Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 26, 1846, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 26, 1846 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. ??i. Jtn* la. lre-wMa ??. ?m NEW YORK, FRIDAY MORNING, JUNE 26,1846. THE NEW YORK HERALD. JAMES aOMON KNNETT, PMflUETBIt Oirculatloa?Forty Ttoaui DAILY HlLxtALD? Every *ay. fnNlem " waBTEafcitfES .'bUStNO of all kinda mciu ? with bounty ?< Iw pstdi. lTT^AII letters or eommuaicadou, by mail, ddroased u die establishment, Milbi post p?ad, or the postage trill bs ? _ _ Proprietor of dm ? New TMI HbUAL* EtTASMSHMKlfT, ndrth-wts( comer of Fulton and nMm streets NEW LEBANON SPRINGS. ?aftlWT. Mta( under the maaagement of its old proprietor, Hoary Hall. Presuming oa his long experience as a caterei ?pr tho travailing public, ha intends that the management oJ ?te establishment shall be sack as to meet the wants of tlx ?Mt faetidioaa, whether tarrying tor the season or a shortu period. jet law HENRY HULL. FUR SALE OR TO LET, ja The Modes* built three story brick house, 113 Adami P|f NMt, Brooklyn. If aot sold by private sale, it will b< diiposed of at pnblx section, oa the 13th day efMaj Mat. half of the perahaae money can remain on mortgage, for a term ot years. Application to be Bade oa the premises #15 Adams St., Brooklyn. a4lm*r? FOR oAUL OK TO LEASE, IN BROOKLYN. JmL . VAN BRUNT'S HOTEL, No. tt Fulton street, K!M (north ssstsrlv side,) five doers from Fulton Ferry, ii XA aow offered Mr sale or to lsase. The house is Si by 41 feel, lour stones huk, containing It rooau, and beinjr en th< greatest thoroughfare ia Brooklyn is a food location foi many toads of bustnses. Poeseseion glvsa immediately. Foi particulars, inquire an the preatises of GEORGE VAN BRUNT. Brooklyn, May tt, UM. my? lm?rc I ROOMS, FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED. ?M TO LET?la a small and most delightftlly situated boase, a ear the Washington Parade Ground, one 01 ^Kiwomai. with or without fall or partial board. Nc ^??boarders or lodgers are la the house, nor will be taken Be family at present consists of only three grown persons, single gentlemen, or a gentleman and lady, deeisoas ol living iu a private family, and in a pleasant, quiet, and hand some location. this offers an opportunity bnt rarely met with The entire half of tip house will be let to a desirable tenant, without children. Addrces B. T. at the desk of thii office. mylttfrrc ??! HptfcL be fARiS.?AM'lONli VlliNF.fc.on. ^^^?of the late proprietors o< the Perkins House. Boston, ^^^?respectfnlly informs his where topatnMlHPHHHHHHPiRPHHPMII or month, on the most reasonable terms. my 19 1m eod* rrc ?__ Ufr.jNiiVS HA i>s I WEIGHING from 3% to 1)4 onnces. Price only SIM ? It is about two years snce the Goseamer Hat waa first ^??luced by the subscriber to the notice of the New York Public, as the lightest. the most desirable, an J the most tasty article for summer wear heretofore ia aae. The Hatouiahiag saccess attending them, evinced by the extraordinary large amount of salta. and the popular approba tion bestowed upon them by the many who mti given them their patronage, bare not been lost upon the subscriber, who, to show that he is ever anxteus to excel in his art, now pre sents for (mbiie patronage the Oessamer hat. much 1 wheat and more pleasant than any other ever before offered. They are aot lUble, like the Leghorn and Panama, to lose either sh\M or color from expoeure to the rain. They cannot be soiled by either perspiration or oil from the hair, so commonly the case with other Hats, for the rnach admired style of trimmings, originating with the proprietor, effectaally prevents all this This is a decided advantage over all other hats The public are invited to call and s? e this article at J. N. GENIN'S Hat and Cap Store, myS7 lm*rc lit Broadway, opposite St. Paul's Church ? WaT+RiWnt I co.. FASHIONABLE HATTERS. f? HH H Nassau street, near Falton, New York. Jpk I THE subscribers beg to call the attanrion of the public to -tends and the travelling rub. ^^?????rosdwsy, Netl ?the qualityof their various kinds of Hat* of their own mana ?facture. They have Just received a small supply of superioi ?moleskin, now used by the most fashionable natters in Pans, a sample of which they will feel maeh pleasure in showing to those who will favor them with a call. The undersigned do uot preteud to sell St ft or even It per cent leas than any other establishment: neither can they boast ot having a splen did st?re: bat they flatter themselves that the quality and finish of their Hats will give entire satisfaction, at the prices aharisi They have adopted the French style of trimming the sum mer bats, which is a preventive to the perspiration coming through snd spoiling the b~.y rf th^^ce mvtSlm?m ^ WM. H. JAMES. SUMMER HATS. __ ECONOMY AND FASHION. m ROBERTSON'S PHENIX HAT AND CAP MANUFACTORY, 101 Fulton street.-The under signed bespeaks the attention of the public to the quality ol his Summer Hats, possessing the various properties usually sought for by the maa of taste, they have the additional ment ol being tt per cent below the standard prices. They are es sentially similar in material, workmanship, and finish, to ttw articles manufactured by ffie more splendid establishments ol Broadway; and on a close comparison of their respective merits, no material difference can be perceived, except in the single particular that the subscriber has adopted a style ot trimmiag, whioh effectually prevents the pefspiration of the forehead from striking through, and impairing the ap pearaaee. Their state? weight is from IX to 1H ounces . being attach lighter thaa substsatial Leghonu, or Panamas. Persons of taste and judgment, who are influenced in their purchases by cossidaratieas of cost, sre invited to etasiiw them, and to establish, by .die test of comparison, their rr seise value, com pared with die productions of other manufacturers. urti la'it KOBK.RTSON. in? Knlton street. dr.s iLLJdt^'a afkilSSU t ASHkUOH. rm BEAVER AND SILK HATS of the bpst quality and Jpk moat approved shapee, are now ready fee- laepsatinn and aale at the jdistablishsd pricoa. ? ? fiaat Beaver $* * B?tsa... st7 lm*rrc H Wfluam street. J. fKloli h CO. _ FASHIONABLE HAT STORE. THE 8UBSCR1B ER8 having ope?ed a HAT STORE d^at No. lit Fulton street, comer of Dutch street respect fully solicit the patronage of their old cuotomera snu the pub> lie. Ther will oonsunay keep <m head a complete as son meat of Hats, Caps. Umbrellas, etc., fcc., of the Istest style, aad will sell at the lowest pneee. Single hats msde to order at the shortest aotice. ICHABOD PRICE. mvi Im*r THOS. SHANNON. EXCELSIOR. of similar material) are sold iiTlirond way. TIm Mcnt of I (TMt disparity in price may be eeetlf ^Hlnlllli The j T'hf.'iwiW. Moleekm Hau, of pnea of ox lees thaa th u4of si mi ihia (TMt d. advertiser^ aplcndid GENTLEMEN'S SUMMEK. HATS. BIRD.CORNER PINE AND NASSAU STREETS, INVITES tha attsntion of hi a nitoirn and the pub lic to bia aeaonmaat of mmi Hats, consisting, amoag others, of whita and pear) color far Hau, exceedingly light i Panama, Manilla, Canadian Straw Hats. Also, earn light, black baasaiaiid mi lash is Hats, empressly adapted to (he nnau *tn(Ha hit* BIRD, corner Pino umi Na SStE i%*? IDtty INM>n? w wvatjw ?.??? ? ?? * ss ac bat a (Mae of thoeo of the hoi is tJruadway, hew in eoaarqnene ? eon o?polling description a( Iowa B&'te.KS'SMKi': order at a rery dim notice. ? Hats. Hats made to KTlJ I Hi ? re MAY STATEMENT. T|g?,iWKc? "(TMerehlinu auad Traders (S To Broken ?lactams ? lechanies IS lnavinea JS fcysiciaaa 4 d 7 Store aa& Printers .. i ?Hie Ofeer ...... I i? at^aCsa^lMan SRUs?.1*! Ciril Euginfeas ..... I Bit*). C jas.drcwaaT I. Mitxaa, Seretary. No Ml BOBT. L. rxr^SSoV^V^iimu Seretary. jet eo4tw*re inr sriums mk^icink WHITWELL'3 TEMPERANCE BITTEK.S rpHt Nat isssikls iitaidy tor Indigestion, Jsaudice. 1 Worms. Costlysaess, Loss of Appetite, Headache, Hys tsfica. Debility, Drewataeee, WealBiess. Boar Btomsch^ltc . ng an e lanuaer, eepe nplopaenta. No srticle i die above. The i highly isciiaiwaa t tonics known to . , rerire the apirits proprietor ia^oaft iw^pMaiU. nfc*. ?? ? ? hL.5SS?!2 Par Heeiacbe i M>? AroaatK T WiTMNM'll Mr of WiHiui HTMi, Ntw York. my* \m*o4*t IAUW s_;ND RAILROAD COMPANY. SUMMER jUIRjWGEMKNT TRAINS RUN AS FOLLOWS, COMMENCING WED NESDAY. MAY IJ. 1W?: . ? Leave Biooilik at 7 o'clock. A M. Boatnn tr in for lirtra iK?rt, daily (except Sunday*,) stoppings! Faruiingdale and St. George's \isnor. " " at 9>i oVWck, A. M., for Farmiu dale and intermediate places. - at 3 P. M.. through to Groenport, strt mng both wart ?t Jamaica, Branch, Hickn ille, Farmiiigdsle, and all the stations between Farmiugdale and Greeiiport. " at J P. M., for Faxmingdale and intense diste places. | Leave UdtiiroiT at5 o'clock, A. M. Accommodation train, i daily, (except Sunday*,) through to Brook- 1 lyu. { " at 3 P. M., Benton train, or on the arrival of tint steamer from Norwich, stopping at St. (itvrtc'i Manor and Fsrmmgdsle. Leave Faemimdale at A M?, Accommodation train : for Brooklyn. " at SW A. M. Green port train, for Brooklyn. " at st.1* P.. M. Accommodation tram, for Brooklyn. . , Leave Jamaica at I A M. Accommodation tnii, for Brook " at 9 V A. M. Gram port train for Brooklyn. " at 3jL P. M. Accommodation tram, for Brooklyn. . _ Kill to ? Bedford I cants, Eaat New York 1>){, Race Course 10V, Trotting Course 183^. Jamaica tJ, Bmahville SIM, Hyde Park (IT miles) TrU. Ciowsrille (danotthe see ? ion of court) 37)4, Hempstead 3H?, Branc h 37V, Carl * 44, Wratbury 44. Ilieksville 44, Farmiiigdaln 6ZMC, Deer Park 68, Thompson ??, Suffolk station $ I, Lake ftoad station $1 l?%, Medford Mation ?! 13V. V apliink $1 37V, St. George s Manor $ I CX, Rirerhead Sl^X Damesporl: ?1 ?K, Matte tuck $1 62*;. Culchogu* $1 MS, Southold $1 02)4. Greeiiport Accommodation train ft 73, Green port by Boston traiu *2 ?. Stages are in readiness on the arnral of trains at the several stations, to take passengers at very low fares, to all parts of ^Baggage* Crates will b? in readiness at the foot of Whitehall street, to receive baggape for the several trains. 30 minutes before the hour of ? tar ting from the Brooklyn aide. The steamboat " Statesman" leaves Greeiiport for See Har bor twice each day, ou the arrival of the trains from Brook lyn my 18 rc HH . Railroad and Canal from Philadel|>hia to Pittsburgh. commenced its regular tripe for the season on Monday, the 8th of April, leaving the Depot, No. tli Market street, DAILY, at 7)f o'clock, A.M. By this ronte passengers will avoid all the fatigue and dan Sr of night travelling in coaches, both Railroads ben in daylight. .. .. , __ For further information, apply at the old-established Office *74 Market street, 5 docs above Eighth street. 14 ?m*rrc A. B. CUM MINGS, Agent. LUNG ISLAND KA1LKUAD COMPANY. KXPRES8 MAIL Trains leave Whitehall, South Ferry, at 7 A. M., for Boston?for all parts of the Island at 7 and ?)< A."M., and 4 P. M daily, .excecept Sundays. all Imrc PEOPLE'S LINE OF STEAMBOATS |FOR ALB AN i , Direct? >?ily, Sundaysasamted?at 7o'clock, P.M ill leave on' o'clock The above beets will, at all timea, arrive iu Albany in ampl> inr for the morning cars for the east or west. . Freight takes at moderate rates, and none taken after 1h o'clock, P M. ... , . , All persons are forbid tnisting any of the boatt of thia line without a written order from the captains or sgents. For passage or (Veight, a|>pl v on board the boats, or to P. C Schultg, at the office on the wharf. United States Mail Line. At 5 o'clock. P. M., Landing at Intermediate Places. From lit Fleet e/ Harclau tl., StesnAoat HUDSON, Captain C. F. King, will leave on Monday; Wednesday, Friday and Snnday afternoons, at J a Steamboat SANTA CL\UP, Captain Boverbagh, will leave on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday afternooui, at 5 ? Apply on board, or at the office on the wharf. je?4 OPPOSITION TICKET OFFICE?For sthe North and West, vis Albany?Utica S3. _________ Hvracoae (t ?; Oswego $1 30; Kigtton.JJ C., ft it; Hamilton $3 30; Rochester ti H\ Buffalo 13; Cleveland. O., $3 50; Port?mouth SO; Detroit. Mich , fC; Cineiiiuau $?; Mfilwaukie $?;Chics?o?, Whitehall *3 30; Montreal $4 10: Fast line, nndboari to Buffalo $# For pas i4fc apply to J00 Barclay itM N. V?? M. L?. HAY, As*ut? jet lw?r THJi MOiit DELIGHTFUL OF ALL EXCURSIONS. A SAIL across the Hudson river to Holm ?ken. and then a walk to the Elysian Fields. haaMa|Baaloiig the exceediagly picturesque shores ol place, will prove the most easily accomplished Mid attrac ive of all rnrual excursions that can be made from the city. The grounds now present a charming aspect, the trees b? tag in leaf, and the soil covered * ith a neh turf. The walks are ia excellent order, having been considerably embellished the present spring. e . On every pleasaut afternoon there will be in attendance at the Collonuade Elysian Fields, au excellent Band of Music, which will perform selections from the favorite Operas, popu lar airs, matches, waltxes, Jtc. ; The t erry BoaU from Barclay. Canal and Christopher at*., ?? completely Gtted up with awnings and snata. Niglit Boats run from Hoboken to Barclay street until 1] ?'clock. Ferriage' oents. WfWE fsLANDF.R,8Csptain D.*^n Pnit, will Le*," St>tea*lsiand at ?, I, ?. 10 and HAM; at 1, *, 3,4,5, ? Leave New York^at 7,?, 10, and 11, A M. and 1,1,1,4,5, *' Allfr^ghtia the riLfc of of the owners thereof. je!6 BRITISH AND NOFTH AMERI CAN ROYAL MAIL STEAM SHIPS, lof 1200 tous and 440 horse power, each un der contract with the Lords of the Admi ' rait r. HlBEKNlA Capt. A Ryrie. BRITANNIA Capt. JTHewiir CALEDONIA Capt. E. O. Lott. ACADtA Capt Wm. Harrison. CAMBRIA ...Capt C. H. E-Judkins. Will sail from Liverpool and Boston, via Halifax, a* fol lows :? rsoit host ok. raoM t ivgaroet Caledonia July 1, 1M?. Britanni. " 1$, " Britannia " 16, " Passasb Moj??t. From Boston to Liverpool ... $IM. From Boston to Halifax ?. These ships carry experienced surgnons. No berths so eared until paid for. No freight, except specie, received on Ike davs or sailing. Fwfr?i?l?.PMM,.,orwF mySl re At HARNDEN It CO>8. < Wall st. l loo iou> ban KOH LI V ERPOOL?Regular Packet ol ?Julv.?1The splendid, new, UK sailing packet ship ?INDEPENDENCE, ( apt P B Allen, burthee ?j0 _ . II Mil as above, her regular day. H. Tint very superior accommodations for eabia, second cabin and lUtw passengers, those intending to embark, should win immediate applicationon board, foot of Maiden lane. of to JOSEPH Mc.YIURRAY, JeM comer of Pine and Wourti atreets KOR LONDON?Regular packet of the lac lulv bar rayultr day. H? nig very superior accommodations for cabia, second ca bin and .tee rage passengers, persous intending to embark should Blake early application oa board, foot of Maiden lam, or to JOHErH VlcMURRAV, j?il Comer of Pine and South mreera. NEW LINE OK PACKETa KOR LIVER POOL.?Packet of the Mih of Jane.?The splendid, bit sailing and favorite packet ahip OAKIIICK. tous burthen, Captain B. J. li. Trask, will tail oa Friday, line being ail ltMtona aad upwards, per ?one a boat to embark for the old country will aot fail to tee t advantages to be dented from a electing this line ia pre puce to any other, a* their great capacity render* them every way more comfortable and convenient than ahip* of a ?mall clrsa; and their accommodarioaa for cabin, second cabin and steerage pasaeugers, it ia well known are s?|>erior to those of any ouier line of packets. Persona wishing to secure berths should aot fail to make early application oa board, at the foot of Wall straet, or to W. * J. T. TAP8C0TT. At their General Pusage Ofiee, M Sooth street, second door jeJI r below Burling slip ?. PoR f IVRRrOOL-Th. l?;35r5.TN a ft. RA.JANBETT. Captain Dertefecho, ran tasethe ,'jolk of 50? birrel? in heavy freight. Apply to BOYD k HIM' KEN. Brokers. ? leg ttre > Tanrt-ie Bmldioga FOR LI V EH POOL?New Line? Regular Packet KHV"' J|? July.?The inferior, fast sailing packet ship JMMKsHOTTINOUER. 1 IflO tons burthen, I apt. Ira Llara '?1. *mTsuH as above, her regnlar day. e*>r * fight or passage. having elegant and sapenrr aeeor kodalions.spplr <* board, west aide of BurliuLsliD, or WOODHulL It MINTURN, 17 South sti. Price of passage f IN. ?V>* l'*?het ?phip Liverpool. IJM tons but hen. Captain John A$$^V^!Vfcb",W- flr" e'^ *n,p RVUM, i t tous, H Rob, nson, master, having ragfesssS.jTai.'sS IIB "*? "WSfflBCmffiliStr JtMr r Booth utreet. i spate* "j?csi Has very spacious accommodotioaa ia the test ?-v ? wl.irh passengers will he taken at the csMSaHrr nHr, charged for the seeoad eabia. Pereoas iaceedmg Meats," -j-asa-cs j?l? ?df of flm? ?nd Booth or to ?trtot Mr _ mod?tioMt apply to tfe? cm ifttHMc.MrNfVMidf/. /or irtifM or p&mm hoard.atOriaaaa^W, & c?o^<8k^?,: NEW BOOT AND SHOE STORE, William ttrtt ned thi? new Eata lit. <9 Mmidtu Laiu, cwm*r of William Ttf EAOARY k HIOOINS have opened thii new L lvi lilithmtnt with ? new sad splendid assortment of Cien tlemen's Boots and Shoes, all new, latest Pari* tad Freaefa fashions, mad* under our own inspection and warranted. Hold low. for cash, wholesale and retail. We solicit Merchant*, Clerk* and dealer* to call and examine our new Mock Wot* purchasing else where. We do buatnees on the eaah principle therefore, we can afford to undersell any establishment in this city. myt7 Im'rc AAA TO LEND on BOND AND MORT S*t/?UUU OAOE, in Mil to suit applicants. ou pro dnctireKeal Eatate, iu thia city and Brooklyn. Apply to 8. 3. BUO AD. No. U Wall street, la the Crotoa Water Office. basement. Iw'rt KAiNt'a PaTZSTT tUH.iAtiUC. i>Al*iLi*\j APPARATUS. ANEW and apleodidirrangenwut, hy maaa* ol which the Shower Bain is uuited with the Bulling Tab, and can be Bsed in connection, in any part of the house. The public are respectfully invited to call and examine it at the (tore of the Subscriber, No. 377 bowery, between Fourth and Fifth streets. CHARLES KANJl, Patau tee. myS7 tm*re THORN CHAMPAGNE. AFRESH INVOICE of this delightful Champagne i* ia ?tore, to which the attention of merchants, hotel keepers, and private gentlemeu U iavitad. The stranding of thia Win* i* fiow (uperior to that.ol any ia thia country, and at no nigher prica than tut *f the boat brand*. _ C. LIVINGSTON It CO., marll i*rf ra <? Wall i UfaLI liUtifa, HfcD bbUCS. WATSON'S BED BUO DESTROYER, i* tha moat wonderful discovery erer made for immediately de stroying i)m)se vermin, however numerous, sud eternally ba nishing them from the premises by one applicakoa. Beware Met* irottatioua. i ounnieu iniitaiioua. For aale at Aijbthecartw Hall. M Cathanaa ttraet; Olcott k Ict.'assem, 1*7 Maideu lane; and ia Brooklay at Nlr*. Hayaa'a, ? Fulton at. Price to cents per bottle. att la*> SCOTT'S BAZAAR. 74 Print* street, ml */ Broadway. kJ acquaint bia numerou* frieail* aad the public. thai I opened the above houce ia a vary superior style, aad hopa* to merit a. fair share of tha public imtrouage. !? rom ' Q AN DS SCOTT, late of the Bazaar in Dey atreet, ben U> I he ha* lope* to -T-ws > J FOB 10I)(| Hpf neuca in business, ha flatten himself to be able to please the moat fastidious ; the accommodations of hi* hottae for basi nea* and comfort, ha believe* cannot bo surpassed bv any house of the kind. Hi* patron* will alway* nud tha bona* well (applied with tha boat of avpry thing tha market afforda iu tlie way of Ales, Wines, Liquors, and Segars, Steak*. Chop*, Cold Cuts, Rarebit*. Poached En*. Tea. Coffee, and in fact a lance aaaortment of refreshments at all timaa until twelve o'clock at night, floaty of rooau for private partiaa at all timea ready. myHlei'rre TO JEWELLERS. MINIATURE PAINTERS, kc. C. It J. HARTNETT, No. 1 Courtlandt street, neai Broadway, wholesale and retail .Manufacturers of Travelling. Writing, Dressing and Jewelry Boxea, Miniature Case* ana Settings; Flute, Locket, Watch, Ring, Pin and pencil Boxes; cases for silver Piute neatly arranged to order. Also, Trays made and fitted to Jeweller* ahow cases, to contain watches, chains, rings, keys, pins, thimble*, pencils, kc A variety of the above articles constantly oa hand aad made to order, with aeatneaa aad despatch. No. t Courtlandt street. New York. myH lm*re THE ONLY OENUlNfc WALNUT OIL MILITARY SHAVING SOAP, MANUFACTURED bv our Mr. Johnson, the inventor, late Johnson, Vroom at Fowler, wholesale and retail. Fancy Soaim, Essences, and every article pertaiaiug to an estenaive manufactory, for the trade and families, at lesa pricea thaa any other no use in thia country cau supply. Also, the depot ol the original and only genuine M agios Pain Extractor, lor burns, aud Hay's Liniment for PUaa; Kaltdor, for the complexion; Acoustic Oil for Deafness; SarsAparills Extract, SOcta per bottle. Oregon Hair Oil; On tlie most favorable terma to merchant* ia all part* of the country. Steam Soap Work* and Laboratory of Perfamea, Patent Medicines, kc. kc.. 21 I'-ourtlandt street, New York. my 19 lm?rc CHURCH'S VEGETABLE LOTION. rpHI8 highly valuable CosoMtic will effectually care ernp X tioas on the face and akin, particularly pimplea, blothes, tetter, tan, freckles and ringworm*. The us* of the Lotioo for a short time, will establish a clear aud brilliant co nplex lon. Sold in bottles at 74 cents each, at IM Bowery; cornet of 8pruig street. Also by Mrs. Hays, Brooklyn. my 16 lm'm WINDOW SHADE DEPOT, " No. 7 SPRUCE 8TREET. ESTABLISHED IN 1?I0. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL, CHADES of all desenptioas, kinds and sixes. SO per cent O cheaper thaa caa be bought at aay other placoa. Trim tuiagajat mannfactuiees' price. BARTOL. DE MAUNV k Co.. ?ay* lm*rre Vannfaetnivrs k Itaportesa "MILITARY EQUIPMENTS?F1REMEN*8 CAPS. THE SUBSCRIBERrespectfallyealls the attearion of the military public to his aaaortmeat of Military Equipments tdapted to all compauiea: Miliary Cape, Kuapsacka, Boxer ?'id Bayonet Scabbards of every variety. Country comj>a uiea, about changmg their uniform, or those about fumtag new companies, will be (applied with samples. FIRE CAPS, FIRE CArs. A foil aaaortment of every variety, constantly oa hand, aad made to order at the shortest aotice. tU lm*rre H. 8. ORATACAP, m Broadway 1)11. JOIliN ROAKE'S IODINE LINIMENT, FOR RHEUMATISM, SWELLED LIMBS, SPRAINS, Braises. Contraction! of the Cords and Muscles Scrofula, Paralysis or loss of the m of the Limb*, Dis ?uc of the Spin and Hip Joint, Eruptions of the Skiu, fee Thii Lui latent u universally admitted to be the only arti cle that will perioral all that it is represented to do. It ia a Scientific Chemical Compound of Iodine that ha* perform ed such astoniahiuf cure* of long *t and inf. after every other remedy had failed, that it would stagger belief if they conld not be substantiated by the moat respectable peraooa who have been cared. it permanently and effectvaUr core* RHEUMATISM, either chronic or inflammatory, Paralysis or lo*a of the n*e of tlie Limb*. Contractions of Cord* and Muscle* ; Clout, it mat trr? not of how lone stsnding ; Sprain*, Hruisea, Tumors, Hard Swellings, aud balargedjoiuls yield to a few applica tion* of thi* Liuiment. It hss b*ea tued with iacredible sue en* in Scrofula or King'* Evil, enlarged Ulaoda, duraaei of the Spine and HipJoiau, Tic Doloreaauc, and all Nervous Affection*. It i* iuvaluable and acta like a charm, stopping the bleed in* ofKlesh Wound* and causing them to heal ia a few days. It nu never been known to tail in curing the most stubborn Ulcers or fever Sores a?d Swelled Legs, I'aina across the Kidneys, in the Chest, Side, Stiff Neck. Sore Throat, and Cronp, can be instantly relieved by saturating a*picce of flan nel with the IODINE LINIMENT, and hind apon the part affected. It speedily and effectually eradicate* cutaneous eruptions of the akla in the form of Silt Rheum, Erysipelas, Pimple*, Kingworm or Tetter, Barber's Itch, Scald Head, ice. It in stantly relieves Toothache and Headache. It ettracte the twin and care* Cora*, Banions, Chilblains, fca. A word apoa the origin and cans* of DISEASES. When the human frame receives a shock, either from heat, cold, fatigue, or other causes, the weakest organ of the sys tem saffers most. One persoai will have a cough, the lungs heing the weakest organ ; hi* neighbor, rheumatiem, the muscular and cellular tissue being the weakest ; another, en larged glands aud swellings, the glandular system being the weakest, lie. When you hisve aa organ thus suffering, the more direct your application to the pan* diseased, the belter the pro*pert of relief. DR ROAKE'S IODINE LINIMENT. produce* a healthv action ia the diseased pan, strengtheas, invigorates, and restores it to perfect health. It only waaita to be tried to satisfy the most skeptical of the restoring power ol this moot valuable Liniment. Phyaicisus are daily recommending Dr. ROAKE'S IO DINE LINIMENT, regarding it the loag sought for desider stum ; a truly scientific compound of IODINE ia the form ol Liniment, without color snd aupleaaant smell, that can be used upon the moat delicate female or child with perfect safety. Not a day paaaes without bringing the most interesting result* from the use of Dr. ROAKlta IODINE LINIMENT ASTONISHING CURE Of RHEtTMATISM, AWB DISEASES OF HIT JOItTT or TWgJSTT TKAUS* ITSNDIM. Oentlemen?I feel it a doty to state for the benefit of 'he public, the astonishing car* of myself, which ia as follows:? For the last twenty years I have been troubled with rheuma tism; I could not walk without a cane or crutch : the pain was eicruciating, so much so that I could not aleep nights. The disease finally *ettled in my hip joint: the the thigh became elongated or pushed oat of it* socket by the paia and inflam mation: the cords became contracted so a* to tlirow my kaee forward, and drew my foot backward, an the point* of my toe* barely touched the ground when I walked. Mr health waa nch impaired, I made up my mind that the disease was so v seated ||mt nothing could benefit me; I had tried the beat ph yaiciaaa and all of the sure cares, withoat relief. barely ao much impaired flrmlv seated |f>et ?rrr beet physicians and all of the sure cares, withoat relief. I waa advised by * In end to try Roake's Iodine Liniment, which 1 consented to without fsith; bat before I had used oae bottle I found relief?it reduced the iutlammatioa and ev Tscted the pnin I continued to u*e it IWely for ail weeks; the cords became relaied. the leg resumed its former ippear uice, the P*I>I Slid inflammation has all subsided, snd, in fact, 1 sm perfectly well; I walk without cane or cruteh, and am mending daily to my Uuasaesa to the joy and comfort of m? family A. HEBARD, 7J John street. Facts are stubborn ctaes: every day briugs mors evidence of the value of liuake't Iodine Liniment. Feelings of gratitode and the good of my fellow creatures wno may tie sMiCted in the same way, induces me to state the astonishing cure of mv child, which is ss follows: Three years age he was stocked with a swelling npon the side of his neck. which grew so Urge that it_lurnrd his head to oue side. It iinalh broke, discharging large quantities of matter, aud kept on discharging n itilhe waa reduced to a mere *keleton. He luflerrd pain indescribable. I employed the best physi cians and made use of a great many remedies withoat baneAt. I made up my mind he mast die. I waa induced by a friend who kneis the haul in g powers of Roake's Iodine Lmimeut to try it. 1 aa happy to say that I had nut aaed oue bottle be fore the tore* commenced healing, and the swelling and in damnation subsided, and before I had ated the *ecood bottle lie waa perfectl^ejV No.JJ Ninth aveaae. Principal Depot, S. INOERSOLL h CO., M John .treat myII lm?r SCHOOLtfY'S MOUNTAIN .SPRINGS, TmttU'8 HEATH HOUSE. HR UN UK. Ra twLKjXl) would |ifi notice ihu hi* es* tabliahment wu ? Hied for tho reception of visiter* on

the first of June, instant?having been pat in the be*' possible condition, and supplied with ittir comfort usually found at the moil fashionable places of lemtnar iciort. The extensive p'eaaure gr.iu.uls sround the honie hare undergone very con siderable embellishment* ijnce the l*st season. A bathing es>ab'ishmert li*? been fitted up for warm and cold badu, with such conveniences as to supply th? wants of all and without the least delay. A new and splendid Bowline Alley, for the use of ladies a* well as gentlemen, has been re c?uuy erected?and a Band of Music, as u?u -I. to cheer and euli*ea the whole. N" p uus will be soared by the under* ignsd to aeenra the greatest amount of comfort to his guests and to maintain whatever of rap* a>ion he may have aannired in the managsmeut of his extensive and hi|(hly popular establish ment. The facilities for getting here by public conveyance are very'greet?by railroad to Morristown leaving New York at ? o'clock A. M. and U o'clock P. M., npon. and from Morris town in moat etcelleut stages, inunediataly_*fter tht arrival of the trains. E. MARSH. June 8td, IW. __ JeU Iw'rc_ THE PHEASANT. DAVID HAG AN respectfully informs his friend* and the public in geuersl, tnat lie has opened thr house No. 47 Howard street, as a place of public entertainment. He haa* spared uo expense in lilting it up in the manner most suitable for the comlortable accommodation eg iho?e wlto may favor him with a call, and has laid In a stock ol the choicest and best selected Wines, Ala, lie. the market would afford. lie is also prepared to se ve np Steaks. Chops, Cutlets. Rarebits, fcc.; and can provide parties with private rooms for suppers or other meals. DAVID HAGAN, jell lw*rc 47 Howard street. HP HE PROPRIETORS OF THE SHA48PPKAHEI HO| JL TEL, confer ol William and Usaue streets, ropect fully inform their friends and the public generally, thit they have leased the above eetablishment, and entirely refitted the same. Every poeaible effort will be made in regard to com fort, eleanliuees, and srteution, towards their visiter*. They have provided themaelve* with a new (lock of Wines, Liquors, Segars, not to be surpassed by anv hotel in the city. The bar has been entirely reliued, sad the none undergone a thorough cleaning and repair. A Hot Lunch will be served up every day at the bar, ?w posed of Chowder, and other relishes prepared is a superior style. Price of rooms per week flMtstltt. Single night... tt cents to 77K cents. A Refectory will shortly he established in the basemeat, for the convenience of the boarders and visiters of the huase, and every luxury of the season will be served ap on the moat reasonable terms. Several spacious rooms to be let for meetings, private par ties, referees, Ike. he. Also, a large room with gas and all an cesaary fixtures, for Free Mason* and secret societies. GEORGE PIERIS. Manager. Msy W. IH< mytl 3>aw lm*rc i rtli SHADbt> iiUifcX, 64 Readt Stmt, fVttt Side of Broadway. THE Subscriber respectfully informs his friends and the public, that he has lately otwned the above Establish ment, in astyle superior to suy other house of the kind in the city of New York. The satisfaction which he has hitherto given to his numerous friends and customers, while proprietoi of "The Shades," in Thames street, he flatters himself will be a guaranty to all who may potronise him in his new esta blishment, while uo effort on nis part will be wanting te merit the continuance of their ivtronage The usual relishes, Chops, Steaks, Welsh Rarebits, Poach ed Eggs, be., will be served up in s superior style. The room will be regularly supplied with city papers, as well ss a foil supply of foreign papers, by every arrival from Euroue ? JAMES EVANS mil lm*rc EAGLE COFFEE HOUSE AND BATHS, NO. m Pearl street, between Ceatre and Elm?Warm, cold and shower Baths, equal to those ra say house in thr city, at 12Xcents: Lodgings, with good clean beds, 12% eta.: Bnardiua and Lodging. (3 5S per week la the readmit room will be round newspapers (rom London, Liverpool, and all thr pnnfip*! fi?(?< rnp 1 Tnit^ ?*< 1m*rk blTAW HOUSE, HALTlMOKh. THIM aplendid Hotel has been lately re-fitted and famished in the most complete and elegant inauuer, by. Messrs Jack ?en It Cranston, anil, after the JOth Ajpril. when it ijpeus to the public, will be open for the reception of gaestt. The experi ence of Mr. Cranston as host of the Roekaway Pavilion, and ol Mr. Jackson, at the Exchaage Hotel, Baltimore, aad at the ? reity of Baltimorf. The Pavilioa, at Roekaway, L. I., will remain aader the charge of Mr. Cranston, who. dariag the summer months, will be happy to see hi* old fneads at this faiorite wa terins place. aJ? lm*r SARACEN'S HEAD, 12 DEY STREET, nTY. JOSkFIl SK.lTH.lata of Worcester. England, beg* leave to inform hit lricnds.tastSK.eia tad toe public in geueral that he has recently fitted up his ho see ji a very superior manner, and calculated to please gentlemen of taste He wilt always, as heretofore, keep his Bsr and Larder supplies . with the best Liquors and Provisions that the market affords. Dinners from li till 1 o'clock, aad Cold Cats, Chops, Stake*. Hire Biu, tec., At ill hours. Hi* supply of English and city newspaper* is excelled by eg house in New York, and his Alee, Wines, Segars. lie., are of the moat superior quality and the attendance prompt. Pri vate Rooma provided for parties, and the comfort and accom modation of customers always attended to. Lodgings, fee. tnr!5 !tn?r ___ RED SULPHUR SPRINGS^ MONROE CO., VA. This celebrated watering place win be open the nept summer, as usual, for the reception of vi iters, lis fame in the relief and cure of pulmonary diseases, extending over a period of filly veers, is so sustaiued by facts and evidence, that it no losfrr admits of dispute. Kor the ex teat aad peculiarity of its medicinal virtues, however, the reader is referred to a work on " The Mineral Springs of western Virginia," by Wm. Barke, to be had at Wiley It Putnam's. The object of this advertisement is to say that ar rangements are made to accommodate visiters ia the moet comfortable manner, and that they will be treated with aai form courtesy aad kindness, while the charges will be found as moderate a* at the moet moderate of the spriags. There will be a respectable physician ia attendance. The roods are in good order .and the beautiful Turnpike Road t > the Blae Sulphur will nave staves upon it plying between the two Springs, which will afford .an opportunity of visiting, ia a week, all the Springs of Wstsrn Virginia. myif.m*re THE PROPRIETORS. rpifli1 MANSION HOUSE, IIDDLETOWN CONNECTICUT. J UNDERSIGNED bees leave to anaouace to his A friends and the puLlic, that be Saa leased the above hoase for a term of years, aad hopes, by I >ng experieace aad strict attention to business, to merit a liberr I share of their patron ge. JOHN L. MONRdEV mrl 3m*rr Formerly of the U. S. Hotel, Boston. IHfc ^AVILIUH. i\i^W iliULfillUiM. fIHE PAVILION, New Brighton, luriif ande?aaa con X sidrrable raptin and embellishments tinea the lust se? ?on, U bow in a mora perfect (late than it haa erer been lince it ?u first opened, Everything that could tend to the com fort and accommodation of parties who may honor it by mak ing it their ?ammer residence, haa hern added, aad the pro prietor feels assured that be does not ia any way presume when he asserts that it ia tba moat elegant aad complete sum mer establishment on this continent. To persona from distant parti of the Union, aad foreigners, who hare never visited the Pavilion, it may be accessary to state that New Brighton is situated on Ststea Island, at a dis tance oi laaa than sit miles from New York. The Pavilion commands magnificent views of the bar of New York, the Hndsoa and Fast rivers, Long Island, and nearly down to the Narrows. Its position is at oace beantiful and salabrious, the tempcratare being ia samaer several degrees cooler tbaa ia the city. Kxcelleat steamboats are eonstaatly plyingberweea New York aad State n I aland, the average time occupied ia the pas* ?age being only from twenty-five to thirty minatee ; so that persons residing at New Brighton can reach the basiaeaa part of the city move speedily than from the apper part of Broad way, and the delightful trips across the bar are highly coada cive to health. The Pavilioa will opaa for the seasoa oa the Nth Inst, aad the proprietor will be happy to treat with part>ea who may wiah to engage apartments for the whole season, or for s shorter period ; and if they will please to address a note to the undersigned, care of Mr. C. C. Marsh, M Cedar street, in forming him where ha may call a poo (hem, or making aa ap pointmeut, it will be immediately attended to. The Steamboats for New Brighton start from No. 1 Pier, North River. *V. BLANC AB D. Pavilioa, New Brightoa. May 5, im. myl Imrrc SHARON SPRINGS PAVILION. THE PUBLIC is informed that this establishment, having been enlarged and improved since the close of the last seasoa, will be opeaod for the reception of visiters, on the 1st dnv ol June LAN DON It GAllDNEK. May 1.1?. mytt?m?r TRITON HOUSE, GLEN COVE. LONG ISLAND. THE Subscriber respectfully informs hia friends aad the A public, that he baa improved and enlarged tho Tritoa Hotel, at the head of the steamboat landing, aad it ia now thoroaghly fitted up, and ready for the reception of Boarders The situation or this establishment for the purpose of Bait Water Bsthiug, is amongst the moat eligible >m Long Island Sound, aa the Hands attached to the premises have a very ex tensive water front, and a lata beech Tor swimmers. The nut buildings are uew. and the Bar aad Bowling Alley are entire ly nncooLvcted with the house Having a farm of 5* acres appended to the hotel property, he subscriber can offer his friends the inducements of s plen ufnl supply of good milji and butter, and such other comforts as he trusts, together with his uarrmittad attentions to the wishes of hia guests, will renders residence at the Tritoe Hoase nstremely desirable. Horses and Carriages to hire. for Terms, which will be modetam. apply to WILLIAM L. JONTkB, Tritoe Hoase 0*8* Cove, Lone Island. May I. Ill* mvS 'mr-r tiO.M ohjuLtt T?HE SUBSCRIBE!! has the pleasure to annoance that A his house, at Bergen Point, is now open for public sreom coiuuKid .tiou A hotel en the Jersey side haa long been a de sideratum which is now tapplied. The house (the old Me laay mansion) haa bevn re-Atied in elegant style, with mant new rooma and other important additfoaa. The grounds are beaattfWlly laid oat, aad what with laia riaat aarabbciy. churning walto, agmslils drives, and pi aaat boauag, the place will challenge competitioa with any rural residenrs. Families who wiah to paaa a cool aad quiet summar, caa be provided yeith rooms or nits of apartments at their choice. Fish of almost every variety abound in the "Kills,' aad the neighboring woode are aat deficient ia game. The seaaaaer Passaic, plying betweeaNew Y ark and Newark, stonaat the landing, in front of the hoase. foar times a day. and the citiseae of New York canaot find a mora beeau/nl drive than that between Jersey CHv and Bergen re int. In lae, all vWtnra, enstomera aad boarders, amy bo assarad that ae pains will bo scared to make aba pinna merit *o u tie given it el old?Boa Sajoar, ?? If J%s 1*1. |Bi 1 rs Jl-| IMCIHH HI Vfw ?r' Wf IVOVI plMVi saee U^ooorey psaicngn, mi land them at tba house. HAMILTON HOUSE. AT THE "KfikROW S. rpHIS ELEGANT ESTABLISHMENT huving seder A goaa thorough repairs and improvement, will b? open for the reception of Boarders aa the first o< May. amler the di rection of the svhecnber, who has been connected with the Saseat of the hotel for the last two or three yaara. The kl rooms have been newly carpeted, and the whole painted and put ia aaoaWeat order. No paias or eg* pause will be spared by the preseat proprietor te make hia guestt comfcnable la ererr way. For terms, Aa , addraae MVKriblFi Wt, P8f( HlMNM. ?> lm?r THOMAS MEINELL nNfc isiNEN shiiiTs. To tfce Congregation of Uie Church of St. tolwnba, In ?9tk Mtreet, New York. Mr Dead Faf."^" ** *?. W* J''1 ll?* Just eighteen month* ?inco I came amongst J.M ?* ,rriT*31 found a lar^e Catholic population, without a place of worship sufficiently near them with out a school for wlifious i&ruction-ln a word ? nWe devoUd to their fs?th, but eadly in wanTof i iffl !??*? the (iod of their father*. At the request 2r ^?vor"nd fii,h?P of thi* See, I undertook to provide for the*e crying necessities. At first. the pro. m??..VICC"M ?**med,doubtfu1' and would to many up fiear, M iome were pleated to call it, an "Utosean ? T,h*.r#ater difficulty ofauccett inched in tome minJfl. tLe mora did the almost certainty of a h3L?r. 1' .'VI>5ar ,0 mo W# hir*d ? ""*11 place %cry ^e?tM*Jhu7^'V>11 th.?COrn,rof57th wtie? all fair. Of r0II>, 1 day of our fii?t meeting i happy realisation of my moudest hope* SHs 5W? ?a. arcs ss ? kS!"'?-"bv.s.^ Sucmm tWH?rn0f * C,,?olio church in CheUea. theai^'of^^ i?!!n,CroW 00r w"7 eflort On church, and on the lT'thof ^"Liowln^s*' ,,t0,na of * met within iu wJ^ for "wtS atsiwffa&'tf^SaFS s^ttJaafasSsHS in nrA * ? 0lne nddltion to the many Gnu buildings in progress of erection in tiie neighborhood and a?r*K ?hareThad?in^KUi n "d zeaL Whatever jiart or pieMuU ?th. .i?ifo?.r,? *' c?D,truclion. wa* made a "tfht ol the generoua ardor dispiaved bv > fcud your eager solicitude--your anxious deiim tn e^Th.erith. rf?rthe nttainment^if the one great ^thouihf?h"ate,wifi?:,rr- ' #Ver in rdn? mwk. k wU#r? 1 no* we a church that ha* for open 10 th* world, I taw but twelve wLt. /rn?,tVeR?Ub,,# ???????lonely and untenanted con*oiation r#flecti?n, 1 assure you, I find much of eomil'iu'J'*T* with no "mall regret that I felt mrielf thltXl^fi .mjr ohar*# Believe me, my friend* f?*?pent amongst you, marked a* it ha* been by your courte.v ,nd kiSdnett to me?I shall for eve? "foW cSuraba,P^,,t. P0'!100 01 lif# Never .hall m v wMtchiTv i.i-#t f"** Mme hnkad on lha peg* of tT.L* ?h?!^ y. m*1'?Bed countiy*. history, with e^r) - Thlfnl? In literature and .ublime in patriotism alwav. ^mo'i11 associations connected with it, .hall always remain engraved upon my heart. Where er 1 go, whatever realm* I *ee. v?. Z "ntr*v.elad' el ways turn* to thee." let, my triend*, when far away, those facet that I *o often taw beam upon me with tho honest rlow of kin ll* greeUng, wili, Without much eilort ot imartnaiion ili ?enco^the SlSS? ^ . ? *"? fcloom naturally cast uoon the minH kv tha SSF"^-'0"^ 9sTJzmai!S ihFmyZt ^ libertv itJLttt m.ltbe vtiue of daarbough. wdl "trengthen me to itrugirle forth* wniwt I itrive to tliow them that the examnle* ?f ,,1, as3ftafes!tfistK?&?js IhS ^llhim'uu.? iu ^g^^^f.'n^V M |,wnU,hli0U;n?,, 0f hi? Ternacular ^sass 3^j:??sa5a?s?"S f,' not tol*B1t toj?'! my countrymen the eonaolinit hU f^!l?iUrp*?p, wh0 h?v? come hither are remark!? i lpg.,t>chm?Dt to the ancient faith. I r^inn^ f y?"- Of your fidelity, of your ex ertion*, of your lympathy for them ; aiid tben the tru. pre^rve j^ou. ear#r* wiJl lend ? prayer to Ileaven to I acarcely know how to conclade thi. documanf I icarcely know in what term, to clo*e it above *11 thin?'?en|deaVOred to inculc8te?" bove God neiChterrnromPL?are& J'?Ur the tame Ood that wifi one Sy^d^u^i^Jd^ him alio?to that Ood. not to you i. h? ,?lt,bL Love one another. If of ? neiirhbor von , A^ag' ?,hL^U il eTel7 wherei ?f any thing tli?irr?:elul oi di.ret.utab e concerning him como/to J^ur kn^led? la the sincere wiah of your grateful and Sincerely attached friend, JOSEPH P. BURKE. PaiwcaTow, June 23 1846 ('?mmenetmtnt oftk, CoUtgt pf Ktw Jtr,ty. Veiterday wa* the annual commencement of the Col lege of New Jercey. Thi* venerable in*titntion ha* now reached it* hundredth year, and number* amongit it* graduate* some of the moat eminent men of our country. The late Senator Southard tome year* ago, stated, that at that time on?.?ixtl>ofthe Senate of the United State* were graduate* of Princeton College. Her alumni may at thi* moment be found filling, with the raoit di.Unguubed honor, ?ome of the highe*t itation* both in churoh and State. On Sunday the venerable Tretident of the College de livered hi* farewell lermon to the graduating cla**. The touohfog0' dUcour,e wu exceedingly Impreaaive and The Hon. Alexander M. Brown, of Kaaton, delivered U?U,U-rl i,re" Mon the literary tocietia* of the col lege. The ditconne wa* characteriied by leamina and f'"'lue"c? of a high order. He took occation, in ?peak ??tage? of education, to pay a dewrved tri butetothegaUantofflcor* of Wctt Point, and the effect ofeducaUon upon them ,c ?r?in t^?1?V0Uln* of day, the literary aocietie* of the oollege tent out their beat ipeaker*. member* of the Junior cla**. The .ttendance wa* ^ood "n5 the ? gentlemen acquitted themaelvee with credit, both to themMlve* and to the iutitution. The ipeech upon " Scjencc, not Literature, demanded by the if I^ wo^ld have done credit to a head ten year* older. (the da7 ?'commencement) the exer ^ 11 o'clock, but long "before 9 all of ?5? 'Ji*** k?*tI 'n the large Preibyterian Church were fiUed by the ladie*; and long before the appointed timi to begin, not a Mat could be procured in the hotwe Kam EZtisLtisr ?'CJ *W1* the audience were waiting. The exercitet opened with a prayer by the Preaident, which mm to!! lowed by tpeeche* from eighteen gentlemen, Including a Latin oration, end two original poem*: the iatterwere 1 can be eap??te?i to be. During mao? the time occupiod with the (peaking, from 3.r,M ' ^ ?"di?nce seemed never for an i" itant to lote their attention. At the conclusion of the ea- I the alumni of the college, who werep4*ent mi down to a mo*t excellent dinner, prepared by order ol 1 the Truitcea by Mr D. B. Wagenor, the efflcient iiiVvi Bie'eUnra &'hi'h""" W|hich th* *ocietiea held their annual of the^??oCnh *1W*" 01" 0f "?* chief enjoymenu elicit ^SneV.eninF' fiT,B b7 ,h? graduating f'*": *?' """t hflunt and rtehtrrhi. The number of mo? tLr!,??(?,,T?,T* muchr than u.ual; ami a womf" ' ?.?* ?en together "t which the graduate* leave college ia, iu. IOu well know, that in which the heart receive* it* deeireM imprecaion*; and I very much fear that Mine will |j?ve wilh an arrow rankling there which the) wiil fiuft it hard to extract, lour great city, though not Uriel i*pr*fent?<J si to its beauty, in point ol nnmhora vet made up in quality what waa warning in quantity ' Al hilt'L*!! ,ot"i urge Clt'" w#r* ?epie*eated at the tall; but without wuhiuk to detract trom the charm, ol oth er*, I mud ?a> New \ oik bore away the palm. A* I ?food near, louking at oue of thute lovely New \ orkert t"u#enJy Hr?oe." I heard a h.rvl TttSSg?*-* nUOt* W<" kno*n line* ' ^h*' ,Ur* do epargle heaven with .omtich T^autv A. tl.o.e two eyee bocome that heavenly lace 1 ?and I venture to ?ay that many an actor would have given apietty mm to have reeled with ?uch feivor. . *^ouf 'h* ""e' hours, the i?die. retired, after partak ing of a beantifully arranged tapper Mar we ha^e mi ""j11 ?CCMloru. with iu gaieue. and excite ?n<^,lu1 lovely women; and?may VT I feprewnted aa it we* laat niffht itr?? nffV^n c?*farr*d ,r? a* follow* i-Tie wiiki^ AU"^r ? ? . Vanetlee* ^ *??, STIAIIWO m TMB Vl.T,?The Waatern tmr Peeeva. Kene county in Illinois, mi * thai n'P*" " be,n 'Burned by credi vA^.rc.**notle?. than twenty foor heme, hate ofh^M cou.n,y of Kan?i ?nd near that nnmber forwa7da? to IK i*! S*.* ***??!??? tried, convicted and w?m? #?. * Prison or Alton l4ie practice hat "i*D. i 1 ?? ha* become necetsery for t*o*a having valuable stock te be extremely vigilant Munpaa in Let <***??<-The St Fraacitvilfo the lath i st, contains an account ot what Wears to be a coiablooded murder. On the night of the Mn Barker's settlement, a man by the name of ""'?en, eecompanied by a man by the name of Yanlet wort te tie hTSe ?. Mr Wrigkt, who? l?bed a^' SjJJj' e^erai Hasee tahte?a. he roee np ia bed,Wilson Constitutional Convention. Winminir, June 34. Mr. Kbhhxpv presented th* memorial of A. Watt in re lation to MMMmenU. The Secretary of State transmitted a lift of all offic era appointed by th* Uoveruor alone, and by the Governor and Senate Mr. CHATritLD reported In part on the election or appointment af all officers except Governor or Lieutenant Governor, and Legislative and Judicial, wbote powera and dutiea are not local. Mr. C. said that a majority of the committe bad a*vented to every proposition reported. The commute report that the Sec rotary of the State. Comptroller.Atloruey General,and Treasurer, be elected by the People for two yeare. Salary of th? Secretary and Comptroller (3,600 each ; of the Treasurer (1,600 and the Attorney General (2.000 for allaervices perform ed by him as Attorney General. A State Engineer and Surveyor, to hold hie office for two years?to be a practical Lugineer and to have been so employed for 7 years next proceeding his el*cti*B.~ Salary to bo (3.000 and necessary expenses while engaged in the discharge of his duties. Three Canal Commissioner# to be elected at the llrst general election after the adoption of the constitution, to hold their offices lor 1, 2 and J years: the Commissioner* of the canal fund to determine which of the < anal Com missioners shall hold for 1, 3 or 3 years. Annually there after on* Commissioner shall be elected. Salary (1,000, and necessary expenses while engaged on the line of the canal on official business. Three Inspectors ot State Prisons to be elected. The Governor, Secretary of State and Comptroller to deter mine which of the Insjiectors shall hold for 1,9, or 3 years. One to bo elocted thereafter annually. Thar shall appoint all officers in the several prisons. Fees. (4 a day and 10 cents per mile, while engaged in the busi ness of the State. All vacancies to be filled by the Gover nor until the vacancy can be filled by an election. The Commissioner* of the Canal Jttnd shall consiet af the Lieutenant Governor. Secretary of State, Comptrol ler, Treasurer and Attorney General. The Commissioners of the Land Office to be the Lieut. Governor, Speaker, Secretary of the State, Comptroller, Treasurer, Attorney General, and Stat* Engineer and Surveyor. The Canal Board to consist of the Cotnmi**lott*r* of tho Canal Fund, the State Engineer and Surveyor, and th* Canal Commissioners. No law to be passed creating any office forth* inspec tion of any article of merchandite. produce, or manu facture, (except salt,) and all existing inspection laws ate to be abrogated. Resolution* offered ; By \ r Kho*d> s, for th* appointment of a Board of Comn isvionersof tb* Stit* Prisons, to have appointment of all officer* in the prisons, and th* power of pardouinf. By Mr. Whits:, for general lawa for the government of towns and counties. The Convention. In Committee of the Whole, Mr. CHATriBLu in the chair, took up th* report on th* Exe cutive Department But before anv amendment .waa proposed to It, the committee rote and reported progress. In Convention, Mr. Kirkland contended they ought to confine themselves to amendments to th* Constitution, and that tho sUndjng committees,who reported complete articles lor a Constitution, exceeded the duty conferred on litem by the act celling the Convention. Mr. K. gave way, and th* Convention adjourned, lead ing the question of granting leave to sit in Committee fcf the Whole uuuUpoted of ? .Hibavy Citiztn. Movt inciiia of Ti ?v?ll?ra. There wm yestetuay a still mote copious influx ot tra vellers at the following principal hotels. At the Anuicix-F. Brewer, Uo>un; U. Trainer, South Ca rolina-, T. ( lurWe. New Jeney ?, K Ciotxlman, W.Holmes, V. Main*, C Davit, Tenueiiee; Lieut KoUon, U t. A j B Read,Charleston; Kev Mr Lanet, South i aroltna: C. i utuam, AndovHj-; T K McCounell, Georgia; H lung, Philadelphia; U Tuckermati, Boston A?i o?? MMM llolmet, Baltimore: L Loener, L* 8 A ; iJeo. W etherell. Vviraont; W. fond, liartfoid; T Lom bard, Boiton; J \V right, do; R Coxe, Alabama; Mr. i laike, Philadelphia; W. Austin. Louisiana; J. Cushlng, Mr. Knox. Boiton; A. Wilson, New Orlean*; J. Dunbar, Massachusetts; J. hianhoiie, Ohio; B Bunougbi. Savan nah; Memri. Nowell, l'aber, *.laike, bampeon, Chai las ton; C. Baldwin. Boston; Mr.Crooder, England: II Brooke, Iticnmond; W. Adams, Bolton; L. Sullivan, Philadelphia, J. Collin, Albany; J. Lamerson, Tobago; Seth Andrews, Boston; G Hicks. Troy; Tbeo. Prentice, Boston. City.?A. Hunter. Connecticut; J. Smith, North Ha ven; J. Wcndail, Philadelphia; J Hamimon, Boston; J. f.ymonr, Peck skill; Kd. Smith, Long Inland; J. Evans, Philadelphia; W. Cork, Boston; W. Sumner, Mayport; J. Pbeller, Philadelphia; Lt Chapman, U.B.N; J Rel yea, Canada; J. Curtis, New Jersey; H. Baker, Balti more; L. Harris, Philadelphia; W. Carroll, Florida; C. Kuher, Philadelphia; H. Allen, Baltimore; J Rosy n kowik, Montreal; Card. Van N'css, U. 8. Artsy: Henry Heed, Canada. , Fkiublin.?Rev. W. Carden, Poughkeepsie; M. Vu mr, do; J. Mitchell, Connecticut; P. Hanley, Ohio; J. nond, Newlmrgh; H. Seymour, Piermont; A. May no, do; Volney French, Wisconsin Territory; B. Doggott, Boiton; Judge Caintherp, Mars; J. LsmbJen, Havana; J. Mathews, Uoorgia; O. Thompson, South Carolina; C. Piatt, Rochester; ?. Hart, Santa Fe; W. Watson, Con necticut; L. Moss, New Berlin; Austin Strong, Wood bury. Howard.?P. Parrott, Orange County; J. Pierton, Rah way; H. Bolies, Boston; W. Blundelf, hngland; J. Rait son, Canada; H. Wands, do; R- Hunt, do; M. Hodges, Boiton; R Meflen, Philadelphia; J. Haker, do; Capt. kiugerald, Baltimore; T. Richards, 8t. Louis; ti. Oliver, Alabama: W. Gardner, Albany; J. Do Votie, Alabama; J. Baldwin, Obio, Gov. Vance, Ohio; O. Patterson, Phi ladelphia; J. Potter, Kensington, M. Davis, de; J. Foster, Montreal; W. Johnson, N. C. Court CsltndaiwThli Day, (cruioi Court?3, 180, 191, 318, 183, 104, 81fl, 106, 107, 17, 178, 119, 198. Common Pleas?First Part? 118, 103, 10?, 100, 113, 110, 117, 119, 131, J33. Second Pait?100, 148, 180, 189, 178, 343, ISO, 189,184, 188, 188, 190, 193, J94, J9? Population or Milwauxbc.?'The population of Mil waukee city and county, according to a census recently taken is 13,,59. DAGUEJt EOTYPE GENERAL FURNISHING ESTABLISHMENT And Sole Aztncy far tht Sale of VOIG'l'LAENDEK'd APPARATUS, PHILAOr.LPHIA, KXCHANOfe. ROOMS 14 k *T. THK SUBSCR BER8 bevejo.t received a new soppty of A the above Apparatus, of all ?nesjtml warrant them to be fennine Voictlsrader Apparatus. Thev also have on hunt tiut French Pistes, Chemicals, Polishing Substances, and every other article nsed in this art Orders I r?m any part of the Union, Soath America Bad the West Indies, shall be promptly attended to whea accompa nied with remittaacss, addressed (post raid) to W. fc F. LANUENHEIM, Philadelphia, or f> LANUENHEIM It BKCKkRS. Je2J lw*re New York, 201 Broadway. Dagl ?rkkoType PLATES. ? Innil ENTIRE PLATES, from different French >vW mAeelsetarers, amougat which are the well kn< wa Star braad. jolt received. Also, Morocco Coses, stamped Frames, kc. Also, Steal Besds, Baf Clasps, Steel and Jet Buttons, kc., aad lor sale fc, EDWARD HENT^ Importer of French aad Oermaa Goods, jet3 lw*l 13 and M LiVerty street. O STONE CUTTERS, Builder* and others?Joel ro _ reived we My bo had. (oar or Ave thousand foot ot Oer maa FIa< Stones, by aprlyinc soon to jell 3t*r Chesant s d Vchaylkill With sts.. Phfla. LOWBER'S PATE.NT TIN PLATED LEAD PIPE. A N article maeh saperior to the common Load Pipe. For dX sale at Ml and 213 Water street. jell Iw-re THOS. OTIS LE ROT It Co. BOARDING IN THE COUNTRY. fMTIZENS who desire hoard m the country, will Aid a .. ? from Glen Cove. P. S ?The splendid steamer Crotna leavee Faltoa Market Slip daily, at i)% o'clock P. M., for Glaa Cove. ANN ROPER. LttHewnrth. Jewe 3fd. I?W. lw*re ALUK> i'bl I.LLR, CU.\t be IluAEJt, 579 Br adtoay, oppotitt Siblo't. Pl'KNMH KD it his Sa'oea: ire Creams ?a<t Fruit lees in sli their varieties. I'lae>l>in mid B?sab? 41* (-t^me, all * u, * i.>r quality, a ;d net to be iarpAS>ed in this country. Mr Prtelet sets ap entertaimwita acd >?Miers la a peculiar appropriate ??> le, auil en relev to tlie istisnctloa ea|<reaa?d last winter, by maay Of the isoet fashionable aad wealthy ctti aeaa je?l lw*a UU1CK UiCF. yLdSTlLUAS. PlglTES. JffD sc.iitrsjisn r.i.fer p.hits irkAWHJiT*. J l M l ?|ie?rd. per l?at i aeaei Irom Hat re. e very choice lot of ii>e above drair tlile ai>d eleeant (cod>. the St) les a?d?lv(!?s now worn in t'aru, and will be sold at ver> rra sonahle price*. The assorrmcnt is at prr-ent con?plete, and the mo.t doirable in the eity. A. l/WwD*ll, Jew l k? rc 43 John St. Ilk I Mill RK4MS Nenaaod t aper, vis.-? ll/il/vv I9vJ' , 16 'o >olbs per r?#m. Mitt. .30 to Z5 " Z3ttl..3) to S3 ' 3*?n. .U to M " 3??*..?to3i " 34>t*. .v# re 4# " . II to 33 WiM. "IS " WiJT. .31 to 37 " ma. .34 to n " Hl4*. .40 to 44 " Mill. WMI4I " Mill, .M u> tt a HINT, 1NO Paper of any sue or .qaahty mapafactnred U> tr at short notice, at their evieaeive Patnsr Werts, U iad wr?''QS". >eM Iwrc GOAL LANU l>UK OAL.E. 01NE uadivided, oao half part of the beet and laryeat qaar 'ry of Anthracite Coal, (ia proportion to the quantity ef land )in Pennsylvania; bemt M the whole tract 3M acrea, net measure, adjoiniu* the lands of the Beaver Meadow Company on the eaat, an'I the land* of the Remaiit Level T IIUrtBUIHV 111 sun UVUHIBI. ?' 1TIEENS who desire hoard ia tho country, will I / very pleeaant locatio < adjoining the Bey, with all tb cilities rorgr.nniiic, Aehinf and baihmf, by eaqalriaf of subscriber, at LittMwetth, about two isida half mtlaa I Comi*ny oa the west, both now ia fnll wmfcinp operation. ?Mbe sold cheep. For lunher particalan, apply to ^^m ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^MMhaylhill to . jaMlm*e8tc ___ _ Teecviva. BchaylhiB co . Ta. _ M|HH WILUKR having t/ orooKhly reKtfeil and rri?/ '?W ? ?d anew the h??ae ?4 fir .s.lw iy, (sdjotatnt the Olobe Hotel.) is prepared to receive families ?r sin?le as ??rden. Dinner huordera sea he aoeona?..a-t?? He ferencos ewehaiiod. jotf ime?c REMUVAL. Kgtrfesy fe nrrciafeas*6*- - '^in&bF jomiw*r