Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 14, 1846, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 14, 1846 Page 1
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HI '!! T? Tot. XXI, Ho. 104?Whole No. *410. CHE NEW YORK HERALD. AMES 6QRD0N BENNETT, PROPRIETOR Circulation?Forty Thousand. Iuiili tiLRjiLu ?t?rry aay. rnce z emu rircopr-r 3 per umum?pa table lit *J? uice. wewlv h?rali>? >>'*ery 8-t?rday?Prioe cran >er copy?it Ui, rtati per annum?payable in adranee. HtHALu l>OK El IlOn-.?Frery Steam Itockrt day Mo 0*4 cents per copy?$3 04) per annum, payable in adIraure. . advkrtiskmemts at thelusoil priect-abraya cast til idvanet. PRtN'TINO of all kiada ex seated with beauty and despatch. , All httere or communications, by mail, addreaaed to On tablisliment. nraat be P"tt pa d. or tlie postage will be atd cted from the subscription moiiev remit* d. JA.viES GORDON UKNNBTT, l'ropnetor of tbe NtwYoii Hidild EiTiiiiirMixr, North-Wont enru rot Foltou and Nassau street!. .*w c... m> kailkoau company. SUMMER JiRRJINQKMENT 25d53bcii2!5ihb!l!z2bbbcll^s22b?f KAJN8 HUN A8 FOLLOWS, COMMENCING WHO NE9DAY. MAY 1J. 1M6: leavs brooklyn at T o'clock, A. M. Boston tr in for Greenport, daily (except Sundays,) stopping at Farmingdale and St. George's V.iuor. " " attK o'clock, A. M., for Farmin dale and intermediate IMPM " at J P.M., through to Green port. Hri ping both ways at Jamaica, jtangb. Hicksv ill*, Farmmgdalo, and all twMkua betwo en Farmingdale and Greenport. " " at 5 P. M., for Farmingdale and interne diate places. Lure fuwToiT ati o'clock, A. M. Accommodation train, daily, (except Sundays,) through to Brooklyn. " " at 3 P. M., Boston train, or on the antral ol the steamer from Norwich, stopping at St. George's Manor and Farmingdale. itimnoDiu at BX A 3fl, AteoDmuiltuog train for Brooklyn. " M A. M. Greenport trains/or Brooklyn. " at iV P. M. Accommodation train, Tor Brooklyn. Lure Jamaica it 8 A. M. Accommodation train, for Brookj lyn. it!M A. M. Greenport train Tor Brooklyn. " " at IV P. M. Accommodation train, for Brooklyn. Ka?? to ? Bedford I cent*, Eaet New York UX, Race Course 18V. Trotting Connie 18V. J unties &, Brushvillr 11 Hi. Hyde Park (17 mile*) 37 V. (lowsville (during the ?e?iio:i of court) 37}.. Hempttead 37 W, Branch 17W, Carle Place 44, Wrstbury 44, liicksvil le 44, Farmingdale 67V. Deer Park 69. Thompson 88, Suffolk statiou $1, Lake Road station tl my, Medford station SI 18V. Yaphmlt SI 17 V, St. George'a 1 Manor $1 6?X, Riverlend $1 61V, Jameaport $1 68V, Mattetuck tl fl'fc. Cntcliogae ti 62>4, Southold SI 62)^, Oreeuport Accommod ition train $1 75, Oreeuport by Boston train $2 36. Sraees are in readiness on the arrival 01 trains at tlie several station*, to take paaaeugers at very low fare*, to all parte of the Ishnd. Bajajage Cratea will be in readme** at the foot of Whitehall treet, to rt-ceiv* baggage for the stveral train*. 30 minute* before the hour of starting from the Brooklyn aide. The steamboat " Statesman" leaves Oreeuport for Sag Harbor twice n*ch day, on the arrivsj of the tram* from Brooklyn my 19 re Tu WhSTEKN TitAVKLLLKS. 'I^HE Public is rnapectiuil) i.ilormed that the recent break 1 in the Canal, caused by the late freshet, haying been repaired, the PI0SiC?R h EXPRESS LINK, via Railroad and Canal from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh, commenced it* regular tripe for the aeason on Monday, tne tth of April, leaving the Depot, No. 874 Market itieet, DAILY, at 7}f o'clock, A.M. By thin route passengers will avoid all the fatigue and danger of uielit travelling in conchea, both Railroads being passed in daylight. For further information, apply at the old-establiahed Office *71 Market street, 6 dnora above Eighth street. all A B <rVl MINOS. Agent. LO.Nu I SLASH kAILKUaU bxuresa Mail Train, leava* Whitehall atreet Kerry, New York nvniH aide. every morninu at 7 A. M.. for Boston.? o, train* from Brookl' a iidr at 7 o'clock and ?VC cii.iutc>, uid OX A M., and } and 5 P. M.. daily. The ^ A >1 , ai d S P. M train* go throng).. (lie former (topping ?t F^rmingdalc and manor, aad the Utter at all place* en the road jell r "TROY MORNING AND EVENING LINE. MORNING LINE AT SEVEN O'CLOCK. ML FOR ALBANY AND TROY-From the i CL i JP" Pi" *< <h* fo0' of Barclay *treet 9E_3K3b?LiuidiuK at Peekakill West Point. Newbnrgli, H itiifiou, Milton. Pouahhaepaia, Hyde Park, Rhineoerk U. Red Hook. Briacol,Catakill, Hnilson, Coxaackie, Kinderhook and Baltimore. Brraklkat and dinner on board the boat. The lUamhoat NIAGARA, will leave on Monday, Wed neaday And Friday Morning* 7 A. M. The atnaiNMi THOV, Captain Gorham, oa Taeeday, Ttmriday and SatarJxy morning*, at 7 o'clock. Returning oo eppotite day*. For pasiage or freight apply oa board, or at the office on the wharf. NEW YORK. ALBANY AND TROY LINE. FOR ALBANY AND TROY DIRECT, From the pier at the foot of Cennlandt *treet. The low-preaware ateamboat EMPIRE, Captau* K B Macy, leave* (tie lout JI ConrtWudt (tract, on Toe* day, Tharsdav and Saturday ?reaiujr*, at aeveo o'clock. The Steam boa: COLUMBIA, Capt. Wtn. H. Keck* will leave Ml Monday, Wedneaday aad Friday eraucgi, at * o'clock. Paaaaagara taking the** Boat* will arrire in a me to take the Maiaiag Traia of Car* from Troy weat to Buffalo, and sort]) re Saratoga, wmtenail ana L.ase unampiain. Pot Fuute or Freight, apply on board, NU(M Office on thf wharf. No freight taken after 5>? o'clock. NOTIt.K?All goods, freight, bank bills, specie, or ai.y other kind ol (>r?|>erty. positivMy at the owner'* rnk. JXr PEOPLE'S LINE fF STEAMBOATS FOR ALBANY. Direct? Oaily, Sunday* ei<M|>te<l?at To'doek, P.M Ami Stem mi ft pier ktlwten CowrtUmut and Liberty aft. .MM jfM steamboat IlO< HllSTER, Capt. Aitred ^UoQKl'ton, will leave on Monday. Wediies3Em3B3L dev. and Friday evening*, at 7 o'clock. tke-mboal HtNDRIK HUDSON, Capt. R. O. Cruttendeo will leave on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evenings, at 7 o'clock. The above boat* will, at all timee, arrive in Albany in ample time lor the morning cars for the east or west. Krright taken at moderate rates, and none tak?a after i% o'elockTP M. All persons are forbid trusting any of the boats of this line, without a written order from the captains or sgetits. For passage or freight, apply on board the boats, or to P. C. Schulti, at the office en the wlurf. United States Mail Line. At i o'clock, P. M., Landing at Intermediate Pisces Pram the Ast V Barclay it.. Steamboat HUDSON, Captai" C. Fixing, will leave on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday afternoons, at i o'clock. Steamboat 8ANTA CHUS, Captain Boverbagh, will leave on Tuesday, Than day and Saturday afternoons, at i 'dock. Apply on board, or at the office on the wharf. Jrtl .MM l> AIL V Ll.Nfc OK BOATS BET WfcKN g-TI-WL?3e NEW YORK AND STATEN ISLAND. S3DL The steamboats SYLPH, Captaia J. Braisteit, and Si'A TEN 18LANDER, Captaia D. Vws halt, will leave as follows v? Leave Statea Island at 4, I, I, IS and 11 A. M; at 1, t, J, 4,3, and 7, P. M. Leave New York at 7,t, ?. and 11, A. M. and 1,1, S, 4,?, #, 7 and past 7 P. M. All freight at the ri.k of of the owners thereof. Jolt THE MUST DELIGHTFUL. UF Al^L. EXCURSIONS. ^Mfl A SAIL acroM the Hndaou nrer to Hobo baANS'li". and then a walk to the Elyaiaa Fieldi. jE^JH^^L^long the exceedingly pictureaqae aKorea oi the place, will prove the n?l eaaily accompliahed and ittne tire of all ruraal eicaraioua that caa be made from the city. Tbe groauds now preaenf a tharming upML the t/ees be Ingio loaf, aad the aoil covered with a neh tarf. The walk* are in excellent order, hiTU| been considerably en> ellalsed the present apriug. On cjary pleasant afternoon there will be la attendance at the CoHonnade Elysian l> ielda, an excellent Band of Maaic, which will peHom aelectioua from the favorite Operas, popular aire, marchea, waltxea. Ike. The Kerry Boats from Barclay, Caaal and Christopher (U.. are completely Atted up with awning i and >eau. Night Boats run from Hobokea to Barclay street until 11 o clock. ?<i rent* ml Sm*r rv-f??..7 uKaKTS ON uhEai hRil'Ai.\ stfd&p* AND I RKL AND?Peranna to r^ w * " f"??da ia any pan of the old eoaatry. caa proeare drafts of the ^^^^^^" ubacribera for any amnuut, Irom ?1 and ap**rd? i*?itble at aifht, with?at discount, ia all the prfc. c.jial towue throagheut kugland, Ireland, Sootlana. and W alee. Tne aabacriber* beg to ink m their fneads and the pablic that this braach of their baaveaa continue to r.ceive their particalar attention, and they feel quite certain that better amusements than iheii for transmitting money to the old eowitry cannot be ra*de. Ti<e royal mail ate iner Caledonia will leave Boatoa tomorrow, by wtunh all drafts can be forwarded. W. It J T. TAPSCOTT, >6 South atreet, JeM r 2 d or? be'nw Hnrllm ?lip 7*^ f >)U LONDON?Regular packet ol July lO h-? kf^^VThe ft rat rlast,fast sailing packet ahip VICTORIA, akflb1 ai*?in, burtnera 1000 tent, will tail as aD-'v?, regular day. Having very aupenor accommodations for cabia, aecond cabin and terrace paseenaera, persona intending to embark ahoald make early application on board, foot of Maiden lane, r to JOSEPH *leMURRAY, Comer of Pine and South itreeta. The uplatidid new picket shin PRINCE ALBERT, Capt. ?bor, will aaeeeed the Vicuaia. and tail oa the Itt of Au n^,r\LAN, from rtarre?f'ooainnrea p?t "P will fl?M? ?f?d their p?rmita on baud, at 4 Nortkn??r. or to tf* office ot the ander m-.eii All good* not permitted 10 tire daie. will b? nt to th. l abile Mora. BOVD fc HINCKf.N. je? ' No U Well et. UNIONll.VL OF PACKET# FdTTCIVtRP<"6'lT X*2r Picket of the l?th Jnlr ?The erw, .pi rod id end tMftk. fa.wn lia? PMkvt ship EMPIRE. 11 r.,ne b?rJHtAfcihea. C.aptn J. ?. Raeaell, will Mil m Thnrtdar, jui oui, her rt-riilar day. Thu m-foiflceiit racket h?e iplendtd accommodation! foi cabin, tecnail cabin aad iteer?fe paaemgere, which will lie taken at low mtei. for which, and 10 eecnre the beet bertha, early application ?hould be made on lK?ard,at Pier J North KiT?r. or to W. k J. T TAPHCOTT, jy II rh 86 Sonthetreet, aeennd door below Bulla* Wip ^ FUR LIVERPOOL?New Liu*? Regular'putenSRjfWet of the 2Mh July.?The elfifant, faet e.ili?? naekESStMm*! (hip ROACH'S, A. Kldrioge, rnaater, ofllM tone will >?il *a a bore, her regular day. K?r freight oe pnaaage, harui* accommodatione mieqaalled for aplendor or comfort, apply on board, at Orleana wharf, loot ol Wall atreet, or to E. R COLLrNB k CO.. K Hoot)' at r?f tlO " Amr- PACKET* FOR MARSEiLLKS?The pacMt HjtVyaliip NEBRASKA, Captain W auon, will tail on the LU_l -u. . "i "i1 E JNE n: I GLASGOW AND NEW YORK LINE OF j PACKETS. m m <**> Pt-llisu.'.s wulii,* lu ?ut(l lor ihrn Iricndi in ,iu> |>jLrt of Sctluiil, to tail direct from Ol u^ow, ami make *nuiK*It'inU mtli llic 3ub?cill>cM. to b irr thriii brvuglit out iu UV oi the regulv line ol INckett, Milium taoniMv Irom GU?<ow. t | Thr ANN HAllt.LV', luiiiiii bcott, AJjA_M CARR, Ci>(Hun -U Kvit'u, 1, ' r I Cmr-rne the !m< ui J tlir hith cb?n?cc?r of tho?? tm, ' ? !?..!i- ul'! !>* ?uU.r.e:>t iiiHuer jient for |??r?oi?* ""y ?i > k toi ibeir lri?ii<U la <* uiluiil. to mtka ixrmn*?ai?uU for , iau \tiir line.) Farther particulars riven, ua application to W.fcJT. TAP8COTT, 73 SoutU street, coner of Maideu Lane, or , Messrs. iltll) St MURRAY, Au?*nw alt r m Glasgow. NEW YORK. AND GLASGOW LINE OF PACKET^. jjUt tUfv iUfy from Ne^^^rk on the lst7*"UUlLs?ow on Uie uiii of From N. York. Fm. OPgow. i Jane L July 15. Ship SARACEN, N. T. Htwkiju, < Oct. 1. No*'r 15. { Keb. 1. March li. i July 1. April 15. Br. Ship BROOKSBY, H. M'Ewen, < Not. 1. Auk. 13 ( March 1. Dec'r 15. t August 1. May 15. Br Bark ADAM CAKR, , < Der'r 1. H?pt. 13. ( April 1. Jwi. 15. I May 1. June 15 Br. Bark ANN HARLEY, R. 8cott, ] Sept. 1. Ore. 15. { Jan'y 1 Febrna. 15. These ship* are good, substantial teaaels, ably commanded, and will sail punctually on their regular days. Their accommodations for paaseuger.arc good, and every'attention will l>? paid to promote their comfort. The agents or Captains will not be responsible for any parcels or package* sent them, unless bills of lading are signed therefor. vor ircucnt or passage, apoiy to WOODHL'LL k MINTURN, 87 8outh street, New \ ork. or >4 re KKID Ic MI'RRAV, iib PASSAGE FKOM GRKAT BKiTALAN AND IRELAND, |fe ?8* By th^b^ck Ball, oruTTLine of Liverpool Packet*^ sailiug from l.ivrriiool 0:1 the lit and 16th ol every month. The YORKSHIRE iuli from Liverpool, 1st of March. " OXFORD " " l?th of March. " CAMBRIDGE " " - lit of April. " MONTEZUMA " " 16th of April. Personi sending for their friend*, and forwarding the paa*age certificate by the steamship tiibeniia, nailing from Boiton on lb* 1st of February, will have plenty of time to come in the Varkiliire^ or in any one ol the eifht packets of the Ulark Bull Line, sailing from Liverpool on the 1st and li'.th of every month. Applv to. or address, if bv letter poit p?id, ROCHE, BROTHERS fc CO .Si Fulton it.. Neil door to the Fulton Bank. MAkSElLLKS ET5"E OF PACKETS. ^ gjfc Tn^Ti<Jermentioii ships will b? regularly deapatclieiMrom hence on the lit, and from Marseilles the 10th of each month during the year, as follow* Ships. Captaini. From N. York. PR't'K ifr JOINV1LLF., (new) Lawrence, April I 8ept. 1. MI88UR1, Silvester, ' May I Oct. I. AHCOLK (new) Eveleigh, Jnne 1 Nov. 1. QASTON, Coulter, July I Dec. 1. NEBRASKA (new) Watson, Aug. I Jin. 1. < Ship*. Captain*. From Marseille*. PR'CE cle IOINVILLE, (new) Lawrence, June 10 Nov. 18 MISSOURI. Silvester. Julv 10 n?r III ARCPLE, (uew) Ereleigh. Aug. 10 Jan 10 OANTON, Coulter, Sept. IA Feb. 10 NEBRASKA. Watson, Oct. 10 Mar. 10 These eesseli are of the Brit class, commendfJ liy men of experience. Their accnmmod itions, for puiencen are unsurprised for comfort and tonyenienro. Goods aJdrrs.ied to the uenta will be forwarded free of other charge* than those actually paid. for freight or passage apply to CHAMBERLAIN fc. PHELPS, Proprietor* No. 103 Front street, or to BOYD k HINCKEN, Agents, mllrc > Tontine Buildings, 80 Wall.cor. Water ?tREMITTANCES TO IRELAND, &c. m m M m. ^GEORGE Mc^kTOeTJ'-. has r^m^STiis offic^u^No! 48 Broadway, and continues to remit money, ia sums large or { smalll, to persons residiag in any part of Ireland, iu the same manuer as ne and his predecessor ia btisiuess hare done for i the last thirty revs and more; also, to say part of England or 1 Scotland. Mouev remitted by letter, post-paid, to the sabscriber, or personally deposited witn him, with the name of the personor persons in Ireland, England, or Scotland, to whom it ia to he sent, and nearest post town, will be immedi itely transmitted and paid accordingly, and a recnipt to that effect giren or (brwarded to the sender. *28 lm*r NEW LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS. To sail from NlwiotT31?t, and Iro^TiTerpool 6U^T^ch month. From A'ttt York. Liverpool. New ?hip LiTenwol, 1130 tens, J ?";. ?! j?Jj- 5 J. EJdndge. j ^?st #1 Oct.* 6 New ship Oueen of the West, S jf ?j 1250 tous/r. Woodhoase, 1 ? ?? New Ship Rochester, tot ton., S ^:w>' !} 4''"' ? Jolin Briton. J I in* tpoTv mn(T)iiicr?t packeta, tne aeeonimodatione of w hi en are on equalled, and the atricteit pnaotnnlity will ba oKierred in their nail in* on the afated dava. from New York on Ilat and ?ih of each month. i From Liverpool on *th and I ith nf every month. Thai preventing the pouibility of deity ?t either port. The tnbecriheri are alio agents for the Ht. George'i Line ?f Packeta. in any of which magnificent ahipa puia?r can be aeenred at a very moderate rmie, or in 6r?t clan irantient ahipa, altogether making a ihip from Liverpool every fire dayt. The peateir care will be taken by Mr W Tapacott in Liverpool to (ire all noetihle despatch to raoenirera, anil the aame will be done h' the anbaertben in New York. For further | attirnlara arplv (letter* paid) to W h J. X. tAPWOTT, *fi Mouth atreet two doora below Burlinir alio or to WM. TAP8COTT, 98 Waterloo Vo.dl, J Liverpool. 4^4: rA*KKTH FOR HAVKF.- Hernnd Line?The f^9^Vpacket {hip BALTIMORE, Captain John Johnioa, ?" 'BOTDTHiN^EN^0' SUip Hottinguer, 104# tool, ) j?.i^ j! rim * Ir.Bur.Iy. / No?. \\ ST' { These snbstuntisl. fast sailing, brat class ship*, *11 built in the my of new York, are commanded by men of experience *i. J abil.ty, tail will be despatched punctually ou the itlst of eun month. TVmir ra'uiai are elegant and commodious, and are furnished with whatever cut conduce to the aiue and comfort of passen(era. I'nce of p..a?n*e $100. Neither the cap!una uor owneri of these ship* will be ra pona.'le for anv^arctla or packagea sent by them, unless regultr billa of ladiug are sigu?d therefor. For freight or p.itsage apply to WOOD1IULL It MINTURN, 87 South street. New York, or M FIELDEN, BROTHERS fcSCO., m8 rc _ Liv^flffifll. JOHN HERDM AN k CO.," Ihited Htatea and Oreat Britain and Ireland, Old Established Immigrant Office, (1 South street, New York. $&$$$*> HERDMAN. K?EJL\N fc CO., Liverpool. Passage to and from Uwtt Britain and Ireland. ria Liverpool by the Old Black Ball Line, or any of the regalar Packet ahipa sailing eTery five daya. The sabecribers in calling the attention or Old Coantrymen and Ae public generally to their unequalled arrangementa for bringing oat paaaengera from the old country, beg leave to atate that the linaineae of the House at Liverpool will be conducted by ita branch. Thoee aenduiK for their friend* will atone* fee the great importance oitnie arrangement, aa it will preclude an nnneceaaary delay of the emigrant. The dupe eruployrd in thi* hue we well known to be of the firat and lank claaa, commanded by men of eiperieoee; and aa they Ml every five daya, offer every facility that can be farnialied. With thoee aapeTior arrangement*, the subscriber* look forward for a eontinuatioa of that patronage which ha* been ao liberally errndtd to them for ao manv year* past. In ea*? any af thoa* engaged do aot embark, the paaaage maney will be reminded as customary. For farther pxrticnlnra apply by letter, post paid. J. HERDMAN L CO.. 61 South at., New York. HERDMAN. KEENAN k CO., Liverpool. N. B.?Draft* for any amonnt can aa nsnal be fumiahed, payable at all the principal Banking Institutions throughout tha Uni'ed Kinflnm. on application aa shore. - tlKli 1BH A>1> NUMllI A-WiJtl^^nlCAN ROYAL MAIL STEAM 8Hir8, y^Kjfl^CjL<nof IM tona and <40 bona power t-uch, under contract with tha Lords af the Admirally. HIBERNIA Capt. A. Ryrie. BRITANNIA Opt. J.Hewitt. CALEDONIA Cept.E. O. Lott. AlADIA Capt-Wm. Uarrisoa. CAMBRIA., Capt.C. H. E. Judkias. Will sail from Liverpool and Boston, vis Halifax, as ft>l lows :? FROM IOITM, r*OM I. r? unroot.. Britannia July 18, VH4. Cambria....... ..July 4, 1M#. Cambria Anf. 1, " Hibernia " 19, " Hihemia " 1#, " Caledonia An* 4, " Caledonia Sept. 1, * Paaaaae Mnsir. From Boaton to Lirerpoo i $1?. From Boaton to Haltfai 20. No bertha ie?:are(l ontil paid for Theae ahipa carry ? rrienced aunreona. No freight, except apecie, received on aya of aailing. For freight, paaaage, or any other information, apply to D. BKIOHAM. Jr., Aaent. JfTrc At H ARNOKN K r, Wall at. >.>. _ NOTICE?TAPSCOTT'S GENERAL yjF&EMM EMIGRATION OFFICE, Kemoted from to ?"u,h ttreet.?Peraona aruiliiig lor J~^]iiuilnM|Stheir frienda in any pert of the old couufv can m ke tin- uereaaary arrangementa witn i trie aubacribera, on reaaoniMe tirtni, to hare tnem brought out, in THE NEW LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS. *' urxuipuaeii by any other, and 'P'1' "i" ?*' W ' "'It tona, uid upwarda) rendera them more comfortable and conrcnient than ahipiof a amaller *,n .. i'l'mV*** V? rel i *a ce may be placed in rheir pune? JlLIILL .I^It it cnb,r* alao agenta for the St. Q*org? and Union Lm?a of Liverpool Tacketa, i.i any of which paaaage can be ?n reaaon.hle termi. Draft, for any mount, Payable wkbonr diaconut m al] the principal towna of Engluid, Ireland, Scotland or Wtlea, can alao be obtained. 1 For farther perticolara. apply to W. tt J. T. TAPSCOTT, teJTrc Mi tomb at.. 3d door below Burling Slip N T PAF?.%?E jpTiTTFiWyu VKRf'oiTL hy tfHV the new line of Liverpool P?rketa -Per.ona aeiMJMIfaini for their triauda in any part of Ore, t Britain or Ireland, can rake the uaceaaary arrangementa with the enbI acribera on reaaouahle term*, to hare them brought ont in any L W Yf) EW YORK, TUESDAY M City Lyrlet. i a Voics from a.n Elm T&xe on the Battsby. ?T CALEB LTOX OP LYO.MDALK. A iftpllng (lid they bring me here, From 'neath an ftged parent's shad*, Wliete Iudiau L hicls a welcome least To Hemtrik Hudson made. That parent?I remember well. Beneath whose giant roots were hid A coU'or fill'd with genu and gold? By Captain Robert Kyd. Faintly comet back that olden time, (For yean have vauish'd one by one.) Since through my infant boughs'ochoed Fetor Stuy vesant's gun. Then came dull rumors of a strife, nrliwk T In (I.a L- ?I_W K I 1 Au'i soon '.here flouteJ o'er mj head, The Red Cross of tb* deep. The Indians came beneath my ?hl<i, To tioat wiih Chiefs of hign command ; And tyntnUto their allies said, ,, Rebellion's o'er the land. , -R. 'Twai here that Arnold breathed a prayer, Kor An.Ire'n weal, with bitter tear*, Dut did not calm beneath my (hade Kir Henry Clinton'* fears. Then after ycara of toil and war, Came form* the people lov'J so well: >, \ KuMiers from many a battle-field To Washington'! Farewell. A flag of stars they proudly bore. And ?polte of Monmouth?Bunker-hill? Of Concord and of Lexington, Then all again wai still. 1 siw him stand upon the deck, Freodom's St Paul of later daya, I1i? eagle eyes were dim with tears Meeting the poople's gaze. An 1 silently they looked on him With yearning"heart*, 'tili lost to view, And many t'elt, they knew not why, That twas hi* last adieu. And other President* have been Since the*, the wi<e. the brave, the Ttla, Yet atill I fancy that Hia like Will never live again. And now come* humbler memories, (Dark pages on the book of life) That 1 will tof'ly whisper thee? Of sufl'cringa and of (trife. Here hath 'he trusting maiden told Her first and truest holiest love , Here hath she died alone betrayed? Nofriend but one above. Here hath the filicide returned To God. the spirit that he gave ; And shrillr sharp the pistol rung Hia requieum o'er the wave. Here wa- the try stlng-place of sin When starless nights a covert made, And where my shadow falls at eve, An infant's grave waa made This lesson learn, that gold and fame. The restless sharks of life's dark tide, ResUt them both, it thou would'st live, A beggar unhclied. .Ullltarjr Operation* the Union. I HE KKOVLAK AMY. The steamboat Ocilia arrived at St Louis on the Mth ultimefrom the Upper Mississippi,and brought ompinies H und K ol the 1st Kegiment of U 3. Dragoons, commanded by Capts Sumner and Cook, consisting of I IS men rank and file, 100 fine hors<><aod IS mules. CaptCook came from Kort Crawford, and Capt Sumner from Fort Atchison. They are on their wij to join Oen Taylor's army. Capt Sumner, of company B. Is the only commissioned oflicer with his troop. r?pt. Cook. Lleats Himond and Davidson, and Dr. Simpson, are with comnanv K ?V_ rt PiVmmn# Atk ARKANSAS The Demaerat wai kindly furnisher) last week br Oov. Drew with a complete list of the Companies, which had been received by him under the lata requisition upon Arkansas. 'l'lio following is the lilt of Mounted Gunmen iorthe expedition against Mexico No 1 Popo county; ('apt. Moffott. No 2 Pulaski. Captain Berlund. No. 3 Johnson, Captain Patrick. No 4 Independence. Cap'ain Porter. No. 6 Pulaski, Captain Pike. No. 0 Crawford, Captain Roane. No 7. Sevier, Captain Hunter Ne. 8 KrankUn. Captain Pretton. No. 9 Saline, Captain lngli?h. No 10 Phillipi, Captain Preston. Most of the above Companies have by this time reached the place of rendezvous at Washington, Hempstead The Phillips Company is yet behind, but we saw Captain l'roston yesterdsy en routr to Washington. He informed us that he was only a few days in advance of his Com pany. For the frontier service, the following oompaniet of infantry, have been receivod, besides two mounted t ompanies from Lawrence and St. Francis No. I. Johnson county Captxin Gray. No. 3 Washington. Captain Cline. No. 3 Pope, Captain West?LiUle Rock Gaz?tU, Jum '20. OHIO. The remaining Regiment of Volunteers for Mexico, now at Cainp W aaliington, embark to-day for Now Orleans, on their way to Nlatamoras. MICHIGAN. Lieut Van Buren, late of this state, has opened a rendezvous at Indianapolis for enlisting recruits for the regular army in the new regiment of mounted riflemen 1 his regiment is said to be destined for Oregon service. Any ot our joung men who wish to seo that beautiful land, and at the same time to entor the service of their country, cannot do better than to enter this regiment, and certainly they cannot find a cleverer fellow or an officer more attentive to their comfort than our eld friend M. E. Van Buren. He is a Wolverine, every inch of him.?I)?tToit (Mick.) frit Prt'i, July B. Mlarellaneou*. "We underttanJ that the ofReer tent out b y Gen Wool to examine the several routes most practicable for our cavalry to march to our south-western frontier, after examining the one from Memphis and that leading from this place, haa decided in favor of that from Natchez by way of Alexandria to Han Antonio, ai the shortest by 3U0 miles, and altogether better than the former ; and that the troops may be looked for here as aoon as the necessary arrangements can be made for their transportation from the place* at which they have rendezvoused. ? Jimtcheu (Hit* ) Fret Trader, July 2. We learn by letter* from Washington, that the President ha* directed General Oaine* to be brought before a Court of Knquiry. The General, it i* said, protested against a Court of Knquiry a* being unfair and contrary to the spirit of the 9-2d article of War, which is in these words " Courts of Knqniry may be perverted to dishonorable purposes, and may he considered aa enquiries of distinction to military merit, in the hand* of weak and envious commandants : they are therefore prohibited, unless directed by the {'resident or demanded by the accused." Gen. Gaine* desired to be tried by Court Martial in t&e camp of Gen. Taylor, whore witnesses are. Dut the request waa declined, with an assurance that measures ?ould be taken to ensuie fair and impartial in vestigation. The President, we understand, ha* received toe ueneral with great kindness. ?New Orleant Jtjfertonita, July 4. Chableiton, 8. C., July 0, 1944. TT>i Fourth?H'aihington Light Infantry? Wothinglon lrtillery?Gen. La VigM?Churl flan Volunteer t?The Pillory. Dcia 8ia?The time-honored and glorious Fourth of July was celebrated here with pomp and circumstance worthy the occasion. The military, infantry, artillery, cavalry, and militia beats mustered their force* early Plain* frtf napa.U nml u m> .miiiUM! v., ... - , general exhibition of the dread anay of arm* and the mell of gunpowder, all of which wa* applauded and ap proved of h> the beautiful ladie*, who muilind In im men** numbera, and graced the occasion with their bewitching imilaa and gracei, pretty laces, noble forme bright eye*, fine dreasei, lavishing charm*, and devoted heart* in profuaion for the million. Considerable rivalry i* manifested here between (he " Washington Light Inaulry " and the " Waakington Artillery," both having volunteered ior the Hio OranJe. and muitaring Irom IjO to 195 men on mo<t all orcailom, and men a* brave and good-looking a* ever " cockod a gun " or took a " hast) piale of soup"?no misiaku It*.mid have done youi neait good to have seen them on tlie houith. A luiorm is nee.ed in tne poai oltti* h?ra te effect the opening and delivery of the gteat western and kouthern aiail* ou Sunday*. By the rough. the " masteily inactivity" 01 our worthy Bud jun emle friend the P. M , the P. O 1* made a " i.ead letter depositoiy" on Sunday*, for the purpose of giving the letter* and puper* rest, poor things! These mails arrive here on Huuoay s at 1 o'clock, P. ,w., and through extra ktmtnes* they aie permitted to I have a holiday oi Ti houra, no matter how imporunt the letter* and paper* inav be io the merchant* and citizen^ generally. Air Polk muit perceiv* a reform i* needed. ! | complaint* are long and loud against tnia dead le.ter i I depository.

ueueial De I,a Vega it la mid arrived here thla morning from New urieana. by ahip, in compan> with several ; ??!ntleBien> and nuineroaa whisker* ol Mexican growth. Le ha* taken lodging* and engaged " hasty plate of | souii," at the Charleston Hotel. The ladie* generally will toon have *n opportunity to examine those whiskei* minutely, a* the (Jcnera! i* on hi* great tour through the J United state*, by authority. apt Banning'* Charleston Volouteera are all ready end eeger for marching order* and a light with the Meal- ! ran*, or John Bull II ueceeaery. The volunteer* are , at it nt? nA ,ia?iniiA rnmikojiv noitHiinv romam and i skill sufficient to devour a " hast) plate of up" in ne I time?war or no war. A scene not common in this country, except in thit State, presented itself at the public market place this morning at 9 o'clock. Two men (Uermsnt) were put in pilloi ) lor hall en hour, in compliance w/th a sentence ol Uie City Court, lor a desperate attempt to way ley end rob Mr. White, a young gentleman of this city, last winter, while welking in a public street after dark. Hundreds ol ourciuiens pasted the market to see these great unhung rascals 1H 111 h H? J. 'I JII ?-JLL L "J1 RK 1 [ORNING, JULY 14, 1846. The Watering Places. Sakatoua SrniNut, July 13. Almott a Ramanct?TSt Omnibut and the Sulphur Springi ? Dttter'i Lie try?Dempster'! Concert?The Weather?Tin I.ndiet. Well, this is a wonderful place, ti* beautiful, and it i* crowded with men, women and children of every age, condition, country, habit, profession, and complexion. The man or the woman of whatever a^e, who will not be happy here, mutt be obstinate ai the ether aide of every thing. By the way, I must tell you a little incident that has just passed of. A lady, young, beautiful, bewitching, 1 gaily dressed, a real May Queen, was aeen yesterday promenading the blossom perfumed walk* of a certain garden, arm-in-arm with a "nice young man," from the city of brotherly love. Smiles were exchanged, glances thrown, anJ so on. sh' wing them to bti in a "friendly state of feeling." if net more Observers were admiring them ; the curious were wondering who they were, ami some were even envying them their apparent happiness. All at once a stranger approach** them, who had just , arrived in tbe cars. Doing in their rear they do not discover him until he it quite near them. The lady accidentally turns around just as the gentleman reaches them?each appears greatly excited?the lady utters a shriek?thrn swoons, and i? caught in tho aim* of tbe intruder. While this is being done the gentleman with whom she i> walking, walk* olT, and is seen nor heard of more The new comer take* the lady to the hotel. No one is admitted to their room?no questions asked?no answer* given. All i* mystery and darkneo. When the evening train of ears go to 8cuenectady, they embark? the lady loaks pale, sad and disappointed?the gontleman, a fine looking fellow, look* item aad is silent. The occurrence we* not known by more than half a dozen, and all, (omehow, appear to have been induced to keep the matter " mum.'' A new and splendid omnibus entered the service to run betw??n this place and the Like, to cirry passengers for the Sulphur Springs Tho omnibus is named General Taylor, in honor ol the hero of Talo Alto and the Nueces It will carry twenty persons inside, with comfort, and is drawn by four beautiful grey horses? 1 The increasing visits to those Sulphur Springs, will render this einnibus, as well as the excellent carriages and horsoi of Dexter, very active service thl* summer.? Scarce any one who comes to those springs now, if they have time, fail* of the Lake and the Sulphur Springs. On Saturday evening, we were favored with a concert j by Mr Dempster, whose *weet singing and harmonious piano-playing, have deighted thousand* in every part of the land. He had a good audience in the hall of the United States Hotel, 01 the tliti of the visiters and citizens. and performed his pieces with sweetness, strength, and perfection of voice, exceeding himself. I understand he is to give only two or three concerts more, one of which will be in yoar city, before he takes his departure for hurope. We are having seme warm day* about now I do not tea how in the name of the sun you " stand it down there, in good old Gotham" Why, with th* groves, and baths, and ice water, and lemon ides, and punches, ttxl all manner of cooling diink*. it i* a* much as we can do to feel well here; m l bow, with your hot I (tree's, confined air, and all your activity and hard woik^| yon get al->ng i* a mystery. Nothing -money, love n?rV war should neap your citizens at home auottier weak, it able to spead the time here. And lieside all, it is not very likely another such a company of bea'ttitul an I charming ladies can )>e foun I in oae i>tacc, hs we hive here jutt uow. O. ye old bacn elors, you mi?t be callous in every fibre of v our heart* if,coning ueie among such blushing, blooming flowers ye Jo not be omo captives Having dined at several ol the hotols. wliore I nave been permuted to s??e an 1 ad roiro all, (Tor in the itngu.ige oi the uuted .vlolht. " I lave tne 1 idies '") 1 must say, I tiuve raruly been atthe tyring*, more beauty, intelligence, refinement and loveliness, at any one time. AnJ what is altogether a consideration with many, they are rich, and not engagod I understand, a novelette, a romance at the Springs, from real life, will toon appear. It is said to be a true story, and will be read with interest. * Lkxiivotoiv, (Ky.) July 4, 1846. T\t Trial of Shelby for the Murder of Horino?The Criminal Low it/ Kentucky?Mr. Cloy'? Speech?Col flanmrtirn. Arc A-r. The past week ha* been one of extreme interest end excitement. Tbe trial of Lafayette Shelby, for the mnr dor of Henry M. llorioe, ..commenced on Monday, the 1st instant, and terminated to-day at half past 4 o'clock. The counsel employed were of tha highest order?for tho prosecution, A. H. Robortson, Commonwealth At tornef, and Cel. Wm. H. Caperton, of Richmond ; for the defence, Judge Woolloy, James F. Robortson, and Hon. Henry Clay. During the wholo trial tha court hou<a was filled to overflowing; and so immense was the throng on Friday morning to hear the summing up, that an adioarnment was mado to the College Chapel The jury haranotaayet rendored a verdict, and much suspense prevails as to the result. A mora palpable and aggravated case of murder never occurred In any country. Shelby and llorine aro both at the suae hotel. Shelby a nan of wealth, overbearing and obnoxious in his intercom ce with men. He is of an aristocratio family?the son of 0?n. James Shelby, arid grandson of the late (Jov. Isaac Phelby. At the time ot the occurrenca, has been for more thau a year alienated from his father1* house?has become intemperate, and frequently expresses an indifference to liiis. llorine, on the other hand, is a clerk in one of the mercantile houses of this city?a member of llie Presbyterian church ; sober, peaccable, innocent, and beloved by all who knew him. Ha If poor and fatheriess?an aged mother's hope for the bread of liia. llorine has been accustomed to oc cupy a certain seat at table ; but on this occasion has failed to come until the table is filled. Shelby occupies it, Horine stands with his back to tho fire, and face to the table, and as is natural, oasts his eyes at Shelby. This he doe* two or three times Sbelby observes hiin. Dinner over,, they arc both in the bar room. Shelby approaches llorine.and demands what he meant by looking at him at table; llorine replies that he has a right to look at any man?knows who Mbelhy is -is no better than an) other man Tbe scene is now changed to the pavement *t the corner of the hotel; Shelby bccomes very angry, violent and abusive?says it was damned impertinent and ungentlomanly. Horine replies that he will look at him when he pleases, to-morrow aud at other times Shelby says," If you <U>, I will break your mouth with a tumbler." During this altercation, Shelby keeps his left hand moving in a delving manner; his right in his pocket; Horine standing with hi* cloak wrapped about him. At a moment when, from all appearanaes, tuo witnesses _.| ,L. . UI..IK.. .Ian. Ifn.In. the right cheek with hi* left hand, end with hi? right immediately drewi a p?tol frem hi* pocket, and hoot* him down dead on ihe *pot. Huch aunatantially wu the evidence in the cote, and Mich, though the uruoner go free, will (tand a lading monument of hi* guilt. In a land of law and iuitiae, what defence could po**lMy be aet ur> in palliation of toil cold-blooded and unprovoked murder. Could, under such evidence, a verdict of acquittal be rendered on the gronnd of aelf delenceT There waa no real or apparent danger to Shelby . Murine hail not evidenced the firit apjiaarance of preparation for combat ; on the con trary, after the murder, no weapon* were to be found npon or about hi* perion; and even if there wai to have been a combat, wn* there any reaton in Hhelby'a immediately following the (lap with the (hot, giving poor Mo rine no time to defend himielf em though he would? In the abience therefore of any material* lor rational defence, the coun*el retort next to an expedient which, in an Kaitern court,would,*eem highly novel and reprehenlihle?the ju>?ge on the bench admitted the itatement of Shelby himself, made to hi* father aubaequent to the ?urder, a* evidence in hi* own behalf!?uA, temporal ?*, mortt! I do notiay that this i* extraordinary in Kentucky whtie the crimal law i* n deal letter; but I do *ay that the judge who in an Kaistern rouit would pnrtue a umiiar couth-, would itibject himielt to the seem and contempt of hi* fellow-cui/vim; and even here, a* wu evidenced thia afternoon b> the iuvoluntary applauie which greeted Colonel Caperton, of the prosecution?even heie the people are Ixrjfinuingtoiee Uitfl the law muitbe enforced or society mmunuau It ia higutime that in this community an example be ' made, and that now.or henceforth there will be Do bfety for lite, no radraa* for minder H it'<in the 1-ut 27 yean, *ays an old and respectable lawyer ol this city, there have been 34 murder* committe?l in the county ol Kayetie, and in nut a solitary in tam e hat capital punishment l>een enforced ! And this muming. Mr clay, in his *peech for the |triaoner, ica.l a Iouk list of criminul ca?es tried in the commonwealth of Kemucky, in whioh the piisoners were acquitted on mu. h weaker rfelencra than uu?; and, exclaimed the venerable orator, throwing In* head back, and be'laying an almoat biwitetitug pliumibility, shall Lalayette .sh~lby be condemned in the face and eiesof these lecoid* T He quoted the case cf ( harlea VV ukiilfe, in whose beball he H|i|??"re<i 17 yeara ago thia day. Said he, shall thia day, hallowed in the recollection* of the p??t. anJ i preguant with hope for the fature euhrged libeity ol , tfte citizen* of thia great country; ahail till* da) 17 > * an ago, honored by Uie proolamatiou of freedom to Chailes VVickliffe, be low diabouored by a death doom to Lafayette .Shelby ) Thia wa? perhape the laat time Mr. Clay will eppear at 1 tbe bar. Ho appealed in flae health, itood erect, spoke with eneigy, nut complained of indisposition The marks ol nigh seventy yeara are upon him, and that , trembling nerve and faltering *tep betoken the want of re*t. During his long lita, in aay capacity , he has not I think, met to formidable an adreraary aa Col (aperton CoL C has the reputation of boiog the best criminal lawyer in Kentucky, and nobly did he redeem that reputation He, in aite and general appearance, reminded me of Joahua A. Hpencer, of Utica. In referring to Mr. Clay'* allusion* to the character of the day, he rentarkad .. .-V ; j ..... >.. ,.f i?I? i .Li. iniqp imj rcjviteu n **?"? ? ? j'vh mm t day 1st th? law* be vindicated, and society protected ? | Let the criea of the murdered Horine, from hia early | grave, he heard, and in puniihmg the utedder of hia blood eitabliah a precedent that will revive the criminal law* of Kentucky, and throw a nafeguard around innocence and | virtue- law and ' aociety'? woll being Thin hare I given you, aa I believe, a correct description ot thin tragical cue. 1 will advise you of the verdict, when rendered. Ii'ddik Death.?Theodore Kreon, K?q. Jytice of the ; Peace of Richmond county, held an inqneet on HumIht laat on the body of Patiick llenneaiy, who died very atiadenlv on that day. Verdict?Died by the bnretinf of a biooo vetael 1EKA Buropcait Correspondence of the New York Herald. Parjs, June 16,1S46. Tfie General Election* in France?M Guizot and M. Thiers?71ie English Constitution in Frame ?Sym/Hilliy between the Governments of England and of France??pain atul Portugal?Railways?The Weather?Musical and Theatrical Matters?Prince Iamis Napoleon?77ic Death of the Pojk? Interference of the European Poweit between Mexico atui the United Statct. Notwitlutanding the habitual screniiy of tho political firmament, which is spread over this quarter of the globe, scattered cloud*, in which the low mutter of thunder is heard, appear in various quarters. These, however, create no serious alarm lor the general and international tranquillity. Tlieir force will be exhausted in the struggles of conflicting parties, confined within the respective States. There will bo no national collision as yet. The Guizof cabinot still maintains its supremacy, notwithstanding desperate struggles of some of the sections of the Chamber opposed 'o it. These struggles have been stimulated chielly by the approaching general election, on the result of which, the stability of the cabinet must finally rest, and which may exclude from power, for a long period, the present opposition. Indeed, it is dilfieult to convey to a stranger, in what respect, precisely, the present opposition difFors from the cabinet. They agree on all question*, which, to-i foreign eye, would appear of much importance, so that the strife is rather personal than political. The question is not so i much whether this or that policy should be adop- j tea, or wueiuer una ur umi Iiinisuio miumiu ucj i proposed, hut whether M. Guizot or M. Thiers should be the head of the government! It is not j wliotiier the vessel ot the State should hold this or 1 that course, but whether M. Guizot or M. Thiers should stand at the belml lJoth of these statesmen profess to admire I lie , theory of the English constitution, and die practi- ' cal working ofthe British government. It is well known thnt, for many years of his life, M Guizot devoted himself to the exclusive study of this j>ubject, and it is, at present, the worn-out the mo of the speeches of M. Thiers. Yet it is exartly on the application of litis principle that these political leaders differ, or atieast profess to differ. M. Thiers maintains that tl|e personal wdland influence of the sovereign -hotlid bo removed from the council-board of th* cabinet; that the crown, having no responsibility, should have neither voii-e ! nor power in the ministerial deliberations. M. j Guizot, on t'ie other hand, holds that a just influpnoi: should be allowed to the occupant of the 1 Mfone, wild that the function* of the ministry ?hould be, to brini? intoaucord the different pow- > or" of the Stale. In ?h>rt, M Thiers desires to j emancipate the cab net from the presence of l<ou>s Ph llippe, while M Guizot is desirous ol securing the harmony of its policy with the views | in I opinions of th it sovereign. \1. riiiers i< in fivor of maintaining the armed i force of the country ott a Tooting of efficiency ami j on n scale of magnitude, such as iniaht. be found s (ficient in the event of a war with any foreign power. M. Guizot rather inclines to vie>y foreign 1 >vars a? a contingency that .may safely be left to : be provided for whenever it may becomc imminent. In accordance with this state of things, the works of peace are making rapid progress in France, and the spirit of intentional amity with i England spreads more and more every day. Every thing from which a present judgment can I be formed, affords evidence of the probability of a ] long-continued and firmly established peace ; and | if, at a remote epoch, war should occur, it seems | in the highest degree probable that France and England will be on tli^ same side in it. '1 he late attempt to assassinate the king lias i only tended to increase his popularity. The as- i sassin lias been executed, with the unanimous 1 concurrence of all parties. Even the most extreme ' radical* are tlio most iouu in m^ir inuignauun ai | the baseness of tha act. It had no political connection whatever. Tlie democratic principle is fermenting in Spain and Portugal. In the latter country, the Cabral ministry has beon, for years, abusing their nower and office by the moit scandalous system of public robbery and peculation. At length the patience of the people has been exhausted, and it has been driven from office and from the country by a successful insurrection. At no distant period, ameliorations in the constitutions of Suain, Portugal, und northern Italy, will ho lbrccu forward by the irresistible influence of the popular will. The great lines of railway, here, arc in a state of rapid progression. On .Sunday last, the great northern line, connecting Paris with Brussels, was opened, with an imposing ceremony, and j the regular operations of tne line will be com- j menced in a few day*. This is a double line of I railway, which extends from Paris, through Amiens, Lille and Valenciennes to Brussels. Branches to Boulogne and Calais, and other western towns, are in progress. The continuation of the Rouen railway to Havre and Dieppe is also in a forward state. The warm season has now fairly commenced The thermometer in Paris within the last fifteen days ranged from 80? to K7W, and reminded us of New York, in the hottest season. This, however, is not usual in Paris, at any season, least of all at so earlvanart of the summer as this. The thrxllril of thcw {rower*, but tivi'n ho Bis cfown tinder the pioU-ciing favor pf Ai(tl<iL The States of the Church and the two Sirili?-!< iu? as much Austrian in reality, at Hungary, m the Miline**. The ierment preceding the coming elections inr j France, and the political criaia which ia imminent I resident families, not tied here l?y business, have already gone to the watering places, to Switzerland, ueross the Rhine, and elsewhere, in large numbers, but still Pnris seems as lull as ever. A tide of visitors pours in daily, which replenishes the vacuum produced by the departure*. The theatrus, the Uoulevauds, and the Chump* Elytit* are crowded every afternoon and evening, and the caf?* and restaurateurs are as full as ever. In the musical world, nothing new has been I successful. At the Academic they have brought ' lut M. Mermet's opera, called It roi David, which i has been unsuccessful. This theatre has been i very unfortunate during the present season.? i Every attempt at novelty, from Balfe's Eloile do ! Seville to the present Roi David, has proved one to be worse than the other. Carlotta Grisi has been the whole support ot the establishment, and *he has now departed for London. llalevy's opera ot the Mousquetaries continues still, after sixty nights, to fill the theatre of the opera comique as full as ever. This has proved a mine of wealth to that house, and is decidedly the greatest musical success of the present year. The esca|>e ot Prince Louis Napoleon, of which j you will have heard through the public journals, is scarcely regarded here as a political event It ' would have been better, perhaps, to have dismissed him from France, under the sense of gratitude which a free pardon ought to have in- j spired, and the government would willingly have i done so, had not the self-willed obstinacy of the ; prisoner himself rendered it impossible. In the 1 month of January, M. O'Ddlon IJxrrot, and some other members of the Chamber of Deputies, interested themselves in his o"hnlt, and prepared ' the draft of n letter, to l>e addressed by him to, the King asking lor -the royil clemency. This draft ?ras subin tted to the minister of the in'c rior before l>eing dispa?eh?-ti to Hum, iukI approved by him, and il it had been signed bv th>* Piine* hi" Mieriit on would have lollowed. I'rinco Loni-, however, rcthsed to s>gn it, o i the pl<-4( ihat the term ; in wlnoli it w:?* expres?ed would coiiiproin &> In* honor, in which view he rfrferert from the fri?*nd* who pre|i?md it and counselled its adoption Now tliu he lit* aecompliHlied his I'retdunv ? is to be hoped that he will profit by the lesson lie has received and learned fro n the bitter experience hi?long captivity has fUfordeA him. Six or seven ye rs imprisonment will probably cool do>vn the urdor ol his imiiguiation, and even the walls of his prison cannot have excluded from his mind the knowledge ofthe titter futility and folly of any attempt Henceforward in France to revive in this country the memory and traditions of the Empire. Constitutional liberty and representative governments have taken too deep a root to leave any hope of the prcstage of the name or bloo4 ot Naj>oleon accomplishing any change, or evJn raiding a.:y cmeutc. The death of the Pope liasproduoed even less i sensation than the escike of rrinee l/ouis. The domination of AiiMria in!the Italian Peninsula Jeprivesevery event atl'eclltlBtlbe |>erional sovereign ol those States, ol its importance. Tlic Cabinet or j Vienna "is the real ruling power frwth oi the Alps. 1 Tho Kinir of Sardinia is i>erhnp*the ?n* L,D. Price Two CenU* in England, liu* greatly the interest wiik whtcU the event* of winch u,e frontier o! Mexico ia ilt.i ilutiairM urnnld rith*>rvvi?r* lm rpyJirdi'il An intervention by the European powers is, however, spoken of, and France under the present administration, would very readily unite with Lugland in repressing any measure-for h further exten* sion of the territory of tlie United States. Mr. Leon Pillet, the director of the Arademit.litts jusi left P:iris for bologna, nccompam. d by Niedermeyer, the composer. The object of this journey is Mitd to be to induce Komiui to rouse himself Irom his long lethargy, and to pemuu-c huri to produce something for the theatre which lirrt brought belore the musical world his opera of "Guillemune Tell." It will, doubtless, be no easy task u> induce tiie gie >t maestro to breuk usih nco which he has now maintained with such pertinacity for nearly twenty yearn, and which has resisted already all the assaults of the London impresario. Madame Viardot is at Florence, where she has gained great popularity. Persiani, fcalvi, Ponconi, arid Mariuni, are at Maerid, wheie their reception has been quite enthusiastic, t^ueen Isabella , has commanded M. ^alannnva, the director of [ the Tlieatre d'Orient, to engage these four artittn, on easy terms, lor the season, wliich will commence in April, 1H47. Tamburiui, who has appeared at the festival in celebration of Rossini, at Paris, is al out . o return I immediately, accompanied by his eldest ton, to I St. Petersburg. Verdi's operas, though unsuccessful in Paris and inditferentiy received in London, continue to lie popular in Italy and Germany. Etnani is now the attraction at the theatre of Carlo Felici, at Genoa.where loanotf and Giuli take the Lending parts At Vienna the Lombardi is the a'traction, supported by La Scoita, Musich and Colini. We had a remarkable musical party here on Saturday evening (J3th) at the residence of the celebrated Madame Jieconnier, once the idol ?f the opera goers ol London and Paris, and now in her old age retired into private life with a handsome fortune, wttcli she liberally dispenses in patronising th? rising arti rrs.and in works of char.ty. The Hite of Pans eoci< ty were asm inblt d at the Abbe auxBois, her residence, to hear the performance of selections from two unpublished musical worts of a composer hitherto Known to the public by the pseudoiiyme of Jean M cheli, but who was on this occasion presented under hi* proper name, tngene twrresne. xne Mii'jects of these operas nre L' note from iho well known ballad of Binder, and Cymcdoct-u, from Chateaubriu.ii<l*n work, Le? Martyrs. Tlie dirtctetir of the Academic was among the invited, and the performers included all the principal artirtc? of that establishment. Great int> rest wa> cxcited by ihe presence of the patriarch of French literature, himself the venerable author ofLesMurtyrs ami 'Tatehez. Judging by the performance 011 tliig interest'ng occasion, we may hope to see in M. do Fresno anot'ter great musical gemu?, lined to take a pliCe beside Berliyz, H ilevy, and Adam. The Hot Wcatlitr. Tlie Philadelphia t.'mtrd >tnfit GattUf, of July 13th, in tul^ei in ko ne p.eaajiit tcnimka ahout the hot weather. It mj 1W e ipeak I1111 tiumourown oc(icri? 11 e. than fitim the runeuri ent te?timonj of tlie people generally, when we ?> ihm the wra.hcr hn? been warm tor -eve til ilaya pa~t The thermometer haa l>ecn I > up ; ami a >oting cnipeiiti-r, on Sttiirday, wno t.ip|w,il to look up tlie ra.e ot Mr hp \ lli-tei '1 tlie>mu'i'o'ci in 1 ii-Knul stuet, ami tliarnvei ed he coludili of mercin} li/iiiiug xway up toward" fi r uroie, comforted hirnnell* with the letiectiou that the 'darn'd thing had not hum yet" We keep no mn of the thernionie'er, ha ring alw a> a love for the weather at it l?j and th.nk that, in mid-aummer, the heat of hoi weather 11 moie endurable even to n' unihlei than Mr kilude ot miaty weather. The weather ii good, Agpalent. teasonahle. The thermometer may be a little elevated, but we will oon get over that. Patrick Mokin died of a itroke of the tun at Baltimore on Kriday. I.ait Saturday waf the liotteat day of the aeaaon The f.tllnufinw %?.. o tliak c?a?A r\f ?Ka t Kor riininot AT In lK* mentioned on that day :? At Baltimore? B o'clock. A. M 90*i degree* ; 9 do BIXl 10do ?3>i; 11 do 9I?*; 13 .\1 94 S ; 1 P. >1. f-S ; V? uO bti Wa*biuglon, 1& minutes to 3. 91 At Philadelphia. 10 A. M. , 11 do. ; 13 M. 101 j W* P. M. 101,'and at 2>, 103', At Wilmington, Del al4 P .Ni. 9n,l?. New Y ork, at 'J.1* P. M. 99 V Vau i: or F.nroai from the district of Boston ?nl Charlustown to foreign porta during the week ending Friday , July 10, 1?40 Domestic Products. In American ve*?ol* $143,859 In foreign vessela S8.1&4 Total >203,043 foreign Products. In American vea*els $73,262 In foreign vessela 10,497 Total 82,769 Total value of export* (2tl4 804 Valuo of domestic* included in the above, 4.249 Hpecie 1,009 Whole number of vessel* cleared 114. American 'Mi. Foreign 66 Whole amount of tonnage 14,049. American 6,780. Foreign 7,269 Whole number of tren employed 7)6. In American vessel* 30.1; loreign 483.?Post. New Hampsiiiuk.?Tlie Legislature of New Hampshire adjourned on Friday. Among thn l*tnt ol their ecu waa the pa?soge of a new militia law, which abolishes all training* of the militiarompauiei except the annual inspection in May, (lor which service thev are to receive titty cents,) but require! the u?ual duty to be perlormed by the volunteer cuinpaniea, and pey* them according to the old law, exrcpi that instead ol coming from the town treasury, it in to come from the State treaiury. A committee, consist! g ol three membeia of each branch of the Legislature waa appointed to frame a bill for the new organisation of the militia Resolution* of thank* to the presiding officer* passed both houae* unanimously.?flulfon Courier. MPHIMU PURIMfcK UK THK BLOOD. WINLK-'S AKOANUM EXTRACT. AS A SPHINO PU1UKIER OF THK BLOOD, this medicine cannot be surpaaaed, working ? way through i he system with a silent and effective force, clesiwing thr Blood, Removing Dyspeptic Influences, Soothing thr Nerves, R? moving Internal Obstructions and Diseases that would Otherwise cause injury to thr Liver and l.nnrs WINKKK AKC.ANUM EXTRACT U alio i certain core Tor all diseases arising from an impure stale of the blood, such aa Scrofula nr King's Evil, White Swellings, Disease* ol the Skin, Pimples or roatules on the lace, lilies, Diseases of the Bones, Ulcers of all kinds. Syphilitic and Mercurial diaeaaea; alao, lor affection* or the Liver, Dyanepsia, Coativenem, Palpitation <1 the Heart, lour standing Rheumatic. Affections, (tout, and all Chrome and Nervous Complaiuta, occurring lu debilitated constitutions. Its aimplicitv recommends the use of it to parents whoae children are afflicted with any disease of the blood or skin, or wtoje constitutions hare been lujnred bjf lengthened IlljMM and Wie uae cf dsleterioaa medicines, as it win effectually purify the blood and renovat* the system, and where symptoms of scrofula are in the least degree visihle, this medicine, if properly administered, will moat surely exterminate it. This meaictue is much cheaper, pleasanter, and warranted superior to any other sold. The follownif certificates are selected from moot many others in |x>ssession of the proprietors. Kor further particulars and coucluaive evidence of tike value and efficacy of this medicine, see pampleta, which may be obtained ol agents grain. Phii.apci.phia, Jan. 6th, IM6. Mr. K. B. O. Kinsloe?Sir : 1 have tried the Arcanum tract which you extolled so highly, and lind it til. and indted much better than you recommended it to be. Previous to n?y uki.iit the Arcanum I wis completely covered vith blotches, no part of my body or I'.mbs Being eiempted, and besides I was greatly afflicted with the Piles Uelore I had used the Arcanum one week the blotches began to disappear, and my piles U> become easy. I am uow iu better health than I have been lor a nuinl^r of years, and all owing, lam truly convinced, to the ua of Winer a Arca-ium lean co:icientiously recommend it as l ie of the very best medicines for serotinus affections or er iitious I ever heard of. Yours. truly. L. A. BLODOKT, Ji Sooth 3d?t. Pmi.Anct.rNi*, Jan 11,1*44. Mr. E. B. G. Kinsloe?Sir?Believing ihat U'mrr'i Arctfinm F.xtnct i? wellcalculated lo afford relief to theusauds who r? uct Hjfrriug, 11'rrl Compelled, in accordance my l>ri. <ijf ^* t.. ?t>, ill hnmanitr, (much ?s I dislkc loluvr my Milt pnruled bel.>re the public ss a puffer of any pate-.i medicine.) to state a case which cam* under my own untned i ite observation Aly little grandson, ahoat three yesrs of aac. h\s Iwen all! cted with a breaking nut *11 over Ins InMly and f'sre aiune he was two months old Several pliyiitiM vrrre called in to a** hin, and they all jiii>uou iced it *u hereditary scrofulousaffect.on. He was a constant source ofannoyance io his mother, and at tiuies ap|rariull. tuffered the most .utense pain himself Uue of hit brothers havniz died aocut three years ago, iftrr hav m had thr " White dwelling." it waa lamed by the family that tlua child would aoou lollow l.nn After having used el I tha Scrofulous Medicine within my reasou, I chanced to see an ad1 vertiaemeiit for the salt of " W iner's Arcanum " I purchased a bottle, and titer having used it three weeks. tlx- boy la entirely free from any eruption*, hia general health il much improved, and he la now pronounced, by ptiv sicians to be cure4. The child may be teen at any time, by calling at No. M Boat* 10th itreet. I am, sir, Yoar eery grateral servant, ROBERT rtmiCY. Price, $1 per bottle, or ail bottles for $V Prepared by Joha WI see k ( o., (3 .Maiden Lane, N T., sola Proprietors lor the lotted Scales. Sold by Wyatt k Ketchnm, 111 JTtil ton (tract i R. A. Sends, 1M Bowerjr, comer of Spring; J. W. Bassett, *44 Broadway, Kid./ k .' l'odoiM*W| 303 Hudson, corner of Bpriaf. IB moklyn. by Mrs. Hays, IS Ksltm street; J. Brire, *7 James Street. K. T. Qmrk kto? corner Columbia and Atlantic, and l)r. Steane, 1H ! ulton street. In Albany, by 8. r. Phelps, M Mate Street. Philadelphia, T. W Dyoti k Co., Itt North Second street, and E. B O. Kiusloe, jot Chestnut street. Baltimore, Charles Wiseman. New Orleans, Bertrand It Sme/.. Kichmond, Va., Uarnor, Wood k Co., and by Draggists generally throughout the rwmntry al lm*m PI IRK W ATT,R-STO'Nliw-IMPROVED PRlMIUM Water Killers ?These Altera not ouly clarify bat panfV the moat turbid water, rendering It perfectly sain knees', by dleeating it of all patrid vegetable and animal master, aaiaselce- . ' ' - ft.. Kii.r... nrooerties of this aBMnlti ara so great I that tven water iaprmauJ with ?m? llfclll, h*., *c , * I ^sssaSfcse / t JflP~ ijl^r I