Newspaper of The New York Herald, 19 Temmuz 1846, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 19 Temmuz 1846 Page 3
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Sp.irtlnn Tntrlllgtnr*. Yatchino.?Wf have received the following ere a rate account of the (tatting and arrival of the difl'eient ve?icli entered for the race of Friday lent Tont. Started from Turnrd Ike Jrr'd at Ely, rhus. bygFltrtu! fkhr Uimcrack, 25 10 26? 12 MS 3 'i Pilot boat Huraet. 25 10 26^ It 3 Tl\ Kloop Venrmall, T7 10 it lowered away. " Mut, 4a 10 40?? " Amud Maria, W io t?V 11 3 " Dirt. M 10 ii l?i 3 l?V? Sclir. North. Light, 70 11 00>4 113 3 19)* Had they started tonether the " Northern Light" would have beaten the " Olmerack" in the race of 40 miles I0'i minutes, and the " Dart" would hare beaten the " Northern Light"' IX minute*. ^ i ne Anna Maria luwereu away m? miruy ui ner throat halliard block, by which accident aha loit fire minute (. "dare it up after turning the buoy. City Intelligence. CoaroNATK Abuse?Death from Ncolkct.?The melancholy and audden death of a child by drowning, at pier, foot of Beekman street, we took occaiien to notice a day or two ago; and regret to learn that thU deplorable casualty ii solely to be attributed to the ihameful neglect of either the street inspector er the corporation. It appears that for the laat month, one or two planks, which cover part of the pier in question, have, by some means or other, been broken down, leaving a wide opening, so as to form a sort of trap door, which ia calculate ! to deceive any person wallung on the pier?the strong current of the river running underneath. The innocent and liclpleaa victim of this neglect, was little boy, who had but lately arrived here from Europe; and walking on the pier, waiting for his parents and protectors,who had occasion to transact business in one of the ships which lay at anchor in the vicinity, was moving along, when he was regularly trapped, aud immediately swallowed up in the current beneath. No tidings have since been heard of his remains ; and thus have the bereaved parents of a line interesting little boy been deprived of their child.? ' In other countries such gross and palpable neglect would bojmade an indictable offence. We sent one of our reporters, yesterd<nr, to brini; us authentic information of this disgraceful and reckless abuse; and the state of the corporation portion of the pier, it appears, being Atted up, n* single plank, while that portion which may be deemed the production of private enterprise, is fitted up with double plank, affords a sufficient commentary upon the shameful manner in which contracts are carried out. The sailor upon the broad ocean, with "but a single plank between him and eternity," is oftentimos far safer than the poor laborer or mechanic working on the city wharves. Whether this outrageous abuse is to be attributed to the street inspector, the contractor, or the corporation, it matters not; but the laws of the State, if prosecuted with correctness, could hold the offending Vftiiv* hi jubuuu. ? no r.uropr, ana "ifew ork'" two or our most respectable liner*, lie at this pier, foot of Beekman street, where there if a constant thoroughfare ; and we are assured that even yesterday another boy was nigh being trapped. When will the city government be projterly and decently admin'stered I dacanri'l Accident.?a most shocking accident occurred yesterday, while the locomotives were passing each other on the Harlem railroad, near (list street A boy by the name of Charles Anderson, only 9 years of a?e, whose parents reside at No. 09 Orchard street, was picking blackberries, with several other boys, and ondeavored to run across the track, when he was oauglit by the locomotive and completely cut into pieces from below the middle ot his body, the whole train passing over him. An inquest will be held to-day. Mijddv CaoMiwa.?A gentleman who signs himself " Pedestrian," writes us as follow*. His suggestion is good one Will you be so kind aa to call the attention of the proper authorities, to the infamous practice of sprinkling the " crossings"?rendering them at all hours of the day muddy and impassable. By a simple arrangement in the lower end of the cask containing the water, the flow could be checked while passing the "crossings," and the evil obviated. The professed object of a!l Corporations, is to keep the stroets clean ; but in this instance they render them worse than they naturally would be, rain or shine. Tract Building.?'The corner stoneof the new building of the American Tract Society, is to be laid to-morrow afternoon, at X past 5. This interesting occasion will doubtless draw together a great number of spectators. Cosoncb's Office, July 18.? Suddm Dtath.?The Coroner held an inqaest yesterday, at the city hospital, on the body of John Luciger, 37 years of age, born in Switterland, who came to his death by disease of the brain and want of proper attention. Also, the coroner held an inquest on board tho barge foughkeepsie, lying at the foot of Murray street, on the body of Wm. Green, 46 years of age, born in Ireland, who came to his death by drowning. Police Intelligence. Ji lt IB? CKarg* of Robbery?Ann Henry, who keeps a koute of prostitution at No. 39 lleade street, and one of her girls called Arnold, were arrested yesterdy on a charge of robbing a man who gave his name as Thomas W. Hitherington of some $3,600, while on a drunken spree in the above premises. It appears this man has been on a regular spree for several day* past, and great doubts are entertained whether the man was robbed at all. or if he has been robbed it was done by some others, and not by the accused. This Mrs. Henry it seems, has kept house for many years, and borne *n excellent character for a woman of her class. However, they wert both locked up by Justice Drinker for examination. Several Tomoskinners shortly after the arrest i the ipoila. Jlrrttl if a Fugitive.?Officer Morrison, of WmI Troy, N. Y, arretted yesterday morning, in thia cify, a man called George J. Black, on a warrant charging him with burglariously entering the atore of Mr. Martin Winnell of the above place, and atealing therefrom four pain of boots and a lot of leather?alao, on another charge of carrying off a quantity of butter, valued at $40, belonging to Jonn N. \V illard, of Eaat Troy, and likewiae atealing a Buffalo robe. Taken back to Troy for trial. Or and Lmrc my?A man by the name of Chtrlea Tinker, waa arrested yesterday afternoon on a charge of steallag lour stereotype plates, valued at $100, belonging to Mr John W. Watson, No. 103 Nassau street. Lockedup for examination. Bttrglmry ?-The dwelling house occupied by Mr. O. 8. Knapp, Mo. 01 Hast Fourteenth street, waa burglariously enteied by some " kracksman," and a cloak and silver apoou stolen therefrom. No arrest. f'urtou* Ihirtnf.?A man called Phillip Better, was arrested I eat night by officer Loring, of the 17th ward, for ? urious driving through the atreeta, and likewiae cruelty to hia hone. Locked up. Stnei Right ? Officer Lown, of the 3d ward, arretted vesterday a hack driver called Jamea Martin, of coach No 61, on a charge of overcharging two passengers. He waa conducted before the Mayor, who, upon hearing the caae. took hit license away. 8o far to good. There are many more yet who want the aarae vigilance. Jrtdirtmenl / Gtmhltn ?Several of the moat wealthy gamblers in thia city, have been indicted by the present (irand Jury, two of whom were arrested yesterday on a bench warrant?Reuben Paraona and James Berry?byofficers l.eonard and Bloom, who escorted them to tho Court of Keationa, where they were held to bail in the turn of (1000 for their appearance for trial, which they gave, aud were discharged irom custody. Tho rest of the wii imil natter step up to ma captain s omce and nettle. Hmbking ? .Sailor?Officer Allan, of the 4th ward, arretted yesterday afternoon, two Water street girls called Mien Wright and Betsey Bromlr, charred with robbing a sailor by the name of Win Parker of >13, while in their aociety in a low groggary cellar, kept by a Mr*. Burke, at No joj Water (traet. A portioa of the tar's money ?h recovered. ' ommitted for trial by Juttice Drinker. Coart of Urnrral leuloni. Before Recorder Scott, and Aldermen Ktoneall and Oilberl?Jonas B. I'htllipe, K?] , District Attorney, ad tultrim Jim 17.? 7Vie/ far a ttr tens A fault upon an Officer. Henry Houae, a colored man. wu thia morning placed at the bar. on a charge of committing an Assault and battery, with intent to kill officer Buckley, of the Kifth Ward by (tabbing him with a knife, onftunday morning the Pth of June lent On the part of tha proaecution, Officer Bvi aLrt testified a* follow About * o'clock oa the morning in question. I heard considerable noise in the street, near the liouae , I went ont for the purpose of putting a atop to it I found tlie pe isoner creating a great disturbance, and aurronniled bv numerous individuals I asked him to go away and behave himself, but he 10fu'eitto go, ami made uae of very inaolent language. I then went into the house. and put on my coat, having coma oat in my ahirt tleevea On returning to the street. 1 foun t liouae in a store, endeavoring to get the cleik toflght him I got him out of tha store He then made uae of threatening language to ma. and at the aame time went arrnea tha street. T followed him. and told him not la aae such language to me, or I would arreat him He then aaid that if I touched him, he would " cut my i. -d d-d heart out* I went up and laid hold of him for the i?ir|?>ee af taking him into custody, when he immediately itftk I me with a knife in the left aide, the blade penetrating to a considerable depth, and so sen o?sly laboring me that I was unable to do anything for eve'ral weeks, and waa coaAned to my roam for aliout a week The accnsed was defended by a young connaallor by the name nl UcAsiS, who summed up the caaa with groat ability. m Mr Phu ties followed far the people Tha eoae was theo irtwIHtil to the jury, under a charge of iho Her order, and the jary, after a protracted , consultation found the prteosier guilty He was according!) remanded until to morrow 7oi sentence Cesar* of Rprrkal Inailoas. Refer* the Recorder and two Aldermen Jiit 17 ? Aaa McKesan waa first placed at tha bar tha mnrwtmm, n i rharga ( (valiag quantity of clothing Kit* WW fiilUy of tha ofttrt, and * ?nt t? tha PaMiantiary |w Ik* tarta of tU month l<>.. .-I l<?ia *M than railad uMi la imvrr for com nluwc w aaaault upon paraoa f>r tlx hum of Jimri < K<a? it *|<|i?ar* I ft oan lb* *t U?mc? Mid or ad in thia MM that Riaa a mart >a.l man (of hmmum pait had frrquaatly vadMiorari t? iwraxada I ha .Uuglitar of Mr. U'K" tw*?la?f him an plraaar* a?r nratana, he , Which, of roaraa waa pprota 1 of ht thafalhar, ha oak tha w??rt* of mitrting Uuia peraonaj rKutuf mant iipoa boaa. which I ha f aort daamad juatiftahla. and ym>mtd Mr Uvn. v.r*?rat m?rr* waa oa*t pterad at tha bar, and found fully. ?f ?taa)ia? mmm fr?a*a from Vvrman ? oah. of no ? Btrwarjr. far which o?a?ca aha waa r?aa%n*.| ta nwdenea >a lha f it y M?? Jaaaaa Himma far rtaaliag w r lama, and lamaa Baria for ataalu* a hat, wara aach a*at to u>a f'aaitaati irr tor ooa aaoata Kraikrkk fhanaaara. far raamMtiaf u aaaanlt and liMtary <>a j?aa|>h with a tlmf ahot, waa ordar ad ta pay a lina of ?w and ha lor had up la tha rnj Tr%. a* tar l? taj a John Williana. far ataalinf a.draaa warth m. waa aant to tha i'aaitantiary far twa atoirtha Tha t ourt than adjottrvod until Taaaday morniag aa?t Tut K*t?*t t>r mil F? at N*irnw??T.?T*p0 tain dhvmi thftm, of Nmnturicn, wii ml rodiioM U> I ha Boaton R#lwl Mmum r*?4 km< iWmmi Hi rrlation to Ik* Ire l<? * #?<! that mm IM fmiliM fre rewlfr*4 bomiUii that Iba toat kid haaii mi mat*') by rompatantW|*, to la Il.tll.M, M akkk Ultra wm oul; PttM ?N[MM MarrmrnU ?f Travallvra. The arrivmla yeitaniav * *?! a Mill fartWr urnm In tba nuaaWer of Ux??lWn ta aa4 thraagh the city am their periodical recreation*. A?ii(??.-W Catopbatl. I'tk'a. I Dele O Dtera. ? Philadelphia; t Mink <ia. J. AtkuMt Bahjatare. t> i Malford. Oaargia; f Mark. Kan *?eUih? r. l.e* \ C. h'oaer, Florida. K I lark I" * K . > l>a> t levetaad * T. Ball, Va. H B (>ar.'i^r I 1 Aaroa.?C. Hanoi, i < RirVit \? 11,'t Trar J Mc Cnli'kaoa, Canal., I Btte1. Be i,? i K " tvuaon P? 1 M Montague K,> . Ithaca, M. Hunt. U J?i <u j Naylar IU ?i lift*, N 8 ; J W B?<< I .. r , ffc,|a, l> 1 Smith. D Thoma*. Va; M Tiffeav. i inaja J Bard. * Natcbaa; J ropp, Ala, W Dunl ip Phila W lleyuuUi. * Bo?ton. Tboi. VVebater. Philadelphia Citr.?J. W. Hteinbacb. Va. H O Reilf. Albaar, Mr. Kiahar, Philada, W P. laraal. t ohoaa, t ol Tra.ara, N. J.; W. LitUa. Nate baa; I a^t stunar. I'* N < oa. ' Downet, U. 8 N.; J. liarniil. I'oiui, J. Wearer Phtfa M Iteattf, Kj ; R. Crawford, In.t; H Arer. Waahiii*ton <"e, , H. Oorman, Phila. M. I lernan. Jo; < Weett. Baltiaiore. A. Campbell; J. Harria. 1'bila. ? apt Itawkma. I n. A Fbankli.t?D. HotchkUa. I onn; II Uri, Vll W JaJfera, U. 8. N.j J. To.npkirn N r . J Mo< I'in. J *ilaa. Ohio; I. Wriffht, Ky I) Wilkin.. < harlraton. <? B.ihal tier, Albany; J. Webster, Me; D. ( ollina, Pbtla, J. I?ner. w. urewer, K. Htch. .Mackinaw, *. wmn, ? ton; O. Woodward, Cleveland; oin?. Ann?trong, tJr*?u Bay; D. Pratt, Princeton How *ao.?L. Lewis, T. Minor, K- Hammond. Ohio; O Rice, Sandusky; A, McKeever. Washington; H Baker. H. Winter*, R King, W. Kletcher. CaMto; C. Wa?h- , burn, Mil*; K. Foote, Con; Y.Coe, Phila; II. lUake. I*. 8. N : A. Williams. Va; M. Sanford. Ky: B Richmond, Va; 8 Kyle, Ala; M. Ilind, Ireland, W. Wood want. Conn Sitot'LAR a:*d Hoamo Dk*tm.?A alave named Reutien, i met with death in Richmond, Va., on the 14th inst. under the moat horrid circumstances. He had let himsell down into a whiskey ciitern, in the diitillery where he wa? employed, lor the purpose or cleaning out iome obatmction, and while enveloped in the vapor of alcohol, a lighted oandle waa handed to him to light up the ciatern. The vapor became ignited immediately, and he waa eo horribly burned that he died on the following day. 1 ??f????? MONEY MARKET. Saturday, July 1H?O P. M. Thn itock market opened heavy thia morning, but price* were rather unaettled. Harlem, Norwich and , Worceatc% Reading, and Morria Canal cloaed at yeiter- . day morning'* pricea. Farmers' Loan fell off* ; Canton Company went up .V; Kentucky 6'a X; Pennay lvania 5's >4 , and Ohio 6'a >i'. The newa from Europe ha* had no influence upon the markets of any conaequence, either way. The reaigna tion of the Peel miniatry waa ao unexpected that it ha* , caused a pause among operator*, until aomething more definite ia known in relation to the policy the new cabinet intend pursuing. Wc annex a statement exhibiting the receipts of the Central Railroail, of Michigan, for the month of June, 184a and 1846. During the month of June, genervlly, ' but comparative little business is done, yet it will be < seen that the receipta amounted to more than one thousand dollars per day, and that they lack but a few dollara of being twice aa large aa laat year. There has always been a lack of motive power on the road. The i road u in excellent repair, and it is anticipated that when I the additional motive power ordered, arrives, the receip \ , will bo much larger than they aro at present. j Central Railroad, Michioak. Receipt! for June. 1846. 1846. Inrrrait \ , For I re lit 111 $1,207 01 11,458 37 10,2,'KI 7? | , From passeugers 10,1 It 34 14,620 71 4,514 37 : , Transportation of mail 1,061 76 1,065 70 3 91 j i $15,381 71 30,150 78 14,769 07 I ' AuifrcKate six months I ' eliding May 31 56.552 21 111,979 41 75,427 17 Total seven months.... $71,933 95 162,130 19 90,196 24 This exhibits an increase of more than ono hundred ; and twenty-fire per cent. The bulk of this increase has ! been in the receipts of freight, showing an amount of ! local business of this kind in proportion to the aggregate receipts, only exceeded by one other railroad company ! in the country?the Philadelphia and Reading Road. The annexed table exhibit* the quantity of certain articles exported from the island of Java, in each of the past three yeara. Coffee, sugar and indigo form the principal stanle exports. ComsWkce or Java?Exports roa Tmrkk Years. 1843 1144. 1845. Coffee, piculcs 1,018,100 1,239,935 1,005,750 Sugar 929,769 1,008,632 1,450 000 Kice 1,008,774 785,276 447,450 Indigo, lbs 1,890,129 1,648,520 1,653.700 Tin, piculs 45,705 68,720 73,400 Ratuuis 73,535 73 600 50.625 Pepper 23,083 12,481 11,445 ! Hides, No 152,310 156,224 105,780 Arrack, pipe* 6,362 6,258 4,858 ; Nutmegs, piculs >,113 8,131 8,425 Mace 486 2,300 820 Cloves 2,027 2,100 2,235 Tea. lbs ? ? 445,000 Cochineal..... ? ? >3,420 Sapan Wood, piculs ? ? 5,650 The following statement will exhibit the receipt* upon 1 the main line of the Pennsylvania Improvements Irom Philadelphia to Pittsburg, from tho beginning of the fiscal year up to the 1st of July, compared with the same : period of last year :? Public Works ok Pennsylvania?Tolls on Main Link. I In 1846, Total $474,643 45 1 In 1844, " 4.'4,001 47 Increase on the main line over 1846. . . $641 98 ! Delaware Division. Receipts to 1st July, 1846 $53,115 37 " " 1845 51,360 MO Increase on DeL Dir. over 1845 (1,764 47 For want of a return from a Collector on the West Branch and Susquehanna Divisions, we are unable to give the aggregate receipts on the Susquehanna and branches as yet; the amount last year was $53,087 30. Old Stock Bxelungt. $2,000 Kentucky Gi 100 150 ihs Morris Csnal 12'4 35 shs Fulton Bank 116 10 do Harlem KK 5!'., , 50 Farmers'Trust 50 do slO ilL 50 do b3 2Va 100 do Sl? 100 shs Canton Co 31*4 100 do sGO 51 V> fin 1.1(1 14 v. V) <1,. si i.i 100 do b30 310 50 do s30 51 50 do Reading RR l>90 6?% IM do 51 100 do b90 b9<4 50 do lilO 51 100 do C?^ 300 do Nor It Wor RR 57V 50 do >60 G8W 1?0 do >30 57\ 100 Po b30 C8V 100 do b30 58 ^ 100 do G8% 50 do 57% 100 do 68% 200 do b30 58 Rceond Board. 50 aha Harlem RR bio 50% 50 aha Harlem RR 50% , 150 do 50.1, 50 do nw 51 50 do liuw 50% 75 do Nor Si Wor >10 57 V , 50 do 50% 30 do bow 57% 50 do 50V 50 do bnw 57% 50 do 50V W?w Stock EichanK*. 100 aha Morria Canal b3 12% 25 aha Nor li Wor >3 57V 50 do Karma Truat a3 25 25 do cash 57% 2'i do Nor k Wor. caab 58 25 do Mouday 57 V 25 do Monday 58 50 do caah 57V 25 do caali 57% p? ????y?a i Died, At Weit Cheater, Fiiday evening, 17th inst, in the | MIth year of her age, Sarah Eleanor, wife of William Ader, and daughter of Thomas Timpion, sen., formerly of thiicity. The relatives, and'friends of tlio family, are respectfully invited to attend the funeral services at St Peters' Church, West Chester, this (Sunday,) afternoon, at 4 o'clock, without further notico. Carriages will be in waiting, at the Morrissiana Station, to meet the Harlem Railroad train, which leaves the city at 1 o'clock, P. M. On the IHth inst., of cholera infantum, Ioa, daughter of Ueorge and Catherine Cook, aged 9 months and 14 day*. On Thursday evening, 16th inst., Aaron How km- Maverick, aged 37 years. The friends of the family, New York Tent No. 2, I O. of K. Mount Ellm Encampment; No. 3 E. (). of I. R , and the order in general, are invited to attend his funeraUfcn Sunday, (thin day,) l!?th in?t , at J o'clock, from his late residence, comer West Uroadway and Ktanklin street. On Saturday rooming, 18th inst., Kmilik Justine, daughter of John P. and Annette Set re The friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral this afternoon, (Sunday,) at 4 o'clock, from GU Canal street. AUCTION WOTICK. ANTHONY BLEECKK.R St CO., Auctioneers. FRIDAY, July It, at 11 o'clock, at the Merchants' Eickansr -POTOMAC AND ALLMJHANV COAL AND I hon i'dmiunl _IV.,ttVP .,1.. tn r lot*, t r.i ? MMihunof 1100 each, of the Potomac anil Alleghany Colli aud Iron < ompauy?The property of the Potomac and Alleghany t ompany Ilea on bothaidea of the Potomac River, and aMoanta to 34.000 acre a of the moat valuable mineral lands, preventing ronatant auccaaaion of rich T?in? of coal, iron p*.' *rj>'l?riek elmy, and hydraulic cement ; the ri inauf Hittr affording an intxhanatible water power for 'nii a * ,'nd ,ro,> worka. When completed, ike Cheaapeake and Ohio Canal, and the JniITIS. ^ ? Railroad will paaa immediately in front - * **""' "'^riat a communication to mari?t oa Ine beat Itrwa aad all aeaaona, without any outlay to the < nmpanv, a aotiree of hear* eipeuditure to other cor' reapondnig aaaociatioua. lor further particular enquire of the auctioneer. jy!9 6trre NOTICE. " ' THE < OPARTNF.R8HIP h.mofore eaiating between the aubacribera, under the firm of PKKRY, MATHK* WM h CO , la this day diaaoltred by mutual conaent. Charlea I D Maihewa ittnra, having diapoaed of hia intereat in th* concern in t)>? remaining partuert, who are auihoriaad to uaa th? nana of the firm in liquid ition. THKODORK PERRY, LHARLEH D. MATHfcWB, I B. HHUMWAV - haflu'r.n * iia nr. ft n him tinilltni r inr nfllintlS ii Kit own mm, on hia own acconnt, it CI Pearl street, New Vorfc jy!9 ??>m NOTICE THK aabeenben bee* for?ed * COPARTNERSHIP for iIm tiamriM of General Importing and < ommiuion Baaineaa. aader the Arm ni Bnhnt, lf..nUnd It Co, in P?ri?, wi?h branch nf the eaiabliahmenl ia New York nnder the Ann r4 L< tlal, Boalaad k Co. EUQfcNK BUHOT. KUWKNfc LK UAI.. KRKD'K B. BOULANI). ~~ MRS. Kt'KTllUft, INVENTOR of the CIRCULAR SKIRT. IX?t>rin?itr'r, retaraa bar theaka l<> thr l.adici for the encouragement ? 1. >>.. ),. ?, ,,,, ,| fhr uualilt ?l tint Slnrt lifinf "> teaerallj acknowledged In sarpaae, for comfort ud '" Ilk "MT oaber ?f le i.l Mirt, which haa been introduced or adtertiaed aa a decidedly inferior article?ahe invitei thoae ladtea who hare aot yet tried ihia article In call and inapert M The real article la oaly to be lad at 1 jyl* !? ?? lit 8PRINU ST. | p. IHITKL* AND WATBBITO PLAfKS. BROOKLYN NAVY HOTEL. 1 I V.? llt.IMAI-l.fcR- (/ rmerly of the National Coffee J ? Hi.e.r N?? Vorfc.) inform-. liii frienda uiii public kil We h.. Iru^ ih* hou?r for Irrmof yeari, end fitted up nil ?ub BiIIum! Tablet in aeperate mom. Tlie hoaae la ? *11 linn writ aup|?li*d with all kiuriiot refreshment*.? ? wa.drra can be accomodated by thr day, week, or mouth. * It.* m-~< reaa.*i*bl* term#. Hooiu can be had without ow4 mm the term*. and aa law aa tl per week The ?M?r at.J tr%mt*n are united to call, Irk the proprietor'* lenic ? ? wke the above meatioacd rttabki?hmeot, a place I alterable and I reaort, for *11 who fit to give them i hen p?e*??re at.d custom 1 hoae who wiafc to paaa a plea** b..?r will pleaae and call at the corner ol York and Navy ! , ?? ? There la a plana to the huuie, where Ihey can take ' ' ?? 'be Xaay Yard. Jyl? K'nt . I UK (Jt 'U'.MHIa HOUSt J ClifcMNUT HTHKP.T PHILADELPHIA, 1 AffKW aud i*fc?<Hi*ble Hotel, i>o*aesiinf iftry modern tniprnt rmr?i irCMiirv lo I he elegant accommodate oi 4 He travelliu> community. it Dow open. I Lessees, B IGLKY. MACKKNJEIE k Co. I J*mm*. late of Juuea's Hotel. t< H a. * n v i M ac imiii, formerly of the Washington House. '' t'r rt> L K? ma so*. jy|f iw*rc TKOY HOU8K TKOY, N. Y. ,, rCOLRMAS 4- ROGERS, PROPRIETORS. HIM House it mow in tine order, capable of accommo- p about three hundred |*rsons. The car* for Bos- | >>u. Buffalo, Haralo?a, and Montreal, ??art immediately iu F runt of the house ; the steamboat landing is alao within a rw nr|ii 1 ne pioprtetort iruat, ny tncir unimdu&l eier- I IOH iw llir r^mlurt gf llwir uueati, to reteiTB a routiuu- j . 1 In la?or I TV. it, wuhoat eireption, the mo it pleaaant route on the r lur aa the ?lxnr PMM. I'aaaruaera ran ire (heir baggage 1 |o to or front the cart or houu for aay direction ??ui eatablithmMt liaa no ruuurra in ita employ ; therefore 1 niaetU travcllera to rftriif with caatlou any reporta from ! tune employed liy other hoatea. Krrtont withiug to make an eicoraioa to Saratoga Sprinn , in Inn New Yoik oa Saiurday evening, hare ampl< time o tint the lake, diue, and retarn by Sunday eveuiog'a boat. i C. H. COLEMAN, I (Late of the AaiorHouae). , { C. M ROGERS, 1 ' JylTtf rrc (l.atr I the Steamer Empire). | ' SHAKON SPRINGS I'AViLlONl I THE PUBLIC ta informed thatthia etiabliil?rat, having t been enlarged aud imiirorrd autre the do? of the laat j leaaon. will be opened for tnc reception of viiltara.on the I at 1 lay ol June, LANUON h GARDNER. Mar I, 1??? iny>3im*r r "Pavilion, 4nI?W BKiotrruN. , PHLAN* ARD haa the houor to luform hie frieada aad , (lie publtr IU general, thxt the Pavilion t|M? iu fall ' iperatiou aud prepared for ihcir reception- c> Stetinboatt ran between l'ier No. (, North lUtn, and New | Brigltiou, a; I lie followtnit liuurt. via:? j frrom New llrtghion. I Krom New York. ?, II A. M. 9. I* 4". M. , *' 1 'WJa&aho. ' Parti ion. New Brighton. Jane I, IMC. jfTtfre , tmii shauks Hotel, "" j 64 Remit Stmt, IVtti Sid* of Broadxeay. , THE Snbitriber reapectfally informa hia frteuda aud tha i pablir, that lie hat lately opened the above Kitabliah- f heni, in a atyle taper tor to any outer kouae of the kind iy tha ( :ity orIMew York. The satisfaction which he has hitherto [ ten to hti numerous friend* ud rustouiers, while proprietor if "TIk gliulo,'' iu Tliinri itrtrl,he flatters himself will >< I (uituin to ill who in-i) potrouise loin lu his new MUtlishment, while no effort on hi* part will be wanting la merit .he continuance of their patrouagf The usual relishes, < hops, Steaks, Welsh Rtrebita, I'oacbed Eggs, fce., will be served up in a superior style. The room will be regularly supplied with city papers, u well aa a full supply of foreign papers, by even' arrival from Europe. JAMES EVANS, mil lm*rc BUN SEJOUK. PfHK 8l.'B8<*HIBEH haa the pleasure to announce that J. liia hoaae, at Bergen Point, i* now open for public accomcommodatiou. A hotel on the Jertev side haa long been a desideratum which is now supplied. The houae (the old Me lany mausiou) has lieeu re-fitted in elegant style, with many new rooms and other important additions. The grounds are beautifully laid out, and what with lniuriaM shrubbery, charming walks, agrerahle drives, and pleasant boating. tin* place w ill ch tllenge coni|>etitioii with any rural residence. Families who wish to pass a cool and quiet iiimmer, can be provided with rooms or suits of apartments si their choice. Kish of almost every variety abound in the " Kills,' and the neighboring woods are uot delicieut in game. The strainer Passaic, plying betweeuNew \ ork and Newark, stops at the landiug, in front of the house, four times a day. and the citixens of New York canuot lind a more beau'in 1 drive than that between Jersey City and Bergen Peiul. lu fiue, all visiters, customers anil boarders, may be assured that no pains will be spared to Make the place merit the ti- J tie given it ol old?Bon Sejour. DANIEL W. LOCKWOOD. 1 The Passaic, for Newark, leaves the foot of Barclay street at 10 A. M. and 4 P. M.. landing in front of the above place. The Port Richmond boat leaves Pier No. 1 at >, 12, SX and ( o'clock. At fcrt Richmoud there will be boats in attendance to conveyp***engers. and land them at the house. MANSION HOUSE, MIDDLETOWN, CONNECTICUT. rPHE UNDERSIGNED begs leave to announce to hit I r I- 1 ik. ..-V.I... i... I....J >k. I.?... for a term of yean, and hopes, by I >ng experience and Mriel attention to banned, to merit a liberal share of their patronaxe. JOHN L.MONROE, nrt Sm*rc Formerly of the U. 8. Hotel, Barton. PA. It L. DELMON1CO, are happy to inform their frienda and the public, that their new Hotel in Broadway, No. 23 corner of Morria street, is now completed and will be opened on the 1st of Julie ueit. No pains hare breu spared to reader it one of the most comfortable in the city, ;uid persons desiroas ofa permanent home, as well as strangers merely passing; oy, will find all their I wants and comforts attended to with the most atrict attention. < myMIm'r I SARACEN'S HEAD, 12 DEY STREET, N. Y. : JOSEPH SMITH,late of Worcester, England, begs leave to inform his friends,easterner* ud die public in general that he lias recently fitted up hi* hoaee la a rery superior mauner, and calculated to please gentlemen of taste. He will always, as heretofore, keep his Bar and Larder snptnied ; with the best Liquors and Provisions that the market affords. Dinners from 13 till S o'clock, and Cold Cats, Chops, Stakes I Rare Bits, tec., at all hour*. His rapplv of English and city newspapers i* excelled by | no house in New York, and hia Ales, Wines, Begars, ke., are of the moat superior quality and the attendance prompt. Private Rooms provided for parties, and the comfort ?ud accommodation of enstomers always attended to. Lodgings, tie. my 16 lm*r "SURGO UT PKOSSIM." PAUL H. DENNIS AND J. MARTIN BOTNER. respectfully inform the public that they have opened the honse No. M NASSAU STREET, immediately opposite the Second Ward Hotel, where they will be happy to see their friends and othvrs who may be ais|>osed to favor them with a call. Their Baa will at all times he well supplied with the vcar best of Wines and other Liquors, Cigars kc. Messrs. Dennis It Bother assare their (Meads that every effort will be made to austain the reputation they have so lone enjoyed, and they are confident of giving aatisfactiou to all V/ J: ? 01 1 comioru ana laxarie* 01 their nonie. [TT* A Lunch will b? set every day at eleven o'clock, free of charge. ;yl6 lw?je CARROLL'S MINDICATED VAPOK BATHS, 184 FULTON STREET, (Opposite St. I'aul't Church) THOSE *h() have never tried the Vapor Bathe, u admtuistered at the above establishment, are ignorant not only of the safest aud most efficacious remedy for many attacks reiultini: fri>m the ureal i-h.inee* of our climate, but also of the mod agreeable mode oT bathing. Real cleanliness ia hardly to be enjoyed without the use of these baths. ?* M. Carroll's Haihs differ from every other "Vapor Bath," 10 called, and liavebeeu established in this city for 20 year*. Sulphur, Iedine, and other Medicated Baths, as advised by tiie Faculty, Half an hoar's notice required for the j Sulphur Balhi. Jyl9 Ct*rre SELLING OFF, AT VERY' REDUCED PRICES, TO CLOSE THE CONCERN. THE ASSIONEE& OK EDWARD R. MYERS ofTer , his stock of Rich and Costly lOoeds at very reduced . prices, being noxious to cloae the whole by August lit. Ladies will lind one of the richest stock of coods ever im ported, all of which will be (old from 13 to M |er reut under ecst. Splendid Camels'Hair Shawis and Look Shawls. Aich embroidered Canton Crape Shawls. A very large assortment of rich Silks. Embroideries and Laces of the latest style. Muslins, Buetes, Oinphams, De Laiaea, Visits, Mantillas, Cashmere Shawls. Scarfs, Hosiery, Olores, Bass, Boinba. . lines, Alpacras. fcc. lie , all of which will be offered atthe ! great sacrifice above named, at jylU 31 *m 371 BROADWAY. the second lecture, SUBJECT-TRIUMPH Of CHRISTIANITY, WILL be delivered by the REV. JOSEPH P. BURKE, at the APOLLO SALOON, 410 Broadway, on TUK8- ' DAY EVENING next. 21st July, at 8 o'clock. The. Iter' 1 Gentleman ha* been induced to ifeliver these Lectures at the urgent solicitation of Ins tniui) friends, previous to returning to Ireland. Admittance, 2J cents. j\ MMlU*rc tcFthe ladies: " Bright trasses are the theme of poets' praise ; The painter's skill their lustre too displays. 'Tis Deautv's mark, a lustrous head of rtair, And what both seies most delight to wear." IN order to preserve the Hair, and give it a silken lustre, the , scalp most be kept perfectly healthy, and dear of dan- i drilf, otherwise the hair will dec?y and fall out PHALON'S CHEMICAL HAIR INVIOORATOR is the only j article to produce these results. Buy it of E. I'halon.61 Broadway { Judion's Hotel), or of drtiK or fancy dealers generally in city and ronutry. it if especially recommended to the ladies, for toilet uae. j y 17 1 w*rrc notice to masters and owners of steamboats. [N cansequeDcelof irnu irregularities occurring last year, and the present aeaann, highly injurious lo Rood order and tlie military discipline ol' the pint of Wnt Point, tlieaalhoritiea feel themselves Constrained to request masters and owner* of steamboats not to land parties on eieursions of pleasure at that po*t in future. U. 8. QUARTER-MASTER. West Point, Jnlv 10, IBIfi. JylB U*r THOKN CHAMpAON1?< AFRESH INVOICE of this delightful Champagne ilia tore, to which the attention of merchaita, hotel keeper*, aud private gentlemen i? invited. The stranding ofthia Wine ii now in|*nor to that ol any in thi* country, and at no niglier price than that af the b?it brandi. C. LIV1NUBTON k CO., marl I iitf re '? Wall street. j grocery for sale. A small ami well-selected stock of Groceries, litnated in a central part of the city, auil now doing a good caih bust est, will ba iold low lor cash. A Irate of the Store can he had I'or one or fire yean. For fnrther particulars enquire at 22? Waahinrton street. ^ jyM lw'rrr THE LONG ISLAND INSURANCE C?MPANT. capital 800,000 dollars. WITH A SURPLUS. OrrirK 41 Fultoh itnrrr, Broo*i.tiv. CONTINUES to take ri>ki on buildings, machinery, merchandize and property generally, on their uiual favorable termi. Thi? company haa passed through tlie two greatest conflagrations that have ever occurred in the country: they owe their escape from them with comparatively alight loiaei to the ayitem which they have alwayi practised of limiting and scattering their riiki. All lonea which the company may attain will be adjaated and paid promptly aa heretofore. The Company take special care to notify their customer* in New York, of all expirations of policies. B. W. AELAMATER, President. JyU Iwii rre E. C. KINN, Secretary. jfefferfton irwfmanck (50'm i'a n y, Orvica No. M Wall it., ormiiTE tmb Mucgisri' Tul. , Eichanok. IIIH ? ompanv eontinnea to inaare against loas or damage by Fire, on dwelling houses .warehouses, haildiags in general, goods, wares and merchandise, and every description o personal property;alio against loss or damage by inland aa vigation and transportation. DIRECTORS. Thomas W. Thome. Eliaha Riggs, rnomas T. Woodruff, Anaoa Baker, R. R. Rohaon, M. D. Joseph Drake, Thomson Price, Joaeph Allen, Moaaa Tucker, James E. Holmes, John R. Daviaoa, John P. More, Joha H. Lee, William K. TVioia, Caleb C. Tama, Thomas Morrell, Fawicii P Sage, Easeae Bogart, John/ Merritt, Robert Smith. _ , THOMAB W. THORNE, President. OEO. T. HOPE, Besectary. sA4 tfrc amvaumim, at. DOWKRV THEATRK -Mo?d?) Evening. July loth? U 'l'hr |<erform*uces will cominenee with the Melo-Dr*n.tic Spectacle entitled THK YEW TREE RUINS?Sir A'lll'red Penruth, Mr Ne?fie,C'ain Kyuan. Mr Bluurha d; )brn Siurmwrru, Mr Cony; Uejtrice Penruth, Mr? Phillips. I 'revious to which the Petit Comedy of RAISING TI1K ; VIND?Jeremy Diddler. Mr K C WtnivH; Plainwav, Mr J '.illiut, Ham. Mr Hadaway; Peggy, Mrs Booth; Miss Dura- ' le, Mrs Dtrrini j Doors open at 7 o'clock, curtain will rise at half-nsst 7.? 1 )re?s Circle, M ceuts: Upper Boxes, 2} cent*; fit and Oalle- ' y, UX cuits. jyl9 powerful attraction. rHE RjiVEL fJlMIL Y? G*1 URIEL tUtYEL'.JISD MDLLE. UUdSGY. ' Vim.O'H M ARDKN-Muuday Evening, July *Hh ?The . rntertaiumenta will rouineijce with a popal r Overture, I To be followed by Daring aud Extraordinary Keats on the ! PIOHT ROPE, by tlie Raul Family, Uabriel Ravel and , /h tries Wiuther. Alter which a uatioual comic Polka, by Mdlle. . Il?uy and Mous. Henri. , To be succeeded, b> THK WOODCUTTERS?Charac- ' ers by the Havel Fhmilv, lie During the piece, a Comic 'as de Deux, by Oabriel and M'me Martin Jsvelli. ! To couelude with a Military DivcrtisemenL Half an hour's rtitermitaion for the i -oncerts A-la Mo?ird, , a the Refreshment Saloon. , The whole to couclude with LA SYLPH1DE?La Syl- 1 hide, Mdlle Blangy ; Saodv, Oabriel Ravel; Reubeu, Mous lenrv; Jessie, Mme Leon Javelli ; other characters by the lavels and the Corp* de Ballet. Door* open at 7 o'clock ; entertain menu begin at t o'clock. Tickets M cents. riASTLE OARDEN-THIS hVENINO, July 19thLy This beautiful place of resort will be open, ai usutl, , ?r promenade , refreshment, &c . daring the day; and iu the ' veiling, a .election ol SAI.Kkl) MUSK;?from Oratorio* ] nil otnet coin|K)?itioui, by the greatest Musical Msiiers? . till be performed bv Ihe Orchestra, under the direction of itr C W Meyrer. Admissi oi), \2% ceuti. ALHAMRA, No. US BllOADWAV (between Spring ami Prince). ' jviurm AIJ i?,? i LiviAinivibn f\K i superior order will lie given at this fashionable resort EVERV EVENING (Suniltyi excepted). ADMITrANCK FKEE. I lee Creams, Fruit leaf, Clnrlotte dc Husae, Jellie* and , 'ruit* in their seanou ; alto Wines, Cordials luid I.iquors of ; lie lif?t qualitv. jy 19 If rc iUWKti ~fc~CO.'? NEW YOKtv MAMMOTH CIRCUS. rlllS uurivalled corps of Equestrians will perform at Sacketts Harbour on the 17th, Watertowu ou the 18th, 2d at Canton, 23d at Ogdensburgh,24ih at Prescott in Canada, ind at Kingsum 28th, 2?tli and 30th of July, and from thence to , I'oronto. The Largest Establishment erer irgnnired i* the United {tares, comprising ISU Men and Horses, requiring 26 Carriages to convey the performers. wardrobe, musicians, Sis. rhe company haa attached to it Eight Fema'e questri&ns, imong whom ia the Greatest Female Kider ol tie Age, r?:ently arrived from Paris MADAMF. MA K1 E.MAC AKTE, rhose new it vie ol Equestrian Feats, peculiarly her owa, 1 taioc ehaate and classic; her grace fa I ana fascinating addreia, nd the charm in; naivete with which ahc chains her amliiene?. render thii gitted and highly-educated urtiite the lead- . ng feature of the arena in thia country. The Proprietor* re- ' er the public to the brilliant description given in the respecire newspapers of the extraordinary and daring feuls perform- j id by thij distinguished artiite. Among the unveil >e? which , be Proprietors offer are the celebrated Scotch OIANT AND G1ANTEB8. I'heir height ie 14 feet, and their weight oyer 760 Ibs. Mr. ttandall weighs 4J2 Ibe. Mrs. Kandall i* tke most enormous [ unless in the world. They will appear in " Jack and the Dean Stalk." and he will perforin extraordinary feats ol lutugth and agility, and will ride in a two horse act. The ratertainments will comprise IT Acts of Horsemanship, <}ym astic Exercises, Classic Displays, and humorous afterpieces. Equestrian Director, Mr. HOWES; Hiding Master, Mr. NIXON, and the unapproachable Clown, DAN KICK. Among the Performers is the celebrated and principal Hiler, the Napoleon of the Arena, Mr. HOBBS^ whose feats .m Horseback are the most extraordinary ever witnessed. Jnre- i lile Act of Horsemanship by Master Nixon. Olympic Exercises, by the whole Company, led by the great Europe in rambler, Mr. MAC ARTE. Wonderful Feats by Mr. Cole's ju(5?, ntriur inu oiuy. im n n inn unwuiMvg, in heir elegant Oymnaatic Postures and Groupings. Mr. Swfrt j ks the Charioteer of Phoebus. Posturing and Oymuastics by Mr. Nixon and hit ton. Mr Howe< in his Mythological and trillUnt Act of " Kencies of Froteus." Mr C. Howes in Stack Hope Evolutions. Mr. Oeo. Sweet, the celebrated right Hope Dancer. With a variety o( others. The whole comprising the leading, moit talented, and elastic performers in the world >HOWE8 It CO.'S New York Mammoth Circus. MUSIC. INSTRUCTION given on the Piano at two dollars per month, by a person who understands the profession tnorooghly Yonni ladies wishing to take lessoua, will please address a note to Mssie," at the Herald office. JyM lwis*rrc Atlantic garden is now open for tmk SEASON.?Dodworth's Cornet Band will perform every Tuesday and Friday evenings, crsnmencins Jnae led, nt o'clock. Admittance tree. mvl Jm*re WILLIAM ALLISON. Proprietor FRESH TEAS, SUGARS, COFFEES, &r. fUST RECEIVED from the late sales, a large and splett J did assortment of fresh Teas, Sugars, Coffees, lie. Viur Iresh Young Hyson lev at JO cts, superior do 62K cts, best quality do. extra fine flavor, 7J cts; very fine Soncliong 3a. best quality Onlong 4s; good, bright New Orleans Sugar St CO per7 lbs, prime do 4s, St. Croix 4s6d. brown Havana4s6d, white do Ss and 5s 6d, Crushed loaf 6s, pulverised do 6s 3d or II cts; superior old Java Coffee, fresh grown. Is. old Sumatra 10 eta; St Domingo 9 cents. Also good white lamp Oil, Js, solar do 6s, best sperm 8s per gallon. Oood Hams lid. Smoked Beef 7d, good Butter JOd, prime do Is, best Orange , County Is 3d. Families, boarding-house keepers, and dealers i from the country, are invited to call and examiue the above itock prior to purchasing Ooods sent to all parts of the city free of charge. J.?. FOWLER. Wholesale and Reuil Orocer and Tea Dealer, IM Greenwich st-, comer Murray; and 418 Oreenwieh, corner Nestry ; and7 6 Vesey, near Greenwich. jyl4 Iw*r FOR SALE. THE BOILER, ENGINE and MACHINERY of a Steamboat of about 45 horse power, will be sold at a Peat bargain, if applied for immediately. Apply t<> David Draper, care of Draper 8t Devlin. N. Y. jy 18 3t? rr WANTED A MASTER, in lome mechanical branch of business, for a stoat, healthy, able yoaog man, II years of ace, imut anil intelligent. For farther particnlara address, post paid, to M. Moloney, 98 Beekman street. jIS lw?r FOR SALK, THK. < rood Will and Fixtures of a Liqnor Store and Victualling House, in the vicinity of South atreet, now doing a first-rat* buaineaa. The stora haa been fitted up at considerable expenaa, and everything complete for carrying ou the business. This is a chance that seldom offers. Satisfactory rraaona given tor selling. For further particulars, enquire at 37 Burling Kip. Jy)7 >?rtt TO BAKERS, ArRlME ARTICLE of New Southern Flour, made ef North Carolina Wheat, of this year's growth. For sale in bugs or barrels, at the Croton Mill*. 301 and 103 Cherry street. HECKER Si BROTHERS, j yl7 CUa'rrc WINDOW SHADES. TH E cheapest and beat aaaortment in the I' States, for sale wholesale or retail, by DUNCKER It BECKER.MChataam street, mT Him * rrr nn# (Innr frnla rlltimhfn tffMt. V V. Af-F SKINS U MLAUOHTEK HIUItB W?l b*?t litr City Calf Skins, selected. Also light, muUUfvg, ml liraey Holes, of vantnta nrwi we jthts. For aafa#r KOR SAL.K, TWO PINK SADDLE HOHSKS, <1 WILL drive also iu a carriage. They aft r*lf*? Just the right site for riding on 1ST> horse back, and Yiave been long uaed to,jLl_?j_ the saddle. Apply at the desk of the Herald OIBce, for further particnlara jell tf'jgh JaA TO LET?At Staten Island, near Capo di Moule.a 5!1 very handsome new Cottage, together with stable, lie. j^MLUtrlv finished, and built with great care. The house IS delightfully situated, having a fine view of the sea, bay, city and aurrountliug country. The distance from the Stateu Island Ferry landing it abort, and of May access. frorfurihv particulars apply to Mrs. URYMES, Capo di Moule. Stateu Islaud. Jyl94t?rrc TO~LBT JaA At NEWTOHT, Rhode Ia'land, a very pleasant and [JmB deairable residence, furnished for a family, near the jM|B|head of rhurch atreet, iu the vicinity of the Atlantic and Udleviie House. It consists of many rooms, with closets, kitchen, s line yard, fcc. Terms moderate. Enquire for address, lie., at m Water street, New York. jyl** rrc CENTURY ALOE, jMff We have now to announce the arrival in our city of JPMRhia most estraordinary plant. The specimen to he ^JLtsren at the Conservatory of Messrs. Dunlap k Thompson. ?35 Broadway, is, without exception, the largest ever before exhibited. The flower stem rises from the body of the plant over ft feet, and It feet high is II inches in circumference, while at I he base it is fully two feet round. We trust ill It none will foil in beholding a plain at once remarkable for itr ranly ami its estraordinary age. jv!7 lwis?mc KOK LI V KHfUOL?New Line?Regular I'acket iHVWiif Hat July.?The superior, fast sailing packct ship JHSttLllOTTINOUER. 1100 tous burthen, Cam. Ira Buralav, will sail aa above, ker regular day. For freight or paasage, having elegant ana superior accom Bodatioos, apply on board, west side of Burlinc,slip, or to WOODHULL k MINTCRN, 17 KmA street. Price of passage f !M. The nsrari shin Liternool. I2M tons burthen. Captain John CJdndga, will IHCH^ lix Hottioiiurr, ud ml on her rei<Bhr<Uv.>1.i wign<t jylI RHIP CR KAN, KKOV1 LI VKHPOOL-4 m.Mrj>!V>i|>l<n rfnurtUil In vml Iheir permita nti hoard, JmUKbM I'l'r No. t N H., u early m i<oaaikle. Duodinoi i rnnitiril on or b*f?rai the flat mil , will be teal to (Im public Mora. jyllr Him- NOKMAN, from Havre?< onaigarea |?r ahip will I'lcu* Htd iheir |>rrmiij oa board, at Hbl'i" No. 1 North rirer, qrto the nfira nl iha under igned.All gooda uut pemutted in li.e days, will be aeut to the public atora IOYD h illNi.KK.N. je?? r No. H Wall. t. tit fjwHMiKTd OK FROM LI VK.KPOOL br MjfV the new line if l,i?er pool 1 In. nt .mJJHUftCaiiil for their Inenda in any put of Oreal Britain or Ireland, ran make the nereaaary arrangement* with the !> erihert on rraaonaMe terma, to hat* ifcein brought ml in an f of tli* above magnifireat park eta. tha arromntodationa n f which are unequalled, and the atrirteat punctuality will br obaerYed in thair tailing on the atated dai a From New Ynrk on Jlat and 26th of earh moatb. From Liverpool on 01 h and llth of attry month. Thua preventing the potaibility of delay at either port. 'Die anhacribera are alao ageatt for the Ha. Oeorga'i l.ine of Parketa, in any "f whirti ma|nifirml ahipa paaaa*e raa he eared at a eery moderate rate, or in firat rlaaa tranaient ahipa, altogether making a ahip from Literpool eeary flte it iy a. The greataat ear* will be take* bjr Mr W Tapa?-o?t in Liverpool to giv* all poaaible deapateh to i>eaaeupera, and tha aame will he done by tha aahaeribera i? New \ orb. For further pamralara apply (letteri paid) to W.kJ.T. TAPWOTT, m Homh atreet, two doort below Bailing alip. or to WM. TAPRCOTT.W Waterloo V ad. f __________ Literjonl. r ACK KTH FOR H A VIIK- Rer.-id l.ine-Tha . . _i 1 .. B t I < .... |?k.. ? ? .run mill' " ii.i"""*r v /. JKCa^Jr., will Mil on tlx Id "f Aaanat. lf?i*hi or apply to BOVD WN^^f|ilmt ONLY RMIULAR UNF.OF PA? KKT*FOR JMkHI. A?Ol>W ? Pafhat ofllf lot Aa? Thr ai>l*'.did JBmBL*'!') f*?' aailmi Partial Hliip AI?\M ( ARR.l a|>i Urvinnrr, will aail * abora, hrr rr*al?r Thiaahip h*a hmda.>m? areoium <latio?a lor tibn, aaroad cabin. iinil atrrracr p??a#n*rra Parnona aboat to embark for HroHand arr aaaaird that tha ahipa ol ihia I in r tail punrtaally on ih* lat of rrary month. Thoar wiahing to ?'?fi bertha ahuaM make early appliration on board, foot of Mintlll atrert or |o ? W.Jk J T. TArfCOTT, jylft M floatli ?t . W ilcior brlnw Rtrlui flip PA< KKT SHIP OHWK.OO, from Nr? Orlaaaa. mMvVW ia diaeh?r?ini at Park Klip ( mnipwi will jmStmm plaa/e attaad lo thr receipt of ttwir g.?Kl? immediately. jyM PAt KKT SHIP I.IVK.RPOOI. H(HM I.IH II iMVyOOL ?I 0llil|1iru will nlraar lend ihrir prrBili jH|b>in hoard, writ aid* of Barliag Klip.'witlinat delay All nooda not permuted la (Ira day? ara liable to he laal lo public atort. WOODHULL fc MINTIfh*. f7 Soarth atrta* I m STEAMBOAT*, EXCLUSION TO THE FISHING BANKS EVERY TUESDAY. THF. aubatantial ateauier BUFFALO, ^ -TTy-.ant. llaiicoi, will leave ou Tuesday, July . SUa^jKjLzist ?s I. llows Foot of Barclay street at , I o'clock, ll.immouii street at D'ai Canal street at H>?; Jeiaey , Jit* at S\?, Pike (tree!. K K., o V; Pin No. I, N. R., at 9>i \. M Outlier providvil #" liuar'i. A |>?*r?ou will be on joard to furnish khla(MckU. h ire .?! cema. The Buffalo L. will return by 6 I'. M N B. 7Nt (i?h wrr<* rattjiht o'< l oirJ tlir Buffalo ou Tuel- JV IIV U>t , L'r is * re JJj PLKA>A NT r.v'l UHTTn," AROUND HTATF.N ISI.A\D-I.ANDINO AT BKIl- T) ^_ukn rOINT-KVF.HV srNDAY durinir M aeaiou, when lair weather?The splen- -A! XmJQE.iIiiI ?t?am-packet AI BANV, ( apt. Frnncia Ui iJ IUII, Sunday Afternoon, July i9th, will leave aa fol N1 ows Thr foot of Kobinson atreet at hall past 1) o'clock, I'. M. ; <**l 'aunl street, <|uai ter to 1 ; llaminoud street, I ; i*tftli street, I" ft, K , half-put I ; 1'ike street, ht quarter to 2. ?i Will le?*r Brooklyn from the lai 1'iar below Fultou Ferrv ;,'l it a quarter pist two o'clock, I' M. i tile foot of I'ter No 2 I M. II . half-put 2. Tlin Kxcurtion affords PMiengen a fine new of the Fortiications and the hean'iful scenery of the Harbor, Narrows, *wdy Hook Login House, he. ' Fate for the entire eicuraion, iO cent* ; chililrru uudrr ifht years, fne. jyll 2tr 1 . CONEY ISLAND jd ANO ( FOIJT HAMILTON KKRHV ? _TI?* f ? .? bo.,t IOLAS, Captain Ricliard Bmi?-ifVulti. *.ll r.>>. in I'uary ami Kurt ?, XL~JB_alL.ll<<m'|r?ii on Su.mU)', Julr 19, la lollowa " ' l.ranuij loot ul at.rrt, K. H 9)^ o'clock A. M . I2K M.,ik I'- M., 10o'clock A. M , t P. M., 4 P. M. N <oi.r> |l>4?'el,Hk A M . ?'? P. M.. i>i P. M. 1 Auil thr Sle .iul.' M PKOl'lllK'l OK. I i|-i tt. Mallau, will ^ u.i a? follow, I.r*. ink' l'i?r foci of ( iunl stiret ul 8), .Vlock V \l , llfc A M.2'4 P. M Pier J. N. K . H\ .. clock A. M . IIV A. M., 2\? P. M. a,, 9 o'clock A. M , I* M? -J IV M. 8,1 Couey Inland, 10l4 o'clock A M., Il4 P M , 4W P. M. And tli* Steamboat WAVK, ('.ill O Vainlrrlult, ? ill ruu ' tt follow* ;?L?4vin( Whitrl.all at II o'clock A. M audi and tlx i o'clock P, i .. tad am t; >ury at 12),, 3)^ audi,1, P. M. r?i Unndinx at Koit Hamilton . u t, way K'tr I21-, cruta. Jylt ?U?mc THOMAS BKII.BY Proprietor. wi SUNDAY AF T Lit NOON KXCIMWION To Kr. I I A IM l.'\l *1" y?a Tlir commodtoui Steamboat IIKIHI.I1, "'| ('mil. J It I'arkt, * ill leare the pier foot ol ^ Ml 'J xl "i*i r) L *' it I o'clock I'm Nn I, K. K., ;it l>? ; Pike ?treet, IJ?" l)eliure>, J; Kifth street, JV : returnit??t nl hilf-l'ist J, The above trip >* 111 .ttforil p.isseugers a tine rim nf the Karl River, llnrliralc, ?ml the ririoni poblic building* at Blackwell's l?l uid, llic L.nifc Islaud Karim, fcr Kar? each way. rents. jvlltt'mc CoHE? K-LAM) AND KOKT HAM I l/I't ?N J FERRY. J ^Wll The Steamboats IOI.OS and I'ltOnilK flrsJmjHdtTOK have roliimtoeed running reunlarly i? <>' iliove Irrrv. mi* of which will leave pint I, North lin n, till lurther uutii r, at 6t>. 10 and 11^ AM, vnd I, 2>J. i ami 5 H I'. M. ; returning, will leave i n.i?>v Nl S" ii ul hi It hii (I 11 l.j A. M., and 1, 2^, 4, 6 aihI 7 P.M., landing at r?ft HwrtltK euch way k.ire I2W reuts THOMAS IlKH.ilY, Proprietor. ? N. B.?Stages will lie in rradiuess on the antral of the boat at Kott Hamilton, to take pa?%e"ger? to New Utretrh' aud Ball), alio at Coney Island to Uike passeugers to the upper Br MUM. All persona are forbid trusting any oue on account of the boat* or ownera. jvU 8t*rrc ??' TKOY morning and EVENING LINE j MORNING LINK. AT 8KVKN O'CLOCK an KOK ALBANY AND TKOY-Krom the &aajQB^9pSteatnboat 1'ier at tiie foot of Barrlay atreet I" 3EM3K2KaLaiiiliiiK at Peekakill, West Point. New "" burgh, Haiiiptou, Milton, rnughkee|>aic, Hyde Tark, Klunt- I'; ueet.U. Ked Hook, Briitol, ratakill, lludion, fossarkie, I Kinderliook and Baltimore. Bre&klaat and diunrr on hoard the boat. The steamboat N IAOAKA, will lea\e on Monday, Wed oeailuy and Knday Mornings 7 A. M. p The iteainboat TKOY, Captain tJorhnin, on Tueiday. Thursday aud Saturday mornings, at 7 o'clock. Returning on apposite days. For passage or freight apply ou board, or at the offer on the wharf. B, NEW YORK. ALBANY AND TROY LI \ h FOR ALBANY AND TROY DIRECT, From the pier at the foot of Coartlandt atreet The low-preiaure steamboat K.MPIKK, Captain K B Macy, leaves the loot ol Courtlaudt atreet, on Tueiday. ThnrsdM and Saturday evenings, nt seven o'clock. The Steamboat COLUMBIA, (.'apt Wm. H. Peek, wiil *,* lenve on Monday, Wednesday and Knday evesuugs, at 7 , o clock. I Passengers taking these Boat* will arrive iu time to take the Morning Train of Cars Irorn Troy west to Buffalo, and 111 north to Saratoga, Whitehall and l.ake Champlaiu. For Passage or Freight, apply on board, or at the OilSca on the wharf. [ No freight taken after JW o'clock. NOTICE?All goods, freight, hank bills, specie, or auy other kind of property, politicly at the owner's ri?k. j26r PEOrLK'8 LINE OK STEAMBOATS FOR ALBANY , Direct?Daily, Sundays etcM'ted?at 7o'clock, P.M. *' From Steamboat pirr brtwrrn Court lamlt and lAhrrty tti. f >MQ Steamboat KNICKKBOCKER. ('apt. Al- in fl. ' iljWpgjJ* fred Houghton, will leave ou Moualav,Wed- o| 3EmsMG9?? re-day, and Friday evenings, at 7 o'clock. Steamboat HEN Dill K HUDSON, Capt. R <1. Crutteudeo. will leave on Tuesday, Thursday aud Saturday eveuiuga, at 7 o'clock. The above boats wilt, at all times, arrive in Albtuy in iunple (' time for the morning cars for the east or west. ar Freight taken at moderate rates, aud mine taken after 4X ito'clock, P M. th AH persnus are forbid trusting auy of the boau of this lice, without a writteu order Irorn the captains or agents For pgfcsage or fVeight, apply ou board the boats, or to 1*. C Bchultz, at the oflice On the wharf. United States Mail Line. At 5 o'clock, P. M., Landing at Intermediate Place* 1 ? From tkr Foot of harclau it., Steamboat HUDSON, Captain C. F. Kiug.will leave oo , Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday afterroous, at } o'clock. J Steamboat SANTA CL\US, Captaiu Bovertagh, wait leave ou Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoons, at 5 << o'clock. an Apply on board, or at the office on the wharf. jyiC in DAILY LINE OF BOATS BETWEEN Li] fleSaS* NEW YOKK AND STATBN ISLAND * 3EaaUHn3K> The steamboats SYLPH, Captain J Brsis- ... ted, aud 8TATEN ISLANDER, Captaiu D. Van Pell, will J,, leave as follows :? i,a Leave Stateu Island at C, I, 9, 10 and 11 A. M; at 1, t, S, 4, i, . < and 7, P.M. S Leave New York at 7,9, ID, aud 11, A. M. and 1,2,3,4,}, ? 6, 7 and past 7 P. M. An freight at the risk of of the owners thereof. jel6 U THE MOST DELIGHTFUL OF ALL EXCURSIONS. jhH A SAIL across the Hudson rivrrto Hobo ^^ej^*e^3eken, and then a walk to the Elysiau Fields. J nut: the cireealiugly picturesque shores o/ m the place, will prove the most easily accomplished and atli&c tive of all rurual excursions that can be. maue from the city. P The grounds now present a charming aspect, the trees he iag in leaf, and the soil covered with a rich turf. The walks are iu excelleut order, haviug been considerably embellished the present spring. ir On every pleasant afternoon there will be iu attendance at ir the Collfviinade. Elysian Fields, au excellent Band of Music, |< which v?ill perform selections froai the favorite Operas, popu- vi lar airs, marches, walrxes. Ice. The Ferry Boats from Barclay, Caaal and Christopher sta., ii are completely fitted up with awnings and seats. ci Niglit Boats ruu from Hoboken to Barclay street until 11 li o'claick. Ferriage tK cents. ml Jin*r di i.. i in ... i . - . .. . au TO WESTERN TRAVELLERS. ca UssMb II '^nl^^'nblic i re*p?cih^^^S>rmed that the rece nt break M in the Canal, c<u*rd by the late fre*h?t, ha* ma been repaired, the PIONKKR k KXPRK88 LINK, via Railroad aad ('anal from Philadelphia to Pitttburgh. commenced ita P regular trip* Tor the teaaon on Monday, the t'rh of April. tl leaving the Depot, No. 274 Market ?treet, DAILY, at 7J< o'clock, A.M. By this route pa**enger* will avoid all the fntigneand danger of nikht travelling in coachei, both Railroad* being |?*?- 4 ed in daylight. For further information, apply at the old-e*tabli*hed Office, >74 Market atrert, J door* above Kiglitli street. all) m'rre A. B. CUM Ml NO?, Agent. LONG ISLAND RAILROAD COMPANY. SUMMER AHHjIXEA#EST oaoBBa agjgaa aaafii fKAINB RUN AH FOLLOWS, COMMENCING WfcD H NK.8DAY, MAk 13. 18?6: ; C Ltavg at 74>'clock, A. M. Botton tr.-in for Oreenport, daily (except Sunday*.) Hopping at rarmiugdale and St. George'* .Vail or. " " at 9H o^lock, A-M., Jot Fannin dale and intermediate place*. A p " " at 3 P. M., thront;h to"~f jreentiort, iU \ pin* il both ways at Jamaica. Dranrli, Hick?\ ille, karmingdale, and all the atatioui betwncn fr'armiiigiWIe anil (ireenpart " " at 5 P. M., for Karmiugdale and interne ~ diate placea. Lkavc (iap KtroRT at 5 o'clock, A. It Accommodation (rain, daily, (eicept Himdaya,) tlirouxh to Drook- <C lyn " at 3 P. M., Boaton train, or on the arrival of the steamer from Norwich, stopping at 8t. 0( George's Manor and Karmingdale. Lii? Ka*MirtnDai.K at S% A. M ? AccominodaUou tram for Brooklyn. t) " at IVi A. M. Orecnport uaint /or Brooklyn. " * at 34 P. M. A commodation train, lor c| Brooklyn. ti Lkavr Jamaica it t A. M. Accommodation train, for Brook- ^ " " at IM A. M. 4Heenport train for Brooklyn. ? " ' at 3\ P. M. Accommodation train, for Brooklyn. rm Kane To ? Bedford centf, Esar New Vork UK. IWe Course l*V, Trotting 4'onrsc l*\, Jamaica ?, Brnshrille IlVg. Hyde rark (17 milea) T7>4, < lowaville (during the aeaii on of court) 37)*, Hempstead I7W, Branch 37 >f, Carle llace <1, Wrstbnry 41,llicksville 44, Karmingdale Deer Park W. Thompson U, Suffolk station 91. Lake Road station tl l?V Medlord nation >1 11V. Yaphank <1 17X. 0*orge'? an or |t ?>?, liiverhead (1bK, Jameaport $1 62W, Matte- ' tuck (I 4JS. < iitrho(?a $1 Honthold *1 b2'(, (Jreenport a Accommodation train I 75, (Jreenport by Bovton trail *t v> t Htagea are lu teaditieae nn the arrival ol trams at the several r rations, to ukr paeaengera at very low fnrea, to all parte of t the Island. B?f*age ( rale* will be in teadineaa at the foot of Whitehall ( afreet, to receive baggape for the aeveral tmna. 30 minutea . be for a the honr of starting from the Brooklyn aidr ? The steamboat " HtMennan" leavea 4 Jreenport Cor Sag Hat- c bur twice each day, on the arrival of the traina from BrookIf. iy K w J a^?^ l,(i \ t. IHLAND KAIUKUAU K<n~rea, M il Train, le.ves Whitehall street Kerry, New Vork aide, every Morning at 7 A. M.. lor Boston ? 3BC.AIv.., Ira.r ? from Brooklin aide at 7 o'clock and i five mu.niea, and A M., and 3 and J P. M., daily. The 7 J A M . and 3 P V t?an go through. the former atopping at ( k snoxigdaU and Manor, and the latter at til places en the a r?md ______ Jellr ; M)H l.rVKMP4)<?L? New" l.ine? Kegnlar pack- < afll^Wet ofthr wth July ?The elegant, faat aailmg packship KOfK irM, A. K.ldiidge. mister, of I !M tone > will sail sa Above, her regular day. . Kur freight of paeeege, having accommodations naerjualled for pl?".J..r er comfort, apply onboard, at Orleaua wharf, UotofWall afreet, or to J K K 4 OUIMHkCII . WNont^et M'M NKW (IKI.KA.NK-I.OI l?l- v.) J J?fy\,w vorh L.*-rn.,t..?ivrtr.i R'?u'y, , J ?*.l Mo?l?r ??h ?-1 r Tk? '*? ! * rSTr^hip LUI'liVlULK, Him. mrnnrt. wW po?itiT?lf | ail ???>< ??. h?rrr**l?r 4av . . " ?V<uU.iN*fc c<>. **<? < ? ? I Pnarttrrlr ??*? < r??a??aJ hoard aAar ttatanUv ?* "&5j?"w.n pt???* w 0'KU'k M~*y' ? J*h ir??t., al wliirh 'I - it H A???i ! Maw Ortoaaa. J?MM It. Wf?o4niB, who will ? MnZpi|? forward all ci???da to drtreat rarln >.. OA* COO Jo*?ato? mutfr, will aver**! lK? ! Loaiitilla aadaail Mo.4?t, Aaja.i ! *>?. ^ raol?' *?J M ARITIMK ACCOM MWMTIOW*. ? - 1 Tl TT' MARSEILLES LINE OF PACKETS. jgK j?k riieutia^eiitioi^liit^ill ilMMciieiRroin nee on the U(, :uiJ I'ruiii Marantic* the 10th of each uiuuth liiitlhr year.aa follow-. shipa. Ciimiui. From N. York. t'l.'K de JOINVII.UK, (new) Lawraure, April l Sept. I. ISSl'KI, Hllvciter, May I Oct. I. ilOLK (arw) lciijli, June I Nor. 1 ASTON, Coulter, July I Dec. 1. tCBKASKA (uew) Watson, Auu. 1 Jan. (1. Ships. Uipuiui. From Marseilles. tVEde JOINVILI.K, (new) l.nwreuce, June 10 Nov. 10 ISSOl'HI, Silvester, July 10 Dec 10 ICOLK, (new) Kvcleigh, Aug. 10 Jan. 10 ISTON, Coulter, Kept. 10 Kel). HI '.BRAKKA, Watson, Oct. 10 Mar. 10 I'hese vessels are of the firal rlua, commended by inru ul lerieucc. 'I'lieir accommodations, lor paaaeiiiter* are uuaui sed for comfort ami convenience. Ooods addressed to tlia nts will be forwtrded free of otlirr chargea tlian tluise actu v I'aiil. 'ot freight or paMage apply to CHAMBEKLA1N PHELPS, Proprietors No. IOS Front street, or to BOYD HINCKEN, Areata, nlJrc 9Tontine Building*. K8 Will t or. U .t -1 ?i NEW LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS. .Mtfc: J&li ML HHK ii ? JSm$L asK ro ?aiI from Nr^^nlnT21st, and troralTiTerpool Gil* of e*ch Mth. From Sew York. Iav* rpool. MV.h,p L.vrr,,ml UMto,,,. < j**-, *j Jeb^ 6 J. bUlridge. ^ August 21 Ort. 6 w ?hip Ouatn of the We?t, S *' }'?'ch ? ll?too.>Woodhou.?, j s,lm'r " y,\l t ,w Ship Hocheiter, ?M> to.., V JU?W *? 0 Jolm Union. ^ October 21 Or. 6 IP llottiuduer, 10H ion., > July0'' 21 6 ) No; 2l j 6 Plu-ne ?ub?tsiitial, fa?t nailing, fir?t cla?? slii|>?, all built in r fit J ofuew York, ?re coimnaiidi-d by mru of riptrienr* J ability, *"d will lit' de?patched imnctually ou tbr 2Hl ot rn mount. rttrir cabins are elegant lad cominodioda, and are furnished tit whatever r^ii conduce to the eur <uid comfort ol |> i.seurs. Price of paaaage $100. Srither lite captains nor owners of these ships WllI lie (fitusthle for any parcels or packages sent by llieai, uulesa Ktilnr bills of laibiig are signed therefor. K?r freight or pass age apply to WOODIIULL Sc M1NTURN. K7 South street, New ^ ork, or to K'IKLUKN, BROTHKR8 fc"CO., ml re LwnpMl.y MEW YOKJt AND GLASGOW LINE OF PACKETS. m m m Wm>i; from ou the ltt^ouTnTdiuow ottlheDth each mouth. ? ? , ? f rom N. York. tm.Olgow. I June I. July 16. ill1 SARACEN, N. T. Hawkiiu, < Oct. 1. Nor'r 15. ( Kelt. 1. March 15. i July I. April IS. ship BltOOKSBY, H. M'Ewen, < No*. 1. Aug. li. ( March I. Dec'r U. i August 1. May II. Bark ADAM CAKK, , 5 Dec'r I. Sept. li. ( April 1. Jul. 15. I May 1. June 15 Bark ANN HARLBY, R. Scott, < Sept. 1. Oct. 15. ( Jan'y I Kebrua. 15. Thur ships are good, substantial vessels, ably coinmandad, li will tail punctually on their regular days. Their accom idations lor passenger,are good, and everyjatteiitiou will ba id to promote their comfort. The agents or Captains will t be responsible for any parcels or packages seul tlSiii. uu>< bills of lading are signed therefor. h'ur freight or passage, apply to WOOUHULL fc M1NTURN, 87 South street, New York, or at rc It K.I I) I*. Ml'llRAY. A&SAGE FROM GREAT UKlTAIAN AM) IRELAND, sM tlliL JfiL m f Ball,^^^^M?ine offiiverpool PaS^^^STling from Liverpool on (tic 1st and 16th ol every month. Tlie YORKSHIRE sail* from Liverpool, 1st of March. " OXFORD " 18th of March. " < AMBRIDOE " " I.t of April. ' MONTEZUMA " " 16th of April. Persona sending for their frienili, find forwarding the passage rtilicate by the steamship Hiberuia, sailing from Boston ou lit of February, will have plenty of time to coiae in the arkthire, or in any one <il the eight packet* of the Black Ball ine. sat ling from Liverpool on the lat and I6tb of every ontli. Apply to. or address, if by letter po?t paid, ROCllE, BROTHERS V CO.. 35 Kultoo at., Next door to thr Fulton Bank. OLASOOW AND SEW VORKrLINE Ot PAOKETS. >KRHO^S winhing lo s. lid lor thnMnend? in any part of Scotl Old, to III direct from (ilasgow, rill make arrangerut* w lib the Sub?cribera, to have them brought out in any the regular line of Packets, sailing monthly from Glasgow. The ANN HARLEY, Captain Scott, ADAM CARR, Captain SlcEweu, HARA< EN. Captain Hawkins, BROOKSBY. nmprise the above line, aid the high character of those veals should t?e sufficient inducement for persons who may be ndiiig for their friends in Scotland, to make arrangements for ia (the only line.) Kurther particulars given, on application to W. b J T. TAI'SCOTT, 7J South street, comer of Mudeii Lane, or Messrs. RE1D St MURRAY, Agenu alS r in Glasgow. Remittanc:ksTtoTkkland, &c. Hi Mfy m. && W^flfoE Mc^^ffi^Jr., lias removc<niis offic^t^^^? Broadway, and continues to remit money, in sums larje or nalll, to persons residing iu any part of Ireland, in the same aimer as he and his predecessor iu business have done for ie but thirty yesrs and more; also, to any part of England or rot I and. Monev remitted by letter, post-paid, to the inhacriber, or >rsoually deposited w ith him, with the name ol the persnu persons in Ireland, England, or Scotland, to whom it is to i sent, and nearest post town, will be immediately transmit d and paid accordingly, and a receipt to that effect given or awarded to the sender. aM Im'r JOHN HEKD.MA.N k CO.. kited States and threat Britaiu and Ireland, Old Eatabliihad Emigrant Office,?l Sooth street. New York. *&.<m. KfctXAN fc CO.. au|f to and from (Iml Britaiu and Ireland, via Liverpool by the Old Black Ball Line, or ut of (he regular Packet abipi aaihiiK every fire day*. The aubacribeia in calling the attention of Old Conntryleu and the public k'enrrally to their uuemialled arrange lent* for bringing out l UMtten from the old country, beg lire to atate that the huuneaa or the House at Lixerpool 'ill be conducted by it? branch. Thoae tentLug fur their friend* will at once tec the great nportiuce of thia arraugemeat, aa it will preclude an unner-iaary delay of the emigrant. The ahii>a employed in ilna ne are well known to be of (he tint and largeat clat*, eomaoded by meu of eiperience; and a* tfiey aail avcry lite lya, offer erery facility that can lurnuhed. With thoae iperior arrangement*, the aubacriber* look forward for intiniiation of that patronage which ha* been ao liberally itended to tliem for to miuiv year* paat. In caae any of io>? engaged do not einliaik, the paaaage money will he r?uided aa cuatomary. For further particular* apply by letter, ott paid. J. HKKDMAN k ( O., HI Mouth it., New Y ork. HKHUMAN, KKKNAN fc CO., Liverpool. N. B ? Draft* for any amouut can a* mini be fnrniahed, ayable at all the principal Binkmg Initiruliona throughout e United Kingdom, on application aa above. - . WHITISH AND NliKTH A.YlZKT/^?flMCA.N KOVAL MAIL STEAM HUM'S. 1100 and 44? horae power each, ua<irr contract with the Lorda of the AdanHiHKK.NIA . '!V. < apt. A Hyri*. BHITAN N IA < apt. J. Hewitt. CALKDDN'IA (apt fc. O. Lou. At ADIA ( apt. Wm Uarriaon. CAMBRIA.. Capt.C. H T.. Judkma Will aail Irotn Liverpool and Boaloa, via Hglifai, aa fol iwa from BotTota. nog Livgarooi.. ritanma July Id, M4(. Cambria July 4, Kit tinbria Aug. I, " Hibeniia " It, " libernia " l(, " Caledonia Aug 4, " Piitioi Monet. Kroin Boston to Liverpool tin. From Boston to Halifax......... ... ... ...... M. No bertha aecured until paid lor ?ln|>? carry n erienced surgeons No freight, eieept apecie, received ?n ay? of sailing. For freight, paaaage, or any other information, apply u, D. BHIOHAM. Jr., Airai. JvTre At H A UN I) K.N *.<<>* vCall NDTM K-TAPW OTTO OF.NKKAI. EMIGRATION OFFH K, Removed iron to S6 South street.? Persona sending l,< <2^U?^^}t)irir friends in any |wirt of the old country make the neceaaary arrangements ?itti e subscribers, ou reasonable terma, to hare them brought "'THE NEW LINK OF LIVERPOOL PA< KKTS 'I'll)' Sliips oi Ihia line are unaurpaaaed by any other, and leir imnienae size (all being 1000 tona, and upwards) renders lem more comfortahle and convenient than anipanf a smaller laaa ; and the greateat reliance may be placed in their punclality III sailing. The aubacnbera are alao ageuta fur the t. George and Union Linea of Lirerpool Packets, in any f which passage can be engaged on reasonable terma. Drafts for any amount, payable without discount in all the rincipal towna of Kngland, IrrlaiiitPRcniland or Wales, can lao be obtained. For further particulars. apply to W. k J. T. TAPSCOTT teZfre 86 South at., 2d door below Burliug Alip, N. Y. ~ DKAKTS (IN UKKAT BKil AIN AND ikixAND? Peraona wiahiug to r? mit money to their fnenda in any part of ~<Nb^^?mUthe old country, can procure drafta of the ^*B??B""aubacribera for anv amount, Irom XI aad ipw.inl*. payable at sight, without discount, in all the pil?ipal towns throughout Kngland, Ireland, Scotland, and Vales. The aubacribera beg to inform their friends and the public hat thia branch of their business eotitinuea to receive their uirtimlar attention, and they feel <jnite certain that better rrangementa than theira for tranamittiag money to the old ountry cannot be made. The royal mail atramer Caledonia will leave Boatoa tonorrow, by which ill drafts can he forwarded W. h. J T.TAPSCOTT, * South afreet, ja30 T 2 door* Mlow Burling slip. NKVV LINK OK PACKETS FOH LIVER l?}v POOL.-Packet oflIke llat of July.-Thean|*m|,d, NHUfafatt sailing and favorite packet alup 11'> I Il\ TTThiiwi ion, burthen, ' ?ptain Ira Buraley, will aail oa l uesd.f, July ?Ut. her regular day Persona wishing to secure bertha should not fail to make art* application on board, atthe foot of Burlinc Blip, or to * W. k J T. TArBCOrT. It their IJeneral Passage Office, 16 South street, aecond doer jylT re helow tr-'-ngalip i'ai ivmb run ? /* ? PjlYWihip NKBRAHKA, Optmn \V?uon, will nil on tha jnfcUtor Allium. For frryilit or i>i???*fe,?PPlF to CHAMBERLAIN k niKJjVl#l Front .1.. or to jv7m ROVn * HINCtCKN. ? W*|l ?r#M iifttt H,)H OLAHUOW?TJi? ?>*. tint nu. .mp MfV AllVUM, * torn, H. Kobin.oo, m??t?r. huTin# KilftLnioat of h?r cai*oen?Nr??. will meat with dwpawh. For balance of fr?t*ht or p?M*?. K.rin(t ??c.ll?nt MCOW imUtion*, apply to Si. j' ,7 *7 Booth ilr?M jk.?!aw; Ktt?oKKI< K ?TW> Sah?enh*r? ?r* pr?p*rrd to hnn* EH"""-**" bv any ol tH? Lin* of Pack.* m'Ii?II ?"V rm d*y . ?nd dr.In r?n, u n?o?l, be f?rnnh?d 1l?>?*' iron,rho?t fh. IWd Kmrd.;" for f?rth.r ?.KimIm '^V J?Hft "KRDMA ..Vi'tJ, ?!.?.

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