Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 29, 1846, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 29, 1846 Page 3
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B[Fn>? the H*ncock^!ag?o3ay 1?J Th* EmiMutin* MoiMtb-lw ran to tlx# ferry ?till centimies, and notwlthaiAdinK At* boets *re pop ?tently engaged, both nignt and day, in crossing the teams it seems Impossible to ret them over aa natal , they arrive. Owing to thia delay the ferry landing pre- I ?cnts quite a busy aspect. aa numbers remain encamped upon the hank uwwiting their turn to be ferried overj . The ipectator who hat ?een a Oipaey encampment in < . England can form tome idea of the scene here presented, I | 1?? wo much question whether any Oipaey party could i l?* found ?o poorly provided with the necessaries of life as some of tne Mormon families. The number of wagon* [ leiiled over at this place. Fort Madison, and Nashville; ; vuce Saturday last, exceeds 400. These added to the lumber reported last week, make the present number of 1 teams now on the opposite side of the river, about 1400. i hey are designed to accomodate from seven to eight thousand souls, and we do not think we overrate thoir numerical strength in this estimate. Many of them have pushed forward to the Des Moines river, and some are en camped on Sugar Cteek. but the slopes of the hills and the prairie oppofite the city are still dotted with cluster* of tents and wagons. The caravan which preceded the one now forming numbers about 3000 souKand those who have emigrated to Wisconsin and gone down the river, ; cannot he lass than -2000 more. It is safe, therefore, to suppose that over 12,000 have already left the State.? I Those remaining, who are able, arc still at work, both night and day, in arranging for their departure;and, from appearances, we have no doubt hut that, in a few weeks, W shall have the pleasure o: announcing that the " Mor m> n? have left the State." The Thoops.?The troops have been actively engaged since,their arrival, iL scouring the country for Information concerning the movements of both the Mormons and Anti Mormons, and to our certain knowledge, they have been thus far successful, in averting much mischief. In fact, the mintl influence which their presence exerts upon all lwities, tends to a preservation of order. The Mormons have no great affection for the troops, but are willing to submit to any conditions for the sake of temporary pro- j tection, until they can collect the means wherewith to I leave. They feel tatihAed that Major Warren will see them safely ofl', as fait as they can got ready; and their i confidence in hi* ability to maintain the peace has hast- : ened the departure of hundreds, who, but for this, would j have waited for their friends, and perhaps become entang led in new difficulties Ciiairca thai the Cheapest ?A good house and i lot can be purchased in Nauvoo for about $100?less that half the cost of the building. Larger and more costly 1 dwellings are offered at various prices from$200 to $1,000 We question whether a poiut can be found in the United States, which holds out advantages to the poor man or men with slender means, equal to those now ottered in I Nauvoo. Police Intelligence. Mat 2H.?Jirrest on Suspicion.?A black woman, called Julia Sands, was arrested by officer Conklin, of the Third Vard, on suspicion of being an accomplice of Peter Day, who was arrested some few weeks since for robbing a Mr. Horaco Bowen, of Cherry Valley, Chemung county, of $800. Committed for examination by Justice Osborne. F.nraprd Convict Arrested?John Clark, an escaped i convict from Blackwell's Island, was caught last night | a officer Williston, of tho Fourth Ward. Sent back to i old quarters. Also, another rascal, called Barney Jones, was " nabbeJ" by officer Whitehouse, of the Tenth Ward, last night, and likewise sent back to serve out his time. Pairing Bad Money.?A man called Hugh Holland, was arrested last night, on a charge of passing $15 spuri ous money upon Bridget Iiardley, No. 336 Water street Locked up Petit Larcenies.?James Kennody was detected in steal ing a lot of bed clothing belonging to James Burke, No. MS Water street Committed. Abby Bundy, a notorious old black thief, was brought in by officer McKeon, of tho Sixth Ward, charged with stealing a sailor-man's breeches iu an old " crib" on the Five Points. Locked up by the infiltrate. Catharine Walsh was brought in and lock ed up, for stealing a pair of gold ear-rings. Petit Larceny.?Jonn Weaver was arrested for stealing $S belonging to Peter Henner?committed by a magis trate. Fraud on the Emigrants.?A warrant was issued yes terday by Justice Drinker for the arrest of an individual called W. Walsworth, charged with defrauding two poor emigrant women by the names of Alice Cassilly and Elizabeth Cassilly, out of the sum of $10 60 under the following circumstances : It appears that the accu se! keeps on office at No. 7SCourtland street, purporting to forward passengers West, and sold on Tuesday last, a passage ticket to these two women, for the above sum, which ticket was warranted to take them to Cincinnati ; but on arriving at Albany they were informed by the agents, Roach 1c Co., thtit the ticket was not good, con sequently they were compelled to return back to this city, and on an application to this Walsworth they were unable to procure tt e return of their money. Officer i'rosett, of the 3d Ward, was deputed to servo the war rant on this slippery individual. Ji dishonest Servant ?A young man called George H. Clark, was arrested yesterday for stealing a quantity of nerfumery and fancy brushes, valued in all at $30, be longing to his employer, Mr.Edward Phalon,hair dresser, No. 214 Broadway. A portion of the property was reco vered and the thief locked up for trial. On the " Lift"?An old thief, callcd James McKearvan, was caught in the act of stealing a piece of muslin con taining 82 yards, worth $8, belonging to Mr. Gilbert Ra han, dry goods Store, No. 93 Division street?locked up for trial by Justice Ketchum. Movements of Traveller*. The annexed is tho principal portion of yesterday's arrival* at the following hotels :? Amebic an.?John Eastman, Buenos Ay res; Mr. Beau Slant), N. J.; E. French, Sing Sing; K. Hayne, Arkansas: Ir. ilulseman, Washington; R Bayard, O. Tucker, and James Clarke, Wilmington: F. Dunbar, Princeton; Judge Willard, Troy; J. A. Willard, do. Asroa.?George King, Mamaroneck; W. Hart, Va.; W. Wilcox, N. H.; Mr. Holland, Norwich; J. O. Bolles, Hartford; Mr. Brown and Mr. Oliver, Dominica; T. Wat more, Boston; C. Graff and Peter Hulm, Philadelphia; Charles Jackson, Providence; Howard Hickman and Mr. * Philips, Philadelphia; R. A. McDonough, St. Louis; C. Williams, Vermont; Mr. Rhodes, Boston; J. Foster, do ; II.; Calvin Day, Hartford; 8. Osborne, Boston; N. Crowell. do.; W. Strong, Geneva: E. Sill, Ohio; J. Taylor, Albany; Mr. Campbell, Louisiana; Gen. Cunningham. Mobile; A. Williams, Michigan; E. Moses, Philadelphia; John Brooks, Portland. Citt.?Mr. Mark land, Boston; T. Fletcher and W.La tham, Va ; W. Whiting, Mats.: Jos. Whiting, Baltimore; Barton and Stubbens, Philadelphia: Mr. Taylor, N. C.; H. Inches, Boston; J. Stebbins, Philadelphia; R Grover, Boston; J. Richardson, Me.; D. Post, N. Y.; Mr. Van Burcn, inn , Kiaderhook; W. Jacob*, Lancaster, Pa.; O. Bums, N. Y.; R Jackson, New Orleans. Fa* it a li*.?J. Mills, Conn.; J. Ring, Ithaca; G. Cross well and G. Leech, Catskill; M. Parsons, Auburn; S. H. Lasell, Albany; S. Johnson, Delhi; A. Cary, Brock port; J. Wright, Schoharie co.; H. I^uigley, Boston; J. Wil liams, aalera; J. Ashton, Philadelphia; Captain Edwards. Sag Harbor. Howard.?F. Dunbar, Nassau Hall; J. Leech, Ballston; V. Leonard, Lockport; W. Nov os, Washington; L. Red field, Syracuse; J. Wyman, Worcester; Levi Toft, De trjlt; P. L. Pitcher, N. Y.; D.G.Rose, La Forte; W. Choate. Boston; J. Morris, Philadelphia: Jno. Bond, Dunsville; Geo. Dixter, Miss.; J. Cunningham, Philadel phia; J. Huntly, Boston. Common Pleas. Before Judge Ingraham. Mat 06?Lavrrtnci M. Stevtnt vs. Gillerpit S. We$t-? This was an action to recover $186 76, the balsace of a bill of goeds. Defence, that the goods were sold under an agreement entered into, between the parties, that the plaintiff should accept of the notes of the persons who were to purchase them from the defendant Verdict for the plaintiff. For plaintiff, Mr. Thompson. For defend ant, Mr. Muloch. Gil It tine S. Jacob Chamberlain.?This was an nction of trespass for distraining and taking away the plsintiff'ii goods, from his store in|Pearl street, under an alleged illegal distress wsrrant Defence, that the rent was payable la advance under an agreement between the parties, and that plaintiff violated the agreement by not raying the rent according to his stipulation. Adjourned to this raoixing. Before Judge Daly. Whilthoutt f Smith v. Shaff.?This cause, reported in yesterday's paper, is not yet concluded. P Shocking Mtjudkr ra Niwark.?Much excite ment was produced in this city last evening, at or a little before sunset, by the discovery of the dead body of a woman in the basement of No 6 Durand street, a email street leading from Mulberry towards the river. It appears that for several days an unusual and very dis agreeable stench had been discovered by persons re siding in the vicinity of the premises, but the more im mediate neighbors ascribed it to a pig-stye, kept by one of the occupants of a house close by. The circum stance of this smell, together with the fact that several days had elspsed since the deceased or her reputed hus band had been seon, induced a person who was acquaint ed with them to break into the placet The man, whose name it appears is Patrick Mohan, met him at the door, and presented an object more pitiable than can well be imagined. Re had been lying on the only bed they had, appnrently for several days, snd was in a state closely bon'eiing upon starvation; by the side of the bed, on the floor, lay the remains of his reputed wife, with but little covering upon her, and far advanced in a state of decomposition?vermin actually preying upon tha de ceased corpse?altogether presentiog a scene too dis gusting to be described. Alderman McCormick of the same ward, being called, immediately repaired to the spot and had the miserable man sent to the watch house, while in the meantime the Coroner. Geo. H. Bruin, Esn , summoned a jury of inquest After viewing the body the jnry was instructed to repeir to the City Watch House, to review the testimony and agree upon a ver diet. They, however, adjourned to meet at the Park House, where thsy reassembled at about 10 o'clock, and alter hearing the testimony, rendered the following ver dict, viz That the deceased cause to her death from causes unknown with certainty to this jury under the evidence given, but under strong circumstances which lead the jury to believe she came to her death by viol ence from the hands of her reputed husband, Peter Ms h?Jl?JVevarfc Jldvtrtiner, May "X. 1 Hail Storm.?Our city and vicinity were visited on Thursday evening by the severest hail storm we ever witnessed. The cloud which was heavy, and so dark as to cause candles to be used, cama from about southwest, accompanied by high wind, torrents of rain, much electricity and heavy thunder, and more hail than we ever knew to fall at one time. It covered the earth to the depth of two or three inches generally, and in places we saw it drifted as much as two or three feet ia height. Th* sits of the hail was from sn inch to an inch and a half in diameter. Pile* of it were lying on the ground the next morninr.full sixteen hours after the occurrence. The track of tne storm seems to be. from all we can learn, about that of the tornado of 1840. We hear of much damage to the cotton and corn, particularly the latter. Some of our friends in this county. an1 also Con cordia, Louisiana; suffered severely All the windows exposed to the fury of the storm and unprotected by shutters were more or less damaged, and some of them have not a pane of glass left Out in the direction of Handy Creek, we hear that the site of the hail stones wss much Isrger than in town, being about that of hens' egg*. The fruit has suffered much, and our shade trees are almost half denuded of their foliage The extant In lenift'i of this great ?torin we shall not probably know lor some time, but its bresth was a little wider than the tornado, the track of which it followed*-tffckti Frti JYtdtr, May W. Duastboos Cown-Aor*T?oi*.?A flra iwoke out thu morning iu the town of Lafayette, which oon ?.? o <wii*W?y abov* the bound *J7 ?r?f?#c*,,d Munici|*lky. A* house* destroy. ?' ]?**? cbi??y wooden buildings, inhabited by poor families, many 0f whom by this misfortune have k>st ???ry thing they possessed.?IT. O. Courier, Jtfuy 19. Tlie Pinna be Nattonal Psfrrlsn n-n,. ? 5&\ j,h,Ld^ofcfr:'p!" tioii of sppendues, besides uurirall.d perfectfoii*??^ finish makes them equal to the best of the old ?.?, h "Vi but color, and uuilitv too whi^t* i, ! ? iu at) .uy of his T ^ hhL,tei^/rh'r t^? is an art by itself, as ihost of our ?,?!!!?. ? Professor, this the best Parisian and Loudon Pho^pL ^rs* ' "" . A BeantirtU Hat-We would .dvlee tho? -*"ll'#a?^uu'mJ2!li\,??1*0^T*rf beautiful Hac his Moleskin, ??,? Nutria Fur H?s id ?s^ i **IU A I idv who h. fr,*J rapidity and on reasonable terms. in Europe ,nd w?!o \rml,n.,trUf?i?B 6nt m"<"? be atteiided to"or if mn *'? ??c? of 'his paper, will tiie ladv resides will rlT^?IC*t,OB 41 f5 Mercer street, where uie lady resides, will receive personal atteutiou. mil lot . ?r*at Demand for Rewi??Philaddnlila Ajtrnu for the Herald O. B. Ziebrr ft Co., 3 Ledger SuUd ceived L.d whjl?W.k ut' .wl,ere adrsrtissmenu are re ceived and where those wishiug to subscribe will nleisr ^ave tUrnsmes, and have the paper s^.d r^ulaHy at c?l ?nd?d*r??w??,imoi?di?elf after the arrival of the ? ?*BtJ Par moath, including the Sunday He ndd:M cents without it. Single cop IBS l cent.. lm flavtgaUon of Uu Ohio Klver. Cincinnati May"'! l/feet ?S Wheeling, May 8.J3 ??t Pitubunr" May 30..;;;; 7 ?? falli__ Louisville, Ma? .7 V^t'Sa., MOSTEY MARKET. Thursday, May 38?6 P. M. Th* .took market look* better to-day, and price, have (lightly improved. Harlem went up J; Norwich and Worcester J; Reading J; Long Iiland i; Pennsylvania 4'? J; Morris Canal j. At the second board a further improvement waa rea lized. Harlem went up J; Norwich and Worce.ter ]; Reading }. Thi* improvement can be attributed to the effort, of the bear* to get price, up, for tho purpo?e of making uew contract.. Tran*action?, for leveral day. past, have been very limited, and nearly all the old con tract* have been fulfilled. Operator* are, therefore anxiou. to do .omething; and if the bear* can get up an advance of one or two percent, they will, without doubt, make all the contract* they can get, and then Iet'price. down below the former level. It i. stated that the go vornment ha* not drawn upon thi* city for any of the' public fund, in here. Thi* i. very good evidence that when the demand doe. come, there mu.t be a greater deprewion in the money market than yet experienced The offlcial report of the Secretary of the Treasury on the lit proximo, will .how what reduction there ha. been in the surplns. A petition, which purported to be .igned by a majority of the director, of the Hudaon Fire ln.urance Company of the city of New York, vu presented to the Vice Chan cellor, praying that the Company may be di**olved. The" petition itated, that in the course of their business very heavy losses had been .u.tained, and that the greater part of the .tock, property and effect*, had been lo*t or .0 much reduced by lone*, that they do not afford a rea sonable security to those who deal with the Company, it. capital being wholly inadequate to carry on its business An order to show cause why the Company .hould not be dissolved was granted. A bill ha. recently passed both hou*e* of Congres. regulating the value of foreign coins. They will, here after, be received for all payment, due the government, at the annexed rates : e ? ^c*TOM Horse Valvz or Foreign Coins Specie dollars of Sweden and Norway at $l o#i Specie dollar of Denmark, at. ?5? . ' '*{ ? : 5 B2sr. 0? la. ... Ounce of Sicily \\\ ? Pound, of British Provinces of Nova Scotia* N. Brunswick, Newfoundland and Canada.. 4 00 The railroad and manufacturing stock* of New Eng land appear to be in high favor with the capitalist. of tha? section of the country. The premium on railroad .tock. exceed, that in manufacturing ?tock?. For Amoskea* Manufacturing Company 46 per cent advance i. offered for Merrimack 38, 8uffolk30, York 18, Lawrence 18, Tre-' mont 10, Hamilton 3 a 4, Ma..achu.ett* Mill* 16 and Nashua $010 for $600, The Dwight Company have made a semi-annual dividend of 8 per cent Dividend railroad itock. are firm with a tendency to improvement. Concord 33* a 34, Fitchburg 331, 54 Worce.ter 18, Lowell 10* a 30, Providence 9, Maine 101, and Eaitern 8} per cent adv. Western stands at 951 and Portland 07J a 98. Western .crip i. held from the market Northern or Concord Extension has recently advanced to par a J per cent advance, from an impreasion that ere long the Na.hua, Concord and Northern would either form one company, or in some way be advantaged by each other', busine.. and profit.. Each shareholder in the Concord railroad on the first of June next i. entitled to one .hare of new ?tock for every four .hares be may then hold, provided ho claim hi. right to subscribe on or be foro July lrt. The fir?t assessment of $36 on thi. new .tock is payable on that day, and the other $76 on l.t of September, both with intere.t from May lrt?and thi. new .tock will take the next .emi-annual dividend. The provi.ien trade of Oreat Britain, for the part year, compared with that of previou. year., exhibit, an im' provement, ihowing that the condition of the people i. far better than for .ome time pa.t It ia an e.tabliahed fact, that no article, indicate, by their fluctuations, more decidedly tho condition of the lower classes, than butter and cheeie, or exhibit more seniitively the tendency which higher price, have to promote additional .upplie. while lower price, immediately dimini.h them, or to .how how little prices are influenced by the mere quan tity of these necessary article, of food to a large clan, and article, of luxury to another large portion. We find that high price, produce largo importation., and low price, limited importation*. The annexed table exhibit, tho quantities of butter and chee.e imported into Oreat Britain, and taken for con sumption in each of the la.t four year. Importation and Consumption in Great Britain. Butter. Cheese. Imported. Duty paid. Imported. Duty paid Citti. Cut i. Cwti. Cwti. 1841 175.197 180,480 179,741 179,168 184 3 151,996 llS.Wi J79.389 166,563 184 4 IR\511 180.965 2I3.S50 111,206 ins *54,394 210,118 268,245 158,216 In 1838, prior to the last period of great depression, the quantity of butter imported waa 366,193 cwta., and oi cheese, 337,877 cwta. The former fell in 1843, to 161,996 cwta., and the Utter to 166,663 cwta.; and again, with the improved condition of the people, roae in 1846 to 264,396 cwta., and 368,346 cwta. respectively. When we ?ee this evidence of the deprivation which the poorer classes must suffer in periods of depression so strongly evidenced in these articles, what must it be in the more immediate and important necessaries of life. The following tables furnish the chief sources of sup ply, and the progress of the trade with each country during the last six years, by which it will be observed that the imports of butter from North America, though on the rapid increase, still form an insignificant portion of the whole Butter?Imported into Great Britain in the last m Years. 1810. 1841. 1812. 1811. 1844. Cwti. Cwti Cwti. Cwti. Cwti. Denmark 14,0?0 IMS'. 5.047 250 1,*32 Germany 73,309 78,275 45,-116 20.25.1 2a,703 Holland 157,802 164.652 112,778 117,735 146,931 Belgium 5,315 5,872 3,996 2,511 3,1*4 nice 441 158 3*> 48 124 B.N. America. 454 1,819 3,615 1,962 4.185 United States.. 761 10,159 3,769 6,901 761 Total, inelud plae*.ra,.n0r 251,661 877,428 174,197 151,996 185,511 Cheese?Imported in the last six Years. 1840. IH41. 1842. 1111. 18(1. Cwti. Cwtt. Cwti. Cwti. Cwti. German jr.... 136 513 85 39 II Holland 221,957 253,540 184,544 135,971 159.810 France 235 *63 133 314 308 Italy Ml 738 803 601 508 B.America.... ? 116 33 99 81 United State*. - 15,03* 14,0*7 42,312 53,114 Total, iiiflal. place?!??* 236,462 270,21* 179,748 17*,3*9 213,850 The importation of cheese from the United States, forms a more important portion of the aggregate re ceipts; and the per cent increase, from year to year, is good evidence of its becoming, in time, a very great article of trade between the two countries. Notwithstanding the redaction of duties on provisions imported into Great Britain, this trade, the past year shows no satisfactory results. The importations into tae United Kingdom have not increased, while the quantities taken for consumption have groatly diminished. The decline in the consumption of salted provisions in Great Britain is attributed partly to a growing aversion to the use of theee moats, produced, in a greet meaxure, by the inferior way in which the article is prepared abroad. Unless a very great improvement is made I Ujthe method ief pecking (down Ueei|aad park in4tku?^ country. for foreign m?fc??s, the troie will bo very terlaUy loosed, ul the prejudices yradMtd abroad will become w settled that they em only be eradicated with the greatest difficulty. The importation* of ? kited provisions into Oreat Bri tain, in each of the pact four yeari, have been as an nexed :? Provision! Imported into Great Britain. 1112. 181 J. 1*44. 1845. Crlt. Cuts. Owl*. Cwts. Bacon MO 448 * *? Beef,salted s? ? Of British possessions... 8.291 15,308 10.230 Kore igu.. _J3,7W! 45,125 8C.5I6 80.932 Fresh, or slightly salted,. 102 #1 3 3,173 Total of bAf imported 3Q.0M 60,724 106,769 *7,493 Hams I.. 6919 6-7sl 4'462 Mrat, not otherwise described... 3# IM 118 437 8f Britiah ixmeMious... 13,242 U.J4S 2,131 1.317 foreign 3S.? 15,273 28,627 38, US Fresli * ? **3 H3 Total of pork 31,164 >7.118 38,?U 38,878 Oraud total of animal food im ported... 392,630 93,401 111,627 133,3?4 Total consumption 29,080 14,387 10,223 8,333 The groat difference between the importation and con. sumption, according to theee returns, does not exhibi anything of the true quantity sold in Great Britain for consumption, and consumed elsewhere A very large percont of salted provisions imported into the United Kingdom from foreign countries is consumed in the Bri tish navy, and that consumption does not come into the official returns. The foreign beef and pork reported in the above tablos, is conposod principally of imports from the United States. According to o >r own official returns, the exportation of provisions of r II kinds from the United States to Great Britain, lor the year ending Juno 30, 1845, was as an nexed :? ExroRTS or Provisions from tmc United States to Great Britain. Beef, bills 41,108 Pork, bbls 14,140 Hams and Bacon, lbs... 96,907 Lard, lbs 3,678,673 Butter, lbs 330,329 Cheese, lbs 3,934,202 This comprises the principal items of provisions, exclu. sive of breadstuffs. The home value of theso articles was about two millions of dollars, but at the rate of in crease realized within the post few years in the foreign shipment of those staple productions, it must, before the lapse of many years, become one of the most important branches of our export trade. It must be taken into consideration, that any inoreaae in the exportation of those articles from year to year, re quires a very great increase in the produotion, in conse quence of the rapidly increasing domestic demand. Our population has already reached such an extent, and is in creasing so fast, that we consume a large percent of our own products every year; and the time is not far distant whenthe consumption of our principal agricultural staples in this country will increase faster than the production. We predict, in the course of ten or fifteen years, a greater foreign demand for all our most important staples than we can supply, with all eur resources and facility of production. Old Stools. Exchange. $2,000 N.Y. State 7s,'49 102 30 shs Canton Co b60 35 $13,000 Ohio G' I860 92V 200 Harlem RR 44 $1,000 do 92?J 100 #do do s30 44 $2,000 Ken. C's 30 yrs 'JO 30 Long Island R R 28W $3,000 do 7's 9S,V 130 do do 28 V $3,000 Penn. 5's 61 100 do do 28* $20,000 do s90 64}{ 23 Nor. and Wor. R R 52J $3,000 do s 90 G4J? 23 do do s 10 52J SJ.OOO do s 10 61 30 do do s 90 53> >or. Sl wor s60 33 - 2.1 shs [Nor. fit wor. iJ; do do b 10 53V 10,000 Penn. 5's b GO 63 do do s 10 33'? 100 shs Reading RR b 10 63V do do s 60 53 200 Harlem R K bnw 41)2 $20,000 do s 80 61 530 Reading R R 63> $10,000 Reading Bds 71% 200 do do s60 63k 100 shs Morris Canal, b30 14 50 do do b 10 63)2 Second Board. 100 shs Nor. & Wor s60 53 25 shs Nor. k Wor. 53% 125 100 50 ... ? 20 do do 53% New Stark Kichangs. 130 shs Farm. Trust c 23 V 23 shs Nor JiWorFriday 52\ 130 do do e 23V 50 do do Friday 32', 30 do Friday 23 '-2 23 do do a 7 52M 50 do Saturday 23>, 175 do do c. 12*5 30 Harlem R R b 30 44 30 do Saturday 50 do do Friday 41 25 do do b 3 52;* 30 do do s 30 43V 23 do do s 10 32,S 23 Nor. & Wor. C. 52% -L- . Married. At Norwalk, Conn , on the 37th inst., by the Rev. J. J Woolsey. Mr. W. K. Schenck, Junr., of this city, to Miss R. Jane Meeker, of the formerplace. Died, On the27th instant, Mrs. Catherine Kimbkr, aged 66. The relatives and friends of the family, and her sons, Richard, Henry and Frederick, are respectfully invited to attend her funeral, from her late residence, 156 Mott street, this afternoon, at 4 o'clock. At Westchester, UtHh instant, Ann, wife of Captain William Bowne, aged 56 years. The friends of tne family are respectfully invited to attend her funeral, on Saturday next, at 3 o'clock P. M. P??T Orricc, New York,) May 21, 1846. S > STEAMER BRITANNIA, from Boitoa. The Mall for 0 the above Strainer will be closed at this Office on Satur i day, the 30th instant, at 4k o'clock, t*. M. Postage on all let ters must be prepaid to Boston. Letters of half au onuce or under, i ceuu; and each additional hall ounce 4 ceau. ROBERT U. MORRIS, P M. An extra mail for the above steamer will be made up and closed at thi* office, on Sunday, the 3Ut instant, at l>j' P. M., to be tent by express over the Long Island Railroad. Office opeu from 9 to 10 A. M., and from Us to P. M. mv29 3trc A CHILD STOLEN. CTOLEN Yesterday evening about 4 o'clock, from the U House of Mr. T. ii. Maueson, 306 Spring street a male in fant, of seven mouths of age, of fair complexion, and may be readily known by a dark red spot on the back of the head, about the sise of a quarter of a dollar?was dressed in piuk gingham. The cbiid is supposed to be stolen by a servant girl, of the name of Mary Campbell, a small sued young woman of about twenty years of age. Any information will be received and rewarued by the father of the child, at the above address. T. H. MATTKSON. myB lt*rc. T A MEETING of the Independent Veteran Corps of Artillery, held at their Head Quarters, comer of Grand and Elizabeth streets, on Wednesday Evening, May 27th, con vened to elect a Commandant, vice Andrew Siirree, deceased; Lieut. Richard Raynor, was unanimously elected Captain of the Corps?44 Members present. The following resolution was unanimously adopted :? Resolved, That the Captain Commandant be requested to tender the services of this Corps to the Commander-in-chief, to garrison any of the Forts in the harbor of N"W York, or such oilier services as the interests of our country m.ty require. WM. D. HUGHES, Presiding Officer. L. DtLowo, Orderly. my29 It'r fHfc, NfcW iOKK LEGAL UUsbUVt.K, lor Jnue, JL contains ?1. Kemarkaole Trials?Martels Case ; Practi cal points of general interest. Reports?U. 8. Circuit Coart, Ferrett and Arthur, vs. Atwill. motion to consolidate actions for penalties ; V. C. Sandl'ord'a Court, March vs. Lndlum, privileged communication ; N.*Y. Superior Court, Parker vs Emerson, donatio causa mortis ; Common Pleas, (Ontario) Lanaing rs. Case and others, lalse imprisonment ; Knglisli Reports from the Vice Chancellor's Court, Queen's fieuch. Common Pleas, Exchequer, Admiralty ; New Rules of the U. 8. Circuit Court?act abolishiug Distress for Kent, fcc.? Published at 41 Ann street, at $3 a year, payable in advance. my TO 3t?rc SAM'L. OWEN, Editor. NOTICE. THE PUBLIC are cautioned not to trust any of the crew of the British brig Kate, from Galway, as no debts of their contracting, will be paid either by the Captain or con signee, JOS. Me MURRAY, inyItrc corner of Pine fc South street. NOTICE. THE PUBLIC are cautioned not to trust any of the crew of the British ship Jane, at no debts of their contracting will be paid, either by tbe captain ftr consignee. JOB. Mc.vlURRAY, my? Itrc comer of Pine It South streets. NOTICE. THE COPARTNERSHIP heretofore Misting between I viae Keckhow nnd Thomas Vincent, under the firm of Reckhow and Vincent, ia this day dissolved by mutual con sent. All Persona indebted to the late firm will please make payment to the undersigned, at 43 Courtlandt street, who will also settle all demands agaiuatthe late firm. New Yonit, May 22. IBM. THOMAS VINCENT. N. B. The Store and Dwelling overhead to let, and the Stock and Fixtures tor sale, if required. my28 3l*rc I/'AVilLIES wishing private Board in the country can be -T accommodated at the nleasant village of New Durham, ?,Sa miles from Hoboken, l^miles from the Wehawken Pavi 1 ion, on the stage road to Hackensack. The situation is healthy, and the accommodations good. Prices moderate. Apply on the premises, of H. F. Perry; or at Eltoo't, 132 Divi sion street, New York. m>293t*rc KNOX'S SUMMER STYLE OP HATS ARE NOW READY, they are extremely light and airy, they are got up in a style that neither oil or uerspiration will soil them, fo those that prefers Black Hat, they can have their hat* made to order ia the same st^le and as light. my??tis*re No. 1M Fulton street, Hun Building. WANTED, "" A SITUATION as Wet Narte?a young woman that can come well recommended. Inquire 32 West 13th street, between 1th and Slh avenues. No objection to go in the country. my?2t*rc WANTED, r AN experienced manufacturer of wheat atareh.Oue who un derstands the masiufarture of " Pearl," and other qualities of starch, can hear of a desirable situation by addressing A. B., box 1141, Boston, Mass. Post Offiea. aM3w*re A LADY, who is familiar with the modern languages, and qualified to inatruct, will receive, at her delightful home, (for the summer,) a moderate distance from New York, a limited number of young ladiea or misses, ia English, drawing, mntic, piano, tinging, and the French and German languages. Parents or others interested are invited to call at No. 16 City Hall Place, between the hours of 11 a m. and ) r. M., where an iaterfiew with the teacher will en sure to them confidence. References of the highest respects bility. The charges are mffleiently moderate to induce many that board, to make an early application, at their expentes wilt not be increased, while their daughters will enjoy fine country tif, good board, and the best care and instruction, my?# Itit^r GENTLEMEN'S LEFT-OFF WARDROBES WANTED, GENTLEMEN or Families desirous of converting into Cath their tuperfluout Clothing. Jewelry, Fire Arms, lie., may do so to their advantage by sending tor the Subscri ber, who will sttend at their residence by appointment. II. LEVET, No. i Wall st.. N. Y. A line through the post-office, or otherwise, will he punc tually attended to. WytT lm?r GENTLEMEN'S SUMMER HATS. BmD.CORNER PISE Ji.SD NASSAU STREETS, INVITE* the attention of his custo-aers and the pub lie to hia assortment of summer Hate, consisting, among others, of white and pearl color fur H*u, exceedingly light ; Panama, Manilla, Canadian Straw Hau. Aleo, extra light, black beaver end moleskin Hats, expressly adapted to the summer season. myiA lm?rc BIRD, comer Pine and Nassau ?ts. " "SAXt "WatIH BATHS. p\R. R ABINEAU informs his friends and the public, that rr . J"** "4 convenWat Bath it now open at Caslle < (?iilen, lor ladies and gentlemen, every day from sunrise un til 10 o'clock at aight?tuckered ia fiae pure water?where he oC? ?he ?dvUe said experience of nearly forty ? ???.?? <?>? levers of health and comfort- myV7 Jt're AVOTKfff fmrtCKS. 1 I OPECIAI, ANDUrtk^MroKV^HAXt'oK WATCHES ?1Tuttle uid Ducluxesu will sell at miction, without re serve, this day, at It o'clock. at their sale* rooms, No. 88 Wil liam street, for account of whom it may concern, M valuable gold aud silver Watches, comprising fall jewelled Lever Anchor and Lepiues, with gold dials,Trom 14 to IS carat', and eises of same quality; cylinder, double bottom, veige aud stiver gilt Watches, of the moat celebrated make, riz?To bias, Kobinsou, Edwards, lice-ley, llarrisou, Johnson, Itc. Afao, an assortment of gold Jewelry. N. B ?This tale will be worthy the attention of tlie Irade, aa every lot will be told without reserve to the highest bidder. m>29 lt'rc R. A. C'S., ATTENTION. THE MEMBERS of this veteran aud serviceable Coips, and all tiioae that intend to participete in the tremeudous tliam tiabt which takes place on the 10th of June next, are re quested to meet at the Marque, corner Centre and Walker slreet.on Saturday evening. May 30th, 1816, at ?>? o'clock. It la eipected that this will be the moat ferocious engage ment that has ever taken place, (Bosworth Field not except ed,) notwithstanding the high price of bnllocke' bladders aud the extreme scurcity ol raw liver. By order, iHEODOCUS LEMON CARPENTER.M. D. Captaiu 1,004,000 Regiment R. A. C.'l. J. McQowam. Orderly aetyeant. inygg tti?*rc W. O. IIAV N th, Auctioneer. TO BE SOLDou Friday, May litli, IB16, on the premises, between ?J<1 anil 44th streeta. 8th Aveuue?Three fine Horses, Carriages, Wagnus and a Barouche. Several seta of new and second hand Harness, double and single, about SO Saddle*, Bridles, kc Ate. Also, a lot of rich Household Furniture. A Pjrtuer ui the Auctioii business wanted. Tlie new and spleudid Store to let, on reasonable terms. Also, a large Stable and Yard to let. Ap^r ou the premises to my2(3t*r W. G. HAYNES, Auctioneer. JACOB S. PLA'lTi Auctioneer. Hardware and cutlery sale -Jacob s. rutt will sell on Kridav. ?9.h iust.. at 10 o'clock, at the Auc tion Room, comer of Piatt and Gold street?*0 casks Trace, Ox, Log and Coil Chain, just landed. Also, a large Invoice of fiesh imported shelf Hardware and Cutlery. Also, 2000 groaa James Co. Wood Screws, Ike. Also, the balance of two stocks ?f Hardware, which will clo?e the same. Also, ail Invoice of Hardware, slightly d imaged by the late fire in Cedar street. Catalogues at 4 I'. M. the day previous. The attention of City and Country Dealers is di rected to this sale. For particulars see uuder auction head in the morning papers. my28 k*it DR. POWELL. OCULIST, AND OPERATIVE SURGEON, A TTENDS to Diseases of the Eye aud to all Imperfec ?a. tions of Vision, from ? to 4 o'clock, at his residence, 361 Broadway, comer of Warren street. Optiialmia. Stoppage of the Tear Passage, Cataract, and Opacities, effectually removed. AMAUROSIS treated with great attention and saecess. Inveterate cases of STRABISMUS, or Squinting, cured in a few miiiutes. Just imported, ARTIFICIAL EYES, of superior beauty and tiossh. SPECTACLES adapted to every defect. Advice to the poor without charge. Office and residence 3(1 Broadway?entrance 1W Warren ?freet. m29 liDfcltW?i|j PROTECTION INSURANCE COMPANY OF HARTFORD.?CAPITAL, $200,000. THIS Company was incorporated in 1823, since which time it has paid losses amounting to upwards of Three Mil lions of Dollars, and has earned for itself a reputation not sup passed by any similar institution in the United States. Poli cies issued and losses promptly adjusted and paid at their office, No. 73 Wall street. S. W. THOMPSON,) myl6 2w*r WM. H. BIRD. '{Agents. FIRE WORKS?FOURTH OF JULY. NEW YORK LAHJUL.1TORY. M BENNETT, 196 Front street, two door* south of Ful ? ton street. The most extensive and brilliant assort ment of FIRE WORKS are now offered at the above place, consisting of honory and signal rockets, with gold and silver rain; suns, faus, palm trees, pyramids, Peruvian crosses, octa gons, triangles. verticles, mines of serpeuts and stars, ma roons, bengola lights, Romau candles, serpents, pin wheels, grasshoppers, port fires, blue lights, scroll wheels, torbil Hons, line pigeons, torpedoes, pulling crackers, double head ers, fire crackers, Canton rockets, Itc. Country merchants, and dealers iu general, are requested to caH and examine the above stock. N. B. Committees for city and country displays, military and private parties, can be supplied on the most libersl terms with the abovementioned articles, warranted, the mate risls having been selected with the utmost care my/7 lm*r FlRK?WORKS! FIRE WORKS!! ISAAC EDGE, Pyrotechnic Artist, Jersey City, is prepar ed to furnish FIRE WORKS to cities, towns, public gar dens, theatres, Itc. His present stock comprises the most brilliant and variegated fires, appropriate designs, ever manu factured in this country, aud can be furnished to any extent. ISAAC EDGE, Pyrotechnic Artist, Laboratory Jersey City, N. J. N. B.?To agents. Signals, including ship lights, false . fires, primers, port fires, signal rockets, etc., for supplyiug government or merchant vessels, can be obtaiued by applyiug to CHAS. J. HOWEL, my37 lm'r 206 front street. L. DUGAN & BROTHERS, SLATERS. No. 438 Broome street, comer of Broadway. New York.?New Roofs put en in the best manner, anil old Roofs repaired and warranted tight. Orders received at the above place, and Mr. P. Clark's, % Henry street, will be punctually attended to. my26lm*rc WANTED TO HIRE. A SMALL NEW HOUSE with all the modern im provements?location, if up town, on a stage route. , Address, Manufacturer, through the post office. myt9 3t*rc. A KOO.V1 TO LET in the most desirable part of Broadway, with private entrance, suitable lor an office ___ or any profession tl occupation. Apply to Mr. Rockett, 488 broadway, comer of Broome street. Also, for sale, at $83, a sweet toned 6^ octave cabinet Piano forte. mf? it*re TO LET, famished or unfurnished, a front I'arlor and Bed Room, on the first llo< r, at 131 Liberty street. my 29 1 w*r M ? SUMMER HOTEL. D. R. St GEO. FLEEMAN have taken the new Pe coniclHouse, at Greeuport, L. I., where they will be iHk happy to see their friends and the public. U it. Fireman has been at the Pearl Street House for the two last years, and feels confident, by good attention, of hav ing a pood share of patronage. Good Sea Bathing, Fishing, Hunting and Sailing. Horses and carriages attached to the house, and Bowling Alleys. my29 lw*rc THE HOWARD HOUSE, Corner of Broadway and Howard itreet. JbA THE PUBLIC are informed that this well known pj? establishment has recently been fitted up in a style of JaaUL great splendor and magnificence, as a Refectory and Kesuarant, and will open for their accommodation ou Satur day next. The Proprietors will be happy to see their friends and the public generally, on Saturday, (to-morrow,) trom 10 A M. to 2 o'clock, P. M. my20 lt*r A Ji. The (i MRS. WILDER, HAS REFITTED and newly furnished throughout, the house, No. 68 Broadway, (adjoining the Globe Hotel,) and i* now prepared to receire families or single persons, as Boarder*. Gentlemen wishing dinner only can be accommodated. References liven and required. myW 3t*rc jjjt A PLEASANT FURNISHED ROOM, cu be had tTjW in a private family, residing in Franklin street, a few JiaiK doors Sit of Broadway, witn Board, if reouired. Terms, moderate. Address H. A. Y., this office. Refer ence given and required. rn>29 lt*r TO LET OR SELL. A DOUBLE Dwelling House and Grounds, delight fully situated on the Tliird Avenue, oppoaite the Five Mile Mansion House, conuins 11 rooms, kitchen, lie. _ e grounds are abont JW acres, and include a good garden, stable and a well of excellent water. Apply to G. Beckham, J Wall street. my29 lt*r GEM N't) GOSSAMER 11ATS, WEIGHING from 2% to 3X ounces. Price only V SO. ^ It i* about two years since the Goaaamer Hat was first introduced by the subscriber to the notice of the New York public, as the lightest, the most desirable, an J the most tatty article for sammer wear heretofore iu use. The astonishing success attending them, evinced by the extraordinary large amount of sales, and the popular approba tion bestowed upon them by the many who nave given them their patrouage, have not heen lost upon the subscriber, who, to show that he is ever anxious to excel in his art, now pre sents for public patrouage the Gossamer hat. much lighter and more pleasant than any other ever before offered. They are not liable, like the Leghorn and Panama, to lose either snape or color from exposure to the rain. They cannot be soiled by either perspiniion or oil from the hair, so commouly the case with other Hits, for the much admired style of trimmings, originating with the proprietor, effectually preveuta all this. This is a decided advantage over ill other hats. The public are invited to call and sie this article at J. N. GENIN'S Hat and Cap 8tore, mv27 lm*re 214 Broadway,opposite St. Paul's Church. NEAPOLITAN BONNETS. THE SUBSCRIBERS, Patentees and Manufacturers of the Neapolitan Ilonntt, are prepared to supply the 3^ trade with their inimitable Neapolitans, for which they received two silver medals at the last two Fairs of the American Institute, and which for style and finish are unsur paised. They warrant them to alter and clean eqoaly to new. Apply to rATT180N, NOE fc CO., M Delancyst., *7 lmis*r or Vv"* ?>??????? l'ine and Pearl. TO THE LADIES. MRS. M. BAKER. Milliner, No. 209 Bleecker street, (near Dowuing street,) has prepared a variety of beauti ful Millinery, and invite* the ladies to call and suit them selves. Mrs. B. llatters herself her articles will compare with any in Broadway. vy The Bleeeker street stage* past the door every Ave minutes. a my24 2w*m FOR SALE.?Two fine Saddle Horsea?will drive also in a carriage. They are just the right site for riding on horseback, and have been long uaed to the saddle. Apply at the desk of the Herald Office, for further particulars. myK 6t*jgb SSL FOR SALE?A fine, stylish bay Horse. ISM ^hamls high, 8 years old; fine saddle horse, and kind Band gentle in harness ; horse of great endurance, . - traveller. Warranted sound. The owner, who has had him for three years, is going to Europe, wishes to dispose of him for this reason only. The horse can be seen at Dia mond's Sublet, comer of Beaver and New streets. my22 Iw?r ARAB MARE. AN ARAB MARE, lately imported into Salem from Muscat, will be ofTered at Auction, at Tstter sall's on Monday, June 1. _ my? 3tis*r THE NIGHTINGALE BONG IN JOHN STREET. ? THE REAL BIRD iuelf has srrived. and likewise MO of the Saxony Canaries, the warbling of which, ^Si?to the stranger and curious, is rather an interesting sight?for each customer has a different habitation, and Archy will be happy to attend to the ladies and gentlemen as they pass Broadway and John street. apl7 Im'rh STEAMER BKITaFN U OH MOM DA Y. BOSTON STEjIMBR. AN EXPRESS TRAIN will be despatched on Sunday next, at 4 P. M., by the Long Island Railroad, to take the mails and passengers for the Boston steamer, and arrive in Boston at an e irly nouron Monday morning. myWttrc SUNDAY TKA1N. LONG ISLAND RAILROAD.?On and after Sunday next, the 31st of May, train* will run aa follows s? Leave Brooklyn at 9 o'clock, A. M., for Green port and an intermediate place* Returning, leave Green port at o'clock, P. M. and arrive at Brooklyn at 6ltf o'clock, PTM. Car* leave Jamaica at ? A. M-, for Brooklyn?and Brooklyn at 7S. P. M., lor Jamaica. invT* Jtrc CAILDWELL'S AND PEKKsMLL KERRY" .GENTLEMEN AND LADIES travel* ling by the i o'clock Mail Steamers, are XmKhereby notified that the steam ferry boat. ISABEL, will be withdrawn on the 29th day of Mar instant, snd the service will be performed by small boats only. JOHN C. BARD, mvJO It*m Matter ol steamer Isabel. FOR FREIGHT OR CHARTER. - The Bne iBritish brig KATE, ? addell, master, i* ready to ?load, and have quick despatch: apply to JOSEPH MflMURRAY, my29 lwrTC Corner of Pine and South street*. FOR FREIGHT OR CH A RT E R. - TSTniw first class British ship JANE, Milligan, master, is Mill Hload liere M WBSSH to a Southern port for cargo. Apply to JOSEPH McMUHRAY, my? 1 wnc Comer of Fine and South metis. PARK THEATRE-Boxes. $i; Hi. m cm*; Ualiwr, _|J ceuu.?Tb? tj*?uiiy(. M?y ttlb.will be performed TI1K ST-ANOKR-Th* StrangerMr. < Uilep K?u, Bumi Sieiufort, Uvott: Mr. Solomon, Ba**; Krauiu,TJarry; Mrs Halter, Mr*, Charles Kem; Counter Wiotfrwn, Mr., Droit; Chorion*, Knight To eonrlud* with the FOLLIES OK A MOHT?Philip, Mr. Charles Keau, Count de B,i.uc 8. Pearson; Ur. Di ugKMidrait, Bass, Pierre Pallwj? ^ T',e Ducheas de CUarlrt-*, Alii* CWiUi Kvtti Mtatmuiitllv i)u< val, >Ir?. Abboit. Door* open nt 7 o'clock?performance to commence at pre curly 7>, o'clock. _ ; BOWERY" THE ATRE-This Evening.MayWil.wUl be Performed LADY OK LYONS?Pauline. Mm Julia Dean; Clsude Slelnotle, Sir. L)av?ii|>ort; (ien Datnaa, l ollina; Glavia. Clarke; Mont. De.chapelles, Milner; Madame D?s chapelles. Mr? Madison; Widow Melnotte, Broadly. 1 o con clude witli the drama of jLAFI'FTE?Lafitte, Mr. J. H. ?fott; Ric&rdo, McKeou; Pedro, Brooke*; Nicbwlaa Kuowem, H*d away; loiutamu, Mr*. G. Jouea. R.7* Lower Boxes, 10 cents; second and third tiers, 25 eta.; { Pit and Gallery, 12V? cents. Doors opeu at 7 o'clock?Cartain will riia at half paat seres o'clock. , CUIATHAM THEATRE-Thia Evening. May 29, will ' be performed the Grand Operatic Dram*, entitled the ENCHANTRESS?Ramir, Mr. De Bar; Don Silvio, Booth; Doctor Mathanasius, Hellamv; Nuguex, Mr. Denuiaon; Forte Bracchio, Rea: Ooliah Puucno, Foster; Spirit of Evil, Mr. C. Foster; Stella. Mrs. Flyuu; Spirit of Good, Miss Cohen; Neva, Mrs. Phillips; Inis.jla, Mrs La Fore?t; Child in Pro logue, Miia Deiiuin. In the courae of the ballet, in the 1st act, Mis* Coheu will dauce to a (lute solo. [T7" Boies, 25 cents; Pit. 12>? cents. The doors will opeu at a quarter past 7 o'clock?Perform- ' ance to commence at quarter before 1 o'clock. VAUXHALL GARDEN. BRADFORD JONES.PROPHIETOR THE public is respectfully informed that a new and spa cious Saloon, attached to the Garden, has been built, and , fitted up iu an elegant manner, for the production of VAUDEVILLES, And will opeu, for the Summer Season, on Monday Evening, June 1st, w ith a talented and efficient Company. THE PIIOMENADES, IN THE GaRDF N, have all undergone a thorough renovation, where * isiters can be furnished with Ice Creams, composed of the richest and pureat ingredients, together with all the delicaciea ef the aeaaon. iL/" Admiaaiou to the Garden, free; Saloon, 23 cents; Dress ; Boxes, SO cents. m29 tt*r ] CASTLE GARDEN?Musical Soirees, containing the finest morceaui of the great Composers?Friday and Sa- i turday Eveuinga, May 29 and 30?The Orchestra will perform \ the grand concert overture, Kalliwoda; Ehestauds. Freudeu Gallop; Recitative and Aria, They mourn me dead in iny Es ther's Halls; Soldier's Walt/.; to conclude with overture to Era Diavolo. Intermission of hall' an hour for promenade, refreshments, and to riew the varied and corrrct range of 100 Cosmoramas. The second part to commence with La Gazza Ladra; Salsburger's \Valtx: ballad, My Pretty Jane; Norfolk Polka; to conclude with magnificent Overture of Oberou. Ou SUNDAY, a grind selection of Sacred Muaic. NIBLO'S GARDEN ?The proprietor of this establish ment reapectlully informs tne public, that he will com meuce hia seasou on MONDAY, June 1, 1846, On which occasion, GABRlEL, JEROME, ANTOINE, and the whole wonderful RAVEL FAMILY, will make their first appearance in New York theae three years, iu aome of their most popular and highly amuaing en tertaiuments. The Saloons, Garden, Walks. (tc.,have been improved and re-embellished, the Saloon andJJJuter Balcouiea enlarged, the whole now forming the mast recAercAe and elegant place of amusement on this continent. THE CONCERTS A LA MUBARD, so much admired ou previous seasons, will be continued, to give effect to which, A MAGNIFICENT ORCHESTRA has be<*p engaged. Various costly novelties are in prepara tion, and the proprietor has great pleasure in announcing an arrangement has oeeu made with M'LLE BLANGY, Premier Danseuse from the Opera of Pans, and the Berlin and Vienna Theatres ; and MONS. HENRIE, from the Paris Theatres. Further particulars hereafter. J*???'rc_ PROGRAMME OF MR. MARKS' BENEFIT CON CERT, at the Apollo Saloon, ou FRIDAY, May 29. PART L Overture?" Zanetta." Auber. Song?Mr. A. Phillips?" Oh bresthe not her name," M. 8, A. Phillips. Two part song?Mrs. E. Loder and Miss Watson?" I would that my Lore." Mendelsohn. Grand Aria?Madame Otto?"Tulto or Morte."... .Donizetti. Aria?Mr. R. 12. I'aige, (from the Desert,)?"Oh love ly night." '' * Dsvid. Song?Miss Northall?with tlute obligato, Mr. Kyle? " The Wanderer." Lists Italian Bcena?Mrs E. Loder Septetto?Pianoforte obligato?Mr. W. A. King... Hummed. TART II. Overture?" II Barbiere de Seviglia." .Rossini. Tyrolienne?Madame Otto?"lni|uesto Semplice.". Donizetti Duetto?Mr. and Mrs. A. Phillips?" Make me no , gaudy chaplet." Philips. Solo?Flute Mr. John A. Kyle. Duetto?Mrs. E. Loder and Miss Watsou?" Ah nou lasciaruie." - Mercadante. Ballad?Mrs. A. Phillips?" Thou hast woven the spell." Phillips. Overture?" FraDiavolo." Auber Conductors?1st Part, Mr. G. Loder?2d Part, Mr. H. Marks ?Pianist, Mr*H. C. Timm. To commence at 8 o'clock. The Pianoforte from the manu factory of James Pirsson, 88 Walker street. Tickets 50 cents, to be obtained at the usual places, and at the residence of Mr. 11. Marks. No. 112 Varick street, New York. my29 lt?rc A WONDERFU L ERA IN MECHANICS AND SCIENTIFIC DISPLAY. CARD OF ANNOUNCEMENT.?Mona. Georges Tietx, of Paris, respectfully announces to the public of America Jenerally, and New York especially, that in the course of a ew days lie will present to their notice the productiotia of hia WONDERFUL CABINET, Consisting of such amaxiug Mechanical Figures, as must sur prize the most sanguine. Theae works of art are as large as life, and accurately perform the most delightful functions of vitality. A beautiful female dances?every muscle and fibre moves; birds will feed and fly, wild beasts will combat; mu sicians will iilay grand operatic pieces, without any touch or handling of the artiste, who has composed these the most per fect and wonderful automata the world haa ever beheld. Full particulars in a few daya. my29 2tis*rc HOWES & CO.'S NEW YORK MAMMOTH CIRCUS. npHE LARGEST ESTABLISHMENT ever organ ixed in X (he United States, comprising NO Men and Horsea, re quiring 26 CarriaKea to convey the performers, wardrobe, mu ?iciaiif, fcc., will be eihibited in Paterson, Km tun (Pa.) Readme, Lancaster, Harrisburg, lie. The company haa at tacbed to it Eight Female Equestrians, among whom is the Ureateat Female Rider of the Age, recently arrived from Pari. MADAME MARIE MACARTE,, , whose new atyle ol Equestrian Feata, peculiarly her own, being cbaate and classic: herjrraceful auu fascinating address, and the charming naivrte with which ihe chains her audi eence, render thia gifted and highly-educated artiltr the lead ing feature of the arena in thia country. The Proprietors re fer the public to the brilliant deacription riven in the respec tive newspapers of the extraordinary and daring feata perform ed bv this distinguished artiile. Among the novelties which the Proprietors offer are the celebrated Scotch OIANT AND GIANTESS. Their height is 11 feet, and their weight over TOO Iba. Mr. Randall weighs 422 Iba. Mra. Randall is the moat enormous giantess in the world. They will ap|>ear in " Jack and the Bean Stalk.'1 and he will perform ettraordinary feata oi strength and agility, and will ride in a two horse act. The entertainment, will comprise 17 Acta of Horsemanship, Gym nastic Ezerciaes, Classic Displays, and humorooa afterpieces. Equestrian Director, Mr. HOW E8; Riding Master, Mr. NIXON, and the unapproachable Clown, DAN RICE. Among the Performers ia the celebrated and principal Ri der, the Napoleon of the Arena, Mr. HOBBS, whose feata on Horseback are the most extraordinary ever witnessed. Juve nile Act of Horsemanship by Maater Nixon. Olympic Exer cises, by the whole Company, led by the great European Tumbler, Mr. MACARTE. Wonderful Feata by Mr. Cole1* Dogs, Hector and Billy. The SWISS BROTHERS, in their elegant Gymnastic Postures and Groupings. Mr. Sweet as the Charioteer of Phoebus. Posturing and Gymnastics by Mr. Nixon and his son. Mr. Howes in his Mythological and brilliant Act of " Fancies of Proteus." Mr. C. Howes in Slack Rope Evolutions. The Negro Minstrels, with the ini mitable Dan Emmit at their head. The Original Banjo Melo dist. With a variety ol others. The whole comprising the leading, most talented, and classic performers in the world, rm 7 tf rrc BROADWAY SALOON, 17!? BROADWAY THE undersigned, a well known caterer for the people, has lately established himself in his well known occupation, and he assures the public that they will travel " further and fare worse," so far as devotion to his business may ensure comfort to those who may honor him with their patronage. my24tw*m THUS. C. SCOTT. Atlantic garden is now open for the SEASON.?Dodworth's Cornet Band will perform every Tuesdty and Friday eveniugs, commencing Jnue 2nd, at I o'clock. Admittance free. myl 3m*rc WILLIAM ALLISON. Proprietor. PIANOFORTE FOR SALE. A NEW and superior toned Instrument, | r,l4 octaves, modern stile, beautifully finished. It was bought from one of the best makers in . the city last April. Will be sold low. Ap ply at 136 Spring street. my29it?r POSTPONEMENT OF THE RACES OVER THE UNION COURSE, L. L Until Ttutday aiul Wedntulay next. IN CONSEQUENCE of an inCisssut rain storm, of sever 1 days continuance, it haa been determined to postpone the Races until Tuesday and Wednesday next, when they will come off iu the following order Tuesday, June 2, at 1 o'clock. Purse *300, free for nil agea. Three mile heats, Entries:? Charles.S. Lloyd's ch. c. Snnbeau., by Imp. Langford, out of Gipsy, 4 year?. . . , ?. O. P. Hare'a b. m. Antoinette, by Imp. Priam, dam by Vir ginian, J year*. ..... . * j . /??? James K. Van Mater's h. h. by Imp. Langford, outof.Miss Mattie, J years. Sams Day. Purse $600, conditions as before. Four mile heats. Entries: Col. Win. R. Johnson's ch. c. Ringgold, by Boaton.outof Cassandra's dam, 4 years. 8. Laird's (Wm. Gibbons')ch. m. Fashion, by Imp. Trustee out of Mariner's Ham, I years. _ Ot way P. Hare's b. m. Patsey Anthony, by Imp. Tnam, dam by Virginian,<i years. name Day. Purse tiO, eatri nee added. Mile Heats. Entries Samuel Laird's ch. g. Alderman, by Imp. Langford, dam by Sir Charles, Syr* ... , .. Jaa. K. Van Mater's br. h. by Imp. Mercer, oat of Miss Henry flomer's ch. m. by Imp. Priam, dam by Sir Archy, aged. Wednesday, June 3, at I o'clock. Purse $200, free for all age.. Two mile beats. Entries S? 8. Laird's b. h. Bob Logic, by Imp. Langford, dam by Mam brino, 5 yrs. , . ,_ , Jas. K. Van Mater'i b. f. by Imp. Langford, oat of ( aroltne, 4 Charles 8. Lloyd's gr. f. Esta, by Bolivar, dam by imp. Barefoot, i yrs. _ Same Day. Match Race for $500. Two mil* heats, between two fa mous New Jersey horses j? .... Br. h. Satan, by Bloody Nathan, oat of Lady Anderson,} Br. II. Oregon, by Liberty, dam by Henry, S yrs. Same Day. A Race at Mile Heats, for which entries will be made on Monday. It is altogether likely that another race or two will be mads rn come off during the two days' meeting. Owing to an acci dent to Orator, (who injured his shoulder from a sudden stop page oftbe cars, on the N. J. railfoad. in coming from Phila delphia) his stable companion, Ringgold, has been entered in his stead. Ringgold has been named by Col. Johnson, in honor of the late lamented Major Ringgold, the Chevalier Bayard of the U.S. Army. He taavery remarkable colt?as like bis sire. Bosf-ii, in form, color, and action, as possible. He has never been beaten not only, but has won with ri*e at three and two mile heats. He beat Antoinette, Wilton Brown and Belrebub, at three mile heats, at Baltimore, Isst week, and the previous week lie beat tbe celebrated Marchioness at Peiershnrg. The mnetiug promise* to he one of signal fnltrest. and ?e etpect lose* an immense lorn out. Races at four mile Mats, three mile heats, Ind milt heats, for esch of which ?n* tries haa* been made, is an attraction which baa rarely been offered ia the VaJtM States mv? ? LATEST INTELLIGENCE By Electric Telegraph. ProcMdlagt in CangwM. Wamiiinwto.n, May 28, 2 o'clock, P. Al io MtnaU. Mr. Be&jukn gave notic* that he would to-mor row introduce a bill relative to lite duties or tit* Attorney General. Mr. Joh.nson of Louisiana, presented a resolu tion of the Louisiana legislature, iu lavor of the general government speedily provdmg to pay the volunteers to the Army on the Rio Grind*. Mr. Dix moved that thecominitte* on naval af. fairs be instructed to enquire into the merits oj Van Schmidt's Rotary steam improvement Agreed to. The French spoliation bill was hero taken up* and again postponed, and made the order of the day for to-morrow, at 1 o'clock. iVfr. IIanNEaan submitted a joint resolution, for the adjournment of the two Houses of Congress, on the 20th of June. Mr. Houston, of Texas, introduced a joint rs?o> lution of tlmnks to Gen. Taylor and his army, an d that a suitable sword be presented to Gen. Tay lor, by the President. Mr. Bfurif.n hoped the resolution would pass at once, and that the Senate would show by an una* nimous vote how deeply it ie-els the importance of the service* rendered by Gen. Taylor, and his gallant band. Mr. Houston said that there were included in the general terms of the resolution ; it embraoed all under Gen. Toylor's command, both of the Army and Navy. Mr. Breese, of Illinois, said he should like the resolution to lie over one day, that the gallan band that remained in the camp opposite Mata , moras might be included. Mr. Morehead thought all were included by the terms of the resolution. Mr. Sevier said that ha hoped the resolution would lie over, in order that it might be made more specific than it now was. The motion to lay oyer wa.t then put to vote, and prevailed. The Senate took up the Oregon Jurisdiction bill. Mr Benton resumed his speech, from whksh he had delivered on two previous daya. Hit manner is more than usually animated. The galleries are well filled with listener*. Mr. B. still speaking as this report is sent off. House of Representatives. Several bills from the Senate were taken up and appropriately referred. Mr. Stevens offered a resolution authorising the clerk to purchase 10,000 copies of Emory's Map of Texas. Mr. Rhktt said he had seen it stated in South em reviews that Emory's map was very incorrect a tissue of falsehoods. A motion to suspend the rules to allow the reso lution to be received and considered was made and lost. Mr. Hopkins from the committee on the post | office, reported back the bill for post routes in ; Texas, with an amendment. Mr. Culver asked if the routes proposed went ! into the disputed territory. Mr. Hopkins said, that all he would say in re | ply was, that the routes did not extend South of i the Rio Grande I By the Halls. Washington, May 27, 1846. Scattering Remarks upon the Eventt of the Timet? Congress?Education?The Fair?The War Texas and, Oregon, fyc.-Ex-President Tyler m Town. ? The licat continues at the oppressive tempera ture of about 88 degrees ; horizon full of clouds, surcharged with electricity, and flashing inces santly, but no rain. The House got through committee the Diploma tic Bill to-day ; and the. Senate the supplemental Army Bill to a third reading, and the confirmation of the officers of the new regiment of dragoons. The public schools of the city had a procession to-day?and near 000 children of these schools were drawn tip this morning in a circle in the ro tunda of the Capitol. The object was to show to Congress what the city is doing for education, weighed down with taxes as it is, and as an in ducement to the national legislature to assist the municipal authorities, in carrying out tha plan of a general education of all the children within the limits of tlie corporation. For this purpose, from four to six new school houses will be wan ted, and an appropriation from the treasure to aid in their establishment. Dependent as "Wash ington is, has to be, and was intended to be upon the government, we cannot divine how this praiseworthy object, of assisting in the education of the children of the capital, can be evaded, either upon constitutional sophistry, or tUc hum buailMfliy of "retrenchment ana reform." While upon this agreeable subject of education, the Grand Secretary Itidgeley, of the I. O. of O. F. gave some important facts, connected with the financial condition of the benevolent order. In his speech at the dedication of the new hall^ on Monday last, he said the fraternity in the United States, had now a body of over 100,000 contribu ting member*?that they had a surplus fund on hand of a million of dollars, and that the perso nal contribution of the paying members of a cent per week each, would give an annual sum of #60, iXX), for the support of a college or primary schools. There is no association of men in the Union, that have such a power in their hands as the Odd Fel lows; and none who exercise their power to more praiseworthy purposes. By invitation, the public schools attended, teachers antl scholars, and all hands, the National Fair this morning, and like the old ones, the little ones appeared to be astonished, that with the American people, "some things could be done as well as others," and others peradventure very well for the beginning. We hnd the honor, this evening, of encounter ing among the bathing tubs,the veritable old Veto, our late much abused chief magistrate. President Tyler, lie looks remarkably fresh ana vigorous. Our worthy good Mayor, Col. Seaton. escorted the ex-President and his friends through the baxaar, but we cioubt whether he could be persuaded that all these results of home industry, are dependent upon the bill of '42, which by his approval, (mi mis the land clause,) became a law of the land. The ( harming lady of the ex-President is, wo learn, also in the city, and other members of the family. ? ? While we write, 11 o'clock, P. M.. a military band is performing in the street. Tne military spirit or the people is paramount, tantamount, and catamount to a war now with the universal world, making only a morning meal of the pie bald sombreroes of La Republico Mexicano. The only apprehension now is, that the volunteer army, nolens volens, will deem it expedient to visit the halls of the Aztec*, the Guatimozins, and the Montezumas. The ball is opened, and there is no foretelin gthe parties that maybe drawn into the dance, or the sco]>e and duration of the entertain ment. As they are, there is not, perhaps, upon the face of the earth a people occupying a finer territory than the Mexicans, or a more distressed, distracted, dislocated, good-for-nothing race of mongrels, under the sun. It would seem that all the most inferior breeds have been crossed and blended, as if with the express view of produ cing the coinpletest deterioration. It is evident now, that 15,000 Anglo-Saxon* could subjugate the whole empire of eight millions of rancheroe*, brigands and lazearoni. Poorfellows?theirtime has come. They will soon be overwhelmed, as was enervated and emasculated Italy, by the har dy beef-eaters of the North. . The marine band discoursed their excellent music in the President's gardens this afternoon, and there wes quite a showy congregation in tne grCo?.dBenton is expected to wind up the line of 49 to-morrow in a blaxe of glorious irrefutability. The welkin rings with the cheers of a band of volunteers just in lrom Baltimore. The war with Mexico is all the go. Coarmcoru. N*v*r ?The U. S. ship Jamestown, Yorktown and Southampton were ?t Tort l^nya. Cape d* V.rd?, March Hth. Tho V. 8. brig rorpoiie, Lieut. Com. Hunt, arrived at St Domingo on the 7th inatant, In from Havana, and twenty-flve (lays from t>n*accls. Of* and crcw all wall.? Baltimort American, may w. Or*. Ex-President Tyler arrived in this city on Tuoadsy evening. In compliant* with s summon* fnm one of the committee* appointed by the Hooie of tenUtirai to exsmlne into the ?xpenditoi?*trotnlM se cret *ervks fund, during bi? sdminlitrstton. Jvlneaw JnttlUgiiu tr, |fey *

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