Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 27, 1846, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 27, 1846 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. Vat. XJLL. Mo. Htt-WfeaU to. 44UO. NEW YORK, SATURDAY MORNING. JUNE 27, 1846. Mw OtBtti THE NEW YORK HERALD. JAMES aORDON BENNETT, PROPRIETOR. Circulation---Forty Thousand. DAILY Hr.rtALD?Every day. riio? 2cents par eo*r-$T Saturday?Price seats ^HiSaLD 'f%R?Ei1*Op'R^E??T Steam Packet, day. Price CM cenu per copy-$3.00 Per anuam, payable mad '^UVERTIBEMENT^ at tit* usual prices?always eul ""imIiNt'nQ of all kind* execnt'd with b??tT an4 das P\|, letter* or commuoiestloas. by mail. add/e*sft<} to 'He establishmei.r. must b? |o? paid, or ike >>otiage will ?e de dactcd Iron 'he sulwesiptiou inooey remitted. JAMBS GORDON BENNETT. Prourictor of the New Yobs Hiul> E?tx*i.i?hmkbt. ^<??h-W??r mmmr of Fnlfoe ?nrt N'??< i BRITISH AND NORTH AMERI CAN ROVAL MAIL STEAM SHIPS, of 1200 tons suiHtO hone power, each an der contract with the Lord* of the A ami rally. HtbtKMA Capt. A. Ryne. BRITAN NIA Capt. J. CALEDONIA Capt. E. G. Lott. ACADIA Capt Wm. Hamaoa. C AVIBR1A ...Capt. C. H. E- Judkins. Will tail from Liverpool and Boatuu, Tia Halifax, a* fol l0w" ~rnoh bostow. _ , raoii Livgftroot Culedoni t July I, IW. Bntaaan 19, Bntuiuia " l?, " Passaic Mower. From Boaton to Liverpool SIM. From Boston to Halifax *#? Theae ships carry experienced surgeons. No berth* se cured natfl paid for. No freight, except ipecie, received on the day* or (ailing. , _ , For freight, passage, or any other inform atioa. apply to D. BRItJHAM, Jr., Agent. m?21 re At HABNDK.N k CO *R. C Wall at. noTH.E-TAPSCOTT'S GENERAL ) EMIGRATION OFFICE. Rem .ved from >7i t 86 South street.?Persous (ending lor their friends in any part of tho old country Bean m?ke the oeceaaary arrangements with the subscribers, on reasonable terms, to have them brought ?Ut,THE NEW LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS. The Shi|x of thia line are umurpaaaed by any other, and their immenae size (all being 1000 tous, snd upward*) render* them more comfortable and couvs'iieut than shipsor ssmuler elm ; aud the greatest reliance may be placed in their nunc tualitv in sailing. The subscribers are also agents for the St. George and Unioa Lines of Liverpool rackets, ?n any of which passage can be eugaaed on reasonahle terms. Draft* any amount, payable without discount in all the pri iciiial towns of England, Ireland, (Scotland or Wales, can also be obtained For further particulars, spply rn W. fc J. T. TAPSCOTT. . t(-27rc 8G Snnth ?t.. Id door below Buying Slip, N. Y. pWPL^'SLTnE "OF^S^EAMBOAfS FOR ALBANY, Direct? '>aily, Sunday* esea>ted?at 7o'clock, P.M ??iu Steamboat pier between Cirurtlanut and Liberty tfk. Mft Steamboat ROCHESTER, Capt. Ajlred A.'jnWd1 Houghton, will leave on Monday. Wednes TT Ml if day. and Friday evenings, at 7 o'clock. Sietmboat HENDRIK HUDSON, Capt. R. G. Crutteadea will leave oa Taeaday, Thursday and Saturday evenings, at 7 The above boata will, at all times, arrive io Albany in ample i time lor the morniug car* for the east or west Freight taken at moderate rata*, and none taken alter SH o'clock, P M. ... , .. All persons are forbid trusting any of the boata of this line, without a writteu order from the captains or agents. For passage or freight, apply on board the boats, or to T. C Scholia, at the office on the wharf. United State* Mail Line. At i o'clock. P. M., Landing at Intermediate Place* >V<??* the net ?f Hareloytt., Steamboat HUDSON. Captain C. F. King.will leave oa Mondays Wednesday, Friday and Sunday afternoons, at ? &Ste^boat SANTA CL VUS Captain Boverbagh. will leave no Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday afteruoou., at J App'v on hoa'd. or the office on the wharf Je24 TROY MORNING- AND EVENING LINE. MORNING LINE AT SEVEN O'CLOCK. FOR ALBANY AND TROY?From the Steamboat Pier at ibe foot of Barclay street. t ...j;.., ? reekskill West Point. New buxgli. ft.iur.u", Milton. Ppaghkeepsie, ">"^? P*/>V bed, U. Red Hook, Bristol,CaUkill, Hudson, Coxsackie, Kinderhook and Baltimore. Breakfast and dinner on board ?ne boat. The ?te*mboat NIAGARA, will leave on Monday, Wed nesdav and Priday Mornings # A. >1. ^ , _ , *n?e hssbdou TKOl, Oapiaia Gorham, on Tuesday, Thursday aud Baturde/ rooraiogs, at 7 o clock. i'or pas'tsge'or'lreight apply on board, or at the offiee on the wharf. NEW YORK. ALBANY AND TROY LINE. FOR ALBANY AND TR.OY DIRECT, Frooi the pier at the foot of Courtlsndt 'trect. The low-pr?uurr *teambo?t EMPIRE, l^aptam K.B. Maey, leave* the loot >? Courtlai-dt *treet, on Tuesday, Thunday and Saturday 'veninp. at seven o clock. The Steamboat columbia, Capi. Wm. H. Peek, wiU leave on Monday, Wednesday and Fndsy evenings, at 7 ? PMaengers taking theae Boats will arrive in time to take the Morning Train of Car* from Troy west to Buffalo, and north ro Saratoga. Whitehall and Lake ChamPlau. For Passage or Freight, apply oa board, or at the Office oa the wharf. . ...... No freight takea after 3>? o clock. NOTICE?All goods, freight, bank bills, specie, or any other kind uf property, positively at the owner s n*k^ i?r l*LMve Htllen'lsland at ?, ?, ?. ? ?nd 11 A. M; at I, t, S, 4,5, * *L?aV/SVw York at 7,?, 10, and U, A. M. aad I, ?, S, 4, 5. *' All freight at the ri?k of of the owners thereof. jeH K< >UR O'CLOCK LINE, con KFWBURGH JiND FIS11 KILL. MHFk THE Steamboat THOMAS POWELL, ^z!3BUS*C*rt. 8. Johuaou, runs daily. (Suuday ex 3ESSE5C.eePted.) from the loot of Warren street, at ? o'clock C. t?l., landing at Vau Courtlandt's Dock. leekskill, wi~Voiat. Cold brings ?d.Corw.l Returning, leaves Newborah every Monday morning at half past six. and every tS??7. Wednesday. Thursday, Friday and Saturday mora 1,1 {"or passage or freinht apply on board. JeW lw*r THE MOST DELIGHTFUL OF ALL EXCURSIONS. ti _ A SAIL acroMthe Hudao. merte Hobo kea.aad thews walk to the Elysiaa Fields. ?i.,r.? >h? careedinalr metureviue ihore* ol SC^SECalong the exceedingly pictureyque ihore* o! the place, w.ll prove the moat easily accomj.l.yhed ud attrae tive of all rurual exear*io?. that can be aaade from th<icity. The ground* now present a charming aspect, the trees be ,nUne wYfk"^icelte"o'rde'r.havi^considerably 'o'neieit pleasant *ftenio?5 there will be in attendance at the Collo'inade Elysian Field*, an excellent Band of Music, which will perform *eleetioos from the favorite Operaa, popu lar air*, mirche*. waltie*. kc. . ~ , . ? The Kerry Boau from Barclay, C anal and Chrwtopher su., are completely flued ap with awnings and,*?ete. Nighi Boatt ran from Hokoken lo Barclay .treet aatil U o'clock. y?rrm?r eewts T LO.NU ISLAND KAlLkOAD fcxpes.M.ll M 1 I 1 Train. leave. Whitehall *treet Ferry. New YoikJ JH aide, every morning at 7 A. M., lor Beaton.? al.o train* from Brookl n ?'<*??*.70,c iv*B7 tivc lauuttira, and A M., and 3 and 1 P. M.. daily, 3 A. M , ai.d 3 P. M tiaina go through, the fo-mer stopping at Farmmgdala and manor, and the latur at all place* ea the road Jf" r* " Stt- FOR LIVEHPOOL? Regular Packet of ?th tj3MK.Jalv.-Thr aplendid, new, la.t tailing locket *hiP isDtl'END?.NCE, Capt P B Allen, burthen Mb to?, will *ail aa above, her regular 4aj\ H ving very *a|*nor accommodation* for esbin, *econa Cabin and *termwe pasienger*. those intending to embark, should make Immediate application on board, foot of Maiden U?? or to JOSEPH McMURRAY, j,jj comer of Pine and Houth *treew. FOR LONDON?Regular packet of the UtJulv ^iWWThe firat cla**, fsst (ailing packet *hip WELLIMG jJjHfci ruN, Capt. Chadwick. ?J0 ton* will *ail aa above, her legul-ir day. Ha? tug very superior accommodation* for cable, aeeond ca bin and-teerage passenger*, perwm* intending to emherk o^t"^ "rtT *PVUCmt,?' ro5lE?if^MU^fl^^V,.,"?? r?r?er of Pine ind Si nth ?tre?t*. rAi. FOR I IVr.RrOOL?The tepenor *hip NAIL kf$fVHA i AN SETT, t aptaia DerteUcho. Ms take the j?EI ?ire ? Tonti-'e BmMin?? FOR LI VERPOOL?New Lin^-Regular Packet ?jStiof 2 let July.?The .uperior, r*?t*ailwg pechet .hip JmPMbLhOTTINGUER. moo ton* burthea, Cspt. Ira Burs I^Twill ?ail ss above, her regwlar day. For freight ..r |>aaasge. Having elegant sndsapenor accom modrttions apply on board, west sulf of BarltnriliP, or to Wt^JOHtLL k M1NTURN. r Koat>i .treet. T^ie'tacket itfipVi*erpool, 1100 tonsbu'thea. Captoia John Etdridge. will succeed the Hottisguer, and sail oa her regw l?i'l?v.2'?l An^uit J?7lrr XAf. tUk OL\?OOW? 1 he new, Ur*i ciaaa snip vSSVV VRVUM, 5 0 tea*. H Robinwn, master, having Hiaff of her eargo engaged, will meet with despatch ^TT! of freight or |?*ea?*. hsvi g exceMeiit accrm modaiion.. apply u, 3,. j jj r " Bouth ?treet. "fuT'vJry tpscioa* a^mmodotioa. in the flrat esbin, n whieh paeseegars will be taken at the cuatomary price charged forthVEcoed cabia. Peseoas intending to emfcari, should embrace this very IkvoraMe opporramty. by making l07rai4M whc*aon - ko,r Joseph WAr'' eor of Piisa aad floath *t. POR MAWk.[\.LlA-The b?k COLUMBIA, apt. Tru*a?ll; to be promptly despatched. For eight O' paanage, nprdv to BRE1 r k VOSE.?fcmft street, or to jMre BOVD It HI N' KkN.M Well street. | ? Packets for maRseilleh-i ne packet ?hip GASTON, Captain F. Coulter, will sail oa the 1? ? - PACKETS FOR HAVRE-Sacoad Liae-The JHwWpacket ship ONEIDA, Captaia James Fa>ick. will jK?Sbsail on tha 1st of Jely. > or Ireieht or paaeage ap BOYD It IllNCIfKNr . ? Wall street. WINDOW SHADES. rpHE cheapest and be*t assortmaat ia the Halted States 1 f?r V^CK^R0 k W/ER^. Ckjtlm- nry mylT lm*rrg a owa dear fram Cham km rtraat, N. T. NEW LEBANON SPRINGS. I M COLUMBIA HALL,MavU.IM-This favorite place MB of retort it now opn and readyfor the reception ofcom | 1>*,U* Buder the managemrui of its old proprietor, ; Hem> Hull. Presuming on his long experience u a caterer for the travelling public, lie intends thai the manner men t of the establishment shall lie such as to maet the wsuts of the moat fastidious, whether tarrying for the season or a shorter period. Jc3 Imrc HENRY HULL. FOR SALE UK TO LET, < a| The Modem built three story brick house, ili Adam* l jjjlj street, Brooklyn. If not sold by private sale, it will be , iJL disposed of at imblic suction, on the 16th day of May , oext. tialf'of the purchase money can remain on mortgage,, lor a term ol years. Application to be made on the premises | MS Adsms st.. Brooklyn a?lm*re FOR dALh Oli Tu LEASE, IN BROOKLYN. * * VAN BllUNT'S HOTEL. No. 13 Fulton atreet. (norlheaslerl j tide.) five doors from Vultou Ferry, is uow offered for sale or to lease. The house Uilibyti feet, lour stories high, containing 23 rooms, and beini(ou the greatest thoroughfare in Brooklyn is a good location for many kinds of business. Possession given immediately. For particulars, inquire on the pre in net of UJlOEQE tan brunt. Brooklyn, May 25. 1*40. myM Im'rc ROOMS, FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED. TO LET?In a small and most delightfully situated house, near the Washington Parade Ground, one or .two rooms, with or without full or partial board. No boarders or lodgers are in the house, nor will betaken. Tlir family at oreaeut consists of only three grown persons. To single gentlemeu, or a gentleman and lady, desiaons of living in a private family, and lu a pleasant, quiet, and hand some location, this offera an opportunity but rarely met with. The eutire half of the house will be let to a desirable tenant, without children. Addresa B. T. at the desk of thi* office. my H tf rrc UbMiVS li< iSSA.Vlth haT^, [V WE I OH I NO from V/i to J* ounces. Price only t)S0. Jpa It is about two years since the (roaaamer Hat was 6rst introduced by the subscriber to the notice of the New York public, as the lightest, (he most desirable, an < the moet tasty trticle for summer wear heretofore in use. The astouishing socreaa attending them, evinced by the extraordinary large amount of sales, and the popular approba tion bestowed upon them by the man? who have g^ven (hem their patronage, have not been lost upon the subscriber, who, to show that he is ever anaious to excel in hia art. now pre tents for public patronage the Ooasamer hat. much lighter and more pleasant than any other ever before offered. They are not liable, like the Leghorn and Panama, to lose eithrr snipe or color from exposure to the rain. They cannot be soiled by either perspiration or oil from the hair, so commonly the caae with other Hats, for the much admired style of irimminge, originating wi'h the proprietor, effectually prevents all thia. This is a ducided advantage over all other hats The public are invited to call and a. e this article at J. N. OKNIN'S Hat and Cap Store, mvJT !m*re 114 Broadway, oppoaite St. Paul'a Church WATTR1PONTTCOT, CI FASHIONABLE HATTERS. ft U Nassau street, near Fulton. New York. Jpm THE subscribers beg to call the attention of the public to the qualityof their various kinds ol Hat, of their own manu facture. They have just received a small supply of superior moleskin, uow used by the most fnahiouable natters in Paris, * sample of which they will feel much pleasure in showing to those who will favor them with a calf. The undersigned do not pretend to sell at tf or even 10 ner Cent leas than any other establishment; neither can they boaat ot having a splen did store: but they flatter themselves that the quality and finish of their Hats will give eutire satisfaction, at the prices charged. They have adopted the French style ol trimming the sum mer hata, which is a preventive to the perspiration coming through and spoiling the beau'v ol their appearance. M. B. WATTR1PONT, mv fi lm-m WM H IVMKS SUMMLK HATS. ECONOtiV JiND FASHION f* ROBERTSON'S PHRNIX HAT AND CAP MANUFACTORY, 103 Fulton street.-The under lined bes|>eaka the attention of the public to the quality ol his Summer Hata, possessing the various properties utualtj ?ought for by the man of taste, they have the additional meril >f being li per cent below the sta idard prices They are es sentially similar in material, workmanship, and finish, to the uticles manufactured by fl>e more splendid establishments ol Broadway; and on a close comparison of tJheir respective merits, no material difference can be perceived, except in ;he single particular that the subscriber nas adopted a style >1 trimming, which effectually prevents the perspiration ol the forehead iron striking through, and impairing the ap pearance. Their average weight it from X% to )W| ouncos?beiug much lighter than substantial Leghorns, or Panamas. Perseus of taste and judgment, who are iuflugnced in their purchases by considerations of cost, are invited to examiie them, and to establish, by the test of comparison, their i T^cise value, com pared with the productions of other manufacturers. isi'M Im'rf HOBKHTH'IS |HI Fnlton ?tr?et o^S'lLLMEN'S SJt'ltliNG d. BEAVER AND SILK HATS of the best quality and 0^ moet sijiroved shapes, are uow ready for inspection and tale at the old eatabliahed prices. Best Beaver 94 SO Best Silk ,. . .. ... 4 00 ROWE. Merchants' Exchange, *17 Im'rrc 40 William street. J. & Ui. FASHIONABLE HAT STORE. [V THE SUBSCRIBERS having opened a HAT STORE J^?at No. 110 Fulton street, corner of Dutch street, respect fully solicit the patronage of their old cuatomers anil the pub lic. They will constantly keep on hand a complete assort ment of Hats, Cape. Umbrellas, tic.. Sic., of the latest style, tnd will sell at the lowest puces, single hats usde to order it the shortest notice. 1CHABOD PRICE. mys Im'r THOS. SHANNOk __ EXCELSIOR f* ROBERTSON'S PH<ENIX HAT AND CAP MANUFACTORY Jr* lOSFULTON ST., BETWEEN NASSAU and WILLIAM THE proprietor of this establishment has recently added to his extensive stock of spnag goods, an assortment of Moleskin Hau, of exquiaite finish and sucerior elegance. The Cice of Uiese really suoerb articles is ouly $3 SO, being tl SO is than the same goods (manufactured in the same manner uid of similar material) are sold in Broadway. The secret of this great disparity in price may be easily conjectnred. The tdvertiser's expenses being bat a tithe or thoae of the more ipleudid establishments in ilroadway, be is in consequence -nabled to offer goods ol a corresponding description at lower rates. a B Im'rc REMOVAL ? DR. TOWNSEND'S SARSAPAKILLA DEPOT will be removed on the 1st of May, to IM Fultou street, next door to the Sun Office, sign of the Big Bottle. N. B.?Look out for counterfeits and impostors. See that every bottle is signed with the written signature of 8. P. Townsend. Owing to the unprecedented success of this arti cle a comnanvhas been formed to put up a spurious one IB the time >na|#d bottles. Look out for impostors. a24 lm'rc ft TELE LONG ISLAND INSURANCE COMPANY. CAPITAL *10,000 DOLLARS. Orrtci41 Fulton street, Brooklyn. CONTINUES to take risks on buildings, machinery, mrr* handize and property generally, on their usual favorable terms. This company lias passed through the two greatest conflagrations that harr ever occurred in the conntry : they owe their esca|>e from them with comparatively slight losses to the system which thejr have always practised of limiting and scattering their risks. All losses which the company Bay sustain will lie adjusted and paid promptly as heretofore. The Company take special care to notify their customer* a New Yoik, of all eipirations of policies. B. W. DKl.AMATER, President. aSlnis'r E. C. FINN, Secretary. ATLANTIC AND ST. LAWKKNCE RAILROAD NOTICE TO CONTRACTORR-Proposalswill be re ctirtd at the Office of the Atlantic and St. Lawrence Railroad Company, in this city, from the 17th toZ7thofJuue oett, for the Onding, Masonry and Bridging of a division o the road, exteudiug from a point at. or ne\r Portland, to Roy* nil's river in North Varmoath, a distance of about II miles. Plans, Profiles and S|>eciAcations will be eghibited, and the rsqmits information gives, at the Engineer's Office in Port land, on and after the 17th of Jaue. Ptaws offering to contract for the work, who are anknown to lliAadersignsd, or to the directors, will be required to accompany their proposals with references as to character and ability. A farther extension of the rand, embracing a distanco of some fifteen or more additional miles, will be prepared for, ud put under contract, abcat the first of Aogust neit. By order ofth? Board of Director*. WM. P. PREBLE, President; A. C. MORTON, Chiof Engineer! Portland, Ms., May II, 1148. mv27 Imr J. WARWICK, GOLD * SILVER REFINER, Assar?rsad Sweep Smel ter. Office, 17 JOHN Street, New York. ZjT Fine (Mi Rolled Silver. Hours and Crucibles, al ways on hand iir>?rre BOOKS BOUGHT. PERSON8 wishing to dispose of their Libraries, either large or small, will always find a ready purchaser and good prices, by addressiag * few lines, giving name and number, to J. M*CABE. 1 Nassau. nr II? Nivmflnn HTMl OIL FAIN TIN tia. HENRY BENT respectfully informs gentlemen aad the trade, that in fatnre he will carry oa the business of Lin ing Pictures only, which will be eieeated (sa hitherto) in tlie best possible manner References given if required ZU Bro?? way. New Vork. lm're ?50,000 TO LEND, N BOND AND MORTGAGE, for a term of rears, oa giH-u productive real esute iu this city or Brooklyn. The ?b??e named sum belongs t>> an estate in trust, and it will be iiV1^ I?1*"10 applicants- Apply to S. 8. BROAD, j I ? ?"?at, ia the < rotnu Water Office, Basemeut. * imffACLfe Ca^l ^Lv.nTTT'aJWHV, No. H fllton street, /^ONSTANTLT caknda Urge supply of the above arti V^oty.ct*,T0"#^~ m^ymotfST* idn-. liAin Ia'lvSC" IJTAfc REMOVED fwan in WiUiam street to 116 Wiii.aJi 11 street, within 4 doors of John.?A rich and la*liio.,able asao tment of Oootf* will always bo kept on hand, and will tioa of the truly economical, while the BtyUssd finish wJR, to the man of taste, speak for tbrmaelves. , A*'11 ?0<Kb?" kootki.fcrcants, aad, therefore. at tha vary lowest rates, a finer article will bo mauafactared. at a lower pnee, than the credit tailors can possibly furnish. oistitL scale or rates*. FVae French Cloth Black Brass Coat, from fit to SM oa O ce Costs, and all other articlas asaally sold by the Me, at uaasaally low nrieee. Formerly with B run dags," of Broadway. mjf lm*rrc BIRD CAGE MANUFACTORY, NO. 1 Bl John's Lane, eoewer Beech street. The Sa bee rib er would inform hla Customers sad the Public, that he has constantly oe hand, a large stock of fancy aad eommo Bird ( ages, of all descriptions, which he will sell cheaper than they eaa be boaght elsewhere. Also, Csgss made to order. J. KELLY. P. B.?Conntry Merchants woald Had it to their sdvsatag to flail aad evamiae hiaatock a* lm*r t) PER CfcNT BELOW $18 USUAL PRICE. <jA P ASHIONALLE VI8TI NO CARlJ ESTABLISHMENT. A PLATE Md Fifty Cards printed lor SI M ; the best Kn A amelled Carda pelsstsd free* engraved plates at M costs A BELTER DOOR PLATE eerser of Biundaas. alt lm*r daguerreotype GENERAL FURNISHING ESTABLISHMENT And Sole Agency for the Sale of VOIGTLAENDER'o apparatus, PHILADr.LPHIA, EXCHANUr. ROO.VM 21 It *7. THE 8UBS< R BEltS liaveju<t received a new ?upply of the above Apparatus, of >11 si*us,aiid warrant them to be genuine YoiglUeuder Apparatus. Thev alio hare on hand best Kirnrh rl?te., Chemical*, Polishing Substances, and everv other article uu d in this art Order* from an v part of the Union, South America aad the West Indies, shall be promptly attended to when accompa nied with remittances, addressed (postpaid) to W. k F. LANGE.NHEIM, Philadelphia, or to LANO?NHEIM fc BK< KfcRS. je25 lw*rc New York, 201 Broadway. DAGUEttKEOTYPE PLATES. 1AAi| ENTIRE PLATES, from different French jUV/'/ manufacturer*, amongst which arc the well known Star brand, just received. Also, Morocco Cases, Stamped Frames, lie. Also, Steel Beads, Bag Clasps, Steel aud Jet Buttons, kc., fcc., and lor sale by EDWARD HEN, Importer of French and German Goods, je22 lw*i lland W LiVerty street. LOWBER'S PATEftT TIN PLATED LEAD PIPE. AN article mnch superior to th? common Lead Pipe. For sale at 261 and 263 Water street. ja24 lWrc THUS. OTIS LE ROT It Co. boarding IN THE COUNTRY. ITIZEN8 who desire board in the couutry, will find* ' very pleaaant locatio i adjoining the Bay, with all tbe fa cilities forguuuing, fishing and bathing, by euquiringof the subscriber, at Littleworth, about two and a h. If mile* from Glen Cove. P. 8?The splendid steamer Croton leaves Fulton Market Slip daily, at 3>i o'clock P. M., for Glen Cove. ANN ROPER. Lirtlewoith, June 22d. 1?46. j-23 Iw'rc ALOlrt Ffc,Tfc.LfcK, CU.nVKOTIONEK, 579 Brmdtray, opposite Niblo't. FURNISHED at Ml Sa'oon: >? Cj earns and Fruit Icea in all their var eties. Plumbier and Bombs a la Creme, all ? superior quality, and not to be surpassed in inis country. Mr. Petelet Ki ts up eutertainmeuts and ?uppers in a peculiar appropriate style, and c?n rolor to the satisfaction express, d last w inter, by many of Uie roat fashionable and wealthy citi xeua jell lw?m BIACJC LACE MANTILLAS. VISITRS. AND SCJiRFS AND FANCYPARIS STRAfT liATS. o J I ST opened, par last packet Irom Havre, a very choir* lot of th* above deeirable and elenut goods, the styles and shape* now worn in Paris, and will be sold at very rea sonable prices. The aaeortmeut ia at present complete, and the moat desirable in the oily. , A. UNSWOKTH, jeWlw*rc 42 John st 111 I MM1 HEA.rtS News and Book fapur, VI*:? Ivjvvv 19x11. J6 to iOlb* per ream. 20i2i;.? to 26 23x28..24 to 31 " 2ix2?. .24 to 36 " 21x36. .*> to 35 " 24x3*. .10 to 60 22x32.. 19 to 23 " 24x31..26 to 33 11 26x37. .30 to 37 " 26x39..34 :o 40 " 28x42. .40 to 41 " 28x16..42 to 46 " 44*56. .10 U> #5 For aaleia lots to suit purcluuer*, by PERSSE It BROOKS.65 and 67 Nassau at. PRIN1 IN(i Paper of any aiae or quality manufactured to ord? r ?t abort notice, at their ex ensive Paper Works. Wind mr, ('on .. jeM Iwrc CUAL LA NL> Kurt. JALb NE undivided, one half part of the best and largest quar ry ol Authracit* Coal, (in prop <rtion to the quantity of land ) in Pennsylvania; being in the whole tract 336 acres, net measure, sdjoining the lauds of the Beaver .VIe?dow Company ou the east, and the lai-d-t of the Summit Level Company on the weat. both now in fnll working operation, will 1>* sold cheap For furihur parti -ulars, atmly to J ACOB ALTER, je!9 Im'ikt Tuaorota, Schuylkill Co.. Pa. MKS, WILDER having thoroughly refitted ami refurnish ed anew the hiuse 66 Broadway, (adjoining the Olobe Hotel,) ia prepared to receive families or ?mgle gentlemen u binders- Dinnei boarders can be accommodated Re ferences axchauged. je'9 m'mf removal. D ALLEY'S MAGICAL PAIN EXTRACTOR Depot is now situated at 201 Broadway, where mil who prefer ease to |>aiu can be supplied with the ouly and best article for th<t purpose in the world. 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John's Church, whiah as , crowded, yesterday, by a numerous and fasluona- ; bio congregation, both lay and clerical, to witness the "commencement" of the above instituto. , The entire ceremony was deeply imposing, and took up a irood deal of time, having commenced at 10 o clock, precisely, and not terminating until 11 o'clock. Several prominent members ot the church were present, and witnessed the impos '' The R*?.?Mr.Vatsow, of Connecticut read the mor nine prayer; iind tho Kev. Mr. Cos read the Lwom Risnoui Ciuik and Dtuxcr having occupied the Episcopal chair at either side of the pulpit. In the coutse of the performance of the solemn *?"?* ? church?during which tie beautilul organ of ft John s Mat forth iu rich, powerful and sweet tones in a fuU llood of sacred melody, aided by an excellent choir Bishop C ii a ? i ascended the pu 1 pit siirtJ de^ ?? ?"?!?> uuia W"*Now Jf'any'man built upon this foundation, gold, silver, precious atones, wood, hay, stubble. . . " Every man's work thall be made manifest; for the dav shall declare it; because it shall be revealed by fire; ?3 the flreThall try every man's work of what sort ?If sny man's work abide, which he hath built there upon, he shall receive a reward. . . . .. _ll(rar '* Ii any man's work shall be burnt, he shall suOer loss; but ho himself shall be saved; yet so as by #?> In the commencement of his discourse, the venerable preacher called the attention of the congregation to the text which he had just read; and wished to explain the ideas of the Apostle whose lessons be had read, and con tended there was no foundation, unless what was derived from the Gospel. Man would never reach the kingdom of heaven unless he rested i his faith, hope, and expectation of obtaining salve- | tion on the groundwork of the gospel. Ood did not people his kingdom for the mere purpose of fonjiring ains He laid down certain rules and principles to f uiJ? and direct man to obtain salvation ; and unless man acted according to the spirit of the gospel of thn^. m?n would not be saved; lor unless man obtuaed hissalva tion bv sacrifice or good works, there is scaicely any plan J lite that ran be succe?sful. The same principle UW through, even so lar back as the days of Adam flrst that man was to be redeemed by sacrifice ; second ly that his redemption waa established through grace truth which Ood had set down as the foundation for its accomplishment. He considered there were two kinds of work put on this foundation-first, ?? regarded the chriatian ministry engaged in building up thechurch of Christ ; and, secondly, thet of the individual chris tians who were engaged in rearing up in their own souls knowledge Mtd righteousness The atiosile. for the pur nose ?f illustrating his gospel, would seem to have in v??w the iaviuc Sown a permanent foundation by good works on the |iert of man,in order to qualify him for salva tion. The builder, In laying the foundation, si way scorn menced with the most durable mate rials-such as had been revealed by the gospel, 'gold, silver, and previous sienes," which were capable oi standing the te*t of the process, by fire ; but the softer materials would perish? ?uch as * hsy and timber ? He did not mean to say that the couvened sinner would not receive his rJ*,,?'r?r he may be saved, but not without difficulty. Man) thsre were wtio continued In error, with perl-ct stncerit} ot ?ilnd, sod who hsd been kept from the light ot know ledge, owing to circumstances. The church ot uwa\ s bud athraiold ministry; and it wan not until about years ago that there wa. a change in this system ?hfch hsd continued from the earliest ages of the Church of Christ There was no account on record, ol the existing of any other dilTernKfrom the Episcopal constitution of the church, until 300 > ears ago impartial miad should see that there was weight to fy the church, iu this belief, as to the scriptural existence of Christ's t hurch; and that it cannot be departed from, without erring It was owing to this Chuich of t;hrist, that chnstendom was now c?>nvuUe< . and covered over with dissenting sects; but an Importsnt question here aro?e?were all those who thus dissented to be rejected? No-he trusted not ,TV /hf?rhnreh recard to the order and government of the Church, would be condemned ; but they themselves through Christ, in consideration of the goodness of Chri.t may be saved. Thero were many, who through education, and other causes, did not come within the ??ale of the church; but still they may bo ??ved-Ood would give to every man according to his work. and so as we build up with "gold and precious stones or with ? hay, tinker, kc.," shall man reap according to h s works. Kvery msn had more or less of error In his mind, #ndno man was perfect Every msn was bound to search, In order to work out his salvation, and Ood would not take apathy or neglect aa an excuse. 8o if anv man build upon a gold foundation, he will bo*ure to work out 1.1s salvation, and stand the trial on *? laat day. This should make all anxious to attend to their souls and the means of working out their salvation; both clergy and laity ; who woufe in Ithe consoling words, "Well done, good and fUthful servant, enter into the joy of the Lord.** ^ , . After the delivery of the sermon, Bishop Delancy de. livered to the graduates their diplomas, snd ex horted them to pursue the same course of Ufe, which they had derived from their studies in thesemiMry ;but such study, he continued, would be of no avail, if they themselves ware not willing and1 anxious to pursue the good works they hsd begun; end follow them in their future course. They should continue earnestly, purely, humblv and use all exertions during the residue of their lives to carry out the good works they had so auspiciously com mZZtd They could not eipect success without the use of Ood's especial grace ; snd theywere ^und jo recollect thet they would be looked to hereelter *nn ainister eyes. They should carry with them not alone the reputation of the seminary, but also the reputa tion of the church. The following gentlemen hereupon received their diplomasc , Clerc a u Rftilv J J. Brandairee, J.C. Brown, >. J. ciere, W A Jenks ' W.Long, D. H. Macundy, B. W. Morris, L W. Norton, W. Psamore T. S Pr'.ton C^R.yno'd., W. Hodman. J. H. Hmlth, Jun., O. V. Starkey, T. H Trader,elwrtght, Jun.C. B.Wyatt ? -ra The above aro the names of the gentlemen who gra dusted from the seminary this year. Jhey wsre pnp sented by the Rev. Trof-ssor Turner, and recsired com munion at the end of the ceremony. There wae a deep and impressive (solemnity about the entire ceremoniy that was truly imposing, and the new graduates were subsequently convened in one of the spartmenta con ?cXlth the church, to receive additional instruc tions; after which they separated. New Publication*. Blackwood fob Junk.?Leonard Scott fc Co., New York.?The present number close* the 2id volume of this noit celebrated of monthlie* It contains ten (tapers, some of unusual interest It la republished in excellent ?tyle.on type and paper worthy of iuch a magazine. The first peper ia a review of Lord Brougham's " Lives of men of letters who flourished in the reign of George the Third," and i? almost as interesting as the work itself.? There are besides several excellent papers. It ia sold by all the booksellera. Lives or tub Ff.lows?Camp It Wilkes, New York.? This is a criminal calendar, compiled from the National Poliet Qaxrttt, and containing biographies of all the most noted felon* that have marie their appearance in this country. It ia ? work of great interest, abounding in thrilling scenes, and to the truthfulness of history adds all the charms of romance. It ia written with a bold, vigorous and graphic pen, and the subject matter forms a startling record of crime and its consequence. We understand that the publish era intend to bring oat a vo lume, from time to time, as those aketchea accumulate in their gazette. We think they might make ? very readable and entertaining work by publishing all the most singular and inteiesting criminal trials that occur in this and other citiea of the Union. The volume be fore us is embellished with wood engravings, and 1a well got up in every respect. It la sold lor 34 cents. Tut Elkctsicai. Tnroav or tni J. S. Mackin'oth J P. Mendane, Boston. For sale by J Mor rison, 13d Chatham street This is a republication from the London edition of ? work which haa gained conaMer able popularity, and which oontains several of the moat approved theories on natural and moral philoeophy, chemistry, geology, the physical and moral functions, Ice- It betraya a (treat profundity of thought on the part of the author, and the views and opinions It oontains will give rise to reflection and consideration Mezicni Its OcoocArHv, People, and Institutions ?By T J F arnhsrn?Long It Brother, New York.?Thie is a work that will command a good deal of attention in the present position of the United States with regard to Mexico. It contains information derived from various other sources, and from the author's own expeiience in that country, of its natural position, geogiaphj , divisions, manufactures, population, revenue, resources, public debt, lie. lie It contains a large amount oi useful statis tical information, that every one should at pteeeut be peweessed of, and It ia written ia a pielsant style We wish the author had not quoted so much from Waridy Thompson's book on Mexico, as the numberless contra dictions and InitifTeraMe egotism which characterize thet work render it unworthy of credit or confidence. But Mr. Farnham's book is ? very valuable reference, notwithstanding It containa an excellent map of Mexi co, end ia sold for twenty five cents. Trk Comsskacial Review Or THK SoCTft arp WrsT ?J. D.B. De Bow, editor?Norn an. Camp street, (J bar lea ton ?This ia ? monthly record of trade end commerce, and ia very valuable as a commercial record. The pre sent number contains many powerful commercial and financial articles. Babxeb'* Ca?adia* Magazime, for May?Kingston : Burgess fc Stringer, New York ?The number before us contains some very Interesting literary articles, although the odes and aonnets are a far way below mediocrity. Povebtt: Its Iumal Causes, aj*o Legal Cone Part 1?By L. Bpooner?Bele Marsh, Boatea.?The name i of this work will suflclently indicate its character. The | author's analytical and reasoning powera are vary coo I aiderable, and be traces effects to causes, with a good deal of tact and force. The subjoct of this treatise should interest every politician, legislator, and political econo mist Littei.l's Lnrifto Ant, No. 110?Wm. Tayler, No. 3 Actor Honae, New York?A more then ustiaily interes ting number of this popular periodical. It containa a chapter of "St UUes and tu. James," in continuation. Tub Colombia* Macao***, for July?Israel Poet, No. 1 * Nccseu street, New Yertt?'The present number com mences the sixth volume of this popular periodical. It contains some excellent pepers .by Brougham, PaaUtog, Tuckerman, Hoffman, sud the usual lady contributor*. It U embellished with a mezzotint by L)or?y, (not m good a* usual; probably not Do ray'? fault, but the de signer's,) and a plat* of feahiou. (Jodev's Lady's Book, for July, 1846. Oodey, Phila dalphia?Long and Brother, 3'J Ann street, New York.? This it a verv excellent number, containing u continua tion of "the Literati of New York," and several paper* of intereitfrom popular contributor*. It is emb?llisbod with plates, engraving*, music, and a plate of fashions The Rules or Order?By Benjamin Matthias?Harm stead, Philadelphia?Ray fc Troutman, New York?A very excellent manual, useAU to debating societies and public bodies. Amebican Anolebs' Gi-ide?By an Amoricanangler : Long ft Brother, New York.?This is a neat little pocket volume that will prove very useful to those who practise the art of angling. We cannot omit saying, however, that we mustdissent from some of the views and precepts laid down as not altogether orthodox. The book ie well printed, and got up in a neat stylo. DiiTuancLL's Railboao, and Steamboat Dooe, is the title of a very useful book of reference for tiuvcllers. It i is published by Disturnell, 102 Broadway. Mexico Br.roEE a*d After the CoNqrrsT. By Mi I chael Chevalier. 1 vol. Carey It Hart, Philadelphia.? This is quite an interesting work, translated from the French by Mr. Tay Robinson, it will command an atten tive and general perusal; as everything that tonds to throw light on Mexico or her history is calculated to at tract attention. The OttEooitiA!*. By Charles fiaxton. Ward It Son, Washington, O. C.?This little work contains a very in teresting description of the Oregon Territory, its political condition, climate, soil, productions, fcc. Itc. Pri :e 12} cents. LECTt?RES AND ORATION DeLIVBBED BT THE Rev. J. P. B</RKr.,in the Church of St. <;olumbkille, N. Y. Edited by William Cranstou Hamilton. This is the title of a small volume containing four Lectures on the Eucharist, and an Oration delivered on last 8t Patrick's Day, by the Rev. Joseph P. Burke. The fame of this distinguished divine, and the eloquence and ability that characterize these productions, will ensure them an extensive circu lation, and an attentive perusal from leaders of every denomination. Police Intelligence. Jt'itt 56 ?Robbing kit Unclt ?A boy about 17 years of age, by the name ?f Joseph Brownlee, and a man cfiled John Taylor, were both arretted 1-tst night by officer* Parr in# and Lord, of the 16th Ward, charged with rob bing Mr. Henrr Brownlee, residing at No 141 8th Ave nue, of nearly $600 in gold, by opening a trunk with a falie key wherein the money was deposit? I ThU boy, it appear*, after stealing hi* uncle'* money, gave the greater pert of it to hi* accomplice Taylor, and with the alance, like a true bov, went to work f.urchaiing all kind* of notuontic'ii thing*. Much a* a patent dan y liurce, a banjo, in accordion, a watch, and vaiiou* other articles, and to cap the climax he purchased a lon^ iaile I monkey in Washington Market, called Jocko, at all of which hi* uncle makes a very long face, knowing that his money has sufleied for the puichase of such t'ollv. The boy acknowledge* stealing the money, and declare* that Taylor has rot the major part of the stolen gold Four twenty shilling gold pieces are all that has been recov ered of the money a*yet. Both committed to prison,for examination by Justice Merritt. A'?u> mode of railing a Fun ?A cabman called Joseph Euwin was a rested last night on a charge of robbing a man by the name of James Sommiscli. ?U) ing at present at the Rob Roy Tavern iu Greenwich street, under the following circumstances It appear* bommikeli wa< coming from the cteainboat at a late hour Inct nght, and wai accoited bv the accu?ej at the Park, wuu asked him if ha would ride. Upon being aniwared in the negative, and iefu>ing to go, the accused then 'aid he would carry him for nothing, and also take him to a goo boarding house; whereupon be consented to go; but, in stead ot thucabman taking him to a boarding house he drove him to a stable, at No. I0J Anthon) street Upon Sommeaili getting out of the ca i, the a<u'uie 1 tol 1 him that the twuse was shut up for the nignt, therefore, they must sleep in the I ay loft until morning, which he con sented to do However, in the course of the night he fait the band of the accused ia his pocket, and he (tw in) thinking he was asleep, drew out his pocket book containing i o 60. abstracted the money. and replaced the pocket book The stranger felt alarmed at this opera tion, but laid still until #a> light, when he caused the ar re*t of (he very hone*t cabman. Committed to prison for trial, by Justice Osborne Jin Inttlligtnct Man in a Fix ?An individual, called Edward Smith, alias Billings, who purports to keep an intelligence shop in Canal street, was arretted yesterday by officer Smith of the 6th ward, on a charge of an as sault and battery. It appears, from the facts in this mat ter, that a young man, a countryman, by the name of Horace Reede, applied to this man Hmith, for the pur pose of procuring a situation, and paid him $'J, as a fee, tor such *et vice. When after lending him to variou* places about the city, on a fool'* errand, without *ucce*t, be then began to think he wa* done out of hi* $3, conse quently he requeated Mr. Smith to return him the money. Thi* was, a* a 'matter of course, declined by Smith ? Whereupon, finding all his entreatie* useless, Reede Erocured the aid ot a friend, Mr. Asa Hull, and they oth proceeded t6 the office of Smith to talk the matter over. Soon after the interview, both parties became rather personal in their remarks towards each other, when Smith ordered them both out of tL? office. Mr. Hull not moving quite quick enough to please Mr. Smith, therefore he seized violently bold of Mr. Hull to kick him out. Whereupon Mr. Hull turned round and gave Mr. Smith a severe "drubbing," and fully determined to hare the $3 worth out of hisltide, a* it appeared impos sible to get it out of his pocket; and then afterwards made a complaint for an assault and battery upon him aalf, he having been struck first by Smith. Consequent ly a warrant wa* itcued, and the accused committed to prison, in default of bail. Charge of Embtxzlemtnl.?Officer Frally arretted yea torday a man called Dunning, of Baltimore, on a charge of embezzling or unlawfully detaining money, belong ing to Mr. John Quinn, refilling in tho 3d avenue, and 33d street. Locked up for examination. Pitil Larcmirt.?Charles H. Wright was arrested la*t night for stealing a silver watch, valued at $10, belong ing to Timothy Miller, of the sloop Sabine, lying at Jama*' Slip. Locked up. John Riley wa* caught in the act of stealing two water ca>ks worth $3, belonging to Fox and Livingston, No. 86 West street Locked up for trial. Court of Special Hraalona. Before the Recorder and two Aldermen. Jr*ie 37.?Mary Smith was first placed at the'bar thi* morning, on a charge of larceny, in being tound in po* session of a piece ol muslin, worth $3, on the outside of a store. Mary stated that she onl> took it into her hands with the intentioa of enquiring tae price, and had no ideaoi carrying U off. The Court thought otherwise, however, and directed that Mary should be locked up in the city prison for a coaple ot weeks. Mary McKee. charged with stealing a pair ef shoes, was next placed at the bar, acknowledged her guilt, and plead for a mitigation of punishment, on the ground that she was laboring under the effect* of a " wee drap" of the " crater" at the time, and was not conscious of what ahe was doing She was consigned to a fortnight'* im prisonment iu the Tombs. John Carey, for stealing a pair of pantaloons, was sent to the penitentiary for the torm of aix months. Henry Clark, colored, was next placed at the bar on a charge of stealing $9 from Joshua Huston, a fellow waiter on board the steamboat North America. He was adjudged guilty, and sentenced to be confined in the city prison for three weeks. William O'drien, a cab driver, wa* then placed at the bar on a charge of having, a few days ago. stolen a car pet b*g, containing a quantity of female clothing, worth 930, belonging to Mr*. Peet, of No. 707 Ureenwich street, by whem he was employed to convey her and luggage from the steamboat Empire to her residence as above ; but inataad of leaving all her baggage, he con trived to transfer the property in question from the top of the vehicle to the Inside, after the lady bad left it, and ?po off with the same. The property was subsequently eund at a place where it had been left by the accused, who was round guilty, and sentenced to be imprisoned in the penitentiary for the term of six months. Edward Stewart and James Churchill, for the commis sion of a petit larceny, were booked for a two months' residence on Blackwell's Island. Peter Fanning and Wm. Smith were adjudged guilty of stealing a quantity of sugar, and sentenced te spend three months on Blackwell's Island. Court fbr the Correction of Krror*. Present?Senator Lott, Presiding) Chancellor Walwoith and twenty Senators. Jcisr. 96?No-83. M. Wogan vs. M Haberabaw Mr. W. B. Lawrence concluded Tor defendant in error. Mr E. C (J.ay was heard in reply. Decision postponed till December* No 34 T Weoigo and al. vs s earned and ul.?Mr. E.uauvin Smith wan beard tor plaintiff* in error; ?1r A. C Oriswold lor the defendants in error Mr. E. Darwin Switb was beard in reply. Decision postponed until December. No 36. J. H Drowning and al v*. W. Hanford. iheriff, kc ?Mr. D. 11 Trossee was heard lor the plaintiffs in error. Iu Climnb' ra. Before the Chancellor Jtrwa 26.-7"St Bute km' JhtnnaUnn ? Soon after the association was convicted in the Cir-uit Court, of a nuisance for carrying on a smelting estaMUhmen' in 4th ktieet, at the comer of 1st Aveuue, a bill was filed by Ur. Joseph Blunt, at the instance of the inhabitants of the neighborhood, for an iniunctioa, to compel the par tiea to abate the nuUanee The injunction was granted, and served upon Measr* Reddabock, Elder, Devoe, Hamilton, and ilx other*, on the Sid June, netwithatan<i ing which the defendants have aince continued the nuisance- An application was made yetterday to the Chancellor in Chamber*, for an attachment against the different peraen* aerved with the injunction groanded on the affidavit ef perional service, and of rarioua affidavits made by the parties interested. His Honor took the pa pers, and said he would give hi* dedaion this morning. Superior Courts Before Chief Juittre-Jonea. Jen 96 ?Fee Btntthoitn vs Ruikt ?This e*n?e, re ported in the Htrali of yesterday, I* farther adjourned. Before Judge Vanderpoel. Harro liarrint ft. Harptrt, si. al -After a very able charge delivered by Judge Vanderpoel > esterdey morn ing. the jury retired. In about two hours afterward* they returned into Court, and stat?d they could not agree, and were discharged by consent. We understand tfity were nearly balanced Circuit Co"' t. Before Judge Edmonds Jraa ? **?.?Verdict /or plaintiff $1000 damagea and 6 cents costs. Court OaltndarwThli D*y. Scraaio* CfrliT-l, 104, 196, 106, 106, 107, 17, 119, 19*. Common Plni Before Judge Ulshosffer. Junk 20.?.Alexander Homier VI. Robert /Jewry.?This wu an action of trespass. Tha defendant keeps hit workshop in Rosavelt street, in which street tha lather of the plaintiff also resides It soems that a dog wm kept in tha workshop, and that plaintiff wai in tlie habit of going into the jirii, and wus, upon ono occasion, bit ten by tha dog. For tho defence, it was contended that the ownership of the dog by the defendant was not proved, and also that the defendant was in the habit of thwarting and irritating him upon those grounds. The defendant's coumel asked a verdict. The jury, however, rendered a verdict for plaintiff for $60. Before Judge Ingraham. Catharine Gnffney vs. Jamti Brady?This *?? an action for goods sold and delivered. The sum claimed was $126. It turned out that defendant did not fairly In struct his couascl. and he gave up the oase. The Jurv accordingly found a verdict fur the plaintiff for the full amount claimed. Robert L Skaw vs. .fm?> R. Thompeon, et sf?'Thle was an action against defendants as partners for goode sold and delivered. The claim was $147 74. Defeac-i set up was that no partnership existed between the par ties. Verdict for plaintiff for the full amount. Randall Harmon f Co. VS Same.?Tills was tn action for work and labor, brought against the same parties aa partners. The defence set up was the same aa in the last cause. Verdict for plaintiff. Fkom KiNGSTon.?We have dates from Kings ton, Ja., down to the 30th ult., but the paper* oontaiu little news. The business of Kingston was excessively dull, and a meeting of the Chamber of Commerce was summoned to take into consideration the depreesion.aul inquire lata its causes. Lord Klgin, the (lovernor of Jamaica, with his slater and his intant daughter, left for England on the 34th ult, on leave of absence, leuviug Maj Gen. Berkeley, to ad minister the government as Lieut, (lovernor.?N- O? Pic., June 18. Constitutional Convention?Thursday, Juno 25.?Mr. F. F. Backus callrd up bis resolution rtv quiring the Comptroller to report the value of the Erie and Champlaln canals, and the laterals, and of other public property .as heretofore published- and It was adop ted. Mr. wood offered a resolution of inquiry on the sub ject of giving to married women the control of their pre party. Referred. Mr. Perkins, a proposition for raising a select committee to report provisions for the suspension and removal of officers suspected of malversation. '1 able. Mr. Clyde, an inquiry in relation to the election of sur. rogates, district attorneys and countv treasurers Mr. Miller, a proposition for securing involate the right of trial by jury. Mr. Murphy's inquiry as to the prui riety of striking out of the constitution certain clauses in re lation to royal grants, was railed up and referied The question of granting leave to sit again on the article oi the constitution reported by Mr Morris.was considered? | and leave was granted. Adourned.?Albany Argue. V urlel It*. Vivx i a HuNit'n.? Somebody has been exhibiting in Boston the head ot u'pal, pui|>oi ting to he the heaa of the tigress that killed Van Ambui gn. ' Looa Ot'T roR * Scnutpmci.'The Worcester (Mass) Spy, cautions the public against a man named Loranzc D Mumiord, who paid a visit to that town a few davi since and after making some purchases, left his wlfe.roi parts unknown, with a note stating that she would never see him again. She is said to be a woman of intelligence about'JS y cars ol age. was married about a year sIdca, and was left among stranger* without means. She hai since returned to her parents. Lust Mo>kv FounbIt is said that some boys hi Port' land, Me., have found in the ground a box containing about f 11.000 in gol'l and silver It is supposed to be a part ol the money stolen from the Cumberland Bank, In that place, some 18 or 40 y ears ago. Kohmun Immigration.?Tha Boston Tiameript of tha 321 inst, say s The ship Onrco, fium Liverpool, which anived at this'port on Saturday, brought $66 steerage passpngeis 'I ho naliattis, from the same port, atriv?d yeatei< at . had 177 'i he sieamer Hot?ert Run kin brought on Tallin ay 8J steerage passcngeis, and the Charter Oak \eitenla) fiom Ka?ip<>rt. 54 cabin and 'Jid in the stuer.iu?, making 816 ou Saturday and Sunday. i'KAUTHJAL BOUK JvEEPLNG, M CEDAR STREET, BY C. C. MARSH, Accountant, author of the "Science of Doable Entry Bookkeeping Simplified, and the Alt e< Single Entry Bookkeeping improved. COURSE OF INSTRUCTION.?'The public is respect fall y informed snd assured, that tha Plan pursued by Mr. Marsh, if reaching that imi>ortaut branch, ia truly a course ol practice in keeping books, rather than an a ceorse of lectoree on the theory. To be practically useful, a more exact and particular know ledge of Bookkeeping is required than can possibly be impart ed by lectures. The pupil is faithfully instructed and well exercised ia all ihii various opersuous connected with a set of partnesship Books, in Opening, Conducting and Closing the same 411 mak ing out Trial balances, Balance Sheets, Accounts, Current Account Ssles, and in calculating interest, Discount, profits. Losses, Eqoatiou of Pa) menu, Exchanges, Currencies, kt. lie becomes familiar from actual use. with all the books cob* st i tut nig a set: and if a person ol good capacity, will by this course become a competent Bookkeeper in shunt "aa month, and will received a certificate to that effect Prospectuses, with terms, obtained at tha K?n o from ? A. M. totP. M. a22 lm*rh TASStiELS, GUITABLE for trimming hats, caps, blinds, shades, pie O tures, sons, umbrellas, parasols, eloaks, aprous, sleeves, bags, he Also, a variety of biudings and cords, for 1 wholesale, by J. kT. MAV NARD ml) lm?m ST Maideu lane, comer nf Willis IB iiUWAKU tux, dkaFek AND tailor, INVITES the attention of the public to the most extensive stock of readv nude clothing in the city, adapted to spring snd summer trade. In addition to the ready made, the subscri ber offers for inspection the most desirable selection of psece goods in the market, of every color and pattern, and the supe rior skill employed in the cutting and manufacturing depart ments is such aa enables the subscriber with confidence, to In vite the attention of genUemen who prefer to have their gar menu made to order. The above stock having been selected with great care, and bought for cash alnue, is a strong induce ment Tor all to call who wish to purchase st least >0 |ier cent leas than st those houses who are obliged to do business apoa >he credit system. N. B.?Officers of the army and navy are particularly invi ted to call and examine a large assortment of superior blue cloths and cassimeres, which will be made up st the shortest "?*?"" " * ?WitoWFSh Brwtoar. near Fulton st, opposite to the Franklin House. CARD a 0 rL J AMESA-SWAJN. tiJUUI THE Subscriber having become interested in the above house,respectfully requests the patronage of his customers and friends. Orders entrusted to his care will be attended to wWs LEFT-OFF WARDROBE AND FURN1TUKJC WANTED. THE highest price esn be obuined by ladies aad gentlemen who wish to dispose of tneir left-off wardrobe aad fnrai tare. By sending a line to the sabscriber'a residenee, 'hrough the Post Office, it will be promptly attended to. J. LEVENSTYN. SSa Broadway, ap stain. Ladies can be attended to by Mis. J. Levenstyn. mylt tm'rrc GENTLEMEN'S LEFT-OFF WARDROBES WANTED. Families desirous of converting Into GENTLEMEN Ut Cash their su uperfluous ClothingJewelnr, Fire Arms. kc., may do so to their advantage tr^bwflng lor the Subscri ber, who will attend at their residence by appointment. H. LEVET, No. (Wall st.. N. Y. A Hue through the post-office, or otherwise, will be paeo aally attended to. sayTT lm?r CAST OF> CLOTHING AND FURNITURE Wanted. LADIES OR GENTLEMEN having any east off clothing or furniture to dispose of, can ohuin a fair cash price for the same, by sending for the subscriber, at his t No. M Duaoe street, or through the Poet Office, whic nuctually attended to. M. 8. CI V. B?Ladies can be attended to by Mrs. M. 8. CC ab lm*r BATHING, HAIR DRESSING, SHAVING. AND WIG MAKING. PHALON, No <1 Broadway, Jndaoa'? Hotel, *0 Loot known at 2H Broadway, conceiving that a finely vni( ed and well conducted Bathing Di|?nin?nt was nec hm ry to complete hi* arrangement for the comfort and commI race of hia u-imerou* natrons, ha* now the plaasar* of inform ing them that aoch I desideratum. where iharing, Hair cat ting, ehxmpootng and bathing, can ba carried on in style, mpy ba found at hia new place, Jadaoa's Hotel, in BroMwiy. The Baths are ausarpasaed by any in thacity for comfort uid convenience. and can accommodate TN per*on Hot. Cold, ud Shower Bafha. liatrT^atiing, with elean braiht* for ?n?h per*or, baring been a feats re in liia bu*iuea* for many years, he wanld ID form gentlemen that he will, aa aaaal, (tea that baauch of Us haaineaa hi* t<er<onal aitenimn ml} lm*r RLivJOVAL A J. CUNMIXOHAM ha? removed hi* stock of Watches, I * <'locks, Jewelry, Silver llated and Britannia Ware, troaa 224 to 172k B?wer>, (new atnrea) oppoaite Delance etveef.? (Md. Hilirr and Spectacles from Satin Ui f HI; Peri to caJ from %i i0 t.> $10, Ulaaaea of all kmda and to rait all lights. 'locks, Jewelry, Silver llated and Britannia Warn, tr ? MM caJ Irom I.' i0 t?i HO. (Jlaases ol all kind* and to rait all aigals, Zmulil ai'd fitted.Watchra. I l-.eka. levrlrv and MnaiC Botes ' '* ^ *r I'AFE R fi A N G J N O. HOWELL % BHOTHMI*. Manafectarecaand Importer* of f*?per Hanging*, having opened la New York alty t branchuf their Philedelphiee?taliIi?bincot, would reapectfallf call iM* attention of the citiseus of New V orfc and other) wanting good* in their line. u> their elteualve aaeortmrat o4 PAPKR IIANOINOS, Border*. Fire Board Pnnta, Cnrtaii Pawn, and all oiher article* in their line of bn*inaaa. H. k. B. have received from the laatitatea for tbeeaeumraM. ment of l)otne?tic Manulacturea in the citiea of New York. Philadelphia and Boston, eilver medala 'or the "nunfactor* ot eir good*, flatter themaeleaa that they can eel! better araaJee thn sanM money than can be purchased eieewkera. FRESCO PAPERS. The enbaenbers woald particularly call attention to their large seaortment of Fresco Papers for parlors, and Colama Papers lor halls, Pablic Rooms, Kntriea, lie., he. Also, Ct-grsiie Parens, anew article for windows. Papering ol Kooms, Halls, lie., promptly allaadad to bf careful workman. Connrry merchants and city dealer* will find it to tMl ad vantage to sue as a call. HOWELL h BROTHER*, No. W Br?adway. a5 lm*rrc Two doors ahoee the *'itv Hotel. rAKb NOTlCb. THE Subscriber haring made arrangements, and con?ider*. bly enlarged hia premise*, is now randy to 4oall kind* at Blacksmith and Machine work in general on the moat reaaona hie terms, at the aloriatt i.otiee. oV,-1"*4"- - -"?-SMaSftwyw-4 ntaim'm ?i k tn *nrin? arret VhaiTkTms AND Ml II UK All, n Mott street, near Walker <tree!.-JAMK* PAKIl. having recently mtro dnced a team machinery into his Baking KataMiehment, is en abled to prodncn a rary saperior article In Ship Bread and WKTll Lm*r

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