Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 24, 1846, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 24, 1846 Page 1
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THE NEW NEW YORK YORK HERALD. r ? ? ? ? ? ?" ? ? .-t~ , - ... ~~ > ?: ? ? i it. - WEDNESDAY MORNING, JUNE 24,1846. THE HEW YORK HERALD. JAMES aOMON BENNETT, PROPRIETOR. Otrcalattoa?Forty tro* DAILY HfcMAItP?Eryyday.rriaetaaam par eepy P .*2*2? ?RINTINO puck. SACHEM'S HEAD. SsiUs iaralsi. tn.) ?ill tropN MIM W ?r Jalr Mtt hnriaf baaa faaad entirely Ueuffl ^mwlMi UM,Mfr laafaadh U. CotlfUMt IM aarly vflietMi. ? 1 mm*, vary laiga ad . The 8m Bethiac is ?It yd ?oov yien^aa^ wi^m^aalt mmI %%mt fof th> MOMIMft tMftlMMI ditiooa aad imp'OvaSieata aave baaa i airr apartmeeta may now ba obtained The 8m Baihiag waafa and coaveai fraah waUr batha oaa at all timae ba ?ailing and iahiug excuraiona, ilwari iara< Carriagaa m waitiag oa tha arrival of tha etaamboeti at New Haraa. to aoaray iimaMin la tka Haa4 ; aN tba railroad and etaifbon fceaeharafcoaa greatly r a dan d, jail Iwat* NfcW LfcUiANOXi SPalMGfil . COLUMBIA UAJLL.Mati*.Mat-Thai ft aariw>na |afrae^t hnjaaaragea^aadjaadpfta th^ jreoadaaafaaea (M'TIwmaabJTES?waijaa?a iMuemr m tearalliac paWia, ha ieteuda that tha a?naa?l rf i eetabliahmaat thall ba ?aah aa to meat tha waata of tha ?at iuodwaa, whether tarrying for tha aaaaoa or a ahoiter "frttataa HENRY HULL. FOR SALE OR TO LET, /m. Tha Modam bailt three atory brick hoaao, US Adaau ?ext. half of tha paralaaae m?aey ean raauua oa aoitma,, tor a tana oi yaaia. Appiieauoai to ba aada aa tha praaaaa 114 Adaaae at., Braoblya. aflaaw ROOMS. FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED. M TO LET?la a amall aad aaaat MiahtMlr aitaatad CTl haaaa, aaar tha waahiagtoa Panda Ground. oaa or ja&tvo rooau. with or withoat fall or partial belaid. No otter harian or lodgera an iathaboaia, aar will ba takea. laa family at piaaaat enaariata of aaly thraa rrowa paraoaa. To ataata gentleaaea, or a |iad?aaa aad laoy, daairoai of liriogTn a private fWmtly, aad ia a paaaaat, qaiet, aad hand ttisas teaaat, withoat ahMraa. Addraaa A. T. at iha daak of thii mm u ?.ayHtfm OtNlW'd OossAMfik HaT*; OL Z&SSFiS* Introduced by tha aabacribar to tha do public, aa tha lighiaet, tl artiola lor iiiaaaiar waar 1 The aitooishiiff ibc?M H eitreordinarylarvc aaaoaat of ml?7**4 the Mptiu nyroW doa bestowed upoo them by the many who hare kitn them their patroaaffe, hare not boon lost upon the subscriber, who, to show that he iienraixicw to excel ia his art, now pre aeati for public perrooafe the Goeeaaer hat, much lighter J ly other ever before offered. Thev Price oaly KM r ???*:?? la, aa J tha MMat tarty , ariacad by tha ^Tufe'SfrisS'-i or calor from expoeara to tha aithar perapinboa or oil 1 with outer onaiaatii Tbta ia a , _ _al_ to loaa aithar ilm rain. They caauaat ba eaUad by i tha hair, ao eoaiaaoaly the eaaa admired etyle of trimmings, , effectaally preveata all thia. advantage over all athar hats. aad M>a J Tha pablio are invited to call aad aae thia article at J. N. OENlN*8 Hat aad Cap Store, arTla*it >14 Broadwrr. oppoaita 8t Paal'a Church ? FASHIONABLE HATTERS. fl M Nm> street, near Fulton, New tfork. j*L subscribers bet to csll the sttsntion of the pubns to ^^^?of their owi manu ???nnlr of nunin fnshionsble batten iirini, a sarapls of which they will feel much plessars in showing I to thoee who will Cwor them with a call. Ihe nndersignsa I do aot pretend to aell at It or even 10 per cast leu than any I other establishment; neither can thry boast ot having a ?pi en-1 did Mora: but they flatter themselves that the quality and finish of their Hals will gira entire saoafacuou, at the prices "lan adopted the French style of trimming the sum s, which u ? preventive to the perspiration com tS lm*m SUMMER HATS. _ ECONOMY JtND FASHION. SL jHSPST.W3LB?L.3gJ? sypu(d bespeak* the wmm of the public to the quality of his Summer Hats, possessing the rations properties asaally sought for by the man of taste, they hays the additional merit o( being *Jper eaat below tin standard pricee. Thar are es sentially similar in material, workmanship, and finish, to the articles manufactured by 4m more splendid establishments of Broadway; and n a close comparison of their respective merits, no material difference can bo perceived, except in the single particular that the subscriber has adopted a style oi trimming, which effectually prevents the peri pi ration of the forehead from striking through, and impairing the ap TWir average weight is from SK to 3W ounces?being much lighter than substantial Leghorns, or Panamas. Persons of taste aad judgment, who are influenced in their purchases by eoosideratious of eoet, are invited to ssamiie them, and to | establish, by the tost of Comparison, their pr?ciee value, ccH pared with the productions of other maoufheturere. ? I pared with the productions of other staaameturofa. ? mytn lm*rc HOBERTSON. UU NiqiHB^B BEATER AND BILK HATS ofthe beet quality and most sjprorej s^M!?.? now randy tegaspecaou and alT Im'rrt i iifii i t mi ?FASHIONABLE HAT STOrIT^^^H ?SUBSCRIBERS having opened a HAT STORE ?Mo. 110 Fulton Mrtit pojner of Dutch ttr?*t. rttptct at the ahefteat notice. myjila*r^^H SPRING FASH ION fl BROWN k CO., m Chufcsm Snare, corner of Mott J^street, wish us infoem dm public of their recant improve (nentin jtbe manufacture and dnsah of their $3 Hats, eomkin ?ng laahion, beauty and durability, three important eonsidaru I The propnetem do confidently ssssctl JESS? kc3rS/233T,iSM3'?fa,^S.'?i5 E*fltL8loE . proprietor of thiseetablishmoat baa ruoeutly added to I ejgnuaive stock ofsfvtag goods, an maMtamat of Hats, of euquisiu finish and superior elegance. The Meed mane really superb articles is onhr $a id, being $1M lam than tW some gwds (manufactured in the same manner | and of similar mnurml) are aold in Broadway. Urn seem of tRs treat disparity in priee mey be easily conjectared, The advertiser's sumacs beiug bat a tithe of Uwoe of the awre splendid establishments in Broadway, Wis in eoasequsnss enabled to efltr goods of a corrmjinrnhng description at lower a a lm*re ^?GENTLEMEN'S SUMMER HATsT^H MJRD.COENE*fOnt AND NASSAU STREETS, TNYITES the utteatiM e( his easterners aad the pub AttetohseaaeeetmsntofsutamerHnta, consisting, exceedingly Also, extra adapted to anruernueaad Wmana sta. ? ^Iook aT SVMMtJMy t COfBW OI v WUtllB iJSrJwcmm't "w~* "Tt Ssfiii?* H lw?t PREMIUM BOOTS. $1 M. city madoijmd stores tor |1 Fine the best amde in ^^^^^^^^?fcJONES1 French I !m*m Near most fuhiMiiUc in JSrF?5 SfiaiirHr*.. TL ANTIC AND ST. LAWRENCE RAILROAD i prepared for, r August uoit. Persons offenac to contract for the work, who are inlsnl to the undersigned, or to the directors, will be repaired to] aeeeaipany their fMpwals with referst-css as to character and ability. I A extension of the rand, embracing a distance of some fifteen or sioi* sdditiuoal miles, will be and pel[under conumct sbcat the first e By oidor ofthe Board of Directors. Portland, Me., May U, MM. TO DEALERS lid FlsrttliQ *anfci.g ^ 4"Jr J^sssiiisiSts^'o ^?i?kmiat!yf*taon H, wsaat <f cMF TtMB r Engineer, my* unr Circuit Cent uf Uw llalMI ean*f r? L*'t*r "? C- B. ^J^wJare I 5SSI ?**on ?*? fifth d** of jui*. im?. "gs eUdHi? ' r ? Jur7 l? wma an aotion for an ^ ^"T by the d.f.udwt uponli^P^ ai? "?U "?cfently appear, la the w??i?C UP 01 | *f ***W, Cm., of ootwi tor the plaintiff S#J^. ?****?*? WKK ?OB Til v! 1 ' V tk* c?"* ni <*? QtfitUmen of ?*? j_ _S* ha. baa- heard, and tha ?t^ before you, with a flourish trggg ??<1 a rgfl of drams, ?iwi rsalslioil This act of ' WJJ? Kssfsrjsfftsj svstsi s~2? STTK fi^SSKl 85?!a?<5??i ju May, IHt, our tha Cape da Vard Islands, the tor which this suit Is brought jfejj'jejj ?? ohUta hi. srideaoo through tha medium of in tor what they (aw, but could no* labor* under embsrrassments which must ba obvious to ?f most earalaM ebeerrer of judicial ?r**fi2SLv tha twa witnesses prora simply that the dafalidant^rucK wa plaintiff a single blow, whin ha could not stand f feat, and that this blow waa la railed in tha hi* wife and childraa. This caae to met, by way of as-1 tonca, by a depoeitian, taken la laltimore, aa . offspring of aae Patrick H. Baillvaa, tha compear, ?P? flat, and crony of tha defendant, Smith. Let usflrst If wa can extract from thaee two foreign witnesse* . I thi. domestic afldarit.wbc tha plaintiff, Chart* EOwvu? 1 Leater to, and waa, and on wl^rra?dh*h^^?. [? foreign kinds, from'which ha wa* now ratur^ag, w?ta hi* wife and children, to hi* American Home. Mr- Lester. known to hi* country men, and to Europo^y ?*?*^ ^ ' The Olory and .urn from the coo:? ___ alwars bean sanding among u* man and women, wn? visited our country only to abuse her institutions an her people, and whosa libels of our civilisation were limited only where tired invention could draw no longer on the imagination This long standing debt, which vear after Tear she had rolled up, as she has another dabt she will never pay, was paid and satisfied in full, by ?? rito Olory and Shame of England." Thi* book, in which there waa no hoatllity displayed against men, but only against principles, falsa and tyrannical, which had built up the guiided palaces ef aristocracy, over he catombs of tha working men of England?this book had, at a slacle blow, sent this miserable ahanty of falsehood and prejudice, on which tha whole troupe of Halls and Fiddlers, Marryatts and Martineavia, Trollopee and Diek one had displayed their handiwork, reeling to tha ground ?and all the country felt, and every man of the country felt that tha author bad rendered a service which tha naver would forget This book kindled a feeling in the breasts of a who la army of young Americans, which will go into tha account that British statesmen make up, whenever they strike the balance sheet, in fa- i of the proepects of Afghanistan!sing any por _ of the western continent. The people of | this oountry, and tha were willing to do 1 that ha should do them honor abroad. Without | besfecement on his part, tha honorable post was offered to him ef Consul to the old republic of Oanoa-ths very I anot of all others, his frlenda would have desired for him. On tha old shorea of tha Mediterranean, it gave him an opportunity of pursuing these studies whioh would enable him to reveal to tha new world the tree euros of the old) and ha knew that what wa learned of the struggles and achievements of the great men of those nations for our common humanity, we should re per In gratitude. After tour years of faithful service to his oountry, (which has bean recognised by the two Pre sidents, and by arery Secretary of State under whom he served,) whose intervals of leisure were filled up with hard study and acute observation, he was returning on a "visit to his country, laden with the fruit of his toil He 4as bringing homo to us, net tha silks and gewgaws of Italy, but her idess?not her valuable and ohoioe wines, but the opinions ef her wise men, tiring and deed. MM tha hellion of her mines, nor tha marble of her quarries, but tha histories of her great m? and tha wis?to?n of her philosophers. He hasatoo , written an elaborate history of tha life and fgini' of that sturdy narigator, who first discorered the broedside of this continent?whose writings poured lustra over the cloee of the 1Mb and the beginning ef tha lfith oenturiee, by revelations from tha fend of the setting sun-end whose name, by a piece of fortune, not more remarkable than mysterious, has bean affixed, forever, tothe western hemisphere. That this bold Italian's life and fetors, should have been unknown to tha continent hadiscov ered, and that Mr. Lester in 1846, should be the first dis tinct American biographer of Americus Vespucius, and 1 make known to our countrymen, his life, voyeges, end writings, may, at least seam fortunate, for the work will perpetuate tha name of theembalmer with Ae embalmed. But Mr. Lester did not limit his researches* discoverer* of worlds, but searched out that remarkable FtorenUne Machiavelli, the great atatesman of the middle agea, who for centuries has been regarded as one of the most astonishing men of by gone ages : and he has given to the light of the English language, tM wonderful thought* and productions of thie man, who haa been bv some to tality af fortune,oftener misunderstood than truly compre hended. He has in this manner tranaftxaed into Ameri can literature, the works of other eminent authors of Italy. Now, let me ask, who, as Plenipotentiary Latra ordinary. Minister, Charge d'Aflhin. Secretary of Lega tion, or Consul, has brought home from the old world, | s. that he could neither protect htowaUnw ,renge the insult I regard this ce*e, e* oae in which the honor of the law, the hrith of a Jury and court, and tha hope* in spired by cilization, all unite In declaring. there shouldbe a Ttrdict raiptctablc in it? ttrmi ud talotary in ill rtrolti. We will, gentlemen, treepee* a few moments on your tims, by examining the contents of the deposition of Pa trick H. Sullivan, of Baltimore, tha confident of Smith and the only witness in the case who undewtood what was said by the parties which produced the attack. Sui livsn is an sxample of that class of witnesses whokave many conflict* with their consciences, and wtoh the facts different from their recollection. If they tell the truth at all. they send it Into the world robbed of its credentials, and hope it may be as unwelcoms a guest in the hososas I of others, as it hss been a disagreeable tenant of their I own. Why does Sullivan begin flis deposition by saying, " Mr. Lester endeavored to spring one or two watsr Icssk buags to get some fresh water, sfter being sea-sick several days, before the event happenedT" Into this bung I hole the learned counsel has not sntsred. He has spe cially avoided it Even his ingsnuity could not torture I it into a justification of the csptain's ebuse of his poor I Irish American steward, or of the bully's asssuit upon Mr. Lester. But this bung-hole storr does prove thst Lester was a watched man, and watched, too, by PatrtcX H. I Snllivan, who was scenting game for Smith. What truth I extracts by its own power from such a man, he to deter mined te strangle and overlay by distortion, ill-nature I and captious deductions. In snch s witness you may dis I cover the confUct going on between truth end falsehood? I distinct reoollectiens and determined perversions. The 1 witnees says, about M days out he was present st a con Iveraation, In which Mrs. Lester, Smith, the witneee, and I Mr-Letter participated. Mrs. Lester, T lof the rougn manners of the cajitain, I alluded to his crusl treatment of his s 1 Smith palliated the coaduct of the ceptaia, and declared Ihe *aw no rea*on why the conversanons should go on. I Mrs. Lester said to Smith, the defendant In s jokln? man Iner, ?? You hsve been playing toady to the captain. Mr. I Lester then spoke, and said, "Smith, shahes got you I there?you know you flatter the captain." This witness, las well ss the other witnesses, stated that Mr. Lester wee I much worn down by sea-eickness at thlstfsee, and was I quits feeble. Borne personalities were indulged in, says Itnis Sullivan,but ha is careful net to tell what they were. I Smith then declared " the matter must here stop," *ej;ing, I" I would strike s man for tha expressions which have Ibeen oerd, if said seriously." Mr. Lester said, ''What I Ihsvs said, is said seriously." Upon that, Smith stnsck Ihim in ths face?the blood flowea down upon his bosom. I This was done la the presence of Mrs. Lester. Smith Iha4, before this, fortidden conversation on the sab. Iject of the cruelty or harshness of the captain to his help lies* stswsrd ; and all the witneeees have shewn lthst ths Irishmsa was harshly treated. It to the I greet business of a court and Jury, in the alembie lof Judicial investigation, to extract aad refine the golden I particles of truth, which are found combined with such Inurgs mssses of sendy alloy. The value the treth has llnyeur minds is not to be measured by the eplnfen of 1 this witness, bnt should rather be regarded ss truth difll Icult to be obtained from one who shews so Strang a ds I sire for its mutilstion snd smasculstlon. He has given lus a key to unlock his soul, wheie he says. I thought Ithe conduct of Smith, throughout this affair, veiy for Ibearing.? Henceforth we msy expect some valuable Itreatfee. entitled "The limits of human forbearance, lexempliffed and Ulustrated, with notes aad wood cuts, Iby Patrick H. Bullivan. Esquire, of Bsltimore, snd deco I rated with a frontispiece oi a mck man with s bruised land bleeding fece : all dedicated to the author's most ?particular crony, Thomas Catulino Hanks 8mith. the Igreat Ohio bellyAs the sun may he aeen, through a Iglmblet-hole, in a dark room, M truth can sh.ns through ?the labored artifices aad stwlisd insinustions this man re Isorts to to darken Its war. What sn idea of forbearance ! iBecsuse Mr. Lester, feeble as he was, refussd to quail I before a western bnlly, who therefore struck him on the Imenly part of the human face?this his second cells grest I forbears ncs ! This witness lsts a remark of M r. Lester leecspe, which throws some light on the matter. Mrs. iLester enquired of Mr. Smith if he intaudad to as ? la caasorship of tha tongue, ae tha governments old world did of the press. For yon will remember that y tyrant forbid further speech an this subject, as I to aid the defenceless Irishman. Thie to the dogma aad decree In all agea from Dtonyshi? to cateline Hanks Smith. Hold your peace?move e?disclose none of my vilfeaiee?i?m?s 6a silent as the charnel-house?or I will i >ou, Impale you, gibbet you. Free discussion horrible to tha tyrant than a hundred sheeted ht gboets, screeming in his ears. Free diecuseioa ruin tha r/ada of all ty rants. But Smith employs old srgament?" Do not discuss ths captain's brutality ii* helpless Irish steward, under tha penalty of having ir heed broke -not one word In behalf of a poor ppressed irishman, at your peril, Charles Edwsrds er"! Say, gentlemen of tha jury, with twelve ricaa hearts booting in your bosoms, should Charlee srds Lester bars quailed before a bully of this p, while ha waa standing under the eagle, arrows stars of his oountry floating on tha flag at tha mast I?aad bearing tha same marks ef his country's eo? toe on the seat of his own ooeussion ss Amerioan Con whieh aomssfesfen made him tha sspscfel protector legal defender at tha dale nee lees ~ oi i your however much he Might bare been worn down I by sickness, or enfeebled by suffering T It did net become the representative ot his counti y'( jas oce and humanity, to Mail In tho pro?no of insolence and oppression. whon domineering oror a lislpieu sea of tho Emerald Ida. Cruelty and cowardice are Siameeet twine, which only make iweeMi whore reiiitanceie un expected. For had Loiter been in health, Smith would sooner hare bitton off hie aether lip than laid hie brutal hand* upon him. But Mr. Leeter wai feeble, and Smith thought hie Ume had come to wield the trident of the aeae, and ho oould eaultingly say,? " Blow ye winds, and oraok your cheeks, And (wallow navigation up, For / and the Captain are Lord's of all /survey." Am) whon Leeter ceaae oa deci* with hie pallid ?k-+V. "!><>? refreshed by the light of the bouadleea moring world of wator*.-M?^<M rafo*. andtftM m?rt?ana fool tho bland winds of heaven a* aT hirtoema, and U he could strike the sick Consul. It would All hie cup oi glory ! But Lester nor his wife were restrained from that noblest of human undertakes ?pleading tho cause of a crushed and insulted ??i ? Yea! though a man of the feeblest type, a blurred edi ^,r, tw^L*r**?rV * y*m' 'o^iMaUooe of igno rance ; fads t"s may bo uncrossed, and his l*s undotted ? yet, as a huaian being, he ia marked by lines ef high oertainty evidencing the dignity of his rolatlonshlpTe tho Oreet Unseen^-the Anger marks of tho Maker of worlds are upon him, showing the lllustrieaaness of his k*1 **acaat The duty of the Captain, who was tho remote cause of the wnm dene my client, was to hare aoted the fetherbrotW protector and defender of this bereaved Irishman, driven out from hi. own land by the scoiM-ge of deTnotism E w.nj?roverth.feceoft?a world.^,? this ship professes to bo a praying man?ho even r-tanh es h? his owa denomination. Did ho never that his bible told him, that God had made of one blood ^nations of awn under Heaven, ?d th^ersr^d^W br ? human heart, or puliatedfc a humanwrist, came from one great common fountain, one I vast reservoir, and flows on through the arteries and rotas of successive generations, chuTeariao as It amZ. > who deny iu Jmoneu of"origin,ia? SorhSTTS; hfenUty of creation^ whether it roll/through the arferfe! of an Lmporor, or flows in the reins of a basaal llTi i ([*'?*cUT of* philoeophor.or curdles in tho flesh of a Bendman-whethar the suo of Africa has painted hhawith enduring black, or the shadows of the Caucaasian moaZ tolas have bleeohed him up to w^f oM^cho?o!S plains of India, and prairies of America have embol i ad him with the color of their soils,?the same mZSl stream flows on through oppressor and oppressed or subject, saint or sinner, affirming the milt tmti.' ?X5 "Ood made of one blood ail naUon? ofE? the fece of the earth, from the riaing of the sun tag down;" arhererer cold ftSSX fr hj.?^^ I truths! No! But there is a class of men who in trmvlT tag along the road of life, cut down the shade trees tear up and burn tho bridges as they go. But let as conu^ tare something of the earlier life of this defendEt, w&" nature years Enag forth such miserable fmitWe m.? I I W?r h# WM amid* the soperfluities of St CM# and that tho law of public opinion, was one ever i he could eaaily vault, whon ftwi tho only protecUwoof a sick man. Inflaitely bettor that this roan* n?iti?u ' who fcaCataliM in riiniature, and^X^ ShSSd the patienoe of maukind, showing nothing but preeo I ciouaneaa ia doing wrong?I sey7TnflniUlv bettar h.H ? thii ill ri|ulitM 709th to hi?i been fed with an iron spooa, and worked iis to. hou? . d.y Jf ^ humble and useful occupation, where the fatigue ofTis labor would hare subdued the wildness of his Store and tamed to decency the extravagance of unbridled desires But parental indulgence "hoped against hope," and suiv posed that travel in the ancient world, would reform m manners, what they could not subdue ta temoer Val? Re n*mMr7- ??? fearfully explicit ?' r"{Qf*il*; " not ?>y ">? entreaty of parental tears?it is not by gifts and sugar-plums; but it sition*of*?m?Kl* . Korce occupies the po sltioa of entreaty and power, that of moral suasion Take ? young, middle-aged, or adranced, and ex rLC.?aK? *,ld M to axtent of his ur ?ductUon- without making y?" ?pent in a colieae or worse than wasted ta foreign or domestic trarels. But waiiS*Si?,|i.2*.B^l51? ?i Mf^cted culprits tio^t^ thoM "?"Wished moral *duca tion, to Uioae walled unirersities. so distinguished for [ blfr? loc*te(^ at Stag btug and Au n^i.TirTi. ? ! *'! ?*T*n* U? yoars, tho students I aheared leads, clad ta the I (tripod uniform of the universities. The labors of these braaohea once cieipued, but none tho leu uiaful' a n.n of tho fomaia of dfechJi.n. ta S^ivorod sShoofs^to complete unflniahed education, ia derived from one of the ancient schools of Ureoco?the entire silence of tha tongue is enjoined No debates are held by the student* hero-no ?rationaa.e dehrerod by Mtafut!? loafer compoUod to bo poiaod with tho lowdnoia it nt torod?tho profanity it expressed the fklaAhn<w)? u tlona, and shvoUngs from the sentinel I SKCT r; rr.fHH" These are some of the ? . ?rosod.? moral education. But tl " ~ m "WW4U" ww in (iv To bertow upon him the if^ToirS U,e of the*pyramWs i^^prT mal land of the post-delu vian race or w pH* doubt that ho roamed over Italy and viaited niJl ,??, from which the hair, were' pulfed whteh ^ ^Alps, visited the Apnenlii? sh^d El of i.ouw iliaiK .end that his e.e^e^dSW/if ?,*2! ttas;7ag,aayag to his foreign travels. He had taken .^TT aa eataa anchor to tho wladwaw bCMt in hiii trarala Him there they found, ke a toad eloM at the ear of Ett, LaMying, by kia dertliah art, to roach The organs of bar fancy. [You mo ho wm try tag to stagMtixe bar.) And with tbora forge lUuiioM, u bo list, pbaatom* and dream*, Or if inspiring venom ha might taint Tho animal spirits, that from tba pure Mood arise, Lih? goDtlo brMth* from rivors pure, and thanco raiM At ioast distempered, diacontontod thoughts, Vain bo pot, rain aims, inordinato desires, Blown up with high conceits, engendering pride." [Parodist Loit, Book IV. Un* 800. Bat if Tboaaas Cataiina Hanki Smith (for by nn* ?traafe fatality his name ia not John,) carried homo to tba Buckeye State nothing oIm, ho determined to carry all the bad manners of tba places ha had visited; ana the renown of having struck a sick man in tho praMnco of bis wife?and be exulted in ttte hope that he should now enjey that notoriety which he had hitherto besn an able to win. Perhaps he had beard in his Inttls some body tell that the immortal fool who burned the Ephe sian dome, lived mora ia story then be wbo raised it? ?uch being the lofty asperatioa of this beater of sick men. let us do what we cam this day to speed him on his way?for a man whoM ambition strikes no higher ?ark, ought not to suffer the pangs of disappointment. We have already alluded to Mate of the aggravated cir cumstance ? attending Uus brutal Msault?bet tba most aggravating of all wm that this ineuiting blow wm dealt tba plaintiff when bis young wile and his little an were standing around him. Why, I a ad father be naatsil into the earth, and writhe under the last la ' that could be heaped upon an insulted man in the m of masses of congregated men. and I could bear it then te be struck beiore my poor wife and h el plots a. But what does this injuie4 man, worn thin and pule by the storms of the ocean, do J His only rauly wss I cannot defend myteU. and you knew it when you struek met b?* I will appeal to the laws of my eountry." A reply worthy to be altered in the hearing of thoM venerable fcthera of the republic who medethe law ha appealed to. Bat tola dafiwdiat and the tyrant captain beaeld no American Court to come to the rescue ol the wed on Omm wild aeUtadM of the pathless Atlantic [let tbeM tyrants of the som reaaember, captains and tea. that there ia a Tower that overlooks the loaell ? ? the restless OCSM; an* m Mia as tba sm (hall fir* ap it* dead, so luraljr shall justice, sooner or later, overtake these tyrants of the som. The time kM been, and may often be again, whan all the living man on board a ship,by some tyrant murderer, have been Mat to their long account, yet often hu it been, that the unrest ing winds have blown some fragment of the wreak to land, to tell the guilt of murder to distant shores, years after the victim* slept on ooean's floor. Well Myeth Job, "the Heavens shall reveal his iniquity and the earth shall rUe up against him." One word and I have done. This deteoaat, from the height of hie riohee and powerful connections, looks down with such contempt upon any verdict that any twelve men in the State of New York can render and a Circuit Court pronounce judgment upon, that he does not even deign to enter theM halls of justice. But Mr. Lester, m a law abiding man, confiding in the Justice of this Court, where the il\jur?d have M often found themselves shielded from outrage, makes * te you his appeal. And it remains for you to My now, whether the man who casts aside all falM code* of honor, and ask* the administra tion of Joattoe to IntorpoM their breed shield between him and the sontemners of your law, ehall be disappoint ed when he comes up to your table, and lays his cauM down here. Who will ever oome after hia if you turn upon him your backs? Mow many times would any man on this jury Mk Justice trom twelve men, when he mw it refused to a representative of his country, whoM life wm perilled oi^thedistant ocean by a pernetrator of out-, rage. Let the verdict you render, then, do one which shall enoourage all good citiMns, in luture, to look to the law for their protection, instead of taking revenge into his own hands. For, remember, that you can open no floodgate to bloodshed and disorder in society, so awful, as to tell the world that you will allow the contemner of law, of honor, and of eourtesy, to assail unprovoked, an American citizen and an American Consul, when he is so worn down with sickness ke cannot stand up to defend himself, although his wife and his ehildren are standing around him. But we doubt not you will render a verdict so dignified in its terms, and salutary in its results, that all lovers of law and justioe will be oontenL After a clear and impartial charge from hia honor, the Judge, the jury rendered a verdict of $000 for the plain City btelllphn. *^lL?1?sssffs&tsrwa' -; guard of b?w. When the Hickory Blues arrived they ^hJTh*^S*^ drillinc, ?*1 ooasidering the short time ~m.nfc.hi"7 JlV* ??*,l***r*ised. ^quitted themselves s??ft mE ss;sa^sarjE Cat Mi'm ??Tha pleuing duty haa devolved on ae, of preeenting to you, and your brave aaaociatos in arms a rlI? nk?,r,'j ot r?urf?l'ow<iUtena. Mr,the foot of the Invader haa retted on our toil, and the cry of war is echoed from the basks of tho Rio Urando. The Oeoeral Government has called oa us for aid, and in common with Our cithens in other parts of tho country, Pr?"P^ to the appeal. Tha spirited manner in which your refluent was organized, rives assurance that it will not be found wanting in tho hour of combat Take, sir, these colors, SL^*?0* ?u * f*tar*? of *he Hero whose portrait.they boar, you hare only to recall his history to know tho duty of the citizen soldier and tho patriot Lot it be your study to imitate that immortal mu, and inre doing, yon cannot err?and this standard wiilereTbe wiiliiv.Hkn 'tot!, d,*n*,rUto ?* ?at, and wUl never fall into the hands of an enemy, while one ?y??r ?Uant band can strike a blow iL its defence When tho hour of active duty arrives, I feel persuaded that you wiU be found tn readiness to answer the call ? and you may rely on the gratitude of your fellow-citl^ Ikltnrmit nmu! reward which you will merit, an.i ?TnsuSST?^S. y0Ur ,UCCe** *ad ?*** To which Col. Ming replied Jfo|f?r MiekU, GenlUmtn ?/ (As nit??*.?? ?0l0,Tt wlth could Justly appreciate thehigh honor conferred upen Wm,who did not feel prideTVamutsbUpride, u?n J??*1, *? To stand before so aurust and re spectable an assemblage of my feUow-cituens, as the recipient and protector of this national standard, forms an era in ray h umble life that can be obliterated only with ^ foot of tho invader hath trodden our soU, and the note of war hath called us tothS whi?? bdt^LimpuW;Vpirit 'nd P?tri<"Jc >rdor which distinguished our fathers of the revolution b**ten.b"ck the insolent intruder, and en wreathed the American arms with a M" 0f *Iorv ' Our country hath summoned from the Kraplre Jtate ? portion of her people, for the coming combat?and wa an here !?Rough and Ready! If, sir.wy t^could enVa^ it ? m ?l5f* ?ie*mnt *7?bol of our State, it is, that its silken folds bear the sacred impress of tho keroic Jack* son. In tho bteaoof battle, we shall endeavor to imitate his unexampled chivalry; and. in parlors with our nnamr wo shall remember, like him, " to ask for nothteThut what is rif ht, and to submit to nothing wrong?* Jn my own, and in the name of my gallant associates I rH^ll i" embI?? *hlch you have confided t'o u* ? and TV" '.W* ?J futurity iLall be called to chronicle the desUnr of this standard, in our history shall be found re corded, that this flag never waved in inglorious retreat? Both his Honor and CoL Ming were frequently Inter rupted by loud applause. Tho color consists of the arms of the ijnpire Stata upon a large ground of silk, and are Ifi*7 hare good reason to believe that CoL disgraced. ?ol<tiers will never suffer them to be A Ntt Plai>.?On Saturday afternoon, a fellow called at a house in Hudson street, and requested to see a store shown tho store by an old lady, and while hor back was turned, ho took the op portunity of stealing a silver watoh which vu tun|j^ on tha walL Look out for suoh follows. Bnri^SrhL?hW--'v wh#U ,U#w?lk ot Dr. Spring's Church, on Nassau street, was blocked up yes terday afternoon, by people engaged in listening to the rjral claims of three dealers in "magic erasire soap" The middle one was a tall fellow, ?^io stood patiently the Are of his rivals on each aide, occasionally edging in 1 visl fei hisnsif ait hk soap. Each one swore t h at Us was the original, and that it would ?fo sliest .r.J thing excepting pay a man's tailor's bills. At several times they came rerjr near fisticuffs. The police ought to clear off the whole squad of them. WaTEiMKLons.?This delicious fruit has its a? muchof it* 001 ,treet*' *? car*'al about eating too Cool.?People hara began to don their thick panto broadcloth coats, and black hats again. This coofwea toe! * thermometer ? little above SO, lasts a long ,?J ?'????'?. Cwcacw.?Tho corner stone of ths Dto*in B^k m!n .t J^r congregation now worshlp '?*terdV ?t the cor Stiiyvesant square. There were present probablr a thousand people, including most of the clergy attached to the Episcopal Church of this cit? We noticed Bishops Meed, Hopkins, Henshaw, Potter, Lee, Chase, and Lastmsu present at the ciremony. The y,f.rtaM.WM ^ V ?W?op Mead, and there wsrS deposited in theusual manner copies of Uie Bible, Prayer Book, of Dr. Manor's foreweU addrees, and rariois othJ? documents and papers of tho dsy. The address was dalL rorad by Dr. Tyqg! The ediflie tobl^K op**r o! arebitocture. It will accommodate 5^060 people ; the roof to bo arc had, entirely unsupported 'T Two spires wUl be raised, each 300 feet in V ^ material used in construction is the rod rend stone, the same as that of Trinity Church. The? timata post is ?M,?00. Whe. fini*^ i, wiU bo oi of BUscTid^dteto!^ * architects are .l-IA,'7Si, Ma' or Third edi 22'oi mo,t "Un,l,re and accurate *B4co w* hlT? aeen. It rirea a tabla of diitancefl and a nap of the roantB leadNnc to tha nui tel. It Is well eolorad and SatlyWu^ "?? <*P? Coae?a-a ?The coroner held an innn#at vbiur4aw ?? the body of a wLred' man by L /ie^ao*> w roars ot ago. who came to his death szszsiszs:mc * .? m1,1 *i,U4,?Tho coroner also hold an Inquest at No. 99 Jaaoe street, on the body of Thomas McMa ?JI tho trio 1 ail road, who earns to his f**'h t>>! the foUing in of an ombankmont of earth, and V^dfcT^ordS)^ ^ r?Und 10 ^ <alW dMd - Wtwlso held CI re salt Court. , _ , , Before Judge Parker. . ?? JWp ?? Mn H7 Richard/.?This was an ae IthlT.1 *ii#f^ repreaentatioua, or in other words, an action lor deceit. The plaintiff was a rVid"'? ? Connocticut, and carried on busjnoes throagh an agent It appeared that in June. IMS, one Alexander Block applied to tho agent to our ana nt to bo truetod with goods on crediL Upon the faith of these representations, he sold Black roods to tha amount of |T<*. out of which h7 iw*i ? d** ;?lthough at the tisao, as ho ollerss ttc defendant know klack w"as in foiling itrcnmsteSU: .T^d*r'oc?w''P^ ?hot deteada.^^ no^T. r^pr^rs^Mrys^h^S4 WlSn^r rk**-^hwT^thiSlM^^ntewSdt^irS plaintiff The care Hand, sdj<mmed7to thi moratar tor plaintiff, Mr Dresser j for defendant, Mr. Brady. ?*?rt ftw Uao CerrscUes off Brrets. * jc? _x,r z??r WA.ta'sasi MrN 0. 1 Tli* KngUsfc lattrtmae* la th? Nntou War. To J. D Paul**, Eil , Chairman if Ou South jSmt>*ic*n and Mexican Jiu?ciati?n i? London. That your committee, from a dMin to protoet their commercial interests, should address your government, ' soliciting it* friendly interposition between tha United 1 State? and Mexioo, is, of itaalf, lubjact to ao animadvar sion; but whan thla ia dona, at in your appeal to Lord Abardaan of tha 2d inatant, in tarai of inch marked w tiality to one of the coutandinf part lea, it strangely has escaped your penetration, that thereby tha object of;your petition might bo defeated?hia iordehip taking up the oauaa aa champion, and not a* mediator, or, at all event*, creatine a suspicion on the part of tha other contending j party, sufficient to reject hia oflfcr. Your essoclaMon has not generally been judicious in ita representations to go- j ?eminent, nor, consequently, fortunate ia (ho result. Losing sight of the prejudloee to which other notions have submitted, by the exercise of blockade on the part of Groat Britain, yon have always shown the greatest ia-! patience under any suoh restriction by another power, and this even when for the maintenance of principles beneficial to youraelvea. Such was the firat blockade of Buenos Arras by the French, and which would not have been of half ita duration, if, instead of representing to your government against the aaae, yon had stimulated it to support the grounds on which it was laid. . From tha same impatience you have, bom recently, instigated y our government against the Argentine Re public, and not willing that it should blockade Montevi deo far a few weoka or months, hare obtained the Aaglo French to blockade Buenos Ayres, thus to edd the ruin of this place to that of the former; and from what Is bow apparent, to involve more lives and fortunes in a fresh reaetion. Thus, also, because by incidents of that war, which your importunities Bear the Foreign Minister have tended to peraetuate, the Parana became impracticable, Sou obtained that?it was opened at the cannon's mouth, it to the ruin of those that availed of it. Or if your object was to conquer the rights of your owb flag in thai river permanently, why doaa it not oc cur to you to obtain the same of tne Douro, or Rhine) of the Mississippi, above New Orleans; or the Hudson, above New York. The difference only is, that this right, if obtained, was not so likely to be extensively used in the Parana, where, when the country is tranquil, your wares will go in the saaa quantities as if you carried them yourselves; aad where, if at war, there will be no market, while the concentration of agencies in tha mari time porta, will always remain an advantage. One should suppose, that, with respect to Mexico, ouy would hail the chance a* fortunate, that the United States ad minister to it a lesson of prudence, sot to provoke quar rels, as hitherto, with almost all nations. But how disin genuous do you nreaent the cauaas of this war in your addraasf Yonr illustration, by the supposition of several hundred British subjects settling in some remote pro vince of Mexico, and then seeking annexation to the Bri tish crowa, shows this. If the position of Great Britain on the map permitted, we might locate a more parallel case on her borders; but aa we cannot do this, let us sup pose that the same number of Britiah subjects had been Canadians that had obtained adjacent to Canada grants and rights from the United States, among which to form one or the independent States of tha Union, but that an archy and bad government had begun to reign In this, aad a military dictatorship had grasped the whole power, having no territorial or State rights; that to such power, however, thoee British subjects, bow considerably in creased, had aot submitted, but maintained their inde pendence by lighting for It, till, after eight or ten years, that even attempts to reduce them bad aot been made, Canada or Oreat Britain had aoeepted their annexation, would then have been, you think, so great an enormity In this, or that Oreat Britain, then aoused and threat ened by such an upstart government, and her friendly overtures for a settlement of boundaries rejected, had just occupied such aa she oonoeived proper! I trust the British ministry will not be wheedled into blunder by the South American and Mexican Association so soon again, to make war, and call it pacification; to ruin trade, and call it protection; to resort to violence and bloodshed, and to instigate rebellion, and every evil passion, for the sake of humanity. All this is but mockery, aad iuthing else is the ad dress which has called forth these remarks from Your obedient servant, A FRIEND TO TRUTH. New York, June 33,184?. Superior Court. Before Chief Justice Jonei. Jl'ne '13?W?od vi. Oat man.?Thi* cue, reported in the Harold of yuterday, wu returned. The defence wu that the plaintiff* wai properly treated; that from hii age it wai impoaaible to make a better cure. One of hi* own witnesses (Dr. Parker) iwore that he thought 1m got off rery well. The cauie wai then rammed up, after which the Judge charged the jury. Sealed verdict this morning. Before Judge Vanderpoel. Paul Harra Marring vi. Jamat Ilarptr el alt.?Thii waa an action of treapaaa on the caae, to recover dama ge* for a breach of parole agreement We take the fol lowing facta from the statement of plaintiff'a counaeL He aeid hia client waa a diatinguiahed foreigner, who had arrived in thia city about two year* ago; that he had taken a leading part in all the popular struggles that oc curred in Europe for the laat twenty-live year*; and aa a neceaaary consequence made himaelf obnoxioua to the crowned Leads and deapota of the old world: and auch waa the violence and malignity with which he waa fol lowed, that he had finally to make hia eacape to South America, and aettled at Rio de Janeiro, where he con tinued to re aide tor two yeara. During hia residence at Rio de Janeiro, he made himaelf perfectly familiar with the local inatitutiona of that country. He subsequently left it and came to thia city, where he haa aince resided. Shortly after the French and English intervention in the affairs ef the Bend* Oriental, from hia knowledge ef the people and of the internal state of the country, he thought he would be deing a aervice to the public to place before them the true atete of alTaira in Montevideo, kc. more eapecially aa public attention in thia country wa* very much excited in relation to the interference of the two European government* at the time. With thia view, he conaulted with hia frienda on the aubject, who concurred with him,and urged him to carry out hia plan. Hia next step waa to call on the defendants, who are ex tenaive publishers. in the month of December, 1B44, in company with hia friend Mr. Ward, of the houae of Prime, Ward fc King, and entered into a contract with them to print and publish the work, the particulars of which were afterwarda to be aettled, end which the couneel stated were verbally settled on the 10th of November, 1940, and were substantially as follow* : that the plaintiff' would compote and write a book to be called " Dolores, to..," and would deliver it to defendant in a itate fit for printing and publishing, in the first half oi the month of January, 1844, and upon printing, publishing, and distri buting 10,000 copies or more in case more could be sold, he waa to pay the defendants one-half the first coat of printing, lie., the defendnata undertaking on their part to pay to the plaintiff one half the net profita. The de fendanta afterwarda receded from their agreement, and refused to print or publish the work, in consequence of which plaintiff loet the aale of it, and allegea that be haa sustained damagea to the amount of $6000. The plaintiff 's testimony was not rone through when the court ad journed. For plaintiff, Mr. BUIUnccht j for defendant, Meaars Foot and Davie*. Court off Special Before the Recorder and two Aldermen. Jc*c 33.?Edward Harrison wu placed at the bar on a Charge of ateeliog a veat He wu found guilty, but judgment wu auapended. Mary Ann Emeraon waa next placed at the bar on a charge of stealing a gold cross, the property of Cathe rine lyeyden. The evidence adduced againit her not being deeaaed aatiafectory ahe wu acquitted by the Court. Robert Neviaa plead guilty to a charge of petit larce ny. Judgment auapended. Joseph Thorn peon, colored, wu adjudged guilty of stealing a oap, and aent to Blaokwell'a Island for two montha. Frederick Heiunburgher wu found ruilty of atealing four lamp*, and wu aentenced to be isapriaooed in the penitentiary for y nmy moothi. Char leaJohnson, William Johneon, and Elizabeth Co rner, colored, were then placed at the bar on a charge of atealing two cloth jackets. They were found guilty, and consigned to lix month* ruidenoe on Sjackwell** [(land United Stataa Commissioner'a Oflct. Before Commlseiener Gardiner. Jew* tt-Chrn af Jt fault with e Dangarau* Wtofon. Captain Smith, of the ship Christopher Colon, wa* ar retted yesterday, on a charge of striking one of hia crew with a dangerous weapon. The caae wu inveatigated yesterday by the ooanaaiaaiooer, and the con plaint die aiftstd. Chart* a/ Ptrjvry.?Michael A. Burnham, indicted for having committed perjury la February laat, la a cauae pending in the United Stales District Court, wu arreeted under a bench warrant in Charleetofl, South Carolina.and sent home to be tried for the offence. He gave bail in $9000 to take his trial, and was discharged. Santanea?Henry Stephens, Robert Lee,and two others, pleaded guilty on Friday laat, to an Indictment for a revolt, and volunteered to enter the United Stetu Navy, but it aeema they could not pus examination. They were brought into court yesterday morning, and aen tenced to fifteen day a imprisonment each. Before Judge legrahem. Jl'rk 23? Sophia Uthtr vs. John T. Jlalltrmann -Thia wu an action brought by plaintiff to recover the boerd and lodging of defendant's wife from 1843 to 184*. It ap peara that Mr*. Holierman la the daughter of the plaintiff, that ahe wu married to defendant inlHtfl, and from that time to IMS they kept houae, and ruided together. In June 1843 the defendant went to Philadelphia, where he hea continued until lately, leaving hia wife In Warren street; that seen after he left she had to glee up the hones for want of menu, end went to rookie with her mother, where she hss ever aince continued without re ceiving any support from the defend*, although anpUsd to for that purpose. The defence wu technical A ver dict was taken for plaintiff by consent, for $*41, ratiect to the opinion of the Court, and to aaaaasmsat. For plaintiff?Mr. Ewan. For defendant?Mr. A. Crist Court Calendar?THle Day. CiacuiT Couav? 36, 3*, 38, 38, 381; 43, 44, 47, 49, M, 93, 63, #3|, 67. Suncaioa Couar?3,180, 184, 191, 906, 139, 31, 309, 911, 83, 38, 199. Common Plkss?First Part?79, 83, 87, 89. 91, 93, 97,91, 361,118. Second Part-948, 360, 198, 139, 139, 134, 138. 138, 140, 149, 144, 100, 148, 148, 81. IUbkkk UnsKKix.?Tho Hon. I5arkcr Burnett hsa been in the city for aoveral dnya. He rooms at the United Statu Hotel. The only reason of hi* sur rendering himeelfwute reduce the bond*, which were considered enormous. The bond*, however, have been given. Mr. Burneil hu 968,009, end la reedy to anwer any chargee any individual can bring against him.? Beaten Jgssnang Trmaarift, Jm? 83. Movement* of Traveller*. The arrival* yeaterday?of which the following i* only an epitome?far exceeded the limita we con derote to tMBumoiicai acceaeion of riaitera to oureitjr. We ?elect from the AMfcaica*?G. Lord, Maine: Mlohael Churchill, Con nectient; C. L. Nourie, Washington; John Eliot St. Louia; John John*, Ntwburjh; G. Tuckerman, Boa ton, H. Farney, Baltimore; C. Thompaou, Boston; Or. Caraai ohael. Richmond; John Buckley, Philadelphia; II. Chili*, Virginia. A*roa?George JoaM, Sarannah, J. H Blake. Boaton, S. Moore, do; J. Bate/, do; W. StodJart. Northampton; H. Cheyne, Great Britain; C.Raine*. (Georgia; C. Daven port, N O.; G Haakell, Boaton; F. Holiioa, Philadelphia) W. Gregg, do; R. Crawford, Indiana; R Bell St Jago da Cuba; 8. Lawrence, Boaton: 8. Potter, Wilmington) J. H. Welah, Boaton; E. Lane, Peanaylraaia, J. Welak. Boaton; Judge Cane, Georgia; J. Smith. N. O ; M. John aon, Philadelphia; O. Leland, S. C.j Capt. Chad wick, Lynn; T. Wuea, Boaton; J. E. Curtia, Montreal; J. Ed ward*, England; E. Lanaon, Boaton; J. Bert let t, Maaa; H. Gilaa, Boaton. CiTr.?Robert Spier, New Branawicki J. MoCalloak, Wilmington: B. Wyncoop, Philadelphia; Dr. Howe, Maa aaohuaotta; F Porter, Philadelphia; L. Aahurat, do; J. M. Pringle, Booth Carolina; Rer. J. Fowler, Philadelphia; T. Wataon, do; W. Wllaon, do; Cant Cobb, Tarry town; N. Sturtevant, Boaton; Mr. Woodford, do; Cant Howoa, Connecticut; L. Holmoa, Newark; J. Magi, Riahiennd; Dr. Morao, Virginiai Jamea Little, Canada WeaC FaaNaLin?\ olney French, Witconain; Rev. 8. BoelL Maryland; Geo. Banner*, Philadelphia; J. Barrett, Ooer Kia; W. Lock wood, Connecticut; Geo. St John, do: D. Fitxaimmona, Georgia: J. Tompkinj, Woat Cheater Co.i G Pomoroy, Albany; J. Mlddlaton.Waahington; K. Priteh S, Connecticut: Onrille Clarke, Waahingtou Co.: B rnton, New Orleana; E. Bington, Tenneaaee; Rev. J. Mackay, New Haren; J. Ire*, Savannah; 8. Footer, Boa ton. How&ao?S. Madock, Oxford; E. Banaell, Philadelphia; J. Taylor, Princeton; J. W. Gwlnne, Toronto; Mr. Danrte, do; w. Brett, Baltimore; R Loach, Boaton; B. Harden, Worceater{ J. Van Dcuson, Hudton ; L. Checkerton, ! Troy; J. Hyatt, Albany; Gilbert Heron, Glaagow, Soot land; G. Patteraon, Philadelphia; H. Barrett, Coanoottooti W. Smith, Philadelphia; J. Paraona, Florida; L. Glenn, Philadelphia; J. Batea, Buffalo; S. Maheraon, Florida; S. Johnaon, Racine. NEW BOOT AND SHOE STORE, JYe. 00 Mai4m Lana, eomtr of WilHmm efreef. lljf EAOARY k HIGGINS bar* opened thin aew ~ 1U bliahmeat with a ??? ud splendid momm of tlemen's Boats ud Shoes, all aaw, latest Parii and lashious, mad* uuder our own iuspnction ud warruM low, Tor cash, wholesale ud retail. Wa solicit Mar Clarka ud daalan to call ud itudM oar naw sto " purchasing elsewhere. Wa do buiiaaaa on tha caah i therefore, wo eu afford to aadenelluyeetabliahmant tot city. mytT lm*rc TO LEND ON BOND AND MORT ffl*U<UUv OAOETin UB1 to >uit applicant*, oa pro da c tiro Kr?l Estate, in thia city ud Brooklyn. Apply to ft. 8. BROAD, No. 11 Wall ttreet, ia the Croton Water Met, basement. mvH lm?ra KANE'S LATENT MtTXttEE UAIiilKU APPARATUS. AN?W ud ? plea did irrugemeut, by means ol which the Shower Bath ii suited with the Bathing Tub, aad be a*ed in connection, in uy pert pf the hoaie. are respectfklly invited to call ud examine it at ?USr"w. ^sUssnA mylT lm*rc THORN ^HaMPAUNk. AFRESH INVOICE of thU delightful Champagne to to ?tore, to which the attention of merchant!, hotel Reagan, ud private gentlemen ie invited. The atruding of thie Winn ia now tapenor to that ol uy in this conn try, and at no aigbar rice thu ntt ef the beat brand*. C. LIVINGSTON fc CO.. taarll iatf re ?? Wall ? TAKE WOTIce. 'T'HK Bubeeriber haying made arrangement!, tad aonaidattu JL bly enlarged hit premises, ia new ready to do all ktoda M Blacksmith ud Machine work in general on the Boat iwoaa ble term*, at the shortest notice. fcrJ5:-T?'"""?a ?S8rAlDHS3^~t ?H Ira** 151 It Hi Spring ewtt UAF-WELDElJ BOILER FLUES. 11t FEET LONG, ud from l)f to S inchee in dnmeter ? XV Cube obtained only.of the pntcatene. _ THOMAS PROSBER. a TT Im'rc M Piatt street. ft. ?. BED BUGS, BED BUGfe. 117" ATSONU BED BUO DESTROYER, to the moot v ? wonderful discovery ever made for immediately de stroying their yermin, however numerous, iud ate mall y bn niihiug then from the preaiaea by one application. Beware of worthleee imitations. For eaie at Apothecariea Hall. II Cathanaa cuweti Qloott R McCassem, 1S7Maiden lue; ud in Brooltlay at Mr*. Hay*u\, 139 Fulton *C Price 21 cents per bottle. alla't H__ BOU lT'a HAZAAK, 74 Prince street, eut e/ Jrntosy. rience in busineea, be flatter* himself ube^SSTlo please the moet fastidious ; the accommodations m hie hone* far toil uees ud comfort, he believe* cannot be sumaeed by say house of the kind. His patrons will always And the but well supplied with the best of every thing the market aflb in the way of Ales, Winei, Liqaors. ud Be gars, Stea Chopi, Cold Cnta, Rarebits, Poached Eggs, Tee, Coffee, I in fact a Urge iseortsieut of refreshmenta at all times ni? twelve o'clock at night. Plenty of room* for private parties at all times ready. myltln'm TO JEWELLERS. MINIATURE PAINTERS, ftfe C. It J. HAKTNETT, No. I < oirtfudt street, near Broadway, wholesale ud retail Muufactnran of Travelling. Writing, Dressing ud Jewelry Boxes, Miniature Caaes Mi Bettings; Hut*, Locket, Watch, Ring, Pin and pencil Bganei caaes lor silver Hate neatly arranged to order. Alas, Trays mads ud fitted to Jewellers show caaes. to contain watchnn, chains, rings, keys, pins, thimbles, pencils, fee A variety of the above a/ticles constantly an hand and made to order, with neatness ud despatch. No. I foartlunt itreet. New York. myll ln*it BUNTING. O BALES assorted colon; Bine Linen Checks?4 fains, snitabls for snmnMr coats just received and far sale by jedlWrc HOOSE It VIEToiTilYeaH m. THE ONLY GENUINE WALNUT OIL MILITARY SHAVING SOAP, :TURED by onr Mr. Johnion. eon, Vroom k Fowler, wholesal r_., Kssencee, ud every article r?, m extensive manufactory, for- the trade ud wmtliee, at prices thu uy other house in this country eu supply. Also, the depot ol the original ud only genaiae Magical Pain Eiuactor, for barns, ud Hay's Liniment for Piins; Kalydor, for the completion; Acoastic Oil for Deafneei; Bars ipanlla Extract, Wets par bottle. Oregon Hair Oils Oa the moet favorable terms to merekuta ia all parts af An country. Bteam Soap Works ud Laboratory of ferfnmee, hunt Medicines, kc. ke., II Coartludt itreet, New York. myM lm*rc t-WORK EMPORIUM. " iWRENCE. w?6l ? iag the trade ud pub lie generally ?tore, ud is prepared to oBer u Snffii ssfirysare tsssxs cace to quality and aovalty; and by his confident that hit price* cannot I ail of eoi paMic patronage. He ie now oi enug m aew in the marker, and raaneritallv solicits a call CHURCH'S VEGETABLE LOTION. ion. Hold in bottle* it 71 cents IM Bowery, mtratr of Spring itreet. Also by Mix. Hays, Brooklyn. myMlm*m WINDOW SHADE DEPOT, . Nn, 7 SPRUCE STREET. EITABLIIMXD in MM. WHOLESALE and retail. CHADES of all dsecriptione, kinds ud sites, M pat aant O cheaper than en be beagM at uy other ptnaaa. Trim mingsJM manug my* lm*rre PAPER HANOINS. Philadelphia ud Boston, silver medala for mm nmntotanet their goodi, flatter themselves that t^y Ml aell better ar^elea for the aae money thu cu be Parchaaed elaewhere ? ? ? FRESCO PAPE Rg" The tabsenben would particalarfv call atteatioa to tkalr .jrte laeortment of Fresco Paper* Xm pnrlon, and Column Paper* for hall*, Public Kooau, Entrioe, Re., Re. Also, Cubtaiji Psraas, anew article for wiadowi.? Pap*nog ol Room*. Hnlla, Ra., promptly nUiadid M kp careful workmen. Country merchant* ud city dealer* will Sad tt ta tkalr ad vantage U.^v*!^!^ IJ7 t5 lm? rva Two door* above ths City Hons!. I military PaMic to bis aeeertmeat of MUilvy UfaigMNa adapted to id computes; Miliary Cap*, Knapeacks, Boaaa 4-: rtment of every variety r at the shortest let ice. Im*rrr H ?. (1RATACAP.1 BATHING, HAIR DRESSING, SHAVING, AND WIG MAKlN'd. DHALON, No. ?1 Broadway, to Jndiaal Hotel, so long S knnwa at!M Broadway conceiving that a finely imag ed and well conducted Bathing Deportment wis neceeea ry to complete hit irrugement for tha comfort aad eenveni enre of hi* nnmerona patrons, ha* aow the ploaaure of lafaim ?ot hia numerous patrons, has aow tha plansure ( mg them that inch a desideratum, where ahatrnt, ?ir ,-w tmg, shampooing and battling, cu be earned on in style, amy he found at hit new pUce, Judion'* Hotel, in Broadway. The Baths are nnaurp**aed by uy in the city for comfart snJ| convenience, and cu ucommodate M person. Hot. ( old, Mid Showff Bathi. Hair Cutting, with cleu bene he* for ench person, having been I feature in hu baiinea* for many year* he wonld In form gentlemen that he will, aa usual, give that aaaneh ef kto bonnea* hia peraonal attention. . m!3 lm?r REMOVAL. A| i. CUNNINGHAM km removed ki* ?oek of Watakaa, ? Clocks, Jewelrj, Silver Plated aad Sritaaais Ware, from ?M to I7lk Bowery, (new itore*) opposite Deluey itveet? Gold, Stiver aad Steal SpiittiliaAf ? eenm to fHi Per i lo en) from $!M to fit; I Hisses of sTl kmds and to mil nil aigk is, ground ud fittsd;W?trhes, ( locks, Jewelry aad Mneie Botsa rayaiitd ud wanutad. t*to*i

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