Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 4, 1846, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 4, 1846 Page 1
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H RK ALD. v*l. ZD, IM-WMi !?? 4H7. Mm onu. THE NEW YORK HERALD. JAMES 80RD0N BENNETT, PROPRIETOR, Circulation---Forty Thousand. DA1LYHERALD?Every day, Price I eeata pw eopy?fff 1*P1RINtTnO of all kinds execatod rwtih lcttmor "Mr'- Udw-M MI lb* Ndbliihmtnt, mute b? poet paid, or tha pnilf will W a-"4lr0" ^xiSB'SSliSSS'lSS&T, Proprietor of tlx Aw Nsw Thi Hiuu bruuiuuT (orrit-WMttCMMr ofrulton aad Nuaia htm* 41 FOR SALE.?Two In Saddle Hon**?will iaiV drive iIm ia > carnage. Thtymjui ike right ii/X site for riding oa horeebeck, aad have boon loag used to tlie aaddle. Apply at tha dssk of tka HmM OCct. incLs-oir th* l arrivals fruai Loa n ?trvit. Alio, rye i aetablisW.m, No. for further partieulan. J Ot*)gb SPANIELS?OV THE - I arniala (torn Lon Ajao, i lirda. oalr to ba looud at bu i John >tr??t. fi. B.?Lattara froaathafrioas. iadiauat parti, (partpaid! will be atteudud to, by A ORirft, al7*lmrh Im porter aad dealer ia Birdt Cagee.lLa. Gfc.Nli.VS lit IKS AM KK HAT&7 WEIGHING from 2\ to JW ouuees. Price only *3 SO. It ii aboat two year* usee the Uoauawr Hat wu Ant lice of tne ^un?duced by the subscriber to the notice of tha Naw York public, a* the lightest, the most desirable, an j tha moat tasty article tor summer wear heretofore ia use. The astouishing success attauding then, evinced ky the extraordinary large ainoant of sales, aad tha Popular approba tion bestowed upon them by the many who have given than their |?alrnuage, have not been lost upon the subscriber, who, to show that lie is ever anxious to excel iu his art, now pre sents for public patronage the Uoaaamer hat. much lifter aud more pleasant than any other ever before offered. They are not liable, lika the Leghorn and Panama, to loae either shape or color from exposure to the rain. They canoot be soiled by either perspiration or oil from the hair, ao commonly the case with other Hau. for the much admired etyla of trimmings, originating with the proprietor, effectually praveata all Uua. This is a decided advantage over all other hau The public are invited to call and ana this article at J. N. OKNIN'S Hat and Cap Store, my27 lm*re tU Broadway, oppoaite St. Paul's Church. WATTRIPONT * CO., a FASHIONABLE HATTERS. n 82 Nassaa street, near Fulton, New York. Jpk 1 HE subscribers beg to call the attention of tka public to the quality of their various kinds of Hats of their own manu facture. They have just received a small supply of superior moleskin, now used by the moat fashionable natters in Pans, a sample of which they will feel much nlaaaaru ia alio w iag to those who will favor them with a call. The undersigned do not pretend to sell at >3 or even 10 per cent laaa than any other establishment;neither can they boast ot having a splen did store, but they flatter themselves that the quality and finish of their Hata will give entire satisfaction, at the prices charged. Tliey have adopted the French style of trimming the sum in tr hats, which is a preventive to the perspiration coming through and spoiling the beauty ol their appearance. M. B. WATTRIPONT, mv Hla'm WM. H. JAME8. SUMMER HATS. ECONOMY AND FASHION. ft ROBERTSON'S PHENIX HAT AND CAP MANUFACTORY, 10J Fulton street.?The under aigued bespeaks the attention of the public to the quality of his Summer Hau, poaaeumg the various properties usually aought lor by the man of taste, they have the additional merit of being ii per cent below the atandard prices. They are es aruualfy aimilar in material, workmanship, and finieb, to the articles manufactured by the more splendid e*tablishmenU of Broadway; and oa a close comparison of their reapective meriu, uo material difference tan be Perceived, except in the siugle particular that the subscriber has adopted a" style of trimming, which effectually preventa the perspiration of the forehead from atrikiug through, aad imperiiag the ap pearance. Their average weight ia from to oaacos?beiagmnck lighter than substantial Leghorns, or Panamas. Persons of taate aud judgmeut, who are inlliunced in their purchases by considerations of coil, sre invited to fxaa**-M them, aad to asublish, by the test of comparison, their rr.cise value, eon pared with the prodaetions of other manufacturers. 'n? * t Rf'HI'WTHQN I'1? Fnlt*?w atreet. uu* x o aruiiftu r Jks>kUUjb. ft BEAVER AND SILK HATS of thi beat qaaltty aad most approved thapea, are now ready for iaspection aad aale at the old eataMiahed prices. Best Bearer M J# Best Silk ... . . . . . . V 4 alT lm*rre ' RO WE, Metchaiata' Exchange, 40 William stree j. fuloc. ft ou. FASHIONABLE HAT STORE. (I THE SUBSCRIBERS havin* opened a HAT STORE J^at No. IM Kultoa atreet, rami of Daub atreet, respect fully solicit the patronage of their old eutonen aad (be pub lie. Tk?r will coastautly boopo* bud ? complete aaaort meat of H?u, Cmk. Umbrellas, fc.c.,lte., ol the latest ?tyle, s4sa5EKSSr?"'~ l?r _THOS. SHANNON tU'iUMG FASHlOW. ft BROWN k CO., 17* Chatham Square, corner of Mott J^itrvet, with to inform the public of their reeaatimpraya ?MM ia the mauafaetare and fiiMsh of then U Hata, eombia- | iuf faahioo, beaaty and durability, three important consider* tieaa to the areartr. The proprietor* do confidently aaaert thau bate to be much superior to any ever before sold for tbe ?erne pnee. Call aadaatiafy yoaraelfof this fact. mM lmarh METROPOLITAN HAT ASV CAP STOKE, NO. m 14 GRAND STREET. f* PLUNKETT <l CO., bare jaat opened tUa w> aetab J^liahraeat with a splendid aaaortmeat of RATSaad CAPS aut Jo be nnaMed either m qaality, elecaact of shape or da rability, which they ulfer to tbe public at tbe fellow u? very low price# s? Hiti. Firat quality Natria K?r, at t* M Second do do do do IN Firat quality Moteakia, do IM Socoad do do do.... IM Cat* from V% cents to $1 7J each. Wholuaale aad retail, orden punctaally attended to, wd a7 1n?*rrc K'fardessus, I fcXCLLSlOR. """ rm ROBERTSON'S nUENII f? $5?&.' leu tlian the Mine goods (maaafactared aima m?*' l" and ol similar materialfare aold la j?" . '* *2 this great duperity la prioe may ** .oadw?Tv * rat ol advertiser's eipeiisoa beiua b?" J* fMllI _J"* aplejdid eitablUhmoatt ?" .. a tfthe of tbo^a ?* the more enabled to oflar good' a rfroadway, y oaBuamanee ER BTKLE or dieeMwSutiM efOr*lisw whi"t'e Sd blut^rujl. L ragge1 ' IIKr-a verv abort notice. myUlm?rc NEAPOLITAN BONNJtt.13. - the SUBSCRIBERS, Pateatees aad Manufacturers ' dgS of the Neapolitan r W trade with their ia received two silver Americaalnaptute " TWy ? "*W AWlyPATTI80N, NOKk CO., * Delaaeyat., I a7 tmis* r or Vy?" ? "SHE "* ?? P?arl. l "5e??,AuikM > aSC V eaShi unablE stKaW dtflHATH-P?ri. Straw Gimp Hata. of the lateat shape,, fo* sale at CARL KINO'S. No. 17 bWiaioa street, at t* * N. b"-A rraeral aaaortmeat of Straw Hata aad PartaJUb ^^""fAmiNO. IT Divialon stroot. IHJt niohtinoale imjNu in joun street!' THE REAL BIRD itaelfhaa arrived, aad likewise im?t the Sasoar Caaariea, the warblia* of which, tbe Jtnipi aad earioaa, is rather aa intubating IH Mjht?tor each caatoaaer baa a dtfaieat habitation. aad Arehy wUI bo happy to auead to the ladies aad uatlemea aa they paaa Broadway aad John street. LOOK. AT THIst! ^^j^jesjsfksrststrtsi Zmi fcSEaJSa to Um; ????? I>5?ot mifkm dJ K? fflpl??=St?U- M BwMa.atika low pr,c of iKu?r?. M. cZhIlLT H '???* FtlJkMlUM BOOTS. ^ FINE FRENCH BOOTS for t> S?. akr mmd+jmd ? ut aqaal to thoaa aold u other nor?tor %i. mFiaa m Preach CaJfBoota for $4 J?, ennal to the boat oili h Jl thi.c.rr hrUo, r, ? loOwa fc JONM-Xk* ffoot and Hhoe Maaafactory, oaa of the noat faahioaable 10 feu,4.Hsrw^?tsr^rlali-dffiK ^" txxsr.cztffssnss^" YOUNU h JONS*, ? Am ?treat, . MB lm*a? Now Broad way, New York - ""iOOM AND &HOKa?TKo imblTc lumed to m coll ui eiamiae UN latgv aaiuiuaiiit of OeetlrmaV I Jf Ladiaa'end Miaow' Hooto, Bhoee aad Oaitara, in all JV their yariettee, which are to ba foaad ayb^heap eaab wiW 1m*? i Caaal ?.. mmrr WI^tw. ATLANTIC AND BT. LAWRKNCE RAILROAD. Notice to C0NTitACT0RR.-rroi>oeaie win bo re trircd at the Office of the Atlantic and St. I.awrence H-'llrn.d i nniunf, ia (Ma city, from tho 17th to *7ih ofJaao neit, for tho Orndinf, Maaonrv aad Bridgiaaof a diriaion o th? road, ntradiug from a |<oiat at, or Bear Portland, to BoyT ?IIS rircr m North Vai?ath. a oiataaico ?f ahont II mtlee. I nana, Prolilea aad Sfwciftcatioaa will bo exhibited, and the T?i|?i*itc iaformatioa given, at me Kagiueer'a Office ia Poit laad.oo and altar thelTth of Jan*. i'eraona offering to contract for tho Work, who aro nnknnwn totha nnderitgned, or to the directora, will bo required to nana Many their peapaaalg with rafereacee aa to abaraater aad ability. A farther ntraaioa of the road, embracing a diataace af Mine tifteeii ar Mora additional tailea, will be prepared lor, anjl pntnnder contract, abrnt the ft rat of Aagaet ne*t. By order of the Board of Director! . WM ?. I'KfcBLE, Preaiflent; AC. MORTON, (hicf Kitgiaeer. Portland. Me.. Ma-, It. IM. mytl liar FOR SALE OR TO LEAflfe, FOR ONE OR MOW Yram, the freaMoc lately oc cupied aa a unnere, aitnated in t-ie?noat, R.icklaad eo., within a few Trnro* of the New York and i-iri# lUilrond. On the J.rrmi?f? u ? nrw wid cnmmodioii dwelliuc bow : the lot which it ataada ia well atocked with frait treea. aad ?frMm """^n'iainf withia a lew feet of rhe door. Alao, a aood bark Mill aad TWaail with a water privilege enacted, that might be need advaatageoaaly for other mechanical pnrpoaaa, all altaated Withia abr?r KM Tarda from the dwelling hoaae. Tbeta ia ?Uo a aaod bara ' aad oat IxHiaca. Title good aad inomiiouirH iaiuJiita , IT far farther pamt J.r. enaalVoTPhftfc &Im.7NoJ? ""^""iSWlCSTtAw* Li THE RECENT MOVEMENTS AND PRESENT POSITION OF THE AMERICAN FORCES ON THE RIO QRANOE. EWliASATIOJT?B, JIattle Onrand otf Ptto AIM, May 8* A. Battle Ground, Rio Onwt*, or Rctaca de 1* Palm*, May V. P. Picket*. It la twmtj^i^it mUwflma MbUwwm to Point Iaabel by ImmI, ud Afty^li mUh to antb of Hirer by water. the war on the mo qrande* MEXICAN STEAM PRIVATEERS. THE MILITARY ENTHUSIASM or *n Important Intelligence. We learn by the Telegraph, that the schooner F. A. Brown had arrived nt Charleston, in eight days' passage from Havann. She brings the important intelligence, that the two Mexican steamers, the Montezuma and Gua daloupe, taking advantage of the nbsenre of our squadron, had slipped out of Vera Cruz and had arrived at Havana under English colors. It may now be expected that these steamers will be immediately fitted out as privataers, to net against our eomraerce. Will it not, therefore, be necessary fix our packet ships to go heavily armed T H these steamers shoald capture a half a dozen rwnoof our packets, with their valuable cargoes,the Mexican government would be enabled to carry an the war longer than they otherwise could do. 8<mm of our waste',-n exchanges speak of '? a nob sxsmple that has jtu t been set by the Rev. Richard . A. Stewart." It appea /? that hia pugnacious reverence? who is a methodist parses?has arrived in New Orleans ?t the heed of on', hundred stout volnntajsra from East Baton Bouge a-ad Iberville. A correspondent of the Krritrickwimurn' .Uctrdrr iap resents tun aabejjig endowed srith a greet ta *te toi fighting. and aays that it is a habit srith hint, wh'ja he feels a ceil to thresh any one, to ask i temporary tlamlsaal frost <%e church, and when he has Inished Am Jeb, he eeks to Ms soodmitted. The writer idde, " He laee rf-'alaad a dismissal of six months, in order o lick the ftfes'^eaa " It* wy ad by one of our jsopular ciUsens, to emiiy f ?V?. ?r uiee. tor authority to raise a regiment, from he_eiter t { Mot>ile alone, ofcoloneds, captain, and lieutea ||)^^L/a renture to assert the* the roll would be E*"'. in leas than twenty-four "?'y S7. ?pa,CB or Wax.?The United State* Marshal yesterdsy received the Meaioan schooner Jumiatts, under proeert issued against her as a prise of war, she being owned by citizens of Mexico.?Stw Oritant Delta, Mmy ?. Military 1 LOUISIANA. The foUowh* five companies, attached to the Fifth Regiment of Louisiana Volunteors, National Guerde, un der command of Colonel Balie Psyton, left on Sunday morning, en boerd the steamer Oelveston, under oom "capt Dorlan'T Cmnpeny, Natchitoches Volunteers. Cept R. W. Stewart's, St Mary's do. Cept McKernea's, Madison, do. Cspt Lawrence's, Concordia, de. Capt. Blackburn's, McKelvey Ousrds, from West Feliciana. Yesterday the following oompeaies sailed on board the ?tAABMr Cept Robertaon'e Comp'y West Baton Rouge Guards. Capt Hyam's Natchitoches Voi'rs. No. 3. Cept Craw's, Caddo Volunteers. Cept Mosely's, De Soto Volunteers. Cut Monaghan'a, The Avengers. vrrx -l asen. col. isiag the foL lalops W. T Cept Monegban's. The Avengers. H la ell ten com pen to*, anmberiaa about OOOBB Peyton ead staff elso sailed lest night, nama'ietag lowing oftcere:?Lieut Celeaei H. W. Dualopt Fortaen, Adjt; T. H. Heys, Quarter Master; AC. Hun ter, Sergeant-Major-. John Shannon, Quertar-Maeter-Ker geent; J. L. Setterfield, Surgeon: J. B. Henderson, As ia tateat Surgeon; C. B. Buckaer. 3d Aeaiatant Surgeon; J. W. Wilson, Paymaster.?ATsw OrUant D*lta, May 3#. This Bute appears likely to here its share of the war, as long ae it laets. From the number of volunteer com panies being raised we think that this State will be behind no State in the Union in the exhibition of patriotism. The last Tuscaloosa Monitor has the names of the following oompeaies which hod been, at the dale of that paper, re ported to the Governor:? No. 1. The Montgomery Relief Votaateere, Ceptaia R. Elmore. No. 3 The Greens borough Independent Volunteors, Captain A. L. Pickens. No. IThe Greensboro ugh Cavalry, Ceptaia Wm. Kerr. No. 4. The Sumter Volunteers. Captain John A. Winston. No. 5. The Plntlala Vanguard, (Moatgosaery,) Captain Jamee M. Curtis. No. ? The Macon (Kurds, Captain R. F. Ligon. No. 7. The Jefferson VaJnaSeers, Ceptaia M. Kelly. No R The Blount Volunteers, Ceptaia J. D. Ste toa. Beeidee the shove there are cosaeeates who ha? j aot regularly reported theemeWes. The Most^^H Tree Maes,Ceataia J. L. Mumford, 7ft. The Ms^^H cry Riflemea. Captain J. J. Seibels. M. The Deltas ? eases ss. Ceptaia R L. Downmen. ?!. The Lowndes Vo unteers, Captain E. W. Martin. 80. The Talladega Voluateers, Captain Jacob D. Shelley. The Tellepoose Volunteers, Ceptaia Dennia. The Cooee Volunteers, Captain Co*. The MehfleYolunteers, Captain Detka. Th\?'f,5fty?,u"l**fs, Captain Piatt. Thew have al ready left for the wet rf ??. In addition to these, there have been compcaieo formed fat ether counties. We have not yet heard much from the upper counties, nor from lh* Wwer counties. la faaS, there wUl more men volun teer ia this Mate, and more compeaiee be formed, than can be mastered into service. Mrseisaim. At a pnblic meeting held la Jeckson. to nine means for theeqaipmeat of volanteers goiag to the Rio Orandc, >1*00 wen subscribed. The volunteers of Yaxeo aeuaty are ardor arms, drill i9r^3!,y-(!3r,"?T??a youag men of Holly Springs have organised e company of minute men, thot new only await the prsetossatlaa of the Oo veraor, to ssereh to the old of their Meads ea the Rio Uriah, jit PortOibeon, the Quitman Rllemoa aad the Claiborne Onards have determined to go to Tsees n qulsition or ao requisition. nxnsent. Hon. Mr. Beker, the only whig member of Congress from Illinois, hss gone heme to raiee e regiment for aer vice in the war against Mexico. A meeting of the cHixens la requested to convene at the Coart House this evening at haltpest seven o'clock P. M., for the purpoie of taking such steps es may be deemed neeessery to aid the Governor of this State, in meeting the requisitions made upon him by the President. It is hoped that in the cell now made upon the citixans lofllliaoie, to evince their readinens to detend the institu- I tioas snd sett of their country, that the citixene of thie county wffi not need a " draft" on their patriotism to re mind them of duty.?Chir^ft Journal, mm) OS. XEflTtJCXT. We learn ftas the Cammanwtalik that, before twelve o'clock an Monday, tklrtoen companies of Infontry snd nine of cavalry had beea Isai? 1 to ai ChTCTwr. The Governor accepted them in tha order in which they ten dered themselves, w that there are three superfluous companies of infantry, while but one company of cavalry remains to be tendered to fill up the requisition. The Ltxintloit Ofotrvtr of the same day announces the tender of services by another company of oavalry, and fifteen companies of infantry. These latter could not be received.?Lovitvillt Journal, May 27. MASSACHUSETTS. We learn from the Couritr that Mr. Edward Webster, youngest son of the Hon. Daniel Webster, arrived in the city yesterday, for the purpose of raising a company to form pert of the regiment called lor bv the proclamation of his Excellency Gov Brigrs, ana that ne takes this step with the full approval oihis distinguished father. The Post announces that Colonel William P. Winches ter has made a tender of his service* to the Governor, as volunteer in the regiment of Infantry to be mustered and held in readiness upon the requisition from the war department The serviees of Capt Kelsev and the Light Infantry Company of Waahington Light Guards under his com mand, have been accepted by the Governor, and fhe fact made known to the company officially by a note from Ad jutant General Oliver. There will be no diOrulty or de lay in raising the number of troops required by the Presi dent of the United States, as we learn that quite a num ber of good man have already tendered their services.? Button Transcrtft, June 3. Blaffrmpbiml Sketch of General Taylor. ?*? ???? 'wu.wing sketch of the military services of < General Taylor, ... uo.t?.o w u... politan. Gen. Taylor is a Kentuckian by birfh.andi* said to have been born in 1700, which would make him Mi years of age- According to the OrikopolUon, he en-, terod the army in 1808, Immediately alter the attack on the Chesapeake, and has been in the service of his coun try from that time to the present Having entered the army as a lieutenant of infantry, he had risen to the command of a company at the beginning of the last war. For his gallant defence of Fort Harrison, on the 4th September, 1813, President Madison conferred upon Mm the brevet rank pf major, andheis now the oldest brevet in th? amy. In 18S3 he became the colonel of the 8th infantry ; with this regiment he went to Florida in ISM, where he was always foremost in danger. On the Sttth December, 1839, Col. Taylor, at the head of a detachment of men, composed of parts of the 1st, 4th and 0th regiments of U. 8. Infantry and some Missouri volunteers, met about 700 Indians, under Alligator, Sam Jones, and Coe-coo-che, on the banks of the O-ke-cho bee This battle was sought by the Indians, for the day be fore the engagement Col. Taylor received a challenge from Alligator, telling him where to And him, and ban tering him to come on. CoL Taylor desiring nothing better, immediately pushed on at a rapid march to the ex pected battle ground, fearful that the wily Indian might change his purpose. The Indiana had a strong position ia a thick awaasp, covered in front by a small st roam, whose quicksands rendered it almost impassable, but Col. Taylor pushed through the quicksands and swamps in the face of a deadly Are from a concealed foe, driving the Indiana before him. The action was long and severe. The Indians yielding the ground inch by inch, and then only at the point or the Bayonet. After three hottrs of bloody contest, the Indians were routed and pursued with great slaughter until night This was the last stand the Indians ever made In ?large body, and the only instance in which they voluntarily gave battle. Though Cel. Taylor won the dav, it was at the expense of 1M killed and wounded, more than one-fourth of his whole force. Two colonels, (Colonel Thompson of the &th infantry, and Col. Gentry of the Missouri Volunteers,) fall at the head of the troops. Capt Vanswearingen and Lieutenant* Brooks and Carter also foil In tbe engagement During the whole of the engagement, Col. Taylor remained on horseback, cheering his men to the conflict, and exposed to the Indian rifle af every moment For this battle, Mr. Poinsett, Secretary of War, ren dered merited praise to all engaged, iu his communica tion to Congress. The brevet of Brigadier General was conferred on Col. Taylor, and he was gtven the chief

command in Florida, which he resigned in 1810, alter four or five years' arduous and indefatigable service in tha swamps and hammocks of Florida. Alter his retirement from Florida, he was aadgned to the command of the First Department of the Army, in cluding the States of Louisiana, Mississippi, kc., with his head-quarters at Fort Jessap, Louisiana. His position gave him the oommand of the " Army of Occupation," but the u?are ol the service would have justified the government in assigning to that command either of the six general officer* or the regular army, whose rank Is higher than his. But it may be fairly pre sumed that the high character, gallant serviees, and mat experience of Ota Taylor, aside from his geographical position, pointed him out as the appropriate ooiaiaaader of an arm*, which was toplant our flag on the bank of the lUo dA Net*. U*a l'aylor Is about M years of age; is a man of much general information, and ah MeetMot and tried soldier; a prudent and skilful commahder, whose traits of character are. a wiee precaution in pro viding for the hour of trial, and a tearless, reckless courage la battle. Opinio** In Canada an the Csursfi af tfce AaglXmii Bace. The ahovo [an account of the two brilliant battles.] ap pears in the Montreal paper* of yeeterday morning.?. We candidly confess that we place but little faith in the accuracy or the statement, but look upon it in the light of a second "bombardment and total destruction of Mua. moras, with a loss to the Mexicans of 700 men." The American prints are so notorious for their bombast In respect to every matter connected with the star spangled banner, and the glory and power of the model republic, tb.t one cannot readily give credenoe to their "glorious vi lories" upon no better authority than that afforded by individual* from the neighborhood of the seat of wsr.? Apart from the suspicious character of these accounts, there are divers discrepancies in the items of news givon above. We are at the commencement told that "two tre mendous engagements had taken place between the American and Mexican troops, in which the latter lost, it i* *aid, threohundred men." We subsequently read that the Mexicans loit in both actiooa, st least twelve hun dred men '. Again, in the second battle, we are informed the Mexicans loat six hundred men, and that after tha first two hundred were found dead on the field of battle. How do these statements agree T The flrst encounter is reported to hare occurred on the 7th. but the second is Severally dated the ?th and ffih. This discrepancy of detee h not, however, of any greet importance ? We ant notice an exchange of prisoners alleged to have taken place sulweqnent to the baule. (the second.) We are fir*t informed that Captain Thorn ton and Lieutenant Harden were reloceed. ?nd that Lieutenant Dees was not demanded. In the following paragraph It le asserted that two American officers hud been offS>*?d In exchange far General Vegn, captured by . the Asserloona,tast that it was declined to give hint in ex | iwk. So fsr as we can ascertain but three American e?eers have fallen into the hands af the MexteenaTihe three numed shove ; how. therefore, can these twe nmaaiMihs ho reconciled 1 That ooe or 9two ronconWoohevo taken place between these opposing wo do not doubt, teaMsaUl en official report of the ? in given, we look upon the whole sflair as of an upocryphal character. It Is surprising after the victory of Matamoras that our natfMtom admit their loss to have hoe* so greet?sixty-twe kitted and wounded, among General Taylor ???'"?J? . t extraordinary manner, Matamora. and hi. camp in a m^t o?nw j ^ a 1K)tt. for m commanding officer tn aharg , ,{^ity uut\ Bu ?Quebec Mercury, May 3H Translated from ******** ** Drkadfitt. Expi-osiom at THK Ionian Ska -We learn by our correspondent that a dreadful explosion of tuvnpowcler iook place Stanchio, the chief port ol the l8^"d ?l hle?: which destroyed a great put of^the*'V. . the up the fortress. Four merchant. vessels m tna harbor were so damaged, th*t in tt , bottom. time after the explosion they *e"1 nnd A captain of one of them, eighteen men,^ nbove two hundred inhabitants of the y killed. MrsiCAi..?Moriani is/xcitinp the thusiaoni io Madrid, llis voice Ih?u <?q???^ wonderful Treshness under the skyof 1V? all other points he wns deemed Wore already perfect. The celebrated ^ m Petersburg, n?vii>i ?~??w returned to llerlin from 1 e > )tna entirely U. i~. f-o- ? of the lungs, contmeted in the city of the v>zars. Beethoven's 1'iano Forte.?This celebrated instrument, a present to Beethoven from the la inous manufacturer Broadwood ol I^t'1VlY}'1 which at his death became the property ot Ur. Spina, has been presented by the latter toL^, a worthy successor of the great musical coinp Cbolkba-Letters from Berii VT^rholem Grippe, a disease which preceded^ech^?r wheh it first broke out in in that city in precisely die same ^ "nd symp toms as it did before the last cholera. It is re gorded ns tt certain forerunner. Tub Jaw* Sir Moses Monteflore, the grea IiOiulon merchant andi pbilandiropic .few, is .:>na v5l?o Poland and. Russia toenqmemto^ condition of his nation and m??^de .f?mam with the emperor. He has b?*m receiv^ wim great honor at court. W e suppose hi* next tour will be to Chatham street. Court of General fleeeloti** , Before Recorder Scott, and AUanaen Lit ingiton and Walsh. JohnMcKeon, DUtrtct Attorney Jew* I?Crttr ./ |A? Comrt-O* of the this morning. Simon P. Huff wss appointed crier ol Court, in place of J?me? King,removed. Ormnd iWeimf?'The following gentlemen wereinen sr tirsryftsrasr. &?eS L Scott sad William ?. Lawrence, who, after an able and sasStfs UST* was rts Quinn wa. the,, placed atS ?r ? thTchL^e of ate sung a set of harness, worth $3, belonging to Adam Stuel?aeqoitte d. another trial/or Petit Lmnmy John rwM .( niirMi .1 the bar en the charge of having stolen M na^ MAoes alleffeMo *? worthy, fro*tha store of KhU studweli, No. i? Pearl .treat, "V^-n^it beinir Sr&'sSKJiJrt.W^^s m0^|h", {? uUt -Henry J. Orew was than oallad to /ThJSof lib^in having on the1Mj- June iu> published in the Keening Mirror, an erttelflinuma ting'that Dr. Lucius H. Comrtock committed counterfeited .undry patent medicines, to. passaSssrsssss.'sus i - ?*The To^'thea adjourned until tomorrow morning. Snpertor Court. Before Judge Oakley. i_TU?? * Corf ill vs. Gee- SeutfcaieeJ ?Tlus was^aa action to recover a balance of %iUO. "Thefacto SL'L'SEr. -?The plaintiff was owner of the Frank? SEwfetfara? srar tsn ss&iSZat mbs/sts ssrafcs^S- jLM2nr*iS S5to^*smsiiss,">-iS was paid, *The defendant aherwaitls got the agraemea ns:r.T^ neltaeTof which they proved, and the jury loiind a ver Befcre Chief JusUee Jones. Dmmiel W. Clmrk vs. William * fWver ?AcUon lor assault and hatteryj-^eplain'iffuanatte^y.andU - VBfl coflMCtid With IOIM ?!? IB wWCh *W ?f urr?rr? . partr They met at a l^rbar's ^?oP (teptember laMMhe wbiect of the .uit wa.intn^luce^ Verdict far plaintiff MO Coort tmr Use Oeiiaetlea off Krreara. Preaent the Lieutenant Ueveraer and twenty jJene*o*? JS!Ai"ss ftTw.'oi'JrnSd.'f STpiw"?. Movement* of Tra^Uer*. wadsraassas^jSg?-: asar ss-rtr ss? *wsu ^".a,cats-Mr. Onnnell, Brown. Chicago; T. B^kmm, hinde Nichols, U.S. A.; KishkUl; W. Gibson, U. 8. N.; W. ^ ? SJIM'S ?^T^a,,i;g htn,",:;cS: U. 8. W.j J. BlR.low Borton J. StaUr. l. i Norwich; Mr. Coppie, Oeor^, C.Blake, r ' J. Vandevelde, 8t. Louis; T. Barton, Oeo., i~me u g Pittsburg; C. McKibbin. /uHer, Moblla; C Special Arent from J". poL TotUBi Wash T^nkham, Tort Wayne; C./??"?. *r. <?? Si?i5, {SSfcS?i . VaSSSS; sas*?gs#stess: s liami, Borton; r. Smith. rg L*dd. Portsmouth; Mr. don; T. Mnw, ??*?'V Philadelphia; Mr. Lyman, ? orbcs, Baltimore, w. i?esue, r ' not ton; Mr. Borton T. O. Bank., Egypt; H. Roger* ?osw??, w Murohy, London; Mr. Simpson, ^ ^ ^ 'Browne, Taylor, Ma^chusetts;<?. E SL l-ouis, M. Boston; H. Kendall, Albany, n. w?? > K Mor. Packer, Borton; J.? n*C Cooke Havana; <:,tt ?J- HoplUMon, Germany; RR Bmlth, PM*l, Hoiran Utica T Wood, Phila.; W. Love, do. , M. W y. lWoiton- ti. Richmond. N. ??W;&mJ"$0^E5* a? s Albany; J A McDonald, frugstoa. Canada; O. Hopkin ?ion Philadelphia; J. Richardeon, do. v-' .-.T7? _h Tavlor. Mass.; J. Baaeomb, Ala.. O. n arh Norwich ? D Kirkliiu), do.; LmmUt, m?s?. Ward and Holcombe. Albwy iK. ?*on, Troy , Clarke. Washington; L Cullay, Maw.. w!Siu?BMtS?Tf: Dunbar, Natche^D- Winch, zzioy'tc SafTBfc. ?SUci KeDtnan, Ohio ; Hobt Hoope , jirv|i GaWevton K~n j'-'AKrh'tiS, Thomas Merrick, Kingston, ??? H g. Gordon, Turner, Ky, r ' "JVftilunfCloni Dr. PerkiMi N.t. Common Pleea. VVWMwai ? ? !=ffr&^Hr*s.T?s tTxt-'r^iK ^ ^-^.rsastSTrrt: liUahment of tiw> d.fendant who i plainUff the October, 1846 Joh* ?; T^l?i Jy '^r dimandedo property in dispute. ?? *as ?n . ' ,t ? in.i,ting that the defendant, who "f"'^ of au account for lie had a lien "P*" *? '?T. nlaintilTa counsel In binding for John 8..Taylor. tz PJ the gene aided that that U>o ei??dai.t had no "?^Ur pP0Verty ral property, but only. U^t aU, <?the ^^^adthat upon which the work wae 'low ; ?. g Taylor, under the defendant didth.' ^therefore, en agreememt ?? 1pr* MilTMlit* of John 8. Taylor, should look to $e peraemiil T ^ |journ^d to thli J. T. Brtdy. Before Judge Daly. action of trover, to T^?r'r' property wea seat on tss^f-isEWiParis' jss i'-it At'the'a^e "it'only Utehed Ow ^bri^Uie that the value of it w^?^werd (1^enr,?< want of no action for the difference, /" "j w{1( net up, Uee that the property b*lo."J^L k. runningtMia. Heeled and alw the Ir-oivency of C?inmegiw-^ ^ verdict tomorrow (thia) ijwijlsf. ? I Toaliawa ; (or defendant. Mr. N. B. ?????? C. R. Co*aaeUe?on?i*? 0#k?. Before Commiaaioner Oardin?r _ C0V\Tt!*TI0N StTtMAkY. TttCfldoy, jjjgZ!1, S"\' 52SSS3^.e'i-l?S?0!:Si.ViS. om wispa^xtsvst3 r SSE ait Ion hy Mr. BowJlahtopri"^ li>e COnv.ntion whole matter waa rafarredto Carroll sd?!i?s*4. asfisfstwSyft-yss.-**!? ."S." aiatant, and on moUon of Mr. ? A retol?uon of aueh door-keepera tor the )f?U r motion of Mr. ?ight i^mxtirsmtelJSStt door-keepera, and Patterson, ?to f,7' ?^V^d M to limit the Biimber on motion of Mr. CneMew. so A arosostUon by Mr o. messengers (? five, sod adopted. A. projOTa ^ Ward, fi King the number of the ? ai? hundred, was referred A the SrleJor S^SSTlTth? %?*? CT on the table hy coeW A^>roposition by Mr Taggart to ,uL St the convention 3 W'. waaJ^ the ?? * _?? -/ au o. mIapIi'a 1 iMtrr room W?*t yJ Kirk? Poller Intelligence* Charge of Forty ? -Ofl-er Burtoy. of tho Polio* OAs* (Tomb*), ViMbil yeiter.Ur a nam rill* I Diniel TutlitU on lohtin of forgory. uoler tU? following eireum atancea. It appaara tint Tuthill applied to Mr ObadUh Higgina fer tho purpose of purchssing th? stoik of ? gro cery at No. 1? Weat BroaJw^y, corner of Walker, on tlM 18th of June, 1843. representing tr> Mr. Higgins that tho purchase wi? on behalf of hii ton. Diniil Tuthill. Jr., and upon the bargain being imia for the groceriea, a landlord's agreement was execute ! for tiie premise*, purporting to be aignei by Daniel Tuthill, Jr. Matter* went alone until la*t May, whan the rent not being paid, aauit wa* Drought in the Common Meat against the aoa. whole name wa* represented to be Daniel Tuthill, Jr., when in fact the ton'* nam* who oooapied the atora wae James M. Tuthill, there being noauch person aa Daniel Tuthill, Jr.; consequsnily Mr. Higgln* waa nonsuited. Now Mr. Higgius prefer* the charge of forgery against Tuthill for falaely signing the above name, with Intent te defraud him out of hi* rent Committed by Juatlce O* borne for examination. Stealing a Trunk ?A. fellow aaBad Law rence Roiftra wa* arreated lait night charged with a tealii:,, a trunk containing clothing valued at $18 40, fro m th. schooner Stranger of Weit Farm*, laying at the foot of J >moa SUp, belonging to Nichola* W. Phillips. Com mittort by Jus tice Drinker, for trial. Piek-poeket Caught.?John Ryan, alia* Frenchy, was caught, after a long chut><j, by those excellent officer*, Cronin and Murphey, of tho 14th Ward. It appaara that about 3 o'clock yeaterday morning, they heard the err ot "watch" in Kim street near Howard, and aaw this cnap on the fall run. When the officers arreated him, the per son came up who gave the alarm, and proved to be a countryman by the name of Kmery Brewer, a little in liquor, who charged the thief with picking hi* pocket of *om? $6 or $6, and then to get rid of him, endeavored to knock him down. Thu accuaed wa* taken before J uatice Taylor, and committed for trial. Maticioue rififui. Jolin Butler and Henry Gibba, ware both arreated yeaterday for entering the garden of Mr. George L Havemeyor, and mallc.ioualy destroying tree* and varioua flower*. Held to boil to ana war by Juatlce ftoomc. Petit Lareeniet.?Bill Ifargoota waa brought to the police office yeaterday, for Waking open a trunk, and atealing a bottle of rum worth 00 cents belonging to Mary Robinson, No. 13 Roosevelt street. Locked up. Julia Kernan waa arrested yesterday on a charge of stealing a'lace veil and a abiwl belonging to flora Hutchinson No. 1M Church street. Locked up. Mary O'Brien and Catherine Judge were arrested on suspicion of ateaUng two silver-plated c.uuleaticka, fer which an owner ia wanted at :o t>juee office, Tombe. Mary Long waa arreated under very auapicioua cif cumatancea laat night, alio having concealed herself ia the bedroom of Mr. Carney, in Mulberry atreet, evidently with intent to ateaL Locked up. Gaorgo Quick and George Roberta ware both arrested by officer King, on tuapioion of stealing a pig. Committed for examination. Taken from a Thief.?A air.aU red pocket-hook, contain ing two $1 Plainfleld Bank bills; one pearl handle knife, two aide-combs, one woman's night cap, eight half dol lars, also a handkerchief containing a lead colored ahawl, for which aa owner ia wanted at tne police office, Eaaex Market Prmctirtng for the Hie Or and t.?A man, calltd BIO Carlon, waa arreated yeaterday by a policeman lor ?hoot ing off a muaket on the Five Point*, to the great daagar of the peaceable inhabitanta of that quiet neighborhood. Locked up for aafe keeping. The Crope. [From the Richmond Whig, June 2d.J Our account* from the country continue to be diahaart ening, although we understand the Wheat haa improved aince our laat notioe of it* condition. The crop In thla quarter of the State will be a sliort one. The la*t Milton (N. C.) Chronicle itatoa that " the Wheat in that aection sufli-n terribly from the ravagea of the fly.?That growing on tobacco land, it ia said, ia not diaturbed; but the wheat growing on land that pro duced corn laat year, ia literally devoured in *omo ucigh borhooda. Notwitbaianding, a heavy crop ia looked for." The Macon (Georgia) Mtutngtr of the 98th ult.aaya, the aeaaon ha* proved very favorable to the wheat crop in that State. A much larger quantity than usual waa sown last fall, and the product ia abundant. In the central and northern part of Ohio, the wheat crop ia described aa healthy and vigorous, and a find yield ia anticipated [From Dent, (near Cincinnati, O.,) May 98, 1640.] Our crops look fine. Wheat ia just in bloom, and looka moat promiaing. Our hay crop will be large. We shall have plenty oi fruit of all kind. Flour ia falling rapidly Hay ia in Cincinnati but J>8 a 9 per ton, 3,000 lba. Varieties. Mexican ?A drove of small Mexican pie bald horse* from Loredo, perfectly untamed, sold in Toast for 13 dollar* each. Mi-*Dr.a in Wisconsin.?A murder wat committed in the town of Lisbon, in the new county of Waukesha Wisconsin, a few days since Itapearsbv the Milwaukee Sentinel that two men named Kcene ana Bonham had ? dispute respecting a saw-mill. Kcene haying taken out some of the Machinery to prevent Bonham from running the mill, the later met him and desired him to replace it Kecne refused, whereupon Bonham took a gun from hie brother and shot him (Keene) dead. Bonham is la Jail at Milwaukee. Udt Fbanbun.?The lady and a son of Sir John Frank lin, one of the celebrated English hyperborean naviga tors, are in Washington. Lady F. is almost as great a traveller a* Sir John himself. Indian Lecti rkr.? A Seminole Chief is delivering Lectures on Christiauity, at Louisville, Ky. His nam* is Husti-Calue-Chee. 9t**wnicr*i?'.?.?One hundred bushels of strawberries wero sold in Cincinnati on tho 'Jftth ult. Horrible Parricide.?"Windham, Greene co., N. Y., May 29.?"Our usual peaceful town has lately b*?u stained with tho crime of murdar, and that ol the most horrid kin?being no less thaa the shooting ot a father by his son. The deed was don* In what is called the North Bettiement, in the family of Mr. John Hitchcock. The family are riven to drink a good deal, and day before yesterday, (Wednesday,) they had oae of their scrapes, and about ft o'clock, as they were at lea, the son, who is a married man and lives in the same house, came out with his run, and aaid, " Powder shall sottle this hash and shot hi* father through the heart. He lived but a few moments. The ion made no effort to ?scape. He has his examination to-morrow." This is the first murder perpetrated in Windham from the aettlement of the town?now more then #0 yeas* sine*.?Cor. Albany fJrening Journal. Fashions.?Ladies' parasols will be more in faahion this year than they have ever been; the most beautiftif being those made in white Italian silk, embroidered round the edge* with a beautiful wreath of roses, or bright geranium lowers. Scarfs will be worn during the ensuing summer. The prettied we have seen forthe present month are these made of white barege, and trimmed with narrow volant* or fril ling* of ribbons, pink, blue, or lilac. The most fashion able colors for the present season are almoat entirely of light hue* beau til ully blended, such as pink and lilac, fawu and violet, blue and white, green aad straw color, lie. ____________ Tiuc Mausetic Teleokapu?'The line wire of the telegraph from this city to Baltimore was tested the whole distance last evening, and found to work suflloiently well for short messages; we may therefore expect to have it in succcssful operation by Thnraday or Friday of this week. Tho magnetic telegraph be tween this city and Nvw York worked yesterday to a charm. Nearly two columns of foreign news was con veyed hither, with a* much precision as usually attends any written or printed correspondence.?PXIUtlyXa 17. ?V. OaietU. SUMMER HOTEL. ** D. R. k GEO. FLUSH AN luve taken the saw Pa fflB conic-House, st Iheeanort, L. I., where they will he jjl. happy to >ee their frieoda mi* the public. Fleemaa has beaa st the Pearl itreet Hon la for the tvo laat yesxs, aad feels confident, by good ettent ion, of hav ing s good share of petronase. Uood Pee Be'lunc, Fishtag, Hauling and Nailing. Horses aad carnages attached to the lipase, and Bowling Alleys. _ "?y> lw*re COUNTRY RESIDENCE FOR THE SUMMER, At Bedford, L. tkrtt milet from South fttry, m4 m*er tkt Rmilrmmd D$p*t ** A COTTAOK, containing two periorsv |g feet.) a flw library aad diaini room on first floor, elfnt iMSa tm juflL second floor and attic, with kiuhesi, k?., stable and CM.U'kdt bonne, firdcBff ? hon??, fcc.,witli fotr MfH, to SkctsE^SFSaSS ranre f?r the .ammer moath., wither wggnt twelve lou of ground enclosed. The eo;uge hs> naarsery, kitchen, lie , in h?emeut; two parlors and irsMnst room. Jin fim floor aad foer bedn.osn.o- weend floor-will be m reediness for a tenant in two week*. Apply as above. mrmHrfh "HOTEL FOR SALE. _ _ MCITY HOTEL, Wsehiagtae Cky. D. C.-The ?e pnetors of the City Hotel wish tqdlsposs ofs^?jJ| Fa mi tars mid ftxtaree, as wall ss the lease, whien win be cloeed eolif /a.tbsr aorta*. A pt'LLF.R k Co. Ss52? kSskt lh*.C . P c. mvft iwfcwr - "?"hotel UK PAH1H.?ANTIONE YIONE8, eae JjA ,f thr lntr proprietory of the letiisi Hoase,^ fleatoe. EM r. ?iwfifailv tufona. his fneads .^be^tmvelliag pub he h?? opeaed the house No. a* TSIvCST virk eat ranee o? Reed* street, called the Hosel Ds rvts. -hrte he will be K?pi>v to accommodate these who msy wise tn patronise him, with board rod lodging, byjbe ?, month, on the mo?t ressoaaWe terms. myl??? aed_rre GENTLEMEN'S SUMMER HATS. ttlHD. CQH VJEIt PINS AND srR**TS. bt, litht. block beaver aad moleakm Hate, sspressly aeapt BIRD, eoraer Pine sod Naese* sis.