Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 17, 1846, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 17, 1846 Page 3
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nC tk* OMo Rlrw. flm't TV?* Stctt af W?> I C'fvinmiti inly to deep wa*ar?felling i V rn^liiifr. July *) (J ft, H in<-h?. Pittsburg, July 37 4 fact, full. I<ml?vill?. inly ** . .. . . 10 fa?t 7 itwhee HOH1T MARKET. | luiday, August lft?fl P. . There hat been but very little ttttrttloo la quotation* | for the fsnci* within the psit week Price* are hfcevy, ; and tend toward* a decline, bat it appeere impoeeible to ge? them Howa mora than a fraction, Thii *teadjne*s is the face of the dull market, and tightne** in the money market, look* very well, and augurs better time*. It 1* the be*t evidence in the world that the stock' are well held, and that nothing ibort of an improvement of *ever?l per cent will bring them out It I* at preient difficult te tell what course things are going to take, but the indication! certainly are in favor of an improvement There are many operator* disposed to believe that we are going to have hard time* in the money market; that the financial difficulties growing oat of oar Mexican affairs have not commenced, hat will soon be upon a*; while there are other* confident in the belief that in leu than thirty day* our difficulties with Mexico will be at an end, and that every thing connected with trade and commerce will be in full progrea* to permanency and prosperity. Wa am iliintiiAd tn h?1ipv? that n oaiima mui priwa, >uu j?o; pivui iv iuo uiiuuiwiurera. miu we hare no doubt a reduction to that extant will be made W aoon after the new tariff goes into operation. Low priced and coarse cotton goods will not vary much, aa they are manufactured and told at pricea below what they can be imported for under any tariff, but finer qualities of printed and plain cotton gooda must, under the new taritt, be much cheaper than they hare been for leveral year* past, aa they can then be imported and come into more auccetsiul competition with thoae oi our own manufac" tore. The annexed table exhibits the quotationa of atoclci in this market for eaoh day in the paat week, and at the close of the week previous. There appeara to have beau an unuiual uniformity in price* durng the pait eight daya, there having been but in one initance a va* ? riation of more than part of one per cent Quotations roa the Pai*cirAi Srocxi in the Naw Yoax .VUaxrT. Snt Mon Tutt Wti Th'y Fri Sat. Ohio 91* 91* 8JH 9J* 93* 93k Kentucky ? '.'?* ? ? ? 98* ? reon-ylraniaJ'j W 87 67* ?.*< t*\ 67 ? illinox. ? ? ? ? ? U jfwiil'ng RR,'Brads".' 72 ? 73 71* 72* 78* 72* Rending Vi'ige Bonds 74* ? ? ? ? ? ? Heading Railroad.... 66jj (7* 67* 66* 6Vi <7* 67* N#?ich?i.d Wm... 47 * 48* 47* 47* 47* 47* 47* Elttr Hailroad, old ... 4. ? ? ? ? ? _ EA? JUilioad.t ew... ?2* ? ?3* ? ? - Hwiem Rai'road..... 46 * 47* 4?* 46* 46* 46* 46 Leti| Island Railroad 32* 3i 31>? 31* 3i>| 31* 31^ Mohawk 40 ? ? ? ? ? ? StO'ini|(t'>n <2* ? ? ? ? ? ? Farmer a Loan 24* 24* 24* - 24* 2JW 24V CautonCo 31 ? 34* 34 34 3i* 33$ Moms Canal II U 10* 9* 9* 9* * Vick-bnr* 6 ? ? ? ? ? ? United Mates Bank.. 4 ? ? ? ? ? ? Kill Booo'i 14* ? ? ? 14 ? ? North American Tr.. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? A comparison oi pricea current yesterday, with those ruling al the cloae of the previous week, exhibits a falling off in Illinois fl's of * per cent; Norwich and Wor caster, }i ; Harlem X; Long liland, l]{ ; Firmer*' Lou, >i ; Canton Company, % ; Morria Canal, 2)*'; and an advance in Reading Bond* of X per cent; Reading Railroad, ??; and Prnna 6'a, 1. 1 he reccipta of the Philadelphia and Reading Railroad Company centinue unusually large. For the second week in Auguat, for each of the paat three years, they were aa follows PHILADELPHIA Attn READING RAILROAD. 844 1145. 1146. Travel *2 37J 85 1,444 91 J.M7 J4 F'ewtit on soods.... 70171 9It 48 2,11(47 Freight o . coal 13.2A3 M 25,947 77 51,111 61 $16,14 3 4 3 29,311 It M,7v? 63 Ton* of coal trans? ported It,*]} (1 24,29* 16 36.871 14 This ia a very large week'* work, but not quite *o large aa we bare noticed within the peat month. The amount ot coal sent to market by the Lehigh canal. rturii.g the week ending the 11th inat.. and aince the opening ot navigation, haa been a? follows Lbiiioh CoalT*adr Thii tvetk Prtvinutlf. Total. By L'h>*h Co 6,617 07 Sl.lSn 03 17,7Ml 10 Khume Ron 4,411 or, 59>? 16 63.4TI 02 Bt-srrr Meadow 3 002 00 41,(71 Ofl 44,073 CO Max'con 1.385 00 47,021 00 JO,<89 00 Bock Mountain Ml 09 21 MS 15 22 82# 01 bummit Lerrl 17? ?>? 6,414 00 6,59100 From V* hire Haven 220 00 I.oil 00 1.26100 Total It,736 02 257,636 14 271,372 16 Tlii*. with the receipt* by the Reading Railroad, will make a total, from these two sources, ol about one million ton* of coal tlnce the ftrct of January laat. The asseaaor* of Providcnce, Khode Inland, have com pleted the aaaessment of the tax for the preceding year, which, at forty cent* on each one hundred dollars, produce* < 10-2 373 feO 1 he amount of property was (25,fl"3 200. of which. >14 876.900 was in real aetata, and $I0.91?.300 personal propelty iii4i sum st Cirhanf*. tl.tro jr SR., IK! II* 3 aha Ohio Lire It Trnat t4X I n. U N V Sute ?(. ISO 1?lk 50 do Harlem Kit >3 M i (Xfl OtnoVi 101 vj | | do 56 I I>m 11 ! . <>? S?, Ifro 34 100 do btO JlW 110 Hmdn g Bouda 7IM Ml do bio 58 40.ha<ltvHa# IOsV 100 do b30 541V '0 do Mi'irii Mil * 50 do bJ 55*2 *50 do bS 50 do ttW 25 do ( aiiton Co bSO 14 Mo do Rridini KR (7% 10J do US 0 do i*0 (7k M do a?o Jiw iro do ?;U li do b* KI0 do KO 6?S 50 do l.onf I?1 RR lOdi JlK 100 do Uth ?7k 50 do Jl\ no do Nor* WorKH 57$Z 100 do 3lS 50 do O 57K 7J do S'S 150 do aV> 1.7)4 M do b3 31% 160 do 1*0 51 50 do l?di II.H Hatlem RR JJ?< 100 aha Harlem RR, i3 55%' "W *?wli ?.?? ? aha Fanner.' Tr. cuk 15W 150 ah* Nor k Wot b) 57k ? do Canton Co. Mnn |3?J 1X5 do Toeadav 57% SO do Harlem hi) Mon 54 25 do alO 5 ? K 3? M"?d?T 55ft 150 do caah 57% " ?|? Monday 555* ?5 do blO 57% 3" n* 5?; 175 do ?nw 572 * ? "K J5 do DW "72 !I*2 iZ ? t * *M , do caah 47)2 i! 4a r!L>.. P n lUl 2,8 25 Ln"? ? "H do Hradmg RR, b3# 67% 39 do bl5 31* U!c<T. aw0??^ur,UT. u. ni,,, IMh iMt j4*"*, in th* 77th year ot bl? ajr? Hi. fnnaralI will talc. plar. from the ra.i.lence of hi. fbther. iSo 121 Ludlow rtreM thia (Mond?v) mornin* 1 8 odor*. The iriendi of the lankily mix* of bit bro thern?the memhera of No St Covenant Lodge, | O of O F nn J th? Order in general, vie reipectiully Invited to a tend. On the 13th, Wii.lum Blawvei.t, aged 84, of coniumptlon Hia friend* and arqnaiatancea are retpertfully invited to at-end hia funeral from hia late re?i leuoe, 131 Leureni atieet, thia Monday morning a< 10 e'clock On the Id-h infant, Rai rtt, infant ion of O. J. Monte, aged B month* and II daya. Funeral thia afternoon, at o'cUck, from lift CtMby treet. On Batnrday evening. 16th inntant, after a lingtttpf IV paaa, Colonel Jamki ft. McllanTi Hfed M j ean. m ra tween these two will be realized. It is hardly probable that there will be any great extreme* in commercial afbln We do not look for any great improvement or any great depression ia the market*, but we do look for a moderate amount of buiine**, and a very healthy itate of thing*. The great ehange* recently made in our commercial and financial yitemi, are yet to hare their effect upon the finance* and commerce of the country, and ? cannot pi edict the change* they will produce in all the ramification* of trade. They mutt be great, and for time will threaten the ruin of many interest*, but wo kave a abort time to prepare for tba new order of thing*, and we mult trim our bark* to meet the coming *torm.? The firrft bla?t will be the aevereit, and a* aoon a* we get well under way, on the new court*, there will be little difficulty, with prudent management. In getting again Into imooth water. Theee frequent change* in our com. inarrial *y*tem, are a very severe teat of the solvency of the commercial olauet, and they Invariably produce those revolution*, in every thing connected with trade, calculated to (bake every bouse not built upon a sound and solid foundation. They frequently endanger the ex. (stance of *tronsr houses hut in??rt?hlw SWn? K?nt !. destruction of the weaker one*. It may be argued by many that theie change* am important, and rery neceiaary for tha preservation of a healthy itate of commercial flair* that they are to the commercial world, what huri. cane* and tornadoes are to the atmospheric world, that they purify the mercantile body, and arrest the progress ofthoso promoting speculations, and inflating credits to a proper extent. There is no doubt but that there are many abusos practiced under any system protecting any particular class at the expense of others. There Is no doubt but that any class protected by a high tariff will make that protection tu profitable as possible. The immense dividends declared by the cotton manufacturing companies of New England, la the beat evidence in the world that they have kept the market price of their fabrics up to the highest point?that they have obtained every cent,protection permitted them to take?and so long as they had that protec tlon, so long would prices have been kept up. We are in. formed that brown and bleached cotton goods, similar to those sold In this market, are exported at prices much below those obtained at home. These manufacturers know that they cannot compete succesalully in foreign market* with the manufacturers of other nations, at prioes similar to those obtained at home, and they make the home maiket pay for the reduction required on exports to foreign markets. That they are able to make all their sales highly profitable i* proved by the large dividend*. Brown and bleached cotton good*, of domestic manufacture, can be sold at fifteen per cent below pre' 1 .1 matu w*M takan to OimwiiI Ceewtory for later I At hi* imUmm lathe State of Indian*, on tha 36th alt. I' In the 7Mb year of hi* ace. General Mtiirm Qaccnc Cmi Ha ?u bom to Lunenburgh county, Virginia, jn ibe liih day of December, 1771, aad waa oaa of a fa- < mlly of twenty-nine brotbara tad two ilitari, by tba 1 ana fatbar and mother < In Carroll county,Md. 8th in?L. Captain S**l. Diwhi, ] cad about 8? yaar?, a soldier or the revolution On tha ] 9th, Dioirt. Uiit a hjm! 9b ^ eon. At HlU?bofoufh. S M .9 h jr-t-n-.t. X,nm K*wn*LL, i till recently oi \" ll,p-c,n . In Salem. 12th in*! m ,t i. t- him,. E?q , 78. Mr. Prothinjrham. in!Hw ni4Ci ml |i??. ,? t,l0 diract' ita cendant io the fifth generation from Italph *pra#ue, who 1 arrived in Salem in 1028, io the tame -hip with Oot. En- ' dicott, and the tame year with hit two brothers and In A?llAr>aMA.?t?t ?W- .... ? 1 ? . .. -?. |?? ?,? u? 111->i -ouismoni in >iaea?cnu- i setts Bay, now known a* '.harlestown and Boiton Id Beverly, ?th last, Mr. W?. Ilumci, 06H a worthy cititon. who had "pent a great portion of an eventful 1 life upon the ocean; having commenced a sailor's career at a very eaily age During the warof 1812. Mr Herrick made several private crui?e? in the America, ke In Roheaon county, S. C , on the 34th July, HkcToa McLclk, ftu . ia the one hundredth year of hif age He wat a native of the Itle of Sky*, Scotland, and of the State for seventy year*. ! | I. O OF O F. THK Member* of New York Lndxe No- 10, are hereby notified to meet at Nation il Hall, Caal street, na This (Monday) Morumf ?t"? o'c'oek, for the i-urp iae of paying the i last tribute of respect to our dree sed brother, r. u. Hlai-- ' vlut N. B ?The Order in general, and Washington Lodge to particular. are mo?t respectfully iuvi'ed to ne?t with as in this mour Tul occ i?io.i. JAMES BtRULN. N. O. Wm Ltoss Hi-c'r. a"lTlt*m i U. A. U. U. I Kll bit' ?'1HL.K:S L LHit, iNo 3. THK Members of ibis Er.dce are requested o att-ud, Tbii (Monday) Erauiuir, <0(n't 17th. at their Lol(e Hiom. on I^ICCUI liuiiuesv JOSEPH P1CKARD, N. A. Joh* Lccas, Sec'y. u!7 If r TWINfcS-?10 bales Seine. Herring and ?M1 Net Twiues, . of Br dport manuf corv comprising the most complete assorim-nt li mtrnet, fruit 5H to M lb. ; .ind of a quality unequaled.havi g been mauulaciurrd with the u-mo.t care, exIiresal > in. ihls market, aod recently imported. For sale, in ots to suit parchasers, by C. K. COLLINS k CO.. i aul7 M Souih street WHEAT?.0,000 bushels. Illinois Whesr for sale by E. K. COLLINS k CO , ?ul7 m Ho*rh 1 (HhAPliK THAN fcVEK.. I A FULL SUIT of Superfine Cloth m>de to oider. in the most substantial and fishionable style, can be procured for $20, at M0FFATt'S Pathinnable < a?h TaiOring Establishment, No 24 Catharine street. New York. Eveiy article i-i ihr line equally low. Call and see. aul7lm*m JOHN MOFPATT. NAILS. TWINK, SHOfc THREAD, Jfc. CUT and Wrought Nails Brads and Spikes. 8eine, Sewing, Wrapping aud Baling Twine. Cotton *eine, of the best quality, "Hopewell," and other marks. Shoe Thread, green, ha'f bleached, yel'ow and brown. Carpet Wjrp?. Cotton and Flax, eolored aud plain. Oakum, Cordage. Bale Rope, Cotton do. India T? ine, 1 and 3 thread, suituble fir Fishiuv. kc ke. Koraaieby CEB11A ft Cl/MINO. aul7lt*m __ . 106 Pearl atreet. SUMWKK CLOTHING AT REDUUEL) PRICKS BLACK f'amhleta Sncka and Frocka at 15; Croton Coau at $4 to }; Summer Panta and Veata from a ?; anperfine black cloth dreaa Coata made to meaaure from $16 to 20; Panta and Ve?t?at proportionately low pricea So far ? cut, quality and wnrkmanafcip are concsrned. it will only be neceaaarv to a'ate that the inbacriber waa connected with "Unindage," of Broadway, Tor manv > pari; and the reaaou why Aral quality of garmenta are to oe rendered at auch low p'icea, ia in comequence of buyiug altogether for caah. and aellme at amall profit< O. B.CLARKK, 116 William at. aulT It*r Oppnaite the new atnrea. ! DR. POWELL, OiylfLl>T, AUR1ST, AND OPERATIVE 8UROEON, ATTENDS to Diaeaaea of the Eye and E*', from 9 to 4 o'clock, at hia reaidence, 161 Broadway, corner of Warren meet Opthalmia Stoppage of the Tear Paasage, Cataracta, and Opacitiea. effectually removed. AM AUHO'li rrc ted with ceat attention and aucctaa. 1 veterate cues of SI RABISMUS, or frquinting, cured in i few minutra. Jnat imported, ARTIFICIAL EYES, of auperior beauty and fi.iiah. SPECTACLES adapted to every defect. Advice to the poor without charge Office and reaideuce 261 Broadway-entrance 1)? Warren atreet. aul7 lt?r EDUCATION. REV. R T. HUDDART'S School will re-open after the Summer Vacation, on Monday, September 7th. Circular! containing full par.icula'a ana term* for d?y acholara, yenly and diy bnardeia, can be ohtaiued on application at the acho'll. IS Fourteenth atreet. hrtweeu Univ^raitv Place a>.d Fifh aveuue: or tf Mr C. H. Edw rda, office of the Alliance lniur?nce Co 56 Wall atreet a<6'm*in i TO WOOLLEN OOOD8 MERCHANTS. H. MIGEON & CO.. CLOTHS, CASnlMERES. AND 8ATTINET8 REFINISHERS, No 341 WraT St?hct. N Y. REFERENCES and orden for work at Meaara. Woolcott and Hade. 61 Pine atieet: W. C. Langiey ft Co . M Hrntd atieet;D Brigham ft Co.. fiO Pine atreit a'6 2m?m STAIN bD OLAS8. ; ANEW aupply of all the differs't colora. received aid for aalc by HOOSE ft VICTOR, a16 Iw'm W Pearl atreet. TAIilKF in varinua fotm< IVoot aiz ceuta to aeveutyfive ceuta e >eh, for ule by OEORUE F Nf.SBITT, Stationer and Prin'er, a!6 3t*m To?ti 'e Bnilding, cor of W?llau>l Water sta. i CATIITIAGE* : THE uiideraigned, fo'merly of the Home of Brewa'er, Laurence ft Co , having again reaumrd the Carriage bnaiucai, at U a .d 27 Canal alrt et. offera f > aale a apleudid atock ol I'arriigea. of auperior atyle aud fiuiah, and inv-tea the at'enti u uf hit former patrnna and f ienda aa-nring them hat the aame conftdeoee, M ettet.aivelv lepoaed in him, ?hall ei'euri t? everr tran-actK.u?brluving he ikm| ae >ea f cilitiea to meet the wia'<ea of all, both in quality aud price, equa! to anv ??tanli>hmeiit in thia country JAMES BKkWSTl" R. aul' 1 m * rrc 25 an ' < anal atreet LAURf. NT k BROTHER. 1VPORIFRS OF FRENCH OOUD*. No 4 William Kara just received by the laat fackeu : ? 17 eaaee rich Paria I aahmere d'tcoaae Draia Oooda 9 .tlsmielt de Lane do 7 " " " Ca?hmrrr d'Ecotae Robea 25 " " " 'I rckari Sh.?!? 17 " " " Caahmrie d'Ecoaae do " " " Hroctit do long aud aquare 2 " " " F.mho??ed Tkihrt do 3 " " " Teckary and <Ja(t> d'Ecotee 8carf? 4 " " " do d) do Shawls 2 " '* " Cashmere d'Ecoa.e Collar. an It I4f r FLAVORING EXTRACTS. Afresh supply ol highly cnicentratrd French EtUtU, u hu vanilla. Pai h Nr tanue. Rote, Leinon Bitter Almond, aodaeveril otlicra for tl ivoring Ice ?'turnBlancDunn.CuUidi, etc , and all kindi of Paatrv, for sal- by JOH.NBO.N, MOORE kT \YLOR, ali lm?m Importers. kr . I' \1 .idci Una n V. _ CHRI.VTlE'S GENUINE GALVANIC RINGS, AND MAGNETIC FLUID< FOR THE PfRM^NENT CJJRB OF RHEUMATISM, AKD ALL NERVOUS COMPLAINTS. NO matter how chronic or aev-re may be the readily yielda to tl e wonderful pow r?, aa developed by tms remarkable discovery. The moat respectable lexioio- ; uiala Iron nil uariaul'the country, are daily received THE GALVANIC BELJ it, BRACELETS, OARTERS, Ite , are daited fortuiox diseases, and can be won bv the ' most delicate wi'h perfect safetv aud convenience. The great . and beneficial influence r>tried on tbe ayatem by the?e artlclea maat be witneaaed to lie believed. Only Agency in New York, No. US Broadway, between Joh" strret.aod Maiden lane. Explanatory pamphlets may be had gratia. ali Iw'rrc I NEW INVENTED WIGS ~ BATCHELOR'S new invented Wigs and Scalps, made ol the finest natural curl hair, and adapted in the moat eaay > manner, to the peculiar atyle of each individual They are entirely a new invention, doing away with all the vexatious difficulties ao long experienced by thoae who wear wig*. The public are invited to imped a large and well aelected atot'k. containing every variety of site and color; they will I then be able to judge the effect. WM. BATCHELOR. inventor and only manufacturer, 2 Wall atreet, near Broadway. Removed firm l*i Broadway Pirate locopy the addresa. anil lw?m LEECHEb?LEECHES.?Depot of Leechea, HtNnasau atreet, ia REMOVED to 111 WILLIaO Htipef, New York, and offer foraale ? fresh anpply ol Leeches.just re WTtil by J. KKKDINAND, Sen' ao? lm*r_ llf ATCHE# '-WATCHES and J K WEI-RY.?Those TT * ho wish to pu'chaie Oold or SilTer Wat. nes, Oold Chains Uold Pencils. Keys, fce., will find it grestly to their advantage to call ou the ?ub?enb?r. who is selling all description* oftheaboye a? retail, much lower thin any other honae >n the city. Oold Waicheaaa low as $30 and (26 each. Watcher and Jewelry erchanged wr b >ught. Ail watcues warranted to Weep go d tune, or the money refunded. U. C. ALLE>, Importer of Watches an.t lewelry. Wholesale and Wall atreet, sntl Im'air np atairs. HIA?MLEN KUN?MEfc)>i FliM. THE celebrated ('hi- e?e Kkin Powder? tnder the especial patronane of Her Majesty the Qneen of England, H. R H. Prince Albe t. and used inth-Hi.yal Nursery. This celestial and ?| lenditl ?rtieie Ju?t imported, and introduced into this con. ti 7. stands pre-eminfcut foi restoring, be-utifying a it preserving the completion, rendem g the skin delicately wnire, smooth and soft preventing cutaneous eruptions, Itc., and repressing. without detrunert to the aana'ory condition of the user, the truly unpleasant aenaatiou arco nn^nying too copious perspiration. Tan, freckles, Itc . are alike s| erdilv dissipated by it* aalutary influence Travellers, and rendeau in warm cliu.ates will h ghly appreciate ihis invaluable appendi?e to the toilet. To be had wholesale ol the sole Impntters and proprietors, HOBK8 k I O . I Wall street, and retail of all resectable Chemets snd perfumers. anil lw#rrc bit FELIX OOLRALLTO 11AL1A> MEDICATED SOAP. THIS admirable emolieut is now by common consent rated A No. I as a remed. tor blotches, pimples, pastnles, ! scurf tan freckles, su ham, all ki(tds ol ernptions. and erery species of discol*. ation ol the skin. All competi ion has 1 bern completely dis auced by this invalaable composition, the demand for *h ch, within tk? last sii months, has increased more than five hundred pet caul The clearness and tieshness which its u?e imparts to the completion, Iwrs reudered it proverbisl aa a heaulifier of tl e Hfc in: aud no dressing room can be considered furnuhed with a proper toilet >hat t?eks Oonr nd's Italian Medica ed Soap If beauty be, as is asserted, only skin deep, it it the more important thnt the thin cov rill* in wkicb lo.elmesa resides. snnulJ he kai? ... i>. ear and moil attra tire lUtn Or Gonrand'a Oreeian Hair Dve lor coloring hair, hat tomp'eteljiuprr^rtpil ill the old and >'?! eriona pn naratioaa for that |iuri?iw Poinlre Sn 'III* lor eradication hair. Tlte Lily Whit#, madr b, the D ctor, la by common cona?n' allowed to be thr moil raiellent ar icle for beautify in* the eomi>lenon, I'-at h iftn fr.irrd a lad)' or centlemnn'a toilet. Linn id Vegetable Kouge for erimaouinit |>? 1 * him and cherka nm MMtkritt C tOfaOMr with# l.r*e atock >f choice perfumer. and f<nc> irticlea, are 10 he had genuine only at Dr K K. OOUKAUD''1 derot. 67 \ialker , Mreet, firat iloor raon liroadway, and ilit agency for Btal'a I . Hair Reatortive. Agenta?Jord > . 3 Milk a'., Boaton; Carlton k Co . Lowell : Oircn It ( o , WVrri-ater. an 12 iw*r | FAMILIES GOINO TO AND ARRIVING FROM THK COUVTHY. LADIES OR Ol Nl Li> VIEN haiiat ?upe flu^taelferti t? diapoa* of, inch at Wearing Apparel, Furaitnre, lie., "Lj'* f?ir eaah i>ri'? 'or the tame by ending lor ih? i bacrther, through the Poat Office, or o herwiae, who will "end M their rraidaacea. J. LfcV fclHHTYN, . . . M Broadway, ai' ? aira. L^ie* can b? attended to by Mr*. J LfcVKNSTYN. j ' !*#. ^ y A ROE jw Aactiou Room. corner PI*? and Ool I HM?. 8 Je t* commeuce it I# o'clock, on TMedty. 1M? iaat?nit?*na*,l ?hichi*M casks trace. ? _>?..'o??S.4 hUt.r Chun.. Itt luki Hon, Sieelva * Bedscraws, Wowl^Mm, Butts, ?1* tiAoca""* now r^ir. and tbe sale 11 peremptory?d wi boat ??a?'T? ""7 lt*r f ARO* BALE U ?N&T,TiM*fi??0L8 ?Jacob 3. Li Pun will??" o? MonJij*. I7?b instant, at ) o'clock, at > ?u'tiop room. No. >3 r!*t? ?i??. ahoat UN ?alr fcuglish Pisto's of every *n??. ??yl* and quality N fl ? 1 hit l? believed to br tbe only large ltock n i* in narkri. u4 i? to w I eremptorily cIimh. by ordir of a Earopean hoaae; and (he attention or ail dealers, bar* and els* there. ia sir-cad to the tame. Alio, a large assortment of Bowie Knives, 300 Maskets, aad I frw double and tingle Ouna Catalogaes ma v be bad on Satardty, Uth iastant i anil It eod i?*m i BOY WANTED. . i ABO V a*>out 17years of age is waatad aa a (errant for two officers ia the California expedition. Nona bat a smart active boy with rood rrcommeadatioas will b* received Apply to Lieut. BIFO'M, Company B., Oovaraor's Island. N. B ?A Bpanith Boy preferred. snl7 It fh | WANTED, \ SITOATION by a young Woman as saainarrest or to dn a a. cnmu?r work and iuiiI in iron nc. Good city rtltreuees to be had. Address C. H., Herald Office. an 17 3t*r WANTED, FOR the (J fl Ship Independence, a Band of Musicians. Apply at the U. B. Naval Rendezvous, No. I Cherry >t. ?*1S J-m TWENTY LoLLAKS KEWAKU. ' LOST? On th? evening of the lith last , on going from the , store ol VV. Hull It Son to the coraer of Gold and Frank- ' f^rtatreets, from >hence to Kerry street, thence t > cmuer of Peck Slip aud South street, a small Pocket-Book tied with a tape, couta'uing a check by W Hull fc Sob. <>u Fulton Baiik, ISew York, for $1*7 67; alio, about $19* in bills. The Wearer can ill afford to lose the amount. All persona are lorbid receincg the cheek. Apply to J H. BOBBY, 133 South street, N. Y. N. B ? \ man wat seen to pick up a pocket-book, corner of Hairue -nd Clilt streeta, auppoeed to be the auove. a!6 2t?m . ! LUST, A HAIR BRACELET, ABOUT one o'clo'k, yesterday tnoruinc, by a Ukdy, returning from au e<cnraion. a Braided Hair Bracelet. Mt iu a Urge Topat, between the foot of Canal street and Hivr li.?ton, corner of Suffo'k T'>e loser pu>s*d 1'roin the foot of Canal to Spriug, thr?unh ihe Bowery, cross tUf to Rivington. at the corner of 8"ffolk atreet. A lihera< reward will be given, by applying at the dealt of the Herald office. auli3i*rrc | COW L03T?88 KEWARD. STRAYED, on Tueaday, lith i?it*ut. a Brown Cow, with an old aore on her back nearly healed (the had on her lelt aide a loaf sc-ir. An* person bringing her to North Fourth street, Williamabarg, uear Fifih, will raftaiva (he above reward, and the thanks oftheo>,uer. an 15 3t*rrc JAME* NOLAN. GOLD WATCH LUST. LOST last uight. a Gold Lever Watch, independent se- . conda, white fare, eutine torued i~ack with a Uold t haiu, each link iu form of a Harp Pawuhrokera aud oihera are requested to stop the above aniclea if offered A Rewaid of Twenty-five Dollars will be paid, by applying at the Lower Police Office, Centre street, to officer auli JfSaMT.c W.H.STEPHENS. LUUK AT THIS ! LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, if you want a fine article of Boots anu Shoe*, call at 367 Broadway, where y?p will find the largest asaortinent. cheapest, and the most lashiousble in the city. Do not miatake the uumber, 3*7 | Broadway, cor. of Fianklin street. ^ N. B.?A line arn?Ortmi?ilt of Imnortail Rranrh Hnnfi mI the low price of Fi?e dollars. M. CAHILL. ?u!2 lm*r LEOaNT KURM8HED APARTMENTS. on tiw I European plan: parlor* with bedroom* attached, with or without breikfast and tea, tw Broadway ault Irn'r ' CANTON CRAPE SHAWLS OF the moat splendid description, in Scarlet, Mode*, La. Tender, Straws. White and Slack; aUo 100 *plendid richly embroidered at $30 ; with a very treat assortment at every price, which will be to the advautaate of buyers, either whulesale or by the si fie shiwl To eiamine at JAMES BECK k Co.'*, 3i9 Broadway. P. S. A full stock of India Camels Hair Shawls and Scarfs at moderate prices, by J II. k Co. all e*d2wr JUST PUBLISHEI>, PAKT ONE, PKlCE FIFTY CEVTS, /^REENWOOD ILLUSTRATED; with descriptive no- ! vltices, by N. Cleavel'ud, Esq., Irom drawings made on 1 lh? apot, by James Smillie. E?q , comprising Pictureique and Mouum*utal Views, selected from the Hill and Dile, Forest and Lake scenery witliin the beautiful grounds of Greenwood. '1 he general and iiicreaaiug interest now existing iu regard to rural cemetriea, cannot fail to make this work hi*hly acceptable it the present time. The best talent in the couutry is engaaed on the work, and uo expense is spared to make it a perfect gem oi art. It will Hehighlyorniroental lor the cen're table, and exceedingly suitable as a present to distant friends. R. MARTIN, 26 John atreet, aul2 3t eod*rrc and 39 Wall street. ! IVIISSINCT, BENJAMIN C. BYKD, of Flashing, L I. He left the slue house comer of Peck Slip ai>d Water street about ! 1 o'clock, on the ll.'o iust., and waa aeen between 2 and J o'clock of same d y in the Bowery, near Walker street. He is about 36 years old 5 feet It inchea high, stoat bailt and wheu last seen had on dark clothes, light cravat, and heavy boots ; general appearance that of a stage driver, which waa his avocation. .Any information respecting him will be thankfully received at J. D. Keating's, corner of Peck Slip and Water street, or at 303 Pearl atreet jy 17 3tawlw*roc BDOHblNDERS' STOCK and Tool W*rehouse JOHN K HOOLE, No. 124 Nassau s , has for sale- ? ' Russia Leather, Plow K ives, Ba k hkit s, Type Cases, Colo ed do Brashes, Ca f t-kins, Agat* Buraisheis, English Colored Calf, Uo'd Leaf, Tuikey Morocco, Oilding and Blank Rolls, Wa'OOD and Blue Roans, " " Tools, American k E. Sheep J-kics, Compasses, Hammers and Binders'Mus io, Shears, Marble and <*nmb Paper, Lettering Pailettes, Twine and Thread, Polishers, lie. lie. Presses and flows, Also, 2 seroud-hand Embossing Presses. N. B ?Lettering Blocks, Oilding R lis, Tools, Embossing Plate , he he. cut to order at the shortest notice. au 14 Im eod*m tUTCHiiN KAJNGES. HOLMES' TWO OVKN KITCHEN RAKUES. THK Proprietor* are now prepared to fanush Holmes' I ranges to the trade, or act them up for on fate families or boarding houses, having purchased the right from the patentee to manulactare and aell then. Oar eanerieuce iu manufacturing and setting Kitchen Ranges, in this city, for the past W yean, wanants as iu aaaerting that Holmes' Jtoui;* cannot be surpassed for economy, convenience, and durability. They are warranted to perform the purposes for which fhey are purchased, and if not they will be removed free of any expenae to the purchaser. Numerous references can be given to persons wishing to purchase. The prices range frooi to to ii uolars The proprietors are constantly inannTactnririe and are well applied with parlor, oOce, and bed-room URATES, of the newest patterns. Also?TINWARE, bright, plain and ja^aned. They have uiuMua ai ou umei rraay 10 ?ei i\adkt?,, ana Ooiler*? alto, staokcy ehiinaftY* cured ; no cure, no pay A. OILHOOLY \ SON, toll in*r yp Numn JbtKfcKSOiN LNSCKANOfc OUMl'AAli, OrricE No. SO Wall sr., orroiiTt trie Mkkchaivts' CicHiiiai. THIS Company continues to insure again it lou or d>m?|? by Fire, on dwelling houses, warehouses, boildmfs in general, goodi, ?iiu and merchandise, and every deacription o personal property. alio igainat loo or damage by inland na rigaucw and transportation. DIRECTORS. Thomas W. Thome, K.liaha Rim, Thomas T. Woodruff, Anson Baker, JR. R. Robsnn, M. P. Joseph Drake, Thomaon Price, Joseph Allen, Moaaa Tucker, James K. Holmes, John R. Davison. John P. More, John H. W William K. TUm. Caleb C. Itidm, Thomas Morrtll, ?&%&!& ttajSP THUKM UHAMPAONb. AFRESH IfTVOH-l! of thia delightful Cham pane is ia atore, to which the attention or merchants, hottl keepers, and private gentlemen ia invited. The stranding of this Wins is now superior to that ol any in this coon try, and at no mgbsr price than that of the bast brands. LIVINGSTON * CO.. etarll istf ra * Wall street. i HUTKL8 AND WAThtllllb CLACKI. . . i UMUM HuUab. THE subscriber has taken the above named new snd splendid Hotel, just completed, ft ihe ceuire of the beautiful village of Springfield, Mass., and will open the line for the public accommodation oo the Mth mat. The Union Houae a large, nehly finished and furnished, and offers uuequslled auramagea iu an peraoiia travelling mrougn nprwigiiriu mr baainoa or i> eaaurr. Hiftu| recently kept the * United State* Hotel" mid " Congre*a Hill," ?t Saratoga. the luli criher reapectfally invite* hia old friend* and patron*, and 1 all other*, to give him a call in hi* new quarter*. 8. 8. HEM AN. Springfield, July 24. IMt *uS )m*r COLUMBIA HOUSE, PHILADELPHIA. (Formerly tht Marthall Houu,) 18 NOW OPEN ! THE LE8SEK8, BAGLEY. MACKENZIE k CO , bar* pared no eipenie to render hi* *uaeiou? *ud agreeable Hotel perfect in every department, and t>n*t it will l>a foand deiervmg the patronage they reapeetrnlly aulieit for it. JA k'E8 BAGLt Y. late of Joaea' Hotel. HENRY C. MACKENZIE. formerly at the W'aahington Hon*. PETER L. fURGUHON. I y31 Im'Je shakon springs pavilion. THE PUBLIC i* informed that thia eatabliahment, having beeu enlarged and improved mice the cloae of the laat leaaon. will be opened for the reception of vi*iter*,?u the l*t day ol June LANDON It OAHD.NkK. Mav !. 1?46. piv?i tm't PAVILION, MEW tfKJGHTUN PBLANCARD ha* the honor to inform hi* friend* and the public in general, that the Pavilion la now in fnll operation and prepared for their reception , Steamboat* ran between Pier No. l, North River, and New | Brighton, at the following hour*, vii:? hrom Saw Brighton. I Erom New York. i, II A. M. ?, II M. ' I -HVlMcabd. i; Purilion, Ngw Brighton, June I, IMI. JfTrf ra I] Mansion house, 1 MIDDLE TOWN, CONNECTICUT. THE UNDERSIGNED beg* leave to announce to hi* friend* and the public, that rie Saa leaaed the above hunee for a term of year*, and hope*, by I >ng evj e. tence aud atriet attention to bntiaeaa, to merit a liberal ahare ot their racroaut* JOHN L. MONROE ?irl*m*rc Kormerlv of the U B Hot?l. Boatou HOWARD HOTEL, NEW YORK. T Center Hmndway and Maiden Isinr. HE Snbacriber*. thankfitl lot the pit.onage they have ri?ceived ?ince they have anrcerrled Meaara Howard in the above eatenaire and popnlar hotel, nnii rea|>?<-1 Tn 11 y aak * coiitiu"-1 ce i.f the aamr. willi the aiam* tr lint a? no noillf 1(1 trill r if V it haftAV f ili.nlaM.1 ft*. 1 nience to it n.i other e tibluhmeot wiP there he a ?* rouger a ?p???inon manifested at all time* to erstire the miblic *Ppr...7l!lnv. . thomas * whitk. . ?u7 -'m1taw*iTC H^5?L UK fA KI ?A NTIO NKgVIONF.S, one of th? " proprietor* of thf Perktnt Home. Beaton rnptd- i ,b" p?blie, thai hr hM opened the house No t|0 Broadway, New Vork, entrance ! cKtsgxAH i Jf* LJI. . IP?? HP II WIAIIBOATI, Ac. PEOPLE'S LINE OF STUMERS FOR ALBANY ' Dua< t?Dailr. >-unday? aictMad?at T o'clock. P. Si From St*amb?"t pirr brtwu CourtlanAt and Liberty .(i _MQ AunboitKNICKiMBU' RtH. Capt A. fla3gU3> Hnafhton, will laara on Mixidiy. WrdunX3QL day and Friday craoinrv al 7 o'clock. Steamboat HENUKIK HUO<0N,ripl.K O. ratlendan. wil tcava ou Tuctday. Tharaday and ?Ltuida> a<ra_iu|i. aiT o'clock Th? abort boat* will at all tiata arm* in Albany in aapla time f.>r (li* n.oroluK car? for tha fca?t and W??t. F eirht t. krn at Doderata rataa, and uona taken aftar *? irm ca, r "i. All person* are forbid trusting my of the botu of this line, wijtiout * written order Iron the fiprmn or sgeut*. Fur p ***?* or freight, apply on board the boats, or to P. C. Ichala. at ti.e < & e on the wharf UNITED STATE9 M?IL LINE. At ^o'clock, P. M., Landng it Intermediate Place* Frmm iht fnat ef Bmrclmv Itrrrt Steamboat SANTA CHUS, ''aptain B OverUgh, will leave en Monday, Wedoeads., Fridiy, and Sunday after- . nooni. at i o'clock. Steamboat ROCHESTER, Captain , will leave on Toeadty, Thursday and HaianJiy aflcruoons, at 5 o'clock. Apply on board, or at the <.>ce ou ibe wharf. ao 7 t MORNING BOAT AT O'CLOCK FOR " ALBANY, jMQ 0gL AND intermediate landinc*. fiom the Qv?t of Kohinaoo itreet. Breakfast and SmKK Dinner on Board P?wtfe f 1 ?The new low pressure Steamboat SOUTH, AMERICA, Capt. L. W. Braiuard. on Monday*, VVeduesdays and rridayi, ?t o'clock, A. M. . For passage or freight, apply on hoard. atil* lw NKW YUK K ^ACRfcD MUSIC SOUJSl'V. EXCURSION TO NEW HAJfEN HANDEL'S OHAND ORATORIO OF THE MESSIAH AT THE COMMENCEMENT UF VALE COLLEGE. .MQ jgi On the occaainu above referred to the r^JtUSiStcrrd Mnaic Society, with auch of their 33CaiiBE2KalVieud? as are de?i ou* of accompanying them, will euiba-k on bo*rd (he steamer NllRTH AMERICA, at Pier No 2 N. It., on Tuesday Next. 18tli inat., at I o'clock, P. M , precisely. The perform iure of the Oratorio of the Ma**iah will take place at the Method st Church, in New Hairen, at o'clock. Thr solo part* Will be *u<t*ined hv person* of emiuent talent, and (he Cforu* .'id instrumental department will be equal to the best performances of the Society in this city- The whole under the directiou of Mr. U. C. Hill In retuining. the Boat will leave New Havaa immediately ' at tho close of the performance. A Collation an i Supper will be provided on bond the boat prev on* to reaching, and after leaving, New Hun. la addi'iou to the Orche*tra, Lothian'* celebrated Bra** i Band is engsged. and the passage to and fiom New Haven will bamliveued with ehoruses, glees, instrumental motic, lie. The Boerd of Manager* have mad* the arrangement with a via* of affording oninterropted enjoyment to all who partie.PMr in this eicuraie . Ticket* $1 each (eiclnsive of refreshments) For tale at Fiith It Hall'* mus c wore*, Atwill's Saiton at Miles'. Oeo. F Nuhiti'i, J f. Perkins, No I Will street; J. B Flandrow, i'M Bowery; Charles Ho'l. Jr , 116 Fallon street, and t the residence of GEO. WHlTLOi K, Sec'y. til 17% llm 88 Canal street. FOR (JAMP MEE'llNG AT ROSSVILLE, STATEN ISLAND. jMQ 0* The steamboai WAVE will run as a 'egular passage boat daring the Camp 3E^3B3E- Meeting, commencing on Sunday, the !7tU inst.nt, and ran uotil Saturday. leaving the foot of Barclay treat at I o'clock A. M., and 3 o'clock. P. VI.; leaving R?aville at II o'clock, A. M .and ( o'clock, P. M., atoning at Near Brighton, Btrna Point, Port Hichinoud, Elixibsth Portend Chelsea. Hare cents. aulS tti?*rrc THE PRhE SOIL PIG-NIC TO BuTLER'S POINT, STATEN ISLAND, jMM *g% WILL take Place on 1 hursdsy nest.?The Steamboat DELAWARE. and a BA?GK, 3BUL will leave the fir.t landing, Toot of Delancy ! audit; at > o'clock, A. M.; Williamsburgn. X Past loot j of Pike street X past?; Brooklyn, (near Fultou 'erry.) l* to 1; Pier No. 1, N R, at 7: foot of Caaal s'reet K put 7; loot of Hammo1 d street at 8; foot of Niueteeuth street >* past 8; Jersey City K past 8 TicaeU to be nad at thp office of the Young American, anl at the landing). 8*e large bills. aul5M?rrc jMQ jm FARE REDUl'ED TO THE FISHING BnjMpd>BANKS-UK cents each way ?The fast and SEZZ3iEZ_ssfe steamer BUFFALO, t aptain J. W. : Hancoi.will leave aaabove on Kunaay Monday and Tuesday, Augast 18th 17th, and Ilth. as follows t?1 not of Hsminond street. I o'clock; Canal. |W; Delancey. IK: Pike, X to 9; i Pier No 1 N. R., )< o'clock, AIM. Refreshments provided on board. Bait mid lines at a small charge. Those who desire th? sport of Ashing, will do well to take this b mt, at ?lie wi I arrive nu the grouud one hour before slower boats The Buffalo, by visiting the fishing ground nearly every day, h is discovered the precise spot wnere fish are caught in abun dance. aU St is?r jiM bAILk LIMlU> UUaT? t>r. 1 ?> f.p..> CjMtf NEW YURK AND STATEN ISLAND. jE>JDL The steamboats SYLPH, CaPUin J. Braisted, and STMPfcN ISLANDER, Captain D. Van Pelt, will leave as follows :? Leave Stateu Island I, t, 10 and 11 A. Mt at 1,1,1, 4, S, and 7, P.M. Leave New York at 7,f, 1(,and 11, A.M. and 1,1,1,4,3, t, 7 and )|| past 7 P. M. All freight at the risk of of the owner* thereof. A stage will leave Vandarbill'a landing for the Telegraphic Station every hoar throughout the day Fare 11W cents. jv *i tARh RfcJDUi LD. 0m FOR NEW HAVEN.-Paaaage rednced ^^H?to New Haven to $1: to Hartlord, ft ; to 3Euaa3K2Lfyrmt field. S3 74 Toe splendid and fast Steamboat TRAVELLER, Capt. J. Stone, will leave Peck 81ip. E. R., every morning, (Su dart excepted.) at ( o'clock, and the Steamboat HERO. Capt. R. Peck, every Tuesday, ad Thursdav aucrnoon, at 4 o'clock, and Saturday afternoon. M 1 o'clock an* Imisfh TROY MORNING AND EVENING LINE. MORNING LINE AT SEVEN O'CLOCK. FOR ALBANY ANDTROY-From the ^L^JM^3pSteamboat Tier at the foot of Barclay street. ' SOC3LLanding at Peekskill. West Point, Newburgh, Hampton, Milton, Poughker^>sie, HydC Tark, Rhineoeck, U Red Hook, Bristol, Caulull, Hudson, Coxaackia, Kinderliook and Baltimore. Breakfast and dinner ou board the boat. The steamboat NIAGARA, will leave on Monday, Wsdaesday and Friday Mornings7 A. M. The sieamboni TRO\ , Captain (Jorham, on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday mornings, at 7 o'clock. Returning on opposite dart. , For paaaage or freight apply on board, or at the office on the ' wharf. ?< NEW YORK. ALBANY AND TROY LINK. FOR ALBANY AND TROY DIRECT, From the pier at the foot of Coartlandt street. The low-pressnre steamboat EMPIRE, Captain R.B. Mary, leaves the loot ol Conrtlaudt street, on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evenings, at seven o'clock. The Steamboat COLUMBIA, Capt. Wia. H. Peck, will leave oo Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings, at T J o'clock. i Passengers taking these Boats will arrive ia time to take 1 the Morning Train of Can Iron Troy west to Buffalo, and north to Saratoga. Whitehall and Lake Chamnlaiu. For Passage or Freight, apply on board, or at the Office ea (he wharf. No freight taken after 5% o'clock. m NOTICE?All goods, freight, bank bills, specie, or any Other kind of property, positively at the owner's risk, jiftr THE MUST DELIGHTFUL OP ALL EXCURSIONS. jMM jg| A SAIL scroti the Hudson river to Hobo WrlOVke11, aud then a walk to the Elysian Fields. ^KM^lCdBLalong the exceedingly picturesque shores of tne place, will prove the most easily accomplished and attrac tive of all rnrual excursions that can be made from the city. The grounds now present a charming aspect, the trees be ug in leaf, and the soil covered with a rich turf The walks are in excellent order, haviag been considerably 1 em elltshed the present spring. On every pleasant afternoon there will be in attendance at the Collounade Elysian Fields, an excellent Band of Music, which will perform selections from the favorite Operas, popular airs, marches, waltxes. be. The Ferry Boau from Barclay, Canal and Christopher su., are completely fitted op with awnings and seats. Night Boau run from Hobokea to Barclay street uatil U 'clock. Ferriage ceaU ml 1m*r .Mhri jgi| The Proprietors of Steamboats wishing kfNdPBELLS HUNG, would do well to pay a 3CZSKZ. visit on board the Hi earn boats Niagara, Mountaineer, U vernor, Iron Wit' h, Thomas Powel, Excelsior, Ri ger WiMiamt, lie., and esamine Mr. Ho -er's improved style of Br 11 Hanging, especially adapted for Steamboau. put up neatly and stroug, and warranted for one year.? H. H., No. 8 Ann street and No. Is* Fulton atreet. au7 Imeoderc VESSEL WAITED.?A good substantial VestHJy sel, ot the bulk of <000 barrels, to proceed to the MMfis North ol England Apply to WOOD HULL It MIN TURN, an 17 in 117 South street. **3*- FOR NEW ORLEANS?Loaisians and New j KfXVYork Liae?Positively first Regalar Packet?To j JHpflSa'iail Monday Itat inst.?The elegant, fast sailing packet ship GENEVA. Goodhue, master, will positively sail as above, tier regular day For freight or passage, having handsome furnished accommodations, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, or to E. K. COLLINS k CO., 56 South st. Positively no goods received on board after Saturday evening, Augus Mth. Aleut in New Orleans. JAS. E. WOODRUFF, who will promptly forward all (nodi to hi* address. Packetahip HAKTELLK, Taylor, master, will succeed the Utmw aw 17 UNION "LINE "FOR NEW ORLEANS. The *plendid last (ailing Packet ship UNION, (fjgy Captain , will positively sail forth* above JhUNm port, on Monday, August IT. A lew more id cabin paasengers can be accommodated in a very lofty aid airy home on deck, st steerage rates. Kor fanner pa ticulars, apply on hoard at Murray's wharf, foot ol' Wall street, or to JOHN HiKDMAN k CO, suit 01 Month st. FOB LI V ERPOOL-NewLine?Regular Tack* iB^Vof list August?The superior,last sailing packet ehir JHKAhLI VKHPOOL, MM tons burthen, Capt. John Eldridg*. will sail as a bore, her regular day. Kor freight or passage, having elegant and snpenor accon- < nidations, apply ?n board, west side of Barling, slip, or to WOODHIJLL li MINTUR.N.r South street Price of passage $100. The p>ckei ship Queen of the West, 1140 ton* burthen. Captain Phillip Wood bouse, will succeed th? Liverpool, and I il on her rernlar rlav. tlst Heptemher at Jg* DESIRABLE V VKM FOR HALF,, contain,,,,. 20 PjW acres, with good dwelling, fill din with brick, bant, .&ML Coach, cow. aud sr.ioke hoaies.all ia Complete order, I situated on < ?t ge route, IH miles from Tuft'a ling, to wards Woadbridge. N. I. Price $2,MO. D. E. x 8., 2J9 Pearl atreet anil et^w'tnr j Vl# TO FOREIGN OENTLEMfcN arriving in t . | Mnt'nileil Ptaies, or others, desirous of purchasing a per , maneiit Couatry Residence m Pennsylvania.? t h* snb ?c iber. desirous of ehauaing hi* re*idence, offers for sale his , Farm and eatiblislimt-nt, ai'uated in Montgomery caunty.Pa , U mile* Itonh of Ph ladelphia. It contains 308 acre* of land, j W* of which are hi the highest *t?te of cultivation, producing wlieat, rye. Indian corn and hay, equal ro any upland fa. in in the Uuion?the remaining 20 acres being woodland On the premises i* * fine ston* mansion, SO feet by ii with a veranrl >h attached, I) feet wide, extending the length of tne house snd a lira* piazza on the east; the whole giving .imple ac- I rnmmodations tor a family of twenty per on*. The i leasure ground*surmanding the h iu?e are shaded with elegant ever* Keens, and very beautifully Uid out. There are on the farm r*e irotie houses for farmers or tenant*, together with three Urge ?t'?e barn*, containing (tabling and conveniences for a hundred head of ca'tle. and for the storage of I'D tons of produce, with coich honae, wagon h"U*r. granary and com cribs Tl?*re are alar, ll.e ..fa I'm. .r,r,?o ire ii -tue, fiah pond, a (uden of two acrea, orehanla blocked with the fv eat fruit, irrm honae and crap* wall, a stream of pp iui water i i eeery field a dvly morniuf and eveui (mail to And from the city. by which th? Philadelphia and New Votk paper* of 'he nine day are 'eeaired, and an omnibus paxi'ii; the ira'e mom*n( a> d rreninf. In I he I "mediate rirmity are F.piacnpal, Lutheran and Presbyterian churches. further de>eiipti?? la uiirereasary, as all persons withing to pnrch ?e are i- rit?d to c II anil examine the eatate It may. howerer. be added that for beauty, heal hful situation, anil atlra it r-a of eeery kind, it ia not anrpaaaed by any in the L nited States. 'I o tare (rouble. it may t>e w>II alan to mention the trice, which t? tJI rer aere Apply to UlbOROK MHKAkP . Whiteinarah, aul Jtaw <w?rrir Monttnmerv I n Penn BIMiKKft'BOAKDS.?lO.OM |hs. Binders' Boatda superior nuality, from Noa iS to U, Jul received, and for i Mleby PKR8&E k BHOQRli, ' au|ill?x UudrNiHwtt. -> V 1 111 1 I 'KJ >. 11 PARK THEATRE ?Fife! appaamnca of Mr. Cellmt, tha Iriah ComedUu ?i?l ?oe? "l? * ?>??. Au|?>( I7tb. will be performed lu .nERVOLS MAN and iht .dm of Nerve, Mr McSfaioc. Mr. CoIIum. lu whlrh )> will Mug " The Si r<> ' ( Sbilrlah tud i?lamr'>ck >o Oreen." Afiir whicii, th? li'Ci >f TtUUt Tlii. TILER Teddv Mtiuwnat. Lb* Tiler. with the eoax of " Widow M? honey,' Mr Colluii To conclude witb ihr MI8K.B1E8 0F HUMAN LIFE. D>ori i ?u?t 7 o'clock, and the jurloimui-H will coom.ucc itluif-.ui7 o'lloct. 8i'tr> II ; fit Mcanta ; Oalt?ry II c t p 1 n. BwWilk* rHEATRK - jlouily r-??niu?, ***** IT? Will b? iieiforin->1 th? ..t? i)r.inu of HOB<>KE.N ? liana h-arne?t. an earlntitr, \ir W'aJ>' I; Mr. Leu'-ot, ? (iw yer, Mi. Proctor; Kiaiik Lemma, * Lieut. in ihe American army. Mr. F'orr??t*r; llarrv Lrunox, hi? brothrr, J Booth; SV Olendmnl'g Mr Cl-rkc; C | t White, Mr Wajmyaa, f . ui< ui kiiv jkmi nrgioieut, itanmied at viootraaj; fanny LI toil, Mm i'miIik , >Ury L'imj.j Mr< Booth. 1 To condarte with ?h* WIZARD Oh THE WAVE? Ch rl*i Kalkuer, Mr. J. R. Scott; Hrny Bclford, Mr Blao- ' chard; rt ?vil. Mr. Corv; Dotu*a laabiua, Mra. Phillip*. j Doora open u 7 o'clock, canam will nuu hall i>aa(T ? Dre?a Circle. 50 caata; Upper Foiei, 2i centi; Pit and <fuit- I ry. 11)4 cent*. GRkLKWIl/H THfc.A'1 RE?Corner Yarick and Chart- ' too alrfMi-Vtoaihv Evening. Aacuat 17?Will he ii performed OUIl OLD HOUSE AT WOMR-F* in.r Greenland. Mr Krrer; Mat Mivbuali. H Chapman; Fanny lireeu 1! land, Mia? Craufo-d; Bel v W itglca, Julia Dr.ike, Alter which ih> wcnderlul pMloritiu.ce> ol (lie celebratedACROBATKA.MIL>. v In til-count- of the vveiui'g, a l'etit Comedy entiled A Lit Oil NO Lit'.?Henry St. Clair, Mr. Krrer; Thomiu, H. ' Chapman; I.uCv.Miaa *nd?r?nn. Ho ? , lulia Drake. n The whole to conclude with Keita of the WIZARD OK THK c.AST r Bora*. ti cenfa; Pit, ItH cent*. Doora open at 7?perfor- . minor to cominrucr at U before 8 o'clock. CASTLE GARDEN, w in. it* nw on i'roin?aa<t<ia > >a open day and evening?-Monday Evening, *j Augnat 17th, th- enierrai' ineut will include a good t aulrction of Muair, from KaMinoda. H muaa. Roatini.J l.v || bit/kv, Aaher, Donizetti Jua. I.anuer, .Mnr.atl, Boielt'icu, . which will be perlormed by the Orcheatra, under the direction of Mr C W. Meyrer '' [T7" Inieruiiiaion of half an hour for refre?hmenta, (J and to view the beautiful ra -ce of COHMOK \MA8. .. (tending around the whole of the Eaplacad*, which will . be brilliantl) illaniuated with gaa, ihua giving viaiterian e(- 1 Crllent opportunity to eiamine theae heatitifnl Viewa. Ad- t Dliaaion flurinir the rt?v and evening 'V4 cema t| .POWERFUL ATTKACTION! i| FIU S T HENF.FI T OF v M'ME. ANL) MONS. LEON JAVELLI f, THE WHOLE RAVEL FAMILY. ? GABRIEL II VVK.L- ? NIMLO'S GARDEN?Mouday Evcuing, Aaguat 17- ' The entertainment* will commenca with a popular Overture. ti After which tl-e Comic P'ntomime of the WOODCUT- t] TERH? lobard, Gabriel Ravel; Mom Duboia, Krancoia Ra- .i vet; Corp ral, Leon la?elli; J-niitn. M'tne Martin Javaili . To be followed by tSa graceful Dane* called El Jaleo d* ll Arret, ny \rme Leon Javelli. * Thia will be succeeded by the BEDOUIN ARABS?By the Ravel Family. ? H?ir<ui hours intermiaaioa for tho Concerts A-la-Maatrd, tl ID the Refreshment Sa'onn. tl To conclude with THE CONJUROR'S OlFT, or THE ? MAUIC PI LLS?i'olurao, Gabriel Ravel; Doii Paiichio, Jerome Rivel; Elviua, M'me Leou Javelli. y Doora open at 7 >Vln?k ; antertainiuetfis baitia at 7H o'clock .>< Tickets Vi rents. A CARD. si MESSRS CONY AND BI? ANCH ARD be* let to ,i inxirm their friend* and the pob'i in general, that their ( KaHKWEI L BENFFlT. prior lo their departure fir En- /" rope will tike place on Wednesday uexi, Augua' lftth, on U which orcaaion Mr. J. R bmtt. ivlr. E D venport, M'. n Bland, Mr. B Williams. Mr Wilcot, and Mn Bland will i I pear, in addition to the already powerful company. Bee bills. 91 RENT DAY. ti OURANO OUTANO. ,] EVE OF WATERLOO; ^ LA VIVANDERKAND HER DOO. c aul7ftins"rc q, iiinviia k co.'tTis kw "VUKK maaiMuth ir< CIRCUS. b THIS anrirallrd corpa of Eq'ieatriaus will perform at y< BulTilot'th tJth and 26tli Mat.: Williamtville, Z7th; _ Lockport 2tili and ZUtli, in rou'e to Rocnealer, and will beat Rochester 7th, Sth and t'h September. ^ The Laig-st Kstab*ishmetit ever organized in the United c State?, comprising IM Men and Horaea, r> quinine ,, Carriages to conrry the per ormers wardrobet, musicians, Iic. The company hat attached to it Eight Female eques- '1 trians, among whom ia the (irraleat Female Rider of the t| Age, recently arrived fr< m Pnria, MADAMKMARIE MACARTE, whose uew<at\ le of F.quesirian Feata, peculiarly her own, v being rhttte and classic: her graceful and fascinating address, and the cliatming nairefe with which ahe chaina her audi * nee, render ihia gifted and highly-educated artiste the lead- * ing feature of the anna in this country. The Proprietors tl reler the public to the brilliant description given in the reapeclivr newspaper* of the ex'raoidiuary and daring feat* performed by this distinguished artitle H Fyu.--trian Director, vlr H'< VKS Rising Matter, Mr. ( NIXON, and the unapproachable Clown, D^NRlCE. ? stinong the Performers is the celebrated and principal Rider, the Napoleon of the Arena, Mr. HOARS, whose feata ou , S Horseback 're the mo-t extraordinary ever witueaacH. lave nile act <if Horsemanship by Maater Nixou Olynnic Exercises, by the whole C ompany, led by the grot Europe u , Tumbler, Mr. MACARTE Wonderful Fear* by Mr. I> ( ole's Dugs, Hector aud Billy. The SWISS BKOTHEHS. in their elegant Oymuss'ic Po?tures and Uroupiuica. Mr. i. Sweet as the Charioteer of Phcabus Poatu ing and Gym- ' nasties, by Mr. Nixon and hia sou. Mr. Ho?ei indhis Mvthologicil and brilliant Act of " Fancies of Proteus" Mr. ir C. Howes in Slack Hope Krolntiona Mr. tieo. Sweet, the t) celebrated Tight Hope Daucer. With a variety of o hm The whole comprising the leadiug, mote talented, aud " clasaic performers in the world t( .nH HO < F.?fc.? O'S New York Mammoth < ,,f.? ? ACiAVK AMERICANA. s THE subscribers are happy to inform their friends and the cl public, that the great Americin Aloe is agaiu roveed "J with buds and flowers, interspersed witn mauy hundred perfectl> fumed plants anil str* veatela, which have every ap ^ pea ranee of maturing. The tlawer stem of this giant plant ia IV 76 feal in heuht and it inches in circumference. <; pen from 7 A. M m 10 P M. Admit'ance 12^ cents Hot house Grapes of the finest kinds dunna the season Bene 81 PI Oil. at all times. DUNE VP 4i THOMSON, ;i alt> Iw'rc Seedsmen nd Florists.til'' Broadway. ., A UAnuf-iN in Ml" -iri.,1 mi' ii?*. tl J\ HJUAQN.?Dodworth's Ccraat UaBti will iwrlorm arerr Tuvsdaf Friday evanings, cotcmai ciag Jon* hi1, at I o'clock. Admittaaca Ira*. 0 myt tra*re WILLIAM ALLISON, Prr>riri.w.. GOTHIC HATX MECHANICAL Exhibition?Duck of Vaucanaon?War Elephant, ltc? every evening from 6 until 10 o'clock. alS I w m M'LL?.P-*.t/LINC, DEeUARD1N8 would respecifmiy inform her pupils, he . th-tsbe has returned from Saratoga Springs, ( where ahe h<d the honor of. introducing the Iteaowa want, which the had ju*t received rrnm rans ) and that ihe ia now prepared to renew herleaaonsin all the most fashionable dancea. at her residence,dNo. 74 Leonard at eet. weat a-de of Broadway. a?U?w*rrc THh ALHAMKA. J ICE CREAM SALOON, '1 No. 569 Broadway, between Syring and Princt. J TO 8TRANOEK8?Strange re riming the city will fiud a .. new attraction in the Salooiie of (tie Alhainra. whi< h, 1 aatde from the delicious Ices and Confectionery to be found ; f | there, ia fitted up in a style of Eastern splendor and magnificence never before attempted iu th a country. The be?ntiful i p foun aiu iu the teaselated court, which duplaya a variety of carious and ingeniou only keepa the air delightfntIv cool and pleasant, but excit<< an amaaing inteieat and a , thousand conjectures; while the apacioui promenade aronnd the balcony affords a view, every uleaaant evening, of more c brauty andf<ihi"g than can be found congregated ia any other place of public resort in the city. Indeed ao where t cau an hour be paaaed m -re rationally or agreeably. < O" Admitauice free. aull lwia'rre 0 CENTKEVILLE COURSE. l] LONG ISLAND RAILROAD Trains will leave Brook- ti I yn at 2 and ' P M:, for the Coarse tow mess the great ? fit-Id Sports on Monday next, tha 17th inat. Kare, each way, 1 25 renta. wiili St m ll COLMAN'S \l EMPORIUM OK ART AND CLASSIC CABINET 1 OALLERY OF OIL PAINTINGS, T1THIC11 includes his itnmenae stocks of Boaka, Paintings, 1 TT Kiuravinjs, Fancy Stationery, Drawings, Drawing Materiala, Music, tie., are now to be foand upon the aecond ' floor, np one flight of eaay stairs, (having leased the firat floor.) where every thing will be sold at aa low pricea, and ] many much below the regular pricea. being deairoua of eloa ill ap aa soon as possible hie Book Department. A Cheap Liat will soon be pabliahed for those who will tmy S quantities. f Purchasers are invited to call and examine hia New Rooms, . No. tM Broadway, second floor all coders tfrrc ATHLETIC GAMES, AND MANuY SPORTS'! } M T 4^ : ATTHE CENTKEVILLE TROTTING COURaE- c Mooday, Auguat 17, 1146.?Free for all Competitors.? ' . No entrance fre. The gamea and aporti under the direction of Mr John 1 Sheridan, of Boston, the celebrated Professor of Gym- J naatics. t PROGRAMME. J 1 Tretting match, under the sadd'e?I mile and repeat? lor all lioraea that never trotted for money?catch 11 weight. Entrance, f 1. Price, one elegant Saddle ai.d Bridle. n 2d. Long font race?oue mile round the courae. Prixe, a ' splencid Silver Cup. ? Jd. Tnrowina the Sledge?weight 13 lbs. Prixe. (1 n 4th. Wheelbarrow race round the Courae. Trice, a rich Hiiver Cap. Sth Running in Sacks?1?0 yards. Prixe $3. P #th. Wheelbarrow rsce?t-lindlolded?lot yurds. Prire $1. *| 7ih. Snort font race? IM vaids j. > th. I'igena shooting??< hi'da?sit competitors. 9th Clunhing rh? g eaaed i ale. Prue, $1. 11 T r~ 1'iite no the t<ip of the pole M ivin l if rirt-> II If* ? i ni?. inr r n. Tlie f'oer?e will tvw*4 at I o'clock, *nd the ?porti Will' inrnr"r!a^^N^K_v. ?ull t* H'C ? KOK SALE, P Tiro r/jvm xauulk houses, * <Cl WILL drive atao * eama*e. They mi 1 laOin juat lit* nftn hi# lor ridm* on nTTViwriftafk, ui ha** bean Inns mad tojCL2_L> n thr *?ddi* Apply ? he <!" * ef tfc' Hersld Oflien, for | lJ ?**..fie?Ur? tet* rfMrh 0 <% KI.X? I'HAkLKl) sPAMKLb.-hu, Bmch mhI v ^#Q Too rd, "r> liur, jntt imported |*r *hip St June*, I London. . Ann. Three Phetland Poniea, initable lor (entletnen'a ' aoua?eery docile, ?nd perfectly mnnaceahle. Vor Sale by 11 A OKI EVE, No. 4 John itreet, Importer aud dealer in Bird*, 1 Uin,*e. _ aul lm*rr- f FIN I- IHtOT^" FOK #3 Ml, t J City made, and are oqoal to'thoie aold in other (tore* ( forts Km* Krench C*lt Dre>* Boot* lor $4 V) equal i to the heat made. ind *old in thu city Tor $6 or <T. All Boot* warranted to cire aatisiactiou. YOUNO k JONES, No. 4 Ann ?tr#et, I Near the American Mnaeum J Qnick iiUea and imall profit* i* our motto.?4 Ann atreet. ?? '2 'w?m REMOYAL OF ROBERTSON'S PHCENIX j! HAT AND CAP MANUFACTORY. I, f? TDK t>nder*in>ed would reapect folly notify tie (, putilir, that ha ha* remura'l from hi* former location 103 to 19 Kulron a titer.. Hatinif a much more cnmmo<*ioua atore.and having otherwiae increaaed hi* facilitita, he ii t) confident ofKiriiiK aniKfaetioii to hi* former |i*lro*a. \ ROBKRTSON, Hatier. M Fnlton at., aoU1m*m (between Wm and Poll ) GENTLEMEN'S FKENCH DRESS BOOTS. GENTLEMEN'S Knjli.h B.iakm*. made of pateot ,| Leather. 1 ampiro Morocc- , and Calf, fa*hionablet?t)le, y lor ml# 1 heap. wholesale and retail, iinunil.?cl?rer? e* pot Tl M-Iden, lw f ? COUNTRY MERCHANTS. DRUOOIhTS. and dealer* in Pe^merjr and rtBCy ftoapt eu be (applied ipon the mo? f.roreole ter?n?, u r ehnt* .irtic e?. aii * t% it irom Oir fI'WII*" W. -- ..ninn Wiilnat r min*t?oii of which w? w?ift The <Jl|* * , ' . l ll r~l''tev/,flS:i.,H.i''Kr.'C.% oSSZi K ; i^SILr JOHNSON, VK?lOM k KOWLKH; " -Wt.?C<wuiU.dt .UHC n latest wraucr:-!:.. BY THE MAILS. Washington, August 16,1840. Naval SchoU af Annapnl-it?jiyprrnttc School? r,f A J-_ " ' ' - ? o? -j ?ji cam ? r~ott*f? Otnrrat Taylor?Mr. Srcrtfury Marcy, fy( $ c. Ona of th* most important metrurri of the pre mnt Secretary of tho Navy, i? the estHblshment ol i naval School at Ar.nnpoli?, where mid*hiproan, ^tien off a cruise, are to be housed and instructed n everything that can advance thetn in their proession. This school is designed to contain one Kindred pupils, who are to he trained lor their trufeasion, taught naval astronomy, navigation, unnery, ami every other branch of science'hat it i useful for them to know. Here they will have permanent residence when on shore, and they mil cease to be, as at present, exposed to the emptation of indulging in jxces? and dissipation. Those of them who progress lasteat and show nost aptitude for their profession, will be pronoted?whilst those who are incorrigibly du'l ,nd stupid, will he at onced'opfied from the list, ilothing, m my opinion, could better conduce to lie building up of an excellent warrant officer i-t than this school, and tho intermediate grade, lie establishment ot which 1 mentioned in my lett-r of yesterday. The Senate manifested the corliality of their approval of this school by ?n almost mammons vote of an appropriation ol $28 200, to ie placed at Mr. Bancroft's disposal, with a view o its establishment. Mr. Bancroft has in coniMtiplation the establishment of another scb'Xil on ie apprentice system, but he has not the details /o Wed out as yet. It will have one excellent mature to recommend it?ihat is?that a number f tho most promising of the pupils will, after ualilying themselves, be commissioned *s midliipmen. This system will turn out a race ot in lligent, hardy and skilful seamen, and will at lie same time democratize the navy,by raisin); to lie rank of officers young men ol' humole station, lut whose talents may ouo day shed lustre on the ervice. The more 1 examine the new system of promoon that the Secretary of the Navy wishes to in uuui/v, uio iiiwiu a mil muiiiiru ui uiniK uif Clillor raised against him iii-just. I will give ou a case in point. The Secretary, in ending in a list of promotion*, passes over the ame of a certain othcer, and lor to doin^ asgnes the following reasons, which he uhsiiuiat?B by a reference to the tilesofihe department, laytain A (I will socall him.) stands first on th? st. The Secretary does not think hun entitle d to romotion lor the iollowing reasons Capia'ii A as been ordered to seaon a very mild unci healihy ta'ion, and but a short distance f om home. Al;r he had been at sea for some itays, he vrritf-s to lie department that in consequence of "an invo Hilary ejection of food from the stomach," ha annot remain at sea; that whenever he goes to fa he is troubled with this in voluntary ej> cuon of >od trom his stomach; and in consequence he egs to Im relieved. The surgeon, he states, has sluscd to give him a certificate of illness, but ives him a certificate of incapacity tor set vice, low, the question arises, is it lawlul lor the Seretary of the Navy to promote this man and leave npromotcd, young, active, ardent, and patriotic len, who arc willing nnd nbl? to do itood ami ef. cient servico in any clime, and in any sea, "From Indies to tha P*le"? rtiile Captain A is suffered to remain quietly on hore, to enjoy himself. The Secretary of the Jaw thinks it would bt: eminently unjust, and xo limit I. Do not suppose that the above case is an imninary one. On the contrary, it has actually ouurred, and the proof, if wanted, is at yourdisponL The other cases that I could cite are quite as trong, or stronger. General Taylor is probably at Cainargo to-day. in on iuh unjr lUIWllfMll, II liuiuillg OCCUf, HO WIK o at Monterey. Mr. Secretary Marcy ha?< come out tnumphintr from the controversy with Governor Johnson, f Louisiana. There ne?--er was a clearer case of ljustice than blaming Mr. Murcy lor disbanding 10 Louisiana volmiti;crf>. H?\ himself, regretted . as much as any one, but still he was compelled ) act as he did; and although it is, no doubt, anoying and provoking to the brave fellow* themL'lves, still Mr. Marry should not be blamed for oingwhat was socletuly his imperative duty.? 'hero is one lact connected with this ma'ter diich I do not see noticed, and that is, that Mi larcy was not apprised, until by the late letter of rov. Johnson, that the volunteers had enlisted for x months. He did not dream of such a tiling, nd the ttrst intimation ho received of it was the ngry remonstrance of Governor Johnson, no oubt prompted by the very best feelings. Some members oftho Senate are ?till in the city ngnged in franking documents. Galviknsi* Washington, August It, 1846. Hu Mexican JRag$?The Ijind Office?'flu Com miutoner?The Ami$tad African*?Mr. AUtn't Speech on the Ortf;on Quttlion? Colonization by Eur peun Power*?'!Tie Bontrmkat?Mr. Medill, the Commiuioner of Mian Affain,etc. Though some time has elapsed since Major 'syne brought to tins city, and presented to the 'resident, the Hags captured at the battles on the lio Grande, nobody ctn tell where they are. "here are many inquiries for them every day, at he National Gallery, where they should be daiosited, that the public may see the trophies, inonsiderablc as they are. It was in contetnpla ion to display these flags, through the Committee in Military Affairs, to the House of Representaives; but why it was not done we are unabla to letermine, unless it was that the members of fie committee possessed but littio spirit of exul'aon over a fallen foe, or that they thought these vidences of victory were not sutfioientl imporint for exhibition in tho legislative halls, as were tie swoidof Washington and the walking stick of rnnmin The acting commissioner of the Land Office, [tunes 11. Piper, has issued advertisements for extensive land sales in Iowa and Florida. Mr. Shields is a brigadier general ot volunteers, and las not yet resigned his office as commissioner, rhe President is in 110 hurry to appoint a successor ; and has made up his mind, I have been inbrmed by a friend of Judge Shields, to wait until he third of March next, beiore doing so. lr> other voids, the place is left open until that time for VIr. Shields, if he sees proper to return and relume tho duties of this branch of the public icrvice. Among the appropriations of Congress was one >f twenty-five thousand dollars, for carrying int* fleet the acts for the suppression of the slave rude, including the support of tha recaptured Vfncans ol the Amistad, and their removal tm heir country. This was pressed repeatedly by he Spanish minister, and the Secretary of State, intil Congress acquiesced. Senator Allen, of Ohio, after a period of six nonths, has commenced publishing in the Inion, his opening speech pending the Oregon otice. He occupied two days in its delivery. It 1 decidedly his best effort, though many of his ositions are vulnerable. He took broad and trong ground against any further colonization by iuropean powers, on this continent, as suggested y the President in his annual mes?age. This, it nil be remembered, was scouted Dy Mr. Caloun, who said that, before making such an vowal' we should be prepared to maintain the osition. The speech was made while Mr. Allen fas chairman of the Committee on Foreign lelations, and it was conceded that he spoke he views of tho Executive. The Union if last night, in speaking of the meastues >1 the administration, thus tar, say*, "that what vas proclaimed by Mr. Monroe a* theory u 1K28, and what the present President relented in 1446, has now become established ind manifest truth. There is no longer room for urther European colonization on the North American continent!" If this be so, what becomes of he right of England to colonize north ot the divihng line of Oregon 1 What is to interdict it, ones* the world assert that England is not a EuroH-an power, and that the section of country from he forty-ninth to the Russian line is net on the *'orth American continent 1 The "Bontanka Pleasure Association," which rrived here from Philadelphia, on Thursday, 2ft to-day, in the schooner Theodora, for their iome, by the way of Mount Vernon, on th^Po->mac, Old Point, and Cape May. Perhaps there is no otficor under the govern lent more modest, intellectual and efficient, than 1r. Medill, the Commissioner ol Indian Atfiiis ; nd in addition to this, he has pursued a course iM'iirds the Indians, which has secured thoir love nd gratitude. Instead of entrusting money to ie unprincipled speculators who hover about Washington, to convey to them as annuity (but 'hich too often goes into the pockets of the robers,) lie hasdiracto<i the authorized agents to Jek out the Indians, snparntely, and nut into ?oh one's hand the amount, in gold ana silver, > wlncii he may lie entitled, according to treaty. 1 is an old hackneyed subject to talk nbout the poor Indian*but there is a fact which cam. > my knowledge, and shows they arc tlaeced >-~i?.?ln l.iut Nrtvnmhitr thn lV:ir D -il.irt lent Mat oui to Major Armstrong, at J wlW-U , i

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