Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 12, 1846, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 12, 1846 Page 3
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oumin^iv ui?uininu. AM SELLING handsom* Summer Camhlet Fmck Coats for $5; Crotou &?rk*. at $4; Cm ton Pelto't, at $^; Gin* im Office Frocks, at $2 An endlet* asiortmeat of Vtit? M. o'tlorli A M. jell 3tfh CARD. CIONOR RAPETTI return* Ms wumeit thanks to the gentlemen belonging to the different fire companies who rescued hit house. ?3 Merrer street. from the flumes on Mon d*y night. and iu particular to those who bestowed ao much car* and attention towarda saving hia furniture, which waa Insured, but in consequence of changing hia residence in May, the policy of insurance had not beeu transferred. Jellh'rc _ yUMMKR CLOTHING. Wm" and Pants, from 91 50 upwards. These garments are hand somely made and trimmed. Fju* French and Eugliah^floths, Cassimerea and Vesting* Bad*, as aanal, to order?the cutting of which 1 attend to Crsoually. Invalids and others waited on at their own ?ses. Terms cash. O B.CLARKE, ]rl2 lt*re 116 William St., opposite the new stores. MUSIC TAUGHT. DUMSDAY, No. 425 Broidwav. four doors abo*e Ca L? nal st . teacher of the liuitar, Hinging, Pianoforte, Ac cordtaaand Violin, continues to teach lailiea and gentlemen of New Fork at their owu reaidencea if required, without e*tr? eharve. Terina moderate. A full sized HARP, in thying order, for sale at %li. Apply at t25 Broadway. ,ie'? lw*re FRENCH MILLINERY.. WANTED immediately, a good Silk Milliner?one that understands her business aud can trim well; to such the best of ?a(>a and constant employment given the year round. Apply at MRS. UNDERWOOD'S, 117 West Broaiway, jeltlt*re one door from Walker st. OPENING OF THE EAGLE HOTEL, AT THE F.1J.T.S OF A'MC.JH. THIS ESTABLISHMENT ha* just been opened by Mr. , Hollis White, (late of Buffalo.) in the most recherche com fort tbl e style. The House has been newlv repaired and painted. The carpets, tapestries, and generally every piece of furniture, a'e entirely new and of the latest faahion. The rooms are very large, and pleasantly ventilated. The cel lar is provided with au abundant supply of the choicest brand of W toes. The service is performed by a troop of eipe rteneed, attentive and civil servants The kitchen is under the practical attendance of a FRENCH COOK, who has been lor several rear* attached to ooe of the most popular es- ; New York. The regular dinner is served at ? P M.?A substantial luncheon s* prepared at 1 P.M.. for tra vellers leaving by the 2 o'clock cere; and the breakfast kept up from 7 A- M., till 10 o'clock, for the accommodation of visiter*rn the Falls. Finally, the proprietor make* it a duty towards hi* natrons, end a pleasure to himself, to spare no means hy wfiieh to make his gaetts as happy and as comfort*- . ble as they would feel at their own homes. jc!2 2t*rc , FIJKN ITURE H OH SAI.E.?Selected Furniture of a housekeeper giving up house, on Monday the 15th of i June at Id o'clock, 81 Pike Slip. je!2 4'*rc i TBKOWN, Stone Seal Engraver and Herald Printer, i ? I]) Broadway, opposite the Park. Coata of Anna. Cy phers, lie., engraved on stone or brass. Ladiea Seal*, Signet Rings, Pencil Cases. Keys, Itc.. engraved with arms, or any device. Diamonds, Amethysts, Topazes, It*., bought in the rough, or cut to any form. Coats of Arms found and painted in any stvle, from SI and upwards, and forwarded to any part of the United States or Canada. Books of heraldry kept with upwards of JW.O 0 name*. jel2 lt*rc FOUND ADRIFT. |N Tuesday last, the 9th init., an old COAL BAROE or and a small BATTEAU, at Quarantine land, Stateu Island. Enquire of Joseph M. Lymon or James McOee, at Quarantine Landing je!2 3t*r VAIL8. TWINE, SHOE THREAD. fce. H r*0 tub Naila, a?.orte<J sizes. 10,001 lb. Wool Twin* ; <00 bundlM India do. 10# bale. Engli.h Seine Twin#, aa.orte.l. 2J0 de Cotton Seine and Wrapping Twine. ^Ra?.ia, Manilla and Ameriean Hemp Cordage. Cottoa do do. assorted sizes. Si'oeT^fead.'ikc.fcc^'Sftr sale at lowest market prices by iTia lt?r CEBHA It CUM I NO. 105 Pearl at. D iK J ON KUt, Dentist, 383 Broadway, (we.t side,) two mJ doors above White street. " A better Dentin, one who more thoroughly understand. the difficult art of teeth set tiug, filling, cleaning, etc., does not rwide in tui? city, ine doctor'a artificial teeth are aa perfect imitatiou. of the natu ral, aa it ia poaaible for them to be. We are cognizant of one tnataace in which Dr. Jone. remedied the bungling work or one of the 'releb. itxd' dentifU of this city, to the entire ?a tiafactiou of the sufferer."? Sunday Dtipatch. jeU lt*rc. DR. POWELL, OCULIST, AND OPERATIVE BURG BO N. 4 TTENDS to Diaeasee of the Eye ind to alUmperrec A tiona of Vi?ion. from 9 to 4 o'clock, at his resideuce, *1 Broadway, corner 01 Warren street. __ . Opthalmia. Stoppage of the Tear Passage, Cataract, and Opacities. effectually removed. AMAUROSIS treated with great attention and success. Inveterate caaea of STRABISMUS, or Squinting, cured in * ARTIFICIAL EYES, of tttperior beauty **BPf5?TACLEB adapted to every defect Advice to the poer without charge. Wlnn Office and residence *61 Broadway?entrance a treat. "DU. CASTLE'S ANTISCORBUTIC DENTIFRICE. THE invaluable properties of this Dentifrice for the cure | of diseases of the mouth and teeth, .evenreeu year, ex- , parience has amply exemplified, and is of suflicieut import anee for Dr. citle. (office 381 Broadway.) to comply with I the .aggeation of hie numeroua Mtienfa. to offer ittottie puelic It pre.ervea, whiten., mid po ..he. the teeth-re move, incipient decay?sweeteue the breath, and prevent* aud cmta scurvy in the mouth and gums; and i? guarantied to , preserve a sound .at of teet'a. when used from childhood. Dr C. perform, every operation on the mouth and teetn. j> H l'?r F|> w t-IsTV-HKbT EXHIBITION of U.e Naticaaal Aca JL ilemy ef Design, will clo.e on the 4th day of July. Teacbera ol'schools age invited to aeud their applications to the the rooma of the Academy,for tlie admission of their pnpila to tbe ezhibitiou and invitations will be i? f0fe0'jNO. O CHAPMAN, Sec'y, N. A. SODA WATER. " , FOE BALE-A valuable mcipe, with instructions forjna kiuc bottled Hod* Water, with or withont syrups. With thia leefpe the retailer can make his own soda water, with out ai paratua or machinery of any description; e*|*"?e not to eicned 1? cents Per dozen,aod made with very little tron ble wd r.ady f"r u.e in 30 minutes. Apply to Dr. MAM- , SH ALL, No. it Orange at., where aamplea may beaeeu ? Pr<re I'^r the recipe 810 Jf 11 " * . ?,,)? Hi u | to I.KNU OM BUND AND MOHT- , ?5&O.UUU OAOE, in anma to suit applicants, on pro tective neal E.tate, in thia city and Brooklyn. Apply to S. B BHOAD, No. 11 Wall atreet, m the Oroton Water Office, ( tenement mviW rr UOAKLLlSO. TO LET?two rooms, to single gentlemen, with breakfast i and tea, or full board, in a private Ismily where there la but one other bearder, in a pleaMt .ituaUon between two ?use ronte., in the neighborhood of Bt. Luke ? church. Tereii^no*cr*t*? Addrea. Living.ton, Herald office, vh^ch will meet with mention. lts "v uO.vUUINii, ?EA HA1 HiNU ANDKlbHINU. TO those who wish lor retirement and comfort during the ilimner mouth., combined with economy,a rare ch*uce d^vs^sssfssas^srjsa l,Th? .uamboat Edwin Lewi, leave.. Waahington Market fccteuk'aLading,withu. a.hortd.^ tauce of the t ottage. * bOAKLi ON UKOOh-LYN HElOH'iS, i NO I*Colombia atfeet, overlecking the bay and city oT New Vork, aud five minatea walk from the fernea. A few .iagle gcutfemeu can obuin rooma and board in a genteel by applying aa above. Jei lw rc iiAtii WAaHli>?ulX>N rtOUSt. Cheatnut atreet, Philadelphia. The above e.tabli.h ZZOmnt having recently undergone thorough repair., aud relurniahed throughout, pre.enta all the advantagea ol a New Home, with the long experience of Aepre.eut Proprietor, who can orly aaaure hia patrona that hia effort, will notJ>e^re lated toaecure every luxury that may conduce fort ?r pleaauie of hia gueata. J'7 lw rc i fOK SALE AT VEKY LOW FK1CKS. J THE whole atock belonging to thf late firm of Bteinike fc Behinaer or 334 Btoadway-Conaiating of a la?e u- ( lonmeat of zephyr and Crerman w orated, fmi.hed and com Menced Embroideriea, embroidery Patterua and all material. tor Embroidering; puree Twiat and Purae Tr|mming., gilt and ailver Beada and a fnl ranety of ?ranch and German ra>ev Gooda u offered for aale at 7J New atreet, by "v 1JT\iMtSaJw*rc C. ROCKNAOHL, Aa?ignee. PlXTOkTrTDAV1DI Lea riirondellea, theHwallowa; S Hymae a la Nuil and 3 Reverie du Loir, from the cele brated ode. "Bmyphony, the Deaert a7 i Kreach JWnk word.^J^W^d format JelO ItWWtM'r 361 Broadway. I llROWN'S 11EFECTOKY, " PHILADELPHIA.?For ?ale-The atock, fixture., and good will of the above well known eatabliahmeat. io a peiaou wiahing to engage in the ba.ine.., aatufactory evi- . deuce will be furniahedoT iu pre.ent .uccewful proaecution, and its capability of further improvement, by good manage ment. The proprietor, wiahing to .ell, will offer a bargain, for ca.h. Notea addreaaed, or appliratioo made to iC Lhea nut .t , Phihdelphia, corner ofExehange Place, will meet withatteution. je91w m^ CALK SKINS k SLAUGHTER HIDES?4000 be.t aua litv City Calf Skin., elected. Alae licht, middling, ud Iwitvv Hide., of varioua average we ghta. Kor eale by mvf imatrr IOHN1IIINN. in Kliaahe.h at kitchen ranges. HOLMES' TWO OVEN KITCHEN RANGES. THE Proprietor, are now prepared to furaiah Holme. | raugee te the trade, or aet them up for privau Camilla, or boarding hoeaea, having purchaaed the right from the patentee u^mauulaeture and aall them. Our expenence in manufactnij SgTd Mttiug Kitchen JUnfea, in thu cityTW ?ears, warraau u? in aaeertiaa thtt Holme* Range j..rnn?#? li for MOBomT, convenience, and dumbility. They are^?arrante<l to perform the pnrpoeet ferwhich they are pore SlITdVandif not they will be removed fVte of any cxpenae to the imrchaaer. Numeron. refereneea can be f*en to peraona wtailing to purchase. The price, range from ti to 44 dollara. alM,, amokey chi?y. OlLHbOL'vV BON, .>1 lm*re T? Nae?? atreet A SL. DELMONICO. are happy to inform their j . friend, and the public, that their new Hotel in Broad war No ? corner of Morna atreet, i. now completed end will'be onened on thCl.t of June next No paw. have been .pered to render it one of the fb ruble iu the city, aud person. de.irou? of a permanenthome, aa wall aa atraagera merely paa.iag oy, will find all tneir want*and comfone attended to with the moat atnet auenaon. my 28 Im't jefferson insurance COMPANY,( Orncm No. S# Wall sr., orresiTB TH**.Mg*cBaim Exchakob. THIS Company continaes to insure against 1 oaa or damage by Fire, on dwelling houses warehouaes, buildinp ia ge neral, goods, warea and merchandise and every parMnal preiwrty . also against loss or damage by inland na ^.oaandVaasporm^cTOIU,, ^ TVimaa W. Theme, F.liaha Riggs, Thoma. T. Woodruff, Aneoii Baker, H R. Bobaon, M. D. Joaeph Drake, Thomaon Price, Joaeph Allen, Moeea Tucker, J.mee E. Holmea, John W Daviaoo, John P. ^"r', John II Lee, v\illiamK. Thorn, Caleb C. Tnr#?, . Tliom??>io.-reil, Francis P Mage, Engeue Bnuart, Jate C. Merritt. Robert hi.ntli. J THOMAB W. THORNE. Preaident. OEO T. HOPE. Secretary ?ll tire ""HABDWARK. CUTLERV AND OUNS. AW flPIEB It CO., having removed toll Maiden Lane, . offer a 'large ?d will aa^ed stock of Hardware. Cut BOOKKEEPER AND SALESMAN "WANTED, in aa Aactioa ud Commission Store. On* ff who can influence sales. aad haaaa circl* of acquaintance. will nrtt with ? rood situanon and liberal u lary, ?? * fa mi tare and inner"! auenou atore. N on* need aj> ply who cannot produce undoubted Wiunioiiiili of ability.-" Address in hand-writing of applicant, ataung lerins and re ferences, to J. M. fc Co., ac this f ljct. Tlx situation will be opeu to applicants till th? lith uiit. Jet lWrc v/aiWed. s IX or ii|lit man of steady and industrious h?bits, to work ut the marble business. corner Broadway- and luth atreet. where tliey will find constant employment Alao, a good Saw > er, who understands Iliabuainaai, and a Huliber, to attaud a rubbing bed. jell2t*rc GOV ERNE MS WANT Kb, TO teach four children the French, Germaa and English languiges and inutic. References required. Apply at the Swedish Consulate, No. U Weat atreet. j<4 Jw'rc WANTED, A FEW active Voting Men to go Sooth or Weat. to act aa Agents for lne?ile of new and popalar Publications. $300 over and above their expense* will be inaured to them in wilting, with an opportunity of clearing (1,000 per year. Some men now in our enifloy will, uo doubt, make over SI,000 per rear clear of all eipenae. Each inau will have hia istrict. It will be neceaaary for them to hare at leaat from I" to $J0 to obtain a good fitting out. Apply at FRENCH'S Hag ?'' to ?ao to owain a good nttiug out. Apply at r ltr.rsc Publishing Hall, 2?J Broadway, np staira, Office of the 1 of our Union. All letters must be |>ost paid. my!6 Im" COPPER MINERS WANTED TO WORK in a mine in the vicinitr of this city. Apply to ?. J). HART, Hanover at. , Jc2 2w*rrc THIRTY DOLLARS REWARD WILL BE PAID for the recovery of the following caaea of Surgical Instruments, stolen from the Library' Table and Mantel-piece of Dr. Valentine Mott, No. 112 Uleecker atreet, Depau Row, on Thurauay or Friday laat, the 4tli or Jth iuat., viz:?one email mahogany caae 6 or 7 inches long, by 2>* inches wide, coutaimug ivory handled Knites and other small instruments, stamped with the name of " Launiy." On the top ol the lid, on a silver plate, is engraved " Fe/entinc Mott, Surgeon " Alao, one amall Mahogany Caae of tlie aame length, butaomewhat narrower than the laat, braas bound at the corner*, lined ou the inside with red velvet,and containing aimilar instruments of the aame maker. The above cues are valued by the owner much beyond their intrinsic worth, aa the old frieuds and compauiona ofa life time. At the same time, were itolen from the aame place two blue embosaed calf Pocket Caaea, with silver clasps, containing various Surgical Instruments, stamped with the names of Chsrriere. Sanson and Tieuiaun?one 6 inches long by 3 in. in width, stamped on the inside " Sansou, Paris; and the other, about half the size, with the nam* of " Dr. Van Bu rin" on the inside on paper. The above reward will be cheerfully paid, with many tfcanka for tlie recovery of the articles enumerated, and if ne ceasary, the advertiser pledges himaell to ask no queatious. Apply at Dr. Motta residence, as above?or to H. H. Mott, Attorney at Law, 25 Park Place. j?9 lw?m FIFTY DOLLARS REWARD. LOST.?A Ladies Gold Watch, Brothera Melby. maker. No. (736. The above reward will be paid on delivery of the watch, in good order, at No. IS Ferry street, and no nues tions asked. jel0 3t*rc ?.->? RKWARD, will be paid for one newspaper, cou VPtainitig a notice of a legacy, or sum ol money, left either in Wales, England, or iu New York, to the heira ol the M? rria family, of Chester county, Pennsylvania. Said notice was published between July 1814, tad July 1(4}. Apply at 49 Beaver St. je$ lw*r A LUST, CAMEO BREAST PIN. being the likeness of a friend, is valuable only to the advertiser. The finder will be suitably rewarded by leaving it at 23 Vescy at. Jell 3tis*r . EDWARD FOX, DRAPER AND TAILOR, INVITES the attention of the public to the moat extensive stock of ready made clothing in the city, adapted to spring and summer trade. In addition to the ready made, the subscri ber offers for inspection the most desirable selection of piece goods in the market, of every color and pattern, and the aupe i rior akill employed in the etitting and manufacturing depart ments is such as enables the subscriber with confidence, to in vite the attention of gentlemen who prefer to hare their gar ments made to order. The above stock having been selected with great care, and bought for cash alone, ia a strong induce ment for all to call who wish to purchase at least 20 per cent less than at those houses who are obliged to do business upon the credit system. N. 13.?Officers of the army and navy are particularly invi ted to call and examine a large assortment of superior blue cloths and cassimeres, which will be made op at the ahortest notice, and in a manner not to be surpassed. EDWARD i OX, 202 Broadway, near Fulton at., opposite to the Frauklin House. CARD THE Subscriber having become interested in the above house,respectfully requests the patronage of his customers and frieuds. Orders entrusted to his caie will be attended to with promptness. JAME8 A. SWAIN. aJOJm ? rc _ j DR. A. C. CASTLE, 381 Broadway, corner of \Vmte at., haa beeu 17 yean successfully engaged in the i ractice o Dentiatry. Study and experimenting Itave enabled him to in troduce many invaluable improvements, uot the leaat of which are hia Incorruptible Teeth. These possess a vivid i transparent, life-like, natural appearance, unapproachable, for their strength aud the ease with which they can be won. Decayed Teeth filled with gold foil, tie. Tender Teeth filled with a pnre gold paste, it is put iu while in a solt state, and becomea impacted with, and renders the tooth as useful as it ' was when sound. myU lm*r I SPRUNG AND SUMMKR QJuOTHINtr, AT THE CASH TAIL OKI NO AND CLOTHING ESTABLISHMENT (W W. H. DEGROOT & CO., No. 102 FultOn Street, WHERE the following great attractions will be present ed Cloth Coats, from SI to $16; Alpacca Coats, from S2 40 to $4; Thin Coat* of Linens, Ginghams and Prints, from 74 cents to $2 50; Caasimere Pants, from $3 to $6; Merino Pants, from $1 to $3 40; Drilling, and other Summer Pant*, from tl to $3; Satin Vests, from $2 to $4; Summer Vests, from 74 cents to $1 74. Al*o, * large assortment of Cloths, Caitimerei, and Vesting*, which will be made to order to ?nit the most faitidioas. Hoy*' Clothing, equally cheap? whieh price* are ADMITTED to be TWENTY-FIVE per cent cheaper than any other store in the city. m2l !m*rc MtLITAKl H.UurpMi!.N'lS?HM.fcMt.Vo CAfS. THE SUBSCRIBER respectfully calls the attention olthe military public to Ins assortment of Military Eqaipmenta adapted to all companies; Miliary Cap*, Knapsack*, Bote* and Bayonet Scabbard* of every variety. Country compa uie*. about changing their uniform, or tnoae about forming new companies, will be supplied with sample*. FIRE CAPS, FIHE CAPS. A full assortment ofevery variety, constantly on hud, and made to order at the ahortest notice. 138 3m*rrc H. 8. GRATAOAP, 391 Broadway. GEORGE WILLIAMS, DYER. CHAWL CLEANER, RESTORER AND BLEACHER, I37)i Broadway.?O. W. returns his most sincere thank* for tli* very liberal support he ha* received for years past, and trust* that with *trict attention to bu*ii>eu his removal from 472V to 437)? Broadway, near Howard street.-will rather increase {nan decrease hi* number of Patron*; he pledge* him self that nothing shall be wanting to merit the patronage of a discerning and independent public. Silk, Cotton and Wollen Goods Dyed, See. Real and FreiichCaahmereJVIerino, Brochc and Thibet Shawls, cleaned in a very superior style in three day* after receiving them. Silk, Satin, Moreen and Damask Window and Bed Curtains, cleaned, dyed and water ed on a very superior and entirely new plan. G. W. would direct the attention of the Ladies to his very superior style of Watering Silk, fcc., having the best workmen and machinery in ihe city Carpet*, Rups, Table Covers and Crunch Cloth* cleaned. Gentlemen'* Wearing Apiwrel cleaned and dyed by an entire new process, and returned ia three day*. Merchant* order* attended to, alio upholsterers, at G. WlLLlAMS' Establishment, my4 Infra 437X Broadway. LIFE INSURANCE. PART OF CAPITAL PAID lN-in cash-and securely invested in London. Part of capital invested in New York, in the nam** of Lo cal Board, at a permanent guaranty fund. Large sarplus of premium fend added to th* capital. Losses promptly paid in N*w York whin approved by the Local Board. Full powers delegated to th* Local Board ; a Committee of which meeet every Wednesday at the Society'* Office, 74 Wall street, to decide all questions referred to them. Half ameunt of premium loaned to the assured (if desired) for five years. Every improvement in the science of life a**arance adopted in London will be fonnd in use by this Institution. NATIONAL LOAN FUND LIFE ASSURANCL SO CIETY, LONDON. CAPITAL $#,500,000. UNITED STATES BOARD OF LOCAL DIRECTORS, (oFricr. 74 wall STnr.iT.) JACOB HARVEY, Esq., Chairman. * JOHN J. PALMER. Eso. JONATHAN GOODHUE, E?q. JAMES MOORMAN. Esq. GEORGE BARCLAY. Esq. SAMUEL S. HOWLASD. Esq. AORHAM A. WORTH, lisq^ SAMUEL M. FOX. Esq. W. VAN HOOK, Eso. CLEMENT C. BIDDLE. Esq. HEAK8 C. WALKER, Esq. LOUIS A. GODEY. Esq. GEORGE REX GRAHAM, J. LEANDER STAR, Manager, and Oeneaal Agent. forth* Unit*d States and British N. A.Colonic*. PHYSICIANS to the society, (mcdi*al rxaminers. ) J. KEAKNEY BOGERS.M. D., 110 Bleecker str**t. ALEX. E. HOSACK, M. D? 101 Franklin st?aL 8. S. KEENE, M. D., 290 Fourth *t. IANIIII. THE MERCHANTS' BANK OF NEW YORK. standing coinsei.. WILLIAM VAN HOOK, Esq., 39 Wall street. ? oLiciToa. JOHN HONE, E*q? 11 Pine street. The following are among the advantage* held out by thi* Institution, winch will be found most adrantaget/us to the assured, and which ar* seldom offered by Life lusuranee Companies, viz:? The peculisr advantages secured to the assured by th* prin ciple of" the Loan Department, thus blending the utility of a Savikus Bam with Life Insurance. The payment of premiums, annually, half-yearly, quarterly, or mouthly. No charge for stamp duty. Thirty nay* allowed alter each paymwit of premium be come* due, without forfeiture of policy. Travelling leave eiteusive. and liberal ; and aitra premi ums on the most moderate scale. ? Conditions in the policy less onerMs to the assured than asaal in eases of Lit* Assurance. (See pamphlet.) The aCTUALand declared profits (published in racces ?'?? Reports) affording sure d\ta for calculations of the value or the 'Tionus" in this Institution. These profit* will at each division be raio in cash il desired. Bftina Unconnected with Marine ou Fire Instance. _ _. , Deferred Annuities. rartie* insured, say at 30 years of age. for a suns payable whan th*y ar* 44 *r 60 year* of age, ana alive, will be sure to have a provision from that fund lor their families, for if fhey DIE b(/ort attaining the itipulatri age, the office is bound to pay tvo-thirdo of SfTI the paymenta mnde by the a*sured, and they can, while living, at any time act upon such payment as a loan fund to the aame extent. 1 he General Agent ol this Institution, ha* recently return ed from London, and it prepared to give every information ?M,?rd 21? rn"f by whi'h Life Insurance can B?eie,r'. ehi'r 0ff,Ce,n it ????-{?*_ 'a. u?iW4 to examine the dis tinguishing principles of this Institntien?their tables of rites ?their distribution of profit*?and the facilities afforded by their Loan Department?before deriding to insur* elsewheir A Medical lixa-niner is la attendance at the Sfflee d^ly it three o'clock, r. M. Fee paid by the Society. ' , . ?ARVl/y, Chairman Local Board. J. LEANDER STARR, General Agent. myJJ I taw tm NEW YORK ANL> HARLEM RAILROAD COMPANY. SUMMER ARRANGEMENT ON and after Friday, May lit, IM?, th* ear* will ran a* lot lows:? Leave City Hall for Yorkvill*, Harlem, and M irrista na, at 7.1,?, 10,and II o'clock. A.M.: 1, f, 3'?, ?>?, 4. II, and o'clock, P.M. Leave Citjr llall for Fonlham 'ml Wil liams' Bridge, at7, 10. and 11 o clock. A.M.; 2, JV. 5. and 6U oVIork, P.M. L*av* City Hall for Hant's Bri Ige, Bronx, 'j tie .?i,oe, Hart'* Corner, aad White Plains, at 7 and 10 o el. ck, A.M.; 2 aad 4 o elock. P.M. Leave Harlem and > orkvtlle at 7 10, ? 10, 9, 10. aad 11 10 o'clock, A.M.; 12 40; 2, 3 10, 4 10, 4K, 6 10, and 7 o'clock, P.M. Leave Williams Undue and Fordham at tU, and loW o'clock, A.M.; iJW, 2V, 4 W; and 4jf o'clock. r.MT Leave White Plains at V anil 9 o clock. A.M.; 2 and 4 o'clock, P.M. The fraight train will leave th* Citr Hall at I o'clock, P.M.. aad l**v* Whit* lock^n th* Lmornin|. On Sunday*, the White New York. hiladelphia ArCTIOW MUTIOB8. TERRENCE BOYLE. Auctioneer. Stora 18} Chatham itrsol. FURNITURE 8ALE?Will mII on Monday. Uth iul., >1 10 o'clock. ?( luiusr 81 Pike street, the furniture ol a family I raving the city, consisting ol' Mahog'uy Table*. Chair*, Bureau*. Looking Glasses, Clock*. Sofa aud ulbir Bedsteads, Mattrrssrs and Pallias'ers, Feather Bed* and Bed ding. Oil Cloth*, Stove* and fixture*, Cutlery aud Chma ware,lie. jell It'rc Mivoa'* OrricK, June 6. 1846. NOTIC hi i* hereby given to all person* owning U that on Monday morning, the lVh inst., persous duly autlio rixed to kill doe* will enter u|>ou their duties. All dog* run ning at large clter that date, and not r<ro|>erly muzxluc. Will br destroyed. By order. , je7 lili 're JACOB RAMSAY. Kirst Marshal ASSIGNEE'S NOTICE. THE SUBSCRIBERS having, by a deed of A**ignment. beanug date the ith inst.Wen appointed A**igu#e* oI alt the eatate, real aud personal, of Mo*e* E. Armour, of the city of New York, butcher, iu tru*t lor the benefit of all hi* creditors, hereby require all person* indebted to him to make immediate payment. and those ring claims or demand* again*! the *aid Moses E. Armeir? ire requested to furnish a statement of the particulars thereof, without delay, at the office of Wm. C. K. English. 43 Nassau ?t. Dated New York, June 6. 1816. WM. t. R. ENGLISH.) je7 lw?re A. THOMPSON, S A**ignee?. HOUSE'S MAGNETIC LETTER-PR1NTING-TELE GRAPH.?The proprietor* of Hoo*e's Magnetic-Letter Printing-Telegraph are now ready to receive prnpoaals from capitalists for the exclusive use of said Telegraph ?n any par ticular route, excep'.iug such routes as have aire idy been dis posed of: or a Joint interest in said Telegraph fur the United State* Application to be made to (UlOHGE GIFFORD, Esq., 17 Wall street. llrE. HOUSE k CO. jefi lw*rc TO SILVERSMITHS AND THE TRADE IN GENERAL. GARLICK k CO., PLATE, CHEST and DRESSING Case Manufacturer* for this Ust nine year* in Fulton street, beg most respectfully toinform their customers, that they have removed to 18 *nd 20 Liberty street, near William ?treet, up stairs, where they will continue to manufacture the above article*. Also, to supply country manufacturer* with Brass Bandings, Ornaments, Inlays, Kc., and every kiud ol marerisl for desks, gun rases, kc. N ?Naval and Military Officers'Canteens made to order m> T1 I m*r PICTURES OF AMERICAN VICTORIES. JUST PUBLISHED, four beautiful Pictures, illustrarmg the late victories over the Mexicaus, vig.S Battle of Palo Alto, Bombardment of Matanora*, Capture of General Vega by Captain May, and Death of the gallant Major Ringgold.? They are richly colored, and are the bett and mn*t faithful of the kind published. Price, M per hundred Order* from any part of the United State* promptly attended te. bv SARONY k MAJOR, 9*Nassau (treat, Herald Building*. N B.?Please read our adverti*ement in another eolftnn. j? lw*r to the Ladies. ASSIGNEE'S SALE.?A large stock of Wonted Patterns and Embroideries. French and German Fancy Goods, will be sold at No. 337 Brnadwar. up atiiira, oppoiite the Ta bernacle. The good* will be offered upward* of 26 per cent under the co*t of importation jrJ2w?rc GENTLEMEN'S SUMMER HATSl i Bran, CORNER PINE AND NASSAU STREETS, INVITES the attention of hi* coatoaiera and the pub lic to hi* a**ortment of aommer Hau, eoniiiting, among others, of white and pearl eolor fur Hau, exceedingly light; Panama, Manilla, Canadian Straw Hat*. Also, extra light, black beaver and moleskin Hau, expresaly adapted to the aummer *ea?oo. navM lm*re ?' BIRD, corner Pine and Nassau st*. TO MECHANICS. A LAW haa been passed, authorising the formation ol ? Corp* of Sappers, Miners and Pontouiers, or Engineer Soldiei*. The company will consist of 100 men, vix?10 ser geants or master workmen; 10 corporals or overseers; two , musicians; 39 privates of the firstclas*, or artificers, and 39 private* of the 2d cla**, or laborers. The term of enlistment is five yean, and none bnt smart and intelligent mechanic* will be received. The classification ; above mentioned will depend upou their merit*, and will not Re made until these shall have been tested. It will be seen that the pay of this corps i* in proportion to the gualificatiou* required. Sergeant* will receive $30 per month?corporal*, , $16?privates of the 1st class. $13?and of the 2d class. $9. Be ?ides this, they will be sabsisted, clothed and furnianed with all neceaiary medical attendance at the expenae of the United State*. The *ubai*tence, clothing, ke., may be fairly ra ted at $12 per month. For further particulars, enqnire at the recruiting rendct vous, IIS Cedar street. Recruits for this company will also be received at West Point, N. Y. my26 2wrc OAROnY It MAJOR respectfully inform their friend C5 and the public, that they have removed their esublish ment to 99 Nassau street, Herald Buildings, where they con stantly keep oil hand a large assortment of the belt select* 1 cheap Lithographic Prinu. Their repntstion, already eeu blishrd for the supeiior style of Stock Prints, makes them confideut that they will obtain a continuance of the public patronage. They alao lender their services in all the branches of Lithography. PortraiU, Plans, Maps, Landscapes, Ana tomical Drawing, Ike. kc.. executed in a style which will certainly secure the approbation of the most fastidious. my23 fm*r ? 1J. L. CARPENTER'S DANCING AC ADE MY, assembly nt'ii.mrvos, TENTH AND CHESTNUT STS., PHILADELPHIA. PROFESSOR CARPENTER respectfully solicits those who visit this citv, and who are desirous of learning llta Polkas, Maronrka*. Waltxing, Cotillion*, Itc., in a very few Ie**on*, will please call on him at hi* beautiful, cool and airy ' ?aloon, at the above place. Mr. C. will continue to give pri vate lesson* all summer; and will commence hi* Fall School on the I*t of September. Single leuons given, or in cla**e*, . and on reasonable term*. my23 lw zkco , NOTICE. NOTICE is hereby given to all nenou* having bought (tone from Laimbeer'* Quarry, at Kipn'i Bay, formerly occu- I pied by Messrs. Mott k Knowton, that the accounts of the ; Quarry will be settled by R. R. Laimbeer. at the Office at the Quarry. WILLIAM LAIMBEER. Dated thi* 16th day of April. 1M6. *23 Im* re FOR^ALE, A NEWFOUNDLAND DOG of the pure breed. Also, for nle. a litter of very handaome KING _ CHARLES SPANIELS. They can be seen at 100 Jfdar a treet They will be sold cheap. je!2 lt*rc KING CHARLES SPANIELS?OK THE pnre breed, received by the latelt arrivals from Lon Hon for sale by A. Grieve, 5 John street. Also, rare and valuable Birds, only to be found at hi* establishment, No. i John street ... . N. B?Letters from the enriotu. in distant parts, (post paid) will lie attended to, by A. GRIEV E, al7* lmrh Importer and dealer in Birds. Cage*. Ice. N< TO LET, OR For Sale, two 3 storv and burmtnl brick dwelling M houses. They are delightfully situated within one mi nute'* walk from the terry, and are fitted up iu haud uiun style, with the late improvement* having been jnat completed. They are 31 feet wide, by S3 deep, with a large court yard in front, being well shaded by tree*, and *arroa tid ed by an iron railiug, and each contain eleven roomi betides the kitchen. The families renting these houses will have the privilege o( crossing the ferry free. Apply to jell lw*r J. A. HTEVENS, Hohokcn. BROOKLYN PROPERTY FOR SALE. THE Dwelling House and Lot* known as No?. H and U Middagh street, and No. 48 Hicks *treet, in the KBCity of Brooklyn. The lots are 23 by 100 feet each, and -? Home in Hick* street three ?torie? high, and one in Mid d (treet three stones high, and the other a cottage,all built in the mo*t substantial manner, and situated in the most desi rable part of the city for residences, being within three mi nutes walk of the hulton ferry. One half of the purchase money caa remain on bond and mortgage. For terms, apply to LOTT & VANOKKBK.LT, jell Iw'r No. 3 Front st, Brooklyn. A ROOM TO LET, PURNIiHED or unfnrnished, in a small private family, with or without hoard, ia a ceutral and airy situation.? A line addressed to W.X.,at the Herald office, shall be at tended to. jc7 6t*rc TO LET, AND immediate possesion given ? Woodraffs UMBREL LA manufacturing establishment. ??.< ilir fixtures and machinery, of the latest improvement, for sale. If imme diate application be made, his work hands, who are some of the b***t in thia city, may be re-engaged, ?nJ Uiereby the ap plicant may profit by the well known reputation of the manu factory in their line. Applications :n writing, left at the establishment, 137 Waahingtou Buildings, William star et, will be promptly at tended to by the proprietor. je9 lw*rc EXCELSIOR BONNETS OF 1'ERSlAN SILK. THE subscribers having been appointed sole agents for the sale of thesebonnets, are now_ prepared toau^i ply the trade with this new snd splendid article _ braid, which received the first premium of a gol<* medal at the Isst fair of the American institute. These bonnets exceed in beauty, texture, durability and economy, anything of the kind ever offered. They are warranted to be entirely of silk, and will clean, titer and retaiu their color equal to any braid in use. STANTON, RICHARDS It WOODRUFF, jeji*lw*m No. <3 Broad street. NEAPOLITAN BONNETS. THK, SUBSCRIBERS, Patentees and Manafactarert of the Neapolitan Bonne:, are prepared to supply the taporitai trade with their inimitable Nrapofitans, for which they received two silver medals at the last two Fair* of the American Institute, and which for style snd finish are nusur passed. They warrant them to alter and clean equaly to aew. Apply to rATTlSON, NOE fc CO., *5 Delancyst., aT lmis*r or Vy?? V ?->- I'ine and Pearl. JOHN IIERDMAN k CO., Unitad States and Orest Britain and Ireland, Old Established Emigrant Office, 61 South street, New York. HKRUMAN. KEENAN & CO. Liverpool. Passage to and from Great Britain and Ireland, vis Liverpool by the Old Black Ball Line, or any of the regular Packet ships ssilinf e? try five days. The subscribers in calling the attention of Old Country men and the public generally to their uuequalled arrange ments for bringing out patstngert from the old country, beg leave to state that the business of the House at Livrri>ool will be conducted by its branch. Those seudiug for their fritudt will tt once seethegrett importsuce of this arrangement, as it will preclude au unne cessary delay of the emigrant, i*he shins employed in this liue aie well known to lie of tns first and largest class, com manded by men of experience; and as they sail every five days, offer every facility that can be furnished. With those tnpetior trrangrmenfs, the subscribers look forward for a continuation of that patronage which has been so liberally extended to then for to many years past. In case any of

those engaged do aot embaik, tne passage money will be re fuuded ss customary. For further p?rticnlsrs apply by letter, post paid. J. IIERDMAN fc CO.. fit South st., New Vork. IIERDMAN. KEENAN fc CO., Liverpool. N. B ?Draft* for any smonnt can as usual he furnished, payable st til the principtl Banking Institutions throughout the Unred Kingdom, oh application a* above. FORJCHARLESTON -The steamship PHHHEr, Jane 1.-th. at 4 o'clock. P. M. For freight PALMETTO, Captain Spinney, jr., ? leave piec No. 3, North River, on Monday >>r piastre apply at the office. No berth secured till paid for. Next regulsr dsv fith. R. J. VANDEWATER h CO . jelJ 3t?rc lOOBr-sdst Vl)R LiVEkfuOL? Packet of the 16th jane- l IX MTj^V'I'Isn'lid fast ssiling packet ship CAMBRIDGE, JnUMas'^spt. Bsrstow, will positively sail on Tuesday, the lath insi , he' tegnWr day. For psssage in second cabin and a*eer?ge, haviug splendid acrommodstions. apply to jei2 re J. HERDMAN fc.Ct? . 61 Mouth st. BLACK BALL OR OLl> LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS. *"OR LIVERPOOL.?Only regular packet of the fflVVMth of June.-The magnificent and celebrated fast MflMfassiling picket ship ?' AM BKI DOILbarthen9J0 tuns, r*tow, will positively sail on Tnrtiay, f6th June. - l?te accommodations of the Cambridge are fitted out in a mostsnperb and coatly manner, with every modern improve ment snd convenience, that c.mnot hut ?ild to the comfort of those embarking. Persons visiting the old country, or sending rorthetr friends, should call and see this splendid specimen of navslarcnitectnre, before engaging elsewhere. For passage in cabin, second cahin.Aiid steerage, early application should be made on root of Beekmai: ttrtet; er to the tub tent/era. , a*. A nVBE MRTTt. PARK THEATKE-Boxes, $1; Fit, SO enus Gallery li crbts?Friday Eveuiug, June 1J ? Beieti' of Mr Barry?"Will be i>erloniicd the comedy of TOWN AND COUNTRY?Keubrii Glenroy, Mr Chirlti Kcui', Coitr, ?**?; ltoa?li* Soiners. Mn Charles Kama: Mr* Moreen, Mr Vernon. To couclude with the musical drtmi, entitled DUN I KSAK DK BA/AN? Dou Cxht lie Uiiui, Mr* thulesheaii: Don Jum, Dvott; Maritana, Mr* Clta* Kean; Couiites* tie Rotoudo, Mr* Barry. Doori open ai 7 o'clock?I'cr.ormance to eommaoce at pre ci.cly 7* o'clock. BOWERY THEATRE'-Friday Eviuiug.June J'-Bene tit ill Mr K Wool!?Will lie iwrforiued the play of CO v E'S SACRIFICE? Mnttliew Ellmore. Mr J R Scott; M argaret Ellmore, Mrs G Jonr*. To be followed with the comedy, entitled THE FOLLIES OK A NIGHT?Pierre Palliot. Wr Walcott; The Ducheaa de Chart res, Mi** Clarke. I he conclude with llie nautical drama of BLAl'K EYfc'I) HUMAN?William, Mr Davenp >rt; Susau, Mr* G Jones. _,IT/* Lower Bote*, M cent*, second tuil Uurd tier*, X> ctl.; r:t Jid Gallery, 12^ cent*. Doors open at 7 o'cloca?Cortaia will ria? at half paat seven oVIoak. CI ASTLE GARDEN.?Friday Evening, J ana II-The ' eveuiug's ainuiemrnt* will oreu with the overture ol Z metis. After which the be*uuful Pas ile Deux da Korjfri, by the Misses Valler. Mr 'I liomjisou will dance a Caledo nian Pas .Seul. To conclude the first pait, with the overture of Oberou. Intermission of half an hour for liroinenadr and refreshments. After which will be performed by the full or chestra La Oazza Ladra. Tin* beautilul dance of the Cachu ca, by tha Misse* Valler. Buffo Exiravagmza, by Mr Thoniu *on. To couclude With the overture of Les Diuman* de la Couronne. % Admittance IS rants. On Sunday, a grand selection of Sacred Music. CHATHAM THEATRE?Boxe. 21cent* ; Pit 12* cent* ?Friday Evening, June 12?Benefit of Mr Purdy?To commence with the comedy of NEW NOTIONS?Major Wheeler, Yankee Hill; Susan. Mr* Booth. To be followed by the YANKEE PEDLAR?Hiram Dodge. Yankee Hill; .Mirian, Mia* Sweet. After which the farce of the ARTFUL DODGER?Artful Dodger, Mr De Bar; Lucy, Mr* Booth. To couclude lor the 5th time, * grand national drama, entitled the MARCH OF FREEDOM?Oeneral Taylor. Mr. Oreeue; ('apt May, Booth; Icliabod. Wiuau*; Mary, Mr*. La Foiest; Goddess ol Liberty, Mi*. Greene. (T7" Door* oiien at M paat 7, performance to commence at K before > o'clock. NIBLO'S GARDEN.?Friday Evening. June 12. 1840 ? The entertainments will commence with a popular over ture. After which will be presented, for the td time on this continent, a series of classic grouping*, called GLIMPSES OF THE VATICAN IN ROME. To he followed by the celebrated Jaleo de Xaras, by M'tne Leon Javelli. Elcicant and d?ring achievement* ou the Tight Rope, by the Ravel Family and Charles Wiuther. During the Ropa performance Gabriel will dauau hi* celebrated Hornpipe. Half an hour'* iuteriniaaionlor the Concerts A-la-Musard, in the Refreshment Saloon. A brilliant Overture. To conclude with the comic magic pantomime, of the MILLINERS?Gabriel Ravel, as Simon, the Footman; Var nish, Leon Javelli: Lougitude, Charles Wiother; Jacques, Auloiue Ravel; Henri, Fraucoi* Ravel; Corloa, Jerome Ravel; Madam* Varuish, Madame Jerome Ravel; Clari, Ma dame Leon Javelli; Jetny, Madame Martiu Javelli; Marie, Mademoiselle Paulmmi. During the ballet, sever*! dance*. Door* open at 7 o'clock, to begin at t o'clock precisely. Tieketa Fifty Tent*. i'ALMO'S Ol'KKA liuUttK HERR ALEXANDER having ju?t arrived from the South, respectfully beg* leave to inform his numerous patrona that he naa engaged the above building for the pur pose of giving a aerie* of MYSTERIOUS ENTERTAINMENTS, diaplaying in an hitherto unprecedented manner, the hidden wonder* of Chemistry, Pneumatic*, Optic* and Natural Thi loiophy. The stage presenting the appearance ol A PALACE OF MAGIC. Firtt Exhibition, Monday, June 15th, 1840. From the extremely liberal patronage etperienced on a former occasiou at Niblo'a, Ilerr Alexander feel* unguiue in the expectation of again meeting with a similar reception, to deserve which he will elevate hi* be*t endeavor*. jell 3tr MOVEMENTS or SANDS, LENT fy CO.'S CIRCUS. THIS spleuaid establishment, increasing in public eititna lion as it proceeds through the country, will he found at the following place* on the re?,>cctive dsns, iu pursuance ol their route June itli, Jordan Village. " 6th audTtli, Skaueateles. " 8th and 9th, Auburn. " 10th, Seneca Falls " 11th, Waterloo. " 12th, Clyde. " 13th and 14th, Lyon*. " 15th, Vienna. 18th, Geneva. " 17th, Peuyan. " lltli, Knihviile. " 19th, Canandaigna. ' 80th and 31st, Palmyra. jei lwrc HOWES & CO.'S NEW YOILK MAMMOTH CIRCUS. THE LARGEST ESTABLISHMENT ever organized in the United Statea, comprising 160 Men and Homes, re quiring 36 Carriages to convey the performer*. wardrobe, mo siciana, Jtc. The company haa attached to it Eight Female uuestrians, among whom is the Greatest Female Aider of the Age, recently arrived from Paris MADAME MARIEMACARTE, whose new style ol Equestrian Feats, peculiarly her own, being chaste and classic; her graceful and fascinating address, and the charming naivete with which she chains ner audi- | eeuce, render this gifted and highly-educated artiste the lead- I ing feature of the arena in this conntry. The Proprietors re fer the public to the brilliant description given in the respec tive newspapers of the extraordinary and daring feats perform ed by this distinguished artiste. Ameng the novelties which the Proprietors offer are the celebrated Scotch __ . , GIANT AND GIANTE88. Their height ia 14 feet, and their weight over TOO lb*. Mr. Randall weighs 432 lbs. Mrs. Randall ia the most enormous giantess in the world. They will appear in " Jack and the Bean Stalk." and he will perform extraordinary feats ef strength and agility, and will ride in a two horse act- The entertainments will comprise IT Acts of Horsemanship, Gym nastic Exercises, Classic Displays, and humorous afterpieces. Equeitrian Director, Mr. HOWES; Hiding Master, Mr. 1 NIXON, and the unapproachable Clown, DAN RICE. Among the Performers is the celebrated and principal Ri der, the Napoleon of the Arena, Mr. HOBBS, whose feats on i Horseback are the most extraordinary ever witnessed. Juve nile Act of Horsemanship by Master Nixon. Olympic Exer cises, by the whole Company, led by the great European . Tumbler, Mr. MAC ARTE. Wonderful Feats by Mr. (oil's Dogs, Hector aud Billy. The SWISS BROTHERS, in their elegant Gymnastic Postures and Groupings. Mr. Sweet as the Charioteer of Phaebtu. Posturing and Gymnaitic* by 1 Mr. Niaon aud his son. Mr. Howes in his Mythological and brilliant Act of " Fancies of Proteua.". Mr. C. Howes in Sleek Rope Evolutions. The Negro Minstrels, with the ini mitable Dan Emmit at their head. The Original Banjo Melo dist. With a variety ol other*.. The whole comprising the leading, most talented, and classic performers in the world, myjf :f m " musIcT" INSTRUCTION given on the Piano at two dollars per mouth, by a person who understands the profession tho roughly. Any person wishing to take lesson*, will please address a note to "Music," at Uie Herald office. je7 St'rc HARP FOR SALE. A DOUBLE Action. Gothic pattern Harp, made by the celebrated ERARD. foi the present owuer, who having no further use for this instrument, would dispose of it much under cost of importation. Apply No, 43 I'ine St., Philadel phia. jelO 3teod*onz TO VOCALISTS, MUSICIANS, AND THE THEATR1 CAL PROFESSION. WCORBYN, Manager of the Swiss Bell Ringers, re ? spectfully informs the members of the Musical and Theatrical professions, that he will have fulfilled his engage ment with the above band in a few weeks, and tenders his ser vices as travelling agent to any musical professor, band or com pany of artist* ol acknowledged talent about to travel. Having completed his second tour throughout the United States, the < aniida*, '1 exas, and the Island of Cuba, during which he lias visited almost every section ol those countries, and made Uimsell practically acquainted with those details ana statistic* most necessary and useful to professional traveller*, be believes that his services will prove advantageous to any party with whom he mar engage. Letters addressed to W. Corbyn, Manager of the Swiss Bell ' Ringers, care of Sol. Smith, Esq., theatre. St. Louis, Mo., if | mailed prior to May lOlii.and prepaid, will meet with prompt attention at that time. all tfrre Atlantic garden is now open for the SEASON.?D?dworth's Comet Bend will perform every Tuesday and Friday evenings, commencing Jane 2nd, rt ? o'clock. Admittance free. ?nyl Jm*rc WILLIAM ALLISON, Proprietei. MODEL OF NEW YORK. rrWIE UNDERSIGNED it now receiving orders for views JL to be represented upon tile canopy of hi* Model of New York, which will be *oon completed. These views vsry from 10 to 30 inches in length, and are represented for a moderate compensation. They include representation/ of public build ings, places of buiiness, manufactories, hotels, private resi dences, steamboats, pockets, tee. A number of the tint artists, both landscapes and decorative painters, can find employment by apply at the office?also a few tgruts, and persons c.ipable of transacting business. Office hours from 3 lot IVM. alt lm'rrc E. PORTER BELDEN, 380 Broadway. M FIRE WORKS?FOURTH OF JUL*. A"A' W YOIIK LJIBJUUITORV BENNETT. 198 F runt street, two door* south of Fnl ? ton street. The most extensive and brilliant assort mentofFIRE WCRKSare now offered at the above (4*ce, cousuting of honory and signal rockets, with gold and silver rain; suns, fsus, pslm trees, pyramids, Peruvian crosses, octa gons, triangles, verticles, miues of serpents and stars, ma roons, bengnla lights, Roman candles, serpents, piu wheels, grasshoppers, port fires, blue light*, scroll wheels, torbil lions, line pigeons, torpedoes, pulling cracker*, doable head ers, lire crackers. Canton rockets, he. ( ountry merchants, and dealers iu general, are requested to call and examine ttie above stock. N. B. Committees for city aud country displays, military snd privste parties, can be supplied on the most libersl terms with the abovemeutioned articles, warranted, the mate rialahaviiijt been selected with the utmost rare my77 lm*r FJRE WORKS! FIRE WORKS!! ISAAC: EDGE. Pyrotechnic \rti*t,Jer*ey City, is prepar ed to furnish FIRE WORK** to cities, towns, public gar densj theatres, 4te. His pre*> it stock comprises the most brilliant snd variegated fires, appropriate designs, ever manu factured in this country, and can be furnished to any extent. ISAAC EDGE, fjrroceehnic Artist, Laboratory Jersey City, N. J. o agent*. Signals, including ship light*, false fires, primers, i>ort fires, sigiml rockets, he, for supplying government or merchant vessels, can be obtained by applying to CHAS.J. HOWEL, mrtl Im'r 208 Front street. FINE WORKS?FIRE WORKS, OF every description and sue, for retail stores, country merchants, exhibitions, lie., it. For ssle by W.tll BALLAG1I, jeT lw*m No. I Chambers, cor. Chathsm sf. FIREWORKS. THF. subscriber would invite the attention of dealer* to hi* assortmaut of Fireworks, which he offers at rednced prices, consisting of China crackers, torpedoes, serpents, miues of do and sure, fire wheels, scrolls, triangela, verticles, bengals*, pigeons, Reman candles, rockets, lie. lie., all of su perior quality. Also, a large assortment of pieces, suitable lor public and private exhibitions, of the most approved maker*. jet Iw'r J. W. HOLBERTON.7A Maiden lane CENTREVILLE COURSE TROTTING, 'TM'KSDAY.Junn 16?Purse %V?mile heats, best 3 in 5. in X harness. Fiee for hor>es that never won a pars* over t'Ofl. To close Saturday, June 13th, by 9k o'clock, P. M , at Green and Lossee*. Three or more to ask* a rsce. jel2 2t?je A SPLENDID HORSE FOR SALE. A DARK Bay Horse, *la year* old, sitteen hand* high, warranted sound, kind in single or doable I harness?will trot twelve or fourteen miles the ' T. Oenilemen desirous of a fine horse. will please c*11 at 2J0 Woo*ter *t.. on ^ GIDEON SAMPSON, j jell3tis?r j en FOR SALE?Two fine Hiddl*~Horse*-wiil iifa drive also in a rarnage Thev are just the right , ' ' *<" l?r riding on hdrsehsrk, and have been long used in the saddle Arpry at the de*k of the Herald Office, I for Nrthev pnrttcalar* jl *'*Jgb 1 LATE8T INTELLIGENCE. Failure or riut Tkijwiu.I'H.?We were disap pointed in the receipt of Intelligence from the South last night, caused by some accident to the telegraphic wires, between Philadelphia and Bal timore. We expect that the communication be tween Washington and this city; will be resumed at an early hour this morning; and should the news received be of an important character, we shall immediately issue nn Extra Herald. BY THE MAIL8. Washington, June 10, 184(5. Oregon?Cot/ling to a Point?Mr. thitcyei' und thou Sasstngcrt?Gtn. Scott und that plate of Sou]>. lu the lukUt of a debate in the Senate to-day upon the bill increasing the Major and Brigadier Generals of the Army, a message was received from the President of an Executive character. The debate was at once suspended, and the .Senate went into Executive session. The mes sage is a communication from the President set. ting forth Mr. Pakenham's proposition for the Ore gon boundary; and the President has thought it proper to n?k the advice of the Senate. There must be something in it, as the Senate have already been in Executive session for several hours. Mr.Sawyer, in the House, to-day, on a bill to di vide the ofiices among the States pro rata, made a most peculiarly phlegmatic s?rt of a speech. He baldly claimed that "to the victors belong the spoils"?that Was a fundamental doctrine with htm. After a while he came to the letters, and exhibited that they had put him in a shocking bad humor with himself and every body else. The fact is, lie must have had an unusual quantity of pepper in his sasscngers this morning?he was so exceedingly pungent. There are two men now who arc distinguished for mere trifles, and will bo for vears to come. Mr. Sawyer for his sasscngers, and Gen. Scott for that plate of soap. The ques tion is what sort of soup was it?or whether the sassengers are the imported or the home made. That's all for the present. Washington, June 10,1846. Commotion Among the Elements?State of Affairt in the Dominant Party at Washington?A Lu cid, though a Partially Dismal Exposition?A Decidedly Racy Communication. The question now before the Senate is, shall the President be instructed to meet Mr. Paken ham upon the terms he has submitted for the set tlement of the Oregon qttestion, or will they throw the whole responsibility into his hands 1 With Colonel Polk, the question is, how shall I escape from eating my own words 1 1 may order the Secretary of State to approve a treaty conceding the free navigation of the Columbia, in deference to instructions of the Senate, as I submitted the line of 49 in deference to the overtures of my pre decessors; and I may approve such treaty with out compromitting mv own assertions, positions, i or consistency. Good, now?we like that. It is a fair chance?let him have it. Show him thus much respect, gentlemen, for God's sake. Give him a loophole of escape?give him a chance.? instruct him?advise tiim?take him out of the web into which he has woven himself as firmly as the silkworm in his cocoon. Bring out the but- i terfly. Let us see the complexion of the insect. | We expect that the Senate, to-morrow, will re turn the protocol of Mr. Pakenham to the Presi dent, under advisement?the faces of the forty nine men clearly indicated it this afternoon.? They came down in squads, all smiling. They did look so pleased, it would have done you good, sweet reader, to have seen them. Now we say? I we do say?we have said?and must be permitted to say, that we like the forty-nines. " Forty nine, Mr. President, forty-nine," says old Bui- I lion. Forty-nine, Mr. President, forty-nine, say i wo. Old Buck and Tack, Are coming back. And will soon together dine, And drink a toait Upon their roast, To number forty-nine. Thnt's the way to tell it?that's the way to do it. | Conio out here, John C. Calhoun. Give tuyourj hand. You are the man. All honor to you and j South Carolina. You are a Christian, sir. You aro j the man of the age. You did look decidedly in a good humor this afternoon. It is a great point now, ain't it 1 Why, sir, we me inclined to be- j lieve that your star, so lone in the horizon, is just coming to tho meridian. But we are running off the track. Ilow stands the protocol of Mr. Pa- j kenham ? 1. The line of forty-nine. 2. The whole of V ancouvcr'a Iiland. 3. The Strait* of Knca as a neutral pau'agc. 4. The free navigation of the Columbia indefinitely. 6. The rights of the Hudson1* Bay Company to their property *outh of forty-nine. And what is tho opinion of the President. Fie says in his message?what does he say 1 Here are his words :? "The proposition thus offered and rejected repeated tho offer of the parallel of forty-nine degree* of north lati- . tude, which had been made by two preceding adminis tration*, but without proposing to surrender to Great Britain, a* they had done, the free navigation of the Co lumbia river. The right of any foreign power to the free navigation of any of our riven, through the heart of our 1 country, wa* one which I was unwilling to concede. It i also embraced a provision to make free to (treat Britain any port or ports on the cap of Quadra and Vancouver'* Island, south of this parallel. Had this been a new que*- | tion, coming under discussion for the first time, this pro position would not have been mad*. The river is tho diliiculty. It all hangs upon the river. There will be some modification of the terms regarding the river, if the above arc the ar ticles of Air. Pakenham's protocol. Gentlemen, we aro to have a treaty on the basis of l'orty-nine. i And that's enough. The whole face of tho fifty- 1 four forties is a baker's dozen?some twelve, and ! perhaps a loaf over?the hotttst loaf is Hannegan | ?some of die others are nearly stale. Hut old Bid- ; lion, of the forty-nines, is a twist loaf; and Cal houn a square loal?square up to torty-nine. Old Bullion has twisted the subject as a baker twists a ; loaf of bread, and we can't undo it without break- i ing it. But here we come to another great point. Mr. ; Hannegan moves to ad journ oa the 30th of July, " Turin or Tariff"? " And thereby hangta tale. ' It is the tale of tub?a tub without a bottom. Mr. Hannegan wishes the question of the Oregon | partition and adjudicature to go over?to lie over to go forth from Congress to the people. And he ! expects that K) would be thus resuscitated, and that Cass will come upper-most on the great j ground swell of popular opinion. That is the i only chance. Aim it may be so, but we doubt : now whether after the obliteration of the line by , Old Bullion, it could be revived again, even on 1 the ?tump. It could not be done. The last plank ; of the " whole or none" is gone ; and the banner of the stars, our banner, our proud and beautiful j banner?the star spangled banner, and the cross , of St. Georgo and the Dragon, are about being crossed over the line of forty-nine. Fellow-citi zens, it is lor the good of us all. We shall con quer more by peace tha*i by war. Our system is a system of conquest by peace. War stops us, 1 except with the Mexicans, just now. One ut a time for the present, unless it be accessary to 1 tight all together ; and Buck and Pack are of the opinion that it is not necessary. Free trade, gea tiemen?free trade. It is coming along. That great oommercial millennium is about opening upon u* liko an April morning on the Sacramento ot the Pacific, Hurrah! Let us push it ahead. We are in an age of the world when a man to kick up must keep his eyes open. No bliucking. Twenty per cent reduction upon ?ur clothes, and 2<) per cent addition to our product*.?4<) per cent, by theged?, 40 per cent. What do you think of that, Mr. Stewart ? We say nothing of cold iron. What does Hiulibras say ? "Ah! me what peril* do environ, The man that meddle* with cold iron." Hudribnvs is your man, then. He is the quack doctor of Pennsylvania But we must take the irons out of his hands?the log-chains and the trace chains, and the 77 per ccnt on cold ; iron. Ah! friend Stewart, friend Stewart, we'll have to try. Gen. M'Kay are you theiel Call up the bill?lay down the law?make *em show their hands. Alas' for old Hudnbas, if our friends only had the spunk they could snub him. Come along. Drop the Presidency, boys, for the time, or yon are gone?fail on the tariff?fail in the sub treasury?lail in the reduction ana graduation of the public lands, and you are gone. Stand fast. It is never too late till the expiration of the dog days: but let the first frost catch you and you are blighted. Freetraders of the Senate, keep an eye to the leeward. Look to Hannegan's resolution of ad journment. If it gets to the House, the soup is tnm?'d over?the motion will pass at once, and you j?o home te repent that yon have done nothing Ye?, there's Oruaon. Well do that, and do it right, and that'll do. It is worth a session of six months to do that. It has been the work of lorty years and eight President* without a consumma tion. But don't go home without a trial upon the tariff. Let u* how the land lies, anyhow. N?*er mind the Kane letter?that's a 'lead letter Cave Johnfm say* m, and he knows, tor he ha * the control of the dead letters. Old Cave it thai; | JL ... J I Don't let the resolution get to the Housoj and ihey can't lift one of their own?two-thirds?th* Baltimore convention law?two-thirds are re quired by the ruleH. Hold Hannegan back, and you may do something, or try, and there is no tliinj; like trying. Anil here we propose to cut the roi>? of our rhapsody. Thu Mexican news you will get per telegraph, anil the rumors about town. The city is all *ljv? ul>out the treaty. M 40 is never mentioned. It it all 49 uikI California. Go ahead. . . The Hnrmoneons had a most enthusiastic re option at their farewell concert to-night, in the splendid hall of the Odd Fellows. Master How urii, tlu; young Cremona man, w? ? r6i" ceived. The Dioramas of the Milan Cathedral, Uelsho7./.iir's l;en?t, 6w., continue to excite gene ral admiration. Among the visitors, the venera ble Ex-President Adams is oresont almost every liiuht. Essentially, s Thv Docro*. CONOHJCU. "" In Kcnate, ? WaSHIWOTSN, June 10, l$4d. Northesster still prevailing. Weather cold for June. Prayer. Journal- A petition or two. t t 0 licjv Cam asked the privilege of a personal expla nutJW! Uts. CAIt AID ll*. OAIHSS. - . . ,w r?en. Ca.. called the attention ofthe Senate to the follow lug paragraph in a Jetter of Oe ? published War Department, dated Septembor, 10, ? . P in the lato army correspondence, under a resolutio the Senate. The extract is a? follows:? "Inm sure that no other descriptionlof proolr_^nj? adduced to put me in the wrong, but that of *"c* ai I lia.'e aliove described, and such as those demned my conduct in Florida, and upon the the year 18S0. where 1 made no or militia without the express authority efrresfoeilt Jackson, u you may ?ee by the official co r respondence ofMr Secretary-Cms, who was ever read, to put me in the wrong. Such abandoned wnUrs srs expected now to aisad and censure me if in so doing they can intereit the President ?r joursell io far as to secure to themselves or their fn?nds any fa voror to?lo me an inlury. 1 soon, totorf.^figg such writers. Thsy have proven themselves to more in their schemes of intrigue with the chance* or u soven years1 war with a few Indians ; anticipating l cess in the election of some favorite politic:afchieftain, than in the sure prospect of timely Jr. helpless women and children upon a defenceless frontier. I should never have been worthy of any sUtion In army, if such hired or intriguing slanderers could have forced me out of the plain straightforward coarse or say d^r"cA.. briefly stated that he was not here at that time?that all the proceedings of which Oen. Gaines complaineth were under the direct uninte* Jackson He said ths general had committed an uninten UomI error, an error made wi^out.xam.nationofUie nroofs ? but it was due to himself (the Senator from ^lichie'an ) to say thus much in his own defence. nection with hi/remarks, he read an ord?r from Gov. Morehead, of Kentucky, disbanding certain Statoi trooi* collected by order of Oen. Oames in csnclusion. Mr Cans protested that he had not had the H in these transactions, revoking the requiritlons of Gen Gaines of 1336. (1ERCBALS IITSA. Mr. Dis. of the Military Committee, on tiui hJdaf ?P of the bill for the increase of the generals of said that he was instructed by the committee to recom mend that the Senate disagroo to the ' ? ' reducing the number of major generals from.two, asi pro vided for by the bill of the Senate, to one; and the num ber of brigadier generals from four to two-, and that the Senate also disagree to tho House amend mro nt .pro *i(lj that at the close of the existing war, the^ dumber of ma \ar r en orals ihall bo reduced .to one for the whole army, ?nd of brigadiers to two, and that the election! lore con tinuance s^ail be mado from the whole number oftnajor and bri^dieTgenerals, without regard to the priority of their commissions. i- tiii: raiEfos or rcscB Mr.'onrrsr presented a memorial from the 7*** 7 meetinc of the Friends of Ilbode Ireland, asking that Congress exert itself to therestorationof peace, bystop pinir the existing war. Laid on the table. U-A Mr. Davton inquired what was the question. Mr*'ott'said ho was in favor of the amendments of the House reducing the number of these extra generals one half. At the end ol t+ie war one major-general would be enough, especially when, in time of war, their ment seems to be a personal correspondence with the War Department, instead of fighting We were going in the expenditure of thousands upon thousands of dollars, without considering that the treasurv Is Mr. Di* explained, that the bill for two additional major-generals, and four brigadier generals, as passed by the Senate, was the bill of the administration. and notof the committee. He intended to vote for the men and means asked by the sdminislration, in order to bring the war to n sneedy and suceessful terminaUon. Mr. Wassrra had seen nothingt?*?how that this wasa bill of the administration. If it were so. he would he?i tate aireinst opposing the scheme, for it must be supposed that the Executive Government is aware of the exigen cies of the war. He did not, however, like Ithis sort of underground communicstfon, which seems to have'been kept up between certain portions of the two Houses, and the administration, during this present session. Mr. Srr.inHT took tho Senator to task, ??d that the mode of communication between the committees Mid the President was the same that it was from the forma lion of the Government down to tlus day. The amendment of the House, reducing the extra major general* from I to I, and the brigadiers extra, from 4 to 1% was disagreed to, nnder the ayes and nay s 11 to ? The question next recurred on agreeing to the Heus# amendment, providing that st the termination of thejvsr with Mexico, there shall be but one at the army, and two brigadiers ; and that the President shall appoint these from the whole number, without re '*mVh'"tTsI'tow moved to amend thisamendmenUo as that the apt-ointment of the one major-general and tws brigadiers at tho close of the war for the control of the pLre establishment, shall be by the President. by and with tho advice and consent of the Senate. Mr. H., upon this motion, made a regular attack upon the dMgerof the unlimited exercise of tho power of appolntmento to, and discharees from, office, by the Executive. Mr. followed next in support of a hmiUUen. Mr. Alles was opposed to the amendment of Mr. Hun tington, and, with some general remarks, Mr. A. iur ther proposed to amend, by striking out " at the conclu sion of the war witli Mexico," and inserting instead, at the restoration of peace," fcc., so that the organisation for the peace establishment shall not begin at the cenclu sion of the war with Mexico," but at Uie " restoration or Mace." We don't know, said Mr. A., how soon we rasy tiave a war with somebody elsi?a war, perhaps, with England. We had better, then, not diaband the army at the conclusion of the war with Mexico?wa may want it after that war Is stopped. Mr. Allen enlarged upon the SVsTgn. of EngUnd i?n California and -aid that no -w could foresco the unknown contingencies ofthe futur, Mr. MoaaMXAD took up a constitutional argument on the subject ol the power of appointing to proceeding in it with his charactorisUc earnestness,when the deputy Sergeant announced? . , "A Message irom the President of the United States. Mr. Ssvi?.r (sotto voce) look eut now, 64 40 . Mr. Cass (aside) we will see, sir. Sir. Moskmeao?If that is an Executive Message, air. 1 would sire way. A Voice?Perhap* iti a legislative Message. Mr. Mohkheao?Is that, Mr. President, an Executive Message I The Vice President?it it, air. Mr. Mobehead? I move, sir, an Kxecutive seeeion. Mr. Ciui.Mr.Ki-i hope, air, we ahull finish thia bilL An Executive Session wai immediately decided upen, by a decided major^v, ami the doora were closed. [The message warluppvwd to be a proposition offered by Mr. i'akenham for the settlement of the Oregon quee tion, of *ucli a character that before deciding upon iti acceptance or rejection, he baa thought it wtaeat to con auit the Senate.J House off Representatives. WiiHiKOTOK, June 10, 1M6. THE IMPEACHMENT COMMITTEE. The HrcAKxa announced the queiUon to t>e on the mo tion of Mr. Henley, to reconsider the vote on thsreaola tion, passed yesterday, declaring William T. Htewart a messenger in the oltice of the Bergeant-et-arms, (he having been removed by Mr. l.ane.) Mr. Jones of (Georgia, (of the ?elect committee, ap pointed to iuveitigate the charge* of Mr. Ingeraoil against Mr. Webster,) asked leave to submit a resolu tion, prefaced by a preamble?that whereaa, the Utter ol K. O. J. Smith, haa been copied into the minority report of Mr. lirinkerhofT, the testimony taken before the com mittee be printed. [The objcct of thia waa to explain the letter ot Mr. Hmith to Mr. Webater.] Mr. liaii?K? ?Horr.?The resolution which I attached to my report providea for the printing of the tssti mony. Tnc Speakie.?Objection ia made. Mr. I move u suspeniion of the rule*, for the purpose of introducing the resolution which haa just been read. '1'he Speaere.?That can't be dons. Mr. liopsina (to Mr. Jones.)?Move it after the pending question ia disposed of. Mr. IIeni.v, (who waa entitled to the floor.)?I am dis posed to accommodate gentlemen, but if I give way it will cieatc nieguiarity in business. Aftsr thia queation ia disposed of, tno resolution ran be taken up. Mr. BainEEaHorr.?Mr. Speaker, I withdraw my ob jection. The SrtARra.?'The objection came from the other tide. THK IMPEACHMENT COMMITTEE?AMI* Mr. Rocewp.ll, of Connecticut, arose to a privileged question, (to move a reconsideration of the vote,) ana Mr. Bwi-?*E*Horr, at the same time, aroae to move a auspension of the rules, that the resolution appended to hia rejiort, pro*foi the printing .if the testimony and exhibits of the invsatigating committee be taken up. The Wpeaber.?The gentleman from Connecticut. Mr. BaiKEESHorr.?My motion has precedence. The Speaker.?The motion of the gentleman from Connecticut has precedence Mr Hhinrerhopp - But 1 did'nt yield ths floor. Mr. Rockwell and Mr. Hrinksrhoff were both standing on the floor. . , , . , . _ The BrsAEca.?Ths Chair m undsr the impression tha? a motion to reconsider is a privileged question, and i* Ant in order. It hea been usual. Mr lle?? ? I-more to ley the motion on thetebls Mr. hare the floor. The PrrAEER reed from the rules, to ahow that a mo tion to reconaider takes precedence of al I other mo tivna. Mr. Bai.tEtaMorr resumed hi* seat A ROTART MACHINE? AP POINT MEN T OP OfflCERS?THE INS ANn THr. OUTS? rt7IS*T SCENE. The House resolved itself into a Committee of the Whole on tlio slate of the Union, (Mr. Boyd in the Chair.) Mr. Houston, of Alabama, moved that the committee take up tlie bill to graduate the price of public lands. Mr. Sims, of Mouth Carolina, moved to take up the bill to Incorporate a gas light compiler Jn citT,of vv*;h' ington. (A Voice . "We're got "?? here elre?il) Laughter) ? Neither of these mo?t?n> ? ?? agree 1 to >ir. Rathbik moved that the committee take up U.* bill regulating the appointment of certain o?cers in ??*

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