Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 25, 1846, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 25, 1846 Page 3
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To Our Subscribers. Wo have great satisfaction in informing our readers that our Post-Master has published a card, ? stating that he will employ a cleric to note the time at which the newspapers are received in his office, aud state whether they reach there in time to be mailed the same day. Wo aro very glad of this, and we shall ado^t a similar plan. We have engaged a person to note do* fn the hour and miuute at which our bags are pv.t in the post office, and he will be prepared, when ,-equired, tp substantiate his notes by affidavit, if necessary. This is a capital movement by Mr. Morris, and "we hope lie will continue it, as wo intend to do, and then the fault will be brough.t home to the right doer. We r.iqueat our subscribers \0 keep these arrang^m tnts in mind, and wri'^ to us immediately when their papers fail iu r eaching them at the : piUfJPt I UIM0* Our k yeatu?t difficulty- bas been on the " east table." Ph*J iin'i Hair Uj't, * new and Invaltiabl | ditCO" it, wimultd neither to ?mut normihi j, being ? i.iquid. D\e. which iMMMMMlhr ch.-4UKe? th?* color of the' fAir m h beautilul brown or black. without injury to the U? jr ?y tkin. The great superiority of this Dve conaitta lu the t uvn?.|e of implication and in?:aiitjiit-ou? r fleet.all other aye 4 requiring trom ten to twelre hour* to produce auy el" age. IW ?ul'erior eicelleuce will be apiMrent to every j upon a aingli-application. Country gentlemen can hare *. ttottle forwarded them by eiprea*, by ae:iiUng caih, en c <o?ed to E. Phalon, 61 Broadway, Jndaon'i Hotel. Price $1 F ?r bottle, with full directiona for na?. City geutlemen are ' Anted to call at the depot and their whiakera dyed. 3t A IVew and Moat (excellent Article of Ilnlr "Dye hm juat been inee'ited by Mr. Bachelor, of No. t Wall treet. wno, alter experimenting for yeira upon (lie beat mrth d of coln'ing 'he hair, haaat laat t mp>uinled hi* new D\k ?* the remit of bi* labora. The earinua mmpounda which haee heretofore been in n?e, lor dying the liiir, will, ??e imntiiie, ke aapplauted he this new candidate for laror, ? ]?J Mi B muat he ntenairely pitroniard by thoae whohare ' ried ;he varioua dyea in uae with no good effect. Saw York Hlifli School. for the Kdncntlon f Toui r l.adiea. 2^9 tireene atreer, between ("Union and , W?verly Place. "ear Wa?)iinston Sntmre. Thi* Inatimrion. under tha management ?f ProFfn?r and Mr*. Villenlait, who re aided by the molt accomplished a*si*tants. will open for the reception of pupils on ?lond*y, th* 7th of September. K ir fa'tner particulars, ?ee ci'CyUri, which may b* obt lined *t the hoekstore of Me?*r* Marrvnnrr, Lockwood & Co., 439 Broadway, or at the Institution Hcrolu(lon.-Ut Uavo Men with mrprli?. w*thi? many of our m >st eminent Grocer* have siren awnr before rhe pecuniary pressure of the time*. This clan of merchant* hnve generally I een couaidrrc-d tl?e strongest. and their diifi* uttiet have puzzled n? t^e mure. On inqnirv we fi 'd that their profit* have of late been creatly diminished, more e?peciUv in the article of Tea. the sale of which has Jf" diverted frem it* old channel hy the success of th* n*w l en Companies, of which the Pekie. iti Fult >n street is the t rem?rk able. A revolution in this trade, we think, is mMer way, and if all we he*r of the novel arrangements maki;:* jn <":hir?a bv he Pekiu Ten Company be true, we W'jy expect before ton* a quality of Tea in New York, never - old heie before at tke ibuie price. Fall Foiirilan ?Bacbe and Coitar, Hatt?r?, JM Broad w-?T, will issue the Kill Fasdion for Gentlemen's Hats, on S?tur day, 4umi't29th Also, new syles of Get ts, i outh and (1-pldren's Cap* They will also open on the same day a fi ?w cases of Paris made Castor Chapeaux?for children, a ne w and be*utiful article. _ Fashion for Autumn. 1846. Crown?7 1 *9 ircbes hich, 7 1-16 Yeoman, 1-8 bell It sides, 1*16 front and rear. 3-8 curve Tip? 5-8 ot >1,1.4 curve, 1-16 conve* rr>m?2 111 ?he* wide, front a? d rear, 1 13 16 at sides. Smal ore carl, si* u?htly rolled at. sides . Set?3 16 s loped. J 1 16 inches curved. Biding? |3 16 wide, satin and satin striped. JindiUK? Mii'hwide fine riMwd serin edfftdN B ?T 6e Banrli, Binding* Tips and Sode*, of the precis# pattern ust ?1 by ns, can be obrained in New York Port* />le Drri?ln{; Cases^-The Hubscrlbcri U.i, ' their aaaortment of the above, can recommend tn tm to the public and travellera, u the moat complete caae lor a long or ahort Journey, ever manufactured, both a' rtguua otllity, durability and rheapnesa O.SAUNDKKS 8c SON*, 177 Broadway, a few doora above Carartlandt atreet. O. 8?ander'? Patent INntnlllc Tnblrt Razor StTAn.?-The oldaat and moat approved atrop now in uae, havin* been before the public lur the laat flhirt* yeara, can be h?'l at the aubacribera. No. 177 Broadway-, wholesale and retail The public and atrangera are invited to call and examine the various patter |i. Lndlri will He glad to loam that the French Lunar Pilla ean be had at 112 Cherry afreet. ta5 ?rw*U W Of UM UUo iUTWi Pl*4u. aai Ft.nt* tf Ri-#. ChMimatk, Auf 17. . ?. . ...... low water?CsUinj. WVaetoAL Avg 90. ....... ... . ? 3 reet. nHakinTi*| .'0 ...... ... ... 4 feet l<e?liT^|fc Aif It ...... .leas than 4 feet, ' " ' | HONEY .VAI1KET. Blond. \j, Aug. 21?8 I?. M. Thero was an improvement: flo-day in tbo stock market, ro far as price* are conc ei ?ed, but the transaction! continue to a very limited ex It nt. Norwich & Worcester went up H'; Harlem. \ ; La ig Island, 1 ; Canton, Beading closed at Saturday's pri ces. At tli o i*rnnH haarH thai nnloa t nffH?rli>ra wat-a lorrra it an improvement of X per cent on the running price*. Norwich k Worceiter alio impi oved a per cent. Counterfeit bill* purporting ti > have been issued by the Bank ef Charleston S. C., are in circulation. The slgnnture of the fresident awl Ca *hicr are admirably imitated. but the plate is entirely di Serent from any ever i**aed by the bask. We annex the several it onthly statement* of the Banks of South Carolina, for ? the purpose of comparing the BgKregtte movement in <e ach department. one period with another. They exhibi t very little variation. Banks or Soi; -TH Dtblt. J)rc.3l, Mar. 31, June 30, Jul* 31, ism. liti'i luifi. lme. Capital Stork ?5,922,60r 5.998,607 5.992,607 J.W'.fOT Bill, ia I irciilatien. 2,361,031 2,1*1,757 1,157,712 1,926.621 Net profta en haad. 196,121 283,1^2 303,951 29<,,#44 E.-l?jce ('ne to banks in this State 1,152,647 I,61?,06J 1,585,712 1,600,393 Bdauce due to banks in outer States..,. 198,113 .216,225 171,833 194,063 All moneys die which bear interest.... 23,735 40,028 39, ?75 42,824 State Treasury,for balance Carrent Fund 45,518 *7,371 149,005 147,387 State treasury, for balance SinkiiiK Fond, 674,205 467,197 424,122 424,264 State Treasury, for loaa for rebuilding the city 1,810,tM 1,110,252 1,810,253 1,818,258 Cash deposited and .11 l,-. ....,,, v. dne, exclusive or bilU ia circulation, profits on hand, b?lurN due other like, and money bearing interest 1,838,385 J, 089, ISO 1,921,464 1,883,312 Total Liabilities.... $14,306,648 14,754.677 14,267,539 14,317,882 AcimrcM, Specie nu liand $830,760 620,073 5X7,869 339.866 Ileal Karate 287,998 287,991 287,998 287 997 Bills of other bank* in thi? State 166,235 329,9)4 290 G33 368,830 Bill* of Basks ia other State# 4,597 1 030 J97 j ejj Balance due from Bk< in this State... 17,417 54,281 95,877 69,989 k Balance due from * Bks in other States, 65,387 50,929 77,242 72,035 Notes discounted on personal security.. 5,996,7*3 (,363,041 6,061,967 6,156,538 Loan* aecured by pledge of ita own stock 211,620 209,327 tl0,?5T &>! 264 Loans aecured hv pledge ef other st k 151,609 4P0.650 380.063 390.668 Domestic exchange.. 301.723 475,105 422,Rl? 439 119 F'lreigu do 84,842 117,439 168 717 16?'034 Bo-d? 935,333 1,037,398 1,141,136 1,122,642 Money invested in stock... ........ 1,467 039 1,370,350 1,369,046 1,383 969 9tMpended debt and date in suit 601.385 712,103 730,853 042 *09 State 1 raasury 71,731 96,235 ? 8 743 Branches aiid Agencies ....... 1,557,614 1,432,553 1,258,870 1,335.691 Bonds under law for rebuilding Charleston 929,346 919,497 912,270 909,453 Interestand expenses of Stite l.oan 55,309 69,404 79,953 92,044 Money inrested in eeerv other way than is specified in the foregoing par ticulars 168.964 205,300 152.018 153,289 Tatatal Resources.. ,$14,306,648 14,754,677 14,267,539 14.li7.842 The operations of tba hanks of South Carolina da not I appear 10 ne to much influenced Dy external causes, thoie of the bank* of other Statea. One reaion for thi*, undoubtedly ii the fact, that their huiineM is mere conload to legitimate channali, and in consequence of the frequent return* required, there hai not b?en that opportunity for speculative expansion* which the bankf of nearly every other State in the Union, from time to time reaort to, with impunity, aa they are not compelled to make public their movementa. While the bank* of theee State*, the law* of which require frequent exhibit* of their affair*, preserve from menth to month a uniform movement, the bank* of other 8ta'e* are compelled from time to time to curtail their operation*, whenever there i* any change in the financial policy of the Goveminent, or whenever any measure* affecting our commercial ay item are agitated in our legislature. On account of the check and rsstraint which contemplated or actual change* ia our financial or commercial ayrtema, have upon the movement* of the banking Institution* of the country generally, we are diipoiad to coniider them a* rather advantageou* than otherwi** in thi* point of view. They are calculated to prevent any abrupt or any extensive expamion*, or whenever an under expanaion <Ki*t?, they have a tendency to produce a contraction. In thi* way they exert a very favorable and healthy influence upon commercial mattera. The change* in the financial policy of the Government and in the commercial ayitem of the country, about going into operation, will for a time caute a partial (tupenlion of buaine**, and give an opportunity to lho*e who h?v? been going ahead a little too faat, to ftrengthen ihtkmlm b#for? the nv order of thingi oomoi into - wlrtirr- TImm ntoUUmm mi to u w I trad* and deatroy wkiUnr ip*eulatlr* movement# m#jr | at th* time b* going on. Th* abo** ntumi ahow th* aggregate movement of all th* ban It i and branch*! of South Carolina at four p*. i rioda. The annexed return* exhibit the movement in ' the principal department of each bank and branch, at tw o periods. OF Sot TH CtaoLISA. Jlpi-il 30/A. 18*5. July nth. Hilt. | ? . , . _ Loam. Sptcie. Loam. Sptcit. Batik of the State.. $1,023 666 Jts.OIT 1,181.931 | Branch at Columbia.. 771,o?7 3 300 903,480 4 078 I ?7tI)o Cam en... 411,751 190 413511 Vv<? Soatliwertero K H 186,111 IBS..; 9 6I5M3 iV(;w PlanteVk McChaaV 930,391 !70.?!2 9UI.810 ro t ulon Li ik 7110,050 137.067 683.607 65,238 State Bank. 47J.78I 1)0 131 <644.8(8 77,231 Bank of S. C 4??,3I2 74,644 797,188 51.290 I $5,li6,0#i 973,289 6,156,528 539,885 l r l -10 ? C"'. Dep. Cir. Dep. Bank of tlie'S'ate . ,.$1,0 i.'Sti 575,647 997,:09 602.781 Branch at Columbia. ? 113 806 ? 73,t>84 Do Caindvn... ? 44,7?7 ? S1.40J i Hoathweatm K R... 45r.,055 509 930 279 *95 420,474 j Nantera' k Mechi'i.. 321,405 29>j 137 27J.505 2'6.602 | Union Bank I7,?I5 191.007 82 940 161,9(9 Hiatr Bjnk 897.152 214,82# $158,242 166.3* Bank of 9 C 100.050 215.2o0 135,370 207,091 $2,136,70! 2,134,662 1.923.621 1,6!'3,312 \ fiAt'AM 1 r\f tVl A*A .1^.. iaall I U 4 1 n V hAfL enced a very ((reat change in the extent of their move raents, although it will be perceived that the aggregate hat not varied a very large per cent. In the line of discount* we particularly distinguish the Southwestern Railroad Bank, the returns for July, 1848, compared with those for April, 1846, show an increase in the loans of 428 987, equal to more than two hundred per cent. In the same period there has hem a very great increase in the discount department of the Bank of South Carolina. While the loans of the Southwestern Railroad Bank have Increased as above stated, there has-ticen a very great ; reduction in the circulation, it having fallen off nearly fifty per cent There has been very little variation in the spocio and deposits. The aggregate bank movement of the State, for several years past, has been as annexed :? Bake Motfmickt or South Ca*"i.i*a. Loam. Specie. Ci r'n. Dept. | 1*37?Junusrv U38 l,6o4.784? 7.H3 6I6 3,018 177 1810?Octot-er * 1,608.537 3 008.814 1.712 715 1614?March 4.367,543 9!I8,I3S 2 9)9,220 2,PNUU IM4?November ... . 6,073,291 901,'73 2,U5.'86 1,558.081 1145? Mnrcli 5,9 5.768 1,200,318 2.3j0.10J 2,221.0M 1815?Decembe r 5 906 798 830.760 2.361.0)2 1,118 IH3 18'6?April 6.269 628 560 923 1.971,649 2.4MI.K9I 184'J?May 6.115,8a1) 561.741 2.060,919 2,0115. i>;9 JBiS?June 6.0M.957 537 ECS 1.857.712 I.9J2.4G4 1816?Jul y 0.156.528 339,805 1,926,621 1 SS3.J12 Since March, 1845, there has been a steady decline in the amount of specie, sn4 the circulation and deposits are less now than they were at that time?the loans are at present a little hirger. The aggregate movement in all the departments on the 37th of July, 1340, was only about one-third that of January, 1837. Thia is a vory iui|>i>naui 1BI-.V, us n auowi mm mo prosperity 01 ma country generally, by no moans depends upon the ex tent of bank facilities, but to the contrary, on limited olume of currency and restricted credits. Old SU> K Ktrh?n<e 22 M Harlem RR JflW < 10(H) U S 5s, 1853 53 100 do Sf.ii 1 ir00Ohie7s ? Id I ^ 50 do 5(H) OUioBs, I860 932no do b?0 57.2 *2 do 91 200 d- btw 57 .2? i n ^ b3 91 liO do b20 57J* 100 >hs Canton Ce 33?f 1J0 do 57 50 L Island KR b30 32 100 do 100 ,51! n no , 3'K 100 Nor & Wort .3 58,? 125 Reading RR bl 67 25 do s30 800 do Sl0 67 25 do b3 58? , 100 do b30 671( J5 do b!0 58? 60 do s3 6CX I Bseonil Board. 50 shs Harlem RR 57W 50 Harlem RR .3 S7W J? ^o blO 67*2 2f0 do btw 57(2 j do V* M do blO 573 i 10? ?lo sen 57 V 50 do b20 57 J ! -<0 do Sin 57'^ 100 do slO 57 3 ? ! do bio 57k 50 Nor & Woro b'O 58* | 50 do slO 57? 50 do Stvr 58'? ? do b60 57 V 25 do b3 51 li 6? do blO 57?J 50 do bli J#)? j R*w Stoi k Kichaim. 2 shs Morris C'l bf,0 75 Nor & Woro eh 58'i H v i mi. ,lm 7 25 do Toes 58V ? Harlem RR s3 5C^ 150 do b3 58'? J? 4? eh 56.1, do b4 58$ j .53 do ch 5- H 50 do b7 5R'?' 100 <10 btw 25 do blO ,'|8U i 50 do cli UAt 2J do Tues 58', ; 30 do Tues if,)i 23 do btw 5**4 | loo oo >3 v;?, as do ?30 17j; I 10 do b'^0 56V 25 do 10 .tl) I 130 do b3 36 V 23 do Tues f0 30 do btw 3'Ti 13 do >3 58 130 do Tun 56,', i5 do bl3 58',' 30 L Island UK b45 3! 30 do btw 5*'a' | 30 do blO 31V 25 do tw 58 *0 do btw 31V >.i do btw 58 i 50 da cli 31101 do ch .'8 25 Headline RR blO 67 . 23 do b3 38M i 23 Nor 1( Wore ?tw 58 Slurried. On the 90th instant, bv the Rev. Chariot O. Sommers, ! Mr. Martin Casey, of this city, to Mils Esther Coksos, of Port Richmond. Staten Island. At Quebec, on the 10th instant, by the Rev. Dr. Cook, Bim*o* Uknnett to Ki.iza Jake, daughter of the late William Sloan, of this city. Died, On the 24th instant, of intermittent fever, James Harbis, Engraver, Nassau street, aged 3d yean. His fiicnds and acquaintances aro respectfully invited to attend hi; funeral, this dav, at 4 o'clock, from his late residence. i7ui street and Second Avenue. Yesterday morning, of n lingering illness, J0117. H.\v miho, son of Johu W. and Sarah Avery, aged 8 years and 3 months. His remains will be taken to White rlains, for interment. from the reaideuce of his parents, 03 Hose volt street, this (Tuesday) morning, at 9 o'clock. On Sunday, 13d June, at 6>i o'clock, A M., after a painful illness, which she bore with christian recigna- j tion, Cathamnk, daughter of the late Jolih Rule, Esq., ui iiuuiui, n. a., ana ns:or ol \V. U. Hule.ol this city. WwKly He port at Dfitbs. la the city aad county of N?*w York, from.the IV.h (lay of Aucuac lo trie 2>nd day of August. tR4C. 51 mm, J.1 wuin>u, S3 b^ys. 97 girls. Total 274. disease!. Abscess, 2; Ap pleiy, 14: Uleediug, 2; Burned or scaliled, ' lj Casualties ,2: Cholera infinitum. 47; Cholera morbus, 1; Consumption, 32; Convulsions, jv, Croup, 1; Debility, 3; Del num iremens, 4 ; Diarrhaia, 10; Drop?y, 4 ; Dropsy iu . the head, 18; Drrjisy in tlie chest, J; Drowned, 8; Dysentery, 8 ; Kever, 2; Fever liilliuus, 1; Fevi'r puerperal, 2; Fe- rer remit'eut, 3 ; Fever scarlet, 1; Fever typhoid, 1 : Fever typhus, 3; Fever congestive, 1; Heart, disease of, 4 ; Hooping cinsth, 4; I nil uoin atlou ol the urain. I; Intlimmation of bovtels. 13; Inflammation of lungs. 8; Inflammation of stomach 2; Islismmaiion of throat. 1: Intemperance, 1; Jmndice, I; Marasmus. 18; Meas'es, I; Old Age, 3; I'alsy, | 3; Premature birth, 4; Rheumatism, 1; aprue, 1; Teething, j 2 ; Tetanus, 2; Uuknown 1. Age?Under 1 year, 91; 1 to 2 years, tC; 2 to 5, 11; 5 to 10, : II to 2?, 7 *1 to 30, 19 ; 30 to 40, 24; 40 to 40, 14; 40 to CO, 10; 80 to 70, J; 70 to 80. 4; 90 lo 100, 1; unkowu, 4. Colored persons 14. CORNELIUS U ARCHER, City Inspector. City Inspector's otTice. August 24. 1846 p????????? | ! AMERICAN MANUFAC1URED CUTLKKY. WM. WILD, manufacturer of Cutlery, No. 160 Ditisiru street, New V- rk, haa constant); on band a gr.nd issortment of 1. 2. 3 and 4 blade Kuives of hts own imnuf.vturlng. go< d and cheap to the trade. a?24 lm*rc M. LEVETT, DENTIST. MORE HARM results from bundling performances of incompetent Dentists thxu the | ublic are aware of. It is ol'the greatest importance that all branches ef the Dentist s art should be skilfully and untlrrstandingly practised. To those wha think with us; we recommei.d Mr. LEVETT, rorun of Broadway and Warren street, the introducer ol the inser ion of Artificial Incorruptible Teeth, on the principle of atmospheric Pressure.?Noah's Weekly Messenger, j an24lt*r HAIUHKLUK'S MAIIi L>\ W. A LIQUID COLORING KOK THE 1IAIII, WII1SKLK8. &c.?In claim* to pilruiiazr will at once be un<ler*tood by thoae who nave used or Mild the preparation* oflered for dying the hair. It* application la simple, it* effect certain ; heiof emphatically i perfect luir dye. witliuut destroying the elasticity or he iltli of the hair. J'o f?ncy storekeepers, druggi*t*. Sic., It will be foui.d a moat denrible articlr, a* they eau wilh conf'deuce, recommend it to ihrir cmtome.-*, and no he troubled with complaint* of it* dj ing the kin or linen. It will not nib ofl the h- ir, mil cunhut washing only improves it* appearance. The color ia perm.ii en t and pe/fectly uniform, eutuely Iree trnin those miuitiiral tiata, van ing lrom the laded green to the roval purple, produced by the ordinary hair dyea. In proof of it* efficacy the inventor is piepaied to apidy the dye to whiaker*, or a portion of the >air. withou' charge, to those wishing to purchase. : if it irore* satisfactory ; lor which parpuM he h*? prvate room*. 1'iepared o i|> and ?old whole-a'e and hy WM. RATCHELOR No 2 Wall street, near throidwiy. Price $1, double *ne $1 .VI. < epy the add ea*. Sole axe t in Wsshlugton lity, J. H. O.bbs. Pean. avennr. aut^ Im * rc. StiW"INVjiNThU WIG&. BATCHELOR'8 new invented Wig* and Scalps, made ol the Anest n.uaral carl hair, and adapted in the moat euy manner te the peculiar style of each mdividnsl They are entirely a new invention, doing away with all the vi-gations difficulties ao loni( expaiienced by these who wear wig*. The public arc iavited to inspect a large and w*U aelected stack, containing every variety of six* and eolor; they will than be able tojndge the effect. WM. BATCHELOR, inventor and only manufacturer, 2 Wall atract, near Broadway. Removed from 16i Broadway. Haaaa ta eopy the addreae an2^ 'in"re ! TU THE SICK AND AFFLICTED. Hiiitoi. Hent 10. 1845. DEAR sm? I take pleaanre in communicating thrmigh fon, to all whom it may concern, and the public geaeral ly, the aatoniahiag effect your truly woriderfnl medicine haa had upon me. I ha?e enjeyed perfect health for Tour or lire feara Pnraieiana told me my lirar waa diaeaard, and rhat might aome diT diA w th cnoaumptiAn. I.aat September, 1?4J, I took a alight cold, ?hich produced g harking cough ; thia rontinned nutil February, l*is when I idd'd another cold : my emgh mcreaaed, I anon Inet my a<pet.te, and my i atre- gth failed for an week* I coold art lie n. on nne aide; ! I iwrat ??ry much nigltta. ran?d considerable blood during ' the wider, and could not apeak a loud word lor turn week*. I w ith all the*e bad tymrtoma, I had rery aetere pain in mr aide and between mrabould-ra; general debility followed, i waa confined to my room about eight w-eka I had buried milter and Brother, both died with Co-ianmption, I expect' ed to die myaelf; inv frm d* al?o de?piiied of inj life At i thia time an unci*, who hai beeu benefitted' himielf, adrised nt to uk? DR WI9TAR'? BALSAM OF WILD CHF-RflY. I accordingly procured a bottle, took it, and felt ?ome betti r; btained another, and a third ; then I ceaaed to bleed, a id my cough waa much better ; but my difraie wai to deeply rooted, T wai obliged to continue taking the Balaam until I h*d taken *even bjttlea I ran honestly and truly aav, I beliere Dr. Witter'* Balaam of Wild Cherry tared my life MRS. MARY ?. GOULD We are paraonally acquainted with Mr*. Oeuld, a?ai*t?*d in i taking care of her during her iickneaa, believe and know the ; abore atatemtat to be true. MRS. P. C. PRF.sroTT, MRS. H. A. B \l HKLPKB, ' _ .. No. 1 Commercial atreet. Boarow, Maaa , September l?, Igl V None g' nuiiie, nnleaa signed I. BUTTS on the wrapper. .1 f j A B. fc D Sanda, Agenta for New York City; J!*" j dmgKiata generally throughout the United Siatea and , V?* an?A ItDStWrc I F paiaat Sheathing r?|t. miubU - - ... Ji,?^asagggw At'CTTOW HOTtrrt, H JACOB n. PLATT. A?ctiae?fr. _ AROWARE, cUTLtlr. kc-JACOB S. PLATT will >?ll tins <i*y, at Id o'clock, at (be liudwart Auction It on corner of PI -It aud U Id untU, 300 cub. cases and lota Hardware, Catlerr, Mh<nh, Ouna, Putola. Sic- Alao. WO dozen dressing < omits, M c -aea Pla tea, English bl later and caat Steel, 8li?tfiild a?w Steel, table Knives and hork?, Car?er?, Penknives, Kriasora, Slijjara, shoo Mid butcher Knives, h 'Iter Chains. bed Screws, vic??. trace ( hams, mill Cawra, butt Hingca, Biuahes. Puis, lUmmrri. Locks, kc. Alao Uermm goods Altu part ofa >?t ol Birmingham ptteru C rda. aIio, cirda Nicli daon'a, liodger's, and ether mikeri, of carded Cutlery. N. B.?Country desler* a* weil as lie city trade. are directed to thia sile. Catalogues are now ready. , ll?5H*rC | i VVM. VV. ."MtlKl.KY. Auctioneer RETAL 81'OCK OK CROCKERY. OL ASS AND CHINA.?By II E. WILLAKD. tIlia day, August iJill, at 10 o'clock, ?t tlie dure 15 Ureriiwicli avenue, opposite Jiltoraoa Market, Catilogue sale iyl a handsome and geueral assorted stock ol best white (iranite, blue, edged, dipt, he., , Ware, in lota I'min tie slielti-a to auit retailer! Alao, 32 rich l isted Castora cut glaas, IS lull Lantern*, kc. Sale poaitive. Alao, shelving, atore tuturea, kc ?60 day> credit over $50 lor approved eudoraed note*. au25 lt*r H. DUCLTOKAl', Auctionrer. HARDWARE, ( I TLEIty, kc -TUTTLE k DUCI.UZK \U will aril this diy, at 10 o'clock at th* Auction Ki>om. No. (18 Wil.i .m street ageuer.ll aaacrtinrut of Shef < field goods, com' rising a variety of |ockei Cutlery, 1,2,3 k j 1 blades ?fa*. bnff. ivoiy. aud other handles. Also, 500 dozen tabic Cutlery, black tip, white boue, stag, i and sham buck. Also, fi <M?ea Carolina Iloea Also, 100 dozen I'.hIIocL* H&snrted binds. Also, aii iiTnite ol fsuci toilet soaps. Aliu, a >111111 invoice) of Fancy Goods, with which the sale will commence. Catalogues are now ready. auli lt*r AUi TION NOTICE. Honduras mahogany, pencil cedar and superior Florida Ship Cedar ?The catalogues of Mahogany aiul Florida Cednr, lo be til aC auction tuis diy (Tui-s day,) are now ready at the store of GERARD, BETTS & CO. Ser ndeertiseTent iu Journal of Commerce, Courier and Emiuirer and Espren. aulilf'rc AUCTION NOTICE AND CARD. JACOB BRAlSTED, Auctioneer. THE undersirued respectfully iuf rms his friend* and the t ubli<- *rn?r?llr. that >iariuf secured the services of Mr. JACOB BR A htld as h>s Am tioneer. at his laree stores, it Baakinsn and Ctf Ann streets, he i* at all tiaies prepared to effec, iu hit usual punctual msuner, siles of Household Furniture aud Merchandise iaieneil. Families wishing their furniture sold at their own houses, will re- eive ('articular attention. Lit eral advances will be t??de, aa usual, ou all descriptions of dry goods, clothing, he kc., and on* limit of lime. Mr JACOB BKAISTED having great fanlitiea for the dispnaal of Real Estate, will attend particularly to 'hat branch of l .e buiiuess. as well aa to the pro'utiug money ou bond and lanrtgage, promissory notes, stocks and 'rmporary loins on collateral seemities. All business promp'ly atteuded to, ar.d accounts clo-ed up aa i uiii as sales are sffoc'ed The fir?t fall trade sale of this ettahiishtrent. by catalogue only, will commence on the 3d dty ofSepr .at hall-past It A. M . when a splendid alien of e'eguiC Plane Fortes, will bs s?'d to pay advances snd storaee, without reserve, to the Ingiieat bidder. For further partie-lars, see ('ourier and Ei.quirer. MICHAEL ISAACSON, CuttiBiis'ion Merchant. au??Jw?mo JACOB RRA1STED, Auctioneer. ELUI A R JRN h I N1, Auctio eer. IN CHANCERY, SALE IN PARTITION OF THE BODINE FARM. NEAR PORT RICHMOND, STATEN ISLAND. Jgfa IN PURSUANCE of a decrenil order of the Court of in i"r ?U"?C inoiuioii?Q |Mrmi*a? win ne mid Ji public auctiou under the direction of the subscriber at the Mansion Housr, on the premises, on thw lit day of Sy?t?mber neit. >t H o'clo'k in the forenoon. The r?r"i contain' .ihout sistv acre* ot land,having a lanrx front on the river Kill Van ICull. The Mansion MOUSE and grounds adjacent, will be ln|d in one parcel. and the residue of th? prMni-es will be divided and sold in lots or p?rcela of conveuient size. For further information, a* r? the title, Sic., application may he made to K. 3 KINNEY, Ksq., Solicitor, 8-1 Cedar It., r t<>the undersigned. Lithogr .pbic maps of the premises will be r?ady. five dayi prer.ons to the s le P1ULO T. RUGOLF.S, Dated, Annul 2i, 1816. Master in Chaucery. an23 roSept'ar in M0UNTED RJ1rLEMEN. THE officers of the Santa Fe Volunteers are requested to atiend a meeting at H o'clock this eveninir, to be held in the Montezuna Hou-e, Walker street. As business of vital importance to the regiment will be laid before them, their punctual attendance is required. au25 lt*rc ~ wantedT" AYOUNO MAN as clerk iu a retail grocery store. One well acquainted with the business m ty apply at the cor n,^?t.i.-.. i. .... wanted; BY * respectable youna woman, i situation u chamber maid and wai!er ; the beat of city reference given Ap ply at No. 2 Rose street nu23 lt*rc wants. A German Protestant Girl want* a sitnntion to do general home work in a private family. The beat of reference to character and iudustrv can be given, by applying at US Barrow atreet, cor.icr of Commerce at. tuii If re ra re-chance A NUMBER OK aGEVTS WANTED to undertake the sale ol a new and useful pttented article, which can be so'd fo every family iu The Union. To men rf respectable churacreri, a guarantee of $.'>00 per annum will be given To preveut competition each agent will hive * district aecured tohim Apply to 8. FRENCH. 2M Broadway, up itairs. Letters must be poatpaid in order to receive attention. au21 im m WAN I ED, A SITUATION aa Salesman or Book-keeper in a Wheleaale Grocery or Genoral Commissi n House, ?>y a Young Mau from Charleston, 8 C., wh hai had five yeara' experience aa a wholesale grocer and general commission erehaiit, and ten jeara' txperieiice in the purcliaaa mid >ale of cottonjrice, Weatern produce, and grn erica generally, which, with hi* ac^uiiuiaitce amonj the merchants of Sou'h ( arvlina, North Carolina, tud Georgia, wou'd make his services of some value in such a house The best of refrreucea will be giveu. Address A. B., ?t this office, au22 6t*r a c"ard. HIGH HANDEL) OPPRESSION. MS. JOIINSON feels bound iu justice to himself and the public I" state, that be has n > connecMuu wi h some persona calling ihemselves " Johnson, Vroorn and Fowler," No. 3 Courtlandt street, where Vrooui aud Fowler have the hardihood to ndvertise in hia name Mr. Joknaou being tlio only one who waa a Professional Perfuaaer and 8osp Maker i? thst emicer", twelve mouths go, aaka hi> frieudi and (he public to uroiii t'ir deception, and call aa him, at No 21 CuurtUnd atrert, wlie'e Ilia Crlebraced Sonpa and Perfumery may be had in jrait parfectioa, tad pncaa farbeuenh a it other house. Mr J., who, for the laat frurteea year*. ht? aaitained a reputation aa a Scieaittic Perfamer, truata the public wi'lnot are Ilia lofhcd of hia |>r( f?*?i< nal reputation by auch unfair areana aa uaiai liia name where he baa no concern or iuterrat. Ha. Mr. J ., ia the 'nra* tor und proprietor of the oalv (Je;. uinc Walnnt Oil "ilit?ry>. * huleaa'e arul ret il. at II Cnurtlaudt ?fe>t an 22 2w*n?c CHRISTIE'S GENUINE GALVANIC RINGS, AND MAGNETIC FLUID, FOn THE PkKM \NF.NT CUKE OF RHEUMATISM, NERVOUS COMPLAINTS. NO matter how rhrfnie or aev-re may he the complaiat, it readily yielila to the wonHrrfnl powera, aa dt-Telo|*d by Una rrmatknMe diaCTery. The moat reapectalile tealiino tii*Is from til ntru ! the cou ?try, are daily received THE GALVANIC BKLT3, BRACELETS, GARTERS, let , are iiUrteJ for Ta:ion? di??aiea, ami cm bo won bv the mo?! <.'el icate wi'h perfect safe'y and convenience. The gr*u mid liorhanl Uifl'ienee m tttJ on the lyttem by theae ?r:iclea nut be witnessed to be believed. | Only Agency in New York, No. 113 Broadway, between Jeh? (treat, and Maidui lane. IT7" Eiplanatery i>a cplilcu may b? had (ratii. au?4 Iwd&lmW "ire PRACTICAL HOOK-KEEPING, No 8S C friar ttrret. MR. C. C MARSH reapecllully informs the public that hi* counting room Tor the atndy el Practical Bookkeeping, Commercial Arithmetic, and Mercantile Writing, continue opne from I A. M. to I P. M. Such are tlie practical advantages of the ayatem of leitrnetiea, nud ef the faithful attention given to the learaera. (hat la oae courae of leas,,as a peraoa nf food capacity become* a competent Bowk-keep?r, and receivee a certificate to that effect. rrospertnsea, with termi, refarencea, ke , may b? obtaiaed at tue rooms. C. C. M ARCH'S Works Book-keeping sre well adapted to schools and private instruction. Kor ale a> above. a?2D iw'mc IHOKH GHAMi'AGNfc AFKC8I1 INVOICK of thia deliithtfiil Champagne iiu tore, to which iheartention of ?teicUii>u. hoMl Itxeters, and private gentlemen is invited. The stranding oftbi? Wine U uow snperior to that ol ?uy iu tbia tumntry, and at no mjiei price than rtint of th? beat n ran da LIVINGSTON *,C0., aserll i*tf re ' Walfatraat li. F KDHTU M, iMroRTia or IMITATION PREClOUrt RTO>KS, VENETIAN AND BOHEMIAN BIT. ADR, Tl K QUO IRKS, OARNKTH, (iL\>a OKOra. *< . he ae# 'm*w V.. ^ |'w Nu* V'naw IIOUMS TO Lb. I-, FUltM.^HKU. THRF.F. Roomaon Seamid Floor. the other |*r occupied bv * mull family, without ehiliru. to two or lifer naclr gentlrtne*. with or without nit all. Kt> ryilmi* elm : i? Rial-rate arder : - wouM lie le' to a a?<>!l n prc'aMe fiinilr Km una at SO <eiUr atrrrl. Reference eiehanned. ??7i * *r LlUA.Vr rUKMHIIkl) AfAKI'VlK.Ma. <>u the (. ropea* plan; p?rlora with Ix-drcomi at tat lit d, with or without hreaklYat and ren. t M Urondwav a?ij loi'r KANt>ES?RA.NG128. PIERCE'S Fi at Preininm New Patent Two (Wen Rancea, combining eco?omy, e uyenience and durability. 1 hear Ituiii hare al waya taken the lint premium at the Fair of tha Araenean l??titi)te, *?d are umrersally acknowledged anptnor to any eyer t.ffered. All rantet aold by the proprietor are warranted in all rearacta. OEOROE PIERCE. anM lw*r Sole Proprietor. 232 Broadway. ________ ic THK Dr. liF.INE. whote nam haa freinently np?n'rd in the new *papt-ra, n not Dr. SOLOMON HEljr'iOf No. II? < liarahera atrret. Thie ia t? preyent rriatakca in the minda of the pnblie I?r. Solomon H?in? being onr 'amily ptijsinu, we, the nnderiifoeJ, ha?e taketi the lierty to liare thi* inaerted CHARLES WIOHT. DAVIS HAHRISOV. JOHN KI.VOORT. SIMON IlOrKINS. an"!! Im'rrc KUUCATION. REV. R T IIT'DDART'8 School will re-ip?n after the *nmmer V?e*rion, fin Monday, Rep'eml>?r"th ' ircular? coatMni-ia fu I i'ar.ienl?ra sun Ifritu fir d?y schools, yesily mid diy iHMrilpia, can lie obtained o-i application at the e?ho-i|, III Fnui'eemh siree' between Unlvemtr rlaea and Fifth aeantie; or ofMr C. II F.dw-rds, office of fie Alii tnca Imurinc* ( n , VI Will atrret. al< 'm'm LOOK AT THIrf ! f ADIK8 AND OENTLEMEN. ifjon want t Ann article JL< of Boots Mm Shoes, cull at 367 Broadway, where yon will ftu.I the lurgeft assortment, clieapeat. and the moat laihiunahle in the city. Do not miataka the number, 367 Broadway. cor. af Fianklm atrret. N. B.?A larne assortment of Imported French Boota, at the low price of Fit* dolltra. M. CAHILL. an!2 Im'r TO WOOLl.r.N OOODS MKRCHANT8. H. MIGEON k CO., CLOTHS, CA88IMERE8. .* N D SATTINETS KEKtNIRHERH, No S4I Whit NTirtT, N. T. Rr.FEn ENl r.S anil ordera for work at Meaara. Wooleott and Rlade. S3 Pine street; W. t. Lancley k Co . 8* Broad street: D Brnham It Co . M Pine atrett. alt 3m * m

^ T(J LEND ON BOND AND MOKTOAOK, on productive r?al ealata in thi* city or Brooklyn. It will b? divided into I inaa to mi tepliaanu. Apply to 8.1). Broad, lis. II Wall ' itrvtt, la tk? Ci?1?a W?n< sa*e?*ni, toll ) ? BTIDAMBOVrS, *e. jMfl INPKPKNDKNT MOUMNti LINK AT flp3fcVSS?7 OYLOt K.?FOR ALU IN V from ill* 3E^3C^K.'tomb.Mt | irr at llie |>icr foot it Warieu itrtrt. I'aat^Kc $1 }0. Tuuc'iintf a( (lie foot ofllunuiuud it. Bre ikfnat and dim er provided uu boaid. 11 f a*lit auil in>yiiiliceiit ateauier IKON WITCH commauded by ''apt. ftr|4ltu K. Hue, Wavea New York, Tueaday, Tlmr-day and Suutday. Leave* Albany. Monday, WedarsiUy and KridiV. Landing at Van t ourtland'*, W'e*tIioint, ,\ewbur*li, Milton, Po'kerpiie, liyd* l'aik, KliKtou, .'attkill, lludaou. atu'.'irc ! WOfLt? UNE OK 8TE VMEKS FOR ACBANYr" Direct?Daily, Punday* exrepted?*t7 o'clock, P. M From Stramhnal titer hrlwrrn Courtlandt unit I.ibrrly tit. jm Steamboat KN1CKKHBOCKKR. rapt. A. fll ml" Hnn.-hloa, will leave ou Monday. WedueaSWa?MOE day and kViday evuniug*, at 7 o'clock. S:eauiboat HKNOHIK HUDSON, ( apt. H O. I rutteudeu. will leave on Tueaday, Tlmraday and Homrday eveuiu**, at 7 o'clock The above boata will it all time* arrive in Albany in ample time for tlie morning ear> Tor the Kut and Weat. Kieiflit takeu at moderate rates, and nous taken after Sk o'clock, I' M. .Ml pertous arc forbid trusting any of the boats of this liue, I without a written order troin the captaius ora^euia. For p iuii'e or freight, apply on board the boats, or to P. C. Schultz.&t the office ou the w ha: f. UNITED STATES MAIL LINE At ^o'clock, P. M., Landing at Intermediate Placet. from Me fno! of ftarrlay ilrttt. Steamboat ROt'IlESTKK, Cai'taiu ??, will leave ou Mouday, Weduesdaj, Friday, ai.J Sunday afternoons, at i o'clock. Steamboat S\NTA CLAUS, Captain II. Overlagh, will leave ou Tuesdiy, Thursday and Saturday tlleruouus, at 5 o'clock. Apply on board, or at the office on the wharf. au2l aMfl 0}i FARE REDUCED TO THE FISHINft DANKH? IE'.' rents each way?The fast and TTi Mr ar sale steamer BUFFALO, > aptaiu J. W. Hancoi.will leave ??shove on ^imUay.Mondiy and Tuesday, August 33d. 31th. and 25th, aa follows t-'oot of Barcliy at. 74% o'clock. Hammond street. 8 o'clock; Canal, 85?; De!?i> ey, >?: Pike, Mi ! > a: Pier No. I N. U.., 9>? o'clock. A.M. Bait and lines at a ?m <n charge. Refreshments provided ou b >ard. A band ol inu>ic will accompany the Roat. Those who denre the sport of 6shing, will do well lo take this b'iat, aa <h? wiM arrive on the hahing rround one hour before slower boats The pilot of the liuffalo, by visiting the fishing ground nearly every day, Ins discovered the precise spot where li*h art- caught in uhttniiance. au3l Sfa'iu CONEY ISLAND U FORT HAMILTON. jMQ /ML ^'r Steamboat IOLA8, Captain Yates, will ran every week day on the abate ferry . Mfcjjlt-.until further notice, aa fnll?*aLaaving fool of Pike Street at ll>i o'clock A. M aart 3H P. M., While i hill at 13 o'clock M. art! 4 o'clock P. M , Coney Island at IK ' 'clock 1* M. aud 6 P.M. Landing at Fart Ilamiltou each j w.v. L-,?. I )1Z N B.?Stages will he in readiuesi at Fort Hsmilton to take Nrw Utrecht and Hath ; also at Couey Island, totnkr passengers to t-.e upper houses. All prisons ?re foibid tiusting auy one oa aeronnt of the boat or imi?M nutl lw?m MOK MM? bUA'l KOlt A I.HAN V AN I?TROY. ^MQ 0m PASSAGE ONE DOLLAR?Breakftst Qli ar*[i jj*"-1 dinner on board 'lie boat Passrugers jLmJI iT taking this boat will arrive 'n timr to uke the evemu* train of cars from Troy west lo UufTilo. and north t* Saraiog* ai;d Lake George. The *tranilw>at. M U> IRA, C?pt. Wm. Ellsworth, Monday, Wednesday aud Friday, at 7 o'clock, A M , from the steamboat pier foot of Barclay street. Returning ou opposite days. For passage or freight, apply on board, or to F. B Hill, at the nflice on the wha f. an 19 re T?V> aM l?AILV LINK OK BOATS Bk-TWhfcN NEW YOHK AND STAT EN ISLAND jKmmJrnUtL, The steamboats SYLPH, Captain J. Brusted. aud STATEN ISLANDER, Captain D. Van felt, will leave aa follows Leave Staten (aland Art, I, ?, 10 and U A. Ml at 1,1,1, 4,5, (and 7. P. M. Leave New York at 7, J, 10, and 11, A.M. and 1,1,1,4,5, 1,7 and H P?*t 7 P.M. All freight at the risk of of the owners thereof. A stage will laav* Vanderbilt's landing for the Telegraphic Station every hoar throughout the dar. Kara 11K cents. Jr? FARE REDUCED. jtM FOR NEW HAVEN.?Passage reduced ^LgsRgaenlPto New Haven to $1 : to Hartlord, St : to Wif 9 u..-;?.r.-i.i mi n tu ...i.....i;.i --a r..-# Steamboat TRA^EL^LER, ?apf. J. Stone. will Iwir I'tck j Sliii, E. R., erery morniiiz, (Sundays excepted,) *t $ o'clock, | ouif the Steamboat HERO, Capt. R. Peck. e?ery Tuesdsy, i and Thnnday aiurnoon, at 4 o'c'ock, and Saturday after coon. *1 1 o'clock. an* Imisfti TROY MORNLNG AND fcVENlNli LLNL. MORNING LINK AT SEVEN O'CLOCK. jXIH 0gL FOR ALDAN . AND TROY?From the Steamboat Pior at the foot or Barclay street. SEaaaJuOX. Lauding at 1'cekskill, West Point, Newbnrth, Hampton, Milton, Pooghkeepsie, Hyde Park, RhineDeck, U. Red Hook, Bristol, Caukill, Hudson, Coxaactee, Kinderhook and Baltimore. Breakfast and dinner on board the boat. The steamboat NIAGARA, will leave on Monday, Wed' aeaday and Friday Mornings 7 A. M. The ateamboat TROY, Captain Oortuun, oa Tuesday, , Thursday utd Saturday mornings, at 7 o'clock. Returning on opposite dava. Foryasaage or freight apply oa board, or at th? office oa tka NEW YORK. ALBANY AND TROY LINE. FOR ALBANY AND TROY DIRECT, From the pier at the foot of Courtlaudt atreet. The low-pressure ateamboat EMPIRE, Captain R.B. Mary, caret the loot ot Conrthuidt atreet, on Taeaday, Thursday and Saturday evenings, at seven o'clock. The Steamboat COLUMBIA, Copt. Wa. H. Pack, will | leave on Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings, an 7 I o'clock. Passengers takiug these Boats will arrive in time to take the Mcnimg Tsain of Cars from Troy west to Buffalo, and aorth to 8arato?, Whitehall and Lake Cluunplain. ; For Passage or Freight, apply on board, or at uta Office on ! the wharf. , N-> freight taken after o'clock. NOTICE?All goods, freight, bills, specie, or jay 1 other kind of property, positively at the owner's risk, jrar THE MUST DELIGHTFUL OF ALL EXCURSIONS. I /J0 A SAIL across the Hadson river to Hobo flii^yy^lini, and then a to toe Elynan 1" lelds, ,Wi M.dWV along the exceedingly picturesque shores ol I the ii'wr, will prove the most easily accomplished and attrae tive of all nimu etcursious that can he made from tin city. The grounds now present a charming aspect, the trees be tog in leaf, and the toil covered with rich turf. The walks are in eiecllent order, having been considerably embellished the present spring. On f?ry pleasant afternoon there will be in attendance at the Coltbunade. Elysian Field;, au eicellent Baud ef Mnsic, which wull pe.-l'orm selections from the favorite Operas, popular airs, marches, waltzes, kc. The Kcn-y Boats from Barclay, Canal and Christopher fta., : are completely fitted up vnh awnings and teats. Night Bouts rnu from liobokoa to Barclay street until 11 j o'clock. j W?rrnce eeatt nltoSf NOTICE?TArUCOTT'8 GKNt.KAL EMIGRATION OFFICE, Removed from //J*. A.*>76 to DC South street.?Persons sending for their Iricnds in an) part of the old country , make the necesaury errangemeuts with the subscribers, on reasonable terms, to have wem brought I ont, in | THK NEW LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS. | The Ships of this line are unsurpuaed by any other, and ' their immense sire (sll being 1000 tons, and upwards) reuders ! tliem more comfortable and convenient than shipsof a smaller j class ; and the greatest reliance may be placed la their PM> 1 tnality lit sailing. The subscribers are alse agents for the St. George and Union Lines of Liverpool Parketa, m any of whuli passage can be engaged on reasonable terms. DriWi for wiy amount, *ay?Me without discount in all the principal tow ,;s of England, Ireland, Scotland or Waloa, tan also be obtained. ! For lurther particulars, apply to W k J.T.TAP8COTT. feTTre Rft Kr.nth st... 3d door below Murium Slip, N. Y. *arv- KOR NEW ORLEANS?Positively First UegnVf^VV.lar I'.icke;?To sail Monday. 31st lust.?The fast 4MjefitB?*ailing packet shin GENEVA. (>sft. Geo. Good. line i? wow loading, and will positively sail ss above. For freight or passage, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, ' K. K. COLLINS* CO., 3? South ?t. i IT7~ No goods received on board after Saturday erenisE, An(ii' 2?:h. Agent in New Orleans. JAS. E. WOODRUFF, who will i promptly forward nil rood* to hit address. | 'flit packet ahip XARTELLE, Capb- Taylor, will soceeed the (Jeueva. an24 | FOR LI v ERPOOl,?.NewLine?Regnlar Packet wMVof 31a> Sept?The auprrior fast sailing hacker ship SBSAl-HUEEN OF THE WEST, Capt rhilip Woodhouse, I2V> tons bnnhen. will sail a? ahoye, her regular day. i Vor freight or passage, haring splendid. large and comfort, nble state rooms and cabin, apply to the Captain on board, at west pier of Burling slip, or to WOODHULL it MINTURN, 17 Sooth street. Price of passage t ICO. Th? packet ahip Rochester, 000 tuna burthen, will aueceed I tha Uueeu ol the West, and aail on Iter regular day. al?t?.! O.t-inar. aa34 me SHIP m/KKN OF THE WES 1', from LIVERPOOL, u discharging nnde general o.der, west jMihi iileaf Burling Slip. au2lm StllP SOUTHERNER from LIVERPOOL..?Couaigueva ?i I p!e ne send tlieir permi'a on board foot Dover atreet. All go'iui not permitted in live du a. are liahk to he sent to public atore. WOODHULL & MINTURN. aii'iire 87 South atreet. _____ THE CELEBRATED ( HlNESK SKIN POWDER, Fllll lestis-inr, baantilying, and praaerying the eomplsiioa and rendering ilae akin delirat ly white, amo th, and soft. The ladiea of tbe biiilier claaaei of I hi?a, Japan and Peiais, bare for ag?4 been noted lor the exceeding delicacy of their sl<in. attributable t tbe uae from infan'V of a ro?m'tie, until recently preferred aa a bt redl'ary and inviolable ?t eif t m> nrat a certain art of Chiueae prieathood, dengnsted Teen ae, or ' ele t*al Doctors Tbe recent extended intercon'ae of Great Britain with that nation baa elicited many important comtnniiicaiioni reapccting their cuatoms and habits ; amongst tbe number the recipp of iliia long hidden Skin Powder, called by thein Vieeii fun, or Celestial Ski- Ponder. Tliia ??cret was disclosed by a dearendant of one o I the prissts of the temple of Teen Taa. or Temple of the Heavens, to Charles Malcolm, Esq., M- " f?r professional services. Meen Kun ia vmrly a preparation of Oriental herbs, and nay be naed with perfect safety for the enre ct all cntineoua diaoideia. Amougat the meat prominent are Tan, Freckles, 'narnnble and Copious Perspiration, Blotches, Pimples, . Spots, Iri'stion. Coaraeneaa, and a variety of others. I 'I o be had of V. CLIBEHUOH, ftl9 Broadway ; C. H. ' Riiic. coiner of John and Broadway; A. D. Saada It Co., | ltfO Pnltnn atreet; Rnahtou it Co.. Broadway ; Heorv Joha| aon, cor er ol Broadway and Chambers at teet ; snd ail other rrapertable chemiau and perlnmers throughout the United ! H'atea : and nf ih.- Iminn.n IlftrtftS St (a 1 W.ll it'erf, m piirt- S? . 3? . m il 7a autl Im'rf FHKNCH LANGUAGE Monsieur kdyiond du dijisson, ?r*w hnura in dnpn?c of, off*ra hi? aeraicea to thoie who Kit d*?ireu? of acquiring the Kreneh l*!>gn?te. * Kor farther particulnra wmiHf t,t hi* re<iilrnre, New work Hotel, ii the i'iiniin|, from 7 to 9, mid from 4 to J F. M. nitl Im rrt 1*' TnlNK vi AKRKH-it em) ll.a Trunk Board*. ?u JL oerior quality. from Nob "> to 14. Jnut rr??ired, ana fo , Ml?by PKRMK It RKOOKR. tm r Siuid K7 \nn?n ?* GREAT SALTC OF DRY GOODS. THF. 8nb?eribera hart fnrchaaed nf ita Aaaign#?a a atoclt ol doiUri worth of Dry Oooda, at piieee th?t will fMnrf thtir re*<Iy aite for cash in th* ahorteat rniiibte lima. Thia at?ck cnmpnaaa the entire i stortment of a larga joh? liiiipauil retail houie, iu one of ur Wtatern cities, and for varietiea and <|n*lity eanno" be eicerded Ira aa'e will commence at our ttora, 4C0 Grand Ureal, junction of K??t Broadway, on Monday, Au*. 24th, and eoatinu* frrm d ly to dar, till tne whole he Hnpo?edV>l'. Theme who would find if an inject to pnrrhas* at a great redaction from the cot of m?nnf?ctiirinr. to aiy nothing of wholenle and ratail profits, ahoold not let thia rart ppnrtanily piai iiiiiinproaed S' B.?Ha?Iera in Dry Oooda Pedlars, Tailor*, ind Milliners aupplia* at 30 per e?"t below t'ie mukit p?ic?a au7t Iw'rrc BRKlOt Ic UKMSV.N, Grand at. PL A V Oil ING E XTRACTH. Afrtah aaprly of highly concentrated Kr??eh Kitracts, inchu Vanilla, 1'atnh, Netariiie, R?h?. I'B?on. Bitter Almond, and savaral ollieri, for flirorlng lea Cream*, Blsne? lmfort*r?i *?., ?i ,, T | AwrrwKmicmTti. *>c. PAHK THF.ATKE?The laat ni?ht of \1r. Collina, cocacement ?Tue?dav l'\ eitiug. \ugaal 25th, will be prrforinril the coMcdr u( the HUSH ATl'OHNfcl ? 1'ierce O'Hara, | Mr I'olliii*; Jacob Wjlie, Mr Kiaher ; Mi?a Charltfute, Mua Kate Horn; Sally, Mix Kanuv t?< rdon. After which, the comedy of HIS I. \ST L KUS?O'C'alla- 1 S1 an, Mr. t otliua; Mu Mnntiuiue Mra f>yott. ] To conclude with the l'*rce of the B^NOAL TIOKK" j Sir I'aul 1' u. di, Mr Ba?a; Mra \ ellonleal, Mra Ve'iion. L)oor* l orn at 7 o'clock, and Ihe perfomancea will commence nt L;\lf.|>aat 7 o'clock. Boic? $1 ; Fit SOccnU ; | lory 2'i cetita. BOW Kit X TH KATK K-Tne*d ,"v KreninH,Aiwuai li:h, , will be performed The Tiuk ty I It \ ItB AHO88ABarbarous, Mi. Booth; Kelirn. t'larlte; (Ithmau, Korreatei; Zapliemia. Mr Jordm; Irene, Mu SaiKeant After winch the KKBI.I. ('MIF.K?Rdward O'Brian Mr. 11 I' Unlliu; Major liukrlv. Booth; Corponl Dijkey, II hanfrau; Norali U'Uoui.el, Mr> Madiaou: Kathleen, Mr?. Booth. To conclude with ANTONY AND I'LtOPATUA?Antony, Mr. Walcot; Cleopatra, Mr? Booth. Doora open at 7 o'clock, curtain will ri?e at hall paat 7 ? Dreii Circle, iO ceuta; Upper Boiea, Ji cent*; fit and Unitary. UK cilia LiO OAitL)KN, mm 11a extenaivr I'r.iiUt-.initi -, n v> open day aud evening.?Tuesday liveniuif, Aukui 2ith, I the entertainment will include ? 1:0.>d aelecfion of Muaic, Iroiu Ather. Labitxky, Mor.trt. Strain*. V'on Weber, Cursfa, Ouuf'l. KnITiier, and Kulmer, which will he performed w>%.i><-a<' -t. nuiioi iur iiMci-uuu tn .?ir. u-- ?? -levir*F"** IntrriQiasion of half rui hour for refmhmeuni, to *iew the beautiful rnrne i>f COSMOKAMAH, extcnilioii nrouud the whole of the K?i'Un.u!e, which will be hnlhaiitly lilnrauiateil wuh gW, thu? Kiriutt ?i?iter?an erllrut opportunity to eiamia* the?e heaoriliil Vi?w? Adin i? i . .1 '<. 'i' th? day ir.H < vr log ItM "iiti "Two aivTKTi'ANK>Ti7mks "~ QABKIKL HAVKl, IN THK TWO 1'IKCES. RAVEL FAMILY UNUSUAL ATTRACTION! N IULO'P OARDKN?Tuetrfay Kmiing, Awj. 2ith, the Kjitertiintueuu will commence witli i luroritr 0*crr?ir?. T" lie <o!lowed hy the Pantomime of HOUKRT AN I' IIKItTK AND?In which the wli 'It li*vel Kaimlv ? ill ?|tiu- ir. To ronelndt- with thf < ONJl HOR'S OlFT.orthe MA- i G1C l'l LL8?Colorao, Oabrirl llnel; 1'oltrano, Leou Ravel. Dnnra o|iua at 7 ? cli c i; ?u.5.unmurou i'?>,i? ?i # o clock. Ticket* 60 ceutJ. bOWKIiV Tili:ATKiJ. MR. WALCOT RF.SI'KCTFULLV .itiimnnrri, that hia KIR8T HK.NKKIT Anil Lot ArrtanaitcE but two at tliu Theitre, will take ldaee on THURSDAY EVEX1NQ, Vth Auguit. On which occatiou MH8. T1M.M,. Wlm ha? ?olun'eerrd her valuable aid, will appear for thu : night only, aa Doii* Niiiok*. in UiihnpV comic opera of BROTHKR AND SIS+KR. Afler whi?h w ill h? preducrd. the celebrated bnrle*i|ii? written by Mr. Walcot. entitled RICHARD THIRD TO KILL. Richard Duke of Double Glonter Mr. Wslcot. With, for the |a*t iim? the lat and 3d acta of IIOCOKKN. Boi b?ol( now open. nu23 2tii*re j ~ PAKIv TIIKATiFk" A CARD.?MR COLLI S' BEN KKIT.?Mr Collins has the hou^r m >*t respectfully of announcing fhwt hi* first benefit in America will t*ke pla<^e on Wflnfiday evening nest, August 26th, ou winch occasion will h? performed the drums, called " Rom to t r ?od Lurk," O Raflerty. Mr. '*o|lint. Alter which, "How to Pay the Rent," Hairier Mr.Collins. To conclude with. 3d time, the now f-rrt? of the "Irish Pout " In the course of the veiling Mr. Collins will sing. The Widow j Machree, Drink Derp my Boys, A Petticoat, Honey, is au Irishman's Joy, and An Irishman's Heart lor the Ladies. j au&lt*rc'S MAMMOTH riRCPS ROnKWFJX ic 8TOVK S CIRCUS i* creating on inteiue e*citrroent at every ( Wee tliey on their ronr?. ; T i> ia not to be wondered nt; two inch performer, ai LKVI NORTH and HKRR ('LINK, run seldom be se-ii at the a>ee time, for the ?um of cent, In ml ition. the ; Ctlchritri) HIRAM KR\NKMN. Slirk Hope Performer, ! and the well known ' lown, JOHN GOSSIN, the Grimtldi ol America, l?nd their powarful aid The beautiful and accomplished Female Ki|tie,rriau. Mr,. OOSSIN . it alio a briKl't particol-r star of the company. Thii company will pei form on the 21th. 2'>th and "fith in?t . at Toronto: 27th at t 'uokaville' 28ih at Hamilton; 29th at 40 Mile ('reeks 31 at nt 8t Catherine,; September It' a' Niagar'; 2d nr. Chippewa; Sd, 4th and 5th, at liufTilo; 7ill it LocUport; 8th at Medina; 9th at Albion; 10th at Brockport; Mih and 12th ut Roche, ter; Mill at Seneca Knl's; lith. I6^h and 17th at Auburn, duriiiK the Kreat National Kair or Cattle Show. eu255trc_ HOWES k CO 'SlNEW YOltK. MAMMOTH ! CIRCUS. THIS unrivalled corp, of K<iuestrian, will perform at Boffalo2?th. 25th ajid 2?>th nut.: WiUUau*ilje, 27th; Lockport Jtdi and 29th, in ron'e n Rucheiter, and will be at Roeheiter 7th, 8tb and 9'h September. The Largest K.stablisliment erer organized in the United State,, comprising lit Men and Hone,, requiring 28 > ('arrive, to conrev the per'ormer,. wardrobe,, musician,, j ke. 1 tie company has attached to it bight Female eyues- , trians, am?ng whom is the (Ireatest Female Rider of the Age, recently arrived frnm Piris, MADAME MARIS MACARTE. whose new style of Pqttestrian Feats, peculiarly her own, being chaste and clastic; her graceful and fascinating address, uid the charming r. livrtt with which the chain? her audi ence, render this gifted and highly-ediicatcd artittr the leading feature of the arena in this country. The Proprietors refer the ptihlic to the brilliant description given in the respective newspapers of the extraordinary and daring frati performed by this distinguished artiste. Eqnestriaii Director. \lr HOWBS: Rising Muter, Mr. ! NIXON, and the unapproachable Clown, D AN RICK. Among the Performers is the celebrated and principal Rider, the Napoleon of the Arena, Mr. HOBI1H, whose fents on : Horseback ?re the most extraordinary ever witnessed. Juve | nile act of Horsemanship by Master Nixon. Olympic Kier! cises, by the whole Company, led by the great European I Tumbler, Mr. .MACARTE. Wonderful Keats by Mr. j t ole'n Dogs, Hector and Billy. The SWISS BROTHERS, | in their elegant Uymuasfic Postures and Oroupings. Mr. : Sweet the Charioteer of Phoebus. Postu'ing and Orm] nasties, by Mr. Nixon and his son. Mr. Howes in his Mj thological and brilliant Act of " Fancies of Proteus." Mr. i C. Howes in Slack Rope Evolutions. Mr. (Jeo. J^wret, the celebrated Ti^ht Roj* Dancer. With a variety of others i The whole comprising the leading, most talented, and ' | classic performers in the world snll HOWES He < O 'S New York Mmnmot'i <*irrns | AIM.'.'1'IU (iAKUfc-N iJ inuw ?!*.> ruu iuE SEASON.?Dodworth's Cernet iiaad will perloirn evary : I'nesdsT and Fri toy evenings, ojtn'..i??cixg Juae lad, >( I , o cluck. AdimtUase ir??. i m?l WILLIAM ALL'SQN. Pnpristw M'LI.F. PAULINE DESJARDINS"w">'ilil r^pectfnliy inform Iter pupils, &c . th?t shu has returned from Saratoga Spriucs, (where she had the Honor of introducing the Redowa Walts, which she had just received from Piris.) aud that she is now prepared to renew brr lessons in all the most fashiouable dauecs at her residence, No. 74 Loouard j at. eet. west Side of Broadway. nnU2w*rrc THK ALHAM11A. j ICECREAM SALOON. ATo. Broadway, bet wren Sjrrinz and Prince. TO STK ANGEH8?StrarKer* visiting tlie citv will find a ' new attra-tioj in this f-shionable resort; filled op a* it it in a ?tyle of Kaitorn <|'le"dor unit magnificence never be- I , lore attempted i:i th'r. eom try. The lie- mfiful fountain nlone , ii wortli r visit to the pi <ce, not to speik of the excellence f the Ice Cretins and other refreshment* to lie fonnd there. ' | BTy* Admittance free ao2:i lwu*w V;H KA PEHL THAW L. V fcTRT. A FI'LL SUIT of Vaporflne Cloth made to order, in the | '1 ino?t anlntantial and fashionable ?fyle, can be procured for tm, *t MOFKATT'I Kishionable' ash Tailoring Est*- ! . blisliment, No. 34 Catharine street, New Vork. Every artii cle in ihe line r<|uall> low. Call and *?e. I an 17 luir m JOHN MOFfATT. I PER LAST PACKET FROM EUROPE. i Jf JUST KGOEIVBD one pair of English Swan*, JVL two pair English Pheasant*. two pair Chinese Silver ; ^^g^Pheaaanti, two pair Chinese Uolden Pheas iik. the I SMBSi'Iuiii. Ke of the Utter ate equal to the Bird ?f i'aiaI diae. rorsaleb/ A. OKIKVK, i-3 2w m No. 5, John street, New Vhrk. | l-'oll ?ALK, TITO FINK SADDLE HOUSES, ift WILL drive Mao in a carriage. They ^ ! Jjfnire j oat the right aite for ruling on ltZT^ . .Cj2j_hor*eback, and have been long med ' ' * f I the i--t!(i!e. Apply U the de?!i of the Herald Office, for j fcjHhet'.'i/tirnTarf ie'lir?;gW ^ TrM- A SUI'e.KluK MILK COW, imported from | fSii?* Normandy, and for sale hv JSmjLm BOYD fc HINCKKN. lloom No. 9, Tontine Building*, I au20 r No fl8 Wall street. KINO CHAKLKS S P 4NIEL8.?tin, B ack and Tanned, rrry fine, just imported perihip St. Jnme*, from London. j .aiio, fhrre Hlietlmd Ponies, *uital,le lor gentlemen'* I ?oiia?very docile, and perfectly manageable. For Sale by i A. GRIEVE, No. i John street, Importer and dealer in Bird*, I r??.? ani lm*rre llttOAD STREET PROPERTY TO BE IMPROVED A NT) LEASED. MTHK VACANT LOT on the wraterly aide of Broad atreet, oei'. a> ore the roruer ol' Stone atmet, 3i)< I'eet ront by 9J fcrt in depth, with nu L iu the reiir, will he improved hy the owner to tuit the Itixr, il' application be m?dp immediately, to JOHN JAV, an 23 ll'm _ 2j NEW BOOT AN1) SHOE STORE, 6? MAIDEN LANE, NEVV VORK. Fine Calf City Made Bo'ta, for $3 00 Fine do I)re?a _ 3 50 ' Fine French Dre?? equal ro any boof in the city 4 SO | . ALL our boora warranted and f.ju i| to :my now ina<le. mEvery thing else in our line equally low. Jobbers and I Worliera will pleaae ri?e ui a calI before purrh line; our 1 a'ocU i? II under our own iiiapection and bought for r r?h, aud therefore we can aell aa low ua my home in hit cit?. Boott neatly footel for 50 : renairiii; Hone in the store. McOKAHV x I1IOOINS, anj.'i lm r 'I *-" . <! I.. . .r.|\\ FINE B< m i S, FOB #8 >?. ^ City tnade, and are eqn -I to thone anld in other atorea lm for Fine French Call Dreaa Boon lor $4 SO. equal Ma to the beat marie, and nold in thia city for or $7. All J?: Boot* wnrranted to rive ?-iti??arfion. rOUNO 4i ION!:*, No. 4Ann atraet, :>* ? trie American Aigirum. Qiiirk ?%le? 911*1 ?rnall proritt i> onf motto.?4 Ana street. I n?1 lm*rrr j Nt ) ,vji h\< H'uL Y ! WAT mi PONT A* JAMKH. FASHIONABLE 11 ATT liltS, No. N'4 Nnitmi Strct-t, ncnr Cnlton. (T| TIIF. niib?criber? will be |>?ep?rrd to *upi Iy their jp* friemli and the public with the F AM. BTYI-KH "f ?enilrnii,i'i Ihli. on DUlHtr neit. the 29th ol Anitnit. They I beg re?peclfullv ti ttate, tint the hut? told by them are of I their own mannfirtiire, and no eieitioan will be ?p>ir?d to j prodace a hat, whieh they guarantee (hull ?in*l in qnility und fluith, iho?e ?old nt the more eiteaiWe and nhowy entabI li?hmen'? la Broadway, end at ai reasonable pricei. areordm* to ihe quality. A . B WATt RITONT, ?b21 Iwrr- WM. H. JAMKS _ FALL FASHIONS (1 wJ?R OBNTLKMKN ? HA'I S FOR lit*. [\ J*? KNOX, ol I2H Knl'"r? *tre?t, second d'or from San | Om^f. will utn? the Fall Kthiou for Utntlem?n,i lliu ob Ha?urdi*y. 29th ol A meant. " mi22 Iwi?*r ESTABLISHED t'RICEH AT GURNEY'S NEW ESTABLISHMENT, 134 Ft'LTe* HT**F.T, (Siret Bcildiko.) FJ,B?T QUALITY BLACK FUR HAT ? i OSD " ' 3 ?n ?[RaT QJALtTT sn.K HAT ? ?? j SKCONI) " !? [ f~? THMF. price* hiee been firmly e?Mbli?hed, widniey J#"* lie m lanplicitly relied on. n< the beeuty, ?tyle end ",'l*5 of the mtiele to which they appertain. The propriety wo?l<l i respectfully ??k the public to tut the enlne of hie H?U, !>y ' coaipurieon with the production* ofwit other iMnunetarer in the eitv. mid helieret no CAUilid mind will leer#the premieee di*??ti<fied with them or their prices. nnU lm'rc _ T T. OURNKV. I? Fnltomt. ! REMOVAL OF ROBERTSON'S PHCEN1X HAT ANI) CAt- MANUFACTORY n THE andernrneil would reepeetfully notify th? , public, that he has rfni^ved from hi* former location ! 103 lo W Kol'on ? t/f *?t. Having I mi?fh mon cominodiom itorf.tnU hnrinf ?h#rwi?# ?nrf*a>cil hit utilities, n? u 1 (Wwtmb LATHS UVmiMCK, TELEGRAPHIC REPORT. Washington, Monday Evening. The Southern mail, which arrived in this oity this afternoon, brought no news s?uih ol Augusta, Georgia. Baltimore, Monday Evening. Tho Western mail ha* not arrived this evening, up to the time of transmitting this despatch. To-day has been clear and comfortable, the therinometor, however, ranging at 81, at half past two o'clock. Several military companies were out on purade. The Hour mnrkct was inactive, without any gales from which to give quotations. State and city securities were arm, wuo a ?ugiu auvauuo in prices. No other local news. BY THE MAIL8. Washington, August 23, 1846. 'Hie Sub-TYeawry?ltB Apprehended Inefficiency? Hit Pont Office?Office Seckrr??A Threat?Air. tValkir?Mexico?Important Dapatchet. The more the act " to provide lor the better or? ganization of the Treasury, and for the collection, afe-keeping, transfer, arid disbursement of the public revenue," is examined, the diiliculty of putting it into effective operation, becomes mors apparent. A gentleman connected with the Tr*a lation, anil expresses fears that it will not, without amendment, nnswcr tho purposes designed. The bill provides no place of deposite for disbursing oilicers, except their own pockets; and this will be a serious inconvcnience, and without remedy. All the Treasury Department desired was a few olliees, to transact siicn business as is now performed by the depasito banks, and which are not provided for in the law. On ami after the first day of January next, in payment of public dues, gold and silver coin only, and Treasury notes can be received. Notes of specie-paying banks, arc. and will bo received at our eiiy post office, until the iirtt of January ; but, if for instance, my postage amounts to only four dollars and ninety-live cents, the postmaster will not now take a five dollar bill and give me a half-dimo in change, because this would constitute an " exchange of funds" not allowed by the act! and it would be declared a felony ! According to strict construction, after this year, if I go to the post ollice to pay for a newspaper postage, one or two cents, theclerk cannot receive the copper, because gold and silver, and Treasury notes, only can then be received. It will depend on the Department to give the icta comin >n-sei>se interpretation, and allow pennies to be rrceived for postages. The post office law recognizes rents for the payment of papers and letters, and those connected with tliis branch of the public service, tuto: au oatu 10 support iue laws 01 the post office department. How the inhibition as to "exchange of funds" is to be avoided, it i? for the Treasury Department to determine. It will require at least a month to frame regulations for currying the law into effect. Every section has already been dissected, and the inconsistencies exposed. Mr. Lromgoole, who brought forward the bill, gave it little consideration. It was sufficient for him that it originally came from Senator Silas Wright. The officers of the Treasury were not consulted. The Senate refused to amend it, ns Mr. Lewis desired ; and hence w* have an act worse than none at all. Many who voted lor the bill, did set, because they considered themselves pledged to the measure, and th?y wdl be pleased to learn that it cannot be put into perfect operation. For the last week I have noticod at least twenty inen lounging about the door of the Secretary of the Treasury. They take their station at an early hour The messenger b is become so familiar with their faces and their errand, that ho docs not conceive it to bi? consistent with his duty trt ?tf>rnnllv<li? nr'i tl?f> Si'f;rf?t:irv hv nruiouncinir that they are in waiting. It is impossible to intend to their petitions ; and Mr. Walker has adopted for his motto, the public business first, and oflice seekers next. Not unfrequemly the Secretary slips ont at a private door ; und on one occasion, in my presence, Captain Somebody hailed him several times, and hunt; to his skirts, finding oat papers and pressing his claims. He did not succeed, arid went away sorrowful.? Being in that department two weeks afterward?, I sav/ the same person still on the watch ior Mr. Walker. Finding it impossible to get a conference with the Secretary, those ol the olficeseekers who can write, send Mr. Walker notes, telling him it was not democratic to deny soeing his fellow citizens, and threatening complaints to the President as soon as ho comes home. Mr. Walker, of course, will mind this a great deal.? No one will deny that men have a right to seek ollice. But while this is admitted, the Secretary is not to be importuned, and lampooned. He is the most industrious man in the cabinet, if not naturally, necessarily so, from the extensive business appertaining to his department. In the language of Mr. Clay, as once applied to Mr. Woodbury, "he work* like a beaver." Gendemen, let Mr. Walker alone for the present. When he finds leisure, he will see you all at his room. If you all desire to see him, go to the church ia which he worships. Important despatches have been received from our Home Squadron, in the Gulf. The news of Santa Anna's return to Mexico is confirmed. It reported as the opinion of the four members of the cabinet now in this, that a change of government in Mexico will facilitate a negotiation of peace. There may be some ground for this beliel, but it appears from the active preparations now being made, and the improved condition of the Mexican finances, that the war is to be prosecuted with vigor. With the bitter feelings of the ! Mexicans against the people of the Unittu States, the return of Santa Anna cannot be hailed with favor bv them, if the result is to be a policy sisni lar to tfmt which causeil the overthrow of llerrera's administration, and rallied the military and citizens in favor of Paredes, who obtained |>ower on the pledge to prosecute the war, and not reopen negotiation*. .Santa Anna, it is well known, ! is notinclined to peace. It is by the war be anticipates consolidating the different interests and , classes of that country in his favor. However, if his return will facilitate the negotiation of peace, this fact was ascertained bctoro he left Vera Cruz, and he must have been encouraged, pre* viously to this course, by influences of which we know nothing with certainty. Mr. Dallas lias accepted of an invitation to par* take of a dinner, to be given by his democratic friends at Warren ton, Va. next Thursday. Felix. i'liri^LDKr.pniA, Aug. 24, 1846. The weather this morning is clear, cool and delightful, but the wind is still from the eastward, and there is no telling how soon the barometer may indicate rain. The Southwark policc yesterday arrested quit* a number of the rowdies who have been disturb' "? noonrt a( tVinf /1iutn/>t frtr anmn tiniA naat Two notorious ones, Tborn'on and Winters,were committed in default of $2000 bail each, for being concerned in a brutal assault upon a young mtn named ll*tchelder, several weeks since, who was I afterwards set adrift by them in a boat on the Delaware. Three otUers were also committed for being concerned in various affrays which oo? curred yesterday; the Sabbath, of course, not 1 being permitted to pass without the usual riotoua demonstrations. Lewis C. Levin has been nominated for 1 election in the first Congressional district by the ' Native Americans. It is supposed that Colonel '1 homas B. Florence will be nominated on th? part of the democrats. The democratic county conference met to-day for the purpose of nominating candidates for the State senate and Hous# ! of Representatives. 1 have just learned that CoJ. Wm. F. Small has 1 been placed on nomination oy a larare majority, i upon the second ballot, to represent the county in the Senate. This is a selection which cannot fail to meet the approbation of the party, as ho is well i.n/>uf.. i.#>r??. ii* a lawver of considerable ability,a gentleman of fine aJdress, awl ono able to urge with effect, the adoption in Staio legislation of those rad cal principles of democracy, daily becoming more popular with the mass. The nonain.ition has also conferred an honor upon the cor pa of reporters of this city; as Col. Small ha* long been connected with the Public Ltdgtr, as one of its law reporters. The whig political convention also assembled to-dny, but I have not heard of any nominations having been made. The young lady who porformed the baptismal ceremony for the sloop of war Germantown, on Saturday, was a daughter of Mr. Watson, of Germantown, well known as the nnnallistof Pkiladelphin. Mm of Nlocks at Philadelphia. Autit-rr 34?KiaiT M) Ra uling KR, S3^. ArTr.K Hti.m? ft Fsrmor*' tod Mechanics' Bank, 4>; 100 Roadinjr RR, S3* Rkcokd Board?3,^00 Stats s's, 71. Artta StLKt?4 rhiiadslphia Bauk, IM: 400 Coaaty j?'? no, ??Hi s,<wo?t*te '(, WHi 1 rmsylrwte Bui* MtH