Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 4, 1846, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 4, 1846 Page 1
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*.*}* ' ^ ^ _ - ?p??? T H I Vol. XII, Ho. IS I?Whole No. 4407. THE NEW YORK IIERALD.,, JAMES GORDON BENNETT, PROPRIETOR. ? Circulation- Forty Thousand. " u D AILY HERALD?ET?ty day. Price 1 ccuu i>?r copy?$7 Bl Si per aimuin?payable ill advance. weekly IIERaLD?l> ??ry S'turilaf?Price 6>? cuib I'1 per ropy?$J 1 c#ut? per tunuui?payab'e Hi advauco. , M KHALI) KOH LCROPc!?Ktiry Steam Packet day. I " Prior GV ceut* Per copy?S3 00 per auuuin. Payable in ad ?auce. ADVERT18L\1?MT8 at lb* usual pncaa?alwaya cuh t> In adduce. j| PRINTING of all kindi axeruUd with baauty aud da?- |c patch. , All letter* of commoniaationj, by mail, addrcated to the m Mtabliibment . mail tie i?'st |>a d or the I'oatoi'a will be de dueled from tb? au tcription moiiey re-niti d. JA.iitb UORDUN B*'NN?TTa Proprietor of the El NI?YOII HCRJLO tiTaaLierMcnr, u North* West cor^sr ot Fultou and Nuatu strreti. ? r JNL) RAILROAD COMPANY. ^ SUMMER JlRRJIXGEMEXT " TKAJNS RUN AS FOLLOWS. COMMENCING WILD ' . ? NKSDAY. MAY 13. I8i?: tl> Leave Buooelv* ?t 7 o'clock, A.M. Butontr-in for Greenport, daily (eicept Sundays,) stoppsig ?t ? Fariningdile and Nt. George's \iiuor. J " ** ?t W o'clock, A. M., for Fannin dale and Jj intt-rinediate plirea. " " at 3 P. M , throngh to Greenport, *V? j*ng lo both wiys at Jamaica, Branch, Hicki\ ille, Farmingdale, and all the stations between C.A Farmiugdale and Greenport. f 14 " at i P. M., for Farmiugdale and interne diate place*. _j Leant 9u(nroiT at i o'clock, A. M. Accommodation train, . daily, (except Sundays,) through to Brook lyu. M " at 3 P. M., Boston train, or ou the arrival of j the steamer from Norwich, stopping at St. , George's Manor and Farmingdale. t ? Ljsave FatMi.tudale at (k A. M1, Accommodation tram ' for Brooklyn. " at 8I4 A. M. Green port train, lor Brooklyn. ? 1 at Jfi P. M. Accommodation traiu, for . Brooklyn. 1 Leave Jamaica at A. M. Accommodation train, for Brook- th lyn. fn " at9K A. M. Greenport train for Brooklyn. " " ai 3i, P. M. Accommodation train, fur ^ Brooklyn. Fame to ? Bedford 8 centa, East New York 12X, Race *jj Course 18V, Trotting (Totirse 18V, Jamaica 25, Brushville 31S-4, Hyde Park (17 mi lei) 37k. (Jowsville (during the session of court) TIK, Hempstead lIH, Branch VM. Cerle Place 44, Westbury 44, Hicksville 44, Farmiugd lie 62.Vs- Deer Park GO, Thompson 88, Suffolk station $1, Lake Road station _ SI l?X. Medfordstatiou $! 18V. Yaphink $1 37W, St. George's Manor $1 62X, Riveihead $1 Jamrspon $1 #2^, Mattetuck $1 62 Jj. Cutchogne $1 62,H. Southold $1 G2>?, Greenport Accommodation train $1 75, Greenport by Boston train SI 21'. j Stages are in readiness on the arrival of trains at the several m stations, to take passengers at very low fares; to all parts of the Island. ge Baggage Crates will be in readiuess at the foot of Whitehall street, to receive baggage for the several trains. 30 miuates ? before the hour of starting from the Brooklyn side. The steamboat " Statesman" leaves Greenport for Sag Har- j bor twice each day, ou the arrival of the trains from Brook- { lyn. my 19 re TO WtSTElUN TllAVELLMUi ?=g*; fl*TlE Public is rrii^cuuil) i.iiormed that the reevui break kr 1 in the Canal. caused by the late freshet, having been re- , st paired, the I'lOiNKKK & CAmt.BS I.I.Mr-, in KailroaO H and < anal from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh, commensed iu regular trips Tor the season on Monday, the St It of April, leaving the Depot, No. 174 Market street, DAILY, at 7Jf C o'clock, A.M. By this route passenger* will avoid all the fatigue and dan- f (er of night travelling in coachei, both Railroads being pan- r d iu daylight. ft for further information, apply at the old-eatabliahed Office, a 271 Market street, 5 dosrs above Eighth street. I,, ain Kin'rrf A. 11 CUMMINUS, Agent. fr, LUNU 18LANU itAILKOAD fc.xt>res* Mail f" Train, leave* Whitehall street Fernr. New York I J?1 aide, every morning at 7 A. M., for Boston.? j5^KSS_ANo, trains from Brooklyn aid* at 7 o'clock and 1 n* five tniuulr* and A M., and 3 and 5 P. M.. daily. The 7 j re A. M , and 3 P. M liains go through, the former stopping at "> Fannirgdale and mauor, and the latter at all places an the ' *< road jell rj? , e? TROY MORNING AND EVENING LINE. ! MORNING LINE AT SEVEN O'CLOCK. vMAj| FOR ALBANY AND TROY?From the CL 11***^ fa*?P?er at die foot of Barclay street. i Landing at Peekskill West Point. New- || burgu, H tiiiiaoii, Milton. Poughkerpsie, Hyde l'ark, Rhine- ? neck. U. lied Hook, Briatol, Cats kill, Hudson, Couackie, ',n Kindertiook aud Baltimore. Breakfast and dinner on board the boat. I" The steamboat NI AQARA, wilt leave on Monday, Wed- '* esday and h riday Mornings 7 A. M. * The sieamDuai TKOk, Captain (J or ham, on Tuesday, ct Thursday and Satuid.)' mornings, at 7 o'clock. d Returning on opposite days. For paasaie or freight apply on board, er at the office on the h* wharf. ^ NEW YOUK. ALBANY ANI) TROY LINE. d' FOR ALBANY AND TROY DIRECT, " From the pier at the foot of Courtlandt street. i The low-preaaure steamboat CM PIR>., Captain K B Mary, leaves the loot jl Courtlaudt street, on Tuesday, Thursday and 8arnrdav venings, at seven o'clock. TTie Steamboat COLUMBIA, Capi. ffn. H. Peek, will ? leave on Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings, at 7 ^ ociuca. pui?l(m inking tbese Boats will arrive in time to take the Moruing Tram of Can trom Troy wex to Buffalo, and ' uonh to Saratoga. Whitehall and Lake Chamt>laia. Kor Paatage or freight, apply on board, or at the Office on the wharf. No freight taken after 5){ o'clock. NOTltt-All goods, freight, bank bill*, specie, or any ? other kind ol property, positively at the owntr'i risk. j26r j peoples LINK OK STKAATBO AT H KO K ALB AN Y, J Direct?llaily. Sundays eim>ted?at7o'cloek, P.M s /V?W Steamboat pier between Courtlani.' and Liberty #<?. K jtjk Steamboat ROCHESTER, Cape .VItred . Houghton .will leave on Monday. Wednaa XadNCXL day, ajid h riilny at 7 o'clock. ; i> Sleamooai HENDlliK HUDSON, Capt. R. G. Cruttenden, 1 ,7? will leave ou Tuesday, Thnraday and Saturday ereuin(i, at 7 I -p o'clock. j< The above boat* will, at all timet, arrive in Albany in ample ||, time lor the morning can for the eajt or west. ,0 Freight uken at modente met, and none taken altar 3W o'clock, P M. ,e jA.ll lerioiii are forbid traiting any of the boaU of thii line, without a written order from the captains or ageuta. ? For passage or freight, apply on board the boaU, or to P. C. Schulti, at the office on the wtiarf. J United States Mail Line. At i o'clock, P. M., Landing at Intermediate Placet. J; From the Foot of Harcloy it., i Steamboat HUDSON, Captain C. K. King, will Imn on To Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday afternoons, at 1 th o'clock. m Steamboat SANTA CLAUS, Captain Borerbagh, will t? leave on Tuesday, Thnnday and Saturday afternoons, at } o'clock. ? Apply on hoa'd, or at the office on the wharf. je?4 jH daily line of boats between ' NEW YOMK AND ST AT K.N ISLAND The steamboats SYLI'H, Captain J. Brais- ae ted, aud SI'aTEN ISLANDER, Captain D. Van Pelt, will fo leave as follows 11. Leave Staien Island at 6, I, 9, 10 and 11 A. M, at 1, 1, 1, 4, 3, rr and?, P.M. * Leave New York at 7,9, 10, aud 11, A. M. and 1,1,3,4,3, J 5, 7 tod % past 7 P. M. AB fought at the ri.k of of the owners thereof. jel< X JOHN I1ERDMAN it CO., t* United States and Oreat Britain aud Ireland, Old Eittbliahed ni Kmiarrant Office. SI Sontn street. New York. | pa jgg^gg^ 4ffllP r HEKD.MAN, KEF.NAN fc CO Liver|.ool. 0 Tumii to mid from Great Britain and Ireland, via Liverpool by the Old Black Ball Lin*, or any of tlie regular {* racket ?hip? sailing every five day*. The subscribers in calling the atteutioa of Old Country- m man and the public generally to their unequalled arrange- 1 menta for bringing not paanengera from the old country, ber to leave to state that the bnaineaa of ibe House at Liverpool J< will be conducted by it* branch. Thine fending f,,r their friends will at once see the freat importance of this arrangement, as it will preclude an ???? "" eessary delay of the emigrant. The ships employed in this ! e'' line are well known to be of the first ana largest class, commanded by men of experience; and as they sail every five : ? days, offer every facility that can be furnished. Withthoae superior irrangrmeiit*, the subscribers look forward for a ' continuation of that patronage which haa been so liberally I _ ei ended tojhrm lor so many years past In cas? any of thoae engaged do not embaik. the paasage money will be re- 1 ? funded ?* customary. For further particulars apply by letUr, T postpaid. J IIERDMAN k CO.. M *1 South at , New York. in HERDMAN. KEEN AN * CO., Liverpool. pi S B?Drafts for any amount caa as maal be fuvnished, ar payable at all tke principal Binking Institution* throughout the Uired K "ig 'owi, n1 application aa above. ei ^ 1 DRAFTS O.N OliEAT BRITAIN [h AND IRhL AND?Frrtnn* wishing lo ^ ; to money toiheir fnentU in any part of se ihe ol<l country, can procn'* disfts "f the m '^"^^^^^^"iiubsctibers for say "meant,- Irnm J. I and ; nr upwards, pay able at sight, without discount, in all the prin- or fip?l towus throughout England, Ireland, Scotland, and ei Wales. ' <* The subscribers beg to Inpvm their friends and the public v>r tlwt this branch of their bnaineaa continues to r.c?ive iher T particular attention, and ihey frel quite certain that better arrangements thin thei's for transmitting money to the old country cannot be nude. The nival mail steamer Caledonia will leave Boston to- | ~ . ?orrow, by which all drafts can be forwarded. W. fc J T. TAPIR'OTT, ? South etreet, 2 <lnor? l??1ow Hurlinif ?1ip. i r BRITISH AND NORTH AM Kit I- * ytP&tifBc.AN UOVAL MAIL STEAM SHIPS, I f "9? tons and 440 horse power, each an i " ^j^Ug^der contract with tha Lord* of the Admi ^ HIBKH NIA Capt. A. Ryrie. " Capt. J. Hewitt- > CALEDONIA Capt. E. O. Lott. H A< AUlA. ( apt.Wm Uarrison. ! CAMBRIA.. apt.C. Ilf-.ludkins. ^ Will sail from Liverpool aad Boston, ria Halifax, aa fol- I ?l lows rim aotTOR. _ raoit i irttroot. * Caledonia July 1, 1*44. Britannia " u ? ' ,. Briunnia " It. " Passar.g Moukt. From Boston to Liverpool $13(1. F tnm Boston to Halifai m. 1 " Tliese ahipa carry ei|>erirnced surgeon*. No berths so* eursd until paid for. No freight, eicept specie, received oa I ? the days of aailiug. For freight, passage, or lay other informatioa, apply to I). HKIOHAM. Jr., Agent r mrtl re AtHAHNDEN It CO \ * Wall it. I ?HlP NOKMAfJ, Irrim Havre?Consignees per n thi* ship will please sind their permits on board, at j ll JMttkPier No. 3 North river, or to the office ol the under- m aigned. All goods not permitted in five days, will be sent to ! as ihe public arnre BOVD It hInCKEN. I at jeW ? No. M W?tl ?t. ' 1 3 NE r? ? p FOR NEW ORLtANK-LOiriSIA!**. AND *1VVNrw Jork Lin?? ltegular Packet?Tu tail Monday, iMfa'-'Oth Julv. Tlw elegant last ailing picket ship Ol l.iv ILLL, Hunt master, will positively sail u above, pr regular day. for Ireiglii or passage, having handsome furnished aeroraodaiiuus, apply oa boird, at Orleans wharf, loot ol' Wall st , to K. K.COLLINS k CO.. SO South ?. I oeitively no goods received ou hoard after Saturday cve>>K, lAtli nut. Agent IU New Orleans, Jamea E. Woodruff, who will nmptly I'orward all irnods to ills addreaa. Packet ship OSW LOO Joluistnu innter, will succeed the < ui.?\ tile; .aid sail Monday, August luih, her regular day. Jt JO i A/.,V FOli LI VERPOOL? New Lin*?Regular Packet kKcVviC Z!s July.?TImp sain rior, fast sailing packet ship tfattaiJlOTTIMil'KK. Iluu tons bu.liieu, Capt. Ira burs;. w ill tail as above, her regular day. Kor freight or l us-ige. twviug elegant and sup* ricr accoin oditious, apply ou board, west auk- of Hurling, tlif, orto WOOOHVLL fc. MINTL'RN, 87 iiumh street. Price of pussi^e $100. I tie packet *Jup LiKivugi, tuns ouriiien. i aptam jotin Idridge, will succeed UK llottini.iier, Mid sail ou herregnr day, ilst August je?3rc KOtt LIVERPOOL? N?w Line? Kexular pack(HMpVct of the VCtliJuly.?1 lie elegant, last (ailing packKsiakaai't (liip ROSt'lL'S, A. Eldrii&e, waster, of 1100 lout III tail a? above. Iter regular day. Kor freight or pa(?age, having arcommo lations unequalled r splendor or comfort, apply ou board, at Orleans wharf, ot of Wall (treat, or to E. K. COLLINS fc CO., 56 Soutk it Prira of passage 1100 Packet ship 8IDDON3, E B Cobb, master, will succeed e KOSCIUS, aud sail ou ilia 26th August,her regular day. je V rr ftflvF FOR LIVERPOOL?Re|fular Packet of #th K*?VJulv.?The splendid, new, l??t sailing packet alnp fiUHwINDEPENDENCK, Capt P B Alleu, in. will tail aa above, her regular day. H ving very superior accommodations for cabin, aernnd bin and steerage passengers, thoaa intending to embark, ould make immediate application on board, loot of V.aideu ne. or to JOSEPH Mc.MlTRRAY, jeJS comer of Pine anil South streets. tffy RJR^fATrSEILLES-The bark COLUMBIA, 'J^pCict. Trossell; to be promptly despatched. For tHwafafreigbt or passage, applv to BKETT H. VOBE, 2K flnnh (treat, or to jeiu r BO VP h HIN^'KEN, tt Wall street KOK >Al.h, TTf'O FINE SJIDD1M HORSKS, CI WILL drive also in a carriage. I'hey IST^irc jnst the right site for riding oj impi ' ^ ' Knrsahnrk. and have been long naed ' i S > e axdule. Applv at the desk of Ui? Herald Office. lor rther uartienlars jel8tf?jgh K HJ ivi.Xi dfA.MF.La-U* l'HE lM| pure bread, received by the latest arrivals from LonM Xi ilnn for tale by A. Orieve. i Joliu street. Also, rare d valuable Bird(,only lobe louna at hia establishrasnt, No I olin atreet. N. B.?Letters from the onrions, in distant part*, (post paid) ill be attended to, by A. ORIEVE, al7? lnirh Importer and dealer in Birda. ' aires, he. Tiie. jNniiiil.NUALt. SU.NU I.N JOU.N slKr.t.f ^ l'HE REAL BIRD inelf has arrived, and likewiae 500 of the Saxony Canaries, the warbling of which, o the stranger and enriona, ia rntlier an interesting MkV sight?for each customer hai a different habitation. " and Archy will be h%ipy to attend to the ladies ana ml i-in en as they pass Broadway and John stree* 4nl7 lin^rh CATSKiLL MOUNTAIN HOIJ^E wxk C. L BKA? H, lor several years connected with'hit JjW popular establishment, his no* become it.* sole proh is rebuilt it throughout in the most ?ubst u ii .u?d elegant mnuner, and ha* furnished >t aue*'; and it is iw open for th?- reception of company. It is und^r t^e p?r n-1 ?uperiutendence and muisgement of Mr. Beach, the opnetor, who will spare 110 pains to make it one of the most jeeabie mm<? er report* in the country. The migmficeot enery and healthy atmosphere of the place ar<* too *ell lown to require description. ?legant a:id rom ??odiou? ?K**s run dirvcdf (to n the diy boats to tr?e Momitaiu and thenfe to he f??ls j ? Iw*rc i^UuOl'bAN li 'ity of Washington, near tin Treasury Building THfcl 8UdS<-RIBi .li, Uaftng fully p rpared aud TtW rep.e-iUhrd his w*ll known hotel, reurwedly solicits rjJH?rhe p^troiia^e of his fnt-nd< and the public. His ta<*? v* til aJ ways lie supplied with ihe best tit*- season* afford; id whilst no effort will be spared to tfive eu'ire sntisftrtion, s trrm* will br fouud s?? moderate at to comma* d attention um residents and grangers. There are st-veral eUgaiitly unithed suites of apar:mrnts and single r>oin? ready lor noediate ?-ccupat:on. Those who wish prrtnauent board wi.'l id it highly ailrantageous to call Kor persons having busi? -ss with the denarimufits. the lncatio \ of the hotel is most >u anient. Foreigner* will find their lauguage spoken at is house and their comfort* strict! > con*id?red Parties rommodatvd with refreshment* of all kiud*, at the snortit not ire. Dinner* tent to all pm* of the city, as usual, jyl lwrc L OALvBRUN. DUlvLNEuA.N A'ti HUi'EL, Notre Dame ?treet, Montreal, Canada Fart, [grt THIS magnificent Hotel i* not eqnalled in the Cnrf?W nad?*, and not *u paised by any one in the United ^igJ^Stdte* for elegance and comfort. It waa ihc former j.i?i.>n of Mr. Bingham, and mure recently the palace ol nrda Durham and Sydenham. hotli of whom made U'ge ex nditure* iii the internal embell'riimcnta, and duriug tne t ear the *uh*criher ha* made very extensive additions hich now render the capacity of the Hotel *ulficient to acimmod te. in the moat comfortable invmtr, over three bulled person*. . In co:i*enueuee of the *cventy of the winter, the *nb*cri r wu unahle to get the* done in time to open e Home with all tne comforts desired thi* Spring. Hen oith I>py to announce t I hi* (rieixls that he ha* now reme edail tne drficienriei which were upon the establishment lieu firnt opened. The House i* nvw fiuished, and has jtt?t l eived a very choice set of black servant*, a S eward o( eh reputation. French cook*, kc. from New York, that ill I'lace the table, attendance and coinlort of this Hou*e in ti to any upon thi* contineut. The *uhsrriber. grateful for the many favor* of a generous iblic, while ill Rasco'* Hotel, beg* a continuance of theit nd favor*, a**uriug them 'hat every exertion shall be m-de mike their *uy with hitn a moat pleaiant oae. This Hotel m the immediate vicinity of the principal attraction*, audi ;U G a .t I itherlrsl, Lh>mp d'Vlara, fcc. Sic. Uui at the Un it* uno-i their arrival, to convey pa*ugeraaud baggage to the Hotel. J. M. DONNKGANA, jeW lw"r Late Keeper Knaco Hotel. torOKK TO LK.'i', in the tier Id BuilOiugi, [so. 97 Na<*au street. Apply oa l>ie pvmiaea. jeji> Ct rc OOMW, f'U UNlcUbD Oil L'NK JKNbHhU. )tA TO LET?In a small and moat delightful! v litnated house, neir the Washington Parade Ground, one ui Jfi.lveo room*, with or KitWot full or partial board. No her hoarder* or lo'lcer* are in the house, nor will be taken lie family at Preseut eou*i?t* of ouly th.-ee growu persons, o .'.ingle gentlemen, or a geutlemrm and lady, desirous of ring in a private family, and iu a pleasant, quiet, and handline locatton, thia often an opportunity but rarely met with The entire half of IM houte will be let to a desirable nant, without children. Addre** B. T. at the desk of thii Bee. myl9 tf ire .. ... . . v.. >v . v.-J ^ Cj >v Liijiin.iui< ci iiuivjij. aCOLUM BIA H A L L. M a* 1 J.! 84<J?This fa rorite plac< of retort i? now open and readyfor the receptiou ofcom panv, being under the mauigcinrut of it* old proprietor, enry Hull, Pretumiug ou hit long experieuce as a eaterei r the travailing public, he intend* that the management ol e establishment ihall be sneh aa to meet the wants of the ost fasudiouj, whether urr/ing for the aeasoa or a shorter jr'3'lmre HENRY HULL. f'OK SALE OK TU LET, The Modem built three story brick house, 1U Adams street, Brooklyn. If not sold by private aale, it will be -'jL disposed of at public auction, on the t3th day of .Mi) it. naif of the purchase money can remain on mortgage,, r a terra of years. Application to be made on the nremues 3 Adams ?t., Brooklyn. ? lm?rc OR CALL OK TO LEASE, liN UK.OOh.LYN. a VAN BRUNT'S HOTEL, No. 23 Kulton street, (northeasterly tide,) five doors from Ku I ton Kerry, 11 now offered lor tale or to lease. The house is 23 by 43 el, lour storiet high, containing 22 rooms, and being on the eateat thoroughfare in Brooklyn is a good location foi *uy kindt of business Possession giren immediately. For rticul&rs, inquire en the premises of OEOKOE VAN BRUNT. Brooklyn, May 23, 1H6. m,-? Im'ic WATTRIFONT & CO., L FASHIONABLE HATTERS. 3 Nasaaa street, near Kulton, New York. THE subscribers beg to call the attention of the public to e qualityef their various kinds ol Hats of their own mannpturr. They have just received a tmall supply of tuperioi oletkiu. now used by the most futhionahle hatters in Pant, lample of which they will feel much pleasure in sluiwiog those who will favor them with a call. The undersigned not pretrud to tell at 2^ or eveu 10 ier cent less than any her establishment; neither ran they boast ol having a spleud store: hut they flitter themselves that the qtiility >nd ush of uieir lla's will give entire satisfaction, at the price> Anted. They liave adopted the Kreneh etyle ol trimming the turn er hats, which it a preventive to the perspiration coming rough and spoiling the beau'T ol their aiipearauce. M. B. WATTRI PONT. my 21 lm-m WM H JAMES OLNLVS lit H3SAMEK HAT*, LWEIOHl.NO frem to I* ounce.. Price only tlMi It is about two year* smce the Ooatamer hat waalirai trodnced by the subscriber to the notice of the New York - .. 1 LI. 1. 11*110, U till niniril, IIW mtili urnnuiv, hi * Miw w?i Mnl ucle for aummer wear heretofore in aie. The aatoniihing tucrraa attending them, evinced by the traordinary lame ibhuiii of aalea, and the popuUr npj.robi>u heitowed upon them by the many who have given them etr palrouage,have not hern loat apou the aiihecriber, who. ahow that ne ia ever aniinua to < icel in hiaan, now pre ma for public patronage the Ooaaainer hal. much lighter ami ore ple.i*uit lhan auy other ever before offered The) art * liible, like the Leghorn and Panama, to line either ?nai>t color from eapoture to (lie pun They cannot be toiled F>\ ther perainration or oil from the hair, ao commonly tiie e*a? ?i? other Hata. for the much admired atyle of trimininga Miaatiug wirli the proprietor, effectually preventa all lhi? '* * decided advantage over all other hau The public are invited to call and u r thit article at _ . ? J.N. 1JKNLV8 Hat and Cap Store, myr lmrc jiiJJruadway, oppoaite Bt. Paul'a (-hurch SUMMER HAm L ECONOMY JtND FASHION. ROBKHTBON'8 PHKNIX HAT AND CAP MANUFACTORY, Ml Kulton .treet-Tl.e under fined baipeaka the attention of the public to the qnality ol ia Summer Hata, poaieaamg the varioua propertiea uiually night for by the mau of taate, they hare the additional merit I being 2J per tent below the ataudard pricea. file* are ea'ntially aimilar in malerul, workmanahip, and finnh, to the liclea many Pictured by (he more iplendid eatabliahanenu ol roadway; and on a cloae cmpariaon of their raapective material dilfereuce can be perceived, except in le aingle particular that the aubicriber haa adopted a etyle I trimming, which effectually preventa tlie perapiratioa ol ia forehead from linking through, and impairing the aplarance. Their average weight ia from to JHIonncca?being mtich (liter than anbatantial Leghonia, or PanaMai. I eranm of re nnri judgment, who are inHiixprel in the r ptRMM by lnaideraliona of coat, ara in vi tea to eiain"ie thrm, audio ilahluh, by the teat ul cnmpartaon, their rrjciie value, coaired with the productiona of other manufacturer*. myM lm*re HPBKHTBON. 103 Kiilton atreet. J HUoli & <JU. FASHION ABL.K HAT HTORE. tu v atTRs/ mnrna k..,? . U1T btdhv fcat No. 114 Kultoa ?treat. cnntror Dutch atreet, reipeetill > aolieit the patronage of their old cuaumeri ana the pnbe. They will oooaiantly keep on hand a complete aaaortent of Hata, Cap*. Umbrellaa, ke., he., of the lateit aryle, id will aell at the loweat pnaea. Single hate made to order the ahorteat notice l< HABOD PRICK, ys ! ? TH09 SHANNOk. * \ W YO fEW YORK, SATURDAY MODEL OF NEW YORK. IT TIIIS immeute work or art will open for Kthihition at the Mineiva Room* 40t> Broadway, on Saturday, tit* 4th July. It is 4 moat accurate and heauttl'ul miniature ol this Metropolis in carved woo<], irpreseiitiug every street, lane, bu ililii k. shed, tree ; tlie elevations and depressions, the shipping. strum boat a. wharves, and every other object in the Citi t i the number i?l' millions, has been in progress for more tliau a yew, and upwards oHvie hand red persons )mv? breu employed in its construction, including some of the Aral . artist*, Anieiiran ar.d Kuropean. Aboi v the Model is a splendid GOTHIC CANOPY. cob- I tuning in diir>.'rcui compartment*, Oil Painting* of soma of thr principal business establishment* in the City. Oo'Ts open from 9 A.M. to 10 P.M. : I Tickets 25 cent*, t.i be procured at the principal hotel* and i book ?nd n iuir stores. MMOi Ticub, M cn.ts. ^nuuicu uuuer iu vcar* 01 <?kc, nail price. fc. rOHTKK BKLDKN, Prop?i?lo?e N.B.?None hofstrzuigrrs admitted on t ??r 4th. jyl twoi^r fsi \il,U?N, NEW bKHvM'JON. FBl.ANCARD ha* the honor to inform his frienda and the j uli ic in general, that the Pavilion i? no* in full operation an J prepared for their reception. Steamboats run between Pier No. I, North River, and New Brighton, at the following hour*, rii:? hrom New Brightou. I From New York. 8, It A >1. I 9, 14 *. M. 2, 6 P. M. 3>,'.4.7P.M. ?\ BLANCABD. Pavilion, New Briehton. June 1,1CI?. jgTtfrc iliE SHADES HU'l'EL, """"" ?>4 Reade Street, IVest Side of Hroodiray. THK Subscriber respectfully informs hi* friend* and the public, that he ha* lately opened the above KitaMishmeut, in a it vie superior to any other honse of the kind la the city of Ntw York. The satisfaction which he La* hitherto Kiveil to hi* iiuwerou* frieud*and cuitomors, while proprietor of "The Shade*," in Thame* street, he flatter* himself will i be a guaranty to all who may potvonise him in hi* uew establiihmeut, while no elTort on hi* part will be wanting to merit I the continuance of their patronage The usual reliahe*. Chop*, Steak*, Welih llarebits, Poached Egg*, lie., will be *enied op in a superior style. 1 he room will he renilarly supplied with city papers, a* well a* a full supply of foreign papers, by every arrival from Eaf?iT *re JAMES EVANS. "~EUTAW~HOUSE, BALTIMORE. THIS Splendid Hotel ha* been lately re-fitted and furnished in the most complete and elerant manner, by Messrs Jack on k Cranston, and, after the 30th April, when it open* to tits public, will be open for the reception of nests. The eiperisnceofMr. Cranston a* host ol the Rockaway Paviliou, and of Mr. Jackson, at the Exchange Hotel, Baltimore, and at the Aator House, New Vork, is a guaranty of the atyle iu watch the " E'Jtuw will be kept. Tha location is the beet iu the city of Hiltimore. The Pavilion, at Rockaway, L. I., will remain under the charge of Mr. Craaaton. who. during the summer months, will be happy to see his old friends at this favorite era terms place. a? lm?r SARACEN'S HEAD, 12 UEY STtiEET, N. V. FOSCi'll 8V!TH ,!? of Worcester, England, begs leave ?? to mlorm hit Ir.ends,easterners ia? uic public to general thai he hn recently fitted up his ho air a * ?-?-y superior miuiier, uid calculated to please gentlemen of tut*. He will always, as heretofore.keep his Bar and Larder supplied with the Liquors and rrntuiom that tlie market affords Dinners from I'i till 3 o'clock, and ("old ('uu, Chops, Stakes, (tare Biu. tic., at at! hours. Ilia supply of English and city newspapers is excelled by uo house iu New York, aud his Ales, Wines, Segars. See., are of the most superior quality and the attendance prompt. Private Kooms provided for parties, and the comfort and accommodation of customers always attended to. Lodgings, kl. , mvli lm#r H.tU aULPHUR SPKlNGb, MONROE CO.. VA. THIS CELEBRATED WATERING PLACE will be opeu the next sntnmrr, as usual, for the reception of ei ilerw lis fame iu the r< *ef and cure of pultnouary diseases, extending over a period ol' fifty years, ia so sustained by tacts uid evidence, that it uo longer admits of dispute Kor the eglent and peculiarity of its medicinal virtues, howe? er, the -e.'der is referred to a work on "The Mineral Springe el western Virginia," by Wui Burke, to be had at Wiley ft Putnam's Tlie object of this advertisenseut is to say that arrangements are made to accommodate visiters in the most comfortable manner, aud that thef will be Created with ani brin courtesy aud kimlneas, w hile the charges will he I'onud is moderate as at the most moderate of the springs Thar* vill be a respectable physician id attendance TUe roads art iu good order, and the beautilul Turnpike Road t> the Blue Sulphur will have stiufe* u;kmi it plying between the two Springs, which will afford an opportunity of visiting, in a week, all the Springs of W stem Viririuia. my* .m're THE PROPRIETORS. MANSION H u Li 6 t, MIDDLE TOWN CONNECTICUT. THE UNDERSIGNED begs leave to announce to hie friends and the public, that ne 'ias leased the above house for a term of years, aud hopes, by I >0Kex|>erience and strict attention to busineaa, to merit a IibenT share of their patronage. JOHN L. MONROE, mrg 3m*rc Formerly nf the V H Hotel. Boston t>HAKi)N SPKlNGa PAVILION. THE PUBLIC ia informed that this establishment, having been enlarged and improved since the close of the last ie isou, will be opened for the reeepiiou of t isiters, on the Isi Jay ol June LAN DON fc GARDNER. May I. ltlt. m\33 2ui?r ~ TiUTON HuUSK, OLEN COVE. LONU ISLAND. THE Subscriber respectfully informs his friends and the public, that lie has improved and eularged tlie Tritou Hotel, at the head of the steamboat landing, mid it is now thoroughly fitted op, and readv for the reception of Boarders The situation ot this establishment for'He purpose of Salt Water Bathing, is amongst the moat eligible uu Loug Islaud 1 Sound, as the glands attached to the premises hare a very extensive water front, and a fine beach for swimmers. The outbuildings are new, and the Bar aud Bowling Alley are entirety unconnected with the house. Having a farm of 50 acres appended to the hotel property, 'he subscriber can offer his friends tlie inducements of a plentiful supply of good milk and butter, and such other comforts is he trusts, together with his uuremi'.ted attentions to the wishes of his guests, will rendera residence at the Trite* House extremely desirable.. Horses and Carriages to hire. Kor terms, which will be moderate, apply to WILLIAM L. JONES, Tritau House. Olen Cove. Long Mmd. May I. IM6. my5 Inure bu4\ oEJUUR. 'T'HE SUBSCRIBER hu the pleasure to announce th-u A hi* hauii, at Bergen Point, is now open Tor public iccomeommodanou. A hotel 0:1 the Jersey tide ha* lour been a de(ideratuin which is now supplied. The home (the old Me l.uiy mansion) hu been refitted in elegant ?tyU, with man; uew room* and other important addition*. The ground* are beautifully laid out, and what with logsriaiit *hrubbery, ch .rniiug walk*, agreeable drivel, and pi sant boating, the place will challenge competition with any rural re*ideitce. i-'.unilira who wish to pa** a cool and quiet summer, can be provided ?ith rooms or suit* of apartmeuU at tbeir choice. Ki*li of almost every variety abound in tile " Kill*,' and the neighboring wood* are not deficient m game The atramer Passaic, plying betweenNew \ ork and Newark, tops at the landing, in front of the house, four times a day. aiiit the citizen* of New York cannot find a more beautiful ' I drive than that between Jersey Citv Mid Bergen I'eiut. In fine, all visiters, customers and boarders, may be assured that no pains will be (pared to make the plaoc merit the title given it oi old?Bon Scjour. DANIEL W. LOCKWOOD. The Passaic, for Newark, leave* tlie foot of Barclay stree at It A. M. aud 4 P. M., landing in frrmt of '.he above place. The Pert Richmond boat leaves pier No. 1 at , IS, 2% and r 8 o'clock. At Port Richmond there will be boats in attendance to oonvey passenger*, and land them at the house, mi lm*r __ _ hamilton house. at the NARROWS. 'PHI8 ELEGANT ESTABLISHMENT having underJL gone thorough repair* and improvements, will be open for the reception of Boarder* on the first of May, under the direction of the *ub*criber, who ha* been connected with the management of the hotel for the last two or three year*. The principal room* hare been newlv carpeted, and the whole house painted and put ia excellent order. No pain* or expense will be spared by the present proprietor to m*ke his guesM comfortable in every way- Kor terms, fce , addreis subscriber, at Kort Hamilton. ml lin?r THOMAS M El NELL MltX. WILDER having thoroughly refilled and refurmthed anew the house M Broadway, (adjoining the Globe Hotel.) is prepared to receive families or single gentlemen as boarders. Dinnei boarder* can be accommodated. Reference* eichanged. jel9 Im'mc MNfc'a'TaTKiNT PORTABLE JtiATHLNG apparatus. ANEW and aplendid arrangement, by mean* ot which the 8hower Bath i* united with the Bathing Tub, and can be uaed in eonuectiati, in any part of the h?u*e. The public we reapectfully invited call and examine it at the atore of the Subscriber, No. S7T Bowery, betweeu Fourth and KiRh street*. CHARLES KANE, Patentee, sir?' lm*re ~ JJAtsUfcA. botype general furnishing establishment And Sole A attic y for the Sate of voigtlaender's apparatus. PHILADr-LTlllA. EXCHANOr. ROOMS 24 fc IT. T'HE Sl'HW H BEHM have ju't received a new anpply of the above Apjwatus, of all aixeajand warraut them to be genuine Voijtlaender Apparatus. Thet also have on hand beat Kiencli Plite.., ? heinicala, Poli*hi?|{ Substances, and every other article used in this art Order > irom any |>art of the Union, Sonth America and ;he West Indies, shall lie promptly attended to when accbmpa nied with remittances. ..ddressed (|>ost raid) to W. k K. LANOKNHEIM, Philadelphia. or to LANOENH KIM It BE< Kr.RS, Jet} 1w*rc New York, 201 Broadway. daguerreotypk apparatua. john roach, Optician, K .Nassau Street, HAS constantly on hand, French, German and American Instruments. Coating Boxes, Mercury Bath*, and all (he other material nsed by operator*, are manufactured under hit inspection, Chemical*, Plate*, Case*. Quick.luff, kc.. kc Ground to order. Thermometer* and Surveying Com paitei m-MJufaciureil for ih* trade. Ma*ueto Klectrie M?chin??, of approved constriction, for netiicai purpose* in 17 lra*rc wi~to "Lend o.n bond and mortJ\J\j CJAUK, hi ?uma 10 auit ?i>p4icanta, on proJuctirrneHl K?tate, in thia city and Brooklyn. Apply to 8 A BKOAD. No. 11 Wall atreet. in theCroton Water Office haaetnent mvW lm?rc L. DUGAN ic BKOTMfcKb, GLATEA8, No. 4M Broome atreet, comer of Broadway. 3 New Vora.? New Koofa pat on in the beat manner, and old Kooft repaired and warranted tight. Ordera recmad at the above place, and Mr. F. Clark'i, M Henry atrret. will be punetnally attended to. iav28 Im^rr heaFquarteks W i N D O Wf?S HADES. THE larfeet, beat, and cheapeat aaaortmeat i> theUnited State.-. Kor aale, wboleaale or retail, at pnua varying j from 7J centa to $M a pair, by _ _ KELTY k RIKER, Eftnalre Window Hhade .Vlanafactnrera uid dealer*, at I ml Im'r !ty- III Chatham at. : In A. Ik L. DELMONICO, are happy to inform their | I friend. and the public, that their uew Hotel in Broad- I way, No. U rorner <ot MorrU atreet, it bow complete! and * will be opened on the lit of June neat No t*m lit hare been ipared to render it one of the mmt com- i - forultle iu the city, and penouadeairoiis ofa permanent home, I aa well a> atrangeri merely paaainit or, will lind all their I wanta and comfort! attended to with the moat aln<K attention. * my* lm*r ! Finis ijnen shirts. i \| F.8DAMF.8 rALMKR kFARR, 47* Broadway, eonunne 1T1. to make gentlemena' Linen te order, and warrant them to At. The lateat parterni and fiaeat needlework characterise the establishment. NB?Order* eieeated for tmr part of the eowntry myJT im*r? ! 1 ' RK 1 MORNING, JULY 4, 1841 Americano-Mexican War. Mlaeellaneou*. Several communications fiora the aatboritiof of Vucatan for the Department of State at Washington, were Drought oy the btrk t arquin, which arrived en Tuea- | day. doubt, ii the unoiu the reply returned to the inquiries of Commodore Conner, ' declaring the entire neutrality of Yucatan iu the Mexi- , can war, with friendly feelings for the U uited States, iuid, possibly, other more definitive proportion*. The brig Delfiaa, which cleared hence on Monday lait, oitenaibly for Belize (Honduras) under Prusiian color*, | waa manned, at we understand, almost excluiivaly by i Mexicam. and some suspicions having attached to her ' movement*, we learn that the Collectoi of the port hai lent to the Southwe?t Cat* direction* for a revenue cutter to be despatched after her. The Delfina loaded here, ami cleared with 890 barrels flour and 100 pig* lead ; but it U understood that below the city she took on board a considerable quantity of pewder. She 1* probably destined for some Mexican port with these munition* of war. ?New Orltani Bulletin, June 46. [Correspondence of the St. Louis Republican.] IitDKrKNDfc^cE, Mo. June 14th, 1818.?Several Spaniard* (among them two Armijos) reached here last week from New Vork, with a large lot of goods for N?w Mexico. They are very much discouraged, and are anxious to aeli out their'entire stock of goods, offering to take l>r*t cost for them. They have now gone up to Kort Leavenworth, to see Colonel Kearney, who sont down an express to them, that he wished to seo thorn, and have an interview. It i? thought the Colonel intended to Uy the wHole plan of the expedition before them, and to offer the liovornor of New Mexico,through them, such terras a* may secure the country without ctriking a blow. These Mexicans are men of influence and great wealth, and if Colonel K. can >uccced iu getting on the right side of them, he may effect a great deal. A rumor is afloat that an exuress has iust reached heie. to tUe Mexicam in this place, from Santa Ke, who reports that Governor Armijo i? at Moro, about 90 milos thii aide of Santa Ke, with about 4000 men, ready to engage with any force that the United States mar send against tbem. He was still receiving additions to hi! army ever* day . Some are disputed to credit this report, but others doubt it. The Santa Fe traders are still going out. Colonel 8. C. Owena left last week. Some of the more timid, who had purchased goods for that trade, have backed out until tne clouds of war shall have passed away. They have stored their goods and await the result. The grain crop! in this country never promised better than now. Wheat will bo abundant. We have had fine growing woather for some time, and not more rain tnan was necessary for vegetation- Corn looks very promising, and is generally about two feet high. tieneral La Vega's name appears on the way bill of passengers by the carl. We presume the Genoral is on hit way to Washington.? CharUtlon Patriot, June 29. Incident*, 4us., of the War. Tlio retreating ormy of the Mexicans, under Oen Arista, was but twent) -four hours ahead of our cavalry, and our officers stoppod at thd ranchos where the enemy ha I the night previous.! V Rancher.i, at one of these stopping places inquired with great aiinplicit) of ? aptain win-re ttie Americans mere going ; be wan told in pursuit uf the retreating Mexican army. " Retreating army !" said the fellow with astonishment, "why General vmpudia stopped at my home last uight, and said that his troops had conquered the Americans and that he wai now on his way to Mexico to take the Lews !" The inan remained confounded, for it was impo?'il>)e from utuonal pride, for him to believe his nation had tieeu whippeii in buttle, and still inoie ine?>nprehen<i' le that a small unmber of American dragoons shoul l seriously, and for purposes of war, really drive before them over tluee thousand troops Jtlllltury. War DcriiTMrMT, Adjutant Oicrrr.aAL's Orricr, WAiMinoTo*. July 1. IB40 The very numerous applications to the War Department lor the discharge of enlisted soldiers will not, as heretofore, allow special answers to the applicants, unless it may be proper to grant the discharge, which is not the case mere than onco in a hundred times I'ersons applying lor discharges hereafter will, tnerofore, please to regard this notice as the only answer which the daily duties of this office will permit, when the application cannot be favorably considered. R. JUNKS, Adjutant General. The regiment for California, of Col. 8tevenson, is being rapidly completed. Home of the companies are entire. Serveral of the last rraduatinr class of cadets have soli cited employment. One of the professors from Weit Point is engaged The expedition will be convoyed by merchantmen of tlx or even hundred ton*, chartered for the occasion, escorted by a squadron of war, bearing engineer* and companies tf artillery. The 20th of thu month the regiment will be reviewed, and immediately after enrolled in active service.?France American. A company of rough, bold, hardy volunteer*, came to Fort Leavenworth to engage in the conquest of Santa Fe, and all exceedingly eager lor action. 1'Vey were drawn up in a line to undergo inspection, and each man and horte wan carefully examined, and rigidly scrutini/od, before he wa* pasted. A large loose-nung man, abo^ six feet high, was readily passed. The next man in the lino was a very small, rough, red-headed, freckle-farcd stump of a man, mounted on a small, hardy pony. Col. Kearney considered thfc man entitaly too small for the service, but to save his feelings, raised no objection to his person, but objected to bi* horse a* too small. The man Mid it wa* the besl horse in the company, and capable of doing more hard service than any horse on the ground ; but as it was objected to, he hnd another horse present, and would briog it in ; and in a few momenta he appeared, mounted on a large, fine looking hone. Col. K. tl.en informed him that he himself was also under size, and could not be received on that account. At Ihin, the blood flew into the face, and the tears started in the eye* of the red handed man ; and with much earnestness he exclaimed, " Did you not pass thi* msn on my right 7" Col. K. replied that he did. " Tr.en,"' said red-head, " big as he is, tie my right hand behind my back, and I can lick him in 1pm than a miuit." Col K. was *o well pleased with the caraeatness and spirit displayed by him. that he told him he would overlook his size, and receive him into the service, relying on tho size of his soul to make up tor the deficiency ol bodily size ; and also added, that be considered Ms small horse a* the hardieit animal of the two, and therefore his favorite pony might also be mustered into tbe service. Th? red-headed volunteer was overcome with joy, as he and hi* pony wee* regularly mustered in. Naval. Tho Doiton Journal inform* its that Commander Breese, a brother of Senator Brecie, is ordered to the command of the new sloop of war Albany. There i* a peculiar propriety in thi*, Commander Breese being a native of the State of New York. Nrxftan Privateers. Tho following account, which wo copy from the Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, Herald, received yesterday by the Charter Oak, in some degree confirm* tho story of the capture* ma<1* by a Mexican privateer, which we nave before received from Jamaica. Whether the unknown vesrel be privateer or pinte, perhapa ii of little moment ?o far aa those aro concerned who may fall into her power. Yabmoctii, Nova Scotia, Jane '12?Sctrictori Vtiin. ?Captain W. Kelly, of achooner Mazeppa, on ber homeward voyage in latitude 90, longitude M 40, fell in with a veaael of luiuiciout appearance. She waa a long black chooner of about ISO tone, with tall raking mast*, low hull, and high rail*. Daring the day, Captain Kelly *aw her board two brig*, one bound louth the other nortbeaat. He lo*t lignt of her at dark, about *ix mile* to windward, lying alongside one of the brig*, and to Captain Kelly'* aurpriae, about an hour afterward* *he came within a few yarda of the Maxeppa, and kept nnder her tern upward* of two hour*, and then (ailed oft' in an eaaterly direction. No penon wa* aeen on her decka, and Captain Kelly i* of opinion that ihe waa a pirate ; and think* he escaped became the atranger had made prize* of the two brig*, and wai, therefore, short of handa. He deacribe* her aa one of the batest sailing craft* he ever aw upon the ocean. She may have been a Mexican privateer. Klkctro Phonetic Tkmmiaimi.?We were nfforik-ri tlie gratification on 3nturdny ln*t. of wituesiing the operation of a Phonetic Telegraph, the invention of Or Hume, one of the Troleaaor* of the Citadel Academy, which, we think, will attract the attention of scientific men. It ha* been stated that a Russian invention, hearing the same title, baa betn aubmitted to the Aeademy of St I'etersbuig. and it ia said alio, that aom* gentleman In Cincinnati bua also invented a similar Telegraphic machine, but hewever this may be, and whatever may be the principle* of the?e inventions, It la certain that L>r Hume'* model originated exclunvely with himself, and theieiore he h entitled to whatever credit or advantage that may accrue from ita u?e should it be ftattd to amwer any purpose more effectively than that of Mr. Morse The Russian telegraph is alleged to be capable of exmessinir ten different sound* bv ten wires. The ("buries- I ton teiegtnuh <>ip.eases two sounds by two wIran, mid mi) be inude to express the twenty-six soun li computing the alphabet, bv twenty-seven wires, but tliis is unnece?ry, for, if a sufficient numler of distinct sounds can b? expressed by (ewer wires to make an intelligiblo language, tlse object is accomplished. The difference between these telegraphs and Morse's, consists in the substitution of sounds for marks, and greater simplicity. It is distinctly audible in a large room; and any, who will take the trouble to loam its language, may hear the news as last as it is told at the other end. To discuss the comparative merits of the phonetic and hieroglyphic telegraphs, would be to discuss the comparative merits and uses of spoken and written language. The world has determined that both are indispensible. Kor ephemeral purposes speech is more convenient, for durability and tor the benefit of posterity we should prefer minting. It is unnecessary to enter into the detail* of its construction or mode of operation. It was designed and executed for class Illustration, and probably would never have been brought before the public if some importance had not beon attached to the ltu?sian invention. Our observation of the operation of the I'honetic Telegraph, brings us to the conclusion that it will be found eminently useful in the communication of Information, aa there may be many reporters engaged at the same time In transcribing, whereas but one can be employed where the letters are marked. This of itself will be a great saving of time, besides, from the explanations given us by nr 11iimn it is clear that tlin ainhabet nan lie so much limplified, at to eventually make 'it npproarh abort-hand writing, and therefor* mt? time in communicating long document*.?Chartrtlnn Cou itr, J'me IA. Dr?ri?rr or Fo?t Mout .ai? ? A grand military and civic c? lob ration of the memorable defence ol Fort Moultrie, took place la Charleaton on the 30th alt. iEKA 3. Was mi mm 11, (nno 16, Whig Nomination for 184S?Mclsan and Man. gum. I know you love tin occasional dish of politics. The first item of intelligence is, that Gen. Scott litis taken un insuperable aversion to " soup he uL'ill lit* fritirwl in liffl** Olivor'a pniulitinn bogging for *' more." The general has many noble mid gallant qualities, anil no living man lms rendered higher services to his country. In his profession he ranks foremast; but, nature never designed him for anything else than a soldier. Like all men, lie has his weak spot and his am j bition. The infirmity with which he has been most 1 utiheted, is the de-sire to become President of the United Suites. This one idea has tilled the meu- ; sure of all his thoughts, until he at last concluded no man possessed the requisite qualifications but ' himself. As a statesman and an executive oflieer, he convinced himself he had no superior; and in the judgment of the world these happened to be the very points in which his public character was most deficient. He took up the impression that he lost the nomination at Ilnrrisburg in 183!), when he was used to defeat Mr. Clay, because he was not early enough in the field; aiul he set himself to work, therefore, to put the ball in motion early last winter. At tho last session of Congress, after the Presidential canvass, the inclination of the main body of tho whig party was towards John McLean, not only for his own merits and popularity, but on account of the devotion and zeal which he had manifested on the behalf of Mr. Clay, from the be ginning xo mo ?na 01 tne tast canvass?wnercas ScrKt was cool, if not distant. Scott's friends knew the existence of this state of a (fairs, and tliey determined to counteract it during this session. Accordingly letters were written in nil directions from tins city, purporting tliat Scott had the prelerence of a majority of Uio whiga in Congress?that at ccrtnin dinners of distinguis .ed Senators he was toasted and treated as the nominee, and various other expedients were resorted to. This was a system of humbug? ihese dinners were given by Senators known liere in the political circles to be opposed to his nomination; and the wings, in no manner, shape, or form,ever authorized or sanctioned the statements which were circulated. Indeed, many of them publicly disclaimed the sentiments wh ch had been attributed ;o theiu. Various officers of the army, the most conspicuous of whom was Ma jor Davies, travelled through different States, representing that he was tixed upon as the candidate. Now, tlie only public men here who were commuted to his support, and who took the man tyeinent of his nomination, were J. >1. Cltytou, Archer, liarrow, Pearce, and one or t o others in the Senate. Washington Hunt, and about tilteen or twenty members of the House, composed the junto, who uudcriook to embody in their | ersons tho opinion ot ihe whig party. In conuecuo i with this proceeding, Col. Webb in ?de his appearance here early in the winter, and his project was to deprive Scott ol hi- s *uili ern birth, education and .-ympatliies, by rutin iij him as a northern candidate, because he owned u residence in New Jersey. Then came Charle.?> King and James Monroe, who took up their quar ters at the General * house, in order to advance tho object more effectually. They composed the great Kitchen Cabinet?the power behind the throne. Well, alter counselling in " high quarters," (remember, not the "highest quarter,") they went to Richmond and elsewhere to pull the wires, liy day and by night tliey beset whig members, and everybody else that would listen. Good dinners were given, and good wine drunk, until they did succeed in making some impression in his i'uvor. This ? as the condition of things when General Scott took his memorable " hastv plate of soup." Tbe country papers, believing that he had really some strength at Washington, copied tho articles referred to, and proclaimed their readiness to fall in with the nomination, if such was the decision. The game was really working well, until he spilt the " soup." His best friends have deserted, and are Hying on all s.des. Even John M. llotts, one of his most ardent supporters, says in the public | streets here, " No man ever so effectually killed himself otf with a single letter as Scott." To und ! all hi? troubles, Christopher Hughes, our late Charge at the Hague, has christened him Marshal Tureen, (Turenne.) That was the unkiiulest cut of all. Scott being thus dropped, abandoned, laid aside and shelved, within a few days past the whig*have been turning their attention to a nomination. The northern and western men have avowed their preference for John McLean, and the most important politicians from Pennsylvania have given in their support. A few of the eastern members were tor bringing Mr. Webster forward; but, finding they could make no headway lor the next canvass, and being promised future assistance, they have joined in with 01 which wij ||?>w The riait of the ?;fty Ouarda lo Troy, Inat wrrk, ocraaioned much inter?**, *epeciaily among tha fairer por- , tiom of creation, lo whom* eueceptible hearta a rat) coat j or a gilt epaulet aeema to l)? ar. ionlianti table paaaport Koun o'clock, P. M.? We h?ta bad three more alarm* aioca writing the above, and a Ira in Siath atreet, near tha aatabliahment of Katon, Gilbert & Co , atage manulacturera. A Are wa? alao dleco?ered breaking oat In the rear of K. C. Pearl'a Hotel, t< ongreaa llalL) in C one re a ? afreet, and aa In confirmation of a genertUmapicion. a man bjr the name of John Price haa been arretted ttU* | afternoon aa tha incendiary, and lodged in jail. tlie AlcLiean partv. which embraces moru than two-thirds of the Whigs of both House*. Several of the Southern interest put forward Judge Mangum of North Carolina; but, con>-ciou? that no Southern man can be elected, he has, it t* understooel, prohibited his name from being uwl lor the first ofiico. Since then, however, a p- rl?< t understanding has been produced lnsrvren the interests south of Mason and Uixon'a line, and those north of it, and the Whig ticket tor l*4H muy be regarded as settled by compromise?John McLean for President and Willie 1'. Mangum for Vice President. This is,perhaps,the most judicious selection the Whigs could make. McLean is a pure, honest, and an able statesman In every oflicml position which he has ever held, he has impressed the influence of integrity and capacity, and among public men he has been singularly distinguished for his justice and uprightness. There is scarcely a man in the linitea States, who possesses the same elements of personal popularity. On the other hand, Mr. Mangum has been long known to the country as one of the most eloquent, liberal, and honest of our statesmen ; contracted by no narrow or selfish views, asking 110 oifice, and avoiding all favor, h? has discharged his duty fearlessly, and earned a most enviable reputation. ! Taken altogether, these two names would be irresistible, and so far ns the influence of the pro; sent Congress is concerned, the public may rest assured, they will be inscribed upon the Whig [ l anner in 1848. I speak from the card, and behind the curtain. A Looker On. Trot, June 30, 1846. Funtrah of Mr. Hrrrick and Mr. Melville?Firei? Villi of the City Ouardi?Mart Fire Jilarmt?lnctndiariem. The funeral of the lion. Richard P. Ilerrick, late representative In Congressfrom this district, took placo at 1 P. M., yesterday, from his 1 ite residence in Greenbush A large concourse of people were assembled to witness and perform the last offices of respect for departed worth, 1 and a deep feeling of sympathy seemed to pervade the multitude. Impressive religious services preceded the burial The Maj or and Common Council of Troy voted resolutions of compliment and condolinre, and attended the funeral rites in a body Mr. H wa? retarne to > ongress only six months since, and haa thus left worldly honor, scarce fasted, for the mysteries ot a future being On the o'her side of the Hudson, the funeral of the ' late (Junsevoort Mehiilc was attended at 6 P. M There u * melancholy lisson in t'.ie fate of the?e men One. a | tulxttniml, highly retpeeted (itltn, who had earned ' honor by jcam oT probity ; the other, a young politloral | aapliant ot gMUnr hearing and brilliant t <l<-tit who !>a.l ' earned it caillcr in lile. only to part with it at tlie tame time It U ?n,.p.>?el that increased application to the dutiei of hia position, renlervd nerei?aiy by the illneia of Mr McLnne hastened Mr Melville'a ileaih Three Are* In thiee da} a, or one per day, have Tinted the quiet and moral city of 'I roy. On Hatmday night at half put 16 o'clock, the tannery of the Me?ara. Brook*, extending on Federal atreet from North 3d to North 4th atreet, waa entirely consumed. with one or two amall adjacent building', in a brilliant conflagration. A large iMaanber of hide* were aaved, and the loaa being prim ipaU* of an old building, waa not great, Lait Kunday eveftag a Are occurred In and consumed the atablea in the rear of the south aide of Congreaa atreet, between ath and ith, and to-day at 11 A. M.. another destructive fire broke out in the atablea of N. Worden, proprietor of the Troy Exchange Hotel, in the rear of the north aide ; ol < ongr*aa. atreet, and between the aamn atreeta. It ' aprea<l itaklf rapidly over to Congreaa atreat, consuming I not only tbt atablea and barn of Mr Worden. but two or three atorea ob Congreaa atreet, and earning the deatnic[ tion by Are, water and removal, of conaiderable property. I Three horses In the atablea aforeaaid, were roaated alive, i I The firemen of Troy are trulv gallant fellows. although < : they have been trMed with of late by falae nlarma, one i* ti-t i-? un?K ?av nf mnahinf. :x . ~ j 1 li?. _ y 38 Pricc Two Cent*. Constitutional Convention. Tiit-muav, July 'J. Mr. I.oomii, from the committee on incorporation*, other than banking awfcgnunici]>al, aubmittcU the following : ? The committee on incoiporetioni, other than municipal fciul banking, rci(>ertful)y Mihniit tho following. tion. and to substitute'he same in lieu of the provision* of the exiling constitution relating to the same subject. Arik-lk-^j I. Special lawn, creating incorporations or associations, Or granting to them exclusive privilege!, lull not he pas*ad. But the legislature may pass geuerul laws by which any parsons may become incorporated on complying with the provision* to be contuiued lu such laws. And all corporation* ihall be subject to all such general lawn as tLo legislature may fiom time to time enact, not iuconsisteht with tho provisions of this constitution. VJ Kvery corporation f^-purpose* of gaiu or benefit to the corporators or shaia-ownor*, shall cause th? names of all its stockholders ,m<l officer*. and tho place* of their resideuce, and an estimate of the value of its property, estimated and appraised at the legislature shall by law direct, aud the uggregate amount of *11 its debt* und liabilities, absolute and contingent?to tie published at stated period* as often as one* in each year, in a newspaper published in tho vicinity of its place of business. And any such coiporation shall not become iudebted to an amount greater than its capital stock actually paid In. together with the uudiviJcd net profits thereon invented and employed in the business of such coiporntlan, or actually on hand in cash or good securities for such pur(tout ftnt lliid aluill nitt Iia rnnatriiAil t/i limit flirt ll&Ziirdl of any insurance company. S;3 Kvery corporator or share-owner In any incorporation for gain or benefit to the corporators or shareholders, except insurance, and except for purposes specified in the next section, in cane such corporation shall become insolvent, shall he liable lor the unsatisfied debts and liabilities of such corporation, contracted while ho was such corporator or share-owner, to an amount in the sarre proportion to the whole unsatisfied liabilities that his stock or sharo shall bear to the w hole stock, but such personal liability shall not extend to any indebtednesaor liability the payment ol which shall have been deferred more than one jear by contract wiih the creditor, or which Khali not have been demanded by suit wuthin one ^ ear after it becomes due. ^ 4. f-.very corporator and share-owner in any corporation for a public railway, canal, turnpike, bridge, [.lankway, or other franchise of public way, or for any telegraphic or other meaus of communicating intelligence (Mr public use, shall be liable for the debts and liabilities of such corporation to the extent provided in the last preceding section, except as to debts for muney borrowed, fur land purchased or taken by authority of law, or for iron for railroads. ^ 0. Lauds may be taken for public way for the purpose of granting or demising to any corporation thu frauchise of way over the same fur public ute, uiU lor all necessary uppenriages to such right of way. Such grants and demises shall bo made in such cases, and on such tcims and conditions, as the legislature may deem for the public good ; but no such giunt or demise shall ..vlrwi.l nH Cm- . ... J.imlMn 1)0 All corporation* and association* to be croflted or formed after tbf adoption of thin constitution, ihall be subject to the provisions uerein respecting corporalions. The article was referred and ordered to he printed. The residue of the morning was spent, on a motion of Mr. Taylor, to reconsider the vote by which the Convention was to have adjourned to-day until Tuesda\. with a view to extend ttie recess until tlie 13th inst '1 lie ( onvention ri-con.-idercd, 60 to 4">? rejected a motion by Mr ChatHeld, to adjourn from tomonow lo Mondav ?refuted to adjourn o\er to the l3tti, and finallj re-adopted tho original ie?olutiou Adjourued to Tuesday ue*t?Albany Arnvi , |i* Freeman's Tbiai.?Tlif n? fro Freeman, of Auhitni, wlio tnuftlori (I the Van Ne?t fntnily, is on trialat Auhuin. He ia ('elenied by W li Seward, I). W right, and I. Morgan '1 he piosrcutiou is conducted In the Attorney t<eneml an<l District Attorney. I he testimony. as far us u e liavo it, shows Kte*?manto have been convicted of horsestealing. urongiullt, an is said, he was sixteen ) ear* old. for wbich he was sent foi five ye<r* to tho Stato piison Me was slow and dull at las work, in prison, and of violent temper, for which he was frequently and severely flogged. Ilecamo out of prison deaf and dispirited; and tailing to cot work, b. came reckless. He applied to magistrates for warrants against those who sent him to prison, and insisted that bo oujjht to be paid for the time he had been wrongfully imfirismcd, &.c. Being refused warrants, he made up his mind to kill somebody, lie went with such view to keveral house* before entering that of Mr. Vtn Nest; but finding them without light,lie passed on, because. as he said, ho could not "see to fight in the dark." ?.ilbany Kvening Journal, July 3. Destructive Fneshkt iji Maryland.?We received last night n lengthy letter from our Washington correspondent, giving an account of the heavy rain on Tuesday night, but the important news from the South has crowded it out. He states that in Trince George's county. (Treat damage w as done Charles B. Calvert, K*q., had ail the fencing on his farm swept awav; a neighbor neatly 300 tons of hay Dr. i'enn, of bladentburg. Mr. W. Kirkwood, nnd others arc great sufferers. Uladensburg is inundated, bridge* swept away, anil tbe crops ruined. In Washington, PenusyIvania Avenue, from Centra Market to Coleman a hotel, was flooded dee|> enough to float a canoe; a wooden bridge across the Tiber, and a culvert on the Alexandria ( anil, which coit f'iOOO, aia wept of!'. Tho outer wall of the Cemetary, at the Congressional burying ground, was thrown down. The Chesapeake and Ohio Canal hat no doubt suffered.? Baltimore Clipper, July '2. Arrest of a Bigamist.?Allen A. Hopkins, of Greenfield, wm arrested in Brattloboro, on Saturday last, by Constable Whipple of Boston, on charge of bigamy. Ilopkins, who is a young man about twsntykix years of age, married, ab?ut a year and a half tinea, an olJ lady of Oroenfield about fifty-six, for the purpose, as was supposed, of getting possession of her pioperty, amounting to $10 or $1500, which ho has since squandered. On the 4th day of June, he wh? again married'to a Miss Whitmore of Iloston, a girl seventeen years of age, and grand daughter of his first wife Hopkins was on Monday examined bclore Oeorgo (irennell, Ksq , of (ireenbcld, and put under $300 bonds, for want ol which ho was committed to jail, lie is to be taken to New Vork city for trial, where the alleged offence was committed. Wo learn that since Hopkins was arrested, it has been ascertained that he if guilty of the crime of forgery.?Northampton Gazette. Another Successful Yoyaok.?The br^ France* Amy, Captnin Binney, arrived at tins port yesterday morning from Cumana, on tho Hnanish Main, where she has been engaged for a second time by the Baltimore Han Pedro Company, with a diving bell and apparatus, in obtaining sunken treasure. We are pleased to learn that they have been very successful, and bring home upwards of $'J3,000 in specio, recovered from the wreck of an old Spanish man of war, which was sunk on her return to tbe continent of Kuropa, having on board a large amount of money. The K ranees Amy made a successful voyage to the same place in the fall of ItUi, and obtained then about $17,.'>00, and a large quantity of old copper and metal. This last voyage has consumed upwards of eight months, and we learn that on the last day of their operations nt tha wrock, they obtained near V*00, but hearing of the war with Mexico, it was deemed prudent to return homo without delay.? Hilt. Clipper, July i. Mutiny.?The revenue cutter Madison, Capt. Polk, brought ii p from Hampton Roads, yesterday, in irons, John Cook, Charles M. Lane, John Philip*, Andrew Thompson. John Debam, William Matthews, nit11 William Homhlin seamen beloilffinC to bark Straf ford, Capt. Kobson, recently cleared from thii port for Hamburg. These men refumng to do their duly, and baring lined threatening language toward* the officer*, and during the absence of the captain, having attempted by force to overpower the mate, the captain instituted a complaint to tho Collector of Customs, who promptly tent the revenue cutler down to the ?bip and brought up the above aeamon, as already mated.?Htrfolk Btaetn, July 2. * * Political ltt??vemeiit?i MrnTiio or 0?:ir.a*L Scdti'i h'ai??t>s.?The parti ana of General Scott in Gettyaburg, Pa., convened on the IRth inat., to express their views upon the recent diepute betw een that officer and tba administration. Among other strong resolutions they passed the following: Revolved, That it in not at all surprising, that tho vile panders to party should bare as little relish far General Scott's "soup" i.s the Briuib had for Genetal Jackson's hot "coffae " Kesoived, That, instead of cowering before the false and anti-Amem-an charges, which a base leaJousy of his glur) has prompted, it is the duty of tiie mends of Gon. -cott to guard his llime as that of their country, to rally aiound him. and to vindicate his claims to the highest meed of bis country's lavor. in J we rest firm in tiie belief that the geneious sympa'hie*. ever alive in the heart* of the t,entile. will be aroused find stimulated by the in ju-tico whirh has been done to llincnrrr l huo of many battle* nnd t tho?e whu nought to ?ow the ?eed? of dis- I tra?t in hi* rounige and pa'i]uti>m, u ill reap a plentiful H harveit of diiappomtment, embittered by the worn of an Mlgnnt mm I Atoih?.? NH Lit nr.? The Legislature of Main* hu I made cnothi'i ineffectual attempt to electa United State* Heuatur The *ubject it now postponed to the 9th nut. M M?iit StaTk Co*t?*tioii? - The democrats of the I State of Maino held Convention at Portland on Um lit inat, and nominated J. W. L)ana for Governor, oa the B fir?t ballot. _________ I VaHrllr* I 3 r*rno?iTr.?A negro namei Charle* K. (lark Wtt I liberated from tiie Ma?*achuaeit? State Priaon a few da, a ago, and bit Irit feat waeto ateal a quantity of tobacco and throw it over the priaon wall for the convict* he had left behind. It waa rouiidered a good-natured theft; for which a month ? confinement in the llouie of Correction would &tonc< I Th?: Lo?t mat ar. Fov^n ?The Cleveland Herald of I the 'iOih inat., ?ayr that John Columbia, or other peraoa, who auffered n lo? of money through the mail, moil than I twenty yeara paat, by atating the ciirum?tancea evincive ol the fast, ^nd making known their preaent iriideHce bv letter po?t |mid and directed t?? Samuel H. Mather, Cleveland, Ohio, will be amply cotnpeDialed. OMtT Haul or Cot *tr*r*iT Mo?bt.- A maa na?*d st-s-tSfSlill J.U.

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