Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 7, 1846, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 7, 1846 Page 3
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mt Uu Ohio Riven T,m* Stat* if Rittr. nacinnetti June a 7 feet seant. Wheeling, June -j 10 feet. '!!!*? w'y * f?et ri.lng. t o'iUWlle. May 30 tf feet. 0 inch#*. HONEY MAIUCKT. Balnrdajr, Jane (UO p. M. Slock* are all up today a fraction, with sales to iome ? xteut. The market looki firm. Farmers' went up J per cent, Canton I, Harlem 1}, Long Island 1J, Norwich <k. Worcester I}, Heading I}. Morn* Caual clo?ed at ) e? terday'* price*. At the second board there;*at a're-action, and price* feU off very materially. Harlem declined 11 per cent, -Morrii Canal j, Norwich and Worcetter 1, Heading Rail roed Bonds, Reading Railroad 1, Long Uland J, Canton 4?.?nd Canton Scrip J. Prices ruling at the lecond board Jfanerally were aimilar to those curreut yesterday. The Mechanics' Banking Association have declared dividend of four per cent, payable on the 10th in*t. The dividend railroad stocks of New England have lately fallen off ? fraction in prices. Concord is now worth 34, Fltchbnrgh 83, Lowell 1#{. Worcester 17, Maine 11, Eastern 9, and Old Colony 3} per cent advance. This latter divide* three per oent for the six months it tiu been In oj>eration. Western has advanced to 97. The Fitchburg Railroad stockholders, at a recent meeting, accepted the several acts in reference to the Charleitown branch, Watertown and Sterling branch rail, road*, pasted at last sossion of the Ma**achu?ett* Legisla ture. It wa* voted to unite the Sterling and Kitohburg corporations, and leave to the discretion of the directors all matters appertaining to construction and location of Watertown and Sterling branch lines. The cost of these roods was estimated not to exceed $6'K>,000, and Mattering estimates of income on that amount were *ub" mitted. If appeared to be an undisputed fact that the southern or Barliu line was preferable, if a decision is made to build a railroad from tho Fitchburgh toward Sterling. At this meeting a statement was also submit- ! ted of four month*' receipts upon the Fitchburg road, which showed a handsome increase over last year, and gave confidence that five per cent would be the next ?emi-annual dividend. We understand that the director* of the Vermont and i Massachusetts Railroad Company have decided to locate > their road through Gardner, and that the route i* ascer tainedto be much more favorable than was anticipated The subscriber* are promptly paying np their back is sessments; and a fourth assessment of ten dollars per share has been laid, payable on the 1st of July next. The directors are about contracting for iron, with tho in teation of opening a part of the road for travel by the 1st of Jan., 1*47. The directors of the BAk of Dansville have offered a reward for information concerning the author of certain reports against the credit of that institution. For a few , day* past unfavorable reports in reference to its pecuni* I ary standing have been whispered about, causing some little alarm among those of the billholder* who were i unacquainted with its true condition. It is stated by 1 these having facilities for obtaining information in rela tion to the affairaef the bank, that there i* not tho slight- ; est foundation for the reports, and that the condition of the bank is sound. Bills, purporting to bo fifties of the Farmers' and Me. chanios'Bank of Hartford, Connecticut, but, in reality, altered from threes of tho same bank, are in circulation. I The alteration is very well executed, and the signatures being, of course, real, makos them difficult of detection- j except by those who are acquainted with the difference in tho vignettes in tho bills of that bank. The final sentence of forfeiture has boon pronounced 1 against the Mississippi banks. Tho high court of that State, just proviou* to adjournment, pronounced a judg- ' ment settling the bank* now and for ever. In the ap- ' peal of several of the Natchez banks, from a deoiiion of the Circuit Court, the high court decided in substance | that a continuod state of suspension of specie payments ' it just and indubitable ground of forfeiture. Since the opening of navigation on the lakes there has 1 been censiderable activity in the movements of produce. The receipt* at Buffalo from the opening ef navigation to ' the 1st of June, in each of the past five years, have been I a* anaexed : CotusEBCE or BriT*t.o.?Rr.ccirT* or Pbodicx. , . ?.J8'2- !??? 1846. fef? ?l,?? Mir. 7. Mar. 6. Mar II. ApT 3. Ap'l 2 Floor.bbls 143,135 126,150 2T?i.650 185.560 320.517 ' 36,612 >6,137 23 KM Beef 526 4,061 16,017 Whisky 5,402 1,27$ 1,1)83 Seeds 2,777 1,491 4,630 Tallow. 100 4 06 667 Ashm, cks 5.V>8 8,160 11,200 Hides 9,087 3,016 15,475* 70 110 628 Stives, M 632 38 511 Lumber 648 none. 833 18,033 10,002 5.087 5,150 960 17,102 10 8!tt 558 1,101 2,768 30,077 | 16,833 6,371 1,366 1,750 10,573 21,076 60 L 978 I 2 Gti4| Wheit 143,227 136.633 J25,425 384,723 153 765 67,515 5,237 26,885 14,380 251,402 Oat* 56,721 none. 0,426 4,110 76,586 Compared with last year, there has been an increase in every item but seeds, staves, lumber and ashes. The in crease in the receipt* of breadstuff* and provisions ha* been very large. <5000 Ken 6s, 1171 IPOO Ohio 7s 1(100 Ohio 6s, 1M? 5000 do 100M P?au 5* 10000 do do $000 Reading Mort Bds 8000 Heidtnr Bds 50 shs Vicksbnrg Bk 300 Firmer*' Trust 180 de ion do 50 do ? do 50 Morri* Caual loo do 100 do 150 do 100 Canton Co Old Stock Exchange. 50 75 in 100 100 180 do do do do do do $5080 Reading Bds 5000 do 50 sh* Morri* 100 do 60 do KO do M do 189 do 25 Nor It Wor 60 do 315 ? do a do 75 sh* Hiriem R R do do do do do do 100 L IiUnd R R 160 do 100 do 60 do 60 do 160 Nor k Wor RR de do do do do do do do do 400 Reading RR 261) do 300 do 200 do Second Board. 75* 50 ihi Nor It Wor 76 100 L Island bnw 13Ji 50 do 13H 100 do 13)1 M do 13*5 50 East Boston a4m 14 60 do bflm 15 200 Resding 54 100 Harlem 100 Camon Scrip .150 do 54 260 Canton Co blO 46 <8 b30 54W 54)2 b30 : $5000 Penn 5* 50 sh* Morri* Canal 75 do 100 do '0 Farm Trait 50 do 25 do 69 do 50 do M de 109 Harlem R R 50 do 200 do 50 do lew Stork Bxehange. ?30 66* it shs Canton Co 50 L Island R R 60 d? 60 Nork Wor do do do do do do do do do do 46't b30 ?tS 30 3?* Mds 31 31 s!0 30 V 64)4 bSO 55 blO 55 ?I" i!'? h60 65 inw 5(K b30 55?| b30 56H 65 blO G8 b:0 68 , 61* b45 68 ? ? 10 53* b30 1.30 W , ^ L30 16 blO 67 45 3? 3S 34 bSO 35 ? 10 31 *16 31 b20 64 ?3 54 S* c 54H b3 54 S ? 10 54% ? 15 64*. ? 10 i?)J t 56 Monday 56 Monday 54* DM. On Friday, the 6th instant, after ? painlul ilcknci*, ^Vrhich ih* bore with Chriatian fortitude, Elii abftm Vilsob. wife of Jamaa Wilaon, a native of SuMez, Kur il, aged U. lis trie?da and acquaintances are requested to attend faneral, on Sonde) afternoon, at I o'clock, lrom the >r of South end W alnut itreata. Mama's Orricc, Jnne 6, 1H*. i*T IITir " orniug, t H rill entei nins at be destroyed. W JeT liji ?re i ztjAVoa "JWOTr^K '? hereby fivea to all perso i owuii.g D that on l^t^Uy monnti*. the Dth nil ?rr'wi uiuiHiuHi ui? vim inst., ptfiOBi duly autho rized to kill ?&H* will enter upoa their duties. All docs run ^ar that date, and uot properly muxxltd, w.ll ? *JACOfl RAMSAY. First Marshal HAtllWKjLVs WASHINGTON HOUSE. OOQ Cheatnut atVtaat, Philadelphia. The above establish A/60ment having rfVBtlT ouderg.ns thorough repairs, and reiuimshed throughontW>rc?ents all I he advaatsges of a New llcuae. with the Tina a>i*r'eace of the present Proprietor, who ? an o. ly aasure hi? patrons that his efforts will not be re. Used to secure every luiurV that may coaduce to the com fort or i leaanre or his guests, s je7 lw?rc Xr^&KTKtnvS^nTTlCET THE M:BS< RIBEKS having, by a deed of Assignment, bearing date the Uh inst .been appointed Assignees o( all the estate, real and peist nal, of Motes E. Arment.of the city "f New York, butchsr. in tro t lor tfc^ benefit of alt me creditor*, he ebr require all peraens indebted to Mas to mska immediste payment, aad thost having claims ot agaiast the said Moses E. Arment, are requested to furnish a sftemeat of the partionlara thereof, withont delay, at the effire of Wa. C. R. English. 41 Naasaa su Dated New York, June ?, UtS. WM.t R. ENOL18H. ) jsT lw*ra A. THOMPSON, {Assigoeea. FIH E WORKS?KIR E WURh.\ OF avers description sad site, for retail stores, coaatry merchants, exhibitions, lie., kc. For ssle by W. It R BALLAOH, J*7 lw*m No. I Chambers, cor. Chatham St. ? )UM T(J Li,Ti FURNISHFD or onfiiraished, in a small private family, with or without board, in a rentrsl sad airy situation.? A line addressed to W. X , at the Herald office, shall be at landed to. je7 rc NinLOSt UARUK.iN will uot be opeued this evaeiug. ss annonnced. the long continued wet weather having pra* vMted the completion of the sitensiva alterations and im prevemeau. Dae aotice will be givea of the ereniag night. jelistfrrc_ PACKF.T SHIP BROOKSBY, from Glaagow. is d arharir ing this day, under general order, at foot li.nmevelt n., K R All gooda art permitted muat be sem to Public Sw-re. _jefi WOOUHULL fc MINTt'RN. 37 South st. SHIP AKVUM, Vmm Olaagow?Coaaignee. per this vessel will confer a fator by sending their permita on board, foot of Dover street, without dels v. - \V(ifit)IH l.l. h MfNTtTRN.r South PV< KET^lilFOARJRH. K, from Liverpool ? Coneignees by thl? ship will please ha?e their permita On Oil'sns whirl, ftx.t of Wall atreet immediately. All roods n< t |'?rmitted :n five days will be sent to the public store, jfl rc POST OFFICE. > ! New Vo??, June J, 1 846. J i CTEAMFK Owl Britain from New York. Letters will O be received ?t (hit office for the akoye (leaner, until 8^ T. M.. ?u Monday, the #th inst. The Rtirhi on all letters per the abort itvamrr, bv an arrangement With hur consignees, will fce<5cr*itt for letter* weurrjog half au ounce or lew, anil t$ eeuts for e?ch additional half (inn. ' j.??trc ROBERT II. MOHRIS.P. M. J (Ml N W1KJK, of WakeSeld, England. intends to preach io the Native American1! Hall comer of Grand street and U'oailwav.ou 3 itnd*^o'clock, P. M. Subject? The erlutik^ Gospel. M'trv.irei Biahop and of hem will also preach. je? 8t*je lost, i ON a trip from Philadelphia to New Vork. bv the boat which started from llie former place, on Wednesday, June J, liM. a TmVLLLINO BAG, which muat have been de livered by the inia'ike of one of the ageuu of the Railroad Company,, aloug with some other batcj^ze. Thia carpat bait hat gre.'i, blue and yellow atripea, and ii witn a small brass lock. 1 he owner will rite suitable reward to whoever will leave it at the office of the Courrier dea Etats Unia, 12 i'ark place, New York. _ j?6 It in HOUSE'S MAGNETIC LETTER-PRINTING-TELE > GR \PH.-Tlie proprietors of House's Magiietic-Letter Printini^Telcgraph ?re now ready to receive proposals from capitalist* for the exclusive use of aaid Telegraph on auy par- ! tlcular route, exrepliug auch routes as hare already been dis posed of; or ? joint interest iu aaiu Telegraph for the United Salts Application to be nude to GEORGE GIFFORD, Esq., 17 Wall street. H. E. HOUSE fe CO. Jed lw*rc LONG 181,AND HORTICULTURAL SOCIETY. THIS SOCIETY will hold its first semi-annualExhibition at the Sa'oon of the Flushing Hotel, on the Ittn and 12th inst. Competition for the premiums open to all. The exhi bition will open at IS o'clock on the lltli, and at 'J on the 12th. Tickets *5 cents??ne will admit a gentleman and lady.? Nfeamer Washington Irving, leaving Fulton Market flip, at 3 A. M.. and Flushing at 2 P. M , will, ou the days of exhibi tion. carry visitors at half price. Flushing, June 6, ICiC. je6 4t*rc PICTURES"OF"AMERICAN VICTORIES. JUST PUBLISHED, fonr beautiful Picture., illustrating tbe late victories over the Mexicans, vix.: Battle of Pilo Alto, bombardment of Vatamoras, Capture of Oenenl Yega by Captain May, a?d Dea'hof the gallant Major Rinr.'old.? They are richly colored, and are the best aid most f.iuhful of the kind published Price. C<i per hundred Ordets from any part of the United States promptly attended to. by BARONY It MAJOR. 99 Naistiu street. Herald Buildings. N B.?Please read our advertisement in another column. j6 Iw* r NOTICE. DAVID LAMBK. Solicitoraud Attorney. 23 1'hamhers street. New York, attends to Scotch, Kji(fli?h and Irish clniins, purchase and sale of real estate, house agen cies, See. lie Terence*?John J Palmer, Ksn., President Mer chants1 Bark, New York; D. W. Richards Ksq., Philadelphia; ? President Quincy, Boston. Best of British referent* given. jrh I O T A INKUKMATuJn W AM 1'te.U, F Edward Bushell, Hatter, from Clonme'. Ireland, who _ win. some tnree vears ago. teaching at Woodstock, in Vermont, since which time he has not been beard from. Any information will l>e gritefullir received bf his wife and fami ly. C7" Editors of newspapera at Woodatock. will please copy. Address MARY BUSHELL, 179 Seventeenth St., between 7th aud 8th avenues, N. Y. Je?3t*rc wanted immediately" A FIRST RATE JOURNEYMAN U 4RBER?Apply to the undersigued. JAMES GRANT, je? 'fr<? 1 Ann st. I'ARTNEK. WAN l'tiU. WA.NTED, a partner,to furnish half the capital, to carry on an extensive bnsiness in the new house now finishing at No. ItOChnrch street, intended for bowling saloons, billiard rooms, ball room, and an extensive drinking room. To be connected with the private supper roomi ol No. 138, knowu as the Ocean House N. B ?The subscriber having a twelve years' leue of (aid premises, will take a good partner on the most reasonable tenn.. Apply to MOSES F. COLBY, jefi 2t*r 138 Clinrch street. governes? wanted; O teach fonr children the French, German and English X languages and tnusic. References required. Apply at the Swedish Consulate, No. 85 West street. je4 2w*rc COPPER MINERS WANTED TO WORK iu a mine in the vicinitv of this city. Apply to E B. HART, 4* Hauover st. je2 2w*rrc WANTED, FEW aetive Yowig Men to go South or Weet. to act as Agents for the sale of uew and popular Publications. $300 over and above their expenses will he insured to them in writiug, with an opportunity of clearing $1,000 per year. Home men now iu our employ will, no doubt, make over J J .00" per year clear of all expense. Each man will have his istrict. It will be necessary for them to have at lenat from fi'> to S50 to obtain a good fitting out. Apply at FRENCH'S ublishing Hall, 293 Broadway, up stairs. Office of the Msg of our Union. All letters mnst be post paid. myl61m*rc BOARDERS WANTED^ G.ENTLEMF.N and their wives, or single gentlemen, can be accommodated with good board and pleas 'nt rooms, furnished or unlurniched, ou reasonable terms, by the day or week, at No. 476 Bowery, north west corner of Tenth st. jet twrrc HOARD IN BROOKLYN. PLEASANT Rooms with Board, in a private family, may be had on reasonable terms, by applying in Court street, next door to State street. The location is pleasant and airy, near the churches, and would be desirable to a gentleman aud lady, with or without children. je5 3t*r BOARD oni3rooklyn HEIGHTS; NO. 12$Columbiastreet, overlooking the bsy and city of New York, and five minutes walk from the ferries. A few siugle gentlemen can obtain rooms aud board in a genteel private family. by applviug aa above. je5 1w*rc TO 'illK LAUltS. ASSIGNEE'S SALE.?A large stock of Worsted Patterns and Embroideries, French and German Fancy Goods, will b. sold at No. 337 Broadwar. *p stairs, opposite the Ta bernacle. The goods will be offered upwards of 83 per cent under the coat ot importation. je5 2w*rc BUNTING. 2 BALES assorted colors; Bine Linen Cheeks?J eases, suitable for summer coats?just received and for sale by jei lw?rc HOOSE It VIETOR. 89 Pearl st. SWIMMING BATHS. RABINEAU'S HOT, COLD, Shower and Swimming Bubs, at the foot of street, third pier south of Canal street, N. R., are now open from sunrise nntil II o'clock at night, (Saturday till 12.) The water where tlieae baths are stationed has been deepened, which under it is as pure as any other .ituafiou in the vicinity of New York.? The ladies department naa been considerably rulsrged. For advantage of Se t water over CltKOa, a.k your physiciaae, lor they, differing Irom their ulual custom as legard. large dones, not only prescribe them for their patients, but actually take them themselves. Baud of music every eveuiug. jcr> Iw'rrc ASTOR HOUSE BATHS. Entrance, No. 1 Veaey street, (Private door Astor House.) THE l'UULIC are respectfully informed tliat the above Baths aie in complete order. The bathing tubs are en tirely new, (copper,) and the largest in this city. In noint of cleauliuessaud attention, the baths cannot be excelled. The Saths are open until 11 o'clock at night, (Saturday night, 12.) rice of a bath, 35 cents. The warm flea Hatha at Desbrosses street, are as nsual opeu from sunrise, until II o'clock. P.M. m?4 lm"r HENK Y c. H ABINEAlf. Proprietor FuME~bATir TO ALL who are afflicted with rheumatic complaints, we would say go aud try Dr. Swett's Sulphur Futne Bath, 301 Broadway. The peculiarities of it are such, that it cures effectually this complaint, also all other diseases ol a chronic nature, such .is Scrofula, Gout, Salt Rheam, diseases of the Skin, Joints, fcc. The chaig.s are so moderated, as to fetch it wiihin the meau.v of all. in2l) Im'm REMOVED TO NO. 547 PEARL STREET. TIMOLAT'S SULPHUR BATHS. ESTAHI.ISUKD l!V 1821. THE8E BATIIS are highly recommended by the most emiaent Physicians for the cure of Rheumatism, Erup tions uf the Skin, scrofula, Paiu in the Joints, Salt Rheum, fee. fee. To be had daily at 547 Pearl at ret I, near Broadway. my8 Im'rrc BATHING, HAIR DRESSING, SHAVING-, AND WIG MAKING. PHALON, No. <1 Broadway, in Judson'i Hotel, so long known at 214 Broadway, conceiving that a finely arrang ed and well conducted Bathing Department was uecessa ry to complete his arrangement for the comfort and conveni ence of his numerous patrons, has now the pleasure of inform ing them that such a desideratum, where shaving, hair cut ting, .bampooii.g and bathing, can be carried on in style, may be I'-uiid at his new place, Jiidnou's Hotel. In Broadway. The B.i t lis ate unsurpassed by any in thecity fot comfort and convenience, and cm accommodate wO person. Hot, Cold, and Shower Baths. Hair Cutting, with clean brashes for each person, having been a feature in hi, business for many years, he would in form Gentlemen that he will, as usual, give that baanch of hie bnaineas hi. personal attention. ml5 lm*r iilfc, AMAZON Wilis, /~kR Gentlemen's real Hcada of Hair, bving the latest and v/ greatest improvement in the manufactare of Wtxa and Hcalps; and the subscriber is hnppv in being the first to intro dace them here. They displsy the forehead snd temples to any height, a point in wig making never be for* attained.? Tney are composed of ventilating or goseamcr work. They At on the head by a mechanical contrivance entirely new; they are pat on in a moment. They immediately adept themselves to the countenance and at once become part and parcel of U>? jiving man. Copy the address. fc. PHALON, 61 Broadway, oppoaite the all tin*re Olol-e llorel. nuder imlmu'i Hotel. THb CITY MKt i iNHlil A N CfcT OUmT AsY. Orricc No. 61 Wsi.i. strut, Citt or N?w Yon*. CAT1TAL 8T(I< K 8210,000, all paid in cash, sad securely invested according to the proviamna of its charter. Thia Company Wksbeenin business twelve years, and la that time hiu )>aid loss.s by lire upwards of $150,006. The present asseu uf the Company eicced ita capital stock more tnau $2S,DG0 Insurance against Ins or damage by Fit* effected on appli cation, at reasonable terms. R. A. RKAD1NO, President. al? lmins*m I>. F. CURRY, Secretary. THfc LONO IS!.AND INSURANCE ?OMPANk. CAPITAL 2IM),(WO DOLLARS. Orricr n Ft'* srar.cT, Brooiltw. pONTINUES to take risks on buildings, machinery, mer handixe and property generally, on their usual favorable terma. Thia company has passed throngh the two greatest conflagrations that have everoccnrrcd in the conntry ; they owe their escape from them with comparatively slight losses to the system which they have always practised of limiting and scattering their risks. All losses which the company may nutsin will be adjnMed and Paid promptly as heretofore. Thei Company take special care to notify their eastomcrs in New York, of all expirations of policies. . ? , B. W. DEL AM AT ER, President. ?l*mn?T E. C. FINN, Secretary. ~ WOOD'S STRETCHED LEATHER BANDS FOR all kinds of machinery, wsrranted the best that is used in th* city, (the nasent bands not excepted.) constantly on h-uid of all widths* aither cemented or rivetid, single, doubla or rooad, si may b? wanted. Plesss call andjes the? b*lore natcha.ins elaewhere. F. W. WOOD, 67 Fiank lort ?fe*t. New Voik. Oa hand, harness, bridl*. shirting, rns ?e ?;inmk sad othsr leather. )t$ jw*rc TVAltsrTWlNR, SHOE THREAD. 6c7~ 1 v i.eoo casks Nails. assorted sites. 10,000 lbs. Wool Twine ; ?flt handles Indlado. 106 hales English Seine Twine, aasorted. tM do Ottou Seine and Wrapping Twine. Also? R*?sia, Manilla and American Hemp Cordage. Cotton do do. assorted sites. Oikum. Burlaps, Bagging. Shoe Thread, kc. kc. For sale at lowest market price* by jet lt*rc f EBRA k CLMlNO, 10J feaiTst. MDNfeY LENT. THE fuhscriber contiaaes to advance the highest price, al the olil-establed odtce, 233 William street, on gold and silver watches. diamonjs, plate, jewelry, wearing apparel, dry goods, furmtnre. and all personal property. JOHN M. DAVIE8, Licused Pawnbroker. mvM lm?m ~ FIN E I .IN EN SHIRTS. MF.3DAMF.S PALMER liFARR. 476 Broadway, eontinns to mske gentlemen*' Unen to order, and wkrrant them to fit. The latest patterns an.l tin eat needlework rharacw.i is i the es'ablishmnnt. NB ?Orders eteeated ior ?y part of the conatir. mtfr Im're : c'Ef" ?? *?? BRITISH AND NORTH AMBRJ TAN ROYAL MAIL STEAM SHIP#, ,..r line toot and 140 horse power. earhiuu dcr contract with tin Lords of th? Admi ?ralty. HI BERNIA ( apt. A. Ryrie. BRITANNIA Cai*. J.llewur CALEDONIA t apt. E. G. Lott. Acadia <"a|>t Win Harris"* CAMBR1A Capt.C. H. E- Jmlkins. Will sail from Liverpool and Boston, via Halifax, aa fol low a r>OM BOSTO*. r?OM LIVKRFOOI Hihernia Ji?ie 16, 1316 I Caledonia June I, 1R16. Caledonia July I, 1H16. Uriuunit " '?*> Britannia " 16, " | Passaci: MoskT. From Boat on to Lifrrpool " 5?" From Roatvxi to llililu ? ?? ?? Tlirae ships carry el|wrien<-ed suriteons. No berths se cured iiutil paid for. No freight, except specie, received ou the data of sailing. For freight, paasage, or aiiv other information, apply lo 1>. UKIOHAM. Jr., Aveut. my!! re At HARNPEN * CO 6 Wall it. STEAM SHIP GREAT BRITAIN.? A? ihrre is a doubt of the above ship beu.g entirely ready for sea oti Saturday, it lias Ix-t-ti thouehl advisible to detain tier till 'Monday, the 8th instant. ou winch day she will positively tail at 1 P, W RICHARD IRVlN. New V,,rk June I, 1816. . Jel Iwirc GRAND EXCURSIONS TO NKW hAVKN. Fare 75 cents?for the trip up aaddown $|. , .MM THE splendid steamer BUFtALO, ( spt. y* w. Hancox will commence her regular 2EZ^nBK?>ripa OU Monday morning, J'liie 8, leaving the foot of Barclay street, south side, every Monday and ' Tuesday morning at 7 o'clock. Returning, will leave New ' Haven ou the same d i> a at 10 P. M. Kor freight or passage apply on board.or'to je6d:His*r JOHN BALI., 101 Barclay st. UAOUJiRKBoTYFE APPARATUS. i JOHN ROACH, OPTICIAN, 82 NASSAU Street, ha | constantly on haud the Voichtlander, French and A inert- j can insrtumeuts, and every article u?ed in the art. Operators I w ill find his preparation, now called Roach's Quickatuff, to work willi certainty and r, lickness, and to l>e cheaper for use than mixing their own chemicals. Cash orders from the conn trv proiulitlV attended 'n mvi lm*rrc | ~FANCY NKEDLE-WOKK EMPORIUM. i tIF.NRV LAWRENCE. IMPORTER OF ZEPHYR WOOL. CANVASS, PAT- 1 TERNS. BEADS. FRINGES. OIMPS, fcc.. H JOHN ' STREET, NEAR BROADWAY.?H. L. takes this method of informing the trade and politic generally that he has taken . the above store, and ia prepared to olTer an sxtensive stock in ; his line, selected by himself, in Europe, with especial refer ence to quality ami novelty; and,by nia arrangements, feels confident that his prices cannot fail of commanding a share of public patronage. He is now opening many articles entirely new iu the market, and respectfully solicit* a call mMJn'n Z1 PER CENT BELOW HIS USUAL PRICE. j FASHIONABLE VI STING CARD ESTABLISHMENT. ? A PLATE and Fifty Cards printed for SI ? ; the best En amelled Cards primed from engraved plates at 50 eeou per pack. A SILVER DOOR PLATE furnished and beautifully etigraved for $3. Engraving for the Trade equally low, at CLASSEN'S old sUad. 1 Murray street, eoruer of Broadway. aU lm*r FIREWOR KS. I THE subscriber wonld invite the attention of dealers to his aaiortmeut of Fireworks, which he offers at reduced prices, consisting of China cracker*, torpedoes, serpents, mines of do. and stars, fire wheels, scrolls, triangels, verticles, beiicalai. pigeons, Roman candles, rockets, lie. lie., all of si? perior quality. Also, a large assortment of pieces, snitabl* for public and private exhibitions, of the most approved makers. jel lw"r J. W. HOLBEHTO.N,7i Maiden lane FIRE WORKS?FOURTH OF JULY. NEW YORK LABORATORY. M BENNETT, 196 Front street, two doors south of Ful ? ton street. The most extensive and brilliant assort ment of FlRE WORKS are now offered at the above pjace, consisting of honory and airial rockets, with gold and silver ! rain; amis, fans, palm treea, pyramids, Peruvian crosses, octa gons, triangles, verticles, mines of serpents and atara, ma roons, bengola lights, Romnn candles, serpents, pin wheels, grasshoppers, port fires, blue liirhte, scroll wheels, torbil ? lions, line pigeons, toriiedoes, pulling crackers, double head ers, fire crackers. Canton rockets, fcc. Country merchants, and dealers in general, are requested to call and examine the above stock. N. B. Committees for citv and country displays, military I and private parties, can be supplied on the most liberal terms with the abovemeutioned articles, warranted, the mate rials having l'-en selected with the utmost care wvB lm*r , FIRE WORKS! FIRE WORKS!! 19KAC EDGE, Pyrotechnic Artist, Jersey City, is prepar ed to furnish FIRE WORKS to cities, towns, public gar dens, theatres, fcc. His present stock comprises the most brilliant and variegated fires, appropriate designs, ever manu factured iu this country, and can be furnished to any extent. ISAAC EDGE, Pyrotechnic Artist, Labaratory Jersey City. N. J. N. B.?To agents. Signals, including ship lights, false fires, primers, port fires, signal rockets, fcc., for supplying government or merchant vessels, csnbe obtained by applying to C11A0.J. HOWEL, mylT lm?r >06 Frout street. TENNIS COURT, 238 BOWERY. THE Subscriber, having taken the above-named place, would inform his friends and the Public that the Ball Alley, and the whole of the establishment, liaa undername % thorough repairing. To the Alley has been added a galleiy, 20 feet dv 25, for the convenience of the spectators. This, with an alley of 1? feet, in complete order, he trust' will be sufficient to secure the patronage of the lovers of tliat healthy and favorite amusement. As for the quality of his Liquors. ] Segars, and refreshments, he will leave to the judgment of 1 his customers. H. WOOLLV. Bat Ball Alley, Directly opposite Prince ?t. t New York,Mav 7, W6. my* Im'm J W I GS. ' . BATCIIELOR'S new invented Wigs and Scalps are far in ' | adv.uice of any hitherto offered the public, who are invi- 1 i ted to inspect the great improvements Batclielor has intro- ? i duced. They are lighter, cooler, and more durable than | any previous manufacture, and will be appreciated by all | 1 who aee them, at Wm.Batehelor's, S Wall street, near Broad- | way, removed from 165 Broadway. J4 lw*r j NKW TEAS, GROCERTESj&r. " J AT WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. CHEAP FOR , CASH?J. O. FOWLER, 250 Oreeuwich street, corner , ol Murray, and 128 Greenwich, corner of Vesey, has just re ceived from the late sales, a large and splendid assortment of treih Green and Black Tea. and F amily Groceries of all the various kinds, all of which are offered at reduced prices.? good green Tea nt 50 cents per lb.; Ooolong ;0a<id BW cents; very fine Youug Hyson at 7i ceuts; best old Java Cof fee 12 1-2 ceuts per lb.; Sumatra do. 10 cents; good dairy But ter 12 1-2 cents per lb. ;bleached Lamp Oil 75 cents per callon; ? i Sperm Candles 25 cents. Also, a large assortment, of fine j , white, yellow and brown Sugar, of all the various kinds. | ; a25 Im'rc 1 URE WATER?STONE'S IMPROVED PREMIUM ! 1 Water Filters.?These filters not only clarify bnt purify ? , the most turbid water, rendering it perlectly salubrious, by di resting if of all putrid vegetable and animal matter, animaJcn la,?tc. Th# tittering properties of this apparatna are so great that eren water impregnated * ith soap, tobacco, ate., fcc., is rendered |>erfectly tasteless, no odor and of a bright, enrysta- ' line clearness. Can be seen in operation, and for sale at Stone : and Brothers* Croton Plumbingeaublishmeut, 390 Broadway. n22 lm#r maiIooaNy, kosKWood, zebuawood. fcc. , ?3OR SALE CAEAP, by E. O. STACY, No. 65 Wooster , I? street, between Broome and Spring sts. The ?tock is I t composed of a large nasortment of crotch, mottled and shacted j Mahogany Veneers, Rosewood Mahogany, /ebrawood, bud ? Eye Maple and Black Walnut Logs, Boards. Flank. Joist, *e., kc., and a general assortment of lumber, usually kept at ma- j hoganr %*i*rd* in this eifv ml> Im re CEA N~STE aM~N AVTg A T Ion'C OAIP AN Y.?I ? cc? . formity with the provisions of tlie charter, notice is hereby given th^t tl?e books for subscription to ani amount not exceeding $600,000 to the capiul stock of the Ocean (Keam Navigation Company, will be oi?ened at the office of Boyd ? Hint ken. No. W Wall, and \t the American Exchange Bank; . also at the Butchers' and Drovers' Brnk, corner of ine Bow- , ery and Grand street, in the city of New York, on Thursday, 2uth ; Friday, ?th ; and Saturday, 30th May, at ? o clock, . , A. M., and will cootiuue open until 3 u clock, I.M., onssid ) days respectively. Five per cent, of llie amount subscribed | must lie paid at tfie period of iub?er?i'tion, in" specie or cur j rent bank bills, aud no check, draft, or certificate of deposit, , can be received " The balance of the subscriptions will be | called for in instalments, uot exceeding 10 per cent., as may be required by the operations of the Company, aud upoa i thirty da>s' previous notice. N.^ork.M.ya.^^ Jolin J. Boyd, Robert D. W eeks, I Jscob Little. Samuel Jsudou, Robert II. Moms, Joseph J Comstock, , I Edward Mill*, Frederick Hewitt. Saiaael Sherwood, myHtcW r j | MAY STATKMKNT. { The mutual benefit life insurance co, , No. 11 Wall street, issued, during the month of May, !0/ new Policies, vix. :? _ ? , . To Merchants aud Traders 83 To Brokers J . Manufacturers 9 geCy of Insurance Co. I I Mechanics 12 Bank'lellers ? l Clergymen 12 Civil Engineers 2 Physicians S i Lawvers * Bookkeeper* ? Teacher, ^ \ l*rks M Students J Innkeepers 3 Editors and Printers .. 5 ? 1 Public OfBcer ...... ? Gentlemen J Sea Captains and Marl- Cartmeu ? ners ? Servants I , Farmers ^ 6 ? lit J* No. Lives Insured... .. .207 ROBT. L. TATTER80N, President. Br.!*;. C, MlU.BR, Seretary. J J L. Lord. Agent. , jas.STgwAKT, M D., Medical Examiner, ) No ii2l llr.iadwvv. > je2eod2w*rc lllf. A.Ml'.UlCAN P.ACllAiNlvlv, ttA.NIV. A MEETING of the Stockholders of the American Ex change Bank, for the election of Councillors and Diree tors, will he held at the Directors Room, on Wednesday, 3d dav of June next, from 12 o clock 51. to 1 o clock P.M. Mrmt,. Jastrs Miles, j J. A. Edosr. > Inspecton. W. W. Ht nt-RCT, J ^rtarwt4'BrU'r<l0f D'reCt0r,JQHN J. FISK. Cashier. , ". - -*?.:-s" l/'l Bj Wm HAS REMOVED from lit William street to 116 Win.a* street, within 4 doon of John.?A rich and lashiiyahle asso tnient of Goods will alwa>s be kept on hand, and will be made to order, at such price, as must commind ihe atten tion of the troly economical, while the style and finish will, to the man of Uste, speak lor themselves. As all goods are bought for cash, and, therefore, at tlie very lowest rates, a finer article will be mauu fact tired, at a lower price, than the credit tailors can possibly lurnun. ncnRtt ,cai.e or frices. ' ] Fine French Cloth Blsck R ress Coat, Irom *15 to %? 00 Blick Doeskin Pants ? o 8 10 ^ O"re Coats! and' all other articles usually sold''e trade, ^.Uxe." of Broadway. mv? Im-rrc I ?L'RlN(i AND SUMMKR CLOTHING. j AT the Cesh Tailoring snd Clothing Rstablishment of W. M FFTTETT, 2ft2 Bleeker stTeet, 2d door from Barrow I street (late ?j0 Fulton street.) where the following great st- I fraction'will be presented :-C|o,h Coats from ?f ,o |I6; Alpacct ro.ts. from $2 i0 to W; thin f oats of Linens, Ging ' hams and Trims, from 7J cents to (2 30: Cassimere Pants, from 11 to M; vferino Pants, from $2 lo$l 50; Drilling ana | Kl- Pants, from 91 to $J; Satin V^ts, from Ja to tli Summer Vf?ts, from 75 cents to SI 75. Also, a large as> sortment of Cloths, Csssimeres snd Vestings. whieh will ha | made to order to suit tht most fastidious?which pne*1 ,re | Am'ud to li'tWK.^V-FIVE rer cent cheaper,ban a, any other store in the citj-. r . GEHtlEMEN's m:ft-okf WARDROBES WANTED, . , GENTLEMEN or Families desirous of converting into Ix Caah their superfluous Clothing. Jewely, ire Arms, lie., may do so to their advantage by sending for the Subscri ber, who will attend at their residence by ?IHf'n''""!. H. LEVET, No. t Wall at., N. r. A line through the poM-offics, or otherwise, will be puue tnally attended to. my27 lm r TO LiKALER? IN PtbHtNG TACKLE. ALAHGE Rssortment of China Grass Fishing Lines, and Holmon end Trout Hilk Worm Gutl, Uisuit city or eoun I try dealers. Eierv article ia Asbine tackle will be found Jt reasonable prices,at CONROY'S F lahing and Sporting Taeklo 1 JCmblubBMt, 51 KrIw* tovm of cliff. . H 4I1CWMV ?(mrnii* RARE PICTIfK KS AT AUCTION. IOMODkHNOIL PAINTINGS, by Huntington. Dough ty, Birch, Pi* Franca, Kichirdton, Mincflii, Rnrford, MM Mc-c irry. c*>inprisiiiftT rhi rut ire collection of ? gentle inn i Kurjpf Tlte heturvt ar? of iuiljuiM?tl i>ftter uity. having l)f?? mirchased hj the owner from the above ai* t?*U: The collection couijn-Uea Landscajte, Historical and Miriuf subjects. Also. 22 I* ue Oil Paiuiing*, by tl?e old misters. 'rh? Picttrei will be read)' lor ex&minstion ou Tuesday and W cduesday, (9th and 10th iu?t .) Trom 8 A M., to 10 I' M.t at uU?r tltw Picture Gallery, 301 li road way, Conor of Duatie'st. Hale on Thursday, Ilfh inst., nt 10 A. M. Private eutraor c for Indies in Dq?nf street if prefer red je7 tt??*r,i CAMKLIAS JAPOX1CA, AT AUCTION. ~ A LEVY will aell on Tuesday, June D, st 3 o'clock, P. M., ? at the Green llouae*. south aide 13d street, between 3th and 9Ut Avenues, the entire stock of the Ute George F. Harris mi. Ksq., deceased, c"nsiatiu( of between 3 and 4000 < aineliaa and Seedlings, of clioioe aorta and many new varie tiea; also, a quantity of Ptroni.i .Moutana, aud other Peonies. Hose*, Herbaceous Plants, Dwarf A|i|>les, lie, The sale will commence with a few articles of Furniture. Knickerbocker 9taK?4 will take pasaeugera fur this sale. jeG 2t*rc M hOR SAl.E-T*o fiue Saddle Horin-will drive ano in n carriage. Thtjrinjut the r<K*'t ? u? horkeliack, ud have been loi.g J saddle. Apply at the desk ol the Herald Office, fur further p?rticul?r?. j:t Ct'igb MK1NO CHARLES SPANIELS?OF THE pure breed, received by the latest iirm.t. from Lou, for sale by A. Griare. 5 Jolui street. Also, rare ible Birds, only to be found at lut establishment, No. i John street. N. B.?Letter, from the ourions, in distant pirti, (post mad) will be attended to, by A. ORlVVE,11 al7?lmrh Importer anddenier in Birds. ('ages. fcc. FOK SALE?A beautiful English Setter DU<?, .bout 8 or 1U mouths old?price $50. Apply ai 21 Walker street. jefi Iti.'r NEWFOUNDLAND DOOS. A PA1K, one year old, well matched?fnr sale .t 17 ("lumber, street jel3t*rc iNKAFOlJTAN' BONNETS. THE SUBSCRIBERS, Patehtees and Mann facto rer* of the Neapolitan Bonnet, are preiiared to .upply (lie trade with their inimitable Neapolitan., for which they received two silver medal, at the laat two Fair, of the American Institute, and which for atyle and finish are nnaur txused. Tbey warrant them to alter aud clean eqiuly to new. Apply to FATT1SON, NOE It CO., tS DelancyM., .7 Imi.'r or Vy?? u?- ^ine and Pearl. EXCELSlo it HON N ETS1 >F PI U SIAN SI LK. I THE aubsrribers having been appointed sole agents f*j)lor the sale of these bonnets, are now prepared to sup ply the trade with tins new and splendid article of silk braid, which received the tint premium of a gold medal it the tut lair ol the American Institute. Thete bonnets rxeeed in beauty, texture, durability and economy, anything if ihe kind ever offered. They we warranted (o be entirely nl'silk. and will clean, alter aud retain tneir color equal to uiy braid in asa. ?T ANTON, RICHARDS It WOODRUFF, I >3 ul w*- m No. 43 Broad street. ELEGANTLY furnished apartments, ? K) LET. at that beautiful mansion, 43 Barclay St., on reasonable terms None other than persons of un doubted respectability need apply. Enquire on the premise.. References earhanged. jefi 7&3 3(*m MARINE PAVILION, ROCKAWAY, June 2, 18(6. THE subscriber would respectfully inform hi. fflw friends and the natron. of the above well known sea ilaeBL bath lug esiabUsnioeut, that he will open Tot the aeaaon mi the l.t of July next. Families of obtaining rooms tor the season will be waited upon at their residence., by leaving their address at the Astor House, ou and jfter the 16th 15ti?e HIRAM CRAN8TON. TO LET. a TWO GENTLEMEN and their Wive, can be ac commodated with Furnished Rooms and Board in a , ? mall family, where there are uo other Boarder.. The nonse is delightfully situated in 8onth Brooklyn, within . few minutes walk of the ferry. Those who wish the enjoyment if the country, comhiued with the convenience of (lie city, will And the above situation most desirable. As company in , lie present instance is an object, the terms will be moderate. I \ line addressed to " Hastings,' and left w ith the Ferry Mas er. New Vork side, will receive attention. jc6 3t*r FOR oALIS OR. TO LEASE, IN BROOKLYN. VAN BRUNT'S HOTEL, No. 23 Fulton street, (northeasterly aide,) five door, from Fultou Ferry, i. ^ now offered for .ale or to lease. The house is 25 by 45 reet, fonr stories high, containing 22 rooms, and being on the created thoroughfare in Brooklyn, i. a good location for : many kind, of bnaine... Possession given immediately. For mrticnlar., inquire on the premises of OEORUE VAN BRUNT. Brooklyn, May 25. 1816. my2C lm*re FOR SALE OR TO LET, MThe Modern built three story brick house, 215 Adams atveet, Brooklyn. If not sold by private sale, it will be disposed of at pnblic anctiou, on the 15th day of May nest. Half of the purchase money can remaiuon mortgage,, for a term of year.. Application to be made on the premise. 215 Adam. ?t.. Brooklyn. .4 1m*rc LOOKLNO OLAfSES! LOOKING GLASSES ! THOSE furnUhing their houses, and other, wanting Look- I inn Glasses, would do well to call at IOC Fulton atreet, or 333 Pearl street, where every variety can be found at the j rheapest rates, wholesale and retail. Large and small, novel, ' fashionably ornamented and plain French plate Okassea, to luit almost any sized pier, which will he sold low, very low, indeed. Plain and richly ornamented Portrait Pictnre Frames, 1 ['suitings aud Engravings. Looking Ulawe.?plate, by the l>ox or .ingle. Old glaases repl.ted. Ladle., while .hopiug, please call. mv5 tm?r HOOPER fc BROTHER. bttEsH TEAS ANL? FAMILY GROCERIES. JO. FOWLER haa in atore, and is daily receiving from . the sales Grcru aud Black Teas and Groceries in .11 their variety, which are offered at a small advance ou the wholesale prices. The best quality Yonng Ilyson tea at 6s, reiy good at 4 and 5s; the best quality Oolong, Souchong and Pourhong at 4s ; very eood Black Tea at Oreen and Black, agitable for kitcnen use, at 2s. and ta. 6d.; New Or leans Hng.r at 3s. 6d.. and <?. 7lbs ; Brown Havana 4a. 6d., White do 5?. 6d.; good white Lamp Oil at 6s. a gallon, good Sperm Candles at 2s., together with a choice assortment of Mlier Te*s, Groceries, Her. Families, and dealers from the country, are invited to call am' examine the above before pur chasing. Stores 250 (ireenwir'i street, comer Murray, 1/8 Greenwich, cor Vest.y, and 7f> Vesey, near Greenwich street. | je2eiwrre MAG ASM N JAPAN A IS, 69 DUANE STREET (between Broadway and Elm ?f.) All. PAKKER. ifnt from Amsterdam, most re?i?-ct ? fully inform* l*<!ies viJ gentlemen who are furnishing their parlor*, that he has constant!y on liaud the following an tique articles, its?Japan licqnered porcelain jars, va*es, I flower bottles, cake and Irait dishes, of great beauty and the finest quality ; old Dresden porcelain groups, figures, cnps uid saucers, of the richest kind* j ancient Una of the I'.th century, richly earvid, of tnoihrr ol iiearl and ivory, and beautifully painted ; ai.cient Venetian (laasei, oft-rent vari ety ; rich carved furniture, of the time of Lonis a1V.,coii liatinr of chairs, arm chairs, and cabinets ; .-ilno two Japan porcelain tables, or wash stands, such as never has been im ported, and a small collection ol ancient oil |<aintings of 'he Dutch and Flemish schools. ,Mr. I', would also call the atten ion of strangers visiting this city to eiamiue this inagnifi* cent collection, N.B.?Order* taken to import ancient oil painting., of any nasterof the Dutch and Flemish schools, marble statuary, :*rved furniture of any description, ancient porcelain, in liese different branches, and everything that belong* to the intiquarv line. myl3 lm*rrc PIANO-FORTE WAREROOMS, 273 BROADWAY. NO. S AND 7 LAFARGE BUI LEI NO. rHE PUBLIC will find at the above rooms a general assort ment of Grand and Square I'iano Forte*. at the same price ?s a? r?- i . q-otnn alt tin* r \ OKIEVK. .No. J John afreet, importer and dealer in ?*? Uirda. C-ijtei, iiird Set-da ofetery deacriptton, offers for isle the follow in.- valuable and rare Birds :?Miuo, A ranger, iVainec or Chnieae Mocking Bird, Abordevat or f<piec Bird, lav* Sperrowi, White Cockatoo, Chinese Pheasant. These >irda weie all imported from the East Indies, at great ei jeuae. BI?cWbird?, Thrushes, Linnets, Chaffinches, Gold inches, Bullfiuches, Starling* and Skylarks. In fact, the tu ions will find at No. i John street, most of the cage birds in he known world. N. B.?Black and Tan King Charles' Spaniels, reeeired by the ship llcnry Pratt, from Liverpool, per John Grieve. m>TJIm*rrc T U 1 A 1 L O KS. THOSE who wish to attain a complete knowledge of the art of ruttiuft all the various styles ol garments worn It the present time, would do well to obtain Stinemet's work on the subject, whick is universally allowed to lie com dete?the price of wi{ieh is from I to 10 dollars per copy ; the iifference in price being wholly in the binding. To be had if the author. No. 113 Broadway, New ^ ork. all ln?*r ro mag:111 n rsrs an rr ma nufactu&es. LATHES of all descriptions, from 7 to 25 feet long, furnish ed at short notice. Also, cutting engines, snitablefor all nnds of work. For terms and description, direct to the sab icriber, Hudson, New York. n* lm*rc JAS. T PERKINS. INSTITUTE FOR T H E CURE OF BALDNESS AND GREY HAIR, )QQ BROADWAY, between Reade and Duane ?ts.?Mr. 6>m7i:LIRKIIUGH has opened the above as the principal itfice for the sale ofltis Patent rRlCOPHEllOUS, eoanected aitli which he has a private room, where he is now prepared :o offer his advice and assistance tosnch ladies and geutlemen t> may wish to consult lnm on the cure of Baldness. Orey Hair, and other diseases of the skin of the head or growth of .he hair. Ladies and gentlemen can have their hair instantaneously iyed black, brown, or auburn, by the use of Julea Hauel a Vegetable Liquid Dye. Depil.itorv; Powders, for entirely eradicating superfluous uir on the lace, neck or arms. Branch office aa fmmcrly, Broadway. mylt lm?r DAGU ERRliOT * Pfc APPARATUS. JOHN ROACH, Optician, 13 Nassau Street, HAS eoustantly on hand, Krench, German and American li'iiromeut*. lloaltag Boses, Mercury Baths, and all ihe Khar material used by operators, are manufactured under his inspection. I 'hemicals, Piste*, Cases, Quickstuff, Ice., fcc Leases tSronud to order. ThcrtnomeUrs and Surveying Com l>a,ies manufactured for tlie trade. Magneto Lleetnc Machines, of approved construction, for Medical |oir|w??ea ml7 Im'rc N h W r> P K I N O liUULis. ADAPTED TO GENTLEMEN'S WEAR. WM. MATrHIKMEN, 1*7 Fulton street, invites the in siieriion of the pnblie to his choice s'ock of rrench Black an I colored ( lothssud f assimers, Vestings, of all va rieties, suitable lor spring trade, which are now to for casH. Customer* desiring to have ELEGANT ANU DURABLE GARMENTS AT MODERATE PRICES, would do well to have their garments ent by the efficient ent ers ol this establishment, whoar# capable of jriving ? ??*? I fitting garment as the most fastidious can desire All article* of small wear continually on hand, Shiru, espe (telly. _ Remember the number, 117 Enltjm street. a 16 im*r WM. MATTHIES8EN MAGIC HAIR DYE RED OR OREY WHISKERS changed to a beaattful r - - . - t- ? black, instantaneously, by the application of Phaloa s ma. lie Hair Dye. Country gentlemen can have s bottle forward- < rd them by egpressor otherwise, by sending their orders,cash enclosed, to E. Phaloa, SI, nnder Judson's Hotel, Broadway. Price tl per bottle, with rail directions for use accompanying each bottle. City gentlemen sis invited to call at the depot, where they can have a superb pair of Mack whiskers substituted torrid or riey ones, in less than rive minutes. mJt i ? - DR. CASTLE'S I ANTISCORBUTIC DENTIFRICE. THE invaluable properties of this Dentifrice for the cure old'seases of the month and teeth, seventeen years et perience haa amply eseimilifird, and is of sufllcieat import Slice for Dr. Caslle, (office 3RI Broadway,) to comply with the suggestion of his numerous pvients, to offer it to the public, it preaeryea, whiten*, and poliahes the teeth?re moves incipient decay?sweetens the breath, and prevent* and en<es scurvy in the month and gums; and la guarantied to preserve* sound set of tee!'*, when med from childhood Dr C. performs every operation on the month and teeth. je S I'm* HOOKS BOUGHT. PERSONS wishing to diaj ne of their Libraries, either large <>r small, will alwsys md a ready pnrchnaer and i ood prices, by addr>.ssiug a f?wli> es, giving name an) number, to J M'CABE. it !?*( T? Kimii or 1*7 JUrmgtoa tuecv * ?e r???. ^ruTi. PARK THKATHK?Boiei, $1; Pit, Jtt r?Mi; ftallery ib cents?Mondsr Evening. June 8, will Im- iwriorir.rd Shakepe ye's historical irwulff RICHARD 111 ? liirlurd, Duke of Glo'a'.ei, Vlr Charle* Krai; RicIiuioiU. Mi Elizabeth. Vra. Charlrs Kean: Lady Aiuse.Mrs Abbutt To cu.icluJi null. Ut utile at (In* 'lh-*tie,a new farce, now I'Uv in* in London, entitled 1)11) ^ OfT EVER SEND V('i|. H WIFE TO NEWARK -11.? -.1 tin, Mr. G Bimtt; C, g, Mr. O 4?drrws; Mm. Iloiieybiri. Mrs. Abbott; Mis. Ciuik lln. Knight; Mrs I, ?<?]!, ,?lr? D> ott. Doors opeu I?t 7 O'clnen?I>m U commence .it rre ci -? I 7^ i.'clock l)OWr.HV I UKAl'HK ? Monday Kveuiug, June 9. will LJ be performed tha tragedy of BRUTUS. On THE FALL OK I'.Vil'^UlN?l.uciu Junius Urutns. vlr. J. K. Hull; Ti* tu>, Daveuportl Col atinua, i lirkf; Talis, Mri. O. foues; Tarqumia. Mr?. Phillip*. After which, for the first time, a uew eml.letnntic Mid patriotic drama in I parts, nitten ex preeetv for tliia tlieitie l>\ A W Keinio, E*<i , entitled THE CAMPAIGN On THK UIO GHANDE-l'helim O'Neal, Mr. J. It. Scott ? Mary l)>Mue, Mn. O. Jono. ;C/" Lower Boies. jo ceuu; second and Uiirii lien, U eta.; Pi! a-id Gallery, 11W cents. Doors 0|i?u at 7 o clock?Curtai.i wil] rite it half past seres o'clock |U?KJJ W1CU THEATRE-?Monday Evening, June 8. Benelit of Mr Rice?The performance will commence with the petit comedy of < HAKLEH II?King Chailea, Mr H I'Grittau; C"pp. Mr Chapman; Mkry, Mist Caroline < li ipiu in. Alter wh.ti tlie Ethiopian opera of BONK Hl^l \S|( L? DIABLE?None KquaWi, \|r Rice; Junietta, Mm Caroline < tiapuun. To conclude with the black cmne dv' of WHEUGH?HERE'S A GO?Sip L.rkiu, Mr. Ricc; Mrj. Collewabble, Mr* Mouell. Balcouv and Drens Circle, JO CU; Upper Boxes, 25 eta; Pit, G' N 12>?]cts: f'rirate Boxes, Si: Orchcatra "Boxes, ai?i;l? *eats, Si! ID" Do<?ts open ut 7. t urtaiu riwt at o clock. CASTLE GARDEN.?Monday Evening. June 8. ? The eveinii^'a uuiuaenients will oi ti with the overture of La Gazr* Ladra. A Grand Flute Cavatina, by Mr I' II Ro es??|, I'a* d? Deux Tyrolean, by the Miaaea vallee. Orer ture to the Brouze florae, lulrrmiasioa of lialf an hour for firumenadc and refreahmcnta, and to riew the ranee of one hundred Coatnorainaa. Alter ihe promenade, Maracliiier'i Lc Prince da llmnbouri;. " Beat* tiiere a Heart," MrHol Ijw. Or?M Waltz, Die Nachwaudler. Paa Venicien, by the Misaei Vallee. To conclude with the oreiture to We bcr a <?heron. Admittance Z'i centa. On Sunday, a itreud (election of Sacred Mutic. CHATHAM THEATRE?Boirt|Kceata j I'it lcenta ? Monday Kfenimi, June 8, will be preamted lor th<* firat time, a grand drama, eiititl. d tlie MAKI'il OK FREEDOM?General Taylor, Mr. Greene; Captain May. Booth; 1cIm1>o&, Winaua; Mary, Mra La Foieat; Goddeaa ol Liberty. Mra. Greene. Previou" to which the lauuhablu tarce of NEW NOTION.-?Major Wheeler, Yankee Hill; y??n. Mra Booth. To commence with the comedv ol the ORKEN MOUNTAIN BOV?Jedediah Vankee Hill; Saudfield, Mr. Greene; Miaa Sijae uniali Mra. La Koreat. ir> " Door* open at tf paat 7, performance to commenca at before > o'clock. ' , IMLO'H IMIIDKN.?Openinr Niflit. Monday KrcaitiK, Jnnet. lStrt.?The eutertaiBtncau will commence with a popular Overture. Alter which, tlegant and daring achieretnenta on the TIGHT ROPE, by the Ravel Faintly and Charlea Winther. A v irierv of elegant feats, without the balance pole, Francoia Ravel: I'aa 8enl, without the b.ilmce pole. M'me Jerome Iti?el;Paade Ber.;ere,.M'me Martin Javelli; Daring Exploita by Leon Jarelli; Le Petit Amour, (only two yeara and a half old,) will make her first appearauce in Public. The enser taiuinruts on the Rope will conclude with the brilliant cxer. ciscs of ( harlea Winther. To be followed by the celebrated POLKA DANCE, by Madame Leon Javelli,(late Miss Well*,) and Mona. Henri, from the Opera of Paria. Half an hoar's intermission for the Concert* A-la-Muiard, ia the Refreshment Saloqn. A brilliant Overture. Tne entertainmenta will conclude with the comic Panto mime of M. DECRAJLtlMEAU, in which the whole Havel family will appear. A Galop Villageoia, by the Corps de Ballet;Comic Pas Btyrien, by Gabriel Ravel and Mad. Mar tin Javelli; Charistic Pas de Deux, by Mad. Leon Javelli and Mous. Henri Doors open at 7 o'clock, to begin at t o'clock precisely. Tickets Fifty Cents. jet MUSICAL FUW~HALL, PHILADELPHIA. MR. TEMPLKTON, previous to commencing his North ern tour, will have tWhonor ot presenting his REMINISCENCES OF Q1U1ND OPERA, on Monday eveninK, June 8. MR. C. B. CROSS will preside at the Pianaforte. PuiT 1st. Song?" My sister dear," Irom the grand opera of Mtssa niello. Cavstina?" Yonng Agues, beauteous llowcr," from the opera of Fra Diavolo. GRAND SCKNA. Recit?" My companions are warned.'' Aria?" Proudly and wide," from Fra Diivolo. In the course of the evening, by particular d?siie, the fa vorite sougs, " Sally in our Alley, and " Old Tonler." Paii i 2d. Pong?" Beats there a heart." from La Bayadere. UHANtl SCENA. Recit?" OU, 1 can bear mv fate no longer." Aria?" Through the forests,'' from the grand opera of Der Freischu'z. i llecit?" Orynthia, my beloved," 8o?"' \ Aria-" A hermit who dwells." Song?"A* you thro' life's journey wander," from the Bronze Horse. Tickets iO cents, to be had at the music (tores. To com mence at B o'clock- J7 lt*m MOVEMENTS or SANDS, LENT fy CO.'S CIRCUS. THISsplcnaid establishment, increasing iu public estima tion as it proceeds through the country, will be found at the following places on the respective daics, in pursuance ol their route Juue 5th, Jordan Village. " Gth and 7th, Hkaueateles. " 8th and 9th, Auburu. " loth, Seneca Falls " llth, Waterloo. ? " litis, Clyde. " 13th sud U;li, Lyons. " mil. Vienna " Jtatit, Genera. " 17tli, I'enyan. " ISlh, ltushville. " t'tili, Canai daiifus. 20ai anil 21st, I .ilmyra. jeA lwve T HOWES & CO.'S M tW YORK MAMMOTH CIRCUS. HE LARGEST ESTABLISHMENTerer ortpahed ia Die United State*, comprising IV) Aim ami Morses, re lunin* Carriages to couvey ill* performers. war Irobe, mn ?ir.isrv.4tc. Mou'lay and Tuesday, lit a.ul *1 of June, ? ill be nt Lancaster? Wednesday. 3J, at Marietta?'Thursday, 4th. ?t Columbus?Friday, Jih, at Portsmouth?Saturday, 6th, and Mondiy, 8th, at ll.irrisbtirKh, la. The company ha* at tacbed tn it higlit Female Equestrians, among whom i* the Ot??trtl 1m male Ridvi of the Awe, recently arrived froin Pans .MADAME MA HIE MAC ARTE, whose new style ot Equestrian Ke*u, peculiarly her own, being chaste and classic; her ^raccl'nl anil I uc mating address, ?ud Hit charming nmreie with which she chains ner audi fence, render this giited and highly-educated artiitf the Wad lug leiture of the arena in thia country. The Proprietors re fer the public to the brilliant description given ill the respec tive ne wspapers of the extraordinary and daring feau perlorin td by this distinKUished artislt. Among the novelties which the rru) rietots utter are the ccleinated Scotcn GIANT AM) GIANTESS. Their height ia M feet, and their weight over 700 lb*. Mr. K.mildl weighs 4'U lbs. Mrs. Kmdnll it the moat enormous R'antes* in the world. They w ill appear in " Jack and the can .Stalk/' and he will perform eitraordinary Ieata oI itrrngth and agility, and will ride in a two horse act. The entertainments will comprise 17 Acta nf Horsemanship, Gym nastic Eierciaes, Classic Displays, and humoroua afterpieces. Equestrian Director, Mr. HOWES; Ridiug Master, Mr. NIXON, and the unapproachable Clown, DAN RICE. Among the Performers is the celebrated and principal Ri ier, the Napoleon of the Arena, Mr. HOBBS, whose Ieata on Horseback are the most eitraordinary ever witnessed. Juve nile Act of Horaemanship by Master Niton. Olympic Exer cises. hy tlie whole Company, led by the great European Sumoli r, Mr. MACARTE. Wonderful Keats by Mr. Cole'f o|s, Hector and Billy. The SWISS BROTHERS, in [heir elegant Gymnastic Postures and Groupings. Mr. Sweet is the Charioteer of Phashus. Posturing and Gymnastics by Mr. Nixon and his son. Mr. Howes m his Mythological and brilliant Act of " Fancies of Proteus." Mr. C. Howe* iu Slack Rope Evolutions. The Negro Minstrels, with the ini mitable Dan Emmit at their head. The Original lianj? Meln ilist. With a variety ol others. The whole comprising the leading, most talented, and classic performers in the world, mytll tl rrc SClLNTiFlC LECTURE. CAPT. R. B. RANDOLPH will lecture up m his wonder ful Electric Steam Frigate Vesuvius, the most extraurdi lary invention of the age, at the Planters' Hotel. Htatan, on the lOtti ot June, to commence at 7 o'clock, I'. M. Admittance "Icent*. jeB2na?rc MUSIC. INSTRUCTION given on the Piano at two dollars per mouth, by u person who understands the profession tho roughly. Any person wishing to take lessons, will please address a note to ".Music," at the Herald "dice. je7 fit*rc MH ON3. GEORGES TIETZ respectfully announce* that his grand Mechanical Exhibition will open in Broad way, at the Gothic Hall, on Thursday evening next, at 7 D'clock, and continue open until 10 o'clock. je7 lt*re rO VOCALIsTs, MUSICIANS, AND THl^THKATKi CAL PROFESSION. WCORBVN, Manager of the Swiee Bell Ringer*, re ? apectlully informs the members of the Musical and Theatrical professions, that he will have fulfilled In* engage ment with the abose band in a few weeks, and tender* his *ei>. rice* as travelling agent to any musical prolenor, band or com pany ol artist* ol acknowledged talent about to travel. Having completed his second lout throughout the United Btates, the Canada*, Texas, and the Island ef Cuba, during which he ha* viaited almost every seatton of tho*e countries, ud inade himself practically acquainted with those deuil* and statistics most necessary and useful to profeoional traveller*, be believe* that hi* *< .vices will prove advantageous to any party with whom he may engage. Letter* addressed to \V. Corbyu, Manager of the Swi?* Bell Ringers, care of Sol. Smith, Eq., theatre, St. Loun, Mo., if maii? d prior to May 10th, and pirpeid, will meet with prompt acrniion at that rime. *11 tfrrc AM TLANTIC GARDEN 18 NOW" OPEN FOR THE SEASON.?Dad worth'* Comet Baud will perioral every Tuesday and Friday e? ening*, commencing Jane 2nd, at 0 o'clock. Admittance fiee. myl lm*rc WILLIAM ALLISON. Propne'or. MODEL OK i\E W Y ORtW. THE UNDERSIGNED is now receiving order* for view* to be represented uthe canopy ol* hit Model of New Vork, which will be soon completed. These views vary from 10 to 10 inches in length, and are repre?ent?d lor a moderate compenaation. They include representations ol pubi c build logs, places of business, manufactories, hotels, private resi dence*, steamboats, packets, tie. A number of the first artists, both landscape* and decorative Cinters, can find employment by apply at the olliee?al*o ? w agent*, and person* capable of tranaacting uasmeea. Office hour* from J to ? I*. M. _ *14 lm* rrc E. PORTER BELDEN, XO Broadway. bilUards improved." |"|T1S FIELD res|>ectfully informs hi* friend* and the public, that h< Ins returned to his old favorite quarter*, BASSFOHD'S ROOMS, entrance IX Ana *treet, ?djoiniug ihe Museum Building, or 119 Fulton Mreet The {loom* and T.-.ble* have been put in perfect order. Ihe Table* are Slate, Marble and Iron, with Air, India Rubber and < loth Cushion*. They will no doubt suit European and all great player*, being t'u be*t in this country. Larger ball* for fetlicrn?rs--( aroh a ball* for German*. ... N. B ?h issfrrd'* new ityle Billiard Table* for sale : ladia and French ' u ? Leather, beat in the cur; fine Billiard Cloth, aad even article in the wade, constaatly on hand and for *ale. **?>?? lm#m VIOLINS, VIOLONCELLOS, fcc. ATS JOHNSON'S Store, No. IC7 William street, New xV V?>rk, profe*?or? and amateurs will find a very' large col lection of geanine <-ld Instruments of the heat maker*. One Andreas (His menus; two by Hathmaa; and one undoubted Straduanua, verified by Chtv. Ole Bull, Mr. Vieai Temp*. W V. Wallace, and Geo. K'.oop, with many other* of fine quality Also, very tii-e eoiiie? from Pari*; new Violiu* and Goiur*. from t< and upwards Instrument* bought, ex cliaaged or repaired. Persons residing in the country, br re mitting any given amount, cm h.ive an instrument forwarded, and warranted to give **ti?f*ction for the price. Letters i ost paid. The lotrer* ol the king of instruments are invited to < ill jet 1ns*? LEFT-OFF WARDROBE ANb FURNITURE T WANTED. HF. highest priee obtained by Isdie* *?d gentlemeji who wish to disp. JTO their left-off wardrobe and Iiirni ture. Bv saudinff 1 lir e to the subscriber s rwideaca, thlouttb the l'ost Office, it -a ill be rronli''1 V M'*1' _ J, UfMHTlM. Broadway, up*t?itt. Ladies ran be attended to by >!/?? J- Leremtyii. myH nn*rrc LATEST INTELLIGENCE. \V a-Hi- OTON, June 6, 184#. Great di-ou ii#D in tlir Senate tc-d;iy upon Gen. Gaines, Gati. Soolt, tl?e Preudntt, and the general subject of tlio fljllftiem Au.iy?Wobnter, Cass, H vii.T, the two Johnsons, Archer, Calhoun, Crit tenden, Bagby, Manguin ami Allen, participated in tho bow-wow. See your reporters' sketch.? Th? tiusts and totters are nil to be In id belore the Seriate. No fUrther news to-night from the nrniy. There ore some distiubaiMMa uiuoiig the Indians of the South-West, howevef, that threaten to be *?? rioua. Report prevalent that the organ i* to be retro cedeu to biuir auil Rives. Not at nil unlikely? not at nil. Father Ritclne is wanted badly in Vir ginia. She will be apt to go astray, if he remain* longer away ; bwidtM nil that, he is too ardent or verdant for this latitude, in th? estimation of the old campaigners. The bazaar of the N'ational Fair Is as empty aa a shell. The sport is all over j and next we ex pect the repeal. Washington, D. C., June 5, 18-ltf. It would appear that Col. Benton, or Old Bullion, as he is not (infrequently called both by friends and foe*, cannot be easily " caught with chaif or, in other words, the appointment of hi* son-in law, Fremont, to be Lieut. Colonel in the rifle regiment, ban not, in the slightest degree mollified his disaffection towards, or liis dissatisfaction with the present rtgmit. Mr. Fremont was taken from about die middle of the second lieutenants in the corps of topographical engineers, and exalted by a word to the second rank in a regiment! This was done as a bait?" a sprat to catch a gudgeon but let it not be thought for a moment that Col. Benton either asked for tho appointment, or in any manner signified to the appointing powers that it would gratify him. Doubtless ha feels Sateful, on account of his son-in-law, for. although e marriage ot'Mr. Fi6mont, in the first instance, aroused all the anger in his bosom. Col. Benton has courted and earessed Lieut. Fremont" to tne nines," since his Rocky Mountain expeditions have given him such iclat. But just look at Col. Benton ! Ho has, within a lew days, mounted the administration, and seems determined to ride to the death. Tho " organ" and tho lesser " organs,** as Gen. Cass and C<3. Benton call them, tho fifty - lbtir forties, all come under the sweeping denun ciation of wilfully endenvoring to " deceive" and " mislead" the people, and to plunge the country into a war upon a cnimera?a shadow ! And we know that Col. Benton has, within a day or two, expressed his dissatisfaction with other proceding* of tho administration, besides the course pursued by it in reference to Oregon. If, therefor -. Col. Benton can carry with him Gen. Dix, Mr. Bngby, and Mr. Ilaywood, (by no means improbable,) the administration certainly " stands in jeopardy every hour" in carrying out a favorite policy. If the conservative branch of tlio government choose to place itself ill opposition to the Executive upon any single point or scheme, it will prove to be un fortunate. It has been said that Col. Benton holds himself as much nloof from the administration as it is possible for him to do; and it is also said, that, in his course upon tho Oregon question, ho misrepresents at least eighteen out of twenty of the people of Missouri and the West. This ia probably the fact. Tho Hfrnlii copies from the Orthnpotitaii a biog raphy of General Taylor. It is ineorree.t. Oen Taylor was born in Virginia and not in Kentuekv lie went to Florida as Colonel of the tirst and not the sixth infnntry. The buttle of Okee-Choneu was fought on Christmas day '37, and not '" I Col. Taylor was not on horseback, hut in the main of the fight,waist deep in mud. I' :isiniiios-itilo for a hor?e to wade, as did the under l I Taylor, through a deep saw-gi \ imp, tor three quarters of a mile before th my opened his fire. These are facts, unini| nt perhaps, from one who was with Colonel ir, ana in timately connected with him in 1 i for throe years. Last night intelligent was receivt ,l that e?i Taylor had very quietly walked his forces into Ma tanioras and assumed the protection of the citi zens. It is said that Ammidia has sneei?od?4 in obtaining a new " rig out" from some " Mexican tailor." Monterey i? tho next halting plane Yours, W TWKNTY-NINTH GONGUEE9. In Kenate, Washhotow, July* A 1H46 Warm and close. Pmjrer by Rev. Mr. Milbura. Pio tossor Kiipy's ventilator Bereocliing like un old roc kmc chair on tho top of the Senate. Mr I-airfield presented u iirivato jotition. Mr. Di* presented n memorial, asmug tint Congress purchase < icorgo Catiin'i Indian collection jf painting*, costumes, &c. (?on < a<?' resolution about <icn Gaines, was laid over for u while. rar rMrrioi riomts On motion of Mr. Ashley, tho Mil relatinirto tirrtxiru lion 114I1U to the public lands, was made the species or iler lor Wednesday next. rr-*iN?:i?Ttot?rum. river?obaisTS or i.4*m Mr. Srr.iuiiT moved to take up tlie bill granting aitor nnto sections ol land to tUo improvoment of Pearl nvtir, in the States ot M ississippi and Louisiana. Mr tiunnn* ton has agreed. Mr. Calhoun hat agreed. Mr. PcisisvBAeaca would inquite when the Commltteo on the District of Columbia, proponed to report the hi't for the rotrocesation of Alexandria county and town to the Mate of Virginia. It was a matter of great intermit 10 the Stato of Virginia. Mr. HrciuHT said the chairman of the committee wn not jot in. When he arrived, Mr. 8. won Id cheerfully give way to the enquiry of the Senator. The bill lor Pearl liver was then taken up, the que? tion being upon ordering iti engrossment. The eyes and noes were called, and third reading was approved?33 to 15. Mr. SrEioHT was understood to ask the third reading ot the bill, and Mr. Webster objected.?He wished to see the order of the business preserved, lie would prefer that such or lers as this were laid over to the old hour of one o'clock. He woald notice now, that ho should not consent to any mch proceedings hereafter. BRITISH Ml.'SECM. Mr. Wkbste* presented a petition from an agent for :he ilritish Museum, with various documents irom the nstitution accompanying the petition, asking that Con. {ress furnish to the Mutoum, copies of the various book* iirintcd under the authority of the government. Library Committee. HOt'MlH. Mr. McDr rric presented two resolutions of enquiry ipon the Treasury Department, relative to the Hot)man. ?nd? in the State of Louisiana, the title to which is under lispute, among numerous claimants to parts and parcels, md the subject of a bill before the Senate. Lies over Mtisiut raoN the racsiDENT. In replv to Mr. Allen's resolution on the subject, ? nnessage from tho President was read, enclosing a com munication from the State Deportment, on the subject of Krench and Knglish interferences against the annexation ?f Texas, before its consummation. Mr. Pfisiin bkb renewed his enquiry regarding the bill for the retrocession of all that part or thia. District on the Virginia side of the river, to the Stato of Virginia.? He enijuirnd respecting this bill, because the people of Virginia were very anxious to have the act passed. Mr. Hatwood said the committee had been debating the subject, and would probably report sometimo next week. A SWKErtnil SCHEME. Mr. moved a resolution, ordering an enquiry upon the expediency of a general law, granting alternate sections of land to all roads. railMads and canals passing through the public lands, and also to the improvement of all rivc.s along which they may lie. Laid over one day. new. aimci and sis. scott. Mr. Cass's resolution of yesterday was taken up, to wit:? Keeolved, That the President be requested to inform the Senate whether aiiy officer of the aimy, during the past or present year, has called volunteers or militia into the i-orvice of the United States, without legal authority iherefor; and if so, what is the number of said force, how it hes been organized, and whether of oAcersof the line or staff have been appointod contrary to law ; and whether such calls, il made, wero necessary, and the probable amount they will cost, and whether any advan tages have resulted, or are likely to result therefrom , and also *hst measures the department of war adopted for tho defenco of the southern frontier of the United States during the same period. Mr. Casi, without designing the alightest centuieof (Jen. Gaines, appealed that he had transcended hu au thority. If the President had so acted, in call in* upon volunteers without authority, he would justly have been subject to impeachment the very next day. Gen. Taylor had the necessary authority for reinforcements?lien. Gaines hail none. Mr. Caaa wished to prevent the dan ger of such precedenta by si prompt examination. Mr. Wrb?tbr defined tho constitution, and the neces S.RtaTS&k weri the very men sent dosrnte thn Rio Grande, by the senet.ou of the President, to the re lief of Taylor. Mr !'*?? W ,1 | vf Mokehbao. Did the Senator from Arkansas say ?W > ?toi these volunteers, raised by Oeu. Gaines, { . . ITn r.r.irod by the President I ? 1 es. sir. The troop* from Mobile, and Now Orleans, were received, and sent down t/Hv arrived 4t Point Isabel in time to allou Gen. Tay. ur to reach, with his main bodv, to his camp, and u> rain those iplmdid which he did. Mr. Cass. The letter of tho Adjutant General. W 111 the Senator read it T Mr. Sewer. Yes, sir; und we might as well nave It now. lie accordingly read from a letter ol the Adjntent General of M?y 3-Mh (hewing that the Secretaiy of War objected especially to the mounted gun-meu called out by Gen. Gaines. , _ [Mr. Calhoun pes fed into the bands of Mr. Sevier a newspaper | , , Mr. rea l from the newspaper W >ther lettei ..r the Adjutant General, countermand.iig the calloMHn. Gaines'for the mounted gun-men. but appro* ingof tha volunteers mile i lo. from Loiisiina, ^ Alabama Mr Mrier, alter braraljr defowlM* ??

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