Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 30, 1846, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 30, 1846 Page 3
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I*? auto and other stocks used for Investments? hwu*r Stocks w tmb Nrw Ton Hiiitr. 1M. IM. 1H6. RmU. mbl4. May 14. Junt 7. June 19. Caited biases ? ltu ? * ? loi a ? io? a ? i IB) 9? ? ? ? I ? * a 99* Nov Tock, 7 1848-49 10l*al0?* IttJ a - lW ? ? ? 1840-44-60 100 a ? ? * ? a!04 ? 1I61-6I-67 ? a ? ? a ? ? *101 4* 1860-61-64 ? ? ? ? * ? ? a ? " 1 1844 ? a ? ? a ? ? a ? 4 IIM-7-H ? a? ? a? ? a ? i 1846-t-I ? a? ? a? ? a 94 " J 1144-4 94 a 99 94a? ? a 97 " 4 1840-60-1 ? a ? ? a ? 94 alOO " 4* 1849-41 ? a ? ? a? ? a ? Ohio, ? 1>40 - a- 91*a 92* ? ??S " ? 1946-40 91 a- ? a? 93 a ? " S 1140-46 ? a? ? a? ? a ? ? UM 99 alOO 98*a ? alM* Kea tacky, ? 99 alOl 99*a 99* 102*at0J " J ? a? ? a? N iD ?hnois, 6 1J7# - a- - a 32* }4*a 34 aiua, 4 14 year* ? ? ? 32*a ? SH?? 33 Arkansas, ? ? ?a ? ? a? ? a ? Alabama, 6 ? ? a ? ? a? H ? " i ? 71 a 7ti? ? a ? 6# a f>9 Pennsylvania,4 64 a 64* 66*a ?* 6?X? T etuicisee, 6 ? ?a ? ? a ? JJ ? ~ N. York City,7 1847 104 a ? 106 a ? J V104 ? 7 IIU 101 a)02 102*a ? 10J*al03 '? J ism ? a ? ? a ? ? a ? " 4 1948-79 96 a 98 ?>*? - ? * Bit Com'e N. Y., full - a 90 - a- 93 a 93* " acrip 93 a M ? a ? ? a_94 N. Y. Life Ins. k Trust Co. ? a? ? a? ? Karjners' Loan tc Trust Co. 23l4? 23* 21 a 24 *a *?[-** 23 V Ohio Life Ins. St Trust Co. 96 a 90 :96V 99 a 99V Bank of U. S. in Pennsy l'a. 4 a 41* 4 a 4* 4 a 4)? Bustou k Providence Rail'd 110 a? 108 al09 106 al061^ N. Jersey R. R . k Tnuis. Co 100 a - ? a ? 103*a - Mohawk k Hud'n Railroad. 44 a 44)* 49** 40 40 a 41 l)tica k Schenectady Rail'd ? a 116 ? al 16 114 allfi Syracuse k Utica Railroad, ? al09 107 al08 109 a 110 Auburu k Syracuse Railr'd, ? a? ? a? ? a ? Auburn k Rochester R. R., 98 alOO ? a ? 100 a ? Reading Railroad, 64 a 64 67 a G7* 68 a 68% Deliwar* k Hudson Canal, ? a? 144 a ? 1C0 al(i4 Jtaadini; 1'. ill road Bonds, 71 a 71* 74 a 74* 77 a 77* Heading Railroad Mt* B?la., ? a 73 77a? 78 a ? Since the 7th inst., there has been a very decided im provement in the market value of all theie stocks, but within the pait week or two there hai been a decline, produced principally by the Lightness of the money mar ket and the uncertainty in relation to the course the go. vernment will pursue, in railing fundi to meet the ex traordinary expenditures of the country. We have repeatedly alluded to the great waste of time by both House* of Congress, and the delay experienced in passing laws providing for the expenses of the govern nent. When it is settled that the government must pro. vide ways and means to meet the expenses incurred, by a loan in some shape, and when the fact that the govern ment ii in want of a large sum of money and must resort to a direct or indirect loan to raise it, keeps the money market in a very feverish condition, and commercia matters in a very unsettled state, there is no good rea' son why immediate action upon the matter should not take place. If Congress would do nothing, or attempt to do nothing, no one could or would complain; the people would willingly pay the members their six and eight dollars a day?but instead of this, the first movement made after the session opens, is to propose alterations, modifications, or a total repeal of the principal laws in operation, regulating the financial or commercial affairs of the country, and after the introduction of resolutions to that effect,let them lay on the 4ft>le,or somewhere else out of the way, until just at tho close of the session. Those interested in the alterations or modifications pro posed, or in the permanency of the original bill, are kept In a state of uncertainty during that session, undecided how to act or what course to pursue. Legislation in Congress appears to be regulated by any thing else but the actual interests of the country. Business generally cannot but be injuriously affected by the course pursued by Congress, in all matters connected with commercial affairs, and it is on this account that we have such a hor ror of the long sessions. The present Congress has been in session seven long months, and it would puzxle an expert mathematician to figure up what has actually boen accomplished, benefit ting in any way the commerce or domestic trade of the country. We can easily tell what should have been done and what has been left undone, but we cannot tell what will be done. The three great measures of the ses sion, after seven months sitting, remain just where they were the first week, and there is at present every proba bility of their not being touched until the last week of the session. There is no remedy for this thing; it is no thing new in the history of Congressional proceedings, and it is possible aU classes interested may in time get nsed to these delays, and go on in their regular business, f- ?agardless of what Congress may be doing, or what it "taay omit doing Those who do so will, in the end, come out the best, while those who are continually watching the movements at Washington, for the purpose of regu lating their operations accordingly, will in the end find )\RVf% V?-. fallAjsiinA. m. "Watl?w?w'"' lU * ? 1 them into difficulties from which they will be unable to extricate themselves. We have too much legislation in this country and too many legislators. We tnnex the resolutions of the London Committee of Bondholders of the State of Indiana, in relation to the ,ar rangements made by the legislature of that State, last Winter, to resume che payment of a portion of the inter ?*t on the debt [t appears that the terms agreed on were satisfactory,and unanimously accepted. Bjl SOLUTIONS Or THE LONDON COMMITTER Or IxnilWa Bondholdmi. tit That undeithe circumstances stated in the Report of Mr Charle* i*tler, confirmed by a letter from his Ex eellencv James Whitcomb, dated &th Feb. last, addressed to Mr. Palmer, 1 is the opinion of the underoigned that it will be for the ilteiest ol the bondholders of the State of Indiana to conct in the principle laid down in the act of the legislature,bused at Indianapolis on the 19th Janu ary last, tor thj adjustment of the public debt of that Bute, by the pameut of one moiety of the principal and tnteieai by tax?on, and the other moiety by ?*? proper ty ind tolls oflbe Canal from the 8tat? line adjoining Ohio to Lvansule on the Ohio river, such property* to be assigned to three trustees, and the State to be freed from retpomjbAty on that portion of the debt and inter est so lo be secured. . ...... 2d. That Mr.ciutter be requested to apply to the bond holders of the ftate of Indiana, resident in the United, Car their do-op?raliou with the bondholder* in fcu rope, in carryingoutthe arrangement upon the principle In the forgoing resolution. London, (Otti ,Nuy, .840. f H.M EOTHSCHILD fc SONS, | PA.MER, MACKILLOP, DENT k CO. k.J B.UINO, BROTHERS It CO. Wgnec ay-j K14tuER,CK HUTH It CO. I M<RRJ?ON, SONS It CO. '.MiiNIAC, JARDINE it CO. The agent has given notice to the holders of bonds, who nay be tarsus of securing the benefits of the law, to sdrlse himpn orbofore the 11th of July, 184S, as car tain proTiaion of tl? law must be complied with by the let of Jawiarj 1847,otherwise they ?re null and void. Old Stock Exchange. f y "V" 10? 1W sha Canton Co nw 34){ il00? Peaasi l?M y, 126 do 34 vj JJshs >,anh?H B?nk S3 200 do bOO 34 94 \ lcksbarc ink 6* 134 Long laland RR *>,. 4 100 do s4 M Farmers Tra is tw Reading RR GS "? . *SM 230 do b60 69 73 Mor* Canal u 200 Nor It Wor RR 54 V 5" US' "i do J?S altol!s?a'\w ,J m do 610 *|HszlMB*a V 50 do b40 i8jJ . 2 fc ^ ? ?? do bJ J?$ r1 55 Z 53t?nw 75 d" ?3 **> t f "? *>*> 5?S m* 'S^fcWorRR.sli J. Hsrltn RR ? ? & " do slO 4SK 25 Uo ;** dc slO 4IH * do ... ?* Long ulsnd RR s) 3l2 104 do ?"> M '.orns Caaal bSO 13k 50 do 34 df 1?) Raw Stock Kichang*. farmers' Tr, stS BX O Reading RR, do sow 23\ M do Morm Csaal c ill? 50 Nor It Wor RR, ?io do Tars 12k 30 do M Hsrlrm RR s3 49? 30 do * do T??s 49>? 44 do St do ijUHk ?? 4? S do 4*3 DM. At Auburn, on the 34th inat, of consumption, Datio P. i la the 391^ year of his age. Detroit pa|*rs pleaae copy. > <he 3Sd in?L, after an illneas of Are month*, of die Wj the heart, at ^e residence of his father, in the ef Philadelphia, Jaxm c. W*ac, late of tha firm of n '? Ware la Co. of this city, in the 37th year of hia Weekly Report of Deaths. " t dty aal eoanty of New York, from the 10th day of Jane to the JTth day of Jnof, 1*44. lea { ft Women ; 37 Boys ; SO Oirle. Total, III. . , , . , siskascs. A'k"> Aborti?o, 1; Bleedfee, 1; MM rruf li Pvetrl- Caeaaltiee, 1; Cholera 1; C<**?Ptioa. 14 ; Coorul pe*ii ,jr? #L D*hnnm tremens. 1; Diarrhma, i; in th? head. 10; Dropsy in tha cheat, 1; '?"?T';J; SPilejey, l;Xmipelaa, lt Keeer. t. remitt?nt, J: Fe?er, scarUt, I; Ferer, ty ? lj Hean, disease ol. 4; Hoopiag. laayion oTbrain, 6; do. of bowels, 5; do. of doTJi'i,*0 o/ aidneya, is do. of lunfs, 13; do PreauttC.. *i Manaiaae.#; Oldaae-S; Palsr, . .nknowo. 4.birth. 4; Small Sprue, 1; Ie?Uader 1 year, 49; | . eeM, I, Utoii.M; ia Tf*", 'toi.lii 4 ? to, toS, 1; 71 to 10. ?; 44 to 30, i?; 30 to 40, i;?to ii?. 1; un. Ct ir iasmtor. ^O^wts^ntSr (NfTNER9!TlF" v \ ?/^VL0R ,aw *"? ".^4, S^rtATLoiL *7AIL8, TWINE, ?HOE THREAD. lie. 1^1 1,000 caskt Nails, attort*<l met 10,WW lbs. Wool Twin# ; *00 bundln India do. 100 bale* English Twine, imoii??|. 250 4o Cottou Seiue and Wrapping Twine. Manilla and American Hemp Cordage. Col ton do dw. as?orted sues. O kutn. burlaps. BsggiMjC Shoe Thread, kc He. For tnle at loweat market Prices by jy'Jn lt*r CKBKA k CUM* NO, 106 Pearl sf. Dftt'o stuRl: for sale. A SMALL. RETAIL DRUG STORE, with a medical offiri attached. For further particular!, addrett a note to \V. Parker, Harald office. appointing an Mh-mi ?t*rc CHhMlsTnV APPLIED TO TH? AKTS and Manufactures?The subscriber has recently returned I'roin Europe, with an eiteutive attort mealt?f L hemical Apparatus, and having fitted up .1 conven ient Laboratory, it prepared to analote pioducts of the Arts, kc., and to atsitt manufacture? and artixaut to the most re cent discoveries in scieuce, relative to their business. It it impottible to enumerate the many advantage! to be dented, by the applicat'ou of chemical principles to the ope rations of the artizin?if I ia? in >nuf?cturers, dyers, druggists, gold and silver smiths, and of er workers in metals?111 fact, all artixaut may find great benefit by the aid of the chernial, in producing better and handsomer pioducta, aud by ecouomy of labor and eipente. Instruction w ill he given, causes of failure in the produc* tion of detired a'ticlet ascertained, and every thiug tending to the improvement of the art.and manufactures will receive particular attention the ubscriber. He will instruct in the arts nf Electro (iildiug and silvering the precipitation of metals by the ttlectreotype proce>?(refiuiug ofgohl and stiver, of making water prouf papei. mu.liu end cloth, kc. EDWARD N. KENT, Practical Ciiemitt, 116 John at., near Pearl. For sale as above, all articlea of the most approved chemi. cal apparatut, aud prepatationt. itaie chemicals prepared to order at short notice, and on reasonable termt. Je Mi It * r 1m. ruwtm vJv/ULtsi, Atnisi, AND OPERATIVE SURGEON, A TTEND8 to Diaeaaea of the Eye and Ear, troui9to4 ?i*. o'clock, at hi* residence, Ml Broadway, corner ot War ren street. Opthalmia, Stoppage ol the Tur Passage, Cataract, and Opacities, effectually removed. AMAUROSIS treated with greet attention and success. Iuveterate cases ol STRABISMUS, or Squinting, cured in a few minutes. Juat imported, ARTIFICIAL EYEB, of aupetior beauty and finish. SPECTACLES adapted to every defect. Advice to rhe poor without charge. Office and residence 361 Broadway?entrance IK Warren street je?) tt*m Oe.NTLfc.MAN AND HIS WIFE, or three or four single Gentlemen, can be accommodated with good board and Pleasant Rooms, by applying at No. 9 Front street, near Fulton Ferry, Brooklyn. N. B.?French and English spoke if wanted. je29 3t*tn CARRIAGE FOR SALE?By virtne of a Mortgage exe cuted to me by W illiam Taylor and Thomas Taylor. I will expose for sale at public auction, on the lat day of July n.xt.m 10 A.M., at 416 Broadway, Tatteraal's. one Rockaway Carriage. Said carriage ,has aeata for six perious, aud is in good order. New York, June 27th. 1816. je29 2t*rrc GEO. D. UNUEKHILL, Mortgagee. WANTED, A FEW active Young Men to go South or Wen. to act as Agents for the sale of new and popular Publications. ?600 over and above their expenses will be insured to them in writing, with an opportunity of clearing fl.OOO per year. Some men now in our employ will, no doubt, make over il.iioo per year clear of all expense. Each man will have his district. H will be necessary for them to have at least from $26 to $30 to ot tain a good fitting out. Apply at FRENCH'S Publishing Hall, 293 Broadway, up stairs, Office of the Flag of our Union. All letters must be poet paid. my!61m?rc FAMILIES in want of honest and faithful servants, vix:? Cooks, Nurses, tic., alto Coachmen, Waiters, Clerks, or Laborers, can be supplied with such at have good city re ference-, by applyiug or sending to tiirdsall's Office, 422% Broadway, a few doors above Canal street, East tide. je231w*m MISSING, since Friday morning, 26th instant, HENRY ALLEN, from hi* place of busiuess, United States Hotel Billiard Room. Any information respecting him. left at P. D. BRAISTED'S, juu. United States Hotel, or No. 6 First Avenue, would relieve hia distressed and anxious wife. je30 It*m MR. CHARLES BALAND, PROM COPENHAGEN, is requested to call at the office of the Danish Consulate, 69 Wettttreet, where he will find letters. New York, June 25th, 1816. je26 Iw*r MIL FT A R Y E Q U I PM EN T~S. FIREMEN'S CAPS. THE SUBSCRIBER respectfully calls the attention of the military pnblic to hit assortment of Military Equipments adapted to all com|>aiiiet; Military Caps, Kiiapaaelu, Boxea at'd Bayonet Scabbards of every variety. Country compa nies, about changing their uuiformt, or thote about forming new companies. will be tupplied ?ith samples. FIRE CAPS?FIRE CAPS. A lull assoitment of every variety constantly on hand, and made to order at the shortest notice. je*7 lw*rc H. T. UKaTACAP, 392 Broadway. friVf ' "0*'* IMPROVED PREMIUM the SL?bW!e^?W vetting it of all putrid vegetable anu animal matter, anltnaicu la, Ulc. The filtering properties of this apparatus are so great that even water impregnated with toap, tobacco, Itc., kc., i* rendered perfectly tastcleai, no odor and of a bright, chrvata line clearness. Can be teen in operation, and for tale at atone and Brother*' Croton Plumbing establishment? 390 Broadway. a22 1 in ? r NEW "BOOT ANU SHOE STORE, JVo. 69 Maiden Lane, corner of William ilreet. MEAGARY Ik HIGG1NS have opened thu new Estv bliihmeiit with a new and tplendid assortment of Gen tl.meii's Boats and Shoes, all new, lateat Paris and French fashions, made under our own inspection and warranted. Sold low, for cash, wholesale and retail. We solicit Merchants, Clerks and dealers to call and examine our new stock before purchasing elsewhere. We do butiuett on the cash principle thtrefore, we can afford to undersell any ettablithment in this city. myI7 Im'rc _ KANE'S PATENT PORTABLE BATHING APPARATUS. ANEW and splendid arrangement, by meant ol which the Shower Bath it united with the Bathing Tub, and can be used in connection, in any part ofthe house. The public are respectfully invited to call aud examine it at the atore of the Subscriber, No. 377 Bowery, betweeu Fourth and Fifth ttreeta. CHARLES KANE, Patentee, my 17 lm*re THORN CHAMPAGNE: AFRESH INVOICE of tint delightful Champagne it ia ?tore, to which the attention of merchanta, hotelkeepers, and private gentlemen it invited. The ttrandiug of thii Wine ia now tuperior to that ol any in this country, and at no mgher price than (hat ef the best brands. C. LIVINGSTON fc CO., marll iatf re '? w?il ?rre*t. BED liUUO. bt.t? WATSON'S BED DUO DESTROVER, n th# most wonderful discovery ever made for immediate v de stroy ing these vermin. However numerous, and eternally bar Dishing them fron the premises by one application. Beware of worthies" imitaiion*. Kor sale at Apothecaries Hall. 36 Catharine a tree t; Oleott It MiOtnem, 127 Maiden lane; and in Brookluy at Mra. Hayes's, 139 Knlton st. Price Zi cents per bottle. a2i Im'r CHALLENGE TO THE WMTED STATES. THE Subscribers have no hesitation in saying to the people o iNcw York, and the neighboring citiea, that they can and do chailcnge the merchants of onr country, far and near, to compete with them in the sale of WINDOW SHADES. They have a manufactory is the State of New Jersey, about II miles from the city of New York, and possess every facility for tmviulictnriuK their shades at the least expense. Of their bfautv, worth and cheapness, they will convince the most in credulous by their giving them a call. Dl/nCKER, k BECK ER. No. M Chatham st.?N. Y., one door from the corner of Chambers st. m31 lm*rc. A GRIEVE, No. 5 Jonn street, importer and dealer in ? Birds. Cages, Bird Seeds efevery description, offers for sale the following valuable and rare Birds Miuo, Aranger, Wamee or Chinese Mocking Bird, Abordevat or .-pice Bird, Java Sparrows^ White Cocltaloo, Chinese I'heasaut. These j birds were all imported from the East Indies, at great ex Blackbnds, Thrushes, Linnets, Chaffinches, Gold finches, Bullfinches, Starlings and Skylarks. In fact, the cu rious will find at No. i John street, most of the cage birds m the known world. N. B.?Black and Tan King Charles' Spaniels, received by the ship Henry Pratt, from Liverpool, per John Unev*. my 23 lm'rrc DAGU ERR EOTYPE APPARATUS. JOHN ROACH, OPTICIAN, tt NASSAU Street, ha constantly on hand the Voichtlander, French and Ameri can inartuments, and every article used in the art. 0|>eratore will find his preparation, now called Roach's Ouickstuff, to work with certaiuty and quickness, and to be cheaper for nse than mixing their own chanicals. Cash orders from the coun try promptly attended to. myi Im'rre WIGS, WIGS AND TOUPEES, THE MOST NATURAL, AND nearest the real head of hair, of any in New York, are to be had at LAIRD'S, 92 Chatham street, formerly of 316 Pearl street. It would seem quite unnecessary to say aim thing in reference to these Wigs, since the exMnsive use, and great popularity, so firmly establish their worth. But as strangers are liable to be imposed upon by the pretended wig makers who so abound among ns, wa deein it our duty k> yro claims their merits, that noue may be misled, or deprived of so valuable a head of hair. A great variety of ladies ornamental hair work, in the vari ous branches, wholesale and retail at a< Im'rli LAIRD'S. !>2 <'hatham at. THE AMAZON WIGS, OR, GENTLEMEN'S Real Heads of Hair, being the latest and greatest improvement in the manufacture of Wigs and ^alps; and the subscriber is happy in being the first to intro them here. They display the forehead and templrs to ?rnr.aight, a point in wig making never before attained ? ftt on ti" ?s Tentilatinn or gossamer woift. They fis ?|. ?'.* sumjHwiu ui ?ciiuisiuiii ui KoiMuiri nuiii a ney *?? nut\head by a mechanical contrivance entirely new; they to 1" '? a moment. They immediately adapt themselves ImC -nance, and at once become part and parcel of the 'opy the address. jett *_#? . PHALON.61 Broadway, opposite the ^ rf Globe Hotel, under Indson's Hotel. H A jtrr*?? '?i?nr nmn. unurr iiraann ? nmri, AND GUNS. ? offer a it? * 'O., having removed to 91 Maiden Lane, I larv, Guns an?nl?*,1d ell assorted stock of Hardware, Cut ?v"-*??It wW.yj" >ials, by the recent importations, at THE Lt)N?>"uS?"' V*"T? ww* ?? '""*fh CAriTl!?A' NSURANCE COM PAN k . OrrUP?.r?0 DOLLARS. p ONTINUES to uko r4' ^ toi? street, Brooilti*. handiie and propertj-wit0?1, iidiugi, machinery, mer terms. This company has paii'/'V their usual favorable conflagrations that have ever or A "'f^-th the two greatest owe their escape from them with eS? '""he country: they to the system which they have afirC*"'ly slight losses and scattering their risks. All losses ^W^'ed of limiting h* adjusted and paid promptlf ".V1' ->mpany may The Company take apecial care to notifA|**r?^r??rf Wow York, of all expirations of policies. r ""imers in AkTlt'lilAlTEYES:?'? M ~ f"? Wt?l j- ?i?AYi No. iu Bo*, in thjUnit'ed Sutes ll, wu hes*i o^ba'^l 4,11,1 y 10 'K^SSur, who has been M . Di i-M- ml.* lm* it. X t tVA^NClO, UUL/L.iai ?J BROADWAY, ' Wr _ TjH,RI> D0?*i.r*0M ?>a!*D sTaiET. ">ade for dia'e, JiTf ihl fSVInm W the JJho Tare been th.rg,rAn?u tJ ty" ,D"n"i Withoat P"? to ? Francis will ramov?on tha first of Msv to Nn i?i hon,#' "eond b^k 4" WMXJ* Hiums.? Panama, Manilla, cAnton Am) cana- , DA STRAW hats. fa THE t'udtrsi(jiied lus ou hand s large assortment of the above articles, which he will .ell ?t verv low prjces. RoBERTttON, je?7 lw?m 103 FiiU-mi street. t U*.1N 1 LK vikS'* 8L HATS?The mw mt> le of Hummer Hat* just imroiiurt d are tor .ale by je3i l?i?'f KNOX, 1M Fulton St., Suu BmHiugi. rl PANAMA HATS-?A fine assortment for sale by J* C. KNUX, Hatter, jel5 lwis*r 121 Fultou St., Sun Buildings. fcONNEGAXA'S HOTEL, No're Dame street, Montreal, Canada East. THIS magnificent Hotel is not equalled in the Ca nad ii, aud uot su>|>?t?ed by any one in the United States for elegance and comfort. It was the former tn.?u?u?i) of Mr. fiuifOiaiii, and inore recently the palace of Lords Durham and Sydenham, both of whom made large ei? penditures iu the iuteruai embellishments, and during tne last ? ear the subscriber has made very ettensive additions, which now reuder the capacity of the Hotel sufficient to ac commodate, iu the most comfortable manner, over three hi&u dred persons. . . ! Iu consequence of the severity of the winter, tne subscri ber was unable to get the improvements done in time to open the House with allthe comforts desired this Spring. He it most h ?m?y to announce to his frieuds that he has now rtme* died all tfie deficiencies which were upon the establishment when first opened. The House ie now fiuished, and lias jn?t received a very choice set of black servants, a Steward of bichf reputation. French cooks, Ike. from New York, that Will place the table, attendance and comfort of this flouse equal to any upon this continent. The subscriber, grateful for the many favors of a generous public, while in Rasco'* Hotel, begs a continuance of their kiud favors, assuring them that every txertiou shall be msde I to make their stay with him a most ideas mt oue. This Hotel is in the immediate vicinity of the Principal attractions, auch as the Great Cathedral, Clump d'Mare, Ike kc. Omnibuses at the Boats noon their arrival, to convey pas ..user, ami baggxe to the ^ D0NNEQXNA, j?Mlwar Lata Keeper Raaco Hotel. PaTvILIUN, NKW BK1GHTON. FBLANl ABD haa (hp honor to inform hia friends and . the public in general, that the Pavilion iinow iu full operation and prepared for their receutiou Steambosts run between Pier No. 1, North River, and New Brighton, at the following hour*, vie? frroni New Brighton. I From New York. 8,11A.M. 9. 12*.M. J, S P. M. I 3>i.J.7P.M. V. ULANCARD. Pavilion, New Brighton. June 1,1I4C. j27tf rc THE ABUEY HOTEL, BLOOMINGDALE llOAD. CAPT. M. H. TKUKSPKLL, late of the North River, having taken the above house, begs leave to inform hia j fiiends and the public, that he is now prepared to accommo I date families and single gentlemen, with board and lodgings, on reasonable terms for the season. | The situation of the above pUce cannot be surpassed, and i the grounds counerted therewith and the river view, renders I it the most desirable summer residence, as well as a daily to | sort, as is to'be found iu the vicinity of New York. The ta . ble will be supplied with all the delicacies of tne season, and ! no eipense snared to make visiters comfortable. | Breakfant, Dinner and Supper served at all times. The Bar ' is stocked with Wines and Liquors of the choicest brands, as : well as Segars Ales, tic. Ice Creams and other refreshment* constantly on hand. I N. B ? Moore's Line of Manhattanville Stages pus near j the door every forty minutes during the day, leaving New | York from City Hall. There is also a first rate Stable attached i to the premises. i Blonmingdaln. June 17th, 1H6. je27 lw*re SUA BATHING, LONG BRANCH, N. J. THE SUBSCRIBER will open the Sea Beach House, for the reception of visiters, Juue 30th. | The steamboat Oris from the foot ol Fulton street, and Ed* ! win lewis from foot of Vesey street, both run daily to the 1 Ocean House,where stages are alwa<s in readiness to convey passengers to the Brauch. H. HOWL AND & CO. jeJ7 lw*rc i SCOTT'S BAZAAR. well (applied with the beitof eeerv thilur >'h fi,,d Lh< Va'? IU tlie w?y of Aid Wine* the market afford* Chop*, Cold CuU Rarebit* P,>?rl.~i Lv *" ^e*V.*'?Ste*k,i in fact a large MJortmruto/" rVSf.h???*'? T*i?' (?offee' ??<* twelve o'clock at night. Pleutv of r "me* untl1 ?t ill time, ready. ty of roonu for Wivate parti ea my 19 lm*rrc TVST!i!iSl?JETif'lftI,W MINTCKS. *<_ Settings; Flute, docket Wmtri? Miniature Cases aiul m"dJ hd nliVar I>U.te ,,i.Vly ^r'ai'geJ'to'P-- ^f-o ,*f made and fitted to Jewellers show ?~cs. to con tain watches, chains, nngs, keys, pins, thimbles, pencils, Itc A variety of the above article* couscaudr on hand and i Sw'r^rwefoWth patc?* ^?' * Courtlandt my 12 lm*rc T H is lotion . mylWm"' M'? b7 M" Hiy'' 'BrookJ^ "80' e?rU" WINDOW SHADE DEPOT 1 No, 7 8PRUCE STREET. ' .faTABLKHED l.t 1(40. CJHADKSif,Mj 8 * ^ E u RKTAIL. WHADKS of all deacripuon*. kind* and aizea 40 d?, C> cheaper than can be bougilt at any oth^o/aeL V2K minga at maaufacturera' price place*. Trim BABTOL. DE MAUNY k Co. ?? Mannfactnrera i Importer*. MEWAIl.ESpAL'^Y^R^ji'J3" ' i" to make gendemen*' Lm?n Broadway, continne to fit. The late.t pattern, wd fineat n?5V. <U"JLw,,Lrnuu 'h?? the eatabli.hment! e,t u,edl?work characteria* m"eeUt#<1 ,0T Uf *** ?rthe country. T cfeaVnHuioo^ '^ j"^ F'"ur',, ?f f c?"r*et?onery Ice sTl Jr V *loon a,nd n, to which i* attached an ^f 23 U??'r? * ' bu?""M' tnqu're at ill Blecker ,u?i ??so txneut of Goods will alwavs h? W-m k 'j*hlo?*ble ,0a1".1?Z>0J for 'themaelrea."^ tU",h W,U' loweat rate*, aViner arnc7e?wm hb'e^d*w?for*J M the ?*T | Pr.ce, than the cred.t S&'SSi J' " * '?W" >o?N Vejti, of Satin, Silk.'ke'.'. * to ? ? J!?^yJ^_Brttnda?e,'' of Broadway. m* DAGUERSSra^ Hi o Optician, 82 Nassau Street Lensei Ground to order Thermnmltll liCQ*tU | *c-j ic lxu.e. miumfactured for the trade Surveying torn medical pun?o'er'C *^*ch'n**' of approved conttrnrtion, for ca*e?, Ice. ' c"*?- ""**. ?rea*t pta*, thimble*, pencil p??ingLCM"; j^wel1C?:rj? T,nrt\Un'- W",in? "d Klute C?e*. R axoVc**e* 8u'rgeon'a In ,C"" and ,n,tn,meut cu?- z* T'HE s COURT, 233 BOWERY SsS5S3hS&^iSaa? ?u? ci ent to^ecu'e^ t^^MrtSSJe of * he^Drerf ?f?h2 IT 'i iJ* J"d favorite amutrmeut A? fnr tl,l ??i. of'hat healthy the judgment of ? H. WOOLLY, Bat Ball Aller, New Torit. May 7, 1M( D"*eil y oppoiite Prince at. _,,,, ? ?_______ m>-t Itn*m ^r^^ ^'^JNSUKANCE COMPANY; pATITAL STOCK or f'* Voai. "TheVreTi1':'.'" bViriT W th,t "ore tfan $23,000"* ? Company efceed it* capital atoek caL'^rr^S^m.'.^' by ""ted on app,, | p. k: cuRRv^^^r:;^^ e0a. I '?urn it lire. fcc. complete foran eh U of the prem'ieii Air lour vearH fmm Vk* . P.""' ,nd '**?e ren tal of $160 per amnm.> ea"' r""" the ?t the of jpoo^Znm' "?W r""ed 00t f0f ? ????t "??? at th. rata th.or?W^Lte;r? 'h# ^rerty, kc., e?,?lr. a( je? ,w.Pr?KTEK ft"* '' ?? Law, ?tc . -? Bt,"> H<" "?ce, or II Centre it. TiEEWBI???^N?F8 k?F PERSIAN SILK j * for the aale ol the** Bo'nnetf arl" ?ole agenta ''aHe with thi* new and ??PP'T which received the fir7t wemifl? f "'!C.le ?/ ?'"? br,id\ fair orthe Am.ncan /JStit.ta " ,h*'?? beauty, texture, durability and rr ii?' JwaiW etcted in ?5w?"m?A?tWWiu ? Vo. <? Broad rtreet. orLGS AXD TOUPEES. {.Jit S ll#w in*<,i.i..J tl?: ? - DATChpi n?i? A'NU TOUPEES. Vt?!?"??.* V?,i h.T?d SiK sdi8ct'"#' ?" manner, to the peculiar ttvle of #??i, T *Ln'h* mo?t ea*y entirely a ..w^St,., aw.y wiMVh Th'y ?r? dirficultie* *o long eiiwrienced ho .kl il,h* *f??loua Tha | 0bl,c are invited^'to luapee, a lar? ?d w.^',r. W,??. if11.' containing ,v*ry varirty of eiaa^Ll . 1^^?" Mloeted ' th<V W'" | treet. near fero?lway""^^^?d ifom *4?Broij''' * ^- '.la m COPT the ?ddre?i "*B1?T,a ,ro?n 1? Broadway. '' lw*m FN?TRL"rm? MUSIC - PSyCHABERB Z+N0 FORTES. " ?17 lm J? BroadwVy fJ1^t0 ??" ?Chamber.'ware-,o??. -JiligL*t 1 ? ? ?up?rior and warranted aetieie TWuwderSoweSfcVEW Y0RK York whi?*1?",?<' upon t/L*^!, r*6*'*!"* order* for view* ??o ? ^<?mpu?yr2!.h? V?i?l of J?^v compenllh^. and ar? Th*'* "J*"' ??Or from ing*. p|,ce. of K*y ""elude reprea2LV."tf ?' ?. ""derate dence* ?.f h?*inaa*. mannfictoS?',PB, ?f ^b,'e hartd A nSm^^^keU, Icc"^' ??<*'?. Pnr.f r^- | minion. - J fLr" artuta hmi, '"?iMKtir. AUCTION If /ICRS. H. Dl'CLL'ZEAU, Auctioneer SIQNOR Y1TO VITr3I..?i 8*le uf Valuable Italian .YIhihie and Alabas'rr Ornami'.ita, Oirandoles, Clocks, fee ? Tl. TTLE fc. DUCLUZCAU will sell on Thursday, m I o'clock, P.M.. it the Apollo Rkoiiih, 410 Broadway, ? Urge and r .lu-iLile collection of Italian Mmblt- and Altbuler Sta tuary, Uir?ndoles, (. lorks. Stc compi I. lug the laar colli c'ion mslONOR VITO V1TI, prior to bis departure for lt?ly, the -.rhole of which will be rerun) lorily ?olu for rash N B ? lii the eollec'lou n .11 tie found tinny valutlile s|ie? ciuienaol srlistical ea'CU'jou, kUcli n never before exhibit* til, and u ill be found worthy the attention of amateurs and the ladies gci.erMly. Cat'Kiiinii mil be ready, and the articles rui he examined during tlwiUv mid eve iinn. je30 Iteodia* m JAi OB 8. PLATT, Auc'r , Dox. Toy Knives and Foiks and Pocket Knives will be sold This Morning at 11 o'clock, by JACOB 8. PLATT, at No. 23 Piatt street, the same having betn dama ged on the voyage of itn|>ortatioii. Terms cith on delivery. je'JO It * r HARLEM PARK?TROTTING ?DNKSDAV, July 1, at 4 o'clock ? Purse ol $J0?Mile heats?Best 3 iu 5, under the saddle: Wm whel m's ch. m. Peytona. Oeo. E. Perrine'a ch. g. Major Ringgold. Johu Lofty'sbr. g. Whalebone. W. 8. Heed's br. m. Bet?ry Baker, H. Jones' hi. g. Newburgh. R. F. Walker b. g. Tom Moore. jeJO 2t*m w F PATERSON RAILROAD. I tSsSMS C5C3E3 *JLd OUIITH OF JULY ARRANOEMENT-The trains will leave as follows: Lesve Paterson Depot. Leave New York S o'clock A.M. Id " A. M. It - M. 6 " 7 ?' P. M. I: m: 6 o'clock A. M i 8 A. M. , 10 " A. M. 1 12 " M. < " P. M. 6 '? P. M. je30 Jtis*r FOURTH OF JULY EXCURSION TO NEW I5RUN.SW1CK, BY THE NEW JERSEY RAIL ROAD AND TRANSPORTATION COMPANY. AN F.aTRA TRAI'v ot C*r? will leave NewYork from the foot of Courtland street, for Newark, Klizabcthtown, Rahwny and New Brunnwick, at 8,A. M., a'ld and IIX P M. Returning from New Brunswick, at 7>i and 13 A. M., and T P M. j.-??tjv<?m N?7ri(7B. THE NEW YORK AND HARLEM RAILROAD CO are now iirepared to commute with individuals to any Kint along their line of road between New York and White liiis, at meliorate ratej. I'nr three, six. Or tweWe months.? Tickets issued ftrrt of January, April, July and October For further particulars enquire at the office of the Company Parties, 8c!kk>Is and Military Companies desirous to make excursions, will be accommodated on reasonable terms by applying at the office. June 27th, IB46. jc27 lwre NEW JERSEY KAIL ROAD AND TRANS PORTATION COMPANY. FOURTH OF JULY EXCURSION TO PHILADELPHIA, AT REDUCED FARE, COMMENCING on Thursday, the 2d Julv, 18-16, with the 9 o'clock A. M. Train, from the foot of Liberty it. N H. To afford aa opportunity, at reduced fare, to the citiiem of New York to vint their friendi in Philadelphia, on the 4th of July, arrangement* are made to furniih passengers with an eicuriion ticket for four dollars, entitling the purchaser to a passage to aud from Philadelphia, with either of the following trains:? From New Yoik, ou the id July, at 9 a.m.,and 4 r. m. 3d " 9 " " 4th " . 9 " Excursion Ticket! from Philadelphia to New York will be Returning from Philcdelphia. on the 4th July, at4){ p. M. Mh " 7 a.m. and rM. Glh " 7 " 4,Q M will b< ^"L7birt>tue*;tTwWcl..;t,!:.fcf^^.Wi!l?!t.l^wi^ot,Ki received after the above stated datei. je*S tojy4ai#r GREAT SAILING MATCH?ATTRACTIVE EXCURSION. jMM jgst The large and commodinm steamer AL .rr?pLrJ? BANY. Caiitain T.J Hall, will leave the ^L__J9B^^L.foot of Bsrclay itreet on Wednesday morn ing neat, at 10 o'clock, pier No. 2 N H. at quarter pait 10, toot of Pike itreet at half pait 10, for the purpose of affording an opportunity to all to witness the great tailing match between John C. Stevens'and O L. Schuyler's Yachts, Maria and Sy ren. invitations have hern rxtended to the officers of the Army and N?vv, on thii station, and several other of our tno?t distinguished ritiinus. Fare SO cent* for the excursion. je30 2t*r HURRAH FOH THE FISHING BANKS. WEDNESDAY,' July 1. the popular and commodious steamer DELAWARE, Cap tain Sm'th, will make a trip to the Fishing Banks, ou ** eduesday. Leaving ' e faot ol Hammond street at half past 7 o'clock; Canal str at a quarter to 8; Dclan cy street at quarter past 8; Piki reet at lialf-pnit 8; pier No. 1, North Hiver at 9. Fare JO cents for the Excursion?Dinner on board?Bait gra tis? Li"eait a small charge. An old Fisherman will be in attendance. Dingle's Brass and Cotillon Bands attend these excursions. The great rare between Col. Stetens' and Schuyler's yachts comes off ou that day, aud the pissengers will have an oppor tunity to witness the race and accoinpauy th?m upto the city. i?30 2t*m EXCURSION TO THE FISHING BANKS. EVERY TUUSI) AY?The new and sub 'stan'i.l steamer BUFFALO. Capt Hancox, ? will leave on Tuesday, June 30th, as follows: foot ol iiarcla> itreet at So'clock; Hammond afreet quarter past 8, Pike street 9; Pier No. I N. R. hall past S o'clock A. M., and return by 6 o'clock. Diuner provided onboard ? Bait furnished. Fishing tackle at a small charge. Fare titty cents for the excursion. The Buffilo can be clitrtered for ex cursion!. applv on board. je30 lt*m FOURTH Or JULY EXCURSION. To New Brunswick and Perth Am boy. At 9 O'Clock A. M., foom Barclay tt. Pier. The steamboat RAH I TAN, Capt. Fisher, CL- , Wjp'.^ewill leave tiie foot of Barclay street, July J^JMMb4th. at 9 o'clock A. M , for Penh Amboy and New itiutisM ic*. taking the outside pnsage throiuh ihe Nar rows, affording pleasant views of the hay andh rbor, the (Qua rantine, Sandy Hook Light. Sic. Returning, the Rantan leaves New Biunswick nihil past 1 o'clock, Perth Amhoy at a quarter before 3 P M., arnving in New York at hall past 4 o'clock. Fare for the whole excursion, 50 cents. The Fourth will be celebrated in New Bruiiswiek worthy of the day. The civil and military procession will be honor ed by the Tompkins'Blues, Capt. Mavliar, and the Indepen dence Guards, Capt. Cairus, of New York, accompanied by Kendall's cele rated Bra*i Band. Houn of itarting punctual je30 St*rc NEW FERRY TO CONEY I8LAND AND FORT HAMILTON.?The iteatn boat PROPRIETOR, Captain H. Mallan, ie month of June ' every week day as follows, leaving Pier 3 N. R ill run during the mouth of June (or until further notiee) Coney Iiland. I o'clock, A. M. " P. M. ?S o'clock, A. M. 10 1 " P. M. 4 " ' f Landing at Fort Hamilton each way. And for Sunday see separate advertisement and bills. Fare 12>? cents. THOMAS BELBY, Proprietor. N. B ?stages will be in readiness on the arrival of the boat at Fort Hamilton, to take |>a*se gers to New Utretcht and Bath, also at Couey Island to take paasengers to the upper houses. j30Mis?m'< VIEW OF THE HIGHLANDS?4TH OF JULY EXCURSION?The steamboat HENDRIK HUDSON.on Saturday, July 4th, W4i>, will make an Excursion to West Toint and New burg, with a party of pleasure, leaving the pier between Courtlandt and Liberty itteets at 8, and Hammond street it hall past 8 A.M., Returning to the same Wfurves about 6 o'clock, P.M. giving passengers the most delightful view of the Palisades, Sing Sing Prison, Forts Montgomery and Put nam, Westpoint, the Highlands, Newhurg Bay, lie, tic. and returning in time to see all the Exhibition of Fireworks. Fare to West Point 3s, Newburg 4s, (aud the same to re turn.) For Tickets, apply at the office, 144 Greenwich st. Dinner provided on board. Number of Tickets limited. je30 tJylr PASSAGE TO OR "FROM LIVERPOOL by the new line of Liverpool Packets.?Persons scqo ling for iheir Irieuds in any pait of Great Britain or .reland, can make the necessary arrangement! with the mb ?crihers on reasonable terms, to have iliem brought out in any of the above magnificent packets, the accommodstions of which are unequalled, and the strictest punctuality will be observed in their sailing on the stated days. From New York ou 21st and 26th of each month From Liverpool on 6th and llth of every month. Thus preventing the possibility of delay at either port. The subscribers are also agents for the St. George's Line of Packets, in sny of which magnificent ships passage can be secured at a very moderate rate, or in first class transient ships, altogether making a ship from Liverpool every five days. The greatest care will be taken by Mr. W. Tapscott in Li verpool to give all possible despatch to passcujfera, and the same will be done by the subscribers hi New York. For farther particulars apply (letters paid) to W. & J. T. TAPSCOTT, 86 South street, two doors below Burling slip, or to WM. TAPSCOTT, % Waterloo Ro.<i. jrJO r Liverpool. I DRAFTS ON GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND?Persons wishing to re mit money to iheir friends in any part of the old conutry, cm procure drafts of the subscribers for any amount, Irom ?1 and npwards, payable at sight, without discount, in all the prin >al towns throughout England, Ireland, Seotland, and ales. The subscriber! keg to infoim their friendi and the public that thii branch of their business continues to receive their particular attention, and they feel quite certain that better arrangements than theirs for transmitting money to the old country cannot be made. The royal inail steamer Csledonia will leave Boston to morrow, by which all drafts can be forwarded. W. U J. T. TAPSCOTT, 86 South street, je30 r 2 doors below Burling slip. FOR NEW ORLEANS-LOUISIANA AND 4jtV"?w York Line?Regular Packet?'To sail Monday, 1 MBKsHlth Jnlv. The elegant fast sailing packet ship LOU lav ILLE, Hunt muter, will positively sail u above, her regular day. For freight or passage, having handsome furnished accom modations, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall st , ?f?o E. K. COLLINS It CO., 36 South st. Positively no goods received ou board alter Saturday eve ilng, 18th insi. Agent in New Orleans, James E. Woodruff, who will pejjmptlv forward all riwtds to hn address Packet ship OSVVEOO Johnston master, will sncceed the Loui?ville; and sail Moodey, August 10th, her regular day. je3fl r SHIP SOkviAN. fr,im Harre?Consign*!! per ffiQV'l)'! ?b'P "''I pleaae s id their permita on board, at ?Mawl'icr No i North rivei, or to the office ol the under ugned. All goods not peimitt. in five days, will be sent to :he public store. !OYD k HI NCR K.N, }?*> ' No. 88 Wail it. "FACKETS FOR if svUfc-SiSa Line?The W3BVpacket ihip ONEIDA, Captain Jamei Funck, wiU HHfauil on the 1st or July. For Ireight or paaaage ap* l>l) to BOYD It HINCKKNT J?30 r M Wall itreet. FOR MARSEILLES?The ball COLUMBIA, HWVr'Pt- Traisell; to b? promptly despatched. For ?Mbireight or paatage, applv to Im h 11 It VOSE, * South itreet, or to Je.W r BOYD k HINf'Kt.N. M Wall atreet. PAKK THM I'KK-Boitt. fc eta. t it. JS ett- ? .*1 rry HU cent*.?Monday P-?euing, Jane 30? Will be par forms I tlta OK I ?T l <i THE SILL?I-"urine, Mil Hunt; Moduli de Rich ?'lle li Hum. In tl?a cour.e ol ih* ope ra. ? uuinjfr >>t deatt. ti T ? conclude with KI'K TuNI??? Baron Da?o**r. Ml Aci<i?>; lioti JlusMjuma, ftira Haul: Florida, Mm Km* I' ?> Door* uftL ?tod' n-,n !? U> nr?B(?f? at ore Cl-elv 7^ BUWrHl l'Hk.A?i KK.-'i uesd.y Evening. Jutte 30? Will be performed th?- inmicil diMinaofTilL PIL(/I OK Tilt GERMAN Q? KAN- ong Torn ? othn, .Mr J R SC'ir. Alier which the new Itrand drama, en'itled the BUTCH) H'S DOO OK GHENT?A' drew Wolfe and Arnold Wolfe the Twiu Broihera, Mr. Blauchard; Black Martin, Mr. Cony; Louis* KjeuUuer, Mra. Phillips. [?/" I.own boxes, M ceuu; second and thud tier*, Si CM-; Pit gfid Oallery, ?)*?>??. , Door* oj'en at 7 o'clock?Cartatn will naa at balf put (area o'clock. Q-" HEENWICH THKVTRE Corner <><" Varick aud Charlton *treet*.?Re-"|>ened for the Mnmmer Season.? Tuesday Lveiimg, June 311, the i?eiformnr?ce to commence with the gr?nd drama of the FRENCH SPV ? Miiihild* de Marie, Henri St Alma, Hamct Caramelli, Miaa < hepman: Achmet Bay. Mr. Henlttn*. The whole to conclude wuli tlie HONEY MOON?Tlie Duke Arauta, Mf?reer| Julia ua. Mi** Crauford. _ _ Boxes, U cents; Pit centi; Private Boxe* $1; Seat* m Orchestr*Boxes. each 7> ceilta. ___ C, ASTLE GARDEN.?Tuesday Evening. Jnue 30.?the y o|triiin| piece of music will consist ol* the uvertnrr fo Bronze Horse, lull orchestra. "I.ore Not," Mr Holman; Lor ley-Hheiu-Klauge, Strauss. Dance by the Miues Vallee. Highland Fling, by Mr Thompson. To conclude with Over ture to Oberon Intermission of half an hour. Second part to commence with the Overture to Xampi Song, Mr Hol man. I'.is Styrien, by the Miiae* Vallea. Over'ure La Fine du Regiment. The evening will conclude with a aeries of . Dissolving Viawa lately arrived front IVjr Collins of Loudon, under the directum of I'rofeaaor Eierstem. Admittance ?> centa. THE RAVEL FAMILY. Tight Ro)x, by the Ravel family. NIULO'S GARDEN.?Tuesday Kveuinc, June 30th, 1M6. ?The performance will commence with a favorite divertiiement on ihe double Tight Rope, called FLORA AND ZEPHYR?Mora. M'me Martin Javelli; Zephyr, C Wmther. To be followed by daring and extraordinary felt* on the Tight Rope, by the Ravel Kaiiuly. To be succeeded by THE MILL1NE K8?Titnon, Gabriel Ravel. Half an hour'a intermission for the Concert* A-la-Musard n the Refreahmeut Saloon. After which tliej extraordinary representation of the BE DOl'lN ARABS, wh *e truly a*toni*hiiic delineat'OU* were received with w under and delight at the 1 lietre d Orleans for , 20 succeaaivc nights, by fashionable houses crowded ui every part, and eliciting .shout* of applause, aud expresaiuua ofaa mi ration. Door* open at 7 o'clock, to begin at I o'clock precuely Ticket* Fifty Cent*. PALMU'8 OPERA HOUSE. NEW AND EXTRAORDINARY FEATS OF MAGIC! CHAMBERS STREET. THIS EVENING. JUNE 30. HERR ALEXANDER, the celebrated Geanan Magician. Extraordinary and entirely unprecedented Exhibition ol (Scientific Illusions, conaiatiugof various surprising and amus ing Experimental Keats, based on the Hidden Wonder* of Chemistry; Pneumatic*, Optic*, Natural Philosophy and Ma gic. Herr Alexander respectfully announce* to ni* many friends and the public generally, hi* return to New York, for the puroose of giving a aerie* of my*tical entertainment*, which he flatters himaelf, from the pain* taken in their pro duction, will give the moat entire satisfaction, lu order to give adiUiional effect to kis new piece*, the exteixive *tage of Pamnoi Theatre ha* been entirely refitted and gorgeouily decorated, the w hole presenting the appearance ol a aplandid TEMPLE OF ENCHANTMENT, magnificently illuminated. Grateful for the very liberal pat ronage experienced on a former occaaiou at Niblo'*, H. A. bag* to auure the public that no pains will be spared to me rit a renewal of their favors. Ticket* 50 cant*?Children nnder ten, half price. Door* open at 7?Performance to commence at 8 o clock. Box Offic* open from 10 A. M. to. 4 P. M., where *eats may be *ecured. Private Boxes, to admit four persona. $3. O" On private business, Herr Alexander can be fonnd at the Astor House, between the hoars of t and 9, A. M. J je30 r COLISEUM, NO. 450 BROADWAY. MR. D1NNEFORD RESPECTFULLYinvites the public to his first attempt at establishing a aeries of Temperance Dramatic Sketches and Musical Kntertainmeuti, the Him of which will be to il? lustrate ihe essential benefit of following out the course of prudence. The Dramatic part of the Entertainment will be sustained by Ladies and Gentlemen of character and talent. THIS EVENING* t J t Mr. ()*ley will portray the progress of the moderate drink er to the confirmed inebriate; and with the assistance ?? ilL'V/.fe'Jjri-tXnTrT,';, a^''Ure'en\rnod\V, ^variety of other prrsoni/icarioiif. together wi'ti other entertaininents.? rartirulars in bills. Admittance 25 cents Gtis* in THK ALHAMKA. ICE CREAM SALOON, 55fl Broadway, between Spring and Prince. TO ^TRANOEKli? Strangers visiting the city will find a new attraction in the Saloon* of the Alhamra, which, aside from the delicious Ice* and Confectionery to be found there, I* fitted up in a *tyle of Eastern splendour and magnifi cence never before attempted in this country. The beautiful fountain in the tesselated tourt, which displays a variety of ' curious aud ingenious jets, not only keep* the air deliKhtrul I v cool and pleaaant, but excite* an amuainu interest and a thousand conjecture*; while the spaciou* promenade arouud the balcony uflords a view, every pleasant evening, of more beauty and fashion than can be found congregated lu any other place of public resort in the city. Indeed no where can an hour be passed more rationally or ngreeably. (I*7~Admitance free je2l lwis?re GOTHIC HALL, BROADWAY. kURING THIS WHOLE WEEK the splendid Mecha Dl nical Cabinet ol G. Tietz, with the Duck of Vaucauson, the dan< nig Lady and the War F,lephant. will he opened eve ry afternoon during the week, at 3 o'clock until J?aud every Evening Irom 7 until 10 o'clock. On Kouith July, perlormances from I in the morning until It at nieht. je28 lwi**rrc no W ??0 & tyU. O .llitt 1UKU lllllxuuui h CIRCUS THE LARGEST ESTABLISHMENT ever organixed in the United States, comprising IJO Men and Horse*. re quiring X Carriages to convey tlie performers, wardrobe, mn Maui, ttc The company has attached to il Eight Female queatrians, among whom is the Greatest Female Rider of the Age, recently arrived from Paris MADAME MARIEMACARTE, whoee new style el Equestrian Feats, peculiarly her own, being chaste and classic; her graceful and fasciiiaung address, *ud the charming naive!* with which ahe chains her audi eence, render this gifted and highly-educated trtittt the lead ing feature of the arena in this country. The Proprietor* re fer the public to the brilliant description given in the respec tive urwspapers of the extraordinary and daring feata perform ed by this distinguished artiste Amwug the aoveltiM which the Proprietor* offer are eh* celebrated Scotch GIANT AND GIANTESS. Their height is 14 feet, and their weight over 788 lb*. Mr. Randall weighs 432 lbs. Mrs Randall u the most enormou* giantess in the world. They will appear in " Jack and the Bean Sulk." and he will perforin extraordinary feat* ol ?trength ana agility, and will ride in a two horse act. The entertainment* will comprise 17 Act* of Horsemanship, Gym nastic Exercises, Classic Displays, and hnmoron* afterpiece*. Kques'rian Director, Mr. HOWES; Riding Matter, Mr. NIaON, and the unapproachable Clown, DAN RICE. Among tlie Performer* it the celebrated and principal Ri der, the Napoleon of the Arena, Mr. HOBBS, whose leat* on Horaebac.k are the moat extraordinary ever witneued. Juve nile Act of Horsemanahip by Muter Nixon. Olympic Exer ciaes, by the whole Company, led by the great European Tumbler, Mr. MACARTE. Wonderful Feats by Mr. Cole'* Dogs, Hector and Billy. The SWIS8 BROTHERS, in their elegant Gymnajlic Posture* and Grouping*. Mr Sweet a* the Charioteer of Phcebu*. Posturing and Gymnastics by Mr. Nixon and hi* son. Mr. Howe* in hi* Mythological and brilliant Act of " Fancies of Proten*." Mr. C. Howe* in Slack Rope Evolution*. Mr. Geo. Sweet, the celebrated Tight Rope Daneer. With a variety ol other*. The whole comprising the leading, molt taleuteu, and claaaic performer* in fhe world This unrivalled corp* of Equestrians will perform in the town ol ITHICA, N. V., on the 4th of July, after which they will visit all the principal citie* and towns in the State. myll tf itc SANDS, LENT fc CO. THE following i* the intended route of the tplendid Exhi bition of Sand*, Lent k Co., up to the 22d of J?ly June 26 North Danville. " 28 Mt. Morri*. " 27 and 28.Caledonia. " 29 Scottsville. June 30, July I. 2, 3 aad 4, Rochester. July 6...... Ladd's Corner*. " 7 Brockport. " 8 Albion. " 9 Medina. " 10 Luidon. " 11 and 12, Johaaon'* Creek. " 13 and 14, Lockport. i " 15 Lewiston " 16 Niagara Fall*, " 17 Tonawanda. " 18, 19,20, 21, 22, Buffalo. je?3 tojvi rc Atlantic garden is now open for the SEASON.?Dodworth's Cornet Band will perform every Tuesday and Friday evening*, commencing Jane 2nd, at 1 o'clock. Admittance free. myl Jm*re WILLIAM ALLISON, Proprietor. EXHIBITION FIREWORKS, THE SUBSCRIBER offers to the public * large assort inent of Works for Exhibition Display* on tlie 4th of July, consisting of lllumi.,*ted Rosette* and Maltese Crosses, Mexican Suns, True Lover's Knot, Chinese Fans, Palm Trees, Peruvian Crosse*, Veittcal Wheels, Larue Mines of Serpents, Large Turbillons, Large Illuminations, Large Saxons, Half mid 1 Pound Rocket*, variegated heading*; Roman < anilles. of streaming and colored Stars. Together with his usual auppiy of smaller works, suitable for city and country trade. CHARLES W. VULTEE, je30 1t*m 118 Chatham imh. ~ Fl KLWi >K K $ I* OH FOURTH JULY?The subscriber* offer for tale ? large assortment of Fireworks, manufactured by Mr. Edge, Jersey City, consisting oflarge and small Rocket* of the best kinds, Suns. Fani, Palm Tiees, Pyramids, Peruvian Crosse*. Octagons, Triangle*, Verticals, Mines, of various sorts, Roman Candle*, Pigeons. Torhillnn*. Fire Crackers, li' kc, DUNLAP fc THOMSON, je30Iw*r 834 Broadway. KIKE WUKK.N?KUURTH OK JUL*. NEW YORK LJtMRjtTORY. M BENNETT, 198 Front itreet, two doors south of Fnl ? too street. The most extensive and brilliant assort mentofFIRE WORKS are now offered at the above place, consisting of honory and signal rockets, with gold and silver rain; *uus, fr i>s, palm tree*, pyramid*, Peruvian cro**e*, octa gons, to angles, verticles, mine* of serpent* and stars ma roons, bengola light*. Roman candle*, serpent*, pin wheel*, grasshopper*, port fire*, bine light*, icroll wheel*, torbi] lion*, line pigeon*, torpedoes, pnlTiug cracker*, doable head art, nr? cracker*. Canton rocuta. fcc. < onntry merchant*, and dealer* in general, am requested to c*U and examine the above atock. ? i N. B. Committees for city and country display*, nnhrnrr *nd private parties, can be supplied on the most liberal term* with the abnvementioned article*, warranted, tlie mate risl* bevii g heen selected with the utmost care inyTT lm*r HKb WUKKS! KIKE WUllhS!! ISAAC EDGE. Pyrotechnic Arti*t, Jersey City, n/^eper 1 ed to furnish FIRE WORKS to cine*, towns, Mr de,ns, theatres, Itc.. Hi* present stock comprise4 the moet brilliant and vtriegated firee, appropriate d*?ig?*' ever manv factnred in tki* country, and can be famish'* '<> *nv extent. rfAAC EDGE, ftrrotechnic Artist. Labar tocy Jer**y City. N J. If. B ?To agents. Signals, i.elndiug ship lights, false fire*, primer*, port 6rea, aiguaJ rockets, kc , for supplying government or merchant vessels, my77 lm*r *8 Front street. SHIP MUSKETS AND PISTOLS. ONE THOUSAND Mu*k*t?, with Bayonet*, in good Of} dei; 30# pain Boarding Pistols, for sale by A w. SPIES k CO., 91 Maiden lan#. I 4,Ml elegant United State* banded Muskets in iota to '?& ud fyonUg Ou*! mr* im'rW ' TELEGRAPHIC REPORI. CONOKE'iHIOXAL. PKOCEKDINOI. Waihjnoton, Monday, June 30, 1844 In Vciialir. rtl or VOI.UNTEBRS. Mr. Jabnauin prenenteJ a resolution of the Legisla ture of Teui, relative to pay of volunteers called into itnki. ? ITER OBiTBUCTIO?S. Mr. Johnson, of Louisiana, presented resolutions of the Legislature of that State, relating to the removal of ob it ructions in the Mississippi river. J. M. Clayton gave notice that he would introduce a bill for the relief of the heirs of Robert Fulton. SENATE reports. Mr. Bagby offered a resolution to appoint a select com mittee, to report a plan for reporting debates and pro ceedings of the Senate. NAVIGATION IN TEXAS. Sundry resolutions of inquiry relative to defence* and improvement of rivers, and erection of light houae* in the State of Texas, were adopted. MEETINU OF THE SENATE. The resolution heretofore offered by Mr. Daqbt, to meet hereafter at 11 o'clock, was adopted?yeas SO, nay a 11. THE BEVENVC ESTIMATES. The resolution of Mr. Simmons, calling on the Secre tary of the Treasury for specific estimates of revenue to be derived from measures proposed in his report of the 10th inst., was adopted after being amended, on motion of Mr. Davies, so as to call for specific estimate* of tho ' $64,000,000, which the Secretary says Is annually drawn from the people, for the benefit of manufacturer*. AUTHORITY TO RAISE VOLUNTEERS. The resolution oflerod by Mr. Johnson, requiring the Secretary of War to inform the Sonate whether he ha* authorized any person to raise regiments (alluding to Ba ker, Veil, and Price of the House), and if so, by what au thority, was adopted. A resolution was adopted to appoint a Select Commit tee to revise the rules of the Senate. PRIVATE BILLS. Sundry private bill* were read a third time and passed A bill for the relief of John Crowel was recommended, and then several attempt* were made to get up bill* In their regular order, but without success. THE PUBLIC LANDS. The Senate then proceedod with the bill to reduce a nd graduate the price of the pnblin lands. This MU pro poses to divide the land into five classes. The first clas* 1 is to be five years in market, at $1 34 per acre ?, second class, ten years, at $1 ; third class, fifteen year*, at 7? cents ; fourth class, 20 years, at 90 cent* ; and the fifth class, 30 years, at 36 cent*. I.and* remaining unsold at the end of any of these jieriods are to go Into the next 1 lowest class. Mr. Dayton oflered an amendment making a sixth clan, at 13 cent* per acre. Mr. Johnson, of Maryland, took the floor In opposition | to some of the details of the bill, as that forgiving away the public lands which had been thirty year* in market, I to the States in which they are located. Mr. Bar.ESE concurred with the objection* offered by | Mr. Johnson, and *aid he would propose an amendment I at the proper time. Mr. Pennybacev.r denied the power of Congress to to individual States, when they were granted : to u* expressly for the common benefit of the whole. Mr. Breese replied, that ceding them to the 8t?tea ; might inure to the common benefit, as well a* selling them. The discussion was continued by[Messrs. Miller, Archl son, Calhoun, and others. The bill was then postponed until Wednesday; and a message having been received from the President, the 8e ? note went into executive session, and after some hours spent therein, adjourned. Houae off Ilcpreaentati^aa. MEETINO or THE HOUSE Mr. Thompson, of Peon., offered a resolution that the House sit until 7 o'clock, with a recess from S to J, until the tariff bill is disposed of. On motion of Mr. Houston, of Ala , thi* was amend'' *o as to prohibit a recess, and then adopted, the i' being suspended for that object So, until Thursday next, they will lit each i 1 10 o'clock, A. M., to 7 o'clock P. M. THE TARirr debate. One or two bills frqra the Senate wero referred s, propriate committees, and then the House wem l.. Committee of the Whole, and resumed the consideiatf,, of the bill for the reduction of the duties on imporUi Mr Tibdatts first addressed the Committee. He de fined his position on all the great questions of the day lie was a 64 40 man, and a Rio Orande man, and main tained that our soldiers would have defended the former line of boundary as successfully as they had the lat'er.? He wished the injunction of secrecy could be removed from the Senate's proceeding*, so that it might be *een whether the President had preserved hi* consistency, or h*d backed out He wa* in favor of a modification of the present tariff, but he wa* also opposed to the ultra no tions of the free traders. Mr. Payne next got the floor, and made a thrashing, boistoreus speech against the protective policy. It waa all nonsense and absurdity to contend that this question wa* one between the labor of this country, and the pau per labor of Europe. Mr. 8elden followed in favor of free trade, and an alteration of the present tariff. His argument was *o nicely *pun, that, for some time, no one knew which aide he wa* on. Mr. Ooodvear followed, and spoke In a very precise and measured style against the present tariff, and in favor of a modification. Hi* tpeech wa* a free trade eesav, credibly delivered, composed with much care. He de clared his preference for Hungerford'* bill. Mr. 8trono next got the floor, and advocated the Hue ?ide of the question. Mr. Kauitman followed against the present tariff, and in justification of our government in claiming Texas to the Rio Orande, and sending our army there. Mr. Blanchabd next got the floor, and made a very in teresting speech in favor of the present tariff. He wa* listened to with marked attention, and occasionally he made tho members laugh heartily at his dry humor. BY THE MAILS. Washington, June 28, 1840. General Taylor has been appointed Major Gen eral of the ariny, under the late act?and Col. W. O. Butler, of Kentucky, Major General of Volun teers, under the supplementary act passed a few days since. No other appointments have as yet been made. A democratic Senator from the North west, has been disappointed in not receiving onp of these appointments. The splendid missions of England and France are soon to become vacant. There is a difficulty in Ailing them from the democratic side of the house. borne say Mr. King of Alabama, now in France, wiU be Secretary of State, in the place of Mr. chnnnn, who goes on the bench of the Supreme Court, instead of taking the peace of Mr. McLane. Where a fit Minister for England can b? found, none knows, without the President resorts to some gentlemen of the old opposition party. In addition to the seven foreign full missions, as mentioned in a late letter, 1 might as well odd a few more of the principal appointments abroad, filled by Southern men?particularly,as vacancies are about occurring. Austria?Mr. Stile?, of Oeorgia. Nsples?Mr. folk, of Tenn???ee. Ssnlina?Mr. Wickliffe, Kentucky. Belgium-Mr. Cltmwn. of South Carolina. Veneiuela -Mr. SbteM*. of Alsbsms. f onstil to Liverpool?(Jen. Armstrong, of Tennessee. Consul at He*sna?Gen. Campbell, of Alabama / Consul at Havre?Mr Beasley, of Virginia. All Southern men. 1 den't m?an to insinuate that Southern gentle men arc not as wi 11 qualified as those from any ether section?but in the modern democratic prin ciple of distribution, they are fortunate in having so li?rge * proportion. I believe tlmy will all do well Foreigners still continue to be appointed bv Mr. Polk, as American consuls. This principle oi allowing such persons to sport the American uniform (all they want) at foreign courts, is ab surd, and should be stopped. They are running the thing in the ground Mr. Bancroft, it is well said, will leave the Navy Department and be ??nt into eKile, perhaps to Russia. A Pennsylvanian has been named for the Navy Department Mr. Lllmcre, of South Carolina, is here, and would bo willing note to take an honorable ap pointment. Mr. Pickens, of South Carolina, ha* come out flat-footed for the administration?a real red-hot democrat, dyed in the wool?denounce* Mr < al houn?and is ready now to take anv 'iig^i oilioe. But the tmasien to England is beyond lu* rearb. Whether Mr Ritchie, m all the#* oartempWM

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