Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 29, 1846, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 29, 1846 Page 3
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t>UM weeks It wm stated a few *i4u siaee, that the moitn power ot the company ceuM not transport mora than thirty thousand ton* of coal par week, whereas, in the weak a bore named, in June, 1946, the buiinaii fx caeded thirty-two thousand torn. The advance in tha chargsa for transporting coal from tha mina* to tida wa ter, reeeMly made by thi? company, haa iwelled tha re ceipts to a ium exceeding that of any previout weak in the existence of tha road. At thif rata, there i? no doubt but that the sggregtte leceipts of the company this year will ba greater than tha largait estimate, and we see no thing to, prevent the declaration of a dividend, at tha cloaa of the year, ahould tha diractort deem it good poli cy to *ake one. Notwithstanding tha apparent prosperous con dition pt tha offairs of this company, there ap pears to ba a great want of confidence in ita stock, as an investment, or ita bonds ae security. There is only a difference in tha market of eight par cent, between tha boadi and the stock?tha former being twenty-five per cant and tha latter thirty-three par cent below par. If U>?stock is really worth any thing, the bonds are worth fall par. Old Stork Eirhangs* 1*000 N Y State 7's, 1149 102 30 >h? Lou* Island RR 31V *" 0 Ohio 6>, 1K0 93 60 de <30 3l? Wxw Teno 6's b60 6?V 100 do buw 32 KKNI0 du C9S >00 do 33 ItVOO do 69* 76 31J> isso Itc.iding Bonds 77 2 10 Nor It Wor Kit >80 81 shi banners' Trust 26\i <76 do 68\X 40 do 26* 160 ' do *30 68 60 Morris Canal 1SV JO do 68V; 69 do 13H 126 do Ml 2>0 do 1J* 71 do 68,V 100 do 13V SO do bit J*,'. 100 Hailem RR *16 ?9V 476 Reading RR 68 660 do <9\ 100 do >30 67X >00 do s30 ?S 160 do blO 61 160 do 60>4 60 do *30 68 Second Board. 11000 Peon 3>s 69V 60 alls Harlem RR bCJ 61 ^ 1 Osli* Harlem RR *60 JOV* io do 6"W do iW 60V, 126 Norfc WorRR *3 6?S 60 do JO 60 do nw 68?J 60 do blO 60S' 2? do 6?V 60 do 60 \i 26 do blO 68}* ?'0 do a60 60 60 do b30 W 160 do 60 60 do 6<H 100 do s30 60 60 Lone Island RR 32 60 do U60 61V 60 Reading RR >30 60 do b60 11$ 60 do blO 68V New Stork Kxchange. (VM0 Penn 6's blO 69\ 60 *h* Harlem RR >30 60 $6000 do blO 70 60 do ?30afl0. 60 100 shs Farm Trust >90 26 60 do c 60',' >6 do Monday 263i 60 do Mon 60^ 26 Nor kWor RR.Mon S8>* 60 do Mon 68'a 76 do c 68S 60 do e 6814 36 do e 68?? 26 do Moa 68V Married, On the 33d June, 1846, in Amenia, Dutchess county, N. Y , by the Rev Jamct Johnston, Mr. William A. Davits to Miss Si'saw M. Wkstfall. UlcU. On 8unday morning, 28th inst, at S o'clock, of inflam mation of the brain, Captain Hknuy R. Roberts, in the 28th year of his ege. Mobile papers please copy. His friendi, and thoie or nil brother, Stephen Roberts, are respectfully invited to attend his funeral, this after noon at S o'clock, from No. 3 Albany street, his late resi dence. On the 37th instant, Mrs. Lvdia Mvsas, aged 67 years. The friends and acquaintances of the family, are re spectfully invited to attend her funeral, from her late re sidence, 288 Division street, Monday morning at 9 o'clock, without farther invitation. New Jersey papers please copy. NOTICE. FOUND?A Yawl Boat, about 18 feet long, painted lead color. T^e owner cm have her bv proving property, and paying ail charge*. Enquire at the United State* Reve nue Office. Whitehall. jeW ?t*Je AOc.tVrL.fc?viAN AND HIS WIFE, or three or lour liugle Gentlemen, can be accommodated with good board and Plea.ant Room*, by applying at No. 9 Front atreet, Dear Fulton Keiry, Brooklyn. N. B ?French and Eugliah .poke if wanted. Je29 3t*m I^OiVirTKOLLEH 8 OFFICE, Banking Department, Al Xh.TjM.Uu3' N?i* of the FARMERS'It DROVERS BANK, ERIE Co ,wi.l be ledeemed at PAR, on pro.enta tion at the Binking Department. A. C. tLAtiU, j,2? lire Comptroller. CK.loK.KT. THK.BE will be a Grand Match to-day, Monday, 10th mat. between two Eleven, of (he principal player. ol Hie ft. George'* Cricket Club. It will come off on their l^ouncl. at the Had Houae. Wicket, pitched at? o'clock. J.29 lt*m Carriage for hale-Bvvirtue or a MoriM??ej cnted to me by W illiain Taylor and Thonvu Taylor. I will e.poae for aale at public auction, on the lit uav of July n. \t, at 10 A.M., at 44$ Broadway, Tatter*-I'm. one Rockxway Carriage. 8 id carnage ha. *eat* foraix peraoua, and i. in ?o'd order. New York, June t7th, 1846. j?29 2t*ire Oti6. D. UNliEKHILL, Mortgagee. WANTED, A RESPECTABLE Young Man aa Clerk, in a large board ing Imu-e. He mu.i understand the bu*n>e*? and be able r) kwp th. book., for which a fair aal.ry will be paid Ad re-< A B C.. at thi* office. je>7 3t?rc WAJVIED, , A SITUATION by . yo.?g man wbohaabeea employed iu a gentleman* furnishing atore. He would not object to any other buaineaa. He ia a .mart, a good pen in an, aud capable or keeping booka. Hew.uld be found an acquisition to any oee wanting a truatworthyand active a? aut.nt. He can give i he be.t of reference*. Addie.a A. A., care ol M. Woolf, 73 William .treet. je27 3t?rc Wanted, A FEW active Young Men to go South or Wert, to mi a. Agenta lor the aale of new aud popular Publication. $Jno over and above their expenaea will be injured to them in writing, with an opportuuity of clearing $1,000 per year. Some man now in our employ will, no doubt, make over $1,000 per year clear of all eipenae. Each man will have hi. district. It will b. neceaaary for them to have at lea.t from $25 to $i0 to oVuin a good fitting oat. Apply at FKKNCH ? rut>lulling Hall, ?J Broadway, up .lairs, Office or the Ha* or oar Union. All letter, mutt tie pott paid. myUlna'rc I^A.VULIEB in wantofhone.t and raitMul ?ervanta. viz:? Coeka. Nurtea, 4ic . alao Coachmen, Waiter., Clerk., or Laborer., can be .applied with ??ch aa hare t-odcit> re ference , by applying or aendiuf to Bird.all a Office, Broadway, a few door, above Canal .treet, Eaat ?ide. jet3 lw*m , . MR. CHARLES BALAN'D, FROM COPENHAGEN, U reque.ted to call at the office of the Daniah Coniulate, 69 Weal atreet, where he will find letter*. _ _ , ? tt .New York, Jane ?th.l81?. !?*jW r " CONVENTION OF THE DELTA PHI. CON VENTION of the Delta Phi held on Monday, the 2?th day of 1?>? National H t#| N?i 5 Courtland ?tr?et, in the city- of ISew Yorfc, M 9 and a W o'clock, A.M. All graduated membera are cordi ally Utu^^^RJNE, Uaion College. . THEODORE F. McCURDY N Y. UnnrenKy, JOHN G. HYER. Columbia College,. 8ANFORD R. OIFFORD, Brown Univemty, JAMES R. ROMEYN, Raiser* College. Jel5 <teod*rc "^4 lLll'ARY EQUIPMENTS. FIREMEN'S CAPS. THE SUBSCRIBER reapectrully call* the attention of Ihe military pablic te hi* a*aortment of Military Equipment, adapted to all companies; Military Cap., Kiiap*aek*. Boxea ?< a Bayouet Seebbard* of every variety. Country compa nies .boot changing their uniform*, or thoie about forming new companie*. will be supplied ?ith *ample*. FIRE CAPS?FIRE CAPS. ... A lull a**ortiaeut or every variety couatantly on hand, aad 'tth* 'tt Or'aTACAP. 3>t Broadway. fAVIJ^JUN, fttW BiUtfttTUI*. F. fhTt^h? toKii ?%rSTb^u ftVNoT'iCth River, Ud New Btn^wfCp^n,|? T,li>om New York. Vip-'M. I 'V^CABD. ! IMilioa, New Brighton. Jane 1, IMC JCTtfrc ABBEY HOTEL, BLOOMINGDALE ROAD. CAPT. M H. TRUE8DELL. late of the North River. having taken the above hou*e, beg* leave to infonm hi. f# lends and the pablic. that he i* now prepared to aecotamo , del* families and >ing\e gentlemen, with board and lodging*, on WMouable terme for the .eaaoa. , Tlie .imation of ihe above place eaanot be *urpa?*ed, and the ground, connected therewith and the river view, render. It ti e noil de.-r.ble .ammer r?id.nee, a* well aa a daily re Ion a* I* to be foand ia the vicinity or New York. The ta ble w"l be *npplied with all the delicaciea of the *ea*oo, and H_ ..|,a|ie? in&ifd to inskv Tiiitcn ccnfortiblt. lre!Ikf??t, Binne. and Sapper .erred at .11 time*. The Bar u 4. ,wv.l with Wine, and Linaor. of the choicett brand*, aa w.U i reg'n Alei?fcc- Ice Cream* ud other refre.hmenu ^MooreH^Line of Manhatwav.lle Swge* pan near ihe door every forty minate. daring the d.y, Te'Ving New VorkXm'ity Hail. There iaalao a firat rate Stable attached ^Wmr;"d"-. .lnnerth.1M6 !>*> lw*re > PORTER HOUSE FOR SALE, WITH IMMEDIATE POSSEbSION -The uneipired leaie of *i? jean, witn Bar, Flgtnre*. kc-1 k?., oTthat well uojl, Tavein ejl.ed E,cl??,,.^t.g.^,.., ^hurch l aYMin CftJiva bicmutv i"" ".j vAtT Thia i* an eicellent opportunity for . nnhnr to embark i?to the grocery or victnalliiw bn ?* mT having ample .econ>wedaiione for boarder, or lodging. llUvih?l? ho?.e ha. Ittaly aodergoae a thorough repair >or taaha enquire on the pr?iwa. >9Z7 Jl_r_ ?HAVANA TOBACCO LEAF AND " imported SEQA&8. y,A WALES Havana Tobacco Leaf, alaiott all wrapper., 60 n?w erop.wd entitled to debeotare-for jjeii fat. to uit parchaaer*. liy w/'AJfSiJUc AIm.TO'OO Segar., received directly from Hav^a by the late ?m*?W?<or aale ?. - -=[ FbUfe S^ETLANft PdMtS.very "i.nv'rn F?r **'* bT A GRIEVE. 5 Joha .treet ' KUK ~ALE. ^ TwTeL'f""SD.L?^",i" thr I-au,e ^ppW at the deafc of the Herald^Offiee^ w 1Vrr>HORSES, with entire a.w Hame.a, to be ^o bi'aeeu'at t!ok?r*"Livery Stable*, Croabr *oreet S 'mM> CHARLES HVaNTeI H-()K THE pare breed, received by the lawtt arrival* rrom Loo Soa for aale by A. Grieve. 5 Joha Mieet Al?>, rare ible Bird*, only to be foaai at hi* ertabli.hmeat, No. ' SlhV-Utter* from the ?rio??, ia ditt?t part. Jp-.' P?<? W' importer and de^er k. vl Cu.hungal/sgng in JoOjj the REAL BIRD K^hy ?rri~^TikeW*M M STORE TO LET. im the Harold Buildings, No.?7 Nuua itrot. Apply on the ptoBiiu. JrW 3? re HOU>E WANTKD. At A small S1ZK.D HOUSE. of moderate rant, with pTjW ? rotim water. he.; or the upper put. with a reapecta JlilUL bit nmet family, pleaaantl> situated, aithar up town or wed of Hudson Ureal. Please addreis S. H. H., at lha office of this paper, stating rent, kc. ja? lt*m Jak HOTEL DE PARIS?AN TIONE VlUNES.oua of the late proprietory of the I'erkiaa Home, Bottuo, JiaJflLreapcctfullv iuforma his friends and the travelling Pub lic , that he ha* opened lha houae No 210 Broadway, New York, eutrance on Reade atreet, called the Hotal De Parie, where lie will be happy to accommodate thoae who may with to patronize turn, with board and lodgiug, by the day, week, or month, on the moat reasonable terms. my It 2m eod*ntc Panama, manilTa, canton akdcana DA STKAW HATS. f THE Undersigned lias oil hand a large assortment of the above articles, which ha will sell at very low price*. RuBERTSON, 103 Fnltjn street. Uba'I'Lt; MK.N'? SUMMER HAiH-The new atvlo of Summer Hats juat introduced are for sale bv je3ilwi**r KNOX, 111 r ultou at., Sou Building*. ft PANAMA HATB.?A fine assortment for sale by d^,. . CTkNOX, Hatter. Je23 lwia'r 1 28 Fulton at., Sun Buildings. LIFE INSURANCE. PART OF CAPITAL PAID IN?in cash and securely invested in Londou. P?rt of capital invested in New York, in tha nsmas of Lo cal Board, at a prrmanrnt giiarantyfund. Large aurpliu of premium fund added to tha capital. Losses promptly paid in Naw York when approvtd by Ike Lotal Board. Full powers delegated to tha Local Board ; a Committee of which meeet every W ednesday at tha Society's Office, 74 Wall atreet, to decide all queatioua referred to them. Half amount of premium loaned to the aaaured (if deeired) for fire years. Every improvement in the science of life assurance adopted in Loudon will be fouud in uae by thia luatitution. NATIONAL LOAN FUND LIFE ABSURANCL SO CIETY, LONDON. CAPITAL *?,r>00,000. UNITED STATES BOARD OF LOCAL DIRECTORS, (OFFICE 74 WALL STREET.) JACOB HARVEY, Esq-, Chairman. JOHN J. PALMER. Eso. JONATHAN GOODHUE, Esq. JAMES BOORMAN, Esq. GEORGE BARCLaV, Esq. New York. SAMUEL S. HOWLAS(D/Esq. OORHAM A. WORTH, li*q. SAMUEL M. FOX. Esq. hiladelphia W. VAN HOOK, Kan. " CLEMENT C. BIDDLE, Eeq. BEAKS C. WALKER, Eaq. LOUIS A. GODEY. Eaq. GEOROE REX GRAHAM. J. LEANDER STAR, Mauager, and General Agent, for the United Staiea and British N. A. Colon i PHYSICIANS TO THE SOCIETV, (MEDICAL EXAMINEES.) J. KEARNEY ROGERS. M. D.,11# Bleecker street. ALEX. E. HOSACK, M. D? 101 Franklin staeet. S. 8. KEENE, M. D., 200 Fourth st. BANKERS. THE MERCHANTS' BANK OF NEW YORK. STANDINO counsel. WILLIAM VAN HOOK, Esq., ? Wall street. SOLICITOR. JOHN HONE, Esq., 11 Pine Street. The following are among the advantages held out by this Institution, which will be found most advantageous to the \ asaured, and which are seldom offered by Lire Insurance 1 Companies, viz:? The peculiar advantages secured to the asaured by the prin ciple of the Loan Department, thus blending the utility of a , Bavino* Bank with Life Inaurance. The payment of premiums, annually, half-yearly, quarterly, or monthly. No charge for stamp duty. Thirty days allowed after each payment of premium be comes due, without forfeiture of policy. Travelling leave extensive, and liberal ; and extra premi uma on the moat moderate scale. Conditions in the policy less enerous to the assured than usual iu cases of Life Assurance. (See pamphlet.) The actual and declared profit* (published in succes | sive Reports) affording sure data for calculatidn* o( the value of the "bonus" in this Institution. These profits will at each division be faid in cash if desired. Being Unconnected with Marine or Fire Insurance. Deferred Annuities. Parties insured, say?t 30 years of age. for a sum payable wheu they are M or l>0 years of age, and alive, will be sure to have a provision from that fund lor their families, for if they dif. brfort attaining the ilipulated agt, the office is bound to pay two-lhirdi of all the payments made by the aaaured, and they can, while living, at any time act upon such payment as 1 a loan fund to the same extent. The General Agent of this Institution, has recently return ed from Loudon, and is prepared to give every information deaired as to the many modea by which Life Insurance can be effected, upon application at the Society'* chief office ill this city, 74 Wall street. The public are respectfully requested to examine the dis tinguialuug principles of this Institution?their tables of rates ?their distribution of profits?and the facilities afforded by their Loan Department?before deciding to inaure elsewhere. A Medical Examiner is in attendance at the office, daily, at three o'clock, f. M. Fee paid by the Society. JACOB HARVEY, Chairman Local Board. J. LEANDER STARR, General Agent. my21 ltaw Im THOS. SHANKLAND, | Jlltorney and Counirllor at Law, 41 Wall Strttt. COM MISS' ONER of Deed*, and Commuaiouer for the States "f Maiue, Vermont, Marylnad, Ohio, lllinoi*, ; Alabama and Missi*?ippi. jel3 law4t*rc MAY 8TAT&MKMT. I The mutual benefit life?insurance coa No. 11 Wall atreet, i**ued, during the month of May, 207 new Policie*, rit.:? To Merchants and Traderi S3 To Broker* 3 Manufacturers J Sec'y of Insurance Co. 1 Mechanics It Bank Tellers 2 Clercvmen 13 Civil Engineea 2 Physician* 5 Agent* 4 Lawyers 4 Bookkeeper* 3 Teachers 7 Clerks 14 Students 4 Innkeeper* 3 Editors and Printers ., 5 Ladies 1C Public Officer 1 Gentlemen "> Sea Captains and Mari- Cartmen 2 ners 4 Servants 1 I Farmers ? ? 54 lit IS! No.Lives Insured......2#7 I ROBT. L. PATTERSON, President. C. Miller, Seretary. J >jkph L. Lord, Agent. jAi.Stewart, M.D., Medical Examiner, > No #21 Broadway. J je!eodlw*rc REST SPRING MR01U1NK. WHITWELL'S TEMPERANCE BITTERS. THE beat possible remedy Tor Indigestion, Jaundice, Worms. Costiveness, Lots of Appetite, He-idache, Hys terics, Debility, Drowsiness, Weakness, Sour Stomach, fcc. Most persons feel itie necessity of using some tonic or (trengUieuiug mediciue daring the spring and summer, esl^ eially tliose engaged in sedentary employmenta. No article is better calculated for snch purposes, than the above. The , ingredients of which they are composed are highly recommen ded in all medical books, as among the best tonics known to the medical world. They purify the blood, revive the spirits and strengthen the whole system. The proprietor is confi dent that lfinvalids would give this cheap and pleasant reme dy one trial, they will never use any other. They are put at the lowest possible price, ia order to place them within tha reach of all. Price 26 rents a Pint bottle. WHITWELL'S ORIGINAL OPODELDOC. Is the only effectual remedy for Rheumatism, Sprains, Stiff' ness of Neck and Joints, Gout, Cramp, he. Recommended by Dr. S. L. Mitchell, late Professor of Phyaic in the N. 8. College of Physicians. Pries 25 cents ? bottle. VOLATILE AROMATIC SNUFF, Fur Headache and Catarrh, Composed principally of Root* and Aromatic Herbs. Recommended by the celebrated Dr. WATERHor?Et Iste Professor of Medicine in Howard Uai veraity, Cambridge. Price 96 and 50 cents per bottle. The above articles are prepared and sold by J. GEORGE j WHITWELL, (Ute J. P. Whitwell <t Boo, Boston.) Sold also by A. R. Sc D. SANDS, Druggists, 100 Fulton. cor ner of William ?treet. New York. inyl lmeoa*r NEW BOOT AND SHOE STORE, JV?. t>9 Maiden Lane, comer of William itrtet. MEAGARY k HIGUINS have opened this new Esta blishment with a new and splendid assortment of Gen tlemen'i Boats and Shoes, all new, latest Paris and French fashions, made under our owa inspection and warranted. Sold low, for cub, wholesale and retail. We solicit Merchants, Clerks and dealers to call and examine our new stock before purchasing elsewhere. We do business on the cash principle therefore, we can afford to undenell any establishment in this city._ _ _ _ my*7 lm*rc KANE'S PATENT PORTABLEBATH1NO j APPARATUS. AN ICW and splendid arrangement, by means of which the Shower Bath it united with the Bathing Tub, and can be used in connection, in any part of the house. The public are respeetfally invited u> call and eiamine it at the store of the Subscriber, No. 377 Tlowery, between Fourth and Fifth streets. CHARLES KANE. Patantea. my27 lm*re THORN CHAMPAGNE. AFRESH INVOICE of thi? delightful Champagne it ia store, to which the attention of merchants, hotel keepers, and private (entlemen is invited. The stranding of this Win* it now superior to that ol any in this country, aad at no mgher price than that af the bast brands. C. LIVINGSTON It CO., marll istf re ?? Wall stmt. BED BUGS, BED BUGS. WATSON'S BED BUG DESTROYER, is the most wonderful discovery ever made for immediately de stroying these vermin, however numerous, anil eternally ba nishing them from the premises by one application. Beware of worthless imitations. For sale at Apothecaries Hall. M Catharine street; Olcott It McCassrm, 127 Maiden lane; and in Brooklny at Mrt. Hayes's, 13* Fnlton ?? Pnee 25 cents per bottle s2Blm*r SCOTT'S BAZAAR. 74 Prince street, *att of HrooJwuy. G ANDS SCOTT, late of the Bauar ia Dry street, befa 10 " acauaint his numerous friends aad the public, that lie has opened the above hous? in a very superior style, and hopes to merit a fair shara of the public patronage- From long eipe rience in busmeae, he Hatters himself to be able to pleas* the most fastidious ; the accommodations of his house for busi ness and eotufort. ha believes cannot be surpassed by any hoate of the kind. His patrons will always rind the nouse wall supplied with the bast of every thing the market affords VP the way- of Ales, Wiuee, Liquors, ajid Segar*. Steaka. Chops, Cold Cuu, Rarebits. Poached Eggs, Tea, Coffee, and la fact a Urge assortment of refreshments at all times until twelve o'clock at night. Plenty of rooms for private parties at all times ready. aiymWrrc i TO JEWELLERS. ^lATUKE PAINTER^ fcc.- j J. C. ft J. HARTNETT, No. t Coaruandt street, near I Broadway, wholesale and rtuil Manufacturers of Travelling. ; Writing, Dressing and Jewelry Botes, Miniature Cases snd ! Settings; Flute, Locket, Watch, Riuf, Pin and pencil Boies; ' cases Tor silver Plate neatly imsH to order. Also, Trayt CHURCH'S VEGETABLE LO'ilO?.~ THIS highly valnahlaCoeaietie will effectually care erup tions on the fsc* sM skin, particularly pimples, bloKh?a tatter, tan, freckle* sad ringworms. The use of the Lntioa for a short time, trill establish a clev and brilliant co rples ion. Sold in botUet al75cenu each, at IN Bowery, comer of Spring street. Alto by Mil. Hay*, Brooklyn. myl? lineal WINDOW SHADE DEPOT, No. T SPRUCE STREET. ESTABLISHED riv IMA. _ WHOLESALE AND RETAIL, HHADK.S of alt detenptioot. kiudt and sitae. 51 per cent che irer than eta be bought tt any other placet. Trim mingsfet manufacturers' price. BARTOL, DE MAUNY ft Co.. mrl lss*rre Mannfacturera ft Importer*. FINE liINEN SHIRTS^ Mud AMES PALM ER fcFARR, 47* Broadway, continue to make gentlemen*' Liaaa to order, aad warrant them lo fit. The latest patterns tad finest needlework characteri*e the. establishment. NB -^rdwt eaeaated let *ay pan ef tha way. AUCTION NOTICEI. PUBLIC SALE OF STOKES AT THE NAVY YAKD. THERE will be sold on Monday, 6th July, It M,at tb? C. S Navy \ ar?l, Brooklyn, by D. C. it \V . PELL & C*? auctioucert, (he following articles. fit:? PROVISIONS 6601 pound* Bread l'i\ do Cocoa XJt do Cheese 1 barrel* Beef )u do Pork 13 17-196 d? Flour 13M pounds Rice 792 do Rutins 445 do Pickle* 28 gallons Beau* 157 Bread Ban* C blue Pea Jackct* ? do Moukey do 1336 do Round do 11 do l loth Trowsers ? do Flannel Shirt* 2 white do drawer* '< do Keriey <lo 311 pair Yarn Sock* 16 do do Stocking* 70blick.Hk Hdkl* 7 Matirasses 181 pair Shoe* SMALL STORES. CLOTHINO. K>* pair Pump* 31 linen Trow*er* aud Pan taloon* 18J,yard* Blue Cloth 22\i do do Flaunt 1 17V do Duuvaree J Duck Trowaer* 4 Summer Cloth Jacket* 1 Brown Liueu do 2212 dozen Eagle Jacket But ton* 32>? pootidi Beeswax 171 bote* Blacking 4 coarse Combs 31 M Spanish Segar* 19 Jack Knive* 54 bote* Mustard 182. Needle* U7 bote* Pepper 45 rid Pot* 75 Iron Spoon* 4(1 pound* Tobfcco li do Sewing Silk 5 do do Thre*d 70 do Ora**, for mat* 41 pair Huaprader* J Stock* (bombazine and ?atm) 34 I'm Pau* 7 pair Scissors 240 laair woollen Mitten* TERMS, CASH ON DELIVERY. Narv Agent'* Office, New York, June 26th,l846. (Signed,) PROSPER M. WETMORE, Je29 Iteod i**m Nary Agent HARLEM PARK?TROTTING WEDNESDAY. July 1 ?Purae ol $30? Mile heat*? Beit 3 hi 5. under the saddle, for hone* hariug never wou a punt orer $30. .Saturday, July 4.?Purae $50?Mile heat*? Be*t 3 in 5, in harness, for horses having never won a purse over S110. En tile* for the above purse*, to be made at Urecu auu Lo*ee'(, on Monday Evening, June 29, by 'Jo'clock. Three or more to uialie a rice. je28 2t*in FOURTH OF JULY EXCURSION TO NEW BRUNSWICK, BY THE NEW JERSEY RAIL ROAD AND TRANSPORTATION COMPANY. AN EXTRA TRAIN of Car* will leave New k'ork from the foot of Courtland atreet. for Newark, Elizahethtown, Rahway and New Brunswick, at 8 A. M., audita, aud 11)* P. M. Heturniug from New Brun*wick, at IK and 12 A. M., and 7PM THE NEW YORK AND HARLEM RAILROAD CO. are now prepared to commute with individual* to any point along their line of road between New York aud White Plain*, at noderaie rate*, for three, six, or twelve month*.? Ticket* i**ued firri of January, April, July and October For further particular* enquire at the office of the Company Partiee, School* aud Military Companies de*lrou* to make ?xcuraioni, will be accommodated ou reatonable term* by applying at the office. June 27th, 1846. je27 Iwrc NEW JERSEY RAIL ROAD AND TRANS PORTATION COMPANY. atoeaaea p?amaate>mi FOURTH OF JULY EXCURSION TO PHILADELPHIA, AT REDUCED FARE, COMMENCING on Thuraday. the 2d Julv, 1846, with the 9 o'clock A. M. Train, from the foot ofLibertr at. N R. To afford an opportunity, at reduced fare, to the citizen* of New York to visit their Iriend* in Philadelphia, ou the 4th of July, arrangement* are made to furnish pasaenger* with an excursion ticket for four dollars, entitliur tn? purchaier to a pa**age to aud from Philadelphia, with either of the following traiuc? From New York, on the 2d July, at 9 a.m.,and 4>; p. m 3d " 9 " ? 4?" 4th " 9 Returning from Philcdelphia. on the 4tli July, at 4>? r. m. 5th " 7 a.m. and 4\ rM. 6th " " " Excnrsion Tickets from Philadelphia to New York wjll be charged at the same r?te. Tickets procured at the office foot of Liberty atreet, which are not transferable, and will not be received after the al?ve stated 'late*. je?6 to jy4si*r EXCURSION TO ~THE FISHINQ BANKS. EVERY TUKSD * Y?The new aud sub >staii'i<l steamer BUFFALO. Capt Hancox, ? ? ill leave on Tuesday, June 30th, as follows: foot of Barclay atreet at 8 o'clock: Hammond street quarter past 8; Pike street 9; Pier No. I N. R. hall past 9 o'rlock A. M.. and return br 6 o'clock. Diuner provided onboard ? Bait furniahed. Fishing tackle at a small charge. Fare fifty cents fur the excursion. The Buffalo cau be chtrtered for ex cursions. apalv ou hoard. Jef7 3tis*r AWAY TO Tilt; FISHING RANKS. inwards of r?ooo fish caught last trip. MONDAY, Jane 29, HIS, the popular and commodious steamer DtLAWARE, U|i , tain Smith, will make her second Kraud trip to the Fishing banks, on Vionday. Leaving the fact of Ham mond atreet at half past 7 o'clock; Cankl street at a quarter to 8; Delancy atreet at quarter paat 8; Pike atreet at half-past 8; pier No. I, North River at 9. Fare 50 cetta for the Excursion?Dinner on board?Bait gra tia?Lirei at a small charge. An old Fisherman will be in attendance. Dingle's Bras* and Cotillon Banda attend theae excursions. je29 U?m FOR SALE, THK GOOD WILL nd Fixtures of a Confectionery, Ice Cream Saloon and Garden, to which ia attached an Ovster Siiloon, doing a good business. Enquire at 218 Blecker street. ie23 1? ? rc j is :IJ111IS7M1:rch ant tailojl, HAS REMOVED from 132 William atreet to 116 Wnl.iua ?treet, within 4 door* of John.?A rich and taahionable aajo tment of Good* will always be kept on hand, and will be made to order, at such prices as must command the attea tion of Urn truly economical, while the style and finish will, to the man of taste, speak for themselves. As all goods are bought for cash, and, therefore, at the very lowest rates, a finer article will be manufactured, at a lower price, than the credit tailora can possibly furnish. GENERAL SCALE OF fKICES. Sine French Cloth Black Brew Coat, from $15 to $10 00 lack Doeskin Pants 6 to 8 JO Vests, of Satin, Silk, lie 2 to 5 00 O ce Coats, and all other articles usually sold by the trade, at unusually low prices. Formerly with " Brnndage," of Broadway. my# lm*rre DAGUERREOTYPE APPARATUS. JOHN ROACH, Optician, 12 Naaaau Street, HAS constantly on hand, French, German and American Instruments. Coating Boxes, Mercury Baths, and all the other m tferial used bv operators, are manufactured under his inspection. Chemicals, riates, Cases, Quickstuff, lie., lie Lenses Ground to order. Thermometers and Surveying Com passes manufactured for the trade. Magneto Electric Machiues, of approved construction, for medical purposes. ml71m*rc JOHN 1*. sKELE. NI) RETAIL JEWEL AND JuTASK MANUFACTURER, 1S1 Fulton St.. vy stairs, ntar Broadway. JV. York. Jt. WM. L EH S Show Cases, fitted up with Trays to con tain wMches, chains, rings, breast pins, thimbles, pencil cases, he. Also, Ladies' and Gentlemen's Travelling. Writing and Dressing Cases, Jewel Cases, Miniature Cases and Settinfs, Flute Caaes, Rator Casea, Surgeon's Instrument Cases, Ca tas for Silver Piste neatly arranged. A variety of the above articles constantly on hand, and made t" order, with neatness and despatch. je25 lw'rc TENNIS COURT, W BOWERY. THF, Subscriber, having taken the above-named place, would inform hit friends and the Public tfiat the Ball Alley, and the whole of the establishment, has underMie a thorough repairing. To the Alley hu brrn added a galer)-, 20 feet by 25, for the convenience oi the spectators. This, with an alley of 120 feet, in complete order, ne trusts will be sufficient to secure the patronage of the Uivers of that healthy and favorite amusement. As for the quality of his Liquors, Segars, and refreshments, he will leave to the judgment of hie customer*. H. WOOLLY, Bat Ball Alley, Directly opposite Prince it New York, May 7, 1840. ray? lin*m THE CITY FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY. Orricx No. CI Wsu, street, Citt or New York. CATITAL STOCK $210,000, all paid in cash, and securely invested according to the provisions of its charter. This Comtnuiy hVs been in business twelve) ears, and in that time haa paid loases by fire upwards of $150,000. The present assets of the Company exceed its capital stock more than $85,000. Insurance against loss or damage by Fire effected on appli cation, at reasonable terms. R. A. READING. President all lmins?m D. F. CURRY, Secretary. FOR SALE CHEAP FOR CASH, THE lease of the Bowling Saloon, No. 450 Broadwsy, con sisting of four Alleys, Fixtures. Bsr, Tables, Carpels, Fuiitare. Uc. complete for such an eyakllament, and leaae of the premises for lour years, from the 1st Ma> 1848, at the of $150 per annum. The premises are ntfw rented out fo,* a short time at the rate of |700 per annum. tor further particular*, the property, lie., enquire at the office of the subscribers, PORTER It M'MAHON, Arty's at Uw, lie., je25 1n *r No. 6 City IIsll Place, or 18 Centre at. EXCELSIOR BONNETS OF PERSIAN SILK

THE SUBSCRIBERS having been appointed sole agent* for the sale ol these Bonnets, are now prepared to supply the trade with this new and splendid article of silk braid, which received the first premium of a gold medal at the last fair of the American InstituM These bonnets exceed m besuty, texture, durability and eeo^erny, any thing of the ki?d ever offered. They are warranted to be entirely of silk, and will elasn, slter and retain their color equal to any braM muse. STANTON. RICH ADS It WOODRUFF, je?2 Iwis'in No. 4* Br. ad afreet. WIGS AND TOUPEES. BATCHELOR'S new invented Wigs and Scalps, made of the fiueat natural curl hair, and adapted in the most easy mmuer. to the peculiar style of each individual They sr* entirely a new invention, doing away with all the vexatious difficulties so long experienced by those who wear wigs. The public are invited to inspect a large and well selected stock, containing ev?r> van-ty of site and o..lor; they will then be able tojudge the effect W Y1. BATCH k. LOR, i.iventor and only manufacturer. 2 Wall street, near Broadway. Removed from 145 Broadway. Please to cop< the ?ddreaa j if* lw*m MU&1C INSTRUCTION givea on the Piano et two dollars per m a person who understands the profession tho roughly Young ladie< wishing to take lessons, will please ?ddresa a note to Music,"at the Herald offict. jrtf, lwis*rc " PIANO FORTES. PURCHASERS are invited to call at Chambers ware-room, No. 285 Broadway, for a superior and warranted actiele. alT tm*r 8 E A BA T HI N O , LONG BRANCH. N. J. THE SUBSCRIBER will open the Sea Beach House, for the reception of visiters, June 20th. The steamboat Oris from the foot ol Fulton street, and Ed win l.ewi* from foot of Vesey atreet. both run daily to the Oceert House,where stages are alwa< a in readiness to convey paaiengers to the Branch. 11. HOWLAND k CO. jeT7Jw*re SHIP MUSKETS AND PISTOLS. ONE THOUSAND Muskets, with Bayonets, in good or. der; 300 pairs Boarding Pistols, for aaje by A. W. SPIES It CO.,#l Maiden lane 4,00o elegant United Statee beaded Muskets, in lots to suit Sportug Oui. myai AMI'WfRfe ? DAKK THEATRE?Box aa. St cts; Pit to w iKtlefy ? I IK cents.?Monday Crraiai, June f?? Will be ki formed th* LOVE CHASE?Couimcr. Mr?. Hunt; Widow G'em, Mrs. Vernon; Sir Williaui Foudlov*. Vir. Vache. To Soncluile v*tth the l.irct olthe YOUNG STAMP or MY IRaNDMOTHER'S PET?Joseph, Mrs. Hunt; General leauvoir, Mr. Vache. Doora optuii 7 o'clock?perlortnaaaa to (omanciit m eiaalv ljj o'clock" BOWKHY THEATRE. ?Monday Evening, Jane (9? Will ba performed the rouied> of LONDON A8SL II ANC? ? Dsxxle, Mr. J R. Scott: Sir Harcourt Courtly, ' lark*; Lady Uay Spanker, Mra. Phillips; Oracr Haikaway, Mr*. Sarcexnt. After which, tha new Grand drama, entitled the BUTCHER'S DOO OF GHENT?Andrew Wolfe hud Arnold Wolfe thf Twin Brothers, Mr. Blanchard; Black Martiu, Mr. Cony: Louise Kreutzuer, Mr?. Phillip*. _.r 7* Lower Boxes, M cents, aecoad and third tun, S eta.; Pit and Gallery, UK cenu. Door* open at 7 oMock?Curtain will rile at half past Hfaa o'clock. G" GREENWICH THEATRE Comer of Vartck and < harlton streets.?Re-opeued for the Summer Seaaon.? Monday Evening, June 2M. tha performance to commence with the erand drama of the FRENCH SPY?Mathilda de Merle, Henri 8t Alme. Hamet Caramelli, Mis* Chapman; Achmct Bev, Mr. Heukin*. Tha whole to couclude with the play of WILLIAM TELL-William Tell. Mr. Freer; Emma, Mra. I'enaon; Albert, Mias Kennedy. Boxes, & cents; Pit 12^ cents; Private Boxes ft; Seats in Orclieatra Boxea. each 76 centa. j CASTLE GARDEN.?Monday Evening, Jane 19. ?the opening piece of muaic will couaiat oT the evertare to Bronze Horae, full orchestra. "Lore Not," Mr Hotinan; Lor ley-Rlieiu-Klange, Stranaa. Dance by the Miases Vallee. I Highland Fling, by Mr Thompson. To conclude with Over ture to Oberou. Intermisaion of half an hoar. Second psrt to commence with tlie Overture to Zampa Hong, Mr ilol m*n. Paa Styrien, by the Miaaea Vallee. Overture La Fille du Regiment. The evening will conclude with a aeriee of Uiaaolviug Views lately srrived from Mr Collins of London, under the direction of Professor Eierstein. Admittance IS cents. THE RAVEL FAMILY. Tight Row, by the Ravel Family. NIBLO'S I) ARDEN.?Monday Evening, June 29th, 1816. ?The performance will commence with a favorite Overture. After which the celebrated tablean vivant of the ITALIAN BRIGANDS, or THE MIDNIGHT ASSAULT, on an eu- , tire new principle, as painted in Paris, by the celebrated Ci- 1 cerv?fouuded upon circumstances which actually occurred | la Paris, in 18-4. Characters by the Rsvel Family. This performance has never been executed but by the Ravels. Half an hoar's intermission for tha Concerts A-ia-Maiard - a the Refreshment Saloon. The entertain menu to conclude with the comic pantomime of OODENSKI. OR THE SKATERS AT WILNA? , Oo^enski. Gabriel Ravel; Grivotiche. Leon Javelli; Loven aki, Antoioe Ravel; Roughaki, Jerome; Jules Lovenski, Franeeis Ravel; Notary Joseph Rave1; M'me. Gnvotiche, 1 M'me. Jeiome Ravel; Betxi, M'me. Martin Javelli; Luxi, Mile Hardwick. Doors open at 7 o'clock, to begin at I o'clock precisely Tickets Fifty Centa. i THE ALSaMRAT- i ICE CREAM SALOON, 559 Broathray, between Sjrring and Prince. TO >TRANGERS?Strangers visiting the city will find a new attraction in the 8aloons of the Alhamra, which, aside from the delicious Ices and Confectionery to be foond there, is fitted up in a style of Eastern splendour and magnifi cence never before attempted in this country. The beantifal fountain in the tesselated court, which displays a variety of curious and ingeuiooa jets, not only keeps the air delightful ly cool and pleasant, but excites an amusing interest and a i thousand conjectures; while the spacious promenade around the balcony affords a view, every pleasant evening, of mora beauty and fashior than can be fonna congregated in any other Klace of public resort in the city. Indeed no where ean an oa' be passed more rationally or agreeably. [[^?Admitiance free. je2t lwis*rc 1 GOTHIC HALL, BROADWAY" DURING THIS WHOLE WF.EK the splendid Mecha nical Cabinet of G. Tietz. with tlie Duck of Vsucauson, the dancing Lady and the War Elephant, will be opened eve ry afternoon during the week, at S o'clock until J?and every Eveuing from 7 until 10 o'clock. Oil Fourth July, performances from I in the morning anlil i II at night. )e2S lwis*rrc Miw YOKK rsACKEl) MUSIC society. SPECIAL NOTICE.?The Performing Members of this O Society, one snd all, are requested to attend the meeting ' at the Coliseum, on Monday Evening next, at I o'clock. Business of importance will he introduced to the Society for their consideration. By order, je28 2t rrc GEO. wHI'l LOCK. Secretary. The alleghanians respectfully an NOUNCE that their Third Concert will take place at the Apollo Rooms, 4lo Broadway, on Monday Evening, June 29. 1146. I. Quartette?The Sailor Boy's Carol. A Nautical Sketsh. "2. Song?Oh ! gentle love. ] 3. Quartette?Some Spirit waf our mountain lay. This piece is descriptive of the apiiit ">w jocund, now sad?in which emigrants from the Old W-rid wind their way to tha valley of the Weit, acroaathe great tide of the Allegany. 4. Scotch Ballad?On with tne Tartan i. Tiio?Oh, lady '. aweet lady unveil those eyes. 6. Quaitet'e?The Spider and the Fly. 7. Cateh?They say there is au echo here. This peculiar and irresistibly comic catch is a proof that there is no housa without an echo. ?. Quartette-We're happy and Iree. 9 8<>iig and Chorus?Fioti the Lord of the Isles?Merrily while the deer is browsing. 10. Q'lartette?The Soldier and his Bride. By request. This piece is founded on the murder of *1'ss Jane McRea. She heard the fight was over. II. An Original Piece?Woman may her bard command. Received with enthusiastic srplauae at the first concert. Writren expressly for the Alleghanians, by General Gaorga P. Morris. It Song?Daylight upon the Sea. 13. Origin of Yankee D oodle. Cards of ndmisaion it i centi, to be hsd at the mnsic (teres Broadway, and it /mbree'a Bookstore, 1)1 Bowery. Concert to commenc at 8 o'clock. V/~ The Piiino Fo' .r used at these concerts ia from tha WareroomsofS C Jollie, 413 Broadway, manufactured by Messrs. Senior and Grot esteeu, 118 and 120 Grand street. je28 Jt*m HOWES & CO.'S NEW YOKK MAMMOTH CIRCUS. THE LARSEST ESTABLISHMENT ever organised ia the United States, comprising 150 Men and Hones, re ^hiring 36 Carnages to convey the performers, wardrobe, ma ; sicians, fee. The company has attached to it Eight Female Quratmui, among whom is the Greatest Female Aider of the Age, recently arrived from Pans MADAME MAKIEMACARTE, whose new style el Equestrian S'tiu, peculiarly her own, being chaste and clsssic; her graceful and fascinating address, end the charming naivete with which she chains ner audi eence, render this gifted and highly-educated artiite the lead ing feature of the arena in this country. The Proprietors ra rer the pnblic to the brilliant description given ia the respec tive newspapers of the extraordinary and daring feats perform ed by this distingaished artiste. Among the novel tiee which the Proprietors offer are the celebrated Scotch GIANT AND U1ANTES8. Their height is 14 feet, and their weight o?er 7* lbs. Mr. Randall weighs 433 lbs. Mrs Randall is the most enormous Santeaa in the world. They will appear ia " Jack and the can Stalk." and he will perform eitrmordinary feats ol strength and agility, and will ride in a two horse act. The entertainments will comprise 17 Acts of Horsemanship, Gym nastic Exercises, Classic Displays, and hamorons afterpieces. Equestrian Director, Mr. HOWES; Riding Master, Mr. NIaON, and the unapproachable Clown, DAN RICE. Among the Performers is the celebrated and principal Ri der, the Napoleon of the Arena, Mr. HOBBS, whose feats oa Horseback are the most extraordinary erer witnessed. Juve nile Act of Horsemanship by Master Nuon. Olympic Exer cises, by the whole Company, led by the great European Tumbler, Mr. MACARTE. Wonderful Feats by Mr. Cole's Dogs, Hector and Billy. The 8WI8S BROTHERS, ia their elegant Gymnastic Postures and Groupings. Mr. Sweet as the Charioteer of Phoebus. Posturing and Gymnastioe by Mr. Nixon and his son. Mr. Howes in his Mythological and brilliant Act of " Fsncies of Proteus." Mr. C. Howes ia Black Rope Evolutions. Mr. Geo. Sweet, the celebrated Tight Rope Dancer. With a variety o! others. The whole comprising the leading, most talented, and elaaaie performers ID the world Tin* unrivalled corps of Equestrians will perform in the town ol ITHICA, N. V., on the 4th of July, after which they will visit all the principal cities and towns ia the State. my3l tf rre SANDS, LENT It CO. THE following is the intended route of the spleadid Exhi bition of Sands, Lent It Co., up to the 33d of Jaly ?? June 25 North Danville. " 36 Mt. Morris. " 37and 31.Caledonia. "? 39 Scottsville. Juue 30, Jaly I, 3, 3 and 4, Rochester. July < Ladd's Corners. 7 Brockport. " * Albion. ? " 9 Medina. " 10 Ijindon. " 11 and 13, Johnson's Creek. " 1J and 14, Lockport. " 15 Lewiston I " 16 Niagara Falls, " 17 Tonawanda. " ID, 19,20, 31,33, Buffalo. je33 tojv4 rc THE EXHIBITION OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF DESIGNS, Will Clote on the Fourth of July. ARTIST EXH1B1TERS who have not given directions 111 regard to the disposition of their pictures, will please to do so before that day. JNO. O. CHAPMAN, je24 5teodis*rc Secietary. ~ COLMAN'S EMPORUTM OF ART AND ? LASSIC CABINET GALLERY OF OIL IWINTINOI, WHICH includes his immense stocks ofBoolu, Paintings, Engravings, Fancy Stationery, Drawings, Drawing Materials, Music, fcc., are now to be found upon the second floor, up one flight of easy stairs, (having leased the first floor,) where every thing will be sold st as low prices, and many much below the regular prices, being desirous of clos ing up as soon as possible his Book Department. A Cheap List will soon be published for those who will bay a juantities. I urcliasers are invited to call aadetamiae bis New Rooms, i No. 2I'I Broadway, second flo-.r. slJ eodess ifrrc Atlantic gardkn is now hpen for the SEASON.?Dodworth's Cornet Band will perioral every I Tuesday and Friday evenings, commencing Jane ted, at I o'clock. Admittance free. my? 3m*re WILI.IAM ALLISON. Propnwr. j MODEL OF NEW YORK. THE UNDERSIGNED is now receiving orders for views , to be represented upon the csunpy of his Model of New | York, which will be soon completed. These views vary frem 10 to 30 inches in length, and are represented for a moderate compensation. They include representations of public bullfj iags, places of basiuess, manufactories, hotels, prirata rest- , dences, steamboats, packets, lie A number of the first artists, I rh Landscapes sad decorative 1 painters, can find employment I apply at the office?also a 1 few agents, and persons capable f transacting baaiaess. Office hoars from 3 to ? P.M. s!4 im'rrc E. PORTER BELDEN. 3M Brosdwsy. FIRE WORKS?FOURTH OF JULY. NEW YORK UinjtllATORY. M BENNETT. U? Front street, two doon south of Fal * tou street. The most extensive aad brilliant assort ment of Kl RK. WORKS are now offered at tha above place, consisting of.mory and signal rockets, with gold aad silver rain; suns, fa**, palm trees, pyra.nK4), Peru nan crosses, octa gons, mangles, venicles, mines ol serprau aad sura, ma roons, hengola lights^ Romau candles, ser|>eata, piu wheels, I reqaested to cstl and examine tlie above stock. N. B. Committees for city sad country displays, militarv and private parries, caa be supplied na the most liberal terms with the abovementioned articles, warranted, the mate rial* JteduL been seltcted with the utmost care toy77 Im'r Pi RE WORKS! FlKE WORKS!! ISAAC EDGF., Pyrotechnic Artist, Jerser City, is prepar ed to furnish FIRE WORKS to cities, towu, public gar dens, theatres,, kc. His |<resent stock comprises the most brilliant and variegated fires, appropriate designs, ever manu factured in this coantry, and caa be furnished to any exteaL ISAAC EDGE, Jkrrotechaic Artist, Labaratory Jersey City, M. J. N II?To agents. Signals, including ship lights, false firee, primers, port fires, signal rockets, 1m., for supplying government or merchant vessels, can be obtained by applying in CHAS.rHOWEL, mv27 lis'f *4 Front street. LATEST IMKUHiEME. TELEGRAPHIC REPORT. HIGHLY IMPORTANT FROM MEXICO. ARISTA Relieved from Command. Philadelphia, June 28? Night. Th<- French brig Princes Marc arrived here^from Tampico, whence she sailed on the 18tU insi. We learn from one of die passen gers that the authorities of Tampico were divided into two parties. One of the parties, with the military, has Gen. Anasttisio (Bustamente 1) at its head, and in favor of federation and Santa Anna. The other party was for arming the people in favor of the federa tion without Santa Anna. A third was about raising up when our infor mant left, but none of the parties had come to any understanding yet. There were at Tampico, 12 vessels of different nations, at the time of the blockade?3 British, 3 French,2 Spanish, 3 Ameri can and IBremen.Tlie authorities were about pro hibiting the American vessels from taking in their cargoes, but at last Capt. Saunders, of the sloop of war St.Mary's' hearing of this, sent a despatch to the authorities, stating that if there was any de tention of American property, no property at all should leave the place. This ouused the with drawal of the order. The fort at Tampico, a mud affair, had been washed away by a freshet, a few days previous to the 6 th. The three gun boats lately built at New York for the Mexican service, were lying in the rivor, above Tampico. Ollicial dispatches had arrived at Tanipioo, that Gen. Arista had been removed from the command of the Northern Division of the Army, and Gen. Mejia had superseded him. There were 1300 troops only, at Tampico on the 6th?79 of these were runaway negroes from New Orleans and Havana. These constitute the whole amount of the Mexican forces from Tampico to the Rio Grande. By an arrival at New Orleans from Havana, dates from Mexico to the 30th of May had been received. It was very generally believed that Congress will invest Paredes with dictatorial pow ers (or a limited period, and then suspend its ses sion. Many deputies had openly declared in favor of this course. A storm has just commenced which prevents sending uny thing farthor to-night. Yucatan Declared Independent. Baltimore, Sunday night, June 28. By the arrival of the schooner Maquina at Orleans, on the 2Uth inst., the N. O Pica yune learns that the Legislature, at Merida, had declared the independence of Yucatan, and its disseverance from the Mexican Republic. It is in tended now to appoint Senor Barbxena the act ing Jfucatan President of the Republic. * * * Some of the most influential citi zens of Yucatan have not kesitatod to express their hope that in two or three years from the I present time, if not before, they would see their three stars added to the fast increasing number that were now crowding into the banner of the stars and stripes of the United States. Later from Santa Fe. By the steamer Radnor, arrived at St. Louis on the 20th instant, from the Missouri River, we learn that an express arrived at Fort Leavenworth on Monday last, from Bent's t' mating that from 200 to 800 Mexican troops were on their march from Santa Fe, to meet and protect the specie, and fur tra ders, who left for the Mexican country. The ex press thinks that Bent's Fort is now in possession of the Mexicans; he also states that it is feared Folger, Blair and Bentner are prisoners in New Mexico, from the fact they were absent from Bent's !? ort longer than it should have taken them to go to Chihuahua. BY THE MAILS. Washington, June 26, lfMfl. Arrival of the Prairit Indian, under Col. Lncit? Some Account of them, and of the Great Treaty of Council Spring, in Texat. At eleven o'clock to-day, on the arrival of the Baltimore train, the citizens of Pennsylvania Ave nue were favored with an irruption of wild prairie Indians, numbering fifty strong; and as they marched up the street in their savage bravery, , they attracted more attention from the boys than Raymond & Co.'s four elephants, in their most gorgeous drapery. We are indebted to Col. Lewis and Captain Bayliss for the following particulars: Namei akd Number ok Dklkoatk. ? *om thf. o.rrca _ KWT TftlBK*. Trihtt. Dtlegatei. Chief,. Fen?n?? SaDtt Ann? Lepani*. JUmon c t To.ikauaya* P1,ce(lo ? Onandaca.' Jo.e Marca. '?? ??*. Shell Chief. '? Biciota. Sr*Cuu1 i * Aqusquaih. Wichita. a To Sa-quah-ho Tow?karro?,' 2 Kichkirake. Kechie* Aqiura-hab. Pawnemoha." I Po'.h.hre-ko. rh^iFAY Tuccebarhy Micco. Cherokee. chiaholm (6j (,,, ? -jj* Jim Shaw and J Conner. I ? Prairie tribe.. ** An<' H>v*n *on,e? Governor Butler, of South Carolina, and Col. ! hl'thi, w J Tennessee, wt-re commissioned , by the War Department to effect a treaty with the foregoing tribes, and on the 19th of May last, at the Council Spring, on the head-quarters of the Brassos river in Texas, at a council with near a thousand Indians of the tribes aforesaid, a treaty between them and the United Slates was effected which cannot fail of largely contributing to the | security of the white border settlements ofTex."* 1 Among other provisions of the treaty, the tribes included, bind themselves to the obligations of peace with the United States?they concede the I right to the Lnited States of working mines with in the territories of the tribes to the compact which territories stretch along the western Iron' ?|ier-M 1 t,IC ^ degree of north latitude into the Mexican territories southward, running west ward mto the depth of the great mountain region which flanks the seaboard of California. This re gion embraces many mines of stiver, and is sup posed to abound m gold washings, from the im portation of gold dust from Santa Fe. Anv crimes committed by the said tribes against the ol our citizens within our borders, to be sub ject to our penal laws. These are regarded as very important concessions to the government commissioners. and they certainly are most va luable provisions of the Convention. I he tribes were of the opinion that when com ninnd'tliey were more numerous than the whites and one object of bringing them on to Wjohmc' ton, was to show then, the fallacy of this calcula tion, and >hat the white men were as numerous as the flowers on the prairies?the trees alonir the \he ,n ,h? fkyS a? numeroi,, ?s the stars when the mmmer n-ght comes down ii|K?n the mountain ?Uley-, and the moon has gone down into the sea. And to show them that rh? man W? he uses thunder ! \n in canoes , cough like a volcano?or great lines of w.jrwams I drawn by iron horses that are swifter Ln the mustang-* of the prairies, and stronger than ? IwlehTn* foUiKan0e*~'f0n CTWin* hm 0o"1''' ufIk .i fo^h ftreand steam, and rushing along with the sound of a storm in the hills The delegation under Gov. Hi.tier an?f Colonel con,P"nr? left the Council Spring on the OTth May, and urrived in New Orleans on the nth of June?thence by the Mississippi and Ohio rivers to wheeling?thence across the mountains ?thence by railroad to Baltimore and Washington, arriving here on the 25th of June. Another object achieved by this deputation to the Ked->ral city is, that the aiembeis of this ein bassy will be oonstdered by the tribe* as being re I tainrd as hoctp/cs for the good behavior or t}>c*ir people at home. Ami during the present rrn'ure with Mexico, this sort of security was re-lly re quired to hold these people of the prairies and the mountains from their destructive incursions alone the Texas from ers. Before the treaty was signed, a Cnmaache runner, two days in advanoe of Gen. Taylor's express, urrived at the Council Spring, with the news of the battle of Palo Alio. The whole congregation of Indians were at one* ex cited by the intelligence, and the prospect of ptanderfrom a participation in the auvantages of the war wai dangerously apparent. But the com missioners hurried them in tno work of the trea ty?represented to them the danger of utter ex termination if tlicy should break the peace with tlte children of their Great Father at Washington: and on the day after, the treaty was signed ana settled. Gov. Butler is detained by sickness at New Or leans. Col. Lewis and Mr. Bayljss have the de legation in charge. The " rig" of these red men is peculiarly savage. They nre as nearly naked as is consistent with the iden that clothes are an essential convenience. They have long and black hair, generally plaitod, and tricked out with feathers mid small bells. Some of them have a profusion of brass and iron bracelets, necklaces ol bead*, shells, See. Others have loggings tastefully wrought with beads.? There are several coats of different sorts among them ; but the interpreter, we believe, is the only man of the company who indulges in Uie super fluity of a shirt. Their laces are ornamented with stripes of green and yellow, with a string of red paint around their eyes. One of the chieis sports iiis hair in two long queues, or Chinese tails, with the addition of a wrapping of course woollen cloth, increasing them to the thickness of a man's arm. There are two old men among them, with long thick snits of hair, scarcely touched by the frosts ol'seventy winters. Shortly after their arrival, they were conducted to the Globe Hotel,under the care of " mine host," James Maher, the public gardener, or rather, we should say, under the protection of Mrs. Maher, the active and attentive landlady. The house ta a large establishment opposite the Union office, and fronting the Avenue. The publio gardener having been living at his place in the country, this establishment has been closed for some time, but was openad to-day, as the good landlady (all the way from green Krin) says, for the exclusive ac commodation of these genuine native Ameri cans." We had the honor of spending the afternoon among thein. Quite a number of members of Congress were also among their visiters. The "natives" were scattered all over the house, layiag listlessly about, or looking out of the win dows, contemplating the curious crowd, chiefly of boys, in the streets below. The squaws were generally dressed in what might be called " old clo'," or cast off dresses from the white people.? One of them appeared particularly proud in an old faded silk gown of the fashion of 1812, in the backwoods, that is, plain, and reaching a short distance below the knees. Another, apparently a favorite of'a big chief, was attired with some con siderable pretension, her arms covered wtth brace lets, the boddice of her dress adorned with medals and bead work. There was a young squaw, appa rently not over sixteen, with a fine head of sinn ing black hair, whose costume consisted of seve ral strips of cloth, extending from the waist to the knees, and a linsey-woolsey cape over a bust, the matured development of which it was impossible to conceal. While we remained, they were call ed to supper, and it was gratifying to see the consummate skill with which tney handled the knife and fork. There was no iiossiping around the board, but, one and all, ttyey fell to with an unanimity of purpose, upon the edibles, and the hot coffee, that was really amusing. We doubt whether they had ever eaten such a supper be fore in their lives. Mrs. Maher was as attentive to their wants as though she were waiting upon a festal occasion. She hnd helneU one of the old chiefs to some fish; but ho swid?"No, no!?he salt?got hog meat?hog meat." A rasher of ham was substituted, and the old brave pronounced it " more good as buffalo." After this energetic re past, becoming warm from the excitement, the most of" the natives" passed out into the court, and disrobed themselves to their leggings and breeching, the more lully to enjoy the luxury of the cool air. In a day or two they will visit the President; and we expect they will remain in the city for some time. In addition to this delegation, we have three de putations ofCherokees in town ; and a delegation of Miamie* at Fuller's, one of whom,La Fontaine, weighs 376 pounds avoirdupois, falling only short by about one hundred uf the Hon. Dixon H. Lewis, Chairman of the Committee of Ways and Means of the Senate. To Col. Lewis and his aids, wc take occasion to express our obligations for their courtesy in the information they have given us. If this treaty should result in ine preservation of the peace with the numerous border tribes of Texas, the country and the government will be largely indebted to the commissioners effecting it. The story of Mrs. Lewis accompanying the commissioners in their journey to the CounoU is a bit of romance. She was not of the party. But we have detained you longer than we had in tended. Respectfully, Tire Docto*. TWENTY-NINTH CONGRESS. Houae of Repreeentatlrea. Washington, June 37,1846. NCLI iriCATION?A fEBSONAL EXPLANATION. Mr. Owln, of Indiana, said that he wa* absent from the Houta yesterday whan the gentleman from New Vork (Mr. Oordon) concluded hi* remnrk*. He saw, however, in the Union, a report of the apeecli, in which he waa re presented aa saying. that " but for the compromise act, this I'nion wa* in danger of diaeolution," anil that "the gentleman (Mr. Owen) never made a greater mistake nor committed a greater blunder." Now, he made no such remark ; his assertion was, not that there waa danger of dissolution, but that the Union might no longer have re mained an unbroken whole?that one bright itar would have dropped from our constellation. If the gentleman from Now York doubta this, he would refer him to a gen tleman from South Carolina, sitting near him, who waa a member of the convention that passed the ordinance of nullification. In the winter of 1839, there were twelve thousand men ready to take the lleld, and twelva thou sand more in waiting in case that force was not tuflcient. If the first blood had been shad, there la no telling where it would have ended ; and he trusted in God it never would bo in auch an emergency. leave or absence. Mr. M<-Kay submitted a resolution, which waa agreed to. granting the Clerk of the House leave of absence ncx'. week, for not exceeding four days. [Major French will leave to-day or to-morrow on a vlait to Philadelphia, probably to New York. Although a large stockholder in the telegraphic company, be prefer* to patronize the railroad conveyance.] THE TABlrP BILL. The House resolved itself into a Committee of the Whole on the state of the Union, (Mr. Cobb in the chair,) and resumed the consideration of the bill to rednce duties on imports. PBELIMtNABV. Mr. Bedinheb, of Virginia. aaid he could not venture to return to hia coMMituents without raising hia voice, on this occasion, against the system of injustice, fraud, ty ranny and oppression, falsely called protection, and more falsely American. He was aorry to see that it had ao many able advocates. Under the act of 1843 his constitu ents groaned, and their energies were depressed?it eat on them as an incubus, rendering their toil of little profit. The laws of trade, which were as certain and immutable as the lawa of nature, would regulate themselva* with out the miserable tinckering of politician*. A* water find* its natural level, so will trade and industry if left to the instinctive sense of mankind. The protective policy, he repeated, was unjust, and inflicted grosa tyranny oa the people of the country The government has no more right to say where we shall purchase oar gooda than to dictatc what we shall eat or drink, or where' withal we shall be clothed. Ma. BEDiNnr.a sri rOS?:l A cask. Suppose the government were to say to Virginia you must purchase from a certain store on Pennsylvania ave nue. What inan of that Mate would hold hianeece I Would it not be aaid that this wa* tyranny ? If the gov ernment cannot say this, can it say we shall ptircha*e in Georgetown. Baltimore. Philadelphia, New York, Boa ton, or in arty other citie* ? If the government cannot say this with regard to cities, how dare itaay we aball purchase of any particular government 7 Can it aay that a certain portion of this country shall not exchange it* surplus pioducts for those of other nations, and that thia or that individual shall have the profit* ' It cornea up in the form of tyranny, and it is the duty of overy brave man to stand and war against such a policy to the death ' It wa* not in the compact?it was not in the !>ond, and ha would never abide by it a* long a* he should exist. THE INJUSTICE or THE POLICE. But some gentlemen say we must protect American labor. Ood save the mark ! There was to be protection for the seven hundred thousand manufactures, but none for the farmers ! The corn planter, the cotton planter, a?e wno raited stock, etc , mini pay a heavy tax on the commodities which they receive in exchange from abroad, far the purpose of protecting another and smaller claks of their fellow citizens ! They may cheat the peo ple, by this moans, for a whilo but a* certain as there was a Cod of justice lo>>kinit down upon us fioa above, the ?yttem must topple to the gtoond The IU.M>AC1.U? CHSSIHII WITH >OT BftNO TBI.'E TO HI* fCOPMSIONS. Oo to one of the establishment* to re* the operations Vou *? ill I e met by a courteous nnd affh ble aeiitl-man Look at his heart and you will aee St it covered with a * rench hat ; look at his feet, and yo? will discover French boots Oo to hi* hon e, ring the beii, and out come* an imported white scivaiit. (our own'people being too high-minded to a>'t in that capaci ty ) Vet. these vary people would not touch a negro with a ten-foot pole I (Lnughter) Kntering hit houae, you tread upon a Wilton or Brutsellt carpet, you aee your face reflected in a l-rench mirror, the mantle piece It of Kgyptian marble, the centre table is from acroai the Atlantic, and many other articlet besr the foreign ttamp, A lady come* in The silk Of which her dret" it made it imported, the gemi on her tirincoly hand are imported, her shoes are imported well, hunger ensues The gentleman pulls out hit gold watch, to which it attached a gold chain, which is taxed only one-fourth at much a* the iron log chain of the farmer. The table cloth i? of imported Irish linen, the ware it from China, the knivee and forks are imported ; there are fig* from nravma and grapct from Malaga. The wioe w hich make* the h? trt dance it imported. Having taken a glaw of it, and iMTklTig hia Up*, by way of grace, the maaufcetw*