Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 8, 1846, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 8, 1846 Page 1
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TH] I Vol. XII, No. 188?Whole No. 4*10. I THE NEW YORK HERALD, j I JAMES GORDON BENNETT, PROPRIETOR, j I Circulation---Forty Thousand, i UniLI nMXA|iU-r.?r> ;?>),> nvi ?hu |-f vw^j f I 2iJ>rr ;tnuiun?I'*} ;.:>lr ia uii\ tin-:* . WKtKLV liKK ALU? ?rry S<turd?y?Price (i, emu pe#copy?$3 I2>? ceuu |xet annum?payable in advance. HKMAI.L) KUll EUROPK?Fvery Steam Packet day. < Price 6li ceuu |*r copy?$J 00 per anuum, payable ill ad- , rTlJVERT18KMEMT8 at the usual pticei?always caah \ in advance. CHI N'T I NO of all kinds executed with baauty and despatcli. All leners or communieations, by mail, addressed to the tablishuient. most be post p*>d, or the postage will be ued cted from the subscription money remits-d. JA.V1E8 GORDON BK.NNETT, Proprietor of the New York IUsii n ICsTtiLisrNitnT, North-West Corn rot Fulton and Nassau streets. L.WW S_ JMU KAILKOAD COMPANY. * SUMMER JlKRJiXOEMEXT ' SS36t-fi23BLfifiB. TllAINS HUN AS FOLLOWS. COMMENCING WED 1 NK8DAY. MAY IJ. 1H? : Lcatc Brookltn at 7 o'clock. A. M. Bostoutr. in for Green?nrt, daily (eicept Sundays,) stoppingat 1 armincdile and St. Oeorjce's Manor. " " at o clock, A. M., for f armia .dale and intermediate places. ] " " at 3 P. M., through to Green port, sir j pinf both ways at Jamaica, Branch, Hiclut ille, Farmingdale, and all the stations betwoeu a Farmingdale aud Greenport. I " " at 5 P. M., for Farmingdale and interme I dinte places. r Lcatc OlltitroiT at3 o'clock, A. M. Accommodation train, 1 daily, (except Sundays,) through to Brooklyn. " " at 3 P. M., Boston train, or ou the arrival of the sleamer from Norwich, stopping at 8t. George's Manor and Farmingdale. Lcatc FABttixonALic at 6k A. M", Accommodation train ] for Brooklyn. i" " at l>4 A. M. Greenport train, lor Brooklyn. " " at 2v P- M. Accommodatiou train, for Brooklyn. uLkTE 'a.haila 11 o a. m. - vcconimoufuiou imn, ior urooi* 1 lyn. " at 9 V A. M. Oreenport train for Brooklyn. " " q T. M. Accommodation train, for Brno lily n. Kahk to ? Bedford 8 rents. Eat New York UK, Race Course 18V Trotting Course t8V Jamaica 2J, Brushville S1}?, Hyde Park (17 miles) 37W, ( lowsville (during the session of court) 3T7>4. Hempstead JJji, Branch TK, Carle I'lace , 14, Westbury 44, Hicksvills 44, Farmiugdale 62K, Deer Park i 69, Thompson tS, Suffolk station SI, Lake Road station SI Medford station *1 18)^, Yaphinlc SI 37>?, St. Oeorge's Manor $1 6?^, Rin-rl ead SI ?*HI, James|?)rt SI #2*<, Mattetuck SI MS. Culfh. {>( SI MX. Southold SI 6Z){, Oreenport Accommodation train ?i 75, Oreenport bv Bostou train $2 25. Stages are in readiness on the arrival or trains at the several stations, to take passengers at very low fares, to all parts of the Island. Baggage Crates will be in readiness at the foot of Whitehall street, to receive baggage for the several trains. 30 minutes before the hour of starting from the Brooklyn side. The steamboat " Statesman" leaves Oreenport for Sag Harbor twice each day, on the arrival of the trams from Brooklyn; my 19 re to TI' HK Public is respecilully informed that the reee ut break J., caused by the late freshet, having bteu repaired, the PIONEER k EXPRESS LINE, viaTtailroad and Canal from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh, commeuced its regular trips for the season on Monday, the 6th of April, lenriiig the Depot, No. 271 Market street, DAILY, at 7K o'clock, A.M. iSy this route passengers will avoid all the fatigue and danger of night travelling in coaches, both Railroads being passed in diylight. For further information, apply at the old-established Office, 174 Msrket street, 5 doors above Eighth street. _a_in Win * rrc A. B. CUMMINOS, Agent. LONO ISLAND KA1LKUAD Express Mail J i^f- Train, leaves Whitehall street Ferry, New York AhhR side, every morning at 7 A. M. , lor Boston.? I J3HSELA1?o. trains from Brooklrn side at 7 o'clock and five minutes, ?nd 9>i A M., and J and J P. M., daily. The 7 A. M , and 3 P. M tiains go through, the former stopping ?t Farmingdale and manor, and the latter atall places ?u the road jeUr LC3? TON.?The steam boat PROPRIETOR,SnallaaKi Captain H. Mallan, will rnu during thr month of .'nl>, (or until further notice) every week day & follows. ImviiiK Pier 3 N. R. Coney Island. 6)%o'clock, A.M. o'clock, A. M. ; 10 " " 11* " 1 " P.M. ?? " P.M. 4 " ' 6 " Landing at Fort Hamilton each way. Fare l'J>J cent*. N. B.-Hwge? will be in readinesa on the arrival of the boat *1 Kurt lUmilton, to take |>a-se gen to New Utretcht and Bath, also at Couey Island to take passengers to the uppei < Itoust-s jy6 ^tis*r THOMA8 BK1LBY, Proprietor. ' TltUt MUttNlAlj AiNDEViiMNli L1AE. MORMNO LINK AT SEVKN O'CLOCK. 0* FOR ALBANY AND TROY-From the Cm.?Steamboat Pier at the foot of Barclay street | 3C^flQ^ULanding at Peekskill. West Point. Newburgii, ll .ini'tou. Vlilton, Poughkeepsie, Hyde Park, Rhineneck, U. Red Hook, Briaiol, Catskill, Hudson, Coxaaclue. ! Kindeihook mid Baltimore. Breakfast and dinner on board the boat. The steamboat NIAOARA, will leave on Monday, Wed- < nesday and trilby Mornings 7 A. M. The sieamooai TRUV, Captain < lor ham, on Tuesday, Tnursday and Saturday morning*, at 7 o'clock. Returning on opposite day*. Fur passage or freight apply on board, or at (he office on the wharf. ' NEW YORK. ALBANY AND TROY LINE. FOR ALBANY AND TROY DIRKCT, From the pier at the foot of Coortlandt street. ( The low-pressure steamboat fc MPlRt, Captain KB. Macy, , leaves Hie luol ol Courllaudt street, on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evening*. at seven o'clock. The Steamboat COLUMBIA, Gapt Wit. H. Peck, will leave on Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings, at 7 o'clock. Passengers taking these Boats will arrive ia time to take the Morning Traiu of Cars from Troy west to Buffalo, and north to Saratoga. Whitehall and Lake (.hamplaiu. Fur Passage or Freight, apply on board, 01 at tbe Office on the wharf. Nu freight taken after 5H o'clock. NOTl< E?All good*, Ireight, bank bills, specie, or Buy Other kind ol property, positively at the owner'* risk. j2Sr PEOPLE'S LINE OK 8TEAMBOAT8 FOK ALBANY* ' Direct?<)aily, Sundaysetcepted?at 7o'clock, P.M. From Slca mboat pier brtwrrn CourtlanLt and Liberty lit. M/til Steamboat ROCHESTER, Capt. Alfred lli i.ip Houghton, will leave on Monday. Wedues 3Lm?UL day, and Friday eveuiugs, at 7 o'clock. S.e unboat HENDR1K HUDSON, (.apt. R. O. Crnttenden will leave on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evenings, at 7 o'clock. The above boats will, at all times, arrive in Albany in ample time lor the morning cars for the east or west. Freight taken at moderate raief, aud none taken after iX c'clock, P M. All persons are forbid trusting any of the boats of this line, without a written order from the captains or agents. For passage or freight, apply on board the boats, or to P. C Schellt, at the office on the wharf. United Stares Mail Line. At 5 o'cKock, P. M., Landing at Intermediate Placet. from (Ac Foot of Barclay it.. Steamboat FLDSON, Captai". C. F. King, will leave on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday afternoons,at 5 ' o'clock. Steamboat SANTA CL \U8, Captain Boverbagh, will le?\f on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoons, at 5 o'clock. Apply on board, or at the office on the wharf. je?( 4Miri ,Yps DAILY LINE OF BOATS BETWEEN NEW YOKK AND 8TATEN ISLAND. SLmUuL The steamboats SYLPH, Captain J. Braisted, anil M'aTEN ISLANDER, Captain D. Van 1'elt, will i leave as follows :? l.eave Stiten Island at <1, I, 9, 10 and 11 A. M; at 1, 3, 3, 4,5, ( and 7, P. M. Leave New York at 7,9, 10, and II, A. M. and 1, J, 3,4,5, C, 7 and ^ past 7 P. M. j All freight at the ritk of of the owners thereof. jell THE MOST DELIGHTFUL OF ALL i F.XfitTRSIONK < /Ml A 8AIL acroaa the llmlaon river to Hobo and then * walk to the Klyiiiui KieliU. mr W along ilie exceedingly pictareaque *hore* ol the place. ?ill pro** the moat eaaily accomvliahed and attrac Iitc of all nirual excuraiona that can be mad* from the city. 'Die grouuda now preaeut a eharming aapect, tiie tree* b? ins >n leaf, and the toil covered with a rich turf. The walkt ire in eicellent order, having been considerably em> cllithed the preient iprinc On every pleaaant afternoon there will he in attendant* at th? ColloaoMa. Klyiiaa riclda, an eicellent Band of .Moaie, < which will i?*rform ael*ctwna I roan the favorite Opera*, popu* I lar uti, marchea, walliea. lie. ..... The Kerry Boata from Barclay, Canal and Ghnatopher ita., arc completely fitted np with awning* and aeata. Niglu BoiU run from Hobokm U? Barclay atreat until II < 'clock. . I Ferriage centa ml Jm*r ~ .. blUl'Vi* OS OKklAT HKITAIN and lRfcLANI>? feraoM wiahmg to remit mouey to ilieir frienda in any part of , the old country, can procura draft* of lha i ^^^^^ lubaCfibera for any amount, lr?m XI arid I apwirda. payable at aight, withont di*couat, in all the pria- I rtown* throughout England, Ireland, Scotland, ana The auhacribvT* beg to tnfo?m their fri*nd* and th* public that tin* branch of their buaioeaa continura to, receive their particular attention, and they feel quite certain that better ( arrangrmenta than theim for tr*n*mitting money to the old couini v ca.mot be made. . . ? [ The rural mail ateamer < 'aleilonii will leave Boaton tomorrow, by which ill draft* can !?? forwarded. W. k J T. TAfifcOTT, ? Sontli atraet. JaM r 2 donra below Burling slip. 4A&: NKW LINE OF PACK LI'o FOR LIVKM- i IffSTy POOL.? Packet of the Hit of Jnly.?The aplaadid, aaihug and favorite racket ahip IIOTTINOl-'KK. 1100 loua burthen. Captain Ira Baraley, will aail on Tueaday, Jnly flat, her regular day. Tersoni w uhmg to aecure bertha ahould ?ot fail to maka early application on board, attha foot of Darling Slip, or to W. k J. T. TAI-St OTT. At their U?naral IWiage Office, M Honth atreet, aeeond aoor jrlmc helr>w llnrlinc ?hp 14^* FOK GLAStiOW?Tha new, tirat ciaaa amp WfMYARVUVI, J' 0 tout, H. Itobin ana, maater, htriui ?hSyBtail'>",t of her cargo engaged, will meet with deapatrh. or nalai'.ce of freight or paaaage, havi.g eieellent aceom t'xU'ioiia, api 'y to tna caj'taiu on board.loot of Dover atraat, orro VVOODHULLk V1INTURN, f in Month ?fre#t KOK LIVfcRIOOL? New Line?Regular packKrrjpV et of the 26th Jnlr.?Th? elegant, faat (ailing packJmmUmrt ahip KOSCIUB, A. Kldrioga, maater, of llWtotta will ax11 *a above, her regular day. For freight or paaaafe, having accommodation a unequalled for iplendiir or comfort, apply on board, at Orleana wharf, loot of Wall atraat, or to B E. K. COLLINS k CO., M BootJi tt rnee of paaaag* $1M. ? ; , I E NE1 -a _ - ??. NE\ GLASGOW AND NEW YORK LINE OF | PACKETS. rn. Ml M. M. i DMISO^^ w ulnnc u> ?i ud for ttT^Mnrnds in ,m> fart of j) IT 8c>>tl uid, to a.ul dirrct from Olajtfow, cm make arra?K<" J foenta with the Subscribers, to have thrm brought out in any lithe regultr linr ol' Packets, sailing inunthlv Irom Glasgow. The ANN HARLkV, Captain Scott, < ADAM (.'AKit, Captain .VtcKwen, 3 BARACEiN t'apuiu Hiwkiui, j o DKOOKSbV. Comprise the abore line,and the high character of those Tea- , lets should be sufficient inducement for persons who may he < lending for their frieud* iu Scotland, to make arrangements for his (the only line.) Further particulars giren, on application to ?i W. k J T. TAP9COTT. > 7J South street, corner of Maiden Lane, or Meaara. k-KID U MUKKAY. Amenta ? 1)0 r >n Glasgow. NEW YORK AND GLASGOW LINE OF UiPlfKTS i as. J Salting*from o? the 1st. and Ulaagow ou (Ue latii >f each mouth. _ ? ? , _ From N. York. Fm. Ol gow. | l June I. July 15. : Jhip SARACEN, N. T. Hawkins, < Oct. I. Nov'r 15. u ( Feb. 1. Marrh 15. a I July 1. April 15. . Sr. Ship BEOOKSBY, H. M'Ewen, < Nor. J. Aug. 1j. p ( March 1, Dec'r 15. n v August 1. May 15. 3r Bark ADAM CARR, , \ Dec'r 1. Sept. 15. C April 1. Jan. 15. I May 1. June 15 Sr. Bark ANN HARLEY, R. Scott, < Sept. I. Oct. 15. | ( Jan'y 1 Kebrua. 15. J These ships ar? Rood, substantial vessels, ably commanded, ind will sail punctually on their regular days. Their accommodations lor passenger,are good and tvery'attentiou will lie laid to promote their comfort. The agents or Captains w ill lot he responsible for any parcels or packages sent them, uness bills of lading are signed therefor. For freight or passage, apj>)y to WOODHULL k MINTURN, 87 South street, New V<irk, or *4 re KKI1J tc Mt;m<AY. (}li|my. PASS A(iK FRniVT RHEAT RWiTAIAN A\'n ( IRELAND, m- m m rn iy tiieinacK Ball, m-OluLine olLivrrpoiiI Packets, sailing ? from Liverpool ou the In and IWh ol every month. D The YORKSHIRE sails I'rom Liverpool, 1st of March. J) " OXFORD " " 16tli of March. ' " CAMBRIDGE " " 1st of April. ? " MONTEZUMA " " lStli of April. " Persons sending for their friends, and forwarding the parage " ertificate by the steamship Hibernia, sailing from Boatou oil c he lat of February, will have plenty ef time to come in the 1 I arkshirev or in any one ol the eight packets of the Black Ball ? ..iue. sailing from Liverpool on the lac and 16th of every ' noutli. Apply to.or address, if by letter post paid, ROCHE, BROTHERS Sc CO.. 3i Fulton St., Next door to the Fulton Bank. MARSEILLES LINE OF "FAGKETST ~ MS* I The uuderinentioa Ships will ba regularly despiitcheuTrom lence on the 1st, and from Maraeillea the 10th of each month 11 luring the year, aa follows I1 Ships. Captains. From N. York. 'R'CE de JOINVILLE, (ucw) Lawreuce, April 1 Sept. 1. rtlSSURI, Silvester, May 1 Oct. 1. I.RCOLE (new) Eveleigh, June 1 Nov. 1. 3ASTON, Coulter, July 1 Dec. 1. f NEBRASKA (new) Watson, Aug. 1 Jan. 1. ^ Ships. Captains. From Marseilles. ,, 'R'CE de JOINVILLE, (new) Lawreuce, June 10 Nov. 10 t( MISSOURI, Silvester, July 10 Dec. 10 a ^.RrOLE, (new) Eveleigh, Aug. 10 Jr*n. 10 iASTON, Coulter, Sept. 10 Feb. 10 NEBRASKA, Watson, Oct. 10 Mar. 10 These vessels are of the first class, commended by men of experience. Their accommodations, for passengers are unsttrMsscd for comfort and convenience. Goods addressed to the igcuts will be forwarded free of other cliarges than those actuilly paid. t or freight or Passage apply to CILAMBERLAIN fc PHELPS, Proprietor* ( No. 103 Front street, or to BOYD ft. HINCKEN, Agents, jnllrc 9 Tontine Buildings, 88 Wall.cor. \V atei^st._ J REMITTANCES TO IRELAND, &c. 1 1 i GkORGE McBHIDK, Jr., has removed his office to No. C Broadway, and continues to remit money, in sums large or malll, to persons residing in any part of Ireland, in the same nMiner as ne and his predecessor iu business hare done for j he last thirty years and more; also, to any part of England or ;; Scotland. > Money remitted by letter, poit-piid, to the subscriber, or ersonally deposited with him, with the name ol the pemon>r persons in Ireland, England, or Scotland, to whom it is to j >e sent, and nearest post town, will be immedi itely transmit- t ed and paid accordingly, and a receipt to that eifect given or 'orwarded to the sender. a28 lm*r t .\tiW JLliNE OF LIViSKl'UOL PACKETS. t m. m. m, m> ToTtTl from NewTork21st, and from Liverpool 61I1 ul each i nontli. From tfrw York. Liverpool. f Mew ship Lireyool, 1150 ton., \ J} 5'ni c J. r-ldridge. ^ August 21 Oct. 6 . Vew ?hip Quern of the West, S iuv"^ H jlw?h ? ' 1250 ,o?.> Wood house, j &?*., *{ ? Vew Shin Rochester, MO torn, ftW \\ ^ g John Bntou. ( October 21 Dec. 6 M>ip Hottingue. .1850 ton., ? H^t. ( IriUurtl). ?Nor. 21 Jau. C These substantial, fast sailing, first claas sliips, all built in ne city of new York, are commanded by men of eiperience ind ability, and will be despatched punctually on the 21st of ach month. Their cabins are elegant and commr?dions, and are furnished ith whatever can conduce to the ease aiid comfort ofpaasenters. Price of passage <100. Neither the captains nor owners of these ships will be reiponsible for any parcels or packages sent by thein, unless egular bills of lading are signed thrrel'or. For freight or passage apply to WOODHULL k MINTURN, 87 South street. New York, or to FIELDEN, BROTHKKH k*jo.. I mS rc Lirerpool. JOHN HKRDMAN k CO.. United States and (treat Britain and Ireland, Old Established Emigrant Office, 61 Houtli street, New York. mm mm HKKDMAN. KKENAN k CO.. Liverpool. Passage to and from Great Brttaiu and Ireland, via Liverpool by the Old Ulack Ball Liue, or any of the regular I'acket ships sailing every five days. ' The subscribers in calling the attention of Old Countrynen and the public generally to thair unequalled arrangenents for bringing out passenger* from the old country, beg eave to state that the basiuess of the House at Liverpool will be conducted by its brsnch. Those sending fur their friends will at once sec the great mportance of tins irraiigemeut, as it will preclude an nuneressary delay of the emigrant. The ships employed in this iue are well known to be of ihe first and largest class, comnanded by men of experience; and as they sail every five lays, offer every facility that can be famished. With those mperior arrangements, the subscribers look forward for a p :ontiuuation of that patronage winch has been so liberally ?xteuded to them (or so many years past, lu case any of " hose engaged do not embaik, the passage money will be re'uuded as customary. Kor further particulars apply by letter, tH>stl>aid. J. HKHDMAN ? CO., 61 Houth st , New York. 4 HKHDMAN. KEEN AN k CO., Liverpool. N. B.?Drafts for any amount can as usual be furnished, I ;>ayxble at all the principal Banking Institutions throughout n :he Uni'ed King-lorn, on application as shove. i bHIl' iSOK.MA.N, from Havre?Consignees per 1 J3J*Viliis ship will plesse smd their permits on board, at JUSabPi-r No i North river, or to the office ol the under.igued. All goods not permitted in live days, will ha sent to .lie public store. BOk'D it IliNCfiEN. je30 r _ No. M Wall sr. KOK LONDON?Regular packet oi the fst Aug. / JHMfVThe first class,fast sailing packet ship PRINCE ALMMMK.BKHT, Capt. Sebor, liOO tons, will sail as above. , ler regular day. Having very superior accommodations for cabin, second catin and steerage passengers, persons intending to embark .1. 1.1 ?.i... 1.. I.... .r to JOSEPH Me MURRAY, Corner of Pine and South street*. P 8.?Per?on? denirous of (ending for their friends, can lave them brought eul bv the above splendid packet ship, or iny other of the line, by applying ai ah.'ve. j > 6 r FOR LIVERI^OL?Regular Packet of the llth JKf^VJuly. The first clu* (**t (ailing packet ship WA- i HhTERLOO. Capt. Allen, 1000 tons barthen, will " iail a* above, her regular day. Having eery superior accommodotiont for cabin, second ;ahin, <ml steerage ;>as senders, peraoua intending to emlark, should make immediate applir-ition an board loot of Maiden Lane, or to JUjJr.PIl M'MUKKAY, cor of Pine and Sooth at. P.S.?Persons desirous of sending for their frieiula in the lid country, can have them brought out in the above splendid jacket, or any other of the line, by applying u above. jyC rr. UNITED STATES fc GREAT BRITAIN h {JwyiRELAND OLD ESTABLISHED EMUJKANl Hb^KKK K ?The Subscriber* are prepared to bring int puseugcra by any ol the Line of Packet*, sailing ever) ".* day* ; and dralta can, a* usual, be furnished, payablt , tmotighoot the Unitad Kingdom For further particular* ?Mr to JOHN HEKDMAN k Co.. , _ Kl fetNth street ?! '??? N E W~OKLEAN *? LO111 rt I ANATNU y"k Line?Regular Packet?To *ail Monday, l- .7" Ttl* elegant fan sailing packet ship hr,re^U,Ld? - Positively .all a* above. . Fi>r?mi(hi or paaiuo, haring hand.ome furni.hed necom- ' modatioua, apply oa boardat Orleau. wharf, Toot of Wall ?t , ' Br'? ... . . r- K. COLLINS k CO.,* Bonthtl. Positively an gooda reeeivad oa board after Maturday eveoing. 11th mat. i Ageut in New OrlMM, Jame. J Woodruff, who will promptly forward til goods to hn addreia I Tackrt .hip 08WKUO m?t?r. will .nccenl tl.? l.otii.ville; and aail Monday, August 10th, her regular dav 1 jeW r '' i FOR LI VfcRPOOly?New Line? lUnlu P.cket 1 aMWy #r 21.r July.?The .uperior, fait sailing packet ?hip ' JMltHOTTlNOUKR, 1100 to... burthen, c'pt lr. Bor^ ley, will sail aa above, her regular day. I Kor freight or passage, haying elegant and superior accom 1 modatio*s,apply on board, west of Darlma slip, orta WOOOHULL k MINTUKN, *7 fi.ut), .treat Price of pa..age SIM. The picket .hip Lirerrool. 1200 torn burthen, Captain John Kldridge, will succeed the llortiuffner. and aail on her rem. It day ?lat August. jetlre | ? ^ MULL IN respectfully informs his friends and the I public thai he has REMOVED from his olii stand, No 2t? I Broadway, to No. I BARCLAY Street, a few doors from I Broadway, wkm ha eontinim to import and mannfactnra double and singla barrel Fowling Pieces, Rifles and Pistols, ' of a Hjifriorqwlitf. Alao, Oun and Piatol Locks, German Hilrer f astings for rifles and fowling piacea, with gun matr rials ja general, to b? aold low for caah. I N. B ?Repairing dona ia the bast Banner and on the moat HMw>li wai. mrt ta*ne w ro V YORK, WEDNESDAY ] FOR SALE, I TWO FtNR SADDLE HORSES, rfl _ WILLdiiTe alio in i ciruuc. They ^ Irtl/1'" Ju?t the ntlit aite Tor ridiu* on _x2_*,liorsebatk, and nave been long u?ed to ne ?nJ?iie Apply at the de?k of the Herald (tur . irther i>artienlar? jrlttf*jak I *T1 THE SI. BSI It IB Kit would inform ilif public ^jLsEr^lhathehas nil hind, nt In* siablt: iu Jrnty cltv. ? > kiniwii a* ihr Wrsteni Hotel, a spl?u<lid lot of ouMe ?nd single Hones, from the weitrru part of the (Mate I New Vork, which ha?e just arrived. jyinwrc D. SMITH. tHAHI.Kd SfAMKI.S?ui 1'HK * uH| pure breed, received by the latest arrivals from L,oa? rec \ ii it.'n. far tale by A. Cirieve J Johustreet Alse, rut nJ rateable Birds, only to be tounu at hi* establishment, No. m0 Johu street. of N. B.?Fitter* from the earioua, in distant parts. (post hUI rill be attended to, by A. (JRlV.vE, are al7*lmrh Importer and dealer la Birds. Cagrs.fce. (l(1| FUR SALK, t JaA The stock and liitnrcs, together with the lease of the hotel No. 43 Chamber street, known a* the Bee Hive. we iiULKur terms apply to jyTlw'r JOSEPH LYON, 13* Water at. TO MANU*AOiUlt&US. .A Oreat Bantam?To let or lease, a large factory, M and machinery I'ur sale, at the coruer of Third areaae / ? ?j^and 86th street, Yorkvitle, heretofore used as cloth rL riaiuil and dvmg establishment. Together with a new [earn engine, boiler and apparatus complete: including tun ? ud copper rollers, screw aud cylinder press, ion plana, not riutiug blocks, shafting and gearing. fc.c. Apply on the pre- It uses, or to B. > . HOWE, 433 Broadway, Jig, jy3 Iw'rc corner of Howard. a? CATSK1LL MOUNTAIN HOUSE. te? at:. L. BKA? 11, for several vears connected with thie Th popular establishment, liaa now become its sole pro- Or iirirtor, has rebuilt it throughout in the most ?uW?- an, lal and elegant manner, aud has furnished it tut*; aud it ia on uw open for the reception of company. It is nnder tha per- . .mil superintendence and management of Mr. Beach, the , roprietor, who will spare uo pains to make it one of tha most 'or grreahle sum'xer resort* iu the country. The magui&eeut Bl ceuery and healthy atmosphere of the place are too Well pu [uawii to require description. Elegant aud rom-nodioas ml tiges run diri ctly from the day boats to tne Mountain \ (a>r 1ou??*, ami to the l*Hv jy2 lw?rc wc EUKOPEAN HuThu, I T? 'Jity of JVash ineton, near the lYeaiury Building, be THE SUBSCRIBER, Urine fully prepared and I | ;lr replenished hi* well known hotel, renewedly lolltiu Nc Uftibr iMtroiHiK'f of his frirndi and the public. Hi? telle* will always he supplied with the beat the teuoui afford; ud whilst uo effort will be 'pared to give eutire aatisfiactioa. i is terms will be found ao moderate aa to command attention t-0 rom residents and strangers. There are several elegantly . , uiunhed suites of apartment! and single rooms ready lor im- 1 tediate occupation. Those who wish permanent board will c?' nd it highl y advantageous to call. Kor persons having bust- oil ess with the departments, the location of the hotel ia moat ral ourenieut. Foreigners will find their language spoken at pn Ins house, and their comforts strictly considered. I'aifiea wj ccomraodated with refreshments of all kinds, at the short- ral st notice. Dinners sent to all parts of the city, aa usual. : jyl Iwrc L. OALaNRUW. iNtW L.t.ljAiNUiN SFtUiMliS. ev t COLUMBIA HALL,Maris, 1B46?This favorite plaee p, of resort ia now open and readyfor the reception oreom ,T panv, being under the management of its old proprietor, , Hull. Presuming on his long experience as a caterer or the travelling public, he intends that the management of he establishment shall be such as to meet the wanta of the th< aost fastidious, whether tarrying fer the season or a shorter go, leriod. Dr, j<3 imre HKNRY HULL. {? a HOTEL DE PARIB.-ANTIONE at of the late proprietors ol the I'erkins House. Bnatoa, respectfully informs hia friends and the travelling Mb- . ic, that he has opened the house No. 290 Broadway, New ' fork, entrance on Reade street, called the Hotel De Paris, lip rhere he will be happy to accommodate thoee who may wieh ia i o pntronite him, with hoard and lodging, by tbe <1 ay, week, ' r month, on the most reasonable rerins. mv!9 2m eod'rre on aSl'Ollt TU LET, in the Herald Buildings, No.VT a* Nassau street. Apply on the premises. mi je2fi 6t re |i? tOOAlS, I'lJUMsliliD OK UKJrUH Nl&HED. tTO LET?In a small and most delightfully situated <1? house, near the Waahingtou Parade Ground, one or tia two rooms, with or without full or partial board. No foi w..fJ.nA,ln.l.,.r>.r. in n,,, ?. It I.U ? rite lamiiy ?t present consists of only three crown persons. ... ["o tingle gentlemen, or a gentleman and lauy, desirous of ' iving in a private family, and in a pleasant, quiet, and hand- vl\ otne location, tlits offers iui opportunity bat rarely met with. The entire naif of thi house will be let to a desirable mi ejant, without children. Address B. T. at the deak of thi* *cl iflice. myl?tfrrc t'UK SALiiL UK TU LET, " G? - The Modern built three itory brick home, 115 Adaraa Oi m atreet, Brooklyn. If not sold by private sale, it will be w< disposed of at public auction, on the 15th day of May 1 an icit. Half of the purchase money can remain on mortgage,, I or a term 01 years. Application to be made on the premiaea I 15 Adams st., Brooklyn. ?< lm*rc I Zi. WaTTIUFONT It CO., de ft FASHIONABLE HATTERS, fll 12 Nassau street, near Fulton, New York. ha THE subscribers beg to call the attention of the public to he quality of their various kiuds of Hats of their own mannacture. They have just received a small Apply of superior S* noleskin, now used by the, most fusliiouahle natters in Pans, 1 sample of which they will feel much pleasure in showing CO o those wlio will favor tliem with a call. Tbe undersigned Hi lo not pretend to sell at 25 or even 10 |>er cent less than any po ither establishment; ueither can they boast ot liaving a spleu- ' . lid *tore; but they flatter themselves that the qn.ality and .. inisb of their Hats will tire entire satisfaction, at the prices 'hurled. | ,n They have adopted the French style ol trimming the sum- U. ner luta, which it a preventive to the perspiration coming ' hrough aud spoiltug the b?ao*y ol their anpearance. | th M. B. WATTHI PONT, j ~ my ? lm?m WM. H. JAMES. 1 GEM IN'S GUCsaAiVlKU liA l a, m< {TJ WEIQHINO frein P\ to 3X onncea. Price only *S ?. ' It ia about two years itnee the Gossamer Hat waa first ! cai ntroduced by the subscriber to the notice of the New York | / , >ut>lir, ai the lightest, the most desirable, an i the most tasty . irticle for summer wear heretofore in use. j*n The astonishing success attending them, evinced by the ! to Ilrjordinary large amount of sales, and the Lopular approba- 1 ue ion bestowed upon them by the many who have given them i heir patrouace, nave not been lost upon the subscribes, who, o show that he is ever anvious to eicel in his art, now pre- 1 w ems for public patronage the Oossamer hat, much lighter aud , uore pleasant than auy other ever before offered. They are | lot liable, like the Leghorn aud Panama, to lose either snipe ir color from exposure to the rain. They cannot be soiled by I <1? ither perspiration or oil from thehair. so commouly the case | tin ritli otner Hits, for the much admired style of trimmings, I un initiating with the proprietor, effectually prevents all thu. > ["his is a decided sdvantage over all other hata. The public are invited to call and this article at ?? J. N. OKNIN'S Hat and Cap Store, fl my27 lm*re 214 Broadway, opposite St. Paul's Church fle SUMMEJt HATS. ?c ECONOMY JiND FJ18HIOS. " n ROBK.IITSON'8 PHKNIX HAT AND CAP !" MANUFACTORY, 10'J Fulton street.?The under- ? igued bespeak* the attention of (he public to tlie quality of arl lit Hummer Hats, possessing the various properties usually Jim nought lor by the man of taste, they have the additional merit ad >f being 25 per cent below the standard prices. They are e?- ,?8 initially similar in material, workmanship, and finish, to tk?c (jt, irticles manufactured by Che more splendid establishments ol *?nr1 mi n rliiop ronmnr 1*011 of their resorctive nrrlts, no difference can lie perceived, except in 01 lie single particular that the subscriber lias adopted a style I* >1 trimming, which effectually prevents the perijiiration ol ve he forehead from striking through, and impairing the ap- an -earance. tit Their average weight is from ifi to SWIonnccs?being much igliter than substantial Leghorns, or Panamas. Persons of aste and judgment, who are iullufnced in their purchases by or onsideratioas of cost, are invited to examine them, and to v* istnblish, by the test of comparison, their precise he u red with the productions of other manufacturers. inv23 Im're ROBERTSON. 101 Fulton street. ,|y J. i'KlCt fc CO. fei FASHIONABLE HAT STORK. ?'? [V THE HI USCRIBERS having oi-ened a HAT STORK ?r |p?at No. I III Kulton street, corner ol Dutch street, respect- ?ri ally solicit the patronage of their old customers and the pab- wi ic. They will constantly keep on haud a complete assort- j]e unit of Hats, Caps. Umbrellas, hc.,kc., of the latest style, < nd will sell at the lowest prices, single hats made to order t the shortest notice. ICH ABOD PRICE. J" mr6 Im'r THOS. SHANNON. 811 rK.fc.iVi I u iVi HOuTa. i A KINK FRENCH HOOTS for $3 50, city made, and , 8a W are eqiMl to those sold in other stores for $&. Fine . J French Calf Bouts for $4 M,e< to the best made in j .. this city for $6 or $7, at YOUNG fc JONES' French J'K loot and Shoe Manufactory, one of the most fashionable in tui he city Our Boots having been judged in the late Fair at cit 4ihlo'i, are said to be the best ever told in tins city. of All Boots warranted to give satisfaction < ;c Mending, fcc., done in the Store. YOI 'NH k JONES, i Ann street, , , Near the American Museum, New \ ork. au OnirV ??le? mid ?m II Hfftta is nnr mnitr. plmfl*r?re NEW KUKK A.NU 1-lAtiL.C.iVi tVAlLiiUALt COMPANY. em SUMMER ARRANGEMENT co 3N and after Friday, May 1st, HIS, the cars will ran as fol no lows:? Br Leave City Hall for Yorkvi'le, Harlem, and M >rrisiaa, at 7. t. ?, II, and II o'clock, A.M., I, 2, 3>?\ 5 8, and I , H o'clock, P.M. Leave City Hail for Foidham . nd Wil- . . i:?iai: Bridge, at 7, 10, and II o clock, A.M.; J, 3%. 5, and 6j*f ! ,n 'clock, P.51. Leave City Hull for Hunt's Bn Ige, Bronx, . noi "uckahoe, Hart's Comer, and White Plaina, at 7 and 10 we 'clock, A.M.; t and J oclock, P.M. Leave Harlem and forkville at 7 10,110, #, 10, and II 10 o'clock, A.M.; 12 40; 2, i tki 10, J 10, SK, 6 10, and 7 o'clock, P.M. Leave Williams Itidgr and Furdham at 6K, 7W, and 10V o'clock, A.M.; I2M, I , V, and o'clock. P M. Leave White Plains st 7 and J La 'clock, A.M.; I aud S o'clock, P.M. The freight train will 8. rare ine City Hall at I o'clock, P.M., and leave White Ko Mains at I o'clock in the morning. On Sundays, the White R. Mains Train will leave the City Hall at ( A.M., and P.M.; ,i,j Vill leave White PUiun at 7 A.M., and( P.M. On Sundays. > he llailein and Williams' Bridge Trains will be regulated J?.,' rcording to the stair of the weather. lm*rc WINDOW"SHADE DEPOT, ' No,7 SPRUCE STREET. r.sTABi.isHr.u in 1840. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL, SHADES of all descriptions, kinds and sixes. lit percent pm cheaper than can be bought at any other places Trim we TiiiiUM HI DlllUi'incn'iTri I?nrw. / r BARTOL. UK MAUNY It Co.. ftrt rrr M?nnr?rtiir#n V '1>0 JKWh.LLMt.l, MIMAlLKt. fAIM 1 f.KS, *c.? 1 C. (k J. HAKTNKTT, No. ? Conrtlandt itreet, nrar Brondway.wholeaale and retail Mannfacturrr* of Travelling. Writing, l)re??in? *"d Jewelry Boie?, Miniature Cain and letting.; Klute, Locket, Watch, Ring, Pin and |w?icil Bo*e*-. Blv :a*e* for iilver Plate neatly arranged to order. Alio, Tray* nade and fitted to Jeweller* ahow c**#*. to contain watche*, haitia, ring*, key*, piu?, thimble*, pencil*, be A variety of the above article! couatamly on hand nid , nade to order, with neatneaa and rieapatch. No. I Courtlandt , itreet. New Vorlt Tiyl J lm?re "? 70IMKM) HAVANA fc PKINC1PE SEGAK8. 120 Balm HAVANA TOBACCO, a* follow* | V Kmqlacion, fuicnlapio, Pre**?d, Blond* Krgalia, ian Roman, Kionda do., EaperMta do., wl Victoria, Lafayette do., Wa*hington do., *o Ktperaiiza, Hionda Congrtaao*, Lafayette do., dli Kionila, Do. Plantation, Principe Steamboat, ! Lafayette Principe J auto Ha>?, Vta. Jajo Tobacco. s<> The whole entitled to debenture, *nd in lou to *ail Kor h V? . B. M. PICABIA, he mv7 Im'r ? *' * "<" up train UK.N^,1J6 "AVAftA BfcOAKH, of the new brand Jt I ?1 btuH," (Tb? WanderiM J?w.) For .ale, by V . f. MANCHO. at MKolton .tract, u ?*" Sv*aiah Man* 'mi RK I MORNING, JULY 8, 184 xjf*B*.as*iiro PROS! FEXAS AND MEXICO. ; d &C. ic. &C. 1 ? v Special Corrtifondenct oj the Xeu- York Herald. 1 <i?<, June 34th, 1646. j ly a late arrival from the tcene of action we are in 8 ipt of the following new*. General Taylor and . at of the army are encamped qu.etfy within 400 yard* 1 Matamora* ; the inhabitant!! are coming in faat, and a I trt/iinff u-ith tmAm !?? '?- i??? ?* - ? " ? ? -""r*' " ? w? fl ng molested or injured ; they seen, in fact, to be more 0 isfied with the present state of affairs than when they i re protected by their own troop*. An advance guard, v isisting of the lit regiment of infantry and about 000 * unteers fiom Louisiana, have advanced aa far aa Cargo, which place they have taken possession of, and oon aareimorced, intend advancing still further ? nnaguMKiout 140 miles beyond Mats moras. The ixicanHPPoted an armuticc of fifteen days, but "Old ugh anaReady" answered by saying that he could 1 tgrant it without further advices from Washington - " was rumored that the Mexican army was re-assemb- f g in great numbers in the interior. The American , oy waa in fine tpirita and eager for battle. Volun- . tb were arrivi ig at Toint Isatirl in large numbers. " e steamship Alabama artiveil here to-day from New ? leans with two companies of 160 men from Tennessee ' 1 a cargo of government supplies, intended for troops r tho Trinity river. i Jol arrived here yesterday from Point Isabel J. ' tho purpose of raising four extra companies of sixty 8 in each, he being sent here by Oen. Tay lor for that S rpose. The old ' war horse" must have some move- c mt in view, to send here for fresh troops. Success atid his army. Capt. Walker is the lion of Texas, and >uld so in for Governor with a perfect and unanimous te. J send you oar latest paper, which was published fore the news was receivod from the Point. i will keep you in receipt of all news from the army. > more at pretent. O. K. M. [From the Iloustin (Texas) Telegraph, June 10.1 tVe learn, from a gentleman whs recently arrived m Austin, that a large party of Camanchos, belonging Santa Anna's band, lately made a foray into the Mexii settlements, above Laredo, captured a large amount ipecie, and about five hundred horses, and killed soveMexicans. The Mexicans, it unpears, were quite unspared to resist them; as most of tho troops had been Indrawn to attack the American army, near Matamot. These Indians stated that they captured several xes, filled with money; and from their description of l boxes, it ia probable that they contained $4000 or D00. It is not improbable that they intercepted some rtv of traders that was on the way to Bexar, or Corpus iristi. We understand that Col. Harney intends to march, in a v days, with the troops now stationed at Bexar, to join i army under Oen. Taylor Three companies of liraons, and the company of rangers from Austin, will ibably accompany, 'l he Indians on the frontier are w so pacific that a military force is no longer required Austin or Bexar. [From the New Orleans Picayune, June 38 ] Sy the arrival of the steamship New York, Capt. Phils. we have Galveston dates to the 94th inst. The news unimportant. rv,? v. Vnrlr .i_?-r a ? mv ..v.? * ? *?***?%* mis iuu|i vi war auiuu iu aei ? the 24th. She is to go round to Pensscola far repairs, > we hnve before announced, and to lie placed in com ksion in our navy, under command of Oeoiga N. llol- > * Ksq I rh- steamship Alabama arrived at Galvciton on Mon- < y last, and left again the following day for ilrazoa San- ' go. She landed, at Galveston, some government stores < a new military depot which ha* been established at I ibinson'i ferry, on the Trinity, to supply the volun- I srs on their march through Texas. The store* are for- < irded from Galveston to the depot by steam. The "Husk Blues," a fine company of Texan*, contended by Capt. John M"Clarty, left Galveston in tho liooner Alert, on tho 2'ld inst. for tho seat of war. rhe steamers Troy, Panola and Potomac arrived at ilveston, on the 23d inst., on their way to the Rio rande It will be recollected that the Gaines Rangers tut over on tho last named boat. They were all well, d in fine spirit*. The Jluttin Newt says that order* have been received Major Kauntloroy requiring him to proceed immedt?1 y to San Antonio with the company of dragoona unr his command. Wo learn from the same paper that Capt H. Highimith raised and organized a company of volunteers? tunted riflemen? lor six month*' aervice, to act a* ranra between Aurtin and tho San Marcus. The ( ivtlian says the gallant corn* of Mississippians, mmanded by Captain whivors, called the " (Claiborne flamen," have entered as Texan voiunteera, to comae one of the four companies which Capt. Seefeldt and ut Connor hava been authorized to raise additional at ilveston They will be furnished with subsistence and lasportation to Rsint Isabel, by Lieutenant Kingsbury, 8. A. The complaints which ware sometime since heard of a apathy manifested by the Texans in regard to the IT should now be put at rait. Kvery paper we open, > natter fram *hnt part of Taxa*, rei>ort* the move;nt of the volunteers to their weitern frontier. n>. n.?,.? nt tk. 1IMU ? *i? stpe of a Mexican boy, aged 10 or 1 j yearn, from the 1 imanches. He was originally taken near Ban Antonio, cl effected hii escape on the Han Oabriel According i hi* story, he managed his eicape with great adroitsa. Some complaint* arc mado of the lawlessness of the imanchea in returning from the treaty ground, but they ;re fait going West. Vkka Crue, 11th June. This city has now been under blockade for twenty-five ya. The frigate Karitan is the commanding ship at this no? Cora. Conner King still at Pennacola? and la at chor near Green Island, while the Pcmacola steamer 1) ing off ami on, just outside the Kort, under sail, and nipletely prevents all intercourse trom abroad. The inceton now proves herself to be equal to tlio whole et, indeed superior She arrived here in 17 days from iston, having sailed all the way, excentiug two daya.? the horse latitudes she was becalmed. Mhe fired up? , 94 hours ska was in the trade winds, which brought , r off this port, where she again fired up to enter. She . -ived here lull of coal, and sailed during the passage II , d 10 knots for days together. The kalmouth waa block ing on her arrival, and they sailed together for two ys. The I'rinoeton can sail round her, aad is equal unr sail to two-thirds of the vessels in our Navy. Kor 12 days she has been underway iust out of reach the guns of the Caatle. When vessels make their aparance she makes aail for them, and when they are ' ry fast and wish to run, alio fit et up?goes alongside 1 <1 places a prize officer on board. She it the admira- I in of the Luglish and French men-of-war here. If the csident and Cengreaa are wise they will immediately ; der a large number of ships liko her, as they are in- ' 1 ....1.1.. in >>* > '? on.r ii'ir Tl,? P In re than tbree Irigata*. ' The Raritan lies the scurvy, and it ii also said the sentery, on board, produced by having been much at a on th'o roast of Brazil, from whenco she came to thin ition. Tho Mexican* expect an attack upon the cattle San Juan de UUoa, aa aoon a* the (uuadron arrive*, and t preparing for it. The cast Ic and town are crowded th soldier* : nearly all the families and citizens have d to the interior. Congress has been in aesiion for more than a week, d ha? resolved to puah the war agninst the United itei. On Monday tney will proceed to elect a succe* r to Parede*. who haa marched again*' the enemy on 1 Rio Bravo del Norte. It i* generally believed that nta Anna, even if eloctad, will under nocircumitance* urn to Mexico. He hna money and is too much dehted with the di?*ipated amusements of Havana to r?rn here. Cien. Bravo, tho present Governor of tbia y, will in all probability be elected President. Many the western department* have declarod against this >vernment, but they are equally in favor of pushing the ir. It whs rumored here to day that Gen. Taylor is vancing from Mataniora*. [Krom the Mobil* Regi tor.] rhe U. 8. brig Lawrence arrived at I'enaacola on the :h Inst, seven day* from Brazo* St Jago, having been i| lo> ed blockading the Rio (Jranda and Brazos, and -nrv. rutin* with lha ormv I (Li 1'K> > w>. rt? thnt the day the Lawrence left her itation oft the azoi St. Jago, ahe was boarded by the pilot, who tod that an express had reached Oen Taylor's camp Maian oras, suing lor peace. The ruthanticity of thu ormation depends upon the pilot, aa the Lawrence did t communicate afterward* in consequence of bad lather. It was the wish of the Lawrence to remain a y or two for certain information on tha subject, hut t shortness of her supplies foi bid it. 1 he fallowing is a list of the otticcn attached to the wrence suinuel .V.ercer, Commander ; Lieutenants C'.CMit. K B Hensliaw, and P. B HiJgcley j W. H. nnon, i'urier ; S A. Mcl.reery, I'aM. An't Surgeon ; McAllison, Acting Master ; \V. PUce, Fanned Midytmiii ; W. II Kauntleroy, Midshipman ; It. W. Law, . i K. T. Remhaw, do ; Isaac llulti, Jr., Captain's irk. Dtticers and crew all in good hoalth. InrlilrntN, lie., of the War. Plicre was quite an agreeable rrHnion in the ladies' rler of the 8t. Charles Hotel last evening. There ire there some of the lairest specimens of our fair eoie and Anglo-Saxon beauties, whose " Grace of motion,and of loek, the smooth And swimming majesty of step and tread, The symmetry of form and feature, let The soul afloat, even like delicious airs Of flute or harp''? 1 whose conversation wus ' Ulum'd by a wit that would fascinate sagea? Yet playful as Peris just loosed from their cages.'1 The brave was there as well as the fair, and thera met, r the Ai at tima since they fought in deadly conflict, in Romulo Dm* da la Veg*. tha Mexican general who t? taken prisoner in the battle of Reiaoa de la Palma, id < ol I'arne. who was wounded in the same fiaht. . uh lev etui other United Statea <>Mc?ra, whone naniea r. di.l not lentn. The meeting between the?*two hint , Idiera?(Jen l.n Vega ami < ol. I'ayne? waa one of cortl greeting ami a kindly interchange of omi<liment?. , The (Jerwral eapteaaed hit regret to the < olonel at , ping that he wan wounded and uidalged the hope that , i would nhortly recover from tbeefl'ecta of it. The Colonel thanked him for hi? aympathy, and ronatulated him in having escaped h umilar infliction; 1 i truated that he would And hia raaidenca in the i sited State* aa agreeable an circuaittance* would ad- J It of; he aatmed him that hia gallantry wa? apprecia- . IERA IMJ . _ . ? 6. od by the orticeriof the United States army, and by the ' ili/nna nf tVi*? 1T?iitu<l The conversation then became general, Ueu. La Vaca -who, we should state, wai accompanied bj hit aid-tieamp, Col. Martinez?paid some very pretty compliment* ' luring the evening to the American ladies. The fire of heir eyes, he said, was more fatal to the heart thuneven he tire from the American artillery ; yet he confessed he vobld feel no regret at having to surrender to them any 1 ime at discretion. The accomplished Mrs. (Jen Oainea discharged the uty of hostess, and the evening passed oft'most agreeably.? A'tw Or/runs Dtlta June JSJ. Among the most interesting relics obtained in the battel of the Hih and Uth, are the standards of the different ompanies and regiments. We spent a half hour in exming these pomps and circumstances of war, with the greatest interest We found eighteen in all, seventeen f which are of tri-colored woollen or baize cloths, or- . lamented with the appropriate letters and symbols. | "hey were mounted start's sharpened with iron, and ' > ere not only ornamental, but dangerous as o(tensive i teanons. But the flag of the most absorbing interest is hat lettered BATALLOX a V A 11 DA COSTA I?K TAUPICO. This magnificent and I urn flag, apart from it* assortsions, is remarkable for its appearance and the materials if which it is formed. It is of large size?its field of trlolorej silk, green, white and red. In the centre is emiroidered the Mexican coat of arms, more beautifully han we conceived any modern Penelo|>e had power to o, even if her delicate fingers were over skilful at the rork. The Mexican eagle, with its outstretched wings, airly lay before us, each rustle of the flag on which it ested causing the prismatic colors of the atmosphere to day over the brilliant floss silk needle-work as briliantly as if it had beeu the plumage of the bird itself tome fair Mexican damsel'a bright eyes must have ;rown weary under their long dark lashes, in thus deliately counterfeiting nature. Perhaps it were the work if cloistered nuns, it is so e laborate?some holy sistertood. who, by ascetic life, have long attenuated finger*, ind thus made more nimble, than those possessed by the ' world's gazers" of their sex. The members of a whole 'onvent, probably hare said their matina, and then by urns wrought upon that banner, which they fondly toped was destined to lead gloriously the arms of their .n.mtOT. in ?...A I..., I , 1. .. r...., ..... That flag, in tho battle of tbe Palo Alto, wai torn by >ur cannon shot, and now beari upon iti folds the iibat ercd shred* thus rudely made; at the Renaca de la 'alma, it wurcd over tho bravest troops, ami floated in he wind at long an its regiment lasted before the terri>le fire of our arms. When all was lost, its bearer tore t from its start', and fled to save it from the stain of capuro. Such, however was not to be it* fortune. The jrave man was met bv one of our own troops, and hand :o hand they fought ior the prize?the Mexican nerved )y every feeling of patriotism, llie American by every lentiment of a soldier's ambition The brave standard )earer hit the dust, and tbe precious object of his care 3ecamo an object of idle curiosity in the hands of his :nemy. May it ever be respected among our people as ho only evidence existing of the once bravo " Batallon le Taupico " These trophies are in charge of Col. M. W. Payne, and will be by him carried te Washington.? Yew Or leant Tropic, June 28. The St Ltuit Kevnlle of June 37 contain* tbe subjoined inteiesting information :?Tho editor of the Lexington Mo.) Expreti.oC June'JS.statos that, in conversation with i gentleman direct from Independence, he learned that dr. Dent had arrived at the latter place. Mr. B. is direct rom his fort, and roporta having met the advance guard >f eighteen troopers, sent forward by Col. Kearney to irrest Speyer, the Hanta Ke trader, who is laden with amnunition lor the Mexicans. They overtook Speyer, and cad to him the colonel's order for his detention, but he efused to stop. Ordering up his men, forty in number, te declared his intention of bghting if they attempted to letain him. The dragoons despatched an express back or Capt. Moore's command, and in the meantime followid on the trader'* trail, who was driving with all haste in lopes to escape. The company under command of ('apt. Moore was but a short distance ^behind, and would no loubt overtake Speyer. Fourth of July Accidental. The annual celebration of the 4tli of July is usually ittended with many serious accidents throughout the ;ountry. I. nn u. . .1.1..?. :>onlei by occupation, was in the act of firing a amall ibip'f cannon, at the old bridge, when the piece burst, )ne of the fragment! striking his leg below I be knee. Iireaking it to pieces. Nelson Uuerney had his hand, ace unri eyes much burnt while firing a salute with a annon, on the corner of York and Poarl streets, just iftertbc procession had passed. In Hartford?As some young men were saluting the iteamboat Champion, on her return from an excursion on he 4th, the piece which they were using was prematuicly discharged, owing to fire remaining iu it, and a young man named Williams, who was driving home the Artridge, had his left arm and right band taken ofl'and was leverely injured in the face ana breast. We hare since beard that he is dead. Ik Bosto*.?As the crowd were leaving the Common >n Saturday evening after the fireworks, a young man in rroising from the lower entrance, near the corner of Boy 1iton street, was thrown down, and the fore wheels of a vagon loaded with passengers passed over him, bruising aim very badly. 1* Philadelphia?On Saturday, a sanguinary figlit took place in the vicinity of Oray's Ferry. Several of the fighters had their heads lacerated, and quite a number of the aggressors were chased for nearly a inile, when the pursuit was abandoned. One of the helligerants was renderod insensible, and laid across the iailroad. He was discovered by the driver of the first car, ind saved from being crushed, probably to death, beneath the wheels. In Harrisburo.?On Saturday afternoon, a squad of Captain Seller's tina romnanv. annointed to fire the na iave ptibli?he<F The Urjtfah of war Daring returned to Havana on the Hih ln?t. 'I ho Sugar market wai quite dull?priren ranging j 'mm li to # m. for brown and yellow, and <IJ to 10 rs. for white. i :offee trarce ?t ft to 6i per 100 poundf, for infeior qualities. Fikk at Gi.nkva ? A .nrnJuv was rci>orte?l to >e raging on the weit ?Jde or water atreet, Geneva, ? lieu the car* panned through that ftaca at two o'clock eaterday morning. A lerioua loes waa apprehended.? Albany Evening Journal, per Ttltgrapk, July 1 tioiial naltite, were performing that duty, ami nail fired leveral loads from a brass six-pounder, when a* they were about charging again, the ditchorge prematurely took place, blowing YV.B. Rodney and bolomon Snyder Tver, in doing which Hnyder'i arm was no much ihattered as to require amputation, which operation was immediately performed. It did him no other injury than tliia. He is now doing rery well. Kodnoy'a front teeth were knocked out ol his mouth, his chin regularly split in twain, and hii eyes blinded completely. The physician* in attendance say he will never recover his o'yelight?indeed, they do not suppose he can survive the iccident over twenty-four houri, a* they think he must injured internally. More ansage Democracy*" The "sausage" section of the House of Kep-esentatives, headed by the illustrious author of .he sentiment, that "Education is opposed to democracy," has succeeded in the hurry of getting the tariff bill through, in passing the item, levying duties on books and periodicals, imported lor literary and scientific institutions. A duty ol 21) per ccnt. ad valorem, is thus proposed to be 1a>d on the reviews, magn/.ines, and other periodicals, constantly forwarded by express, to public libraries and reading rooms. It may be salely estimated, that the total sum to be derived from this source, will not amount to more than a few hundred dollars throughout the whole country, while the effects on the literary establishments interested, will be very pernicious?for it will be necessary for them to make a separate entry for jvery package, containing a few periodicals for ;he month or week, with as much formality as is required to obtain a permit lor a largo cargo of :ea, and cause a delay of several days or more in the receipt of books, now spread before the pubic us soon as the foreign newspapers reeeived l>y mail. The duty on books is ten per cent., which, although a paltry consideration to die revenue, not likely to yield a thousand dollars per annum, jvi'l prove a serious check to the increase of pubic libraries. The addition of ten or twenty dolars to the cost of an expensive book of reference ivill tend to prevent very many valuable works relating to the arts from ever reaching our country ; and those to whom such works are the most sssential,namely, nrtisans, engineers, architects, >ublic institutions, mechanics, fcc. tVc , inen 01 iinited means generally, will be deprived more ban ever of consulting them, and thereby of improving themselves in a knowledge of their proesuions, and promoting the interests nnd advanages of the country at large. But such is sausage democracy." _ It cannot be possible hat the Senate of flic T'nitcd States will Buffer his wretchcd blow to lie struck at tho educational nstitutiotu of our country. I>:t the exception* which in every civilized country exist in favor of public institutions still continue; and let the nusage members find some other game to r?lish hair luncheons. Tunc Frie*t> to Education. Wrecks axo Loss of Life.?During the gale of Jaturday and Sunday last, the barks Ockbrook, ,i?nin, master. and F.vening star, Hannah, master, both telonging to Messrs. Holderness and Chilton, while Ming at anchor in Richihucto roads were driven ashore ind both became total wrecks. A boat from the Evenng Star in endeavoring to rench the ahore on Sunday norning, upse'., anil mclancholy to relato, James Dick, ihief mate, Arthur Doran, steward, John Jones, seaman, ml Walter Karro, an apprvntioe, ware drowned ( Spain Hannah and tho aecond mate passed the mast of the lay o? Sunday in tho mlzzcn rigging, and on Monday norninf, with* thi? r<>it, got safe aslioro. A survey has 1 lince bean held on the Ockbrook and Kvening Ktar, an I >oth hav* been condemned ? Miramieki (AT. B) Qlrantr From Havana.?Tliu brig Pi Soule, Cupt. Deliraille, nmved last night, bringing us Havana liles >f papers to the 2id, Inclusive Tho lo -al Mwa in them is of no importance whatever, >n/l ntA r.n/l fuktKinv lat?r fmm \1pvirn than whit W4 LD. v rmrrr r. . "JUCB Price Two C*rU> Movement* of Traveller*. The arrivala yesterday were even more nutneroai than we have hitherto recorded. The tide ia now at the flood, aud rapidl) overflown;# all the hotel* of the City : Amkbicin? Craig Diddle, Philadelphia; K. P. Outran!, South Carolina; A. Olmstead, Philadelphia; Dr. llarria, Philadelphia; A. Hayes. United State* Aim) , 4th infantry; Mr. Waller, do; ( aptain Moriiaon, do; A. D. IJeiter, Venezuela, Lieut, illair, United States Army; A. K. Kddy. do; Jared Siiurki>, Salem. Ma?tu<'hu?ett*; W. Scovill, Wateibury; W. Middleton, do; R D. Silver, China; Thomat libll, Virginia; J. Deehle, Philadelphia. Ast<>*?8. Waiu wright, boston; G Johnson, Virginia; George Wilson, Marblehcad; H. Hooper. Boston; L. Richmond, Providence K. Suoup, Philadelphia; K. Rug gert, Pennsylvania; C. Bartlett, Boston; J. McConneO, Mobile; C. M. Pope, do; C. Oars ton, New Orleana; A Tliurman, Ohio; B. William, Charleston; A. Campbell, Trinidad; (1. Dauchv, Troy; W. Woodworth, Hydepark; Mr. Carrington, Philadelphia; J. Went worth, Washington; J. Mollis, Baltimore; Kd. Johnson. Ala. Citt?11 Morrison, Rochester: Thomas Wyld, Gaultemala;C. Browning, Philadelphia; H. Bowerman,North Adams; Major Bloodgood. Albany ; Captain Morris, U. 8. Army; Captain Crabtrec, do; C. Chauncey, Rye; George Roberts, Boston; M. Van Rennssalear, Newport; T. Rogers, Connecticut; J. Wilson, United States Army; Captain Uurtrey, Stonington; W. Bryant, Virginia; V. Smith, Boston; Captain Howe, Lyme, Rev. M. Smith, Washington; George Hart, Philadelphia. Khanklin?C. Richardson, New York; M. Lyman, Northampton; J. Jennett, New Hampshire; J. Bennett, Now Orleans; J. Little, Ohio; D. Hobln, Baltimore; Philo White, Wisconiin; W. Key, Natchez; 11. Moon, Mia* ; J. Kiodlay, Philadelphia; N. Tufl'U, Somerville; L. Co nnnt. (:i,inhriitire - Nnt. Vt'utson do: Cantuin Ilav Nor wich: B. Nicole. Houston; T. IB lake, Troy; C Pratt, Honda-. L Trexlwell, New Orleans; A. Enoa, Indiana; (J. I'ritchard, ( inn. Howahd?J. McOombei, Tennessee; R. Dunlop, Lockport; T. Bun, Middleforit; J (Jonda, Penneylvania; C. Scott, Washington; H Spears, Georgia; K. )-olwell, Philadelphia, J.; W. Donald, Boston; H. Poindexter. do; T Robertson, Mexico, W.Smith, (Jinn; J. Thorn on, Philadelphia; George Weit, Salem; J. tbrlngton, North Carolina; Wm. WiWon, Montreal; N. Jewell, Canada; J. L. hitch; Laufontaine, and other Miami Chiefs; Dr. Hancock, ftlexico. fSKRions Fire at Covi.nuxon, La.?We have beuu permitted to publish the following letter, addressed to a gentleman in this city:? Covinotow, June 27.?Abolitone o'clock this morning our village resounded with the alarm of fire, which originated iu the large brick store belouging to D. T. Bagley, occupie I by Minter Ik. White. In a few momenta the mass of our citizens were at the scene, and notwithstanding their united and untiring exertions, the devastating element spread with the greatest rapidity, reducing to ashes, iu one hour and a half, the store an I contents where it originated, and the following other buildings, viz: The stores of Brown, Jewell It Kirkland; Richard A. Sibley; Mr. Schwartz; the hotel known as the Kimball Hotel, kept by Mr. I'urker; a wheelwright and blacksmith shop, owned by A. C. Hosmyr, and we kitchen of Wm. II. Kirkland. Most of the goods and effects wero moved out of the buildings, and are now scattered through the streets. No material accident occurred to any individual, except to C. II Ailmand, who fell from the top of u warehouse, and was slightly injured ? At one time we almost despaired of saving the stores of Th. A. Crawford and O. T. Gilbert; but by constant exertions, 1 am happy to say that they were both saved.? The former moved a'<l his goods out The Iom to aoma of our citizens will be aerious; some of the property was insured. Messrs. Brown, Jewell ?c Kirkland'* losa wlU not be very great, as they saved almost everything valuable? the greatest damage tliey will suffer, will b? caused by moving their goods out into the straat. Schwartz, Parker, Minter and White, must he among the greatest sufferers?none of them, however, had heavy itock* on band. It ii supposed that tha fir# originated iniide of the building, and wa* the act of ooim tnercileu Incendiary.?AT. O. Delta, June 98. THOS. SHANKLAND, .Attorney and Counsellor at Law 41 ft'all Street. COMMISSIONER nf Deed and Commi**ioner for the State* of Maine, Vermoui, Mar>laud, Ohio, llliaoia, Alabama and Miisisiippi. Jel3 law4t*rc NOTjCE THE creditor* of Willi tin Ri dg way are lie re by notified to pruient tlieir claims, properly authenticated, to the uadi'rsigned, on ?r before the fust day of November ne?t, piaparu'.ory to a dividend of aoeta. CHAilLES H. PITTS. ) T_.t?. < 14 ai*u?w>- '"""ILt.K HOHWIT/ < rTcTw ? P K I iN (t liUUUS. ADAPTKI) TO GENTLEMEN'S WEAK. WM. MATTHIESSEN, 127 Kulton atreet, invite* the ia pert ion of the public to hi* choice a lock of K reach Black and colored Cloth* and Cauimer*, Vesting!, of all varieties. auitable for spring trade, which are now to be (old LOW for unit Customers desiring to hare ELECJANT AND DURABLE GARMENTS AT MODERATE nUVEfl, would do well to liave their Eartneut* cul by the efBciant tatter* of tlua establishment, who are capable of .giving a* neat a tit11iit; Ririnrot a* the moat fastidiou* can de*ire. All article* of?mall wear continually on hand, Shirta, cap* cially. Remember tiie number, 177 Kulton street. alti lm*r WM. MATTHIESSEN THE PROPRIETORS OK THE SHAKSPPEARE HO TEL, corner of William and Duaue atreet*, reapectfully inform their friend* and the public generally, that thay have leased the ahore eatabliahmeut, and entirely refitted the nine. Every |>ossible effort will be made in regard to eon fort, cleanlines*, and attention, toward* their visiter*. They have provided tliemaelve* with a new stock of Wine*. I.Minora, Heirara, not to be stirpaaaed by lov hotel in the city. The bar hut Been entirely refitted, uil the nouae undergone thorough cleaning and repair. A Hot Lunch will be aerred up every day at the bar, com poaed of Chowder, aud other relishes prepared iu a superior style. Price of rnomi per week $1 50 to DM. Single night. 24 ceuta to 37>i cento. A Refectory will ihortly be established in the baaemaat, for the convenience of the boarders and viaitera of the hoaaa, and every luxur" of the aeaaou will be aerred open the mod reasonable trrms. Several apacioua rootni to be let for meetings, private par ties, referees, Sic he. Alan, a lance room with |u and all na ceaaary futures, for Kree Maaoua and aecret aoctedna. OKOROE PIERIS, Manager. May 20, 1H6. my2l 3taw im'rc BKST SPRING MKDIOI.NK. WHITWELL'S TEMPERANCE BITTERS. I^HE beat possible remedy for Indigestion, Jaaodica, Worms, Coativeneaa, Loss of Appetite, Headache, Hyaterics, Debility, Drowsiness, Wealtneaa, Soar Stomach, kc. Moat persona feel the neceaaity of usiug aome tonic or strenartiening medicine daring the spring ana aummer, especially those engaged in aedentary employmenta. No artida ijt better calculated for auch purposes. than the above. Tha ingredients of which they are composed are highly recommaadid in all medical booka, a> among the beat tonica known to the medical world. They purify u?e blood, revive tha apirito and strengthen the whole aystem. The proprietor ia conSdent that i/iuvalida would give thia cheap and pleasaat remedy one trial, they will never use any other. They are (rat at the loweat possible price, ia order to place them withia tha reach of all. Price 25 centa a pint bottle. WHITWKLL'S OHIGINAL OPODELDOC, la the only effectual remedy for Rheumatiam, Sprama, Stiff, nesa of Neck and Jointa, ( tout, Crimp, Sic. Recommended by Dr. 8. L. Mitchell, late Professor of Phyaie in tha N. 8. College of t'hyaiciana. Price 25 ceuta a bottle. VOLATIMt AROMATIC SNUFF, Kor Headache and Catarrh, compoaed principally of Roots and Aromatic Herbs. Recommended b, the celebrated Dr. Wa rrRHoi'sr, late Professor of Medicine id Howard Uai Vfraity, Cambridge. Price 24 and JO cents per bottle. The above articles are prepared and sold by J. GEORGE WHITWELL, (late J. P. Whitwell It Son. Boaton.) Sold alao by A. B. It D. SANDS, Druggiala, 100 Kulton, cor ner of William street. New York. ni|1 lmeod*r ATI.ANTIC. U'HITK I.EAIl Thk ATLANTIC WHITe'lKAD COMPANY having completed their Works, are now ready to eiecatc order* for pure While Lead, both Dry and liround io Oil, to almoet any ettent that may be wanted The I omnany hare ipaml no ex|>eii<e in the erection of the Works which would trad, in the leaat degree, to the improvement of the Lead, having railed, hemaelrea of every modern improvement for that purpose. Kein|( well aware, from oar long familiarity with the differ eut Irada sold in our market, that by far the greater proportion old assachlias lieen. and still is greatly adulterated with U.irytes, an article of mineral production, much hearier than White Lead, and in itself possessing no virtue of any pigment winterer, it being, wlieu inned with oilvalmost transparent, and in fact, baring nothing but its specific weight to recommend it, the Trustees ofttie Atlantic White Lead Company hare passed, unanimously, the following resolution, Til:? "Resolved, Tint in riew of miuiufactnring only a prima article, the Atlantic White Lead Company will make bat one quality of White Lead, both Dry and Ground in Oil: that to be a strictly pure, geiiume article, and perfectly free from any adulteration whatever, which the Company will warrant aa such to all who may purehaa tlieir Lead." Purchasers, therefore, may be well assured that every dependence may be placed 111 the parity of every ponnd of White Lm mannfarliiu d and >old by the Company, which pureuess will not only tend to the greater durability of the Taiut. but will be fonnd much more economical ia its nee, even in the moet common description of painting, owing to the body or covering quality it possesses, thereby giving a far better finish with two coata, than the adulterated White Paint would with three, of which every painter will bear wiV ML ' The Company alao manufacture Red Lead and Litharge, an<l hare for ??|p a variety of Painu Ornund in Oil, ell:? Vrrdijria, Blark Paint, Yellow Ochre, Spauiah Brown, Paha On m, Drunawick Cireer, lie., lie. Harm* been unpointed (?eneral Agent* for the Company all ordera ahoala be directed to a?. POLLEN k COLGATE, , fT2m*r M7 Pearl atreet. cornerof Beekmaa itreet. , C-1R.V RKRB AND SHIP BREAD, n Mott atreet, Mar J Walker atreet.?JA.MK8 I'AKK, lianna recently introduced ncam machinery into hia Bakiar Katabliabment, ia eaabled to prodaee a ?erv anpertor article in Ship Bread and . J Crackera, iimtei city and country merchanta to call and a*e ' | hi? gooda, vit:?aoda and milk Biaeuit pilot and aary Bread. bolter, sugar. and Boaton Crackera, fcc. Hia facility for MM- ? afactarina them ia ao great that they eaa ha aold at t)i? earp J neirM. fuel I Im^r ' PURE W ATER?STONE'B IMPROVED MUMIUM i Water Kiltera.?Thene Altera not only elarilV bat Mrifr the mo.t water, reiidrrmit it iieiieetly aalobeiena, Vr dtreitioi It of all pa f rid vegetable and animal matter, aaiadenla. kc. The filtering propertiea ofthia appanttia are io great that even water imprciinated with aoap. tobacco, fcc., kc., ia rendered perfectly taateleaa, no odor and of a bright, chryataliae clearaeaa. t an be aeea in operation, and for aale at Mat* aiid Brothera'Cratoa I'lambim ratabliahmeat, JM Broadway. alt lm*r CHURCH'8 VEG ET A BLE_ LOTION. THIS highly valuable Coimrtic will effectually tar* twp- m tiona on IM fate and ?kin, partitilarlr pimHri, Met Vi, I etter, t*n, freckles and ringworma The** of ih? Locioa Tor a ahojl time, will eitabliah a clear arid bniliaaf Co npl?* ion. Ii bottlca at 75 eenta aarh, at IM Bowery, Coraar I of Spring atratt Alao by Mrs. Hayi, Brooklyn. I myltlai'm I WINDOW t?HA DBS! I 'THK rheapeat and heat aaaortmMt in the United (MM, X for sale^wholeaaU^or^rataiJj hjr^n ** r v. ? fl UUn^-ivr.R ? yl7 lm#rrc mm door from Chambers itreft, N. Y, I

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