Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 2, 1846, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 2, 1846 Page 3
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' INFAMOUS PRACTICES. I THE NATIONAL POLICE OAZE-BTE. puhli?h?<l it ' : 17 Centre atreet, New York, o( thi? week, will he if ed ibis moruini, Thoraday, mirl for tal* by all the Newt i Agenta of the country. Price ivi ceut?. J Thit number > ol ?n extraordinary character, and among j tt* co"tenra will be found a A Thrillinc Chapter m thel.i'eof Thomas. the Weatern t Uurflar and Murdeter, with his trial, the charge of the j Judne, 4t?. j | F.ditnrial Article! on the imiw*tant auhjects of Condition- r al Pardons, Imprisonment of Vvirnoaio. (he Highta ol rn- j onart. the K?t?teolJ-ck Heed, the celebrated Forger o? Jacoh Little. More Policy Infaoiiea. with a recvnt Iarin of rrires. C shier of the Nantucket Bank, fcc. fcc. . I . Local Article*, eiposing the horrible end degraded acts of J human beasts, a* et meed in PoHce Invest'gaiions, lu "hich Thernn Willier. the grocer charges Oilbert Firry end John J Leary withconspiracy, and bis ?ersion of 'he acts that ' <* * 10't ? ! Brutal Acts ofa Spaniard, named Antoine Scars, upon t bov and girl. Alio of a Jew named B. 9. D. Tonf, upon uno man. t Attempted Rapa of Antoine Msrrie, ?? a little girl nam ed Adeline lubbs. I?tellige?ce Office Funks, Conspiracy or < ' Wilroi Elli>on. Warner and O'Connor, upon Horatio I Walker, Burglaries, Robberies, lie. ? Criminal Miscellany, including the attempt to murder Mr*. Bell at ta'ii', Lung Island; N en Counterfeit*. Thelti, Hob- < beries. Swindling, <ic. itc. jy2 2tmc J; NOTICE. T\JOHTHWE8T COPPER MINING COMPANV.-No- ' 1 v tice ia hereby given that on Monday, July 20th. at 12 o'clock noon, the Trustee* will proceed. at the office, No fit Waai eet, to aell to >he highest binder, all the ttock of I said c?in|wuyuu which assessments remaiu due and unpaid. By order of the Trustee*. L. 8. HART. 8ec'y. New York, July 1. IHB. jfl 2tis"rc LEOPOLD I)E MEYER'S i LATEST and most admired Composition, L \ DAN8E DU SERAIL, Juat published and for ?als at jyl 3tis*rc St H ARFENBERQfc LUIS, 361 Broadway. j , A GkEAT ATTRACTION \ fpo THE LOVERS OF ICE CREAM?From Locnst I Hill Firm, tvri'lve miles west of Philadelphia. The I subscriber proposes Mi furnish to the citizens of New Vork, t at hia Saloon, No 5i article warranted to be , I m>de of pure cream, a sample of which some of the citizens > I baviiigtasud. pronounce very superior. The subscriber will t be liappy to *upi>ly hotels, hoarding houses, private families, or jnrtiea. moulded to order. The Haloon will be opened for Ihe reception of visitors on Friday eveniue, third of July, when we hope the ladies and gentlemen will cull and (eat for themselves. I This article will be m<uitir<ictiircd at the Farm, and war- ' ranted fresh, as it is brought by the Camden and A in boy rail- t road. , c )v2 3t*rc JONATHAN I) ABRAHAM. ? bK. FOWELL, OCULIST, AURlST, ; AND OPERATIVE SUROEON, , A TTEND8 to Diseases of the Eye and Ear, lroin9 to 4 t A o'clock, at hia residence, 251 Broadway, comer of War 1 ren street. Opthalmia, Stoppage ot the Tear Passage, Cataract, and Opacities, effectually removed. AMAUROSIS treated with rreat attention and success. Inveterate casec ol STRABISMUS, or Squinting, cored in a few mmntes. Jnst importedt ARTIFICIAL EYES, of superior beauty SrECT ACLF.S adapted to every detect. ' Advice to the poor without charge. Office and residence J6) Broadway?entrance l)f Warren J a'reef Jy2 It* r | 1 OCEAN STEAM NAVIGATION COMPANY. I 1 Cl'BSCRIBERS to the Capital Stock will be received at O the office of the Company, No. 41 Broad street, on and after Thursday, the 16th lust., for a period of three days, and ' until t^e amouut subscribed may, with the subscription already made, be to the estcnt of fire hundred thousand dollars. E. MILLS, President. c Joh* J. Boyd, Sec'y pro tem. jy Mitre now ready, price 25 cents, 1 PART 2* of Virtue's Illustrated Family Bible, ntainiriK a highly finished steel engraving of Jezreel, N%nnt Oilboa, and Beth-shan, after a drawing taken on the spot by W. B. Bartlett, Esq. "1 he notes of this splendid edition of the J olv 8- riptures. are bv the llev. A. Fletcher, D. !>., author i of Family Devotions, he. 1 GEO. VIRTUE, late R. Martin k Co., ? jy I 3t*r 26 John street. * genuine german cologne water. ! ' THE Undersigned offer for sale a complete assortment of thegeuuine German Cologne Water, manufactured by ' John Mnria k'arina, the oldest distiller at Cologne, put up in 1 white, green, long and octagon bottles. For sale by the pack ! i age ouly, but at reduced prices. GROSHEIM It CLAPHAM, Jyl 3tia*r 73 Pearl it. j booths, 4th july, 1846. PERSONS desirous of obtaining place* for Booths around the Park or Battery, ou the 4th ol July, c.-.u do so by ap- I plying at the Mayor's offict, No. i City Hall, between the ' hour* of S and 9 o'clock in the morning, aud I and 7 o'clock in ? the afternoon, every day until the evening of the 3d of July. N. B. The sale of spirituous liquors will be striitly prohibited. By order. jyl 3t?m JACOB RAMSAY, First Marshal. Boarding^ A DELIGHTFUL Situation, at No. Jii Broadway, oppo- i aite the City Hall, where boarders can be accemmodated , lu a fashionable and respectlnl style. Two large rooms, with pantries, fronting on Broadway, affo ding a splendid view of , the Park. Also, two good attic rooms, from one of which ; . cau be seen the city of Brooklyn, the other commanding a ! view of t lie North river, and the lulls of Jersey. Any person | wishing to proenre good rooms, will apply without delay ? I 1 Terms reasonable. Every thing which can make a boarder ' ' comfortable, will be administered by the kind hostess, Mrs Girdeae.. Entrance No. 2K Warren st. jy2 lt*r I I boa h ding. A FEW GENTEEL BOARDERS can be accommodated with uleas <ut rooms at 1S2 Greenwich st. A front parlor and bedroom to let, furnished or unfurnished. Enquire 1 a* above. Terms moderate. jy 1 3t? rc | boarding in the country. l CITIZENS who desire board in the country, will find a ' very pleaaant locntio i adjoining the Bay. with all the facilities for gunning. Gshiug and buhing, by enquiring of the j subscriber, at LlUlewotth, about two and a h If miles from ' Glen Cove. . I P. S ? The splendid steamer Croton leaves Fulton Market ' Slip daily, at J>? o'clock P. M., for Glen Cove. . ANN ROPER. ' _ViMjeworth, June 2?d, |P46. j--231w*rc copartnership. t I HAVE this day associated with me in business, my bro> I :her, JOHN BAYLIA. The business hereafter will be i conducted under the fmn of H. Ik J. Bavlis J ? i_ , , HENRY BAYLIS. J New York, Jtr'y 1, 1*46. jy2 3t*r | 1 ?)I8St 'LUTlOM OK PARTNERSHIP. \ THE COPARTNERSHIP (in the business of vending e Books, Periodic Is, kc J heretofore existing under the fiim of * 1LLIAM TAYLOR lie CO., in the cities of Balti- J more, PliiUdrl, hia and New York, is this day dissolved by i*>utu,l consent ol >he copartners, Wm. Taylor, Leon Dyer, ; Park Renj<min and Henry Taylor. The business will here- 4 af'er be conducte I hv William Taylor and Henry Tayjor, * under the firm of WM. TAVLUK kCO. All debts due 1 from, or by the late firm, will be settled by (William Taylor I and Henry Taylor) the new firm WILLIAM TAYLOR, j LEON DYER, J PARK BENJAMIN, HENRY TAYLOR. 1 Baltimore, Jone K. 1H6. je30 3t m J ivi r charles baland, ! FROM COPENHAGEN, is requested to call at the office c of the Danish Consulate, 69 West street, where he will i find letters. t New York. Jnne 25th, 18?6. Je26 lw*r t M 1 l 1 r a r y equipments. , firemen's caps. " THF. SUB8'"H1 B5-P respectfully calls the attention of the military i??blic to his assortment of .Military Equipments I adapted to all companies; Military Caps, Knajisaeks. Boses f ai a MTMMC Ncahbarils of every variety. Country coinpa- b dim. about changing their uniforms, or those about forming ' ' Mw companies, will be supplied ?uh samples. KIRK CAJ-3?KIRK CAPS. A loll ssaoitment of every variety constantly on hand, and j mad* to order at the sh' rteat notice. jefT Iw'rc H. T. OR^TACAP, 382 Broadway. 4 TbMMs COURT, 2? bOVVERY. I THE Subscriber, hating taken the above-named place, J would inform hia fnends and the Puhlie 4iat the Ball Alley, and the whole of the eatablishment, has undergone a thorough repairing. To the Alley boa been added a gaBery, ; 1 . 10 fret By 25, for the couveuience of the apectatora. This, ] with an alley of 120 feet, in eomplete order, ne trusts will be j, sufficient to aecure the pntronaae of the tovere of that healthy c and favorite amusement. Aa for the quality of hia Liquors. ? Began, and refreshments, he will lea re to the judgment of i p hit customers. p H. WOOLLY, Bat Ball Alley, Directly opposite Prince at. _ New York, May 7, 1IW. my* lm?m p THfc CITY FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY. Own: No. 61 W?ll stuust, Citt or New York. ' CATITAL STOCK $210,000. all paid in caali. and securely mveated according to the provisions of ita charter. Thia Company Ma* be*Mi in buameta twelve years, and la that I' time has paid losses by fire upwards of $460,000. " The present assets Of the Company exceed it* capital stock Bore than $26.0*0 Insurance against loss or damage by Fire effected on appli> c cation, ai reasonable terms. R. A. READING, President- * itH lmina*m D. K. CURRY. Secretary. THE LONO ISLAND INSURANCE COMPANY. CAPITAL 200,000 DOLLARS. Orncr 41 Fultoh strict, Buoobltw. /CONTINUES to take riaks oil buildings, machinery. mer? V> liandire and property generally, on their usual favorable B terms. Thia company naa passed through the two greatest Cuiitlagrationi that hare ever occurred in the country : they owe their escape from them with comparatively slight loaaea ? to the system which theyjiave always practised of limiting ' and scattering their risks. All losaes which the company may sustain will be adjusted and paid promptly as heretofore. The ? omptvny take special care to uotify their cuatounera in 1 New York, of all Cipirationa of nolicies. 1 B. W. DKLAMATER, President. 8 a3tmis*r E. 0. FINN, Secretary. H wiiis and Toupees. 1 i! Batchelor's new invented Wigs and Bcalpa, made ol Ci the fineat aatural cull hair, and adapted in the moat easy manuer, to the peculiar atyle of earh individual. They are ] entirely a new inveiition, doing away with all the vexatious difficulties so long experienced by those who wear wigs. ? The public are invited to inspect a large an J well selected 1 stock, containing every variety of site and color; they will ! c heu beable tnjudge the effect. J WM. BATcHKLOR, inventor and only manufacturer, 3 r~ Wall street, near Broadway. Removed from 1(11 Broadway. ! Please to copy the address Je28 lw?m " O MAKKIl.I) LAUIK.S.-A Secret Worth KnowingApply for further particulars to Dr. CH. F. MONTEL, st lower pMl office. No letters taken from the office unless they 4i fMtt mmiA 17 tm*e# Q DAGU Kll'i fcOTYPE " GENERAL FURNISHING ESTABLISHMENT D And Sole Armey for the Sale of J' VOIG l'LAENDER'a APPARATUS, ! v TPHILAOe.LPHIA. EXCHANOfc ROOMS , ? 'HE 8UBSCR BER8 h*veju?t received a new supply of cj the a^ove Apparatus, of alfsiies,_and warrant th^jn to be | u t.-g' Appiratas, Tm? al?o hare On hand 0I ararv olhlr Cbenie-ila, Poluhinc 8ubstancas, tad <V.j r tieU oicd -in thi> an J2J! I*" of ,h* Unien, South America and the ^ P*?pvar ttt?.ded to who accompanied wtth remittances, oddreased (poet paid) to W. It r. LANGENHE1M, ^ ? ?r to LANOENHP.IM It BEt/kkiCb!* " ) re New York, 301 Broadway. D DAGUERREOTYPE Al?I>ARAtlJS. " JOHN ROACH, ? Optician, 82 Nuian 9trttt, IJA8 constantly on hand French, German end American v M.M Instruments. Coatinj Botes, Mercury Baths, and all tha k other material nsed by operators.are manufactured under his ? inspection. Chemicals, Plates, Casee, Qu irkituff, he., Itc 01 Lenses Ground to order. Thermomatera and 8nr*pyii.a f'.nm \ paaaaa manufactured for tha trade. Magneto Hertric Machinal, of approved construction. for f medical purposea m|7 !m?re \ ~ THORN GHAMFAONK. " <>' EHE8H INVOHJt of thia delightful Champagne it i* store, to which tNrkttentton of merchants, hotel keepers, ana pnrata (aatlemen n invited. Tha stranding of this Win# ?ow P*'lo? to that ol any in thi* country, and at bo niftier f inioe than tfclt af tha beat hiaada. .t ' """"SWi |? AUCTION ItOTICta. AUCTION NOTICE. FURNITURE. Ike ?Thia Day at IS o'clock, at UJ Auii ?t., Hide Boarda. Dining, Ceutie and Tea Tablea, Dieaaiug ' Jureaut, high pott and French Be<litead<, ttofu. "nahogauy mil mafic C hair*, eicelleai lockers, Lounge. Pianoforte, Ot- I oinxna, (.'ai|*ll, art of Km?e? aud Kurkl, excellent. Alto mm hoarding houae, double and aiugle aud three <]uertw air and itraw Mattraaaea; Pailliaaaea, Waali StiuUa. two ml- 1 leral ahow ca?ea, open book Cuii, Map Rack*. Kneeling irnehea, Kitcheu Furniture, See. 1 jyl If r JOHN 8NIFFEN, Auc'r. < II. Dl'CLl /LAU, Auctioneer 1 2IUNOR V1TO VITI'S uut Sale of Valuable Italian . J Marble aud Alabaaier Oruimruii, Oiraudolea. tlocki. I K.C.-TLTTLE fc DUCLUZEAU will .ell ou Tl.uraday, at I o'clock, the Apollo Rooin>, 410 Broadway, a large , uid valuable collectiou of Italian Marble and Alabaater Sta- , u"ry, Giraiidolet, Clocka, Jtc compi ituig the liat collection , >f SlONOR VITO VITf, prior to hit departure for Italy, \ lie whole of which will be i>eretnptonly ?old for cash. .N.B ?In the collection will be found m\uy valuable ?] ? Milieu* ol nrtutic*! nfciifi.ui. inrli ??? . til, and will be found worthy the attention of amateurs and , he ladiet generally, Cat?l?cuea will be ready, and the article* cau bee?amined luring the day and evening. je30 2ieodia*ui I wanted, ! BY a Respectable Young IVonan. a aituat on at a general home aerrant. in a amall private family. <)>ud city el'ereucet can be git en. Apply at 41 Weal Broadway. 4(la loor. jy2 lt*ic "wanted,' A SITUATION bv a young womanaaCook or? Wather j t\. woman and make hcrtelf geuerly uselul in a private ainily The beat of city relereucet may be had. on apply- , uir at lfi7 Wett broadwar. jyl 2t*r , wanted, A FEW active Young Men to go 800th or Watt, to net u . rm. Ageuu for the tale of new and popular Publicauoua. >800 over and above their eipentet will be inaured to them in J writing, with an opportunity of clearing $1,000 per year. 3otne men now iu our employ will, no doubt, make over tl.OOO per year rlenr of all expense, Each man will have hit . Iiatrict. It will be neceaaary lor them to have at leatt from 10 $50 to obtain a good fitting out. Apply at FRENCH'S tablithmg Hall, 291 Broadway, up ttairt, Office of the Flag ' >f our Union. All lettert mutt be pott paid. my It Im'rc l'UE AMAZUiN < wigs, 1 on, 1 SKNTLKMEN'8 Heal Heada of Hair, being the lateatand greatett improvement iu the manufacture of W igi and . Icalps; and the aubtcriber it tappy in being the flrtt to Introluce them here. .They ditplty the forehead and templet to my height, a point in wig making never before attained.? : ["bey are computed of ventilating or gottamer woik. They it on the head oy a mechanical contrivance eutirely new; they ire put on in a moment. They immediately adapt theinaelvet o the countenance, and at once become pert and parcel of the iviug man.?Copy the addrett. E. rHAL.ON.6l Broadway, opponte the jeJ6 lw*re (llobe Hotel, under liidnon't Hotel. I the only genu in t WALNUT OIL MILITARY S H A V T M n Sri 4 P MANUFACTURED by our Mr. Johuaon, the inventor, 1 late Johnson, Vroom It Fowler, wholeaale ami retail. Fancy Soapa, Ksseucea, and every article pertaining to an xtenaive manufactory, for the trade and families, at lea* . >ricei than any other house in thii country can supply. Alio, the depot ol the original and only genuine Magic* i , 'ain (Extractor. for burua, and Hay's Liniment for riles; < Kalydor, for the complexion; ( Acoustic Oil for Deafiieas; Saraaparilla Extract, Mcts per bott\p. Oregon Hair Oil; On the moat favorable terms to merchants in all parts of the ountry. Steam Soap Works and Laboratory of Ferfumes, Patent . tfediciuea, &C. kc., 21 Conrtlandt street. New York. myl4 lm*rc : I BIKU tAOt MAIN U frACi OH It, I JO Spring street, ue tween Wooater and Laurena street.?Tne subscriber i aiould inform his customers and the public in general, that le keeps constantly on liand a large supply of fancy and comnon Bird Cages, of every description. Also, Wooden, Celar and Willow Ware, Bruahea, Baskets, Mats, and a general ' issortment of articlea uaually kept iu a Wooden Ware Store, ill of which he offers lower than they can be bought elseahere. J. KKI..I.Y. je!9 lin*mc . BlLLlAKDs. A RCADE BILLIARD SALOON (late Empire), in Ba? tV clay street, near the Astor House.?MICHAEL, so long ! mown to the billiard playing portion of the city, respectfully ; j nforuia his friends, patroua, and billiard players in general, hat he has taken the above large, airy, aud well-known estabishinent, where they will find in first rate order Nine of the >est Billiard Tables iu the city, with good attendance. He 'espectfullv invites a call from his frieuds. Gentlemen or jarties wishing to play by themselves, can hare a table in a oom to themaelves, by applying at the bar. Gentlemen will iud the bar well supplied witn tne best of liquors and seairs. mvfi lrn*r MICHAEL PHELAN. I'lAiNU FORTES. PURCHASERS are invited to call at Chambers'ware-room, No. 3S4 Broadway, for a superior and warranted aeticle. , i[Hin?r__ ^ MODEL OF NEW YORK. THE UNDERSIGNED is now receiving order* for views to be represented upou the canopy of hi* Model of New k'ork, which will be soon completed. Theae viewa vary from 10 to 3D inchea in length, and are repreaeuted for a moderate ; i iompenaation. They include repreaentation* of public builji i ngs, places of bu*ine*a, manufactories, hotels, private renlencea, steamboats,packets, lie. A uumber of the first artists, both landscape* and decorative ' , >ainter*, can find emgtayment by apply at the office?alio a ew agents, and persons capable of transacting buaine**. Oilier houra Irom 2 to 0 I* M. al4 lm'rrc E. PORTKR BKLDEN. *0 Broadway. | PRACTICAL HOOK KEEPING," 88 CEDAR STREET, BY C. C. MARSH, Accountant, author of the "Science of Double Entry Bookkeeping Simplified, and the Art of i Single. Entry Bookkeeping improved.COURSE OK INSTRUCTION.?The public ia respect"ully hliwij anil assured, that the plan puraued by Mr. . llarah, in reaching that important branch, I* truly a courae ol nractice in keeping books, rather than an a course of lectures >u the theory. To be practically useful, a more exact and particular know- ' edge of Bookkeeping is required than can possibly be imported by lecture*. , The pupil i* faithfully instructed aud well exercised in all ' , he various operations connected with a set of partnership looks, in Opening, Conducting and Closiug the saine in makng out Trial balances, Balance Sheets, Accouuts, Current , Vccouut Sales, aud in calculating interest, Discount, profits, j ^osses. Equation of Paymeuta, Exchanges, Currencies, lie. le becomes familiar from actual use, with sill the books con- , Itituting aset; and ifa person ol good capacity, will by this ' lourse become a competent Bookkeeper ui shout ?ne mouth, md will received a certificate to that effect | Prospectuses, with terms, obtained at th? n * from 9 A. > , H. to4 P. M. a22 lm'rh jj TAStiELa, 1 SUITABLE for trimming hats, caps, blinds, ahade*, picJ turns, sofas, umbrellas, parasols, Cloaks, aprons, aleeve*, irfgs. fcc Also, a variety of biudmg* aud cords, for 1 vholesale, by J. *. p. MAYNARD ml5 lm*m ?7 Maiden lur. i-nm.r of SATHiNli, iiAltt. URfc&SliNtJ, 5HaVL\U. AND WIG MAKING. ? PHALON, No. CI Broadway, in Jndaon's Hotel, ao long [ known at 214 Broadway, conceiving that a finely arraag , d and well conducted Bathing Department was necessa , y to complete hia arrangement for the comfort and conveni- ( Hire of hia iiumeroua patrona, haa now the pleaaure of inform- , ng them that auch a desideratum. where ahaving, hair cut- , lug, ahampooiug and bathing, eau be carried on in style, may le found at hia new place, Judaon's Hotel, in Broadway. The Baths are uuaurpaaaed by any in thecity for comfort nd convenience, and can accommodate TOO person, llot, ^old, aud Shower Baths. Haw Cutting, with clean brnshe* for each person, having icen a feature in his trasiness for many yeara, he would inorm gentlemen that he will, as usual, give that baaneh of hia I u?iness his personal attention. mli Im'r t REMOVAL.. A J. CUNNINGHAM haa removed hi* stock of Watches, rX* Clock*, Jewelrv, Silver Plated and Britannia Ware, from 2i to I72W Bowen, (new stores) opposite Delancv street fold, Silver and Steal Spectacles from 2} cents to $10: Per I k al from $2 SO to $10: Glasses of all kinds and to suit all aigfcll round and fitted;Watchea, Clocks, Jewelry and Nluaic Boxei J epaired and warranted. a 19 Im'r , PAPER HANGING. LTOWELL k BROTHERS, Manufacturers and Importer* I [X of I'aner Hangings, having opened iu New York city a ranch of their Philadelphiaealabliahment, would rea|>ecttullf ] all the attention of the citizena of New York aud others J ranting good* iu tlieirliue, to their exteuaive assortment of APER HANGINGS, Borders, Kire Board Priuts, Curtain T apera, and all other articles in their line of business. , j H. k. B. have received from the Institutes for the encourage- , lentof Domestic Manulsctures in the cities of New Yoik. r hiladelplua and Boston, silver innlala for the manufacture of i leir goods, Ilatter themselves that they can sell better article* , jr tike aame money than can be purchased elsewhere. f H v u r n t? a u i.- u m. ft* u W ^ V/ A n l i j it o . The aubacribera would particularly call attention to theit irge aaaottment of Kreaco Papera for parlora, and Column aprra for Italia, Public Rooms, Entries, tic., he. Alao, Cl'ITil.i Parma, a new article for windowa. J Papering of Kooma, Ualla, lie., promptly attended lo by tl ireful workmen. I Country merchant* and city dealer* will find it to their ad i I antage to fire na a call. I HOWELL fc BROTHERS, No. 137 Broadway, r a5 lm*rrc Two door* above the City Hotel. tl TAKE NUT ICE. 3 rHE Subacnber having made arrangementi, and rouaiderably enlarged hi a premiaea, u now ready to do all kinds ol lackamith and Machine work in general ou the moat reaaouv le Icrma, at the ahorteat notice. , N. B ?To Saddlera and othera?100 aeu of Hamea on hand, * iraale. O. BROADHURST >' 1*22 Im*m ?>] It 2'>1 Sprinir tre*t * FANCY SOAl'S AND PERFUMERY. tfO. THREE COURTLAN l)T STREET, De|?>t for the ^ aale of the Walnut Oil Military Shaving Soap, Highly 1 cented Toilet Soapa, Elegant Eatracta, Eaaencea, Colognea, lair Oila, Pomatum*, together with every other article in our nf. Country Merchant*. Drugpiat and Dealera in genera] j re invited to examine our exteusive aaiortmeut, where they * in be aupplied at the loweat ratea. Superior pale and No. 1 Soapa, Patent (. nryalaHiue < audita. * Vfil'l on hij 1 i.7 fm'rrc JOHNSON, VROOM h KOWI.KH ^ GEORGE WILLIAMS, DYEK. f, JHAWL CLEANKR. RESTORER AND BLEACHER, L J 437)4 Broadway?G. \V. return* hii moat aiuccre th.uiki ^ >r the ?ery liberal aupport lie hva received for yeara put. ] id truiu that with atnet attention to buaiteaa hia removal 1 on 02W to 437)< Broadway, near Howard atreet.'will nther F icreaae tnaii dacreaae hia number ol I'atrona. he plrdgea him- n itf that nothing ahall be wa.un* to merit the patronage of a tl arerning and independent imbue. Silk, Cotton and vvollen n ' Joda DyaA, Iu\ Real and K reucliCaahmere,Merino, Broche id Thibet Shawla, cleaned in a very auperior atyle in r< If** *T? after receiving them. Bilk, Satin, Moreen and |i amaak Window and Bea L'urtaina, cleaned, dyed and water1 on a eery auperior and entirely new plan. O. W. would tc irect the of the Ladiei to hii eery auperior atyle ol a catering Silk, fcc., having the beat workmen and machiuery a i the city. Carpeta, Ruga, Table Coeera and Crunch Clotha i leaned Gentlemen a Wearing Apparel cleaned and dyed by n > eutue new rroceea, and returned m three daya. March an ta a: rdera attended to, alao upholtterera. at O. WILLIAMS' Karabliahment, myS Irn'm 4TT^ BroadwayTO DEALERS IN FISHING TAGKLE V| LARGE aaaortment of China Graea Piahing Liaea, and Salmon and Trout Silk Worm Gutt, toauu ctty or eon?- ( ~V dealer*. E*ery article in fiahing tackle will be fonnd at 1 taaonable CON KOY'S knhuu and Sporting Tack 1 av*hltahm#?nt M Kalinn ?r . rnmff "Hliff l Im tl r AMERICA ! OREGON ! KNOLAMli'i? I O the inhabitant! of the whole boundle** Continent?We (' lnnte youaJI and each of yon. toconodtr and reflect for p| rmr own welfare, that by calling at the New York Coffei 8, aloon, No.il7 Fulton ?treet, near Greenwich, wl '? yo? . ill not only find all the edible* served np, l'a? eieet.u* any i ?, ijier place of the kind, but much larger plate fur the price. C l nu will And a spacious and airy room, where yon may fn Hvynni meals with all the e?miort imaginable, eilher break- i, "inner ot snpper, from an centa up to any (iren price. H * 7*. **V' '""V pa4""* by, Jnat drop in and te.t 1 lisfaction **' J e quantity and prices lor yoar owu R Oiyn on Hnndara a* 1m*r s' J WAKWtCR "" ci EXCURSIONS. CELEBRATION OF INUKFENUKNCK. Fourth of July Exevrtion to ffew Brumswiclc, X. J. _~ 1he Mamboat SPLENDID. rapt. H. A. kaSa^^HHihiwi. will le?ve the luut <>f Clumbara it; Cnl^Uii Vi P*?t 7 o'clock A. M.. (nil |>ier I. North !>?..?( hill |> >a( 7 o cluck, anil proceed to New Urumwitk, with the I'ullowlnc milittry coiiiinnm: Independence liuaida, ? amain Cairns; Tompkins' Blues, 3a|itatii Maune; Union Ride Company, Cant, t'arker, ac:ouipanied with their invited cuaats Alio, delegates Irom raiious lodges of the I O of O V. Kendall's celebrated N. fork Brass Haud havitif bean engaged lor the occasion The jplendid will arrive >t New Bruiiawirk in umpla tune to atold passengers an opportu nty to w itness the grand military | iclebrstiou winch la to txke olace on dvy. The several I :oinptiiies will, on landing, tie received w ith all the usual Miliary form by tbl whole force as?emMcil The line of narch will be formed on tke arrival of this boat, thua afford- I ug ii?r passengers a tine opportunity of witnessing the iai- ! ><?iuK ?ppea??uce of the above mentioned companies. The Splendid, nil her passage 10 New Brunswick, will ike the iiindr channel, returning ihe outside, thus making lie trip around Sta.eii Island. Will leave New Brunswick 'or New York at 4 o'clock P. M. Kare for the excursion, 50 cent*. Tickers in?y he hid of Mr. C. Brown, Tammany Hall- Lt. Dartle't. Brauch Hotel; Mturt. C. St A. Nlatthewi, West- , 'lieiter House, HI Uowery, aud ou board the boat, font of .lumbers at. jy2 3t*r THISTLE BENEVOLENT ASSOCIATION. i Grand Exrurtion and Cotillon Party to WEST POINT. /afil On Thandar, 9th July inst.?The manaSl iTf'P*"*" I*''*1*" Benevolent Association, 3E_9B23_at the pressiug solicitation of their nnmer> in Irtend*. have made arrangements to give their first and jnly" excursion for thia hum, to take place on Tliursdiy, )ih July i?st. In order to meet general approbation, th? ipleiidid iteamer ONKIDA, C aptain Tupper, accompanied jy the barge PRATT, Capt Taylor, hare been encaged to proceed up the Hnilaon to West Point. Three or four hours will he there allowed to enjoy the scenery ol that romantic ipot. An excellent band has been engaged, and the cotillons will >e under the direction of Mr. (). Roberjson. Messrs. Rowe k Lepidt, of M>7>^ Broadway, the celebrated :aterers. will have the mauagenieut ol tin refreshment aud ;oule<-tiouary department. The boat will leave Catherine st. Ferry, East River, at I )'clock. Liberty street, N R. at >? past 8, t snal st. 9, Stati Prison uock >, past 9. and foot of 19th st, at 10, precisely. Ticket lor a gent I em in and ladv, $1; extra lady's, .10 cents. To be had of Mr Peter Millie^ <7 (autre st; Vetsrs Stodlirt it Dunham. 361 Hroadway; the Northern Hotel. Courtandt street, and of either of the managers, or at the landing! >n the inoruingof the exctiraion. j>2 8tje HAltLEM PARK?TROTTING THURSDAY, Julv 2, at I o'clock ?Purse ol $30?Mil* heats?Best 3 in i, under the saddle: Wm u7k.i.->. >t. ... n?.? Oeo. F.. Perrine's ch. g. \fajor Ringgold. John Lofty'sbr.g. Wnalebone. W. 8. Reed's br. m. Betsey Baker. H. Jones' bl. r. Newhurgh. R. K. Walker b. g Tom Moore. jy2 lt*rc THE 8CB9CRIBER would inform the public HI, *"* **- '"* "" 1 at hia atable iu Jersey city, ' y ? Liuiwn > the Western Hotel, a splendid lot of louble and single Horses. from the western part of the htat* >f New York, which have just arrived. jy2lw*rc D. 8M1TH. CATSK1LL MOUNTAIN HOISK C. I.. BEACH, for several yeara connected with this fvvTV popular establishment, has now become ita aole pro4^J&prietor, has rebuilt it throughout id the moat substtntul and elegant miuner, and has furnished it anew; and it M now open for the reception of company. It it under the personal superintendence and management of Mr. Beach, the proprietor, who will spare no pains to make it one of <he most agreeable summer resorts iu the couutry. The magnificent scenery and healthy atmosphere or the place are too well knowu to require description. Elegant and commodious stages run directly from the day boats to the Mountain House, and theuce to the falls. jy2 lw*rc MORRIS HOUSE, LONG BRANCH, N. J. a This House, built last year, and mnch enlarged this sprint, is now open for the reception of guests. T<>? proprietor, euconraged by the tlatteriug patronage h? received last summer has made unusual exertions to deserve ita continuance. HisTiouse contains the best rooms of any no the Branch; and he has ample stahles attached. An experienced bather always in atteudanre. The steamers Orris, Iron) Fulton street, East river, and Edwin Lewis, from Vesey street, run daily to Ocean House, where stages are in waiting to convey passengers to Long Branch, six miles, aloi k the beach. jy2f.tis?r J. W. MORRIS. > . " EUROPEAN HOThu, j City of IVatliinztnn, near the Dreutury Building. ! t" THE SUB3CHIBKR, having fully prepared and repleniahed his well known hotel, renewedly solicits i the Patronage of hia friends and the public. His ta- | ill always he supplied with the best the seasons afford; and whilst no effort will be spared to give entire satisfaction, I lii? terms will be found so moderate as to command attention j from residents and strangers. There arc several elegantly 1 furnished suites of apartments amLsingle rooms ready lor immediate occupation. Thote who wish pefinanent board will Hud it highly advantageous to call. For persons having business with the deiwrtmeuts, the lucation of the hotel is most convenient. Foreigners will find their language s|>oken at this house and their comforts strictlv considered Parties accommodated with refreshments of all kinds, at the shortest notire. Dinners seut to all parts of the city, as u?u*l. jyl lwrc L.O<LaBRUN. iXJNNEOANA'St HOTEL, No're Dame street, Moutreal, Canada East. faGL THIS iriagmticent Hotel is not equalled in the Caljrj? nadis, and not surpassed by any one in the United MjULStates for elegance and comfort. It was the former [illusion of Mr. Bingham, and more recently the palace of Lords Durham and Sydenham, both of whom'maile ln'ge expenditures in the iutemal embellishments, and during tne last ear the subscriber lias made very extensive uMinnm. which now render the capacity of the Hotel sufficient to accommodate, in the most comfortable manner, over three hundred persons. In consequence of the severity of the winter, the mbseri !>er was unable to get 'he improvement* done in tnne to open the House with all the comforts desired this Spring. lie is most happy to annmnce to his friends that he has now remedied nil tlie deticien?ie* which were upon the establishment when lirst opened. The House is n<<w finished, and Ins ju*t received a very choice set of black servants, a S'ewaru of Inch reputation. French cooks, Sic. from New York, that will place the table, attendance and coinlort of tins House equal to any upon tins continent. The subscriber, grateful for the many favors of a generous public, while in Rasco's Hotel, begs a continuance of their kind favors, assuring tlirm that every exertion shall lie made to mike their stay w ith him a most pleas nit one. This Hotel is in the immediate vicinity of the principal attractions, such u the Gre?t Cathedral, Ch <inp d'Mars, lie kc. Omnibuses at the Boats upon their arrival, to convey paslenders and biggage to the Hotel. J. M. DONNEOANA, jelO Iw*r Late Keeper Kasco Hotel. ' flort1culture. <>yt? W. RUSSELL will exhibit every day this week, at J?Mrs. Groom's store. 305 Broadway, a splendid collee Jtsktion of bis iu>w Seedling Geraniums, which he has |i?en the following >ami?: Queeu Victoria, General Waslingtoo.J Ad ms, T. Jefferson, Henry Clsy, Phenn, Exeiniim, Daniel Webster, lieneral Taylor, Major Ruigcold. J. alhoun. Gigantieum, Col. Benton, anil many others. Also, i collection of Seedling P rcottees and Cinerarias Garden a Henry street, opposite Amity. South Brooklyn. N. B. B"uq?eia t tste jlly made op to order. jyl 3t*r premium boots ^ riNE m- .ycH BOOTS for S3 JO, city made, and M are ?'! ', i? those s?(4 m otlier stores for S3. Fine Jb , ' <-slt B.x.ia for $4 M, e^uol to the best made in jH tins r u > tat (ft or (7, at YOUNG It JON CM' French Boot and Hhoe Manufactory, one of the most fashionable Hi he rity Osr Boots liaviug been judged in the late Fair at SiMo's, are said to be the best ever sold iu this city. All Boots warranted to give satisfaction Mending, lie , done is the Store. YOUNG It JONF.8, 4 Ann street. Near the American Mnseura, New York. Quick sales and small profits, is our inotto. jy 2 eod6t*rc PANAMA, MANILLA, CANTON AMD CANADA STRAW HATS. THE t'udersipied lias on hand s large assortment of the above articles, which he will sell at very low iricee. ROBERTSON, Jet7 lw*m 103 Fulton street. UHL WATER?STONE'S IMPROVED PREMIl M Water Filters.?! Iiese filters not only clarify but purify lie most turbid water, rendering it perfectly salubrious, bv dieating it of all putrid vegetable anu animal matter, animalcua, Sir. The filtering properties of this apparatus are ao great hat even water impregnated with soap, tobacco, fce., he., is eudered perfectly tasteless, no odor and of a bright, chrystame clearness. Can be seen in operation, and for sale at Stone nd Brothers' Croton Plumbing establishment, 390 Broadway. a22 lm*r NEW BOOT ANU SHOE STORE, No. 69 Maidrn l*ne, corner of William itrtet. VT KAOARY k HIOOtNS have opened this u?w Eata'1 blishment with a new and splendid assortment of (>ni lemen's Boets and Shoes, all new, latest Paris and French ashions, made under onr own inspection and warranted. Sold uw.lorcaah, wholesale and retail. We solicit Merchants, 'lerks and dealers to call and examine our new stock before iirchasiug elsewhere. We do business ou the cash principle herefore, we can afford to undersell any establishment in this ity. myl7 lm*re kane's patent portable bathing apparatus. A NEW and splendid arrangement, by means ol which the Shower Bath is united nub the Bathing Tub, andean e used in connection, in any part of the house. The pnblic re respectfully invited Ul call and examine it at the store of He Subscriber, No. 177 Bowery, between Fourth and Fifth trects. CHARLES KANE, Patentee, ft? Im're aj week's patent tin plated lead ' pipe. % N article much superior to the common Lead Pipe. For "V sale at 261 and 263 Water street. jein iwit thos. otis le roy fc ct?. k f na tr ? a _? < .. . s . I ,? i Ln^r.n Having i norougjiiy rtniteu ami relurmahrd anew the home 64 Bro.vlway, (adjoining (he (ilobc lolel,) prepared to receive familiea or aiugle gentlemen I boardera. Dinner boardera can be accommodated. Reirenc ea exchanged. jel9 lm?me \TI.ANTI'' AND 8T. I AWIlr.M K RAILROAD kTOTICK TO TONTK Af'TOiiH?PropoaaD will he received at the Office of thr Atlantic and St. Lawrence lailroad Company, in thia city, from the 17th to 27tli of June eit.forthe (irading, Maaonry and Bridging of a diriaion nle road, attending from a point at, or nearPortland, to RoyJ ll'? ri?er in Norili Varmnmli. a distance of about II milei. nana, Profile! and Specification! will b? ethibited, and the eijniaue information given, at the Engiueer'a Olfice in Portuid.on and after the 17th of June Peraont offering to coutract for the work, who are unknown i the undersigned, or to tlie director*, will be required to eeompuiy their cropoaala with lefcreccea aa to character ad ability. A further eitenaion of the road, embracing a diatanca of >me fifteen or more additional milea, will be prepared for, ad p?t under contract, abcuj the firat of Angnat next. By order oftha Board of Diiwctora. WM. r. PKKBLK, Preaident; A. C. MORTON. Chief Kncineer. Portland, Me.. M?r 1*. 1>44 mvtf tirr biLUAKUS LVU'KOVfcb. ~|TIS FIELD respectfully informs his friends and the 'public, that he ha> returned to hi? old farorite qnarrera, ASHFORD'9 ROOM8, entrance iVi Ann atreet, adjoin in* I* Museum Bail ding, or IH Fulton street Th* doom* and ables h^rt bee* put in perfect order. The Tables ?re Ute, Marble and Iron, with Air, India Rubber and ("loth nslnons. They will no doubt ?uit European and all great layers, being the beat in tliia country. Larger balla for unerners?Carolina balla Tor (termana N. B.?Bassford's new style Billiard Taolea for aale ; India id French Cue Leather, beat in the city ; tine Billiard loth, and eyery article in the trade, constantly on hand and resale. myM lm* m PO JEWELLERS. MINIATURE PAINTERS, kc* C. fc J. HARTNETT*, No. t Conrtlandt street, oear f^oway, wholesale and retail Manufacturers of Trarellinf. i riling, Dressing and Jewelry Boies, Miniature Cases and fttinga; Mute, Locket, Watch, Ring, Pin and p?nci1 Doses; ?es for lil?er Plate neatly arranged to order. Also. Traya nde and luted to Jewellers ahow cases, to contain watches, uins, ringi, keys, pins, ihimMcs, penriU, kc A vartetv of the above strides constantly on hand and ad* to ordat. with neatness and despatch No 1 Conrtlandt r??t, New fork my1fl?#r? 1 1> 11 ... JL Bxcnuiois. RAILROAD EXCURSION, Through Lung Jtlun/i, on the Uh JtUy, at 7 A. M. \ and at S P. M. A N KXCUHSIUN TRAI.S wriii ir??? iii* U.|K> at 7 v ii M, and 3 P. M., for (Jreenport ami ill intermediate plaeat, and return the umc evening, leariug Greeuport at 4 for Brooklyn. Fair 91 5? for the trip, with ihc privilege of reluming in the accommodation tram* of the 4th, Jih, or 6th July. Refreshment* in a car fitted up for the pnrpoie The steamer 8TA IK9M AN will make frequent trip* he* tween Greeuport and $*g Hirhor during the day, at 3* fare; and the New H?ren steaiuei will make daily trip* to New London and Allen'* Point. Pare airou the Sonnd and hack, 7) centa. Regular traina ruu at 7, 9>?. Sand J. t'.itr* train at I A. M., for a grand Temperance Celebration at Farmingdale. on open cara. at it. for the trip, returning at evening. jvl 3trc PATERSON RAILROAD. flAiflRi few* Fourth of july arrangement?the wun will leave aa folluwa: Lint Patertun Depot. Lrift New York, (o'clock A.m. (o'clock A.m. ? " A. MJ 10 " A. M. W " A. m. It " m. 1? " m. 4 " p. m. 4 " p. m. 6 " p. m, 6 ' p. m. 7 ' p. m. jcM 5(ia*r NEW JERSEY HAIL ROAI) AND TRANSPORTATION COMPANY. jflfe QQfi _S9fi jlBtejfctil FOURTH OF JULY EXCURSION TO PHILADELPHIA, AT REDUCED FARE, COMMENCING on Thursday, the 2d July, 1*48, with (lie o'clock A. M. Train, from the Toot of Liberty at. N R. To afford an opportunity, at reduced fare, to the citizeoxof New York to viait their Irieuda in Philadelphia, on the 1th of July, arraiiKeineuta are made to furniah paxaeiiKer* with an excursion ticket for four dollars, entitling the purchaser to a puaage to anu from Philadelphia, with either of the following traina:? A From New York. Returning from Philcdelphia. on the on the M July, at 9 a.m.,and 4){ p. M. 4th July, at 4)f r. m. M " 9 " " 4K" 5th " 7 a.m. and pm. 4th " 9 " 6th " 7 " " Excursion Ticketa from Philadelphia to New York will b? charted at the lame rite. Ticketa procured at the office foot of Liberty atreet, which are not transferable, and will not b? wteired after the at ore stated datea. JeW to jy4si*r FOURTH OF JULY EXCURSION TO NEW BRUNSWICK, I BY THE NEW JERSEY KAIL ROAD AND TRANSPORTATION COMPANY. AN E^T^ATRAffi^^Cara^ni^^T^^^^^^l from (nt I'ooC sf CoirtlandstrMC.for Newark, r'.lixabathtnwa, Rahway and New Brunawick, at I A. M., and iV?, and IIX r. m. neturuiug irnm new Brunswick, at 7>, and 12 A. M , and 7 P. M- je?tttj>l?m earn fl?wa aid 3BEW^W'TOThe new york and harlem railroad co. art Dow prepared to commute with indiriduali to any point Momr thrir line of road between New York and White Plains, at moderate rates, for three, six, or twelve months.? Tickets issued firrr of January, April, July and October For further particulars enquire at the office of the Company Parties, Schools and Military Companies desirous to make excursions, will he aocommodated ou reasonable terms by applying *' the office. June-27th. 1M6. Je27 lwrc fourth of july. Grand Rzcnralon up the Ilutlxon lilver. The new low pressure steamboat TROY, Qf3m3>Ci|Uin A. Uorham, will leave New York the foot of Barclay street, on Saturday, Jaly 4th, at 7 A. M., on her regular passage to Albany and Troy. Trie new low pressure steamboat NI AO AR A. Capt. Win. Elaworth, will leave Trnv and Albany on the same raorutug, on her regular passage down to New York. Persons desirous of avoiding the heat ami dust of the city, and the confusion and danger incident lo the celehiation of the day. may take the Trey, land at Caldwells, West Poiot or Newbur||h, return by the Niagara on her dowu trip, and reach th? city in season to enjoy the more ratioual amusements of the evening. For comfort and fafety, there are no boats on the North river that can compare with the Niagara and Troy. .They are under the command of otlicera well kuown to the citizeu< of New York lor their attention and gentlemanly deportment. Ttiose landing to returi, ran hive an opportunity of rURiuR frieuds, and spending a short time delightfully on shore; and on tne passage will have an opportunity of enjoying the moat beautiful scenery of the river, snd rcturu in the evening refreshed. Fare for the eicursion, M cent* each way. jy2 3trc For nth of Jul Excursion. jMQ Jt3? The stesmho-t INDEPENDENCE will T*mal*e an Excursion trip around Ktaten IslSC^jBlaZLaiid, on the tth instant, landing at Perth Ambuy sullicieut time to visit the I.adies' Fair, held at the Raritan Seminary, Leaving foot of Canal street at IK P. M I'ier No. 2, North river, at IJ* P. M. Foot of Clinton street, East river, at 2 P. M Main street. Brooklyn, at 21*' 1'. M. South Ferry, Brooklyn, at P. M. Aid retam to the citv by 7 P. M., lauding as above. Fara for the whole excursion, 2i ceuU. Hel'rethments extra. _ jy2Si*re C. FORBK8 "FDI KTII UK II I.Y KXl.HJK.-lU.V dMO ^1 The steamer THOMAS POWELL Capt. S Jnhnson, will I, ivc tlie New-burgh I'lrr. -?-oJLJLfoot of Wairrn street, at II o'clock, on au est uisiou dowu the bav of New York, passing the various fortifications ol the liarDOr and Narrows, landing at Spiing ?t. ^fMt II, Hammond atreet k paat II, and pier No. 2. North river, M )i before 12 o'clock: aud will return to the city about 2 o'clock, landing as above. A batd of music on board. Fare I of th- eicursinn. 25 cents. jrt 3tia*r for the fishing hanks, Friday, July 3. jf| The commodious steamer DELAWARE ? ?.. F**?, -t? will leave the foot of Hammond street at I T. 1C.Z.A. M., Canal S>?. Delancy l, t.)9 Pike st. 9. pier I iVirth River. #3jj. Dingle's IJrus anu CcUllou Band ! e'lg iged for the trip. Fare 50 rts. Lines aud bait at a small charge. Dinner on board. jyt 2t* rc great doings on the 4t1i of july, At G'en Cove, Long Itttind. VOLUNTEERS WANTED. j.Wl jgm Dr. VALENTINE will give an Indian Mam. J*^J?^^CIam Bake in the Orove, in the rear of the j?a3K3LPavilion. Ulen Cove Landing. Tt? steamboat CROiON will leave the foot of Fulton street at o'clock, and return in the evening. On the arrival of the boat, Capt. Win. A. Moyston, of Wheeling, Virginia, will proceed to read the Declar ition of Independence, alter which ur. v ajrntine will Uelirer an Oration, touching on the rtrc domes of *76, to be fojowed by a grand Indian Clam Bake, and a Hon on the frccn. A Band of Mb IC nalLfeiia. attendance. jyl ttia'rc jiMQ jrn NEW FEKH Y TO COTWKV IU.AND AND FORT HAMILTON.?The wtrntZ ? tlX. boat PROPRIETOR, Captain H. Mallan. will run during the uv>ath of June (or until further notice) every week ilav iu follows, leaving Pier 3 N. Jl. Coney Island. o'clock, A. M. I o'clock, A. M. 10 ' " iiu 1 " P. M. ' 2X " P. M. 4 " 6 " " Landing at Fort Hamilton aaeh way. And for flunday ?ee separate advertisement and bilU. rare 1IX centa. THOMAS BELBY, Proprietor. N. B.?Stages will be in readinesa on the arrival of th? boat at Fort Hamilton, to taka pa*se >gers to New Utretcht and Batli, alao at Coney Island to take passengers to the upper houses. J30 Vis*m FOURTH OF JULY EXCURSION. To New Brniuwlrk and Perth Am boy, At 9 O'CUxk A. M., foom Barclay it. Pier. MA The steamboat RARITAN, Capt. Fisher, Qp will leave the foot of Barclay street, July at ' o'clock A M , for Perth Am boy and New Brunswick, taking the outaide pissage through llie Narrowa. affording pleasant views if the bay and harbor, the t^narantine, Sandy Hook Light, ate. Returning, the Raman leaves New Brunswick at nilf past 1 o'clock, rerth Amboy at a qnartrr before 3 P. M , arriving in New York at half put 4 o'clock. Kare for the whole egeursion, M cents. The Koorti" will he celeh'ated in New Brunswick worthy of the day. The civil and military procession will b? honor- 1 ed by the Tompkins'Bints, Opt., and the ludepen- 1 denre Ouardi, Cspt. Cairts, of New York, accompanied by Kendall's ctlf rated Brass Band. Horns of starting je30 it*rc .MT1 jmI VIEW OK THB HIGHLANDS??TH i gL, ,!BjLC3?()K Jl l.v KXCl KSION-The siesmboat 3C^JHljS_1IKNUKIK HUDSON, on Saturday, July i <lh, IW6, will make an Excursion to West Point and Newburg, ?ith a part}- of pleasure, tearing the pier between Courtlaudt and Liberty stteei* at8, ana Hammond street at hall past 8 A.M.. returning U> tlir same Whsrves about 6 \ o'clock, P.M. giving passnugers the most delightful view of ] the Palisades, Sing Sing Prison, Forts Montgomery and Putnam, YVestpnint, the Highlands, Newhurg Bay, (kc, he. and returning in time to see all the Eihibitiou of Fireworks. Kare to West Point 3a, Newburg 4s. (and the same to retarn.) For Tickets, apply at Hit office, 114 (Jreenwleh at. Dinner provided ou board. Number of Ticket* limited. _je30 tJylr i THE MOST DELIGHTFUL OF ALL EXCURSIONS. _ "I r-s A HAIL across the Hudson fivtr to Hobo cL _aM.^'iJ?Leii. ami ihen a walk to the Elyaitn Fields. jLanJBLJK^ilonK the exceedingly piclureaque ahores oi the place, will prove the most easily accomplished and attrac lis r of all ruruu excursions that can be made from the city. The grounds now present a charming aspect, the trees be 1 mg in leaf, and th<! soil covered with a rich torf. 1 he walks are iu excelleut order, having been considerably em'iellished the present spring. On every pleasant afternoou there will be in attendance at the Collonuade. Elysian Fields, an eicellent Band of Music,. | which will perform selections from the favorite Operas, popular airs, inarches, waltzes, Ike. The Ferry Boata from Barclay, Canal and Christopher ata , are completely lilted up with awnings and seata Night Boats rou from Hoboken to Barclay street aatil 11 o'clock. Ferriage IV centa. ml3m*r ne\V Line of pa< KEfrTFOlTIiv pi V POOL.?Packet of the 21.t of July.?The splendid, iKilfai'ait tailing and favorite packet ship HOTTIN OUfcK. 1100 ton? burthen. Captain Ira ISursley, will aail en Tuesday. July 2l?t, her regular day. The ship* of thU line being all 1000 tons and upwards, per ons nbont to embark for the old country will not fail to tee the advantage* to D? uerivrn imm ieaerring tni? lire in preference to any other, aa Iheir great capacity render* them every way more comfortable and convenient than (hint of a im.-ill elr?; and their accommrlationa for cabin, aeeond cabin and ateerage pa??en?er?, it la > <11 known are anperior to thoie of ?ny other line of packet' Peraona wishing to aecure b?<riha ahould not fail to mak tarly application on board, at the foot of Burling Slip, or to W. k J. T. TAP8COTT. At their General Paiiage Office, (6 South afreet, aocond door below Burling altp The Hottingiier will aail from Liverpool on the fith of September. Peraona wiahiiigto aend fur tneir friend* tan have them brought out in this magnificent packet, or any of the regular line, (ailing on the lit, 6th, 7th, llth, lfith. 2lat ?nd IWith of every month, on favoiable terma. Application to be made aa above, or to WM .APHCOTT, ?W> Waterloo Road, Liverpool, Agent. Drafta for any amount, payable on demand, withnut diecount, in al the principal towua of Kogland, Ireland. Heatland or Watea, can at all limea be obtained on application (if by letter poat paid) aa above. The elegant packet ahip ROfH'llIS will mccecd the Mot lmju?r, and aail on Mth of July, |?ei r?gnlar d*? )yt mc # ' ' I??I I I ' ???I III I I AWI'WKIVICBH. | PKKK THKA 1'Kfc?Bo?a?, * eu Kit. ti f t+aliary Ilk eeota.?Ttiurada* Evening, July J? Will ba iwilormru the comedy ol' Tnt KOLit SlsTtHJ1?Mr Beauchain,. Mr Dvoil; I'aiulme, Mr? Hunt. .^fter which, FOR* TUNIO larooi)u?ot?r. Mr Awwwii Hm Mi>> M\ruua, Mr> Hu-it. hli.riiU, \li?> Kate Him. 'I'd conclude with A MAN WtTHOl'f A If b AD?Mr Obliriou. Tep, Mr l? Aarrett; Tom Keatheratoue, Dyott. Doora ofin i u'cloca?uenortraoea to commeaca at P!*Ciaelv 7m n't lock WH. CLAKhK'S UKNKFI'i\ I BOWKRV THEATRE.?Thuraday Ktcniag. Jnly 3? 0? which nccaaioa will be performed the drama of the LADY OK THE LAKE?-Roderick Dhu, J H Scott; Fit* Jame?. Clark*; Value, Proctor; Ellen, Mri Phillipa. <ft?r which, lhe t O.MEDY OK ERRORS? Autipho'ua of Kplw<u<. Mr Davenport: Luciano. Mri hcrgeaut. To conelade with UOMBAHTE8 Fl'KIOdO?Uombaate*, Mr Hadawaft 1 ># 11ai a. kir< Sarj.aut. JL~S~ Lower Botes, Ml centa; aacojid and third tiara, U eta.; Pit and Oallery, Ilk cent*. Doori open at7 o'clock?Cartain will rtaa at hall paat aarea o'clock. /lHkbiNWiCH THEATRE Corner of Varick aud VJT Charlton afreets.?Rr-n|wnr<l for ttir Summer Seasou.? Thursday Evening, July 2, the performance to commence with the ORPHAN OK GENEVA?Csi win, Mr Kreer; Picsrd. Mullikiu; Thereae. Mix Caroline Chapman; Couiileaa tie Mori illf, Mn Pensou. Previous to wliirli the J>la>' of the STRANGER?The Stranger, Mr Krecr; Mia Haller, Mi?? Craiiford. Boies, !i centa; Pit 12^ centa: Private Boies $4; Scats in ; Orchestra Boxes. each 71 ceuu. CASTLE GARDEN.?Thursday Krtmai, Jnly il?the opening piece of muaic will conmt ol the overture to L'Aintiajiadrice. Vm'll Remember Me, ffoti the Bohemian Oirl. Alter which the Mixes Vallee will appear El Jaleo de Xeres. Calediinan Pai Seul, Mr Thompson. The lit ' part will conclude wiji the magnificent overture to Oberon. An intermiikion of kail' an hour for protncuadt Mid refreshmenu. I ^Tlte second part to (Commence with the popular overture 1 Krt Diavolo. Still so gently o'er me stealing, Mr Holman.? La Cracwvienue, Miatea Vallee. Wooden Shoe Dauhe, Mr Thompson. The riming will conclude with a series of Dissolving Views lately arrived from Mr Collins of Londou, uudrr the direction ?f Professor Eierstein. i Admittance iA^enta. jlit; family. Tight Hint, by the Ravel Family. GABRIEL IN Ills CELEBRATED HORNPIPE. NIMLO'S GARDEN.?Thursday Evening, July 2, IM8. i ?The performance will commence with a Uvorita Overture. Alter whicl. will lie presented, a series of groupings, called I GLIMPSES OK TltE VATICAN AT ROME. I To be lollowrd by daring aud graceful alihievenieuta <>n : the TIGHT ROPE, by the Mavel Kauuly. Gabriel will , druce hi? celebrated Hornpipe. I Half an honr'a mtermiasiuu for th? Concerts A-la-Mosard a the Refreshment Maloou. The evening's entertaininenta to conclude with the Tanto, mime called JOCKO?The Ape, Mous Marcetti; Lorenzo, ' Jerome lintel: Pipo, G.tbriel Ravel; i'ernaudex, Antoine Ravel; Pedro, rnuicois Ravel; Dominique, Charles Winther; Jacque, I.eon Javelli; M'me Kernaudex, M'me Jerome Ravel; { i Cora, M'me Martin Javelli; Julea, Miss llardwick Doors open at 7 o'clock, to bevni at 1 o'clock nreeiaelv Tickets' Kiftv Cents. PALMO'S OPERA HOUSE. CHAMBERS STREET. BENEFIT OF HEKR ALEXANDER. THIS EVENING, JULY 2. HKRR ALEXANDER, the celebrated (lennan Magician. Last Night hut Two?Among a variety of new aud extraordinary frats, the following will be performed: The Hiudostan Wouiler of Asia, or the Magic Vase of Gold FUh. La Sylphiile Mysterious. The Star Spangle d banner. Sacrifice of iIk Magician, ; Together with more than the usual list of mystetious perI forinauces. I . The whole forming a selection nf the best aud most surprising Magical Deceptions erer exhibited in America. Tickets SO centa?Children under ten, half price. Doors open at 7?Performance to commence at I o'clock. Bin Office open frotn 10 A. M. to 4 P. M., where seat* may be secured. Private boxes, to admit four persons, $3. ; jv? Itrc | OLYMPIAN FESTIVAL. Sands, J*cnt 4* Co.'s American Circus. F11RST SEASON since their 'Jour of Europe?At Rochester on the 1st, 2d, Id and 4th of Jul y?Embracing the most beautiful stud of horses, aud the most costly auu brilliant equipage to be fouud n Europe or America. Among I the most commanding features of this Troupe, la the tho| rough ured English horse May Fly, wfco dances in an iuconceivably graceful style, and iu perfect time with the music, j ; all the lashiouable pas seuls, after the manner ol the most popular Parisian artistes. The Twin Ponies, Damon and Pythiaa, in their iuutimera- ; ble feats, waltzes, tricks and exercises. The scientific and wonderfully trained Fighting Ponies, Deal Burke aud Tom Spriug. The diminutive, eleg inly formed and gracefully taught Fairy Steed Cinderella, puichased at Fraucom's, Pari*, and j at Ashley's Royal Amphitheatre, Loudon, at an immense cost. The hi h bred and beautiful thorough Arabian Polka horse, Pas Teuips. And the most beautifully marked, highly trained, docile and sagacious Lilliputian Troupe ol U Ponies Prominent, and iu bold relief to any similar exhibition evertiresen'ed to the public, stand the great performances of ' Mr. S. Sands, aud his beautiful and talented children, Mau, rice and Jesse. First in order is the juvenile rider, Matter Hernandez, whose tchievements on horseback, althouL'h a mere infant iu years vastly excel in grace, agility anj} brilliancy of effect, all who have ever preceded hi in in this country, and who is justlv styled the Ducrow ?f America. Next, Master Waller Ayinar, whose during, dashing and graceful equestrianism, is second only t? Hernandez. The great English Scenic Rider, Mr. Mosely, will exhibit his original and graphic characters of the Pickwick family. A four horse aud two hor?e act. by Mr K. Perry. Sir. II. W Ruk'gles, on the Slack Rope, as the Voltizeur Volante; Exercises by the luilia Rubber Man, H. Conover; Clowu to the Ri c Mr. J. Pent I and, Second) town and Buffo Sinner, Mr. S. Lathrop; Equesrrian Manager, Mr. Mosely; i Master of the Ring, Mr Huntington. The en'eitaiume<its will be concluded with a choice election of Kthiopiui Songs and Choruses, by the best band of vocalista in the couutr.. Price of adinusiou, boxes and pit 26 cents; reserved seats, . 50 cents. Will be exhibited in the city of Rochester on the corner of Piatt and State sts , as follows: Wedoesd ?v, July 1st?Doors open at 7, performance commence* at 7)< P. M. Thursday auil Friday?Doors open at 2 and 7, performance commences at 21B and 7V^ P. M. July 4th ?Doors open at 9 A. M., aud 1. 4 aim 7 P. .>1 , rerfomiance commruces at 9^? A. M., wid at l}?, 4>i, and 7V. M. I jr2 2frc 1 COLISEUM, NO. 45 0 BROADWAY. MR. DINNEFOllD RF.8PECTFULL Yinvites the pnbltc to his first attempt at establishing a series of Temperance Dramatic Sketches Slid Mnalral k.nterratrimeiifs flieaim nf whirli wilt k* In il. luitrute the essential benefit of following out the course of prudence. The Dramatic part of the Entertainment will be uatained by Ladiea and Gentlemen of character and talent. THIS EVEN I NO, Mr. Oiley will portray the progreaa of the moderate drink- . rr to the confirmed inebriate; and wi ll the aatistance of Messrs^ Hamilton, Varrey, Raymond L??der, Quale, Mesdames Hamilton, Oemerlin and Greenwood in a variety of other p-rrsouificarions. together wi h othtir entertainments ? Particulara in hilla. Admittance 24 centa jeW ttia'm T1IE ALHAMRA. ICE CREAM SA LOON, 559 Broadway, between Sjrring and Prince. | TO iTRANOERii?Strangers visiting the city will find a new attraction in the Saloons of ine Alhamta, which, aside fiotn the deliciona Ices and Confectionery to be found there, is fitted up in a style of Eastern splendour and magn licence never before attempted in this country. The beautiful fountain in the fesselated court, which displays a variety of curious and iugeniona Jets, not only keeps the air delightrul r a>.d pleasant, bnt excites an amusing interest and a thomai u conjectures; while the spacious promenade around the balcony affords a view, every pleasant avening, of more beauty and fashion than can be fountf congregated la u; other place of public reaort in the city. Indeed no where can an hour be pasaed more rationally or agreeably. [C^-Admittance free. jell lwis're GOTHIC HALL, BROADWAY. DURING THIS WHOLE WEEK the splendid Mechanical Cabinet of G. Tietz, with the Dark of Vaucauaon, the dancing Lady and the War Elephant, will he opened every afternoon (luring the week, at 3 o'clock until 4?and every Evening Irom 7 until 10 o'clock. On Fourth July, performances from I in the morning nntil II ?t night. je?8 lwis*rrc HOWES It CO.'S NEW YORK MAMMOTH CI ROUS THE LARGEST ESTABLISHMENT ever organised ia the United States, comprising 140 Men an4 Horses, re quiring 3S Carriages to convey the performers, wardrobe, ma iciana, ike. The company has attached to it Eirht Female ouestriaiis, mone whom is the Greatest Female Rider of the Age, recently arrived frou raria MADAME MAUIEMACARTE. wlioae new ityle *1 Eqneitnnn feat*, peculiarly her owa, ' beinK chaste and claaaic; her graceful ana laac mating *d dress, %nd the charming nainfie with which (he chum her anrtifence, render till* Kilted and highly-educated arliite the leading feature of the arena in thii country. The Proprietor* refer the public to the brilliant description given in the respectire newspapers of the eitraordinary and daring feat* performed by this distinguished artiitr. Among the novtlcie* which the Proprietor* offer are rite celebrated Scotch OIANT AND G1ANTEH8. , ' Their height ii H feet, and their weight over 700 lb*. Mr. 1 Randall weigh* 433 lb*. Mr* Kandall ia tke most enormous giantess in trie world. They will ap|>mr in " Jack and the Bean Stalk."' aud he will perform extraordinary feat* o( treugth and agility, and will ride in a two horse act. The entertainment* will cotnpri*e IT Act* of Horsemanship, Gym- 1 na*tic Eierci*ei, Classic Diaplay*. and humorou* afterpiece*. ' Equestrian Director, Mr. HOW EH; Hiding Muter, Mr. I NIXON, and the unapproachable Clown, DAN RICE. j Among the Performer* i* the celebrated and principal Hi- ) der, the Napoleon of the Arena, Mr. HOBBS, whose ft at* i.n , Horseback are the miut extraordinary erer witue**ed. Jnveuile Act of lior?em/ui*liip by Master Nuon. Olympic Exercises, by the whole Company, led by the great Earopeaa 1 Tumbler, Mr. MACAKTE. Woadrrlnl Kear. hv Mr. Cole*! < Dog*. Hector and Billy. The SWISH B MOTHERS, in I i their eli gant Gymnastic Postures and Groupings. Mr. Vweet , | a* the Charioteer oT I'huebua Postering and Gymnastic* by ( Mr. Nixon and hit ion. Mr. How** in his Mythological and brilliant Act of " Fuciei of Proteus." Mr. C. Howe* in . fack Hope Erolatioua Mr. Gee Sweet, the celebrated iglit Hope Dancer. With a variety ol other*. The whnU comprising the leading. mo*t talented, and claasie performi r* , | in the world ] Thu unrit illed corp* of Equestrian* will perform in the : town ol ITHICA, N. V., on the 4th of July, alter which they will visit all the principal citie* and town* in the State. n*y31 tf rrc I ' 5ANDS, LENT & CO. THE following i* the intended route ofihe tpleudid Exhi- i bition of hand*. Lent k Co., up to the Md of July I June 2* Ninth D*nxille. ( 1*, Mt^dom*. " 27 and 21. CaWWou la. " 29 Hcotraville. June Kl, July J. 3, 3 and 4, Hoiheater I July 6 Ladd's Corner*. 1 " 7 Brockport. I " I Albion. . " 9 Medina. " 10 Uindon. , " II and 13, Johnson's Craek ' " 11 and 14, Lockport. " 1J Lewitton ' " It Niagara Rail*. < " 17 Tonawanda. , " II, 19,30. 21,23, Buffalo. jetf te|v4 re Atlantic qakdkn ih now 9rc.> run tub 8K ASON.?Dndworth'i Cornet Band will perforin ererr Tuetday and Friday (Tamost, commeaeinc Jnne 2nd, at I o'clock. Admittance free. myJ 3m*r? WILLIAM ALLISON, Propriety. FIREWOKKS FOR FOURTH JULY?The eubecribere?ff?r for tale a larice 4?iortmrnt ol Kirew.'rku, laantifacttirrd b. Mr. Mice, Jrrtty < try, conaiatini ?fl im- ?m 'II Itm keti of the beet kunl?. flum, Kant, Calm Tiea, I'yrainida, PeriiTimi Crcatei, Octagon*. Tri?iii;l??, Vcrlluli, Alinea, of ??no?w orta, Homan 1 andlra, PiKeon?, T' rhiltena, Kire 1 rackrra, kc kc Dl NLAP k lrno>ra<?N. j.-in I w r ?V> Broadway. MlJsR; INSTRUC TION turn n the Pi?o at tiro dollar* I ?r 1 m^ a pftioa wh<> und#i?*ud? tli# pruffoiion ino* rouahlv V oiiiic ladiet ?nbin* t-> take l???ia, f ill HUN <ldr*>? > not. to^'Mmie,''at <b? Herald oflU*. f5? Iw1e??<i LiTOf imilTOIl. TELEGRAPHIC REPORT. CO?(JUE?(ilOJIAI, PHOlBKDINOa. Wa*miwoto!?, July i, 1(46. Senate. No quorum appeared until paat 11 o'clock. A commu. nication wa? received from the War Department, with a tatement called for, relative to Alabama volunteer*. report! oir committkki. The (tending committee* were then called upon for report*. Mr. Burns, from tlie committee on public land*, reported a bill t? ettabliah the office of Surveyor Genera in Oregon. Mr. Ci atton introduced a bill for the relief of the heir* of Ko>>ert Fulton. thk hkror* of palo alto and rkf ac a dc la ralma. On motion of Mr. Cameron, the Secretary of War wan directed to furnith the uamei of officer*, non-commiaiionod olticeri and private* killed aud wounded in tha battle* of the 8tli and nth nf Mov diflomact. The amendment* reported l.y the finance committor to the civil and diplomatic appropriation bill were agreed to, and the bill ordered to be cngroiud. THI ?ATt!?l aiLL. The bUl to authorise the chief clerk of the Tatent office to *ign patent*, came up on iu pauage. THE fATKNT UtrOKTI. Mr. Aihlcv corrected an error in the New York paper* in reference to the profit on printing the patent reporta. The whole number ordered by both lion*** wa* 71,000 copioa, which coit 83,000 dollari, and the profit! are only 10,000 dollar*. AURICULTrRAL (TATIITICI. Mr. moved to recommit the bill with instruction! to amend it ?o a* to repeal the act authoriiiDg the eolleo tion of agricultural (tatiitici and leedn. Mr. Ca>ie*on oppoied the recommitment, and hoped the bill would paa* at one*. Mr. Datk *ugge*ted that the act referred to by Mr. Sevier wa* not in force, and Of courio there wa* no neceaiity of repealing it. Mr. Be*tow maje a humorou* speech in reference to the name of ieedi cent out from the I'atent office. i nr uc..?.o ..giiiimuiui "7 McDutfte, Calhoun, rhelpe, Mangura, Hunting ton, Wwt cott, Athorton, Dickinson and Yule*. The bill wai than recommitted by a vota of M to It. The Senate then went into Kxecutlve session. Ilouae of Representatives. til r c r 4du atlofv HILL. Mr. Arnold a?k;4 leave to submit au amendment to the graduation Bill. Received and ordered to be printed tni TARirr bill. The House then reaolved itself into Committee of the Whole, Mr. Cobb in the chair, and resumed the confideration of the bill to reduce the tariff. Mr. Tiiommo*, of i'onn., returned, and finished the speech he commenced last evening He advocated a continuation of the present tariff, ai n great and valuable lyasure. He laid many funny thing), and created much merriment. Mr. Huntkr obtained the floor (in the jump of aomn twenty members who tried to get it) and (poke ably against the present tariff, and in favor of free trade. Mr. Toombs followed in a very rapid manner with aa able argument, in opposition to the bill under coniideration. He indulged in many practical illustrations of the fallacy of all the argument* that he bad heard made in support of the doctrino of free trade. Mr. Wici next got the Roar. He made a speech la favor of modifying the present tariff Notwithstanding, he said, he was boroin 1'enusylvauia. he and bis democratic constituents ad he red to the doctrine of protection of ,1..... II ,V.. ..f In. from .fV.OVl mo U...v?u..n.. v. .... r?W .- ? Ohio, New Yoik, and the South, ami denounced them. Mr. Carroll followed and defended the presont tariff In behalf of hi* district, which ha praised warmly. It raised 1,600,000 bushels of wheat annually, an] it ustalm the tariff It raiiei half a million of eheep, and ustains the tariff Adjourned. BY THE MAILS. CONGRESSIONAL PKOCKKDINGS. In Scnatr. Washi?otoi?. June SQ?-2 P. M. There was no quorum present for tone time after th? new hour of meeting The resolution offered yesterday by Mr Baurt, to ajv point a committee '.o in quire into preparing a plan for reporting the proceedings and debates of the Senate, wai adopted. Messrs Bagby, J. M. Clayton, Houston, FairAeld and Morehead. were appjinted said committee. Mr. JAR*Ani<< reported a bill to establish an exccutiv* bureau, under the exclusive direction and control of th? President, which was ordered to be printed. THK WAHrilOL'SK bill. Mr. Dix moved to take up the warehouse bill. Mr. AacHr.a hoped th?bill for the retrocession of Alexandria would have precedence. Mr. Dix's motion prevailed?yeas 18, naya H?the Tr?lident voting in the affirmative. Mr. Huntikiitok opposed the bill. It was vidantly, in his opinion, the woi it of some importer, of large meani, who looked to secure to himself the benefit of a threa years' ciodit on his duties, without interest. He pointed out the great imperfection of the bill as it now stands, and took ground against the ware-housing system. Mr. H. still apeaking as this despatch closes. House of Kepreaentatl vea. \Va?hi?otom, June 30, 1816 Mr. Wirx.of Indiana, submitted a resolution, which was Agreed to, instructing the committee on military affairs to inquire into the expediency of increasing the pay of officers and privates of the volunteer forces raised under the laws passed thi> session : and for stimulating enlistments in the regular army, ny granting lands to those who may enlist between June and November, during the present year. thr tariff ql'kstio*. The House resolved itself into a committee of the whole on the state of the t'nion, (Mr. Coaa, of Georgia, in the ohair.) and resumed the consideration of the bill reducing the dutica on import*. Mr Dixon, of Connecticut, replied to Meaara. Bedinger and Pay no, who had stigmatised protection as a gi gantic system of robbery. In IR1A the question first came up to be discussed. The South, at that tinae, were in favor of protection, and the North were oppoaed to it ; and now shall these gentlemen say that the people of the North committed robbery because they engaged in pursuits which the people of the South themselves commenced ? The report of Secretary Walker had been so dissected and exposed by the gentleman from Vermont, (Mr. Collamer,) and the gentleman from New York, (Mr. Hungerford.) as to lose any credit it may have been supposed to possess, and now found a congenial plac* on the tables of the House of I.ords. On the foundation of this report, full as it is of errors, and at a time of war, it is proposed to change that policy which was fastened on the North by Southern gentlemen. Just thirty-four years to-morrow, (the first of Julv,) in 1813, and whil* rngaged in war with (rreat ISritam, ( ongress adopted a different policy. The law of that day raised th* duties a hundred j>er cent ; tun now n wa? uiii^imu i? nuut,? Hie dutiea. and for the name purpoae, although it had been shown that the c fleet will be to reduce the revenue. If, under the?e ciccumttancea, we are to change the whole policy of the country, weighty and aubatantial rea ona ought to be given for it. Wlulo the bill ia uatenailily for revenue, it will, if paaaed into a law, aubatitut* Tor American product* the good* of foreign countiiea. Stripped of all gloaa and concealment, the real queation ia, ahall the labor neceaiary to production be performed iere or abroad f Kvery Diition ahould depend, for proection, on what it itaell can pro-luce. He did not look ii|hjii the act of 1842 perfect?they could not make a icrfect law ; but ita effect had been beneflcial to indlriduuW aa well aa to the government. High dutiea did :iot make high price I ; on tlie contrary, articlea were twenty per cent chea|>er than they were before the paa<age of that act 1*11 AT THE OHIO 1>CLE?ATI0<I will OO?LOAVC1 * >!? riiHti. Mr. B*i*Kv.*Horr, of Ohio, aaid he had not prepared hiinaelf to make a ayatematic effort - a regular fpeech. Ilia object in riaing was aolely for the put|>oie of having i little plain talk , and he propoied to tell gentlemen what the Ohio delegation can do and cannot do-what they will do and w hat they will not do. And will w? upport the bill reported by the < ommittee of Waya and Muuna ' 1 am ready to give an unawer. In loing *o, I am not eapecially authorized, but I Relieve that I apeak the unanimoua nentiment of tb* Dhiodelegation Will we aupport tin* bill' I anawer, .m..k*iirBiiv ?. !? m*ill not. IL'riea of " goed "] Why not f I have several objoctions, which, however. ar? rjot insuperable, but which, by conciliation and har nony, ? ? might get over. I will name on* or two arti:let. In the flr?t place, I see no reason why a tax of leventy-five per cent should be laid on spirits, and bat thirty par cent on wine. If, however, the?e were cx:luded from 'lie country. It would be better far the pub* lie health and morals?we would not suffer by it. Thoaa who drink wine shouM pay as hi rb a duly aa those who Iriok spirits. The duty on woollens is placed at thirtjr l>erccnt, and wool at twenty-five Why are these not tqual ' Uoth arc imported. One manufactured?th? Jther raw. On linseed oil, linseed, flax-seed oil and fiaxiead, the manu/ertured twenty par cant, the raw match*) ten per cent Why ire not the duties equal ? These, 1 repeat, are objections which wa may get over naspiritot harmony. Another objection, and a prominent one We will not support any bill which contains i in* on tea and r. >flke, the (fninn to the contmry notwithstanding. [A voice?"Put that down "I Whoa mch a proposition came from I. lay ami the whig party, ve denounced il. An I shnll we now change our ?ong, hat our voices may hirmonire with the t racked and iqualling notes of any org*n [A voice Why he's hit:ing old Ntui Vtmmt J On the pooplc ol Ohio it would operate as poli-ux ; a tax on the poor, who made use of the most of these artklea. Even the w?(b> prwommJi, who om twenty " A'' "iv much M the wife o( the milU*n*irt " *21 mUlk'nt t noil tax but section*! U* . for, n??rl) ^rM milll '|^|riUr.n wftc^ij ? ?> th,. wticiM H !* I I

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