Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 1, 1846, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 1, 1846 Page 4
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r p r l'i? ipemc I to lie between a revenue tariff with inciilen tul protection and a Urilt for protection solely. The lait being in hit opinion, fallacious he ptocewUd to expose it. lie then spoke of the atlvanragus which would now nom a reciprocity 01 nine, mu rx|>rei?u m> opiuion that the restrictive system which our nation had adopted to secure itself against .mother. ?u fait falling inti "the sere and yellow leaf." 'When the question came up for action, he would vote for the substitute offered by his colleague. (Mr Hungerford.) It was the only system which invited confidence and promised stability. Ho was against a tax on tea and cotlee, the object of which wa* to meet the ordinary expenses of the government. How he would meet such a proposition, if it were brought forward in a separate bill, to meet the oxpeuaes of tiie war. and expire when the war shall cease, he would not now say. Ho would be controlled by the tax on other articles. Ho believed it was conceded, that w ithout tea and cuttee in the list of taxable articles, the bill before the committee would be inadequate We will have an enormous debt gtowing out of the war, to be added to out unpaid obligations, mid this, with diminished means of payment, resulting from the uusettlcd state ot the country. He would ask, then, whether it would not be bettci to adopt the *ubstituU> as from the small and reluctant majority by which ?ne act of lalj w as passed, it could not be cxpected it *ould continue. Mr. Strowo, of New York, said that if it h?J not been tor the declaration oI principles by the democratic convention, I lay would now lie President urn! the democratic party prostrate And he ga\e his vivw* on the tar ill juestion, and against protection. thi: ti.xan Horooinr. . Mr. Kaitpma!*, of Texas, availing himself of the latitude of debate, said that the President of the t inted States would have been false to his oath of olHce, if he bad not taken the course he has. The liio (iiande was tho boundary line, and it was well established, Mr OittniMis?Will the gentleman let ine ask him a question ' Mr. Kai i ?si**?Yon, air. Mr. Gnu>iN(i??Has Santa Ke or To as over united with Texan, or hat Texas e\er exercised jurisdiction over them ? Mr. Kart'FMAN?'I will discus* the question ss I como to it. lam rather a new band, and did not expect to he chrtechised. Mr Giudinos?I will withdraw the question, sir. 1 will withdraw it. Me K?' ffman then adverted to circumslances in the history ol' Texas, the treaty with Santa Ana, and his manifesto. tho order of General Woll, w ithdrawing his troops beyond the Kio Grande, etc , and denied the charge that Texas had broken the treaty by not sending Santa Anna home He was sent home, and subsequently elected President of the Republic?the people thus acknowledging the justness of the treaty, l'exas has had possession of the territory between the Nueces and tho Kio Grande there were no Mexican fortifications erected there, and ('apt Somerville met w ith no obstructions till he crossed the river The territory was represented in the Texan Congress, and now. in that of the I nited States. The President had taken every means in his power to settle the question of boundan b) negotiation, by ending to Mexico Mr Slidell, who had been rejected in the capacity of a minister. The government was bound, therelore, to take the boundary of Texas us it was laid down in her constitution, until it could be Nettled by negotiation As to the Mexican war, he regarded the commencement as a favor able augury of its lesult, and he trusted that it would be pursued until full reparation should be mado lor the aggiessions committed. Mr. Blancharp, of 1'onnsyIvania, although ho is in very feeble health, could not forbear raising his voice against the Mil before the committee. He sent to the clerk's table, w hich w as read, the letter of Mr. I'olk to Mr. Kane, and from this, he said, tho people of Pennsylvania believed Mr. Polk to be a good tariff man this day. The manufacturers had been represented by the gentleman lrom Virginia (Mr. Bcdinger) as being aristocrats, and as treading on Urussel carpets. But this w as not tho case ; most of the manulactuiers were hard working men, who might b* seen returning to their homes at the close of the day, covered with coal dust. They labored in tho rno>t republican wa>?they were truly democrats. P..,,.,.,,oral U'.xiltl. tl.un Slate, and all the people asked was, to let tho laws remam as they were, so that they might continue to make their living b> the sweat ol their blow. The State was largely in debt, and money was scarce. If the manufactures should be destroyed she would bo crippled more than ever in her resources, and bo unable to meet her obligation!. How could gentlemen pass Mich a bill when this would bo the effect ? ;ind especially when the people of Great Britain would be benefited more than our own peoplo Mr. IIumokhkoro, of New York, said that the democratic doctrine of New York was a tariff lor revenue, with incidental protection, and on this platform he stood. Deducting all expenses, collection, drawbacks, bounties, 4tc , the net revenue in 1845, was $j5,815 7t>3. The bill reported by tho committee of ways and means would yield $7,969,116 less than the act of 1S42, giving a revenue of only $ 17.H 16,667 or, taking for comparison tho last four years, $13,400,000. This, it would bo seen, would not yield a suflicicnt amount of rcvcuue, and, therefore, he had brought forward a substitute lor the bill. He showed the fallacy of the Secretary of the Treasury, on his own estimates, and read several tables which lie had prepared, to suppoit his position (Mr. Hungerford's bill will, he supposes, yield j>J3,000,000 net revenue ) Mr Seaman, of New Yorlt, objected to the bill and the amondment, on various accounts ; mainly, because it destroys the protective policy, substitutes ad valorem for specific duties, and m not a tariff for revenue. He insisted that the impositiou of protective duties was invariably followed bj a reduction of the price of the articles. Let Congress repeal the present tariff, and this country will be flooded with foreign fabrics ; a death blow will be struck at our manufactures, the wages of our mechanics reduced, and our artisans be undersold in the market. At seven o'clock tho committee rose, and the House adjourned. Appointments by tiik President.?Abraham Van Buren, paymaster in the army of the United Statos. ?'lppointments in the Quartermaster'* anil Commissary's Departmants under the .irt approved June If, 1H46. Is mi: Qi autirma?tm'i l)?:raktm>:wr'?John S. Love, of Ohio, to be quartermaster with the rank of niaior: Samuel P. Mooncv of Indiana, to be ouarter master with the rank of major ; Alexander Dunlap, of lllinoii, to 1)0 quartcr-mnster with the rank of major; Oeorge A. Caldwell, of Kentucky, to lie quartermaster with the rank of major; Levin 11 < oe, of Tennessee, to be quartermaster with the rank of major; Thomas It. bastlann, of Louisiatia. to lie quarto!muster with the rank of major; T. S. Gilbert, n! Ohio, to !>e assistant quartermaster with the rank of captain; 8. H Webb, of Ohio, to l<e assistant quartermaster with the rank of captain; Thomas II Wilkius, of Ohio, to lie assistant quartermastei with the rank of captain: Itobeit Mitchell, ut Indiana, to be assistant quartermaster with the rank ef captain; lohn Net!, of Indiana, to be assistant quartermaster with the rank of captain; Elanson W. Knos. of Indiana, to be assisiunt quartermaster with the rank of captain; James H. Itulston of Illinois, to be assistant quartermaster with the rank ol captain; Henry Scott, of lllinoio, to be assistant quartermaster with the rank of captain; Joseph Naper, of Illinois, to be assistant quartermaster with the rank of captain; Henry M. Vande>en. of Illinois, to be assistant quartermaster'with the rank uf captain, Theodore O lima, of Kentucky, to be assistant quartermaster with the lank of captain; George P. Smitn. of Kentucky, to be assistant quartermaster with the rank of captain; Benjamin K Grahnm, of Kentucky, to be assistant quartermaster, with the rank of captain; Robert B. Keynol Is, of Tennessee, to be assist ant quartermaster with the rank of captain; Jonas E. Thomas, of Tennessee, to be assistant quartermaster with the rank of captain; Philip B. Olcnn, of Tennessee, to be assistant quartermaster.with the rank of captain; Samuel M. Rutherford.of Arkansas, to be assistant quartermaster with the rank ofcaptain; Kranklin E. Smith, of Mississippi, to be assistant quartermaster with the rank of captain; Harry Toulmin. of Alabama, to be assistant quartermaster with the rank of captain; Robert R. Howard, ot Georgia, to be assistant quartermaster with the rank of captain; George W. Miiler, of Missouri, to be assistant quartermaster with the rank of captain; George Kennerly, of Missouri, to be assistant quartermaster with the rank ofcaptain; Joseph Daniels, of Texas, to be astant quartermaster with the rank of captain. I* Tiir < omwissart's UrrtnTM* sr.?William K.Johnson of Ohio, to be commissary with the rank of major; James C. Sloo, of Illinois, to be commissary with the ronk of major; Alfred Boyd, of Kentucky, to lie commissary w ith the rank of major; Julius W. Blarkwell, of Tennessee, to be commissary with the rank of major; William Bobhitt, of Mississippi, to be commissary with the rank of major, William C McCauslin, of Ohio, to be assistant commissary with the rank of captain; Jesse B. Stevens, of Ohio, to be assistant c?mmissarv with the rank of captain, John t abtwell, of Ohio, to be assistant commissary with the rank ofcaptain; Delany It Kckles, of Indiana, to be assistant commissary with the rank of captain. Christopher ? . Oraham. of Indiana, to be assistant commissary with the rank of captain; Newton Hill, of Imliana, to be assistant commissary with the rank of captain; J. 3. Post, of Illinois, to be assistant commis aary with the rank of captain; James M. f'amplieU, of lllinoii, to be assistant commissary with the rank of captain; William Walters, of Illinois, to be assistant cominitssary with the rank of captain; Hamuei Hackelton, of Illinois, to be assistant commissary witn the rank ofcaptain; Richard (Jholston, of Kentucky, to lie assistant commissary, with the tank of captain ; Thomas J. I urpin, of Kentucky, to te assistant commissary with the rank of captain ; William Garrard, of Kentucky, to be assistant commissary with the rank of captain; James R Copelan4. ol Tennessee, to be assistant commissary with the rank of captain ; William B Cherry, of Tennessee, to be assistant commissary with the rank of captain ; William fields, of Arkansas, to be assistant commissary witii the rank of captain ; Robert Fenner. of Alabama, to be assistant commissary with the rank of captain ; Kemp 8. Holland, of Mississippi, to be assistant commissary with the rank of captain ; Thomas V Randle, of Georgia, to be assistant commissary with the rank of captain , William Shields, of Missouri, to be assistant commissary with the rank of captain ; Amos t Garrison, of .Missouri, to be assistant commissary with tha rank of captain ; Stephen '?. Movie of Texas, to be assistant commissary witn the rank of captain PiiiLADLLriiis, June 30, lt?46. Another dull, disagreeable day, with the wind from the eatt^fcrd, and a continual shower of rain falling. There ia nothing stirring with us worthy of note, oi that would interest your readers. Colonel rage Will not enter nmn lb.. .Inliaa ..i ih. Collectorehip of the port until confirmed by the ?rn?W, which hie friend ? anticipate will nut be delayed long A tut number of rvitelt are now at Richmond, loading with coal lor the caitward. The rue iq me freight of coal haa attracted many to thu port, and it ?ti|<po?ed will cauao a decline The number in front of Richmond ) alooat equal to that of our city wharves. talcaof Itochi at Philadelphia. Kia?r Boabp?IM <h? Lehigli Inicrot, ?2)t- <h*> Uir?id Bnuk, ?v i Mechanics' B?uk. 14; 100 Morn* Caittl. I2S|, $?0M Hiaie i't, 1} >1uiuUcturrr?' mid Vlrrkunn Rank M, 19 Keuaingu.n Bnnk. cuh, SV Arrr.? Malci?J ?h? Lelngn Naviiiitiou, 2IX. Hfccono Bo*???lU aha Kentucky bulk. 80, $IJVS Stite J'a, 9: f Knrmeri'f in4 Mtrh*ui<-t' Bank, It) HluUtlclptiu B*>. 107. JjOOtl Siatei a, 6?v *W kk?a. 77; Oirard B??k, ?>$. ArTt* Sal? a?50 aht Oirard Bank, i d?, 9)^, Nt'tL School.?The Annapolia Herald nyI, the board of examiner*, which commenced operation* oo Tuetdajr latt, fire buailjr engaged in examining the joung man attached to the navaJ echonl. They u III not I Baltimore, June 30. 1846. jl Ji Rainy Day ? Thr Clipptr lltnry Clou Uncharged? j ' >1cct<lmt?The Cutlom Jloute Troublci?Markth? . Stork Hoard, < ?:. c .Nature'* l>roail cv\ eriuR overhead i? thik morning again ; * of a 4arlv, dismal unJ dusky hue. The ruin |>our? down j J in one iteudv tind uninterrupted stream, and l>id? fair to | i continue its unpleasant fivon throughout the day. The pilot clipper Henry Clay was yestereday released by the Collector, and sailed for South America. She had I been detained. a? i? represented by the Custom House of- ; Ueers, on aot.'<"int of some informality in her manifest1 | but the re:i' reason was a suspicion that she was intended' either fur the slave trndo or for a privateering craft again-1 lb'* commerce of the I'nion. However, nothiug could fee discovered whereby t he could legally bo detailed, and she is, ere this, on the ocean, Hying to her point of destination. So many Baltimore clippers have been transformed into slavers, and aie so well adapted to privateering or piratical purposes, that whenever one of tliem ispurchased by South Amoricau owners, suspicion alway x arises as to the object for which she is intended. The preparation making I'or the fourth of July in this 1 city are quite extensive, and should the weather prove I fair, we will doubtless have a gl?iious time of it. ] The Hev Wm. II Starr was accidentally thrown from i his horse a few days since, and is lying dangerously ill 1 Those public spirited amiable, enterprising, moral, I and valuable oiti/ens, who have consented to accept olli- ' cos in the I ustom House, upjiear* to be in a great state of fermentation about something that se"ms to trouble them. They are constantly in Mcr?t conclave together, each man carrying a cow hide, with other hostile instruments, and are daily vowing vengeance unsomo unlucky wight. What is the matter 7 Who has ollendcd Uncle Sam's amiable pets I Cannot a committee of investiga- , tion be appointed to inquire into anil remove the cause of . their troubles I IInt no?he hns been remtfV'cd once, and ] that has only aggravated his distemper. Park Benjamin has retired lroin the Western Continent snd is about to return again to New York. The csta- j Idishment is in <|iiito a pros|>erous condition, and will in future bo conducted under the sole proprietorship of the Messrs. Taylor, the enterprising agents of the Herald j in this city. The editorial department is exclusively under the control of Wm. TT Thomson, Ksf]., better ! known as " Major Jones." TlIK Mahkkts.?Beeves have arrived more freely this | j week, and pm-es bate declinod, owing in part to this, and to j the nudity nf the stock, a great portion of wlucli was grass led. Tlw offerings at the scales iiinouiitrd to 710' which 444 wore sold to city butchers, and the balance, 3GU head, reuni Prices ranged from ?2 a $3 30 per 100 ' lb*, gross, ei|iial to SI a $t> 71 net, and averaging about S3 gnat On Saturday.there were sales of 500 bids Howard street Klour, of choice brands and recent inspection, at S3 8T*,; also of 200 bids, of same description at $3 85; and 6000 I bhls of wood standard brands st$3dl'4. Yesterday tlie unr> 1 ket was dull. There were offers to sell at S3 81' k, but I h ive not heard of sales The receipt price from cars is $i M'.'. < Sales ol 2.40n l,bls. < ity Mills Klnur, to bo ground thi.> week, ? were made on Satiird sy last at ? I 21. I The stock of Whiskey is extremely light, and the few sales I making are al 21 cents lur hhds. and 22 cents for bids. < Sales of Slot-km at Baltimore. ' At rm Stock Board?S'.OOOMaryltiid 6's opg,77'4': $? Olio do, 77'e; SS.HOO I ity ti's, 1190, opg, 9?S; S4.000 do, M 'H. Slate i Si* per cents closed ;^7?^ asked, 7? bid, for (lie opening. j City ti per cents, of 189(1, closed at 98)( asked. 98>4 bid, for | opening. Baltimore aud Ohio Railway shares left oil' at 19 for sale, IOVj bid. Boston. Juno 29, 1346. ?4 Pleasanter Day?Rev. Theodore Parker's Preaching? Barker Hurnell's .IJJ'airs, }-c. As a great rarity, wo were favored with a tolerably pleasant day yesterday .though it was nothing to brag of after all In companion, liowover, with the gloomy time w hich preceded it, Sunday was really a hallowed : and blessed day. In the morning, your correspondent was so lost to all fear of orthodox reproof, that he went to hear the fa mou* Theodore Parker, at the Melodeon. As usual, the house was thonged?every niche and corner being filled ?while many went away, being unable to get within hearing distance of the preacher. Mr. Parkor is generally denounced by the religious community, as no better than an infidel. Notwithstanding this, there are many good people, worthy members of society, " gentlemen of property and standing," and 1 doubt not sincere Christians, who prefer his preaching to any other. The tip: top aristocrats, and votaries of fashion, do not go to hear Mr. Parker, because he never condescends to llatter and cajole them. The sectarian bigots do not go of course, because they would find nothing there to bolster up the tottering and fast decaying dogmas to which they cling with such a death like gra.-p But the "common people" ?the class that welcomed the Saviour, when on earth, and heard him gladly?are neither so proud, so bigoted, or so wilfully blind, as not to appreciate the sublime sentiments advanced by Mr. Parker; and hence his teachings are producing a great cll'ect in this community, much greater, I believe, than is generally supposed by those who know but little about him. excent from rumor. The attempt which was made to force Barker Burnell, ! of Nantucket, into chancery, alter tho blow up of his hank, lias been frustrated by an appeal to the Supreme Court, on the ground that tho Master in Chancery, who ' granted a warrant, had not the proper evidence of Bur- ] noil's indebtedness before him at the time. In the 1' S. District Court, on Saturday, the cane of ' John Peter?., for cutting Millnge Stiles, on hoard of the ' Sabattii, was turned over to the State tribunals. Judge ' Sprngue deciding that the United States had no jurisdic- 1 tion within the territorial limits of the several States.? 1 The vessel was lying between Constitutional wharf and ( helsea, at the time the assault was committed, and was ' thus in tho county of Suffolk. The prisoner was dis- ' charged, but in the afternoon was arraigned before the 1 Folicc Court, on the same charges, and bound over, in ' the sum of *.'{000, for trial in tho Municipal Court, in do- j ( fault of which he was committed. j 1 Snlrs nf Stork* at DiMton, At Tin IIrok> m'Board.?I share Boston mid Worcester nil, 112',. J Old Colony UK. 101; t0 Kssiern KR Rights, IdS 2} Norwich and Worcester RR, M.3,; i!i do, l>IO, iB},, 'J j \Ve?tfm KB, 100 ' 1 Skcojw Board?100 sin K.ast Boston Co, 14,l,; 50 Long | Island RR, bio, 31; 19 Boston ?"d Worcester KR Iti^hts, ( 41 do.03: 23 Re.idiiii; RR, 3I*?; 23 Norwich and i Worcester RR, s3, COMDIKIICIAL. New York, Tuesday, June 30. ' Ash?s.?The demand for both descriptions continues i pood. Sales are making at S3 50 a J3 661, lor rots, and i >4 0fl'? lor Pearls. ' IIka>in ks?The market is extremely dull, with few i sales; wo quote sales of llennessy at $J 18] a 3 20c; I Otard V Dupuj . J-.' '.'0 u ISAc; J. J. Dupuy, $2; A. Scig- i nctte, $2 ?> u 2 10. Co? i i:k?Pemand from the trade (till continues moderate, in consequncc of the advonred price* n'lked by holders, in anticipation of a duty being laid liy Congress ?sales of 1200 bags Itio t'oflee, 7J nsje; ?><x> do l.agnirado.Snfjc; WW do St Domingo do, 6} a 6jc, cash; ;>00 do Java do. !>j n I Ic. ( oi'dk, generally. i? brink. Safes were effected, last week, in Taunton yellow metal, at 20 cents, six month*. New sheathing is also in good demand, and prices steady at 23 cents. Old sheathing copper sold at 17! cents. Cottow?Being packet day,theie was but little disjiosi. tion evinced to purchase, and the market consequently was quiet; about 600 bales were disposed of at steady prices. Khi'it.?There were Falcs during the latter patt of the week in bunch raisins, at $2 12J a $2 25. A lot of Bordeaux prunes, in glass, at 16, 4 mos. Some walnuts and filberts, in lots, at 5j cents. A lot of Bahama pine appb's, at *2 Mi a f.V cash, according to quality; and about 270 bags of pea nuts, at $1 tij. IUt?The stock is fast diminishing, and receipts light. Prices have had a Flight advance. North River sold, for shipping, at 53 a 54c lit mi?Since our last report there liavo been but fewsales?one of Manilla w.ts made at $142 50, <i months. IIinn?Large sales of Buenos Ayros were etloctcd at 12 cents, with a liberal discount for cash ; and 5500 Rio Ornnde, on tcrnif not made know n , and a lot of Maranhain, ox, H : Maracaibo, SJ. ?> months; Tort ail Piatt, 8J, cash: New Orleans, s. w ith discount for cash; Cliagres 10 cents, less 3j per cent for cash. Iloii i We do not hear of sales of any sort except in Cuba; a lot went oil for export at 35 cents ca?h ; also a mail lot on privato terms. Ilors -There has been a little doing in the way of ex. port a lot from first hands sold for the London market; we do not know the figure. Some first sort Western sold at -.'0 a is cents, cash, for home use. Inn* ?Th?re seems to be but little doing in the market gene ally. No sales since our last worth reporting. (. in.?Sales in Missouri pig, to arrive, have been effected at $4 36, cash. Molasscs?The market is dull for nil descriptions, w ithout material change in prices?sales of 400 barrels New Orleans at 3|c: 100 hogsheads Cuba, 24 a 26c; 100 do Cardenas, MM a 20c Pitnrisio*s.?There continues a fair amount of business in the various articles coming under this head. Ohio l'ork lias been in very fair request, with considerable * sales ui a *S 123ft there is not so much doing in Mess; f some cli n.Kta hands at fW 12', a *102 ., Ilcef 11 75 a $8; ) Me>s fb 50 a y?; Beef Hams sold at $2 25 a $2 75; Lard is ' not to active as we had occasion to notice in our last? c the enquiry h is ldilcn 0(j-; fobls jia a r, cents; kegs*', a c 7 cents, Butter comes in ve-y slow, with a pretty lair en- <1 quiry, at 11 a 12 cents lor Western, and 15 cents for v Ooshen; ( heese is also very slow in coming forward? 1 Wfiklni it ii k.l.l -l 7 ? -i - . . .. 1. vmis, r.asieni ( a o cenia, ' Oree?e Butter soldat6'( a 7 cents. f Hu r..?The market continue* inactive, with small ? sales. and those are principally tor home use. Tho sales o for ihe week have l>een very small, at*33?'<. a $3 7d. | P Sugar?The market still remains inactive, with little I ri demand, t xcept for prime qualities of Muscova Iocs ? 1' sales ol 4(X> hogshead" New Orleans at bat>|c; 3->0 do " rortoKico.tif a 7^; 100 do St Croix, 8 a 400 boxe* <J brown Havana, 7| a 8; 100 do white do, a l?c lj Wmi rao>r ?Sales havo heen made, since our la*t re o port, in Northwest (. oast, mostly for export, at 34 cents, d and some South Sea and Northwest Coa>t, for home u??, tl at .41*4 a 34 cents. ! Wool.?The market la very dull, with no salea of any . moment At Syracuse the range is JO to 'J3 ceuta per lb, ? good qualities command from J7 to 30 cents The pros ti l?ctstor increased prices are not very nattering, as there f is little or no foreign demand, and our country has a sur- ; t plus C B?ai. F.statk?Lot in 14th streot, betweon 7th and flth ? avenues. 'J4 by 103 feet 1 inch, f i M9 Two lots on 8th ? avenue, bet w een 14th and l?th street*, contnliung toge < ther 34 feet 4 inches by 75 feet, with two stores, each t $3 400. One lot on 16th street, between Sth and Pth are- ' niies,-46by 103 loot 1 inch, 1 700 Two lot? on I'Jth at, t between 9th and 10th avenues, with tho buildings there. * on, ('J.0O0 each. One lot on Ureat Kill Road. near Wash- 5 inffton ?treet, with diatillery, One lot on 13th ?t, I between Oth and 10th avenue*, 2ft by 103 feet, $1,17ft. ! Three dory brick hou?e anil lot 10ft 3d avenue, leaned for J1 year* from l*t Sept , 1H41. *3, t >0 Kight Iota of ground on Mount Pro?pcct, 'J milea from South Kerry, j Cotton Trade, J On the J.jth inatant the (treat Weatern arrived, with , Liverpool datea to the 30th ult. The market there waa <] I cmaldered one ejghth eaaler to buy, although quotation) ) were mainly the *ame a* by the previoua packet; her ad j vicea had the tendency to rreate a dull market here, M , , four da) a later accounta bv the Caledonia were nearly (, | due, and heldera were uot Ji?po?e<! to abate in their pre- I ? enaions. The account* by the packet referred to, were 1 o hand oo Friday morning, Ittth inat, ami being ?onfirm itory of the previous ones, a slightly easier market waa wrceptible, in which buyer* were aided by a general lecline in freights, which, with the advantage of a broadsr selection. from the increased amount on sale, wai >qual to a decline o'. n quarter-cent, yet with this advanage, thn business hat tieen small, the sal*s only occauoii.ill) exceeding 100O bales per day. Moie purchases lave been mailt for the continental markets, lately, than or that of Liveiyool, and the lower grades being more (enerally called for, have stiffened up, and inferior and ow ordinary deacriptiont, are hold one-eighth of a cent ligher. The last three days, the market hai been quiet, jut cloned atcady and rather firmer, at the quotations at :op, which are varied alightly from those in our previous reVort. The vales for tlie week ending 30th inat. weae S.OitO bales, and for the week ending 37th inst about the <ame; yesterday 1000 bales In regard to the crop, public opinion, which has been it \ ariance so much during the reason, has bentered on i.OM.OOS balea, although some parties are disposed to ;>ush their estimates a fraction higher. The growing :rop has lately commenccd to assume an important posiion in the calculation1! of future prices for tliia staplo. i uc season, uiroiiguoui idc wnoie extent 01 ui*i section )f the country, lias been unpropitious for the plant. DurUK April and May, severe rains, accompanied by a renurkably cold temperature, inflicted ho much injury an ;o rentier replanting necessary over a very large extent >f that region. The first bloom of Cotton on record this leason in Georgia, was on the 10th June; and in the year if the large crop, in 18t2,on the 17th May; again, in 1841, , mother large crop year, the first bloom t..ere was on the 16th May, ami about that date, commencing to bo general n that section. It is remarkable that there never has jeen a large crop of cotton raised, where the bloom has ippcared later than the 26th May, for loug experience IW proved, that the advantages of a late autumn have lever counterbalanced a lato bloom. We annex u statement showing the movements in the itaple in this country this season, compared with tliujtwo previous:? IIeccifts and Exports of Cotto.i?Pon- s or the U.xited States. Balri. 1 Receipts at ports oftho lT. 8. since Sept. 1, 1845. .2,006.480 " same period last year, .2,362, 161 " " " " year before. .1,060,812 ; Export* from U. S. sihee Sept. 1, 1845 1,360,427 " same period last year 1,034,810 J " " " year before 1,470,306 The receipts at this port since the 1st inst, have been j 20.000 bales; expor.s, 33,162 bales; taken by spinners, | 3,000 bales; taken on speculation, 1.000 bales; stock in :itv, 75,000 bales; amount on sale, 40,000 bales. The closing quotations in this market rule as follows:? Lit tiirooi. Classikicatiom. AV w Orleam I 'glands. Florida. Mob. <}' Texas. Inferior ? a ? ? a? ? a ? Ordinary 7 ? 7',' 7Wa 7V IKh 73? Middling... T i* 7',. ~',i 7>4 7*?a 7', ! [rood Multiline... . 7 ??a 77\* II 8>.a 8'-' | Middling fair... . 7'ja 8 "'n* 8jm* 8\ "air 8'?a al4 8J,a 8'? H'.a 9*, fully Fair 8J?* 8>i 8?4? 9 9l?a U>I Jood Fair 8** J 9l4? 9>* 9?4a 10^J \ h'iue none. none 11 a 12*, As there in at thia time considerable interest manifested in relation to the growing crop, we annex a table show- \ ing the date at which it has blossomed,the time of a Willing ' Front, and the amount of the crops grown, in each of the past eleven years:? Cotton in bloom. Killing frost. Crop?Haiti. ICK?June 4 Oct. 11 1, 422, 930 1837?May 28 Oct. 27 1.8111,197 ' 1838?June 14 Oct. 7 1,380,333 1 1839?May 24 Nov. 7 2.177,835 j 1810?June G Oct. 16 1,631,915 1811?June 10 Oct. 20 1,681.211 1812?May 17 Nov. 1 2,379.460 IBIS?June 12 Oct. 25 2 030,11)9 I 1811?May 25 Oct. 29 2,415,118 | 1815?May 30 Nov. 4 probably 2,050,000 1816?Juue 10 Mobile, June 20.?The very favorable news of the I 19th ult per Hibernia, has exerted but a slight influence ! upon prices with us, owing to the continued scaroity of ; shipping and the consequent high rate of freights. This deficiency of vessels, in addition to its depressing influence upon prices, will also serve to protract rreatly beyond the usual period the tinal winding up of the trade this year. The sales of the week foot up 8,200 bales, in daily transactions as follows:?on Saturday, 1,900: Monday, 1 ,(>00; Tuesday, 1,300; Wednesday, MX); Thursday, 1 500; ind yesterday 800 The purchases have hern principally 1 for Kngland, with a portion for the continental markets, little or nothing having been done for our home custo- { mers. The stork of cotton unsold in this port is esti- | mated at from 20 000 to 2d,000 bales In affixing quotations, we remark that the market j Moses firm ut our figures, which, it will be seen, show a slight advance on last week's prices:? Livi:ri>ooi. Classification* Junr 20, 1816. June 21, '45 I)ood and Fine ? a ? uom'l ? a ? I iood Fair ? a? nom'l ? a ? Kair 7i?a 7J< 7 a ? Middline 1-air 7',a ? 6lia ? Middling 6)ti> C't t> a 6 V Ordinary S a Ci ? a Inferior J\a 5.V ? * The receipts at this port have dwindied down to 684 :>ales for tho week, from which it is evident that there is t ery little remaining in the interior to come forward.? We are now enabled, with the data before us, to form a tery correct opinion as to the amount of the present -ro|> of the United Stater The general estimate seemt to t>e fixed at about bale*, which we think will prove to be sufficiently near the mark for all practical purpose* In regard to the growing crop, there seems to be but )ne opinion entertained in Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana, which is, that from present appearances, the prospects are le?s flattering than last year. Wo presume :his is also more or less the case with regard to the entire :otton region It w ill bo remembered that during the months ol April and May, the weather was very unpropitious, a constant succession of heavy rains, attended by in unusually cool temperature, having fallen in that period. was necessary to replant over i Urge extent of country, in many instances having to :ic repeated two or three times. This, of course, nns neatly retarded the growth of the plant, and as an evidence that the wholo crop is very backward, as compared with last year, we have not heard of blooms making their appearance. The first bloom reported in this city last year was on the 30th May. We are pleased to learn, however, that in many sections of our State, the plant has rapidly improved in appoarance during the last fortnight. We call attention to the annexed circular, with which tve have been favored by one of our leading Brokers, to tvhom it is addressed ; the writers are w hat are termed ' Factors." at New Orleans, .and in their remarks, of sourse, lean to the planting interest?they stuad in the irst rank as merchants, and their views are received with ouch consideration and respect by their correspondents. N'twOsutss, June 17th l*4ti. The near approach of the close of the season affords us in opportunity of addressing you briefly in regard to the irobable future course nt i/i? < uttuu market -a subject * ln.i< recent events ha> e invested| with more than or- i liuary degree of interest. Whilst the opinion* we may dvauco must, to a great extent, be of conjectural na- \ ure, as depeudent on the supplies which anothor season | nay tiring forth, together with the numberless causes vhich, in the present posture of political utfairs. are likey to exert a decisive influence on trade, jet certain iroininent facts have been clicked during the progress ! if the pas', year, w hicli cannot tail to shed much light on .lie operations of the future Whilst for a series of years the production of cotton j gained slowly but not loss surelr on the consumption? ! thus presenting the most formidable obstacle to any permanent improvement in prices?the graat falling oil in i the crop now drawing to a close has suddenly reversed his position, and has been the means of placing the coton trade, lor the time being, on a more solid and durable oundation. The deficiency against l#styear, amounting ,o about AO.OOO lules, was so large and unoxjiected that lie public inind (naturally credulous) in consequence of lie erroneous estimates of former seasons, was slow to cccive the impression of so heavy a discrepancy, and it s only witbin the last two months that tho full magniude of the falling ort has really liecome apparent If, on this side of the water, with the advantages and Willi.... ?.f .1-. ...... - ' i.uiuiv <tni|iir unn rorren iniormaion in regard to the growth, so few parties were found billing to place faith in the rednrcd estimate* of the crop, ho trade in Kngland vh infinitely more reluctant t? at- ! ach much rclianco to the Kiiimod dcflcit, and hcnce the . cry low range of currcncy vv hich prevailed in the Liv- j rjiool market, until latterly, when the question of crop ?ing no longer a matter of douht, prices have rallied *, i i 'id. from the lowest point of depression. Unfortunate-, y, thi*? improvement came upon our own market at a peiod when the producer could derive no substantial ben>tit, as, owing to the rapid advance in freight*, and the ncreascd rates of insurance, growing out of the Mexican var, the advance in question was for a short time even nore than counteracted. The same causes itill continue n operation, although not to the same extent, the mai ket laving altogether recovered 'jC from the low est scale if prices which were current some three weeks since 'i'he last advices from Kngland, by the llibernia, arc of highly favorable character, both* in a commercial nnd inauCial point of view, and certainly lead to the anticipation of a more active and profitatde renewal of trade, 'he Liverpool cotton market, under the influence of acounts from this side, of a continued falling off in the reeiptaat the various ports, had exhibited gieat buoj ancy timig the week preceding the steamer's departure, ihich ha l lesulted in an advance of '? a '4d. per lb ; and lie general opinion of well informed parties appears to e, that the next semimonthly packet will advise us of a > uffher improvement. This impression derives great tipport from the position of stocks both 111 Knglan>i and n the continent of Kurope, which continued to be in raid progress of reduction In Liverpool, the amount emaimug on hand was 781,300 Imles, ugaiust BS4.600 1st year, showing a falling oil of 103,40) fiales, which lust be matei lally increased, in >>niuch as the e\ports to Ireat Britain have already attained a deficiency of near r 4o0,000 bales. It may, in fact, be safely assumed, that n the 31st December this stock in Liverpool will show a ( cficieicy of 300 to 3*0,000 bales against last year. In le Havre market the stock was 40,M)0 bales, against 1.500 last year. These figures speak so conclusively for themselves,that, without entering into any elaborate argument, they must j end to placo the tutiire pros|>ect of the planter in a more t ( 'uttering light than we have been enabled to represent i : hem for some two or three years past. The only cir- I umstance that could materially affect these expectations vould be tho recurrence ol an overwhelming crop, an >o" "men me developments of the season, thus lar, carcely lead in t0 apprehend. On the contrary, the ac.ounts from various eectiona of the country induce u? to ho opposite belief, inasmuch as the cold and rainy pring ha?, in many portions of the cotton growing re- | [ions, inflicted .nch severe injury on the plant, that, i without venturing on any eatimatea with regard to the field, w e may be permitted to ay that there ia not much >roip?ct of any great excess next season. \\ e remain, ?ery respectfully, ; . maONKKL WHITE k CO. t t orn Trade. i Jim 30.?Since our last.per Oreat Western, there coninued up to last evening n fair <teman<l for flour, both for xport and home use. and heavy salea have been made, ilthough at a decline of fl} cents on previoua quotations, n r mnrket on Saturday h is rath<M inactive, nnd wo leard of no sales during the dav beyond the ordinary 1 ransaction* The receipts at Albany at tide water, from he opening of the na\ igation to the 7th of June have ccn Jfl.TlH barrels of flour, against (during the i ?a? period last year) Tho rcceipt* of Wheat ar* 193, [ 314bu?heli, against ftfl.700 last season, anil O^Q.TflO bu?hel> corn, againat 348 for the same time last year. Genesee cannot ba quotcl over *1 12J. with any degree of accuracy ; Michigan *4 a 4 tfj. at tbe former figure?a large lot of mixed brands changed hands for export, and aonio sales were made a* low as <f>3 !?3j. Sale'- of Nfcw Orleans were made at "M Hi J; Southern generally is very dull; Georgetown and Howard street, $4 a I Jij Hyo Floor, common, 60 a -J Wheat continues good, both lor ox]>ort and milling, with sales to some extent, in prime (ienessee, at 08 a 100 cents, and Illinois at * "> a H6 cents, principally for export; Michigan, 01} , Rye is selling for shipment at M > (iic, Corn is lots active with large receipts; prices have slightly declined, oidinar} to good mixed YVesfWn at 4<i a Vic, with some heated at 43; 10,000 do badly damaged, 37J; -OOC Northern Vcllow, 6iJ a 46; 7000 Southern and Northern IVIliIp (nr nviutri rt:l a tl , nil u-mirlll I)I! 10,000 Southern Yellow, 53 u 54, meliure. At Albany, on the 10th inst., there had been nothing doing in the flour market, beyond sales of sin,ill lots from tore at < t ii * Ij. A lot of 1,300 busholi ordinary licncsee wheut sol 1 at 95c; a load oftienesee, a prime article, for which cents was ottered, goes into stole, and a load of Western goes to New I oik Hales 'JOIN) bushel* Western corn at 47c; 3,000 bushels oats at 31c, ami a,000 do at 33c. Receipts by canal, June 36?8,711 brl?. flour, 131 do ashes, 100 do pork, 11,300 Ihs butter, 69.400 do lard, 'J 1,100 do wool, 3.0O0 bushels wheat; 1.3 >0 do corn At New Orleans duriug the week ending the 10th instant, tome 6500 barrels had been sold.chielly for the use of the city an<l neighborhood, with scarcely any thing for oxpoit. Owing to the impossibility of effecting sales to any extent, prices have ruled lower?say S3 30 to $3 50 for goo.I Ohio and Illinois brands, an I #>4 to ?4 10 for choic* St Louis. To-day,loth, ue notice one considerable tale, POO barrels Cincinnati City Mills, of one $.1 3 ) to 3 3 >; 200 do choice Alton ut ?4 50, ami 2"H) do St. Louit at $4 06 to I 2-> per barrel. The demand for ( orn lias been slack, though some 00,000 bushels have been dis|tosed of,mostly in bulk anil in the car, on terms equal to3a to 37 cents per bushel. To-day a lot of 800 casks mixed brought 3.1c per bush. Only ono sale of wheat during the week. &HH) bushel* prime, at 50 cents per bushel A lot ol 1*0 barrels white ileans sold at $4 ;25 per barrel. At nufl'alo on the 27th, the intrket was quiet, and but very little arriving. Among the transactions that have come to our notice is the sale ot 3000 bushels Michigan City in store at 73 cents, seller paying storage ?3000 bushels Wisconsin iu store at 72, with same conditions on the part of seller?4000 bushels prime quality ChicaSo at 70, and 2200 bushels Chicago at ti9. In ilour wo ear of the sale of 100 barrels Muck Rock at $3 44?50 barrels Colon at the same, and some 150 barrels Michigan and Ohio ut >3 31 'I'obncco Trade. Since tbc departure of the (treat Western, the market has been without any material alteration, either iu the general aspect, or in prices. It is stated in a single | warehouse in l'jttsburgh, there are now lying, awaiting transportation, at least 2,000 hhds.. 1,000 ol w Inch were raised in Ohio. Thu sales here during the uoek have not been extensive, amounting to about loO hhds. of Ken- j tucky and Virginia at 2'jUt>\ cents, 30 bale* of Baracoa at j 18 cents, 4 mouths, and 237 Cuba on terms not made known. A sale, by auction,of 10 hhds. of MaystUlo took place at 3 a 41, cents?average $3 80, CO days. At Baltimore, during the week ending the 27th inst., no positive improvement was perceptible ; but we are glad to find ttie belief entertained that prices have reached their lowest point, and that any change that takes place will be for the better. The largo stocks of common qualities, both in this country and Kurope, will, doubtless, tend to keep these descriptions ut very low 1 rates, though owing to the diminished production, some i advanco may possitdy take place shortly. The sales of Maryland tins week have been pretty extensive,at former ; prices, which we continue, with the remark that a lot which will bring no more than our lowest quotation is rarely to be met with, viz : inferior anil common $1 .'>0 a -2 AO ; middling to fjood $3 a 5 60 ; good fit-, and line $7 a 12. Ohio tobacco is in lair demand, und sales to a moderate extent are making, but prices are irregular, und very low rates have to be submitted to. We quote common to middling JI 50 a 3 50; good $4 AO a ti; tine red and wi a|w |>eiy $6 50 a !l; tine yellow "#>! a 11; and extra wrappery <>10 a 12 The inspections of the week are 1,298 hhds. Maryland; 087 hhds Ohio; 13 hhds. Pennsylvania; und 3 hhds Kentucky?total 2,301 hhJs At New Orleans, for the week ending the 20th, a very large amount of business had been transacted, the week's sales summing up 3700 hhds , of which 1100 on Monday, 1300 on Tuesday, tKKJ on Wednesday, 200 on Thursday, and 570 yesterday and to-day. The particulars of m'sst of the sales arc withheld by the desire of purchasers, which renders it impossible to give any accurate scale of prices. The active demand and the diminished stock on sale (now reduced to 5000 or ti'MtO hhils.) have rendered factoismorc firm, and imparted more steadiness to prices, though with no quotable advance. As the nearest approach to the rates now current, we quote inferior 1a 2. common 2'4 a 2fair 3'., a 3\, line 4 a 4,'j, choice 4*4 a b\, segar leaf 2 a lie. per lb. Tohacco Statement. Stock on hind lit September, 1816, (hhds ) 7,673 Keceivtd past week 1.39# " pieviously 59,372?60,770?68,113 Exported pMt wick 1,323 " previously 27, 5J7 ??? 2(1,880 Stock oil liaud not cleared 311,563 HUte of Trade. AHKiii'tif MAWurACTUKEf?There is a moderate business doing in domestic good* in all the Lantern markets, but prices remain unaltered. The Cabot Manufacturing Company at Kpriugficld, have declared a semi annual dividend of 10 pet cent; Chicopee Co at do ti per cent; Lowell ManuPg. Co t> per cent; Jackson Co. at Nashua 10 per cent; Perkins Co. at Springfield 8 per cent. A cotton factory is about to lie erected at Heading, with a capital of $'JOO.OOO. Heading is beautifully located for a large manufacturing town. Latest Ualri HECKIVrp AT THK MEW YOU K III RAID OFFICE. Anjier Mar 26 Maine* May 8 Africa May 1 Madeira Mav 14 Antiim* May i Mauritius Jan 29 AuxCayes June 6 Maracaibo MayJi ; Augustus Bay May22 Maiisauilla June 2 i Batavia Mar 30 Matauzas J line 17 Day of Islands, N Z...Ftb 18 Mayacuez ...June 3 Bermuda Jan 21 Mar.atlan Apl 8 lhicuo* Ayres May 2 M stumor as May 27 Belize, Hon June 3 Monterey Dec 7 Barbadoes June J Montevideo May 9 Bogota Apl 19 Merida, (Yucatan) ... Mar 21 Bonaire May 11 Nassau, N 1' May27 Bahia Mir 31 Uahu, SI Feb 11 Uombay Apl 28 Oregon July 30 Caiie Town, C OII... Apl 2$ Para May 13 Calcutta Apl I'< Paris..... June 1 Cardeua* Junell Port au I'rince May 28 (hagres Jul y 26 Porto Cabello June It C ip li tu egos June 8 Point Pet re, Uusd. ...May 10 Cape Haytlen Juuel3 I'eriiatnliuco May 20 Curacoa May 23 Panama Sep 17 Carthagena May 14 I'ayla Apl 18 Campeachy June 6 Point K?bel i?"e ? foquimbo l?ee 6 Kio Janeiro May 10 Callao Apl 2i Hio Oranile Juue 3 UruuTarA... Jon? 5 San Juan Apl 3 Delhi Mar 23 Sail Diego Feb 8 Fayal May 10 San Francisco .Mar 15 <fibrillar May 6 St Helena MayII iruayama, PR May 16 St Thomas JuueII (Hive* ton J mi e 12 StJavodefuba June 1 Oonaives June 5 St Johui, PR Junel2 Guayaquil May 1 Sagua la Grande June 16 Galltpagns Island-*..,. May 4 Stl'roi* May ?7 Havre June 1 St Dmniugo May 26 Havana Juue 10 St Ube* Mar 13 Hobart Town, V D L. .Feb 7 Surinam ... May 2?j Jeremie Mar 28 Singapore. Apl 7 jniniri jline .? aiiey, ^ v> i;rc z" Kingston, Jam JnnetO Trinidad dc Cuba junelO London June 3 Talc.ihtiana Keb 20 Liverpool June 4 Tahiti Sep 12 La(Juayfll May 12 Timpico Mar 8 Lnguna May 28 Tobasco \lay2H Lima Oct 8 Turk's Island June 7 Macao Mar 26 Valparaiso May 1 Manilla Mar 17 Vera Crux June 1 Madras A|>l 20 Zanzibar Keb 29 Passen^eri Arrlvc<l. Liverpool? rarkct Ship John II 8kid<h*?Mr A C Simp* sou. Miss S*J*h Ann Simpsoii, Mr Wm Chambers, ol" ?ng* land?370 steerage. Biikmk*?Bremen hark Republic?II Brnnt. S Boss, H Buitner, L Ochi, S Ochs. II Bergmanu. C (touts, F Krnst, K Toniepen. C H Toniepen, and 103 in the steerage. Gai vr.iToif?Bng < B Lanir-Mn 8 I. Deaauoa,S children and servant., Galveston; Mrs J A Vanderlip and dtugh* ter, St \ ntonia; Mr* M Hasbrook ?nil daughter, tiaheston; Mrs A OSlcer ami daughter, do; Mra J Ogdrn, Nfw York; iVus K Ogdeu, do; Mr T Wilson do; P<? Miller, Vliiiiiiip|<i; ('apt M L Hitchcoek, BridgPort, Conn.?and four in the ilrericr. < II aiii.htov?Slop Henry Allen?T B Kt-dfield, lady and ilSlighter; 1-. Marks and ladv.J Diridmn, lady and 3 children; Mm 1'nruhull. Mm M Cnmmings, Mian A < ninmmgs, Mias K I.owber, N .MeNeal, H 0 Walker,.) A Sibley, T Mavenel, A l.owbtr, J Isaacs, M Karral?and fonr in the ?teer?ge. Aralaciiicoi.a?Schr Ailmd?H C IVmm'.u. II II Dodge, 8BRoberM,J Donner, K A Brown, S S?WW ""1 lid-.. J St'lmltz, and M Strrans. 8av*"?>*ii?Brig Madison?Mm A T Anderson, T Unantoi k, A Henry, 8 8 Cady, 8 (> hidings, V B < >i tidings, and U in ateerage. I"'?(i-t-ljjii liii|MtrUill?HM. Livrnroot.?Packet Ship John R Skiddy?<!7 crates earthrnware J W Harris? 800 bus tin I'help., Dodge St Co?520 bills hoon iri>u Corning, Horner V. co?21 cases md/e k'erguion St W ilker?2 Adssnce It Strang?2 J McMeiinotny?11 1 Met ill It Stroi.g?11 J Nicholson?6 A .Mitchell St r<??121 cIt bdli sled E p ha' dersou?1316 ingots copper to order?I bale carpeting D Hadden It Son?< cs mdze Bird. Oillilan It co?1 cask A U St il Weed-J ci J J l.agra< e?30 cs St balss J Paton St Stewart?II c? llutchimon Si Jelfery?ion lm I in Hendrtcka St Bros?2 Cs mdze J Si A Petri*?JfasltsJ B fclleman?3 Kolger, Alf'ord St co?3 pkgs H irnden Si co?in casks Wolfe Ik Ilitho|>?fi ci J Kalroner x co?I WiIioii U Hum It co?2 casks Way It Bros? IB ct ateel 61 bdla iron Matthew j Mottram?133 cs G tidies iteel Nay ler St Co?I ca 1 bale mdte A Ldwards St co?I cue I bile Thoi Hunt St eo?2 casks lb botaon St Horner?3 Kli^n Kohbins? I Piatt It Broa?I Ale* Barclay?I cise I C Wittou St co?I caak Draper St Richards ? I cask Ntwbold St Knssell?3 ha|?s 12 cs O Pierce St co? 2 cases, i' casks. A W Spies & Co?2 Jnn U Lorke?I Henry B.iylis?12 hairs 22 cases Wright. Large k Latiiniei?13 caaei mil bales Cromwell, Haight It Co?3 cases I bale Jamts Litferts?I c ase t.lark St West?? James Wray (Phila)?0 cases I bale I- It-Id St Merritt? 2 raaes 6 baits I ieo L nderhill It ( O1 cases W H Conant?21 Allen, Uayne St Co?J L J W\ eth? I trainer &c Co?1 rask Way Brothers?I caae, Corbit St ( o? I cask, Spellman ItKraser?1 Kellow. Wadsworth It < <>?2 C B ( otimin Kills it Co?I Peter Murray?II bales. 76 cases, , (Irder?I6fi bis tin. Order?2 casks. Jot Klliaon?Ii0 tons coal D narNi tan. kciiki paiiu, nnui nprmi[-nu?n :*u.urv Wanda, Kuller k < o?I caaka, 6 mr< hn Sin11It k Co?1 liale, IctM, K A Huntington k Co?2 W McKce k Co? 1 W M hrelwright?10 catea. Wight, Sturgisa V Shaw?I rate Henry Jea?o|>?1 bola. D h L M Paul?I case, ' Wi liain Bnnn?4 cue*. I hilc, Daniel Ovkx? k Co? 45 casta Buttrrficl'i k Brothera k co? 1J caaea machinery Brown It Ires?45caaei atrel Henry Jeaaop?2 hbla aoar Mirray k Hvle?4 curl Layman, Convene k Pmneroy?70 bdl? iron I) M Wilton?2 caaka 1 cate Hnadlev, Phelpa It co? 3J0 botea tin 5 caa?? copper Caaa, Ward & < onnorer?23 catea mdz Wright, Large k Lattimer?6 cn?ks Rncera, Ketclinm k OrOavener? 3 balta Cameron k Brand?I caak J k T Warren ?200 tons pig iron Denniatoun k co?6 balei md* Cheater, Clarke k co Lojidom?Ship Waahington?200 torn chalk Cook k Smith ?27 pipea wine J Mathrwa k eo?2 balea (ill A Hadden?9 raka. grindatonet, 17 caka, J ca. 10 eheata to order. Ami wrap?Bark City of Antwrp??0 pkga H Baker?19 bit H T vioran?I ca Hilgerk co?4 bla Umber It Dambmann? 7 I do Brinckerhoff, Per('er k Karch?20 catea J Oerding?I do C I A Hrckacher?I do k Kooii?i do Mall.k eo?a do to ordnr. 1 BarMKi?Bremen Brig Johann Delhard?7 pkga L W Vanwerk?2 bi Daring W itte? < Betchel k Dreyer?1 J C Mnller k co?ISO Oelrich* k Kruger?1.1 Born k Schnchard?2fi Kelmer k Mecke?IW3 A Kolkrr k Mollmtn??j T Ornnenthal?4 Keaaler k co?10 to order. BarvrM?Bremen bark Krpublic?190 bit m?lr Heoachen ' kl nkart?I A (4 Hermann?2 W K Meyer?21 9pi??, < hnat kCn?liTC Krnenpntach? I (Iroaheim k Clapliani?J7 Hatiner k Meekc?Jl Bcchtel k Oreytr?* L RotaentelJ. MATAiait< ?Brig Chtrlci JJcaJs?! ?} caaki i tifrcM I) bbli molasses 209 pine apples 15 bonrhes buuu 700 plain taint 3 doz pumpkins to B .ager k Peck. j Jtio (ikikdi:, Brazil?Bark Iwaiiona?700 hides IT lialrs hair llarl? fk ^ . n?1 on hides B?"J Webb Sslem? I hale limr Benjamin Richard*? J330 hides BkH P Vptou, Salem?M00 I hides i. Dodge k co, Salem?T bales wool to order. Domestic Importation. 'Ai.vrsTOi?Brig O B Lunar?589 hides 227 bales cotton 4 pkg? Brouer U. .NeTseu?51 hales cotton 796 hides I houler, Merle k Siudlord?47 salted lnde? 26 bales cotton II dry . hides A bhumeiaieu Si co?3 sinull pkgs N Y Porter. Kditor ?9'i hales cotlou 4 bales skins Adains, I'lfTany St Co?1 cask to order. j ' ( iuH.riTOs?Klnp H.tiry Allen?44 pipes to IVter Breiinan?15 hales cl cotton J P Swam k en?20 do Bulkley h . tiokm?117 do Hoorinaii, Joliusou St Co?J pkgs Hi) dock, (.'or- , In** kco?M hh<J? lunt H ? Lefencli?06 bbl? beel 0 |>L*s A V Jam<?--1 i>kK K A Couklin?CI empty bbl? 10 tierce. rice io j order. Xt> ASMil-Btig M tdison?-io casks rice F.arle. Porter Sc Collins?10 do ?-?*t 4k Astoin?1 half do Curtis Boltou?43 bales cotton farmelee k It. timers?201 do ( ollius V. 1 )arhart? i ill do L. II Brich mi?il do tialters V ci?H <lo K it R H (iraves ?MS do George Gordon? I o* A ic L Mack?2 do N U it II Weed-ti do 13 chairs 1 chest 1 trunk Hudson V Baker. Ai-aLai iiioil*?Selir Asli l?lid?j1j bale* cotton J W Phillip*?100 sticks cedir to order. MA It I TIM K HEItALD. " MovemeiiU of Hit Sleaui Shlpi, . Lrare Due in Leave Steamers. C apt aim. jjcrrp^0l, tunica. Jlmrrica Britannia, Hewitt, June 19... July 3... July 16 Cambria, Judkins July 4 ... July IV,.. .Aug 1 (treat Britain, Hoikius July 7... July 22... Aug 1 Hibernin, Hyrie July 19... Aug 3... Aug '0 (J. Western, Matthews... July 42. . Aug H... Auk 30 Caledouia, Lott Auk 4...Au l?... 8ept 1 Packet* to Arrive* | Pttkets to HolU * LIVKRrOOL. Livr.nrooL. New York. CroM?er, June 1 I Montezuma, Lowber. July 1 Liverpool, Kldridge, June f? I Independence, Allen, July ? 8iddonS|Cobb, June 11 Waterloo, Allen, July 11 Columbia, Rathbone, June 16 | Fidelia, Hackstaff, July Pi latruk iienry.iieiano.June zi notiingiier, nursley, Juiy2l 8 Whitney, ropliam, June 26 Siddons, Cobb, July 26 roiirixui'tH. Portsmouth. Westminster, Hovey, June 1 Wvlling'on.Ckadwick July 1 Margaiet Kvain, June 10 HeiidriK Hudson, July 8 St James, Meyer, Juue20 Prince Albert, Sebor, July 16 IIAVRK. _ IIAVRK. Zurich, Thompson, June 1 Oneida, Kunck, July 1 Krancois 1st, \V heedeu, June8 Splendid, i'ettis, July 8 Utica, Hewitt, Juue 10 Havre, Aidsworth, July 16 lUUtlUll. mahmiil>:i. Nebrajka. Watson, May 11 Gatton, Anthony, July 1 ruux OK NKW tUKK, JILV 1. nm mm It' IV RISKS 4 31 J H JOtl IETI 11 10 H in sets 1 33 I man water ill k Cleared. Ship Montezuma, Lowber. Liverpool, C II Marshall. Ship Wellington, Chadwick, London, Griunell, Mintuni it Co. Ship Oneidi, Kunck, Havre, Boyd fit Hincken. Ship Arabella, Mire, Liverpool. Cook Ik Smith. Ship Gaston, \uthouy Marseilles, Boyd fit Hinckeu. Brig Wanderer, (Br) Davison, Wuid?ou,NS. Soule, Whit I iiey fit Co. Brig J W Huntington, Banzett, Trinidad de Cuba. Brig Kuiiice Hatch, Dunham. Wilmmgton. Brig Hector, White, 1'hiladelphi.i. Brig Meletta, (Dauish) Jocelm, St Croix, Schmidt St Bal- . C lieu. Brig Georgiana, Hopkins. Norfolk. Schr Margaret, Woglom, Petersburg Sclir S A Appleton, Nickersou, Boston. Schr Kliza, Kldridgc, Portsmouth. Sloop James, Laniphier, Providence. Sloop Native, Hill, Providence Steamer Anthracite, Stewart, Philadelphia, Barge Albany, Philadelphia. Arrived. Packet Ship John R Skiddy, Luce, from Liverpool, May 28, with mdze Jo Kobt Kermit. Sailed in company with ship ' Cornelia, (.'apt Kreuck. June 3, uoon, exchanged signals j with packet ships Patrick Heury, hence, and Shenandoah, from l'hil.idi liilua, both for Liverpool, lat 51 6U N, loug 10 M j W. June 16, lat 13 35, long 6(1 10. spoke fishing schooner Sa- i lent, of Marble Head. Had very light winds and calins the w hole passage. No appearance OX ice about the Banks, al- I though we were live days iu the vicinity and on the Banks. Ship Washinglou, Kuapp, 37 days from London, w ith mdse. I to Cook fit Smith. Ship Superior, Moore, from Rio Janeiro, Aprrl 28th, with | coffee to order. Ship Henry Allen, Wili0ii,90 hours from Charleston, to G Sutton Bark 1 wanona, Shiun, from Rio Grande Brazil, 17th May, to Harbeck fit co. Sailed in company writh the brig Krisk, and lohu Poat, of Liverpool, bound to Cork and a market.? Since crossing the Gnlf has been most of the time becalmed, with thick and foggy weather, and !i days north of lat 32 ana long 70 west: June 28, lat 38 20 N, long 73 31 W, spoke brig Charlotte, Kelly, from Cardenas for Boston, 7 dayi out Bremen bark Republic, Tegeler, 10 dys Iroin Bicineu, with tnilir ti? Hi nscheii fit Unkart. Hark Mandarin, form New Orleans, 1st June. Belgian hark City of Antwerp, Uoraertt, 40 days from Aut* 1 vverp, with mdze to order. Bremen brig Johanu Dclhard, Ludering, 11 days from Bre- j men, to Bechtelfit Dreyer. Brig Charles, Beals, 13 days from Matanzas, w ith molasea, to Badger fit Peck. Sailed in company with the brig Russian, Carter, of and liar Boston. Brig Marcns, Pi erce, 1 days from Bangor, Me, writh lumbar to master. Brig G B Lamar, Richardson, from Galveston May I8th, mdze to Brnwer St Neilson. Brig Madison, Hoey, 7 days from Snvannah, to Sturgess, Cleannan fit Co. Brig Amanda, Avery, 12 days from Cardenas, with mdze to I Brett St Vose. Brig Joseph Ham. (Br) Holmes, 12 days from Windsor, with naval stores to T Milieu. Brig M L Jones, Tyler, 28 day* Irom Apalachicola, with cotton to R Post. Bug Rival, Isley, of Portland, 14 days from Cardenas, with molasses to Spofford, Tilleston fit Co. Brig Home. Mason, 48 hours from Providence. Schr Cabot, Northam, S days from Georgetown, SC. with naval stores to Williams fit Northam. Sclir Elizabeth Aun, ( Br) Tedford, 17 days from Turks Is- j land, with 3000 bushels salt to J H Braine Schr Asland, Bradley, 15 daya from Apalachicolo, with cotton to master. Below. T wo barks and three brigs. Sailed. Bark Oaatafa, Gottenburg; ship Ronaldson, Hamburg; Condor, St Croix; Olof, Antwerp; Nesice, Matanzas; brig Sarah Wood, St Johns; Cordelia, St Thomas. niaeetlaueuus Kxoord. C7" Packet Ship Montezuma, Lowber, for Liverpool Oneida, Kunck, for Havre; and the Wellington, Chadwick, for London, will sail this morning, Letter bags at the Exchange News Room, and at the OfTiug News Room, cor ner of Beaver and Hanover atreeti. j HJr Ship Natchez, Land, will leane for Cantou this morning. ;~y ' Pack at Ship Gaston, Anthony, for Marseilles, will sail I th's moming. Q.-/' ' Bark Mtidara, for Havana, will lerve ibis morning. Wnalk Shit Josr.rn Mcioi ?'The New Bedford Mercu- i ry has received intelligence from Mattapoisett (Kochester) ih t the whale-ship Joseph Meigs was destroyed by fire while Iving at anchor at that place. on Saturday night, together with ahout 1001) barrels of oil. The fire was discovered at about II o'clock. P. M-. bat the efforts to extinguish the flames proied unavailing, and the hull burned to the water's edge aun sunk. The vesiel is owned by Joseph Meigs, Esq., of Matta|x isett, and arrived from sea on the 19th instant, and had been partly discharged. The instirauce upon the vessel had exuired. hut tlir oil tvHained insured at the offices in New Bedlord. New Mv>i)i.isn, Mfl-The Union, Foray, miner. ar . rived here on Tnesday last from L.imaline. luring on board 17 i persons, part of passengers (lil in number) one of the brig j Brilliant, of London, Captain Storm, from Cork honnd lo i Hit-lu-c. The Brilliant, we learn from one of the passengers, hal been four weeks out, and on yesterday three weeks, before daybreak. she ran ashore in a thick fog at Sandy Core, between Lamaline and Laun. The crew and paati ngcrs, with the esceptioii of two children, who were unfortunately drowned, reached the shore with much difficulty, and proceeded to Lamaline, where Captain K still remains. The remainder of the passengers went on to St. Peter's, in hope of procuring a passage to I'. K. Island. Qt'KRK.c, June 25.?The brig Warner, < apuin Watt, wis run font of on the ballasl ground, in the gale on Saturday last, by the ship Victoria, of Belfast, carrying away her bowsprit, stanncheons. bulwartis. and stove in her longboat. The brig Henry, Captain McKre, came in contact with the brig K.lir.s, of Dundee, in the gale on Saturday last, and tore up her starboard quarter bulwarks and stanchcous aft. She also lost her long boat. A loaded brig, outward bound, is reported ashore at St. Thomas, apparently full of water. The ship Ottawa, Thnf. hence ou the 13th lustaat, is returning to port iu tow of the Pocahontas, with loss ofniddei. The brig Watchful, Captain Harrison, from Donegal with a carge of coals, arrived nere tilts morning in tow of the steamer Lumber Merchant. She wis completely dismasted during the gale on Sunday, whle laying at anchor off (irosje Ise. Mr. J. Nesbitt safely launched, this morning, from his ship-yard, St. Kochs, the beautiful new ship Virgiuius, of M tons, for Muckle k Kelly, of this cily. Kr.r Wr.tT, June 18.?The salvage from brig Nelson was yesterday raid tothc wrerkers, amounting to St;,WS Ml, which IS fifty per cent, after deducting expenses. This amount was procured by bottomry. The cargo was appraised at 41'J,f91 10 including vessel. She is to sail to-day. Brig O. H Lairnr, 28 days from Galveston bound to New York, arrived here for pros isions on the l ith and sailed nest day. Brig Billow, from New York and sailed lRth for .Mobile. Bark Moping from 8t Thomas, in ballast, took in some salt and sailed IRtfi Rchr. Mercv, Smith, having been repaired, took in her cargo and sailed for Baltimore yesterday. l,*t V( Mi;r?At Calais, 21d instant, with spurs and ssili aloft, a superior copper fastened brig, ol about IJ<i tons called the "Charles J Dow." She is owned by K. Wright, Jr., of Boston, and others, and is not surpassed, it is said, by any vessel of her class. limit on the St. Croii?either in model or workmauahip. Rpokcn. Hhip ritbou, Mtnhill, t dirt from New York for Canton, 23<l lil?t, lat 3? 11 'on 69 30. Brig Potoai, Patreraon, of Portland for Matanzis, 14th mat, lat 2*N Ion 61 40 W. Stur Franeoma, ^mith, S daya from Philadelphia for Liverpool. 2lth not lat 37 19 ton 6'J. Htnr l.tiriud* ttaow, He id, from Boaton for Cape Haytien, 22d mttant, lai he. not riven, 4 day* out. Dug Flora, from Matanzaa for New Vork, 26th inatant, lat 31 ID Ion M 01. Rrhr tea, IVoin rensicola, for New York, 26th, lat 31 10. Ion Do 01 Brig Virginia, from New Orleana for Boston, 23d mat, off ( Cape Honda. ; ( By Pilot boat Jat oh Be II. Jan 2". IOi* milei -outhof Sandy i Hook. *hip < ii'ro, of New Bedford, 75 diva fr^rn .'r ( atha- i nnea, Brazil. 1730 while, 70 a^ertn, bound to New Bedford, | same trme, ?clir Corro, for Wilmington. bound to Newburyi>ort: <*mr time ami place bne 1'eriaverancr for Mmannab, | bound to Boston, 2#tn, off Cape May, bug Fanny Coit, for Baltimore, bound to Boston. Whalemen. Arr at New Bedford. June 2j, ilnp E L B Jenney, C h?reh, Pacific (> Iroin Tale.ihiMiia, with 2400 hbla ?p oil. lieBurt* aid fin TalcaliiMn.i, March 13th. " ' SrV , . IZ00 "p on a crime, (has been reported at T. r eb 9. U >o *p) I 27ih, Robt Edwarda, bur*,,., do JO* ?P ^ W" Wirt, Morae. FH. 2V(I ap. I.eft at talcahuaaa. ahip Irta, Soooner, N B, BOO ,p IOOO wh, for home m a few da: St Peter., l-oater, do, #00 ap, 1000 wh, for home t? ""T dV Al r'tc,1lrn f Jan. li. Mnrcua, taber. FH.,<?0 *h.i Ler. Hi arbuck, Nye, Nantucket, 50 *|>; off Maaaafuero. l-eb 16, Maiiachaaetta, Codd, Nant, |2(k. wh; ?J. Nantacker Oardner Nant 11W March 7 I'reaident. Brock, do. 900 ap; llth, lat 12. Ion M 34; .hi;rvV.;eM^oe, N B. tm ap, wo wh for bom.; ' Cicero Howla"d, flo lull (70 ap) for d<v \ letter Irom <-apt. Taylor, ol ahip Hydaape, of New Bed- i ford ret orta ber Dec 2d, lat 46 50, Ion 76 35, with IM *p, 110 wh. 1 Alio rJporta D?e 2*. 'hip Triton, of Warren, 600 wit. The T, j waa rap in Aug, witn 50 aji. A l?e?er received in^Fairharen, da|ed Paitr Majr l^reporta I that ship Otn Ncott, LMKgett. 01 r n, mini .... . . .... days preyiona with 1700 barrel* aperm oil, bunntl on t crime Foreign Porta. I <;?rr HarTiK*, June 13?In port, ?rhr Loni?iana, Lowe, , fiom and for Boston, few daya?only American reatrl. , r*Li.?o. April 2J?9ld, bark Meteor. Janner, lqniiue, to load for Baltimore. (Ji AT4i?rii , May I?In port, ahip Knpbra?ia, Bantmir. preparing in load lor Valparaiao. M?TAK7*?, Jnnc 17--In port, bark <"a?ilda: Iltifini for I InM ant MVS Mfi CeamiMi (Coirii lar Portland Mth; . I I'mta, Sawyer, for do Mr; t??rk Henry llarbiti-k, Marwin, fm i i llarana. Idf for Tr>e'tf; Richmond, (hbbOilf brie Plato, I Merrill, di?( ' < Payta, April II?Sailed, bark Qeorfe k Henry, Oalt, Cobia and Baltimore. Kio OliSU Bkaiil, May 17?In port, Barques Mary L'lnlton, Coram*, fur New York, soau:Stepheu Brewer, Karitu, from Lisbou. for do ilo; Odfellou, T'etliugilI, and Claris*. Lunt (both employed as |nvi rninent transports), from Lisbon, to aail lu a lew f?T Hio Janeiro: aclir Numkeag, rrom Salem, arr lith; ?M iHh, barque hipelatn. Lendholm, lor Montevideo, with cattle', 13t|?, brigs Warsaw, Pope, for Jo: Uili, Susan, Lauderman. tor do. St. 1'iihki, Marl. Apri. 9? Ait, brigs Orchilla, Harding, I'roto Bath, do; Triumph, Murray, from do lor?, I days; Itomp, Lauder, from iialtyn^waiuuti Washington, Mouutfort, for Newberii 4. V'aLr*HAiio, May 1?AmH^k Saluda, Smith, uuc. Saild sbout Aj'rir 17 ship Au|fU?tme Heard, Swift, Iqmque, to return to V. and sail for Boston in June. Alaoaailed April J", ihipa Charlotte, Millet, Coquimbo anil 1 aWipauai same halt, Orpheus, Hill, . both having been detained by unfavorable weather. Bark llortensia, Hardie, wImcIi sailed April Gth for Baltimore, put back 13th to stop a leak, and saild Rtfaiu a lew ua>s alter. Home Pom# Bohi on, June 29?Arr bark Wyman, Dill Baltimore; briKt Kincliiif Kllu, Trinidad: Potomac, Mi htwi, Alexandria; Sea beau, Merrithew, Philadelphia; Lewis, Br ice, Stud ley, do: September. Nickerson, do; Win M Kogers, Taylor, do; Krie, llaxier, do; Sun. Klinu do: Chicopee, r'niery, do:schra Mary Million, UaiUrr, Cape Haytieu; Pain pi ic#, hulford, Washington, NC; S B Ashmead. Stiles. Richmond; fcdward, Baker, Alexandria; Columbia, Berry: Kami. Kelly; Narragaiiselt, llaker; and Kllru, Hull, Philadelphia; Algoma, Wolti. do; Victoria, (of New York) Oreta. Albany; Homer, Kent; Lacon, Bearte; Alexander, Bak?r; J Coolty fc. Co, Llj ilridfi: Howard, Baker; Abbott Lawrence, Meeker: Angerrita, Crowell; European, Kocers, and Choctaw. Barlow, N York; sloops Gen Lewis, Shdell, and Cinderella, Selleck, Huntington, LI. ('Id barks Kinpress, (Br) Sanford. Londoni Sharon, Lucas, Cuba; Carle ton. Piercy. Pensacola. Sailed barks lieuriett.t. Siberia; bnc Paulina, and a herm brig unknown. BriK North Bend sailed last uighi or very early thu morning. Bam.or. June 26?Arr sclir Lydia Stover, Storer, New York. CiiARLrtToit, June 27?Arr USR steamer Usare, Cost?, Key West, and a cruise. 23d iust, off Cape Florida, sinjk^ brig Virginia, from New Orleans lor Boston. 23th, lat Jl 10, Ion 1W 03, spokt brig Mora, fm Ma tan 2 a* for New York; same tirue sclir Sea, from Peusacol* for New York. IheuSR steamer, McLane, Howard, froui Charleston, had arrived at Key West. The Legare will undergo some necessary repans. 8chr Decatur, Peterson. New Orleans. Cld 27til inst, ship Charleston, Brown, New York. In port, 26th iust, ships Charles Humberstoij, J Br] Strettelle, from New York, wig; Powhattnu, Stone, tin Liverpool, Anson, Barkman. Itn New \ ork, disch; Massac husetts, Sampson, fip Boston, wtfl Snllivau, Waite, for New York, Idg: .lane, [Br] Milligau, Iin incw lork.disrii; 1,eland. 1'ults, lor Liverpool. 1?1|C; 1 yroue, Butler, lor Liverpool, lag; Othello. Tucker, I >r llavre, ldg* Geo llallett, HoWe?, lor Liverpool, jdg; Fairfield, Love* lain), for Liverpool, ldg; Tlio* Bennett. KidroJ^e, for Liverpool, Idg; Mrumieb, Boy ton, for Liverpool, ldg; Charleston, for New York, rdy; Java, Stone, for Liverpool, ldg. Barks? Falmouth. Rougers, fin Portland, wtg; Kdward, Bulkley, fm New York, disch ; Couvoy, Humphrey, for Boston, disch; Conio, Bopardus, for Boston, ready; Agnes, J Br] Johnson, repairs. Biius, George, Yates, from New York; Judge Whitman, Drinkwater from Fraukfrrt, (Me) dischg; Linily, Robinson, Im New York, disch; Albion, [Swc] Norman, lor north of hurope, ldg; St .Murks, Anderson, fm New York, disch: Sea Flower, Allen, fm New; York, dich; Van* dalier, Pendleton, from Cain den, (Me) diseh; Paul T Jones, Taylor, fm Philadelphia, ldg; Gen Piuckuey, Gale, for Balti* more, ldg; Pi) mouth, Barstow, fm N Orleans, disch; Adeia, Watson, repairing. Camdkw, Juue 19?Cld, achrs Excel, Achron. Norfolk. Kastport. Juue 22?Arr, bark Hur u, (Br) hence for St Andrews. Sid l!)th. brig Topax, Spates, Philad, schrs Oread, Bibber, do: .Melrill, Sawyer, Wilmington, 1): 20th, bark Maine, Cook, Barbudoes; bri* Xelica, Lark in, Wilmington D; schr Mary Chase, Chase, Phila. New Orleans, June 81?Arr l?rbrig Princess Maria, Ru?* sell, Tampico; brigs Apalachicola, Smth. Brasos Santiago i Naucy Pratt, Steveuson, Savannah; schrs Kuph.tlia, Taylor, Brasos Santiago; Joaijuina, (Yucatan) Martinez, Campeachy. NkwporTj June &> ? Arr brut Ready Rhino, Fuller, im Pictou, for 1* alt River; schs Andrew Brown, fm New York, for Boston; Franklin, do for do; Martha & Susan, do fordo; Medium, I'm New York, lor do; Harrison, Price, fm Wilmingt n; Dnnon, fin Philadelphia, lor East Greenwich; 28th, air brig Reindeer, fin Providence, for Nova Scotia; schs Sally Weadou. Philadelphia; John C. Demarest, fm Fall River, for Rtchmoud\ Fisher Ames, fm Taunton, for N York; sloop Juno, tm Providence, tor N York ; Hhode Island, do for do. Nantucket. June 26?Arr sloops Senator, New York; Wm K Bird. Clark. PhiladeIphia. New Bedeohd, June ST?Arr schrs Onico, Bates, Philadelphia; Carolina, Pratt, Pay River. New Haven, Juue 23?Arr schrs Nifis, Thompson, Albany; Two Brothers, Sperry, Philadelphia; sloop Empire, Smith, New York. Sid sloops Presideut, Frisbie, New York; At lav Kels?*y, Albany. Mohile, June 22?('Id ship Ellen Brooks, Freeman, Liverpool; bark Brenda, Flanders, do. The B cleared on Saturday, but was bv mistake reported bark Bloude. Owl's Heap, Juue 27?In port, schrs J Holt, Holt, fr West Indies; Ellen Dale, Boyutou, New York for Bangor. Portland, June 28th?Arr brig Kodolph, Kent,Alexandria. Cld, brigs Susan Jane, G W Kuight, T r ('ope, I'lliladei.piiia, June 30.?Arr brigs Ro?%eua. Wilson, fm Puerto Cab el lo; Cordelia, Litilejohu, fm Portland; Lexington, Daly, fm Boston; schs Sarah Adams, Nickersoii, Providence: iVleteor, Phinnfcy, New Bedford; .ugustus, Killborn, Newburyport; L\dia, Stephens, New London; Ashland, Thurlow, Lubec; Florence, Thompson, do; Consol, Bullet, New London; Maria Cauaey, Btnbba, H'.tl I Rivers M B Meliouy, .McGlaughlin, do: Alexander M. Crowell, New Bedford; Globe, Tibbetts. New I!*veu; Advance, Bryant. Ctlais; Altamaha, Shannon, New Bedford; Col S B Dana, Baynuin, NYork; Meicuntieook, Philbrook, Providence; Betsey Amei, Hill, do; Oread, Dibber, Eastport; barges Michigan, Allen; Orampus, O'Neal, mid ,teainer Vulcau, Green, 36 hour, im New York. Cld brigs Token, Mayo, Boston; Gardner ,H Wright, Lingo, Kal] River; Pearl, Niekeraon, Dighton, Erie, Nicker,on, K Greenwich; Scituate. Baker, do; Bo,ton, Collin,, Button; Matilda, Staples, Boston; Brilliant, Hall, Porta mouth; Traffic, Pitman, Salt Harbor; Kllen, Smith, NYork; Victoria. Kalkeiiberg, do; Li?n, Lewi*, New Haven; Wildernes,. Hand, New York; Essex, Krat|, Milford, Del; Mary Elizabeth, Smith, Providence; Liberty, Sleight, New York; P T Causey, Betts, do; Cornel la, Conklin. do. . Ri< Hmomd, June 28?Arr schrs Celia, Beat, Wind?or, NB; Rapid, Stoddard, Lubec; Liiciuda, Loyd, Georgetown. 8ld achrs Thomas H Thompson, Wmon, Boston; hint-line Peterson, Thompson, New York; Oreenway, Couch, do. Below schr Lynchburg, Goold. New York. t)?L,:?i, .tune ZJ? Arr, schr Yankee, Hew ett, New York. Mth, schr Lebanon, Hruwn, Philadelphia- Cld 25th, tehr Resolution, (Br) Yarmouth, NS; 27th, brig Elite, (B) New Ediugburg. aid 27th. brig Abigail, Portsmouth; and , fleet of coastera bound E; ZHth, bark Maid of Orleans, Rio Jaueiro. . Bv Last N lKM'a Southern Hall. Horn* Ports* Baltimore, June 30?Arr, Br brig Clutha, Cunningham, from Turks Island; brig Henrietta, Kidiman, from C alais. Cld?British brij Belle, Whitter, Barbadoes; schrs Henry lay, Isaac McKnn (,'ook. Cape de Vrrds ami a market. Sid) Bremen ship Marianne, Wleting, Bremen. Nobiolk, June at?Arr bark Clarissa Perkins, Cobb, New York; iichr Glaucus, Wood, New Vork. In Hampton Roads brig Catharine, Vesper, from ('harleston, bound to City Point. Cld ship ( amera, Dunbar, for City Point, to load for I teuoa; sclir A N'ickcrsoii, Smith, Antigua. 9ld brig George Shatluck, Bragdou, for Portsmouth, N H; schrs Mary, Trefettled, for Portsmonth; A Nickerson Smith, Antigua. Ptiii.ADKLPtiiA, June 311?Arr, brig Robert Wain, Sear*, fm Boston: ichri Italian, Kicketts, do j Kluha Bnckman, Mitchell, from Nantucket. Lid?brigs Creole, Colion. Kali River; Toledo. Clover, Boston; Lydia Karnham, Karuham, Boston; irhrs llnme, Mills, Providence; Mechanic, Sawyer, Brigh j ton; Brandvvtine, Stevenson, NYork; Washington, Cuth. hen. N Yoik; Mary k Caroline, Shropshire. NV ; Kmeliue. Vaugilder, Providence; Imperial, Keed, Alleu*portj N V Fox. Bigner, NYork; Mexico, Tomliu, do; barge Venus, Wilson, do. DR. COBBH T. 19 Duane sireet, member of the Royal College uf Surgeons, Condon, may be consulted lu the treatment of certain delicate diseases. A practice of four teen years, devoted to venereal diseases, enables Dr. C. to enre the worst form of this disease. Recent cases cured in four days No mercury iced, nor restraint in diet or business pursuits. Stricture* cured iu one or two weeks with scarcely any pain. (.oisttTfTio>AL Dkmlity.?Those individuals, whohav? indulged in a certain loathsome habit, can positively be re stored to hmlth and society. Remember, 19 Duane street, next door to Dr. Johnson's. j3> Star ME I >IC A L OFFICE7 DR. JOHNSON, 17 Duane street, near Chatham street, so well known as the most successful praetiuuer iu New York iu the treatment of venereal dueases. The Doctor's reputation for skill in those old half-cured cmn that have ex isted for yeara, in pre-eminent. (.Meet, Stricture, ulcers upon the body, or in Ihe throat or note, paiua iu the head and bones of the legs, effectually cured. Constitutional weakness, brought on by a secret hsbit indulged in by young men, canting lascivious dreams aud nigiitly emissions, positively prevented. Kecent esses cured ill lour days, without Mercury. No alteration in diet or prevention from busiuess. je30 3t*r removal" Dr. TOWNSEND'8 SARSAIARILLA DEPOT will be removed on the 1st of Msy, to 128 Kultou street, next door to the Suu Office, sign of the Big Bottle. N. B.?Look out for counterfeits aud impostors. See thai every bottle is signed with the written signature of 8. P. Towiueud. Owing to the unprecedented saccessof this article a company has beeu formed to put up a spurious one ia the same sha|*d bottles. Lookout for impostors. *21 lin'rc MC.U11/AL. AiNU OUKtjrlLAU NO QUACKERY.-Dr. Morrison has been engaged for over 2) years iu the successlal treat inent of all lorms of private diseases, mercurial and svphilit>c eruptious, gleets, strictures .gonorrhoea and debility, aiisitig IroBi a secret habit ? D*. M. holds no communion with pretended surgeous He* I his London diploma, with the signatures of the court of examiner* of the Koyal College ol burgeons, including Sir Astley Cooper's, Sir Anthony Carlisle's, Ike., Icc., in his offire h'liltun st. I.euers artesided to. je213i*m KITCHEN RANGES. HOLMES' TWO OVEN KITCHEN RANGES. THE Proprietors are now prepared to furnish Holme*' ranges to the trade, or set them np for private families nr boarding houses, having purchased the right I rum the patentee to manufacture and sell them. Our experience in manufacturing and setting Kitchen Ranges, in this city, for the put II years, warrants us in asserting that Holmes' ltansre cannot be surpassed for economy, convenience, and durability. They are warranted to perform the pur|wiee for which they are pure chased, and ifuot they will be removed free of any expense to the pure baser Numerous references can be given to twrsoua wishing to purchase. The prices range Irom U to U dollars. The proprietors are con?:a*itly msuufac.uring, aud are well supplied w ith parlor, olBoe, add bed-rov^m ORATES, of the newest patterns. , , . , _ Also?TIN WAKE, bright, plain and jammed. They hare masons at all H'lies reedy to set Ranges, grues, and boiler*? also, smokey chimneys SON. mil lm*re * 7* N?a?*n street. i aHI Mil i r>?f iKe..?iis.;> a t ^ra THK SUBS' Kill ER respectfully cajls the attention of the military public to his assortment of Military Eouipateut* idapted to all companies: Milury Cap*, Knapsacks, Sexes Bayonet Scabbarda of every variety. Country c<Mnnea about changiug their uniform, or those about forming A full assortment of every variety, constantly on hand, aad nade to order at the shortest notice. f58 3m*rrc H. S. ORATACAP, 1W Broadway. ALr 8KI.XS k. nLACOHi r.K HIDES?MM best qua lity City Calf Sltns, selected. Also light, middlinf, and heavy Hides, of various average weights, ror sale by m*-> im'rre l()?N TV* K.livaberll el ri EN I.T5TE HAVANA StOARS. of the new braad~ * * U Jadio Errante," (The Wandering Jew.) V O Kulton street, ll t(ss*** apssnk Hole1 en its"* *' BOOKS BO IJ C, HT~ " . PERSONS wishing to dispose of their Librariee, either large or small, will always find a ready purchaser and good prices, by addressing a few lines, giving ?ame M?*?eri io J. M'CABB. n4 lm** v* Nassau, or Wirmfftfts sireey. i) C IYfMl TO LEND ON BOND AND MORTIJUU OAOE, m sums to suit applicant*, on productive Heal Estate, in this eity and Brooklyn. Apply to S. 8. BROAD. No. II Wall street. In the Cretan Water Office, basement. mvMlm're fcfcMAW TO LE/il^ ~ ON BOND ANT) MORTOAOE for a term of vears on food productive rati estate in iH? city or Brooklyn. Th# ibove named sum belong* to au e*?*te in trust, and 't will be divided in sums to suit applicant- Apply to 8. H. BROAD, No. II Wall street, tn the Cro**" Water Office, Basement " ~~L7 DUGAN fc BROTHERS, CJLATF.KS, No 43i Brfv>w>? ??r?-M, corner nf Bro?<lw?r. !5 New Yorlt ?N*w Hool< P?t ?n in th? b??t m*nnrr, and .Id Roof. rrr?ir?<l nd ?rrMtjd twir. Order, ? H the ?bo?? place, *nd Mr P- Mark ..36 H?nry 'trret, will kf I

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