Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 11, 1846, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 11, 1846 Page 3
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1 Old itMk (nkinni ?{?? OhlMi, IMO wn 5* >hi H*71*ir RJt 54 *W ! pOW) J'?un ?i? MV 50 do bM 54V iO"fl do ?>', ?W> do I'M 00 <'0 btO ?e*. Wti do SHI 15'* 60 ?hi Viekdiurt Ilk IV 50 d.- >10 54)* 100 kurnien' Tru?l 251* 150 d<> IdOSt1, ifl do b? 25V_3t0 do blO 31V, W'O do ?30 21 50 do MS 100 do 25 50 Reading Kit (30 63>4 121 Morru Canal 7?< 100 do biO Cl?i 50 Canton Co 30V 150 do MS 50 do (30 M)\ 100 do >60 63)f W Mohawk RR 51* 50 do ?J? 300 L Uland RR (30 30 4J0 do 63K 100 do () 30 200 do b3 64 50 do 30 175 Nor & Wor RR HK 50 do blO Ml 110 do *> 57 v? Second lloartl. aO (b? Harlcu RR uw ilW d? Reading RR b30 M 50 do (U w 54 V 50 do MJ }.. 100 do (CO It W 23 Nor k Wor M 5'V, 50 do ?30 14>< 50 do .b'{ 50 do b4d( 51 50 do b3? i50 do U3 5IV 200 do "Jj 50 Reading RR ?l*' 21 do W* 50 do 03 '* 100 L Idand RR (30 JO new umicn 100 .h? Farm* Treat 1*0 ?H 100 ?>? Reading KB sJ Wi 50 do slJ 25 M do tw 63i? 50 do b20 ti% 100 Hailein RR b30 ii ' K do ?3 ti 100 <lo C M'i a? do Saturday 23 150 do Friday 54 S SO do Friday 25 150 do Monday MS 50 do bW 25 1(10 do b30 54}* Ml L Island RR Friday 30 250 do (MS 150 Nor V Wor RR t3 57>? 50 do Friday 51 ! , 100 do hi 57* 50 do bl5 54k 25 do >10 57 50 do sl5 5)!, 21 do . ?15 57 SO do b3 ii', 25 do c 51% 200 do Tuesday 54>4 25 do bow 57 V, 50 do a3 51 50 Readme RR e 63V 150 do c il>? Klarrlcd. On Tuesday, dth instant, by the Right Rev. Bishop 'Hughea, Geo. I. Hammexkn, Esq , of New Oileans, to Mis* Mama Adele Matilda Mejia, only daughter of the lite Gen Jose Antonio Mejia, of Mexico. New Orleans papers will please copy. In this eity, on Thursday, 10th inst, by the Rev. W. Claris, Mr. Michael Corlais, to Miss Cath?ri.-?e, (laughter of f. Monholland, Esq., all of this city. At Lust Chester, on the 9th inst., by tho Rov. Dr. Pise, Arthi'b Fikioas, of the firm of J. Mathews & Co., to Elizabeth Anns, daughter of I'eter Fimie, Esq. M?d. On Wednesday evening, 9th inst, of consumption, in Via 93d vear of her a?e. i atiiari^e. wife of James Mar tin. The friend* of the family, alto the members of the N. V. Benevolent Association of Bookbinder*, and of the Washington Marine Tent, I. O. of R., are invited to the funeral, this (Friday) alternoon, at 4 o'clock, from the residence of her husbund, corner of Power and Dean st?., Huuih Brooklyn. TO TEACHER A GENTLEMAN, or gentleman and lady who can produce (food testin onials, can hear of a good place to establish a Female Seminary at the Sonth; in a healthy place, by ca lingnl E. RILEY'S Music Store, in Broadway. II St*mc OHiN OF THE GULDEN EAGLE. SOMA S DYING ESTABLISHMENT. The oldest id New York. OFFICES for the reeeptiou aod delivery nf goods?Principal 490 Pearl street, opposite City Hall Place. BRANCHES. No. ibt Greenwich, west side, between Murray and Warren street*. 257 Bleeker, near Morton st. 7J0 Broadway, nearly opposite Waverlcy Placc. 3^7 Grand st., between Noifolk and Suffolk. 1(9 Fulton st., Brooklyn. I3l Atlantic st , dn. 20t Br'ad at., Newark Where Dyi/ig, Cleaning and Restoring in all its branches is done in the best manner, and ou the most reasonsble terms. ?ll 2t*rrc 1 A /W Wk PAIRS manufactured India Rubber Snoes, Iv'jvUv coasistingof mi us overshoes, mid lades' saud<la and buskins?will be sold 'o* to close a concern; also, hirrrd Suspenders, manufactured at the Union Rubber W rlcs. by MACKEY & WALKER, slllm*rrc No 1 Hanover Square. IMPORTED SEGAR3. IF dealers in segars, hotel keepeis, lie , wish to save from $l fo 93 per thousand, and net the best article in the m?r kei, call at the ttabaneroa House before the new tariff comes into operation. If retail customers wish to smoke a prime Havana Segar, cheap and good, call as above. This house is ke| t by competent judges of the wted. and they are satisfied with small profits lor the sake of makiug large sales and quick returns. 12 Beekoian street sll 2t*mc DK. .POWELL, OoULlfcT, AUK1ST, AND OPERATIVE SURGEON, ATTENDS to Diaeaae* of the Eye and Ear, from 9 to 4 I\ o "cloak, at bit residence, HI Broadway, corner of Warren itreet. _ . Oiithalmia, Ptoppsge of the Tear "as sage, Cataract*, and Opacities, effer tually removed. A.VIAl' MOstl> Wfcd wilh stent attention and succea*. |c veterate case* of STRABISMUS, *r hquintiug, cured in a few miuntes. Juit imported, ARTIFICIAL EYES, of *upcrior beauty and finish. SPECTACLES adopted to every delect. Advice to the poor without charge. Office and residence 2G1 Broadway?entrance Hi Warreu itreet. all lt*mc DENTISTS. DR. BROWN b BROTHERS. CCHEAPEST OFFICE iu thia city for Dental operations, J No. 2S0U Broadway, between Chambers and Meade vrrets, uett <Cw>r to frit wart &t Co.'* new Mirl.le Building. Br*l Premium Teeth inserted from $1 to $3 SO Decsvert 'I eeth filled wilh white cemeot 10 Tooth-Ache cured without the lea?t pain 50 TertL extracted wi h les* than half the usual pain. 30 Whole sett* of Teeth ou the atmospheric pressure principle $60 to $73 *11 It* utc BELLE VIL LK WI I if E LEAD! ri^HE *ubscriber* are receiving from the factory at BelleX ville, N. J., their regultr aupplieaof this superior Lead, dry ?nd in oil. put up in casks and ke<a, which they warrant njual iu quality to any imported brand For stle iu lots of me t?U #nd upwards, br FRYATT, CAMPBELL k CO.. '41 Front atreet. Alio. Red Lead, Litharge, and Orange Mineral. sii lm*nic cuaTa riE's ~ GENUINE GALVANIC KINGS, AND MAGNETIC FLUID, FOR THE PERMANENT CURE OK RHEUMATISM, AND ALL NEK.VOUS COMPLAINTS. NO nutter how chrOk'iccr severe may be the complaint, it readily yield* r? the wonderful powers, at developed by iin rrmnrltable discovery. The moat retpectable testimonials from ?ll pan* of the country, are daily received. THE OALVAN1C BELTS, BRACELETS, OARTER8 Ite , are -darted for virion* diseases, sud can be worn by the most delicate wuh perfect safety and convenience. The great anil beneficial iullnence exerted on the ayauo by theae articles uiuat be witnessed to be believed. Only Agency in New York, No. 113 Broadway, between Joh" street. and Maiden laae. I f~ Explanatory vaiuphleU may be had gratia, kin lwdfcZiW *rc to tailors. fP HOSE ? ho wish to acquire a rapid knowledge of Cot tin* X ail ihe vnri' ua siyles of frments worn ar the present (iiu*-, are advised to obtain a copy ol Stinemetts'celebrated noik 011 (lie subject, whi he ui.ins all ihe information that can be deaiied. It ha? alieadv met with the m >?t unprecedented sale, and is osed generally by the trade throughout (lie Union. ai.cJ ia warranted to give entire satislactiou to all wh" adopt it. principles I'rice per copy eight tu ten dnIUis, i-Coiding to the binding; also, single or sets of patleiua, of (he various styles of garments cut to order by w. h sTinkmetts, slO lm*r No. Ill Broadway. *>t*s York. SHOES! sHOlis!! SHOES!!! f| HE mbscrihers having the most extensive a ock of India J htibher Shoes, common anil manufactured, ever offered in (his maiket and N iuR determined not to be undersold, are prenaied to offer such inducements to the city and country trade aa will warrant them iu giving 11s a rail. BROWEK <c BKO?ks, Sole Ageata for Uood) ear's Manufactories, 10 6i*r 10(1 Broadway. "FIVFTHTNDHP:!) DO uT/uuniii WAK.D AHMALL WOODKN CHEST, containing two thousand mid one huvdretl Fire Franc Pieces, together with tome small piece* ?f wearing apparel, ihe uroperty vf Henry 1UIdtuf, ?'f Germany, now of Philadelphia, was lost or stoI.1JO ilir Ml ol A?KUht list, either flOtt In Itflllboitply* kaiwuM N?w \ mil and A or from fh# car* rnuiiiiiir Irom Amh y to i hiladelplua, while the owner wa? ;i pia?en> ?;er III the l.uion 1 ramp .rtaliui. Line fiotn Ne?' York to l'"iadelphia. 1 lie above leward ul' $.V)0 will be paid for the recovery ol' (be whole amouut, or a proportionate reward Tor the recovery of any part thereof L. HF.RBF.RT, Agent of the Genmn Kmigrnnt Sneietv*, Iw'gh* No. North 74 Second atieet. Philadelphia. bluLbiN, ON board the ateamer Oregon, Sept. 7th a pocket book crnUiiiing. ong other papera. a Note drawu by It. C. Jump k Co.. -nd endo'nd b< R Smith, Jr It Co.. at hi* itioi.ll>* due-1 BoatoH, Much 15th l(<6, for nut* huudied aud 1 ?e>t > -i ine dollaia and Dine renta. All I'emona aie hereby cautioned not to receive or negotiate :<I<4 n :< Any pe>on .ciu.-ning anid Note to 254 Broadwa , mil l? >?'fh|y rew* d?d. H if r fl\ 111-, 1 > I I. I \ I I. m I It AL I N M l J{ \ N < F, (.-t. .1 k I A Comr ny, of the city of New York, office, N?. 61 Vt all atreet Thia C< mpauy continue* 10 iuaorc against loia and dam.iee by fire.i'ii dwelling hnnfn, warehouaea, bnildiuga, gooda, merchandise ?' d hnu-.elndd Inrniture, on aa favorable term* aa aimilar inititutioiu iu 'hi? citv. JOHN BROL'WKR, Preudent. rnitt ci H Btg^rr. 3ccretary Itn' tn A litJSliNr.WtH FOR SALbliN .NEW UKLhA.Nn. IT 18 A KESPKCTABLIt and Iscrative one, of a literary chtracter. The entire FaUblnhmen: will be diapoaed of for five tlion and; or t'e half for three thou?n>d dollara-caah. For all fuither particular*. addreaa " B. D." by letter, and If ft at the office of th'? payer afllOtialh rl'Hh niidcratgned reipecttnlly teudrra hia aervicea to Ilia i old frienda and the public in general, for the aale of Pro <lnee of any kind?alio, for the Receiving and Forw arding of (Jood*, and atrict and punctual intention will he paid to all order*, and chargea aa moderate aa any eatabliahf d home in thticny. . _ A. LAKITTE, Agent. Savanuan, urn., Angmt 31, 1M6 a6 5w?rc CORNS?CU RE WARRAN1 ED. THE Arabian Corn I'luUr ii in effectnal car# (or eorna : it eaaily applied, and civet immediate relief. In ca?e it ?ho?l<5 tail to care ? money will he refunded. Over ? hoiei have been aold thia Mnvio, and not one bwv haa been retained for having failed to effect * eare. Foraaleby David Sands fc Co. 77 Eaat Broadway, 100 Fulton atreer and 173 Broadway, C. H Rwg. 193 Broadway, C. Hub'jai 4M Mud ann-s'. Wjatt k Keu'hnm. Ill F>ulron-at, J. Smith, *41 Spring . afreet. E. M. <** I" Bowery, and by drnKh>"? generally Pric ? eenta rer hnv anl* Im *r DAG U ERR IAN MATERIALS. JOHN ROACH, Optician. 8] N.imn atreet. haa now on hand an assortment of llalfflate and Medium VnightlsnderTubea. Alao. American, of hia own manufacture, aopejior to any yet made in the United States. Pl.nes. ( aaea. CheniiCHlt, Coating Boiea Baths, and every nnverial uaed in Dagnerrentyping. Thrrmometera. wholeaale and rn.ail; Hpectaclea, Teleacopea, Galvanic Bntteri?a, tc. Sec. ?8 ln??t Ml! DIN'i IN HOUSTON STREET GENTLEMEN and their wive*, or amgle gentlemen, can be accommodated ? ith board stud ple<?anl roomi, with pantile* attached, by applying at 41* Hontlon al^ al0a**r V FLAVORING EXTRACTS * A freah aupply ol highly concentrated French Eitraeta, A anihaa VANILLA, PEACH, NECTARINE. ROBE, f.KMON BIT I EK ALMOND, sad aeveral other*, for J favoring Ice Creaina. Blancmange, Caatarda, ate., and all tinda of Faavy, MOORE k TAYLOR. *15 lm'ai Importer*, fcc., tl Maidea laaa, N. T. - ' " wagon wanted. | ti"??? * *??,m7 ??" 111" "e wanted, A SMART, active. h?? .'ntes raau, to take hold u a partner in a larfe and eleraut Saloon, w litre all kinds uf refresh- i menu aie serred np. includicg ales, Wlit'a, liquors and sc. Kara; location cannot lie sorpasied in the city ul New York; aow doing an eacellf ! ImiinM*, ?s it hn d. in for years pa.n Any penOB qualified f. rthr ?l>o< < l?u?u e?? cannot in? at the small iot? 'f U to an 5 od adviuuge. Kor lurth*r information. I>lea?e to add cs< a line ti t J. B . at this office, which will be immediately attended to. >11 tt*r 1 KAILK.UA!> TIES. WANTED immediately lo.out Oak, < heauut or Locust tiea. aereu leet Ino*. flattened -u two sides and 6 inches thick. Apply at the office of the Harlem Railroad Company's Office, 111 New York, or to the Chief Engineer, at White , Hams. _ st lw*r WARDROBE AND FURNITURE WANTED. ~ ! LA 1)1 KM AND OKNTLEMEN can obtain the highest cash prices for all kind of wearing apparel,fuioitare, lie. i by applying for the subscriber at No. 11 Marion street, be: tweeu Broome and Sprint streets. N. STOKERS. N. B.?A hue through the post office or otherwise, will be : punctually attended to. au?6 Im'rh i MUSIC TAUGHT on verjr moderate terms, by a person who has a peifrct knowledge of the scieuc-, and who undertakes ' to teach it thorough v. Tfmt, (3 dollars per mouth. Auy I io' Mmic, at ihe Herald ()fl*ir?." s'O linis*rc MUSIC TAUGHT, WITH much facility u<l rapid pogit?sion. M. DUM8H W, No-426 Broadway, tour doors above Canal it . Pr.fe?sor of the, Hinging, Piauoforte. Accordeou antl Violin, rontmnes to teach ladies and geutleuieu of New York, at their own residences, It requeued, without extra rhaige, I crmi rcsouable. Instruments, airings and Munc for s ile, apply as above. sl0 3t*rrc DANCINU AtAUUiir.-MAUAMU ACHILLA, in returning her sincere thankl for the liberal patronage of her friends <nd the public, desire* must respectfully to inform them that ?lie la abont to ri iume lier professional attendance to Memiuaries and private familes Her Salon, 41 Walker stieit, will re-open on Saturday, the 3d October, lor the tuition of tho?e ladies and gentlemen wlio tnay wiah to join litr dancing und waltzing classes, or form private quadrilles, as follows:? Kor young ladies and also for youns gfntleuieti under 10 ve?rsofage, Wednesdays and Saturdays (rorn 3 to J o'clock, P. M.;for gentlemen a ove 10 y-ars, the svme days at 5 o'clock. Kven ill* class for gentlemen, Tuesdays and Thursdays at * o'clock, aud ihe Soirctt exclusively for Iter pupils and their parents, as usual. Madame Actiille has the pleasure to announce tha* in addition to the dances air* idy known in New York, she will instruct her pvpils in those Polks Waltzes and Quadrilles which are now the moat i>opular in the best society in Paris and London These lieiiitifnl pas are the new quadrille Mazurka; the CellariuM waltz ; the graceful Htdowa; the yiennoite, or waltz a drux h mpi; the pretty waltz a cinq temps composed two months since in f.oiidon by I'errot; and 1m Mazui irn nr. a new Mazurka waltz, vhirh with that, a cinq trmps, will not be brought out iu Paris till ilia coming winter. These dances can he taught by no oth- r person in New York tbau Madame Achille. as she has received tbem from Mon* Jules Marrin, just arrived Irons Paris, and io whom they ? ete exclusively c< n^drd by the above celebrated professors. in testimony of thrir high estei ill. sR 1m .VI WF'r i HASHlONABLfc DANCING. MJLI.F. DESJAHDIN would respectfully inform her pupili and the )>ulilir, Jut she lias returned from S.,ntoga Springs. ( where tie had the honor of introducing the | Hednwa Waltz, which she had just received from Pari*) and tli.->t ?he is now piepared to renew her lessous in all the latest fashionable dances, at her residence No 71 Leouaid stieet. sa 1w* re THORN CHAMPAGNE. AFRESH INVOICE of this delightful Champagne in store, to which the attention of merchants, hotel Keepers, and private gentlemen is invited. The stranding of thit Wine ia no w superior to that ol any in this conn try, and at ao nigber trie* than that of the beat brands. - _ C. LIVINGSTON It CO., ?! <! i?f ? w.liitreet. VERY IMPORTANT TO CONSUMERS OK TEA." GOOD BLAt K TEA. 2J cents per lb. GOOD YoUNO HYSON TEA, 30 emu per lb. Every purchaser of a five pound package will have the same advantage as though he purchased fifty chests. Our object in offering such inducements, is to rxtend and cultivate our large and well earned popularity a* Tea Denlers JILL WHO DRINK TE.-l and can appreciate a good article, and wish to obtain itat little more thiui half the usual price charged for it, should send to the principal Score of the New York and China 'lea Company. 88 Catherine street, New York. All orders from the country must be accompanied by cash for the same, and all letters pre-paid, or the goods will uot be forw<rded ' s? lm*rrc LiOOK AT THIS ! LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, if you want a fine article of Boots and Shoes, call at 367 Broadway, where yon will find the largest assortment, cheapest, and the most fashionable in the city. Do not mistake the number, 367 BrOadway. cor. of Kranklin street. N. B.?A large assortment of Imported French Boots, at the low price of Five dollars. M. CAH1LL. an 12 lm*r HARDWARE, HAIR SEATING, WATCHES. &c. THE SUBSCRIBER offers to the trade and wholesale dealers, ou favorable terms, j 1.000 gross low priced tabic Knives and Forks, 200 do fine round stag do do at $10 per gross. 5W pa<r do do guard Carvers^ at 37^ eeuts. A complete assortment ol beat C S Files, Chissels, Ice. in/I II... i I,.,i, .11 ..... .1,1,. price. English Lever Watches, at $H 50; Movements at $9 50, Stc. Also, Tiace Chains, Knob Locks, Saws. Brarcs and Bits, , Bed Screws. Vices, Violin Httmgs, T<*a Trays, Percussion Cap., U.C., &.C., 8tc. JOHN A. NEWBOULD, | s7 3tiseod#m 55 John strett, np stairs. I HKLGIAN COOKING STOVfcS. 2 OF these famous Cooking Stnvas Tor sale. GEORGE F. GIRDING, au29 lmee 78 Maiden lane. I GKK.ViAN HARDWARfc. A LARGE assortment of German Hardware, consisting of Scissors, Cliissels, Butcher Knives, table Knives and Korks. Saws, Plane Iron*, Halter Chains, Pocket Knives, Knitting Pina, Umbrella Krames, &e. Also, Cortain Pins, Curtain Ornaments, Slates, See., has jastbeen received by the undersigned, and is offered foraalelow, on accommodating terms to dealers. HLATES AND 8LATK PENCILS. 40 cases Slates, assorted Noi. I toS, 2, 3. 4, 4, 5, 6. and Noi. 1, 4 and 3. Also, 9 casks Slate Pencils. For sale by GEORGE V. GERUING, 78 Maiden laue, Junction of Libarty street. Violins, Guitan, Flutes, lie., constantly OB hand. an28 I in ee MOTHER'S CORDIAL. THE superior efficacy of this article, wheu used in the last stages ot pregnancy, is so apparent, that no temale who has once experienced its benefits would be willing, on any conditiou, to be deprived of it. Its effects are to shorten and diminish the sufferings attendant on Child Birth one hall, and thus place both child and mother in a state ofsatety. This is no quack article, but the prescription of a regular Physician, eue who has mide this branch of his piacticea paiticulor study. For sale at 192 Broadway, corneriof John street. st lm?tn TO LEASE, for a number of years,a beautifully situated Water Power, adjoining a nourishing village, with a suitable quantity of Land, near the city of New York, ha ving a water and railroad communication with that city ol 10 miles. The permanent summer sujiply is from 70 hors* to almost any amount. Apply to MORE k BAKER, I !m*r 204 Broadwav. THE AMAZON Wl^S, CI ENTLEMEN'8 Heal Head* of Hair, being the latest and * greatest improvement in the manufacture of Win and Scalps: anil the subscriber 1; tmp|iv in being (he first to introJuce them here. They display the forehead and temple* to iny height, a point in wig making never before attained.? They are composed of ventilating or gouamer work. They fit on the head Dy a mechanical contrivance eutirely new; they are put ou in a moment. They immediately adapt themselves lo the countenance, and at once become part and pareel of the tiring man. Copy the address. E. PHALON, (1 Broadway, opposite the au2t lm*rc Globe Hotel, under Indson's Hotel. 'PO PAPER BOX MAKERS,?M.M0 I be Straw Board*. X from Noa K to 1M, superior quality, jaat received, and (or *ale by PERUSE fc BKUOKS, nil 12 1m r W anil f.T Nassau at. EDUCATION. REV. R. T. HUDDAItT'S School will re-open after the Summer Vacation, un Monday, September 7th. Circn' lars containing full particular* anil terms for day scholars, yearly and day boarder*, e*n be obtained oil application at the cliool, 18 Fourteenth street, between University "lace and ( 'ifth avcuue; or of Mr. C. If. Edwtrds, office of the Alliance Imuran re Co . S* Wall street a IS lm*m DtiAFNhSS CUllhD. OO I BROADWAY.?lEitracty?" 1 cheerfully comply OO I with the request of Lieut Mcintosh, to state that he . wa* invalided home in consequence of toul de ifnets and discharge* from the ears : that uiidlr the treatment of D a CASTLE it EDWARDS, Aurists, (:l?l Broadway,) N. Y., he reI covered hi* hearing and haa again returned (o hi* duty." I Signed H. McNEVf.N, Surgeon to H. B. M.'* Korce*, Jamaica. All case* of deafness attended to. 1 Acoustic Drop* for sale. A sure cure for incipient deafness ] arising from fold. discharges from and bulling Boise* in th? Lears, collectloai of hard was, ?e. auCTlm'r ! | EE< nKS-I.KK<:HKS.--Depot of Leeches, l49Na**aa Li street, i? RK..V10VBU to III WIIA.IA.YI street, iXew York, and offer for sale * fresh supply ol Leeehes, just re ceived hy ) FERDINAND. Heu' aui> Im?r WROUGHT NAILS. KAA KE?9 of 100 lbs eiich of JJ< and 3 inch wrought nails UvU 1st quality, are d til * snd will be sold low, on delivery after lit of December neit, at UEOROE F. OERpiNG, auOT lmrc 7R Mil Jen 1 inr, juinillou "I LiD-rty ?t TO WOOLLK.N OOOD8 MERCHANT?. II. MIGEON & CO., CLOTHS, CA88IMEKES. AND SATTINET8 REKIN 18HEK8, No. 341 Writ Stueet, N. Y. REFERENCES and order* for work at Meun. Wooleott and Slade. ?J Pine street; W. C. Laugley li Co., 2i Broad ?rri-et: I) Wnghnm & l!n SO Pine Href t alt 5m"m LIBKkAL B'JOKS, at the Beicon Office, No. J frranwlin *.inure, Pearl street. New editions of the works of Mr. Tliomta rune, Voltaire'* Dictionary 8trnu?' Life of < nrist, V'Iney ( Ruins (a good edition), Vale's Life ol T. Paine, the Work* of Mr. Owen and Dr. Hollich, Palmer's Principles of Nature, Shelley's Queen Mab, Le Citateur, Km ma Martin, Three Impostors (canons book) the Vestagss of Creation, New Traeta. Quarterly Iteacnn. Ace an37 lm?r FRENCH LANGUAGE. Monsieur edmond du buibson, having a few hoars to dispose of, offers hi* services to those who are desirous of acquiring the French language. For further particulars enquire at his residence, New York Hotel, in the morning, from 7 to ?, and from 4 to 5 P. M. au21 1m rrr HARE CHANCEI A NUMBER OF AGENTS WANTED to undertake the lale of a new and nteful patented article, which can be old to every family in the Union. To inen of reapecuhle character*, a guarantee of fSOO perannnm will be given To prevent competition each agent will have a dutrict aeenred to him. Apply to 8. FRENCH, 789 Broadway, up itairf. Letter* mint be postpaid in order to receive attention. an?4 !m* m I y WlCrft DATCHKLOR'fl new invented Wig* and Hcalpt, made of i " the fineat natural earl hair, and adapted in the moat eaaf manner to the peculiar style of each individual. They are I 5?iir,'Z * new invention, doing away wilb all the veiationt Jimrnltie* ?o long eipenenced by thoae who wear wig*. | 1 he public are invited to inipect a large and well telected took.containing every variety of iix? and color; they will ,ht? {?? "hie to judge the effect. WM. BATCHELOK. mveutor and only manufacturer, 1 ?i Broadway. Removed from 1*5 Broidway. rieeae to KHiy the addraaa antfim're SOL All AND LARD"LAMPS. OIRANLKJLJbS Tuv AND TEA TKJvVs. ?L,\??!I , 7a*i '**' received a large and anlendid ?r ""J* *?1 of ?"lar Lamp*, Hall Lanthorn* and Oirando'e*, r'?>" two to twelve light* ofiplendid flnjth . .l,*,' ?? joarrS-MAv JT . JACOB 8. PLATT, Aocti???r. _ , | ASSIGNF.K'8 MALE of a nock of M?*f Goods and | Cttlery dealer, cuusistilK of colognes of irnle extract, fr. m i ot to quart*; brusheAsoapa. looking (hnM, accorde- | ou?, ionic ? ery fine; work u**es, satchels, basket*, writing | desk*, thermometers, combo, kuivei, percussion caps tukstmds, liquor ram, he., WBii nsiug the stock ot Faucy lioods entire. Also, CutleiJ, rh: Kmres, scissors, razors, Also, ' sets ormnlo and gilt girandoles. Also, 1] astrsl lamps. i-?f paiticulars see under Auction liesd in the morning papera> sll If re AUCTION NOTICE. FURNITURE. kc-Th&Day. at 10 o'clock, it JJ Aun it. Fu ruituie?Consisting if sofas, sol's bedsteads, plain aud dressing bureaus, black vt ilaut do; tea, centre and dining tables; nub'gany wardndK, lounges, inthogany rockers, in*ple ch?ira, closet, solar lamp, crockery, disTi iovers, tumblers, hall lamps, girandoles, basins aid weri, w,shs auds, work table*, kitchen do; 1*11 cha rs, H K and French mahogany bedsteads, mop rttks. towel racks, lootiuc glasses, ! cases of shells aud lusects, writing tables sud candle stands, carpet*, chiut tea sets, plated and (lass ware, kitchen furniture, fee. JNO. bNlFFKN, sll lt?mc ______ Auctioneer. ! JOHN J V. WEfTERVILL I*. Anc(iub??r. BY WILLETk WESfERVELT. Atore li Spruce st This Day, Friday, at 10X o'clock, at the Auction lloom Household I" uniiturr ? The lamiture of a family Kiting up house-keeping consisting of sofas, mahogany bureaus, din| iug and tea tallies Bruss la and ingrain carpets, leathe beds, 1 mattresses uud palliasters kali lamps, I spleudid wardrobe, I._.l .... .i L - i i forks, mahogany rocker. with stands; al?o. 1 ladies' gold watch and chain Al?n, by firtne of a inortgige, 1 bureau, 2 waahstands, 1 aolar lamp, I clock, 1 looking gU'S, tables, croikery, ?tc. JOHN SOMKHNDYHfc, ' all 1,'mc Attor ey for M?ihwh. \V >r A BKKCHKU7Auctioneer. \XT M. A UEECHKR, stora 48 Cedar street, op nam.? vv Dry (ioodt by catalo|M, lor cult Regular sales on Mond iy and Tliuradry Particular attention given to assignee's aalc i ol arock goods an2b Ira'r TO AUCTIONEERS. A GENTLEMAN, at prc*eut engaged in the Auction and Commiition business. (hiving beau ten > ears connected Willi the a me. and potsestiug ? thorough mm* led .-e ofneatly all H? blanch* i Hi in want of permanent aituatioii iu tlie city or State as Salesman, atamode.ate salary. Uualilicationi, of.h? must satisfactory kiud. lie has uo objection to go Sou:h or West. Address will be fouud at the Herald office and a prompt answer will be given; or addresr. E \V. T , a' Ha aid i tfice slO Jt* rrc EovitIan knc^mmikStTnj* ?. i. o.'or o. v. Mill hold a Special Session ua Friday Evening, the 11th insr., at V o'clock, at its place of meeting, 71 Division street. Officers and Members are lenuestod to be puncmal iu their attendance. J. B. till' H, C. P. -t 3 *r ! HtNKV l,AW%ENOb\ ' 14 John stmt, a frur Hoots from Ilroadway. 1MPOHTEK o' French English aad German fancy articles ?comprising Zephyr Wool, and other kinds Patterns of every description. Cauvasa? Silk, I'otiou, Linen, &c.,all width*. Silks? Pu:se and Floss of all kinds. Fringes, Oimps, Ike. a larue variety. , Anila large assortment of Steel beads, Pursa Slides and Ends, Bag Clasps, Perforated Paper, fee., lie., which he will sell at Ihe lowest possible p ices. s< lm?rc PI i.fc.8 ? Irritation ofihe kidneys, pain in the back or side, haoitual co-tiven*ss eruptions, sore eyes. Doctor Ing Idiby's Piles Specific, h is made radicalenrea 111 m?nv cases .,l'ihe above menti'ned omplaiuts, ag esn be proved by pernonal reference. The specific is not a putative and is an entirely v-getable remedy, without a particle of colycynth, gamboge or aloes, is pleasant to t?kr and perfectly harmless iu the most delicate cases, male or female. Agents will be appointed m every town, countr or State, where there is 1 uene, on application to BKALSk CO, IHNhui street. 6 1 m n, i CLOCKS, FANCY GOODS AND GLASSWARK. A Large assortment of Fancy Gooda, Clocks, Violins, Gui tar* and Flutes; alio Glasswar*, China, lie, will be sold to dealers at reduced prices, at GEORGE F. GERDING, I ?n291mee 7? Maiden lane. ! CHEAPER THAN EVEK. A FULL SUIT of Superfine Cloth made to order, in the most substantial and fashionable style, can be procared ! for S20, at MOFFATT'S Fashionable t ash Tailoring EstaI blishinent, No. 24 Catharine street, New York. Every arti, cle i'i the liue eqnally low. Call and see. .nlTlrn'm JOHN MOFfTATT NliPTUNE HUUSE, NEW RUCHELLE, WILL CONTINUE to be kept open to receive Parlies and Transient Visitors, uutil the latter part of October. fc9 3t* ic C. V. KICK. FOR SALE. mTHE stock and fixtures of the new established Merchants'Coffee Rooms, No 77 Wall street, corner of I'eitrl. The Reason for selling, the owner 1* going m other business. <10 St*r " AlLANTHUfe TREKS FOR PARKS, STKEET8, kc. jut FIVE THOUSAND *ilanthus Trees, from ten to (CMtwe re 'eet high considered, by good judges, the siraiehteat and thriftiest trees ever offered in this m ikft. GenU#meu and others wishing to purchase can view them at ? garden of Francis Briells, Harsimns, Jersey City, or lor terms apply atihe Seed Store of | DUNLArfc THOMSON, I all lw*r 635 Broadway TO FOREIGN GENTLEMAN arrirmg in lue United Stares, or others, desirous of purchasing a per( manent Country Residence in Pennsylvania.?The subscriber, desirous ol chaugiug his residence, offers for sale his 1 Farm aud establishment, situated in Montgomery county,Pa., 14 miles north of Ph'ladelphia. It contains 308 acres of land, 288 of which are in the highest state of cultivation, producing wheat, rye, Indian corn and hay, equal to any upland farm in theUuion?the remaining 29 acres being woodland. On the premises is a fine stone mausion, 60 feet by 43, with a veran dih attached, 15 feet wide, extending tlie length of the home, and a lar?e piazza on the east; the whole giving ample accommodation! for a family of twenty perrons. The pleasure ' grounds surrounding the house are shaded with elegant evergieens, and very beautifully, laid out. There are ou the fara three (tone houses lor farmers or tenants, together with three large atune barus, containing stabling and conveniences for a hundred head of cattle, and for the storage of 210 tons of produce. with coach house, wagon houae, granary and corn criba attached There are also the advantages of a Pne spring houae ice house, fish pond, a gardeu of two acres, orchards stocked with the finest fruit, green honse and grape wall, a stream of spring water in every field, a daily morning and eveniig mail to and from the city, by which the Philadelphia and New York papers of the same day are received, and an omuibus passing the gate morning and evening. In the immediate vicinity are Episcopal, Lutheran and Presbyterian churches. further description is unnecessary, as all persons wishing to purchase are invited to Call and examine the estate. It may. however, be added thut for beauty, healthful situation, and aJyanrgea of every kind, it is not surpassed by any in the Luitfd States. To say* trouble, it tpay be well also to mention the price, which is per acre. Apply to Oi-OROK 8HKAKK, Whitemarah, si I Itaw 4w?rrc Mnntitomerr Co.. Ponn. HOUSE AND WAGON FOKSAlZ ?J1 A GENTLEMAN leaving for Europe, wishes to * r*l^his hone eatalili?hment, consisting of a very .??^^_,hand?ome bay Maro, 7 jtaric-Id; lea'he' top Waguu, sauiile, bridle, harness, tic. The whole is in perfect order, and will be sold a bargain. To be seen at Thuratnn Townsend s stahlea. 71 Reade st. sll 2?*inc "FOR SALE, *1 _ A KINK BAY HOKSE, eight years rid, UK I high, sound in all respects; gentle in single double harness; suitable, from his strength, a ctifty *ii4 endurance, for a physician. Kor terms apply at BLACK'S Livejry S;able, 25 G<eat Jones'st. sin 3t*m I POG LOST I MA RED Bull Terrier Dog, with ears half cropped, and a long tail. Three dollais will be paid f?-r Ins return to Patk Place H u?e sll 1'*re j DOG L.OS1'. MTHE GENTLEMAN who, on Friday last, look from a servant g>rl at the liobuk'n Kerry, Btrclay atree , a Black, White and Tan King Charles Spa wering to the name af Prince, i. requested to return , the same immediately, to S3tt Broadway, up stairs. The Dog ii well known in tins city, and any pertou returning him a* j abort!, will be suitabl? rewarded. >9 Jt*r ! KNUX, 124 FULTON STREET, (Son Building,) deem-fS in* it uimece-sary to enter into paiticulars respect-Jpk luc his Fall Fashions for IfHG would imply date tbat lui new sty'e will eirel in beauty, lightr est, t ite, and color, anyibi'K ever"offered to the hat wealing rublir of ihe city of New Vork. Mil prices are aa low a> huhata are fine. , s9 1wis*r KALL STYLE GENTLEMEN'S HATS. r? RO WE, Merchant's Ktthanp, 10 Wiljian iImti. iiai now ready lor inspection and sale, hit splendid Short .Napped Beavers and line SilkH-tsof the moil fashionable and desirable ahapes, and warranted not tote surpassed by the productioua ol my Hat Katabliahmeut in thia city. 1'ricet?Beat Heaver, >4 il) Beat Silk, $1. >9 ?w*r FOHL NEW ORLF.ANS.?The superior aad fast WSJlJPy sailing packet ahip AN ^E, Cspt. Hill, will meet I .1MttiKa?iil. dea|?tch for the above port. Tnia alup'a ac- ! ru'iiiniiiii itiona f?r pabiu and steerage passergers are imiur- 1 pwcil By ?ny ahip now up (a- the above port. For freight o, | paitage, which will t-e at tlie lowest ratos. applv to JOHN HF.KD.VIAN k CO ,fll South st. ! | N. B-?The subscribers will have* regu'ar succession of pack*" ships, tailing weekly fur the above |?ort. all BLACK HALL OR OLD LINK uK Ll\ hKPOOL PACKETS. Xffg- Only regular Packet af the I<1 h of September? I MKT&VThe new, magnificent, nnd celebrated I'att-aailing, JlSllb'avorite Jacket Ship YORKSHIRE burtl en 1I.'.0 tout. U. J. Bailey, commander, will tail poaitively on Wed : netday, the I6ih of Sept. It it acarcely necessary to ?ay, at it it well, known to ihe { truvelli, g.puhlie, that Ihe accommodations of the Yorkthire, . for cabin, aecond cabin and ate*rage passenger*. it fitted oat | III a inctr superb and costly inauuer, with every modern improvement and conven encie. that oannot but aad to ihe com- i to't til those emharking, who should call and see this (plri - | did specimen of mval architecture, befoie engaging elsewhert; and ihe Yorkshire is thought, by nautical men, to he I the fastest packet "float. For passage in cabiu. second cabin, | and stee age, early application sl.ou d be made ou board, foot of Beekmuti street, or to the subscribers. ROCHE, BROTHERS k CO.. J5 Fulton j ill) r Neil door to the Fnlton Bank, iii frOK LIVERPOOL?New Cine?Kegalar pack | *??PWet. to sail September 28th?The elegant, fast tail- | HjOfiaing packet ship SHERIDAN, O. B. Cornish, mas- I let. l?l |IH> r?UV, will ami Btiuf w. nci irisioi ?ojr. For freight or paaaage, having accommodation* aneqnailed 1 for aplendor or comfort, apply on board, at Orie&n* wharf,

foot of Wall atreet, or to E. K. COLLINS k CO.. M Sooth at Price of pass ige $18# ,, I Packet ?'iiii OAKRICR, B. J. H. Traak, master, will sncceed the SHERIDAN, and aail October 2fitli, her regular i day. i NEW von K AND LOUISIANA LINK OF PACKFTS. TO aail on Saturday, 19th inst ?The faat-aailing Packet ahip KARTELLE Taylor, matter, will | jMHtaa aail as above, her rrgnlar day. Kor freight or passage apply on hoard at Orleana wharf, foot of Wall atreet, or to E K. COLLINS k ? 0., ! >i South it. | No gooda received on bo;ird after Friday (veiling, 18th inat Agent in New Orleana, Jamei K. Woodruff, who will promptly forward all gooda to hiaaddreaa. Packet Ship OENE8EE, Munol inaater, will aueceed the Sarte lie. a 10 FOR LONDON-ftEOULAR PACKET OF THE 1#TII ? ... SEPTEMBER. Tilt, well-known ftat aailing Packit Ship GL ADIKPaV Al OH, ( apt. Bunting, burthen 1900 tons, will aail 1Mb *a above, her regular day. . Having anperior accommodations for cabin, second cabin, and ateerage pat>ei'|(era, persons intending to emtiark should make early application on bonrd, foot of Maiden Lang, or to JOSEPH McMURR A Y, | Corner of Ping and South streets. The packet slnj> SWITZERLAND. F.. Knight, maater, will aucceed the Olgdiatur, and aail Oclobgr lat. alO rrr PASSAGE FROM BELFAST OlKK T-To tail punctually the lilh November?Th? a lendid i MAlSbnew packet ahip GLEN MORE, Captain Michael, will aail aa above, her regnlar day. Tlx auhacribrr haa complered hia arrangement* to havaa ; regular line of first claaa aliipa. aa ling the 14th of each , month from the above port, thereby presenting the moat I favorable < pportuuity to rtioae who may feel deairona of hav- j ; ing their frirmU Drought oot from the north of Ireland. For farther particulars, please nply (if by letter, post paid) to JOS. McMI/RRAV. cor.,Pine and Konth atreeta, or to Maiar*. RICHARDSON, BROTHERS k C(V, I tJ me No. 4 York Belfcat. j ITKJUIBOAIf, Ac. OR A .N D EXCURSION TO SANDY HOOK. Accompanying the new and be.mtiful steamship Southerner, ou tins he- first trip to Charleato-i. ^ Afv Tl>e l ist and staunch steamboat ST. Nl*=-^2*a3"'HOLAS, <. ?pt. K. T. Deining, on Satur.^L?~*9C2L-day. Sept 12, will leave Canal atieet at 3 o'clock; pier Mo. I North Kiver at half past 'i; foot or Clinton street, Rest Ri? er, at 4 <>'c lock; giving passenger* a fine new 01 this uolile ship and her sailing qualities down the Bay, return me to the city at au early hour. Kare ti ceuts each way. si I tr' rrc notice. "HOUR CHANGED TO SIX O'CLOCK. 00k THK evening liee nl steamers lor ALBANY consisting or the Hendrik Hudson, 2EB>3C^E>Knickerbocker. and ColnniSia, on Ltd alter Tuesday neat, will leave New Yoik lor Albany at t> o'clock, P. M.. ius'ead of", as heretofore. all lw Ism GRAND EXCIJJUMQN KROM NKWCmm?!&SrAHK TO I'ONKV ISLAND.?The new 3K^_JBQK.and last sailiug ateauiboat J. K. CUKKKK, Capt ttiintli. will leave Lfiitie stmt wharf, Newark, Sunday, September 13, III 16. at 12 o'clock, noon, on an excursion to (. onev Islaual, where tlie will remain rthree hours, and return to Newark, by 7 o'clock, P.M. She will I and at Kergeu I'.lint and Port Richmond, on Sta'en Isl ud, both ways for the purpose of giviug those at each place an opportunely of visit ins Couey l.laud. It u almost unnecessary to ante, f->r it i> universally known, tha' Coney Island is on the very vertce of the Ocean, and i? cooled by its sparkliug surf. IIIIUIDlioUHr. '11k' | bathing is ucmulled?the beach is hard and level, desceuding slowly and salrk to the Ma. The oppo tunitie for refre-hments are abundant ; and altogether, it is a nioit comfortable letreat from the malign ,nl beat of the city at this season K? Irrslimrnts provinrd oil Bnaid. There will be no detention ou arrouut of the tide. Should the \* either be stormy, the excursion will be positioned until next .Sunday. Faie '1 went) -live cents, each way Alan the above popular anil fut suling iteamh .at, will leave New York I'm S'ewaik, ou bunday, at 9 o'clock, A. M., ' leaving the fool of Barclay street and returning, will leave 1 Newark at 7 ?|'clock, P M., for New York. Fare each way, I Intents. ?I0 3t*rrc OPK>!?IIiON 1'U MOiNOeULY. ?Full Al.U AN V ?Fare 50 ceuts.?The fast fir? a delegant steanier U \1.LF.. Capt. 8. Schny2?-ler, wil leave the foot of Robinson street, ; next aliove Barclay, on Friday eveuiug, Sept. 11, at 7 o'clock. For fregllt or passage apply to the Captaiu ou board, or at the offi e Oil the dock ?lu;Jt?r ol''lii'N l'lCKJBT OFt'lCK k-OK THE NORTH AND WfcST. jga FOR ALB \NY. TJcts; Utiea J2; SyQ.? racuae, t'l V; Oswego, %l 75; Itocheater, ^22*H38L S-' 75 ; > liult'vlo. S I ; < eavelanu, %'j 50 ; , Portsmouth, $9: Pittaburcli, $9: Detroit, Michigan, $6, Ciu* in.... ii \:.i . ...i ... en i-i.;...- ?n t?.it Hami'loa, ? j 30; Kuigslun.Si .7J; Whitehall, $2 JO; Montreal $i iO I'.asseniters, by u|>l' >' K. nil get their t oket at the Office, No. 100 Baiclay ?iieef, t the above price*. M. L. RaK, Agent >9 lw*r rEOPLE'W I.I.XK UK STEAMERS I'OK ALBANY, Direct?Daily, Pur.daya eicepted?at 7 o'clock, P. M Proat Sttawiboul pier bttwren Caurtlandl and Liberty iti. Steamboat KNICKERBOCKER, Capt. A. Houghton, will leave on Monday, WeduesSESMuE day and Knday evenings, at 7 o'clock. Steamboat HENUR1K HUDSON, Capt. tt. O. < 'rqtteuden, will leave ou Tneaday, Thursday and Saturday eveuiugs, at 7 o'clock. The above boata will at all times arrive in Albajiy in ample time for the morning cara for the East and Weat. Freight taken at moderate rates, and nono taken after 5X o'clock, P. M. All persons are forbid trusting any of the boats of thil line, without a written order from the captains or agents. Kor passage or freight, apply on board the boats, or to P. C. Schiilu,at the office oil the wharf. I'NIlEl) STATES MAIL LINK At So'clock, P. M., Landing at Intermediate Places From the foci of Harehty $lrril. Steamboat NORTH AMERICA. Capt. li H. Furry, will leave on Monday, Wednesday Friday, anc Sunday alter; uoons, at 5 o'clock. Steamboat SANTA CLAUS, Captain B. Overbaugh, will leave en Tuesday, Thursday aud Saturday afteruoona, at 9 o'clock. Apply on board, or at the office ou the wharf. stm FOR NEW "BRUNSWICK. ; jtg| THE large and swift Steamboat NEW rW l ^*?^*PH1LA&?.1.PHI A.Caiitaimi, S. Fiaree.will | SCnSEiZale've New York from the foot ?l Barclay streel, ever) day (except Sunday) at 9 o'clock, A. M , for New Branswick, landing at Chelsea, Blazing Star. Rossville, Bentley's, Perth Amb.iv, South Au>l>oy, anil Puce's Point, | arriving at New Brnnswick about half past 12 o'clock. Ke ; turning will leave New Brunswick at hall pa 16 o'clock, ' P. M. Fare to South Amboy. Price's Point, ana New Brftnsi wuk. ? > cents. All the othur landings. I2K cen s. I All kinds of freight taken at the lowest rate*. New York, 3d September. 1H6. s4 2w*m j/m INDEPENDENT MOKM.NO LINK AT AZMO' O'CLOCK.?FOR ALBANY from the ^^^SK^B^stesmboat pier at the pier foot ef Warren street. Passage $1 60. Touching at the foot of Hammond it. Breakfast and dinuer provided ou board. The swift and magnificent steamer 1HON WITCH, commanded by Capt. Stephen R. Roe, leaves New York, Tuesday, Thurnday and Saturday. Leaves Albany. Monday, Weduesdsy and Friday. Landing at Van Courtlaudts, Westpoint, Newburgh, Milton, Po'keepsie, Hyde Park, Kincsron, Catskill, Hudson. au&rc MORNING BOAT FOR ALBANY AND TROY jMQ jm PASSAGE ONE DOLLAR-Breakfast ^^S^M^and dinner on board the boat. Passengers 2BEiBHBB3E_takiug this boat will arrive in time to take the aveuiuK train of car* from Troy west to Buffalo, and north to Saratoga and Lake George. Tfce Steamboat NIAGARA, Capt. Wm. Ellsworth, Monday, Wednesday and Friday, at 7 o'clock, A. M , from the steamboat pier foot of Barclay street. Returning ou opposite day*. For-passage or freight, apply oo board, or to F. B. Hall, at : the oWfee am the wharf. an 19 rc gmI daily line of boats between OZ3fcyQ?Ni?w YORK AND 8TATEN ISLAND. SGSKSIL The steamboats SYLPH, Captain J. Braisted, and STATES ISLANDER, Captain D. Van Pelt. will leave as follows Leave Staten Island dH, , I, II and 11 A. M; at 1.1, t, 4,5, laiidT, P. M. Leave New York at 7,t, It, aad 11, A. M. ud 1,1,1,4,$, (, 7 and ii rut 7 P. M. All freight at the risk of of the owners thereof. A stage will leave V underbill's landing for the Telegraphic Station every hoar throughout the day- Fare 13X cents. _Jy? TROY MORNING AND EVENING LIN&. 1*1V/ftilliiu iJillb Ai OCiTltll U *m0Kkj0L ,,'UR ALBANY AND TROY?From the UMfa#Steamboat Pier at the fbot of Barclay street. SEaZdldL Landing at Peekskill, West foint. Nuburgh, Hampton, Milton, Poughkeepaie, Hyde Park, ilhioeoeclt, U. Red Hook. Bristol, Caukill, Hadsou, Caxsaekse, Kinderhook and Baltimore. Breakfast and dinner on board the boat. The steamboat NIAGARA, will leave oa Monday, Wadaesday and Friday Moraines 1 A. M. The steamboat TROY, Capuin Oorham, oa Tuesday, fnursday and Saturday mornings, at T o'clock. Returning oa opposite days. Kor passage or (Wight apply oa board, or at the offiea oa the wharf: NEW YORK. ALBANY AMD TROY LINE. ROR ALBANY AND TROY DIRKCT, From the pier at the foot of Conrtlandt street. The low-pressure steamboat KMPIRK, Captain R.B. Macy, leaves the toot ol Courtlaudt street, on Tuesday, Thursday sad Saturday evenings, at sever o'clock. The Steamboat C7)LUMBIA, (.'apt. Wa. H. Pock, will lenve on Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings, at 7 o'clock. Passengers tikicg these Bunts will arrive in time to take iheMumu; Train cfCui from Troy west to Baffalo,and Berth to Sarat^H, Whitehall and Lake Chamrlain. For Passu** or Freight, npply on board, or at toe Office oa the wharf. No freight taken after SX o'clock. NOTlCK?All goods, freight, bank bills, specie, or any other kind of property, positively at the owner's risk, jttft OPPOSITION MORNING LINE AT 6k O'CLOCK FOR ALBANY Landing at Hammond street, Van CortlaudVs (Peekikill) Weit Point, Newburgh, New Hamburgh, Milton, Pongh keepsie, H>de Park, Kingston, Upper Red Hook Bristol, Caukill, Hudson, and Coasackie. Passage, One Dollar. THIS new and fas'-svling low-pressure fc^**-4-3'ste.inhoat MF.TAMOHA. Capt. P. H Smith, 3Ca_>XLJLwill leave .he pier fo?t of Wiurrcu street ?? j Mui.tUy, Wtdii'sday and Friday, at o'clock, A. M. Returuini?. leave Alb.inv on Tin .ulav. Thtirsdav nntl H?r?r.l*v Passengers taking this bout will arrive in Albany iu time (or the cars goiug North and Wait. Breaalait and Dinner r.r*--c' V'j'v to i.oriia'tdt's Oiick, ti cents; Poughkeersie, '??; ljr.dson.7j; Albwy, $1. ?1 lm i fidI 1'ha Proprietor* of Steamboats wishing fl. DK1.I.B HuNti, would do well ta pay a JLaJlUU'iiil on board the Steamboats Niagara, Mountaineer, O vernor, Iron Wit'h* Thotnaa Powel, ICscelsior, Roger Williams, kr.., anil esamina Mr. Ho-ner's improved style of Bell Hanging, especially adapted for Steamboats, put up neatly and strong, and warranted for one year.? H. H-, No. 4 Ann street and No. ItO Fulton street. an) 1 meod* rc TO TRAVELLERS GOING SOUTH. ORKAT <,F.NTRAL ROUTE FROM CHARLESTON TO NEIV ORLEANS. Via Savannah, M.icon, Columbna and Montgi mery. Through as soon as by any other mate, and with five hours less staging. TIIE pnlilie ire respectfully informed (hat the above route is in lull mid sneer sful operation, d illy. Passengers by this mate will leave Charleston ?t 9 o'clock, A. M., for Savannah, by the well known splendid steam packets Jasi er, jiMQ ftjA (.apt. J. P. Brooks. Oen. Clinch, Q?T* F. Borden, Wm Seshrnak, SLmJUL T. Lyon. From Savannah to Alacun by ilia Central Rnilipad. jQ c iifj nun Mfo Froui ,?iacJx to Ba.n? ville by the Macon and Western Railroad; from IJariiesviPe. via Columbus, t? the tariuinus of the Montgomery CRailr.xil, thence by railroid to Montgomery, Alabama. From Montgomery by steamboats oritages to Mobila. rrom Mobile to New Orleans by steamboats. are to Columbus >22; to Montgomery JO, including omnibus fare, sod ine.ils and berths on board the steamers. In Mobila Ml; to New (('leans $41 '>0. Stages leave Macon on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays And theateimera Win Gaaton and St. Matthew*, leave Savannah on Wediivailaya and Hitoidaya for Darien and St. Mary*, (Ua.) aud .Jacksonville, Black Clerk, Pieolata, I'alatka and St. Augustine, (Kla ) Thia rout* la nnaurpaaatd Tor ipe*d, comfort and tafely, andnoeipente or exertion* will be apared to merit a continuation of confidence and patronage of ihe travelling pnblie Kitra Coaches will alwaya be in readineaa at Haracavillc to accommodate any number of paaiengera KLAFITTE Sc CO. Agent*, alO 3t*rrc I Union Wharvea, Chaileaton, 8. C. KUtt LIVKKKUlJIj?Co nail ou Saturday, iztli JHMfV Sen.ember ?The apleiidid, new, faai aailiuK jacket ?pBttMKn*al>iP ' H AOS Captain Wilaon. now loading at the foot of Dover afreet, will be deapntched above. Her accommodation* fir lecoud cabin and ataerage pn?rengera, are nnanrpra*eil by anv of the packet aliipe. Tlioa* about to embark would do well toemmine thia splendid ship pre* oni to engtging elaewher*. Apply on board, or to JOHN HEKDMAN St CO. 61 South atreet. N B ?Paaaiue 'rom Oreat Britain and Ireland, (via I.ieer- ! pi .I) cm a? nanal b* aecureil at ilie lowrat r?(aa. all iPACKET slup It' c'testcr, from Liverpool.? < onl?3r?V?iltneeajwill pleaae lend t>-?ir permita on board, at jMaMfai weat aide Bulling alip. witlioit delay. > H.?All gooda not permitted In five daya moat be aent to^ public ,tOTfc-WOOOHITI^L. It MINTL'RN,#7 South at. PAtKfc.7" amp sTracen. liom Oaagow, la iTifWttMFV cb wging under general Older at foot of Pike at., &wUaa aat River. All gnoda not permitted muat be ?ant to the public itore. .11 it r H'ODliHI I.I. h VII N II H N , 07 .v,mh .1 xAvg- UNION LINfc OKi PACKETS FOB1UVF.R WWWPOOL, ? Pac et of the 11th bapt ? I he aplendid JNM?p*ck>'t Ship Dl ADEM, 100(1 ton* burthen, Captain Baratow. will aail poaitivaly to-mormw. The accommodation? for cabin, aecond cabin, and ateerage paaaengera it ia well known af? anperior to thoae of any other I in* of packet*, and thair great capacity render* them ev?ry way more comfortable and couvient. Thoae wiahing to aai-nrt bertha tonld make eaily application on board, at Pier N. 14, below all airect, or to W. k J. T. TAPSCOTT, W *>oth-?t.. *10 rc M door b*low Bmrling (lip. ! KWT?. BENEFIT OF MRS. CII48. KKAN. PARK THtATKC?Ob Kriday Evoniu*. Iltli. will be |*rf'irinrd tlie four first acta of the MuCHAMl OK V'KNICEj bv Siuk?pe?'c.? Slij lock, Mr Cliaa Kimu; Bu?amo, Mr Dyott; Portia, Mr* Chat Kfm; Naritaa, Mn Abbott; Jeinca, Mr? Kuigln. Duriuj the areolae, the orchestra will play a Sliaktperian Orerture, by Bi.hop; and l.\ Sirenr, by Autter. To couclude wnli niK WONXJKR?Don Mi*, Mr C hat Kemi; Douui Violinlr. Mr? that Ke<U). Uoort oi>eu at 7 o'clock, and the performance! will com mrnce at Imlf-paitT o'clock Bote*Si , 1'it M centa ; Oa) lery 2S ce?ta. BO VVkll V J lltATHfc =55ii?) A.veuink, 2>cmeiuu?r .yihw.ll be performed the tnic-dy of ROM KO AND JULIt r?Homeo, Mr ( arke, Marculio, Mr Ne.tie; Juliet. Midii Julia Deau. After which, Mines II. and J. Vailee will tlauce Ihe (Jraco To conclude wit!) the draina of tl>r CARPENTER OK H()'TK.N?Marteau, (tie Carpenter, Mr Chauliau; Medelou, Mr* Jordan. Doom open at 7 o'clock, carvun will rite ?t hall put 7 Drei* Circle, iO cents; Upper Bote*, rinu. Pit ana (iallery, 12H cent*. (^ASTLll. UAUUliN, Willi iia eiteuaive frouienartaa, i? V onen dav and evening?Second w .ek of the BUI'rO TROUPE OF ETHIOPI AN MINSTKELS -Toi* Even- i iiik. the entertainment will comineuce with an INSTRUMENTAL INTRODUCTION. F- luteriniaiiou of liall an hour for refreshment* to new the beautiful range of C08.M0RA.MAb I ! 011 the Upper Esplanade. To ' Oiicliide with a aerie* ol D1SSOLVINO VIEWS and CHINE8K FIRE WOHKS The imuK'inriii to commence at a quarter to 8 precisely I Admittance m cent* | ! GREAT ATTK ACTION ! TWO COMIC PANTOMIMES BV THE RAVEL P.W11LY. IVLO'V MAIS DSN ? Fri lay E*eniu?, Sept llth. the ' ? new pantomime of ROBERT AN BERTRVND? Robert, Antoiue H ivel; Bern m.l, (ifibnel Ravel; M'lle Eloi. M'me Leon Javtlli. I To be followed by the Polka Pmce, by M'me Laon Jarel| li aud Mou* He,iri. To c? 'Clu ln with the magnificent comii p.intomime of ihe | CONJURtiR'S (JIFT? Lolorao, (labriel Ravel; Elvma, ] M'me L*on J ti e 111 i>o<>:? mini at half past 6 o'placli : en'ertainmeuti pom mence at hall' put 7 oVI,irk Tirhet* >(! rem* ('IthKMttl1 II THEA I UK ?Kr ilay Kveniig Kepill, J limue<'j he.iuniu play ol 1 UK LADY OK LYONS? I I udv .Mrl iotte, \ir Kierr; tiUvia, Mr H I h.ipmui; Colonel Un i *, Mi riterens; Pauline, Mt* tjeo Jon** '/ conclude with the d'-atn^tir opera of OUT MA.NNfc.RJNO?Ojy Mimieriiig, Mr Tiltou. Oiik Hat'eruick, Mr Freer: Dandie Dilimont, Mr II Ctiapmau; Meg Meirilie*, Mrx lieo lo.u-*; Flora, Mi** Mortimer. ; Pruisol Inuaaiou?Boxes, to all part* of the home, 2} Cent*, i n I'rnta. Perfjrurtiii et to commence, in future, at half past seven nVt? -L I ARCH STREET THEAi'RE, i'HILA DELPHI W. E. Bun row... Manager *??d Leasee ! RID < Y, Sfpt. U, iWfi, Will be acted for the fiftli night in succession, the new liistoi'cai j>l*y of , THE KINO OK THE COMMONS. James tho Vil(h. Mr. J YVallack. jr; Sir Adsm Weir, Mr Marsh; Malcolm Young. Mr bowers; Lmril Small, Mr Burke; Vitiligo Small, Mr Howard^ Lord Hey ton, Mr Arnold; Archb'shop, Sir 11 imilton ; Madeline, Mrs WalUck; Widow Barton, Mrs Hughes. After which thn dance ul' LI Jaleo de Xeres, by Mist Oceana To conclude with the musical drama of THK POOR SOLDIER. Patrick, (the Poor Soldier,) Miss Chapman; Darby, M* Burke; Kaiber Luke, Mr E Shaw; Kalhlt eu, Mrs Howard; i Nora, Miss Sinclair. i WALNUT STREET-THKATHKI PHILADELPHIA. E A. M???iui.i.. Leaser W K Hi.aKr. Manager. BENEFIT OK MR.E. MURDOCH, HI DAY EVENING, Sept. 11, 1816, will be |>erformed, ' J? the comedy of THE INCONSTANT; Or, Wine Does Wonders. Young Mirabel, Mr Murdoch; Oriiua, Miss A. Kisher; Bis ire, Miss Pettie. To conclude wilh the LAD* OK LYONS, Claude Melnotte Mr Murdoch. Mr and Mrs Charles Kean will commence an engagement ou Monday evening ne?t,in the domestic tragedy of THE GAMESTER SIGNOR LOUIS MARTINI. Professor or Singing, wi l resume his lessons as m\ial, at his Music Room, M Leonard street, joining the Society Library Building. To t!l<: Amatkvri of thi- Accokoiow he would recommend his Album, just published, containing a delightful collection of the most popular operatic melodic* and favorite pieces. This production was much show that the best musical comnositiots can be played on that instrument, whose capabilities have remained so long unknowu. Signer L. M. accompanies his pupils ou the Piano and Guitar au'JOlm'm 1 G. TIETZ, GOTHIC HALL, wioounoes his Duck of Vaucanson, hii Elephant, Ins Dancing Lady, his Cabinet of Anatomy, and his Cartoons of Raphael in copper. Admittance 25 cents. s6 lw*rc NOTICE. MR. CHARLES, the King of Wreitleri, ha* the houor to inform the public, that tlie wrestling mitch announced to uke place on Saturday lasi, the ith iuat., at Castle Garden, was inevitably postponed on accouut of the proprietors ol that es'aMithment luring sought to raise the nnce of hire of ; l?e Garden for a second n.glit to double tliat which Mr. j Charles had agreed and paid tor it on his first night's repre- ; sentation Inconsequence, the scene of the re..contre has i been lemoved to the vust and convenient saloon ol the Slmks- i peare H'tel, s'tuated at the cornerof William and Duane | ' Htrcets, where the match will take place ou Saturday, 19th lust., at 8 o'clock in the evening. Mr. Charles hopes that ou this occasion Mr Carriere will ; make his appeatauce, and sustnin the challenge which he has given, as it can only be iu a struggle with Mr. Charles tlist Mr Carriere w ill learn whether he is worthy ol the reputation which, he says, he has earned. Mr. Carriere is requested to make knonn through the public papers, whether he still i...i.1. >.. i... <.|,?ll.?u_ I CT?~ Monsieur Char lei would also inform any win may be de?imus of testing their powers witli hiin, tha' it can be ' done by leaving their address at the Union Hotel, kl Greenwich street One hundred dollars rewaid will be pud to the I comiueror all lt*mc i HOVvEis fc CU.'S N i. MAMMOTH U1KUUS. I1 HIS unrivalled eon1* of Equestrians will perform at ; Buffalo 21th, 35th and 36th nut.; Willianuville, 27th; ! | Lockport 23th and 29th; Albion 3I?t; Betavla, lat September; | at Attic* ou the 2d; at Perry ou the 3d; at Mount Morns on : the 4th; at LeHoy on the 3th; at Rochester on the 7th, #th and 9th; at CananJaigua on the 19th; at Palmyra oa the 11th; at I Lyons on the liitn; at Vienna on the 14th; at Auburn on the ' j lith, lrtli and 17th, daring the great Agricultural State Fair. I The Largest Establishment ever organized in tha United States, comprising 1S9 Men and Horses, requiring 2b arriajres to convey the performers, wardrobes, musicians, j I fee. The company haa attached to it Eight Feqiale equesI trians, among whom ia the Greatest Female Hi Jar of the ' Age, recently arrived from Paria, MADAMK MAKliC MACARTK, < whoaenew style of Equestrian Feats, peculiarly hev own, being chaste aud classic; her graceful and fascinating address und tlie charming r.iivrte with which she chains herandi once, render this gifted and highly-educated artitte the leading feature of the arena in this country. The Proprietor* 1 reler the public to the brilliant description given in the respective newspapers of the extraordinary and daring feau j performed by this distinguished artiste. Equestrian Director, Mr. HOWES; Hiding Master, Mr. ' NIXON, and the unappnoachahlt Clown, D AN RICE. .imoug the Perforintvs is Um Celebrated and principal Rider, the Na;.oi. en of the Arena, Mr. HOBH8, whose feat* on I^vrseback are the most extraordinary ever witnessed. Jave , 1 nile act of Horsemanship by Master Nixon Olympic Exercises, by the whole Company, led hy the great Eeropeaa Tumbler, Mr. MAC'AHTfc.- Wonderful Feau by Mr. I Cole's Dogs, Hector and Billy. The SWISS BHUTHEK8, in ti.eirelegant Oymnastic Postures and (iroapings. Mr. Sweet M the Charioteer of Phoebus. Postnnng aud Gymnastics, by Mr. Nixon and his son. Mr. Howes iu his My.1.. ..I ...A V.." L' ?r 11 K1. C. Howea in Slack Kupe hvolurtons Mr. Ueo. Sweet, the celebrated Tight Roj>e Dancer. With a variety of others . The whole computing the leading, molt talented, and classic performers in the world. | unW HO W ES k CO 'W New York Mammoth Circus MONTE VLKDL'S illLLlAKD AND BOW LING SALOON. NO. S BARCAY ? TREET, (thr?? lioort below the American Hotel,) New Vuri.. "Hie Subscriber would re' spurtfully inlnriit liia ftirnils ami this pnblie in general, tb%r be haa iour a^uod Billiard Tablet, aa can be round in the | city, ail kept ill complete order. A? heae tablea are in aepacait apartments, the Proprietor thiuka it will be more (elect and agreeable to gentlemen visi'iug Ilia houae. in private partiea Each gentleman viaitiug the above establ.enment, wi,ll I be furimhed with a prirate one and apron, for hii especial I I use. and the be?t attendance in the city. Any gentlemen | wishing the billiaid roo n exclusive to themselves, or the I bowling alleys, cap hare the same by applying at the bar.? . Also two Buwlin; Alley*, which are always kept in first | rate order, with the best of attendance. I Lunch every day at II o'clock. Wednesdays and Sundays, , I Tilth or Clam Chowder During tli* season the choicest Oysters, sneh as Shrewsbury, Chiukarora's, Mill Pond. Cold Spring and Massachuae|a Bay. Gentlemen calling for the above oysters can always have them at the ahortest notice;they can depend on havirg the above assortment. His Bar is well stocked with the choicest Wines and Liquors, and Segara ofthe beat quali' ty. Also Sherry Coblers, Mint Juleps, and t'nnches made u> ; a manner not to l>e surpassed. ! OCT" (feutlemen will please to communicate at the Bar, any neglect of duty ofthe attendants. FRANCIS MONTEVERDE, No. 5 Barclay street. (ty1 Private entrance at the Hall door. ati2?i lm*r CULM AN EMPORIUM OK ART AND CLASSIC CABINET UALLERY OK OIL PAINTINGS, WHICH includes his immense stock* ot Boeks, Paiatiogs, Engravings, Kaney Slatiouery, Drawings, Drawing Material*, Music, ttc., are now to be found upon the second floor, up one flight of ea*y stair*, (having leaaed the first floor,I where e?ery tniug wiii oe sow ( as low price*, ?? mau> much below the regular prices, being de?irons of cloaina a?u ?oon as possible hie Do??k Department. A t heap List will toon be published for those who will bey a quantities. , r _ Purchasers are invited to call aad sxaxoiee his New Rooms, No ?01 Brosdwav. n?corH floor. ?1*> tfrrr IXJUHl.h-Hfc.AUfc.IJ OHlbli. ONF.ofthe wotderfel freaks of nature, now eihibitinc at Coliseum Hall, No. 4S0 Broadw.iy, New \ ork. One of the itrntrit cu lositie, of the ate, I TVVO HKAI'KD ( HIl.1). born alive on the Island of Nantucket, Jnne 21, IRIS, and pronounced by the moat eminent phyaiciaoa, aurgeoua and physigloKiats of New York and Boarou, and all I others of tne learned professions, who have seen it, to be perfectly unique. Tltia little bur baa a beintifnlly formed body, with two i perfect head, and necks, with two liearta, four Iuiiki, and one stomkcli. Ladies and eentlemen who feel desirnua of witnessing the wonderful anil curious in our own apeciea, are invited to call while this eihibitiou continues, there being nothing that uce'l offend the seuses of the moat' faatldiona. Admission l?X, cents. alOlw*rc | A~PIGEON"SHOOTING SWEEPSTAKE^, AT II birds each. itrap* II yards rue, ti entrance, is now open at Henry RuaaelPs, 291 Adams street, near Wll longhby, Brooklyn, and will potitively close on Tuesday, Kept, li, at 9 o'clock, 1*. M. The stake will he divided into Konr The 1st. one-lialf the stake; the ad. onenusrter; the 3d, three-ftfths of the remaining quarter; and the 4th. the balance. Kaeh trentlemvi uiMin forwarding or putting down In r.?. S1 I, , , I. . . I... . I... |?,J. r. ?I, in ?n IS on the fround, audi* entirely evolutive of the fire dollar* wiijrh it to be Paid on tl?e tlty of ihootiiif. I he rnlea of thootin* mn k* teen ti H. RtMteU'e, who pledget rumtelf to obtain tlie best wild bird*, tud to have the ffronnd **Pt with the atricte?t regularity. I B'-Owilimfi tubtcribing will be notified of thf da>* j oi shooting, in the Herald of Saturday morning, the J&th iflit. *11 lt*m 'TARGET KXCIKSION THE JKfKKMSON (iUKN ADIERH will, on Monday neit, the lllh mat , nail tlx hnuae of .Mr. John J. flntilc ker, ojpoaile the Union Rare ( ourae, I.. I , ou * t*rf?t Wenraion The company will leave Brooklyn by the hall paat # o'clock train. ?" *t'r CENTURY PLANT. THE CENTURY PLANT eihikitin? at DUNLAP k THOMSON'S Seed Store. ?3> Broadway, li again entered witn flower k?da. feed poda, and perfectly formed plaata Open from T A. M to I* P M. Admittance 1?S reara. children half price. The price of admiaaion will be eheerftlly refunded to aay naiter. who la not perfectly aatiafled that it la the laipaat and moat wouderlal plant of the kiad ret eihibited in thia conatry *} lw'mc I.ATEST INTELLIGENCE. Highly Important News, if True, OIK MEXICAN RELATIONS. We received, late Inst evening, intelligence oi* thejfljighest importance from the Kio Grande and t'i? cabinet at Washington. A courier is now ill this city, despatched by Gen. Taylor from thfl head-quarters of the American ariny, and we are informed on the most reliable authority that no proposals for pearc whatever have yet been made either by the Mexican or American govtrvment, or by any of their accredited agents. This messenger left niter Santa Anna's arrival in Mexico, and after he lmd had sufficient time to inaks advances, if he intended to do so, towards our governnent. This news we hardly expected, but it is all explained by the fact, which the Neie York Herald was the first to proclaim, namely, tiiat Santa Anna had given assurances to his friends that, in returning to resume the command of the army, ho should most implicitly follow the public Will and inclinations of the people of Mexico, in regard to the war. He is now waiting to learn the popular feeling. This is one item. The second item of intelligence brought bjr this courier is that the Minister* of England, Prance and Spain, in tht Capital of Mexico, have given the gravett assurances to Santa Ann i, that neither he nor his government shall receive from them~ one dollar, or the slightest mcouragement in prosecuting this tear. This arises evidently from the immense damages which are flowing to the commerce and mining interests of those nations,which are >o seriously affected by existing hostilities. Tho third item is, that up to last Tuesday, no decision had ever been come to by the Cabinet to attack the Castle of San Juan rf' Ulloa. If these facts be so, and we have them on au< thority which we cannot but credit, the future is all uncertainty, but time, the great regulator, will decide it all. TELEGRAPHIC. SUICIDE OF FELIX McOONNELL.j &c., fcc. Washington, Thursday Evening. The Hon. F. G. McConnell committed suicide this afternoon at half past two o'clock, in his room, at the St. Charles Hotel, by stabbing himself with a large clasp knife, three times in the neck, and five times in the stomach. It appears that ho had been for the two da/4 previous, laboring under the iniluence of mania u potu. The supposition is, that he must have died instantly; so deep were the won nds inflicted that either of those on the neck, or those on the stomach, must have inevitably proved fatal. An inquest was held on the body, and a verdict rendered in accordance with the above facts, after which the body of the deceased was taken into the charge of the Clerk of the House of Representatives. Baltimore, Thursday Evening. The mail brings no intelligence from Mexico or the Army. The St. Louis papers are barren of intare?t, bringing nothing from Santa Fe. The Mormons are using all their efforts to avert the threatened attack. Secretary Bancrolt has received the appointment as minister to England. BY THE MAIL8. Washington, Sept. 8,1846. Mexico?The "Important Rumors"?Gen. Taylor ?Arrangement of tht Termt of Pact?Col. Stevenson's Regiment?Cabinet Meeting?Smithsonian Institution?Return of Volunteers. Every movement of the army and the nary is of the most intense interest, and it is therefore important that our information should, as far as possible, be authentic. Not unlrequently, we have statements perfectly irreconcilable with truth, which, while they excite the mind, only tend to bewilder. Yesterday wo were informed by the New Orleans papers of the 28ih ultima, that accounts had been received by General Taylor that Gen. Parades, at the head of fifteen thousand men, was approachi??K Saltillo the 15th, and that there came passenger on boa id the steanler Alabama a bearer ot despatches to our government with this intelligence. And, again, large Mexican forces arc concentrated in and about wonterey. nowcv?rin icn mese "laipmcnu may be entitled to credit, up to twelve o'clock to-day the proper department has not been officially advised. (renernl Taylor has lately, in his despatches, said repeatedly that sucli tacts could not be ascertained, and that no reliance could be placed on rumors; but as a brave soldier, and acquainted with his dutv, he was, at thti last accounts, vigorously pushing on his force*, determined " to fight the enemy wherever he may meet him;" and in this it is thought there is reason to believe be will be gratified at Monterey. But while rumor?"important rumor"?alarms 11s with the approach ol Paredes with fifteen thousand men, we are told, from Havana, under date of the 16th of August, that terms of peace have been settled with Santa Anna, that the Mexican Federal < ?overnmerit of 1824 is to be re-established under the guarantee of the United States, tbo Rio (rrande to be the boundary line, and California to l?e organized as a distinct Territory under die protection of the United States, but not governed by Americans until the inhabitants shall vote to annex themselves, iVc. And this agreement, too, is stated to have "taken place between Santa Anna and certain ngents of the British and American governments!" That the British had anything to do with arranging terms of peace with Santa Anna, cannot reasonably be credited; fur on a former occasion, on the 29di ultimo, the Union, in speaking of an imputed "intervention," remarked?"In the case of the American war it ban not been offered * We strongly doubt its utility. In the affair of Texas we had such an intervention. It did not then take such a shape as to invite a repetition of it. At least we are sure that our government and our country can manage their affairs without the necessity of inviting or accepting the intervention of any European power." On the 27th of July the President transmitted ?n Cftmmndnrs Connor a sealed note addressed to the Minister of Foreign Relations of the Mexican Government, offering ngnin the "olive branch to Mexico." Now, would he have clone this if he had already assented to an attempt by Hritish and American agents to make such an arrangement^" Even if he had done this, the terms do not appear probable. The President, in bis menage of the till of August, KHid "that the chief difficulty lobe anticipated in the ncgoiiation(which lie proposed) in the adjustment of the boundary between thu parties by a hue which shall at oncc be satisfactory and convenient to both, ami such as neither will hereafter be inclined to disturb." The boundary desired was the Kio Grande, and the "surrender of territory," California. It ia supposed that the Legare, on the 22d of August, received on board the bearer of the despatcn. If it were not designed to annex California now, why is Col. Stevenson's regiment to be stmt there? Monterey,we are told, has been captured by our squadron, and the desiirn mutt be to hold possession and establish an armed occupation. The regiment will probably start on Monday, as advices have been received in this city that the transports will be ready in the stream, on Thursday or Friday next, to convey all who have not been released from their enlistment by habeas corpus, to the "promised land." The letter from Havana, to which allusion has been made, may contain uuth,bm I have been credibly informed that the intelligence it