Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 28, 1846, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 28, 1846 Page 1
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t e i Vol. XI1, No. XOS?Whala No. ##31. THE NEW~YORK HERALD. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, PROPRIETOR. 1 Circulation---Forty Tiiousand. ;i DMLY HHIHI.D-l.ifii da,. Price 2 Cent, per ropy?V [ Bl'er annum ?pai ible in advance. WEEKLY IIKK iLD? very S .rurday?Price 6<4 cents ! ; per ropy?$3 tie cent* p?? U'lom?|?ey ik'? in advance j HER \1.1 f(Jli f i H*>pe?! very Sivuoi I' ckrt dav , Price I'CtiU per copy?$3 00 per annum. payable iu adr"" Al'V ERTlSE.i! EM'l'S at the e.ual prices?always rash , ia idv-ioe. | PRINTING of ail kind* sxucu'aJ with beauty and dee- L patch All letters or scinmmiieatinas, ky mail, addressed to the rnhlishment. uinst he pi ?i pi d, or (he pui' sr will be ded atad from the euhecriptioti tuimrv remitt d JAMES GORDON Bi-NNLTT, ( Proprietor of tlx* j p N'pwYona llwiui E.TARUeratEVT, j North-We?t r"'l "I Klilt.iu Old Nasesu .tresis MAICtTl.TfK At;4 OMIHODATIUN*. JOilN Hr.HUMAN CO., I j Uunad and Ore .,t Britain unl Ire I.oid, Old Established i uigiaul Olfice, til South sr ret, Mew York. I , mm. mm.'i.r UP MAN i U., Liverpool ' i'oAkuv to *. ! irom < *rr tt Britain *n?l Ireiand. via Liverpool by the O I k Ball jUine* #r ?ui of the regular iWcei tliii'* ttnilit g every hva (lavs. \ The juhirribeia in call*tig tha atteution of Old f'nuntryin en *m 1 the public gUoeretly to fheir unotiualleU arr.uigemeat* for bringing out p M.?ug?ri from the old counv\, beg ienve ro aim# tint the husiaeta of the House at Liverpool wtll be c??nducted bv it* branch. Those seiidini for their frieuiia will at once see the groat import*ace of this trraiitf?metil, aa it will preclude an uune- : ce??ary del y of the ainiamut. The ?hii? employed in rlns line are well known to be of the flr*t and Uraest class, com- ' , mandrd by me?. of experience: and a* iliey sail e\ery live ! J days, o?er every facility thai can be furnished. With those superior ir ran cam rut.*, the subscribers look forward for a ' continuation of that patronage w hich has been so liberally J xteiided to them Ur so Ui&nv years past hi c*s?* any of tliose engaged do not etnbaik, the passage money will be refuutlwd ** customary. For further partieul irs apply by letter, post paid- J. HKill)MAN 4 CO., 61 Sou'h sr., NVw York HEKDMAN M CO , Liverpool. " N. B ? Drift, for any .mount ei>i as unil DC furnished, f payable at Ml the principal limiting Institutions throne*', ut the Cored K '( '"in. on appl'cation u ihuve jv28 r i .vix\ivet.ii..LiC.^' GuvE UF YACttLTd. i &L <s?>. i& : Tiir u.idcrmcniion bliipe will be regularly despatched from /j hence on llir 1st, and from Marseilles the IO1L1 of each month during the year, as follows ^ ^ t klupv Captaina. From N. York PK'Cf. de JOlNYILLii, (new) Lawrence, April 1 Sept. 1. ., N1IASUR1, Silve.ter, Alay 1 Oct. I. AKCOl.fc'. (new) Kveleiifh, June 1 Nov. 1 ? GASTON. Coulter, Jnlv 1 Lee. 1. NtiBRX.SKA (new) W?ts,ai, Aug. 1 Jan. 1. ? Ships. Capraina. From Marseille. FR'CF. de IOINVILLE, (new) La wreuce, Juue 10 Nov. 10 MISSOURI. Silvester, July 10 Dec. 10 AHCOLK, (iiew) F.veleigh, Aug. 10 Jan. 10 i GASTON. Coulter, Sept. 10 Feb. 10 , N'KBRAtfKA, Wataun, Oct. 10 Mar. 10 i n These vessel, are of the flr?t class, commended by men of I eapenence I hvir accommodation., lor paaaencers are untur | ( passed tin- ceanfort and coiivenietiee. Goods addressed to the ; <j BCfuts w ill be forwarded free of other charges than those actu ally paid | For freight or paisace apply to CHAMBLKLAlN fc PHELPS, Proprietor. ( No. 103 Front street, or to I BOYD St HINCKKN, Agenta, f mitre 8 Tontine Buililinirs. M lll.cor. Water it. ' NEW LLNE OK LlVtii Oi | e ^Towim from N?o in Liver, ml t,j^T^cn i " month. From .Veto York. Live pool. | S-wJup Liregjol 'oni.jgf.Ji, \\ \ , J. JLlunu l Augnet 21 Oct. 6 I ' N?w "hip Queen bli. i, S v-"?"rT ?} jillCh ?! Woodhu Not. 6 New'shil^ Rochester, 800 tons, j 1', t Jonn Briton. J October 21 Dec. 6 ! 8hipH.mnS?..r IbM.on., j JJ * |{ ^ ? ! t ir? nursiy. (Nov. 21 Jan. 6 The?? substsnnal, fast sailing, hart class ships, all bnHt in i the eity of new York, are commanded by men of esperience wad ability, ant) will be despatched punctiially ou tiie 21st ol I each oiuutlu. Their cabins are elegant ami commodious, and are furnished with whatever can conduce to the ease and comfort of passengers. Price of imaaagi- JIUO. Neither the cap! lins nor owners of these ships will be rte sponsible for say pircels or packages sent by them, unless regular bills of lading are surued therefor. For freight or passage apply to WOODHUI.L & MINTURN, I 87 South sireei. New York, or to FIF.LDEN, BROTHERS !t t'O., I lufl tf Liverpool. sMhvV luith AOiD tri..i:-uuvV LLNi, UP ' PACKETS. m m m TaiTiTa from NtalurT on the U^iuiiTVUskow on the nth of each mootli. From N. York. Fm. Gl'gow, t June 1. July 15. Ship BAJIACEN, N. T. Hawkius. { Oct. 1. Nov'r 15. ( Feb 1. March 15. \ July I. April 15. Br. Ship BROOKSBY, H. M'Eweo, { Nov. I. Aug. 15 (March 1. Dec'r 15 \ August 1. May 15. Br Bark ADAM CARit. ??. < Dec'r 1. Sept 15. t Auril 1. Jan 15. v May 1. June 16 I , Br. Bark ANN HARLEY. R. Scott, {Sept 1. Oct. 15 ( Jau'y 1 Fcbrua. 16. Th?'.e sluiw are good, substantial vessels, ably Commanded, ( and will sail puucunllv on their regular days. Tbair acctin . mod turns for passenger,art good, and cvery"atlention will be I paid to promote tbeir comfort The agents or Captain, will nut be responsible I'nr any parcels or packages seut them, uu- | less bills of lading are signed therefor. For freight or passage, pplr to WOODHULL 8c MINTURN, ! 87 South street, Nrw York, or a4 re R'~ in S. MI'I'H V V. til .row, j fAtNaAufc. txtU.W uitabAi bisii'AiAaN Aajj !J IRELAND, m ^ By tn^b^cC B*ll, ofT^Tn^ool PacteuT^dTlinK j from Liverpool ou the l?t anil Iftb ol every mouth. The YORKSHIRE tails from Liverpool, 1st of March. 44 OXFORD 44 - 16th of March. | ' CAMBlllDGK M M 1st of April. 4 14 MONTKZUMA " M 16th of April. |4 Pemoni sending lor their friends, and forwarding the passage . eerlircate h) the vie uruhip Hiberuia, sailing from Boston on | <1 the 1st of February eill hare plenty ef time to come in the > Yark thirty or in an? .Tie ol the eight packets of the Rl.ick Bull | Line. sailing from Liverpool ou trie 1st and 16th of every mourn Apply to, or address, if bv letter post paid, j 1 ROCHE. BROTH KM CO.. 36 Fulton at., I Next door to tn? Fulton Bunk. | 1>LAjuGw"LSTT NTvv" YORK LixNE TJi" I ] PACKETS. | I && K. KJujN S wishing mseud lor their I..ends in any p.rtnl j , 8c ml and, to ssil direct from Ol tsgow, c.iin make arrange- | ments w itli tlie Subscribers, to hare them brought out in iroy t of the regnlnr line of Packers, sailing monthly from Glasgow. i The ANN H.YKLrfV, 1 antaiu Scott, r ADAM CAKK, Cspt.dn McKweu, SARACEN,Captain Hawkins, , , BKOOKSBY, i d Comprise the abnvr line,and ihe tush churseter of those res- j sell should be sufficient inducement for prrsoos who may be i sending for their frieuds iu Seotlnud, to make arrange menu for | ' thu (the nuly line.) i Further particulars given, nn application to W.S J. T. TArsCOTT, " 75 South street, corner of Mudeti Lane, or n Messrs. KKID 8c MURRAY, Agents alfl r in.Hssgow UKIllsH AND NOHIH A M Mil- I sj&fflaM CAN ROY AL M.m. STEAM KHlfH, J /-"H"'"? inflow nr>rsr j<r>*.r cacti, uu dtr cou tract %?uh the Lords of the Adnu- ? HIBEKNIA.!*'!'. CM't A Kyrie. BRITANNIA Capt J Hewitt CALEDONIA Jl < M" E U. Lntt. A* AD IA 1 ?> V? m '!,r1riV* i CAMB HI A apt.C. II. P.. Indiana j Will aail Irora Lnecpool and Boatou, na Haifa*. u fol , Iowa FROM BOiTOFf. FROM LIVERPOOL. Britmnm July 1?, W??. Cambria July ?, 1816. Cambria Aug. 1, " Hihrraia " 19, " Hibrraia " 1#, " Caledonia An?.?, I Caledonia Sept. I, " | Pananr. Moiaar. From Rmtoo to Lirerpool $120. From Boatou to Hulifat... M. No berth* aecnred until peid for Theae ahipa carry experienced aargeoua. No freight, except a|>?cie, receired on aye of nailing r or freight, p-.aa.ige, or any other information, apply to ]) BRIOH \.VI, Jr., Agent. | Jy7 rc At II \BN')P.N ? CP'S 6 Wall n > -? >_ DJIaVts ON i.lthAl tlHli.MNia AND I HELAND? wiahiwg to re- r money to 'heir frienda in any part oI , 0 ~^4dC^^A^y_rbe old country, can procure drifts of the r " ^^^^^^^ anbariiberf for any amount. Irom ?1 and apwarda. payable at light, without diacount, in all the prinri|wl towui throughout England. Ireland, Scotland, and ! 1 Wales The aehacnbers beg to tnfo<m their friends and the public | thai ihn branch of their business continues to r.eeirt their , particular attention, end rlicy feel quit* r?rt?in that better , srwmgrmi-nts than thei -s for transmitting money to the old j country cannot be mad* The roy I mail ste- iner Caledonia will leave Boston to- . or raw, uy which all drifts can be fhrwsrdrd. W.kJ T. TAPS' OTT, M South street, i JeJO r J doors below Bnrllng slip. j ? ?t > 1 I' E?1 Al'rtl i?J i ? UeAEMaL I ,'f-2rtrTW EMIGRATION OFFICE, Hemosed from I S/jMjK^L71 to in Sooth street .--Persons sending lor their friends in any pert of the old country "j MI^^BBfcBcan inaLr the iicres.-ry an .ngements with J the subscribers, on rraaeuable terms, to lute them brought . , out, in i, THE NEW I,INK. OK LIVKRrOOl PACKETS. ? The Ships of this line are unsurpassed by any oiher, ana ' d their immense sire ( ,11 being ln<10 n ut, and upwards) renders t them more comfortslJe end eonreaieni ihsii sliipsof ^ smaller ? class ; sod the green si reliance may lie [ laced in then pune- ? tuality ui tailing. The subscribers are alto agents for tl.e Bt. Ueorga and L'nion l ines of Liferpool Packets, in sny j el which psssage can bs enlt >*ed on ici sonshle terms , P * Drafts for sny amount, payable without disconnt in ell the ' priuoipsl towns of England, Ireland, Scotland or Wales, can ti also he obtained. fi Kor farther particnlirt apply to l< W it J. T TAP8CQTT. o *f1 re M Sonth St, Id doot below Bnrlmc Blip, N T. 5 NE' NJ S'J'S, JM-. I | CONEY ISLAND AN1) FORT HAMILTON I FEKKY taSI The Steamboats IOLAS, Captain Yates, t'KO KIKTOH, < apt?iu II Mallnn, ie- ? r will :u > every ?eek-d*y ou theabove Ferry, J. Ill lurliei uOtlff, u follows? leaving CiiT Hi v?: k?Knot I' Pike stierl, at 6 and 9* o'clock A. M. 1 S'i d j I* il W'liit* ti til at 6V* and 10 o'clock A. M , 8 mil }*- I1 ,\1. Corel Island, at I*L and UK o'clock A. M., 3K in J Jr. vi. South Hivr;* ? Foot of Hammond ?t, *1 7V* aud llo'clock \ . J I'. VI Ca ul at *-et. ?t 7* and ll)a o'clock A. V.. I1* P M llairiaoii etre i it7K and ll*a o'clock A. M., 3K f at Pier *n. 3 8 o'clock A VI.. 18 vi aud 4 P. M. Cosy Island.#* o'clock A U., i* and 6 P.M. I. .nding ai - rt Haaiiliou aacli way. Kani liKcruts. _ THOMAS BEJLBY, Proprietor. N B ?Starea will be in rradiuess on the arrirnl of the >oat? ar-KortlLmilton, to take gers to New Utretcht ind Hath, a Lao at Coney laland to take paeeeugera n> the upiier louses. jy*7 Jt?mc Tin O viOKMMi AND EV hNlNtj LINJc.. v]UKNINO LINK AT SEVEN O'CLOCK. _1J1 - . m. KOK ALBANY AND TROY-From the JL ~ Steam boat Pier at the foot of Barclay street. 3ci^jrf3itLanding at I'eekskill West Point, New imsh. Ii oni*o n. .Milton, Poughkrepsie, Hyde Park, Khiue?ei:k, l Ked ll-ok Bristol, Caukill, Hudson, Coisaclue, tinderhook and Baltimore. Break last u>d dinner on heard the boat. The ate-mhoai NIAGAJfA* *'ll lease on Monday, Wedleaday and h nday Mornings 7 A. M The tteniniiom TIM > \ , Captain Gorham, on Tuesday, rh?r?day and Saturday mornings, at 7 o'clock. lii'tiirianu on otmoaire davs. For pa%?a?se or freight apply on board, or at the office on the yharf. NEW YOHK. ALBANY AND TROY LINE. FOB ALBANY ANDTHOY DIRKOT, From the pier m the Toot ot Connlaudt itieet. The low-prtsmrr .tetmboai fc.VlPIKK, Captain K B. Maey. mvp:. Hie tool ol Counl&i'dt atreet, on Tueaday, Thnrsdat md Hetiinlav 'tciiiumi at m-tbo o'clock. The Stenmhoai COLUMBIA, Capt ffn, H. Feck, will ... V*... I - - ..j V I . , , ? ' ? ??? ? ( 1"? ????7 ?i . t'clock Passengers taking their Boats will am re in time to take he Morning Tram of ('art trom Troy weal to Buffalo, and lor'h to 'sarstogn', Whitehall and Lake Cbamil tin , Kor I'sssage or f reight, apply on board, or at tlx Office oe he wharf. No freight taken after 5,1^ o'clock. NOTIC K?All goods, freight, bank bills, specie, or any ither Itind ot proiwrty, positively at the owner's riak. j36r 'EUFLE8 LINK OK STKAMBOATS KOR ALBANY Direct?Daily, Sundays eicepted?at 7o'clock, P.M ' 'rum sitammat pier brlwrrn Courllanut ami Liberty lit g^bskj") nsH KNIt'ERBOCKER, Capt. AlCT?freo Houghton, will leave on Monday, Wedtie-day, and Krtday eyeniDgs, at 7 o'clock. Meainhuai HENDIIIK HUDSON, (.apt. R. O. Crutteuden. rill leave ou Tuesday, Thursday ana Saturday evenings, at 7 I'cl.ic.k. The above boats will, at all times, arrive in Albany in ample ime lor the morning cars for the east or west. Freight t.tkeu at moderate rates, and none taken altar Sit ,'clock, P M. All persons nre forbid trusting any of the boels of this line, rittiont a written order from the captains or agents. For passage or freight, apply on board the boats, or to P. C Ichulix, at the office on the wharf United States Mail Line. At 4 o'clock, P. M., Landing at Intermediate Places FYom I he foot vf Barclay it., Steamboat HUDSON, Capur C. P. Xing, will leave o* dosday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday afternoons, at t 'clock Steamboat SANTA OL\U8, Captain Boverbagh, will e?vr mi Tuesday. Thursday and Saturday afternoons, at 4 i'el?a Apply ot) hoard, or a' the office ou the wharf. jylg X?.'l jua I 'AILV LINK OF BOATS BKTWKKN NKW YORK AND STATEN ISLAND , tr" Ter / Tlyf steamboats SYLPH, Captain J. Brois-' ed, and ^TATEN ISLANDER, Captain D. Van Pelt, will eave as tnllows :? Leave Stateu Island at S, I, #, It and 11 A. M| at 1,1, J, 4,4. and 7, P. M. Leave New York at 7,1, N, and U, A. M. and 1,1, 3,4,4 , 7 and hj past 7 P. M. AH freight at the risk of of the owners thereof Jelt THc. MUST DELIGHTFUL OF AJLL EXCURSIONS, gfrli it~a 0m A SAIL across the Hudson river to Hobo &j: i fftje? X* ken, and then a "fMk. to the Klysian Fields I nil rte or,, along the exceedingly picturetrine shores oi he place, w ill prove the most easily accomplished and attrar ire it) all rurual excursions that can be made from the city The ground* now present a charming aspect, the trees be ue in leaf, and the toil covered with a rich turf. Tli* walks are in excellent order, having bean considerable mtellished the prenrnt print On every pleasant afternoon there will be in attendance a be I 'olmaaadv Klysiau fields, an excellent Band of Music vluch will perform selections from the favorite Operas, popn ar airs, marches, waltres, lie The Kerry Boars from Barclay, Canal and Christopher sis re corn;-lately tilted up with awuuigs and seats. Ntghl Boni ran fiou Hobokea to Barclay street until I i clock. Kerr.ace lid cents ml Sm*r Ai**: Knit POOl.?Kir-t I'ackei?The saiierior fas' sailing packer ship EL'RuPE. Captan. Hurl er iNNb wilt positively sail for the aliove port on the first of \ i. uit fcThe picket ship NRW YOUR, Captain Cropper, will auc:eed the V'.urope, and sail on the IGth instant. Also the packet ?lup blDuONS, Captain Cobb, will sail in the tM'i inatanf. Kor piss ge by ihe above ships, bavins, by far, the moai pie. dnl accommodations of any vessels now leaving port jlilrrc JOHN HERDMAN kCO.II Bouih st. KCIR LONDON?Regular Packet of the 1st An IC.ftjFSV?411,,?The lirst class, fast sailing packet ?hi| VW1'.,,"" ALBERT, Cant. Wm. Sebor, burthen tun, w ill sail as above, her regular day Having vrrv superior accomiuodatiou* for cabin, second ahin, slid steerage passengers, persons intending to emiark, should make immediate application on board, foot ol ilaiJeu Lane, or to JOSEPH M'MURRAY, eor of Pine and South at P. S Those desirous of sending for their friends in the old ountry, can li ve tliein brought out b> the above splendid reuse). or any other of the line, by applying as above. jy22 rc ONLY KKOUi All LINK UK PAC KETS KOB iXWVOT.A'U W?Picket of the 1st Aug. The splendid Hbiinl fast sailing Psciel Ship AD V.M CARR, Capt or m er. will anil as above, her regular day. This ship has h mdsomc accommodations for cabin, second tauin and steerage passengers Prrsous about to embark for Scotland are assured that the ships ol this liue sail punctu illy in. i he Is' of every mouth. Those wishing to secure berths should make early applica* ion on boaid, toot of Roosevelt street, or to sir k. i p TAoarnTir jy I* OK Sooth it.. 2d door below Burling Alip. "kj&fc PACKETS FOR M\RSEILLES-Tt.ePkekei ?ri*Vy ?hi|> NEBRASKA, Cipum Watson, will sail on th< Hllfalil of August. For freight or passage, apply to CHAMBERLAIN at PHELPS, lot Front at., or u iv7m VOTD Sr HIN< K EN a* VV-,11 ??M aoA' I'ACKh'l'a tUII HAvHk?btcoiiil Line? 1 to iftfi pncbei ship BALTIMORE, Captain John Johnaon, Mblr.. m ill anil on the lat of Auguit. For freight 01 mss?c to BOVO ? H1NCKEN. KIIH LI i ERPOOLr?New Liue?Regular Packet ?f*fV of 2lii Auguit -The superior,last aailint packet ahu MBfeiftbLIVEKPOOL, IIM ton. burthen, Capt. John ElIndue, w ill nail an abore, her regular day. For Ireight or passage, lite jug elegant and anperior aceon nodationa, apply on board, weat title of Burling, slip, or to wi rODHULL k MINTURN, tf Booth atreet Pnee oftmsiage !<* The p rket thin Uueen of the Weat, I2J0 tona burthen 'aiitaiu I'lnllip VVootlhouie, will anccted tlie Lirerpool, and til on her r gn lar dnv, 2lat September. jt 22 A/ics. FOR NEW ORLEANS?Luuiaitna and New ?JWy Vork Line? Regular Packet?'To tail Monday. 10th Annual ?The elegant, fait tailing (ticket ahii lavVv.ttO. Johnaton, matter, will poaitirely aail as above ler regular dry For freight or patsage, having handsome furnished acromnodatioua, apply on hoard, nt Orleans wharf, foot of Wall treet, or to E. K. COI.LINSk CO., JO Booth at. Poaitirely no goods received on board after Saturday vening, August Kth. Agent in New Orleans. JAB. E. WOODRUFF, who will iromprlv forward all gooaa to Ilia addresa. Packet ship SAKTELLK, Taylor, master, will succeed he Oiwego, and aail on Monday, Slat August, her regular jay. jy? iFUR OLABOOW?The new, ttrst class snip wrlWy ARvlJVl, JiO tout, H. Robinson, master, having HHBKbmost of her cargo engaged, will meet with despatch or balance of freight or passage, having excellent accomnodauons, apply to tne captain on board.foot of Dover atreet ir to WOODHULL k Ml NT URN. dAav UNITKU 8TATM k tiRKAi BRITAIN k aj WK. IHKLAND OLO KSTABLIHHLD LMIUKAN'l hNKi' >KT I' K ?The Subscriber* are prepared to bring iut I'ss-iugtr* by any ol the Line ol Packet* sailing even Ive day* ; and draft* can, u n*ntl be funiished, payablr hrooghout rbc Cnircd Kingdom kor further particular* Ptdv rr IOHN HKRDM t\k Co. Aa*. rum I * fcltl UUL-iir UtbAlt r.\> KM HF MhtaVTHE WTH JULY The wc'l-knowu t?*t sailing TilV I I I I RAPPAHANNOCK,Copt Drummond, -ny bti'then. will tail ?? above. her regola' day Thu splendid *mp has three hnuies nu deck (one of which van 01 igmally i ielided for the tir*t c?bii.). 1 hey are all wall otii.led i. ..| l.irii'j wind'ws ,pp..?ite e?cb length I heith? *nd are equal to t e cabin* of mint vessels in port, nd will Vie fined up in the mo*t comfortable manner for paaCueer* Per*..,,* aboat visiting the old coautry wooltf do " II t riimm* the accommodation* of |hi? eeaiel before cutting elsewhere for passage who h will be at eery modeate istea. Apply on board, foot of Doeer atreet, or to ... JOS. McMURRAT. II fl* Corner of Pine and South *ta. aasfcv .n' *?*."?. LI V LHPUUL by the uew Iina of Liverpool Packet* ?Persons eudMMiASaiiig for their Irieuds in any part of Great Britain or reland, can m <kr the necessary arrangements with the *tlbcnber* on reasonable term*, to hare them brought out in any if the above magnificent packeti, the accommodations of vlnch are unequalled, and the strictest puuctuality will b? ibserved in their sailing on the Mated daya. Krom New I oik on 2!tt and 26th of each month. From Liverpool on Gth and llth of every month, ["hit* preventing the possibility of delay at either port. The subscriber* are alto agent* for ihe ?t George** Line of it. nitv nf whirl) m irfnifirm 1 ihina ntHiws ?a> k. eeured nt * ?ff) moderate riif, or in fir*t rliui transient lnp?, altogether making a *lup from Liverpool every five "i'lia greareit care will be taken by Mr. W. Tapieott in Li erpoolto give all po*?ible despatch to paaaengera, and tho ame will be done b? the *uh*criber* in New York. Kor further particular* apply (letter* paid) to W k J. T. TArsCOTT, 86 South etr***, two door* below Burlingelip. or M WM. TArSCOTT, 96 Waterloo Road, j jTt Liverpool. B~Tk1# l Ailt. MAM KM TOKI, IJ6 Hpriug ?treet, oe tween Wooeter and Lauren* *treet.?Toe *ub*criher v?uld inform hi* cuatnmer* and the public in general, that ie keep* countaiirlv on bend a large auppiy of fancy and com ton Bird* aire*, of every dracriptmn Alan, Wooden, Dear and Willow Ware, Urnahea, B ,?ket*. .Vint*, apd a geiyral wortment of article* uanally kept in a Wooden Ware Store, II of whirh be offer* lower than they can be ooncht el*e I KKI.LV jeH Ire'me | vrm^.^WM'S VEGETABLE LOTION. *tter, tan, freckle* and ringworm The ** of the Lotion * 2hStif,T?' r111 *?wbli.h a clear end brilliant *o nplevm. Hold in bottle* atTA cenu each "at 186 Bowery, come* f ,irMt A1* kT Mn Hay*, Brooklyn my 16 lm*m * W YO EW YORK. TUESDAY A Additional Intelligence from Hexico. TWO MESSAGES FROM PARADES. Movements of the Army of Occopttlon. XTA/TIL XTSIWS. Special UcipaUltM U> tb? N. V. llcrald dec. dec.. d?. [Krom N. O Picayune, July 19.] The discourse of (Jen Parade* trior# the Mexican Cougies* *?> pronounced on Ui# fith of June. It ba? already teen received and published in the United States. Congress proceeded at once to organise the Executive power, by a decree that it should be deposited provisionally in a magistrate elected by a plurality of the votes of Congress, and that a Vice President should he elected at the 9ame time to act in the absence of the President. This decree was passed on the 10th of June, and on the 12th the election was held. (Jen. Paredea was elected President, receiving 68 our of 88 votes U?n. Breve received 13 votes, and Uen Herrern7 voles (Jen. Bravo w as then elected Vioe Presideut, receiving 48 out of 82 votes. The highest opposing candidate was D. Luis O. Cuevas, who rvcaived 17 votes. (Jen l'aiudes took th# oaths of office on the 18th, as Provisional President, and at Uie same time pronounced another discourse, in the most uoiabie passage of which he expresses his confidence that Congress will grant all the supplies and make every effort necessary to defend the national cause. He reviews at length the wrongs which Mexico has endured at the hands of the United States, and concludes with desiring permission to assume the command of the army in the field. In the absouce of Senor Bustamente. who was ill, Dr. D. Louis Oonzaga (Jordon presided over Congress. He replied to iho President, in substance, that every question of domestic polio) shrunk into insignificance, competed with the invasion ot the country on the irontier of the Rio Biavo; that the Mexican wno should think of aught else man tlio injustice and treachery with which their soil was trumpled. and the necessity of avenging their outraged honor, had no right to claim a shaie in their ualri otic devotion. On the lrtth, permiifion vu granted to Paiedes to place himself at tbo heaa ot troop*, and proceed to join the army of the North, lien Gonzalez Arevalo ?ai to leave the capital on the 19tu, in command of the advance of the lorce* of Parede*. Gen. Mejia was in the actual command of the army of the Noith, Arista having been ordered to Mexico, and Ampudia to remain at San Luis 1'otosi. A paper of the 27th ult., say* that Gen. Arovalo, Instead ol proceeuing to the frontier, had marched for Guadalajara, to put down the insurrection. Gen. bravo left Vera Cruz for the city of Mexico on the 34th, to discharge the tunetion* of President, in the absence of Paiedes. Our papers are not late enough to contain his arrivaL '1 he committees of Congress upon Foreign Relations and u|>on War, made a joint report upon the 16th, upon that part of the message of Paiedes relating to the I'uited States. The report recommends the passage of a hill declining Mexico to be "in a state of war with the United States." We do not find that the bill had actually been passed. The project of the law, or bill, will be lound below The cannonade between the St. Mary's and the three Mexican guu-boats Quo re tana, Union and Poblana, at Tampico, are mentioned in all the Mexican papers. They claim no gieal victory, but express themselves satisfied with the valor displayed by the Mexicans. We see no mentiou of any loss which was suffered. In consequence of the attack of the St. Mary's, Gen. Parrodi, the Governor of Tamauljpas, had declareJ the city add port in a state of siege, end called upon the Inhabitants to take up arms. A report is mentioned in our correspondent's letter, and in the papers before us, that the Americans had taken Aliamira, a seaport lying directly north of Tampico, and only a few miles distant There seems no in probability in the report. The General left in command of Vera Cruz, on the 30th ult, lormaily declared that city to be in a state of iege, in order to prepare all the people for an anticipated attack upon it 'The garrison of the Castle had teceived orders to be on the alert, particularly at night, as the danger of a night attack was thought imminent Our correspondent wutes that " it is said " an attack was to be ma.>e on the lOJi inst, but we know nothing more on the subject The General to whom the command of Vera Ciuz was entrusted, is Rodriquez ae Ola. The movement of Gen. Tailor's uoops towards Roynosa aud Camargo is duly chronicled, though the numbers which had actually taken up their line of march is exaggerated. The papers appear to be fully apprised, too, ol his ultimate design upon Monterey and Stltillo A report had reached VeraCruz that the California* had separated themselves fiom Mexico, but nothing is aid to let us know whether Commodore bloat had anything to do w ith the sapaiation A communication had been received in Mexico Irom the commander oi the troop* vent to put down the insurrection in Jaludo, in which he attributed little import ance to the event* which occurred there, and expre*?ed the hope that he ihould be able promptly to chaitUe the author* of the movement. 1'he latest deapatch Irom iJua.alajara u datod June Id, at which date Oeu. Pacheco inform* the government that he ha* possession of a good portion ol me public building* of the city, and the insurgent* numbered only WOO, and were daily disperaiog. Uen. Ariita wa? at Linare* on the 4th of June, and upon giving up the command of lha troop* to Alexia be issued an a>d,ei* to the troop*, in which ho expiesie* hi* regiet at separating from them. 11a ia to be tried by a council of war. tJuu Tornel ha* again auumed the function* of Mlaisterof War. A largo quantity of ammunition baa bean sent to the city ot iexIco from the cattle of Perote, together with <ome monuled cannon and muskets. 'i he paper* are lull oi individual tander* of monoy to aid in cai ry iug on the war. 1 he .Mexican government ha* declared the port* of Macallan and .Maiainora* closed to foreign commerce. The publication of ?1 the ttourbomat paper, has been discontinued since congress has commenced its sessions. Besides the Vesuvius, another English war steamer, a 60 gun fiigatear.d a brig of war, arrived at Hacrihcios on toe 14th, Horn Jamaica. The Vera Cruz editor is at a loss to accouutfor the concentration of such a force there hv the Enirlish. A bnanish friirate and brnr and a S'rsnrh oark and brig, all vessels of war, were lying there on the IStbult. Tbe Indicator of the 10th alt announce! that thereafter the piincipal lighthooae ol the pott would be illuminuted each night. It had been extinguished for a time, and the American squadron had supplied the want by noisting a light on hoard one of their vessels at Isle Verde, which the ,Mexicans are half inclined to attribute to a design to induce vessels to direct their course by that anchorage. On the list, news was received at Vera Cruz that an American brig of war was blockading the port of Alvarado. Tbe next day intelligence reached there that some hosts Irom the brig had pursued a Mexican boat across the bar. aorue boat* from the Mexican vessels of war went to the assistance ol the boat, aud tbe people were called to arms '1 he Mexican boat made its escape. Say the Mexicans : "The victoiy was ours ; but theraware none killed or wounded, as the Ameticans did not van tnre to measure iliength with us." The Americau boats wera by signal ordered beck te the brig. Subsequently to this tremendous affair, the brig went to lea. The whole is reported as a great outrage. A small vessel belonging to vera Cruz sailed for Alvarado on the 38th, and was seized by a boat frem one of the American squadron, which took out of her some water and a portion of her cargo, and let bar go. The mister of the Mexican vessel observed that the crew of the American was afflicted with the icurvy. (It has already been announced that the crew of the Karitan is suffering Irom the scurvy ) An American sloop of war arrived off the port of Vera Cruz on the 30th ult, and an \merican brig of war at the mme date was seen (ailing towards Isla Verde On the iStis ult, there was an American frigate at Hacriftcio*. and a btig ol w ar Un the 30th the spauish ship Fior tie Llanes spoke an American vessel of war twenty leagues Irom Vera tiuz, whicn he supposed to be the flag shin The ommittee of the Mexiaan Congress to which wee referred tue report ol tne Minister ol finance in relation to obtaining resouivea lor the war, on the fUlh ol June eported a tew to the loilewinf eflVot I Uurieg the existence of tne wir which the United Statea n making u .on the Mexican nation, the Govern m?nt ia authorized to raiae the iudi neceaaary for the war in tne manner moet convenient and effloacioua, .bu a iihout taking possesion of the private property of indivinnaia or corporatiuna) allotting to eacn ciaea the amount of money which it ahould contribute to the public deience, in the order it ahould Judge equitable. 3. The Government ia authorized to make uae of all the national revenuea, taking care to apply them in the best manner tbe circumstances will admit, to t..e fulfilment of theobjectato which each of them ia appropriated. 3. I he Government ia authorized to regulate the payment ol the national debt; and 4. To take measures for the regulation and improvement el the public revenuea and their adminiatration ; consulting in every thing relating to the organization of the bureaus and the admimsiration of the revenues the superior junta of the treasury, which it will organize in the manner which it shall deem moet anitable. Una ieport, signed by Sr. Alaman, among others, was object to at onca and iu toto, as being too indefinite ee to the powers wnh which it would invert the Government, i wo members were then edded to the committee amd the eubject referred back to ihem. On the HM June, Paredee leaned a decree for the organization,in the capital,ofa battalion of infantry and two squadrons of cavalry from the commercial claasae, which weie to and their own equipmenta, and wboee sole entioa ahould bo tho preservation of ordor In the capital, and the protection of private proi erty. This measure waa adopted with a view to leave the garrison at liberty to march to the capital. On the30th a ommittee of t'ongrese upon tho form of a Constitution wan appointed. Penn v Petm Co. to Arriilega, Boniila, Tagie, Romero and Valencia were appointed. Wo annex a translation of the prnjet it M, or bill, reported in relation to tha war, bp tlm committee to whieh it waa relet red. Booaaagra and Valencia wera among the mem here of tbia committee. After a abort report upon the circumitanoee mt the oeae, the aemmittee pro poeed the following The Kxtraordinary National Congreea of the Mexleaa Republic oonaidering : ? That the IlepubUo of the baited Stetoa of America, >RK 1 mn\TT*m tttt v no to>ii lVyXVliJLLXUr* JULI XO% 104H I with notorious violation of all right, hai instigated and protected openly and perseveringly the insurrection of the colouiata of foxes against the nation which had admitted them upon its territory, and generously shielded 1 them with the protection of its laws : That it has incorporated the same territory of Texas Into its union by an act of its Congress, notwithstanding it has always belonged by undisputed light to the \1exf can nation, has boeu recognized as such, by the United States themselves, as appears by the boundary treaties of | 1831 and 1834: . That it has not maintained the solemn assurances and reaeivations in regard to the lights of the Mexican Republic, which by moans of its agents it had made in con, lomiity with those treaties : 1 hat it has also invaded the Department of Tameulipae, ' introducing an army upon the left bank oi the Rio Bravo, giving occasion and origin to tha battles of the 8th and I 8th of May the present year : That ill time of profound peace, and during established relations of amity between the two countries, it has in veded by laud and sea the territorial of the California! : That it has blockaded the ports of Malarooras, Vera Cruz, aud Tamph'0 of Tamaaiipas, opening its fire upon the defences of the latter : That it haa authorized a levy of troop* against Maxico t That it has deolsrad war against the Republic, under the pretext that the aaid State* had been invaded, when in fact they madetho invasion : And lastly,considering that the nationality of the Mexicans is sonously compromised by the power and the spirit of usuipetion, flagrantly manifested by the neighboiing nation of the United Siates?Decrees, l.t. The Mexican nation, in the exercise of its natural defence, is actually in a state of war with the United States uf America 'Jd. Inconsequence thereof, the Government will employ all its resources and powers to render the war effectual to the reparation of the injury done to tha Mexican nation : it will complete the bodies of permanent militia and levy new forces at once to the extent it shall deem Dacessary, bjth to till up the bodies at present on foot.and to create other* of the same description ; end if it shall need other special powers. Congress will confer them I m? report bears dale of the loth ultimo, but wa Had it ia a paper of the 37th, and we know not what action wit taken by Congress upon it. The diplomatic corps paid their retpeeta to the President upon the til at, to felicitate him upon hia election. The British Minuter, Mr. Bankhead, addressed the President m the subject v ry bnetly and in very general terms. The reply of the President is of the same character ; not a line in it possesses any interest Advices have been received from I) mango giving account of an action between a body of Mexicans and a band of savages, in which the Mexicans were utterly defeated, with the loss of their commander and others, left dand on the field. This occurred early in June. The situation of Matumoras and the North Eastern Department is represented in the Mexican papers as deplorable. Without tho speedy arrival of aid, tbfey are lost irrecoverably, say the Mexicans. Copies ol the " Republic oj Ru Grande" had been received in Mexico The papers say they are written in bad Spanish. Shocking ! At 4 o'clock on the morning of the 31st instant, there was a slight shock of an earthquake felt at Vera Cruz, which lasted some seconds. It was accompanied by great agitation and roaring ol the sea. The papers pray heaven to spare them lrom the calamities of the elements, while the are suffering from the evils of a foreign war. The people ol Tlacotalpan. on learning of ibe blockade of Alvarado, enlisted to the number of seveial bundled to defend the bar, and a few thousand dollars were raisod by subscription to arect lortiftoationa. Both the Departments of Chihuahua and Durango are suffering from the ravagee of the Camanches and Lipans Their outrages are partially -attributed to the intrigue* of the North Americans, some of whom have been seen with the Indiana. Isettere from the Arm jr. No. VI. Matamokas, Mexico, July 10. Among the proof* of Yankee enterprise mentioned the other day, I believe 1 omitted the establishment of two semi-weekly newspapers in Ma. tamoras. It will be seen that the suggestion ol the Herald for the conquest has been partially adopted, and you need not be disappointed to reppi VP St ftlippt frnrn ?nmA antarnrisinor nrintor thrown oft'in the different towns and cities as we march to the interior. A small paper, entitled the Republic of the Rio Grande and Friend of the People, was issued on the 1st of June, by General Hugh McLeod, of Texas. The first number contained a powerfully written address to the inhabitants of Tamaulipas, Coahuila, New Leon and Chihuahua, advocating the formation of a distinct and independent republic after the great model at the north. All the advantages were set forth in glowing language, and in a manner calculated to arrest attention even from this sleeping and indolent race. Alter the third number, the editor was compelled to leave for Galveston,and in failing into new hands, the paper has changed its name and dropped the advocacy of the noble work it had commenced. For a time the paper was published in Spanish and English, but the limited demand for the former has caused that portion to he discontinued. The difierences between the two republics, is illustrated in nothing more strikinuly than in the estimation of the newspaper. Here, now and then, a SSpuniard might be seen spelling out the contents of the little sheet; but to a vast majority, to whom reading and wri ting had not come by nature, 'bey were sealed. Besides, the natives have been taught to regard the subjects of laws, and constitutions, and governments, as quite above their comprehension, and they are content if they may be permitted to sleep away their days?they do not disturb themselves with such abstrusities as " all men are created free and equal," or " the world is tnn r,,,..., ^ 'IVcu. nr.. l?l> th.. magnanimous nation to Santa Annas and Paredes at the capital. Ilow unlike our own people, every one of wlioin is accompanied to his workshop and ollice with the "daily map of busy lite." The difference was illustrated in the appearance and price of an American and Mexicun sheet, as well as in the riumberuuid character of their readers. Before we entered ihis city a paper was issued here, semi-occasionaily, entitled the Boletin Aquiia dk Norte, or such other name as suited the caprice of the Generaleu-gcle. He exercised a rigid censorship^, and it siioke when and what he pleased. Well, this sheet was on dingy paper, very badly printed, and t>y actual measurement, just eight by twelve incites. The price of a single number would buy the Herald for a whole week, with its volumes comparatively, of "news from all nations."? Several numbers I have seen, which exhibit the general character of this Mexican newspaper. It is principally made up of items relating to the movements ot the army, and the edicts from political head quarters; and I may furnish you some translations from its later numbers, showing how terribly-the Americans had been slaugh. tered in their fort, and how complete was their defeat at i'alo Alto. Within a few days, another paper has hcen issued called the "Matamorae RcveiUt." Muy it be the means of waking up the sleepers, by its "ear piercing," and "spirit stirring" notes. And, to-day, a prospectus announces still another!? But the last is to be in .Spanish, and published once a week. It is urged, thai the entire close of communication between Matamoras and the interior, by order of the authorities of Tamauiipa*, has created an urgent demand for a Spanish paper in ihiscity, and that th.s demand is about to oe supplied. It promises to support the doctrines ot republicanism, and to oppose the monarchical and ante American principles sought to o? plan tea in Mexico) ana it win, in uii prui>nbiliiy, lean toward* a purer system ot government than this so sailed republic has ever known. Verily, the Isaven is at work. Speaking of newspaper*, tks avidity of the intelligent foreigners in the place to obtain them is quite remarkable.? Shut out, as thcv have formerly been, froiti the rest of the world, news from New York in twelve days, and New Oileans in three, gives them equal satisfaction and astonishment. 1 frequently send a bundle of papers to an acquaintance in Matamoras, who overwhelms me with blessings for the Htraldt, nnd Unioni, and Pic$., which he esteems as priceless treasures. Send on your papers liberally to the army of occupation, and let us convert these Gentiles. There is work to lie done. The ground is neither "good," or in in a state of preparation for the " seed it is encumbered witli weeds and briars nnd stones ; yet should the harvest yield no more than ten-foid to the labors of the hurbandmaa. he would be richly repaid, in even the partial redemption ol this fair portion of the earth. If. Y. Z. Mocth or the Rio Geande, July 10,1840. j Gtn. Purtiltt intending to take Dinner in Main morat?Gen. Taylor intending to return the compliment? Troop* leaving for Camargo. Gen. Paredes has given notice that he intends to talto his Christmas dinner in Matarflorns, and withes it expressly understood that the soldiers shall have a fine regalia upon American wines, Jto., and that, too, free from all tfriff. for the has* insult they have received at the hands of the Americans. Come on, general; We will give you a warm welcome?" one of the same sort?we have a few more left." The news is, iliat Gen. Paredes is rigorously empla/od in fortifying the ' I, SERA 5. city of Monterey. It has le-en u walled city for a ' long time, and they ore now extending another around it, in the full hope that victory will attend their efforts, as it did in tin es past. Allet this , 1 wall is finished, Gen. Puredos w.ll leave a share of his army for u garrison, and march with the remainder to Alataniorus fin hismuch-unticip&teU Christmas dinner. He had Letter not make any preparations, for I once heard of u Max can ge- j neral who had prepared a dinner to celebrate an 1 expected victory, and was very much disappointed in tindiiig it necessary to up his dining room for the accommodation ol a lew Yankee j bojj S. Uen. Taylor is making active preparations to ' match with the main body of his army to Caniar- ] 1 go, on his way to Monterey. He may take his Christmas dinner in that c.ty. He is determined to make his way to that place as speedily as pos| sible. The next battle must necessarily be (ought j ' in or near that place, as there are sufficient troops i | now under the command of Gen. Taylor to I march through Mexico in any direction they wish. Ho is confident of it, nnd iheiefore it is prudent and just in him to prosecute the war wild as much haste as possible, and bring tbe Mexican power to terms of peace, and thereby stop our enormous government expenses. 1 think this will never oe brought about until we give Gen. Paredes an opportunity of seeing with his own eyeB our superior force. The quicker this is done the better. We are all ready and eager lor battle, and why not let us fight, secure the victory that awaits us, and then we will return to our homes contented 1 and never till then. The Baltimore and Washington volunteers _i i r t> *_ .l:. i niaivncu irum Drazos ui iuis jnuuc ye^cruuy, un | tUeir way to Matamoras, and we are waiting now , lor a bteamer from Matamoras, to convey us to j that place. We are all comparatively well, and i wishing for an opportunity to show our power. Let tnem give us a chance, and we will show them how it is doue. Yours, A. D. Incidents, fcc of the War. Report says General Parades ha* sent a proclamation to the people of Malamoraa, calling upon them to treat our regulars with every kindness and consideration, because of the unparalleled kindness and attention to his wounded, as well as prisoners and citizen* He takes occasion to score the Texan*, kc. If this be true, it argues more favorably than otherwise. Catholic Chaflaiws.?The revrend gentlemen appointed by the President of the United States as chaplain* for the soldiers professing the Roman Cutbolic religion, MeKlroy and Key, arrivod here on the 8th instant, in the steamboat Troy, from Point Isabel. The appointment of these gentlemen by the President, must go far to remove the unfounded opinion prevalent in Mexico, that the Government of the United States is hostile to the Catholic religion, and that this war ii waged in part against the religion professed by the Mexicans.?Matamorat Flag. Army Intelligence. The ship Bnrmah and barks Catharine and Parthian, left the battle ground yesterday, with sixtaen companies of volunteers lrom the States of Indiana, Ohio and Tennessee. The Hon Jefferson Davis, representative in Congress Un, ti>. ui.i. -f m... 1 ,i 1 ,.c ,u.. n ?: m?Dt of Mississippi Volunteara, arrived yesterday from Washington, and immediately Joined hi* command below the city. The Empire, from Louisville, brought down yesterday the 'id battalion, 2nd regiment of Indiana Volunteers, numbering 385 men, and the following officer* : Major Craven*, Captain* Walker, Bossen, Hasan, K em hall and Oresham.?New Orleans Jefftrsonian, Julii 19. Col. Mcintosh and his son departed for tho North yesterday afternoon from this city by the mail line.where the bracing air will doubtless in a few weeks restore the gallant Colonel to perfect health. He has improred with much greater rapidity than it was thought possible he could do, and is in good spirits.?New Orleans Picayune, I July 18. Amongst the arrivals by the Ja*. L. Day, are Majors Ditnmick and Morris, Capt. Burke, and Lieuts. Fremont and Magruder, of the U. 8. Army. The companies commanded by these officers having been reduced to skeletons, they have been ordered North to reciuit them, lb conformity with the recent act of Congress, reorganizing the companies in the regular service. They have been with Gea. Taj lor since September, 1845, and were in the battle* of the 8th and ?th of May ; also, at the taking oi Matamora*. They are in hopes of being able to join the army in time to share in the approaching campaign.?N. O. Pic., July 19. Late from Havana.?The Hope Howes nr- 1 rived yesterday liotn lluvanii, having sailed on the lOtu inst. The English brig of war Daring went to sea from Havana on the 9th. This is tho vusm-1 on which it was thought hanta Anna would endeavor to obtain a passage 8ho tailed when she was expected to, but her passengers and destination eie not given. Havana July 1A, 1848.? Santa Anna and Almonte Continue here Humor is continually sending them back, and Santa Anna baa on four several occasions actually made pteparjiions, but his hopes are continually blasted As time runs on, those a ho should know say his chances for gaining favor diminish?his fsiity wanes, and his name, by not being kept in the popular mouth loses strength. Our political new* here i* of no interest. We are aorry to say that the moral strength of the government is diminishing. Tacon left it at a liigu degree; but comparing present with his times shows a gieat decline. Kohbeiy and burglary are quite common, and murder not unirequent. a lew days since, the Collector of the Excise, w hile sitting in an entry near a door,with two other gentlemen, was killed by a fellow who coolly walked in and stabbed him, and walked out again -stiange to say, the assassin has not been taken. Private vengeance is the supposed motive. Two days before a negro man was killed near the same place. Home time ago the dpanish bark Numa was taken off vui pvn ubio uj (no nr. ung ui war i/sring, nnu uruiifgui in here for triel by the mixed commission, on charge of being engaged in the (lave trade. The circumstance* were these f^ie brought from Spain her lower hold 1 full of wine, and between dealt), colonist*. For these ' latter, the had, of courte, a large cooking apparatut and many water caika. Here the landed her colonitla, ana having told her wine to be delivered in Matanzas, proceeded ta that pott. The Daring left hero in company w ith her, and boarded her outside the Moro, put on board a prize crew, and tent her back under the charge of being engaged in the tlave trade On the tame day the brig took a small coaster, which she alleged had been in commmiration with the supposed ?lever. Here the trial atill remains without a decision The British officers allege that she has cooking apparatus end water cask* more than necessary for ber ciew for the short voyage from this to Matanzas, which brings her within the provisions of the Right of hearrh Treaty, and makes vessel and cargo a legal prize. The owner*, who reside here, produce the evidence of the custom-house, the passengei* brought here, the correspondence with the Matanza's merchants relative to the cargo, the contract of sale of the wine, and the evidence of the crew. All but the lat ter, are thrown out by the British Commissioners as fieri tious. The evidence of the crew is controverted by the cooking apparatus and water caaks, and the vessel wiii probably have even-handed justice dealt out to her. This strongly exhibits the beauty of the Right ol Search, and the atrong reasons why otner nations should grant to upright John Ball the police of the seas. A vessel belonging to an amicable nation, engaged in open and legal traffic in ber own waters, far from the scene of the slave trade, is seized by Mr. Deputy Constable Bull on a suspicion, and condemned by the captor on a qnib- , bio. After this, how can you refhso to grant thp Right of Search on the high seta f Oar travelling community have been thrown into con- J sternetion by the explosion of the boiler, ami destruction 1 by fire of the steamer (Jenil, off Cienftregos Twelve persons were killed or has e since died and sbont twenty t tiadh scalded. She wn a maan.firent boat, built laat i year in Naw Vork at a cost ol >80 Odd, and was running v ou tiie route between Butabnno and St. Itgo de Cubs. ( Our rainy season is on with a vengeance ; molt of the roads in the country ere impesssLre, snd some of the low lends are under water. We have, too, a great daal of 1 sickneai. The year is proving it?el( a very sickly one. ' Among many others, we have to notice the death of the I lady ol our worthy Consul, ef yellow fever i Commander McKenzie ha* resched here In the Trux- j ton. She left here yesterday, for the Lord knows where. . A new decree his been issued, taking off again the tonnege dues on vessels that take away atelasae*.?N. O. Pieayttnt, July Iff CoftMTTt-no.tAL CoNvisrnort, Saturday, July 36. ?Mr. Itorlon presented a petition from colored citizen* of Otwegn county on the subject of the right of suffrage. Committee of the whole. Mr Morris moved I tnsi wnen me i.onvenuon anjourn to-'iay, it will ailjourn over to Monday. Agreed to. On motion of Mr. Baa- i com, ordered that hereafter the Convention will not hold an afternoon aeaaion on Saturday. The nubject of aingle Assembly diatricta wae then returned in committee of the whole, under Mr. Crooker'a motion (to teat the tenae of the committee on that point), to strike out the clauae providing that members of the aaaembly ahail be choaen in single diatricta. The committee refuted to atr ke out, and thua affirmed the priociple of aingle Aaaembly diatricta. Mr. Kennedy moved to eacept the city and county of New York from the operation of this rule. Loaf. Mr. Cook moved to devolve the dnty of dividing counties into Aaaembly districts on the boards of supervisors of the several counties, to be made on the first Tuesday of January neat. Mr. Conely moved to amend so that this apportionment should be made on the 1st of April neat Lost. Mr. Jones moved to amend further, so as to provide lor making ihia apportionment afterthe neat census, and for an apportionment to con< tinne until the neat cen-'ns. Loet. Mr. Btacom moved : . j . I,nf Sillier- ? i in amtna >o an iu vnv -rtnoi Wvn>w. ?. _ . ' Ti*or? to meet and proceed at the limn mentioned, with- o out djOurnmerit exrep? from day to Jay, to make Mich ?' diithbntjon Atfr-ed ro, ?? on alto Mr. t ook'* amend- <1 went a* amended, bo the diririnn of <he conntiea into ii ' AtMmbljr diftrict*, it to be made by tke auperritora of r tbe roapec'ivc nountiei Mr. Ntcotl mored to amend to <1 a* to i*i mit the diviaion of uardaia the formation of t 4kaee?iMy diatrrcta. Abroad to. A variety of smand- ll mania war* mad a to the aection, and it waa paaaed over, tl Tbe aection in regard to the pay .>( member* waa pcnd- t! ing whan the committee roae. A lieurned to Monday ? v Mb any drpu u LD. Pile* Two Coats* Accident to the lltaiiuhlp Britannia, uhor* off Jcddore Head. Tiiia steamer went ashore, while on her last trip to Halifax and Liverpool, and was so much injured that several of her passengers refused to proceed across the Atlantic in her. Annexed are the particulars ol the disaster [Kioto the Boston Po't, Jul) 37 [ The tteamei Britain!*. Capt. Hewitt. which left here ou the 16;h intt , w ith OS paa-engc-rt tor Liverpool and 11 Tor Hut.lex on hoard, grounded during < enre log on tuo afternoon ol toe 18th m?t, on ilie i or Its off Jtn'dure Utlili ibout 30 milet to lie iioith-cenw jrd ut Halilex. Alter Ie?viug < ape Ann. from w hich the took herdeprr* ture, the weedier rouiinued pleakuut during <he night, but the next morning a <Jen?e tog shut in the horizon, to thet it wee difficult to tea more then ? cable'* length from the vessel The k?a, however, rontinued tmoolh, and the vettel tteamed along rapidly On Saturday bar epved wat much diniinhhed, and lict{urnily the ni ttoppad and Ura deep tea lead hove At>out noon found ing* were obtained in 100 lutboms. and the vcecel't tpeed we. then diminished to the lute of ubout two knutt per hour. Ouns wore ulto fired, fog burnt blown the hell rung, and other expadieatt used to warn vetselt in the vlcinitj , or to obtain information. About 3 h. 40 m P. M. the Britannia struck llie bottom, forward?the captain and all haudt on tha look-out at the tunc -and mado the man stagger a* the brought up. The engines were immediately reversed, but the would not start. Ail tha boat* were thau got in reudiaess, and lowered even with the vpstul'i mil., but only one wu loweied into the wa'er, for the purpose of sounding. There wan no land noi rocks above water In sight,but the bottom and saa-wee I ware plainly visible. A schooner was seen, and after soundhig the boat pulled lo her. but could only learn that aha had lost her reckoning and was lying to, waiting lor the log to clear away. She was from Sheiuurne, but where bound did not report. The boat returned, and sounded again astern of the steamer, and another effort was made to back her oif 'J his time she floated clear, and (^ntinued bucking slowly as those in the boat reported the soundings Unluckily , half an hour afterwurds, she scraped the bottom, huiupiag occasionally, but eventually backed clear into deep water. She remained tight until this lime, but on souuding the * ell, it was deemed piudeiit lo set the engine pumps going. They wonted won una ?ocn cieaiea ncr m ?m?r. Alter "no bottom" could tie obtained with 100 laibum* ol line, the boat wan hoisted up, and the vessel couuuue.l backing oil'shore until about 1 A. M. on bunday, when the tog partly broke up. Hei course was then altered, and she arrived safely at . Halifax about 7 o'clock on Sunday morning, I'Jlh inst.? An admiralty aurvey was immediately instituted, and those comprising it, alter carelully examining her inside and out, reported?" That her litise keel, (perhaps shoe) was carried away, her lore foot gonr, and that she leaked; but were of opinion that by electing a dam on the inside, opposite the place injured, and by otherwise repairing her damages, she would be competent to proceed ou ber passage." C'ar|>enters weie set to work, a dam or hulkhe^ was set up inside opposite the leak, and by rmsing lisAous, the stum wus us well secured ss the circumstances would permit hue was tliuu pronounced seaworthy, and sailed on Mondu) morning at b o'alock, full of passengers. Home seven or eight leit her at llu'ilax, but their place* were immediately occupied by others Indeed, she c uld not accommodate all who wished to go in her.? Among thoio who rrmaiued and returned to this city, by way ol St. John, N U. and Last port, were the Kev. Dr. Huberts, of Baltimore, Kev. Dr Kennedy, of Wilmington, Del., aud Messrs. Pernor and (Jreenougn, of Boston. [Prom the Bostou Advertiser, July 37 J The HaJilax Morning Pott ol 30th i-??k, received at the Merchant'* Kxchange, via 8t. John aud kiasiport, by steamer Portland, states that tho steamship Bmanuia, which sailed hence Kith, about'J P M. did not arrive at Halifax until about 7, A. M- 10th, having in the dense fog on the night of tho 17th, and on the IHui, run between JO and 30 miles east of Halifax; aud struck upon some rocks, supposed off Jeddore Heed, on the alteruoon of the 10th, between 3 aud 4 o'cleck. Immediately altar ber arrival a survey was held by the officers of the Admiralty, and it was decided that, with some trtfliiig repairs, she would be perfectly sale to proceed on the passage. Tne workmen were cugaged at the leak all day on Sunday, and expected to finish at midnight. They were putting extra guards, planking ani caulking around the injury, so that there could be no possibility ol danger. Home of the passengers, it was said, would stay behind, inconsequence ol tue accident; " and at any rule," say s the Pott, "there will not be loom enough lor all that aio hooked " Cuder these circumstances we think the right plan would be (o send home the Margaret in compaujr with the Britain ia, both to accommodate the extra passengers, and to secure the most unshaken confidence in thu safety of the trip home. The agents, however, know better than we do, and will do what is light'' The Britannia left Halifax at 5, A M. JOtli insb for Liverpool 4bout fifteen ol her passengers left inconsequence of tho aecideut, aud several arrived in thin city yesterday morning in tho Portland. I he Britannia tti-l struck her bow upon a rock, and got oil by "tut ting cargo and heavy silicic* alt. In backing olf, her stern struck upon auother ruck, and alter getting lreo irom the latter, she got upon a thud rock umidriilps. Among the passengers who leit her war* Messrs. Allied (jri-cnough, and J. M. Parker, ol Boston ; and a gentleman of Peuns) lvama. who nad started with the intention of htteuding the Woild's Convention in hnglaud. Middletown, July 23,1846. Additional Particular* of the Accident on the Lnt Rail Ruad. I send you, so fur as 1 have learned, a list of the killed and wounded by the meluuclioiy accident which happened this morning on the New York and Erie Kail Road. So great was the concussion that passenger car No. 2 wns driven nearly through No. 3, literally tearing them to pieces, and smadung every seat in the diamond car to Iragments. This accident occurred by the giving awny of a bridge a short distance below Monroe Village, while the cars were going ut K speed of thiriy utiles an hour. l) Ctane. aged S3 or 33 yearr. sen of Dr. Crane of Uoehrn ; a very promising young man, Just graduated irom college I am told that he was taken Irum under the ruins of the car literally by piecemeal. Mr Stephens >t New Vork city, aged 19, who came up the evening previous to accompany Ids sister home irom a visit iu ibis county. Ha had hceu in the car" but a fa w minutes when he wa*vthus suddenly called into eternity. The above are all that were killed outright, but many ol the uulortunate sufferers cannot survive. Wouhdxb?Mr*, i'onkling of Otiiville. jaw bone entirely gone, and throat dieaolully mangled. Mr Holly, of Bloomingburgb, one arm biokeu and the other dislocated. Mr. Haiding. of Otisville, seveiely wounded in the head Mr Nathaniel Cooiey,of MiddJeiown, do. Mr. J. Van Kleet, of Middletown, do. Mr.-< harle* Moaell; badly. A daughter of Mr D. Wisner, do Miss hunh L. Watkins, do A daughter of Mr H Sweet, of the Kail Road Hotel; do Mrs. W. B Mid ilebruok Master A. Kaiikner, Mr. Sproat, Mr. O. P. Coleman, Albeit 8. BeoKes, Mr H. E. lforton, Col. J. II Wickham, Mr. H. Watkins, Mis* L Watkins, Mr. \V'm. Conkhng, were more or less wounded. In addition to these, there nre some 15 or 20 lying at Monroe, some with broken bones, others with fractures of the skull, nnd other injuries. There were some three hundred pnssengers on board ; And it is a matter 01 inter Bsiunimnnmi that so few were killed; as I am informed by those who were on boaid, that it took more than an hour to get ollt those alone wiio were crushed under the falling ot the heavy roof of one ol the enjs ; passing as it did, directly tinder the roof of the" enr in the rear, knocking down nearly every person that whs .sitting in u nt the time. Many limped I'roni the windows ot the diamond cur, ind escaped with but little injury. Others were found jamed between heavy timyrs, scarcely alive. Many instances ot bairueadth escapes are mentioned. One vas carried troin one car, hall way through the tar in the r ar, with but trifling injury. A porion of the rail was driven through the bottom of i car, the cheek of a gentleman, and omewhat severely injuring a lady.atihe same time throwing a young man several feet fiom where he was standing. I do not eingerate when 1 say that two of the cars, c.owded with pes.-en*ers, were completely shattered?hardly a timber being left unbroken, and the seats, a complete mass of broken fragment!. As soon as 1 hear from below, I will give vol further particulars. W. F. I'isutia* Tjwatt.?This subject, we learn, is !o bo brought up on Monday before the Howe of Representatives, tad the claimants msy hope to here the mutter concluded. The objectionable (suture of the bill giving additional compensation to so efloer of forummer) t nas t>eeo stricken oat, the clsimsnts contsnling to pep out of the fund, when reoeired. ell expense of dlsiribution. The biil before the House bss no other object then to legalize the distribution of the fund es it may be received The treetjr wes mode in ItMl bp Mr Piceett, . jf Kentucky ; end If < engross hod then nemed Cossmis noner to distribute the proceeds (JSC 000 ) the claimants hcmselvee wonld before thfc time have been enabled to lettle their respective demands with Peru. At It now itandt, five minutes lime may render justice to our cltiteos, who, through negligence, have been kept from wenti -five to thirty years debarred of their right*.? tVmkington Union. * CaJtADA.?L*rge quantities of muskets, carlines, swords and other military weapons have eon received in Pineda, and the militia ere to be armed srthwith Several Iron war steatosis tie to be placed n l.akea Kric and Ontario, and the Toronto Rrtaissr lates thst the ordnance depsrtmont have received or era to build e fort at r'ort ll"|>e. and to expend M"0 (HJO t impioving its harbor It is sixty-five mites below To onto: The c.niJ? |?|>ani?P*? ? ?" 'I >7" itura hr Hritxln of ton million* of dollar* In fortif) liijt ho ffi". Th. To% journal! nr. rmm with ill n?tion?. wjf*5** mnc9 ho Ht Lawronco narration monad ln?t May, down to ST IfthiSTSlN* froU orflour. ??. bnahnj. nf rhoat. and 7,411 barroli of aabo* bar# paaaod ilowiwara > Montroal

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