Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 2, 1846, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 2, 1846 Page 1
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TH fol. XIX, la. 1IM-WM? 4400. THE NEW YORK rfERALP" JAMES GORDON BENNETT, PROPRIETOR. Circulation-- -Forty Thousand. DMLV HUHALD-ttery Price 2 cents percopy?$7 2i per umuin?jiaykblc in a<lv ince. WEEKLY HERaLD?kvery Saturday?Price 6V* cents !> r copy?53 Itk C?IH? l>?r aonuin?payable in adtuu-e. HEHAL1) K OR EL ROPE?Firry Steam Packet day. Price 6Si OBU per copy?S3 00 per annum, payable in advance. ADVERTI8EMEMTS at lh? usual price*?always ca*h In advance. PHIMTINfl kin.l. ?i,|, ,?.l A**. r_ patch. All latter* or communication*, by mail, addre**ed to the establishment, must be p<>*t pa d, or the postage will be deducted from the subscription money rrmitt d. JAMES (iOHllON.BWNElX Proprietor of the NIWYoii Ht:>ii.D EiTtiLiirMtUT, North-Weit corner of Kultou and Nawau streets. UC-a\ivjr S_MD RAILROAD COMPANY. SUMMER JIRH-1NGEMENT *^Pw^^Wr*^BWr TRAINS RUN AS FOLLOWS. COMMENCING WED .NESDAY, MAY 1J, 1816: Leave Bbooklt* atTo'clock. A.M. Bo*tontrriu for Greenport, daily (except Sunday*,) atopp?(g at Farmingdale and St. George's Niinor. " " at 9)i o'clock. A. M., for farmin dale and intermediate place*. " H at 3 P. M., throimh to Oreenport, str' pine both way* at Jamaica, Branch, Hicksx ille, Farmingdale, and all the atationa between Farmingdale and Oreenport. " " at i P. M., for Farmingdale and inurme diate placea. LtiTI OmiBirroaT at J o'clock, A. M. Accommodation train, daily, (except Sunday*,) through to Brooklyn. H " at 3 P. M., Boaton train, or on the arrival of the ateamer from Norwich, stopping at St. Oeorge'a Manor and Farmingdale. Leave Famiinodalc at 6k A. M', Accommodation tram for Brooklyn. " at l>4 A. M. Oreenport train, for Brooklyn. " " at 2pt P. M. Accommodation train, for Brooklyn. Leave Jamaica at I A. M. Accommodation train, far Brooklyn. " at 9V A. M. Oreenport train for Brooklyn. " " at 3\ P. M. Accommodation tram, for Brooklyn. FaHC TO ? Bedford t cent*, Eaat New York 12)?, Race Courae 18V- Trottiug Course 18V. Jamaica 25, Brushville 31>t, Hyde Park (17 mile*) 3TK|. Clowsville (duriug the sesaion of court) 37k, Hempstead 37 W, Branch 37 >j', Carle Place <4, Weatbury 44, llicksville 44, Karmiugdale 62k, Deer Park 60, Thomp*on 88, Suffolk (ration SI, Lake Road station SI 18V, Medford station SI 18%, Yuphank$1 37 k, St. Oftorge's Manor $1 Riverheaa SI 6lk, Jamesport SI 62k, Mattetack SI ?2k. Cutchogue SI 6J,S, Southold SI 62>i, Oreenport Accommodation train SI 73, Oreenport by Boatou train S2 25. Stages are in readinea* on the arrival of train* at the aeveral itationa, to ttka paiaenger* at very low fare*, to all part* of the Island. Baggage Crate* will be in readinen at the foot of Whitehall (treat, to reccive baggage for the aeveral train*. 30 mioutea before the hour of starting from the Brooklyn aide. The steamboat " Statesman" leave* Ortenport for Sac Harbor twice each day, on the arrival of the trauia from BrookIZL mvia re TU WESTERN TRAVELLERS n 'HE Public ia reapectiull) mlormed that the recent break J in the Canal, caused by the late freshet. having been repaired, the PIONEER & EXPRESS LINE, via Railroad and Canal from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh, commenced its regular trip* for the aeaaon on Mouday, the 6tli of April, leaving the Depot, No. 274 Market street, DAILY, at 7k o'clock, A.M. By this route passengers will avoid all the fatigue and danger of night travelling in coaches, both Railroads being passed in daylight. For further information, apply at the old-established Office, 374 Market street, i doors above EiAth street. Sin *jm*rrc A. R CUMMINQS, Agent. LONO ISLAND RAILROAD Express Mall Train, leaves Whitehall atreet Ferry, New York IB^M side, evaryjnorning at 7 A. M., for Boston.? *l?" trains from Brookl> n side at 7 o'clock and five uiuiutes, and 9>i A M., and 3 and J P. M.. daily. The 7 A M , and 3 P. M tiaina go through, the former stopping at Farmingdale and manor, and the latter at all places en the toad - , jel> tM ^ . DRAFTS',ON GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND?Persons wishing to remoney to cheir friends iu auy |>art of the old country, can procure drafts of the ^^HHBiMiubscribers for say amount, Irom ?1 and upward*, pay able at s(ft)t, without discount, in all the principal tow us throughout England, Ireland, Scotland, and The subscribers beg to info m their friends and the public that this branch of their busiueas continue* to receive their partionlar attention, and they feel quite certain Jhat better arrangements than theirs for transmitting money to the old country cannot be made. The rovnl mail iteimrr Caledonia will leave Boston tomorrow, by which all draft* ran be forwarded. W. fc J T. TAP8COTT, 86 South street, je38 r 2 doors helnvy Burling slip. PACKET SHI I' ONEIDA, for Havre, will be kXVVW'Uraiurd until Thursday, 2d mat. at 12 o'clock, at jHlM^?rhicb time passengers will plea?e be on board, at piei iVu. 4, North river. The mail will close at the Tost Office, and letter* taken from the Heading Rooms at 11>* precisely. J y 1 PASSAGE lO OK FROM LIVERPOOL by tJH^Vthe new line of Liverpool Packet*?Persons *endJMMfaing for their Irieuds in any part of Great Britain or Irelaud. can make the neceuary arrangements with the subscribers on reasonable terms, to hire them brought out in any of the above magnificent packets, the accommodations of which are unequalled, aad the stricieit punctuality will be observed in their sailing on the stated days. From New York on 2l|t and 26tli of eacli month. From Liverpool on Cth and 11th of every month. Thus preventing the possibility of delay at either port. The subscriber* are also agent* for the St. Ueorge'* Line of Packets, in a?y of which magnificent ships passage can be secured at a very moderate rare, or in lint claa* traniient ships, altogether making a ship from Liverpool every 6ve days. The created carc will be taken by Mr. W. Tapscott in Liverpool to give all possible despatch to passenger*, and the same w ill he done by the aubicriber* in New York. Kor further particular* apply (letter* paid) to W. h J. T. TAPSCOTT, 8<5 South *treet, two doors below Burling slip, or to WM. TAPSCOTT, S6 Waterloo Road, jeM r Liverpool. FOR NEW ORLEANS?LOUISIANA AND w|SffWNew York Line?Regular Packet?To sail Monday, ^HHjglOth July. The elegant fast sailing packet ship Loo ioy ILLE, Hunt master, will positively sail a* above, her regnlar day. For 1 freight or pasaage, having handsome furnished accommodations, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall st , or to E. K. COLLINS It CO., M South st. Positively no goods received ou board alter Saturday evening, 18th mat. Agent in New Orleans, James E. Woodruff, who will promptly forward all good* to hi* address. Packet ship OSWEGO Johnston master, will ancceed the Loaiiville; and sail Monday, Augnat 10th, her regular day. jejo r SHIP NORMAN, from Havre?C onsignees per MV^V'his ship will please send their permit* on board, at JHNKsPier No. J North river, or to the office ot the undersig'ieu. Al! goods not permitted in five davs, will he seut to the public store. BOYD It HlNCKK.N. jeJO f No 89 Wail st. rACKKTS Ffift TTAVKE-ReeandTine?The packet ship ONEIDA, Captaia Jame* Funck, will JIBHfKasail ou the 2d of July. Fur Ireiglit or passage apply to BOYD It IllNCICEN, jyl r M Wall street. x*3P- FOR MARSEILLES?The bark COLUMBIA, rfWfyCapt. Trussell; to be promptly despatched. For JHHfalrtiiiht or passage, apply to BRETT It VOSE, 28 Sonth atreet, or to j*30 r BOYD It HINCKEN. 88 Wall street. FOR ^LIVERPOOL?Regular Packet of ?th raSwV Julv.?The splendid, new, last sailing packet ship JhHbEiIINDEPENDENCE, Capt P B Allen, burthen ton., will sail as above, her regular day. II. vinsverv snoerior accommodations for cabin, second cabin una (terrace [Xiftienxrri, those intending to embark, ihflald nuke immediate application oa board, loot of Maiden lane, or to JOSEPH MeMURRAY. J*23 corner of Pine and South streets. f?-~ KUH LI VERPOOL?New Line?Regular Packet lUtJulv.?The superior. fast sailing packet ship j8mA?bH(>TT1NGUER, lioo tout burthen, Capt. Ira BursleT, wul tail at above, her regular day. For freight or passage, having elegant and superior accom modatioas. apply oa board. *nl side of Burling.slip, or to WUOUHL'LL V MljiTl RN, ?7 Bunth street. Pnce of passage I H*> The packet ship Liverpool IMA tons bo'than, Captain John Eldridgv, will succeed tn? Hottinguer, and sail on her rrgotai >?? . tl" Anrust jeJ3rc ?dKk- KUK LIVtlll'UOL?Nt* Line? Regular packwWWtt of the 2Hh July.?Tba elegant, fast tailing pack l&lllbet ship ROSCIUB, A. l-Uridge, master, of 1100 tons will ?.ii it above,her regular day. For freight or passage, hating accomodations unequalled for splendor nr comfort, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, foMofWill street, or to. E. k. COLLINS It CO., H South st Packet s^ir^fftjDONB, E B. Cobb, master, will rarcaed tha ROSCIL'tt, and sail on the Kth August,her regularly. J? V rc FOR OLA8(iOW?Tha new. first class sntf m|WWARVIJM, J-0 tons, H- Robinson, master, having Hb<n<it of her cargo engagad, will meet with despatch. rui iiaianc* of freight or paasagc, havnji eicellent accommodations, apply to Uta ceitsin on board.loot of Dover street, or to WOODHULL Ik MINTL'RN, j,l? r *7 Honth street olSLy-HEOBi.AH LIME OK PACKtTB FOR t&lfVULArO >W?Packet of tha 1st July. The fine new jlflMfaAut sailing Packet Ship BRoOKSBV, ( apt U. W. JJr> Miuier, will positively sail as above, her regala* day. i '1 he acaommoda'ions of tbis splendid ship for csmn. second cabin and s aer?ga passengers, caqpot be surpassed. Persona about to embark for Scotland, should not fail to make early application oa board, foot of Uorer St.,or to W. kJ T. TAPSCOTT. j?7 H Bonth ?fc, 2d door below UNITED 8T ATfciTk-(JKKA'l ImiTAIN h kMgk. I ROLAND OLD ESTABLISHED EMIGRANT ^ IBfarOf' j 1< E ?The Subscribers are prepared to brin| oil |MiHii|?ri by any oi the Lisa of Packets tailing every At* day* i and drafts can, as nsaal, b? famished, payable tiirougUoat the United Kingdom. For farther particulars apply to JOHN HERDMAN It Co!, mt7 II Hnsih street. *3? PACKETtTKOH MAR&EiLLEa?The'packet iHKship OA8TON, Captain I". < oaltar, will sail oa the JHIblit of J?lr. For freight or passage apply to CHAMBERLAIN k T'HELPS. MS Front St., or to Ja? BOv,< - "L X? " ^*JI ** WINDOW SHADE DEPOT, Na.T SPRUCE STREET. kit amisHt n ii? IMO. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL, UHADEs of all descnptioas, kinds and sites. 50 per rent ^ cheaper than ean ba booght U any other places Trim min?a at manufacturers' price. bartol, de MAUNY k Co.. |( Isa'rra Maaafaatarets k Importers. E JNE n: FOR SALE, TWO FINE S.1DDLE HORSES. ^ WllL4rira also ma carriage. They ^ /Xi?r>?Te J last the rifht me fur ridinic ou horseback, aaid hare been lone osrd to ',' ^ ? the sauuie. Al>ply at lh? desk of the Herald Office, lor funher particulars J?U tf*Jgb ?n AS KLKUANT BROUUHAM auid Pair of /X?l,?llOR8KS, with eutire new Harness, to be disposed by a (enileinsu about le??i?K the city- 1* carri?i(e was bti It to ordrr by ou? of t)>? ur?t mskers, aud hu been used but.* few timet. To be seen ?t Coiieu s Livery Sublet, Crotby street. ' ie2fi lw*r MMNU CHAKLWJ 8PANIEL8?OK THE pore breed, rrcrired by the lllwlITnTIll from London, Tot sale by A. Grieve. i Jolui street. Alsu, rare lblr Bird*, only to be lound at hi* establishment, No. I tJohu street .... .N. B ?Letters from the ounous, to distiot part*, (post paid) will be atteuded to, by . , .A. UKIKVE, I alT linrh Importer and dealer id Birds, Cages, fce. T1U. N lOHTINU.ALK SU.NU IN JOUN aTKr.KT. ?, THK HKAL BIRD itself lias arrived, and likewise MO of the Saiouy Canaries, the warbling of which, the stranger and curions, is rather au interesting uul sight?for each customer has a different habitation. and Arehy will be hu>py to attend to the ladies and geutleineu as they pass Broadway and Johu street. m>I7 Im'rh m STOKE TO LET. in the Herald Unildings, No. 97 Nassau street. Apply on the premises. j*-26,6t re liUUMS, FURNISHED UK UNFURNISHED. TO LET?In a small a:id most delightfully situated [ house, near the Washington i'arade (iroiind, one or JatfLtwo rooms, with or witliout full or partial board. No other boarders or lodgers are in the house, nor will be taken. TVn family at present consists of only three growu persons. To single geiitlemeu, or a gentleman and lauy, desitous of liring in a private family, and in a peasant, ijuiet, and handsome location, this offers a?opportunity but rarely met with. The entire naif of tW house will be let to a desirable tenant, without children. Address B. T. at the desk of this office. myl9tfrrc NEW LEBANON SPRINGS. t COLUMBIA HAL L,M ar IVIWS?This favorite place of resort is now open and reariyfor the receptiou ofcoin panv, being under the management of its old proprietor, Hull. Presuming on his long experience as a caterer for the travelling public, he intends that the management of the eatnblishmeut shall be ?uch a* (o meet the wants of the inoit fastidious, whether tarrying fur the season or ? shorter iieriod. Je3 imre HENRY HULL. KOR SALE OK TO LET, a The Modem built three ?tory brick house, 215 Admit treet, Brooklyn. If not told by private tale, it will be disposed of at public auction, ou the lith day of May next. half of ih* par chase money can remain on mortgage,, for a term 01 years. Application to be made on the premises 115 Adams St., Brooklyn. s? lm*rc FOR SALh OK TO LEASE, IN BROOKLYN. ** VAN BRUNT'S HOTEL, No. 23 Fultou street, [??! (northeasterly side,) five doors from Fulton Kerry, it XjUL now offered lor (ale or to lease. The house is 25 by 45 feet, lour stories high, containing 22 rooms, and beiui(ou the greatest thoroughfare tu Brooklyn is a good location for many kinds of business. Possession given immediately. For particulars, inquire en the premises of GEOROE VAN BRUNT. Brooklyn, May >5. l>lt myag Im'rc M HOUSES TO LET? In Hoboken, near the FerryTwo three story bnck houses, rent $200 a year, with free ferriage to the family. Alto, two large three story and basement brick dwelling houtet. finished in the best style with every convenience and wiihiu one minute's walk of the ferry. Apply to J. A. STEVENS. Jr., je25 lw*rc at Hoboken WATTRIPONT fc CO., [1 FASHIONABLE HATTERS QL n Nassau street, uear Fulton. New York. THE subscribers beg to call the sttmition of the pnbfic to the quality uf their various kinds ol Hati of their own mauu facture. rhey have just received a small supply of superioi moleskin, now used by the most fashionable hitters in Pans, a sample of which they will feel much pleasure in showing to those who will favor them with a call. The undersigned do not pretend to sell at 2^ or even 10 tier cent less than any other establishment; neither can they boast ot having a splendid store: but the) flatter themselves that the quality and finish of their Hats will give entire satisfaction, at the prices charged. They have adopted the French ityle ol trimming the summer hats, which is a preventive to the perspiratiuu coming through and spoiling the beao'y ol their appearance. M. B. WATTRIPONT, hit to Irn'm WM. H. JAMES. GENIN'S GOSSAMER HATS, ft WEIGHING frem to JX| ounces. Price only $3 50 It is about two years since the Gossamer Hat was first introduced by the subscriber to the notice of the New York public, as the lightest, the most desirable, an ? the most tasty uticle for snmuier wear heretofore in use. The astouishing success attending them, evinced by the eitraordiuary large amount of sales, aud the popular approbation bestowed upon theui by the many who nave given them their patronage, nave not been lott u|niu the subscriber, who. to show that lie is ever anxious to excel in his art, uow presents for public patronage the Gossamer hat. much ligJ'Wr aud more pleasant than any other ever before offered. They are not liable, like the Leghorn and Panama, to lose either shape or color from exposure to the raiu. They cannot be soiled by either perspiration or oil from the hair, to commonly the cue with outer Hau, Tor the much admired ityle of trimmings, originating w ith the proprietor, effectually preveuU all thu. Thia ia a decided advantage over all other hau. The public are invited to call i?f thit article at J. N. OENIN'S Hat and Cap Store, myZT lm'rc 2U Broadway, opposite Ml. Paul's Church . SUMMER HATS. EOOSOMY JIND FASHION. ROBERTSON'S PHENIX HAT AND CAP MANUFACTORY, 103 Fulton street.?The undersigned bespeaks the atteution of* the public to the quality ol bis Summer HaU, possessing the various properties usually sought for by the man of taste, they hare the additional merit ol being ii per cent below the standard prices. They are essentially similar in material, workmanship, and finish, to the articles manufactured by (be more aplendid establishments ol Broadway; and oa cjesr comparison of their res|>ectiT? merits, no material difference can be perceived, except in the single particular that the subscriber ha* adopted a style ol trimming, which effectually prevents th? perspiration ol the forehead Irom striking through, and impairing tike appearance. Their average weight is from iJi to 3K ounces?being much lighter than substantial Leghorns, or Panamas. Persons of I taste and judgment, who are influenced in their purchases hy considerations of cost, are invited to examine them, and to establish, by the test of comparison, their rr<cise value, compared with the productions of other manufacturers. myZI lm*rt ROBERTSON, 103 Knlron street. GENTLEMEN'S SPRING tASHION. r? BEAVER AND SILK HATS of the best quality and b?m approved sha|>ea, are now ready for- inapecuou and sale at the old established prices. Best Beaver 50 Bex Silk 4 00 HOWE, Merchant*' Eachange, ?I7 lm*rre 40 William street. J. PRICE tL GO. FASHIONABLE HAT STORE. f* THE SUBSCRIBERS having oDened a HAT STORE at No. 110 Fnlton street, corner of Dutch street, respectlally solicit the patronage of their old customers and the public. Thev will constantly keep on hand a complete assortment of Hats, Caps. Umbrellas, kc., kc? of the latest style, and will sell at the lowest pneea. Single hau made to order at the aliortest notice. ICHABOD PRICE,' myS ln?T THOH SHANNoSf. EXCELSIOR. r? ROBERTSON'S PHffiNIX tW JjL HAT AND CAP MANUFACTORY I03KULTON ST., BETWEEN NASSAU and WILLIAM f HE proprietor of tins esublishment lias recently added to m. ma riifmitc iiuti 01 i|>nux iiw, m ouuuuibui u> Moleskin Hats, of ci.juisite finish and superior rlrgmice. The price ol these really superb articles is only $l 10,beingSI J" IrM than the same goods (manufactured in the Mine inauuei and of similar material) are told in Broadway. The secret ol this great disparity iu price may be eaeily conjectured. The advertiser*! eipenses being but a tithe of those of the more splendid establishment* in bru.'dway, lie is ui consequence enabled to offer goods ol a corresponding description at lowei rales a 2J lm?re go.000 HAVANA k PRINCIPE SEGARS. 1*0 Bales HAVANA TOBACCO, u follow* ?? Kmnlacion, Kaculapio, Prested, Bland* Kegalia, San Roman, lliouda do., flgperanxa do., La Victoria, Lafayette do., Washington do., Kaperauta, Rionda Couirre?so*, Lafayette do., Rionda, Do. Plantation, Principe Steamboat Lafayette, Principe Justo Sane, Via. Jajo Tobacco The whole entitled to debenture, and in lots to suit. Koi sale by BM. PICA HI A, mvl Im'r 117*"? - np stair* SPUING AND SUMMKK CLOTHING, AT W. H. DE OKOOT k CO.'s, 102 Kulton st., WHKHK the following great attractions will be presented?Cloth Coats, blaclt, blue, brown auu olive, from $8 to $16; Alpacc*. Croton, Brown Linens, Check Linens, Scotch and oilier Oinghams; Tweed, Sax* Go.lia, Casluneretta, Jeans and Merino; Stalks, Kroeks, Dress and Shad Coau.of every color and shape, from Si to $J. Pauts?( ss?nnere?. Linen and Worsted I neck^ Alpacca. Merino, White and Brown Linen, fancy Summer Krencbai.u American I'mimrrti, lr>im SI to JJ v eata?satin, piam and atriped; aahmert, Merino, Hilk. Maraeillea, Valencia, Oingham, and a very handaome atyle of Lineua, beat for aammer * ear, from 74 centa to Si. Boy*' Clothing, equally cheap: a good aaaoriinenl for luintner weir on Iiand. jettlwr W H DK<H?C)Tfc' O- 102 Fulton at. EDWARD FOX, DRAPER ANU TAILOR, INVITES the attention of the public to the moat eiteuane lock of ready made clfltlnng in the city, adapted to aiiriufi and aummer trade In addition to the ready made, the aafncriher oH'eri for inspection the moat deairable election of piece gooda in the market, of every color and pattern, and tlie aupe rior akill employed in the cutting and manufacturing depart a?ita iaaucli aa enablea the aubacriber with confidence, to in"tathe attention of gentlemen who prefer to have their garmenta made to order. The above atock baring been aelected with great care, and bought foreaah alone, la a atrong inducement for all to call who wiah to purchaae at leaat JO per cent leat than at thoae houace who are obliged to do buameaa upon the credit lyatem. N. BOfficera of the army and oar y are particularly mrited to anil and etamiae a large aaaortment of auperior blue elotha and raaaimerea, which will be made up at the ahcrieit notice, and in a manner not to be -n-rantJ KDWaKD Kox, 202 Broadway, eat r niton oppoaita lo the Kranklin Honae. CAHD THE Bnhacriber havint become intereated ia the above home, reaped full y reqneata the patronage of hia rnatomera and frieuda. Ordera enuuaied to hia care wilUw attended to with promptneaa. JAMES A. 8WAIN. aM lm*rc O B CLAKXS, MEKOHABT TAlLOlL HAS REMOVED from 132 William ?treet to ll? Wilijaja atreet, within 4 doora of John.?A rich and faahionable ' aaao tment of (i?oda will alwaya be kept on hand, and will , be made to order, at auch prices aa muat command the atten ! tion of the truly economical, while the atyle and finiah will, ; to the man of taate, apeak for themaelfea. a? nil |uuui nrr udukiii uir run, miu, niviri"^ < ?*j ** / loweat ritri, * finer article will be manufacturru, at * lowae price, thin the credit tailora out poaaibly flirnuh. oinratL scai.k or raicc*. Fine French Cloth Black Wreaa Coat, from $15 to $f> "0 Black Ooeakin Panta 5 to IM Veata, of Satin, Bilk, fcc , 2 to S 00 O.i c? Coat*, and all other articlaa nanally aold by.the trade, atnnnaaally low pneei. Formerly with ' Brandaye," of Broadway- T* lm'rre . W YO EW YORK, THURSDAY PAVILION, NEW BRIGHTON. I PBI.ANl' ARU bu the honor to inform his friends aad the public in geueral.that the Pavilion it now iu fall ; operation aud prepared for their receptionSteamboats run between Pier No. I, North Hirer, and New Brighton, at the followuiK hours, viz:? )>rom New Urikhtou. I Krom New York. 8,11A.M. 9. U A. M. J, 6 P. M. 3>i. J, 7 P. M. BLANCARD. Pavilion, Nsw Brighton. June I, IMS. j27tfrc TliE ABBE* HOTEL, BLOOMINGDALE ROAD. Ci APT.. M. H. TKUfcSDKLL. late of the North Rirer, > having taken the above house, begs leave lo inform his 1'iiends and the public, that he is now prepared to arcommo date familiea and tingle gentlemen, with board and lodgings, on reasonable terms for the season. Tlse sitaa'jou of tht above p|a:a can sot be sarpassed, lad ! Che gronnds connected tnerewith and the river new, readers it ttie most desirable summer residence, as well as a daily resort. as is to be found yi the vicinity of New York. The table will be supplied with all the delicacies of the seasoM, and Breakfast, l)iuner and Supper served at all time*. Th# Bar it stocked wnli Wiues and Liquors of the choicest brauda,aa well as fegars Ales, \.c. Ice Creams and other refreshment* constantly on hand. N. B?Moore's Line of Mauhattanville Stages |>aas near | the door every forty minutes during the day, leaving New York from City Hall. There is also a lirst rate Stable attached I lo the premises. Bloominvdale, June 27th. 18)6 je27 Iw*re S ? A BATHING, "~~~ LONG BRANCH, N. J. Til K SUBSCRIBER wilt open the Sea Beach Hoom, for the reception of visiters, June iitltli. The steamboat Oris from the font ol Fulton street^ and Edwin Lew is from foot of Vesey street, both run daily to the Ocean House,where stage* are alwa\ s in readiness to convey passengers to the Branch. H. ROWLAND Si CO. _je27 lw*rc SCHOOLEY'S MOUNTAIN SPRINGS, MARSH'S HEATH HOUSE. TIIK UNDERSIGNED would give notice that hit establishment was opened for the reception of visiter* on the first of June, instant?having beeu pat in the best possible condition, and supnlied with every comfort usually found at the most fashionable place* of simmer resort. The eiteasire p'easure grounds around the house liave undergone very considerable embellishments since the l?st season. A bathing establishment has been fitted np for warm and cold bath*. ! Wlthanrh ennt-enienrea u to sunnlv the wants of all Hid without the least delay. A new and splendid Bowling Allay, fur the use of ladies u well as gentlemen, has been recently erected?and a Band of Music, a* usual, to cheer and enlivea the whole No puns will be spared ojr the undersigned to secure the greatest amount of comfort to his guests and to maintain whatever of repu'a'ion he may have aconired in the management of his extensive and highly popular establiahmeut. The facilities for getting here by public conveyance ara very great?by railroad to Morristown leaving Ne t York at 8 o'clock A. M. and 12 o'clock P. M., noon- aud from Morristown IU most excellent stages, immediately after the armal of the trains. E. MARSH. June 2?d, 1846. je24 lw*re "the shades hotel, 64 Rcade Street, IVtit Side nf Broadieay. THE Subscriber respectfully informs hia friends and the public, that lie has lately opened the above Kstablishmeat, in a style superior to any other house of the kind in the city of New York. The satisfaction which lie has hitherto given to his numerous friends and customers, while proprietor of "The Shades," in Thames street, he flatters himself will be a guaranty to all who may pocromse him in his new eatablishment, while uo effort on his part will be wanting to Merit the continuance of their patronage The usual relishes. Chops, Steaki, Welsh Rarebita, Poached tits, See., will be served up in a superior style. The room will he.regularly supplied wuh city papers, aa well as a full supply of foreign paper*, by rrery arrival from Europe. JAMES EVANS, mil lm*rc eagle coffee house and baths, NO. 52u Pearl street, between Centre and Elm?Warm, cold and show er Baths, equal to those id any house in the city, at I2X cents; Lodgings, with good clean beds, 12)? cts.; Boarding and Lodging, (2 SO per week. In the reading room will be found newspaper* laom London, Liverpool, anil all the principal riliea of fne United States *4 lm*rb EUTAW HUUsE, HALTlMOKc.. THIS spleudid Hotel has been lately re-fitted and furnished in the most complete and elegant manner, by Messrs Jack son te. Cranston, and, after the 30th April, when it opens to the public, will be open for the reception of guest*. The experience ofMr. Cranston as host of the Kockaway Pavilion, and ol Mr. Jackson, at the Exchange Hotel, Baltimoie. and at the Astor House, New York, is a guaranty of the style in which the " Eutaw will be kept. The location is the best in the city of Baltimore. . The Pavilion, at Kockaway, L. I., will remain under the charge of Mr. Cranston, who. during the summer month*, will be happy to see his old friends at thie favorite wa taring plaea. a29 lm*r_ saracen's heal), 12 dey street, n. y. JOSiHl SMITH .lata of Worcester, England, begs leave to inform his friends,CB*t?ners ui the public in general that he haa recently fitted up his nonse .'a a eery superior manner, and ealrul?t?d ?? |lfut a?ntlemen ?f taste. He will always, as heretofore, keep his Bar and Larder supi.tied with the best Luiuors aud Provisions that the market affords Dinners from 12 till 3o'clock, and Cold Cuts, Chops, Stakes, Rare Bin. lie., at all hoars. k His supply of English and city newspapers is eaeelled by no house in New York, and his Ales, Wines, Segars, fee., are of the most superior quality and the attendance prompt. Private Rooms provided for parties, and the comfort and accommodation of customers always attended to. Lodgings, lie. myli lm*r red^ulphiJrIsfrings, monroe co., va. This celebrated watering place win be open the next summer, as usual, for the reception of vi iters. Its fame in the relief aud cure of pulmonary diseases, extending over a period of fifty years, is so sustained by facts and evidence, that it no longer admits of dispute. For the extent and peculiarity of its medicinal virtues, however, the reader is referred to a work on " Th? Mineral Strings of western Virginia," by Wm. Burke, to be had at Wiley It Putnam's. The ohject of this advertisement is to say that arrati it # m*nf? arm inai4? tn N'nmmndat m viaitrri in fh#> mnat comfortable manner, mid that tliey will treated with uniform eourtciy ami kindness, wlule the charge* will be found as moderate as at the moil moderate of the spring*. There will be a reapectable |>hyiician in attendance. The road* are in good order, anil the beautiful Turnpike Road t> the Blue Sulphur will hare itwei upon it plying between the two Springs. which will Afford-an opportunity of visiting, in a week, all the Springs of W^atern Virginia. my# .m*re_ _ TlfK PROPRIETORS. MANSION HUUSli, MIDDLE TOWN CONNKCTICUT. THE UNDERSIGNED beg* leave to announce t o hit friend* and the public, that he Saa leased (he above house for a term of years, and hopes, by I >ng eipt-rience and strict attention to buiiie**, :o merit a liberi I *hare of their patron _ JOHN L. MONROE, l mr>.^i"*rr Formerly of the U. 8. Hotel, Boston. SHARON SPRINGS 1'AVILION. THF. PUBLIC is luformed that this establishment, having been rnlarged and improved since the close or the season, will be opened for the reception of visiters, on the 1st day ol June- LANUON k GAKUNKH. May 1. 1D16. my23 2m*r ' TRITON HOUSE, OLF.N COVE, LONG ISLAND. THE Subscriber rrsiwrtfully informs his friends and the public, that he has improved and enlarged the Triton Hotel, at the head of the steamboat landing, aid it ia now thoroughly fitted up, and ready for the reception ofBoarder*. The situation of this establishment for the purpose of Salt Water Bathing, is amongst the most eligible on Long Island Sound, as the Hands attached to the premise* have a vrry extensive water front, and a Ane beach for swimmers. The outbuildings sre new, and the Bar and Bowling Alley are entirely unconnected with the house. Having a f*rm of M acre* appended to the hotel property, the subscriber can offer his friends the inducements of a plentiful suffHy of good milk and butter, and such other comfort* a*hetru*t*. together with hi* unremitted attention* to the wishe* of hi* guests, will render* residence at the Tritot House eatremely desirable. Horses and Carnages to hire. Kor terms, which will be moderate, aprly to WILLIAM L. JONES, Tntou House. Olen Cove. Long Island. May 1, IK6. nivS Imrrc HON afcJOUK. I'fie. guim niDrn nas me piruurw 10 uhiiikc um 1 hit house, at Brricrn Point, it uow open for public accomcnmmndatiou. A hotel on the Jersey tide has long been a desideratum which la now supplied. The house (the old Me tany mansion) has been re-titled in elegant style, with many new rooms and other important additions. The grounds are beautifully laid out, and what with luxariant shrubbery, charming Walks, agreeable drives, and pi sant boating, tha place will challenge corapetitioa with any rural residence. Kumiliea who wish to pass a cool and qniet summer, can be provided ?ith rooms or suits of apartments at their choice. Kisli of almost every variety abound in the *" Kills,' and the neighboring woods are not deficient in game The steamer ['.ns.iir, plying between.New ^ nrlt and Newark, stops at the landing, in front of the house, four times a day. ann the citiiens of New York cannot find a more beaatiful drive than that betweeu Jersey City and Bergen Teiut. In hue. all visiters, customers ann boarders, may be assured that no pains will be spared to wake the place merit the title given it of old?Bon Sejour. DANIEL W. LOCKWOOD. The Tasaaie, for Newark, leaies the foot of Barclay stree 4t 10 A. M. ana 4 P. M-, landing in front of :tie above place. 4, The Port Hichmond boat leaves pier No. I at ?, II, 3H and ? o'clock. At Port llichmond there will be boats in attenduire to oonvey [Husengers, and land rhem at the house. | m2 Im'r HAMILTON HOUSE, AT THE NAKKOWS 'I'HIB ELEGANT ESTABLISHMENT having under 1 gone thorough repairs and improvements, will be open for ihe reception of Boarders on the first of May, under the direction of the subscriber, who has beeu connected with the management of the hotel for the last two or three years. The I'rincipal rooms have beei> newly carpeted, and the whole house painted and put in eiceflent order. No pains or eipensewillhe spared by the present proprietor lo mske Ins cues'- comfortable in every way. For terms, Ite , addreaa subscriber, at Fori Hamilton. mllm'r THOMAS M El NELL . FINE 1JNEN KhlRTH.

MK8UAMES PALMER kFARR. 47? Broadway, eonrmne to mnke gentlemens' Linen to order, and warrant them Ur fit. The latest patterns and finest needlework character!** the establishment. MB ?Orders executed for any part of the country. Til lm*re " MONEY LE N T. THE Subacriber continues to advance the highest price, at the old-establed office, XXI William street, on gold and silver watches, diamonds, plate, jewelry, wearing apparel, dry gooda, furniture, and all personal property. JO!i/? M. DAVIES. Licvtfsed Pawnbroker. nvl* "**" TO SILVERSMITHS AND THE TRADE IN GENERAL. riARLICK k CO . PLATE, CHEST and DRESSING vX Case Manufacturers for this (last lune yesrs in I Itlffl, D?? moil nipicimiiy wjiii.u.-. " " ' ?ifcifi; ' they have removed to II and 20 Libwty itrwt, nur Williim < atreet, up (tain, where they will rontinaa to manufacture the I above article*. Alao, toaupply coantry maiinfaetnrera with Brau Bunding*, Ornament*, Iiilaya, fcc., and evary kind ol material for de?w, fan caeet, lie. I N. B ? Naral andMiliury Officer*' Canteen* made to order myM Im'r S'AKONY It MAJOR reapectfally .nferm their Iriend and the public, that thev hare removed their eatabnah! ment to t9 Naaaau atreet, Herald Bnildinga, whir* they ron tantly keep on hand large aaaortment of the beat aele?te?| cheap Lithographic Print*. Their reputation, already e*ia ! bluhed for tMQaapetior ?tyle of Stork Print*, make* them confident that tney will obtain a aontinuance of the pnblic patronage. They alao leader thair aarrieaa in all tha hranchea of Lithography. PortraiU, PI am, M?P*. Landacarea, Anatomical Drawing, fcc. fce.. aieeutfd ia a atyla which will cartj^^ lecmra tha approWiot of tha moat fua4io??- | * w ' J .\x% * rf ' * RK I MORNING, JULY 2, 184< THE LATE8T raoac tiik ARMY OF OCCUPATION.; TIIR I'lPTI'BPn VPtllUVTIIWV* THE SANTA FE EXPEDITION. tec. tec. teo. The steamer James L. Day, Capt. Grillin, arrived at New Orleans on the 23d ult., from the Brassos do Santiago, whence she sailed on the 20th. She brings no news of importance. Among the passengers by the J. Li. L)., were Lieut. Col. Payne, with the standards taken from the Mexicans; Majors Erving and Fowler, Captains Smith, Stockton and l'age, and Lieut. Sturges, of the army. Capt. Page is reported to be very low, though no fear? are expressed as to his recovery. [Prom the Matamoras Republic, June 16.] Mexican citizen, direct from Camnrgo, we are informed that the government ha* ordered the immodiate appearance of General* AriiU and Ampudia in the city of Mexico, the former to explain satisfactorily the causes of the mufortunea which befell the .\rmy in it* late un uccessful attempts upon the American force*?the latter, no doubt, to sustain some very serious charges which he has preferred against Arista. The representations made by these two chieftain*, judging from caiual expressions immediately after the destruction of their united forces, differed materially. Oen. Arisu passed through Monterey some twelve days ago, upon liis way to the city of Mexico. Ueueral Ampudia proceeded by the way of Tampico. By the arrival of Captain Prince's Ranging Company from Reynoso, on the morning of the 13th. we are informed of the safe arrival and occupation of Reynoso by | LIVUl. OUJUOCI IV IIBUH, W UUIC UC|'U I llllfl ?B UUNVDU HI our paper of the 6th. tie met with 110 opposition on tho way, hut found, a* they approached Keynoso, mostly all the farm house* abandoned. The command reached there on Wedneiday morning, the 10th, and encamped in the aubuib* of the town. On Thuriday the encampment wai moved into the public square, the inhabitant* ottering no opposition Gen Canutes, upon the preceding Sunday, had caused to be published a tianrto, or order, ny which the citizens were called to their allegiance, and commanded not to hold intercourse or trade with the invaders. The same decree was published at the different [daces where it was supposed the American forces were likely to arrive. Affairs In Mexico. [From the New Orleans Picayune, June 'J3.] The U.S. sloop of war Falmouth arrived at Pensacola on the 19th inst., from off VeraCruz, whence she sailed on the 4th inst. The U. 8. steam-frigate Princeton had arrived off Vera Cruz, and with the firigate Raritan was maintaining the blockade of the port. Our usws from the city of Mexico is later than we gave on Sunday. We are informed that the Mexican Congress was finally organized on the 1st inst., but we do not learn whether a legal quorum was obtained. The reader will recall that when Mr. Dimonl,ourlateCon<ul at Vera Cruz, left on the 30th ult.. he was decidedly of opinion that a quorum could not legally be obtained, and such appeals to have beeu the case down to the evening of the 30th ult. General Parade* had at last determined to leave the capital and Uke the comman4 of the army ot the frontier The result of the actions of the 8th and 9th of May is ?aid to have made npon him a piofouud impression. We detect in the tone of the papers which comment upon those actions, direct attempts to palliate the extent of the disasters, intended for the Provisional President rather thnn the public. But Parades would seem to appreciate the full extent of the calamity; and perhaps he judges rightly that the most certain means to confirm his power in the Republic, i* to retrieve in |>erson the honors lost at Palo Alto and Resaca de la Talma. He was to leave the capital on the 6th inst., at the head of 3000 troops, but orders had been issued that large bodies should join him at different point* on the line or march, so that his entire force, including Arista's command, should not fall short of 18,000 men. Although wo have now received intelligence by the way of Havaqa and ofTampico. and by the Falmouth, that Parades would certainly take the command of the army In person, yet there was an impression prevalent among men of sagacity in Vera Cruz, when the Falmouth left, tnat he would not and could not venture to leave the city of Mexico during the session of Congress. It is said that nearly one half of the country is in open revolt.? The new* received here a fortnight aince of the revolt at Mazatlan is confirmed, and as we then anticipated, Sonora is nnw in ? sfutA of rnhallinn ncrninHt the Central Govern. meat 8? ripe for revolution i? the Department of Vera Cruz, that upon the departure of the Falmouth it was (aid there were 160 men ouMide the city of Vera Cnl7. ready to attack it at any moment, upon the liKnal being given.? Some of the guns had actnally been removed from the Caitlc of SanJuan de L'loa and placed around the city for its defence, and troop* had been withdrawn from the castle for the tame purpose The intelligence received from Tampico on Hunday shows how that city wa> rent liv internal dimension*, and in considering the deplorable state of the countrv in every quarter and under would "by no mean* surprise ui were Parades compelled to forego his cherished purpose of placing himself at tha heud of the Mexican army. But suppoxe he carrics hi* resolution into ctl'ect, what better fate awaits him at the hands of (len.Taylor and our troops? Truly hi* chances from every point of view appear desperate. To illustrate the treachery of Oen. Alvarex towards Paredes, the story is circulated at Vera Cruz that the former, who had the command of the forces at Maiatlan. was supplied with $1,600,000 with which to act against the American squadron in the Pacific. No sooner had Alvarex obtained Re funds than he pronounced against Paredes, kept all the money, and even sold the cannon in the fort*. The iiritish brig Reliance, t apt Doane, arrived at this port yesterday from Tampico. having sailed on the Mhin?t. The Keliaace was chartered at Liverpool to pro cced to to Tobasco to take in a cargo for Cork. She was prevented rrvm mAnaing her voynge by the blockading squadron, and left Tampico ow the .'iin in company with several ve?*el? previously repotted at Tampico, the time allowed by the terms of tho blockade for loading and departing having expired. The Santa Ke Expedition. [From the Weatern (Mo.) Democrat, June 13 ] Awall InailAil nrnvitinll* etc , etc., bare left Fort Leavenworth for 8?nta Kc, and other* are loading and getting ready to atart a* fast ai postible. Three companlet ot dragoont hare gone on, and about fire hundred volunteers are going on Sunday. A requitition ha* 1 tun made for more troopt, and our companies can now get in by hard coaxing and pleading, whereat, they woulJ hara been in long tiace, had it not been for usurpation at bead quarter* on the part of the Adjutant General. HoweveJ, they can get in now, and Col Kearney will wait fifteen day* for them at Bent'i Fort, by which time thlj can be mustered into service, drilled and meet him at that point, prepared to do good aervice lor their country, we have no doubt but the troop* from thi* section of the country will be a* well prepared to meet the emergencies ol an expedition of this kind a* any in the camp, and will give as good an account of their deed*. We have that confidence in them. [Correspondence of the 9t. Louis Republican, June 2S ] Whtos, Mo., June 16, 1840.?The excitement created by the Oregon ami California emigrants and Mormons, has tieen swallowed up by the interest which the people of this scction take in the expedition now fitting out at Kort Leavenworth for Santa Ve Independent ot the interest which they feel in common with the people of the West, the great activity in the quarter master's, commissary'*, and forage master's departments, has had no little effect upon this whole frontier, already drained to some extont by the Santa Ke traders and the emigrant*. About two hundred and filty wagon* will accompany the troops, and cattle,mules and wagons hara been in great demand, betide* the services < i nearly all kinds of mechanics. There are now tix companies at the fort, and other* daily ex|>ected, and it ia thought the whole force will be pre ? !??> ? .inrinir thia u.'??k All of the recular troops havs lelt, unit will remain at Bent's Kort until the volunteer* come up, at wm h place the whole force will be concentrated The volunteers will go out to this |>oint in detachment*, on account of grass, the whole being too large a body to from the plains, with either convenience or advantage The experience of Col. Kearney on the plain* has utabled him to fit out an expedition of an unusual cbsnr^r with great celerity, and everything will be read) by the time all the companies are in. It u somewhat questionable whether the force is not too small, and at (vol Kearney's request, the <Jo%emor has placed five companies of one hundred men each, ivthis and the adjoining counties, at his disposal, as a reinforcement, should he deem it necessary. The companies are all organised, and by order of the (Jovernor, elect a liontenant colonel on Thursday next, to command the battalion They have great anxiety to join the expedition, and have been not a little mortified by the conduct of the 8tate officers Had the requisition been made upon this section, the whole force would have been at the Fort long ago, and the people of the Platte country would not have lelt themselvea slighted, in an expedition for which they are peculiarly well qualified. This, however, is nothing more than they should expect, whan they permit jugglers and incompetent men to worm themselves into ali ibe departments of State. It may prove a wholesome lesson. We have had no intelligence from the emigrants, though v?tous reports have been in circulation, ail, most probably, unfounded. We cannot expect to have any tlifng authentic, until some party comes in from the mountain*, a? utr; m v ivv VM1 .V v. ? ... M/ . other way. There ate no Mormon* nearer than the ea?t fork of Grand Hirer, where they will probably remain norne time. The Mexican war, 1 tinderntand. baa alarm' *<1 them, and a party which reached Council Blufl't roj cently, will remain there for the preaent. The Otoe? paid Major Wharton, at Kort Kearney, a *1 it, in a large body, to complain about taking their land. The neceaaary quantity nt gioutid about the fort, however, was eaaily bought for a trifling amount, and they went away aatmAed. Some diflicultiea have ariaen imi mediately on the river, tip in that aection, about the Indiana killing the atock of our citizen* on thia aide, but nothing Mrioua ia apprahendod.aa the great body of th?m are friendly and dianoaad to remain ao It if, no doubt, confined to tome half famithed wretchei, who have bean prompted by hunger. | It may be propar to tay, that independent M Um At* I ( ? i ? IERA % i. companies organised for the Santa Ke expedition, seventeen have been ordered by the Governor to organise, for the protection of the frontier ; all of which are now prepared, and ready at a abort notice for any service in thin lection. These seventeen companies are confined to the first division, commanded by Oen. Ward. Mlscellaneouk. [Krom the Philadelphia North American,July 1 ] Kight commissioned otttcers and al>out thirty non-commissioned officers and musiciaus, ordered on tho recruiting service, arrived in this city last evening, by the western cars, direct from tho Kio Grande Tho officers are? Captain W. it. Montgomery. qui iniamry i,iem. j V. D. Ileeve, do do; Lieut J. O. Burlmnk, do do; Lieut. J. Beardsly, do do; Liout. C. b'. Morrii, do do; Lieut. C. D. Jordan, do do; Lieut R. B. Marcy, fith infantry; Lieut. L>. Ruggles, do do. The two lutter named odicers remain in Philadelphia, which will tie the recruiting italion for the .'>th infantry The other ofllcers proceed immediately te New York, which will be the rendezvous of the Htli. Lieut. Jordan, who w(ls so handsomely noticed for hit heroic conduct in the battle oftlie 9th of May, still hat hii arm in a tiling, from the effects of his wounds. The whole of these officer* and lolilien participated in the actions of both the Kth and 9th. We conversed with two or three of the officer*, and several of the sergeants and corporal*. They all speak in glowing, yet modest term*, of the glorious achievement* on the field* o^aio Alto and Resaca de la 1'alma. A portion of our citizen* have resolved on presoiling to Captain Morri* a testimonial of the nrida and gratification with which they have witnessed his bearu^f aud firmueis in the arduous and glorioua campaign of the Rio (irande. The (uggeition ha* bejn seized on with alaciity, and a gon.'roui emulation ha* been manifested ou the part of the citizens of Albany, to become participator* in this acknowledgment to ( apt. Morri*' professional and personal merit. In order to meet Ltus feeling, it ha* been determined that the testimonial?a beautiful and coitly iword?shall be preiented by general *ubsoription, and without the intervention of the civic authorities. This determination ha* already been carried into execution.?JJlbany June 30. We heard a scene related a* occurring in a neighboring town, which take*, for the time, the edge oil' the hardihips of military life. A young Lieutenant, for the first time tricked out in a new uniform, approached hi* Captain in a bar-room where a good many oiticer* weie seated?" Captain," said he, casting his eye upon the houlder, which wa? minus an epaulette, " Captain, l must have an epaulette upon this shoulder, too." "That can hardly be, said the captain, " your rank does not entitle you to it." "But it must be, Captain; for, you see. if I do not, by O?d, I shall t* ay cross-eyed as the devil in forty-eight hours!" But anecdote* are out of place here. Munday at Natamoras, [Correspondence of the New Orleans Bee ] \1 . T . Inn. H iq.ifi Yesterday morning, at an early hour, I crossed the river and wended my way to the public square aud across it to the church, where morning service wan being read. Standing up in the aiilei at the time I entered, ware some fifty or sixty volunteer!, moitly with (ids armi, whilit some two hundred women and about twenty-five men (Wexicans) were seated on the benchea, apparently the mod devout creature* i ever Dehelfl. The service wai ihort, and during in continuance the utmost attention wa* paid to every syllable that fell from tue lipi of the perion officiating at the altar It teemed aa H the volunteers were itriving with each other for urder aqd decorum, and notwithstanding their inability to com P'ehend the discourse, weie to all appearance deeply interested in it. When the congregation were dismissed, I with many others hnlte I outside the door and remained there until the last came out As each senora panned, she would partially raise her veil or maulillti. ami be lure you could possibly catch a fair glimpse of her features, would suddenly drop it, reminding one of a dark lantern, which had been opened for a moment and quickly shut, leaving all again in darkness?it was provoking, hut it could not be helped. Krom the church we went to the market house, three streets above tho square, where we found every thing which the country adords, ottered for sale?water mellons of small size were sold for AO cents each, and readily; green corn, 37} cents per dozen ; beef at 6 cents per pound, and every thing else in a proportionate ratio. On the outside of the market house were numerous and various sized bundles of muskeet wood tied together with raw hide thongs, and valued from 6 j to 25 cents per bundle. This wood is brought in on jackasses from tho chaparral, a distance of three or lour miles, and is all they use for burning ; green and dried peppers are hung up round every stall, and each person who makes marketing brings more or less of it, as they usa it more profusely than any other people.? We then marched through the principal (treats of the place, which were found much more deaarted than on any other day in the week, particularly' as we approached the edgos of the town. The citizens have lost much of that shyness and timidity which characterized them some time ago, and instead of shutting their doors as we neared them, which they were wont to do heretofore, would frequently come out of them and salute us with " good day. gentlemen." I felt a particular gratification at this, as it assured me they were convinced that the character of Americans WW never to trample upon a fallen foe. We fell in with parties ?of our men in every part of the town, andaot one of them seemed in the least intoxicated, or displaying other than the most gentlemanly conduct. In the course of two weeks some forty or fifty eating houses have been established, and this competition has, in a slight measure, tended to reduce the exorbitant prices charges on our arrival. A passable dinner can now be obtained for AO or 75 cents. I mean a dinner for a soldier, who lives in camp on pork, beans, etc. A bottle of common case claret can be had at some of these places for $1. The greatest treat w? met with in all our perambulations, was some ice, which we discovered liy seeing a large sign across the street. The gentleman keeping the house hail sent to I'oint Isabel for stores, and hail given room iu his wagon for one barrel of this precious article. 'You may be sure we directed our stops to the house, and found, on neariug the counter, a lump of sure enough ice, which they served to us in brandy at two bits a glass. I understand there is a schooner at I'oint Isabel loaded with ice. At 4 o'clock every houie of refreshment was closed, by order of (Jen. Taylor, and the patrol were sent into the streets to order soldiers to cross the river, and to arrest those who might he intoxicated or noisy. At the same tune a Mexican police is started out by their own authorities, to keep their people in order. On tho hat of each, in large letters, is the word " Policia," and they seem as proud of that and the sword, which dangles by their side, aa any captain you ever saw. The Military f"s urstlani for the War with Mexico. Captain Coy has returned from Washington, ami has succeeded in getting his company ordered into immediate service, independent of the regiment to bo raised in this State. ir.UNOts. We learn that Gen. Wool will arrive here the latter part ol this week, and will immediately proceed to muster into the service ol tho United States the Illinois Volunteers. Major L)ix, paymaster, will also arrive du"rlng the week. He is authorized, we understand, to advance to the volunteers, as soon as they are mustered into tho service, the commutation for twelve months1 clothing, which, as the law now stands, will amount to about thirty dollars, and under the act now pending before Congress, if passed, will be forty-two dollars, i'his will enable the volunteers to fit themselves out well, in uniforms, extra clothing, Sic.? St. Louii Kr/>, June 2i. OHIO. The officers of the United States are busy inspecting the men at Camp Washington into service. Whan this is done the pay master will commence paying the commutation for clothing, say to a man. When mustered and paid, the troops will bo ordered ofV to Mexico. The first regiment, commander) by Col. Mitchell, is ordered to be in readiness on Tuesday next, when, if ready, they will be embarked. The other two will he despatched soon after, the second, in about a week after ih? firat and the third in about a week later, if order* from Washington are not countermanked. Uen. Wool thinks, and very properly, that northern trooix should pass New Orleans and the Oulf as early in July aa possible. We doubt if they can get ready to qiove as soon aanamed.? Cncinnali G*z.,.lune XI. Naval Operations. We are informed, says the United Slain Oaxette, of the 1st inst, that tho President will, in a lew days, send a message to Congress, recommending the i?sue ul letter of marque commissions. This it done in conieijuetice of a letter received liy the Department from the U. H. Consul at ilioile Janeiro, in which it was stateu that a gang of Buccaniers was afloat un.ler the Mexican fljg. on the seas in that vicinity, and had recently overhauled a British vessel. K?:y \Vk?t, June 1*. 1*16 Santa Jlnna? Capture of a tuppoted Slaver By an arrival from Havana to-day, we learn that Santa Anna is still thero, aa well a* of the capture of a Spanish hip which recently brought emigrants from < adiz having been overhauled on the coast of Cuba by the British brig-ofwar Daring, and seized on account ol slave deck being laid, She was carried into Havana, and the examination waa to lake place to<day. K?*t? Pb Tsinc?We lottm Ironl the list liule pendenco ExpotUor, that tlic remaining portion of Owen'* an<l Anil'* wagon*,Me**r*. McManu*, Samuel Magoffin, the Leitenidorfl'er*, llourk, twing, (loverneur Hoffman, Dr. Hoffman and Kelation'* companion had ataited on their route to Santa Ke. Two American ladiei, Mr*. Magoffin, and Mr*. T l,eltenadorffer, and one Mexican lady, Mr* K. Leitenadorff'er, were of the party. The Expoiitor apprehend* *ome diitrei* from the want of water and provi*k>n?, in consequence of the nnmber of neraona about to cro?* the plain*. The buffalo muit, it think*, be all driven from the plain*, and a scarcity ol them will be a groat deprivation The trader*, anticipating aiich a nate of thing*, have taken with them an unuiual quantity of provisions. Thk MoliMONs.-r-The Huncock (111.) Ka/sle miyi tranquility tins been again restored in tlmt county. The Anti-Mormon* have gone to Carthage, where they threaten to rally in large number* and make another demonstration ? gainst Vauvoo A wealthy gent onion ha* offered to pm chase the temple and the other Mormon property which I* yet unsold, provided the new eiti7ens w ll guaranty it ngainst mob vialanca. 'J he whole purcha*e will amount to nearly fAOO.OOO ' apt. J. B. Rack' enatoi, having received hi* commission from th? President, ha* reaigned his office of bherifl'of Hancock coat' ty, to take effect on the 4th of July. Ilia pay a* Cautain commenced from the day of hi* nppointmwtl^,5t. Louit Republican, June 33. I m JLD. Mm two O?tii Mlulr Convention. TukiBAV, Juue 30. Tho Committee on the ri^hti and privileges ol the citizen made a report through their Chairman, Mr. Ttu.. MtDDt. I The article of the proient Coiutitution under cousidoration by the Committee waj tiie Tth. The 1st an<l J J aectioni roported contain a declaration | of light* Sen. 3. Relative to the diifranchiaemeut of tiie citiion; it in u sHglit modification of the old taction No I. Sec 4. Trial by jury to remain inviolate; tliia (Lightly modifies sec. ? Sec. 5. KxcMaive bail not to be required, nor excetI ?ivc tinea impoMd, nor cruel ox unusual puniiUment lntllCtttd. Sec. ti. Kxerciae of religious piofeaaion and right of conscienco. The sec. 4th,relative to minister* of the C)os|>el to hold oftU'6, V.C., ia omitted Sec. 7. U hut a alight modification of wc. Sth of the present Constitution That part relative to arming and disciplining the militia ia omitted. The rest, regulating the right* of thoae who have acruplea ajfajast bearing arma, ii retained. Sec. B. Retains the privileges of the writ of habeu* an as in sec. 6 of the present Constitution. Sec. D. Is hut a slight modification of sec. 7. The right to a party accused to appear and defend in parson ia made a Constitutional provision. Sec. 10 Helatea to the freedom of speech and thtf proa* and is aec. 8 of the present instrument, hut alightlv modified by providing thut in all civil acinous, as well oa in prosecutions or indiotments for libel, the truth may he given in evidence, Ike., as in the remainder of the old section. Sec. 11. Private property shall not be taken for public use without just commutation being first made thnrelor. If the taking is for the use of the State, the Legislature to provide for determining damages; If for any other use, damages to be assessed by a jury. The Legislature may provide for the opening ol private roads, in ease ajury of freeholders shall determine the road necessary; persona benefited paying all damagei; expenses to he aisetaed by a iurv. See. 1?. Witnesses in criminal cases not to he imprisonf ed for wont ot bail to secure their attendance, unless ou i the special order of the magistrate or court having jurisdiction Laws may be passed to secure the temporary detention of witnesses and to take their evidence de 6ene (in; which shall have the name effect an if testimony had been taken orally. Sec 13. Imprisonment for debt ou contract, or on any judgment or decree founded on contract, abolished; fraudulently contracted debts, by individual! or public officers excepted Sec. 14. All property, real or personal, of the wife, owned by her before marriage, and that acquired by her afterwards, by gift, devise, or descent, or otherwise than Irom her husband, shall be her separate property.? Wife's property to bo registered, so us more clearly to defiue her rights. ?Kec 16. No divorce to be granted by the LMUtlature, or otherwise than by the Judiciary. ^ Sec. 10. No lotteries to be creutcd, and the sale of lottery tickets prohibited. Sec. 17. Ke-enacts sec 12 of the present Constitution relative to purchase or contract for the sale of laud with, the Indians. See IH Re-enacts sec. 13 of the Constitution relative to the old < olony laws, without any alteration. Sec. 19 Declares, as in the existing Constitution, all grants of land nude within this State by Great Britain, after Oct. 1776 , to be null and void. But nothing contained herein shall impair the obligation of any dent by | States or individuals, Podies corpoiate, kc . as In sec. IS j of the present Constitution. That portion of toe 16 re! lativo to grants prior to Oct 1775 is left out The reit of the session was occupied on the report on the Executive Department?the <| unifications for Governor. Adjourned.?JHbany Citizen From the statistical sheet of tho ages, place of birth anil occU|?ttion of tho members of the Now York Stato i onvention, we gather the following items:?Of the I2H Delega'es, 76 ura natives of New York. 13 ot Connecticut. 11 of Massachusetts, 0 each ot Vermont and New Hampshire, 4 of New Jersey. 3 of each of Rhode Island and Ireland, t of Pennsylvania, and 1 each of .Maine, Maryland North Carolina, Scotland and Virginia. There are 41 farmers, 43 lawyers, 6 lawyer* ami farmers, 11 merchants, H mac'hamcs, 7 pliy sicians, 3 manufacturers, 2 fanners and merchants, and 1 surveyor, engineer, teacher, author, banker and farmer, physician and farmer, geologist, miller and surveyor, farmer and surveyor. Six Delegate* are over20; twenty-seven over 30; lorty-one over 40; j thirty-seven over 50; thirteen over ?0; and only ?ne over 1 70.Tne average of the ages of 124 of them is 40; Mr. Sbevard is the junior Delegate, (age 25,) Mr. Allen the senior, (age 76) both from New York, and just half a century between them. The ages of 126 Delegates, added together, make 6,l)H7 years, or u larger number than tho years of tho world since the creation.?Jilbany Evening Journal. Rochester, Juno 29, 1943. The Crops?New Buildingt?Sandt, Lent 4' Co.? The Splendid Jioriei. This will l>c one ol the most abundant wheat season* upon record. The country, lor milei, una ten* 01 mile* around, east, west, north and south, present* a iccne of luxuriant harvest, audi a* seldom if ever has boen known to cheer the heart of the husban lman. Our mill* are all in full and active operation?the hotel* crowded with tranger*?emigrant* pouring into the adjacent country its ten fold the uaual ratio?building* going up in all direction*, and mercantile busine** in the full tide of turceMfiil energy. Nor i* there any lnck of amusement*, u will be seen by tho various advertisement* in the new*I papers. The approaching 1th is to be celebrated in magnificent style at this place. Among other elegant novel'ies ad| vertised, is the splendid Kuropcan troupe of Sands, Lent Si Co., which acquired so much renown in your city on l itiarrival, and through the country generally a* it haa | progressed, by the performances of their curiously trained dancing hones and lighting |*mjes. Mr. Sands and ; his two beautiful children have become all the fashion, j and attract n? much attention among the " upper ten" n* ' either Olc bull or Kami) Klssler ever did. Tho w hole I country *eem* to have caught the equestrian mama since I tho appeal anco ol Sand J and hi* "roaming brigado" ofarti istcs. Instance* are not unfrequent w here the compan) ha* been followed by |>artie* lor several towns in succeision, to witnen a repetition of these elegant wouders in horsemanihip and gymnaitic*. One gentleman, Mr. Van , of Albany, becemc so infatuated with the dancing of tha Lngliah hone " May Fly," that he followed the company a* far up a* Utica, not omitting a single performance ; and when ho left,he presented a magnificent silver mounted riding whip to Mr. Hands, a* a small return for the gratification he received in witnessing his performances. This company will remain in Rochester until after the 4th. when it will proceed to Lockport, Buffalo and : the Kail*. strpreme Court ? Hpeciai. Tkrm.?June 29, 1S46.?Motions decided by Mr. Justice Jewett, having been held under advisement by him iince the June special term. Liiote ct al ads. Moore?motion to sot aside default, lie., granted without cost*; defendant* hnvo fifteen days to amend plea uf nil dtbrt Merrittad*. Ilurd?motion to correct an endorsement on ti fa , iic., denied '.vith cost*. Spalding et al. ad*. Stiles?motion to quash writ of error, denied with coit*. Coit vs. Roach et al.?motion to *et aside all proceedings by defendant Roach iince 3d January last, denied with costs. Tha Judges of Rensselaer Common Pleas ads. The People ex rel. Cooney?motion to vacate rules allowing alternative *nd peremptory mandamus and to set a?ide the wriu, granted without costs. The Kiremen'* Insurance Com, pany of Cleveland ads Rawdon?motion to set aside declaration, granted with costs. The U'alervliet Bank re. Russell and two other causes?motion to let aiuie ruio of 1 ant April sptcial t?rm. amending judgment record, fcc , denied with cost*. Small et a'. vi .Stewart et al.? ' motion for leave to reply to ipecial plea*, ordered that , defendants have leave, in twenty dare, to amend their first special plea, fcc., mnl plaintiffs to have leave within forty dayf, to reply, fcc The People ex rel Hull t?. The Medical Society of Kings County?motion that defendant! make an amended leturn to mandamus, granted. Knapp va. Kortner and ether*, commissioners of high , wa)s, fccv motion to amend return to certiorari, granted. Carr v*. Seidell -motiog to strike out part of defendant'* notice of set oft'of special mat'er, denied with cost*. Same va Richards ct al, do. do. Uilbert, impleaded, fcc. ad* Ketchum et al.?motion to set aside reidict, denied ' with costs. Ferguson adi. Brown?motion for relaxation 1 of cost*, granted with instruction*, tic. Wade ada. Wade-motion to reftr back the ca?e ai settled by the sole referee for resettlement; granted, costs to ahid* event Chrystie, administrator, vs. Backhouse -motion for leave to di<continue without costs, granted on payment of costs of opposing motion. Nones ads Sipperly - motion t? change venue, denied. In tin* matter ol t <uiger a<is. The l>?e seeisol Poor of Mlddleburgh- motion tor a cortioiari, granted. Bellows ad*, lluruicket al?motion to vacate order ot circuit ji-dge holding defendant to bail, granted, delendaat not to bi nig an action of lalte imtuiionment, fcc. Kelly ads <>lenn et al motion that L) man Gibson be made defendant as landlord, fcc., darned with cost*. Cross vs. Smith et al. -motion to vacate ca. sa , fcc., denied with costs. l,arawa ads Bradt?motion te vacate judgment, granted, aud new trial allowed as of January term, 1<*4&, fcc Diolendorf ads. The Schenectady Bank - motion to set aside fi fa. sale and sheriff'a '? < XanU I wi'h costs, without prejudice.?.4(4uny Jir ! gut. Jam 30 | CofrMBCTicrr SCHOOL FUND Commissium't HicroRT.?Tht< Comirmsicmor ol ttie N-hool Fund , ha? made hit annual report to the Oeneral Aaaemblv. Krom it wo If am that the whole amount of Ae fund la t'l,<ri0,0:>.> I. The itemaof bondi and mortgagea arc bald again >t individual! living in Ave different Htutei, Tit.:? | Connecticut, New York, Masaachuaetta, Ohio, and Vermont The hank atock i? in aeventeen bajika of tbli r State.120,000 of which ii in the New London and Whaliiy hank* of thia city. It anpeara from the report that tbe , fund l? (lowly and gradually increasing, and although *catt?red over coniiderable extent of territory, appear* on th<* whole to lie well managed.?Ntw Lonatn ffngt, ' June 30M. V arte t lee. , UnivtatALiiT ContiRTitK.?A convention of the t'nivera%li?ta ol Illinoia, aeaembled at Springfield on the , 36th inat. Mionktic Tci.RoaapM ?Tfce Buffalo Aivertiur of the 37th init, aay*;?We iindAratand that the wiraa on the line between thia city and Rochester have be*P put on i to within four or five milea of town, and will probably reach the eaatern line of tbe citr thia evening. It may take a day or two to briag the fine into working order, hat It la confidently believed it will be in regular operation between thia city and Albany on Wednetday next I J