Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 4, 1846, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 4, 1846 Page 3
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would be Mceptad in ralatlon to the old d?bt, or that the new loan would be taken upon any term*, and it ia Dot improbable bat that the tcrmi have been unanimously rejected, and better terini proposed by the Mexican Mioitter; a* it i* understood he had full powers to do to. We should judge by this that Parede* had determined to make the moat of hia position, and to take advantage of the financial difficulties with which he waa surrounded, to reduce the old debt as much as poeaible, and te at tach such conditions to a compromise as would secure a new loan. The entire revenue of Mexico in (general* and the tobacco revenue in particular, was offer ed in pledge for the payment of the five per cent intereit on the proposed consolidated debt ; but it appears that Parades has pledged this re venue since for another purpose?and that i* the prosecution of the war with this country. As soon aa this fact liecomes known in London, it will annul any arrangement made, and place, in its true light, the dupli city and perfidy of the President of that ill governed country. Without the new loan of ?'i,0011,000?the ne gotiation of which formed the principal feature of the proposition?it will be impossible lor Paredea to carry on the war with the United States. Every effort has been made to raise domestic loans, and the result has been that only $9,000,000 could be obtained. This has, no doubt, been already used up In providing for the army on the. Rio Grande. The revenueaof the government from customs, mast be very much restricted by the em bargo placed upon its principal porta of entry; and ita re sources are in every way reduced when the greatest necessity exists for their increase. It is difficult to anticipate what will be the effect of the announcement in England, that hostilities between the United States and Mexico have actually taken place, and been prosecuted on onr part with so much vigor and sue cess, or what course the Mexican bondholders will under these cirauutances, pursue. Old Stock Kxctutng*. $3,000 U 8 t's. IKI 102>i 75 ihs Look Isl. H H 27 V $1,350 N T Scale 5V55 05 100 do do b30 2?>? $1,200 N Y Water Loan 91V *><> do do b3 21 $1,000 Ohio t"s, I860 25 do do b90 2?V $10,000 do do s?0 #J WO do do 20 $600 do do 93 31 Resding RU 64 $1,000 do do 1(70 93 150 do do 04 V $1,000 Kentucky 9's 99 IN do do 6I>* $10,000 Penn. S's 8) 50 do do b?0 65 $4,000 Readme Bonds 73V 100 do do s60 64 10 ihi Ohio Lite It Tr'st 90 V 375 Nor It Wor R R 53J? 100 Morris Caaal I3K 1X5 do do b30 53 50 N A Trust 7*2 50 So do blO 52J? 100 Hsrlem R R 43 V at Erie R R b90 15 50 do do sit 43V 0#?>oii?K Bomnl. 25?htNor Si Wor 51S 25 ihs Caaton Co s30 32 50 Harlem R R 43 V 25 do do op's 32 200 Canton Scrip 3* 40 Lesth. Man. Bank 100 50 Reading R R 61)2 H Reading R R >30 64 New Stock Kxehanft. $10,000 Read RRBds 73 25shs Nor k Wor stw 52 5,000 do do b30 72 V 50 do do s3 52 3,00t do do b30 72?. 50 do do slO 52; 50 shs Fstmi. This s3 23V 25 do an s t w 52. 100 Morris Canal b45 14 25 do Thursday 52; 100 Reading R R b3 64.'? 25 do do cash 52] 50 do do s30 64 15 do do cash 52, 50 Long Isl. R R ?3 27V 25 do do s3 52 50 do do s t w 27* 35 do do stw 52. 50 do do slO 27V 25 do Thursdsy 52s 25 do do SCO 27V SO do do slO 50 do do s3 MH OMU On Tuesday afternoon, the 3d instant, Saxah Jawc, daughter of Thomas P. and Sarah Tinslay, aged 4 years and 0 months. The friends and acquaintances of the family are re spectfully invited to attend the funeral this (Thursday) afternoon, at 4 o'clock, from No. 78 Green street Yesterday merning, after a severe illness, Maxtiia Rosira Axcvlabiui, daughter of General Henry Arcu larius The friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend her funeral, this (Thursday) afternoon, at half past 4 o'clock, from the residence ofher brothers,Henry and George Arculariua, No. 154 West Broadway, corner of Beach street, without further invitation. THE PRIMITIVE METHODIST CHURCH, TMNDlNO the preiniaea which they occupied A? F.treei too em.ll and iucunTenient. W. A. H? 11 m the erening. FIVE DOLLARS REWARD. L0^e,XM^tAwSh^wki^T.?o ""^Tw'eNTV-FIVE DOLLARS KbW.AUU^" wKIeSH^ SSS *3^ fered A tabli** ?und Thi. i, ?,d J to 7 r. ^ly UM> r?rl atreet, fro" 7 to ? A. m.. J<4 tterc VIOLINS, VIOLONCELLOS, fcc. ATS. JOHNSON'S Stor.No.^.7 A York, profwors ?nd eib^^ . Qj. (t|C ^ makers. Oi? aa.^?ggtjijtt.y .srsx't"'1 ssrfeSi KruJSJSW&Mf 5JKSS. ???^fcrsfiissrsjssffes! 'SSs^^gssr-iriss-togt iWffl' SSS*sffiSi" 'thk'NUW YORK HIGHLAND GUARL), pOMMANDED by ^pu^^,0Vve^i^ifo??d"th.t ?v^iS.^& s^www. &*? *? """"* I^DEPENDEbJOiiuUARD. ATl m??ti?? Tb,t thi* com'm?y A a, IMC, it waaunaaimoualy neaoi ,^.^ and write the r-SSfe &s? twMSJW taT?uiioo to gwtle?e.o< thw cUy wiJlW feel di.yo.ed to Mite in an orgmni*atioo oi afegsyg^^sww poae of orgamung "?<> re,un,Jfi M ^yNARD, Secretary -"3 3t*JeVuLUNTfcfclRS Fuk IkXAi: "7 wrvnwn impisi wuitid immediately, by odo of the 1 nnJ_9UN? ?f t?o wli arrived direct from Onhee. lUVhard? ?*?? of wijo mvm ? * on tou. uu 8?M?y j ^ wlihini to return witnoot goT?rnm?nt WttiojMi ? l blood that thtre i? in the he'?IU?P0. ul Whoher. ^r.rt^f^u,,t^. w..f?e ?o co-efejtittiZ siitss^StVl.? s?>yKg.gsii.,?? VUUUNT.fcii.fv3 run. in" n,J U?ut?n M Mercer Hall, comer of Broome and Mercer ????? ZiSZ-Z-lgftiTX SSSUT ?>n w* ? PRIVATE BOARDING. ~~ . . mHF family of t ptofceaioonl gentleman would be pMMM T toletto 'enteefpereone, two iviuqt room., (one very tpiendid,) at 711 Broadway, nearly Once Chnrch. ojit-r UOAKD AT HOBOKEN. Atrrw .intle atntlemen, who nuy be deriroue of *?Joy ?.?i?.a of daily tripe aero., the n*er during ^ obtain room., with breakfast and t.a, tonda*., in a private family, a few minute. u.m. obtain rooms, wiin ormiui ana i?*. the ?emr^m<?^, . private family, a few minute. boarding. ? ? * / iT-i/ui flanare. ttwo or thffi respoct' le. ta.pnT-TK-ar. Thirteenth itreet- Al?o, two P.r ^ ^wVB^^ to re.pectable ?i above. ?????~ jor.? --- ply a. above. .ill. me*, can eavnt room.. day or fes sssft.ap&agM pkKsH TEAS AND FAMILY GROCERIES j. t^HgfrajEfSr 3 S-S sasJ^SS f good it 4 Md t? ??tt Q^? W nT ^ ?. Oreao and Pssik'sstae. C^jnTenrr'*h eor Veetry. aad TkVeeey, new Greenwieb etreet. uS'LV m ~7~ J&fc.yixzfrjrjXx rfmgft.'e&'g originally W therefore, deairona that live whole edition eon.itry.andhe i.. Jhefe^or of v vy w?. j|. .Iioiild fcejwgf and WW. Taylor. Aanr Hou?e, - * %$Lir aonnt. ^" ' '?" .dennce of any ln'hertf| nl, gairlielor ha. mtra 10 inaptet the ?*?"? LT rool.r ?nd mot* durable ilia* duced. They .re lii 't". >p1^ariat.d br all XCT;^^Twm BV,Vhrlo,'..i? ^ell *r?.?. Irof ;^,^oT,^ftvm wKSwr GOVERNE96 WANTED, TO t?*ch loir children tbe French, Gormen and English luiviiti ami biiic. lUfatwitt ttqUtid. Apply at tlx Swedish Consulate, No. IS West (tract. JMIr'k MAN SKRVANT WANTED. AN active and capable itnaJ.ifoin wbo csu produce un exceptionable reference!?none othera need apply,) wiJI hear ul a aiiuatioM. and wafei (M per month, npon application at 'he Life luauruire Oflff, T4 Wall street. jelitT ft?r WAVfKD, A SITUATION t > c<? to huiu|ir,ii hdv *e inaid with aatnall family, by a Itnujj i?ai ap?<ka treneli, tierman and Eugliah. Beat city references itireu. A line to O. H. S-, Herald office, will recciv r nnmediMe attention. je3 3t<?r WANTED^ BY i young woman, with good city references, a situation as chambermaid or cook, for either of which she is well qualified. Apply at 64 Montgomery street. je3it*m ~ WANTED. SITU ATIONS, by a young man and sister, who hare lately landed in this country. He is capable of doing farmers' work, taking care of horses, and making himself generally uaelal; she aa children's maid?is a good seamstress and chambermaid. Please call at No. 41 Main street, Brooklyn. Would hare no objection t<^go into the country. je3 4t?in WANTED?A circular Irou Staircase, second hand, by H. 4JOG4J1I.L It CO, No, 290 Pearl SL jel 3t?r WANTED, A RESPONSIBLE man to act aa steward or head waiter at a club-house in this city-. A married man, without children, and of English or Freuch birth, would be preferred No oue need apply who has not beeu used to service, and who cannot produce the best of references. Applicants will present themselves at No. 13 South William street, up stairs, on Thursday, the 4th inst., from 3)j to 4 P. M. Je3 ltia*m COPPER MINERS WANTED TO WORK in a mine in the vicinity of this city. Apply to E. B. HART, 4 "Hanover st. je2 2w*rrc AUEHMAN LADY who understands Oermaa, French, and English, and all kinds of fancy needle work, ia de sirous of obtaining a situation in aa American or English family, to give lessons in the above, (except the Engliah lan guage.) Would have no objections to go South. References satisfactory will be given. Address E. J., at this office. jeaifrrc AN V PEHSONwishing to adopt a protestant infant, where they will have the entire management, without any in terference from the parents, will please direct to Dr. Tauu ton, at Mr. Oabaudan's, 31 Sixth AVenue. _ _ je3 3t?m A RESPECTABLE person having a neat new store, just opened, in a good situation and a genteel neighborhood, would receive dry goads, fancy articles, or patent medicinea to sell on commiasiou from manufacturers. Apply at (W Bowery. The best of references given. Je2 3t"rTC WANTED, A FEW active Young Men to go South or West, to act as Agents for the aale of new and popular Publications. tMO over and above their expensee will be insured to them in writing, with an opportunity of clearing $1,00* per year. Some men now in our employ will, no donbt, make over f1,000 per year clear of all expense. Each man will have his istrict. It will be neoesaary for them to have at least from ?23 to $30 to obtain a good fitting out. Apply at FRENCH'S Publishing Hall, 293 Broadway, up stairs, Office of the Flag of our Unioo. All letters mast be post paid. myl> lsa*rc GENTLEMEN'S LEFT-OFF WARDROBES WANTED, GENTLEMEN or Families desirous of converting into Cash their superfluous Clothing, Jewelry, Fire Anna, lie., may do so to their advantage by sending for the Subscri ber, who will attend at their residence by appointment. H. LEVET, No. i Wall at.. N. Y. A line through the post-office, or otherwise, will be pane tnally attended to. my27 lm*r DR. POWELL, OCULIST, AND OPERATIVE SUROEON, A TTENDS to Diaeases of the Eye and to all Imperfee XX. tions of Vision, from 9 te 4 o'olock, at his residence, Ml Broadway, corner of Warren street Opthalmia, Stoppage of the Tear Paasage, Cataract, and Opacities, effectudly removed. AMAUROSIS treated with gnat attention and success. Inveterate caaea of STRABISMUS, or Squinting, cured ia a few minutes. Justimported, ARTIFICIAL EYES, trf superior beauty SPECTACLES adapted to every defect Advice to the poor without charge. Office and reaidence Ml Broadway entrance IK Warren etreet. je4 lt*rc M. LEVETT, DENTIST. TVI" ORE HARM reaulta from bungling performances of in XvX competent Deatisu than the public are aware of. It is of the greatest importance that all breaches of the Dentist's art should be skflftilly and understand" ?rstan diagly pra ctised. To ?Ej5SuVn|BtaM Atmospheric pressure -^Re^W^eei2^!laasaager. those who think with us. we recommend Mr. LEVETT, corner of Broadway and Warren atreet, the introducer of the insertion of Artificial Incorruptible Teeth,^.on the principle of je4 lt*rc UK. CASTLE'S ANTISCORBUTIC DENTIFRICE. 'T'HE.invaluable properties of thii Dentifrice for the care X of diseases of this mouth md teeth, seventeen year*'ex perience lias smply exemplified, and i* of sufficient import ance for Dr. Castle, (once Ml Broadway,) to comply with the suggestion of his aumerous patients, to offer it to tlie public. It preserves, whitens, and polishes the teeth?re moves incipient decay?sweeten* the breath, and prevents and cuies scurvy in the mouth and gums; and is guarantied to preserve a sound set of teeth, when used from childhood. Dr. C. performs ever)' operation on the mouth and teeth. je 4 lt*r BUST SPRING MKD1G1NB. WHITWELL'S TEMPERANCE BITTERS. r|tHE best possible remedy for Indigestion, Jaundice, X Worms. Lostiveness, Loss of Appetite, Headache, Hys terics, Debility, Drowsiness, Weakness, 89ml Stomach, fcc. Most persons feel the necessity of using some tonic or strengthening medicine daring the spring and summer, espe cially those engaged in sedentary employments. No article is better calculated for such purposes, than the above. The ingredients of which they are composed are highly recommen ded in all medical books, as amoag the best toaies known to the medical world. They purify Ute blood, revive the spirits and strenftipa the whole system. The proprietor is confi dent thst if invalids would give this cheap and pteasant rene ?y one trial. th?y will never use anr nthar. They are put at the lowest possible price, in order to place them witnin uis reach of all. Price >5 cents a pint bottle. WHITWELL'S ORIGINAL OPODELDOC, Is the only effectual remedy for Rheumatism, Sprains, Stiff ness of Neck and Joiata, Oout, Cramp, fcc. Recommended bv Dr. 8. L. Mitchell, late Professor of Physic in the N. 8. College of Phyaiciaas. Price U cents a bottle. VOLATILE AROMATIC SNUFF, For Headache and Camrrh, composed principally of Roots and Aromatic Herbs. Recommeuded by the celebrated D{. Wateshousi, late Profeaaorof Medicine ia Howard Um versity, Cambridge. Price 2S and 50 cents per bottle. The above articles are prepared and sold bv J, GEORGE WHIT WELL, (late J. P. Whitwell fcSon, Barton.) Sold slso by A. B. It D. SANDS, Druggists, 100 Fulton, cor ner of William street. New Vark. my? lmeod*r THE PROPRIETORS OP THE SHAKSPPEARE HO A TEL, comer of William aad Duane atreets, respect fully inform their friends and the public generally, that tltsy have leased the above establishment, and entirely refitted the same. Every poesible effort will be made in regard to com fort, cleanliness, and attention, towards their visiter*. They nave provided themselves with a new stock of Wines, Liqnors, Segars, not to be aarpaessd by any hotel in the city. The bar has been entirely refitted, ana the noose undergone a thorough cleening and repair. A Hot Lunch will be served ap every day at the bar, com poeed of Chowder, and other relishes prepared ia a superior style. Price of rooms per week ft JO to $2 SO. Single uight... 2S cents to J7)f cents. A Refectory will shortly be established in the basemeat, for the convenience of the boarders and visiters of the house, and every luxury of the seasoa will be served up oa the most rcssonable terms. Several spacious rooms to be let for meetings, privste pa* ties, referees, fcc. fcc. Also, a large room with fas sad all ae cessary fixtures, for Free Masons aad secret societius. GEORGE PIERI8, Manager. May 20, IMt. mytl 3taw lm*rc WINDOW SHADE DEPOT, No, 7 SPRUCE STREET. ? ESTABLISHED Iff IM. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL, CHADES of all descriptions, kinds and siaes, SO per cent. C cheaper thu can be bought at any other places. Trim mings,at manufacturera' price. BARTOL, DE MAC NY fc Co.. myt lm*rre Manafactarers fc Imponasa. NEW TEAS, GROCERIES. &c. AHT WHOLESALE AND RETAIL, CHEAP FOR ? cash-J. a FOWLER, ISO Greenwich street, career oTMumiy, and til Greenwich, comer of Vesey, hss just re ceived from the late sales, a large and splendid assortment of t'resh Green snd Black Tea, snd Family Groceries of all the various kinds, all of which are offered at reduced prices.? good green T?a at SO cents per lb.; Aae Ooolong SO and SI 1-1 cents; very fine Young Hyson at 73 centa; beet old Java Cof fee 12 1-2 centa per lb.; Sumatra do. 10 cenU; good dairy But ter If US cents per lb.; bleached Lamp Oil 7S cents per gallon; Sperm Candlee tS centa. Also, a large assortment of fine wnite, yellow and brawn Sugar, of all the various kiade. aJ5 lm*rc DURE WATER-STONE'S IMPROVED PREMIUM i Water Kilters.?Theae ftlutrs not only clarify but purify the most turbid water, rendering it perfectly salubrious, by di vesting it of all putrid vegetable and animal matter, aaimalca la, fcc. The filtering properties of thia apparatus are so great that even water impregnated with soap, tobacco, fcc., fcc., ia rendered perfectly tasteless, no odor ana of a bright, chrvsta line clearness. C an be seen in pufiatiun, and for sals at Stone and Brothers' Ciotna Flashing establishment, MO Broadway. aS2 lm*r MAHOOANY. ROSEWOOD, ZEBRA WOOD. fce. |?OR SALE CkEAP, by E. G. STACY, No. 6S Wooeter r street, between Broome snd Spring sts. The stock is soiapoeedef a large aasortment of crnteh, mottled aad shaded Mahogsay Veneers, Rosewood Mshegsny. Zehrawood, Bird'* Lye Maple aad Black Walnut Lcigs, Boards, Plank. 4oi?*, fcl-. fcc., andageaeral aasortment of lumber, usually kept atma Korany ysnlsin this city mlS lm"rr CORNS! CORNS! A THE ARABIAN CORN VLASTER, MN effeetusl an<| wsnantc.l aure Ibr Corns, is easily ap ? plied, and gives latmediate relief. Ia caae 11 should Uil 5? 71'/^' S?Vjr "'I' he returned. For sale by David Sands fc Co., 77 J?ast Broadway, 100 Fulton street, and 271 BBr.??lwayC. H. Ring, in Broadway ; C. llnbbsrd, 4(1 Hdson1 street; Wystt fclfetclmm. lll Fnlton street; J. ^enVper8^*0*"1"4 **??*??? rG ' LOOKING GLEES' T r ">?} Others wanting Look would do well to rail at Mf Fulton stiest. or J33 Pearl street, where every variety caa bs found at itc cheapest rates, wholeMle and retail. LwveiuddBBHHaM fashionably ornamented and plain French ilata^^^^H suit almost any Plain and richly Paintings Engravuu^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^H Ladies, while mvS lm*r HOOPER fc BROTHER?! ?^?DAGUERREOTYPE APPARAT0sT^H f OHN ROACH, OPTICIAN, n NASSAU Street, ha af constantly on hand the VoigMlander, French and Ameri can iasrtemeata, and every article used hi the art. Operator* will find his preparation, now called Roaeh's Uuicfcstuff, u try prnMfttnr attended to. mri lm*rre FANCY NEEDLE-WORK EMPORIUM fMPQRTER OF EEPHyV^^X^'aNVASS, PAT ^^^^^?^^^Mrade and public generaM^H^A^H^^H is prepared offer himself, in EsidmJHBVHMH I ance to quality and novelty; and by his arrangements, feel* I confident that his prices rannot fail of commanding a share of I public patronage. lie iinow opemag many articles entirely I aew in the market, aad respectfally solicits a call. mK lm?re * RD HMF.VT. rinted e.r II ? h engraved plat r , . , A SILVER DOOR PLATE furnished aad beaatifolly engraved ( 'or $3. Kngrsving lor the T>a4e equally low, at CLASSEN'S old stand, I Murray street, ?wme* of Broadway. U4 1?"| FASHIONABLE HSfli V.STAhl.liHMKNV. A PLATE *nd Fifty CsrAi printed for SI ? ; the b?st En ?fa. s'mfiled Caid' printed from engraved plates at SO cants par peek. s?s jF* , ordibiliutiug ih? pstient, and it i>anicol?rfv adapted for a spring m.dieine. tL ne?Te.?y^?d j ?*? all other remedies is. wfulet {}"e,??. 'tuivieorates the oody. It is need sue aM?i iJVr..? ?e iZm?r permanent cure of all Sumum tern " ?pure state ol the blood, or habit of the sya We have received, withia the laat lour yean, at oar differ SUSSZft T' "T #"'ho??*,d mSUmVSSn performed, nearly one half of which were of caaea that hare ^"^noo'iced' ukmM.. We ha*. th. T^.monials ol Wysiclmss, clergyman and statesmen, extolling iu virtu.., nr..!^L. ?.?b!wor ph>',ic,*n,0.f N,w York and Brooklyn prescribe it to their patienu with perfect success and satisfac ?*' ** will refer to these physicians with pleasure ? ?J*''Columna ?l a newspaper willuot allow aa the opportuni ty ol preaeutiuK but a lew caaaa, to which we invite atteu ? . .. . DYSPEPSIA. No fluid or medicine has erer been discovered which so ?early resembles the gastric jaica or aalira, in decomposing food and strengthening the organs of digestion, as this ureua ratiou ol barsaparilla. It positively cures every case of dys pepsia, however severe or chronic. If any doubt this asser a, we invite then to read the following indisputable testi mony of gentlemen of th. highest respectability. If these are uot entirely satisfactory, we would be happy to give other reference to some of the first (ami!... in the cjty, who have eaa^s * l>*r'*ct ,ucc.aa in this and other distressing JU n -p ? BnooBLTW, March T, 1146. i ^owusend?Dear Sir : In the summer of lttfl was sa v.rely afflicted with a disease of the throat, chest and ,'t mach; the mucus membrane became so affected that almost every article of lood I took produced such a nausea, or irrita tion, that it was with great difficulty that I could retain food I confined myself almost entirely to the use of cocoa fh" t?A?Un oWl"H *2 tVow ??- 1 can scarcely describe the horrid sensation I su fferd; it apiwared to me that from the rool of my mouth to the lo west pari of my stomach was ulce" mted, and I was apprehensive that I had not ouly dyspemlX its worn form, but that I was threatened with WchitU - TTie disease became so inveterate that it produced a ruptir. pf a small blood vessel. I was confineifor several lost my flesh, hit week and wearied by ?ke least e"ercue ? At this time I fortunately aaw your sdvertisemeat id ricoa nixed several names I kuew to be highly reastectabl? .5 Utl.d to 1 r.memb?ed to^TT^een* C.V? for anumbsr ol years in very badh.alth From these facts I was induaad at first to procure one bottle of your valuable preparation of 8arsananlla la !I you I feel bouud to assure you that I esteem it mi invaluable medicine lor such diseases aa I have described! It has re [lsi roi?, , lsU strength-, I hay. used about lour hot i ?. ,tt ifttr uuk one or two bottles 1 omitted for tome days to take it, ana soon found that I requi red more, u the disease was not entirely subdued I rpJirH '*r^i.n 22Lfor ?ly?l>fpsia *nd aftectioaa of the throat and chest; it issoothing, and operatee like a charm in eomposul, ??SXm*e.h u rinf * c.ou*h- ' intend in Aiture to keep a bottle or two on hand lor the use ol' my family. With gareat regard, your friend, eit*'' d*" KI*Mk W?? formerly Sher'ii'and^Cllrk ol^ Albany Wasffngton.Ut>r' '? War Department Jt Dr. Townsend?Buing afflicted with dyspepsia for a Ions time past, I have endeavored frMuenay to eradicate it fr^S ??? mf ? jfiy"c ?"'<>us forms, but I found out,at last,the more 1 used physic,the weaker the organs of life became, rendering uncertain the prospect or effecting a car. Recently this complaint developed itself fearfully, causing ulcerations about tne throat, tmcnca, impairing seriously the organs of life in their physical functions. In this State fwas recommended to try your Sarsaptrilla Syrup; a#er using two bottles 1 Aud myself relieved Irom this complaint, and all its ?Tmptoms. In my case,. by its iife^yiai in!a " ence, it baa restored the system to its natural sute. My con julence m iu power to effect a cure, in aase of general fnno rudd^r^^i^&?cV.,df'1 im*u? yo?rs, ?(c- james McAllister, Mji, Albany, August M, IMi. 43 J. W. Bouck, at the Atheueum Hotel, Broadway, son ofE* us1ng?wo boUles'.W" CB"d ?' th" d,*tre"u,? complain by Mr. Livingston, the Express Conductor, of No. l? Wall st.. thU pleuMt remedy of several years' standing by Mr. H.?hrLn?TAXJSN^If THE HEART. 200Wathl"fton ?treet, Brooklyn .had tho palpitation of the heart, terera Leanburn. fainting and sick S57?entirely-cSred b "ulk n.l^i;.^rhit7?^, New Jersey, was afflicud widi tha Palpitation of the heart. <uid paius in die back and shoulders so severe as to be unable to ?leep wgbta-was rl. stored to health by using one bottle. " r? l ? SORES AND ULCERS. John Baxter, 117 Fulton street, cured of mercurial ulcers CharlM Edwards, 129 Oi eenwieh street, cuied of urribla sores, whiun covered nis wltpl. body, attacking his throat and eyes; was tight moatlis in Quebec Hospital, and Dro* Eottlee. tncarable?wasparfactly r.stored by the ua.oltwo M ?. ? SEVERE PAINS. Mrs. McCullnm, No. 1)6 Third avenue, s?v,re paiusand dizziness .n ihe head, infotms us she is, as she believes, per manent!, restored. pes and^U.-Ch*rrT ??T?r. pains in breast " w el3o7",Uf" d be^b e * ?U,ri ^ air?i^ n . ^IVEK COMPLAINT. 334 A1**1"?" ?trert?wif. eared of the I -J?1?' Jj "ee,>* .e*tensivii bearding house No. I Stat. ! b?'?ri"sL5S5!te~,,f# w" deip*ireJof-w"c?r?i 1 blfod^ite ^roor.'i'au^^r'4 ^ ^ ?f _ . ... RHEUMATISM ?P* "^""hiu* cur* that this medicin. has performed in "fc'lron,eirheumatism, are indeed wondrrUiI. _ l\ Towusend?I wsa atucked with a distressing pain ia i ?K hip Jomtj so M that I could not walk without crutches aud much ol the Ume I was obliged to k..p my bed I trietf several remedies, but they did uot relieve me; I then called on on. of our first physicians: he did not help. I heard of S2SS.ft~S? hti ^ " Albany, Jan. a, W?^8HBLU' WALKKR' * D?olel "? Hear Mr. Both Terry, on. of the oldeat and most respecta re J***?? ,u . Hartlord. Conn. Tlie following ia aa extract of a letter received Irom him ??w?i U*'? H**d one bottle of your Saraapanlla. and find it is excellent in its effects upon a chronic rheumatic pain to which 1 am subject, from an injury occasioned several years ago in a imblic ataga. Please send m. two bottles to thy care of Dr. S*ymour. 1 have conversed with two of our principal physicians, and r.commended your Sanaparilja. Hartford, March U, IMS. 8ETH ?M5r' ..WtlliM" Lippiacott, >35 Wat.r street, was uaabl. to leave Th^?.mip i * t,?L^.r Lwo Vara?entirely cured. Thomas P. Jama, of Hoboken, inflammatory rheumatism, anclea much swollea, was unable to walk without crutchee-! used three botUM, and is now w.II. ctuicms PILES. Thomas Smith, printer, _ 16t Nassau street, third story. UmS. aa'r ^^'e^tsi^s^sssx m NERVOUS DEBILITY. Mrs. Conquest, 137 Broome street, cured of aerroua debilitr SMALL POX . A- N. Chapia, Agent for Wm.?Talor, Astor House? 1 daughter had the small pox verv severely?he gav. her this ! Sarsaperilla?it drove it out and dried it up diractly, and left herwithout any scars. Mr. C. inform* ns Oiat a friend of his, i resi.dniR in Jersey City, was sick with the small pox, and he Sil .?'10 ??a? with perfect success, and has uo scars. What w most singular ia these two cases is, the Aunilias used this Sampanlla, aud all eacaped the disease.? I1 rom a variety of other cases that Imvc been reported, we be- ' ?eve that by cleansing the blood with this Extract, it'rende? the person safe against this or the erysipelas, which diseases 1 are very prevalent aud fatal at the present time ia all oftha arge cities n ?, OREAT MEDICINE KOR FEMALES. Dr. Townseud s Saraapanlla is a sovereign and speedy cure I for incipient consumption, barrenness, lncorrha, or whites, i obstructed or difficult menstruation, incontinence of urine. ' J>i,?U,T?.knUryd,lch*,,e th*Tra[' ?fd fo' the general proMra^ tioa of the system, no matter whether the result of inherent I Pro^?ced by wregulanty. illaess or accident, i Z-J~ Nothlag can be more surpriaiag than its invigorating , effects on the human frame. Peraoaa, all weekaaaa aad lass? , * * ' If 0U"^?T* robm* f*" ?1 aaergy i under its influeiice. It immediately counteracu the nervi lessness of the female fraase. which is the gnat cause of bar- ' renn ess. itwillaotbeexpMtedof us, iaeesasof so delicat. a nature. SeveralCMee. wbea?ikilieehave been withoutehUdren,after I using a few bottlm of thu invaluable m.dicin., bar. bee:, blessed with bealthy offspring. , Dr. Towustud?My wife being greatly distressed by weak ness and (eneral debility,and suffering continually by pain and a_sensation of bearing down, falling of the womb, and with ' other difficulties, and having known casee where youramdi- i J1"? has effected great cuius, and aiao hearing it recommended for aueb u 1 have described. I obtained a bottle of i your Extract of Sarsaparilla, and followed the directions you gav. mo; in a short p.nod it removal her complainu aad herfiealth. Being grateful for th. beuetita ah. r^ ??&? SfSffiT "lk" ?ck"owU^i"? "? Albwy, Aag. n, o"" ???d andLydi?^ _ CeiiACEiK, Sept. a. IHi. Dr. Townttnd?To ill whom thit may comcmrm ??Thia is to certify that my wife uuJ on* bottle of yj?r tiaraaperilla, With my permutioa, and the recommendation of thoee who had uted it, the was induced to try, with little or no faith, and tuffiee it to any, the medicine had the happy, desired effect, ?ot only In the Lours of confinement, bat after the eipiratioa of one week of it* nae, the dropey aad nerront affection rare way to an aatooiAing degree, and her health la now better than it had boon for along time previuua. ? I tubucribe mytslf your most obediential obliged anrryit, ASTONISHING CURE~oF THE SPINAL COM PLAINT. Jmiti City, March 17, MM. Dr. Townaeod? Dear Sir : The great benefit that I hare de rived. ihruujcli the bletaingt of Providence, in taking yottr valuable medicine^ will be a tuiieient apology, I am eon rimed, for addreaaini yon, which lahould not prcinme to do andcr ordinary eircomatanc?s, or limy ease was hoi oat ol unmu*l character. Hoping I ui?> In of ^>me wrrli. toyov. who have been ao much rn me, and u> others who i,?ay be *111 fering as I hare bean, 1 felt K a dnty to tend yon ihe follow ing account ot the (titular effic^'y of yonr SajaafarUl* in my cue. 1 h?d very i/iach cut ol health for the laai two yi.(u?; about an moatht ajtice ?er?rnl rhjuiciaat ,-mnoanced aiy diaeaae the ?pin?l ?i'irr!*iat,amce which time I li?r? *nf f> edMOrathan I can de-eribe. Ali'.ur trior -nontha ago, m I ,t:c and thnu'.iera boeame defo-rr d. and the joists were not of their placet, and I suffered uwihly d*y and aight. One of my ihculdera waa loreed full two inrhea lower than il.e other, and every j'irt in my back was iffectj td. I continued tj. get w4He, although my friends retorted toeTsr. means m their power to arrest it, Imt without anc eeaa. i);iiytbw"t ore month fine* I ermmcnceil taking vfnr ?nisapwU, rnd hare n?>? ngtined my former apfearmeo and uaual health. I am folly 'WBic that (hit afuount la ?o lin gular aa to appear incredible, and 1 hare r en netted tome fnenditoaddalmi H the bottom for the he-oem ol" any one who mav be ditpoted to doubt the correctness ol the sute JrSSKT ClIT, March 33, 18M. Thia la to certify that Mitt Thomptoa. named m the above certificate, has and doe. reside wjth ut. and we can aware any whom it may concern that the statement ia the abore certificate U trw fc P*rticular^^ M IIH A. 8NOW, . _ Railroad Avenue* doora lrom Barrow at. For trie at IM Fatten street; R.k R Van Bu.kjrk, 2*, corner of Market and Broad street! Tlfewtrk, N. J.; C. I'iglit, i Jr., Peterson, N. J.; WJ South Pearl ttreet, Albanf JRed ding k Co., No. ? State itreet, Botton ; Backnt k Bnfl, 1 roTi ' i _iV*""1 Udca j Omnt k (Sookee, drufgitts, rriighkeepaie ; Hoeemaa k Co., Hudton f Andrew Trnai. I Schenectady ; M . Powler, Lantinghtirih | arid by principal d^"^^ th? Unittd Sutet, Wettln | fcuqt Kcmine'excm pwt in |ke large tquart bottles, which Wi'wVllW?! hi""1 ,h* ???"??? ?r ?? P jn^KCTAcrnroASE^iiffAHirFXUT^ Mo. M FULTON STREET, i KBW Toag. pONRTANTLT on hand a lane tnpply of the abore wu \J clet, b^ the groaa or dosen. Country merehanta tapplied I tt thort notice. P. DUNlT a?lm*9 avctiosi mmcHi. KOYAL GURLEY, Aucooueer.

VALUABLE LONDON B<JOtS.-This Et?HM will b? sold, by Royal Gurley k Co., ?? iheir Long Room, 304 Broadway, "uruer of Uumic i )ar*? and fine collection of Book*, cousistisg chiefly ol Euglish edition*; mauy ol ihem uiuu?l iii public *sle. Catalogues m ready and book* ar ranged for elimination, " 1 WM. W. SHIRLEY, ^otioneer. HANDSOME New and Second Hand Furuiliue.?By H. E. WILLARD ?This day, Thursday, June 4, lio'clock, al the *ale* room, 17 Wall St.?Positive sale lor cm, to liay advances, rich Kilt and silver girandole* and drop*, cut *'?*? aii<1 rliina, cabinet furniture, sofa and aof* hed*tead?, cnair* and rocker* ol various patterns, French beu*tead*t waruroWe, drt-and plain bureau*; centre, tea, dining and pier table?, lamp*, lantern*, and fancy good*. Al*o, 2 tecoud hand piane fort**. J?* WM. W. 8KIHLKV, Auctioneer. . A UCTION SALE?Stuffed Birds.-By H E. WILLARD. A FRIDAY, June 4, 10 o'clock, at the tale* room, No. 17 Wall uree<?luo to 200 ttuffed Bird*, in cases of I lo, *1, ana singly, pre??ived in the best manner by W. Oalbraith. Sale ooiitire. Purchaaers. to go out of the city, can hate them pecked t?go any distance lor a trifle. . _ ,. At private sale; all lite* and pattern* warranted Refngera tor*, it factory price*. lt>r JACOB S. PL ATT. Auctioneer. SPECIAL SALE OK NEW ROSKWOOD. MAHOGA NT AND BLACK WALNUT FURNIT^RE.-Jacob S. Piatt will tell Thi* Day, at 10 o'clock, at the Apollo Rooms, 410 Broadway, by catalogue, the bast and most fashionable dock of Cabinet Kurnitere tMt Ha* been offered this season , consisting of *olldro*ewood and mahogany So la J. Lounge*, Divan* Ottomans, Parlor Chairs, spring aud tufted, covered. wiU? plain wid figured plush ; eiteiisiouDinwg Tables ; tea, centre and card do, with Egyptian and pure white marbl, top*; Secretaries. Book Cases, French Dressing Bureau*, Burble tope ; Rocicing, Easy Chair*, alt of various styles, kc. *"aIso, 1 elegant rosewood horizontal Piano Forte, with iron frame, and all the modem improvementa made by t bickering, Boston. and has been in u*e but sfawmouths. Also, 1 willon Carpet, second hand, hut in good order. Alio, t rett* elegant .olid ro*ewood Parlor Furniture to match, consisting of Sofas, Divan*, Centre Tables, and ele gant tutted back Chairs, Ea*y I hairs, kc. kc., of the very best workmanship, and of superior styles, lie. lie. Also, 0 pure hair Mattresses, 4U, 44 md 40 Iba. each; # pair Pilasters, 12 pieces ludia Matting. 0 Refrigerators, lie. ate. N B?Catalogue* are now ready, aud particular* may be aeen nniler auction head iu morning oapcrs. Sale positive, ! and will not be postponed. Terms cssh on delivery, in cur rent fund*. J* "*r VALUABLE REAL ESTATE AT AUCTION HPHURSDAY, June 4?By Edgar Jenkins, auctioneer, a I 1 the Exchange. at 11 o'clock, on 34tli, Utb, 36th and 37th . streets, near the 4th avenue. The Lots on 34th street are on 1 the north side of the street, frouting south, whioh street is 100 , feet wide, and the regulating of the street, now under con ! tract, ia nearly completed. These lots being osi very high l ground, afford a site more eligible for first clss* building* I uian can generally be obtaiued together so near the 4th avenue. _ V - ; =B=: FOR-SALE, MA THOROUGH BRED SETTER ?LUT, KjW yesrs old; perfectly white; very staunch, and careful with partridges; fetches her bird*; and is .m all MN ' street* nrat rate; of the Stockton breed. Reference w the city to persons who have shot over her; or any respectable person wishing to buy, may take her on trial, and see her behavior in the field. She will be sold low. Enquire at 4? Hammersly street, back room, first floor. J" " r ' NEWFOUNDLAND DOGS. A PAIR, one year old, well matchedTfor sale at ,*7 Chamher* *treet. je4 It'rc FRENCH GOODS ARRIVING FROM PARIS. ^ MONDRON has the honor of informing those Persons flrwbo are deairou* of purchasing the finest and be?t kind of Ji work, that if they will r\lV at hisi store, No. 181 Broad JI way, they will find varnished snd ordinary BO'VTS, of gi7|-.;e.t Pari?i? atvjet Shoei ,jf all sorts; Bill;pen ofvirnuhea leather; Sila Stoehiags.llslf Ha**, kc. He aI*o hn earnnhedand plain Leather* of all kinus. Mot rorco ef all color*: and *11 neces*?ry Finding* for shoeiaakers, for sale at moderate price*, wholesale or retail. Tl:os? persona who will f.wor him with their orders may depend On beinir well served. Order* from the country will he minrttnl y attended to. je4 lw* MONDRON, 1?3 BroaJwjiT.^ EXCELSIOR BONNLTS OF FtKSlAN SILK. THE subscribers having been appointed sole agenU fSSf->r sale of these bonueU, ve now prepared to *up VI*,,! -, tbe trsde with this new and splendid article of silk braid, which received the first premium of a gold medM at the Ust hir ol the American Institute. These twnneu CkC'edin beauty, te*t*re, durability and economy, anythirg of the kind ever offered. They arc warranted to U entirely of silk,, and will dean, alter and retain their color equallo any braid m B,|jANT0N HICHARDR k WOODRUFF, je3 lilw'B No. 43 Broad street. AiliDON'S FASHIONABLE SLJlMliR HATS, 177 BROAD1VAY, orrosiTC iiowano's mot*i re AMI DON'S celebrated smooth pearl and white Castor i*?HAT8^*uich have n4(verbeenequsll^hy ?>.?>ther ** j ublishment tn this country, are now reproduced with marked I ?f'ie great iQpdriority of these Hats overall others is, that ! th'yrJSin their .hape, elasticity and finish i? all weathers; they era, withal, much the lightest and most comfortable for 'smWOOODS.-.* choice assortment of Strsw.rana ma. Manilla and Canton Haw, for men and boys, fiautwd Uj 1 enperb atyle, au?l al moderate Prices. Gentlemen about | miMiVr?ttmme' bU'm AMIDON'S.1 m Broadway, i " KNOT'S SUMMER STYLE OF HATS 91 ARK NOW READY, they are eatremely light and L ,?r thi/are got up in 'a style that neither oifor per ration Vrom the hair will soil them. Those that prefer a | Black Hat, can liave them made to order m the aame st> le and as light is the summer hat. ^ RNOX mv?sn*?rc No. 13g Fulton .treet, Sun Bailding. marine pavilion, ROCKlWAYw hmA THE subscriber would respectfully Jj" friradi and the patron* of the auove well known aea JmIB bathing e*Ubli*bment, mat he.will open for the IWJOJ of July neat. Familie* desirous of obtaining rooms lor tlve *ca*ou will bf wailed upon ?t their ? leaviug t^ieir address al the Aslor House, on and after the 14th i JUj"e4 litisre HIRAM CRANSTON. newTTkbanon springs. ' COLUMBIA HALL.Mav 14,1*46?-This fayoriteplace of resort is now open and ready for the reception olcom pany, being under the mansgement of its old proprietor, lenrv HuU. Presuming ou his long eipenence as a eittisr ft!? the travelling public"he intends thM the management of the eatablisbment shall be such as to meet the wants of the most fastidious, whether tarrying for the season or a shorter "^flmre 1 HENRY HULL._ COUNTRY SEAT FOR EXCHANGE For unimproved lew,or improved property in New'Yorkcay. *w ? LARGE new two *torv tnd attic Irame House, sb EsssE^fsaaaias^ TO LET furnished or unfurnished, a, front Parlor and Bed Room, on the first floor, at 131 Liberty meet. A FOR BALE OR TO LEASE, IN HKOOK.LYN. JmL VAN BRUNT'S HOTEL, No. S3 Fulton >tr?rt, ['II (northeasterly tide,) five doors from Fulton Ferry, ia JaML now offered for sale or to true. The nouse U 19 by 45 leal, loar stories high, containing tt RMBM, ud being on the greatest thoroughfare in Brooklyn, is * good location for niaajr kinds of business. Possession given immediately. For particular*, inquire on the premises of _ ,, .. GEORGE VAN BRUNT. Brooklyn, May ?, 1H?. my? Im?rc FOR SALE OR TO LET, The Modem built three story brick house, 115 Ada mi ^^?atreet, Brooklyn. If not aold by private aale, it will be ^^?diapoaed of at pvblie auction, on the 15th day of May next. Half of the parchaae ?quny can remain cm mortgage,, for ? term of year*.. Application to be wada on the preeaieee 115 Adama ?t., Brooklyn. a41tn?rc ROOM?, FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED. M TO LET?In a email and moat delightfully situated [???? honae, near the Waehingtou Parade Ground, one er JIHwwo rooms, with or without Aill or partial board. No other boardere or lodgera are ia the honae, Mr will be lake*. The family et preaent eonetatn of only three grown parson*. To *iuple gentlemen, or a gentleman and lady, desiroeu of living in a private family, and in a pleaennt, quiet, and hend aome location, thi* oners an opportunity but rarely met with. The entire half of the house will be let to t desirable tenant, without children. Addreee B. T. at the deck of thi* office. m?l?tf rrc ??^^?BTCAM SHIP GREAT BRITAIN.? there i* a doubt of the above akip being ^^^^^^^^?entirelv ready for se* on Saturday, it ha* thought advisable to dttyiu ber till Monday, the >th instant, on which day she ?rill positively sail at t P. M. RICHARD IRVlN. f New York June 1, IM6. Jel lwrre aek Ace. For freight or paaaege apply to the Captain on board, or to R. J. VAN DKWATER k CO.. Ie3 2t*m 100 Broad street. T(Tk MARSEILLES?Thn hark ? OLUMBIA, eCapt. Truasell; to be promptly despatched. For *** ?yS^f^hXL.21 South street, or to <M re BMYD k H INC KEN, M Wall street p^aTveT, ?rASPAGE fUH Li V EBPOOL.-Xhe hoe, feat ?ailing*rd livoiite pai'ket ship SOUTHERNER. iCipt T. D. Pal*?icr, L-'tviiiic been drained, will tail p( ?iiiT?ly this dftf. . Tbi? vrell known tliip hM ??commodatv>fit uftt??rf?Me<f for cabin, ieeond cabir, and flteeraie p*M?nrers. The price of p<i??a?c will low. which, MflUMr with the tnperior aailina qq%liiiM aiiH food acroBimodfttinns of the Botitticper, be ?efticirni inducement for all about to proceed to the old country, t* take paa?a?# in htr; to accure wbicli early appll e.uon tuust be mad. on^rd, CIS .... tel Irre One door west of Bavtinv slip. ;? T. GLOltGK'S LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS. FOR LIVpiPOQL-Firrt Packet Slijp-tu sail nti the 4tli of June -Tlie superior last sailing pseket (?hip ST. PATRICK. Cift. (rwli'inn positively sad -is above. The *bnve'tiip i? ivrf ic-0* ton?,a/id her accomtn 'Is'ime for second etihin paiaragi-rs eie 'inenrialled for convenience, hsving a urge uiii sraciuus hou?e on deck, well rcauiated and verr lofty. In ofier to secure good berths, (?? sho em take lint a li mited number nf pe**er,;erv nhieh will be uken ?f steerage ' ' * " i will require to be msdron board, at N* HF RDM AN b CO, 61 South H. tp" friee ?< passage in the cabin <75. je!i Itm FOR NEW ORLEANB-Loumw. .md New Vork Lute- -i'ci.uively first Regular racket?To sail .'Mnt.rf.v nth Jane.?The elegant, faet sailing pnrket ship SARTELLE, Taylor, master, will positively eail a* above, Iter regular day For freight o* i?a?n, having hsndsom* furnished sccom ?VonDoerd, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall ... * COLL IN S|t CO-.^Seyh st. siug.Mi June. Agent in New OrUaM. JAS. E. WOODRUFF, who promptly forward all gpodn to his address. r.NKtKE. Minott. master, will snececi mitea numner ot pawengei rates,? early appltcntinni w pier No. 4, North Riv -r or modations, ?PPl >? on street, or to Positively no foods received on board after Hirurday eve t, 0th June. gent in New Orlnana. JAB. E. WOODRUFF, who wfll mptly forward all gpo4a to Wa address. rMuj haik GENESEE, Minott, master, will snccecd the KARTELLK, and eail Monday, ?th June, ker regular day. Aire PACK ET SHIP GARR1CK, from Liverpool (-'onstgneei by this ship will please have their permits on Orleans wharf^ foot of Wall streft immediately. All goods ant permitted in Ave daya will be sent to the |>ul>lie store. Ie4 rc XIOTICE.?All person* u* forbid harbornui or trusting l'l any of the crew of Oritish ship BROOKSBlf, (Vem Glasgow, as no debts of their contreeting will be peM by the rapuin or roosigi.ees, je3 WOODHULL k MINTURN. V South street. PAC KET "SHIP BHOOksBY. FRGM flLASGOW. ("onsignees will rleas* >*?<! their permits on hoera, fool of Dover street, K. ^..without delay. All good* not pet ?? 'ssjMiyAKi&Kta.'s-ssi. AJKTMBafiewrft. vi, ?fu? iuu tw ill?i/|uic i.;r?iuu, ?u viwiira Hir Andrew Arurehrrli, Mr. Q Barrett; Btbutiio, Mr Dyott; Malvolio, Mr Bui: Vi?U, Mr* Charles Krau; Olivia, Mrs Abbott. To conclude with, by request, the Itrct of PERFECTION?Kite O'Brien, Mn Chirln Kean; Sir Law rence H>ri(ou, Mr Bui; Charles Pariiwi, Mr Dyott; Hiun, Mr* Uyutt. Door* open U 7 o'clock?performance to iuhmmi U pre cisely 1% o'clock. BOWERY THEATRE -Thursday Evening, June 4, will bt performed, secoiidatiiiie in tint country, ft uew his torical play, in five acts, entitled JEFFREY 8, or, A Wife's Revenge?Judge Jeffrey?, Mr. J. R. Scott; Pomftet, Mr. Da venport, Lady Grace. Mrs. O. Jones; Mistress Allice, Mn. rhulllBa. To conclude with the comedy of the CROWN PRINTL, or. the Nijtht Watcher?Alb#t, Mr. Clarke; Fre derick Storke, Mr. Date*port; Katharine. Mrs. SergeantP .1Is Lower Boxes, 50 cenu; second and third tiers, 2a eta.; Pit and Gsllens cents. Doors open at 7 o'clock?Curtain will risa at half put sarea o'clock. |~1RKEtoWICH THEATRE.?Thursday kl?euinK,~J^uie v* I, the iierformance will commence with the Ethiopian opera of OTELLO?Owllo, Mr. T. D. Rice; Brabantio. Mr. W. Cbapaaan; Desdemona, Mra. Booth. Previous to which, the larce of the LAWYER IN THE HACK?Endless. Mr \V Chapman; Margaretta, Mrs Booth. Dances, by Miss Jes seliue and Mr Thompson. To couclude with the FOREIGN PRINCE?Jim Crow, Mr. Rice; Letty, Mra. Booth. Balcony and Oress Circle, 30 cu; Upper Boxes, 24 eta; Pit, "S|Ct*L Private Boxts, %i\ Orchestra Boxes, suigle scats, (I. O" Doors open at 7. Curtain risaa at 1% o'clock. CASTLE GARDEN. ? Thursday Evening, June 4.?The performance will consist of a varied selection ol Souks, Dances, and Grand Musical Effects, commencing with the overture to " /ampa." Ballad, by Mr. Holman. Sals burger's Walt*. The grand trial dance, from " La Bayadere," by the Misses Vallee. The Aral part to fiuish with the over ture to La Kill* du Regimeut." lutermission of half an hour for refreshments and promenade, and to view the range of 1000 Cosmoramas. After the promenade, the overture to " Der Freischutx." Song, by Jos. Lanner. Misses Valee, in La Polacca a l'Hongroise. To couclude with the overture to " Oberou." Admittance 2S cenu. On Sunday, a grand selection of Sacred Music. yAUXHALL GARDENv?BrsJford JonVs7 Proprietor ? Thursday Eveuiag, June 4, the enieruinmenta will commence with aa overture by the Orchestra. To be fol lowed by a new vaudeville entitled, THE MILLINER'S HOLIDAY?Simou Sparks, Mr, H. S. Chapman: Lieuten ant Bow line, Mr Kenuo; Mis* Potts, Miss Julia Drake. Song, by Mr. Dunn. After which, the RAILROAD DEPOT Jack Robins, Mr Fenno; Mra William Smith. Mias Julia Drake. To conclude with the new laughable piece, en titled POPPING IN AN1) OUT?Rooney McFiu, Mr. Nickiuaon; Betsey Jinks. Miss Julia Drake. [17 Admission to the (laiden, free; Saloon, tS cenu. Doors opeu at 7, curtain rises at ? o'clock precisely. jc3 NIBLO'S GARDEN will not be opeued for a few days, owing to the continued wet weather having prevented the completion of the alterations and decorations. Due no tuid the whole wonderfal RAVEL FAMILY, will nuke their first appearance in New York these three years, in some of their most popular and highly amusing en teruinmeuts. The Saloons. Garden, Walks, he., have been improved and re-embellished, the Saloon and.Outer Balconies enlarged, the whole now forming the most rtcherehe and elegant place of amusement on this continent. THE CONCERTS A LA MUSARD, ao mueh admired on previoua seasons, will be eon tinned, to give effect to which. A MAGNIFICENT ORCHESTRA has been engaged. Various costly novelties are in prepara tion, and the proprietor has great pleasure in announcing an arrangement has been made with M'LLE BLANGY, Premier Danseuse from the Opera of Paris,' and the Berlin and Vienna Theatras; and MONB. HENRIE, from the Paris Theatres. Further particulars hereafter. jel ro CHATHAM THEATRE?Bote* 2i cenu ; Pit 12X cenu ? Thursday 1? T J ?111 1? r? iH? grand operatic ? Thursday Evening, June 4, will be'performed the H ? Drama, entitled, 'THE ENCHANTRESS Mr. Wmans; Mra. Honeyoun, Mn. Green. ?Cy Doors open at Jt past 7, performance to commence at before 8 o'clock. AMERICAN MUSEUM. PERFORMANCES BOTH AFTERNOON It EVENING. SCOTTISH MAMMOTH BOYS, LIV 6Wa n g , ANATOMICAL VENUS. GREAT WE 9TF.Ry-R.1RyEY WILLIAMS, Misses Juusiv, beautiful Dancers, ka.,kc. (T^ Admission 26 cent??Children under ten li)d cent*. je3 4tis*rc j. - TABERNACLE. MR. TEMPLETON BEG8 TO ANNOUNCE to the Public of New York, that previous to fulfilling his engagemenU in the North, he will have the honor of presenting his REMINISCENCES OK GRAND OPERA, On Thwrtday Evening, June 4th. Mr. TIMM will preside at the pianoforte. In the course of we evening will be lutrodueed, with appro K'ate illustrations . ig?" My Sister, dear," (from the Opera of Maaaniello.) Cavatina?' Young Agues, beauteous flower," (from the Opera of Fra Diavolo.) SltKD SCENA. Recitative?" My Companions are wara'd." Aria?" Proudly and wide.' (from Fra Diavolo. ) Song?" Beats thers a heart," (from La Bayadere.) "Pria che spunti in ciel Aurora," from ll Matrimouio Segretto ROMANCES. Reciutive?"Orynthia my beleved." Aria?"A hermit who dwells." ? Song?" As we through life a journey wander, (from the Opera of Le Cheval de Brour. ) Tickets, Fifty Csnu. For pariieulara, see Programmes. m>31 tf rc WASHINGTON ALLSTON'S GRAND HISTORICAL PICTURE OF BELSHAZZAR'8 FEAST, TJAINTED on anoteer canvass, of the same aiie, and finish w,,h "T,ew ^ho^as t'speFr? th* *"u,or'by Now exhibiting at the Chamber Street Gallery, corner of Broadway and Chamber streeu, from t o'clock A. M., to 10 o'clock r. M. Admittance 8 ceau; season tickeu SO eeata. jel 3uodins*ire UULMAN'b EMPORIUM OF ART AND CLASSIC CABINET OALLERY OF OIL PAINTINGS, WHICH includes bii immense stocks of Books, Paintings, Engrarmg., Ksncy Stationery Drawings, Drawing Material*, Music, kc., are now to be lonad npou the second floor, up one flight of tuy suirs, (having leued the first floor,) where every thing will be (old at aslow price*, and many much below the regular prices, being desirous of eloa lag ur aa aooa as possible his Book Department. A Cheap Liat will soon ba published for those who will bar n quantities. Purchasers are invited to call and examine his New Rooms, No. 3(1 Broadway, second floor. alt eodexs tfrre HOWES fc CO.'8 NEW YORK MAMMOTH CIRCUS. | THE LARGEST ESTABLISHMENT everorganised in X the United States, comprising 15* Men and Horses, re quiring K Carriages to convey the i>erformera. wardrobe, an I sicimis. kc. Mondsy aud Tuesday,1st and id of June, will i be at Lancaster?Wedaecday, 3d, at Marietta?Thursday, 4th, at Columbus?Kriday, 4ih, at Portsmouth?Saturday, Cth, and | Monday, 8th, at Harriaburgb, Pa. The company has at tacked to it Eight Kemale Equestrians, among whom is the Greatest Female Rider of the Age, recently arrived from Paria MADAME MARIE MACARTE, whose new style ol Equestrian Feats, peculiarly her own, I being chaste and classic; her graceful aad fascinating address, ! and the charming nmveti with which she chains ner audi- | fence, reader this gifted and highly-educated artiste the lead- , ing feature of the arena in this country. The Proprietors re- , tki the public to the brilliant description given in the respec- I Ore newspapers of the extraordinary and daring feats perform- ' ed by this distinguished ertis/e. Among the novelties which Their height ia 14 feet, and their weight over TM lbs. Mr. ; Randall weighs 4nlba. Mrs. Randall ia tVe most enormous giantess in the world. They will appear ia " Jack aad the Bean Stalk." and he will perform extraordinary feats ol 1 strength and agility, and will ride in a two horse act. The entertainments will comprise IT Acts af Horsemanship, Gym- , aastic Exercises, Classic Displays, and humorous afterpiece*. Equestrian Director, Mr. HOWES; Biding_Master, Mr. NIXON: and the anaivroaahable Clown, DAN RICK. I Among the Performers ia the celebrated aad principal Ri der, the Napoleon of the Arena, Mr. HOIBB. whose Casts oa Horseback are the most aile Act of see. by t> 'umbler, n logs, Meet clcflll. # _____ as the Charioteer of Phcabue. Poaturiag and Gymnast ies by Mr. Nixon aad his soa. Mr. Hewee ia his Mythological aad Siliiant Act of "Fancies of Proteus." Mr. C. Howes in ack Rope Evolutiona. The Negro Minstrels, with the ini Sitable Dan Emmit at their head. The Original Banjo Melo st. W ith a variety of others. The whole comprising the leading, moet talented, aad classic performers in the world. "A TLANTIC GARDEN IS NOW OPEN FOR THE i\ SEASON.?Dedworth'* Comet Band will perform every Tuesday and Friday evenings, commencing Jane lad, at 1 o'clock. Admittaaee free. . . my J 3m*rc WILLIAM ALLISON, Proprietor. FIREWORKS. rp HE subscriber woald invite the attention of dealers to his price*, coaaisting of China rrackera. torpedoes, serpents, mines of dojsnd stars, Are wheels, scrolls, triangels, verticles, bengalas, piiteous, Romsn eandles, rockets, kc. kc., all of su perior quality. Also, s large assortment of pieces, suitable for public and private exhibitions, of the most approved maker*. jet lw*r J. W. HOLBKKTON.7) Maidealaae.l I'IRE WORKS-FOURTH OF JULY. SEW YORK JURATORY. BENNETT, 1* Fron; street, two doors south of Fol too atrect. The moar fxten?tva and brilliant assort ment nt r|RV V/ORKSave now offeii d ?t the above place, consisting ol honor/ and signi) rwrkeis. with gold and silver Wiin: stria, fans, paiw 'ree*. pyramids, Peruvian crosses, ooi M. >"*??. pigeons, .... , ? ??---? era, Are crackers, (anton lockets, k< < ?< on try merehanta, and dealer* ia general, are requested to ea'fWW examine the aboie slock. 'II n'*ini?i'.te.< for city and country displays, m.'itar* and pruate parties, cm be supplied on the most liberal teim? with tl.e nbn?ementioned articles, warranted, the matr rial?h*Tt?gVce?i selected with the utmost care my IT lm*r | FIRE WORKS! FIRE WORKS!! ISAAC F.DGE. Pvrotecl?4K Artist, Jersey Chy. to prepar ed to furnish FIRE WORKS to eities, towas, public gar dens, theatres, kc. Hi* present stock comprises the most i brilliant and variegated fires, appropriate designs, ever manu factured in this country, aad can be furnished^. extent. Pyrotechnic Afti*t. Labaratonr Jeraey City/wTj. 1 N. B ?To sgents. Signals, including ship ligM*, falae fires, primers, port fires, signal rockets, ke.. lor supplying I gorsmment or m^chnntva*eU, my tt lm"r _ 806 Front street TENNIS COURT, 238 BOWERY. THE Subscriber, hiving taken the above-named woald inform his meads and the rablie that - Alley, and the whole of the aatahliehmeat, ha* undi thoroagh repairing. To the Alloy hu been added a ? by n, for the convenience oT Uw spectators to feet WOOLLT^g-l-lAUjJf. New York. May T. I?44. m m WLLlV/k Co., to South ; LATE8T NTELLIGENCE". By Electric Telegraph. Congr?Mioii?l Proccedliif* Yeaterdajr. Washington, Wediieiv my, June 3, ) Two o'cloolr P. M. J In Senate. Mr. SnjfcotoN, of Peun., presented a memorial from the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal Company, praying Congress to relinquish to th? said company the stock held in said company by the United States, with a view to the enlargement , of the said canal. Mr. Dix from the Committee on Finauco, ru , ported back the House bill relating to the dinw back on goods imported from the British North American Provinces to be exported t? foreign countries, with a recommendation that it pass. Mr. Dix also reported back from the committer I on Military Affairs the bill to increase the number ot'paymasters.with the amendments, and reconi i mended that the Senate should not concur in tiio amendments of the House. The recommenda tion was adopted, and the bill goes back to the House. Mr. Abchkr presented a memorial numerously signed by citizens of Alexandria, praying that the Senate will pass the bill from the House, to recede said town to the State of Virginia. Mr. Pknnybackkk presented another memorial, also numerously signed, on the saiue subject. The Senate then took up the bill to gran( alter nate sections of land in Mississippi for the im provement of the navigation of Pearl river, in that State. Mr. Calhoun said he wished the bill was modi fied, so that he could support it. A discussion en sued, in which Messrs. Speight, Chalmers, Jarne gan and Webster participated. The latter offer ed an amendment to the bill, which Mr. Speight accepted. Mr. Nilks, of Connecticut, declared himself against the whole object and purpose of the bill, and wished to lay it on the table. In reply to a question frem Mr. Akchkk, Mr. SrEioitT said that the lands proposed to be appro priated by the bill were subject to inundation in the winter months; had been in the market for forty years, and could not be sold for five cents per acre without the improvement contemplated. Mr. Niles here moved the indefinite postpone ment of the bill. Mr. Simmons, of Rhode Island, made a few re marks as to die number of acres asked for. Mr. Spkiqht said four hundred and fifty thou sand. Mr. Calhoun moved to lay the bill on the tabic, which was carried. The resolutions of Mr. Lewis offered yesterday, calling on the President for certaiu information, were, with Mr. Crittenden's amendment, taken. The amendment was agTeed to, and the resolu tions adopted. The joint resolution, authorizing the Attorney General to decide tbe grant claims was taken up for its third reading. Mr. McDtffix is now, as this dispatch closes, speaking against the resolution; he maintains that the grant was genuine, aid the patents issued under it just and legal. The House of Representatives was engaged up to this hour, half-past one o'clock, on the supple mental war bill, te increase the Major Generals and Brigadier Generals in the army. The bill was advocated by Messrs. Holmes and Burt, of S. C., and opposed by Messrs. Smith, of Illinois, and Darragh, of Pa. Mr. D. insists that we have ample force and a sufficient number of officers to subdue Mexico. By the Bails. Washington, June 2,1846. Congreu. The two house* are proceeding in their work as leisurely as if it were the sixth week instead of the beginning of the seventh month of the ses sion. The movement of Mr. Lewis to-day, in the Se nate, for a call upon the President as to the ex pediency of modifying the tariff, with a view to the collection of larger revenue, would argue that he is not a decided convert to the National Fair. We are informed meantime, that Mr. Walker is engaged in cyphering out another plan than that originally handed to the committee of ways and means, and that a prodigious effort will be made to reduce the duties of M2 as a war measure. We aro rather inclined to suspect that the tariff of '42 will go over to next December without abridgment or abrasion, notwithstand ing ; same of the sub-treasury. Oregon is referred to (he Judiciary Committee with implied instructions that they are not to re port the bill till tho last day of the session, which, completely demolishes the instructions of Father Ritchie to the Senate, for immediate action upon " all the other Oregon measures from the House" collateral to the notice. , The House to-day were plodding slowly along with the bill for the increase of the officers of the regular army; and during the discussion to-day. Secretary Marcy came in for a number of side licks. Business, so far as there is any business in Washington, except office hunting, is m ttatu quo. ______________ Washington, June 2,1840. Mexico?The Union of the Union?The Volunteers ?The Fair?The White House?A bit of'Senti ment, fjfC. The unanimity of the people I It is not less a matter of pride, than of glory to the Union. The self-sacrificing valor of tho Greeks at Thermopy lae?the bravery of the Carthagenians, when their last strong-hold was assailed?the spirit of the Britons in charging upon foot the ships of Cm sar, ere they reached the land?the brilliant pa triotism of the French in the defence of their na tionality during their bloody revolution?the temper of the Russians, in burning their capital to expel the invader?the spirit of liberty in all ages?of national pride and national glory, burn as brightly now throughout these United States, as in the days of *76; ana we doubt whether there is a genuine tory in the country. The little brush with Mexico, has only shewn what would be the spirit of resistance ngainst the world com bined. The President from all quarters is bur dened widv applications of volunteers, and tho contest tor a chance with the Mexicans, actually surpasses the scramble tor offices, pending the first six months from the inauguration. Already there are upwanls of 80,000 volunteers at the command oi the War Department. The people have responded to the call meet gloriously. Lieut. W. D. Porter, ofthe Navy, presented to day, a beautiful stand of colors to the Baltimore battalion, awaiting orders at the Marine barraeks. He spoke to " the boys" on the occasion, in a spirit-stirring address of nearly an hour, and Cnpt. ' Stewart replied in their behalf, in the true spirit ! of a soldier. An "old tar" next took up the thread ! of Un argument, and exhorted the boys' in an ofi-hand characteristic speech, abounding in wit and humor. He kept '? the boys" laughing, or cheering, almost incessantly. . , Th. National Fair waa thronged to-night, as usual. To-morrow is the last day, unless ft should again be posti>oned . | Open house at the President**, this evening. A chotee and agreeable company P1*"?!}' too large to he oppressive, n?r too smsii to' "J?* notinous. The President and Udy ,n " health. From the oliptieal room, ? p.,r o?WJ???5S ern portico. These ^ moonlightwith a fair minutes converth, fcstory of the *nd shining river, day. There w ? MXU.en in T1#w> to the walls o'f^ort Washington, opposite Mount Ver ?Tn The? were the Virginia hiUs, with the old mnoni thu thick woods that crown them?the old mansion of G. W P. Cjistis, the list of the Washington family. Around us, and Immediately Wow, were the tasteful guardians of the White house, ^ Whils on th. othsr hand, rnsek Diaa'. =??(, , f loats through the aiurs sir, an islead of th? blsst And then there was a sweet face at our "de?and a pleasant voice, and we were not long in aiwjo i vering, from her views upon the Oregon question, I that she was the consistent advocate of an ! rable. adjustment." We met the a?e^ee?? ! tenanee, among the company,of NJJ . seems to get younaer asother bards getower General flouston, lion CareJohason, CcgnuJIp. Catesby Jones, Gen. Roger Iwiss, the Adjutant