Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 9, 1846, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 9, 1846 Page 3
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I I ?,wm .jm . im wrM iaiwcww.1 i u *m f ire t eer tie norce of gratt difficulty in the moot) A*ri;?t and k? Ion# * t)iere lo dollar left, there Will bo ne permanency In the . jui- *r.ce of money. Thi amount u now lufScinntlv' i :ed to do away with a great ileal of the fcari of any immediate contraction in the in one y market, by any eudden draft from the government. It woul I not make much difference now, if the remainl"g Uei>OkiU were all drawu fur in a week. We have no doubt the t<ank( are atixiouito get riJ of them to leog at they a:e 'at itiflj th- g iverumout mutt mike dral'ti toon for every dollat due Olrt Sto? k F>< liflh?f. $t'U> N y State U. >U 1)7 1M >t? KrtdniC RH M ItlOO Keuiuvky ba tcijj ]u ilu 1(00 till .??? 70 It 10. lUrlrmHU S> leu >lu t-utBer*' Ti*?t 2l>4 1IQ ilu ISO ilW I'D <to bill tfiw 14.0 Jo btO -J *K)TTP'.d.> Jijj h? do J-'J, li M.. ruCrnal bm 10 do ' ?** 2i \ A i OH )l> SOU on bl4 >1 I1 C?-i!?u ( o jo)t * Nor li Wor RR W* in do jo 10 do blO i7'.v i L.U .t.dRB ?j ij d j no J7.H, <u> ?u in-j do . yji IUU ds sow luo do bey yji ?'o do M>n jo so do *jo 100 do ?*' 10 10 Erie KR 48 Sccoiid Uonrd. 60 >bi (I*ileu Ril it100 ?h? lteadiuc RR , ?3 JW UO 010 14 'U SCt-'U UO Mil t?3 9WI do . MS 2i|Nor V Wor RR blu i;>,' #J(l Mnrrii Caml 8S Ki do 17* ? Reading KR ? 10 Canton Co 260 do blO 63 71 do id* Nrw Riurk l<-xrh>ii(e. il ?ht Morrit Canal 130 6\ 100 tha barman1 Trutt c 23.?,' lvO lie.idiug HII tl 162* 10 do btO 2 * y> llarl?ui AH bil 11 >0 do ild 21 10 do c 14.% 1.0 do >3 21 li ? do < H'i 10 L ItlaudRR c 3(1* i 110 do tlOliC 3(0 Nor & Wor RR (3 17 to do c U4* 21 do t? 17 100 uo Wednetday MS 10 do bl 17 10 do bll 1?X M do >3 17* 110 do c 1'* K) do k3 M* lu do |3 14 * 21 do c 17 (Hurried. On Monday, the 7th in?t.. at the Mi?*ion Church of tho Holy tr?i geliat*, by the R?v. Ur. klv?ni, Mr 8r* phk* Ki i r> h, of iXew Haven, to Mm Makoahkt O. Bond, of this city. Ulod. At Kirgtton, Upper Canada, on Saturday morning, 0th hut . M'?. Sahan Hall, couiort of Kraiicia Hall, i>l thi* ciiy, in the 60th j ear ol her age. The fiineial service will be performed in the Wealeyan ' hapel in Veatry atreet, between Hud*on am^Oreenwich | atreet*. (the body having f.een brought hither fot interment.) on Wedne'day at ernoon. 9th mat., at 4 o'clock, to which ttie frieoda of the family are reppecfully invited. On the I'h inst, Foster, of Apalachicola, Florida, in ttie 31>t year of hit age. liu fi iend* and those of hit family, and of hia mother inlaw. Mrs U liitford, are iovi'ed, without further invitation, to attend the funeral, thi* (Wedneiday) afternoon-, at 3 oYlix k. fiom the reaidenco of hi* bmther-iu-law, Lavid O. Mill* jr., Brcokhn. (near bufchwick.jfone mile nu a quarter from the Williamtbuigli f.'riiea Carriage* will lie in wailing at Williamtburgh, at half paat two o'clock. =- ' . U . Hi BERNIA FIRE COMPANY, PHILADELPHIA. ATa!4ie>*ial Meeting of the HIBKRNIA HRE COMI'ASV, lieid ?t the Emiitie House on the evening of ii. It' dl"Se|>'etntier, IS C. tl e following |>ienm I? mil itloiutinus were uuaiiimiiualy ndopi-d, and writ ordered to l>e rubt tl'vd in the New York Htraid ai.d Philadelphia FuHil Ledger.? W livr ? wt *-e called unnn to record the d?ath nf m, r tirrfttile liro her ol' ike t'lre Ueinrtinem ol' ftew Yirk, vliilktO'i a ri?n to ur < ity. e >gaxt <1 m ih>t most land ibh a il |iN??'ut hy rniitxroi to prumute the feelings of unau uii'y ubd 11,0117 winch should :?lwa>a i xut among u?; | auu v> herrn, in ihe dia'ha ge of that <luty, in the full glow ui lm I'h-rid minh' oil it h is ple&srd *u alwise Prueidence to remote him from his f*l!n? comrades; and whereas we d* 1?1 y regret the lusa ufou* who, though with n* b<it a kh nt I me, hid audeared hiinttlf lo On bjr hia m tuy amiable qualit.e-; t'r ii t'uraloie R??olved Thar tn? Member* of t^is Company feel that in tl ejlnss oi DWID IltWLKTT th# Fir* Department has lei one ul l oir iptrita who were ever foremost m i roluotmg ihe iutereit? of tbe department and the public at lill< M I e It-J, TSat we deeply sjmpuhiie'with the widow or the il ctiieil, ud IVel ill t ?hila* she has ke u dep-iead of an allVe io nir hu.lnt d *nfl hr> rhi d a tender father, llut v. e h'n e ?>l it coinpaii'on w liwse 11 c> cannot bv e*?ily tilled. fte>oiv*d. I li?t a ' oii'mitt^e i>e appninied to tender ihe C4i.auieuca of the company to the widow of our dect-ued 11 i end * II olred That the Memb'? of this Company will wear the u?u?l b.idga f muaruiuir for Kirty d?\t Wlier??rOu, Me?>r?. Jamei Put, Edwnrd Casey, Patrick t'oury, Mile* bweeuy, mid John B. Weir. wer? appointed t'>e i omini t-e ?9 tE*K>>z IVi' P I IA.V ENCAMPMENT. No. 34. I O of O. K. J will hoM a fepecial hexion ou Friday Evening,the llth laai. at I o'clock, at iia place of meeting, Tl Divinon street. OHir-r? and Members are lequcsted to lie m cmal io their atteudaaca. J. Ii. HiCii, I.'. P. 1 *r N -I'lt.M, Iit-IUM-., iNhw IiU li. Lhb, WILL < ONTIMUK tft be kept opeu te receive Par.ies and Tianaiaet Visitors, uutil ihe littler pari of October. m '!* r. i;. F HICK. LJtv. fuW LLL, uUJLIftT. AUltlST, AND OPERATIVE SURUItON, ATTC^ DA Is Di<ni? of the Eye aad Car, from J to 4 n'aleak, at his residence, Ml Broadway, earner of Warrea slreat. I Dptkalmia rltofpage of the Tear Passage, Cataracts, and OpariMvrf. eiectutliy removed. A IHII.I. _ .1. ?? ? J I ieteaie?uei *f 8TRAB1MML3, ( fc^aiutiii*, cured in j a few miauled. J>it imported. ARTIFICIAL KYES, of inpcnar beauty and b'uh HfK' V \CL1C9 adapted to erery defect. .Advice to the poor without aturge. OSice aud reaidauce XI Broadway?entrance.1)? Warren jeyteet. >8 lt'r DENTJSTS. DK. BROWN ?t BROTHERS. CHEAPEST OFKJ'iEin thie city fir De''t?l operation!, .No. VW>i Bru?dw?y, Iietwem (.ham be re and Kendo a r?-en, neat iloor to btewart It ' o'a i.ew Myrtle Building. But t emium T? etb laierted from $lto$J? Dfrifa^ I eeth fillrd wiih white cement 30 IVo'b-Aihe cu ed without the leaat pan 50 'i ertu eairMted wi It l*? 'htu half the uiual pal a. 50 IV bole ?*tu tf Teeth ou the atraoipbenc prenure principle $J0 to $7S I false Tfirmr TH V. da id imm rppearwr* of "Falie Teeth," in fenetil e?e, and the eipeuee and little iitiiftction derieid fu>a lack, -la a aonrce at much dread to tho?e requiring W as Ur. A. C < A STL K. 3SI Broadway, requeil* attention la hit beautiful artificial Teeili Yrari ol ituny nud experiment hate tendeied them p rfaeti their rind lifelike truipwrncy, their natural ahape aud inatlea t eorreapond Bad >ait jouth and age ?their atrei>(th and derability. the purity af the (aid their umfortn 6rmneu. and the raae with wbich they wny be worn are particularly wished to be untreated by Dr. CASTLK upou tho~e wh? aeefc to have the moit rerfrct reatoratioa of the teeih an I mou'h which Art c*a effect and alio ih-t hii lyitrm of practice imure* to hit )>ar oui erery adtantage ol utility, beauty and economy, Wll.a rxcrri net, ?KIII, and aaaidmty, IB bit prol'eiaion au acr?n>i>liah. al ?t* rc H-M>LUTK.'N H HI COPARTNERSHIP, heretofore eiiatiog between 1 tlearv Hobimon ?i.d Win HcVtbur under the uaine of ton and McArthur, ia thia di, diaaolved by mutual cimil. 1 ha cloaiocnp thabuaiaeaa of rh- late firm will b? attended to hy H-erf hokiac g who will eonnoua the bnaiueaa at their late ataud, No 74 William atreet. HfcNRV ROBINSON. !Sr* Terli, Sept J, IMS. WM Mc ARTHUR. aB ' -r >011CL. A?PCl IAL MEETING of the Membe-a of tbe ThiatU B>a*Toleot Aa-ueiati' n. will lie held at the home of Mr. r.c Milne, 17 Ceaira atreet. on I baradar e?aaiti|i, he 'Oth ?l *rptemt>er. at I o'clock. Punctual attendance ia reapecthlly teiiaaatfd ' ? order of the Board ol Manage . illr'f A CAMERON Secretary. DAGULKH IAN MAlfchlALS. JOHN ROACH. Optician, 87 Naaean atrret. baa now on hand u aaaortmeut of Half f late and Medium Vnighilandrr Tuha?. Alao. American, of bit own manufacture, aupalinr te -ii > yet made in the United tttatea. rW'ea. < aaea I. hemicala, Coating Boiea Batlia, and every ?Va rial uaed in Dagup rreory wing. Thermometere. whole ale aad re all; 8pectaclea, Teleacopea, Galvanic Aattenea, fct kc. at lm?r | VIRY IMPORTANT TO CONSUMERS OF*TEAr G'>OD BLA' K Th A, 15 cen'a per lb. liOOD YuUNO Hi SON TfcA. 0 <-e?te per lb. t?eiy parcl>a>er of a flee ponnd package will have the tame trfvaniage at though he purchaard fifrv rhaata. Our m ipet in tfftn g inch ludm tnmu, it to 'ltend and col irate our lHra? and nail ?irn?il popn'ar it ai T?? O'-leia JIU. WHO DRINK TCJ1 and <*aa a(.p'ecntr a goon ar,icl?. mil wuh to obtain itat lull' mo a thou halfihr naaal pr cr chaigrd for it. ihould tend to th-prie. lpal 8'o>e of the New York aud China i an Com- I pan, #4 Catherine ttreet, New Yo'k Al' oidert from thr rnuotrj mu-t be accompanied by cath f r hr ?*me. mid ill lett?-rt prepaid, or the gooda will not be fn ? 'd'd a* lm*r'f U L 1A L ki A V A.N A 5st?L>AivO. G ROHM K.I ?i * ' I.APHAM. 73 Pearl street, offer for ale in lots toanit i urcliatert, and at loo p icn. 4i0,0< o imported llavaii freest, e<>uaiaiiii| of Plantation, La Mar u (pre.aed ) I'kih t. la Victoria, LaMutat-, La Paz. l_a ( L? At. la, L>na CMipauerot, amall Regalia ana I n e?' Jw g>re. mottle eiituMB o debeuture ?/? tWito'ar tui>pl<*a of arnui e Havana Pecan, to which tl r >' leuiiuii of dealer* la called, will be received. .? It it ?r WHAT (.AUPK* HHEUMAlIS.Vt 1 fTHA I 18 THE QIIK81 ION !?The only ditcorerer of 1 'h orimnarid r-ture of Rheumatic pain*. i> the only propei pertou to eradica.e them fr'in the ?tem All tpeI cifi noafrii' a a eeitlier ntelrtt or da'iger< tta Khrumatic | ?tift?rera, * i.hing a radical cure.thould ap|il) to the adrerI nar r, * ho it the tole p nea-o of thit won rfal tecrel of I gaitire W DOLBY, JS6 Greenwich ttreet. .ft*r * ' lO TL'bLl.-lifciKS. MANUSCRIPT KOK ?\LE.-Tlie Snbtcriber ha? a sis.u.c ipt written during an jllnrss in Philadelphia, I not having he meana to puMith it himatlf. ha iriiMa to di?P"?? jl 10 arme p*?r?oj who can 'o *o The anhject ia ; n ir#K original, and money it not wished for it immeuia ely. 1 h* Hnbarrihor will make known the terras at Anytime or pl^ct apeeifiod in a note, addreaacd to " Manuscript 1 llernld I rnit-x- ?8 3ti? f h "APE H'l 1~SE IN ALBATY" <"oh,crif>,'on A|?ney of the jiL&ANY KNICKERBOCKER, ti ?t 101 Nmiid street, s. oon* floor Joe Knickerbocker is an excellent daily ?ewspap*r tli**a?n?.|i,aa the True *nn, and ii esteiiaisely f.rcoNten ?n Albany. T oy Lanainbtirgh end other toivn<. i"? thro*front Albany *nd th? adjoining cmmtiH, and is sr. m'tlleiit adrerttamg medium for those who with to lend th. ir *d?*rti*in|r to th? abo?* placer '1 erm? moderate, ill lt#irf MeOONALI), Agent. HENK * L-A U H1-..N b. 14 /*4n tlrtrl, a ftw Jnori from Rrnajteny. f MPO1' Tf H o' Frenck Knilish ai.d Oerman fancy articles : 1 . mi ris- ii Zephyr ? and i.rher kind* pi t.. . ofeeei j oe eril'tioii. (; i ? is?8l'k, I'l't un, 1,11.en Jit., all width*. I Hilk*?' and Flo# ->l ill Innili F mtfes, (fimpa. JlJ. a large eane'V^ At,<] ?'*< iwn ln-.diii tit' Smut Heads Purse HI idea end I ?uii. B?tCla*|i*, Perforated Paper, ike , lie., whirh he will (til at the low-ear |xn?ib'e i rices. si lm?rc Till r,s-liniat ii ul ilie kidnrya, paiu id the Inch or aide, I h.i irnal eo t'Tei ree erupt lone. sore eyes. Doctor Inh>'s Pile* Specific, h*a made radical eun". in m n-^ c?n ; f li? ahii?? m*ulii?ned f-mmdainta, aa c->n be prosed by perrrfereiiee The specific ia ni.t a purg*li?e and lean entirely * getable remedy, without a particle of eolyc.vtith, tMT boge or aloea, ia plesssni to take and perfectly harmless jL.'M* ninst tlelicac* fuel, male or female Agent* will be , /"Tinted in ? '* towu, coautv or Miwe, *MI? th*r* I* ?vu*. o? apjilii^Uo" W FkALBkCO, UH Nasstv streea stolen ON bo?rJ th* ?*? ' Oicgou, fl?M.7th ? rocket book month*, dattpi lJoafon, Mi cli tilh 1IH?, tor uiue hundied and [?fn|v*mnf doll.wa and.line emu. All ?r? hereby nutioii'J not lo wen?toru?o. title a*i<l Uut? Any virion rrturuiitd .aid Not* lo <64 Br..?dW? , will ?? fitaMy rfW d d t< 3t*r ~" " lust BETWEEN SaterHay night und Sunday mormni, Jth and till. iutiant.M ?ud Jdol't Bill ol'KichuiK* f"r ?ll? I6i i?J, drawn l>. ')> M "?<?' and Account-iiit ??f lue briu-h (juiana II.nk Oem ?rera, on bn?ith. Pa\ue It wmiih. London in I' tor nT l?ire. H *cr? Whoefer tni> find the ahore. and will deli**! tli?ni t<> Mr. kirt?i Pljtt, No. MQ Cherry tireer, will eeri1. r ? ww?r4 of ti ?T1*m W A .\ TlV U \<"Ol.<1KED MAN a* Winer. Such only, m h??? no.lnnv.'?d rnomtn?'n)?iion at to character at.d 4'i-liAcaturn* ne^d n, ply. M No fl Wafrrttreet ?Sli"r TU MILl.lNb.KS A FIRST R\T? TRIM Vl?ll??>ne understand* her himnt p^rfe^tly, m w uitfd ro g > South, ?h?'? n go- d h .n Hiitl the Mgt ?( * co will t>? |i*w, i>? #?> n| the latgt?t nd m* ?.t r? ipecraMe l ouin in the Southern Country. Alto, au i ii iCid mo?* K??i e', w ho underat udi Millinery Wnu'd and pmin4iifmi employment. L ^'iif on 1hur??iay. the Uih m?t .after three o'clock. P. V., at "to il ilmugt n "treat None ' f <! ap)*ly but I*iom v> bo in perfectly Competent aud can gita tlx oest of references. >9 ft* r a vahmshkr and polisher wanted. ONE WHO I'willing to work and underst nda his business?ai.d no o.her need apply at Mo 4* Vesey street. ?? lt*r wants a "situation AS BAR HELPER or Doukkerprr, a young man of ti years "fsge Msti?factory refe'ei ce. and security if re q i ?d Add ess B. K. for two diys, the Herald Office s9 I ? r WA.VfKT>; BY two respf.ctabl young Women. situation! in a 1'rivn'e family m Cooking. Wa?hi?gaao Iro'iing, or Chamber woik at 17 Slieiiff street, secoud floor up stairs _ s> If r WAN ik1) By a vouno man of resectable conoeiions,a situation in the Dry O-iod*, Grocery or Commission line. 'J I.e b?*?t of.-e ere .ce? fmm bia lormer employers Please addreaa Bui i 1. Post Office. a8 3t*r WANTED 1VIVII;I>!ATI;LY. THREE Y. ung Oen lemt-n to qualify aa instructors of my ayatem of - ientific Penmanship and Peiim-kiug An oiieni g.f ihia description, both iu respe, ubiliiy and profit has rn-wr he> n temle ed to auy gentlemeu in thia cily. It la. however. proper in me to remark that cone need apply under thr age o 2S. or above the ?n>; of 40. and of genteel a Jdreaa As regaida the fee tor qualifying, that will ''eiiefld on the eircnmatauc a ol the applicants Imuieriiate application should be made to ADAM W H. K APP, author of scientific Penin luhip and Penm-king. No. 498 Houstou strict, between Womt?r anil I aureus atreeta. afi 3t*r KA,Lpi0(il) TJES WANTED iminrdi itelv. 10 M O Oak, ' hemut or Locust ties, sereu leel long, fl t e. ed oil two sides and 6 i .dies thi k. Apply at the office ol tlie Il.nlnn Rtilioad I'oinp-nv'i Office, in New York, or to the t hief Engiueer, ?t n lute Pla'iis itllw'r 1 nrSO WANTED with Partner in a in atftcfriii Y" Iiummcu All the biMint*m in done on the r^*h ! ?u? ip ?? h ifty prr ct?nt can ??e rlrnred and $*fl ooo sold the Ar.l var tl.? Imam- - ? - * ita wm</s amitinliy The advantage (rows on' of * Ute di<c orery, tind* aw passed by the I egi latur" The secret ii with the Any gentlrm n can b- (he partner. as the article i? sold bv the Captain on in arrival, anil th<- c ??> paid him. per order, Address" Partuer,"at this office. |7 3t*_r c _ _ WARDROBE AND FURNITURE WANTED. LAIJIKH AND OK^TLKMKN can obtain the highest rush priori for .>11 kind of wearing apparel furniture, 4cc. by applying for the atibacriber at No. 11 Mxrion s'reet between broome and Spring streets N 8TOKKRS. N. R ?A line tiimogh the poat office or otherwiae. will be pn1 ctu'lly attei drd to. an36 lm'rh HK t.AST HIVMl Ml'TlI \L INSl'RAN" K (stock) Comp .ny, of the city of New Yoik, office, N?. 61 Wall street This Comp ny continues to insure apainst |o?? and daintier by fire, on duelling houses, wart houses, buildingi, gooili, merchandise a d houiehi Id furniture, on aa favor.tile terms aa similar institutions in 'his rirv. JOHN BROUWER, President. ChakiesH Bir*ey Secretary ?6 lm tn A KUtilNfcbS FOR SALE IN NEW OKLtANS. IT IS \ KJCSFKC'rABLb tiid lucrative one, of a literary character. Thremire Kstsblishment will be disposed of for five tlioasin.I; or t * lulffor three thousand dollars cash. Korall further particulars, addreaa " B. D." by letter, and left at the office of this pai er iK IOti?t'h 'I'Hh undersgued respectfully tende a his services to hn I old friends aud th- | ublic in geneial. for the side of Pro dure of any kind?also, for the Receiving ana Korwardiugof (ioods. and strict aud punctual attention will be pa'd to all order., and charges u moderate as any established house m this city, A. LAKITTE. Ageut Snv&unah, Oa., Angust,3t, 1146. sC 6w*rc nuki*?ICU THAN KVi'lJ A FULL SUIT of Superfine Cloth mad* to order, in the most substantial and ftshiouahle style, ean be procured for $20, at MOFFATTU fashionable < ash Tailoring Establishment, No U Catharine street, New York. Every article i'i the line equally low. Call and see. an 17 lm'ir ,nHN MOgPATT CoKN>?ClJKb WAKKAN 1EL). THE Arabian Corn Plastei it an effectual core lor coma ; I is easily applied, aud gives immrdiate relief. In case ] it should lail to cure the inonev will be relnuded. Over MO 1 boxes bate bei-u sold this itnoi, and notour box ha* been re.urued for h iring failed to effect a cure. Kor sale by David Stud* k Co. 77 Kasl Broadwsv, 100 Fulton street and 27'J Broadway, C H King, 192 Broadway, C. Hut-bai 4IS Hodson-st, W vatt It Ketchum. 121 Knltou-st, J. Smith, 211 Spring street, K NI. Oeion, 127 Bowery, and by druggists generally. Pric I'i cents per hoy anlO 'm ?r TKA V LLLING TKUNlis, fcc. JOHN CAITNACH, Trunk Manufacturer, No. 1 Wall stre-1, coruer 1? Broadway, hat row nu hand aid constantly maatng, a good assortment ol Truulu, Valises, Carpet Bags, aud Satchels,wholesale and retail Al<i, a superior art cle of sole leather Trnnka, suitable for American or Kuropean Travel, aud Portmanteaus for Lhe French MaUe Poste. Orders lor the West Indies, Booth Ameica, fcc., filled with deapatrh ?uW Im'r WATCHES !?WATCHES AND J&W&LKk.?1 hosa who wish to pn^cliase Oold or Silver Watches, Oold Chains Oold Pencils, Keys, kc., will find it greatly to their advaul^ge to "all on the subscriber, who is selling all descriptions of the above at retail, macn lower than* any other house in the city. Oold Watches as lowaa $10 and fctteach. Watches and Jewelry exchanged ,?r botight. All watcnea warranted to keepgO'-d tiiue, or the money refunded. O. C. ALLEN, lmi>orter of Watches aa<i Jewelry. Wholesale and retail. 61 Wall street, anil Ira'mc np s tat re. BELGIAN COOKING STOVKS 2 OF these famous Cooking Store* for sale OtOKOE F. OERDINO. ?bW l?w 71 Maiden lane. FALL JiND WINTER HOODS rOH MWa WE.1K. KNOEPFEL, GREGORY AND FOOTE, So- 89 John lirert, Up Stain, HAVE now in itor# and will be coustanlly receiving New nil Desirable Goods, adapted to Men'i Wear, to which tliey would invite the ntteuuon of MERCHANT TAILORS and PURCHASERS generally. CLOTHS?German, French and English ol the beat fabrics, inpeiior fiuUh nod full width*. t ASslMKKS AND DOESKINH-M and 1-4, black and fancy, newesi and moat deairable atylea VKS 1INOS? Eura neb, black and fancy, Bilk, Satins, beared md p'aiu, figured shapes, Ike. VELVET VEoTLnOS? In atripea, plaid figures,lie., the richest imported. CLO.iKINO*? Plaid and <haded stripe TRI VIMINOS? Herges, aileania, canvass padding, buttons, musltus, n k twiat, thread, Ike lie. Pmchaarrs will find it greatly to their advantage to examine onr stoek befare miking their selections mil Im'rc tURHliN h.A.\uES. HOLMES'TWO OVEN KITCHEN RAN OEM THE Proprietors are now prepared to fnruiab Holmes ranges to the trade, or aet them np for private families or boarding houses, having purchased the right from the patentee to inanulaclureand sell them. Our experience in mauufactoring and setting Kitchea Ranges, in this city, for the paat II years, warrants ns in aasertinn that Holmes' futiiite cannot be surpassed fur economy. convenience, eud durability. They in warranted to perform the purposes for which they are parchased, and if aot they will to removed free of any expense to the iiurclM**r. Numerous reference* can be fir en to persons wishiug t* pordAase. The price* range from 25 to 4i dolars The proprietor* are constantly maaolaciuriug. and are well (applied with parlor, ofict, and bed-room URATES. of tbo newest pattern*. Also?TIN WARE, bright, plain and ja^aued. They hare maauui at all time* ready to *et Ranges, grktes, and toiler*? also, smekcy chimneys enred^ Mciitji^^sy^ SON anil 'm"? ** HAKJLAVARb, UAlft tibAl'iNcj, WATCHbS. &c. THF. SUBSCRIBER offer* to the trad* and whole**]* dealers, on favoralii* icm*. l.OMl gro*s low prirad table Knives and Fork*. 200 do Ane round (tag do do at $10 par gross. 500 , a r no d> guard C.irvers, ut 17% e >t?. A complete asaorment ol b**> C 6 h lie*. I bu**ls, he. 100 pieces superior Hair ( loth, all sites, at the reduced price. Engli h Layer Watches, at f 13 JO; Morem*uri at t> SO, ke. Also, T<ar* (haius, Knon Locks Saws, Bra'*s ami Bits, Be l Mr> *i. Vic**, Violin *t<ii<(s, T-a Trays. Pe r union taps he fcc.lcc. JOHN A NKWBuULD. s7 3t is ? d ni IS John st * t, up stair*. I.ATGIiliLOK'S tiAlK i'V h A LIQUID COLORING KOR THE HAIR, WHI8K K IIS |tc.?Its claims to pttronavr will at once be understood hy those who liave naed or sold the )>rei>aratiou? offered for dying the liatr. It* application i* simple, its effect certain ; being emphatically a pe-fect h <ir dye, without destroying the elasticity or health of the liair To f-nc> storekeepers d>uituists, fee., it will be found a most de.iMhlv article, a* they can with confidence, recommend it to their custurner*, and no be troubled with complaint* o( it* dying the km or line*. It will not rub oil the h-if, and dustaut washme only improve* ita appearance. The color i* permanent and perfectly uniform, entirely tree from iho*e unnatural tints, var> tug from the faded green to th* roval purple, produced by the ordinary hair dyes In proof of it* efficacy th* lUTeiitor II prep*.ed to apply th* dv* lo whi.ker*, or a portion of the i sir. without charge, to those wishing to purchase, if it proves satisfactory ; lor which pur|>oee he has private v'Vft!,10,d wh,ll"?l* ?<) retail by WM. BATCHELOR No. > Wall street, u*ar Broadway. Price ft 1 drtiihlo (itii ftl VI I ?k. .Jj sj_* ? ? T.. ?ri .. ? ? ??!. mile agent in Wnlc Hilton 1 ity. J. H. <?ibb?. I'euo. innmi, an2ilm*re. MEEN FUN, THE CELEBRATED CHINKSfc SKIN POWDER, FOB reatarinr, beautilying, and preferring the complex ion, and rendering the ikiu delicately white, tmo tli, and oft. The ladiea of the higher clataea of China, Japan and I'eraia, hare for agea been noted for the exceeding delicacy of their akin, attributable t the ate from infanrr of co*inetie, until recently praeerredaa a hereditary ana inviolable "ecret amimgat a certain aet of Chiueie pneatbo.xt, daaignated Teen aa, or ala<tial Doctora The recent extended int.ercon'-e of Oreat Britain with t'i?t nation haa elicited many important commnuicaii'na reapecting their ctiatnma and habits ; amougat the number the recipe of thia long hidden Skin Powder, called by them Meen Knn, or CeleatialSkt. Powder. This a^eret waa diacloaed by a descendant of ?oe of the prieata of the temple of T?en T?n. or Temple of the Heaeens, to Charlea Malcolm. liaq., M. 1,, f,,r profeaaio'ial aersicea. Meen Fnu ta aimply a pret./tration of Oriental lierba, aud may he naed wiih |ie. feet aMa'y for the cor? ol all nt mentis dia-irde?a Amongst the mo't piommei.t ire Tau Freckles, luaentihle and 1-opiouA Perspiration, Blotchea, Pimples, JJpota, Ir itstion. Coarsanesa, ami a variety ol otliera IJTo be had ofV. CLIREHUOH, Broadway ; C. II. Ring, corner of John anil Broadway; A. B fiend* k Co., IPO Fnftin street ; Huahton k Co.. Broadway ; Henry John. ?on. cor er of Broadway ai>d Chambera atreer ; and all other rea-, ecuble chemiata and perfumers throiighont the I'uited Htatea and of the ante importera, IIOUBH k < o , 2 Wall street. in boieeprice , J. and 7a anil 'mV_^_ A~~ thorn CHAMPagne IfRKrtH INVOICE of this delightfnl Chart p?tnra la ta tort, to which theiur*nu<>n nif rebaoti, hot#! ktrrxrs, nr.J privnt# n*oti*m*n 11 in*it*4. TJw str*n<ho? ofth.i Win# 1,1,1 ? WT"'"w9l4S?ik. tT j? A?i?iTIO.? yrH )C?. iuCTIONJOTICE. L RMTL RF?tic?lirut f%nitai?, he., thu day at 10 o'clock, at No "U 8uLUWi alreet, the tiariiiiuie of a family leaving tlia city. (oiiaMtlM of 8ofaa. Mapla and fancy C hiii, Th rod Diuing 'riKt. Work do. mahoganv tod oilier Waahatauda. Beoatea.lajfeia Maitiaaaea ami Uedding, Caipeta, K Koda, ? 1 uor Clotna, Looking OI?aae?, Kli?acta, Plated mid Oiaaa war#. (&Mra, Window Mhadea. I laiu lid <l-ea<uig iiuiriua Clocka, whiiia aud L>iuncr acta. Crockiia , the Kitchen Furnitugfc 8?o?aakc The whole in xcal a t keeping. Cau b? M*a from I I'cloek fill th? hour tf? |r. r*T JOHN SNIFFIN ag A. \uctn?oecr. tl UU'CLLZ'ilU. Aucn utrr. HAKl'W\HK, CLTLlKY, UL'Nl, fce at Auction? i'uttle 6c Uucluxeau will Mil chia day, at 10 o'clock at the Sale iiuoui. No till Will atreet. i li (r ?, d . n.eral of Birmiofhitn autf StMflteld Hardware. American c >oda. K-nCV Aiticlea k' ?Conprniuv ibou Jt*o tarda of Pocket ('.Hilary sIM Iota ISirmiuaham Shelf Hardw i a ?Ou* aULiog of Braaa Uut a Scir? (Tooka t?"ir K.'da. Lo k Km ba C "* Billet XVeha; Pndlocka, Jlutchar Kuivaa liareo Ditera S rela Thiioblaa, Senao.amd Sheaia, Cauaa, lkoka and kyea, Pn a, &.c AI jo. S caaka " Ropi a" C Mioaing Knirei | Al?o. M id J pinned Ontillc. fiaudrlll. and COUTH Tea Tr..-. IVkllni. T. ...a a.. AU '1 cases (Jerinau si??j?' and double barrel Gum, real twit*. imitation, Sic Also. IWJ i>aira belt and pa'kM FUtola. Caialonuea now ready. s#'t^r W.m A ntr.ontk. A?c,K?.-^7 WM. A. HEE< HKK. stott M Cedar street, up stairs.? Dry (inoda by catalogue, lor cub. Regular sales on Monday and Thursday Farticular attcntiou given to uaignae's aalea ol stock goods auM lin?r CENTb'RV PLANT. THE CENTURY PLANT exhibiting at DUNLAP fc THOMSON'S Herd Store. UU Broadway, it -iiin covered witn dower t>uds, seed pods, and perfe tly formed pi tuts Oikii from 7 A. M to ! P M. Admittauce MX centa. children hair price. The price of admiaaiou will be Cheerfulh refunded tunny viaiter. who it not perfectly attained thai it la ihe larxest and mo?l wonderful plain of the kind evei eiluhited in th:s eonutry. ?i lw?nic ?10 Rt;WARD-LOST or stolen. ON ihe evening of tlt? 3iith ult., from the wharf at Hiv boken a V <wl Boat. 20 IVet luug, pan.ted white with the eiceptiownf one hltrk aire <k arcJMi the lop. audita* tew ntist, beuch-airp and thwart. 8. McC> rmick. the bui iter's name, is branded o> the inside of the tier . A reward of TEN DOLL AKS will be given ou the delivery ol ihr boat to the subscriber. JOHN VAN BOSKLKDK Hoboken. i?ept t IMC. ?' IWrc MOTHER'S CURtlAL. THE superior efficacy of tliiaarticle. when used iu the last stages ol pregnancy, la ao apparent, tliat uo lemale who has once eiperieured ita benefits would be willing, on any condition. to be deprived ofit. Its arete shorten and diminish the sufferings attendant on Child Birth one hall, and thus place both childaud mother ill a state of aatety. Tina is uo quack article, nut the presortption of a regulir rhyairitu, one who this brauoh of his piactcea particular study. For sale at 192 Broadway, corner of John street. ?4 lm?m D?. SALMON'S REMEDY.?For disorders of the stomach. liver, and knl> e> s, accompanied with iudigettion, loss of s^ipetite, bead-iclie. h'lious attacks, giddiness, jpaIjii liar*, tide, and lowri pirt of the cheat h ibitnal costiveness, worms, mid other distressing kvuipioma Th'S celebrated | inedi inc hu met with eitraordinary succeee in private practice, aud ia priced ao highly by those oho Mri taken it, that the oroprietot haa been induced to introduce it te the public seuerallv He aaaurea auv aufferer from the above cuinpltinis, that it ia aa it profesaea to be, a iMnect care. iiitiuritniR the s stem, restoring appente. health, color and at ength even to the moat debilit ted. Thia remedy contaiua no mercury, nor any prepiratiou of it, and doe> not prevent the closest attention 10 buaiueaa. The moat satiafactory reference given, if leouired. CHAS H HI no. 192 Broadway, i a< lm * m comer John atreet, aole An ml for New Vfork. IilKD GAGE MANUFACTOK*, 136 Spring Strret, (between Wonstcrmnd Laurent ) THE hUB*? KIBKK would inform hit cut inert and the public, that he keepa constantly ?u banu, 1 true supply of Comnnoii aud Fancy Bird images. of every description ; also, Wooden, Cedar aud Willow Ware, Brulh*s Baakeca, and Mat*, aud a general aaaortincnt of articlea uau IIy kept in a wo.'den ware atore, which he will aell leaa >h?a they can be b'ugh> elsewhere I. KELLY. *1 lm*r AMERICAN MANUFAG I UK.ED CUTLbKY. WM. WILD, manufacturer of Cutlery, No. 160 Division atreet. New Y< rk, has constantly on hand a g'tod aaaortment of I, 2, 3 and 4 blade Knives of hia own manufacturing, good and cheap to the trade a?23 I in ? re T WINKS?250 b&lea Esigliah, Bridport, Seine. Herring and O'll Net Twines, comprising a complete aaaorrinaat from 5X to 3G lb. manufactured expressly f?- this market-? ' Kor aale by E. K. COLLINS fc CO., an24 !* .*>nth atreet TH1? AMAZON " WIGS, GENTLEMEN'S Real Head's of Hair, being the latest and greatest improvement in the manufacture of Wigs and Scalps: and the aubacriber ia happy in being the firat to iutro [ duce them here. The; display tne forehead and temples to any height, a point in wig making never before attained.? They are composed of ventilatiug or gossamer work. They fit ou the head oy a mechanical contrivance entirely new; they ! are nnt ou in a moment. Thee immediate! v adaDt themaelvea to the countenance, and at once become part ana parcel of the living man. Copy the addreas E PHALON, 61 Broadway, opposite the an2t lm*rc Olohe Hotel, under Jndsnn's Hotel. NEW PAPER HANGINGS FRANCIS PARKS If CO., NO 379 PKARL 8TREKT, HAVK the Isrt<-?t (apply nud the most splendid assortmeat of nil the latest and the most tpproV' <1 styles ol? PAPER HA.NOlNOrt, BORDhR*. lie.. whirh thev offer ft Merchants, Dealer*, Landlord*, and olheri, on the molt adrautage?us terms. The most competeut Paper Hangers can be had at the j shortest notice s4 lm*re WliNuUW aHAUt DKPUT, No. 7 SPRUCE 8TREET EST ARLISHKD IN IS40. WHOLESALE AND RKTAIL. ! GHADES of all description*, kind* and sixes, SO per cent : O cheaper than can be bought at any other place. TrimI mine at m*nnf?ctureri' prices. Signs, Banners, and Interior Decorations dnne in a style ; net to he surpassed BARTOI, k URvlSBEK, auZ7 " and i?-:uori?^s I FAMILIES GOING lO AND AKRlVUNij FROM THE COUNTRY. LAD1K9 OR OENTLBMEN having superfluous effect* to dispose of, such as Wearing Apparel, Furniture, lie., can obtain a fsir cash price lor the same, by aeuding for the ; anbecriber, through the Post OAce, or otherwise, w'no will ! attend at their residences. J. LEVKNSTYN, I Ladies ?. K. ? W. tW&SMW" ant lm#rrf i christie^s genuine galvanic rings, AMD MAGNETIC FLUID, FOR THE PERMANENT CUKE O? RHEUMATISM, AND AI,L nervous complaints. NO matter how chronic or aer-re may be lh? complaint, it readily yield* to the wonderful power*. a* developed oy thia remarkable diac?very. The mo?t reapectalile laatimouiala from nil imru of the country, are daily received THt. GALVANIC BELI'S, BRACELETS, OARTERS, lie . are d u.ted for vanoua dia?aaea, aud can be worn bv the moat delicate wi'h |wrlre.i aafety and convenience The great aud beneticiHl influence etarteri on the ayatem by theae article* (noat be wiiueaaed to be believed Only Agency in New York, No. 1U Broadway, between Join. atrret. and Maiden lane. Explanatory pa aphleu may be had gratia. ar lwdi?3iW 'r flavoring extracts*. Afreah aupply highly concentrated French Extract!, uh aa V AN ILL A. PEACH, NECTARINE, ROSE, LEMON BIT i EH ALMOND, aud aeveraj otliera, for flavoring Ice Cream*, Blancmange, CuatArd*. etc., aud'all ! kudaofPaacry, foraalc by JOHNSoN, MOORE k TAYLOR, i a 13 Im'tp liaportera. be.. Ill Maiden lane N. Y. TO LEASE, for a numbar of year*, a beautifully aituated Water Power, adjoiuing a flourishing village, with a auitable quantity of Land, near the city of New York, ha ring a water and railroad communication with that city ot lOinilea. The pe>manenr aummer *upj>ly i* from 70 ho'?c to Imoat any amount. Apply to MORE fc BAKER, ?) Im'r Tfli Broadway. GbltMAiN HAKD^AKt.. ALARUZ aaaer ment or Oerman Hardware, confuting of Sciaaora, Chiaaela, Bntcher Kmrea, table Knivea mid Forka Savra, Plane Iroui, tlil'er Cheiua, Pocket Kuirea, Knitting Pma. Umbrella Frame*, he. Alao, Curtain Pina, Curiam Ornamema, Slate*. he., haa jaat been received by the underaigued. and ia offered fur tale low, on accommodating tarn.i touealen. SLVTES AND SLATE PENCILS. 40 cuea Slate,, aaaored N >a ltoG.2. 3. 4, 4,1,6 and Noi. 3, 4 and >. Alao, 9 rug* Slate Penrila For aole by OEOHOE K. OERJINO,71 Maiden >an?, Junction ot Liberty afreet. Violina. Ouitara. Flutea. fcc.. conat*ntl on hand anM Im or TO THfc PUBLIU. THE Or HEINE, whoae nam haa frequently appeared in the newapepera, ia uot Dr. SOLOMON HEINE, ol No. 117 < hunhera atreet. Thia jg to preeeut miatakee in the miuda of the public Or. S<JVmon Hein? being our amily piiyaician, we, the aoderaigued, hare taken the li .erty to have thia l",erted. CHAhLEn WIOHT. DAVIS HAHRISON. JOHN ELVOORT. SIMON HOPKINS an2J Im'rre ROOMS FURNISHED ROOMS to let. No 27 Warren atreet. <1 <m?rf h)iw IJM. fc.\.N*? Louiaiai! and >ew MrMV. York Lino? Kegular packet of the 'J I at int. to auc Hfanrd the L?ui*a?-Th* laat tailing regular packet amp !?AK TELLE. Taylo , muter, will be deapatrhed aa For freight or p,aaage,?pply ou boaid to tlie Captain at foot of Wall aireet. or to E K i OLLIN8 St CO , V> South atreet. Agent in New Orleaua. Jamea E. Woodruff, who wrll promprfv forward *1' |oid< to hi* addreea # p 1 'Mir 9 vitAufc,.', h.O m IiL.-\, will plene tend their permita JaSflfaon hotrd, foot of Pike atreet, Ea?t Rirer, or to the office i f the aubacribera N. B.?All gooda not permitted in lire day*. mini be aent to the public atore. WOODHULL fc MINTt RN, ai 117 South aireet. |i? FOR LI VERPOOL?New Line?Hegolar racket tflfVof 21st 8em ?The anperior fait sailing packet shir flm.qUKKN OF THF. WK8T, '.apt Philip Wood house, ISM toni b art'ten. will Mil *? ihore, her regnlar day. For freight or pusaajre. having f ulead i*l? larte and comfortable ante room* and cabin, ippljr to tkt* Captain on board, at weat pier uf Barling slip, or in WOODHULL, It MlNTllEN, 17 South street. Price of passage SIM. , The regular jacket ship lUckiilfr, W cnii Mrwei, will anceeeii ,li? IJaecn of the IVni, and sail ou her regular u*T. >l?t uf October. iJ ir*g- PASSAGE FROM BELFAST DIRF.CT-To HRTjy Mil i uuctutlly the lith No?ein!ier? The ? lerjid packet (Mr QLF.NMORE, Captain Michael, will tall aa shore hrt rruular d?v. 1 he subscriber ha< completed hi* arrangements to haee a rexn'er li>.e uf first class ships ?s ling h? Vh of each mu.-th from ihe ihore port, thereby meae'itlng the moil favorable < jipoittiujty to those who taa; feet desirou* of hating their frienda brought oot from the north of Ireland. For f-uthet ijarticnlarii please pP'y (If b> letter post paid) to ION. .VIcM'KKAY.cor. Pine aid Sooth atrreta, or to Messrs. II lull AHUSOM, OiiOTHRflH Sc CO , i ?1 tnc No. < \ irk s'reet, llelfatt FOB LIVERPOOL?To Mil cn the IIth Sep?TfMfVt?mber ?'The new, fast sailing pscket JMekv'li'P CHAOS. ( aptain Wilson, now Imdiug at the I'd t of l>o?erstreet, will 6e desp?tched as ?b??e Hrr accommodation* for second cab u and steerage passenfira are uusurpnssed by anv of the packet ships. Tl.ose about to cnbark wiuld ilo writ to emntne this ?nl?-ndid ship prer ou to ei.g'Kint Isewli-.e Apply on hoard, or lo JOHN HI.HUM AN k LO 61 fc>uhetr#?. N B ? Passage l(vH ttrggi BtiUia and Ireland, (?v? Lrf*?v1 paii)?uwMi|bii?nn4MiMk?tMiM?i.. ? ??^ " ' ' BIWCOV!'*, t?ir. ! I.o. OF O. F -CItKENWOOD CEMETERY. I 0A IN CONSI-.VIL'KNOK ofthe Cnuterratiou of the Burial irroinid it G'?enwood Ceuie- 1 ^Eb^3DQL> the Odd Kellowj of Brooklyn, and in order toafford 'he cilizeua of Sew York mi opportunity of ' 1 wiiatMiug the lain-. ihe ateainhoata PROPRIETOR und I 1'>L AS will Ir.n e Whitehall at 0.12. 2 aud 4 o'clock, duect { for the New Link at Uncnwcud, ato |>ni( ou their return trip>lrom?L'o..ey Ulaud. fc'are I2)? i eut? 1 I tia*r THUS. BtlLBY, Pr?prier?r OU.\b* ibli.VM) FbllKY. I IN ?.'0 >SKQlfKNi K of ill* ettteme hot ] CL- weather, and the de.ire, n? well aa nee*aaitv. of he ciUtrua ol thu city to I ike ' their laiuilio whem they van not oul' enjoy pl-a>ure but iui;n ?e their heal'h, the Proprietor bo 1.1?<?d dii eitiu { ; Boat on the Kerry ail ofwhlchwill run aa foLowa.till I'm- j ; thrr notice The itrmnboat PROPHIfcTOR. ? apt H M?IWu. will I run at toll .w? ? Le ?iu? ( uul ?n?et, at A. M. mil 2K P. M . Whitehall, at In V. M. and 3 P. M ; and Con?y Ulan a. at I 1 US A M. nndS P. M. And the tenm'ioat IOLA8, ( apt R. Yatei, will learr Pib? 1 I it reel, at 11*4 A VI. ail J Jk P *1.) White, tall. at .2 M mid , i I P \i.i I'unei ltlaud, at 1)4 and JSj oVIock, P M? Inudiuic . at the Greenwood (Jemetry Do?k and Kort Hamilton each I w?y. 1 And the ?te mhoat Dl'N'" AN C. Pklt.L. Cant D. S To. I bine, will run direct from Whitehall tv Couey ]al uid, touch- I ing *i Kot H'lmliou ouly on her Itil trip up? tearing W huehall at II A. M., 2 aud ?>* P. M.; Coney Ulaud, at lt)i, 3%, and ti, o'clock, P.M. Kare lif>i ceata, racii way. i>3i?r T. BKILBY. Proprietor. OPPOSITION TUKET OFFICE FOR THE NORTH AND WEST. Jga FOR AI.B \ NV, 75 ct?; UtICa. %2\ Sy. I(*1 ti' rnruae, St '41; Oa? ego. S2 7J; KwJieitvr, $t 76 ; ! Buffalo Si ; C cat eland, Si .'HI ; Pvrirmouin, 89; rittaburgii, $9 Detroit, Michigan, $6; Cm| cieiiatl. Ohi". Vilwatikir S'J, Ibi ago St, To onto U I C Si *>"; Hatni'lou, S> H'i Kiugtiou, $4 iO; Whitehall. $2 I W; M uti eal Si toi Paeaercer?, by app ymg, c ui wet their t ckft at the Otlire, No. luo iiaiclay atrert. at the al'Ove PriCei. M. L it\K, .Audit lt?9 i Wr rEOPLfel'Sl LINK OK STEAMEKH KOK ALBANY. Direct?Unity, Sundays excepted? it 7 o'clock. P. M From 8trambo"l Bier brtwrrn Courtlanrit and l.thrrty jM. 4MQ Steamboat KNICKEKBO' Kl'.ll, Capt A &aajE|9l Hnaghtou. will leave ou Moudiy, Wednea CaSMGK day ami Friday eveuinga, at 7 o'clock. Steamboat HEN UH1K HI' li^ON, I (!.' rutteuden, aril leave ?u Turaday, Thuraday and Saturday eveninga, at7 i o'clock The above boata will at all tiraea arrive in Albany in ample . time for the morning cara Tor the Ea?t jid Weat. F rielit taken at moderate ratea, and uoue taken alter 5>? o'clock, P M. I All peraon> are forbid Uniting any of the boita of thil line, without a written oider from the captaina or ageuu. For paaaage or freight, apply on board the hoaU, or to P. C. Dclinltz, at tt>e office on the wharf. UNITED 8TATE8 MAIL LINE. At io'clock, P. M., Landing at Intermediate Plaeci. fVam tkt font at Barclay thrift I oinnnni .iunjn jiumiiua n ri. r rry, will leave ou Monday, Wednesda,, Friday, and Sunday alter! i noons. at 5 o'clock. Steamboat H^NTA CLAL'B, Captain B. Overbangh, will ! leave ?u Tneaday, Thursday and Saturday afleruooua, at j S o'clock. Apply on board, or at the office on the wharf. aim | FOR N EW^iTuFsWyR: ^jggk THE Isrce and swift Steamboat NEW fcr3?L?3*rll[LAD.LPHI A.Captain,!, S F.aiee will ! 9Ca3Kiii9Eale vf New York from ilie toot I Barclay ! street, *v?n> diy (excert ru d?y)?t 9 o'cl ck. A. M . ior i ew lirauswick, l-uiduu at < tels-v Bl 7.II1K "*lar lloatville, Beniley'a, 1'erth Aroo y, Sonth Anihoy, ami Pace's Poi t, arriving ?t New Bruuawick about hall' pn?' It o'el'Wk. l(c turuiiiit will leave >rw Hrun<wi<-k at ball" pa t ti o'clock, P. M. Fare to South Amboy, Price's Point, and New Bruuawi k.JSe?ntf. All the i.ther landings. I2>? ceu s. All kinda of freight taken at the loweat rttea. New York 3d 8epteml>er. 1816. s4 2w*m i .Mn independent mornino link: at I UM&7 O'CLOCK.-FOR ALB\NY from the IHtaaaHCiab'teamboat pier at the pirr foot ?f Warren I street. Passage $1 Ml. Touching at the foot of Hammond it. | Breakfaat and diuner provided ou board The swift and magnificent steamer I HON WITCH. Com- ; I mandeil by '"apt. Nepheu It. Roe, Iraves New York, Tues- j day. Thurdiy and Saturday Leavei Albany. Monday, i Wednesday aud H'riday. Landing at Van Courtlandta, West- | point, Newbnrgh, Milton, Po'keepaie, Hyde Park, King* ou, Catskill, lludsou. ?u25rc ! MORNING BOAT FOTTALTHAN Y AND TK.OY | Jll PASSAOE ONE DOLLAR? Biaakftsl , ^e-uid dinner ou board <he boat. Passengers I SE_JBUE-Ui1miik this boat will arrive fii time to take the eveuing traiu of cart from Troy weit to Buffalo, and north te Saratoga and Lake (ieorge. The Steamboat NI AO VR A, Capt. Wm. Ellsworth, Monday, Wednesday and Friday, at 7 o'clock. A M , from the steamboat pier foot of Barclay street. Retaining on opposite days. For passage or freight, apply on board, or to F. B. Hall, at the office on the wha-f. an I# re Jjjm lJAlLi LINE OK BOA'l S Bfc/J'W KEN KJbQ1 NEW YORK AND 8TATEN ISLAND. The steamboat! SYLPH, Captain J. BraUMd. and STATEN ISLANDER, Captain D Van felt, will *Lmts Staten'lsland tfto. I, I, Uand 11 A. M; at 1,1,1,4,?, I tad 7, P. M. Leave New York at 7,1, II,and 11, A. M. and L*<t>4i3< ' 1,7and K past 7 P. M. i All freight at the riak of of the ownbt? thereof. A stage will leave Vnnderbilt's landing for the Telegraph- 1 le matte* every boar throughout tue day rut ux emu. _jy so | TROY MORNING AND EVENING LINE' I MORNING LINK AT SEVEN O'CLOCK. jmmgk FOR ALBANY AND TROY-From the ^^MfVlttuibou Pier at (he Toot of Barclay itreet. XaM9al<iidin( it Peelukill. Weit Point, Nejr1 burkli Hainptoa, Milton, Ponghkeepaie, Hyde Perk, Rhine- 1 oeclt, U. Red Hook. Bristol, CalaaiU, Hudson, CoxaaCkie, Kinderhook and Baltimore. Breakfast and diaaer on board the boat. : The steamboat NlAUARA.will leave oa Monday, Wed- | I aeidny and kriday Mornings 7 A. M. ! The ateamDoat TROV, Captain Oerham, oa Tuesday, > Thursday and Saturday mornings, at T o'clock. Returning on opposite day a. Kor paaaage or freight apply board, or at the offlce oa the i wharf. NEW YORK. ALBANY AND TROY LINE. FOR ALBANY AND TKOY DIRECT, From the pier at the loot of Coartlandt itreet. The low-pressure steamboat EMPIRE, Captain R.B. Maey, mavei the loot of Courtfcudt atreet, oa Taeaday, Thursday aad Saturday eveninn, at seven o'clock. The Steamboat COLUMBIA, Capt. Wn. H. Peek, will leave on Monday, Wedaeaday and Friday erniion, at 7 o'clock. PruMugen taking theie Boau will arrive ia time ? lake the.Morning Train ofCars trom Troy weat to Bnffale,aad north to Saratoga, Whitehall and Lake Champlaia. For Passage or Freight, apply on board, or at uie Offlce oa i the wharf. No freight taken after 3W o'eloek. NOTICE? All gooda, freight, bank bills, specie, or any other kind of property. positively at the owner's n?k. jMt OPPOSITION MORNING LINE AT O*CLOCK FOR ALBANY. Landing at Hammond street. Van Cortlandt's (Peekskill), i We-t Poult, Newburgh, New Hamburgh, Milton, Poogh keepaie, Ilvde Park, Kingston, Upper Red Hook. Bristol, Catskill, Hudson, and Cotsnckie. Passage, One Dollar. jMft ^at THE uew ?nd fas'-sailing low-pressure i ^^^a**(f.mboat.METXMORA.C>rc. P.H Smith, SCJULwiII lriT? ,he pi?r fo..t of Warren afreet on ' Mond.y, VWd.i-aJay aitd Friday, at n'el ,ck, A M. Re j ! turning, lea?e Albany iu Tueaday, Thursday and Saturday Paaicunera taking ihia boat will arrive in Albauy iu time for ! I the cara gum* N'>rrh and W?at. break ia?t autl Dinner ou board. Ka e in Vau lortlandt'a Dock, 25 centi; Poughkeeptie, JO; ! ' Hud?on.7J; Albany $l ?l Im r I .?a lite Proprietor* of Sieamboata withiDi fl.^.ilAi?3>BKLLS HL'NU. would do well repay a I 3CojMUE??ii>it on boa d tile ^leainboata Nagara, I M'ltuUigm. li Temor, Irou W't h, Thoramt Powel, Eicel| aior, lti|>r Wi'liama, Ike., and exauii e Mr llo er'a aiyle of B?-ll Hanging, especially adapted lor 8trainoata. pu' up neatly and atrong, and war,anted for sue ycu.? H H., >o I Ann arreet and No. IM Fulton atreet. i an7 tmeod'rc j VfcSSKI. WA > I'KL*?V good autiatautial ?e?ael i WBjnPV ni about 4000 barrel* burthen, to I roceed to noith ? ? of England. Deapatch will b? gi?e > Apply t? WOODHULL It MINTURN, i a?r S7 Heuib a'reet. j ?UR NEW ORLHANH?Will noaitirely atil ' MlffV tlna Hay, Meotember 9?The anperb packet ahip TALL>.YH AND. Capiaiu Webb, having been unav> detaiued. will aail aa above. A few m->re ( a?in , and Steerage IWenger* can be taken, if immediate apnplicati .n la made on board the ahip ly i' g ?t Murray'* wharf, foot ; of Wall at.,!or to iJOHN HEROMAN k CO. ftaJV *11 South atreet. 1 x*3?- UVION LINE OK PACKETS KOR LIVER j PQtlL ?Pac et of the 0th Sept.?The inlendid . sail ou Tuesday, tjept *th, her regular day.? The accommodations for c 'bin. second cabin, and net-rage paaseufers, it is well known are superior to those of any other hue of packet*, a id their great rapacity renders ihem earry way more comfortable and convenient Those wishing to secure beribs should make early application on bo^rd, at rier Mo. U, bel >w Wall street, or t" W. V J T. TAP*COTT, IK South-at , aO r 2d door helow Burling Slip. "am U NION LINK O- PV.KMH FOR LIVKHPOOL ? Packet of the Jd -eptember.?The -plenMMHfeB<lid and fast hi i g packet ?hip S 1' (JKOHOE, >000 fins burthen. Capt. W. i) Ft ris. will sail on Thursd i . September 3d her regular day. The accommgdatio it for cabin, Srcoi.d cabin ami ste?<?g? pa-oengers, it is wrll known are ' eqml to lho<e of any other line of packets, and thair great capacity re< ders them every way more coin'or able mid Convenient Thoae wishi.g to secu'e berths, should u ake early application ou board, at pier No 4 Nor h river, or to W. Ik J. T TAPS' OTT, aoWr ro South st. 2d door below Burling xlip, c OH LIVKKfDOL?Men Line?Hcfolsr iwck <49ffV*t, to sail September ?th?The elegant, fast sailVKKaing packet ship SHMUDAN.O. B. Ornish, masts' ni 'l ie'an*, will sail as above, her regular day. Kor freight or passage, hiving accommodations ane<jaalled I for splendor or comfort, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, or to v y. ?'ni,Mw*in:n. y ? Packet ship OARRICK, B. J II Trask, master, will sqc feed the SHERIDAN, and sail October 26th, her regular day. an30 m FOR MARSEILLES?To be pramntly de SJUWajiat.:lied ?The bark MISSOURI, Capt. Silvester. JMWsabal' or freight or pasaage. apply to CHA.MBKIU.AIN kPHKLrs.orto ^ ^ BOVD k MINt KKX, Brokers. I NOT I< K ? Debts that may be contracted by the erew of I the French ship COLO.M BO, will not be paid by the captain, I nor by the consignees. an30 in - ? ^ -- BRITISH AND NOHTH AMKRI ROYAL MAIL 8TKAM HHIP8, l*? tons and MO horse power each, tin. ^2^Sjju|Sfder contract with the Lords of the AdmiHIBERN1A Capt. A. Ryrie. CALEDONIA Capt. K. O. Lott. BRITANNIA Capt. J.Hewitt. I CAMBRIA Capt.C. H K. Jndkia*. ACADIA <,*pt. Wm Usrrisns. Will sail from Liverpool aud Boston, via Halifax, as fol | lows fl'im BOSTON. ?BOM Lit k ar ool. Ililie i ja. AH?, in, l#m. ururimin Ilf, .?!? Ctlrdoffc Pept 1, " Cuaibri* Sept. ?, " Urilxniiii " HiDerui* 1 If " Cambrm Off' I. " Pitsine Momtf. from Boa ton to Liverpool $1*. From ti> HMiItt... . 1?. No lterth? Meured until |*i'l for. The?e tliipi c*rry uerietice'l mrgcon*. No freight, except ipeei*, reeeii?d dire of iiulinv. Kor freight, pM#n({<. or any other infurrawirm. M'P'T to D. BltlOHAM, Jr., A??nt. At HARN'hN U CO 'H, 6 Well rt. FT In addition to the Above line between Liverpool *nd H*Iif??. tod Bo?ton, a eontnrt ba? beeu entered into n it It Her M?Je?t?'i government, to ??tah1i>h a line betwrrn l.ivi erp'i >1 end New Vork direct. 1 he ?teim ?lnr>? lor thi? ?er. rice ?re uo? being built, and curly n^it year due notir* will ) be Kit en of tlie time wh#-n they willatait. Under the tu-ve contract the ateamert will ml every Mainrda? during eight ouOia, ?nd ???ry fortnight timing ihe otner month* in th? year tKiicg alternately between Liverpool, and i N#w Y"*k AMlWK'tfc.nT*. PVKK THEA I'HE?On Wedueaday F.reniur. Sept. rn. will be performed fuiki|>e?' '? ir ng?lyul RIIHAKD III?Richard, Mr0 Kran; Km* H'lir. IV Mr Ba-rv; Heury, j Earl of Kichmoiid. Dvott; Si Robert Brackeubury, A"d?r on: Kdwaid, Miss Deiiuy ; Itichard, Mix E Denny; Elua- I brill, Mia (_ Keen, Lady Anne, Abbott; Ducheae of York, , Mrs riarry. I'o conclude wnb the farce of ibe BAKKACK ROOM? Clariase, Mi? Chmles kean. Doors i inn at 7 o'clock, and the |>erformaneee will com- 1 mtiice al half-past 7 o'clock Boies $1 , fit iO cents ; Oal- < lery ?> cents^ BOWEKV t'HE VTUE ? Ou Wrdrindiy hrmiiii, Sept i #th. will he i?rforin< il the tr iy dy of ilit W 1KB?Maria- I a iriii Julia l)t M; Ju'ian St rirrre, Mr Neahr; Leuu O nyatfo, Booth; Moribrl. Mrs Sergeant v*i.irh, Miiaet H k ) Viller will duicr the Polka. To ronclu'ia with the d una ol' the SIX DLlilt OF CUIME-Juho Doiniil., MrClarke, Mich r I, Booth; Ker In,and, Kone.i?r, Louiie, MraJ'idau; taroliue, .Sum Hall; Fanny, Mrt Sergeant. Doors open ii 7 o'clock, curtain will rise at hall oust 7 ? Dress Circle, itf centa: Upper Boiea, 24 ,?uts: fit ana < *aiiery )t% onn (^Aii L.K. or.\?tl>f. M. ai'I. iu"C froui?-i !-? a J opei -taj tnd evening ? Seco d ?? > of the BUt FO TROUPE OK ETHIOPIAN Ml.sSl'hEL* ?On Mo dav Ei iiiiiK. Sept. 7ih, the entertainment will commence witii su I \8TRUMENTAL INTRODUCTION. lutcrin.aaion of lull ai> hour lor refreshmenta, mil to new the bcmtiful rau(c of COSMOKAMAH, on the Up|*r Esplanade. To conclude with a aerie* of DISSOLVING VIEWS and CHINESE KIKE WOhKS The -mini* ineni to commence at a qnarter to < precisely. Admitrmce 'ii cenn _____________ ! COMEDY AM) HUKLETTA. .i (1 HEAT HILL. BfcNKKIT OH \i.t AN u MRS CRISP, Ou wk.icii occa.ion many rmineut mint* have volunteered. ,%i iDi/O'k vj n - V* f diesday tv-nine, .*-pt 9 li, W will he pretcn'td the HONEY" MOON?Duke, ..Mr ! V nJeuholl'; Mock D'i?r, 1 liii<;? nd?le; Juliaua, Mr*.Cii*p; 1 Volante, Mm Love l; Zwiiom, >lrs VVal't. J Ti> conclude v% i'ti i Stl) IT-Sir o Coldstream, Mr. Cti*|>; Juliu Irouluii-c, Chippendale. ii'ru m halt put 0 c : eutertaiuineuu coin- , meui'e at hal f ['% ! 7 ?*'. lork ricfre's ?*r ' ! U'Al.NL'l .Vl'itr KT ? He- iTtit, IL lOr.Ll'HIA. I i. A. M*k?ii?i i, Ltiicr W li. Blake, Manager. i liird "it11 of tMK K. ML'RD'H'H, The popular \uiericau Ac'ot. WEDNESDAY EVENING, SepteiuWi 9th. IMS, will b? performed thi' c iuitdy of THE HONEYMOON. Duke Vrania Mr Murdoch Murk Uukr, Mr' hapman; Juliana, Miss Kisher; Volaute, ' Mill I'etrie; Zam-.ra, Mis* I'rocker, After which tlir Uuchahle urre ot dP;ak as a i'ost. Tristram Sappy Mr Chapman Sally Magg* M?* W H Blak? Mr. Muidoch will appear iu a favorite character, to morrow J rieuiiik'. I 8IUNOR LOUIS MARTINI. Hrofenor of 9inting, wi'l ' resume hn lessons a? mual, at his Mu-ic Room, 98 Leo ard street, joining the Society Library Building. To thi: A.MtTtt'ii or thi Accobdiok he would recommei.d hit Albuiu, jutt published, containing a delrghtln I collection of the must popular operatic melodies aud favorite piece*. ? Thi* production wn* much needed, to *how that the beat ] musical compositions can be played on that instrument, whose capabilities hate remained so long unknown Siguor L. M. accompanies his pupils ou the riani> and Guitar au301m*in (r. TIETZ, ~ j C10TH1C HALL, announces his Duck of Vaucanson, hi* ; f Klepliaut, Ins Dancing Lady, his I ahinet of Anatomy, ; and lit* < artooua of Raphael iu cori'er. Admittance 25 cent*. *6 lw*rc MO.NTEVERDE'.s blLLlAKl) ANUbUW LiMG 1 SALOON. TW"O.S B\RCAY STREET, (three door* below the Ame- | pectfullv iuforin hi* friend* and his public ill (teiieral, that | h<- has four as gooil Billiard Tiblr*. a* can be louud in the | eit\, all kept in complete order. A* liese table* are >11 ?e|>a- I rate aparments, the proprietor think* it will be more select and agreeable to geutlrmen i i'i 11K hi* houte, in private partie* Each gentleman vi.iiiug the above estahl hm?ut, W'JI be furnished with a private roe and apron, for In* especial 1 u*e, and the be t attend met in the citv. Any iteutlemen wishing the billiard roo n exclusive to themaelvea. or the buw'iuif alle\*. can have the *ame by applying at the bar ? < AUo two Bowling Alley*, which aie alwaj* kept in first [ rat? o'der, with the hem of attendance. Lunch every day at 11 o'clock. Wedneadayi and Suudayi, , Fiah or Clam Ch'-wiier Daring the *eaiou the clioicen Oy*tera, *ueh a* Sh'ew*biiry,Cliink?rora's, Mill Pond, Cold Spring and Ma??achu- ; ?et? (Jay. Uentlemen calli 'ti for the above oyatein can h1- , way* have them at the shortcut niiticr; they Cnu depend ou liavirg the above asaoitmeut. Ilis Bar i? well ?tocked with | the choicest Wiueaaud Luinorj, and ||||B oftkl IMMljp ty. Alio Sherry Cobler*, Mint Julep*, and Punches wade in a manner not to be surprised. IT/** Uentlemen will please to commttuicate at the Bar, any Deflect of duty of the aiteudant*. FRANCIS MONTEVKKDE. No. 5 Barclay street. Private entrance at the Hall door. au26 lm?r , HOW ba & CO.'S JN i . MAMMOTH ClttCUd. 'I1 HIS unrivalled corps of Ejnastnans will perform at 1. Buffalo2uh, 26th and 24th mat.; Williamsville, 27th; Lockport 28th and 2Sth; Albion 31at; Uetavia, lit September; at Attica ou the 2d; at Perry on the 3d; at .Mount Morri* ou the4th; at LeHoy on the 5th; at Rochester on the 7th, 8th aud 9th; at Canandaigua on the 10th; at Palmyra ou the llth; at Lyon* on the 12th; at Vicuna on the ltili; at Auburn on the 16th. I tli and 17th, during the great Agricultural State Fair The Largest Establishment ever oigauixed in the United State*, comprising 164 Men and Horse*, requiring 26 Carriage* to convey the periormers. wardrobe*, musician*, ?tc. The company ha* attached to it Eight Female equestrians, immt whom n the Ureateit Female Kider of th? J Age, recently arrived from Paris, MADAME MAKIE MACARTK, wiinir new nym 01 r^ariiriui rriu, i?rcuimny ??ri ?nu, be ins chaste and clime, her jfraceful ana fascinating address hi "I the charming r.iivr.te with which the chains her audi euce, reuder thia gifted and highly-educated artitte the lead- , ing feature of the arena in thia country. The Proprietor* reter the public to the brilliant description Riven in the re- ; spective newspapers of the extraordinary and danag feaia performed by tin* distinguished arlntr. K<ine<trian Director Mr HOWES; RHuig Master, Mr. NIXON,and the unapproachable Clown, D4N RICK. Among the Performera ia the celebrated and principal Rider, the Napoleon of the Arena, Mr. HOBHS, whote feats oa Hone back nre the most extraordinary e?er witnessed. Jnre nile act of Hursemiwship by Master Nikmi. Olympic Esercue?, by the wtiole Company, led by the great European | Tumbler, Mr. MACARTK. Wonderful Kests by Mr. I Cole'. Dogs, Hector and Billy. The 8WIBH BROTHERS, in their elegant Uymuaaiic Posture* and (Jroupings. Mr. Sweet as the Charioteer of I'hmbua Poatu'ing aud Gymnastics, br Mr. Nixoa and hi? aon. Mr. Howea in hit My* thological and brilliant Act of " Frncies of Pioteus." Mr. . C. Hawes in Black Rope Evolutions Mr. Oeo. Bweet, the celebrated Tight Rope Dancer. With variety of others The whole coinpriaing the leading, moat talented, aud j eUaaie performers in the world. auK HO WKh|| i o New Tork Mammoth ^"irena. OULftiAiH '& EMPORIUM OK AJIT AND CLASSIC CABINET I GALLERY OK OIL PAINTINGS, . 1 WHICH iaelndes hii immense atocka of Boeka, Paintings, Engraving*, Kancy Stationery, Drawings, Drawing | Materials, Music, ke., in now to be found upon the second floor, ap one flight of easy stairs, (hariag leaaed the first ; floor,) where every thing will be sold at as low pricea, aad > many much below the regular prices, being desirous of closing up as soon aa poaaible hie Book Department. . 1 /*! I ... _S, I ,k?.. vhn will tnv luantnies. ' hirrhufn ire irmted to eaJI tad e?*mine hi* New Rooms, No. 20"* Wnnll j AMCIiNU * AU...H1 ? .1 UA' r. A* HULiv ,n ' returning her sincere thanks for >he I.ber il pstroiiii-e 0f her friends <>n<l the public, desires m >sr reapeotl lly 10 in. foim Hi. m 'hat ahe is abo ! M resume her | r feasi'inal alien . i dance M >emmaries and private lamiles Her >a/on, 4/ Walker at'eei will re?v e on Sstmd ijr the 3d Octo ?' lor the tuition 01 thnae lain and gentlemen who may wish to J .in hct dancing and waltti g cl ases, or form private quad* rillea, a< fo lows:? 'or yon >k Ut'iei and *'?o for young gentlemen under 10 veirs of .ige. Wednesdays and Sat irdays liom I to 4 o'clock, P M ; ft r gentlemen a ove '0 y-ara, the a me dav-s at .W- j | clock. Kveniiw class for ge't'emen, TueaJa>i and I hura- i : day a at 8 o'clock, and 'he Soirttl inclusively for her pupils ana t'>eir pa>e> ta. aa uaual Mad itne AciiiUe has the pleasure to^ announce tha- in ad- i ditiou to the daacea already known in New York, ahe will ini atruct her pvpils in thoae Polks W'aliiea and Quadrilles which are now the moat popular iu the beat aociely in Paris and London These beautiful pan are the new quadrille Mazu>ks;rhe Cfliariut waltz ; the grceful Krdowa; the Viennoitt, or wall: a drtu trmpt; tbe pretty wallz a cituj trmpt rnmposed two monlha since 111 ' oudon I y Parrot; and J.a Hazui ten ne, anew Mazurka waltz. hich with that, a any tempi, will not he bronchi out in Pans till ih t coning winter. '1 heae dance* can be taught by no oth r person in New York man Madame Achille. as she has received tuem from Mons Jules Martin, mat arnvrd Iroin Paris, and to whom thev were el- ' clusively C"n,;ded by the abort celebrated professor*, iu testimony of their hiah eateein a8 Im MVVK't f ash ion a hlb dancing. MJLLV. DKBJARDIN would respectfully inform her pupils and the public, hat ahe has returned from Saratoga Springs (?l??re si e had tha houor of introducing the hedowa W altt. which aha had ju?t received from Pari') sod that >h% ia now piepared to renew her lessons in all the laiest fashionsble dances, at her resideaec No 74 Leonaid atieet. s^ lw*rc _ centrev1lle course?trotting. m r IH 1 2S&B??l3E&??z 'I'HUHRDAY. tfMtoiabvr loth at tiViliill I' >1?I'ur e I i'JO two mils lie.ta in H"iies>, for which fonr of 'lie best horses in the United States will contend for the above prtie Oeo Spicer enters . bg Americas P Hunt enters bg Vi..scow W Whel?nenteis br m Duchess. a.i ampDiurn'tra - D'l'cirrouimi. IT" F.ftnt?ra will leate the Souili Ferrv for the Coo r?? t one o'clock preciaely, returning after the tpoft it orer. tt >*i? ______________ _ FtlRSALK?And imported by th? packet ahip . jrMfrom London. Kh? ><h- tl uid Poneya, ( \ T?r. hu.dnorr.e ai.d Ji-e 'tl-; lit f ir boya or vouni la(i ea Aito. a lot of King ( liarlea' fl,amela,and Scotch and Kngli h Terriera. Alio, lot of Canarie Birda, in full rone. ; To heaeenon board the ahip 8witrerlaud, foot of Maiden Lane ?T 3'?rc 1K)(} LOST. MTHK OENTLF.MAN who, on Friday laat, took from aaerrant k rl at the Mob. k?n Kerry, lUrrLy treei, a BI ir-k, White and Tan King Charlea Spawenngtothe name ,if Trinee, i leniented torero the aame immediately, to 2W Uroadway, np atair, The Don ia well keown in thia city, and nny peraou returning hiin a< aboee. will he ?tiitah|e rrw irded. ?">3'*r k'tiK.MoflLU ItoOn^Aaiitof Hiirmahrd flu ma fflB for a family, with private table, may be had at ttt XH Broadway. ,9 lirrc K N U x7~ r? 1>* FL'LTON STREET, (Sun Building,) deemin* it anuece*aary to enter into particular, re?ptrt-i^ lug hit Fall Faahiona for 1*46 would aimplyatate that hia new aty*e will excel in beamy, light' eaa, t at?, and co!or, it?ythi'g iter d?ied to the fiat wealing public of >li? city of ^ew vork. Ill* price, aie aa low aa hit hala are fin#. 9 lwit'r "FALL STYLE GENTLEMEN HAT* n ROWK, Verch nt'a K,change 40 William atreet haa now r*?lylo' inarecfioii aid aale hia aplendid l*h"rl Varied Beaeer* and fina Silk H ta of lha moat f? hionabie and dealr ?!# auapoa, a?d warranted nor tifa anrpaaaed by the prodnctmna of ?ny Hat Fat .hliahment 111 thia cit? Tricea?Bf?' BeaTar, >> 10. Baat Silk, $1 LOOK AT"THIS ! 1AD1EB ANp GENTLEMEN. if you want a lino article J of Boots an? Shoe,, call at *ST Broadway ?heie >oi will finil the largeu aaaortroent. eli??peat, and 'he moat la aliionable in the city. !>o no' miatake the uoir.jtr, Broadway. cor of Franklin atreet. N. B.?A large aaaortmantof Imported French Boole, the low price of Fit# dollara. M. Allli-L. aoU lm?r CLOCKS, FAN* . v'r;' s".\ ofFjjjey ( lock*, Viohnii, (hi i*r? ?nd Flutm Gl???wa*#, China, kc, will bt told deaiare a. rrd?c,d prtWa. ;K)|n f I**;*i,a tea* I mm wimiM, TBILORAPHIC, FURTHER FROM SANTA FE. Baxii\1'ik?, TuftJay evening. Gen. Keirnoy ha* written homo tlm he will not return to the United States until n?xt winter twelve 111011 hs. The Mt-xican governor, Armijo, i? ?aid to have run away from Sunt* FV. A great flood ban occurred in Crooked Creek, ni-nr Madieon, Indiana; aix men bave been diowneJ, and considerable damage done to pro perty near ibe river. The Indianapolis railroad is so much injured that it will talce nine months to repair it. Tho weather continues very warm in Baitie more. We have no local intelligence of interMt. The southern mail briny" nothing important BY THE MAILS. WAiitiNOTOM, September 7, 184?. Smithfmian Institution?Dedication of a German Catholic Church?Camp Meeting?I) tertum of a 'thief?Mr. Bancroft?A Ditipjjointmcnt. This being the day (Ixed by law, for the first meeting of the Board of Regents ol the Smithsonian Institution, the following named gentlemen were i?i attendance, viz :? O M Dallas, tho Vica Pr??ldent ef the United States. Roger R Taney.the Chief J'is'iee of the United States. W W. Reaton the vityor ef the city ef YVsduogton. Senator Oeoigo Kvann. nf Maine. Senator liaac 8 Penny barker, of Virginia. Refireaentative Robert Dale Owen, of Indiana. Representative W. J. Hough of New York Repreiontative Hoarv W Milliard, of Alabama Rti'u* ( hoate.of Mawachusetts. tiidfon Hawley.of New York. Richard Huih. of Pennaj Ivanie. Alexander Dallas Baohe. of W athlnf ten Joieph U. Totten, of Washington. There were but two absentees?Mr. Preston, ?f South Carolina, who is confined at home by sickness; and the Hon. Sidney Ureeae, of Illinois. The lieeents met in an anti-room, adjoining that of the Postmaster General. Before they organized, we congratulated oursell that facilities would be afforded to those oonnected with the presa to note the proceeding*; but in this we were disappointed. Ther? weie merelv chairs provided for the regents. Y'ice Pre? dent Ditllas politrly informed ns that there wan a division ofopinion a< to whether it was proper for those not conriec'ed with the board to remain, and we aocojdmgly withdrew until the question should be determined Mr Seaton, with the kind hearudness for which he is distinguished, took an interest in our behalf. However, the door was shu', and none of the public admitted. General Scotland Senator Baghy, and o'her publiu men, wore in the pa-sage, but Mr. McPeuk, the janitor, was not at liberty to invite them to enter. We learn that Mr. Dallas was called to the chair and Mr. Hough appointed secretary pro trm. Tho business transacted was but preliminary. A lxrv;a number of letters were placed on tho table, containing; suggestions from gentlemen of hternturd and science?various plans for the building were submitted, and eveiy regent liu>i at least adizen note* addressed to linn, personally, his vot? lor the ollice of secretary. The regents adjourned nt a lew minutes after S oVIockfto meet agmn to-morrow. Tho St. Mary's German Catholic Church, on Fifth street, was dedicated yesterday morning. The Archbishop of Maryland headtd the proces81011, attired in pontificals. Among others, little girls and ladies lollowed, some of whom lust drew their breath in Lichtenstein, HoheiiZHllern liechin'/en, and in Anhalt Dessaw, and on the liit?e, the Rhine, tha Danube, and the Weser. '1 hey wore no bonnet*, but their heads were mcircled with wreaths of llowers ; and it was ne wo ider thnt they were constantly employed in wiping tho perspiration from their brows, the quicksilver in the thermometer being nearly as higa up as it could go. A dozim mfli or more, had on ttnek cloth coats that reached down to their ancles; made es|?ecially lor tfunony, an<l, of course, thejr had to be worn Although the church is for the Germans, and the Teutonic to be spoken, the larger number in attendance were Irish, who waved (he harp of Erin over the heads of their Germanic neighbors. A fine band ol music and singing by the choir, added interest to thj occasion. There were more than six thousand at the camp meeting held seven miles Irom the city. The horses suffered?half a dozen were killed by hard driving 011 the road. One was inadtt to draw six heavy negroes in a cariolc ; the poor animal was beaten with many stripes, and his breathinga were like the belchings ol a high pressure engine. Great doings are predicted on the ground, by the preachers in charge. A gentleman procured a horse from the gatekeeper, to go to ihe meeting When he reached th? frrnnnH ha hiti*hfd th? nriimul to ft trf?. whllft he went to pray. A black fellow took advantage of this net of devotion, mole the horse, and rod<* off. When ho came to the gate hi offered toll; but the keeper recognised the horse a* his own, und the negro, affrighied, jumped off, and took to the woods, and it is not known whether he has yet ceased running. Mr. liancrolt has nearly recovered from his mvere illness. He I n* been confined to the house for eight days. This morning he received tha compHny of several friends; among 'hem the Hon John Y. Mason, his successor as Secretary of the Navy. It was thought yesterday, that th<*re would >e much news at the departments to-day; but a sB|ipointment was all we recoived in our vifit, after encountering the intense heat of the weathor, and drinking ? glass of iced water at the publio expense. Faux. Phii.4Dki.phi4, 8spt I, IMC. The " killers" of Moysmensing ware Id ths height ef their glory on Sunday night, ami kicked up a riot with the negroes of South and St. Mary street, between See" enth and Eighth sts. They ste in the habit of retorting to court in St. Mary atreet, where aotne white (iris ef loose character resort, and delighting in attacks upon inoffensive persons They hsve for a week past been iaTolved in conflicts with the negro men who congregate in the same vicinity every evening, end lest night being stronger in force than usual, they msde an indiscriminate attack upon ell whom they encountered. A number of negroes were hurt, and two, having dangerous tabs, were taken to the hospital. One negro was errested by the city police;snd one of the "killers," Henry M inhering, wai taken, and after examination, committed by the Mayor for a further hearing. One of tbe citv watch vai hit by a brick, thrown by one of a Rang of rioters. and in pursuing them he paired over tbe limit'oi the city into Moyamensing. *n<l hero he received three seve'al stab* from one of the rioteia, who turned upon him the moment he had entered tha County Two otheraof the city watch t a?h?-d after him, to a'rest the ussmlnnt. when the Mo) amenairg wauh interfered, and arretted all three of the city offlcrra. and coii*e)ed them to the watcbboute Tbe motive for tbM act i* net tulllcienily explained; they ?ay it was dono through a misapprehension; that they did not know them to heoffict-ra, and oven i i they had, tbey did not know that the cit> officers had a right to eras* tbo i'Ou?da>y of the district to arreat an offender Tbe city oftcera, on their part, nay that it wu a regular plot to screen the " killer*" from arront, and tbia ha* tome appearance of probability, when tbe clrcums'ances are compered, in connection with the fact that the gang of rowdies guilty of theie outrage* have long been ao numerous. that the diitrict authorities h*? neglectei to enforce the laws from abject fear of their niinorical force, not only ilreading personal attack, but tbe being ousted from office by their votes at tbe polls. The city watchmen arrested in this manner, were immediately taken before the police magistrate, who dotired to ifismits the case on tne ground that the watohmen making the arrest had misapprehended their power. Tbe city officers would not consent to this, and the i?*e? ligation of the circumstance* was poitpoued entil yoeterday morning. The magistrate, however, conferred with the Mayor of the city and the attorney goneru.end the retail is that the whole affair 1a before the court today, and warrants are out for the arreat of all concerned, at well ai for those ol the rioters whose namea are k uown Their cates will I* heard to-morrow morning. . a iui ?v?uiiic that a continuance Feara were einei ? of the riot would occur, but the onljr act of r|oieo;e wa? that againat the poor negro man mentioned above. Th? nutnte ol the wound' received by tiieM nnforttinatea, how that the ilotera do not mean to take life. aa they inflict cuta only ao aa to make awful fleah wound*, but ar? careful to aeoi l a Labi. The atatue of Stephen Oirarl, bv (ierelot, recently race i red from Pari*. h >a f>e?n io the main building of the College 'I he committee hare not yat decried where it aiiall lie placed, r>nt will fU upon a location di*. ring the preeent ?eek. lu beauilei aa aapeclm-nof acuiptura ara favorable apukeo of by all who tiara teen It. and ti a *<ure. featurea, and ilreea of Oirari ara portrayed with lite-like accuracy. Abont ten thousand perauna war* attracted to the laying of the comer atone of tU? new Catholic Cathedral of Ht. Peter and St. Paul, uppoahe l.egan eriuare, on Sunday afternoon. An &ddr<<aa wan delivered by Biahop Ken* wick, who alio conductad the ceremonial, aaaiated by the clergy of the dioraae an.I the atu lent* 01 the College of 8t. f harlot Barromer, attiied in their appropriate robea. A trench had been dug (br the foundation of toe building, and after the laying th.? corner alone at tha north eaaiera angle, a pruceiaion mat formed of me olergy haated by the Biahop and tha whole extent of the ttanen w*a traraited, and tprinkled with holy water. A collection amounting to orer tlOOC waa taken up. O* (Mtuiay ereaiMr* eeeAMoiia aaaaek *u

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