Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 2, 1846, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 2, 1846 Page 3
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Th? arrivals yesterday war* characteristic of th* Jay, ?Invariably limited on Monday Wa found at tha Amebic an.?Tho? Groom, Boston; J. Svitom, Naw Roc hall*: T. William*, N. Y.; E. French, Sin* Sing; J. O. Wiliard. J. Brig ham, Troy ; A. P. How, U. 8.A.; W. Howard, B. Sexton, Conn.; W. Herriot, N. Y. A?to?.?W. Motley, Boston; M. Brown and family, do : D. W. Clarke, M. Whitney, Hartford; J. Bailer, Bait.; K. Debbandi, Belrirue; C. da Belquien, Kugland; W. Thompaon, Springfield; J. Kyan, Phila.; J. Austin Amory, Boston, Ed. Dickerson, NJ.; Dr. Adam*, J. Van Wagoner, Boiton : J. Wilcox, Columbus, Ohio ; J. Hutchinson, Phila.; R. Wynceop, Auburn; W Kelly, Washington; Da Witt Rexford, Norwich; J. Neilson.jr., Brunswick; J. Thompson, Princeton'; Dr. Smith, Phila.; Geo. Sanders, Copper Harbor; J. Collier, Albany; D. Macmartia, J. Mc Donnell, Canada; V. Burns, do. Citt.?Geo Aapinwall, Phila; Jno.Gilmour, Richmond; H. Catherwood, Phila.; R*v B. Sherman, N. J.; 11. Morri son, Rochester; A. W. Classon, West Chaster; J. McRae, U. 8. Navy. KmnLiN.?8. Beckwith, Greenport, L. I.; James A. Bennett, Boston; Peter Mrlntyre, do.; H. Rice, Montreal; Jno. Mclntyre, Boston; Mclntyre, N. O.; G*orge Thomas, N. O.; Thos. Mitchell, Caiiajoharie; M Hun gerford, Watertown; Jno. Vanhouton, Morristown, N. J. Howim.-Geo. Lellington, N. C.;P.C. Sheao*. Water . ford; Meiara. Morton b Starr, N. J.; R. Ryder, Baltimore; H. P. Warren, Pa.; W. Taylor, Indiana; W. Remis, Mo bile; T. W. Church, N. O.; A. Litch, Boston; Jno. Mcaile, Albany; Capt. Roe, Milton; H. Richardson, Wiscousin; Barber k Cashont, Auburn; Capt. Hardy, Josiah Barber, Washington. Bnpeaftnr uslcal Tuition for 'Voung Ladlts. I To Parent* and Gaardiana.?Music Taught on the most Improved Method with treat rapidity .and on reasonable terms. A 1 - -1 ~ L _ I J!5 1 ? J tU. ?;??* ... A Iviy who ha* received instruction from ihe tirst ousters & Europe. and who imparts with facility a thorough owledge or the science to her pupils, combined with ele Kt and graceful execution, is desirirus of taking a few more i*l* pupils, either at her own reaidence or at theirs A liae addressed lo A. H., at the office of this paper, will b* attended to; or an application at 45 Mercer street, wher* th* lady reaides, will receive personal attention. mil lm Great Demand for Kewt-^Phlladelphla Agent* for th* Herald, O. B. Zieber It Co., 3 Ledger Build lag, 3d street, below Ciiesnut, where advertisements are re ceived. and where those wishing to subscribe will please leave their names, aad have the paper served regularly at th*ir stores and dwellings,immediately after the arrival of the can. T*na*, 71 cents per month, including th* Buuday He rald; U eeat* withoni'it Single rooies 3 raat*. lm To praise the Plumbc National Daffsserrlan Gallery, No. 251 Broadway, may seetn superfluous to those who have paid that elegant establishment a visit. Bnt for those who nave not enjoyed that satisfiction.we would be *p*ak an entertainment of the highest older. The Gallery In itself it the most elegant and extensive of the kind in the country, and the pictures daily produced there are in every respect unequalled. Metallic Tablet Razor Strop?Merchants and others about purchasing an article of this kind, wonld do well to call and examine at the manufiCtory the various pat terns offered, each being made of the best materials, but va rying only in ontaide lUiish. Certificates, in proof of their a'luty, are in the possession of the inventor, from some of tha most scieutilio gentleman in the conntry. A liberal dis count made to wholesale purchasers. G. SAUNDERS k SON, 177 Broadway, opposite H?ward Hotel. Navigation of the Ohio Klvsr. Place*. Time. State of River. Cincinnati May 37 ....9 feet 3 inches. Wheeling, May 37. 6} feet. Pittsbuiw, May 38. 8 feet rising. Louisville, May 30 7 feet, 9 inches. monky market. . . Monday, Jane 1?0 J?. m, T ^ mo^. and p^ce, fell fta[Ie? dcclin?d 1. Norwich and Wor carter* lUading J, R0ttding Railroad Bond. {, Long Morn r Lotn i- Vickiburg went up J, and *n^1Clo,*d finn " Saturday', price.- At the ^Tprie..7A* [ d0CUne ^??k Place in Harlem, and pnee. at%e cloie were very much depres?ed. The '? w#r? only to a limited extent. tJr^r!^Tu'P.eCie dnft t0T >400-000 made it. ap. r - k Wended for.hipaent to New Orleani via the MM? aippi river. We may look for draft, of this kind very fre quanUy, and the .urplua on here will, at thi. rate bo rapidly reduced. The revenue from cu.tom. collect! ?rt' forthemon,hofMay, amounted to $1,673, 107 A3. The appropriation, made by Congreis lor tho Mexican war, amount to twelve million, of dollar^eing the Whole of the government .urplu.. A very .hort time wi 1 .cfflce, at the rate of expenditure experienced with in ike past month, to u.e up that amount, but Congre.i may deem it proper before tho treasury become, com pletely bankrupt, to pa*s an act authorizing the i..uo of trea*ury note., which would relieve the money market i and furnish a valuable mode of making remittance, from one extreme ractlon 8f Uie country to Mother. An act em powering the Secretary of the Treasury to issue treasury note., bearing a nominal rateol intere.t, for twenty mil lion, of dollar., would enable the government to carry on it* financial operation* much more effectively than under the existing system. Vf!"0 ?nraporU Md "Port, of this port for tho month of May, was a. follow. Commisci or thi Pear or Nxw Yoat, Mat, 1846. ! Dutiable merchandi.e.. .7*7?'" Free do. $4,180,360 Specie 1,300,741 | 27,286 Exports *>,438,397 j Domeatic merchandiM |. $3,529 oofl Foreign merckiindUe, dutiable. . . 208 '>??> Sneeie fre6 1 ? * "P*61* 291,041 3,114,549 Exce** of import, over export* $2,373,848 Dude, collected firrt five month. 1845. . .. $7,478,iw 99 1846.... 8,<m!005 97 "E"22" of dutiea collected fir.t five month* $544,875 98 It will be obierved that the value of import* for the part month ha* been quite limited. For the ro.tof the sea.on then* will, probably, be a great deficiency compared with last yur. The Delaware and Hud*on Canal Company have de dnred a semiannual dividend of eight per cent, payable oa the 9th Inst The flrrt effeot of a rapture in our peaceful relation* with foreign power., upon commercial matter*, ha* been felt In the South and Wert, and bu.ine.. of all kind* in these *ection? ha* been completely pro.tratod. confi dence baa been completely destroyed, and the greate.t depression exittr The producer* of the interior are afraid to forward their .upplie. to the Southern port, in couequence of the numerou. failure., and the impo..i Whty of realizing on their shipments. The merchant* of New O.leans ? afraid to forward their con.ignment. to Europe or to the Atlantic porta for fear of capture and confi?sation, and the ruinou* rate* charged for in.urmnce Our principal agricultural production, being thu. de prived of a market, become reduced in price, and holder, and producer, luffer ruinou.*. It i* not *urprisin|j under tki. state of thing*, that many are mad* bankrupt! and that so much embarrassment exists in the commercial world. We have not yet felt the effect of thi* rtate of thing* at the South and Wert, in thi* city ; but there i* no pos aibility of eleaping it Thi* being the grand centre of all the commercial operation* of the eountry, any de rangement in trade, in any (action, must ultimately be felt here, and the brunt of all lone* generally fall* upon house* in thi* city. We trade with the mo.t remote part* of the Union, and market, are generally found here for the principal product* of the country. Credit* are form ed and price* regulated by our market* , and whatever tend, to depre*. the money market of othar citie* inva-* riably reaches u., and it* effect* are experienced here with greater eeverity than anywhere else. The intimate connection existing between thi. and all other citie. or the Union, induce* u* to think that we have yet to expe. rienco a deprei.ion much more aevere and much more ruinou. than we are prepared for or expect; and we fear the ie.nlt The very anticipation of a rupture with Mexico, produced much embarraaiment in comntr cial circle*, and the reality cannot but increase the evil*. It i* the uncertainty that hang* over every thing connected with our financial and commercial af fair* that ii doing *o much miichief. It ia, perhap*, fortunate for tho*e interested that, for ?one time pert, there ha* been no diipo.ition or opportu nity for the commercial cla??e? to launch out into any great (peculation?it 1. fortunate that the difflcultie. we now experience have been so long anticipated, a* we have in a measure becomo prepared to meet them, or there would have been a very different result. Even under these circumstances, we have the greatest fear* a* to the result; but had oredit* been much inflated?had our jmportationa been large and our foreign indebtednen greater than usual-had every thing been inflated and pricei very much advanced, there would, without doubt, hare been *cene* similar to those experienced in 1837 and ISM, and n revulsion would have spread through the country, sweeping in ita couree every vestige of pros. parity, recently so encouraging and so healthy Tor more than two year*, there have been indication* of the pre lent rtate of thing*, and from time to time check* have been given to buiinei*. whieh, at the mo. mant, were considered unfavorable, but which have proved to be of the mo*t beneficial character, as they aerved to prevent too rapid an inflation of credit* and ex tension of trade, and keep down that disposition to deviate from the regular course of busineia *0 general in (hi* country. The annexed table* exhibit the movement* in produce at New orltan* thii ?ea*ou, compared with the cor. responding period last year, with tha quotations at ??rani data* tki* .yaw, ilwwtaf ito J**Um UpriN?t~ Faiccs FOB Provisions and BiaiMtcm I* New Oa LliHI, 1M6. % Jlyril 1. April XL May*). Flour, Ohio, lie.. .*4 25 * 4J7W 4 85 a 4 TIK 3 ?0 .)? III. Mid Mo. a4 3t2 4*i a4 JT)? 3 00 >]? Hi. Louis... 4 62X?i?0 4 ?J*a 1 00 S SO a 4 0U Oran. wheal 77 a 1 10 ao a 1 M CO a 70 uau 35a* 35 a * ?. * 34 com, sheli'd 42 a 50 41 * 50 28 a 35 Provisions, pork, clea^..:.. .1150 al2 00 11 50 at!00 11 00 a utr?, 10 75 all 00 10 75 all 00 9 75 al0 25 M. O W G2K?10 75 10 50 *10 62^ * 50 a 9 75 prime 8 90 *9 12* I(7^a9 00 IU0 a (25 Bar on, liaou 05 Va 06 05 a 06 U4.^a 05V aides...... OiQ, 05 V 05Va 05* 05 a <*? This table of comparative quotation* exhibits a falling off In the market price of tome of the principal itaple ar tleles of food, within a mouth, of about thirty-three per cent An unprecedented decline for such a ihort period. The receipt* ofthgp product* this tea*on and last hare been a* annexed Receipts or Agricultural Products at New Oa- ? LZa*S. Sept 1, 1814, to Sqil.l. '45, InertatM . ... Jaay 20, 1815. to May 20,'*6. 1*46. Corn meal, bbls 7,332 2,9*4 ? Corn iocara, bbla 122,854 201.092 131,238 Corn, shelled, casks 330,097 832,203 502,106 Kl'iur, bbl? 441,903 091,164 219,261 Wheat. bbls and sacks 35,882 205,645 169,703 Oats, bbla and sacks 124,4811 166,149 41,601 Bacon, ass'd, lihdi and casks.. 10,203 15,2ti 5.025 Bacon, bbls and boxes 31 3.759 3,728 Bacun hams, hlid< and tcs.... 8,98 1 8,993 2,012 Bacon in bulk, lbs 298.000 418,000 120,000 Beef, bbls 28,437 33.534 5,097 Beef, tierces 2,556 25,057 23,101 Lard, bbls '6,750 97,575 41,825 kegs 219,727 292,049 72,322 Pork, bbls 206,137 315,749 109,612 bhda 6.701 9,803 3,102 in bulk, lbs 4,059,000 9,337,553 5,278,553 Here is an immense increase in all the mo*t important item*, but we cannot attribute the decline in price* to any excesi of lupply, a* the exceu of export* thi* sea ion to the lit of May, compared with thoie to the lame date lait year, has been correspondingly large Exports or Provisions and BsEAi>sTurrs from New ORLEANS, 1845 AMD 1846. To mfinril nth, 1845. 1846. Increase. Hour, bbls 237,239 3 87,735 150.496 Pork, bbls 102,341 210,791 48,450 Bacon, bhds 38.147 10,4(1 2,337 Lard, kegs 298,90# 609,063 510,755 Beer, bbls 20.102 4 0 565 19,763 Corn, sacks 72,117 439,021 366,911 Up to the 1st of May, 1846, there had been no particular increase in the itocki of these article!, as it will bo seen that the increased export! kept pace with the increased receipt! ; but lince the lit of May, there hai been a fall I ing off both in receipt! and export!, and price! are rapid" 1 ]y reaching a very low point Large supplies of these product! mutt be accumulating somewhere, and we be lieve at point! where nothing can be realized upon them. Advance! upon consignment! at preient are entirely ont of the queition, and the produceri of the Weit mutt be cramped very much in their resources, as their aiieti are j io locked up ai to be almoit valueless. Old Stock Kxchanp. . $10000 US6s. 1!K2 b60 103 100 aha Harlem RR I 1000 Ohio 6s, la.0 92Ja 50 do 1000 ludiana Dol, 25 yrs 32 425 do ' 13000 Reading Bonds 71*? 200 Reading RR 631 20 shs Mechanics' Bank 103 525 do 63) 50 Vicksburc Bink 6 50 Nor Ic Wor RR bl5 52) 100 Farmers'Trust MO 24 50 ? do 52? 50 Morris Canal b00 14U 50 do sl5 52^a 50 do 13)2 250 do 52K | 50 East Boston Co U>, 6 Utica !i Schen RR 116 250 L Island RR b60 29 20 Aub & Roch RR 99 j 150 do ' 28 Second Board. >2000 Reading Bds 71V 25 shs Nor k Wor RR 52W i 25 shs L Island RR slO 27 'i 50 do 52V 50 do 27V 25 do 52 V ' 50 do 27?; 100 llarlem RR 43V i 100 do 27*J 100 do 43)* ' 40 Mechanics'Bank 103 , New Stock Kxctiange. (5000 Ohio 6s, I860 b30 93 25 shs Nor It Wor b3 52V I 5000 do b30 93 25 do K? 521, . I 2000 do | b20 92V 50 do b3 52 V 3000 do _ b30 92V ? do alO 52V ? An ?1 Ul? 25 shs Farmers' Trust b3 23 V 25 do s3 52 V 50 Harlem RR Tuesday 43V 25 do snw 52V 50 do cash 43V 50 do Tuesday 52V 50 do Tuesday 43V 50 do Wednesday 52V 25 Nor k Wor stw 52V 50 do s4 52> 75 do s3 52V 50 do SlO 52? | 25 Nor k Wor stw 52& 50 do ~ s4 52>j 75 do s3 52 V 50 do slO 52V ! 25 do btw 52,V 400 do cash 52V HP"?1?; Married, In Brooklyn, on the 35th ult, by the Rev. S. T Spein, W. H. Barrett, of Brooklyn, to 8a rah, youngest daugh ter of the late Thomas Elliott, of Philadelphia. gy-^Philadelphia pepersplease copy. the 1st inst., by the Rev. Dr. 8. H. Cone, Moixs B. Maclav, Esq., to Misi Susan A. Dayton, all of this city. Med. On Saturday morning, the 30th ult., Mrs. Mekifl L. Foster, wife of Or. Joseph H. Foster, in the 32d year of her age. MONTGOMERY VOLUNTEERS-ATTENTION ! AT A MEETING of the MONTGOMERY OU/RD,it was Resolved, That a battalion be forthwith raised to be denominated THE MONTGOMERY VOLUNTEERS, and their services be tendered to the Governor to serve in the existing war between the United States and Mexico, and that statious be opened to receive those desirous of serving the country to the'preseat emergency, as follows At SERGT. WILLIAM GREENE, MONTGOMERY HALL. 7? Prince street ; Lieut. James McOrath, Halls of Justice, Centre street; Lieut. P. Kelly, Bayard and Mott streets; Patrick Culham, 461 Water street; Capt. .John McMahon, 10 Friinklin street; C. Mahoney, Centre and Franklin streets. The Montgomery Volunteers will assemble at Montgomery Hall every eveuuig at 8 o'clock. je2 3t eod*m LECTURE ON ETHNOLOGY. THE celebrated PROFESSOR GRANT will deliver one of his interesting lectures on Ethnology, or the differ ent varieties of the Human Race, and the probable destiny of each; in the McDougal street Church, (the Rev. Mr. Uun bar's,) on Tuesday evening, Jane 2, to commeuce precisely at a quarter before S o'clock. The subject will be illustrated bv a number of accurate portraits, to be exhibited by the use of the Exhydrogen, oi famous Drummond Lights. Professor Grant generously tenders his services on the occasion, in aid of the funds of ? Ladies' Benevolent Society. Tickets of admission 12% cenu each, to be had at the door of the Church, on the evening ofthe Lecture. je2 It*m TO PENCILCASEMAKERS. w 'ANTED?A man who thoroughly understands his basi nets. To a respectable steady man constant employ ment and liberal wages will be given. Apply to jet It'r a. MAYi;OCK, 221 William street. COPPER MINERS WANTED TO WORK in a mine in the vicinity of this city. Apply to E. B. HART, 4% Hanover St. je2 2w*rrc WANTED?A circular Iron Staircase.second hand, by H. GOGGILL k CO, No, 290 Pearl st. je2 3t*r WANTED. A SITUATION by a respectable girl, to do waiting or chamber work in a private family, or taking care of cnil .dren. Has good city references, and has no objections to go in the country. Can be seen for two days. Please apply at 18 Oliver st. je2 it*m GERMAN LADY who understands German, French, and English, and all kinds uf fancy needle work, is de sirous of obtaining a situation in an American or English family, to give lessons in the above, (except the English lan guage.) Would have no objections to go South. References satisfactory will be given. Address E. J., at this office. jr2 Jt*rrc - THE FRANCO-AMERICAIN. THE friends of liberal puriciples, who met on Friday, May 29-h, to enable the Franco-Americain to continue its publication, will please to meet again this evening, ^pae 2nd, at 8 o'clock, precisely, at Bonnard's, J Nassau street, to hear the favorable report ol the committee, to carry on their resolutions. The President of the Committee, j2 It L. LECLERy. PACKET SHIP ST. NICHOLAS, FOR HAVRE, will be detained until Wednesday inoming, (the 3rd inst.,) at 12 o'clock, precisely, at which time, the passengers will please be on board, at pier No. 4, North river. The mail will close at the Poat Office, and lettera taken from the read jug rooms, at halfpast II o'clock. je22trrc TO PRINTERS PUBLISHERS AND OTHERS. FOR SALE.?One-half the interest in t Weekly Paper, the only one of the kind in the country devoted to the same ioterest, and now clearing near upon tt per cent. above all expeuses. and with a very trifling farther outlay may be made to double the amount. To an intelligent business man, with a small capital, this will afford a liberal income. Ad dress with real name and residence, " Veritas," at the office of this paper. jc2 3teodfcltw?rrc . HOARDERS WANifcLI. j GENTLEMEN and their wives, or single gentlemen, can be accommodated with good board and pleasrnt rooms, furnished or unfurnished, on ressonable terms, by the day or I week, at No. 476 Bowery, north west corner of Tenth st. je2 lt#rrc ! AHK3PEC'I.\HL? person having a neat uew store, just opened, in a good situation and a genteel neighborhood, would receive dr<" goeds, fancy articles, or patent medicines to sell ou commission from manufacturers. Apply st 467 Bowery. The ''est of references given j?2 ite^rc FRESH TEA* AND FAMILY GROCERIES. JO. FOWL t,R hat in store, and it daily receiving from ? the tales Green and Black Teas and Groceries in all their variety, which are offered at a small advance on the wholesale prices. The best quality Voung Hyson tea at 6s, very good at 4 and is; the best quality Oulong, Souchong and Pouchong at 4?.; very gooil Black Tea at Je., Green and Black, suitable for kitchen use at 2s. and 2s. 6d.; New Or leans Sugar at 3s.6d., and (a. 7lb*.; Brown Hsvsna 4s. 6d., While do Js. 6d.; good w hite Lsmp Oil at 6t. a gallon, good Sperm Candles at la., together with a choice assortment of other Teas, Oroceries, fcc. Families, anrl dealers from the country, are invited to call and examine the above before pur chasing. Stores U0 Greenwich street, cor Murray, and 428 Greenwich, cor Vestry. jc2 Iw'rrc STEAMBOAT BELLE. A MEETING of the passengers on board of this boat waa ranvenedtfhis morning, and on motion George Van In wegeu,of Orange County, was called to the chair, and E. 8. Derry.ofNew ? ork, was appointed Secretary. The follow log resolutions were unanimously adopted :? Resolved, Thst we have had, at the hands of the officers of this boat, more courtesy extended te us than usually is re ceived by travellers on the Hudson River. Resolved, That we recommend thi, boat to the patronage of the public. GEO. VAN INWEOEN, Chairman E. 8. Dinar, Sec'y. New York, June I, IM. jet It*rrc TO DENTISTS. A RARE chance for any person wishing to embark in the business. The undersigned will sell a complete set of tools, or hire oat an office with s part meats for a family, on eery reasonable terms The office is an old established one, and in a rood location. The present occupant is going to leave the business oa account of his health. For further par ticulars sddress a note to L M., Herald office. je2 It "re B0ARWN0. TO LET?two rooma, to single gentlemen, with breakfast and tea, or fall board, in a private family where there is but one other hoarder, ia a pleasaot situation between two stage routes, in the neighborhood ol St. Lake's church.? Terms moderate. Address Livingstoa, Herald offiee, which will meet with attention. Jet le'w | o: THE AMAZON WIGS, R Gentlemen's real Head* of Hftir, being the latest and ; _ greatest improvement in the manufacture of Wilts end , Scalps; and the subscriber is ttoppv in being the (Irst to intro- i duce them here. They displsy the forehead and temples te j l any height, a point in wig making never before sttainea.? i They are composed of ventilating or goatamer work. Tpey 1 ? (It on the head by a mechanical contrivance entirely new; uiey j are pat on in t moment. They immediately adapt themselves to the countenance and at once become part and paxetl of the WllLO* GARDEN will n<x b? apnk this evMingas announced. ihs lose continued wet weather having pre vented the completion of the titiiuiii alterations u4 i? provements. Du? notice will be given of the opening night, jel istf rre VOLUNTEERS FOR THE WAR. The first regiment of united states VOLUNTEERS of New York, hsve established their Head (Quarter* at Mercer llall, corner of Broome and Mercer streeu. where the Denatures of Volunlreri will be received e?ery day, and during llie evening, from ? to 10 o'clock. A muater roll ia o|>en at the above place for Company 1. of aaju Regiment, which is the only one thai ia not yet filled. my3l Iwrc TO ARMS! CITIZENS. TO ARMS! A GENERAL MEETING of Citixens, between ike ages of 16 and 41, will take place at MILITARY HALL, BOWERY, Opposite Spring street, _ _ ON MONDAY EVENING, NEXT, AT rO'CLOCK. And on every succeeding evening during the week, ifor the purpose of enrolling VOLUNTEERS, To completM he Regiment of "HICKORY BLUES," Under the command of Coloml Albiasw** M?"0, Junr., as one of the eight regiments, ordered from the Slate of New York. All Officers desirous of commands in said regiment, either commissioned or non-commissioned, will report themselves aa above, from 6 to 7 o'clock, each day. O" Good speakers will address the meeting every even ing. ALEX. MING, "Junr., Col. Commanding 13th Regt. N. Y. 8. Artillery, rny 31 3t ? m BELMONT HALL. Srhooley't Mountain Mineral Sf>ringt. THIS DELIGHTFUL summer retreat is again opened, in a much more inviting style than it ever before presented to the public, offering every inducement a fashionable water ing place could, not only to the invalid, but the giy, the epi> cure, the soortsman, philosopher, mineralogist and botanist; all will be amply repaid by a visit to the Hall, where the best servants our cities afford supply every department, and no trouble or expense will be tpored in procuring the most choice aelicaries for the table. The bed-rooms, which are large and airv, are supplied with every comfort. l<or the very liberal patronage of the last year, Mra. Hinch man tenders her sincere thanks, with a hope that old friends will icturn, and mauy new be added, to enjoy one of the moat recherche bowling saloous iu the Union. The two alleys are unequalled. The building is altogether a splendid affair, i having lour rooms devoted to the gentlemen, for reading, sit- | ting, billiard and bar rooms. This, with various other im- , provem'-nts, is offered, with moderate terms, as an extra in- , ducemeut. Route by railroad from Jersey City to Morria- I town, thence 19 miles by post coaches. The office ia 73 Courtlandt street. A boat leaves every morning at ? A. M., i arrives at 4 P. M. It ia thought unnecessary to expatiate upon i this lovely spot. A band of musicians is engaged, and families woulddo well to secure rooms early. N. B.?Horses and carriages to let. je2 3teod?rrc MR8. E. A. HINCHMAN. PACKET SHIP SHERIDAN, for Liverpool. Passengers by this ship will please be on board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, (Wednesday,) 3dinst., at 1 o'clock, at which time the shin will sail. Letter bags will cloaeat the usual places at 12 o'clock. jlrc NOTICE. ALL PERSONS are forbid harboring or trusting any of the crew of the British ship MERSEY, from Liverpool, as no debts ol their contracting will be paid by the Captain or consignees. JOHN HERDMAN It CO., je2 ltm v_ 61 South street. NOTICE.?All persons are forbid harboring or trusting any of the crew of British ship BROOKSBY, from Glasgow, as no debts of their contracting will be paid by the captain or consignees, je2 WOODHULL Ic MINTURN, B7 Sonth street. PACKET SHIP BROOKSBV, FROM GLASGOW. Conaigueea will please send their permits on board, foot of Dover street, E. R., without delay. All goods not per mitted in five days will be sent to the public store. je2 WOODHULL It MINTURN. r South street. MAY STATEMENT. The mutual benefit life insurance co.. No. 11 Wall street, issued, during the month of May, 207 new Policies, vix. To Merchants and Traderi 13 To Brokers 3 Manufacturers 9 Sec'y of Insurance Co. I Mechanics 12 Bank Tellers 2 Clergymen 12 Civil Engineers 2 l'hysiciaoa 5 Agents 4 Lawyers 4 Bookkeepers 2 Teachers 7 Clerks 14 Students 4 Innkeepers 3 Editors and Printers .. S Ladies 16 Public Officer 1 Gentlemen! S Sea Captaius and Mari- Cartmen 2 ner 4 Servants 1 Farmers 6 ? M U2 132 No. Lives Insured 207 ROBT. L. PATTERSON. Preaident. Benj. C. Miller, Seretary. Joseph L. Lord, Agent. J as.Stewart, M.D.,Medical Examiner,) No.621 Bsoadway. S je2 eod2w*rc this day is FTTblIsheIX PART TWENTY-FOUR of Virtue's Devotional Family Bible?this Part is illustrated by a highly finished steel engraving, of the "Luke of Tiberias, from the Castle of 8a phet," taken on 'he spot by W. H. Bartlett. Esq. Published by Geo. Virtue Ute II. Martin It Co., 26 John street. my31 3t*rc NEW YOR "ILLUMINATED MAGAZINE' AND LADIES COMPANION. ^i>!en,hti Strel Engraving* at 12$ cent* per Aumier. Reading Matter will be by the beet writers in the ,<untry. HAS long been the intention of the publishers to give the public such a msgazine as can only ema rom a great city like New York, and they confidently ne that the present work shall surpass any magazine t ? produced in this or any other country. The plates will be engraved by the most eminent artists, from selections made from the National Academy of Design. The first number will appear on the 1st of July, and will be published regularly on the first of each succeeding month. It will he lor sale at all the Periodical Depots. jel 3tism OOfAK.'i'.Nfc,ltttttlP L>lffc*Ji.UTiOW. NOTICE.?The Coiwrtaership, heretofore euilia| be tween Meurs. Willis tod Scott. Merchant Tailnra, No. 170 Broidnv, is hereby dissolved. Mr. Ju. Willis ii autho 1 rized to collect all debt* due, and pay all demands against the firm. H. C. Scott will continue business at No. 170 Broadway. 1 J AS. WILLIS, myJl Jt*rc H.C.SCOTT. I HALF WAY HOUSE. Third Avtnur. r I HF. SUBSCRIBER, formerly proprietor of the Abbey X Hotel, having taken the house formerly kept by Geo. Hazard, (deceased.) wnuld respectfully solicit the patrouage of his old friends, the friends of the former worthy host, and or his old Iriendt, the friends of the lormer worthy host, at of the public in general. . UEO. E. PERRIN. P. 8. Mr. Charles Brooks would respectfully inform hii ! friends that he has taken the stable attached to the above i house. mp31 lw*rc 1 KANE'S PATENT PORTABLE BATHING APPARATUS. ANEW and splendid arrangement, by means of which the Shower Bath is uuitad with the Bathing Tub. and can I be used in connection, in any part of the house. The public I are respeetfnlly invited to call and examine it at the store of ' the Subscriber, No. 377 Bowery, between Fourth and Fifth l streets. CHARLES KANE, Patentee. my!7 lm*re 1 TO MECHANICS. A LAW has been passed, authoriting the formation of a Corps of Sappers, Miners and Pontoniers, or Engineer Soldiers. The company will consist of 100 men, rig?10 ser geants or master workmen; 10 corporals or overseers; two musicians; 39 privates of the first class, or artificers, and 39 privates of the 2d class, or laborers. The term of enlistment is five years, and none but smart and intelligent mechanics will be received. The classification above mentioned will depend upon their merits, and will not . be made until these shall have been tested. It will be seen that the pay of this corps is in proportion to the Qualifications required. Sergeants will receive $30 per month?corporals, $16?privates of the 1st class, f 13?and of the 2d class, $9. Be sides this, they will be subsisted, clothed and furnished with all necessary medical attendance at the expense of the United States. The subsistence, clothing, fee., may be fairly ra ted at $12 per month. Kor further particulars, enquire at the recruiting rendez vous, 115 Ce Jar street. Recruits for this cempany will also be received at West Point, N. V. iny26 2wrc SARONY St MAJOR respectfully inform their friend and the public, that they nave removed their establish ment to 99 Nassau street, Herald Buildings, where they con stantly keep on hand a large assortment of the best selee.'ed chesp Lithographic Prints. Their reputstion, already esta blished for the superior style of Stock Prints, makes them confident that they will obtain a continuance of the public patronage. They also tender their services in all the branches of Lithography. Portraits, Plans, Msps, Landscapes, Ana tomical Drawing, lie. fcc . executed in a style which will certainly secure the approbation of the most fastidious. myJ3 lm*r DR. POWELL, OCULIST, AND OPERATIVE 8UROEON, A TTENDS to Diseases of the Eye aad to all I m per fee /V lions of Vision, from 9 to 4 o'etodi, at his residence, Ml Broadway, comer of Warren street. Opthalmia. Stoppage of the Tear Passage, Cataract, and Opacities, effectually removed. AMAUROSIS treated with great attention aad saccees. luveterate cases of STRABISMUS, or Squinting, cared ia a few minutes. Just imported, ARTIFICIAL EVES, of superior beauty and ftqish. * SPECTACLES adapted to every defect. Advice to the poor without charge. Office and residence 261 Broadway?entrance 1% Warren street. Je2 lt*m M. LEVETT, DENTIST. MORE HARM results from bungling performances of in competent Dentists than the public are aware of. It is of the greatest importance that all branches of the Dentist's art should be skilfully and understanding^ practised. To those who think with us, we recommend Mr. LEVETT, corner of Broadway and Warren street, the introducer of the insertion of Artificial Incorruptible Teeth, on the principle of Atmospheric pressure.?Noah's Weekly Messenger. j2 lt*rc BATHING, HAIR DRESSING, SHAVING, AND WIG MAKING. PHALON, No. <1 Broadway, in Judson's Hotel, so long loiown at 214 Broadway, conceiving that a finely arrang ed and well conducted Bathing Department was necessa ry to complete nis arrangemeut for the comfort and conveni ence of his numerous patrons, hss now the plessure of inform ing them that such a desideratum, where shaving, hair cut ting, shampooing and bathing, can be carried on ia style, may be found at his new place, Judson's Hotel, in Broadway. The Baths are unsurpassed by any in the city for comfort and convenience, and can accommodate 100 person. Hot, Cold, and Shower Baths. Hair Cutting, with clean brushes for eeeh person, hsving been a feature in his business for many years, he would in form gentlemen that he will, as usual, give that baanch of his business his personal attention. mli lm*r ATLANTIC AND ST. LAWRENCE RAILROAD. NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS-Proposals will be re eeived at the Office of the Atlantic and St. Lawrence Railroad Company, ia this city, from the 17th to 27th of June next, for the Grading, Masonry and Bridging of a division o the road, extending from a point at, or near Portland, to KnyJ nil's river in North Yarmouth, a distance of about 11 miles. Plsns, Profiles and Specifications will be exhibtttd, and the requisite information given, at the Engineer's Office ia Port land, on and after the 17th of June. Persons offering to contract for the work, who are unknowa to the undersigned, or to the directors, will be required to accompany their proposals with references ss to character *"a further extension of the road, embracing a distance ef some fifteen or more sdditionsl miles, will be prepared for, ftjid pm under contract, abcat the firit of August nest. By order of the Board of Directors. WM. P. PREBLE, President; A. C. MORTON, Chief Engineer. Portland, Me.. May II, lit*. my*7 l*r_ EUTAW HOUSED BALTIMORE. rpHIB aplendid Hotel has been lately re-fitted and famished M. in the moat complete snd elegant manner, by Messrs Jack sea fc C ranston, aad, after the 30th April, when it spans to the public, will be opass for the reception of gaeets. The experi ence or Mr. Cranston aa host of the Rockaway Pavilion, and of Mr. Jackson, at the Exekaage Hotel, Baltimore, aad at the Astor House, New York, is a guaranty of the style ia which the " Entaw will b? kept. The location is the best in the city of Baltimore. The Rockaway, L. J., will remaiii under the charge of Mr. Cranston, who. dating the summer moo the. ,aK"" ~ ArcTiow woTroici. flOLSE FU R N CK^^lCtde and Duel* ** ????. will sell, this day, u 10 o'clock, tl tha auction room, No. 88 Willuin street, a general ???ortment of the ?bore good*, consisting in part of Kilt, bronted and glass gi randoles, from two to teu lights, of the uewest atyla ; solar lamp*, colored and plain liall lanterns, gilt candelabra*, wall brackets, chandeliers, heavy mouuted waiters, tea and coffee UI"J teakettles with spirit lamps, cake baskets, candlesticks with and without branches, Ungous, raoolving aud other ob long castors, butler coolers, toaat racks, fine Uothic, Sand wich and Victoria travs, papier mache, do., best tea and cof ??<*. vegetable dishes, plate warmers, etc. Alao, several English chandaliers, with pateut solar burners, suitable for churches, pnblic houses, or large rooms. Also, au iuvoice of pattern curds of German silver knives and forks, spoons, ifory cutlery. etc. The whole will be found worthy the at tention ol housekeepers and the trade. Catalogues are now ""dv- Jei lt?rrc Cs ? WM W SmilLKY. Auctioneer. ok R1ch HOUSE FURNISH ? * H. E. Willard. This d*y, Tuesday, juue 2d, 10in clock, it the Sales Room, No. 17 Wall street. WC" Gilt "J. ?''" Girandoles, Lamps, Cut Glass and China wara, Cabinet ware .Solas, Chairs, Tables, Ceutre, *"<j ow*r Marble top Tablea, Toilet ware, Cologne, Wardrobes, elegant Toilet sets, cases ol Birds, and various other articles, sold to Pay advances. At 12 o'clock 4 Piano fortea and U (minting Home Desks. jej It* in VALUABLE REAL ESTATE AT AUCTION, j THURSDAY, June 4?fly Edgar Jenkins, auctioneer, at the Exchange, at 12 o'clock, on J4th, 35th, 36th and 37th streets, near the 5th aveuue. The Lots on 34th street are on the north side of the street, fronting south, which street is 1UU feet wide, and the regulating of the street, now under con tract, is nearly completed. These'lott beiug on very high ground, afford a site more eligible for first data buildiuut than can geuerally be obtaiued together so uear the 5th avenue. jj 3t?rrc H. DUCLUZEAU, Auctioneer. Damaged fancy and stationkrygoods. Tuttle St Ducluzeau will sell on Wednesday, June 3d. at 10 o'clock, at the Auction Room, No. 88 William street, for accouut of whom it may concern, the entire stock of Fancy Goods damaged at the late tire at No. 24 Maiden lane, com prisiuf a general assortment, vix.: Writing Desks, Work Boars. Dressing and Shaving Oases, roll up \Vriting Cases, Portfolios Bank ers' Cases, Kans, Steel Purse Mountings, Combs, Brushes, Money Belts, Feather Duster*, Pocket Books, Wallets, etc. I Also, an invoice of domestic and forelgu Hardware.. j? 2t*rrc FOR SALE.?Two fine Saddle Horses?will drive also in a carriage. They are just the right ______ site for riding on horseback, and have been long used to the saddle. Apply at the de*k of the Herald Office, for further particular*. my26 6t*jgb FOR SALE. A FIRST rate watchdog, one year old and large size. Any person wishing a dog for a store, or any ,otherpurpose as a watch Dog, wonld do well to call soon. Apply at the Atlantic Hotel, Hobokeii. je2 2t*rc CHARLES Sl'A.N IKLS?Ol* TTTE ed by the lateat arrival* from Lon Grieve, 5 John *treet. Also, rare . , ? be found at hia establishment, No. i John street. N. B.?Letters from the carious, in distant part*, {post paid) will be attended to, by A. GRIEVE, al7* lmrh Importer and dealer in Birds, Cages, fee. THE NIGHTINGALE SONG IN JOHN STREET. ? THE REAL BIRD itself ha* arrived, and likewise 500 of the Saxony Canaries, the warbling of which, JPE&to the stranger and curious, is rather an intereating sight?for each customer has a different habitation, and Archy will be happy to attend to the ladies and gentlemen as they pass Broadway and John street. apl7 lm*rh SUMMER "HOTEL. " D. R. It GEO. FLEEMAN have taken the new Pa comc;House, at Greenport, L. I., where they w ill be L hatipy to see their friends and the public. K. Fireman ha* been at the Pearl Street J lonse for the two laat years, and feel* confident, by good attention, of hav ing a good share of patronage. Good Sea Bathing, Fishing, Hunung and Sailing. Horses and carriages attached to the house, and Bowling Alley*. my29 lw'rc TO LET, furniihed or unfurnished, a front Parlor and B?4 Room, ou the first door, at 131 Liberty street. M FOR SALE OR TO LEASE, IN BROOKLYN. ML VAN BRUNT'S HOTEL, No. 23 Fulton street, pj? (north?a*terly side,) five doors from Fultou Ferry. '? JiiMk now offered for tale or to leaie. The houie i* 25 by 45 lert, lour stories high, containing 22 room*, and being on the greatest thoroughfare in Brooklyn, i* a good location for many kind* of bu*ine*?. Poueuion giveu immediately. For particulars, inquire ou the premises of GEORGE VAN BRUNT. Brooklyn, May 25, 1846. my28 lm?rc KNOX'S SUMMER STYLE OF HATS ra ARE NOW READY, they are extremely light and airy, they are got up in a style that neither oilorper apiration from the hair will soil them. Those that prefer a Black Hat, can have them made to order in the same style and as light as the summer hat. C. KNOX. my29 6tis*rc No. 128 Fulton street, Sun Building. NEAPOLITAN BONNETS. THE SUBSCRIBERS, Patentees and Maanfactnrer* of the Neapolitan Bonnet, are prepared to supply the 3^ trade with their inimiuble Neapolitan*, for which they received two (ilver medal* at the laat two Fair* of the American Institute, and which for style and finish are uuinr paaaed. They warrant them to alter and dean equal y to new. Apply to PATT1SON, NOE It CO., tS Delaneyst., a7 lmis*r or Vy?? ? ?"">? Piae and Pearl. ~ CENTREVILLE COURSE" TROTTING". nnHlS DAY, Tuesday, June2, Purse $100, three mile heats JL tu harness. A. Smith, enters b. m (ieorgrana Venala. A Cainiibrll, enter* br. g I'eter Smith. '? come off immediately after the great four mile race over X the Union fuune. Admhomt-e to cneio?o<) #i| Public stand 60 rents. je2 lt#je RACES?GREAT MATCH THIS DAY BE TWEEN FASHION AND RINGGOLD, #li AND TWO othei races. Cars run every 15 minutes from Brooklyn. Fare 25 cents till 11 o'clock, and 50 cents after that till the race begins. jr2 Itm POSTPONEMENT fli OVER THE UNION COUR8E, L. I. Until Tuetday and fVcdnttday next. IN CONSEQUENCE of an mcessgiit rain storm, of ?erml diyt continuance, it has been determined to postpone the Races until Tuesday and Wedneaday neit, when they will come off in tbe following order :? Tuesday, Jane 2. at I o'clock. Parte $300, free for all ages. Three mile heata. Entries:? Charles.8. Lloyd's ch. c. Sunbeam, by Imp. Lancford, oat of Gipsy, 4 years. O. P. Hare's b. m. Antoinette, by Imp. Priam, dam by Vir ginian, 5 years. James K. Van Mater'i b. h. by Imp. Langford, ont of Miss Mattie, 5 years. Sams Day. Parte $600, conditions as before. Four mile heata. Entries: Col. Wm K. Johuson's ch. c. Ringgold, by Boston, out of Caasandra'a dam, 4 years. 8. Laird's (Wm. Gibbona') eh. m. Fashion, by Imp. Truatee oat of Mariner's dam, J years. Otwaj P. Hare's b. m. Patsey Anthony, by Imp. Priam, dam by Virginian, ? years. Same Day. Porte $30, entrance added. Mile Heats. Eutriee :? Samuel Laird'tch. g. Alderman, by Imp. Langford, dam by Sir Charln, 3 yra. Jaa. K. Van Mater'i br. h. by Imp. Marcer, oat of Miat Mattie. agrri. Henry Horner't ch. m. by Imp. Priam, dam by 8ir Aichy, aged. Wednesday, Jane 3, at 1 o'clock. Parte$t00, free for all ages. Two mile heatt. Entriea:? 8. Laird's b. h. Bub Logic, by Imp. Langford, dam by Mam brino, J yrs. Jas. K. Van Matcr'a b. f. by Imp. Langford, oat of Caroline, 4 yrs. Charlei 8. Lloyd't gr. f. Etta, by Bolivar, dam by imp. Barefoot, i yra. Same Day. Match Race for $300. Two mile heata, between two fa mous New Jersey horses :? Br. h. Satan, by Bloody Nathan, ont of Lady Anderaon, 3 yrs. Br. H. Oregon, by Liberty, dam by Henry, 5 yra. Heme Day. A Race at Mile Heata, for which entriet will be made on Monday. It it altogether likely that another race or two will be made to come off durinx the two days' meeting. Owing to an acci dent to Orator, (who injured hit shoulder from a sadden stop page ofthr cars, on the N. J. railroad, in Coming from Phila delphia) hia stable companion, Ringgold, has been entered in his sieau. Ringgold lias been named by Col. Johnson, in honor of the late lamented Major Ringgold, the Chevalier Bayard of the U.S. Army. He it a very remarkable colt?at like his sire, Boston, in form, color, and action, aa possible. He hat never been beaten not only, bat has won with ease at three and two mile heatt. He beat Antoinette, Wilton Brown and Belzebub, at three mile heatt, at Baltimore, laat week, and the previoat week he beat the celebrated Marchionete at Petersburg. Tbe meeting protnitet to be one of tignal interest, and we eipect to see an immense turn out. Racet at four mile heata, three mile heatt, and mile beats, for each of which three en tries have been made, it an attraction which has rarely been offered in the United States. my29toje3r HUNTING PARK COURSE (NEAR PHILA DELPHIA).?TROTTING. "" 1 *-**! THK SPRING MEETING over the above Course will positively commence on TUESDAY, the 2d of June, and contiaue three days. 1st Day?Puree $200. 2 m. h? under the taddle ; free for horset that never won a puree over $300. Same day?Puree $100, mile heatt, under the saddle j free for horset not over ( yeara old thit tpruig. 2d Day?Purse $100, 2 m. h., in harneaa ; free for greea Same day?Parte $100, mile heata, nnder the aadale ; free for hortea that never won a parse. 3d Day?Purse $300, $100 of whichgoes to the aecond best) 2 m h in harness ; free for all trotting horaes. Entries to be made the evening previous to each trot, at the Course. Entrance 10 per cent. Two or more to make a trot for each purse. Mr. Wm. Jarkeon, the American Deer, will start on Mon day, the 14th of Jnne, for a para* of $1710, U> rua U milea in aa hour, over the above cou rte. pHii.ADri.eHi*. Mar i. 1040. myTThSafcTa to J*2 ire -j} T STEAM sTlTF GREAT BIUTAIN. At there it a doubt ol the above ship being entirely ready for tea on Saturday, it hit ' WmWUmOtk liern thought advitable to detain her till ?^^???????Monday, the #th instant, on which day the will potitively tail at 3 P, M. RICHARD IRViN. New Yerk June 1, lltfi. jet lwrrc THE AMERICAN EXOHANGE RANK. A MEETING of the Stockholder! of the American Ex change Bank, for the election of Councillora and Direc tor!, willbe held at the Directora' Room, on Wednesday, 3d day of June sett, from 12 o'clock M. to 1 o'clock P. M. Messrs. James, ) J. A. Edoar, > laspectora. W. W. llvai.auT, S Per order of Board of Directora. m2 tawto3dj*r JOHN J. FISK, Cathier. FOR SALE OR TO LEASE, FOR ONE OR MOPE YEARS, the Premises lately oc cupied aa a tannery, situated in Piewnont, Rockland CO., within a few yarda of the New York ana Erie Railroad. On the premiaea la a new and commodious dwelling house ; the lot on which it atandi it well storked with fruit trees, and haa a never failiag stream ol water'rtinnmg within a few feet of the door. Also, a good bark Mill and Tannery with a water privilege attached, that might be nsed advantageously for other mechanical purpoeea, all situated within about 200 yards from the dwelling bouse There ja also a good barn and out houaea. Title good and poaaessmii Mveu immediate ly. Far further particulars enfjuire.ot Ph(]f> Maine, No. XI Ajwaamewra. PARK THCATRK?loiw, $1; Kit, M cant*; Utllnv ? eeuu ?Tu?-?d*y Lteniug, Juu? M. will be ixrformcd llie HUNCHBACK.?8lrTlioma? Clifftiri. Mr. C U Kmu, Lara Timel, Bluid; Matter Walter, But; Muter Mudai' O Bitrrrtt; Mailer Wilford, Crocker; Muter Htartwcll' Anderson; Julia. Mn. Charles Keui; Helm. Mr*. Abbot ? Tocoueluilr with NH'HOL AN KLAM?NicholuKUm. Mr, Ba**; Slirini|.. fuller; Lord Pedigree, Vaclir; Mia* I'uddi. combe. Mr*. Vernon; Mia* Nibble, Mrs. Dyott; Harriet, Mn* Vate*. Doors open hk 7 o'clock?performance to commence at pre cisely 7K o'clock. BOWERY THEATRE -B.urftt of Mr*. Stickuev Tuesd.iv Eveuiug, June 2, will be perfornird the play ol lli? WIFE?Mariana, Mi?? Julia D*au ; Julian St Pierre, Mr. J. R. Scott : Leo.i Uonzaco, Mr. Clarke ; Floribel, Mr?. Phillip*. Alter which. A KISS IN Tilt DARK-Mr. be lim Pettiboue, Mr. Walcutt ; Mary, Mr* Stickuey : Mr*. Pet tibuue. Mi** Clarke. To couclude with BLACK BEARD? Black Beard, Mr. Clarke ; luneue, Mr*. Phillip*. ITy" Lower Bote*, M cenu; second aud third lien, X ett.; Pit and Uallery, 12){ ceuta. Door* open at 7 o'clock?Curtain will rise at half past seven o'clock. G REENWICH THEATRE.?Tuesday Evening. June 2, the performance will continence with the burletta of JjM CHOW IN LONDON-Jim Crow, Mr. Rice ; Skin Hint, Mr. Everard ; Mi** Helen Smith, Mi*a Ureeuwood. I After which the larce of she BATH ROAD. The whole to conclude with the VIRGINIA MUMMY?Ginger Blue, Mr llice ; Lucy, Mill Ureeuwood. Balcony and Dress Circle, SO cti; Uiuier Boxes, 2} ct*; Pit, 12>? els: Private Bote*, $jj Orchestra Bote*, (ingle *eata, $1. IL/" Dour* opeu at 7. Curtaiu ri*e* at 7>j o'clock. CASTLE GARDEN?Musical Soiree*, contaiuniK the Illicit inorceani of the great Compo*er*?Mouday and Tuesday Evenings, June l*tand2d?To commence with the overture to Zampa; Postilliou wf Lonjuineau; Cavauna Ita 1 leu, a grand Flute Solo; after which thk Mi** Vallce* will appear iu a fashionable Polka; overture Der Frieachutz; Inter mission of half an hour for promenade, refreshment*, and to view the varied and correct range of 100 Coamorama*. After intermission, Die Felsemnuhle; *ong, You'll remember me; Lrljen* Pulte; Ml** Vallee*, K.I Jaleo de Xere*; to conclude with Overture of Oberon.?Admiaaion 2S cent*. On SUNDAY, a grand (election of Sucred Muaic. I CHATHAM THEATRE?Boxe* 2S cent* ; Pit 12V cent* ?Tuesday Evening, June 2, will be performed the grand operatic Drama, in 3 act*, entitled THE ENCHANTRESS ?Ramir, Mr De Bar; Don Sylvio, Mr Booth; Doctor Matha nasius, Bellamy; Nuguez, Deiiuiiou; Spirit of Evil, Foster; ! rorte Bracchio. Ilea: Stella, Mr* Klyun; Spirit of Good,Mi*? Cohen; Neva, Mr* Phillip*. After which, a Highland Kline, by Mi** Cohen. Previous to which, the IRISH POST OF FICE?Cap*ecomb, Mr Bellamy: Bartholomew, Stafford; Boy, Mi** DenniiuMr* Capsecomb, Mrs Greene; Mrs Lump, 1 Mr* LaForest. ICs Door* oprnt at >4 pa*t 7, performance to commence at '4' before 8 o'clock. NIBLO'S GARDEN will not be opened for a few (lay*, owing to the continued wet weather having prevented the completion of the alteration* and decoratiou*. Due no tice will be given of the opening night, on which occasion GABRIEL, JEROME, ANTOINE, and the whole wonderful RAVEL FAMILY, will make their fir*t appearance in New York these three year*, iu *ome of their most popular and highly amusing eu 1 tertainments. The Saloon*. Garden, Walk*, Sic., have beeu improved and re-embellished, the Saloon and.Outer Balconies enlarged, the I whole now forming the most recherche and elegant place of | amusement on this continent. THE CONCERTS A LA MUSARD, so much admired on previous seasous, will be continued, to give effect to which, A MAGNIFICENT ORCHESTRA has been engaged. Various costly novelties are in prepara tion, aud the proprietor has great pleasure in announcing an arrangement has been made with M'LLE BLANOY, . Premier Danseuse from the Opera of raris, and the Berlin 1 and Vienna Theatri s ; and MONS. HENRIE, from the Paris Theatres. > Further particulars hereafter jel re VAUXHaLL GARDEN?Admis*ion to the Garden free; : Dress Bote* Ml cents; Saloon 2A cent*. Tuesday Eve ning, June 2, will be performed, RAILROAD DEPOT?Mr ; Sampson Jones, Mr Chapman; Mr William Smith, Nickin ?on; Jack Robin*, Fenno: Mr* Charle* Smith, Mr* H Isber- > wood; Mrs William Smitn, Miis JuliafDrake; [Interini?iion i of half an hour for Promenade and Refreihmeut.1 To con- , | elude with the IRISH DRAGOON?Mr Brown Sherry, Mr , Dunn; Paddv Murphy O'Brallachan, Nickiuson; Fitzgig, | { Chapman; Matilda Jink*. Mi** Julia Drake; Mr* Bloomley, , 1 Mr* H Ulierwood; Mr* Brown Sherry, Mr* Dunii Door* 1 j open at 7 o'clock, curtain ri*e* at 8, preciiely. | VAUXHALL GARDEN. j BRADFORD JONES, PROPRIETOR. THE public i* respectfully informed tiut a new and spa ' cious Saloon, attached to the Garden, lias been built, and < fitted up in an elegant manner, for the production of VAUDEVILLES, I And will open, for the Summer Season, on Monday Evening, June 1st. with a talented and efficient Company. THE PROMENADES, IN THE GARDEN, have all undergone a thorough renovation, where visiters can 1 be furnished with Ice Creams, composed of the richest and 1 purest ingredients, together with all the delicacies ef the , | season. I O" Admission to the Garden, free; Saloon, 23 cents; Dress Boxes, SO rents. m29 6t*r I TABERNACLE. I I MR. TEMPLETON "DEGS TO ANNOUNCE to the Public of New York, i mJ that previous to fulfilling his engagements in the North, I he will have the honor of presenting his REMINISCENCES OF GRAND OPERA. On Thursday Evening, June 4th. Mr. T1MM will preside at the pianoforte. In the course of tlie evening will be introdnced, with appro priate illustrations Song?" My Sister, dear," (from the Opera ofMasaniello.) Cavatina? Young Agnes, beauteous flower," (from the Opera of Fra Diavolo.) UI1HD ICKNA. Recitative?" My Companion* are warn'd." Aria?'? Proudly and wide." (from Fra Diavolo.") Song?" Beats there a heart, (from La Bayadere.) "I'ria chespunti in cielAurora, 'from II MstrimonioScgrrtto HOMANCKS. "O^yNllat U)r b?l?i'Ml." Aria?"A hermit who dwell*." Soug?" A* we through life'* journey wander," (from the Opera of Le Cheval de Bronz) Ticket*, Fifty Ceuls. For particulars, see Programmes. my3l tf rc A MAGNIFICENT NOVELTY, DIRECT FROM PARIS. GEORGE T1ETZ respectlully announces that he will, in the course of a few days, present hi* Mechanical Exhibi tion, for the first time iu this country, to the iiablic of New Y.rit, at the GOTHIC HALL, BROADWAY. Among the extraordiuary Automata, as large as life, will be found the War Elephant, the astonishing Duck of Vancouson, Babette the fashionable danteuse, Sic be. The apartment of exhibition will be richly decorated in the French st) le. Full particulars in a short time. my31 3tis*rc HOWES k CO.'S NEW YORK MAMMOTH CIRCUS. THE LARGEST ESTABL18HMENT tver organized is the United States, comprising 150 Men and Horses, re quiring 26 Carnages to convey the performers. wardrobe, mu sicians, fcc. Monday and Tuesday, 1st and 2d of June, will be at Lancaster?Wednesday, 3d, at Marietta?Thursday, 4th. at Columbus?Friday, 3th, at Portsmouth?Saturday, 6th, and Monday, 8th. st Harrisburah, Pa. The company has at tached to it Eight Female Equestrians, among whom is the Greatest Female Rider of the Age, recently arrived from Paris MADAME MARIE MACARTE, whose new style of Equestrian Feats, peculiarly her own, being chaste aud classic; her graceful and fascinating address, sud the charming naiertt with which she chains ner andi eence, render this gifted and highly-educated arlittr the lead ing feature of the arena in this country. The Proprietors re fer the public to the brilliant description given in the respec tive newspapers of the extraordinary and daring feats perform ed by this distinguished artiste. Among the novelties which the Proprietors offer are the celebrated Scotch GIANT AND GIANTESS. Their height is M feet, and their weight over TOO lbs. Mr. Randall weighs 432 lbs. Mrs. lUudall is the most enormous giantess in the world. They will appear in " Jack and the Bean Stalk." and he will perform eitraordinary feats of strength and agility, and will ride in a two horse act. Tlie entertainments will comprise 17 Acts of Horsemanship, Gym nastic Eiercises, Classic Displays, and humorom afterpieces. Suestriaa Director, Mr. HOWES; Riding Master, Mr. ON, and the unapproachable Clown, DAN RlCE. Among the 1'erformers is the celebrated and principal Ri der, the Napoleon of the Arena, Mr. HOBBS, whose leau on Horseback are the most extraordinary ever witnessed. Juve nile Act of Horsemanship by Master Nunn. Olympic Exer cises, by the whole Company, led by the great European Tumbler, Mr. MACARTE. Wonderful Feats by Mr. Cole's Dogs, Hector and Billy. The SWISS BROTHERS, in their elegant Gymnastic Postures and Groupings. Mr. Sweet as the Charioteer of Phoebus. Posturing and Gymnastics by Mr. Nix?n and his son. Mr. Howes iu his Mythological and brilliant Act of " Fancies of Proteus." Mr. C. Howes in Slack Rope Evolutions. The Negro Minstrels, with the ini mitable Dan Emmit at their head. The Original Banjo Melo dist. With a variety ol others. The whole comprising the leading, most talented, and classic performers in the world, my 31 tfrrc T LAN TIC GARDEN 71* NOW OPEN FOR THE SEASON.?Dmlworth'a Comet Band will perform every I Tuesday and Friday evenings, commencing June 2nd, at t o'clock. Admittance free. my3 3m*rc WILLIAM ALLISON, Proprietor. TO"VOCALISTS, MUSICIANS. AND THE THEATRI- I CAL PROFESSION. WCORBYN, Manager of the Swiss Bell Ringers, re ? spectfully informs the members of the Musical and Theatrical professions, that be will have fulfilled his engage ment with the above band iu a few weeks, and tenders his ser- I vices as travelling agent to any musical professor, band or com- i pany of artists ofnckuowledged talent about to travel. Having completed his second tour throughout the United I States, tlie Canadas, Texas, and the Island ?f Cuba, during 1 which he has visited almost every section of those countries, I and made himself practically acquainted with those details and statistics most necessary and useful to professional travellers, I be believei that his services will prove advantageous to any parly with whom he may engage. Letters addressed to W. Corbyn, Manager of the Swiss Bell Rinvers, care of Sol. Smith, Esq., theatre. St. Louis, Mo., if mailed prior to May 10th, and prepaid, will meet with prompt attention at that time. all tfrrc A1 telle; i FOR NEW ORLEANS?Louisiana and New Vork Line?Regular Packet?To sail Monday, 8th .June.?The eleitant, fast sailing packet ship BAH . Taylor, master, will positively sail as above, her rej. or freight or passage, having handsome furnished accom modations, spplv ou board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, or to E. K. COLLINS It CO., K South st. Positively no goods received on board after Saturday eve Agent in New Orleans, JAS. E. WOODRUFF, who will promptly forward ill goods to his addreas. Packet hark GENKBEE, Mmott, master, will succeed the SARTKLLK, and sail Monday, 29th June, her regular day. J2rc __ ____ St"; GEORGE'S filNK OF LIVERPOOL " PA.CKKTfl FOR LIVERPOOL?First Packet Ship?to sail on the 4th of June.?The superior fast sailing packet iihip ST. PATRICK. Capt. Proal, will poeitively sail as above. The above ship is over 1000 tons, and her accommodations for second cabin passengers are unequalled for convenience, having a large and spacious house on deck, well ventilated and very lofty. .... . , In oraer to secure good berths, (as she caa take bnt a li mited number of passengers, wbicn will be taken at steerage rates.) early applications will reqaire to be made on board, at pier No. 4, North River, or to _ JOllN HERDMAN V CO, 61 South it. If?" Price of paasage in the cabin 97). je2 3un FOR GLASGOW?Line of jackets?Reg alar mMWWr.cket 1st July.?The fine, new, fast sailing packet Jfittfaship BROOKSBV. ISO tons. G. W, Brymmer, mas ter, will sail ss above, her regular day. f>or freight or passage, having excellent accemmodations, apply on board, foot of Dover street, or to WOODHULL k M<NTURN. 87 South st. The packet bark ADAM CARR. <00 tons, will succeed the Brooksoy. and sail on her regular day, 1st August. je2 rAMAOp KOK LI V KK POOC ?The fine (Ast, and favorite packet ship SOUTHERNER, JHMh< apt. T. D- Palmer, will sail positively to-mor row. This well known thip has accommodations unsurpassed for cabin, second eabin, and steerage passengers. The price of passage will be low, which, together with the soperior sailing qualities and food accommodations of the Southerner, should be sufficient inducement for all about to proceed to the old country, to take passage in her; to secure which early applf tat ion inuit be ma<t? on board, foot Rooster li street!, or to i j* * 1 .9 I-ATE8T INTELLIGENCE. By the Halls. Washington, May 81,1846. War tout Mat tin ami 'filings. We have nothing this evening from the Rio Grande ; but there is no other expectation that General Taylor, alias Old Zack, alia* Old Rough and Ready is douig up the work " about brown for we are in daily expectation of the news of the occupation of Matamoras, the invisi bility of the Mexican Pnrthians, and the indivisi bility of the little A?tflo-Jonathan army of the Rio Bravo, or the Grand River of the North. There is no river in the world that has a more lordly string of titles than that of our Southern boundary?to wit. t the Rio Brnvo, or the Rio Grande, or the Rio Grande del Norte ; and from all accounts, it is one of the finest streams on the continent?flowing for 2000 miles from the Rocky Mountains, in a south-easterly direction, through a picturesque, populous ami fertile country, and fresh to the sen?the swiftest, freshest, ana bold est river on the continent, excepting always Old Niagara. Rev. H. Slicer, of the Methodist Episcopal Church, preached for the Baltimore volunteers at the marine barracks to-day; and he exhorted them like one of the pntriarchs of the Revolution. He exhorted them to fight, and to fight like men, and to beware, above all things, of being shot in the back. He said it was a leading principle of Christianity to be ready to ttand up, life or death, for our country. Ho had been himself a soldier, and, though past the vigor of youth, he felt a strong desire to be one again. The man who would not fight for his country >fras hardly to be trusted in the chances of saving his own soul. In brief, the " boys" said he spoke like a book. The fact is, Uncle Sam may defy the world. We are invincible. Yet we hope lor a speedy peace, because war will retard our advancement, and arrest the progress of the great principle of the age?Free Trade and light taxation. The Rev. Mr. Tustin's new church, (Presbyte rian,) in 8th street, was dedicated to-aay. The ceremonies were solemn and impressive, and the congregation largely composed of other denomi nations. i, Hon. D. S. Kauffman, (one of the representa tives due from Texas,) and family, arrived in town this evening, and are ouarterea at Brown's. Col. Kauffman is a native of Cumberland county, Pennsylvania?apparently not over thirty years of age, standing near six feet, clean limbea, and de cidedly one of the finest looking members of the House. He was the last Charge from Texas to Washington, but arriving last spring, after the act of annexation, the administration declined to re ceive himj whereupon lie went back, and has re turned with the unquestionable diploma to the House, of upwards of a thousand majority. A word upon another personage. Whatever may have been the abberrutions of Gen. Houston in Texas, he has, since his arrival here, been winning golden opinions from all sorts of men? both as a member of the Senate, and as a man. We defy a stranger to talk with him a quarter of an hour without a strong predehction in uis favor, no matter what may have been his pre-conceived opinions The election of the colleague of tho member arrived had been decided upon at the last accounts?the returns not being fully reported from the extent of the district, being over a thou sand miles in length, without a railroad or a tele KIVlie rush to the National Fair has fairly abated. The number of strangers in town to-day does not exceed the ordinary proportion. To-morrow we may expect a strong reinforcement, and we doubt not the intention of lifting the tarid' will largely add to the lobby members of the House. _ The lady and a son of Sir John Franklin, one of the celebrated English hyperborean navigators, are in the city, Lady Franklin is almost as great a traveller as Sir John himself, and is distinguished no less for her experience as a traveller, than for her personal fascinations. We expect she will remain some time wiUi us, and are satisfied that sho has already discovered that the Americans are not the barbarians so uniformly represented by mere speculating British tourists?such, for in stance, as Dickens, who writes to make a book sell, even at the cost of truth and gratitude. These pitiful scribblers have done more to alienate the friendship of tho American people from the Eng lish than all the events of the two warscombined. Commerce has been exerting its powerful influ ence to the re-establishment of a mutual respect between the two countries* and it will be greatly to the. interest of the English, if peace is preserved, to admonish their travelling countrymen hereaf ter, when they come among us and share eur public and private hospitalities, to tell the truth, and not to confine their observations entirely to spit-boxes, low grog shops, and bar-room conver sations. We beg pardon of Lady Franklin for these general remarks. " Present company is al ways excepted." Baltimore, June 1, 1840. The Mexican Volunteer/?Appointment cf Lawyer Wat ion to tke Command?Destructive Fire?Robbery?Em igrant!? Sont of Temperance?Theatre$ Cloud?Tkt Museum?Telegraph?Stock Board, fc The volunteer* from the Diitrict of Columbia, compri ling Ave hundred Baltimoreans, will (tact for the seat of war in a few day*. On Saturday, Wm. H. Wataon, Eaq., a young and distinguished lawyer of thi* city, received the appointment of Lieut. Colonel of the Regiment, and immediately reported himielf to the President aa ready for duty. I learn that the volunteer* are delighted with the appointment, aa Mr. Wataon, although a violent poli tician, ia deservedly popular with all classes of our citi zen*. The member* of the bar, on Saturday morning, immediately on hearing of hi* appointment, railed a sub scription for the purpoie of prelenting hiaa with a (word and epaulette* of tho noit aplendid kind, aa an evidence of their esteem. The laee (tore of Mr. H. Pulvermacher, waa destroy ed by fire on Saturday night, with all of it* contents.? Hi* Ion i* estimated at $ltl,000, on which the inauranc* wa* only $8,000?(4,000 of which wa* in tha Kiremea'a office, ('i.oooin the Merchant*', and $4,000 in tha Frank lin, of 1'hiladelphia. 'i'ho residence of the Rev. John Healey, on Baltimer* street, wa* entered yesterday morning before daylight, and robbed of a variety of silver war?. The ship Johanne* arrived here on Saturday, from Bre men, with i60 German emigrant* on board. The Sons of Temperance of New York may look with confidence for a large delegation of their brethren from this city, on the 9th of June, at their procession and fee tivai. A largo number of name* are already enrolled. Our theatres are now all cloied, the museum only, un der the management of Mr. llarnum of the New York museum, supplying our citizen* with a taateof tha drama The museum is perpetually open, and always doe* an ax rellent husines*. >li*? Alexins Kiiher and Mr*. Thayer commence on engagement at thi* establishment to-night, who, with Uallagher, Owen*, Johnson, and othera, farm a capital company. The telegraph to ' Philadelphia i* now daily and mo mentarily expected to commence operations. The wiraa over Bush River, which were laid in pipe* under tha draw of tho bridge*, i* being luipendad on poles, and will be completed to-day, the action of Ihe water on tha pip?* and the wire, it i* luppoied was the causa of the interruption. Male* of Stocks at Baltimore. Jf!?B 1.-$1000 Maryland Cs, 7?>?: 210 City Ss, "JO, r w, 9I&; 1000 do do, 9tX; 10 shares Union Bank. GO\; 20 no do, COS; 10 do do, OOH- State ti per cants closed at 7?)< asked, 74 bid. City 6 cents, of 1190, closed at U asked, bid. Balti moie and Ohio Railway shares left off at 47 for sale, bid. Philadelphia, June I, 1846. With a new month we are delighted this rooming by a bright unclouded akyi which ha^been a rarity in this latitude for the past week. The dog-law goes into operation this morning, and in numerable puppies have fallen victima to it in conse quence of the neglect of their masters to have them max. zled,according to the ordinance of our augnstcity fathers. The quarantine laws also go into fore* to-day, and tha members of the board have departed to the lazaretto to partake of the annual feast given upon th* occasion. I hope that while paying th* rcqusite attention to the health of the community, they will not sacrifice their own by gormandizing too freely upon th* occasion. The subject of slavery came up in th* old school as ? sembly this morning, upon the report of the committc* of bills and overturn, declaring that tha assembly had borne consistent testimony upon the subject for the past siaty years, and that any further action was inexpedient A few hot *p**ch?* were delivered, but in the main they were calm and deliberate. Previous to the adfoornment the report was adopted hr a vote of I IP yea* to 99 nave. This exciting subject still occupies the attention of the other assembly,''without much prospect of its being set tled In an amiaabl* manner. The flying artillery, under the command of General Cadwallader, parade again this afternoon and go through their manoeuvres west of theSchuvlkill River. Col Pattersons regiment of volunteer infantry, at tached to the Bnt brigade, has tendered its services t* the executive of the State as one of the r*gim*nts railed for bv the orders issued, In obedience to the requisition of ,u. The call wa* made for volunteers ; but aa the reaiment wish to retain their field officer*, they wonld prefer to volunteer in a body, und*r th*ir present or*aniz?tion. If, however, their proposition is declined in the shspe it has boon made, it will be repeated by most of the companies in the required form. The election for brigade inspector in th* second bri Co takes place to-day. Thara are at least a baker's en of candidates. galsaofStaeksat Philadelphia, Jr*a 1.?Fiasi Boasd.?1 Oirard Bank. 9^. ArTra Salvs.? S2M0 Lehigh M Loan, 7JW. Second Board -'* Lehijh, l*H i l? ?????" Meadow - Railroad,Mi 1W Oira/il Bsak, Arrca 8ai r.s -JQi Iteaduw ?M, lW4o,Mi W?L?huk ? i,7S.

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