Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 23, 1846, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 23, 1846 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. NEW YORK, SATURDAY MORNING, MAY 23,1846. Mm Twt Omii. THE NEW YORK HERALD. JAMES 60R00N BENNETT, PROPRIETOR. Circulation?Forty Thousand. DAILY HERALD?Every day, Pnc* I casta par copy?$7 IS perannnm?payable in advance. WEEKLY HERALD?Every Satnrday-Price ?>* centa per copy?$3 liKc?ntii*r annum?payable in advance. ADVERTISEMENTS at the usual prices?alwaya cash in advisee. PRINTING or ail kinds executed with beauty and dee patch. 37'AU letter* or communications, by mail, addressed to the eetablishment, must be post paid, or the pottage will be dadacted irom the subscsiption money remitted. JAMES GORDON BENNETT. Proprietor of the the Nr.w Yobb Htttu Establishkent, NnrtlkWuit nnrtat of h'nlton and Nassau street ?S'H . OYSTER BAY.?Fare oyLong P9BH9 Island Railroad and Stage, is re ductd to Fiva Shifliuga, ou and after to-morrow, (Saturday, 23d.) Arams leave A. *??. and i P. M inytt Jt*r FOR CHARUCSfON-Thestaam ship PALMETTTO, Cspt. Spinney, will posi tively aail ou Saturday, the 23d May mat., i at 4 o'clock, P. M., from Pier No. 3, North ?River. For paaaage or freight, jj>py ^ l^B^oad^tre*t, u>^ ^ P. 8 ? All persons are forbid trusting auy one ou account of of this vessel, u'ider any pretence whatever. my II 3t*rc SUNDAY, MAY SMTH. THE Steamboat PROPRIETOR. Captain ?H. Mallaa, will ran to Fort Hamilton and .Coney Island, as follows?Leaving Foot Caul st N.R. I Foot Pike st. E. R I Ft. Whitehall. ER. At 10 A. M; At I0)i A. M. At It A.M. At 2 P.M. I At2KP. M. I At 3 P.M. And le?a Coney Islad at 12)4 sud P. M., touching at Fort Hamilton each way. Fare cents each way. my23 >tia*rc NEW YORK, ALBANY AND TROY LINE. FOR ALBANY AND TROY DIRECT, from the foot of Courtlaudt street. Paaaengere taking this Boat will arrive in _ Moraine Train of Cars from Troy west to uffalo, and north to Saratoga, Whitehall and Lake Cham i he steamer EMPIRE, Captain R. B. Maey, leaves the foot ol Courtlaodt street, on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evening*, at seven o'clock, P.M. . The Stejunboat COLUMBIA. Capt. Wm. H. Peck, will leave the Pier foot of Conrtlandt street, on Monday, Wednes day and Friday eveninga, at T o'clock. For Passage or Freight, apply on board, or at the Office on the wharf. Freight mast be Putin charge of the Freight Agent, or the Compiny will not be responsible for loss. *20 tf FARE ONL Y ONE DOLLAR FOR Deck Passengers to Providence?The well . known and aplendid steamer RHODE ISL AND, CapUiu Manchester, on Mondays, V -ilayi and Fndava ; and the MASSACHUSETTS, C for r, on Tneadaya, Thursdays and Saturdays. L> . ier N North River, at i o'clock, P. M., for B' ? via Newj.rt and Providence. Fare to Boston. $2 call i >0<leok. Fare to Providence, ft SO cabin : $ I deck. !?. ? taken at the loweat rates, and immediately forwarded. mylOlin'rc MORNING LINE~ Vf^sKYEN~0'CLOCK. ~ FOR Al 1.\NY, from the Steamboat Pier ? foot of Bar jv nreet, landing at Caldwell's, . t ^e11 Poi' . twburgh, Hampton, Pough keepsic, Hyde Park, F ok. Upper Red Hook, Briatol, CaUkill, Hudson, I ue, and Kiuderhook. The steamboat S AMERICA, Cant. L. W. Brai nard, will leave th<- Pier foot or Barclay atreet, every Tuesday, 11 S uurday, at 7 o'clock, A. M. Breakfast and dinnr .? boat. Paaaengers taking arrive in time to take the eveuing train of cari weat to Buffalo, and north to Saaatoga, Whiteha mplain. J'or paaaage or freigh board the boat, or at the ce on the wharf. my II PEOPLE'S LINE OF STEA.wuoaTS"FOR ALBANY Daily, Huu day a atcepted?'Through Direct?at 7 o'clock, P.M. from the pier between C?urtlan*-t and Liberty $te. Steamboat ROCHESTER, Capt. Alfred - Houghton, will leave on Monday, Wednes . day, and Friday eve iNDRIK HUDSON, evenings, at 7 o'clock. I Steamboat HENDRlK HUDSON, Capt. R. G. Cruttenden, will leave on Tuesday, Tharaday and Saturday evenings, at 7 o'clock. At i o'clock, P. M., Landing at Intermediate Place*. From (Ac Foot of Barclay it.. Steamboat NORTH AMERICA, Captain iL H..Furry,will leave on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday afternoons, at i o'clock. Steamboat SOUTH AMERICA, Captain L. W. Brainard, will leave on Tuesday, Thursday aad Saturday afternoons, at I o'clock. The ebove boata will, at all times, arrive in Albany ia ample time for the morning cars for the eaat or wast. Freight taken at moderate rates, snd none taken after JK o'clock, P. M. All persons are forbid trusting any of the boata of thia line, without a written order from the captains or agents. For passage or freight, apply on board the boats, or to P. C. Sannlta, at the office on the wharf. myll FOR STATTEN ISLAND.'\ Ou *u?l alter Monday, the 10th day of April, ttie steam boats SYLPH and STATEN ISLANDER will laave New York aad Stataa laland as follows, until further notice :? Leave 8tat*a laland at 6,1,9, II, 11 o'clock, A~M.; 1,1,3,'4, ? o'clock, P.M. Leave New York, front Whitehall street, at 7, 9, II,'11 o'cloek, A.M.; 1,1,3, 4, J, 7 o'clock, A.M. Oa Sundays, the first boat from the island will leava at I A. M..and the first boat from New York at 9 A.M. N B ?All freiaht at the risk of the owners thereof, allrc b'JL\ UEOKOE'6 LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS. For Liverpool?Firat Packet Ship?to sail on the > 1st of Juue? The superior faat sailing packet ship ?ST. PATRICK, Capt. Proa], will poaitively sail aa The above ahip is over 1090 tons, and her accommodations for second cabiu passengers are unequalled for couvenieuce. having alarge ana spacious house ou deck, well ventilated and very lofty. Persons about visiting the old country, should not fail to call and examiue far themselves the accommodationa of the above superb vessel, previous to making engagementa elae whrre. In order to secure good berths, (aa she can take but a limited number of passengers, which will be taken at steerage rates.) early application will require to be made on board, at Pier No. 4 North River, or to _ JOliN HERDMAN It CO., 71 Soathst. (T/" Price of passage in the cabin $71, .... , ., N B.?Persons desirous of sending for their friends, resid ing in Great Britain and Ireland, can have them brought out ou the most reaaooable terms, by the regulsr line of packet ships, sailing every live days, and also by first claaa American Eisieut ships, sailing weekly. Drafts for sny amount can, usual, be furnished, payable throughout the United Kiug a. For further particulars apply aa above, ot by letter, poet paid. mylS r FOR WtfclOHT OR CHARTER.?The fine, fast sailing, copper fastened British bark CLA ^Baa tENCL 237 toua register, or 3200 ubla., can have i w.hvu, ie dispat< n. Apply to m>21 lw rc BROOKS, 65 and 67 Nassau at. PACKETS FOR JIA V H E?Second Line.-The Packet Ship ST. NICOLAS, Cu>t. John B. Pell, ?rill Mil on the IK of Jane. For freight or puMfi. BOYl) fc HINCKKN.M Wall ? mvl IIH* f UK U ? UU'UOL-iN?? Uiue?Ketfulu facuet MSVW'rf June.?The superior, fast sailing packet ship JMMIfcllOCHfcSTEH. 900 tuiu burthen, Capt. John Brit tuu, ? ... aail aa above, her regular day. For freight or passage, having elegant and superior eccom modattona, apply on board, west tide of Burling ?lip, or to WOODHULL ?c MINTURN, ?T South meet. The packet il.ip HOTTINOUER, 10J0 ton., Captain Ira Buralry, will succeed the Hoclie?ter, aud tail on her regular day, Hist Inly. my21 Jjjjg KOK LIVERPOOL?Regular Packet of Gth nHW'une.?The aplendid, new, last failing packet ahip JBBafaHk-NKV CLAY. Capt. E. Nye, burthen 1100 torn, >111 iwi aa .ibove, her regular uay. The accommodations Tor cabin, second cabin and iteerage paa?tuger?, are unequalled by any vessel in port; as a number of berths are already engaged, persons desirous of securing a paaaage, should make immediate application on board, foot of Maiden lane, or to JOSfc-PH McMURRAV, myti comer of Pine and South streeta. KOK LONDON?Regular Packet ol' the 1st ol ?HRWJuac.-The first class, fast sailing picket ship JHBCliWlTZtRLAND, Capt. Knight, burthen 1,000 Wm, a>i1 aail as above, her regular day. Having very superior accommodatioue lor cabin, second cabin, and steerage passengers, persons intending to embark ahould make immediate application on board, foot of Maiden lane, or to JOSEPH McMURRAV, comer of Pine and South sts. Persons wishing to send for their friends in the old country, can have them brought oat by the above veeeel, or any other of the linr, In sin?l\ ml ?? show* ' mv 23 Kilt LI v t-HPOOU?1-irst Packet Ship?To be |>ati:h<-d aa follow*, vi* the SHEK1DA.N, ii JHlatl. Cornish, Mth luat. u.nm about embarking for the Old Country, will And it to their advantage to call and examine for themselves the aborenamed magnificent, fast-tailing Packet Ship, previous to engaging elsewhere ; and in order to secure good berths, they will require to make earlyiapplication, for cabin, second cabin, aud steerage, which willbe made low, apply to . JOHN HERDMAN It Co., ?1 South at. N. B.?Passage from Great Britain and Ireland, via Liver pool can always be secured by the regular lines of packet ships, sailing every five days, and also first claaa of American transient ships sailing weekly. Drafts can ae usual be far nished fur any amount, payable throughout the United King dom, on application as above. myjlr NEW LINE OF PACKETS FOR LIVER POOL.? Packet of Mm May.?Th?^sj>|endid, fast Ml .tailing and favorite packet ship SHERiDAN, 1100 tviu uuiihen. Captain J. B. Cornish, will aail on l'uea day, May Mth, her regular day. The ships of this line being ell 1000 tons and upwards, persons about to embark for the Old Country will not fail to act the advantages to be de rived Irom selecting this line in preference to any other, as their great capacity renders them every way saor* comfort able and convenient than ships of a small claaa, aad their ac commodationa for cabin, aecond cahsn and steerage paaeen gets, it ie*wej known, are superior to those of any other line ol' pecketa. Persons wishing to secure berths should not fell to make early application on board, at the foot of Wall street, or to W. It J. T. TAPSCOTT, mjB rc M South street, one door west of Burling slip. FOR NEW ORLEANB-Loaisiana and Now York Line?Regular Packet?To aail Monday, 7th ilune.-The elegant, fast sailing packet ship SAR 1 Taylor, master, will sail as above, her regular day For freight or passage, having handsome furnished accom modations, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall atreet, i?r to E. K. COLLINS k CO., 36 South at. Positively no goods received on board after Saturday eve sing, Xli June. Agentin New Orleans JAS. E. WOODRUFF, who will promptly forward all goods to his sddreee. Packet bark OEN ESSE, Minott, master, will succeed the RAKTLLLE, aad sail Monday, ?ih June, her regular day. mytJ ____ IFOR LIVERPOOL?New Lia?R^|? T.7ket uuu) r, hrr regular day. ? hot twiki of hmrfmg ecewewdrndwi uo^nsllf d Tor splendor or comfort, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, or to . t. K. COLLINS k CO., N South street. rT?"Price of pwue, SIW. Picket ship GARRICK. B. J. H. Trask, master, will sue ceed the SHERiDAN, and sail *th June, her regular day. my II liSt TO LET. J A BOOM/FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED, to ? I*utlemau; with breakfast and tat and dinner 011 Sun days if requrtd, in * print* family, where there ire no ?oarder*. Apply if by not* at this office to M. A. m>22?t*rc M HOTEL DE/AR18.-ANTIONE VlONK8,o?e Of the late proprietors of the I'erkius House, Boston, afcnMLreaprct fully informs his frieoda and the travelling pub lic, that he has o|*eiied the house No. 290 Broadway, New York, entrance on Rrade street, called the Hotel l>e Paris, where lie will be happy to accommodate those who may wish to patronize him, with board and lodging, by tbe day, week, or month, on the moat reasonable terms. my 19 2m eod* rrc bUlt ^ALh_lili To"TET: ? The Modern built three story brick house, 11} Adams street, Brooklyn. If not sold by private sale, it will be disposed of at public auction, ou the 15th day of May next. Half of the purchase tn^ney can remain on mortgage,, for a term of years. Application to be made on the premises Hi Adams St., Brooklyn. *4 Im'rc TU LtT UK FOR SALE, ML A MODERN BUILT COTTAGE, Suble and [??|V Coach House attached, with about an acre of land, the XatfL Principal nart ?f which is well stocked with fruit and yutfy shrubs, and enclosed with a picket fence. The stages Plea every ten miuutee within five minutes walk of the hou*e. situation?between 110th and tilth streets. For further in formation, apply to JOHN BATHGATE, 1M Ninth street, or Dr. WOODS, Harlem. mrL2 la*rc ~T O LET A HOUSE AND BARN, with aboat sixteen lota of ground, situated in the village of Hastings, Westchester .county, State of Nfw York, wittua a few mmute*' ol the steamboat landiug. 8aid place is divided into gar dens, which are well stocked with fruit. Also, a pleaaaftt grove, with a stream of watfr, and several good springs. Pos session can be g'i?n immediately. For further particulars ap ly at the store of Mr. Schlosaer, Haating's Landing, or of al Im'rc MR. E'Kt'.RT, 72 Murray at.. New York. ROOMS, FUKNisHED UK U.NfUKMsHiiU TO LET?lnaamall and most delightfully situated house, near the Washington Parade Ground, one or two rooms, with or without full or partial board. No _jer boarders or lodgers are in the house, nor will be taken. The family at present consists of only three grown persons. To single gentlemen, or a gentleman and lady, desirous of living iu a private family, and in a pleasant, quiet, and hand some location, this offers an opportunity but rarely met with. The entire half of the house will be let to a desirable tenant, without children. Address B. T. at the desk of this office. my IS tf rrc FAKJV1 FUK SALfc. SITUATED on the south side of Long Island, 1){ miles west ofthe village of Babylon. Saiil Farm con tains sixty acres ol LAND, s portion covered with wood and the balance under a high state of cultivation. On said firm is a two story double HOUSE, with kitchen attach ed. Bam, Carriage House, Orainery, Ice House, and several other buildings. Communication with New York by Railroad and stages three times a day. For further particulate enquire ol W. E. ISAACS, Comer of Liberty and West street, New York. *163taw4w*r or of Sir. 8HEPERD, on the premises. Tiof eL FUR SALE. V HOTEL, Washington City, D. C.?The Pro pri< . if the City Hotel wish to dispose of all their uniiture and fixtures, as well as the lease, which will 1 n 'ii the first of February, 1847. itel is situated on the corner of Pennsylvania Avenue , uid . eet, in the iinmednte vicinity of the President's | house i all the public departments. It contains about 100 rooms, including sw parlors, all elegantly furnished. The house is in good order, and coutains every requisite for the continuance of busiuess. The proprietors deem it unneces sary to go farther into particulars, but invite the attention of any persons wishing to embark in the business. An opportu nity like the present is seldom offered. The house will not be closed anul further notice. __ A. FULLER It Co. The Philadelphia Ledger, Albany Journal, Boston Times, Richmond Whig, and Charleston Patriot, will please copy three times a week for two weeks, and send their accounts to the subscribers. A. F.kl'o. City Hotel, W. C..D. C. my!4 2w3taw r THf. SUD&OKllifcKS *UK SALt ?u| Their annual aapply of choice imported Flower Seeds MMlin small and large packages, with full directions for cul oAattivating them ; alao, a very large assortment of the beat Fresh Vegetable Seeds ; Grass Seeds, mixed for lawns or per manent pasture as may be required ; green and hCt-house Plant* of every description ; Plant* suitable for ornamenting small garden* ; Garden Tool* ; Fancy Iron Chvir* and Flower Stands, with a general assortment of article* in our line. DUNLAP <c THOMPSON, Seedmen and Florist*, SIS Broadway, corner Bleecker street. A liberal discoant made to wholeaale purebuei* mylJw'rc mm OREAT SALE OF REAL ESTATE in Weat JnotTroy, Albany County.?In pursuance of a decree of jadLkthe Court of Chancery, for the partition and aettlement of the estate of Jame* Gibw-ns, do-eaaed, the subscriber will aell by public auction, at the 'Jrefnont House, in the village of West Troy, on Wednesday the 2?tli May inatant, aeveral hundred valuable buildup lota in said village. The aaid lota are aituata in a central purr oftlw said village, near the U. 8. Arsenal and the Erie t ar. il within sixmilesof the City of Albany, and directly opposi'..- to the City of Troy. A reason able credit will be given for part. of the purchase monev. Terms made known at the time of sale, or, upon previous ap plication to HA ML. 8. rOwLER, Receiver of laid estate oftiff No. 46 State St., Albany, mytl 4trre Or. A. D. HOflliNSON. Master in Ch'v. Albany aim TO FOREIGN GENTLEMAN arriving in the yflSUnited States, or others, desirous of purchasing a per ^Jbs>.manent Country Resideuce in Pennsylvania.?The sub scriber, desirous of changing his residence, offer* for aale hia Farm and establishment, situated iu Montgomery county, Pa., 14 miles north of Philadelphia. It contains 30S acres orland, 208 of which are in the highest state of cultivation, producing wheat, rye, Indian corn and hay. equal to any upland farm in the Union?the remaining 2p acre* being woodland. On the premises is a fine stone mansion, 60 feet by ii, with a veran dah attached, li feet wide, extending the length of the houae, and a large piazza on the east : the whole giving ample ac commodation* for a family of twenty per*on*. The pleasure grounds surrounding the house are shaded with elegant ever greens, and very beautifully laid out. There are on the farm three stone houae* for farmer* or tenant*, together with three large atone hama, containing atabliug and couveniencea for a hundred head of cattle, and for the atorage of <30 tous of pro duce. with coach house, wagon house, granary and com crib* attached. There are al*o the advantages of a fine apring house, ice houae. fish pond, a garden of two acre*, orchard* *tocked with the finest Iruit, green hou*e and grape wall, a stream of apring water in every field, a daily morniug and evening mail to and from the city, by which the Philadelphia and New Vork papers of the same day are received, and an om nibua passing the gate, morning and evening. In the immediate vicinity are Episcopal, Lntheraa and Presbyterian churches. Further description i* unneceasary. a* all person* wiihiag to purchaae are iuvited to call and examine the eatate. It may. however, be added that for beauty, healthfal situation, and advantage of every kind, it i* not aurpaased by any in the United States. To save may be well al?o to men tion the price, which is $226 per acre. Apply to OEORGE SHEAF*, Whitemarsh, myl7 2taw4w?rrc Montgomery Co., Penn. ^ LADIES FANCY FASHIONABLE STRAW ^ElHATS-Paris Straw Gimp Hat*, of the latest shape, for sale at CARL KINO'S, No. 17Division street, atpN each. N. B ?A general assortment of Straw Hats aad ParisJRib bona, at the most reasonable prices. s? lm*rc CARL KINO. 17 Division street. fl BEAVER AND 8ILK HATS of the best quality and Jpk most approved shapea, are now reaAy for inspection sale at the old esublished price*. GENTLEMEN'S SPRING FASHION. r and Best Beaver ?4 M Best Silk . .. ,.. 4 00 HOWE, Merchants' Exchange, an lm'rrc 40 William street. J. PRICE & CO. FASHIONABLE HAT STORE. r* THE 8UBBCRIBERS having opened a HAT STORE J^Bst No. 110 Kuliot> street, corner of Dutch street, respect fully solicit the patronage of their old customers and the pub lic. They will constsutly keep on hand a complete assort ment or Hats, Cape. Umbrellas, lie., <lc., of th^ latest style, and will sell at the lowest prices. Single hsts made to order at the shortest notice. ICHABOD PRICE, my) tmar THOS. SHANNOhf. SPRING FASHION. fl BROWN k CO., 171 Chatham fvjuare, comer of Mott Jpkatreet, wish to iufonn the public of their recent improve ment in the manufacture aad limsh of their S3 Hsu, combin ing fashion, besutyand durability, three important considers tions to the wearer. The proprietors do confidently assert their lists to be much superior to any ever before sold for the ?sine price. Call and satiafy yourself of this fact. mM lm*rh SPRING STYLE. GENTLEMEN'S HATS. fl WHY will yo* par 94 * and $J for ? Hat, when you ipm can go to _ * ROBERTSON'S PHOENIX HAT AND CAP MANUFACTORY, 103 Fulton Street, And get as good one fort J Go, and examine for your selves. writ lm*rc METROPOLITAN HAT AND CAP STORE, NO. 271 I-l ORAND STREET, fl PLUNKETT fc CO., hsve just opened this new estab dP^luhment with a splendid sssortineut of HATS and CAPS aot to be surpassed either in quality, elegance of shape or du rability, which they offer to the public at the following very tow prices >? Hsts. First quality Nutria Fur, at W 50 Second do do do do 3 #0 First quality Moleskin, do 100 Second do do do,... IM Cars from XJ% aents to $1 7J esch. wholesale aad retail, orders punctually atteaded to, and customers'hats ironed aad kept in shape gratis. s7 Im'irc J. PLUNKETT It R. PARDF.SSUS. EXCELSIOR. _ T^HE proprietor of this establishment has recently added to ,f, his extensive stock of spring goods, sn assortment of Moleskin Haw, of exquisite Amsh aad superior elegance. The price of tlteae really sunerb articles is only $3 10, being ?1 JO leas than the same goods (manufactured in the sama manner and of aimilar material) are sold in Broadway. The secret of this grest disparity ia prica may be easily eoajectured. The advertiser's expenses being bat a titha of those of the more splertul establishments in broadwsy, ha is in consequence enabled to offer goods of a corresponding daaeriftioa at lower an lm*rc 1 Boot PREMIUM BOOTS. FINE FRENCH BOOTS for tl JO, city made aad are equal to those sold in other storee for U. Fine French Calf Boots for $4 50, equal to the beet made in this city for $6 or $7, at VOL NO k JONES' French oot and Shoe Msnufactory, one of the most fashionable ia the eity Our Boots having been jndgrri in the lata Fair at Nino's, are said to be the liest ever sold in this city. All Boots warranted toaivr satisfaction Mending, lie., done ia t'if Store YOl NO k (ONES, 4 Aaa street. m2J lm*m Nev Brnsdway, New YaA A BOOTS AND SHOEff.?'The i<ublie are invited to flf call aaa examine tha l irxr norimeut of Gentlemen's. IM Lsdies' and Misses' Boon. Shoes and Ositers, ia sll ^ their varietiea, whirl; are to be f and at the cheap cash store of H. BIOOAM, mM lm*r ? 11 ?ual St.. comer Sullivan. LOOK AT THIS! LADIES A>D GENTLEMEN, if you wants 4g^^V'a'*n*cleol Boots and Shoes, call it 117 Broad way, where you will And the largest assort meet, cheapest, aad most fashionable ia dm city. Do not mistake tha number, W Broadway, eoraer of Franklin street. N. B ?a large sssortment of imported French Boats, at tha law price of Igollara. MCAHILL. MRIm*ti. ATc NEW TEAS, GROCERIES, dec. . WHOLESALE AND RETAIL, CHEAP KOH. CASH?J. O. FOWLER, 150 Greenwich street, corner ; ol Murray, mid itt Greenwich, corner of Vtity, hii jut re- | ceiveil from the late tales, a large and splendid assortment of I I'reih Oreen and Black Tea, and Family Groceries of all the j various kinds, all of which are offered at reduced prices.? good green Tea at 50 cents per lb.; Ane Ooolong 50 snd M 1-1 cents; eery fine Young Hyson al 75 cents; best old Java Cof fee IS 1-2 cents per lb. ^Sumatra do. 10 cents; good diiry But ter 12 1-2 cents per lb.; bleached Lamp Oil 75 cents per gallon; Sperm Candle* 25 cents. Alao. a large assortment of fine white, yellow and browu Sugar, of all the various kinds. a8 Im'rc PUKE WATER?8TONE'S IMPROVED PREMIUM Water Kilters.?These Altera not only clarify but purify the most turbid water, rendering it perfectly salubrious. by di vrsting it of all putrid vegetable and animal matter, animaicn la, fcc. The filtering properties of this apparatus are so great that ertn water impregnated with soap, tobacco, lie., he., is reudered perfectly odor and of a bright, clirysta line clearness, t an be seen m operation, and for sale at ntoue and Brothers' Crotou Plumbing establishment, 390 Broadway, i a22 lm*r j MAHOGANY. ROSEWOOD, ZEBRA WUOD, lie. ! FOR SALE CHEAP, by ?. O. STACY. No. 65 Wooater ?treat, betweeu Broome and Spring su. The stock is som posed of a large aaaortment of crotch, mottled and shaded Mahogany Veneer*. Rosewood Mahegany. Zebrswood, Bird'* Eye Maple and Black Walnut Log*, Board*, Plank. Joist, lie., lie., an a a general aaaortment of lumber, usually kept at m? hnnnv yards in this eitv. ml5 lm"rc '1' u T A 1 L u K. a. rpHOSE who wish to attain a complete knowledge of the X art of cutting all the various styles ol garment* wore at the present time, would da well to obtain Stinemet's work on the subject, which i* universally allowed to be com Slete?the prioe of wilieh is from I to )? dollar* per copy ; the i(Terence in price being wholly ia the binding. To b? had ofthe author, No. 113 Broadway, New York. alt lm*r TO MACHINISTS ANTPmaNUFACTURES. LATHES of all descriptions, from 7 to 16 feet long, furnish* ed st short notice. AIm, cutting engine*, *aitable for all kind* of work. For ttims and description, direct to the sub ecriber, Hudson, New York. a4 Im'rc JA8. T. PERKINS. TO DEALfcRS JJM PISHING TACKLE. A LARGE assortment of China Grass Fishing Lines, aad Salmon and Trout Silk Worm Gutt. to suit city or coun try dealers. Every article in Ashing tackle will be found at reasonable CON ROY'S Fishing and Sporting Tackle Kstahlishm<tnt.52 Fulton St.. corner of CI iff al lff?rli ^fC"CLARKErMERCHANT TAILOR, HAS REMOVED from 133 William street to 115 William street, within 4 door* of John.?A rich and faahiouable aaao tment of Goods will always be kept on hand, and will be made to order, at such prices as must command the atteu tion of the truly economical, while the style aud finish will, to the man of taste, speak for themselves. As all goods are bought for cash, and, therefore, at the very lowest rates, a finer article will be manufactured, at a lower price, than the credit tailor* can possibly furnish. OEMEBAL SCALE OF TRICES. Fine French Cloth Black Pre** Coat, from $15 to $10 OA Black Doeikiu Pants 5 to ? 50 Vests, of Satin, Silk, lie 2 to 5 90 Office Coais, and all other articles uiu&lly told by~?the trade, at unu*ually low priee*. 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Andriot, latel of tha Rue Ctnikliowp, Pari a, wall known to Boat ol owfiin lonahlea who hare rmted Europe, they ara now prtparad to I eieeata ordara ia a atyla ofaaeeual alc?aaca. | mrl2 lm*r Broadway War en the Rio Grande, Nothing later lrom the seat of war. Volunteers seem to bo pouring into Now Or leans. On the 13th instant, three more steamers, with companies on board, reached that city, en route for the Kio Grand*. It is stated that four foil regiments were already made up, and nearly enough volunteers enrolled for a fifth. [Correspondenco of the New York Herald ] New Oslkans, May 14, 1846. Nothing is now beard but the beating of drum* and the tone* of the thrill fifa, occasionally accompanied by other matical instruments, lending forth all aorta of tune*, from tha simple rub-a-dub-dub to the moat thrill ing national aira of the Star Spangled Banner, Marieillei Hymn, and Erin go Bragh. Volunteer* are flocking in on all aidea, and are despatched every day. Fire full companiei of Col, Marka' regiment start to-day. We expect to receive now* to-night from the camp, which will apprize ua of the result of tha attack upon it from Matamoraa. No doubt* are entertained here a* to the re iult Buiineuia in a pretty %ood atate here, notwithatand inr the war fever. The icotton market ii quite active, and pricea remain firm. Yeiterday the aalei reached 2500 bales, and to-day ^hey have reached J000, and ne gotiation Hill going on. Amo int on hand 336,831 balei. Freight* itill remain high. Negotiation for exchange (till continue! a* difficult and fluctuating as ever. Lon don aell* for 61 per cent premium; France #f. 37 j to Sf. 41J; New York, 60 day*, 3 to 4 per cent discount; Sight j to 1 per cent discount; A to 15 days Sight. 3 per cent discount Military Preparations. [From the N. O. Courier, May 13.1 The Germans have evinced a laudable patriotism and real to march againit the enemy, ever since the com mencement of hostilities. Several companies, composed entirely, or chiefly, of Oermans, have been completed ; and we have been informed that yesterday the German companies in the barracks comprised 476 men. They are generally able bodied and vigorous, competent to brave all the danger* and privation* of Mexican warfare; many of them, particularly thoso who come from Prua aia, are well acquainted with military tactic*. They will do honor to themcelves and the American flag. A number of gentlemen, membera of the Legislature and other*, have procured a Ane blooded ateed for Capt Walker, of the Texas Ranger*, a* a testimonial of the esteem they have for hi* gallantry and addrei*. The present will go to Point Isabel in the steamihip Alabama. This i* as it *hould be. The Captain waa literally dis mounted by the loss of hi* horses, several of which were *hot under him. He ia a bold, daring, intelligent officer, and deserved the compliment thus beitowed upon him. Erom the New Orleans Time*, May 14.1 en determined, by a few of our leading men, to set on foot s subscription, to purchase a sword to be presented to Capt Walker, with whose exploits, with the Texas rangers, and hi* daring expedition from Point Isabel to the American entrenched camp, lately, the pub lic are acquainted. The list 1* with Mr. Bravo, of the Commercial ExchAge Reading Room*. In an hour or*o $45 were subicribed in small cum*. Who next throw* in hi* contribution of gratitude and admiration 1 Thi Ret. Mr. Mulion.?The fine body of men, enroll ed under the Utle of the "Montgomery Guard*," and who are principally native* of the Emerald Isle, were, on Friday night, addreued by the Rev. Mr. Mullon, in the Temperance Hall, Tchoupitoulas street, on occasion of their speedy departure for the scene of hostilities on the Rio Grande. The Rev. gentleman (poke in a (train of fervid patriotism, expatiating warmly on the duties incumbent on the citiien soldier at a crisis like the pre sent. He sdverted to the calumny which hsd been cir culated regarding his sentiments on this war. He said he had, in his early youth, stood firmly to his gttn, on the ocean, in withstanding the enemies of his country.? He exhorted the "Montgomery Guards"?the gallant men before him?to be unanimous in their senUments, to be one in sction?since they had placed theraselve( in the van, aa it were, of their country'a military array, and the God of Battles would crown them with victory. The Rev. gentleman's manner waa highly impassioned. [From the New Orleans Jeflersonian, May 14.] Extract of a letter from Gen. Fitu Huston, dated Port Hudson, May 10:?I do not feel much anxiety about Gen. Taylor's situation I tluiik be will loose more horses than men. I cannot think, with good generalship, the Mexi cans can defeat him. I have not the highest opinion of the material of his army, and he has less force than I thought he had ; but I will gamble on it, they do not whip him. They will annoy him, and he will And it hard to graze his horses, and may have to eat a few; but if the Mexicans attack him at any place where their oavalry can act, Twigg's cavelry will ride them down like sheep. These d a chaparrals *Uck in my craw ; as *oon as 1 heard of the regular officers talking about chaparral*, 1 thought, charge Uncle Sam with forty millions for cha parrals. It put me in mind of everglades and hammocks. Every place where three hundred baggage wagons can not get slong, has some d d hard name. My oM boys (green fellows jast like those who are now going from New Orleans) never heard of chaparrals ; but they soon learned to beat the Mexicans at their own game. They did not mind "bush-whacking," "muakeettethiek ets, " prickly pears," and anv common thing like swamps and " under-brush," and thank God, they never heard of chaparrals. The fact is, an American volunteer army, composed of clerks and loafer*, mechanic* and fiddlers, farmers and flatboetmen, backwoodmen and city dandles, can flght any people on any ground; from Daniel Boone down to the present Ume, they have beaten Indians and Mexican* in all kinda of bruah and bogs, only excepting " ever glades" and " chaparrals." There is a great mistake about men. 1 hear people say, " Oh, we must have some of the old Texan, Mexi can and Indian fighter*; they are the boya." Those who say so do not probably know that they were mottly raised in Miuiisippi and New Orlean*, and a great many of them as shabby a looking set of fellow* asl ever saw; but they took to the prairie* and musquitte and thickets, like young Newfoundlands to a fresh pond. We had no chaparral* when the cowboy* whipped the Mexican ca valry acroas the Rio Grande and drove off HO,000 Mexi can cattle. They were nearly all from New Orleans. Men raiaed hie those in New Orleans can be soon made officers and good aoldiers, but they mu(t not be tra melled and teo much annoyed with the mere manual and atraight lines?that, will do when there is time and lei sure ?not now. A gentleman from Iberville married a moat lovely girt, and in two houra afterward! marched with the volunteera. A rich planter of East Feliciana waa engaged to a beautiful young lady, with no dower but her charmiand virtue! ; be reluctantly left ber for the frontier, but be ing desirou* of aecuring to her hia aetata, he induced bar to lollow him to the city. They wete married, and in a few minute* abe returned to her new home, and he pro ceeded with the volunteera. Ulory attend theae hero husband*, and love and biia* to welcome their return. We learn that the Hon. Bailie fey ton, in the true ipirit of the heroic race from which he *prung, haa volunteer ed aa a private for the Rio Orande. >iany gentlemen have called at our office to-day and expressed a deaire that ha ahould raiaa a regiment. We hope *o. We know of no man whoa* name would rally the right aort of men around him, aooner than Bailie Peyton. ? We do hope the next mail from Washington will bring authority from government to proeecute tnia war on the proper scale. Not upon milk and water principle* ; not by half-way meaiurei ; not by entrenchments and bag gage wagon* and bush-fighting ; but by marching fortb wirn into Mexico, with sufficient force to defend every atep wa take. Since writing the above, wa learn that Gen. Uaine* ha* authoriied Col. Peyton tottrganixe a regiment, and he has commenced the work with cheractaristic energy. Uur life for it, hi* regiment will not be the last to enter the city of Mexico. Our reipected fellow citizen, Oen. Dunlap, of Madi son, in an eloquent apeech en Tueiday evening, an nounced hia intention of going beyond tae Kio Orande, and raid hia pariah waa ready to march there with him.,. [From the New Orleans Delta, May 14.J We perceive by an official order of Oen. Oainei, that he ha* appointed William Debuya Inspector of Volun teer* in the United Mate* service on the Rio Orande ; and that he baa appointed L. K. Xexada, one of the late representative* lor Kapide* in the Legislature, a volun teer aid-de-camp on hi* own staff. It give* us great eatiafaction to record mark* of distinc tion like these conferred on men of worth and merit? When the tocsin of war sounded, Oen. Depuys volun teered for service into the Volunteer Guards, la which there were already his two sons ; and Mr. Texada, re signing legislative honors, entered the ranks of a com pany in his own perilh, which is now in this city on ita way to the Rio Orande. There la a judicious propriety on the part of Oen. Gaines in marking with hia approba tion such conduct. We understand that the steamboat Sea will proceed to the barracks at daylight this morning, in order to take on board three companies of Col. Marks' regiment, destined for Brazos St Jago. We are told that the volunteera could be sent forward more expeditiously, could knapsacks M obtained for them. Let tbe contractors for these essential articles of equipment be more active in their luppliee. Among the several volunteer companies from the coun try, which have recently arrived In tbe city on their way to tbe Rio Orande, there are several of our editorial breth ren?all good own and true Of the number, wa have had the pMaeure of meeting Dr. Norria, of the Bayou Sara Ltdgtr ; Mr. Oreen, ol Uie Ftliciana fVhig ; and Mr. Mc Farbnd, of the Pltqucmrini Vatrttr -men all, who in their civil capacity ,uave done the state some service, and in a military capacity are also prepared to play an hon orable part. This foe company, the rhfltnix Invincibies, numbering about 7ft men, rank and file, will be mustered into the set vice this morning, at IV o'clock, and proceed forthwith, to 1 the barracks. 1 he Phcenix boys are principally from 1 " Phot nix fire I #. .No.l," who, at their country's call, i hate proved true to-their motto of?" Always Ready."? 1M Invincible* will form part of Major Dekin's regiment. Tub t.AOLE Ovsaot. ?Thit Is the name of a sterling company now organising at their rendezvous, corner oi i Natchez and New Levee street*. It i* compoaed of in foe a body of men a* ever gave battle in defence of their ! country* rights. Our fellow-citizen, J- W. Woodland, is Captain ; Thomas Cory, 1st, and Jeremiah Blaedell, 3d Lieutenant: all brave and skilful officers. We know them wall and speak by the card. If laurela are to be gained on the tented Held, the " Eagle Guards," oompo I aed of such material and with such officer* to lead them, will, we arc confidant, gather affull (hare. [From the Mobile Register, May 16.1 It appears, after all, that there is no requisition upon 1 the State of Alabama at all for troop* for the frontier; and that it it doubtful whether the volunteers who are already railed will be received into the service at all.? The requisition* and letter* of Oen. Oaine* muit there fore he eonatrued only into recommendation* to be pre- 1 pared for a requiiition which he ha* advised the govern ment to make hereafter. There ha* been *ome appre hension* of this; strengthened by tho fact that the letter* forwarded to the governor of thi* State by Oen. Lang, la*t week, contemplated the railing of a force of 30.0(H) men, while the statement* given in the New Orleans paper* of Tuesday, " by authority from Head Quarters," called (or 8,400 men only, and in different proportions.? | These uncertainties have checked the movements in thi* Jart of the State?and fortunately too, for it now appear* rom authorized quarter* that there never wa* any call for Alabama troop*?and that lince the requiiition on Louisiana has been filled up, the commanding gener al of this division declines receiving any from thil State. This ii, as we understand, the purport of the com munication to Capt. Elmore of the .Montgomery volun teers, from Maj. Chase, who arrived from New Orleans yesterday, as bearer of the reply of Gen. Oaine* to their tender of cervice. It states that the requisition of Oen. Taylor is illed up for Louisiana, and no more troop* are wanted for that service. We loam that some discretion we* given to Mtti. Chase, to muster or not this company, which, on the faith of the call, had reported themselves readv. But the Major decides, a* we leuru, not to mus ter them. Thi* i* a greviou* disappointment to these gallant men, and they have accordingly sont over a spe cial messenger to get n reversal of this' deciiion^n their own case. Some of our city companies were ready and waiting for a decision of the same point. It is not ex pected that any exception will bo made in favor of com panies not already ready Rii ' ported; and, of course, all volunteering in refcren o the pre* u occasion is useless. Nor can it be know n until ord?rt are received from WMhington. to what extent the ico.umendation* of Oen. Oaine* will be *anctioned, and hat forces will be required from the StatAin prosecution of the Mexi can war. [From the St. Louis American, May 13.] The Legion, composed of the St. Louis Greys, Native American Rangers, Boone Infantry, Morgan Riflemen, and Montgomery Guards, and the 61th Regiment, com posed of the Missouri Dragoons, Missouri Artillery, Fu silliers, Jackson Guards and the Yager*, met at tho I'ark thi* morning. Col. Kaston had not ai rived from St. Charles when we left the ground?consequently there was nothing done. The prevailing opinion seemed to be that they would pay no attention to the call of the Go vernor?as he not being in the State, had no power to act, and that their service* would be required more on our frontier than at Point Isabel. We noticed among them about 160 hardy looking volunteer*, ready to go any where in defence of our country, at a moment1* warning. [From the Louisville (Ky.) Courier, May 16.] We were tokl last night, that Henry Clay, Jr., Esq., was forming a company to march to Texas. He can raise in an hour, as noble and brave a band as ever shoul dered a musket, or thrashed an enemy ! [From the Cincinnati Commercial, May 18.] It i* understood that a requisition ha* been forwarded to the Governor of Kentucky from Oen. Gaine*. for vo lunteers. The letter arrived at Frankfort on Friday.? No requiiition hai been made on Mississippi and Ala bama. [From the Albany Atlas, May, 91.] The rumor of a requisition on the Executive of this State, of eight regiments, for the service of the United States, which is mentioned in several of the paperi, and iniomeofthem ascribed to the Washington Union, ii not noticed in that paper of Monday; nor has any commu nication of the character intimated been received at the Executive office. Naval Preparations. [Fron^ie Norfolk Beacon, May 30.] The U. S. brig Perry, Lt. Comt Blake, was towed down to Hampton Roads yesterday at 1 o'clock P. M. by the iteamer Osceola, Capt. Mitchell, and will sail the firit fair wind. The P. takei on board Pasied Midship man McRae, the bearer of deipatche* to the Pacific Squadron and will await the return mail at Chagrei, im mediately after which she will report herself to Commo dore Connor for duty. Miscellaneous. [From the Washington Intelligencer, May 30.] The above paragraph, unless we be greatly mistaken, ii erroneous. Captain Walker, (Samuel 11., as we sup port him to be,) lately one of the Rangers operat ing on the Texan frontier, under Colonel Hays, is a native of Maryland, and was formerly a resi dent of Washington city, where he has many family connection!. He ii a carpenter by trade, ana i* yet a young man. Hi* first entry upon military life was a* a vo lunteer in the company which left here for Florida in 1894 ; and , after returning from that expedition, he re sumed and pursued hi* occupation in thia city for some time, until the ipirit of adventure led him fir*t to emi grate to Florida, and from thence to Texas. While here, ai we arc informed, he wiu a young man of atrictly temperate habit* and una**uming deportment, but of in domitable energy. The New Orleans papers state that a requisition ha* been made by Oen. Oaine* upon the governors of Ten nessee. Kentucky, Missouri, Misiiaiippi. and Alabama for 8,400 troopa. We aro not able to *ay whether all theie requiiition* have been made. We undentand that the Statei of Kentucky and Tennenee are the only one* called upen by Oen. Oaine* for volunteer*, of which offi cial Information ha* been received by the War Depart ment No man can doubt the patriotic feeling* by why:h the General has been impelled to make these call* But a* the War Department has already called upon these two States for a certain number of troops, the or ders of General Oaiues have been countermanded. Opinion* In Canada of the War on the JUo Orande. [From the Kingiton Whig, May 18.] The new* from Mexico i* the exciting topic of the day. The United States Senate have declared war with poor Mexico ; after having robbed her of one province, they now want the whole country. Like the beaat of prey in the fable o( the "Wolf and the Lamb," they gladly seize hold of any occasion to gratify their greediness. What Mexico is to do, is now the ques tion. Four millions of people, two-thirds little better than savages, cannot long resist the force of twenty millions, with armie*. fleets, and money at comand Unleis Great Britain and France assist Mexico, the proseut struggle muit very briefly terminate. Mormon Intelligence. We hire received the Hancock Eagle of the 8th inst, and gather from it the following item* re (pec ting Mormon affair*:? Tut Tkmplk iif the Mabbet.?The deliberation! of the great Mormon Council, which wu held on Sunday last, (on the occaiion of the dedication) resulted in the passage of a resolution to tell the Temple for the purpose of obtaining funds to effect a removal of the poor rrom the State. Of the immense concourse assembled within the walls of this huge and magnificent edifice, there was but one dissenting voice upon taking the question, and we are informed that this one was not entitled to a vote. Tha?#umber present was not probably less than 3,000; and the opinion as to the |>olicy of soiling out all the church property end hurr>ing off the poor, was unanim ous. Mince the date of these proceedings, the express which was dispatched to the $reat caravan nine or ten days ago, hns returned with information that the " Twelve" had assembled in conference with their hosts, and together had unanimously passed a resolution in. structing the trustees to ^ell the Temple as soon as pos sibla, and appropriate the proceeds to a removal of the poor who have labored npon it, and others who are an able to provide themselves with the necessaries of life.? All the constituted authorities of the Mormon Church have passed upon the Important Measure, and this grand specimen of saintly architecture ia n?\v for sale. Its cost to the Mormons (as appears by reference to their books,) exceeds one million of dollars; hut a similar edifice might be built by contract for half the sum. The asking price for it now is |300,000. As a college edifice it would stand unrivalled either in America or F.urope. Will not tha Catholics make a bid for it 7 They have ever manifested a laudable pride in magnificent archi tecture ; and for an institution of learning, the Tempie would subserve their purposes quite as well as an edifice erected at treble the amount for which this can be pur chased. More Hioh-Hawded Paocskdiucs.?Mr. Tennock, o( whom we spoke in a former number of our paper, has been waited upon with orders to leave the county. In addition to this, other citizens have been " voted out" of Carthage by a few evil spirits, who, we are satisfied, form no pert of the respectable Anti-Mormon population, and whose acts are not recognised by the resectable Anti Mormon Associations. Mr. Btakeelev, the Postmaster and Recorder, has had hit door placarded with an order to leave on the ftth of May. These gentlen^n, who are so unceremoniously instructed to decamp, have nothing to do with either the Mormons or Mormonism. They are firm democrats, and if it is for having exercised their political privileges, that they are to be expelled, we think it is carry lag the "purifying process*' rather far. New CMracHcs.?Mr. Bunn,a Universalis, preached to a very large audience at Masonic Hall on Sunday evening last. Mr. Bunn is rt present a resident of Lo gan county, but will remove to this City in a few weeks, and organise a regular Congregation. A Presbyterian clenvman preached at Montrose, on the opposite side of the River on the same day, and many crossed over to attend the service. He will officiate in this city on Sun day week, and regularly on every succeeding Sundae thereafter. The building known as the " Seventies Hair' will be converted into a Church for his use and dedicat ed as the first Presbyterian Church of Nauvoo. We wouM suggest to other denominations that measures be taken to procure buildings and locate ministers here as soon as possible. The influx of Strangers is very great, and we nave new eitizecs enough already to form half a dozen large congregations. DcnicaTioff or ihi Tzmtlk ?It appears that the ceremony of Consecration was performed ia the presence of a limited number, an4 at the dead of night The priest hood were arrayed in their robes of office, and the scene is described as having been most solemn and imposing. The Taoors.?In accordance with an arrangement to which we alluded last week, the detachment retained by Maior Warren for this post, srrived on Wednesday last, and are now quartered at the Mansion House. They are a portion of the force which were stationed at Car thage during the winter, and will remain here for some weeks, lor tne purpose of enforcing the lew, preserving order, and rejiorting the progress of events. Major Warren informs ns that he intends stationing a small force at Carthage for a similar purpose, and that he ia determined to maintain the ascendency of the law. John Rod da, a laborer at Skiptoa, has been committed to York Castle, on a charge of causing the death of his , infant cMU, by pouring oil of vitriol down his throat, in ffrdv dWrtMia burial club of 49 10s. > Foreign ThrsUrlcsUa. Mr. Fomwtmada hi? fourth appearance Uat evening (lays the D*kUn Journal) iu the arduous character of Macbeth and displayedI in iu performance much power, ?kill and originality; thin latter quality, indeed, ia one which may eminently be conceited to Mr. Forrest, aa he la certainly leaa of a maoneriat than any actor we hivi seen, and not io any caae an imitator We premise this, because we are about to state that we were much struck with the similarity of his Macbeth, in very many points, to the noble conception and portraiture of the iamc part which we used to admire in Kean, the elder?we had al most said the great This close resemblance we hold to be quite consistent with complete originality on the part of Mr. Forrest, and we would further assure that gentle man that it is no trifling praise to be compared with Kean Mr. Forrest is truly groat in the dogger-scene; it is need less to particularize, or to select isolated passages He gave tho entire soliloquy in a style which it would ba very difficult to excel, we should say thia scene--his entrance from Duncan's chamber, after the murder, and his horror half yielding to his powerful attempt to recall his failing courage upon the appearance of the ghost of Banquo ?wore his best efforts. Upon the whole, wa question if the stage alfords as good a Macbeth?a batter it certainly doos not. [Mr. Forrest announced from the stage, in Dublin, that he will shortly take a tour of the United States, and then retire from the stage.] The celebrated Madame Grisi and Madame Casta lata are engaged at her Majesty's theatre, London. Macready ia engaged at the Princess' theatre. It appears that Tamburini is not coming to Lond on, alter all. A letter has been roooived from the great vo enlist stating ae much. Likely enough he never intended. Rumors are afloat that Jenny Lind has healed her dlf ferences with Buon, and, in compensation for past viola tions of engagement, has promised to let him have the advantages flowing from bar first appearance in England: and so, it is said, she has given her word that she will sing a few nights. Mdlle. Dletx and MdUe. Bockholtz, vocalists, who came hero at the eleventhfcaur last season, have been of quicker movement this. Their arrival ia already an nounced', and it is stated that Thalberg is not far be hind. The popularity of Liszt is still unbounded at Vienna so intimates the jf in which journal we are al so told that Madame Rossi Caccia is to be the prima don n a of the Academic Roy ale, in lieu of Kugenie Garcia. A prospectus has been published by Mr. Willy, the vi olinist, proposing the formation of a small professional orchestra, available for benefit concerts at a cheap rate? the expenses of an orchestra upon occasions of this kind being, in most cases, ruinous to encounter. The plan seems to be the same as that of the Professional Choral Society, established a year or two ago by Mr. George F. Harris; and as far as circumstances enabled the schema of that association to be carried out, the results were in the highest degree satisfactory, though, unfortunately, the necessities of the class of men constituting the main body, by interfering with the unity of its operations, te ndeil to damage both its well-being and its usefulness. M r. Willy's proposition is a very desirable one, and wa sh all be glad to record its realization and prosperity. Wa hear that several instrumentalists of eminence are busy ing themselves in the cause. The performances of .he Misses Cushman, at Theatro Royal Adelphi, who have been re-engaged during the past week, have continued to attract audiences equal to that which astonished us?accustomed as we are to so* tbeat ricals neglected in Liverpool on the first night of the opening of this theatre. Of the superb personcation of Romeo, by Miss Cushman, and Juliet, by Miss Susan Cushman, we have already spoken in terms of admiration. The Meg Merrilies of the former lady we only had an op portunity of witnessing on Thursday ; and an electrify ing performance it wan. This character, in ordinary, or even the best hands, has been a neglected one InMisa Cushman's hands, we recognize, not " the Jew which Shakspeare drew," but a veritable gipsey, with all the lights and shadows of her character developed.? we do not know, indeed, whether Miss Cushman does not throw around the character a halo of geniua and sub lime interest, not to be gathered readily from a perusal of Sir Walter Scott's inimitable description. Without de scending to rant, she throws her whole energies into the character, producing such effects as we never witnessed upon this stage or any other stage. The cave scene, and the death of the old gipsey, tottering in her infirmity of age, but strong in the great purpose for which that age seemed alone to have been prolonged, was electrifying and talented beyond onr power to describe.?Liverpool Standard. The performances of the Kthiopian Serenaders, the clever imitators of the minstrelsy of the negro popula tion of America, have been more generally attractive than anything of the kind that has hitherto appeared in Lon don. Preserving strictly all the character of the music and the manners of their sable originals, they have reject ed the coarseness and vulgarity which made the Jim Crow performances distasteful to many. Without losing a tittle of the naif humor of the negro musicians, the party at the St. James's Theatre offer nothing in their enter tainments to olt'end the most refined taste. Some of their airs are full of the most touching pathos, and others over flowing with fun and drollery that charms ua by its gro tesque simplicity. They have been giving morning as well as evening performance* to crowded audiences.? Sunday Timet. Madame Vestris and Mr. Charles Mathews, favorites of the public, have been re-engaged for tbo season by Mrs. Davidge, and will make their appearance at the Royal Surrey theatre towards the end or the month. Madame Celeste is about taking a flight from her popu lar little Adelphi Theatre to Liverpool, Bath, and Bristol, for three or four weeks. The Queen and Prince Albert attended the Italian Opera, to aee Caatellan in " Amina." Dragonetti. the eminent double-baa* player, died at the latter end of last week, seemingly of iheer old age, hay ing reached hit eighty-fifth year. Mr. Mac ready ha* entered into an engagement to per form twenty niffhu at -he Surrey Theatre for ?1,000, commencing next September. The will of the late popular comedian, Lirtoo, ha* juit been proved in Doctor's-commons, and hia effect* were valued for probata duty at,?40,000. Vieuxtemps, the celebrated violinist, who ha* been honored with a moat lucrative appointment, a* premier vioiiniit to hia imperial Majextv the Kmperor of Ruiiia, will pay u* hi* farewell visit thl* season. Albert Schlose, who ha* accepted the agency for thia eminent artiit, haa already concluded an engagement for him, with the " Lancashire and Cheshire Philharmonic Institution," at Mancheater, to ?**iat at a aeriea of concert*, to be given by that able society in the first week of June next. Mr. Buckstone and Mrs. Kitzwilltam have been starring at the Theatre Royal, Birmingham, during the present week. It Is seid that so great was the muscular power of Dragonetti's hand, that he has been known to go into a public huuae, ask ior a pint ol porter, and after drinking it, aqueeze the aidea of the pewter pot together between his fingers. The Milanese poet, Carlo Murati, has just died at Vi enna. He was engaged upon a libretto of an opera for Liu at the time oi hi* death. Extract from I letter dated April 1:?"On Tuesday last, Madlle fanny Kllsler took leave of us in the princi pal part of the ballet of "Esmeralda." After the finish of the ballet, thia celebrated dancer was called for nine time*, crowned with flowers and enthusiastically ap plauded." ? Th* "Scexi" in the British Paruahekt ? Now came the "scene." The member for Stock port was followed by Mr. D israeli, who declared that Sir Robert Peel had cheered that portiotupf Mr. Gob den'* speech which alluded to the im pending supremacy of the trading over the agri cultural party. Sir Robert, starting to his legs hur riedly, declared the imputation to be "totally un true/' Fired at this peremptory denial, Mr. D'ls raeli sulked, and sat down with a declaration that when the minister accused him of falsehood, he had nothing more to Kay. In this "pistols and cof fee lor two" state of the House. Colonel Peel, anxious u> throw oil on the troubled waters, ap proached Mr. D'Israeli; the latter waved his himd, intimating a dissect to receive any explanation, and the gallant colonel, provoked at the insult, I left the house in high dudgeon. The excitement at this time had reached its climax, and a meet ing at Chalk-farm was regarded as inevitable.? To prevent such a catastrophe, several members rose to put questions, and to give explanations, amongst them the Premier himself, who satisfied Mr. 1) Israeli that he had not "given him the lie." Disarmed of all pretence for pugnaotousnass, Benjamin, the younger, was obliged to apologise, and order prevailed once more. The friends of Colonel Peel and Mr. D'Israeli (Captain Rou* and Ixird George Bentick) communicated with each other, and satisfied their principals that the code of honor would be propitiated without an appeal to hair triggers and ten paces. Thus ended ihe fracas, which will long be memorable for the foUy of the chtof actor, ana for the fever into which it threw, lor a time, England's representatives. I he world is full of contrasts, and no where are they found more pointedly than in Parliament, lor the evening which commenced in tlus belligerent spirit, was closed by a three and a half hour * speech from John O'Connell against the Coercion Bill. He talked against time, and became so so Brifle that he sent his hearers drowsy to their ds.? Wilmer't Timet, Man i COUNTRY MERCHANTS VlRITINO the city of N*W York, are invited to call aSd ?famine th* complete a?d eitee.ive su*k of Account Book*. Stationery, P^wr.Notonal.and Letter Copyiuc <Md Pen*. Quill*. Ink* sad Mmda, AND All OTllfcK ARTICLES aold by STATIONERS, At the Ist*re?t Poutble Prxret. RICH k LOUTREL, ?1 William at., mil lm*m* door below < ?<l*r a cardT The SHADES HOTEL, U Reads Street, a few door, west of Broadway.?Tne Subscriber, late Proprietor of the Shade* in Thame* *Ueet, respectfully inform* hi* friend > ? d tlie public that he haa fitted up the above houae in a ?tyl< aapenor t<> any other of the kind in the city, where they can be accommodated in hi* n*ual way, with cho|M, stvaka, poached eaga, Welch rareblta, fcc. lie., aaid with Mich ale, fiquora, and cigar* aot to be aarpaaaed by any othrr li?u*e in the coaatry. Private room* for reference*. Tl ?? Lmxlou and city papers takea ia. ?AVL ?.V ANe. snyH 4t*rreThfcSat TufcFr

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