Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 29, 1846, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 29, 1846 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. V?i. JED, lTN-Wkat* 44M NEW YORK, MONDAY MORNING. JUNE 29, 1846. JAMES 60RD0N BENNETT, PROPRIETOR. Oirculatton?Forty Thousand' DAILY HfcKALD-Every day, Tit?*?* *** ??Ww*7 -Ami? TOrgiiKo^rE5r-.^gA Price <H cents per copy?t' M P*' ? "ADVERTISEMENTS at the wmX "rRlNTl'NO ofaUkiate mmcmfi witk kmmxr m* d~ 3s=i?.*s?S?-s Sr*"58e dBc"d Nnr Tom Hbbal* BSleyMne". North-Wear mtoot nf WSiltn* and T??oeee ?W JOHN HERDMAN k CO., United States and Orest Britain and Ireland, Old Lotablished Otfici.ClSouthstreet, Now York. HKRUMAN. KEENAN ???("'??!? ace to nod from 6irt Britain and lreland.via Liverpool Ksf??'srsss?a"?3: ifcTSTSSM will at once MO th? great SkS: sr3? continuMion of that patronage w?m uasue . ur ?f ...ended to thorn lor no may J'.'gfil". rZ ihooo eu?agrd do not ombntk, thrfI *<*?'*. *Ly by Utter, fund eJej?ttoto?ary. For >?AN i &>.. i V?ot paid. fji South ot., New York. I I?y.b".~Po?Uh. princfpel ,hr?""hoUt | the Uni'ed ?mr tow. *? pppfyt'? *? ahove s&Ajiim CAS RCWAL^MAIL^STEAMSHIPS. and?0 hone power, eeeliuu 4^KK^$^d?r contract with the Lords of the Admi, ralty ? ? ? ? yRr^NNiA-.\\v:.\-:::c^xH.^.n CALEDpNIA.V. V.*. V..... CaPt. KO. Lott.^ PAMBIUA V.".' '.Cept. C. H.jpJndkiM. Wiiulu from' Liverpool nnd Booton. Tin Hnlifa*. as fol l0W" %?0* BOOTO*. ? . r*OH LIT*?rOO.? ? Caledonia Jnly 1. ***? Bntanau ?. Britannia '*> _ u Puiiot Mom. From Booton to Liverpool v ??"? From Booton to Halifax:.? ? *.'? w\''i.' ?'5r:4'aff^ srsssirsf^firiiaSiS ?kt?Ri,hrfSSi..??T mvil re At HARNDEN fc ' q^-ral EMI^AtToN OFFICE, Removed from 74 to M Sooth atreet.?Peroone sending for , their friondo in any part of the old eouutrv EadHMMBBkeciui make the neceooary arrangements with the oubacriboro, oL reasonable terno, to hnve Siem brought sSSs&fi atas:yuSESffSS iSwSSwsK also be obtained. For further p^ticulan. ^ |o TAp8COTT, tr27rc ?? South ot.. id door below Burliu? Slip, N. Y. ^ sz P^^ to L^orpooi... "" Paooase to Liverpool.. * Fo.S5Rorp??..Mgr?-B|OHAM jr A?e.t jcMtim at HARNDEN fc CO'?*.? Wall ot. PEOfLt'8 LlNt OF H Direct?laily, 9undayie???>ted?at Totlow^.r.^ t\om $t*a mioal r *2561^2k Honfliton, will leave on Moudav. Wednee ^^^^umNDT^lKd hAx-ZZ: ^O-Cnottau^ wi 11 Imvo on Tneoday, Thuroday and Saturday eventiwo. at T ? T^tbove boatt will, at all timeo. Alb*BT U Ml,pl' time for the morning care for theleaot or weot. , j. Kreicht taken at moderate rates, and bom tmm Ml? a* #,AffSoS ? fortid trusting any of the boats ofthU line, without a WTittaai order from tke captain?^f to f c For passage or freight, appl y on hoard the boaw, or is r. w Scholti. at the oftce on ih? whin. DW"UI*' iif.1^ Mul Line. nee on uiw . . United 8uue Mail Line. At4o'elo * " " Mouday, Wedno ? 8t^bo? BANTA CLWI. leave on Tuesday, Thuroday and SaturdBT aitemoo". A^liy OB boan* at the office oa the wharT. troy morning AND evening line. ^**,M<liiI5S.BANV ANDTROY-Fr^m the gOLLutrit pldtakill.? weot Point..^w aister?3:'S4.'tt,i Kmd'oi+iook ?d BaWe, . ,h. boat. . Rr^akfut and dinner on boerd the boat. w j TlTe s^mboat N1 AOARA, will leave on Moodaj , W?4 n^\^-yTROvTc^ <?> TueoHay, I Tliuraday aird Saturda; moruiogo, at T o cloch. ^^e^or'K'a^Jyo- bo^d, er at the <*ce on the mhuu _____ NFW YORK. ALBANY AND TROY LINE. TOR ALBANY AND TROY DIRECT, From the pier at Ae ^cIIS^SSM*T. nJ'*' S11! Je*rT ?m ^foSSay. WodModar and Friday eveBingo. at 1 tL*^S MP&S 5 other kid of iproiirty. po^tively u the owner". mk. j2Cr jg* DAILY LINE OF BOATS BETWEEN fl, *1^1* new YORK AND OTATEN ISLAND. 3CZ3C3L The ilNmbotn 8V LPH, Captain J. Brut tad, aad Kl Al'EN ISLANDER, Captaia D. Vaa Pelt, will leuve a* fallows ?? Leave St it an Island at (, t, J, 10 aad 11 A. M; at I, t, J, 4,3, 8 and 7, P. M. Leave New York at 7,?, H, and 11, A. M. aad 1,1,3,4,}, ?, 7 Bid H pait 7 r. M. AP freight at the risk of of the owner* thereof. jolt THE MOST DELIGHTFUL OF ALL EXCURSIONS. /*L. * *A't *eTO** !?? Hi4n? river to Hobo flZJ^P-J^?l?n, and then, walk to the Elysian Fields, 'lone the exceedingly picturesque thorea oj tS? pUrr. ?111 prove the moat roily accomplished and attrac tire of all raraal excursion* that can be made from the city. The grounds now present a charming aspect, the tree* ba inem le?f. aud the soil cov*r*d with a rieh tarf. The walks ara in excellent order, having beea considerably em ?flllshed the preaenl sprint. Ou every pleasant afternoon there will be in attandaaea at the Colin.made Elysian Fields, an excellent Band of Maaie. which will |>erform selections from the favorite Operas, popxH lar airs, marchea, wallies, lie. The Kerry Boeu from Barclay, Caaal and Chriatophar ata., argcomvletolr iood ap with awaings and seats. mlit Boats ran from Hobokea to Barclay street aaul II * ftervseae ?? casts ml 3m*r a.^i?LuNU HIJLNDkAILUo.Ui r.,rr.7.-^i Train, leaves Whitehall street Ferrr, New York side, ev^ry moraine at 7 A. M., lor Boston ? JSKjKSL. Also, tnuns from Brooklt n side at 7 o'clock and and ?K A M.. and J and 5 P. M-. daily. The 7 A. M , and 3 P. M uaias go through. the formor stopping at Farmiaadala aad manor, and the latter stall places en the rood jell r ? XX*- P6R LlVfiftWMlL?Regular Packet oI ?h w9fv Jalr.?The splendid, new, last sailing packet ship jSGbLlNuEt'ENOKNCE, Capt P B Allen, bnrthen 9M tou<, will sail aa above, her regular day. H ving eery superior acconunodatiooa for cabin, second ctiiin and >trera|e passengers, those intending to embark, should make idBedtate application on board, loot of Maiden lane, or to JOSEPH McMURRAY, jeJ3 comer of Pine and Sooth street*. f*5- KOH LJWUon?Kegalar packet of the lat Jaly wHWyThe tret claaa, fast sailing packet ship WELLINU JBUbTON, Capt. Chadwick. ti? tons will isiTaa above, herrejuiar diy. Having vary superior accommodation* for caMa, second ca hia and steerage pssssngers, persons intending to embark thoald make early applioatioa on board, foot oTMaiden lane, or to JOSEPH McMURRAY, J f!3 Comer of Pine and Booth streets. idOt-' FOR LIVERPOOL?New Line?Regnlsr i'scket onWof 2lst Jalr.?The laperior. (est sailing pocket ship JHBHbHOTTlNGtrER, 1160 tons burthen, Capt. Ira Burs ley, will sail a* above, her regular day. For freight or peaaage, having elegant aad taperior accom ?tPteBiirn STiiiJKteM-ss.. Tnec of passage tlflO. The packet akip Liverpool, in* ton* burthen. Captain John Eldridge, will sncceod the Hottiagaer, aad tail on her rega lar day, list Anenst Je?3re FOK OL 4MK) W?Line of Parke.s-Kegular JiluSl^*shii> BBOOkIsV. U0 toi Wilt sail as above, her regular day. For freight of the balk of 3d* banal* light freight, qrpaasage havmg eycelleat accommodations, apply oa board, foot of Dover street, or to _ WOODH17LL * MINT!TIN, r Month .t. The packet hark ADAM CARR. 40* tea*, wtU saecoedtho Broombv. aad Mil on her reffalar day, l*t Aagatt. jeV re OLD BLACK BALL LINE OF PACKETS. FOR LI VERPOOL.?The superior fast ssiliag packet ?hip MONTEZUMA, Captain Lowber, i will be dispatched lor the above port on the Brat of J?ii. ?wl will be succeeded by the nw packet ahip Kidelis, oa the 16th. For pasasge, luting uu equalled accommodations ia cabin ?n?l ateerage, apply b>| JOHN HERDMAN kCO. ?l Sonth at. N. B.?Peraona desirous of having their frienda brum lit from the Old Country, can have them out ia the above ahina. or any of the regular liae of packet*?(hip (tiling every live dart. And alao By first class American and transient alupa Bailing weekly. Alao, Drafla for any amouat furnished?pay able in any partol Oreat Brilaia and Ireland, on application aa above. je2Sm BLACK BALL OR OLD LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS. FOR LIVERPOOL.?Ouly regular packet of the .lat of July?The magnificent and celebrated lax (ait iiug packet ship MONTEZL'.?M, bnrthen li;00 t?in(, A. U. Ltowber, commander, will tail positively ou Wednes day, lat July. 1ke accommodations of the Montexunu are fitted oat ia a moat auperb and eo(tly maaner, with ever}' modern improve ment and coavenience, that cannot but ?dd to the comlort of thoar embarking. Pnraona visiting the old country, or sending for their friends, ahould call and aee tins spleiidia specimen oT naval architecture, before enieagiiis elsewhere. Horpasaage in cabin, aeconil cabin, and (teerage, early application (hould be made on board, foot of Beekman street; or to the (ub scribe rt. ROCHE, BROTHERS It CO., jelTre 15 Falton St.. (nest door t? tlie Fulton Bank.) FOR NEW ORLEANS-LOUISIANA AND New York Lino?Positively First Regular Packet. 1T0 aail Monday ,29th instant. The elegant faat sail ing pacaet bark OKNE8EE, Oregg master, will positively sail as above, her regular day. For freight or passage, having handsome furnished accom modatioas, apply oa board, at Orleana wharf, foot ol' Wall at , or to E. ft. COLLINS k 00..16 South at. Positively no goods received oa hoard afterThis (Saturday) evening, 27th inst. Passengers will please be on board Monday, 29th instant,at 12 o'clock, at whicn time the ship will sail. Agent ia New Orleans, James E. Woodruff, who will promptly forward all gooda to his addreaa. Packet ahipLOUISv ILLE, Hunt, master, will succeed the Oenesee, and aail Jaly M, her regular day. j e!7 m M3P- FOR LIVERPOOL?N? w Line?Regular pack wMVet of the Mth July.?The elegant, fast sailing pack JHuKat ship ROSCIUS, A. Eldriuge, master, ol'1100 tons Wih sail as above, her regular day. ror freight or passage, having accom notations unequalled for splendor or comfort, apply on board, at Orleans wharf foot of Wall street, or to E. K. COLLINS k CO., tt South tt Price of passage S100. Packet shin SIDDONS, E B. Cobb, maater, will succeed the ROSCIUS, aad aail ou the Mth August,her regular day. _je f rr |iS^ FOR LIVERPOOL?First Packet with dispatch. WJ^V-The first el?ss fast sailiug ship ELIZABETH, Cape JMBKaBarclsy, burthen 1000 tous, will sail as above, hei regular day. Has very spacious sccommodotions in the first cabin, in which passengers will be taken at the customsry price charged for the second cabin. Persons intending to embark, should embrace this very favorable opportaiiitr, by making immediate application on board, at pier No. 9. East River, orto JOSEPH frl'MtjRRAY, jelO cor of Pine and 8outh st. FOR OLASOOW?The new, first class snip kMWWARVUM, S 0 tons, H. Robinson, master, having JHMMmiiiost of her cargo engaged, will meet with despstch k or balance of freight or passage, liatig excellent accom modations, apply to the captain on b^ard.loot of Dover street, orto WOODHULL k MINTURN, Je2l r 17 South atreet. _ FOR LIVERPOOL?The superior ship NaR RA JAN8ETT. Captain Dertebrcho, can take the ibulk of JO# barrels in heavy freight. Apply to BOYD k HINCKEN, Brokers, j*23 4trc 9 Tontine Buildings FOR SALE. ? ONE half of the Stock. Kinurea and interact in the f well-known and old eatabliaiied 8T AH HOUSK,, No 1,34 Reacie mrret. This houec hia been in operation Tor ut twelve ye?s aa aspublic li>usr and now iloini i lint-rate business. It ha* an ricrltmt cellar kitchen and front basement, with a beautiful bar-roo-u, fumiahed in first-rate atyle with engravings and paiut n?a Also, a aaloon and bar oa the ?ecoo<Trt"or. Ou the third floor there are several bed rootna, neatly funished with carpet", brdstaatu, beading,?c. There i< four yeara nf an unexpired laaae to run, with the '"VhL'far?ia at"preaent"'w?ll stocked with the beat brand* of liquors and segsrs?out decantera, wine glaaaes and tumbler*. It will be disposed of reasonsblv. at the subscriber I* unable to attend to it himself from continued ill-heslth. ror further information enquire ofTUoma* M'liuire, on the premises, or of the subscriber, CHaS. OALLAGfHER, itZT Jt'rc No. 16 ? ront itreet. ROOMS, FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED. TO LET?la ???nil and moat delightfully aituated houie, naar the Washington Panda Ground, one or two room*, with or without full or partial board. No hoarder* or lodgers are in the hou*a, uer will beukan. T*e family at preieot eou?i*u of only three frow* ptnoai. To single gentlemen, or a gentleman and lady, desinus of tiring in a private family, and in a [daasaal, quiet, and hand some location. thl. offer, an opportunity (rat rarely met with The eatire half of tl? hon?e will be let to a diatrable tenant, without children. Addrea* B. T. at the desk of thia pftre. ' mylttfrrc NEW LEBANON SPRINGS. t COLUMBIA HALL.Mavl5.4M6?Thi* favorite Place of raaort i* now open and readyfor the reception of com pany being under the management of iti old proprietor, Hull. Presuming oa hia long eiperieace aa a caterer for the travelling public, he intend* that the management of che eatabliahmeut ahall be *uch aa to meet the want* of the moat faiudiout, whether tarrying for the *ea*on or a a hotter '"?l1mft HENRY HULL, j FOR SALE OR TO LET, ^ The Modem bnilt three story briek house, tfi Adams (treat, Brooklyn, Knot sold by private ula, it will be disposed of at public auction, on the 15th day of May ?ex t. half of tha purchase money for ? term ot years. Application to he made oa the premises JI5 Adama at.. Brooklyn. *4 lm re FOR si ALE OK TO LEASE, IN BROOKLYN. M VAN BRUNT# HOTEL, No. 0, K?IU? street. (northeasterly side,) Ave doors from Fulton Ferry, is Jtjg Low offered for sale or to Iea*e. The house is 24 by 44 STTour stories high, containing M rooms, and being oa the greatest thoroughfare in Brooklyn |? ? ^ c01 many kinda of business. Possession given immediately. For parucnlars, inquire en the VAN BRUNT. Brooklyn. May ?. 1?44 myM lm?tc M HOUSES TO LET?In Hobokeu. near tha Kerry Two three atory brick houses, reut $<00 a year, with free ferriage to the family. . Also, two large three itnry and basement brick dwelling hornet, finished in the best style with erery conrenience tad within on. minute's walk lf. j-y. iw*rc at Hoboken "jtai. TO LET?The large Storehouse comer of Thames ffiU street and Trinity nice; rent moderate. Possession JlJH.o>i the 1st of July. Apply to idfcou u?e isao.^u., rr ^ SHEPHERD. je? lw*rc No. 3 Naasan street. WATTRlP05TT~k CO., ~~ a FASHIONABLE HATTERS. fl Nassau street, near Fulton, New York. TriK. subarribers Weg to call the attention of the public to the iiualityef their varioua kinda ol Hats ol their own manu facture. They hare Just received a small supply ol auwnoi moleskin, now used by the most fashionable hattera in 1 aris, a aample of which they will feel much pleasure m showina to those who will favor them with a call. Wie undersigned do not pretrad to sell at T> or even !? per cent less than any other eatabliahaseat; neither can they b<>*st ot having a a plea did store: bat they flatter themselves that the quality and finish of their Hats will give entire satisfaction, at the prices T?ev have adopted the French *yle ol trimming the sum mer hsts, which is a preventive to the perspiration coming through and spoiling the besu-y * ^^froNT, my ? lm*m WM. H. JAMES. GENIN'S GOSSAMER HATS, f? WEIOHINO fremJX to 3X ounces. Price only $JJT jpm ft U a Wont two years since the Ooaearner Hat waafirst introduced by the subscriber to the notice of the New York public, aa the lightest, the moat desirable, aa i the moat taaty article for summer wear heretofore iu use. The aatooiahiag sncceea attending the?, evinced by the extraordinary large anoint of saiea, and the popular approba tion bee towed upon them by the many who hate g?reu them their patronage, liare not been lost upou the aiibecriber, who, to a how that ne ia ever anxious to eicel in hia artt now pre ?enta for (mblic patronage the Ooaaamer hat. mach tigh?r and more pleaaaut than any other ever before owe red. The v are not liable, like the Leghorn and Panama, to loee either slyipe or color from eipoenre to the ram. They cannot be soiled by either perapiratiou or oil from the hsir, so commonly the caae with other Hau. for the much admired atyle of tnmmiiig., ongiastiMg wi?n the proprietor, effectually prereata all Uiia. iSis is a decided edrantage orer all other hata. my? lm*rc 114 Broadway, opposite Bt. Paul s Charch ~ SUMMER HATS. KCOSOUYJlSDFJiSmOK. m ROBERTSON'S PHENIX HAT AND CAf JL MANUFACTORY. Ml FaUoa sueeL?Tlie undae ignad bespeaks the attention of the public to the quality ol nS1?rmir Hats, posses.u, tlv, varions pro^r^ n.-ally sought for by the man of taste, they bare tha additional ment ol being Si per ceat below the standard prices. TTier sentialfy similar iu material, workmanahin. and Jlnish, to the articles manufaetarsd by me more splendid sat?blishmeata^ ol Broadway; and on a close comperiaou of tkeir rea|>ectiv* material difference csn be perceived, **c?pt in the single partiealaT that the subscriber hss adopted ?style ol trimming, which effectually prevents the perspiration 01 the foreheai from striking through, and impairing the ap *>*Their average weight ia from 1% to 3)4 oanccs?being much lighter than substantial Leghorns, or Panamas. Isrsonsol taste and judgment, who are influenced in their purchases by consideration! nfeost, ?re hmitcd to riam*-ia Ihem, and to establish, by the teat of comparison, their rf^ciae valae, cow pared with the product ions of other manufacturers. avB t?r*rf HOBEBTStlN ia". Knlton ?tri-et GENTLEMEN'S SPRING FASHION, rm BEAVER AND BILK HATS of tW beat quality and Mk moat approved stapes, are now ready for inspection sad ?? K ?IT lm*rre j. FRioE a GO. FASHIONABLE HAT STORE. . 'RAT STORE tn THE SUBSCRIBERS having oj*aa<i* HAT STI No. no Fnlton street, eomerof Dutch street, res lolly solicit the patronage of their old cmtomers and Aa I and will sell at the lowtal pnees. .fi^le hMs made w order at the shoneet notice. '^'S sHANnS'Sj myi lm?r EXCELSIOR IKE proprietor of this establishment has recently added to * . hw B of aimilar snaierial). sre sold in Broad^ TBi great disparity in price may be aasilr e?MbfTs"'tints'1? ttTMdwsy, "he ta eusbled to oiler goods of a eorreependiag Jm SCHOOLEY'S MOUNTAIN SPKTNGS, I MARSH'S HEATH HOUSE. THR UNDERSIGNED would (ire notice that his es tablishment wss opeeed for the reception of visiters oa the first of Jane, instant?hiring hem pat in the bee possible condition, and supnlied with ererv comfort uxlly found at the mmt fashionable place* of summer resort The extensive pleasuie grounds around the hoaae hare audergoue rery con siderahle embellishments liace the I *?t season. A bathing es'abtishmert haa been fitted up for warm aud cMd bath>, with ?uch convenience* as to supply the wants of all and without the least delay. A new and splendid Bowling Alley, for the usa of ladies as well as gentlemen, haa b??n recently erected?and a Baud of Music, as usual, to chaer and enliven the whole. N? p iiis will be spared by the undersigned to secure the greatest amount of comfort to bis guests and to maintain whatever of repu'a'ion he may hare aconired in the mauagemeut of hia extensive and highly popular establish- ! meat The facilities for getting here by public conveyance are verv great?by railroad to Momatnwn leaving New York at ? o'clock A. M. and 1? o'clock P. M., noon, and frol Morria to ?n in most excellent stages, immediately after the arrival of the traiaa. ?. MARSH. June 2?d. HW. je>< lw*rc The pheasant. ~~ AVID HAOAN respectfully ialorma hi* friends aad Uie public in general, that be has opened the house No. 47 Howard stieet, as a place of public entertainment. He has spared uo expense in fitting it m> in the m inner most suitable for the cnmlortable accommodation of those who may favor turn with a call, and has laid in a stock ol liie choicest aud bT-st selected Wines, Ale, kc. the market would afford. He is also prepared to ae ve up Steaks. Chops, Cutlets, Rarebits, kc.; and can provide parties with private rooms for suppers or other meals. DAVID HAOAN, jell lw*re 40 Howard street. THE proprietors or riiK shaksppeareiHu TEL, corner of William aud Duane street*, respect fully inform tlieir friends aad the pabltc generally, that they have leased tha above establishment, and entirely refitted the same. Every possible effort will be mada in regard to com fort, cleanliness, and attention, toward* their visiters. They have provided themselves with a new stock of Wine*, Liquors, Segara, not to be surpassed by any hotel in the city. The bar has Been entirely refitted, ana the noose undergone a thorough clean lag and repair. A Hot Lunch will be served np every day at the bar, com posed of Chowder, and other relishes prepared in a superior atyle. Price of room* per week $1 St to $3 Si. Single night... 1$ cent* to J7>< cent*. A Refectory will ihortly be eitabliihed in the ba*ement, for the convenience of the boarder* and visiters of the hoaae, and every luxury of tha season will be served np on the most reasonable terms. Several spaciou* room* to be let for meetings, private par ties, referee*, kc. kc. Also, a large room with gas and all ne ceasary fixtures, for Free Maaons and secret socieMus. OEOROE PlERIS, Manager. May 20, 1144. mv2l Itaw lm*rc i'HL SHAUb? MOTEL, 64 htade Strut, IVest Side of Broadway. rpHE Subscriber respectfully informs hia friends and the A public, that he has lately opened the atove Establish ment, in a style superior to say other house of the kind in the city of New York. The satisfaction which he has hitherto given to hia aumerou* friends aad customers, while proprietor of "The Shade*," in Thames street, he flatters hiauelf will be a guaranty to all who may potronise him in his new esta blishment, while no effort on his part will be wanting to merit the continnsnce of their patronage The nsual relishes, Chops, Steaks, Welsh Rarebits, Poach ed Egga, kc., will be served up in a superior style. The room will be regularly supplied with city papers, as well as a full supply of foreign papers, by every arrival from Europe. JAMES EVANS mil lm*rc ~EAGLE COFFEE HOUSE AND BATHS, NO. ill Pearl street, between Centre and Elm?Warm, e " " " " " - city, a. Boerdmi wUI be w . principal ei'iesofrnel?nit?d %ares EUTAW HOUSE, BALTiMOHc.. j THIS spleudid Hotel has been lately re-fined and furnished in the most complete and elegant manner, by Messrs Jack sen ta Cranston, and, after the 30th April, when it opens to the pablic, will be opeu for the reception of iruesta. The expert enceofMr Cranston as host of the Rockaway Paviliou, and of Mr. Jacksou. at the Exchange Hotel, Baltimore, and at the As lor House, New York, is a guaranty of the styw in which the " Kutaw will be kept. The location is the best ia the city of Baltimore. The Pkvilion, at Rockaway, L. I., will remaiu under the charge of Mr. Cranston, who, daring the summer months, will be happy to see his old friends at this favorite wa taring place. a!9 1 m'r SARACEN'S HEAD, 12 DEY STREET, N. V JOStPH SMITH,late of Worcester, England, begs leave to inform his frienda,easterners and tie public ia general that he ha* recently fitted up hi* house la a rery auparior maanor, and calculated to please gentlemen of mate. He will always, a* heretofore, keep his Bar and Larder supplied with the best Liquor* and Provision* that the market afforda Dinners from 1} till 3 o'clock, and Cold Cuts, Chops, Stakes, Rare Bits, kc., at all hour*. His supply of English and city newspaper* is excelled by no house in New York, aad his Ales, Wines, 8*gars, kc., are of the ato* superior qjulity and the attendance prompt. Pri- 1 rate Room* provided Tor parties, aad the comfort ana accom asodation of castomers alway* attended to. Lodgings, kc. ?yli Im*r nnHTS X open RED SULPHUR SPRINGS, MONROE CO., VA. CELEBRATED WATERING PLACE will be open th? next ??miner, u ?mil, for the reception of vi itcn. Iu Tame iu the relief and cure of pulmonary diseases, extending over a period of fifty years, ii so luiuined by facts and evidence, thai it no longer admit* of dispute. For the ex tent and peculiarity of its medicinal virtues, however, the reader is referred to a work on " The Mineral Springs of western Virginia," by Wm. Burke, to be had at Wiley ft Putnam's. The object of this advertisement is to say that ar rangements are made to accommodate visiters in the most comfortable manner, and that they will be treated with nni form courtesy and kindness, while the charges will b? found ss moderate as st the most moderate of the spring*. There will be a respectable phyaician in attendance. The roads are ia good er^er, and the bountiful Turnpike Road t? the Blue Sulphur will nave staxes upon it plyinp between the two Springs, which will afford .an opportunity of visiting, in a week, all the Springs of Wstern Virginia. my* .m*rc THE PROPRIETORS. MANSION HOUSE, MIDDLETOWN CONNECTICUT. THE UNDERSIGNED bets leave to announce to his X friends and the public, that he Sas leased the above house for a term of years, and hopes, by 1 mc experience and strict attentioa to business, to merit a liber(I share of their pstro? age. JOHN L. MONROE, mrt lm*rc Formerly ol* the U. H. Hotel, Boston. * SHARON SPK1NGS PAVILION. THE PUBLIC is informed that thu establishment, having been enlarged and improved since the slose of the last season, will be opened for the reception of visiters. on the 1st day o< June. LANDON * GARDNER May I. IMI. mvMlm*r TRITON HOUSE, OLEN COVE. LONG ISLAND. fT^HE Subscriber respectfully informs his friends aad the JL public, that he has improved and enlarged the Triton Hotel, at the heed of die steamboat landing, and it ia now thoroughly fitted op, and ready for the reception of Boarders The situation of this establishment for the purpose of Salt Water Bathing, ia amongat the most eligible uo Long Island Sound, as the Dan da attached to the premises hsve a very ex teusive water front, and a fine beach for swimmers. The out buildings are new, and the Bar aad Bowling Alley are entire ly unconnected with the house. Having s farm of H acres appended to the hotel property, the subscriber can offer his friends the inducements of a plen tiful supply of good milk aad batter, and such other comforts as he trusts, together with his unremitted stten'ions to the wishesofhis nests, will render a residence st the Tritoe House extremely desirable. Horses snd Carriage* to hire. For terms, which will be moderate, apply to WILLIAM L. JONES, Trittw How. Oleu Core, Long Island, May 1.1W. reyS Imere BON bbJOUR. nlE SUBSCRIBER has the pleasure to annoaaee thai is house, at Bergen Point, is now open for public aicom eommodation. A hotel on the Jersey side has long been s de sideratum which is aow supplied. Tbe house (the eld Me lany mansiou) hsi been rinfitted in elegant style, with many new rooms and other important additions. Tbe grounds are beautifully laid out, aad what with luxu riant shrubbery, charming walks, agreeable drives, and pi sant boating, the place will eliaJisngs competition with aay rural residence. Families who wish to pass a cool aad quiet summer, can be provided *ith rooms or suits of apartments at tj^eir choice. Fish of almost every vsriety abound in the " Kills,' and the neighboring woods are not deficient in game. The steamer Passaic, plying betweenN'ew \ ork and Newark, stops at the landing, in front of the house, four times a day. ana the cititens of New York csnnot find a more beaatifal drive than that between Jersey f ^tv and Bergen Peint. In fine, all visiters, customers and boarders, may he assured 'that no pains will be spared u> make the place merit the ? tie givea it ol old?Bon , ^^UANIEL W. LOCKWOOD. ark. leevea the foot of Barclay stree The Passaic, for Newark, leeves the foot ofBareley stree at It A. M. and 4 P. M., landing in front of the above place. The Port Bichmond boat leaves pier No. I at t, It, and < o'clock. At Port Richioad there will be boats ia attend ance ml to convey passengers, sad land them at the bouse. Im*r HAMILTON HOUSE, AT THE NARROW8 I^HIS ELEGANT ESTABLISHMENT having under . gone thorough repairs and improvements, will be open for the reception at Boarders on the first of May, under the di rection of the subscriber, who has been connected with the ?neangsmeat of the hotel for the last two or three years. The principal rooms hare been newly carpeted, and the whole houee paiated aad pat ia excellent order. No pnlas or ex pense will be spared by the pre*sat proprietor to make hie <ueen comfortable ia ?eery way. For terms, fee , address subscriber, at Fort Hasailtoa. ml lm?r THOMAS MEINELL THE ONLY GENUINE WALNUT OIL MILITARY SHAVING SOAP, MANUFACTURED br our Mr. Johneau. the inventor late Johaaou, Vroom 4 Fowler, whoissale and retail. Faacy Soaps, Essences, snd every article Pertaining to an eitenaive manufactory, for the trade and families, at lees pricea than any other house iu this country can supply. Also, fhe depot o? the orifinsl and only goniimeMagieu Pain Extractor, for burns, and Hay's Liniment for Pi lee; Kalydor, for the complextou; Aconstic Oil for Oealheos; Sarsaparilla Extract, SOct* pur bottle. Oregon Hair Oil; ... , . (>a the most favorable terms to merchants ia all parts ot thu C?8tesa? Soup Works aad Lsk statu ry of PerfiMMs^ PMeat Medicines, fce. ke.. *1 Couitlsadt street, New Turk. mylf Im're SOLITARY KUUlPMENTS-rlRltMRN* CAPS. rpHK SUBSCRIBER respectfully calls the attention of the 1 military public to his assortment of Military Equipments adapted to all eompsniesfMiltnry Csps, Knapsacks, Boxes and Beyouet Scabbards of every variety. Country compa aies, about changing thsir uniform, or those sbOUt forming new compaaiee, w,jf* I A foil assortment of every variety ? made lo order st the shortest notice. I ) ftttm*rre H. S GRATACAP. m Broadway ^?wjAAVANA kl'KLSUPfc fcEOARS. ^^^^^^^^^^^^OBACCO, mfollow^^l WB __ Ktfalia, mnu no., City Intelligence. Tin: City Cowykntiow?Comxopi Council.?The Board of Assistants will meet this evening. The warm weathor now approaches fait, and the disgraceful con dition of the public streets, which are covered with all sort? of decayed vegetables, is becoming a truly danger ous nuisance. Surely the authorities, through the po lice, ought to adopt some efficient steps to free our street* from those dangerous deposits of filth and gtrhage which are heedlessly thrown out from the house', 111 vitiation of an ordnance, and in defiance of the authori ty themselves The new Board of Common Council awear to possess more business and systematic habits titan their predecessors. They talk less and do more in tfca coarse of an evening session than the former Boards would do in three times the amount of time. There ap pears to be many earnest and efficient legislators aaengst them, and the abuses that prevail in all quar ters?in the omnibus system, street nuisance, etc., should eagage the earnest attention of some active member, and induce him to follow out reforms of these abuses uatil they were efi'ectually put down. We trust that tho members of the Convention, which commences its sittings on Wednesday next, 1st July .will apply themselves with earnestness to reform the city cuarter, and set at rest tho many questions which hav o been so long agitated in relation to city reform, so as to enable the citizens to calculate on good and perma nent city government. The Police Svstkm?Thb Tman Sr*a W**d.? There Is, perhaps, no other ward in the city where the festurcs or the new police system of this city can be more favorably seen than in the Thiid ward, uiidor the superintendence of Captain Boudinot, and his two able and efficient assistants. The Third ward has become by their efl'erts, seconded by as fine a body of policemen as can be produced in this or any ether city, the best re gulated ward in New York; and we wouhi advise any one not intimately acquainted with the new law, or even those who may from a superficial knowledge of its merits, be opposed to it, to avail themselves of an op portunity every day or night afl'ords, to pass through this ward, and take note of the quiet and good order that prevails in every P*rt of it We have frequently had opportunities to make ourselves acquainted with the administration of the police department of the Third, and speak understanding!^. We would advise some or the captains of other wants to take a leaf out of Capt. Bouiiuot's book, for their guidance and direction. Accidint.?The steamhoat Amanda ran over a small sail boat tfu Saturday, with two men in it They were fortunately saved. Delibiun Trrmkrs.?A man, named James Horner, came into one of the station houses, late on Saturday night, and stated that the boarders, where he boarded, were threatening to beat him, and that he wished to stop there till morning. Near morning, ? loud noUj was heard in his cell, and on entering it, it was found that he was beating his head against the wall. He like wi*e attempted to cut his ttyoat, and inaim himself in various ways. He waa evidently laboring under an at tack of delirium tremens, and was taken to the City Hospital Foh tiik nio < 1r**pk.? V queer genius, named Daniel Carpenter, applied for lodging at one of the station houses on Saturday night, and excited, by hit appear ance and story, considerable intereit He waa a tall,* strapping Yankee, and had walked all the way from Bangor, Me., with the intention of proceeding to Texas. He had armed himself with ? gun and knap tack, a%d carried, slung on hii tide, a tea-caddy filled with gunpowder. Hit beard bad grown out long, and he looked somewhat like an ancient Jewish soldier, go ing to do battle for Israel. He had lived on the way Ty the contributions of arrangers, and when here a little collection was raised for him. He started off Yesterday lor Philadelphia on his way to Mexico, where' he i* de termined to fight on his own hook, being captain, corpo ral, horse ana foot of his own company. Rather Rich ?On Saturday afternoon, a man namud Jones, gentlemanly dressed, and who ?aid be was from Boston, was taken to the station house of the 4th district, under circumstances Of lather a rich nature. Ho was found in the streets on considerable of a " bend," with notes of hand for a thousand dollars in his Dock at, and about seventeen dollars in cash. He seemed to have ta ken a particular liking to the street sweepers, and was busily engaged in treating all of them, who would drink, to any quantities of the worst kind of " blue ruin," and tossing coppers among them, with a free hand. He was taken to the station house, where he was called for in the morning, by a friend. Harlbm Railroad ?We notice that the proprietors of this road have advertisod for commuters. It u asked by a correspondent, whether those who commite, will be forced,u heretofore, to ride in the seme cars with ne groes ? Blck Si hdav.?Yesterday was blue enough, not in the upper regions Arte inly, but eU around and about A great many people were disappointed in their Hobo ken excursion. Coboreb's Office, Jcftc 2*.?Sudden Death?The Coroner held an inquest yesterday, at 315 Rivington street, on the body of Frederick Hopper, a German by birth, 25 years of age, who came to his d?ath by a fit of epilepsy. Death bf taking Laudanum.?The Coroner held, like wise, an inquest at 400 Cherry street, on the body of Ju lia Phillips, born in Ireland, 33 years of age, who came to her death by congestion of the brain, probably pro duced by the effects of laudanum, or aome other narco tic substance. Verdict accordingly. Death frost Drowning?The Coroner also held an in quest yesterday on board the steamboat Saratoga, foot of Chambers street, on the body of a colored man called Robert Lawten, born In Athens, Oreene county, New York, thirty years of age, who came to his death by drowning. Accidentally Scalded to Death?Afeinquest was like wise held yesterday at in Duane street, on the body of a child, only a year old, by the name of Ellen Wallace ? It appears this poor child was walking about the room, and accidentally fell against the fireboard,which tumbled down, upsetting the tea-kettle of boiling water, scalding the child severely on the face, neck and arms, which caused its death. Verdict accordingly. Police Intelligent-** Jiir 2d ?A Strange Operation?A young man who considers himself somewhat respectablo in this commuj nity, keeping store in Warren streot, was detected, about two weeks ago, in one of those revolting and disgraceful acta which are nightly prncticcd on tne llattery and in the vicinity of the City flail I'pon being discovered by an individual, who was watching I us motions, and threa tened by an exposition of his atrocities; he pro mised to give one hundred dollars to hush the matter up, and prevent a public exposure ; unfortunately, it be ing Saturday night, and not having that amount of money about him, therefore, he took this individual to his board ing-houie, situated in the vicinity of Barclay and Church streets, and there gave him a gold watch to hold as col lateral security until he paid tne money. On the Mon day morning following, ne psd8 $30 on account, when in a lew days, and upon further consideration, finding him self placed in a very awk ward situation.he applied to a cer tain Captain of Police, who arrested two individuals upon the complaint of this respectable citizen, charging them with a conspiracy to extort money; whereupon thpr were brought before a magistrate, who the whole affair was kept remarkably secret by that functionary : and, finally, committed the parties to prison in default of $600 bail. However, in a few Jays the accused parties ob tained bail and were diseharged fron custody; and on Saturday last, a very funny arrangement was made be tween a lawyer and the Captain of Police, by the Captain paying the lawyer, by the way of a settlement, $80 to proenre this gold watch, $25 of which was retained by this lawyer as m fee, and the balance, $95, given to the accused Upon receiving this money, the accused deli vered up the watch to the Captain, to be handed to this respectable store-keeper, and, in all probability, the whole of this mstter would have been throw n into obli vion, had it not been for the surrender of the accused party by his bail, which accidentally blowed the whole affair. Take it all together, this case presents some very remarkable features, mixed up, as it is, with the police authorities. Grand Larceny.?Officer Kinigan of the 14th ward, arrested, yesterday, a man called John Landergin, on a charge of stealing a pair of pentagons, boots and cap; also, $4R in money, belonging to Michael Russet, resi ding in Uth street, near Avenue C. A portion of the property was found in the accused, possession. Com mited by Justice Taylor for examination. Burgljry?The grocery store occupied by Mr. Buck ley, corner of Avenue C. and 'id street, was burglarious ly entered through the light over the door, by some thief, and robbed of a small amount of change. No arrest. .M?nst i? Commit a Rape.?Officers Roff and Nash, of the 7u? ward, arrested on Saturday night, Oliver Raw son, Wm Burnett, and Nealea Shooks, on a charge of an assault and battery, with an attempt to commit a rape Committed for examination. Raiting a Count<ynan.?Muy Wilson was srrested on Saturday night, charged with robbing a countryman, by the name of John Hippler, No. M A.ulbery street, oi $1 ">0, taken from his pocket, while in a '? den" of infamy and prostitution on the Five Points. Committed fortiial by Justice Osborne A I'retoeious Oirl.?Officer Smith, of the 5th ward, arrested on Saturday night an unfortunate yonng girl, of very prepossessing appearance, of net over fourteen years of age. by the name of Adrianc* Leroy, whom ho discovered in a miserable den of prostitution ?nd resort for thieves kept by old mother Miller, at No. 130 Church street, where girls frequent of the very lowest grade This poor girl was taken before Alderman Hart, who committed her for examination Stealing Shirt e.?* atharine Connor was caught in the act of stealing twelve cotton shirts, and some other arti cles, valued in all at $1$, belonging to bmma Joseph, No 49 Oliver street. Locked np for trial. The Reeovery of Stolm Money ? We have received from Dr. Joseph Heine, of this city, the following statement of facts relative to the rocoteiy of the money stole* from Mr Cardota la yesterday's Herald, appeared among Police reports, the name of Dr. Heine, No. 20 Duane street, in such an improper light, aa to seriously affect the reputation and character or the doctor, in relation to the robbery of an individual of the name of Cardota. who keeps two cloth . ing stores in Chatham street like following it a true i version of the matter A yonng man of the name of Lyons,who was in the employ meat of the brother-in-law ot the doctor 4a London .arrived in this country setae three months since, having letters of introduction to the Dr. from his friends, ana whom the Dr entertained in hie house, in consequence of the aforesaid letters of intro duction, for the apace of two weeks, till he obtained em ployment It appears that this young man, Lyons, waa acquainted with the oierk of Cardoca, Simmons, who was charged with the stealing of f ardoia's money, and after the arrest of Simmons, no called upon the Dr. to ; know what he conld do for his friend. The Dr. recom ' mended him to call upon hit counsel, M. P. Barber, Esq., supposing, at the time, from the representations of i the clerk, Simmons, made to the said Lyons, that SUa moot vu wrongfully charged with the robbery. The Or. vu subsequently called upoa by tho wife of Cer doza, who tagged of him to accompany her to the prison; that the prisoner desired to see him. The Dr. first ob jected, but, on reflection, that he might be of uio or I service to Cardoza, he went. While with the priaoner, | he atated to the Dr. where he aupi>oaed the money wan. and wished much Cardoza to get hit money back. The Dr.promised th* priaoner to do allinhiapowertowrdi the obtaining of the money. The Dr., on leaving the priioner, informed Juatice Osborne and officer Joaeph, that he had information from the priaoner which would , : lead to the recovery of the money? the Doctor, in com- | puny with Cardoza and officer Joaeph, returned to the ; Doctor.'a office, where they found the young man Lyons, j who, u|ion tieing appealed to by the Doctor, and in the preaence of Cartloza. to disclose all he knew about the ' monev, upon which Lyons atated that Simmons told him ! that the money was hid away under Mr. Joaeph Murphy's atoop in Chatham atreet, where the money was subse- | quently found. Thi* is a correct atatement of the whole I a flair, ao far aa the Doctor is concerned As to the Doc- I tor's leaving the city, and the other statements in the Herald of yesterday, thoy are untrue. The Doctor can he at all times found at No. 30 Duane atreet. * Hartford, June 37, 1346. Matt Meeting of the Wealth of Hartford?Their Doingt, Proceedingt, Speechet, fc.?Importance of the non Bridging of Connecticut Riwer to \eu> York and New England. In an*wor to a call from the Common Council, for a city meeting, to grant them authority to appropriate any sums from time to time, not exceeding in the aggregate | $100,000, in uiiug all lawful and proper mean* to prevent the damage to business, of the 200,000 people iu the Con necticut river valley, above Middletown, by the erection of the proposed railroad bridge, at Middletown, and to defeat it* erection, botween 1000 and lftOOof ourbu*i nees men and property-holdera, assembled at 7 o'clock, Uat evening. Mayor Collin* of course presided. He took a short review of the subject, but relied upoa the report of the committee appointed on the 13th ult, to proceed to New Haven with full power to protect the interests of this I city and the honor of the St-te, against the project of buflding a bridge at Middletown. 90 miles below the 1 head of sloop navigation. He honored tho Governor of the Stat*, in fearlessly doing hie duty, by vetom* the bill, at the bill materially interfered with the right* of all on this natute's hirhway. The committee being here calleu Urwi|bJ( HAm cas l ar?"fist?! 1"Kehalf of the committee, read the same. He stated, that as they only had one week to prepare the case their labors had been % ery ar duous The best of counsel they obtained to; attend before the railroad committee. Petitions signed by WOO ?lectors, against .this iniquitous measure, they had sub mitted to the house. Statistical facts, relative to our great maritime busineaa; were snbmitted to the railroad committoe.Tand every honorable eflort uied to maintain the commercial rights of the city. They believed that the object of the committee had not been in vain- for they had developed our immense commercial business, in ex tent not surmised, and hod brought out facts which will ha of great advantage hereafter. The committee also 1 submitted sundry resolutions, breathing the right ?pint. and the substance of them will be found reiterated in the following speeches: . Mr lUMKasLKV, in remarking upon the report an I re 1 solutions said, the commit'ee considered themselves not appointed o oppose any work of internal improvement, hut to oppose ell artificial obstru ctions to the navigation of the Connecticut river I'be rommittee instructed Iheir counsel not to oppose the chwrtering of a >a?\ro id, without h bridge i and if the applicant* 1 bri Ige clause, they were also directed to withdraw We showed the committee the reasonableness of our re quest, that the briJge clause should be deferred until the next session, as in the notice published iikthe p?|>ers for application for a charter, the applicants had not given notice thatabridge across the Connecticut was contem plated: and we certainly did not dream them so crazy as to ask so unreasonable and unjust a boon Notwith standing we had only seven days for labor, still the righteousness of our cause was fully proved before the committee. Our counsel acted as if pleading their own cause a* well as ours. The petitioners for a bridge asked for a sixty-four feet draw but the committee uid not see fit to grant it; but an eighty-five feet draw And our representatives and Senator told the Legislature, if they would lay over the subject antil the next session, 1 we would prove an eighty-five feet drew as objection I able as one of 64 feet. When the bill cam* up in the House, our representatives moved to *tr>ke Out the bridge clause, and ably supported the motion, but were voted down They next moved to continue the bill aatil next session, when, with all indecency, the previ ous question was sprung, and several other important amendments thus cut off. The same motions were voted down in the Senato-it !>eing against the rules of that body to entertain a call for the previous question, it was not done; but an amendment waa oflered, providing I that if, at any time the bridge should be foun l to be a serious ob?truction, the Supreme Court should have authority to remove it This was also voted down. One prominent Senator, from near Middletown, in hisipeech said that Hartford people seemed to have had every thintr and it was time that some other people had something. The Senator from this district put the Question to him to enumerate some of the ?? everv things." And his formidable answer and aiTay consisted inw hat do you think 1 Why that tho Hartford neople owned the steamboats between Hartford and ??ew York (which accommodated the Middletown peo ple') Another amendments make the Railroad Company fiable for all damage done by the bridge by damming up the ice or other injuries, but it waa also voted down. Yet th's *me company have .section in their charter, giving the companydouble damages for any and all damages com mitted on their property, by any man, woman or child. The Senator of this district|having several amendmen^ m?P Senator asked him* to present them in a lump, a* th e i^fate would be all the same. Why, gentlemen. tho streets of Paris run blood in 1830?when al most anarchy prevailed?still, order and decency enough was maintained^to guillotine one individual at a time ! A distinguished Senator, the most prominent Senator in favor of the bridge, objected to all amendment*, because ?he charter was open to any amendment* by future Le 2i?tu%T '^WeXnkthee. Jew. for teaching us that word." On that subject we *hall apeak. On that? shall tnonyou. The bill was passed-sent to the Ex ecutive an^ returned with hi. objections to the House, whence it originated If there is a man in any place. ?h?^Miaves the Chief Magistrate of Connecticut wa? actuated ?n so doing, by an/ other than the purest mo tives he er<atlv mistake* the character of the man. In closing *e^eferr?\ to another feature of the bill. One section provide* that the Railroad <,o"ipany*.h?ll not miss any water eourse or highway, without leaving it aa Kcfore Vet thirteen thick stone pier*, by a ?pecial ?ec.tion, ate allowed to be placed in the navigable waters f ViT- rnnnecticut Kvery water court* and every road however petty and insignificant, on the whole line of the road, are protected, save and except the ConnectI .,.4i riT(t > a ilver rising in the northern part of thia countrv and running over 400 miles to meet the water* of the ocMn?the great natural highway of the great and fertile valley of the Connecticut?thi* river U excepted from the general rule, and navigation i* to be cruriied ?hove MuTdletown. In behalf of the Committee, he mid ifthey have performed their dutie*. which *rer? ^7 nome*n* light, to the accepunce of their fellow c.ti "c hiiaL*C ho( the counsel before | MWute S3? SSUS? then j hired * room, and appointed a committee to ?nH everv Middletown man, in hi* correspondence,wrote on tW^ neper Agents were appoint d to see that the le -ul?tnr^^!re selected, in nominating meetings, of the iff:'?az3??3,? Since the ted motives to the ^TTn t^JVel^'lonlhe might not Have known that were pulled. It eo happened that that were all of a *ort-they all acted marvellous committea were auo impressed, from the appear 'X that all wa* loats and he felt that ance of that ' tK)n_iv M the trial progro**ed. ZXSiXli1 '? 5W5u.? of Praams, tsq , one of our representatives, wm next called upor He alluded to the oonduct of the n!?iJ!^ < ommtttee of the Legislature, in refusing and kvery thing . arrivals and departures h^J k^ that there are double thai suibeBMint *r*aaked ^sTglTntlemajli*if^^o^hl*^nlnute*. ? to (how the Strong Waning of ^^ r#. recaipt of the veto meuage. genUemar wan?? # pas* the bUl right oft. without iv.n P'WW wuUd no - an unheard of impetuo*4ty They ?p time to deliberate?that their mind o'clcck, the By ?truggling. it W^^^.n^aived the nest morning-the me**ag* ,h. M?ion The afternoon belore. just at twa c ^ it paswd by 1 i-Mr?? ft- ?"? firmed the deicription of proceeding! is this case by gen tlemen who ha<l ju?t spoken. There wm an absolute refusal in the Senate to receive and discuii amendment!. He held in hii band the identical resolution*, and with the clerk's signature as rejected, that he offered, and which were rejected just a* soon as read. They were all summaiily rejected in the Senate. There has been no attempt to fetter legislation equal to this, sine* the attempt to ?? reit the Constitution of thil State, in 1667, from our aiicoftor*. It is a solemn violation of our na tional compact. The power to regulate commerce is sole 1 v in the hands of Concrete. We perceive at once, that all acts that occasion delays to the freo and unobstructed navigation of water* to porta of entry established by Con Bress, are unconstitutional. The Supreme Court of the nited States has said over and over again, that State* cannot invalidate the laws of Congress. A bridge ob structs navigation. The right to build one bridge, im plies the right to built many?a* our chief magistrate ap propriately remarked in his message?and we may thus nave our stream bridged from here to the mouth of the same. This bridge act i* nothing more nor lew than a robbery of the right* of the Connecticut valley. Ho had no idea of the extent of the commerce of this placa and valley, until the fact* showed a* produced before the committeo Here is a river running 400 mile* through its devious course, to the sea. 400,000 souls depend, in a very great measure, upon the same to transport their wares and produce to markets, and bring them other goods in return. We are at the head of sloop navigation ?-vre have at presont very much improved it artificially, by deepening the channel The legislature now, have authorised tho erection of a bridge twenty mile* below a port of delivery established under the law of Congress The meeting appointed a committee of twenty-five, from our most substantial citizen*, " with full power, by all lawful mean*, and in concert with other* aggrieved, to defend and preserve our common right to the freo na vigation of the Connecticut river." The Common Coun cil were also authorized to expend any sum* of money for all necessary expeute* incurred by (aid committeo m the dutie* of their appointment Alfked Smith. Esn., ottered three resolution*, which were also unanimoudy passed, that the Commissioner* appointed on the N. Y. and Boston Railroad bo forthwith served and notified with a notice for the repeal of tho bridge section?that the proceedings of the meeting bo caused to be published in two or more papers in Con necticut, New York, MaaaachuaotU, Vermont, New Hampshire, lie. Icc Washington, June 22,1846. Sickness?Advantage* and Disadvantages of th* Site of Washington?Marshes, Malaria, Bull Frogs and Musquitoet?A Tnu and Faithful Account. We regret to hear that several members of the House are sick ; and as the warm season advan ces, the number will be unquestionably increased. When we consider that the House, as well as tho Senate, is largely composed of men in the wane of life, many of them with constitutions shatter ed or enfeebled, and that the liabiu of lie in Washington, converting day into night, and night into day, to hay nothing of the dissipations of the winter seivson, as absolutely unavoidable, it is a, matter of surprise that so few substractions by death are made from the two Houses. But the city is open and airy?it is surrounded bv high hill", in the distance, on every side, and with the broad Potomac on the south, up which the eve ning breeze, in summer, is particularly refresh inn make thesituation of t'.e capital the healthi est that <*ouUl be found so near the seaboard in this latitude. But for all that, the bioad bayou called the Anacostia, which runs up Irom the main river on the eastern side of the city, (we I say it runs up, beeause it has no other current than the ebb ami return of tli? tide,) is flanked by extensive marshes, which, in tl<e heat ot sum mer, diffuse around the inescapable malaria ot vegetable, decomposition. The Congressional burying ground is situated near this bayou, or la goon; and when the stranger, in the month ol August, looks out from the walls of the cemetery, at the expanse of stagnant water before him, he will cease to wonder that the city ol the dead is so full of graves. The broad Potomau, too, in Auuust, when the tide is down, presents the ap pearance of a swamp covered with stinking Jirass, and literally frying in the sun. On the opposite side, where the solitary corner stone of lackson city still remains in solitary mockery ol the New York speculators, the marshy bot toms present a scene whose very appear ance is sufficient to excite an ague. Here the evening breeze is surcharged with mus nuitos, and the night is made hideous by the trombones of millions and millions ot bull-frogs. It would seem as though the ??pestilence that walketh at noon-day," hail there planted his mel ancholy ensign, with tlie warning motto to all speculators in sites of great cities, of. Thus tar shalt thou go, and no farther." It is the empire of the mud-turtle, l'togs, logs, rnusquitos, bugs and l)0"s, weeds, stagnation and malaria; ot marshes seething in the scalding heat by day, and friuhtful Irom the infernal jargon of their parboJed, iroitL'le-eyed population, as soon as the night sets . I in Such is the site of Jackson city across the i river, and such the wati'r privileges flanking on the south and east of the city of Washington. On ! the northwest it is open to the high and healthlul hills in that direction, which is a material onset to these disadvantages. The elevation of the citv. too, is greatly in its favor, and to this, is doubtless attributable, and to the width and ain ness of its streets, its general healthfulness, save, around the suburbs in the antumnal fever-and auue visitations. . , . , . _ Tiie approach of the dog-days admonishes tlie mountaineer members that it is time to go home, and the most industrious efforts will be made to modify the tariff, pass the sub-treasury,the *5*?" house bill, and other necessary bills, on or betor? the 1st of August, in order to give to all h^nd? ^he privilege of evacuating the city for a lew week* recreation in more genial regions. Respectfully* Thk Doctoe. p_ The dreadwl liason of tlie Lutheran min ister continues the subjMt of general conversation; and ihe particulars which we have already fur nished you, are fully liorne out by the facts in the CA*Q? Mohmo^ Affairs.?Mr. Hedges, of this city, who has just returned from Nauvoo, publishes in the -American of last evening, M ?ccouni of WlMtf h? " in Nsuroo snd at the Anti-Mormon csmp. during XlTtlme he vu there. Oa Saturday, he supposed front tho conciliatory character of the conference* between the parties, that the difflculties were brought to a close, u 1 he left the camp ground at Ooleea-s Point tinder this impression. He returned to Nauvoo about 4 o'clock, p ftWhen nearly In (savs Mr. Hedges ) we met son* Lrsoas who informed as, &at there be*n <?aU?. an#i ( ai)tRin or Sheriff Backenatoe. had called out hie pome to defend the city-that .ight hnnd^. on nantde kc- be We stopped near the temple, (wJUch w?'ictly guarded,) where there were about one hun dred and fiftyparsons, some of whom wer. ?oant.d and armed, la a lew minutes a carnage cama up, in^wUch vl-k re Mr Picket and one other ofthe delegates. Several of sirseisfltf :srsSi'? ; tsvistxhsssu SMT. 1 Sjsrfi jsssstis.s5i HS SB Others with unmeasured epitheM. I an> told by ??iwrallv. among ?oiae few ofthe Mormooa, wiwmim fhem*elvas new ciUteas, and are very l or(i inigkioc or i6id commanding and parading in ?h?itr?at Oa Sunday, aboat 10 o'clock, A M. I we it ?virniiffb tha city and found the potfe on parade, under K and others?amounting fa aU f .boat Ada hundred seventy of whoe were meunted. There were pertiea out aa soouts. aambeiiag 7*7 heard here that tha anties had hroken ap fhS camp alidJed, which I had aatiolpat^.^hat^T would ko home The line beiaf drawn up-tha rig at been compoied ol a?'?teen tweu' leth' ^''^"at vgry ages and conditions. I saw some new ciuku., y ' ??-? '?? I'tig Bostou of the 27th la?eta Warn Mm the Peal, thai there I in?t says : VV e . ?mont( the poor Irish a?a? i. muci. s.ckne.s ln?l?seiii>a ik Near!* every gr?? sick on arrival, a^ ,?CVickiTin a week or two after comiy on informed that the hosp.ial wards oTtha aJmiThou** are crowded to of arflowiag, mosUy >1 racaat emigrant" " ON BON? AN? **0?T 'awsrssj? sad heavy Hides, ef ? ?W1+TT* ??? dar and WillowWood? aesoftweatof^rtKleauiilsl T P* raa I all of whleh he o#?re lower thsa SWES!^^!l|g? si is

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