Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 17, 1846, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 17, 1846 Page 3
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Tte (Croat, ixmil received for toll* from ~ tha oo-nine krcmtut of navigation to the 7th of July, inclaiive. la $1,011.9*4 Same period in IMA VIA tfi3 locreaao,. f f94,411 Tba receipt* of tha Mohawk and Hudton Railroad ?omi>a?y, for tba lint weak In July,- thi? year, were $i.t66 iff, agafn*t Si*for tba corresponding weak last >aar?thowlng an incraaaa of $177 88. 11m receipt* of tha Norwich and Woreaitrr Railroad Company, form month* ending June let, ItM, compared with thoaa for tha corratponding pariod in ISM, (how an increate in tha (nx( incoma of about nina par cant. Noawicii akd Wiiiciitii R*il?04D. Oroaa recaipta lor lis month* ending June 1st, 1846 ? $M,?7? ?1 Oro?? receipts for *ix month* anding June 1, 1848 108,009 24 lMroa*e in tlx month* anding June 1, 1848,,. $7,718 ti'J 1 Thia increaie, a* we have above (tatod, ia in Uie groas lacomei tha nat receipt* will ihow a larger increase 'ha i thia, a* wo learn that tha running and other ex. pa i?e* of the road liava bean very much reducedWhen tha net income i* augmented in two way*, by an incieaae in the groa* receipt* and a decrease in the ex pen*oe, there mmt be good management and a good proa pec t of good dividend*. Tba increaee in the Mceipt* of thif company ha* been ,nu>n m iu> un ui iui uiun rauuceu larin ol cuargos ; ft.r passage. which shews that under the moit unfavorab e circumstances, the income of the road will not only ' be iutllcient to keep up the regular annual appropriatian t j the sinking fund, but give tho stockholders a dividend of at leant four per cent per annum. The running arrangements of thia^road am excellent, and refeet great credit upon the energetic president We apeak iroai personal observation. It i? the moit a^reea- | Me railread rente to Boaton, either by the way of the Long Island Railroad by day, or the sound boats by ! night; and if the Botton and Worcester Railroad Company would do away with a little of that obstinacy which a monopoly is apt te create, and permit the Norwich tram to make a little better time to and from Boston. the travel between New Yoik and Boston, by that rout*, would be very mueh increased. The recent arrangements made in relation to the through fare, between the two cities, must hare a very favorable effect upon the receipts of all the companies > Interested; and we trust that they will ba sustained, a* they are fixed upon a proper and just basis. The annual report of the Concord (N. H.) Railroad Company, showing the receipts and expenditures for tha year ending April 30th, 1844, has just made Its appearance. The road and furniture, or appurtenances, cost | $779,491, there having been expended for objects applicable to construction account, within the last year, $33,117. The capital having been increased to $800,000, i and the aggregate expenditures amounting to only $779,6*1, there was a balance on hand of $30,419. Kor the year ending April 30th, the receipts were sa follows:?Passenger department, $109,971 ; freight do, $110,489; tents and interest, $3,039?$3i8,479. The expenses for road repairs were *28.817: wood, nil Mil repair* of anginal, $21,583; taxes, $6,537; freight, j passenger anil other expenses, $80.13*?$133,054 A ; net balanoe of $93,434 wu thus realized, out of which two dividend* of $40,000 each were paid, and $13,4*24 of ; furplui carried to contingent fund, which now amount* to $30,805. In the expemei, extraordinary chargci have j been included for twenty-four fr*ight,three passenger, and one baggage car, with one 14 ton freight angina, to replace those coniumed by Are at Concord. In the ' charge for road repair* $13,750 is included for deterioration of bridge*, deeper*, fence*, rail*, tec.; and in the charge forexpeme* $3,656 i* put to deterioration of pa* ' enger can, which will be expended for two new one* contracted for. The director* arm of opinion that a reduction of the frtjght tariff will be justifiable at an early date. A com- ' parative table of passenger and freight receipt* i* given, with the number of paiaenger* lince the road opened, which pretent* thi* re?ult Cofleoao (N. H ) Railroad, Patiengeri. Freight. Rent. Total. I moaths te April, '43 $18,034 2I.WI 1,068 70 911 12 ilo do '44. 72,799 f5.420 310 139 0TO 1* do de '41,... 90.545 90 099 1,196 1*1,843 II do de '46.... 109971 115,469 3,033 lit,471 $221,369 29i.79? 6,162 620,313 The number of passengers in the tame period wai . 19.829, 73.3a*, 100,843 and 151,530. The tonnage wa* | 1,7U9. ^1.075, 33 960 aad 41,753 tons apward, and 4,973, |* 91.6)4. 33 884, and 47.636 down?making 103,286 ton* up aa I 108,099 tons down, including 23,375 cord* of wood. The average of tons to each train rosefrom 42>i to 69>f, then to 103, and last year reached 144){. In three year* and eight month* the total of mile* ran has bean 4*7.444. The annexed table, from the official return* of the Tretiury Department, exhibit* the receipt* from ou*- . tons for each quarter af the pait two year* Rkvbvub neat Customs?Vr?ks Juira 30, 1345 A50 1116. Qr. tnding 1344-'45. 1345-'46. Incr. Deer. 30th S?|.temtie?. .$ 0.37J.7I3 3.361,913 ? t,Oil,736 3'tt Uec?cnb?r.. 4.067.445 4.192,791 12V346 ? tlir .March 6.335,553 7.357.191 671.615 ? 33th Jaue 8.231.19G 6.270 000 10 ? | Tettl, 1344-'45... $37,533.111 36,631,313 1,165,591 3,011,733 Total, I*l5-'4?? . 36.631,316 1,165.531 Ksae * 1344?'43.. $346,193 343.193 We have no return of the aggregate value of the import* iato the United State* for the year ending Jane *0, 1S46; but *o far a* we are able to judge from the imper- , feet return* received from time te time, withia the paat year, from the principal importing port*, it i* our imprexion that it will correipond very nearly with that of I the year previoui; and that the falling off in the revenue has been caneed bv the gradual reduction in the average dutiei npen import!, which h*a been observable every : year ef the exist ease of the present act. The importation* far the flrit quarter of 1846, Into thi* port, and late the eountr/ generally, were exceedingly lerge, eempared with the corre*ronding quarter in 184A, j a* will he *eea by the above table of revenae. Thi* waa eansed principally by the deficiency in the importations of the previous quarter, and the protracted passages ; ef veasel* freai Eurepe, throwing into the flrit quarter of 1346 a large amount ef *aerchandi*e which would . otherw ise have been entered ia the lait quarter in 1843. A* ?ooa as wa receive the official return*, ihowing the valne of the importation*, fee. fer the paat fiscal year, ; we shall be abla to ihaw the cauie of the deficiency in ' the revanua. Old Stack Ixehang*. $13Mfenn'a5s s?* 100 shas L Island RR SOW a.i... ib iu ?* J- - ^ ? f 10 Bk State-.N r 13 10# do xQ 13 Bk Ccmaerce M 73 Nor fc Wort 16V M r?.aiera' Tr aM U% 73 do ssK >M Mcrrn Canal It M da b3? 37 M ,?i SW" C?m kM ,3H do blO 47 100 liuleai RR MS 73 do 37 14 do 30>? JO do b?0 8K M do *10 50 60 do b20 37)2 ? do b3 23 do e20 37 M do aS ioS 23 do iX Ncond Bonrtl. *Vd?f honde 73)4 23 ahaa Nor fc Wore bio 37^ Vltkaa Heading Hll h2 CI 23 do b3fl 110* do |JbS6% 23 do M0 37X > ? MUtrk Kirbonp. 23 ahaa Canton Co .30 33* 23 ahaa Nor fc Wore 5?* M Harlem KK uw 39 II do ] sr,U 23 Nor fc Wore .3 3?fc 23 do Hw ^ : M do c b*% ?3 do .1 37 JUrrlMl, OnTueaday, uth iiut. at St. Mark'i Church, by the Bee Dr ABthon, Mr. Edward T. William., to Mita Jol?m? II. Rom. _ _ Died, ! On Tburidajr laorning, 10th inat Joiiw, infant ion of C. J Lenhjr. (god aioe montha. Uiefriende, aad thoee of hia wife, aro respectfully in ite.Ho attend hie funeral, thia a'ternoon at 4 o clock, from J . i.Jitti atreet, near Penny Bridge, South Brooklyn. , WONDERFUL^HEET' THF. NATIONAL POLICE GAZETTE of thia week will ha u.a.u.lly full of earied and deaply iawrJiwi criminal rmtier. r ' * Ci.der the Lite, of the Belona ? will be found the remarkable hiatery and career or the andaeioua criminal Oeorge Bamea Hareey, otherwise known a? the ' Mn with the Ca-petBag " containing a graphic acceant of hia birth e?i<loif a aaaong the Jlghting Boya of tha H*?.n Diala " hia* tian.partition to Botany Bar, aabaeqaeat achievement! > tiii* eoanirv, fce. kc. - Aa account of >he arreat aad purauit of the robbera of the Great Southern Mail. I The trial of Shelby, for Marder, with the defeace made by i Roa Henry Clay. fcingnlar caaa of Soaaaatnbaliam aad horrible Baa pec tad I Marder. 1 he Lottery Bwiadlera aad the Red-Jacketed Hectare. Biographical Sketch af the Has. Jeha MeKeoa, with a part rni t Appalling eaae ol laceat aad Suicide. Rec>at .Vloveuienta of Peter Bieraon, the Daae. i . Horrid Varder in Jeracy City? ita caa*e. A Strinee Caae of Clerical Depravity?Sednetien ef a . Child. *<euhen Rowley, of Wrenthsa (25 ptr r*mt). ! Mvaterieas Cut ef Supposed Marder? the Etidenee ef plood. J tifMiift Corr*ipM^?qet fr#m various parts the Unlit la relation te nnmiiuU depredations, noviainu ol thieve*, i ?<:. blc. i Interesting Cose of Elopement, with its eonse?atnee*. Movement! ol the '1 etchers," or the Aa vintages of Cna?r?ty. i itt.NMit Han.:. D !J .a ..-a ....? ??'-r? ' in i roTiurnrc, nn tnf heatenc if Wynt, the M.rintr hjr Jarfca Whiting-Se- ! Tefal c .? ol Binmy in tha K.M-Hem?rk?ll? Mura*n and I Rnbbenea I-I thrHouth?1 he Policy Dealera and thrir fnt- I 'J""~:Ro.Vlvi WekPoe*???n* the.r flxi loiti?Romtntic j ? Vnri?r. I" Franca-I he fc.ecHiiru or Lecotnp'e, the Brfjtl.le, and F?ll ?,oofe.aion of Howard, (he Mt>rHerer of I ha>he Hanaon. ToK**tl'ir with a jreat Taretrof other i?e? >,) int?rr>ti>iff , eT|>lp't?n( Hi|Kw?vmm, M?il Robhert Rivi.lirn Toiirlier?, I) dfera, Croaiaen, Uonnoaft, llyfakera, Cracksmen ' Kor ?t tt Caatre itreet. New York, and a* oaf all the ' 'e'pactabU aad iiullwtul lewi areata ia ike ennntrr JrlT U mm * * ACCTIOT SOTICE. WALTER OHKEMOUOH, Auet'r. Htore I1'* W?ll atreet GROnKRY 8\LK? FIXTL'RKN. fce-W. GREEN- l Ol'OH. will aall thia Jjy, Friday , at It oVIoc*. at tlx |mci? u??u>re No. Broadway, tlia rnerr Hock of ck ice > family g'Oi *rirt eonaiaiing of choice *re?-n and hlack real, iu-.'ara, Java coffee, wnlaaara, ?|>i<-*a, butler, chreae. lie. wAljW a valuable (lock of choice liquor*, winea. Harxiaauil PrTncil* ft*gait, champ gue, kc Alto ik? hxturra. elrgaat j bran >' ! >. copper BIUUKI. large and am> 11 auud eaaki, on- Urge refrigerator, oo> mahogany oouuier, lie. M U ?T'ia aiock ia large, and wall worthy attention T'-rma caih j?l7 |t*r i TO THE LADIES. ( " Bright tresira are thr tli< me of poeti' praue ; Thr painter's *kill their luttre to* di?n|?ya. "1 it tieautv's mark, a lustrous ' rid of n^ir. And what bulb ?rir? inoat delight to wear. IN order to pr?ier?f the H*ir. and lire it a silken luatre, the tcalp moat be kept perfectly heallhv a?<l vie r uf dandrill otljsy-ite the hslr will de-.v arid I'all oat. PHALON'S < 11KMIC AL HAIR INVIGORATOR ii the only I article to prodace thee- retail*. Buy ir of E PhM.>n,61 Bioadway ( .'ndson'a Hotel), or of drut or f>jipy dealera generally in citr and ouutry. It i? eapeciclly recommended to the ladiea. far toilet uaa. jv 17 lw?rrc ! TO BA K [*' KH A PRIME ARTICLE of New Southern Flour, in*de of North ' aroliua Wheat, of thia v?ar'a growth. >oraal# ; m b*ga or barrtla. at the L rot on Mill*. Ml atreet. HECKER k BROTHERS. iy'7 <iti>*rrc ! Ft Ml *.\LK, " ! THEOitod Will an.1 Fiiturea of a Liquor Store ai d Vic- ; tuallirif Kotie, in the viciuiiv South a'reef. now noiu| k lirtt'iitt bunufu. The Uore ha# been f? teu up at cou* aideraHe eipena*. aod every'hii'ff eoni|ilerc for carrying on (lie busiitu. Thli ia a chance that aeldom oners wtufic* lory rea?ona givm lor aelliug. For further p%rticulara. enquire at 37 Burling Slip. Jy'7 Sfrrc | MISSING, Benjamin c. btrd. of FiuaWm, l r. He i*ft th? ttage Inline corner of Peck Slip a"d Water meet about 1 o'clock, ou the Htli iuat., aud waa seen betweeu I and 1 'clock of Mine d .y in the Bowery, near Walker atreet. He it abi.a'*G ye ?ra old, 1 feet 10 inches high, stout built and when laat aeen had on dark clothea, light cravat, and henry , , hfota : general appearance tint of a stag* driver, which waa hit avocation. Any iuformstion respecting him will be thankfully received at J. D Keating a, corner o/Peck Slip , and Water tired, or at 303 Pearl a'reet. jyI7 3taw2w*uic ; i 82,000 PARTNER WANTED. | ' OENTLEMAN poaaeaaing the recipe for the tranufae- | ' tureol an article which has met with uuivarval approbation from thote who hive used it in this city, deairea a part- , ner with the abova amount cl~ capital. to aa to enter eiten- { aivelyinto the manufartara of it The profit will be ?uch , ai to satisfy any om.and there it acarc?ly*? doubt of ita yielding $10 000 prr annum, one year after it ia generally known ; throughout tne Satei. Refe'encea of the Inchest reipeeta- | bility will be giveu. Addreaa P. M. O., at this office. jy 17 lt*rrc WANTED, ! i BY a reapectahle Woman, a aim ?tion to travel with a fami ly going to Kmope. or e'tewhere. Would he willing to go aa Stewardess iu a thip going to Liverpool, or aa nurae and 1 waiter in this city. Would have no objection to go a ahort ' dia anee in 'he country. Uood reference given. Pirate ajc ! ply at VJ Cr<euwich atreet. aecond houaelfrom Charltoa at. jvl7 lt*mc WANTED, ' A SITUATION aa chambermaid, in a small family. Good I city references can be given. Enquire at?3 Amity .nUca. ' i jyl? lt?h^ j t SITUATION WANTED. BT a reapectahle young Proteatant woman, as chamber- ! maid or eo?k; nuder.tandt well alto fine wathing aud , ironiug. Oood citv reference can be given. Please inquire I , at No. 36 Ft rat s-rret, up ttairs 2'*rrc , WA.VlfcD I A master, in ?omf mechanical branch of business, for " L*. a siour, healthy, able young man, It yeva of age, smirt ' snd lutelligant. Hor further particular! addreaa, post pud, to M. Moloney. 99 Brrkmnn street. jli lw*r < WAJNTED, ' A '"W acci*?i Young Men to (o South or Wert, to act aa < Agent? lor the sile of new and popular Publication*. I *400 orer and above their expense* will be uiinred to them iu i writing, with an opportunity of clearing $1,000 per year, i SSome men now in oar employ will, no doubt, make ??er I i 1,000 per year dear of all expense. Each man will hare hii strict. It will be necessary lor thera to hare at least from I 1 J*5'9 J50 to obtain a good fitting out. Apply at FRENCH'S i Publishing Hall, 29S Broadway, up stairs. Office of the Kla* i ol our Union. All letter* ami be_post paid. my!6 In^rc"" t DR. POWELL. OCULIST, AUK 1ST, ! J AND OPERATIVE SURGEON, ATTENDS to Uimum of the Eye and Ear, lrom9to4 | " o'clock, at his residence, 361 Broadway, corner ol War ran street. I Opthalmia. Stoppage ol the Tear rain|>, Cataract, and i ' Opacities, effectually removed. t AM AUI! 0818 treated with vreat attention and aoeeeaa. Inveterate caaes ol STRABISMUS, or Squinting, cored in I > taw ininutea. I t J oat imported, ARTIFICIAL EYES, of mperior beaaty 1 1 and dnuh. * SPECTACLES adapted to every detect. Advice to the jieor without charge. ' Office and residence 26) Broadway?entrance IK Warren * itre*?. jyl7 lt*mc ' M. LEVWT, DhNTl&T t MORE HARM results from buugling perlormancea of in competent Deutiita than the I ublic are aware of. It ia f the greatest importance that all branches of the Dentist'* art (hould be skilfully and understanding!)- practised. To : thoae who think with a*, we recommeud Mr. LEVETT, corner of Broadway and War ran afreet, the introducer ol the insertion of Artificial incorruptible Teeth, on the principle of Atmospheric Pre*sure.?Noah's Weekly Messenger, jy 17 U*me | COLU AIR VENTILATION. j HEALTH AND COoLNFSS IN CROWDED OFFICES, a CHURCHES, lie. a MR. GORDON, recently irom ? urope. will Lecture on F this subject on evening, 17th inst., at V o'clock, iu ttie Apollo Konms, Broadway. Tliese rooms will he fitted up on his method ol ventilation, b by volumes of Iced Air, vary finely distributed through the n apaitirieut, w liich in the honest wratlier will kte)> the ther- h mometer at 64 or 70 degrees This method, winch is eg- . tremely simple, was adopted eight * ears ago by the lecturer | t in India, when an attache'o a commission on service there, . and was the means of preserving himself and friends in perfect health. The recent severely hot weather ha* induced b<m lo introduce it to the New York public. The authorities t>f Dr. Ure, K RS., Dr. D. B Ileid.M. ; | Janod. Dr. 0<honie, he, and the practice ef the Helorm | , Club House and Bank of F.ngland, in London, and many fsc* t tori?> in Lancash're, will be adduced in illustration of this 1 important method. I To a 1 who lore the vigor and elastic health imparted hy an abundant supply of fresh, cool air in dwelling*, offn ei, churches, theatres, he., this lecture, a d the somewhat el- a pensive appiratm fitted up expressly to illustrate it, is re pectfulli submitted '1 Lecture to commence at (o'clock on Friday evening, with the m"ni at 70 degrees Kahr. A contribution of 40 cent* toward* the eiperses expected. I P 8?At half |iast S on the afternoon of Friday, a select Lecture to Arehne ts, Machinists, Minister* and Managers of Public Buildings. *c.t will he gi en, to which sue" gent emeu are respectfully invited, id preference to the meeting n the eveui'g jvl* !n? rt NOW ISSUING, i Pa*T TwisTt-itvra or a VIRTUE'S ILLUSTRATED FAMILY BIBLE, , EMBELLISHED by a superb engraving of " Samuel be- Jj fore Eli," engraved by West, after a painting bv Copley. a As this Bible has hern acknowledged the most -plendid , work ever issaed iu the I'niteil States, the public axe respect- jj fully invited to inspect it at the publisher's store. ' GEORGE VIRTUE (late R. Martin h Co.), ? jyli Jt*r *6 John stieet. i _ FAN>, j OF every conceivable atvle, price and quality. By far the 0 larirest and mast comiiletr rnllartinn in town fnr M the noit moderate [>nes?, at 2W. JSO and 760 Broadway * I jli ltiseod*r TIFFANY, VOUNO k ELLIS. J THE A MAZON ! i WIGS, i : om. GENTLEMEN'S Real Heads of Hair, being the latest snd : ' greatest improvement in the manufacture of Wigs and ! 0 Scalp*; and the subscriber ii lasppv in being tbe first to intro- ' due* them Here. They display tne fore head and templec te ' c any height, a point in wig making never before attained.? I They are composed of ventilating orgoaiamer won. They < fit on the head by a mechanical contrivance entirely new; they are put on in a moment. They immediately adapt themselvcc i * to the countenance, and at once become part and parcel of the living man. Copy the addreaa. ] ' eT I'ilALON, SI Broadway, qppoeiw the jytl 1w*r Globe Hotel, ander ladeoe's Hotel. FRESH TfcAS, SUGARS, COFFEES, lie. JUST RECEIVED fom the late tale*, a large and (plea A did aeeortment of fresh Teaa, Segsre. Coffees. kc Fine Iresh Young llysoa ie\ at JO ru, superior do 6IH cts, best quality do. ei'ra fine tlavor, 7J cu; very fine Snorhong Ji l< best quality Oolong 4s; good, bright New Orleans Hagar)i8d per 1 lbs, prime do 4a, ht Croiititd, brown Havana 4a ltd, white do 6a and J? 6d. crathed loaf la, palverieed do 6e 3d or II eta; tuperior old Java Ceffee, freahgrowu, la, old Hima A rra Iftcts; Si Domingo cents. Also good white lamp Oil, , I Js, solar do Se. best sperm Se per gallon. Good Hams til, I " Hmoked Beef 7d, good flutter Iftil, prime do Is, best Orange I f. County Is Id. Families, hoardiDK-hou-e keepers. still dealer* from the country, are invited to call and exaiinue the above ' lock prior to purchaaiug Goods sent to all pirti of the city i free of charge J. N. FOWLER, , wholesale and Ketail Grocer ana Tec Dealer, I IM Greenwich at , comer Murray; and HB Greenwich, corner : _ Neetry ; and' 8 Vesey, near Greenwich jy!4 Iw'r | SECOND IlAiSL) ; . CLOTHING and Ferniture wanted.?The highest caah ( price given for all kinds of second-hard goods, by B. LKVV.4JI hitham itreet. ' N. B ? A line throngh the Post Office will lie pu ictuslly , ' ittendrd to. I omtantlr Cn hand, a seasonable aasortment ef ; rmw iH *onH hand I Iodine rhear for o?*K jvM Iw rrc i u MR. AUGUSTUS VUN ASCllEN, . SON of the late R?v. J?na Hr.nnv V?tv Atsii, of Bremen who emigrated to the United Sutea of North tl America about IS years ago, is urgently reqi>eited either to ? all on the nnHeraigtied, or to ailviae tliem b> I tier of his I" whereab at*, in order to receive information in regard to property left to nim. ai The anderiigeed at the same time reqaest any person who eaa give information of the life or demi e of said Aagustas 0 Von Aachen, for which they arc authorised to pay a reward if required?to apply to them ? BtOCHTEL k DRF.YER, Jy4 gtnttawCrc II Reaver street, np stairs. p NoTici-: ti) Masti kn~a~n'iT i7w^ ! .ksTiF " "STEAMBOATS. T IN ??nse<iaenee|of gross irregularities oecernng l*?t year, e anil the present miim, highly injurious to food order end the mill sry discipline of the pos: of Writ Tout, the aetho- A ruiee feel themselves constrained to request me?ters sna owners or steamboats not to laud parties en iitomom of pleasure at that poet ia future. . U. 8. QUARTER-MASTER. * Whi Point. Jalr 1>. im Jvl? It'r * NOTICE. P rTh* RAEFF.NBF.RO COMPANY is row fnllr orl ; * g*ms d, and prepared to reeeiva rropoials lor State, ~ L-onnty, City and Town Agencies It n impossible te pre- , ,n ? *Mra advertisement the ii-docemenn ofleied hr I J the Uraefenberg Company. or to fhrnish the public with ade- ; juste explanations of the philoaophy and menu ol the Orae- | _ r<inberg Vegetable Pills. In order t* accomplish these oh- ? tecia. the ?r?/en*erg Ouitl< ia an* reedy which will be famished without charge to all w?o may wiah it. The Agencies for this company will ( ef the mow value- J " ble kind, well worthy art*ado*. Aedreae. poit-inid. the (irae fen berg Company. 4* John j Hreet. up areirs. New Yotfc. jlt Sf., * KM WlLi't.R h-ivnig thoroughly rented and relurnsh- | It ed anew the house 6* Broadway, (adjoining the Globe 2: Motel,) n prepared to receive families or single gentlemen j hoarders. Dinner Hoarders can be accommodated References exchanged. je'? Im'me i TO JliWKLLKRM, MINIATURE PAINTER*, . C. h J. I1ARTNETT, No. a Conrtlandt street, near *' Broadway wholesale and retail Manufacturers of Travelling, " VV'i.rieg, 11 irssing and Jewelry Boies, Miaiatnre ( ases and p Retting** Mute, Locket, Watch, Ring, Pra and pcncil Botes; ' c >H'. Tor rilver Plate neatly arranged to order. Alse, Tray* maflr and fitted to Jeweller* show oasee. to contain watches, :haina, rings, keys, pins, thimbles, pencils, fcc r A variiscy ot ti?e above articles eoaetaatir on hand and i J ade to order, with aaetaees and daepauH. No. I CourU? ?!t j meet, Mew Yerfc ? I B JPFP HOTtLI AXO WATIKIMIjUiAOM. | JmL HOTEL DC PAHI?-ANTIQ#|: TIONKS, am* FjjW of the Ute proprietors ot tkc ParkEi Houk Boston, (MM?rr>Peo?hlly informs bis friends api the trvrelling public, that lie ku opened the hoase No. IN Broadws y, New Yurk, eutraiice ou Keade street. called the Hotel Ue Paris, where lie will be hspi.v to sctommodtfi those who may with to patronize him, with board aad lodging, by tbe day, week, or month, on rhe eon reasonable irrMi wvll eod*rec .SHAKEN SfKlNGS PAVILION. THK PUBLIC it informed that ttfl establishment, huriug H been enlarged aud improved liaee die close of the lest muou, will be opeued for Use recoftioa of visiters, oo ?l.e lit (Uv ulJuue. L.JlBON k QAliDN KK. 1, ItU. myO ta'r rAVlUON, bKUrHTOrt FBLANCARDhu the honor to inform hit friends aad a the public la general, that tba Pavilion is now ui full operation and prepared Ibr their reMaliou. Steamboats ran between Pier No. I, North Hirer, tad New Brighton, it the following hoars, >rotn New Urit'luoa. I From New York. ?. 11 A M. ?. 12 4. M. ?. P. M. I ?X, 4.7 P. M. _ ? ?. BLANC Aft D. Parilinn. New Brighton. Jane 1,1M?. j!7tf rc lilt OllAUba HUTliL,, 64 Rtade Strut, Wtit Side of Broaduay. THK Subscriber tespectfully iuIoium his friends and the public, that be has lately oi>cuo? tka abore Establishment, in a style superior to soy oilier hMM of the kind in the city of New York. The satisfaction which he bos hitherto given to Ins numerous friends and ensteattra, while proprietor of "The Shado*." iu Thames street, lie flatters will br * (uariuity to all who may potroniae lum in hii uew eatcbliaiiment. while do effort on ma part will he wasting to merit ! tl.e continuance >( their patronage The uauaj reliatiea, Chopa, Hteaka, Welab Rarebits, Poaeh- i eJ K<t?, he., will be sened up id a anperior atyle. The room will be regularly aupplied w ith city papers, u well ?i a fall aapply of foreign paper*, by every arrival from turoi e. JAMtfe EVANS, mil lm*re ~jpON sejoubJJ rPHE SUBSCRIBER baa tlx pleasure ta announce that i X his hooaii, at Bergen Point, ia now open for public accosteominodation. A hotel on the Jeraey aid* haa long been a desideratum which ia now aupplied. The house (the eld Me lany mauaiou) baa been re-fitted in eleflntattle> with many new rooma aiid other important addition*. The irotibda are beautifully laid out, aad what with lota- ; riant ahrubkerv, charming walks, agreeable drirea, and plea- ! ant boating. the place will challenge competition with any raral reaidence. Vamiliea who wieh to paaa a cool and quiet \ minmer, can be provided *ith rooma or nita of apartments ! it t?eir choice. Kiah of almoat every variety abound in th* " Killa,' and the aeighboriug woods are ntt denciont m game. The ateamer I'aaaaic, plying betweeoNeW York aod Newark, i itona at the landing, in front of the house, four tiiaea a day. I ind the citixeus of New York caiinotdha a mora beautiful drive than that betweeu Jersey Citv and Bergen Peiut. lu fine, all visiters, customers and hoarders, may be aasnred [hat no paina will be apared to wake the place merit the title given it oi old?Bon Bcjour. DANIEL Vf. LOCKWOOD. The Tasaaic, for Newark, leavea the fMt of Barclay strett | it 10 A. M. and 4 P. M., lauding in front of the above place. j The Tort Richmond boat leavea, 3% and , S o'clock. At tort Richmond there will be boats in attend- 1 lace to convey passengers, and land theokat the hoaae. ml lm?r MANSION HOUSE, M1DDLETOWN, CONNECTICUT, THE UNDERSIUNED begs leave (a announce to hi* frienda and the public, thatne Liaa leaaad the above honae [<>r a term of yeara, and hop**, by I >ng egparience and strict j mention to business, to merit a libert* (sharp of their patronige. JOHN L MONROE. mrt >m*re formerly of the U. 9. Howl, Bostoa. PA. It L. UKLMONICU, are happy Ki taform their j friends and the pablie. that their new Hotel in Broad- i ear, No. 24 cornee of Morria atreet, ia now eeaapleted and 1 vifl be opeued on the lat of June next. No paina have been >pared to render it one oftfc* moat com ortahle in the city, and peraona deairona of a permanent home, ' m well ki strangers merely paasing nr. will And all their ; rants and comfort! attended to with the moei atrict attentiou. ! n?v 4a im*r SARAOKN'S HEAD, 12 l)EY STREET, N. Y. ! JOSiKH 8.V!TH .lata of Worcester, England, begs leave to inform hia (rirnda.eaatetr.era and the pablie in general hat he haa recently fitted np hia hooae in rary superior nanner, and calculated to pleaae gentlemen of taste. He will alwaya, aa heretofore, keep hi? Bar and Larder anpclied mth the beat Liqnora and Provisions that the market affords. Diuuera from la till S o'clock, and Cold Cia. Chopa, Stakes, Sare Bits, Ike., at all honra. Hia aupplv of English and city newnpapam U excelled by to hooae in New Vork, and hia Alea, Wmea, tecars, lie., are if (lie moat anpenor quality und the attendance prompt. Priat.e Kooma provided for parriaa, and the comfort and aeeomnodation of euatomera alwaya attended to. Lo4|U|i, kc. inyli lm*r "SURGO UT PROSSIM.* PAUL H. DENNIS AND J. MARTIN BOTNER. j respectfully inform the public that they have opened ' he houae No 16 NASSAU STRKET, immediately oppoite the Sacono Ward Hotcl, where they will be happy o aee tbeir frienda and othera who may be disponed to faTor hem with a call. Their Baa will at all timea be well supilied with the vcrt hit of Winea and other Liquors, ,'igsrs Ike. Messrs. Dennis It Botnkb asiure their friends that every iffort will be made to auatain the repu'ation they have so long ujoyed. and they are confident of giving satisfaction to all alio partake of the eomforta and luinrien of their hon?e. JT7" A Lunch will be act every day at eleven o'clock free if charge. JylJ lw*je STEAMBOATS, Ac. CONEY ISLAND AND FORT HAMILTON FERRY. jgl The 8teamboata IOLOS and PROPRIELJmS'TOH have commenced running regularly on X^SI^31bth<- above terry, one of which will Irare pier .North Rivar, till farther notice, at <K. 10 and IMA.M., jid 1,2V 4 and J K P. M. ; returning, will leave Cotiey lalnd st 8 and 111* A M., aud I. 4. 6and 7 P. M., landing at rort Hamilton each way l<are 12H cents THOMAS BEILBY, Proprietor. N. B.?Stares will be in readiuess us the arrival of the loat at k'ort Hamilton, to take pa-se (era to New Utretcht ! ud Bath, also at Coney Island to take passengers to the upper lonsrs. All oersons are forbid trustine anv one on tteronnt of tVu, 1 m*t? nr nwnrra. j 14 6t*rrc TKU* MUIUNJU'.G AM) tiVhMiVU LliNfc,. MORNING LINK AT SF.VKN O'CLOCK. 0* FOR ALBANY AND TROY-From the SiramlMit Pier *1 the Tool of Barclay atreetXaaZZllQLLaiidiug at Perkakill Writ Point. Nowturgn, Hjiiuh.i.i, Ml It oil, Poughkecnaie, Hyde Park, Hbio*>eck,U.Reil Hiv>k. Bnat.>4, Catskill, Hudson, C.onaclie, Cinderliook and Baltimore. Breaklaat and diuner ou board the boat. The ateamboat Nl AO VRA, will leave on Monday. Wadleaday and h riday Mornings 7 A. M. The nminlHui THOV, Captain Oorham, on Tuesday, rhuraday and Saturday moraiuca, at 7 o'clock. Returning on oppoaile day a. For passage or freight apply oa board, or at the office on tha rharf. NEW YORK. ALBANY AND TROY LINE. FOR ALBANY AND TROY DIRECT, From the pier at the foot of Coortlandt atreet. The low-preaeure aieambnat ?MflKL, Captain K B. Macy, area the loot u< Courtkudt atraet, oa Taeaday, Thursday , ai Saturday evMings. at seven o'clock. Tha Rtaamboat COLUMBIA, Capt. Wa. H. Pack, will | tare oa Monday, Wadnaaday and Friday avaninga, at 7 'clock. Passengers taking thaaa Boata will arrive in time to take 1 lie Morning Train of Cera from Troy weat to Buffalo, and orth tn Saratoga, Whitehall and Lake Champlain. ForPaaaagaor Freight, apply on board, or at tha Office oa M wharf. No freight taken after l)i o'clock. NOTlCK?All goods, freight, bank bills, ipeoie, or any ther kind of property, positively at the awnar's riak. jMr EOPLK'S LINE OF STEAMBOATS FOR ALBANY, Direct?Daily, Sundays eia?B>t*4?at 7o'clock, P.M. Vem Sttambtat witr bttwtrn CnurtUru.) mnd Liirrly ita. _aiyi 0* Steamboat KNICKRBOCKER, I apt. AlL^JRmSp (red Houghton, will learc no Monday, VVedK3H3L De^daa .aiid Friday eveninga,at7 o'clock. Steamboat HJuNDRIK HUDSON, Capt. R. O. Crulienden, rill leave on Tneaday, Thursday and Saturday evenings, at 7 ; I'alock. The above bonu will, at all tinea, arrive in Albany la ample i ime lor the morning cars for the eaat or weet. Freight taken at moderate rates, and none takes after iX I'clack, P M. All persom are forbid trusting aay of the boats of this line, ! vithout a written order from the captains or ageats. For passage or freight, apply oa board the boaU, or to P. C. lehultx, at the office on the wnarf. United States Mail Line. At 3 o'clock, r. M., Landing at Intermediate Place*. FYam the Foot of Barelmy it., 8teamboat HUDSON, Cartas 0. F. King, will leave on londa* Wednesday, Fndar and Sunday afternoons, at 9 'clock. Steamboat SANTA I'L^US, Captain Boverbagh, will Fare on Tnesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoons, at i 'clock. Apply on board, or at the office on the wharf. Jylg DAILY LINE OK BUATS BETWfcfcN knfi&3* NEW YORK AND STATIN INLAND. KmJLJL The steamboats SYLPH, Captain J. Braised, and hi'A'i'EN ISLANDER, Captain D. Van felt, will rave as follows Leave Suieu Island at t, I, I, 10 and 11 A. M; at 1,1, S, 4,5, and 7, P. M. Leave New York at 7, t, M, and 11, A. M. and 1,1,3,4, 5, , 7 and past 7 P. M. All freight at the risk of of the owners thereof. jeli THE MOST DKL1UHTKUL OF ALL, EXCURSIONS. |MA A SAIL serosa the Hudson river to Hobo i ^pJ^gSSaken, and theu a walk to the Elysiau Fields, K^3B2K.aloiig the eiceediugly picmrrsque shores ol ir place, will prove (he most easily accomplished and sttrac , ire of all rnrual excursions that can be made from the city. The gronndi now preieut a chariamg aspect, the trees be isr in leaf, and the soil covered with a rich turf The walks are in excel Irnt order, having beea considerably I oi'ielliehed the rreseni spring On rv^y plrar<nt afternoon there will be in attendance at le CnnBiinadc Elysian Kielda, an excellent Band of .Music, hich will perform selections from the favorite Operas, popur ir airs, marches, wlitres. Die. The Kerry Boats from Barclay, Ca^al and Christopher its., re completely Btted np with awnings and seats. Night Boats ran from Hobolteu to Barclay street until 11 'elock. Ferriage cents. ml3m*r NEW LINE OF I'ACKETH KOK LIVEK- j MfV POOL.?Packet of the list of July.?The splendid, HMmfast sailing and favorite packet ship MOTTINIUEK. 1100 tons burthen, Captain Ira Itarsley, will sail on netday, Jnly 21st, her regular day. Persons wishing to seenre berths should not fail to make I arly application on board, atthefootof Burling Slip, or to W. It J. T. TAP8COTT. it their General Passage Office, M South street, second door jyl7 rc helow Kr-"nr ?lir> PACKK I Mil 11* l.iV r.KPOOL, FKom LlVKKMfyrOOL will plraae aend their permti ; mIbm ?i board. * eot aide of Burling Slip, without delay. ! Ail |ioi>de not permitted in f?e day* are liable to be tent to > nl,lie .tore. WOODHULL k MINTUKN. jy IT >7 South atrret. KOK GLASGOW?The aew, lirat claaa amp JWyAHVUM, JO tuna, H. Kohinaen, maater, having MflBafoat of her cargo encaged, will meet with deapetch. >'?r balance of freight or peaaage, having excellent accomlodationa, apply to the captain on b'lard.foot of Dover atreet, , r to WOODHULL li MINTirRN, I jy 17 *J Sonih atreet. i dk'OcEtV FAR SALS. 4 email and wel'-aeleered atock of Oroceriea, situated in a * re.itral part of the ciiy, md now dome a good caah b??irai, will be aold low for caah. A leaae of the Store can be ad lor on* or n?e years, bor further particulars enquire at W Washington ?rrect. jyll lw*nc TllOKM CriAMFAl'Mt.. I VKIIK8H INVOICK of Ihit delifthtfnl Chanpan* ilia tor*, to which the Attention of inereharie, hotrl keepera, id private gentlemen is invited. The rrendirit of thu Win* now anpenor to that ol any in thia country, and at no nwhw rice than tkatftf the brat brand* C. UVINOHTON k CO., j marl I iatf re '? W?l| ?tr?t WINDOW SHADES. PHE choapaat and beat aa.orTm.ot in the I' State., I mUWKlWTI, Mm. BOWERY TH.ATRE. A W. JA<;'MON, takes thwin>r J yf retarmng bis *e knnwledgtnents to the >e ? V >rk i nbtic'i for the tensive uatrouage bestowed ou I ?!' ;he past year, aa a aterer tor their amusement, io the > ? Bowery Theatre. i Although the 6r*t ) ear it has be <- .. . 1 :,j, individual utd , enure control, Im teela greitt Ml .u < ,u atating. that the ' patronage haa been fullv eqaal, .' uot m.,'trior, to any aeasou esprrienced by hi? predecesair ?u . ,e m .uttmnit. The ihenre will be closed Irow *1 bursal.y 9lh. until Monday. July l?th. nest, fur Repairing, Cleaning aufl Painting and during which lime, the Arti-ta. eng&gMl at the aarabliahment, I will br employed in preparing a Orand Drama, the imr^e.crfit of which hujiut been received from London, to be prodaced at the " re opening." on a moat airman r scile anil with (real Oltgulliceucr. Lvrry alteration that can add to the comfort sudcouveuirnce of tiie audience, in the front part of 'he home, will he made. Attractions, without reference to t.?e attending eipause, win be produced daring the ensuing season as the Manager hopes will Maura a continuation of the brilliant patronage bestowed on his efforts duriug the peat year. jyij m ' TKOY HOUSK. TKUY.V V THIS Home i? now in Sue Older, cap'hle of tec.rnimir dil ntf about three hundred prranna. The eara lor Bo?too. Buffalo, Sirntoga. aud Moutreal cart immediately 10 mint of the hnuia ; tne <reaml>oat landing ia a'ao within I few atepa. The uropuetma tru?t. by their individu tl eiertiona for the comfort of thtir gueata, to receive a continuance of puMic favor. Tliia ia, without exception, the moat pleasant route on the line of the above plaeea. Paaaengera can see their baggage go to or the cart or hou<e for any direction Our establishment haa no runners in its employ ; therefor* requeaia traveling to receive with cautiou any rtports from tboae employed by other housca. 1'ersuns wishiug ro make au excursion to Saratoga Springs can leave New York on Saturday evening, have ample time to yiait the lake, diue. aud regMaby Sunday evening'a boat. c. s. Aevian, TLate of the Astor Home). C. M. ROGERS, JylTtf rrc (Late of the Steamer Empire). , CASTLE GAKDEN, with ita feiteuaive Promenadea ia opea day and evening.?On Friday and Saturday F.veniuea, July 17thand l(th, a good aeleciion of Muaic, from Kunnrr, Htrauaa, Bellini, Labitzky, Boielduu. Vou Weber, Liuner, and Auber. will b* performed by the Orcheatra. under direction of Mr Meyrer. Intermiaiion of half an hour, for refreahmenta The beautiful range of COSMORAMAS, extending around the whole ?f the Eaplanade, will be brilliantly illuminated with gat, thns giving viaiteraan excellent oppormuity to examine theae beautiful Viewa. Admiaaion ItH ceau. NEW PANTOMIME. THE RAVEL FAMILY, NIBLO'S GARDEN?Friday Evening, July Htk.-The perfnrmancei will commence with a favorite Overture. To be followed by Oaring and Extraordinary Feats on the TIGHT HOPE, by the Ravel Family, Gabriel Ravel and Chvlea Wintlier. After which, ihe Comic Paatoral Pantomime of LA FETE CH VMPETHE, by the Kavel Family and Sl'me M Javelli The Polka Dauce. by M'me Leon Javelli and Mona Henri. Half an hoar** intermission lor tbe Concerts A-ia-Alasard la the Refre?hment Saloon. To conclude with the Comic Pantomime of ROBERT AND BERTHAND? Robert, A Havel: Bertrand, G Ravel; Mons Dnmont. F Ravel; Notary, J Havel; Lavaleur, C Wintlier; M lie Eloi, M'me Leon Javelli; Ciiquette, M me Martin Javelli. Doora open at 7 o'cloek ; entertainment* begin at (o'clock. Tickets M centa. AL1IAMRA, No. iS$ BROAD WAV (between Spring atd Frince). MUSICAL ENTERTAINMENTS OF * superior order will be given at this fashionable resort , EVERT EVENING (Suudaya eicepted). ADMIT-. TANCE FHEE. Ice Creams, Fruit Ices, Charlotte de Rnaie, Jellies, Fruits in their season, and every description of Confectionery ; also Wines.Corditlsaad Liqeors of the fir.t quality. jylT It*na mc * AMERICAN THEATRE, NEW ORLEANS. THE Subscriber will nren this Theatre lor the season on 1st November nest. The Company will consist of performers of well-known talent and celebritr, it beiug my intention of procuring one of the best dramatic companies in > the Union Stirs will find it to their advantage to negotiate with the establishment. Geo. Holland, Esq , is my duly authorised agent in New I York. All engagements, and other matters of business connected with this Theatre, made bv him, will be binding on me. 8. P. STICKNEV. Proprietor of Amaiican Theatre, New Orleans, June 13. 18*6. Address, post paid, to Geo. Holland (Agent), Olympic Theatre, New York. jvU 4t2tawna*rrc huwbb ft OU.'a new YORK MAjAMUTH CIRCUS. I WHE LARGEST ESTABLISHMENT ever organited ia A the United States, comprising 15* Men and Horses, re pairing M Carriages to convey the performers, wardrobe, m sicians, Ice. The company has attached to it Eight Female I questriana, among whom ii the Greatest Female Rider of tha Age, recently arrived from Pans MADAME MARIEMACARTE, whose new style ol Equestrian Feats, peculiarly her own, being chaste and classic; her graceful ana fascinating addresa, end the charminf naivete with which she chains her audieence, render this gifted and highly-edncated mrtiite the leading feature of the arena in this country. The Proprietors refer the public to the brilliant description given in the respective newspapers of the extraordinary and daring feats performed by this distinguished artiile. Amang the novelties which the Proprietors offer are the celebrated Scotch GIANT AND GIANTESS. Their height is 14 feet, and their weight over TO# lbs. Mr. Randall weighs 18 lbs. Mrs. Randall la the most enormous giantess in the world. They will appear in " Jack and the Bean Stalk." and ha will perform eitraordinary feats of itrength and agility, and will ride in a two horse act. The entertainments will comprise I' Acts of Horsemanship, Gymnastic Exercises, Classic Displays and hnmorons afterpieces. . Equestrian Director, Mr. HOW EH; Riding Master, Mr. NIXON, and the unapproachable Clown, DAN RICE. Amon^tbe Performers is the cele'rst'd and principal Ri wr, cmc iia|?oicoH vi inc ,\rrai, j>i/\ nuoos, wnoac icau on Horaebaek are the mo?t itruordi'-arT ever witnessed. Javaoil* Act of Horsemanship by Mmttr Nixon. Olympic ICierciifi. by the whole Cmuput, led H"- the great European Tnmoler, Mr. MACA ftTK. W.mtierfol Keats by Mr. ( ole't Dogs, Hector and liilly. T" ."VV;- BROTHERS, in their elegant Ovmnastie Pourr ring*- Mr. Sweet U the Charioteer of Phcebns. l\>.--ui < ?nd Gymnaities by Mr. Niion and hit ion. Mr. H ?> < r.. 1. Mythologies! and brilliant Act of " Feneies 01 I'ri*-.' * Mr. C. Howe* in Slack Hope Evolutions. Mr. lit; iiweet, the celebrated Tight Rope Dancer. With a variety ol others. The whole comprising the lending, moat talented, and claaaie performers IB W W<??d Thia unrivalled corps of f oneatrMna wi'l perform st SaeVetu Harbour on the 17th. Watertown on the 18th, 22d at Canton. 23d at Oudsniburgh, 24 h at I'reacutt in Canada, and at Kingatou J8(h, 29111 and 30th of July, atid from thence to Toronto. HOWES k CO.'S New York Mammoth Circus. Jy26 tf rc COLMAN^ EMPORIUM OK ART AND CLASSIC CABINET GALLERY OK OIL PAINTINGS. WHICH incladea hia immense stocks of Books, Paintings, Engravmga, Fancy Stationery, Drawings, Drawing Materials, Music, Itc., are now to be foand upon the aecond floor, op one flight of easy stairs, (having leased the firat floor,) where every thine will be sold at as low prices, and nuay much below the regular prices, being desiroaa of closing bp aa soon as possible his Book Department A Cheap List will soon be published for those who will bar d laaatities. L'urchnaers are invited to call and examine his New Rooms, No. W Rroarfwav. second floor *15 eodevs tfrre MUSIC. INSTRUCTION given on the Piano at two dollars per month, by a psrsoa who anderstaads the profeasion thoroughly. Yoang ladies wishing to take lessons, will please addreaaa note to Musie," at the Harald^Scs. jy 14 lwis*rre A TLANTIC GARDEN 18 NOW OPEN FOR THE A SEASON.?Dodworth's Comet Baad will perform every Tnesday aad Friday evenings, commencing Jane 2nd, at . o'clock. Admittance tm. myl tmmf WILLIAM ALLISON, rroprifr. CENTURY ALOE, i mm w? have now u> uDonei the trrinl ia oar city of i MWhis most extraordinary plant. The apfcimfn to k? 1 M the Conservatory of Messrs. Dunlap fc Thompson.b35 Broadway,is. without exception, the largest ever be- 1 fore exhibited. The flower item rises from the body of the plant over 21 feet, luid 11 feet high* ii 111 inches in circumference, while at the baae it is fully two feet ronnd. We trust that none will fail in beholding a plant at once remarkable for itr rarity and it* eitra?rdmary age. jvl7 lwis*mc THK would respectfully notify hi* friends and the public that he has removed from 101 TO ? FULTON STREET, between Williaai lid Gold. jy!6 3t*r ROBERTSON, Hauer. FOR. 8ALE. ?fl One pair of beautiful, well-proportioned, Ahdslla /Xe^f>Shrtlai)d Ponies, the nrat ever imported into the United ItoiM : pictures of symmetry and elegance, well adapted fat children ; perfectly tame and docile. Apply at the livery stable*, 13 Spruce street. jy 15 !t*rrc FOR .'-ALE, Four tmall Shetland Ponies, of good temper, and i Hy*'1 *" ride?well adapted for children, and perfectly f A ?"% mir,.?nhl? for further particulars enquire of ARCHV UR1EVE8, Jy 15 ?t*rrc BircMUore, J John street. If UR SAlib, TWO riSK SADDLE HORSES, <1_ WILL drive al*o in a carriage. They ?41 iMllut jn*r the right *ite for riding on JmiN ( * ' ? linni.h?ft and Have been long need to ' I S) the saddle. Apply at tha dealt of the Herald Office, for further rsrtirulrvrs Jell tf'jgh ANi;ih,vi AND MODERN Buutvo. TI1E 81'BSCRIBtH ha* opened an extensive eatabliihment, in the large baaement of No. SI Joha street, for the sale of valuable Books, in every department of human knowledge, art, and Bought. He has accumulated a considerable collection of works, maay of which are curious and rare; and all, more or leva, of neat value. He intenda to sell exclusively for cash, snd to nave no rival whatever in the smallnesa of lua profits, and the lowness of hia pricea. His stock will be constantly mgmenteii ij the purchase of private libraries, or of smaller collections of books. He will buv every work, ancient or modern, to which value is attached, by any aert or party, in every department of literature, science and art, and in all languages. He hopes, therefore, to make his eatablubment an agreeable resort for the , Bibliomaniac, the Antiquarian, the Divine, the Lawyer,' the Artist, and men of letters, and scienea generally; each of whom will meet with choice works, in his own particular walk, at the lowest possible price. He, therefore, invites all literary persons to pay him a visit, and judge for themselves. He has, likewise, a large quantity of foreign and native Music, foi the Tiauo Forte ana other instruments, for which he will thank any one who may want it, to giva him one-half the loweat price charged by the very cheapest aeller in the aity. It will be sold in any quantity. JOHN DOYLE, Bookaeller, 1 mvM lm'rre 62 John atreet. New York. THE LONO ISLAND INSURANCE COMPANY. , 1 CAPITAL 200,000 DOLLARS. , WITH A SURPLUS , Orricr 41 Fiti-tow arnicar, Baoogtrtv. CONTINUES to take risks on buildings, machinery, merchandize and property generally, on their usual favorable terms. This company has passed through the two greateet ' j conflagrations that have ever occurred in the country : they , owe thair eacapa from them with comparatively slight losses to the system which they have always practised of limiting and scattering their risks. AM losses which the company may t sustain will be adjusted md paid promptly aaheretofore. I Tha Company take special rare to notify their customer* In I | New York, of all expirations ofpolicies. B. W. DELAMATER, Prudent. Jr 14 Iwla n-c E. C. FINN, Secretary. IKMTTH rnlMPAdv , Ornct No. M W?i.l it., orrotirit t? Mticmni1 | T.?_ _ eich*"<jc. HIS Company continue* to inane aEMMt lou or damif* by Fire, on <lwellin( hounei.u arel?>iii*i, building* in general, *ood?, ware* and merchandise, a/xl erery detcnption o pet *i>in I property; alio ag*in?t !< *? or damage by inland nal ' rigatiou and transportation. i DIRE'tckh Thomai W. Thorn*. I !mha Rim. Thoma? T. Weodrnn, Aoi <i HaSer, R R. Roh?on, M. D. Jn>epl> Drake, Ttiomaon Price, Jon. Allen, Jlote* T?eker, Jomo K Holme*. ohn R. Dan toe, .li l.n I". More, John H. Ue W.lltaoi K. Ttiffli, C*lebC.T?ifl*, Thorruo Morrell, feWSi. ui> 4bo. t ?fk* rsjx LATEST IMmiGEli. - - * t TELEGRAPHIC REPORTS. STOWS r&OM THE A&MT. ARRIVAL OP THE STEaERGiLTESTON, AT NKW OKLKANS. Wreck of the Steamer Potomac, ie. if. fco. The mail ftom the South, which arrived at Baltimore last evening, brings a little later intelligence from Texas, brought to N?nv Orleans on the 8th inst., by the steamer Galveston, from Galveston, from which place she left on the 5th. The Galveston Civilian says the appointment of captain in the new regiment of mounted ritlemen has been declared by Mr. Walker. Seven companies of mounted rilleinen, from the Red river county of Texas, passed through Austin on the 19th ult , on their way to San Antonio, where they would be mustered into the service of the United States for the war. It is said that Gen. Lamar will be elected Brig. Gen. of the Texas volunteers. Gen. Burleson refused to be a candidate ugainst him. Report of rather an indefinite character had reached San Antonio that the Mexicans were concentrating a large force at Presidio for the Rio Grande, with tlio intention of inarching against San Antonio. The report failed to excite much alarm among the iexans. We think it lias before been mentioned that tho United States dragoons formerly stationed at Austin, left on the 16th ult. for San Antonio. Capt. M. It. Snell, of the Texan volunteers, arrived at Galveston on tho Galveston, from the army, for the purpose of raising from threo to four companies of foot. The New Orleans Bulletin has a letter from on board the U. S. schooner Flirt, dated Brazos Santiago, June 30, which states that they were on the eve of sailing for Santander, where, it was said, the Mexicans landed provisions, munitions of war, 4c. for the army. There had been a succession of gales at Brazos and in the Gulf. The schooner Sarah Lavina waa wrecked. Her crew were saved by the Flirt. The revenue cutters Woodbury, Forward, and Van Buren, with a large fleet of merchantmen, were at ;he Brazos outside the bar, waiting to be taken in. An all ray occurred in camp on the 29th June, between two Texan mounted men; one of whom, named Walker, was shot dead. No movement of the main body of the army beyond Matamoras has yet been made. The troops are impatient to march, and will do so as as soon a sufficient number of light-draught steamers arrive. The writer of the letter 'says the Mexicans in that region are sullen, and ready to rejoin their brethren in arms when occasion otTers. They have their arms hnnging up in their houses, and show no signs of fear. The Alabama brought over Lieut. King?bury and Dr. Russell, of the army. The G. confirms the total loss of the steamboat Potomac. She was wrecked on her passage from Galveston to the Rio Grande, about six miles beyond the pass of San Louie. The boat will be a total loss?tho cargo partly saved in a damaged condition. CONGRESSIONAL PKOCKKDINGS. waihi ptgtoiv, July 18,1*48.. In Senate. thi tariff bill. Senator Dix presented a memorial from Importer* r>f ilk goods ia New York against ad valorem duties, aa J moved to lay it on the table. Mr. Webster moved to refer it to the committee on printing. He wondered a Senator in presenting mr ;h a petition, wai not afraid of falling under the char/ ;e of panic maker. Mr. AVcniTca then lubmitted for the confident ion of the Chairman of the Finance, an abstract prepare d from Treasury documents and atatementa made by sai4. Chairman, and estimate* made thereon, ehowing that, the new Tariff Bill would produce only 19 millions and a half of net revenue. pnyinR e?j>on<e? ol renoin inrilnnn. Mr. Doi' got the floor and tried to ipeak, but nobody would linten to him?the Houra in it* roar* of merriment at the party deciiiona of the Chairman, would lot no on* be hoard Finally tbo Committee got up tad tho Honao adjourned, amid loud bnrrt* o( laughter on all Mm. Mr. Cameron presented sundry petitions * gainst the repeal of the pre tent Tariff, which were reOerre<t to the Committee ol Finance. thi tbeasl'rr note bill. Mr. Lewis reported the Treasury Note Bill from the House, and hoped it would be passed noir., as there wu urgent necessity for it. Mr. Evans ho|ied not He wished to examine it Mr. Lewis aaid it might be considered to-day, but could not be paased before to-morrow, without the consent of the Senator from Maine Mr. Evanb was willing the bill should be considered to-day. Tho bill was then reported to the 8enate; and postponed. THE HOUR or meeting. Mr. Lawis now moved that the Senate hereafter meet at ten o'clock in the morning. Objected to and laid over. He next moved that when the Senate adjourn, it be to meet to-morrow morning at ten o'clock. Objected to as not in order. The chair decided it waa in order. Mr. Manoum cited rulea, and appealed from the declsion. Tho rote stood 36 in favor, and -29 against the decision of the chair, so the chair waa not abstained. the aojournmcnt orcoNnaiss. Mr Hannroan called up'his resolution for Congress to adjourn on the 30th July. The 10th of August was substituted, and the reaolutlon was then passed?yeas 10, nays 10. the texas navt bill. The Texaa Navy Bill was next taken up, and after a brief sj>eech from Mr. Huntington in oppoasti?n, It was pottpoked until to-morrow. THE TARirr BILL. The Tariff Bill was then taken up. Mr. Davis spoke against it, aad in.faror of pirotaction. He went back 100 years, and showed the jealousy of (ireat Britain in respect to the manufacture of article* of any kind in the colonies. He spoke at great length, and said the South first advocated the nrotective system, and went largely into an illustration of hie position : that the duty on good*, instead of being added to their price and thus increasing their cost to the consumer, could not begin to countei balance the reduction ot prices on those goods caused by tho competition of their manufacture in this country under a protective tariff. Before con- 1 eluding, lie gave way to a motion for the Senate to go into Executive Session, which waa carried?and tne Senate fdjourned. Home of RepreaentatlTcs. the rav or congressmen. Mr. McKav, from the Committee of Ways and Means, reported a bill providing for the pay of members of Congress by anileai<e and per diem, for the remainder of the session, and for other purposes. Read twice and referred to committee of the whole. Honoa TO AMERICA* ARMS. Mr. Cranston presented a resolution of thanks to Oen. Taylor and the army, passed by the Legislature of Rhode Island. the rAV or volunteers. The House went into committee, Mr. Norris in the chair, and resumed the consideration of the hill appropriating $11 ,700,000 to pay volunteers and for other purposes. Mr. Kootk addressed the committee, and made r party 1 speech against the administration, in relation to the annexation of Texas and the Mexican war. Mr. Caleb B. Smith followed in a vehement, bitter, Avrnriutinr iupprh ncrainst the Administration in relation to claiming the Rio (irande a* the houmltry of Texaa,and going to war with Mexico. Mr. Hauino next gapoke and made a specific speech. He would support the war. but preferred peace. He believed that it Clay had been Preiident we would have had Taxas without a war. Mr. Coaa followed and warmly auatained the adminia: ration in all it had done in relation to the wqr At two o'clock the debate closed by limitation. All intendment* were rejected, and the bill ai reported to :ha House passed on ita Anal reading, 100 to 4. THf ADJoi-anMrnr. The House then took up tfao ra>olution from the Senate for < ongreaa to adjourn on the 10th proximo. Mr. Born called the previous question. Mr. Dbomooolc moved to lay the resolution on the abla. Loat. The rail for tha previous question was luatalned, and the resolution wai concurred in with but wo or three dissenting voices. the par or MtMacas op eonoacss. The House then want into tha Committee of the Whol*. Mr. WtnTwoBTH in tha chair, and took up the hill to pay the mileage and per dien allowance of mem!>?rs of Confraaa and for other purposes. [Oreat merriment at tha appearance of the chairman, who is ealebrated for his extraordinary height ] Various amendments were offered and rejected, one by Mi*. St#wart proposed reducing the pay of members to Fix dollars per day after a session of a months, to four dollars per day after a session of 7 months, and to three dollars p?r day after a session of 8 months. The hill was explained by Mf. McKay, and discussed and oppo?ed by Mr. Henncman Ha did not like the provision in it lor "1 Y THE MAILS. Washington, July If, 1846. TJn Htnalt?The Crisis un the Tariff Qitsst*on? A'aval Cmuultutiun. The warehousing hill finally pas?ed the Senate to-day, lor a copy ol' wh ch and the vote, w? r*> fer the reader to your reporter's report. Mr. Evans closed hii. jidrnliable speech upon the tariff, after a second heat to day ofabout three hours. In its array of facts, and ef arguments i based upon facts and tljrure*, illustrative of the I inefficiency of the new bill as a revenue measure, the speech of the great champion of the act of '41 was supeib. In every respect it was the speech of | a statesman; (or however in iy men differ upon the premises and doctrines >wn as his basis, this fact cannot be controverted, that the argument was a masterly effort of a great flnaneial legia1 lator. i There was a solemn pause of a moment at ita conclusion, when Mr. Sevier and others demand* ed the question upon the third reading. Mr. Johnson. ofMd., inquired if it was the pur* pose of the other side to forego nny discussion on their part. Mr Lewis said there was one Senator who should speak (Mr. M'Duffie, wo suppose.) Mr. Davis took the floor, and asked a re spite till to-morrow. Mr. L.ewis objected. Mr. j Johnson moved a postponement till to-morrow. and it was carried ; and a motion to lay the bill | upon the table, which would havo killed it conclusively, would have carried just an well, had Mr. Johnson only seized the happy moment. Mr. Seniple (Dein.) was not on hand, just at that time, 1 and should not have been founti ! A motion to lay on the table admits of no debate, and time coulil only have been gained in tho ayes and noes upon a motion to adjourn, which supercedes all other I motions. This would have given about eight i minutes to the inevitable vote, to lay upon the table, and this vote, once carried the quietus would : have been given to the bill. At that moment we believe that not a s nele Senator in favor of the bill would have votedto lay it on the table, with tho view of securing the privilege of moving a reconsideration. The attack would have been so sudden as to cut otf that ; calculation ; and had such a vote l>een given, there is a ttrong probability that the absentee ! would be invisible ort demand, or if present, that he wonld throw in his name against th# re version | of the vote. In all this wtf assume that Mr. I Bright and Mr. Benton are good for the bill as it i stands, which is extremely doubtful ; and a vo ' to kill the measure as it is might readily be justi( fied belore their constituent*, upon the ground that ponding the existing state of affairs it is inexpedient to disturb the existing law; but that on j the restoration of peace they are fully prepared to sustain a bill of modifications. i But the courtesies of the Senate, perhaps overruled Mr. Johnson. Certain it is. that the tarifl'of ' '42 men must till be on hand, ull tlie time, not* ! withstanding, or a inarch will be stolen upon them, and in some unlucky moment at the end of u spcech, the bill will be lrurricd through. This has been the game understood, it 1# said, while the free traders have been, giving out that the debate would last a fortnight. We contend for fair play, but if stratagem ia to be the law of legislation, it is equally applicable to both parties. Upon the policy of reducing the tariff, our individual opinions ure out of plage in our capacity as a neutral commentator outw? will say, that rather tha.n a favoritr measure should succeed by stratagem, we WOGld see itde! feated by the same mes\ns. ' Mr. Secretary Wnlk tt is a regular attendant ia the senate, watchin g mof, vigilantly the cour?e of the proceedings. As the advocatej of House bill have wai??d,'it appears, any intention to discuss the bill by routine, we may ex, pect a vote directly Upon the final issue toward the la?t ol next we(r ( And while we cannot venture to pronounce that (he bill will be passed, if we had a bet pending of one liMndred dollars that the bill would be losf, we would give one dollar to withdraw ? ae WAger. Gov. Porf,.r> of Pennsylvania, Powhattan Ellis, of Missis*' ,ppif Mr Diek?rson, of New Jersey, ; and othr r distinguished ctranners are in town. We'.earn from a credible source to-dnj>, that a nava', consultation is to be held, in conjunction wi^.i the cabinet on Monday next, upon a final decision, as to the expediency of i?n attack upon the ; Castle of San Juan d'Ullou. If I will be, we expect, by a simultaneous attack byland and sea. We are further advised that the consultation is called rather in reference to the plan and means required in th<#attack, than upon the policy of the assault itself. TWKNTY-SINTH CONGRESS. Senate. W??Hi'?nTo*r, July 15. JS46. Mr. Wiiitii pretented petition from copper mane* facturera of Bontori, aiking that a duty of five |>?r cent be put upon mmufacturedcopper, or that taw copper be made free. He moved that (lie petition lie printe.l Mr. Hcvim moved the reference of the nueatloa oa printing to the committee on printing. Ha ?ii opposed to tbi* printing of peti'ion*. Mr. W?:nar?.R regarded this aa a very extraordinary motion of the Senator Iron Arkausaa The petition waa a very short one. There could certainly be no objection to printing it. Mr Hi.vikr taid it was always the case, when a subject like Ibia waa in consideration. that a let of stereotyped petition* were gotten up, and poured into the Senate, to influence ita action, or to get up a panic. He had no di? poiition to aid theae people in getting up a paaio. Mr. Wiiith rejoined that the senator wai right la ^uppoaing that the destruction of the tariff of '43 would raiie a paoic. Kvery workshop through the length aad breadth of the land would leel it But let ui suffer the** workmen, if they are to die, let ua suffer them to die game?protesting againat Una prostration of the businesa of their daily subsistence, to the lad With some romarka from Mr. Allien, the petitioB waa referred to the committee on printing. Mr. Camcbon presented a petition from certain cm) miner* of Pennsylvinia, againat the contemplated de? struction of the act of *49, which, after aome remark* between Meaara. Cameron and Speight, waa referred to the Committee ?n Finance. The 'wabehousiko bill. On motion of Mr. Dn, wa* then taken up. Mr. J. M. Cl? vtok apoke at leng'h againat the *ure, because h would cripple oar home navigation in| terest??t Own Importing merchants?our msnufactiv . rers, he. Mr. Hqittiivotow remonstrated afainst the bill, upon tlm HPna J- r _.?uuu> iiivwih a(iiim ine pwifi of the bill, and called forth* aye* and noe*. Ordered. Mr. Dix urged the pa**age of the bill. Ha believed , the act would be beneficial All the objection* that could be deviled on the other lide had been presented and answered. It waa neceuary to paia the bill new, becauie if the tariff bill pawed, thi* would be neceiaary to regulate the ttoragea authorised by tha former; ii the 1 tariff did not pass, the warehousing bill would aa wall apply to existing law*. Mr. Simmons presented certain objection*, not 1 tinctly understood, againit the bill. The queition wa* about to be taken, when Mr. Cbittcndc* arose to expre** hi* total distent to the bill. He contended that tne domestic trade of the country, by thi* measure, would be thrown into the I hand* exclusively of foreigner*. It wa* a bill ! for the benefit of foreigner*. It will inevitably lead to : the building of coitly home* for the atorage of geod* of foreigner*. Not 6,000 people in the United state* bad called lor, expected, or wanted, thi* new schema. It ia a notion of our own. England, with her colonie* every where, found great advantage from her warehouses i but we have no colonie*. Again, the meature would operate againit protection, it would take away all that incidental which now remit* from the existing mode of collecting dutiei. Mr. Wiaarra wa* sorry to ding re e with co many of hit frienda, but he had been an advocate of a warehouaing yatem for a longtime. It would, he believed, facilitate the foreign commerce of the country. Hi* friend* had objected to thi* bill because of it* connection with other measure*. There wa* something in that But lie thought we ought rather to look for protection by leviea ujion foreign rargoe*, rather than in obstructions to foreign trade. Upon the whole he wa* diapoied to give tne bill an experiment. The ayea and noei were ordered, and the reiult wa*, aye* 31,'noe* 30 So the bill wai passed, and in the following lerm: A BILL To amend an act entitled " An act to provide revenoe from import!, and to change and modify existing law* imposing duties on imports, anil for other purposes Be it enacted by the Senate and Home of Represent* tivesof the United States of America, in Congress a??em bled. That the twelfth eectiou ot the act entitled " An act to provide revenue from import*, and to change and modify dialing lawi imposing duties on imports, and for other purposes," approved the thirtieth day of August, on* thousand eight hundred and forty-ttvo, is hereby amend* ed so aa hereafter to read aa follow* : [Sec. 19 J And be it further enactad, That on and after the day this act goes into operation, the duties on all imported goo.j?, wares, or an?rrhandi7e, shall be paid In cash : Previded, That in all cases of failure or neglect to pay the duties within the pe'i?d allowed by 11? to the importer to make entry thereof, or whenever the owner, iinjiorter, or consignee shall makfcentry for warehousing the same in writing, in such form, aud supported hy su?n proof, aa shall be prescribed by the Secretary of the Treasury, the said gooda, wares, or merchandise shall bet*' ken possession of by the collector, and deposited in the public atorea, or in other stores to be agreed on by the collector e- i, f revenue officer of the port and the importer, aw.**, vt consignee, the said store* to b* seenred in the manuri'provided forbv the ttrst section of the act of the twentieth da) of April, one thousand eight bun dred and eighteen, entitled " An art providing tor the d* 1 posite of wines and diltillod spirits in public warehouses, -J nlKar nil rnniai IKat* In Itj* bant with (III A and reaaonnMe care, al ta> -.har^e and lisk of the owner, ' jn porter, coiuignet w . /. #nt, and subject at all times to | their order U|H)H tbo j ment of the proper duties and eipenaea, to be am-enemed on due entry thereof for warahouaing, and to lie ?ecnre<l by a bond of the owner, j importer, or consignee, with suroty or (tirades, to tli*. I A tatiifaetion of the collector, in double the amount < < ilia aaiddutiaa, and in auch form aa the Sacratary af the Trea- Wi aurr ahall preacribe : Provided, That no merchnndiee JH ball ba withdrawn from any warehouse in which it may ha dapoaitad, ia a laaa quantity tfcaa la aa imtif pao ka#a H

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