Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 9, 1846, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 9, 1846 Page 1
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THJ Vol. xii, no. ais.wiui* No. ?4so. THE NEW YORK IIERALDT JAMES BORBON BENNETT, PROPRIETOR. Circulation---Forty Thousand. DAILY HEB ALU-Errry day, Price t cwti per copy??7 t> per annum?payable id advance. WEEKLY HER\LD->- very Sarerday?Price cenu par copy?>3 1JJ% cwu l>? annum?payable in advance. HE KALI) KOH ELHOPE? Evoiy Sieam Packet day Price Sfc cenu par copy?S3 00 per ajmum, payable in adran ce. ADVKRTI8E.Mt.MTS ?t tho'uauai pricea?alwaya cub advance. PRINTING of aU kindi eiecnted with beauty and dea All Inter* or communications, by mail, addressed to the tablishment, mail be poet paid, or the postage will be d? d. ctedfrom the subscription inonev remitfd. JAMKBOORDON BKNNETT, Proprietor of the N?w York Hhild Establispmcnt, NortlvWMl fnn rot h'ntron and Nassau afreets nAHinmK AVuinmuuATitiNti. JOHM HtKUHAiN it CO., United Stoles and Ureat Britain aud Ireland, Old (Established Emigrant Office, (I South street, New York. mm mm k i/U., Liverpool. Paasafe u> ?nd from Oreat Britain and Ireland, via Liverpool by th# Ola Black tail Lint or any of the regular Hactet ships sailing every five days. The sabscriheis in calling lb ? attention of Old Countrymen and the public generally to their unequalled arrangements for bringing not pM?eugers from the oldcounury, beg leave to state that the business af the House at Liverpool will be conducted by its Branch. Those sending for their friends will at once see the great eessary del <y of the emigrant. The thiiis employed id thit line are well known 10 he of [he fir?t and Urged class, commanded by men of experience; and as liiey tail every five dayi, offer every f^cilit> that can be famished. With [hose teperior trrangemriirs, the subscribers look forward for a continuation ol tlmt patrouane which lias beeo so liberally exiended to tfiem lor so m*uy years past In case any of those engaged do uol embaik, the passage money will lie refunded as customary. For farther particulars apply by letter, postpaid. J HERDMAN 4 CO., 61 South st.. New Vork. HF.RDMaIS U '"O., Liverpool. N. B?Drafts for any mnuU'tt can as usual be furnished, payable at all the principal Bntikjag Institutions throughout the I'nred Kin* Ion on applirnt An at ahove. jv:!8 r iVUK.SULLb? LliNb Ut tA^hJ^'lo. m m m m, The uiidermention Ships will birrguTarly detpatched from hence ou the lit. and from Marseilles the 10th of each month auringthe year, as follows olups. Captains. From N.York. PR'CE de JOINVILLE, (new) Lawrence, April I Sept. 1. MI89URI, Silvetter, May 1 Oct. 1. ARCOLE (new) Eveleigh, June 1 Not. 1. GASTON, Conlter, July 1 Deo. 1. NEBRASKA (new) Watson, Aug. 1 Jan. 1. Ships. Captains. From Marseilles St'CE de JOINVILLE, (new) Laurence, June 10 Nov. 10 IMOURI, Silvester, July 10 Dec. 10 ARCOLE, (new) Eveleigh, Ang. 10 Jan. 10 OASTON, Coulter, Sept. 10 Feb. 10 NEBRASKA. Watson, Oct. 10 Mar. 10 . These vessels are of the first class, commended by men ol [ experience. Their accommodations, for passencei* are unsar \ pasted for comfort and convenience. Ooods addressed to the \ agents will be forwarded free of other charges then those acta ally i?aid. for freight or passage apply to CHAMBERLAIN II PHELPS, Proprietors No. 103 Front itreet, or to BOYD Ik HINCKEN, Amenta, mitre t Tontine Buildiugt, 88 Wall,cor. Water at. NEW LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS. M M. M M To sail from New York 21st, and from Liverpool 6th of each Booth. From New Ferfc. hive, pool. New ahip Liverpool, 1150 toot, j $?', || June 6 J. Lldndge. 1 AigW 21 Oct. G New ahip Queen of the We?t, S arT 2} j,',wC'1 \ 1250 toos/P. Woodhoose, &?> ^ |1 July <j Niw 8k"Pj52.CBnJon **W"* jJune"*1* 21 August 6 Jobs Briton. 1 October 21 Dec. 6 BhipHottinwer 10S0to?. j "Jweh 21 May 6 Ira Burtly. (Nov. 21 Jan. ( These subttantial. fast sailing, (its! clast ships, *11 built in the city of new York, are commanded by men of experience and ability, and will be despatched punctually ou the 2lat ol each month. Their cabint are elegant and comtnodioaa, and ure famished with whatever can conduce to the ease and comfort of patten gers. Price of passage (100. Neither the captains nor owners of these ship* will be responsible for any parcels or packages tent by them, unlet* regular billt of ladiug are tigned therefor. For freight or pataase apply to WOODHULL ?t M1NTURN, tl South itreet, New York, or to FIELDEN, BROTHERS ?t CO., mire Liverpool. ftbW kOHK ANL) GLASGOW'ULNE UIK ~ PACKETS. & Ml M M Hailing from New kork on the 1st, and Glasgow ou the 15th of each mouth. From N. York. Fm. Ol'gow. C Jane 1. July IS. Sup SARACEN, N. T. Hawkins, ] Oct. 1. Nov'ir 15. ( Feb. 1. March 1J. I July 1. April 15. Br. Ship BROOKSBT, H. M'Ewen, ( Nov. 1. Aug 15. ~ ( March 1. Dee r 15. t i Amrntf 1. M>v IS Br Bark ADAM CARR, , ? Oec'TT." SepVli. ( April 1. Jan. 13. i May 1. Jane 13 Br. Bark ANN HARLEY, R Scott, J Sept. 1. Oct. 15 ( Jan'y 1 Februa. 15. Their ahips are food, substantial vessels, ably commanded, and will sail punctually on their regular days. Their accom modation* for passenger,are good, and ever)' attention will he paid to promote their comfort The ?g?*nt? or Captains will not be responsible Tor any parcels or packagea sent them, unless bills of lading are signed therefor. For freight or .lassage. apply to WOODHULL k. MINTURN, 87 South street. New York, or i< re R EIP fc MURRAY. FA^OAlifc. t KUiVl UKLrtl bliii'l A1 AiN AiNJL) IRELAND, ilf& ^ By tTTurair Ball, o^5Tn7ine olLiverpool PackeuTsailing from Liverpool on the 1st and 16th ol every month. The YORKSHIRE satis from Liverpool, 1st of March. " OXFORD " " 16th of March. " CAMBR1DOE " " 1st of Apnl. " MONTEZUMA " " 16th of April. Persons sending for their friends, and forwarding the passage certificate by the itrMnahip Hibeniia calling from Boston on (be 1st of February arill have plenty of time to come in the Yarkahire, or in any one ot the eight packets of the Black Ball Line, sailing from Liverpool on the 1st and I6th of every month. Apply to. or address, if by letter post paid, ROCHE. BROTHERS h CO.. JJ Fulton St., Neat door to the Fnlton Bank. (vLAbUOW ANLs NtW~ YORK LINE OF PACKETS. PjtSE> jfe jlj^ vIlSuAs wishing iii .rnd lor tneiMrienda in *ni part ol Scotland. to sail direct from (ilasgow, can make arrangements with (be Subscribers, to have them brought out in any I t/ie regular liueol Packets, sailing mouthly from Ulaagow. The ANN HARLEY, Captain Scott, ADAM CaRR, Captain McEwen, SARACEN.Captain Hawkins, BROOKabY, Comprise the above line, and the high character of those veesets should be sufficient inducement for |>ersons who may be sending far their frienda in Scotland, to make arrangements for this (the ouly line.) Further particulars given, on application to W ?J T. TAPSCOTT, T5 South street, comer of Maiden Lane, or Meaara. REID fe. MURRAY. Agent* al> T in Glaagow. HRITIWH ANI? NORTH /V?tKI CAN ROYAL MAIL STEAM SHIPS, I 1?0 tons and 440 horse power each, uude^r contract with the Lords of the AdmiHIBERN1A... Capt. A. Ryri?. CALEDONIA Capt. E. O. Lott. BRITANNIA Capt. J. Hewitt CA.MBKIA Capt.C. H. E. Judkins. At ADIA... . .Cafit. VV m HarriaiM, Will aail from Liverpool and Boston, via Halifax, as fol lows r? rsoN Boston. r?o* Liverpool Hibemis Aug. 16, 1146. Hibernta July it, 1846. Caledonia Sept. I, " Caledonia Aug. 4, " Britannia 16, " Bntannia " It, " 1 ambria uct. 1, yamona ra ?, ;; Hioeruia 19 Piiuoi Monatv. From Benton to Liverpool SI* From Boa ton to Hilifu,........ ... ... ...... * No bertha Mtirtd until paid for Theae ahipa carry * Denenced aargeoua. No freight, except apeeio, received o? oyi of aailmg. For freight, paaaage, or any other information, apply to D BRIOHAM. Jr.. Agent. 8 At HAHNDEN It CO>. i Wall at. [T^ la addition to the above line betweeu Liverpool and alifax. and Boaton, a contract ha? been entered into with er NHjeaty'a government, to e?tabli?h a line between Liverpool and New York direct. The ateam ahipa for thi* aer. vice are now being built, and early next year doe notice will be given of the time when they will atait. Under the new coutraet the ateamera will Mil every Saturday during eight moatha. and every fortnight during the other moutha in the year Going alternately between Liverpool, and Halifax and Boaton, and between Liverpool and New York. tfrre - ? - NOTICE-TAWM'OTT'8 OENKRAl. EMIGRATION OFFICE, Hemoved Iron to M South atreet ? Peraoua aending fo? their Irienda in any part of the old country ^^^^^^^ acan make the neceaaary arrangement! with the aubaenbere, on reaaanable terma, to have them brought ""'THE NEW LINE or LIVERPOOL PACKETS The Shipa of thia line are unaurpaaaed by any other, ana their immenee aixe (all being 1000 ton*, ind unward*) render* them more comfortable and convenient than ahipaof a amallet claaa ; and the greateat reliance may be placed in their punctuality ill Bailing. The aubaenbera are alao agenta for the St. Ororge and Union Linra of Liverpool Packela, in an\ of which paaaage can he engaaed on reaaonahle terma Draft* for any amount, payable without diaeount in all thr principal towna of England, Ireland, Scotland or Walea. ?an alto be obtained For farther particular*, apply to W T. TArSCOTT. tefTre M South at.. ?d door below Burling Flip. N Y. PACKET F'OK HAVIU^?Smob4 Lina Tho MHKSy.packet ahip UTICA, Capt. F Hewitt, will aail oa rlF" rWCTJfciuarii'Jrii'i E NE is ! K AIIKO* PS. <hc. TO WESThKM TKA V b.LL.?.Kd ; 'I'HKPablic it re*pecilully lulormed that the rccent break A to the Caual. enuted by ?lhe late freihet. harm* been repaired, the PIONEER fc EXPRESS LINfc, riTYVOroad uid Canal from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh. Mmmeucid it* regular trips Cor the leaiou on Mouday, the 6th of April, leaving the Depot, No. 174 Market ttreel. DAILY, at Vcloct, A.M. By thi* route paaaengers will avoid all the fatigue and danger of night travelling in coachea, both Railroad* bemg paaaed io daylight. For further inlormatian, apply at the old-e*ttbli*hed Office, 174 Market atreet, 5 door* above Eighth itreet. *10 Sm'rrr A B CUMMINQ8. Agent. | 1 ~ LUISO 1 sUiND CUdiPAAi*. 8UMHER JlRRJlXOEMEIfT^^^ rHAlNS RUN AS FOLLOWS, COMMENCING WKO ', NESDAY, MAY 13, 184?: (>cav? fisooELvn nt7 o'clock, A. M. Boston trr In for Or*enport, daily (eicept Sundays,) stopping at Farmmgdale and St. George's N.'jior. " 11 at 9)i o clock, A. M., for Faimin dale aud intermediate places. " " at 3 I'. M., through to Oreeuport, su-| piug both way* at Jamaica, Branch, Hickai lUe, Farmmgdale, and all the stauoua between Farmmgdale and Oreenmrt ** " at 5 P. M., for Farmmgdale and interne diare places. Leave UmcnroiT ati o'clock, A. M. Accommodation train, daily, (eicept Sundays,) through to Brooklyn. " " at 3 P. M., Boston train, or on the arrival ol the steamer from Norwich, Hopping at St. George's Manor aud Farmingdale. Leave Fabmikodalk at 6W A. M', Accommodation train lor Brooklyn. " at S\ A. M. Oreenport train, lor Brooklyn " " at IM P. M. Accommodation train, lor Brooklyn. I CjEatc Jamaica at I A. M. Accommodation train, for Brooklyn. " at 9.k A. M. Oreeuport train for Brooklyn " al J-4 P. M. Accommodation Lxaiu, fui Brooklyn. Fare to ? Bedford 8 centa, Eaat New York I2)f, Race ''?onrse 18V. Trotting Course 18V, Jamaica 25, Brushvillc Hyde Park (17 milr?) 37)4. ( lowsville (during the sealion of court) T7JW, Hempatead 37k, Branch 37)^ Carle Place 14, Westhury 44, Hicksvil le 44, rarmingdale b234>, Deer Park 69, Thompson 88, Suffolk atation $1, Lake Road station tl 18V, Medford station tl I8\, Yaphtuk SI 37^, St. Oeorge'a Manor $1 62>i, Riverhead tl t>2>?, Jainesport SI 62k, Matte'uck SI 62k. Cutchogne $1 62)4, Southohl SI 62X, Oreeuport Accommodation train SI 75, Oreeuport by Boaton train S2 25. Stages are in readineta on the arrival of trains at the several stations, to take passengers at vary low fares, to all paita ol the Island. Baggage Cratea will be in readinasa at the foot of Whitehall Ureet, to receive baggage for the several trains. 30 minutes before the hour of starting from the Brooklyn side. The steamboat " Statesman" leaves Oreeuport for Sag Har oor twice each day, ou the arrival of the traina from Brooklyn. my!9 re %??i LONG ISLAND RAILROAD Express Mail Train, leaves Whitehall street Ferry, New York side, every morning at 7 A. M., lor Boston.? ~9E3E^.AIao, traina from Brooklyn aide at 7 o'clock and lve minutes, aud 9X A M., and 3 and 5 P. M., daily. The 7 \ M., and 3 P. M tiaina go through, the former stopping at Farmingdale and manor, and the latter at all places on th? oiid Jell r THOV MORNING AND KVfcNINti L1NL MORNING LINE AT SEVEN O'CLOCK.. jWM FOR ALBANY AND TROY-From the Steamboat Pier at the foot nf Barclay street KZJC4LLanding at Peekskill West Point. Newlurgn, Hampiou, Milton, Ponghkee^isie, Hyde Park, Rhineleck.U. Red Hook Bristol, Catakill, Hudson, Coxsackae Kinderhook and Baltimore. Breakfast and dinner on board the boat. The steamboat NIAGARA, will leave on Monday, Wed aesday and Kriday Mornings 7 A. M. The steamboat TROV, Captain Gorham, on Tuesday i iiuiauay oiiu omuiui) iikmuiuki, m i u tiucA. Returning on omwisite days. For passage or freight apply on board, or at the office on the wharf. NEW YORK. ALBANY AND TROY LINE. FOR ALBANY AND TROY DIRECT. From the pier at the foot of Courtlaudt street. The low-pressure steamboat EMPIRE, Captain K.B. Macj. area the toot ol Courtlaudt afreet, on Tuesday, Thursday uid Saturdav evenings, at seven o'clock. The Steamboat COLUMBIA, Capi Wm. R. Peek, will leave on Monday, Wedneaday and Friday evenings, at ' Vcloek. Passengers taking these Boats will arrive in time to take he Mcrning Train of Cars Irom Troy west to Buffalo, an> iorth to Saraton. Whitehall and Lake Champlain For Passage or Freight, apply on board, or at the Office o> he wharf. No freight taken after 5K o'clock NOTM. E?All goods, freight bank bills, specie, or an* ither kind of property, positively ?t the owner's risk. j!6r I WH. MUST DhLlOHTKUL OK ALL EXCURSIONS ,%Hf| A 8AIL across the Hudson river to Hob. ^^^nn^kcD, and then a walk to the Elysian Field) ^Ca?SlGK?along the exceedingly picturesque shores o he place, will prove the most easily accompliahed and attra< ive of all rurual excursions that can be made from the city. The grouuds now present a charming aspect, the trees b# og iu leaf, and the soil covered with a rich turf. The walks are in excellent order, having been cocsidenbb mWelliahed the present spring. On every pleasant afternoon there will be in attendance ai '.he Collonnade. Elysian Fields, an excellent Band of Music which will perform selections from the favorite Operas, popular airs, marches, waltzes, lie. The Ferry Boats from Barclay, Canal and Christopher sts. ire completely fitted up with awnings and seats. Night Boats raa from Hoboken to Barclay street until 1) o'clock. Ferriage cents. ml lm*r tfg FOR LI VERPOOL-New Line-Keralar pack j?JWVet, to sail Auxust 2fith?The elegant, faat sailing HHMSal'acket ship SIDDONS, E B.Cobb, maater, of 110f to?? ?ill sail as above, her regular day. For freight or passage, haviug accommodations anequallee 'or splendor or comfort, apply on board, at Orleans wharf ' ot of Wall street, or to F K mLLINMfc ?'0.. M Month st Packet ship BHKRIDAN. Geo. B. C"rnish, mister, w if succeed tlie Siddons, and sail September 36th, her reaUls Ihv jv'W ONLY REGULAR LINE OF PACKETS FOB aS!**y vv OKLEANS?Packet of the 10th Ang.? JHMBaBThe fat-snling and fan rile Packe' ShipOSWKm J t. a. t. Johnson, will sail positively on Monday, Aug. 10, her r- gular d ty, She has splendid accommodations fur chin, second cabin, and s eerage pas-engers '1 hose wishing to secure berth* anomu ixiajte tui i. api Mention to W tk. J. T. TAPSnOTT, an4 86 South St., 2d door below Burling Slip. iifit OLD ESTABLISHED UNITED STATES t GREAT BRITAIN * IRELAND EMIORAN1 JHiMfaOFFICE.?The Subscribers coutinue to bring oul pas?eugera l?y the regular Packet Ships, ailing ever)' days; and alto for firir-claas American transient ahipa, (ailing weekly, ar vert moderate rates. Drafta can al?o be furnished for any amount, payable throughout the United Kingdom, on application aa above, au< l'?MM HRKDM AN It Co., "ABth ?i?eet. PRIVATE DISEASES. BRANCH OF THE PHILADELPHIA COLLEGE OF MEDICINE. 1)7 Naasan Street, PARTICULAR NOTI< E?Patients residing in any part of ihe Union, by writing a fall statement of their situation, let thr disease be of wnat kind it may?delic te or indelicate, private or otheiwise, it will be consulted upon by the Members, who mr-et daily for that purpose, and tne necessary remedies, with directions, foiwarded immediately, lu thia instance the fee (Si.) which will include all ei peases, must be enclosed, post paid, and directed to W. F. DICKINSON, Agent. 97 Nassau street. Herald Buildings, Where one of the Members?Doctor McDonnell?is in coottant attendance THE SPKC'FIC EXTRACT. For the cu'e of Gonorrhaa, Gleets, Strictures, weakness nf the si sua1 organs, nocturnal emissions, and all discha>gefrom the urethra. This powerful diuretic cures sooner than an. other remedy aa yet discovered, without interfering iu say way with business. Piice llprr pot. 8ARSA PA Ml LINE, Prepared by the College, is the active principle of the re-, nuiue Honduras root. It is approved by the College for the cure of scrofula, rheumatism, cutaneous eruption*, enlargement and pains of the bonea, ayphiIic symitoma, and the train of disease* consequent on an injudicious use of mercury and unskilful medical treatment. Pricc, SI per bottle, or t bottles for SI NON-Mfr RC'7RIAL BCACK DROP. This valu <Me alterative is a sore remedy in Syphilis, hot I. primary and constitutional. It should be resorted to immediately after the first appearance of the disease. Persona who have erup ions on lie skui, ndierenl nodes, rheumatism, croful., or any diaease arising from an impure atale the Mood, should not be one moment without it. tingle bottles, St?cases of hull a ooirn, S5. Carelul ly p?cked and forwarded to all parti of the Uniou. W. F. DICKIN?n\. A*ent,97 Nassau street an# lm*r ON A SUbJECT DEEPLY INTERESTING lO MANY Dr K ALI'H. Author of the " I'nivatb T*iuti?B,'' begi to state that he is at houie as mneh as possible ( * rein Houdav) for consultation upon any of rne disorders referred to in this volume, personally, at his residence, *? O'eanwich street?oi by posi, through Boi *69 Lowrr Post Omce?New York. Also to observe thit beside gleet, stric ture and the various complicated disorders entail* d on these parts by venereal maladiea, there are ?'hers which are deeply 10 me su^erer??ncn u wcnknpii in<J trrii Dihr% of the seiaal organs from evcesses or enyfo imnr* i>?r habit* , incontinence of unn?. D1 M.A*Y 8 OK THE KIDNEYS, and of the BLADDER TRAVEL, and thote rariout urinary apecttont. which are ignoranJ/y called Gravel or Stone, and on which, whoever may conault him, may depend on receiving the moat faithful and deliberate attention. The author, Dr. Kalph, hia made the aubject of Disorder* of the (ieiiilo-Unnary System, hia especial study; and moat particularly in the cure of Stricture and of (travel in every form, subjects generally but little understood, he believe* hia treatment offer* more than ordinary aucceaa Communication* by poat may, if preferred, be addressed aimplv B"V K9. Lower Poat Office, N. Y. It wa* formerly thought advisable to give several most eminent names and references. This is now. however, no lonkir necessary : and as to mnk, the impudent claims to medical titles and " hobpital eipenence* of s claaa of people who literally I awarm 111 large cities, become otly a proof of the ignorant , pretender , . , N B ?For the convenience of those at a distance, and for traveller*, the author has contiived a little chest with lock and key. and wuh hi* tieatise fitted in the lid. which contain* , everything nece**nry for the immediate and private cure of these complaints. They are also especially auited to those who ca?inot afford the eiptnse of a perso"tl treatment A* there are two very differ. tit and distin* t disorders, ti ere are 1 i>m difTfrcnt chrid Tht Me. h*ld# I lail mpply of ] medicin*, eoiitama the anthor'a Patent ayringr and ingirdi- | rnlt for iujectiona. (price $S ) The other, containing ?ll that < in ne< eaanr> from thr fin! i|<prirwrr of ine ore to the rrore advanced or eona itatioual form, i? alao And one little larger, contaiuirg everything neceaaary for the cuie of both diaeaaea, ia (10 'I hia latter la peculiarly fitted lor ,V?- I rinera and Trarel'era. Theae were o'igmally dcaigned for I the convenience of theauthor'a private patienta, but aoper- i | lectly have they anawered every purpoae, and ao gratified are j, thoae who hare experienced their advantagea. that he haa , been induced to give them more publicity. They are for i warded, carefully enrloaeH, to erary part ol the U?ited Stalea Canadaa, South America , lie. fcc. Addreaa to box Utt Lower < Poet Office, of Dr. RALPH, II Greenwich rtreet.'New , York. } iw*r I W If o : : - = FEW YORK, SUNDAY M ->i Y7 ' THE NEW PO ZN FULL PO: The above is a portrait of Popo Pius IX (the Care Popedom took place on the 17th Jane, on the fourt] centuries; ns. in general, the intrigues of the various choute; but the political state of tne Legations is su< ?hou1d be made, lest events should occur which mi The Sacred College is composed of sixty-seven Can the late conclave, and the majority by which the I six votes niore than legal right required. Theotl conclave, as they were of the whole people, were a but it appears that the Cardinal is of the liberal schc would go too far. He is also said to be a man of tali proves that such a Pope is not the person likely to j Pope Pius IX was born in 1792, at Sinigaglia, nes Noble, a body guard of the Pope, and, in that capat was .delicate, and he became subject to epileptic the sword for the cassock; and, having distinguishe the Priesthood in the regular order of time. He prominent for zeal and ability; but inconsequence < to Rnme, and was made a Caidinal by his natron, 1 sufferings. He was presented with the Bishopric ol magna, where he was looked upon with reverence of good works; and it is thought that one of the reas lege is for his practical knowledge of the Romagna, remedy for the political effervescence which has so holvsee. The Pope beiiig a native of iho Roman i and, as he contrived to live on good terms with the Supreme Pontiff, be able to control them. The rn is believed to be iudtoious on the part ol the Sacred cerned, both in Rome and >n the provinces, thecho thusiastically received. The Coronation took place Religions Intelligence. Acquit.?0 9th Sunday after Trinity ; 16. 10th Sunday after Trinity; 23. 11th Sunday after Trinity; 24 St. Bartholomew, the apostle; 80 12th Sunday after Trinity. Tn? journal of the fifty-sixth Annual Convention of the Dioceio of Rhode Inland, held in Grace Church, Providence, on Tuesday and Wednesday, June nth and 10th, gives evidence of the progress of the Church in that diocese, and its steady growth in Christian zeal and charity. Krorn the record of Bishop Ilenohaw's Episcopal acts, during the the past conventional year, it appears that but sixty-two have received confirmation, the rite not having bean administered in several of the largest parishes during the twelve months last past. Three have been ordained deacons. Three new churches have been consecrated, and there are nine candidates for holy orders.? The following items are gathered from the parochial report* (no summary being appended :) - Baptisms (Adults 51. infanta.177,) 228, Communicants 1893, Contributions, Domestic Minions $613 18 ; Foreign Mission*,$880 62 ; Diocesan Missions,* $1038 ; Missionary Convocation, $1464 76. Total, $3,876 33. On Monday evening, July 13, one person was confirmed at the missionary station, Rockville Wednesday, inly 16. two persons were confirmed in Christ Chunk, Westerly. At an ordination held in Grace Church, Providence, on St James1 Day, July 20, Rev. Baylies Phillips Talbott, 1 was ordained to the holy order of priests, by Bishop Henthaw. j On Thursday, July 23d, in the morning, in 9t. Paul's 1 Church, Brownville, the Bishop preached and confiimcd eight persons. Friday morning, 34th, in St John's Church, Cape Vincent, the Bi?hop preached and confirmed three persons. On the afternoon of the same day, in All Saints Church, Dexter, the Bishop preached and confirmed four persons. wii uie iiivi uiiiK ui nHiuruny iota, in tnrui tnarcn, Sackett'a Harbor, the Bishop baptised an infant, preached and confirmed two persons. In Zion Church, Tierrepont Manor, on Sunday morning, the 36th, the Bishop admitted to Deaconi' Orders. Messrs. William A. Maton, Levi W Norton. T. K. Wardwell, O. K. starkey.and Benjamin Wright, jun , Meura Norton, Starkey and Wr'ght being Alumni of the (ieneml Theological Seminary. In the afternoon prayera were read by the Rev. L W Norton, and the lesions by the Rev Mr. Starkey. The Re*. Mr Wright preached.'and the Buhop confirm- j ed eleven pertona, the confirmation preface being read by the Rector of the parish. A third service was held at Pierrepont Manor on Sunday evening, when the Rev. Mr. Wardwell preached.? ] I'he aervicea on thia day were attended by a large concourse of |>?ople fiora all the parishes in the county, 1 thronging the church and the scaffolding around it. On Friday, 19th inat. in Chriit church, dioceie of Virginia.Biihop Meade admitted to Deacon's Order*.the following persona, member* of the graduating claaa of the Diocesan Theological Seminary, viz : John M7 Banniiter, Oaorge H. Notion, J. Ambler Weed, Dudley A. Tyng, John Stearna.jun., Henry C. Lay, Jamei Armstrong Woodward, and D. Francis Hprigg The aermon was preached by the Kev. 8 H. Tyng, D.D., Rector of St. Oeorge'a Church, N.Y., from Jeremiah xxiii , 28, 'J9.? The iheme selected for discourse was the relative importance of vital and subordinate truths, which was treated by Dr. Tyng, in hia usual able and interestiag manner, bringing out, with great distinctness and impre isiveness, the wide contrast between the word of Ood and the speculations of men, between the doctrines of the gospel and outward forms and ordinances, and between the influence ol divine truth, simply exhibited, sod the preaching ol any thing of mere human oi igm.? The address to the candidate", among whom waa the preacher'aown son, was twculiarly solemn and afl'ectmg Bishops Johns and Lee weie present on this inte i ,??i * i-.k- : On Thartdtjr, the Wtn instant, Bishop Meade admin- j istered the right of confirmation in the chajwl of tha ] Theological hemtnary to live persons, two of whom are j members of the High School. J The He*. Mr. Hoit, ion of General Hoit, of Sandwich, ' New Hampshire, a talented clergyman of the Kpiicopal j Church, located at fit Albans, has gone ovor to the Catholic*. Uiahop Hopkins of Vermont, lately iaaued a paatoial letter, censuring Mr. H. for attending a Roman i ( acholic service iu Burlington. i The new church erected by the Prc<byteri?n congrs- ' gation at Peekskill, N Y. under the pastoral care of Kev. I) M Halliday, waa dedicated to the worihip of God oa Wedneadny, July 1. The neat annual meeting of the General Association of the State of New York, will be held in the Congregational church at Loc.kport, Niagara county, on Thursday, the 3?th Auguat, commencing at 10 o'cieck, A.M. We regret to learn that, owing to a dangerous illness, tha Rev P R. Minard has resigned the rectorship of St Panl'a Church, St. Louis. Ho ia now at Baltimore, and fean he ahall " never be able to oftWiate in the miniatry again." The Kpiicopal Church in Jordan. Onondaga county, lieing in an unfinished state, waa blown down by the * hat a gale on Saturday, the l?t inat. The builder, Mr. Uibaon, who was at work on the lower tower when the ^ullding began to move, succeeded in descending the i ladder, and Just escaped with his life by shielding himself under one of the sills Tha small parish of t jChnrali, Jordan, through great exertion, hail purchased aite, and had raised and encloaed tbeir edifice, with the exception of the doors and windows, and a ipace left in the rear for adding on a veatiy room. The t ower waa nearly finiahed, and one coat of |>eint had been b JUI on. rean are now entertained that they will not he Z ible to go on and build again. unlet. largely aided by 0 heir brethren of other pariahe*. Rider litte C. Ooff, of Camptown. N. J., will All the j leik to-morrow at the Suffolk itreet Chri.tian Chnrch. s The wife of the Rev. J. L. Hodge, Paator of the Cint F FWWWPW^T1 ? ? ?| RK I ORNING, AUGUST 9, 11 g. ; -f. ~-xr, --- msi iK 'i i nan PE, PIUS IX. vszrzoAss. linal Mastai Ferretti), whose election to the vacant li day's scrutiny, a tiling unknown lor the last two parties retard, f^r a considerable period, a final ch that it was absolutely riecessay a hasty choice isiht retard unseasonably or altogether prevent it. dinals, titty-lour of whom only were present in 'ope was chosen consisted of thirty-nine, being ler candidate in whose favour the wishes of the nipposed to be directed, was the Cardinal Gizzi; >ol of politics, and that his brethern supposed he t*iit and great decision ofcharacter, and all-history Mease the Stirred College. ir Ancona. lie served for some time in the Garde ;ity, attracted the notice of Pius VII. His health : tits, and by the advice of Pius VII, he gave up d himselt in ecclesiastical studies, was raised to was sent as a missionary to Chili, where he was of the political events of that country, he returned 'ope Pius VII, as a reward for his services and f Spoleto, anil subsequently of Imola, in tho Roand esteem as an excellent clergy man and a doer ions of his now being selected bv the Sacred Colandot his being best calculated to find the due i long prevailedin that part of the territory of the state is a strong recommendation to the people, m as Bishop 01 Im >la, it is hoped that he will, as omination of the Pope is therefore popular, as it College, thougti, as far as the Liberals are conice of Cardinal Gixzi would have been more enon the 21st June. Baptist Church, Nassau street, died at Suffte]d,Conn., on the 4th inst. Rev. Jacob B. Smith has been transferred to St. Luke's Church, Seaford. Christ Church, Broad Creak, and St. John'*, MttU. Hill, Del. The Her. Mason Gallagher has been transferred to St. Peter's church. Dasville, Livingston Co., N. Y. The Kighth street Presbyterian Church will be open for public worship every Sabbath during the month of August, at half-past 10 in the morning, ana half-past 7 in the evening. Preaching by Rev. Wm. R. Chapman, the paator elect The Rev. Cornelius S. Conkling, late of West Milford, Passaic Co., N J , has received and accepted a call to the first Presbyterian Church of Alexandria, Hunterdon Co., K .1 163 Academie* 748.104 137.814 fi.i Female Seminaries 306,601 04 840 32 other institution* of learning. . .. 440,806 191700 9 Normal School*. , 9.000 10,000 10.707 Common School*.. 9,007,166 000.006 [Pupil* on ll*t. 4?3 009?average attendance, 391.605] 1,60a Private School*... 812,1?7 101,760 [Pupil* attending, 4,478 ] Din*iea to Otis. UaikH.? VVe learn with pleasure, hat tba visiter* now at Old Point will, on Thuraday next, five a dinner to the veteran General (tames, and the offl er*. now at that atation, who participated in the gloriu* battle* of the 8th and 9th of May.?Norfolk HtraU. Fatal AccinawT.?An interesting little girl of Mr oaeph Marshall, ef Oermantown, Pa., died of lockjaw on lunday last, canned hy treading upon a nail one week irenously, which pierced through her foot. The Mei?i?h Church and the Pilgrim Congregational Society, of Boston, have united, ami will in future worship together ai the Pilgiim Church and Society. The venerable Dr. Hopkins having lately resigned hi? pastoral charge of the First Presbyterian Church ib Aut>urn, ha* been succeedel by Ilev. Henry A Nelson, a receut ?ee*aete of the Auburn Theological Seminary. A M* Brangellcal Lutheran Church was dedicated at Vetroit on the Ud inat. Mr. Howe'i Free Church at Boiton i> nearly completed. The first sermon wai preached la?t Sabbath. Mr Thomas Starr Kirg, of Charlestown, hat accepted the invitation of the Fir?t Universalis society in that town, to become their paator. The installation ii to take place on the first Sunday evening in September. The commencement of the Weslevan University, of Middletown, Conn, took place 011 the 5th inst. The graduating class is the largest that has ever been sent forth from this institution, numbering thirty-five. The honorary degre# of A M was conferred upon the llev. Kli Noj gs, 01 Boston ; Rev. William Bell, of Canada ; Geo W Leech, M. D? of Brooklyn, L. I.; and Mr. Sullivan H. Weston, of Poughkeepsie, N. Y. Tho honorary degree <>f I) D on the ltev Jabez Burns, of London It is creditable to the anti-sect<rian character ol the institution, that the honorary degree* were ull conferred on gentlemen not of the Methodist Church. The Kev. Thomas Atkinson. r<ctor of St. Peter's church, in Baltimore, has been elected a bishop in Indiana This is the second time, he having before declined the office. His acceptance has not yet been made public. Coi?TaiirTio*s to Domkstic ajio Foseiow Miasiorts ? During the 3 ear ending 14th June, 1946? to the former, M7.M9 89 ; to the latter, *38,501 31 ; total, $73,771 50. This amount was contributed by the different Dioceses in the following iinis. viz Dom'itic. Foreign Maine *1H6 30 $868 31 New Hampshire 'J 1 2 13 AO 31 Vermont HI 63 86 19 Massachusetts 3,33.1 36 4,152 01 [thoile Island 885 1? 2 779 02 onnccticut 2.434 33 1,137 97 Vew York 9,807 02 6.966 23 Western New York 9t;o 20 1,001 96 Vew Jeraey. . .. 883 16 343 69 Pennsylvania 3 933 25 3,680 60 Delaware 422 03 65 <8 Maryland. . 2,276 78 1 68!) 62 Virginia 9H4 87 4,691 77 North Carolina 333 36 194 61 toutb Carolina 3,098 02 7,604 04 Georgia 627 10 881 23 lorida 20 HO S 16 Alabama 699 16 226 37 tlisaiaiippi, 229 64 L,ouiaiana 119 00 13i? 00 <entucky 472 00 168 76 3hio 811 67 289 38 r?r neaaee. 246 70 Indiana 61 66 llinoia 241 69 10 00 Michigan 682 20 61 43 Hiiaouri 303 67 17 60 \rkanaai 66 97 0 V8 owa 600 Miscellaneous 1,167 00 196 68 The following atatiftic*. taken from the cenitti of laat rear, of the number of placea of worahip and institulona of learning in the State of New York, witk cost ol mildingx, Ice., are intereating : ? V?. Church'i, Cost of Iluililingt. Cot! of Real 782 Baptilt ?1,90S 7?2 >378 923 268 Kpiacopalian 1,830.080 634 649 #69 Presbyterian 2,421.790 619,922 271 Congregational, .i 628 332 116 686 1,123 Method tat 1,905,442 419 706 104 Roman Catholic .. 6>6.140 248,806 260 Dutch Reformed. . 1.26J680 366,798 112 I'niveraaliat. . ..? 288 608 49.044 66 Unitarian 166 069 69 054 16 Jew a 89 450 18.086 163 (Quaker 166.383 84 317 t 10 College* 6O6 0O0 781.500 !&.T *i*. 1 i3*9">lL .laiil 3 ERA 346. Constitutional Convention. Avovit 7.?Mr. Dana presented remonstrance against a reduction of canal tolls, and for the complation of the unfinished public works. Referred. On motion of Mr. ] Worden, a resolution was adopted calling on the Comp- ' trailer to furniih a statement of the salt duties received I i in each year prior to 1817, and the specific appropriations made out of such duties, the objects of auoh aripropria- j tions, and when made Also, a statement of the uet j amount of salt duties paid into the treasury since 1 start Al>o, a similar statement in regard to the auction duties. The convention then urocteded to the further consideration of the report on the election or appointment of State officers, lie , the question being on the motion of Mr. Tallmadge to strike out the fourth section, which Srovides for the election of three Inspectors of the tate prisons. I.oat, 61 to 30 Mr. Stetson moved as I an amendment to the section, that the managers of the , State Lunatic Asylum shall be elected in like manner I , an) with the like powers ; alio the commissioners of | health in New Voik Loit. Mr. Perkini moved a modi fication of the section, that the impectori ihall have , charge and luperintendenae of the State prisons and the , appointment of officer! therein, aubject to ?uch regulations ai may he oitablished by law. Adopted The fourth aection, as amended, was then agreed to. The fifth section wu taken up, and the State engineer and > lurveyor wai restored ii a member of the canal board > and m one of the commissioners of the land office.? ; A motion to strike out the whole of the section was negatived, and the lection adopted. Mr. Worden moved an udditional section, that the powers and dutios of the several boards and of the several officers in this articlo mentioned, shall be such as now are or hereafter may be proscribed by law. Adopted Mr. Perkini proposed an additional section constituting the Governor, Lieut. Governor and Chief Justice of the Court of Appeals a commission for hearing and investigating ail charges against all officers (except judicial) whose (lower* and duties are not local, and who shall be elected at general elections, with power to send for witnesses.? They may remove all such ottteen and appoint others in their stead, notice of the charges to bo given and filed in the office ef the Secretary of State ? The article and amendmonta thereto, without Veing disposed ef, were laid on the table and ordered to be printed. Mr Van Schoonhoven moved the reconsideration of the vote adopting the additional section efl'ered by Mr Worden. The convention then took upthe report of the committee on the lights and privileges of the citizen The 1st section having been taken up for amendment, Mr Huacom moved to amend so as to declare all men entitled iu their (>oliticiil as well as social relations, to equal rights Lost Mr. Burr moved to strike out the lection and to insert the clause of tho declaration of independence, " all men are created freo and equal, and endowed by their Creator," 8tc Proposition! to amend tho section being first in order, Mr. Baker moved to nmeud so that the aection should read ? " men are by naturo free and independent, and in their political relations entitled to equal righti" Carried. Mr. Crooker moved to amend by prefixing to the section ai amended, " we hold these truths to be self-evident, that," and adding the words, " and that they are endowed by their Creator," be , quoting the.declaration of independence down to and including the words " consent of the governed." Mr. Chatfield proposed to amend thii by inserting after " righta" the words " without regard to color " Mr. O'Conor suggested alio " age or sex." Mr Chatfield assented. This proportion was pending when toe convention look a recess. ArTERHoo* Skuio*.?The substitute offered by Mr. Crocker for the drat section, us amended by Mr Chatfield, was agreed to?and then (truck out, 41 to 19. The second section. " All political power is inherent in the people,' Mr. Loomis proposed to amend so that it should read, " All power is not inherent in the legislature." Withdrawn, and the section, struck out. Mr. Hunt moved to substitute " The rights of man are the gifts of God. The first duty of government ii to protect them. The second, to let them alone." Withdrawn, and the second section struck out The third lection secured rights of citizens against encroachments, except by due course of law?wan the subject of debate, but was not amended. The fourth, in relation to the trial by jury, wax under discussion, when the committee rose. Adj.? Albany Jlrgut. From Central America.?The brig Charles Hammond, Capt. Keller, arrived yesterday from Belize, Honduras, bringing us from our correspondent letters and |>apers. The principal news by this arrival will be found embraced in the following letter :? Belize, (Hon) July 10.?The sailing of the brig Chas. Hammond, Keller, master, affords me an opportunity of sending you a few lines and a few papers. We have very little news of interest The Governor of this settle- l< mentis absent at Jamaica. * We have advices from the interior down to the 23d of June, by which we learn that an attempt was made to as- 0 sasiinate President Ca-rera and the officers of his government. The attempt failed, and there is every pro- ? liability of another revolution breaking out. The inha- ' bitants of Uuatainala arc very bitter against all foreign- ' ers, in consequence of somo tumors that they were about aiding ' overthrow the gjvernment. 1 Gen. Loury, of the Mosquito natioa, is dead, and ru- ' mor says he lias been poisoned. It is well known that threats have been made to do it, in consequence of hi* b supporting the claims of the Central American govern- e inent to tue Mosquito territory in preference to those of s Great Britain. I> The American vessels in port are the Pelon, Bartoll, for New York, soon; the Matilda, Crowell, do; and the Uola de Oro, Uodkendorf, to remain and run as a packet u between this port and Yzabal. Business here is rather dull, and the prices of Ameri- i can provision* low. Lumbar of all kinds if (till in good demand tours, tec. Trro. d In addition to the above, we note that the 4th of July j was enthusiastically celebrated by the American resident! at Belize, and the American shipmasters then in e port. All the shipping in the port, of whatever nation, ) displayed their color* in compliment to the day and the American masters On the evening of Saturday, 13th ult. her Catholic i Majesty's achooner Polka arrived at Port McDonald, in KuHtan, on her return from Yzabal, where the had land- 1 ed the remains of the late Archbishop of Guatemala,who 1 rece'iuy uieu ai uio Havana The deceased prelate had for several yean performed r Episcopal functions in Cuba, since himpatnation from ? Central America in 1829. His body is now on the way ( to Ouatemala, to be interred, at his own request, in the a Convent of 8t. Teresa.?IV. O. Pic. July 30. ) f Tire terrible FlRK at LA prairie canada ' ?The town nearly reduced to Ashes.? About eight o'clock on Tuesday eveninga Are broke S out in a blacksmith shop, near the railway station. The strong south westerly wind then prevailing soon communicated the devouring element to the buildings adjoining, and in a very short time the entire > village appeared doomed to destruction. The fire con- c tinued till five o'clock yesterday morning, when it was '' computed that over three hundred dwellings were 11 consumed, and perhaps 1600 human beings deprived of ' shelter. With the exception of about ten small houses next the river, there is not one building standing be- 11 tween the steamboat landing and the second cross street ' from the lower pier. To the cast of this line there is only one house destroyed. The Scotch and English Chapel, Messrs Sauvageau's distillery, and the stores belonging to Messrs. Tnompson, Dunn, CharMon, and other merchants, were rapidly burned, with their contents. The Catholic Chapel and Nunnery are uninjured, and about forty houses which are adjoining them. There was but one small engine which belonged to the town, and two to the barracks, but these were unable to effect I anything. The Montreal fiie-engines. which were conveyed to Longueuil by the steamboat Lord Stanley, were unable to reach Laprmirie belore -2 o'clock, A. M., from the difficulty ol procuring horsea to send forward the engines. When they had arrived a scene of drunkenness was presented most desreputable to the officers in command of the military ; neither soldiers nor civilians being in a condition even to work the pumps. Casks of spirits lay exposed on the beach, and the temptation was too strong to be resisted. Men soon became unconscious oi wnere they were, or what they were about. As the Herald says "Here you would see a stout man removing a couple of fowls, a Irying pan, a pot of jelly, or some other equally important article, while a little exertion might have saved half a street." It is melancholy to see the furniturp strewn alon^ the lieach, and women with their children destitute ol either food or shelter. We are requested to say, that any donation of provisions, fcc., intended for distribution among the sufferers, will i>e received by a Committee named for that purpose, who will be found on board the Laprairie boat.?Montreal PiUt, Jiug 8. Literary Intelligence. Williams Colkoi-The annual commencement of this institution occurs on the 19th inst. Rev. Dr. Hopkins will deliver the Baccalaureate lieforn the senior class, on the alternoon of the preceding Sabbath. On " the evening of the same day, the address before the ? '1 heological Society and Society of Inquiry will bo do livered bv the Rev. Dr Cheever. Rev Samuel 1. Prime, of New York city, will address the Adelphic Union on commencement day. The moonlight exhibition occurs on inc evening 01 me ioio ion, mo u?y preceding me commencement?Northampton Gazette. S Teackle Wallis, Esq ,of Baltimore, ha* been elected J an honorary member of the Royal Society of Northern Antiquaries Denmark. V*li CouLior?The commencement in to tnko place at New Haven on the 17th The New Yorlc Sacred Mu ical Society intend perlorsning the oratorio ol the Messiah on the evening before, Mia* Northall sustaining a principal part. Much interest ia felt with regard to the coming election of President of Yale College Professor Wooltey and Doctor* Bamea and Bacon are umong thoio named in connection with the office. Oawr.TA Coli.coc.?The annual commencement of Oeneva College, will take place on Wednesday, the .Mh of August. Dr. Sprague, of Albany, will deliver an oration before the Hermean Society, and the Rev. Hobart Williams has been invited to addreii the Alumni A Baccalaureate address is expected from the ['resident, Benjamin Hale, D. D , ami the oration for the degree of Master of Arts, will be deliveied by ?. C. Marshall, A. B. ? Otruva 0<tx , Aug. 1. | | St. Xsviaa Collkoc.?We have received the annual catalogue and distribution ol premiums of this institution, located at Cincinnati, Ohio. It appears to be in aa J flourishing a condition a* any institution in the west.? , During the last year there were 9J students boarding in f ; the college, and 191 day soholars The Rer. father J. i I A Rlet is President of the Faculty. The institution is I r under the charge of Jesuit*. | * The autumnal Unitarian Conven tion will be held In , Philadelphia sometime during the month ol October ? neat. J We learn that four hundred mules have been pur f chaaed at Leaington. for the Quartermaster's department, averaging in price *10J each. 134 of them have been shipped to New Orleans, at $8 P*r head. 1! LD. w* Two Ctntl. Varieties. The corner stone of the Howard Athenneum, in Boaton, was laid on the 4th of July. On the U7th winking day thereafter, the rafters wen- put upon the buil ing. The building i* very large, and there it a great amount ol heavy work upon it. A serious affray occurred at the Deaf and Dumb Anylum on Thursday, in which a black boy was (hot in the ?rm by William Howell, a pupil from South Carolina. Die latter received (ome provocation from the Governor. He was held to bail in $4,000. The City Guard of Brooklyn were expected in Providence. yesterday. A mnii named Thomas Hoy, wai killed in NewOrleane on the 6th inatant hv one named Dennis Killan. There appears to be a gang of incendiaries in Char leaton, B.C., who are determined to burn the town. SjThe Milwaukir Smhnel publishes an aocount of a marer of the moat diabolical kind committed near that city. The murdered man's name vu Keuffman, a Oerman.who recently emigrated from Prussia. The murderer Is suppoled to be one Trautman, who came out with him. A woman named Ann Caverly, with two imall children, arrived here lait evening in the iteamer Alhambra, from New Orleana. Immediately after the boat landed aha went before Juitice Kreticbmar and obtained a warrant for the arreft of her truant huaband, Richard Caverly, who is living in this city with a aecond wife, on cheannt. between Kighth and Ninth atreeta The affidavit aworn Lo by her, cnargos him with having deserted her and her two children in the county of Cork. Ireland, in the year 1844. Soven monthi after hia deaaition ahe learned that :io had coma to America, and waa again married and livng in New Vork. 8ha immediately started in pursuit, ind upon her ui rival there aho found he had removed to New Orleana. Being out of means, ahe waa compelled o stop tome lime in New Vork, but aa aoon aa ahe waa n a aituation to defray the expenses of the trip ahe put * >ft in pursuit again, but waa again disappointed, for upon reaching the latter city, >ho aurertained that he had fled and wait living in St Louis- True to a woman'a van{ounce (he followed him, mid had the aatiafaction of betiolding the oitender ia the clutches of the law within [wo huura alter her arrival ?St. Luuit Krville. The Charleaton (Kanawha) Reptihlican informa ua hat a man anawering to the description of Dandridga Kpea, arrived at the hotel in that place in the ataga on Sunday, ttie 10th inat and left next morning for Uuyanion -. He registered hia name as "B Davis, from North Carolina " Mr Taltiot, of Lynchburg, in pursuit, arrived it Charleston on Kriday the 24th Professor tdward de Vermeuil, Preaident of the Oaoogical Society of France, has arrived at 8t Louis. Ha lus been for some years past engaged in a geological survey of the Kmoire of Ituaria. under an engagement with he Czar, and Is now on his way to Lake Superior, to eximiue tho formation of that region. Vki.low Kbvkr ?Thia disease lias not yet appeared in N'ew Orleans. The statement in the N. O. Courier haa neen corrected. Information has been received at the Department of State, from the consulat&of the United States at Bueooa \y res, of the decease, at I'atagones, in that province, of llichoel Bacon and James G. Gardner, citizens of th* Jnited States. Mr. Gardner died on the 6th of February ast, and was from Newport, K. I. A man by the name of Jonathan D. Pope, supposed to ie from the New Kagland States was found dead ia the Mississippi river lie was discovered in a sunken Om>oat ami had with liim a quantity of merchandise and noicy. He apparently died of disease and inattention, nough possessed of some little wealth. A dry dock is to be built by government at Phiadalihia. Spencer, who murdered his wife in Jersey City, and ia onflned in tho jail at Bergen Corners, has snade several iied'ectuul attempts to escape, and it has been found ne essary to keep nira in irons. A telegraphic line between Buffalo and Cleveland will >e put undar contract next spring. It is expected that he Cincinnatians will continue it to that city. The steamboat Quebec came into collision with the teamboat Rowland Hill, on the 3!>th ult on the Saint ?awience River. The Rowland Hill was sunk and eral lives lost. The latter boat was racing with anoher at the time. Security for the good behavior of the Randolph m;roos is to be given, and they are to be allowed to Mttl* n Mercer county. Ohio. The milk establishment of David 8. Mills, situated at '.ast Brooklyn, near tho dividing line between Brooklyn nd Bush wick, on the old road, was set on fire and burnt } th. ground between 9 ami 10 o'clock P. M., on the Bth inst. It was a large barn, calculated to accommoate at least 100 cowi. The cows were fortunately got ut. A complete set of camp equipage is being prepared by rder of a gentleman in Baltimore as a present to Gen. Taylor. There are over 100 pieces of furniture in the et. The commencement of Wesleyan College MiddUtow* /t, takes place on Wednesday, and of Trinity College, iartford. on Thurada* af nnit week The Accident on the khir Railroad.?The New' n rg Gazette of the 29th states that ofthe persons woundd iu the late disaster, Mr. Monell of Middletown has ince died; and one or two othora, we hear, are not ex?cted to recover. The Magnetic Telegraph between thii city and Alba will be completed in a few days. The wire* are all ip between Poughkeepaie and Rhinebeck. General fatter son passed through Baltimore the 19th lit. on hia way to the Army. It was rumored yesterday .that F.pes, the supposed murererof Muir, ha* been arrested by the police officer whe luriued him from Lynchburg. The Telegraphic line from Baltimore to Boston, it ia timnted, will be 516 mile* in length, and will coat about 1230 per mile. A break occurred in the Erie Canal about one mile east d Durhamville, on the 28th. It would take five daya to epair it A gentleman from Columbui, Ohio, wai robbed ?f 11,316 yesterday, in front of the Merchants' Exchange, iostou Mr. Moses Spurr and hif wife, of Sheffield, Ma*f., on eturning from a visit to a son in Canaan, CI. on the 30th if May last, were thrown Irotn their wagon, in Salisbury, :t,, in consequence of the horse running away, and both if them mortally wounded. Mr. Spurr, who was 06 ears of age, survived the accident four weeks, and Mrs. ipurr, who was 43 years old, lingered eight weeks, har* ng endured great suffering. The work of setting out poits for the magnetic telegraph between this place and Boston, Is going on rapidly, t wss expected tliat it would be finished from Baco to {ennebunk, on Friday.? Portlmi Jirgut. Col Ran. Pej ton committed suicide on Monday eveling last, at the residence of his brother in Summer ounty, Tennessee, by shooting himself through the >ead with a pistol ball. He had, we are told, Men laioring under an alienation of his mental faculties for hree or four years. We learn from our exchanges that the Mormon* had ill left St. Josephs for their new encampment, at Uraad Island, on the Big Platte river. Apmhttments by the Presidbnt, by and with the aavice and consent of the Senate.?Seth Belden, to be surveyor and inspector of the revenue for the port of Hartford, in the State of Connecticut, vice Penfield H. (ioodsell, removed. Benjamin E. Carpenter, to l*e appraiser of merchandise for the port of Philadelphia, in the State of Pennsylvania, vice Samuel Spackman, removed. William WUlard, to be surveyor and inspector of the revenue for the port of Saybrook, in the State jf Connecticut. Ge?rge T. Nichols, to be surveyor and un|i?i ii>i ui win revaiiut) tor me pon 01 nvno Ma|nvn, in the State of Rhode Island, in the place of William Halloway, removed Joieph Ramsey, to be collector of the customs for the district, and inspector of the revenue for tho port of Plymouth, in the State of North Carolina, to take effect from and alter the 29th of August, whan hia present commission expire*. Hardv HanJren, to be collector of the customs for the district, and inspector of the revenue for the port of Vicksburf, in the State of Mia issippi. to take effect from and after the 39th of August, 1846, when the coram ssion of the present incumbent exmet Robe it H. Webb, to he surveyor and inspector of lie revenue for the port of Suffolk, in the Stat* of Virginia, to take effect ftom and after the 39th August, 1848, when his present commission will expire. Jesse Thonas, to be surveyor and inspector of the revenue for the >ort of Nashville, in the State of Tennessee, in the place if Joseph Litton, deceased. Louia St. Martin, to be register of the land office for the district of lands subject o sale at New Orleans, in the State ef Louisiana, to ake effect from and after the 3Sd of August, 9846, when he commission of Petar Laidlaw expires. IIkavy Storm of Raii* akd iftornoon we had a most terrific utorm of ru n >nd hail, which laated from half past 3, until half past s i'clock, the rain pouring down during the whole time n a perfect torreut, deluging the streets, many of which >verflowed the curb-stones, and Ailed in several initances the cellars. In the early part of the storm a large quantity of hail fell, of a very large site, which it Is feared has caused much damage to the fruit, corn and vegetables. The lightning during the continuance ef the storm was most vivid, and tho thunder deafening, md we regret to add that life has been lost, aa will he in the Country, hut coming down in iuch torrent*, it haa in all probability done .?? much harm, if not more, than it haa good. Early in the morning at 7 o'clock?the thermometer waa ut HO degree*, and at 1'] o'clock, had reached 88 degree*, with the proapect of ita being the hotteat day of the aeaaoii ; the rain, ho werer, cooled th* atmosphere, and made it quite agreeable towarda craning Much a ?term of rain, thunder and lightnioghaa not viaited Baltimore for aeveral yeara. The telegraph during ita continuance, waa compelled to caaae operating, on account of the efl'ect ofthe lightning on the wirea. It ia feared that much damage haa been dona in Um river and bay.? Haltimort Clipper, Jiug. 8. PARISIAN UliGOKATlVE Ui'HOLSTERY, CURTAIN MATERIA 1.8, lie. THE aubacrihart ha?* now m stoie their lull aaaortment of Broeatela. Nlaa. Natin da Lainea, Tapeatry , Laoipaa, India Damaaka. ChiatMe, Moreeua, OrnameuU and 'i ria?aii.ia?, nitablir for B?-d and Window Cartaina.aud Faruiur? i oT?nn*a of all description* tor Interior Decoratiou*, wito ?real care in the French and English maan* aeroriea, hv one of the Arm, and embrace >he largest tad >e?t aaaorted atock in the United fluiei, which baring keen >urch*s*d for cash, en ble ua to offer at a lower i>rice than ny other eaubliahmrnt in the city. Cabinet makers, Upholatarer* and othera, are repeated to mmine our atock, Irom which tney ean oe supplied in any ' amity, wholesale and retail. Persona furnishing will alao "id it to their advantage to (elect Irom oar aaaortment, rhicli for variety cannot he anrpaaaed The neweat deaigua or internal deeorationa, receirrd by erecy packet, SOLOMON k HART, Upholaterera aud Importer*, 243 Broadway, a7 tm*r oppoaito the Park

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