Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 1, 1846, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 1, 1846 Page 1
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II - ni? ^i..J ! ! J.. Tfl] *11, Ho. JOT-WhoU Mo. 4M? \ I W YORK HERALD. I j i GORDON BENNETT, PROPRIETOR. | frculation- - -Forty Thousand. W Jar P HKRAI.U-K.vrrv day, Price 2 cents percdpy?$7 I lihdii liHim?titrable in advance. I ,KLY II F.RaLD?Kvery 8>turdiy?Price 6*4 cent* I .Ml:- . ?5J IIn cents |>er annum?payable in advanre. f if alu KOIl IlROPK?Fvery Steain Packrt day. | i ceu(> per copy?j?J 00 per annum, payable in adKRTISEMEMTS at the usual prices?-always cull ice. I. I TING of all kinds executed with beauty and deleters or communications, by mail, addressed to the (intent, must be post pa 'I. or tlie postage will be derom the subscription money reinitt*tl. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, Proprietor of the Nr? York Heiilii Fstabmspmi'mt, lorth-Wett corner ol Fulton and Nassau streets. FOURTH OF JULY EXCURSION TO NEW BRUNSWICK, HE NEW JERSEY I! AIL ROAD AND TRANSPORTATION COMPANY. Ion : < .mrtiand sTroe.'. for .Newirk, r'.liubethtowK. / and New Bruits wick, St 4 A. M., sud5^, andll^T. turnips from New Brunswick, at 7and 12 A. M., and i '! 1 ie?mjv4?m f? irrrrnmrfflir^ M>T1CE. NKW YORK AND HARLEM RAILROAD CO. > now prepared to commute with individuals to any oiik their liue of road between New York and White at m 'derate rates, for three,sis, or twelve months.? ,1 issued firt". of January, April, July and October Urtber particulars enquire at the office of the Company Schools and Military Companies desirou* to make ons, will be accommodated ou reasonable terms by 1* at the office. I7rh. 1846 je27 lwrc fe LONU ISLAND RAILROAD Express Mail Train, leaves Whitehall street Kerry, New York side, every morn in* at 7 A. M., lor Boston.? I JE2_AU'\ trains frum Bmoklvn side at 7 o'clock aid lutN, ?iid 3H A M., and 3 and 3 f. M . daily. Tli* 7 and 1 P. M Uain? bo through, the former (topping at gdale and manor, and the Utter at all placet an the jel? r j ifKRAH FOR THK FILMING BANKS. Q WKDNK8DA Y," July I, the popnUr and MOl commodious steamer OKI. A W ARK, CapMi. .:.r9B3L tain Sm'th, will make a trip to the Fishing im Wednesday. Leaving the foot ol Hammond street past 7 o'clock; Canal street at a quarter to B; Detailet at quarter past 8; Pike street at half-past 8; pier No h River at 9. 6<i cents for the Kicursion?Dinner on board?Bait gra res at a small charge. Id Fisherman will be in attendance. le's Brass and Cotillon Bands attend thc<e excursions, great race between Col. Stevens'and Schuyler's yachts " :Mii off on that day, and the passengers will have ail opporto witness the race and accompauy thein up to the city. ft*m FOURTH OF JULY EXCURSION. Sew Brunswick and Perth Amhof, '! 9 O'Vlotk A. AI., fnom Barclay $t Pier. |Q| j?a The steamboat KAH I I'AN, Capt. Fisher, will leave tlie font of Barclay street, July ;ZBC^aZ.tth. at 9 o'clock A. M , for l'erih Ainboy and .-. !>i uiish ick. taking the outside p issage through ihe Narkifordiig pleasant views of the hay and h rbnr, the <^ua ^tSamly Hook Lit^it| &C. Returning. the Haritan Ier before 3 P M , arriving in New York at hall' put 4 u F ire for the whole excursion. SO cents. Fourth will be celebrated in New Brunswick worthy day. The civil anil military procession will be honor!! the Tor,'pkins'Blues, C?pt. .Ylayhar, and the ludepenOtiards, (v*|it. ('aims, of New York, accompanied by ,11's ceie rated Brass Rand. is of startiug punctual je30 5t*rc tl MX VIKW OK THK HIOHLANOS-4TH !Hr*JT3?oy JULY KXCURSION-The steamboat 3002-11 K.N DHIK HVUSON, on Saturday, July Hli, w ill make an F.xcursiou to West Point and New?1th a pirty of pleasure, leaving the pier between Undt and Liberty stteets at 8, and Hammond street at tstt A.M.. returning to tile same W'hirves about 6 k, P.M. giving pass~i)gers the moat delightful view of ilisadea, Siug SJinjj Prison, Forts Montgomery and PutlVest|>oint, the Highlands, Newburg Bay, tic, &c. and nng in time to see all the Exhibition of Kireworks. e to West Point 3s, Nenrbarg 4a, (and the same to reTickets, apply at the office. 144 Greenwich at. ler provided ou board. Number of Tickets limited. iJylr 5The"musjt delightful of all EXCURSIONS. Q .A BAIL across the Hudson river to Hobo f^Sa^3>ken, and then a walk 40 the Klysian Fields. Mfl(2l?along the exceedingly picturesque shores oi kce. wdl prove the most easily accomplished and attr&c f all ruiuai excursions that can be maJr from the city. I grounds now present a charming ispect, the trees be leaf, and the soil covered with a rich turf. I walks are in excellent order, having been considerably llished the present spring. every pleasant afternoon there will be in attendance at nllomiade Klysian Fields, an excellent Band of Music, | t will perform selections fiom the favorite Operas, popurs. marches, waltzes, Stc. * Kerry Boats from Barclay, Canal and Christopher sts., impletely fitted up with awnings and seats. (ht Boats run from Hoboken to Barclay street until 11 nage cents . ml Sm*r ^ DRAFTS ON OHKAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND?Persous wishiug to rey money to iheir friends in any |>art of na igaLuT the old country, can procure drafts of the Hb lubsc foi inv imountj irom i. 1 and IU?, |>a)?vic? kirih, nmi"?v ... ... ?..? towns throughout England, Ireland, Scotland, and 'W. e subscribers keg to iufmin their friends and the public his branch of their business continues to r.ceive their attention, and they feel quite certain that better gaments than theira for transmitting money to tlx old try e.vmot be made. ? rtfyal mail iteimer Caledonia will leave Boston toow, by which all drafts can he forwarded. VV. U J T. TAPSCOTT, 86 South afreet, Or 2 doora below Burling alip. PASSAUE TO OH KHOVJ LIVERPOOL by (JWlhe new line of Liverpool Packets.?Persons aenjMKaaiug for their friends in any part of Oireat Britain or lid, can make the nece.aary arraurfements with the aubers on reasonable terms, to have litem brought out in any ? above magnificent packets, the accommodationa of it are unequalled, and the strictest punctuality will be tved in their sailing on the stated days. >m New York 011 21st and 26th of each month. im Liverpool on Gtli and 11th of every month. 'I preventing the possibility of delay .it either port. * subscribers are also agems for th^St. Oeorge's Line of ,eta, in any of which magnificent snips paaaage cut be red at a very moderate rate, or in first claa. tranaient 1. altogether making a ahip from Liverpool every five te greatest care will be taken by Mr. W. Tapscott in Li- I potto give all possible despatch to passengers, and the | l will be done by the subscribers in New \ ork. 1 ir further particulars apply (letter* paid) to W. k J. T. TAPSCOTT, 86 South atreet, 1 two doors below Burling slip, or to I WM. TAPSCOTT, S6 Waterloo Road, 1 Mr Liverpool. <3*. FOR NEW ORLEANS-LOUISIANA AND ! My.New York Line?Regular Packet?To aail Monday, 1 MlfaWth July. The elegant fast sailing packet ship 1 1 1.1 v ILLE, llunt master, will positively sail aa above, >r freight or passage, having handsome furnished accomWuotis, ai>i>lv on board, at Orleans wharf, loot of Wall st , , E. ft.COLLINS*CO.,* South?t. >sitively no goods received ou board aller Saturday eveJ, 18th init. ?eut in New Orleans, James K. Woodruff, who will forward all roods to his address. .cket ship OSWEOO Johnston master, will succeed the isville; and sail Monday, August 10th, her regular day. , 30 r ?jj~ sHTF NORMAN, from Havre?Consignees per | yfV'his ship will please send their permits on board, at Mlfiil'i*' No. j North rirer, or to the office ol the underled All gO?>da un permitted in five days, w ill lie sent to public stote. BOYD fc lliNCKKN. N M Wall st. rA( KETS W>n HAVItE??r*a id I >ne?The packet ship ONEIDA, Captain James 1'uucU, will o1'the td of J?lK For freight or passage ap&OYD U HINCKEN, yl r . _ an Wall <tt*et. ./at- KOR MARSEILLES?TK b?k COLUMBIA, JTlV1- M'1 Trusaell; to he promptV/ despatched. Kor gUkfe*''eight or passage, apply to brett k vose. w souo^tr,,,, w e*r boyd It hinl kV.N, m street. I ' :** KOH LIVERPOOL?Regular 1'scket of 6th Julv.?The Splendid, new, hst sailing parke\ ,h,p fcfiKal N DEl'E.N UENf. E, Capt P B Allen, bnrthe?iao u, will sail aa above, her regular day. 4. via* very superior accommodatious Tor cabin, second iw tia steerage passengers, those intending to embark, v>ijd in.ike inntiediHte application on board, foot of Maiden to JOSEPH Mc\IURRA-V, jggj comer of Pine and South streets. tj^r- KOK lOT?IW:n?Regular packet of the 1st July tVVVThe first class, fast sailiug packet ship WELLINGIMMBaTON, Capt. Chadwick, tit tons will sail as above, Ytasfng very superior accommodations for cabin, second cavi and >te?r*ge passengers, persons iutendi:ig to embark lould make early application on hoard, foot ofMaiden lane, r to JOSEPH MeMURRAY, Jell Comer of Pine slid South streets. KOR LI V ERI'OUL? New Line?Regular Packet JH(j^>of 21st July.?The superior, fast sailing parket ship jtiSe&llOTTlNbUKR. 1100 tons burthea, Capt. Ira Bursay, will sail as above, her regular day. ror (Might or passage, having elegant and superior accom jMdatioQ), apply on board, west side of Burl nig, slip, or to WOODHULL fc MINTURN, 17 South street. Price of Nssage $100. The paekcijhip Liverpool, 1300 tons burthen, Captain John l&ldridge, wilUncceed the Hottingner, and aail on her regular day. list An<?iat. Je?3rc KOR IJ VERI'OOL? New Line? Regular pachWjfJVrt of thr ?(h July.?The elegant, fast sailing p?.rk MMbrt ship Rl>?< IU8, A. Kldndge, muter, of 1100 '10na will Mil aboYe,her Hftulnr day. J For freight iw pa??ft(t having ntcommodationa nnr(/la|lr<j for splriid'ir ?r comfort, ^pply on board, at OrieaitfVrhjiff, foot of Wall itreet, or to ' ?_ , K.",OLLlN8 k CO., St Month ?t Price of paaaagr $IM. / Feckd <hip Sfl)DON8, E B Cohh, m-iater, /;n ?arceed llw ROSC1UU, and ?ail on the 3ft, Aui!<?t,lier rr.,u|lr t,., Jje t> rr /" I. tv? ?OLA?IK)#~T|k n^Tfird, cl*?"rt>Ti 1,9 ,0 *' MoMii?on, i,Mur. Iinring ?? a*.mo.t of her ear*o n>t?K?-d, wi? mre/w?h drapatch. >' |>? lance of freight or pa??a?e bavifc, ,ocom\ MT,V " K E NE JYE OLD BLACK BALL LINE OF PACKETS. ! WSr- FOR LIVERPOOL.?Thr apenor <??' ilm* MRJfsy P?i'k? ?Hiii MONTEZUMA, ( jpUiu Lowb?r. MliBb M ill be dl.natrlird for rli?- iLiu port oil llir ?r?l ?'l Jul>, and will be succeeded by (he urir picket ship H idelia, on the 16th. I Kor passage, having unequalled accommodations io cabin and steerage, apply ml JOHN IlERDMANk CO,61 South ?r. j N. B?Person* de?irr>u? of harmx their friend* l?r?milit from the Old Country, can have tliern out in the above ships, or auy of the regular line ol'packets?ship sailing every fi?e davs. And also Oy first elan American and tr?nsien( ships sailing weekly. Alto, Drafts for any amouut furnished?payable in any part of Oreut Hrit nu anil Ireland, on applic tlion as above. jeMm I BLACK BALL OH OLI) LINK OK LIVERPOOL" P \CKETS. KOH LIVERPOOL.?Only regular packet of the WKRtV l?t of July?Tlie magnificent mid celebrated hst sailJtfkBMfB'ng packet ship MO>'I'K/l'M A, liiirtheu 11*00 tons, A. B. Li>? Cer, Commander, will sail positively ou Wednesday, lit July. TSie accommodations of the Montezuma are fitted out in a | nmi superb and costly manner, with every modem improve- | meut and convenience, that cannot but ?ud to (be comfort of (hose embarking. Persons visiting (he old eoiinlrv, or sending for (heir friends, should call and see (his splendid specimen of naval architecture, before engaging elsewhere, tor passage in cabin, second cabin, and steerage, early application should be made ou board, foot of Beekin<ui street; or to (lie sub ] scribe rs. ROCHE, BROTHERS St CO., je27rc 35 Fulton ?t.. (next door to the [''niton Dink.) KOR GLASCiOW?Line ..f Packets?Regular Packrt ls( July?The fine, new, fast sailiug packet T HROOKSB Y, WO (oils, Hugh McEwen maiter, will sail as aoove, her regular d ly. Kor freight of the bulk of 330 barrels light freight,or passage having excellent accommodations, apply ou board, footol DoTer s(ree(, or (o WOODHULL & M1NTURN, 87 South st. The packe( bark ADAM CARR. 400 (ons, w ill succeed (lie Broousbv. and sail on her regular day. 1st AtWTUrt Jc27 re ^1 ? KOUR SHETLAND PONIES, very small, im.XST^ported per ship Switzrrlaud, last Spring, suitable ' ' ' ? wheie health and recreation are tei|iiued. Kor sale by je29 3t*rrc A. GRIEVE, J John street FOR f A17K7 TWO FINE SJ1DDI.E HORSES, <1 WILL drive also in a carriage. They iMi^irj just the right aixe for riding ou 'wP* horseback, and have been long used to ^ i j the suilUle. Apply at the desk of the Herald Office, lor farther particulars jel8 tfjgb AN ELEGANT B RO 0 G HAM aiufFJi 7~of with entire new Harnets, to be disi>osed ' ' * ? of hv a gentleman about lesvur the city. The car* riage was bu It to order by oue of (he first mikers, and tias been used but n few times. To be seen <<t Cohen's Livery Stables, Crosby street. je26 lw?r MKl.NU < HARLES ?PANIEL?-OK THE pure breed, received by the latest arrivals from London, for sale by A. Grieve, 5 John street. Also, rare ible Birds, only to be fottud at his establishment, No. '> John street. X. B.?Letters from the carious, in distant parts, (post paid) will be atteuded to, by A. GRIEVE, fiI7* imrn Importer anddenier in Birds, ages, #ce lilt. Mtill riNGALE HUN'U IN JOHN STREET. ? THE REAL BIRD itself has arrived, and likewise 500 of the Saiony Canaries, the warbling of which, the str&UKer and curious, is rather an interesting IWl sight?for each customer has a different habitation, ^^^"and Archy will be hiu>py to attend lolhe ladies and gentlemen as they pass Broadway and John street. anl7 lm*rh m STORE TO LET. in the Herald Buildiugs, No. 97 Nassau street. Apply on the premises. if 26,61 re ROOMS, FURNISHED UK UNFUitMMiED JaA TO LET?In a small and most delightfully situated vTTw house, uear the Washington Parade Ground, one or j^ULtwo rooms, with or without full or partial board. No Mherli'iarders or lodgers are in the house, nor will betaken l\e family it present consists of only three crown persons Titjingle gentlemen, or a geutlemui and lady, desitous ol livMg m a private family, and iu a pleasant, quiet, and hand some location, this offers an opportunity but rarely met with The entire naif of tH? house will be let to a desirable tenant, without children. Address B. T. at the desk of this office. BylStfrrc NEW LEBANON SPRINGS. t COLUMBIA HALL.Mtv 15,1846?This favorite place of now open and readyforthe receptiou of com pan v. being under the management of its old proprietor, Hull. Presuming on hit long eiperience at a caterer for the travailing public, he intends that the management of the establishment shall be such as to meet the wants of the most fastidious, whether tarrying for the season or a shorter period. jel lmrc HENRY HULL. FOR 8ALE OR TO LET, a The Modern built three story brick house, >15 Adams street, Brooklyn. If not sold by private sale, it will be disposed of at public taction, on the 16th day of May aeit. Half of the purchase money can remain on mortgage, for t term ol years. Application to be made on the premnet 115 Ariama St., Brooklyn. a4 lm*rc FOR SALE OR TO LEASE, IN BROOKLYN. JaA VAN BRUNT'S HOTEL, No. IS Fulton itreet, ] ? (northeasterly side,) five doors from Fulton Jisiflb now offered for tale or to leate. The house is Z5 by 45 feet, lour stories higk, containing 22 rooms, and being on the greatest thoroughfare in Brooklyn it a good location for many kinds of butinett. Poitetsiou given immediately. For pvticulara, inquire en the premise! of GEORGE VAN BRUNT. Brooklyn, May 25, 1M6. my26 lm*rc M HOUSES TO LET?In Hoboken. nefcr the FerryTwo three story brick homes, reut $200 a year, with ftee ferriage to the family. Also, two large three story and basement brick dwelling houses, finished in the bettttyle with every convenience anu within oue minute's walk of the fern*. Apply to J. A. STEVENS, Jr.. jc25 lw?rc at Hoboken Mr l) LET?The largo Storehouse corner of Thames street and Trinity Pltce: rent modsrate. Possession ou the 1st of July. Apply to * D. 8HEPHF.RD, jeJS lw*rc No J Nassau street. HOTEirDE"PARIS.'?ANTIONE VIONES, on~e ffvJW of the late proprietors ol the Perkins House, Boston, J^L respectfully informs his friends and the travelling publie, ihat he has opened the house No. 290 Broadway, New Vork, entrance on Reade street, called the Hotel De Paris, where he will be hapny to accommodate those who may wish to patronize him, Willi board and lodging, by tbe day, week, or month, on the most reasonable terms. my 19 2meod*rrc WATTRIPONT & CO., FASHIONABLE HATTERS *2 Nassau street, near Fulton, New York. THE subscribers beg to call the attaition of the public to the quality uf their various kinds of Hats of tlieir own manuli.'iiin. I I,.v have luil received a small supplv of superior moleskin, now used by the most liiduonable halters in V?ri?, a sample of which they will feel much pleasure in showing to those who will favor them with a calf. Hie undersigned do uot pretend to sell at 2") or even 10 per cent less tb^n any other establishment; neither can they boast ot having a splendid store: but they (latter themselves that the quality and finish of their Hats will give eutire satisfaction, at the price* charged. They have adopted the French style of trimming the summer hats, which is a preventive to the perspirstiuu coming through and spoiling the beau'y oi their appearance. M. B. W ATTRIPONTi mv 23 Im'm WM. H. JAMK8. GENIN'S GOSSAMER HATS, ra WEIGHING frem V/i to 3^ ounce*. Price only $3 So Jpat It is about two years since the Gossamer Hat was first introduced by the subscriber to the notice of the New York public, as the lightest, the most desirable, aa j the most tasty trticle for luminer wear heretofore in use. The astonishing success attending them, evinced by the extraordinary large amount of sales, and the popular approbation bestowed upon tliem by the many who have given them their patronage, have not been lost apon the subscriber, who, to show that ne is ever anxious to ucel in his art, now presents foi imhlic patronage the Gossaflker hat, much lighter and more pleasant than any other ever before offered. They are not liable, like the Leghorn and Panama, to lose either shape nr color from exposure to the rain. They cannot be soiled by either persiiirstion or oil from the hair, so commonly the case with oilier Hats, for the much admired style of tnmmiugs, originating with the proprietor, effectually prevents all this. This is a decided advantage over all other hats The public ue invited to call and s? e tins article at J. N. GENIN'S Hat and Tap Store, myJT lm*rc 214 Broadway, opposite Bt. Paul's Church SUMMER HATS. ECONOMY J1ND FASHION. (" ROBERTSON'S PHENIX HAT AND CAP jpk MANUFACTORY, 103 Fulton street.?The underlined bespeak* the attention of the public to the quality of his Summer Hat*, |>osse?sing the various properties usually ought for by the man of ta?te, they have the additional merit [)l being 2i p?r cent below the standard prices. They are esleiitialf) similar in material, workmanship, and fini-Ji, to the irticlei manufactured by nie inure splendid establishment* ol Broadway; and on a close comparison of their respective isa mat^rinl /I i (T#i enCf i 111 hf itfrffivfd. iii the tingle particular that the aubacnher haa adopted a atyie it trimming, which effectually preveuta the perforation ol the forehead Irom atrikmg through, and impairing the appearance. _ . Their average weight U from to J Mi ooncca?bemK much lighter than aubatantial Leghnma, or Panamaa. I'eramis ot laate and judgment, who are influenced in their pnrchaaaa by conaidrrationa ol'coat, are invited to riam>-ie them, and to stablnli. by the teat of compafiaon, their rr.ciae value, compared with the productiona of other manufacturer. m\-2:i lm"rc ROBERTSON. 1?1 Fulton street. GENTLEMEN'S SPRING tASHlON. al BKAVER AND SILK HATS of the beat quality and moat approved ahapea, arc now ready for inapectiOD and e at the olif eatabliahed price*. feat Beaver $4 50 atSilk .. ... IN .. . _ ROWE, Merchant*' Exchange, alT la'tri 40 William atreet. J. PRICE * CO. FASHIONABLE HAT STORE. ft THE SUBSCRIBERS having onened a HAT STORE J^feat No. 110 f ulton street, corner of Dutch atreet, reapectfully aolicit the patronage oftheir old cnMomera and tha public. Thcv will conatanliy keep on hand complete aaaortment of Hata, Cap*. Umbrella*, he., lie., of the lateat atyle and will aall at tht toweai pucea. Single hata made to order at the ahorteat notice ICHABOD PRICE. myi lm*r ,THOS. HHANNoSl. EXCELSIOR. H ROBERTSON'S PHtEMIX tM HAT AND CAP MANUFACTORY ML lOTfULTON ST., BETWEEN NASSAU and WILLIAM, np HE proprietor of thia eaubliahment haa recently added to A. hia tstentive stock of sttrinff coods. in Assortment of i Moleskin Hits, of exqaisite finish and sanerior elrgance. The price ol these re<ally superbarticles only V), being ftltt I lea* than the sane foods (manufactured la the same manner and of similar material) are sold in Broadway. The secret of this irreat disparity in price may be easily conjectured The adrertiser's expenses bf in* bat a tithe of those of the more splendid establishments in iJroadway, lie m in eonseqnence enabled to offer (roods ol a corresponding description at lower mute. a Z3 lm*rc ^<>,000 HAVANA h PRINCIPE bEUAKS. 120 Bales HAVANA TOBACCO, M follows >kmnlacion, Eaealapio, Pressed, Riiwida Regalia, Ban Homan, Rionda do., Eaperanta do.. La Victoria, Lafayette do., Washington do., ?aperanaa, Rionda < ongressoa, Lafayette do., Riooda, Do. Plantation, Principe Steamboat, Lafayette, Principe.Insto/hni, Vta. Jajo Tobacco. ^Iie whole tatltled to debenrns^ snd^iu lofs^to sail. For fT ip stairs W YO W YORK, WEDNESDAY PAVILION, NEW BRIGHTON. FBI.AM'AIII) Ilia the honor to inform his friends and j the public lu general, that the Pavilion is uuw III full | operation ami prepare J for their receptionSteamboat* ran between Pier No. I, North River, and New Brighton, at the following hours, viz:? hroin Sew lirightou. | Krom New York. 8,11A.M. | 9, 12 A. M. 2, 6 P. M. I 3>i. 5. 7 P. M. e - BLANCARD. Pavilion, New Brighton. June 1,1146. j27tl'rc T 11 E Alili E V 11 O T E L , . 1JLOOMINGDALE ROAD. Ci APT. M. H TRU&8DELL. lite of ihe North River, I > having taken the above house, begs leave to inform his liirudi and the public, that he i? now pretnred to arcommo date families and siugle gentlemeu, with board and lodgiugs, on reasonable term* for the season. The situatiou !' tlx above pis: caneet be aarpused, a?d the grounds connected toerewith and the rtver view, render* it tl.e most desirable summer residence, ns well as a daily resort. as it to be found iu the vicinity of New York. Tlie ta- \ ble will be supplied with all the delicaciea of the season, and uo espense spared to inake visiters comfortable. Breakfast, Ihuner and Supper served at all times. The But if stocked with Wines and Liquors of the choicest brands, M well as >egsrs Ales, btc. Ice Creams and other refreshments constantly ou hand. N. B.?Moore's Line of Manhattanville Stages pass near the door every forty minutes during the day, leaving New ' York fruui City Hall. There is also a first rate Stable attached to the premises. Bloomiugdale, June Z7th. 1A46 )tV lw?rc , A't. A H A T HI N U , ' i LQNrt BRANCH. N. J. THK SUBSCRIBER will open the Sea Beach House, for the reception of visiters, June 20th. The steamboat Oris from the font ol Knlton street, and Kd- i win l.ewis from foot of Vesey street, both run daily to the Ocean House,where stages are always in readiness to convey passengers to the Branch. 11. ROWLAND St CO. je27 lw*rc _ SCHOOLEY'S MOUNTAIN SPRINGS, MARSH'S HEATH HOUSE. THK UNDERSIGNED would give notice that his establishment was opened for the reception of visiters on the first of June, instant?having been put iu ihe bes* possible condition, and lupitied with every comlort ususliy lound at the most fashionable place* of a'imnier lesort. The extensive p'easure grounds around the house have undergone very considerahle embellishments since the l*st season. A bathing esiab'ishmert has been fitted op for warm and cold baths, with such conveniences aa to supply- the wauts ofall ana without the least delay. A new and splendid Bowling Alley, for the use of ladies as well as gentlemen, has been re centfy erected?and a Band of Music, aa usu it, to cheer and enliven the whole. No p mis will lie sp?rrd by the undersigned to secure the g'eatest amount of comlbrt to his guests and to maintain whatever of repu a'iou he may have acquired in the raaiiagenreut of his extensive and highly popular establishment The facilities for getting here by public conveyance are very great?by railroad to Morrinown leaviug Ne v Vork at 8 o'clock A. Nl. and 12 o'clock P. M., noon, ana from Morristo vii in most excellent stages, immediately after the arrival of the tnins. E. MARSH. June 2?il. 1816. jr2l I w re THE SHADES HOTEL, 64 Rtadt Street, IVett Side of Broadway. THE Subscriber respectfully informs his friends and the public, that he has lately opened the above Establishmeut, in a style superior to any other house of the kind in the city of New York. The satisfaction which he has hitherto given to his numerous friends ai\d customers, while proprietor of "The Shades," in Thames street, he flatters himself will be a guaranty to all who may potrouise him iu his new establishment, while no effort on his part will be wanting to merit ihe cantinuauce of their patronage The usual relishes, Chops, Steaks, Welsh Karebits, Poached Kggs, 4tc., will be served up in a superior style. The room will be regularly supplied eith city papers, as well as a full supply of foreign papers, by every arrival from Europe JAMES EVANS. mil) lm*rc EAGLE COFFEE HOUSE AND HATHS, NO. 528 I'earl street, between Centre and Elm?Warm, cold and shower Baths, equal to those in any house in the city, at 12%cents: Lodgings, with good cleau beds, 12% cts Boarding and Lodging. >2 M per week. In the reading roou will be found newspapers Imm Loudon. Liverpool, and all the principal cities nl tfiel'iiitMl States a4 lm*rb tl/lAU i>AL. l UvlulU',. THIS splendid Hotel has been lately re-lilted and furnished in the most complete and elegant munier, by Messrs Jack son k Cranston, and, after the 30tn April, when it upeus to the ...,1,1... ..III,. f,.r f h> r?r>lif im, r,T Tl? ence of Mr. Cranston as host of the Rocltaway Pavilion, and of Mr. Jackson,at the Exchange Hotel, Baltimore, and at the Astor House, New York, i* a guaranty of the style in which the " Kutaw will be kept. The location is the beat in the city of Baltimore. The Pavilion, at Rockaway, L. 1., will remain ander the chance of Mr. Crautton. who. during the summer months, will be happy to see hi* old friends at thia favorite wa taring place. an lm*r SARACEN'S HEAD, 12 DEY STREET, N. If. JOStl'll 8Y..TH ,iat? of Worcester. England, begs leave to iuform his friends,caste men and tee public in guneral that he has recently litted up hia hou*e .n a rery superior mauner, and calculated to pleaae gentlemen of taste. He will always, as heretofore, keep his Bar and Larder supj ,iec with the best Liquors and Provisions that the market affords Dinners from 12 till 3 o'clock, and Cold Cuts, Chops, Stakes, Rare Bits, fee., at all houra. Hia supply of Engliah and city newspaper* ii excelled by no house in New Vork, and his Ales, Wiues, Segars. lie., are of the moa aupenor quality and the attendance prompt. Private ltooms provided for parties, and the comfort and accommodation of customers always attended to. Lodgings, Ike. mylJ Im#r RED SULPHUR. SPRINGS, MONROE CO., VA. THIS CKLKBRATED WATERING PLACE will be open the neit summer, aa usual, for the reception of vi iters. Its fame in the relief and cure of pulmonary diseases, extending over a period of fifty years, is so sustained by facta and evidence, that it no longer admits of dispute. Kor the extent and peculiarity of its medicinal virtues, however, the reader is referred to a work on " The Mineral Springs of western Virginia,"by Wm. Burke, to be had at Wiley fc Putnam's. The ohject of thia advertisement is to say that arrangements are made to accommodate visiters in the most comfortable manner, and that they will be treated with uniform courtesy and kindness, while the charges will be found as moderate as at the most moderate of the springs. There will be a respectable physician in attendance. The roads are in good order, and the beautiful Turnpike Roid t > the Blue Sulphur will have staves n;>oti it plying between the two Springs, which will afford an opportunity of visiting, in a week, all the Springs of W stern Virginia. my! iin*rc Tift: PROPRIETORS. M AN S1UN HO USE, MIDDLETOWN CONNECTICUT. THK UNDERSIGNED begs le^ve to announce to hia friends aad tlx nubljc, that ne Sas leased the above house for a term of years, and nop??, | >nr experience and strict attention to business, to merit a libera) Df their oatron*mr8 1m*re Formerly of the U. S. HoteT.^WHa. SHARON SPRINGS PAVILION. THE PUBLIC is informed that this establishment, having been enlarged and improved since the close of the last season, will be opened for the reception of visiters, on the 1st day ol June- LANDON fc GARDNER. Slav I. 1816. my23 2m*r ~ TRITON HOUSE, GLEN COVE, LONG ISLAND. THE Subscriber respectfully informs his friends and the public, that he has improved and enlarged the Triton Hotel, at the head of the steamboat landing, aud it ia now thoroughly fitted uj>, and ready for die reception of Boarders The situation of this establishment lor the purpose of Salt Water Bathinjr, is amongst the most eligible on Long Island Sound, aa the IIanda attached to the premises have a very extensive water Iront, and a fine beach for swimmer*. The outbuildings are new, and the Bar ayd Bowling Alley are entirely unconnected with the house. Having a farm of JO acres appended to the hotel property, the subscriber can offer his friends the indnremeuta of a plentiful supply of good milk and butter, and such other comfort* as he trusts, together with his uuremitted attentions to the wishes of his guests, will render* residence at tlx Trito* House extremely desirable. Horses and Carriages to hire. Kor terms, which will be moderate, apply to WILLIAM L. JONES, Tritoj Hons*. Glen Cove. Long Island. May I. 1846. myi Imrrr HON &EJOUR. THE SUBSCRIBER ha* the pleasure to announce that his house, at Bergen Point, is now open for public accomcommodatiou. A hotel on the Jersey side has long been a desideratum which i* now supplied. The house (the old Me lany mansion) has been re-fitted in elegant style, with many new rooms and other important addition*. The ground* are beautifully laid out, and what with luxuriant shrubbery, charming walks, agreeable drives, and pi sant boating, the place will challenge competition with any rural resideuce. Kainilie* who wisn to pass a cool and quiet summer, can be provided *ith rooms or suits of apartments at tjieir choice. Kiah of almost every variety abound in the " Kills,' and the neighboring woods are not deficient in game. The steamer Passaic, plying betweenNew Vork and Newark, stops at the landing, in front of the house, four times a day. ind the citixens of New Vork cannot find a more beautiful drive than that between Jersey City and Bergen I'aiut. In fine, all visiters, customers and boarders, may be assured that no pains will be spared to make the place merit the title giveu it of old?Bou Sejour. DANIEL W. LOCKWOOD. The Passaic, for Newark, leaves the foot of Barclay atree it 11 A. M. and I P. M., landing iu front of :he ibove place. The Port Kiehmond boat leaves pier No. I *t 9, 12, and i o'clock. At Port Richmond there will be boat* in attendance to convey paiseugers, and l,uid them at the house. m2 1m"r HAMILTON HOUSE, AT THE NARROWS ratllio L'l L'fllVT VU'V t 111 IUUML'VT ...wUs, r |'llir> r.un* a c?c* a iuuiuii.h r.. * i *viug ? muci- i I. gone thorough repairs and improvements, will bp opeu for the reception of Boarders on thr fint of May, under the direction "f tile ?nh?criber, who ha? been commcled with the management of the hotel for the laat two or three year* The principal rooms have been newly carpeted, and the whole home painted and put in excellent order. No |?ins or ejpen?e will be spared bv tlie present proprietor U> make hit niieni comfortable iu every way. For terme, fce , address subscriber, at Fort Hamilton. I lm?t THOMAS MEINELL THK I'KOPRI ETOR8 OF THE nil YKSPPCAREtHO TEL, corner of Willinm and Duane streets, respectfully inform their friendi and the public generally, that they have leaied the above establishment, and entirely refitted the same. Every possible effort will be made in regard to com fort, oleanliness, and attention, towards their visiters. They have provided themselves with a new stock of Wiuei, Liquors, Began, not to be surpassed by any hotel in the city. The bar has been entirely retitted, and the home undergone a thorough cleaning and repair. A Hot Lunch will be served np every day at the bar, com posed of Chowdari and other relishes prepared in a superior etyle. Price of rooms per week.. $1 SO to $1M. Single night 2.'> cents to W% cents, A Refectory will shortly be established in the basement, for the convenience of the boarders and visiters of the house, and every luxury ol (he kuoi will tie *erveu upon me mo*t rcmonable term*. Several apaciou* room* to be let for meeting, private P*r tiei, referees, fcc. kc. Alio, * Urce room with ft* and *11 ce**ary fixture*, for Free Ma*on* and aecret *o<-ietiu*. OEOKGE PIKRIB, Ma??*er. M?y 3>, lt?. my2t ttaw lm*rc KINfc lilNRN SHIRTS. ME8DAMES PALMER fcEARH, 4T6 Broadway, continue to make gentlemen*' Linen to order, aud warrant them to fit. The latest patterua and fineit needlework chaneMria* the e*t*bli*hiaent. NB?Order* exeeaud for any part of the country. mrt> lm#re MONEY LENT. THE Subscriber continue* to advance the highett priee, at the old-e*t*bled office, 133 William atreet, on (old and ilver watche*, diamond*, place, jewelry, wearing apparel, , n t'/tsFaza, **.. i; yU tm*m I1 ' ' ' ? ' ! ' Rrr t JV JC j <r f f ? MORNING, JULY 1, 184 AMERICANO MEXICAN WAR. ADDITIONAL PAHTIC17L.AKS. PAREDE8 ON THE MARCH. j ANOTHER PROVINCE REVOLTED. SERMON ON THE WAR IN MATAM0RA8, iVc. Arc. Arc. The U. S. sloop of war Falmouth arrived at Pensacolaou the evening of the 19th, having sailed on the -tth inlt. from Vera Cruz. She 1? It off Vera Cruz the frigate Raritnn and the steamship Princeton. The otlicers and crews of each vessel were well, although the vomito was raging in the city. The Mexican Congress was Anally organized on the 1st of June. Paredes had resolved upon taking the field. lie woul'J leave the capital en the 6th at the head of 9001) men, and troops were ordered to meet him at different points on his line of march to the frontier. it is said with confidence, though I am sceptical, that Faredes had placed, some time since, at the command of CJen. Alvarez $1,500,000, to fortify the Pacific ports for the due reception of our squadron. Alvarez forthwith declared against Paredes, appropriated the treasure, and actually sold tho cannon in the castle of San Diego. All tins is credible, save the amount of the money. .Sonora is now in open revolt, as our previous intelligence led us to anticipate. The imminence of a revolution in the department of Vera Cruz is such, that a strong detachment has been drawn from "San Juan d'Uulloa to defend the city from the insurgents who threaten it. The fate of the bark Eugenia, from your port, which ran the blockade, will depend upon orders from the capital. The first impulse of the citiWas to burn her. The United States steamer General Taylor has arrived here from Pensacola lor a draft of men for the navy. The Mississippi was to sail on the 20th from Pensacola for Tampico, and thence lor Vera Cruz. The Potomac, which had been cruising from the 12th to the 19th inst between Pensacola and the Halize, received orders on the 19th to sail for the Pacific, and at once departed. The English brig ot war Kose, the Fre?cli brig Lie Mercure, and French barque La Perouse, were lying at Sacrificios. Vl'he New Orleans paper* of tbe J'Jil inst, contain some farther items, received at that city by the arrival of the Prince** Marie, from Tampico. A Tampico paper of the 4(h ha* the following official account of the loss *u*tained by the Mexican* in the battles of the Btli and !>th. They are from a document fiom General Arista. Killed the 8th?OUlcer* 4, soldier* 98. Wounded?Colonel 1, officer* 10, soldier* liti; missing soldier* iti Killed the 9*h?Officer* 6. soldier* 1 .4 Wounded- Colonel* 3, Major* ~i, officers 19, soldiers '20j Viasing?Officers 3, soldier* 156. Total killed?10 officer*, Wi soldier* Wounded?A superior officeis, -29 officer*, 321 soldier*. Missing?3 officers, 152 soldier* Grand total, hOJ In his letter to the Minister of War, Arista state* that the loss he sustained ia much les* than at first *up posed. Arista sent 450 dollar* to General Vega, and 2.r>0 dollars to the officer* who accompanied him to New Orlean*, before their departure?ho also authorised him and hi* companion* to draw on the Supreme government for their pny which should be rcimburied to any commercial house which might advance the money I'arede* was to leave the city of Mexico at the head of the Army of Ke*erve on the 4th inst., for the North,when, Hlier USIIUUg IMS lU!tr? ? uu ,iu?is b, no kvmu }'u?ji ivi* ward to avenge tbe death of hi* countrymen who fell on the Stti and 9th ultimo. Mazatlan has revolted against Paretics, proclaiming Santa Anna President Thin wai done on the 6th May, under the command of Colonel Tellci. Sjtciul Corrripondenct of tht X. Y. Herald. n?w Oii.ii*>, Monday iDtrmnr, June 184ti There is very little stirring to-day, further than what I ent you yesterday. The papers of thu morning contain the news that I sent you yesterday from Tamplco. Tbe foilowiag ia the list of Mexican killed and wounded, as reported officially by Ariita :? Arista's Retobt ok thi Kii.i.ed and Wouwnicn or the 8th and 9th.?Division of the North. List of officer* killed and wounded in the battlet of the 8th and 9th. Battlk of the 8th.?Killtd ? Capt. Antonio Rubi; Lieutenant! Pedro Mabury, Francisco Rosas and Kraacisco Batalla. IVounded.?Col. Luis Foriega ; Captains Ignacia Gu? tiere/., Juan Oairedo, Ouadalupe Cardenas, Telcsforo Carrion, Leonardo Picazo, Fernando Marrlni ; Lieutenants, Remijis Oiorno, Antonio Daza, Manuel Mastareno and Enalgn Leopoldo Mijia. Battle ok the !?th?Killtd?Captains, Jose Ramires, Manuel Arana, Pedro Apestiguia; Lieutenants, Francisco Pacheco, Antonio Lousa and Ensign Jose Martel. Wounded?Lieutenant Colonels Francisco Garcia Casanova. Mariano, Fernandez; Commander of Battalion I. Maria Mateus; Commander of Squadron, lenocio Pena; Captains Jose llarreiro, Jose Garduno, idclfondo Vega, Mariano Blanco, Jose Felix Velez, Jose Apolonio Barragan; Lieutenants Antonio Aguinaja, Anselmo Juarez, Doroter Nava, Antonio Vlllegas, Lauro Ordonez, Mariano Sandi, Juan Larrondo, Luir Vargas, Camilo Granailos, Roman Oil, Francisco Rivas; Ensigns Mijuel Gutierrez, Cristoval Castri'. Memorandum 1st?All the officers, except Capt. Pedro \pestaguia and Ensign Jose Martel, who were drowned in crossing the rtr??, Ui* battle field. Mw-oad?Lieut. Anaelmo Juarez mart mm^a Manuel Mart no, have juttdiad ol their wounds. Division of the North. Commander-in-chief. The enclosed despatch will inform your Excellency of the number of wounded and killed that we have had, as nod head, will mark two UNMM me nr?? yi?r, .mi more ?n Um MXt i ?nd if there hu been plenty of rain, j to four thousand men, exclusive of the numerous auxiliary troops. MARIANO ARISTA. To Hi* Excellency the Minister of War and Marine1. The morning paper* contain Arista's official account of the bnttles of both the Hth and 9th May. The iteamer ( en. Taylor ariired at the lake end of the Pontchartrain Railroad yesterday, from f'cnsacola, for the purpose of taking out one hundred sailors raised for the navy. Unfortunately the was too late, as a vessel had already been chartered to take them She will take over about twenty more, however. There is no news from the army this morning. Mrs. Page, wife of Capt Page, who was 10 dreadfuily wounded on the 8th, left here on Friday, to loin her husband. He is to come to this city on the Alabama's next trip. Almost all th? officers of the army order:d upon iccruiting service, who arrived hero a few days lince, have loft, except some of the dragoons. The serreants of this force, who arc about town a good deal in neir soldier's uniform, attract general attention and adniration. They are a fine looking set of men, and havng coine out of two sanguinary battles unscathed, have jecomo " lions" of no common order. Krv WrsT, June IS, 1816. , Tht Mexican War?Preparation for D> fence, \c. ( We have no late news from Texas or the army, and ( ire in that feverish state of excitement which anxiety ilways induces. Lest any "hostile fleet," "long low ichooner," or other craft, on evil intent, should visit us, wo long eighteen!, anil some guns of lesser metal, have ( icen placed to the westward ot the hospital for defence. As these will completely command the channel, we { lave no doubt where victory would alight, could our . impatient spirits" have an opportunity or testing their ] gunnery and valor at the same time. We have a report, that the cutter Van Buret was poken in the <?ulf a day or so since, and that she had , oit one of her officers. The cutter Forward, Jones, iut in here and sailed the next morning for New Orleans ] S*-? Dieoo, California, Jan. 13, 1846. i Hotpilalitf of the Callfomian ?Ch'nile ? Jl Yankee Emigrant?Wealth of the People ?Tall Trees? Yankee. Ente.rpriit?8aw Milh and (trill Mi lit?llortttnaniMp, 4"C. * This California is a singular country. Vou nay read and hear of it, but to know it you must see it 1 or yourself A spirit of hospitality prevails over the 1 vholc coast?every house i* open to any and all that 1 how any figns ol respectability. I will tell you how I lave passed the time here for the last four and a half nonths. The lure noon I generally s|iend on boaid; after tinner I go on shore, and about 3 P. M. walk into the lrit house, take a cup of coffee and a slice ol hread. and lave a chat with the 9 JiHy, and at sunset go off to the ihip. Oo where you will, a bed, breakfast, dinner or J upper await you?you are always welcome Indeed, I < lave no need of an invitation; it is the custom of the 1 :ountry to make yourself at home. What would your noney grabbing Yankees say, should a stranger walk n ai your dinner nour. net nimseu uown ?? >?./ <>. , lerhaps, say " you mn?t give me a bod, a* I (hall itop all night P Our clerk* ami supercargoes go from >ne end of the coast to the other, and when night comet, they atop at the first home, call for a bad or something toeat, a* may be. We of the ship return the iimt compliment. Two or three person* whom you have Dover neen before, will come on board, Mop a* long an they please, and go when they have a mind; no questions asked Such a faahion would not do in our country, hut here we could not do without it I called at a house of a friend the other day ta get my cofloe, when I fell in with one of my countrywomen that came acroit land, a real spectmrn of the Weitem States. It would make you laugh to hear the remark" she made about the I passage through or aver the mountain*. " Wal, we had ; a pretty contiderable hard time of it, but 1 did not mind it uatif we had to throw away our plunder; then I felt | awful.'' The tide of emigration i* fait letting this way, | and I should not wonder if in a few yean, Mexico ihould And a wcond Texas. It certainly ha* a flue climate; all it wants is regular rain to make it a perfect place. Home men here have from eight, tan to twelve thoniand bead of cattla. What would one of your farmera think of four square leagues of land for a farm, with t?n thousand head of cattle, haaidas ?i? or aight hundred horses I Hare it is not an uncommon thing. Allowing one third for increase, a man that has a itock of sis thou- I IERA 16. SO 7 he can kill one thousand head, averaging ** \<vr head, or t i $tf.OOO?a pretty good income. I,a?t June ?c woro in a place failed St ('mix; and 1 having some spare time, I concluded to take a ride to nee 1 the great trees, called red woods, noted lor their Kreat size. One measured nineteen feet in diameter, and UAO (not in nltitiiiln- whiln tImra unrn (Imliaun/la U'rnild ?' measure ten and twelve feet. Ono that wok hollow ineaiured fourteen square feet, w liilc it wan 300 or more < feet high. A tailor o.icc had his shoo in it. It ii only a few yearn since some enterprising Yankee built u taw mill. Before it was erected, the jMiople paid 80 or 90 ilol- ] lars a thousand for refuse lumber from Bostonj now they pay 40 dollars for their own. So much for Yankee enterprise. You may have read in the Bible of two women grinding ut the mill. They use the same kind of mill here?two stones, one on the other, and turned bv . hand, which will keep two person* constantly at work 1 to provide for the family. There have been two or three j mills put up latoly; and we have flour equal to any at home. The forte of these people is horsemanship, and ( in that they nie unequalled; and the devil thank them , for it, for they are constantly on horseback from their 1 , infancy. , MI?rell?ii?oua. [Krom the N. O. Tropic, June ii-l There is precedent'* for lighting clergymen?some i distinguished themselves in the revolution for thoir spirit and love of liberty. Wo have an excellent specimen of the character now on the Rio Orande. The Kov. i aptain 11. V. Stuart, of Louisiana, commands as line a body of volunteers as were ever mustered?ho is strict in his discipline, yet sociable in his habits?be has gone into the field with all the enthusiasm of n patriot, and all the high duty of a Christian clergyman. Sunday, Juno 1st, will in time be memorable, from the lactthnt the soldier captain preached in Mexico. Throwing aside the military, he addressed his brothor* in arms us men responsible to a Supreme Being for their actions, and his appeals were listened to with the deepest intclest, and the eyes of many sun-burut veterans, recently distinguished on tho lield of battle, were tilled with tears, and their bosoms heaved with emotious more powerful than were called out by tho brisk cannonade of an enemy. The lie v. Captain took for his text, " If ye oppress not the stranger, the fatherless and the widow, ami shed not innocent blood in this place, neither walk after other ) Goils to your hurt ; ' Then I will cause you to dwell together in this place, in the land I gave in your fathers for ever and ever." Jer. vii, 8, 7. The comments and Illustrations were apposite in tho extreme, and suggested by the scenes around the speaker. He dwelt upon the incidents of "the preceding month, and of the beautiful spectacle shown to the world by a conquering army, extending its laws over a country, which were moro benign, more liberal, more protecting, than those displaced by the fortunes of war.? This, said the speaker, warming with his subject, is carrying out the spirit of tho text?this " is not oppressing the stranrer. or the fjtherln-s or the widow or sliml ding innocent blood." 8uch a peaceful conquest, he continued, worthily rivals the gallant feats of aims that shone forth on tho fields of i'alo Alto and ltcsaca de la Pnlma?*uch a pcaccful contest wont beyond the effect of arnii?it not only conquered the body, but carried willingly captive the mind, it was calculated to shed light over the dark borders of Tamaulipas?to make its inhabitants embrace the blessings of freedom?to open their eyes to the degradations ol their own government, that enslaves alike their bodies and their minds. The soldier preacher then passed on to the second part of his text?"Then I will cause you to dwell in thin place, in the land I gave to your fathers for ever and j , ever.'' It would ho impossible lor us to give the flight- | vit idea ol the conclusion ol thi? remarkable discoui L The Kev. speaker showed mo-t plainly and beautiliilh I that it was the order ol I'rovidence that the Anglo uxon race was not only to take possesion of the whole North American continent, but to inllueiicu and uiolif) the ! character ol the world ?that fllcli was mc lut by tiie " land I gave > ouj la'hers lor ever and ever " lie stated that the Ameiican |>eoplo were children of destiny. and were the passive instruments in the hands of a:i Over- 1 ruling Power, to carry out its great designs: and beautifully illustrated this position by a rapid glance at the history of our nation in times |>ast, and the present. He concluded by hoping that hostilities with Mexico would cease?that wiser counsels would govern at her capital ? and that peace would again extend its wings over her distracted land; and with a truly eloquent burst of patriotism upon the Christian duty of every man's standing by his country, so long as a single foe remained in arms against her, he sat down, amidst deep, silent, powerfflUy expressed feeling. The llev. K. A. Stuait is a clergyman of the Methodist church, u sugar plaater in the parish of Iberville, in this State. IlEA!>-Ql'AaTEII?, A?M* ok OcciTATION, f Matamoras, Jnne 10, 1846. $ 6estuenes-1 have had the honor to receive your communication of May 30, transmitting the proceedings of a public meeting convened in the city of New Orleans on the 26th of that month. 1 cannot be otherwiso than deeply sensible of the very Aattering terms in which the meeting has been pleased to speak of the services of the army in this quarter, and I beg leave, in behalf of all the officers and soldiers of my command, to tender their thanks for this mark of confidence. Our gratitude is increased by the recollection that these expressions come from the Htate of Louisiana, whose volunteer troops have been so closely identified with tho regular army In former years, nnd who came so gallantly to the rescue when the note of danger was sounded from this frontier. I l>eg you to accept my thank*, gentlemen, tor the very courteous manner in which you have been pleased to communicate the proceeding! of the meeting. With high respect, I remain your obedient servant, 7.. TAYLOR, Brcret Brig. Oen. U. 8. A. Commanding. To Messrs Hedge, Lewis, Morgan, Beverly, New Orleans. Messrs. Wilson M'Candleu, Richard Biddle, and some fifty other of the prominent citizens of I'ittsburg, addressed a letter to the wounded officers of our gallant little army, on their arrival at Pittsburg on the 'iGin inst., inviting them to accept a public dinner. The latter, declining the intended honor, sent the following reply:? PiTTsm an, June Jrt, 1846.*r.i*:-We have just hail the honor to receive I your note of to-day, and hasten to tender you our warmest acknowledgments for the veiy kind and complimentary manner in which you are pleased to speak of the ' mi which it has recently been our duty to render our country, the flattering appreciation you place thereon. Infinite gratification would it aJiord us to partake of the hospitalities you proffer us, did time permit i but duty compcls, and arrangements aro now made for our departure this evening at ft o'clock. Tendering you, gentlemen, our best wishes for your continued happiness ami prosperity. We have the honor to be Your very obed't servants, f>. Morris, Capt. IT. 8. A. K. P. Maclay, 1st do. Mth do. W. B. Montgomery, do. J.O. Burhank, 1st do 8th do. R. B. Marcy, Lieut. ftth In. J. Beardsley, Lieut. 1st In. D. Ruggles, 1st do. Mh do. C. K. Morris, Lieut. 1st In. J.W.D.Heeve, 1st do. 8th do. C. D. Jordan, 2d do. 8th In. G. R. Gates, 1st do. 8th do. Alex. Ilays, 2d do. 4th In. The Military Preparation* for the War with Mexico. MISSISSIPPI. , The favorite corps returned to our city yesterday morning on board the Paul Jones. They were welcomed at our landing and cscorted to their armorv, by their , brother volunteer companies, and at II o'clock an immense meeting of our citizens convened at the Court Houre to express their mortification at the manner in which they had been treated by the executive and his recruiting officer. Captain ('lay made a statement of facts in the case, and , i committee was appointed to present suitable resolu- I : tions for the adoption of tho meeting at an adjourned ses- I ion at five o'clock.?Natchtz Free TVader, Junt 18. i OEOROIA. The Columbus Enquirtr, of the 34th ult., states that ; svory effort is making for a speedy departure of the 1 lieorgiu Kegimeut, but it i? *up|>oscd that they will not [ tet under way before Saturday. It in not vet certain i, whether they will go by the way of Montgomery, or by l>oata diroctly from Columbus, by Apalachicola, to New 1 Orleans. nmo. The Cincinnati Commercial, of the itth ult., aayii :? ' The first regiment of troo|?, at Camp Washington, leavo , Tor Mexico on Tuesday next, the second regiment on i Thursday following, and the third regiment as soon after | i* it can. This is officially reported. Knval Operation*. The sloop of war Albany, just launched at the Brooklyn N'avv Yard, will, after a few day*, be coppered at , the dr\ ilock, an I it i? understood will be completed und I ready for sea In the incredibly short jxriod of thirty I days. No officer is J et ordered to the command of the 1 Albanv. It is ?o'??lit for with much avidity, upwards of 1 1 thirty officers having applied lor it The sloop of war lying at the Nary Vard, , is nearly ready for ?ea Her de-tination is unknown ~ i No officer ha* yet been ordered to the command I The Lexington store-ship, Lieut Bailey commanding, , I ? alto nearly ready for sea !%e is intended to carry roopa and store* to the Pacific, and will sail during the J prevent week. , Sloop of war Treble, Commander Shields, is only waiting tho complement of her crew, to sail for the tJulf ot Mexico Store rhip Erie, Lieut. Bullis, i* fitting to carry stores tothetiulr 11 The North Carolina, 74, receiving ship, now lying at I < the Navy Yard, it is rumored, the department contem- , plates sending to the Pacific, and it is understood will carry out aregimont. Three war schooners, built by Messrs Bell k Brown. . in the city of New York, for the Mexican governanent, J but which that government found it inconvenient to pay , for. have been recently purchased, at a very low *tirn,by | the Navy Agent for the American (fnvernmnu. i n<-T i are named the Fctral, Reefor and Bonito. All have tail j t ed from the Navy Vard the la*t on Friday. Two war iteamen, the Vixen and BpitAre, alio built ; ' for the Mexican*, and purchased by our government, are to he delivered at the Navy Urd on IWi July. They I lire fine re??el?, of 110 ton* each, and are admirably 1 adapted to the service required on our southern coast. \ They will be commanded by Commanders Sand* and Tatnall. * The work on the dry dock is in active progress. Tha excavation will he completed during the mailing sixty day* Contract* have been entered Into for the granite and other atone, for the construction of the work. About 100 men ara now employed, and the number will be , largely increased on the passage of the appropri. ion J bllfby Congreas.?JlUany Argu$ J The Bunker Hill Aurora of Haturday, saya that th? Navy Vard, at thii time, present# quite a busy aceoe . !P 1 .Ji M - . LD. , ^ Mm tw? Ouu. tnd about 90(1 men aro on the roll. The Independence will lie read\ for sea in three or four weeks ller guns have been changed to a heavier calibre, with lewcr of them. She in to be the iluc ship of Com. Hhubrick, in the I'aHjic. The Ohio will take her place next in dock. The KriurtQjn is to be made a receiving ihip. In tho rope wulU, so^ie ten or twelve ton* are turned out d&ily. pAKTICUr.MlN ok the CiltEAT flre at ST. JoilN, NewkounduaSo.?We are indebted to the St. John (New Brunswick) Ktw, of the J6th inst., brought by the Charter Oak Wl furnished to u? by Gunnison's Kxpress, for the account of a moit disastrous tire at St. John, Newfoundland, on the lJth inst, by which nearly the whole of that tow n was destro) ed. The following are nil the particulars given by that paper :?An arrival at I'ictou from St. John, New Koundland, bri light napets, containing account! of u terrible conllagtation, by which nearly the whole of that town was destroyed. 'The advicei arrived in Halifax on Monday morning. The lire commenced at half past H o'cloak on Tuesday morning, the lUth inst., in limirgc's street, alt' Queen's street, in the room occupied ah u dwelling, above the cabinet maker's shop of Mr. Hamlin, ami raged until 7 o'clock in the evening, by which time tho destruction was complete. It extended rapidly into Queen street and Water street, consuming every thing in its progress, all the intermediate buildings, oil vats, wharves, kc., as far as Messrs Newman's. Here its ravages to tho westward wore htopped. From Warren's premises it took all the buildings to the eastward, making a clear sweep of wharves, vats, Ike. Tho home of K. N. Htabb was mown up in an attempt to mop me me, in uoing which one artilleryman was killed and another severely wounded. Queen's street and Duckworth street are destroyed. In the vats of J V N. Kent, was the fnt of 2ft,000 seals. The Catholic Church, and Kpiscopul residence iu rear of Duckworth st, weie saved. St. John's Church, the Cathedral Church ol England, burnt to the ground. The Court House, jail, and all the building* by which they were surronuded, are consumed ; also the Commercial llooms, Marine Insurance Office, Agricultural Society's Museum, Dank of Dritish North America. Tho Congregational Chapel saved?ordnance store burnt, but the rest of the^tildih)r saved. The Nunnery School house aniW"ftnttery btifW. <Kvery printing office burnt, but part of the materials saved. Kive or six thousand persons had to pass the night of that dreadful day, in the open air, in front of the Government House A meeting of tho citizens had been called, and measures taken to atl'ord as much relief to the dependent population as the calamity had left in their power. Piovisions were scarce. It was ascertained that there were four thousand bags of bread and three thousand barrels of flour in the merchants hands ?and his Ktceilency had issued a proclamation piohibiting tho exportation of provisions, or the erection of buildings, until alter the meeting of the Assembly. Fortunately for the meichants, though some of them have lost to a ver> large amount, most of their outport io'por utions had been made, for which th?y will rcceive returns in the fall The churches and public buildings which the fire had spared were being hastily fitted up to shelter those who had been rendered houseless The only meicantile establi-hmeut in St. John now standing, is that of Messrs. Newman Si to. All the rest are destroyed. The Legislature is to bo immediately assomliled The papers mention the loss of life of three persons, two of them artillerymen, occasioned by the blowing up of the house above stated?the other an old man, who had saved his bed and other articles from the Humes, bat who sunk under the weight, as he was carrying them to a place of safet> , and immediately expirod. At the least calculation two-thirds of St John has been consumed, and the loss of property by this visitstion i? estimated at a million stetling i'wo meets, each a mile long, and a number of detached buildings have been totully destroved, and twelve thousand person* have been rcnleied houseless 1 hie iiire calamity rails lur the sympathy of all classes throughout the I ru\ince, and we undei stand a public meeting will ho immediately called at Halitax tome means ol' parti.ill) relieving i pottiou of the distie** which must unavoidably exist. So tar an we can leain theie in uo insuranro in thil city on the propett\ destroyed at St. Joint, Newfoundland It is probable that some inurance wa< etlected ill liaitlord, Conn.?Hutlon Jldv Co.nstiti rio.nal Convention. ? Monday, June 29. ? Mr. Cambrelcng, from th?- cominntce ou currency ami banking, reported the following: The committee, to which wai referred the luhjecta of banki and currency, and a resolution to enquire iuto the " expediency of making a constitutional provision, that the stockholders of banks shall be individually liable for the debts of their respective corporations," respectfully reports the following resolution and amendments: Resolved, That so much of the !?th section of the ?th article of the constitution ol this State, as relates to the incorporation of banks, bo, and the same is hereby ab<v> lisheil. J l'aoroirn Amkmdmkwts ?The Legislature shall havi/no power to pass any law grunting s|?cial charters fov banking purposes, but associations for such purpose* mayTV be formed under general laws. The Legislature shall * have no power to authorise nor to pass any law sanctioning in any manner the suspension of specie |iay merits, by any person, association or incorporation, iasuing bank notes of any description All individual hankers, and the stockholders in every association for banking purposes, issuing bunk note* or any kind of paper credits to circulate as money, hereaflet authorized or fomied, shall he rcsiKtnsible in their individual and private capacities for all debt* and liabilities of every kind, incurred by any such banker or association. The legislature shall provide by law for the registry of all billa or notes issued or put in circulation as money, and shall require for the redemption of the same in specie, ample security by pledges of property. No individual banker, nor banking or other institution of any denomination, shall, alter the year IB65, issue bank notes or any kind of paper credit to circulate a* money, except under the provisions and upon the conditions prescribed in the preceding sections. r rum ami aner mo j eui iou.> un (jci granted lor banking purposes, or to companies or ai?ociations for any other purpose. and exercising banking powers, shall be revoked and annulled. Mr. Ritsskm. expressed hi* dissent from jiortions of the report The report ?ai referred to the committee of the whole, and an extra number ordered to be printed. Mr. Willard a resolution of inquiry into the expediency of forbidding all future accumulations of the soil exceeding :wo acres in tlie hands of one man, and of reducing the present landed monopolies. Referred. The article in relation to the Governor and Lieut Governor, was again taken up in committee of the whole, and discussed until J o'clock. No question. Adj.?^ilk. .IrfUi. Increase or tiif. We*t.?A letter, dated at Milwaukie on tlie 17th instant, says:?"The marshals of the diflerent counties are taking the census of " the Territory, and from present appearances our popu-/" lation will vary but little from I.W.uOo, being an inc/ensa of over one hundred thousand within five year*. The population of this city will not vary fifty from 9500? an increase of ."i00O in two years. The population of the County of Milwaukee, embracing the city and seven townships, will b? about 17,000. i'he county of Wakosha, which whs setoff'from this ?oitnty last winter, will not vary much from $i0,00t); making 37,000 inhabitant* in a district of country thirty-three miles in length by thirty in width, which ten years ago was an unbroken wilderness. And, yet, the immigration to Wisconsin is larger the present than it ever has been any previous season." spring and Summer clothing, AT W. 11. 1)]l UROOT k CO.'s, 1W Kulron St., WHKKKthr fallowing icrrst attractions will be presented? ('loth Coats, blsca, blue, brown ami olive, from |H to $lfi; Alpaees, Croton, Drown Linens, ' lieck I.inrns, Scotch and oilier ('iufliam*, Twed, Sue (iiuhs, f I..,,. \1 anm,' S.rk, fc'rnrka Dress and Hiked Co*U, of every coloi and *h;ii>?-, from $| to Panti?(?Mimcr?i, I. mm and Wonted < lire lit: Alpacct. Merino, Wlutr and Brown Linen, fancy Summer f reach mg American Caaeimerea, from SI to $A. Veata?Satin. plain inil ilriprj; i aalimare, Merino. Hilk. Marseille*, Valencia, liingh.xm, anil a verv handnomc ?Hle of*. heat lor Iiminer wear, from 7} cenla lo Si B..ya' I |.thing, equally cheap; a good aaaortaicnt for amnmer wear ou lianif jelifi l*r W H. DEOROOT fcCO., 102 Kulton ?t. TO TAILORS. 'IMIOliK who wi?h to ittain a complete knowledge of th? 1' art of cutting all the varioui aivlra ol garments worn it the preaent time, would do well to obtain Mtinemet'e work on the subject, which n universally allowed to be complete?the price of wipcli la Irnm I to 10 dollars per copy ; the liffcrencr In price being wholly in the binding To be had "fthe author. V>. II I Broadway, New Vork alt lm#r t:dwaiuttux, ukapk k anl tailor," INVITES 'he attention of the pnhlie io the moat extensive atock of ready made clothing in the civ, adapted to spring uid summer trade In addition to the ready made, the subscriber offer* for impeetiou the moat desirable 'election of piece II.od. in thr I. likrt, ol . Tt r> .-..lor and patteru, and llie tupe rior ikill employed in the cutting and tnanofacturing deparv meuts ia *uch a* enal.lea 'he subscriber with confidence, to to* rite the attention of gentlemen who prefer to hare tiieir garmenu made to order 'I he above atock baring been selected Kith great care, and bought for caah alone, ia a strong induci vieni Tor all to call * ho wish to purchase at least 2U per cent eat than at thoae houaea who axe obliged to do baaineaa upon lie credit ayatem N. B?-Officers of the army and navy ire particularly *d to sail and etamine a large aaaorttnent of superior bine tlotha and caantnerea, which will he made up at the ahorteat lOtice, and in a manner not to be surpassed RDWARD I?l>X, 202 Broadway, near Kulton it., oppoaita to the Kraaklia KobM. I'ilttl THE Sntwcrihrr harint become interested iatheabote iooae,re?pectfally reqoett. l^ petrnn^es of k? WWMfl ? rienda Order, entra.ted to h?. c?? W'll fef *",?1 iromptiirit JAMES A. SWAIN. iWlw'rt - i B ..A. M L K t' HAi?T TA-ILUlt, ^ H AS REMOVED from 1M WiU.a- ItTMtlO ^"L'bfl treet within 4 do.>r? of John.?A neh and laahionaDl# ino MMt'tryoodi will *i??y? b? ?e to order, ?t inch priCMM m,J"'J*?"*i!?hw ion of the irnly economical, while the ttyle *ud fiaiah will, o the men of taate, ?|>eak for theiruelvei. . A? all Roodt are bou?ht tor f?<h, and, therr nre, M the ?*nr oweni rules. * finer article will be mann.?ciured, ?t?loW*r >hce, tliin the credit tailora can po??ihljr tumuli. OBKKKAL ITALIC OF PBICICi. u 'ine French Cloth Black ?re?? ( oat, from $l? to %m W Hack Doenkin Pai.ti J J? ? ? ^0Uc? C MtiTwidall other'articWi anally wM *T t1'* "*** WINDOW SHADE DEPOT, No, 7 SPRUCE STREET. WHOL E SAL'TA ND Rc T A IL.

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