Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 11, 1846, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 11, 1846 Page 3
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m 1 imm?mmm ? Km'*?W? wt *M that ?MU mm* 1MB t f ?ui r* In iaaMa <?lak tiaaa On rrM^nf m tfca *?w MM- *Uck h iImI M riIh tiwm lii?ii><Mf? iN?d cart *? !? af tba wim tiMo'i with IM mb a??ar to* !? <. aad ell Mm ?^im wblcb toft I?r awhaaq?? to rba i? roai|**r vadar Vr > ? ?r i *r? Mww kmiIm to to a? Ja*a. lai??itt*?elT * iffJ *11 the trader* frxia pro* ?4M %rtb?r ntil tba e<> 1??1 o< Dm Kh-mi imI iImi it WW underload ito ail to* trader* arere to Mew IB ?* Mr of ib* ana? < apt Voar* ?<? ?arrbe* to tft* ^ ttto irt?niy Moit<tik(?|K<?i ?ti' amm?initt.>a tot i'? M?ihm hat wbe M U brliewd ?onl1 bin too ar?.*t? t m b?* If tokMIMt* tarb (.><;?* <toee> to *WJ?* bewever outran bis aaJ ?> rtoer The*e ??' ? M?MH< <* Uia Creab tba traJU* aaw|>awa W 0**m ft AuU. Iranbli ft Hictvw l>?Mua ft ?e< a?M. V Mai to? a*. C l?e?i* Ii??, kalaf ft Ca, Magtfta S Leitoaad?r er ft (a. M X He rwmmj aad tba Olaa Tba ?<at>|.Mm a.ato *ene |raad aj. peeraere. aaaibariaf torlwdtac rtto Prayraeae. ib??l too am ami I to ??|?aa Tba ladiana bad ton * tba Difg la*" aitafetbar IftiaftJa* aa <toaM (bat all <ba white man la tba warld vara eaaaapad (bar* B ??a laaa vara rary |ttoaty . tba baaiert at una ta?? blltod fuai to ana day. aad tbaf ware baatlj eaptoyad to jarftlay tba beef Tba wtMer <114 net knew ?Kat tba? wara (otoc to da With tl.*11 good* ?ha'i III** got thaw to Hull r? If Ota Reitnvr dul not Ud? po?oa??tan of ?aa<a ?a by |iirr?, ha <<id not hn^w akMlwi Ik*; l??U bo aatorad it tba Paw d?l Norto oti m road wtna a* ?' * !> a . an J II ba did 'aha lu'a ?' Ihara aai* iMt bar of Irudan Ikit f?a-la oiuat ba l?a la tha aitoinooa ol tba day oa which th? 1*1 la r vti wnttrn ba aaya 'bat iba wteallin frata Jackaaa aal ( lay countio*. two hanJrad a*J ifty atroag bad J oat arnaod and Iba 'todara bad gat paraiaatat to aata aa aa Ik kfti'i I'art That waia to taaaa aoat day m4 vara to avail it tha (art Iba arrival of Oaa Kooraar Thar rxpaaird ta (o an to Vru Fa aa aaaa aa ba roarbad tba *ort and tank up bio aorrb tor thai pM Tba Toluntaor* iM Uragooa* at Pawaaa Fark aaaibarad orar four busdrad *a>a batrol laUUIgoara. The Unli'H fjiatoa at. > Jomaotnwrn, Com. tVlnnor I row lha r aeat of Af< i<-* oil wail orrtaad at St fierta. Martmiqae. aa tba *tb oh bad oatlad aawa day on a ctobo Tba V aehaoaar Aparwatioa '"otnaoadar Bayer, aa tba f'oe?t iur**y. am tad at Now Badierd aa 'ba lol U f. Bbtf of tba liaa Celambaa, f e??adora Biddla a?<i 'ha loop of war Viaeanr/oa, t apt PauUu g wara ot Wbaropoa May M all aoll r.aj?t Blaney, ?f bark Oallaa at tbto port fro* Now Or !? ? ? laport* that oa tba Mth uH , lot *1 10 too WOT. b* ?u WiW by an ofl' ar from tba raaanua entiar Merrla who rapartod that iba Mdiar woo In tearrb ol a Mosinaa nrirataar brig or ot Uaat of a brig of WO ton* hawing M??ican rotar* Tba oAror funbor ttatad that a K ?t Wa*t pilot waa aaar bar two day* bafara. a?l aw twenty moa ondaefc^-Jlodaw .Hp . A?? 10 Vttr Utalllnaw. Bum or CoMumi W. C Wirmii or ?? M??* . ?Tbo funeral of Cotamanlar Watmoro wba Jtod aa Ba tardar mmiitog laat. at Bergan Hill. New Jeraay. waa attended on Sunday afternoon by larg* dncoun* of cltixetie. and by th* offlcera attached to th* Navy Yard and R*ce|ring Ship, and a parly of tailor* ( aptaln Engliab and I.iaut Doughty of the Maria* rorp?. war* *l?n pr??ent Tha ceremuni** at tba hou?a vara performed by th* Hev. Mr Taylor, of tba H?form*d Dutch Church, af'er which tha proceaaion nottd off with tba eoWan mule of tha band from tha North Carolina Tha oflc*re of th* navy pr***nt in uniform, tetad a* p?U b**r*ra Among than wara Capt tttringham. Command*!-* Sand* a*d Hudtan, and Liwti Gordon and Moor*, w) Dr. Batoa, tha martn* ottcor* m*ntion*d. Tba procoaaionmovad to the burring ground undar tba bill ?h*r* tha body waa *ntombed Th* aarvicaa at th* grave war* performed by th* Chaplain of tbo Yard, tba IU? Mr Storftbridg*. amid a alight apriukllng of rain, and occa?ion*l paalaof heavy thunder, mora aolamn and Imyraaahra than aarth'a artillery. Tha large rancour** *f people waa diapened immediately after tha coarluaion of the funeral aoUmnitiea, by a hoary rain which then **t in and continued an hour or two. Capt. W, haa l*ft widow and two ?oni. young men, to mourn hia k<*a It I* a memorable bet, tbat tba day Capt. W. waa taken 111, hli f?TOrrf* dor fell lick, and was found the next day In a ditch, dead. When informed that the dog waa aniaaing. ha remarked, be hai only gone * little o*(or* hia maater. a presentiment which helped to lender hia diaeaa* laryaipalaa) unmanageable. Tar PacicNTATionofthaawordatoCapt. Hawkina and to Lieut. Morria, of wkich wc hare given account" pr*Tioualy, will take place at Caatle Garden, *n Tburaday afternoon, at four u'clock. Faoir Sr?!?a*._Th* Corporation Attorney ha* deeded notice* to be poated on all tha fruit atanda la Naaaau atreet, directing the ewnera to remove them within twentj four hour*, or auffer tbem to b* taken to tb* Corporation Yard and aold. The fUthaa gone forth, and w a ma; klJNt a riddance of three nuiaancea very >oon. Our friend Oftyoaiia ia not included in thia order; hia )>}fcce i* now the beat in thia part of the city. Ru-?aw?t Hovaa?Abetit three o'clock yeaterday aftainoon, a cart horae witli hamraaon, came thundering down Na>?n atreet, In n ciuel manner, much to the terror of pedeatiiana. At the corner of Fulton he thiew down a ladder that upported two men p^iuting. and Irft both them and the ladder flat on the side-walk, hut happily without cauning much injury. Tha tiorae waa, to all npi>e uancea. a capital charger, and if he could diapeme the Mexican* a? quick aa b* did the podtsalrwn* in Naaaau atreet, be would bo invaluable to General Ta> lor Coao*ia'a Or?>c*, Aio. 10 ? Suidtn D?a//k ?An inqoent waa held on Sunday evening, at the lot ward atation I'.ouw by Jnitice Drinker, on the boly of a young mau Uy the name of Marcua Chamberlain, 19 \ eara of age, V>rn in Morriatown, N J , an apprentice to Mr. Huntington. watchmaker No. IBP Greenwich atreet It am*na (Ilia > ounff man dept iu the store, tod on the above eventi>g Sir. Huntington diacoveied lb* young man lying on hia face in l?e<1, quite doad. Upon a | o?t mortem examination bring made, the jury rendered a vardlct (hat lb* deceased came to hit death by congestion ol tUe brain. tir~th by Drowning ?The Coroner held an inquest at the foot of Jay street, yeat'erday, on tha body of James Hil'liker, liorn in fCew Yoik, about sixty years of age, who ??i fcuho loating In the Nor'h Hirer yetterday. . VeMict. came to bla death by drowning. Sudtitn Drnlk ?The Coroner likewise bald an inquest at No 340 Oelancy atreet, on the body of Cynthia Bogart, (coloteu.) bom an Long Uland, 42 jaara of aga, who ?hbi? to har deatb by hepatization of the langi and dropsy ?f the cheat Vardict accordingly. Court of General Keaalona. Before Recorder Fcott and Aldermen Banaon and Parser. Jomi> McKicea, E?q District Attorney. Trial for a Ptlty Larceny?At (ha opening of t|ia Court tbia morning, a femala named Koaana Logan, waa plaaed at tha bar on a charge of ateallng from tha presses ol Mr Dirid Bales, No 11 Perry -atreet, about 4o'clock on tha morning eftha lit instant. four piecea of foundation nia?lin. worth about $3 The prisoner baring having bean arreatad by officer Hobin?on with the property in her tiossession fhortly altar tha commiaaion of tha larceny, ine waa found guilty, and sent to tha , Penitentiary for tha term of three montha. Ttiml for Ctrmni Larceny?Mary Ann McOinnlf waa j than placed at tha bar. on a charge of itealing In i gold coin and bank billa, fro-n Alexander Lagan, of Waahington Heights, Menhatt-nville On tha |*tt of tha nroaecation, the affidavit of Mr. Eaaan. setting forth that the v>oney in question waa stol. n from his trunk, on a certain day when tha accos?d visited his house, and from various circumstances oonn?ct*d with tha larceny, he bad reason to auepect | the prl-oner of baring committed tha theft. OQIcer Robin?on deposed that he arrailed tha accused at a house lo Mott street; and that on searching har $0 in billa anJ a gold coin (an eagle) corresponding with ' the money stolen were found in her possession ; It was also asceitained that she had purchased sums articles of dress for which she had paid abiut $10 in bank bills tha prerioita evening. For the defence, her counsel, J. W. Oreen, Esq made , an sble and eloquent appeal to tha jory, in tha course of which he stated that (he accused, as she had assured him, reaeired tha gold coin from a person by whom she was piegnant, and the balance of money, consisting of billa louad in her possession, had been realised by har own labor. The pury, after a brief consultation, ran uereu vermci 01 noi guilty, ana tne accused vu according'? discharged. 7Vi?l fur a Pttit Larctny -Peter CoDnelly, who recently kept a itand in Catharina street, for the sale of fam:> nrtii las whs then placed at the bar on a charge of relit larceny, in having on the 11th of July last, stolen i SO gross of pearl buttons, Worth (33 60, the property of Mr Joseph Chamberlin, merchant, 61 Cedar s Onthepait of the prosecution. Mr. Boyiiton, bookkeeper for Mr Chamberlain, deposed that on the Mh of July, he d.'scovered that of a atock of buttons which had recently been received, n package of ten grosa of button* whs mining ; that he immediately set to work to discover w here they had gone to ; that he aaceituned that Peter Connelly had heen in the habit of visiting the atore at an e irly hour in the morning for several montha j>a?t: which circumstance, in connection with other*, canted suspicion to test upon him as tha thief. Arrangements were accordingly made to catch him the next time he shonld visit the store : that on ConMlly entering the store on the morning of the llth of July, witness concealed himself behind a curtain, and watched Con nelly while the boy attended upon him as usual; that on this occasion, the accused was observed to take thre* packages of buttons, tach containing ten gross, and pat them in his pocket, whereupon he was taken into custody, and the buttons which he had stolen were found in hi* coat pocket. The jury, without leaving th Jir seats, rendered a verdict of guilty. Sontence deferred. Trial of Prl'r Cnnnrllv far unefAer Laremy ?Peter Connelly. ?ai again called to trial on another indictment, charging him with having on tha morning of tha 7th of July. (Helenfrom the store before referred to, (Mr Josei'hi hambeilin'a, No. #1 Cedar street) 40 gross of button*, worth f-Jfl. ,t Botmtow, in addition to the facta testified to on the I'oimer trlbl, deposed that the buttons wete received fr'>m ttie < uatnm Hou?? on the 3d of July, opened on the 0 h arxl that the buttons were sewe-i on the cards in a peculiar manner ; that the hexes were marked by witness. who kept account of all sales and knew the number that had Iwen sold, and that on examining the stock on tha 8'h of Jul# , it was discovered that a very large quantity had been stolen \ that witnese subsequently saw at ilia Chiefs office upwards of #0 groas of buttons, .l.. I~? ? 1- -1. It-- - ' " -.V.. nmpioyer nail recrn ly roceivad from the riutom liouae ; of the?e, wltne? fount that 10 (roil hud bean ?old ; bat at the Mm* time identified 40 giof* of bottom, belonging to Mr Chembe<-Un, the mni never having been told by him or hie cleifca. Joirrn WiLi.i*M?, depoaed that on Frldar, Jnly 10. he pnrohaaed from Peter Connelly, 00 groaa of button*, for which he paid the iuib of $16 80 i that on the following day, offlrer Morria called to nee witnraa in telution to them, and took them totheCbief'a oflVe, alwe which time he had not aeen anything of them. Orricca Moaait. deposed tb?t be tcolc charge of the rio|ie>t) found in poaaraaion of Connelly, alto recovered from YVllliume, M> gro?a of buttona, -m groaa of which were litrmifled b> Mr. Boynton, aa the property of Mr. Cnxui nei iai>i The jery, aa in tbe former caae, without leering their*. luiind the priaoner guilty, and the Court aenteuced bim to l-e in pi i'oned in the penitentiary for the trm of ptic , est ; dk month* on eecn conviction. The Court then a4)?ursed till le-Morrow Meraiag p^f" OMrt mt tmqmpry In Ik* Oim mt OtMnU i wiidM, * ., te. Ow Nun lltTU, fort Maura*, iuwt S, IMA. TWe Cmwi Mt IhU day at 1#K o'clock. 3?raral I ad la* Vara pi Tko pHoatwU taatura of attraction to-day ' wm th* vr?nc* of Col. Payne. from tha Mat of war who had b*aa auaamonad to giro arWaive id tha cu? ba'ora tha Court Ha la a Una military looking man of iront tmaaruUr and wall tniilt f-amo apparently aSom ity-?*a (Mt of ac* with a bail and wall moul.lad for?. kMd ra?(Hiar feat urea and freak complexion, ataodin* eN-wi t?a (a*' elerao I or ha a ad waa dre??*d in tha Mine nnlfor? worn hr htm at tha hattlaa of Palo Alto, and R*M?a <1e la F*)*^ alM with tha Mine aword worn br MihoM memoMt.1* rt?y.. flaring recelred a wound an Ik* hip. M ie generally known, from a muiket bill, which hae net m yet been estracte I, he umi oru'eh. ai.J kt< bMi oiaJe an otject of general latere it ainca "'* 5* paa*a*?ee apparently (iwt mixaoular power tod ha> {torn military appearance Ua??*al U*i*m. after the icaJiag of the mlnatei, Mad that before Col Payne took the atand. ha wiihad to read for Lim hit uflritl letter to the War Department, da'e 1 Jane I lata writ'en by him on raoa:pt of the InWUfeeee U>et a ( enrt of Inquiry waa ordered to ait on hi* cae* The letter wu dated VVeahington. June 3rd, 1*4? and acknowledged the ra^alpt of the latter of the Hud Jum. frem the Department. Informing him that ha aa ta ba brought before a Conrt of Inquiry, and that he [<?* O I had tiees relieved from the command It o??roaaed (Urn O a regr?< at being thu* auddenly aalled mf duty, at He *ai mi-tilling to eat tha braad of idlen*M particularly while hi? country wai involved in ?var with tha eaeaar on the frontier ft ra^ieeted that if tha f reafrlent deemed aa Inveatwatlon into tha facta and drcuetiiacd ?t hi> ,.*?n W ' ) mu naceeeary, that ha weuld have it brought before a general fourt Martial, to reaeM *f thlrteea Acer* to be taken fiomtlen Taylor'a force* near the Ra Uiande, and that tha Court be ordered < aomMe at the mouth of thaeamp. whenever | the dniiai of auch ottcare would permit of their proceeding wit* the tavaetigattoa Tha latter proceeded?ha had already received aeveral reprimand* from the governaaent deaartmeM in . onacquence of hit exertion* to atipplv Gen ravler with acclimated horaai and acclimated man ee<< that be ??"ould have occaalon for tha taativtony of '?*u Ta> lo' and man* of hi* offlcera By au.'h e?iep neither Oen Taylor or hl? offlcara would be taken fm<* lhatr regular ihiiiaa la camp ar battle That ha, Oaa Oainea la caaa of ?n attack would be ready to aaeiet ia 'be tattle Held with hia award or hia rifle - not aa aa nirar In A*?nn?R<l - not aa BB oflnar of rank hot aa volunteer [Ik* reading of tbla poeeage created general wiut'tM la C ouit in approbation of the patriotic wyxmj bv 'he m>tiD hero] The letter neat proceeded?--la this way the Investigation would proceed without a tenth per* of the paltry intrigae, which ha* method the character of aome conrta hitherto Poli?M-al intrigue I* a plant rarely to be found fleunahlLg in the Held of haul* or In the ramp menaced by the brave It louriehea <?nlT In corrupt aalooaa.or In public btireaui a* in green hea*e The Utter aart contained an ax tract Irot* tke aleetv eecon J article of wnr. aa follow* :? " 1*1, it Conrti of Inquiry nit ba perverted to dlahonorabla purpeees. and nay ba considered aa engines of . - Ion ta military marlt. in tba handaof wank and envieo* rowaaai.danta they ar? hereby prohibited, unless directed by tba Presideot of tka felted Mate* or demanded k? tka arraayd " Oea O proceeded further to reed? Takimr tbla aa aoued lew, ahowinr tba intention of Present JeVereon. whan thia law waa passed ; I daam ? not nnraaaonaM* to complv with tba demand of tba eocneed that a bW if nn> i? deemed ne<*e??ary. ahotild take place before general court martial, to consist of thirteen memhora. an tba banka of tba Rio Oraada, wbara I can have n? wltaoaaee ; and I promiaa to ha In attandanra within two weeha." Oaa O kara ramarka I : I will remark that, at tba time I wrote tbla. I could not ha*e anticipated I would he\e. preaiding at a Court of Inquiry, tba gallant and rMtectrd frtenda who compow thla Court I am a a re if 1 bad known it waa to coneiat of my friend Oaa Brady, who baa aoan too many bard knocks and bloody neaaa and my friend Oen Brook, wka waa enraged with mo for tt daya, when X naked ear livee aceinat tba Britiak-or of Col t re no, oaa character atanda high, and wboai I bare lone known to bo atrtctly correct to hie duty ? 1 My if I had known the Court waa to eoaaiat of there gentlemen, I would not have pretested ao atronglv Haiti lehould heve iniiated on a general Court Martial, hoeaaaa my arte are not aecret-lhey are open?I reported ovary thing?I concealed! nothing?I wanted in fact to avail' rat eolf of the evideoce of General Taylor and hll offl-era who commandod at the bettlee of the Mb and Ilk of May : ami I regret very much Colonel Payne, that I am indented to ronr eevere wonnda for tear presence bora tbla day. The quaationa that are to bo propounded to i ou. are the aame ae thoee propounded to ('interna Montgomery en.l llawkiaa . I waat to aacertain the comparative atrength of Oonoral Taylor's army and that of tha Mexican troopa. taking in view tha important military maxim on thia auhject, that it is the duty of military men to rely for eveceee upon their ewa strength General Taylor waa not tha man In anv auch emergency to call for troops. I know kirn well: and if witk hie little force, he had been ordered to (O to Mexico. I will uiufortaka tn ? f#>r Kim that ha would have dona a* II* wrald not cetf for a.Mi tienal force* bafora tl. actual commencement of boitilities, for if ha did. ha knew thara war* rartain preaaea and political demagogues in tha nation, wka would taka advantage of it ?and I ova mv position in thli Court, to some vila intriguing political demagogues who have influenced tha haadi of the department in thia ca?e Kvery nan who know* ma. hnowa that I never dabble in polltica I think it a crime. a vile often a to do ao at all in military man A* a military man. I am prohibited from doing ao by my oath of oAca. which I alwaya aJbara to aa doaa tha compose to the magnetic needle I took thia oath foity jeati ago while Washington (till lived Tha oath ii thia. " I, Edward Tandleten Gaiooa. do iwear. that I nilltiear true allegiance to tha V Army. and aerve them honorably n't faithfully again't their cncmiea and oppnae whomsoever tl ev are opposed to j I will observe and obey tha ordera of the President of tha U 9 . and office ra over ma, according to tha rale* of tha utiiUi of war. ao help ma tind T aay that no officer can dabble in politico. without violating that oath. That H my opioniou I promiaed ? ? iMfl oath to aerve my country, I ut never to eerve a narty, and never can while I am la the army of the L'nitM fttetea. and that per hapi ia on# of my great mMoitunea- my mind pethapa, to ao contractor "at 1 cant avail m> ?olf of l|t>ertv to dabble in party politic*. I hava announceed thia intention In avary part of tha United fctaioa where I hava been, where I have been called upon for a sentiment. and it I* almoat etvreo'yped. and I will aay that ao aingla party can aear dofoLd. by maritime power, thia natiou I atand aloof from party poll tic* . my duty la, la the language of Washington, to " repal invaaion ia war. and id peace to prepare for war " After briefly adverting ta tha circumsUncea under which the at Loan volunteer* were called out General G continued I derived tha court to ba asaem'ded at the Rio Gr?nda. without any regard to rank, tu: i heaitated tietora I wonld con-ant to be dragged lefore aome trinunal like the Spanish Inqui aition, such aa it waa before tlae atonarchiee ot Spain ? Ware I to ba dragged before a aelect eouit under the malign Influence or politieaaa on thia aide of the Rio (Iratide 1 would be condemned right or wrong Bnt I need hardly repeat that whan I wrote thia latter I had no idcathat General Biady ?ud tieneral Brook, mv old and valued frtenda, and -4 olonal Crane, would have to trv me. Two offirere. I coDaidered, would ba aaaily loand to condemn me right or wrong ; hut I hope that there ia but one officer in the I'm ted tttatea that would condemn tight or wrong The documenta before the couit will tell whathar I nave not beea condemned right or wrong, and twenty timea denounced aa luaane. aa a " habitual offender,'' and in certain prea?ea too. before I got a hearIng on uiy case I desiie ta have it aapreaaly understood by thia coart, the deep impieeaiou I am under aa to tha importance of the testimony of Oeno'tl Taylor and the officer* of tha Rio Oianda After reading tha concluding portion of the latter with which ho commenced, and which maiely reiterated tha demand for a court martial on tha RJe Grande, General Gaineaco'icluJed Colonel Part** hereupon was (warn, and etammed by Gen. Gainea. and testified that he held tha aituatioai of lnapector General ia General Taylor'a army on the Mh and 0th of May. About the latter part of April the relative atrencth of tha American army waa Mil, while the Mexican force waa variously reported Whaa we artlved on the Ilio Grande opposite Matamoraa. it waa reported th0 they bad In that city between three and five thousand men. The day after our arilval they commenced throwing up field worka in lour different place* AKpudia waa reported to ba approaching Matamoraa with a force of not leu than aim thouaand He did arrive, and the force brought bv him waa never estimated at leu than three thousand. Ha remained there lot asias Wire, and sent a communication to General Taylor, etating thi<t it he did not retire beyond the Nuecea, he would consider hie preeence there a declaration of war. Arista aubtequontly arrived. I consider that there waa in the battle ol tha Palo\lto.on the part of the Meaieana. not lesa than between lit and eeven thousand men It we* reported that Ampudia reinforced Aiiata on the battle of the 9th, with what force I cannot aa) General Taylor'a army, a* far aa number* weia concerned, wa* in ' imminent peril," aa deecribed In the letter of in stractiona from the President , and I have no doatd but . iwxwm mniirii, uuuir ma circumstance* at M< c?*e, would have called lor or ordered additional aid, iurh at that Implied in the letter referred to I lie armt. however, did not consider iheirselve* in danger, but leIt they would be fully able to l>eet the Vesica*lorce fce tim'atiug the army of the Mesicaas at bet***n all Bad *av*n thousand, I did nut see a disposition mumfered ntnoog the American troops to have freah force* arrive, they felt a confidence that they would l-e lull* aide to beat the Meiicana before such aid eoull arrive I liequently heard it expressed by the oft -ere The strength of our force* at the battle of the I'alo Attn was ?n I did not hear, about the middle of Mar, afar the bettlei oftheSthand fib. that additional supplies of Mexicana were coming to the seat of war; I ?aa ihea laid np, at Point Isabel, suffering from my wound* receiveil In tha battle* Witne** here withdraw. Lieut. Calmotk, recalled? F.xamined hjr the < ourt The Asaiitaiit Quarter Master aod Assistant (omaiisary were appointed at Mobile, where a taiga number af volunteer* war* concentrating, there keiag no oihera ae capable of performing duty. Mr. Redwood.owe of tl.eei we. afterward, conflrmed. The M Louis Legion waa brought into aaivlee. la consequence of the letter ofoea Oaine* to the Governor. and wai .ub^uenGy a, proved by the De pert went el War. Th. force ? a* a. uaiered in formally ny I olonel Davenport Of the troop* relied out bv General Uainea. there were four legmmt* brought Into ?*rvice, and three c??penie? at a..Kan* The lemon General Oaine* gave all ihe*e authorities waa, in order to anticipate and have the forcee m rvadtnasi. He never calculated on' bringing m'e active Mr vice, all the battalions named by bin i he goveraaMnt incurred not a (ingle cenfa **|?e..ce on account of eome of theaa call*. The Court hera adjournal over, to meat on Monday, when General Oaine* will make a long addree* ia hi* defence, which (hall t>a fully, faithfully and eorreotly reported in tha Htr*li Sporting Int*INf*aa*. 7 he gallant old Katon ia (till pnreuing hi* hourly walk at tho f nledonia Springe, baring accMpliabed MO and o?ltl miles, more than half kia taak. II be ftaishea the tlmmnd it will be tha moet wonderful perfoemanre of tlin ago. Quaere Racia, Aguit 4 - First day -Priace of Waiee' Pur*e, X30: won by Mr. Vlabart'* 9nat Hecond day?Tnrt club purse 4!AO: won by Mr Patrrlebe,? Maria Peyton ?1 be Oarrisone Ptate, run ior b) h*ne* reelly thei property of the Army and Ne?y. ?M : woe by Capt. Vigat' Hit or Mia*?The curry Stake*, of ?iQ. w?" fT Mr Oauaaen'* Polly Hopkina . . #?h August- The hurdle race, for ??& : won by Mr. Llliofa Kangaroo ?Tha l.adiee Put w of k M t won by Mr. Patrick'* Mto Clark. j aii1 Ta.lhe Editor ofthe Herald. Mr. and Hn. OroJimM-Stfiril article* hate rMMT yp?u?J la the paper* containing irai mmmnwtf Jl.*o *5* bore Putin And ia the ihut of?-jJiltenell worn ?a city, 1 f*?l it my duiv ae Solicitor to* that gautlemao. 10 place ti? ac'ual facia belora the public. a?dm allow each uiirri'rtHiioiioiii to paaa eonir??lMllflfc I It ie not irut that Mi Mitjhf" ' " nif^iff deatltnte; it U not trM th?t the furulta'e of too houeejB White atrcet ?u rcmovrd daring theTadi'e Or thai it W*a ?'* from ' her at all. It u trua thai Mr. MUcMl In* Bad* the aacee- 1 aarv arraucamenta to oay hie wifrfOi ptt annum. jeia fit par waak payable ft adranca.) It la tia that tb* faroitaie I ' waa ramoead fmm the houee, (bacuea the houae had to ba , let.) and waa dap??ltad at WrtterTeltV lSSpraca at, aub- 1 1 act 10 'ba order of Mra Mitchell, whertkatlll remain!. and t one hnur't uotiaa .hali be aent any whore Mr.. Mitchell tt fe'*r?o that Mra Ml chell refute* to receive either I | aannay or farniture, ihouah both are at tfmt lady't aarriea, 1 aid tbey have bean repeatedly tendered to bar. And It 1* true ] that a comfortable home haa bean offered to plat lady, at the | Uouta of her daughter Mr?. Bauai.njh, which aha rant tea to aecapt. and no act ofankindneeaha* beau ofbrod to the lady In aay ahapa. It la not nacaaawv farther 10 obtrude theae domoade affaire j upon tba public I baa to aay thu the vary ditireeemf aiiaam- j etincee exiitina in Mr. Mitchell'* family, part or which ia ] the mental hallucination of the lady, and part of which i* the 1 fact of Mr. Miichelra Ufa bein* 111 Ran??r rmr,Amr~A ,1,. arrangement of separate maintenance*abaelutely unaTOida- 1 ble. Yoar*. It.*., I JAME8 McOAY. Solicitor forWM. M1TC li klLL, August 9th, 1M. 20 Chamber atreet, N. x. > PiiiUon'a Magic Hair Djre, a new and Invaluable discovery. warranted ueither to *mat aor waah off, 1 being a Liquid Dye, which instantaneously chugea the color { or the hair to a beautiful brown or black, without injary to thr hair or akin. The freat superiority of tni* Dye consists in 1 the eaay mode of application and i'lsiantaurous effect .all other 1 dyea requiring trom ten to twelre hour* to produce any I change. Its superior excellence will be apparent to every I oae upon a single application. Country gentlemen can bare a bottle forwarded them by express, by aeudiag caah, en cloaad to E. PhjJon. 61 Broadway, Jodsou's Hotel. Price $1 per bottle, with fall directions lor aee. City ceatlemea are uivited to call at the depot and have their whukei* dyed. Jt I Portable Dreedng Caic-ln all that tine | name Import), Compact ana complete?each article eoutaiaed therein b?ingofthe very beat quality, and of ordinary dimetiI'ons, with addition of the Metallic Tablet Raior Strop, aafi- i cieat in itaelf to recomme-?! K Ror sale at . O. bAUNDLRS It SON, 177 Broadway. i < Opposite Howard's Hotel. | Bod(w,i CatleiT-Conilillni of Ptwket aatl I Penknives. Scissor*. Nsil Piles, fc - .or the most beaatlfal finish and unique patterns. e?u be obtsned of _ (i. 8AUnDER8 k SOX. 177 Broadway, A few door* a here Com tlaudt street. j Plumb* National Dagnerrlan Oallerjr, 951 ! Broedwav.?Mr Plumbe* minUtorex bear a vary eleee re. ' embiance >o the fineit xteel engraving!, and have all the ' attractive qualities which we hav* aot aaee la other*. One, { which we coaa drr among the most imj/Ortaat. ie that the picture may be viewed in any light, which difficulty other | import to their work a permanent color, presenting the vsrr original before vou iu its i?hiiii and inoat bwnnini tints. I We would b* diffident thus to sspreaa our opinion, were it not fortified by that of oar first acknowledged artiata. | nOXEY MARKET. Monday, Anf. ltt?6 P. M. There mi a very decided improvement in the stock market to-day. Harlem went up X; Norwich It Wor- ' c ester x; Pennsy Ivania 6's t. Look Ialand fell off Si, an J Reading, and Morris Canal, cloaed at Saturday's prices At the second board, prlcea were sustained, but the j transections were limited. The accounts from the seat 1 of Government, in relation to our affairs with Mexico hare had a very favorable effect upon the stock market, ' and if they are confirmed, we look for an improvement ' in prices beyond any thing we hare recently experteneed in this way . If the President is able to brine war to close as speedily anil as satisfactorily as proposed, every thing connected with the trade and commerce of the country must brighten up and go ahead with a perfect rush. The President has not made such a proposition as that referred to, without being able to sustain it We know not the particulars of the proposi tion, but we are induced to believe that the Executive is acting upon something tangible, something official from the Mexican government. A lew weeks will decide the | question one way or the other; but we think the chances are in favor ql a speedy arrangement of this important matter. By the arrival of the steam ship Oreat Western from * Liverpool, we have six days later intelligence from all pens of Kurope. Politically, the news is of very little interest or importance, and commercially, it is not of a very favorable character. The markets, generally, were much depressed, and there appeared to be no disposition to invest cepitel in commercial transactions. The unsettled state of eeveral important political questions in Oreat i Britain, affected commercial affairs injuriously; and those engaged in commercial pursuits, were mors disposed to aw sit the progress of events, than to commence operations, while there was so much uncertainty in relation to the free trade measures in contemplation. The demand for American securities had slightly im- ' proved, and there had been a little advance in prices.? CunAJence In those securities was returning the amicable settlement of the Oregon question, haviug tended ' very much to quiet the minds of timid holders. The dieposition to purchase these securities, so generally evinced since the ratification of the Oregon treaty, will not only check any further remittances to this country,'but will have tendency to improve prices and the demand on urn n?, anu pernape give an impetuf to remittencee of th*M (tocki for ealo to London. The auger Jutici create a great dtal of intereitin com' tntrcial circUa throughout Oreat Britain, and until they are dupoxJ of, there will b? very little dona in anything a lea in a political way. The following are the dutiee propoeed b> the new Miniatry, from the reapectire day a Mentioned, upon eugar and molaeeee imported Into the United Kingdom. Scaaa Drriae or OattT Britain. Ob auger, the growth and produce of any Britiah poaae.eioo In America, or of any Britiah poeeeaeion within thelimiteof the ?aet India Coapeny'a charter, into which the imuorteuon ef foreign eugar la prohibited, . and imported froee thence, from the 6th day of September. ? e. d. DouMe refined eugar, or engar equal in quality to double reAned, lor every ewt 110 Other re Aued eugar. or auger rendered by any P'ocrea equal in quality thereto, lor every cwt 0 IS 8 I Win e clejed eugar. or eugar rendered by any | i Coceee equal in quality to white clayed, not ung reOard, lor every cwt 0 II 4 Brown eugar, being n^iacovaaio or clayed, ur any etUer euger nut being equal im quality to wnite cUyed, lor every cwt A 14 0 Candy, brown, for every cwt 16 0 do white, lor every cwt 1 IS 0 Molaaaea. lor every cwt 0 6 3 On eugar the growth and produce of any other Britiah poeeeeatvo witnin (he iiuiitaol the teat India Company'a ctinii?r Iron the 6th day of rtept., ISM ? a. d. White clayed eugar, or eugar rendered by any aracoee equal in quality to white clayed, for every cwt 110 Brown eugar, being muac ovado or clayed, or any eugar not being equal In quality to white cla|M, lot avery cwt 0 IS S On eugar, the growth and produce of any foreign I country,end which ehall '? imported Into the United Kingdom either from the country of Ita growth, or from 1 eumo Bnli.b poeeeeaion, ha ring flret been imported Into eucb liritieh poeaeeeion flora the country of ita growth, the d.iiy ehail tie reduce J Irom one to two etulliiiga, ao- | roidmg i > Mlto deecnp'ien, I, , each year, unlJ July Alb. I Ail. * uea the amine dutiee ehall be charged aa are | placed on augsrt the produce of the Britiah coioniee. i The boumiee er drawbecke following be paid anJ aliuwed upun the exportation of certain deecriptione of reAned eugar liom the United Kingdom, (that i? to JJJ ? ^ d. j v 1-uu avuura mum ?? >. or augar aquai ID qoality to doubla rahnad, for ovary owt 10 0' I'pwa otlMr rahnad augar in loaf, complata tod wbola. or lump* duly itAood. baring haan per factiy clailfiol and thoroughly driaii on lb* , aiava and l<aing of an uniform whitanaaa ( throughout, or auchaagar pouiiuad, oruthad, i r biokaa. lor ovary cwt 0 17 . i I'pon l?aum or raAnwd iu|ar, broken in plocaa, ! < oi ban g ground, or powdarad augar |>oun<la<l, or craahrd or trakra, for arary cwt 0 14 0 < Tba naw miniatry Lara baan fort:ad to maka thaaa ra- { ducttona bat wbathar tbay will maat tha ?nw< of Par- ' hamant. or thoaa af tba poopla, U yat a matter of much doubt Had tba naw Miniatry coma into pawar untram ' mallf-d by ibta moaanra.ibara would hara boan no rhangaa ? propaaad , hot It waa baquaathad to tham by tba old ] Miuiatry, and thay <aanat arada tba r?a|<*uibiiity tbay hara aaaumad Tba wbola jraductioa af tba aagar growing rouatnai I af tba world la IM4 ta aat dowa at 77?.ono tor.., of which ' W0.0M ton* wara furntahad by Cuba alana la tha fellow lag ) ear ' uba produced only M.000 tona. but tha la' craaaa from other eearcet waa aa graat that tba total pntail amounte 1 tj ? ? OuO tona, which waa vary little ] hart af that la 1*44 Tba ?aaaumptMB af augar la tha J wbola world 1a eetimeted at M4.000 tona, af which tha I a.tad Kingdom couaumaa about MO,000, tha raal of J Laropa <U Ota. tha I'uM Rutaa af America 1*0.060, > anil anada end tha othar Bnuah ce'oniea l?00? Tha 1 growth af tha t aitad Matai daaa not agcead 10* 000 toaa, ar about twe-thl-laef tha aoneumpOoo. and tha dai- > CWacy ia ai'ppbod by maple a?g?r and laraign impoiUtioa 1 Tua djfaraaca bat waa a tha total production of trapaeaJ , aagar and tha <?nanmpden af tha wbola waild la ehiafly mada op by tha auahctara af angar fraa beat root, which naw aataada aasaaily ta N.Wt tona Tha aarplni toch bald la Earapa at tha and af aach yaar baa haan about IM.0M taaa. and. aatwiUiataading tha aaceaelty af keeping a large aurpiua ia dimiiuahed by tha iacraaaa-1 I 0^,rMy ?? common* ation. it la couriered that a (toch 1 m imimm Mat, wp*a m MmJal cmtrnmptkm Im Bvrapa 1'IM af ?7? OW ion* Iiwl mon this I xxVttl* |.r#V) j Ma llM rtflwintoi which aium4 the grawtk of tk? irtielt Tim amhiiMn la Main* h#? r?r?nUy daetara4 ?TlM Ylfk Maau laeturiaf ' oMprnix mMUMl dtrvtead af taa per r?ut; 1.kmm i Bkldaiar* tkrac par nvl, i W?Mf rowar Utraa |M* OMM Tha awnaaad labia iiklhu tha mn|ti? r*i?a of ! morchandiaa aiported from tkia part fcr tw? a*Mk W July, im. diiiiof ulahwg tha Jmumiim of tha aaparta nJ the ralua of tho ihiimtou to a*eh man |?? Ctiuutci or t at P<iiT or New t?M-Amalhu or k> roar* rut Ji lt it?* _ Vom.tU* fKf*|4 r>rfun T\?c* 7V Mill /ra? 4*lnJu Ttmi Orost Mnialu I,I* Ms ?M U "M 1JT ? Omnia coluule* IN.M J * J 1 Ml I (M Total Oro't Britain. .1.111.70 l.wt fin* turn f UM Sft T? I ?M ? INM Chin* t?.Mt ? m tm -i Baiaium 141 IM t til IM ' imNi Hoilaud ltT.IM H.tU 1711 uit I StMin tud bar ulaudi, CT.M l.?T7 M ill 111.Ml Iranian <,? IM T.iM I ?* Chili M 7M - M *M ft " ?t ui ?.m or u .?< Iwadaa II Ml ?.TM nil 4( <11 Irani M.TM i.m *,m HI* rortafal M.l? l.lil - H ?M mam 3# JO I Mi ? H li) lloilr m.tlt ? ? M.tla rtayti 1WH - l.Ui Dauiah lalandt 11.4*3 M ? II.Ml laatjal Amarica II.'71 ? ? un ?a**t. J.MS ? 1,M4 7.?,7 PanotoaW ?.7?i Mt en Ml Soaa? of Africa VIM II* 4TT 111 Whaling Voyafa.... ?.?M ? ? Mft* rotal norchaudito t,8J?,0ll M.414 ltl.Ml I.M Ml Rricii Kifoiti. Ship Ana Maria,.B >ui?, Rix dollara, 15.MO Bur* Wabalia Malum, fire lru.cs, 4.JOO Ship Wellington..London, Britioh direr, I,MO Brif Republic. ...Malaga, Fire franca, i.JTI Brit Tno. *hip Courier... .Hiode Ja' Bp doabloom, If , in Ship Ora'ton... .Canton. Mm. dollari, In no Ship Tho. Partial, Manilla, " 10 #00 00.401 l,ll?,?5 Only about one half of the agg ragata value of export* tor July 1640, wai ihlpped to Oraat Britain and bar dependencies. Tbia ia a amaller portion than uaual, which saa only ba accounted for by the fact that tbia being tha iloae of tba cotton aaaaon, tho ahipmanta of that atapla tiara baooma vary much diminished. Old ttaeb Biehanca, 1000 Ohio to, IM ft) .ha Harlem RR SO# *000 Pean 5e Mda CT U do 57 lonno do oode 07 lla do at y\ lflOOO do _ 4aaoa IT HI It bSO SO* 100 a** Mnrria Carnal 11 SO Leas Iiland RR 11 15 Ohio Life It Treat ?SH too Nor It Wor RR SO i 40 do 100 do 57J< 100 Reading RR ?TW ino do aw 5?M 00 do M 67it do aw MX ' Second Board, 50 aha Harlem RR STW 30 do bl ?k >50 do , haw 57W 100 Morria Canal bSO 11 50 Nor It Wor 5?? 'aw (took Bifhania. 10 aha Man Fi In., Taa 1 50 *he Lone Ialaad bl5 H 50 Farmara Traat aSO S5W 75 Nor k Wor Taea 5*V 15 do tw 25 do caih 5?V 50 do caih M do tw SOW . 50 do bl 15)2 IS do a 15 STW > 50 Harlem RR b? SO 50 do bl MU SO do caah 57 W 50 Readinc RU blO 67)2 Hanlad. In tha city of Hudaon, on tha 6th Inat., by tha Rer. j Thomas Baiabridge. Mr. JiMii H. Hulit, of thia elty, I toMiaa-BaaaH E. Baoww, of Hudaon. At Monaar, Rockland County, on tha 4th lnat., by tha Rot. Mr. Allan, John A IriKcm, of 8t. Loula. Mo., to Miaa Emma, daughter of Johu Parton, of tha former place. Died. un sanaay, the vtn mat., oi consumption. Johw, aldeat aon oi tha lata John CConnall, in tha 33rd year of hit < M. Hit friend*, and thoea of hla family, are retpectfully invited to pttand hi* funeral, thin (Tuetday) afternoon, at halfpaat four o'clock, from hit lata ratidanca No. M Eldridce atrwat. At hit ratidanca in Naw Windaor, Orange Co., N. Y , on Sunday tha 9th intt.. Mr. Andkbw Jackion Walker, aged 17 yeara and 0 raonthi?deeply mourned and ragret- | tad by a nutnarout circle of friandi and acquaintance*. j On Monday evening, July 13th. of blliout ferar, Ouui ; Porteb. in the 33d year or hi* age. Hi* friend* and acquaintance*, and thoaa of hla brother, . Robert Porter, ore respectfully invited to attend hi* funeral thi* (Tuesday) afternoon, at A o'clock, from hi* reiidence, 638 Pearl (treat, without further invitation. AtltlTIOH WOTIflK. JACOBS PL ATT, Auctioneer. GnNS, MUSKETS, PISTOLS. AND BOWIE KNIVES.?JacohS Piatt will tell, thi* day, at It o'clock, *ever*I cage* fine doable barrel pereniaion Guna, brown and D imaaena barrels, 200 Muik'ta. MO pair Piatola, and an invoice of rich Bowie Knive* Terma, cash. anlI lt*rrc F JACOB S. PLAIT, Auctioneer OURTH TRADE HAHDWARE SALE THIS SEASON.?Jacob 8. 1'latt will aell at hi* regularly established Hardware auction ailea room, corner of Piatt and Qold ara., thia day, at 10 o'clock. 30S caaea. caaka eud lot*, consisting of an eitenaive aasnrtmeut of Htrdwa'e, Cutlery, ' Uerman and French finer and other rood*. Alio, 100 dozen . long ana D handle shovel*. 20 caae* alatea and peucila, leltrr I paper, paatr blacking, lee he. Alao. 100 Iota Sh?ffi~ld tal>le and pocket cutlerv, consisting of pocktt and pen kmvea, and knive* and lurks of every deacriptiou. Alao, 20 lot* edge ; toola, p ane irroe chiaaela. Ike Alao, at II o'clock, 100 pair* pistols, 60 double and single gu> a;200 muskets, and an invoice of Bowie knivea, fer account of whom it mny coucern, for eaah. Alao, during the aale, part of a (tuck of old goodi, from | a hooae declining business. .N B.?Thia aa'e la worthy the attention of couotiy dealer*. I aa well ?a the city trant. aull lt*rc M D^CLUZEAU, neiiuneer SHEFFIELD HARDWARK?CUTLERV, kc?Tnfle and Ducluzeau will aell, Thia Day. at 10 o'clock, without reaerve, at their aalea ro >m, No kg Willitm atreet, 1J0 lota of HheA'ld Hardw rc and Cutlery, comprising a general assortment of Staple ihelf Cwda. Alio, 600 dos large Hunting Knive*. aI*?, *n invoice of finr Razors, in ingle aid doable cue*, uitable for barber* and other*. Alao. >0X0 dot table and dei<ert Knive* and Fork*, Carvera. Butcher a d N'oe Knives, ke. Alao, . caak, 1100 dot Spring Cutlery, naw good*, jait recei-ed per the Oreat Brifin. Alao, 100 pair* Pistols, 100 Oan*. Al.o, Shrffi 14 Ptttera Carda, ennaiatiug of a general assortment of pocket Cutlery, amtable for the Southern and Weatem market*. Al.o, File*, ca npriaing a general aaaortment N. B ? Httlngaee are now ready, aud tha city and country trade will fi id it to their interest to examine the aame, ' a* every lot ?ill be peremptorily *old, without reieive. aull lt?r 1 HOKlll'1 HILL, Auctioneer vtrur v. uv tu ?tiu' un c iiu n i vjuv x ivnL/u oauij. THIS important sale of Book*, Stationery. Stereotype Plates. Bi> der?' materials, Ike. to the trade, will icm- I mence at 9 o'clock, this morning, at the store of Cooley KeesefcHill.ltl Broadwey,and be continued day aud evening, brgiuniug with the Paper, Blank Books, stationery, and Biudera' Leather; after which the catalogue, commencing with he Messrs. Appleton k Co.'a invoice, will be takea up in regular order. The aitrnuou of the trade, and of dealers geaerallv, ie re. I pecifully inritrd lo the large and varied consignments of atatioaery and fancy articles, embracing, ia addition to advertiaement under the auction head, (in tbe " Courier," ! " ktpreaa," " kvcumi Mirror," and " Evening Tost,") 1000 sapeilor line end steel Engravings, 50 dot fioe ghss toliet Jnkstano.; 30 dot hne glass wafer Botes; <0 dot fin- glass letter Mami*; 3000 sh< els fioe French liold Paper; 100b hafT and <4ua ter lb scailet Waters, in botes; 40 dot very superior Qol.i Peus. in cases; 20 dot do without cases; <.00 pieces paper Hangings, a-sorted; 500 lbs linen 1 wiue assorted; loofl lbs flue hiudrre* Thread, aasoited;40 reams Sand Paper;SoO m.u.ii Id letter writers, assorted: 5000 Koliinson's rine coloitd Lithographs; 60 dot fine goat Morocco; 50 dot No. 1 fine Bark Maivuis; It 000 embossed visiting Cards; 40 reams Due French medium colored Paper; 3000 fine French colored Prints ke. he. aull It" r FIFTEEN DOLLARS KfciWARD. CTOLEN from the aubscriber, on Sunday last, s Silver double bottom Lever Welch, enameled dial, with day of the month hand, Hobert Roskell, iviaker, Liverpool. No. . K,4IJ. Whoever will returu said Watch, and give snch information as will lead to the detrctioa of the. thief, ahall re ceive the above leward, or $10 for the recovery of the Wetch only. ELliHIA JONEs, an 11 3>e rrc III Ureene at., New York. WA.XTC.U immediately, at the Lel'ayette Baxaar, 149 and 151 Broadway, ayouog Man, who understands perrectly well the polishing ol Daguerreotype Plates. Good wages given aull 3tsrrc auctioneer a*d salesman. 1 Arespecuble and Practical man io the above business, is desirous of emploj meut iu a respe-table house. Reference given. Address Auctioneer, Herald office. euil It* rrc AUCTIONEER ic~SALESMAN WANTED, j A N etperieuced Man, of good addicts, who can influence ' ?t s let of real estate, faruiture and merchandiie in geneal, will receive a handsome salary in a business already esablished To save trouble, none but persons of the highest especubtlity, and who can give satisfactory testimonials of ' ibinties, will be treated witTi. Address ' Salesman," at this > ee. *"' 1 w? mc 4 UENTLfcMAN it desirous of obtaining a saite ol Kur im. nisbed Apartments in a house desirably situaten in the i ipper part of the city, not far from Broadway ; preferring to <e with a qoiet private family, and to have nia breakfast j h*re, il desired. Address box IS5, I'ost Office. auT :w*rre I NEW TA K IFF?PRICE 87J CENTS. ! T*HE U. 8. TARIFF of Duties on Imports, according to A the Act oM.onereae, paated July 30, !!??; alphabetically rianged by LDWI in WILLIAMS. compiler of the New Vork Annual Kegiater : with the new Warehouse ' w, patted July II, 1846. Great earn haa bean t>k*n in the preparation of thii ediion of the Tariff, to hare it correct in every particular. The alphabetical Tariff, heretofore arrangei by Mr. Wil- . ia?ia. and pabtiahed by nt.hive been generally approved for heir accuracy, fonnirntii and cheapneaa fubliahed by VAN .NORDE& k KINO, 4J Wall atreer, anil Jt it#rre. (Phenii Bank Building.) MAPS AND Tib IDE BOOKS FOR ! TRAVELLERS. DOCKET Travelling Mapa, of every State and Territory I m the World, recently impreved, and at a considerable ' edacuM in price. Kor tale at the Map Store, No. IV u"d?M, te Park place. I, S Tanner bat juat iatnrd new editiona of hia Hand loo*, ror the North aud < antdtt: alto the American Traeller, or Guide through the Uni'td Ktatet, with Mapa, nowm* the n uiea, dl.taucea, deacupiion of th- coautr), ic . I >r t.le aa above anlllt*r NOTICETO IWALIM. " ,J VRSAPAKKUNK) ^ RS AP A KYL I. A, \ $,M? CHALLCNOC Ike mhera ?F Iha Philadelphia College of Medicine, efer isvalidt.a d the public generally, to tneir advertl**aaii in the " 1 me !tua," nnder ihe above head W V Dll KlNHON, Agent. anil It'pt QftfanftKa IVIIata, 91 Natatn at . N. York. fclTCHfcN KAftlibS. ?? HOLME*' TWO OVEN KITCHEN RANGES. TH *. Pmprietora are now prepared to furniah Holmca' range* to the trade, or aet them ap for private familiea or Mmrdina houaet. havtni parr hated the right from the patentee n uuwatarture and tell them Our eiperience in manufnetnr *U'aaa Mitiai Kiicncn nangee, in utia cut, lor ui? past i? rears. turuu assertion that Holanea' Hamk* cannot ba rarpuMd for rrouoiay. wimttiimrf, and durability. They u> ?yi><to perform the purposes lor which they are parihseed, and ifnotihav will be removed (rM of any eipensr to :lt? rarrluMf Nar?er??? rr ferencee rati be giean tOMnou wisiitaf lu parehaaa The priees rarae from il to ?J dolars The proprietors are coaetaiitlr manuTar orina aad air well , applied ?nb parlor, oflle*, and M-rwai URATKft, al the 1 'TMVUare.w, Sh4^u and ja.-*ned Thar ha?? "?' ? all time# ready w (at Ranges, |n.t?w, and boilrrailea, an. ,?ejr ehiataayi cind i u? care, at, pay ... . A. OILHUOlY fc tON, ??? >? ? n Nw??.nmi ? ?? nmT<. I PAN* THIi * i K> TVa trnHU ara raa?*a?if?llr lulorm- i I ad dkM S?? TW?'f will ka ta-upaaad Iwr Um muuu on J . ,m. . . ?<?J ar ihia aatabllatimaat. 1 ara mimi it i <J - ?V?w??T '.a TI<Bi>day uait, tlia Itlb i? ? a. - n~~ ...? > i B ~ . .. . J. ** l' ua .m ..... f.,i <ha ftith lima n aoy MAna, th? Ha <ifi of HOlnkt>-liu r-amaat, an raelaitaa.Mr. Wal? (j La?- a u?rat. Vaaha: rxti L?nm. a Llaai la tka Amiwu atmy. NaaAa, Harry Laanoa. fata i kiiclur J lanili ?[? ' I'a'i ilk t'a ia? (t?J Drama of tha BLIND 1 JV "? '* & ?? "t Ca??l? Kaap?Hawi? da , .l'a? Mi BloacWii D <? uf n>a < aula. Hactor k Brniu. a?a? at ' ? ?l c? canaiu will naa ai bait paat ? ? I ' Dra? l tr*la Itaaata l|-v<r 8cmu, Htaiiil lltlli- . rr, '?H * ?* 1 rj**.?.> WllH 1 lltAl Ut- Cvrmr Varick and Chart- I " -T??'l?] 2 >nu.| Aa??>( II ?MTill h# parfor?a* tha ?aw . tat*"aal Drama of (ha Da- * ?*< ** Pog-Tka Ka paror Napolaua, Mr Fraar; Ik .?fT. T^*k THKr.fc M|L?? ON THV' II ARL AEM HOAl>-< h raclrra ky Van H Lh<i mm. Vaunt, ke. _To ?? clada wl' n tka k itily |*n?.U' Malo Drun* ofthr fL Am IH \XD HIS DOO or tna "*lara'? Havanir? V, Vfa.,4 ( Wuitkr, Phillip*. Kmilv, Mtaa Kan-ady; Brain, D<* Ncrfaua j oiaa ttraata; fu, lite eaau Dmira opau at 7?parformauca t tommaiicr at t>*f I o clock p ABTtr <I AK Di". N, with (' aitruaiaa lViy?i(l?i i> /?ani*f*, Aa?"*t I Hi* Jtih. ih- aatartan maul* will larlnd* a (ood *#l?rMnn of Muaif Irmu Rn*- t iui, Sir****, Hot?r . J, L?b>[ikv. ?*d Donnam. which Will ha performed br ttia OrchaaUa, aadar the dirac- 1 lin of Mr I' W Mavrar J F- lntari*i.**i.u> of half aa hoar f-r itf'nhmrnu. , Co *iaw ilw rni'ifai rwri of ( OlMOKAMAd, aalrnding uaa*d lh? whula of th* VUplaaadr. whtcb will ha brilliantly illnminaird with *** thn* f i*in? via iter* an aip? Ileal otnxirtaniry ??i a**mm# th?a? hoanfiral VMWI. Admiaaina dunat tha d*? u<l arauint U*< raaia. TiTtT MAiilC PILL* TRIUMPHANT. UABRIKL R ? VKLTHE WHOLK R A V R L FAMILY.: M'l.LK RLANOY. NIBLO'S <HRDFS-T?.iiav taaaM Aa??*t1l-Tha ratrmiamaala will ?' > a pnpal r Oaartara. T" Ha f 'l'owf.l h? >># fatif B-ll?t Pantom ma in on* act. r.l'.dt VKNOKAVi * Or DI*NA-Diwia M'na Laou Jarrllo; Caliilo, MT'a Blanfy, fe.ndynloa. Mooa Haari. Hall mi hoar'a iat<*rmiaaiu? lot >na naaaru A-l?ir 'He Raf'Mlima"' a*'iv*? To eoacluda with THE COM rUKOWS OTFT. or TWK MAOPJ H' L'?Colorao. Oahria' H??al; Do* Futiiio.Ja roma Raral, CWlna, M'ma Ltoa JitelU lloon ii|<rn c T n?n?k ; aamunaanta Im(|> *1 ln''la?k Tifka'a V r?>ti A I'l-AM n iiAHUf.N IH M'* N "ilH VHIC 'KtlON -WwanS'irifiai Rand will par form aaarr Turaday and Ifrtday ayaoiam, rom-mrim? Jaat lad. ? > o'clock. Admittaar* t*aa myt lr>?rr WILLIAV *w.prla?or MIWO INSTRUCTION rir.n on iha Haao at Two Oollara par Month. Wy a parvin aim nndaratand* the profaaaioii toornnjhly Y"SP| ladiaa wiahin? to take la?aon? will plaaaa addraaa anola to " Mane," at tha Herald Office. ail IwiaOrrg CENTURY PLANT ADMISSION to Tiew till* ciant ?f ita triba. will ha todacad to IIW rant*, oa Monday. I#th inataat. Opan from 7 A. M.. to 10 l? M anl l w rrt DUN LAP k. THOMSON. OS Broadway. ; CRICKET CHALLENGES THK Mpmhara o( tha Brooklyn R*ar Crick*' Clak. ara daairoa* to play tha fistic men Cnrketcre of Syraenaa, t noma tun nom# mitci rne n"' game to come on oa in* ground of the Syracuse Cricket Clno, between the 10th ud 1 13th of September nest. . ( The members ol the ahove Club era also read* end willing f to play he members of the New York Cricket Club iho?? 1 and home match. at such tine as may be tri?tti?l1r agreed ! ? upon. By order. J AS. .WILDE, President. | Buoocltw, Aug } IM."rr> 10M lt^rre _ | THE ALHAMKA. ' ! ICE CREAM SALOON, No. Mft Broadiray, betwten Spring and rrmrt. TO STRANGERS?Strangers Tiiiiin the city will find a new attraction in the Saloon of the Alhamra. whirh, aaide from the delicious Ices and Confectionery to he found there, ia fitted up in a atyle of Kas'ern splendor and magnificence never before attempted in th:a rsiuntrv. The beautiful : fonn aiu in the teaselated court, which displays a varietr of carious and ingeaiou- Je'< not only keeps theair delightfnl- 1 > It cool and pleasant, but excites an amusing fnteraat and a I thousand conjectures: while the tpecioui promenade jround the balconv affords a view. ev?ry ptesunt evening. of more beauty and fashion than can be fonnd congregated in any other place of public resort in the city. Indeed no where can an hour be passed mure rationally or agreeably. IT^ Admittance IVee. anil lwia#rre STEAM BOAT BNFALLO. j Orr Sawdt Hooi, Anrnu . 1M6. . AT a meeting of paisenrers. held nn board said bn*t< 1 JiMrs liwma was calle1 to the Chair, and JoM!? W. | Dunn, appointed Secretary. Tbe following resolutions wera unanimously ?4opted Resolved. That the thanks of this meeting he tendered te Capt'in J W Hancoi, his nffirera and crew, forthei' gentlemanly and olligtng conduct, evinced toward us on thia i excursion. r Resolved That we the unde's-ened, havi"g bean fra- ' que> tl v to the Wishing Ranks, at differ-nt times, do ant he- C urate to sav that we>have fonnd the Buffa'o the most arree- 1 able b <at of the season, and d> cheerfnll - recomme* <] her as being well adapted for the Hnsineas, having, together with MO passengers, caught 3000 fi>h. JAMES LAWSON, Chairman. JoH* W. Dnaa. BecV J hn W Smi h, f D Birds >11. Theo. Rieher, Thos BunsbaU, ( D Wanmaker, Joseph Campbell, Solomon Russell, ? AH. Wagouer. Hall lt?r*? GKOROfc BROWN will be happv to see his old f i-nds and the pebl>*. at the openirg ul his new establi?hm*rl -BKOWN'i COFFEE HOUSE AND DINING 8Al.'?Ov, No. 71 Pea I strart. (facing Coenties slip,) on Wedneday. Angii^r It ?u I 2t*rrn 1 A WNINQ POSTS!- For sale, a number of second hand X*. Awning Post*, in excellent order. Enquire ol B CARMAN, at 84 Broad street. au84t*r HAVAN \ TOBACCO Lt AF.?10 *aT? Habana Tobscco Leaf, Imost Wrapper, and suitable for the c ty trade Man"f<cturers are requested to examine the above Tob.>ceo, before they purchase elsewhere. For sale, In lota to auit purchasers, by J. A LEDON, No. IM Naasan at. I I Aleo, JO.000 imported Havana Segara, for st'e aa above. , , aol# Jt*rrc tAMiLlKa UuhW 1U AND AK-lUVliNU FROM THE COUNTRY. T ADipH OR OENILC.MEN having supe-flaoua effects M-J to dispoae >>f, such aa Wearing Apparel, Furniture, fcc., can obuiu a fair caah prKe I'or the same, by sending for the aabscriber, through the Post Office, or o'herwise, who will i < attend at theii residences. J. LEV>.N?>TYN, . 446 Broadway, up s airs. Lad lea can ba attended to by Mrs. J LEVEN8TYN. au8 Im'rrc F. KORTUM, IMroBTK* Or IMITATION PRECI' >US STONES, VENETIW AND BOHEMIAN BKAD9, TUHQUOISES, OaRNETS, OLAsS UKOPS. he. fcc. ' an8 lm?rrc No i l)tv sTaritT, Nrw Yoa? ' .HKA1' HAVANA SLiUAK. 1 JUST RECEIVED, s larjif lot of superior Havana Sugar, which is offered et unusually .low prices. Ooodbiown Havana a 4s, yellow do 4s fid. and W'.ite do Je ; 7 lbs good crashed Saga- 6?, powdered do Ss Id, best crushed 6a td, hro.u sugar la and 3a Sd rer 7 lbs. Also fine Oreen and Black Teaa at 4a; beat Jara Coffee la For sale at wholesale and retail, by J. O FOWLER, an7 lw?r 8i0 and 4it (Jreenwieh and 7g Vesey sta. ' THE PILES. A CURE FOR LIFE SKCURED. DR. UPHAM'S INTERNAL REMEDY, for the cure of P.les, lullamm^tion of the l iver and Spleen, Inflamnu tiun, Sorenrss. and Ulceration < f the Htumacb, Bowels, Kidneys and Bladder. Weakness and Inflammation of the Syine. Tnfc VEGETABLE P1L*. ELECTUARY u the only succesilul remciy for that dangerou* and diaireaaing complaint, the Pilrs, ever offered to the public >4?ik this, it is an internal remedy, not an external application, and will cure any case of riles, either Bleeding or Blind, in'ernal or external; and probably the ouly chi g that will. There ia no mittake about it. It is a positive cure? i speedy and permanent. It ia also a convenient medicine to take, and improves 'he general health in a remarkable manner. It ia very mild in ita op? ration, i-nd may be taken in cases of the aaost scute inllammition, without danger. All external applications are in tlie highest degree disagreeable, inconvenient and offeusive ; ana from the very natareuf tlitf ' disease, temporary in their effects. This medicine attacka the disease at ita aeurce, and removing the cauae, renders < the cure certain and permanent. Tlie Electuary contains no miueral medicine, no aloes, colocynth, gamboge, or other powerful and irritating purgative. No le-u of taking cold while under Its influence. No ' cImiikc in diet necessary. If taken according to directions, ] acure for life is guaranteed. Proprietor's office, t9C Bowery. Sold wholesale and retail by Wyatt It Ketchain, III Fulton street, N. Y. Pnce tl. au8 lin*r Lt.W- M! -.?? LKKCHk.8.? Dtpot ol Leeches, 14U .Nassau street, is REMOVED to III WJULIaM Htieet, New York, and offer for sale a fresh supply of Leeches, just received by J. FERDINAND. Sep' au6 Im't TO SOUTHERN DRUC<?IfeTS. WANTED, by a >uung Min, au excellent Druggist, a situation to go Snath. Be?t of references given. A note addressed to J. A. at thr Herald Office, N. V., wW be attended to. a aim MK3. KOEYHKN", 1*8 Hpring street, retnrna her thanks to the Ladies, for ttie patronage she has received since ttie introduction of the ClKCULAK SKIRT. 8ha begs i leare to call the attention of those who have not yat tried them. The qualitiea of tbia Skirt hare been ao well teaiad by their being constantly in demand, and are still acknowledged to aarpass any other article ol the kind, thongh otheia ailveriise to have made a recent invention, the only one successful ! (?) The Circtlar Nkirt possesses all the properties necessary for eomlort, and girea a gracefaJness to the Agvra. In consequence of the increasing demand lor these Mkirta, they are now kept constantly on hand, and mad* to order with despatch. Ureases, fee. nude ill the neitcat manner. aa9 lw*m Families <t(Tino""TcPXmE akkiviNG I ' FROM EUROPE. OR ELSEWHERE, HAVINO superfluous effect*, such aa Wearing Apparel, I Fire Arms, Jewelry, lie., which they woald convert , into raiH, will obuin a liberal price for the same, by send ing for the aubacriber, who will attend at their residence by . appointment. H. LfcVETT, No. 1 Wall street. !*. V. ? A line through the Post Ofllca or otherwise, will receive prompt attention. aui It eod?rrc DKSIllABLK KAHM FOR SALE, contannnv K> acres, with good dwelling, All-d in with brick, bam, roach, cow. and siinke honses, all in complete order, aimaiedoa ? r* route, IH miles from 1 oft'a Lan ling, towards VVnodbridge. N. I. Price I) H. ? 219 rearl treet aull e >J'W- mc y UULUAKti KfcWAltU tl M STRAYED away f om the snbaeriber on the tVh July last, a Wlute Pou ter Slut, yellow sp"ts on the U hodr, yeliow ears, white attaak tunning dow i the rig ite*r. fhe was with pop when missing; supposed now ^ to luve tup*. VV-h< e?er will teturu har, at the cornei ol . ii.l ....i m.i, ....... .k,n ,u. -w? ..-. 4 lull 2t*rrr. ' HtNKV OonNK.LL * KI>m CHAhLKs M'ANIKLS-Hi?, B'ich ?nd r Tanned, Ttry fiat, jmt imported per ?hip St Jamei, from London. , Ai.o, Three Shetland Poniea, initnble lor (Mtliinn'i ' dm?T?ry docile, and perfectly manageable. Tor Bala by A. OHIKVE, No. J John street, Importer and dealer ta Bird*, C?iai,*e. anl lm?rr<_._____ i, Ttro riNK KJIIWl.K HOHHKX <1 WILL dn*e alio in * c*rri?*e. Thar ?p iMTiira jn?t the nvht iiir (or riding on jUiaT"1 tl Y ? ?? hnr.?hAfl? and haye been tunc need <-? * f n tha aaddle. Apply U the de?k of the Herald Office, for |ilf>>i? mrtimlan |#ia?f?i?l> ^ l-AKK K h I llji ,bU j< >mvi KOH NK.W HAVKN ?Paaeeee reriaced Ntv Hi?n to $>i to Hartford. It 'to !K_I3WBE-?i>ri''. held. If 75 The splendid ana f*at . ttieamhoat TllA VCLLLH, ' -apt. J Hrone will laare reck flip, K R., erery momma, (*a 'dav? eicepted,) at (n'eWk. ami tha Steamboat IILKO, " Path, ereiy Tueedny, and Tharada^ftarnoon, at 4 oaloafc. and lantrAay ?^ar- J ?... ?i .5WWIW lifflsf INTHIiLIGBKCB. THE TELEGRAPH. The wire* of the migau telegraph wtl* out E>f ord?r again last nigbt. Tbii it exceedingly r?xauou* at the present juncture, when all minda ire anxiously awaiting information of tha uaneicuou* of Coogreseou tbe last day of the session. We will endeavor to give our reader* the ooneludng prooeediug* at at early an hour, .to-day, ae poseiblo?either in our evening edition or aa Extra Hmxtfd. BY THE MAILS. Washinoton, Aug. 9, IMS. rht Two Million* Appropriation BiU?Abo/it itm. um?Confirmations?A'ngliik Mediation in our Mexican Affair*?Fait Rumor I. The bill appropriating 'wo million* for the purpose of carrying out the President's views for adn sting our difficulties with Mexico, passed the if.use last night by a vote of 87 to 04- There vas an amendment conditioning against the exstance of slavery in any territory acquired by the Jnited States in settlement of our claims agninst Mexico?a clause which is precisely rox et prtttrta uhit?abolition " sound and fury signifying nohing," and which will prove totally inoperative "or any good or evil purpose It was, besides, u>ally out of place. When a bill is introduced by he chairman of the committee on territories, for he purpo?e of establishing a territorial jurird olon over California, it will be time enough to in:orporate a clause prohibitiug slavery. It was he merest absurdity to enoumber the appropriaion with such a clause. Both houses adjourned earlier than any one ixpected. The House adjourned about half-past en, and the Senate, about an hour later. The atrer branoh of Congress spent a portion of the tvening in Executive session. They made saveal confirmations, among wliieh were those of llr. B iuck and Mr. Gillett. The latwr was conIrmed by a majority of three. The House will. tonvene to-morrow morning at 8 o'clock. So oppressive a day and night as yesterday and ast night I have not felt this summer. To-d if is ittle better. 1 see mention made in several of the papers ol English mediation in the matter of the Mr xicxn var. England has not offered mediation to our jovernment, nor is she likely to do * . At?ll ivonts, there is a predetermination on the part <>r >ur government, to preremptonly r?'jeet a-iy ?u 1 jroffered mediation coining from England or a< )ther European power. There is another rumor going ?he rounds of o iewspapers to the effect, that Me* cu ha* ir<>- ? ivertures of peace. There is not 1 ? t 'oundation lor" thu report. I wrote to y :> to t: 11 > fleet, within the hour that the r<-ro i ? '!' ? propagated in this <-itv Oalv e'ei* W'*3i:i ,ar Aug. 8, iS4u Short Common*. 11% Saturday night in Coagieat halls, And sich Knottier sight Conies only with the i-l??ing scene, And oti the cloiiug night. Report in from the Senate that ih-< Preeidenr hat retoed the French Spoliation bill of 95,000,000.? Jnoonstitutional to pay deb s in public lands. Tha eandlat and tha lamp* ere lit, All throu(h and round tha hall, And Alabama Chapman apeak* As loud at ha can bawL Report In from the Senate that the President ia n the Vice President's room, siguirg bills and veoes. Signed the Fox and Wisconsin bill. Tha members they are walking round. Or standing In tha aiaJes, And .ittia Douglass looks aloft Te catch the ladiea' tmilat. Report in from tiif Senate that the Cherokee Treaty, requiring two pr three milliona, is laid >ver to next session. Care Johnson's here, and Bancroft too, And alto Oeneral Scott, There must be somethiag la the wind, That they are on tha spot. Report in from the Senate that Gillet itconfirmsd, and that the Old White Horse is in danger. A member pairing by, aaya be, Thia la. by Jove, a high bomb, He'a tired of coaxing them to fight, And to he't going to bribe 'em. Report in from the Senate that the President s miking of nominating Hon. D. S. Dickinson to England as the successor tfl McLane. All round outside the cepffsl The ladies they are wnlkiug, While ioiide you cant Lear a thing There's iucu a general talking. Report in the Senate that Hon. Dixon H. Lewis lad tainted from excessive heat. All rigbt by an ipplication of ice water. Ten minutes is the time allowed, For every tpnker't sharin'? The hammer fells, the time it up, Who gets ft) R. D. Owen. Report in from the Senate, that they are dia:uaaing the case of Hannegnn vs. Benton, be;ween whom some sharp wordspassed yesterday. A crowd of member! hang around The table in the pettage. While tome are eating cakee and piee, And tome are eating tataege. Report in from the Senntc, that they are dia ussing the protocol of a m-aty with Mexico. Mr. Walker locked up with the President?wine sent or and celd chicken. The bill for the two millions catb Hat petted through all its stages. And Vrinekerhoff laughs in his sleeve. And Uromgoole fairly rages Past 11, House adjourned. Senate open their loort and adjourn. Hotisa meets at eight on Monday morning. Cheerily, Tag Doctoe TWBNTV-HMTH CONOKSIS. CONTINUATION OF SATCRDAT'S nOOmSIM In Vtnats. waihiroto*. xn|. n, iwi hix o'clock P M. After a raciu of en hoar. the Sonata *u again r ailed to order. Preient. five Senator*, to wit: Mourn Dlckinton. Lawii, Alien, Fairfield, Davi*?coon after, Meaare Sleight, Atherton. A*Ulev , Evan*, Morehead, Jobnaon of La , Hou?ton, Breete, DU, Bagby, ami olio or two othara appeared. Mr. ArcMtaon, Preai<lei>t ffagr*. in tha chair. Secretary reading over a lot of biile^Jl cut and dried. Vary Tew ipactatori .in tha galieriea. Thermometer at VO. tepy'i ventilator itoppe* ; pro red to be moit efficient in cool weather ?w lit At BILL. Mr Lewi*, from tha Finance Committaa on leave, reported a bill relating to oar affaire with Mexico, appropriating $30,000 to the uio oi the Preeident in reoi>--uing negotiationa with Mexico, and . milliona for Hie letllement of the boundariea of the aia<er republic) In the event of a treaty of peace. Mr. HunTiNOTO*. How much lathe Ant aumf He vera] voice*. U .000, iM.000. Mr. Huktinotok. ia it (JO.OOOI Yea. air. *0,000 Mr Etar* aake-1 if the bill were reported by order of the Finance coma ittee Mr Lxwi*.?Certainly it wee, air Mr. Evan*.?Wall, aa one of the committe, I w*? r?>t aware of it Mr. Lewie aaked a eecond reading of tha bill now Mr. E??i?? otncctad. and a>ked tuat ihe Hen <ta t?k- up certain bill) returned (rum ttaa llou.- *iiitt<vu < > agreement to ceriaiu atnenditieuu o. lie i?eo.i * A committee of conference w?a appointed U|?vii one ewe. And on motion of Mr. Eva**, the Heiu'e recede' froa it a. amandmenta. the applanation* to the Weit I'oint Academy. DilTBIBUTlOO ?r THI liWI. On the motion of .Mr Beaaiit*, the ten ate took up the Houdo bill to provide for the diitriNution of the law* ind treatiea of the United State*, publithed by Little k Brjwn, he. The queation waa upon ita paeaage Mr. 1jicxin*on aaid the Senetor from Mieeoun i Mr Denton) had a great regard for the bill, and waa not here low. The hill we* paeaed It provide* that the law* ahall >? distributed to all the Btatea of the Union, and to ell he nation* of Europe a copy, lie. aoartricaTion* Mr. On moved that the Senate take up a bill far rerun defenaive worka Mr. Liwu-Wkil bill i? that I Mr. Dicamaon?Kortiflce'ion hill. Mr. Liwii?I object to that bill, air, 11 b?floa m *mrely new ijriUm of fortiflra'iuna, and at litre wkaa are ia a pruapect of a epeedy peace with ail the world Mr Jotinton? Oh, it will take only a moment (l.eogh ?r ) Mr. Lrwia?Yea,?ir, it will taka only a moment; hut will take * va?t amount ol money out ol tba treaaury la objected to taking up tba hill, an I called for the ayee nd noe?; but waa overruled, ami .be hill i&keu iipiail tad the Arat and aecooil tima It approprlataa to dafensie* worka, In York Htaia JOO.WO To Maryland MOW To Georgia -and ao forth. Mr. WaerootT moved $110,000 for Floiida. and ?p??he s faror of the amendment Mr. Dn objected, and the item waa m,ed oat Tba bill waa paaaad Tba appropriation! made are for ia commencainent of new worka, the nluaate roat of rhich baa yet to be aaceriaJoe<! Tna sauata, at halfpaat want into aaacntlr* uitaaaa, and continued at it tiii aU?an, when thay art luroad. Houaa of IUpr?HatallT??. 4rrl?m?" * "> "iiHT totatt. W..HI1OI01, Atttfnit 9, 1*44 TUa Cominittaa, ? "va o'clock, re?mnai lt? ehara it aio??. tiiat miiuir t?uU uu tu? Ubia iiaa tfca kaaala might ba dtepoaad ot Aaxim 'hoaa raf ryad?

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