Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 8, 1846, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 8, 1846 Page 1
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TH1 Vol* JOl, No. !(lU.Wh?l? No. 4413. Meeting of the AMoc latloii of American Geologist* and Matnrallat*. FIFTH DAY. The mociation met ?t ten o'clock A M. reiterday, at their tilurx nf mi?alinir. Columbia Colleffe. The minutes were read and approved Mr. Aioct read paper on tome new localities of rare mineral*, (bowing that Pacolite wai found in Irajand and Bohemia formerly, and mineraliiirailar to them were now found in thii country. Mr. A. here exhibited pecimens from thoio countriei and America, showing an Identity between them. Pacolite, by iome, wai supposed to be a distinct tpecies. and by others a variety of 1 chabarite. with which it agrees in moat of its characteristics, and appears to have derived tiom it some primary form. It cannot be doubted that the evidence of the identity et any>two minerals most clearly shown by their in- | oipieutor intermediate passage* of one into anitber of : the same specimen. He wad not aware that any such evidence baa been shown in the case of the Irish or Bohemian Pacoli'e. In one or two specimens found at Harlem, about three years ago, he noticed this character moat distinctly. The common form of Hpacolite i* a low doubln, six-aided pyramid, and that of chabaaite a perfect rhombobedron. lie first met with this interesting mineral in tiio cabinets of Mr. Muthews and Mr. Johnaon of tins citv. It was labelled " stilbite." Mr. A. then presented specimens of the mineral alluded to. He had met w ith a curious Hubstunce iu the collection of the late I>r Morton, of Edeuville, in this State, the nature of which he could not detersaiue at the time; but he was allowed to take a specimen by young Mr. Horton. This came from the towu of Amity, in Orange County, the wall know a locality of hrocite and spindle. It haa no crystalline structure, but appears on the layera and se.ims of a peach blossom, or purple color, penetrating limestone, aad ascertained it to be Vtracente, but by an examination of it? pyrognostic character with the miaer <1 from Kinbo, ia Sweden, the burnt smell was quite perceptible in the k1?m tube, and in the powdered mineral placed in a platinum crucible, and moistened with suJphutic acid, it gave out on the application of heat, hydro fluoric acid, producing the usual reaction on a plate of glass. This was the hrst well authenticated instance ol the existence of this exceedingly rare mine rsl in the United States of America, though Professor Hitchcock, some years ago, found some specimens; supposed to be Vttiacan'e, among his duplicates, which he supposed he had found in Worcester County, Mass. 'This wa? analyzed, and it was Dr. Jackson's belief, that it came from Bolton. Within the last few weeks, another specimen from the same locality had been found in the Yale College collection, by Mr. Hunt. Mr. A. here exhibited a ?|>ecimen of the Phillite, by Dr. Thompson, and the Otirelite of Messrs. Damour and Descloucuux, minerals which he, Mr. A., had shown to be identical. It was desirable to ascertain whether the sane mineral may not have receiveu two specific names, but in the presentcase the name of I'luiliU should }be retained. He regretted he had no specimens to demonstrate this, but in the paper alluded to, he considerod the evidence complete, that Dislui'e is only an altered form of AutomoliU. The differences of hardness, color, specific gravity, and blowpipe characters, all being explained by the isomorphous replacement of certain constituents, which, at the time ol Dr. Thompson's analysis, were not regarded Mr. A. next referred to the Washingtoniteof Professor Shepard, which was analyzed by Dr. Jackson, and the result established its identity with Ilmenite from Avondale. The crystalliao form ef the two, is also the same. Mr. Mosauder also analysed it. The following tablo will show the result:? Jackson. Mosander. Titanic Acid .25?28 24 ? 19 Per. Oxide of Iron .51?84 63?01 Trol. Oxide ei Iron 22?80 20?92 Oxygon 4.82?1 Do 10.36?2 Do 6.0?-l Mr. A., after a few further remarks, concluded. Mr. Hai.l here offered some remark* on the geology ol Lake Superior, a? connected with some interesting <Ji?ocvoriei Tho lime stone gravel in that Lake is white and bleached. It becomes brown in certain part* of the Lake. f/lt. H here i ointed the attention to the drawing of a natural structure er building in the vicinity of the lake, Which he wu of opinion was formed by the actidu of the water at one pcried, and which he contended was at come remote era, considerably higher in elevation in this lake than at present The various specimens of grey sand stone, aud elevations composed theieol, were very curious. Professor H. exhibited illustration* in relation to the geology of Lake Superior. He wai followed by Mr Jackson, who explained hi* view* on the subject under consideration. Messrs Delatleld and Leslie also offered some remarks on the auhjeot Protester Emm ans resumed his discourse (commenced on Friday last) in relation to the geolegicad stratum of the valley of the Hudson, to Albany, Troy, and on the various localities in this immense valley. Mr. Samukl T. Pabxkr read a paper on " superficial earthy deposits." He took eccasion to refer to certain indications in Oswege county, Rochester, Long Island, and varioas parts of New York 9tato Adjourned to 4J? o'clock, P. M. cvexiivn ACPSION. Dr. Jackson in the Chair. Professor Out rca.l nn interesting paper on the geolopy, climate and productions of tho tertiary blufl' country in the Mississippi valley. He next read exirnctn from a report drawn up by Dr. Forshey, on the depths of the Mississippi river, the deposit*, sediments and waters. The report was afterwards referred back to Prelessor Dickersoa and Dr. Riddle, with a request that they, in conjunction with Dr. Forshey, would continue their researches, and" report to the next meeting, at Boston. The Chairman read a letter which was received from Geo. Bacen. Esq , accompanied by some specimens of oopper ore, fiom Cuba. A paper, drawn up by Dr Lock, on terrestrial magnetism. was read He stated that be found its influence in the locality of Wilmington, Delaware, greater than at any other point?the rocks tkemselves, in that vicinity, being magnetic. Pr?le??or Hitchcock said he mado a similar communication last year, respecting a similar peculiarity in the trap rocks of Massachusetts. Tiie Chairman also remarked that he met with similar indications while engaged in the geological survey of Maine. Mr Aixin read an interesting paper on the formation and habita ot the different speciea of tho unio found on the Scioto river. Professors Dickerion and Awdrew Brownlt were reauested to examine the cypress of Louisiana, and report lereanto the next meeting. It was moved and seconded, and the motion adopted, that all committees who had not reported to this meeting, should be requested to report to the next meeting at Boston. rue lhairmii stated tnat he nan received a letter from ? Humboldt, in which the writer stated that irom the similarity of the gold regioaa of the United State* to those of the Oral mountains, he, the writer, was convinced there matt be diamond! and platlna in the former ai well as in the latter. The Chairman concluded by moving that committees be appointed to investigate this matter, and report the result of their researches to the next 1 meeting. Adopted. The Rev. Wm. C. Fowler was elected a member of 1 the association. Mr. Cot-cms read a paper on the poychological origin of man. which contained some very ingenious and oriJ[innl observations. After which, the meeting adjourned o 10 o'clock this morning Court of General Besslona Before Recorder Scott, and Aldermen Hart and Foota. Si.rt. 7.?The September term of this Court commenced to-day, with the before named magistrates pre aiding on the bench. TKe Grand Injvrtt ? The names of the persons summoned as grand jurors, were then called, and the following named gentlemen appeared and were sworn as members of the grand inquest for the present term, vix :? Laaibert Suydum, foreman, Benjamin 0. Bush, Freeman < emboli, Jamas f* Cobb, William Everdell, Joseph Hilyard, tlias Haifield, Thomas Johnson, Henry Ketchum, Peter Merns, F. 8 Morrison, John B. Overton, William Reid, Mark Spencer, James Webb, CJeorgo Ward, and Cliarles Rogers. The Crier here took occasion to c-.wnnitiiiu i"? uiwi ?m\ miciito uunug ine delivery ol the u*uai clinrue te the grand inquest, Ky his Honor the Recorder, under the pain and penalty of the Court by Imprisonment, fce.; after wkich tne Recorder proceeded to address the grand jury at length, relative to their duties, Itc. At the close of his remarks, the grand jury retired to their room to commence their labor*. The names of the eighty-tour petit jurors, summoned to attend, were then called?only eighteen or them, however, appeared to serve. Twenty five persons were then fined each for having failed to attend as jurors, in accordance with the summons served upon them The calendar for the present term, embraces the following Dumber of cases, requiring the attention of the Court, viz.:-Manslaughter, J; incest, 3; forgery, 1 ; burglary, 8; grand lurceny, -26 ; petit larceny.! ; fal'e pretences, 1; mis.Iem?aDor, 3; malting 44 new cases ; previously convicted, 1 ; previously indicted,6: wituest, 1 ; bastardy, 6 ; abandonment of family, 1 ; making aloial of new and old cases,,'*. There being no cause ready for trial, however, tha Court adjournwd until toniortow morning, by which time an additional number of jurors will have been summoned to attend. United States District Court# Before Judge letts. The Court aits to-day, and a Jury will be sworn in. Indictments against the following persons will be sent u(,l?u..iu. u-?..-ui.ui, ruiun, Aurid McCoy, Ira O. Cornell, Charles 8<juire, Thomas Crockett, and Thomaa Harrington, charged with an endeavor to make a revolt on board the ahip John F. Harward, Bruce McKenay, charged with a similar offence on board the Queen of the West: George Taylor, charged with parJury in ^rearing in libel suit in the Diatrict Court; Thos. Stephen*, charged with an assault with a dangerous weapon: John Robinson, tor endeavoring to make a revolt on board the (hip Toronto Political Intelligence. The whigi in the district in Alabama lately represented l>y Mr Yancey, who has resigned, have nominated i Samuel fl. fteruun, Lsq , a* their candidate lor the vacancy. Tlie election takes |.lace on the lJth of October ne*t The Hamburg (3.C.) G+*<Ut of the 4th seys?"We notice tiiat the nsuio or Cel. Llmore has been announced In the Charleston papeis a* a candidate lor Weu McDuf He's seat in the U. 8 Senate. We presume, however, /' th-if this announcement is premature, as the seat Is neither vacant, nor has Col. Elmore?as we are inform etl?)et consented to be u candidate. The Mtreury in(oims us that he was absent irom the oily at th* lime the taneuncemaat *m made." E NE NE Common Council. Boiro or Aldkrmen.?This Board met last evening, t 5 o'clock, looking much refreshed and improved alter their usual summer recess. President Jackson in the cnair. The minute* of the last meeting were read and approved. I'etitions were received from inhabitant* of the 9th ward asking repair*, lie., of said street From Jeremiah Compton, asking remuneration for the losiof his horse. For a sewer in Madison street City Prii??.?A petition waa received from Malachi Fillon. keeper of the city priion, asking the power of appointing a teaavance deputy to aid him in hi* duties in connection city prison. Referred Rrjfrtt siaaptrd?To fill up the nidenralks of 10th avenue between 19th and 20th street*. To fill up vacant lots between tith and 10th street*, and avenue A and 'id avenue. For l<uilding sewer in State street. To regulate 6th avenue betweeu lid and 67th itreet*. Grand Street Ftrry?In l'avor of causing a bulkhead to be built, in continuation of the (street, from Cherry to Grand itreet, with improvem ut* 4ic , for the use of the Williamsburg ferry.?Laid on the table. In favor of filling up vacant lot* in Grand struct.? Adopted. Mexico?The Vulwit'ert?Report from Board of Assistants in favor of appropriating a sum of $'JU0 for each ot the volunteer regiments that had been called out to aid in the war against Mexico all ; therefore it is more prudent to sell on the firit offer; if you do not you will lose money. Aldermen Benson and Livinustl'* opposed the adoption of the reportAid. Mcsskrolk weuld not pay a single sou* to the regiment*. The y.ea* and nay* were ordered and resulted, aye* 6, nay* 11, *o the report wa* non concured in. lu favor of paying Dr. Stewart for service* rendered during the late illness of Dr. Hasbrouck ? Concurred in urainance in lavor in ailing up suaken loti between 10th and 11th streets, West of Avenue C.?Concurred in. Also, betweeu Bloomingilale rood and 7th Avenue? Concurred in. Corporation JlUornty ?-Communication irom the Comptroller in relation to the return ol? tines, Stc received by the Corporation Attorney, and charging that functionary with having received certain moneys which ho had uot paid over to the Common Council. Aid. PuHihit moved to lay it on the table. Aid. Bkmo* hoped not. Such a communication received from the Comptroller ought not to be treated with such discourtesy. It was a serious charge brought against the Corporation Attorney. Aid Mt8scaoi.ic was of opinion it ought not be laid on the table. The communication was referred. Won. Louit fdcLane?a resolution of thanks to the Hon. Louis McLaue, for hit services in the late negotiation on the subject of the Oregon question, and tendering the hospitalities of the city.?Adopted. Dutch Men-of-War.?A resolution, tendering the hospitalities oi the city to the officers of the Dutch vessels of war in our harbor, was ul*o adapted. Colonel Mcintosh and General Oainet?A similar resolution was adopted in relation to Colonel Mcintosh; and also one in relation to General Gaines. The following were appointed a aommittee to carry out the resolutions Aldermen Stoneali, Benson, Hart, Brady and Johnson. Recess. The Board again met, after recess. Report in favor of allowing John C. Houston for loss of his horse, ($30.) Adopted. A petition was received from Ex-Alderman Cozzens of the 3.1 ward, asking fur ol a sewer in hi* immediate neighborhood. Another communication was received from the t'omptroller. asking an additional appropriation of $40,000, for the cleansing of streets Relerred. Aid. Van Tine offered a resolution in favor of extending the hospitalities of the city to all the officers, now in our city, who had been engaged in the late battles of Palo Alto and Resaca de la Talma. Adapted. The Board adjourned, to meet on Monday noxt. Board or Assistant Aldkrmeit, Sept. 7.?Neil Gray, Esq , President in the chair and a quorum of members present. The minutes of the last two meetings having been read and approved, the following petitions were presented aud referred to the appropriate committees. Petition of Wm H. Baker and others, to have engine No 0 restored to the former company. Petition of Augustus Joseph for a new floor in Kulton market. Petition of sundry persons for a sewer in 15th street. Petition of sundry persons to have Kldridge street lighted with gas. Carried. A communication from His Honor the Mayor, stating has objections for not approving a resolution adopted in this Board, in favor of makiug a reduction of $300. in a contract or lease for District No. 4 of Docks and Slips. OrdJred to be entered on the minutes and printed. A communication was received from the Comptroller, in relation to a claim made by D. Graham, Jr. amounting to upwards of $6000, for services rendered the Corporation in arguing certain cases in the Court lor the Correction ol Errors. Referred. A communication was received also from the Street Commissioner io relation to a bill presented by Samuel S. Wanaell, late Superintendent of Pavements, amountln?r to ilfi'i tn him fnr ?Ko mo r*f a Iiapaa employ od by bioi while in otllce. Referred. The Comptroller presented his account current with the City Treasury, for the quarter ending July, 1816.? Ordered on Ale. Resolution in favor of lighting Rivington, Delancy Forsyth, Allen, and Essex streets with gas; also Broome (treet from Eldridge street to Lewis street.? Carried Report and resolution in favor of causing sidewalk on the west side of 10th avenue to he flagged. Resolution in favor of authorizing the erection of a bath in each ward station house, for the use of policemen. On-motion the 9th, 13th, and 16th wards were the only favered district* Petition of R. E. Roberts and others to have the vacant lots at the corner of Grand and Christie streets fenced in. Referred to the City Inspector with power. Report and resolution from tho Board of Aldermen in favor of extending to the Hon. Louis McLane, late Minister to the Court of 3t. James, the hospitalities of the city. Also in favor of appointing* committee of five from each Board, to wait upon the officers of the Dutch vessels of war, now ii. this port ; likewise upon Gen. Gaines, as well as upon Capt. Mcintosh, who distinguished him?ell in the late battles of Palo Alto and Resaca de la Palma ; and extend to them in like manner, the hospitalities of the city. Concurred in. The Chair appointed Meisra. Webb, Mullen, Brown, McEl rath and Dod, a* the Special Committee from this Board. Resolution in favor of authorizing the construction of a sewer in Kraaklin street, to connect with that in ChaDel street, so that persons can build house drains to con. iiect with the tame. Carried. Resolution in favor of requesting the committee on police, watch and prison*, to report, at the next meeting, whether persons were conveyed to the city from Black well's Island in obedience to writs of habeai cnrpui, ami, if so, by wham the expenses incurred by such conveyance are paid. Adopted. Resolution in favor of requesting the Street Commitlioner to report to this Board whether a certain portion of Nassau street, near Wall, belongs to the Corporjtion, if rot, by whom the side walk has been extended several feet into the street. Carried. A communication was also received in relation to certain claims made by a Mr. McBride, for work alleged to have been done on the new prison at Jefferson market ttet'errcd. Numerous assessment lists for regulating ?n<i paving various streets in the upper part of the city .were prosont ad, and the appointment of collectors oi the same con firmed. Resolution in favor of causing the side walks in the r>th ward to be flagged, so as to comply with the City Ordinance on this subject Carried. The Board then adjourned until Monday evening next Movement* of Travellers. The arrivals, yesterday, exhibited a considerable diminution over those of the past week. They wero principally composed of travellers returning Irum their sum mer excuisions to tha comtorts of do neatic enjoyment*. Asma?C. Hubbard. Newburgh: D Htuncliffe. do t W. Milliken, Sag llarhor; M Kennedy, Baltimore, M. Gray, New Haven; R Adger, Charleston; J. .Motion, Richmond; J. Wi?e, Philadelphia; R Lukins, Ho , D. Kulton, Mississippi; A. Mmith, Tovas; J. Hemphill, do.. M. Joseph, Canada; A. Auatin, Philadelphia, J. Stokea, do.; Simon de la Madriz, Caracctu; J. Luckens, Philadelphia; W. Allen, Mobile; D. Baker, Boston; F Ohrer, Havana; C. Crawford, Potighkeepsie; A Wharton, Ualveston; K. Crotcber, Philadelphia; R. Raymond, Albany; J. Howell, Columbia; G. Piatt, Waahington; O Calvert, Newport. City.?A. Whitney, Philadelphia; W. Kasteibrook, do.; J. Coaling, Richmond; N. Watkina, Halifax Co.; Dr. Kearney, U. 8. A ; J. McHaven, Utica; Judge Powers, CatskiH; O. Hanford, Albany; H Chamberlin, Ohio; F. Dedii, U. 9 If : P. Pomeroy, New Vork, P Stevenson, do ; M Fahor.Hyde Park; A. Wllliama, Boston; Js.uibgun Montreal; Dr Murray, U. 8 A. Franklin.?W. Kly, New Vork; D. Scotten, Palmyra; K. Hopper, Hopkinaville; C Wiring, South Carolina; R Hubbell fcvanaville; W. Wade Bridgeport; W. May, do ; Kd. Lafaeli, Mau.: H. IUce, Montreal; K. Sellin, Versailles; J. Maaon, Hamilton, N. Y.; H. dough, Mid.lieton; 8. McKay, St. John*, Newfoundland; C. i.lUe, New York; H. Bryan, Georgia; 8. Cunnington, do; J. Hawley, Bridgeport. Howard.?Jf Pa*ton, Lexington; Dr. Nonnand. White Sulphur; K.Lgerton, Maryland; W. Gray, Philadelphia; Cant. Van Steven, Mexico; L. Fare*, Georgia: T. Walker, Illinois; J. Cutler, Button; J. Abbott, Readwell; R. Steven*, do ; T. Carse, Babylon; E. Cornlle, Georgia; D. Daney, U. B. Knight, do.; W. Henderson, Quebec, H. Weed, Troy; KaMrdo.; R. Jenkins, Albany; P. line, C. West; C. Ilosnian, Hartford; R Gregory, N. C.; J. Woodruffer, Syracuse; M. McKoy, Texaa; M. E. David, Montreal; if. Littlefleld, Boston; R. Morie, Athena. Jvoion'i.?Thoa. Lewis, Connecticut; Oeo. Thatcher, St. Louis: H. Hpaulding, New Vork; J*. Talbot, do.; J, Butler, Northampton: J. H. Weeka, Georgia; J. Lyman, Ohio; C. Hmith. Philadelphia; C. Taft, Providence; T. i Lewis, Nangatue; J. Mitchell, Delaware; 'J'heo Seymour, Montreal, 8. Lyman, do ; Chew, New London; W. Lee, Hartiord. Clicult Court. .... Before Judge Edmonds. Sept.' ?A special term of thia court was held yesteray, at which some inquests of no interest, were taken, "iter which the C onrt adjourned. 1 T\4 Califarnta ExftdiH,n?in rt. John Cook - Kur |hfr proceedings i^thja matter have been postpone*! to ?-f-? W Y O W YORK^ TUESDAY M( l Polite Intelligence. Sr.rT. 7.-^Ro44?'n* Relative? Officer VanJeraee?rroHtuil yestrrilay ? man by the nune of Richard Drown, on a chai?o ol breaking open the trunk belong iug to his cvuiiu iuiiu uiuivu, resiuing at ino. ou Antliouy street, and stealing therofrogi $40 iu bank notes ami silver coin. Upon his arrest, he acknowledged 'he soft lftipeachment, and the magistrate locked him up for trial. jlrrtit of Moiei French again. ?This notorious onearmed rowdy, of W ater street, was convicted on tho list of August last, by the Court of Special Sessions, for a violent assault on a female, and sentenced to the I>ni tentiary for two months On the 'ilih of the sane month. Judge klilmoixla allowed a writ of certiorari, by which he was discharged from the Penitentiary, and held to bail for his appearance at the < ourt of General Senium. The law, hojirever, made it imperative that notice should be terve<f within ten days after the allowing of such writ upon una of tho Judges ol the Court of ' Session-. This was omitted to be done by she piisouer'n counsel; therefore ttio whole proceedings w.-re irregular u:id void. Yesterday, upon tho opening of the < ourt, the prisoner's bail was lorfeited, au 1 a bench warrant issued, upon which Mom* was again arrested, and today the Court will order the original judgment to be carried into efl'ect; consequently tho accu-ed will be I sent back to his old quaitere to aerve out his term. "Snouss" Cought ?Officer Wooldridge, of the 6th ward, arrested yesterday morning, a little iiefoie sunrise, a young man by tho name of Jaiuea Weed, who was detected in one of the bed rooms occupied by t wo females, at No.4'J Bowery, ovideutly with intent to break open a trunk, wlieioin was deposited $50 and upwards. One of tho ladies wa| awoke by the noise in the room, aud the rascal, finding that he was observed, sneaked under the bed, and when pulleJ out and questioned respecting his business in the room, he said that ho came into the room to roe the dogkillors pass from the window. It appears that aeveral of the boarders have been robbed at different times of various sums of money, and al*o a gold watch hat been atolec, and suspicions rest strongly upon tliti young man of being the thief. Locked tip for examinaion. Rowdyitui In Williamtburgh ?Officer Austin, of Williamshuign, arrested yesterday, a man by the name of James Karley. tho keei>erof a sailor boarding house in Water street, 4th ward, on a charge of riotous and disorderly conduct, on Sundav afternoon last; also commit| ting a violent assault itud battery on Mr. Harman I tan I tiold, the projirie or of the Cottage Garden at Williamsbillyh, on whom be inflicted a severe wound on the head with a pitchnr, and otherwise disabling him, without provocation. The accused is also charged with smashing two large mirrors, valued at $76 each, belonging to Mr. Hantield. The oftlcer conveyed the prisoner to Williamsburgh, where he was held to bail to answer the charge On the Sneak ?A. sneaking thief entered the premises No. 311 13th stieet. jestenluy afternoon, and stole from one of the rooms two gold iing?,and between $-30 and $:10 in money, which he carriedoflT without detection.? The ruicul was seen to leave the house. He was a tall, slim young man, with black whisker*, and wore a brown linen rouimabout No arrest. Patting Counterfeit Money.?Two men have been arrested, aud are now in prison, on charge of passing counterfeit bills on tho Cabot Dank of fennsylvania. aud various other banks. Any person to whom such bills h.ive been pa<*ed, will further the ends of justlco l>y apply lug to otllcer ilcManus, of the 6th ward police suiiiou Attempt to Rob a Vetttl?Officer Carpenter, of the 1st Ward, arrested three young " sneaking" thieves at 4 o'clock yesterday morriug, by tho names of Thomas >Kuto, Joseph Jones, und ?.dWHrd Clinton, on board of the ship Madona, lying nt the foot of Hector street, evidently with intent to steal, they all being Five Point thieves Locked up for trial Fourth H'ard Police ?We have of late been informed of seveml cases where polioemen of the 4th Ward have been called upon by citizens to render assistance in order to keep the peace, &.c , and have refused, " upon tho reason tnat they were not present," although on one occasion the parties complained ol were at the time fighting, druuk, disoiderly, and distuibing the noace of the neighbors, and that, too, within a few rods ol the station house. This is strange?very strange ! The City Postmaster. The complaints against the administration of the City Post-Oftice, have become so common that it is due to the public, that the subject should be grav ly investigated. It is impossible that the Postmaster General can be ignorant of the universal dissatisfaction which prevails?despairing ot his correction, the community are bound to raise such clamor, as will admonish the Assistant Postmaster ot the necessity to allay public indignation by diligent and unremitting attention to tlie duties of bis oilice. Public ollicer* are public servants?lading to appreciate it, they should be taught to understand, that otlices were not established for their individual enjoyment, but to carry on the machinery of tb? government. With more or less reason all public oluccrs are arraigned at the bar of puulic opinion, and not unfrdquently those are subjected ,to the unerring ordeal who sedu I jusiy devote themselves to the public service; but, in this instance, the ground of complaint does not admit of doubt, as we have before us the notorious fact, that the Deputy Postmaster has, being serving as a delegate to the Constitutional Convention at the city of Albany, since the 1st of June, with but few days intermission. We are not those who object to reasonable relaxation from public duties, but, in common with our fellow-citizens, we t>xnect reasonahl* gence and application. Nor should we notice the present delinquency, were the duties of the ofi lice eiliciently discharged by the deputy now having charge of this office. Conduct to govern Mr. Morris, is conduct to be observed by every other public officer; if not, iet him show warrant (or peculiar exemption. It then it be true that he is plae*d in the same category with others holding office, what would l>ii the practical result if license were tuken by each, to abdicate his post at pleasure, and again return when quite convenient 1 What confidence would be reposed in the administration, should the District Attorney, Marshal, Collector, and Surveyor, be indulged in the saine wandering piper propensities, which ttie Postmaster has so 1 >ng pursued T Already he has been absent from his post nearly three months, and judging by the progress of the C invention, few will be vain enough to predict the period when we may welcome his return. Most of us supposed that the duties of postmaster related to the mail matter, ui\til Mr. Morris taught us that tinkering constitutions was an incident to the office. If our old fashioned notions are just, Mr. Morris should rather resign his office or his seat in the Convention, as ihe tenure of the one is wholly iii'-omt>anble with the occupation ol the other. With him the preference rests, and the public >vill be satisfied with his election. If a career of i>nlili<:-(- or the advancement of nmhi?inii? nnr. poses, affords him gratification beyond the honors or emoluments of his office, doubtless the executive will submit to tlie embarrsissmcnt of tilling his place, however much his efficiency may be regretted. There are still other reflections which obstinately arise in this anomalous condition *f affairs. The public mind is too jealous to be entirely satisfied, t?"-t it is alone to the vaulting ambition of the assistant postmaster, that his present pursuits are attributable, however well assured, that the dazzling <luul-iu of the gubernatorial chair has for that gentleman surpassing fascinations sutiiuient for any sacrifice ho could make in grasping at its possession ; that temptation may solve the problem as regards that office, but how can we reconcile the conduct of the Postmaster General in the approbation he concedes by not interposing a prompt and effectual remedy; especially do we wonder at his countenance in seeing the rigid discipline exacted by that Cabinet minister from all oiner officials in his department. Surely none can supposo that the Postmaster General enter- I turns much sympatny lor tue Deputy* ambitious aspirauons, however sincerely iha Secretary ef War may harmonize with thorn. I'ubnc gossip runs thus:? The Federal Government has its aims and ends in view; a new constitution is in the proccss of manufacture; the regulation of rail road* may become an important feature in it; may it not tie that the ansistant postmaster is an agent trorn Washington to subject , those works by an organic law 01 the State to the control of the federal will a* respects the iran- j sportation of mails 1 Tins is not a novel idea; it has been a favorite theory of all postmasters since railroads have been established. Without I enquiring into the utility of the project, or wlie- j ther put.lie interests would thus be subserved, at j the threshold we encounter a principle of public danger, in the attempt to appropriate a portion of State sovereignty to the central government, in gaining a control over State Corporations. Whether this be idle conjecture, or reasonable apprehension, it should be looked to; and the people of the State should b? admonished of the impropriety ofentertaiaing a federal officcr as a member ol their convention. It is at war with the genius of our institutions, that men under pay, and with their will?consequently subjected to the federal Executive?should be permitted to control our municipal affairs. He who holds office under the United States, ia, ipto facto, disfranchised with his own consent, as respects I State legislation. He surrenders that, and I kindred privileges, in the more immediate ! 'ind absolute allegiance he owes to the | power fiom which he derives his oflicutl existence; nor would a discreet politician hold I the false or doubtful position occupied by the Postmaster, aside from the indelicacy proceeding from pecuni ary considerations. If he be not an j emissary from Washington, his object is too transparent to win great succt >s. It is yet possible I , he way uevei bo Ogvciuwi. l'axiuc& U*mu. I UK I )RNING, SEPTEMBER 8 DrrUlom In Chancery. The Hon. Lewis II. Saidford Assistant Vice Chancellor. , Samuel Jf. Thompton and others VS. The Sew York and Harlem Railroad Company, Gnuverneur Morrit and othert ?F.. Cole*, C. B Moore and S Stevens for complainants ; C. W. Sandford and B. K. Butler for Harlem uauruau company ; wro. Kutberiora ana ueorge wood for (iouverneur M ; H M. Morris for Lewis ; O W. Morris for ?e1f ami W. H Morris and olhers. Decided j that complainants are the owners of the Harlem bridge, , are not a corporation, and are entitled to maiutain this suit irrespective of the state of their bridgo. Also decide I that (> Morris and others had a right to build their private bridge, and to sell it to the Railroad Company, and the Utter to purchase it instead of building a new bridk*. '('hat the act of tho Legislature nuthousing the . Harlem K lilroad Company to build a bridge and ex'nnd their railway across the Hailem river through Westchester county, was constitutional tin I valid, although it made no provision for compensating the piaintifti in respect of their bridge. Tlint the charter of a toll bridge company does not prevent the Legislature lrom authorizing the crection of another bridge near that of the company where there are no express words of exclusion in the charter of the latter That the owneri of the Morris bridge are bound so to keep and use it as to prevent any but inhabitants oi Morrisania and the Ilailroad Company from muking use of it. No case being proved against the Morris' in this respect, the bill as to them is dismissed 1 with costs. The proof shows that the Railroad Company have not ho guarded the bri ge, and an injunction decreed against them to prevent such unauthorised use, and an account of the injurv sustained if complainants elect to take it. No costs for or against tlje Railroad Company, to the entry of the decree. If complainants take a reference, and recover over $100, for the injury then to have costs of referenoe ; if they recover $100 or less, to pay costs of same to defendants. John Tayltr vs. John Willard and olKtri ?J. E. Taylor and C Stevens for complainant; J. Harris for Willard St Jenkins : C M. Jenkins tor Kord. Decided that the deed , from Willard to Kord & Jenkins was fraudulent ami void against complainant as a creditor of W. And that Mr. lLrri> ...o ... a.a,,. II... ? ! with coiti against Willard and Jeuking. Jamet Monroe and othert vs. Krorft Douflai. Cr. M. i Spier, W Betts, aud O. Oritttn fur complainants. J. W. i Uerard for defendant. Decided that tho decree of Muli tiple-Peinding in the Court of Session in Scotland, in 1*14, ia a bar to the complainants claim. That the subject matter of the suit (Castle Douglas,) being heritable estate in Scotland, tho court had jurisdiction to decree upon the rights of all parties therein, in their absence, alter auedietnl citation conformably to tho laws of that country. That such a decree in absence, even against a minor, ii valid until it bo reduced in Scotland in a pro ceeding upon the decree ; and complainants remedy, if it be not homologated, is by such action of Reduction in Scotland. That the legal presumption on the record produced, is in favor of its regularity and its accordance with the local law. That as to the authority to appear for Mrs. Monroe and the other children of G. Douglas, Jr., the testimony does not suffice to rebut that legal prosumption ; and it is not proved that a decree in abtrnfe. against a minor having no tutor or curator to defend him, is absolutely void, or is any more than voidable like other decrees in absence against minors. That there is no trust in the case, and that the chnrgn of fraud against the defendant, which is shadowed forth in the bill, is not proved. Bill dismissed with costs. Hiram. H'u/ti'oiMi Clerk in Chancery VS- f'armert' Loan one 7YujJ Company and othert.?W. M. tvarts and J. Presoott Kail lor complainant , T. Fossenden and H. Ketchum for defendants. Decided that a mortgage given to the clerk fur moneys naid into court in a partition tuit, cannot be discharged without the order of the court: that persons having notice of a moitgage to the clerk, are bound to ascei tain that it is not for such money, before artinz ou a ducharirt*. or i>ls? to <we that jn unlor ha* been made to dUcha'ge it; that the mortgage in question taken for the benefit oi H.I A. Contar's tteirs was not paid, and the satisfaction piece qivon thoreon did not disrliaige it; tliat defendant* title wan taken subject to it* lien ; that defendants' have no equity to avoid the mortgage in consrqut-nce of the heirs foreclosing tbo second mortgage. Decree for the sum unpaid on first mortgage, with six per cent interest and oos'.s. Defendants may direct which lots shall be first told. Henry A. Field vs. AFKeen and otheri.?J. Al'Kren vs. Fitldand IVheeler, (cross suit)?H P. Allen and E. Sandford for field, H. H. Wheeler in person; K Hoed, T. lias tingi, and J. It. Whiting for M'Keen. Decided that Field wax entitled to tile the bill; that the conveyance of the Wayne county land was fradulentand void against creditors ; and the same of the money and securities paid to J M lleed on the Albany purchase. Decree for debt and costs of Field accordingly. Cross bill dismissed with costs. S. L. Brewter and ?ther? vs. Stureei Brewster, executor, Qc ? O B RUiamaud E. Sandford for complainants; E. I'aine for defendant. Decided that Mrs. Brewster's conveyance determined the trust within the terms of the Will, and complainant* took the estate thereon. Their children me necessary parties to the suit Cause to stand over to bring them in. Staru Pitcher and otheri vs. Wellington A. Carter and otheri ?H. Njcoll and J. Anthon for complainants; E. Sandford and C. O'Conor for defendants. Decided that the order for mortgaging the infant Carter's lots in Pearl street in 1830 was fraudulently obtained frem the court, and was void. The mortgagees had notice of the fraud, and their assignees take subject to all equitiea; also, that the mortage executed was not in complianoe with the order; that on an order to mortgage to raiM money, 8 guardian has no right to mortgage for a precedent debt, or on a contract to nuild. The Dili being to foreclose the inoitgage, complainants can ha\o no relief in thia suit for the building* erected. Bill dismissed with costs, but without prejudice to any other remedy they may haveHayei and St. John vs. Currie and othert.?F. E. Mather and S. Sherwood for complainants; G. Iiuckham and E Sandford for defendants.?Decided that neither complain acts nor Henry sold the Indiana and Illinois stock except for cash on delivery) and that defendants had no right to set off Henry's notes against the price. The Currie's are to return the stocks, or pay tneir value with interest from jd Sept. 1813, and the) are to pay cosM. Kimball was a proper party, and must pay hU own costs. John L Moore and othirs vs. M. P. Moore and others ? E. Sa.idfnrd for complainants; A. O. Rogers for M P Moere; W. B. Aitken in person.?Decided that the purchsse of the house and lot in 18th street by Aitken for M P. Moore at the foreclosure, must enure lor the benefit of the mortgagee. .An agent to collect the debt cannot buy in the property at such a sale for his own benefit,, at less than the debt, without mortgagee's consent M. P. Moore to account for the rents ic , to mortgagee's heii s. and premises to be, sold tand proceeds paid to heirs. Casts to entry of decree to be paid by M. r. Moore aad Aitken. Decided in this case, that a defendant has no right to examine as a witness a co-defendant who is a minor, against his own interest, even if ha consents, without a special order of the court. * Christopher Wolfe vs. JVilltam Froit.?H. F. Clark and J. Prescott Hall lor complainant; J. N. Piatt and J. VV. Gerard for defendant. Decided that the agreement between Wilder and Van Ilanst to set their buildings back 3 feet from Broadway, not being in writing, was void by the statute of frauda. And that the acts of part performance set up, do not enable equity to take the case out of the s'atute and grant relief. Bill dismissed with coit*. Zebedee Ring and others vs. Stephen Vail and others.? J J Ring for complainant; W. C. Wetmore and M. 8. Bidwoll for defendants. The master was right in his rule as 10 ioo compensation lor use 01 me pier Dy toe Hooting dry dock, and in the amount allowed. Exceptions overruled with coin. F. S. Kinney vs J. Mc Cullough and 8.F. H*ltty.?F. 8. Kinney and M. Sherwood lor complainant; J. C. Smith and M. S. Bidwell for McCullough; A. C Bradley for Halsey. Decided that complainant recover half the surIilui ou the iale of Water street stores against McCul' ough, and that hii claim for the other half ii not made out No costs to either Kinney or McCulloush. Haliey to have costs against K , to be set ofl"against K.'s decree. Cornelius Dt Klyn and others va. Charles Dt Klyn and i others?A. Benedict for complainants; W. Low errs and B. W. Bouney for Watkins; B. De Klyn for C. De Klyn; I T L. Wells and G. O. Van Wagenen for Ireland's. D?. ' cided that complainants have not made eut the fraud and nndue influence charged agalnat C. De Klyn in obtaining the Fort Lee property. Bill dismissed with costs. Earle nnd wife were interested witnesses. Mrs. De Klyn was a competent witness. K"V Tompkins vs. John Jinthon, impleaded loith Caltb T. H'ard and othsri?U N Titus and J. Clea?elen<l for complainant; D. Lord with Mr. Anthon. Decided that Mr. Anthon's plea ef bona id* purchase of hia estate at Tompkiosville, was defective in not stating that he claimad no other part of the 360 acres owned by Oovernor Tompkins, in other respects the plea is valid. Leave to amend plea on paymsnt of costs casks ARnrr.n at rouoHKEirstr. John E. lowing # Joseph Tatting ?A. Crist, for complainant ; J. J Latting and C. B. Moere, for defendant. Decided that complainant as next ol kin could not recover on his father's claims ; and that he could not join in the same suit a demand against defendant individually with one against defendant as administrator. Demurer al)osv?d, ami bill dismissed with oosts %Mm W Highter vs Mdirln Stall and fVi/t?W. Kno, f<Tr complainant ; P Cutwater, Junr for defendant, De- , riled tnat the agreement to endorse fQIOA. on the mortgage on $1400, being paid before it became due, was not usurious, nor without con-ideration The after discharging the fltst year's interest, to be applied rat*ably I to ail the instalments of principal Decroe for foreclosure lor internal and principal in arrear. No costs to eitner j party to entry ot decree Jackson and Ci ? <, Jtsrignrn, 4"<\.'VR Jam'n Blar kntnck \ ?A Crist lor complainants ; C. B. Moore for delendants.i Decree that complainants pay the coats of anit. IfilliamP Wright vs it. ft. Trxida and othert?P. Pot- I ' ter for complainant ; W.J. Cogswell for defendant*. De| cree that complninant i* entitled to balance of deccdent's | note, and sum paid by him to Bogart: and he is liable (or balance due Irom administratrix. All the cost* to be paid out of fund by Clerk of Queen's, and balance of | fund distributed to complainants Bogurt and Bloodgood. I Complainant to recover one-fifth of deflciaaicy in paying 1 him from each of the defendants, and so of the other two creditors ; not exceeding, however, the whole asset* descended. Jimoi D. McCoy ri. Jrthro Daggttt.?M. Mitchell and W Hilllman, for complainant; J. W. Mills and J. W. 1 Tompkins for defendrnt ? Decided that the trial and ' verdict at law are a har to any examination of the merits 1 in < hnncery. and that there Ji no ground for interfering j as to the collection of the judgment here or In Munichusetts. n# the Supreme Court can (five all proper reliof 1 Bill dinmiiuod with costs. Ktknnnh Sarin vs Samuel Sarin and other*?M. Mitch- | ell and W Billiman, for complainant , J. W Mills and J W. Tompkins, for J. and K Maries. Decided that waite I h?s been proved against Samuel 8 , in respect of the tim- ! I ber and wood on the farm, and against Ke/.iah 8. in re- 1 I spect of permitting the premises to go to wante for want of nccoraiy repairs Decree for injunction against j I waste, and an account. All other question* rrwi v ed. ' t'rtmU C- Vnlmt mU H)mt r*- HKIHUH P* 1 IERA , 1846. Mturr.?J. O. LinderVian, for complainant*; VlSchoon- ' maker and J. Van Buren, (of Kingston) lor defendant. Decided that on tho testimony the north hue of lot No. 34 in great lot No. 40, in the Hardenburgh patent, did net include tho core, and defendant cannot make a title to that part of the landi sold. The *ale having bren made under a mutual mistake a* to thia part being included, defendant uiuit make a proportionate reduction from the price. Contract ta be performed with thia abatement. No coitf to either party. W. (Initin to be made a defendant unleat he tiles a sealed assent to the deciee, r-?.?. C~L. -1.., V. iv.illnm !\f.,r,r J O Llnder man. for complainant ; M Schoonmaker and J. Van Huron, for defendant Decided that the right of Shook'* ailignee* was cut off by the decree of foreclosure. and detail laut did not acquire any title by their deed to him (tending the luit. His right* us m<> -tgagee in possession were unaffected ; that he is bound to ?pply the rents on bin mortgage. Complainant is emitlod to redeem and defendant must pay hi* cost*. Whetltr v* Hterman't and llaifht.?W. Wilkinson for complaiuant : C. \V. Swift for Haight ; J. Brush (or Heermant. Decided that iu a creditor'* *uit on ajudginentin the Common Plea*, the bill must he shown that the defendant lived in tlie county when the execution was issued, or that the judgment had been docketed, and mi execution i**ued in the county where he resided ; or that he lived out ol' tho State. Decree for detendanu with leave to complainant to amend 011 payment of costs, which may be otUei against judgment. liobrrt Ctlf, I Vm Hruwn anil Wift and othm.?C. A" I Purdy, for complainant ; J. W. Tompkins, for defendant. Decided, that under the will of Kisher, the children of Nicholas Fisher, after hi* death were entitled to share with hi* brothers and sisters in the land* iu question.? Decree lor a sale pursuant to the will. Cost* of the partie* out of the estate. Uaac S. Janet vs. Jlhijmh St. John and others.?M. Mitchell, for complainant; J. W. Tompkins, for St. John. Decided, that in a bill to foreclose a mortgage, the complainant cannot bring a* a party one who claims the whole title adversely to both the mortgagor and mortgagee. Bill dismisaed, with coits, as to St. John. Army Intelligence. Hkao Qi-ahiim Ahmv or Occchtiow. ) our flour is low is bccau*e the baker* bare bad a meeting, and decided not to encourag* tbe American dour, saying that the Spanish wa? >up?rior( baring mora sub tance end being whiter than our* ; tbe baker* are monopolizing ?aid article. Sinct that wo are eating execrable bread, black, dour and bitter. The same courae i* puriucd with proviiiona ; one company buy* and afterward* divides in proportion what they hare bought, and as provisions must be sold on the levee the very day of landing them, (if not you will have to pay droyage, storage, wasting, he ,) a tew days after the otter will be lets thun the. first day ; dealing with one man you deal with all. The weather is extremely hot and the vomita bad. The lightning struck in Mat&nzas and damaged a house and furniture. The Mexican steamer* have been purchased by the Spanish government. Bine* Uen. Santa Anna left here, in the Knglish steamer Arab, we have not heard from him ; the opinion ia that his reception will be with a ball through hi* head. The English ship Sea, from N. Orlean* bound to Kngland, came into port because the crew refused to do their duty. Mutineers, murderer* and robber* are taking a fre*h start, and justice i* sold to the highest bidder. The country will aoon be on the same footing that it was under Governor Vives. A few day* ago two young men, while at the Cero, chartered an omnibus. Having no signal of charter, an officer went in and one of the charterers told him in an abusive manner to walk out; be refuted ; tome other officer* cimu on, four altogether, an<l went to work fighting with swords aud pistols. They all got wounded, having butchered each other. The young men are sons of a rich hardware merchant and were colored. A mulatto, as dark a* pitch, if he i* baptised white, cannot be called a mulatto ; he can lue you and recover damages for doing 10. Shves, when they dont wish to serve their masters any longer, go to their cynrlic and force him to give them a paper to go about ana look for another master ; that is the reason the v are so impudent. We had, some days past, two American men-of-war cruising on the not thern part of this island?the Tru*ton and Perry ; both camecloso to tho Moro, having part of their crew sick ; some ran away when tho boat came in with the officer on duty. The harbormaster is very impertinent to the American captains. The Knaa Pavement. N?w York, tiept. 7, 1846. Messrs Editors:?In answer to the many inquiries which have been made respecting the pavement now being put down in Broadway, and trie consequent delays, the f'HIowing (acts may be stated :? Before the old pavement was removed, there were on the sidewalks WOO blocks ot" sienete ; they averaged 14 1-3 blocks to the square yard ; by calculation it was found that 9,N4!4 blocks would be required to complete the entire work, there being &4I square yards between Chambers and Readi* streets, in the carriage-way. The numlier ol inun in tne quarry was at this time increased in order to ensure a remittance ol ihe balance requited, (3 348 blocks,) which number would have been turmshed long before the blocks on the sidewalks could havo been laid, had not thu intensely warm weather set in, of which your readers had, arid still have, abundant tangible proof. To work a quarry with the temperature ranging troni H5 to 120 deg. is impossible.? The men were willing to work as well and a* long as they weto able, but it was considered due to the cause of humanity to order a cessation of labor during the warmest part of the day, consequently the work haa progressed but slowly. It is hoped, Messrs. Editors, that this hurried explanation will satisfy those who have been thus incommoded by the delay, and received as an apology for such by the public generally, from Your very obt. servant, Horack P. Kim*. Tell V* Tl?e Time. Sir?Will you allow me to enquire, through the columns of your paper, why the bell o< the watch house, in Wooster street, has discontinued to strike the hour, as cuMomary 1 for the people ol the neighborhood have been deprived of a great convenience since its discontinuance; and it is to | be hoped that a no'icc of this, by your paper, will havo the desired effect of calling the attention o< somebody to it. A Subscriber. New York, Sept. 2d, IS-16. ?- . ? Hon tioorjrc ' hmitn M C frorii M?h? . nut oiil_> do j chuck if cum ...ii. . if-.g:. hM ???t totihtv iiu vi. I wcveuut vi k Hon. Oio Folium.?Dear Sir :?The mail of yesterday conveyed to me your letter of the 16th July, accompanying a copy of the resolutions recently adopted in Now York city, and expressive of the approbation of a large number of citizens for the recent services of the Army of Occupation. For those expressions our warmest gratitude is due, and will long be remembered as renewed incentives to exertion in the cause of the country. For your own very complimentary note, my personal thanks are also due. Permit me to say, it is a source of gratulation to me that the meeting refrained from the meditated nomination. For the hign office in question I have no aspiration*. The Government his assigned to me an arduous and responsible duty in tho pro ecution f the existing war; in conducting it with honor to th^ country lie all my real aspirations It is with great pleasure, Sir, that I thus acknowledge the gratitude of the army for the good opinion and cheer ingapproval of the citizens of New York city, with assurances of our warm appreciation and my own personal wishes for your own prosperity in life. I remain. Dear Sir, Itespectfully yours, Z TAYLOR. _____ Major General U. 8 A. Naval Intelligence! Francis Grice, Naval Constructor at the Brooklyn navy yard, has been appointed to tho office of chief naval constructor tn till tlw vapatipv hv the dt*cea?o of Samuel Humphreys. Mr tirice will remove to Washington at soon as the sloop-of-war Albany it complete-!, which vessel was built under bin direction.? Ifaskngington Union. Extract a lettor from Capt. N. G. Coste, of the U. 8. R. steamer Legtiro, dated, U. S. SrKAMkR Leqare, ) Ofk Rio Grande, Aug. 32 S 1 have just received on board a hearer of despatches for Vera Cruz, and sail immediately. You may expect to hear of my arrival at New Orleans about the 10th or 14th of Sept The steamer McLean arrived here yesterday and will go back for coal. The California Expedition.?Cam1. Lovett's ComrAfir.?In the early pait of the season, lor emigration, a company of eleven men left Arkansas for Calilornia, under the direction of Capt Leavitt. taking the route hy Santa Ke. Latterly, some apprehensions have bean entertained that they had been murdered bv the Camanche Indians. Theie fears were soinowhat allayed by a late letter from our correspondent at Santa Fe, who alluded to the passage of a cempany from Atkansas through that place, on their way to California. In addition to this information, we learned yesterday, by a gentleman direct from Santa Fe, that eleven persons from Arkansas, *s he thinks, had been arrested hy the Mexican authorities as spies, and were detained for a day or so in custody. Uut they were taken before the govsin?r, Armijo, at.d discharged. This was, we have little doubt, the company |rom Arkansas, under Capt. Leavitt.?St Louis Republican, Jlug.49. Havana, 27th Aug., 1846. Shipping?American Flour, Sic.? Santa wJnuo?Poll ce, <f-c S/-c. Let me inform you that we have in port but twenty American vessels, twelve discharging and the balance loading and clearing. Freights for Europe from $3 to $4 par ton ; (hipping scarce ; Spanish and English vessels wanted for England. They are paying for the United. 9Utes $la$l 50 per box sugar; 50 centa per bag coffee, and $3 per hhd. molasses. They have exported from the 1st January to this day,619,93.1 boxes of sugar, 94,496 segars, 66,600 hhd*. of aolassea, out of this port and Matanzas only. American flour is no longer imported, because the duty is $9 w>, and it sella, for Philadelphia and Baltimore $IOa$U; New Orleans $14 50. The reason why LI). Price Two Cent*. {Utica, Sept. 6, 184?. Oerril Smith?Practical Jlgrarianitm I have just seen copy of a deed of ioine forty acre* of land in Hamilton county, New York, given by the celebrated landholder, Uerrit Smith, Esq. to a colored man reading in that county. He ha* made out two thouiand deed) of a similar character to the one I taw, couveyiug lauds, from forty to fifty acre* each, as gift* to industrious colored man in thu state, aud designs. 1 am informed, to make out one thousand more. The consideration* in the deed* are a* follow* : " For and in consideration of the sum of one dollar to me, in baud, paid, and being deiirous to have nil aharp In the ?ub?idence und happineia which a bountiful Ood hai provided for all, h?s glinted, sold, Iko." What the value of thee ImixIm may be per acre, and whether sufficient to make all the?e two or thiee thousunJ men voters or no:, I am unable to state. That it will make some of them iiuch, th. re can be no doubt. You are aware that, during the past season, Mr Smith ha? been selling otT large portion* of bit vaat lauded property at auction 'i'be present movement reduce* hU SO .000 and upwards of iicrea considerably, an object which he has long deiired to accomplish. I underataud one of the reason* assigned by Mr Smith for confining hia gift* to colored people ii, "they are proscribed by the law* of the State 1'iom the enjoyment of the right* of other citizen* But really it appear* to me that by the caitei of fortune, a great many white men nutter in many rea|iect*, a* much a* do the colored people, and in.partial benevolence would have made *ome of them the beneficiaries of these munificent conveyance*. Yet, of course Mr. S. should be allowed to " do what he will with hii own." Superior Court. Before Chief Justice Jones. Sept. 7?The September term of this Court commenced yesterday. A jury was sworn in, alter which the Court adjourned to Monday next. ilAILitWAl)S ?M>, ni'NTUil AMI) MM'IIM AVIi WKSTKIIN RALL ROADS, GEORGIA. ,Tirlt!ot7Tlvtt2SrwilirThe-I^iii?iu?iid Atlantic iteinovd X. ol (he State o< Georgia, form a coutiuuoni line from S?raunah to Oothcalfga, Georgia of 371 miles, rii J? S.tvaunah to Macon Central Railroad 190 mile* Macon to Atlanta Macou & Western Kail road lOf " Atlanta to Oothcnjoga, Western k Atlantic " 80 " Goods will be carried from Savannah to Atlanta and Oothcaloga, at the follow iug rates, viz : _ _ On Weight Goods. To Jit- To OothSugar, Coffee. Liquor, Bagging Rope, lonta. c*l?ga. Butter. Cheese, Tobacco, Leather, Hides, Cotton Varus, Copper, Tin, Bar and Sheet lrou, Hollow Ware and Callings $0 50 $0 T5 Klour, Rice, Bacon in casks or boxes. Fork, Beel, Kish, Lard. Tallow, Beeswu, Mill Gearing, Pig Iron and Grind St one a *0 50 $0 83* Or? Measurement Goods. Boxes of Hals, Bonnets and Furniture, pe' cubic loot $0 20 $0 >8 Boxes and bales of Dry Goods, Saddlery Glass, Punts Drugs and Confectionery, per cnbic foot $11 20 p. 109 lbs. Si Crockery, prr cubic loot $0 15 " " 35 Mo!ossrs and Oil, per hhd (smaller casks in proportion.) $9 00 $11 00 Ploughs, (i irge) Cultivators, Corn Shelters anil utiaw Cutters, each SI 25 Si 50 Ploughs, (small) aud Wheelbarrows,.. .SO B0 SI 05 Salt, per Liverpool Sack SO TO SO 95 Passage. Savannah to Atlanta S00 Children under 12 years of age, half price. Savauuah to Maron, ST 00 (C7* Goods consigned to the Subscriber will be forwarded Br? pf Co?winfc FT/" Kreight miy be paid at Savannah, Atlanta or Ooui cmo(k F. WINTER, Forwarding Ajceut, (J. K K Savanhah, Auynit 15. '*46 *15 2mrrc LONG IdUVNLI RAILROAD COMFAMY. 81'huett arhjinqrhknt rRAINS RUN AS FOLLOWS. COMMENCING WEB NESDAY, MAV 13, 184*: Liavg iJmooiLrn at 7 o'clock. A. M. Boston trmn Tor Or?enpon, daily (except Sundays,) stopping at Farmingdale and St. George's \ianor. " " at 9% oVIoek, A. M., for Farmin. dale and intermediate places. " M at IP. M.. through to (Jreenport, strr Bing bo'h ways at Jamaica, Branch, Hirkit ille, Farm-ngdale, and all the stations between Farmuixdale and Oreeninirt " " at 5 P. M., for K&riuinuaale and mteune diate places. Leave UaicnrolT at5 o'clock, A. M. Accommodation trail. daily, (except Sunday*,) through to Brooklyn. * M at 3 T. M., Boston train, or on the arrival of the steamer from Norwich, stopping at St. George's Manor and Farmingdale. Leave FamiwoDiLr at tK A. M', Accommodation tram for Brooklyn. I" " at IX A. M. Oreenport train, lor Brooklyn " " n Vu P. M Accommodation train, for Brooklyn. Leave Jamaica at I A. M. Accommodation train, Tor Brooklyn. " at 9M A. M. Oreenport train for Brooklyn. " " at s\ P. M. Accommodation train, for Brooklra. ITiit to ? Bedford I cent*, Eaat New York UK, Raee Course ltV. Trotting Course IIJK. Jamaica tS, Brushnlle SIM, Hyderark (17 milea) 37W, Clowsville (during the aaasiou of court) 37X, Hempstead 37k, Branch 37V Carle Place 4, Westbury 44, Hirkinlle 44, Farmingdale 6lk. Deer Park S9, Thompson U, Suffolk station 91 Lake Road station (I l*V Medlord statiou SI IIV. Vnph-.nkfl 37U, St. Oeorge"* Manor $1 62><, Riverhenu 11 Junesporr $l CJ)t, Malte.uck $1 63%, Cntchugne $1 #3S, Southolti $1 M%. Oreenport Accommodation train SI 75, Oreenport by Boaton train %i 15. Stages are in readiness on the arrival of trains at the several stations, to take passengers at very low fares, to all parta of the Island. Baggage Crates will be in readiness at the foot of Whitehall street, to receive baggage for the several trains. 3* minute* before the honr of starting from the Brooklyn side. The steamboat " Statesman" leaves Oreenport tor Sea Harbor twiee each day, on the arrival of the train* from Brooklyn. m y 18 re LONO ISLAND RAILROAD Express Mail Train, leave* Whitehall street Ferry, New York side, every morning at 7 A. M., for Boston ? Also, trains from Brooklyn *id* at 7 o'clock and *- mis.nim atwl ol: a m anil 1 mnd h p. m.. (Uilv. Tht 7 A. Mand 3 P. M. traina go through, the f?Mt atoppiag ? Farnungdale anil manor, nod the latter at all pUMa oa th* toad_ j?I? t TO WESTERN TRAVELLERS. "T^KPnblic i? raipJcUull'^BTonnad that the reaaat break X in the Canal, canaed by JtbeUte freahet. havingbeenrepaired, the FIONEER k KXPlU-HS LINfc, viYlsUilroad and Canal from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh. oommeneed its regular tripa Tor the aeaaun on Monday, the trh of April, leaving the Depot, No. 174 Market atiaet, DAILY, at T)t o'clock, A.M. By tliis route paaaengers will avoid all the fatigue and danger ot night travelling m eoaehea, both Railroada being pawed in daylight. _ Kor further information, apply at the old-eacabliahed Office. TTi Market atreet, 1 doori above Eighth atreet. apIO Srn*rrc A. B. CUM Ml NOB, Agent. BiTTIsH sHir LANAKJ*wiimt, rHOM NfVXIVKRPOOL-Thia ihip ia ducharging nnder JHaBWirneral order, at the foot of Dover itreet. Con iiicnrrt * ill plraae alfrinl I" thi rrreijt of their go'da *2 REMITTANCES TO ENGLAND, IRELAND, AND SCOTLAND. fitg- PARTI KM wishing to remit money* in large or AvVyiniall mmi to their friends in Great Britain or IreJgyUBkw'aiid. can d? io in (lir moat safe and eipeditioui fnaiii.rr through the ?uhieriher?, b> drafta at light, payable in all the principal towni in K.< gland, Ireland and Scotland. Money mav be lent by letter (poit paid) from any part of the Unit'd Stuei to them, givi"g the addreta and the name of tbe party to receive it, which will be regularly forwarded by luicket or iteamer. Apply to ABRAHAM BRLL fc SON, an2? lin'r 117 Knlton atreet. UI.A8UOW LINE OF PACEKTH-TomiI let Oetoher.her regular dav.?The (in*, laai tailing jHHNbahip HAKA< fc.V, 4M tone, Ceptam N. T. Hawkmi. will IT*) abeve. Kor freight or having aicallaat accommodation!, apply to WOODHULL k MiNTUKN, 17 8out? atTeet. The regular puket ahip SROPKIBY, 4M tona, Capuio Hugh \1cK.wen, will suree?<l the Seracen, and aail oil h*r regular day, the lat November. a*rr HAiITkT^TOB HVVKt?^coed Line-The JwjMPWinr ket <hn> ST. N ICOL A1*, Captain 'Nathaoiel W. MjUKeVtelniih, will aail on the lat of October. Foi fieight or ptiuge, aui'iy to __ a? re. lurhk UINt KKN.M Wall ?treet. Mi' OLD fctfAMLIMHED IWITItp 8TATICH ?i JWwtJRKAT HHITAIN fclKfcLAND KMJORANT mmUL' 'FFH'E ?The Saharribera rontinne to bring out pai.*iigere by the regular Picket Hhipa. aailing every five daya ; and alao for rtr?t-cla?? American trarneiit ahipa, aailiiik weekly, ai verv moderate ntei: Urafta cau al-o be furuiabed lor any amount, payable throughout the l.'mied Kingdom, on application u above, ant HK.KUM AN fc Co., ?' v.ntit areer ?' Ki)K LIVKKI'OOL-Nea Line? Kegul" !'*< u ^WWet. to aail Wt-piember ?th?The elegant, faat a?i|. B&ng packet Hup SHKHIDAN, O. B ( orniah, muter "i 11'if '?n?, will aail aa above, her regular dey. For freight or paaaage, having acManotauoae equalled for apleti'lor or comfort, apply 01 imrg, ai unnw viaui, fool of Wall atreet, or to K K COI.I.IN^k r:O..M Hoarb at Packet ?hlp OARKICK, B. J H Tmk, muter, will aue cead the SllKKJ DA.N, and sail October Kth, her rryular day. nuJfim KOh .\IaMkIL LKfl?To be promptly de aAvVy ipatened ?The hark MIK80URI, Capt. Silreatcr. freight or nuaaie, apply to CHAMBp.KLAIN h PHr.LP8.0ftc BOVD It H1NCKKN, Broker*. NOTICE.? Dehta that may he contracted by the crew of the Krench ?hi|> COLOMBO, will not ke paid by the captain, nor by the conaitneea. .anJO ni Sfig U - ION I.INh (?V I'M KKTH roll LirEHPOOL ?Packet of the Id *eptf mber.?The ?plenVHLli'l and faat aai'i packet fhip GVOHOE, MWO ton* burthen, Capt. <). re ri?. will sail on rbnr?d? . September id her regalir day. Hie ecoinmodariowa for cabin, aecond citbin an J ateeMge puicnftrii it ' well known are ecjn tl to thoxrof any other line of packeta. and their ?reat capacity readers them eterv wav more comtor able and roorenient. Tho?? f to ?erure bertha. thoald n.ake earlf application on board, at pier >o^? Nyt^rlina^ ? 10^ 7 nuMr ?6 Sonth at. Id door below Barium ?l.p SI (7fi/\ < t K ?A ayfk 1 i> d of inert ban due (other than eitrm baan.dont) taken i?il?f??e ?t ?B Konth a r?rt, on a||'!t* cation to W k J- T- TArtCl IT, m?7i? ? , MtowkcUw Juluatbr

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