Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 10, 1846, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 10, 1846 Page 3
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; ' m\m\t lumbar baa Hi mmI HaMllftf, fe?t, Iumd I itf Ma pounds , Park, Mil fobll: Bear. ?.4Mbhla.) Aih?l, : ?,M0 bbl; Floor, jJO.via bblai Whaat, *11,374 bushels, Corn, 37S.36a buihel*. The shipments of domestic cotton goods from Boston ddnng the month of August, and the destination of the export*, were as lollowa Doiicstic Cotto!* Goods Kt ported raoti Bostow, Auoust, 184(1 To Valparaiso, bales 9t. Fete re nnd rasas 3,346 New Orleans 200 Renlcjo, Central Ame- IXiohmond 113 rtCH 442 Charleston (Ml Rio Janeiro 90 Philadelphia 401 Honduraa 30 Baltimore 160 F?yel 14 Albany 30 Gonaive* 10 ? Cape Haitian is Total, bales and cases.5,43? The export* to South America, In August, were Tory large, having been about two-thirds of the aggregate shipments; mora than three tboueand balea and caaes out ot the five thousand exported, htvinggone to Valparaiao. The custom* revenue of Liverpool, for the quarter ending on the Sth of July, 1846. exceed* thut of the corr*?von-1ii'ir quarter of last jeer by ?137.317 ; the return for Iii45 being ?817,379, and that for 1#4?, ?944.496. Tha receipts fur the past month, however, include about ?130,- | 000 under the new corn dutie?. The official statement of the appropriation* made at i the l?<te fusion of Congress, prepared by the Clerk of tho Home of Representative!, ahowa the aggregate to b? $61,476,191 Id. The various head* of appropriation are at follow* RrcAPiTDt ATiON* or ArmaraiATiORi bt Conokkss. Civil and Diplomatic expenses $4 053 61 2 03 Indian Department " 1,1(16.698 ;,o Naval -ervice 7,-uy.70a 3d Army 6*73,083 ?T Volunteer! and other troopi 11 yo7.359 00 Prosecution of existing war 10,(H O OfiO ()(> llegiment of mounted riflemen 81.503 Oo Sappers, miners, and poutoniera 35,u40 00 Military A ruder y 13J.976 00 Fortifications 1,440,000 00 " Defensive work*" 170,000 00 Post Office Department 4.07 8 540 73 Tensions 1.744,035 40 Delicieiicit* of 1846 1,700,914 09 Stnitlisonian Institution, viz : Interest on lund of ($615 169) which may have accrued on 1st day of July next... 242,139 00 &li.icelUneoua. . 429,138 89 $61,476 191 18 Of this immense amount, $34,130,621 03 were appro- | priated for the army, Davy, and for military operation* connected with, and growing oat of the Mexican war Wt have at yat no return! *ho wing what portion of tlie?e apjropriatioai hare been expended. The commerce of Cleaveland, Ohio, thif season tUui far, compared with the corresponding period in previou* years, hai been exceedingly large. The receipt* of produce at Cleveland by canal in each of the pait three years, from the opening of navigation to the lit inst., hai been as annexou:? CeMui.acE or Cleveland?Receipts or Peoduce. IM. 1115. 1 <48. Wheat, bushels 713.330 19* W,0 338,517 Corn, 167,170 67,5?8 376.210 Fl. nr, barrels 314,(9) 247,985 159 676 )'o>k. " J6,0fi'> 17,62:) 3t,522 Whisky " 8.4H 12 800 12,062, cits 2i?0 1,440 1,200 Wool, peuods 752 540 898.754 887,115 Lard ' 1,358,400 817,700 989.2M Butter " 618 1*0 387,100 736,910 B.coo, tons 800 444 672 Coal " 11,961 20,710 21,741 No return of wool for May, and none of pork for June. When added they muit augment the receipt! there considerably. The quantity ofaalt and lake fish lent into the interior by the same channel, for a like period, was? 1?<4. 1845. 1846. Salt barrels 35,220 21,460 25,8)8 Lake fish, barrels 6,343 9.434 7,794 Some hour and provisions are being shipped from Cleveland to Canada, but as yet very little grain hai gone there thu season. The following table will show to what extent shipments were made to Canada, to 1st Septfor a series of years : ? Flour, hhls. Ptrk.bbli. Wheat, luih. . 1846 12,520 8, CO 20,COO 1845 12.4:8 1.500 none. 18-4 64,793 8,867 154,520 1813 21,452 4,448 47,2 0 1812 39,173 40.467 267, 00 lf.41 51 223 9 920 241,220 1840 '53 983 8,012 447 ,U0 According to this the trade with the Canadas is rapidly falling off. The shipments of wheat now are merely nominal to what they were five or six years since. We annex the United States' Treasurer's monthly statement, showinjr the amount! at his credit in the various depositories and the mint, by returns received at three periods. This table shows the amount on deposit in each bank, lie., at the data given, and net the amount vhject to draft:? Moktiilt Statement or the or the Uni tid States. June I. July 27. .tug. 24. Jtm't on Jim t on Jim't on deposit. dtp*tit, depotit. Mechanics' and Trader*' Bank, Portsmouth. N. H 7.326 7,325 7.325 Ba k of Burlington 6.6to 7,861 6,115 Merchant,' Baak. Boston 1^43.222 1.83A.50J 945.100 Arcane Bunk, Providence 32,205 42,449 45,708 Fi-rincr*' ana Mechanics', Hartford, Couu 32,471 31,735 36.451 Mrrli.tnics' and Kariner*', AlUiay 164,07? 148.327 137,0* tlb.ny (:ity Bank, Albany 165,2Si 2T7.305 237,152 uik of Commerce. New York.. 1,0417,467 ?98.127 700.047 v.kof America, New Vork... 1,010,953 673,825 1,042,462 Am.iican Ksehuife Bk.N. IT... 655,644 562.902 227.(42 M rchants' Btnk, New York (76,114 484.514 451.544 Ni>rth River Bank, New York... 451,758 266,185 214,6*4 Jt-nk of the State of New York.. (10,87 4 618,831 624,771 Mechanics'Bank. New York 738,730 420.600 441,147 R ink of Commerce, rhilad 191.325 250,965 117.142 Bk ef Tennessee, Nashville ? ? ? < I Bank, Albany 100,000 100.000 ltt.COO Fire neat' Insurance Company, ? ..?el*ad. Ohio . 28,362 28.221 28,221 r.r.mrli Bk of Cape Fear, ft. C... 13,172 6.020 7 855 Commercial Buik, Albany 194,MM) 195,0U( 125,000 Ph.I idelphia Bank, Philid 397,761 161 4? 239 <98 ?c lunge Bank, Pittsburx 201.437 162.796 162,796 llronkly j Bank. Brooklyn 84.000 6I,0U? 61,000 Bulk of Washiugtou, Washington 11,338 10.780 10 780 Bank of the Metropolis.. t., J2.996 32,950 27.8i8 Hm* ot Poiomic. Alexandria... 8,147 10,147 10,131 Fi'rmrm' Bank of Virci-ia, Rich- ? mo..d 57,HO 57,140 MHO Bk of Virginia, N*orf%. 97,88.1 81,*2# 73.619 S W.K. H.Bank, Oiailaaton... 178.811 161.437 131,438 rjaatriV Bank Georgia, R??an'h. 66,619 t',894 78,7?6 Bank of Mobile, Mobil*, Ala... 190.975 259.935 212.576 Br. n.irkof Ala., IluuUT.lle 5.353 5,313 5,353 B*nk of Loniaiaiu, N. 0 3,169 1.498 1,498 l?ntori B^nk of Teimeaaee, Naahv.lle 60,954 40,83* 35,047 LouiiTiUr Having! liianrmnce, Looiaville 140,150 51,074 51522 TI.e O. 1' ?nd Tr Bank, Ci'iu ... tii 881 171,90S 133.709 Cliulon 15 mk, Columluia 94,811 50.403 43,*39 B?:k of Miaaonri, 8t. Louia 495 39j 3)9,471 321,125 Michicolna. Co., Detroit 89,458 19?,<181 71,817 Miui of Philadelphia v...- 6*4.762 49J.762 409 762 B .111cli Mint ol' Charlotte, N. C. 32 000 32.000 St.M Br*i,rh Mint at Dab* .eg;, Oa.. 30.000 38.000 30,0.>0 Branch Vint N. Orleana, l.s.. . . 303,288 216.238 803,238 Corcoran* and Rigga, Waahmg- ... ... 507.84 5 492,021 491.616 O'fcVV?'Bv.k, Buffalo... 51.710 53.120 48,128 Bank of Middletown, Pa 45,524 45 526 45.526 Che?*T'eake B mk, Baltimore... 307,832 250,064 151.572 Patriotic Bank, Waahuigton 14.761 14,761 '4,761 Bank of Virginia 105,191 9? 2?7 90 138 Bank of Krie. Pa 30,566 28.538 26.153 Btaie Bank of'New Jeraer., ?A.000 45.WW 45.0(4) IViarnnain In. Co.. NHwankie... 149.421 127.959 58 171 Canal Banking Co.. N. Orle;uia.. 627,385 1,179.880 778,912 Fartnera'fc Mer Bank, Meinphie, Teaaeaaee ? 37,951 17 953 $13,470,003 11,132 638 9,876,461 The government ftin li are diatributed among fifty-four depoaitoriea, and mora than one-half of the aggregate aurplm on hand, the 34th of Atrgnit, waa In the depoiit banks of thia city, Beaton and Philadelphia, the balance being divided among the other forty.four depoaitoriei.? The aarplaa on the 34th alt, according to the above, waa nearly ten million*, but drafta had been tlrawn for nearly ore-half of that amount, leaving a balance of about five miliioaa available. ??ld Stork Blehanp. 82000 T* ft 6a. 1862 lom 50 aba Harlem HR 10?0!'?5a 96* M do ?-*a ai. 67M Oh o?., 1M0 9 \ 50 do .30 MV .50 tin Farmers' Tiutt 251* 25f Ho 100 Ho blO UH 100 d't alO iiti 15 ^'nrria ''anal 100 do blO 55 15 N A Trnat 9^ 425 Norfc Wor RR 57W II I innn Co 3uH 50 do b<0 37)2 III 50 (to hit 37Sj J5|. UI- HRH 3l'H 150 Reading RR ?J II Auli k Rorh RR 9S)? 50 do ())f Sffni'd Board. S? th? Reading RR b.lfl 10" >h> Ntorrii Canal ?V 5? do bw MH 130 Harlem RR 34'* iri do bJfl (ON 50 Ho 'jt do ?:ifl ?:ih ' V) Nor k Wor RR 37<i 30 do blO IPW V) d? 37 W 100 do 63. ^ 50 do 57*4 90 Morris Canal 6Si Vew Stork Birhnnja. .' o aha IT 8 Baak bio 4 30 aha Harlem RR e 14 V 13 Ho C IWI Ho aj 34*J 75 do a3 .1% inoNorkWorRR b3 37', 30 Farmer*' Trnit e 25,", 23 do e 37W do alO 25Sj 25 do Friday 57H Ml do SOda 25? 25 do 1.20 57 >2 M do c ?5>4 13 do bl3 57>f M .. do sin 25 13 do alS 37 130 Harlem RR e 5<V ? do alO 57*i J00 do >10 30 do aj 37* IM?d. ~~ Id thin city, on the 8th init , Capt. Thomai Mciu?tt, aged AO j-Mr?, formerly of Minn, Mm Funeral leivlcei thU morning at St ratrick'i Cathedral, Prince "t-rot, corner of Mott. Relative! anil friend* are Invite! to ?ttei>d On Monday evening the 7th init, John M, ion of ?anin<-) lo on?, of Yonkeri, Weitclieiter county, N. V., ?gp<1 43 J enri. At the I' Muq'iter White Sulphor Spring! Va . of congeitivo fever, on the 9d init., Mn Hi ??t R Zantxiiveaa, conio't of C?pt J. P /.infringer, U.S. Navy, of Cerinr Orcva, Noilolk county, Vt BELLEVILLE WHITE LEA1X ' THK uk?cribe<i ire receiving from the factory it Belleville. |\ J? 'heir icml>r lapplie*?< thii inferior Leid. drv ?nH in oil put np in cwki ?nd ke<i, which tliey warrant eqnil ill i)u?lil; to any imported hrind Kor Hie ia lou of on. t- .nd 0pw?4i. tyFRyATT CAMpBt<. co I4J Front itreet. t. Alio, Red Lead, Litharge, and Or*fl?* Mui?ral. ill |t*r SSnmrt i OENITTNR OALVANIO RLNtiS, AND MAGNETIC FLUID. von. THE PERMANENT CUKE 0? RHEUMATISM, AND ALL NERVOUS COMPLAINTS. NO muter now chronic or iev-r? may b? the complaint, it readily rieldato^he wordarfnl potter*, as developed ?y this runsrkaole dito.yrry. Tlip most re?|wcu!>le testimonial! from >11 I'?rt? of the country, nrr -Ihil\ reenrrd THE GALVANIC BKf.lH, fill \f ELET8, UAKTEKS. lie , are ?det'teil for variotn rfn> and cvi be worn bv 'h# nitfi delicate with perUct sale ry Mjd ciuivauieuc*. The (real uid beneficial influence eiertrd uu the t) stew by these articles must be witnessed to be bettered Only A*ency in New York. No. IK Broadway, between John ?ir??t, and Mm Jen lane. dtTl Explanatory namphleta may be had (ratii. M. LEVETT, DENTIST. * MORE HARM results from bnuitling ptrlormances of incompetent Dontists thau the jnbne are aware of. It ta ?f the Krvatcet importance that all tranches of the Dentist's art ahonld be skilfully and understanding!)' practised. To thoae wh<* think with us, we recummeud Mr. LEVETl, corner of Broadway and Warren arreet, the introdeeer ol the ineer'ion of Artificial Incorruptible Teeth, on the principle of atiu?si>hene Preugre.?Noah s Weekly Meaiemer. ?10 lter ; PROCRASTINATION IS THE THIEF OP j 11.VI h. DELAY I* nangeron*?neglect that eoU ?iid rough a Jew I weeks uid tfit hop* of recovery will be lost to you fur- I ever. Le'not any pecuniary considervion deter yt.o trora I trying to Hit your lite and lien th, while there it a chance. Consumption is ammnliy >wrepmsoft thousaudt to tba toinb; no disease ha* bstlled the skill of physician* like it; no phyii* clan. perhaps, ha* eve- done mora lor tin* It ge cl is* of sulferiug humanity than Dr. Wistar. An' ounce ol preventive i* worm a poundaof cure," therefore, befoir your lungs lecome ulcrra ed, and so dise sed that uo human menus can 1 save you from au early grave, try in seaaou, try at once, a medicine which his been of such lufinite value to thousand* ?obtain a bottle of Dr. VVi*tar'? Balsam of Wild Cherry? 1 take it, get another, if necessary; penertre in using it, until j you hare removed the disease entirely, which, if neglected, I will terminate your life. Be not deceived by quack*, * ith their imitations and co"nterl'eii?; buy noue but the genuine and original, which is signed I, BUTTS on the wrapper. Kor sale by A. b St D. Saad*. Agents for New Vorkcity; al*o by diuggist* generally throughout the United .State* and'annda *11) It dhw FOH SAL15. THE ttnek and future* of the new established Merchants' Coffee Rooms, No 77 Wall street, co tier <-f Pearl. The Ue'iou for telling, the owner i* g >ing ij other busine:*. *10 V?r KiMKDiJNG IN HOUSION olKbfcT. 1 GENTLEMEN nod their wives, or tingle gentlemen, can be accommodated w ith board a?d p!e>*uu room*, wiih pantiles attached, by applying at lig Houston at. slO 2? *r TO TAlLORST " ! THOSE ? ho wish toacquir* a rapid knowledge of Cutting all the virions styles of garment* woru at the present ' time, are advised to obtain a copy of Siinearie'ts'celebrated I work on the subject, whi-h e-mains all the inform itiou that can be deaiied. It lui already with the mo't uupreee- 1 Rented asle, and it nurd generally by the trade throughout ihe Union. ami ia warranted to gire entire satiaiaction to all *li" adopt it. principle* Price per copv from eiglit to tan dnllaia, accoidiug to tlie binding; alio, aiitgl* or e< ta of pirmua, of the rarioua styles of girnieuta cat to order, l>v W. H bTlNEMETTH, tlO Im'r No. Ill Broadway. Vett taiic. SHOES! SHOEh!! SHOES!!! 'T'HE subscribers hating the mo?t extensive a ock of India 1 Kubbrr Sh??a, ccmaoii and manufactured, ever offered in thia in u ket, aud being detetmirrd i.or to be undersold, are prepared 10 offer sutli imlacenirut* to the city and touutry trail* as Will warrant them iu git Ing ua a cull. BKOWER fc BltO^KS, Sole Agents for Oood^ear'a M.mufactoriea, slOGt'r 100 Broadway. "FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS REWARD A SMALL WOODEN CHEST, coutaiaiuc two thousand and one huudred Kive Fruic Pieces, together with aoine amali pieces of wearing apparel, the property t.f Henry Bald?nf, late of Germany, uow of Philadelphia, waa loat or stoleu on ihe &!d ol August la?t, tit! er Irom the steamboat plying between Netv \ ork and Amboy, or from the cars running from Ainb y to Philadelphia, while the owner waa a patenter in the Union Tranap irtatio' I.ine from New York to P i- j ladrli'hia. '1 he i-bore leward of $iil0 wilt he paid for the reco- . very of the whole amount, or a propor.iouaie reward for the recovery of any part theieof ii. HERBERT, Agent of the German Emigraut ^acietv, slO lw?ghz No. North 71 Second atreet. Philadelphia, STOLEN OK CARRIED OFF bV MISTAKE. A TRUNK, from Mr. Biaht.|i'a, No. 2 fultou street, the ' property of John Met Insky. containing wearing apparel, Htc A ani'ahle reward will be paid for the recovery, or ! any ii formation that m?y lead to it, by applying to Mr. . Bishop, or to John McClusky, Kurman street, liioolilyu. ?IOIt?mc I arujLEN, ON board tbe steamer Oregon, Sept. 7th. a pocket book containing, a?ong other papers, a Note di >wn by II. 0. Krmu It Co.. and endorsed bv K Smith, Jr k Co., at six months, date1* Boston, Match li h IMC, for nine bandied and tMe"ty-nine dollars undniue cent*. All persons are hereby cautioned not to reeeite or negotiate ssid note Ally person returning said Note to 254 Broadway will t>e suitably rewodrd. ?93t*r WANTE1J. BY * respectable young woman, a situation iu a private family?is a good cook. washer aud irouer, and is willing to do general )io<nrw.,rh. Best ol city references given l'le?se ; c ill at No. t9 Sullivan street, basement. s!0 I *r 1 TO~M IL lTn ERS^ j A FIRST RATE THIY1MER?one wh" understands her business perfectly, is wuited to go South, where a go<>d honie and the highest write* will be jiven, in ene of the largest and most respectable house* in the Southern Country. Alio, an expcrmuced Store lvee|?', w ho uuderat nils Millinery. wou!d find permanent employment. E qnire on'I liursday the >0ili inst., after three o'c'oek, P. M.. at No. 154 Rivingt< n street None i ee<l apply but those who are perlectly competent and ran give the best of refer- | ences. *9 2t? r WAN I EL). I BY A YOUNG MAN of respectable connexions, a situation in the Dry Good*, (jrocerv or Comminsion line. T? e best ofre.ereuces from bis former employers. Pleaae address Box 531. i'ost Office. s3 3t*r : : WANTED-1MMEDIATELY. THREE Youcj Gtn'jtm?n to qaalify as instructors of my system of Ji irntific Penmanship and Penmaking An opening of thia description, both in respectability and front has neTer been teudei ed to any gentlemen in this city, t is, however, proper iu me to remark that cone need apply under the age o 25, or above the aye of 40, and of genteel address As regaids the fee tor qualifying, that will depend on the circumntanc. s ot the apjplicauts Immediate application should be made to ADAM WM. RAPP, author of scientific Penm nship and Penmaking, No. 490 Houstou street, between Wooster and Laurens streets sS 3t*r KAll.nlUli Tl l.'?4 WANTED immrdntelr. 10 000 Oak, 'heannt or Locast ties, serrn Ore lung. flaneied on two aideeand 6 ii.che* thick. Appl y at the office of the Harlem Hulroad Compinv'a Office, in New York, or to tlx Chief Engineer, at W hits I'lainl. >8 lw*r W ARDKOBt ANI) KUKNITUKE WANfV.L" LADIES AND OKNTLKMLN can obtain the highest eaah prices for all kind of wearing apparel I'muiture, Hcc. | by applying for the aubacriber at No. II Mariou a'rtet. between Broome and Spriug streets. N 8TOKERS. N. B.?A line through the poat office or otherwiae. will b? pn- ctnallv attended to. au26 lm*rh THE EAST RIVER MUTUAL INSURANl E (Stock) Compxny, cf the city of New York, office, N? 61 W all treet This Crmpmy continues to insure against |o?? and damage by fire, on dwelling houiea, warehouses, hnildinga, gooda. merchandise a id houiehold furniture, on aa farorible terms aa similar institutions in 'hia rirv JOHN BROUWER, President, rhtllli H Ri?5et. Secrerarr. ?6 lin m A BUSINESS FUR SALE IN NEW ORLEANS. IT IS A KESPECTABLh. and lucrative one, of a literary A character. Thr entire Kstahlishment will be disposed of Tor St* thounnil: or t1 e half for three thousand dollars- cuh. ( "or all farther particulars, address " B. D." by letter, and leQ at the offifr of this p<i-er 6 inti?' h 'I'HK undera'gued respectfully leudes hit services to h a l old friends and the public in general, for the ?jle of Pro due* of anv kind?also, for the Receiving and Ko'wirrliug of (iuoda. and strict and punctual attention will be pa'd to all orders, and charges as moderate as any establish* d house iu thisciry. A. LAK1TTK. Agent. j Savsnush, Oa , August 31, 1*46. s6 iw'rc CHKAPEH THAN EVER. \FULL SUIT of Superfine Cloth made to order, in the moat substantial and fashionable style, can he procured for 420, at MOKKATT'8 fashionable' a?h Tailoring Kstablialimeut. No. 34 < athartue street. New York, t.very article i'i the line tonally low Call and see. _ ?1T Im'm IOHN Mfiyg ATT CORNS?CURt WARRANTED THK Arabian Cora Planter is an effectual cure lor corni; is eaaily applied, ud gives immediate relief. In caae it should tail to cnre the money will be rel'uudtd. Over MO boxes have been sold this season, and not one box haa been returned for having failed to effect a cure. Korsaleby David Hand* k Co. 77 Kast Broadway, 100 Fulton street 'and 271 Broadway, C. H King, 192 Broadway, C. Hubbai iM 'ludsou-st, Wvarr & Ketcnnm. 121 Kultou-st, J. Smith. 241 tipriug street, E. M. Osioe, 127 Bowery, and by druggists generally. Price ? cents t er boi aul> Im *r THORN CHAMPAGNE AFRESH INVOICK. of this delightful Champagne u im store, to which the attention of merchants, hotel keepers, and private gentlemen is invited. The stranding of this wine is now anpenor to that ol any u> this eonatry. and at no rnghet price than Chat of the beet brands. I.IVINOinON k CO., TU^ilLUUI a <t' am a i'l u1 l l*c ?i juivn; ijli ni/lii 1*1 I DKlAliOi JOHN ROACH, Optician. Hi Nihil atr?et liaa now on band mi ajumtment of Half I'late and Medium V'nuhilandrr Tube?. Alio. American, of hia own manufacture, anperiur to ?ny ytt mailt iu the United htatee. Platea.iaaea ChemicaW, Coating Bo?e? Bathe, and erery marriat uaed in Pagiierreirtyiiing. Thrnnomrtere. wholesale and re til; Spectacles, Teleacopea, U?l?an.c Battenei, kc lie. a8lm*r VKB Y IVIPORTANT TO CONSUMKk# OK TEA. GOOD BLA< k t? a. 15 cents per lb. . (JOOl) YoUNtJ HVSON TEA 0 rent* per lb. E?ery parehaaer of? 6?e ponud package will ha?e the line advantage u though lie purchased fifty chrsts. Uar object in offering aach indui emmts, it to rittid and capitate oar large and wall eirned popularity aa T?? D?-ilers JILL IVHO DRISK TE~l and ean appreci it*- a good article. and wiah to obtain it it liitle mo'? thnn half the uanal pre* charged for it. ahoald arnd to the prim ipal Store of the New York and China lea Company M Catherine atraet. New York. All ordera from the country nu>t be accompa-ied hy ca?h f ,r 'he tame, and all letlera pre-paid, or the gooda will not be forw?rd*d ?t lm#rrr Gfci.N UlNli HAVANA aPJOAKa. GROSHKI il n CLAPHAM, 7J Tearl atreet, offer for aale in lota toauit purcliatert, and at low p. icea. ?>0,0P0 imported Hatana feg?ra, ronaiattnguf Plantation. La Marina (pie??ed ) I'nuta, La Victoria, La Mutatt, L* fa*, La Corona, La Attla, Doa Companeroi, amalI Regalia and Ladies' H? g"r*. mottlv entitled >n debenture. Hi-gular supplies of genuine Haeana Segara. to whlcb the a'tention of dealers ia called, will be received. Mit it ? r i WIUT PilTSFS I!IIFITM?TTUUI THAT 18 THE QL~E3Tlb N 1?TT?e only dincorwr of the origin and mtute of Rheumatic pains. is the only proper penon to erailicaie thftn fr>m the l item All apecifie noatrun ae either naelrss or d'nferiua Hhmmatic sufferers, ?ishing a radical cuie, should applt to the advertiser, wlin is the Kile p' ?te??0' of this won rful secret of n-ture. W DOLB V, M6 Green* ich street. ?? "t * r LOOK A'J THIS ! LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, if von want a fine article of Boots ano 8hoe?. call at J87 Broadway, where ycr will And the largest assortment. cheapest, and the moat fashionable in the city. Do not mistake the number, M7 roadway, cor of Kranklia atreet. , N. B.?A large assortment of Imported French Boots, at the low price of Fire dollars. M. C AH ILL. nil lm?r ~ ' ROOMS, i P ^1^1 SHED ROOMS to let, No ? Warren street. ( i arcewzklt fitt J-i Carpeting, I phKttr). Hugs, kc ?This day, (1'hurswrjii id o'clock. Jr -V. B?The iil?jri)l be positive and Will sot o# postponed oa account of ihetMatlU'r. The sale consul* ?f elegant rosewood, mahogany, black 1 wa'uat au 1 o?fc caflfMt ana cottage turniure; an extenaive collection of the uffcM fashionable styles new Cabinet Furniture. m lots to ageorm?odats familial, aa wall as tha city trade and souther^pMlera, Also, 16 raahogab Bofai, varirus pattern*; ijtni'ogaKy Bada>rad<, 30 d 'teM fall and \ Krench carved aori baluster back chairs. 20 buiam, plain aid marble tops, will dn-ssiug gU-ses; 16 ceutre Tables, various styles. with marble lops, 2(1 Rocking ( haira hjHr and variegated |>lush seats, piam *ud Carved, 1 nook c wH, It divans, 10 dixen ItaUan an<t eott <gr Chairs, 3 in, l>og?ty extension Tables, '2 mahrjr-oiy \V?<h I Stmde. plain and1 with marble tops; 1* Card Tables, Halt Stands. Wolk Tables, " spot , Diuing and Tea Tables, mthocany and nla?k walnut Wrrdmhea oak Settee* and Chairs, ? d aofi tihlrs, Aaried marie chairs, Children's Chairs, Writing Tab *s. flawing and other Cribs, S >l'a Bedsteads. I.'lai), a in eat l ipety of blaca walnut work. . Also a large invoice, warranted of the best materials, consisting of uuie ' 4-1 ?d H ir Matiratses, Feather Beds, I'aliasters Bolste's iuM Pillows Also, Freiich]aabosi?'* Table Covers, painted Window : Shades I'heuriltp aud Turted Rugs. Also, 1] premiulB Windla.s Bedsteads, the choicest article iu the city g Also, 3 dozen varjr beautiful Mahogany Chairs, and I d >xen black walnut diL, AU , 1 black waluut Hols and 12 Chairs to niatrh VI.? 1 lain nrh fl?r, Til.l.. ? ,>1, ir.rhl. Tnn. Alto, a fe ' of rich black and fold < autoa Nest '1 able*. Alio '4 pieces Carpeting, auortea |>attrru>, in lot* to suit purchasers i Also. 20 complete hu bronze and ormolu Qirandolas. Al o, 13 Sola Lanps Alto, an inroics at firat qnality Hair Mattratses, Feather Beds, Palliasters. tiplaters aud ''illows. all wamm'ed A'so, several pair painted Window Shades, (hii.ele Man, Hugs, Table (. < veia N B ?The attention of tu? city trade, families and stran- 1 ger? is dir* cud to nsa above tile. Catalogue* are now ready Terms cash. Also, pieces KoMi and 3fair Carpating slO 1t*rrc , II. DlKLUZEAlT Auctioneer. Gold and suffer wa+chf.s. at auction WITHOUTSKE0ERVR?TI/TTLK it DUCLUZKAU I will sail this day, at M o.clock, at No 8S William street, without recrve, ly (sold and Silver Wi tches, comprising Letars < \ liuders, au?h< ra, and Horixouul, f ihe mar ufitc tore of" M. J. Tobias, Rotkell, Bee-tley, Harrison, JohnS'ju. Morton Adams at Co., with cold and emerald dials, nnd ft. m two to tbi'te> n holta jeweled?inns' of which ate of the beat quality. and extra htary cased, adap ed eipreasly to geullairicn'a private use. Also?ICO Verge Watthes, of eery superior quality, w or- I thv t'?a aieutionof pedlars, and otheis. Catalogues and samples now ready. N. B?Every watch offered for t'?)e. will be warranted by I the a icti'ineeis. as repirsaut'd on catalogue. s!0 1t*r ' SALh uY OIL I'AlN I'INtifS, AllttKOrto, StJ. J AU? TIO V NOTICK.?Jacob BraisteH, Auctioneer, by ! Michael I*;\?tr*ou, Coinniation Merchant, will tell this | dav at K P?*t 10 o'clock, at tht l?rg?* room# 69 Beeltmnn and irj ..nun knrri, u> c-v uotnr, cnoice coueciio i <?i OIQ anu modern Painting', Mirror*. Girandole*, Lamps, be., without reserve, to the highest bidder, to Pay advances and storage, time of limitation h *inR expired. The "Venus" ef Vandyke, size of life, and orher fine old paimii gs, d -mind tlie atleulion ofconnoiuieurs to thia sale. *10 It'r WW. A UkttCHEK. Auctioneer. WM. A. BEECHEK, store 48 Cedar street, op stair*.? Dry Good* by catalogue, lor cash Regular sales on Monday and Thursday Perticular attention siren to usignae's sale* of itock roods au26 !m?r TO AUCTIONEERS. ~ A GENTLEMAN, at present engaged in the Aqction and Commission busmen, (liarin* been ten years connected with the * me. and possessing * thorough knowledge of nearly all us branches ) it in want of a permanent situation iu the city or State as Salesman, at a mode ate saliry. Qualifier lions, experience,tic. of ,h? most satiif- ct"ry knd. He lias no objection to go Sou h or West. Address will he found at the Herald office and a prompt answer will be given; <>r address E. W. T., at He aid i flice slOUt'rrc j CENTURY PLANT.' THE CENTURY PLANT exhibiting at DUNLAP & THOMSON'S Peed Store, Broadway, is >gain covered w itn tlower buds, seed pods, and perfieily formed pi nits Oi'eu from 7 A. M t<* It V M. Admittance l?X I ceut*. children half price. The price of admiasion will he I cheerfully refunded to any visiter, wl,ois not perfectly s jtis- j fied that it is ihe lareest and most wonderfnl plant of the kii.d ! eve' exhibited iu this country. *5 1w?mc ] I EGYPTIAN ENCAMPMENT^ No. 34, T 0.~of oTF. ' J will hold a Hpecial Svuion en Friday Evening, the llth Inst., at t o'clock, at lis place of meeting, 71 Division street. Officers and Member* are requeued to be punctual in their attendoice. J, B. RICH, C. P. ?1 J'*r FAL.SK TEE I 11 THE dead opaqne appearance of "False Teeth," in general use, and tlie expense and little satisfaction derived from *uch, ?te a source of much Uiead to thoae inquiring them. l)r. A. C < AH'l'LE. 381 Broadway, request, attention to his beautiful artificial Teeth. Yeara of study and experiment hare rendered them p-ifect: theii Yivid lifelike transparency, their natural nhape and shade* t co'respoud and suit youth and age?their strength durability, the pu- 1 rity. of the gold, their uuifurm firmness, and the ease with which they may be worn, are particularly wished to ne impressed by Dr. CASTLE upon iho?e who seek to have the most perfect restoration of the teeth and moath which Art can effect, and also that his system of practice inaures to his pat.ona every advantage ol utility, beauty, ai)d economy, which experi nee, skill, and assiduity, iu his profession can accomplish. s9 2t* rc NOTICE. A SPECIAL MEETING of the Members or th? Thistle Bt n?volrnt Association. will be held at the house (if Vr. Peter Milne, 17 Centre street, on '1 horsday evening, 'lie :0tb "I September. at 8 o'clock. Punctual attendance is respect* folly requested. Bv order of the Board ot Manager], >83t*r A. CAMERON Secretary. TO PUBLISHERS. MANUSCRIPT FOR SALE?The Subscriber has a Manuncipt written during an illuess iu Philadelphia, | ami not having the meaus to publish it himself, he wishes to dispose ol it to some person who can 'o so The subject ts en'irelv original, and money is not wished for it immediately. | The Subscriber will maJte known the terms at ?uvfimeor plnce specified in a note, addressed 10 " Manuscript ' Herald Office. s8 3tis I h A D V K STl I S E I N A L ii A N Y . THE ADVERT!*|NO and Subscription Agency of the JILBJINY KNICKERBOCKER, ts ut 102 Nfitu street, ? oomt floor. The Knickerbocker is an eicelleut daily newspaper, MMMtiM as the True >un, and is extensively circulated in Albany, Tioy. Lansiohnrgh and other towni, and thtoushout Albany ?nd the adjoining counties, and is an eicelleut advertising medium for those who wish to send thtir advertising to the above places. Terms moderate. s!3t*rrc McDON AL1), Ageut. j HLNKV LAWKISiNi.fc, 14 John iIrtet, a few rfoori from UroaJtray. 1MPOHTEK o) French English and German fancy articles ?comprising Zephyr Wool, and other kinds Patterns of every description. Canvass?Silk, Cotion, Linen, he., all widths. Silks?Putse aud Flos, of sll kinds. Fringes, Uimps. lie. a large variety. And a large assortment of Steel Beads, Parse Slides and Ends, Bag Clasps, Perforated Paper, lie., lie., which lie will sell at thr lowest ooasible iiricea. ? im?r* P I orihe kidurys, pain id the back or side, habitual co tiveueaa. eruptiona. aore eyn. Doctor luf Id>by'a 1'ilea Specific, haa made radical cures id m ny cses of.he above meuiinued cmplninta, aa cm be proved ny |*raonal reference The apecinc ia not a purgative and is an enlirt-ly T getable remedt. without a pirticle of colycvnth, gamboge or aloea, ia pleaaant to take and perfectly harmleaa in the moat delicate caaea, male or female. Agenu will be | appointed in every town, county or Slate where there is ' own", ou application to BKALt) k CO, 108 Nassau street. ii lm*m MONTHLY KKPORl", OF number of caa*a auecenf illy treated, and discharged at entirely cured, at Dr. Wheeled Ophthalmic Diapenaary,?# O e?-nwich atreet. (near the Bntti ry,) N. Y. Diaenaea cured, and operaiiona aurceaafutly performed from lat .Auk. I*>6. to S?Bt. 1, 1116. Inflamed and aore ryes, from colas 57 Iiflimed from hereditary caiMea 14 Iiifl tn ed from fevers and infections 7 Kg) ptian Ophtahlmia 5 Oplithalmia Tnri, or diaeaaed lida 3 Incii trnt Amour ais 9 Hpecka. films and opacities of the Curnea It Cataract 1 Injuries the e>es from accident 13 Stoppage of the tc-tr duct 2 In ertion i f artificial fy?? S Inserted snd depressed lidj 3 Oonmrceal Ophthalmia , 3 Pamphlet* in relation to Dr. Wheeler'* treatment and cure* may be Ind gratis at hia office. S?lTufs)tThiir3tis*re ( CLOCKS, KANCk UOUDS AND (iLAMSWARK. ALarae aasnrtment of Kancy Uooda, Clocks, Violma, Oni , tara and Flutes; alio Glassware, China, lie, will be aold to dealera at reduced price*, at GKOROE F. GEKDINO. , *o291mec 7t Maiden lane. for sale, aft A FINE BAY HORSE, eight rear. rid. I'Jtf j hands high, S"und in all rrapecti; gentle in single ( double harneaa: tuiiaMe from fii? strenct i, d' cutty >ud endurance, for a physician. For terma apply at | IlLACK'd Lisery Stable, 14 Great Jones'st. alfl li* ai dog lost. MTHE GENTLEMAN who, on Friday I a at, took from a sereant girl at the Mob. ken Ferry, Barclay atreei, a Black. White and Tan King < harlea Spa Bering to the name nf Prince, i< requested to return the same immediately, to 239 Broadway, up ataira The Dog i? well know n in thia city, and any person returning hi in aa ahoee. will be suitable r-wanle-V -1 T'r h.\ux, fl 123 FULTON STREET, (Hun Building.) deem- (1 in* it unnere aary to enter into paiticulara respecttng hia Fa11 Fashion* fur I84C would aiuiply atate that hia new nr'e will escel in beauty. liaht. eai. I st?. and eotor I "ythi ( erer offend loth* hat wrarinK public of he city i of vew vork. Ill* pricet are ia low aa hia halt are flue. ?9 Iwit'r I F.?LL STYLE GENTLEMEN'S HATS i CM RDWF., Verch'nt't Kichange. 40 William Hrert haa now ready lor impaction and tale hit aplemlid Ph'Tt ftaited Beavera and fine bilk H u of the moat fa-hionnhie and d**int>lc a'>ap*a, and warranted not to V,e turpatard by the priiduc'iom ol >ny Ha' Katabliahmenl n thit eitr Piicet? Betl Bearer. $1 30. Beat Silk, $4 a<*2w*r | IHuACK BALL OR OLD_LINE OF LIVEIIPOOL PACKETS Only regular Packet of the l*'h of September? WHWVThe new, m?KHificeiit. ?nd celehra ed fiat-tail in*, JBfiU&Uvorire Packet Hliip YOKKr*HIRK burthen IISO toot. D. i. Bailey, commander, will tail poiitWely on Wedu?aiJay,the 16'hofflept. It ia acarcelv necemrv to aay, a* it it well known to the trirelli k public, that the accomtnodationa of the Votkahire, for tecond Ci'iii and ttetr?fe patren?era ia fitltd oat In n m"t* tuperb and eoally manner, with efery modern im> proTement and coneen ence, that cannot bnt add to the comfo't ol thoie emharkintf. who thonld call and tee thit tplendid trecin en of n-rnl architecture, helo'e emaviiiff claewhcri; and the * orkthire it thought, by nautical men. to be the fnateat packet ?floet. Korp?t?afe in cabin second Cabin, and tfec a ft, early application tboti'd be made o? board, foot ; of Bcrkman ttreet, or to the aubtcriher* Hr)( !!( nHflTm RK k CO Fulton at . ?in r " ' Ne?t door to the Fulton B mk. i fcSS- FOR NKW ORLEANS?To nil tliia di-, Sept i|y]W loth, ? ithont l*il at II o'clock The Packet Khipt ' SmmmL TE<^UM8EH. Ci-main Hipley. and the TALL.ICY- | R \ N I). Captain Webb. hiving I'een un??oid*l?ly detained, cant ke a (Vw more cabin and ?teer?ge paaiengers, if rar'v application ia made on bo.ird 'he thipa. lying at Murray'a whirf fo-tf.r Wallet., or to JOHNHKRDMANfcrO. ; to it r e r.l 8 -"th ?t I FOR MARtHt.IL Lb*?To tie i>r?ini)tly de WRCTV'pat ntd ?Th? bark MISSOURI, Capt. Silreaier. NHk^u) freight or pa?m<(e apply to CHAMBERLAIN k PHELPS, or to M__. _ BOYD k HINCKEV Biokera. NDTI' K.?Dehta that may b* contracted by the erew of i the Frenrh ihip COLOMBO, will not k? paid ky the captain, ' nor ht the conaigneea a"30 m j PACfcET BTfTP" SARACENT FRO>T(ILAStnuyilOW?t onaigiieea will pleaae ?end their permita JHMKnon hoard, root of Pike atraet, Eaat Hirer, or to the

on re uf the anhacribera. W. II.?All good* not permitted in lire day., mn.t be aent to the public ilort. WOODHULL k M1NTURN, J rr Bomth ?treat. I'm m ' ji-?i'iin m'imj i' ju. i uij.ijpi< i j *W??iAT?, *<U | .Mn# '-.KAMI ?\\< I'RSM'V m<'\' NTTV Am3?3?AUK to CUNKY IS!. AND.?The urw SCi9QL<iiil lut mi I nig kteamboat J t'.. COFfKE Capt Sinah, will lute Centre atrect whirf, Ne wark, Sunuey, 9ri u mbrr 13, 1SI6, at 12 o'clock, uonu, on au etcuraion to Coney It! in J, where the will remain 'th'ee liouia, aid ieturn to Newark, by 7 11'clock, I'M *>he will luid at Beij;eu Point and Port Kichinoud. t/ii Sta'eu Itl ud. both wayaf r ihe purpoto of kiti g tho.u it each place an opportunity ot run lug 1 ouey Ulaiid. It 11 a!mi at qui ecettary to atate, l-r it it universally known, thai Coney lalm d la ou the very verge of the Oca-n, , and 14 cooled by us sparkling turf, anil t tlubrious air. I he bathing it uurivtlled?the beach is hard and level detcend- ; ing slowly and safely 10 Ihe tea. The oppo tunitie for ,efr? nnienn ar? abundant , and altogether. it it a moil cornier- ' table ictreat Irom ihe malign .lit heat of the city at thit lea- ! ton Ktlrethmeiitt provided on Bnaid. There will *e no detention on aeromit of the tide. Should ' the weather be stormy, ihe excurtion will be pottpouad uutil next Sunday. Fare Twenty-flee cents, each way Alto ihe a'>ove popular and fait film# steamboat, will leave Mr* York fn Newark, on Sunday, at ? o'clock, A A1 , leaving the foot of Baiclay itrret aud returning, willlasve Newjrk at7 o'clock, P M., for New Voik. Kare each way, 12.VJ cemt all) Jt'rrc OPPOSITION IO MONOPOLY. (tan ^ roll ALB AN Y-Knre JO ceutt.-The fatt flrr.JyiJ' and e!e ;am steamer B LLt. Cape. S. Hchuyt - - vi 1 i leave! lit* fiint nl' H,iI,i>i*,,ii nr?*.r Brit rtl>ore U.irclay, on Kridty evening. Sept. II, ?> 7 o'clock. For freight or pusage apply to the I *puin on b?a<d.crat th? offiee on the dock tl02:*r COI\ihY I? LA .N LJ K hit ti Y. /?SI IN CONSKQUKNl t of tile extreme hot fit,uiF'?''Jl weather, mid the grout drtire. as well as lie E-ZmJ&JE. cssity, of the citixens til' tliu city to take their lainilie. where they cmi not onlv enjoy plriuure but iiB| rove their health, lh* Proprietor haa placed an extra Boat on the Ferry, all of which will run at follows, till further notice Tht steamboat PHOPPIKTOR, < apt. H. .VMlan, will tuu an follows ?Lentnig I'anal street, at 9S A. M. andJU 1'. M ; Whitehall, at 10 \. .M. and ij I*. M ; end l onev Island, at Ilk A. M ami 5 f. M. And the >teain'<oa( lOI.AS, ('apt. It. Vatei, will leave Pike street, at II.S A. VI. and 3K P. Si,J Whitehall, at 12 .M. anil 4 P. M.; Coury Uluid. at l>? miJ o'clock, P. M., landing at the iirei iiwouu C cin. lr, Doc* md Fort Hautiltou each way. And the rte'inboat D' TN ' VN t'.TELL, Capt D. S Tobias. w nl iuii direct from \\ liitehall t?('oi;ei Islnud, touchiuif at Fo't H niilinu only on her U?t trip up?leaving White- i hall, at II A. M.;t and <.'? P. M.j Cuuey Island, at U.1^, i>i. aud C>a o'clock, P.M. Kare 12){ cent*, each way. ?03t*r T. BF.If-BY, Proprietor. OPi'OSlTlOiN TlCfcKT OFFICIO FOlt THIS vnuTU a vn \vu?t rnA FOK Al.B ANY. 75cU: Utica, $2; Sy- I kSw "^ytic3e raruse, $'! '>0; Oswego, $1 "J; Itacliester, 1 lOCXL tt 75 : ' Hu ffilo, $-1 ; C en eland, ti 50 ; Pwi?:nuuth, $y; Pittsburgh, $9; De'roit, Mf'ii,.ni, SO; Cin- I ci mati. Ohm. $9; Mil?:mkie $9; Chi ?1 To tan to U |3 )0; Hamilton, $i 50; K ngsion, SI i.; W hitclnll. Si SO; .Montreal Pi"??en*er?, by app yc<ii Kct their : l oket at the ?J.ucc, No 10i) Daicliy at ihe above price*. M. L. KAK, Agent aU lw*r PEOPLE'S LINK OK STEAAlEKS FOK ALDAN V. >' Direct?Daily, Stiudaya eicepted?at 7 o'clock, P. M , From Shambo^l pier hctwtrn Covrtlandt an A Liberty its. 0* Steamboat KNICKEHBOCKEK, Capt. A. Honghton, will leave on Monday, WedneajKmmJrntmXr. day aud Friday evenings, at 7 o'clock. Steamboat HENDKIK HUDSON, Capt. H. O.':ruttendeu, will leave on Tneaday, Thuriday aud Saturday evening!, at7 o'clock. The above bonti will at all time* arrive in Albany in ample time f >r the ironing cari for the Eaat and Wilt. Freight taken at moderate rattta, aud none taken after 5>? o'clock, P. M. All persons are forbid trusting any of ihr boata of thit line, without a written order from the captains or igcnts. For pwwf or freight, apply on bojtd the bo.ita, or to P.C. Schultz, at the oifire on tlie wlurf UNITED STaI'E* MAIL LINK AtSo'clork, P. M., Landiug at lutermr Ji.*t? I laces From Ihe foul u) Hmciaii ttrrtt Steamboat NOHTH AMERICA Capt. U II. Furry, will . leave ou Monday, Wednesdi>, Friday, and Sunday alter; noons, at S o'clock. Steamboat SANTA CLAU8, Captain B Overbaugh, will leave on Tneaday, Thursday and Saturday afternoons, at i o'clock. Apply o" board, or at tbo ollice on thewhaif. nCm FOR NEW BKUNSW1?K. ~ jMM jggL TIIF. large and swift Steamboat NEW "IIII. AL>r I.l'l11 A.CaptainiL, S. Fiaiee.will IdQLlr'Vt New York from the loot I Barclay atrrei. every day (e?ce,l ru diy)at 9 o'clock, A. M , for New 11 nana wick, laiiiliuv at Chelsea, BUzing Star Kossville, Bentley's, Perth Amb ?y, South Amboy.aiid Pi ice's Poi t. turning will leave ^ew Brunswick ?t half p* t C o'clock, r..M. Fare to South Amboy. Price's 1'otnt, and New brunswii k 2i e?uu. All the other landings. 12)? ceu ?. All kindi or freiijh' taken at the lowest rates. New Yo'k. 3d September 1816. sl2w*m INDEPENDENT MUKNINtJ LINK AT ?2S*mS'~ O'CLOCK.-FOR ALB\NY from the Xb_^jBUK.?tri)rnlM)>t pier at ihe pier Toot ?f Warren street l'aat:iuf $i 40. Touching at the foot of Hammoud ?t. Brebkfast and dinner provided oil board. Tl'e swift and magnificent steamer IKON WITCH, commanded by apt. Stephen R. Roe, leaves New York, Tuesday, Thur-day and Satnrday. l.esvei Albany, Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Landing at Van Courtlaudts, WestP)int, Newburgh, Milton, Po'keepsie, Hyde Park, Ku n on, atikill. Hudiou. ?u25rc MORNING BUA'l FUR ALBAiN Y AND TROY" PAhSAOE ONK DOLLAR? Breakfast j dinner on board 'he boat. Passengers Jka^K_dL.ukinii this boat will arrive >n time to take tlie evening train of cars from Troy west to Buffalo, and north ta Sar.itoiri and L'ikc George. The Steamboat NI \<MRA, Capt. Wm. Ellsworth, Mon- I day, Wednesday and Friday, at 7 o'clock, A M , from the steamboat pier foot of Barclay street. Returning on oppo- ; site days. For passage or freight, apply on board, sr to F. B Hill, ai h# Wit** on fh* whwf. an !<l rr | I i'AILV LINK OF JSOAT& fiKTWLfc.S Q^SZmSr Nt!w YORK AND STATKN ISLAND 1C3DE. The steamboats SYLPH, Captain J. Bniis. ted, and 9TATEN ISLANDER, Captain D. Van Pelt, will : leave as follows >Leave Statta Island at?, I, I, II and 11 A. M; at 1,1,1, 4,?. and T, P. IVT Leave New York at 7,?, 10, and H, A.M. and 1,1,1,4,1, i ,7and * rut 7 T. M. All freirht at the risk of of the owner* thereof. A atage will Iuti Vanderbilt'a landing for the Telegraph- ! ic fti?tion every hoar throughout the day Fare 1IK eenu. jrjo _ TKOY MORNING AND BVKMAU LIKE. I MORNING LINE AT 8EVEN O'CLOCK jMn jtM FOR ALBANY AND TROY?From the Steamboat Pier at the foot of Barclay itreet IKmMC^L Landing at Peekskill, West Point, Npwbaruti. Hamilton, Milton,, Hyde Park, Rhineoeek, U. Red Hook, Bristol, Catsnll, Hudson, Coiaackie. Kiuderhook and Baltimore. Breakfast and dinner on board the boat. The aieamboat Nl AOARA, will leave ob Monday, Wadaesday and Friday Mornings 7 A. M. The steamboat TROY, Captain Uorhaa, oa Tuesday, fhn rsday and Saturday moraines, at 7 o'clock. Returning on opposite days. For pai?axe or freight apply oa board, or at the office oa the Wharf. NEW YORK. ALBANY AND TROY LINE. FOR ALBANY AND TROY DIRECT, Fm>m the pier at the fool of (onrtlandt itreet. The low-pressure iteamboat EMPIRE, Captain R.B. Macy, ivaves the loot ol Coorthuidt itreet. on Tnesday, Thnnday and Saturday evening*. at aeven o'clock. The Steamboat COLUMBIA, Capt. ffm. H. Peek, will leare oa Monday, Wednsaday and Friday evenings, at 7 o'clock. Paasengers takicg these Boats will arrive ia tine to cake the Morning Train of Cars from Troy weit to Buffalo, and aortb to Saratoga, Whitehall and Lake Chamnlain. For Paaaaga or Kraigbt, appl j on board, or at U>? unci oa | the wharf. No freight taken after 5J< o'clock. NOTIC K?All goc i, freight, bank billa, tpecie, or any 1 Other kind of property, poaiovely at the owner'a ri?k. j??r i OPPOSITION MORNING LINE AT bjTo7CLOCK FOR ALU A NY. Landing at Hammond trret, Van Cortl*udt'a (l'rrkikil1) We?t Point. Newburgh, New Hamburgh, Milton, Cough keepaie, Hyde l ark. Krigtton, Upper Hi J Hook Briitol, I Catakill, Hudson, and C omckie. P.i'aage, One Dollar. mA TI1K new <nd fas'-aiiling low-prei?ure I flp.^L'j^l'itfiiiilHMl .VIKTAMOHA. I.'iul. P. H Smith, 3EaaSK_Z_will leare he pier foot of Warren afreet on I Monday, Wednesday and Friday, at n'rlock, \. M. Re turniiik, leave Albany ?>u Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday Pnsaeiigers taking this boat will arme in Albany in time for the cart going North and Weit. Hreasiast and Dinner on boaid. Ka<e to Van Cortlandt's Dock, 2i cents; Poughkeepsia, 50; Hudson. 7J; Albany. (I. >1 Im r TO1RAVELLEKS GOING SOUTH. OilKAT i ENTHAL ROUTE FROM CHARLESTON TO XEtV ORLEANS. Via Savannah, Macon. Colmnbua and Montgi inery. Through aa aoon aa by any ntHer route, and with lire hours Iess itiLrinv. THE public are respectfully inform*<] that tlie abort route is in full and succe-sful 01 oration, J illy. Passengers by this route will leave Charleston ?t 9 o'clock, A. M , for b>vaimah, by the well known splendid steam packets J*?l er, jVtf) 0A Capt. J P. Brooks. (?en. Clinch, ?' Bordeu. Win Heabroak, T.Lyon. Krom .-arannah to M*c< u by ib? Central Railroad. jQS SSSBM ' From ?iac . in Bii'it vine oy the 4<cim ?..U Western ltaiload; from Um.rttihe. \ la Columbus, t>< the teriuinus of the Montgomery; thence by railroad to Montgomery. Alabama Fr<m Montgomery by steamboa'a or stages to Mobile. Prom M h ie to New Orleans by steamboats. V?( 10IMUltW M#4 to Montgomery $2H 60. including omnibua fare. aod ine?la and herihaon board the steamers. To Villi lie $36 VI, in New O leans $11 ,'i0. Stage* leave Macon on Moudaya, Wednesdays and Fridays for Tallahaasee and f?naaeola. And the steamers Wm. (Jaafou and 8t Va'thews, leave Sav innah ou Wednesdays aad Hataidays fur Uarien and M Mar? s, ((Ja.) and Jackxuiv I'e, Black (/leek, Picolata, Palatka and St Augtittiue, (Fla ) J Thia route la nnaurpaastd for speed, comfort and safety, and no ex|>enke or exertions will be spared U> merit a conti ii u .at ion of confidence nud patronage of >lie travelling public ' Kitra ' niches will always he in readmesa at Barue?villc to accommodate any uumher of p sseiigers E LAFI I'll; k CO Agents, al0 3'*rre Un on W harves, Charleston, S C. ! FOR LIVKHPOOL?New Line?Regular pack [ <flgW?r.totail September 26th?The elegant, faat nil hiiiil puiri iniji 9iir.nii/j\nt u. r>. i.onuin, miuter ?l|l'('ana, will an I as abort, her regular day. For freight or paaaage, having aceommoUutioiia oneioalleO for apleudor or comlort, apply on board, at Orlcxna wluuf, foot of Wall street, or to K. K. COLLINS k CO.. M South at Price of paaiage $100 Packet ahij> <<AI<KICR, B. J H Traalc, maater, will auceted the SHERIDAN, and aail October Kcli, her regular day. alO NEW YORK AND LOUISIANA LINE OF PACKETS. iJQr TO aail on Satii'dar. 19th mat ?The faat-aailing ?X*jy Packet aliip SA RTELLE Taylor, maater, will JImMm I'll a? above, her tegular day. Kor freight or paaaage apply on boird at Orleana wharf, foot of Wall atreet, or to E. K. COLLINS k CO., M South >t. No gooda received on board after Friday evening, Iflth inat Age.t in New Orleana, Jamea E. Woodruff, who will j promptly lorward a'l gooda to hitaddreaa. Pa. Uet Slup OENESEE, Mnnol maater, will aocceed the Saitelle. a 10 FOR LONDON-REGULAR PICKET OK THE igtm i SEPTEMBER. THE wall-known fa?t tailing Packet Ship OLADIMHMfy aTOH, < apt Oiinting. burthen 1000 tuna, will aail SUmmrn ? above, her regular day. t It??iug auperio' accommodations for cabin, accond cabin and aieeiKge paaae..gen persona intending lo embatk ahould make early application on board, foot ofMaiden Lane, or to JOSEPH Me ? VRR AY, Corner of Pine and Hotith streets. The packet fhip SWITZERLAND E. Knight, maater, will aoceaed the < Radiator, and aail Oclober I at alOrrr VESSEL WANTED?*A food aabitaatiil raual MjMPW of about 4000 barrela burthen to proceed to noith ll'.l.'WWP.'JI'H I I . '>.-1 J!1JLw" ?! f . " ? *? ?? v -.(I. PARK THfcATRF.?On TV?r?d?y CvmIm,Jklt <? !?. will b* performed Rnak?pea'? ? traaudy ol Rli HARD III?R.chaid. v<rL' Kian; Km* Heurv 1 V Vu Ba rv . Ilrmy, Earl of Riciirooud, Dvott; Sir Hubert Br*rkeuOiirv, Aiidetion; Kdward, Mm l>em.y; Kichard, Mi>? E Denny; Klu-b?*th, Mis C Kaan; Lady Aiiue, Abbott; Duclieu ol Yoik, Vlr? r>arry. To couclude with the farce of tba BAJIRACH ROOM? Claru?e, Alrt Charlea Keau. Uoori t iieu at 7 o'clock, and the performance* Hill com at hall^aat T o'clock. B?ie? II ; I'm S? coiiU : tint lery i"> cenia. _ Bl'WKIH I'liEATKiv ? Ou TI:U a?lnv Mr ium. Sept. ltitli, will br |>er|iirriivd the rr*K ?ly uf KOXt.0 AM) JULIET?Romeo, Mrl arke; Mcicutio, Mr NeatU; Juliet, Mim Julia Deau. After wi.icli, H. VJ Vtllee will dance the Cracovienne To conclude with the drama of the CARPENTER OF RO< KN?Marteau. Uie Carpenter, Mr Chanlian; Mad el on, Mr? Jordan. Uoori open at 7 o'clock, enrtain will rue at hull pm?t 7 ? Dren Circle, JO eente: Upper 15 cclU; Tit and Oallery, liij cer.u. CAS I'Lh uAUUr,.^, erilii lis eneuuve froineUiO^t. I l?e?i dav ind eeening ? Hecir d week of the BL'tEO TROUPE OK ETHIOPIAN MI.N8T?EL?-On .Woudav Eveuine. Sept. 7tli, the entemiunent will commence with an INSTRUMENTAL INTRODUCTION. Inurmmioii of hall au hour lor refrvahmrnu, to new 'he beautiful ranrr ol I ns\linuui? oil the Upper Eaplaiiade. To < onclude with a ?erie* ol DISSOLV1NU VIEWS aud CH1NLSE FIRE WllhKH The ,mneinem to cumineuce at a inarter to I preciiely. Admittwce 25 ceuta EX fKAOKDlNARY BILL! 1 FOUR ENTERTAINMENTS BY THE RAVEL I'AWILY. NISLO'B GARDEN ? Thuraday Evening, Sept 10ih Omiiiiu' and graceful achievewuiili on the Tight Hope b>; the Hnvet family. To be followed t>y the popular pat de deux lioia Natalie, by M'ln# Leon Javei|i nnj Mo'ii. neml* To I t suoreeded by the brdouiu Araba?by JlTelll Ravel and the whole IVinily 1 lie wliole to vontludr villi the pantomime c lied M. DECUALtlMK AU?Hoqoim t,?J ihriel Hat el. l)ooreoi>ei> at half pMt 5 o'flfC< eutertainmeau eommence at half i'j?r 7 o'i lock TiclifU tu e?'? WALNUT >TUtET THEATKK, !' IL \Lt(.L I'HIA E. A. Mimiuli., Lratee W. It. Ulakc, Mauager. F< urtli mult of MK E. MURDOCH, fill'USD AY EVENING,liieptember l#th, 1816, will be ; 1 Jinlo;lir.'d the p a) oi the S'l'R VNOER. Tlie Stranger Mr Murducb Af.n' w hieh, the WEATHERCOCK. Tri*!' iin f ickle ' Mr Murdoch. Mr.Vu"'i I* lienvlit ou Friday. Mr a id Cn*rle? Keau wi I commence an engagement ou Moi.dr r v. liiug neit, iu the domcatic tragedy of THE H I \1 ESTER SUAKSl'EAIili ASSOCIATION. 1^1)IS A*aoci?lion will re-opeu ou Friday Evening, lllh mt. The laat rehe vaal ? ill take place tliia at 6 o'clock. Mrrabe.a, both performing aud uun-peiforoiiujg, are urged to be preieut. By order, UROWER, all) lt?r Acting Manager. W1U.NOK LOL'IS MARTINI, Professor of thngiug, wi'I J resume hit Iruoiu as uiual, at his Mu?ic, 'II LeuBird street, joining the Society Library Building. To the Amatki'ks or the Acconnto* he wonld recommend his Album, just pnbli?hed, containing a delightlul 1 collection of ihe moat popular operatic melodies and favorite . piecc?. Thia production was much needed, to show that the best musical competitions can be played on that instrument, , whose capabilities have remained so long unknown. SignorL. M. accompanies his pupils oa the fianp and Quitsr au]01m*m G. TIETZ, CI OTHIC It ALL. annonnrrs his Duck of Vsnciuiaon, hia f Klephaut, his Dancing Lady, his Cabinet of Anatomy, and his C,moons of K.phai I in copper. Admittance 23 ceuta. sS l?v*rc MONTliVhiRD^iULLlAKD AND BOWLING I SALOON. NO. SB ARC AY \TRKKT, (three doom below the Ame- ! nc 'i Hotal,) N#w York Ai? iabMrjbcv wosl4 re I'rctfu 11 y inform hia friends and this public in general, that he h four as good Billiard Tables, as cau he (ouud iu the city, all kept in complete order. A* hese table* are in sepa* rate ap.irtmeuts, the proprietor think* it will be more elect and igrfMbll to |flUafll9B visitiua his hon?e, iu private purlies Kaeh gentleman viuiting thu above ehtabl ?ltin?ut ,wi,ll ' be furnished with a private cue and apron, for his especial ' use and the be-t attendance 111 the city. Any gentlemen ! wishing the billiard roo n exclusive to themselves, or the 1 bowling alleys can have the same by apphing at the bar ? Also two Bowline Alleys, which are always kept in first rat- order, with ihe besi ot attendance. Lunch every day at 11 o'clock. Wednesdays and Sundays, Fish or Clam Ch- wder During the season the choicest Oysters, ?uch as Shrewsbury. L hiuknrora's. Mill Pond. Colu Spring and Massacha* sets Mf Ollll?l?1l chIIi g for the ab?nr uyitrr? cin alwtjri mti them at uw ibortfti notice ; they can wptftd on havi k the above assortment. His Btr is well ?f>ekrd with the choicest Wines and Liouors, find 8egars ofthe best ijuili* ty. Also Sherry Coblers, Mint Juleps, and Punches m.ide iu QT?~ Gentlemen will please to communicate at the Bar, ur neglect of duty of the attendants. FRANCIS MONTEVEHDE. __ No. J Barclay street fryPrirnte entrance at the H?ll door. au26 Im'r HOWL?* & (JO.> N V. lVMiVIMiTI h GllU,Utf 1M11S unrivalled cor[? of Kquestriaiis will perform at DufTiloSith. 25th aud 20th lost.; Williainsville, 2?th; Lockport 28th and 29th; Albion 31st; Betsvia. lit September; at Arnca011 the 2d; at Perry on the 3d; at Mount Morris on the 4th; at LrRoy on the 5th; at Rochester oil the7th, Dth and fth: at CanantfllKaa <M the lfltlr, Rt Palmyra on the Irak; at 1 Lyons on the 12th; at Vienna on the 14th; at Auburn ou the 16th, I th and 17th, during the great Agricultural State Fair The Laigest h>t?blistiinent ever organized in the United State*, coinprisiug IW Meu and Horses, requiring '4 Carringei to couve> the per'ormera, wardrobes, oiuhiciuk 6l~. The company has attached to it Kight Female eonestrians, ain?,ng whom is the Greatest F'eiaale Rider ol the Age, recently arrived from Paris, MADA.MK MARIE MACARTE, ?ho?e new style of Equestrian Keats, peculiarly her own, being chnite and classic; her graceful ana fascinating address and tlie charmiun r. tit tle with which she chains tier audi nee, render this gifted and highly-educated artitlt the leading feature of the arena in this country. The Proprietors reter the public to the brilliant description given in the respective newspapers of the extraordinary and daring feau performed by tinr. distinguished artii'e. E<iue<triau Director, Air llOWEs. Riding Master, Mr NI\ON,aud the unapproachable Clown, D VN RICE. ,-imonz the Performers is the celebrated und priucipti] Hider, the Napoleon of the Arena, Mr. HOBHH, whose teats ou Horseback are the moit extraordinary ever witnessed. Juve nile act of Horsemauship by Master Nixon. Olympic Exercises, by the whole Company, led by the great European Tumbler, Mr. MACARTK. Wonderful Keats by Mr. Cole's Dogs, Hector and Billy. The 8W1S8 BROTHERS, in theirelegruit Gymnastic Postures and Groupings. Mr. Sweet as the Charioteer of Phoebus. Posts'tug aud Gymnastics, by Mr Nixon and his son. Mr. Howes in his Mythological aud brilliant Act of " Fancies of Proteus." Mr. C. Howes iu Slack Rope Kvolutions Mr. Geo. Sweet, the celebrated Tight Rope Dancer. With a variety of others 1 lip wnoie comprising tne leaamg, III0*1 laieuieu, ua classic performer! in the world mi2S HOWRB It CO 'S New York Memmofh f'irem. APOLLO KOOMS. MADEMOISELLE RACHEL respectfully inform* the public of Now York that her KIR8T CONCERT Will txVe place at t**e aboee Hooma, OS WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBEIl 16, 18W. On which occasion she will be assisted by tiie following Professors of eminence M'LL E RACHEL, (bar firal appearance in America.) Soprano Mona'r JULES HECHT, (from Krankfort, hi. first appi'tirnnre in thin country.) Baritone. IlEliK HEUCKt- KUTH, (a pupil of Spohr, from Cuitl. hia first appearance.) Violin Mr. JOHN A K?LE Flautiat Aloos'r ALFRED HOUCHEH, (premier eioloucellist to Ferdinand theTtli, of Spain,) Violoncello Mr. GEORGE BMISTOW Violin And Mr. GEO LOUER, (under whose direction the Cobcert will he Ki.en.) The Concert will commeuce at 8 o'clock. 11' kets SI, to e had at the usual placra. Kull programmes will he ahortlv issued. ?B 3teod rrc DOUBLU-HlSADfcU CHILD. ONE of the wonderful freaks of nature, now ethibiting at Coliseum Hall, N'o. 4SH Broadway, New \ork. One nf the greaieKt ru iositie? of the aire, a TWO HEAI'h D rtlll.l) born ?li*e on tlie lsla"d of Nanturke'. fune 21. lOtC, and pronounced by the most eminent physicians. surgeons ami physig'ogista of New York and Boston, and all others of the learned profaaaions, who have seen it, to he perfectly uiiqne. This little boy has a beautifully formed body, with two perfect heads and necka, with two hearta, four lungs, aud oue stomach. Ladies and eeiitl-men who feel desirous of witnessing the wmwlarfnl .,.,1 in .r. in.,I.,I f? rail wlu'e ihia eihihition coutione?, there bring nothing that Deed nlTraJ the ?eniea of the moiifl'ntidioui. Admiaaion l?)4 centa UmJ al0 1w#re MUSIC TAUGHT ou very m?der?le leima, by a peraon who haa perfect knowledge of the arienc , and who undertake, to teach it thorough \ . IV'nn, $3 dollara per month. Any perion wiihing tu take iualruction will pleaae addrea. a line to ' Mmic, at the Herald Offir- " n'O lmn*rc MUSIC TAUGHT, WITH mnoli facility and rapid p.ogreaainu. M. DUMSD AY, No 425 Broadway, lour doora above Canal it, Profe?aor of the Guitar, Hinging, Piauoforte. Accordron and Violin, ronnnuea to teach ladira and gentlemen of New V'ork, at their own reaidencea, i< reqneaied, without eilra charge. 'I ermi reasonable. luatrumenta. String< and Mu.ic for ?ile, apt Ivn. above. >10 3l*rrc ANCING A?;ADfc.MY? MAUAMK ACHILL&. in returning her sincere thanks for the liberal |Mitron?ie of her friends ?nrt the public, desire* most respectfully to inform them that the is alio-it to resume her professional attendance to .Seminaries and private fimiles. Her Salon, 41 Walker street, will re-oi??.i on Saturday the 3d Octo er for the tuat ion of those ladies and gentlemen who may wish to jyin her d.iucing and waltzing classes, or form private quadrilles, as follows:? Kor young U?(ies and a>to for vonng gentlemen under 10 yesrsofsge. Wednesdays and Saturdays from 3 to 5 o'clock, P \1 ; for gentlemen a ore i0 y?ars, the stme dsvsati o'clock. Keening elaas for gentlemen, TuesJa>s snd hues<u. .ail ?vIa.|i .Soirees nclusivelv for her nuuils nil-! II r n, M II?U*I Madime Achilla haa the plea?nre to annonnce tha- in addition to the dancei alr?ady known in New York, ah? will in truct her pepil* tho?e l"olk? Walt re, and Quadrillea which iri now the moat popular in the tacit aociaty lu Parte and London 'I he.e beantiful pa? are the new qatdrille Mazurka; the Crtlariut wnltt ; the ir-cefnl Rrdova; the Virnnoilr, or waltz a drux Irmpt; thr prett y waltx a cinq tempt comimaed two month* ninre in ' on don t.y Parrot; and Iji M atotttn n* a new Ma:urku valtt, ?hnh with that a cinq trmjtt, will not he brninht out in Paria till >ha coming winter. I hete dance* can We taught by no oth- r peraon in New York than Madame Arhille aa ahe haa received tnem froin Mous Julea Martin, jnit arrived Imm Pari*, and o whom they weie 1clatirely ron^ded by the above celebrated profeitor* in tetnmonv of their hiitli rtte> m ?R tm MWMr P'A>HlONAbLh DANCING. M'LLR DK8JAHDIN would re?pertfnlly inform her pupil*and the public, hat ?he baa retnri.ed from Saratoga Spnnffa ( where ale had the honor of mtrodueiiif the l<e < <wa Waltz, which ?he had juit reeeired from Pari- ) oid tfcit ?h? j* now prepared to rent*w her le?aon? m all the laieat lain ion* Bit dfttioa, ?t her rfaidcnce n?o /? i^eonava kiwi. B^lw^re CL.NTRKV1LLE COURSE?Tftul TING. HI 1 ilitfireattfec 1'IiUHflDAV. hapten.l>*r luth. it I o'clock I' vi.?Pur-e ?U0. two mil* lif.ti in llirnm, for whic'i fo"r of the but norica iu the United 6t?tr? will contsud for tr.a abara ; pritc. G?o Hpicrranttra h f Amfricna r lluntrntara - b K Vlotenw W Whclan ?nt?ri br m Diieh??. A. Campbell en'era b; ? ?'et?r Smith. (C^ Elira c?r? will |hm the Booth frrrv for the t.onr?? It nor o'clock preeiaeljr, i*tnrniBg after the eport ie o*er. R 'It j* ?4fcFfUN"K HOUSE, NEW ROCHELLE, WILL rONTINU* to be kept or>en to recei?e Pariiee and Traatient Vuitora, aatil th? latter part of Octnbar. I .jjt'rc C. F. RICK. ",?.! >JJ - 11 " .U ! LATEST INTELLIGENCE. j ^ i J .?.. : .7?-r-7 : --^ag TSLfiO&APHZO, t . j The Wester n mail received at Baltimore last evening, conitiint-d nothing new front tho Santa Fe Lxpcdition, the Mormon region, or okawhora. The Southern pnper* ^ave no further intvlii* j gence from either Mexico or the seat of war. A report was current yesterday afternoon that Mr. Bancroft had resigned the offxe of Secretary of the Treasury. The local transactions at Baltimore yesterday were not considered of sufficient importation to telegraph. BY THE MAILS. Sot'TiiKR.n Mail.?The mail south of plnladou nhln Utt Baltimore Sept 0. 1S40. Change in Me Weather?Launch ?/ a Sew York Pilot Pout?Prepaying for Privatsers?Jin Unnatural Can?Democratic Summations?Return oj folunterrt ? Colli in the Irish Comedian? Theatricals. Markets, fa. Most an agreeable change in tlie weather i* apparent _ this morning, and there is some signs overhead of a fall f rain, which is quite encouraging. For a few daya past the heat lias been so oxcesmve, that all manDar of ; occupation was entirely suspended. On Saturday afternoon there vai launched from the ahip yard of Mr. John A. Robb, n beautiful pilot boa' schooner of 70 tons burtlian, called tho David Mitchell She was built for Mr James Mitchell, and other New York piloti, and is named alter the father of Mr. Mitchell* who Iirs been long and favorably known to the harbor ol New Yoik. She has a leng'h of *4 leet on deck. 11?>? lVot beam, and 7 feet hold, drawing about V feet alt, and 6 feet forward She went into the water beautifully, and will, it is expectel, b? able te give the famous ' Homer" n tight race After tfio launch, a grand lunch waa given by tho New York pilots, a large number ol whom were present, of which hundreds partook They wera delighted with the set ol' the vesse] on her destined element. and there is no doubt but thatshu will sustain tha reputation of Baltimore ahip buildera wherever tha may go. Tho barque Iowa leaves this port in a law days for Havana, and she is prepaiing to give a warm reception to pirates or privateer*, if attacked by them Htio has taken on board some hoavy guns, as well as muskataand side arms, and has a crew tuat can bnnir them into rood service if occasion should require. Quite a handsome Jouug girl named Emily Harper, wa* yesterday brought before ona of our justices on tii* charge, by her own father, of having robbed him of $J)5. It appeara that thia it the flfth time that Una unittural puient bun had hi* child arrested on thin sain* charge, and each Umo the baa b?au honourably dia* charged. The democratic convention last night nominated Nathaniel Cox, Crancia Banghman, Elian Ware, Thomas JF I Spillman, and John 8 Drown, as the candidate* of that party for the Monae of Delegates The w hig* have alio commenced operation! for the fall campaign, and will nominate next week Some of the Baltimore volunteer* yesterday returned from the Rio Grande on the iick lift. The) give >le< ploruble account of the pleasures of soldieilog Collins, the Irish Comedian, drew crowded houie last night at the Holliday itreet Theatre, and waa received with considerable favor. Ma ip decidedly good Tba opening of Old Holliday waa ^rfci-ted by u laige and lusbiotiuble houae, which iwll&.len a most lucceixlul season. They have been playing the " Swamp Fox' at tho Front street Theatre, lor a week pan to not very good houses. It ia the intention of Mr Burtou, however, to bung out tome attractive novelties very sonu 'i In- Museum continues as much in favor at ever, and ia nightly tilled by thoi-e Mho are coMtoientiou. on the subject of theatre-going. Tiir .Mahki'ts There was a full supply of beeves for iflrat the scales Moud.iv. Tl ere we e 40 lie d lf> red of whirh NO v rre d> iveil to rinladi Ip'ua. and all uf tin lial lite, jOO liead, were sold at S2 * 2 71 per 0 > lb* on the bo. f Siuce hridiy a better demand ha. sprunw u|. fur Howard street flour, and pure* have advanced. Tliere were sales ? u Sarnrday ' * I Mi tills. M S3 8 *4 and $3 S nd a sale . f On bPla, late in (he rveninf at St. Monday tlieie were sales oi )?' cela lo the ei ent uf IMO nbls. at $< On ttalu d*> l?at lh?re were aales oi City Mills tl- u', to the t teur of Jnoo bids a |t Mund.iy MOO lit is veil sold ?t 14, ?ud I6?0 Ibis si $4 WMThe demand lor whiskey ia quite liaaiitcd. a. d small sal* Only aie making at II eta. lor lilid.. and 22 cu. fur bbis, ssith as ui> c?siona! lot at 22)6 cts (title* ur NtiMk* at UKlllmort 8ept 7?Mirylnnd 6'* rimed a^76H sskrd 76!? bid: M?ry* l?ini h'i, ol IK)'), closrd at fJ'i,V4 V& bid; Baltimure and Ohio Hailro.d ihiiii 4bl? iislied, 47>4 bid. THiLADKLrHiA, Sept D, 1848. The Moynmensirg officers who interfered with tboa* of the city in the execution of their duty during the riot on Sunday evening, were thi? morning held in $10<0 each to answer the rhaige at the pre tent term of th? court BilU nre to be tent up to the grand Jury immediately. Tjioir names are Rudolf Fields, 1 homaa McCarty, Patrick McDonald, James Maynes, Thomas Ward and Peter Mauton. The only rioter arrested so far ia Minking. taken into custody by the city officers at the time of the riot, but warrants were issued this morning for the arrest of others whose names were brought out during the examination of witnesses. Among others ?ai that of William Mc.Muliiu, a leader in the gang of kil* lers, who was only liberated a few weeks since from an imprisonment of six months, fur on* of the many outrages he has been guilty of. His releaso was the occation of a general rejoicing on the part of the gang, who built an immense bonfire; and caused an alarm of fir* throughout the whole county. Another person implicated as one of the killers, iw'ho is n?ma>l John Curlajr, , neglected to mention. Oil Monday evening, no election for delegate* wa* held in the Second ward, Mojaiuenaing, to form a commUkioner* ticket, two ticket* were ' in the field, the killer* being anxioua to aecure the * 1 lection ol candidate* favorable to their lawle** *way in ' the dutrict, had *everal ol their member*, including John Curloy, placed upon one ol the ticket*. The other portion of the democratic party weie duguited at *uok a truckling to mob lule. and moat of tnem withdrew, though not until a fight occurred, and both partie* being of the hard-fisted kind. brokeD head* and hloody noaea weie of no rare occurrence The oonaeqneuce i* that the killer* ticket wan declared elected, anJ publiahed la tc'vural paner* thi* morning The other portion of the party will, of courie, not recognue this ticket, and nominate one of their own The nativea, yesterday, made the following nomination*:?fur Sheriff. Henry Selar; County Commi-doner, Matthew Vandu*cn, Sr.; Register ol WiU*, Samuel boo. nell; Auditor, Ueo. Kithion. 1 The whig* of the city made their nomination* for A*sembly and Select Council last evening. In the choice of the latter, the friend* of the aubicription to the Cential rxilioad have gained the.r object in the aelec'lvn oft majoiity favorable to that measure. '1 he umpeiature, today, is much More plesent- en eakt wind prevuila, whicti hasbiougtat down tue aaarcury from its high elevation, but at the mow 11m ncatier* i the dust wi'h a peileut lookone**. Mr. K Uienn feeble*, whoie adventure* In our city have afforded your reader* *ome amusement, ha*, t learn, been released from confinement by the withdiawal of the charge pending againat him, *nd i* now engn? g?d in preparing a statement of hi* miifert unca, In oruer to excite public sympathy in hi* behalf. He conaidera himieif aggrieved by the freedom with which the r*> portera ana letter writer*01 tnii city nave apoaen 01 ma and hit financial achemea, and of course will be bitter enough. Sale* of Stocks at Philadelphia. S?rT. 9.?Kibbt Bo*ao? $100 Lehigh letereec. 41; i Km iii(t<>n Bank, 4J, 30 Union Dank, Ttuneute, Mi 4 Bank of Northern Liberties. 40<%. HtxoKD lioaan ? geio Lehighta. 49; 100 Heading > R )\i 2/ Vickaburf Bank, 6, X) U U Bauk, 3J<; M heading Ml 3I& /W'TtR Sai.i:?.?f M Ches It Drl. Canal Loan 4a, 94; !900 U 8 Loan i?, 100 Uirartl Bank, VJt; t?,0 Chea ft Del Canal Loan 6a, MH; ilOO Slate la, 66>a Destructive Fire in Albany.?About tea o'clock l?!<t niKht a tire broke out in the brewer/ on the comor ol Aich and Kranklin atreeta, formerly occupied by Meaars. Boyd ft Co., and now by vlr We at* cott, and which waa totally destroyed The fire swept along the whole length ol Arch atreet to Oreen. desiroying everything excepting the atore on the comer, owa ed by the eatate ol Corueliua Cgbetta, and occupied Ytf Mr Flannegan On the weat aide ef Oreen ttreal, five or eix two atory brick buildings weru deetroj e<i. '1 has* telong. or did loimerly, to Aleaara Flancgao ft 3?ee ney, and were i.ot very valnahlu t he atore on iha corner of Kerry and Arch atreeta, belonging, we believe, to > 11. O Wheaton, hii| , mi aaved, ea weie all the uotiaee in Kerry, between <?rten and Franklin But the ceutto ol the block, bounded by Oreen. Arch, Kerry, and Franklin atieeta, including the mineral apt ing g<rde? were com pletely auept We do not hear the c*use or tho fire, oi the exact amount of insurance. Mr Weaeott haa, we believe, *I",WjO od hie nock in the brewery, an I the buiidinga,we preaume, are iaaured ?wf/ieny ?1fj gut, Sepf V. Tklkofafh to Cahada.? It utford> us graat MHtistHOiiori to lenrn, UiHt ihere i? h grt at probability of the ' lightning iinee"? the electric telegraph, being extended nom the (treat cities of the United it ite? to Montreal and Quebec \ gentleman ie now in town, and h?? *tib<nltted prupoiaU to tba board ot tra. a, for making ao immediate commencement with ttiia moit important public woik V, a believe, that tba plinciple ni>on which lie wi*be? to coo*truet It, i?, that a ceiUin b?nu*. ahould be paid him, anwuuting, to about ball Ilia co?t, by thecitUena of Montieai lbia turn would be, according to In* calculation, fiotn ?9 000 t jC-VOO.i. The line will connect the citiei throughout tbta \lit ronti. nent in inch a manner, that the news may beconveyed inataiitaneoualy between tba moit remote ol the in.?Menti tal lUruld, S*pt 7 I " ?? Grkat Fi.ood and Lo?s of L fb.?Tho wmtern mail bringa to 111 melancholy account* of a mont destructive Hood in Crooked Creek, near Madiaon. Indiana The lota of property U mated 10 be very graat. and tba account* ?ay that the live* of no le than even pei*on* were *acriftced in attempting to *ave prom-rty and the liven ol other citizen* uf viadiaon. The damxge to the Indianapoli* Railroad i? very great, nod the extent it not yet known, bat it I* believed Aat it will take month* to repair it. Oot. Owiley. of Kentucky, ha* appointed Geo B. Ktncaid Secretary of State, in the place of Benjamin liar I din, removed

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