Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 9, 1846, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 9, 1846 Page 1
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I T IT 1 * ;; Toi. in, Mo. iio.wi>eu n?. 4411. THE NEW YORK HERALD. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, PROPRIETOR. Circulation---Forty Thousand. D \ILY HERALD?E?ery day, Price 2 cenu per copjr?$7 JJ n?r annum?payable in advance. WEEKLY HER ^LD?Ktery Situiday?Price G>? cents Per oupy?S3 12*,, emit per annum?payable in advance. HER ALP OR El.'nOP>,,.? Krrrjr Steam't day. Price Cii c?:it? per copy?%i 00 par auoun, payable in adYtuoe. AbVKRTISEMEMTS at tlie uiual pricei?alwayi cuh in adearce. PRINTING of all kinds executed with baaaty and deepatch. All lrttrre or enmnuniaatioas, by mail, addressed to tha ItaMiahneut. must he p<<>t pa d. er the postage will ba de. (tad from tha a*<acriutio>) mouey remit* d. JAMES tiORDON BK.NNETT. Proprietor of the NiwYoii Hcaat-o Lstahlispuknt, North-Weat com rof Fulton and Nassau atraata. Sw.NL) KAILROAU COMPANY. SUMMER TKAJNS RUN AS FOLLOWS. COMMENCING WED NESDAY, MAV 13, 1846 : Lkavb Bioiilid at 7 o'clock, A. M. Boston tfiu for Oreenport, daily (except Sundays,) topping at Farmingdale and St. Ororge's .\nuor. " at o clock, A. M., for Farmin dale and intermediate places. " at 3 P. M., through to Oreenport, stri ping both ways at Jamaica, Branch, Hicka\ ille, Farmingdale, and all the atationa between Farmingdale and Oreenport. " " at 5 P. M., Tor Karunngdale and interne diate placea. Lun 0>M?roaTat5 o'clock, A. M. Accommodation train, daily, (except Sundays,) through to Brooklyn. " at 3 P. M,, Boatoo train, or on the arrival of the steamer from Norwich, stopping at St. Oeorge'a Manor and Farmingdale. Liati fiiviRoaiLi at 6H A. M', Accommodation train far Brooklyn. i" " alU A. M. Oreenport train, lor Brooklyn. " at SS P. M. Accommodation train, for Brooklyn. Lbatc Jamaica at I A. M. Accommodation train, for Brooklyn. " at SW A. M. Oreenport train for Brooklyn. " " at 3\ P. M. Accommodation train, far Brooklyn. Park to ? Bedford I centa, Eaat New York li%, Race Coarie IftV. Trotting Courie 18V. Jamaica 25, Brushville 313%, H) <le Park (17 miles) 37"v < lowsville (during the ses ion ?fcetirt) 37K, Hempstead 37W, Branch 37K, Carle Place 44, Weatbury 44, Hicksvil le 44, Farmingdale (ilk. Deer Park 68, Thompaon M, Suffolk station SI, Lake Road station SI 18V, Medford station (1 18V. Yaph ink SI 3"Jv St- Oeorge'a Manor SI 62X, Riverl cad SI OH, James|>ort SI 62W, Mattetuck SI 02 K, Cntchi gme SI 62>?, Southold Si 62.*%, lireenpon Accommodation train ol 7), Oreenport bv Boston train S3 IV Stagea are in readiueaa on the smval of traius at the several stations, to take passengers at very low fares, to all parts of the Island. Baggage Crates will be in readiness at the foot of Whitehall street, to receive baggage for the several trains. 30 minutes before the honr of starting from the Brooklyn side. The steamboat " Statesman" leaves Oreenport for Set HarKat twir# Ha^li da* nn tH* Arrival ftf fh? triina from ft rook lyn. my It rc TU Wt.aTKK.iN TRAVELLERS. Hftil tmA fpYlfcTPoblic ia reepectiuil*informed that the reee ut break 1 in the Canal, cMated by the late freahat, having been repaired, the PIONEER k EXPREB3 LINE, vie Railroad and Canal from Philadelphia to Pittabnrgh. commenced ita regular trip* for the aeaaon on Monday, the 6th of April, lairing tbe Depot, No. 174 Market atreet, DAILY, at 7)j o'clock, A.M. By thia route paaeengera will avoid all the fatigue and danger of night travelling ia coachea, both Railroada being pawad in daylight. Far further iafonaaHon, apply H the old-eatabliabed Office, *74 Market atreet, 5 daors above Eighth Ureet. al* 6m*nr A. H. CUMMINQ8, Agent. k*1 LU.NU ISLAML) HAILKUAD tai.reaa.Ylail Train, leavea Whitehall atreet Fernr, New York BUR aide, every morning at 7 A. M., lor Boaton.? Alan, traina from Brooklyn aide at 7 o'clock and tire miuutea, *nd 9% A- M., and 3 and 6 P. M., daily. The 7 A. M., and S P M tiaina go thrnagh. the former atopptog at Faraingdala aad manor, and the Utter at all placea an the road Jell r TRO* MORNING AND EVENING LINE. MORNING LINE AT SEVEN O'CLOCK. jBTl FOR ALBANY AND TROY-From the St ram boat Pier at ihe foot af Barclay atreet 3E^SSQK.Laading at Pealukill W'eat Point, Newbantu, Hamilton, Milton, Poughkaepeia, Hyde Park, Rhinnoeck.B. Red Hook, Briatal, Caukill, Hudaon, Coiaaclua, anderhook and Baltimore. Break faat aad dianar oa board the boat. ... The ataamboat NIAGARA, will leave on Moaday, Wadaevday and r nday Monnnga 7 A.M. The KMBlioti TRUV, Captain Gorham, on Taeaday, Thuraday and Saturday morninga, at 7 o'clock. Returning on eppoaita dava. fut,puu|l or mi|U appi > on warn, or mi uie umti on uie NEW YORK. ALBANY AND TROY LINE. FOR ALBANY AND TROY DIRECT, From the pier at the foot of Conrtlandt street. The low-preaaare atauaboat EMPIRE, Caputa K B. Macy, mtm tlx loot ut Conrtku.'<lt street, on Tuesday, Thanday uH Batnrdav evening!. at seven o'clock. Ths Steamboat COLUMBIA, Capi. Wim. H. Peck, will leave oa Monday, Wednesday aad Friday evenings, at 7 'dock. Paaaengers taking these Boata will unit ia time to take the Menial Train of Can from Troy went to Buffalo, and north to Ram too. Whitehall aad Lake Chaplain. For Paaaage orFreight, apply oa board, oAttaa Office on the wharf. No freight takes after i)i o'clock. NOTICE?All goo da, Imght, bank billa, specie, or aay othei kind of property, poeitively at the owner'* riak. jMr PEOPLE'S LINE 9F STEAMBOATS FOR ALBANY Direet?Datly, Sandaya?taa>ted?at 7o'elock, P.M >Yo*s Sliaaletl Pier between Cnurtlan-t and Liberty It*. jMA 0gk Steamboat ROCHESTER, Cape Ailrrd HmMU* Hoeghtnn will leave on Monday. Wednes3C3IOL day. and Friday ereninga, at 7 o'clock. Steamboat HENDRIK HUDSON, Capt. R U. Crvtteadea will leave on Taaeday, Tharaday aad Saturday evenings, at 7 'clock. The above boata will, at all timae, arrive ia Albaay ia ample base tor the moraing can for the eaat or westFreight taken at moderate rate a, aad none taken after 5>i 'clock, P M. All persons are forbid Crusting aay of the boati of this liaa, Without a written order from the captains or agenta. For paaaage or freight, apply oa board tha boata, or to P. C. Sehalti, at the office on the wharf. United States Mail Liaa. At 5 o'clock, P. M., Landing at InterawdiaU Plaeaa. _ From the foot aj Barclay it.. BtenmooM ruusun, iipuin t. r. iviqc, win win on Mondajk, Wednesdsy, Friday 8 an day afternoons, at 5 o'clock. Steamboat SANTA CHUI, Captain Borerbagh, will Imtc on Taeaday, Thursday and Sunday afternoons, at 3 o'clock. Apply on beard. or at the offce on tho wharf. jeM DAILY LINIC OK BOATS BETWEEN NEW YORK AND STATEN ISLAND. 3CZ3iCK> The steamboats SYLPH, Captain J. Br?i? ted, and STATEN ISLANDER, Captain D.Van Mt, will )?it? aa followa Lmi Statu 1 aland at I, I, I, 1* and 11 A. M; at 1, 2, J, <, 3, aWr, P. M. Loan New York at 7,?, 1?, and U, A. M. and 1,1,3,4,5, ?, 7 and U paat 7 P. M. A!l freight at the ri?k of of the ownara thereof. jrl? THE MOST DELIGHTFUL OF ALL EXCURSIONS. A SAIL aeroeethe Hudson river to Hobo ^^jMUPken, and then a walk to the El yuan Fields. 3C3K9E>aloii(tke eieeedingly picturesque shores of the place, will prove tho moat easily accomplished and attrac lire of all rarna excursions that can be made from the city. The grooada now preaeat a charming aspect, the trees bo Iicid leaf, and the soil covered with a rich tnrf. The wafka are in excellent ordar, haying been considerably m iellished the present spring. On iwy pleasant afternoon there will be in attendance at Us CoMiiaade. Elyaian Fields, an excellent Band of Mniie, which will perform selections from the farorite Operas, popular airs. marchos, waltaes. lie. The Kerry Boau from Barclay, Canal and Christophor its., are completely fitted ap with awnings and seats. Night Boata raa from Hobokan to Barclay street ontil 11 'clock. Ferriage *K eaata. ml Sm"r ON cIrRA* ARITAIN AND IRELAND?Persons wishing to reant money to their friends la any part of ^<4i2Jife|juthe old coancry, can procare drafts of the ^^^^^^MBsubscriber* Jor any amount, Irom XI and apwarda. pa>ableat sight, without discount, in all (he principal towns throaghoat England, Ireland, Scotland, and wales. The sabseribera bag to info-m their friends and the public that this branch ef their business continues to receive their partiealar attention, and they feal quite certain that better uniifrBMU rnan tneira lor tranaminiag money u> uia old country euim he m?4? Tha royal mail itomer Caledonia will Boaton tomorrow, by which *11 draft* can be forwarded. W. It j t. tap8cott, (t Sonth afreet, J?? f I d'?nr? hf'nw Burling tlip. SHIP MORMAN, from Havre?Coaaigueea r*' llHy'hii ahip will pleaae atnd their permits on board, at 4Hlbni(r No. 5 North river, or to the office ol the nnderaigued.All good* aot f?'??tted in live dava. will be aent to the pnhlie hot* BOYD It HINCKEN, jejd r No. tt Wail it. "Mfc /ttlJ.IVIW001^NtwLi?^^i5urKS5i WMVk' 2l?t July.?The anperior, f**t *ailing packet ahip JSMK.HOTTINOUER, lino torn bnrthen, Capt. Ira flnralay, will aail aa above, her ragalar day. For freight or paaaage, baring elegant and aaperier aecon Modatioaa, arvulv on board, weat aide of Barlin(,alip, or to WOODHULL k MINTURN, r Kjath atraat Prie* of nanaage $IM. The pacta ahip Liverpool, I MO tona bnrthen. Caputs Joha F.ldridge, will aneeaad the Hotuagner, and aail on her regahr dayTy?t Aagaat. JeMrc new line ok paciceth For liverWjVy POOL -racket of the Hat of Jaly.-The anlendid, JHHfafaat aailinK and favorite packet ahip hottinOl. fc,K, HWtona barthaa, t apcaia Ira Saraley, will aail aa Taeaday, Jaly Hat, her regalar day. Poraoa* wiahing to aecare bertha ahoald aot hil to aake oarly appltcatioa on board, at the foot Bwrlio*?H|^or to At thoir Oeaeral Paaaaga Office, M Ronth itrnt, aeeondAoor I'^aie below Bnrlin* alip To* olawjow?'I he new, Itrat ciaa. .nip JSfWARVUM, J.# tone, H. Hobiaaon, maater, having JBWibnioet of her cargo engaged, will meet with deapatch. or i.?l.?nre of freight or paaeage, havimj excellent aceoaa odatioua, apply to u>a captain 01. hoard .foot of Dover atreet. or to woodhull It minturn, jpf' r t7 ffonth l?'OM LlVKKPOOL? N-w Lme-KeguUr |mekn< ik? Kiti Inlt- ?Tka fmmt Ml!in* nick. jPKflLet ship ROSCIU9, A. fclldridf?, niutar, of 1100 tons "fHl I tail ahova, h?r ref nlur dar* f? frajfht or pyu|?, having accommodations antqnallad ^ M ?!?'?"??* * omfhrt, apptr onboard, at Orlaaaa wharf, R? or Wall ?r.?,0f to i.'K. COLLINS* CO., H So.tfc ft g-BMBgg' 1 1 1 J U E JNE NI ! GLASGOW AND NEW YORK LINE OF i PACKETS. FiE. M. M. OtaTTIss wisliiii^ (u xtiii] lor tnnnriendi in au> part of Skotl.iiiu, to tail uirrct from (ilai^ow, can muJcr arrangement* with (lie Hul>*crili?M, to hate thrm brought out iu any of ihc regular line of Packet*. tailing monthly-from Glasgow. The ANN HARLKY, Captain ocott, ADAM CARK, Captain McEwiu, 8AHACEN, Captain Hawluui, . . UROOKSbY, Comprise the iborc linr.nitd the hitflw character of those teasels should tie rafficieut inducement for persona who may be seudiur for their frientla iu Scotland, to make arrauKeincuu for tliu (the oul>- line.) Further particular! riTcn, on application to W. jl i T. TAI'SrOTT, 75 South strect.coruer of Mjuden Luie, or Me?n. RLID ?c MURRAY. Ai-enu 10 r in oTucow. NEW YOKK AND GLASGOW LINE OF PACKETS. m, m. m sJiIiiii; from New lurk on the lit^IiiTOra?gow oiHii^ji!i of each month. From N. York. Fm. Gl'gow. . . iJune 1. July 10. Ship SARACEN, N. T. Hawkins, ^ Oct. 1. Nov > 15. ( Keb. t. March 14. V July 1. April LV Br. Ship BROOKSBY, H. M'Ewen, < Nov. 1. Aut. 15. ( March 1. Dec'r 15. !Aucn?t 1. May 15. Dec'r I. Sept. 15. A nril I l.n I \ I May I. June 15 Br. Bark ANN HARLEY, R. Scott.J Be*. 1. On. 15. ( Jau'y 1 Februa. IS. These shina are good, substantial vessels, ably commanded, and will sail punctually on their regular days. Tlieir acc-ommoddNons for passenger,are good, and every"attention will lw paid to promote their comfort. The aernis or Captains will not be responsible for any parcels or packages aeut them, unless bills of lading are signed therefor. For freight or passage, apply to WUODHULL It MINTURN, 87 South atreet, New York, or *4 rc RF.ID tt MURRAY, Uls.pnw PASSAGE FROM GREAT BHiTAIAM AND IRELAND, m rn. M M By the BUck Ball, or Old Line of Liverpool Packets, sailing from Liverpool on the 1st and 16th ol eyery mouth. The YORKSHIRE sails from Liverpool, lit of March. " OXFORD " lCih of March. 14 CAMBRIDGE " " 1st of April. " MONTEZUMA " " 16th of April. Persons sending for their friends, and forwarding the passage certificate by the steamship Hiberitia, sailing from Boston an the 1st of February, will have plenty of time to come in the Yarkshire, or in any one ol the eight packets of the Black B.ill Liue. sailing from Liverpool on the 1st and 16th of every mouth. Apply to. or address, ifby letter post paid, ROCHE, BROTHERS St CO.. 35 Fulton St.. Neit door to the Fulton Bank. MARSEILLES LJLNE OF PACKUTS: m M m m The uudermention blups will hJ regularly despatched from hence on the 1st, and from Marseilles the 10th of each mouth during the year, ai follows :? Shins. Capuini. From N. York. PR'CE at JOINVILLE, (new) Lawrence, April 1 Sept. I. MIS8URL Silvester, May 1 Oct. 1. ARCOLE (new) Eveleigh, June 1 Nov. 1. OASTON, Coulter, July 1 Dec. 1. NEBRASKA (new) Wauon, Aug. 1 Jan. 1. Ships. . Captains. From Marseilles. PR'CE de JOINVILLE, (new) Lawrence, June 10 Nov. 10 MISSOURI. Silvester, July 10 Dec. 10 ARCOLE, (new) Eveleigh, Aug. 10 Jan. 10 OABTON, Coulter, Sept. 10 Feb. 10 NEBRASKA, Watson, Oct. 10 Mar. 10 These vessels arc of the first class, commended by men of eiperience. Their accommodations, for passenger* a?e unsurpassed for comfort and convenience. Goods addressed to the igents will be forwarded free of other charges than those actu ror freight or pasaage annly to CHAMBERLAIN fc PHELPS, Proprietors No. 103 Kront street. or to BOYD li HINCKEN, Agents, mitre 9 Tontine Bnildi'igt, 88 Wall.ror. Water at. REMITTANCES TO IKK LAND, Aco rtfK ,n&. , has r^^^^Tiis 16 Broadway, and continues to remit money, in aums large or smalll, to persons residing in any part of Ireland, in (he same manner as ne snd his predecesaor in baaineaa have done for the laat thirty year* and more; alao, to any part of England or Scotland. Money remitted by letter, poat-paid, to the subscriber, or personally deposited with him, with the name ol the pcrsonor peraona in Ireland, England, or Scotland, to whom it ia to be aent, and neareat poat town, will be immedi itely transmitted and paid accordingly, and a receipt to that effect given or forwarded to the aeoder. *28 lm*r NEW LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS.~ m- jfe. tifc M Toaallfroin NewlorUilst, and fromLiverpool 6t^ofeach month. From Sno York. Liverpool. New ahip LiT.rr.ool 1150 ton., j Jee., 21 F#b; 6 J. Eldndge. /August 21 Oct. 6 New ahip Queen of the West, Si?"""5' g ? 1230 toua,r. Woodliouae, fe.mV g ft* ? New Ship Rocheater, MM tone, S f*5?ImmrT l\ aE"' . t John Briton. fche, g &?.?? I Ship Hottinguer, ISM tone, S jiwCl1 |! h1~ I Ira Bursty. j NoJ. 21 jX' ' These suhajanml. fast sailing, first class shipe, all bnilt in the city of new York, are commanded by men of experience mil ahtlitv. and will ha ileiiutrhvil Dunctuallv on the list nf roeitirely no food* received on board alter Kuturday erentng, llth in*t. Agent in New Orlraua, Jamee E. Woodrnff, who will : promptly forward all food* to hia addreaa. i'arkrt ahip OIW'KOO Johnaton master, will aaceeed til* I Lopurille; and aail Monday, Augoat 10th, her regular day. Jr30 r UNITED STATES It" OHR/TFbTuTaTn h iWW KKLANU OLD MTAfeLISHED EMIOHANT MbtlrHI r,-lhe Hnbacribera arc prepared to bring oot Pj.amg.ra by any ol the Line or rackeu fi?? daya ; and draft* eaa, aa naoal be furaiahwl, payable rajr- " mTl ? Homih ?r?l lisst" .wajffiwwiritara. each mouth. Their cabins are elegant and commodious, and are furnished with whatever cut conduce to the ease add comfort of passengers. Price of passige tlOO. Neither the captains uor owners of these shipe will be responsible for any p-ircels or packages seut by them, unless regular bills of lading are signed therefor. For freight or passage apply to WOODHULL It MINTURN, 87 South street. New York, or to FIELDEN, BROTHERS kJ'O., ml re Liverpool. JOHN HLRDllAN k CO., United States and Oreat Britain and Ireland, Old Established Emigrant Office, SI South street, New York. HERDMAN, KEEKAP * CO.. Liverpool. Passage to and from Great Britain and Ireland, via Liverpool by the Old Black Ball Line, or any of the regular Packet ships sailing every five days. The inbscribers in calling the attention of Old Countrymen and the public generally to their unequalled arrangements for bringing oat passengers from the old country, beg leave to stite that the busineae of the House at Liverpool will be conducted hy its branch. Those sending for their friend* will at once see the great importance of tnis arrangement, as it will preclude an unnecessary delay of the emigrant. The shii>* employed in this line are well known to be of the first and largest class, commanded by men of experience; and as they sail every five days', offer every facility that can be furnished. With those snperior arrangements, the subscriber* look forward for a continuation of that patronage which has been so liberally eiteuded to them lor so many years paat. In case any of those engaged do not embark, the passage money will be refunded as customary. For further particulars apply by letter, postpaid. J. HERDMAN ft CO., (1 South st., New York. HERDMAN. KEENAN ft CO., Liverpool. N. B.?Drafts for any amount can as usual be furnished, payable at all the principal Banking Institutions throughout the Uni'ed Kingdom, on application as ahore. - ?^ . BRITISH AND NORTH A.MERICAN ROYAL MAIL STEAM SHIPS, 1J00 tons and ??0 hone power each, nc^SU^Euffl^iler enntnet with the Lord* of the Admiralty. HI BERN IA Capt. A. Rrrie. BRITANNIA Capt. J. Hewitt. CALEDONIA Capt. E. U. Lott. AlADIA Capt.Wm Harrison. CAMBRIA.. Capt.C. H. F. Judkins. Will sail from Liverpool and Boaton, via Halifax, aa follows raoM postoh. moil litkhpool. Britannia July 16, Cambria July 4. IMS. Cambria Aug. I, " Hiberuia " 19, ' Hihernia " IS, " Caledonia Ang. ?, " Caledonia Sept. I, " TassaoE Mower. From Boeton to Liverpool JIM. From Boston to Halifai 20. No bertha secured mini paid for. These ships earry exrrienced surgeons. No freight, except specie, received on ays of sailing. - ' D'iKIOHA.Vl" Jr",' Agent. jvTre At HAHNDKN ?t rO>R. ? W.)1 >t. lit*- PACKETS KlK HAVRE?Hecimd Line?'1 h? packet ihip BALTIMORE, Captain John Jnhnion, JWMKaJr.. will tail on the lit of Auco.t. For Irtight or pa..a,r apply to DOYD & HIN' KKN. jv7 r M Will itreet. A^ar- PACKKTS KUH MARSLI LLMJ?l'lie packet WWiV?h'P NEBRASKA, Captain Waiaon, will aail on tht JMHKalitof Anguit. For freight or t*iiage. apply to chamberlain It nielps, 103 front .t.. 01 t* BOYD fc HIN' KEN. M Wall nrrew , FOR I.TW'UPOoL?RegnUr Packel of1 the Nth jj'J. 1L . Tb* ftr?t elaia (aat tailing packet ahip WAjmHMmiT ER LOO, Capt. Allan. I (KM ton. burthen, will aail u above. her rrgalar day. Having very eaperior accomaiodotiona for cabin, uennd cabin, and iteerag* paaiengera, prranm intending to embark. aboutd make immediate application on board, loot of Maiden Lane, or to JONKPIl M'MURkAY, . . , ? cr of Piae and Sauith it. P.S.?Peraona daairom of lending for their frienSi in tha old country, can hare tliem brought oat in tb? above iplendid packet, or any other of the line, by applying aa above. jv< rr. hok new orleans-louisiana and JSJyNew Yark Line?Regular Picket?To aail Monday, jjmmmrn7'Mh Jol7- The elegant fait niling packet ahip T.nrisV IlLE, Hunt muter, will poeitively aail aa above. For freight or paaiaga, having handioma furnuhadI eecommodationi, apply on board, at Orleini wharf, foot of Wall at , or to E. k. COLLINS St CO.. J6 Month it. ... f w yo 2W YORK, THURSDAY ] FOKSALE, I Tiro FINE SJiUDLE HORSES, <1 -. WfLLdnr# ftlao in a carriage. They <W juitjhe ri|ht lita for - "-- ? _ \ ' - anu iiiivc oeen long aira lOUrfUb the Mduie. Apply At the detk ol* tlie Herald ()8k?. lor further nartienlar* jelS tfjgb fl__ THK fcil'BSt HIBt-K would inform tit* public -AjffTVhat lie ha* oil liand, at hi* atable in Jeraey eitr. i ' ? li'i""11 ii the Wratrrii Hotel, a *|>l?ii<lttT lot or double -nd iuikU Hnrwi, from the weitern jiirt ol' ilia Mat* of New York, which have ju*t arrived. Jirt lw?rc P. hmith. MkinU CHAKi-KH SfAiMfcL??0> TUlt I par* breed, receired by th* lateit arrival* frua Lot- I don, for aale by A. Grieve. 4 John irreet. AIM, rare ible Birds, only to ba loond at hi* e*lablislUMtta No. ? John ?cre?t. N. B.?Lector* from tha cariotu, ia distant part*, (paac paid) will be atteuded to, by A. URIX7E, al7*lmrh Importer and dealer in Bird*, l a(M,t<. FUR SALE, " j T'.'e itock and tiiture*, together with the leaaaaf the JvttW hotel No. 43 Chamber itreet, known a* the Baa Hive. I XJ&Kor term* apply to jm i?'r JOSEPH LYON. lit Water *t. TU iVlANUf AUTUKEKS. MA Ureal Bargain?To let or leaie, a larf* factory, and machinery lor *ale. at the corner of Third avaaaa and ttith atreet, Yorkville. heretofore uied a* a cloth priuiiug and dviog e?tabli*hnieut. Together with a new team engine, boiler and apparatu* complete: inrludlaf braa* and copper roller*, acrew and cylinder pre**, i on plate*, printing block*, *halting and geiring. Itc Apply oa tha pitinurt, orio B. fr. HOWK, 433 Broadway, jy3 lw*rc coruerol Howard. CATSK1LL MOUNTAIN HOUriB. MC. L. HKA' H, for several yeart connected with this popular establishment, ha* now become its sole proprietor, hat rebuilt it throughout ia the moil aabtiintiai and elegant manner, and hat furnished it anew; and it ie now open for the recepttou of company. It It tindnr III# pertotitl superintendence aud management of Mr. Beach, the proprietor, who will tpare no paint to make it oue of tn? most agreeable summer retorta in the country. The mtgaiAeent tceuery aud healthy atmoaphere of the place are Coo well known to require description. b Elegant aud covmodioii* taxes run directly iron tne aiy coats to tne moantain Home. and thence to ilia falls. jyl ly*rc iNfcW LEBANON S.PKINGS. COLUMBIA H AL L,M*vl5,l0ift?Thisfavoriteplace pj? of resort is now open and ready for the reception ofeom atiJfcpanv, being under the management of its old propsfalar, llrui > Hull, I'resaming oo his long experience as a eaterer for the travelling public, he intends that the managrMatof the establishment shall be snch aa to meet the wants of (1m most fastidious, whether tarrying fer the season or a (hotter iteriod. jei imrc HENRY HUIX. MalOKE l'O LET, in the Herald Buildings, No.tJ Namn street. Apply on the premises. jr2f. (il rr KOOMS, fcUltNlSHISD OK UNt'UKMi&HfcJ). jgA TO LET?In a small aud most delightfully situated ffS* house, near the Washington Parade Ground, one 01 J^flLtwo rooms, with or without full or partial board. No Illin borders or lodgers are in the house, nor will betaken IVr family at present eonsisu of only three grown persons To single geutlemen, or a gentleman aud lady, desiroa* ol living iu a private family, and iu a pleasant, quiet, and Madsome location, this ofen ail opportunity but rarely met with The eutire half of tIA house will be let to a desirable tenant, without children. Address B. T. at the desk of this lflice. myl> tf rrc t Ut\ Sjlut, OK l'O ~lET, The Moderu built three story brick house, 21i Adams 1st reel, Brooklyu. If not sold by private sale, it will be disposed of at public suction, oo the 15th day of May next. tialf of the purchase money can remain on mortgage,, lor t term ol years. Application to be made on the preiniees !I5 Adams St.. Britoklyn. a( lm*rc WATTKIPONT & GO., f* FASHIONABLE HATTERS, ?? 82 Nassau street, near Kulton, New York. jpfc THE subscribers beg to call the attesitioa of the public to the quality of their various kinds of Hat* of their owo manufacture They have just received a small fiipply of superior nolrakiu, now used by the most fnshioiiable hatters in Pans, t sample of which they will feel much pleasure in showing to those who will favor them with a call. The uuderaigued lo not pretend to sell at 25 or eveu 10 per cent less than any >ther establishment; ueither can they boast ot having a spleuJid store, but they (latter themselves that the quality and unish of their Hats wiU give eutire satisfaction, at the pricee harged. They have adopted the French style ol trimming the snmuier hats, which is a preventive to the perspiration coming through and spoiling the beau'r ol their appearance. M. B. WATTR1PONT, my 25 Im'm WM. H. JAMES. UbNlN'S UUOSAMhh HA id, fl WEIGHING from XH to 3* ounces. Price only $3M jpa It is about two years since the Gossamer Hat was first introduced by the subscriber to the notice of the New York public, as the lightest, the most desirable, an j the most tasty irticu- lorinmmti wear nareioiore in uaa. The utoniahmg auceeH attending them, evinced by the extraordinary large Amount of aalea, and the popular approbawu lircowfd upon them by the many who have giveu them their patronage, Have not been loat upon the anbacriliea, who to ahow that ne ia ever anxioua to excel in hia art, now preland for public palrnuage the Ooaaamer hat. much lighter and more pleaaaut than any other ever before offered. They are uot liable, like the Leghorn and Panama, to loae either ahane or color from expoaure to the rain. They cannot be aoiled by either perapiration or oil from the hair, ao commonly; the caae with ouier Hat*. for the much admired atyle of trimming*, originating wirn the proprietor, effectually prevent* all Una Thia ia a decided advantage over all other hata. The public are invited to call and ate thia article at J. N. OKNIN* Hat and Cap Store, myJT lm're 114 Broadway, oppoaite St. Panl'a Church SUMMER HATS. ECONOMY JiNI) FASHION. f? R0BERT90N'9 PHENIX HAT AND CAP ipk MANUFACTORY, 103 Fulton atreet.?The underlined heapeaka the attention of the publia to the quality of hia Hummer Hata, poaaeaaing the varioua propertiea usually fought for by the man of taate, they have the additional merit .>1 being 26 per ceut below the ataudard pricea. They are eatentially aimilar in material, workmanship. and finiali, to the trticlea manufactured by fl^e more aplendid eitabliahmeuta of Broadway; and on a cloae compariaou of their respective merits, no material difference can ke perceived, except in the untitle particular that the aubacriber ha* adopted a atyle Jf trimming, which effectually prevent* the perapiratioa of .he forehead from atriking through, and impairing the appearance. Their average weight ia from to 3M oancea?being moeh lighter than subatantial Leghorua, or Panama*. Peraana of taate and judgment, who arc inllqcnced in their purchatea by considerations of coat, are invited to examine them, and to eatakliali, by the teat of comparison, their precise value, compared with the productiona of other manufacturer*. mv?l lm?re ROBERTSON. IW Kulton afreet. J. i'ltlCfc. ft. U?J. FASHIONABLE HAT STORK. [1 THE SUBSCRIBERS having opened a HAT STORE J^kat No. 110 Kulton atreet, corner of Dutch street, respectfully aolicitthe patrouaga of their old cuKoraera and the public. They will conatantly keep on hand a complete aaaortment of Hata, Caps, Umbrellaa, ke., Sec., of the latest atyle, and will aell at the lowest puce*. Single hata made to order it the ahotteat notice. 1CHABOD PRICE, my5 lm?r THOS. SHANNON. NfcW kUKK. AM) HAtlLbM KA1LK.UAU COMPANY. SUMMER ARRANGEMENT. Urv ana aiier r riuuy, may in, ins, uw cuii win riou 101 Iowa:? Leitc City Hal I Tor Yorkvills, Harlem, and M lirisiana, at 7, S, t, It. and 11 o'clock, A.M.. 1, 2, 3%, t%, 5, 6, and *)? o'c/ock, P.M. Leave CitT Hall for ForJham .*nd \villiama' Bridge, at T, I*. and 11 o'elcck, A.M.; 2, 3WJ, 5, and o'clock, P.M. Leave City Hall or Hunt's Bri Ice, Btnnx, Tnckahoe,, Hart'a Comer, and Wiiite Plains, ar 7 and II o'clock, A.M.; 2 and J o'clock, P.M. Leave Harlem and Yorkvilleat 7 10,1 It, 9, 10, and li It o'clock, A.M.: 12 40; 2, 3 10, 3 10, S)i, 6 10, and 7 o'clock, P.M. Leave Williams Bridge and Kordham at 6X. 7k, and 10X o'clock, A.M.: 121<, 2 V, < V; and 5)< o'clock, P.M. Leave White Plains at 7 and} o clock, A.M.; 2 and } o clock, P.M. The freight train will leave the City Hall at 1 o'clock, P.M., and leave White Plains at I o'clock in the morning. On Sundays, the White Plains Tram will leave the City Hall at I A.M., and iii P.M.; will leave White Plains at 7 A.M., and ( P.M. On Sundays, the Harlem and Williams' Bridge Trains will be regulated according to the state of the wearner. a2t I m rr WINDOW SHADE DEPOT, No. 7 SPRUCE STREET. ESTABLISHED * IMfl. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL, CIIADES of all descriptions, kinds and sixes, JO percent 0 cheaper than can he bought at any other place* Trim mings at mannfactnrers' price. BARTOL. DK MAUNT fc Co., mvl 1in#rw Vi?nnCmrrnrerm ft ImiMnsrf >U JKWELLhKti. >!IMAllJKh. rAI.VlEHB, *c.~ C. k J. HARTNETT, No. 2 Coartlandt street, near | Broadway, wholesale and retail Manufacturers of Travelling. Writing, Dressing and Jewelry Boiea, Miniature Cases and Settings; Flute, Locket, Watcn, Ring, Tin and pesicil Boies; eases for silver Plate neatly arranged to order. Alse, Trays rtiadr and fitted to Jewellen show cases, to contain watches, chains, r\ngs. keys, pins, thimbles, pencils, lie i A variety of the above articles constantly on hand and marie to order, with ueatnras and deapnteit No. 2 Coartlandt street. New York mylllm'rr 700.000 HAVANA fc PRINCIPE SEGAKS. | 1 Z\) Bales HAVANA TOBACCO,a? follows . Emnlneion, Escnlapio, Pressed, Rienda Regalia, 1 San Roman, Rionda do., Eiperanxa do., i La Victoria, LaOiyefte do., Washington do., Esperanxa, Rionda Congressos, Lafayette do., , Rionda, Do. Plantation, Pnnciiw Steamboat. Lafayette, Principe Justo Sani, Vta. Jajo Tobacco The whole entitled to debenture, snd in lots to suit Koi 1 sale bj B. M. P1CABIA, mv7 in?*i H7 g-- * - ?p srair* i UENb I.NK HAVANA SEW ARM, i.f the uew brand E Judio Errant#.'' (Tl" Wandering Jew.) For sale, by r MANCHO at M "Vlton strest, la?Ove *e*atsK Here' ??> (tales tUrnr.tln A.NL 31111' UHKAU, IS >l?m sum, ueat Walker street.?JAM ES PARR, having recently introduced steam machinery into his Baking Establishment, is enabled to produce very superior article in Ship Bread ana Crackers, invites eity and country merchants to call and see his goods, vix :?soda and milk Biscuit pilot and navy Bread, butter, sugar, and Boston Cracker*, kc. His facility for manufacturing them ia so great that they can be sold at the ven jnwesr price*. # mvl' liw'r PURE WATER-STONE'S IMPROVED PREMIUM Water Kilter*.?These filters not only clarify bnt purify the most turbid water, rendering it perfectly salubrious, by divesting it of all putrid vegetable and animal matter, animaleala, lie. The filtering properties of this apparatus are so great that even water impregnated with soap, tobacco, fce., lie., ia rendered perfectly taatele**, no odor and of a bright, ehrystaline

cleameea. Can be seen in operation, and for sale at Stone Druincri vioiod nimuinivauDiiinncni, ?v* oroNwif. t %22 lm*r CHURCH'S VEGETABLE LOTION. THIS highly valuable (oametic will effertnally ear* trap- | tiona on the fare and akin, particularly pimplea, blntchea, tetter, tan, frerklea and ringworma. The nie of the Lotion 1 . P t'm?. "ill eatabliah a clear and biilliant to nplet- ! ion. Sold in bottlea at 75 ceata IM bowery. comer of Spring atreet. Alao bf Mr?. Haya, Brookljrr. myH liti'm | f OHN MliLLIN reapcetlnllv informa hia friendaand the . ' Pihl.c that he h? REMOVED from hia old atand, No. M Broadway, to No. 1 BARCLAY Street, few doon from ! Broadway, where lie eontinoaa to iaport and mannfactara doabla and tingle baml Fowling Piece*. Rifle* and PiatoU, of a termor quality. Alio, Onn and n*tol Lock*, Oennaa Kilter < aatingi for nfle* and fowling piece*, withgna Bat* nala in general, to be told low for eaah. N B.?Repairing done ia lb* bwt manner and oa the mm rwiauMa mm. ay* ln*rra *?* r iy in"1 MI RK I MORNING, JULY 9, 1846 The Kezlean War. The U. S. storo-sliip Relief, bound to Vera Cruz, left tlie Navy Yard, yesterday, in tow of the steamer Ilerculcs. When off the Fulton lorry she was run into by the schooner Caroline Frances, t and lost her jib-boom. The schooner lost a suit c of sails. The following is a list of the Relief's of- f ficers: j Oacar Bullus, Lieut. Commanding: Andrew Weir, Act- ,j lnjr Matter; S. Wilton Kellog. lasted Asaittant Surgeon; t Ilenry S. Newcomb, Pa*sed Midshipman; Thot. C. Stone- : U, Captain's Cleik; E. Ross, Master's Mate. : < Annexed is a list of passengers going out in the I Relief, to join the Gulf squadron : | ' Lieut's. H. Y. Purviance and M- Hunt; Acting Muter, I Anderson; Capt. Marine Corps, A. fcdion. J Incidents, fee. of the WarTin Gal V til on Stxct says -.?Monterey it the capital of New Leon, and ha* ten thouiand inhabitants. It is aituated on the flnt ascent of the table land*, and to this place there i? n good carriago road from Matamora*.? Thence to Saltillo i* 76 mile*, and nearly weat. Thi* latt city i* (aid to have 11,008 inhabitant*, and i* elevated 9.000 feet above the *ea, with airy and healthy atmosphere. It is nearly due west from Matamora*,?distance 354 mile*. Most of the lime uied at Matamora* is procured from Reynosa, 60 mile* above. A ledge of limeitone rock croeies the river at that place. Some two weeks after the taking of Matamoras, the officer of the guard for tho day was very quietly *moking pap tret u under the ahade of somo China tree* in the pluxa, when he waa lurprited to *ee coming toward* him a Mexican officer in military undress. The American officer rote and approached him saying he wa* a prisoner. The Lieut t olonel of Artillery, lor such he appeared, nodded assent, and took a scat beside the officer of the day.'looking a* profound as pouible, and a* much * he conld IHce a (oldior, who, by the fortune* of war, had got into the hand* of an enemy. A Sergeant wa* despatched to General Taylor to announce the capture, and give in the rank and dignity of tho prize. Now it so happened that a deputation of Mexicau citizen* were at Oeu Taylor's tent on some indifferent butiueas, and old "Rough and Heady," asked said deputation the character and (landing of this captured Lieut Col. of Artillery. The deputation said be mnnuged the gun* of the "Sand Bag Fort," that he was a worthless iiort of character, and had been about Matamora*, ever since its capture in a disguise, getting drunk, and what was of more importance, getting in debt without any proapect of paying ? Uen Taylor heard all thi* and said nothing. As the evening sun was declining, an officer came to the General to know what dispoiition thoulJ be made of the prisoner Colonel, who had the live long day been in durance vile in the plar.a, much lo the edification of the loafers and lazzaroni of Matamoraa. "Let him go on hif parole" < Mill (Jeneral Taylor. The information wu conveyed utmightwjy to tno Lieut Colonel. Now, it so happened that the priionera had that very day heard, that General Vega was treated in the United Stalea with great consideration; that he was a lion of the largest mane, and the favorite of the larfiea, and preterred hy them to honeat men of their own country, and had, moreover, letter of rredlt from Geo. Taylor, to pay hia expenses iu the United States; and these bright picturoa had cauaed the magnanimoua sell-delivery as a prisoner of war. Inatigated by these high anil chivalrous motives, he replied, a la Vega to the officer who told him he could go on his parole, that he cuuld not accept it, for he would be oMig?d to fight, or he taken out and shot; that his govern mant would not pay any attention to a parole. This in iormation waa duly conveyed to Uen Taylor. V* here upon old "Rough and Ready," in groat wrath, aaid the Mexican Lieutenant Colonel of Artillery would not do any harm looae without a parole, and ordered him to be let loo*e indefinitely. That night the Mexican Colonel waa aeen dressed in a tow shirt, drunk in the back pait of the town, and to the people of the United Statea a "small lion," yet of aullicient importance te make a fuaa among our novelty gazing people.?Xrw Orltani Tropic, June 30. The following compliment to Oen. La Vega ia extracted from a poem on the late battle, publiahed in the VeraCruz Journal "Brave la Veja, single-handed. battled with a host of foea. While, far behind, with changing fortunea, Aztec'* banner fell and rose ; Hud to hand he still contended, with the rude invading ii horde, Seeking death Irom them, yet, knight-like, yielding to n equal's sword. a La Patrie of Sunday atatea, that by a letter received here on Thursday laat, from Now York, addressed to a f mercantile firm of thia city, they are informed that Senor Don Francisco Murfi had arrived oa board of the I Ilibemia, from Liverpool, and that he i* bearer of very ifflDortnnt d?iti&trhAi Ha nnl*r*ri n vauaI to ha rKnr. \ tared immediately, to take him to Vera Cruz, for which purpose he would obtain from the U. 8. (Government at $ Washington an order for the Commodore of the gull ? squadron to give him free admission into said port 1m d I'atria further adds that the vessel has already been engaged, and that Senor Murfl is expected to arrive in this t city In the early part of this week. In a paragraph published in La Patria of Sunday, we ' see that a person, late from Havana, states that on the e morning of the 11th it was rumored that Gen. Almonte had embarked on board of the British mail steamer for c Vera Crux, and it was generally believed that he was . going to Mexico for political purposes, in which Santa I Anna bad a share - JV. O. Delta, June 30. _____ ii Military. TENNESSEE. | Three squadrons (six companies) of mounted Tennessee volunteers were reviewed yesterday, by Colonel j Croghan, on the promenade below the Oayoco House t The whole afterwards moved through our city on their j route to Camp Carroll. The men were all well mounted j and presented a line military appearance. It was quite s a martial spectacle, 'ten. Wool, we loarn, is expcctcd c here to-day.?Memphit Enquirer, June 27. ( VIRGINIA. 1 The Charleston Spirit / Jrffmon says, that Captain Stevens T. Mason has very nearly eniut*d his quota of ' recruits, for hi* new regiment of mounted riflemen The v are destined to protect emigrants to Oregon, and 9 render such assistance to the emigrant, and such service " to the Government, aa may be in their power. ^ OHIO. Two regiments of the Ohio volunteers ere now on their way to the seat of war?the first having embarked, as we stated, on Thursday, and the other yesterday. Bothl eft amid the fire of cannon, and the huzzas of their p fellow citizens. The aecond regiment remains at Camp p Washington.?[ Cincinnati Oat , July 4. s Onr Trade with Mexico. Circular to Collectors and other OrriciRi or thr Customs. Treasurt Department, | I.... in.U i a tit i juim .raui, io?i. j The circular of tlii* Departmcnt, of the 11th inat., contained the following paragraph: ' " By the law of nation*, aa racogniaed by repeated de- ?. ciiion* of onr judicial tribunals, the exi*tence of a (tate of war interdicta all trade or commerce between thocit- d iiem of the two nation* engaged in the war. It come- " fluently follow*, that neither vaaiel* nor merchandiie of any deacription can be allowed to proceed from port* or " place* in the United State*, to port* or place* in the ter- ' ritorie* of Mrxioo, with tha exception of *uch port* or t* place* in the latter country aa may ba at the time in the actual po**e*aion of the United State*' force*." P1 Matamorai is now in the actuaJ po*se*aion of the force* of the United State*, and perhape other porta and place* n on the *ame *ide of the Rio (iranda. " Incaie of the application of veMel* for clearance* for l> the port ol Matamoraa, you will iaaue them under the following circumitance*: ,. B lat. To American vessel* enlr. ^ 'id. To inch Vermel* carrying only article* of the growth, produce or manufWture of the United State*, or < of import* from foreiga countric* to our own, upon which the dutie* huve been fully paid; and upon all inch rood*, A whether of our own or of foreign countrie*. no autie* 1,1 will be chargeable at the port oT Matanaora*. *o long aa It i* in the po**e**ion of the force* of tha United State*. di In mtuing thia order, it i* not intended to interfere with the authority ot (ieneral Taylor to exclude euch article?, including apintuou* liquor* or contraband of war, ' the introduction of which ha may conaider injuriou* to our military operation* in Mexico d< Foreign im|>ort* which may be re-exported in our yea- ^ el* to Matamoraa, will not be entitled to any drawback Dt duty; lor, if this were permitted, they would he earlied from that port into the United States, and thus evade tUe payment of all duties. tl Whenever any other port or plac? upon the Mexican tide of the Kio (Jrande ihall have patted into the actual rl notse -siou oi the lorret of the United Statet. turh port* \ and placet will ba subject to all the above initructioni which are applicable to the port of Matornorai t| n. J WALKKR, Hecrotm-r of the Treasury Thk Cowvkmtion, July 7.?Tlie brief recess bj which the Convention allowed itaelf having ex- M pired, it returned ita teation thi? morning, a quorum of membara being pratent. A report from the Comptroller N in antwtr to the enquiriet in relation to the financet of pi the State, wat received. Mr. Coo> of Saratoga tubmit- g< :ed a reiolution that it ba referred to the appropriate committee to report on tha expediency of adopting tome b; more tummary provition than tbote emitting, far the ci liquidation of demands againat inaolvent corporation!, di Mr. Cook thought that though the requirement o i par- gi tonal liability in all members of banking incorporations had been provided for, yet that there waa ttill needed a tt provition for tho more tpaady enforcement of demanda againit them Mr. Rcsskll auggetted tha appointment of ( ommitsioDert, empowered In certain contingencies to i n tfquet'rnte the property of the corporations. After aasne ti debate, in which Mettrt and teok part, both of whom acknowledged the inadequacy of the ? preient proceti against corporations, the reaolation was ti adopted. p 1 he Convention then went into committee of the whole a and re*emed the diicumon ol tne power* and qualinca- tl tion? of the Governor. Meiin. Hi nt, Bakom and Himmom spoke. No rote wa? takei-and the Convention at a about 13 M. adjourned.-.Ithmvy .ItUi. ? tl Spraiotra Com.?A Inr^e number of counterfeit Mexican dollar*, ?ay< th* Houitan TtltgrapS, are in clr- < culation, *dmiiahly executed. They contain probably h twenty-lire or thirty per cent of pure ailrer, and thh impart* to them a property of ringing like the genuine N coin, when dropped upon any hard *nb*tance. Merer*] merchant* of thU city mt? been deceired by them. * I E JEt A Chronological Table (or Six Montlia. The following i* a Chronological table of the priuci- 1 1 >al eveuti which have occurred from the lint of January to the first of July, 1H46 : JANUARY. lit. New Year'i day, a great holy.lay in New York, in ' fthicli business m suspended, nnd the cituens devote lieir tline to making calls, drinking champagne, eating tysturs, kc. Jd. John Quincv Adams out on the floor of Congress ' or ' the whole or Oregon." 1 jth Introduction, by Charles J. Ingerioll, in the Home if Representatives, of a joint resolution that the Presi- 1 lent should give immediate notice of the cessation of he joint occupation of Oregon. A lively debate. 7th lloception of the message of the Governor of the 1 Itato of New Vork ?Production of Richard tho Third, >v the Keam, at the I'ark Theatre, in a (tyle of unexamiled splendor and magnificence. Bth. Anniversary of tho Battle of New Orleanf?Two 1 fraud bail* given by the Tanimauy Society, and tho 1'exas and Oregon Association. I 10th. Reception of ncwi from Mexico, stating that en. I'aredeii wu at Lvil Potosi, making piepai u- ' ions to march to tho scat ot government. 1 lftth. Exclusive reception, by tho New York Herald, >f the foreign new*, by the Iowa, from Havre. lath. Reeoption, by exclusive express, of the newlby lacket ship l.iborty, from Liverpool, bringing the resiglation of the British ministry. Alio, arrival of Mexican lew*, bringing the declaration against the Mexican gov- 1 irnment by Paredoi. 19th and '20th. (ireat excitement in relation to our ex- 1 lutive nows by the Liberty. 31st. Commencement of the great snow storm. ' till. Opening of tho British Parliament?Queen's peech? Condemnation of Mr. l'akenham'* course on tho )regon question?Speeches of Sir Robert Peel and Lord ohn Russell. -*id, 'J3d and 24th. The whole city entirely given up to leighing. Tho carnival in New York. 2Mh. Reception of news by the liibernia. Rrstora- , 1 ion of Sir Robert reel to the minirtrv. Ueceptiou ol' I lews from Mexico?Herrora appointed dictator. 1 Jrtth. Senator Allen, of Ohio, introduced a joint resoution.declaring'the principles by which the United State* vould be governed in regard to the intervention of the lowers of Kurope. iu tho political afl'airi of America ? I j reat debate, in which .Messrs. Alien, Webster, Cass ( ind Calhoun took part The resolution was referred to he I ommittce on Foreign AH'airs. Death of M. C Paterion, Ksq., District Attorney of the City and County of >iew \ oik. 1 39th Reception of the news that Paredes had entered 1 Mexico, and Herrera abdicated iu his favor. rkuauAar. 2d. Reception of the newt from Mexico, giving tho lew ministry under Paredes. I tith. Great debate in the House on the twelve months lotit e. 7th The President sent a message to Congress, con- i aining the diplomatic correspondence between Mr Bu- i :hanuu and Mr. Pakenhum, mfusing any oilers of arhi- i ration. Wall strcot in a ferment. Stocks walking i lown. . I Sth. The twelve months Oregon notice, dissolving the i onvention of August 0th, 1027, pasted the Houso by a | ote of 174 to 49. Wall street looking very blue. i , 11th. New tarifl bill submitted to the Committee of . A'ays and Means in the lower Hou*e { I-th Keception of news one week later from Mex- , co, giving the leporied revolution of Arista. I 14th. Tremendous gale and snow storm. Ten vessels, , Deluding the John Minium, Lotty, New Jersey, Alabama. pilot boat Mary Lilen, Ice , went ashore on Hquam ic<ch, New Jersey. Al-out AH lives lost, including apt. Starke of the Minturn, I nomas J> reeborn, ttie brave i lilut, and others. sailors, passengers, men, women, and i I hi'dren 1 19th. Arrival of the Herald't exclusive and extraordi- i I may express from Uoaton, with the new a by the Cam- I iriu, in 7 hours and A minutes, travelling time. This ex ; ires* brought pacific news, and distanced the express of I lie Holy Alliance fiom Halifax 20th. Agieatsnow storm. Streets looking clean for >nce. 22d. 114th anniversary of the birth day of Washing- 1 on. The military turned outduring the day, and anuru >er of balls were give i in the evening. 25th Great debate in the Senate on the twelve month* lOtice resolutions, which passed the House. 27th. A very cold day. At 7 A. M. the thermometer vas H degrees below zero, which was two degrees eolder han at any time before during the winter. Nasal organs ooking very red. I 28th. Another snow storm. February was shrouded a white and decently buiied. IIARCH. 1st Sunday?Although the first day of spring, plenty if snow and ice in the street*. 3d. Arrival of the Toronto, with four days later new* rom Kurope. I 6th. Ureat meeting of the democracy at Tammany ; fall, to prepare for the charter election. ! 7th Consecration of Grace Church. Death of Gen. ' 'an Ness, at Washington. 12 Arrival of the Liverpool and Zurich. Also of the lunbeam at Boston. Murder of the Van Ness family, ,t Auburn. Arrest of Freeman, the aupposed murerer. 16. Great speech of Mr. Calhoun in the Senate, on the wclve month* notice. 17. St. Patrick's day celebrated by processions of the arious Irish societies in the city, and by dinner* in the veiling 18th ?News arriving of great freshet* in Pennsylva- i lia. and the western part of this State. J l'Jth. Arrival of the Iiibernia in Boston, with new* rom Kurope. Great battle in India. Great debate in the I Iritish Parliament on the Corn Laws. A li'.tle bluster nthe Knglish paper* in regard to the Pre*ident'? refusal o arbitiate. 20th. The Canadian Parliament began ita session. | Ipeech of the Governor General. I 24th The splendid packet *hin Henry Clay, Captain iye, went asnore about 12 o'clock at night on Squan leach, and six lives loit. Commencement of the trial of Ubert J. Tirrell, in Boston, for the murder of Maria lickford. Singular defence of somnambulism. The Preident sent to tlie Senate a message in regard to the ne- 1 e?sity of an inciease in our naval and military forces, 'ommotion among the bulls and bears of Wall street. ! ralk about war. | 2Mih Verdict of " not guilty," in the case of Albert J. , rirrell. Ureat indignation thereat. ' 30th. Behate in the Senate on the Oregon qnestion. peech of Mr. Webster. Preparation* in New York for 1 le spring election. 31*t Speech of Gen. Case on the Oregon question. I 'ire at the Astor and Howard houses. f The month disappeared in a cloud of dust. Aran.. 1st. April Fool'* Day?Tricks of all sort* played upon ?ople. Arrival at the Hrrald otHce of an exclusive ex>ress, bringing F.nglish news by the packet ship York- ' hire ?Speech of Mr. Benton in favor of 49. 2d. The sub-treasury bill passed the House, 123 to 87. ] 3d. Arrival of the ship Silvie de Graise from Havre. J 4th. (ireat speech of >!r. McDuffie against 64 40. ' 6th. Speech of Mr. Webitcr on the Ashburton treaty. ' 8th. Arrival of news from Mexico. 10th. Arrival of the ship Adirondack from Cork. llth. Arrival of packet ship Queen of the West from iverpool. Mr. Ingersoll preferred charges of peculation gainst Daniel Wen*ter. ' 1 Ith. Charter Election in New York?Flection of Anrew H. Mickle, democratic candidate, for Mayor, by a t lajority of 7,000 18th. Arrival of new* from Texas and Mexico, bringig the manifesto of Paredei, and the retreat of General aylor's army ? Passage through the Senate of Mr. Critsnden's Oregon notice resolutions by a vote of 40 to 14. V 17th. Arrival of the steamer Unicorn at Boston, after a -- ,.r ? _,nr? i... 18th. The t (earner Oregon went aahore on Flood rock, ear Hurl Gate Kerry; no livea lo?t? rauage of the tl euate'a notice bill by the Ilouie, with alight modificaona. * aoth. Riot* of the laborer* employed by the Atlantic ock Company in Brooklyn?The military called out? rrival ol the Caledonia at Ronton. Wd. Mr. Webator replied to the charge* of Mr. Inger- r ?1L U3d. Two thotuand Meiican* croiaed the Rio Orande. D kirmiih ; Lieut. Cairu ami 13 men killed. raaaage by ath Houtei of the Oregon notice bill. y, HMh. The eclipie, which wa? to have taken place toty, postponed "on account of the weather." *' :18th. Arrival of the Oreat Weitern. Kiglit about ? venty mile* from Point Isabel, between Captain Walk- ^ r'? Texan Ranger* and a large force of Mexican*. 20th Klection in the city and county of New York for ? ilegate* to the State Convention to reviie the con*titu- Q on ; election of the whole democratic tick*/. 3oth. Kiftj -nine lire* occurred during thi* month. n a Mir. l?t. Moving Day ; everybody in New York changing ieir re?ideiicp? ; any auantitic* of crockery broken r 4ih and 5th Bombardment ot Ma'amora* by the Ami- ? ican troopa ttationed opi?o*ite there, commanded by laior Biown. ^ 4tli Arrival of the Cambria at Bocton, ahe having got j c frouml off ( ape Cod ft Ath. National Medical Convention met In New York. ?' fttb. Arrival of Gen Worth in Washington '' 7th. Arrival of the new* of the murder of Lieut. Croia ' j the Mexican* ; alio the pre|>arationa for the taking of ataaora*. nth. Commencement of the religiou* anniversarie* in ew York. Holy week. All aorta of queer doctrine* -opeunded Brilliant battle ol falo Alto ; Major Ring>ld mortally wounded. , ' !'th. Battle of Reaaca de la Palma ; Oen. Vega taken 4 t Capt. May ; the fineit regiment of the Mexican army it to piece* by the artilleiy. Both the*e battle* con- j icted by tbe brave Oan. Taylor. Death of Major Ring- " ild. 10th. Arrival of farther new* from Mexico, *tatlng ' tat 3,000 Mexican* had croeaod the Rio Uraado. Oteat xcitement in N?w York. Uth. More newa frem Mexico. The Provident *ent a >ea*age to Congraaa in regard to the Mexican dilBcul- ^ e*. Oroat debet* in Congre** upon the war quoition. ,, Uth The bill declaring w*r to exiit with Mexico, and | nthorhing the raining of fiO.OOO men, and an appropna- F on of tan million* of dollar*, peaieu uie mbbw, ni>inK < aiied the Houie the fay previona. Newt continually i riving of volunteer compuiea forming in all part* of ) country 14th. The reported formal pretest of Mr Pakenham ' e< Kmnit the Mexican war. 1Mb Diicuiil.n in the Senate upon tfce bill fer raising | V le regiment of mounted riflemen. l*th. General Taylor and his army rrtmt4 the Rto ! ) rami a and took poaaeaaion of Mataewra*, (Xfc Ariata avinff evacuated it. 19th Reception of the new* of the bo*bardifttnt of | tatamoraa (General joy In New York. ' 30U>. Great war meeting in the Park?twenty thou tnd people present LALUL-LULl'-.i - ' ' JLD. Price Two CcnU. 'Jilt. Oregon ditcimion iu the Senate ; great ipoeoh o Col Bentou aKaimt 44 4U atjth. Arrival of the lit wi of the battle* of l'aln Alto ind Reaeca. Great joy New Vork in delirium of enthuiiaaoi New Orleans lufti'lature appropriated $SOO to the purohane ot a (word fur General 1 aylor. U7th. Arrival of tho Great Britain. JUNE. June lit Btat? Conititutional Convention met at Alba* ii). Kloction in Uio city of New York for delegate* to sity convention 4th. Ilenoiution introduced by Mr. Can, calling Oen Game* to Washington The ?upplemental war bill, authoring the President lo appoint one major, and two brigadier-general*, pasted the Mouse; 11!) to S3 &tli Great debate in the Senate in regard to Uonoral Uaiuci aud General Scott. Hth. The 1'renideut'* accompanying mesiuge, and tho cortespondence between General Scott and Secretary Marry read in the Senate. Tho " haity plate of oup'' growing cold. loth The Pre?ident'* me<*Rgo, commending Mr. Pakisnham'i pro|>o?ition for the aettlement of tho Oregon jiii'ntion. sent to tho Senate I Jth. The vote in tho Senate, to-day, authorizing the President to compromiie the Oregon difficulty; panned 34 to li. Burning of the theatre, Quebec. About 60 live* lent loth. Publication of Genoral Taylor'* official deipatche*. Arrival ol the Great Western, with new* of the corn bill'i panning a second reading in tbe House, by i majority of 47, and tho birth of a princo**. 16lh. Menage of the Presideut lo tho Senate, in rafard to railing funds for the war l?th. Arrival of the Caledonia at Bolton, ltatiflcotioa of the Oregon treaty hv the Senate; 41 to 14. ll?t. Death of Hon Richard P. Ilerrick, Kepreiontative irom >ew t om. 2ftth. Debate in the Holme on the tariff bill. M7til- General Taylor raised to the rank of Major General. 30th. June took her departure, amidst inist, fog and cold weather, aud a feu dejoit of Ore cracker*. Fourth of July Accident*. I* Oswn.o? A daugh'er of Dr. Sprague, lurfeon at Ihe fort, Oiwego, wai run over on the morning of the Ith. Sho died in a short time alter. In llomi?A mnn, by the name of Snow, had hi* right urm shat'eied nnd otherwise injured, by the tiling of cannon, July 4th. Hi* arm was amputated above the slbow. In Rochesteb.? On Saturday afternoon, a fellow, having kept rather a hard " Kourth," thought he would ond matter* through the aid of the canal, and accordingly ir*ve a" whoop*' and jumpod in. It seemed to be all <lay with him. but as he wax going down the third time, a person plunged in and grappled with the intended *elflestruetiunut, when, by the aid of a rope, both were Jrawn *alely out. Home little time ?utiiie(|uenlly, tho reicued one wa* seen attempting to whip i?tne perion, l>roliably became he had been instrumental in retaining ltm in a world which he had made up hi* mind uncerenoniouily to bid " good night." I* Clabemont, N II.? \ man, by the name of Kale* wa* killed ut Claiemont, N II , on Saturday. Some l>oye >ut about three |>ound* of powder into an old ruaty canion, and rammed in cod*, but did not ram them down ipou the powder. Upon the discharge ol the cannon it jur*t, and Mr Fale* wa* killed innt.intly. Mr. Kale* *ra* about twenty-seven years of *ge. ani leave* a wife. The Late Rains?We learn, from the Oeergetoern [D. C) .Uvnrate. that from thut place up to Harder'* Kerry, tho flood* of rain have made *ix breaches n the Cbcsupe.ike ami Ohio Canal none of which aro of i leriou* character There was only one boat lost, the 'Charles," Irom Williamsnort. belonging to Mr. John Cmerr, which was washed out, with the embankment, hi* tide ol Nolan.I * Kerry. She had on board 670 tibia. >f flour, and 14 bbl* whiskey. The Monocacy river, we earn, presented a terrible scene oi desolation, its swollen looii being covered with the giam swept from a.tja'-cnt wheat and other field*. 1 ho corn, anil other grain fit-Id*, lerhaps thousand* of acies, hive been either washed iwa> or perfectly inundated On all the bottom land* ilonj; tbo ['otoniae. many of which, before the llood, pre:ented numerous an I promising fields, thin in tho cam. n the neigliboihood of Kmmittsburg, and along Turkey Inn, tkm the gicaiest fall of ruin him highest leshet that ever was known. It caused great deitruciou All the dams on the creek were swept away. The lam of Mr. Spalding'* Haw mill wai destroyed; the fiue arge dam of tho paper-mill wai broken down, clear to he rock; the dam at the old mill, below, waa alio swept learto the bottom; the old dwelling-home, near the ower mill, waa alio carried off. Loss to these dami, he , s estimated, at tho lowest, at from $300 to $000 The listillery and the smoke-house of Mr. Stump, just below, vere also swept away, together with all his whiskey, logsheads, barrels, grain and bacon, and about $300 In ash, which he had placed in his still-house for safo keepng. Hi* leu must be from about $000 to $1000 A luantity of grain und hay on the bottom-lands was enire ly ruined Mount St. Mary's College has also auf> ered a considerable loss, probably to the amount of $000. rho damage done along Ton's creek, and the Monocacy, s supposed to have been very considerable.?Baltimira American, July 7. SurREME Cottrt op Louisiana.? Tardot n. Bo:aut. Plaintitl, n few years ago, purchased hero 00 barrels of pork, which had l>een certified by defending an ins|?ector of provisions, as prime, or tirst quality, le shipped it to New York, where it arrived aftertwaoy-one days passage, during which it had been kept in ;ood order. The ugent or consignee at New York sold he pork before its arrival ; the conditions, to be paid for in delivery, if answering description. When the oarralt vcre opened at New York, the pork was sour and of Inerior quality. The purchaser refused to take it, and ifter being kept awhile, it was disposed of ut a much ower pricc. I'laintifT then entered an action, in the Commercial Court, against defendant, for the recovenr if the difference between the two price*, on the ground! hat the inspector [delendantj had been guilty of negligence in the performance of hi* duty ; that it wea origilally an inferior article, or had deteriorated Iron careieaa vpacking. A jury of morchant* gave a verdict (or ptaioill, believing that a sea voyage from the end of July to he end of August, wai not lullicient to apoil good meat, f due care were observed in the traniit. The Judges of he Supremo Court affirmed the verdict of tb? jury in the Commercial Court, and ordered the defendant te pay lamuges?Xew Orltam Com. Timtt Latest Mobmok News.?The Stat? R*gl?t*r says:? Wo understand the invaders are now engaged in an ttempt to enlist the aid of nine counties, for the purpose f burning Nauvoo, blowing up the temple and driving lie Mormons into the Mississippi." No other paper has tie news.? Sangamo (III) Journal, July 2. ARTIFICIAL EYES." VT ADE and inserted by Dr. J. GRAY, No. 119 Bowerr. N. Lvl. Vork, the only manufactory of the llamaa Artificial Eye n the United Mutts. Any Mrnw that wishes to be wall smt? d, should always apply to the maker, who has been iu i .? i i orty years. ml} lei*re UK. J. KKANOld, OOUUOT, Hi BROADWAY, THIRD DOOR PBOM SSiltD STBBKT. IM7E, the nndersigued, having witnessed astonishing ems v v performed by Dr Francis, believe his preparatioaa are ne of the greatest discoveries ever made lor diseases of the ive, and highly recommend him as a safe and skilfal oculist. Rev. Duncan Dunbar, Rev. 8. H. Coae, Rev. J. Andrade, R. C. Priest, Rev. O. Benedict, Rev. J. Peck, Rev. A. Wheeloek. tr7~Keferrnres given to those in the city who have MM Mally blind from Amorosis?sight now perfectly restored; Jlcers and Specks removed of the longest standing. JC/"A number ol undoubted testimonials, to be seen at ? Bice, will satisfy the public of his astonishinfsnceees. (E7* Artificial Eyes inserted without pain. Zir Advice te lie poor gratis. . ... _ . tfy" Dr. Francis will remove on th? first of May te rte. U* Iroome street, first house, secoed block east ofBroadway. at Imdkltw^r iuTCHtN KANOfaS. HOLMES' TWO OVEN KITCHEN RANGES rHE Proprietors are now prepared to famish Holmes ranges to the trade, or set them np lor private families or oardiag houses, having purchased the right from the patentee > manufacture and sell them. Our eiperience in manufsctmrir mini artrins K itrhen ItanrM in rnia ritv. for the neat 1$ part. iMfruU u? in aaaerurm that Holme*' Range rtonui be ir|ai"rd lor economy, convenience, and duraoiliry. Tnay e warranted to perform the pnrpoee* for which they are para laaad, and ifuot they will be removed free of any eipeate to ic purchaser. Nameroa* reference* can be given to pareoaa ithing to pnrchaae. The price* run from aS to 44 dollar*. The pfoprietor* are conataotlv manutae.uring, aad are well ippliad with |>arlor, office, add bed-room URATES, of tweit pattern* Alao?TIN WARK, bright, plaia and ja,-*aed They have iaaan* at *11 time* ready lout Rao***, fTkie*. aad bolUr*? l*o, ainokey chimney* cored ; no rare, no pay. A. UILHOOLY h Boy, mil lm*rr Nwan *"***. AKIM.Nli UI-A.SSb.V LUOM.Uli UliAaatS rHOSK faniiahing their hou*et,and other* wanting Looking <>la**e*. would do well to call at IM Kalton atreet, r 333 Pnarl atreet, where every rariaty can be foand at the heapent rat;*, whiul**ale and retail. Large and *n*ll. novel, hiouably ornamented aud plain French plate (imaae*, to aitalmoit any ?i*ed pier, which will be eolc low, vary low, ideed. flain and richly ornamented Portrait rictare rra^ee, aiming* and K.ngtavingi Looking Olaaeea?plate* by tho oi or tingle. Old gl***e* replaterl Ladie*, while * hoping, plaaee call. nvl Im'r HOOPKW h BROTHER MUiNbV LbNT. rHC Hnb*criber continae* to advaneathe higbeet price, at tha old-eetabled office, 23] William *treet. oa gold aad ilver waichea, diamond*, plate, jewelry, wearing apparel, ,y good*, frujgr.^ te"fflWw.b~ta. mr" THE ONLY UKNUlNb WALNUT OIL MILITARY SHAVING SOAP, Iff AWiTFArTI'RKD bv ovr Mr. Johnson. th? iavtotor, VI ivT'y Vroo- k Kowler, whole-le ad mail. I'anrv *oai>? Kaaencee, and eeerr article nertaimng to a? (tcnair e rnannfactory, for the trade ami fUilie*. at Uee ?K-n anv other hontc in this conn try can anpplf; AIm, thr depot ot fha original and only genmae niacin in Extractor, for Irani, ind Htf'l Liai?aat for Pilaai Kalydor, fiw the Completion; Aeoaitic Oil for Dralnen; 8ari?p?n|la Extract, Mcu par bottle. Qrtion Hair Oil; On the moat favorable terau to mere Kan ti ia all part* of lha nantry. Steam Soap Worka and Laboratory of Ftrftaii, Pataat ledicinei. fcefce. II Conrtlaadt atreet, Naw York mv>* &Pfc.tiTACLK CA^K MANUKACTUKY, No. M FULTON STREET, mw roa>. CONSTANTLY aa banda laraa aapply of tba aboya yt>U elee, by the rroaa or dotoa. Coantry nerebanta appped I afcort aotic*. r. DUNN