Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 3, 1846, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 3, 1846 Page 3
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Texas?Her nrvEMis asd hck x';:eio.~ I tie j annexation of the republic of Texas havim/ been consummated. and her *i nc*v poratioa .With the United Stares having been ) erfected, thert) are several circumstances growing out of this act, which require consideration and action, in order 'hat equity and justice should be done to all Jon cerned. On this subject we give an admirable letter, addressed by General James Hamilton, tV.n jrly of South Carolina, to tho government of Texas. This manly, unassuming, and straight forward letter, exhibits in a clear but unpretend ing manner, the great services that Geu. Hamil- ; ton rendered to Texas in her darkest hours, in procuring her money, getting her independence , acknowledged, aud ether important measure, ic complished for her, while he was the Minister of ? that republic in Europe. The Dribunt, a few days ago, after quoting Gen. Hamilton's letter,-.and'calling'tho^Texas an nexation a catastrophe, launches out in its usual flippant style, into a tirade about slave jobbing and land jobbing, as it chooses to term the propo sition alluded to. The fact is, this is all humbug and balderdash. The Tribune knows, as well as anv man in die United Stutes, that tho annexation of Texas was the most important meusure passed by our government since the acquisition of Louisi ana. The acquisition, or annexation, of that State gave us the control of the Mississippi and a portion of the Gulf of Mexico; but the annexa tion of Texas will give us the entire control of that Gulf?an invaluable tract of the best land in | the world?a climate unequalled for salubrity? , and will lead the way for the ultimate acquisition of California, the possession of the harbor of San Francisc? in the Pacific, and give the Union a - start towards a point of trreatness that wo could never hope of reaching if Texas had not been an nexed. When this great question has received the sanction of the wholB country?been perfected and set at rest forever?any attempt now to dis- | euss its propriety, is an insult to the good sense of the whole people. The war on the Rio Grande, opened so auspiciously, will perfect these views. ^y the terms of the joint resolutions of annexa tion, proposed by the Congress of the United States and accepted by the Legislature and citizens of Texas, the latter was to cede to the former all public edifices, fortifications, and all other proper- : ty and mean^telonging to the public defence ; that she was to retain all the public funds, taxes, j &c., which might belong to her ; and should also ! retain all the unappropriated lands, for the pur pose of paying off the national debt, <fcc. In accordance with these resolutions, the Presi dent of the United States has lately appointed an j agent to receive, on the part of the United States, aU the public property belonging to the United States, and specified and described in the resolu- | tions, including the custom houses and the reve nues derived from them. FAt the time of the annexation, the public debt of Texas amounted to the sum of ten millions of ; dollars. That debt Texas agreed to pay; and by the resolutions of annexation, the, government of the United States was in no event to be burdened with it. Previous to annexation, the revenue do- 1 rived from the customs of Texas had been pledg ed to secure the payment of two millions of diis public debt. This was overlooked, at the time of the annexation. The question tlion arises, how ia this sum to be paid, and by whom 1 The United States have taken possession of the means that were pledged for the payment of it, and by that act deprived the government of Texas of the ab lity to pay. The bond holders certainly must not suffer. The fact is, by the terms of the joint resolutions, the government of the United States is not strictly or legally liable to pay this debt; but that it is morally and equitably bound to do bo, there can be no question. The United States takes possession of the revenues, and although they were encumbered, without the knowledge of our government, those encumbrances should be discharged when the revenues passed to the United States. There is another question which is deserving of some consideration. The people of Texas, it appears, arc desirous of selling; their public lands to tlio United States, for tho purpose of raising means to discharge their public dsbt. The United States { has ' no con trol now over those lands; and if the treaty which is on the point of being concluded between our government and the Camanche Indians be env ried into operation, our government will be obhg ed to purchase aportion, at all events, of these pub lic lands, in order to fulfll their part of the contract. By that treaty the United States allots the occu pation of a portion of the territory of Texas to the Camanches, as a hunting ground. This measure cannot be taken without purchasing the territory 00 allotted. The question then arises again, whether it would not be advantageous to our government to purchase the whole of the public lands of Texas at oncel The immense public domain of that State is at present comparatively unproductive, but in the hands of the United States, it would be n source of immense wealth to tho whole Union, and more of a benefit to Texas than it is at present. These questions arc highly important. We trust they will receive the attention of the people and of Congress. Steam Ship Great Britain. We visited yesterday the monster steamship Great Britain, merely to aacertain the alterations and improve menta whi :h she has undergone since her previous trip to this country. Mr. Hedger. the chief officer, very po litely escorted us through this stupendous vessel, aed pointed out the various improvements. In the first place, she has what ia called a bilge keel, extending 110 feet oa each side, made of two thick planks riveted together, and fastened to the vessel with double lion knees. This keel extends from the side two feet, and four feet below the surface of tho water These bilge keels have been found to answer to admiration?making the ship easier in ? sea way; and likewise hold a much better wind, when under canvass. She is furnished with a four armed propeller, instead of six, as was used heretofore- This propeller is made with an extraordinary degree of strength, with the purest wrought iron, much thicker than the other, and strongly braced together. The boilers. too, are very much improved by the alterations made under the directions of Mr fields, the eminent engineer of London, which now aupplies a con stunt and sufficient quantity of steam?at the same time reduces the consumption of fuel?in proof of which, Upon her ariival, she had 900 tons of ronl on hand. The next improvement.and one not the least important, i in her rig Sue how carries two square topsails, courses and topgallant sails, which give her a very im posing sp| earnnee The first mast in the ship is called No 1, then follows fore. main, mitten and rlaxton masts, which complete the Ave mssts, instead of six which she had before. These masts are all stepped in the usual manner below, and not on the upper deck as before, which tends to keep ti.e ship much steadier in a heavv sea All the iron wire rigging has been removed, and the best ot hemp supplies i s place She is provided with an extra two armed pre jelfer fastened on deck, to he u?ed in rase of an emer gency. The outside of the ship is painted entirely black, which shows her beautiful model to very great advan' tage 1 be flguie head repreaents the royal arms of Rng* land, handsomely carved. Now, taking it altogether, she hss made a very good passage this tune, considering the accident of breaking the forward air pump, whicn compelled her to sail six days without steam. In fact, she is now as near perfec tion as It sppears possible to make her, and is certsinly equal li not superior In s|>??d and accommodation to any steamship at piesent afloat in the world. Shociuno Suicidk.?Dr. Geo:ge W. Spalding, of Richmond, killed hmsrlf in that city on the S?th ult. by taking nearly three parts of a tumbler full of pnistic acid. He was only 23 years of age, and had a food prospect of success in his profession Cause un. noun-ptobably love or temporary mental aberration Circuit Court. Before Judge Edmonds. Jvr 2.?No cue in the special calendar heing ready, the Court, after-taking two inquests, was adjourned The remainder of the week will be levoted to arguments. Court Calendar. Sr rtaio* Covat.-?. B. 20t, 18, 17, 18,1?, 22, 23, 34,54, 08 n. 3O8, 38, 307, 99, 30, SI. CoMMoft Plkai.?1st part, 71, 85, 77, 71, H. 283, 9, 89, 6P, 69, 87 2nd part, 178, 88, 98,.8, w, 108, 110, 138, M3, 392, IHL1N. *?W Ttrk Jo?k?y Club Spring Rmm, Colon Course, Long Island. That* long looked for new, which have been post poned from time to time and which have been put off one time after another, principally in consequence of the unfavorable atate of tho weather, commenced yesterday. Aa usual the very cletrents appeared against the sport. In the morning it was tolerably fin.? up to twelve o'clock, when the clouds began tu lower, aivl shortly after a gentle ahower followed just aliout (he time thai most admirer* of sport were about to start for the ifene of operation. Previous to thif tome hundreds- -we might say thouianda, had proceeded to the scene of artion: and from an early hour in the morning, both the Kulton and South Kerry boats were crowded with pedestrians and equestrians de termined to tee all that was possible,in defiance of weather or anything else. Every accommodation was afforded by the enterprising managers of the Long Island Railway for the convevance of parties to and from the lulou Course; indeed, it is as much owing to them as any other cause, that the attendance at these meetings is so nume rous. At an early hour in the rooming, open cars, at 36 cents each pessage. started from the station now South Ferry, and up to twelve o'clock, some 3,000 or 4,000 per son* had been conveyed by this moans. At and after 1.' o'clock a superior class of carriages conveyed the othera at some i0 cents each, and all arrived at their destina tion, so far as we know, in comfort On reaching the ground, we found the dollar stand well filled, better than wc have seen it on many previous occasions. The Club stand also, but by the tiiae for the first race, the former was crowded and the Club stand comfortably full. The field stand also, was well occu pied ; aa well as the inside of the course with coaches, omnibuses, wagons, and every description of vehicle that could be brought into requisition, some few of them occupied with the fairer portion of creation. Just pre vious to tho first race there must have been some sis or eight thousand persons present, a number far beyond the most sanguine expectation, although the rain fell heavier than previously. Shortly after one o'clock, Prescott Hall, Esq., the ex recorder Tallmadge of this city, Lafoataine, Esq , and Mott, Esq., of Montreal, assisted by Mr. W. Porter and nother, took their places iu the judges stand, and the bugle sounded to bring up the horses. The sport of the day waa announced to open with a Purse $300, free for all ages. Three mile heats. Entries:? Charles 8. Lloyd's ch. c. Sunbeam, by Imp. Langford, out of Gipsy, 4 years. O. P. 1 lure's b. m. Antoinette, by Imp. Priam, dam by Virginian, 6 years. James K. Van Mater's b. h. by Imp. Langford, out of Miss Mattie, 5 years. At tho start Lloyd's ch c.. out of Gypsey, had the inside; Van Mater's b. h. out of Miss Mattrie, second; Antoniette outside. The tap was given, and the b. m. took the lead, the others in close attendance; at the quarter went in side, aiid increased her distance somewhat to the top ; ?t the Jdrawgate Sunbeam was in front, a length or more, Antoinette second, Langford about the same be hind. Coming home they appeared to crowd together, but much in this position. Socond mile two to one waa offered on Sunbeam. They took it easy, galloping toge ther to the half ; after which there was a considerable increase of speed, and Sunbeam led home the second mile two lengths in front, the brown horse taking it comparatively easy, for the third mile they proceeded thus to the half mile pole at rather a slow pace, but here the brown horse went well up to Sunbeam, but the latter soon shook him off again. The speed was now first rate to the drawgate, where Antoinette waa behind aome four or five lengths, and just at that moment when the latter appeared to be putting on tho steam, some four or five fools crossed between the horses, three of which were knocked down by Antoinette, who was pulled up, and the consequence was, ere she could recover, the other* reached home, anJ she was declared distanced.? Sunbeam came home about two thirds of a length in front for the first beat in 6m 14}s. 8kco!*d Heat.?Sunbeam led about half a length. At quarter they appeared neck and neck, which position tney kept to the half, rather slow. At the turn round the top the b. h. appeared to be hutrying Sunbeam up, but at the drawgate Sunbeam was some three-fourths of a length in front, which he maintained home for the first mile, going at a good speed. In the second mile, at the first quarter, they were neck and neck, bnt aa they ap proached the half, the b. h. shewed in front a trifle.? Hound the top it was a most beautiful race, and great ex citement prevailed. No one appeared to know who had it. At the drawgate the b. h. led some half of a length, which he maintained. In the third mile, going round tho bottom, the b. h. took the inside, and at the quarter was a length in front. They took it comparatively easy to the hail, but round the top the speed waa increased, but the b. h. having the lead, appeared determined to maintain it, which he did home in some three lengths in front, in 6m. 60s. Sunbeam was then withdrawn, and it was almost a pity that ne went a second heat, teeing that he waa laboring under an attack of distemper, from which he has been suffering upwards of a week. He is a most beautiful creature, and evidently, when well, possesses more foot than any of his competitors on the occasien. Mr. Van Mater's b. h. was then declared the victor. The follow ng is a summary : ? Mr. Van Mater's b. h. (D. M'Comb) 3 1 Mr Lloyd's ch. g. Sunbeam 1 2 Mr. Hare's b. m. Antoinette dist. Time?6:14^?6:66. After a lapse of about half an hour, preparations were maue ior inc cibck race 01 me meeting. It was lor ? Purie $600, conditions ai before. Four mile heata.? . Entries :? Col. Wm. R. Johnson'* ch.c. Ringgold, by Boiton, out of Cassandra's dam, 4 years. 8. Laird's (Wm. Gibbons') ch. m. Fashion, by Imp Trustee, out of Mariner's dam, 3 years. Otway P Hare's b. m. Patsey Anthony, by Imp.Piiam, dam by Virginian, C \ ears. The first, Ringgold, has been named by Col. Johnson, in honor of the late lamented M%jor Ringgold, the Chov alier Bayard of the U. 8. Army. He is a very remarka ble colt?as like his sire, Boston, in form, color, and ac tion, as possible. He has uever been beaten not only, but has won with ease at three and two mile heata, at Balti more, last week, and the previous week, be beat the celebrated Marchioness at Petersburg. The second?Fashion is so well known, and so much admired in this vicinity, and haa been so often described, that it would be superfiou* to cay a word on the present occasion about her; suffice it to say that she never look ed better, and it was the opinion of some good judges present, that if needs be she would have made nuite as good a race on the present occasion, as she ever did, had it boen required- Patsey Anthony looked well, much improved in every respect lince we last saw her. But against such an animal as Fashion, where was her chance 7 The trumpet having sounded, the horses saddled, they were brought forth. The indomitable J. Lairy.jr., ou the back of the favorite in his black cap and blue jacket. There waa very little betting, but what was done pre vious to the start, was at about 100 to 36 on Faahion ; 100 to 30 taken in a few instances ; J to 3 no heat done under Tm. 44s.?no takers. Patsey had the inside,Ringgold second. Fashion outside; at the tap, Ringgold and Patsey went away, Fashion some two or three lengths behind ; they kept thus to the quar ter, and from thence round to the draw-gate, Ringgold leading home in the first mile, closely followed by Pat sey, Fashion as before ; they kept thus for the second mile, at the end of which, Patsey was some four or five lengths in front: Ringgold and Fashion well together, be hind, at the quarter ; RinggolJ went well up, closely waited on by Fashion, who appeared to gain considera bly towards the half; round the top the gap was cloned considerably ; and at the three quarter pole Fashion was close on Patsey; at the draw-gate, Patsey not more than two lengths in front of Fashion, Ringgold about the same , distance behind ; they went thus for the fourth mile ; going round the bottom, Fashion went up to Patsey, amid greet cheering, and led more than two lengths in front at the half, taking it easy ; 20 to I was now offered upon her, and no takers ; and $10 to a supper of oysters, with like effect; Fashion increased her speed round the top to the three quarter pole, and then made it all her own, and came homo in a walk, in 7m. 4als? with great applauso, Patsey some five or six lengths behind ; RinggolJ about the same behind Patsey. Second Heat?Joe took a very similar position as in the previous heat $100 to $25 was freely offered on Fash ion previous to the start, but no takers. A heavy damp | mitt now began to prevail, so that there was no seeing a quarter of a mile distant. Round the bottom Fashion went in fir?t?at the half Ringgold appeared a length or two behind her, Patsey the same to Ringgold; all going easy to the three-quarters. Fashion caine home a length in front at the end of the first mile, Joe evidently keen ing her up, waiting for the others. In the second mile they kept thus to the hall?round the top Ringgold closed the gap semewhnt, but without effect Fashion led home ; near a length in front, Patsey about two lengths behind Ringgold. They kept thus in the third mile to the half, wheie Patsey fell ofl considerably. Beyond this there waa no seeing, until they reached the drawgate home, where Fashion led some three lengths in front. In the fourth mile, round the bottom, Patsey continued to fall off, and was behind some 8 or 10 lengths, Ringgold about 3 lengths behind Fashion. From the q tarter there was no seeing until inside the drawgate, where Fashion ap peared the sarffc as before, and reached home an eaay winner, iu the same position, in 8m. 2a., Patsey almost a distance behind. The following Ii a summary :? 8. L/feird's en. m Fashion, (I. I.aird, Jr.)... 1 1 Col Johnson's ch c Ringgold 3 2 % O. P. Hare's b. m. Patsey Anthony 2 3 Time, 7:4rtJ?8:2. THian Rack.?A purse of $.>0, entrance added?mile heata. Entries:? Samuel Laiid's ch. g. Alderman, by Imp. Langford, dam by 8ir Charles, ft \ ears. Jas. K. Van Mater's bx. h. by Im. Mercer, out of Miss Mattie. aged. Henry Horner's ch. m. by Imp. Priam, dam by Sir At ch), aged. \ an Mater's br. h. was inside; Alderman second; Hot ner s ch. m. outside There was no betting that we could glean on this affair. There was no seeing froia the start, in consequence of the heavy damp mist that pre vailed?suffice it to say, that the first heat was won by the Alderman with apparent ease, in I m &3 ? The second heat was won by Van Mater'i br. h. by some five lengths, in 1 m. Ml a; Alderman second. Third Heat-There was a bad start for this heat?the Alderman some three lengths behind, when the tap was given; but before the other two got to the quarter, the Alderman went in front, which he maintained home in 1 m ftfls; Van Mater's br. h. second. 8. Laird's ch g. Alderman (Haggerty) 1 2 J J. K. Van Mater's br. h. by Imp .vtercer 2 3? H. Horner's ch. m. by Imp Tnam .... 3 3 3 Time, 1:53?1:52)?1:55. Thus ended the first day's sport, apparently to the sat. isfaction of all. and without au accident, as far a* we could hear. The whole waa well conducted. ' Tbottiwo ow thk CtBTacviLL* Taaca Y*stcbd*v.? Shortly after the close of the day's races on the Union < nurse yesterday, a very interesting trotting match came oft asabove. It was for a purse $100, three mile heats, in harness. A. Smith, entered h m Georgeana Venals. A Campbell, entered br. g.. .Peter smith. Previous to the otart, it was 10 to 7 on the mare, who won the first heat in fine stjle in 8m. 27s. Pievious to the second heat, 10 to 1 was offered on the mare, with but few or no takers, and she won it easy by some six or eight lengths, in 8m 2fNs. P. Johnson guided the mate, and A.t'onklin Peter Smith. The attendance was good, and the track in pretty good order. oo- The President Via* recogniacd Adolph Meier as Consul of Hanover for the Citjr of St. Louit, in the State of MiMouri. Tknttrisal and JMualcul. F??i THtiiu.-Mt. nod Mr* Kean app?*i*J last evening In the " Hunchback." It U unuecetsary for ut to reiterate the opinion that we, in common with thou sands, have expressed concerning the acting of these . justly great performers. Volumes have been written on the subject, and it is a work of supererogation to say more than that their acting last evening was fully equal to any of their previous efforts. Thie evening Mr. Kean will play the Duke of (lloster, and Mrs. Keon Queen EUVabeth, in " Richard III." We hope to see a crowded hou i e. Bon rar Theatre.?" The Wife" was played at the Bowery last night for the benefit of Mrs. Stickney. The much a lmired and most talented Julia Dean, sustained the part o< Mariana, and Mr. J. R. Scott did 8L Pierre. As a matter of coursa such a capital bill did not fail to draw a good house, and the frequent and almost deafen ing applause testified the delight with which the fine act ing ol the artistei we have mentioned was received. A great attraction is to be presented at this establishment to-night, in the new historical play of " Jeffreys," which is said to have been acted at the principal London theatres with great success. The comedy of " The Crown Prince," is to close the entertainments of the evening. Greenwich.?Last evening, Mr. Rice appeared in two of his favorite parts, "Jim Crow," and " Ginger Blue,'' in the "Virginia Mummy." It is needless to say that he was received with shouts of laughter and applause Mrs. Booth and Mr. W. Chapman appeared In the " Bath Roail." Both are excellent actors, and both made the mest of their respective parts. We were sorry to ob serve that the " Captain Rambleton," of the piece, was slightly Indisposed. Messrs. Everard and Conovor ap peared in "Jim Crow," and were well received. We would suggest to the management that they enforce more strict attendance at rehearsal, as some of the actors come on the stage very badly prepared. Mr. Chapman deserves great credit for his exertions to sucuro the suc cess of the pieces. To-night, Mr. Rice appoars in two pieces, the burlesquo of " Otello," and "Jumbo Jurn." Friday evening, Mr. Chapman's benefit Castle Garden.?Another of those oxquisite coucorts was given at Castle Uarden last evening, and another will be given this evening. They are finely produced, 1 and will well reward the visiter for listening to them. 1 Rockwell and Stone's equestrian establishment it now in Newark, where it has exhibitod to vast and faah- i ionable audiences for two days past It it to leave for i'atersou to-morrow, perform there two days, in Hacken sack on Saturday, and Harlem on Monday next The i original equestrian ipectaclo of the " Holiday Spoils ot Ol>i Spain, or tho Bull Fight," in which beautiful and thowy pageant a horse does tuch wonders, seems to be everywhere oxcetsively attraotivo. Eight ladies, an un common feature in a travelling eircut, appear in this piece in various wild and romantic manatuvrea, armed cap-a-pie as Amazonian maids. We have taken occasion before to sneak of the extraordinary strength and bril liancy of this corps. Misa McBride, formerly an actress of some note at the Tremont Theatre, died in Boston a day or two sine*. Her disease was consumption. Mr. Brougham ii at Lynn, enjoying the sea breeze* and working at a new comedy. The part author of " London Assurance," ought to give us semething capi tal. Police Intelligence. Ji"HE 3.?Jlrretl of a Fugitive.?Officers Welsh and A.M.C.Smith, of the Police Office (.Tombs), arrested a man called Rudolph Maltitz, on a requisition from the Governor of Ohio, charged with being a fugitive from Hamilton Co., Ohio, whom these vigilant officer* disco vered stowed away at No. 31 Albany street. It appean this man was indicted about the 1st of Jan. 1843, for forg ing the name of Nicholas Bevirller, as an endorsement on a bill of exchange, dated Nov. 3. 1841, by Messrs. Dorr, Brothers, of Metz, France, drawn upon Messrs. Rogers k Co., banker* of thi* city, for the payment of $644, in coin of the United State*, to the order of Bevirller, at Cincinnati. He wa* conducted before Juitiee Osborne, who committed him to the Tombs, to await the arrival of offlcor Levi Elliot from the above county, who will take ; him back for trial. Conttrurtive Larceny.?A man called Owen McDonald applied yesterdav to Mr. Robert Chrystie, of canal boat Governor P. Mullen, lying at the foot of Dey street, for the purchase ol'three or four loads of potatoes, when, after agreeing upon the price, the bargain was struck, and three carts were brought to cart them off. The first two carts were loaded up and driven away, and when : McDonald was loaded, Chrystie demanded tne pay for the three leads, according to agreement, when McDonald stated that he was willing to pay for the load he had on his eart, but as regarded the other two, he knew nothing about them. The |>otatoes re worth $17 80. This conduct appearing somewhat strange to Chrvstie, he made a complaint before the magistrate, when McDonald was held to nail to answer. Robbing a Countryman.?Officer McManus " pulled " last night an old Five Point thief, called Sarah Hannah, I charged with robbing a countryman, by the name of Louis Hall, of $13 in cash, and a silver watch, while In a den of infamy on the Five Points. Locked up by the magistrate for trial. Petit Larceniet.?Mary Ward was arrested yesterday, charged with stealing two calico dresses, worth $3, be- j longing to Alexander Cain, No. 71 Bayard street Locked up tor trial. Mrs. Shields was arrested last right and committed to prisou for stealing a bed and bedding, be longing to Bridget Kiley. H'kerc'e "them" Paper*.?It wa* rumored yesterday in tho police office, that certain papers and affidavits, wheiein charges were made of a serious nature, for mal practices, against a certain constable, who hangs around the tombs and district attorney'* office Kir a liv, ing, were ordered by the magistrate to be placed betore the grand jury, but by some Aorut pocu* arrangement, the papers cannot be found, and tho suppo sition i* that they nave been stolen fn>m the office, in or der to prevent any further steps being taken in the mat ter. There appear* to be a " screw'' loose tome where. Burglary.?It appears that it was Mr. J. Sanders' lamp store, No. I Chatham Square, that wat burglarioutly en tered on Sunday night, and not the exchange office of Mr. Baker, who ? store it next door. .Arret! of a Till Thirf?A notorious till thief, called George W. Allison, was caught in thecct of robbing the till ol Mr. Martin Dorter, corner of Mangin and Grand itrcet*. Locked up for trial by Juttice Ketchum. Sndden Change*?'There la nothing more trying to the human constitution than sudden Chan?*' of at mosphere. Heat rarifics the blood, quickens tlie circulation anil increaaea the perspiration; but when suddenly checked, those humors which should pass off by the skiu are throwu off inwardly, causing concha, colds, consumption, difficulty of breathing, watery au?l inflamed eves, sore throat, fevers, rhmmatic pains in various parts of tlie Imdy, and tnauy other complaints, the usual symptoms of catching cold. Wright's Indian Vegetable Pills are a delightful medicine for carrying off a cold?because they eipel from the body those humors which are the cause not only of the above com plaints, but of every malady under heaven. Four or five said liuliin Vegetable Pills taken every" night on going to bed will, in s lew days, carry off the most obstinate Cold; at the same time the digestive organs will be restored to a nealthv tone, aml.the blood so completely purified, that new life ana vigor will be given to the whole frame. Caution.?It should be remembered that Mr. Samuel Reed, of Baltimore: Mr. John Diion, of Kaaton, Pa., and Messrs. Browning h Brothers, of Philadelphia, are not agents of ours, and as they purchase no Wrights Indian Vegetable Pills at our office, we cannot guaranty as genuine any medicine that they may have for sale. The only security againat imposition is to purchase from no nersou unless be can show a certificate of agency, or at the Office and General Depot, No. 288 Greenwich street. New York. WILLIAM WRIGHT. Superior Mualcai Tuition for Young Ladles. I To ramus and Ouardiana.?Music Taught ou the most Improved Method with great rapidity,and on reasonable terms. A lady who has received uistruction from the first masters in Kurope. aud who imparts with facility a thorough know ledge of the science to her pupils, combined with ele gant and graceful (IKtttioa, is desirous of taking a few more female pupils, either at her own residence or at theirs. A line addressed to A. M., at the office of this paper, will be attended to; or an application at 4S Mercer street, where the lady resides, will receive personal attention. m21 lm Great Demand for Newa?-Philadelphia Agents (or the Herald, G. B. Zieber ll i>o., 3 Ledger Build ing, 3d street, below < lirsnut. where advartiaementa are re ceived. and where thoae wishing to subscribe will pleaae leave their nainea, and have the paper served regularly at tiieir stores and dwellings,immediately after lite arrival ol the cars. Terms, 75 cents per month, uicludiug the ttunday He rald; (6 cents withom'it Single conies 1 cnota. la To thoae who atudy truiiomy, combined with elegance, convenience aud utility, the subscribers offer their portable Shaving aud Dressing Cases as the most com plete of the kind ever offered to the public. They possess all the merits of the imported article, with these superior ad vantages; be ug cheiper, more compact. and the articles con tained iu them warranted to perform their duties: and last, though no', leaat, ei ch being furnished with the subscribers celebrated Metallic Tablet G. 8ACNDKRS Ic SON, 177 Brosdway, opposite Howard'a Hotel. navigation of Uu OtiJo Klver. Plactt Ttme. State ?f River. Cincinnati May 37 9 feet 9 inthea. Wheeling, May 'il ftj feet. Pittaburg, May 'JH 8 feet riling. Louisville, May 28 7 feet, 9 inches. MONEY MARKET, Tueaday, June '4?0 p. M. By the arrival of the (team ship llibernia, at Boiten from Liverpool, we have been put in poaieaaion of ad vice* from all part* of Kurope, ten day* later than than thoie received by the Great Britain. We have Liverpool date* to the 19th, and London to the 18th of May inclusive. The stork market wa? very (lightly affected by the foreign new* either way. Some of the price* went up, and some went dewn. Morri* Canal improved J per rent; Norwich and Worcester]; Ohio #'* i. Farmer*' Loan fell off}; and United State* A'* 1 per cent. The new*, in a commercial view, is rather im portant than otherwise, and i* favorable. Politi cally, it poi*e**e* very little interest. Money was easy, and the rate of intereit, for good huiineu paper, ruled at three and a half per cent. An advance of about one-eighth of a penny on cotton had been realized, which waa attributed principally to the fact that a large defi ciency in the crop of thi* year had been fully e*tabli?hcd. Several failurea had occurred in the commercial world, and It ia repotted that a large Liverpool house, oxten ?ively connected with the American trade, had been se vere sufferers by tiieie inaolvencies. The direct cause* of these suspensions, if any e*i*t, have not transpired, and the amount involved ia very large. The Corn bill had Anally passed a third reading in the lower house of Parliament; and the public mind in Kng" land w;a very much excited in relation to the probable fate of the bill in the Hoaaa of Lorda. It wa* the pre vailing impression that the bill would pea* the upper Houae. The large majority in the lower Hoaav, it wa* suppose.!, would not he without it* effect upon the oppoiition in the upper House. The hill wai at the lateit account* before the I^ords, %aJ the advicee by the Cfrtt "Wmi fin. * 1)1, will cut I'cukt, n rrrrre paj*age. It it impoMiblc to prophecy what will be the effect of the passage and adoption of tbi* bill upon the Corn market* of Great Britain. The immense quantity of foreign flour and grain locked up in bond In the priu cipal porta of the United Kingdom, ready to be forced upon the market the moment the existing restrictions are removed, will, undoubtedly, produce a depres sion in prices, but whether that depression will be temporary or permanent, it is impossible to tell; yet our impression is that It will be permanent, and that lower prices for breadituffs will rule in the corn markets of Great Britain than have been realized for years, if not lower than ever experienced. We know of nothing that can be improved much by the complexion of the foreign news, but cotton and In dian corn. Flour must decline. We see no possibility of preventing it. In anticipation of the passage of the oorn bill, this market for flour has been heavy, and prices tending downwards; and the passage of the bill being now placed beyond a doubt, it will bo extremely difficult to sustain present quotation*. It was estimated that there were 400,000 barrel* of foreign flour in bond, in Britiih porti.Cwaiting the removal of restriction* the old corn law* placed upon it* entry. Thi* immense quantity will be released the moment the new bill becomes a law, and the market* flooded with supplies. In the face of this, the harvests of Great Britain are not far distant, and the accounts from the principal agricultural districts, in relation to the growing crop, are of the moit favorable character. Unlet* something should happen to destroy the hope* of the farmer, and injure the growing grain, both in thi* country and in Europe, the production thi* year will be immense, and prices must reach a very low . point. We have, however, no doubt but that large ?hipment* of flour will be made from thi* country to Great Britain on home account, on apoculatiou, as mar ket* must be found somewhere for the large lurplu* we now have,and are likely to have after the new crop come* in. A very great decline in price* her* would make ' ?hipment*, at the bottom of the market, pay; but they mu*t be made at a large per cent below proient quo' ; Utton*. The return from the Bank of England for tho week ending the 9th of May, give* the following result*, when ' compared with the return of the previous woek :? Public deposit*,. . .?3,031,376 ; increase ?-152,984 Other deposits 16,266,626 ; decrease,... 6:23,844 i On the other side of the account :? Government securities, ?13,023,066; deeroase, ?280,000 Other securities 17,734.0-26; deeroase, 167,123 Note* unemployed 6,836,405 ; increase, 427,936 The amount of notes in circulation was ?20,409,690, being ? decrease of ?366,236 ; and the total (took of bul- ; lion in both department* wa* ?13,980,102; thowing an in- , crease of ?140,389, when compared with the preceding j return. The " reit" ihow* an increase of ?9,744 during the same period. The return* ef circulation of the Iriib and Scotch j Bank*, for the four week* ending April 26th, 1845, and i 1840, give the annexed average weekly circulation for the month :? Cinci'LATIO* OK THE IaiSII AND SCOTCH Ba*KS. four weeki ending April ?iith. 1841. 1(16. Average circulation of the Irish Banks ?7,032,631 ?7,573,321 Average circulation of the Scotch Banks..,. 3,001,240 3.096.317 Total av. circulation for the month each year,?10,063,171 ?10,668,640 Fixed issues under the recent act ? 9,441,703 Excess of circulation "5 above the fixed issue ?1,226,937 Thi* exces* of circulation over the fixed i**uei, is baaed on the amount* of gold and silver coin held by the several bank*, which, during the month ending April 35, 1846, appear to have been as follow* Gold and ailver coin held by the Iriih banks,.. ?2,626,613 Gold and silver coin held by the Scotch banks, 1,127,314 Total of gold and silver coin ?3,653,937 Being a decrease of ?41,646 on the part of the Irish banks, and a decrease of ?4,833 on the part of the Scotch ' bank*, from the several amounts held by them during the preceding month. The stock of specie held by the banks, will allow their issuing to the extent of ?2,436, 990 above the amount of note* in circulation in lrelar.d and Scotland on the 26th of April. The Committee on Railroad*, in the Connecticut House of Representative*, have reported reiolution*, ac cepting the provmous of the New York Legislature, authorizing the extension of the New York and New Haven Railroad, anjl extending the time for expending $100,000 on the road, two years. The resolutions passod, and the rejnrt was accepted. This road, when finished> will connect with the Harlem, at or near Williams' Bridge, and thus connect thi* city with the numerous line* of New England railway*. In fcthe course of timo another connection will be made via Danbury and Hart' ford; and eventually, another at the junction of the We*t Inc. ! ?519.692 95,077 614,769 era and Berkshire roast. We would recommend to the new board of director* of the Harlem Railroad, the policy of extending their road east, instead of running north. The people of Albafty and vicinity, have made great effort* to obtain a charter for a river road, and havo succeeded in getting one through the Legislature, thereby establishing a prece dent that will be of incalculable injury to these work* of internal improvement; and the beat thing they can do now i* to go to work and build their road. We want to aee a beginning made, and we wiih to see the thing pushed rapidly through to completion. The river towns are shut out from thia market about ninety days in each year; and it i* highly important that the road intended to do away with even that temporary embargo,should be con structed as sjieedily as possible. We trust those capita lists, whose names occupied such a prominent position in the petition for the river road, will come forward promptly and liberally, and carry out the promise* they made so freely before the charter was obtained We have repeatedly deprecated the principle of granting charters to railroad companies, without requiring a guaranty, in the shape of doposit*, similar to the system established in Great Britain, and we hope this will not make another in the long list of line* con' templated, the charter* of which are a dead letter. The Hudion River Railroad Company was char tered for the purpose, o* reported, of connecting New York and Albany; and we tract that those interested will not fail in completing what they were so forward in pro miiing. Those who were not *ati*fied with the progress made by the Harlem Company in connecting the two citie*?Albany and New York?by railroad, will, we fear, look in vain for a more ipeedy connection by thi* new company. If we might venture ? prediction, it would be that a railroad connection between Albany and New York will be made by the Harlem Company be fore the first ten miles of the Hudson River road be built. Old Stock Eielungc, $.1,000 V S6'?, '62. b90 102 200 alia H.irlrm R R $2,000 N Y CityT's, 1*J2 102K SO do do Si,000 Ohio 6'., ItKVO H 160 (I ) dn ? 10,000 do do <tJW 1UU do do SIO.OOO Priin. i's 3<idi MX lull do dn ? 10,000 do 60d? 61 421 Long Inland K R ? 12,006 do .20 61% 2jo Nor fc Wor R R ? 10.000 Reading Bond* 72S, 1 jo do do 10 ah* Del Ik llud Canal 144 110 do do 100 Morris Canal 14 100 do do 10 do do b30 I4S.' 100 Readme R K 7S do do 13Ts 1'' do do SO do do 1)60 14)4 M do do Second Board. 10 ths llnrlem R R 43*? J000 Prim, j'* |00 Reading R R 6| M aha Nor Ik Wor iiO do do s45da hi\ 100 do do HO do do* 64^4 10? Farmer*' Loan New Woek Kirhangs. 200 alia Morria Canal b3 IVi 2i alls Nor Ic Wor a7 12J,' 21 Canton Co. Ii] a f o 33'< Ml do Wedneaday 13 SO Farmers'Trust b7 23 J4 21 do do caali 127a 50 do do *10 23JO do do a 3 12 '4 10 Harlem R R *3 43jg JO do do cash jdg do do b30 44 3j do do l>3 21 Nor k Wor. Tliara'dy 13 100 do do Saturday S3 175 do do caali SJ Married, Bn Sunday, 81?t ult, by Rev. J. P. Burk, D. D , of# St. Columbo* Church, Jon* E. Glsiaso*, to Jass Ai?i? McGloih, all of thi< ritv IHed. On the 3d instant, Maav Et.rtoa, eldest daughter of Joiiah H. John*on, in the 21st year of her age. Her friends and those of the family, and the members of the Chrystie street M. E. Church; al*o New York Pilot Aetociation, and member* of Knickerbocker Lodge No 22 I. O. of O. F., are respectfully invited to attend her funeral, thi* Wednesday afternoon, at half pa*t 4 o'clock, from her late residence, No. 97 Mott street. On the 25th ult., at St. Augustine, Florida, Dr. Johi* H. Burnt, late ot thi* city, in the 97th year of hi* sge. France, on the 2#th February, in hi* HAth year, General Baron Dat'ACLT, Commander of the Le gion of Honor, and of the Royal and Military Order of St Louis, fee.; Gentleman of the King'* Chamber, and Colonel and Regiment Infantry of the Royal Guard under Louis XVIII and Charles X. NIBLO'M GARDEN will not be opened this evening, sa Hunnnared, Ihe long eoatiuBM wet weather Itaviug pre vented the completion of the catenaive alteration* and im provement*. Dae notice will be giveu of the opening night, jel ialf rre ifji^ FOR NEW"dRLEA.NS_Loai.iaaa aad New WMTVYork Line?Positively fi'tt Kevular Packet?To tail JMUfaM00day Ith Jnae.?The elegant, faat aailmg packet ahi|> nARTELLE, Taylor, maafer, will |?>strivrly sail aa above, her regular day For freight or passage, having h*ndaome fnmnhed sccom mndation*, apply on hoard, at Orlean* vt liarf. IY>ot of Wail afreet, or to E. K. COLLINSk CO., X South at. I'oaitively ao good* received oa board after Saturday ***? ?nag. Cth June. Agent i?1 New Orleans. J AS. E. WOODRUFF, who will promptly forward ail good* to hia address. racket bark OEN EsEE, Mia oft, master, will saeeeed the SARTELLE, audsail Monday, Mth Jane, her regular day. Jlrc a rorion' Wrtrrr k.w.' VVM. W SHIRLEY. Aucnuutir HAN'DSOVla. New aud Second Hand Furniture ? by II E WI1,LARD.?Thursday, June 4, ?t 10 o'clock, at the sales room No. IT Wall street?Positive sale lor cull, to psy advances, rich gilt aud silt er girandoles and drops, cut *l >?? and cliuia, cabiuet furniture, w.fn and sofa bedsteads, chairs and rocker* of various palterna, French bedsteads, wardrobe, drestitiL[ and plaia bureaus; centre, tea, dining and [>ier tablet, lampt, lantern*, aud fancy good*. Alao, 2 aeronJ hand pianu fortes^ _ Je3 It*m JACOB 8 PL ATT, Auctioneer. SPLENDID KtlSKWOOl), MAHOUANV and Black ?3 Walnut New Cabiuet Kurniture JACOB 8. PLATT will tell ou Thursday. June I, at half pail 10 o'clock, at tlie Apollo Saloon, No 110 Broadway, I lie stock of a house de clining business, being of a superior quality and style, re moved for con*euieuce of sale, to wlucli the attention of dealers s? well aa housekeepers is directed. Consisting of modern and antique Chair*, Sofas, Li.ius, e i ? y Chairs. Rockers and Nurse Chairs, covered with hair cloth, of Ma hogany, mahogany and waluut Wardrobes, ditto Pressing Bureau*, Kreuch Beadtieads, ditto Cribs, Hall, Sofa, Diuiug aud Tea Tablet, Bookcases and Secretaries, tea Poys, Ceutre Tablet, fee., tic. Aiso, 6 Refrigerator*, 8 dojen fancy Chairs, 12 Boston Rockers. -Alto, 6 pure curled hair Mattresses 40, 4i and 'M) lbs. each. Also.ti Palliasters, 12 pieces ludia Mattings, 1 hugluh llall Oilcloth Alao, 3 large Maliogany Diuiug Tables, to be sold singly or together. Also, splendid Rosewood Furniture, eu suite, the style like that made lor the steamer Oregon, aud by the same manufac turers, consisting of 2 superb carved Sofas, 24 Parlor Chairs, stufled backs, 2 easy Chairs, forming two setts, one of which is covered with the tiuesl crimson plush, the other uncovered, ao as to leave the purchaser a choice of colors. This sett can be finithad iu 24 hours The chsirs will be sold four with the privilege. Also. 2 very rich solid Rosewood Centre Tablet, newest style. Willi Egyptian aud Italian marble topt, Rosework Ta blet, Piano Stools, Kir. Also, a tew dozen Cottsge Chairs, of various styles. N. B.?The above sale comprises the best manufactured stock of Rosewood and Mahogany Cabiuet Furniture offered at auction tin* season, and u really worth the attention of those who wish to purchase. Catalogues early ou the morn ing of sale. je3 ll?m VALUABLE HEAL ESTATE AT AUCTION. THURSDAY, June 4?By Jenkins, auctioneer, at the Exchange, st 12 o'clock, ou Jltli, 3ith, 36lh and 37tli streets, near the Stii avenue. The Lots ou 3Kh street are o'i the north side of the street, froutiug south, which street is 100 feet wide, and the regulating of the street, nuyrfinder con tract, is nearly completed. These lots being <H very high Sround, afford a site more eligible for first class buildings tan can generally be obtained together so near the 3th avenue. j2 3t*rrc H. DUCLUZEAl'. Auctioneer. Damaged fancy and stationery goods.? Tuttle & Ducluzeau will sell on Wednesday, June 3d. at 10 o'clock, at the Auction Room, No. 88 William street, for account of whom it may concern, the entire stock of Fancy Goods damaged at the (ate fire at No. 24 Maiden lane, com prising a general assortmcut, viz.: Writing Desks, Work Boies. Dressing aud Shaving Cases, roll up Writing Cases, Portfolios, Baiikers' Cases, Fans, Sttel Purse Mountings, Combs, Brushes, Motley Belts, Feather Dusters, Pocket Books, Wallets, etc. Also, an invoice of domestic and forelgu Hardware. j2 2t*rrc A WANTED, SITUATION to go to lady's maid with a small family by a person that speaks trench, German and F.uglish. Best city references given. A line to O. H. 8., llerald office, will receive immediate attention. je3 3t*r I WANTED, BY a respectable young woman, a situation aa chamber maid, lauudress, to do house-work, or take care of chil dren. Also, a situation by a young man, to do laboring work. Apply at 38 Mulberry stre?t, iu the rear. je3 li*m WANTED, A MAN to take charge of a supper and oyster room. A person understanding this business, who can come well recoiunstuded as to houetty and tobriety, can hear of a situa tion by applying at the Broadway House. je It*in \VA NTKb, BY a voung woman, with good city references, a situation as chambermaid or cook, for either of which she is well qualified. Apply at 64 Montgomery street. je32t*m WANTED, SITUATIONS, by a young inan and sister, who have lately | landed in this country. He is capable of doing farmers' work, taking care of horses, and making himself generally useful-, the as children's maid?is a good seamstress aud chambermaid. Please call at No. 49 Maiu street, Brooklyn. Would have no objection t<tjgo into the country. je3 4t*m WANTED, BY a respectable voung woman, a situation aa cook, cham bermaid or laundress. Has no objection to go in the coun ! try. Best of references given. Apply at IJ3 Macdougal street. Je 3 lfm I WANTED, A RESPONSIBLE man to act as steward or head waiter at a club-house iu this city. A married man, without ' children, and of English or French birth, would be preferred ! No oue need apply who has not beeu used to service, aud I who cannot produce the best of references. Applicants w ill ' present themselves at No. 15 South William street, up stairs, ? on Thursday, the 4th inst., from 3>i to 4 P. M. je3 2tis*m WANTED, A SITUATION u chambermaid or general housework, in a private family, by a girl with good city reference. No objection to a ahort distance in th? country. I'leaae apply at No. (0 Oliver street. jeSlt^m COPPER MlNEltS WANTED TO WOKK iu a miue iti the vicinity of this city. Apply to E. B. HART, *X Hanover st. jf! 2w*nrc A GERMAN LADY who understands German, French, and Knglish, and nil kinds of fancy needle work, is de siroui of obtaining a situation iu an Aniericau or huglish family, to give lessons in the above, (cxccpt the English lan guage.) Would have no obuectiou* to go South. References satisfactory will be given. Address K. J., at thisoliicc. je23t*rrc CAUTION. WHEREAS William Keaton is an apprentice to the un dersigned, I request all persons not to trust him on my accouut, as 1 will not be accountable for any debts after this day. JOHN LALLAN, Je3 lt*re 219 Bowery. NYTtRBON wishiug to adopt a proteslaiil infant, where they will have the entire management, without any in terference from the parents, will please direct to L)r. 'I auii ton, at Mr. Gablgdaa's, 51 Sixth Atmu. jeJ3t*m INDEPENDENCE UUARD. A Ta meeting held at the Armory on Tuesday evening,June J.Y- 2, 1816, it was unanimously Resolved, That this company respond to the call of the commander-in-chief, and invite the uniform corps of this city and of Brooklyn, either as indivi duals or companies, to unite with them in the formation of a regiment of Light Infantry for the service of the United States, wherever required; said regiment to be pi iced under the command of Captain John T. Cairns. Resolved. That we extend this invitation to gentlemen of this city, who may feel disposed to unite iu an organization of this kind. Resolved, That the Independence Guard tender the use of their Armory, Columbian Hail, 2(3 (irand street, for the par pose of organizing said regiment. je3 Jt'je 8. H. MAYNARD, Secretary. VOLUNTEERS?ATTENTION ! THE Head Quarters of the Second Regiment of I'nited .States Volunteers of New York, Colonel Charles Baiter, will be held at Central Hall, corner of Grand street and Cen tre .Market Flacr, where competent persons will be constantly iu attendance to receive the applications of those young men who are desirous of serving in the present war against Mexi co. A few more recruits wanted to complete one of the com panies of the regiment. None need apply but those who are determined to serve when called upon. je3 It * m TO VOLUNTEERS FOR MEXICO. THE First Regiment of United States Volunteers will re reive uaines every day this week, at Head Quarters, Mer cer Hall, corner of Brooine aud Mercer streets, trom 9 o'clock A. M. until 10 o'clock P-_M. je 3jt*rc_ VOLUNTEERS FOR TEXAS.' "I /V") YOUNG MEN wanted immediately, by one of the AW/hardy aons of Texas, who arrived direct from Galves ton, on Sunday evening, May 31st, having left the army on government business, and not wishing to return without sboWiBg sotne of the Southern blood that there is in the Norm that as good as the South, he calls upou all who have an interest iu tlieir country's welfare to come forth and en roll themselves under Iris broad banner. His head quarters will he opened on Monday evening, June 8th, at the Eagle llall, Rosevelt street. If he cannot raise the number required in New York, he will try in Philadelphia and Baltimore. je32t?m WM II KNOTT. VOLUNTEERS FOR THE WAR. The first regiment of united states VOLUNTEERS of New York, have established their Head Quarters at Mercer Hall, cort'er of Broome and Mercer streets, where the signatures of Volunteers will be received every day, and during the evening, from 8 to 10 o'clock. A^nuster roll is open at the above place for Company 1. of ssid Regiment, which is the ouly one that is not yet tilled. my3l Iwrc BOARDING. IN the vicinity of Union Square, two or three respectable young gentlemen can be accommodated with breakfast and tea in a private family, with full board on Sundays, ii requir ed. Apply at No. 91 East Thirteenth street. Also, two Par lors and two Bed Roouia to let, in a respectable situation; ap ply as above. je3 Ifm flOAKD. A FEW genteel boarders, gentlemen and their families, or aingle gentlemen, can be accommodated iu a private fami ly, at M4 Broome str ct, near Hudson. The rooms are large and airy. Every attention will be paid to make it agreeable and pleasant. For further particulars please call as above. je3 3t*m HOARDING. TO LET?two rooms, to single gentlemen, with breakfast and tea, or full board, in a private family where there is but one other boarder, in a pleasant situation between two stage routes, in the neighborhood ol St. Luke's church ? Terms moderate. Address Livingston, Herald office, which will meet with attention. Je2 lw?m 1 HOARDERS WANTED. (1 KNTLEMEN and their wives, or single gentlemen, can X be accommodated with good hoard and plenMit rooms, furnished or unfurnished, on reasonable terms, by the day or week, at No. 47# Bowery, north west coruerof Tenth st. je2 lwrrc AKhSI'M 1'ABLr. person having a neat new sure.just opened, in a good situation and a genteel neighborhood, would receive drv goods, fancy articles, or paten' medicines to sell ou commission from manufacturers. Apply at ?i7 Bowery. The best of references given je23t*rrr ONLY 124 VENTS. THE remainder of the present edition of the MATRI CIDK, by John K.Dtier, U. 8 Navy, is now selling much below cost. The author, (at whose sole risk the work wss originally published,) will shortly he obliged to leave the country, and he is, therefore, desirous that the whole edition should be immedistejy disposed of For sale by Win. H. Orahsm. Tribune Buildings, and Win. Taylor, Astor Houe, New York. Booksellers and agents supplied at a liberal dis count. Je3tt*m EXCELSIOR l'.ONNETS OK PEHS1AN SILK. THE subscribers having been appointed sole agents for the sale of these bonnets, are now prepared to supply the trade with this new snd splendid article of silk braid, which received tlie first premium of a gold medal at the last fair of the American Institute. These bonnets exceed in heiuty. texture, durability and economy, anything of the kind ever offered. They are warranted 10 be entirely of silk, and will clean, alter and retain their color equal to any braid 1 > "sa. STANTON, RICHARDS fc WOODRL'F F, jel is'w*m No. 41 Br""d street. NfcW LEBANON SPl<I*C.S. t COLUMBIA H ALL.MarlJ,l??C-Thi. favorite nlace of resort is now open and readyfor the reception of com pvny, being under the man?gement of its old proprietor, Hull. Presuming on hia long experience ?s a oteree for the travelling public, he intends that the ma^ag-me>it Of the establishment shall be auch as to meet the nanis of the most fastidious, whether tarrying for the season or a shorter T^mrc H?NnY HULL. COUNTRY SEAT FOR EXCHANGE Forunimproved liti.of property jn New ~ ~ A LAR'iK new twoftory and attic frame Home. fwtwiMrt. Cellar nnder the whole?icmet all .*_^hard flu it bed; rnetnl roof; piattna front and resr; garden welMMOcktfl; treea, ?h?nbbery, lie. flitnated ft mile* from New York, within 7 milet of a nhl road in full operation, and directly o* a contemplated and fhar ered railroad Any net ?on decirtng to make inch en eirhanfe, who will the property offered, fce., to H. W., hoi 1557 Lower Pott Of let * w0l>tjKW*4t4 to. ju iw? PARK THEATRE?SI; Pit, so eemi; Oaliary 25 rents ? Wednesday Evening, June 3, w ill oe perform ed Rl< HAHD III?Richard. Duke ..Milo'ster, Mr. Charie* Kean; King Henry VI . Mr. Barry; Ldw?id, Prince of H'slss, Miss t rocker. Henry, Earl ot Richinoud. Mr. Dvott; Elisa beth, i^uceu of King Edward IV., Mrs. I h tries Ke?n. L?dr Ai"ie. Mrs. Abbott To conel ide with, MY KtLLOW I Le.I(K?'Tactic, Mr. U. Barrett; Victim, Mr. Wilier , Butty, Mm Hyim. Doors open at 7 o'clock?perormance to commeace it pie niaely 7K o'clock. BOWtRV THE \'l RE "-\Vrd.,e?.i ij Evee iug, June 3, will be performed, first time in thi* couutry, * u?w hu Krical play, in five arts, eutitled JEFFREYS, or, A Wife'e eveuge?Judge Jeffreys, Mr. J 11. Scott; Pomfrer. Mr Da venport; Lady Grace, Mn. U. Joue*; Mistress Allice, Mr?. PhillliM. lo courlude with the comedy of the ( R()W!^ PRINCE, or, the Night Watcher? Albert, Mr Clarke; Fre derick Storkc, Mr. Davenport; Katharine, Mrs. Sergeant. Tlte above pieces will be repeated tomorrow e\ening. ,|"7~ Lower Boxes, 50 ceun, second and third lien, 25 civ; Pit and Gallery, 12^ cent*. Doora open it 7 o'clock?Cnrtain will rue at half past seven o'clock. GK1.KNWit ? H THEA I'RE.?Wednesday Evening, June J, the performance will commence with the Ethiopian open ofOTfaLLO? O'ello, Mr. T D. Rice; Brabautio, Mr. W. ( lupiiian; Desdeinoua. Mr*. Booth Dwarf Dance, Mr. Thompson. To conclude with JUMBO JUM?Jumbo Jum, Mr. Rice; Arabella, Mra. Booth Balcony and Dress Circle, 50 rta; Upper Boiea. ti ctt; Pit, 12^j<ts; Private Boies, $5; Orchestra Botes, single seats, $1. L/- Doere open at ; < nitmu n?ee at Tjj o'clock. C< A8TLE O \RDEN.?Wednesday Kveuina. Ji|ne 'i ?The > performance will consist of a varied selection of Songs, Dances, anil Grand Musical Effects, commencing with the overture to " Zainpa " U-illad, by Mr. Holmau. Sals burger's Waltz The tfrand trial dvnee, from " La Bayadere," by the Misses Vallee. The first pirt to finish with the over ture to ?' La Killer du Regiment." Intermission of half aia hour for refreshments and promenade, and to view the range of 1000 t'osmoramas. After llie promenade, the overture to " Der Freischutx." Sonrf, by Jos. Lanner. Misses Valee, in La I'olacca a 1'Hongroise. J'o conclude with the overture to " Oheron " Admittance 25 cents. On Sudday, a grind selection of Sacred Music. C1 HATH AM THEATRE?Boxes 26 rents ; Pit 12^ cent* / ? Wednesday Evening. June 3, will be performed the grand operatic Drama, entitled, THE ENCHANTRESS ?Ramir. Mr De Bar; Don Sylvio, Mr Booth; Doctor Matha nasius, Bellamy; Nuguez, Driinison; Spirii of Evil, Foster; Forte Bracchio, Ilea; Stella, Mra Flynn; Spirit of Good, Mi*e Cohen; Neva, Sirs Phillips. After which, a Highland Fling, by MissCoheu. Previous to which, the farce of DID YOU EVER SEND YOUR WIFE TO 1IOBOKEN?Houeybun. Mr. Wiuauc, Mrs Honvybun. Mrs. (Jreen. Ify"Doors otwnt at ^ past 7, performance to comtneuce at Jk* ?>efore B o'clock. Nib 1.()'S GARDEN will not be opened for afewtlav*. owing to the continued wet weather having prevented the completion of tin-alteration* and decora'ioas. Due no tice will be given of 'he opening night, on which occasion GABRIEL, JEROME, ANTOINt, and the whole wonderful RAVEL FAMILY, will make their first appearance in New York tiieee three yean, in some of their most popular and hmhlf amusing en tertainmeuts. The Saloons, Garden, Walks, be., hare been improved and re-embellisheJ, the Saloon and .Outer Balcoaiee enlarged, the whole now forming the most rteUtrcke and elegant place of amusement'on this continent. THE CONCERTS A LA MU8ARD, so much admired on previous seasons, will be continued, lo give effect to which, A MAGNIFICENT ORCHESTRA has been engaged. Various costly novelties are in prepara tion, and the proprietor has great pleasure in announcing au arrangement has been made with M'LLE BLANGY, Premier Dansense from the Opera of Pahs, and the Berlin and Vienna Theatres ; and Mons. henrie, from the Paris Theatre*. Further particulars hereafter. jel re VAUXHALL GARDEN ?Br.dlonl Jones, Proprietor ?m Wednesday Evening. June J. the vaudeville entitled, THF. C APTAIN IS NOT A MiSS-Captain Daring, M'. A. W. Fenno; John Stock, Mr. H 8, Chapman; Mary, with a song, Miss Jalia Drake. Intermission of half an hour for promenade and refreshment. Song by Mr. Dunu. To con clude with the laughable vamtVville entitled, WILFUL MURDER?Pythagons Sphoou, Mr. H. 8. Chapman; Frank Featherly, Mr. A.W. Feuno; Whisk, Miss Julia Dnke. BT7" Aibnission to the Garden, free; Saloon. 25 cents. Doors open at 7, curtain rises at B o'clock precisely. jel -ecwj AMERICAN MUSEUM. PERFORMANCES BOTH AFTERNOON k EVENING. SCOTTISH MAMMOTH BOYS, WHO WEIOII 0VKK 600 rot'M>S. LIVING ORANG OUTANG, ANATOMICAL VENUS. GREAT WESTERN-RARSEY WILLIAMS, Misses JuLtEtt, beautiful Dancers, ltc.,&c. [T7"Admission 26 cents?Children under ten 12% cents. Je3 4tis*rc TABERNACLE. Mli. TEMPLE TON BEGS TO ANNOUNCE to the Public of New York, that previous to fulfilling his engagements in the North, he will have the houor of presenting his REMINISCENCES or GRAND OPERA. On Thursday Evening, June 4th. Mr. TIMM will preside at the pianoforte. In the coune of tne evening will be introduced, with appro priate illustrations :? Song?" My Sister, dear," (from the OperaofMaaaniello.) Cavatina? Young Agues, beauteous flower," (from the Opera of Fra Diavolo.) i.ram> icctva. Recitative?" My Companion* are waru'd." Aria?" Proudly and wide." (from Fra Diavolo.") Kong?^" Beats there * he*rt," (from La Bayadere.) "Pria cheaptuiti in ciel Aurora,' from II Matrimouio Begieito KOMANCKS. Recitative?"Orynthia my beleved." Aria?"Aherinit who dwell*." Song?" As we through life's journey wander," (from the Opera of Le Cheval de Bronx ) Tickets, Fifty Cent*. For particular*, *ee Programme*. my31 tf rc WASHINGTON ALLSTOiVS VRAM) HISTORICAL PICTURE OF BKL8IIAZ/AR'8 FEAST, PAINTED on anoleer canvass, of tlie same site, and Guislv ed with a view to ?- irry out the design of the author, by THOMAS T. SPEAR, Now exhibiting at the Chamber Street Oallery, corner of Broadway and Chamber street*, from 8 o'clock A. M., to 10 , o'clock I . M. Admittance Zj cent*; season ticket* 60 cent*, jel Steodins'rrc CENTREV1LL.E COURSE?TROTTING. HL THIS DAY, Weduesday, June Jd ?Purse SiO?Mile hrnw be?t three m live, to 250 pound Wacom. To come off im mediately after the races over the Union Course. The fol lowing hortei are entered:? A. Ten fcyck enterach. g Jim Berry. J. t onklin enter* br. g Railroad ?1*3 "*'c JOEL CONKL1N. RACES? LAST DAY. iPi 1 WEDNESDAY?Two mile heats, and two matches of t*o milei and one mile, Cars run at 9)4, U and Un'cUck Fare 25 cent* each way. jeS lire FUSTPUMiWt>iT OF Tlih RACE.*. OVER THE UNION COURSE, LJ Until Turtuluy unit IVtdnttdtiy text. IN CONSEQUENCE of an inceaaant rain svrm, of n*rr? daya continuance, it haa been determined ?*> postpone tha Kacra until Tueiday and Wedneaday neit when they will come off in the followinc order * Wedneaday, Jane J, at I o'clwk. Puree $200, free for all sges. Two mil* heat*. Entriea 8. Laird'a b. h. Bob Logic, by Imp. Lanfford, dam by Mam brino, 5 yr*. Jas. K. Van Mater's b. f. by Imp. Laniard, oat of Carolina, 4 yra. Charles 8. Lloyd'* gr. f. Esta, by Bolivar, dam by imp. Barefoot, 5 yra. Same Day Match Race for fiOfl. Two mib heats, between two la mous New Jersey norses Br. h. Satan, by Bloody Nathas, out of Lady Andareou, S yrs. Br. H. Oregon, by Liberty, dim by Henry, S yra. Sam-' Day. A Race at Mile Heats, for winch entriea will be made <>u Monday. The meeting promises t? be one of signal interest, and wa eipect to see an immense turn out. Races at four mile heats, three mile heats, and irile heata, for each of which three en triea have been made, is an attraction which ha* rarely been offered in the United Stares mv9tnjejr >r Steam ship great britaiSc.? i^|A As there is a doubt of the above ship being entirely ready for sea on Saturday, it his ^JgJEggOgg^beeu thought advisable to detain her till will positivel New York nvli't'ti thought advisable to detain her till ??Vlond?y, the 8th instant, on which day sha \r sail st 1 P, M. RICHARD IRV1N. inne I. 1*46. Jsl Iwrrc FOR < II \RI.ESTON -The steamship I PALMETTO, Capt. Spinney, will leava >pier No. S .North River, ou Thnrsday, Juua 4 at I o'clock, P M. Latter bag at the of ? lice. For freight or passage apply to tha captain on board, or to R. J. VAN DEWATER It CO., Ir i 2t ? m a 100 Broad street. amilkjn'S FASHIONABLE SUMMER HATS, 177 BROADWAY, ofroaiTt Howard'* Horr.u fl AMI DON'S celebrated smooth pearl and white I aetor J^>IIATM, which have never heen equalled by any other es tablishment in this conntry, are now reproduced with marked improvement. The great superiority of thase Ilats over all others is, thst tliey rrtnin their shape, elasticity and tiiusb in sll weathers; they are, withal, much the lightest and most comfortable for general wear. STRAW GOODS.-A choice assortment of Stn.w Pana ma. Manilla and ( anion Hats, for men and boys, naished superb style, and at modrr?te prices. Oentlemaa aboet* mounting a summer hat, are invited to ' look In *' ? . jeJ 3tis*re AMIDON'S. 177 Broadway. ANTED-A circular Iron Wsiressesecondhaml. by H OOOGILL fc CO, No, 2S0 Pearl et je2 3t?r fresh Teas am) family groceries. JO FOWLKK has in store, and is daily receiving Irom a the ssles <Jreen and Black Teas and Groceries in all their vsrierv winch arc offered at a small advanea on tha wholesale prices The best quality Young Hyson tea at ?s. verv eood st 4 and is; the best quality Onloag, Soaehong and P.,iirluinK at 4s : very good Black Tea at Is , Green and nYach suitable for kitchen use. at 2s. and t*. #d.; New Or leans Hussr at la. 6d , and 4a. 7lbs , Brown Havana 4* Ad.. While do )s. Id., good white Lamp Oil at (a. a gallon, goo? Sperm < andles at 2s., together with a choice aasortmant of other Te<?, Groceries, ko. Families, and dealers from th? country, are invited to call and eiamiue the above before pur chasing. Stores 250 Greenwich street, corner Marray, 42i Greenwich, cor Vestry, and 7# Vesey, near Greenwteh street. je2" Iwrrc NEW YORK ILLUMINATED MAGAZINE AND LADIES' COMPANION Six Splendid Slrtl Kngrtmingl at HJ tmf ptr Kumhtr. Thf Rending Maffer will Ac Ay Me but sprifers in /Ad Country. IT HAS lon^beenthe intention of the publishers to to tbe piiBlic such s migstine aa can only ema nate Irom a grest city like New York, and they confidently promise that the present work shall surpass any magatin? ever prodnced in tfcis or any other country. The plate* will lit t'nfrnTfd by the moit eminent ?rti*ti, frofn itlictiom inatir from the Nitional Academy of Detiin. The fir*t number will apfMTM the l?t of Jily, *na will bw riihlmlifd regular!? on the first of each succeeding month. It will He f*r awle ar all the P*rioH'C*t Depot* je? tn?m A< KFT SHIP MTT"nIirH(TtAS,_KOR HAVRE, will he detained until Wednesdsv morning, (the 3rd last..) at It o'clock, precisely, at which time, the passengers will please be on I" srd, at pier No. 4, North near. The maj will cloee at the Poe? OIRcf, and letter* taken from the read* lag room*,.at half fast U o'clock. ^

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