Newspaper of The New York Herald, 14 Temmuz 1846, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 14 Temmuz 1846 Page 3
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on eospared wftk laat. from the opening of navigation, I thaw to lurMM iqoil to 10 per cemt The receipt! for the third *Mk la Jiim thia year and lut, uxl tha total f for aaoU teeton to tha flratof July, ware u annexed t? nkw Vo*? Statk C*i?4i t ? Rk-cnrTt or Toll*. Receipta during th?l#tt week, in June, 1?46 $80,464 Receipta for tame period in ls-U,. . ?3 8?3 Increase $34,701 ?Equal to 40 per cent The eggregiite amount repaired for tolli from the commencement of navigation to the let July ia. .$MA.07i Same peiiud in le4A M9.7B7 Increase $89,883 Equal to about 10 per cent. '1 hit increase baa been realixed under a very material i reduction in tha latea, and It hat become a well ettab1 it had fact, that an increatad revenue followt a reduction in the tariff for chaiget en all worlu of internal improvement Old Btoclc ExrhanM. *20.100 Ohio 6*t, '60 ?V SO ,hat HtHem RR 49 leou Rvnmrkv '?. lOr. UiV 1M do AOL. IMMWmhm V* ?w> IA ~ H do 4P?0 Reading bouda 7?H 10 Not aiid W ore 16 HMK) do 7J 7J Ho S6.1k 200 ?lias Farmers' Tr *90 liU 200 do bJO 56k SO Ohio Lit? aud 1'* 11 do _ 16?? 100 Cuitnn Co ?40 3*V? 1U0 Reading RK >30 67 b0 d.i S3 Second Bonrd. J() thai Harlem BH 1'jV JO (has Nor & Wor bio 3?v: ILfl d? 50 '21 do btw 56*, 10 Nor aud Were 100 Heading RR ?i3 67i21 4<> .'?? 100 do Wedn 67 S *) d?) lfl>? N?w Stork ICielunff. 20fl aha* Nor and Wor a3 157< 40 that Nor and Wore c 56W *1 do ?* M y. do lUeaday Jb.S 21 do alO 16 arrtodi On the 7th ln?t. by the Rev Dr. TynR, Capt Bei?j. 1 Bmitu, ol Warren. R. 1., to Miss An* Pick, of Bristol. Died. On Monday, 13th in?t. Mr J*Mra Nisbct, a native of Lii^'an.I, in tlir 51st year of hi* .({?. Funeral at 1U% o'clock thii morning, from his late residence, 18 Rid^e street. On Monday morning, 13th inat CoancLica Sr*>ct*p Printer, aged 41 years. His friends and acquaintances, and of his brother William, an.! brothers in law, JamesC. and Ira Looker, are respectfully invited to attend his funeral, from his late residence, No. fl Chrystie street, this afternoon at four I o'clock On Sunday, after a short illness, James C. Parsiialx, geu yt yearn. | The friendi of the family are respectfully invited to attend hit funeral, from 667 Broome street, near Varick, this afternoon at 6 o'clock. On Monday, 13th inst. Mr. 1'Hiur McAidlk, aged 74 years The friendi of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, on Wednesday afternoon next, at Ave o'clock, from the corner of 18th street and 4 th avenue, . without further invitation On Monday. 13th inst Bbidoet Aanicl McOiath, BRod S years. 3 months and 33 days, only daughter of Thomas and Catherine McGrath. His friends, and those of her grandfather, John Culley, are re><|>ectfully invited to at'end her funeral, his afternoon at 4% o'clock, from the residence of her father, 135 Avenue D, corner of 9th street, Dry Deck. On Monday, 13th inst suddenly, John Kkllt, contractor. Iiis friends and acquaintance, and those of his brothers James and Patrick Kelly, are respectfully invited to attend his funeral, this afternoon at 3 o'clock, from his late reticence, 94 Madison street. Weekly Report of Deatlu< 'M the city aa4 county of New York, from the 4th ?Uy of July to the I Ith day of July, 1S46. 47 Mea ; 43 Women ; 11 Boys ; 41 liirls. Total. 219. U1SKASKI. Abscess, 1; Apoplexy, 1; Angina, 1; Bleeding, 1; Bleeding from lu'Ufs, I: Burnrd or seal Jed, I; Brouclutis, 1; Cancer. I; Casualties, 6; Cholera infaaiuin, 17; Cholera morbus, 8: Consumption, Convulsions, II; I.roan, 2; Comprrssio i of brain, I; Delirium tremens, 1; Diarrhoea, 8: Drop- | sv, 3; Droits* in the head, 12; Dropsy in the clirst, I; Drowu< fl. 3; Dvseutery, ft; Dyspepsia, 3; Lpilepsv, 3; Emphysema, I; Fever, I; Fever puerperal. 3; 1-rver. remittent,4; Fever, scarl-t, I; Fever, typlioiJ, J; Fever, typhus. 4; Heart, disease oi. 2: H'P disease, t; Hoopiim coUKli. 1; Intlamma tMM'i I; Intlaipmatiot of brain, 6; do. of bowels, 12; do. of client, 1; d? of lungs, II; do of stomach. 2; do. of womb, I; Intemperance, 1; Lues Tetiera, I; Malformation, 2: Vlaru' nut, 10, Old age. i; Palsy. I; Premature birth. l't Pleurisy, 1: Scrofula, >; Spinal disease, 1; Sprue, 2; Teething, 2; Unknown. 4. Age?Under 1 Tear, 71; I to 2 yean, SO. 2 to 5, 13 ; 5 to 10, ? ; 10 to M, 13 ; 20 to 30,14 ; 30 to 40. 13; 40 to 50, 22; SO to SO, 8; Ml to TO, 4; 70 to 80, ; 10 to 30, 2 ; 90 to 100, 1; luikown, 3 I Colored 5. CORNELIUS B AP.cili.Il. City Inspector. j Citr Inspector's odice, ill] ',1. NOTICE. ThE OnAF.FENBKRW COvlP\NY ii now fully or} g?i?f d, aud | re pared to receive propo-ala lur State, County, City and Town Agencies It ii impossible to prerent in single advert tement the i ducemenn offe ed by the Oraefenbeg t oiepany. or to fn'iiish the public with adeaml' explanations of the philosophy and > ema of the Graeleubetg Veeet'ble Pills. In order to accomplish these objects, the Qrar/mberg Gazrttr it n >w re .dv which will be i'urnitht d w.ihou' cb-rge to all w o in v wisn it. Ti e Agenne for this comp.ui/ will be of the uon Talusble kind, well worthy alteution. Aad ru. po?t-ptid, the Uraefenberg Company, 4? John street, mi at-irs New York jllirr NOTICE ~ NEW YORK AND HARLEVl RAILROAD.?For the ac>-ommodi ion of pt?o i? desirous of attending the anMi l exhibition to beheld a. St John's College, Kortlham on Wedue day the 1'ith init. the Cara will ru'i as follows:? 1 *e Ci'V Hall at 9 W, II, 12, 1, aud 2o'clock ; retur ing, leave F->rdnaai in the afternoon at 4:15. 5:45, 6:30, and 7;i5. j< 14 2i*r NOTICE. THE Co-partnership exist! g between the subscriber*, under the firm if Perry, Mathews It Co , is this day dif# solved by mntuM content. C. D Mathew* retires, having disposed of hit interest in the coneem to the remaining partI'Cra who are authorized to oa? the name ol the Arm inliqui- I datiou. THhODORE PERRY, C. D VATHEvfS, B. 8HUMWAY, New York, J?ly 9, 1M. _The business heretofore couuucted by Perrr. Maihews k i o , win Dv continued usual, tt 36 Water atari, by the subscribers, amler the Grin of Theodore Perry fc Co. THEODORE PERRY. B. SHUMWAY. New York. Jnlv> IW. jylMf w THE LONG ISLAND INSURANCE COMPANY. CAPITAL 200,000 DOLLARS. WITH A SURPLUS OKrrct 41 Fultow stbiict, Brooklyn. CONTINUES to take risks on buildings, machiaery, merchandize and property generally, on their nsual farorable fermt. Thi? company hu paaaea through the two greatest ctmflagrtrioas that hare ever occurred in the country j they owe their eacape from them with comparatively alight losses to the system which they hare alwiya practised of limiting and seattenug their rieks. All loaaea which the company may aMtaio will lie adjusted and paid promptly aaheretofore. Tm Company take ipecial rare to notify their easterner* in : New York, of all expiration* of policies. B. W. DELAMATER. Preaideat. jvl4 Iwia rrc E. C. FINN. Secretary. FRESIi TEAS, SUGARS, COFFEEsT&c. ; JUS" UECEI\ ED Tem the late sales, a large and spten 1 did aaaortmeat of freah Teaa, 8u**is Coffees he Vine fresh Vou'g Hyaoa te* at SO rta. auperior do 61J< eta, bait i qjltty do. extra flue flavor, 71 cts; very fine Soaehang la. oaataaality Ouleug4a; good, bright New Orleana Sugar 3* (id per i lbs. prime do 4a, St. Croix lifid. brown Havana fid, white do *a and 4a 6d, crushed Ioai 6s, pulverised d*? 8a 3d or II eta: .opener old Java Coffee, freah grown, la, old Hum tra It eta; St Domingo ? cents. Alao good white lamp Oil, ' i', aolar do 6a. beat sperm la per gnllon. Oood Hams Id, Smoked beef 7d, go.>d Batter lod, prima do la, best Oranga County la 3d. Fatniliea, boarding-hou'e keepers, and dealrra from the country, ar* tuvited to call and ex?iiiine the above i Block prior to parchaaiug Oood* aent to all parts of the city 1 of cham, J. O. FOWLER. Wholesale and Retail Officer and Tea Dealer, i M0 Greenwich at , comer Murray; and 4*1 Greenwich, corner Naatry ; and 74 Veaev, near Greenwich. jrM Iw'r GHOCfcKY FOR SAL1S. Aasnall and wel'-teleered atock of Oroceriea, aitaated in a ce trai part of the city, ai.d now doing a good cash bnainrss, will be sold low lor caah A lease ol tha Store can ba had for o ie or fire years. For further particu'ars enquire at i 2an t* ashinirro. afreet. )v!4 lw?rTC TU Ll/r. A SUPERB auite of Furnished Rooms, to two or three ( -iitlemea, or a small family, in that delightfully ?itua ed house. No. 51 Barclay atreet. comer ol College rlaee. Peraons taking rooms ca'i hare their meets served in their own apartments. if preferred. Alao, two or three Rooms to lei at No M Vesey street. jyl4 |tis*jK_ TANNER'3 AMERICAN"'TRAVELLER, T.._ Tenth J dition. ? HE New Edition of this standard work, containing all he pew rnutee throughout the United States and Cane* | d?, wnl be published h i? day, at I he I'lpSlnit. IJT Broad- i "'J: Ala.i, the Trarelier'a Hand Book (or the Noith, Map *1 New England lie jyl4 Ifrrc MAFBETT k FOUNTAIN, " | 769 Broadway, eomtr of Hinth utrert, HWE ON HAND a full aaanrtment ef the following arliclea. which thev off rto the laapection of their friends au?l strangers. eonaiatina nf Barege*. BaUarmes.Lawns.Omgham*. P nama Plaida D? Lames French Calicoea. black and colored Silka. printed Linen Lawn*, Kobea of embroidered Muslin. lie. lie Barraea. RaUaries. De Laiaea. he. Pen la Cloth. >r. m Calcutta, for draaaee, Plain while Cambrics, Jacoart, Nanaook, Mall, Book and Swiaa Mn l>na. lie. La,-a Dresses, Vel'a and Crapes. Ca'ton ( rare Kh?wU, from to $IJ0, India I amrla Hair sqnar* and long Shawls and Scarfs, from 9* to urn each 1 all kfnda of Freacli Shawla ; alao, Summer bhawfa i.f everv deacrlption, Newe?t Wsria Embroider*. everr style. ,, , Plain, hem-siitched. reriere and embroidered linen 'am fc??c H<ur.. Thread Lara, and imitation do. ?t?tt width and kind. Blwk trimmiiii Lacw. I<M? D'ft'M. Veils, kt. India Maaliua, plain and fyjurad, for dr**a*a. Do do We?rfa and G< n? Kh*wl?, Fta* Apple Handkerchiefs, from tit to tH. Ihwelnth do ??ry ftae O toil llnrtii and plili Silks. Iir dressea, Kre eh. K g)'ah Oerm\n a d \meneai. Ca'leo**, D ma-k lin?n Sh>rna?i. Table ' lotha. N' pain*. ke, Hn l?" and f?l m,rt?r??n uid ! ?irh Pe fnmory, AI.O, amall ?rri?ln, as N*~dl*a Piaa, ttewini Siln, Rfhke N * ? f*nr Man^s <p* ling rhe ho> months in thr eoaatry d?-lri -ny hi ir i < oar Im-, > an hnv? th?-in i*ot i>y tending aa tWii ord> ra. with the mutrii e?ra mil fraaiptiiMt MA?B> TT k WW'VT It. J '""I'' ** Brnidwar IVA^6> PATfcVJ tt/ilHlNu APPAHATTTS. Ant'.w and splendid srraavement. by manna of which the Shower Bath la mured wiih the Bith>n? Tnh and can I be ns*d In connect***!, in an* part of the hnaw. The pa hi ic are r*?i>ectfnll r inyited to call and e?amine it at rhe atore of the *nb*erib?r, No. tTI Bow *ry. herw ean knorrh and Fifth ! Streets ' H *RLE* * 4 NIC, iNC,W imA/T a>li Ai'Oit.fc., JV/i HP Maiiten Lone. ftra* */ William Wr*.< MKAOARY h HIOOINB hay* opaned this new Ear*, hliahment with a new and apian did easortineat of Oea tlemen'a B"?ta and Rhoea, all now, lateat Pari? and French laahinaa. mad* nnder oar owa Inspection and wvnstsd. Hold low, for caah, whol**al* and r*Wil. Wa aollcit Merchants, Clerks and d*alera to call aad examine oar B*W stock befnra Darchaaint elsewhara. Wa do hoaiaaaa o? th* (Mk priacipla TEN DOLLARS RE WART) OTOLtN yesterday afternoon, a void donbl? heck. English 1 3 .'i.plri Watch, h rd eu '?i?l dial maker D. It W. Morris, Loodoa No >071; also ? ?m II Wallet, with steel clasp, cot.* STiT. '.b ut ft? iu bank bill*. Ti?! i|N. U.t.oti.ll l m hep* mort ; and illH gvld piece. with mum piper-, lie. Apply to Mr. fc. Thomas, at tit* Frankliu Baths. Battery. j?l? ftne LOST YtC8TF.ltDAY, at Holioliu, i Linen Cambric H A.NDKCHCHIKF. with thread edgiug. Tha fludtr will roofer a firor by leaving tha tame at hie office. Jyi3 3t*rre ' lust; ON tha IOth instant. a White Straw Panama Cigar Case? anpposed i" ba left in an omaikus. A liberal reward Will br n> en if returned to this office. J>lf!t*re WAi>lbU. A GENTLEMEN lately mind from Franca wishes aa ' Iiis'runor iu the English language* One. conversant w ith both languages, will please address Boi No. 13,0 Lower Post Office. jyl3 3tm WANTtb, A FEW active Young Men to go 8oath or WeiU to ee? aa ?a. Agent! for the wile of new and, nop?tai Puulieationa. Hot over and above their etfentea Will be inaared to tbein id | writing, with an oppottanity of clearing S1.004 per year. Some men uow in our employ will no doubt, make over 1,000 per year clear of all expense. Each man will hare hia district. U will be neceasary lor them to bate at least from P? to^? * V*1 ??">? ?at. Applyat FRENCH 9 Publishing Hall, 293 Broadway up ata'rs, Offite of the Hag of ?nr I uion. All letters must oe poat paid, myld lm*f SECOND HAND /CLOTHING ai.d Famiture wnited.-The highest cash V price given for all kinds of second-hand goods, bv B. LEVY. 46 Chitham street. N. B-A line through the Post Office w ill be punctually attended to. ( o stain) v ou hand, a seasonable assortment of ar? mH ch*?r Tor 1VJ< UbiVijb&itLb^'a uLfl'-o** VV AlCL?KUI?ES WANTED, GENTLEMEN or Families desirous of converting into Cash their superfluous Clothing^ Jewelry, Fire Atms, mm:., u??> uo to 10 uinr ur ,ur ur oouscribcr, who will attend at their retidriiet by annoiD-inent. WW will H LKVKT, No. I Wall st.. N. Y. A line throoah the poat-otfice, or otherwise, will fee pauenallv attended to. my>T lm*r OR SALK?The Stock and Fixture* of the Tailoring E? ubli-hmeut. No 1J6 Fulton atreet. oue door trom Broadway, or'he Fistures wiiliout the Stock will be told low for cash." Possession given immediately. Apply aa above, jy 12 3t?m A RARE OJtA.N'CK to enter into a sale and respectable business in Philadelphia.?An opportunity ia offered to au active business inan, with * caah capital of JI OOO, to take cnnrze of an imi>ortant Agency, already established in the beat location lu the city tor business For partirulars, ad dress a note to J. K. ?., at the Herald office, stating where and when an interview mav he had. jylt Jt el>i TWO LUCTUH.ES, SUBJECT-TRIUMPHS OF CHRISTIANITY, WILL ?r OKII'THm II r THE REKJOfEPH P BURKE, A T THE AP(.'Ll.O HRJOMS, 4W Broadway ?Firat LecJm. ture, Tuesday Evening. Hth July, at ( o'clock. Secoud Lecture, Tuesday E\euiug, July 21, at t o'clock. Tlie reverrnd gentleman nas *>een induced to deliver these Lectures at the urge-'t solicitation ol hi* many friends, pre* vious to returning to Ireland. Admittance, 25 cents. JylOJtis*re r. i i ? i. l _?i KUCHELLE HKANDY, TtTftlTED PROPRIETORS' BRAND. HE undermined hereby give notice that they have ?p- i pointed Messrs. JOHN DURAND St CO., of this city, their General Agents for the United Ht?tes, to receive orders for tfce above Brandy, the quality and price of which they would recommend to the attention of importer*, being con- I meed that it will he to their interval to favor them with I their ordtrs?for the terrna of which pleaae apply to their agents, No. 107 street. New York, 17th July. 1846. P. AYMON fc CO., Per Attorney, jylO 1 wis*rh e*Su A BOUOUEREAU. MILITARY EQUIPMENTS?FIREMEN'S CAPS. I THE SUBSCRIBER respectfully calls the attention of the military public to bia assortment of Military Equipments ftH.apted to all companies; Miliary Caps, Knapeacka, Buses , and Bayonet Scabbards of every variety. Country coinjia uies, about changing their uniform, or tlioae about forming new companies, will be supplied with sample*. FIRE CAPS, FIRE CAPS. A full assortment of every variety, constantly on hand, and , made to order at the shortest notice. Ca3m?rrc H S OR ATACAP. 39J Broadway i CHALLtNUE Tu THE U,\lTEu STATES, i THE Subacribers have no hesitation in saying to the people j o iNew York, and the neighboring citiea, that they can J and do challenge the merchants of our country, far and near, to compete with them in the aalc of WINDOW SHADES. They have a manufactory in the Slate of New Jersey, about ! 12 uiilea Irom 'he city of New York, and possess every facility . for mauulacturiug their shades at the least eiyrute. Of their beauty, worth anu cheapness, they will convince the most in- ' rredutons by their giving them a call. DUNCKEll, St BECK I ER. No. M Chatham st.?N. Y.,oue door from the comer ol Chambers st. mil lm*re. Loan uk sww.wki for arrearages to contra* tors and others on the public works?The Commissioner* of the Canal Fund, by virtue of the ac entitled an "Act supplementary to the act entitled an net to provide for paying the debt and preserving the credit of tlie Mate, passed March 29, 1<42,*'?passed May 13, 1SI6, herebv give notice, that sealed proposals will be received until the sixteenth day of Jnljr mat., at i o'clock in the afternoon of that d.iy, for a loan of Two Huudred Thousand Dollars, for which transferrihle certificate of stock will be iaaued, lu the name of the People ol the State of New York, bearing intereat at the rate of aix per cent per annum, payable quarterly, and the principal reimbursable at the pleasure ' of the Commissioners of the Fund after the year 1864. ! Ill a-d.tio.l to th- faith r.1 .1.. S.-f- th. .... -h ._< A 1 to mnkn a specific pledge of the toll* required to b? paid | during the *u*pe'i*ion of navigation, on freight transported on railroad* between Schenectady and Buffalo; and any urplua of canal revenue*, after the aatiifactiou of the pietent charge* upon *uch revenue*. . It ia to be understood, that lite Commissioner* are to be at liberty to take a le*a turn, if the offer* are not *uch, a* in | their opinion are advanttceou* to the iutereil* of the Stale. Tli* proposal* may be lor the whole or an^ part < f laid loan not le** than $ > 000. all |iropo*al* to lie sealed up and endoned, "Loan for the payment ol arrearage* to contractor* ! fcnd other* on the public work*," and euclosed iu aui envelope directed to the Comptroller at Albany. Tile money will be required to be paid on the 11th day July ' install. to the credit nf the Comin'oionera of the 'anal Fund, in *uch ba> k in the city of New York or Albany a* (hall lie designated by the Cothmi**ioner? Stockholder* rendi'ig iu the Kirtt anil Second Senate District*, aud tho?e rt tidiue out ol the "tate. will receive the intereat on the atock beld by them quarterly, at the Bank ol the Manhattan I ompany, in the ci y of New York : all other itockholder*. at the New York State Bank iu the ci'y of Albany. Dated Canal Department, Albany, July 1, 1816 ADDISON ' ?ABDN ER. Lieut. Ouvernof. A. C Fl.AO*J. Comptroller. THOH FARRINGTON T ea*nrer. II J1ALHKV. garrfior General J. VAN BUREN, Attorney General, r N 8 BKNT"N, Secrsrtarv of S ate. MAi.U, MAlK UVb. RF.D OR GREY WHISKERS changed to a beautiful black, instantanrouily, by (he application of Phalon'* magic Hair Dye. Country gentlemen cut have a bottle forwarded them by eipreuor otherwise, by tending their order*,ea*b enclosed, to E. Phalon, SI, nuder Jndaou'a Hotel, Broadway Price $1 ner bottle, with full direction* for tue accompanying eacji bottle. City gentlemen arf wvitedfto call at the depot, where they can have a superb pair of black whiaker* substituted furred or j jfrfv ohm, inlfM fhnn minufe* m?' i * ? ATLANTIC A.NUS'l. KAiLKOAU NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS.-Propo*al* will be re- ! reived at the Office of the Atlantic and St. Lawrence Railroad Company, iu thi* city, from the 17th to 27th of June Kit, for the Grading, Masonry and Bridging of a diriaion oe road, eitendmg from a point at, or near Portland, to Roy? j ull'a river in North Yarmouth, a distance of about 11 giile*. , Plana, Profile* and Specification! will be ethibited, aud the requuite information given, at the Engineer'* Office in For* land, on and after the 17th of June. Pnrsons offering to contract for the work, who are unknown to the undersigned, or to the director*, will be required to j accompany their proposal* with* a* to character I and ability. A further emotion of the road, embracing a distance of ' Mme fifteen or more additional mile*, will be prepared for, ! ud put under contract, abcut the firat of Auguat netl. By order of the Board of Director*. WM. P. PREBLE, President; I A. C. MORTON ('.liinrKsnnMi Portland, Me.. Mot 1?. I?4? mvB Imr TO SILVERSMITHS ! AND THE TRADB IN GENERAL. flARLICK h CO., PLATE. CHEST and DRESSING ! v* Cue Manufacturer! ftr (hit last nine rear* in Fulton street, bet most respectfully to inform their customer*, that i they have removed to 1* and 20 Liberty atreet, near William street, up ataira, where they will continue to manufacture the above article!. Alao, to supply country manufactarers with Braaa Bandings, Ornaments, Inlay*, be., and every kind ol 1 material for deaka, can eaaea, lie. N. B.?Naral ana Military Officer*'Canteens made to order snyZt Im'r i CONSTIPATION, (COSTIVENESS) CURED, ! WITHOUT PURGATIVE MEDICINES OR ' INJECTIONS, BV DUMONT'S ERVA LENTA, fan alimeutary Farina) and the Cochin, Chineae A'elasse. Thi* discovery waa lately made in France, and has | roved a .ureal public benefit, Ervalenta will not only cure con tipati- . Sut alto all diaeas- ' e* arising from it, a* dyspepsia, li t. Sol4 wholesale and retail, in whole or halt packeta, i tthe Depot lor the United ! State* of Dumoht'i Ervai.knta. .< Spruce street, and also ' br all the druggists and medicine dealers id the United State* . Sold also in this city at Bryant's, 711 Broadway ; Wyatl It , Ketchum, Itl Fulton street; Eiculapian Temple, 434 Broadway ; Brooklyn, Daviea, cruer of K niton and Clinton street*, mytt lm*r MR. AUGUSTUS VON A SOMEN, CON of the late Rrv. John Hiiav V?'w A-cmc*, of CJ Bremen, who emigrated to the United State* of North America about li year* ago, is ardently reqi>*itrd either to call on the undersigned, or to advise them by I tier of his wliereab uta. in order to receive information iu regard to property left to him. Th#? uiidi- at th#? anvn* nmp rfnncil unv r?i?rann wkn 1 can (it* information of the life or demi.e of said Aagiutu* Von Atanni, for which they are aatlioriud to pay a reward if required?to apply to them. BKCHTEL k DREYER, jy< Wultaw're II Beaver ?treet. up ?tair*. 1 X. L A S* ti . ! SEROEANT-AT-ARM8, Hou*a of Representative*. Uni- , tad State*. inland* making an eitanme tonr through the | Mate* of Kentucky, O'oo, Indian*, lllinou, Miaaouri, and Intra Territory, immediately after tne adjournm*nt of Con- : (rati, and will attend to tha Collection and lecormg of Claim* in an/part of the above uamed State*. Ha will return to Waahmfton about thelVhoi November, taking Philadelphia. New York and Baltimore, in hiaroute. Uei'tleman wiahing to avail tbem*elra> of ihn "PPortnuity, to have tiieir elaim* tattled, will ad<4re*? him *t Wa?hinfton City, any time bal'or* the adjournment of Congre**. Rtrcagivac;?i o tha Member* of the Hou*e of Repreeanolt *th and ?rh Coegree* 5 S "~,fJt u daairad he will vitit Baltimore, Philadelphia I "d VoJk- ?*>??"? for tha Wart. jyll 2w eod m I ?"ul NiUy?! Illfftl!/ inform* hi* friend* aaii the ! J public that ha ha<i REMOVED from hi* old ataud, No a* Broadway, to No. ? BARCLAY Stroet, a few door*from ' Broadwaywhere ha cootinaoe to import and manufacture : double and <mgl? barral Howling riacaa, Ritia* and Pi.tol*, | of* aope.10- quality. Aleo, (Hn and 1'iatol Lock*, <*-rm.? 1 *ilver i mm ga for nflat and fowl me piaca., with gnu mata 1 *ial? in general, to be told low for cenh. N B ? Repairing done in tha boat maauar and ou tha mou rnini ?? ? ?. *n?*rre J UAlUft ft MAJUK reeprcilally .nlorm ilialr iriri.d 0 and tha public, that they have removed their eetxbiiahmant to 99 Nassau (treat, tferald Buildmg*. where thay constantly kaap on hand a large aaaoninent of the heat aelraie-i rhaap l.nhographic Print* Their reputation, alraady acta hliahed f-r the tupenor ?tyl* of Btoch Prime, make* them eonlideut that thay will ohum * continuance of rh? pablw pairoiMice They a'ao leader their *errice? in all the branche* ' 01 Lithography. Portrait*. Plana, Map*, Land*cai>a*, Ajialomi' .l drawing, lie. kc.. executed in * ityla which will certainly *eenra tha apprubatioe of the mo*t fa*tidioa*. mV'W !? ' B~ IRD CAGE MANUFACTORY, IM Spring .treet, oe twean Wooatar and Laureae afreet ?Tua mbecribar would laform hi* caetomer* and tha pvblie in general that ha kaapa conatantly on ha?d a Urge turpi v of (kn?y and com anon Bird Oajae, of every detcriution. AUo, Wooden, Ca. CENTRETELLE COURSE, L. I.~T Jfrl'TLSO 1 M I WEDNLSDAV, July iw, comet off tl'? Ureal llilih lor tlM>0?two m I* h??U, 10 ak?Ut?m ?uwi. L CI irk, of Boatun. u*?ea b r N?w England. H Jonaa.of New Vork. oarnea blk f. Nawburgh. Midi* D-y.a j>ur.e of ito will be ?ir, w-Bn'e beau-beat 1 in i. >o 'JO Ibi w?|ou Free 'Of knrae? that ?e?er wou a purae orar 8 0(1 Eutnealo be m?J? ou m before Tueaday, July Nth. ky ?* o'clock. P M.. at uR?juf ^ Three or more tn m?ke a nee. JyHtt're ti. Y. YACHT ' LLT8. NOTICB.-Th* in?mb?ra of the .Nrn* Yprk Yacht Cl?b are notified that lha arcoed auuaal meeting of tha Clab t*kea i-laee on Turadav July l?th. ar I o'clock 1*. M., at lha Clab Hnata. Elyalan Fielda, H' b<>keu. jyg iw'rc JOHN C. JAY, Secetary. ?1 HH. vVlLUfcK hating ti orouglily ratitt^anJ refuruiahItI rd anew the hnuac 6( Broadway, (a>'jt.iuiuc the Olobe I Hot?l.) i? pieparcd to receive familiea or ainfle geuUemw hninlpH Dinii#! KnanUrt ran Ka i mm rt * ' W?. I at 8?y; Jei?ey Citv a flPike street, E. K., at S; Pier No 1, N K.st9>^ \. M. Diiiut provided on hoard. Ba>t at coat. A peraon will be ill attendance f* furniah fishing tackle. The Buff lo will returu by 8 P. M. MreiO ceiita (or the excurai"u. J v 13 3tin*m GKAND FlC NIO ANU CO l'ILL. ?N 1'AK.TY. THE E7.NEVOLENT ORDER OK BEREAN8, j?a Will h<ve their Annual Excursion, this seaVjt <0''- t" I'eekakill. on Friday, the I'th instant, Ttb___JaB_u?-lor which occasion tliey have >harterr<] the apieiidiil boit r X'hLSIOK, to be accompanied by Dingle'* Celebrated Braas Band. The Committee of Arrangement* have spared no expense to make thia exruraou anperior to I anything of the kind thia aea.on. In order to i(Tord every j ficilitvto thoae withiug to dance, two Cotiliou Bauda and , Maatera of '"eremo'iiea liave been provided. Ticketa forth- Excursion, JO cent*, which may be had from , any member of the Committee, of the following brethren j Willi itn Down*. 31 Cedar atreet ; Nathan Whitely, 3 Aitor Hon-e ; Dr. Hall, 113 Ureene atreet ; John Maion, lot Hud- , aon atreet. The boit will leave the foot of Rnbinson street at 7o'clock; ! foot of Market street, Brooklyn, 7M ; foot of Pike atreet 7X; , Pier No. 1 N. H , at 8 : foot of Canal, t}i ; foot of Haminond 'Ms 'o-'t of 19th street at a quitter before 9. Returning, will | leave Peekskill at 4 o'clock, landing at the same places. Dinner provided on board for those who may deaire it. Should the weather prove unfavorable, the excuraion will be poatpoued until t ueaday. the 21st. jvl0 7tis*rc TO TRAVELLERS GOING SOUTH. 1 0m NEW AND MOST AOREKABLE LINE to Fnr.Drair??Briio, Richmond. Pnr.ii- I Brno, Va . Lv*cHBi'ita. Ralfioh, W?:i,- ; oow, v i'., juid Charleston, H. C ?The public are in- ' formed that the new and splendid low-presaare flteamdr ' HOt'N'l' V K K NON. (connecting with the great Mail Line at Aeijuie Creek,) leaves Commerce atreet wharf, Baltimore, every Tuesday aud Friday evening, at 7 P. M., for the above Through Tickets to Richmond 94 Do Petersburg 4 Do Welden, N.C 7 D<> Charleston, 8. C 19 Being at the ?m? price, more direct snd expeditious, and much more certain tinu the Chesapeake Bay and James Hirer | Steamboat Line ?all (he wide and rough portion of the i Bay, between the mouth of the I'otomac aud Old Point Com fort, being entirely avoided by this Line. Travellers are advised that the Line hereby advertised is part and parcel of the Ureal Mail Line through Virginia ; and that it is the intention of the companies composing the I Great Mail Line, that passengers shall be conveyed by them, in connexion with the Monnt Vernon, always a? che-ply as by any other 1 ne, and with more comfort, expedition and certainty, than by any other line, exeepc the liue via Washington. For farther particulars, inquire at the Saathern Railroad Olfire, Pratt street, Baltimore ; of Stockton It Fall-, or at 1 the Commerce street wharf, or, ou Tuesdays and Fridays, on board the Mount Vernon, of C. W. ORINNKLL, Captain. N. B. Travellers by the above line will bear in mind that ihey have three hours more in Baltimore, than passengers by the Chesapeake Buy and James River boats, and yet reach any point South of Petersburg at the same time with these , last, even when theie ii no breach of connexion by the Bay Line. (jylO Iwrc) C.VV.O.Capt. BLACK"BALL, OR~OLD LINE OF LIVER- ' POOL PACKETS*. Xjfg- FOR LIVERPOOL?Onlv regular packet of the twSQrVlS'h July?The new, magnificent, and celebrated JfiflBGvia't-sailing. favorite Packet Ship FIDELIA, burthe,I Iiuu tons, Caiit. Wm. <i Hackstaff, will tail positively on Thursday, 16lh July. The accommodations of the Fidelia are firted out in a most : superb and costly manner, with every modern improvement ami convenience, that cannot but kdd to" the comfort of tho?e emhnrkiiig Persons vititin* ihe old country, or tending for their friends, should oil and tee thia splendid specimen ?f nival irchitectute, before engaging elsewhere. For passage i? cabin, second cat>in, and tteerare, early applicalton should he made ou board, loot of Beekman street, or to the subscribers, ROCHE. BROTHERS k Co.. jyM rrc 3i Fulton street, next door to the Fulton Bank. ! FOR OLASOOW?The new, lirst ciaas snip 1 jJfjHFV A R V V V1, JO tons, H. Robinson, master, having i of her cargo engaged, will meet with despatch. t or balance of freight or passage, haviijr excellent accommodations, apply to ine captain on board .foot of Dover street, or to WOODHL'LL k. MINTURN, iyII i7 HoMfh *rrr*f. FOR LfV EllIrOOL?Saw Line?Regu I ar~Pacliet iJMWof 21st July.?The superior, fast tailing packet ship JfiMbHOTTINOUFR. I l<M> tons burthen, Capt. Ira Burslev, will sail as abov*, her regular day. For freight or passage, having elegant and inparior accom modationi. apply on board, west tide nf burling slip, or to WOODHULL li MINTURN, V South strew. Price of passage $160. . . The packet thip Literr-nol, 120*1 tons burthen. Captain Join Eldridge, will succeed the Hncfii.gurr, and tail on her rezttlar day, i'? /tuxntt. jyM r A r KOK MEW OHLKA.V*- lAJt IhlANA A.XD uHHw.Ntw York Line?!( gblar Psckn?To sail Monday, JBfajLxMi July. Th* elegant fast tailing packet ship LOUISVILLE, Hunt, maj'et. will posiw?tl? tail as above, her regular day. . For freight or passage, having handsome fiin ished accom -nodanoua, apply ou board, at Oiletn* ? hart, loot oi wan at , | or to E- K.? OLLIN* S?1 'O.. 56 South it. I Positively no goods recused ou boird aitet Saturday eve- I ning, 18th mat Agent in .New Orleana, Jamea E IVoodrolf. who will pramiiftr forward all go.<d? to hi* art.lreta Packet ship OSVV EGO John>'' ii m ?trr, will aurreed the Loui?ville, and a .it .Yliw'v, Au<ml 11th, her regular (lav. jy 13 m PACKET 8HU' cffWF.OO f m NVw Orleana. M0MfV '? d.echnrfmg at Pike ?trret wh .if. Coniinivri JmUUm will plcaia attend to the n ceipt of tneii g<<od? invbi?-.ii.?. iv. jyta m NEW LINE OF PA< ?LT.i rOB LfVEK- i HTTTh POOL.?Packet of thr 2lat of Inly.?The splendid, MlWii'it tailing and favorite |a.ltrl ship HOI'TINOUfcK lICO ton. burthen. Cuptai.I Ira Uuisley. will aail on Tuesday, Jnlv Hat. her regular day. Persons wishiug to secure bertha should not fail to make erly application on board, attha foot of Burling Blip, or to W.kJ.l. I AKtM Utl . At their General Passage Office, M South iLreei, aecoud door iv'fl re helpw P " 'ug ?tip fifth IKrXAN^ O^D ESTABLISHED EMIGRANT MKOFKICE?Tm Hnbscribers aie prepared to bring , not passengers by any ol the Liueof Paeketa aailing every I five days ; ami Cu, ss usual. be furnished. payable , mft M 8mrti ?**et > ferine arbauged. jei9 im*mc NEW INVENTED WIOS BATCHEl.OR'8 new iuvented Wigs and Scalp*, nude of the fme?t curl hair, and ad?|>le<l in U>e moat easy > manner, to the peculiar style of each indivioMf. They are 1 ytirelv a uew inveutton, doing away with all Utf rrutioui | difficulties so Ions' eiperieuced by those who wear win. The | ublic are invited to in*|>ect a large and well aelected stock. containing every variety of ane and color; they will then be able to judge the effect. WM. BATl HhLOR. inventor and only mannfactarer, 2 W*ll street. urai Brnstlway. Removed Irom 14J Broadwiy. j Pl?>tc to <ory fh? jvIO !w"rr ANCII'.iVl ANL? MOUEKjN Bui Til E hi'HSI'RIBKH has opened an eitensive eatabliah- , ment, in the large baaeineut of No. U Job* atreet, for , tht >.Je ul'valuable Books, in every department ol human k owl< 'fv irt, iud thought. Ha ha* accumulated a coo- i siiier.ble collection of worka, many of winch are curious and : rare; and all, mure or le>>, of great value. He intends to *ell ! eiclnsively for cash, and to have uo rival whatever in the < smMltiess of his profit/ and the lowness of hi* price*. Hi* tock will be constant!. augmented by the perchase ol privale libraries, or of smaller collection* of book*. He. will | buy every work, ancient or modern, to which value ia attached, by any sect or party, iii every department of litera- I tare, science and art, and in all languages. He hope*, there- , fore, to make bis establishment an agreeable retort for the ; Bibliomaniac, the Antiquarian, the Divine, the Lawyer,* the Artist, and men of letters, and science generally; each of 1 whom will meet Willi choice works, in his own particular I walk, at the lowest possible price. He. tlieit fore, invitee all [ literary- persons to pay him a viiit, and judpe lor themselves. | lie lias, likewise, a large quai lity ol loreiaii and native I Music, foi the Piano Korte ana other instrument*, for which 1 he will thank any one who may want it, to giv* him one-hall' the lowest Price charged by the very cheapest aeller in the city. It will be sold in suy on unity. JOHN DOYLE, Bookseller, mvMtm*rrc fij John streM. New York. IHUlUN OHAAlfAUNE, AFRESH INVOICE of this delightful ClM?pa?aa i* i> I tore, to which the attention of merchants, hotel Keepers, and private gentlemen is invited. The atrLoiiiac of this W ine I is now superior to that ol any in thia country, and at no oigher price than that ef the beat brand*. <;. LIVINGSTON,k CO.. matn isrf re '"wall atreet. j PA. ft L. DELMONICO, are happy to lafbra their friends and the public, that their, new Hotel in Broadwar. No. 13 corner of Morris atreet, i* now to inflated and will be opened on the 1st of Juue nett No nains have been spared to render it one of the Moet com- j fortable in the city, aud persona desirous of a permanent home, I want* and comforts attended to with the moat strict attention. mv 1m** independent opposition line for i alhany. ^MQ The splendid Steamer ONEIDA, Captain fci?<) Tapper, will leave the pttl foot of JiMMb4E.Lilitrtr street, this afternoon. at 7 o'clock, lmdmg at ruughkeepsie and Hudson. This boat will arrive in time for the cars going to Boston and Buffalo. jyM It'rre I in depende N T ('ppc^it KTnTOR albany, PASSAGE FIFTY CENTS. 02k The elegant and fast-sailing Steamer Cjr -' !?f~3?l)l'-LLK. Capt. Srhuyler, will leave tlie foot BndUEaOf Hobinson street on Weduesilaf evening, at 7 o'clock. The belle is fitted up wi h splendid state i rooms, and has accommodations equal to any boat ou the j North River. Kor P'siage or Ireigfit, apply to tlie Captain, on board, or at the omce ou the dock, of Geo. T. Stanley. | jy!4 2t*rrc 'grand excuksion down the bay. *SL Steimboat SOUTH AMERICA, on Tues& ' "^rT*r?^^*Y Alternoou, at 2 P M., will leave Court- , SE_?3UZ_landt sir-et at 2 r R-mmnud atreet at ; 2*4. Riviugtou street at >* to 3, Njik" atreet at 3, Pier No. I, N. R.. at 3. To accommodate fam:''e??ith t'ir children, a view of the fortifications anil oceae re ey trill he sfforjed, passing the Narrow*, Handy Hook Light Houie, and returning to tl>e j city at 1% o'clock. A sple .did Baud of Mosic o i bo rd Tickets, 2'| cents; I chi'dren half price. jylt lt*rrc j coaey island am i ? kt Hamilton i FERRY 0gk The StemnboM, |MtU8 and PROPRIE- , LJnJja^TOK have rnu. nt" ced - inning regularly on j ^G_3IG^E?the above terry, or.e of which will leave pier i 3, Nort'i River, till farther notice, kt OV, 10 tud MX A M , , and 1,2% 4 and i H P. VI. : return, .j. v? 11 leave Coney l?l* j and at 8 and 111< A M., aud I. 2)4. 4, C ?i d ' P. M? landing at I Fort Haniilt u each way Fare I2{t ce >u BUI.BY, Proprietor. | N. B ? Stages will be ui readineit r i he arrival of the | boat at Fort h-trailton, to take pa ae gersto New Utretcht aud Bath, also at Couey Island to take piuscugers to the upper , honses. All persons are forbid trusting any one on arconnt of til* bo t? "r ownera. j 14 #t?rre EAUoKelON T??THE FIShLnG iIAMv.6 " EVERY TUESDAY. jarq THK substantial steamer BUFFALO, fiu i j^Cnpt. Haucoi, will run as above on TuesaJLJbday, July 14th, leiving as follows Foot of b-,irl iy street ,t 8oVlork; Hammond <tieel at SK: tJanal ?t. ROTRLI AMD VVATKRtJlO FLACKS. . J* HOTEL OE PARIS.?ANTIOUE VIONM, one p of (h. l.t? proprietor, ol the Perkins Houm, Boston, JaHbretpeetfally informs hit tr lends ami ttw travelling imb- ^ lie, that he ku opened the hoiue No 190 Broadway, Now " Vnrk, entrance on Reede street, called the Hi>trl De Paris, Cl where he will ho happy to accomuiodata those who way with A lo patronise Inn. Willi board aud lodging. by tbe day. week, ?< Or month, on the ismt reasonable rrrm, mi H >rn eod ire P iNEl-'TU.NE HOUSE, .NEW KUCHELLE j - 1 TH K Subscriber respectfully fires notice to families in J the ciiy lint he has at present sevtral large and airy' hrd d looms, which ar? capable of cooamod<tiu((eiitoeI families * and parties in leueial iu the best maimer, il spplied for im- o mediately. C. F. RICE. a W-l'tlv 14. 1*4?. JyKit'rro* n ailAiiOiN sPttl.\G3 I'AVILIUjN. h THE rtJBLIC is informed thai this establishment, having a beau enlarged and improved since the dose of the last > season, will be opened for the reception of visiters, on the let i, day ?l Jhue. LANOON k GARDNER. p May I. im. mytj la*t FORT INDEPENDENCE HOUSE. j "I? AM 1LIE.4 wishing to find board In the couturv for the " J. suinuirr, csu procure pleasant rooms at this delightful P place, ou the East bank of the Hudsou Hirer, at tbe entrance of the Highlands, near PeekskiJl, by making early application f' to the subscriber. r J>9 lw?rc V TRUESDELL. n J'AViLiON, NtW ttftlOHTOM t FBLANI.'ABU liu the h mur to inform hit friends mill thep'iblic iii geueral.that the Pavilion isnow & full ( operation *i>d prepared for their reception. Stexinhoaii run between 1'ier No. I, North Kiver, and New I Brighton, ut the follow in* hou/i, vi*:? >rom New llrighton. 1 k'rom New York. I I 1, 11 A. M. I 9. 12 A. M. 2, ? F. M. I Jk. J.7 P. M. , * y. BLANC A HD. , ? Parilion, New Brighton. Jane 1,1H?. ji7tftc J TiiJb. sjHAJjta HOTEL, n 64 Readt Strut, fVest Side of Broadway. \ 1 THE Subscriber respt-etfully informs hi> friends and the , _ public, ihat lie has lately opened the above E*iaHi*U | ment. in a style wperior to any other house of the kind i:i Uie J city of New York. The satisfaction which he baa huherto | ( given to his ujmernu* friends and customers, w hile proprietor of "The Shades," in Thames street, he Hatters himself will t t! be a guaranty to all who may potroniae him in hit uew esta- \ blishment, while uo effort on his part will be wanting to merit the routinaance of tlieir patronage | 1 The usual reliahes, Chop*, Steaks, Welth lUrekita, Poach- I d Egg*, b.c., will be aenred up in a superior style. The room will be regularly supplied with city paper*, as j a well at a full supply of foreign paper*, by every arrival from Europe. JAMES EVANS. | i mil lm*rc I BON SEJOUR. ! i THE SUBSCRIBER has the pleasure to announce that : j hi* house, at Bergen Toint, is now open for public accom- i , eommodatiou. A hotel o>i the Jersey side ha* long been a desideratum which is now supplied. The house (the old Me lauy maunou) ha* been re-fitted in elegant style, with many I new rooms and other important addition*. ' The grounds are beautifully laid out, and what with lum- t riant shrubbery, chartniug walks, agreeable drive*, and plea sant boating, the place will challenge competition with any f rural residence. Familiea who wish to pass a cool and quiet ! t summer, can be provided with rooms or suit* of apartments t at their choice. Fish of almoat every variety abound iu the I i " Kills,' and the ueighboriug woods are not deficient iu came. The steamer Passaic, plviug between New \ ork aud Newark, 1 atom at the landing, in front of the honse. four times a day. r ana the or New York cauiiot find a more beaatifal 1 n drive than that between Jersey City and Bergen Point. Iu Ane, all viaitera, customers aud boarders, may be asanred that no pains will be spared to wake the plaoe merit the title given it ot old?Bon Seiour. 1 DANIEL W. LOCKWOOD. The Faaaaic. for Newark, leaves the foot of Barclar street at 10 A. Nl. and 4 P. M., lauding in front of the above place. The Port Richmond boat leaves Pier No. I at J, 12, 3X and , o'clock. At Port Richmond there will be boats in attendance to oonvey passengers, aud laud them at the hous?. m2li?*r ' MANSION HOUSE, MIDDLE TOWN, CONNECTICUT. THE UNDERSIGNED bega leave to annouuee to hia , friends and the public, that he 'las leaaed the above house ' for a term of years, and hopes, by I >ug experience aud strict j . attention to business, to merit a liberi Tshare of tlieir patron- ; , age. JOHN L. MONROE. : j! mrtSm'rc Formerly of the U. 8. Hotel, Boston. ' J SARACEN'S HEAD, 12 DEY STREET, N. Y. * JOSll'H SMITH ,'.ate uf Worcester, England, bega leave ' to inform his friends,cnsteireia uid tlie public in general that he has receutly fitted up his house In a rery superior I niuiuer, aud calculated to please gentlemen of taste. He will alwaya, aa heretofore, keep his Bar aud Larder auppiied with the best Liquors and Provisions that the market affords. a Dinners from 12 till 3 o'clock, and Cold Cats, Chops, Stakes, < c Rare Bits, Ue., at ail hours. I t His supply of English aiid city newspapers ia eieelled by no house in New York, and his A' .a. Wines, Began, tic . are , of the moat superior .piality and le attendance prompt. Pri- j vate Rooms provided for partiei i.d the comfort and acrom- > modatiou of customers alwaya ai'-eunted to. Lodgings, lie. < mrl41m?r i "StJROO UT PROSSIM." I | PAUL H DENNIS AND .1. V1ART1N BOTNER. I \ resjiectlully inform the public that thry have opened | , the house So 86 NASSAU SI'R^ET. immediately opposite the Sccowu Ward Hoif.l, wline they will be happy > to see their friends aud others who may he disposed to favor j tliem w.tha call. Their B.tK will at all times he well sup- . plied with the very bkst of Wines aud other Liquors, ' Cigars Ike. , \1e?*r? Dc?ti*is ft BoTHF.n assure their friends that every , effort will be made to sustain the rei'u aiion they have so Iouk , e< joyed, and they are courulent of satisfaction to all who partake of the comforts aud luxuries of their house. < jyllw?rc FUME BATH. \ TO ALL who are afflicted with rheumatic complaints, we I , won I<1 say go and tr> Dr. Swett'a Sulphur Kume Bath ' 304 Broadway. The peculiarities of il are such, that it curr i -i effectually this complaint, also all other diseases ol a chroni j nature, such as Scrofula, Gont, Sail Rheum, diaeases of thi I t Skin, Joints, fcc. The charges are so moderated, aa to feteU it within the means of all. mM Im'ra , SCOTT'S BAZAAK. j ; 74 Prince street, tast of Hroaiway. VJAND8 SCOTT, late of the Bazaar in Dey afreet, bega to ! < P acnuaint his uumerous friends and the public, that he has ' opened the above house in a very sni>erior style, and hopea to merit a fair ahare of the public patronage. From loug expe- ' rteure in business, he flatters himself t" be able to pleaae the j ' most fastidioift ; the accommodations of his house for baai- j neas and comfort, he believea cannot be surpaaaed by any I houae of the kind. Hia palroua will alwaya Aud the house ' well supplied with the best of every thing the market affords in the way of Alea, Wines, Liquors, aud Segara, Steaks. Chops, Cold Cat*, Rarebits, Poached Eggs, Tea, Coffee, aud I l iu facta large assortment of refreshments at all times until I twelve o'clock at night- Plenty of rooms lor private parties U ?'l rimes readv mrlO lfn?rr<* LL)Lh. rtu JK bUuri.. JUST PUBLISHED?The' Idle Hour Book," containing 100 paifes, with AM engrav ugs?price only 37 ceuts?re- ( plete wiili I'un. Our Comic Almanacs, for 1147, Are in number, will bo insued in April. They will be the beat ever got up, and cheap at that. Specimen number* sent by mail. The subscribers invite the attention of the trade to their i unrivalled and large variety of the various kinds of Children's Books, Bong Boolts, Primers, kc., together with colored i Lithogrsphie Prints, the best in the market?HO kiuds. ' m? lm*re TURNER h FISHER. 74 Chatham at. THJC. UNL* UrbiXUllNt ' i WALNUT OIL MILITARY i SHAVING SOAP, MANUFACTURED by our Mr. Johnson, the inventor, I late Johnson, Vroom k Fowler, wholesale and retail. i , Kancv Hoapa, Essences, and every article pertaining to an < , extensive manufactory, for the trade and families, at leas prices than any other house iu this country can supply. Also, the depot ol the original and only genaiue Magics , Pain Kxtraemr, for bums, and Hay's Liniment for Piles; I . Kab dor, for the complexion; Acoustic Oil for Deafness; J Sirs* pari I la Extract. Wets per bottle. Oregon llsir Oil; On the most favorable terms to merchant! in all parts of the f country. ' Steam Soap Works and Laboratory of Perfumes, Patent | r Medicines, kc. kc., SI Courtlandt street, New York. mylt lm're j ' SHIP MUSKETS AND PISTOLS. | ONE THOUSAND Muskets, with Bayonets, in good or I der; J0O pairs Boarding Pistols, for sale by A. W. SPIESk CO..?1 Maiden lano.. 1 4,090 elegant United States banded Muskets, in lots to suit pnrrhasers. , Also. Hides and Sporting Gnns.1 myM lna*r 192 BROADWAY. CORNER OK JOHN STREET. TO THOSE WHO SHAVE THEMSELVES [>Vo? the Evening Pssl.l SPECIMENS of KINO'S aoapimMehable VERBENA CREAM FOR 8HAVINO.?This ar>icl% universally praised by those who made'trial ef it, last year toon tne first Premium of the Institute Fair. Indeed, it is fully conceded by those who know, thstK is Impossible to manufacture an article eoual to it. It is softening to the skin, fragrant to the ' er than the ol<T soap*. All, therefore, who wonld conmlt economy and comfort in tharing, should posies* themselves 1 ol it ? Krom the New York Oaiette?'The New Soap.?We speak from experience, and we speak from the more professional knowledge of onr benefactor and friend. James Grant, No. 4 A/in street, who says it is ahead of anything ever yet found out in this department of modern improvement. It is not only an emollient, "but it is something more." In short, we belit-re it is the best sharing soap in the world. Krom the Kreuing Mirror.?Ring's Verbena Cream, we know by experience to be the best kind of sharing soap, and those persons'who liar* troublesome beards, should not be without it. It has a penetrating way of its own, and softens the hardest and roughest beard, so as to render the operation of sharing perfectly easy. Mr. Ring has lately taken the business of Dr. Milnor, at the rorMr of Broadway and John street, where his inestimable article may be obtained; aud, likewise, Ring's Cough Candy, which is said to be a pleasant and certain cure for that troublesome companion. Krom the Sunday Dispatch.? Kvery man who shares himself should procure "King's Verbena Cream." It is an exquisite article, softening tne beard, and allaying all irntation of the skin, so that it become* an absolute pleasure, instead of an annoyane^ to use the razor. Beware of imitations, and nbserre the w rifle* signature, under the directions for use. of"C. H. Ring." Prepared, and for sale, wholesale and retail, and for exportation,by ('. H. KINO, Druggist, 112 Brondwav, corner ol Joha street. Successor to Dr. Wm. H. Mils?. N.B.?Merchants are particularly requeued to call and examine this article, as now prepared, as to quality, imaatitys appearance and price. It cannot lie beat?trie splendid new Isliel. from a steel plate, engmed hy Messrs Rawdoo, Wright It Hatch, far exceeding ny thing of the kiad before the public. mi ImT H GEORGE W1LJ J SMJS. IfVER. UHAWL CLEANER, RE8T< 1R*.K AUD BLEACHER, O <J7x Broadway.?O. w. returns his most sincere thank* for the rery liberal support he has receired for year* past. | and trusts that with strict attention to business his remoral Irom 47JW to 4J7X Broadway, near Howard street, will rather increase than decrease his namherof Patron*; he pledges himself that uothing shall be wantaig 'n merit the patronage of a discerning and independent public Silk. '"ofton and Wollen r Oo?ida D>ed,lir Real and rrencM'aahmere,Merino, Broehc and Thibet Shawl*, cleaned in a rery superior style in ( three diva after receiring them Silk. Sane, ,?1oreen and Damask ?Vind?vw and Bedrurtams, cleaned, dyed and water- tl ed nsi a rery superior and entirel) new (>lau (J. W. would ,, direct the attention of the Ladies to hi? rery (aperior atyie ol 0 Watering Silk, he., hariug rh* best workmen and marhi iery r in the city ("arpeta, Rags, Ttbie Corer* and ('ranch ? loths }' cleaned Gentlrmeu's Wearing Apparel e'eaned aud dyed by sn entire new process, and returned in three days. Merebaata | c 0,ar" ,l"unrn "" TwIluAMS' EataMiUimaat, 5 myilni*n> ?**>< Browtway ^ SPECTACLE CASK MANUFACTORY, ? No. N FULTON BTRfctT, xI* toik. 1 CONSTANTLY on hand a Uri(* "tippty of tha iboft arcv I clr*. bT the rroai or doiaa. Country marehwua ai>i>lird at thort uotina f tlliWN M < FINfc. 1.INEN SHIRTS. ~~ i 1 MEIDAMCI FALMER kTARX. 471 Brotdinr. coiuin I to maka r*ntlrm<ms' Liaca to ordar. and warrant tn?n j I to Tit. Thf Ut?'t pattara* and fineit catdltwork ehannrriia 1 ,hN to? U9 put ?l the tower j j ?wm " >?:? * > ?>. BOWEKY THEATRE. VW. J A' KSON, tskri this incih* d of returning hit ?c kn w le^grtunt* to ihr York public, for the ex iui?c patronage bestowed oil bis effort* the i?Mt year, as a iterer lor |hei/ainustMicvt. in U?? .Ntw Bourn Theatie .lih?u^h thr fir*tyt*r it hit fcttu unde. hi? individual and utue contiol, he feeIs gr*at Htasu;e lu stating. that the atr- tiaire hai been fwllv if not Wi^rtOf, to any season ap? nei ced Uy his predecfaaoi hi the m ?utgemeut J he bfitrt will tie closed from Thursd 7 fth( ^lOUday. u?v 20th ae*t, for Repairing. Cleaning and Faintiiiif. wring which time, t< e Ari>la engaged at the ?it ibtishmetit, rill be employed in preparing n Grand Drama, tM D'ltlicriH f which hiiijuit beeu received from London, to be produced t the " re-opening," ou a most extensive scale and with great lagnificence. fclvery alteration thst cm add to the coinlort nd convenience ??f the uudieuce, in the I rout part of the oiutf, will be made. Attractions, without reference to the Mending eapeuse, will be produced during the eutuing sea- , nn. as the Manager hope* will ensure a continuation of thu rilliant ptirouage bestowed on his efforts during the est year. jjrljj m BKNr.HT UK MH. lJKAPkH. ^HF.KNWll H Till- 4TII I.' 1 nri ~r V.r.^L .nH Jf Charlton streets.?Tuesday* F.vtnnnj, Julv 14th-Tha erforuiaucea will commence with t)>v OOLPEK KAKMEK -The Golden Farmer. Mr Chaiifrtu: Elizabeth, Vllai I raujrd After which, the Farce of PbltKt CTION?Sir Law nice Paragon. Mr \V Ch>ptnan; Kale O Urien, Miu < ( Imi<un. To conclude with the Vsudei ille of AN OBIECT >K INTER* BT?Barney O'Dwyer, Mr Chapman; Fanny rabbles, Miss Julia Drake. Boxes, 25 cents; l'n l*H eentt: Private Boxes $4; Seats ui )rplie?trn Coxes. each 7") cents. VlSl'LK WAKDK.N, ?vHit na extensive Promenades is oi>eu d-iy ami evening.?Monday Evening. July IS, a good ylecnon of Music, from Kslliwoda, J. Lanirzty, Kuhnrr, ihihacl Doniretti, Von Weber. Strniis. iiellini, Labitr.kv .4 Kuisnil will be performed by the Orchpatra, nuiier direc* ion of N.' \1e>rer Intermission nfhilf a l hour, lor refreshlents 'J lie beautiful range of COSMORAMAB. extending round the whole of the Esplanade, will he brilliantly ilia quisled w ith gaa, thus giving miters in excellent onpuitum , y to eiamine these beautiful Views. Admission li>? cents. jyia ^ IKHi'b OA.RDKN ?Tuesday Evening, luly llui. ibv,. Lv ?The |ierformauce will commence with > favorite Jrerture. After winch Wil' he presented a Classic Divertisement on lie I'aible Tight Rope, by M'rae Martin Javelli antl C Viotlier. To be follow ed by Daring and k'-Straordiuary Keats on the NGHT ROPE, by the Havel Family, Gabriel Itavel and ?h rlu? Wiutlier. Grind I'at de Deux, from Natalie, by M'me Leon Javelli nd Mons Henri. Half mi lioar'a intermission for th? Concerts A-la-Mosard n the Refreshment Saloon. T'i conclude with the Comic Pantomime of ROBERT kWD BERTRAM I)?Robert, A Ravel; Bertrand, G Ravel: nous unni'iu r navei: binary, i navei; uavaieur. >. v? intier: M lie Kloi, M'ui? Leon Javelli; Criituette, M'me Mar in Javrlli. Doors open at 7 o'clock ; entertainment! begin at I o'clock. Ticket! 50 cent!. AMERICAN THEATRE, NEW ORLEANS. rHE Sub*cril>er will mw thb ThWW Ipf ilie season on lit November next The Com-iany will consist of perormers of well-known talot and celehritv, it bei"g tnv inention of procuring one of the best dramatic companies id he Union 8t>r?wi|| find it to their advantage to negotiate with the establishment. . Geo Holland, E?q , is my duly authorised agent in New fork. AM engagements, and other matters of busiueia eonletted with this Theatre, made bv him. will be binding on ne. H. P. 8TICKNEV. Proprietor of American Theatre, New Orleans, Jnn~ 13. I(W?. Address, post paid, to Oto. Holland (.Agen*), Olvmjle Pheatre, New York. Jvl4 U2tawu**rrc aLuamra, JVo. 559 Broadway, beti?em ty/ring and Prince. MU8ICAL ENTERTAINMENTS of a superior order will be given at the above popular and fashiouable pl?re >f resort, every evening, (Sundays excepted) commencing it 8 o'clock. IT/*" Adinitaince free. Jy 13 2tina*rc J. W. RYALL, rHE Celebrated Dancer, and C. JENKINS, the popular Vocalist and unrivalled Ethiopian Melodist, with a small j nit talented company, have been performing to crowded auliences at Hartford^ Conn., siuce the 3d inst. They give a ,'oncert and Olio Kntertainmeiit at .Vliddletown, on Mo'iilsy ind ' uesday, and at New Haven on Wednesday and Thuralay of this week. n 13 2tini* rc tiUWEis & N b W ? utui iviAiVtiVHJ l H CIRCUS. THE LAHOE9T EST A BL1SHMENT ever organited in the United State!, comprising 19 Men and florae*, re quiring 26 Carriages to convey the p*rforinera, wardrobe, ma uciani, kc. Tlx; company h*? attached (? it Eight Kemale inestrians, amouq whom is the Greatest Keinale Rider of the \ge, recently arrived from Paris MADAME MA HI KM AC ARTE, ivhoae new ityle ol Equestrian Ke?ts. peculiarly her ow?, >eine chaste .i:id classic; her gracefc! nntl 1'r.scinatiue addreaa, md the charming naivete with which she chains ner andiseuce, render this gifted and highly-edncated urtiile the leadng feature of the arena in this country. The Proprietor! r?"er the pnblie lo the brilliant description given in the reapeeive newspapers of the extraordinary and daring feat! performid by this distinguished nrtiile Amuiig the noveltiea which he Proprietor! olfer are the celebrated Scotch GIANT AND GIANTESS rheir height ii 14 feet, and their w?igl?i over Tl*l? lbs Mr. ftmdall weighs 43? lbs Mrs Kandall is (We most enormons [iantess in the world They will ippenr in " lack and the Bean Stalk." and he will perform extraordinary feat! of itrenglh and agility, and will ride iu a two Worse act The intertaiiimenta will comprise 17 Act* of Tloriern wstiip, OymJ'utic Exercises, ''lassie Displays and humorous afterpiece!. Equestrian Director. Mr. HOWES; Hiding Master, Mr. i NIXON, and the unapproachable (Ilown, DAN KICK. Among the Performers is the celebrated and principal Riler. tiie Napoleon of the Arena. Mr. HOBBS( whose (eat* oa iimrmcb hit mr riinninnimrt r?cr ? niirsnf-w juvr kite An of Horsemanship by MftflMr Niton, Olymmc Kxrr!ise?. by the whole Company. led by the great Kuropeaa Pninhler, Sir. MAi'ARTR. Wonderfnl Kent* hv Mr. Tole'i Joes, Hector und Billy The SWISS BROTHER**, in heir el^uant Oymnasric Posrnres and Grouping* Mr. 4weet is the Charioteer of Phnrhns. Po*tnrinu *nd Gymnastics by ^tr. Niiou an<l his son Mr. Howes in his Mythological sua mil nut Act of " FVncies of Proreos." Mr. I#. Howes in *l?ck Hope Evolutions Mr. Geo Sweet, the celebrated righ' Rope Dancer. With n rnrierv of others. The whole tompnsiu^ tiit lending, most talented and classic performer* D fh# wi?M This unrivalled corps of Kqnesrrians will perform in the own of fTHICA, N Y , on the 4th of Jely, after which hey will visit all the principal cities and towns in the State. mvSI tc MUSIC. [NSTRtTCTlON given on the Piano at two dollari per in inth.hv a per.on who nWMMthe profeomn tnorotlghly. Young ladiea wi.lung to take le.aoua, will plea*e iddret* a note to "Mnaie," at the Herald office. Jyil lv?i**rrc Atlantic garden is now open for the RE \SON.?Dodwor'h'a Comet Band will perform every Tneaday iud Friday evening*, eanmeneina Jan* ted, rt I o'clock. Admittance Iree. myt }m*rc WILLIAM ALLISON, Proprietor. BILLIARDS IMPROVED. f~}TIB FIELD reapectfullv inform* hia friend* tad the yJ public, that he haa returned to hia old favorite quarter*, I) ASBFORD'S ROOMS, entrance IJtf Ann atreet, auj-iiuing he Muaeum Bailding, or 149 Fnlton atreet The Rooma and Fable* If re been pnt in perfect order. The Table, are Slate, Marble and Iron, with Air, India Rnbber and Cloth Guahicn*. They will no doubt anit European and all gi cat phvera. being the beat in thia country. Larger ball* for Hotheroer*?Carolina ball* for German*. N. B ? rtaaaford'a new atyle Billiard Table* for aale; India tnd Fi -i-h (,ue Leather, belt in the city; fine Billiard I'loth, and every article in the trade, eonatanuy ou hand and for aal>'. myd lia*m DAY'S PATENT HOSE.?The experience of ten year* iu the manufacture of Rubber Hoae, ha* proven the utter mpoaaihility of combining permanently Robber with fibroo* >11 finance., iiitermnik'led iu >uch way aa to make a Hoae free >?m the trouble of mildew and rot, consequently manufacurer. have abandoned the bu:<ineaa. The new Patent Hoae, if my invention, ia free from the otuectiona, and I now offer I t for aale, under a gunranty, in inch terma aa will be far- | li.lied buyer. on imrchaae. Every piece will have the name if the Patentee, and dale tlie Patent, according to law, imiationa of whi< n, u a penal offence under tli* law*. Price? IBJi centa per foot; anitalilr for Croton and other aizei, iu iirouortion. Manufactured and for aale, whole.ale and retail, ?y HORACE H. DAY. 24 Maideu Lane. ali re After tat May, 23 Courtland *t. KITCHEN RANGES. HOLMES' TWO OVEN KITCHEN RANOES. THE Proprietor* are now prepared to furniah H.lme*' ranges to the trade, or *et them up ior private familie* oi warding hoo*e*, having purchased the right from the patentee o manufacture and .ell them. Oar experience in manufactarng and letting Kitchen Itangea, in tnia city, forthe paat It ,-eara, warrant* a* in aaaertmg that Holme*' Range cannot be fnr ?r,>nnine, convenience, and durability. They ire warranted to perform the purposes Tor which they are parhajed, and ifnot they will be removed free of any expense to he purchaser. Nnmerous reference* can b? Riven toperactu rishing to purchaae. The pricea ranee from 25 to Jolars The proprietora are constantly manufacturing, and are well applied w ith parlor, office, add bed-room OKATKB, of the icweat patterns. Alto?TIN WARK, bright, plain and ja^aned. They haT* naaans at all timea ready to aet Ranges, gr>.tes, and boilers? ilao, smokey ehimneya cored ; no cure, no pay A. (JILHOOLV Jt SON, mil Im're It Naaaan afreet. MAGAS1N JAPANA.S, H DUANK 8TREKT (between Broadway and Elm at.) A H. TAKKKK, aieut from Amaterdam, moat reaped'a. fully iuforma laifiea and gentlemen who ure furnishing heir parlora, that he has constantly on hand the following anique articlea, aa?Japan laci|oered porcelain jara, vaaea, lowerbottlea, cake and fruit dishes, ol great beauty and the ineat <|nality ; old Dresdeu porcelain group*, figure*. cii|>a nil aaucera, of the richeat kinds : ancient fan* ol the ISlli leutury. richly caned, of mother ol ix-arl and ivory, and leautifully painted ; ancient Venetian glaxses, of great vanity ; rich carved lurniture, of the time of Louts XIV.. conlatiug of chain, arm chairs, and cahineta ; alao two Japan lorcelain tables, or wnab stuids, aurli in never haa been imorteil, and a small collection ol ancieut oil paintiuca of the )utcl> u4 Hernial) achoola. Mr. I'. would alao calj trie atteuion of strangers viaiting this city to eiainiue thia maguifient collection. N. B.?Orders taken to imi-orr ancient oil painting*, of any naater of the Dutch and Flemish schools, marble statuary, <rved furniture of any description, ancient porcelain, in hesedifferent branches, and everything that belongs to the infiqiiarv line mvH ltn*rv e Li. JJULtA^ ot. Dnuinciivo, 2lfATER8. No 43* Broome utreet, corner of Broadway. J New York.?New Koofa put on in lite bed manner, and ,Id Roofj repaired ud warranted tight. Ordera received at be above placo, and Mr. P. ClarkM Henry atreet, will be imctii*llv BMfnHwl in mvMlm>rr CONSTIPATION, (C08T1VENE8S) DESTROYED 'Vithout Metiicxnct, Injection*, or Bath*. Dit eovtrtf Recently made in France, BY M. WARTON. Priref Thirty Cents. rrF.Hh Engliah edition, rranatated from the 2Jrd Frenek edition of the m-o-uhon of natural, <imide. agreeable nd iifitliblr me t ie (recently diacovered in Krauce.) not onv of overcoming, hut alio of completely dr?tmy ing ob?tiii?le, iiveiemie and habitual Cooetipitio'i, without uaiug either organ tea. injection*, or hatha: followed by a great number f vitheotic document. from emiaent phyaieiane and other <eriou? of distinction, certifynig the complete efficacy of he me ina. The Krett reputation which the ebvalbnta of Mr. Warton, if Parn. hae acquired in thia country, and in all parta of Koope, hi. induced many unprincipled peraona to get oj> arioua itniMtimu, and palm them off upon the oommumty aa genuine Great Buffering. injury, and in tome cases deal ha wee oceurred where tlieae lulse pTeparatioua hate beea i ifd BKWARF. of imposition. f yoq bar# iny rfffnrl for your heillh, a?r only fht par* wd ;t"'"n# rK-Ufcf. OF PAR!*. Every package haa hia?*?e npoo, and is sealed with Ma iwnaeal The depot for thia cornier* i? . . 152 tViUiam if., betwen A?Urn and Annitt. Where may he had a fall deecripnoit o/theeffytto''"?F.rra enta, with the mark* to diatinguuh the me from the conn Sold alio ia New Tork b7 Mr. /no. Wlhea^jf, JM^Mad LVffiT l\TKI IHiHMF. TELEGRAPHIC REPORT 8NBWI r&OM TSZAI. Health of the Army. Loss of the U. S. Steamer Frontier. MOVEMENTS OF THE MEXICAN GENERALS, iVc. ice. Sic. The Southern Mail received at Philadtlphi* lust night, brought intelligence of tha arrival at New Orleans of the steamer Alabama, froin Point T*nhnl on the 6th inst. The news received by this arrival is of 110 nm? terial importance, yet it in sufficiently interesting to keep the eyes of the public directed towaids the war quarter. The health of tlio volunteers had greatly itnproved, being mostly recovered from the diarrhoea, the disease with which they were principally affected. The most enthusiastic joy was manifested throughout th<% cani[> on the reception of the nt v? that Gen. Scott would not supercede "Old loa^li and Ready" in the command of the army. The steamer Frontier, laden with govenmnt supplies, was los-t at the mouth of the Rio Cm ide, together with nearly all her cargo. A report was current in Matamoras, thrt several launches, with their crews, belonging t> tba American Jleet blockading Tampico, had been captured by the Mexicans. The latter rejoiced, of course, although little credence was given t<? the rumor. 'ITit Republic of the Rio Grande, *f the 30th ult,, states that Carajaral, the Mexican commander had been collecting horses, &c., within fiftf mile* *( Matamoras, and had thence proceeded on hi>? way to Camargo. He had been at San Fernando, from whence all the public property had beeu removed. Gen. Canal-s is said to be located between Carmargo and Monterey. It is understood that h?? has had an interview with the Alcaldes in tho vicinity ofRoynosa and Camargo, and that they have agreed upon a declaiation of independence. Gen. Ampudia was in Sun Lnis Potosi. Gen. Mejia was with the remnant of the army. Gen. Arista still remained nt his hacienda, and decline* going to Mexico. Gen. Taylor appears to be anxiously watching for another opportunity ton judicious move in tlu? game of war, although it was unknown whan such move would be made. Col. Payne, one of the heroes of the 8th and 9th, arrived at Ualtiui'ue la-t night on his way t# Washington with Mexican trophies. C0.\?llliSS10.\Al, FttUlKKOITOI. Wajhimotok, July 13, 1MQ. In Senate. Senator SmicHT appeared in hii seat to-day. The bill fur the reliof of thu widow of Alexander Ha* milton *ii panted. Vest 14. nayi 16 The bill tc renew the pa'ent of Rom Wyman, for an improvement in rail roa I wheels, after a long discussion, was laid on the table Von 21 nay 1 -.'0, tiik war? mof?ih? rill. On Mr. Du't motiwn wai thcu taken up. and the amendments repotted from the finance committee were agreed to. A number of amendments, rendered Treunry amendment* by the foregoing, were proponed and adopted. .Mr. HuNTiNOTnn offered an amendment that no goods (hould be warehoused unleni the duty iheieon amounts to (150 Rejected, yens 23. nay* 2S. Mr Joh*>on, of Md.. proposed an amendment requiring the importer, when entering goods fur warehousing, 10 enter them for consumption or exportation, a* the cat* muy ho The bill wna then lai t aside The 1'arifl' bill wui t..ken up. TMK T4Hirr Mr Lewis explained the provi?iooi of the bill, and made a Iong speech in favor of the aH valurtm over (pacific duties, an.I saiJ the lull would yield fc-tf.OOO.iwO upon an importation of $l llt.OdO.OOO of duliaule goods Mr. twain obtained me lloor, and muted that the bill be postponed until to morrow at 1J o'clock. Agreed to. THE WAHrHOUMNfl BILL. This bill wai again taken up and Johnson's amendment rejected The bill wan then so amended ai to requiro periodical statements ot good* remaining in tbo ?mtliouses to be published, and then ordered 10 be eugroasod. HivkK iMraorftMfcnra. The bill for improvement* in the navigation of the Ohio, Mississippi and Arkansas Rivera,was amended aad passed. House of Representative*. TMK GRADUATION I.A.IP BILL. Mr. Owrw, on leave, submitted the land graduation bill. uirrNMON or ri'les. Mr. Dromooole asked leave to submit an order to bo sent to the Senate reminding that body that the Sub Treasury, the Navy appropriation, the Civil and 'diplomatic appropriation, and Militaiy Academy appropriation bills, ware there penJing. Mr. Tibrftts w ished to know why the river and harbor bills were not included. Mr. Drsmuoole replied that ha only referred to sueh appropriation bills as ought to have becu passed before the commencement of the present fiscal year. Mr. Uabiutt Davis asked u the seuate did not know that these bills were belore it. Ihe House istused to suspend the lutes to entertain Mr. Dronigoola'a order. The leportof the committee on printing being the special order, the same was postponed until Monday next tut ravmskt or volunteers. The amendment of the Senate to the resolution for tbo payment of volunteers called out by Uon. tissues, waa agreed to by the llouso. RrroMTS from committees. On motion the rules were suspended to allow ooasmtttces to make reports. Numerous bills and resolutions were reported, road twice, and re (erred to the committee ot the whole. settlement of tmk land claims. The bill from the Senate, authorising the settle meat of unadjusted land claims passed a third reading, an l then the vote passing it was reconsidered,and the Dili waa than pained by iniormally. THK UliDViTIOII UHD BILL. The order of the day, the Land Graduation Mil, coming up, Mr. Cobb ottered an amendment in lieu of Uio who!* bill. A call of the House wa* had and the proceeding* under it were impended . The pieviou* question wa* then ordered. Mr. Kucewicll, of Conneclcut, moved to lay the bUl on the table. On thi* the y eat and nay were ordered and itood 00 to H4. The Speaker voted in the negative, ao the bill and amendment were not laid on the table. Mr. McKat's amendment wa* then put to vot*?Rejected. V ea< as, na> i 9?. The quevliou now recurred on Mr. l.obb'a amendment in lieu ol the whole bill, an4 it wii decided m the negative? t eai ?7, luyi So the amendment ul Mr. Cwob wan not received. Mr. Douola* moved to reconaider the vote rejecting Mr. McKay'* ameudment to Air. Cobb'* amendment. The Chain decided tint motion waa not in order, aa Mi Cobb'k amendment ?ai already rejected. MtMcClailand teconsidcr tho vote rejectir^ Mr. Cobb'* amendment A motion waa ina<.e to lay the bill on the tabic, which the Chair decided wa* lii'ti in order, i he vote tlovd Ob tin* motion, ) eaa 91, iiayt W. Ho the llouae retuaed to lay tho bill on the table. Mr. McClklla.iu'i motion wa* now put to vote, and the yea* and nay* mood '."J to'.*0, the speaker voting yea, and the vote waa iecou?idered Mr. Uolulam'* motion to reconaider the vote waa then rejected. Mr. McKav'* amendment to Mr. Cobb'* amendment was now put to vote?decided in the affirmative, let* !)4, nay* 80. Mr. AsHiarw moved to lay the bill and amendment* oa the table. On tlui motion the yea* and uay* stood M to M Mo tion rejected A imition wa* new made to adjourn. The yea* and nay* wure ordemJ, auJ stoaJ *9 to W ? 9o the Mouse adjourned. UaLTiMokt, July 11, IMC Flour market dull?freih giuund Howard ktieet >4 00, rale* 70o bbl*. city mill*, new, at ?4 i* Sutquaiiauna >4 1J Julj inspection *uie* oi new led wheat oo to wOo, and while IMJ to luj Com hat declined. Seles lew uA Ui Mc : wliilu iienl 04 to 66. uau id. V* hu?*y in lair ueuaui at 3 J. BY "I rte. MA 11. 8. \> Aoau.torox, July 12,1516. The Secretary jt Uio iu*?uiy?uueo o'clock P. M., thermometer at iW iu your importer's loom, being u? a a ooot looatity?-\vui you eMtu-u u? iu' WO put on a diy shirt 1 Hall pa?t ten 1>. M ?A great improvement. Having been completely resolved, or ili??olvtfd to au ossification within the last throe days, and grateful to Providence at l>?ing spared, even a* a second edition of Calvin Ld?on, we reauma our epistolary functions wiih * / spir.t, such as it is, unshaken, un terrified, an 1 I'll! / i of hopf? in an improvement of th? cUmat*. n? im. /I ' I

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