Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 26, 1846, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 26, 1846 Page 3
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VutotlM. OwMimi Accimkt ?In Philadelphia, oa tha Slat I taat, mb of tha Rev. Mr. Chandler. of Kenaington. ?u I ' moat nrmlT wounded in the ehoulder by a cut with a ! broad axe T^e lad ia 14 or 14 yeara of afa. and waa i | . wounded at tha ahlp yard at tba foot of Palmar atreet. * hile paaaing near a ship carpenter at work. It aeema that juat aa the carpenter waa atriking the blow with a full awing, tha hoy paacad before him and under *he axe, which came dowi* with great force upon hia ihoulder, cutting a deep and fearful gaah clear into the bona. Tha aituation of the boy waa conaidered critical from the loaa af blood and the aevere cencuaaion. Diath or Ma. 9w*m?William Swaim, Eaq., died on tba 3<*th inat., at hia residence corner of Seventh and Cbeanut atreeta, Philadelphia. Mr. Bwaim had beea for long time afflicted with a general paralyaia, which attacked him nhortly after hia return from the tour of Europe. with hia-family. Mr. 8 leaveaa vary large fortune, amaaaad by tha aala of hia Panacea. Freer Abbivai. or Flocb madb raox N?w Wmbat.? The boat Tariff of the Merchanta' and Millera' line, ar rivei at Albany on the 20th iaataat, having on board forty barrela " Hiram Smith'a Extra Flour." made from natar lukait <<Anti(rnail tn V 14 IVfll f N'flW Vrtfll. Thll boat Tariff brought the first new wheat flour to Albany last season. Esc*r? ranif the M*??*cHi'?rtt? St*t? Piiioh.? j On the -Ust instant. thro* mm named Charles W. Whitehense. John 4dan>* alia* John Ulrn, and John Johnson, mod# their escape from the State Priaon at Chailestewn, in the following manner : It b the practice at the priion , to let out the cooka from their cell* at an early hour, and ?a the nri'onenare all flhtened in by one bar, the others took advantage of this circumstance to open their ( door* and escape into the passage way. They then fore- I ed the bar off the Lutheran window, which at thia place is close to the outiide wall, aud by hitching a rope to the eaves of the house, let themselves down. Whitehou?e i? J 4 yeara of age He wai sentenced to the State Priaon for ten yeara from Sept. lb, 1841, for highway 1 robbery in the aecond degree Adami alias Allen ii 30 j e?r? of age. and was committed in September, 1841, for ten \ ears, for an assault with intent to Kill, and hreaking into a store and stealing. Johnson was sentenced in September, 1843, for six snd a half yean, for burglary In the night time. The warden, Mr. Robinson, offers a reward of ifor each convict. Homicidk-?A man named Ridgely was on Sunday last lodged in th* jail at Leesbury. Va , charged with the murder of Mr Keed, ne*r Union, at noon on the preceding da . He was dining with Mr Reed, when a dispute seems to have arisen, an I he approached him and stabbed him several times, till he fell back into the arms flf hia wifft Malicious ?The person employed to mend the wires of the telegraph between New Haven and Bridgeport, . reports (hat he found them broken in fifteen places? many of the glass knobs shattered?and portiem of the 1 wire carried off?Journal. The Annual Commencement of Rutgera College, New ; Brunswick, takes place to-day. The Annual Commencement of Yale College takes j place to-morrow. The Albany train, due at Springfield at 10 o'clock, en j the 19th, ran off the track seveutuen miles west of this plar.e ? engine off the bank ; engineer under the en- j gine ; two passenger oars off The accident was occa- ; sio??d by tbe cars running ever an ox. The fireman and ! engineer were badly hurt, but no bones broken The ' ?H??engers larkiiy escaped unhurt The tender and ! aKK*K? f ais were much injured?Hatton Daily Timet. Tub R*-?doi ru Ncoaocs.?71>e Sidney Aurora, of Saturday, says these negroes remain on Col. Johnson's ; farm near Piqua That paper condemns, in decided terms the conduct of the citizens of Mercer in the late outbreak, and insist* that "they should have made their ob- I jections known before the land was purchased. and not waited until they had drawn the last cent they could expect out of the pockets of the blacks?some $8J,000? I nd then raise an armed force and refuse to let them take ; possession of their property, as they have done. We look j upon the whole proceeding as outrageous in tbe extreme, , nd the participators should be seveiely pnnished What , makes the thing worse, is the fact that a number of those who war* fiercest in their opposition to the blacks, loudest in their threats to shoot, Sic., were the very men who old them land, received wages for constructing the buildings, and actually pocketed a large amount of money for provisions, not two weeks before the arrival of the poor creatures whom they have so unjustly treated." Motemknts or Taoors lit Canada ?H. M. 8. Belleisle, 73, arrived here yesterday st noon, from Cork. She i..,i ?.;ii , ,;i . f-... w?vuBu? vukwv ?1 "Vjm, wu? ?tim .1011 *vi utMi.BA IU tm t?f? day* with the 89th Regiment, and. it it rumoured, one wing of another Regiment. She will return here imme diately with the 77th Regiment from Halifax, and will take hack the 60ih Rifle* and the 14th Regiment?Quel?c Mercury ELorrMr.KT in New Jersey.?The Newton, 8u(mz Co. HetmU states that on Monday evening last, Mr. Qeorge ? Rr-uen, of Newark, said to bo a married man, eloped from that place with a respectable young lady named Jane Baldwin. They had not proceeded far before they : were (topped by the uncle of the lady, who first demanded the restoration of hia nieoe, and on being refuaed, knocked down her "protector," and carried her back in triumph to hi* home in Lafayette townahip. Upon being told that her lover wai a married man, the young lady declared, in the aimplicity of her heart, " She didn't believe it, for if it were true, Oeorge would have told her to.'" 1 wo dayi after her return, however, Brnen, after exercising the strategy of Revnard, found means to abduct Miss Baldwin, and now they are " over the hills and far away," enjoying, no doubt, a most delicious honeymoon. Kibe in Albawv.?Last night a fire broke out in the buiMtng situated on the Patroon'a creek, occupied in part by O. A. Tingley k Co , which, together with the out- | buildings connected therewith, were destroyed. The jireiuises were occupied by the following persona O. 1 A. Tinglev Sc Co , patent bedstead manufacturer, loaa $j.00ii. $1 000 ins.; L. A. Chase k Co., cofl'ee roaster, loaa $4<)0. no ins ; 9 A Otis, sash and nlind manufacturer, loss $ >00. do; Knistus Tracy, turner, loss $JOO. do; James Laagley, feed mill, loss $100, do. These establishments fave employment to between thirty and forty person* ? he hiiil<ilng? were owned by atcpnen Van Rensselaer, and were insured for $800 ?silb. Evt. Jour. Tnk Niauaba Pom v.?Whi'e, of the Eagle at the Falls, bas a Blark Tony, who was found standing upon the bank of the precipice at the whirlpool. He was driven awav, bat always retumod to the spot, and gszed wistiully down the precipice. His appearance and deportment it a myatery Did hit master perish there 7 If the pony could speak he would answer the question. He i* a suspicious pony. Loss or Baio Delia.?The brig Delia, Capt. Falea, fiom Thoraatton, M^., for New Orleant, wat lost on the Chandeleurt on the 14th intt; no lives were lost. The brig ran aground, and six boura thereafter, her cargo, ,.f I ft/Wl Kerrala nf 11m* tnnk Hra VVIiftn ( ai)t. Fale? left her, tlie bow wai burnt to the water's edge, and her ktern wu under water. Capt. K. succeeded in saving mokt of her rigging. The Delia belonged to New Orleans. Death or C. J. M'Nultt.?The Ntw OrUmm Delta atates that Caleb J M'Nulty, formerly Clerk of the U. S. House of Repretentativea, a private In the Voung Guard* of Mount Vetnon, Ohio, died on board the steamboat Alhambra, on the 10th inxt. His remains were buried with military hoaort at Helen*, Ark. Errzt, the SurrosaD Mubdeber.?Eppes, the report" ed murdeier of Mr Muir, ol Dinwiddle, Vs., was, it is | raid, seen at Manchester, Va., on hia way to Richmond. He will doublets come further north. InniAN Costume.?In Washington recently, durin. the hot weather, it is said that one of the Indiana now in that ity, was going up the avenue clothed i> such apparal as civilization whs heaping upon him. Feeling them of no manner of use. he toek ofl hi* pantaloons, threw them over hit arm, and strode up the avenue, attracting auite as much notice with them on hia ai m at if they had been en his legs liiutLiTr?At Providence, a meeting has been heldmnd fifty barrels flour,with $ibO worth ol clothing,direct *1 to be at once sent for the benefit of the Nantuoket sufferers. Population or Wisconsin.? Returns from eleven eoun ics give a censua of 89.019. If there be a propor. i tiouete increase in the remaining counties the population will amount to about 160.000 Ten yetu-sago wis- ' contin was the uliimmthuU of civilization. Sinci'laii Death.?On the 8d inst, Mr. Henry KHlriN, of Chester county. Pa., died from the effect of a sting in the nostril by an insect, received while ljing down in baggage car. at Columbia waiting for a car. He was employed on the Pennsylvania railroad. tuiniarh from Ithaca to Auburn.?The wires for the Magnetic Telegraph, from Ithact to Auburn, are alrea ly strung a portion of the di* tance, and in the course ef a week or ten days, will he in working order. Instead of two, at upon the Albany and Buffalo line, there will be but a single wire conneoting the two places. Brutal a-?d Bloodt ArrAia.?The Mayiville Koil* of the lltli inst nays:? A gentleman from Pendleton county informs us that on the 'J6th ult, a man named Jtaac Hawkins, who had a wife and two children, committed a rape on a young girl of from twelve to fourteen j ears ol age. named Elizabeth Miller, on the road leading from Falmouth te Williams- 1 town. A warrant was is?ued on the same ilay for the apErehention of Hawkins, and placed in the hands of II M. owe. a constable of Pendle county. Lowe, in company with another, repaired to the house of Hawkins, whete be found him in the act of leaving. He infnrmaH him that hft had ft writ far him aiu?Ak?..(A>. Hawkina <1raw a dirk from hii bosom, with a'view,It it aufpoted, of intimidating Low*, and than attempted to make hia escape Low called to him three timet tucceaMTrly to atop, to which Hawkina paid no attention. Lowe then rai*ed hia inn and ahot, the bullet taking effect on the right site. between tha aecond and third riba. Hawkina. after eufliering much pain, died on the afternoon of tha 37th A gtaat eea) of sympathy waa felt for tha wil* and children of Hawkina, hot nona appeared t? ragret the fate of Hawkina himself Familt Potaonr.d bt Hknbamc.?A family of four paraona were poisoned in Rocheater on tha Md imt., by anting henbane, boiled for greena, for their breakfaat. Twr Narru*E.?The Providence Trmmctipt of tha 93d Inat., saya We are Informed thnt the steamboat Nepiune got aground laat evening near Coaatera Harbor, thla aide ot Newport. Tha Neptune left tbia city laat evening for New York. The nignt waa vary foggy- Tha Neptune waa atill aground this morning. We have no further particular*. Mr. Setienk, of Ohio ia in Baiton, Mob and Mnisn in illmorr?We learn thai a jnurrlerou* altatr occurred on the Edwardsvill# road, Illinoia, lorn* eight milea from the city, about 9 o'clock yesterday morning, which resulted in tha death of one peraon, and probably the mortal injury of on* or two other* James Duncan, a farmer, aomewhat notorious aa a quarrelsome and bad character, having some difficulty * 1 h those in the neighborhood, had been warned to leave, and tbraetened with death if ha remained.? Eaily j estarday morning, h* waa informed that a large party were coming down, and waa advised to leave, which he refused, and prepared to defend himself. Accompanied by a woman who had been It t- i iter tilth Kim hnth ?,<>, <ri,n. Ik... t.f. it. I to go a Ashing, ? h* they met the party, some twenty or thirty in gnmlitr. on their way to the honne ; m thev approached, the woman discharged ber g?n in their midst, woundit.g one of the party vary seriously, and immediately after a volley waa icturned by which Duncan wm instantly killed, the top of bis head being ihot away, and a Ixrgc number of abt>t took eflfcct in hi* body. The woman lereired a ball In her^>rea*t from which It U supposed the cannot recover Punoan had no tamily, and the woman waa living with him aa his housekeeper - Si. J[BipilUlni, July II, Nbw BmfWtWTCK, July 18,1848. | Examination at Rutger'i College?Annual Commencement ?Extreteet. The examination of the students of Rutger's | College, N. B., closed yesterday,(July 17,) whicl^ tslter a* we can learn at present, gave universal latisfaction'; and if we may be allowed an opinion, ! we would say that we consider the nine hearty ; cheers which resounded through the lmlls of the lime-honored edifice, startling professors and gra. 1 tifying students, to be a demonstration to be mistook by none whs heard them, of the feelings of the participators, who perhaps felt as " caged birds, suddenly freed," because examination is a , time of anxiety, consider it in what light you will. The portraits of the patron of the Coll ege, Colonel Elenry Rutgers, and of the ex-presidmt Dr. Livingston, D. D., S. T. P., never loo!ked better pleased (if intelligence and approbation may kindle in the eye of a painting) than \?*ben our present very venerable and honored President proueunccd the result of the examination to bo hiiihlv eratifvinz. Many a heart then leapt (or joy, an?l loudness shone in many countenances. Next week the annual commencement of tlvis Institution takes place, when we anticipate the ! pleasure of meeting beauty and wealth, " all j tipped in the gay (oliage of fashion and if we are not mistaken, ministers will be in great demand, for warm heart* (?uch a* we here can : boa?t) will ever find their way to kindred soul*. We in the name of all the students, cordially invit* all who may be of a mind to witness the performances, to attend, and we would in addition request them to provide themselves with lansand smelling-bottles, as some fainting may be expected. On Monday, the 20th, A. Bmyn Hnsbrouck, I L L. D , the President of the College, will deliver his Baccalaureate to the graduating class. On Tuesday, the 21-t, at 12 o'clock, the Alumni of this Institution will he addressed in the College chapel by Matthew Hale Jones, Esq., of Easton ^ * -L - - c- T ? ... a x? _f 1 i'm. in inu aiicruuuiii jaiucb o i nnjrcr, ijsij , ox New York city, will deliver an addr^s? before th? rival literary societies of the Coll-ge. This gentleman is too well known to need oar encominms. On Wednesday, the 22d, the exercises of th? Senior Class will take place, when the dejfrees awarded by the Trustees wilt be conferred, after , which the College will be closed until the lsr of' October, when we hope to see a goodly number of young men entering its lists to wrestle for its I honors. Canadian Items.?A portion of the Wesleytr*. Methodist Congregation of Toronto, have withdrawn from all connexion with the Canada Conference, oa the ground that thai body possessed all tha poorer of J the Church, and u?ei it for political or faction* purposes. ) They have (elected a site for a new chapel.and will adopt i a ay item of Government that admit* of lay represents- I tion. ' R Burr one of the gang of robbers that have commit- | ted depredation* in variou* part* of the country, ha* been I convicted at Toronto, and sentenced to be hung on the | 10th of Auguit. | The Canadian* have ju*t adopted a new ayitem of j Common School Education, itrongly resembling that of 1 the State oi N. York. The country i* to be divided j into district*, and the lyatem of superintendence with I annual report* is adopted thougbout A Board ofEdacs- | tion he* been established at the *eat of Government,some- ! what ieiemhling our Regents of the University. The Canadians are determined not to be entirely dependent upen the mother country for manufactured article*, and quite a brisk movement is in progres* in favor of manufactures. The "Ontario Weolen Factory" at Cobourg is insucesful operation, and will soon turnout 4,600 yard* of cloth a week?consuming $00,000 worth of wool a year. The wool growers is the vicinity, are determined to try a home market. We learn from the Toronto Banner that at the recent quarterly examination of the Toronto Medical School, Mr. John Ried, brother of Jamea D. Ried, formerly of Roche*ter, "passed" with much credit" The Canadian Parliament have strictly prohibited Orange celebrations The recent anniversary (July 12th,) which h?s unsually been a day of riot agd bloodshed, passed off very quietly. No public display wa* attempted beyond an occasional badge of Orange flowers on tne breust of some zealous member of tne Association. Beyond this the Orangemen were obliged to content* themselves with "private reunions." The Provincial Parliament has been further prorogued, pr? forma to the 28th August next. Abduction and the Punishment.?Quite a gathering took place in State street, directly in front of our oAlce, about half pa*t 8 o'c'ock, on Monday evening, in consequence of the infliction by Mr. Calvin Martin of a tremendous flogging upon the person of a luckless individual named Leonard Smith. The particulars of the case, a* we gather them from several reliable source*, are a* follow*About the first of June last, a daughter, abeut 1A years of age, of Mr Martin, who is a very worthy and respectable citizen of this town, was inveigled from her home; and from previous intercourse had by 8mith with the girl, suspicion at once fell, upon bim. The fugitives were traced as far as Haverbill, when it was found that twe young men of this town were concerned in conveying the girl off. Ne further information could be obtained at the time. Some time af,u - .f >k. ~.-i young man alluded to. with several other*, had transfer red hu daughter to the handa ol an experienced villain belonging to New York, where it seemed probable (he had been taken. Ne further clue to the mystery could be obtained until day before yesterday, when letter waa received by a gentleman in this towu from a person io New York, stating that girl by the name of Martin, belonging to this town, was there without a proper guardian, and desiring that her friends might be informed ef it Her unhappy father immediately prepared for a journey to New York to bring back his daughter to the parental roof, but one of the unfortunate objects of suspicion was destined to receive a heavy pu Uhment for his supposed crime, betore the father's departure. How stiong the proofs against Smith were, we do not know, but it is very evident the injured father had decisively made up his mind of the deserts of the young gentleman Walking down State street on Monday evening, be chanced to meet Smith standing in the doorway ol the of the dry goods shops, and the result of the meeting was anything but gratifying to the latter. There waa a cewhide used, as has been reported, but the individual, innocent or guilty, felt the weight only of an unweaponed arm, dealing out the retribution of a deep^rrong, immediately after the assault Mr Martin delivered himself into custody, and gave the required bonds for his appearanae at court.?Ntwburypart Courier. The Nes Perces Indians, in Oregon, are said to bo making c?n?iJf rablo progress in civilization. They inhabit a desirable country, and are paying attention to agriculture, and have a large number of horses and cattle. They are more neat in their dresa and more industrious in their habits than other tribes of Indians. Some missionaries have established schools among them. Mr. Spalding haa translated a portion ol the Scriptures into their language ; it ia written with Kuglish letters, but Indian worda. A traveller from Oregon exhibited to us yesterday a manuscript book neatly written in that language by a native Nea I'ercea Indian It was a copy of the translation of the New Testament, by Mr. Sptil.iing, and was well executed. The education and civili ration of these aboriginal tribes should be encoursged. ?St. Ltuit Era, July 17. Supreme Court, July 22<1.?Present all the judges.?No. 48 Miller and h1 ads. Sherder. Mr. Hill was further heard for the defendant. Mr Taber waa heard for plaintiff, aad Mr. Stevens in reply. No SO ? Sims and al vs. Humphrey. Certiorari to review summary proceedings to remove tenant, lie. Mr. Noxon opened for plaintiff. Mr. Fairchild was heard on behalf of defendant: and Mr. Noxon in reply. Decision postponed. No Rich, plaintiff in error vs. Viton and al defendants in error. writ of error. Judgment reversed by default W. J. Bacon for plaintiff No. 33 Squires plaintiff in error vs. Townsend defendant in error Writ of error. Judgment reversed by default. Mr. Taber for plaintiff. No. 52. liarnett vs Soouten. Motion by defendant for a new trial in ejectment Mr. Hill opened for defendant Mr Stevens was heard on behalf ot plaintiff, and Mr. Hill in reply. Decision postponed.?Jllb. Eve. Journal, July M Condition of the Streets. New York, July 13,1846. BDear Sir :?I notice what you say in this morning's Herald concerning washing the streets with the hvdrants. 1 do not think our citizens are suf flciently aroused to the condition of the streets of our city, and will not be I #m afraid, until some fearful epidemic rages in our ruidst. Should there not be a public meeting held to take into consideration the shameful ncglect of the city governmentl What have we come to, when a city like this, having advantages equal to any in the world, is suffered to remain in such a filthy state 1 Shall these things be 1 Are there not bounds to every thingl Again, I say, should thero not be a public meeting of our citizens to express their condemnation of this abuse of power t Should not the cry of " clean streets I" " clean streets!" resound throughout our city, until the Common Council are forced to give them to us 1 Or, are we to remain in a lethargic state, "hugging the delusive phantom of hope," until our enemy, the cholera or yellow fever, " has bound us nand and foot." Yours, respectfully, SuBScarMii. 0OIIBT MARKET. Saturday, July ?5?6 P. M. Ths tendency ef price* is still upwards. Mest of the fancies improved s fraction to-day. Long Island went ap H; Harlem X; Norwich It Worcester Morris Canal V; Farmers' Loan Reading RR fell offX; and Ohio 4'i closed Arm at yesterday's prices. The transactions continue verv limited, comiderior the advanee in prices. j which (how that thaaa atocki ?ro held by itrong partial. The rectipta of the Houiatonic Railroad Company for tha month of Juna, 1840, IMS, wara u follow*:? HoriATomc Railroad. For freight $8 878 1# For pn linage and nail 3,927 29 Total *11 803 44 j Sana month iMt year 10.780 89 Inoraaaa $1,029 ht Tha Leniin Tim* of the (d,tontaloi lift of Railway Aata wkleh kn >! ?< to the praaeat m?Im of Parlto I J .. . ^ _ BMt^ud which have rooeived the Royal aaaMk Tha road* an M in cum bar. varying from oaa atta to W mile* In length. Tha London and York liapit *07 mile*, and the-.Great North of Scotland 109. Tha aMpagate numbar of tailea is mora than 1600. Tha capitMatock authorized by tho acta, ?M,374,ISO, with autkoiity to borrow a further capital, ovar and above tha cagHal atock, to tha amount of $12,400,147 making the total amount authorized to ba rained, $48,M9,277-*ay two hundred and twenty-fire milliona of dollar*. The receipta of th>e Little Miami Railrood Company, j for the month of Juno, thia year, were $7,767 66, making the aggregate, from the lat of Janaary, about $60,000. I Thia road will aoon be opened to Springfield, which will , complete the entire route, of eighty fcurmilea in length. Aocording to the official return*, the oondition of the New Orlean* Canal and Banking Company, on tha 39th of June and 11th of July, wa* aa follows:-*NEW Ontiii CANAL ahu BaneiNO COMrxxr Liabilities ./-un* 9Q ruL. ? Circulation.. $673,330 774.HO Individual depositors 1,1*1.674 1,111908 Win. Seidell. Treasurer U. 8.... 169,086 911,664 Due Northern ban lit for collection* 83.1V7 91.437 Total... 2,707.667 1.M4.78# Jluttt. Specie..... $1,784,786 1,070.477 Piper payable within 90 days.... 116,394 823,873 Foreign and domestic eirliaiiges due by Northern bauks CC 1.813 Ml,141 U. 8. stocks and stocks of tb? [ State of New York 101.1191 Bute of Louisiana loan 10.000 1 MM1B Paper payable iu full in orer f mi.sw ninety daya li'5,929 J 3,SI9,2M 3.778.'34 Ther* appear* to be a rapid expansion going on In the movemant* of tbi* institution. The bank ha* three dollar* of specie on hand to one of paper in circulation. The annexed statement exhibit* the foreign trade of Bolton, for the month of June, 1B46:? Commebcc or Boston, Junk, 1846. Inporli. Subject to duty $1,122,741 Free of duty <12,96 Specie li.4? Total value of imports *1,519,403 Export g. Domestic products 447,997 Foreign products Dutiable 184,171 ! Free ... 8,111 ; Total m.m j Specie 1.M* j Total value of export*- MS,Ml ; Snewiug a baUnce in favor of foreign pftrts, 935,002 Estimated amount of duties for tht month of June.... $353,188 Amount of debenture certificates issued... 1441! " Showing a balance of. $337,967 ' This i? about one fifth of the commerce of thli port for < the lime month. Thi? fact (peak* for itaelf, comment la unnecesaary. I Old Stock Kxchanpe. $10000 Ohio 6't. 1060 93V .75 ah* Harlem RR 53V $100(1 Reading Bond* 73)? 30 do *60 53*2 i?>?0 de 73 100 do 53 V $1000 Reading Mort Bd* 74 100 do 54 lOahiUHBank 4 30fl do aCO 54 100 Karuiera' Trnat 26V 100 do a30 54 i 250 Morrn Canal 12), 300 Reading RR 68 50 do hfiO 13 200 do b90 69 , 500 Canton Co b30 35 50 do blO 68 50 Long 1*1 RR b60 32 50 Nor (c Wor RR 58 50 do 31 25 do 58V ' fSO do ? b30 3l)i 50 do b 15 58$ Second Board. > 200 ah* Reading RR *10 ,68 50 *h* Harlem RR J4K 1 h& Harlem RR 54 U 50 Nor It Wor blO 58$ > 73 do 54 V 50 do 58 V 50 da HX J If aw Stock Bxehan|ra> 75 ah* Farmer*' Tr caah 85 25 *b* Nor It Wor ea*h 58 | 50 do bl5 25)^ 25 do Monday 58 i : 50 do inw 25 25 do Monday 58V 25 do Monday 21 35 do caan 58k > ! 50 Morria Canal caah 12V 25 do *10 58' 50 do Monday 12?J 50 Reading RR b15 67V 25 do a 15 12V 50 do bnw 67V i 35 Canton Co bnw 34 V 50 Long 1*1 RR cab 31 I SS do b3 31 50 do Tneaday 31 < 35 do *10 34K 50 Harlem RR Monday 54 | ? i Married. At Brooklyn, on the 33d nit, by tha Rev. Mr. Chaae, Mr. H. P. Oouor, of Bristol. Maine, to Mia* Maboabet M. Oorhau, of Damaicotta Mill*. Maine. On the 23d inatant, at St. George'* Church, by the Rer. Or Tynj, Adolfhe Prmncca. of Coblentz, Germany, to Miaa Sabah Anne, daughter of the late Oeortre W. Hyer, of thia city. , ______________ Uled. On the 25th of July, Mr. John Ckawfokd, aged 41 yean. HI* funeral will take place thi? dav, (Sunday) the 38th init. Hia friendi, and the friends orthe family, are reapectfully invited to attend from 347 Canal atreet. AUCTION N OTIC Hi. WM. W SH1KLEY, Aucnoneer. House furniture sale-Bv h. e willard, Tuesday, Ju'v 28th, 10K o'clock, at the S story noose, No. 123 Hammond near Hudson street?Postponed from the 24th, on account of rain, a very central assortment of Handsoim- Furniture, in prime order.embracing -til useful articles of Kitchen, Basement, two parlourt and bedroom Kurni'ure. Mile will be positive rain or ahiue. At 12 o'clock, a valuable Pianoforte and stool. The House to let cheap till first May next. jyttt'ia'r MEMBERS OF CONGRESS AND PUBLIC SPEAKERS l CHOULD rtmemher that William Ad*ms, No. 3 Elliott's { ?5 Buildings, Washington city, is the Agent for the sale of *chenck's Pulmonic Syrup, which is the best remedy for preventing and curing Consumption and other diaeasea of the lungs and respiratory organ*, which public speakers are pecnliarly liable to Principal offices in Philadelphia, 32 South Sixth atreet; 4 Coartlandt atreet, New York; and Reddiug It Co I State atreet, Boaton, who are ageuta for the New England SutM. ju26 U'mc MEW STEREOTYPE FOUNDRY. VINCENT DILL, Jr., Stereotype Founder, No. IT Ann atraet, corner lhea're Alley. New York. ' N. B ?All ordera executed at thia Fouudry equal to any in i the Union. jy26 Iw'mi( BARGAINS! BARGAINS!: I TO CLOSE IN A FEW DAYS?RICH AND COSTLY OOOD8 AT HALF PRICE ! } 371 Broadway. Iff HE assignees of Edward R. My?rs, offer tha balance of X hia stock of rich and costly GOODS, for the coming week, at one half the price they have bran sell ng. I Ladies will yet find a splendid aasortment of Parisian Ooods, ! which will be offered at pricea atill lower than laat week, as 1 it is their determination of cloaing the wkola on or before I August 1st jyM lt*mc FOR SALE FOR CASH, OR GOOD ENLOlT i SED PAPER. A COPPERPLATE Printing Establishment, the cnstom work for the laat six months, the dullest in the year, has | net $900 The a.nount of stock is sm .11, has been in opera( tion an yeara Its a chance that seldom offers to oue acquaint| cd srit'i the business?the object in selling it "going West." I ' & G STEELE. TRAVELLING TRUNKS, <tC. JOHN CATTNACH. Trunk Manufacturer. No. 1 Woll street, corner of Broadway, haa now on hand and const <nt, > ly miknif a good assortment of Trunks, Value*, Car|>?t , Bags. aud Satchels, wholesale and leiail. Also, a (uperior article of sole leather 1 rank*. suitable for American or European Travel, and Portmanteaus for the r reach MaUe Potlr Order* for the Wait Indie*, Sooth America, Jtc.. filled with dispatch, jytt Iw*r ! REMOVED. ROBERTSON'S Phenix Hat and Cup Manofactory, to N Fulton stieet, between William and Gold street*. jyJ5 3li**rrc DISSOLUTION ; THE Copartnership heretofore existing between JOHN KEEN AN and the undersigned is dissolved All persons ' having business with said copartnership will present their accounts to me, to whom all debt? must be paid The business will be continued bv me as usual, in New York,aud in Liver- ' |H>ol bv a house of the high st standing, and my agent, Mr. . Thos. J Timtnin*, who will assiduously devote their attenItiou to all business entrusted to them. jU 3trc JOHN HERDM?N.?1 Sou'h st. , PERFUMERY, FANCY SOAPS, &e. THE Genuine Walnut Oil Military Shaving Soap, highly scented Toilet Soaps, Elegant Extract* Essences. Colognes, Pomatum, Hair Oila, lie.: Pari* Label*. Tin Foil, and , every other article in the line. Coontrt merchants and deal1 era in geueial will find an extenaive assortment of the above article*, at the lowest market rates, at the depot. No. 3 Courtlandt street JOHNSON, VHOOM fc. FOWLER, general agent* for Dr. Koord's celebrated Pectoral Hyrup, for coughs, enlds. and nil diseases of the lung*, fcc. jy!4 lw*re PRACTICAL BOOK-KEEPING. No. 88 Cedar ttrtet. MR. C. C. MAKSH lespeetfully inform* the public that his eountii g room* lor the study of Practical Bookkeeping, Commercial Arithmetic and Mercantile Writing, continue open from 9 A. M. to* P. M. Such are the practical advantage* of the system of instrnc- j tion, and of the faithful attention given to the learners, that | in one coarse of lessons a i>er?on of good capacity becomes ; a competent Book-keeper, and receive* a certificate te that j effect. Prospectus** with term*, reference*, he., may be obtained ! at the rooms C. C. MAKSH'S Woiks on Book-keeping, are well adapted { to school* *nd private instruction, for sale aa above. jy23 Iw'mc i FDK SA I.K HHF.A P FOR CASH THE Stack and Futures of the Grocery Store, corner of Avenue B end Fourth street. Wan excellent stand. For particulars, apply on the piemnes. J> JJ lw*m i | LOST A MOURNING BREAST PIN, the name Laura enured I on the hack, vesterday afternoon hi Kixteenth street, be- | ween Fifth and Sixth arenuea. The finder will be suitably trewarded by leaving it at j>>4 3t*rrc B. OARDNEW8. W Broadway. | ! WANTED. , DT A YOUNO MAN, a situation aa Porter or Warehonse ! U nam. or to drive a horse and cart, and nuke himself gene' rally useful?food city refereucea Aadreas poet paid B.C., at tne o?ce of this paper, will meet attention. jj>?4 3t *rre ! ONE THOUSAND LABORERS WANTED. 1X7" ANTED immediately on the line of the Illinois and j Michigan Canal, (from Chic go to La Salle.) one thoneaad Laborers, and one hundred Ittoae Cutters. Men of steedv habits w?ll find upon this canal constant em- ' Ployment, good ?ma and regular p<yments By order of the Board of Trustees of the Illiaoii and Mich- , ?gan Canal. _ WILLIAM OOODINO. Chief Engineer. ! Canal Office. Lockport, III , Inly ?, l?4?. Jy? ?w"rh | A? WAJVlfcU, | FEW active Young Men to go South or Wss?. to set as I Agenta for the sale of new and popular Publications $SM over and above their expenaea will be insured to them in ! writing, with an opportunity of clearing tl,00? per year. J Some men now In o?r employ will, no doabt, make over '!? P<rT>!~li<;l?r ? ?*P??ae. , Each man will have hit latnct. It will he neeesearv for then to have at leaat from HOTEL* AMD WATKKINO PLACES. FASHIONABLE TEA HOUSE, Five Miltt from Newjxrt, on the Pott Road hading to the Atone Bridge. THIS NEW, spaeionsand ilelighi'ully situated eetabliahinent iaopen for the reception of Trauaient ud Permanent Boarders. Tufuliti Mil Pic-Nica Iiiraished at short none*. The house ii surrounded by Ornament*! and F?rait Trees. Contiguous to the house are two Bowling Allays, where

those who take | leaaure in this um(ora(iujr exercise c?n indulge. There i* alio a commodious Ball Room, beiug 20 by 43 feet. The subtcriber promises every attention lo those who may patronise him. BENJ. BHOWN. Portsmouth, July, I<46. j?3 Iw fh THE COLUMBIA HOUSE, CHE8NUT STREET, PHILADELPHIA, ANEW and Fashionable Hotel, p >-> - t; every modem improvement niceaaary to thr i-'u: uc <ommodatioa I of the travelling community. is oi"-n Leasees, BAGLK.\ Y. \ KNZ1E k Co. I. u. r.,..,. i.. ? r i i Hcffay C. VIAcxr.!*xic. form?rl> o! itic VV?uh?ugton House. PiTr.? L. FV.aorio* jj 18 iw*rc TROY HorsK. I'ir. Vr^.Y COLEMAN * ROOEh \ PROfRIETORS. THIS Huuir i? now in due oni>r i iwbl* of ..ccominodicing Hbout three huudrrii [<rr?<>us The mri for Bo?ton, Buffalo, Saratoga, aud Montieai, s'a.t immediately in front uf the hon?e ; the steamboat landing is also within a few air|>a. The proprietors tiust, by their individual eiertions for the comfort of their guests, to receive a couttuuance of public favor. 'l'hn it. without eiception, the most pleasant route on the line of the above plarea. Passengers can ? e their baggage (o to or from the* or house for ?uy direction Our establishment haa uo runners in its employ ; therefore requests travelleia to receive wi:b cautiou any reports from UKMf employed by other houaea. Persons wishing to make an incursion to Saratoga Springs ca? leave New Yorkou Saturday eveuing, have ample lime to visit the lake, diue, aud return by Hunday evening's boat. C. 8. COLEMAN, (Late uf the Aator House). C. M. ROOKR8. jyl7tf rrc ( Late of the Steamer Empire). SHARON 3PRlN(iS PAVl LION THE PUBLIC is informed that this establishment, having heeu enlarged and improved since the close of the last aaaaou, will be opened for the reception of visiters, on ihe 1st day ol Jane, LANDON fc GARDNER. > M?t 1. im. mv?3 >m?r PAVILION, NEW BRIGHTON. FBLANCARD has the honor to inform his friends and the public in geueral, that the Paviliou is now in full operation and prepared for their receptionSteamboats run between Pier No. I, North River, and New Brighton, at the following hoars, vim:? krom New Brighton. I From New York. ?, 11 A. M. I r II A. M. ' ,f B 1 VsVJca.D. Pavilion, New Brighton. Jane 1,1(44. jlTtf re THE SHADE& HOTEL., 64 Rtade Street, West Side of Broadway. PfHE Subscriber respectfully informs hi* friends and the 1 public, that he haa lately opened the above Establishment in a style superior to any other bouse of the Kind in the city of New York. The satisfaction which he haa hitherto given to his numerous friends and customer*, while proprietor of "The Shades," in Thames street, lie Hatters himself will be a guaranty to all who aaay pocromsa him in hie new establishment, while no effort on nia part will be wanting te merit the continuance of their patronage The nsaal relishes, Chops, Steaks, Welsh Rtrebits, Poached Egga, lie., will be served up in a superior style. The rixun will be regularly supplied with city papers, a* wall as a full supply or foreign papers, by every arrival from Europe. JAMES EVANS, mil lm*re SARACEN'S HEAD, 12 DEY STREET, N. ?. JVObin A II (IBM Ul Tf WI?CM?li bU|IUJU| UVRI IV?TB to inform his friends,easMmars aad the public in |nenl that he hu recently fitted op hi* house ia eery superiar manner, and calculated to plcaae gentlemen of taste. He will alwaya, aa heretofore, keep |iia Bar and Larder supplied with the Sett Liquors and Provisions that the market afford*. Dinners from IS till 5 o'clock, and Cold Cat*. Chop*, ftukee, Bare Biu, lie., at all hoar*. Hit supply of English and city newipapera ia excellad by ao home in New York, and hia Alee, Winee, Segars, lie., are of the moat inpenor quality and the attendance prompt. Private Rooms provided for parties, and the comfort ana accommodation of cmetomcrs always attended to. Lodgings, fca. myl5 lm*r MANSION HOUSE, TMIDDLETOWN, CONNECTICUT. HE UNDERSIGNED begs leave to announce to hia frienda and the public, that be Sa* leased the above house for a term of years, and hopes, by I >ng experience and strict attention to btuinaaa, to merit a liberal share of their patroeace. JOHN L. MONROE. mrt 3m*rc formerly of the U. 8. Hotel, Boston. A MIRACLE! A MIRACLE! Avery white clear skin.?The Jones's Italian Chemical Soap?Remember, without misrepresentation, these sre its positive qaalities, for which it received the highest encomiums of the faculty, and the unsolicited approval of the Medical Society of Paris. It has cured thousands in the United States of every disfigurement and eraption of the skiu, such as pimples, freckles, blotches, salt rheum, scurvy.heat, spots, \ tan, sunburn, morphew, Itc. , It will change the color of dark, yellow or sunburnt skin 1 to beautiful healthy clearness. To prove to the public the excellence ol thi?,re*d the following diploma. ?waiJiJ to M. Vesnrini, the inventor, by the Medical Society of I'aris " We consider M. Vesjuini the greatest ,philanthropist of the are, and his Italian Chemical Soap,a mi-arlc to cure any eruption or disfigurement of the skin. It will prove a blessing to future ages." Sold ar the sign of the American Eagle. 82 Chatham street, and 413 Broadway ; or 139 Kultou street, Brooklyn. jvJ3 lw?m A SPLENDID, a delicious, a beautiful head ofhiir can be had by using a three shilling bottle of Jones's Coral Hair Restorative; its qualities are (and mind, reader, it will do all here stated,) to force the growth of hai .to keep it clean and render it beautiful; to stop its falling off and dispwI dandruff from thescslpand roots, and to dress it dark, and keep it in order thrice as long as any other coral made Sold at tU Chatham st; 413 Broadway; 139 Kulton street, Brooklyn j23 lw*m UATHS Poll SALE THE Popular Bathing Establishment kept in the Merchants'tuxchange is offered for sale, as the proprietor has two other branches of busiuess which require his whole attention. He is willing to dispose of the above respectable ! establishment at such a rate as m enable any one desirous of eiiteiing into the busiuess to make au advantageous investment. One half of the puichase money may remain unpaid, I to suit the convenience of the purchasers, if requirrd For further particulars apply at the Baths, No. 41 Merchants' Ex, change. jy22 lw*rh ' GENTLEMEN GOING TO ANL*ARK1V1NG FROM EUROPE. HAVINO superfluous (fleets, sut n ?< Wmmo Arraar.L. Jewklbv, Fiar. Akm> ke., which Miey would coui vert into cash, may do so to thei advantage by sending for the Subscriber, who will attrn'l < <ti-ir rr<i>ji- '4 by appointment. H. LfcVF.T, No i Wall st.. N. B ? \ line through the p o<fir . ur otiii'rwiae, will rei ceive prompt sttention. JyJ4 3t*rrc | COFA RTNER> i ) \i TTJCE: I THE Subscriber, Kraucis D. ',ln-. V > this day taken into 1 X Copartnership his broth*i, ' Mreallin Dellnr, and they j will continue the business as Droggisis, Pharmaceutist*. fcc., , u heretofore,!>t No. 2 Park Row and SSI Broadway, under the fnin of DELLUC fc CO . successors to Placa at Souil- ! lard. KRANCI8 DKLLUC. MARCELLIN DELLUC. i New York, July 20, H46. Jyll lw*m MRS. KOETHLN, INVENTOR of the CIRCULAR 8KIRT, lit Spring rtrt, returm her tnaaks ro the Ladies for the encouragement j w hich she has received. The Quality of thu Skirt beiuf so I very generally acknowledged In anrpasa, for comfort lad health, my oilier at la of Skirt, which na* been iutroduced or advertiaed a* a decidedly auperior article?aha invites iKoaa ladies who hare not yet tried this article to call and inspect it Tha real article la only to be had at Jylg lw?rc I2t 8PRINO ST. CARROLL'S MEDICATED VAPOR BATHS, 1*4 FULTON STREET, (Opporitt St PatWt Church) THOSE who have ne?er tried 'he Vapor Batha, as administered at the above establishment, .ire ignorant nut ?nly of the safest aud most efficarions remedy (or many attacks resulting from thegreat changes of oar climate, hut also of the most agreeable mode of bathiug. Real cleanlinaaa u hardly to be enjoyed withont the use of these b>ths. #* iVl. Carroll's Baiha differ from every other "Vapor Bath," so callfcd, and have been eatablishad in this city for 20 years. Sulphur, l?dine. and other Medicated Baths, as advised by the Kacalty. Half an hour's notice required for the Sulphur Batha. jyl> 6t*rrc NEW INVENTED WIGS BATCHELOR'8 aew invented Wigs and Scalp*, made of the finest natural carl hair, and adapted in the moat easy manner, to the peculiar style of each individual. They are entirely a new invention, doing away with all tha relation* difficulties to long experienced by thoae who wear wiga. The public arc invited to inspect a large and well selected stock, containing every variety of sixe and color; thay will then he able to judge the effect. W.M. B ATCHELOR. inventor and only manufacturer, 3 Wall street, near Broadway. Removed from M5 Broadway. Please to copy the addresa. jytl lw*rc SOU'I HERN~MERCHANTS, WHO WANT Merchandise of ready sale, and to insure I large piofits, can gratify their desires hy applying at the j Steam Soap Worka and Peifnmery Laboratory, at 21 Court- ! laud street, where fsncv soaps can be had from six cent* to three dollars per dozen: ana every description of Cologne, lavender and other perfumes in like ratio. We pledge ourselves to sella better article, and at lower prices, than any other houae in this country; and the only place where the genuine Walnut Oil, Military Shaving Soap is manufactured by the proprietor and inventor, Mr. Jonnson. jy2S Iw* rh THE EVE DR. WHEELER. Oculist, No. 29 Oreanwieh street, New ! York, near the Battery, devotes his exclosive attention to diseases of the Eye and Ophthalmic Surgery, and aasares the public that there not amongst the nnmexons diseases to which the human eye is subject, any disorders of that organ which cannot he essentially relieved or cured by him. The ! vast numbe/ of undoubted testimonial* which can be seen at , his office, will satisfy the public that his practice is not ex- I ceeded either in extent or success by that of any other Oculist in the United States. Office hours from IA .M. to 1 o'clock P. M., after which he visit* out door patients. Artificial Eye* for sale, and which will b? inserted on 1 reasonable terma. A pamphlet containing remark* oa Disease* of the Eye, with . several instances of great oures effected by Dr. Wheeler'* mode of treatment, can be had gratuitously at his residence, a the same will be forwarded to any one making application to ; him by letter, post paid. my1llm*re O JEWELLERS, MINIATURE PAINTERS, ke^- i C. k J. HARTfiETT, No..2 Cottrtlandt (tract, near . Broadway, wholesale and retail Manufacturers of Travelling, Writing, Dressing and Jewelry Boxes, Miniature Case* and Settings; Flute, Locket Watcn, Ring, Pin and pcncil Boxes; ( eases for silver Plate neatlv arranged to ordet. Also, Trays made and fitted to Jeweller* ehow ease*. to roe tain watches, chataa, r^nga, keys, pins, thimbles, pencils, Itc A variety of the above articlea constantly on band and aiade to order. with neatneaa and deapateh. No. 1 CoanJadia iHa>t. W?w V?t% myltlm*- e ANCIENT AND MODERN BOOKS" THE SUBSCRIBER haa opened an extenaive eatakliabment, in the large baaement of No. <3 John atreat. Tor the i*l* of valuable Booka, in every department ol human knowledge, art, and thought. Ha haa accumulated a considerable collection or work*, many of which are curion* and rare; and all, mora or l*e?, ofrreat valaa. He inretida to aell eiclnsively cash, and to Have no rival whatever la the smallnrss of hi* profit*. aad the lownesa of hi* price*. Hi* ttock will b^onatantly augmented by the pnrchaaa of private librariediBr of taialler collection* of book* He will buy *very work, ancient or modern, to which value i* atturned, by any *ect or partr, in every department of literature. icience and art, and In all language*. He hope*, therefore. to nuke hi* establishment aa agreeable retort for the Bibliomaniac, the Antiquarian, the Divine, the Lawyer,'the Artist, and men of letter*, aad science generally; each of ! whom will meet with choice worka, in hia own particular > walk, at the lowest possible pnee. He. therefore, iavitea all literary person* to pay him a visit, and jud^e for themaelve*. Mf 1)11, NirwiM, * IV|V UUW-UI7I *?? ?u anu . Mnmc. foi the Piano Forte and other instruments,, for which 1 he will thank any one who may want it, to five him one-half the I o weft price charged by the ?ery cheap eat teller in the cirr I? wAl b. %VNnfo^5ook..lw, my? ? John W?w Tartu f* ALF sm.NB * SLAUoHTKH HIDK8-MM hair nt ! U Ilry CMm C*lf Mil, ttlected AJ*o llflM. duOiIMm, | "iirsB" * fcsh, I AHUHKniCIITS, <Vr. BUWtHY THtATKt ?Monday teenine, July 77? Will be performed. tlx Spectacle of IVANHOk ? Null r, Mr, Ncalie; l*a?c, VlCM. Mir Bnait D? Roit (illbe it, Clark*; the Black Kuitfbt. dlanchaid. Irdrii', Chanfrau; Gurth, Cony; Wamha, H-daway, httacci, Ain I Inllipa To conclude with, for the aewuth time, the Melo liranialic Spectacle eutitled THK VKW TKLK MUIN8?8ir Wilfred Peuruth. Mr Neifie; Cam Kyuan, Mr Blaurhard; Obeu Hturtnwertz, Mr Cony; IJeatrlce i'euruth. Mr? Hlullma. Doom o|>eu at 7 o'clock, curtain will riae ai hall iwti 7 ? L)re?? ( i?tlr, 50 ceutt; Upper lioiea, Zi ceuta, I'll and IHue ry. I?H cetna GKtt.N VN l< H TIIKa'j MK? Varick aid Charttou atreeta ?Moudxy hvrninf. July 27? Will be performed the new duiuratic Play entitled OUR OLD HOL SC AT HOME?Fanner Gm il.nd, Mr Freer; Mat iVaybueh, H Chapman; Fumy Greenland Mm Craulord; Becky V\ isi;lea, luha DriUe To be lull, m *d by a double Highland Fling, wyMi. Goodwill and Mix Homer. *l't*r which, AN OBJECT OF INTtRtUT?B<rney 0'I)w\er, Mr. If. < hai>man; Fanny (iribblet .Vlit* J Drake To c include with the Drains of I \ OK 4 l'l< V A Ml VI..II...I Freer; Julea Coco. H. Chapman; Luetic. Miu J. Drake. Boiea, 2irent?; I'll, 12k ceau Doora open at 7?peifurmauce to coiuineuce at >? before 8 o'clock. CASTLE tJAKDEN, with ita riti'inut ts open iliy and eveuing.?Monday Evening July 27th me euteiUninenta will include * good .election of Mmir imm Kalliwodt, Labitzkv, Jot. Ltnner, Uuug'l , Von Weber, Hoaaini, Strauaa. and Auber. wlncli will be performed by the Orcheatra, under tlir direction of Mr. C W Meyrei. [T7* lutermiaaion of half an hour, tor ret'reihmeuta, and to view the beautiful ranee of I'OSMIIK VM.AM, itending around the whole of the Eaplanade, which will be brilliautlv illuminated with ga? thui giving vi?iter>au excellent opportunity to examine theae beautiful Viewa. Admiaaion r>f^ renta. "POWERFUL ATTRACTION !?GABK1EL K AVEL AND M'LLL. BLANGY ! NIBLO'H OAltDEN?Monday Evening Jnlv Z7?The entertainment! will ?i)mi?wir? with a popul r Overture. To be followed by Daring and Extraordinary Keaia ou tne TIGHT ROPE, by the Havel Family, Gabriel Havel and Ch irle? Whither After which the Dramatic t'antomime of IOCKO, THE BK\ZIl.I\N APE?the Ape Mona Slarcetti; Pipo, U-ibriel Kivel Tne piece will commence with a Cliiki?by the Corp* ile Ballet. Hill tui iiuur'a intertniaaion for the Coucerta A-la-Mainrd, in the Refrenhraeilt Saloon To be followed by 'he lirat act of LA 8Y LPHIDE? La Sylpliide, Md le Blaagy : Saudi-, Gabriel Kavel; 11' ubeu.Moiia Henry; Jeaaie, vline I,eon Javelli ; other cliaractcra by the Kavela and the Corpa de Ballet Door* opei. at 7 o'clock ; euiertaintnenta begin at I o'clock. Tieketa VI centa. HUVVho & til). S lutuv iu/u<uuoiii CIRCUS. THIS unrivalled corpa of Knoeatriana will perform at Ji. Sauketts Harbour on the 17th, Watertown on the ISth, >1(1 at Canton. 13(1 at 0*dentl>iirgh,l4 h at Prescutt in Canada, and at Kiugtton 18th, Utli and JOih of July, aud from thence to Toronto. The Largest Establishment ever organized i> the United States, comprising 1MI Men Mid Horses, retiring 16 Carnages to convey the performer*, wardrobe, muaiciana, lie. The company Kai attached to it Right Kema'e questrians, among whom ii the Urea taal Pa male Rider oi tbe Age. recently arrived from fans MADAME MAR1EMACAKTK, whoHlew style of Equestrian Keats, peculiarly her own, being chaste and classic; her graceful ana fascinating address, and the charming naivete with which she chains ner audiMace, render this gifted and highly-educated ortitle the leadin* feature of the arena in this country. The Proprietors refer the public to the brilliant description given in the respective newspapers of the extraordinary and daring feats performed by this distinguished artiitt. Among the novelties which the Proprietors offer are the celebrated Scotch GIANT AND GIANTK8S. Their height is M feet, and their weight over T#0 lbs. Mr. Randall weighs 4M lbs. Mrs. Randall is the most enormous giantess in the world. They will appear in " Jack and the Bean Stalk." and he will perform extraordinary feats of strength and agility, and will ride in a two horse act. The entertainments will comprise IT Acu of Horsemanship, (iymnastie Exercises, Classic Displsys, and humorous sfterpieces. Equestrian Director, Mr. HOWES; Hiding Master, Mr. NIXON, and the unapproachable Clown, DAN RICE. Among the Performers is tbe celebrated and principal Rider, the Napoleon of the Arena, Mr. HOBB8, whose feats on Horseback are the most extraordinary ever witnessed. Juveaile Act of Horsemanship by Master Nixon. Olympic Exercises, by the whole Company, led by tbe great European Tumbler, Mr. MACARTE/ Wonderral Keats br Mr. Cole's Don, Hector and Billy. The 8WI88 BROTHERS, in their elegant Gymnastic Postures and Groupings. Mr. Sweet ss the Charioteer of Phoebus. Posturing and Gymnastics by Mr. Nixon and his son. Mr. Howes in his Mythological and brilliant Act of " Kancies of Proteus." Mr. C. Howes in Slack Rope Evolutions. Mr. Geo. Sweet, the celebrated Tight Rope Dancer. With a variety ol others. The whole compnsin^ths leading, most talented, and classic performers ** W? HOWES It CO.'9 New York Mammoth Circus. Atlantic garden is now ?pj:n kor the SEASON.?Dodwortn's Cornet Band will perform every Tuesday and Kriday evenings, commencing Jane Sad, at 1 o'clock. Admittance tree. mvl lm?rc WILLIAM ALLISON. Proprietor. MODEL OF NEW YORK In Carved IVood THIS iitmense work of art by E. PORTER BELDEN, is now on exhibition at the Minepra Rooms, 406 Broadway. This model represents every buildiog, shed, tree, and other ohjects in the citv. It ha? been in progress for more than a year, and upwards of 100 persons have oeeu employed in its construction. Above the Model is s Gothic. Canopy of the most highly decorsteil carved work, containing, in different compartments oil paintinKS bv the first art'sts of some of the Priucipal Business Esta lishirents in the ci y. Hours of exhibition from 9 A. M. to 10 P. M. Tickets 23 cents?Season ticke's, 50 cents. Jyll it*eodrc HARLEM PARK TROTTING. IV T fessr WKDN ESI) A Y, Ju'y 29th?Pure $:tit?1 wti ?nle Heats in harness; fiee tor hor e? that never won a pur** orrr tint atrouiit Entriet to Im' made OREEN St LOSEE'S, Monday eveuii>K *>>' 9 o'clock. Three or more to make a race. JyH ll*Hi f UK oA Lb, TWO FINE SJWDLE HORSES, <1 _ WILL drive alto in a carriage. They 41 . JMltue Just the right aize for riding nu laar^t ?^?3^ horseback, and hare been long used to.i_l_?i. tlie s?u<li?. Apply at iha detk of the Herald Office, for AGAVK AMKIUCANA AMERICAN ALOE, OR CENTUKY PL \NT TH E H E are lew objects more rare or ol ? re iter euri. IpOH'isitv offrrrd to the ni^'ition ol' the public, than ihe aeJbat.' eutury Plant. from ill rare occurrence of flowering. A? far at we can learn .there hat ben but one tpecimen of ihit gorgeous plant ethib ted heie before, which was in ISI2, from the collection of ?. Van Keuttelaer, Esq , in whote collection it waa fir more than niuetv \ ran Krom data in our possession, we find the height that (hit attained wat 22 leet, and uearly one loot in circumference at the bate of the item. The variety silver edited The present specimen i? 2? fert high, the base of the stem within a fraction of 2 leet. and 10 leet higher the stem it 22 inches in circumference, tne ion of which forms a gigantic and graceful pyramid, computed of raeeinet of greenish ye'low flowers of lever I thousand iu number. The foliage of ihit vai iety i? green. Wequesiou, without at all ?iahing to de'rar t lr?m the merits wf the^irst, whether it would attain ihe size op the latter if placed in similar situations; ?t all events, we ihiuk it u .attainable with either variety by artificial meant iu oor variable climatehe ce we conclude from the fict that specimen hid shown evidences of flowering in its natural stale iu the Island of Jamaica, Wett It dies, which acounts to us satisfactorily for itt gigiutic proportion? it b?iug ca.efullj removed by Mr. Whitemirth, of Northampton, M><t, who chartered a vessel f r the express purpose, which arrived in Bos'ou about the middie i f the present month, anil fri m whom and Mr. Brown of Buttoo, (iuleie?ied parties,) weobtaim d it. It was transported bv railroad to Norw icli, and from thence to this city by teamer, wi bout the loss of two dozen flowers, as tne plant will plainly show We have been thus particular, as every visiter is auxinus to learn the history of this stupendous pro duction. We predict that a similar euterprite will not again be undertaken. Aside from the expense, the care and labor requited to trauspo-t a plant of such unwieldy proportions, Will preveut it. We therefore aiitise all to embrsce the present opportunity of seeing it ss it nnw stands, uuequtlled in sue and ciaudeur, at the conservatory of DLNLAP In. THOMPSON, No. 686 Broadway. I It is ne w b'illiautly lighted with fat, and can be viewed from 7 o clock, A. M , until 10.^ P. >1 Season tickets, 50 cts , .,l,n,.rents?t .lii.dirii half price Families and i 8<pHool? udmitU?'! on rewtoimM* trrtnt. )y86 3ti?*rrc LEN HJKY PLANT. jy| BY REQUEST of itvenl frieida, we will exhibit Kw| from 7 o'clock. A. Al , to I0)? P. M., this great natural cnrioaiiy, which ia 26 I'ert hinh, flower atem 2 feet in circumference, and conlaina upwarda of three thomand do wan j v 24 lw*rrc TO LET. MSpecioaa Parloraand Bedrooma, handaomely fumiahed, to let, to Southerner* and othera, three doora from the Batten'. No. S Greenwich atret. in a delight' lui unutiou. Koomi may be procured with or without board. j>22 Iw*r CONEY ISLAND " and FORT HAMILTON FERKY. >o9l The Hieamboat IOLAS, Captain Richard ^L?J>j????JEY*tee. wilt rua to Cooe7 lalaud and Fort JLaJELHamilton on Sunday, Jul* 26. aa followa I.ii,k: loot of Pike atreet, E. It., 9% o'clock A. Al., 12K P. M.,3?PM. Whitehall, 10o'clock A M , I P. M., i P. M. Coney Maud. 11)4 o'cleck A M., 2ji(i P. M., iX P. M. And llie Steamboat PKOPRIE1 OR. Capt. H. Mai Ian, will ran ii followa Leaving Pier foot of Canal atreet at (K o'clock A.M., 11HA. M .2KP.M. Pier 3, N. R, 1$ o'clock A M.. lljtf A. M., ?X P. M. Whitehall. 9 o'clock A M , 12 M., IP. M. Coney laland, 1?V o'clock A M.. \\ P. M , P. M. And the Steamboat WAVE, Capt. O. Vinderhilt, will run aa followa ;?Leaving Whitehall at II o'clock A. M. and 2 and } o'clock P. and C wey Iiland at I2){. 3K ind6){ P. M. t Landing at Kort Hamilton each way. Fare 12M centa. jj26 lt?mc THOMAS BEILBV, Proprietor. THE NEW ENGLAND HEALTH INSURANCE COMPANY. INCORPORATED BY THE LEGISLATURE OF CONNECTICUT, IN MAY. I'rt. Capital, }J20n,000. HON JOEL W. WHITE. Preaidaeit. DaVIO SMITH. E?? , Vice Pretitfent. DiMcrTom. Jo?1 W. White, Enoch B. Culr.r, Wm. M.XwTtnt, T\mwtA ftmirh John G. Hnntington, Run lord B _M??*ch, JohtiC Hoil nd, K.r?V^.rtA^?wSS.; JOHN a "VJSSgP&ltSWo^xA.^ This limitation novel in its character, bat human* in it? object, mid in all it* prnri?inn? ii cnlculatrd to alleviate the man and distress of all who arc entitled to (hare in ita benrfteent operations. B? the provisions of the charter, (copies of which can he had of the agent* of the Secretary) it will be seen that those who are insured by the Company, if incapacitated by accident or disease from pursuing their ordinary occni'ation, are entitled to a benefit of Four Dollars per week?a inn taftcient to pay the ordinary expenses that accrue from sach sickness or calamity. The insured are also entitled t<> a share of the sn'pla* earn ings of the Company.? Alter dividing six per cent, per annum to the stockholders, one hall'of the balance is to be applied to par the balance doe on the stock notes, and the remaining one half is to be divided between the stockholder* and the insured, in proportion to the amount of capital stock held by each member, and the sum paid by the insnred for his policy. Every person who become* in tared haa the privilege of taking one hare of the capiral atock ; *o that if the butinoss of the company shall be profitable, he will receive not only the b*a?flt* wnich hi* policy of inturance *ecores to him, hut alao the annual intereat on the amount by him invested, and a (all share of *11 the profit* of the institution. The vusrantee capital required by the charter hat been tiled, and the (.'ompauy are now istalog policies of insurance. Applicationi for insursnce may be made at the Omce of the Oompiny, No. S Htruid. .Norwich Connaericttf, uio to tn? iftnti in the townt and citi?s of N?w En*l?n4. WM I*. E\TOV,8*cr?l?rr. DAVID S. IVES, No ll William .iwt jil Iw rre Agfnt for N*"' ' nrtL_THORN CHAMPAONB. AFKEBH INVOICE of AU ???'whrj?' I lor*, to which tin ?tt?nuon ?L5"^?*fi*nir ?f thii Wim ?4 print. MttMMiiiartoJ. ThjiOj-drtJ,*? U now sapanor to th?i of u?r in thu oonntry, priM thu Ant.f th? > ?t bT\tVINO*TOI^fc CO^ Mill Utf r* I LATEST INTfiLUGEMX ' ' > HI II i ?l HIOHLY XSUOlTAirV FROM WJJ3HIXTaTC2T. THE SPEECH OF DANIEL WEBSTER ON TH8 TARIFF BILL. The Resignation of Mr. Haywood, TSLBOB.APBZO ftZrO&T, rnnoRRiMioxAL PRUCEEOINOI. W*iMi!*oiow, July JA Mcilktr. tni tariff hill. I'etitioni were presented by Sturgeon, Dlx, Cameron, and others, ngiiinit the repeal of the present tariff. thi fublic fsintiho. The committee on printing reported in faror of priat ing sundry petition! ?^ain?t the repeal of the tariff o '42 The report was concurred In, and petition* ordered to be printed. adjournmknt. The Senate then took up tha reiolution from th? Hon no fixing the hour of adjournment of Congrea* at 13 o'clock, on the 10th of August, which wu concurred In. tariff bill again?wkiitkk'i imcn. The bill to reduce the tariff wa* then taken up. Mr Wkb?teb commenced his up ech in opposition to ite pea.' Aage. He spoke wit' more than his usual emphasis and ability, and was listened to with the greatest attention and interest by a crowded auditory?Mr. Secretary 1 Walker being of the number. He maintained that no body who got his living on land or on tho sea, petitioned or aaked for the passage of such a bill as this ; it was the work of politician* for political purposes, and that was all. The great body of the people, instead of asking for the passage of such a bill, op* ?-?J t*m mw%A ka *w>*ntir% thu Mtitioni on tha |>uavu lis I'OOuo^c , ?UU uv ,v ^ M table aa proof of what he uttered. He wai playful and entertaining in hia alluiioni"to the ailence of the champion* on the othvr aide, who, Poloniua like, do not speech to their thought*; they were willing to be checked, but not taxed in their apeech. It waa hero announced that Mr. Haywood had reiigned i hit seat Hia reaignation has been received by the Vice President, but woa not read to tho Senate at tulf past on* o'clock. | At 4 o'clock Mr. Webster not having concluded, Mr Johnson, of Maryland, tnovod to adjourn. Mr. Lawn demanded the yea* und naya, which war* ' ordered. The motion to adjourn waa then carried?y*a* ; 37, naya 38. Yeas?Mesvs. Archer, Benton, Berrien, Cameron, Cilley, Thomas fflayton, Corwin, Crittenden, Davis, Dayton, Evans, Greene, Huntington, Jarnagin, Johnson, of Md., Johnson, of La., Mangum, Miller, Morehead, Nil**, Pearce, Phelps, Simmons, Sturgeon, Upham, W*bst*r. Woodbridge?37. Nats?Messrs Allen, Ashley, Atchison, Atherton, Bagby, Breese, Bright, Calhoun, Cass, Chalm*ra, Colquitt, Dickerson, Dix, Kairfleld, Hannegan, Houston, Lawif, McDuffle, Pennybacker, Rusk, Semple, Sevier, Speight, Turney, Westcott, Yulee?36. Mr. Benton voted for the adjournment aa a matter of courtesy. Messrs. Barrow and J. M. Clayton were absent. Mr. Hatwood had reaigned. The Senate theu adjourned, and Mr. Webster haa the floor for Monday. House of Representative*. raiTATK BILLS. On meeting, the House proceeded to conslderth* bill* on the private calendar that had been r*port*d for pa*sage by the Committee of the Whole. Bills forthe relief of the fallow ing persona were then passed : Amos Kendall, Pierre Menard, and other suraties of Saint Vren ; widow of Oeneral Pike ; the heirs of Thomaa Murray ; Nathaniel Phillips and Richard El liotL At half put one o'clock the House adjourned. BY THE MAIL8. Washington, 9oi.y 23, IS46. The Tariff?The Army of Occupation? Tht Cherokctt I The tariff bill, to-day, was discussed by Messrs. Upham, of Vermont, and Simmons, of Rhode Island,both, of course, strongly in opposition to the schedules of Gen. McKay. The passiveness of the advocates of the new bill was rather more passive to-day than usual. The casting vote of the Vice President, in favor of the printing of the tarili petitions reported back adversely from the printing committee, i?, by some, regarded as ominous of his decision upon the bill itself; though we coufe's we see no stable presumption in this incidental vote, to a conclusion upon the great decision between 30 per Cent, or 77 per cent, upon cold iron. The opinion, that the House bill will be eviscerated materially, if not entirely defeated, independent of die vote of the Vice President, is however, so far from being abandoned, confidently relied upon by tLe tariff men, while the free traders were anxious for the final action, we were dubious of thetiual result. We bold t.? the opinion, that the chances are in favor of a direct, or indirect, defeat of the ?eheme. In the interim, the warehousing bill is held in abeyance in die House, lien. McKay's solicitude lor lite tariff is such, that he considers the whule chain of administrative measures will be ineti'ective without i?, and if the bill of reductions is rejected by the Senate, the warehousing scheme, us a collateral measure, will scarcely be lifted irom the tablo. The land bill remains untouched by the Senate. It will be a tormidable undertaking to attempt its adoption as it came from the House. Mr. Calhoun, Mr. Westcott, Mr. Yulee, Mr. Chalmers, and others, favorable to the earliest disposition of the public lands, are ogainst the Houte bill of apologies for the plan sent over to them by the fcenate. The river and harbor bill will probably come un to-morrow, and be passed, in a form lor which we can guarantee a veto from the Wen j End. The sub-treasury bill lies in a mesmeric sleep, and we suspect Jt will bo suffered to lie over to next December. Thus stands the chain of democratic reform* on this 23d day of Julius, A. D., 1846. Marvel not, in the teeth of the positive denial of the Union, that the late naval consultation has had a direct application to the storming af the castle of Vera Cruz. Bearing in mind tH flatfooted denial of the offer of the line of 49, the rule of contraries may be safely applied to the oracular ambiguities ot Father hitchie. Mr. Secretary Maicy is in fine health?so is Mr. Buncr. li?so is the President, and the residue of the Cabinet. And they are all busy. The Secretary of War has already been informed by Gen. Taylor, that he hasfi,OUOmen more on hand, than ore absolutely necessary for his present operations?and volunteers, meantime, arc pouring in every day. The war will be exceedingly expensive. Four steamboats have already been lostone wrecked (the Harney)?one blown ashore, and two riddled, unul they sunk, by the worms. A fleet of ten thousandsail would he sunk along the gulf roast in ten days, if constructed upon the fresh water plan .with wooden bottoms. It has been discovered, however, that if wooden bottoms cin escape leakage from the warms on running along the Gull until tkey can got into the fresh water of ,the Kio Grande, the grubs immediately die and fall out. leaving the hull of the vessels a complete model of an empty honey-comb. The Mexicans coat their vessels with bitumen, which becomes at hard as granite, and inij>ermeable to the teeth ol ihese salt water vermin. The Rio Grande being the base line of the operations of the army, steamboats will necessarily be one of the la/gest pitMnir.iind care will be required la avod the purchase of the wooden bottom* irom the Mississippi. It ia an object now of the Wai Department to curtail farther reinfo/cem?nt? to Cr*n. Taylor aa far a? pos?.ble, the government being of opinion that a decisive battle at Monterey, in conjunction with the dismantling of 8an Juan d'Ulioa will be decisive of peaoe, and satia. fled that the force under old " Rough and Raady" will be compet*"1 to any army which tha enemy will be able to concentrate against him. The Cherokee difficulties, urter a hearing from the counsel of the Ko>s party, Hon. Waddv Thompson ; and of the Treaty party's advnca'oa, Messrs. G. W. Pascal and M. St. Clair Clarke, and ol the attorneys of the Old Settler party, Col." Stambaugli and H?n. Amos Kendall, have been submitted to the commissioners, Messrs Edmund w?, 4 rm?trnn?. and A. K Paris, for a ? ?? ?- ? decision thereon. Meantime, the Indian Commissioner, Col W. Medill, ha* written an able expoMto Mr. Ashlar, chairman of the Judioiarv