Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 7, 1846, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 7, 1846 Page 1
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THj V?L zn, la. au-wuu No. *???. THE NEW YOM HERXLE IIUTA MAMMA.. I>nftf*n.rrrtft jAivits bUKtJUN jttfNtMt. I I, meruit I un, Circulation---Forty Thousand. DAILY HER \LU-Eear> da>, Price t f?ti per eopr? > Biitr lunula?payable in advance. WKKKLV IIER *LD? " *?ry 8'rurday?Price 6V4 ceau per copy?SI l?K ceula p?* aiinum?payable lit advance. HKHALI) >OK fcLROP*.?Keery Steam Packet day PrieeCVt cauu per cop?-?S3 00 par uuinm. payable in ad "aDVERTISEMEMTS at tha aiaai pneaa?el way caah VrInt'inq ail kudi exeeaied with beauty and de? All ItiMn or coBBooieationa, by mall, addreaeed to the Inbliihmaot, But be pn?t paid, or tho poetafo will bo d? cted from the auhacni'tion money remitt d. JAMES UORDON BENNETT, Proprietor of tha New To?? Hmild K?TA?Li?rMir?T, IVnrrk-Waat rnn mi hliiw and Nkaaan atreata m AK.ITI.MIL ACCOM mOUA'l'ION*. JOHN HERD vlAN Ik CO., Ualtod SHtaa aad Ureal Britain aad Ireland, Old Eatabliahod merest Office, <1 South afreet, Now York. JHv.BR .WyJft ^^^^^"^^HSRDMAN fc CO., ftuifi to ?ad from Great Britain and Ireland, via Liverpool by the Old Black Ball Lia or any of the regular Pacaet ship* sailing every bra davs. The sabseribers in calling lb i attaatiou of Old Couutrymen and the pablic generally to (hair unequalled arrangemanu for bringing out prnaugura from the oldcouuiry, bee leave to Mate that tha baaineaa of tha Hoaae at Liverpool will be conducted by its oraueh. Those sendine for their friends will at once see the great Importance ol ihis ^rrangemetii, as it will preclude an uauecsssiry del-y of the emigraut. The ships employed in this line are well known (o ke of the flnt and largest class, comBanded by men of ei|>erience; and as ihey sail every five days, offer every facility thai can be famished. With those superior tmugemvuts, the subscribers look forwsrd for a continuation of that patronage which has been so liberally Sanded to die in lor to many years past In case any of ae engaged do not embark, the passage money will be refunded as castomary. For further lurticul/ua apply by letter, postpaid J HKill).MAN i CO.. tl South st., New York HERDMAN k <"0., Liverpool. N B.?Drafts for any smount can as osual be furnished, pavabla at all the prigripal Banking Institutions throughout the I'-ired Kine lorn n-i application as shove jv2# r JrtAitSC.ilX.ko L.iiNi^ Ut PAoKJC/id. m M M. m, The audenaentioii Hliipa will b? regularly despatched from hence on the 1st, aad from Marseilles Um 10th ol each mooih during the year, as follows Ships. Captains. From N. York. PR'CE de JOINVILLE, (new) Lawrence, April 1 Sept. 1. MI8SUR1, Silvester, May 1 Oct. I. ARCOLE (new) Eveleigh, June 1 Now. 1. GASTON, Coulter, July 1 Dec. 1. NEBRASKA (new) Wataoa, Aug. 1 Jan.'l. Ships. Captains. From Marseilles. PR'CE de JOINVILLE, (new) Laurence, June 10 Nov. 10 MI8SOURI. Silvester, July 10 Dec. 10 ARCOLE, (new) Eveleigh, Aug. 10 Jan. 10 ?A8TON, Coulter, Sept. 10 Feb. 10 NEBRASKA, Watson, Oct. 10 Mar. 10 These vessels are of the first class, commended by men of experience Their accommodations, for passengers are unsur passed for comfort and convenience. Goods addressed to the agents will be forwarded free of other charges than those actu ighl or passsge aiirly to _ CHvCmSkRLAIN It PHELPS, Proprietor* No. 103 Front atreet. or to BOYD k HINCKEN, Agent*, lire 9 Tontine Buildings, (Ml Wall.cor. water st. .NEW LLNE OF LIVERPOOL PAOhJETS. m M M m To sail from NewiorklUt, and from Literpool (th of each loath Ftom New York. Live, pool. N?w ahip Liverpool, 113* ton*, % June ? J. Kldndge. l Augtut 11 Oct. 6 New *hip Qjeen of the Weal, ? XSM toas|r. Woodhouse, \\ \ N?wflUplto.Wm.Wt-* !;5u?aan \\ UjL ? John Briton. 11 October 11 Dec. 6 Ship Hottinguer, IMS toft*. }} fe. J Ira Bursty. ? j.J , Th?e substantial. fast sailing, fimi class ships, all built in tha city of uew York, are commanded by men of experience A akHit* aail will K? nnn^tnalIv An ?Km 91af a< each BMath. Their cabin* in elegant and rommodiooi, and are furniahed with whatever eaa conduce to the mm and comfort of I'uiro ger*. Phc* of puit|? f HO. Neither the captains nor owner* of theae *hip* will be reeponaible for aar parcela or package* aent by them, tuileix ttnlar bill* of lading are aigned therefor. For freight or puuie apply to WOODHULL fc MINTURN, 17 Soath itreet. New York, or to FIELDEN, BROTHERS It dO., I X Liverpool. AbW lUiUV. AND GLASGOW LLNE OF PACKETH. m m M m Sailing from New 1 ork on the lat, and Olaagow on the Lith of each month. froa n. York. Fm. Ul'gow. ( Jane 1. July li. hip BARACEN, If. T. Htwkina, { Oct. 1. No.'r 15. f Feb. I. March li. i July 1. April li. Br. &ip BROOK8BY, H. Mlwen, ] No*. 1. Au* u. ( March 1. Dec'r li. V August 1. May li. Br Bark ADAM CARR, . ] Dec'r 1. Sept. 11. ( April 1. Jan. li. I May 1. June li Br. Bark ANN HARLEY, R. Scott, < Sept. 1. Oct. li. ( Jau'y 1 Krbrua. li. rieee ihipe are good, mbetantial ve**ela, ably commanded, will aail pnnctually on their regular day*. Their accom aiodationa for good, and every attention will be paid to promote their comfort. The agenta or Ca|*ain* will rot be reapouaible for any parcrla or package* lent them, uni*e bill* ofladii^ are aigned therefor. For freight or pauage. apply to ? WOODHULL * MINTURN, fl South street. New York, or tA rc RF.IP & MI'BBAV OlMtnw. PAMAiji, t KUxvl utVtA'f bKllAlAiN A AD IRELAND, By xa^aHm Ball, o^uIt^Line o^Livrrpool PacketaTaailing from Liverpool on the lat and 16th ol every month TL. villi rauiuL1 :l_ r r i ?r u...k " OXKOHD " " ]fth of March. " CAMBRIDGE " " l.t *f April. " MONTEZUMA " " 14th of April. PmOM aeuding tor their frieada, and forwarding the paaaag* Cam ft c?? by the iteamahip Hibernia uikni Irom Boetoa on the lit of Kabruary rill have plasty of time to com* in the Yarkahire^or in any on* ol the eight packet* of the Black Ball Lisa tailing from Liverpool am trw lat and Wtb ofavery ' month Apply to. or addma, if by letter poat paid, ROCriE. BROTHERS It CO. IS Fultoa ?t., Nnl door lo the KuItou Bash. OLAoirUW AAu -\t.vv YORK LliNL <JV PACKETS. Pj| m m. m KKSONfl wiahiug to aend lor their frieada ia auv part ol Scotland, to aail direct from Olufo* can make arrangement* with the Suhacribera, to have them brought oat in any I tna regular line ol 1'ackeia, **ilin? monthly from Gla*gow. The ANN HARLEY, Captain Scott, ADAM CARK. Captain McEweo, SARACEN .Captain Hawiuna, BKOOKSl) Y, CoaPria* <k* above line, aad the htgh character of th?a* vca el* ahoui* be tafAcieat inducement (or paraon* who may be Bending fartbelr frienda ia Scotland, to make arrangement* for thia (the only line.) flkrthcr particular* givea, oa application to ^ W.&J T. TAP9COTT, ?S Soath at reel, corner of Maiden Lane, or Meaara. RE10 It MURRA V, Agenu all r in Olaagow. - tfRIM&H AJS1> NORTH A>1EHT MCAN ROYAL MAIL STEAM SHIPS, II* ton a and 44* hone power each, uo. dercoatract with lb* Lorda of the AdmiilllikHM A '. Oapt. A Ryn*. CALEDONIA Capt. E. O. Lott. BRITANNIA Capt J.Hewitt CAMBRIA Capt.C. H. E. Jadkiaa. At ADIA ....Cajit. Wm tJarnau*. Will Mil from Liverpool aad Boa ton, via Halifax, aj fol Iowa >? r**M ofTon. raoM LivrarooL. Hibaraia Aug 16. III*. Hibernia Jaly it, 1141. f'-tcdonia Bel*. I, " ' alatnn'1 Aug. 4, " Bdlaaui* * II, " Britaania " It, " Cambria Oct I, " Cambria 8*pt 4 Hio*rnia, II Paiiang Monet from Boaton to Liverpool flM. rom Boatoa to Haliftu... * No bertAa aerared until paid for Theae ahipa carry experienced aurgeon*. No (Veifht, *xe*pt apecie, received on day* of calling. >or freight, pauafe, or any other informatioa. apply to D. BRIUHAM. Jr., Agent At HARNDEN k CO;S. ? Wall at. trr la addition to the above line between Liverpool and Halifax, and Boaton, a contract haa b*en entered into with Her Maieity'egovernment, to e*ubliah line between Liverpool ai.d New York direct. The ateam thipa for tin* aeevice at* no * being built, and early next year due notice will b* given of the time whrn they will atait. Under the new coutract the ateamer* will aail every Saturday during eight mouth*. ?ud every fortnight during the other moutha in the year Going alternately between Liverpool, and Halifax and B<.atoa, and betweeu Liverpool and N*w York. ji> tfnc_ __ _ - ~ - NOTICE?TAPHCOTT'R GEN EH A L EMIGRATION OFFICE, Removed from * "o""1 atreet.? Peramia aendmg lor their frienda in any pen of the old cnniitrr make the neceaai.ry arrangement! with the a*b?c.nb*r?, on raaeanahle terma, to have them brought oat, in _ THE NEW LINE OK LIVERPOOL PACKETS Tile Hnipa of thi* line are nuaarpaaard by any other, ann their immenae aixv (all being ION KM, >nd upward*) render* them more comfortable and convenient than ahipaof a amaller el i*a i and the gnmteat reliance may be placed m their pnn? taality in tailing The aabacriher* are alao agrnt* for the St. George anj Union Linea of Liverpool ParkeU, in any of which paaange ran be engaged on reaaonahle 'erme Umfta fur aay amount, payable without diacoani ia, all the ....I ?r L-Iralan.l Scotland or Walea. tan Ivi be obtained. F? futter ? TApS(. retire M South Id door b?lnw Knrliiic "lip, N. T. '*M*~ PA( KKT KOK H A V Rfc?t*c<>.d~ Lib* Th? |M^I<?:k?t.?l<iplJTICA.C?pt. f - Witt Mil oa Si '*" **wfflutaBKtitor* E N'E i | KAII.MU40M, Ac. TO Wfc.STt.Krs IttAVt.uLr.ita mmm. ?=** I' Ht Pablic is ru|?cilutl> i.. mrtned that the rtie m brenh I iu the (.'anal. caused by ?the lite freshet, harm* been repaired, the PIONKKH It OPKKS8 1.1Nk. uid Canal from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh. oommeured it* regular trips lor die muud on Mouday, the 6th of Aj'ril, : lesviug the Depot. No. 174 Market street, DAILY, at j I'clock, A.M. By this route paaseugers wUI avoid all the fatigmeau d*"' *er of night travelling io coaches, both Railroads being paaesd iu daylight- ? . Foe further ioformauoa, apply at I'll old-established OUcs, n? Market street. 6 doors above Kighth street aid tm'rrc A. tf CUM Ml NOB. Aft. 1AUW 1&LANLI KAlLrfOAU OUMfAiNl. SUMMER ARRANGEMENT eafflga caoMQ acafi iffl CHAINS HUN AS FOLLOWS. COMMENCING WED NESDAY, MAY l?, l?4?: lours at 7 o'clock. A. M. Boston err in for Green?oit, daily (except Sundays,) Hopping at artiiiugdalr and St. Ocok?'i N.anor. ** " at 9H o clock, A. VI., for Fannin dale and intermediate place*. M " at 3 P. M., through to Oreenport, strr ping both way* at Jamaica, Branch, Hiclu\ ille, Farmingdale, and all the stations between Farmingdale and Greenpcpt. " " at 5 P. M., for Farmingdale and interne diate placet. Lkavm UiCBfroBT at5 o'clock, A. M. Accommodation train, daily, (except Sunday*,) through to Brooklyn. " " at 3 P. M., Boston train, or on the arrival of the steamer from Norwich, stopping at St George's Manor and Farmingdale. Leave FilMimDiLi at (K A. M", Accommodation train for Brooklyn. " at SSt A. M. Oreenport train v lor Brooklyn " " at 26 P. M. Aocommodation train, for Brooklyn. Leave Jamaica at ( A. M. Accommodation train, for Brooklyn. " at 9M A. M. Oreenport train for Brooklyn. " " at 3* P. M. Accommodation train, for Brooklyn. Fabe to ? Bedford i cents. East New York 1JX, Race , loursr l?V. Trotting Course lljtf. Jamaica 26, Brushrille lljf, HydeVark (17 miles) 37W, Clowsrille (during the seanon of court) 37 K, Hempstead JIU, Branch 3i><. Carle Place W, Westbury 44, Hicksnlle 44, Farmiugdale Deer Park t>9, Thompson tt, Suffolk station $1. Lake Road station f 1 I8X. vedlord station Si 18V. Yaphuil $1 37W, 8t. Urorge's Manor tl 6VX, Riverhead $1 62>i, Janiej|K>rt tl 62k, Matte^nck tl S2K..Cutchognr SI 42)4, Southolil tl 62>g, Oreenport Accommodation train tl >i, Oreenport by Boston train S2 26 Stages are in readiness on the arrival of trains at the several <tations, to lake passengers at eery low fares, to all paita of the Island. Btucgage Crates will be in readiness at the foot of Whitehall Mreet. to receive baggage for the several trains. 30 minutes before the honr of starting from the Brooklyn aid*. The steamboat " Statesman" leaves Oreenport for Sax Har oor twice each day, on the arrival of the trains from Brooklyn. myl? re LONO ISLAND RAILROAD Express Mall i^^^l Tram, leaves Whitehall street Ferry, New York side, every morning at 7 A. M., lor Boston ."I^QEL-AUo, trains from Brooklyn side at 7o'clock and ive minutes, and 9X A M., and 1 and 3 P. M.. daily. The 7 V M., and 3 P. M traina go through, the former stopping al farminidals and manor, and the latter at all placea on th? o?d jfU r TRO\ .VIOK.N1NG AMJ KVEMNG L1NL. MORNING LINK AT SEVEN O'CLOCK .MQ KOK ALBANY AND TROY-From the .Steamboat Pier at the foot of Barclay street. Landing at Peekskill West Point. New)argil, H.nupiou, Milton, Poughkeepsie, Hyde Park, Rhine uci u, iuu umia oniun, i.susill, nnoioa, uoiucur Kinderhook aud Baltimore. Breakfast and dinner od board the boat. The steamboat NIAGARA, will leave on Menday, Wed aestlay and Friday Moruiugs7 A. M The steambuai TROV, Captain Oorham, on Tuesday, rhonday and Saturday mornings, at 7 o'clock. Returning ou opposite days. For passage or freight apply on board, or at the office oa the wharf. NEW YORK. ALBANY AND TROY LINE. FOR ALBANY AND TROY DIRECT, From the pier at the foot of Coartlaadt atreet. The low-preaaare steamboat EMPIRE, Caputs R.B. Macy ivavea the loot ot Courtlaiidt atreet, on Tuesday, Thursday tad Saturday eveaings, at aeren o'clock. The Steamboat COLUMBIA, Capt. Wm. H. Peck, will leave on Monday, Wedneaday and Friday evenings, at " o'clock. Passengers taking theae Boata will arrive in time to take he Morning Train of Cara Irom Troy wen to Buffalo, aar lorth to Saratoga. Whitehall and Lake Chamolain For Passage or Freight, appl von board, or at the Office he wharf. No freight taken after 5k o'clock. NOTICE?All goods, freight bank billa, apecie, or aa< ?thei kind ot nroi>erty. poaitivrly at the owner's riak. j26r THb MUST UfcLliiHTKUL OK AL.L EXCUKSIONS Mm A BAIL acroaa the Hndaon river to Hob. 2pBJ^H^a*ken. and then a " 'V to the Elysian Field* lG^9fl3K_along the exceedingly picturesque shores o ie place, will proye the moat eaaily accompliahed and sttrat iye of all rurual exenraiona that can be made from the city. The gronnda now preaent a charming aspect, the treea t? ijt in leaf, aud the aoil covered with a nch turf The walks are in excellent order, having been eonaiderabh mirlltahed the preaeat apring. On every pleaaant afternoon there will be in attendance ai he Cortonnade Elyaian Fielda, an excellent Band of Mnaic which will perform aelectiona from the favorite Opera*, pope 'ar air*, marchea, w allies, lie. The Ferry Boata from Barclay, Canal aad Chriatopher *ta. ire completely fitted np with awninga and aeata. Night Boats rna froa Hobokea to Barclay atreet until 1' aVInek. Ferriage ceuts ml ?m"r KUU LIVtHCllUt?New Line? Regular pack |0SVet, to *ail August Mih?The elegant, nut (ailin* VHbincket *hip SI I) DON S, E B.Cobb, master, of 110" 'on# oil I tail a* above, her regular day. For freight or passage, having accommodationa unequalle< or splendor er comfort, apply on board, at Orleans wharf 'not of Wall atreet, or to F M rOLLIVUfc rn . MAonrhst Packet ship SHERIDAN. Geo. B. C"raiah, master, wir succeed the Siddons, and sail September 2S.h, her re?ula d?v jyM gina: FOR NF.W OK LEANS?Louisiana and Nev dHMV York Line?Positively firat Regular Packet T< Mmabs-ail Monday 10th inst ?The elegant, faat aailini packet ship OSWEOO. Johnaton, master, will positiveh tail as above her regular day For freight or passage, having handsome furnished acconi modationa, apply ou board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, or to E K. COLLlNHk CO., 66 Souui it. Positively no ifoods received on board after 9Ba>da\ evening, Angust tth. Agent iu New Orleans. JAS. E. WOODRUFF, who wil) promptly forward all goods to hit address. Packet ship MARTELLE, Taylor, muter, will suceeel the Oswego, and sail on Monday, 31?t Angust, her regalai day. au5 AJfJt- ONLv HhOULAR LINE OF PACKETS KOR nVVy v fcW ORLE ANS?Packet of the 10th Aug ? MHafaThe fa t-s?ilinc nnd fsv riie I'acke- HKipOsVvFuU Cart Johnson, Will sail positively on Monday, Aug. 10 her r (alar d <>. She t>a* srleudid secnmmoJstions f<r c*bin, second cabin, and a eerage pas engers Those wuhinf to secare berths should make earl / application to _ W. It J. T. TArS'OTT, an 4 M Snmh St., 2d do >r below Burling Slip. KLuTsi aDLISHKU UNITED 8TATES & 4J?WOREAT BRITAIN k IRELAND EMIGRAN1 W'KH E ? The Subscribers coutimie to bring out ias?eiii?-rs hy the regular Packer Ship*, 'ailing every five days ; snrf also for firsi-clsss American transient ships, sailing weekl),* rrr moderate rates Drafts can al-o be famished for any amount. payable throughout the 'Tuned Kingdom, on application as above, ?ni I .|> ' . >tt. (ji.a-.uu w li.>r, ok packets?to sail isi JHHrV S?r|Kember. her regular day?The tine fast a?ilitg ~ ' h.,L a MM Mani.VV r>m?? Kohw^Scott, wi'l anil at above, her regular day. For freight or paaange, hiTiin excellent accommodation*, apply ou buarj font ol Kooirvrlt itrret, or to WOODHULL fc MlNTURN. r Sooth.t. The regular packet ship HARACKN, Capt. N. T. Haw. kin*, will mccrrd the Auu Harlcy, and tail ou th? lat October. her rrtular day. an3 FUR LI v KRPOOL?New Line? Regular Packet XS^VofZlit Augnx?The auperior.faat tailing packet ahu MltttaLIVKHPOOL, 1IM toui burthen, Capt. John Kldridge, will aail aa above, her regalar day. For freight or paaaage, having elegant aad aaperior accottaodation*. apply en board, weat tide of Barling,alio, or to WOODHULL k MINTL'RN.r BubOi a treat Pnra of paaaage t'M. The packet tnip Qneen of the Weat, IIS0 tout barthen. Caotaiu Phillip w.oJhoitir will inceeed the Liverpool, and ll nn K?-r r- inUi d*> . *Ui Sentemher j* tJ Lfar I'Atkr'l SiHlH UT1 A, frH?Tre?I <m?igii((Hjyrri per f ia ship will pleaie tend thair permira ou ">a>d. a< pier >0 i N. K Allgnodai.ot permitted i?, ?- Mh inat. will he aeiti t?the pablic a to re. ?u2 jtfj- PA' Kr-T Bank A^N HARLkY, fiom OlatmHVVihw ? nnimiirai will pleaae tend their permit* on JHN*lfa'"i?rd. at the foot "f Ro<.>evelt atreat. K it withoat u?i > All goodt not permitted mutt be tent to public atore k| itL.-iil! iriMiua art iiMrOy c uiiMiru i?m< uii liar* h??nng ?r tmMttig any of th?? of the firm h l.trk Ann H-rirr. from an no d* K? of Uioir contracting will be p?id by th? capitis or con?igute. WOODHULL k MI>TURN, 91 South mr**t. PRIVATE UtSt.ASKa. BRANCH OK THE PHILADELPHIA COLLEGE OF MEDICINE. M Kaua* Hlrart, PARTICULAR NOTI< K?Patienu raaiding in any part of the Union, by writing a full ttatem.-nt of their situation , let the diaeaae be of what kind it may?delic-te nr indelicate, private or otherwise, it will be conanlted upoti by the Meinbera. who meet daily for that purpnae. and tne necriiaty rrmedie*. with direction*, forwarded immediately. In thit inataiica the fee (96,) which will include all ai penae*, mutt be eucloaed, pott paid, and directed to W. F. IjICKINSON. Agent, 97 Naaaau atreet, Hetald Building*, Where ona of the Member*? Doctor McDonnell?u in cooataat attaudaacr , THF. SP>C'F!C F.XTRAf T. For the cu'e of Oouorrh?*, Olret*. Stricrnree, weakne** ! of the a* ma' organs, nocturnal * niittiou* and alt di*cha get : from ihe urethra Thi? powerful diuretic eur>;? aoonrr than an, other irmedy aa ) ei ducoieied, withotr. IMerfaring in I any w?y Willi bn*iue*? ^ ic- Si per pot. SARSAPAi.ll.INE, . , Prepared bv the ollege, it ihe active prtn-iple of tne rename Hon oraa root It ia approved by the ollege for the care of acrufala, rheurndtiain, g?ia*>*o?? emptiou*. enlargement and pain* of the bone*. tyi'hilir tymptomt and the train of due*'** cofiaeQ<>".t on t?i injudicious n*aof mer cury and iimkiMul medical treatment I'nca, Si par wm?i ; Of buttlea fo r Si _ NON-MtlCRIAL B'ACK DRIP. Thia vala .hi* ?lter?tive it mr remedy in Syphili*, both primary and eonetitotiooal it hauld b? reeorivd to immediately iftrr the flrat appearance of th? iliaaaae. Peraooa ??o ha?? eruptions on the skin, r?neraal nodes, rhenmatiom, Kil' or ur dn?Mt iriiiii from ?n iiapure state ol th? blood, should not be one montat withoat it. kii|la bottln, >1 caaaeof half a doven, %i. Carefully narked and forwarded to all part* of tko Union. _ . ? W. Y. DICKINSON, AcMt;tT ItMaatreat. 1 Ml lm*r taft ? ?? mm pf W ?0 'JEW YORK. FRIDAY M ? ' Affairs lit M*xleo. [From the New Orleans BuJUtio. July 39.] The Information obtained by Capt Ltfjr, at Tlboeeo, that a Mexican schooner bad arrived tnare from Alvara do, and had passed at the mouth of the rirar, the United States bri( somen, and- a Unitad States schooner of war, and that a "warm corrafpondenca" baa taken place between Commodore Connor aod a 8p*nl?h Commandant at Vera Cruz, relative to several Mexican resseW sailing under the Yucatsu flsf. having been admitted into the port ot Vera Cruz by the blockading squadron, white the vessel* of other nuutral* ware noi |>ermitied to enter, is palpably ahturd. Tne blockaders at the mouth of the Alvarade would not permit a Mexican vessel to pass out unmolested, nor would the squadron at Vera Cruz show a partiality for the Yucatan llag The oaly advantage gained by Yucatan in being recognized aa a neutral state, is that her ports ar^exempted tiom blockade?her vessels are in the same category as those of all other neutral powers. [From the New Orleans Picayune, July 39} We have had a conversation with Capt. Levy, since our last, and gathered from him the political rumors cur rent in Tabasco when he left. The dates received from the city of Mexico, are only to the 37th ult, the tame which we have, received via Havana. It wh generally believed in Tabasco that Parades had actually lalt the city if Mexico at the head of a strong division of troops aod with a military chest of $300,000, but Mt to repair to IIUUUCI-UO wua UIII ig marCU Ul UUkaHJM 10 pUt down the inaurrection thsre. This variM wily in (om* tletaili from the aocouuts before received, which repreaented that Uen. Artvalo at the head of a portion of the troopa to act under Parades, had marched to Jalisco itt tend of Tamaulipas. Another of the rumor* current at Tabaaco on the 13th inat., wua one that Gens. Riquena and Arapudia had pronounced for -anta Anna anU federation, and that Uen. Ariata waa Tory likely to lend hia influence te the same interest. These were but rumors in Tabasco; atany rate we hare seen no authentic statement of the faou in Mexcan papers. A few words at to the origin of the difficulty between the Spanish Commodore and Com Conner It is alleged and is probably true, that a considerable number of Mexican vua?els are carrying on a very profitable trade with several Mexican ports which eee not blockaded, being protected, in many caaes, by the e*e of Yucatan papers, and in others by Prussian papers. Hoine ol these vessels, under Prussian papers, are alleged to have been allowed, on some pretext or another, even to enter porta uuder blockade 1 he facta being notorioua, and the trade very lucrative, the Spaniali Commodore ia aaid to have protealed warmly agaiuat the distinction made in beualt of this illicit traffic, while every apaniah vessel was rigidly held to answer for any attempt to inlringe the blocxade. The difficulty is said to have led to pretty aharp discussions between the two Commodores, but they were terminated by the declaration of Com. Conner, that the blockade should be rigidly enforced agaiuat all vesaela, ef whatever nation and under whatever circuuistancea. We published aomo montha ago a letter addressed by Uen. Santa Anna to Gen Tornel, upon his learning of the appointment of the latter to be Minister of war. The letter attracted some attention at the time, being regarded as remarkably characteristic of the astute exPresident. By accident we have come across a second letter from the same diatinguiaued Mexican to the Secretary of War, copied from a Yucatan paper, where it appear* first to have seen the light. To those who bear iu mind recent events *u the career of Santa Anna?his disavowal ot the acts of his Ministry, upon which he would throw the odium that led to his own overthrow? his audden withdrawal from his troops when lying before Puebla?tin capture and subsequent impruoament at l'erote?the letter will inquire no explanation, it is not unreasonable to au.'poae the letter has had some weight with I'ornel, and even with Parades, lor since it was written, Tornel has once at least thrown up hia portfolio, althougn aubaequently he reaumed it; and Paredea himselt haa profeaaedly yielded hia prelerence for a monarchical form of government, and declared for a republican representative ay atem. The tranalation of the letter below has been hastily made, and if not verv correct, will afford a gUmuae of the workiugs of the mud of the lormer Dictator of Mexico :? " Havana, April 0, 1846. " Mr esteemed Friend?In reply to your communication of th#> 39th ult. 1 have to state how great was the pleasure afforded to me by the news of the concentration of our forces upon the frontier, and that the integrity of the Moxican territory would be defended wiin honor; lor whatever may be my situation, and however remote from my country I may be, I shall not lay aside my feelings of loyalty towards it. 1 desire, then, that ur arms inay prevail over theae infamous invaders, apd hat will be for me a day ol glory on which you may communicate to me a victory of the Mexicans. In regard to my return to the Republic, 1 assured you in my lan communication that I had taken no determina ion ur nop in me uiauer, out ui?i it tne estuuuanej goj veinment or the august voice of the nation should call [ upon me, it would not be disregarded by me; and that forgetting my p.irate wrongs?*s I had always known now to do-I would co-operate to save the country from he terribie crlsia in which I this day consider it; because, beyond a doubt, she is this day surrouuded by more difficulties than she haa ever before been plunged in, as every truly vlexicin heart cannot fail to perceive In my previous communication I congratulated your Excellency upon having received the important ministry of war, and I did so sincerely, because knowing well your abilities, I considered that they might contribute to extiact the carriage from the mire?[a ? enr tl carro dtl atutetdero] ?and 4to ward olf a thousand evila from the republic. To-day, with the aame Irankness, 1 address you, and I would advise that you sh >uld not support the extravagant course of the provisory government ; nor indirectly countenance the labors of those wbo dream of the establishment of a throne to be filled with a foreign prince ; nor, in fine, oppose the well understood wishes of the people, because tha will of tho people is irresistible. You, yourself, have seen that 1 separated myself from a loyal and brave army, not bellying it sufficient to contend against the public will, which justly or uniastly hsd declared agaiust me; and judging tha it would be criminal if tne citiea and the fields should be fruitlessly watered with blood ; and I did his, notwithstanding that my own preservation depended upon my pursuing my designs This event is very recent, and should not be lost sight of by you In order that ^ou may fulfil your duty with loyalty to. 'Jen Parades, it appears to me indispensable that he -hould withdraw from the edge of the abyss upon which tie has placed himself, and into which he may sink yourself also This system of persecution against the press ind against individuals, in the manner in which it has r>een adopted ; this childish espionage, this striving against public opinion, is madness and wilful blindness.? Jay to tue peneral, with frankness and loyalty, which so much becomes men of worth, that he haa fallen into a <rave mistake in issuing his anti national call of a Congress, and also when he allows the people to regard turn as the supporter of monarchical designs. Say to him, and with truth, that his interests, and tnose of the nation, demand of him to retire from a post which he cannot i continue to fill without involving his eouutry in giaat evils* and exposing himself to unfortunato results; say to him that he should make a sacrifice of his self-love, as I did in the plains of Puebla; and that he ahould depose bis authority in the hands of that citizen who posseesct the greatest Popularity, and at the same tisde can, by other principles and other methods, save this most unfortunate nation as uromoilv as the extremitv of ita dis treatea demand*. Tliii language, at tbi* time, will appear to you violent, neesuae when we occupy high poats. the truth diet from ua : it* accent* no longer pleaae. Flattery and adulation. even to thote the mod moderate in their wiahea, oecome pleating, and thai it i* that we fall into error* which afterward* we lament. Your talent and knowledge of men will anable you to appreciate at their true value the?? auggestions of a man ol experience, and who ha* given *o many prooi* that he i* a good Mexican. The friendship which you manifest toward* me, and which I duly appreciate, make* me beg of you in the name ofthi* Iriendnhip that you will open your ear* on thi* occasion | that you will not compromise your reputation by measures of espionage against any person, nor lead your countenance to journals to tarnish any nta? upon which you have lavuhed ere now a thousand encomium* ; for however secretly theie thing* may be done, they always come to light; and it would be painful for me that a man to whom 1 am ludebted for his generous offices whilst I was enduring suffering and affliction at Terete, should compromise the advantages he had obtained by conduct so noble. Serve laithluily the General who this day reposes confldence in you, and even I m> self advise that you should do so as tar as honor and duty permit; but this should not hinder >ou from being continent and grateful towards another General. who, since IBJI, has showered upon you marks of friendship and conaideration : uor is it a sufficient release from those obligations to plead that during the year 1814 that (teneral separated from his minister* ; fer you yourself will confe** that there i* no public functionary i who is not liable to he surprised and even deceived. Botides, the fliendly explanations which you have since received aheuld have led you to overlook an act, purely th? result of circumstances, and which 1 de not think you would aim to avenge by queitionable measure*. Finally, I have already aitured you that I am reconciled with lien Paredes in consideration of the favor* he ha* conferred on ) ourtelf and other friend*, and it ought not to aurprite him thataerving tiim in auch extreme peril, 1 ahould presume to attempt io save him. If my voice I* listened to without prejudice, if he seeks me m friend, my aimi art opon ; but if be doe* not trust me, and is \ et hoatile to me, although covertly, he should not be offended that in a defence of the rights of my country and for hi* <wn advantage, 1 ihould pursue the courte I deem the molt eligible. You >ourielf will recognize in these lines the language of an old, well tri*d friend, and I do not doubt that we underttaod each other. But I mint cloie, as the packet is going, and I have not room for more. From your most attached friend, Ice , ANTONIO LOPEZ DE 8\NTA ANNA. To his Ex'cy sr. D. Jose Maria Tornel, Mexico. Ths Rnnta Fc (Expedition. IKrom the Ht Louis Era, July So 1 By tha officers of the steamer Nimrod, which arrived yesterday fiom Weston, we learn that she left Fort Leavenworth on 8ui>day la?t, ant) up to that time but three volunteer companies were on the ground?Captain Edmonson's, Monti's and Oedding's: the former was under Ruing inspection pirpunitory to beiirg nirrbrd Into ?ervicc Krom i ol Koruey nothing Liter of intereat had t>?en received 1 ha report coat etuing the death of Capt. > ooi? and the defeat of hla company in the Mexican country .pi ovea to t>? totally falae. The troopa from thla county under the command of capt Kdmonaon, weie generally well, although there wea aome little ilckneM prevailing among them. The ateamer Oen Brooke wee hourly expected et the Kort from Council Bluffi with Ave hundred Mormon volunteera raiaed by Capt. Allen to terve during the war. A train of wagona had started a day or two previoni to the arrival of the Nimrod fer Bent'a Kort with previa l?n?, and another would be deepened ao aoon a? teamatera could b? obtained. It waa >RK I ORNING, AUGUST 7. 184 generally reported among the volunteer* sisembled at 1 the fort, that unless they voted for Priee as Colonel, the raiment would be forthwith disbanded. Price himself is reported to be at Jefferson City: perhaps performing the head work which he is to do in tno campaign t and something like an order has gone forth, requiring the ; different companies destined to go under his oommand to ( rendetrous at Leavenworth by the 10th of August The California Expedition. The following letter ruay be interesting to man/ ol the reader* of the Herald, flic writer it in the ' tame company with Mrs Bonner, whose letter | wai published a day or t*o since; and, although | dated a lew days prior to her'*, it may repay a perusal, as showing the progress and some incidents connected with that_expedition. emigrants' Trail, Juno 12, 1846. i For the past tew days we have got alone finely, j | having travelled at the rate of I'rom 20 to 26 mile* a day. We are now encamped ?pon the Great Platte, 600 mile* from Independence, and 800 from Fort Laramie. Mv last wa? dated June 2, soon after crowing the Blue Earth River, where we were detained \ by high water several days. * Alter travelling one or two days, we enoamped upon the Little Blue which abounds in Ash. and my skill as a fisherman was here put to the test; but I sucoeeded in catching one of tho finest oat 1 von ever saw, whioh we had the next morning for ' breakfast. 1 liave eaten of the salmon, the Mackinaw trout and the celebrated white tinh, but I think I never ate anything better than the fine fish caught from the watrrs of the Blue. We journeyed for several days up this delightful stream, and every night found romantic camping ground. The soeneiy was most beautiful? the eye wandered over iair piospects of hill and 1 dale. A strong north wind prevailed for two or ? three days ; all of the men wore their over coats , to keep warm, and the women wrapped themselves up in shawls, or walked on foot, to do the same. 1 In our encampment we had several Oregon families, constttoaag twenty wagons. Some little disturbance tuf^K, tbey concluded to withdraw from our party ana go on their own hook, forming a company of their own, mustering a lorce of aome twenty fighting men. They went on ahaad, and for several days encamped within one or two miles of us. In their party there were many young ladies? in ours, mostly young men. Friendships and attachments had been formed whieh were hard to break ; for, ever since, our oompany is nearly deserted, by the young men every day riding out on horseback, pretending to hunt, but instead of pursuing the bounding Hanr flaot a n fal?na tKrtir a r? #V?.? among the fair Oregou girls! Thus they go, every day, making love by the road-tide, in the midst of the wildest and most beautiful scenery, now admiring the meanderings of some delightful stream, or course 01 some noble river! This litde party, one day before they reached the Platte, were surprised by a band of 20 or 80 Pawnees, drawn up in battle array, eoming down full sweep to attack them; but they were no sooner seen than the men formed in order of battle to meer them. The cunning Pawnees, seeing this little band drawn out, and fearing the deadly rifle, immediately turned their war party into a visit? shaking hands, hugging men, and attempting to embrace the women. After receiving some presents, they went away apparently as well pleased as if they had taken all of their scalps. Every one was anxious to reach the Piatt* It was in every body's moath "when shall get to the Platter' We had now travelled four days up the Blue, and one day's march would take us ' to that great river. This day's march, therefore, was resumed with alacrity. We had to cross a high elevated plain, the dividing ridge between { the waters of tlie Kanzas and the Platte. About eleven A. M. we could perceive, as we crossed t the highest elevation, that the land gradually descended both ways, and far in the distance gouM a see the little mounds or hillocks, which foimJ ft the ridge or bluffs of that noble river. Here we f tlomu-il "in noon." after which we inurnnved on. a part on horseback, going ahead (myself among , the number) to catch the first view of the river. It was about two P. M., when, in ascending a high point o(? land, we saw,spread out before us, i the valley of the noble Platte. W* all hallooed with pleasure and surprise. The valley of the ' Platte! there is none other like it. The blutfs are from ten to fiueen miles apart, the river, of over a tn<le in width, flowing through the centre. The , blutTs suddenly fall down from 60 to 100 feet, when there is n gradual slope to the water's edge. There is not a single stick ot timber to be seen on < either side of the river?it is one interminable , prairie as far as the eye can extend; yet there is a ! relief found in the numerous islands of the river j being generally covered with wood. We en- j camped for the first time, on the 9th instant, on , the Platte, and for three days have been travelling | up its beautiful valley. i About noon to-day we met some few traders ' g?ing down with b?ats, loaded with buffalo and ' oilier skins. By them I shall send this letter to 1 you. They are slaying in our encampment to- ^ night. To-morrow morning they will leave for the East, and we, on our long journey, for the | West. Adieu, for the present. I shall write you gain from Fort Laramie. S. T. C. I [From the St. Louis Era, July SO ] ' A Mr. Croiby and five other parson* arrived here yes- J terday, in the steamer Nirarod, frost Weston. We are informed by one of the party, that a company of eighteen persons, including two or three women and children, left ( he Mttlemenu in California about the first of May last, and that they travelled nearly the whole distance together; but when within tame three hundred miles of Kort Larimie. the company sepatated, and the persons men tioned above came on in advance. Nothing of interest had Irantpired during their jouri.ey, and they bring no intelligence from that country of importance. About two hundred milesin the prairies, west ef Kort Larimie,and in the California trace, they met Martin's company of emigrants, and at the Fort met Boggs' party?the first were moving on finely, but the latter were undetermined whether they would shape their course for Oregon or California. Home were in favor of the former snd a large portiou of the latter. This disagreement as to their ultimate destination had cauaed aoma ill-feeling, but no serious misundei standing. It was thought that the company would separate into two parties, and that each would take the course it preterred. 1 Miurus, California, May 30.?The 8avannah (flag | hip of the Pacific squadron) and sloop of war Warieu were at Macallan, May 94. The Shark is at the Sand , wich Islands The Cyane and Levant sloops of wsrr had both sailed with secret orders about the I ath. No offlci- . si Intelligence had been received of hostilities with Mexico, but information and rumors of the Mexicans having . attacked onr troops on the Rie Grande had been reoeired. f i The American Army. The celobrated Marshall family, of Kentucky, are represented in the Mexican war by Urigailier General * Thomas Marshall, of Lewie county, Col. Humphry Mar- 1 ball, of LouiarlUia-, Capt Thomas K Marshall,of Woolford, (the orator,) aud by others of less note. The con nection was equally well represented in the war of 1819. We published a paragraph from the Detroit Mwtrti tr, yesterday, stating the rumor *'ihat the commanding officer at Fort Wilkins, Lake Superior, refuses to move, until he receives orders direct from the War Department." The commanding officer cannot go we understand, without leaving a large amount of government property unprotected; and he does not feel himself at liberty to do this, without explicit orders from head quar- ( ters.?Buffalo Expreu. llaval Intelligence. ' United States Ship Raritah, ) 1'kmsacula, July 27 > Tell your mercantile friends tb?t they nerd not t feel any alarm about Mexican privateers. In lact the Mexicans are down, and any otier 1mm us for * any terms of peacrt will b? accepted. The possession of the Castle of San Juan d'Ulloa is of no importance, for it is blockaded so that not a fishing boat can come out of the harbour without our perniission, and we can land any where on the coast at pleature. c The board of naval ?o?t captains which was convened . at Washington by the Secretary of the Navy, recommended for promotion to the grade of Captain. Commanders Oauntt, Ogden and Conover; Commanders Henry, Kamsay and Downing were overslaughed Lieut's ? Olendy, Henry, Pinkney, and Upsher were recommen- t< ded for Commanders; Lieut. John H. Little being ever n slaughed. Lieut. Blake was also recommended (or the next vacancy. Paased Midshipmen Pearce, Robertson, Brown. Uard, Wordenand Blauton have, we learn, also been nominated for the rank of Lieutenant. The frigate Colombia, Capt. Ritchie, was the only U. S man of war in port at Rio Janeiro, on the 90th of ^ June The sloop of war Saratoga had gone to the Northern porta, and the brig Bainhridge was on her j a way to the Rio de Is Plata, where the sloop of war Ply. \ mouth was at last accounts. I r The (Uivtnne fcirvliw, | j Thf re la now I) inn in thia hm bor, and nearly ready for revenue terrice, the United Rtatei war iteamer I" Dillen." She ia a three-muted arbooner, with two i 1 toptall*. and two topaellant iaili, and a gaff ( top-tail oil 'lie mlten. In addition to her principal taila, , ihe is <np|ilied with royal* top maata and top gallant ' ateering aaila. Her eitreaoe length from head to taflTrail, , 1 it about one hundred and fifty feet; her burden three j hundred and aUljr tona Her engine ia of one hundred' j i and twenty ho re* power, and can be worked up to orir two hundred. Her pence armament la a tingle eighteen pounder, of French pattern, twinging on niVot. In war- 1 ah* would carry a fUty-four pounder, having deck a and ' trengtli enough for uiaetyaU pounder. Hlie will now i I a?gggag1*?T?y g? I ERA carry about AO men, but her full war complement, all told, I* aeventy-flve. The armory la wall *upplied ao<l would arm a ahota party of Afty own. Jaak'a patent carbine*; loaded at the breach; without ramroda, are well adapted to Jack Tart use, " who never uaea a ramrod witaout (ticking it into hi* maaamatea' eye* " The reat conaiata of uictol* with percuMion lock*, like the barbine*, boarding-pike* and axe*, and old Roman word*, for haod-lo-nand atroggle*. She ha*, too, an excellent modiriap che?t. ael-cted under th* eye of tlie commander, we have not attempted a minute and nautcal description of lh? varioua and thoughtfully beatowed internal nrrangemeuta Purttce it to ?ay, that the qua tera of officer* an<l meu, deck*, magazine, itore and me*a room*, cooking and engine apartment*, all appear to be perfectly adapted to the *e it ice* and capacity of the vetael. Like moat of our national *hi)>?, each particular ipot 1* *c rub bed and cleaned with icrupuloua nicety. No houaewife *o tidy and careful, but anerould borrow valuable notion* of the perfection of unsullied neatness, from the often washed (lack* of tne Dallas. bince the re-commencement of work upon bar, aba bat been under the general charge and aupervision of Lieut. Douglaaa Ottinger. Tba naval constructor it Mr. J. Lupton, whoae labors have bean commended to ua in warm term* Whan in aervice, 1st Lieutenant will be aaaigned to her. The present abla corpse of olBcera are Lieut. Ottinger, commanding, Lieutenant Hyatt, and Messrs. French and Hays, Engineers. The (iunnor, Mr. John Irwin, ii an intelligent and otflcieut sailor, whoae conduct liaa mat the cordial approval of Ut# commanding orticer The Boatswain, John Tye, is also an old salt, and an excellent aeaman, who ia confidently expected to merit like commendation.?JBujfato Courier, jiufutt 4. Haktvord, Augusts, 1846. Trinity L'oiUge?Partlimon Socirty'i Exhibition? Junior Exhibition. For two or three day? pa?t, there ha? been cir Prayer. 1. Latin Salutatory ?O. 8. Oilman, Connecticut. 2. Ascendency of tho Paaaiooa?K. Faxon, Connecticut. ML'ilC. "How Excellent."?Chorui by HandeL How excellent thy name, O Lord, In ell the worlil ia known; Above all hear'na, O king adored, How haat thou iet thy glorioua throne. 3. The mfulftlled deatiny of genius?Chat lea R. Chapnan, Connecticut. 4. The (run Maak. A poem?W C. Chipman, New fork. ML'IIC. Quintette?By 8amuel Webb* 8. The Grecian Mythology?Charlea K. Hale, Connocicut. 8 Sublimity of the Ocean?Henry S. Steele, Connecicut Mvatc. Sanctua? By Mozart Holy, Lord Ood of Sabaoth, Heaven and earth are full of the majeaty Of thy glory Hoaanna in the highest. 7. Succeaa jio teat of Merit?Jamea Bridge, Maaiaihuaetra. 8. The Speniah Proteatanta?Samuel Benedict, New fork. Voluntary on the Oigan. A* the mail ia about starling, T have only time o add that the exercise fully sustained the heretoore well earned reputation of the commencenent exercise* ol Trinity college. To-morrow is commencement. More anon. Philadelphia, Aug. 6, 1M46. The heat of the weather is rapidly increasing; D-day, at three o'clock, the thermometer stood it 96. Mr. Kinsloe, formerly connected with the Split of the Timet, is about to start a new penny wiper, to be entitled the Pnpie't Frutui and Taiff Advotati. The name he has adopted explains ully the character of the publication; but its sue sesa is rather doubtful, inasmuch as the Spirit of , ht Timet now takes that side of the question,and i Afill no doubt retain all the subscribers it has imong that rligut of the democratic party |>r?>s?ing to be dissatisfied with the new tariff. The number appears to be diminishing daily, ind those who are so firmly wedded to their preelections for the tariff of 1842, will be more likely to leave the party altogether, when they find - culaied to chosen ones, neat little billets, enclosing a card, which acted as an "open sesame" upon the door-keeper at the new and iplendid "American Hall" last evening. On Monday your correspondent received one of the nvitations. In answer, your correspondent atended last evening at the above mentioned hall, .vlucli long before eight o'clock, was filled with he beauty and intelligence of the city of Hart, ord. The ladies put on their best smiles?best ' bibs and thinnest tuckers"?and dresses a la node. In the following you will And an account of the ' Eighteenth Anniversary Exhibition of the rrinity College Parthenon, Tuesday evening, tugust#h, 1848 " OftDEB or Esbbciik*. Music?" Hail Columbia," by Hartford Brass Band. Prayer by Professor Jackson. 1. Latin Salutatory.?R. W. H. Jarvis, Connecticut This collegian appeared and acted as if well versed in bin dead language; but the sentiments contained therein, ell dead upon the ears of ninety-nine hundredths of the oen and women present 3 Anniversary Oration?E. F. Daahiell, Maryland. If this speaker carries with him into wordly alTiiirs, in which ere long he will take a part) the same high and sorrect sentiment! he sdvanced last evening, we shall, n a few years, hear a good account of him. He mainlined tnat genius is a gem within man, which requires sbor and toil to produce brilliance and resplendency, rhal its poisessor must toil and creep?must creep like he vine?twisting and turning itself slowly around the testacies which it meets, and mske those obstacles coa ribute to its support?that money cannot purchase itmoney may purchase empty titles and flatterers?that eng and honorable lives or ancestry cannot supply it. He appropriately and elegantly referred to Clay, Wel>iter, Calhoun, and Van ituren, portraying the genius possessed by each. His oratories! powers are decidedly he best I heard during the evening ; he showed himself i hold and free thinker ; and from the noble sentiments idvanced, I judge "the fsculty" had not applied the ' pruning knife" as closely as on commencement days. MUSIC* 5. Society Oration.?(William Wilberforce.)?W. F. 'ettet, Jr., Kentucky. (Excused on account of ill lealth) 4. Poem.?(Leaniska, an Indian Legend.)?W. C. Chipnan, New York. No otyeotions to the Poem?but deliver me from such i siaf-eoog delivery If C. would Break himself ef his ied lefivery.and declaim Just as he would speak to a Head, he would be O. K. MUSIC. 6. Oration.?(Freedom's Destiny.)?8. Benedict, New Tork. This orator handled his subject in a masterly manner, ilihough 1 should dissent In e few ef hie minor ideas rhich be advanced. But that Chiistianity is the handsaid and sustainer of freedom, I cheerfully ooincide to ilm Ignorance is the deeth ol Freedom. 0. Dissertation.?(Hernando Cortes)?E. Faxon, Conlecticut This piece was well spoken?principally historical, ind of course interesting. MUIIC. 7. Oration. (American Aristocracy.)?O. 8. Oilman, l/uill?cucul Oilman ia a promiaing graduate. The way ha hit tha 10ft and waak apota of tha moneyed ariatocracy?the arjiocracy which judge* of the quality of a man by tha ength of hia puree, and by hi* rich ralationa, inataad of lialntallact, hia aoul, waa rich. Thara were a few unea y ahoaldara, at the close lit of the coat It will do tham rood, 1 hope. Tha audience generally responded heartly, but modeatly, aeveral timaa during itadelivery. [Proeaaor J. made a aingular requeat, ia aaking the audii nee to retrain from auoh ret pec table mark* of approbaion, becauae ha waa afraid we ahould tumble iuto the :ellar ! The idea waa prepoetaroua, for thara ii not a itronger built hall in the city } S. Kiaay(Artificial State of Society.)?J. Bridge, Vlaaiachusetta. Thia Eaaay cauaed conaiderable fluttering amongat the 'ope, who are made " men" by their taiiori, and amongit hoie who make the " almighty dollar" their atnndard lor udging man. The young man hit tha nail on the head. ml'iic9. Anniveraary Poem.?(Tha Page)? J. B Wakefield, Connecticut. Thia waa a wall written and well delivered poem. music 10. Colloquy.?(The College Trial)?L. B. Stimaon, laaaachuaetta. Judge J. B. Wakefield. Counael for Claaa O S. Oilman Counaelfor Prisoner, E. F- Dash'all. Clerk L 11. Biinley. Sheriff, J. L. Hoof. lat Witnau, C.N. Beach. 4d Witneia W. C. Patera. Kreahman L. B. Stlmion. Jury A pratty good idea of college tricka and life, wai convoyed in the arreat and trial or a young freahman. xvaic. At V of 11 o'clock P. M.,'he audience diaperaed, all pparently having been entertained on the whole, to iheir aatiafaciion. They lietenad to auperb muaic by our Hertford Band?to dead languege?dissertations on genua?to the origin of the Parthenon?the "love at right" of an Indixn maid for one ot the pale tace captivea -ireedoBfdeacribed and how to win and maintain it? nanv thinga about the "Halli of the Montezumaa"?the codfish aristocracy ' with which we are cursed. rougbly lanrtlad?popinjava in the image of man rebuked?the ate of tha beautiful page, and college life. Here waa ariaty enough to auit any audience. Ju*ioa Exhibition. Tha following waa the order of exerciaes at the Junior izhibitionof Trinity College, thia Wednesday evening, Vuguit 6th: Voluntary on the organ. 1 ! "A" 11 . i'l LD. Price Two C??u? ! no good ctin be attained by remaining among its number*, with u majority proteasing doctrines ; entirely epposi'e. The rumor from Washington, which seems to predicate a settlement of tha difficulties with JYleXlCO uiwtoui tl iurniT resun 10 anus, is am viewed with satisfaction by the mass of the people; nor will it he a popular measure, unless the whole expense of the war is paid either in money or land by the enemy. A p'Oi?o?ition, simitar in irs nHiure to that n ulmtt-d by tli* Pre?nlent, whs proposed by Joseph ft. Iugei soil, home time since in the House, but met with veiy little favor, If Mexico is su ng tor peace, however, there can be no good grounds tor refusing it, \{ the two governments can agree upon the terms. The ' Killers" have returned from their amateur piratical excursion down the Delaware rirer, and nave now resumed their old haunts in Moyamensing. TUey returned a few ev< Kings since by land, armed with guns and bludgeons, ana marched in regular order through the streets, arid half maddened by liquor, insultad several female!1, who did not take rctuge in their homes upon the approach of the outlaws. Stock "ales still continue dull, and a further decline in State 5* has taken place to-day. A sale of $7000 took plaoe at 66. Sales of Stock* at Philadelphia. KmsT Boabb?$400 United States Bank Notes, 78; 1000 State A's, 04) 36 Harrisburg RR, IS Ar-rra Hales?40 Reading RR, MA(; 100 Oirard Bank, 0X; 7,000 BUte 8's, ??; 60 Raiding RR, S3*. Bkcoku Boabd? 10 Kentucky Bank, 77)* Arras Hales?'1000 Reading RR Bonds, 73: lOOirard Bank.U)*; 100 Reading RR, ?:X. A [From the New York Tribune I CURE. WfcLL NIOH MIRAt ULOUB.?We called yesterday (o aee a wreck of humanity uamed James V* yckoff, now twenty years old, the toil of Peter Wyckofl, a firmer of Clarence, Erie < o.. N. V. The boy Jamra, ?h*u fire years old, b*wg attacked by measl**, waa worn tb n murdeiad by a dofa of ealomel prescribed for and (eat to hiln (without a visit, and probably without a knowledge of his diseaae) by a reputable physician. Prostration, paralysis, aud syucops resulted, followed by the gradual decay of USe intellectual ?ud bodily facultiaa He became dear, dumb, aud bliud, in the midst of a 'intermitted aud fearful tortures ; and at length was deprived, by incessant and dreadful ulcerations, n I his lets aud arms, which dually diopped off from TTn agonized body. ?- ia noaa. palate, he , were console ely destroyed, rendering hiaafflictions and liia deformity beyond all poksible conception The process of destructiou continued through a period of mora than ten years, during which he was unable e'en to he in bed, but wore oat the weary hours as best he could in an aaay chair. That he logged for death, and lived in constant expectation of it, need hardly be atated ; nor that he enjoyed from time to time the atteutioaa of aereral of the best physicians ia trie county?all to do purpose. At length, in 1S41, a Buffalo physician, purely ss a piece of banter, propoaed to two of his brethren, who had just returned from visiting the sufferer, that C. C. Bristol, the druggist, whose " Extract of Harsa peril a" waa se puffed ia the papers, shou'd be induced to try its virtues upoe poor Wyckoff, as there waa no hop* of his living maay days at any rate. The proposition was made to Mr. B., aad though lie had himself hardly a hope, upon Tinting him, of saving the maimed boy's life (he being then deaf, dumb, blind of one eye. three of his limbs gooe, his face eaten away as w* have stated, aud what waa left ul him a maaaef ulcer<tio > aud agony,) he yet reaolved to make the attempt, and did make it, and at the end of a year thereafter the patient was cared, so far aa it is possible that he should be For the five years following, he haa enjoyed all the health which u compatible with sach a frame. He eats heartily, atumps about ou his fragments of legs, sees with one restored eye, converses by signs, and takes an interest in whatever is going on around him. He has been brought to this city to verily to all who choose to see in him the extraordinary character of the cure wrought in his case. That the Kxtrsct of 8arsapanlla preCared by Mr. Bristol, is an exceedingly valuable remedy we ave long ago experienced and borne testimony, and if the sight of this poor victim can but be rendered subservient to the purpose of cresting or diffusing a more general horror of the carelessness with which Calomel and kindred pieparations are olten dispensed by physicians, his life will not nave ? been pieserved in vain. We would advise none to look at him from motives of curiosity only?the s(>eetacle is too painfully revolting?but those who liave relations or friends suffering from ulcerations, he., especially those produced (rum calomel, should uot fsil to see him and be assured of the practicability of a cure. We make this statement, necsssa rily, from the representations of others, but they are persoaa * t MBL whom we know, aud in whose integrity we have reason to " I'IKV lUlflWIKCIIWiSf. J#* w " WW obh frivate chests, rOKijXc CONVENIKNCt OF rpUKXI.LERS. MARINERS, AR those it a distance. and who require a private ud V/ rapid MN, Dr Ralph han coutrired a little mahogany case, with lock and key, and hi* Private Treatise fitted ia the lid, containing bis own peculiar ?nd luccetsial mode of treatment. witli more than aufficieut Tor the cure of nay case. One, a little larger, conuminc ever> thing aeceatary for the cure of both complaints, is iwculiar y ad-pud to tn> Teller*. Thryftre ?ent, c*relully wrapped to snv distance. For particular*, aee Advertisement ou the lait peg*. au^ Iw'r NO 4UAtKa.KI.-U\;t,iuti i,uuri.r, I* umm treet, member of tne Kov* I College of Surgeoaa, London, ia consulted confidentially on all private diaeaaee, which he enrea withent mercury or hindrance from but neaa. Recent eaaea he enre* in a few day*. A practice of twelve yeai* enable* Dr. C. to enre the moet obetinate stricture* without pain. Debility, resulting from a aecret habit'indulged in by youg men. protracted gleets. syphilitic eruption, and nicer* aggravated by quack*, are thoroughly cured by Or. U. A perfect cure guaranteed or no charge. Dr. C. is a regularly educated phvsieian andsurreon aa7 Jt*r A SUBJtA/T UtTfcPITi IN Ik-HfcBTlNU TO MANY. Dr. H ALPH. An t bo r of the " Puivate Tuatisc," beg* to atate that he ia at home a* much as possible, le*cept Sunday) for consultation upon any of trie disorders referred to in this volume, personally, at his residence, K Greenwich street?or by post, through Box M Lower Post Office?New York. Also to observe thst beside gleet, stnc| ture. and the various complicated disorders entailed ou these uaru by veuereal maladies, there are other* which are deeply interesting to the suflerer??uch as weakneaa and irritabifitv of the sexual organs from excesses or earlvimproper habita, incentiaence ol urine, DIBEARt'l) OF THE KIDNEYS, and of the BLADDER ORAVEL, and tkoit various urinary ajfectien?. which art ignoranlly emltrd Orntl tr Stone, and on which, whoever may consult him, may depend uti receiving the most faithful and deliberate attention. Tbe author. Dr. Ralph, haa made the aubject of Disord* n of (he Utoiio-Unairy Syatem, hi* e*pecial *tudy; and noil fiarticuhrly in the cine of Stricture ud of GraveI ia every orm, tubjectt generally bat liftl* understood, he bliitfll hit treatment offer a more than ordinary *ucce*a Communication* by poat m^t, iT preferred, be addreated *unpl v B. x K9. Lo*ir Foil Once, N V. It wu formerly thought adviaable to (ire tevetal moat eminent nuaaa and reference*. Thia ia now. however, no louac neceiaary : anil aa to rank, tbe impadeut claima to medical titlaa aad " hoapital experience' of a claaa o| people who literally awaria in large citiea, become oily a proof of the ignorant pre reader N B ? For the eoaveaieaee of thoae at a distance, tad for traveller*, the aathor hu connived a little cheat with lock and key, aad with hie treatiee fitted in tha lid, which cnataiaa everything neceaaary Cor the immediate and private cure of theae complaint*. They are alao eapecially auited to thoae who cannot afford the expenae of a peraoeal treatment. Aa there are two very different and diebnrt diaordera, ti.ere are alao twe different cheat* Tbe one. beaide a fell aupply of medicine, containa the author'* patent ayringe and mgredienta for injectiona, (price $6 ) The other, containing all that ia neceaaary from the ft rat appearance of trie ore to the more advanced or cona'itutional form, ia alao And o?ie a little larger, containing everything neceaaary for the care of both diaeaaes, uilO. Thia latter ia peculiarly fitted lor Mariner* and Travel era. The*e were o'igmally designed for the convenience of the author'* private patienta, hat toperlectly have they aiitwered every purpoee, and ao gratified are thoee who have experienced their advantage*, that he haa been induced to give them more publicity They arc for warded, carefully enclosed. to every part of the United Htaiea Canada*. Month America,, he. lie. Addreaa to bo* M Lower Poat OAce, or Or. RALPH, It Greenwich atraet. New York. lw*r fTTsKAbfcS OK THk. IKl.v/tHk Uft(JA?>o?oaon aa JLr Chronic and acute diaeaaee of the Bladder, Leucorrhoea or whitaa, llrr hra, Stricture*, Kidney*, Seminal weakae**. Alto, Gonorrhiaa, Inability, Gleet*, WeaJkne** of the part*, ke. are c eedily and effectaally removed by Abernethy1* lotail* cal Til la. without one particle or mercury. rhey are aqulIV suitable for females. They gire ton* and energy to th? (rarrtliit ortuii, rar-ly, if erer, experienced fna tikiif oilier medicines. For sale at Arothecariea' Hall.MCatha rinc atreet, and 127 Maiden lane. Price $1, with 4ir?ctioae. a3 Iw'r MEDICAL AID. Speedy cuke or. gregory. No. 3 Roosevelt, one door from Chatham atreet. nna now in sncceesfal op eration a method wher by he ia earing recent caaes of a cer tain pri rate malady, in the abort apace of two M)i. To ?. dical men wishing to procure the recip* the price will W tXMte for care, from $i tot 10 Applv aa abore, to Dr. H. Gregory. an! |w*?t Medical advice-doctor lamert u confidentially consulted at hit office, M Gold atieet, aear Kulton, oa all diaeaaea of a private nature. Hia treatment, being mild and jndicioua, requires neither mrrMry, restraint ia diet, or hindrance from baaineea. Debility, narrow or constitutional, ariama from indiacreat indnlgeacee of the peas i one, cauaing nightly emisaiona, and. eventually, impotence, engagea the Doctor's attention, his object being to restore tho system to that atnte of rigor nature originally designed. Stricture, a diaeaae (Vrauently existing without the patient being awaro, cansecf tey maltreatment and aometimea caused by the neglect ol the parties tse? seises, is effectually cured by Dr. L Letters, postpaid, enclosing*a lee, immediately attended to. and medicine, with adrica, sent to any part of the United States. Oftce <1 Gold atreet. al lw*m THE EYE. rvr wheeler, Oculist. No. si Greenwich street. New mJ York, near the Battery, devote* hit eicluaiee attention to diaeaaea of the Eye and Ophthalmic Surgery, and aaaarea the public that there not amongst the uamerous diaeaees to which the ha man eye if auhject, any dtaorriera of that which cannot be eaaentially relieved or cured by him.^Th# rust number of undoubted testimonials which can be aeon at hia office, will satisfy the public that hit Practice isinot ttceeded either in etteut or succeaa by that 01 amy other Oculist in the United States. . . . . ZjT??ce hours from I A .M. to 1 o'clock P. M.. altar whtefc " ." ."J SS.^?t,?,ffi,-.i- -h?h will be inaottod oa rtsjonxblf terms. ... _ A pamphlet oootaiaing re mark i on Di*ea?e? ofUM Ire, whM Nrrnl inataneee of treat ooree efertrH by Dr. WMeletl node of treatment, can be hud *ratanoo?lyat hie raaidaaee, the lame will be forwarded to ?T one mkiug applicatioa te hire by letter, poat paid ^ _ neTIt ' " CHURCH'S VEGETABLE LOTION. THIS hi*hlv ?*ln*blf Coemetie will effeetnally c?ra emptiooa on ' ?* rve and akin, particularly pimple*, bloti-tie*. tatter, tan. freckle* (ad rmaworm* Thame* of tre Lo?i*? I for a abort time, will e*tabli*h a clear and brilliant eo npta? ion. Hold ia bottle* at T3 reata e??H, at <M Hnwerv. eoraet of flpntii atreat Alao bT Mn. Har*. Brooklyn. nrK lm?m TO jtWixLEfca. vTiSiATTJRfc Mifr+IM. ku.1 c. * J. HARTT4r,TT, No ? Coartlaadt umliw Broadway, wholeaale and retail Manafaetarer* of Trarellia*, Writint, 6ra**injt and Jewelry Boiee, Muiiatara Caea* amm Set tine*; Klute, Locket W*tch, Kiay, fin and PHfll w*l ca*e* Tor ailrer Plate oeatly arranfed to order A'ao. Tr*r* made and fitted to Jeweller* *kow ea*e*. to coataia watchae. chain*, rinf*, key*, pin*, thimble*, paacile. ?? A yarietr of the abora *rt,5| * Tc?lnAJra made to order, with aaataeae ??d deepauli- Na. I -oanlMt* trNt,N?wT?k. * '

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