Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 16, 1846, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 16, 1846 Page 3
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m Hoboktn." Morning AVict. mighty AWi, la it valiant. ia it kind, sti'l to harp and to carp. And iurh dreadful fault to And I If a crow doeint know Pitchy black from snowy white. I am not inch a sot A* to think that I can wtita. Tho?? who make (query, take I) A profession of the pen. Should, M you doubtless do. Stand esteemed moit learned men. But if an " ai< " bv hit '," Can make sev'raf hundred dollara, I believe in hit sleeve. He can laugh at jobless " scholars Bat that'* the way ; one man may Steal a horse, the while anoiher Mustu't look in a brook (O'ar a hedge, I mean) A mother I* not allowed to be proud Of her offspring- He'i no prophet In hi* own little town, (.Query. tho\ where there i* profit.) Wouldn't you like to " do" 8urh a job a* poor " Hoboken V Candour now ! no matter how On the wheel by critic* broken. Dont you think you conld wink At the pain, and icarce regret it ? hundred dollar* ! 1 say " acholart Don't you with that you may get it! By the by?you deny William Shakspere I resemble. Damn it Stun if you chooie, Vou may ?ay I am notCharlas Kemble But, good God ! aint it odd Vou cant sta how like my face ia 1 Then again- all round the brain , Not to mention my mustache*. I foresee by the Mercury, It's odds too, 1 get polished ; Ten to one?so I've done, Before I'm quite demolished. Oio it genta?let events Of your wisdom prove the taken. 'J he wont l wish, u such dish For your spoons as " Hoboken." State Constitutional Convention, Friday, Aug. 14?The following communication was received from the Chancellor, in answer to the resolution adopted by the Convention relative to tho state of the suitors' fund, the items of said lund. tec.:? Saratoga Strings, August 19, 1946. Dear Sir?I see by the debates in the Convention, of Monday and Tuesday, that a resolution is under discussion in relation to calling upon the Registers and Clerks in Chancery, for a statement of the items composing the fund under the control of the Court of Chancerv, as con tained in my statement of July last. It would require many months' labor, and the examination of the proceedings of the Court for many years back, to get a much more perfect statement of the nature of the funds, and the owners and claimants thereof, than is contained in the annual statements which the Registers are required to fu.mish to the Chancellor, and the Clerks to tho Vice Chancellor*, under the l?7tlvrule of the court. I have frocured most of those annual statements, and herewith ansmit them to you for the use of tho Convention. I also send vou a statement of about half a million, which is deposited in the Trust Company by Receivers and others, unde>* the order of the court, upon trust, to accumulate for the benefit of the creditors of broken banks or others, who may eventually be found entitled to the samo. but which does not stand in the names of the ReSisters or Clerks, and will not therefore be found in tese accounts. These accounts will, I think, be found sufficient to furnish the convention with the information desired, so far as it could be obtained from the records of the court. In time to be of any use in the deliberations. Most of the funds, except in suits which are yet pending and undetermined, is vested upon trust, to pay annual au lowanres out of the income, and to pay over the principal after the tevmination of particular estates thereon, or to accumulate for the benefit ?f infants until th?y become of age, or for unknown owners in particular sulta, or for eredi'ors who are entitled to come in and establish their claims, be. It will also be seen by the accounts of the Assistant Register and Cleik of the first circuit, that there is about twelve thousand dollars, which he denominates the dead fund, belonging probably to various individuals and suitors, who are unknown to him, and for which no claims have been made for the last six years. The management of the suitors' fund; which must always be large in this State, and particularly in New York, requires great care to preserve it from loss. But I believe no losses of any amount have been sustained in the Court of Chancery, though many millions have, from time to time, passed through th<> hands of the Registers and Clerks. It may, however, be a proper subject for the consideration of the Convention, whether it may not be expedient, considering the importance of the subject to have an officer somewhat analagous to the Accountant General in England, to take charge of all the funds brought into the court and required to be invested for the benefit of *uitors in all of thi courts of the State. Many persons who would make very competent registers aBd civms ui coun, wuuu nut uavo toe unauciai laieni anil the requisite responsibility to manage these large fund*, and to keep them properly invested lor the benefit of (tutor* and the unprotected classes to whom a great portion of such fund* generally belong. And it ii impossible for the courts themselves to watch over and superintend such investments. I am with respect, yonrs, fcc. R. Hvr>i: Walworth, Chancellor. Hon. Joh!* Tracy, President of the Constitutional Convention. The Chancellor whs discharged trom any further aniwer to the resolution, and it was referred to a select committee consisting of Messrs Mann, Taggart and Chatfield; and on motion of Mr. Worden, was instructed to report in relation to the creation of an officer to take charge of all funds under the control of the court of chancery. Remonstrances from Kulton county Academy nd Manlius Academy. against any diversion of the income of the literatuie fund. Referred. Debate was reaumed in committee of the whole on the judiciary reports by Messrs. Mow, Perkins, Stephens, Loom is and Vlarvia ?when Mr. Harris obtained the floor, and moved that the committee rise?which was done. Mr Perkins moved the printing ol a substitute suggested by him for the 3d section. Agreed to Recess.? Albany Argvi. L??llfs will In- ffluri to learn that the pr^uch l.unitr Pills call be had at 112 Cherry street. ts5 k'?(iguivu ? I Uln Uluu tUvoi. 1*1 aces. Stale of Ri?Cincinnati. July ^ deep water?falling. Wheeling, July 30. . ft. H metis. PitUburg, July 27 feet, full. Louisville. July 18. . 1" 7 inches. "money market. Saturday, Aug. 15?O P. M. The stock market remains without any material alteration. Harlem fell oft' \ ; Morris Canal, ; Norwich and Worcester went ud The sales were to a vetv limited extent We mines tho current quotation* in this market for foreign and domestic exchanges, for uncurrent money, and for tpecio. foreio* exchanges London 107j?nl08 Hamburgh 3|J^?3|W Pari* 5 10*5 37 S Bremen 76Sa7cjt Amsterdam 38H aMjJ Domestic cichii?otl. Boston... ... S * X dis. Mobile par. a V dii. Philadelphia.. X a \ do New Orleans.. Sa X prem B Itimorr.... >4 a \ do Nashville 2?Ja 3 dis. Richmond. . .. 1 a IS do 8t. Louis lka t do Wilm't. n, NC.2 a 2X do Louisville.... 11?a 2 do Charlt-ston ...1 a IS do Ciocinnatti 2Xa 3 do 8avauuali t a 1 S do Pittsburg Ilia I S do Augusta 1 a IS do Detroit 3 do Columbus.... I a 1 X do Buffalo 1 a do Apalachicola.. IV* * do Albany X*? UrtceaaEirr Mowet. _ Bovrhl at Sold at. Bought at. Sold at. New England X dia. X dia Mobile, ap i>g IS, dis. X do Alb.,, X do X do New Orleans.I,*4 do X do N V. country. j? do X do Ohio 3 do 2X do 4>ew Jersey.. \ do X do Indiana 3 do 2X do p),,< adrlpkia.. J4 do p?r. Kentucky ... 2X do IS do B,lt, ??'? ... H do X du. Tennessee.. .3X do 2S do Virnn''*j- -'X l'? 1 Missouri 3 do -2,S do N. Caro Una.. 2>? do IX do Michigan. ... 4 do 3 do 8 (_'ar..Iii/*- '>? "Jo IX do Canada 3X do 2*i do ' Georgia.. . . ' do IX do Qt'otatio*! for SrEt'lK. Per cent. Value. Amer. gold, old.-.I0* a II6X Carol us dollara. .104 a 105 d.i ilo new..# 100 a 100V, Fivrfnnc* 93S'a 94 Half dollars P?r a 100^ Doubloons 15 75 a 1? 00 .PorTuitue-e gold. . '00 a IOOX Do patiiot. .15 55 a 15 65 Spanish dollars... tPi a 101 Sovereigns 4 05 a 4 87 do qu 'rtrra.. .99 a 100 Do light.... 4 82 a 4 85 Mextcin dollars. .lOOS^a I00X Heavy guineas 5 00 a do quarter*. ..99 a 100 Napoleons.... 3 83 a ? ? The demand for ateilmg exchange for thii packet, ha* not been very extenaive, although there haa been a alight improvement in the quotationa. The supply of prime hilla in the market la large, much larger than the demand. Tho importation for some time past hare been very moderate, but under the warehouaing hill, we expect to aeo very heavy arrival* within the next two or three month*. There i* very little doing in domeitic exchange*. We Ai\ ns>> l??lf fnr artivitv until the fall huiinei* commence", which will be in about three week*. The amount of uncurrent money offering fur redemption if pry limited, which ii the bo?t criterion of the itate of taurines*. Whan the country merchant* aome into tho city, the quantity of country money floating around kmnngtho broken in Wall itreet ii very large; at preaest there ii very little to be leen. ?l?l ft toe It Kirlmncc. 5rHflS y "M 108 J?h? Ohio Life St Trust 91K NY 8t?te 1848 101V M do Harlem KK iJ M is<MOhio 74. 101)2 l.? do J6 jiajO III in oil te. 1*7? 34 100 do h10 M* $; IW) Reading Bonds 72W 100 do bio 36 J2 Jh,?,,V B*.n-k , 10fl J" h30J?H JO do Worrit Canal 8lJ jo do b3 JJJi 250 do hi 5o do ii do Canton Co b30 3? 10o do Readint RR B7* '?? ? "H 0 do .CO 67>f ? j 10* <l0 ?'S JO do Loin lit RR 10d> SI V* ?So do ??'h 67 k i? do r.g jroNdoo'*wo'HR^ 75 do S'*h 150 do g30 57 \i SO do ^b3 100 do 1,50 Wl U.? ktconil Board. 30ih? Harlem KB ii!( 100 ah< Harlem HR, u tt?W Kxrtinn??. SO (lit SVmera' Tr, canh 2W 150 ?h? Nor k Wor bl 57* !S <lo Un'oii Co, Mon 33S I2J do Tue?d?v 47?! Ml do Harlem h H Mon 36 25 <lo do v v SO do Monday X>\ ISO do enh )H SO do Mixd.iv Uli 2> do MO 57?< Wl do l> 10 36 I7S do tnw 37V SO clo >3 SAJ< IS do nw 7V 10* do ea-li !S * n do fa?h 57V "4 do cah5 7< 25 do Lo. g Itl RR, ,1 31? IS do Reading RR, hl?r.7>? SO do bIS 31* lUnlOtfa On Kririay morning, at Albany, by the Rer. J N Campbell, N. O. VVhibtlkb, u. 9. A., with* C Hall, grand daughter of tba late Frtacia Bloodgood. I 7 lMed. On tMurday, th? loth last., of linfarinf UImiv C?l. Jitiri R Millakv, aged 06 thh. Hi* friends, ind those of the family, are respectfully invited to attend his funeral this afternoon at half past four o'clock, from the residence of his son, Lieut. J. R. , M. Mullany.L'. 8 N . 83 Last 19th street. On the 14th inst., of a lingering illness, Mary Shaffer , wife ol ft. P. Shatter, in the <iJd year of her age. The relatives and friends of tne deceased are respect- 1 fully invited to attend her funeral at her late residence, j No. 4? Robinaon Ktrret. on Sun'av, lO-li in?t. nt# o'clock ' A. M., precisely, u j;lu ut i-'i r im iuion On Friday eveimi,'. 1 i ll m.:ml, iiailh Hknry, 1 youngeat son of Juli .i uuU ij.j MuUei. ?^cd Id month* LDL'CATlON. REV. R. T. HUUUARl 'S School will re-open after the Summer V?c*lioii, iiu MimiIiv, September 7lh. Circular. couiai.iniK full pariicula'a and Jertni l*r d?y scholars, Tejily and uiy boardeis, csu be ohtaiued on application at the school, IS fourteenth street, between Univaititv Place and ril.h arenue; or of Mr C. H. td w irds, ot&ce of the Alliauce Imnnuce Co , it Wall ttn-rt. ?I6 im*in GO HI IC HALL 1MT ECH ANICAL Exhibition?Duck of Vancanson?War f-lephmt, kc., every cYeuius from 6 until 0 o'clock. il6lw?in lO WOOLLEN WOODS VKlU'HANTS. H. MIGEON fe CO., CLOTHS, CASSIMERES, and SATTINET8 REFINISHERS, No. 341 WrsT Struct, N. Y. KKERENCE8 and order* for work at Messrs. Woolcott ' stteet; D Brigham lit Co.. 8(1 Pine stre? t. al<2m*m STAINED GLASS. ANEW supply of all the different color*, received and lor ssle by HOOSK It VICTOR, | alt) Iw'm _ 89 Pearl street. OCR Frieuds anil tlx- Public are iul.irined that we will have a Night Blooming Ceres iu dower on Monday Evening, 17th iust. Century Plant now in llowtr. DC-sLAP It THOMSON, Florist., a!6 lt*m 63> Broadway. THE TARIFF in various forms from six cents to seventyfive cents eich, for sale by OEOROE F NKHBlTT, 8tatio?er and Printer, > >16 3f m Tontine Bmldiim, cor, of Wall and Water sts. ONCE MORE the people are respectfully informed that a handsome suit of Clothes can be purchased for five dollars or less, at 136 Nassau street; also, 50 pair linen Pants from 30 cents to $ii a p.iir Fadrd black coats aud soiled pants cleaned and restored to their original color. Cash l aid f>>r I all kinds of gents' second hand clothing, comer Beekman st. .16 If rc TWENTY DOLLARS REWARD. LOST?On the evening of the 15th inst , on going from the store ot W. Hull It Son to the corner of Gold aud Frankfort streets, from >hence to Ferry street, thence to corner of Peck Slip and South street, a small Pocket-Book tied with a tape, containing a check by W Hall h. Son. ou Fulton Bank, New York, for $107 (7; also, about $100 in bills. The bearer can ill afford to lose the amount. All persona are lorbid receiving the check. Apply to J H. BOBBY, 163 South street, N. Y. N. B ? A man was seen to pick up a pocket-book, comer of Hague -nd Cliff streets, sup|>osed to be the aoove. alS 2t?m LOST, -A HAIR BRACELET, ABOUT one o'clock, yesterdsy morning, by a lady, returning from an utenrsion, a Braided Hair Bracelet, set in a large Topaz, between the foot of Canal street and Riviugton, corner of Suffolk The loser passed from the foot of Canal to Spring, th">nvh the Bowery, crossing to Riviugtou, at the corner ofS-iffolk street. A liberal reward will be given, by applying at the desk of the Herald office. auliif rrc COW LOST? S3 REWARD. CTRAYED, on Tnesday, 11th instant, a Brown Cow, with J an old sore on her back nearlv healed Mhe had nn her left tide * long IC<r. Anv person bringing her to North Fourth street, Wlliamsburg, near Firth, will receive the above rewird, and the thauks of the o.'uer. auli 3t*iTC JAME8NOLAN. ' WANTED, For the U 8 Shin Independence, a Band of Musician*. Apply at the U. 9. Naral Rendezvous, No. Cherry st. nn'6 3rm WAN! hi), A few first rate Journeymen Jewelers,to make sett work, to whou constant employment and good wages will be given. Apply to Rl PL1NO fc BRO'S, a14 *t*rf fin lane. c AK.lUAv.?lv>. THE undersigned, formerly of the House of Brews'er, Laurence & Co., having again resumed the Carriage business, at 2i ai'd 27 Canal street, offers for sale a splendid stock ol Carriages. of superior style aud finish, and invites the atieuti u of his lormer patrons and f ieuds. assuring them that the same confidence, s:i extensively reposed in him, shall extend to every tran?action?believing he posse>>e? facilities to meet the wishes of all, both in quality and price, equal to any establishment in this country JAMES BREWKTKR. ant' Imto^ 25 an * V Canal street j LAURENT & BROTHER, IMPOR1FHS OF FRENCH OOOD3, No. 4 William stieei, have just received by the last Packets : ? 27 cases rich Paris Cashmere d'Ecosse Dresa Goods 9 ' " " .Moiisselai e de Lane do 7 " " " Ca>hmere d'Ecosse Robes 23 " " " 'J eckari 8h.<wls 17 " " " Cashmeie d'Ecosse do H " " " Broclic do long aud square 2 " " " F-mhoased Thibet do 3 " " " Teckary and Caah d'Ecoue Scarfs 4 " " " do do do Long Shawls 2 " ' " Cashmere d'Ecosse Colier. anI5 Mt*r FLAVOKINO EXTRACTS. Afresh supply ol highly concentrated French Extracts, su h as Vanilla, Pet h. Ne'tarine, Hose, Lemon Bitter Almond, and several others, fur fltvoring Ice Cream*, Blancmange , Custards, etc , and all kinds of Pastry, for sale by JOHNSON, MOORE fcTAYLOR, ali lm*m Importers, he.. Hi Maiden lane. *f. Y. j CHRISTIE'S GENUINE GALVANIC RINGS, AND MAGNETIC FLUID, FOR THE PI- RM ? N'ENT CURE OF RHEUMATISM, AND ALL NERVOUS COMPLAINTS. NO matter how chronic or ie? re may be the complaiut, it readily yields to tl>e wonderful powrs, as developed Tty t 'is remarkable disc-very. T he most respectable testiniiv nials from all pans ul'ihe country, are daily received THEOALVAMC BE LIS. BRACELETS, GARTERS, tic , are d*i teJ for vaiiou? diseases, and can be wor-> by the mos'deliote wi'h perfect safe:y and convenieuce. The great i and beneficial influence tertefl rwi the v?i?.n, l,w ( genuine only at Ur K f . uuu tt/iuu ;? aepot, or wamer \ atreet firat aoor r*0M IJroadway. and the ijency for Beal'a ) Hair Reatortive. _ ? , | Agenta?Jordan, 2 Milk a'., Boiton; Carlton fc Co.. Low. I ell; Or*n li Co , Worc?*l?r. anil iw*r I I'AlllS! AN 171 00 RATI VIS UPHOL8TEKY, MJRTAIN M ATKHIAI-8, kc. i' ' I' 11F. anb<criber% have nn? in ito'e their full assortment 1 ofBrocatela vilas. Matin dr Lainea, Ta|<eairy . Lampae, India I)nin.i>kv ''lnnrren, *>1nreena, Ornament! and 1 rim1 minga,'unable fur Bed anil Window I nrtauia, and Kurul' tort I nveringa of *11 t!e>?riptioiia lor Interior Decorations, selected witn great rare in the Vreneh snd K.ngliih manufactories, bv one of the firm, and nnhrnce the l.irgeat and \ be t assorted stock in th>- I'nned Slates, which hating been pnrchasrd for ca?h, en Mens to offer nt a lower price than ! *nA ?'her einhluhmnit in ihe eir ' Cabinet makr-ra, C|'b'>Uteirr> ?nd others, are requested to ) eiamine oor stock. tr m wl. rh t' e? em ne npplied in anv J"*0'."*, whol. iale and ret il Perl .n? furniibnig will alio iT i}r? ,*,r,r adv?ntag> to elect from oar assortment, which Tor variety cannot he surpassed The neweat designs lor internal decorations, received by every packet, ? t . SOLOMON k HAHT, .... Uph?lat?r#r? and Import era, 24J Broadway. I ?7 ?? ' opposite Ux Vark cle* muat be witnessed to be believed Ouly Aneucy in New York, No. 182 Broadway, between Job" street, and Maiden line. (T/9- Explanatory pamphlet* may be had gratia. ail lw*rrc NEW INVENTED WIGS BATCHELOR'S new invented Wigs and Scalps, made of the finest natoral carl hair, and adapted in the moat easy manner, to the peculiar style of each individual. They are eutirely a new invention, doiug away with all the vuxatioua ditficultiea so long experienced by thoae who weaLr wiga. The public are invited to inspect a large and well delected took. contaiuiug every variety of size and color; theiy will then be able to judge the effect. W.V1. BATCHELOR. inventor and only manufacturer, 2 Wall street, near Broadway. Removed from 165 Broadway Please to copy the address. atilJ Iw*m LEECHES?LEECHES.?Depot of Leeches, U9 Nassau street, ia REMOVED to III WILLIaVI Stieet, New York, and offer for sale a fresh supply of Leeehes,just re ceived by J. FERDINAND, Sen' au't lm*r ATCHES I-WATCHE3 AND JEWKLRY.-Those who wuh to purchase (told or Silver Watches, Gold Chain*. Gold IVueil*, Keys, tic., will find it greatly to their advantage to call on the subscriber, who is sellinK all descriptions of the above a'retail, much lower than my other house tn the city. Gold Watches as low as $20 and $25 each. Watcher and Jewelry exchanged or bought. All watcnes warranted to keep go id time, or the money refanded. O. C. ALLE.N, Importer of Watchesanrf Jewelry. Wnolesale and retail, M Wall street, au'3 Im'nn np ators. FUHiMSHLD aPaKT.Hi's, Oil th? Kuropean plan; parlor* with bedrooms attached, with or | without pre ikfast and tea, t m Broadway. au'H lui'r LOOK AT THIS ! LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, if you want a fine article of Boots anu Shoes, call at 367 Broadway, wliera you I will find the large<t assortment, cheapest, and the most fashionable iu the city. Do not mistake the number, 367 Broadway, cor. of Franklin street. N. B.?A large assortment of Imported French Boots, at the low price of Five dollars. M. CAHILL. nu!2 Im'r THOKN UHAMFAUNb. AFRESH INVOICE ofthia delightful Champagne II II store, to which the attention of merchants, hotel keepers, and private gentlemen is invited. The stranding ofthia Win* t* now superior to uut of any in thi* country, and at no nighw price than that of the best hruda. <; LIVINGSTON ft CO.. ? aril iatf e? WeHeif?t M H.H.N FUN-MhiKM KUN-MEKK rUN. THK celebrated ( hi tie ckin Powder?Coder tbe especial paironime or Her Majesty the Qoeea of hngland, H. R II. Prince Albe t. and used in th* Royal Nursery. This celestial ai.d <| Undid article ju?t imported. ?nd introduced into this coui.try, stands pre-eminent foi restoring, beautifying a 0 i>re?ei*niK the complexion, renderii g the sltiu delicately while, ainootli and soft. preventing cutaneous eruptions, Ike., and repiMtiif. without detriment to the sana'ory condition of the uier. the truly uupleasant sensatiou accompanying too copious perspiration. Tan, freckles, lie .are alike sierdilv diasipattd by its salutary influence. Travellers, aod residents in warm climates will h.ghly appreciate this invaluable appendxve to the toilet. To he had wholesale ol the sole Importers and proprietor*, HOBB8 k t'O.. 2 Wall street, and r-tail ..fall respectable Chemists and perfumers sul2 lw?rrc DK t'JiLlX UOUKALD's ITALIAN MJbDlCATfcD SOAP. THIS admirable emolieni is uow by common consent rated A No. I. as a remedv lor blotches, pirni les, pustules, { scurf, tan freckles, su.ihuro, all kinds ol eruptions, and every species of ducoU ation ol tne agin. All comi>eti inn has been completely dis anced by thia inraluahle cnmpnsition, the demand for 'h ch, within the last six mouths, haa increased more than five hundred per cent The clearness and freshne.s which its nse imparts to the completion, have rendered it proverbial as a heautifter of ft e Skin: and no dressing room cau be cusidered furtu.hed with a proper toilet 'hat larks Uour<od's Italian Medica ed Soap If beauty be, as is asserted, ouly skin deep, it is (he more important that the thin covering in which lo>eliness resides, should be kept iu its present and most sttra live state Dr Gouraud's Grecian Hair Dye, lor coloring hair, has cnmp'etelysuperseiled all the old and dele erious preparations for that purpose Poodre Su tile for eradicating hair. The Lilv White, made b> the D ctor, is bv common coni sent allowed to be th<* mint excellent ar icle for beautifying l the complexion, t^at h ! ever graced a lady's or gentleman's I toilet Liauid Vegetable Kouge for crimsoning pate lips and i cheeks. "Hiese superlative ci-smetics, together with a large stock f choice perfumery and fancy articles, are 10 be had CENTRAL AND MACON AND WESTERN RAIL ROAD&, GEfiHGIA. iiQ eyESBBSteiBte ? f l^hKSkl Roads with the Western aud Atlantic Railrod 1. of the Si ate ol Georgia, form a c ontinaotu line from 8avaunah to Oothcal?<(a, Georgia of 371 miles, viz S^vanuah to Macon... .Central Railroad.. 190 miles Macon to Atlanta Macon U Western Railroad 101 Atlanta to Oorhcaloga. Weatern fc Atlantic 41 au G >ods will be carried from Savannah to Atlanta aud Ooth- 1 caloga, at the lollowiug rates, viz : On Weight Good#. To Jit- To Ootk- ! 8ug*r, Coffee Liquor, nagging Rope, lanta caloga. Butter. (Cheese, Tobacco, Leal her, Hides, Cotton Yarns, Copper, Tin, bar and Sheet Iron, Hollow Wrre and Castings ........ .$0 50 $0 75 Flour, Rice, Bacon in cuki or boxes, Por?, Beef, Fish, Lard. Tallow, Bees? as, Mill Gearuif, Pig Iron and Orind Stone... . $0 SO S0 62X oy ichni Uoods. Boxes of Hata, Bonneta and Furniture, per cnbic loot $0 20 $0 2t> Boxes and bales of Dry Cioods. Saddlery Glass, Paints. Drugs and Conlectiouerr, per cnbic foot 90 20 p. 100 Iba. SS Crockery, percubic 'oot $o U " " Si Mo asses and Oil, rer hhd (.mailer Cask* in proportion.) fs 00 $U 00 Ploughs, (large) Cultivators, Com Sheller?, and Ptraw Cutters, eich $1 15 SI 50 Ploughs, (suiill) and Wheelbarrows... .to Ml $101 Salt, per Liverpool Sack, JO 70 to Vt ! Ptiltait. .-n, JUHai! iu Allium >iu uu Children under II yrara of age, half price. Savannah to Macoi UU r'v"" Gooda consigned to the Subscriber will be lurwarded free .if ('ommi??inu?. (T?~ Freight may be paid at Savannah, Atlanta or Oolhcalnga K. WINTER, Forwarding Agent, C. U.K. StYAMStii, Aognst IS. I IMP alj 2mrrc TO W fcSTERM TKAV l^LLLKS iMfcifi MA 'T^HE!Pnblie ia reapSctffll^nlormed that the race nt break 1. in the Canal, cauaed by Jthe late freahet, having been repaired, the PIONEER fc EXPRESS LINk, via Railroad uid Canal from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh. commenced ita regular tripa for the aeaaon on Monday, die 6th of April, leaving the Depot, No. 374 Market atreet, DAILY, at 7)< o'clock, A.M. By thia ronte paaeenger* will avoiu &il the fatigue and dan- j ger of night travelling in coachea, both Railroad* being paa?ad in day* ight. For farther information, apply at the old-established Office, 171 Market atreet, i doora above Eighth atreet. ?I0 6m?rrc A. H. CUMMINGS, Agent. L.OWU ISLAM!) KA1LRUAU COiVLPANX. SVMMEIt JIRR~1NGHMKNT Mtfa Mffi? AlS fRAlNS RUN AS FOLLOWS. COMMENCING WEB NE8DAY, MAY 13, 1J4C: Lbavs BaooiLrn at 7 o'clock. A.M. Boston trr in forOrecnport, daily (eicept Sunday*,) stopping at Farmiugdale and St. Geor?e'? .Vauor. ' " " at 9X o'clock, A. M., for Farmin.dale and j intermediate places. " at 3 P. M., through to Oreennort, atrl V>nf ! both way* at Jamaica, Branch, Hicksv ille, j Farmiugdale, and all the stations between 1 Karmingdale and Greenport. " " at 5 P. M., for Farmiugdale and inteime aiate place*. Lbave OnKKNro*T at 5 o'clock, A. M. Accommodation train, i - w i w.? is ? L lyn. J M " at 3 P. M.t Boitou train, or on the arrival of j the steamer from Norwich, (topping at St. George's Manor and Farmingdale. Lkavk Farminodalk at 6K A. M', Accommodation train for Brooklyn. " at A. M. Greenport train t for Brooklyn. " " at Vt P. M. Accommodation train, for Brooklyn. LiiTt Jamaica at i A. M. Accommodation train, for Brook- i lyn. " at 9K A. M. Greenport train for Brooklyn. " " at SM P. M. Accommodation train, for Brooklyu. Fahe to ? Bedford i centa, East New York 12X, Hace Course 18V, Trotting Course 18V, Jamaica 25, Brushville tl.'i, Hyde rark (17 miles) 37J?, Clowsville (during the session of court) 37>?, Hempstead H7k, Branch J7X, Carle Place 44, \Vestbury 44, Hicksville 44, Farmingdale 6$k>, Deer Park 69, Thompson 88, Suffolk station SI. Lake Road station tl I8V, Medlord station >1 18V, Yaphank $1 S7)<, St. George's Manor ft 62>i, Hiverhead tl etW, Jsmesport $1 62i?, Mattetuck $1 62Vj. Cutchogue $1 52H, SouthoM $1 b2%, ureenport Accommodation train tl 7}, Greenport bv Boston train $2 25. Stages are in readiuess on the arrival of trains at the several station*, to take passengers at very low fares, to all parts of the Island. Baggage Crates will be in readiness at the foot of Whitehall street, to receive baggage for the several trains. 30 minutes before the h our of starting from the Brooklyu side. The steamf>oat " Statesman" leaves Greenport for Sag Harbor twice each day, on the arrival of the trains from Brook* 9b _ my 19 rc LONG ISLAND RAILROAD Express Mail Train, leaves Whitehall street Fernr, New York side, every morning at 7 A. M., for Boston.? JSKSE^Also, trains from Brooklrn side at T o'clock and five miuutes, and VH A. M., and 3 and 5 P. M.. daily. The 7 A. M., and 3 P. M. trains go through, the former stopping at i Farmiugdale and miuor, and the latter at all places ou the road jell r FRENCH SHIP ALBERT?Debts that maybe uM?W contrscted by the crew will uot be paid by the jKNEs nor bv the consignees. aul5 3tr C tiB- SHIP ALBK.RT?Consignees of the cargn are MntVW requested to send their permits < u boaril. at Pier SMmfm No. 4 N. R, or to the office of BOVD A>D HI <i KEN, 9 Tontine Buildi' gs. Goods not permitted prior to iltlth instant, must be sent to the Public store. , iuIS it rrc jj<Fg~ FOR NEVV OKLEA>S AND MOBILE?The mMRVW subscribers have a regular succession of first class JKHMBb sailing weekly lor the above ports, hv which c?biu and steerage passengers can he accoinmoda ed in the best manner, and at the lowest rates, by applying to JOHN HERDMAN k CO. 61 South st? aut rrc I door from Wall st. see- PACKETS FOR HAYRE-Second Line-The MtjMPW Packet Ship UTICA, Captain John A. Pierce, will JIBBb sail ou the first of September. For freight or passage. apply to BOYD k HINCKE.V, *u9 m 88 Wall street. OLDJCSTABL18H EuJJNITE D STATE? li MhHebOKKICE.?The Subscribers continue to bring oat passengers *>y the regular Packet Ships, wiling every five any* ; and Mao for first-class American transient ships, sailing; weekly, ar verv moderate rates. Drafts can also be furnished for any amount, payable throughout the United Kiugdom, on application as above, aul JOHN HKHnVAN fc Co.. ?' . eet. Kg- FOR LONDON?Regular Packet of the 16th Aug mSWW?'The new fast sailing packet ship WALPOLK, JMUbCapraiu B. Thomas, burtheu 1000 tons, will sail poi si'ively as ab ve, her regular day. fcThe accommodations (or cabin, 2d cabiu and steerage passengers are unsurpassed by any vessel in port, and as a number ofher passengers are alreidy engaged, persons desir1 ous of securing berths, should make early application on 1 board, foot ol Maiden lane, or to I JOSEPH McMURRAY, au 8rrc corner of Pine and South streets. ' f AVp GLA8GOVV L! NE OK "PACKETS?To sajl lit September, her regular diy?The line fast sailing iSBfy|?>coppered British hark ANN HARLEY, captain ' Robert Scott, will sail as above, her regular day. i For freight or passage, having excellent accommodations, apply ou board, root ol Roosevelt street, or to WOODHULL k MINTURN, ?7 South st. The regular packet ship SARACEN, Capt. N. T. Hawkins, will succeed the Ann Hatley, and sail on the 1st October. her regulardav^ *ul KITCHEN RANGES. HOLMES' TWO OVEN KITCHEN RANGES. THE Proprietors are now prepared to furnish Holmes' ranges to the trade, or set them up for private families or boarding houses, having purchased the right from the patentee to manufacture and sell them. Our experience in manufacturing and setting Kitchen Ranges, in tnis city, for the past II years, warrauts as in asserting that Holmes' Rau*e cannot be snrpaased lor economy, convenience, and durability. They are warranted to perform the purposes for which they are purchased, and if not they will be removed free of any expense to the purchaser. Numerous reference* can be given to persons wishing to purchase. The prices range from2Sto4Sdnlars The proprietors are constantly mannfac;nring and are well supplied with parlor, office, ana bed-room GRATES, of the newest patterns. Alsr>?TINWARE, bright, plain and japaned. They have masttos tt all times re*dy to set Ranges, grues, and boilers? also, smokey chimneys cored ; no cure, no pay A. OILHbOLY fc BON, anil lm*r W N?san street. JKFFKRSON INSURANCE COMPANY, Office No. SB Wall st., orrosiTB txi Mmckjuts' Etc hanoi. THIS Company continues to insare against lose or damage by Kire, on dwelling houses,warehouses, buildings in general, goods, wares and merchandise, and every description o , Mgatiou andtiranaportation. I DIRECTORS. Thomiu W. Thome, Eliaha Kiggs, Thoroaa T. Woodruff, Anion Baker, R. R. Rohton, M. I*. Joaeph Drake, Thornton Price, Joaeph Allen, j Moiei Tucker, Jamea E. Holmes, John R. Daviaog, John P. More, John H. Lgf, William K Thorn, Caleb C. TVoaa, Thomas Morrell, Krancia P. Sage, Eugene Mozart, 1 Jobs C. Me.ritt, Kobert Smith. THOMAS W. THORNE. President. ORO T HOPE, fteeratarr Mifre HOTKU AllO WATKH1HO PLACES. ! UNION HOUSE. THE anbacriber hat uken the above named new and splendid Hotel, j oat completed, at the eeture ol the beautiful ; village of Springfield, Main., and will open the time for the public accomimjdation on the 30th in it. The Union Hnnae I la large, richly fininhed and fiirniahed. and nffera unequalled adTantagea to all pertona travelling through Springfield fur bnaineaa or p'eaanre. Mini # recently kept the " United Statea Hotel and " Congreaa H-.ll," at Saratoga, the aubj acriber reapeetfull j* invites hia old frienda and patrooa, and alt others, to gire him a call in hia new quartera 8 S SEMAN Springfield, July 24, 1W? au3 3m*r COLUMBIA HOUSE, PHILADELPHIA. (Formerly the Murthall Houte,) IS NOW OPEN ! THE LESSEES, BAOLEY, MACKENZIE k CO , hare apart d no expense to render .h<a apacioua and agreeable i Hotel perfect in every department, and truat it will be found deaemngthe patronage they rtapectfully aolicit for it. JAVES BAOLKV. late ol' Jonea' Hotel. HENRY C. MACKENZIE, Formerly at the Waahii'-jton Home. PETER L. KUROUSON. ty-31 lm'je SHARON SPRINUS PAVILION. 'T'HE PUBLIC ii informed thatthia ettabliahment, having X hern enlarged and improved aince the elote of the Mat aeuon, will be opened for the reception of riaitera.on the 1st day of June LANDON h OAHUNKK. 1 Mar I. IW. _ inyll 2m ?r PAVILION, NEW BRIGHTON. FILANCAHU hu the honor to inform hi? frienda uid the public in MM, tliat the raTilion it now in fnil operation and prepared for their receptionStenmbonta run between 1'ier No. I, North River, and New Brighton, at the following hoara, fit;? fcrom New Brighton. I From New York , II A. M. I t, IS A. M. *, If.M. | lk, J. T P. M. r hi.AN'"ABD. PaTilioa, New Brighton, Jane 1, lMt. jI7rf re MAN MUM HOUtfb, MIDULtTOWN, CONNECTICUT. THE UNDERHWINED bega leare to anaoance to hu frirnda and the public, that he Saa leaaed the above hoaae for a terra of yeara, and hopea, by I >ng ??pe lenee and atritt attention to bnaiaeai, to merit a hberpfthare of their patroaagi JOHN L. MONROE mrt tm'it (formerly of the U. I Hotel, Boston STBAMBOATfl, A.. f r,: - . ' SUNDAY EXCURSION TO HARLEM. THEcommodioua iteamboat HtKALL), fc-pWi ' Cat tain Parka. will make an r reunion lu tt W M Harloin, on Muudav Afteruoou, Auaual 16, ( ariuK loot or Montgomery atreet, t. K. at I o clock; Pike arret, hall paat I; Delancy atreet a quarter before 1. aiiJ Fifth itreet at 1 o'clock Returning. will leave Harlem at half pat' 5 o'clock. Fare, lt)?rem* each way. 1 lie above tiip will afford to the (laaaengera a Ana new of the Katt Hirer, Hurlgate, the virioua public buildi?g? at blackwell'a Maud, ihe Lou* lalaud Karma, tic., enjoying at the lime time a cheap and pTeaaant eicuraiou. alC It* in CONEY ISLAND AND FORT HAMILTON FERRYs&k The Steamboat I0LA8, Captain Richard lL Yatea. will run to Coney laland aud Fort Hamilton on Sunday, Augtiat 16, aa followa : 1 Leaving foot ot Pike atreet, ILa?t River, at (H o'clock, A. M , 1?H and 3K P- M. Whitehall, 1* o'clock A M . LP. M., 4 P. M. Coney Island, 11>4 o'cloc k A_St., 2V P. M-. iX*1 M And the Steamboat PltOPR*! Oh. C*[>t. H. Mallan, will run ?* l.ijlows : ? Leaving Pierloot of Canal atreet at iW aud llU n' l..-k * u . 11/ p u ^hi^uri.'i o'-ci^CA. v", 11 M . 3 P. M. C >nev Island at 10o'clock. A M , I V. and 4 W P. M, And the Steamboat W *VK, Gapt. O/Vauderbilt, will run aa followa : ?Leafing Whitehall at II o'clock, A. M.t and 2 and i P. M.: aud Coney Islaud at lti(, 3and 6% P. M. Lauding at Koit Hamilton each way. Kara I2K cent*. 16 lt*ni THOMAS BKILBY, Proprietor. I'HH CAMP MKl' lINi; AT KOSSVILLK, STATEN ISLAND. ^MQ jgM The steamboat WAVK will iuu as a Tfl " tegular passage boat daring the Camp X3KZ. Meeting, commencing on Vonday, the I7tb imt'nt, and iuii until Sataiday, leaving the foot of Barclay street at I o'clock A. M , and 2 o'clock. P. .VI.; leavii.g R"asrille at II o'clwck, A. M , and 6 o'clock, P. M., >toi>i>ing ?t New Brighton, Ut-rgen Point, Port Richmond, Kltttbelli Port and Chelsea. ! are 12^ cents. aul) Itis'rrc THE KKKK SOIL PIG-NIC TO BUTLER'S POINT, STATEM ISLAND, WILL take Place on Thursday neit.?The | i- Steamboat DF.I.A WARfc, and a BAHUK, w llf will leave the fir?t landing, foot of DfUuci atreet, at a o'clock. A. M.; Williamsburgh, \ paat 6; loot ?f Pike street >? post *; Brooklyn, (uear Fultou lerry,) ^ to T; Pier No. I, N K, at7; footol C wl s'reet % pist '; foot of Hammo* d street ai 8; foot of Niueteeuth street X past I; Jersey City W rast 8. Tickets to oe h*d at the office of the Young American, ani at the landiugi. 8re large billa. mil K'rrc KAIIKTIKITUCED TO THF. FIBHINO BANKS?12k cema each way ?The fast and 3EZZjBC2E.eare steamer BUFFALO, < aptain J. W. Haneos.will lesve as above on Sunday,Monday and Tuesday. Aiimt 16th. 17th, and 18th. aa follows :?Vnot of Hammond street. I o'clock; Canal. (W; DeUncey. JW; Pike, to 9; Pier No I N. R., 9){ o'clock. A.M. Refreshments provided onboard. Bait and lines st a amall charge. Thoae who deaire the aport of tithing, will do well to take thia boar, aa ?he wi I arrive on the gr?und one hour before slower boata. Tlie Buffalo, by visiting the fishing ground nearly every day, li ia discovered the precise spot where fiah are caught in abuu dance. al45tis*r rnurLb's LIM, of a l kA.VIDUA i n I>UH alsaim, Direct?Daily, Sundays excepted?at To'clock, P.M from Steamboat pier between Courllaniit and Liberty lit. ; J|MQ Steamboat KN1CKKRBOCKER, Capt. Alfred Houghton, will leave on Monday, WedJE3EK> niwday, and Friday evenings, at 7 o'clock. Steamboat IIKNDRIK HUDSON, I apt. R. (J. Cruttenden. will leave on Tueiday, Thursday and Saturday eveuings, at 7 ! o'clock. Tlie above boata will, at all timet, arrive in Albany in ample time for the morning can for the east or weat. freight taken at moderate rates, and none takes after 5yi o'clock, P M. All persons are forbid trusting any of the boau of thia line, 1 without a written order from the captains or agents. For passage or freight, apply on board the boats, or to P. C. ! Sehulti, at the office on the wharf. United States Mail Line. At 5 o'clock, P. M., Landing at Intermediate Places. from the Foot of Barclay it., 8teamboat ROCHESTER. Captain , will leare on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and, Sunday afternoons, at j S o'clock. Steamboat SANTA CLAUS, Captain B. Overlagh, will leav- >? Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoons, at S o'clock Apply on board, or at the office on the wharf. alO ?MORNING BOAT AT O'CLOCK FOR " ALB AN y, 00k AND intermediate landings, fiom the A?Jte* ' Je foot of Robinson street. Breakfast and JL_>JULJK_ Dinner ou Board Passage SI.?The new low pressure Steamboat NORTH AMERICA, CaptO. B. on Mondays, Wednesdays and p ridays, at 6X o'clock, For passage or freight, apply on board. anlO Iw .Mfl DAILY LINK OF BOATS BETWEEN MiT' NEW YORK AND STATEN ISLAND. The steamboata SYLPH, Captain J. Bmuted, and STATEN ISLANDER, Captain D. Van Pelt, will leave as follows :? Leave Staten island 4M, I, 9, 10and 11 A. M? at 1, S, J, 4,5, Sand7, P. M. Leave New York at 7,9, 10, and 11, A.M. and 1, S, S, 4, 5, (, 7 and past 7 P. M. All freight at the risk of of the owner* thereof. A stage will leave Vanderbilt's landing for the Telegraphic Station every hour throughout the day. Fare 12K cent*. jy 30 rnnc. noi'uviiu. MM FOR NEW HAVEN.-Puive reduced | New Haven to $1 : to Hartford, $1; to lirld. $2 75 Toe splendid via list Steamboat TRAVELLER, < apt. J. Sroue. will leave Peck i 81 in. E. R., every morning, (Sudays excepted,)at o'clock. . aud the Steamboat HKRO. Capt. R. Peck, every Tueaday, ' and Thursday aueruoon, at i o'clock, and (Saturday afternoon. M 3 o'clock. ?n? lmi?fh TROY MORNING AND EVENING LINE. | MORNING LINE AT SEVEN O'CLOCK. -U-TLTL M$L kok ALBANY AND TROY?From the ^^^Jfc??^3*8teamboat Pier at the foot of Barclay atreet. 3KZ3K3Ll'andint; at Peekakill, Weat Point, Newburgh, Hampton, Milton, Poughkeepsie, Hyde Park, Rhineoock, U. Hed Hook, Briitol, Catakill, Hudson, Cnxsackie, Kinderliook and Baltimore. Ureakfaat and dinner on board the boat. The steamboat NIAGARA, will leave oa Monday, Wed- 1 aeaday aud Friday Morniugs 7 A. M. The steamboat TROY, Captain Oorhum, on Tuesday, 1 I Thursday and Saturday mornings, at 7 o'clock. Returning on opposite days. For passa*e or freight apply on board, or at the office oa the ; wharf. NEW YORK. ALBANY AND TROY LINE. FOR ALBANY AND TROY DIRECT, From the pier at the foot of Conrtlandt street. The low-preaaure steamboat EMPIHE, Captain R.B. Maty, leaves the loot ot Conrtlandt street, on Tnesday, Thursday and Saturday eveumgs, at seveu o'clock. The Steamboat COLUMBIA, Capt. Wm. H. Peck, will leave on Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings, at 7 o'clock. Passenger! taking these Boats will arriva in time to take the Morutuft Train of Cars Irom Troy west to Buffalo, and north lo Saratoga, Whitehall and Lake Chamolain. For Passage or Freight, apply on board, or at Uia Office oa the wharf. No freight taken after 5W o'clock. NOTll E?All goods, freight, bank bills, specie, or wjy other kind of property, positively at the owner's risk. j2# THE MOST DELIGHTFUL OF ALL ; EXCURSIONS. 0M A SAIL across the Hudson river to Hobo i ^Laa^&aS3*krn, and then a weJk to the Elysian Fields, SEZZMGK-along the exceedingly picturesque shores ol the place, will prove the most easily accomplished aud attrae tive of all rurual excursions that can be made from the city. The ground* now present a charming aspect, the trees be ing in leaf, and the soil covered with a rich turf. The walks are iu excellent order, having beeu considerably em'?ellmlied the present spring. On every pleasant afternoon there will be in attendance at the Coflonnade. Elysian Fields, an excellent Band of Music, which will perform selections from the favorite Operas, popu. lar airs, marches, waltzes, kc. The Ferry Boat* from Barclay, Canal and Christopher at*., are completely fitted up with awnings and aeati. Night Boats ran from Hobokea to Bar-lay street uatil 11 o'clock. Ferriage 6!^ eenta ml 1m*r FOK MARSEILLES?Packet for 1st September JflCTV?The Ship EUGENIA, Capt Briscoe, will take AMMBMthe place i f the Packet and aail on the lat SeptemberFor freight or passage. apply to CHAMBERLAIN & PHFLPS, or to alG m BOVD Ik HINCKEN, Agents. Bgg KOR HAVRE?1 he French Ship Al'STERLITZ, Capt. Gautreaa. For freight or passage, al j&fiifaply to J. LAK ENS ?t CO.. or to a 16 in BOYD it H1N< Kh N. Agenu. FRENCH SHIP AU8TERLITZ FHU.vl UAUMkJKyW I) ALOUPE.?Debti that may be contracted by the . MHHIbcrew, will not he paid by the Captain or Consignees. ' a Hi in I SHIP SULTAN?Consignees of cargo will he MMrJfV pleated to tend their Permits on l>oard, at Pier No. MM&4 N K , or to the olfi :e of BOYD It HINt'KEN, | 9 I'oiitiiie Buildings. Goods not permitted on the JOtli inat., will be sent to (he Public store. an '3 it rrc g FRENCH BHIP SULTAN-Oebtt tint may~be contrarted by the crew, will not be paid by the JHMfci ''apta-n. nor by the cntigneey an H 3i rrc j AAs^r- PACKET FOK~HAVRE?Secoud Line The ijHFxV packet ship UTIC A, Capt. F Hewitt, will aail on Mwlfeathe lat of Sept. For freight or caaaage, apply to an? BOrl' h HIVCKF.N ?* Wall af. packet ship uueen of the west. ' wRrVy FHO.Vt LIVERPOO L ?Contignees will please JNImkL send their permit* on board at weat aide Burling slip, wuhout delay All gooda uot permitted in five data, are liable to be aeut to Public atore. WOOUHULLIi Ml \ TURN, aniline 87 South atreet. BuACK. BALL OR OLU LINE OF LiVEK- I POOL PACKETS. tfg- FOR LIVERPOOL-Onlr regular packet of the 1 aJrrjfV 16th August?The new magnifireut, and celebrated ] Jtl?Kiaf<a''aailing, favorite Packet Ship NEW YORK, buriheu MKIO tona, ('apt. T. B. Cropper, will aail pnaitively I on the I7ih of August. The accominodatinnaofthe NewVork are fitted not in a moat auperl) and coatlv manner, with every modern improvement ana convenience, lhat cannot but sdd to the comfort of those i embarking Persona visiting the old Country, or aending for ' their frieuda, should call and tee this tpleudid apecimen el | navil irclaitectiire, before engaging eltewhere. For passage in cabin, aecond cabin, and steerage, early application should he made on *">ard, foot of Beekman street, or to the tubacribert, ro<'he, brothers Ik Co., anil rre B Fulton street, nest dooi to the F?l">n Bank. NLW LINK OK VACKETb FOK. LIVKK I'UUL,. PACKET ofJI?t August?The splendid, fast sailHmWV ii'R and f vori e Packet Ship LIVERPOOL, I2M1 MUm ton* bnrthen, Captain John K.ldridge, will Hit on ; FrToTyT/Vigu-t 2lsr, her regular d?y The ships of this line bring all 1000toot and upwards, persons about to emhark for the old country will not fail to see the advantage* to he derived from selecting this line in preference to any other, aa their great capacity rendera them every way more comfortable and convenient than ahipa of a small elru; and their accommodationa for cabin, aecond cabin and ateerage paaaenger*. it ia well known are aupenor tothose of any ether line of Packet*. Peraoni wishing >o aecure bertha, ahonld not fail to make early application on board, foot of Burling Slip, or to W. fc J. T TAPRCOTT, At their general Passage Office, M South at.. aul4 rrc 2d door below Bnrling Sli. i \ 11 in Line f< >r new < >kleans. The splendid 'nit sailing Packet ahip UNION, ( aptMil .will positively aail for the above MmSmtrn port, on Monday, Auguat 17. A faw more id cabin pasaengera can be accommodated in a verv lofty and airy home on deck, at ateerage ratea. For further pa-ticnlara, apply on board at Vlnrray'a wharf, foot of Wall street, crto JOHN HKKDMAN It _ O, aull ft! South *t. ASH? FOR LI V KRPOOL?New Line?Regular Packe atfWfV of 21 at August?The superior, faat sailing packet ahu> JNuHfaLIVKHPOOL, 11M> tons burthen. Capt. John Kf dridge, will sail aa above, her regular day. Kor freight or paasage, having elegant and superior accommodations. apply on bonrd, west aide of Burling slip, or to wX)ODHULL k M1NTUHN, r SoutV strew. Price of passage $180. I The packet ship Uueen of the Weat, 12J0 tona burthen. ; Captain Phillip W noahouse, will succeed the Liverpool, and j ll on her regular day, 21st September al I n. 1 1 1 AUtVUgMKWTt, *c. A aBK THXATRE ?Fint appearance of Mr. Collint, the r Irish Comedian and Vocalist.?Monday eteuiiif, ,Au?u*t 17tit, will performed the MERVOl. H ,\MN uiq the Nlau of Neree, Mr McShane, Mr. Collin*, in which he will sing " The H|.ng n{ HhileUb anil ^h?um)l k \a Greeu."_ After winch tin- fuit >f TEDDY THE TlLEK. Toddy Malowney, tlie T11eJ ?ith the m.iik of " Widow Mahon*y,v Mtf Coll ma To couelude with ibr MISERIES OF HUMAN LIKE Door* even at 7 o'clock, u:d the perlormancea will commence at hall'}j*st 7 o'clock. Boxes $1 ; Pit SOceut* ; (iallyy >3 cent?. BUWEKY THKATKC ? Votiday Eiemujt, Aiiku?i 17? Will be performed die uew l)rami of H()B7)KEN? Beau karuest. an eiclusire, Mr Wale >t, Mr. Lenuot, a law y*r, Mr. Proctor; Frank l.eunoi, a Lieut, iu th* American army. Mr. roTrrater; Harry Leuuox, lti> brother, J Booth; (-Mil Ijleiidriini-'K, Mr I lirke, C-pt. While, Mr. Wemyaa, officers ol the Jtfili Kekimeur, statu.iied at .Montreal; Fanny Elton, Mrs fhillips; alnry Lennox, Mrs Booth. To conclude with tti* WIZARD OF THt WAVE? Clirles Falkuer, Mr. J. K. Scoil; Hen'y Brllord. Mr HI an chard; Weeeil, Mr. Cony; Douna lsabiiu. Mra. Phillips Door* open at 7 o'clock, curiam will riae al ball |>aat 7? Dresa Circle, to cent*; Upper Bmn, 21 centa; fit and U&ll*. ry. ltK cenla. rtBtihNWK II THKA1 H>:?I umn V.rlek > *jr ton streets?Monday Evening, August 17?Will be performed OUR OLD HOUSE AT HOME?Fa iner Greenland, Mr. Freer; Mat Chapman; Fanny Greenland, Miss Craulb'd; Bet y Wiggles, Julia Drake. Alter which i he wotdrrlul performances ol the celebrated ACROBAT FAMILt. In th- course of the i-venim, * I'ttit Comedy entit'ed A LIE OR NO LlE-lienrvSt. Clair, Mr Freer; Thomas. H. Chapman; Lucy, Miss Anderson. Ho e, lulia Drake. The wlinle m conclude wills Fesls nf the WIZARD OF THE ?.AST Boies, 25 cents; Pit, I2W cents. Donrs open at 7?performance to commence at before B o'clock. C'ASTLE GARDEN, v?uti us extrusive Promenade* * is open day and evening?Motility Evening. August 17th, the enterraiement will include a good selection of Music, trow kaMiwnda, Struss. Rostiui, J Labitxkv, Agher, Donizetti Jos. .Lamier, Mozart, Boieldieu, which will be performed by the Orchestra, under the direction of Mr. C W. Meyror. (D1" Intermission of half an hour for refreshments, and to view the bcttunfu! range of CO8MORAMA8. iteuding around the whole nf the Esplanade, which will be brilliantly ilJuminrued wirh gu, thus giving visiters au excellent opportunity to examine these beautiful View*. Admission tin ring the day and evening I1H cents. I'UW KK FUL ATTRACTION FIRST HEWEFIT OF M'ME. AND MONS. LEON JAVELLI THE WHOLE RAVEL FAMILY. GABRIEL RAVEL. NIBLO'H GARDEN?Monday Evening, August 17? The entertainments will commence with a popular Overture. After which the Comic Pantomime of the WOODCUTTERS?lobsrd, Gabriel Havel; Mont. Dubois, Francois Ravel:CorP' ral, Leon Javelli; Jmiita, M'me Martin Javeili. To be followed by the graced) Dance called El Jaleo de Xeres, by M'me Leon Javelli. This will be succeeded by the BEDOUIN ARABS?By the Ravel Family. Half au hour'* intermission for the Concert* A-U Mniud, in the Refreshment Saloon. To conclude with THE CONJUROR'S OIFT, or THE MAGIC PILLS?Colurao, Gabriel Ravel; Dou Panchio, Jerome Ravel; Elviua, M'me Leon Javelli. Doors open at 7 "'clock ; entertainment* begin at 7){o'aloek Tickets M> cents. ^AIVU. Greenwich theatre.?visa crauford ha* great pleature ill informing her friend*, aud ihe theatrical public. itiot her benefit will take place at thia theatre, on J'uesday evening next, 18th iuatant. The bill for that evening will be one nt the moat attractive of the season, and one al<e hopes that will aucceed in filling the honae. The entertainments w ill co-iaitt of the lollowing piecea The Tragedy of FAZIO?Bianca, Mm Crauford. Fnxio, Mr. Freer. \Nn Shakspeaie'* Comedy of CATHERIN K AND I PETRU' HIO? atherine, Mis* Crauford; Petruchio, Mr. Freer. The eii'ertainmeuta will conclude with he YOUNG 8'; AMP, in whieh that charming actresi, Miaa J. Drake, will perform the charaeterol (osepn. anlj tlfiin'r-c HOWES & CO.'W NEW YORK MAMMOTH CIRCUS. T'HIS unrivalled corpa of Equestrian* will perform at I Buffilotith 2Jth and 2fith inat.; Williams ville, 27th; Lockport 28ih and 20th, in rou'e to Rochester, aud will be at Rochester 7th, 8th and 9'h September. The Laigrst Establishment ever organized in the United States, comprising I JO Men and Horses, requiring 26 Carriages to convey the performers wardrobes. musicians, &c. Tlie company haa attached to it Eight Female equesttiana, ameug whom ia the Greatest Female Rider ot the Age, recently arrived from Pari*, MAUAMfc MARIE MACARTE. whose new anient' Equestrian Keats, peculiarly her own, being chaste and classic; her graceful and fascinating address, aud the charming naivrtc with which >he chaina her audi ence, render litis gifted and highly-educated artittr the leading feiture of the arena in tni* country. The Proprietor* re'er the public to the brilliant description given iu the respective newspaper* of the extraordinary and daring frata performed by tin* distinguished artittr. Kiiue-triati Director, Mr HOWES; Rising Master, Mr. NIXON, aud the unapproachable Clown, D \N RICE. Among the Performer* it the celebrated and principal Hider, the Napoleon of the Arena, Mr. HOBBS, whose feat* on Horseback ?re the inou extraordinary ever witnessed luve nile act of Horseinanaliip by Ma*(er Nixon Olympic Exercise*, by the whole Company, led by the great Europe n Tumbler, Mr. MACARTE Wonderful Feat* by Mr. Cole'* Dog*, Hector and Billy. The SWISS BROTHERS, in their elegant Gymnastic Posture* and Groupings. Mr. > Sweet as the Charioteer of Thiebus. Poatu iug and Oymnaitic*, by Mr. Nixon and hi* *<>n. Mr. Howes ileitis Mvj thological and brilliant Act of " Fancies of Proteu* " Mr. C. Howe* in Slack Rope Evolu(ion* Mr. Geo. Sweet, the celebrated Tight Rope Dancer. With a variety of o'hers The whole comprising the leading, mo*t talented, aud cla**ic performer* in the world. nH HOWES it CO 'S New York Mammoth Circus. AGAVE AMERICANA. THK subscribers are happy to inform their friends and the public, that the ureal American Aloe ia again covered wilh buds ami flowers, inteisp-ried witn inany hundred per- j feetly fotmed pi aula and aeeil veaiela, which hare every an' pearsucti of maturing. The Hewer atem of thia giant plant it 26 feet in height and 72 inches in circumference. <'pen from 7 A. M. to 10 P. M. Admittance 12K cents Hot house Grape* of the fmeat kinds during the season Bene Plants it all time.. DUNLAP 8c THOMSON, a 16 Iw'rc Seedsmen and Klorists, 63'> Broadway. A TL ANTIC UAKDfcJN in :>oW r?fK.> >UK 1'HJS /* SEASON.?-Dnd worth's Cornet Baad will perform srerf Tuesday wid Friday tvenniRi, ronunsneing Jum 'ed, at o'cl, ck. Admittance Ira*. iny? lm*rc WILLIAM ALLISON, Proprietor M'LLE PAULINE DE8JARD1N8 would respectful I y inform her pupils, tlcc.. th*t she has returned from Sar"io?a Springs, (where she hid the houor of iutroducing the Redowa Walt*, which she had just received from Paris.) and that the ia now prepared to renew her lessons in all the most fashionable dances. ?t her residence, No. 74 Leonard st ret. west side of Broadway. au!2 2w*rrc ttfE ALHAMRA. ICE CREAM SALOON, JVn. 569 Broadway, between Spring and Prinre. TO STRANGEKS?Strangers visiting the city will find a new attraction in the Salooua of the Alhamra, whith, aside from ths delicious Ices and Confectionery to be found there, is fitted up in it st\le of Eastern splendor and magnificence never before attempted in th s country. The beautiful foun aiu in the tesselatfd court, which displays a variety of curious and ingeniou- jeis, ust only keeps the air delightfully cool and pleasant, but excites an amusing interest and a thousand conjectures; while llie spacious promenade around the balcony affords a view, every pleasant evening, of more beauty and fashion than can he found congregated in any other place of public resort in the city. Indeed no where call an nour be passed mere rationally or agreeably. [T^ Admittance free. null lwit*rrc CENTREVILLE COURSE. LONG ISLAND RAILROAD Traius will leave Brooklyn it Sua P MS, for tin' Course to witress the great field sports on Monday n? *t. the 17th inst. Fare, each way, 2i cents. auli 3t m ATHLETIC GAMES, AND MANl<Y SPORTS ! AT TIIK CENTKEVILLE TROTTING COUK*E? Monday, August 17, 184C.?Kree for all Competitors.? No entrance fee. The games and sports under the direction of Mr John Sneridau, of Boston, the celebrated Professor of Gymnastics. PROGRAMME. 1 Trfltiinj? match, under the saddle?1 mile and repeal? lor all horse* that never trotted for money?catch weight Entrance, $1. Prize, one elegant Muddle and Bridle. 3d. Long Toot race?one mile round the courie. Prize, a s|ifi'ti"id Silver Cup 3d. Tnrowinu the Sledge?weight 15 lh*. Prize, $3. 4th. Wheelbarrow race rouiid the Course. Prize, a rich SiiverCup. 6th. Running in Sacks?100 yards. Prize, $3. 6th. Wheelbarrow race?blindfolded?100 yard*. Prize $3. 7th. Short Toot race?100 yards Ith. Pigeon shooting?24 birds?six competitors 9th Climbing tlie g. eased |>ole. Prize, $3. IT?" Prize on the top of the pole. 10th Pig race?t -il greased Prize, the Pig. The Course will be opened at 2 o'clock, and the sports will commence at 3 precisely. au!3 t'mc FOR SALE, TWO FINE SjIUOLE HORSES, _ WILL drive also in a carriage. They 1*11^*" just the right size for riding nn XJ^Juhorseback, and hare been loug used '" ? * | the saddle. Apply at the rfeek of the Herald Office, 'or r?r?i^nliir? 'ft* ff?ir?K f^_V KINO CHARLES 8PANIEL8.-8i*. Black and Tanned, Tery fine, just im|>orted |>er ship St James, Ji Ji fr"'" London Alio, Three Shetland Ponies, suitable for gentlemen's sons?very docile, and perfectly manageable. Vor Sale by A. ORI EVE, No. 1 John street. Importer and dealer in Birds, Cages, ftc. au? Im*rri*. FUR SALL. JmA A RARE CHANCE is now offered to anyperson having a small capital to >uvest in a sure business? JiailLthc stock aud futures of the w> II known Porter House Mug. olia. fur sale, now doing a good business. Apply on the premises. No. 3# Canal st, betweeu 12 and J P. M. an 14 3t*rrc FINE BOOTS, FOR #S 50, J City made, and sre e<(ual to those sold in other store* for #5 Kine Krench Call Dress Bool* for $4 JO. to the best made, and sold in this city for $6 or $7. All Boot* warranted to give satisfaction. YOUNO it JON KM. No. 4 Ann street. ? Near the American Mtxeuui. qmrk ?*lei and ?mall profile 11 oar motio ?4 Ann ttreet. ami 3 REMOVAL OK ROHERTsON'S I'HCEMX HAT AND CAP MANUFACTORY. THE onderaiirned would re.pectfnlly notify Oe that he ha* removed from hit former location 193 to 19 h ulton s treet. Hating a much more commodious tore, una having otherwise increased hit facilities, he is confident of (mug satisfaction to his former patrons. HOBKRT^ON, Hatter, 89 Fulton st., awl* m?m (between Wm. and <lold.) GENTLEMbN'S FRENCH DRESS BOUTS. GKNTLKMEN'8 Kngluh Buskins. made of patent Leather, Tampieo Morocco, and Calf, fashionable style, lor sale Cheap, wholesale and retail, at manufacturer's Depot 7? Maiden lane. ml3 lw*r COUNTRY MERCHANTS. DKU(JGlijT8, and dealers in Perfumery and Fancy Hoaps, can be supplied upon the moit favorable term*, from onr eitensive asKortinrut of the above articles, an eta miuation of which we invite The only genuine Walnut Oil, Military Shaving floep, as originally manufactured ny ns has no eqnal. We keep ir. constantly on hand, together with hijfhly scented Hoaps in every varielv?C'elognes, Kttracts, Essences, Pomades, Hair Oil. fcc. ?? t>bserve the Dumber, JOHNSON, VROOM It rOWLlH; aul2 lw*m No I f oTtlanot street Bl NDRHS' BOAHDS.-in.OM lb?. Binder.' Boaidi ?nn?. X' "u*1,ty' ,r'lM lNo' "raBVi^BjlOOKli, " ""an. 12 Imr <? *?.! JWiail at. K. F. K O R T U M, iMPoHTrn nr IMITATION PRECIOUS STOMM, VINET1AN AND BOHEMIAN BKADS. TfHOl.'OlHKH, GARNETS, <JLA?S DROrS, kc. kc. al lm*rrc No. 4 D?y N?w You. latest mmmi. BY THE MAILS. Washington, August 14, 1HW Mr Mi Lam*?Difaculty of StUctmg a Substitute ?Saturn* of Minutert? Htrignatiunof Mr A'?n< ?Mr Buclunan and the Fifty-Four-Forty Men in Connection unth th* Ortnun Trialy?Th* Dr ipatchet to the Mexican Minuter of Foreign Affix irt?Fat** Alatin oj Stckneit tn the Sq.uidron? ISew tirade in tlu i\avy?-Matter* in the Line of Promotion. The President will havo a good deal ot dniicully in his selection ot a minister to England It i* a matter deeply to Ik; regretted that Mr. McLanc leels himself compelled to resign, as we could not have had a better representative at the English Court. I have said the President will lmve considerable difficulty in making selection oi' a substitute, not that there are not many men eminently fitted far the mission by their talents, patriotism and experience ; but lew statesmen can be found possessted of such a private fortune as will enable them to spend nine or ten thousand dollars a year over and above their salary, out of their own private income. The mission to England is no sinecure. It entails on the incumbent toilsome nnd laborious duty every day in the year, and obliges him, as I have before stated to spend nine or ten thousand dollars beyond his salary. No man, even in moderate circumstances, cmi undertake the English mission without the prospect of ruin if he hold it for any length of time. He receives a salary of nine thousand dollars and he is obliged to spend nearly twenty thousand. The ministers to France and to Ru-sia are similarly situated. Tliey are obliged to spend double the amount of their salary. N? poor man can undertake either. The minister to Madrid ran live comfortably on his saliirv: and if he is economical, he can liv.. <->n less. The minister to Brazil can nave someth'ng out of his salary. Now it is surprising that the salaries of the ministers to the different courts should have so long remained equal. Our minister to England is obliged to spend four times as much as our minister to Hrazil, and still both receive an equal salary?nine thousand dollurs. But it is really too bad that we should often fail of having the fittest men to represent us at the two most important courts in the world?London and Paris?solely because we do not allow our ministers to either court, a salary that he can live upon- The matter resolves itself to this. In a democratic country we fix the salaries of our ministers to the two most important courts in the world, so low, that no poor man, however high'y gifted soever he may De, or though he may be the very fittest person to represent us, can aocept the office. This has been brought before the notice of Congress, and Congress has refused to furnish a remedy. Some ofth> mobocrats, full of zeal for tho pio servation of the peoples' money, cannot be brought to understand that a minister cannot live in London on nine thousand a year. Contrast this beggarly p?. nuriousness with the way England ana France pay their ministers. The British minister near this government receives twenty-five thousand dollars a-year?and a minister can as easily live at Washington on ten thousand dollars a-year as at London on three times the amount. Even oui secretaries of legation must either have a private fortune to live upon, or they must be dependent on the minister for their support. A secretary of legation to England, receives a salary of' two thousand dollars. He is obliged to spend live thousand Mr. King, our Minister to France, is also about to return home. Ho will arrive here either next month or the month alter. His resignation will be universally regretted. No minister of the United States ever represented his country at the French court, who deserves more of his fellow citizens than Mr. King. His house was always open to his countrymen, and his firmness ami dignity hava challenged the respect not only of the diplomatic corps residing in Paris, hut ol the entire French court. It will bo difficult to fid his place. In one of my former letters 1 showed, from the correspondence of Mr. Buchanan, the President, and Mr. McLane, in relation to the Oregon que.-.tion, thnt Mr. Buchauan was perfectly consistent all through, and that both he and the 1 resident were as much lifty-fbur forty men up to the hour of signing the treaty, (and indeed they are up to this hour) as they were last December. When Mr. Buchanan entered on his duties,as Secretary of State, he found not only that every administration that had taken cognizance of the Oregon queatiod hitherto, had treated with the British Govern* ment as if that government bad rights in Oregon, but the negotiation that was pending when he came into office, was based on the same admission. The President had no option but to make a proposition similar to that which had been so often made by his predecessors. Thnt offer was rejected, and at once withdrawn?the President declaring an unquestionable right to the whole terrttory. That declaration was adhered to throughout the negotiation that terminated in the present treaty, both by Mr. Buchanan and the President, as I have already sfiown yon by extracts from their correspondence. But it is the most quizzical tiling imaginable, that the 54 40 Senators entertain animosity against Mr. Buchanan; whereas, the treaty was not brought about by him, but by their own body. To be ?ure, he. might have advised the President, and the President might have rejected the treaty, even alter its acceptance was advised by three-fourths of the Senate. But such an act would have been a very hazardous assumption of responsibility?responsibility that even General Jackson, with all his nerve and force of character, declined to assume. In the matter which was referred to (he arbitration of the King of the Netherlands, he took the advice of the Senate,contrary to his own predispo?ed determination, although instead of three-fourth* there wa? a Ware'majority of one. Now the fiftyfour.forty Senators must accuse Mr. Buchanan and Mr. Polk ot one of two things?disingenuousness or want of nerve. If they accuse them of disingenuousness, then are their letters and despatches to prove that up to the hour of sending the English projet to the 8?n>t?, tht y adhered to the declaration contained in the President's message of December last, and that they were fifcyfour-forty men, to use a homely phrase, "up to the huh." If tiiey accuse them of want of nerve in not rejecting the uroposition, even after being advised to acceptit by three-fourths of the Senate, then there is the example of Jackson, having given up his own opinion, and adopted that of the Senate, although he was advised by a majority of but one, and that too, in a matter of the utmost gravity and importance. The fifty-four-forty Senators,! should have said some of them,would have opposed Mr. Buchanan's nomination tothejudgeship, solely on this account. I have reason to believe, however, that Mr. Buchanan would have been confirmed. I understand, that not near so many whig Senators as F at first supposed, would have voted against him, and few of the fllty-fourfortymen. Several weeks before all that noise was made about his nomination, he had given up the idea of leaving the cabinet, I firmly believe from patriotic motives, and weighty considerations of public duty. Talking of Mr. Buchanan, 1 have to inform you thai advices have been received to-day from Pensacola, that the despatches of the Secretary of State for Commodore Conner, and for the Mexican Minister for foreign aftairs, had been sent out in a cutter immediately after they reached Pensacola. They arc doubtless in the proper hands ere this time. The Canton of last night, publishes a letter from Havana, stating that the Raritan frigate had sailed for Pensacola, with three hundred men sick of yellow fever and scurvy. You will not be at ail surprised to learn that there is not the slightest foundation for this report. The Raritan has been in at Pensacola for a fortnight past, and not a case of yellow fever had occurred. There were some twenty or thirty men sent to Pensacola for vegetable diet, and the health of the squadron was remarkably good. So much for the accuracy of the Union. Mr. Bancroft has this day created a new grade in the service, which will produce a great reform, and must be extremely popular. The rank of master has been hitherto conferred on incompetent landsmen, for the most part for political servir-ps. in manv instances, and scarcely in any instance Tor the necessary skill in smiling a vessel. Midshipmen have been sometime* appointed acting masters, but have nevei hitherto received the pay of masters while so acting. Mr. I Sane roll has at length succeeded in clearing out the rubbish from the list of masters, and filling it up with capable and active young men. For tins purpose lie has created an intermediate rank between passed midshipman and lieutenant. The new grade is called that ot master* in tho line of promotion. A selection ia made from the most meritorious and experienced passed midshipmen, and th?y are raised to th?> new grade ot' masters of the line of promotion, anil receive masters pay. From these masters in the line of promotion, lieutenants will be chosen; so that instead oi the lormer grades of midship men, past midshipmen, lieutenants fc it will be for the future midshipmen, pasvd midshipmen. masters in the line of promotion, lieutenants Sic. This is a very important chance, and will have a most beneficial tendency. It must prove very popular among the young mm of tii?a

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