Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 23, 1846, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 23, 1846 Page 1
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r . TH ] Vat. XII, lo. MiiT-WM* Ho. MO*. mTTT? VrtTT 1TAT4 T7 T TT7IT* 4 T TV iius i\flvv luitrv n.ariAJLi/, JAMES 60RQ0N BENNETT PROPRIETOR. Circulation---Forty Tnousand, DAILY HKH ALU- -???> Jet. frier a cents per ropy?*> ft prr iiiuuid?payable in -idvunceWKKKLY llr.B \LD? rery Saturday?Price ski cents t>er copy?(3 12>i ceuu psw annum?payable in advance HKKALD holl Kl lUIPt'-Krrry Steam Packet day. frier 6^ eeuts per cop?-?B3 ?0 per uoob payable m ad ranee ADVK.RTI8KMCMTM ?l the naaaJ prices?el ways cub advance PRINTING of til kinds ensealled with beanty and dee patch. Alt letters or communications, by mail, addressed to the t lablishment. most be post paid, or the postage will be de di cted from the subscription money remittal. JAM KM GORDON BKN N KIT, Proprietor of the New Yoae Huhsld EtTaBLiarMatsT, NAVtk.U'??r pin ?n?i crppfi .'I Sltiunii II < IMSIIIllMTItlea I JOHN H KKl> li AN St I O., Uuued Skates and litem Britain end Irelaud. Old Kaiabtished Qsisrul Office. (I houih street. New York at tu., Linri?P^^^^ Passaxr to and from Orrnt Britain and Irelaud. ria Liverpool by the Old Black Ball Liu t or any of the regular Packet ships sailing evsry fire days. The subscribers in calling th s attention of Old Countrymen and thr public generally to their unequalled arrangements for briugiug net prsaeugers from the old country, bee leave to slate that the business of the Hoase at Liverpool will be conducted by its oranch. Those seudiug for their friends will at once seethegreet imp..11 nice id inis irmigrmriit, as it will preclude an lite eeaaary delay of thr emigrant. Thr thins employed in this line are well known to he of the first and largest class, commanded by men of eiperienee; and at (hey sail every fire days, offer every facility that can be furnished. With those superior arrangements, the subscribers look forward (or a Continuation of that patronage which hu been ao liberally ei'ended to kirm (or so raanj years put lu case any of those engaged do not embaik. the passage money will be refunded as customary. for further particulars apply by letter, postpaid J HKRDMAN k CO. 61 Sooth at., New York H?KDMaN k CO., Liverpool. N B?Drafts for any amount can at usual be furuiahed, payable tl all rhe principal Kiuikuik luatitutious throuuboa' tht* IT?n*?d Kingdom, or. *ppfirMn?n * ?h?ivr jytt r CEAArOW AND NEW YORK LINE OF PACKETS. PML MlM. ERbONB wishing to send lor their friends in any part of Scotland, to mail direct from Glasgow, can inaka arraugemenu krith the Subtcribera, to have them brought out iu any ol toe regular line ol Packets, sailing monthly from Glasgow The ANN HARLEY, Captain Scott, ADAM CARK, Captain VlcEwen, SARACEN, Captain Hawkins, BKOOKSBY, Comprise the above line, sod the high character of those vessels should be sufficient inducement lor |>e ocs who may be endiug for their frienda in Scotland, to make arrangemenu for this (the only Nne.) Further particulars given, on application to W. It J T. TAP8COTT, 7S South street, corner ol' Maiden Lane, or Messrs. REJDA MURRAY. Agents alOr in Glasgow. NEW LINK OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS. from N^^^ila, and Iw^^^erpool f month. From Nttc Fork Lice, pool New ship Liverpool, 1150 tons, Apnl 21 June ? J. Eldndge I1 Aligns. 21 Oct. C New ship Queen of the West, (??"? *} jM0? ? IBO tons> Woodhou.e, j > \\ JN"& \ New Ship, Rochester, ? ton., \\ jfnSi.t ? John Briton. October 21 Dec 6 Ship Hottiuguer. 10S0 ton*. ^ \\ ^ J Ira Burslv J Nov 2| Jan. 6 The e anotiaiitial, last sailing, first class ships, ail built in cue city ol'uew York, are commanded by men of experience and ability, and will oe despatched punctually on the 21st ol each mouth. Their cabins sre elegant and commodious, and are lurmsheii with whsrevrr can conduce to the ease and comfort ofpassen gers. Trier of passage (100. Neither the captains nor owners of these ships will be responsible for any parcels or packages sent by them, unless regular bills of lading are signed therefor For freight or passage apply to WOOUHULL A MINTURN, ft South street. Nets York, or to F1ELDEN, BROTHERS It CO., mS re Liverpool NEW 'kOJi.ii AND GLASGOW LINE Ob PACKET*. Sailing from New k ork on the 1st, and Glasgow on the lith of each month From N. York. Fm. Ul'gow. (Junel. July 1J Snip SARACEN, N. T. Hawkins. < Oct. 1. Now 14. ( Feb. 1. March 1J. I July 1. April I J. Br. Ship BKOOKSB Y, H. MTEwwi, i No*. 1. Aug. 14. ( March I. Dec'r 14. I August 1. May 14. Br Bark ADAM CARR. . < Dec'r 1. Sept. 14 ( April 1 Jan. 14. I Mty 1. June 14 Br. Bark ANN H ARLET. R. Scott. < Sept. 1. Oct. 14 ( JanS" 1 Februa. 14. These ships are food, substantial vessels, ably commanded, and will sail punctually ou thnir regular days. Their accom oiudatious for passenger,are good, and every attention will be paid to promote their comfort The agents or Caixaius will not be responsible for any parcels or packages sent them, un less bills of lading are signed rherefor. For freight or passage, apply to ivUODHULL k. MINTURN, 87 South street. New York, or a4 re SKIP h MfHUtV. UI?gow. iVi A li.Sh.iLl.ti~ LlxNjfc. UF pAVh??la! jy 4 4 Th^iiiderme~ itnwfliip^vill bweguTany deepateheinroW hence on the 1st. and from Marseilles the 19th of each month during the year,as follows >? Ships. Captains. From N. York. TR'CE de JOiNVILLE, (new) Lawrence, April 1 Sept. 1 MISSUHI, Silvester, May 1 Oct. I AKCOLE (new) Eveleigh, June 1 Nov. 1. OAHTOIN, Coulter, July 1 Dec. 1. NEBRASKA (new) Wataon, Aug. I J.m.ll. Skip*. Captain*. From Maraeillea FK'CE de JOINVILLK, (new) Lawrence, Jane I* Nor. I* MISSOURI. Silverier, July 18 Dec. 18 AKCPLE, (new) Eveleigli, Aug. 18 Jan. II UA8TON. Coolter, Sept. IS Feb. II NEBRASKA. Wauoc, Oct. 18 Mar. 18 There veaaela are of the ftrrt elaaa, commended by men ol experience Their accommodation*, for paarencera are unrar paired for comfort and convenience Oooda addrerred to the aenu will be forwarded free of other charge* than thote acta ly paid. For freight or patarge apply to CHAMBERLAIN It PHELPS. Proprietor* No. 183 Front ttreet, or to BOYD It HINCKEN, Agent*, mllre tTonttne Buildiugt, M Wall.cor. Water rt. ._ BRITISH AND NORTH AMKR1 ROYAL MAIL STEAM SHIPS 1308 ton* and 418 hone power each, an del contract with the Lord* of the Admi ralty. HIUEUNIA Capt. A. Kyrie. CALEDONIA Capt. E. O. Lott. BRITANNIA Capt. J.Hewitt CAMBRIA C'apt.C. H. E. Jndkiaa. ACADIA Capt. Win Harrirun. Will rail Irom Liverpool and Boaton, via Halifax, a* fol low* -yaoM lotTotr. raoM LivrarooL. Hibernia. Aug. It, 1846. Britannia Aug. 18, 1841 Caledonia Sepi I, " Cambria Sept. 4, " Britannia ' It, " Hioernia 'l It " Cambria...n...Oct I, " Paaaaog Mownr. From Boaton to Liverpool SIM. From Boaton to Halifax 80. No berth* areured onfil paid for Theae ahipa carry experienced inrgoona. No freight, except apeeie, received on day* ul' railing. For freight, pasaage. or any other information, apply to D. BRIOHAM, Jr., Agent. At HAKNDEN It CO.'S. 8 Wall at. In additioa to the above line between Liverpool and Halifax, anil Boaton, a contract baa been entered into with tier Ma eaty'agovernmriit. to eatabliah a line betwern Liverpool and Sew York dirrci. The ateam aliipi fur tbi* accrue ere iiom being built, end early neat year due uotiee will be give -of the time wh* u thev wiM atait. Under the new contract the ateamrr* will rail every Saturday during eight mouth*. and every fortnight during the other month* in tne year doing betweeu LtTerpool, and Mama, and B??tua, and betweeu Liverpool and New York. i* It tfrtu _ . DRAFT8 ON OBKAT BRITAIN AND wi.hi.ig to rey^ ^L'f^7Li^a,n', money to.heit friend. in any part ol *4u2UE|^^Chiat Britain or Ireland,can procure draft. awe^^^^^^fcw?f ,he for any amount, trotn ?1 and ipwarda, payable on demand, without rfiacnunt, in all the priatipal town, throughout thu United Kingdom. Thu roy I mail atuamer will leave Bwn on the IHh lacaut. and he team.hip " Great Western" will aail from New York on the Mth. b? either of whirh draft, can be forwarded. W. It J. T. TAP8COTT, ktt Bouth atrett, .all "e I door. below Bnrliug alip. - ?- - Nd'l'lt.K?TAI'Sl UTT ? UfcN?kAL EMIGRATION OFFICE, Kemo.ed from yVzT?li^t|h^b7l to W South .treat.? wilding for their friend, in any part of the old Country aam^^^^^^Mwuran make the neee..ary with thr ?ub?cnber?, on reaaenable term., to haee them brought out. III IHh NEW LINK OK LIVERPOOL PAt.KK.'I'H i'hr Ship, of tl i. line are an.urpa.aetl t>> au\ other, aoo then itninrti.i- n?e (all being UK*) ton., and ni'warde) render, the.'i tame coinf rtahle and cooTyuienr ch.ii ahi|xol a .mallet claw ; >' d 'he gr.wteet reliance may be pi iced in their panetualii> iu aail lug '1 lie .nhacriber. are alio ageuu for the I St George aud Uniim Line* of Literpnol Pecketa, in any of .lie1 paaaage can be engaged on reaomahle term. UrhlTi- fill any amount, payable without diacnut in all the pritiCi) a! town, of Kugland, Ireland, Scotland or Walaa. tan alio be obtained. Kor lurthar pt rticulart. apply to W it/. T. TAPSCOTT, rrta-r .a Aonfh at . *d door below Hnrl me Blip, hi. y "Fult NKW ORLEANS? Lounuaua ami New uTf Ifotk Liue?Kegalar Packet of Monday. Jlat inat. jUbMrn? The faat .ailing packet .hip OENeVA, Capt. bimilhar will po.itieely .all aa aboee her regulai day 1 kor freight ot paaauge, apply on board, at Orlaaua wharf, foot ol W all .treat, or to _ E. K. COLLINS k CO., * South at. i No good, rucatead on board after Saturday a?a"dl'emwNt'u Orlaaua. JAB. E. WOODRUFF, who will nr..(I.I'll v loiward all good* to hi. addreaa. _ I he packet alu|> 8ARTELLK wiU aaacaad the (Heave. | -y 11 1 1 1 ' E NE JS Mansion House, Trot, N. Y , Aug. 19, 1(M?. A Gh >t up the Rio Grande eef York Statt?The Niagara?'Hit Metamnra?Hon R. Pakmham and Secretary?Hit intere$t in the Scenery of the Hndton?A Pleatant Company?Dr. Elijah IVhiti? Oregon?Aicount of the Yolran;tet of Oregon, m'th other incidental < bte'Vutiont. Tlii- passenger carriage of tiro Asfor House is lined wtilr red velvet,?came down in it totue l>?>ut with a plain c>tixen in the coin puny, who protested he could not feel easy in a vehicle soanti-re publican ana anst-icraiic. i lie driver was a spirited fellow, und wedged his way for some time through a blockading squadron of market wagons, 'till brought to a dead halt by a Knickerbocker's cart loaded with roasting ears. Our driver said peremptorily " Get out of the way, you ilit-headed Dutchman, or I'll upset you, by Jitsus." The descendant of Van Spnykell lired up at once, " Sih ?nd away yourself, you tain Irish va gabone, vol right you got in dish country, any how 1" Van Spuv keil, however, backed out, and Patrick passed through. The steamer Niagara, with a full complement ol passengers, is a sup i batf.iir. Wi had scarcely passed into the open river, however, with a company winch on the Potomac would be regarded as a spectacle, when the MiUamora, or Matainoras, (I forget winch) rounded to, hauled tip, lashed last, and delivered over to our Captain scino three additional travellers and their buggsge, including trunk", carpet bags, kegs, boxes, hales, and a hundred Im-keU ol peaches. Some part oi the engine of the Metumcra was out ol gear. As soon as our passengers had subsided into com pa ative quietude after this occasion, we passed round to look a a fne id and a familiar snide or two, among the hundreds ol strange but agreeable faces around us, liir the people ol York State are a clean, tidy, good looking community, " by and laige," ( is Col Benton would have it) any how The fir-i personage who attracted our attention was a squ ?re figured man of nearly six feet, fair countenance, light hair, reddish whiskers, a fiock coat a" stiti'us his shirt collar, and a greyish white hat. We recognised him at once as Mr. , the private secretary ofH. B. M. Envoy Extraord>naiy and Minister Plenipotentiary at Washington. The Secretary was apparently alone, hut a few moments after we caught sight of him in company with another gentleman, also in a greyish white hat. a man of a strongly marked Hibernian, or Anglo-Hibernian phystognamy, square head, hair sho r, compact figure, in brief a very plain but intelligent and good natured looking personage, dom-up by his tailor with diplomatic nicety, primness, ami quaintness of simplicity.? The set of his shirt collar was particularly significant of a nice regard for a respecable exterior.? It was vertically braced bv a nlarl cravat, arid ma ntaineil its upright attitude and altitude during the day with an air of truly diploma'ic scrunuloaity. '1 Ins gen'leiuau was tlio Hon Richd. P.ikelilisrn, the uego'i itor of the second great treaty of Washington. He stands thus ou the calendar ; TYLER, WEBSTER, ASH BURTON, BUCHANAN, PAKENHAM, POLKMr. Pakenham entertained himself chiefly in n review ot the glorious boundaries of the Rio del Norte of York State, ns we pushed along it-> continuous panoruina of lieids, and fleets, uud town.and villages, and points marked en the p-igo o'" history for all time to come, and swelling hills and green mountains, and clilis and rocks, and wu.exlails, and all the elements of ne rhtis'ciy Inju'itilul and beautifully c laste. fie guz< d over ;o the he-ghts near winch And . was captured?he glanced at We?t Point, J-to iy Po lit, ai d the Crow's Nest, and looki d hum fur the iu.nicrtai probosc-s of St Anthony's Nose, ai d then at the fa -e of the glittering river, us Hi mgh he < x, ec'ed Washington Irving's big s urg'-ou to up twruiy leet into the sunshine. But we found a more intimate, acmia n-uico m the plain and unpr< tending Dr. fcl jdi Whtu , of 'regon, a ooupie of young men, nuu a |iair of t^ir und inteiligent creatures ot ib 1 sex who were sent down to redeem the world, alter bringing it to the very verge of destruction. With the lull concurrence ol Dr. White, we were soon organized into a snug little congress ol our own And ibo Doctor, by request, expatiated upon Oregon, its prodigious mountains, terrible rivers, beautiful v ilteys, Indians, buffaloes and grizzly bears, and Mr. W bitney's railrqad. But his eloquence was recalled most strongly in his descriptions of the cascade mountains, through which he has pioneered a way lor the emigrants to the Willamette and the future commercial Chinese entrepot of Astoria. As neatly as we can recollect, the following is an extract trom the rhapsody of this practical man upon the mountains and volcanoes ol Oregon: ? "The cascade range, Miss, (tuiinng tu the blue eyes of the lair stranger at our side.) the cascade range runs parallel with the Pacific coast for a thousand mdes, at an average elevation of 10,000 feet above the sea, with Irequent peaks rising six or eight thousand feet higher, and shining with eternal snow for at least seven thousand leel front their summits. There is Mount Jetfurs^ti near r razors river, ana ivtount maimer lower uown; then conies Mount St Helen's,near tlie pass of the Columbia, t'-'en Mount Hood, and Mount Washington, and the Six Sisters, many of them unextinguished volcanoes, ju l:?.r v?i'h-'r all these lofty peaks are visible three hundred miles at sea, like so many light houses along a line of live hundred mites, with their silver pinnacles glittering in the sky. The whole of them have raised up by 'he upheaving? of the volcanic fires beneath them, which at intervals still break out with a more terrible sublimity than Vesuvius. In 1843, in November of that year, (continued Dr. Wiute,) 1 was witness to one of these explosions of tho volcano near Frazer's river. It was three in the afternoon. A dark heavy column ef smoke boiled up from the white tkmmit of the mountain, and soon it was envel^ed in an impcm tritble cloud, save from the upstreaming tire, and the rivers of red hot liquid lava that poured down its sides. The sky at 150 miles distant where 1 stood, was daikt-m d as by an eclipse of the sun, a heavy twilight hung upon the face of day, and a shower ot ashes fell around us. The Indians afterwards told me, that the lish in Frazr's river were destroyed to the sea from the si ream of lava which flowed down into its waters. Mount 8t Hi-leu's is frequently visible under a cloud of smoke?indeed ihat whole country ol Oregon is voluamc?i s boiling springs, its active volcanic peaks, its deep Assures, and dreadful chasms, its whole structure and formation bespeak it, as a region resting still upon a sea of fire." Sub-tantial'y, ttiough we may have somewhat embellish'd the language of the narrator,such was the statement of Dr. White concerning the Oregon volcanoes. We have given it, because it may be relied upon, though to most of your readers, it will be as novel as it was to us. Pending this staiement of the sublime of Oregon, the beautiful of the Hudson was almost forgotten, and the Catskill Mountain Hou<e upon its lofty elevation, diniiiiislii 11 lo our virw, in iTnnparison, to a nine couiitiy viUa ufon a gmtly sloping hill. We were culled Ironi dies- rerniiii'cences to ilinut-r; and hail the pleasure of tind<ng, thai Mr. Willmd, ihe polite Stewart, and his hioiher, lie oleik, liud provided us with three places vit-a-vit wnh oiher three lor our company, with one especial quadroon for our accommodation. A e were right in guessing that Niagara was ihe name. At Albanv, Mr Pakenham left in en route, as we learned, to Niagara itself To-mortow we leave this pleasant htile city of Troy lor the saturnalia of a day at Saratoga. Respectfully, Thk Doctor. U. S. Hotel, Sahatoga Springs, ) August 21), lH4h. ) Saratoga?The Razor Strop Man?Cool Weather ? The Springe? 'the Village?Arrivalt, frc. The first voice we heard on landing at this d Jpot this morning, of " beau mitide," whs the hard unearthly sepulchral o ceoi ih razm- strop man, reciting some ol h \ do/goiels near the gate of >hi< stalihslun i, : - "J ' 1A * i " And if jour razor lis? ? g l. You can wipe it out ?? ijui >? ' >*h i By ps) ing (went) Use red'- i can Kor thus* premium M<oi>* itch 'i ""'i 5l i I've a lew more left of liie o . < > " A crowd o boys and mm weie i? ottntl him, trauM...rted wnh tin eioquc v praises ot the. v n I cr ol iliese wonderful shop., which l'i p.olcMs w.ll make a razor keen enough to shave a inuu without opening. Fire is coitifo table here this morning. Cool and cloudy?thei mOiTietcr at ot). Tlio crowd is declining, thuugti there are stul >ome twer.ty-five hundred strangers in the village. There are some hall dozen springn along the little valley, all preserving the agreenb e and refreshing qualities of a dose of salts. If there is a better article to be had m ilit neighborhood w? shall cttttunl/ W; Y O rEW YORK. Sl\Nl>AY MO CHIHUAHUA, FROM THi ^EnMeiffi^^K^l^mi^B^^BPy'i~r,~ i ^ The town of Chihuahua lios on the Del Norte river, Ff, and 230 from El Pann. Almost the whole route The town is in the Department of Chihuahua, and co southern base of a chain of precipitous hills, which,at t which the city stands. In its vicinity there are nume sively worked. The Cathedral church is a building t nearly two millions of dollars. The Jesuits' Hospital where the celebrated putriot Hidalgo, was confined pr were also confined there for some time. The Apacln of tho town, and the inhabitants are obliged to use a ^heir attacks. It contains some very fine squares ani THE GOLD MINES OF REAL This mine is situated in n lour, detached sp the capitnl of New Mexico. It was discovered in j searching for some stray mules, and who happening | to those found in the gold regions of his native (dace, j was very insigniticant, hut the gold was of uncoiutnc ! years 1832 and 1835, ft nountcd to between $60,000 j have not yielded more than $40,000. The entire nggi I ed half a million of dollars. It is supposed that it is ' ed with enterprise. The dust and grains found at tin I 80 gross to the ounce Troy. The winter season is | snow furnishes th wnter necessary for washing. TI , working these mines liv<- wretchedly, generally supp ! sisting on the coarsest food. I make short wotk of Saratoga. The waters un* T < j doubhdly possessstrong remedial properties for ei many stubborn diseases ; but as we are not upon N the sick list, we would prefer a more palatable ih beverage. ni J lie village til cu ruio^ii vv i .n-> ? uiu.->i I' limnt . an<t rural phv&ioguoniy?the very place lor tlic h< relief of eye* weakened by the refraction of pavements and brick will's, tiad the dust of that great ly dusty we left behind at Washington. ?k>tnu fifty passengers ciune up in the cars with us this morning. A more particular report tomorrow. The mail curtails our accouut current. Thermometer tu one o'clock, G3. Respectfully, Tiie Doctor. U. 5. Hotel, Saratoga Springs, ) Aug. 21, ld4l>. 5 SrattereH Shots from the Springs. The water, like Senator Dickinson, improves b upon acquaintance, nnd a day's initiation at hard ^ drinking makes it as delicious as the contents of a ( ^ long-necked silver-bound bottle of Johnnnisberger. th We ran the gauntlet several times, yesterday, of ro all the springs of the valley?t he Congress, ihe Columbian, the High Rock, the Iodine, nnd some ,n others?the water gradually cottoning in its pungency, until that of the Congress fountuin beenmo ^1 as smooth as cordial, and as sweet as orange water. J In the evening we had an amateur concert at ?u Union Hall, by lour young people, from the Green J Mountains, as we were informed. The choir, jt composed of a young lady aud three young men, of in accomparriament with the piano, regaled us to the best of their abili'tes, and :o the general satis- cn taction, with melodies, ciiorttse., glees, Itc. A an large company wer. prerent.among whom we saw Rt Prof Morse <*f the telegraph, llou. Mr. HuiWing1 ton of C .nn , Hon- Mr K.rckw. h : rid lady, do, J Gov SMadool Vr, and others; Hon F" anci? Gran- jj" ger was a so in town y s erday, though we have 41i I not seen him t?d ty. Alter Itsu ning >o our cotiu- p,, i trv vocalists nut I we h ul fairly caught the scope oil I ot theiricyle and approximation tocTcvcrness, wo I pasted down l y ilie Congress I'ount tin, drank standing, ti'd ihrn dropiwd in o the old E(i scopal f" chinch to rude*voi locn'cll llie secret, il possible, fif Herr Alexander's *' tree intle k ps, and <lr little ^ ball,and'the r? <1 bug, " wid da ejig vicli be Hud in it when he always want one," ai d his other " feelosopbick expary incuts." lie lied a crowded house, 11 ml the undiem e were hi raptures Willi , Ins skilful tricks. This niormug, however, brings i out the offended church against linn, pell rncll, in the papers. It apfiears that the edittce, which jn had become too small lor the congregation, or rather thn congregation too large for the building, was sold, ond, In coining the property of it privuto | individual, lie ie>r> I', like Dr. llal. of the Taberlt.icle, lo nliiiont iinyilnng iHSpeOtable Unit will C?v tor the 15?ndVr Bin the chui?5.i ia tlnH i'.? i< noif the l-'.-s i | diguan' t ...i i.icril gu ii ii-c' i which "ii* iiiuo I "'.iplt.'Ol 1" ill da It.* Il : I appt jltilf<'d; a nil jw I a corrcpdtideti' of tin" ft>) ulh'trail dits ni'irii'iig p complains most buv 11/ c ip. g <d trnn ? nifig die v ry tiiiai ol onlexf.xv .uto a pml.uii i c?l ti r the c 'lubrnttoii ol tin- ?r.:ies of Lucift r ; i >r l c it tmdi rst. od that not a f. w ol cm chu eli ConiuitliliOMiiin do Mi v tli? 11'rr Alexander * | uas a written cruipuet with the dev.I, H,?d ihey l bcl.eVf it a- nib i.nly *m 'he old foundbends of j ' Salem believid in tue power ol timir Witches lo m< ride, on a dark night on a hickory Inarm, through h" , the air, ou their errands of infctnal iniquity The wl I warden of Uie Episcopal Church has actually ,0 thought it expedient to announce that llic chiucli authorities had no control over the old bouse, or it never would have been thus sin tendered lo Wl the rites of the lower regions, and to uu agent of en 1 ' d' '. P"*"1"** ? - i^?w mmm * mm*m i? i/' i 2ML JL RiNTNG, AUGUST 2& 1? , a*, tlipi distance of 83<1 miles south from Santa from El Paso is through a chain of sand hills, ntains 30,000 inhabitants. It is situated at the his point,form a kind of crescent, hi the curve of

rous mines of gold and silver, which are extenlf gient splendor and magnificence, having cost I, an unfinished pile of buildings, is the place eviousto hisexecuiion. The Santaprisoners b ntid Cainanchc Indians prowl in the vicinity ;ood deal of vigilance to defend themselves from 1 public buildings. DOLORES, NEW JffEXICO, ur of mountains, twenty-seven miles south of 182*, by a mulc-berd from Sonora, who was to pick up a stone, discovered it to be similar The amount procured for the first few years in purity. The quantity extracted between the and 8*0,000 per annum. Some sensons since egate yield, since its first discovery, has excecdcapahle of yielding a gr^at deal more, if workis mine are of virgin gold, producing about 8a9. preferred for mining 0|>erations, as the melted ie Mexican eambueinnt who are employed in orting themselves on a few reals a day, and subspli' t, who is evidently possessed of seven or glit devils of the most dreadful complexion. Dtwithstanding all this, the Magician gives anoer concert " in th? old Episcopal Church" toght, and thorn is no doubt that lie Will have un created an H'.tiry, trnm He ngnt ous tnuignauun ; has raised among the Uomnlhend.s. 'llic arrivals yesterday a: these waters, a* nearas we can ascertain tlicin, arc as follows:? At the Coifed States Hotel 09 Luton Hull 00 Coni<res* lull i>3 Amen mi Hotel 97 Columbian Mote! 13 Montgomery 11 oil ... 17 Adelphi Homo 10 Anil nt twelve or fourteen other houses, an aggie gate of about 00 Total 34(4 The departures Wi re about the same, the day ing cold, sour and unplea-aut. The weather i? II overcast morning, hut something warmer. ro parsed n^nin the tound of the springs and it tea pin alleys (where the ladies kifKk doun e pins at a terrible rate), and lire circular rail'jids, and the Indian encampment, and the Dalentan galleries, and the Metrono?and having i engagement to dine at the Ola Congress, we tutabiidge you again. Tin y bcttle up for exportation at the Congress pring some ^'.O dozen bottles per d *y. ltesptct'ully, Tub Doctor. Boston Water Worm?Glorious Commencrust f.p THE t-NTERI'ftlSR?The great woilr of pplying the city of Boston with pure water was commiced yosterday tinder the most favuruhlc auspices. A isr dnv for the ceremony could not have be--n selected was neither too hot not too cold, ami there was nothing nny kind to mar the pleasure of the occasion. At ID lock, a special train of csra left the Worcester depot lor the. rcone of actio'i. hnving on hoard the :y government and a I >rge number or in> Ited guests, long whom were the veneraidu ex-President Jonn liner Adams, Jnaiah (gnincv. late Presi lent of Harr.l i'nirer-uty, James T Austin, formerly Attorney rneial I (?. I'nlfrey, Secretary of the I ommonweUth, soph Barreit. Trea-uier. Horatio Apraguo, U 8 Consul rubral tar, Mr Allen and lohn B. Jems, ommiss.oi ar d Knglneer of t!>e ' roton wa'er works The city au ..... I,- all on hand ax were thosa uf several ier citieaanJ town*. ? * ? * ? * ? Immediately hehin 1 the Mayor iu the proreaaion. was rricd the spade to Ite tued hy him on the nrratun lia implement win borno by Maater William lletity itton. It an of poliahei) steel, with a handle in lOiita* n of roee-wood. and bore upon ailver plates, the lola in* inscriptions :?on the iront WITH THIS Hl'.\ BE THE I'lRiT niTH was aiNoraa is cottrHCCTino thc LONG POvU AQUI'.UUOT, BY HON. JOSt HI qUINOY, Jb. M ATOR or RoalOS. AiioTsr at, a o mir. presence of the City Count-11 and other invited gueata. I'lcaentedBa n memorial ol the event by the Warm Coe oittkr. On the reverse aide the loilo a ing Wat km CoMaitii'iM tta Nathan Halo r,n|. Jettiea H. Baldwin, Esq. Th' H 1 urtia E?q Hltlt t oM-ur11 c I- iRht Namta The '.elected ground w*e reache i i>t a lew rvr.ofea paat oive. unit ' verything w*a tbun.i rja?i> for the wnpo.ri I ~..o? e. in/* I 1 in i <i" K'iv left the table at heJi r>'-?t thr? a, and were m, ...i bo a to Ko-toii in th a)>m? aimclel trateaa.'ich n. ti cm up As the Irani passed down t t tree le? limm no rend, another diviaion of Hie liboicra i.? tout* at \ The ttaui wj' ato|.: ed, end the | nt| h y t-?.tc threo hceity cneeri, whicn w. re ?a h?'?rt| ; rcpondctl to by the Intocers. 'lhe conttaotoia, | c??ia I .Hrintrh el, < lender It' o , have ?m etal t.uii lri d ; 'ii now on the work, with ihn requisite inipl,i..enU. ir?#?, cart., k.\ Iu' , But tue work will be proserated thtncrgv to tta completion The company retu'ned tlae oily at 4 o'clock, highly delighted with the cete>nica ot the day, not an Incident having occnred to mar a pleasures of the occtaion. Every one who waaprent will long remember the day when thia greet work a commenced at Lake Cochetuete.?ifesten Trant'r'< "** *'? i a A 546. Rcllgluue Intelligence. Calenuah foe Auouit- 'i3. 11th Sunday alter Trinity. 'i4 St. Bartholomew, t. J Apoktl*. SO. l'Jtn Sunday after Trinity. The DAit monthlr meeting of the New York CHr Tract Society, will lie publicly held at tlie Methodist Kpi*'opst choicli, vvillett street, Monday evening 34th A usust, ,it a o'clock, w'.eu report* for the last mouth w 11 be iciui and au addicts may be expected. t're 'Vtarv ol UtU'l-turla adjourned, to meet at the call of ihV >' l ?'o: tiling ibe sessions of the Bynod okL'nca, com .iou -nig m the city of L'tica ou the 37 h j Ret. The "yuo.1 of Unc i will meet in the first Preibyteriau cl arch in L'ticu, ou 1'hurtJa) . the 37ih of August, at 7 o'clock. The next annual meeting of the (General Association of the State of Now York, will bo hull In the Congregation il rliuich ut Lockport, Niagara county, on Thursday,tho 37tli of August, commencing at 10 o'clock A. M. The Presbytery of Itha.-a stand* adjourned to the lost Tuesday of August, a. West liroton The " couucil of clergy," to whom Kev. Mr. Htorri*. of Urookliue, Mas* left the matter of his dismissal (at his own request) (rum Mint place, and acceptance of the call to the r liurch of Pilgrims, in Diuoklyn. N V., have decided against t ,c dinn, al and acceptance. Consequently Mr. H. reii. rins ut 15 rook line, Mass '.'mbistuw I.iuKr.At > i r.?The late Kurl of mont distributed, during tlisj lact sixty year a of his situ, to benevolent objects- tiro immense sum of ill,300,u00, or ubjut $8M,OOlt a ycur. A wealthy gvnileuinn in New York, (<uys one of the city journals,) if ho coniioues his present course, bids lair to mnulate the example of the noele Karl Among his generous donations, few of wldch reach the public eye, may l>e mentioned $33,000 for the erection of a library building lor Princeton Theological Semjnary; $-i 300 to stereo?) )ie one work for the froshyte.iaii Board of Publication, and $4000 for another; $li,Ui 0 for one .Mission t.hurch in New York, and several ton thousands towards others; $3000 for one Missionary station, Ire. R?v J J. WrRbreeht, In his " Protestant Missions in Bengal. Illustrated,"sh) s:?" I visited the ltajah ofBurdwan. aii.i found him sit ing in his treasury. fifty hugs ut money, containing loOO rupees (41100) in each, were place 1 hefoio him. 1 What,'said 1, 'are you doing with all this money C l'e replied. ' it is for my gods.' 'How, do you mean ihnt f I rejoined ' One part is sent to Benares, where 1 have two Que temples on the riverside and many pr eat* who pray for me -, and another part goes to Juggernaut; and a third to Gays' Thus one native i? spending 413o 000, or $111 000 annually Irom his princely income, upon idols and Braliinins How long woul I it require a similar liberality on the part of Chris inus, to extend the purifying and elevating inttuences of the Gospel Uiroughout the world ? We h>>ar thHt the editor ?f the Oxford Magazine, (since mergml in tho Oxford. Catnhridre, and Stnnryhurit Review) received deacon's orders as a curate of Dr. Hook's, of LooJs, at the late ordination of the bishop of Kipon. Goac to R sr.?We learn fiom the Note Hamptkire, that the Rev. Mr. Hoit. son of Gen Hoit, ol Sandwich, N. II.. a clergyman of the Episcopal Church, at St. Albans, has gone over to the Catholics. Bishop Hopkins, of Vermont, lately issued a pastoral letter censuring Mr. lull for attonding a Roman Catholic service in Burlingtou. The Rev R.Simpson, M. A., Oriel College, Oxford, has resigned the living of Mjtchnm. Surrey, on the ground of inability to conform to the doctrinal teaching of the Established Church Mr Simpson was educated under Mi ssis Newman and Marriott, at Oriel Colloge, and linbitiad his opinions during his college career. At a pecrtl meeting of the Presbytery of Ogdsnsliurgh. be. ' in the village of Ogdonsburgli, on the lfith of June lust Philander I). Young, late or the Princeton Seminary, and a licentiate of suiil Presbytery, was ordained to the gospi 1 ministry. Itov Iloswrll Pettilione, of fauton of thi St Lawrence Presbytery, preached the preliminary seimon from Rom. 1. 14, la, Iti, "I am a deb or both to lite Greek n 1 to the barbarians," lie. ; Pee, I'or >uop >i led to the candidate the constitution it questions; Itev J. A. Savage led iu tied con secruting pra) or , and K< v. Ju.-ncs Itu.lgers gavo a solemn and impiessivo charge to tin. newly ordained minister At the fcnii-nuntiai meeting of tho same Presbytery in Htimui<<n.l, on the 1st of Jt> ?r last, David C. Lyon, a licentiate of the Presbytery of r.'nv York, and late of tho P iticeton . miti-sry, w as received au l ordained to tho gnsiiel mini-try lntrodsc.tory prayer nr.d rending the Aeriptnrp* by Kov Joneph A. llosseel, sermon front I Ti"i in 13, " That ihou ma) est know how thou oughtcst to behave fhjstli in tho house of God, which is ihe churci ol the living God, the pillar and ground of the tioth." 1>) Knv J. A Savagi,; constitutional questions pinpoint ted by the Modelstor ; consecrating piayer tiy t>ie ftov. James Uodgeia ; ami tlio charge to the newly oidaiued minister Rev. J. M .Mucgregor. The central ^ou ist"ry and the delegates hare recently cleetod a Chief llabhi of the Jews in franco. 'The ' . ail of the scrutiny appeared to be as follows: the number ol votes was eighteen, out of which Chief Rabin tindery hud seventeen. The Kpiicopal convention for the dioceie of Western New York, wus held in 8t Paul'* Church, Syracuse, on the 19th init. Her. Mr. Pitkin, of Rochester, preached the preliminary aerinon. Tho convention sermon waa delivered l>y the lie Mr. Chipman, of Lo Roy. Forty-six pariahe were represented at tne a?semMing of the convention. The Rev. Mr. Proal, of Uticn. was re-elected secretary, Mr. Charles Sevmeur, treasurer, and Mr James ltees, treasuror of the fund for the relief of disabled clergy men. The following standing committees were appo.nted by the chair, and the remainder of the day was principally taken up in reading the Bishop's address. On the admission of churches? Rev. Mr. Gregory, Messrs <Joodwiu and Williams. On tin- accounts o! the treasurer of tho fond for disabled clergymen?Mesirs. Dayton, Otanger au.l Perry. On the a> counts of ihu <i"M ,ji t ?Messrs Mercey, Key mour >nd Horace White Ou the episcopate fund?.Messrs Prcuooom, Hui.son and Ttem-ilsot On unfinished business? It Van logon. Messrs ilot.iuson and Van Scliaak. ilr K Darwin S niih. p r ented tlie application of Trinity Church, Rochester, for admission into the diocese Dr. Prnai proken'od similar applications from 8t. l'oter's church, Cazenovia ; St. James', Pulaski; and 8t. John's, Whitesborongli?all of which were ruleried to the ayspropriate standing committee. Boston, Aug. 19. 18-16. The Caledonia?Great Change in the Weather? ?Sukneu in Iioiton?Fncreute of Drunkennttt? Ire goingto Havre?Water, $-c. fyc. Of the arrival of tho Caledonia, with ten days' later intelligence front Europe, it would be u waste of ink and paper for me to speak, since an extra train on tho " lightning railroad" bus doubt ess given you the newo pinny hours before tbis letter is written. Wo bad a most comfortable change in the weather yesterday. For a few days previous tho "dog star" hnd reigned as supreme god of the atmosphere ; and a more hot, sultry, disagreeable, and uncomfortable time we poor mortals never experienced. An east wind, cool and bracing, finally came to our relief, and for 0110 day at lexst wo have " breathed free and easy." What effect this sudden change will have on the health of the city 1 know not. There is much sickness now prevailing among us, Which it is no pea Will suDsiac as ino intense ucui ui buuuuli wears away. It is said that there were moro deaths in the city last week than were ever record. -d in one week before. I think it may also b? said with truth that there if a larger number of people absent liroin the city than at any previous season. Boston is a growing place, and some of its people nre growing naughty quite too fast, as is shown by the tact that twenty-six complaints were entered in the police coutt on Monday for drunkenness I'oor creatures! After they had swallowed the contents ol various tugs, they were theunsel <cs put into the county Jug. The slop Amazon is loading with icc at East Bo 'ton f >r Havre, which is said to be the first cargo of ice ever sent ftom this country to France. 1 ho Boston Light Infantry, Oapt. Park, took the cars yesterday for Newuuryport, on a pleasure encurmon i?n Thursday next, ground on tho new aqueduct limn i-ong Pond, is to be broken at Framingham, when there will he appropriate ceremonies. In three years, Boston will be abundantly supplied with good wat<jf. Serious charges Rur'e been made to-day, in print, by lit v. C. W. Denison, of the Bethel chapel, uguinst the 1. .r. Mr. Colver, a distinguish* eil of the Beptist faith, who [(reaches at the Tremont temple. Mr. Colver in necused of taking indecent liberties with several ladies, while the.n On a pious mission. Iftrue, they reveal a sad state of tie gs, and must bring disgrace not only on the revctv d gentleman, but 011 the profession generally. The charges are publicly made m he Ho*tor S'ar o( to-day, and a refutai.ou m i hal .i npetl. There is, of course, great exciteiiii'iit in ti e Church a id out of it, and it is very pro bit the "School for Scandal" will be all the l.e.r tor ? nn?! time. I .: 'snuonal U.sutrewns crowded to sufTocati 1 ' . las , he op-'uiiig n.ght. P tiuui' ' '?o< a senuo ilia Mayor and Aldermen rei[Utoiir t. eiu to abolish tho third tiers in our theatres. Ifthi.y should do so, we rather urnk sonic of our managers would be in tear n 1*nnih. increase in the I'liiimviitim n iiirnuimij Puritan city. Orer thirty were taken from the Watclihouse to the police, yenteidajr. AcctDKNT.?We learn that .Mr. John Snterlec pf New Vork city, v. ho we* sojourn in jf in Wiuconatn for noma month*, wea thrown out of wa-on when about twenty milei from Milwaukla, and broke one of hla Irgt, juat above the aukle. The broken limb wee let by Pr Wei. ott, em! the patoeat la <ioing wail. t . * 4 '11 ' ULILJJ .UL. '? p-V ' . Li D. fw? Gtnia. Foreign Tbeotrleala. ' The Norwich Festival Committee gave their annual concert recently. The vocalists engaged were Mm Bas ano. Signer F. Lab lac he, and Mr. (Jllbeigli. in addition i to the local talent, with a hand ami chorna of JOO performera, crnducted by Mr Harcourt and Mr Hall. There are report* bruited about, that Persiaui (husband of the singei) hue given up all thought* of getting up an opposition Italian Opera it f'ovent chirden; but that lomi enterprit'ng Sirnoi is determined to try hi* lu"k Where will lie get u coin,1.111V sufficiently strung ta combat with (iriii. I'm tellan, .tlaiio.tho Lublaches, Kornaiari, and a hot of other-' * Madame "ershui be* ro-ertly entered into an engagement tor two years, with the manager of the Opera at Madrid. Mr* Warner ha* retired front the management of the i Haulers' Well* Tlieaiie Mr. Hiielpa ronduct* it alone. : The Liheipian Hereunder* gave their farewell oon' cort at St. Junius' Theatre on the Mh iu?t. In ivekind. aged ot>, died Joan Bernerl Logier, the inventor of the l.ogieriun system of teaching music, which ' in the year 1817, made so much noise in the world. I.ogier was alio the inventor of tlie keyed, or Kent bugle, | and i hiroplast. a soitoi frame for the lingers, for pupil* on the pianofortei ho was a highly talented man, both a* a composer and performer. Moriani ha* (joined Seville, where he had been performii g lor some time past, and is about to visit F auee; but. previously to his doing so, lie will give several representation* at Barcelona. The " Noiwegiun l'agmlni," Olo Bull, is now at Mar{ smiles, where he is giving a series of concert*, tociowded audiences'. Doir/etti is still in Franc#. HI* not having yet returned to ni t native place ii> Italy, is not o? ing to uny pby si Cal inuoility to undertaao so long a voyage, hut is the result of peculiar circumstances, in no ways connected with the state ol either his mental or physical health. A new bullet bus been produced vt the Acedemie Rnyale de Musique, called "Betty" It it founded upon a supposed zalartrfebotwecii Charles II. and Betty, the daughter of the landlord of the Urend Admiral. This ballet is more remarkable lor having afforded a new Hint ruse. Madlle. Fouco. an opportunity of making her debut, than for any superior excellence of its own The first appoararico of Madlle. Kouco created a great eenta- ' tion among the habitude ol the opera-, and she promises to become no unwonhy rival of some ot the ftrst choregraphic ai Usts of the dav. "A travelling pigeon " sajrs Lf Caurrur Hn Spectacles, "has just brouglit u* intelligence from Bologna The libretto nf Hossini's new opera is en-iiely original, and has been chosou fry the mursfio fiom among sevetal oib-irs which bad pie\ion*ly been approved vt by the oiic'tor of she Opera. In order not to fatigue himself, bv entering too suddenly on the labors of composition, after so long a cessation therefrom, llostlni bed resolve t ffriit milv to df>VtitA tun hrmiM a finv to hia naui umrlf hut growing more enthusiastic us the work proceeded, ho soon extended the time to above four hours a day.? Upon certain j?ortionj of the work, we have details which appear to be of a very interesting character: but some poitions of the letter having been partially obliterated on its journey, we have not us yet been enabled to decipher thorn But it would appear that the opera is already complelwl.or noarly so; and we await the appearance of MM Vaez and Niedermeyer, who are expeoted within twelve days, with the u oik in their possession." Mudlle Dejazot, whose performances proved so attractive at the St. James's, is now at Caen, whore, oo Sunday last, sho made her first appealance in Richelieu, and wes most enthusiastically welcomed by a crowded house. A certain manager?we name no names?waa lataly boasting in hit green room of having purchased a sploudi I fat goose far 7a. t> I. The following day being baturday, when the actor's salaries are paid, (he manager callod for the stage-manager an,l the book in which the fines incurred by the performers during ihe woek are euteied. "Well, well. Mr. ??, what tinea have you down 7" inquired tho manager of his deputy 'Oh: only a shilling against Miss , and s few sixpences against ilia tallies el the ballet?meroly nominal lines, not more than seven or uight shillings altogether, which I don't mean to charge." 'Thargc them all, sir,?charge 'em every I oner' said the manager, winking his eye with an atj prossiou of peculiar guc, '' s lop ino, .Motes ! they must I pay for ray goor.e." , .Mr. Vineont Wallaco is not gone on the continent, j but he is busilv employed in composing anew opera lor ' Drury i.a'le, nt a rural cottage, no. i bundled nines from ! Wind'or. Unite's Opera, "The Maid of Aitois," is to be revived I at Drtiry Lane, early in tlw ensning season, in which Mrs. liis;rap will make drbf.t, aitcr an absence of ao>en yea s. His Majesty the King of the Belgians, it is re ported, has raised M. Autor, to tho rank of Knight of the Order of Leopold. Uiosanni An-uni, or Anznni, was sn Italian ainger and composer of some emu,0,11:0. He was of the irriltMIr urnut. ar.d his tvile, tbo aiguoru Macchenni. lie longed 10 tho same class, but far outvied her spouse in violence of temper. It is said, that, when employed in the same theatre, if una happened to be - pplauded more than the other, which 0 as sine to be the case, as the lady w as but an lndifl'-ieiit singer, thpy have been known to line |?rsons to bus the successful rival. M. Adolphe Dumas having compoied a naw drama, sent it, a ihort time ago, to the Theatre Krancoise, and the committee of the management, after having beard it read before them, rejacted it. M. Adolphe Duanas, conceiving that ho had been unjustly dealt with, read hia piece before a committee of thirteen of the most celebrated French dramatic authors, on Saturday last. M. Adolflbe Dumas. previously to reading his.piece, stated that no fe?tagso I a personal character had Induced hia to seek for the opinion of bis brother writers*. Tho cause wss not his, hut that ol the French drama, and ho truetod that limy would discard all feelings of a merely friendly character from their minds, and bo guided in their opinion sololv by the merits of the piece, which he was then about to submit to their consideration. Afer having lead his piece, M. Adolphe Dumas retired ; and after an animated discussion, the revolution, of which the following is a translation, was unanimously agiead 10, and signed by the whole of the parties prevent ;? " Without prejudging (lie result of the representation, or encroao ing upou the imprescriptible rights of the public, this meeting, considering that the Theatre Kranooian is essentially instituted and supported for the representation oi works of high literary merits?a mission which . 1 be Theatre Franchise bus not fulfilled for several rears past?declare that the committee of the Theatra Francoise bus not carried out the object of its institution in lefuxiiig the piece of \j. Adolphe Dumas." A aii ger, who in his day enjoyed a grant celebrity, the basao nasaaroii. has just died at Dresden, at the advanced age of ninety years. He had the hondv to be the frst who sang tho baas part in Moxart'a Den Oiovamii. Hn anjoyed up to the last, a most retentive memory. r.Lsncr. ST THK THCATRBI III LlVKBfOOl.. This town was at one time truly theatrical, but the | "Mar system nan ruiuou us nmrtonic reputation. la 1674 (the dawn of Shnkapeaxe's da>) "plaj e> and dswnsinga" were had at the then Town flail, of Liverpool.? About 1(160, a thea'te we* erected in an alley in Jamee street. In HMO, a sort cif tarn, next to the Cock-pit. in Moor street, was tue H-ttrionic Temple. Then the playera had a place in the Old Ropery ; in I75B, at a theatre in Lntwistlc street, afterwards called l)rury lane, (this was during derrick's greatest popularity ) The Diurylane theatre held ?80. It was pulled down, and the miteiial* sold, in 176G In 1771, Gibson got a license le e? t taidish a King's Company, and he built a house in Williamson aqgaie?the design by the well-known Sir William Chambers?this opened in 1779 This building was lepairod and redecorated forty-three years since. B?th, York and Liverpool were the three dcataatie nirrseriei, and llsmlerson, Cooke, Komhle, Siddocs, Jordan, Ma. thews, K.mery, Kawcett, Knight, Klliston, Davison, Maiton, (llover, F.dwin, Lovegrovc, (amid hundreds mora,) were cdnc.ited on one stage or the othar. ' With the spread of free trade in theatricals, other plajhouses aro*e, iho Queen's Theatre, Christian street, oifccted in 18)3; the Koyal Amphitheatre, in UraadChw lo 'e Street, in 1836: the Liver, in Church street, lttMC? i ni* thentre wa* persecuted hy the proprietor of the Theatre Royal, and ia 1813, convictions were had against Raymond, Webster, Bucks'one, Mra FUtwiUiaaa, Mad. Cefoste, and Mra. floney. How nohle and manly to bring qui him actions against three ladies, who haa (two of them at lead) delighted both hemispheres I Parliament relieved them front the penalties. The San* Pareil (kept by Mr. Holloway) has ceased to exist. I The The?tie Royal presented on Thursday the opera of Mariiana?Allan, Stretton, and Misses Rainsforth and Poole, being the stars. '1 he Liver had Hzairo and Luke the Laborer. The company consists of Charlo* Pitt, Lvsan.ler, Thompson, Montague, chapman Paynter, Godfrey, Clifton, Mail'lie DesplHcea, Misses Sinclair, Connor, M. Mallville. Merdume* BarrowcIlIT, C. F. Marshall, Wallace, Cliithtt, he. Mr. Marahall manager. At the Quwn'i, or Adelpki. Chnxtiaa ttraet, ara Lit , Lynne. Walton, Fit* ray, Cheater, Jama* Browne, ?'. Corri, W. J Hammond. K L Hime. Miami lUbecda. ' Ixaaea. Lehett, (J. Lehett, Mridamea Waltan, Rayaaond. and Lloyd. N'otwithxtanding tba excellence of the company, the buainaxi ia eery had. Compare thla cornpan* with UiatoiUie lait eeaxon at the Olympic ; indeed, i with any London minor company, and it* xuperioriiy be> come* apparent, and yet it i? a loxlng concern. Viaa Roi mar. Dot rani, and ilarriaan, are underlined fee twelve i night*. | 'i he Amphitheatre, to called, though it ieone no low ger, hai Mr*, and Mr. R Honner, Harry Hall, aad a hoat . of talent Mm. Homier ha? electrified the LiaerpoeMeni. Monner himself would, by bia atylc of maoagament, rea-, ' lite a fortune In Liaerpoo'. The American*, who jwtronne the amphitheatio end congregate at Mra. Slab. ' ! king's Taaetn. ere in extaciea with the "little woman" ! (">lr? Honner.) "She's the rale grit?quite undeualhle, that gall, She'ano miiiein', wiitoin' crhtor. bet gee* tha whole hog- don't it.iotl thiaerln' and shakin* Ilka a blue m>? at a cotd hath, but nlonfe* right in?daahee 'mid ihr wave* end breakout of human emo'ion, and tiitnnpha througii the tempeit. Hna?* a little Niagara?and that'* a fact ' Kciler and tile benufi nl wtfe at* at the Zoological Oar dtr a. t M ir "i d hi* tlamn.oth borne, at M, North John 'trtet; an'' th 'ic are roiicetta, en'errainm> nta, statue*, a dea l ?r ?l?, a half iiun !r?J other thiugi, to entice (tne rajitea __________ Heavy Foeueky.?A <<>rg -d certificate of lajionto nn tl.c llttnk of Utiun, tor # ?,(?*?. win roc. ivad >e?tefd?y afternoon Irom New loik it L dated Juiv 3, Ih'fl The money purportf to hare Irora deposit. | ad by A Tlrurt-er k |.o . subject to the order at William Seymour, kigued VTm R Wei e?. ' axbier it ia endor>ed by Seymour, and alio by Wllbam Neabttt It Co.. New York. Tha imprint of the blank ia " Obaereer Priat, tieucaaa xt. Uticn" Tha bank had one aimtlarly prioled presented abma alx month* xinca, for about $100 Tha forgery wax probably got up at tha South, and ought Ml to bare deceived any ooe in tba habi t of doing huaiacao with thia bank. ? Utif Gexeft*.