Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 27, 1846, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 27, 1846 Page 3
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?f the strict adherence to this principle, M* ohar? I tan with these conditions hare bean repeatedly I refused, and It is a matter of much doubt what system will ba adopted, upon the aspiration of | the present charters. The individual liability clauia, ( to a certain extent, would be attended with many advantages, and if propeily adapted and strictly adhered . to, would prevent a great deal of difficulty periodically , experienced la the financial and commercial wot Id. But there ia a possibility of thia feature being carried too far, or we might aay of ita being improperly applied, io tb?(t its existence would be attended with a great deal of mie chief. It la something new in the hiatory of incorporated companies in thia country, and aa there ha* boon ao much swindling carried on by the financiers of the pre' aent age and ao many defalcation*, capitaliata, both of limited and extended me ana, have well grounded feara of becoming Involved in aome of theae modern financial movement*. Every atockholder In any stock company becomei peraonally responsible for the amount of hia atock. that ia, he la intereated to that extent in preserv- 1 ing and sustaining the credit of any company In whieh he has an investment, beyond this, it ia difficult aa a gene ral thing to go. AVe would suggest to the different legia- . lv.ures the policy of passing laws, compelling the Pre?i- , dent and Directors of every banking institution in the i different States, te give such bonds aa will cover the lia- i biiiiies of the banks, the affairs of which they regulate ! ar.J control, and for any mismanagement of which, they . ahould be personally and individually responsible. By placing the individual liability clause in this way, where . ita operation would be direct and to the purpose, there would be a lass number of bank explosions, fewer defal cations, and a better regulation of our banking inatitu tions generally, than we have over yet enjoyed. Old Stock Kxrhance. $!('00 Ohio C's, lttU 93 lift shs Harlem KR 50\ lilifl . do 93'i 100 do SlO iOW lixiU lad Dol Bds, 31 yrs 33 liO do 50tJ "i on do 3J? ICO do 6o 461 00 Penn i's 30ds C9V IPO do 190 MW 5UWI do s'O 6\ M do btj 50U i56i>0 do *30 r?*< SO do slO H"0Beading Bonds "7\ 100 do b!6 5o>, 5000 do *7*2 300 Nor ?c Wor BR MIS i J0 she Farmers' Trust 17} do 53>, 400 do S.J'4 too do snw JUV,' 300 Morris Canal 13V JO do al6 68U 26 do 13K 50 do a20 68M 160 r?nron Co 3l? 60 do bnw 58H 100 Long Isl RR s30 33 100 Reading RR 68>? V00 do UK 300 . de sGO fig too do s30 33'a 60 do 160 do tt.l( 60 Btoaingtoa RR mo do b?0 33 60 do 46 360 do 33 i Utica fc Sch RR 116 Heron (I Board. 90 shs Viekaburg >00 f,W 360 shs llarlem ?30 60 36 Nor k Wor 58)4 26 F-trmera' Loan 60 d ? 6*x 60 Stonington b30 60 Harlem 60 lftw Hterk Kichange. 36 ths Canton Co s30 34 hi 60 shs Farmers' Tr 8tV 2) do b3 31100 do b30 _ 2'i do s30 3IJ< 60 Harlem RR >3 60 SO >ha Nor It Wor cash 58 60 do Saturday 60 36 do Saturday M}? 60 do b3 SOW 36 do cash .6#J? 60 do blO SOU 86 do s30 58 C 160 do cash 30 Married, On the Id instant, by the Rev. Mr. Burchard, John Craft, of Sing Sing, to Miss Lksvkr, of Connecticut mod. On the 2.6th instant, Mart Mr ha*, eldest daugh ter of th* late John Mehan. aged 14 yeara and 4 month*. The friends ef the family, and of her brother, John llafferty, are Invited to attend her funeral, this after noon. at 6 o'c'ock. from her late residence, 108 Bowery. At Louisville. Kentucky, (of two days illnea-) May Stub, 184ii, at the residence of her son George, Mrs. Marion Gowans, 74 yeara of age. She waa born in the county of Lanark. Scotland, in 1771, emigrated to the United States in 1811; from that time to the period of her d?a<h she alternately residod in the Slates of Indiana, Ohio, and Kentucky. " She left this world without a tear, Save for the frienda she held so dear." Rh'.V H. CONNELLY, of Bloomingburgh, will preach, Provic'eucr permitting. next Sabbath, Mth instant, it the n u^l hours, in the Filth Associate Reformed Church, Jsue stretl, be ??a the Eighth Avenue and Hudaon sheet. jv'il lf?rc lost; ON Tharsdiy evening, 24tn instant, while geing from Niblo's ili.ounh Broadway and Houston to Sullivan it., ? lilack silk ' a|>c, edged with black la. e. The finder will be trwaidrd and receive the thanks of the owuer. by leaving it at No 397 llmlson ttreet. J27 It*r LUS'i', ABOUT two weeks aince, ? Gold Pencil,'he top eontain iug red corfeliati, engraved with the initials A. B. in old Knglisn letters, under a stag. Any one returning it to owner, A, 27 Wall street, ahall be saitably rewarded. je27 Iff WANTED, A RESPECTABLE 1 oung Man as Clerk, in a large board ing home. He matt understand the business audbeab'e to keep the book*. f-?r which a fair salary will be paid. Ad <lre- \ B C.. ?i ihiaoffice jnl ,tt*rc WAiVlED, A SITUATION by a young man who Ina been employed in a g>-utirm<n's furnishing store. He would not object to any other buMuess. He is a smart aslesmau, a good uen man, and capable of keeping books. Hew..old be fonua an acquisition to any one wantinr ? trustworthy and active as sist nt. He can give the best of references. Addre?s A A., care of M Woolf, 7J?Willism street. jrJ7 Jfrc WANTED, A SITUATION aa Ostdener, who can give the best of re ferences Irom his last employer. Address J. B. ?t this of fice, or No 10 liuion court, University Place, between I Ith ami '2'h street je3C if r wanted, A PURCHASER for a corner Orocery Alan, for s Porter Hon e. one ..fill- heat in the city. Also, for a first rate caah l.ive-y > Utile with coaches, caba, horses, lie. Wanted, ? lartuei, with ?ii hundred dollars, in the Kurniture and Un dertaking b??iuesa, alieady established. This is a good cnanae to make muuey. Apply to GlLLESPlE, JJ2 Pearl at. Je?5?f rc - AKEW active Young Men to go South or West, to act as Ageuta for the sale Of new and popular Publications. ?000 over and above their expense* will be insured to them in writing, with an opportunity of clearing $1,000 per year. Home men now in onr employ will, no doubt, make over J1,000 per year clear of all expense. Each man will have his ?strict. It will be necessary lor them to hare at least from tit i? $60 to obtain a good fitting oat. Apply at FRENCH 8 1 abliahing Hall, 291 Broadway, up stairs, Office of the Flag of nur t'aion. All letters most be poet paid, myltlm'rc TCAVllLIES in want of honest and faithful servants, vixj? f Coeks, Nurse#, Ice., also Coachmen, Waiters, Clerks, or Laboreis, ean be supplied with such aa hive g'?od city re ference , by applying or sending t? isirdsall's Office, W2>* B oadway, ? lew doors above Caual street, Eaat side. JeM iw^m MR. CHARLES BALAND. FROM COPENR AliKN, is requested to call at the office of the Danish Cousalate, 69 West street, where he will And le.ters. New York, Jane 25th, 1SI0. jeK 1 w*r F LITERARY NOTICE. THE PUBLIC are leapt ctullv iuf.inucd that the pabliev linn of 4Vlr. PUE'8 Opinions of the New York W riters, will be coutiaaed under all circumstances. At the same time thit the publisher* ol Oodey's Lady's Book and Arthur's Va faiit.e la obliged te his ?> mnalliising friends for tbeir fears he ?s not to be diverted from tus course. Oat of the twentv t'.ree that have been publialied, there haa been but one to ob ject. He tefereto the various notices published Irom time to lime ou the cover of his Msgaxine f>r the popularity of these Ijapera throughout the United States?they are read by more Ont Hundred Thouiand Prrioni' The nest number will contain notices of the following:? Barak Niargaret Keller, I J'tnes Lawson, Mrs. C. M. Kirkland, Prosper M. Wetmore. Mrs. E. C. Kmbarv, I Epes Sargent. Also, No. 1 of t-e Artist of America, by a competent hand. 9 L. A. UODKY, I JeJ7 lt*r Philadelphia. MILITARY EQUIPMENTS. FIREMEN'S CAPS. r|*HF. SUBSCHlBtR reapectfully calls the attention of the A military pablic to his assortment of Military Equipments adapted to all companies; Military Caps, Knapsaeks, Boxes a d Bnyonet Ccanharda of every variety. Country compa nies, sbout changing their uniloruts, or those about forming uew companies, will be supplied ? ith simples. FIR* CAPS?FIRE CAPS. A. fall aeeoitmeut of every variety constantly on hand, and ?>> de to erder at the shortest notice. je 7 IsrSrc II. T. OKaTACAP. J92 Broarfwav. rntiuOA, iSfcW Hhii.hlu.v BLANC ARD haa the honor to inform his friends and ? .'he pub ic in general, that the Pavilion is now in full operation and prepared for their reception. _ N'earn boats rBI between P er No. i. North River, and New Brighton, at the following hoars, vit:? krom New Brighton. I from New York. t, II A .VI. 9. II V M. ?, ? P. M. I JX, 5, 7 P. M. r HUAXARD. Pavilion, New Brighton, June I, 1040. j27tf rc THE ABBEY HOTEL, LLOOMLNGDALE ROAD. pAPT. M. H TKUfc.81 ELL. late of the North R ver, V/ paving taken the above hnuse. begs leave to inform hie I lead- and the iwblie. that he is now p. en .red to accommo date f millea and ? ingle gentlemen, with boaid and lodging., oo reasonable teims for the eeasoa. 'J be ?i'?*tiou of 'he above place ean not be surpassed, aad the grounds connected therewith aad the river view, renders it ti e most des<ratle summer raaidence. ee well as a daily re >o t ae is Wi he found in the vicinity of New York. The ta ble will be tapplied with all the delicacies of tie seaeea, Md no espease spaied to make visiiei* cot,finable Br>akf??t, Umne end Supper served ?t all limee. The Bar is at.eked with Winee and Liqaors of the choiceet brands, ae well as -eg rs Alee, tu. lea Creame and other refieshmenu ?o. st??ily on head. N ? ? Moore's Line of Maabattaav lie Stages peea near t??e door rverv forty miaa*ee during ??e day, le'vmg New Tork fn m City Hall. There ie also a lint rate Stable attached to i ha i'r- PI mii'i d>l?. Jnne TTth. IMd. Jef7 lw?rc rm a i h i u, LONO BRANCH. N. J. THE SLBSCHIBEh will opaa the Saa Baack Hoase, for X t*>e reca linn of visiter*, Jane 90rn. The ste>u.i>net Oris fmm the f'^t ol Fultna street, aad rd win ewiefr. a? loo of Veea> street, both rau daily t? the ? ?cava H?u-s,where tfagea ara alwa tin reed neeetn convey rs eturva to tiia Branch. H. HOWL AND k C\J. lw*re BO OKS OF HERALDTy; T. BROWN, QTOKE SEAL ENURAVKR and Her-Id Prinrer, m iJ BrO'dway, oppoeite the Park. Coars of Aups, <'rret?, Cypltort, Itr., e graved on a>oue or braae. Ladies'Seels, Pignet Kings. Pencil Csaea, Keys, lie., engreved^with arme or ant daviee. Diamonds. Topaiea, lie bought in the rough or cat to M? form Coata ol' Arms founa and painted in any ?!>l?. from and upwards, and forwarded to any p*rt of the Ui'i ed Ht?ie? or Canada. Books of Heraldry kept, with epwarda of ?, Cn -lames. itr lt?re HA VAN A TOBACCO LEAF AAD IMPORTED SEQARS. AH BALES Havana Tokaeao Leaf, almoat all wmnpers, mmsmmmnSi rpHE NEW YORK AND HAKLEM RAILROAD CO. JL ucuuw prepared to commute w?tli in^ividuala to any point along their line of roidb?t*ei?Niw York and Whit* Plains, at m der** ratea. for three, all. or t*elv? m on tha.? Ticket* iaaurd firat <>f January. AprU, July and October For further particular* rixjuire *t the office of tha Company raitiea, Schoola aud Military Cumnom daalroaa to make eicHrcoiia. will be accommodated uu reasonable terma by applvin* at the office. June 77th, 1040 jelT Iwrc NEW JEICSKY KAIL ROAD AND TKA.NS PORTATION COMPANY. SSS3 j8BSjim FOURTH <>F JULY EXCURSION TO PHILADELPHIA, AT REDUCED FARE, COMMENCING on Thur?<)ay, the W Jnlr, ISM, with tha , ? o'clock A. M Train, from tha foot of Liberty at. N R. To afford at npj>ortttMty, at reduced fare, to tha cititenaof New York to Tint 'heir 'rirnda iu Philadelphia, on tha 4th of July, arrangement! nr- made to fumtah iwaaengara with an eacurainn ticket for fonr dollara, entitlinc the purchaser to a paeaage to and from Philadelphia, with eithar of the following train*'-? Returning from Philadelphia. on tha 4th July, at 4k r. m. "ith " } j m. and 4 W train/:?"" From New York. 9A f l ?n MJ?!r1at9 a,M.,Md4Xr. M. 4th " 9 . t0 York w^| b, SKsiifesS "'?'i'o nil'01- "'""'t? '?chIiwir-Su?id,V*J Sli teSwARV" ^^^teStfcSHSSS*. If. Jr -ireet 9; Pier No | V u ik 1??rter M., and return by g o'clock' n. "all piat 9 o't lock A Bait furuiahed. Ki.h,n*u?ku Cfoeided onboard ? ceuta for the eicuraiou Ph, h?#ti ?l?" eharge. F?te fifty caraiona. aptly 1 he B?ff<l? oan be charter.,) ft,",'/ ?P"? at. P?th Amboy. Cap,,!;; Fw"mB mT'w! Ak?ANy. ? 1 ?'cl ockrHam mon datrett 'J! l""' ey ?treetat quarter before5*Clinr?'T putfo?'?< Del", of f niton atreet, llrooklm' atreat at 2 o'clock; foot R .-t hall'-paat 3 k,v'1' " Q??ner paat 2; Pier No 2 N. ?ccommodntiouj, with ud ritrnMra *?ryeoure.n^nt for .n'd'fc ft"'"" ?f the ocean'InH^'len? opportunities to f^ah2iV.0f&#Ci,y , J??Ltt?W*f.rth. entire e,euraion. ? EW FEKhy ^WeaST- I fort Hamilton < 'boV.Nw?|;^?\V,"rH.2ath' ?.?. ! SJ.AM. I?V A 1 'K'S1- c<7?' P.M. 8 M. ? X 3* ?' ** 1 P.M. 2 3 " J " I ? ? i :: I Fort Hamilton each way SW t,^ 8>i " i f-S'" ; ,?S' o'clock, A. M. . H??ey. '*'and. 1U '? ? o'clock, A. M. ,; ?. ^ % ? p.v T?TrF-~-";-?'-'n?iuh A"jS""!-! ' 1 " 18th '"*t ,rnu the above line from *JninH'0 "'i' *^ler MouUay, | ?^f?rPrieLa'WM ,UMl " I rrpprietoia. to suffer ?*ab?rra*|!uf<,t fV' by ,he change of I earned popul rity M. St S pledaL thl?> f of 'M " ell dtl.'geut atte ition, to fully auatain it ^ M by atnet and *iw r:;?f the ^ co,,d?ct.d "wSiSThT^ur^0"- - ?UiUir5X- UK pa^kV^ o"1 ,.1ray.S2fi?^to.-p.cis.rfA. u?v^l?t Ju'v. u,mau,ler- wi aail paaitireiy on Wednei iooatiu^Tw^c*?iry*mim^r^wi!h ir"1* "re 1",e(l out a ment and couvcuieuce, that cannot h? t ^ I*0*?'"1 imiiroTe [.hoee embarking. Per?oi.a riaitina tl?nl/ comfort of lor their fnenda, ahould call ^nd ,,L ,h?. . i u'j 7' or ?">?l'"g nara architecture, before enirajrotv .|J Le" ?pecimen of iu cabin, arconil cabin, and atref,a? -1?" r ''?or lw,?-'ge ^xst00 bo"d'ii>ot <>{ Vtl^irtouri je??rc 35 BROTHERS & CO ~ ^ , ,Fn"?;t- ("c,t ^ "?'he Kultou Bml > POOL.?Packer o^the H^ofjin" -ThH L/ V W* SHfe&S."tlisi feTif &jh\p ? ^r'ck: thia morning. n. lraak. wUI aail poaititely ?)na obon't to?embarker Ue"5^oo2^r,i^'1w*IId ?pVrdl' fereuce^t^^Vy'oth#r,C'^!^t^^l^^'?tl*t^"', li^e'iu'p'rat ?*ery way more comfortable aitd^?i? renden tbem ?malt clr<j; ?d their thtn ?<?P> of. and ataence |>aiaeagera, it ia well known .^i ,eeot:''cabin "I- other line of picket. r>r?^ '"Perwr to thoae bertha ahoald not fail to mnk. 10 ?ecure > the foot of WUI atreet. or?o "'V WiwtioB on boart^M Attfieir General Paaa^. Offic^is'so';. ,T ..TA ^'OTT, J*W r H ? "south atreet, aecoud ioor NewYo5?S^^^5?^^X!rD T7-? p'oaaU Monday. 2?th inataaL Th ^'<ru'*r,''icket. 114K packet bark GENKSKT rivffi' Tb* *'elf?"t faat aail. *K * J her regular day' maater, will poaitireiy I ,,rp^ foodr"r-who win "m U,d kM jnly ?? ^"?i-iaTdi"1 Wi" *? et'oV 5 P^ek r3'tewwa Price ofpaaaage tlOO *' C0LLIVBkC0., le South at the ROS/'iVri? ?0^9' E B. Cobb maater -ill Jerr r?^ ' *"<??? ?? th. ago, Ai^Th? iSS^JSIr" FOR GLASGOW?Lis* of racket*?Hegul*r . Packet lat July?1 he fine, uew, faat tailing packet ?ihi?> BROOKSB V, 440 toiu, Hugh McLweu mailer, win >a i at above, her regular day. for freight of the balk of 340 barrel* light freight,or paaaage havng excellent accommodatioua, apply oa board, foot o I Dover etreec, or to WOODHULL It MINTURN, B7 South it. The packet bark ADAM CAKR, 400 lonvwill ancceed liia BrooKtbr, aad tail on her regular day, lat Augu*t. j?J7 r< PACK LT~9HIPTOUWVIL L E from New Orlaana, u ducharging at Pike alreet Wharf Couaig- eea will pleaaa at'end to the receipt ol their good* immrdiatel v. Jtl in PACKICT SHIP ROSTIU9. I'rom Liverpool, ia diacharg i?g ander gmeral order, at Orleaaa ? hart, foot of Wall at. Couaigueee will pleaae attend to tha rtCript of their good* im mediately. J*! m A* KtT bHIP HOTTINOUER, Iron Liverpool, ta diacharging und?r general oroer, at weat aide Burling Slip. N. B ?All gooda sot permitted -nu?t be aeat to publie Mora. WOODHULL k MINTURN. j, an ?r <*.?irh at PtlRTER HOUSE FOR SALE, WITH IMMLDlATtt POMEl?8ION.-The meipirrd leaaa of ait > car*. wi?n Bar, fixture*, lie., lie., of that wall known 'I avain nlird Exchange Cntt ge comer Church ajidVeae> atxeeta. Thuuan extvllrnt opportunity for any Perion wiahi.ig to eini?ark into tlie grocery or victnalliiia bu ? I'-eas. having ample accot-irodvinna for boarder* or >od?ing* The * h'i|- hoaae ha* lately uudeigoue a thorough rarair. hot tenna eaqnne ea tha premne*. Jat7 3t*r FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS RFAVARD~ l TML hoaae of tha eahecriber, in Park afreet, waa forcibly entered ia hia abaence, <>n tha night of tha 17,h May.and U?* following articlaa taken therefrom: Uaa doable caaa Gold Dni lex Watrh, Chain and Seal i wniia cornelian atone with anchor aad "Hope, made by lieu Loodoa, No. Im chronometer balanced, enam elled dial. ^>ne Amethyat Seal, engraved A. L. with itag'a head act ia One Oold Pencil < aaa, t"P?x atone, engraved atag'a head w 4 A. L.i it.a name* William Appleton and Abb?m Law ranee engraved on the aide One Oold Panail Laaa top., atone, with tnrqnoWr. One Mirer Pencil Caaa, with Pe. knife .ttacheJ, Marked J. T. Together with a qnantitv of European and Aa*ricaa Oold aad Ml?a* C?>aa, aad aoate other -mall art elaa. A reward of Two Ha d.ed Dollar* will ha paid for iha re'orery of the watch, a"d double their valaa for the letam of the aeal and pencil caae*. Aad Three Ha drad Dolar* for tha ?ppreheoiloa aad oon rtetioa ol tha burflar or ha glar* ABBOTT LAWRENrE. B-wn Jane ttd. IX* tt'??rw ? BIHU CAtlr. .WA.>lTltCTl!ll( ! , IJk Bprotg ilinl, t* tweea Woo*tar and Lanren* atreet.?Tne aalitcrllier would inform hi? cuatnmer* and the public in geueral.that ha keep* con*tantl> on ha> d a large ?u]>i>tr of fancy and com mon Bird (^agaa. of every description. AI*o, Wood*.,, Ce dar aad Willow Ware. Brntnaa, Baikal*. Mat a, and a general aaaotrment of articlaa naually kept in a Wooden Ware ftnie, all of which ha offer* lower thau thor can b? nought elte where. J. KhLLY. ielJim*me \ l ANTh fcS, MANGLES?Newandtecoad hand, for?ale ? ?i gli*?p Bell Hanging for Hot*I* on improved Ito'i ,*,ii''g* made and pat ap in any *tylt; Lnckamithing aid Cl&i-kamith work dona at redaced ratea for ca*h, by DUNCAN It WE&T. _Je?S 3t#re 4 Little Oreen *t, near Liberty *t.. N. Y. HARDWARE, CUTLERY AND A W. 8PIKS k CO., hariac removed to >1 Maidea Lane, ii>wili k?w irian lar am* ? up mil vmm. *^ia*fk AUCTION It on CM. C-t*la jrr I , ? WM. \r SH1RLEV. Auctioneer. _ , itllfefeEfSfeS -cond.?rd.rW nnfurtes. ?,'l',;t?,.v'.v. :;&? a"si' i... FO/t SALE. . . ONE halfofthe Stock. HOUsV^No. wiu-kuown and 0^hV;^,'^^18M?H?^r,rii.ror ,J fcswvssi "iS?S&r?"-fe ^VSItJSJy'SSA ?? uae??i*ed lea..toru=.,wi5uh. '"i,a.'K.jJSB."-~? .-gw.'ffijaaaafc? H,uoniiind W^|t^?' '^ .h. subscriber U un.bte II will ^tdW|^?,V^^n^?^Ut?ltK For further ioatteudto it bim.^r from o nnn? on therremis.s, or U.rra.t.oD enquire ol Tbo??J,JJAg ualla<&KR, of tli* subscriber, Mo. 16 front street. 1 J?27 ?t? rc unrHk'tt TO LET?In Hoboken. new the Kerry? [ Two three .tory brick houses, reut (200 i year, with T775V I WO tnrtf ?vu?y lw?rc ?t Hobo ken ?j ~ STORE TO LET, iu the llenM Building., No. JT Nmuu street. Apply on the premiere. 1"A ? n rc ,"_,7 Til LKT?The lame Storehouse corurr of Th*me? M street Mid Trinity Place: rent moderate. Poe.e..?on J"il.oBtbe lstol July. Apply to gHEpHERDt J?? ><"< M*W> ,tT**t,_ A FOKT^NtfOF"" $50,000 FT>fl 97000 ! -tUhctio-e-. Panama. Manilla.^Srm and ca,a 9l ?"je^lw-m 103 Fulton .treet. 7S ut^ 1 Lfc.v.EN'? SUMMER HATS-The new ?t>le ^oys?mm?rH.M^ r? "PANAMA HATS^A UuX? by i ,?2Jlwi?*r 1M fnlton et.. Son Bnilding*._ CITY LADIES, andtadies from the Counuy. wUhiu* iKeir eupplie. of shoes for the coming I'ason, can Ifiud at J B MILLfc.R'8, 122 Canal street, ladies 811 pper?. Ti?san Buskin, at 9 and 10 shillings per pair: second quality SJiP; JLrA?H Tie. at 6 and Buskins at 7 shillings the pair; ladies ff .w Burnet 1? and S"and made to orJer at 20 shillings, t the city PanicuUr attention pvd lo ??? ^/io wi^aMSiome fit. Ladie. wil rU^lland rial nine for theauelri.. at J; B. MlLL^*^ '"'1 TtvmP'O" Ma. | 11 t A 1*1. A iUA WIGS, ^rNTI irMKN'SBeal Head's of Hair, being the latest and ulvlieicht a%>int in wi??akin? never before atuine? of venttlfttiiiff or fommff woiK. To*J fit ou the head\iy . yrss? V- ? -A?l of living man. C?PVhALON*?1 Broadway, opposite the le'-6 lw*re Hm>l. ni.der liid?on ? Haim FOrt SALE, , . rr*HK GOOD WILL ndFitnirrtol a Con^ tc,lou#f?'?tt.r ; ''"43 WHtRt lh. followine fre.t utrmcuon. w II P frtjnl W rd?Cloth bt^b LinM?." heck Line.., SI to 816; Alpecea. Croton, Brown Line '0q hl f?hmr cotch aud other Oingliami. Twc . Drew and Shad \ A,.,.., e"?;ird " wT l)%H()l)T 8t' O ? 102 Fulton ?t UAD CHAMJALILKS, Jtc. " WnR . VI h HAUOMWOIIT. Ml *ud 563 Broadway, re ?iieclfull > inriie the ?tleiitio? of those wuhinf to pur Mmmsammk '"*? * wmmt Tsrietv of the newest patterns Girandolee. Sou? Limb ic , em/racing all the latest improvements m t hiUdrfpliir whose ^ mM.factnteis u e.U aS??,saSK plim. nt:? irh ,t display in the Kair is made by Cor roi-e, eiaimned , ..i^. Md i?T his report aay.:-" That Scotland ??ni .otnrri * - . rimeM pnrpoii of although he ei.ited eice||eue? for the iuterior of -1- '~?S.dC* entire .atisfaetloo. WHITING. ANY peraon engaged in thia business, desirous of selling his eittbliihmrut, mar hear of a purchaser by addressing a note to the Herald office. Or any person having a pair of Whiting Stone* which they wiah to ?ell, may lend to the same place a note addreaaed to je2i 3f rc RUDOLPH SCHWARTZ. JOHN P. SEELE. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL JEWEL AND MOROCCO CASE MANUFACTURER, 151 Fulton U.. up Uairt, near Broadway. N. York. JEWELLEK'B Show Cases, fitted np with fraya to con tain w.tcbes, chains, rings, breast piua, thimblea, peocil Caaea, lie. Alio, Lsdies' and Oentlemen's TrarelHng. Writing and Dressing Caaea, Jewel Caaea. Miniature Caaea and lettiafi, Klute Cases, Razor Cun<, Surgeon'a Instrument Cuei, ta les f r Silver Plate neatly arranged. A variety ol the above articles constantly on hand, and mmle to order, with nearneaa and despatch. jc23 lw*rc OK EAT T E MFK K.ANCE BEVERAGE. THt HUBSCKIBEH offers the following rare Winee of the higheat grades, aa follows:? Msdeiras?Ia pipes, quarter casks, and in glo?, of the fol lowing honsea:?Howard, March & Co.. Newton, Oordou It Co., Blackburn, Otieviers, he., kc.; vintages of 1793 up to IMS. Sherries? Pale, Oold and Bmwn^in btnts, hhda. and quar ter tasks, alao in glass, of the following celebrated housee:? Pemaitin ill Co., P. Garvey, K X. Harmony It 1,0., Haniie, Nephews, and other houses, at Xtret sod St Marys Porta?Very superior in quality, from Geo. Andaman It Co.. Hunt, Roop U. t o. and others, direct Irom Oporto. CI ireta?Pure Chateau Margaux, do La'tonr, La'rose, Co* da estornell, with a great varirtv of other branda. ' Champagne?Highest coat and quality. Hucka?Johanneaberger, Striuberger Marcnbrunuer, Hin ter>>su?er; Aasirauishauieo, ied; Bronneberg, Peisporter. Burgundies?Clos da Rougeot, Chambertin, Kotnannic, Volnay, Beauae, Satterne, Barsac. ALSO, Old Cognac Brandv and Jamaica Rum, oolv to be used in lickness, alsj directious lor using it. Apply to jrJ4 3t rc OILBr.RT DAVIS, 4J Pine at. FOK. SALE CHEAP FOR CASH, THE lease of the Bowling Saloon, No 450 Broadway, con aiating of four Alleys, Kiitures. Bar, Tables, Csrpets, Furniture tic. complete for aaeh an establisment, and lease offe prem<?es for lour yeara, from tha 1st May 1144, at the rental of $150 per annum. The premises are now rented out for a short time at the rata of $700 |irraiiiiam. ? or fuither pariiculsra, tha property, We., enquire at the office of the subscribers, POhTER k M'MAHON, Atty'a at, lie., i'M Iw'r No. * City H II Place, or III >ntre ?t. Eaci^LMOU bU.N^iliTa UF 1'C.KftlAiN OlLh 'I1 HE ?lL'D8< RIBMIS having been appointed sole agenta I I j the sale oi tlieie Bonnets, are now prepared tosnpplv the tiada with this new and spUud'd article of ailk braid, which recaivrd the fir>t premium of a gold medal at iha laat fait of tha American luatituta These bonnets etceed in be>uty, leitme, durability and economy, any thi .gof the ki' d ever offered. 'I hey are warranted to be entirely of ailk. aod will clean, alt> r and retain their color equal to any braid in use BTANTuN, RICH ADS*. WOODKLFF, ie21 I wis* in So. 43 Broaif street. FIRE WORKS?FOURTH OF JUL*. NKH' YORK LJMjiR.1TORY M BENNETT, 1* Front street, two door* south of Fnl * ton street. The moot extensive aad brilliant assort ment of FIRE WORKS are now offered at the above place, conjuring of honory and signal rocket*. with gold aad ailver rain; suns, fans, palm trees, pyramids, Peruvian crosses, acta gous, triangles, veriiclea, minea of acr|>eiita and stars, ma rooaa, hengola light*. Roman caaidles, ier|wuta, pin wheels itniashoppera, port fires, blue lights, scroll wheels, torbil lions, liuepigeons, torpedo*!, railing crackers, doable head era, fire crackers, Canton rockets, be. Country aierchanta, and dealers in general. Ut requested u call and examiue the above stock. N. B. Committees for city aad totuay displays, miliMn and private parties. caa be aupplied on the moat liberal terms with the abovemrntloned articles, warranted, the mate ri*1* h??i.# !'?e*-?-'^r??-d ?f'e n'm.'Si e-?rr in* ? HRt vvotvK>! FIK.E WORKS!! IMA AC ElHifc. Pyrotechnic Artist, Jersey City, ia prep*, rd to fannah k IRfc WOK KB to cilia*, town* pablic gai Oens, theatre*, he Hi* preaeui stock comprises the taos< brilliant and variegated firea, appropriate desttaa, ever lasiia factored ia rkis eonutry, and can He furnished to any evrea' ISAAC El>UE, krotechnic A/tut, Laharatorv Jereey City, N. J. N. B.?To amenta, Signal*, including ship lights, ?*) frea, primers, port firea, sigusl roeketa, ate , for supplying . . yuibeob' ~ CHA8. goven m^nt or netchant vesaala, CMi^he ^buuMd^a^plyiag I rout street. Mr. Mnrblt far On* Night mart. DARK 1MILATRE Jteu. in. 37)4r~- ?allary PrKfj.tetStS' Pstch, % M.rble: H? Bradvill.- Dv^rt-Brida?t. Mra Knight Followed by lb. STAGE STRUCK YANKEE?Lhxgory. Marble; Jynny ..Wa Dy?tt. 'ItTtnion Mrform?nc? to Cuarlade with N?uii-*J Drama of BLACK EYE D SUSAN-William, Mark'*; Capt Croetree, Crocker; Black Eyed Saian, Mia* | Crocker. Doora open at T o'elock?performance to ormmeaee at pra c uely 7% o'clock. BOWKRY THEATRE. -Satiflay Evening, Jum It Will be performed the dnua .if the M VST? lllKS OF PARIS?Tlir Chc-nriufur. Mr J R Scott: Prince Rodnlrli. . Clarke. Alter which lha drama of the MUHDKK OH' Til fc! 1 CLIFF?Will Breaker. Ceaiy: (ieorge Seifortli, lllanchard. To conclude with DON JUAN-Don Juau, loay; Scara mouch, Blancliard. (IT* Lower Uuiei, 50 centi; lecoad and third tiara, H eta.; Fit aad Oallery, 1!K cents. Doora open at T o'clock?Curtais will rite at half put eaves o'clock. jMREENWICH THEATRE ?Corner of Varick and V* Charlton atreeti.?Re-n|*ned for the Summer Seaaon.? Saturday f'.rrnine. Jane 17. the performance to commeuce with tU SOLDIER OF POLAND-The Noble Soldier, Mr Heuliini. Nitioual Dance,Mita Pray?Hone, Mr Denaiioa ? D*nc?, Miaa Fanny D-erujg. The entertainment! ? to conclude with TRUE BLUE, or the beabird'i Homa?Cha Johnaon, Freer, Alter"lion in Pricee? Dreaa Circle or Balcoar. JT)? eenti; Boxea, lO ceuta; Pit 12?? ceuu; Private Boxea $i; Seal* ui Orcheatra Boxee. each $1. jHASTLK GARDEN.?Saturday EveninaJUuae *7 ? the VJ opening piece of maiic will conaiat of the overtare to Blick Domino, fall orcheatra. Song Mr Hoi man. Overtare. Dance by the Miaaea bailee. Hornpipe by Mr Thnoupaon. To conclude with Overture tn Der Freiichutx. Intermiaaioa of half an lionr. Second jam to commence with the Over ture to Znnpt Song Mrllolman. German Walts by the Miaaea Valiee. Comic Dance Mr Tliompion. Over are to the Bronte florae. The evening will cnaclada with a aeriaa of lJiianlving Viewa lately armed from Mr Collins of Lon don under the direction of Profeaaor Eiersteia. Admittance 35 eenta. VAUDEVILLE NIGHT. Sixth Apj'earanct of Mr. H. Placidt. NIVLO'S GARDEN ?Sa.urday Evening. Jane 27th, LUC. ?The performance will commence with a favorite ! Overture. After which the laughable farcetta of a MAN WITHOUT A HE *D? Mr Oblivion* Twiir, Walcott; Mr Featheratone, | Arnold; Wi'liam, Allen; Mia Top, Miaa Clarke; Kate Hunt ly, Miaa Hnberti; Lucy, Mra Watte. After which a National Sketch named NAPOLEON'S OLD GUARD?Haveriack, Placide: Lord Beaaville. Wal* cot ; L?dy Beauvillc, Miaa Koberu; Melanie Haveraack, Miaa Clarke. Half an hoar'a intermiaaioa for the Concerts A-la-Maisrd in the Refreshment Saloon. A Splendid Overture by the Orcheatra. Tn conclude with the laughable afterpiece of tha LOST LETTER?Mr Beau, Mr Chippendale: Mr P Ardent, Mr Walcott; Koao Bean, Miaa Clarke; Virsinia, Mra Watta. Doora open at 7 o'clock, to begin at I o'clock preciaely Ticketa Fiftv Cenu. HOWS FCO.'S NEW KUitETMAMMOfli CIRCUS. HE LAROEST ESTABLISHMENT ever orraaitad ia the Uaitad Statea, comprising IM Men and Horaee, re pairing 38 Carriages to convey the performers, wardrobe, ma aiciana, Ice. The company haa attached to it Eight Female qaeatriana, among whom is the Greateat Female Rider of the Aze. recently arrived from Faria MADAME MARIEMACARTB, whoae new ityle ol Eqneatrian Feau, peculiarly her owa, being chaate and elasaic; her jrraeefal and faacinating addreae, and the charming nmivclt with which ahe ehaiua her audi eence, render thie gifted and highly-edacated erfiifr the lead ing feature of the areas ia thia country. The Proprietors re fer the public to the brilliant deacriptioa given in the reepee tive newspapers of the extraordinary and daring feat* perform ed by this diatingniahed artitte. Ameng the novelties which the Proprietors offer are the celebrated Scotch GIANT AND GIANTESS. Their height is 14 feet, and their weight over TN lha. Mr. Randall weigha 433 I be. JVfra Randall ia the moat enormoox riantral in tne world. They will appear ia " Jack and the Beau Stalk." and he will perform extraordinary feats of atrength and agility, aad will ride in a two hone set. The entertainmenti will compriae 17 Acta of Horaemaaship, Gym nsatic Exrrciiei, Claaaic Diipleye, and humoroaa afterpieces. Equestrian Director, Mr. HOWES; Riding Malter, Mr, NIXON, uid the unapproachable Clown, DAN RICE. Among the Performera ia the celebrated and principal Ri der. the Napoleon of the Arena. Mr. HOBBS, whoae leata on Horaeback are the moat extraordinary ever witneased. Juve nile Act of Horiemanihip by Maater Nixon. Olympic Exer ciaei, by the whole Company, led by the great European Tumbler, Mr. Si AC ARTE. Wonderful Keats by Mr. Cole1! Dogi, Hector and Billy. The SWISS BROTHERS, ia their elegant Gymnaatic Poatnrea aid Gronpingx. Mr. Sweet aa the Charioteer of Phcebna. Poarariug and Gymnaaiica bv Mr. N'*00 and his aou. Mr. Hovt?> in hia Mythological and brilliant Act of " Fenciea of P ?teaa." Mr. C. Howee in <lack Rope Evolationa Mr. <.?o. Sweet, the celebrated Tight Rope Danger. With a variety ol others. The whole conipriaiii^ihe leading, molt taSeutcd, and claaaic performera Thii unrivalled corpa of Equeatriani will perform in the town ol ITHlCA, N Y., on the 4th of July, after wh ch tliey will visit all the principal ritiei and towni in the Bute. mvSI r< rrc SANDS, LENT & CO. THE following ii the intended rjute ofihe iplendid Exhi bition of Sandi. Lent k Co , up to the 22d of July ?? JuneU Noilb Danville. " 28 Mt. Morria. " 27ai.d 2S.Calednni?. " 29... ... Scot'ivilie. June 30, July- I, 2, 3 ami 4. RocUtlU t. Jnly 8 Ladd'i Corneri. " 7 Brockport. " 8 Albior. , " 9 Medina. ** 10 Lindon. " 11 and 12, Joh'iton'i Creek. " I I ami 14, Lockport " li l.ewiaton " 16 Niagari Fall a, " 17 T<MU*ani1a. 18, 19,20 . 21,22, Buffalo. T GOTHIC HALL, BROADWAY. OVERFLOWING crowds ofbeautv and fashion have pro uounced tlie highest rul?^iumi on the wonderful Auto mats of Mont George* Tirtz. During the whole of next week there will be Evening Performances, commenciugat 7 u< wMladini U H o'clock. The gre?t Elephant, Oie Dan iruie Usbt-ue. and the Duck of Viucmiod will be exhibited, with other object* of iutereit Note? lliere will be mo.uit.g and afternoon performance* next week. Admission 15 cent*. Jell lw*re TI1C ALLEG1IANIANS respectfully announce that their Third Concert will take place at llie Apollo Kooitii, 410 Broadway, on Moudiv hveuiug, June W'h, on which occasion several new piece* will be tutrod jced, commencing at o'clock. jeJT lt*re ST, PETER'S CHURCH, BARCLAY ST. WANTED?A Lady to siug Second Sopran* in the Choir of thi* Church. None need apply uuie** they can read at *ight. Apply to W.A.KING, jeXT tt*rc Organist of the Church, No 575 Broadway. MUSIC INSTRUCTION siren on the Piano at two dollar* per month, by a person who nnder?tanda the prefeasion tno rougbly. Yonng ladiet wishing to take lessons, will pleaie addrea* a note to Music," at the Herald ofiee. je36 lwi**re FIANO FORTES. PURCHASERS are invited to call at Chamber*' ware-room, No. 3*5 Broadway, for a superior and warranted acticU. al7 ImV _____ __ Atlantic oardkn is now 6pen forTEIc SEASON.?Dodworth'* Cornet Band will perform every Tuesday and Friday evenings, cornmeucing Jane lad, at I ?'clock. Admittance free. ray* 2m*re WILLIAM ALLISON. Proprietor. THE ALHAMRA. ICE CREAM SALOON, 5.19 Bmadway, be tureen Spring and Prince. TO GRANGERS?Stranger* visiting the city will Sad ? new attraction in tha Saloon* of the Alhamra, which, aaide from the deliciom Ice* and Confectionery to be found there, i* fitted up in a*tyle of Uutern ?plendoarand magnifi cence usver before attempted in thia couutry. The beautiful fountain in the teaselated conrt, which displaya a variety of curious and ingeuiont Jets, not only neep* the air delightful ly cool ar.d pleaaant. but excite* an amuainii intereat and a thousand couiectures; while the specious promeuad* around the balcony aflords a view, every pleasant craning, of more I beauty and fasliior than can be found congregated in any other Klace of public reacrt in the city. Indeed no where can an oar be paated more rationally or agreeably. Admit anon free. jell I wis* re , MODEL OF NEW YORlk. THE UNDERSIGNED ia now receiving order* for news to be represented upon the canopy of hia Model of New j York, which will be soon completed. These view* eery frem 10 to 10 inches in length, and are represented for a moderate compensation. They inclnde representations of public builjl inga. places of baiiaess, manufactories, hotels, private resi dences, steamboats, packets, he. A number of the first artist*, both landscapes and decorative Knlers, can find employment by apply at the offioe?also a r agents, and persons capable of transacting business. Office hours from t to ( P. M. | all lm?rrc E. PORTER BELDEN.ttO Broadway. MILLIARDS IMi'RUVED. ! /"|TIX FIELD respectfully informs his friend* *"<t tlx U public, that he has returned to hi* old f*#0nte quarters, i BAsSFORD'S ROOMS, entrance IK Ann street, adjoiuing , the Museum Building, or 14* Fulton street The Rooms and j Tables h-va been put in perfect order. Tha Tables are i Slate, Marble and Iron, with Air, ludia Rubber and Cloth 1 Cushions. They will no doubt suit European and all great players, being the best in this couutry. Larget balls for i Sotherners?Carolina balls for N. B.?Bassford's new style Billiard Tables for sala ; India and French Cue Leather, best in the city; fine Billiard | Cloth, and every article iu the trade, constantly on hand and i for sale. myJO lm*m BILLIARDS. ARCADE BILLIARD SALOON (late Empire), in Bar clay street, nesr the Astor House.?MICHAEL, so long known to 'he billiard playing portion of the city, respectfully informs his frieuds, patrons, and billiard players in general, tint he hai taken the abore large, airy, and well-kiiowii estsb lishment, where tliey will find in first rate order Nine of the beat Billiard Tables in the city, with good attendance. He respectfully invites a call from hi* friend*. Gentlemen 01 parties wishing to play by thtnuelves, can have a table ia e room to themselves, by applying at the bar. Gentlemen will fiud the bar well supplied with the best of liquors and tegar*. mva lm*? MICHAEL PHELAN. TENNIS COURT, 233 BOWERY. 'PHE Subscriber, having taken the above-named ptfee. I woald inform hi* fnends ami the Pnblic that the Ball Alley, and the whole of the es' >!>li?hment, ha* undenNne * thorough repairing. To tha All ' lias been added a gaMenr, M feet by 25, fir the cnaveniei of Urn spectator*. This, with an alley of 120 feet, in co?r ete order, ne trusts will be sufficient to seenre tha patronage of the lover* nf that healthy and larorite amusement. As f r the quality of his Liquors. 3egars, and refreshments, he will leave to the jadgmeat of Sis customers. H. WOOLLY. Bat Ball Alley. l>:rectiy opposite Prince St. New York. May T, ISM mvt ln*m rim A1.'.. TWO FIXE RADDLE HORSES, WILL drive aieo u>4 carriage Ihey lau^ire just the right site for riding on horseback, and nave beer, long ased to J he .oouie. \pplv at the desk of the Herald CX nrthee oart'cnlars ~ jellif'jgh A' t.LEflAWl IMiJOHaVI anj fa., of HORSES, with enure new Harness, to be disposed , of by agantletB?n about fesvn ? the city. The car ia?e ? as ha It to order by one of tha first nskera, and baa been used b?t a few time*. To be seen at CoUen * Livery Sublet, Crosby street. jcM lw?r iwM* SPANIELS?Ok THE YJM( pure breed, received hy the latest arrivals from Loa J \ 11 inn (?r sale by A. Grieve, J John street Also, ry* :aJ valuable Birds, only to be found at hia aetabluhmeat, Ne. 1 John street. ,kB;Kr " dUr alTQlmrh Importer and dealer in Birds. Cage*, ks. THE NKlHI IfiUALfc SONO IN JOHN irl KAET. m THE REAL BIRD iuelf hasirrtved, and likawiee M* of the Saxony Canaries, the warbling of which, ."?"?I1 curions, isralhrr an interesting ?M sigl??tor each enstomer h-? a different habitation, telegraphic report. LATIR rROH SANTA FE. Baltimore, June 26, evening. An extra from the olfice of the Lexington Ex prttt, states that Mr. Ilouck had arrived at Inde pendence from Santa Fe, having made the trip in twenty days. He is said to have brought intelligence that the authorities at Santa Fewere fortifying, and be tides 2,000 men, then under arms, the government had made a requisition for 8,000 men from Chi huahua. Every third man in Santa Fe and the vicinity was to bear arms in its defence. The place was preparing for a siege. Mr. Houck, it is added, expressed the opinion that Col. Kearney ought not to take less than 5000 rtien on his expedition against New Mexico. The St. Louis Era, of the 18th, says a number of wagons loaded with ammunition and pro vi sions,Uiuve already started on their way over the prairies, and Col. Kearney sends them ahead as last us he can get them in readiness. ( More than 200 dnigoons havo taken?p their line of march. The volunteer companies are at Fort TJ*?0'*' B?in? trough military exercises under the direction of tho regular officers of the ' Y' on ure saj<4 to be improving rupidly. Mexican Prlvate?r??American Vcnsli Captured. Philadelphia, June 26, 1846. | The Kingston (Jamaicu) Morning Journal of 6th Juno says i?There was a report yesterday ; from the Brigantine Telegraph, Capt. T. Younir at this port from Mobile, that she was boarded by a Mexican privateer, and on ascertaining she was a British vessel was permitted to proceed unmo lested. The Captain of the Telegraph also states that the privateer had two American vessels as prizes." Nothing by Southern mail, which has just ar rived. Fir*.?John Bartlett's fireworks factory, Coates street, took fire this evening by accident. The roof of the building was blown off, and many ex plosions ensued. The rockets flew in every di rection. The owner and brother wore on the premises, and wore much injured. WeiUrn Troop*. The Indiana volunteers have been mustered into service ; also, thirty companies of Illinois vo lunteers. WUWBBmmGTiircOMQRESI. Washington, Friday Evening, Jan* 3fl. Senate. CORRECTION. Mr.DicKi!?.o? corrected an error laths Union', re. marks, made yesterday, la relation to the report of the seleot committee, which was referred The memorial and proceedings of the late Memphis Convention were presented, with the report of the Committee to which they were referred. In presenting the report. Mr. Calhoua briefly sta ted tho leading doctrines It treated upon, one oi which was the Improvement of the navigation o1 the Missitsippi river. The Committee wai unanimously of opinion that the Convention had the right to improve tho navigation under the provision of the constitution to regulate commerce between the Stales. All of the Com mittee, except the Sonator from Louisiana, was of op in ion that the power is limited te the improvement of the channel of the river. He also presented a bill from the Commit'ee to authorise the appointment of a board of to]>ograpbicaI and civil engineers, three in number, with a view to the aforesaid improvement. Mr. Calhoun's motion and report were laid on the ta ble, ordered to be printed, and made the order of the day for Monday two weeks. A motion to print 10,000 extra copies of the report, was after discussion, referred to the committee on printing. Indian irpaoraiATioif. Mr. Ltwu, from the committee of conference, in rela tion to the Indian appropriation bill, made a report, which was adopted PMAl'DS ON THE CUSTOMS. On motion of Mr. Johnson, of La, the Secretary of the Treasury was instructed to inquire into alleged , frauds, reported to have been recently oommitted in the | importation of sugars, containing a large portion of mo | lasses, and report thereon to the Senate. CXFLOBINO BXPEDITION. On Mr. Pcabce's motion, aooo extra copies of the re port, respecting the publication of additional copies oi the scientific works of the exploring expedition, were ordered to be printed. tub bevenvk. Mr. Simmons submitted a resolution, calling on the Se cretary of the Treasury for specific estimates of reve nue, to be derived from financial measures pro| osed by him, which was laid over. tub abut. On Mr. Bacsv's motion, the Secretary of War was di rected to report the .number and description of troops, called into service'from Alabama, since April 1st pbivatx BILLS. On Mr. ScTita's motion, the Senate proceeded to the consideration of bills on the private calendar. A bill for the relief of John J. Bulow, Jr., for property, destroyed in the Florida war, was advocated by J. M, Clayton, and opposed by Messrs. Jsrnsgan and Dayton and then postponed until Tuesday. A bill for the relief of J. J Whito was taken up and de" bated by Westcott, Atchison, Pearce, Benton, and Jama gan. After some remarks from several la favor of the bill, it was passed, yeas 33. naya 18. A bill for the relief of F. A. Harrison was opposed by Mr. Atchison, and laid on the table. A bill for the relief ef John Crowell, late Indian Agent wai discussed by Messrs. Evsns, Bagby, and others, and ordered to be engrossed. A bill for the relief of Walter Lootnls and Abbe Orey, was ordered to be engrossed. A bill to allow Dr. Elijah White extra compensation as Indian Agent, was laid over till to-morrow. A bill to renew a Patent for a Plough to the heirs of llepthree Wood, was advocated by Messrs. Phelps aod Johnson of Md., and opposed by Messrs. Dlx, Benton, and Westcott The bill was then rejected?ayes 19, noes 23 MISCELLANEOUS. A message waa received from the President, stating that he had signed the bill for the compensation of volun teers, passed in the House to-day, and also the Joint reso lution relating to the Houmah claim. The Committee on Commerce reported in favor of ? Marine Hospital at New Orleans. Mr. Johnson, of Maryland, submitted a resolution, celling on the Secretary of War, to know whether pow er had been given by him to any officer or other persons, to raise regiments, to be mustered into the service of the United States, and if so, by what authority, it was laid over. The Senate then went into Executive session. Hons* off Representatives. The Joint resolution from the Senate, respecting the Houmah Land Grant, was peased. iiar luvutioci. The Seaate bill for orgtoliing and officering volun teen was taken up; Mr. Ha*?i.?ew hoped the Houae would pat* It at onae. Mr. F^am offered an amendment to increaae the |?j of aoldlart and volunteer* two dollar* per month do ring the war. Mr. grama** opposed hasty action. Thl? was the second lupplementai war bill Pa** it, aad he doubted not a third would toon he produced. lie moved to refer It to the military committee, with Instructions for gene ral officer* of volunteer* to be made undJV State autho rl'T ? The previous question was called for by tome one, but not sustained. Mr. Yasoav proposed aa amendment, requiring gene rals to be appointed by,the regimental officer* of the vo lunteer*, bat (poke at length in favor of the appoint ment of the general officer* aa provided for in the bill. Mr. Thommsn ipoke warmly in favor of allowing the volunteer* to (Wet their officers, who should be commis sioned by the govaraort of the fl'ates in which the vo lunteers are raised. Mr. HsaaLson a* warmly opposed the proposition, and defined the provisions of the bill Mr. C ocbb offered an amendment reducing the loweit Dumber of regiments to constitute a brigade from three It twe, giving the appolaf sat of the geasral officers to tWnwlnnisfftefiKHH ft* amendment* ware p"? to rots. Sad re'eeta'?' r" f|, nay* M. The bill, without a?enda&enU, *u then road ? third tUM and pftaa*d. the Tiiirr. Tin House then rMolriil UmU into CobibIIIm of th* Whole, Mr. Cobb in th? Chair; and returned th* con*l deration of tha bill lo reduce th* Tat iff Mr Chae* took the floor end advocated the gating* of tho bill. Much of hia ? pooch waa directed to tha argument of Mr. Wl? throp made yesterday. Mr. Oordon next obtained tho floor, and spoke againat tho prate-it Tariff j afUr which ha said ha announced tha compromiae act aa a humbug, and dUcmsed the article of wool, and the duty on It? While Mr. Oordon waa apeeking, a motion waa made for I the Committee to ri?e, which *?i carried. INDIAN apphomiatioh bill. Th# IlouMiktD took up tht report of llw Coaf*r#DC? Committee, reapecUng the Indian Appropriation Bill, and agreed to tho aame. tua Tiairr. The Houao thon went into Committee again, and Mr. Oordon flniihod hi? apoech. Mr. Rockwell, ol Connec ticut, followed in aupport of the pre?ent Tariff, going largely into the itatiatic* and merit* of the queation ? Mr Baringer, obtained th* floor, and moved the Commit tee rUe, which waa agreed to. and the House then ad journed. BY THE MAiLB. Washinoto*, June 25, 1846. A debate sprung up to-day in the Senate on the subject ol" the adjournment of Congress ; and it was vory evident, lroin the tone of the remarks and the conclusive vote to. lay the whole subjec on the table, that Congress wilt not adjourn belbxe the second Monday in August, at the earbest. Mr. Benton's new armj bill, for olficering the volunteers, was debated until a very late hour, and, all amendments being voted down, it passed. There is no particular news stirring to-day. Mr. Slidell, late Minister to Mexico, has lelt lor the North. . ..... j General Oainea is still here, but. it is believed, has received nothing satisfactory from head quar It is rumored in varieus quarter# to-day, that Gen. llou.-ton, of Texas, of iho innate, will like^ be the new Major General, as lately authorized. Mr. Horn, Collector of Philadelphia, was ie j'icted yesterday, for the second time, by an in creased vote. Washington, June 15,1846* "The administration is looking every day for in telligence of the arrival of Santa Aana at Vera. Cruz?a yronuncianunto of his elevation to the supreme authority, and an overture foe peace. Now, it is pretty certain that thi? enterprise i? a* work. While Almonte, (and we have this inlor mation from high authority,) was at Vera Crui in the month of May, having been appointed Mini iter to France, the political leaders ot that department had called a meeting on the affairs of the republic. Ever)- thing was ready to pro nounce; but from a division in the assemblage, some being in favor of Santa Anna, and others j"?'?"??'"t having made a motiuticuimento. Alter which Al monte returned to Havana, resigning ''J* mission to France, but retaining the &80.000 out fit which lie promises to reluud the hovernniaut at'a more convenient teuton t-at.'a Arum was expeen d at Vera Cruz ou the 13 li ot h if Inends were wmguine that li s uimel would lead to a., iiuniediuie /> <-"w* fiowf fo in las Ue vutiou. Tho tiocpa iuimiik byi'audes in per son, are lor the Vu.|?>- ol renting fcanta Anna, and noi Geneial laylor Aud *? SMtnta Anna is understood to be Javoiable to negotiation, as prelerdble to visr, as soon a*Gen. Taylor* ol the primttncMmmto, lor the lute exile, by tne junta hi V. ra Cruz, lie should issue aco-operuteyn/nut'cmmcnto, and fa redes would bedemolish*d hi once. it l- ilie/TO nunciammtu which does the tiling lor ilio Mexi cans. Acain, it i? antic paud, tbut I iiiedes, (in oider to defeat tins desiuli* ol Santa Anna, unless the exile should already have arrived,) Will be compelled to sue Tor peace, to save himaell Irotn the retribution of Santa Anna, by banishment frotn the country. It appears, thereloie, that whether Santa Anna remains at Havana, er returns to Vera Cruz at the call ol the junta, 1**5 redes is driven to the extremity of one at two al ternatives?either to sue for peace, or to leave tne country open to Gen. Taylor, in order toa prompt orintnization, to res,it '-he descent and the pro*** ciamtnto of Sunta Anna. When the presence of a hostile army in the territory of a nation, claim ing to be independent, is insuHicient to stop their intestine broils, it would i-eem an act of magnani mity, as well as of policy to "smaah Uiein up en tirely," to use the language ol Col. Johnson. It would seem the only course left. The report gains credence, if not credibility, that there is to be a general reorganization of the Cabinet pretty soon, more especially for the bene fit of Mr! Bancroft, who, it is sjud, is to givo way to Mr. Mason, the Attorney General, whose place in turn is to be fltk>d by Gen. MoAlister. of Georgia, late democratic candidate for governor. Mr. Bancroft to go to Russia. The design, U ? further reported, is to get Bancroft out of the way entirely, as decently as possible, for if nominated to Russia, it is expected the Senate will reject him. If the President, however, is bent upon a new Cabinet for a change, he will probably hold over till tho adjournment, send Mr. Bancroft on to Rus*ia in the interim,securing him an outnt and return of nn aggrcgnte of $18,000, besides in cidental expenses in the event of his rejection by the Senate next winter, which would not bo so likely, after his departure, as in advance of it.? The forbearance of the organ in regard to theso rumors of a change or changes, Rives them an air of plausibility, and the disaffection of the cliques is actively at work to eticct an sxplo 9,?The Richmond MThig has left oat a State in iu calculations of the division of the Senate upon the tantf. The eorrect division is as fohows: There are twenty-five whigs, including Mr. CU lev all of whom we will suppose as steadfast for the law of '42. There arc thirty-one democrats, including the two Senators from Texas from ! whom we take Messrs Cameron and Sturgeon, of Pennsylvania, and place them in tho opposite scale. Tins would give for a reduction ol the Tarilf 5! For the law ol ** Majority for a modification f So that there will bo no necessity for the casting vote of the Vice President, as the tVhig ha* it. Several of the western members, however, are i sup|K>s<3(l to be averse to the 20 per cent, upon l tea and coffee, and upon this issue is the last soli? | tary hop" of the taritf of '42, admitting that the bill, with the tea and coffee par centage, will | run the gauntlet of the House. Should a peace be effected with Mexico before j the bill is passed, tea and coffee may escape the 1 proposed taxation, and the scheme of Qeneral | M'Kay, with some slight modifications, may b? adopted. The session of *42, enacting the tariff, adjourned | on the 30tl> August, and we now predict that the i session of its repeal will not be closed at an earher day. RespectAilly, The Docto*. Twmrrv-fliiMTH umoriu. In Rsnstsi WAfNiPOTOM, June 44, ISM. ? ? TNt ASMT. Mr. Bk*to* movtl to take up the hill from the mlllta Z committee relating to mvor and brigadier generate for ? volunteer* rai?od fur the war with Maxico. The bill waj taken op, and in aa follows i? A BILL 7*0 providt for Ihr organization of tkr I'ohtntrrr Form, tnoueht into tht tnriei of tk* Unittd Statu, inU htigndrt and and foi Iht appaintmtot of tht ntcMtary numbtr of gtntral tfftem to command to* torn* Be It enart?<l by the Senate and Iloesa of Representa tive* of tho United States of America in Congiese ea. ?embled, That the Prendent of the United State* he. aad he is hereby,titthoriied to organize into h'igadea and divltions such of the volunteer force' aa have been or may be called Into the service of tl<e United Statea, under the set approved May thirteen, eighteen hundred an i forty-six, entitled "An act providing >or the |>ro?eentioa of the existing war between 'he United States ao I the republic of Mexico so i thm he t>e, end hereby is, aa* thonzed to appoint, by ?nd with the advice snd consent of the Senate, such number of msjor-geneials en<t brig*, dler general* a? the o'gsnuation of tnch volunteer i force* into lirtfttde" *nd divisions n *y renter necessary t 1 frovlde.! that tb*'"i# end msjor geneiah ao appointed ?hall be di*4ih?ijf'd ''<"?? by the President or tlte V State* when the war with Mexico shsli he unmtseted by a definitive treat) of |Mseoe. duly concluded arvl rati fled ; or, in na?a the bng.i tes or divisioas of vilanteeiS ai sot time ia the service shall he ieducved in nsebtr, the hrigsdle. generals. and major geaarels heroin pro vided for shall be discharged m proportion to the re mo tion in the nemberof the brtga?ea and divialea* t And provided (hither, th t each brigade of volenteers shall consist of not le*s than three reglaMeta, and eaeh eiki sion shall consist of not iesa than two brigades. Mr. Crittkkdcs moved to asnoad, by providing thai where ? Stale shallfurm*h troopesuAcimt fora Otlgade, the brigadier goner, 1 shall be appointed under the aa thontica of inch Htat*. The amendment proposed wee debated by Meeeia Crittenden, Benton, Cess, Johnson of La, CoiquMt, and Johnson of Md., when . Mr. Wxstoott moved further to amend, by an exten sion of the right of appointment of oBcers, to tl.a States la Which the volunteers are raised; and took tho bold peeMea. that the hill from the committee wse aa constitutional Mr Dix defined the hill., sad the otiaiimitaeoss lea? tat >??n?iii*lj ef eeehsWB

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