Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 22, 1846, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 22, 1846 Page 3
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Lexington to the tun* of the rogue's march, and that the? b? publicly burnt. Reeolved, That tha proceeaion ba commanded by Wn R. Logan, and at bin order to be publicly burnt. R. J. WILSON CVn. The committee woald ttate further, that during their tilting;. Henry W Hampton personally appeared and made the following statement:? When the jury tetired, it wai proposed to go into aecret sei-Mon. After that was carried, a proposition was made whether or not any juryman was for hanging. All agreed not to hang, fi-om the instruction of the judge and the admitted evidence of Shelby'a father and Pindell. ("pon the second ballot tha jury stood ai follows, viz.: Kor unconditional acquittal? G. Clugston, Jk M Kidd, P E Todhuater, Wm Bowman. Wm. Curd, James Penny, Samuel downing, James Devers. For remtentiarv ? J. R. Cleary, John Douly, H. W Hampton. Daniel Ross. CisiL Tolls at Gkkcva.?Since the opening of navigation, the amount of tolls received at (Jeneva wm 761 ?f>, which exceeds the amount received laat year duriiiir lha uflina hv CA 1 M?1 mu ??? The Nantucket Ktre Sulftrrn. Maron's Officii, July tl, 1>M. At a uioetiriL' of oitixeps. convened at the offlce of th* Mayor, to take into consideiation th* conditiou of the ?ufl'er*r? l>y tb* late Are in Nantucket, the Hon. ANDREW MUKLE, Esq., Mayor, wu called ro the Chair, and Tow * k\d Hiliii wa? appointed Secretary. Urn P. M. Wktmoki, sutrd the object of the meeting, and offered the following preamble and resolutions, Tit:? Wherras, the town of Nantucket haa recently beeu Tinted by an afflicting and oalamitoua conflagration, by which a large M valuable portion mm h M been destroyed, and hundred* of ita inhabitants, who but a few daya aince, were comlurtnhle and happy, are now "without a roof to cover tliem, ;i bed to lie upon, and very many without a change of raiment," And whweaa, it ii the duty of all who are bleaaed with the 1 inenna of d?iug 10, to evince their sympathy towarda their triend* and ueighbora, in thia, the hour of their afflictions, bv xtendii g a liberal hand for their relief, and by promptly and a-Hjcienrly aiding. to arert the additional calamities with which they are threatened?Therefore, be it Kesolved. Tliut an Executive Committee be appointed to wait iipon .mi- citizen*, l'nr the purpouc of receiving f'om them stirh contributions, either in money, provisions or clothing as they may be disposed to make, and to hand the same to th* Treasurer, to be forwarded to the Selectmen of Nantucket fot diitributioM amongst thos* who, in consequence of the Are nTthe 13th and 14th instant, are proper objects of reRe?nlv*d, That the following gentlemen compoM th* ExMo?*l^ffoTinn*ll, B. H. Field, Wn. e. Ma?r, Paul Spoff.ird, fnnialiuf H' l.iwXMlts. W W !) Vnrr**l K. D Hurlbot. t.* *b Baratow, Fred'k Sheldon, V. DeLannay, Samuel W. Fo*, J- D. Kleudgen, Sam'l Willits. Israel Rnssell, C. O. Halstead, Nathan Weed, Wm H Aspinwnll. Shepard Knapp, Wm. Whitl ck, jr. John J. Palmer, Peletish Peril, Joseph W. Corliea, Adam Norrie, George Hnaaey, R. A. Bnoneii Qraves, Gilbert Allen, Henry W. Hicki, Samuel P. Paiaon, Isaac Tnwnaend, Daniel C. Kingsland, Charles A. Ditii, Jamea McCullongh, J. D P Oidea, Thomai H Mills, Wilson O. Hunt, Benj. Aymar, Jehu P Staff, Robert Hyslop, Moaes Taylor, Robeit B. Minturn, Wm 8 Herriman, Jamea Lee. A G. rhelps. Samuel 8. Howlaad, DaDisI Trimble, 8. F. Penniman, Jdmes G. Kins, Silas Wood, W. Strong, PV"1 8 Kennedy, ' humas Tileatea, John Cryder, Stewart Brown, r. Poirier. Prosper M. Wetmoro, John W. Edmonds, Albert Woodhull. Vy * Curtis, David CCartwright, Abm R Lawrence, > dmnnd Coffin, R Spraguo, Ci.arlet H. Marahall, James Conner, Townseud Harris, Hanry Storms, BenJ.F. Butler, ? Charles 8. Banion. John P. Nesmith. which were unanimously adopted. Resolved, That the Hon. A. H. Miekle, Mayor, b? appointed Treasurer. On motion of Townaend Harria, it waa Resolved, That a committee of three be appointed to procure a convenient place of deposit for auch articlea of food, clothing, and furniture aa maybe contributed by onreitizens in aid of the Nantucket sufferers: that the Committers authorised to employ a suitable person or persons, to ree eive and tike charge of the aame, and that they give notice through the public papers, to oar citizens, of the opening of such p'The?rh*'r?a p Dointed Meaars. W. H. Macy, Danl C Kingsland, and David C. Caitwright aa such Committee. On motion it waa rraolved, thst the F.zecutire Committee meet daily at 1 o'clock. P. M , at the office of Alliance Insurance < onaiMiir, No. it Wall street. Resolved. That the proceedings of this meeting he published. aud that a copy of the aame be aeat to the Selectmen ofNanrncket. The meeting then adjourned. ANDREW H. MICKLE, Chairman. Towxsewd Haskis, Secretary. Travelling Dressing Cases ?The snbecrlbera respectfnlly call the attention of the public to their aaaortment of the above, each pattern containing articlea of the most convenient size, of real utility, and warranted to perform the dutiea for which they IXvKdZ&'NoH. 177 Broadway, oppoaite Howard Hotel. Metallic Tablet Razor Strop.?The oldest I and mo?t approved article now in use, having neen hefor|gfc| 1 public for the last thirty years, can be had at the subsrriMV, j wholesale anil retail O. SAUNDERS It SON, 177 Broadway. a few doors above Courtland at. Wrirht'l Indian Vegetable Pills, In addition to being one of the hest anti-bilious medicines in the world, |K>aaeas a power of removing pain which is tnUy astonishing. Four or five said Indian Vegetable Pills, taken very night on going to bed, will, in a shprt time, completely rid the bodv ofthose morbid humor* which, if lodged in the liver, are the cauae of pain in the side, sometimes attending through to the shoulder blade; difficulty of breathing, nausea ..J I.... nr.nn.fif ? ,n ,1. ? ? . lencv, swartfiy or yellow complexion, anil other symptom* of an inflammation or torpid state of the liver. Wright's Indian Vegetable Pills alio thoroughly cleanse the stomach and bowels of all bilious humors and other impurity; and therefore are a ecrtain cure for colic, dysentery, cholera morbus, and every other disorder of the intestines. Thev a!?" aid and improve digestion, and consequently give health wd vigor to the whole frame, as well as dnve diseases | of every name from the body. Carnoir.?It should be remembered that Mr. Samuel Reed, of Baltimore: Mr. John Di*on. of Easton, Pa., and Messrs. Browniag k Brothers, of Philadelphia, are not scents of ours, and as they purchase no Wright s Ipdian Vegetable Pills at onr office, we cannot guaranty as genuine any medicine that thy may have for sale. The only security against imposition it to purchase from no persoa unless he can allow a certificate of agency, or at the Once and General Depot, No. 1U Greenwich street. New York. WILLIAM WRIGHT. navigation of ths Ohio Hlvsr. Placet. Time. State of Rtotr. Cincinnati, July 1...... 8 feet inches. Wheeling, July 14.. 6 feet, falling. Pittsburg, July 16 3 feet, 8 inches. Louisville, Jane 80 . 6 feet, 8 inches MONK Y MARKET. Tuesday, July 31?S P. M. The stock market continues steady, and quotations do not vary materially from those current yesterday. The foreign newt has had no particular effect npon prices or operations in any way. the second board the sales were excedingly limited, hut prices remain without alteration. Foreign exchanges continue inactive. We quote bills on London 7?tf a 7 li per cent premium, although there are eome good bills offering at 6Xa7 percent On Paris, If 40 a fif 87X ; Amsterdam 88^ 38\ ; Hamburg S4>? a 44>i ; Bremen 77J^ a 78. The Long Island Bank (Brooklyn,) has declared a semi-annual dividend of three and odb half per cent, payable on the lit Augutt We give below the new Britiih tariff, from the London Tim't of the 3J inst. Thit bill hat new become a law, having received the royal assent on the 30th June. Nrw British Tariff. The "Act to alter certain duties or customs" contains six section*, of which the following is the substance I 1 It is declared that instead of tne duties now levied upon the articles named in the schedule, those named in u Sequent sections shall be collected. i. From April 5, 1847, the duties on timber are to be 1 levied according to the rates laid down, viz : From April 5, '47. April 5, 411 'limber, per load JO ft ?1 0s ?0 lis do sawn or split 1 6 1 Staves over 73 ins. long, 7 wide, or 3X thick 1 3 Oil Firewood, per 114 feet ...." 6 1 1 Handspikes uudsr7 ft., per itt'.... II 1? do over 7 It 1 II ] 4 J Knees under i ins. sqasre, per 130.. I I do J? id?rl 1 12 1 4 Luthwood, per 216 f. 1 12 1 4 Oars. per l>? . . 8 0 110 H^tnn under 22 feet long uid 4 ini. dininrter. per 120 16 12 de oterdo. .* , 1 " I ? Span, nil lengths under 6 inf. di 1 4 2 8 Spokts, under 2 ft. length per M.. 112 J 4 do o?er do. .j'1 'j 'i'i V ' ?, Wood idoned *i>4 not euumsrated, 6d and 4d per foot, tod ? Id for *rery ?100 ad tsI. ' I. from June 1, 1MB, the duties upon *peciAe4 article* are to be a* follow* :? Fontgn. F m. Br. Poit'm. Canary, percwt J M Ca'awsy, " J* J* *5 Cn.rot, " S* * M ?'lover, " : ! * Leek. " '? * ?<f. MntUrd, " 1* M 'K" Oai.m, " . Js Other ?e*d?, per ?100 ?t ?2 10s 4 No dutio* whatever are to be charged upon the fol lowing article* ? Animal*, living, viz : esse*, goat*, kid*, oxen and mill*, cows, calve*, horse*, mare*, gelding*, colt*, foal*, mule*, *ti4?. lamh*, *wine and hog*, |>ig* tucking ; bacon, heef, fresh or salted ; beef, salted, not being corned beef-, bottle* of earth and atone, empty ; cattiof buit*. (tatue* or flcure*; caviare; cherry wood, being furniture wood; eranberries; cotton manufacture*, not being article* wholly or in part made up, not otherwise charged with duty; enamel; gelatine; glue ; hay; hide*, or piece* thereof, tawed, curried, varniihed, japanned enamelled; Muscovy or Russia hides, or pieces thereof, tanned, oolored. chaved, or otherwise dressed, and hide* or piece* inereui any way nre?ou, noi omerwiae enumerated; ink for printer*; hikle. wrought; lampblack; linen, rii: plain linen* end diaper, whether checkered or itriped with <lyo yarn or nut, and manufacture* of linen or of linen mixed with cotton or with wool, not particularly numerated or otherwiae charged with duty, not being article* * holly or in part made np Magnn Orccia ware; m?nn?c>ipta; map* and chart* or parte thereof plain or colored; mattrea*e*; meat, aalted or fre?h, not otherwiae described; medal* of any tort; palmct'o thatch manufacture*; parchment; partridge wood, bring furniture wood; |>en*; plantain*; potatoei; pork, freah; pork aalted, not ham*; purple wood, being furniture wood, ailk, thrown, dyed, viz : ainglea or tram, orgnniine or crape lilk; telescope*; thread, not otherwise enumerated or deicribed; woollen*, vii : manufacture of wool, not being goata' wool, or of wool miaed with cotton, not particularly enumerated or de?cribed, not otherwise charged with duty, not being article* . wholly or ia part made ?pv regeteble*, all not otherwiae numerated or deeoribedt reliant. t. The riatie* l?pe*ed are to be aacertalned ajjd paid ? * ? the ?xi*tiuf act*. . m 0. Thlrtct may be amended or rtMtkd by Parliment The follow inf if the table of ilutlat to Which tha foregoing act refer* ? i. J. Agate* or cornelian*, par ?100 ..... 10 0 0 | Ale and beer. par barrel 1 0 0 Almond*, paate of, p?r ?100 10 0 0 Amber, manuf. of, par ?100 10 0 0 Arrowroot, the cwt 0 3 tf Arrowroot, of and from a Rritiah po??e.i*ion. . . 0 0 6 Banditring twitt, i>ei ?l<0 10 0 0 . of and from h Uri<i<h po??e-?kAi 6 0 0 Barley, pearled, the i-wt 0 I 0 , of and from a British pooeanion. per cwt 0 0 8 Bait ropei, twine* and (trend* per ?100 10 0 0 , of and from a British p??9?**ion 6 ? ? Bead*, viz : Arango, aoral, crvatri, jet, per ?100 10 0 0 Other*, per ?100 10 O ? Blacking, per ?100 I? ? 0 Bran, manufacture* of. per ?100 '? X ? powder of, par ?100 1? ? ? Brocade, of gold or ailver, per ?100 '? ? ? Branze manufacture* of. per ?100 1? ? ? powder, per ?100 " Buckwheat, the ? ' meal, the cwt ? in n Butter, the cwt ? '? ~ , of and from a Britiah tx>*ae*aion 0 a 0 Buttons, metal, per 10 ? 0 Cameos, per 5 0 0 Candles, viz :? , spermaceti, the lb 0 ? * , stearine. the lb ? Ol.Si , tallow, the cwt " 6 u , wax, the lb 0 0 2 Canei, per A'100 value 10 0 0 Carriages, per JE100 value 10 0 0 Cask*, empty, per 1001. value 10 0 0 Cassava, powder, the cwt 0 'J 0 of and from a British possession, the cwt 0 0 6 Catlins, per 1001 value 10 0 0 Cheese, the cwt 0 6 0 of and from a British possession, the cwt 0 1 6 China or porcelain ware, per tool 10 0 0 Cider, the tun 5 6 0 Citron, preserved in salt, per 1001 5 0 0 Clocks, per 100I. value 10 0 0 Copper manufactures and copper plates engraved, per 1001. value 10 0 0 Copper or brass wire, per 1001. value 10 0 0 Coton, articles or manufactures of cotton wholly or in part made up, not otheiwise charged with duty, for every 1001. value 10 0 0 of and from a British posseiafon, for ran, 1MI ..I... ? <1 ft Crayon*, per 1001. value 10 0 0 Cryital*, per 1001. value 10 0 0 Cucuaberi, preierved in *alt, per 1001. value. .000 , of and from a Britiih poiaeiaion 3 10 0 Fish, cured the cwt 0 1 0 Gauze of thread, per 1001 value 10 0 0 , of and from a Britiah poaaeiaion A 0 0 Hair, manufacture* of hair, or goata' wool, per 100L value 10 0 , of and from a Britiah poaaeaaion 6 0 0 Hama of all kindi, the cwt 0 7 , of amd from a Britiah poaaeaaion, the owt 0 3 0 Harp atring* or lute trial , ailvered, per 100L vdue.TT 77. r. 10 0 0 Hata er bonnet*, viz , of chip, the lb 0 3 , of bait, cane orAorte hair, hata or bonneta, each not exceeding 33 inchea in diameter, the dozen 0 7 A , exceeding 33 inchea in diameter 0 10 0 - , *tr&w hata or bonneta, the lb 0 6 0 , felt, hair, wool or beaver hata, each... 0 3 0 , made of ailk, fcc 0 a ? Hopa, the cwt 3 # 0 Iron and ateel. wrought, per ?100 value 10 0 0 Jappaaned or lacquered ware, per ?100 '9 2? Lace iz., thread, per ?100 1? J 0 ?, cmhion or pillow lac a. per ?100 value. 10 0 0 Lead, manufacture of, per ?100 value 10 0 0 Leather, manufacture* of? > women'* boota and calaahea, per dot... 0 6 0 , if lined or trimmed, per doz 0 7 6 , with cork or double tolei, per dor.pair* 0 8 0 , men'* boot*, per doz. palra 0 14 0 , men'* ahoe*, per doz. pain 0 7 0 , boya, boot* and ahoe*, not exceeding 7 inchea in length, two thlrda of the above autie*. ??boot front*, not exceeding 9 lnche* in htfight, per doz 0 1 0 , boot front*, exceeding do 0 9 9 , cut into ihapea, or any article made of leather per ?100 10 0 0 Linen, or linen and cotton, viz : , cambrica and lawn*, commonly called French lawn*, the piece not exoeeding 8 yard* in length and 7 6th* in breadth, plain, the piece 0 3 fl , lawn* of any *ort, not French, per ?100 value I V. 10 0 0 , damaiki, the iquare yard 0 0 5 , dama*k diaper 0 0 3>i (ail* not in actual u*e of a Britiah ahip per ?100 value 10 0 0 article*, manufacture* of linen, or of linen mixed with cotton or with waaI urhollv I or in part made up, not particularly enumerated or otherwiie charged with doty, for every ?100 value 10 0 0 Maize or Indian corn, the quarter 0 1 0 { meal, the cwt 0 04>? Muileal instrument*, for every ? 100 value. . . 10 0 0 Muitard flour, the cwt 0 6 0 Paper, printed, painted, or atained paper, or paper hanging*, or flock paper, the square yard 0 0 3 Pencils, for every ?100 value 10 0 0 of (late 10 0 0 Perfumery, for every ?100 value 10 0 0 Perry, the tun 6 6 0 Pewter, manufacture* of, for every ?100 value. 10 0 0 Plaiting of ?traw, the lb 0 6 0 Pomatum, for every ?100 value 10 0 0 Potato flour, the cwt 0 1 0 Pot* of itone, for every ?100 value 10 0 0 Rice, the cwt 0 10 of and from a British poueuion, the cwt 0 0 6 rough and in husk, the quarter 0 1 0 of and from a British po**e*?ion, the quarter 0 0 1 Rago, the cwt 0 0 6 Sausage* or pudding*, the lb 0 0 1 Broad (tuffs, the lb 0 6 0 Article* thereof, not otherwise enumerated. . . 0 0 0 Or, at the option of the officer* of the Custom*, forevery ?100 value IS 0 0 Bilk, gauze or crape, plain, striped, figured, or brocaded, viz :? Broad stuff*, the lb 0 0 0 Article* thereof, not otherwiie enumerated, the lb 0 10 0 Or, at the option of the officers of the customs for every ? Idb value 16 0 0 fklns, articles manufactured, for every ?100. 10 0 0 of and from a British possession 6 0 0 Soap, hard, the cwt 10 0 of and from a British possession, cwt... 0 14 0 soft, the cwt 0 14 0 _ ? n in n Naples, the cwt 10 0 8pa ware, lor every ?100 value 10 0 0 8pirit? or itrong water* of all lorta, viz : For every gallon of such fpirita 0 IS 0 Starch, the cwt 0 0 ? of and from a Britiih poueiiion, the cwt 0 2 6 . from and after tho lit of February, 1849, the cwt 0 1 0 gum of, torrified or calcined, commonly called Britiih gum, the cwt 0 0 0 of and from a Britiih poiseieion. the cwt. 0 3 0 Britiih gum, from and after the lit of February. 1849, the cwt, 0 1 0 ftteel, manufacturei of, for every ?100 value... 10 0 0 Tallow, the cwt 0 16 of and from a Britiih poieeition, the cwt 0 0 1 Tipioca, the cwt 0 0 6 Tin, manufacturei of, for every ?100 value. . . 10 0 0 Tobacco pipei, of clay, for every ?100 value.. 10 0 0 Tonguei, tue cwt 0 7 0 of and from a Britiih poiienion, the cwt 0 3 0 Turnery, not otherwiie deicribed, for every ?100 value 10 0 0 Twine, for every ?100 value 10 0 0 of and from a Britiih poneuion, for every ?100 value 4 0 0 Varniih, for every ?100 value 10 0 0 Verjuice, the tun 4 4 Wafer*, for every ?100 value 10 0 0 Waihing balli, tfce cwt 1 0 0 Wax, lealingwax, for every ?100 value 10 0 0 Whipcord, for every ?100 value 10 0 0 Wire, gilt or plated or ailver, for every ?100 value 10 0 0 Woolleni, articles or manufacturei of wool not being goati' wool, or of wool mixed with cotton, wholly or in part made up, not otherwiie charged with duty, for every ?100 val., 10 0 0 of and from a Britiih poiiesaion, for every ?100 value & 0 0 I Ooodi, warei and merchandiie, being either In part or wholly manufactured, and not being enumerated or deicribed, not otherwiie charged with duty, and not prohibited to be imported into or uied in Great Britain or Ireland, for every ?100 value 10 0 0 The " act to amend the lawi relating to the importation of corn," contain! ilx lectioni, of which the follow: ing li the lubitance :? 1. It ii enacted that after the date of the act, until the I lit day of February, 1849, thedutiei levied upon imported grain ihall be thoie let forth in the ichedule copied below. On, or after ;aaid lit Feb., 1949. the following dutiei will be levied :? Upon all wheat, barley, beer, or bigg, oata, rye, peai and beam, for every qr. 11; and io in proportion for a leu quantity. I u|>un ui *oni man and Hour, Parley meal, oatmeal, rye 'deal ami flour, pea meal and bean meal, for every cwt 4^4 I; and so in proportion for a leu quantity. > 3 and 3 The dutiea ere to be levied, collected and applied in accordance with existing acta. 4. The average prices are to be ascertained at the time and in the manner pointed out in existing acts. 6. Repeals former acts which prohibit the importation ' of corn. S This act may be amended by Parliament The following ia the schedule to which this act refers :? if iMrosrrD raex **r rnatrei* oecNrav, (tor beina a US IT II rt rollEMIOK. rtheft fhtur and rv\etit He*I. Armraft Priet. Duly. Per Bkl. Per Cwt. o/ 190/*. andsr 4>s ... I0? ... 3. ... 6. a 6-33 4 Is snd under 49s ... 9? ... 3? I ted ... Si 4-11 49* Ms ... 8? ... 2i 9<f ... 4s 9-94 J0? " 41s ... 7s ... 2s 4Kd ... 4s 9-IT Ms " >2. ... 6. ... IsOgd ... *T-I? Us " iS* ... i* ... Is ?*<j J? * J'Js aad opwsrds ... 4s ... Ii W ** *" Oj... sn? aadaader 27s...4s?,d l*s sad andsr 19?...JsM rs " Mi.. .4s (Id 19. 20s....3s0d Ms " 2?s...)s?d 90s " lis. ...Is M I 29s " 30s... Is Ad tls " 21s.... Is Od Ms lls...2s*d Us sad npwards . ...Is6d lis and apwards ...,!? Ad Barley meal, for every 117,^ lbs. the duty to be equal to that payable on one quarter barley. Rye meal and flour, for every 10A Ibe., the duty to be equal to that payable on Hths of a quarter berley. Pea meat and bean meal, for every 971 lbs , the duty to be equal to that peyable on one quarter barley. Oatmeal, for every l*l)i lbs. the duty to be equal to | thai payable on one quarter barter. I ? mwiuu* # EJ" 'I ,i. 11- J < If tht'produo# of. oHo>porUdJro?*tny British powos (ion out of Euro pa t? Wheat, barley, bear, or bigg, oati, rye, peM, and beans, the duty tUull be for every ijMrter 1*. Wheat meal, barley meal, oat meal, rye meal, pea meal, ami beau meal, the dtity shall be for every cwt. 4>k<L On and after the 1st day of February, 184#, the dutie* hereafter named shall be paid, viz : ? Upon all wheat, barley, bear, or Mgg, oat*, rye, peaf, beam, for every quarter If. Upon all wheat meal and flour, barley meal, oat meal, rye meal, and (lour, pea meal and t>ean meal, every cwt. 4Kd., and so in proportion for a lea* quantity. The commercial policy of Oreat Britain i* aet forth in this act, and we may coniider it permanently lied. The moat important feature of the new tariff it, that in relation to the reduction in the duty upon breadstuffs and proviaiona. We fay important, but we mean' only ao to the manufacturing ami consuming claw of Great Bri win. u i( our nrm uenei mat tne importation of breadstuffs into England from the United States, will b? less under the new bill than under the old?that only in times of a general deficiency in the south of Europe, will there beany demand of consequence lor our agricultural products, such as Hour and grain. The supplies Of graiu we have heretofore furnishad the Canadas, for the manufaoture of flour for shipment to Great Britain, will immediately cease, and even that limited outlet for our surplus products will soon be cut off. The changes in the commercial system of Great Britain, so far as this branch of trade is concerned, are unfortunate ones for the interests of our agricultural classes. In another view of this question, it appears to us that it will have a tendency to injure the manufacturing interests of this country to an alarming extant. We shall find the manufacturers of Great Britain more powerful vwuiinutviv, lu vui unu maillou, [UU] W? UBVB UUID1Ufore, under any tariff ever had. The reduction in the duty upon breadstuff's, admitted into the port* of Great Britain, will draw supplies from the great wheat growing countries on the continent of Kurope, and cause a very great reduction in the price of oorn in British markets. This will benefit the consuming classes to a certain extent, and enable thoM carrying on Urge manufacturing establishment! to reduce tho price of labor proportionately, and turn out their fabrics at less prioes than they hare here- . tofore boen able to; and in this way they will come into our markets, better able to compete with our domestic manufacturer!, in spite of any duty our tariff may enforce. Suppose the reduction in the tariff of Oreat Britain, in relation to corn, make* a difference in the price | of breadstuff's of twenty-live per oent, that is, reduces it that much?the manulacturers will take advantage of this reduction in food, to reduce the wages of operatives, ! and the reduction in wages will reduce the prioe of ! manufactures, particularly in cases where the manufacturer* wish to carry on a desperate and successful competition. The conclusion we come to, in this view of this question is, that the manufacturers of this country will require , a higher tariff than they have heretofore enjoyed, to place ' them upon the same footing with the manufacturers of Oreat Britain, and that at this time there should in fact ; he an additional duty put on instead of the first fraction ta. ken off. The changes in the commercial system of Oreat Britain, are very favorable to the manufacturer* of that country, and equal to a reduction of an average of twelve and a-half per cent in the tarill of the United States. Old Stock Uxrhanst. $3,000 Ohio 7s 10IW 250 shi Harlem RK 50V $4,000 Ohio 6s, 1W0 93j? 25 do 30& 1,000 do t30 93V 550 do Reading RR 6S? >$6,000 Kentucky 6s 99% 200 do IlK $10,000 Peim'a 5s 68 175 do Nor It Wor RR 47)2 , ! $1,000 Reading Mt'f bds 74 150 do s30 57W > 30 shs Mechanics' Bk 105}* 75 do s30 573% 124 An I.,inv HH mi? on .1/1 V..- u...... o. , 8?cond Board. 26 shs Harlem RR 50V 75 shs Nor It Wor RR UK ; 50 do 54V 150 do Far Loan SO do Morris Canal 12X 50 do 247k New Stock Kxrhangc. $1,000 Ohio 6s, 1160 js3 93* 50 shs Nor fc Wor b30 St I 50 shs Fsrms Trust b3 25 25 do slO 57W 25 do Canton Co (30 34 25 do atw 57)2 SO do Moris Canal b3 12>? Died, On Tuesday morning at 6 o'clock, of consumption, Miu Elizabeth LtMion, daughter of Sarmh Lamson, aged 16 years, 5 months and 4 day?. The friends and acquaintances of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral this day (Wed- : nesday,) afternoon at 3 o'clock, from the residence of her mother, No. 3H Essex street, without turther invitation. Newburgh papers please copy. Drowned accidentally last week, Peteb N. Tarn.if.*, captain of the Mecklenburg bark Doris, aged 30 years. lii* funeral will take place this morning at 7X o'clock, | from on board the bark Doris, Tier No. 8, North River, and his friends and acquaintances are respectfully in' vitod to attend without farther invitation. ? WANTED, A SITUATION as a Wet Nurse,a young healthy woman with abundance of milk, in a respectable fimil\. can produce the best of city reference*?has lived in her last place for six tears. Eunuire for Mrs. NOBLE, 15t> Twentieth street, between the 7th and (th Avenues. jy22 lt*r A SITUATION as Bookkeeper or Assistant wanted, by a young man from the country, who has had several years experience both in the city and country A line addresied to W. M. Sing Sing, stating terms, and where an interview may be had, will meet with prompt attention jy22 3t*r AGENTS WANTED. ACTIVE and trustworthy men, to procure subscribers for a monthly publication. Good reference will be required ?address H-JONE8 TANNER, box 451 Post Office, Philadelphia. jy22 2t?r WANTED. SITUATION as a Coachman, by one^ that thoroughly j-iukmiun m aui.ii, auu is competent to take the charge of horses in case of sickness. Satisfactory I referencesgiven. Address F. Wier, *03 Greenwich street. jy2X 3t*r ~~r WANTED, BY a respectable young woman, a situation to do (he rooking, washing and ironing of a small private family. Beit of city references given. Apply at 103 Cherry atreet. jv22 lt?mc WAiNTtL). | Aseco id band Scale, iu perfect orde*, sufficient to weigh 2500. Addre a M. H., through the office of thia r*Per, 1 atating the lowest terms for cash. jy21 3tn WANTED, SITUATION by a respectable young Woman, in a private family as chambermaid, a seamstress or nurse?the best of city references. Apply at No. X Stone street j V 21 2t*rrc WANTED, i A MASTER, in some mechanical branch of business, for a stoat, healthy, able young man, II years of age, smart and intelligent. Kor further particnlara address, post paid, to M. Moloney, 99 Beekman street. jli lw*r WANTED, * j A KiCW active Toting Men to go South or Wast, to act aa 1 Agent* for the aale of new and popular Publications. , ttOO over and above their eipensea will be insured to them in writing, with au opportunity of clearing |1,00* per year. Some men now in oar employ will, no doabt, make over ! 51,000 per year oiear of all eipenae. Each man will have hie iatiict. It will be necessary for them to have at leaat from Ui to Stt to obtain a good fitting ont. Apply at FRENCH'S ; Publishing Hall, 393 Broadway, np stairs, Office of the Flat of our Union. All lettera mnst be post paid, myitlm're TEN DOLLAHS KKWAkL) j WILL be paid for a (Jreen Silk Purse, audits contents, which were lost on the 21at of July, while going from Wall atreet to loot of Market atreet, and thence up the Bowery to Eighth street, and theuoe down Broadway. Apply to CAMBRIDGE LIVINOSTON, Jy?t It*r 17 Wall atreet. CHEAPER THAN EVER. A FULL SUIT of aanerfine Cloth made to order, iu the most substantial and fashionable style, can be procured for $20, at MOFFATT'S fashionable Cash Tailoring Estab Iishment, No. 14 I atharme at.. rstw lor*. r,very article in the line equally low. Call and see. iyti eodlw'r JOHN MOFFAT. PEASE'S HOREHOUND CANDY. IT IUMI almost a waate of words to eulogise tliii well known specific for pulmonary complaints. Who that haa had a couch haa not proved iti virtuea I Who that can read haa uot aeeu tha elegant testimonials of ita efficacy; the fame of lU cures has reached every section of the Union, and acareely a town can be found iu which it cannot he procured. And what it the foundation of this wide-spread reputation 7 ? Il is the intrinsic excellence of the article. It ia because it Performs what was promised iu Its name by the proprietors. If it had not, insteadM taking precedence of erery other preparation designed for the same ohject, it would long ago hare lieeu numbered with the things that were. Cnres, uot words, have upheld it. and aa long aa coughs and colds continue to afflict humanity, ita reputation will endure. Hoarseness ia readily relieved by ita use, and hence ita great popularity among public speakers. Bold at O Division at; 10 Astor House; 110 Broadway; 171 ith avenue; 12R 3d avenue 06 Hudson st; 3 6th avenue.? Brooklyn, L. I., Mr*. Hays, IM Fulton st. j22 lt*r PUBLIC BATHS. ARCADE BATHS?FORMERLY PALMO'S, 39 Chambers st. WARM, COLD AND SHOWfcR BATHS-Price 11* Cents. The well known superiority of this Bathing Establishment overall others, renderi it unneceaaary for the proprietor to t more. fcT Nine ticketa for on. dollar. JQHN p OANNON. Open from } o'clock A. M. to II P. M. jylt 4tu*wi HATHS FOR SALE THE rnnular Bathing Eatablithment kept in the Merchant Kichange ii offered for ?le. aa the proprietor haa two other branchea of bnaineaa which require hii whole attention. H? i? willing to diapoie of the abote reaprcrable eetabliahment at tuch * rate aa to enable any one deairoua of euteiing into the buameia to make an adeautageoiu iiiTeetment. One half of the ptuchaae money may remain unpaid, to anil the convenience of the purchaaera, if required For further particulara apply at the Bathe, Mo. 41 MercSanu hxflitnr*. jvl*i Iw'rh KOTUjE. THE Sobeeriber, from the treat enrea that h?Ta been effected by tb?Venetian Liniment among the few who have tried it, feela confident that it only requirva to be known to have an eiteneire aale throughout the United Statea. Not Mftof lk? requiait* capital to accomplish the aame.hehaa been lariated, by the advice ofhie friend*, to pot the tame into atock of 200 eharea. at ten dollart each, for one half the internet in the aaid Venetian Liniment, reaarrmg the right of re-pnrchaung the eaid atock within thre* year*, at $30 per ahare. Application for the same to be nude to itt ttWtt g. I. TOBI A8, 71 We.t Broadway^ j I COUNTERS FOR SALE. TWO mahogany top Coantera, with drawera. Alao, atora fitturea, ahelving, he. ALFRED DE WITT. Aaaignee, _*Jyil Jt*m No. M Wall aireer. I A HORSE POWER FOR SALE, SUITABLE for Thraahlng, and Grinding Coffee Spice or ; Cora, tan be aeen at the Canton Tea < onpuv. No. ID | Chatham etreet jyll **m j AUCTION NOTICE. HOT] WM. W. SHIRLEK, Auctioneer. orSETFUHNlTUBE SALE?By H E WILI.ARt), Friday, July :Hth, 10U o'clock, if the 3 story nousr. No. Its Hsmmouii at., near Hudson, s ururrsl assortment of (ood furniture, in prune order; rich brussels and o'her Carpets, Lugl i?h Oil Clollu, Vu?s, Mahouau> Sofas, Cluirs, Divans, Ottouiaus, two Mantel Clocks, Oirvidoles, Paintings.?

Also, basement, kitchen and bedroootn Furniture, complete. Sale positive, by catalogue. At 11 o'clock, a valuable Pianoforte. aiiu, HriDdini panoi me nous* lo lei low (ill isi .May licit. j>22 It? mr ANTHONY BLEECKEH fc CO, Auctioneer. FRIDAY, July 21, al 12 o'clock, at the Merchants' Eichauce.?POTOMAC AND ALLEOHANY COAL AND IKON COMPANY.?Positive sale, to clow trust? 1000 shares of $100 each, of the Potomac anil Allricliaiiy Coal and Irou Company .?The property of the Potomac auil Alleghany Company lica on both sides of the Potomac Miner, and amount* to 20,000 acre* of the moat valuable mineral laudi, presenting a conaiant succession of rich veins of coal, irou ore, brimstone, tire-brick clay, and hydranlic crmeut ; the Potomac Hirer affording an iueihausiiblo water power for transportation and iron works. When completed, the Chesapeake aud Obio Canal, and the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad will pas* immediately iu frout of the Company's lands, securing a communication to market on the best terms and at all seasons, without any outlay u> the Company, a source of heavy expenditure to other corresponding associations. Kor further particulars enquire of the auctioneer. jyl9blrrc NEW INVENTED WIGS BATCH EL OR'S new invented Wigs and Scalps, made of the finest natural curl hair, and adapted ui the most easy manner, to the peculiar style of each individual. They are entirely anew inventioa,Aaing away with all the vexatious difficulties so loui( exreNSuced by those who wear wigs. The public are invited to inspect a large and well selected stock, containing every variety of sixe and color; they will then be able to judge the effect. WM. BATcHeLOR. inventor and only manufacturer, t Wall street, near BroaJway. Removed from Iti Broadway. Please to copy the address. jy2l lw*rc COPARTNERSHIP NOTICE. , THE Subscriber, Francis Delluc, his this day taken into 1 Copartnership his brother, Marcellin Delluc, and they will rontiuue the business as Druggists, Pharmaceutists, fcc., as heretofore, at No 2 Park Row aud 511 Broadway, nuder i the firm of DELLUC & CO., successors to Plsce at Souil- 1 lard. FRANCIS DELLUC, MARCELLIN DELLUC. New York, July 20, IH6. jy21 lw*m DISSOLUTION THE COPARTNERSHIP heretofore existing between the subscribers is this day dissolved by mutusl consent. I WILLIAM HUNT. New York, July It, lUfi. JOSEPH HEARD. | The business of Hair Dressing, Wig Making, Shaving, he., will be conducted as heretofore, by the subscriber at No. 20 Park Row, where he solicits the contiuued patronage of his friends. . jy? 3t ? WM. HUNT, j NOTICE, ! THE COPARTNERSHIP heretofore existing between | the subscribers in the Coppersmith basiness under the i Ann of BENSON It LYNCH, is this day dissolved by tnu taal consent. The basiness of the late firm will be settled up by Wm. J. Benson, who is alone authorized to adjust the basiness of the late firm. WM. J. BENSON, Brooklyn, July 16,1?U. EDW'D LYNCH. The subscriber will continue the Coppersmith business, at the old stand, corner Water and Dock streets, on his individual account. jy? >fmc WM. J. BENSON. MRS. KOETHEN. INVENTOR or the CIRCULAR SKIRT, 12*Springstr't. returns her thanks to the Ladies for the encouragement , which she has received. The quality of this Skirt being so ! very generally acknowledged to parpass, for comfort and health, any other st> le of Skirt, which has been introduced or advertised as a decidedly superior article?she invites tho se I ladies who have not yet tried this article to call and inspect | it The real article is only to be had at Jyl? lw*rc 122 SPRING ST. , CARROLL'S MEDICATED VAPOR BATHS, . _1?< FULTON STREET,. {Uppontt St fault UfiurcA) THOSE who have never triad [he Vapor Bathi, as administered at tha abora establishment, ara iguorant not enly ! of tha tafaat and moat efficacious remedy for many attacks . raaulting from the great chances of onr climate, but also of tha moat agraaabla mode of bathing. Real cleanliness ia hardly to b? enjoyed without tha uae of thaia hatha. M. Carroll's Baiha dinar from every other " Vapor i Bath," ao called, and have been established in thia city for 20 , yaara. Sulphur, Iodine, and other Madicatad Baths, as ad^ vised by the Faculty. Half an hour's notice required for the | Sulphur Baths. jyl? 6t*rrc THE NEW ENGLAND HEALTH INSURANCE 1 COMPANY. INCORPORATED BY THE LEGISLATURE OF i CONNECTICUT, IN MAY..1IU. | Capital, #200,000. HON. JOEL W. WHITE, President. DaVID SMITH. Esq., Vice President. diuctoii. Joel W. White, Enoah B. Culver, Win. M. Converse, David Smith, John G. Huntington, S&uford B. Meech, John C. Holland, Rufus L. Kanniug, Oiles M. Eaton. WM. P. EATON. Secretary. I JOHN G. HUNTINGTON, Treaaurer. ENOCH C. CHAPMAN. General Agent. I Thia institution ia novel in ita character, but humane in its < object, and in all ita provisions ia calculated to alleviate the wants and distress of all who are entitled to ahare iu ita bene- { ficent operationa. Br the provisions of the charter, (copies ?r_k;A k. k.j /.r ,k. .- .k_ ?\ ?n 1 be *een that thoae who are insured by the Company, if incapacitated by accident or disease from pursuing their ordiuary occupation, are entitled to a benefit of Four Dollara per week?a iun sufficient to pay the ordinary expenses that accrue from such sickness or calamity. The insured are also entitled to a share of the surplus earnings of the Company.? After dividing an per cent, per annum to the stockholdera, one half of the balance is to lie applied to pay the balance due on the stock note*, and the remaining one half is 10 be prided between the stockholders and the insured, in propor- | tion to the amount of capital stock held by each member, and : the sum paid by the iusurrd for his policy. Every person who becomes insured has the privilege of ; taking one share of the capital stock ; so that if the busiuess | of the company shall be profitable, he will receive not ouly the benefits which hia policy of insurance secures to him, but | also the annual interest on the amount by him invested, and a ; lull sharr of all the profit* of the iuatitution. The guarantee capital required by the charter has beeu I filled, and the Company are now issuing policies ofinsurnnce. > Applications for insurance may be made it the Office of ihe I Company, No. J Strand, Norwich, Connecticut, and to the agents in the towus aud cities of New England. WM. P. EATON, Secretary. DAVID 8. IVES, No. 41 William street. | j21 lw rrc Agent for New York. PUBLISHED THIS DAY. I GODEY'S LADY'S BOOK AND ARTHUR'8 MAOA- | ZINE FOR AUGUST, containing No. 4 of Poe'? Opin- I ions of the New York Literati, Sarah Margaret Fuller, James , Lawson, Mrs. C, M. Kirk land. Prosper M. Wetmore, Mrs. Emma C. Embury, and Epes Sargent. No. 5 will be publ ished in the September number, and will ; contain Mrs. F. S. Osgood, Lydia M. Child, Elixabeth M. Bogart, and Miss C. M Sedgwick. These notice* will be con- I tinued until complete The EMBELLISHMENTS in the August No. are The Love Letter, engraved by A. L. Dick. Professor John Frost, engraved by W. O. Armstrong. Caps, Chemizettee, he. Crotchet Working lor the Ladie*. A beautiful Fashion Plata, and Original Music. A really good number. W preparation for ihe Lady'* Book. A Treatise on Makiug Lace, with illustration*. Do. Horsemanship, with illustration*. Model Cottages and Furniture, with illustration* of interior and eitenor, with directions now to build, he. Theie subjects will all be enclosed in the work without extra charge. Single Nos. ol the Lady's Book 25 cents. For sale by H. LONG It BRO., 3J Ann st. BURGESS, STRINGER k CO.. 222 Broadway . W. H. OK.AH AM, Tribune Building*. W. TAYLOR, Astor House jy21 2tm DENTISTS DR. BROWN if BROTHER. CCHEAPEST OFFICE IN THIS CITY, for Dental Op/ erations? No 2B0K Broadway, between Chambers and Reade streets, neit to Stewart It Co.'s new marble building. Best mineral and natural Teeth inserted from $1 to 3 SO Decayed Teeth filled with white cement 50 Toothache effectually cured without the leaat pain. 50 | Teeth extracted with less than half the utual pain.. SO , Operations given over by other Denuata solicited. Mecha- | nical Dentistry done for other Dentin*. Operation* per j formed during the evening. jylO 3t*rc t/l tup i a mru i iu A run* " Bright treaaea are the theme of poeta' praise ; The painter'a skill their luatre too diaplaya. 'Ti? oeauty'a mark, a loatrous head of nair. And what Both sexes moat delight to wear. IN order to preserve the Hair, and give it a silken laatre, the scalp mutt be kept perfectly healthy, and clear of danil riff. otherwise the hair will decay and fall out PHALON'8 ( HK.MK AL HAIR IN VIOORATOR is the only article to prodece these results. Buy it of E. Phalon,61 Broadway (Judaon'i Hotel), or of drug or fancy dealera generally in city and rountry. It i* especially recommended to the ladies, far toilet Die. jy 17 lw?rrc TO BAKERS, A PRIME ARTICLE of New Soutnern Flour, made of North Carolina Vv neat, of this year's growth. For sale in bags or barrels, at the Croton Mills, 201 and 303 Cherry street. HECKER It BROTHERS, j y 17 ftia'r"* KOARDIN< ' HOUSE, JhA No. 048 Broadway. The undersigned having recentff.Tw )r refurnished and > rwly fitted up the extensive honse, JiiULNo. 648 Hroailway, la now prepared for the rece| tion of permanent or tranaieut boarders. Thia houae is so arranged aa to aflord convenient Parlors and bedrooms for families; alao, single rooms for gentlemen. Fatifiilies from the South, and other strangers visiting the city, will" find at thia establishment all the comforts of the best hotels, at a great saving 1 of expense. il* Ifrc MRS. M. MORRIS. TO LET. 3mA Sracious Parlorsand Bedrooms, handsomely furnishffTTw ed, to let, to (Southerners and others, three doors X^tfLfrom the Battery, No. 6 Greenwich stret, iu a delightlu I situation. Rooms may be procured with or without board. jy22 Iw'r TO LET?At Staten Island, near Capo di Monle, a i pr!w very handsome new Cottage, together with stable, fcc. xii&lately finished, and built with great care. The house is delightfully situated, having a fine view of the sea, bay, city and surrounding conntry. The distance from the Staten Island Ferry landing i? short, and of ea y access. I'or further particulars apply to Mrs. GRYMES, Capo di Moule, Staten Island. Jyl9 4t* rrc CENTURY AIjOE, . i ju| We have uow to announce the arrival in our city of Iftnthis most extraordinary plant. The specimen to be ^JL>.seen at the Conserri-tory of Messrs. Durilap at Thompson.6M Broadway, is, without exception, the largest ever before exhibited The flower stem rises from the body of the plant over 22 feet, and 12 feet high is 18 inches in circumfer- | ence, while at the base ft is fully two feet round. We trust i that noue will ffcil in beholding a plant at once remarkable for I itr rarity and its extraordinary age jvl' lwis*mc ilf FOR LOMIUN?Kegular Packet of the 1st An JKlSVrist?The first cla<s, f?at sailing packet ahip jJjfi4jJ,PHI.NCK ALBERT, Capt. Wm. Sebor, burthen lino rone, will aail aa abore, her regular Vy_ Having very aeierior accommodatioua for cabin, second cabin, and t?*r*?e pn???"n^*r?, pvnoai luivuuuig io embark, should mika immediate application on bo?rd, foot of Maiden Lane. or to jt>8KPH M'MUKRAy, cor of rin* and Month at. P. 8. Thote detirnuj of ?ending for rh?ir frienda ia the old country, can h?ve them brought out bvthoaboy* splendid roiel, or any other of the ln-e. by applying u abore J)Ore FOR LIVERPOOL?>?wLin??Ragnlar Picket rfJWV"! '1" Auj:ii?t?The inperior/aat Bailing packet ahip JWlfcLIVEHPOOL, 1140 tout hor.h.n, Capt. John Eldndge. will Mil a* bote, her regular day. For freight ?r hiring elegant and aparior accoweaodatioaa, PPll <?" Vi** west tide of Barling, slip, or to WOODHULL It MINTVIRN, tl fcratii .t*?t. | Pnca of passage |:og. The packet "hip Unaen of the Weat, 1M0 tons btmhen. Captain Phillip Wi.oahotua, will succeed the Liverpool, and s?il o? her r gnlar day, llai September. jvI2 PACKET SHIP HOTTI NOI F.R, for Ueerpcol, mRVhaving been detained by the weaiher, will sail ihU jHMlMw'lay at 10 o'clock precisely Pss*engert will please b. on board teamboat Hercules, at Whitehall dock, at that time. Letter bags will claa* at half put*. ntt | AlWrSKMKNTS. Ar. BOWKRV THEATJUC-Wednesday Keeniug, July n? Will tie performed, I'ortlif tliirJ tiiiii' the Melo-Dra'tic Spectacle entitled THE VKW Tftil HUIN8?Sir Wilfred Penruth, Mr Nettie; Cain Kynan, Mr Blancliaid; Obtn Siurmwrrli, Mr ( nay; iie?tnce reorath. Mrt I'l>11 tip* Previom to which the Comedy of HOW TO DIK FOR l.OVE?Captain Bluuieiifeldt, Mr Wenyu- Chailotte, Mr? Mtduan. Doom oi'eu at T o'clock, curtain w ill rii* at half-paat 7.? Drew Circle, M ceuta; l'pper, 25 ceuta; I'll and Gallefy, HV.' centi. CAXTLfc. liAKDKN, wltli na cvlcnme I'romeundei la Ofeu day uid cTrtiiUK.?Tliii Kteninff July 22d, the eutertaimnentt will include a koi>?1 selection of Muvic, froui KtflliModt, Labitzkv, Kuliuer, lalirbach, Donizetti, Vou Weber. Slr*ua?. Bellini, au.l Ro.?iui, which will be performed by the OrcheMra, under the direction of Mr C W Mayrer. luteruiiMion of half an hour tor rrfreihtneiili. and to Tiew the beautiful ran^e of ('I)SMOHAMAH, IteudniK around the whole of the Kaplauade, will be brilliantly illuminated with gai, thui Rirui( rmtera an eicellriit opportunity to eiauiiue theae beautiful Views. Adiuiimou 11)6 ceata. " MR! BT IITON AND MRrH. PLAC1DE, The two Celebrated Coinediant. will appear in a ixmular Comedy together. NIBLO'S O ARDEN?Wednesday Kvening, July U-Tlie entertainments will enBimwcr with a popul r Overture, Tobe followed by the popular Comedy of PAl'L PRY ? Frank Hardy, Mr Arnold; Mr Stanly. Kvrard; Harry Stanly, Walcot; YVitherton, Spraicue: Douuledot, Booth; Col (lardy, H Placide; I'aul Piy, W K Burton, Kliza, Miu Roberta; .Ylari-n, Mr* Le Bruu: Airs Subtle, Mra Watu; Phebe, Miss Clarke. Half ail hour'* intermission for the CnucerU A-la-V?s?rd, ia the Refreshment Snloou. To conclude with the national iketch of N APOLEON'S OLD (J Li AH U?Havresack. Sir II I'lacide; Lord Henuville, Mr Walcet: Lady Beauvije, Miss Roberta; Alrlani* Havresack, Miu Clarke. Doors opeu at 7 o'cltx k ; entertainmeuu begin at (o'clock. Ticket! JO cents. MontCL UK NKW YORK In Carved IVocxl THIS immense work of art bv E. PORTER BKLDKN, is llow on exhibition it the Minerva Rooma, 406 Broadway. This model represents every buildiug, shed, tree, and other objects in tL? city. It h.u been in progress lor more than a year, find upward: of WO persons hive been employed in its son'tructiiiu. Above the Model is a Gothic Canopy of the most highly decorated carved work, conuiuiiig, iu different compartmeuta oil painting* hv the first arrsta of some of the Priucipal Business Kit a lishtrents in the cry. Hours of exhibition from 9 A. M. 10 10 P. M. Tickets 2J Cents?Season tickets, 50 cents. jyll Oteodre HOWES fc OO.'S AfcW YORK MAMMOTH CIRCUS. THIS unrivalled corps of Equestrians will perform ?t Sacketts Harbour on the 17th, Watertown on the 18th, 22d at Canton, 23?1 at Oi(tlen*burgti,24th at Prescott in Canada, anil at Kingston 28th, 29tli ami 30tli of July, and from thence to Toronto. The Largest Establishment ever org-usixed is the United States, comprising 1M Men and Horses, re^uinux X Carnages to convey the performers. wardrobe, mtsicians. kc The company haa attached to it Eight female questrians, among whom ii the Greatest Female Eider ol the Axe, reeeutly arrived from 1'arn MADAME MARIEMACARTE, . whose new style ol Kqneatrian Feats, peculiarly hat own, beinc chaste aud classic; her graceful and fascinating address, end the charming naivete with which (he chainsher audieence, render thia gifted and highly-educated artitte the leading feature of the arena in this country. The Proprietor! refer the public to the brilliant description given in the respeotire newspaper* of the extraordinary and daring feats performed by this dutinguuhed artiite. Among the noraltiee which the Proprietors offer are the celebrated scotch GIANT AND GIANTESS. Their height is 14 feet, and their weijght oyer TOO Jbe. Mr. > Randall weighs 433 lbs. Mrs. Randall is the meet enormons Ran teu in the world. They will appear in " Jack and the Ban Stalk." and he will perform extraordinary feats ol strength and agility, and will ride in a pro horse act. The entertainments will comprise 11 Acts of Horsemanship, Gymnastic Exercises, Classic Displays, and humorous afterpiece*. Equestrian Director, Mr. HOWES; Riding Master, Mr NIXON, and the unapproachable Clown, DAN RICE. Among the Performers is the celebrated and principal Rider, the Napoleon of the Arena, Mr. HOBBS^ whose feats on Horseback are the most extraordinary ever witnessed. Juvenile Act of Horsemanship by Master Nixon. Olympic Exercises. by the whole Company, led br the (rest European Tumbler, Mr. MAC ARTE. Wonderful Feats by Mr. Cole's Dop. Hector and Billy. The SWIM BROTHERS, ia their elegant Gymnastic Posture* and Grouping*. Mr. Sweel as the Charioteer of Phoebus. Posturing and Gymnastics by Mr. Nixon and his son. Mr. Hewes in his Mythological and brilliant Act of " Fancies of Proteus." Mr. C. Howes ia Slack Rope Evolutions. Mr. Geo. Sweet, the celebrated Tight Rope Dancer. With a variety of other*. The whole comprising the leading, most talented, aad classic performers in the WOrM HOWES <t CO.'S New York Mammoth Circu*. TLANTIC GARDEN IS NOW ?PEN FOR THE SEASON.?Dodwortn'* Cornet Band will perform every Tuesday and Friday evenings, commencing June 2nd, ex I o'clock. Admittance lree. mvt Jm*rc WILLIAM ALLI80N, Proprietor. MUSIC. INSTRUCTION given on the Piano at two dollars per month, bv a person who anderstands the profession tno roughly. Yonng ladies wishing to take lesson*, will please address a note to '"Music," at the Herald office. jyli lwis*rrc MUSICAL EXCURSION. THE DESERT AT NEWBUROH AND POUGHK EKP81C. One Hundred Tickctt Only. /Ml The undersigned respectfully informs those fcafflarf who purchased tickets for the excursion S^JUL postponed from the 10th instant, that he has completed his arrangements, and that it will positively lake place on Thursday i.ei'. 23d instnnr. The new aud splendid steamer EXCELSIOR, Captain Nrlson, having beeu chartered for the occasion, will leave the wharf at tne foot of Kobinson street precisely at half past 8 o'clock, A. M . touching at tha foot of Canal and Hainmand streets, leaving the latter place precisely at 9 o'clock, and proceed directly to Van Courtlanat'a Lsndiug, at the entrance of the Highlands this side of West Point. The hoat will retmiu at that place until two o'clock, to allow th? partv an opportunity ol promenading and of enjoying the Highland scenery. Iminrdiatelv after the starting of the hoat, llie whole company will be invited to parlike of a fine dinner, arranged upou the upper deck, at which ail will be seated at once? thereby n Hording them an opportunity of viewing the beautiful scenery of the Highlands, while regaling their appetites. At four o'clock David's DKMERT will be performed at the Washingtou Hall, iu the village of Newburgh ; and also the celebrated Tramp Chorus, from the opera of the Knighta of Hnowdon ; aud the Uranri March ana Chorus from the opera of Kideiio, by Beethooven. The solo parts by Mrs. L. A. JONES and Mr. J. A. JOHNSON. The whole under the direction of Mr. OEO. CODER. The I horal Department will be sustaiued by about One Hundred Ladies aud Gentlemen, accompanied by Thirty Professional Musicians. DODWORTH'S Celebrated Band is also engaged for the occasion. At six o'clock precisely, the company will re-embark and proceed directly to Pougnkeepaie, at which place the same performances will be given in a splendid pavidion. (to be erected by a few public apirited gentlemen of that village lor the occasion, commencing at i o'clock._ At ten 'clock, the boat will leave roughkeepsie lor new York direct. Supper will be served immediately upon the atartint of the boat, after which the party will have an opportunity of listen ink to tome delightful mnsic, (in atyle to anit,) from Dodwortn's excellent band, and of enjoying themaelvea ad libitum TICKETS FIVE DOLLARS EACH-admitting a grntleman and one lady, extra Ladies Ticket two dollar*?in eluding both performance, dinner, aupper, and other refreshments for tbe day and evening; may be obtained until Wednesday evening, after which none will be sold. at the mnsic tore "f Firth, Hall k Pond, 239 Broadway; ol Geo. F. Nea bitt. tor Wall and Water; and of jv2l2t*l H. MEIUGB, 44fi Broadway. POSTPONEMENT. IN order to complete tlie arrangements for the Grand Cotillon Excursion advertised lor Monday, the Managers have been induced to postpone the s.ime until Wednesday, July 22, when every arrangement will lie made to render the excursion the most delightful and splendid of the season. GRAND COTILKIN EXCURSION. ' THE steam packet ALBANY, Capt. Franrn 11 Hall, on Wediiesdaj Evening, Jui. 3K2-3H3E- 22, will leave as follows l-oot ol nobinaon street at t o'clock. " Pier No. 2, North River at.. .i,V " " Hammond street at SH " Proceeding up the Hudson Kiver. will return about one o'clock at night. The Albany will be elegantly fitted up and brilliantly lighted for the occasion, and having secured the services of a superior Baud of Music, and prepared suitable refreshments, this will afford oue of the best opportunities for passing a Summer evening pleasantly, free from the heat aud noise of the City Saloons. Tickets SI, to admit a gentleman and two ladies?may be obuined of F B. HALL, foot of Barclay street. jy2l 2trrc GRAND MUSICAL EXCURSION FISHING "lJANKS. jMM moL The commodions sea steeper D.C. PELL, , C?ptnm Brintnell, on ThAdiy. July I3d, ' ZK^^9C3E?will make an eicomon to the Fishing Bnnki, j leaving ihe loot of Pike street at 7 o'clock A M, and pier No. 2 N K, at hair pa?t7, accompanied by the following celebrated vocalists: Mr*. Sharpe, Mr. Knras, Mr. Lynch, Mr Ksvanagh, who will gie* a (rand concert, consistirg of aoi>i(s and duetts, both comic and sentimental, with a piano accompaniment by Mr. Kneaa. Moaic will alao be provided Tor those who wiah to amnae themselrea with dancing. Refreshments rurnished t a moderate price Ticketa (limited to 150) $1, to he had at J. Bartlett's Branch Hotel, 36 Bowery; H. B. Venn'a Oofliam Cotiage. JM Bowery; Finance Hotel, c<>r West at and Battery PUce; H. Lewis, cor Pike and Houth ?ta. Bait gratia?lines at a amall charge. j\22 ?t?r i ~CONEY ISLAND AND I ORT HAMILTON FERRY. ^af The Steamhoata lOLAR, Captain V'ates, 3*and PKOfRIKTOK. Captain H. Mallan, 3C_?ran every week-day on the above Ferry, until further noiire, as follows?leaving K.ast Ritfb?Foor of Pike street, at and o'clock A. M.. IH and J P. M. Whitehall, at ?><aud 10 o'clock A M , 2 and 5& P. M. Coney Island, at 7J< and IIK o'clock A. M., 3>? and 7 P. M. North Rtvrn?Foot of Amot street, at 7V and It o'clock A. M..J P. M Canal street, at 7)< and |llk o'clock A. M.. 3KP. M Harrison street, at 7V and 11 4 o'clock A. M., 3K P.M. Pier No. J, I o'clock A^ M., 12M., and i P. M. Coney Island, 9? o'clock A. M., \% and 6 P. M. i.*uding at eon Hamilton each way. (O* Fare 12X etnti. ? _ THOMAS BKILBY, Proprietor. N. B ?Stages will be in readiness on the arrival of the boat at Fort Hamilton, to take parseigeri to New Utretcht and Bath, also at Coney Island to take paasengers m the upper honsee. jv? 3tis*mc CENTREVILLE COURSE ?TROTTING. BO STOS v. NEW YOHK. m r *?r., HMVWIUV I sal a O'J *f InVlnrk I' Vl . COfTlV* *>tt th? W Great Match for ilOod, Two Mile IInIi, in?Viletou wagqna Henry -Fonea mmfi bk. g. Newhurgh. Louie Cturk iMmti b. g. New England Immediately after. Puree of $Afl, Mil* lieata, Lett three iu Fire ; to 160 In. wagona C. 8. Birtt ie enteri lib. m. Misfortune. O. Hathawav enter* b. g Satage. A. Campbell enter? br. g. Peter Sn.ith Betting run? hi?h npon tliia malrh. There are upwarda fit fW.OOn pending the re?nlt already, jyl? 4t*?tMTufcWe Te JOF.L t'ONKLIN. I'UNV FOR ^ALh. <1 A beautiful Sorrel Pobv, I3)i hande high, about |riI four yeare old. warranted perfectly eound, and f ' kind i< (inile nnd double har>.e? and under the audie?auitable for a lady or children to ride. May be acen t MISSKNUER'H fable, H Triutty Plaeo. Price^gi jy?l It* rre PUft Mlib. TITO FINK ML) OLE HOUSES, _ WILL driee alao in a carriage They <1 iMl>ar? jnat the right site for riding en xlifO I 1 S\ k?r.ehirk. and h?y? been long naed ??M^ "V t*e eaddle. Apply ?t th# (leak of the Herald Ofllce, (br Ainher paruevlari ;?i? tfWgb / I UTI'ST liVTll.lCi'V!!. TELEGRAPHIC REPORT. Lalctl from 1'olnt lubcl The southern mail camu through to Waaluogton last evening. The steamer Telegraph arrived at New Orleans ou the 13th inst. from Point Isabel, with dates to tho ll>th. The advices from the army are without general interest. The steamer Teh'graph has been purchased by government for jjJ-iti.OOO. CONORKKSIONAL. PKOCKKD1NOS. Waihinotoh, July 91, 184<J In Senate. 1IM1 ipnoPHUTIOM BILL. The Army Appropriation Bill wa? returned from the House with u disagreement ou some items. The amend meats were referred to the Committee on Finance. memorial*. Mr. Dayton presented a memorial from glass nianu factuiers in New Jeriey agnuikt the repeal of the tariA'. and introduced it with ionic statistics in reference to manufacturer! under the present and the proposed du ties. He ahowed that glass derived ita whole value from labor; and if the protection it now enjoyed waa removed, every glass factory would he closed, and aome four thouaaud poor factory hands would be thrown out of employment. Mr. Huwtikotok presented a memorial from paper manufacturer* and dealer* in New Kngland against the propoaed dutiea on paper, books, Sir., and accompanied that presentation with some reniaika to show that under the tariff of '41, manufacturers had been subject to priaea which wero constantly decreasing. The eHVct of the proposed bill would be to turn laborer* engaged in paper making into paupers. THE RIVER INU HARBOR nll.L. Mr. Atchiso* moved a re-conaideration of the vote of yesterday agreeing to certain amendments. After debate between Moatra. Atchison, Webster, 9e vier, Davis, Crittenden, Caas. Dreese, Haywood ?nd 8pmpie, the vote waa reconsidered?yoaa 3J, nays 19 ? The amendment*, as well as ssvernl others, were then rejected, and the bill laid aside until to-morrow. fay nn milea<je. The pay and mileage bill from the House was taken up, ami after aome diacuaaion, laid over until to-morrow. tiik tariff bill. Mr. Evans made an explanation in justice to the Secretary of the Treaiury, in regard to errori which he had pointed out in hia estimates the other day. Mr. MoatHitn addressed the Senate at length, in opposition to the bill, as a measure uncalled for by the people; and eapecially in opposition to the ad valorem principle!. Mr. Morkhcad having concluded, amidst cries of question. Mr. Cameron obtained the floor, and moved an Executive Se**ion, which was agreed to, yea* 44, naya 14, after which the Senate adjourned. House of He|?re?cntatl voe. duties 01- warrant officers. Mr. Thurman reported a Bill defining the duty of Warrant Officer* of the treasury in payment of claims. Pasted DISPOSITION OF Till: FHINTINO BILL. The House went into Committee of the Whole, Mr. Boyd in the chair, on the Bill for reducing the price of the printing of Congress. Mr. Garrett Davis retnmed hia unfiiiithed speech of ye*terday,and he now paid his respects to Mr. Bayly, and showed, from tha old speeche* of that gentleman, who had denied that he wa* ever a Whig, that he refuied to vote for Mr. C. Rive* a* Senator, because Mr. Rives waa not a good enough Whig. He wa* severe. The House laughed. Mr. Bayly, agitated, rose to reply. He complained that the gentleman from Kentucky had made a (tudied, personal, uncalled for attack upon him, and declared that before he concluded he might carry the war into \frioa. He spoke hi* hour against reducing the price of printing, and in defence of hi* own political couree. Finally, he refuied to carry the war into Africa, as it would be too mail an invaiion. Mr Hknlt next spoke, and had ion* explanations with Mr. Davi* as to their former remark* upon the ?ubject, and then advocated the reduction of the price of printing. Mr. Doc'Olass next spoke, and justified the course of his party on the subject. He condemned the whig*. Mr. Grahau advocated economy in the matter. The debate now olosed, anl amendments ware considered. H Mr. Bayly moved to strike out of the bill its retrospective character. Lost?yeas 46, nay* 68. Mr. O Davis moved a graduating clause. Lost?yeas 43, nay* H4. Sir. Douulass moved an ameudment for the law to ge into effect from and after the adjournment of Congress. Lost?j eas 46, nays 70. Other amendments were offered and rejected The bill, without amendments, waa then reported to the House, and was then passed?yeas 109, nay* 66. It take* effect from the commencement of the preient Congress. frintinfi of the futt'rf congress. The House again weut into committee of the whole, Gov Dunlap in the chair, and took up the House resolution regulating printing of the future Congress. Mr. Dhomqoole raised objections. The House bad just passed a joint resolution on this tubject, I rum the Senate. His objections were overruled. Tbe two reso'utions were discussed; the one passed related to printing of the present Congress. The one now under consideration wa* prospective, and authorUed proposals for doing the printing hereafter. Discussion ensued, when the committee rose and the House adjourned. BY THE MAILS. Washinqto:*, July 20, 1840. Important Crist? in the Senate, &c. dec. The formidable speech of Mr. Niles to-day against " the act of confiscation," as he call* the bill before the Senate reducing the duties upon imports, ha* made a most palpable impression, and thrown the squadron of free-traders into confusion. He was right about the judgmeni of the Senate. Benton, Cas?, tM-mple, Dix, Dickinson, Hannogan, Breese, Haywood?none of them like the bill. It is even said to-day that Mr. Haywood proposed to otfer an amendment suspending the operation of the act until the expiration of the next session of Congress. Such tin amendment would ot course render the bill null and void. Tte Vice President was not in his seat to-day during the speech of Mr. Niles. He could not underiake such an ordeal'as that. Mr. Bright occupied the chair, therefore, ad int. There is now some ground fur entertaining the hope that the taritf bill will be swamped, laid out, and hung up to dry. Hon. Amos Kendall spoke to-day before the Cherokee Commissioners in favor of tke treaty party. The final sitting of the Naval Convention upon the plan of attacking Vera Cruz will be held tomorrow. The attack will be, as we suggested two months back, by land, and in the rear, in co-operation with the ships in front. TWENTY-illllTH CONGKKIS. In Senate. WikHisoTon, July 90, 184# Tilt lua-TMA'DtV HELD SACK?THE TASIFF BILL TIKMI ISO I'KlXII TNI rolMIDlll.1 1IUVLT OF Ml KILO IN the IIIUTI.?10MK ACCSV5T OF THE rlOCItOIIKI OF THE OA*. burin* the morning business to-day in ths toast*, s motion w? made by Mr. Lewis, to take up the sub treasury bill. After some conversational remarks by Messrs. K.varn and t'ass, the motion was rejected by the following vote : Yaas?Messrs. Allen, Ashley, Atherton. Bagby, Benton, Breese, Bright, Calhoun, Chalmeri, Dickinson. Di*. 1- airfield, Haywood, Lewia, McDuffle, Nllei, Penn) backer, Uuik, Sevier, Sturgeon, Turney, Weatcott, Yulee ?M. Nati Meaara Archer, Atchl?on, Barrow, Berrien, Caaa, Cilley, J. M.Clayton, T. Clayton. Corwin, Crittenden, Davit, Dayton, bvaav (ireene, Hannegan, Huntington, Jarnagin, Johnson, of La ; Johnson, of Md ; Mangum, Miller, Morehead. Pearce, Phelpn. Rink, Semple, Himmoni, Speight, I'phahi, Webster?SO. So the bill wai not taken up. the aivita ?"?i) harbor bill On motion of Mr. Dn waa next brought before the Senate, by a vote of S7 to 14, rather luckier than the subtreasury. The amendment* made in Committee of Commerce were debated by Messrs Di*, Sevier, Breese, Caas, Haunegan, Huntington, and Davis , and several < were agreed to, when the bill waa latdaaida, the hour of one o'clock arriving, the time appointed for the resumption of the debate upon the regular order of the day, or the bill from the Houae lor tfie reduction of the duties upon importa and for other purpoaea, commonly called thk TABirr bill Mr. NiLaa took the floor. Hia exordium waa l ?clslve, deliberate and comprehensive. He eateemedi, hia duty to give expression to the sentimenta of hia coi ituents. to avoid the .langer of misunderstanding by I.* frienda on the one hand, and the op|>osiUon on the otner. The bill before the Senate proposed to overturn |x?licy of twenty years beneficial operations. Upoa thia. he pro. po?ed to "?ey aomething of the north, and the northern democracy. He regretted that they had not an able repreaentative here , but atill, auih a? lie wm. be would stand by them, and to the death Wherever belonged the credit of the aot of I&42, it wu far preferable to tola destructive seheae. Mr. Nilea intimated thet thia waa neither a bill of the Houe* nor of the Senate, but of the otner end of the Avenue, coacocted by cuatom houae offloera, under the direction of their chief. Aa tnend of the adminiatration, he (Vlr N) waa orpoaed to this hill, uno quivocnlljr OppOMKl 10 11 in m?i; wun ... , ill the deuil* Iiuvii entirely oppoaed toil 1 he bill waa oppoaed to the van iuteieata of the adminiatration, to begin with, why auch meaaure, at tuch a tima 1? Why reduce your reaouroaa, whan you ara compel lad to borrow money ? The bill wh originally ptaparail for a atate of peace ; admitting of a redaction of revenues, but now the ?tate of the treaaury, and tha atate of ihe country would not admit of tha reduction* proposed And It *u hia aolamn belief that thii bill eould not paaa by the Judgtneat of the Baaata?the fair uohiaae) " """""J

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