Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 16, 1846, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 16, 1846 Page 2
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&b&iLrch WM our optalon u*n' tow*rJ* The 0*k? Stake*, of .'.,0 *overoigns snob, li. P., th1 ?? year* ol.l fillies, ? *t. 7 lb. each ??r- Mendicaut (S. I>av) I : "? "r*twicko's Laundry Mui.l (F. Bell) 2 Lord Glasgow'* KmUia filly (Holme*) ? 1 wenty-three other* started. Mendicant won by two length* easily. Markttli , Mon.t Miimtr. Friday Kveniug, May 59.? The intelligence Irom tlie L'nited State* has had consi derable influence on pu olic securities. The latc*t quota tion of Con?oN for .Monev i* D6f lor the new account, ?eller* at <Mj; Iteduced 'I tiiou per Cent*, <Ji; the Three and-a-Quaiter New, 97J; and txchoquer Bill* 16 to in prn rhe view taken prospectively is rather gloomy. ? Consols tor 17th July. I. Mexican Bond* reeded to Vf, god the Oeferred to 1(5. Grenada Deferied Bonds 4>; Peruvian39; Spanish Five per Cent* 2 4 i; tlie Three per Cents 3(> ; Dutch Two-aud-a-hall per Cent* 60; and the I- our per ( ent < ertificate* 92. This i< tho pay day in * 0 ",ar'c't, and thore i* little other busines* do if, exccpt lor the adjustment of account*. Boi'"*k. IVednetday, May 57.-The market has een again very flat to-duv; and price* cloicd at ubout " >Vteri,By: Threei at Hlf l6c- anJ Fives at Mini 8Sc The market clo?ed as folowi?Three uer Lent* forcash, 84f l.'ic ; for account, ?4f. 15c - Five uer / ei\ts *or '"a*l', Jiff tiic.; for account, 11 Uf Hjc Bank of !? ranee Share*, 31301.; Neapolitan, Spanish and' New Loan not quoted ^?*"?n, ana ?(iL,Tv"??'- ' url?" Market. Friday Evening, Mav i' 1.['Nt'w'l' '1'" Account) ?We noticed a partial decline uf j I per It). In American n?i ?!. ! last wee*; that decline became general on Tho opening of the ma.ket thi?-and therelias been no fur" ther reduction tinco. The accounts by the Halifax steamer Cambria, arrived yesterday show, thi i .* ciency to be 372,339 bag*, beinjr le?s l?v fii 7oV. .1 S'.".;?'rs i""? SEP ttrssas % nm! iin P *the?molUh 2 970 American, 640 Kantian find 140 Pernambuoo. The prices <lrrlar?? i ?... ??/? 1 WWTAsdSif^MiSi C?TT0"' M*a*r.T, Friday evening, 23th Mav Hurat on .peculation* and'i'MAK ?2 a -^S-^rr'r552 & is saw? M-ale, and restricted il.?ir . .. i m"ch more moderate ?or consumption^ TheS.E"Zl "Pi WaD,i SFtSSH h.. S2^SiSS3 iS? JS5? but price* are, novertheles., firm at ouFoSoUt ons Tfc s .r.JX (df1lw[paiVnTirVKnC' ^"i^Mkil: K5. 2 m ter,? l>er half kil dut^ m!,l W? ?gS ^"CKalKUm at f 1 95 -Verltrmtl ^ bee,wax,,fromNewVVorklHbide! Very little business has been transactotl this u-onL rTt! rnT? havf n0t un!,erK?"r an.\ change from previous ?d at 6<? c Md giMfu'n'?f| 1500 J'clnamb?co, ^rv salt New Orleans dry, damaged, at 43 to 4.'. per half kil lor home use. U c received 235ti from Rio ilache "uq the West Indie*, and H73 lion, .New (VrTcan. n f,? Scarcely anything ha* been done in Carolina rice which may be attributed to the limited stock on hand but pnee* remain as before quoted The only sale to i* a lot of 1? tc*. at f 36 26 per M kil, duty (f 1 37*) raid W e have alio to notice sales ol 33S0 bales Calcutta table" n .sound state, knocked down by auction at fTs'o to a i.?,rC?n,U^l,on' The p<d?? and Alliance from < harleston. and l-rancoi* I., from New Vork 7M tc* Tallow-Nothing' whatev^'pU? Vork ? hiV "|K>.rV Wc' "ler*fore. quote prices of New 1 ork n* before, at I &S to 5!l 60, and Russia vellow ?r f67 6.. per SO kU, dutv paid. An ari?val of Sti ci<hi United State.. H' mar" ket conUnue* very depressed, and prices ha? ?vn?ri ?need a still further decline. A ?afe of 20 ton. north: we?tern fishery, deliverable from June to sSentemt^er was made nt f 2 4& ner half L.i u ' We quote .outhern fishery at f 2 70 A .upply of 240 bundles wa. received bv tho Fran^oi* I. and one of our whaler*. Stock on hand 135 tons. ?ne ot our London ( ori EscH4snK. Mav 4-*0 tk? .Ant!_,. of mo?t favorable weather has added to the deprewionln wheat. hngli.h was ottered at Monday's currency but few miller, disposed to pt.rcha.e; nud the like remark applies to lion .ft. He have a fair arrival of Envlish oat., but the .nt.ply from Ireland i* only trilling We experienced only a slow dragging trade to retail Kuyer* at our previcu* currency. In other grains the transic' ticular *hange&in'value"1'''^ charactor- P?r ?ale. offree wheat were effected to nece..itou?ybive? at a decline of Id to 2d i>er 70 lb. from the reduced late, of last maiket ; but the London morning papers arriving ^?"Press about noon, stating a majority of 47 in favor of tho Corn Mil in the House of Lord., appeared wholly '??DH, he attention of the trade, wd .uV.equentlJ very li,tle business was done, although r-it'ier l,,ir?r price, would have been generally conceded it i. d^ffl f.nni ,10w'*vcr ?o form any precisely accurate n, ou tion. lor the moment; we therefore wait the result of our next market, when the eftoct produced bv this im |>ortant measure will probably boP mow clearly .ace^ tained. NotwithstanJniff the larffe stock of u-hant a? a flour, laying here in boifd. wKortl/ 1,?/ released ., II'S?eUr22 Lnmrooi. Miiicti, Maj- 3P.?Athr*?A good demand for Pot and Pearl prevailed from the 18th to the 33d ln*t, and purchases to a considerable extent were made bv the trade at 'ill lid to 32s for Montreal Pearlt, 32a Pd to 33* for Montreal Pott, and 30i 6d for New Vork Potii. Drug*. Dyes, kc?Nothing worthy of notice ha* been done in Argoli or Tartar 30 casks of Hag Annatto brought fid per lb. and 10 hales Persian yellow Berries ?10 per cwt, 30 hhds (Jucrritron Bark aro reported at 10s per cwt. Madder* and Roots continue without change in price, and there is little or no demand. Dyewood*?The sale* are 100 tou* Campeachy Logwood at ?7 10 to ?7 Pis fid ; 300 tons St. Domingo at ?4 16a to ?6 . 60 tons Ceara fus tic at ?6 6* ; a small parcel of Marocaibo at ?4 3i 6d ; and 730 tons Lima Nicaragua Wood at ?13 to ?13 i>er ton ; no transactions in other description*. Hemp?Tne mar ket for thia article is quiet, and very little business is done From the 33d till the 39th instant. .?0 bales Ameri can were sold at ?33 to ?33 6s per ton. ami 600 bales Jute at ?11 17s (kl to ?14 10s |?r ton. Iron?There is very little doing in this article just now. Manufactured Iron maintain* its position, but Pigs, during the last few davi, have been rather easier, and prices have given way a lit tle Present rates. Scotch Pigs in Glasgow. ?3 10* per ton ; in Liverpool, ?3 17* fid to ?4 t common Bar*, ?8 10s; Hoops, ?10 5* ; Shut*, ?11 16* ; Rodt. ?9 6t, Refined iron, ?11. Naval Store*?We have not any sale* to re port , the m*rket for these article* being very quiet, rroviaion*?There i* not anything to report in the mar ket for American produce of tuch a kind as to require extended notice. There it no important change in the vmlu* of any article except l"nited States Flour, which ha* been sold on lower terms, *ay 33* to 34* for New Or laan*. Western ( anal Provisions without change. Rice ?A good business ha* been transacted in thi* article since the date of our last publication. Up* ards of 18,000 bag* of Ea*t Indian changed hands at As Ad for yallow cargo, and 10* fid to las 61 for other qualities.' Some African ha* alto been disrated of at 8* 3d per cwt Salt? There ia a further redm^Rn in prices since our last pub lication, and the market is in rather an unsteady state. Tha following may be considered a* al>out present quota tions :?Baat fine Stoved, for bags, |fi* to 17* per ton ; handed aquaret, I3? fid to l#?. shute lump*, 14s fid : Marina and Buttor, lit fid; common, !>* 61 , River Freight, Is : Dock and Town Duet, Pd par ton Seeds?15 tons of good American red t-levcrseed are reported at 43* to 43s 3d per cwt, in bond, chiefly to hold over Nothing in Flaxseed , the season quite passed. 1000 pockets Rapeseed brought Ma, and lOu quarter* Ru**ia Linseed 44* per ouaiter. Further nale* have been ett'actad in American Linseed Cake at ?6 in* per ton Tallvw?ThJ* article ?* still quiet, and the sales, which have not been very large, were made principally at auction, at about late rates 00 casks Grease brought 37s fid to 30* per cwt. About 230> keg* and 300 bbls of American Lard hava bean told at "?W and up to 36* par cwt for the finer description* j ana a few ton* of Cocoa-nut Oil at 34s i>ar cwt. Tea? Daring the past week the market ha* been vary quiet, and but little business doing. We bava no alteration to TJ?1* ,n P"??*' 'be exception of common Congou, which may ba considered rather easier T.bacco?Since tha l*t oMtay, Irish boyars and tha home trade hare taken about miu hhds, including 70 Virginian Leaf, aa many Western. New Virgin,?, and Western strip* IVica* are prettv much the .*me at the end of last month Holders are willing tellers ?t the current rates Bostaav, AprU I#.?AVe have no new faature to notlca |a w market dunag the pact fortnight Money coat) n,uv r*P ?????. and conAdaace ha* b?n ? shaken by hv?h] failure. In the bazaar Bu.l^I!? k5lu u import! and export* ba? cowequentlv biTn^Ar ited. Cotton Manufacture.-The -T^ ~?" pressed, and ?.]?< generally can be effectid^nU h."* *? nutting to a heavy aacriftcc on prime ?oTt T*u been considerable demand for low*, but in consequence of ?h>!!^ M?d S&".iXt2^,?rE?V* F!,rl ''??chpUon*Bi* .?our ? uouti?.*' VlSSu"-w.Wh?:. tm "T n?^a?1 i ue price of iron doeinot improve notwith.tan.tin* hivh price, in England and dimini.hed C, ortwWch nfay Ee f??ny^^Un,#d r?/ b7 ,he ">????* of mon^y buTSLel tlni C0nie<J,,nc? of a (iiminisherl consumption in the in of xpourhZ i.n,.,,;frn ihe h.& . ? 1 or notlnnif doing. Freirhta?To to^? nfn,ain,may b<;1uoted ?t *3 I '? Per ton and r* 19 ?cur^.C1n I>' l? ( hi"a' Mon?y MTkct-Ooverament ?r the inten,itJ' of ?he money pre.lure, have slightly given wav. Kxchanre?In con. ?equencai of the limited demnnd for bill*, and an influx i Un'flvl i"" ( alrU,t" Qni1 0,h''r Plac?<. ?he rate on Eng. Ian Jhas advanced to 3*. and 3a. Id. per rupee acrorHW to the credit attached to tho paper. At the latter ru?5 . ulcutta bills have been freely offered Tliero has boon I ??thor sale of five lac. of Government bl 1 sTn t"lcut? I ?t thirty dav s sight, which averaged 97.3 anna. r*r 100 1 landVoio.e8Ch' 11 ? Bank ?< W ,. 8t*t? of Trade. j?4?rtV.k*?Eu,'?r whatever yunu ther? i? no improvement and Mw?r w?ThUr,'lay-JV,*jr 29-The cotton .pinning ton tan^<?noomweav ng branches at Oldham. Cromp cond ition A i?r? are in a <?lurat>ly flourishing i differences existing betwixt the turn-out ??m ^"aver? and their employer* have ce.Md ! erection and extension of new cotton mill. 1.' can led on with spirit. The .ilk trade at Middlotnn t-ail.worth and Manchester hit* improved a little durinr the last few week. ; but the .ilk .mallware bu.ino? ? or,vn::ut^^du,1n Ai,hou*h th? ldham, AshtOil, Denton. Stockport, and vicinities ha? ?ory seriously diminished in amount during tho last two y?"rnii?d, "umber of workmen engaged in "have or. h'1 d0Wn ,0 n ver> ,Ma11 nnmberf yet the .prin* VtEuZESS l?Z a'1""1 c'?:xr*s^ t<-H or The trade, in the other town, en or twenty mile, round Manche.ter remain much in the lame ?tate we noticed in our la.t. cloth mnrk<?t. at Leed. la.t week /Si 'i A. arge 1uantitie* of good, were delivered to order. i? the warehou.e., alio, bu.ine.. wa. duM wa.TdUull,d.anydIb,vnoemgeneral c'lar?c-ter of Z S In theTn^lil ?imoan.'1 an averaKe businea* doing. th??*J?25. ? ?'?o1 !narket tho demand wa. .teadv several weck^.T^nn Td *'!the, than for T? ,',sr?i.2 ssr^T inth: "iec? market, and some ad^ce i *1 wool market thoro was a better <!?. mand, and yarns continue .teady. The tradeat Barnslov . " co"M >usines? transacted ha. been limited, but price, firm. weekt,;WorS7ed'ffoo?t?V,^0thKnR ,,articul" to ^Port thi. Kales of ?nv oo?5 have been inquired after, but no New York Pilotage. S&?& ?^^5 I5MKB! rr^theT^itm^'a ^?'?u'to tho.e who uro^iotacquai nted ^th m^ ^ w ould address the following plain statement of fart. nec'csiary3-?8Ut3Itant'atU b}' affldavit at ^ S ^vVS2^rpu?^rii tet ? j,., ?f ?a & LTA't topsail and tho spanker to he set 'n?h1h?k^ i1? mizen time. inVuch a VituaSon' that"^!? while the uXfidtl et?rMnrLm.*elfato0hi.,u? most the captain ordered hi. forc-saif to be set lil?. vesse . adding that if that sail got " aback " tho ?.i .1 gllpfiliiis charge of her the fore.ail .hould not be wt Th. oiad tain insisted upon havinsr this sail c<*? . k. *' ^ihe cap time that he di<F not w! hgto Uke ih^e o 5,^ 8t th? The sail wa* according *et anH VeMel a^^3sSfrs-!22 ? ?'X-r.'. sis; ? ?S' Ss'i lrom the cemure he is entitle to I>?rson inT"at^en?,\hu'm:driU"n' Cannot be JOSEPH BUOTHERTON, X. Y. Pilot Affairs in Canada.?Our advice* from Mon treal arc to the 13th inst., inclusive. The Canadian Parliament was prorogued on the 9th inst. to the 18tli proximo. [From the Montreal Herald, June 1 J.J The an|>ect of our commercial affair* ha* never be^n more gloomy than it i* at present. Produce in rapidly accumulating in the warehouse* of this city, where it ii wholly unaailable t> meet the heavy engagement* formed by the miller* and m.rchant* of the we*L The certainty that England will very ihortlv adopt a system ot free trade in corn, and the prospect of excellent crop* at the emitting harve t all over the continent, ha* had the effect of depreciatiig the price of eur sta ple product* 'o an extent that a few month* ago could not have been anticipated. The question in every mouth is, how i* the heavy indebtedness of thi* country to the bank* to he provided for 7 At *uch a time a* the present the financial operation* of the Government will be watched with intense intereit. It i* notorious that a Urge mm will have to be provided to continue the public work*, and itrange a* it may appear, very little information on the subject wa* either given or demanded in the Home. The prospects of the revenue too are any thing but flattering. There ha* been hitherto but alight encouragement to the importer* to (end large fall order*, and it is acarcely possible that the revenue can equal the anticipation* of the Inspector General. Where then is money to be obtained for the purposes of the Government1 Not surely in Canada. #1 ore me lit a of Traveller** The arrivals yesterday were upon a limited scale. Amongst them will be found many of the passengers by the Great Western:? Amebic*.*?J. Brechford, England; Mr. Seers, Boston, Mr Booth, do; r. Smith, Georgia: il. Bancroft, do: E. Robinson, do, W. Chanbro, Philadelphia; J. Rankin, Fi>hkill; W. Parsons, N. J . H. B. Scar*, I*. 8. A., E. Kmnenger, do. Aitor? Dr. Bales, Boston; 8. Whitney, Nassau; G. Hobv, Niagara Falls; Dr. Townsend, io; W. Hoffman, Baltimore, J. Davis, Reading, M. Boykin, (ieorgia, J. Field, Philadelphia, ( apt. Matthews, (team *hip Great Western; Dr. Punvelt, do; J. Anderson, Holly Spring*, J. Badley, Albany; Lt Col. C. Chicheater, C anada: Mr. Atkin*, Loston; D. Lawrence, do; E. Howell, England; .1 Pernor, do; Mr. Curtis. Boston; Oeorga Armstrong, Liverpool; P. Edwards, do, J. R Stanhope, Ohio; W. Brerhler, Baltimore Citt?W Bang*. Baltimore; W. G. Hubbard, Middle town; E. W. < ob\ Paterson; Cant Cobb, Tauntont Cap tain Lines, packet ship Iowa; W. Morris Philadelphia; H Campbell, do; A. Clason. Westchester; A. S. Wag ner, Ohio; J. Cardoe, l'hilad, Dr. Mill*, England, P. sunson, bt Louis K*?i?*lih?A. StowJe, F.dgarton ; Capt. f isher, do., W Packard. Mass.; George Mor*e, Fort Ann : S. Ag ncw. Philadelphia ; J. H. Chrever, Boston, S. Conts, Apalachicola ; C t.oodyear, New Haven ; D. Barnoy, Buffalo ; J.Evan*. Kingstou. HowtsD-James Thain, St. Johns, N. B-; A. Lyman, Connecticut ; H. P. Welsh, ( onnecticut ; Oeorge How land, U. 8. A.; Sir. Lewis, British Army, Torouto ; Mr. Kenouch, do ; Mr Robertson, do.; J. C Smith. New Jer sey ; A. O. Morton, Montreal . L Dunlap, Philadelphia , C. Coventry. Auburn ; George Wiiion, New Haven ; B Hobort, Boston : 9. Audrews, Mobile ; Mr. Ganiah, do ; Mr Pease. Portland , Mr Wllmer, Boston ; Mr. Haw ley, Boston , J. Hasher, Philadelphia ; and '21 member* of the IT S Naval Academy. Tla rsarr?Ate* party will be given at Congress Hall, bv the ladies of Peterson. New Jetsey. in aid of Bt Panl'i rkurcb NEW YORK HERA XD. New York. Tofiday. Jut 10, % M44. Supplemental Herald* A supplement to the ffttt York limit will this morn ing be served to oar subscriber*. 1U coiltuAi in "" The cam of Haym Solomon ; th# ? "adeta at West Point; a Utter front Boston ; the Camanc U? and other Indian tribes ; Chamber* street Having*! Bank; New Publication* ; the operation of the Magnet tc Telegraph ; Political Movements; Medical Intelligent*e ; the Trial of BragdoU for Bigamy ; Varieties, lie. It will be sent gratuitously to our patrons, Jn and out of the city. ____________ The Hews from Europe. .Omr Relatl< ana With Ureat Britain?The Oregon Tr ??ty. We have received, by the arrival of tike steam ship Great Western from Liverpool, highly in teresting and important advices from England in relation to our politio&l relations wilh that country. We learn, by private letters from the best authority, that the British government 'fcuve re cently exhibited the greatest anxiety for an ami cable arrangement of the difficulties With this country, und were disposed to settle at once upon the forty-ninth parallel, from the moun ! tains to the ocean, and have only proposed the navigation of the Columbia entirely on account of the Hudson's Bay Company for the remainder of their charter. It is understood that there shall be 110 renewal of the charter effected on exclusive | navigation of the Columbia. The British government have in this and in other mutters connected with our foreign af fairs, exhibited a disposition to preserve the present amicable position of the two countries at almost any sacrifice. The abrupt and unex pected settlement of the Oregon question has been produced, as we anticipated, by the com plexion ot the political affairs of Europe, which we at present are not prepared to refer to. The government of Great Britain not only has evinced a disposition to bring to an amicable con clusion all the points at issue, with this country, but has'even in contemplation the offer of media tion with Mexico, in relation to our difficulties with tliut country. The British minister, at Mexico, Mr. Bankhead, has been author ized to give the Mexican government to un derstand, that no aid in any shape must be expected from, or will be granted by his go vernment. This is certainly a movement little antici- , pated here; but recent events in relation to a new loan in London, confirm this, and our fiu- j thority for these statements is such as to leave in j our mind no doubt of the fact. I The United States occupies a most glorious position among the nations of the world. Wo have experienced the most midden transition from the most gloomy prospect in all our foreign affairs, to the brightest and most gratifying view ] of a future filled with all the elements of wealth, prosperity and happiness. The treaty with England settling the Uregan question, lias probably by this time bee a ratified, and is no doubt on its way to London by the Hi- | bernia, as an express messenger, from Washing- ; ton, passed through this city last night for Boston, by a special train over the Long Island railroad, to anticipate the departure of the steamur. The steamer of the 4th of July, from Liverpool, will j bring returns of its reception in .London, and of i its effect upon commercial matters on the other j side. * The American Tariff?Its Modification.?It is the general impression in political circles, that the tariff will merely be modified by the present session of Congress, that no more reductions will be made in the rates of duty than these modifica tions will require; nnd that these modifications will be made mor| with an eye to a removal of the numerous defects in thesprcsent act, than to a reduction in the average duty. Those interested in preserving the protective features ol the act of 1842, have abandoned all fears in relation to the preservation of that policy, and appear ti> be dis posed to let matters rest, feeling fully satisfied that the wants of the government will compel jt to con tinue those discriminations for revenue which the manufacturers have so strongly and porserveringly advocated. We have no doubt but that the ad-valorem principle, proposed by Mr. Walker, will be aban doned. Its adoption would be an expvriment, and we are not at present in a condition to deal in experiments. The "specific system must be 1 partially adhered 'to; perhaps not to the extent now enforced; but, in many instances, its remo val, for the establishment of the ad-valorem prin ciple, would require such a reduction as would seriously affect the revenue of the country for centuries. It is not necessary, even were it possible, to point out the defects requiring immediate remo val; as the whole subject has, however, so much changed sinoe the two plans have been submitted to Congress, that it is difficult to tell what the pre sent policy of the government is. Previous to the commencement of hostilities with Mexico, the principal object was revenue, and it was anticipated that the average rate of duty could be much reduccd, without reducing the revenue below the wants of the country; the increased expenses of the government, growing out of our difficulties with Mexico, require a large revenue from customs, and we do not see how, in the face of this fact, it is possible for the government to even contemplate the smallest re duction in the average rate of duty upon imports. General Armstrong.?This gentleman, who holds the otfice of American consul at Liverpool, arrived in the Great Western and proceeded im mediately to Washington. Wo understand that he is the bearer of import ant despitchcs from the American Minister in London to our government. These despatches refer, it is said, to the Oregon question ; and if that matter is not already settled by treaty, it is supposed that these despatches will expedite it to a final and satisfactory conclusion. We learn from persons who have seen General Armstrong, that he is in fine health and spirits. His appointment to Liverpool has made him hosts of friends there, and he bids fair to be as popular on the other sido of the Atlantic as ho ever has been on this. , It would be well for the country if all our con sulships were held by men as capable as General Armstrong. Our consular system would then give a high tone to American character abroad. Late from the West Indies.?The colonial legislature of Bermuda was opened on the 20th ult. by the governor in person. He recommend ed in his address the establishment of adult schools, and of a pauper lunatic asylum. The Queen's birthday was celebrated at Hamil ton, Bermuda, with a good deal of pomp and ce remony, on Sunday, the 24th ult. Sir Henry McLeod has resigned the governor ship of Trinidad; and Lord Harris, grandson of Lord Harris who distinguished himself at the cap ture of Seringapatam, lias succeeded him. The planters of Demerara nave directed their attention to the growing of Indian corn. The House of Assembly of Tobago have pained a vote of censurc on the fieutenant-gwcmor, and have demanded of the governor the suspension and removal from oflicc of the chief justice. They havo also come to tht) resolution ol transacting no further business until such suspension and re moval take pi ico. On April 5th an extraordinary phenomenon was observed at the Carenage of Grenada. The water of the bnsin, previously tranquil, rose to an immense height, washing over the wharves, and otherwise assuming a remarkable appearance. i owrr.*iri?r Fiihi*u-Parties now take the Boston ' Vrpreaa train from Brooklyn, at 7 in the morning, and I left on the Ashing ground near Tlumb Island, by the 1 tteamer New Havrn, which crosses to Norwich with the passengers fur Boston , and on the return of the steamer, in the afternoon they are taken from the fishing ground sad retarded to Brooklyn tits nae evening 1 NEW8 FROM MEXICO. funim rAinov&Aii BY TUK I STEAMSHIP MISSISSIPPI,1 THK MILITARY PREPARATION!!, OiC., <M. | [From the Mobile Herald, June 8.1 The U. 8 steamship Mississippi, Captain Fitzhight, ar rived at Peasacola on the 4th init, having railed from Vera Cruz on the 31st ult. She brought us | assengers, . J Vnrrott. D?q , late American Consul at Mazatlan ; F. ' M. Diniond. Esq., late Comul at the city of Mexico, and ; Dr. Wood, of the U. 8. Navy, bearer of important das Btolies to our government, from Com. Sloat, command ( the Pacific squadron. Seven other American* from , Mexico alio arrived in the Mississippi. Mr. Parrott, Mr. Dimond, and Dr. Wood, arrived here ?n Sunday?the latter named gentlemen hastened on to Washington with the despatches. Hie only political news of importance which we ga ther from these gentlemen is, that Mazatlan ami Tepcc %ad declared for Santa Anna, and it was generally thought there that he would be recalled. The cause of ' the revolutionary movement was understood not to he j connected with the Texas question, as was the case in . former revolutions. The news of the battles of the 8th and 9th were re ceived at Mexico on the 17th ult. On the 19th the papers | announced that a battle had been fought, in which the (Mexicans bad acted like " limn." This announcement did not prove sufficiently explicit for the populaco, who after waiting some days for the publication of the official account, made such demonstrations against the Govern ment as to leave no room for doubt that a " revolution" was meditated?to prevent which on the 25th. Taredes sent the dispatch ot Arista to the Government organ for publication. Great excitement prevailed?drums were immediately beat throughout the city for volunteers ; and maledictions against the Americans were uttered through out the city. ? Mr. Dimond informs us that all the Americans except tho*) employed in the factories either had left the coun try or were preparing to do so isnmediately. Capt. Gregory, now commander of tho blockading I force, had restored the two Maxican vessels which had been captured off Vera Cruz, by the squadron. He ad < dressed a letter to General Bravo, of Vera Cruz, raving i that he had released the vessels in consideration of the fact that the Mexican authorities had permitted two Ame rican vessels to depart unmolested subsequent to the no tice of the blockade. The American ships of war at Vera Cruz are?Raritan, Falmouth, and by this time, no doubt, the Princeton has all* arrived. The St. Mary's is blockading Tampico. The Somers has boen sent to Campcachy to ascertain "whether the people of Yucatan are favorable to our ' cause. | The American bark Eugenia, Captain Briscoe, from ' New York, belonging to P. A. Hargous &. Co., evaded the I blockade, although pursued by the boats of our men of : war and got into Vera Cruz?(this same Captain run the j blockade of the French) all the other American vessels I had left the port of Vera Cruz. 1 "'ram Mr. Parrot, we learn that he met the news of the captnre of Captain Thornton, and the commencement of hostilities at Gaudalaxara. Upon enquiring at the Tost, he learned that the government had not express ed the news. Mr. P. immediately employed a trusty per ?on to carry despatches containing all the particulars I possible to be obtained, to Commodore Sloat, lying at Mazatlan, with his squadron. This express would reach Commodore S. five days in advance of all other commu nications, and there can be no doubt that ere this our flag is waving over the walls of Mazatlan as veil as "Monterey in California. Our readers may recollect that sometime since it was ' announced that Captain Fremont had been ordered out 1 of California by the Mexican authorities. When this i news reached Commodore Sloat, he immediately des i Witched the sloop-of-war Portsmouth to St. Francisco flav to act as circumstances might require. The American squadron at Mazatlan on the 1st May, consisted of the frigate Savannah, Commodore Sloat, &0 guns; sloop Levant, Page, 24 guns; sloop Warren, Hull, 24 guns; sloop Cyane, Marvin, 24 guns; and store ship Erie, and hourly expected, frigate Congress and sloop Portsmouth. j The British force at the same date, consisted of the ! Collingwood, 80 guns; Talbot, 26; Juno, 26; brig Spy, j tender, 3; and tho brigFrolic, at Guayamas, takingln I treasure for England. It was reported that other British ships of war were to rendezvous at Mazatlan, but none others had arrived. But little doubt exists at Mazatlan. and among the officers of the squadron, that the British admiral has in structions not to allow the American squadron to take possession of any Mexican ports on the Pacific. If this supposition should prove correct, the next news from the Pacific will bo ol the most highly exciting character ?as there cannot exist a doubt that Commodore Sloat will take possession at all hazards. It is supposed that for some time past, Commodore 8. has had instructions to seize all Mexican ports on that coast, whenever he should receive reliable news of the commencement ol* hostilities between the two countries. [From the Mobile Journal, June 8] All the Americans had left Vera Cruz exccpt two Or j three, who have retired into the interior, their affairs not t permitting them to leave tho oountry. Mr Diamond | previous to leaving, drew up and forwarded to the Mexi- , can Government, a remonstrance against tho order re- | quiring our citizens to leave wuhin eight days or with- | tiraw into the interor The sixteenth articlo of the treaty between the United States and Mexico, provides that in case of war the citizens of each country living on the seabord shall be entitled to six months and those residing in the interior to twelve month's notice to leave the coun try. military Operations In (lie Union. ALABAMA. Yesterday four companies of the regiment recently formed here and mustered into service, embarked on board the iteamer Fashion for Point Isabel. They con sist of the Montgomery Rifle company, Captain Seibles; Pintlala Guards, Capt. Curtis ; Macon Guard*, Capt. Lig gon; Dallas County Volunteers, Capt Downman?the whole under the command of Lieutenant Colonel Rai ford. The ten independent mounted rangers, whose arrival we noticed several day* ago, also left on the Bourbon. Previous to leaving, two or three of our citizens and Mr. Lumsden, of the New Orleans Picayune, joined their ranks. Notwithstanding the inclemency of the weather, an immense concourse of our citizens collected on the wharves to give them a parting cheer.?Hobil* Journal, June 8. SOUTH CAROLINA. The brig Mobile, Bulkley. sailed this morning for Point Isabel, with Company B, Third Artillery, comprising 86 men, rank and file. The following compose the officers of the company J. R Vinton, Captain ; 8. Van Vliet, first Lieutenant; J. Stewart, Second do ; F. L. Thomas, Brovet dodo.? Charlttton Patriot, June 13. MISSOURI. Col. Campbell, yesterday evening, received a letter from Lieut. Gov. Young, the effect of which will be to arrest the march of the several companies of mounted Rangexa which have been raisod in this county, at least for a few days. It appears from this communication, that the Adjutant General of the State has ordered out more men than was called for by the War Department In this dilemma, Governor Young has felt it to bo hia duty to countermand the order of 34th May, for fourhan dred men from St Louis, and to require only the rais ing of a Battalion of Artillery. As we have said, the ef fect of this order is to arrest the march of the companies of mounted men, under the command of Captains Fischer, Hudson, and Fdmondson. This will be, unquestionably, a keen disappointment to them. The battalion of Artillery will of courso proceed to Fort Leavenworth, ax soon as it can be filled up, and put in readiness for service.?St. Louie Republican, June C. OHIO. The quota ot Volunteers required from Ohio is com plete, and several companies, in addition, have been ten dered, which cannot be received into Camp Washington. The troops comprise the following companies In Camp Washington?Washington Cadets, Cincinnati, SI meu ; Montgomery Guards, do., 93; Cincinnati Greys, do., 93 ; Cincinnati Riflemen, do., 93 ; Cincinnati Guards, do., 77 ; Jefferson Guards, do. 77; 4 German eompanies, designation not known, do., 308 ; total from Cincinnati, 834 Steubenville Grays. Steubenville, 77 men ; Nation al Guards, Dayton, 77: Dayton Rifle company, do., 77 ; Brown Co. Riflemen, Brown couuty, 77 ; Butler Boys, Hamilton, 77: Hocking Co. Riflemen, Hocking couuty, Preble Co Riflemen, Laton, Xenia Riflemen, Xenia, sup posed 193 men ; from other places, 683 ; total in camp, 1417. On their way to camp?4 companies from Man field, 318 men ; t from Mount Vernon, 77 ; 1 from Cleve land, 77 ; 1 from Newark, 77 ; 1 from Coshocton, 77 ; 1 from Zanesville, 77 ; I from Lancaster, 77 ; 1 from Circle ville, 77 ; 1 from Chillicothe, 77 ; 1 from Portsmouth, 77 : 1 from St. Clairsville, 77; 3 from Columbus, 164 ; total on their way, 1343 ; whole number of volunteers, 3659. Police Intelligence. Jcnk IS.?Burglary.?The leather and finding store, No. 77 Barclay street, was burglsriously entered by ?onio burglar on Sunday night, by clambering upon the water table orer the door and opening the tecond itory window, and passing through the trapdoor, and packing up a lot of briitles and shoemaker's tools, valued at $90, or upwards, and passing out at the store door, which they left open after them, and escaping. Stealing Copper.?Thomas Apperton and John Smith were caught in the act of stealing a lot of old copper. They were brought to the office by officer Valentine of the 7th Ward, and locked np for trial. Attempt at Rape ? Officer Rodman of the 7th Ward, arrested a black fellow called Richard Harris, on Sunday night, whom he detected in a lumber yard aituated in Monroe street, in the act of attempting to violate the per son of his step daughter, a small colored girl about 10 years of age, by the name of Rachel Ann Clark, who was calling loudly for assistance, when the above vigilant officer came to her relief. Committed for trial by Justice Taylor. RoMing a Baker.?Daniel King and John Conroy, were arrested yesterday, on a charge of stealing six loaves of bread, worth SO cents, belonging to Mr. Robert Gilmore, baker. No. 191 Greenwich street It appears these chape were in the employ of Mr. Oilmor, and have been in the habit of Making dead " men" at the expense of their em ployer. Committed by Justice Drinker for trial. Petit Larceny -A fellow called Charlee MeClaJn, was arrested last night, charged with stealing $2 belonging to William Patterson, No IM Leonard-st Locked up for trial at the Special Sessions Robber* of Silver fiats?The residence of Mr. Rooney, No. 57 Second street, was entered yesterday afternoon by some ' snesking" thief, who stole therefrom a quantity of silver ware, valued at who mado good his es cape with the booty. , , Stealing CarftimM,?*Boaae dock thief, managed to car. ry off without detection last night, a piece of Bruaael car pet, valued at about $00, from off the barge Exchange, of Poughkeepsie, laying at the foot of Murray street ?No | arrest at present jtiumpt to commit a Burglary.?A man called Francis I Bearnard, was arrested on s charge of attempting to | break into a dwelling house in Fiiteenth street, near ! Broadway, last night. Am**ST or a Postmaster.?The Postmaster at , Bt Louisville, Licking county, Ohio, named A. P <?off, : was arrested on Thursday last, and committed to iail on aeharge ofhaving committed numerous depredations upon toe mail ThMtHeal Midi Pin Theatbc.?Laat mniiif on* of the largest tad ! most fashionable audience* that we hajre ever hu at thia j eatabliihment, asienbled on the occasion of Mr. Siapeon'a benefit. The Keana volunteered their services, and ap peared in two piece*?" Much Ado about Nothing," and " The Follies of a Night," in both of which they are un approachable. Mr*. Keen's Beatrice, and Mr. Kean'a Benedick, were rich twyend description, and the other character* were admirably sustained Fisher's Pierre Pailiot, iu the after-piece, "provoked roars of langhter. Siguora Pico appeared during the intermission between the play a, and sang some beautiful piece*. To-morrow evening Mr. Marble will produce hu new prize comedy, " Family Tie*," upon which occaiion the pricosof a<lmu ?ion will be reduced to 60 cent*. Pit 374 cent*?gallery 25 centa. Bowcav Theatbe ?The grand and gorgeous apecta- | cle of the " Laat of the Thousand and One Night*,'' ! founded on a tale of the tame name in the Arabian Nighta Entertainment*, waa produced at thl? celebrated place of amuiement laat evening. The acenery, dresses, Sec., are all new, and were prepared expreealy for thia great spectacle. This great *how will have as greet a run as any ever produced by the enterpriaingeaterer, Mr. Jack son. He deserves much credit for getting out the mag nificent spectacles which for the past year have delightad his patron*. and a certain harvest will result from this. In consequence of illness of Mrs. Jones, the drama of the " Adopted Child" waa substituted for the comedy of " Charles II." The same bill is put forth for to-uight, and we expect the house will b? filled. Castle Garde*.?It is on such a night as last night ' that the coolness of thia delightful place of resort caa be appreciated to its full extent. There is no place in the city so delightfully cool, or where one can enjoy himself better, than at Castle Garden The splendid saloon ia open to the refreshing sea breezes, and a magnificent or chestra performs every evening some choice composi tions in excellent style. The entertainment is varied by some very pretty dancing by the Misses Vallee and Mr. Thompson. The ices an.l other refreshments are excel lent, and on the whole,the garden holds out inducements to visiters that cannot fail to attract. Hebb Alexakdeb.?The fame of this wonderful adept in the mystic science drew a large and fashionable audi- ' ence last evening, at Palmo's opera house. Mr. Alexan der is certainly the greatest magician that ever visited these shores. His extraordinary feats defy detection, i and deceive the senses. We would describe them if we could, hut the task defies our pen. He has returned to New York, after making a very successful tour through the southern and western country; and while he remains : here we recommend our readers, and the public gene- i rally, to seo his extraordinary exhibitions. It would ap 8ear that he derived aid from some source unknown to le common race of mankind, for his feats are more than i mortal could accomplish. feNiauo's.?This fashiouable place of resort was well thronged last night. The entertainments were well re ceived, and all appeared to be delighted. What a luxury is Niblo's to the people during summer ! Ma. TKMrLETo*.?This eminent vocalist was to have given a concert last evening in Philadelphia, and is to give another, to-morrow evening, at the Tabernacle in this city. We anticipate for him a warm reception. The New York public will be sure to compensate him for the many misrepresentations that hare been heaped upon him by his enemies. EiHioiTion ok Automata.?Mr. George Tietz has opened at Gothic Htll, Broadway, an exhibition of me chanical figures, comprising tho celebrated Duck of Vaucauson, the War Elephant, the Spanish Trumpeters, | the Dancing Girl, and many other remarkable automata. ' The opportunity to see these curiosities of art occur very seldom, and should be improved on the present occa sion. The LouitvilU Journal of the 9th inst says that a very general turn-out of the lovers of music was expected that night to hear the most celebrated pianist of the age, Leo pold De Meyer. Mr. Mooney was to give one of his musical and histo rical entertainments at Troy, on the 16th inst The Italian Opera Company have been performing in Mobile, but so far have met with little encouragement.? The Mobile journals speak very highly of tho musical powers of the troupe. Sporting Intelligence. TrOTTIKO OH THE CeNTREVILLE TRACK, L. I. YeSTK* PAT?The sporting community of thi? vicitv are much indebted, lately, to the sporting gentlemen of Boston and its vicinity, for some capital sport as respects trotting ? Yesterday was about the third of their appearance, head ed by the veteran guide and whip Hiram Woodruff.? The sport announced was good?all that could be de- I sired : but the result did not come up to the promise, t? ? WM kcW?* in sport, was made up in fun. I he first announced was a match for $600, two mile heats, in harness. B.Clark, of Boston, names b. g. New England. I W. Wheeler, of New York ch. m. Peytona. The former was driven by Hiram Woodrufl ; the . other,by W. Wheelan. Previous to the start, 10 to . IS on New England (the Boston horse) was freely offer- 1 ?hy of takers ; 10 to 18 nibbled at, and 10 I to 20 taken in a few instances. At the first attempt at a i start, ere the mare had gone some 60 yards, she showed | most ugly feeing! by displaying her heels against the who, directly afterwards, pulled up, sod declared forfeit?a most wise and judicious procedure. The crea- i ture isi one of the most ugly tempered animals that ever I trottoid: and no one can approach her, let alone drive or guideher with safety?any one attempting to do so, should insure hia life previously. . Immediately after, purse and sweepstake, mile heats, : i r-,n 5- *? lhs. wagons. Conklin, enters ch. g. H. Smith. , ?{? ? > enters g. g. Contractor. J C. M., enters ch. g. Star Gazer. The latter did not Bhow. It was 10 to 3 on H. Smith , previous to the start?taken freely. They went off well ; together for the first heat, but ere they reached the first : quarter, Contractor fell behind some eight or ton lengths, i and the other maintained his position home in 3:171. The ; second heat, in similar style, in 3:39. The third heat ditto in 3:33}, a winner. A match was thon made on the impulse of the moment, '? for $A0, in 350 lbs. wagons, mile and repeat against J. Conklin's ? ? ?. . .ch. g. H. Smith. I Mr. Teneyck'a ch. m. Chatham Maid. Ten to seven waj freely offered on the mare previous to the start, who won in two straight heats?the first In 1 3:9 : the second, in 3:3. The attendance was respectable throughout the day, and the track in first rate order. Moac SroaT, -Another very fine day's sport la pro mised for to-day. The advertisement wul tell the rest of the tale. Ten to three was freely laid and as freely taken, en Grey Eagle against John Anderson ; 3 to 1 on the Eagle against the field. Eagle certainly looked fine. The Boiton boys are coming out strong. Hiram has not gone | there for nothing. Match fob $10,000.?A match race for two single miles, between Peytona and a young filly, Brown Kitty, will come ofi" over the Oakland Course, Louisville, in October. American Yachting.?One of the most pleasant yachting parties that was ever given in this region came off yesterday. The friends of James H. Perkins, Esq., owner and commander of the Boston Yacht Club, assem bled on board the Coquette, and at 4 o'clock, P. M., pro ceeded to Staten Island. The Cequotte is a beautiful model, and walks the water like a thing of life. The company on board enjoyed themselves highly, and at a late hour in the evening returned to the city, well : pleased with their trip. Commander Perkins deservea a great deal of praise in expending a portion of hia large fortune in promoting this manly and exciting amuse- ; ment We wish there were more Commander Perkinsea | in the world. Superior Court. Full Bench. Jl-!?? IS.?Dec mom.? Vance c?. Andrewt and othert.? Stay vacated, except the plaintiff ihould be allowed to notice the cause at the October term, to re-issue the com I mission heretofore issued. Belmont vt. Oltim.?Appeal dismissed, with $7 costs of opposing. ' uiefenbockrr tt. Ragel.?Appeal dismissed, with coats. The New York and Harlaem Rail Road Company adt. W. B. Wallit.?In this cause the plaintiff obtained a ver dict for $1,900, for an injury received by him in conse quence of the breaking of one of the defendants' rail cars in 61st street, about two years ago. The defendants moved for a new trial, which was denied. Burton and othtrt vt. Norton and othtrt?Judgment for defendants. Pott adt. Smith.?Judgment for defendant, with liberty to plaintiff to amend, on payment of costs, after notice of rule. Jewett ft ml. vt. Belden.?Special report of referees to be mtuie as to that pert of the proceedings which relates to the manner in which the books of the plaintiff wore given in evidence. Wilton et al. vt. Miller.?Judgment reversed. Thurtton adt. Ktttletai.?Judgment affirmed. King adt. JV??ccomA.?JudgmenWbr defendant. Before Chief Justice Jones. William Porter vt. William Barn wall-This waa an action of trespass on the case. The plaintiff, through a Mr Ogden, of New Orleans, the agent of defendant, consigned to him In January, 1844, a cargo of molasses, contstoing 40,694 gallons, sending the bill of lading and invoices, and at the same time instructing him not to sell unless the mohuses was in demand in the New York market, the plaintiff preferring to have them stored, ae he was advised there would be a brisk demand as soon as the spring business opened. The defendant replied that he would not recognise his instructions, but would be altogether govered by the instructions ef Mr. Ogden. The plaintiff wrote back repeating his instructions.? The defendant replied to thia letter, stating that he was in advnee by his acceptances in a considerable sum, aad if thft plsintiff expected that he should store the goods, he should put him in funds to meet his acceptance*, and the freight and charges, otherwise he would sell upon the receipt of his letter. The plaintiff alleges he put him in funds, notwithstanding which he sold the molas ses at a considerable lose, and the plaintiff brings the present action to recover the difference between what they sold for, and the market value. The court adlount ed before the plaintiff's evidence was gone through. John Vanhutkirk vt. Perry S Gardiner.?This was an action to recover $3ft0, a quarter's rent of premises in Broad street I he defence set up, waa, that the defendant held under a lease for 8 years,made in 1944?that the pre mises were burned down by the great fire in July, 1346, and that subsequently an arrangement was entered into between the parties, that the piclntiff should proceed to et the defendant and his partner, that they should 8e no opposition, in consideration of which, the plain screed to discharge them from all rent. Verdict for plaintiff, for amount claimed. For plaintiff, Mr. K. T. Winslow. For defendant, Mr. J. B. Staples. Court Calendar?Thle Dsijr. CiacOlT CeiiBT?4, 93. 36, 30, 31 to 38, M) to 41, 43. 44. Scrrnaioa Cover? ?, 136, ISA, 146, 10, 3A, I0S, 106.107, 10S, 40, M, 906, 47, 71, 97, 03, 36, 190, 13, 13ft, 1M, 97, 90, 118, 1*9, 114,1M, 189, 164 Comnor Plus?First Part?93, 18. 97, 90, 99. 00, V, 30, 41, <3 Second p?rt ?17, Jf 9?, ?, *?, 39, 38, 39, 40. | City htoUl|tn??. Mbztino m the fui.?Thar* vu a meeting t lMt evening In front of the City Hall to c brat# the liberation of Mike Walih. It vu organi by the appointment of a chairman and secretary, ? wtch in hi* turn, addressed the meeting before arrival of Mike Walah, denouncing lawyers, ofl holder*. OK )lunker?, and ariftocrat*, and praii the working men as the only honeat portion of the c munity. A aerie* of resolutions were passed by accla tion, and the meeting was then addressed by .Mike Wi himaelf. who was enthusiastically cheered on his app ance. He addressed the asaembly at considerable lent denying the justice of his incarceration, and conde ing the aristocracy in no measured terms. The meet at the conclusion of hia specch, adjourned. Hiceobt Blves?New Yoaa im the Field?Agn bly to regimental orders, thi* fine regiment were n tered into the *ervioe of the State ef New York by jcr General 8andford, yesterday, in the Arsenal Yt and presented a fine, soldierlike appearance, thougl citizens' dreu. They numbered over four hundred n kets, and were drilled by Colonel Ming, Captain Haii Lieutenant Aiken and other officer*. General Sam was accompanied by General Storms, and explained particular* of the order* from the Governor, ur which the regiment were enrolled and mustered into service. They were supplied with muskets from arsenal, which have already done some execution in wars of tho revolution. Colouel Marks, General Llo and several distinguished military men. were prcsen Colonel Yates' Artillery, were al?o pre'eut, and * drilled. The whole scene presented a very anim. appearance, and the " Hickory Blues," bid fair to sutl the high military reputation of the great and distinga ?d hero, whose name they have adopted. The Visit or the Cocbt or Ebrors to Gat pom*?Thi* Court accepted an invitation from the L laland Railroad Company on Friday bat, to pus o that road to Greenport, and diao at the Tcconic llouf that delightful place on thru da>. The party com ing of the Court, Chancellor Walworth, Gov. Gardi the Mayor of Now York and Uruoklyn, Judgoa Htru McCoun, Hon. John A. King, Ju<?<re" Hivilan.l, Mes Jacob Little, John Ward, Duer, Jaudon, Find a uumbe invited guests, with the Director* of t' ? Compr p; Brooklyn at half-past nine, and arrived at Greeny abeut tniee hours. After dining at the new ho' I conic House, kept by the Messrs. Fleman, in a style qi satisfactory, the party returned to town, reaching h at sunset The speed of the train wo* tried for tho si faction of the party, and a nnmber of miles were | formed in a minute each, and other* in one minute fifteen lecond*. Thi* U a *peed rarely attained by tn in thii country. The engine performing this speed ' built by Messrs. Roger*, Ketehum It Orovenor of ra son, N. J. Fixe ?A fire broke out on Sunday night about f clock, in the grocery store corner of Houston and J berry- *t*., occupied by Mr. Oevoe. The fire origin: in the store, which was considerably damaged; the up part of the house was but little damaged. Board of Assistant Aldermen. Thi* Board met last evening, the Preiident, Neil Gr Km., in the chair. The minutes of the last meeting were read and proved. Appointment of JhtUtant Alderman Byrne preae ed the petition of inhabitants of the Frst Ward asking appointment of Hugh Bradly, as City Guager. Adopi Police.?Communication from the Mayor, nominal George W. Matsell Chief of Police. The nomination i confirmed. The late Fire.? Communications from the Comptrol with bill of David Graham 8c Co. for foes, as counse Corporation in relation to the great fire of Decemt 1843, $6,036. Referred. Petition of inhabitants to light Cedar-areet with gas. ferred. Petition of Boatmen to have sheds erected for th boats at foot of Fulton street. Referred. Communication from Street Commissioner, with ci nance, for filling up sunken lots in 10th street. Accep and ordinance adopted. Papertfrom the Hoard. Several paper* were conc ted in. Assistant Alderman Webb offered a resolution in fa' of making an appropriation of $K>00 to defray the preli nary expenses for tho volunteer companies now be; raised in this city for the war against Mexico. Assistant Alderman Olives movod to lay on the tal Assistant Aldermsn Btbre moved that the reaolut be referred to a special committee, who could rap thereon. The Ave* and Noes on laying on tho table, were dered ana stood?Ayes, 8; Noes, 7. Assistant Alderman Webb.?A very handsome dem stration for those who are going to fight our battles. The Board took a recess. The Board after taking a recess, returned at 8 o'clo New Railroad through Hudson Ureot.- Assistant Aid man Oliveb enquired if the Select Committee were p pared to report on the subject of the introduction o Railroad through Hudson street. Assistant Alderman Smith of the 9th Ward, said Commtttee would be prepared with their report at next meeting of the Committee, on Thursday. Imposition upon Emigrants.?Aid. Btbre preset) the report of a committee of the Young Friends of land, in relation to abuses and impositions practised U] emigrants in a hospital, so called, situated in 89th stre 8th avenue. Mr. B. stated that several inmates of hospital, according to the report, were in a state utter distress md privation. The report of the comi tee was referral The report was endorsed by two p sicians, and gives a detailed statement of the wret' condition of the inmate*, which will be investiga' f the board with scrutiny. Referred. Th* f'olunteers.?Asst Aid. Btbre next moverv * consideration of the resolution offered by A'" West, in relation to appropriating $1000 for tho * sionary expenses of the volunteers, already referred ? Ass't Ala. Oliveb opposed the taking up of th* resd tion. He could not imagine the gentleman proposing i resolution was sincere. Asst Aid. West was-of opinion that th* passsm the resolution was justly due to these who were so to risk their lives for their country. Ass't Aid. Btbre considered the bett*r course wo be to refer the whole subjact to a committee, moved to refer, as a committee could inquire into merits of the case. Asst Aid. Oliteb moved to lay on the table. The question was taken and lost The question hi upon recurred on Mr. Byrne'* motion for referenoe, was carried. The resolution was accordingly referr Asst Aid Bybki moved to refer the veto of the Mayor, together with accompanying papers, &c , in r tion to opening Albany street, to a select committee. Asst Aid. Oliveb opposed the motion. The motion of Mr. Byrne prevailed. The ordinance was hereupon adopted. The Board adjourned. Court of General KcmIom. Before Recorder Scott an<l Aid. Walili end Wilkt Joh* McKr.ow, Esq. Di'triot Attorney. Juwe 15.? Ti-tal of LaugMin MtCormiek, rtiuni At the opening of tl?e Court thin morning, the t.:? Laughlin Mcl ormiek, Indicted for having, in the tor of April last. obtained from Mr. J. Norvall, of 100 J< atreet, 73 reams of paper and ether property of the ?i of $145, wan returned by recalling to the (tend Norvall, who deponed that he aold a bill of gooda to prteoner, amounting to $145, on credit, in eonaeque of the repreaentationa mvlo by him; that MoCormicI ao exhibited to witnaia two letters of reeomraeadat purporting to hare been aigned by Me??ra. Roe fit I ny, of Rochester; and further, that ha ttated that Me Phelps, Dodge It Co had permitted him (MeCormick refer to them?the lettera ahown on the occasion re red to, aa it waa subsequently ascertained, being foi riea, and the repreaentationa made by the aocused ent ly falae. Mr. Dodoe, of the firm ef Phelpa, Dodge It Co. ' next examined on the part of the prosecution. He poaed that the film of which he waa a Member ne authorized the accuaed to refer to them. Pomerov B. Clark, of IS Piatt atreet, deposed that accuaed called upon him in the month of April laat, expreaaed a deaire to purchaae gooda on credit; at aame time exhibited a letter purporting to be signed Wm. Cheney, of Rocheater ; he alao made represei tiona of the aame character aa those testified to by ' Norvall; that upen the faith of those represent^) witneaa aold the accused a bill of gooda amotitfUnj $314 M, and took his notes for* the aame. Wiuseaa < aonally delivered a portion of the gooda aold to the cuaed, but aubaequently got them back. Mr. Hart, of the firm of Messrs. Boardman and H deposed that he aold the accuaed a bill of gooda, am* ing to $104, upon aimilar repreaentationa aa thoae a to Mr; Norvall and Mr. Clark. Officer Bowter deposed that he met with the prise on the 35th of April last, at ihe pawn shop in Canal at r where he waa pledging some apoona, forka, he., ant following him, he anally aacertained that the prop* he had pledged was a portion of that whioh he tad tained from Mr. Clark. Muoh other testimony of same character was adduced on the part of the prow tion. Mr. Merrill, of oounael for the defence, USWed Court to direct an acquittal of the prisoner, on Be gro that the indictment waa defective, inasmuch aa thwe' a variance between the proof and the indictment ' motion made by counael for the accuaed waa overn by the Court, except that part having reference to testimony, aa to the letter purporting to have been sig by Mr Roe, which evidence the Court directed to ?trieken out The case waa than summed up py Curtis in behalf of the accused, and the District Atlor on the part of the people. No verdict had been aendc at the time of leaving the Court laat evening. Jh< ault to-morrtrr. Circuit Court. Before Judge Edmonds. Jen* IS.?John Etit vs. Nmtkmm/Ul Britkum.?This < an action of trespaaa on the caae. The plaintiff purch< from defendant in the yeir 1830, ISO sheep for $300 der an alleged warranty that tha sheep were sound fit for the New York market It subsequently tur out, according to the plaintiff's statement,that the grf part of them were diseased, and died before they oo be brought to this city, and alao communicated the eeae to a portion of plaintiff's flock, by which ha auffe considerable damage. The defence set up was a Jti meat in oauae between the aame parties obtained by defendant The Court was of opinion that it srai con. sive, and directed tha Jnry to find for the defendan Verdict accordingly.?For plaintiff Mr. Allan, for deft ant Mr. Mitchell. Sot* atd Orvrurr ?"As I sat down to a ha plate of soup." say* Gen. Scott to the Secret of War This is a vary odd phrase, to snake pert ol official letter, and must either mean great soclahilit; profound waggery. "Aa I aat down to a plate of aou How odd. (luizot ahould write, "aa I aat down to a < of frog's legs,"?and sir Robert Peel ahould say, "i sat down to hot beef and pudding." and so on Di macy and official intercourse have obtained a new "w tie" from the general. "Aa I aat down to a hasty p of aoup !"? Star. The Exhibition of Firework* Its Beaton the 4th of Jnly, ii intended to conclude with a piece r* ?e;it ,i)(t the destruction of St. Juan de Ulloa, originally iiRned by Mr Hall, rereierly ef Niblo'e and Caatle G*r<l. md gut up by him st his own expense, at a cost of upwi >f $400. and net by Mr. Ed(e. of Jersey City, as stsiei he New York fan. and other City papers. The niew ">ld by Mr. Hall to Castle Garden, and exhibited thsra eraral seasons eucceseirely, and waa purcnased hy Ldfefrom the proprietors, bat awes ao [?*? of its ??<>. ils.talaat or iataawty

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