Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 24, 1846, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 24, 1846 Page 1
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THJ Vol. in, Mo. IMI.WhoU lo. M63. THE NEW YORK HERALD. Umfs cnRnnw bpwwptt PRnPRlFTflR. PIIMIU V UUIIUUi 1 *ui ? ?ki I I ?%? ? W e w Circulation---Forty Thousand. DULY HKH \Lu-f.?r?, u?>, I nee 2 ceuts per eopy?*7 SSprr luiuuin?payable in ad?auce. WKt.KLV IikSaLD?'*??ry Saturday?Price ?'< cents Par cou\?13 12); cents pur annum?payable in advance. HERALD rOH I'CROPK?Rt??T S'eam Packet 4ay. Price S3<? c?DU per copr?13 00 par annum, payable in advance. ADT EBTlMGMJiMTS tt the'usual pnaaa??Jw?y? cub B advance I'M! NTINU of all kinds eicorned with beauty and da?patch. All latter* or eomraauicitioua, by mail, addressed to the Srtabliahment, muit be post paid, ar tha postage will be d# . i etad from t he subscription money reiHilfd. 0 JAMK* OOKDON BKNNKTT, Propraetor of the NewToH IltrnAI.D KsVSBLIIPMKIVT, NnnK-ll'Ml ftnir "it frVlrnTi and M?u?n n 4 ntTinK Aa^inmouATiuim. JOHN HEKDMAN fe. CO., United itfirs and Ureal Britain and Ireland. Old* Established unigrgui Office,61 Hoath street, New York. mm ^^^K?R.DMA.N tc CO., Liurp#^^^^^^^ Passage to ?nd from Great Britain and Ireland, via Liverpool by the Olu Black Ball Lin e ,or any of the regohr Packet ahipa sailing every five davs. The subscribeis in calling th < attention or Old Countrymeu and the polilic generally to their unequalled arrangements for bringing out passengers from the old country, beg leive to Mate that the business of the Hotua at Liverpool will be conducted byitaoranch. Those seudiiiK for tlieir friends will at once see the greet imimrf aura nl rliia miiir^ aa it u ill nrarlnil*. an nan*. cessnry del of the emiar.iut. The shins employed in this line are wall knowu to he of the firrt and largt-st class, commanded by men of experience; and as tfiey tail every fire dayt, offer every facility that can be furnished. With those superior irnmgemrutt, the subscribers look forward for a continuation of that patronage which has been so liberally trended to tftem for to many years past. In case any of those engaged do not embrtfc. the pastage money will be refunded at cuttoretry. For farther particulars apply by letter, pott paid J. HERDMAN & CO., 61 South at., New York. HERDMAN It CO., Liverpool, N. B.?Drafts for any amount can as usual be furnished, payable at all the principal Baiikui* Institutions throughout the iTiii*eil Kingdom, on application at above. jv28 r FACKETS FOII liAVKJb?LiNti. 4 Thr ->hii't of this Line will sail during tlie year w the following order From N. York. F'm Havre. (Jan. 1, Feb. 16 Ship UTICA, Capt. J. A. Peirce, < May 1. June 16. f Sept. 1. Oct. 6. Ship ST. NICHOLAS, Capt. N. W. ^J; War JJ. t*TeltI"h- ( Oct 1. Nov. 16. Ship ONEIDA. Fuuck. WJ; April lS. ( Nov. 1. Dec. 16. Ship BALTIMORE, Cart. J. Johu-S AP"1 1- May !8. ?" I Dec 1. Jtn 16 They are all of the first class, ably commanded, ami with accommodation! ample and commodious. The oriee of pas tge in the cabin it $100, exclusive of winet and liquors. Apply to uOYD ?c HINCKEN. Agents, ."So. 9 Tontinejluildinjt.^ Goods sent to the agents for forwarding, will be subject to Dune oilier than the* actually paid ?u21 m GLASGOW AND NEW YORK LINE OF PACKETS. Pi H# il BHlnONS wishing to send lorthejMneade in wiv part of Scotland, to sail direct from Glasgow, can maka arrangements with the Subscribers, to hare them brought ant in any oltne regular lineal Packets, sailing monthly from Glasgow. The ANN HARLEY, Captain Sco*, ADAM CARK, Captain McKwen, SARACEN, Captain Hawkins, UROOKSBY, Comprise the shore liue, and the high character of those Teasels ?honld be sufficient inducement for pe. ons who may be sending far ihair frieuds in Scotland, to moke arrangements for tkis (the only line.) Farther particnlara circa, on application to W.kJ. T. TAPSCOTT, Ti South street, corner of Maiden Lane, or Nleaan. REID It MUKRAY, Agents alO r in (Hasgow. NEW LIKE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS month. From Ncv York. Live* pool N.w ship Liverpool. lliO tons, j \\ J ; * J. KltLiuge. 1 August 21 Oct. 6 New ship Oucea of the West, tul"17 j! I 12S0 tonsir. WooJhousr, | if' ,f ?} ft* J New Ship Rochester, 380 tons, S ju?IUBJV 1} aC .. ? John Briton. / fceI g fif*" 5 Ship Hommrner lOM toaa, S;)^h ?} ? Ira Bursly (Nor. 21 Jan. ? These substantial, fast aaikng, Ami class shipa, all built in the city of uew York, arc commanded by meu of experience ud ability, and will he de*patched punctually on the Hit ot each month. Their cabin* are elegant and commoriion*, Mid are furuiihed with whatever can conduce to the ease and comfort of pa?senter*. Price of pissi^e $ 100. Neither the ciptdins nor owner* of theie *hip* will be re pousible lor any parcels or pAckagr* seat by then, unless regular hil!* of ladsug are (igued therefor. For freight or pa*?sge apply to WOOD1JULL k M1NTURN, tl South atreet. New York, or to VIELDEN, BROTHERS It CO., _ mt rc Liverpool. " tjefw yukk ANlJ GLASGOW LINE uf packet*. 1 l 1 iiik from NewVoik on the let, and Glasgow on the Uth of each mouth. From N. York. Kin. Ul'gow. tJuuel. July 15. Chip SARACEN, N. T. Hawkins, < Oct. 1. Nov'r 15. f Keb. 1. March 15. Br. Ship BROOK8B Y, H. M'Kwen, \ n"ot. Y aS*.' 15.' ( March I. Dee'r 15. Br Bark ADAM CARR. . \ ftR?.1* ( April 1. Jan. 15. SMay 1. June 15 Sept. 1. Oct. 15. JnY 1 Kebrua. 15. Jl tieie ships are good, snbstantial Teasels, ably commanded, nd will sail pnnctually on their regular day*. Their ?Ccom RiodatKiaa for |<aa*enger,are good, and erery"attention will be paid to promote their comfort. The agent* or Ctptaina will not be reaponsible for any |>arcela or package* *ent then, uleu bill* of lading are signed tlierefor. Kor freight or passage, apply to irUODMULL k MINTURN, 87 South street, New York, or mi iinn v. ni'Pii AV (ii..<,/,_ i MARSEILLES LIME OF PACKETS. <tik M The aiiilrrin?,.ion ships will b?reguTaMy despaieTirinrom Sence on the lit. and from Marseilles the 10th of each month aruigthe year, as follows Sliips. Captains. From N. York. FR'CE de JOINVILLE, (new) Lawrence, April 1 Sept. 1 MI8SUR1, Silve.ter, May 1 Oct. 1 ARCOLE (new) Eveleieh, June 1 Nov. 1. OASTON, Coulter, Jely 1 Dee. I. NEBRASKA (new) Wiuoa, Aug. 1 Jsn.(i. Ships. Captains. From Marseilles. FR'CE Ue JOINVLLLK, (new) Laurence, June It Not. 10 MISSOURI, Silvester, July 10 Dec. 10 ARCOLE, (new) Eveleigh, Ang. 10 Jan. 10 OA8TON, Coulter, Sept. 10 Feb. 10 NEBRASKA, AVation, Oct. 10 Mar. 10 These vesiels are of the first class. commended by men ol niM-nrnce Their accommodation!, for passengers are unsnr MM lor cyKlort and convenience. Ooodi addressed to the agents will be forwarded free of other charges than those acta alljr pnid. For freight cr ranare apply to CHAMBERLAIN U PHFAPS, Proprietor* _ No. 103 Kroiil street, or to M BOYD k. HINCKEN, Agent!, tfnSre (Tontine Building!, M Wall.eor. Water at. kitTsiT and north ameki CAN ROYAL MAIL STEAM SHIPS, ,V IR*rTlic**ol 1200 tons uid ?0 home power each, nn t^uayyarder co.tract with the Lordis of the Admiraltv. HIBF.RN1A Cart-A. Ryr'?CALEDONIA Capt. E. <J. Lolt. BRITANNIA Capt. J! Hewitt. CAMBRIA Capr.C. H. E. Judkini. ACADIA... Capt.Wm. Harrisuia. ?til sail from Liverpool and Boston, via Halifax, as fol Iowa LZ! r*on Boston. racM LivmrooL. Hiberaia Aug. I?, l??. Britannia Aug. 1?, 1AM Caledonia Sept. 1, " Cambria. Sept. 4, " Britannia , A 10, Hifcernia, ,r 19 " ' ambria Oct. 1, " . P?Hin? Mom. * rom Boston to Liverpool 9120. From Boston to Halifax.. jp. No berth* seenred until for. These ships carry ex 1-ncuu... uri.iiuus. no ireight, except specie, received on in of ailing. For freight, paaaagp, or any other information, apply to ? Jr., Agent. . jj . A.1 HABNDEN fc CO>S, Wall it. Cl/"" ! addition to the tboTe line between Liverpool and lUliI'm. "od Botton, a contract has been entered into with Her Ma)e*ty'?government, to e?tahli?h a line between Liverpool and New York direct. The .team alilp* for thi* ?erriee are now being built, and early next year lie notice will be gie#n of the time when they will *tait. Under the new contract the tteamari will aail every Saturday daring eight month*. and eeery fortnight during the other month* in the year lifting alternately between Liverpool, and Halifax and Bo?ton, and between Liverpool and New York. jvM Ilrrc ' - ?^ . DRAFTS ON (IRKAT BRITAIN s&2rj3tSM AND IRELAND?!'er*on* wiahing to remoney ""heir frieada in any part of | (treat Britain or lre!an<l,can procure draft* ^^^ ^^ aof the *ub*criber* for any amount, Mrom XI and apwarda, payable on demand, without diacount, in all tba priaeiral town* throughout the United Kingdom. The roy I mail ateamer will leave Boarou on the 16th I inatast. and 'he aleamahip " Urrat Weitein" will aail from New York on the f?th. by either of which draft* can ha forwarded vr. fc J. T. TAPtJCOTT, ? South *tj?et, *alJ nc 2 door* helnw Burling allp. NOTICE. THE public are hereby cantioned against (rutting feAvPWanv ol the craw of the Britiah Bark ROBERT A. jBMUi*rARK. fiotn Liverpool. ai neither the Captaia | 01 i ouaignae will pay any debti ( their coatracing. I?M It rra I * III I i...U LU 1 E' iNE N K?II.KUAUS, ? , CENTRAL AMD MA GUN AMU WESTERN 11A1L ROADS, GEORGIA. ^2, Gsnfti flBiaci db T'Htst Roads. with thai Western and Atlantic ltoilrond of ilic 8'atr ot Georgia, fi>rm a rourmaou* line from SaTannsh to OotJic 1. g?, Georgia of 171 mile*, Sivauiiati to Vlacoa... .Central Rulrond ., 190 mile* Macon to Atlanta Vacou h. W e*teru Rarliood 101 " Atlanta to Ootlicaloga, Wnitm St Atlantic " 80 " O odiwill br rarn< <^/r?in Sbt .uii.iU to Atlanta and Oothcaioga, at the lull.<wn.g rates, vn : _ _ , O.i VVriciHT Uoodi. To%'it To OolhSugar, Coffee Litjuor, Uaggiug Rope, tanta. calogu. Butter, f'hetae, 1 obacco, Leailier, Hidei, Cotton Varna, Copper, Tin, Bar and Sheet Iron. Hollow Ware a> d Castings W 7i , Hour, Rice, Bacon in casltt or b"iea. Porn, Beei, Ki*h, Lard. Tallow, B?? ?ai, Mill Gearing, Pig Irou and Grind Stones ...7 *?i? ?0 62X; ON AIeaiijiikmicmt Good*. Bote* of Rata, Bonneta and Furniture, per cubic loot , SO 20 SO M Boies ai.d balea of Dry Good*, Saddlery Gla*s, Paint*. Druga and Coulectlon ry, pei cubic foot M 20 p. 100 lb*. 36 Crockery, per cubic loot................ -SO ii 3J Mo'aaara and Oil, per lilid. (aiualler ca.ks in proportion.) .... 00 $12 00 Ploughs, (Urge) C?ltirator?, (. #rn Shelters, and Htraw Cuttera, e*ch tl 25 Si M Ploughs, (su.all) and Wheelbarrow*... .SO *0 tl 0* Salt, per Liverpool Sack $0 70 %0 U PassaOK. Savannah to Atlanta............ .$11 00 Children under 12 years of age, half price. Savannah to Macon, $7 00 (iooda consigned to the Subscriber will be forwarded free oft'oaimisaiona. T7" Freight tniv be paid at Ravan"ah, Atlanta or Oothcilnga F. WINTER, Forwarding Agent, C. R K Satawwah. A'igmt IS 'M6. aij 2'nrrc LUiNl.; l?>UAND ti.ll LKUAL> COMPAQ*. SUMMER ARRANGEMENT fRAINS RUN AS FOLLOWS. COMMENCING WEB NESCJAY, MAY IS. 1846: Lkati Bbooklti* at 7 o'clock, A. M. Boston tr.-in for Green port, daily (except Sundays,) topiaugai Farmingdale and St. George'a .\,-jior. " " at 9X o clock, A. M? for tannin dale ant) intermediate placea. " " at 3 P. M., throngli to Oreeuport, lUrping both wayi at Jamaica, Branch, Hiclux tile Ftirm-iigdale, and all the atatioua between FanrnnRdale and Oreenport. " " at 5 P. M., for Farmuiitd&le and tntcrtne diate placei. Leave OaticNroiiT atS o'clock, A. M. Accommodation tram daily, (except Sunday*,) through to Brook lya. " " at 3 P. M., Boeton train, or on the arrival ol the ateamer from Norwich, (topping at St Meorge'a Manor and Farmingilale. Leave Kaiminsdale at A. M', Accommodation trait for Brooklyn. " at BJ* A. M. Greenport trainv lor Brooklyn " at P. M. Accommodation train. fo? Brooklyn. Lcatb Jamaica at I A. M. Accommodation tram, lor Brooklyn. 11 11 at QU A \l. Ilntminnrt rratn fnr Rrrwilflvn " " hi jU P. M. Accommodation train, foi Brooklyn. Fake to ? Bedford 8 cents, Kasi New York 1JH. Rac? '',oarse 18X, Trortmg Court* ItX. Jamaica 25. BrushTille HX?, Hyderark (IT milea) 37W, Glowsville (during the ?ea uon of court) 37 W, Hempstead WX, Branch V%. Carle Place IV Westbnry 44, Hickaville 44, rarmiugdale 63>j?, Deer Park &, Thompson M, Suffolk atation $1. Lake Road station tl l#x. .Yledlord station $1 18 V. Yaphtink SI 37H, St. George's Manor $1 Rivrrhead SI 61X, Jamesport $1 S2X. Mattetuck $1 62J4. Cntchogne $1 B"?K. Southolxl SI 6lXi (?reenport Accommodation train SI 7}, Grrenport by Boston train S3 25 Stages are iu readiuess on the arriTal ol trmius at the aereral stations, to take passengers at vary low Cu-es, to all paita ol the laland. Baggage Cratei will be in readiness at the foot of Whitehall treet, to receive baggage for the aereral trains, M minutes before the honr of starting from the Brooklyn aiue. The steamboat " Statesman" leaves Greeuport Cor Bag Har 3or twice each day, on the arrival of the traina from Brooklyn; my 19 rc LONU ISLAND RAILROAli Kivraaa Mail Tram, leares Whitehall atreet Kerry, New York aide, every morning at 7 A.M., for Boston.? SB9^2L.AIso, trains from Brooklyn side at 7 o'clock and itc minutes, and A. M., and 3 and 5 P. M., daily. The 7 V M., and 3 P. M. ttains go through, the former stoppiug at Parmiugdale and manor, and the latter at all places on the ond jell r TO WESTERN TRAVELLERS. lltgiirna IMiEPnbli? is respectuffT^I^irraftd that the reee at break iu the Canal, canted by uhr late freahet. having been re aired, the PIONEER k EXPRESS LIN if,, via Railroae n.l Canal from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh. oommeuced iu rgular tripa for the season on Monday, the 4tl\ of April, ravins the Depot, No. 274 Market atreet, DAILY, at 7W 'clock, A.M. By thit route paasengeri will avoid all the fatigue and danger of night travelling in eoaehei, both Railroad* being passad in daylight. For further information, apply at the old-established Office. 174 Market atreet, 5 doors above Eighth atreet. apio 6m?rrc A. B. CUMMINOS, Agent. BliACK BALL OR OLD LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS. fcjg- Only regular Packet, and eaile on Tuesday, the let *cPjrTV',f Septeintx The new. magnificent, fast-tailing, aUfaxmie Packet Ship COL1JMBIA, burt'en 1200 tout (lie' second voyage), Jotin Rathboue, master, will nil positively as above, her regular day. Second cabin passengers, and respectable persons visiting thf Old Coontiy, who may not wish to g<> to the expense of a cabin pa?s?g- , are iuformrd a portion of the poop cabin is fiturf ui> svitli splendid state roo-ns, e<en room hiving pa tent vemilatinjj side lights, end also deck lights over head, with sitgle t>ertha. I fact the ( olutnbia's tarnished with every requisite and all the modern improvements aud conveni' nce?, that r. mint but irtd (o the coinlort of those emxaiking. who should msptc the accjmmodations before engaging in any other vessel. The between decks of this noble Packet, for tteerage passe gers, lor comfort, die., is miequ -lled and as a number of her berths are already engsged, early applies iou should be made on board, font ol Herkm n street, or to the subscribers, ROCHE, BROTHERS fc CO.. 3i Fultou <u, Neat door to the Fulton Bank. P. 8.?The Columbia sails from Liverpool on the 18th of October ; the Yorkshire f>om do. on the 1st of November. For passage apply as above. au22 r AP. FOR LONDON?Regular Packet of the lit of The tint class, fast sailing packet ship 8T. immmirnJAMES, burthen 1000 tons, J.R.Meyer, master, will sail as above, htr regular day. Having very superior accommodations for cabin, second cabin, and steerage passengers, persons intending to embark, should make immediate application on hoard, foot of Maiden Lane, or to JUSM'H M'.MUKKAV, enr of fine and Sonth at. The Taeket Ship GLADIATOR, Capt. R. L. Bunting, will ancceedthe St. Iimfi. and mil the Iftth Sept. auto r VE3SIL WAiNTKD.-A tiiod aubatantial ?? *MSftVVael, about 1000 bbli. burthen, Tor the north of Eng HnKaluid. Apply to aa?t m WdODHtJU k MINTURN,n?Mitiit. UNH ittliUi AK Li>K, UK fA? KM J> CUK MaKffV <JI.A-Oi ?W.?The aplendid and fut (ailing Packet JElilfaShip AN N HARLKV, Capt. Scott, will aail poaitirrly iiu Tneaday, Sept 1, her regalar day. She hat unequalled accommodation* for cabin, lecond cabin, andateerage paaaougera. Those wiahi*g to aecure berthi nhonld make early application on board, loot of Rooaevelt atreet, or to VV. ft J T, TAPSCOTT, I JytB r US Sonth at . id door below Burtina Hip. KOK QUEBEC, with dein.tch?The A I Britiah rf*JfV Bark ROBERT A. PARKES, Kiuning maater. MMMHMhtrinK three-fourtha of her cargo eugag'd, will have <lr?p<tch for the abo?e port. For freight, apply to J. McMURRAY. ?nM r 60 South itreet, WHr- EUR LIVERPOOL?New Line?Regular JfVVM, to anil Auanx 2#th?'The elegant, faat aailing SfiMbpacket ahip SIUDONS, E B. Cobb, maater, of 1000 imim will aail aa above, her regular day. r or IrrIK 111 or puHie, ihiihi KCVimauwuuiM iu?i|?niini for iplendor or comrort, apply on board, it Orluvu wharf, foot of Wall atreet, or to K. K. COLLINS fc CO.. M Souk it Price of puu|r $100. Packetalup OHr.KIDAN, Oeo. B. Orxiih, maiter, 1000 toni, will incceed the Hiddoni. and ?ail September Jr?h her rgelar <?T aa'l rb Iffg- For LrVtKTOoTT?R??uiir Packet of th? ?th MBPjVor Sept?The Rri'flaii. fi>*t-aailiiig Picket frbip JfififeLPA'lV.I' K HENRY, J. A. Uelino maitat, will ?.i >? .??.e, her re.ular d?>. H>riB| rery aaperior accommodation! for c^in, aecond cabin, and atrerage uaa?euger?, peraom intending o einnark mould make immediate application oa homd, foot of Mi:den la .e, or to JOakl'H McMlIKR 'Y, Corner of Pii e k Houth iti. The iplendid new Picket Shin HENRY CLAY, E Nye. maater, burthen 1400 tona, wi I aaccead the fatrick Heuiy. and sail Oct Cth Priiona Jeairoui of lending for their lri>nda in thi old country cin h,?e them brought oat in either of the above reait U, or aav other picket ot the hue by applying ai above n? r AAA: ON L ? 1-1 *r. OK PACKr.l'a MJH ?13WVvtw ORLEANS -llcket of (lie 21th Anjr.JnMKaTlie fat-a.iliug and fayorre Paeke' Ship OKLr#A,>ib, Capt Barrett, will nil poiitirely on Mondiy, Ang. 24th. her r'^ulir day. She hia tplendid aecnmaodatioai for cibin, lecond cabin, and reeriae piateagen Thoae wuhing to lecua bertha iliould make early application lo W. fc J. T. TAPS' OTT, *nl# rh # South at., 2d door below Bnrling Slip. i+Jfr OLD EST AELISHEU I'MTKU STATES fc ^liVOKKAT BRITAIN fc IRELAND EMIGRANT ffl|jH?oKkl< E?The S?b?criber? continue to bring oat pasaengeri Sy the regular racket Ship?, .ailing every Are daya ; and also for first-class American transient ships, sailing weekly, a: Tory moderate r?te? Drafts can al?o be forni.hed for any amount, payable throughout the United Kingdom, on application a. above aU4 JOHN HKKUMAN k Co.. ?l Hoetheveet. GLASGOW LINK OK, I'V K K.TS-To .ail lit ?|??VSeptember, her regular day-Hie line fast soiling JlfefiHLcoppered BntiA bark ANN HARLLV, captain Robert Hcott. will aail at above, her regular day. For freight or passaga, having eicellent accommodations, : apply on board, foot ot Roosevelt ?'reel, or to WOODHULL k MlNTURN, P South*. The regular packet aliip SARACEN, C?pt- N. T. kins. will succeed tbe Ann llailey, and aail on the lat Octoberjher reanlsr dav "" FOR HAVK'K^The French Ship Al!*l kRIqJxJfV 1.1TZ, Capt. Oautrean. For freight or pisssge, apJfiaAbply to J. LAK ENS k CO.. or to " 18m BOYD fc HINt KI-.N, Agents. PACKET FOH HAVRit?Secotid Lite ;The fCOTVpacket .hip UTICA, Capi. F Hewitt, will tail on MMbihn 1st of Sept. For freight or callage, apply to tO?P fc HINCKKN. M *all .? torn. NEW OMULAfsS and MOBlLt-Tki wMV subscribers have a regular succession ef (Irit class HMb ships, sailing weekly Tor the above porta, by which cabin and ite?rag? paasengars can be accommodated in the b",~T' ff? 1 door from Wall it. w ro ?W YORK. MONDAY M Army Intelligence. GENERAL ORDERS, ? WAR DEPARTMENT, ADJ. GEREBAL'I Orrioc, No. 36. ) fVai/iington, Jiug 13, 184*1. Promotion! and Appoiutmcnti in the Army of the Unitad States, made by the Preiident, by and with the advice and conient of the Senate, since the publication of "General Orderi" No. 30, of July 17, 184?. I?PROMOTIONS. FIRST KCOIMKNT or DltOOOH. Lieut Col. Richard B. Mason, to he Colonel, June 30, 1840, vice Kearney, appointed Brigadier General. Major Clifton Wharton, to be Lieuteuaat Colonel,June . 30, l^iS, vice Mason, promoted. Captain Eustace Trenor, to be Major, June SO, 1846, ice Wharton, piomotel. First Lieut. Abraham It. Johmton, to bo Captain, June SO 1846. rico Sumner, promoted to Second Dragoons. First Lieut. Philip K. Thompson, to be Captain, June 30. 1846, vice Trenor, promoted. Second Lieut Lnonidas Jenkins, to be fir?t Lieutenant, June 30, 1846, vice Johnston, promoted. Second Lieut. John Love, to be first Lieutenant, June 30, 1846, vice Thompson, promoted. Brevet 'id Lieut. Delos B. Sacket. of the Second Dragoons, to be 11 Lieutenant, June 30, 1846, vice Jenkins, promoted. Brevet 11 Lieut, ioseph McElvain, to ba Second Lieut. June 30, 1846, vice Love, promoted. Eco.iD HcaiMcnT or urauoo*> Lieut. Colonel William S. Harney, to he Colonel, June 30. 1846, vice Twigcs, appointed Brigadier General. Major Thomas '1'. Fauntleroy, to bo Lieutenant Colonel. June SO. 1846, vice Harney, promotedCantain Edwin V. Sumner, of the Kirat Dragoons, to be Major, June 30, 1U46, vico Fauntleroy, promoted. PIUtT RKOIMRNT OP i *T It-LKRV. First Lieut. Jamaa fl Prentiss, to be Captain, June 19, 1(46, vice feibley, Assistant Quarter Muster, who vacates his regimental commission. Second Lieut. William S. Smith, to be First Lieutenant, June IS, 1846, vice Prentiss promoted. Brevet Jd Lieut. Asher It. Eddy, to be Second Lieutenant, Judo 18, 1846, vice Smith, promoted. SKConO RfcOIMK.KT OF AaTILLRBV. First Lieut. Tliomns P Ilidgely, to be Captain, June 18, 1R46, vice Grayson, Commissary of Subsistence, who vacates his regimental commission. h irst Lieut. Horace Uroolca, to be Captain, June 19, 1846. vice Schriver, Assistant Adjutant General, wko va 'ii'en hi* regimental commission. Second Lieut Henry J. Hunt, to be First Lieutenant, June 18, 1846, vice Ridgely, promoted. Seciond Lieut. Augustus A. Oibson, to be Firat Lieut., June 18, 1840. vice Brooks, promoted. Brevet 3d Lieut Henry K. Clarke, to be Second Lieut, June 18. 1846, vice Hunt, promoted. Breveted Lieut. Francis J. Thomas, ol the Third Artillery, to be Second Lieutenant, Juno 18,1846, vice A. A. Oibson, promoted. THISD or UTILLtnr. Second Lieut John F. Reynolds, to be First Lieutenant, June 18, 1H|0, vi.-e Tompkins, promoted. Brevet 3d Litot Samuel G French, to be Second Lieut., June 18, 1846. vice Reynolds, promoted. rOt'MTH IKOIMIST OF illllUtr. First Lieut. Chailes O. Collins, to be Captain, June IS, 1816, vice L)u?enbery, Assistant Quartermaster, who vacates his regimental com mission. Second Lieut. Albion P. Howe, to be First Lieutenant, Juno 18, 1846, vice Searle, Captain and Assistant Quarter Second Lieut Julim P. liareshe, to be Kirit Lieutenant, June It), 1816, vice Collins, promoted. Brevet C.I Lieut Samuel (Jill, to be Second Lieutenant, June 1H, Ib46. rice Howe, promoted. Brevet 2d Lieut Thomas J. Curd, ofthe First Artillery, to be Socond Lieut., vice Oareshb, promoted. rm?T KCoimuT or mrmTir. First Lieut John M. Scott, to be Curtain, June IS, 1346, vice Cross, Assistant Quartermaster, who vacate* bis iegimental rommnMou. Second Lieut John C. Tcrrett, to be First Lieutenaut, June 18. 1846, vice Scott, promoted. Brevet 3*1 Lieut Rankin Dilwortb, to t>e Second Lieutenant, June 18, 1846, vice Terrett, promoted. (conn BKOIMKRT OK IKFiKTir. First Lieut. James VV. Penrose, to be Captain, June 18, 1846. vice Katon, Commissary of Subsistonco, who vacates his regimental commission. First Lieut Oeorce VV. Patten, to be Captain, June 18, 1S46. vice Hetzel, Assistant Quartermaster, who vacates liia regimental commission. Second Lieut. Julius Hayden, to be First Lieutenant, June 18, 1846, vice Penrose, promoted. Socond Lieut. Edward R. S. Canby, to he First Lieutenant, June 18, 1846, vice Patten, promoted. Brevet 3d Lieut. James S. Woods, of the Fourth Infantry, to be Second Lieutenant, June 18, 1816, vice Hayden, promoted. Brevet 'id Lieut. James M. Henry, of the Seventh Infantry, to be Second Lieutenant, June 18, 1846, vice Catiby, promoted. THIRD nrKIMKNT OF IVIFANTBV. Firxt Lieut. Joseph II Eaton, to be Captain, Jane 18, 1946, vice Babbitt, Assistant Quartermaster, who vacates his regimental commission. First Lieut. Lewis 8. Craig, to be Captain, June 18, 1846, vice Casey, Commissary of Subsistence, who vacates his regimental commission. Second Lieut. Thomas Jordan, to be First Lieutenant, Juno 18, IBM, vice Eaton, promoted. Second Lieut. Don Carlos Buell. to bo First Lieutenant. June 18, 1846, vice Craig, promoted. Brevet 2d Lieut. Henry B. Schroeder, to be Second Lieutenant, June 18, 1846, vice Jordan, promoted. Brevet 3d Lieut. Jobn J. C. Bibb, to be Second Lieutenant, June 18, 1840, vice Buell, promoted. FOURTH BEQIMKNT OF INFANTRT. First Lieut. William W. 8. Bins, to be Captain, July 13, 1846, vice Tage, deceased. Second Lieut. Granville O Haller, to be Firat Lieutenant, July 13, 1846, vice Bliss, promoted. Brevet 3d Lieut. Ahram B. Lincoln, of the First Infantry, to be Second Lieutenant, July 13,1846, vie* Haller, promoted. FIFTH RROIMFNT OF INFANTRY. Captain Martin Scott, to be Major, June 99, 1846, vice ^aniford, promoted to the K.ighth Infantry. Kir?t Lieut. Daniel Rug&lus, to be Captain, June 18, 1846, vice Clary, Assistant Quartermaster, who vacates his regimental coinmimioi. First Lieut. William M. D McKissack, to be Captain, June 39, 1846, vice Scott, promoted. First Lieut Joseph H. Whipple, to be Captain, July 10, 1846, vice Urane, cashiered. Second Lieut. John C. Robinson, to be First Lieutenant, June 18, 1846, vice Ruggles, promoted. Second Lieut. Pinkney Lugeubeel, to be First Lieutenant, June 39,1846, vice McKissack, promoted. Second Lieut. Joseph L. Folsom, to be First Lieutenant, July 10, 1846. vice Whipple, promoteJ. Brevet 3d Lieut. Joseph P. Smith, to be Second Lieut., June 18, 1846, vice Robinson, promoted. Brevet 3d Lieut. John A. RJchey, of the Fourth Infantry, to be Second Lieutenant, June 39, 1840, vice Lugenbcel, promoted. Brevet 3d Lieut Patrick A. Family, of the Fourth Infantry, to be Second Lieutenant, July 10, 1846, vice Folsom, promoted. SIXTH IIOIMIST or INFANTRV. Lieut. Colonel Newman 8. Clarke, of the Eighth Infantry, to be Colonel, June 39,1846, vice Taylor, appointed Major General. First Lieut. Charles S. Lovell, to be Captain, June 18, 1846, vice Croaman, Assistant Quartermaster, who vacates his regimental commission. Second Lieut John P. Bacon, to be First Lieutenant, Juue 18, li46. vice Lovell, promoted. Brevet 3d Lieut. Winfteid S. Hancock, to be Second Lieutenant, June 19, 1846, vice Bacon, promoted. KIUH1 H RKOIMKN r OF INFANTRY. Major Thomas Stamford, of the Fifth Infantry, to ho Lieut. Colonel. Juno 39, 1840, vice Clarke, promoted to tlie sixth lniantry. Firtt Lieut. Isaac V. D. Heeve, to be Captain, June 18, 1846, vke Ogden, Aiiiitint Quartermaater, who vacate! hn regimental comail?iion. Firat Lieut Collinton R. Gate*, to be Captain, June 18, 1846, vice llill, A Mutant Quartermafter, who vacatei hia regimental conimiaaion. Kirat Lieut Larkin Hmith, to be Captain, July 31, 1846, rice Worth, deceued. Second Lieut. John Beardiley, to be Firat Lieutenant, June 18, 1840, vice Reeve, promoted. Second Lieut. Cbarle* F. Morrif, to be Firat Lieutenant, June Iff, 1846, vi. e Gates, promoted .Second Lieut. Johr. D Clark to be Kirat Lieutenant, Jul) -JI, 1846, vice Hinilh, promoted Bievet 3d Lieut Alexander Ha> s, of the Fourth Infantry, to be 8evond Lieutenant, June 18, 1840, vice Beardsley , promoted itrrvet Jd Lieut. George Wainwright, to bo Second Lieutenant, June 18. 1846, vice Mums, promoted. brevet 3d Lieut. J*me? G. 8. .Sneliing, to be Second Lieutenant, July 31,1040, vice t'larke, promoted. BltfcVfcl'S: " For gallant and distinguished ?ervicei in the battlei of' Palo Alto,' aud ' Itexaca de la I'alma.'in Texas, on the 8th an<f*tli of May, 1840. and in the delence of Fort Brown, Texas, during ita bombardment from the 3d te the 9th of May, 184(1" Lieut Colonel Jnmei 8. Mcintosh, of the sth Kegiment of Infantry, to lie Colonel by Brevet, to date from May 9, 1840 Lieut. Colonel Matthew M. Payne, of the 4th Regiment of Artilleiy, te be Colonel by Brevet, to date from May 0, 1840. bievet Lieut. Colonel William <1. - Belknap, Majorof the 8th Kegiment of Infantry, to be Colonel by Brevet, to date from May 0, 1840. Captain Kdgar S Hawkins, of the 7th Regiment of Infantry, to lie Major by Brevet, to date from May 9, 184U. Captain George A. McCall, of the 4th Kegiment of Infantry, to be Major by Brevet, to (late Irom >lay 9, 1846. Captain Joaeph K. ft'. Mansfield, of the Corpi of Knginecrs, to be Major by Brevet, to date from May 9, 1848. Captain Alexander 8. Hooe, of the 6th Kegiment of Infantry, to be Major by Bravet, to date from May 0,1846. Captain Robert C. Buchanan, of the 4th Regiment of Infantry, to be Major by Brevet, to date frem May 0,1816. Captain Charles A. May, of the -Jd Regiment of Diagoona, to be Major by Brevet, to date from May 8, 1846. Captain t'hil>p N. Barbour, of the id Regiment of Infantry, to be Major by Brevet, to date fiom May 9,1846. Cupiuin James Duncan, of the 3d Regiment of Artillery, to be Major by Bievet, to date from May 8, 18i6 Kirit Lieut Randolph Ridgley, of the Sd Regiment of Artillery, to be Captain by Brevet, to date from May 9, 1S46. Kirst Lieut. William H. Churchill, of the 34 Regiment of Artillery, to be Captain by Brevet, to date from May 9. 1846. bravet 3d Lieut Jamea 8. Wood*, of the 4th Regiment of Infantry, to be Kirat Lieut, by Brevet, to dale from May V, 1*46. Brevet ad Lieut. Alexander Hay*, of the 4th Regiment of Infantry, to be Kirat Lieut, by Brevet, to date from May 9, 1846 Captain Charlea A. May, of the 9d Regiment of Dragoon*, Major by Bravet, to be Lieutenant Colonel by | RK I [ORNING, AUGUST 24, ] Brevet, for " gallant and highly diitinguiahed conduct in tho battle of 1 Raaaca de la Palma,'" to date from May 9, 1846. Captain J amea Duncan, of the 2d Regiment of Artillery, Major by Brevet. to be Lieutenant Colonel by Brevet, for "gallant and highly diatiuguiahed conduct in the battle of Iloaaca de la Palma,'" to date from May 9, 1846. II.?APPOINTMENTS. ADJUTANT OEMKKAl.'a DEPABTMB*T. Firat Lieut, Edward D Townaend, Adjutant of the Second Uegiment of Artillery, to be Aaaiatant Adjutant Ueneral, with the Brevet rank of Captain, Aug. 8, 1846. MEDICAL DEPARTMENT. John F Head, of Maasachuaetta, to be Aaaiatant Sur geob, August ti, 18-16 pat ncfartmc^t. Robert A. Fonyth, of Michigan, formerly Paymaster, to bo Paymaster, Auguit 8, 1846. TIARiriR. Brevet 3d Lieut. George H Derby, of the Ordnance Department, to tho Corps of 'topographical Engineer*. ill?Appoinimenta in the t^uartormaster'a, Commissary's, and Medical Departments, under the 6th section of 1 i tie '' Act supplemental to an act, entitled ' An Act pro. 1 Tiding for the prosecution of the existing war between j the United States and the Republic of Mexico, and for other purpoaee.,n Approved, June 18, 1846. a htk a master's dkp artm kit. Qimrtermaster with the rank of Major. Nathaniel Anderson, of Tennessee, August 6, 1848. taut Quartermftrrs with the rank of Captain. I. James II Walker, of Arkansas, August 4, 1848. 3 Nathan Adams, of Tennessee, August 6, 1848. 3. William Allen, of Tennessee, Augusts, 1840. 4. Zehulon C. Bishop, of Missouri, August 8. 1848. ft. Charles W. Davis, of Texaa, August 8, 1846. commissary's dmabtmknt. Committarirt irith tm rank jf Major. 1. Brookyns Campbell, of Tennessee, August 4, 1846. 3. Richard Roman, of Texts, August 6, 1*46. 3. Pleasant L Ward, of Illiuoia, August 8,,1S46. JlotiUant Cemmiuaritt with the rank of Captain. 1. John J. Clendenin, of Arkansas, Auguat 4, 184& 3. William (1. Marcy, of New Votk, August 8, 1(^16. 3. Jolui 8. Bradford, of Illinois, August 8, 1846. MLDICAL DCPARTMCHT. ' Surgeon* I. A. Parker, of Texas, July 33, 1846. 3i George Penn, of Missouri, July 33, 1846. 1. George Johnson, of Missouri, July 33, 1846. 4. Daniel McPhail, of Tennessee July 33, 1846. ft Lwing H. Roane, of Arkansas, August 4, 1816. 8. GiJeon M. Alsup, of Tennessee, August 6, 1816. 7. At)ram S. Hill, of Georgia. August 8, 1846. Assistant Surgeons 1. Richard H Stevens, of Missouri, July 32, 1846. 3. E. Tucker, of Texas, Julv 33, 1846. 2 Thomas M Morton, of Missouri, July 33, 1846. 1. William D. Dorris, of Tonnessee, July I^a. 6. Richard P. Asho, of Texas, July 33, 1846. S. John W. Glenn, of Arkansas, August 4, 1846. 7. John W. Stout, of l'ennassee, August 0, 1840. 8. J. M. Dora, of the District of Columbia, August 6, 1846 9. John M. Leech, of Illinois, August 8, 1848. IV.?Order of rank and precedence of the officer! of the Quartermaster1* and Commissary's Departments, appointed under the 6th lection of the act, approved Juue 18.1848. Huartermatteri and Commit**rit$ with Ms rmnk of M-jor. 1. Brookyaa Campbell. Commissary. 3. Ilichard Roman, Commissary. 3 Nathaniel Anderson, Quartermaster. 4 I'leasant L. Ward, Commissary. Attitlanl Qua; trrmaitert and .'lttlt*ant Commit eariti with the rank uf Caplcin 1 John L. Clendeuia, Assistant Commissary. J. James 11. iVaiker. Assistant Quarter master. 3 Nathan Adams, Assistant Quar*'master. 4 William Allen Assistant Qaartei m ister. ft William ti Marcy, Assistant Commissary. ti Zebulon C. Bishop, Assistant Quartermaster. 7 John 8. Bradford, Assistant Commissary. 8 Charles W. Davis, Assistant Quartermaster. V.- Appointments in the Pay Department, u Oder the 2.'>Ui section of the act approved July ft, 1838 Additional faymaitert. A. W. Gaines, of Kentucky, July -JO, 1846. Oeotge H. Ringgold, ol' the District of Columbia Au/r 4, 1946. * VL?CASUALTIES. arsioissTioxs?and Committiont vacated under th* pro. vision of the 7th section of the Act of June 18, 181% (^oi Capt J. R. Irwin, 1st Artillery,' June 18, 1846, Assistant Quartermaster. Capt. O. H. Grossman, 6th Infantry* June 18, ih40. As sitant i?iuarterroaster. Capt. 3. B. Duwsubury, 4th Art.,* Jan* 18, 184 9, Auiitant Quartermaitrr. "ifc... Capt D. H. Viuton, 3d Art.,* June 1?, IB46, Auiitant Quartermaster. . . Capt E. B Alexander, Ant Quartermaiter.f June 18, 1846, 3d Infantry. Capt. O. Crou, lit Infantry,* June 18, 1846, Auiitant Quartermaster. Capt. S. P. Heintzel:nan,t Aut Quartennaater, June 13, 1?46, 2d Infantry. Capt. E. 8. Sibley, lit Art.,* June 18, 1846, Auiitant Quartermaater. Capt E. B. Babbitt, 3d Inf./ June 18, 1846, Auiitant Quartermaster. Capt. J.B. (irmyion, 3d Art.,* June 18, 1846, Commiuary of Subiiitence. Capt A. B. Eaton, 3d Inf.,* Jtne 18, 1846, Commiaaary of Subiiitence. Capt J. C Caaey, 3d Inf.,* Jane 18, 1846, Commiuary of Subiiitence. Capt. A. E. Clary, 6th Inf.,* June 18, 1846, Aiciitant Quarterruaater. Capt. A. H. Hetzel, 3d Inf ,* June 18, 1846, AfilfUnt Quartern) aater. Capt E. Schriver, 3d Art,* Jun? 18, 184#, Aaat. Adjutant General. Capt. E. dcbriver, Auiitant Adjutant General, July 31, 1846. Capt E. A. Ogden, 8th Inf.* J una 18, 1846, Auiitant Quarerm aiter. Capt J. M. Hill, 8th Inf ,* June 18,1846, Auiitant Quartermaster. Capt. W. Wall, Auiitant Quartemnter.f June lg, 1846, 3d Aitillery. Kint Lieut. K. Searle, 4th Art.,* Jun* 18, 1846, Auiitant Quartermaster. Auiitant Burgeon, Charlei E. Iiaaci, July 34, 1846. DECLINED, (9 ) Volunttrr Stre et. Major Juliui W Blackwell, Coiumiuary. Major uovin *i. i oe, t^uartermaaier. Major J nines C. Sloo, Commissary. Capt. Jonai E. Thomas, Assistant Quartermaster. Capt. Phillip B. Glenn, A Mutant Quartermaster. ('.apt. William Fields, Assistant Quartermaster. Capt Samuel M. Rutherford, Assistant Quartermaster. Surgeon Paul V. Eve. Assistant Surgeon Daniel Turney. DEATHS, (3) Captain John Page. 4th Infantry, near BL Lonls, Missouri, July 19, 18 W | Captain Joseph 8. Worth, 8th inf., at St. Augustine, Fla . July 31, 1HI0. Captain William Walters, Assistant Commissary, (Volunteer Service,) at St Louis, Missouri, July 30, 1848. VIL?The officers'promoted and appointed will joint their proper regiments, companies and stations, witnoudelay ; those on detached service, or acting under spe cial instructions, svill report, by letter, to the commanding officers of their respective regiments and corps. VIII.?Acceptances or non-acceptances of appointments will be promptly reported to tho Adjutant General of the Army; and, in case of acceptance, the birth place of the person appointed will be stated. By Order, R. JONES, Adjt. Oenl. MIMOBAKDUM. Correction. Horatio M. Vandeveer, of Illinois, to be an Assistant Quartermaster with the rank of Captain, (under the act June 18, 1840.) to date from June 36, 1846, instead of Henry M. Vajodeven, which was a misnomer in his * Regimental Commiaaion (only) vacated, under 7th ectioo, act June 18, 1848. f S'aff Commiaaion (only) vacated, under 7th (action, act June 18. 1846. t Of weunda received in the battle of " Palo Alto," May 8th. Polllleal Intelligence. John Dickey hai been nominated for Congreaa, by the whig* of the 19th congreaaional diatrlct, Pa. General Thomaa Kichey, of Perry county, hai been nominated for Congreaa by the democracy of Parry and Morgan diatrict, Ohio. Moaea Hampton haa been nominated by the whiga of Alleghany county, Pa., for Congreaa. In the 8th Congreaaional Diatrict of Oeorgia, R W Klournoy haa been nominated for Congreaa by the demo crata; in the 7th diatrict Wm. Turner haa been nomi. nated; in the 3d diatrict Dr. John W. Jonea haa been nomi. nated by the wlnga. The flrat election under the city charter, took place at Mancheater, N H , on Wednefday laat. The whig candidatea for Alderman wore choaen by a majority of over two hundred, and the whig candidatea for the Council were elected in every ward but 1 and 7. There waa no choice of Mayor- The whig candidate, Hiram, received S69 votea, but lacked 18 of a majority. The democratic candidate, Wm. C Clarke, received 44*1 votea. Wo aee by the abolition papera, that the name of Edward C. Deiavaii U preaented, along with that of Arthur Tappen and othera, aa an acceptable candidate for that party VIaii Ii'rAnman H \Tnrc? ?u itAml fr?r C rtriet rmmm by the whig* of the Oxford and Lincoln Congroikional District, Muni, at Topiham, on Tueeday Uat. Hand ford Kingibury hai been nominated by the whig* iivjhe Penobtcot and PUtaquI* di?trict?, Maine. Peraonal Moremanta. Hon John P. Hale, U. 8 Senator elect, from New tlampihire, i? travelling through the State, delivering paechea. The Hon Lewii Chi, Senator from Michigan, the Hon John Wentworth, of Chicago, and Senator Allen, ol Ohio, paused through Syracuse on their way wait, Thufiday evening la*t Fi? in Hiaauauaa.?A Are broke out in Harriihurg en Thuraday evening laat about five o'clock, at the corner of South and Second ttreeta, in the Steam Mill belonging to John H M'Allieter. which waa entitely coniumad, together with two frame tenement! belonging to J. M. Awl, and two imall dwelling houte*. Fire or lis atable* in the rear of the building*, were al*o con umed with their content*. The Military Academy at tha corner of State and Sacanc atraata, waa on Ira eeveral time*, but waa *aved with great diflcultjr. IERA m 1846. Nkw Haven, August 20, 1846. Yale College?Phi Beta Kappa Society?Commencement Exerciut?Bcethoven't Concert?Ktiulall't New York Brau Band. Mr. Barnard's subject was the " Modern Theories of Individual rights and false social organization." The orator sustained the ground that our present systems of society are sufficiently well organized, and gave a scathing rebulce to the various plans for tlie regeneration of the age. The Fourierists and such like would have found it rattier difficult to refute or even to reply to the | chum of argument, with which Mr. Barnard's ; speech was welded together. The speaker's effect was somewhat impaired in delivery, by an indistinctness at its commencement, which, however, wore oil' before the conclusion of his remarks. Mr. March delivered a Poem, haviug for its subject " Truth," and it waa marked with something more than studied effect or laborious composition. Some of the pussages were indeed very beautiful, the metaphors elegant and natural, and the current of thought regularly and powerfully sustained. Cvtain passages, in which the author appealed to all to join in opposition to the march of error, were of a character which enchained the complete attention of the crowded auditory, and one fact, in the delivery of the poem, might be well imitated by all of our public speakers: it was addressed to the audience as if in conversation, not hesitatingly given from paper. The oration and poem will both probably be printed. The morning of Thursday was ushered in by the ringing of bells at sunrise, and the beautiful weather added to the interest of the day, in which nearly a hundred you.ig men were to take their leave of the scones, which for four years had been devoted to study and improvemerft, or at least which are supposed to have been- At 8 o'clock the doors of the North Church were opened to a numerous crowd of tne fair sex, who had been waiting a long time previous ,tor the purpose of securing good seats. The rush of delicate beauty through tne doors is one of the most interesting occurrences of the day ; the sight of ttve or sue hundred ladies, some of wham might faint with the exhaustion of carrying a parasol, strugt{linij and pushing for precedence : the half-suppressed shrieks of the elbowed, and the triumph of the elbowers; the diiitcta mr?m6m of satins, silks and calicoes, all produced a.u etfect which showed that in " pursuit of knowledge under difficultie' t the lair sex cannot Ws outdone. The proc <r? from the Collage star'.vd in the usual orH lot The Undergraduate* ia the order of the' J . Fr e,h men leading. CUmm' "? The ' The Kticu/'^ -n(1 Corporation. ifL ?* Oifloeni ef the College. s~. Giadua'ea of other Collefrei. Rvth?t,r citizens generally. H h of. l'1'1 procession had entered, the ? urr crowded, even the stairs and a es <re closely packed with those who came 10 see ? Jt be seen, tor heading was out of the ques j0rl <j-he exercises commenced with a fine of music from the college choir, and after a rather hjngttiy prayer from President Day, the aluta,tory oration in Latin was pronounced by John Butler Talcott, of West Hartford, Connecticut . I A. dissertation "On excessive application to ^riysical Science," followed, by John WoodBirchmore, Charlestown, Mass.. and if the speech had been subjected to the pruning knife it would have been much more endurable. As it was, its length robbed it of all interest it might otherwise have possessed. Dissertation, " Our Country's Destiny," by Samuel G. Willard. of Wilton. Conn .Was K most excellent 4 h of July oratioa* though .-the already haekneyed subject admitted but olfittle originality. The speaker's style was pafhfulty iwkward. Oration, "On the importance of a National Military Institution," by Edward Kingsley, of West Point, would have been better received had it not been in such exceedingly bad taste, being nothing more nor less than a very elaborate puff of his lather's military ?cliool. Tj^next oration, on "Fashion," by S. T. Richarc^nf Philadelphia, abounded with co rect criticism ana palpable hits. A rich, original composition, and well delivered, it was a great treat, as much from contrast as from real merit. Oration, "The Project of a Congress of Nations, visionary," was a novel subject, well handled by its author, Henry Case of Norwich, Conn. The speaker showed in a very conclusive man. ner, that all attempts to promote peace and reciprocal understanding would be more successful by the individual aots of differentoountries, than by an empty disp'.ay of convocational ceremonici. Dissertations?"The Destiny of the American Indians" by Rufus Smith, of Colchester, Conn., "The StU'jy of Nature" by J. H. Glover, Fairfield Conn .a^id "The Pleasures of the Imagination," by C. P. Turner, Hartford, Conn., were three consecutive performances, which it would be superfluous to "damn with faint praise " The gesticulation of the three were so porlectly similar, that it was evident the same hand had pulled th? wires. "The Friendship of Luther and Melancthon," by George McChain, of New Fork, a disseitation, was in its composition and delivery a very happy effort of the author, and the attention of the audience was the best test of its merit. A poem, " The Surrender of Grenada," by J. J. Coit, of Baton Rouge, La., was the bright particular gem ol the morning's performances. Beautiful versifications, brilliant similes, and original ideas, characterized the whole composition, and which worthy of an older votary at the shrine of the poetic muse. An oration," Dante," by S. S. Murphy, Auburn, N. Y., was a graceful analysis of the lit? and wri tings of that author. It showed a knowledge of European literature, the more to be adm<red as it was unexpected from one, who is supposed to give his entire attention to the musty lore of bygone ages. "The connection between the Past and the Present," and "The Energy of Republics in War," were the subjects of the concluding orations of the morning, by Chester N. Righter, of New Jersey, and M. R. Lyon, of Fairfield, Conn. The afternoon's exercises commenced with music, followed by ajphilosonhical oration, "National Greatness," byStephen Wright Kellogg,of Shelburne, Massachusetts. An oration, The Profession of the Advocate consistent with Perfect Integrity," by J. F. Jackson, ol Alabama, was a noble defence of the lawyers' usefulness in society; and the author in his upholding the honor of the lawyer, showed what the advocate mar not be rather than what he is. It is to be hopeu that the sentiments expressed by the writer will not be altered by the taxing of costs, and drawing up of declarations. A dissertation on the " Inconsistencies of War," by C. G. Adams, of Keene, New Hampshire, might contain some very excellent theories, but it wauld be rather difficult to induce Secretary Marcy at present to put them into practice. R. R. Nelscn, of Cooperstown, New York, foliowbd in an oration on " Shelley," which would not be unworthy of a place among the compositions of the Edinliurgh .lu-viewers. A dissertation on '* Political Ruin," by F. J. Kingsbury, of Waterbury, Connecticut, and an oranon, " Ireland," by Robert Cochran, of New York, were two grand redeeming points ih the otherwise rather inferior sueeches ol the dnv. The heart stirring appeal of the latter young gentleman would have been * credit to a much more experienced speaker; and was one of the most correct delineations of the present condition and future prospect* ol the Emerald lale, that we ever had the gn >d foitunc to listen lo. A poem, " The Realm of Ruin," by Edward Johnson, Plymouth, Connecticut, was a most ereditable performance, and its most striking characteristic, was the redundancy of metaphors, in the management of which, the author seemed peculiarly able. Some were startling in their originality and boldness, while others charmed with their simplicity. " The Overthrow of the Mussulman Power in Spain," t?r Thomas J. Franklin, Berlin, Maryland, ana " Thoughts oa viewing the Grave of Gen. Braddock," by W. W. Horton, of Alabama, were two orations equally excellent, and marked with the thought? of talented minds. " The Puritan Element in onr National Character," an oration by J. M. B. Dwight, of Norwich, Connecticut, would have been, perhaps, well received among the followers of Oliver Cromwell.butforthe present state of society being i wofully contracted in its views, sectarian in its doctrine, and not over correc. in its deduction". The valedictory oration then followed, by Henry Baldwin Harrison, of New H iven, Connecti- j cut ; its subject the " Supremacy of Ree?on, and well did the speaker gratify the expectations of all who heard him. It would be improper to pass over this gentleman's course through college i without remark, inasmuch as it strikingly 'hows | what may be effected where industry and I perseverance are the guides of action. He entered college with a preparatory education, attained solely by his own untiring application, and for the four years that he has been Li D. Mm two Ctath I studying in the institution, ha? supported himself by teaching six hours a day. Those who are fa' miliar with college occupations can best appreciate such industry ; nor has he, during this time, j been merely one of the common climbers up the lull of science. He has carried off everv premium, every honor, possible to be attained by a ( imcpciau ; nruuiru iuo gwu ? *? v. all who know bim, anil at the cIom of hi*career, taken the highest honor* ol' the institution. Of course the delivery of Ins address was listened to with great interest by all; and in his remarks, taking leave ot his classmates, displayed a feeling which called the sympathetic tear to many an eye : when, as is usutu, he addressed the venerable President, the old man, who is now to retire from the scene of his useful labors, was so : touched by the affecting delicacy of the speaker's , words, that the tears rolled down hit iurrowed. cheeks, unrestrained, evincing that paternal feeling and grateful appreciation wmch should exist between preceptor and student. The degree of A. B. was then conferred on tha following eighty-three members of the graduating class :? Charles Goldthwaita Adami, Walter Franklin Atle?, William Woodruff1 Atwatar, Joieph Willea Backus, Nathaniel Purdy Bailey, Albert Henry Barnea, Edward^ Grillln Bartlett, Frederick l'eter Bellinger, John Woodbridge Birchmore, Charles Loring Brace, John Ball Bria bin, William Banfleld ( apron, Wilson Ctry Nicholas Carr, Henry Case, George Foot Cheater, Henry Chiids, Robert Cochran, Jamea Jonathan Coit, Isaac Clinton Collim, John Butler Conyngham, James McLaren Breed Uwight, William Spencer Eakin, Calvin Morgan Fack ler, Thomas Isaac Franklin, Ziba Oay, John Henry Glo ver, Charles Joseph Gobrecht, Joseph Fran klin Griggs lnrael Hopkins Harris, ilenry Baldwin Harrison, Levi Welles Hart, David Hawley, Oeorge Edwards Hill, Hatteilee Hofl'man. Franklin Holmea, Benjamin Balch Hopkinson, William Walter Horton, Jefferson Franklin I Nol?on*koas''Stephen'Wrigh"t Kellogg. Archibald Ken1 nedy, Frederick John Kiugsbury. fcJward Van Schooa] hoveu Kinsley, Jonathan Homer Lane, Stephen Duncan Linton, Morris Wakeman Lyon, Oeorg* N*?Chaln. W? liatn Minor, Darid Humphrey Mulfoi^ S?muel Boat*** worth Muifoy, Rensselaer Russell *,#iIOn, William Ru? ie 11 Nevins, Krederic Henry Charles Josias Pennington, George Waslungto- Thomas Perkins, Talmon Cornelius Perry, Eliht' t>i,inn?v Bernard Anthor" Pratte, Jtred Reld, 8" * . "7'. pi<-vNewell Righter ^ ??ras, Cheater land, Josiah . dUlnuel James Giles RowDuBoii 8' ?arag?, Klisha Bacon Shapltlgh, Themaa Smith jerwooJ, Milo Marcellui Smith, Robert Hall S? Kufui Smith, Frederick Starr, Henry Thornton .?e1e, Albert Kverctt Stetson, Joseph Stiles. Orson William Stow, John Butler Talcott, Abijah Hull Thompson. ' Charles Hooper Trask, Charles Peaniee Turner, Daniel l Meigs Webb, Samuel Oeonce Willard, George Clinton . Williams. Ttie decree of A. M. was conferred on about 60 members of the class of 1843 The Corporation of the Collet" also conferred the degree oi L. Is. D. on DanielLord, Esq., of New York, Professor S. B. F. Morte, of the telegraph, and Hon. J. M Clayton, Senator in Congress from Delaware?the first and the last of these gentlemen are graduates of j the College. The honorary degree of A. M. was conferred on Mr. Charles W. Bjpdley, of Transylvania Univer, sity ; Dr. John S. 3. McKnight, of New York; and Mr. John P. Norton, of Farmington, Ct. | At the same time the degree of M. D was confurred on Josiah II. Beecher, Jacob T. Bulkier, Jndson Candee, William A Durrie, Samuel A. Hill*, John W. Hu1 bell, George W Ives, Job Kenyon, Jeremiah King, De Witt C Lattirop, Joseph J. Meigs, Edwin A. Park, Seth Peasa, Frederick W. Perry, Samuel W. Skinner, Natha-* niel W. Taylor, Charles Tuomas, Sylvester W. Turner ana Andrew I. White. \ , i Tk.. 1 J r ?? rv ? ? J ?i aiiw iivsim/j >11 y urgrcr ui in. u. grauiou to Dr. Goo. O. Sumner, Dr Ctiaunonr Bttrgess, Dr. Geo. O. Jarvis, and Dr. Joseph C. Do#. The following gentlemen received at the same [ timd, also, the degree of L. L. D.:?Joseph M. Barr. Tilton E. Doolittle, John B. Lambert. Wm. B. Wooster, Joseph E.Brown, Imuc L. Kinzer, James M. Woodward, David A. Wright. Three new professorships have been establish* ed at the present session of the Corporation. The Clark professorship of Moral Philosophy and Metaphysics filled by Noah Porter, of Springfiald, Mass. A professorship of" Agriculture anu Animal and \ egetable Physiology," to which John Pitkin Norton, E*q., was appointed ; and a third professorship of Practical Chemistry, which fcWo be tillfd by Benjamin Silliman, jr., son of Promisor Silliman. No better evidence can be addnoed ol the prosperity of the College than this addition of three endowed chairs to the faculty within the same year. The instructive government of the College now consists of twenty-thre) Professors, i one Lecturer, seven Tutors, and seven Inttrnc| tors ; and the students, graduates and undergraduates to about 600?this is the present state ol an institution which, in 1700, was founded by the donation of a few books, from one whose name the College hears, Mr. David Yale. The number of those who have received honors from the College is about 6,500; the number of Alumni 5,500; of whom are living nearly 8,000. From the graduates 1.-I00 have been ministers over congregations, 410 physicians ; 195 have held stations of honor as Senators, Judges, Gove mors and Ministers abroad: 11/! r? i n _< ' ^ H ' *?? as x resiucnis nno i-roies?ors 01 v/oueges ; ana many others not included in this list whose names are distinguished in the literary and political world ?such men asF. A. Talmadge and Daniel Lord, of New York, and Thomas E. Marshall, of Kentucky . It is a matter of interest lor anv one to look over the College catalogues, and Ana the names of such men as Oliver Wolcott, Timothy Dwight, Noah Webster. John Cotton Smith, Peter B. Porter, Roger Sherman, Jeremiah Day, Lyman Beeeher, John C. Calhoun, Thaddeus Hetts, J. R. Ingersoll, Francis Granger, O. E. Badger, John Davis, John M. Clayton, and a host of others, who?e names are known throughout the length and breath of the Union. Yale College has given a Governor to almost every State, a President to almost every College, and a Minister to everv city and town of the Union ; and Harvard anil Yale together have given the education to the majority ot the great statesmen and orators ot our country. Even as they have done so may they do! The Beethoven Society, composed of musical amateurs, members of the different classes of college, assisted by Kendall's New York Brass Band, gave a grand instrumental concert on Thursday evening, at the New Haven Temple. The performances consisted of glees, quartettes, chorusses, and were given in a most superior manner. It is unnecessary to speak of Kendall's band, for their excellence needs no comment; but of the students who evinced their proficiency in the musical art, too much praise cannot be given. Although receiving no assistance nor emoluments for their time and services, they ever add a pleasing feature to college life and college exercises ; and notwithstanding every four year* brings a new generation at Yale, yet the band like the King of England never dies. As one clas* departs another enters, and the difficulties of constantly changing organization never seem to affect the superior execution of the performers. There were present at this, their farewell concert, just as many auditors as there were sqnare leet * to the surface of the floor. Such a dense mass of human flrsh was never probriWy packed together before, except in the black holeofCalcutta, or between decks in a slave ship; like thoee places too, there were many shackles forged and chains wrought, though persuasive glances of sparkling eyes, and the thrilling pressure of meeting palms, acted with more influence than physical force. If ever a poor devil is doomed to fall in love, it is when?in such a crowd?his arm I is round the taper waist of a New Haven beauty? her ringlets resting on his shoulder?her fragrant , breath like the warming air of Arabia on his cheek, and no possibility of extricating oaeself from such oiose contact; 'tis then " ? the downcast ays, and mantling blush batray tba *hiipered tale of lore * The concert finished, there was another grand rush for the steamboat about departing lor New Yorit. The boat was crowded to its utmost capacity, and if all slepr, they must have accomplished it like horses, standing. Probably there were ' four or five hundred who had to return and sleep one more night within the hearing of die New Haven crickets, and in New Haven air, from the want of accommodation on board of the boat. By .Saturday the city will be in repose, and the two or three thousand visiters, the six hundred student'", and the one hundred or more subfreshmen will have departed for parts unknown; nothing will be left but the resident population, whom i neither love nor money could persuade for a week to quit the houses in whieh they were bom, the pure air which thoy have ever breathed, and the : shade of the luxuriant elms under which they have raised their tabeinncles. The crowds collected at New Haven, of course gave a fine field for the efforts of tho rlitvalitrt d indiutrit, but their exer tions were not crowned with much succcss ; sev?rn! small haul* were made, find one of #140 in gold ; watches, breaapins, and chains suffered some, li would be a good plan, whenever any attractive occurrence i? going on in places so easy of access to New York, to send on one or two of the New York police, who are acquainted with these gentlemen of the inquiaitive linger; however, tne thunder and lightning line has oonveyetf the information to the city, and they may be ererhauled on their return.

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