Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 23, 1846, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 23, 1846 Page 3
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VarlottM. i hi Di(tbkiiir? Ooccaaswca.?0? the 8th iait, about 1J ^ o'eUek P. M., romptny of about twenty-five persons MM ia fmt of tho how? of Mr Cornelius Van Oliuda, u In finckrioy, Lewi* county, and discharged several gun* ? Mew horns, rattled hella. tc , when they were fired upon n by nae persona in the house Two men. Hot en Hoia- , inifton and Greene, were wounded, the former overfly, Hint probably mortally. Meura. Van Olinda K and Rice laave been arretted and held to nail for their ap- c; pearance It is said that the company waa collected for the purp>9M of rerenadjng a newly married couple.? 11 tfattiloi?? Journal tl Atboci>?< < Mi'KDsa?The Jaclcion ICiiiun><Mitltu ai that on (hoovesing of the 23d ult, Mr. B. O. Sinn, a re pootab'm aUnter of Hindi county, residing inthenoighborhoo ( ?f the Miiaiaaippi Springs, was most barbaroualy mui dated by a wretch whoso name ii Sites. Sileshad tl been i % the employment of Mr. Sims as overseer, but g had b ten discharged and his wages paid to him. A few after hia discharge, he waylaid uis victim; shot two ba'lf , through his body, then rushed upon him and horri- o: b?r Wangled his body with his knife, inflicting fifteen or ' twenty cuts upon his head and various parts of bis . bo Kr, then deliberately shot him while prostrate,through t' 0 jaws, the powder burning his flesh, and finally tt * Jam pod one of his eyes out. Mr. Sims was entirely un> j-iued The deceased was in the prime of life, and much ( ?tteeaiod aa a quiet and respectable citizen. He leaves " ? large aad interesting family. The murderer has been n ?rrested, and it confined in the couuty jail at Raymond. n, A colored man numed Benjamin Young, a servant of ol Oen. Washington, dimt in KarVUv aah?<u -* ?Unt, aged >04. At the last "commemoration" of tbe Oram] Lodge of ' tb? I O O. K . in New Orleam. resolutions were passed pi subjecting 'o expulsion from tbe Order all person* con tj cernetl in a duel, eitliar aa principals or seconds. There was the umihI treat to tbe PhiladelpUiana on IJunday afternoon, of fights between firemen. At At Louis. a few days since, 360 barrels good country flour so 1.1 at $3 0CJ? per barrel. tli LiBritL SuaictiriioKS were being mada in Boston m lor the Nantucket sufferers. Keur gentlemen had each p, subscribed $600. ^ Mo?talitt in Boston?Tha deaths in this city last week ware 97. a very large number, although there is cl no particular disease prevalent Males 46, females 43; ci till t'orn 8 T1i*r? were 13 deaths from consumption, m the greatest numl>er by any disease. T Here are many caws of bowel complaint, which Is al ways common at the seaaen of early fruit, but there wy?re but 6 deaths fa fiom this complaint during the weeV?Boiton Tram. r( Th* ELoprnsriT Cist.?Writs '^ave been served upon ^ several person* in Rochester w'j0 were engaged in arres'iug and putting on board t'^ cars the |>ersons who lately eloped from Hempster ^ j0 onler to test the legal- tl ity of the course Uken on occasion w In Philaoclphia, SSI ^ellths occurred during the last ? week. r a SrTEKioR Cour^T> ju|? i7._preoent, all Judges, tc Sfveral ciws originntinn in justice* cour*s ha- j,. Ting been sabr >(u#d or ot|)erwi,e disposed of. the court proceeded w ^ the calendar ami resumed No 88. Coggswell ads H flj,bell Mr- Bowdoin was heard lor the de- w ' *nd Mr. Bradley in reply. Decision postponed, v h Wood ads the People : writ of error to the N - ]Vir~ eneral Session*. Mr. Russell opened for defendant. N j. .. MrKeon was heard for the people, and Mr. Russell th A reply. Judgment affirmed No 39 Craspee and al. v?. m Tiercn : writ of errar to the Greene Common Plea*.? S.r. Van Vleck opened for plaintiff. Mr. Stevens was n heard in part for plaint;9?. ei The following geut|emen were then sworn, and li- tb ceured as Counsellors and Attorneys of this court, vir :? Cocnscliohs.?Wm. R Fitch, Geo. W. Hungeiford, '1' W M. Hawley. 8efr?aes Basinger, 8. V. R Mallory. Jno. rj A. Rasback, John E IJurrill, Jr., Wm James Dodge, Jas. M. D Can, Isaac Edwards, A E. Chandler, Western W. . Wager, Jas Woo<), Jr., Livingston Goodsell, James H. Monger, An<lw. Boardman, Samuel L. Rote, Amos G. p] Hall, Caleb R. Crumb, Robert E. Andrews, E. O. Wa- w tera, John 8. Thayer, George F. Havens, Chas D Col- . man. Stephen Van Dresar, James M. Elwood, H. G. u JJron?on, James E. Dalliba, Bloomfleld J. Beach, Euse- e: hius W. Dodge, Matthew 'J. Bagg, E. S. Brayton?82. jj ATToamcm.?Wm. Allen Butler, George H. Allen, Jno. .. J. Clapp, Edw. L. Hal-twin, Wm. P. Lea, Florence McCarthy. James W. Gerard, jr., Jamea Wadsworth, Jacob P. si Faurot, Lewis Kingxley, Wm. L. Da Witt, Wm. Barnes, fx Luther J Burditt, Harnett W. Fry, Jas. G. French, Heath- . cote H. Guiteau, David R. Jaques, John Lyon, Chas H. Hunt, Samuel Baird, Sargeant V Bagloy, Wm. E. Shannon, Luke D Smith, Levi H. Brown. Chas. G. Clark, Cy- u rut Whitney, Jaa. L. Benedict. David A. Topping, Atalicl . C Stone. John Parry, Cyrus Griffin, John h. Mann, Chaa. A. Parsons. John Stitt, Silas P. Briggs, Millard M ti Boyce.Jehu Snow-37. Adjourned.? V'tiea Daily Gax hi Appointments by toe President?By and with *' the advice anil consent ol the Senate.?Jes?? B. & Clements, maishal of the United States for the middle j, dUtrictof Tennessee, to take etTeot from 6th of August, ice Benjamin H. Sheppard, whose commission then expires Daniel Vaugban, to be naval officer for the district 1c of Portsmouth, New Hampshire, vice John McClintock, removed. HezekUh Willard, collector of customs for the district of rrovidenre, llho le Island, vice Thomas F. 01 Carpenter, who declines the apuointment. j c< Silvers Captiiked.?The British sloop of war 111 Mutino, Coin. Cruwlord, it is stated, has lately hl captured three slavers, one of which was a large vessel w ol tOO tons, now on her way to the Cape in charge of an ^ officer?making in all, during the last year, ten vessels engaged in the slave trade, captured by the Mutine.? 111 N O TS opic tc nasi?iosii.iL.Ji^--i ii_i u b 1 he Puttlngale Club will meet at l>cnnla p, t B taer's, (At Niutg street,) this evening Br order of the Fnsireiit J. M.T. J UTTINGALE. n THK, GROUND CLUB arrived safe from Sheeps Head ^ Bh> ? luck enud. '1 he li?h Cnughi will he teived up at II o'clock this dty, at DENNIS & BGTNER'S. vi Bjr oider, Sect^ JO. y Magic IIair D^re?Red or Grey Whlakeri W..?.? ? (1/ .. mntn, IIIWDUllCUUIiy, ?>' me ippuca* II tio;. ! ) I hklon't .Vsgic Hair Dye- Country ccotlemen can . burr a l>o lie forwarded them by eipreaa or othsrwiae, by sending ihair ordara, cub enclosed, to K. Phalou, 61, under h Jndaoo a Hotel, Broadway. Price SI per bottle, with full directions Cor uae accompanying each hottle. u City centleineii are invited to call al the depot, where they ol can hate a auperb pair of black whiakera aubatiuited Tor red . or grey ouei, m leaa than five minutes. 1? . cl] Travailing Ureulng Catei ?Tike labHTl* ken reipectfelly cell the attoutioa of the public to their ai- * aertment of the above, each pattern containing articles of the j teat convenient sue. of real utility, and warranted to per- ' form the duties for which tbey were severally designed. U. SAUNDRR8 fc SON, 177 Broadway, oppoaite Howard Hotel. ntlalllc Tablet Uaior Strop?The oldest J and meat approved article now in use, haying tieen before the 3 public for the hut thirty years, can be had at the aubacriberi, wheleaale aad retail 3 O. SAUNDERS fc SON, 177 Broadway. " a few deora above Courtland st. ?a?3 *??i|uuuu Wl Uta UlUu Hiiai. j .Plates. '/iue. State of Niesv. 3 Cincinnati, Jtily 1. . 8 feet 0 inehea. j Wheeling, July 14. . ft fset. falling. m Pittsburg, July 16 ,.3 feet, 8 inches. Louisville. Juae to 6 feet, 8 L - B MONEY MARKET. ? Wednesday, July 3*?? P. AI. The stock asarket improved slightly to-<lay, so far u prices were concerned, but the transactions were more oi Mmited than usual Long Island went up 3% per cent ; Harlem, H ; Nerwich and Worcester, K ; Pennsylvania J? ft and Ohie^'s, closed firm at yesterday's prices. al At the second beard there was s further improvement ^ la prises, gad the market closed firm, with an upward R tendency. Tits Greenwich Insurance Company have declared s dividend of ive per cent, for the last six month*, and also rt gve per oeat additional, in place of the dividend omitted 1st August last, in eonaeqnence of the great fire of 19th ^ J*17. payable to tbe stockholders on and after the ~ lit day of Anfuit next. _ It la aaid that the Norwich and Worcester Railroad J Y Company, encouraged by the action of the laat Legisla* J, tuie, contemplate petitioning for authority to bridge Themea River, about aeven milea below Norwich, where ' ^ their roed now terminate!, with a view to continue it to iJ New Lendon, or two or three milea below, and that if tt they mccceed, the Long Island Railroad will be extended from Oreenport to Oyater Pond Point. With theae alteiaiona, it it said that ene heur will be gained in the paa- v aage between Boaton and New York. The tolle received on the public canela of thia State m from the opening of navigation to the Mth inat, ahow an Increase of more than one hundred thousand dollars, so competed with the corresponding period laat year. N?w Yoaa Ststx Csnabl?Tolls Rxcaivxn. oi Agrregate amount received for tolls from the commence* tu merit ot navigation to the Mth July inclu- m aive $l,0?,897 !' During the same period In IMS 971,391 ????? di Increase $I10,0M tr Tolls for second week in July, IMA M.AOfl m Tolls for second week in July, 1WI 71,1 AS '* Increase tecoq^week In July, 1MB $10,ASA It will be perceived that the increase each week ia a J very fair amount in the dulleat eeaeon of the year. The e? old crop haa nearly all reached market, and the new crop a< ta hardly ready for ahipmeat; notwithstanding thia t a racipU continue Tery large When the h*rre?t* are ? Ttr, and *uppli** begin te coma forward, wa anticipata ^ much graatar increase in the toll* than haa yet bean re- | < aliied. It li anticipated by the opponent* of the new tariff ? bill, that it* pa**age wonld ruin one half of the iron jjj manufacturing establishment* in the country. Thia i* tl anticipating too muoh, and la one of thoee extreme probation* the opposition to any Important meaaura ao free- 1 1 y make. There I* no doubt but that the mannfaotarer* r of Iron in thia country will b# seriounly injured by tha j operation of the ad valorem tariff, but wa hare not tha n lightest fear of their being ruined. Manufacturing " establishment* of all kind* have from time to time, || under tha higbeit tariff1*, failed. Within the pait two d years several failure* here taken place among the cotton 4 manufacturer* of New England, and with the greatest i> I'lvmuvn iitoi inn (ournnem, we exprci ocruiuntlly _ to hear of theie explotiona. A protective tariff may go j great wa> a towardi offsetting heavy lonaea, but nothing x can annul tha effect of miimaoaf ament, and lb* difflcul. h tie* and emharraaameati cauaed by want of capital- fi Protection, la Many InaUnce*, ta required to ripply the J iheoen mt aapltal, u4 hi May toaNaaea lndirMaak | ITa ciwMOUd ttM manufacturing business with srdly capital Dough to keep their heads above water x months, without some very favorable operation, or j i >me luck, aa It U called, upon which they have in teasure depended. The allfhtest change in the commercial policy of the overnment, any unexpected lou by bad debti, ii lure to ramp theae concerns, and embarraas them very much i their movement*, or caute failure out and out In le event of theae things happening, immediately after ay reduction in the tariff", the opposition make aa much j olitical capital out of it aa pouible, attributing the relit entirely to the change in the commercial policy ef , le government If we could get on insight Into the nancial affairs of many of our largest manufacturing itablishments, which are apparently in the highest state r prosperity, we should find that their losaes from bad | ?bts were a very large per cent, and tended to endanger ieir existence more than any contemplated change in le tariff, Thi manufacture*-* m??*- i ?mr A iverely by the heavy indebtedness and frequent banklptcy of the South. The South have, in times of comercial revulsions, been debtor* to the manufacturer! r the North million* upon million*, not the flrit fraction r which ha* ever been, or ever will be liquidated. What u not been wiped eut by the, ha* been retty effectually uaed up in tome other way. The posion of the North and South in relation to the commercial >licy of the country, ha* not heretofore been properly aderitood or properly defined. In every commercial rcvuliion which ha* passed irough tlii* country, the North have been *ufferer* of illion*, when the South have loit nothing. The princiil staple* of the South ure sold for cash, while every >ing purchased for that section 1* purchased on loog -edits. The merchants and manufacturers of the North, -edit the merchant* and planters of the South to an intense amount; and any changes io the commercial or sancial system* of the country, however unfavorable, il entirely upon the North, and the more extensive the ivulsion, the more injurious to the North and beneficial > the South. As strange and as extraordinary as it may 'cm, 11 ii iruo idii ine oouui nave rawer ueeu benefitted tan otherwiie by the commercial ravulaioni experienced ithin the past twenty year*. Being debtors to an im?nse amount, and if creditor* at all, comparatively for triflo, they have bad every thing to gain and nothing i lose. If they have paid nothing comparatively, they ive had, in many instances, nothing to pay with, but tey have had value received for their Indebtedness, hich has in some way been disposed of. There ia not a manufacturing establishment of the 1 orth, of any age or extent, but that has investments in i le South which they will never realize a cent on, and any manufacturers of the North have been made bankipts by the bankruptcy of the Sonth. While the North- 1 -n manufacturers hftve been such serious sufferers by ] o South, and notwithstanding such immense and frelent losses, have continued to furnish that section in eve- ! r way with their fabrics, upon the most favorable terms, te greatest r pposition to any incidental protection to our >mestic manufactures has come from the very peole who have been so much benefited by them. It ould appear but just and proper to all reasonable be- 1 igs, that the political influence of the South should be certed to sustain those who have so frequently been most bankrupted by their general insolvency, but on te contrary we find them advocating a system excluvely for their own individual benefit, and that Is for the icrease of foreign markets for their own staple proact*. The manufacturers of the North can sustain themselves ader any tariff which will give sufficient revenue for le support of government, provided they only manufaci.o what they can command a cash market for. It would a mucn more profitable to let tho southern market! be ipplied from some other source, than to supply them for othing, as our manufacturers have ia many instances ?ne. It would be better to do a smaller business, and et pay for that, than to do an extensive business, give >ng credits, and lose two-thirds of it by bad debts. These remarks have been prompted by the exhibition r an opposition to the existing commercial policy of the juntry, from the southern delegation, of such a deterined and uncompromising character, as destroy any 1 ape of its preservation. Every one at all acquainted ith the history of onr domestic trade within the past venty years, cannot but admit the truth of the statetents here made. We have not gone so extensively ini the merits of the case as circumstances might wan-ant, ut we trust sufficiently so to place the matter in a roper light The North have been accused of selfishess, of legislating exclusively for its local interests, ad of wishing to sacrifice every other section to its adancement but the facts do not sustain this accusation, as ik South have benefited more by the enterprise of the orth and Eaat, than has been given in return, and if lere ever was local legislation in Congress, or any preirence given for sectional advantages, tho South have sd all the benefit of it. We would like to aee more nanimity of feeling in regard to the commercial system f the country. Our interests are identical, they are too itimately blended to suffer from any sectional prejuice. ^^ ^ OM?V? MCURn|Ci 10,000 Ohio ?, I960 ?4V S3,0000 Readnr Bonda 7JW (1,000 IllinoiaSe, 1870 S3? $5,000 Heading Ml* Bda 74 M,OOOPenn5? 67 X 300 aha Harlem RK 50 V I5.0C0 do 61 ; Neond Board. >090 Penna ' 60ds 6IW ]00 aha Merehanta' Bk 106 V >000 do ops 68>* 74 do Morria Canal lite ' iO aha Nor k Wor blO 60 150 do Harlem RR 51* 0 do 58 JO do a 30 5lS 1 do 54 MO do aflO 51V O do blO 58* S50 do a?0 52 0 do a30 58 Saw Stock Eiclung*. 8 aha Karma Tr, Th?'v 25 M aha Nor It Wor caah UK fl do caah 25 >5 do ali 57 I 0 do Harlem RR, a)0 Mii 100 do b3 58 O do a30 50 s 25 do b3 57% 0 do s30 50H Blarrled. In thia city, on the morning of the 21st inet, by the ev John M. Macauly, Mr. James E. Ha**, of Oannfry, to Miaa Loaa.ia Matilda Lane, of thia city. Died, On Wednesday morning, July 22, Stiths* Babth, ilv ion of Catherine Barib, aged 21 yeari. Hia frienda and acquaintances, aod alao those of bia lother, are respectfully invited to attend hia funeral ?m his late reaidence No. 17 Wall atreet, on Thursday fternoon, July '-it, at 2X o'clock precisely. Un the 21at June, at Crown Point, Indiana, suddenly, obkelius F. Cooac, a sergeant in the Lake County angera, by whom he waa buried with military honors. At Brooklyn, en the 22d inst, of consumption, Wm. 1 mar McUkoor. in the 24th year of her *ge. Hia frienda, and the acquaintancea of the family, are ispectfully invited to attend his funeral this (Thuraday,) 'ternoon. at 4 o'clock, from the reaidence of Ueorge an Bricht, No. 23 Kulton at NOTICE. PHE Members ef the Secoud r > Waahmgton VoL lunicera, ars reuueated to uk He drill room, 100 i^a-hiagtou street, thia day, at 1 o'cl?,.?, iw attend the funeral i oiepncn oana uy oruer oi. j>23 Ifint CAPT D. MULLENS. TNITfcU si'ATES ClMCUJT COURT, Kifth Circuit J and District of Louisi ma, Saturday. ?7th day of June, A IR46. 'I he court met pursu nt to adjournment. Present le Hun. T??o. H v c aleb. district Judge. The Iloo. J. IcKmley, piesiding judge, about Joaiah Vartar et at ?a.Chester Clark et al.?No. 1490?It aprariug to th<-court lhat the defendants, Jacob 8. Baker, Vau 'yck It Phillips, Johu Hunt li Co., Lukf Dans, W.kJ. an Buskirk. Walter Jagger It Co.. Mr*. Alice Mead, exec'.rii;Wm. C. Waddell assignee, Maunsel et< ut. Austin lei villa It Co., H. Bo?r?um It Co . Pinkuey k Bertine, Weyan, Clarke It Co., and J, W Pinkney, hive not been served ith pioceaa of subperna heiein and that aaid defe< d*nt< reditu tin city o'New Yo.k. On motion of K H. Wilde, il.Citor Tor complainant!, (O. B. Duncan, E?q . aolici or for ie defendants served, being present in court and not objectK thereto ) that this rule be published in one of the gaiettt a New Vork once a week for three mouths, requiring them i plead, answer or demur to the complainants' Dill, not (Iturribg alot.e,on 01 before the li st >l?nd<y in .VoTember it ensuing, or ihe allegations ol said complainant's bill will iaken forconfes ed by said defendants. Clerk's Office, Circuit Court of the I'nited Rtstes, eastern strict of Louisiana. I hereby terrify the foregoing to bet ne copy from the original of r?cord in this office. Witneaa y hand and ti>? seal of aaid court, at the city of New Orana this kth day of July, 1816. jy n law im m ED. RANDOLPH, Clerk. MRS. JANE SMITH, ATE from Nareon. Ireland, per ship Queen of the West. -4 Any information of her whereabou s would be gladly re( ed by her husband,who residea at No. 4 Morgan How, Jerf'leoe call before tl o'clock. ihis day. JtTI Ir'mf ~~~ ?C?U J tibttti Mt-ltoHAiN io, | ?HO WANT Merchandise of retdy sale, and to insure | lane profit., can (ratify their dtiirci by ippljrini at the team Soap Works and Perfumery Laboratory, at SI C ourt* n 'W' w,,trf /?cv ao?na can be had Iroia ail caara to tree dollars par domen; and every description of cologne, vender ana other perfamee in like ratio. Wa pledge ouri'Tea to sell a better article, and at lower pricea. than any iher houae intbia country; nno the only place where the aeKin* Wftlnnt Oil Mllif?rs, Rk..... 1 w i> mvMH^riHira ny i? proprietor wid inventor, Mr. Johnaoa. jy>3 iw? rh FA^HioNABLt TEA 1 tve Miitt from Newport, on the Pott Road leading to the Mont Bridge. rHIS NEW, apacicnsand deligh-'uTly aitnatad aatabliihment ii opan Tor th* reception of Tranaient and Parmarnt Board*re. Tea Partiea and Pic-Niea faraiahad at abort otiee. Tin hanae ia aarroaodrd by Oraamantol and Frnit Tree*, naugwona the houaa ara two Bowling Alleya, whera I io*e who take pleasure in thia inrinorati-.K eierelae can ianl*e. There la alio a commodiooa Ball Room, being 20 by i fret. ) '1 he iuh<cribar promises irtry attention to thoae who may him. BKNJ. BROWN. Portamonth, Jnly, 1I4(. J23 Iw fh VHfLtiNDIU, a dclie oua, a beautiful head cf hur can Be had hy nting a three ahillmg bottle of Jonaa'a Coral Hair LeatoratiTe: i's qualities are (and miud, reader, it will do all era stated.) to (oree ihe growth of hai , to ?eep it clean and indar it beaatifnl: tn atnu ira Tallin* ft# '? m th? scalp and root*, and to irtu it dark, and keep it in "J?r tnrice aa long u any nlnar coral made. Bold at H Chat*T; r"l,on Brooklyn LOST-^ I HPHE Hambnrfh Paaeport and 'raw LJ| iIn the Cniton M. IIouh Clciruici, belonging to ihe BMirf bark Ren u?r, wu loci yen.'day aftenuxm. TktJMtr will reeeiye * mward <>u immediate delivery at 101 ax 4 un Wall aticet, ai> itairs. jvt3 lt?irc for sale cueapkor ua?h. The Slock and Ki*tur*a of ihe Uro?er> Store, corner of Avenue B aud Fourth street. Ia?n excellent atand. Kor particular* apply oe the pnwwl. I'M Iw'm furnished rooms* to let. TWO or threr Gentlemen may be handsomely accommodated with Furuiahed Hooux. at 1f?. 14 Veaey tlittl, and an ressonsble terms. The house ta plfcaantly aituated, bring hut a lew steps from Broadway, aud directly opposite to St. Paul's Church. _ Also," a couple of pleasant Rooms to IK at No. il Barclay ureet. jy?3tt?mc practical book-kheping. No. 88 Cedar street. Mr. C. C. marsh reipectfully infoMM the public tliat his rouutu.f roomi for the atudv ?f Prtctical Book trailing, commercial Arithmetic mil Mercantile Writing, continue opeu from ( A. M. lol P. M. Such are tne practical advantage* of the system of instraetiou, and of the faithful attentioa given to tor learners, that lu one course of lessons a persou (if good capacity becomes > competent Book-keeper, and receives a certificate t* that effect. ProapectniM with term*, reference*, be., May be obtained at the room*. C. C. MAKSH'S Woiksoa Book-keeping,an well adapted lo *cliool* mid pr irate ini'.ructiou, for sale a* above. jy23 lw*mc NAILS. TWINK AND SHOE THREAD?S, ?,?, ?. It. lit, 24 and X pound Seine Twine. 2 and 3 cord Oilliug do 2 and 3 thread ludia do "Hopewell" cotton Seiue do of every site. Wrapping, Wool and Manufacturera' Twine*, of every description Shoe Thread of every description, including Tilley, Tatham and Walker'*, for *aie by j\28 1w?m CEBRA k CUMING, 1M Pearl *t A MIRACLfc! A MIRACLE! Av-ry white clear skin.?The Jones's Italian Chemical Soip ? Kemember, without misrepresentation, these are its positive qualities, for which it received the highest encomium* of tlie faculty, and the unsolicited approval of the Medical Society of Pari* It ha* cured thonaauila in the United State* of every disfigurement and eruptiou of the akia, *uch a* pimple*, fr'ckle*. olotche*, salt rheum, scurry,heat, spot*, tan, suuburn, inorphew. lie. It will chance the color of dark, yellow or annburut akin to be <utiful healthy clearne** 1 o prove to tb* public the excellence ol thi-.iead the following diploma, awarded toM. Ve*l>rim. the inventor, hvtha Medical Hrwirt*nt Pari* ? " We coimder M. Vesimui the intleit philanthropist of the hk, and hit Italian Chemical hoap.a raiaela to care ?ny eruption or disfigurement of the skin. It will prove a blessing to luture ages." Sold a' the ?igu of the Americeu Eagle. 13 Chatham street, and 413 Bmadway ; or 139 Fulton street, Brooklyn. j i 23 I w m WILL BE HEADY SOON, A GROAN FROM T UK TOMBS; or a waiaiag voire rel-tive to the evils snd injuries inciden to intestacy, iL lintmrd by a starement of the vexetiout and pernicious proceedings still neuding in the Surrogates Court in the Mutter of the estate of the late Robert Halliday. and dnipi< as a refutation of 'he posthumous aspersions thereby caet on the character of the di'cea?rd, by George Clayton. " Thou shalt not steel; " Thou shsltnot bear false witness; " Index damnation cum uoceus absolvitnr. j?lt? rh ONE THOUSAND LAHOREKS WANTED, j WANTKD immediately on the line of the Illinois sad i Michigan Canal, (from Clue go to La Salle,) one thou- I land Laborers, and one hundred Stone Cutters. Men of steady habits will find upon this canal constant I plovment, good wsges and regular piyments. By order of the Board of Trustees of the illinoi i and Michigan Canal. I WILLIAM OOODINO. Chief Engineer, j Canal Office. Lockport. Ill , .Inly >2, IBIS. jy*3 4w?rh | A SI I UATIO.M ?s Uookkrt-per or Assutaut wanted, by a 1 yonng man from the ? ountry, who has had several yetrs j experience both in the city and country A line addressed to W M. Sing Sing, stating terms, and where an interview may be had, will meet with pr-mpt attention jyM 3t*r AGENTS WANTED. ACTIVE and trustworthy men, to procure subscribers Car a monthly publication. Good reference will be required ?address H-.JONfc.S TANNt-R, box 451 Fost Office,Philadelphia. jy22 2t*r WANTED. A SITUATION as a Coachmvi, by one that thoroughly 1 u>ider?tanris hi? profession as such, and is competent to take the charge of horses in ca?e of sickness. Satisfactory references given. Addresa F. Wier, Ml Greenwich atreet. I j?*2 3t*r WANTED. i Aseco .d hand Scale, in perfect orde-, sufficient to weigh 2500 Addre s M. H., through the office of this paper, stating the lowest terms for cash. jy21 3tm : - ? WANTED, ! A FEW active Yonng Men to go Booth or Wait, to act as Agents for the sale of new and popular Publications. 800 over and above their expenses will be insured to them in writing, with an opportunity of clearing $1,000 per year. Some men now in our employ will, no donbt, make over j 51,000 per year clear of all expense. Each man will have hit ' istrict. ft will be necessary for them to have at least from ! $X6 to to obtain a good fitting oat. Apply at FRENCH'S Publishing Hall, >93 Broadway, up stain, Office of the Mag of our Union. All letters must ne post paid, mvllltn're PllHLK; iJATHci. i ARCADE BATHS?FORMERLY PALMO'S, WARM, COLD AnV SHOWER BATHS?Price 1J* Cent*. 'J lie well known wperioritf or thi* Bathing Eatabluhment orrr all other*, render* it an Decenary for the proprietor to My more. .17" Nine ticket* for one dollar. JOHN F. GANNON. Open from i o'clock A. M. to II P. M. jy22 4ti^m HA 1 116 FOK. SALE THF. Popular Bathing Eatablithment kept in the Merchant*' Exchange i* offered for *ale. a* the proprietor has two other branchr* of bn*ine*a which require In* whole attention. He i* willing to di*po*e of the above ratpectable , e*tabli*hmeut at *uch a rate aa to euable any one deairou* of elite ling into the buaine** to make an advantageou* investment. One half of the puichaae money may remain unpaid, to *uit the convenience of i he purchaser*, if required. For further particular* apply at the Batlti, No. 41 Merchant*' Exchange. jy2J lw*rh NOTICE. THE Sub*criber, from the great cure* that have been effected by the Venetian Liniment amonj(the few who have tried it, feel* confident that it only require* to be kuown to have an extensive *ale throughout the Uuited State*. Not havlug the requisite capital to accompliah the *ame, he ha* been induced, by the adviee of hi* friend*, to pat the *ame Into itock of 300 aharea, at ten dollar* each, for oar half the interaat lu the *aid Venetian Liniment, reaerving the right of re-purchaaing the *aid itock within three yeara, at $30 per hare. Application for the aame to be made to J 22 3ti*?rc 8. I. TOBIAM. 73 We*t Broadway. A HORSE POWER FOR SALE, CUITABLE for Thraahing, and Oriuding Coffee. Spice or "? Corn. Can be aeen at the Canton Tea Company, No. 123 Chatham (treat. jyllJt?m COPARTNERSHIP NOTICE. T'HE Subscriber, Kranci* Dellac, h*? this day taken into JL Copartnership hi* brother, Marcelliu Delluc, and they will continne the basinets aa Druggists, Pharmaceutists, Itc., a* heretofore, at No. S Park How and Ml Broadway, under the firm of DELLUC l( CO., successors to Place k ttouUlard. FRANCIS DKLLUC. MARCELL1N DLLLUC. New York, July ?0, I?l6. jyll lw'm MRS. KOETHEN, INVENTOR of the CIRCULAR SKIRT, 13? Spring suX I rerura* her thank* to the Ladie* for the encouragement 1 which the haa received. The quality of thia hkirt being ao very generally acknowledged to *ur^iass, for comfort aad advertised as decidedly superior aiticle?the invites those ladirs *h? have not >et tried this article to call and inspect it The real article is only to be had at jyl? Iw'rc 129 SPRING 8T. 'fO_BAK E RS, A PRIME ARTICLE of New Southern Flour, made of North Carolina V?neat, of thia year'a growth. Forsale in bags or barrels, at the Croton Mills, 201 and 203 Cherry Street. HECKER k BROTHERS. Jyl7 tia<>r-? CARROLL'S MEDICATED VAPOR BATHS, Itt FULTON STREET, ( Opporite St. J'aui'i Churck) THOSE who have never tried the Vapor Bathe, as administered at the above establishment, are ignorant not enly of the safeat and moat efficac ions remedy lor many attacks resulting from the great changea of oar climate, bnt also of the must agreeable mode of bathing. Real cieaaliueas i* hardly to be enjoyed without the use of these btths. ?4 M. Carroll'a Baths di^r from every other "Vapor Bath," so called, and have been established in this city for 20 years. Sulphur, Iodine, and other Medicated Baths, as advised by the Faculty. Half an hour's notice required for the Sulphur Baths. jyl> 6t*rrc THE NEW ENGLAND HEALTH INSURANCE ' COMPANY. INCORPORATED BV THE LEGISLATURE OF CONNECTICUT, IN MAY, Uu. Capital, 8200,000. HON. JOEL \V. WHITE. President. DaVID SMITH. Esq., Vice President. DIRECTORS. Joel W. White, Enoch B. Culver, Wm. M. Converse, David Smith, John (J Huntington, Kan ford B. Meech, John C. Holland, Rulus L. aiming, Uile-i M. Eaton. WM. P. EAT ON, Secretary. JOHN O. HUNTINGTON, Treasurer. ENOCH C. CHAPMAN, Geueral Agent. I This institution is novel in its character, but humane in ita 1 object, and in all it* provisions is tMfulated to alleviate the wants and distress of all who are entitled to share i.i ita beneficent operations. Bv the provisions of the charter, (copies of which can be had of the agents or the Secretary) it will ' be seeu that those who are inaured by the Company, if incapacitated by accident or disease from pnrsning their ordinary 4 occupation, are entitled to a benefit of Four Dollars tier week?a sum sufficient to pay the ordinary eipeiitrs that accrue from such sickness or calamity. The insured are also entitled to a share of the surplus earnings of the Company.? Alter dividing an per cent, per annum to the stockholders, i one half of the balance is to be applied to pay the balance dne on the stock notes, and the remaining one half ia to be ' divided between the stockholders and the insured, in proportion to the amount of capital stock held by each member, and the sum paid by the insured for his policy. Every person who becomes insured lias the privilege of taking one .hare of the capital stock ; so that if the business of the companv "hall be profitable, he will receive not only , the benefits which his policy of iuiurancc secures to him, but also the anuual interest on tne amount by him invested, and a lull aharr of all the profits of the institution. The guarantee capital required by the charter hat been filled, and the ompauy are now issuing policies of insurance. I Applications for insurance may be made at the Office of the 1 Company, No. J Strand. Norwich, Connecticut, aud to the agents in the towns and cities of New England. WM. P. E *TON, Secretary. DAVID 8. IVES. No. it William street. j?l lw trrc A?ent for New York THORN CHAMPAGNE AFRESH INVOICE of this delightful Champagne it ia store, to which the attention of merchants, hotel keepers, nlnnnu i. ...iuj 1*1._ f,k.. U/,?. ie now superior to that ot any in this country, mid at no nigher price than (hat ?f tha bast brand*. C. LIVINOHTON * CO., Mini i?Tf W '? Wall Sire* FRE8H TEAS, SUGARS, COFFEES, hw.. /UIT MF.CEIVED from tha late sales, alarge andsnlen . j"j of fr??h T?m, Sdini, CoITwi, lie Fine ] " J? Vonng Hyeon ten at JO cu, superior do 62H ats, best ; quality do, extra Ana flavor, 74 cu; very fine Bonrhoug 3s, beit quality Onlong4a; good, bright New Orleaae Sugar 3?M ff1,' pri*le_ do 4a, 8t. Croii4?6d, brown Havana 4a Sd, white do Se and la Sd, crashed loaf S?. pulverieed do Sa 3d or ; II eta; openor old Java Coffee, freeh grown, 1*. old Hum a ira It cu; 8t Domingo centa. Alao good white lamp Oil, 5a, aolar do #s beat sperm ?e per gallon. Good Hams M, ftmoked Beef 7d, good Batter 104, prime do Ii, beat Orange t onnry la 3d. Familiaa, boarding-honse keepers. end dealers rroin tha conntry, are invited local I and examine the above f^koF;,harr?Pareh"i,,r tlSF* ?fth*e,tV ?ui n. IVholesale and Hauil Orocer aai Ta? Dealer, ' ?3?v fe?1ri^(fiiSnar,th' j JyU lw?r W9W* -*-rvrre.?wicn. j AUCTION ROTICK. | J \COB 8. PL ATT, Auctioneer First fall trade hardware sale tbu oo. cnqaiatiaf of tM caaks, curt and lou of Hatdware, Cutlery aud Fancy Unodi, will taka place at U o'clock, at No tl Piatt atreat, thia rtav Alao, Mtrral caaka Kiln. iHoitcd maker*, table and |>ocket Kmvea; Carrara, and a general uaortment of Hardware. Korparticulara, *?a u ,der auction bead in moruiuf pa|>era jytllfrb WM. W HHIKLEV, Auctioneer TiniTar l'ith vitiih i- mi l'_b? ii i u/ii r iuii fl Friday, Jn'y 2?th, 10K o'clock, at Uie 1 atory nouie. No. Iti Hammond at, near Hudson, a general assortment of good furniture, iu prime order; rich Brussel < and o>her Carpets, EugliahOil Cloth*, Holt, Mahogany Sof?, Chaira, Divan*, Ottomans, 'wo Mantel Clock*, Oiriadnlta, Painting*.? AJao. basement, kitchen and bedrooum Furniture, complete. Bale positive, by catalogue. At It o'clock, a valuable Pianoforte. Alao, priocipal part of the houae to let low till lat May n?it. i\23 It* m AUCTION NOTICE. FURN1TIRE BALE?THIS 1)AY. at 10 o'clock, at the houae 343 Broome atreet. near the Bowery?The furniture of a family, consutiog of carpet*, oil clotlu. aofa, mahogany chaira, rockiug do, large glaaie*, dining and tea table*, centre table*, bureau*, French bedatead*, leather bed* and inattresae*, wa*h *tauUa, loilet *eta, girandole*, ivory cutlery, plated ware, lane dinner aeu, tea aeta, window shade*, lie. Alao, the kitcheu furniture. jytl If n? J. P IXGRAH AM. ANTHONY BLEECKER lit CO., Auctioneer*. FRIDAY) July it, at It o'chx-k, at the Merchama' Eichange -POTOMAC AND ALLEGHANY COAL AND IKON COMPANY.?Positive .ale, to clo*e a tru.t1000 *hare* of S100 each, of the Potomac and Alleghany Coal and Iron Company.?The property of the Potomac and Alleghany Company liea on both aide* of the Potomac Hirer, and amount* to 20,000 acre* of the moat valuable mineral land*, presenting a constant aucceaaiou of rich rein* of coal, irou ore, brimstone, tire brick clay, and hydraulic cement; the Potomac Hirer affording an mexhauitible water power for tranaportatiou and iron works. When completed, the Cfaupeake and Ohio Cual, and the Baltimore and Ohio llail4H will pas* immediately iu front of the Company's land*, securing a communication to mar- j ket on the best terms and at all season*, without auy outlay to the Compauy, a source nf heavy expenditure to other corresponding a*sociatious. For further particular* enquire of the auctioneer. jyl96trrc MOTKLH AND WATUR1NO FLACKS. THE COLUMBIA HOUSE, CHKSNUT STREET, PHILADELPHIA, ANEW and Fashionable Hotel, possessing every modern ^ improvement necessary to the elegant accommodation Lessees, BAGLEY. MACKENZIE tc Co. James Baolev, late of Jmn'i Hot?>l. Manay C. Mackenzie, formerly ol the Washington Hnuie. , Petb? L. Frxmion. ji 18 Iw'it j TROY HOUSE, TKOY, N. Y i COLEMAN ROGERS, PROPRIETORS \ THIS House is now in fine order, capable of accummo- ; dating about three hundrrd persons. The ears for Bos- , Ma, Buffalo, Saratoga, and Moutreal, s*art immediately in ' front of the house ; tne steamboat lauding is also within a ! few steps. The proprietors trust, by their individual ezer- i tions for the com Tort of their guests, to receive a continuance of puMlc favor. This is, without exception, the most pleasant route oa the I Hue of the above places. Passengers can see their baggage , (O to or from the cars or house for any direction Our establishment has no runners in its employ ; therefore requests travellers to receive with caution aiiy reports from those employed by other houses. Persons wishing to make on ei(n >i u lo tog* Springs j can leave New York on Katorday i . ,e ample tune ' to visit the lake, diue, and return t>> s ,unl?y . > mini's boat, i C. 8. COl L?.AV I (l.r. .1 'in- A?. or House). C. M. ROwr.R* ! JylTtf * rrc ( Li i n.eS'. ner Empire), i SHARON SPRIN - PAVILION? ! THE PUBLIC is informed tl i tiblishment, having been enlarged and improv he close of the last aaasoa, will be opened for tne rei <-. uC visiters, oa the 1st j tool Jane. LANDON ?t GARDNER. ! May 1, IMC. myJ3 lm*r PAVILION, KKW bKJUHTON. PBLANCARD has the honor to inform his friends aad the public ia general, that the Pavilion isaow in full operation and prepared for their reception. Steamboats run between Pier No. 1, North River, aad New i Brighton, at the following hours, via:? krom New Brighton. I From New York. I, 11 A. M. I 9, U 4. M. ?, P. M. I jW. J '1 P. M. V. bL AN CARD. Pavilioa, New Brighton. Jane 1,1141. jtTtfre BOAKLt IN THE COUNTRY. A FEW gentrel Boar<l?rs can be accommodated at one of ! the most delightful country sens in Orauge county, { (boat one mile from the river, fonr miles below Newburgn. > Everything to make a summer residence desirable will be fouaa at this place?such as frait, ia even' variety, milk, ice, j Itc. For further particulars, please enquire ol A. B and 1). Sand, corner Fulton and William streets, or to C. H. King, 192 Broadway, corner John st. N. B? The new and splendid steamboat Thomas Powell land* passengers every afternoon, leaving New Yo>k at 4 ' o'clock. j21 3t*rh THE SHADES HOTEL, : 64 Rtade Strut, Wat Side of Broadway. FT*HE Subscriber respectfully informs his friends aad th? < X pablie, that ha has lately opened the above Establishment, in a style superior to any other house of the kind in the city of New York. The satisfaction which he has hitherto given to his numerous friends and customers, while proprietor of "The Shades," ia Thames street, he flatters himself will be s guaranty to all who may potronise him ia his aew establishmeat, while ao effort oa his part will b? wasting te merit the continuance of their patronage The otual relishes, Chops, Steaks, Welsh Rarebits, Poached Eggs, lie., will be served ap ia a superior style. The room will be regularly supplied with city papers, as ' well as a foil supply of foreign papers, by every arrival from Europe. JAMES EVANS. mil im*re BON SEJOUR. HPHE SUBSCRIBER has the pleasure to announce that j J- his house, at Bergen Point, is now open for pablie aeeomeommodatiou. A hotel ou the Jersey side has loag been a desideratum which is now sopplied. The house (the old Me lany manaioo) has been re-fitted ia elegant style, with many new rooms and other imgortaat additions. The gronnda are beaatifally laid out, and what with luin- I riant shrubbery, charming walks, agreeable drives, and pleasant boating, the place will challenge competition with any rural residence. Families who wish to pass a cool and quiet summer, can be provided with rooms or suits of apartments at their choice. Fish of almost every variety abound ia the ; " Kills,' and the aeighboring woods are not deficient in game. The steamer Passaic, plying betweenNew York and Newark, I stops at the landing, in front of the house, four times a day. i and the citizens of New York cannot find a more beautiful drive than that between Jersey City aad Bergen Peiat. In fine, all visiters, easterners and boarders, may be assured that ao pains will be spared to laake the place merit the ti- ! tie given it ol old?Boa Sejour. DANIEL W. LOCKWOOD. | Tho Paiiaif fnr Vawarlr Ua*?a rKa f/uir nt RirfUv atTMf 1 at 10 A. M. and 4 P. M., lauding in front of the above place. The Port Richmond boat leave* Pier No. 1 act, II, and { I o'clock. At %>rt Richmond there will be boata in attend- I ance to convey puitareri, and land th?a at the bouse. lm?r | MANSION HOUSE, I MIDDLETOWN, CONNECTICUT. THE UNDERSIGNED ben leave to announce to hie i frienda aad the public, that he Haa leaaed the above hon?e for a term of year*, and hopes, by I >ng experience and atrict attention to busineae, to merit a liberal share of thair pstrooage. JOHN L. MONROE. mr? Sm*rc formerly of the U. > Hotel, Boston. PA. It L. DELMON1CO, are happy to inform their frienda and the pnblie, that their new Hotel in Broadway, No. 13 corner of Monria street, ia now completed aad will be opened on the 1st of Jane next. No paint have been spared to render it one of the moat comfortable in the city, and persona desirous of a permanent home, as well as strangers merely passing Dy, will And all their wanta and comforts attended to with the moat strict attention, my 26 lm*r SARACEN'S HEAD, 12 DEY STREET, N. Y. fOSEPH SMITH ,!ate af Worcester, England, begs leave w to inform hia friends,easterners and the pnblie in general that he has recently fitted up his honae in a rery superior manner, and calculated to please gentlemen of taste. He will alwaya, aa heretofore, keep his Bar and Larder supplied | with the best Liaaora and Provisions that the market alforda. Dinners from if till S o'clock, and Cold Cats. Chopa, Btakee, Rare Bits, Itc., at all hours. Hi* supply of English and city newspapers is excelled by no house in New York, and his Ales, Wines, Began, lie., are of the moat superior quality and the attendance prompt. 1*HI vate Roems provided for parties, aad the eomfort and accommodation of customers always attended to. Lodgiags, ke myli lm#r "SURGO UT PROSSIM." PAUL H. DENNIS AND J. MARTIN BOTNE1L respectfully inform the public that they have opened the house No 06 NASSAU STREET, immediately opposite the StcoND Wabd Hotel, where they will be happy to see their friends and others who may be disposed to favor them with a call. Their Baa will at all times he well supplied with the vgay best of Wines and other Liquors, Cigars fcc. JNiessrs. Dennis It Botiseb assure their friends that every effort will be made to ^staiu the reputation they have so long enjoyed, and they are confident of cirinf satisfaction to all wfio partake of the comforts and luxuries of their house. CT7* A Lunch will be set every day at eleven o'clock, free orcharge. jylilw?je HOTEL"DE^ARIS^ANTlbN Kl ViuN EsTm* of the late proprietors of the f'er..un lf..??r p. ituo. respectfully informs his friendsand the vellmr I ul i r. that he Uas opened the house No. 290 Broadway, New \ - rk, entrance on Reade street, called the li t <1 IV l iris. where he will be happy to accommodate th??* ? ' > may * i v> ;o patronixe him, with board and lodging, by tin u? " - *,or month, on the most reasonable terms rriyl# Jm end^mPONY Ft' SAI.i. ^1 A beautiful Forrel I i.inds high, about J|Sal^ four years old, warranted , ertertly sound, aud ' ' * ? kind in ingle and donhle harness and under the , sauuit?suitable for a lady or children to ride. May be seen at MESSENGER'S suble, H Trinity Place. Price ttv jy21 Sfrre rutv oAi.b, TWO riNK 8JWDLE HORSES, <1 ? WILL drive also in a carriage. They /UU^ire jast the right site for riding en 1-^1^ XJL(Lj?rhorseback, and have been long ased the saddle. Apply at the deak of the Herald Office, for farther particulars Jell tf*Jrb | GROCERY FOR SALE. JM THE STOCK of Groceries in the store M Caths|;;iB rine stre> t, with lesse of store for one ye?r, wiih the ! LsHLprivilege of five:'lie stock is I ght and well s?lected? Fuugiic for cash and w.ll be sold at a bargain, as the owner is sboiit le ring tlie city; this is a rare opportunity for one wishing lo go into the business, ss the stand is o e of the best m the street. Apply on the premises. If the stock is not sold tha store will be to let j'J Jt?ih Tu LbT. MSpacions Parlors and Bedroom*, handsomely furnished, te let, to 'Southernera and otheri, tnree doora from the Battery. No 6 Greenwich adelightlul i,nation. Room* may be procured with or upthout bo?rd. j>22 lw"r CENTURY ALiOE, JNg| We have now to announce the arrival in oar citT of : #p4k'hia moa' extraordinary plant. The penmen to be *Jhfc.>e*n at the Coaaem. tory of Meier* Don lap It Thompsou. 63J Broadway, ia, without exception, the latent ever before exhibited The flower atem riaea from the body of the plaut over 12 feet, and 11 feet high ie It inehea in circamferenee, while at the baee It i? folly two feet round. We tru?t that none will fail in beholding a plant at ooee remarkable for itr rarity and its extraordinary age. jy 17 lwia*mc 111F, L.U.NU ISLAND IftftOHAiM.fe. t/l/MfANl, CAPITAL 200,01)0 DOLLARS. 1 WITH A SURPLUS Orrici 41 FYltom itrcet, BaooaiY*. CONTINUES to Uke ritkion building!, machinery, merchandize and property generally, on their usual favorable terma. Thia company nai pasied through the two greatest cenftagratioaa thai hare ever occurred in the country ; they owe their eeeape from them with rompamively alight loasea to the lyatem which they hare always jiractieed of limiting and Mattering their riaks. All l.iaae* which the conapan y may rajtaia will be adjuited and paid promptly as heretofore. Th? Company take apecial eare to aotiFy their customers ia New York, of all expirations of policiee. AMV8HHKNT*. dir. BOWERY THEATRE.-Thursdav Eveumg, July nWill bo performed, for th? fourth time, the Melo lira' nixtic Spectacle cutitUd THE VtW TKEE RL'INH?Sir Wilfred Peuruth, Mr Neafie; Cam Kyuan, Mr BMiicharU; Ohea Sturmwerti, Mr Cony; Beatrice Pt-iiruih. Mrs Phillips. Previous to ?Uicn the Comedy of HOW TO DIE H)K LOVE?Cttium Bluniculeldt, Air Wiavu; Charlotte, Mis Stadium. Doors open it 7 o'clock, curiam will rise at hull past / ? Dress Circle, 60 cents; Upper Boxes, 13 cents, I'n ana (Jail# ry, I2'i Mini. A$l'Lt. UAMUbft, wltil it* rilruiltr PromeuaUes i? S upeu day .Mid ermine.?'This Eveuiu* July KM, iimi euteiuu meuts will include a (nod selection of Music, from Kalliwoda. Labuikv, Kuhner, Kahibach, Douixetti. Von Weber, Strauss. Uellim, and Rossini. winch will be performed by the Orchestra, under the direction of Mr C W Meyrer. Intermission of lis 11 an hour, lor refreshuieuta, aud to riew the beautiful range of COSMORAMAS, extending arouud t'le whole of the Ksplansde, will b? brilliantly illuminated with gas. thus giving risiten an excellenr opportunity to exanuue these beautiful Views. Admission lift cents. i'OW EH FU L AT Tit ACTION. THE IUiVKL F.iMlI.Y-GAliMF.l. li.1VEL ANl) MDLLE. BUiNQY. NIHI.O'S <J AKDEN?''1 liunday Kvening, July 23? The en Certain meuta will fummrntf with a popul r Overture, After which the roinir magical |>autotnnne of the IN VISI. DLK HAKLKQUIN or the Euchauted Trumpet?characters i by tin- Havel Family. To be followed by the National Comic BOHEMIAN POLKA, by M'lle. Blarney and Moos Iieuri. Half an hour's intermission for the t^ouco.'ti AU-M?s?rd, ia the Refreshment Saloon. To conclude with tlie Comic rantomiine of ROBERT AND BERTRAND-Robert, A Ravel: Bertrand, O Rai el; Mous Dumont. K Ravel; Notary, J Ravel; l.avaleur, f< W'uitlier; M ll??loi, M'uie Leou Javelli; Ciiquette, M me Martiu Javalli. Doors open at 7 o'clock ; entertainments begin all o'clock. Tickets 50 cents. lAiUEHlCAN THEATRE, NEW ORLEANS, rOJlE Subscriber will open tins Theatre lor the season on A 1st November ue?t- The Coinnauy will consist of |*p formers of well-known talent and celebrity, it being my intention of procuring one of the best dramatic companies in the Union Stirs will fin J it to their advantage to negotiate with the establishment. Oeo. Holland, E?q , is my duly authorised agent in New York. All engagements, and other matters of business con. imatfd With thl? 'riioalr* 1*1 nil* K*? tvim taisll lia ksss<ls..> me. ""O. 8T!ckNEVr "" Proprietor of Aineiican Theatre, New Orleans, June I). 1HI. Address, poet paid, to Oeo. Holland (Agent), Olympic Theatre^New York. ivU <tarawn*? rrr HOWES & <; .-> NEW vbiti; MAMMOIH CIRCUS. THIS nnrivalled corpa of Equestrian* will perform at SacJietta Harbour on the 17th. Watertown on the 18th, 22d at Canton, 23d at Ogdensburgh,24 h at Prescott in Canada, and at Kingston 28th, 29th and 30th of Jul)', aud from thence to Toronto. The Largest Establishment ever organized is the United State*, comprising lju Men and Horace, rejuiriuit 26 Carriage* to convey the performer*, wardrobe, musicians, he. The company ha* attached to it Eight Kema'e queatriana, aaiwi whom ia the Greatest Vemale Kularul tie Age, recently arrived from fan* MADAMK MAKIEMACARTE, whoae new atyle ol Kquestnan Keats, peculiarly her own, , being chaate and classic; her graceful and fascinating addreaa, nd the charming naivete with which she chaina her audieence, render thir gifted aud highly-educated artitte the lead- ' mg feature of the arena in thi* conntry. The Proprietors refer the public to the brilliant description given in the respective newspapers of the eztraordiua>y ?nd daring feats performed by this distinguished arliite. Among the novelties which the Proprietor* offer are the celebrated scotch _ UlANT AND (J1ANTK8H. ineir neignt it it icet, ana tiieir weight over tub idi. Mr. Randall weight <32 lbs. Mr* Randall u the molt enormous giantest in the world. They will appear in " Jack and the Bean Stalk." nod he will perforin extraordinary feat* of 1 strength and agility, and will ride in a two korte act The ntertainmentt will comprise I' Aeu of Horsemanship, Gymnastic Exercises, Classic Displays, and humorous afterpieces. Equestrian Director, Mr. HOIVK.8; Hiding Muster, Mr. 1 NIXON, and the unapproachable Clown, DAN KICK. Among the Performers is the celebrated and principal Eider, the Napoleon of the Arena, Mr. HOBBH, wK#?e feats on 1 Horseback are the most extraordinary ever witnessed. Jure- < aile Act of Horsemanship by Master Nixoa. Olympic Exer- ] eises. by the whole Company, led kv the great European , Tumbler, Mr. MACARTET Wonderful Keats by Mr. Cole1* Dogt, Hector and billy. The SWISS U HOT HERS, m their elegant Oymnastic Postures and (ironpings. Mr Sweet as the (Charioteer of Phoebus. Posturing and Gymnastics by Mr. Nixon and hit son. Mr. Howes in bit Mythological and brilliant Act of "Fancies of Proteus." Mr. C. Howes in Slack Rope Evolntiuns. Mr. Geo. Sweet, the celebrated Tight Rope Daneer. With a r>nety o( orhert. The whole cnrapritiug the leading, moat talanted, and clastic performert IB the wo''' HOWES li CO.'S New York Mammoth Circut. Atlantic garden is now open hor ihk SEASON.?Dodworih't (Cornet Bund will perforin every 1 Tuesday and Friday evenings, commencing Jane Ind, et I o'clock. Admittance tree. mr| Im'rf WILLIAM AM.fnV IVr?T?T<?>tnr. CULMAN'S EMPORIUM OK art and ( LA88IC CABINET gallery ok oil paintings, WHICH includes his immense stocks of Books, Paintings, Engravings, Fancy Stationery, Drawings, Drawing Materials, Music, be., are now to be round upon the second floor, up one flight of easy suirs, (having leased the first floor,) where every thing will be sold at as low prices, and many much below the regular prices, being desirous of closing up as toon as possible liis Book Department. A Cheap List will toon be published for those who will bay n innntmes. Purchasers are invited to call and examine his New Rooms, No. JOS Broadway, second floor. a Is eodexs tfrre CRICKET CHALLENGE. THE St. Georges Cricket Club of New York and the Union Cricket Clul> of Philadelphia, will play a friendly match at Cricket against any eleven players iu all Canada. The match to consist o( two innings each, and to be played on the new ground of the St Georges Cricket Club, iu New York, on or before the 15th day of September next. Any communications connected with ilie above challenge, to be addressed to Mr. R. N. Tiiuon, President of the St. Georges Cricket Club. New York. By order of the Club, jvl? ltdfcltw*m H. BRIND. Secretsry. IIARLEM PARK TROTTING. Friday, jvivti rur?e $jo? mm* ites? injurneii, for horse*, that never won a |>nrse over th%t amount. Kntries to be made at I (iRKKN &. LOSKfc'B, 1 nuriday Evening, by mue o'clock, three or more to make a i j rice. jy2< It* rrc ^ RAILROADS, <Vo. f ? ' " " 1 ' " ? i TO WESTERN TRAVELLERS. Trtfryfl ; flMIEPnblic is reipeciluTT^iilorniKl that the rece nt break X in the Canal, caused by the late freshet, having been repaired, the PIONEER ?c EXPRESS LINK, via Railroad and Canal from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh. conynenced its regular trip* Tor the leaaon on Monday, the 6th of April, leaving the Depot, No-174 Market street, DAILY, at 7)f o'clock, A.M. By this route passenger* will avoid all the fatigue and danger of night travelling in coaches, both Railroads being passed in daylight. For further information, apply at the old-established Office, 174 Market street, 5 doors above Eighth street. alO 6m*rrc A. B. CITMMINGB, Agent. LONtf ISLAND RAILRUAU GUMi'AJNY. SUMMER ARRANQEMEXT fRAIN8 RUN Aft FOLLOWS, COMMENCING MTEO NE8DAY, MAY- 13, 1W<5: Lxavg Bsooklvn at 7 o'clock, A.M. Boston tr in for Green- 1 port, daily (except Sundays,) stopping at ] Karmingilale and St. George's Manor. " M at 9)4 o'clock, A. M., for rartnin dale and 1 intermediate places. " " at 3 P. M., through to Greenport, striping both ways at Jamaica, Branch, Hicks\ ille, Farmingdale, and all the stations between Farmingdale and Greenpqrt. " at 5 P. M., for Farminsdale and interne diate places. Iriuvs GaxnnroKT nt5 o'clock, A. M. Accommodation train, , daily, (except Sundays,) through to Brooklyn. " " at 3 P. M., Boston train, or on the arrival of the steamer from Norwich, stopping at 8t. George's Manor and FarmingdaJe. Leave FaBmingdale at A. M', Accommodation train for Brooklyn. " at A. M. Greenport train, lor Brooklyn. " " at 21* P. M. Accommodation train, for Brooklyn. Litri Jjmaica at t A. M. Accommodation train, for Brooklyn. " at M A. M. Greenport train for Brooklyn, i " at 3>< P. M. Accommodation train, far Brooklyn. * Kill to ? Bedford R cents, Eaat New York 12)1, Race Conrse UV, Trotting Course lflV. Jamaica 25, Brushville 3I3{. Hyde Park (17 milea) 37)<, (lowsville (during the sealion of court) 37?, Hempstead 37W, Branch 37 If, Carls dace 44, Westbury 44, Hirkaville 44. r'armingdsle 62%. Deer Park 69, Thompson Ml, Suffolk station $1, Lake Road station $1 18X, Medlord station Si 11V. Vaph ink SI 37W, St. George's Manor $1 62X, Itivcrlieail $1 (UK, Jamesport % I <2 W, Mattetack $1 ?2>?. Cutchog?e $1 62H, Sonthnld $1 (12>4, (Jreenport Accommodation train SI 75, Ureenport by Boston train S2 25. Btages are in readineas on the arrival of trains at the several stations, to take passengers at very low fares, to all pans of the Island. Baggage Crarea will be in readiness at the foot of Whitehall street, to receive baggage for the stveral trains. 30 minutes before the hour of starting from the Brooklyn side. The steamboat "Statesman" leaves (Jreenport for Sa* liar bor twice each day, on the arrival of the trams from Brooklyn my If re j _ ____ LONiT 18LANITKA!L ROAD Kii.rVTMi < Tram, leaves Whitehall street Femr, New York tide, every mom in* at ? A. M Tor Boi too.? SMSELAIso, trains from Brookli a side at 7 o'clock and fire annates and >>< A. M., and J and i P. M.. daily. The 7 A. M , aud J P. M. tiaine to through, the former stopping at Farraingdala and manor, and the latter atall placea *u the road jellr MURNLN(i BOAT AT SIX O'CLOCK FOR. ALBANY. Fare (Me Dollar. ~"*t ON KRIDAY Morning, Jnly 24th. the ^JpLirJs new and elegant steamboat MKTAMOZSuLRA. Captaia P. H. Smith, will leave the pier I'Kit m| VVarren street, landing at the pier foot of Hammond street. Van Coitlatidt's Dock, Newburgh, Poughkeepsie, Kingttnn, Ca'skill and Hn'lson. Breakfast and Dinner on hoard. jy23 lt*rh ONLY JiEGULAII. LINK OF I'ACKETo i'OR. NEW ORLEANS. ? Packet of the 27th July.?The fast-sailing packet ship WABASH, Capta n Hathaway, will sail positively on Monday. Jtilv 27th, her regular day, lendid racket has handsome accommodatinna for eond cabin and oteer'ge passengers. Those wishing to secure berths should make early application to VV.kJT TAP8COTT, jy>3 tnc M Month street, second door below Bn'liae Slip. FOR LIVERPOOL?Fir?t Paek.t-The anperior lut uiliii|i paclifi ihip KL'ROPF.. Captain Karbcr. JHMKi will poeitively sail forth* above port on the flrtt of AUHI feThe packet ahip NF.W YORK. Captain Cropper, will mteeed In* F.uropo, mid aail on the 16th inatant. Alto, the packet ahip 8IDDON8, Captain Cobb, will aail oa the tttli inatant. For praa;ce by the above ahipa, htrmi, by far, the mott aplendiil accommodation! of any veaaela now leaving port, . apply to I Jf ant JOHN HF.TIDM \N It CO. f.l Sonih at. NEW INVENTED Wins ' BAT< HF.I.OH'8 new invented Wiga and 9c?lp?. made ol ( the natnral curl hair, and adapted in the rnmt eaay | manner, to the pecnlnr atyle of each individual. They are Wtirely a new invention, dmag away wilh all the vnationa diiBcnlt e* ao long eiperienced by tboae who wear wiga. I The puolie are invited to inapeei a large and we.l wUrlM ( tork. rintaiimg every variety of ane and colon iney will . then h? .~Me tnjadge the rffert. WM. BATCHKLOR, inventor and oy I y manufacturer, t I Wall etreet, a ear SroJway. Hu-rti fr*m 1? Broadway. | Hmm to Mfr tka aMraaa JtW LATEST HVTELLIGEMK. TELEGRAPHIC REPORT. CONUKKSSlONAli PROCKEDDlO . Wash isiOTOiVf JuJjvl'i, lt??? la Htniuc. UKUrHII WATy Ttu. A communication was received from the Navv l)*p* mailt relating to the removal of C?|>t. Lavalette from ?? Memphis Navy Yum thi TiHiirr Mr. Dii presented the memorial of 400 mechanic* Kiahltill, New York, against anv rhauffe In thntaril 1H4J, unci askinir <on*rna? to let wall enourh mou . THK OIKUOK QUESTION. Mr. HnMian submitted a resolution calling on th* President for a ropy of the instructions to Mr. McLaae, our Minister in Kngland, relative to the settlemeat of the Oregon question, and copies of his correspondence on the same subject, which was laid over until to-morrow The Senate liaugreed to the amendmenta of the House to the army appropriation bill, and adhered to Jta own. Tho Military Committee ma le a report upon tha coaat defence! of Texan, un.l 4(100 extra copiei were ordered printed. TIIC Mill TO ORCUON. The Pout Office Committee reported it bill for the conveyance of the mail to Oregon. 1HK FAT ?VJ) MILKAGt BILL. The pay and mileage bill waa then taken up. and after a debate upon the expenuea incurred for the viiitof the Comanche Indiana, it waa amended Tho bill having been reported to the Senate, the amendmenta were then coucuriod in, and the bill praaed. THE TARIFF BILL. After aome unimportant buainaea, tho tariff bil* waa taken up. Mr CaMcaoif made an abla defenca of protective dutie?, anil gave an inteivnting account ol the laat Pre* dentin! campaign in Parma* Ivania, reminding tha Vice Pre?idont that hut Air tha Kane laltera. banners, tin., Polk and Uailaa would not huve received the vote of Pennaylvania. Ilouae of IUi|ir?MnU(lv?l. Till rl'BLIC PMRTIKU. The House went into Committee of the Whole. Mr. Di:iL*r in the Cliair, and took up the joint ratolution fixine the uricei and manner of executing the public printing. Ylr (??rhett Dith addressed the Committee in .avor of aj?eduction of prices, and in rejoinder to vtr. Bailey' peach ol yesterday. He sai 1 he had charged (hat tha gentleman from Virginia bad been a whig. The gantlainan denies the charge in the face of the Houta. Hera Wat the ittue between them He had produced, in enlenco of the truth of the chargo, the gentleman ?a own ipeech of l?39, in which the author took the ground of mi ullia whig. He read from it tha strongest whig <f*timents This speech was a witness of the author, who prepared it for priming, and yet if he wai pleated ta imp**ach its credulity, why so be it. He wat tavere upon the lecture of Mr. Bailey, yesterday, upon decorum of debate: and upon his political tomenct, and bit bold denial of it. lu conclusion, he said, emphatically, that gentleman, or any other who might choote to assail him, would Hnd him ready to send an oliver for a rowlaud. Mr. Bail* replied, and insisted that lis had been attacked. Hit constituents told him how thi* controversy sommencqd. and ha declared that the speech oi hi*, of 1833, which ha- been read from, wat a carefully praparid attack upon tha whig party. The Committee rose, and the House adjourned. BY THE MAIL8. Washinqtow, July 21,1846. Hit Public Printing?Reform?The Cabinet. The Hous?, iti committee, was occupied all [lay on the subject of the public printing; and, finally, passed the joint resolution of tbe Senate, by a vote of nearly two to one?109 to 66?reducing the prices established by the joint resolution of 1819. Having a practical knowledge of ^ie printing business, I was highly amused with the errors that marked the composition of the speeches delivered. Mr. Douglas was candid, and admitted that he did not understand the subject; so he ;onfined himself to a cannonade on the whig sarty for their inconsistency. 1 do not know ivhat will be saved to the government by the reform to-day elfected; but I do know that the expenses of the day's session was at least $2000 ! It is said, on a rough calculation, that Messrs. Ritchie and Heiss will lose at least sixty thousand dollars by the reform. The House have now under consideration a joint resolution, to put the printing out by contract, after the present session. The injustice complained of by the friends ot the printers is, mat me resolution 10 reduce the printing is retroactive; while, on the iontrary, it is maintained ihat the understanding was, at tne commencement of the session, that :hc prices Bhould be reduced at any time thereafter, if, in the opinion of Congress, it should be necessary. The reform should have been anticipated at the commencement of the session, and the regulation made. How would members like iheir pay to be cut down now, and deductions inade, in future, for what they have already received 1 Ah ! that's another story ! It seems to be conceded that Mr. AttorneyGeneral Ma?on will take the place of Mr. Buchanan in the State Department. In fact, I wai told so by a gentleman, who says he knows this to be the fact. Gentlemen, connected with the manufacturing interests, oontinue to arrive. Felix. Washington, July 21,184(1. Revolution?Graphic Statement of Affain at Waihrngton?Re-organi zat ion. " Mihi nichi fortunaj, ti non conctditur rtti /" What avails fortune, if we are not allowed to enjoy it 1 The fact is, we are >n a most glorious condition at this crisis?far it is a crisis?a crisis to the administration?a crisis to the party?ft crisis to the country?and a crisis of life or death to Pennsylvania, whiggery or locofocoism, and nothing less. The Executive schedule it too heavy? the land graduation was swallowed by die House with a great deal of sugaring, and great deal of modification?the warehousing bill was accepted by the Senate not without an entire emasculation?it was rendered into an eunuch before it could be trusted. The sub-treasury lies over?it is a dubious sort of a customer juit now ?it lies over?in utatu quo?like an old hulk requiring repairs, it is laid up in ordinary. But the tariff? the tariff?how stands the pro?* pcct of the bill of fc-ductions. That is the great question. You are right. No mistake. It just about is the great question?it is, par excellence, the question of all question* since the settlement of the Oregon question. We are somewhat lortnnate by a sort of inftinct to anticipate the drift of the tide. We refer aa proof to the war wuh Mexico, and the line of 49. Your readers will bear out the fidelity of your correspondent's prognostics. At the hazard of our reputa ion, as a prophet, we now tell you that the tariff bill froin the House will not pass tji* Senate without material modification, or if it doe*, it will be by a proviso extending the act of 1842 n its operation to the t-xpnation of the next sewion of Congress. The administration is in great perturbation. The President to-day is really excited, irritated, d,spirited and alarmed. He looki pale ?he feels badly? like n man in the premonitory symptoms of lever and ague. And why 1 On iu 20U11I of the tariff. Several members ol the House ?several Senators?a member ol the Cabinet?a number of private citizens from the States, have sailed to see the President to-day upon this subject of the ta iff?and an influential Senator has told hint that the present bill of reductions is inexpedient, unsafe, and dangerous. It does not yield the revenue required?it diminishes the revenue, when we are compelled to borrow money? tf adopted, it will drive you to direct taxation or a speedy repeal, and either would be very hazardous. In either case Pennsylvania in loU?gone by the board ; and as goes the Keystone so goes the Union. Mr. Walker has asked ?< ?!. Ilia nutnmirs ilfsiuned lor l?*aCO, TtV ducing ihe revenues to the standard of peace, cannot be accommodated to the extraordinary demands of a state of war. A programme made out for the peace establishment, cannot be applied to the tremendous requisitions of an invading army in a remote coun.ry. And the bill now before the Senate, as it stands, cannot be passed. It must either be graduated, or secured from immediate mischief, by Mr. Haywood's proviso that it shall not take effect until the close of the next session oi Congress. It is said too that Mr. Dallas, the Vice President, ha* appealed to Mr. Walker to aave him from the disaster of the casting vol?, in recommending a miti?ation of the destructive schedules of the bill, especially the thirty per cent schedule. And the news to-night was that there were ascertained to bo nearly half a dozen of Democratic Senators, who are all anxi us for a " compromise," or an entire abandonment of the bill, as preferable to its passage in its present form l>ny by day ttic cloud lias oeeu uikicung, and to-night we hear the muttering >f ominous thunder. The cloud will probably break over the Senate to-morrow. Fortylight hours may produce an entire revolution. Hr. Clay effected a compromise in 18B in favor >f the Houth; what w-mld you think, if Mr. Calloun were to be equally instrumental in a compromise to the salvation of Pennsylvania on the Jill of '4ft? by a graduation at its rad notions, year

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