Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 23, 1846, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 23, 1846 Page 3
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in ttia Increase of ha population Franco keep* bo hind other nation*. It is well known that the population of that country baa been stationary , eoui pared with other fltates of Europe; ant', we need not add, that the*e facts nay bo traced to the exclusive ay stem pursued by that otharw lee enlightened country. Europe baa boon entirely dependent on foreign quar ters for the supply which led to the great Jevolopement of the cotton trade shown in the preooding table. The regularity amd the ateodineea with which the increased demand haa boon mot by the supply, for the last twenty years, is a guaranty for its continuanoe in the proportion aa circumstances may call for it The supply of cotton will for many years be much In advance of the demand. Tho surplus now from yoar to year is nearly equai to a sis months consumption, and the section of territory now devoted to the cultivation of the :aw material in this country, is capable of producing u ith favorable seasons and proper management, at leaat flfiy |>er cent more than ever yet harvested. The addi tional soil .brought under eultivation for thia etaplo ?> ei y yoar. with the annexation of territory to an im. mens? extent particularly adapted to the growth of the cotton plant, insuroa a supply for many yeara to come much beyond tho consumption. Our Tope of cotton, in tho eld cotton growing sections, fluctuate from yoar to year a very large per cent According to the regular per cent increase from one yoar to another. Independent of any lntluence of tho aeaaons, the crop thia year should not vary much from twenty-eight hundred thousand bales; whereaa the yield will be but a little over.two million of bales. The extent of land employed in the cultivation of this article, depends very much upon the influences brought to liear upon tho planters in the planting season; and the state of prices, kc , at that time, ha??e a vary important effect in regulating the extent of the next crop. (lid ?ittx k Kaoliang*-. $<0M Ohio t'?, 1*0 250 sha Lone Island RR StU 5000 d i s9J V.I M do .39 33 8uN reaiity Iran is S's Oil 100" do tw 33W 1500 do 69 W 25 8t on in ft ou RR >75 <j\ l'-mo do K9K 100 do >60 4? 5H00 do CfllJ 50 do b60 47 1000 Reading Bonds 77k 50 Nor St 'Wor bl5 59 5. 00 _ d > s?0 77 *20 do b90 SO t looo Readiua Mtc Bond- 71 100 do >30 58W 50 sha \iechviiCo' Bk lf>l>? 25 do 58W 25 hio L ie It Trust 91 100 do 58?* 15 Farmers' Trust ? 100 do b20 59 50 Woins Canal HW JIO Reeding RR MW 50 do sM U* 150 do s?0 69? 100 Canrou Co MM 37 100 do 69* M New Jersey RR lOJ* 150 do blO 70 g^^nnil Bofllfle 1100 shs Harlem RR s i 13 25 shs Nor It Wor 5S'i 2<0 do 50 do 38V 100 do bio 52* 150 do blO 5?jJ 50 do S3 52 Si 50 do 58* 100 do 5t>? a# Nonh Am Trust b?0 9?* 1(0 do s30 J2 100 Canton Co 38 S 10 do 52* New Bterk Exchancv. 25 sbaree Csnren Go sj V>\ 25 shs Nork Wor Wdy SO Harlem kR cash 52V 25 do tw 50 do cash 52U 25 do s3 58,. 25 Long lil-nd BR s3 33H 25 do Tnesdtv 5HV It Nor It Wor si 58!i 25 do cash 58? 35 do Stw 58* 400 do cash 5AH i5 do b3 58H 75 do Tuesday 1SX $ Ule<t. On Monday morning. 32d instant, Kdwin M., infant ?on of Robart J and Ptiebe Jane Tiffany. Yesterday morning, William, ton of Joseph and Ann* Blakely. aged 'J years. 6 monthi and 13 days. The friend* end acquaintances of the family, are re quested to attend the funeral, thia afternoon, at 3 o'clock, fiom the of bia parents, No 357 Madison street. Of consumption, on Monday evening. 33d inst., at 8 o'clock. Hsaur \V. Hull, Esq, a native of Ireland, aged S3. Hi* iriends will please attend his funeral, without fur ther notice, at 4 o'clock, P, M., from hia lata residence, S3 City Hail Place. Weekly Report of Ueathl. la the city and county of New York, from the 13tk day o( June to the 20th day of June, IMS. 4i Men ; ?3 Women ; 49 Boys ; 33 Uirls. Total, 1S9. DISEASES. Apoplexy, 3; Bleeding, 3; Bleeding from lungs, 1; Bron chitis. 1-, Cancer. 3; Casualties, t; Cbulera iufan'um, 2; CliOleix morbus, I; Consumption, 34 ; Convulsions, 10; Con stipation, I; Congestion. 2; Ueb lity, 6; Deliriam tremens, 3; Dt'?p*y,4; Drops. in the head, 8; Dropsy in the chest, 2; Drowned, 2; Dysentery. 6; Erysipelas. 1; Feter, remittent, I; Fever, scsrl.1, 1; Fever, typhus, 5; Heart, disease ot, 3; Hoopiug cough, 3; Inflammation of bruin, 4; do. uf bowels. 3; do. uTchest, t; do. of lung*, 12; do. of stomich, 1; do. of throat, 3; Viallormation, 1; Vlarasmua, 10; Old age, 2; Pleu risy, 1; Palsy, 2; Poi?on, I; Premature birth, 3; Scrofula, 2; tin II pox, 1; Sprue, 1; Suicide, 1; Suffocation, 2; Ulcers, 1; Unknown. 4. > A*e?Under I year, 41 : 1 to 2 years, I?; 2 to 5, II ; 5 to 10, e ; 10 to 20, 4 ; 20 to 30. 23 ; 3t to 40, 2}; 40 to 30, 10; 30 to ?0, 8; 60 to 10, 2; 70 to SO, 4 ; tO to 90, 1 ; 90 to 1M>. 1; uu kowu, 4. Colored persons 1C. CORNELIUS B ARCHER, City Inspector. City Inspector's office. June 22, r816 MILITARY AND NAVAL ORNAMENTS KEG1LDED AND PLATED . |P 'IE BA8 ETB, Wa.ters, Ca>t"i? Snuffers, Travi, fO Door Kaobs and (lates. Clock Dial-, Spoons, Forks, Ho i Tongs. Tea Pofa, Sugar ?nd Viilk Bo?U, Steel Kni>es d Foks, St?ir hods. Bell Pullers, Curtain Hooks, Watt-r fr'sac. ta and .Mouutinga, by K. IRVIN, No S2 Liberty atieet, South West corner of Broadway. je!3 lt*ni fl'"E "L'BSCKIBER respectfully inform.* the public m that he he* no mail' er ol bosiuesa connection with O B. r AND' iLI* INI, who iii his <-dv? rriarmeiits announces h m self as the nephew ol Vito Viti. hucli patronage a* hisHiusi way pp i erly be entitled to on the score ol his relation sh p he in wa'iome to: but, from uanicaUr reasont, I do not vi.hbi silence to imply or aiiaut that there is ?ny sort of cou Bert'on in matters of business. VITO VITI. je23 3t*r FOK~aALE; THF. OOOD WILL and Fixtureso a Conrectioeery. Ice Cieara Sal?on and Oa.d 'U,lo which is -ttsclied an O at^r V. I'?<?q, doing a good iiusiucss. Enquire at 218 Bleckrr street-. ? 21 !>? "re liOAtiDl.NG IX THE COUNTKY. ?^l I 1/JlNa shu desire board in thr country, will find a ' v- rr ple?a nt lo,- tio adjoi line the Ba> . wi'h all the fa c for go nii'g. lishi' g ti.d tolling, bv enquiring of the Snliacri'er. at Little wortn, about twoandah If milea ftoin lileu C. v* f S ?Tn e ?ple did steamer C rot in leaves Fultoa Market clip Hail), at SH o'clock t. M., for Oleu Cove ANN ROPER. I ImU >r\rth, I'4f> j 2t tw're L??..N lidilcAL OfL-tt rpHK OK.AD. tpaqne a id artificial tppearaice of " false A teeth" in general use, have re'drieu the wearing of these sn r-titates ao much to he dreadtd Or A. C.CASTLK (jSI Bro dwsv. corner of Wh te street ) cills attention to hu leantifal Incorruptible Teeth, wheh ye*r? ol experimvut h?v* mads petfrct in their vivid. Lfe-like. mtur.ii tmntpa ie.ic iu strength, durability, and the ease with which f ev iaa\ I s woiu, ?? also il.eir Mubilitv for masticating, ?pr,k ? g, Ice lie. Dr. Cast'.e's practice embraces every ..eceatiry operatio-i f <t the improve me it and preserv lien of the hu nt in teeth ; he i emotes ..II Causes li.c dental to their de>nuc tjon r th a may i.i any way ileform their be nty. je.'3 It*rn HICKORY liLUES. REGIMENTAL OK'-ER.. New Yoaa. Inns 20, 18'S. Tlllt Members of the Volunteer Regiment of Hickory Ulusa, a e here'-y d<rected to appear hi citizens dreas, at the Ar.rnal V aril corner < f Elm and ers iklui streets, ou Tussdajr After ioon, 23d i sta t,nt 2 o'clock precisely, for the pur,- ae of proceeding t? the I i'y Hill. P rk where in ele g -nt ReKimrnial Msi d.ird. prepared by a d-ati iguis* ed Cora su'tteo Ciltseaa, will i?e p s-e teil by l.e Hon. An4renv H. Micklr, Ma,or of the < iiy totheOfficersa d Members of '"1 lie tiickory tlluri.',<.t 3 o'clock. The ? ? m and o.t tmsts t hit ttie high honor .thus to be con fer ed nu the g<l ant in-mh. r? of theHiektr, Bines, will be sutficient to ensure pr mptitude anustric obedience to this oiiler. By oide ALEXANDER Ml NO, Jr., Colon. I. CixQSOK C P*wc?, xljntait. j21 3'is*re TW ENTY DOLLARS RfcWAKD. A FEMALE 1 HILD. from the green in frv t of Lafiyet'e O <rden s d the Uaiision House, at Hohokeu. on the 17tM oi Sit. The child is years ol aye, named (t-ilia Bau mer?she speaks German and English; has light Complexion, blur eyes and S*ndv hair-r is slightly tanned with the suu. Had o i s blus sml wli te atiiped frock, dark pantt lettes and str ped li- od. Any informition respecti g her will L>? thank fully lecei*ed by herpa<eut*. K 11 BAW >IKR, je23 Jt*ic Lafayette Garden, Hotniken, N. J. ALOIS PETELER, CONFECTIONER, 67!) Br ndiritf, opp mite Ntblo't FUP NI^H 1" D ?t bia Sa'iMm: l> a Creims rinil Kruit Ice* in all their v?r eties. Plumbier and Bomb A 11 s renit, all a >ai e ior quality, and wot to be surp^s-ed i i iliitcou try. >ir Pitefet veil up entertainments a d -n| ; er? in .? peca!ia~ apiiT' piiata >tyle and c^n relv'o the sitisfietion eat ress d last w niter, by many of the u ost fash onable and we nth, cm re i< _ jet I lw? ni GAS CIIANDALIER,-1. ter. WORAM U HA> OlllVOt'T, 361 and 3U Broadway, re spectfnlly I .vile 'he attention of those withnm to our cli -e Ou Kixruies, to their eitenaite ?aaortn>eii of i li*.,. d'liers. Peud.mts, Brickets, Mantle Lights, and ?ll other fix tn es necessary for e.ther pi ivate dweilints or public build lags ? l?n?A srest variety of the sswest patterns Girandoles, P I r Lamp- See., embracing hII the latest im|irovemeais ta de- gii atyle andnnish. In >rgsrd to th qualm of the work, ihey deem ir qnia? suf firi*-nt to sty thai it is II made by Measrt I ornelius k Co., pnihdelfliM wh' se sapem riiv as m inuf.cturers is eata bli>h d k) the moat nndonht d teaiiia-my. A highly rvepeetahl* and le<rn?d temleman ia Washing tnn, lie crib na the late Natioual Fair, pays this handsome compliment " Decidedly 'he richest display in ihe ^air, is made bt Cor nel us Is f o , who exhibit s uembrr of articles equal to any thiug imported, anil which cannot be surpassed save by theai Srlies" The eelebrsted Prrfessor Cress an. who. at lh- request of t'ie Tin?tees ol ihs rhsladelphia G-s Works, went to Eu rope. ex. iu nwi ihe p'inrip?l manufactories of Kjigland, >roi|t'd sn'l osher places s and ta Ins report sey s ^" That alihoiigh he T'sii*d those places lor ilie express ptirpote of se. I i u .]t-runens ol eaperior excellence for the interior of di?ellt:i?s, he foiiii-l rioue 10 aurpiss thoae mtde in Ploiidel' phi.. |.i the rombnisnon of this'* and beiatiful forms, with peif. ct on ol finish " Their arraaaements with C. h Co. are such that tlie<' srs reod^rly supplied with their moat approved and desirable ar brlMi And 'he. warrant all to be oarefuliy put np, uid give en'ire satisfaction Jr30 3tia*rc tX(^LHI0Rb05sT.ETS6P wmSlAi! slLk* ri'Hk ^BB<;Flbc.RA h ving been appointed sole aneots X lo the >.ale oi th?>e Bonnets are no* prepared to supply |> e r ?de witli tlita new and splrnd d aiticle >f silk biaid, wliii h .eceived the flrat p emiuio . f a gold ined.l at the Inst AU'i.ftle Amtriean Inatitute The.e bonnets exceed in j.e ntv. lextnr., duiahiliry ?ud eoon. my. any thi ,g >.| ti e Li diver offered 1 liey ate warranterl to be entirely of silk, tu.d is ill clean, alter ai.d retain their color equal to any braid 1 u ?e STAN TUN, RICH tDbk WO'UJItUFF jeft Iws'm So 43 Bro?dstreet. JTZTTca 1.JICE MANTUA-** VISITER AND . SCARFS AND FANCY fARfS M THA W, HA TS. 1 M o|mt isd |er laal l ac^et Irom Havre, a Very cMrl el tntoftne above desirable and elegant goods, the sty les I ai dsliSiSs now worn in l an?, and will be ? .ld at very rea I soeafale i riees The assortment is st pre<ent eomplete, and tlw m>t,t ilnirable in tlie city. A. LN8WOHTH, Jegi I ' rC 42 Joh" St J. VV Alt U Iv, 'noLO k SILVIlR KEKINL-H, Assayerand Sweep ?m?l U ter, Office. 1?j7iHN Stre^, Saw Vork. O* Fine Oold, Rolled Stiver, Ro?ge and CmciMea, al wgya ess band avyj lus'rre , TI?H LOSt. A CENTO&MF.CE of ? rxj-rri: frith the wawZlalet, , ?aa. V unua, engraved on It. TT?? tinder will b? rewarded by ' leaving It at At will V?, Broad ivv J?2_ it rc j TO 1M1NTEUS. ~ t WANTED?Br oue who has bad eight years experience ou power pryses, a {J"4*"0i?Hoe's sm.le \?pier*or I double Adams' preferred Has no abjection to go in the coun- i try. TWkwtirfnfrNMn (itwt. Adureas Printer, it this I otBce. j*2J lt*r WANTED-Ai > I luwlrr. JVI .r t1r rs. cheap for I cub. Addrrta tiir.-.r, o!li?.e oi |l>? Tribune. , je?3 lt*r j W AVfS. A SITUATION'S! assistant clerk, by a young Scotchman, 1 who writes atair htud and ii expert at Bgaree. I'est of refereneagtveu. Address A M. i'. left at this office, will be promptly attended to. _ Alto, [be aituatiou of tailor* ss by a young woman from gootltnd j^jiplv aa abor. j-tt lt*>c Wa;v J fc,L>, l> T A Respectable yon- g woman, a sitaation aa a chamber a-? m id, and would issiat in the washing and ironing, or do the geoerj house work of a small fatally. Enquire at 194 StfkiJLZfT'g'-: the r-?r je*? 2t * r W A A I t,U, BV A Respectable young w< man. a sitaarion M chamber maid. assist it washing and ironing, or to do Ae work of ? amall f unity. Beat of city reforeuees given. Alto wanted, bv a yowf wotnrn. a situation u nurae. to do plain sewing or chambei-work. Beat city reference* given. Apply at 472 Pearl street )rB 2t?m in want offconest aad faithful servants. ?u: Cook*. Nurses, ke , alto C .acJiman. Waiirra, Clerks, or Labo'er*, can be tupp i*d with each as hare g-od city re ference , byapplvi ig or eeudikg to B.oadway, a few doors above Caual street. East aide. joit lw*m WANTED, AfEW active Young Men to go Sooth or Weat. to act as Agents for the sale of new and popular Publications Woo over and above their expenses will be iustared to them m wntiug, with an opportunity of clearing SI,040 par year Some men now in oar employ will, ao doubt, make over $1,000 pur year clear of all expense Each man will have his district. It will be necessary lor them to have at least from Ri to IN to o'.taia a good fitting oat. Apply at FRENCH'S blishiug Hall, S3 Broadway, up stairs, Office of the Mag of oar Union. All letters must bp poat paid, ay 18 1m1*re NOTICE.. NOTICE ia hereby given to all persona having bought stone from LAimbeer's Quarry, at Kipp's Bay, formerly occu pied by Messrs. Mott Sc Know ton, that the accounts ol' the Quarry will be settled by H. K. Loimbeer. at the Office at the Quarry. WILLIAM LAI MBEER Hits IMh dav of April. IK* a*"l im"re TTVTsTTrritTr \.ua News and Book Paper IVjWU I9kJ'. .16 io MHba per ream. 2HxW. .an to 25 2Jx 2? .14 to 32 " 2 x2?. .24 to 36 " 2I?:.4, .21 to 3J w 24x3*. .10 te (0 " 22?U. ,l#to 23 " 24x31..M to 33 " 26x37. .31) to 37 " 26x39. .34 to JO " 20x42. .40 to O " 28x16..42 to 44 " 44sM. 90 io 96 For sale ia lota t'> sail pu. chasera. bv PERSSE k BROOKS.65 and 67 Naaaaa at. PRIN1 ING Paper of any sire or quality manufactured to order at abort notice, at their ex.eusive l'ap?r Works. Wind aor. Conn. je20 lwrc DAGL'tKnEOTYPE PLATES. IfUWl ENTIRE PLATES, from different French manufacturers, amixigat which are the well ku. wn Star brand just received Also, Morocco Ca?-s. st in ed Frames, kc. Also. Steel B<*ads, Bag Claspa, Steel and Jet Buttous, lie., lie., and loraale by EDWARD HEN, Importer of French and (ierman Oooda, jc22 lw?r Ilaiid2n Liberty street. COAL LAND FOR SALE. ONE undivided, one half part of the best and largest quar ry of Authacite Coal, (iu prop rtiou to the quantity ef land ) iu Peuuaylva-iiai bring in the whole trnct 3j6 acres, n?t measure, adjoining the lands of the Benver Me<dow Company on the east, and the landi i f the Summit Level Company on the west, both uow iu full working operatiou, will be sold cheap. For further parti< ulara, apply to J ACOB ALTKR, jeH lm? ike Tuscarora, Schuylkill co . Pa. HAKliWAKtj CUTLEKV AM) GU.Ns. AW. SPIES k CO., hnviug removed to 91 Maideu Lane, a offer a lane and well assorted stock of Hardware, Cat I err, (}uns and Guu Materials, by the recent iinportatioua. al evrremelt l..*? |wip#i lnrrnahnrnp|irnvfrl pn|er lm#f h PATENT SHItLDED VICTORIA SHAWL." AND UlAPEK PINS. WOODWARD k BKOiHERS, Biooklp, New York, are the oulv legally autlwrised mauutacturers ol the above named article, iu the United States, which authority they exercise in virtue of a patent granted to Thomaa Wood ward, May 7th. 1842 Ti e great favor awarded by the public to this article, baa induced some unprincipled person to in fringe up..n the right* ol the pau-ntea, by manafactaring a very iufrrinr arricle iu imitation of the pttent one, and is en deavoring to 'nduee de<le?rs to commit ? fraud on the public by purchaaing and veualiug ihe same It is uuderatood tnat tbe fabricator of this spu ious article has the effrontery to avow that he has secured himself against the consequences of an action at law. by conveying his title to any property he nominally poaseased, to other parties. This movement, how ever, by no mean* secares purchasers uud venders of the spu rious article from such consequeuces. who have not taken the aame very honoratile piecautions. The Pateiree and Mmu' facturers deem it neceasary to norify the trade and the public generally, that in discharge of their dutv to themselves, and the honorable dealers in the Pa ent Shielded Pin, they mu?t tiroatcute at law nnv infringement on their patent, whether l?y manuficturer or vender To this eud it.ey hereby offer a rewird "f FlhTY DOLLARS, toauy peri -n who shall give liirh inf ,rm- tion aa shal i lead to the conviction of th.- offrnd ing pirties. who havea'ao rendered themselves liable to se vere iien&lties. imposed by an ct oi Cougreas, approved 29th Aut;usfri8l2, which can l>e sufd I or in any court ol Records of the United Slates. One n < 11 ol the nnes (oue huudied dollars for every offence.) is awatded toauy persou who su's and obtains judgment for the same. Brooklyn, Iuue9 1*46 jel8 1w*rc NEW bUOT A.Nli SHOc, STORE, Ifo. 6!> Maidm Lane, corner of William street. MEAGARY It HIOOINS hsve opened this new Esta blishment with a new and aplendid assortment of ijeii tlemen's Boats and Shoes, all new, latest Paris and Franeli tAshions, made under our own inspection and warranted Sold low, for cas". wholes ?le and retail. We solicit Merchants, Cletas and dealers to call and examine one new stock before purchasing elsen here. We do business ou the cash principle therefore, we cau afford to undersell any establishment in this city mv27 lm*re AQe A/lA To LEND O.N BOND AND MOKT yJvl/jWl/ OAGE, ia sums to suit applicants, on pro ductive Heal Estate, io this city and Brooklyn. Apply to S. 8 BKOAD, No. 11 Wall street, iu the Crotun Water Office, i'l? Im*-* IV^ijMV?> 1 t'Oh DA i. APPARATUS. ANEW and splendid arrangement, by means ol which the Shower Bath is auitad with the Bathing Tub. and can be used in coiitiectio , iu any part of the house. The public are respectfully invited to can and esamine it at the store of the Kubscriber, No. 377 Bowery, betwaeu Fourth and Filth streets. CHARLES KANE, Patentee. mv27 lm*re THOlu\ cllAM 1'AONE. AFRESH INVOICE of this delightfal Champagne ia io | stoie, to which the attention of merchants, hotel kernels, and private gentlemen is invited. The stranding of this Wmt ia uow superior to that ol any in this coaatry, aad at no higher price than that ef the best brands C. LIVINGSTON It CO., murtl isrf re W?ll?rraat '1AKE NUTK.E. ; 'I'^llE Subscriber having made arrangements, and considera , X bly eislarged his premises, is now ready to do all kiuds ol Blscksmith and Machiue work in general on the moet reasona ble terms, at the shortest uotice. N. B.?To Saddlers and others?100 sets of Hames on hand, for sale. G. BROADHL KST. *22 I in* in i'.l V 2A3 Spriuu street iHvP-Wt.LLlEU bUlLh.K>LUEfv" 1 FEET LONG, and from IX to i inches in diameter.? I IU Can be obtained only of the patentees. THOMAS PROSSER. a*? im#>e vt Pl.rt arraM^ V V lilU.", iiEl> i>Ut?.-5, WA1 SON'S BKD BUG DESTROYER, ia the most wonderful discovery ever made for immediately de stroying these vermin, however numerous, arid eternally ba nishing them from the premises by one application Beware I of worthless imitations. For sale at Apothecaries Hall. )6 Catharine street; Olcott It Mc< assem, 12' Maiden lane; and iu BrookIny at Mrs. Hayes's, ISB Fnlton st Price IS centa |>er bottle n2S Im'r SvaTI l ^ i7aZTvak., 74 Princr iH-tel, east of Itrnwhcmy CAN OS SCOTT, late of the Baiur ia Dej street, begs to O acquaint his numerous friends aud the public, that he haa opened the above house iu a very superior style, aad hopes to merit a fair shsre of the public patronage From long expe rience ui business, he llstiers himself to be able to please the most fastidious ; the accomimidatittas of his house for husi uess and coinlort. he believes cannot be surpassed by any house of U>e kind His patrons will slwsys And the bouse V ell supplied w ith the bast of every thing rhe_market affords ~ Steaks, id until twelve o'clock at night Plenty of rooms for private parties a' sll times ready wvl>lw?trc 'I'O JI.WM.UHa. ..INIAICKK IAI.Mt.HS. Sw;.? 1 C. It J. HAKTNK'IT, No. 2 t.ourtlandt street, near Bro idwa v, wholes .|r aad retail M o.ufai tiirers of Tr .veiling Writing, Dreaung and Jswelry Bun, Miniature Caaea ai.d Setti <g>; Flute. Locket, Watch, Uiuu. Pin and pencil Boies; cases tor silver 11 .te neitly arranged to order. Also, Tray* made and lifted to Jewellers show caaes, to contain watchea, chai'is. rings, keya, pins, tl.iml.les, pencils, lie A variety of tlie above articles conatautly on hand and made to order, with neatneaa and despatch. No I Courtlaudt ?lreet \. w \ Ol It in* t? t n. * rc bU 2 BALES assorted color*; blue Linen Checks?3 cases, ?uitibie for summer eonts?juat received and for sale by lea - ' HO' HI. V VIET*HI *? Pearl at THE ONLY GENUINE WALNUT OIL MILITARY shaving so a p, ?u the way of Ales, Wuies. Liquors, and Segars. Ste c hops. Cold ( uts, KarebiU. Poached Eggs. Tea. Coffee, iu (act a large aasortuieut of refreshmenu at all times u inventor, retail MANUFACTURED hv our Mr. Johnson, the i l ite Johnson, Vroom k Fowler, wholesale snd retail. Kaiicv Soajia, Essences, snd everv srticle pertaiuing to aa extensive manulactorv, for the trade and Umilies, at lees prices than any other house in this country can supply. Also, the depot ol the original and only genuine Magical Psin Extractor, for bums, and Hay'a Liuimeut for Pile*; Kalydur, for the complexion; Acoustic Oil for Deal.tese* Haraaperilla Extract, SOcts per boMla. Oregon Hair Oil; On the most favorable terms to merchants in all parts nf the country. Sieam Soap Works and Laboratory of Perfumes. Pttedt Medlcinea. kc. lie.. 21 Courllajidt street, New k orlt m\ tv KANCS M-.l.l^Lb-WoUh t..viptjkiLm HE.NR i' LAWRENCE, IMPORTER OF ZEPIHR WOOL, CANVAS#, PAT I TERNS, BEADS. FRINGES, GIMPS, kc . h JOHN STREET, NEAR DUO *DWA V.?if L, uke. t\iis method ol informing the tnule ard public generally thai be haa taken the above store, and is prepored to offer an ertanaive stock in his line, selected by liiinsell, iu Europe, w.tli especial refs*> euce to quality and novelty; aud by bis arrangementa. feels confident that nis price* cannot I a ? I ol eommandutg a share of pnblic patronage. He is now opentug many srttrles eatirefy new ... ?1.* ,?awrtfalh ?..l.cits a call na"** ltn*re (HUKCH'S VEGETAItLE LOTION. THIS highly vsluvble Cosmetic will effectually cure erup tions on the face aud skin, particularly pimples, blot ties, tetter, tan, lYeckles and ringworms The uae of the l.(tins for a short time, w ill establish a clear and brilliant co r | lex ion. S?dd in bottles at 73 cents each, at 1*8 Bowery, rotuer of Spring street. Also by Mrs Hsys, Brooklyn. myl? lm?m WIMKIU SHAUK UhPU'i, No. T HPKUCE STREET. fstisi itHtn ia 18(8 W H O L F. S A L E AND RETAIL, SHADES of sll description*, kinds ?nd site*. J8 per rest cheaper rl?a? can be bought at suy other places Tntn maon factaaesre' PriegL. BARTOL, DE MArKT It Co.. ? rt lm*tre Mauutaciaren Ik Importer* A r? ? ?* " a i, r*. Tirp rnrn mddlx horses,* ai?o ion carria?r They, lira Ju?i tli* right lit* Tor ndiag on ,hor?ebark, and have been loaf used to i ? .euui*. Arplr Bt th* desk of lh? Herald O:.. farther particulars jalt rf*j?h DOGS FOK SALE. A PAIR ol Ball Terriers, * dog tad ilat. of the finest breed in Ikngland, Ju.t imported from Liver pool. Can be seen on board the tup Empire, now lying ?t I'ier No. J North Hirer, by applying to the matt. Mr. Kiii'cil. . jeMlt'm i HAKvu 31'A.StC.V9?u' lilt pure breed, received by the latent arrivals Irom Lon V Tl for aale by A. Oi ieve. 5 John street. Also, rare valuable Bird*, only tm be l"*iud at his establishment, No. ?i John street. N. B?Letter* trou> the eurions, in distant Mm, (postpaid) vill be ttlruded to, by A. GRiEvE, n'.7? Imrli Iis^t jfir mid (fealer in Birda. Cage*. fce. THb'iMUHl'l.NoALr ?ONO IN JOHN STRfctil'. Tilt REAL BIRD itself ha* arrive^, and likawisa HVof the Saxony Canaries, the warbling of which, to the atrar.gar and enrioua, ia rather au utemtioi ?i*ht?for each customer has a different habitation, and Archy wil) be hu>py to attend to the ladiet and gentlemen u they pass Broadway and John street. up 17 im*rh 'itbvei. sttllB 0>4 soxm&h ttirftts So" HI GENIN.XM Broadway, has latroduced the novel ?tyle J^^of Hummer Haia, made of the same imtenal, aid I'uit.h ed in the lame in tuner a* hit celebrated Gossamer Hat Ex tremely light?pr ee $i >0. jel?|w*r ?W GENTLEMAN'S SUMMER HATS?1 he new at> la of Summer Hat* just in'ro?or<d are for aale by )el7 lwis*rc KNOX, lit l1 ulton ?t , Sun Building*. n PANAMA HATS.?A fin* assortment fiir aale by C. KNuX. Hatter. j?I7 lwia*re lit Koltou at.. Sun Buildiogt. " ^ LADIES FANCY KA8fllONAiL]?TSTRAW I^QHATS?Paria Straw Gimp Hat*, of the lateat ahape, for 9^^*ale at CARL KINO'S, No. 17 Divisiou atreet, at $3 m each. N. B.?A general assortment of Straw Hau w.d Pari* Rib bona, at the moat reasonable prices. ?>4 |tn*re t \HL KINO, 17 l)msioa strait iNt.Ai'X/L.l 1 A.N liUNNbi'S). ^a TUK SUBSCRIBERS, Patentee*and Manufactarers of the .Neapolitan Bunuvt.are prepared lo supply lite trade with thair illimitable Neapolitans, for which tlief received two silver int-dala at tl.e last two Kaira of the American loitituie, and whieb for style and finuh are ausur pauad. They warrant thain to altar and clean equaly to aaw. Apply to PATTISON, NOK k CO.. IS Utlaucj at., ?7 lmi**r OF Vv? ??????? ? ??ine and Pearl p /JLfr SETHI k SLALTikTfttl tffbls-kiii I \y fity City Call Ai<n, tclocied VUo lial.t, middliug, and he?er Hidoa, of vaiia<ii ?(ntr wajrSu r<.r ?nle by myi lmarve 4IOIIK (U'KN. ?? i ? ?.i-?h i THE pheasant. I T^AVID HAOAN ratpaeuully lult rin* hi* fricud* and tha I mj puhlio in geueral. tluii ha hat opened tbr houae No. 47 Howard atreet, a* a jilace of iigblir entertainment lie hi* ap-tiad no expense in nttiug it up iu the ni inaer tno*( aaitable for the comioruble accom nxlftiou of ihoaa ?n.i may favor hi in with a call, aad haa in a atack ol hv choicest and , b?*t aelected wiuaa, Ala, he. tiie market would atfoid. I Haia also prepared to ae ve up Maalu. Chop*, CuOeta. Rarebila, lie.; and can Provide parliua with private rooms ! frn aupiw rs or ot her meala. DAVID llAOAN. jeJllw'rc 47 Howard atreet. ATHENAEUM HOlfcL. THIS eatalilishment fortherly ?o well known to the pab lie a* a lavorite House, hat recently undergone a tho rough repair, newly painted and fiuiaked in a maimer which mikaa it a moat deairable House for trantirnt sud permauent boarders. Tha house I* aituated No 347 Broadway, coiuer of Leoaard street. There ia also attached to the Hotel a Rev furant. where thoae who do not wish to take their meal* at the pubtic table, can be accommodated. Room* will be let either by the day or week, with or without board ery at tention will be paid to make it adeiirable h <nie lor all inoie who may feel di*po*ed to give it their patronage. Private room? for Supper and Dinner par'iea. There are now vacant two or three very deiirable Parlor*, with bed rooms atttched, ?itnated 011 Broadway. B. L. K AT ON New Y->rk. June I*. 1146. jeU lwrc HE~l'KOPItlETORS OK THE f?HAKSPI'EARE HO TKL, corner of William and Duane strear*, reapect fully inform their friends and the public generally, that they have leased the above establishment, and entirely refitted the nine. Every possible effort will be made in regard to com fort, cleauline**, and atrrutiou, towards their visiters. They have provided themselves with a new stock ol' Wiues, Liquor*, Segirs, not to be *urpa*sed bv tuiv hotel in the city. The Iwtr has beeu entirely related, ana the bou*e undergone a thorough cleaiiiiig and repair. A Hot Luuch will be served up every day at the bar, com posed of Chowder, and other reliaha* prepared in a laperior style. Price of room* per week $1 M to tS 60. Single night... x> cent* to J7H cents. A Refectory will shortly lie established iu the basement, for the convenience of the boarders and visiters of the house, and every luxury of the aeaaou will ba served ap ou the most reasonable term*. Several spacious rooms to be let for meeting*, private par ties, referee*, tic. tic. Also, a large room with gas and all ae ce**ary fixture*, for Free Masons and secret societia*. OEOROK PIEIUS, Manager. May to. I?4t. mvti imw Im'rc JUIOtASLS OF WOAibN. I Rapid Cure l'v a New Method of 'lYtatment. BY THE new method of treatment the Diieaae* of Wo men < in be cuied in avrryahort time. According to the old method, then treatment requ te( 1titr.1t month*, and eery often it eithai gire* uo *ati*l'hCtoiy remit, or produce* but a <en.por?r) euic. The Diaeue* of Women, generally pr< duced either by prolonged accouchementa, or by other caaaea.but principally the* of the Womb, a* chronic mtinnui .tion, rularge meut, ulcer, with or withoot blenuorriic* ?, (white*,) etc., etc., and nil the grierou* *yinptoiin itundiug them, like pain* of atnm.ich. nerrou* differing*, gieen *ickjieaa, aadne**, etc., have been atudied with gieat eaicand ?p-ci-l attention by Dr Brailly, who waa, during a loug lime Madant under Pro ftaaor Lialrauc, of La bitie hoapiUl, and haa practtacd leveral > eara in I'arn. Applv to C. Bruilly, Doctor ia Medicine of the Faculty ot ! Pari*, fitch< itr ti Irtti ft 11 a tcirncet, of tlie University ot Kr'i'Ce Office II Wonater *treet, ue:ir Canal atreet. jrQWrl?eod?m THE LONG ISLAND INSURANCE COMPANY. CAPITAL 390,000 DOLLARS. OrricE 41 Fiiron itrlkt, Brooklin. CONTINUES to take ri*ka on bnildinga, machinery, rotr handize luid property geuerallv, on their naual favorable terma. Tliia com|auiy naa paaard through the two greateat Conflagration* that liave ever occurred in the couutry^; they owe their eicape from them with comparatively alight loaaef to the ayatem which they have alwaya .practiced of limiting and icattering their riaka. All loaaea which the company may auataiu will be adjusted and naid promptly aa heretofore. The Company take apecial car* to notify their coatomen in New York, of all eipirationa of policiea. B. W. DELAMATER, rreaident. a3 2mi**r E. C. FINN, Secretary. removal: DALLEY'S MAGICAL PAIN EXTRACTOR Depot ia now aituated at 20* Broadway, where all who urefer ri?e to paiu can be lulvlied with the only and bet* article for that pur|w>ae iu the world. Whoever advertise theira aa the De pot, it ia an untruth ; no other place in New Vork doea the proprietor, H Dalley, acknowledge or furniih.w hence th* United State* can be tupplied. U. DALLEY. jelllw*r . ? BIKU CAGe. >IAM KAC'i OK* , 1J6 Spring atreet, oe (wean Wooattr and Lauren* atreet.? 1'na aubacriber would inform hiacuatom*rs and th* public in general, tli?r he kerpa Couatanth on ha- d a large >upi>lv of fancy and com mon Bird i agai of ereri description. Alao, Wood*.,, Ce d -r and Willow Ware, Bmahea, Baakeu, Mata.and a general aaa'ittment of article* uauill> kept in a Wooden Ware Stoie, all of which be offer* lower than they can be nought elie where J. KELLY. je!9 irn'mc H?t. WlLUER having f orougMy refitted ai.d rrfuri lah i d anew the h im* 6g Broadway, (avowing the Globe Hotel.) ia prepared to receive familie* or aiugle gentlemen a* b. ardera. Dim>*i buardera can be accommodated. Ke fere' cea eiehanged. je ? ini'mc TENNIS COURT, 233 boWLKV. THE Subscriber, having taken the above-named place, would inform hia fricnda and th* Public that the Ball Alley, and th* whole of the eetr.bliahmcut, lia? nudergjue a thorough re/airing. To the Allay haa been added a gallery, 20 feet by ti, for the convenience oT the aiiectator*. Tina, with an alley of 120 I'eag, ia pompier* order, lie truat* will be ?ufficieut to aecuie the patronage of the lovtr* of that healthy and favorite IMNMM. Aa tor the quality of hia Liquor*, Kegara, and refraahmenta, lie will leave to the judguieul of hi* cuatomer*. H. WOOLLY, Bat Ball Allej, Directly oppoaite Pnuce at. New York. May T. IX* ??> Irn'm NhW TLA.S, OKOCLK1L6, Je<. AT WHOLESALE AND RETAIL? OH RAP FOR CASH?J. O FOWLER, 2J0 Greenwich atreet, Corner ol Murr?>, and 428 Greeuwich, corner of Veaey, luu juat re ceived from the late aalea, a Urge and aplendid aaaortment of Iraih Oreen and Black Tea. and Family Orocerie* of all the varioua kind*, all of which are offered at reducad pricea .? good green Tea at M cenU per lb.; (in* Oooloug 3D and 62 1-2 c*nta; eery fine Young Hyaou at 7J rent*; belt old Java Cof fee 12 1-2 cent* per lb.; Sumatra do. 10 ceuta; good dairy But ter 12 1-2 ceuta per lb.;bleached Lamp Oil 7) ceuta per gallon; Sperm Candle* 25 cent*. Alao, a large aaaortment of fine white, yellow and brown Sagar, of all the variou* kind*. a2> 1m* re KDWARD FOX, DRAPER AND TAILOK, INVITES the attention of the public to the moat eiumaite atuck or ready made clothing in the city. adapted to apriug and lummer trade In additiou to the reiuy made, the lKOacri ber offer* for inspection the moat de*irable ??lection of pieca good* in the market. ofevary color and pattern, and the aup* rior (kill employed in the cnttiug and manufacturing depart ment* ia aucn a* enable* the *ub*criher with confidi uae, to in vite the attention of gentlemen who prefer t?i have tlirir gar ment* made to order. The above atuck having been aelected with great care, and bought I'orcaah alone, i* a atrong mducc frent Tor all to call ?lio wiah to puri-haae at lea*t 20 |>er cent leaathnn at thi ae h,iuaea ? ho are obliged to do buaiueaa upon th* credit ?y?t*m N B ?Olficera ofthe ami) and navy arc inrticularly invi ted to call and Mamme a large a*<orrtnent of tupcrior bhje cl.itha aud caiiimer**, which will lie made up at rhe *horte*t notice, and in a manner not to be anriia**ed EDWARD KOX, 202 Broadway, near Fnlton it. oppoeit* to the Franklin Hon**. CAKI) THE Subacriber having become intarened in the above boUM-.raapeetfnlly r*queat* the patronage of hia cu*tomera aud friaid*. Order* en trailed to hia car* will be attended to with prompUieM. JAMES A. SWAIN *<i im*rc LEFT-OFF WARDROBE AND FURNlTliKL WANTED. THE higha*t price Ni he ohuined by ladi** and gemlemen who wiah to di*po?e of their l*ftnff wardrobe and farni tnro. By (ending a luie to the aubecriber'* reaideuce, thramgh the Poat it will be promptly attended to. J. LI T?iNSTYN, Brmdway, upitair*. Ladle* cau b* attract I ta by Mra. J. Leveuaryn mylt lmmrre GLINTLBMEN'B LEFT-OFF WARDROBES WANTED. EN I'LKVITt or Kamiltea denrna* of converting \vz VJ Cm h their annartlnuui ClotMng, Jewalnr. Fira Arm*, Ice , via do to to their ..If.oiragr by aanding for the Subaeri bai, who vrill attend at th*tr reaid? .r? by ai<(H>liitiueut. II LEVET, No. I Wall at. *4. Y. A line through die po?r-ortice. or other wiae, unll apnnc nail) attendrn to. myf.' I a* * r OAiT or* CLOTHING AND FURNITURE WANTED f ADIES OR GENTLEMEN htnng u; c?*i off olothiug " or fnrniture to Ji?|"\?e of. aan obuiu a fair cash price alt lm*r MAJHOOVNY. ROSf.WOOJ. /KBiCAiVOOD. Vc POH SALK CHEAP, by E 0 STAC V, No M Wooarar a. a'net, betwt-an Bn?nme an.I Spring ?ta The at. i k ia C'inpo*ea or a largr* aaaortment of crotch, mottlvd and aha.lfd Malmraiay Vr"rri*, Kotewmxl .\Ulwaauy,/eiimwood, Bird'* Eye Maple and Black Waluat Lu??. 8.^., Clauk, Join, tuc., glC , and a general aaaortment ol fumhrr nanallt kept ?t rn? eifv aiHImarr ?.<t),id*> Ikj Li'.sLj' /^N BOND AND MORTGAGE, for a term of raara, on w ?*??ar Prookl)n Vha fcgJV?"? eatata ia tVw*t aad if w,ll be S? " BROAD, S i * Cw*on Water OSa*, iHtnirm. AMTfrMvirr*. BENEFIT FOK THE MASONIC WlL>OW3' | AND ORPHAN'S' aSYLUM FtT&'D, or thf. GRAND LODGE OF THE STATE OF N Y. 'PO the Right Wontupful Br.ahfr. ISAAC PHILLIPS, l Deputy Grand Xulit of iw Oraud Lo<*ge. State of New T?k. Dti? Biotncrs? Grmteftil Tor i)?e inwy act* of kiudneu I have at vanout timet experienced from member* of oar nurUut and houor- 1 able older, during uiy (uiouru ia lL? Iniied State*. permit ma, at a alight testimonial of brotherly f< el log, to oner you the U(?ul' my **mcr> and c*tablithmeut. (free of auy charge) I for any evening during the preaent week you may cboi? 10 appoint, the entire receipt* to be devoted for the Beneti' of the .Matouis W idowa'auil Orphani* Aaylam Kuud. Waiting ' your reply, and trusting our brethereu will aid ia the good ? cauae, I remain f attraally yoori, ? , ? 1JERR ALEXANDER. Ptlrao'i Open Home, Monday, J on a 22d, 1I4&. ^ ? New Ye*g, June 22J, 1M6 To HERR AXEXAXDER- . D?ir Brother:?\our esteemed letter of thi* date, offering 1 in the moat g.i'erotu manner the eut't? receipt* of an enter tainment to be giveu by you daring tint Week, forthe benefit of tu? Masonic Widow*' and Orphans' Atylnm Fund, lias been laid before a number of the mem ban of the < Jrand I., .dee, who in eccepting ibe -auie, have dt-sued tliat in behtlf of ihe de*eiving obarity winch it it your object to serve, their grate ful acknowledgement! thould beteudt red lor the fratcria) and liberal offer you have l>eo? actuated to make by the obaervanc ot tlie principles of brotherly love ami benevolence, which form to* groundwork of Our ancient and honorable uittnu Una. Craving for your continued proaperity and welfare, I remain with fraternal regard, your obedient aervaut. ISAAC PHILLIPS. H. W. Deputy Grand Matter, G. L. State or N. Y. ! In pursuance of the foregoing, ? committee from the mem- < ben of the Grand Lodge waa appointed to wait jn Biother Alexander, and make tbe arrangement* lor carry ing lilt libe ral offer into effect. The uudertigned having waited or Brother Alexander, te lected THURSDAY k.v?nmg, the 25th inatant. for a grand . to be given nt Pahno't Optra Houte, I fpr the benefit of the Widowe* and Orphan*' Aty'um Fund of the Grand Lodge of the state of New V ork. and they invite the bictheren ijeuemlly to attend, and to exert their influence in the ditpotition >,( ucket* for the ocCaaion. 1 ickett fifty , ceiiti, to be obtained tiom the t O.VI nITTEE. Itaac Phillip*, 12 Broad tlreof. I Dnniei Seixat, S7 Wall meet John Hoi ii> >.i|, IS White at. | John Mantbeld, to Canal at. I Alt.' at the Howard Hou*e, corner of B o dway and How- j 1 *i.l ?treet; and at the Opera liouae during theday and evening. | I '1 he Grind L' dge will appear ii full regalia je?'i Ifre | ri'nt aLLlGiIA>IA.Nh reapectluiU iiiuuiinct that I X their SECOND CONCERT will take place at the ' APOLLO liOHMl 410 Broadway. On WKDNESDAY Evening June U. IHS. Ticket*SO cent*, to be had -t the Mutie Store* and at the 4o?r. Concert to emntneuee at SVj o'clock. I?Quartette?Land 1.0! L'p, up with the ttgial?1 he land i* in tight! i-Tiio?oh, Lady! aweet Ud>, uu? ail thoee ?ye?. J?Scotch Mailed?On with the tartao. 4?Qnarteite?Some apirit* waft our mountain liy. Thi* I iece it detcriptive of the tpirit?now jocund, now tad? 111 which emu rant* from the old w?rld wend their way to the vallt y 1 f the Weat, aero** the great ridge* of the Al leghany . >?Son*?'I he Main-Truck, or a Leap for Life. Founded up^n j a well-kuowu tale from the peu of the late Win. Leggett, Exj. Old Ironaide* at anchor lay. In the harbor of Vlahou. 8?Quartet'e?The Spider and the Fly 7?( a?ch?Th^y aay there it an ?cho here. Thi* peculiar and irre-iitibly comic catch ia a proof th?t there ia uo bouta v ithout an echo ??Quartette?Why, my love, ttill *ay to-morrow? #?Song and Choina?F>-o.ii the Lord of the ltlet?Metril y while the deer it browaing 10 ?Quartette?The Soldier and I i* Bride, (by requeat.)? Tlii* piece it founded upon the murder of All** J*..e Ale ? Rea. She heard titer fight waa over. And won the wrenth of liime. II?An Or'gintl Piece?Womau miv her bard command.? Received with enthu?ia*<ic an. Iiuae ut the fir*t roncrt. Written cxpie**l) for the Alleglidoiui* by Gen. George P. Morrn 12?Song?Daylight upon the tea. 13? of V aukee Doodle je23 tt'rc CAN A U A . PEDESTRIAN ISM EXTuAOHDINAHY. Ofc 'Ihoumnri Mtlet in (hie Tboutand Hovrt. ONi the liih day of Ju'y next, Mr EATON wi 1 eonnu'iice hi* herculean feat of walk ing I 000 inile* upon the Bar clay pl<n, th?t i?, a mile every hour for one ihouaand hour* iu euccettiou, to come oil <t the Cnledonia Spring*. Hi* frieud* will back him to the ainoum of Ave liu idred guineas. >lr r aton w?t born in No'thnmpioiithire, bntlind. and it now in hi*17:byear. ? he lea', if accom|di*hed will be(eon aidering hi* nge and other coiitingenriet) the mott remark able undertaki >g ever ?cc .miditn. d, and will occupy 41 dt\ t 16 hourt. All communication* retpecting thi* match to be addreated to J E , 4 Plice 'dArma, .Montreal; or to the Spirit of the Time* office. New York. Je23 It*rc SANDS, LENT & CO. THE followi' g i* the intended route of ihe aplei did Fxhi bitt'H! of ?an<li Lent St Co , up to the 4th of Jnly. which day they will celebrate, a? will be teen, at Roche*ter:? June 21 Genetee. " 25 Danville. " 2fi Mt. Morrit " 27 anil 28.Caledooia. " 29 Scottavilie. June 30. July I, 2, 3 and 4. Rochester. .leTt toje4 r** GOTHIC llALL, RKUAuWAV. OVERFLOW ING crowd* ofbeautr and faction have pro 1 ouured the litghett eul?ginmt ou the wonderful Auti> m.ita of .Mon* George* Tieti. During the whole of n-xt week there will be t veiling P.-iformuicr*. commencing it 7 and concluding at 10 o'clock. The gre? Eletihaut, ti.e 0?ir *eu<e Bahettr, and 'he Durk of Vaveanaon will be exhibtud, with other object* of intrreat Note?I here will be mo.niLg and afternoon performance* next week. Admiuion ? cent*. jell lw' re H J. B ZlJWJkS, MEWriiAiJX TA'.l/JS, Ah REMOVED fruui tss Will mm street tn 116 \V ui.vil street, withiu 4 doors of John.?A rich and luhiouable a>?o uncut cl' (iumU will ?lw.-iys be kept on Hand. a..J will br Iii.tilf to order, at >uc)i prices as must comtnuid the atteu lion of the truly economical, while the style and finish will, to the mail of Uate, speak for the Quel > es. As all foods are bought Tor rash, and, therefor*, at the very lowest rates, a liner article will be manufactured, at a lower price, than the credit tailor* can possibly furuish. OCKtisl scai.i or rmvES. - Fine French Cloth Black VressCoat, Irani $14 to S20 00 Click Doeskin Pants 5 to lit Ve-tv of Satin, Silk. kr 2 to 5 00 O ce Coats, and ail other articles usually sold by tit* trade, ices. Brundag*," of Broadway. my? Im'ire atnnuinally low limes. Formerly with " Brun BOOKS BOUGHT. PKKSON8 wishing to dispone of their Libraries, either large or small, will always find a ready purchaser and good prices, by addressiug a few liues, giving unine a?i number, to J. M'CABE. H ??f 1#7 Ktviiur'nii DRV DOCK STAGES via. EAST BROADWAY. ME88R8. MACKREL1. k SiMPSON. "laving purchased from Messr*. Hatfield and lertine, the East Broadway line of Sta?es, b, .. . ., 4uest ol Citizens, and lur the better accommo dation of the public, and those crossing the Grand and H"U< tou sUeet IVr ies to Willi imsbnrg, will on and after Monday, Wttli inst . ruii the above line from Grand op Lewis street to l)ry Dock?Lewis street being near the ferries N.B.? It is by no means inteuded that by the change of proprietors to suffer the above line to lose any of its will earned popularity. VI. It 8 pledge themselves by strict and diligeut stie -tien, to fully sustaiu its present reputition, a* being one of the beat conducted lines ui the world. jrM lw*r "T76NG lsl,AVr> k aILh6 ATTKii'reM 5Ki Train, leave? Whitehall street Ferry, New York side, every morning ?t 7 A.M., (or Boston.? ___ \lvo, trams from Brookl n nit at 7 o'clock and fate Uuuutes and 9.HJ A M., and 3 and J P. >1.. daily. The 7 A. M , ai d 3 P. M tiaius go through, the fo-incr Mopping -t Fartmngdale and manor, and the latter stall places *n the road jelS r FOUR O'CLOCK LINE. FOR NEWUUROH AND FISH KILL. 'i HK a eamboat THOMAS l'OWH,L, 'apt. 8. Jolius?n, runs daily, (Snndsy ei ?ept'd,) from the foot of Warren street, at 4 , .ding at Van Courtlandt's Dock. Peektkill, U nt Poiut, Cold Springs and Corwrll Keturninc, leaves Newburgh every Moudav morning at half past six. and every Tuesday. VA eduesday, Thursday, Friday and Haturday moru in? at 7 o clock. For pin life or freight apply on board. JeW lw*r FOR I IVERIOOL?Th* superior ship NAR HA JANSETT. Captain Derteh-cho, ia>i take the mlk of 300 birreN in he vj freight. Apply to BOVIJ It H IN*-KEN, biokers, je23 Itrc 9 I'oiiti e Bn Idmgs ? MJK LI V Utl'UOL-f>e? Line?itegular Packtt of :11st July.?Tlie superior, fast sailing packet ship HOTTIiNOUCH, 11D? tons burthen, Capt. Ira llurs le, ,wiii sail as above, her regular day. F or freight or passage, having elegant and superirr arrom Bodatioos, apply i?i board, west side of Burliug.slip, or to WOOiiHIJLL k MINTUHN, t7 rfonth street. Price of posvige >110. I tie packet <lnp Liverpool, 12)0 tonsbu then. Captain John Kldridge, will sneered the Hoiti guer, and tail ou her regu |... 1m An.n<! j?*3 HJit LIV rJii'OUL?Keguiw Jfkssiwi ol tit It Jul .-'-1 lie splendid, new. last sailing packet ship ll.NDF.I 'ENDr.Nt K, < apt P B Allen, burtheu 950 ill ssil as above. Iter regular day. II ving very superior accommodations for rahin, second Cabin mid ?lerr*Ke passengers, iliose intending to einbsrk, should make immediate application on lioard, foot ol Maiden lane, or to JOSEPH McNiUKKA V, je23 Coener of Pine anil HchsiIi st reria F"R LuNU1 ?.N ?Regular p >ekei of th* Is' lulv The first class, la.,t sailing packet slop WELLING" iTO.N, Capt. Cliadwi. k. H'ai to?* will sail M above, bei irgulir day. Hat Mg veiy superior aceommiditions for cabin, tceonrl ra hin and Peerage paasenaers, persons intending to rm' ark should make early ap|ilication on board, foot ofSlaidei' !ue, or to JOXEPH vicMUKHA*. j,21 Corner ftf Pi e .--d ^ nth srveera. FOH OL VSOOW? 1 he new, lirvt ciaav snip ARVX' >t. 5 II tons, H Robinson, mister, h.unit i nost of her cargo engaged, will meet with despsti h o.ce of freight or passage, lisvi g eirellent arc< m modsi ions apply t.? the captain o>i b >srd foot of Dover street, o. 10 WOODHCLL a MINTCRN, jr2? x W South ?treet. -NTWiPfif-RTPArmj fO'u Lrv^ POOL.? I'arket of the Htk of June.?The splendid, fast sailing and favorit* packet ship OAKUM K, nrrhen, ( ai^aiu B. J. H Triak, will sail on Friday, . wxrda, per not fail to see the advantages to he derived from selecting thli Ba* in pie Terence to a ijr other, as their great c?i>*ci'y renders tnetn every way more comfortable and convenient than ships nf a small tllnt and their accoi^modations for cabin, second cabin and steerage pws*wg*rs, It i* well known are superior to ihoae of any otlier hn* of i>ackets. P*r?oas wishing in secure beruis vt.ould not fail to mgke eaily application on board, at th* foot of Wall str*et, or to W IJ.T. TAP8COTT, At their General Paasaf* Office, Mi Month sireet, second door jeS'i r helow Burling slip Mil)* MaSI?.iLX*5-TIi. bark fOtiTTOTT, Ca|t. Trtiisrll; fo be promptly despatched For freight Of pa??ai!>-, apt Iv to BTIV.TT It vOSF., JS Sooth street, or to Je1 re BO VD It HIN' lO'.N. Rl Wall street 311 h, her rer?il?r flay. The shins of litis line bel*( all lOOOvons and u| sons ahgM to embark for the old country will not P^'ftivi Li fc trom New Wrlruis di.1 hargmg St Pike atre.-t Wharf I ontig eeswillakea ape'd to ih^ receipt ot the r go hIs immediatel). jff in I' SHIP H(IW II A, Ihm Liverpool. i? di?rh rg i -g under general order, at Orleans ? lurf. foor of W |! ?t. Consigner* will please attend to the r<ceitt of their go>-ds <m mediately. _ Jilm Y KfTTHIP 11 OT TI > O l? E R, I r om Liverpool i* discharging u*d>r general oro*r, at west side Burling Win 5. B^-All gooda not permitted :nnst be ?>at to public ?tor*. WaODihrLL It MPS rVTlN, it? 11 8g?Ul It. p ftMTWKMV-ir*. PAKA iHfc.A'l K> ? tvjaea S???. fit 17k i.,l*r *> cauu ?I ueaday Lventug, Jau* tt-Will be pe< formed, 3d time on e.y fur, ? u?>? and urn i ml om-dy, written for Mr Ma We, entitled FAMILY 1 JE9?J"?h Siir*. Mr. Marble; Jacob buna. O Andrew*; Dick C. tavo. <i Barrett: Widow Del' N n Vernon; Maria. Abbott, Kaie. Mi?* Crocker. IVeviott* <o which lb' Vn4??fll? of A \>AN WITHOUT A HI- AD-.Mr 0>.h?i..u? Top. Mr G To conclude with the dratrw of ll.* HUE AND CRY?Lot, Mr Marble Do r> open at 7 o'ckrU- : i loiii- -n< e in io?i*m(*U P~e ci <clv 1)4 n'cliich B?'Wr RY Tllt.A'1 UK ?Turnlir r.rcmiii, June O? Will be performed t>ie Naiitlc-I Hlitcucn of THE WIZARD OF Til . WAVJ?--0>a?l*? Falkuer, taq., Air J t\ Scott; Henry Belf rd Mr Hlaiichanl; Wevll, Coojr; Ol?l Nanuy, Mr* Jone*; Donna liabella, Mr* Phillip*; Donna Ca iiell.i, Mr? MnJiaon. Previou* to which ?:ie Comedy nf PAUL PRY?P?ttl Prr Mr Had away; Harry btiiil)7tTuk; Elm, Mr? rfcilli|i?; l'liuelie, Mr* berge^it. >17** Lumici Bote*, M cciin; ircouu aud third tiers, Si ei?.; Pit and Gallery, IKK cent*. Doota open at 7 o'clock?( o-lui will rue at half past *evcr o'clock. lttt:NWl. a THE vTRt ?Curlier of Vanck and ChanUHi *lre?l* ?Re-'pened for the Summer Se nun.? 'Jueidiy Evening, June 23. the performance to comtneuce with the PIRATE,8 KEVKMiE? Alcorez. Mr Fiaer; Hin di. Mr* AKirt Pruaon.?lri?h Ji*, Song and Storv. Barney Williams?Soug, Mr Dejmi?on?N annual Dan?e,Mi>* Pray. To conclude witliTHE QIPSEY KING?Adolphe de Brain court. lleukiu; Zeruco, C hrcer; Murgueritte, Mrs Alexia Pea ton. Attention in Price*?Dre?? ? irele or Balcony, S7>^ cent*; Soxet, 21 cent*; Pit 12W ceuU; Priente Bolt* to; Oe*t? ui rcl?e*tra Uoxe?, each ?'? C'ASlLr. liARbfcN?Tueela> Evening, June 23?Tl e ' opening piece of mu.ic will coniui of the celebrated overture to Lea Diaraan* de La Couronne. Bong Mr Holm*u. Norfolk Polka. Labnaky. Mi** J Valee and Mr Thomp<en G1 will appear iu a Highland Fl?ug. Hungarian Polacca, Mm ll Vr.lle iu Pol.sli cottume. To conclude with the OTermre to Oherou. Interininiou of lialf an hour. Second p?rt to coinme'ice with the introduction to Anne Bolleua. Song Mr Uulman. Klute Solo C H Boe?*el Dance by the Minn Vallr. BiifTn Extravagant* Mr Thomptou. To conclude with the Ottrture to L> Auibnxadnce. Admittance 2.*i cent*. C HATHA ?l 'I H KA I II K.? bote* 21 Cent* ; Pit l**$ cent* ?Tui*'?jr K.?eniiia, June 23?To comuiei ce with the fill itf rill. WlF K?Ma'iina, Mrn Bland; ,'ulian 8t Pierre, Mr 1 land; ferr *rd. . Uo<,th* Leonardo, SJoluieon: oartolo. Will*!!* TI conclude n ull the V udcville of CUFFS AND ' KHSK8?lean O.illou, Wiuana. Doora open n psat 7. pcTinrmance ?n CMmnwrr n! ^ Kef?re t.iV'ock. nib JtAVLL *A.\lli.i. NIBI.O'8 O\RUF.N ?Tue*Uy Krening, June 23, 1S4A. ?The perfoimince will commence with a lavonte ov?rture. After which a *erie*of Claiilc Grnupin&t called ?^LIMPSKS ok the Vatican at Roue. (Overture. To be I'o'lowed by elegaiif and darine achieve ment* an the Tight Bope, by the Ravel family and Charle* Wi UI her. Ilalf an hour'* intermiiaion for the Concert* A-U-Muaard in 'he Befreihmcnt Saloon. The evening'* entertiinme' t* to conclude with the Panto mime c>llfd JOCKO?I he Ap^ Mont Mnrce'ti; Lorenio, Jerome Ravrl; Pipo, Gibrial Ravel; Femandtt, Autoine Havi l; Pedro, Krancou Rave1; Dumiuique, i harle* Wr thrr, Jacque. Lcnu Javelli; M'ma Feruandez, M me Jerome Ravel; Corn, M'mc Mart n Javelli; Julea, Mi** llardwick Door* open at 7 o'clock, to begin at k o'clock precisely T'cketa Fiftv Cent*. .\>:TF ex Ik A OR itlNA h F Peats OF MA GIC ! PALMO'S OPE It A HOUSE, CHAMHERS STREET HERR ALEXANDER, the celebrated Oefnian Magielan. f.vtraonliniiry and entirely unprrCedeuted Exhibition of Scientific Illusion*, coniistiug of variou* inrprninii and *mua inE Experimental Feat*, baaed on the Hidden wonder* of Cliemiatry; Pneumatic*. Optic*. Natural Philotophy and Ma gic. Herr Alexander retpectfullv announce* to hi* many trienda and the public generally, hi* return to New York, for the pnrpoae of giving a aerie* ofmv*ticitl entertainment*, wh oli he tlaitera himaelf. from the pain* taken in (heir pro duction, will give the mult entire *.iti*faction. In order to fire additional eHect to hi* new piece*, the exteuaive *tage of Palmo'* Theatre ha* lieen entirely refitted and goriteoualy decorated, the whole preaentlnc the apivarance oI a apleudid TEMPLk OF ENCHANTV.ENT, magnificentl) illuminated Grateful for the veiv liberal pat ronage ex|>erieticed on a former uccaaion at Niofi'a, H A. Iirg? to ataure the public that no paiu* will be (pared to me rit a renewal ot their favor*. Ticket* 10 centa?Children under ten. half price. Door* mien at 7?Perl rinance to commence at I o'clock. Box Office open frotn 10 A. M to 1 P. M., where *eata may be ?f cured Privaie Bote*, to admit four peraon*. t3 DC/? On tirivite huainea* Herr Alexander can Pe found at the Aator Houie between the hour* oftandt. A. M. Jell fit rc ^UMfL.l.vifciVi Al< Y A A LI r A . KW LL.L BEN FIT TO J R. SCOTT. THE f'OMMlTTKKrai thia occaaion v>eg leaveto present ihc following bill ofe tertaiument for Wtdnttduy turning, June 2Uh, 1846. Shakspears' celebrated Play of HENRY THe. IV s Or, the Humors of tiir Falatsff. Kir John Filstaff Mr Bum Of the Park The itre, formerly of the Theatre Royal. Coreut Garden Hotspur, (first lime in New York,) Mr J R Scott Prince of Wales v|r Daven|>ort. I'oiua Mr Clarko. ? Henri' 4th Ilenkms. Lady l't>ey Mri Oeo. Jo ?<??. The New York tfrass Hand will appe r, (Lender .Mr. Ken dall.) and perform an entire new piece of luuaic, written ex pressly for this occasion After winch, >Nlr. MITCHELL will appear in a favorite Comedy. To conclude wiili the f ivonte d'ama of the MUI.DEH ON TH- CLIFF. In which Meaar*. Coney and Blanchud will appear. j?1 -*ti?r huwto u i u iui,a j&A.><.uuixi CIKCUS. rPHE J^kfiGEST EHTAULISHMKNTerer-xKiiiued in 1 the United States, comprising 160 Men and Hornet, re lairing 16 Carriage* to Convey the pecrormerx. witrdrohe, inn siciana, kc. The cotnpun} has at tached to ii Eight Female quesirtaua, unong whom i? th? Greatest Female Rider of :hi Ai;e, recently arrived '-"m I'arta M A. DAME M A Kl EM AC ARTE, whine new ityle ol Equeatrian Feats, peculiarly her own, bi^ng ckaate aud classic, her graceful anil fascinating address, vnd the charming nuiutt with which ahe chaiua her .iu.1i eence, render thin gifted and highly-educated artitl* the lead inn feature of the arena in thin eonntry. The Proprietor a re fer the (Hshlic to the brilliant description given in the reapec tive uewapapera of the extraordinary and (taring feata perform ed by this distinguished urlitlt. Among the novelties wh eh the Proprietors offer are the celebrated Scotch GIANT AND GIANTESS. Their height ii 14 feet, and their weight over 700 lba. Mr. IUudall weigh* 432 lha Mrs Randall la ike moat eeormotia giantess in the world They will appear in " Jack and trie l.ran Stalk,*' and l.e will perforin extraordinary fen a of strength and agility, and will ride in a two horae act The entertainments will comprise 17 Aets of Horsemanship, Gym naatie Exercises, ( laaaic Display*, and huinoroua afterpieces Equestrian Director, Mr HOWES; Killing Master, Mr NIXON, and the unapproachable Clown. DAN RICE. Among the Performers ,s the celebrated aud principal Ri der, the Napoleou of the Arena. Mr. HOBHS, whose feats fit. Horseback sre the moat extraordinary e*t r witnessed. )mr nile Act of Horsemanship bjr Master Nixon Olympic Exer cises, by the whole Cotnroiiy, led by the gieat European 1 umbler. Sir. MACAHTE. XVouderlul Feata by Mr. ( ole'a Di-is, Hector and Billy. The SWISS BROTHERS, ic their elegant Gymnastic Postures and Groupings. Mr iiweet as the Charioteer of Phoebus. Posturing an J (ij mtiastira by Mr. Nixon bis son. Mr. Howes in his Mytnologicl and brilliant Act of " Frncies of rrnteus." Mr fi. Howes n S'ack Hope Evolutions Mr. Geo. Sweet, the celebrated Tight Rope Dancer With a variety ol others. The w hole comprising the leading, most talented, and classic perfarruns it rbe *\ '? ' This unrivalled corps of Equestri Jia will perform in the town ol ITIIICA, N V , on the 4th of Ju'y, alter wlrch they w ill ?iait all the principal citica and towm in t! e State my3l tf rrc CONVENTION OF THE DELTA PHI. A CONVENTION of the Delta Phi fraternity. will he heldon Monday, the 29th dy of.lune, at the National Hotel, No. i Comtland aUeet. in the eitv ol Ne w York, at <1 and s half o'clock, A. M. All graduated members are cordi ally iuvited to be present JAMES KANKINE, Union College, TJU.ODORE F. McCURDY, N Y University, JOHN O. HYER. I olu-nhia College, HANKOKD R. GIFFORD, Brown University, JAMES R. RO.MEYN, Rutgers College. je Ii (te*>4* rc PIANO FOKTES. PUKCH ASr.JtS are iuvited to call at Chambers' ware-room, No. Mi Broadway, for a sn:<erior and warranted aeticle. al7 lm? A* TLANTU GARDEN IS NOW OPEN FOR THE SEASON.? Dodworth's Come, Band will perform every Tuesday and Friday evenings, commencing June lud "t U o'clock. Admittance free. mi-nu'rc WILLIAM ALLISON, hsprum MODEL OF NEW YOKK r|',HE UNDERSIGNED is now receivingorileit lor views 1 Ui be represented up<m the canopy ol his Model of New York, which will be soou completed Tliese views vary fram 10 to JO inches in length, and are represented lor a moderate compensation. They include reprtraentatioua of public build inga. placea of huainess, manulactoriee, hotela, private resi dences, steamboats, rackets, kc. A number of the first artists, both landscapes and deeorative painters, can find employmeut by appl} at the jffice?alao a few agenta. aud tiersoiis capable of trausarting business Office hours from 2 to 6 I' M alt lm*rrc K PftRTKR BELDK.N ?*? ftr..a-1wav THE A LHA MRA. ICE CKEAM SALOON, 5fi(? liruadwuf, bttirtfH Sjrrittg und J'niur. TO -iTlt ^NOEItrt?Strangers viaiting the city will And a new attri ctinn in the itel' mis of the Allnmis. whicn, a.nlr irom tlie deliciuns lees and C<MrfeC'io>iery to be found there is fitted up in a stv le <?( Kaatem ?ple.,dour and mag iifi. ceuMnevei beiore sttemited iu this con' trv. 'I he be utiiul f, nntsin in the tesaeUted nart. "Inch di plaM aiariet\ of curioiiaaud mgemoa. jeta, ??t only Keep* the air d ligli ful U cool ar.d pleas n U but excites an amusin. intceat and a lliooaand co>Uti'tui?Si while the apanoua pr menade *roynil tne balcony afloigU a vi> w, every il-a.a t evening, of in re be Hity and I'asnioo than OH b- on id co greg?ted in any ? th? r place of public rea< rt io the city. no w here can au b?u be p<s-ed m<>re ratiouslly or agreeably ^^"Ailmita ce free < je'il Iwia'rc ~olma>3. EMPORIT'M OF ART AND ?.ASSK' CABINET GALLERY OF OIL ITINT1NGS, WHICH i^clndea his immeuse stocks ofBooka. Paintings, Engravings, Fancy Ktationerv, Drawings. Drawing Materiala. Mnair, kc., are uow to he found upon the aecond floor, up one flight of eas/ arairs, (having leased the first floor,) where every thing will he sold at aa low prices, aud many much below the regular prices, being desirous of clos ing up as soon aa possible his book Department. A Cneap List will soon he published forthoae who will bay loiiiRtiei. nil chasers are invited to call and examine his New Rooms. No. 20S Broadway, second floor. a 1.1 pml..i 'f"r FIRE WOI1KS?FOURTH OF JULY AJCIF VOHK UIHjtRJiruH Y M BENNETT. IU Front street. iwn diiora synth of Fgl ? Pr>n ?tr??t 1 hi most egteusive and brilliant *<a?iri inentofFlTlK WCHKHare now offered it the ?I.hy? place, cooaistrng of honor) md iirnal roe.keis, ? >th gold anil silver rain; suns far,a. palm tree*, pyr <,ni?ia. Peruvian arouses, oen* goue, triangles vemclea. mines of seiyieiirs and staea, m? mxMis, beiigola lights, Roman ogadlea. secpeuta, pia wheeU, CWi??l*i|iper?. port nrea. Mse lights semi wheels V r!>u I*H?, Ifeie(Hg-oiis. Mrpoitoet i ulnug crackers, rlmihle haad ers, fire cru ken, (. i ,ion rockets, kc (.nuntrr mereh<nts, and dealeta in genaea). see reiuested <> call and taamma ihr abore stock N B f 'isnrnitteea for city and eomitT displays, mili?/>ry and private tMnirr. can be ni|>p|ieil no the moat (il"fal terms w ith the \hneemenrione,t article*, w arranta <1. the H?l?h-'' g *?>? ,-'ecte<l w nh ihr n'lW' a' ?" '* ." * r KIKE WORK*! KIKE WORKS!? I^AAC EDGE. t\ rorachniC Artist, Jersey OitT. is rrctai e.1 to furnrsh FIRE WOH KB to eitiea. towi,. publie far deij?, theatres, Ite His preaent st?>ek cmprnes ihe most bfini*n| ? id v nrM fdfril drfi . ever n? <on factored in this eoaatff, and can he famished io *') r,Aeat. ISAAC klHiEti jk-rotechuic Artiat, Laharar<-rv lersey City, N J N. B?To agenta. Signals, including ship lights, fal-e Bre?, primers, port fires, signal rockets, *e , for supt lying ^rvaroment or merchant eesseU, " la*r W Frout ittitt. BY THE MAILS. Important from Washington. MEXICAN MEDIATION, kt. kt. kt. Washington, June 20, 1S40. The mail beyoncl Baltimore Laving failed to day, we have no letters, pnpers, or despatches that oiiine by the Caledonia; arid we are testing altogether on the telegraphic communication of yesterday, as to Engli-h atfairs, particularly the term* of tbe offer of mediation, as rejiorted to bave boeu sent to Mr. Paltetihaia, by the British government. It is supposed this lust order of the Conncil line been more unanimous tbnn the first, making the propositions (by the last steamer) for a treaty with Oregon, for that decree only passed the privy conncil by a bare majority vote?Sir Robert Ptti rn the minority. The treaty having been ratified, Mr. Euchnnun will leave the State Department on the. exchunue of its ratification over the water, which will l>e about the close of the present session of Congress. It is not improbable ho may be Selected ns Mr. McLnne's successor. It i- a lemnrkable fa?*t that the only seven American ministers abroad uro gentleu en Irom the Southern Suites. tnglanj Mr. Mcl una, of Maryland France Mr. king, ot Alalsn.a rTiimiu Mr. ()<<ii?l?ou. ol Tenne;rre. Sj.biii Mr. Saundeit,of N (at ultra. Turkey Mr t air. of Van laud Mexico . ...Mr Hllitell, of Luumana. Biazil Mr. Win. of \ irgima. Not u single man from all tbe Northern State*, which contain iwothirds of the population of ih? Union. (The Russian mission i* st II vacant.) This is in keeping with ihe act of the President 111 the distribution of the commission* ol the Into new ngiment. In the Northern ami Eastern States, embracing more than hull of ihe fr? e po pulation of ilio w hole United States, but one or two subaltern appointments have been made ; and as no volunteers are called into actiw ser vice fiom tlieso States, they are entirely ex cluded from all participation in the honoisand advantages of the military operations in Mex co. (Two, if not three ot the appointments were men holding office already in this city?clerks in the pension office, &<_? ) It is understood that the "British government will have tendered bo h to Mexico ai.J ihe United States its mediation between us. Mr Pakciiham is a person exceedingly piopcr to lie entrusted with the negotiation* appertaining to the popogi d mediation, by reasons of his long residence iu Mexico, as the minister of England, hi- l'tuml ar 'acquaintance with men and th>ig- in ihat rrpnb lie, and the gn at reliance winch the Me*ic.'hS thcin-elves nie likely to repose in his inei d-hip and judgment. It i> not supposi d, how, ver, that our gov. rnnn-ut will uneqn vocally accept-uch mediation. Mr. Buchanan will proUnbly *??y to Mr. Pakenliam ihut the Ut.iid Mate.- have no further advances to n,ake to Mi x to n tin* mat ter ; thai we have urn army hi the fi Id, and that anuy w.ll continue to do its duty; nnd that if Mr. I'akeiibani or his government wishes to res cue Mexico fiom the con-equeiiees of tier own folly, they must apply to Mexco herself, in the fust instance, ami compel her, not oi ly to submit propositions of peace, but piopositions responsi bly backed, so that our government may not bo , exposed in this case lo what has repeatedly oc curred hereiofor<?namely, the relu-al of Mex co to ratify a treaty when made. We cannot allow Mexico to stop the march of our victorious tioops bv d lutory negotiations or false pretences of tiea tiei nut tn be rutificd; or propositions of one gove i n nient made to-day and rt jcCti d by a new gov. ru ment, which a revolution puts m power, to-mor row. And the interest which England lias in seeing the war ended is so great, as it is her rom meice the blockade impede", and her diVidet ds winch the Mexicans confiscate to feed their troops, to say nothing of the great add tion to the power ol the United States by the conquest and annexation of one-half of Mexico, winch tbe continuance of the war involves. Consi dering all tli s, there can be no doubt Eng land will exert herself strenuously, tlnongh Mr. i'akenham here, and Mr. Bankhcad ut Mexico, to persuade Mcxico of the inlatuation of her pre sent conduct, and constrain her at once to muke peace with the United States. Indeed, rumor* have existed here for a lew days past, that matters are already iu train for a settlement between the United States and Mexico. It has been known lor some time past, that Mr. Bankhend told Mr. Slidell, as he doubtless did General Paredes. that Mexico must not expect that England will take sides against the United States; and Mr. Pakon ham is repotted to have said, in the same sense, that lawful war existing between the two nations, the ordinary consequences must follow ; and the United States could not bo obstructed by any other power in the exercise of their ju-t belligerent rights aganst Mexico. Ami although heretofore General Paredes stems foolishly to have supposed that lie might plunge his country into a war wiih u*, and be guru of England to back him, he Will soon discover, if he has not already done so, that such expectations arc wholly illusory. Portion* of the public pressin thiscountry have frequently miscalled the British Minister Sir Richard Paken liam. But after having pleasantly settled all tlieso affairs, he can go home and deserve, if lie doe* not receive, the titles of Lord Killccvy and Viscount Windstow! Some ol the stock interest in New York, with their usual suf-cept bilny, or pretence of alarm, may manifest inquietude on account of the addi tional ships of war, which, from late reports, France is sending to the Gull of Mexico ; but in stead of appielieutliiig any thing from the inter ference ol trance, her position 111 these great Ame rican questions of Oregon and Mexico, is looked upon here with ridicule, and even with compas sion, in view ol the subordinate and idle part she is compelhd to play, in consequence of the unwise course, and still more unwise language of M. Guizot. If M. Gu zot, instead of volunteering to pljy second fiddle to England in the affair ol Texas, and uridcriakmg to set Up an f. lropeaa balance of power iu America, had pur sued a course, not of friendship, but of strict neu trality towards the United States, France would bave been able to tender her mediation between England and us, in the Oregon affair, and lo bear off all the honors in the settlement of thai ques tion, and also to have mediated between a* and Mex ico. As it is, England is now able To say to the wo'Id, that she is a much mora sincere Iriend to the United States ihan France; and France has to submit to the humiliation ol the rebuke she re c.eived in the President's message, under a sub stantial loss of mo al weight in Europe. The merchants in New York will now see the fo'ly of complaining that the President did not agree to an arbitration on the Ortgon question; far if lie had done so, it would have been a run ning -ore for years to come, instead of being as it now is, promptly settlrd.under circumstancescal culated to bind together England and the Unit- d States in the closi st amity Pki ham. Washington, June 21, 1846. In our list of the vote upon the treaty, we inad vi'rtently omitted to undcrl ne Mr. Upham ami Mr. W'^odbr dge, which would have plHccd tlivni in italict, ainotij th ? wh gs. With this single ex ception of classifying the parties, w<? l>eliu>o tin vote as we have given it, will tnlly with the j"ur nal to a man, 41 to 14?lacking one of three to one. Tha original resolution for the notice passed the liou?e three to one, and one over; and ihe modified resolution passed th* Renats four to otic, and two over; and the treaty itself lacks but one of three to one. Your reporter for the Penate intended Mr. Dix to say that a certain objectionable clause in ilia army hill was of no material consequence, be cause it would be "inoperative,** not "impera tive " There is still a great deal of talk of Cabinet changes, but the ay lias Income male, though the wolf mny come at last. We shall believe hun when we sen him. Hon. Kichaid P. of the wh;g dele gat ion Irom New York, died, at we deeply, leuret 'o hav# 'o say, at h s lodgings in this city yrsieidny. alter three davs illness o! cholera mns 'us. It will, of course, causa a delay of a day or two in proceedings fCongre?s. ]t wa? reported vestcrd-iy th't General la Vtga. was m town, and a stranger was pointed oat in tb* gallery ol the H<*use a* the man ; at d all eytts being turned to him, h? f'On disappeared, as if expecting next thing to I e arraigiud before tbe bar of tbe House. ArroixiMENTs bv the I'ak.stpk.'tT ?By and with the sdeieo ami roo*?nt of the Senate.-Joseph Hall, uf KoMoti, to be na?y agent for the port of Botton. Mimh rhusetta iamea \1?e.Henry Boy <1, of Maryland, to h? iiiciatsrjr of legation of th? b'uiie<l SHU- near her Bri tannic Mai?at)r, vies tiantovoort Melville, riscetteil ? Joel W Jonea, of ths Diatdct of 1,'olnmbi* to he uillitsr* storekeeper, vice Stevens f". Msaon, sproliite l eejtaln In the revlment of mounted riflemen. Hicham W ( mina. of Tflsaotirl, to he Indian sirentforthe KortLes?aa worth sgeney. from ?d July, IMS, when his present??? BUulon expires.

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