt Clift, arrived la*t ath^S JS#Krm"?w "hence she sailed on the oth mst. Although not *o late by one day a* the New 0 ? ? bring* letter* and paper* containing more cir cumstantial and particular Account*. The mTil??. however, were not opened la*t night, and we have only' ? correspondence aa we were fa vored with by private hand. We do not think, from the information we have, that any apprehenaion* need bo entertained of a disastrous battle. We believe it waa not Oen. Taylor'* intention to leave the encampment at Point Inbel. until it 4 portion of hi. reinforcemenu had arrived. In thi* case he would not only leave Point liabel secure, but would be able to make hi* way through any force the Mexican* could bring across the river As for the camp opposite Matamoraa, it is a regular bas tion intrenchment fortification of fivo sides, very stromr and well supplied with guns. It has a force of about 560 men, with provisions, as we are informed, for thirty days and abundance of ammunition,except for the 18 pounders' which is accordingly husbanded. The enemy's artillery! ? lu'?r from the little effect of his cannonading, is not soi perfect or else not so well served as was supposed. The place may .therefore, w u think, be counted frefcfrom &er.T?pt.Vy rau,,r T1?ere was reason to think ?? ? attempt to storm it waa in contemplation by tho Mexicans, and their irregular fire kept up for the purpose of fatiguing the garrison in advance. Major Brown however, whom (Jen. Taylor left in command, ia repre * Ter/ cool and prudent, as well as brave offi cer, and there is no fear that he will be found at fault and as a successful assault upon a battery requires so' much greater a degree of discipline and resolution than have ever boon exhibited by the Mexicans, no attack thev can make is likely to be successful. We have heard by this arrival (though onr corres pondence says nothing of it) that neither Captain Thorn ton, nor Hardy, nor Lieut. Kane was killed. It is stated th!t thcy7re reWned'ta MaS^nd*rec^i"^ ?h2 cWiUzed'naUona.'*1111011 dUe to ?f w,r *?**??? The Mexican force is variously estimated, and we nre sume that nothing definite can be known concerning it ler Fl0rida WM Col. Whist ,?r- We regret to hear that he comes up under arrest We have not learned for what cause. The following circumstantial account of the movements and operations on the Mexican frontier are Iron, an ot? cial and authentic source. ? ? . ~ Capt Walker and six others brought in tho despatches from ..lajor Brown to Oen. Taylor with much difficulty and danger. The whole chaparral couutry i* fillod with Mexican*. It is supposed that not less than five thousand Mexican* attacked our fort. Our " bova" blew one of the enemy'* eighteen pounders about fifty feet in the air th? third shot gJod health!01' ??C?r" and ?oUi,r*' ? fine spirits and The following letter, from a very intelligent gentle man, contains other interesting particulars, and rives a connected account of affairs ou the Rio Bravo ,... .I'0"<T IfVLL' Mat '? ?M?-10 o'clock at night. ? ^?^.VIUlntd conimand on the 34th ultimo, and informed Oen. Taylor that war waa begun, but would be conducted on humane principles, and that he would nation! courage as well as humauity of his Thf Immediately creased in force and occupied P"1*!' wt*"?P?ngcommunications, etc., and cap 'iwr! dr**?ona under command J Captain Ihornton, who in reconnoitering, entered a field and wa* suddenly attacked by a heavy force 1 his movement endangered thi* place, (Point Isabel) fl . - ?.nCC' ^ whJSh wer* and large enougi for ten times its garrison. Accordingly, on the 1st inft. Oen. Taylor placed M^jor Brown, 7th infantry, with his regiment, anu two companies artillery under I'sttt I nnH *,ldLie"t Bragg, in all about 640 men, including 40' |u. valids, able to .wnd at the breastwork, with !?o days' supplies in the fortification, and with the remainder of Jii? force the Oenerai fell back to this place, to re-establish h s communication, and receive reinforcements to ena ble him to resume the field. His march was unlnterrupt h J o clock this morning, a heavy cannonade was heard, which lasted with intervals till 3 o'clock thia after noon. No news from there has reached yet. Capt. Walker, in command of a company of mounted Texan*, i* winning laurels in the chaparral 0*n. Taylor is expecting reinforcement's from New Orleans and from Texas, under his call upon the Oover nors ot both those Stat -a. 1 er The Cnitod States force was insufficient to overawe the en?mr. b?t on their part, they have been singularly ti mid and inefficient, in not attacking this place white it was weak, and in letting TavlorpJ. unmoved trough the chaparral, where discipline was unavailable in tho!* impenetrable thicket., preienUng juU space e,.oui?, fo " daring marksman, who knows the ground Now the face of tilings is changed. Taylor is at his base of options, in lore* to strengthen and defend it If they take Brown's intrenchments they will pay for it Great results sre now beyond their reach. May 4th, 4 o'clock, P. M.-Capt May, with a squadron of dragoons, has returned from n scout He reports a heavy lorce encamped on the road twelve miles below Matamoras, whose camp be passed around Cautain M*r Wii,h Mren of h,? Texas Hange'rsfand entered to communicate with the fort, last nirht M.v waited till daybreak for him, but Walker not returning Slflin camP- *'"> ?'is command was mis' taken for Mexicans, and an alarm given. In twenty mi to^ vi battle"* W'th h" Whoi* ,orc" wt" 'n full march foreemen.lTan1ve*Bee ?" - ?is rein May 4th ? w alker not returned. Two Mexican scouts t?n?*s 'Aery ,ine'1 Wlth monring '"ring still heard at the fort this Ten "'clock.?I open this to add that Walker is ia. Th. fort safe. M^jor Brown is hoarding his ammunition-ha? lost only one man, a serjaant of B company and mounted their heaviest guns, silencing thebauervimm^ diately opposite^ Waller think. MmaTwZ m^ about an hour after daylight (From tho New Orleans Picayune, May 18 1 Pem* Isabel, May 6, lo4d.?When tho express came in thi. morning, I hurriedly penciled down tho gretifviiw intelligence wnich it brought us, expecting the boat wouhl leave in a lew minutes, it now only wait* for Gen. Taylor's official despatch, which is being prepared lor Washington. Having heard the official report irom Major Brown read, and having a letter before me from there, I will give you further particulars accordingly. On the morning ol the 3d, at reveille, the .Mexicans o|?enod their battoriea upon the work, throwing balls and snells without intermission until sunset, finuning with hall a dozen extra one. at tattoo, for a lullaby. At reveille, on the 4th, they opened again, MnJing a few shot, and shells, wnich complimont was repeated at noon. Our artillery silenced the fort oppoUlo our. in half an hour after toe firing commenced on the 4th and knocked three embrasures into one. This caused 'them to stop firing there for a considerable time, to repair damages. Our artillery also dismounted several of tneir guns, and from appearancos must have killed many men On our part but one sergeant, of the 7tii infantry was killed?being shot in the head with a 3 lb. ball. Ha waa carried to the hospital, when, strange to say, a shell fell and olew the remauider of his beau off. Home twenty men ware standing around the hospital when the aheil bui *t; levaral were knocked down, but none injured. One artillery soldier was slightly wounded by anioceof a shell, and many have made narrow escape*. We only kept up Mr tire for about two hours?saving our ammu niuon whilst theirs was being thrown away. From their thrown from 1600 to UOOO shots ami shells, and killing but one of oar men and woumling another, you *^*7 "re none ol the best artillerists, and tnat we Md good oelenees. Their shot rendered a good ma ^ onr.'*,rt* UB**,?iceahie, but all our men are ia riurT"*? anxiou. to cone to close quarters. sol?i?r? iu! if H ?Uu* *nm* "l * P*"* ol M**'caa ^t? be^?w ia" fan- 1 he Chaparral wlto^r ^ ? ?hive *o lull is it Tn Use rJ^fo, h- . ,"^MEht they will make an assault "gL-y its i sr."i 2 NTTsssfsssirs, ."JS1 brought down from above. he [From the Washington Union, May 1*.] From the Rio Grande. We learn that despatches ware reoaived thia evening from Oeneral Taylor, dated the 3d and &th instant?both Toint Isabel and the fort on the Rio Granee, perfectly On the lit, tho defence* on the river being made strong, (nearly completed,) General Taylor left a gai ri aon of some 500 men, under Major Brown, of the 7tli in fantry, and marched with the remainder of his army (47 m.les) to Point Isabel. Not an enemy was ?ean in the whole distance. All apprehensions for the safety of that depot of supplies were thus dissipated. But on the morning (6 o'clock) of the 3d, the enemy, from the side of Matamoras, opened a heavy cannonade upon our fort, which lasted, with but little intermission, till midnight In the meantime, the enemy's guns (all but one mortar) were silenced by our fort. Maj. Brown lost one sergeant killed, and not another man wounded. Our gallant little band expected an assault from this side of the river at the same time, and waa fully prepared to repel it. None was made. Matamoras was necessarily fired upon in the act of si lencing the enemy's batteries, and also to kill or disperse the troops therein quartered. The buildings were proba bly but little damaged. The inhabitants, no doubt, had mostly Hod before the commencement of the cannon ade. What number of Mexican troops were killed wm only known by coujecture; no doubt a confide rable number. Gen. Taylor, at Point Isabel, expected, on the ftth, to march the next day with a heavy train of supplies for the fort on the rivor, and thence to assume offensive opera tions against the Mexicans-, but a private letter makes the Crobable conjecture that Gen. Arista had returned with is regulars to the other sido of tho ri<-er?leaving in the chapparals only the rancheros?his irregular cavalry. It is not likely that he will re-invade Texas, as Gen. Taylor had received, or expected to receive the 0th instant, seve ral detachments of troops (regulars and irregulars,) from New Orleans. The affair with Captain Walker's Texan rangers, as was represented by rumor, was much exaggerated. In Ihe temporary absence of that gallant and enterprizing officer, his company lost, by a surprize, but a handful of men?8 or 10. (^Captains Thornton and Hardee, and Lieutenant Kane, all of the 3d dragoons, had arrivod unhurt, prisoners of war, at Matamoras, and reported themselves to Oeneral Taylor, by letter, as kindly treated. In the cannonade Major Brown, Captain Mansfield of the engineers, Captain Lowd, and the garrison, were all much ,distinguished. General Taylor always writes coolly. His march, when he expected to meet 8,000 Mexican horse, was a gallant enterprise. The Mexicans have not probably had, good and bad, 4,000 troops on the lower Kio Grande. Surprise and Surrender of Capt. Thornton's [Prom the New Orleans Picayune, May It] On the evening of the 33d ultimo, Gen. Taylor's spies brought in intelligence to the effect that about two thou sand live hundred Mexicans had crossed the Rio Grande to the Texas side above the American fort, and that about fifteen hundred of the same had crossed below. Gen. Taylor immediately dispatched ? squadron of dra goons to each place of crossing for the purpose of recon noitering them and ascertaining their position. The squadron ordered below was in command of Capt Ker, the one above waa commanded by Capt Thornton, and composed of Capt Hardee, Lieut's Kane and Mason, with sixty-one privates and non-commissioned officers. The former commander, Capt Ker, on arriving at the point where it was supposed they had crossed, found that the report was false, that they had not crossed there, but had all crossed above, which was afterwards proved by Capt Thornton's command being surprised, in which Liout. Geo. Mason,with nine men were Killed and two wounded. The wounded were sent to lien. Taylor's camp ; the ar my having* no hospital in the field Capts. Thornton, Hardeo, und Lieut Kane miraculously escaped, together with the balance of the non-commissioned officers and men, but were captured and are now prisoners of war in Mexico. The circumstanoes which led to the surprise are these: After Capt T.'s command had proceeded np the Rio Grande about 34 miles, and as waa supposed, to within about three miles of the Mexican camp, tne guide refused to go any further, and stated as his reason that the whole country was infested with Mexicans. Capt T. however, proceeded on with his command about two miles, when he came to a farm house, which waa enclosed entirely by a chaparral fence, with the exception of that portion of it which bordered on the river, and this was so boggy as to be impassable. Capt T. entered thia enclosure through a pair of bars, and approached the house for the purpose of making some enquiry, his command follow ing him. So soon as hia command had all entered the en closure, the enemy, having been concealed in the chap arral, about two thousand Ave hundred in number, corn command. He then wheeled his command, thinking that he could charge through the enemy and pass out where he had entered, not, however, without a considerable loss. This he attempted, but did not succeod, the enemy bei ng too strong. At this instant, Capt. Hardee approached him for the purpose of advising him how to extricate themselves The firing of the enemy still continuing, Capt Thornton's horse, having doubtless received a shot, ran away with him and leaped the chaparral fence and plunged into t precipice, where he fell, with Capt T. under him, where the latter remained insensible for five or six hours. Thii casualty placed Capt Hardee in command, who attempt cd, with the residue, to made his escape by the river, in tending, on arriving at its margin, to swim it In this h? failed, finding it so boggy that he could not get to it He then returned, taking the precaution to get out oi distance of musketnr, dismounted and examined the arms of his men, determining to sell their lives as dearly as possible. Before he had succeeded, however, in the in spection of his arms, a Mexican officer rode up and asked him to surrender. Capt H. replied that he would surren der on one condition, which was, that if the Mexican General would receive them as prisoners of war, and treat them as the most civilized nations do, he would sur render, but on no other conditions. The Mexican officer bore this message to the Oeneral commanding, and re turned with the assurance that he would . Capt 11. then surrendered. Capts. Thornton and Hardee, with Lieut. Kane and the residue of the non-commissioned officers and privates of Capt T.'s command, are, now prisoners of war in Mexico. The enemy treat them remarkably well. Lieut. Geoige Mason was a fine young officer, and his death is much regretted. His sabre btlt was recognized among some articles that were subsequently captured from the enemy. safe. Command. The Military Movement* and Preparation* for the War. [From the New Orleans Bulletin, May 19.] The volunteering throughout yesterday, wo under stand, was quite brisk. Some new compenioe were itart ed, and others before in progress, completed. [From the New Orleans Delta, May 13.1 The citizens of Oerman origin have raised a fine com pany, to be called the Black Hussars, the same as that of the celebrated corps commanded bv the gallant Duke of Brunswick, who was killed in the iamous Belgian cam paign, Jane. 1815. The company already muster 90 men, many of whom sereed in the armies of Europe. We doubt not it will be a valuable and cfflcient corps. The officers are CapL Chas. Kckhnrd, First Lieut Francis Copicus, Second Lieut T. Bruning. [From the New Orleans Picayune, May 13.] A gentleman who arrived from Galveston yesterday, relates to us an anecdote in regard to the gallant Texas Ranger, CoL Htys, the authenticity of which we do not doubt CoL Caaales, a Mexican chief, at the head of a large body of cavalry, sent word to CoL Hays, then at San An tonio. to the effect that he, CoL Canales was at the head of 1900 Mexican eavalry upon the Arroyo Colorado, and should be very happy to receive there CoL Hays and the Rangers. To this Col. Hays promptly responded by the same messenger, that h would give him pleasure to pay hi* respects to CoL Canales, and that he would accordingly wait upon him for that purpose with 400 Rangers on Wed nesday morning, the Sth instant Should this interchange of courteaies take place?and we have no reason to doubt it, for Hays is determined to cut his way to Oen. Taylor's camp?we shall assuredly hear of warmer work than any wnich ha* yet been re ported. (n-fr [From the Charleston CouriAPMer 16.1 We are informed that orders were received here yes terday, directing CoL Gates to send three companies to Texas, viz: one company from Fort Moultrie, sad each of the companies now stationed at Augusta and Savannah. [From the Baltimore American, May IB.] We hear with great satisfaction that the Majir Gene ral of the Third Division Maryland Militia, is vigorously prosecuting the necessary measures for filling up all the vacant commissions in his command. This is all right, and a fine opportunity now presents itself for thoea hav ing the requisite qualifications, to render good service to their country. We |.resusse that, as soon as the officers are appointed, an enrolment of the city will follow, and that we shall have that perfect organisation becoming her high character. It is no time now to bold back from the chuen soldier's duty. [From the Philadelphia Keystone, May 30.) We are authentically informed that there is a proposi tion before the government, by Gen. HOratio Hubbell, of the *d brigade, 1st division, P. M., to raise a Rifle or Light Infantry Brigade, for the United States service, to go wherever and whenever the President shall inquire. Whether the services of State Brigadiers, when producing a volunteer force suitable to their rank, will tie accepted in the line of the army, we know not, but should presume they would, from the recent case of Gen. Pereifor Smith, of New Orleans. Naval Preparations. [From the New Orleans Tropic, May 19.| The steam shin Mississippi, with the news of the cos? mencement of hostilities between this and the Mexican Government sailed bam Pensacola on the 4th, with the news, she probably errived at Vera Cruz, oa Saturday last. Kre this, we doubt- not that the "Yankee Commo dore" haa opened his battery on St Juan d'Ulioa. He has the victorious example of Prince de Joinvilie before him, without any of the Prince's advantages in attacking the fort?Commodore Conner will have to contend against i ^heavier betteries, and better engineers, and the Mexicans e ill not let him teka the postttea they did the Frsnch prince in the attack. If oar surmises are correct, onr American tars are triumphant [From the Washington Union, Msy 19 ] The Secretary of the Treseery hss sdopted the moit energetic ineesures in placing an aimed force afloat, un der the control of the commanding general of the srmy in Tenee, end the sAcera ef the revenue marine are con stantly voiantearing for eotive service. The* feet* thould act as a greet stimulus to others. It is certainly no time now to throw cold water upon the energies ct that service, es is exempted to soase quarters. The set vice* of every man .who can heararm* are important at tbi* moment, irrespective of particular P?)"*foUowln* Wo under*tand that on Setar.lay la*t, the followlnr vewe 1. were ordered to repair forthwith to the -at of ^Woodbury"* Mo?"ri7 and Forward. with an aggregate^orce of two hundred and fifty men and thirtj^nve guns, of from thirty-two to twelve pound calibre. rprom the Baltimoro Sun, May_19] 4 rumor having trained some degree of currency, tint there weii .ui^Kl vowel. in our harbor, fitting out sssr&sts aarssss liave l>een recently in port a coup e ot ve**el* but their nimon wa* purely pcaceiui. ana any repair* made to them, were only *uch a. ?ay ve.^l m ght require after a voyage. Wo may that tome of our merchant# were arming their vewei* oreUratory to sending them out on tbair accustom od trading voyages, to us to be ablo to moke resistance, at lea,wVy pr"v?W.r or pirate by which they m.ght be attacked. Mlwellaitfon*. [Krom the New Orleans Delta, May 19.] We were informed by a friend yesterday, that he had received a loiter from IWcola. dated the #th, .tating that much excitement exi.ted at that place on account of a supposed design among the negroe? to revolt. The French schoouer Oironde. No. 4, Capt. Pontete, from Liverpool bound to Matnmoras, with a cargo of 160 ?ckages mChandise. came up to the ctv U^ere^nr having been ordered off from the mouth of the K?o iraude on the 1st inst, by the U. S. hrig Lawrence. C*Ti?oL,cirv irtiic A?my.-Areportcireula. ted in New Orlean. that thoKev. J. J. ,1. jlon had adv'^1 the Catholic* under hi* spiritual direction in New Or lean*, not to engage in a war again*! their brother Catho lic* of Mexico The llev. gentleman ha* published a card in the Bulletin, laying, that " if any man in that commu nity who i*ontitled toll, haracter of a man, would give ?upr"'LS"K?Su?i?u. KSt. I J"1 iVSK* the conviction that I wa, too well known to tho*e who*e good opinion* 1 priie, for 1 mirh a stealthy effort at defamation to taint me with *uin *uch a *teai y subjects of the Sovereign Pontill, whoae catholicity ft let* oqiivocal than that ofthe Mexl !-?m w*io had dishonored and inanlted the flag of my i-ountrv I would bo found among the first to stop the mo" th. of mendacious croaker, about an unholy war. by demanding prompt and in*tantaneou. rep^n^ Thcxtrtcal and Musical. | Pj?rk T..KAT?Bl-Mr. Bass' benefit took place nt the ' ? Park laat night. The performances commenced wiUi the , ?' Taming of the Shrew." but unfortunately we were too merits of the acUng. A., however. Mr. VandenoA pla> gSftQl&SbS&l he thanked the very largo anil la*nionao.? ? him._ Signora rico *a g. t fu 8ogno A being ?ccompa ne" '.?Mr B?iSie?' on the piano-forte. The perform-. n,ed . iLnihtIn torThe benefit of Mr. Barrett, who i* rsyrssWTwS patron* * ** ^ sritf ; or A Tragedy Kehear*ed." So great attrac.Uons will scarcely fail to draw a full house. *, Bow Ear THVirai.-The " Hunchback" was agam presented at the Bowery last evening, Mi*. Jul,*D#ttn sustaining the pert of Julia, and Mr. Scott that of Master Walter. Tho house waa crowded by a highly fashlou able and intellectual audience, who seemed fully to ?p-! preciate the talent exhibited by tlie young candidate for of Study and practice wilt "^cr . u a in I i?.v'XjrT. sriassaaLsri'isa *.2ss: i?g mere artisttwl rtliu?na stage- refinement SSBMJSSliSSSi. the expectations of her "dresses with, exquisite teste and he. pleasing m )M?autiful bd-i true to na uttitude* are ^general y knowledge of iture bu?i~ ture ; hut she ye, Scquired sufficient ! 215 ";o.d SSTTSSiSrS " "w??- '? her benefit nnd last appearance. ?ont hSSt? "" (it) intelligence. ConaecsATioi* or Thimii Chusch.?Trinity Chwrch in to be consecrated to-'Uy, being Asoen?ion day. It will be a very imposing affair. At 10 o'clock the prooesaion of between two and three hundred clergymen will he foi med at Bunker's, and march to the church In black robe* and white aurplicei. There are 189 pew* in the church, and each pew-holder receive* two ticket*. There have been 9000 ticket* i**ued, and no peraon will be ad mitted without one. The consecration service will be performed by Bishop McCoekry. Liim Oboaw.?A first claaaed organ, for Orace Church, Providence, will be publicly exhibited, thi* afternoon, at four o'clock, at Mr. F.rben's manufactory, Centre street. A Hc?otuTi#"t??T The Re*. Benja min Hirrey, a Baptiat minister, of the advanced age o 111 yeara, and formerly a soldier in the revolutionary army, immediately under the command of Gen. Washing ton, has arrived in this city, and is expected to deliver a course of lectwres next week at the Tabernacle. We understand the old gentleman retains his intellectual faculties In fall vigor. His lectures will be interesting, both on account oinis advanced age and the many inte resting associations connected with his early life, amid the stirring scenes of the revolution. Robbebt.?'The houaeof Giles BleuveUan, No. 900 Sul livan street, was entered on Tuesday afternoon, and rob bed of )lff in bills and specie. Taiido ik am Kmiobawt.?A man named John Demody, fresh from the K me raid Isle, waa endeavoring to ret two eovereigns changed into Yankee money, when he was met by a " burner," who kindly consented to change it for him, which he did by putting it in hi* pocket and giving the emigrant some worthless bills on the St. John's Bank of Mewtreal. Iitrsirr Fov?ro.?A new born female infant was found on Tuesday night, on the door mat of John Darrah, No. 40 Charles street, by one of the domestics. CaicxcTiwo.?The Mount Vernon Cricket Club met an Tuesday, having a beautiful day for their spert The bowling, as wall as we could see from the stone fence, waa capital, eapecially the gentleman in the bine jacket; also, the one with a ? hocking bad hat But M will do if they will only offer their services to the government, for, in about one inning, they would stand a vary good chance to string some of o?r ancient Mexicane' eyaa oat, if not (anything else.) Maswaaisw.?It will he aeon, by aa advertisement in thia day's paper, that a free lecture on Mesmerism will he given this evening at Clinton Hall. Mabamk Au-mjsta.?This distinguiehed and popnlar dammit has arrived la this city from Baltimore, m mat' for Kurope. We undent and she intends to visit Iranre, but will return to the United State* in the fall, and will again make her appearance before a New York audience. Her career has been a most brilliant one, everywhere <>n her tear. She waa received in Baltimore and Chiladei phia with the utmost enthusiasm, aad is deservedly popu lar ia thia country. We wish her a safe *ad agreeable voyage across the Atlantic, aad a speedy returaia the foil. * Uasan Coa*.?Oreaa Cera is sailing to Mobile. It wis aisad about thlwe miles from the atty prspsr A Shadk LATtii from Ei'hopk. ? The ship Liberty bus arrived from Cork, whence she snU'id on the 21st ult. Only one paper of that duu) wu^rcou ived. Wtj Eire told that it contains no new*. We learn, verbally, that the cotton market was linn in LiverjKJol, at the last account*; but whether or not thone accounts are Hny later than received by the last steamer, if a matter or kohi* doubt. A Cork pnjier ol' the 21st, can hardly contain any later news than of the 19th from Liverpool. Sporting Intelligence. TSOTTIMO ON THE CdTaCVILLK T**CB, VllTHHUO ?A mutch that hat excited considerable latere** amid tho sporting community ef this vicinity, came off aa above. It was between two "green uni," namesakes, m follow* :? Match for $600?mile heat*?in U60 lb. wagona. Mr. 8. H,, named ch g Jim Berry. Mr. J. E hr g Peter Berry. Col. Bartine drove Jim. Tho odd*, previoua to the start, wore A to S on Peter?ahortly afterwards, it waa li to I, and no taker*. Even against that no heat was dona in 3 minute*. First heat?Jim took tho lead, and kept it all the way round, the brown breaking *ome throo or four time* ia t* progre**. The former came home, some G org leugth* u front, an easy winner, in 3m. Ui. Second heat?Vary similar to the previou*. except that they were further a|>art at the close. In coming in, Peter waa almoat, if not quite, distanced ; the former winning, with the greatest ease, in 3m. 63s. The course, in consequence of the care and atteadance of the spirited proprietor, waa in good condition, and the attendance numerous and rosjiectaMe. Betting most lively, and a considerable sum changed hand*. Police Intelligence. Mat 19?Charge of Forgery.?Officer Turner, one of the Chief* aid*, arreited a man yesterday, by the name of Charles Wood, charged with forging the name of Mr. William B. Cozzens, of tho American Hotel, a* an endoner upon a note for $4000, under the following cir cumstances : It appears that Wood bv aome mean* ob tained the original signature of Mr. Corzens on a picee of paper, on the back of which ho (Wood) drew a note at one year, dated May 18th, 184A, for the above sum, and passed it over to a Mr. Henry Rosevelt, of No. IS Wash ington place, a* collateral security lor rents aud money due him. The note was retained until the prescat month, when it wa* placed in the Bank of America for collec tion, and not being paid was of course pro tested, to hold the endorser. When the notary called upon Mr. Cozzens, he wa* informed that the endorse ment was a forgery. We understand that several other complaints of the same nature have been discovered against the accused. Committed for examination by the Cniefof Police. Charge oj Conepiracy.?Officers Davis and Stewart, of the police offico, arrested, yesterday afternoon, two dro vera, by the name* of Moses It. Norris and James Norris, charpcd with conspiring together to extort the sum of $3,000 from Mr Phineas T. Barnum, the proprietor of the American Museum, under the following circumstance* : It appears in the year IH39 that thi* James Norris was en trusted with a large lot of cattle to sell, amounting to near *700, belonging to various farmer* in Kairfleld, Ct, and after obtaining the proceed*, stated that he had lost the money; consequently he was unable to nay the owners This story, however, was not credited, and Mr. Norris was arrested and punished for embezzling the fund* of the farmer* at that time. The) now state that Mr. Barnum was concerned with tliern in their money transaction* whereupon they made the above demand on Mr. Barnum, under threat* of an exposure unless he complied with their wishes. A warrant wa* i**ued against these met* on the complaint of Mr. Barnum, and they were both locked up in the Tomb* (or examination. Grand Larceny.? Officer McManu* arreited, last nignt, on the Five Point*, two fellow* called Jim Howe and Ned Hagan. charged with steaUng $100 in bank bill* and ?pecie, from Mr. tlile* Blanchard, No. 108 Hnllivan street. Locked up for examination. Petit Larcemes.?John A. .Johnson Calvin Reed, and J. S. Oreen, were arrested by uffictr McKeon, of the Sixth Ward, for robbing Jacob Harri* of $11, on the Five Points. Locked up. John Fielding and John Collins, were both tttested by officer Reed, for stealing a broche shawl, valued at ft>, belonging to Ann Letts, N'q 37 Allen street Locked up by JusUce Taylor. ArrettoJ a Fugitive.? Officer, of The Third Ward, arrested a. man by the name of Allen R llvstt, on a magistrate'* warrant from Albany, charging him with forging an order purporting to be drawn T>t bin lather, William Hyatt, dock master, Albany, foe a v>t iron, worth $100, which ho procured from Wflsnfc VV>* burgh k Co., State street, Albany. After ebtaiftlng the property, he absconded to thi* <*it>-, vMerfe he was arres ted, and will be taken back to Albtuiy for trial. Suppottd to it Stolen.?Two inuslin do laine ladie* dresses, were taken from a thief yesterday. In one of the pockets was found four shillings and two cents, which the owner can obtain by applying to Justice iter ritt, police office, $dk avenue. Or and Larcemy.?Captain Buck, of the 3rd ward, ar reated yesterday, morning, two Young men, called Mi chael Pngas ami Joseph Denner, charged with stealing eleven barrels of potatoes, worth $*J 60 per barrel, valued ia ali at $37 60, belonging to David M. Raiyea, of Alba ny. It appears that these barrel* of potatoes were steading on the dock at the foot of Itohineon street, and were taken away by these chap* in a wagon, but were fortoaataly caught by the above officer, iaChambers at, I and taken to the Tomb* and committed by the maris-' | trata for trial. Petit Larceny.?Officer Vancourt caught a fellow called James Higney, yesterday, charged with stealing from off the steamboat Rochester, a valise, containing wearing apparel, valued at $18, belonging to Mr. Joseph Beals, of AnfleJo. The property wa* found in the aoca *ed'* possession, and Uie magistrate locked him up lo* trial. JUtampt to Kill ? Officer McManu*, of the 0th ward, arrested a man called Jama* Scott, charged with a vk> lent assault,and attempt to take the life ef his wife. Com mitted. Political Movement*. Oovtaaoa's Council, in M*i??.?On the lMh instant the Legislature of Maine elected Samuel Mildram, York; William Dunn, of Cumberland; Thomas Mmmons, of Lincoln} Samuel H. Talbot, of WashiafttOA; Rt ill man Howard, of Kennebec ; Franklin Smith, of Somoreet , Charles Stetson, of Penobscot, a* councillor* to advise the Ooverner or that State for the ensuing yeer. Maiisk Dfwocsatic Stats CoMvr.KTioi*.?The Maine Democratic State Convention for the nomination of a can didate for Governor, will ba held at the City Hall in Portland on Wednesday, Jnly 1st On thk Shelf.?The Kenton tfewi say* that hi* own par y have become so well satisfied that ha i* unlit to re present sn intelligent constituency, that Sawyer, one the representatives from the North-west part of Ohio, in the present Congress, cannot got a corporal'* guard in Con vention to go for hi* re no mi nation. ENGRAVERS' STEEL AND COPPER PLATE8, MADE from the beat materials, ud the fiiiiK canal to aar in the world. Steel from J to i canta per inch \ cop pot from IW to Scent*per inch; Plates from 3 to 44 inches; Cara Plate* lis to 16s Mr dozen. A Urge stock always on hand, and ready for orders at a moment's notice, and sent by Adams' Kipress. Manufactured by JOHN BHUGE, mrll lis't andM Piatt street. New York. WINDOW SHADE DEPOT, No, T SPRUCE STREET. F.STilLIIHID II l#4?. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL, CHADES of all descriptions, kinda and sice*. M per cant. kJ che*|<er than can be boaunt at any other plaeea. Trias mingajit manufacturers' price. BAKTOL, DE MAUN Y It Co., myt lm*rTc Manafacturers It lmpi>rters 700,000 HAVANA k PRLNOIPE SEGAKS. 126 Bales HAVANA TOBACCO, as follow* Emalacion, Kscnlapio, Pressed, Hi on da Regalia, San lloman, Rioada do., Esperanxa Jo., La Victoria, Lafayette do., Waahingtou it>., Esperaaaa, Rioada Ceafres*oc, Lafayette do., Rionda, Do. Plantation, Principe Steamboat, Lafayette, Principe Jnsto Sam, Vta. J?jo Tobacco The whole catitled to debenture, sad ia Iota to sail. For sale by B. M. PfCABIA, my7 lm*r 117 Front St.. near Wall, *p stair*. LAF-WELDED HOiLER FLUES. "I ft FEET LONG, and from IX to 3 Indies in diaatetei ? XV Can be obtained only of ihejmtentces. THOMAS PROMER, sria're II Piatt street. U. Y COUNTRY MERCHANTS VI8ITINO the city of New York, are iaTite4 to call aad examine the complete and eat anal TO stock of Acconat Books, Stationery, fmt, NotenaL and Latter Copying Presses, Gold Peas, Qnills, Ink* aad Klniris. AND ALL OTHER ARTICLES sold hjr STATIONERS, At tht Ijowat Pouiblt Price*. RICH R LOUTREL, tl Williaas st . call lw*a? owe innr below Cedar CORNS! CORNS! THE ARABIAN CORN FLASTEK, AN effectual and warranted cure for Corn*, i*e*?ilvar plied, and (tees immediate relief. In ease it akaala ftpl tcare, the money will be returned. For sale by Us rid nds It Co.. 77 Eaat Broadway, IW Falt?- street, and JTJ huiler saitsr. and Boston Cramer*, lie. lib facility for m? " them is so treat that they can be sold at the trrT ?ti' '-?r T, ?" ISTtlUSHMI tit lttl. THf.SK BATHS ?re highly recommended by the moet eminent Physicians for the Cnfo nl Rheamatiam, Knip tions of the Skia, Scrofula, Paia in the Joints, Salt H!>euia, he. kr. To be had daily at M7 rear! street. Bear Broadwa). ravl tm?rrc SECRET DI8EASE CURED,

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