Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 27, 1846, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 27, 1846 Page 3
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Toilet Articles, consist lna of thi choicest Ferfumery. Dentflllee*.Cosmetles, Shsviar Crtinii, Toil# nosps, Raton from the m.iat approve* mikrn. Uretimt Cum containing all that i< ii?cr???ry for the toilet, iti the mutt portable form, for aalc by G. HAUNDKK* l( SON, l77;Broadway, opiioeite Howard'* Hotei. laTlaatliin of Um Olalo ttiver. Placet. Tin*. State of Rev Cincinnati. Aug. 17 low water?falling. Wheeling, Aug JO 3 feet KtUbuiw, Aug iO 4 feet Louisville. Aug 1* lata than 4 feet, MONEY MAKKET. Wednmla)', Angnit !46?6 P. M? The tendency of prices is still downwards, with very limited sales. Long Island and Canton fell oil' Harlem, ll4 ; Heading, V ; Ohio ?'?. V?. Norwieh, Pennsylvania 6'a and Farmers' Loan closed at yesterday's prices. At the second board there was an improvement in Morris Canal of H i Norwich & Worcester, l? ; and in Harlem, >?. * Counterfeit ones purporting to be issued by the Broome County Dank are in circulation. The lettering i* well done, but the vignette anil other engravingi are miserably executed. Perhaps there is no stock in Wall street which has fluctuated so much, or in which there has been so much speoulation for so long a tine as the Morris Canal. Within the past two years, quotations have advanced several hundfed per cent This concern was for a long time in the hands of receivers, who, in liquidating the liabilities of the Company, came into possession of about thirtyfour thousand, of the forty thousand shares of the stock ?there being only about six thousand shares in other hands. In January, 1344, the market price of this stock was I)* a 3 per cent, and those holding the stock managed to get up a corner, never dreaming that the stock in the hands ol the receiver could or would come into the market again' Prices advanced very rapidly, until in June quotations ruled at 19 a 30 per cent, when the cornerers discovered that there were large lots of stocks in the street besides what they held, which proved to be that previously in the hands of the receivers. Many brokers refused to accept the recoivors' stock in the settlement of contracts, and complaints were made to the Board of Brokers to that effect. Tho receivers?Gov. Pennington, of New Jersey, being oae?argued that they were authorised by the court to use the assets of the barik, and in that authority they issued these certificates as the capital of the company. A decision made soon af. ter confirmed this viow, notwithstanding which, the parties engaged in the original corner did uoi leave uic neiu, uui pnv?ieiy uespaicauu an agent to Amiterdam for tho purpose of buying up tho Dutch mortgage, which was effected for $600,000, and another to Michigan toiettle the claim of that State, and to obtain the assets of the canal held by that State, which waa accomplished at an expense of $40,000. Having perfected their arrangements in these things, these specula, tors pushed the stock they held into the market at the best prices, after which, notice was given that the sale of the Morris Canal would take placo at Newark, N. J , under the Dutch mortgage, which amounted to $900,000 At the appointed day, the sale was reported to have been made at $1,000,000, being one hundred thousand dollars more than the amount of the Dutch mortgage. To make up the purchase money, the individuals engaged in the operation, announced that an assessment of twenty five dollars on each share of the old stock would be required te entitle a stockholder to an equal number of shares in the new company. At that time, the market value of the old stock was about eight dollars per share, which, with the $35 soon after paid, made the cost of a share in the new company, $33 per share. This was in October last, and many stockholders hesitated a long time before they could make up their minds to advance the $25 required, the only alternative being a forfeiture of the old stock. By the appointed time, the twenty-five dollars per share were paid up, making the million dollars represented to t'e required to obtain full possession of the canal. In due time, directors were elected, and a president and treasurer selected,and to all appearance the new company was formed upon a very firm basis. The market value of the stock then ruled at 35 a 37 per cent?thirty three being par?sod eventually reached J?. ut the million dollar* received by the purchasing parties, it appear* that only $640,000 have been paid, being the whole of the amount agreed upon. This left a deposite in tbeir hands of $360,000, being their profits arising from the operation. It appears that the stockholders who paid the assessment of $25 on each share, hare been deceived. They were assured that the cost of the canal, under the mlt, was $1,000 000. and were, therefore, induccd to pay up as requested, whereas, according to the terms of the actual sale, a payment of about fifteen dollars per share would only have been necessary. Such is the history of this con 'ern, for the past two years. Since these operations the stock has been steadily settling down, and the market price now rules at a point lower than that curremt at the date of the last sale. The whole debt of the comptfB^ amounts to $416,0f0, of which $336,000 are in bonds;on which interest i? paid semi-annually Since the reorganization of this company upon the new basis, expenditures to some extent have been made upon the canal, and the receipts have ranged from $1500 to $3000 per week, the company only employing about one hundred and fifty boats, while there is business enough offering to keep more than two hundred boats in active operation. The present income of the concern is not sufficient to meet the current expenses, and the annual interest on the bonds, and the company is therefore much embarrassed in its financial affairs. The ouly way to remove these embarrassments, is to provide means for extending the business of the work, which can only be done by railing a loan for the purchase of more boats. This loan must be raised among the stockholder*, by an assessment upon each share There is no other way of saving the concern from utter and complete ruin, as some movement must soon be made to prevent the canal from falling into the hands of the present bondholders. The Madison and Indianapolis Railroad Company have succeeded in negotiating in New York a loan of $100,060 on favorable terms. This will enable the company to complete the read to Indianapolis by the first of Maich next The first year, the receipts were *..23,000 , the second $48,000; the third $02,000 ; and will probably reach $100,000 this year. The receipts on the Southern and Branch Railroad of Michigan, for freight alone, from January 1st to August 1st, 1840 and 1846, were as follows :? Soi'THcan Raii.hoad, MicHKii*. mi. isifi. January 7GI 70 3,983 13 Kebru.vy 130 30 3,321 81 Maich G72 Oi i.2'? W April 1,17101 0J89 82 May 2,14 76 7,761 64 Jutic 1,671 00 7 #17 71 July 1,36182 3 222 11 $7,701 61 $37,M# 77 It will bo observed by the'above table that the receipts for freight upon thii railroad for the first six months of the present, have almost quintupled those for the sum* months of the preceding year. This is a most gratifying and almost incredible evidence of the growing prosperity of southern Michigan, and the increasing importance and value of the Southern Railroad Wo stated yesterday that it was the impression in Detroit that the Central Rail Road would be purchased by the company chartered for that purpose, but we have since learned that there i* considerable doubt in relation to the affairs It would perhaps be better for the Stato of Michigan to dispose of this road, and have it conducted by a private company, than to carry it on and havo it connected with the government of the State, but it is work of too much importance, and is already too productive to part with. It is already a source of revenue to the State,and at the rate of increase of income realised within the past year, must soon becomo sufficiently productive to relieve the people of Michigan from a large part of the present burden of taxation. It must soon be to the State of Michigan, what the Erie canal is to the State of New York, and it certainly appears to us poor policy, in disposing of the read upon almost any terms. The com pany chartered for the purpose of purchasing this road, have until the QBth of Sept. to do ao, and il they do not in that time accept the t?rmi offered we hope the legislature of the State will repeal the law authoriaing the sale, and conclude to keep it, and turn their attention to iti improvement and productiveness. Thl? road properly con. ducted, can be made sufficiently profitable to pay the interest on the State debt, and we would recommend retaining possession of thia important and valuable work that purpose. Old Stock Kiekaaa*. IIMirSkM 10? ION Am Trust gi< 2*0 N Y Stale 7s, '< lOi 50 do br/t 9 inno Ohio Si, X0 91?^ 150 F.aat Boston do HU 1000 Kentucky 6s 9K* 150 Canton Co Jj 10C00 lenn is ?60 ??>< W0 Harlem R R ?3 jju lOOCO do 9ud 100 do h] ijV Soa ahs Union Bank 10ft tfO L Island RR bso 31*2 50 Fnlton Bank 116 200 do bJ 3|>? 25 Bank ofCnm'e St M do 31'? 75 III State n mk 10 0 Krie R R MM 25 Farmers'Trust 25 00 Not k Wore R R 57)2 100 <Jo bCO >5 50 do btO 58 C 50 <lo II* 150 do b3 57V >5 do ??T4 50 do 1.45 25 Morris Canal 7% 50 do s60 90 do bM r>S ?on Readme R R w.'< 50 (to < 200 do stO MV JO do l>3 6 200 do bl5 50 do m 35 Morris Canal (K 115 Reading RR (6)4 50 d . r,S 100 do s?0 66 50 Nor fc Wore 11R iiji ?? do bW 5* do l* 37# do 66 lot 4e tVi 10* Harlem R K bit 56 "? -A- ? ? wmmm gaur Mock BialUMifp* I 15 (hi Vickthttrf Bk e ( 50H??Jin?HR ilO V'i iun Hirlrm R H *10 !A\ 50 do bJO ?>? ! jo d? Thur* iJii 175 Nor it Wore R R ?3 57% , I JO do *S 45** 50 Jo ?S 57', ' 50 do c 55^ 50 do Thur? 57V JO do Thur* 55>< 75 do >30 57Ji 50 do c 55'? 25 do buw 50 50 do Thur* i'j\ *25 do >3 V\ 50 do .3 55fS 25 do Thur. 57TJ 100 do l>3 M 25 do C 57% 50 Heading H H >20 66 15 do blO 51 Married. On Thurtday evening the -JOth instant, by the IleT Noah Leving*. Mr William K**rr Jr . to Mi** Elizabeth C., daughter of the late Itaac Brokaw, all of thi* city. Died, On Tuesday, asth instant, Jameson Cox, in the 87tli year of bis age. The rel?tives and friends of the family are invited to attend the l'uneral, on this (Thursday) afternoon, at four o'clock, from his late residence, No. 105 Korsyth street, without further invitation. At Philadelphia, on the JOtli instant. Kessev Ann Robinson, daughter of Thomas and Kessey Ann K. Brudtield, aged 4 years. In Kurmingtoo, Me., Mrs. tlrtskr Abbott, wife of Jacob Abbott, Ksq., aged 73, formerly of Concord. She was the mother of five sons, all of whom are ministers of the gospel, and three of them ominentlydistinguished as authors. In Derry, N. H., Deacon James Choatk, aged Htf?a revolutionary pensioner. In Hillsborough, N. H., 9th, Nathan Kendall, Ks.j , aged 90. At Memphit, Tenn., 9th inst., Capt. Samiei. Allkn. in his eoth year. Ilo emigrated to the wilds of Michigan in 1833, with his family, and formed the town of Vistula, *hich is now Lower Toledo, on the Maumee lliver. In Providence, on Sunday, 23d inst, John Sprinokr, a revolutionary soldier, aguJ ft7 years, formerly of Little Compton, It. I. At Charlton, 40th inst., Mr. Nathan Dextkr, a pensioner of the revolution, aged H7. WISTAlt'S BALSAM OF WILD CHERRY. [From the Fall River Monitor, April, 1840 ] r |1HIS medicine, prepared by a lung experienced and skiUX till physician. (e>ted and approved by a Kreat number of intelligent. discriminating mill 1 expectable persons iu various parts of the comitm, is now received and used with entire confidence and with great success by those afflicted with pulmonary complaints. It is also recommended as a valuable uirdiciue for other diseases, such as colds, coughs, and particularly disease, whose teudencv is to consumption Should | obstinate cum, it will, indfed, ie moit luraluabln inedii cine. None genuine, unless signed I. BUTTS on the wrapper. ! Kor sale by A. B. St D. Saudi. Agenta for New York City ; alio by drugxiats generally throughout the United States and j Canada. ant7 ItDgtWrc CIRCUS FOR SALE. ALL the property of the Union Circus, now iu this place, consiatiuf of no'ses, 100 Toot canvas*, seats. benches, : curb and dress, all ueaily uew and iu complete order for present use without requiring any further outlay, the same being purchased iu tiiim place under sale by execution, and i> now offered by the subscribers at less than half the real value of laid property. Communication by letter to be post paid. JAMES KERSHAW, james o'neill. PATmson, N. J., Aunust 25, 1816. au27 lw?rc A L ADY wishing to go to Europe, desirea to go with a family as chambermaid: or nurae. Sha will require no remuneration except her passage. Please address by note J. B. at this office. au27 3t*rc WINDOW SHADE DEPOT, No. 7 SPRUCE STREET. established in 1840. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. SHADES of all descriptions, kinda and sizea, SO per cent cheaper than can be bought at any other place. Trimmint at manufacturers' pricei. Signa, Banners, and Interior Decoration* done iu a style not to be aurpassed. BARTOL & ORMSBEE, au27 Mannfaemrers and lmiM,rt? s WANTED, A SITUATION by a young woman as sea-eatress or nurse in a private family; cau give the best of city reference. Address C. K Herald office. au273i*r Coach main WANTED.?Apply at it Merchant's Exchange, William street. au27 1t*r HORATIO HILL, Auctioneer. Cooley, reese St hill, 191 Broadway, corner of Dey street, will aell on Thursday morning, August ii7th, at half past ten o'clock, a large assortment of boots, shoes and lir>,ir<?. inir, 1,1.. ?... .1,. A Sale without reserve. Catalogue! ready, and goods may be ! aeeii. au27 lt?r LIBERAL BOOKS, at the Beacon Office, No. 3 Kraukliu square. Pearl street. New editions of the works of Mr. Thomis Paine, Voltaire's Dictionary Straus'Life of Christ, Vdney's Ruins (a good edition), Vale's Life ol T. Paine, the Works of Mr. Owen and Dr. Hollich, Palmer's Principles of Nature, Shelled* Queen Mab. Le Citateur, Km ma Martin, Thiee Impostors (curious book), the Vestages of Creation, N?w Tracta. Quarterly Beacon, See au27 lin*r UtiAFNESS CURED. OQ1 BROADWAY.?( Extract)?" 1 cheerfully comply A with the request of Lieut. Mcintosh, to atate that he was invalided home iu consequence of total deafness and discharges from the ears ; that uuder the treatinsnt of D a. CASTLfc, & EDWARDS, Aurists, (381 Broadway,) N. Y., he recovered his hearing and has again returned to his duty." Signed H. McNEVtN, Surgeon to H. B. M.'s Forces, Jamaica. All cases of deafness attended to. Acoustic Drops for sale. A sure cure for incipient deafness arising from cold, discharges from and buzzing nones in the ears, collections of hard wax, kc. auZ7 lin'r STORAGE.?Any kind of merchandize (nthrr than eitra O hazardous) taken on storage, at KG South e rect, on application to W. St J. T TAP8COTT, m'-'7re 2d door below Burling slip. RARE CHANGE. A NUMBER OK AGENTS WANTED to andertake the sale of a new and useful patented article, which can be sold to every family in the Unian. To men of respectable characters, a guarantee of tWV per annum will be given To prevent competition each agent will have a district secured to him. Apply to 8. FRENCH, 289 Broadway, up stairs. Letters must be postpaid in order to receive atteution. au 21 Im'is Ji. F. K. O K T U M, impomtkr or IMITATION PRECIOUS STONES, VENETIAN AND BOHEMIAN BEADS, TURQUOISES, GARNETS, GLASS DROPS, kc. fcc. an* tm*rrr Kn 5 Dit ixsrsT. N*.wYo*k. ituuivia IU L,e,i, r u itjNioHtu. THREE Rooms ou Second Kloor, the other part occupied by a smsll family, without children, to two or three single gentlemen, with or without mol>. Everything clenn and in first-rate order ; or would be let to a small re-pectsble family. Enquire at 99 Cedar street. Rafereuce exchanged. auW ? ?r WHEAT?10,0(10 bushel*, llliuoia Wheat, for sale hifi. K. COLLINS It CO., aii2*ir 56 South street. 192 BROADWAY, C0R"ER or JOH1 STUKrT. TO THOSE WHO SHAVE THEMSELVES. From the Evening Pott. S'PECIMENS OK RING'S unapproachable VERBENA ' CREAM FOR SHAVING.?Ihis article, universally piaised by those who made trial of it, last year took the first premium of the Institute Fair. Indeed it is fully conceded bv those who know, tint it is impossible to manufacture an article equal to it. it is softeniug to the skin, fragrant to the sense, a destroyer of freezes and pimples, and ia sold cheaner than the old soaps. All, theiefore, who would cousult economy and comfort iu shaving, should possess themselves of it. Krim the New York Gazette.?The New Sorp.?We speak from ri!> rience, and we speak from the more professional knowledge of our benefactor and friend James Grant, No. 4 Ann street, who saya it is ahead of any thing ever yet found out in this department of modern imp.ovement It is not only an emolienr " but it is something more." Iu short, we believe it is the \r . shaving aoap in the world. He?are "f limitations, and observe the written signature under the directions for use, of " C H. Ring." Prepired and r?. ..I. wl.nlaaalfl &M.1 Hlu.l .. .1 C. 7.,: I... C. H. KING, b'tifftfitt, an?6 Im*mc 191 Broadway, corner of Jolui TRAVELLING TRUNKS, &c. " JOHN CAfTNACH, Trunk Manufacturer, No. 1 Wall ere.-1, curner < f Broadway, has i ow on lianil * <1 constantly making, a pond assortment of Truuks, Valises, Carpet Ii.ign, and Satchels,wholesale and retail. Alii, a superior art cle of >ole leather Trunk*, suitable for American or European Trat el, aud Portmanteau! for lite French Mailt Puilt. Ordera lor the West Indiea, South America, lie., tilled with de?natch. >u2>; lm*r I WARDROBE AND FURNITURE WANTED. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN can obtain the highest caali pricea for all kind of wearing apparel, furniture, he. by applying for the subscriber at No. 11 Marion s'reet. between Broome and Spring streets. N. STOKERS. N. B.?A line thrnugh the post office or otherwise, will be purctually attended to. au36 Im'rh WANTED, A SITUATION aa Salesman or Book-keeper in a Whele ale Grocery or General Cuoimiasioa Home, by a Young Mail from Charleston, S C., wh? has had five years' experience as a wholesale grocer and general commission merehant, aud ten ) ears'experience iu the purchase and sale of cottou, rice, Western produce, and groceries generally, which, with his Sfqasiniani e among the merchants of South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia, wou'd nske his services of tome valae in lach a house The beat of refereueee will be given. Addrers A. B., at this office. sn22 ?t*r tr fttTT)IirftfLITXRVTinTvINO'JIOAP, Depot T v No. J Lonrtlandt street, a few doors from Broadway ? J he true and only genuine article as origiually manufactured ty- us, warranted to maintain the reputation it has obtained ? Totlet Boaps.Freaeh Extracts, Easenees, and every variety of choice l erfumery at the lowest prices that a good article can be sold. Country Merchants, Druggists. Pedlars, and dealers in general, are invited to examine and judge for themselves. ,, . . , VROOM & FOWLER. unifrii n.?waiu mr ur. poora celebrated rectoml Symp. me of the best remedies for coag ha, eolds, toil ell diteaaea of the lungi. aJ0 lm?r JEFFERSON INSURANCE COMPANY. OJfict No 50 Wall Street. New York. THIS Company being authorised by an net or the Legialalure of tlie Stale of New York, pasaed May 12th, lit*, ntitleil " An art for the benefit of the Jefferson Insurance Company." to fill nt> iu capital stock. which aai impaired by losses occasioned By the fire of !9th July, IMi ; and the Board of Director! of laid Company having unanimously relolvrd that the lid capital itock be tilled ap accordin it to the provisions o( said act. ... Notice is hereby gi veil in conformity with >Md act and with the approval of the Vice Chancellor of the Kirst Circuit, to all the pretent stockholders of the Company, that they are required to airufy, on or before the hdayol October neit, to the President or Secret*! y of v.omiian v, at their office. No. W Wall afreet, in the city of New York, whether they elect to fill op their stock, aiid also in rase they elect to fill up their etock, to pay the amount required at such times and such manner as the Board of Directors may hereafter de tide. And notice is hereby farther given that on the 30th day of October neit, ao much new (took shall be created and disposed of, as will make up the original capital of aaid corporation, and lor that purpose nooks of subscription will be opened at the said office on the Zlat day of October'neit, and continue open daily from 10 to 3 o'clock, until the amount requisite i? subscribed?(the present atockholders to have a prior right to such new stock.) The agreement to fill up aharea as above I | mentioned and the new subscriptions to take effect on the 2d day of November neit, on which day an inatalment of five i LT ***; ' required on ne? subscriptions. Ajiid notice ia hereby further given to such stockholders as snail not elect to Ml up thnir stock, or by neglect shall forfeit tlie right ao to do, that they are required on tne 2d day of November neit, to surrender to the said President or Secretary, at tne said office, their original certificates of stock, and in lieu thereof to receive new certificates, for s?ch number of shares aa they may respectively be entitled to, said Stockholders receiving pay for fractional parts of shares. | K'. T H,,- ?~VI taelttwT?KAmMMh.lM. lUltamflk ** $ 9 a.UlL.1^1. I jpi WMaBBW I ===s:^^^~=9S==MHBsata= JACOB 8 PLATT,JL?ction?er. E LEO ANT ROSEWOOD, MAHOOANV, BLACKWalnut and Oak Cabinet Kiiniitere, kc?JACOB 8. ft ATT will sell this day, ?t lo o'clock, it the Apollo 8aloon. No. 410 Broadway, a l?me (tuck of elegant maliegauy, loaewood, black walnut and oak new cabinet furniture, being ol a tuperior quality, made up for cuatom work and retail ilea. au<l compriaiug almoat frtry article in the line and worthy the attention of >tranK?r> and houaekeepera in the Also, ti> invoice of pare curled hair mattresses, feather beds, inlliasters, bolsters and pillows, window shades, tufted rugs, ?c. N. B.?For a full description of the article*, ?ee morning pipers and catalogues. an!f7 lt*rc H. DUCLUZEAU, Actioneer. WATCHES AND JEVVfcLRY.-TUTTLE It DUCLUZEAU will (ell tint day, at 10 o'clock, at the Auction Room, 88 W illiam afreet, a general assortment of (old and Kilt jewelry, viz breast pins, linger rings, bracelets, fcc.? The whole of which is just received from ihe manufacturer. | Also, 100 gold and silver watches, comprising gold patent levers, anchors, lepines, Sic. Also, luu silver ancliurs, verges, lepiaei, Oermau silver do, sliver gilt bunting watches, he. Also, a lot of f.?ucy goods, to be sold by invoict. Catalogues are now ready. au27 lt*re VV\1. A 8EECHEK. Auctioneer. WM. A. UEKCllER. atore Cedar street, op stairs.? Dry Oonds by catalogue, tor cash. Regular sales on Monday and Wednesday. ('articular attention giveu to assiguee'l sales oi stock goods au2t> linr AUCTION NOTICE AND CARD. JACOB BKA19TED. Auctioneer. THE undersigued respectfully inform* hia friends and the public generally. that having secured the services of Mr. JACOB BKAISTM) as his Auctioneer, at hia large stores, M Beekinan and ti9 Ann streets, be is at all times prepared to effect, in his usual pnuctual manner, sales of Household Kur > mture and Merchandise in general. Families wishiug their furniture sold at their own houses, will weive particular attention. Liberal advances will be made, aa usual, ou all descriptions of dry goods, clothing, lie kc., and on a limit of ! time. Mr. JACOB BHA1STED having great facilities for the disposal of Real Estate, will attend particularly to that branch ' of tne business, as well us to the protutiiig Money on boud and mortgage, promissory notes, stocks and temporary loans I on collateral securities. All business promptly atteudeu'to, and accounts closed up as soou as sales are effected. 1 The fir?C fall trade sale of this establishment by catalogue only, will commence on the 3d day of Sept.. at hall-past 10 A. M., when a splendid stock of elegant Piano Forte*, will be old to pay advances and storage, without reserve, to the highest bidder. For further partinnlars, see (.'oarier and Knquiier. MICHAEL ISAACSON. Coinmissiea Merchant. au22 2w??sc JACOB BRA1NTED, Auctioneer. : EDOAR JENKINS, Auctioneer, ~ : IN CHANCERY, SALE IN PARTITION OF THE BODINE FARM, I NEAR PORT RICHMOND, STATE!* ISLAND. IN PURSUANCE of a deoretal order of the Coartof Chancery, the above mentioned premises will be told XJJL't public auction under the direction of the aobacriber at the Mansion House, on the premises, on the 1st day of September next, at II o'clock in the forenoon. The Farm contains ahont sixty acres of laud,taring a lane* fronton the river Kill Van Kull. The Mansion HOUbK and (rounds adjacent, will be sold in one parcel, and the residue of the premises will be divided ana soldtn lota or parcels of convenient size. For further information, as to the title. Itc.,"application may be made to F. S KINNEY, Esq., SolieitoitWCedarst., or to the undersigned. Lithographic maps of the premises will be ready, live days previous to the sale. PHILO T. RUOtiLES, Dated, August 22, 18(G. Master im Chancery. aa23 toSeptlst m TO PROPRIETORS OF CIRCUSES OR MENAGERIES. TO LET OR LEASE for a year, or term of veare? f?Tj? The building, known as the American Eagle Stable, corner Delancy and Chryatie block east of the Bowery. The buildiug is 61 leet wide, by 80 feeftong in the clear; and from its size, and contiguity to the Bowery, would be well adapted for a Circus or Menagerie, or Would answer well for winter quarters for either, having over 70 stalls for Horses, and plenty storage rvom (or wagons. Apply on the premises, or 13! Chrystie street. JNO. WILLIAMS, Proprietor. suit 2tawThScSa lm?r iSTE WBOOT AND SHOE STORE, 69 M AIDES LANE, NEW YORK. ?^ FINE Calf City Made Boots, for. S3 (10 ; Fine Calf [K City Made Dress for, $3 50 ; Fine French Dress equal M to any boot in the city, St 60. All our boots warranted and equal to any now made. Everything else in our fine equally low. Jobbers and others will please give us a call before purchasing; onr stock is all made under our own inspection find bought for cash, and therefore we can sell as low as any house in this city. Boots neatly footeil for S3 M : reomnne done in the store. McUKARY Hlf}OINH. au26 lm*r C>9 Maiden lane, corner of William it. FINE BOOTS, FOR $3 50, J City made, anil are equal to those sold in other itore? for to. Fine French Call Dress Boots for $4 SO, eqaal to the best made, and sold in this city for $6 or $7. All Boots warranted to rive satisfaction. YOUNG It JONES, No. t Ann street, Near the American Mnseam. Qnick sales and small profit* is our motto.?4 Ann street. an23 tm'rre NO MONOPOLY! WATl'RIPONT & JAMES, FASHIONABLE HATTERS, No. 8? Nuian Street, near Fulton. r* THE subscribers will he prepared to supply their J^kfriends and the public with the FALL STYLES of gentlemen's Hats, on Saturday next, the 29th ol August. They beg respectfully to state, that the hats sold by them are of their own manufacture, and no exertions will be spared to produce a hat, which they guarantee shall equil in quality and liuish, those sold at the more extensive anil showy establishments in Broadway, and at as reasonable prices, according to the quality. A. It. WATtHIPONT, au2J 2w*rr- WM. H J AM ICS. FALL FASHIONS FOR GENTLEMEN'S HATS FOR 181?. r* 1 Jp^KNOX, ol 128 Fulton street, second door from Sun Office, will issue the Fall Faahion for Gentlemen's Hats on Saturday, 2tth ol August. ?u22 lwi?*r ESTABLISHED PRICES AT GURNEY'S NEW ESTABLISHMENT, 184 FultAII Stiect. (Shn Rim nm?.\ | FIRST QUALITY BLACK FUR HAT . $3 50 BRCOND " " ' 3 00 ! FIRST O JALITT SILK HAT J 00 i second " 2 so ! r? THESE prices h?*e been firmly established, and msy be as implicitly relied on, at the beauty, style mil fiuisn I the article to which they appertain. The proprietor wonld respectfnlly ask the politic to teat the value or his Hat*, by companion with the productions ofan? other manufacturer in the city, and believes no candid mind will leave the premises dissatisfied with tbem or their prices. anlg lin'rc T. T. OURNEY, 1M Fulton st. REMOVAL OF ROBERTSON'S PHCENIX HAT AND CAP MANUFACTORY. fV THE undersigned would respectrully notify the pnblic, that he has removed from hia former location 10S to 89 Kul'on s treet. Having a much more commodious store, and having otherwise increased his facilities, he is confident ofgiving aatufaction to his former petrous. KOBERTSON, Hatter, 8U Enltoo St., mil Im'll (brfwfen Win anil Oolil.) ELT?60 eases linglish p-t'eut Sheathing Felt, suitable for shiji's bottoms or roafs of bouses. For sale by E. K. COLLINS k CO., ! an21 X Mouth street AMER1CAN ]MANUFACTURED CUTLERYi WIL WILD, maiiufictnrer of Cutlery, No. 160 Divmnn street, New York, has constantly on baud a good as anrimem 01 i, *, j ana 4 uiaue ivmyts 01 Dig own inmuiariurin*. good and cheip to the trade. a?25 lm'rc | " B AT('H ELOR'TTHA 1KTD Y E. Aliql'id coloring for thk hair, whisKKR3, tic?Its claim* lOMNHn vr 111 at once lie Hade rt too d liy those who hare used or sold the preparations offered for dying the hair. It* application ia simple, in effect certain ; being emphatically a perfect hair dye, without destroying the elasticity or health of the liair. To fmcy storekeepers. druggists, Sic., it will he found a most desirable article, at they cau with confidence, recommend it to their cnataHfl, ?P< |? lie troubled with complaints of in d>ingili* >kin or linen. It will not rub off the h*ir, and couatant waahing only imuroyes iu appearauce. The color ia permanent and perfectly uniform, entirely free from thoae unnatural tiuta, faryinc from the faded green to the roval purple, produced by the ordinary hair dyet. In proof of its efficacy the lurentor i? prepared to apply the dye to whiskers, or a portion of the hair, without charge, to those wishing to purchase, If it prove* satisfactory ; for which purpose he h*s private rooms. Prepared onlv and sold wholesale and retail bjr w.m. BATCHELOR. No. 2 Wall street, near Broadway. Price si, double size $1 .'>0. ( ' pv the address. Sole ageut in Washington City, J. II. tiibbs, Peon. arenue. iitl Im'rc. ~~ ~ iiuvvaiTtrn urm& 11 Li ?? li.1 F U 1.1 A UJU ? 1V?U. BATCHELOR'8 new invented Win mil Sculpt, mnde of the finent natural carl hair, and adapted in Uie most eaar manner to th? peculiar style of each ludividnal. They are entirely a new invention, doing away with all the reiationa difficulties to long experienced by those who wear wiga. The public are invited to inspect a large and well selected stock, containing every variety of site and color; they will then be able to jadge the effect. WM. BATCHELOR, nrcntorand only mannfactnrer, I Wall street, near Broadway. Removed from 166 Broadway. Please to eopy the address an21 Im'rc BINDERS' BOARDS.?10,000 lbs. Binders' Boards, snporior nullity, from Nos 2j to 64, just received, and for I sale by PER8SE h BROOKS, J aav 12 linr Aftuml AT Nmws tt. i DRUG STORK FOlt ^ALK. THAT old and well known stand, CI Bowery, (establiihed 30 years) is offered for sale, together with stock.fixtures, : soda fountains, he. The store is now doing a very good busi; ness, and offers inducements rarely to be met with. Apply to. WEEKS k ANDERSON. Druggists, au2l?lw*mc 30 Kill ton, cor. Water, and 63 Bowery. FLAVORING EXTRACTS. Afresh supply of highlv concentrated French Bitracta, such as VANILLA, PEA< H, NECTARINE. ROSE, LEMON BITTER ALMOND, and several others, for flavoring Ice Creams, Blancmance, Costards, etc., nnd'all kinds i>f Paltry, for sale by JOHNSON, MOORE IcTAYLOR, all lm?m Importers, 4?c . 81 Maiden lane N. Y. , TO THE PUBLIC. THE Dr. HEINE, whose nam? hss frequently appeared in the newapapera, is not Dr. SOLOMON HEINE, of No. 117 ' 'hamhers street. Tins is to prevent mistakes in the minds of the public. Dr. Solomon Heine being our lamily physician, we, the andersifned, have taken the liberty to have tlira inserted. CHARLES YVJOHT. DAVIS HARRISON. JOHN ELVOORT. SIMON HOPKINS, au22 lm#rrc #36,000 TO LEND /~VN BOND AND MORTOAGE, on productive real es iite in thu city or Brooklyn. it will t>e airmen into sums sait applicants. Apply to 8. 8. Broad, No. 11 Wall street. to the Lrntoa Water Office, basement. anil lm*m EDUCATION. REV. R. T. HUDDART'8 School will re-open after the Hammer Vacation, on Monday, September 7th. Circular* oontaiuing fall particulars and terms Tar day ?cholar?, yearly and day hoarder!, can be obtained on application at the school, II Fourteenth street, between University Place and Fifth arenne; or of Mr. C. H. Edwards, office of the Alliance Insurance Co . it Wall street. *IK Im'si TO WOOLLEN OOOD8 MERCHANTS. H. MIflEON & CO., CLOTHS, CASSIMERE8. AND 8ATTINET8 REFINI8HERH, No. Ml W??T BTBEET, N. V. REFERENCES aad orders for work it Messrs. Wooleott and Slide, ItS Pine street; *V. C. Langley k Co., 23 Broad street; D Bfigham k Co., M Piae street. iM 2m*m THORN CHAMPAUNft. Aim FRESH INVOICE of this delightful Champagne U ia store, to which the attention of marehaata, hetel keepers, tod private gentleroea is invitad. The straading ef this Wiae is now siperior to that ot any inthisooantry.aadataenigbaT price thu that of the baat brands C. LIVINGSTON k CO., arlliMfra ^ * T'"!' J52? TWINES?250 bales English, Bridport, Seine. Herring and Oill Net Twines, comprising a complete aaeortment from %% to II lb. maanfactored eipresely lor this market.? For by t. R. COLLINS k CO., i. NN H South mm STBAMBO ATI, Ac. cheap excursion to key port, n. j" -arJ The iteambuat WAVK will make an nC M**pS?i*eur?iou lo Key Port, N.J , on SUNDAY, ?B?Auiiuit 30tli, liy Irming ill- foot of Veaey atreet *t 8 o'clock V. M. and Kry I'ort at 4 o'clock P. M , ufording 1>I*1|Iy of time lor bathing or riaiting the village, ul" Middletown aud Middletown Point. Kare 21 ceuta each way. hu27 Jtii'r jWW CONKY ISLAND AND KOHl MAMGj^ajrtJpaJPlkTON?Landing at the new Oreeuwood 3K^?aJKaJLCemriery Duck, each way. Fare 12>? ceuta, varh way. The atearaboat PKOPRIKTOU, Ca|>t. H. Mallan, will ou and after Monday the 2<lh, cnmmeuce running regularly to Coney Island and Kurt Hamilton, touching at the new Dock at (iowaiius. linai passengers an opportunity of viewing Orenwood Cemetery, where thay can a|>end au hour in a pleasant promenade; returning at an early hour. Leariug as follows Canal street, 9K A. M. and 1U P M. White Hall, 10 A M. and * K M. Coner Island. Il>? A M audi P. M. Touching at unwanui each way. MuL't, Jt-ni T. BEILBY, Proprietor. ML INDKPENDENTMORNfNO LINE AT O'CLOCK.?KOR ALB AN V from tha 3K^MiBC9E?<teainboat pier at the pier font af Warren streut.['linage $1 iO. Teuchiug at the loot of Ilammoud st. Breakfast aud dinner provided on board. Tha swill aud magiiiliceut steamer IRON WITCH iromtnauded by ("apt. Stephen II. Hoe leaves New York, Tuesday, Thursday mud Saturday. Leaves Albany, Monday, W eduesdsy aud Friday. Lauding at Van Courtlandts.AVestr>int, .Newburglt, Milton, Po'keepsie, Hyde Park, Kingston, alskill, Hudson. su25rc PEOPLE'S LINE OK STEAMERS KOR ALBANY, Direct?Daily, Sundays excepted?at 7 o'clock, P. M Prom Steamboat pier httioeen Cuurtlandl and Liberty iti. mgk Steamboat KNICKERBOCKER, Capt. A. LJNfUl Honghton, will leave on Monday, Wednes3EaSHE9K> day and Kriday eienmgs, at 7 o'clock. Steamboat HKNDRIK HUDSON, Capt.ll. U.Cruttenden, will leave on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evauings, at7 o'clock. The above boats will at all times arrive in Albany iu ampla time for the morning ears for the East and Wast. Freight taken at moderate rates, and none taken aftar 54 o'clock, I*. M. All persons are forbid trusting any of the boats of this line, without a written order from the captaius or agents. For passage or freight, apply on board the boats, or to P. C. Schultt, at the office on the wharf. UNITED STATES MAIL LINE. Atio'clock, P. M., Landing at Intermediate Flacei. From the foot oj Harelay street. Steamboat ROCHESTER, Captaiu , will leave on Monday, Weduesdaj, Friday, and Sunday afternoons, at 5 o'clock. Steamboat SANTA CL\US, Captain B. Overlagh, will leave au Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoons, at S o'clock. Apply on board, or at the office on the wharf anZI CONEY ISLAND & FORT HAMILTON. JBk TT>? Steamboat IOLAS, Captain Yates, Of run every we?k clay on the above ferry 3daJHEa2Lnntil further notice, u follow*Leaving foot of Pike street at 11 )ri o'clock A. M. and 3% P. M., White hall at 12 o'clock M. and t o'clock P. M., Coney Islrml at 1% o'clock P.M. and 6 P.M. Lauding at Fort Hamilton each way. Fare 12)? ceuta. N. BStages will be in readinesa at Fort Hamilton to take paaaeugera to New Utrecht and Bath; alao at Coney Island, to take paasengera to tlie upper houaea. All peraona are forbid trusting any one on account of the bont or owners. anil lw*m MORNING BOAT FUR ALBANY AND TROY. jiVQ /m< PASSAGE ONE DOLLAR-Breakfa*t CL. . jjeand dianer on board the boat. Paaiengera 3E_aaa9bZ.takiug thia boat will arrive in time to take the evening train of cart from Troy weat to Buffalo, and north te Saratoga and Lake George. The Steamboat NIAGARA, Capt. Wm. Ellaworth, Mon> day, Wednesday and Friday, at 7 o'clock, A. M , from the j ateamboat pier foot of Barclay atreet. Returning op polite daya. For pasaage or freignt, apply on board, or to F. B. Hall, at the office on the wharf. aulSlrc Jjm DAILY LINE OF BOATS BETWEEN 1 dZJeM* NEW YORK AND STATEN ISLAND. ! 3C3I3L The itearaboata SYLPH, Captain J. Brai*ted. and STAT EN ISLANDER, Captain D. Van Pelt, will I leave at fellows ? { Leave States Island M, I, I, 11 and 11 A. M? at 1, I, 1,4,5, and 7, P. M. Leave New York at 7,?, 10, aad 11, A. M. and 1, t, 1,4, S, 1,7 aad past 7 P. M. I All freight at the riak of of the owner* thereof. A atage will leave Vanderbilt'a landing for the TelegraphI ie Station every hoar throughout the day. Fare 1JX ceuta. I Jr? FARE RBDUCED. jgBt FOR NEW HAVEN.?Paaaage reduced r Htn New Haven to $1: to Hartlord, t< ; to SEoMllESLSpriiiifield, S3 76. Tne aplendid ana Mat ; Steamboat TRAVELLER, Capt. J. Stone, will leave Peck Blip. E. R., every morning, (Sundays excepted,) at 4 o'clock, and the Steamboat HERO, Capt. R. Peek, every Tieaday, and Thnraday afternoon, at 4 o'clock, and Saturday afternoon. m 3 o'clock. a?4 Imiafh ~ TROY MORNING AND EVENING LINE. MORNING LINE AT SEVEN O'CLOCK. jMA 0* FOR ALBANY AND TROY-From the Steamboat Pier attiie foot of Barclay atreet. :K_M3LLanding: at Peekakill, Weat Point, Newbnrgh, Hampton, Milton, Poughkeepiie, Hyde Park, Rhineneck, U. Red Hook. Briltol, Cattkill, Hudson, Coisackaa, Kinderhook and Baltimore. Breakfaat aad dinner on board the boat. The ateamboat NIAGARA, will leave on Monday, Wadaeaday aad Friday Morning* 7 A M. _ The ateamboat TROY, Captain Gorham, on Tueiday, Thnraday aad Saturday morning*, at 7 o'clock. JUturung on opposite day*. For paaaage or freight apply on board, or at the ofice oa the wbirf NEW YORK. ALBANY AND TROY LINE. FOR ALBANY AND TROY DIRECT, From the pier at the foot of Conrtlandt street. The low-preaanre ateamboat EMPIRE, Captun R.B. Macy, leave* the foot ol Courtlaudt atreet, on Tuesday, Thnraday and Saturday evening*, at seven o'clock. ? _ , The Steamboat COLUMBIA, Capt. Wm. H. Peek, will leave on Monday, Wedaeaday and Friday evenings, at T o'clock. , Paaaenger* taking theae Boat* will arnve in time to take the Morning Train of Car* from Troy weat to Bnffalo, and north to Saratoga, Whitehall and Lake Champlain. For Pasaage or Freight, apply oa board, or at the Office oa the wharf. No freight taken after 5X o'clock. NOTICE?All goods, freight, bank bill*, tpeeie, or any other kind of property, positively at the owner'* risk. JMP nvm.< ta/tam nfl l/\UTW!Tf *11/ Al l itlb 1UUO1 UDUiimjruLi \JK auu EXCURSIONS. J0t A SAIL across the Hadion rirerto Hobo ^L^JB*cS^ken, >nd then s walk to the Klysian Kielils. Xoi3l3Lnl(iiig the exceedingly picturesque ahorea ol the place, will prove the moat easily accomplished and attrae tire of all mrual excursions that can be made from the city. The grounds now present a charming aapect, the treea be tnE in leaf, and the aoil covered with a rich turf. The walk* are in excellent order, baring bean considerably embellished the present spring. On (?ry pleasant afternoon there will be in attendance at the Coirennade. Klysian Kielda, an excellent Band of Music, which wall perform selections froas the favorite Operas, popular airs, marches, waltzes. lie. The Kerry Boau from BarHay, Caaal and Christopher ate., are completely fitted ap with awniags and seau. Night Boats rtia from Hobokea to Barclay street until 11 'elock. (ferriage IV eaits. ml Im'r " - ?^ NOTICE-T AMCOTT'S UfcNklKAL EMIGRATION OFFICE, Removed from L^^'5 to #6 Sooth street.?Peraona aendmg for tlieir Irienda in any part of the old country make the necessary arrangements with the sabscribers, ou reasonable terms, to have them brought j """'THE NEW LINE OK LIVERPOOL PACKKT8. The Ships of this line are unsurpassed by any other, and their immense size (sll being 1000 tons, and upwards) renders thrm more comfortable and convenient than shipsof a smaller class ; and the greatest reliance may be placed in thsir punctuality in sailing. The subscribers are also ageuts for the 8t. Oeorge and Union Lines of Liverpool Psckets, in any of wlijcli passage can be engaged on reasonable terms. Drarrs for asiy amonnt, payable, without discoant in all the pnacipsl towns of klngland, Ireland, Scotland or Waleei san also be obtained. F?r farther particulars, apply to W k/. T. TArSCOTT, teTTrc tC Sooth at., M door below Bnrling Slip, N. T. KOR NEW ORLEANS? Louiaiana mid New rfxJV York Line.?Poaitivelv firat regular packet?To Mil ^ B|iKk.Vloiiday. 3lit intt.?The faat tailing packet ship GEN KV A, Capt. Goodhue. ii low loading, and will poaitiveIy tail as above. her regular day. tor freight or paaaage, harms handaome furnished accommodation, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall at. or to E. R. COLLINS fc CO.. M South at. t f No good* received on board after Saturday evening, Auguti 29th. Agent in New Orleans. J AS. E. WOODRUFF, who will promptly forward all goods to hia addreaa. The packet ahip bARTELLE, Taylor, matter, will ?nc?<1 Ho Owiw. aiffr l'A< KET SHIP SIUDONS Ibr LIVERPOOL, Mrfvy having been detained in consequence of 'he weather dflttfSfatwill sail I Ilia morning, 27th instant, at 9 o'clock, at win Ii time the pastenge a will 11 ate be on boa H a Wr eana w-arf f ot of Wall street. Letter baga will cloae at the usual place at half patt 8 o'clor k. au27r E. K. COLLINS fc CO., J6 South at. KOK SEW ORLEANS.?To sail on the 3d Sep CTSrVtember?The tplendid fait aailing new packet thin1 MUhBIIWUITCII, Capt. Pike. This magnificent packet all i' it 900 tona hnrthen, and her accommodaliona for a limited number of second cabin and at?erage puaengera. cannot he turpaited, both of which will be at the lowest ratea. Apply on board, pier 13, foot of Ooremeur lane, or to GEORGE SHULOCK, lift Maiden lane, A doort from South at. Pattaj;? can alto he had to and from Liverpool, Ice., and all partt ot Ureat Britain and Ireland, by applying at abovo. au27 3t* re Xf?- UNION LINK OF PACKETS FOR LIVEKIrcPffWPOOL ?Packet of the 3d September.?The ?pleniS|yfaU<lMl and fatt tailing packet thip ST. GEORGE, IftOO tout binlhen, Capt. W. G. Porrit, will tail on Thursday, Se|>tember 3d. her regular day. The accommodationa for cabin, second cabin and ateerage pattengera, it ia well known are equal to thote of any other line of packet!, and ttieir great capacity rendera them every way more comformhle and convenient. Thote within^ to tecure bertha, should make early application on hnard. at pier No 4 North river, or to W V J. T. TAP8C0TT, *n2'r HS Sonth *t. 2d door below Burling ?lip. UNION LINE OF PACKRT8 FOR LIVER KfjRSVPOOL.?Packet of the SOtli August ? The iplcndid ittifltoiirw and fan tailing picket *hip EMPIRE, 1200 torn bur.hen, Capt. Runnel). wiM anil poiitirely a* ah re her regular day. The accommodation* of tnia elegaut packet for cabin, second cabin and ate/ra'C pattengera, are unequalled by any thip in port, all of which will be taken at reduced rate*. Thote within* to aecnre bertha ahonld make immediate application on board, at pier No. T North rirer, or to W. k J. T TAPSOOTT, aoT7r 86 South afreet, 2d door below Burling ?lip. REMITTANCES TO ENGLAND, IRELAND, AND SCOTLAND. PARTIES within* to remit money* in large or JMMfWamall turn* to their friend* in Great Britain or IreJfMUilfaJand, can da (o in the moit aafe and eipeditiona manner through the iab?eriher*. by draft* at aight. payable in all the principal towna in England, Ireland and Scotland. Mouey may be tent by letter (pott paid) from any part of the i United Stale* to them, firing the addre** and the name of the party to receive it, which w ill be regularly forwarded by packet or ateamer. Apply to ABRAHAM BELL 8c SON, an2fi lm#r 117 Knltoiratreet. /OR LI VtRrOOL? New Line?Regular Packet hoaae, IUi ton* burthen, will *ail aa abore, her regular day. I freight or paaaage. haying anlendid, large and camf'orv able atate room* end cabin, apply to the Captain on board, i et weat pier of Barling alip, or to WOODHULL it MINTURN, 17 Sooth .tree*. Price of raaaage tlDO. The packet ahip Rochester, *00 ton* barthen, will snceeed the Uoeen ef the Waet, and aail en her regalar Jay. llatoi October. n? me SHIP SOUTHERNER from LIVERPOOL.-C'oaaigaeee will plea*a tend their permit* on board foot Do?er atreet. All good* not permitted in fire day*, are liable to be *ent to public .tore. WOOOHULL k M1NTURN, t W?? ?7 loath WHt. ; ABirsKMBirr*, *c. ; PAKK THRATRK?Mr. ('olliut re-engaged for J ni|hu ouly?Thur?da> kvemui;. Augu?t 27th. will be performed the drama of BONN TOclOOD LU(K-Paude*u O'Kafforty. Mr. L'olliua; Count Mxlfi. Mr Fiaber; Kulo, Sutherland; Counteu Molina Mra Vernon: Marg*retU, Mia? Milea. After which, ItoW TO PAV THK KENT?Morgan Rettier, Mr. Collins; Mri. Couicirncf, Mrs. Veri ou. To conclude with the IRISH POST?Terence O'Urady, , Mr. Colliua; Mra Capmcowb, Mra Dyott. Uoora open at 7 o'clock, and the performuicea will com- j meuce ?t ualf-paat 7 o'clock. Boie? $1 ; Pit JC ceuti ; Uali M CMtl. _ UK.NKKIT OK MR. WALCOT. ' UOWKliY THEATHK.?Tlmrailav Kvenitiy, Atsu*i77th, IL? will be performed tha opera of DHOTHKH VN l> SISTER?Pacheco. Mr Walcot; Donn.i Iud.ira, Mra Timni Alter which ltlCHAHD III TO KIL.L? Kirhard. Mr Wal*or; Duke of Buckingham, Oiiufrau; 1-iJy Aiiue,,\ln Booth To couimeace with tlOUOKKN? Benu Kriu-.t, Walcot; r mi* uennox, lilt iveiuie; rsuny r.lton, .Mr* Jord.iu; Mn i Lennox, Mrs Madison. Doom open at 7 o'clock, curtain will rise at halt pnst 7 ? Dress Circle, SO cents; Upper Boxes, 21 cents, Pit and Uallery, ii% ceuti GREEN WH HjTHEATRE?< oruer Vanck and Charttou streets.?Tins Evening, August 28th, will be performed tlie drama of JACK ?flfcPPARD?Jack Slieppard, Miss Julia Drake; Jonathan Wild, Mr Freer; Hlueskin, Mr. Stevens; Mrs Sheppard. Miss ( rau.ord. Previous to wlurh HERCULES? Hercules, H Clmpiuau; Capt Darling, Mr Phillips; Lnvima, Miss Kennedy. To conclude with the KINO'S WAOtH? King Charles the Second. Mr Freer; Smnpsou Ti bbe, Mr H Chapman; Rosabelle, Miss Crauford; Flora, Mrs Mouell. Boxes, 2S cents; Pit, UU cents. Doors o|>eu at 7?performance to commeuce at half-past 7 o'clock. ASTLE UAUDKN, with us extensive l*roiii?iiml>< is S open day aud eveniug?Thursday Evening, August 27th, the entertainment will include a good selection of Music, Irom Rossini, Sirauss, Mozart. J. I.nhii/kv. Uouixetti. Herold, Jos. Lanner, Her/.og, Verroust, and Kutfner, which will be performed by the Orchestra, under the direction of Mr. C. W. Meyrnr. F- Intermission of half an hour for refreshments, | to view the beautiful range of COSMORAMA8. extending around the whole el' the Esplanade, which will be brilliantly illsininated with gas, thus giving visiters an ex- I cedent opportunity to examine these beautiful Views. Admission during the day and evening I2S6 cents | ckowdku gardens IMMENSE ATTRACTION. TWO CuM KlseJiANTOMtMISS. CM Bill EL RAVEL. RA\rF.L FAMILY. NIBLO'S OARDRN?Thursday Ever.nig, Aug. 27th, the 1 performances will begin with a favorite Overture. To he followed by the CONJUROR'S UIFT, or the MAUK* PILLS?Colorso. Gabriel Has el; Pultraiio, Leon Kavel. I The whole to conclude with M. DECHALUMEAU? I Koquinei, (inbriel llarel; M Dechaliimeau, Jerome Ravel, i Doors open at 7o'elce*; entertainments begia at > o clock. Tickets 50 cent*. i A CARD. ! CHATHAM THEATRE.?Mrs. Flynii begs to inform her Irieuds that her benefit will take place ou Friday next, ! August 21th, when a lull of extraordinary attraction will he ] presented. Mr. H. E. Stevens, late stage manager of this I establishment, "ill appear In a popular drum* ; Mr. Thomas ' Flynn and several other New York favorites, have tendered ' their services. aii27 2t*m HOLIDAY ST. THF.ATITI-:. BAT/TIMORE~ j LADIES AND OENTLEMEN desirous of engaging Tor I ihe ensuing season at the shore establishment, will please apply by letter, addressed to K. H. MARSHALL, Philadelphia, 1 Lessee of the Walnut and Holiday Street Theatrca. auK lwgbz ROCKWELL & STONE'S MAMMOTH CIRCUS. ROCKWELL & STONE'S CIRCUS is creating an intense excitement at every place they visit on their route. This ia not to be wondered at; two auch performera aa LEVI NORTH and HERR CLINK, can seldom be aeen at the same tiine, for the sum of twenty-live cents. In addition, the celebrated HIRAM FRANKLIN, Slack Rope Performer, and the well known Clown, JOHN OOSSIN, the (JriimWIi ol America, lend their powerful aid. The beautiful and aC' | coinnlialied Female Equestriau, Mrs. OOSSIN, is also a 1 bright particular star of the company. This company will rerlorin on the 24th, 25th, anil 26tli inat , at Toronto; 27th at ^ooksville- 23th at Hamilton; 29th at 40 Mile Creek ; 31st at St. Catherines; September 1st. at Niagara; 2d at Chippewa; 3d, 4th and 5th, at Buffalo; 7th at Lockport; 8th at Medina; 9th at Albion; 10th at Brockport; 11th and 12th at Rochester; Mill at Seneca Kails; 15th, 16th and 17th at Auburn, dnr- , ing the great National Fair or Cattle Show. au255trc i HOWES fc CO.'S NEW YORK MAMMOTH I CIRCUS. THIS nnrivalled corpa of Eqneftriana will perform at Buffalo2tth, 25th and 26th mat.; Williamsville, 27th; ! Lockport 2tth and 29th; Albion 31st; Betavia, 1st September; ; at Attica on the 2d; at Perry on the 3d; at Mount Morris on the 4th; at LeRoy ou the 5tn; at Rochester on the 7th, 8th and 9th; at Canandaigua ou the 10th; at Palmyra on the llth; at Lyons on the llth; at Vienna on the 14th; at Auburn on the 15th, Ietli and 17th, during the great Agricultural State Fair. The Largest Establishment ever organized in the United Slates, comprisiug 15# Men and Horses, requiring 26 Carriages to convey the performers, wardrobes, musicians, lie. The company has attached to it Eight Female equestrians, amsDi whom is the Greatest Female Rider of the Age, recently arrived from Paris, MADAME MARIE JV1ACARTE,. weoio n*w style 01 p.questrian Peats, peculiarly ner own, being chaste and clastic; her graceful ana fascinating address, , aud tne charming r. livttt with which the ehaina her audience, render thu gifted and highly-educated nrtialr the leading feature 01 the arena in this country. The Proprietor! I reTer the public to the brilliant description given in the re; aprctiTe IMMM * the extraordinary aud daring feats 1 performed by this distinguished artiitr. I Eonestrian Director, Mr. HOWES: Riding Master, Mr. 1 NIXON, and the unapproachable Clown, DAN HICK. I stmoog the Performers is the celebrated and principal Ri] der, the Napoleon of the Arena, Mr. HOBB8, whose feats oj Horseback are the moit extraordinary ever witnessed. Jure . nile act of Horsemanship by Master Nixon. Olympic Exercises, by the whole Company, led by the great European 1 Tumbler, Mr. MACARTE. Wonderful Keats bv Mr. ! Cole\ Dogs, Hector and Billy. The SWISS BROTHERS, in their elegant Gymnastic Postures and Groupings. Mr. I Sweet as the Charioteer of Phtebus. Posturing and Gymnastics, br Mr. Nixon and his son. Mr. Howes in his Myl ; thological and brilliaut Act of " Fancies of Proteus." Mr. C. Howes in Slack Rope Evolutions Mr. Geo. Sweet, the eelebrated Tight Rope Dancer. With a variety of others The whole comprising the leading, most talented, and classic uerformors in the world. an26 HO WES Ik. CO.'S New York Mammoth Cirens. 1 Atlantic gakdkm is now open ?or the SEASON.?Dodworth'i Comet Bud will perform every Tuesday and Friday evenings, commencing Jnae tad, at I o'clock. Admittaaeo troo. myl lm#re _ WILLIAM ALLISON, Proprietor. MONTE VERDE'S BILLIARD AND BO W LING SALOON. NO. 5 BARC AY STREET, (three doors below the American Hotel,) New York. The Subscriber would re' spectfullf inform his friends and ibis public in general, that he has four a< good Billiard Tables, a* ran be found in the city, all kept in complete order. As bene fables are in separate apartments, the proprietor thinks it will be more select and agreeable t* gentlemeu visiting his house, ill private parties. Each gentleman visiting the above establishment, will I be furnished with a private cue and apron, for his especial I use, ami the be?t in the city. Any gentlemen wishing the | billiard roo n exclusive to themselves, or the bowling alleys, | Alleys, which irt always kept in first rate order, with tiiu i best of attendance. I Lunch every day at 11 o'clock. Tuesdays and Saturdays, | Fiah or Clatn Chowder During the neano.i the'ehoicest Oysters, anch ai Shrewabury, (Jhmkurora's, Mill Pond, Cold Sprinir and MaasachuluH Bay. Oeiitlemen calling for the above oysters can always hire them at the shortest notice; they can depend on harm* the above assortment. Ilia Bar ia well looked with the choicest Winetand Li'iuors, and Segars of the lie?t finality. Alao Cherry Coblers, Slint Juleps, and Punches made ill I a manner not to tie surpassed. Oentleincn will please to communicate at the Bar, any neglect of duty of the attendanta. I FRANCIS MONTKVKKL)K, , No. i B.trclav street.. ' It?-Private entrance at the Hall door. auM lin J r M'LLfc PAL'LINK DK.MMUMNS .vuhTrespeetfully inform her pupils, Ike., th?t she has returned from 8ai ratoga fipi ings, ( where she had the honor of introducing the I ileilowa Waltz, which she had just received from Paris.) and that she is now prepared to renew her lesaons in all the most fashionable dances, at her reaidence, No. 74 Leonard street, weat aid* of Broadway. anl?2w*rrc THE ALHAMKA. ICE CREAM SALOON, No. 659 Broadway, bet item Sjrring and Prince. TO STKANOKHS?Strangers visitiug the city will find a new attraction in this fashionable resort; fitted up aa it ia in a style of Kistern splendor and magnificence never helore attempted in tlra country. The bexntiful fountain alore ia worth a visit to the pi ice, not to apeak of the excellence of the Ice Creams and other refreshments to be found there. IT?" Admittance free. an23 Iwis'rre HARLEM I'Altlv-'L ltu'iTlNO. fli I dtefcdte&e THl KSDAV, August 27; h, at 3 o'clock P.M. A Match for $100, mile heala in harness. J. C. names hi g. M. P. 'J Ack P-. Immediately- alter, a pacing match lor *>ou mne nun, in harneja. , < Jcnrpre Green name) b. it. Mr. fronner " b. f. an?7 l(?rc FOR SALK. 1 41 A beautiful black Pony, yomif and kind, haa been I rl I "?I f-r *i~- aa a lad>'( saddle hotae The jUa?^B*boTF will be aold low on a]>|>tyinK to Mr. Pickaey at IIiikIi Huin'a li?erv atable, 6S Keade atreet, up itaira. an37 3t* rcThSallt W fr'OR HA MS, Ji FINK SJIUDLK HOHSK. <1 _ WILL drirealao in a carriage. It i> jaat the right /uuViitt for ruling on horaebacfc. and haa been long U^^lKd to the aaddle. Apply to B. Ualbraith, 21 Park Place tf*i?b PKR LAST l'ACKKT FROM EUROPE. M- JIIHT HECRIVKD one pair of Englith Swani, two pair Kngliah Pheaaanta, two pair Chineae Kilrer ^^pml'heaaanta, two pair Chineae Golden Pheaaanta, (he JMBSi'I"mage of the latter are equal to the Bird of Pan? ? .lia*. Koraaleby A. OKI EVE, an2!? Jw m No. 5, John afreet. New Yhrk. m?rM A SUPERIOR MILK COW, imported from Normandy, ana foraale by BOVI) h MINI KKN, Room No. 9, Tontine Buildingi, j ana) r No 88 Wall atreet. ] <TOg> kino < HAKLE8 ftPANI ELS.?Hi*, Black and Tanned, Tory fins, jaat imported per ahip 8t. Jamea, ''' ' ' f""" London. I Also, Three Hhetland I'oniea, amtahle (or grntlemen'a i Tery docile, and perfectly manageable. For Hale by A. OKI EVE, No. i John itreet. Importer and dealer in Birda, I Cagea.fce. an? Im'rrc E LEG A N T FURS I8HED A P A KTMENTS on th* r nrni>ea? plan; parlora with bedrooma attached, with or withont break feat and tea, 11 M Broadway. aolJI'n'r CORNS?CORK WAKKANTIilK THE Arabian Corn Dtntr is an effectual car* lor form ; is roily applied, and gira. immrdiilr ralial. C,J* it should fail to cnre the money will ba rafaadad. Orer jno boie. hata been aold thi. sea.on, and not ona hoi na? been ratumad for having failed to affect a cnra. For aula by Uarirt Sands* Co. 77 East Broadway, 100 Knlton strear s?d 27J Brnadwy.C II Rinf, ]!? Broadway, C. HnbSai <MHndaon-at, W\att It Ketchnm. Ill Kulton-st, J Smith, !,t'rln* street, E.M. O?io?, 1*7 Bowary, and b^ dro**nts *eaerally. Price ? cant, per bo.. aul? lm_V_ il" v:- ?:v.%5r?;. r-i actipiiuna of the abore atretail. mneh 21,1 hoasa in the e.ty. U?ld "'<>?"**> \n? Watches and Jewelry eichsnjeu or bon?ht. All watches warranted to keen food lime, or the money refunded. O C. ALLttf Importer of Warehee and Jewelry. Wholeaale and retail, il Wall atrrat, aeljlm'mc _ _ ?!' >Mlr*cheaper than ever. ArVLh SUIT of Superfine Cloth mad* to order, in the lost anbataiitial and fashionable style, can be precvrad for $20 at MOFKATT'S Kaahioaahle Cash Tailoring K?tabli.hmeat, No. U Catharine street. New York. Lrery aitin"ut l#w* m john moffatt. i . II.. - I I I IJ LATEST mWML TELEGRAPHIC. Washington, August 28, evening. Tho New Orleans mail came through this afternoon, with newspaper* from that city to the lt)th inst., inclusive. No news from the army. Advices from .Mexico had been received by way of Havana, conveying the same intelligence that was received at New York a few days ago by the ship Adelaide. Baltimork, Wednesday evening. The weather to-day was cold and drizzly. The Stock murk et continued firm, and there was no variation in the price of either State or city securities. The Flour trade was very dull to-day. We perceive nothing now relative to the Santa Fe Expedition, in the St. Louis and other Western papers. The Pittsburg llasitte stipes that it is reported on tho way bill of the Erie stage line, that the steamer Orleans has been blown up at Erie, by which twenty persons were killed, and a great many others wounded. BY THE MAILS. Washington, August 25,1846. The Prtsidtnt?7he Cabinet?A Humor?Iheatriral?The Printer Tragedian?Mr. IVebster and Mr. IVestcott?Anticipated Ca*tigation?Mr. Mungutn ?Mr. McConnell?The Herald. It was stated in my lotter of yesterday that the President had returned to the city. 1 was misinformed. There is now no doubt, however, that he arrived this forenoon. It was expected that ho would come up in the Oceola, at noon to-day, and there were many in waiting at the White House to receive him. They were disappointed. The southern mail boat brought him and Mrs. Polk, Miss llucker, and suite, to the wharf, at 4 o'clock, where his carriage was in waiting. Mr. Mason, the Attorney General, was attacked with gout, and, to partake of healing waters, purposed visiting the Virginia Springs; but I learn from a passenger that he returned with the President, having recovered, partially, from his indisposition. The members of the Cabinet immediately paid their respects to the President, whose arrival they had anxiously desired ; and, as two regular Cabinet days elapsed during his absence, a council will be called to-morrow morning, at 12 o'clock. In consequence of the non-arrival of the Oceola at the usual time, (on board oi wlueh the President was expected to return,) the lovers of excitement immediately gave out that the boat had been blown up and sunk, and that his Excellency hfnl no doubt perished. Of course, not a few gave credence to the story, for the same kind of people, a lew years ago, believed, as was published in handbills, that Mr. John Stulty would liy from the dome of the Capitol. Several, in tiieir anxiety, ran to the telegraph office, nearly oat ofbreatn, and almost insisted on the superintendent sav.riir the report was true. bona alter the President arrived", the rumor was extending. It is worse tliuti the attempt to manufacture a panic because tlie tariff bill lias passed. The whig papers blow up the President, and deprive the steamboat of the felicity. Inquiries have been made as to the new "theatrical star." of rare genius and wonderful talent, which Baltimore is soon to produce. It seems to be regarded as impossible that be has, from boyhood, been afllicted with a stammering so severe, that, in common conversation, he cannot utter two consecutive words intelligibly, yet when he undertakes to recite, the words How with an eloquence and smoothness, and volume, and agreeablcness of intonation, that is perfectly surprising. I am intimately acquainted with the gentleman ?his name is Joseph Rogers. He is of low mature, and tolerably well formed; has a good eye, and, if it be a qualification for a tragedian, a kind heart. He was either born in Ireland, or is of Irish parentage. For fifteen or sixteen years he has worked as a printer, and is now about thirty two years of age. When a boy, although a wretched stammerer, his companions used to say that "Joe" could spout equal to Booth, and suggested that he overcome the impediment iu his speech, by imagining himself to be someone else. It will be rcmeml>ered that during the last session of Congress, when the charges of Mr. C. J. Ingersoll against Mr. Webster induced that eei?tleman, in the Senate, to reply to him, a debuto ensued, in which Mr. Westcott participated, and defended our great men, of both parties from tho personal attacks o! those opposed iu polities. Leading men of Boston, Mr. Webster's friends, I have been informed, have written Mr. Westcott a letter, thanking him for the part he took, and that Mr. Westcott has replied in a becoiruiig spirit of thankfulness for their good opinion. This corresnrmdenrn will slinrtlv l>e Tiublishcd. Mr. West cott is a blunt, practical man, from the State of New Jersey originully, and so old-fashioned aa to wear a queue. It is anticipated that a caning will shortly take place on the avenue. Several of my acquaintances have threatened to castigate a gentleman who, not a hundred years ago, held a seat in Congress. The otrenca charged is, that he is too gallant to ladies. It may he a natural failing with him, or perliups he is a bachelor, and a wholesale lover of tiie female sex. The parties may fight their own battles, if they choose to revivo the days of chivalry. If a passage of arms takes place, you shall be furnished with full particulars, and wuh names, which will excite some astonishment. M r. Mangum, of die Senate, has made arrangements for leaving the city to-morrow morning. He has nearly recovered from his sichness. General McConnell, of Alabama, has returned from a temporary absence. He declares that he would desire no better fun than to whip a thousand Mexicans himself. Quito a disappointment was experienced this morning, in coast quencc of the failure of the reception of the Herald. Mr. Adam, your kindhearted and gentlemanly agent, had to turn the news to yon, but it is a fact that the Uerahl ) tlia first paper sought alter at the hotels, and not unfrequently gentlemen wait tlieir turn to peruse iti ever interesting contents. F*lix. Baltimore, August M, 1846. CM IVeather ? Pull Trade ? Ttu Coming Elections?Mercantile Failuret?Ttu Militia Drill III # leg il?Firemen't Vint?Chritl Church Steeple? Theatrical*, Markett, 4*c. The weather this morning is decidedly cold, damp and cheerless, so much so that winter clothing has carried the day, summer toggery being temporarily laid aside. The fall trade has at last commenced with fine prospect of an extensive business before us. In the present financial condition of the country, however, great caution will be used to guard against losses. The political canvass for the fall elections ha? been opened by both parties in a rather active manner throughout the State. In this city, however, nothing has been done yet in the way of nominating candidates, though preparations aro making for so doing. In Baltimore county an independent democratic ticket for the Legislature lias been nominated, which will doubtless have the effect of throwing that democratic stronghold 1 again into the hands of the wbigs. The Mayoralty of the city will cause a spirited contest, and i both parties will have great trouble in uniting on ! a candidate. Some of the small fry politicians talk about bringing out Native American candidates, which would have the effect of throwing as much discord in the whig camp as now prevails in that of (he democracy. Within the last few weeks an unusual number i ot failures has taken place among our wholesale dealers. One house that was considered good for a half million, has failed under tho responsii bility of an endorsement of $100,000, and cannot pay more than 20 cents in the dollar. By the way, this is one of the fruits of a shaving system that has been extensively adopted among the capitalists in Baltimore, by which endorsing is no longer an act of fiiendship, but a matter of trade.? When a house finds liselfin a tight place, the ) first thing they do is to cast around for an endorser, not among their friends, but among the moneyed men oi the city. By the payment of from two to five per cent, according to the standing of the house requiring the endorsement, the accommodation can always be had ; and as in the present case, the endorsement becomes almost a fraud, when it is given for amounts beyond the extent of the capital of the endorser. I learn that some of our moat eminent lawyer# declare that the recent enrolment of the militia of Maryland has been illegally done, and that the law can be successfully resisted, so far as the anticipated parade is concerned this year. The law requires tne enrolment to take place in the month j of April, and the drill in the following Septem| bsr, ana M the enrolment did not take place until

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